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,--vm, ...jfi -, ..,,...-,,,, :A , -!4lL"'-IMI? --WF ""Tf4'f-?":"4" 'I' ' ' fi 1, The Nineteen Forty-Three "T E M P L ZX R" Published by TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE Temple, Texas Foreword The purpose of the 1943 "Templar" is to record the events and happenings of the s-:hool year that has just passed, If to review these pages brings pleasant memories of your experiences in Temple Junior College, our efforts shall have not been in vain. Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES WHO'S WHO ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ADS x 1 Xi 4 LIEUTENANT H. M. DAWSON Dedicated This. 1943 edition of "The Templar" to W H. M. DAWSON . . . who has sterling qualities of character. a genial and abiding sense of good humor. sincere friendliness, a complete understanding and genuine interest in the individual student and his problems . . . and who has worked untiringly for the ongoing of our college and endeavored to guide our attitudes into the paths of good citizenship. Board of Education l MR. BERT DE BORD MRS. A. FORD VVOLF' MR. KENNETH PHILLIPS MRS. T. N . w 1 DR. R. C. CURTIS MR. CHAS. S'. COX, JR M. NEAL MR. W. GLENN MORGAN MR. W. B. HOYLE Secretary of Board of Education MR. ALFRED WILLIG Business Manager Admimszfmtovfs MR. GEORGE H. GENTRY Dean and Acting President B.A. Baylor University M. A. University of Texas MR. CONRAD VERNON Registrar B.A. Daniel Baker College M. A. Baylor University LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOE R. HUMPHREY President B. A. Trinity University M. A. Teachers College, Columbia University Ed. D. Teachers College, Columbia University --. l MR. W. J. ADKINS B. A. N-orth Texas State Teachers College M. A. Texas Technological College Distributive Education MISS MOZELLA ARNOLD B. A. Southwestern University M. A. University of Colorado English MISS HELEN BARRON B. S. East Texas State Teachers College M. A. Texas State College for Women Home Economics MR. BRYANT BERRY B. A. Baylor University M. A. Baylor University Government Faculty MR. H. M. DAWSON B. A. Baylor University M. A. Southern Methodist University Languages fFrench and Spanishj MRS. MARGARET FINNEY DORN B. S. Texas State College for Women Music l l MRS. DOROTHY LAW DUKE B. A. University of Pittsburgh Language fFrenclij MRS. DORRIS FINNEY EDYVARDS MR. V. R. GUNN B. A. Indiana University M. A. University of Chicago Education, History, Psychology MISS MERLE HOLSAPPLE B. A. Mary Hardin-Baylor College M. A. Baylor University Science A. B. Texas Christian University M. A. Texas Christian University Mathematics, Public Speaking 5 F acuity Music MISS RUTH LASLEY B. A. Hardin-Simmons University M. A. Texas State College for Women MR. D. H. MQCALL B. A. Baylor University M. A. Baylor University Science MISS' GRACE WATSON B. S. Texas State College for Women M. S. North Texas State Teachers College Business Administration MR. O. C. WILKS B. A. University of Texas M. A. University of Texas History and Economics MISS LENA WORD B. S. West Texas State Teachers College Librarian Faculty MR. DAVID M. MAYFIELD B. A. Southwest Texas State Teachers College M. A. A. SL M. College of Texas Industrial Education MRS. GUY C. PRYOR B. A. Texas State College for Women M. A. Texas State College for NVomen Language fSpanishJ MR. D. C. ROGERS B. S. East Texas State Teachers College M. S. A. 8tM. College of Texas Industrial Education MR. W. E. ROUTH B. A. Hardin-Simmons University Physical and Health Education We Work New K WE? W X wffsq, I ,.,, MM llwmx . ,. -W15 ' jywj' -- 1, W+H...,-,,5gM.,+aggig,,,, y 'H E515-x'Xff1f1Q1x.f.:,,:UU M X lm Jwlf,J:i12fzy.f, f'g3f'fk fu,x6 iw ' . EIS, V1 . f.fff,5,t,.5g1 , . ' ' H xt . , Y W., . VW , 1 . ,, Q 4 ' Lf ' 'fff Lzx . ,, -N4 k . gl.: X1 , ... ,wx , 'W' , . ,w'. , , r BRUCE HITJL VVEDEL JONES MCCALL MARTIN DAYVSON Sophomows OFFICERS President ........... .................... J OE BRUCE Vice President ...... ...... B ROOKSIE NELL HILL Secretary ......... ..,.,..,..,.. A NITA WEDEL Treasurer- ..... ...... T HOMAS JONES Reporter .............. ..... J EAN MCCALL Sergeant-at-Arms ...... ................... J ACK MARTIN Sponsors ....... ....... M ISS MOZELLA ARNOLD MR. H. M. DAWSON l-I BAKKE, CHARLES Social Science Club 'Luncheon Club BRUCE, JOE President of Sophomore Class President Luncheon Club Sophomore Favorite Foreign Language Club Social Science Club Dramateurs 'Ten1pla1"' Staff , C i l i BERRY, DOTTIE Draniateurs Social Science Club Personality Plus Club Tennis Club We1fa1'e Committee CLARK, MONA Luncheon Club EARLY, ROZELLE Foreign Language Club ELLISON, ROBERT Chess Club Luncheon Club EBERHARDT, HENRY Tennis Club Chess Club Social Science Club GRAY, LLOYD Luncheon Club Basketball l HOWELL, RUTH JONES, THOMAS Luncheon Club Treasurer of Sophomore Foreign Language Club Class Dramateurs Social Science Club Tennis Club KOCH, GEORGE LIGON, MARGIE Luncheon Club Foreign Language Club Social Science Club GRIMES, ELIZABETH HARRELL, R. H. Foreign Language Club 'Luncheon Club "Templar" Staff Sophomore Class Officer HILL, BROOKSIE NELL Welfare Committee Foreign Language Club Vice President Sophomore Class President Luncheon Club Sophomore Favorite Tennis Club Dramateurs "Templar" Staff HILL, COLLEEN Luncheon Club 1 1, MCCALL, JEAN lVelfare Committee Foreign Language Club Tennis Club Vice President of Luncheon Club Class Reporter MARTIN, JACK Sergeant-at-Arms of Sophomore Class Treasurer Luncheon Club Reporter of Foreign 'Language Club President Social Science Club President of Tennis Club Chairman of Welfare Committee Sophomore Favorite Dramateurs McDONALD, EDNA Foreign Language Club Luncheon Club Personality Plus Club MOON, SUE VVelfare Committee Reporter of Luncheon Club Personality Plus Club Tennis Club Secretary of Foreign Language Club 1 PETREK, SHIRLEY Dramateurs Personality Plus Club Social Science Club Historian of Dramateurs Secretary of Personality Plus Club SCHWERTNER, LENA MAY Secretary of Social Science Club Historian of Business Club Treasurer of Foreign Language Club "Templar" Staff "Rambler" Staff Choral Club Tennis Club Personality Plus Club REED, THOMAS Social Science Club Basketball Chess Club SHERRILL, MAC Luncheon Club E , WEDEL, ANITA Dramateurs Social Science Club Foreign 'Language Club Luncheon Club, Board of Control Sophomore Favorite Tennis Club "Templar" Staff Secretary of Sophomore Class WOODALL, SARAH Foreign Language Club WITHERS, LYNDELL Luncheon Club WIGINTON, OPHELIA Foreign 'Language C Business Administration Club SOUTHERLAND, DORIS Luncheon Club WAGNER, FRANK Chess Club TICE, CARLIE Golf Luncheon Club, Board of Control Business Club D1'an1ateu1's Social Science Club Foreign Language Club WALKER, CAROLYN Luncheon Club Foreign Language Club Social Science Club Personality Plus Club lub I EBIERY SCHULTZ KLEYPAS YVHITEHEAD 'XICCALL HOLSAPPLE workmen President .......... Vice .President .......,. Secretary-Treasurer- ...... Reporter .................. OFFICERS .............-..JoE EMERY ., ..... LAURA LEE KLEYPAS -......VIVIAN WHITEHEAD ........PREsToN MCCALL Sergeant-at-Arms- ...... ........... C LARENCE SCHULTZ Sponsor ................ .....--MISS MERLE HOLSAPPLE AKRIDGE, J. L. Freshman Favorite Luncheon Club-Vice President Welfare Committee 'KTe1nplar" Staff BREDTHAUER, WILLIE MAE Dramateurs Foreign Language Club Social Science Club Personality Plus Club Business Manager of Dl'3.Ill3t6l1l'S-VlC6 Presi- "Templar" dent Tennis Club-Vice Presi- dent Social Science Club Basketball CLARK, ROY 'LEE COLEMAN, JACK "Wildcat RambIer" Staff Distributive Education Luncheon Club Officer Club Tennis Club Captain Draniateurs Foreign Language Club DUSEK, MARY Social Science Club FAMBROUGH, ZELDA Luncheon Club EMERY, JOE President of Freshman Class Luncheon Club. Board of Control Foreign Language Club Dramateurs FULLER. MARY JO Foreign Language Club GOODE, BYRON GOODNIGHT, GENE Dramateurs Basketball GRADY, GILBERT GREENE, NORMAN Dramateuns Foreign Language Club Reporter of Luncheon Club Welfare Committee GRIFFIN, BOBBY GRIMES. LILA LEE Dramateurs Dramateurs Social Science Club Social Science Club Director of Three-Act Play HARDCASTLE, JEWELL HEAP, PEGGY EVON HENDLER, ALBERT HENSON, WORTI-IAM Tennis Club Chess Club HICKS, MILLER Dramateurs Luncheon Club HILL, NORMA BERYL Foreign Language Club Secretary of Luncheon Club Secretary of Tennis Club Vice Chairman of Welfa1'e Committee 'Tenipla1"' Staff-Edit-or HENDLER, BETTY LOU Dramateurs 'Luncheon Club HESTER, CALVIN HILL, DORRACE Foreign Language Club Social Science Club HUDGENS, URA LOUISE Drarnateurs Foreign Language Club Tennis Club Personality Plus Club "Templar" Staff Ll HUDSPETH, .TOY HUNNICUTT, RAMON 'Luncheon Club, Board of Control Dramateurs JANICEK, H. A. KEITH, JACK Draniateurs Luncheon Club Luncheon Club KING, VICTOR KLECKA, DOROTHY Dramateurs Social Science Club KLEYPAS, LAURA LEE LANCASTER, NELLIE ROSS Dramateurs Dramateurs Foreign Language Club Foreign Language Club Vice President of Fresh- Personality Plus Club man Class McCALL, PRESTON Reporter of Freshman Class MEINSCHER, CYNTHIA Tennis Club Captain of 'Girls' Tennis Team MOORE, ALFRED Chess Club NETTLES, NELL Foreign Language Club Luncheon Club Dramateurs MCFARLIN, WILMA LEE Luncheon Club MILLER, JEAN Luncheon Club, Board of Control "Templar" Staff MYERS, SUE "Wildcat Ra1nb1e1"' Staff Business Manager of "Templar" Social Science Club Personality Plus Club Foreign Language Club D1-amateurs NUNLEY, MARY FRANCES 'Luncheon Club PARROTT, DORIS Foreign Language Club Dramateurs PITTMAN, A. D, Luncheon Club Social Science Club Foreign Language Club SCALORA, THOMAS Dramateurs Luncheon Club SCOTT, BILLIE MARIE Personality Plus Club PELS, JOHN Drainateurs Social Science Club Tennis Club Foreign Language Club ROBERSON, VAUGHAN Foreign Language Club Social Science Club SCHULTZ, CLARENCE Sergeant-at-A1'm's of Freshman Class .President of Dramateurs Vice President of Social Science Club Welfare Committee Luncheon Club, Board of Control Foreign Language Club "Rambler" Staff "Templar", Staff SCOTT, WILLIAM A. Foreign Language Club Dramateurs Social Science Club SMITH, XVALTON STEPHENS, ROXIE 'Luncheon Club Tennis Club TAYLOR, MARY EDITH THORP, RUPERT "Templzu"' Staff WHITE, JAMES WHITEHEAD, VIVIAN Tennis Club Sec1'eta.ry of Dramateurs Chess Club Foreign Language Club Secretary of Freshman Class Tennis Club Freshman Favorite WYNNE, JERRY YOUNTS, JACK Luncheon Club Basketball We Choose vi? ,v.,:ML-MMEQIQWSEEZ5 i jack Md7'fZ'7Z Sophomore Bffooksie .Nell H il! Sojvhomare foe Bffzzce Soyihomore A11 im PVede! ,S0j5A077Z07'6 ,4-4 1""" Clczrence Sclzzzlz' E'ESA77Zd7L ra Norma Beryl Hz'!! I'5'es!2ma1z f. L. Akfficige Ffeshnzmz Vz'w'fz1z lVlzz'z'ehemi f3'fsh11zfz7z Alma Mater Hail to thee, our Junior College Temple's dearest school. We find in pals a lasting friendship Faithful, tried, and true. Lift the -chorus Speed it onward, May we faithful be: So hail to thee, our Junior College, Hail to T. J. C. We Organize WW 33241 ,Y ,L 4 A cs mtgffw-, 5 ' K T E I 9 ! 1 ff?mQ S W7l W Wil, Y J- - w , w W wx ,V Ain ,,,,, H 1 f jug!-n - .X !5!qsL,,w,.q gwg 35? ..,. ,Kwik Q x , 1 4 'ng W X N! H X X! , N f M - ' h , .1 .sf ,V t,g'f,1 m . , H HU . M, wwdzmggg K X, W vw MH ' .: :.: .... - 1, V ' N .. -1- A-H ,. , , ,Q ix '-'- Q Q ,. nigga' ' .1 T M., 'W"""mf"fMM Q . Kb' V." 4 ...... .-.a::. , w,, 5:-, 1 S ..L,.:N,,,:.ffim1,:M W .M - fc 3 ' ,,,,, : www Mfkz f w .,.....,..,. : 5.1. .,., .P 11+ 1 wa ' "'- ,, . : ' 2 3112 1' in 'Qmgiflfg .Jim-w ,. v--- - 1 '- pw 1 11,1 , ""' "'-V" - U vs- Mu, . ,,,,,,.,,1fM.'-sfW'W11 f 5' : 4 5 , 5, f f , ,zu ,: aff ig"7i,,TLilIlfCiil'lL" 1 -- wa 5 jew, Q... W' I I '--- 2.121 - Q I - W t nlt- I X ,. ,,,, ,,,,,,,., . - gg , U , . - A, I ff -. ..,.. ........ 1 , - , . ..,.: .. . iq-naw., A -. Q if-, ,--ngs w .5 .V hs . ., I 1. . 4 .naw X . . . v. - Q t 4 K ' .:.5-iw -, QR Q' ' x V . . FW "'- . ,, '., ,M . '.51lt1g.1,,eg3igb2Y2a1 QW., V, . ,,v, K 4, .. . ,,. V ..,.. . ., -,K .ig wif hs U.,+,,f.1, :W-make "-::,Q:Ef?E: .f:I. fZ52 f .x, xf 'fi-Z5 .iq K 'L L 'Z'f77?? ifFf:2" " " "" 5 5t51"5f??'-?,i'f'lfik , Qimff,,,ff'1, fx K f'if1'f'ffwiffww gf . aw,fsQQ'L?94f111v'v1v V 3 --.. ' ,, ,, ,gmvfww ,X ,W I " U' 1 ' V , , ww: , y: nm? H , 'iii M mg, Y W H Mgwmil x -'I rf 'Ziff 0 ff,,f4f "fav -4ftK4fv!Km jr ,KX Hzzwgg, fffcz nib' 'XY 6 W, m x 1, :x ,mimi ,M ,sn 722' f if Qfilf U? L9 L ,W 1 t lim ffl-51 WH t?:4?5 iw f iiKYiff HILL, B. N. HILL, N. B. MYERS BREDTHAUER HUDGENS AKRIDGE VVEDEL " Templar " Stay Sponsor: Miss MOZELLA ARNOLD BUSINESS MANAGERS Sue Allan Myers Willie Mae Bredthauex' REED MILLER TAYLOR BRUCL SCHYVERTNER SCHULTZ GRIMES " Templar " Stay EDITORIAL STAFF Brooksie Nell Hill Norma Beryl Hill Lena, May Schwertner Joe Bruce J, L. Akridge Anita Wedel Clarence Schultz Jean Miller Ura Louise Hudgens Elizabeth Grimes Thomas Reed Mary Nunley Mary Edith Taylor Dmmatemfs President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . Reporter . Historian . Akridge, J. L. Berry, Dottie Bruce, Joe Clark, Roy 'Lee Emery, Joe Goode, Byron Griffin, Bobby Grimes, Lila Lee Hudgens, Ura Louise Janicek, H. A. Jones, Thomas OFFICERS MEMBERS Clarence Schultz . J. L. Akridge Vivian Whitehead . Bobby Griffin . . Victor King . Shirley Petrek King, Victor Myers. Sue Allan Parrott. Doris Petrek, Shirley Scalora, Thornlas Schultz, Clarence Scott, Billy Tice, Carl Wedel, Anita Whitehead, Vivian Schultz Huclgens Bruce Myers Akridge Scott. Billy Grimes, L. King Wliiteliead L. Parrott Jones Emery .lanicek Berry Goode Griffin Wedel Tice Petrek Clark Scalora. J MARTIN MOON A KRIDGE HILL, N. B. GRIFFIN HILL, B. N. SCHULTZ BERRY Welfavfe Committee Sponsor: MR. CONRAD VERNON MEMBERS Jack Martin Bobby Griffin Sue Moon Brooksie Nell Hill J. L. Akridge Clarence Schultz Norma Beryl Hill Dottie Berry Social Science Club OFFICERS President ......... .Tack Martin Vice President . . . . Clarence Schultz Secretary-Treasurer . . Charles Bakke Reporter ..... . Thomas Jones Sergeant-at-Arm-s . . R. H. Harrell MEMBERS Akridge, J. L. Bakke, Charles Berry, Dottie Bruce, Joe Clark, Roy Lee Dusek, Mary Fuller, Mary Jo Griffin Bobby Grimes, Lila 'Lee Harrell, R. H. Hill, Dorrace Jones, Thomas King, Victor Ligou, Margie Martin, Jack Myers, Sue Allan Parrott. Doris Petrek, Shirley Roberson. Vaughan Schultz. Clarence Schwertner, Lena May Scott, Billy Tice, Carlie Wedel, Anita Dusek Hill, D. Grimes, L. L. Parrott Bruce Myers Ligon Tice Schwertner Martin Fuller Akridge .Tones King Griffin Schultz Petrek NVedel Berry Roberson Scott, Billy Clark Emery Tice Hill, D. Whlteliezid Hill, N. B. .. Parrott Myers Vifiginton XVedel Schwertner McDonald Early Moon Hudgens Grimes, E. Bruce Nettles Hill, B. N. Martin Roberson Clark Lancaster Scott, Billy Ligon 4? .L Foreign Language CZ ub OFFICERS President ...... Brooksie Nell Hill Vice President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Reporter . Bruce, Joe Clark, Roy Lee Early, Rozelle Emery, Joe Grimes, Elizabeth Hill, Dorrace Hill, Brooksie Nell Hill, Norma Beryl Hudgens, Ura Louise Lancaster, Nellie Ross Ligon, Margie McDonald, Edna O . . . . Jean McCall . Sue Moon . Joe Bruce . Jack Martin MEMBERS Martin, Jack Moon, Sue Myers, Sue Allan Nettles. Nell Parrott, Doris Roberson, Vaughan Schwertner, Lena May Scott, Billy Tice, Carlie Wedel, Anita Whitehead, Vivian Wiginton, Ophelia 'xiii , FIRST President. . . Vice President . Secretary. . Treasurer . Reporter . . . Sergeant-at-Arms BOARD Joe Emery Carl Tice wer' f M eee W- what fe 'www OF Luncheon Club OFFICERS TERM SECOND TERM . Joe Bruce President . . . . Brooksie Nell Hill . Jean McCall Vice President . . . . J. L. Akridge . Anita Wedel Secretary . . . . Norma Beryl Hill . Jack Martin Treasurer . . Harrison McLerran . . Sue Moon Reporter. . . . . . Gilbert Grady . Marcine Cottle Sergeant-at-Arms . . Roy Lee Clark CONTROL BOARD OF CONTROL 'Laura Lee Kleypas Clarence Schultz Jean Miller Brooksie Nell Hill Joe Bruce Anita Wedel ,fi L .E He- "F " 530 4 K3 .........,v., an ,face . wifi! sw M335 3, YI Wigww-aww i 1 ,S Q Lowa gg, 4.4 s...x-- """"""' Ra yi,-2 ix.- WNW' WE aw? Arias- ,g N Www? AM M aww- 1, K f Q , f12"fw: iii? 3 Vx 'iw v, R dw 4 Q-Eff Alfie-M-vida at f ,. Y . ,W ..l..l :.1:.Ni"'jHi ""'?"il" fi" :Thi -I3'.'I?s:-:-.IE.-Q.I2?' - :dx eta fn' '- gal: - . ' ' . -, Y V .V .v M6 , ., . V I H .Jinx Vx !.HiwQ55: W, A r,,imM.,,.,wg - 5,33 lv . 'll-ii , 533 5. i, . 4 W - mf 1,1 ,fri I ,h V, +'EEEE:'EE5,i:Eg.:E,2- ' -,-5 Qi W "" is '32 1 ' flislf 77235 ' -fwff-KV '- Q Iwi -ei: a-eff: iff"-Ilz.. 'M 'N iagra --aiifiiir. '-"-- - '- ,' -11+ -:I-i2i2i2!:::, W, ,I . ...'.::Eif2:21 ig ' ,V QW in HV -1 we f 'Qi Vw-i Heil ""' .:'E', 1 A355 ik, it 4' , fiilliii- C' fffivrs ,V C in 'I M512 ffjlizfiglff ., ,,,,. V V. ,- ., . . V ,,., V "W 3 -1 , ' 2 ' ' I11V- .-,. .. ' - '- .. M . ., J 'W f V in ,V V 'f T 3 U V si L tl. N-M 1 W l, aim., ...., 4 ...........,... . .....,V...... L ........... . .....1 ,... 1 HW ....... . .... M W, , . , . 1. , . , ,,.,, me V. - ff' , tim, lx Y " ., v--- if in V :ir A fri . ' ' 1 wx .,,.. . , . , ..:.. .-::,:, 1 1vV1-, A ,,.,.,,. zzzzt :,, :-:,:l zz- -:-L-' n :-:---:1-:: Q t 1 , ,K . , , ,V it i t , , , ., WW137' - ' Q WN ,ff ff ? X- ' f. ' ' 5555 Vf ' ml -1555 WNV. ' .. '--- ' l V , , 1:i?i:,'ff- 3 ' A V Q ffrfiiag- J- ,Q is-, . 21? sf' v iw A V. f - V - 45,551 5 - 5 's ,rigs . " ' 'M' 1' V -- ,ri V fx.-, V :f i W 111523 ig. 1-Vggg., ..::ff, fi Q' O -:::g-V.-:f::-:- ----: Q- ,.,, .,,, : 11:5-z-11:5 --,.: 3-1 ,-ras? ----"' , dai, ,. ,, .t gfse ' ., , . -. , ' I -t-,w g A 'Mi Q' ,, v "" Q -V If .V-V - . f ZS 2 -'-'- N V, w e - '- " .1 .,,,,, 5 , .,.,.,,., 'L Ja fs, J i"'5lf ypjiil 9 Q 3 amzii if ff . " V -V Hz ' M Mr V - ,. 1 + T .... 1 , , A f , T L ' f N '- VX ""' ' ,.,,. 1 " L, L. use 6 2 X M- ir 1 5 ' ' J "" V' N. 4 l ,Var V J ,, ""' ..,. ,.,.,.,. V 4 V , ' I' 'f ' 17? f- V ' X "" Y 0 , 57:5 2' ' Y ' ref we W WM " V if . ' ""' " "" - A VV f wi, rf V' , .wa-W Vw 5-13:35.,'.':E.:.:.:.:,,,W-f--3, '--- :fy-5:::: ----- - . , , -. ,- A , -1 - '.:-age, - - V, f .....,. ,... ' . ' L X ,,,,, , ,I 4 .A 'cv W G L K. vi Mx K. , x - , - . 0 N 1 Q wx ,Ax X7 :-I 5 . A , - Q, , ,' ' ' T555 HIM,-" 1 'f mizsw-fm swggr, 5 ac I I K 1 , . A 'WHVZQ ss W ww ,,. ffl , '-' 1' wllmf :EBL 4lK:li,HgM- 'f ' ,mix :gy " ' .T 4 .WWW , - ,- ,f .. K FQ' Xfiiifgsiu E , ' .1 ,MV , ,14 ",, ..!LH-xs, Mffgflliifi zvwfffmm,ffl-i"1sw1ri'fvviisxssw nw:z11:,,Q . 1 sm 5g,g.iff..L:m!gim" ii.,i.Lims IN,i-,g,1Q:asL1L."'"1L5E.571W4s P , ' w-L: fx --gg : 5" W A :E V J :' 'i.b'zw"'s" gm. mm g,,.,,. ,, HZQWSFQHYW: ,...ffi. fy H x iv 1, ul' 1 U wa: ,i1x,'4QX ns 'f,.:'...,Lf.3jw 5 wwf H swzfggix A Basketball WILLIAM HESTER LLOYD GRAY LAWRENCE DUBE Guard Forward Forward GENE GOODNIGHT HARRISON MCLERRAN NV. E. ROUTH Center Guard Coach Basketball BILL TAYLOR RAYMOND HUNNICUT J. 'L. AKRIDGE Forward . Guard F-orward Y JACK YOUNTS JACK MINTON TOMMY REED Guard Center Manager Bottom Row: VVedel, Hill B. N.. Meinscher, Martin, Clark, Moon, Hill N.B Eberhardt Top Row: Pels, Schwertner, Stephens, Holsapple, lvhite, Akriclge, Vlflilteliead Tennis Club President . . Vice President Secretary. . Girls' Captain Boys' Captain Sponsor . . . Akridge. J. L. Clark, Roy Lee Eberlirdt, Henry Henson, Worthem Hill, Brooksie Nell Hill, Norma Beryl Hudgens, Ura Louise Janicek, H. A. Martin, Jack OFFICERS . . Jack Martin . J. L. Akridge Norma Beryl Hill Cynthia Meinscher . Roy Lee Clark . Miss Merle Holsapple MEMBERS Meinscher, Cynthia Moon, Sue Pels, John Schwertner, Lena May Stephens, Roxie Wedel, Anita White. James Whitehead, Vivian Sophomore Picnic-April First Freshman Picnic-April First Qur Support Congratulations and Best Wishes 1943 HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE CLASSES Kings Daughters Clinic is Hospital u l - W I , 1 WWI H if -111.9-wl,!l.w!,l pg Rf' - f gi.uir.i,u X J- - 55' Z IE 95: ,zlliilllillEFEIIISIIII fl' as :' if 'fi U uw- fi' ly ht- : I: .-if, I I- -:w'L3.fs-f'.4Qfmn ll.-Wulf' '- I .. 'll-I , iE.'WUf'Hu1uf1umL"+1 A "'f'1if4::j.x.Z,,-., -L HOWELL'S STUDIO 15 SOUTH FIRST STREET BETTER PORTRAITS FOR LESS PROFESSIONAL KODAK FINISHING AND COMMERCIAL WORK GREETINGS 'li 1515155 vqinirin NOT THE CHEAPEST BUT THE BEST Above J. C. Penney TEMPLE, TEXAS DIAL 2958 OOMPLIMENTS OF L. F. JONES -u...:n-.nn- THE TEXAS COMPANY Texaco Products i1M JIS' 1' O , I I n -"' ,, Hg? illllisgil M '51 - L , ', WL , LL " STAVINOHA CORPORATION Compliments of XHOME '11 X I-eFuRNglTij I Belts-Billfolds-Leather Goods Luggage Repairing F R E D W I S M A R Leather Work at Stavinoha's Compliments of DR. W. H. FISCHER CHIROPRACTOR 114 W. Calhoun Phone 2883 COMPLIMENTS OF Maclcey's Drugs The Rexall Store PATTERSON 8: SHERRILL DEPENDABLE INSURANCE SERVICE TEMPLE Over Jf C. Penney Co. TEXAS Compliments of mericcuz jarimfbzq onzpmzy A. D. BAGGETT-JACK P. KEITH. 1 A , v Q' ' ' xxm , V- W X ,,4 " L......., WW:- r' 'J -.qi if I-:nu sm: I FOR VICTORY Buy U. S. WAR BONDS and STAMPS TEXAS POWER 8t LIGHT CGIVIPANY - ' nnlfvx ' 9150, ' , .1 T 0 I if , . I N- , X 410k 609 . I gf 8 q9'7FTnsa1a1W'1anuA 'F A I f? T 'L Dr. Pepper A X . :iff 5. IN BOTTLES -L,-124 Bottling Company ' ! I TEMPLE, TEXAS X h ' Temple Life Insurance Company Une of the Largest Companies of Its Kind in Texas Over 88500000.00 in Force WE PAY :-: NEXT DAY Compliments of Compliments of J. PETERS SERWCE STA'l'lON VAL-ART SHOP TEXACO GOODRICH SPORTSWEAR - GIFTS Second and Adams 13 West Central Compliments of COMPLIMENTS - -. 11-. E. HILAP OF Agents For ROBINSON 81 CLOUD MOBILGAS MOBILOIL Temple CCHARLTON DRUG CO., IFIC., SOUTHSIDE DRUG STORE "If It's Charltorfs Label, It's Right" Avenue G at 3rd Street DIAL 4516 Compliments of O. L. V!-XDEN 8: SON INSURANCE Dial 20 8 8 'im 'S' ' 'I lWi3v.A.w ,SER W1 ll X vi-' l 'gf ,X -i 'fl CHEEVES BROS. 81 CO. Millinery, Ready-to-Wear, Dry Goods Clothing, Shoes, Etc. Temple's Oldest Department Store Radio K T E M Station MUSIC - SPORTS - NEWS Affiliated With Mutual and Texas State Networks Compliments of CAMPBELL-MARRS LUMBER COMPANY TEMPLE, TEXAS I "Say It With Flowers" QUMZIZQ 5 Evelyn and John Hopkins Temple's Leading Jeweler Rggggriiilglgloggs Easy TermS - Dial 2083 Ninth at Central Dial 2332 Mi ler P inting C mpan Office Phone 3 248 Res. Phone 2687 DR. THOMAS N. DeLANEY Optometrist and Optician , 513-14-16 Professional Building Temple, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF CITY DRUG and Jewelry v9?9TT?99 ' LlLl Awnings, Furniture, Upholstermg Auto Body Work and Painting DeBORD ALEXANDER CO. Temple, Texas Compliments of H EN RY TAYLOR LAWYER Compliments of Gibb's Exclusive Styles ll East Central Compliments of ZUROVEC'S SERVICE STATION South 1st St. and Ave. G Phone 2505 Compliments of Temple Radio Hospital HERBERT B. MADELEY RADIO TECHNICIAN SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US We thank the following for donations: PEAcocIc BEAUTY SHOP STANLEY EDMONSON'S SHOE HOSPITAL i T. L. SOWDERS 1 DR. T. I.. MALINAK j DR. Geo. s. COTTON D. B. BoYn 3 T BOWERS' GROCERY I FAVORITE BEAUTY sHoP f TEMPLE TELEGRAM Compliments of American Desk Manufacturing Company .Mary gfardin-.Bayfor Qoffeqe OUTSTANDING LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Located next door to Temple, this fully accredited college is a member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools: the National Asso- ciation of Schools of Music: and is approved for awarding S m i t h - H u g h e s certificates in home economics. B. A., B. S., and B. M. Degrees are offered with majors in Art, Speech. Music, Journalism, Physical Education, Home Economics, Education, and Business Administration. One and two year Secretarial courses also given. The nation now needs more business trained Women. BELL COUNTY young women Will find in nearby Mary Hardin-Baylor a progressive Woman's college. Here girls are graduated intellectually alert, physically fit and culturally enriched. Real college life is enjoyed on a fifty-acre campus of natural beauty. Modern fireproof buildings. Expenses reasonable. For Further Information Write to THE COLLEGE WELCOMES VISITS GORDON C1 SINGLETON, Ph. D., President's Box, Belton, Texas Fuzfwfe Home Makers of Texas Sponsors: MISS HELEN BARRON MRS. DAVID BUCHANAN MRS. VADA CRAWLEY MAGATAGAN Nellie Ruth Matthews Catherine Maurice Ruth Nell Mayes Dovie Meadows Dorothy Mercer Ruby Lee Mikeska Willie Mae Mikeska Dorris Morris Doris Morgan Charlotte Murry Lela Mae McMinn Evelyn Naivar Lucille Nance June Norton Marilyn Norton Patsy 0,Malley Ethelyne Pagel Hope Pate Louise Pollie Betty Ramsey Loddell Roberson Mary Louise Roberts Charlotte Robinson Isola Russ Ethel Rae Sampson Betty Ann Seybold Darlene Schmidt Leeberta Shannon Mollie Shannon Ruby Lee Sisco Ina Ruth Smith Dorres Stavinoha Lorene Stefka Elizabeth Stevens Winfrey Strasburger Betty Lou Swan Faye Thompson .To Ann Trout Mary Vaughn Evelyn Watson Martha Xvalton Ethelyne White Dorris Whitehead Eloise Willis Martha Woods OFFICERS Collier, Pianist, Calhoun, Secretaryg Stetka, Treasurer Bottom Row: Furl, Strztsburger, Armbruster, Shannon, Robinson, XR'illis, Gunn. Roberts, Roberson, Sampson Middle Row: Morgan, Murray, Kemp, Labit, Boliver, Rzunsey, Naylor, Cox, Cole, I4l'll'EllllI31' Top Row: YK'oofls, Brown D., Kosurek, Scott, Connorty, Trout, Stefku, Loc-ke, Shannon Orchestra Director: MISS RUTH LASLEY lst VIOLINS FLUTE Weldon Wendland, Concertmaster BYFOII Goode J ean McCall Pat Young Errol Wexidland CLARINET Hallie Gee 21-ld VIOLINS Bob Allen Martin Mary Armbruster Naomi Hegar TROMBONE Lee Timaeus , Billie Jo Gilleland Billy R09 Bflggett Mari-an Flanders Paul Mccofd Muriel Jean Thomas TRUMPET VIOLA , , Mildred Ellis Evelyn Flanders Fayrene Pressley Audrey Green TYMPANI CELLO , Mary 'Lou Labit Charles Parrot Jess Coleman Q PIANO BASS Mollie Dean Shannon Eulaine Akridge Left to Right: Shannon, VVendland E., NVendland XV., Goode, Akridge, McCall, Parrot, Gee, Coleman, Ellis Green, Flanders, Gilleland, Armbruster, Labit, McCord, Baggett, Thomas, Timaeus hom! Club Director: MRS. MARGARET PINNEY DORN The chorus under the direction of Mrs. Dorn assisted by the orchestra under the direction of Miss Lasley sponsored five victory sings and gave programs for the soldiers at McCloskey General Hospital and at Camp Hood. Bottom How: Cole, Stevens, Easley, Allison, Grygar, Davis P, Adrian, Anderson R., Morgan, Goad, Gaines Stefku, Lynn, Turner, Hodge, Hamrick, Sims, Asha-raft, Goodnight Middle Row: Tlioinpsaon, Foy, XK76bStQl', Lewis, Green. Ray, Cisco, Anderson H., Robbins L., Davis D., Aycock, Pate, Robbins M., San Miguel, Norton, Nance, Blzxnkenship, Goddard, Y'Venclland, Dumas 'Pop Row: XVa1lnce, Timberlake, Vifhitlow Band Director: MR. A. O. ALESSANDRO Color Guard: Trombones: Oboes: A. D. Pittman Billy La Prade George Koch Color Bearers: Helen Tindall Judy Scott Drum Majors: Bettye VVinslow Billy Kirkpatrick Patricia Scott Saxo Billy Roe Baggett VVinfrey Strasburger Bobby Lovick Louise Sprayberry Elwood Eschberger Paul McCord Fred Wilson Millard Peters phones: Jerry Stanton Mary Edith Loyd Billy Sitton Virginia Nell Boliver Mary Genelle Kocurek Quartermasters: B 'I G lk Thomas Newton HZYSYYYETQS E Librarians. Raymond Kabella Winfrey Strasburger Jack Youuts Virginia Nell Boliver Clarinetsz Corn Beverly Gaulke Mary Genelle Kocurek ets: Charles Roberts Roy Strasburger Henry A. Pochman George Harris Joyce Linn La.v-on Carson Everette Kreider Fayrene Pressley 1'IOI'I1SZ ' Jack Weinblatt Allene Wichita Hallie A. Gee Lee Phelps Bob A. Martin Richard Howe Hubert Wyiine Doris Marie King YVinifred Bouldin Jim Alice Charlton Nell Cross Betty Hoherd Rose Marie Kleypas Marjorie Lewis Jane McGregor Cecil Shinn Baritones: 'Leslie W. McKenney Roy Timaeus Billy Roe Baggett Flute and Piccolo: Bass ES' Allen Matthews Darlene Schmidt Byron G-oode Allen Carleton Mary Wagner Vernon Hoesch Victor King Billy Roe Baggett Leslie Watle McKenney Snare Drums: Bass Thomas Newton Robert Cale David Phillips Jimmy Taylor Drum and Cymbals: Joel Brown Ena. McLaughlin C-arolyn Young Tympani and Bell Lyre: Daisy Brown Mary Lou Labit I 1 4 Here and There Miscellany Plthletics JAMIE DILLON LA VERNE WATSON H. E. LA GRONE BARNEY HAM Back Back Back End Football KEIFER MARSHALL, Captain DAN FERGUS, Captain Center Back BOBBY TEAGUE LEE WEAVER JACK SAFLEY REGINALD EVANS End Guard Guard Tackle ERNIE WINKLER TED EDENS' AARON LUECK BILL DAVIS Back X Back Back End Football MR. CRANFILL MR. ROUTH Coach Coach imiilsi H A .f ,.,,, rx ,.N. BILL SMITH FLOYD LAWHORN' RAY RUCKER RAY MCLERRAN Center and Tackle Tackle Guard Manager THE A SQUAD The Season ENNIS VS. TEMPLE The Ennis Lions were the first opponents of the Wildcats, and playing at home, the Wildcats overwhelmed the Lions by a one sided score of 73-6. AUSTIN Vs. TEMPLE The Wildcats went to .Austin to play the Austin High School Maroons for the second game of the season, and though outplayed most of the game, the Wildcats executed three perfect plays in the closing minutes of the game to win 7-0. AMARILLO Vs. TEMPLE The Wildcats then journeyed to Amarillo, losing by the score of 13-0. LUFKIN VS. TEMPLE The worst defeat ever suffered by the Wildcats was at 'Lufkin the following week- end. The score was 26-6. The Wildcats played without the services of two of their regular backs. CLEBURNE Vs. TEMPLE I The first district game of the season was played in Temple against the Cleburne Yellow Jackets. They were no match for the Wildcats who won by a score of 33-6. THE B SQUAD he Season LUBBOCK VS. TEMPLE The Lubbock Westerners visited Temple for their first time but bowed to the Temple Wildcats by the score of 13-6. CORSICANA VS. TEMPLE Corsicana was the next district foe, and after a hard fought game, the Wildcats were victorious, the score being 21-7. WACO VS. TEMPLE Waco, the Wildcats' bitterest rival. trampled the Cats by the score of 7-0. in the last district game. The Tigers played a perfect game, While the Xvildcats had an off night and could do nothing right. HILLSBORO VS. TEMPLE M' Hillsboro came to Temple to play the final game of the sea- son. The Wildcats could not be stopped, winning 33-0, and play- ing every man on the squad. William Matush Linnell Bruce Weldon Wendland Martha Bob Richards Henry Hammer Yell Leaders DRUM MAJORS Bettye Jean Winslow Patricia Scott Billy Kirkpatrick ' Field Day BARNEY HAM BILL DAVIS LA VERNE WATSON STANLEY HILL Guard Forward Center Forward and Guard Basketball TEMPLE TEMPLE TEMPLE TEMPLE TEMPLE THE SEASON vs. WACO . . vs. WACO . . vs. WACO . . .Vs. CAMERON . VS. CAMERON . RAY MCLERRAN BERNIE WINKLER FLOYD LAWHORN FRED DAY Forward Guard and Center Guard Forward BOBBY DAVIDSON HALLIE GEE LEWIS WALD Forward Forward Managel Basketball THE SEASON TEMPLE vs. 819th T. D. BTN. 47 23 TEMPLE vs. 819th T. D. BTN'. 45 27 TEMPLE vs. 113th CAVALRY 43 23 TEMPLE vs. 113th CAVALRY 46 27 TEMPLE Ns. OFFICERS' TEAM 19 7 Camp Hood THE B SQUAD Boys' Physical Education Track MR. W. E. ROUTH, Coach LLOYD WARREN, Captain 5 1 The Following Men Lettered in Track: Watson, Laverne Wallace, Henry WVarren, Lloyd CCa.ptainJ Wendland, Weldon Stephens, Gordon Swank, Roger Matush, YVi11iam fManagerJ Norfleet, Guy Timberlake, Wrenu McLerran, Ray Guthrie, Calvin Newsom, Don Bottom Row: Coach Routh, Vaiden, Swank, Wzltsoli. Critchfield, VVe-ndland, McLerran, NVarren Hmlxlo Stlphens, I Bolding, Kreider Second Row: Rucker, Cole, Newsom, Norfleet, Wallace, Timberlake, Simpson, Phelps, VVhit1osv Mdtush Martin Gentry Third Row: Arthur, Green, Naumann, Strasburger, Brooks, Gray, XV:-ight, Davidson, Gee Gaulke XVade Stwvinoha Owens Valley Ball Coatht MRS. MARGARET FENSTY Ruth Lee Bravanec Mildred Collier, Captain Marietta Grygar Jean Hall Wilma Hanacik Georgia Ann Hunka, Emilie Mikulas Bernice Schwake - Hanacik, Hall, Hunka, Collier, Mikulas, Bravanec, Grygar Girls' Physical Education Tumbling Club Coach: MRS. MARGARET FENSTY OFFICERS Mollie Shaun-on, President Rose Marie Kleypas, Secretary Allene Williams, Vice President Ruth Withers, Reporter Mildred Collier, Pianist MEMBERS' Joyce ,Andrus Virginia B-oliver Betty Joe Brashear Eva Marie Deason Dana Gant Marthajayne Goode Mary Katherine Henley Anna Janicek Rose Marie Kleypas Doris Marie King Mary Lou 'Labit Jane McGregor Jean Anne Madeley Hassie Lee Martin Betty Jo May Pat Ricks Ruby Lee Sisco Mollie Shannon Betty Lou Swan Winfrey Strasburger Beth Wicks Allene Wichita Allene Williams Ruth Withers Carolyn Young Tennis Club Sponsor: MISS KINSLOW Coach: MRS. MARGARET FENSTY Monroe Bannister Virginia Boliver Daisy Brown Joel Brown Leta Mae Calhoun Allen Carleton Fred Day Dawn Davis Eva Deason Charles Dobbins Stanna 'Lou Dresher La Verne Furl -13.11188 Goddard Calvin Guthrie OFFICERS Calhoun Miller Day MEMBERS Letters NVere Awarded to the Followlng Madelyn Ingram Anna Janicek GIRLS Mary Lou Labit Leslie McKenney Joan Miller Charles Parrott Margie Perkin Charlotte Robinson Loddell Roberson Charles Roberts Judy Scott Raymond Smith Jerry Stanton Helen Tindall Joan Miller Winfrey Strasburgf-r Helen Tindall Virginia Boliver BOYS Raymond Smith Bill Smith Calvin Guthrie Allen Carleton Bottom Row: Bannister, Kirkpatrit-k, NVatson, Deason, Matl, Scott, .Ianic-ek, Strasburger, Boliver, Robinson Scott J., Brown D Second Row: Morgan, Davis, Love, Calhoun, Russ, Miller, Adrian, Roberson, Furl, Stanton, Paulk, Xoun 'Third Row: Dobbins, Guthrie, Farrell, Ingram, Perkin, Collier, Labit, Goddard, Roberts Top Row: Gee, Brown J, McKenney, Carleton, Day, Eschberger S Congratulations to the 1943 Graduates of TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TEMPLE Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Association Corporation Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY 108 South First Street Compliments of HENDLERS BOOTERIE RODDY'S The Newest for the Least Money at RODDY'S ALWAYS Compliments of TEM-TEX SEED 81 FLORAL CO. Compliments of CHAS. S. COX E4 SON COMPLETE OUTFITTERS To Men and Young Men TEMPLE ROTARY CLUB "He Profits Most Who Serves Best" Only through the medium of sound education can you serve best Hewett Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 4567 , fn fffifxfi' V R lla ssl X ,x +A -' SUPPORT THE WILDCAT RAMBLER Compliments of HOUGHTON BROS. Wallpaper-Paints+P'icture Fffmes Compliments of CALE'S GROCERY 414 W. Adams-Phone 2278 Compliments of WALKEll'S CAFE 4 South Main COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. PENNY Co. TEMPLE, TEXAS CITY LUIVIBER Co. J. B. STANTON OWNER TEMPLE CAFETERIA We Feed Thousands Compliments of C. H. Cox Grocery Best Wishes From ' THE R. T. Dennis if Co., lnc: BELL BAKING co., INC. C,,,,,,,,.,e BAKERS Home Furnishers BUTTER NUT BREAD Mccelvey and Seyhold GENERAL INSURANCE HURRAH! for the WILDCATS! The Kyle Hotel Invites You to Our Coffee Shop Before and After School Bridge Parties and Banquets Our Specialty Compliments of McDONALD and NEWTON FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND Insurance-Real Estate LOAN ASSOCIATION HINSURE IN SURE INSURANCE" OF TEMPLE D 1 '-M' 'I gift Campbell 54 Company, Inc. Johxofillglle Lumber and Building Materials-Planning and Financing MAX CAMPBELL, Manager Dial 3666 WE THANK THE FOLLOWING FOR CONTRIBUTIONS DR. FRANK ROBINSON BLACKBURN BEAUTY SHOP PERFECTO CLEANERS MR. C. J. O'MALLEY MR. EDWARD PACE MR. W. W. ELDRIDGE TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE The TEMNPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE has become a popular and well established institution. During the past year it has experienced a splendid en- rollment. It is recognized by both the State Department of Education and by the Association of Texas Colleges as a junior college of the "First Class" with- out condition or reservation. The graduates of the College may enter any of our senior colleges with full junior standing. Many of our graduates are like- wise taking their places in industry and in the services of our country. Some of the advantages offered by the TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE are: 1. The members of the faculty are scholarly and experienced and are prepared to render service of the highest order in the class room. 2. The classes are relatively small, which condition makes in- dividual instruction and personal attention possible. 3. All students are taught by the heads of the department. 4. The expense is comparatively small, as the trustees are striving to operate the college on a cost basis. Our low rates will enable you to save enough, during your two years here. to pay for your junior year at a senior college. 5. Our young men and women my remain in their homes two years longer. 6. The extra-curricula activities are varied and afford opportunity to the students for development in public speaking. drama, music. and athletics. The aim of the TEMIPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE is not only to give two years of highly efficient literary work. but to provide guidance. vocational preparation. and to develop talents and character in our young people as well. To this program the trustees and the faculty of the institution are dedicating their efforts. For further information see or write the Registrar COMPLIMENTS OP SCOTT Eff WHITE, CLINIC and HOSPITAL BLU EBONNET CAFE Comvlimmfs Of Home Cooked Foods SMlTH'S NORTHSIDE DRUG OPBU Day and Night 3rd and French Across Street From Santa Fe Hospital P-hone 3446 Free Delivery Compliments of JEWELER Model Cleaners ll W. Ave. A Temple, Texas OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '43 ARCADIA-GEM-BELL-TEXAS-RIO TH EATRES Compliments of Compliments of People's Store Cinderella Shop 7 PRINTERS f PUBLISHERS Manufacturing Statloners 107 SOUTH FIRST STREET Our 49th Year in Temple T' J' LARAMEY Compliments of Wholesale and Retail FARMALL TRACTORS FERGUS MOTOR COMPANY AND FARM IMPLEMENTS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS AUTHORIZED DEALER Compliments of S-I-EFKAIS OUTDOOR ADVERTISING RED 8 WHITE GROCERY and OF ALL TYPES ffmfwfmf Cen-Tex Advertising Co. 320 South Main Dial 3169 Compliments of L E S L I E H U F F "Life Insurance Service Phone 2248 303-5 Prof. Bldg Compliments of Compliments of SWIFT 81 COMPANY THE SILVER GRILL CAFE ICE CREAM PLANT 16 South lst CASEY RADIO Compliments of AND FU RN ITU RE CO. SHIRLEY RICHARDS Compliments of Home of Tasty Ice Cream 112 South First St. Dial 4531 Compliments of C0mPIIm9UfS Of TEMPLE FEED 81 FUEL CO. RAMONA couRTs FEED ANDFUEL COMPLIMENTS OF THE SHAMR O C K Compliments of Compliments of YOUR FRIEND ' POWERS' DRUG COMPANY Hendler S Dry GOOdS Serving Temple Since 1909 UONS . cmvnf I Tot f Compliments of Compliments Of SAULSBURY. SKELTON THE FAMOUS 81 EVERTON Temple' TCXUS ATTORNEYS Compliments of H A M I L L ' S Groce-Tote Grocery Feature FOR QUALITY MEATS A BEAUTY TREATMENT AND GROCERIES FQR CLQTHE5 Congratulations TEMPLE'S FASTEST GROWING READY-TO-WEAR AND SHOE SHOP ZIDELL'S We Congratulate the Class of 1943 And Wish You Success in All Your Undertakings TEMPLE NATION AL BANK TEMPLE Over 32 Years of Safe Banking in Temple M b Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of Washingt D C Member Federal Reserve System Compliments of STRASBUROERS Compliments of HOSPITAL DAIRY FARM "Home of Certified Milk" Compliments of TEMPLE HARDWARE CO. RELIABLE FURNITURE COMPANY EASY TERMS M. SULLIVAN, Owner THE Southland Cotton Oil Company Manufacturers of Circle-S Feed "Chick" Walker, Manager CONGRATULATES THE VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF TEMPLE HI ON THEIR ACHIEVEMENT OF 1943 Com liments of Compliments of P TEMPLE FLORAL COMPANY ' flncor oratedl S KYLEDHOTEL Exclusive Ladies' MRS. JAMIE BARTON, Manager Department Store Temple, Texas WOODS' DRUG STORE C0mPlim2f1fS Of THE COURTESY CORNER , g Phone 4555 Free Delievry Hml' 5 Man SHOP Corner 25th and Avenue H Temple, Texas Compliments of. Compliments of FRANK MATUSH Thornson Grocery "Everything for Your Automobile' COI'l1PaI'lY DODGE and PLYMOUTHL OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF TI-IE TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE CLASSES OF 1943 Wendland Grain Company Compliments of MOSS ROSE CAFE No. 1 and NO. 2 "Home of Delicious Waffles" TEMPLE,TEXAS OFFICERS Woods Reporter, Laran1ey,P1'esidentg Belk, Vice President Future Home Makers of Texas Sponsors: MISS HELEN BARRON MRS. DAVID BUCHANAN MRS. VADA CRAWLEY MAGATAGAN Marian Adrian Mary Armbruster Billie Louise Aycock Anna Louise Bartek Evelyn Belk Martha Bigham Joann Blankenship Virginia Boliver Winifrecl Bouldin Daisy Brown La Nell Brown Linnell Bruce Evelyn Calhoun Leta Mae Calhoun Elizabeth Chance Betty Cole Louise Collier Mildred Collier Patsy Jean Connorty Dorothy Cox Nell Cross Dawn Davis Johnell Davis Eva Deason Wanda Eastland MEMBERS Edith Edds Helen Engle Trinna Farley Kathryn Farrell Alma Fletcher Vela Fletcher Mary Jo Foytasek Glenda Fulton La Verne Furl Pauline Gunn Faye Hallmark Rosemary Huffman Mildred Honeycutt Evelyn Jackson Frances Keith Doris Kemp Mary Kocurek Mary Lou Labit Ollie Dean Lagrone Dorothy La Mar Marilyn Laramey Marjorie Lewis Grace Locke Joyce Ann 'Love Sophie Marinik I Bottom Row Hill, Lewis, Adrian, Vvatson, Wliiteliead, Robinson, Davis, Deason, Blankenship, Vaughn, Nance, Bouldin Middle Row: Davis, Love, Calhoun, Swan, Easley, Honeycutt, Thompson, Belk, Matthews, Meadows, Pollie Top Row: Cross, Killingsworth, Calhoun, Farrell, Ingram, Perkins, Collier, Aycock, Russ, McMinn MEMBERS .FA Sponsor: MR. S. L. ADAMS OFFICERS President . . . J. B. Mahler Vice President .... Rube Davis Treasurer . . Alton Eckerinan Secretary ..... George Marks Reporter .... Billy Earl Smith Farm Watchdog Song Leader. . . . Aaron Lueck . George Harris Howard Aycook Ernest Bode Mack Brown 'L. G. Catnip Joe Champ Maxwell Clark N. M. Curlee Alton Eckerman Carl Elliott Floyd Fulghain Fred Gillmeister Leonard Gillmeister George Harris Bottom Row: Davis, Vice Presidentg Harris, Song Leader Mahler, President Second Row: Newell, Secretary of Stateg Eckeiman Treasurerg Marks, Secretary Clayton Hopkins Hollis Ingram J. W. Jennings W. A. Keith Kenneth Kelso Jack Kline G. P. Lyda Billy Bob Mahler J. B. Mahler George Marks Richard Morgan Billy Morris Newton Newell Q. C. Schwake Wm. Hill Sheppard Billy Earl Smith Clarence Sodek Arthur Tice Carl Urbantke Darrell Waters John Waters Mack Weaver Freddie Earl White Monroe Winkler Billy Wood Edwin Zvolonek Bottom Row: Lyda, Sehwake, Harris, Mahler, Newell, Clark, Brown, VVinkler, Tice, Kelso, Morris, Ad uns iadxlsery Middle Row: Keith, Camp, Gillmeister, Eckerman, Gillmeister, Ingram, Elliott, Marks, Fulgham, Vveaver White Top Row: VVood, Jennings, Mahler, Davis, Sheppard, Zvolonek OFFICERS Bottom Row: Matthews, Aetlilesg Woods, Consulg Simpson, Consul, Robinson, Censor Top Row: Hawthorn, Tribune, Giesler, Censorg Gaulke, Tribune, Ogden, Quaesterg Dobbins, Aediles MEMBERS - Katherine Butler Dorothy Croft Charles Dobbins Beverly Gaulke Lina Jean Giesler Ann Gilleland Virginia Grimes Dorothy Hawthorn Mary K. Henley Turner Jacobs Everett Kreider Betty Lipscomb Charlotte Matthews Betty McDonald Joan Miller Emily Nail Latin Club Sponsor: MRS. OLIVIA JONES Howard Ogden Bill Purkins Elizabeth Robinson Charles Simpson Nina Spradley Mary K. Wiggers Martha Woods Bottom Row: King, Ricks, Sprndley, Croft, Robinson, Grimes, Henley, Jacobs Middle Row: Lipscomb, Nail, Gillelancl, YVickers, Matthews, Hawthorn, McDonald Top Row: Miller, Simpson, Dobbins, Ogden, Scott, Woods ' Science Club Sponsor: MRS. DORIS PINNEY EDWARDS Eulaine Akridge Daisy Brown Joel Brown Mabel 'Bruce James Butler Fred Day Billie Goad Billy Kirkpatrick OFFICERS Walker, Sergeant-at-Arms, Goad,Sec1'eta1y Butler Piesident ' .1 MEMBERS Betty Ann Lipscomb Leslie McKen11ey Joan Miller Pauline Miller Lucille Nance Charles Roberts Barbara Robinson Isola Russ Charles Simpson Jerry Stant-on Pellon Walker Dorris Whitehead Bettye Winslow Bottom Row: Butler, Walker, NVinslow, Rube ts, Brown D., Akridge, Goad Bruce Middle Row: Kirkpatrick, Miller J., Russ, Stanton, Lipscomb, XVhitel1ead, Robinson Miller P Vance Top Row: Brown J., MoKenney, Simpson, Day r OFFICERS Elms Vice Piesident Kleypas, Secretaryg Miller, President Ruth Anderson Mary Armbruster Mary Frances Bigon J. C. Blanchard Dorothy Burtchell Gwendolyn Catchings Lavon Carson Marie Drake Laverne Duzan Betty Elms Jeanette Etienne MEMBERS Marian Flanders Laddie Foy Peggy Jean Glass James Goddard ' Audry Green Allene Jackson Rose Marie Kleypas Joan Miller Charlotte Robinson Shelia Sanders Jack Standard Pom Ammfzccm Clu Sponsor: MRS PRYOR Bottom Row: Glass, Drake, Burtchell, Etienne, Sanders, Flanders, Bigon, Green, Kleypas Middle Row: Elms, Anderson, Armbruster, Jackson, Duzan, Carson, Pryor Top Row: Miller, Robinson, Standard, Blanchard, Foy, Goddard Editor ...... Art ......... '4 Wildcat " Rambler .,..,....Virginia Giesler ..........Leta Mae Calhoun Dorris Whitehead Charles Parrott Billie Goad Production ,..,. .. ......... Ruth Withers Faye Thompson Martha Bigham Billye Beth Sowders Reporters ,....,... ......... R uth Withers Martha Bigham Virginia. 'Giesler Jo Ann Blankenship Billye Beth Sowders Billie Killingsworth Billy Kirkpatrick Dorris Whitehead Faye Thompson J 0811 Miller Advertising .................. Circulation ....,. Junior College ............ Typists ....... Faye Thompson Billy Kirkpatrick Jo Ann Blankenship Ruth Withers Billye Beth Sowders Billie Killingsworth Sue Myers Roy Lee Clark .........,Martha Woods Martha Bigham .To Nell Baker Eulaine Akriclge Virginia Giesler Lorene Stefka Dorris Whitehead Faculty Advisers..Miss Margaret Black Miss Margaret Chapman Standing: Sowclers, XVithers, Miss Chapman, Blalikenshio. XVl1iteliead, Miss Black, Killingsworth, Calhoun, Goad Sitting: Miller, NVa1ton, Bighain, Stefka, Akridge, Vifoocls, Giesler "Cotton Blossom" Stay? Sponsor: Miss MOZELLA ARNOLD BUSINESS MANAGERS James Butler Martha. Woods Albert Hendler Judy Scott EDITORIAL STAFF Billie Goad, Editor - Fred Day Virginia Giesler, Editor Marilyn Laramey Dorris Whitehead Leta Mae Calhoun Marjorie Lewis Daisy Brown Jeanne Hill Lorene Stefka Bettye Winslow Pellon Walker Walter Beran Faye Clark Sitting: Goafl, Clark, Yifinslow, Hill, Lararney, Brown, Giesler Standing: XVhitoheacl, Stefka, Lewis, Beran, Scott, XVoods Student, Cozmcil Sponsor: Miss MARY ELIZABETH HOLDEN OFFICERS President: Williani Matush Treasurer: Marilyn Laraniey Vice President: Martha Woods Secretary: Joan Miller Fire Chiefs: Jack Weinblatt, Albert Hendler, Guy N-orfleet, Charles Simpson, Pellon Walker, Henry Yates Eulaine Akridge Virginia Boliver Jim Alice Charlton Evelyn Calhoun Virginia Cook Lina Jean Giesler Virginis Giesler Albert Hendler Billie Huggins Gay Lamar Marilyn Laramey Lavon Carson A. J. Lewis William Matush Joan Miller MEMBERS Doris Morgan Billy Morris Guy Norfleet Betty Ann Ramsey Mollie Shannon Charles Simpson Jack Standard Winfrey Strasburger Jo Ann Trout Pellon Walker Jack Weinblatt Mary Katherine Wiggers Martha Woods Mary McDuffy Beverly Gaulke Sitting: Huggins, Miller, Woods, Akridge, Laramey, Gaulke Standing: VVeinblatt, Giesler, Morgan, Giesler, Ramsey, Calhoun , Our Part in Defense Plctivities Yell Leaders Boxing Champions "Cotton Blossom" Declaimers Student Council Officers Doris Merle Orators Athletic Staff "Ramb1e1"' Staff sh Y 0'5" 5 4 'vii A x N' Rksfsfs rio Kleypzzs Rose Ma Sololionzore Lowe!! Hays Soffhomore Sicma Lou DVHSQEV fzwziov' Donald Newsom funior X- ..v.,. A fllaffilyfz Lczlfmzzey Senioi' Z. X -1 . 4 .fa V322 use ss 5- Haber! Packard Senior Favorites FATE, HOPE PETERS, IVIILLARD PHILLIPS, DAVID PRESSLEY, FAYRENE PURKINS, BILL RAIMSEY, BETTY ANN RICKS, PATRICIA ROBINSON, CHARLOTTE NEY ROBINSON, ELIZABETH ROWE, HAROLD SAN INIIGUEL, DOLORES SCI-IMIDT, DARLENE SIMS, KATHERINE ROSE SITTON, BILL SPRADLEY, NINA SPRAYBERRY, LOUISE STANDARD, JACK STRASBURGER, ROY STAVINOHA, YV. B. SUROVIK, EDWARD SWAN, BETTY LOU THOMPSON, CHARLES TISCHLER, GEORGE TODD, JO NELL VAUGHN, BIARY LOUISE WEBSTER, DEAN WVELCI-I, ARLEIGI-I VVI-IITLEY, FLOYD WIGGERS, INIARY WINNETT, GRAYIIC I-IANACIK, VVILMA HARLAN, KENNETH I-IENLEY, DIARY KATHERINE HILL, INIARJORIE HODGE, DOROTHY HOYT, JANE HUNKA, DORIS JACKSON, EVELYN JONES, LEYVIS KEITH, FRANCES KING, DORIS MARIE KLEYPAS. ROSE MARIE KILLS, JACKIE KOCUREK, DIARY LA LIAR, DOROTHY LINDER, LAVERNE LINN, JOYCE LICDONALD, BETTY MCGOVVAN, INIARGUERITE DIATTHEYVS, CHARLOTTE RIAY, BETTY DIIKESKA, XVILLIE IXIAE MOLDENHAUER, ROSE RIAKIE IX-IORGAN, GLENN MORGAN, RICHARD NAIL, EATILY NAUMANN, CLIRHAM NORTON, RIARILYN OGDEN, HOVV.-XRD PACK, FAYE I ARTHUR, JACK BAKER, ANNIE MAY BLANKENSHIP, TED I BODE, ERNEST BRASI-IEAR, BETTY JO BROVVN, LA NELLE BURNS, CLAY CALE, ROBERT CALHOUN, LE ROY CARSON, WALTER CASEY, ORAN CONNORTY, PATSY COX, JUANITA CROFT, DOROTHY DAVIDSON, PAUL DOBBINS, CHARLES DUZAN, LAVERNE ELMS, ELIZABETH ETIENNE, JEANETTE FARLEY, TRINNA FURL, LAVERNE GAULKE, BEVERLY GIESLER, LINA JEAN GLASS, PEGGY GOODE, IVIARTHA JANE GORDON, BILLY GREEN, BOB P GRIMES, VIRGINIA GUESS, ELTA FAYE GUNN, PAULINE JEAN HAYS KLEYPAS ' OGDEN BANNISTER OFFICERS President .......,,... ,,........................... L OWELL HAYS Vice President ....... .............. H OWARD UGDEN Secretary .........,...... ........ R osE MARIE KLEYPAS Sergeant-at-Arms- ..... ....... M ONROE BANNISTER Saphomows PERKIN, IMARGIE PERSKY, PRISCILLA PHELPS, LEE RICHARDS, IXIARTHA BOB ROE-ERSON, LODDELL ROBERTS, CH.-LRLES ROY, FRANK SAN LIIGUEL, JESSE SCOTT, PATRICIA SEYBOLD, BETTY ANN SHANNON, MOLLIE SIMIXIONS, HOBERT SIMPSON, CHARLES SNEED, CA.RL SODEK, IRENE STANTON, JERRY STARNES, CURTIS STEPHENS, SAIM STONE, DIARY STRASBURGER, WINFREY SWANK, ROGER TICE, ARTHUR VADEN, LYNN VVEAVER, BIAC XVEBB, LA NELLE XVENDLAND, VVELDON TVHITE, INTADIE LEE YVHITLOYV, DORIS NVHITLOXV, HARRY NVICHITA, ALLENE VVILCOX, LAVANIA VVILLIAMS, ALLENE WVILLIAINIS, ROY WVINIILER, JAKXIES XVOLF, CLARENCE VVYNNE, I-IUBERT YATES, HENRY YOUNG, CAROLYN I-IOHERD, BETTY HOOVER, PAUL HUDSON, VVANDA JACKSON, ALLENE JANICEK, ANNA JONES, MACK JONES, PEGGY KACIR, STANLEY KEATON, HARRY KREIDER, EVERETT LABIT, MARY LOU LAMAR, GAY LEYVIS, A. J. LIPSCOMB, BETTY LLOYD, MARY EDITH LOVICK, BOBBY INIQGREGOR, JANE BICLAUGHLIN, ENA MARTIN, BOB NIARTIN, HASSIE LEE MAYS, RUTHELL INIILLER, PAULINE BIONAGHAN, PRESTON MORGAN, DORIS MORRIES, DORIS IVIURRAY, CHARLOTTE NABOURS, BETTY NAIVAR, ARLINE NAIVAR, EVELYN NANCE, LUCILLE NANNY, WALTER NEWBY, VIRGINIA NEWSOIVI, BILLY NEWSOM, DON NEWTON, THOMAS NORFLEET, GUY O'MALLEY, PATSY PARROTT, CHARLES AKERS, MELVIN ARMBRUSTER, LIAR Y ATKINS, BILLY JACK BOLDING, 1?-OLIVER, VIRGINIA BRANHAM, MACK KINNEY BROOKE, CLIFFORD BROOKS, DORIS FAYL B URTCI-IELL, DOROTHY BUTLER, KATHERINE CARLISLE, MAXINE CARLETON, A LLEN CARSON, LARON CARTER, CLARENCE CHARLTON, .IIINI ALICE CI-IILDERS, .IUANITA COLLIER, DORRIS COLE, BETTYE COLEMAN, .IES S COX, DOROTHY CRENSHAVV, BILLY RAY CROFT, .IOSIE DAVIS, .IOHNELL DRESHER EDDS, EDITH ENGLE, HELEN ESCHBERGER, GAULKE, -GE RTSENBERG, NELDA GODDARD, JARIES GREEN, FRED HABIRICK HARRIS, GEORGE HAIVIIINS, BILLY HILL, BERT HILL, FR 1-I ILL, STANLEY HOBBS, A. B. , STANA LOU ELWVOOD ROBERT , MILDRED AN K SIMMONS HILT. DRESHER YATES OFFICERS President ............. ...... H ENRY YATES Vize President ........ ................. S TANLEY HILL Secrerary ................ ........ S TANA Lou DRESHER Sergeant-at-Arms ...... ......... H OBERT SIMMONS fumbffx Students at Work r WEINBLATT, JACK Fire Chief Air Raid Warden Band Ch-oral Club Science Club Latin Club Vice President of Home Room Student Council WINKLER, BERNIE Football Basketball Track F. F. A. WOODS, MARTHA Business Manager 'of "Cotton Blossom" Vice President Student Council Reporter of Future Home- makers of Texas President of 'Latin Club Secretary of Junior Class "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Home Room Officer Choral Club Badminton Club Typing Tournament Declamation Winner YOUNG, PAT Orchestra. Chorus Spanish Club Secretary of Story Tellers Club H-ome Room Officer Physical Fitness Club Tennis Club Victory Corps LANGSTON, W. R. Football Basketball Captain of Intramural Basket- ball Champions Boxing Finalist "Wildcat Rambleru Staff Band Chorus Madrigal Club WINSLOW, BETTYE Yell Leader Drum Major Sophomore Favorite Science Club Dramatics Club Latin Club Tumlblers Secretary of Sophomor "Cotton Blossom" Staff Home Room Officer F. F. A. Sweetheart VVINKLER, MONROE F. F. A. WERNLIE BARBARA LO , U Pepperettes Dramatic Club Future Homemakers of YOUNTS, JACK Band Industrial Arts Club e Class ISE Texas Vice President of F. F. A. LAWHORN, FLOYD Football Basketball Track F. F. A. Home Room Officer TYROCH, JERRY WAGNER, MARY KATHRYN Band 'Latin Club Science Club Future Homemakers of Texas Radio Club Camera Club Travelers' Club WALKER, PELLON Model Airplane Club Science Club Orchestra "Cotton Blossom" Staff WATSON, EVELYN Latin Club Science Club Choral Club Home Room Officer Future Homemakers of Texas Radio Club Pepperettes Physical Fitness Club Victory Corps Declamation Tennis Club WHITEHEAD, DORRIS MERLE Choral Club Madrigal Club "Wildcat Ramble1"' Staff "Cotton Blossom" Staff Future Homeniakers of Texas Science Club Victory Corps Victory Varieties Squad Leader Home Room Officer Third Place Winner of D. R. T. Award Dramatics Club Student Council URBANTKE, CARL WALTON', MARTHA Tennis Club Latin Club Vice President of Science Club "Wildcat Ramblern Staff Future Homemakers of Texas Reporter for Physical Fitness Club Choral Club WARREN, 'LLOYD Football Basketball Track Science Club WHITE, ETHELYNE Latin Club Future Homemakers of Texas Home Room Officer Victory Corps Officer of Physical Fitness Club WILLIS, ELOISE Latin Club Science Club Future Homemakers of Texas Physical Fitness Club SPOONTS, M. H. F. F. A. STAVINOHA, DORRES Future Honlemakers of Tennis Club Physical Fitness Club STOCKTON, JACK lv TANT, THELBERT Football Track Soccer Tournament Basketball TODD, MARIE Texas STARNES, IVA President of Collectors Club Distributive Education Club STEFKA, LORENE President of Future Home- makers Club Choral Club 'Orchestra Fire Prevention Theme Winner President of Home Room Vice President of Junior Class Treasurer of Homemakers Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff "Cotton Blossom" Staff High School One-Act Play Typing Tournament Treasurer of Home Room Squad Leader Madrigal Club SWAN, ELWOOD THOMPSON, FAYE "VVildcat Rambler" Staff Future Homemakers of Texas Choral Club Radio Club Science Club Volleyball Club Physical Fitness Club TROUT, JO ANN Volleyball Team Future Homemakers of Texas President of Home Room Reporter for Home Room ROBINSON, BARBARA JEAN Science Club Future Homemakers of Texas Home Room Officer Latin Club Radio Club Physical Fitness Club Victory Corps SANTO, EDNA Future I-Iomemakers of Texas SCOTT, JUDY Victory Corps Business Manager of "Cotton Blossom" "Wilclcat Rambler" Staff Badminton Club Tennis Club - Future Homfemakers of Texas Choral Club Science Club Home Room Officer Color Bearer for Band Consul of Latin Club SISCO, RUBY 'LEE Tumbling Club Future Homemakers of Texas Spanish Club Choral Club Pepperettes SMITH, BILL Football Track Choral Club Boxing Tournament RUSS, ISOLA Latin Club Future Homemakers of Texas Tennis Club Science Club Home Room Officer SAMPS ON, ETHEL RAE Future Homemaker Badminton Club s of Texas Secretarial Training Club Physical Fitness Club Victory Corps SHANKLE, WANDA Future Homemaker R' SLOVAK, EVELYN Story Tellers Club Tennis Club SMITH, BIIJLY EARL Science Club Latin Club s of Texas Reporter for F. F. A. Club Home Room Officer MAHLER, J. B. MATUSI-I, WILLIAM Manager of Track Team President of Student Council Yell Leader Radio Club Home Room Officer President of Junior Class Science Club PACKARD, ROBERT Sophomore President Junior President Senior President Senior Favorite Boys' State Winner State Latin Winner Science Club Latin Club PHILLIPS, MARY BETH ROBERTS, MARY 'LOUISE Choral Club Future Homemakers of Texas MARTIN, BILLY Industrial Arts Club Science Club Track Home Room Officer "Wildcat Rambler" Staff MAURICE, CATHERINE Future Homemakers of Texas Orchestra Spanish Club PAULK, BILLIE Tennis Team Secretary of Industrial Arts Club Future Homemakers of Texas Airplane Builders Home Room Officer RAMSEY, CHARLES Football Basketball Intramural Basketball Intramural Boxing Radio Club Home Room Officer ROBERTS, WALTER Industrial Arts Club Science Club Airplane Builders Radio Club Soccer Tournament Table Tennis Tournam ent MERCER, DOROTHY Tennis Club Home Room Officer Vict-ory Corps Future Homemakers of Texas Physical Fitness Club McMURTRY, BILLY Soccer Tournament Boxing Tournament Basketball Tournament Science Club Track F. F. A. McLENDON, BILLYE BURRELL Future Homemakers of Texas Pep Squad Volleyball Tennis VVinne1' of Spelling Contest Secretary of S'11o1'tl1ancl Class Winner of Typing Tournament MATL, ANNIE Science Club Tennis Club MADELEY, JEAN ANNE Industrial Arts Club Tumbling Club President of Home Room Debaters Club Airplane Club Victory Corps MEADOWS, DOVIE Rope Spinning Club Future Honiemakers Pepperettes Square Dancing Club McLERRAN, RAY Basketball Track F. F. A. Football Manager Basketball Manager Track Manager MCKENNEY, LESLIE Latin Club Science Club Tennis Club Band Boxing Tournament MACHALEK, JOE Football MAHLER, BILLY BOB of Texas KABELLA, RAYMOND Band KILLINGSWORTH, BILLIE JEAN Latin Club Future Honiemakers of Texas "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Science Club Choral Club Reporter of Physical Fitness Club LARAMEY, MARILYN' Junior Favorite Senior Favorite Sweetheart of F. F. A. C2 yearsb President of Future Home- makers of Texas Reporter of Latin Club Treasurer of Student Council Victory Varieties Victory Corps Squad Leader Vice President of Secretarial Training Class Choral Club Tennis Club "Cotton Blossom" Staff Junior Class Officer Home Room Officer LOCKE, GRACE Latin Club Future Homemakers of Texas Home Room Officer MILLER JOAN Secretary of Student Council Editor of "Wildcat Ramb1er" President of Tennis Club President of Spanish Club Victory Corps Tennis Team National Forensic League Debate Squad Choral Club Accompanist Physical Fitness Club History Club Jones Medal Contestant Orchestra fAccompanistJ Science Club Latin Club KENEDY, GENEVA Pepperettes Spanish Club Future Hoinemakers of Texas Science Club KIRKPATRICK, BILLIE Drum Major "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Science Club Tennis Club Home Room Officer Spanish Club Choral Club LEWIS, MARJORIE "Cotton Blossom" Staff Treasurer of Junior Class Band Victory Varieties Future Homemakers of Texas Latin Club Home Room Officer Choral Club Pepperettes Science Club Secretary Physical Fitness Club Treasurer of Student Council Secretarial Training Club LOVE, JOYCE ANN Future Homemakers of Texas Science Club Student Council Home R-oorn Officer Tennis Club Latin Club MIKULAS, EMPLIE Volleyball Physical Fitness Club HARGROVE, GERALDINE HEGAR, NAOMI HILL, JEANNE "Cotton Blossomi' Staff Future Homemakers of Texas Pepperettes Latin Club Home Room Officer Victory Corps HUGGINS, BILLIE RUTH Student Council Future I-Iomemakers of Texas Secretarial Training Club Physical Fitness Club Victory Corps Home Room Officer INGRAM, MADELYN Future Homemakers of Texas Secretarial Club Science Club Tennis Club Physical Fitness Club Home Room Officer Pepperettes Victory Varieties Victory Corps Squad Leader HARLAN, ROYCE Chess Club I Junior Historians Science Club F. F. A. HENDLER, ALBERT "Cotton Blossom" Staff Basketball Latin Club Officer Latin Tournament Student Council Lieutenant Fire Warden Home Room Officer Science Club HONEYCUTT, MILDRED Spanish Club Future Homemakers of Texas Choral Club Pepperettes Volleyball Rope Spinning Club HUNT, CELVIA Science Club Volleyball Tennis Club Choral Club Secretary of Home Room 'Latin Club Sonhomore Class Secretary Winner of Spelling Contest JEZ, JOE D. JR. Travelers Club Victory Corps GIESLER, VIRGINIA Latin Tournament President of Home Room Co-editor of "Wildcat Rambler" Co-editor of "Cotton Blossom" Secretary of Senior Class D. A. R. Representative President Secretarial Training Class Secretary Physical Fitness Club Choral Club Student Council Representative Latin Club Winner of Fire Prevention Theme GOFF. LELIA Latin Club Science Club Future Homemakers of Texas Choral Club Pepperettes GRAUERHOLZ. ARLENE Future Honiemakers of Texas Rope Spinning Club GRYGAR, MARIETTA Volleyball Club Choral Club Physical Fitness Club HALL, JEAN Volleyball Club Physical Fitness Club GOAD, BILLIE Spanish Club Choral Club Secretary of Science Club Home Room Officer Class Officer Squad Leader Physical Fitness Club Q "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Co-editor of "Cotton Blossom" Student Council Literary Contestant Victory Corps Madrigal Club GOODE, BYRON Orchestra Band Science Club Madrigal Club Choral Club Ensemble Club Dramatics Club GRIMES, MARY KATHRYN GUTHRIE, CALVIN Football Track Ten11is Student Council Middleweight Boxing Champion Band "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Home Room Officer HAM, BARNEY Football Basketball Track Wrestling DICKSON, CLINTON Science Club Choral Club EDENS, TED Football Basketball Track Baseball Boxing Tennis President of Home Room FARRELL, KATHRYN Choral Club Science Club Victory Varieties Tennis Club Future Homenlakers of Texas Latin Club Camera Club Physical Fitness Club FOWLER, MARY EARL Latin Club Science Club Choral Club Physical Fitness Club Latin Essay Winner GANT, DANA JEAN Latin Club Science Club Tennis Club "Messiah" Home Rooin Officer Pepperettes Camera Club Debate E DIL'LON, JAMIE Football Basketball Track Boxing ELLIS. MILDRED Science Club Orchestra FERGUSON, MELVIN FULTON, DAVID GEE, HALLIE Band Track Basketball Tennis Club Industrial Arts Club Lightweight Runner-up in Boxing Tournament Victory Varieties Sports Editor on "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Orchestra COX, JOHN Football Basketball Track Science Club CUNNINGHAM, AARON F. F. A. DAVIDSON, W. S. Track DAVIS, DAWN Future Homemakers of Tennis Club Ch-oral Club Latin Club Science Club Home Room Officer Student Council DAY. FRED Football Basketball Track Vice President of Tenni Consul of Latin Club Science Club Jones Medal Contestant Extempore Speech Winner of Declamation Home Room President Victory Corps "Cotton Blossom" Staff Student Council Texas s Club CRANE. DOUGLAS Track Football CRISYVELL, GAYLAND DAVIS, BILL Football Basketball Track Vice President of Senior Class Junior Favorite Boxing Club DAVIS, PATSY ANN Choral Club Madrigal Club Home Room Officer Future Homemakers of Texas Secretarial Training Club Physical Fitness Club Science Club DEASON, EVA Choral Club Latin Club Future Homemakers of Texas Pepperettes Tennis Club Tumblers Home Room Officer Victory Corps President of Physical Fitness Club Squad -Leader BRUCE, LINNELL Home Room Officer Secretary of Science Club Choral Club Tennis Future Homemakers of Texas "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Yell Leader BUTLER, JAMES Vice President of Chemistry Club President of Science Club "Cotton Blossom" Staff Model Airplane Club Orchestra CALHOUN, EVELYN Latin Club Home Room President Student Council Secretary of Future Home- makers of Texas Science Club CLARK, FAYE Science Club Latin Club Physical Fitness Club Future Homemakers of Texas "Cotton Blossom" Staff COLLIER, MILDRED Volleyball Club Captain of Volleyball Team Home R0-om Officer Pianist for Tumbling Club Pianist for Future Homemakers of Texas Tennis Club Victory Corps Squad Leader Physical Fitness Club BRUCE, MABEL Latin Club Science Club Cb-oral Club Volleyball Team 'Latin Club Officer Home Room Officer Squad Leader Physical Fitness Club Victory Corps CAMP, JUANITA Choral Club Future Homemakers of Texas CALHOUN, LETA MAE Pepperettes Officers of Te11nis Club Captain of Tennis Team "Wildcat Ramblern Staff "Cotton Blossom" Staff Latin Club Future I-Iornemakers of Texas Officer of Science Club COLE, JAMES G. Science Club COX, FRANK President of Spanish Club Vice President of Home Room Choral Club BERAN, XVALTER Football Basketball Intramural Boxing Debate Declaniation "Cotton Blossom" Staff Victory Corps American Legion Oratorical Contestant Winner of Jones Medal BIGHAM, MARTHA LOIS Latin Club Future Homemakers of Texas Science Club Choral Club Badminton Club Tennis Club "Wildcat Rambler" Staff BLANKENSHIP, JOANN "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Choral Club Future Homemakers of Texas Science Club BOULDIN, WINIFRED Future Homemakers of Texas Band Victory Corps Physical Fitness Club BROWN, DAISY "Cotton Blossom" Staff 'Latin Club Future Homemakers of Texas Choral Club Science Club Band Vice President of Physical Fitness Club Home Room Officer BERAN, MARGIE Victory Corps Future Homemakers of Texas Science Club BIGON, ELIAS F. F. A. BOLIN, MARY Spanish Club Rope Spinning Club Square Dance Club Future Homemakers of Texas BRAVENEC, RUTH Future Homemakers of Volleyball Club. Physical Fitness Club BROWN, JOEL Band Industrial Arts Club Model Airplane Club Tennis Club Science Club Chemistry Club Texas ADRIAN, MARIAN Choral Club Madrigal Club "The Messiah" Latin Club Future Honiemakers of Texas Home Room Officer AKRIDGE, EULAINE Amer. Legion Oratorical Contest Medical Auxiliary Essay Winner Jones Medal Contest "Wildcat Rambler" Staff Orchestra Science Club Home Room Officer Student Council Representative Squad Leader Future Homemakers of Texas w ANDERSON, RUTH Choral Club Spanish Club Band Home Room Officer Orchestra Science Club Victory Corps Physical Fitness Club AYCOCK, BILLIE LOUISE Choral Club Pepperettes Future Homemakers of Texas Squad Leader Radio Club Spanish Club Victory Corps Physical Fitness Club BAKER, JO NEL'L Officer of Latin Club Yell Leader Officer of Home Room President of Science Club Future Homemakers of Texas Student Council ' Physical Fitness Club President of Gym Class Victory Varieties Victory Corps ALDRICH, R. L. ANDERSON, HELEN Choral Club Orchestra Baud Spanish Club Science Club Victory Corps Physical Fitness Club ASHCRAFT, MARTHA JEAN Spanish Club Science Club Choral Club BAGGETT, BILLY ROE Band Orchestra Track Industrial Arts Club BELK, EVELYN Reporter of Travelers' Club Future Homemakers of Texas Treasurer of Physical Fitness Club Pepperettes Home Room Officer IT PACKARD R. DAVIS GIESLER B. DAVIS OFFICERS President ............ .................... R OBERT PACKARD Vice President ....... ............. B ILL DAv1s Secretary ............ ...... V IRGINIA GIESLER Sergeant-at-Arms ..... ......... R UBE DAVIS Sembm "Tl i in A P I Faculty MISS LA VERNE LOWRY MR. D. H. MCCALL English Science MR. D. M. MAYFIELD Industrial Education MRS. GUY C. PRYOR Spanish and History MR. D. C. ROGERS Industrial Education MR. W. E. ROUTH Mathematics and Physical Education MRS. MYRTIE MAE TALLANT Matheniatics MISS GRACE WATSON Business Administration MR. O. C. WILKS History MR. CLARENCE WOOD Woodwork and Mathematics MISS LENA WORD Libr-arian 3 P acuity MRS. IVIAR-G.-XRET FINNEY DORN Music MRS. DOROTHY LAW DUKE English MRS. DORRIS FINNEY EDWARDS Biology MRS. MARGARET FENSTY Physical Education MR. V. R. GUNN History REVEREND H. C. HOES'CH Bible MISS MARY ELIZABETH HOLDEN English MISS MERLE HOLSAPPLE Mathematics MRS. OLIVIA JONES Latin and History MISS NELL KINSLOW Mathematics MRS. ROBERT W. KOPISCH History and Mathematics ' MISS RUTH LASLEY Music ri. Faculty MR. S. L. ADAMS Vocational Agriculture MR. JACK ADKINS Distributive Education MR. G. O. ALESSANDRO Band MISS' MARIAN ARNOLD English MISS MOZELLA ARNOLD English MISS HELEN BARRON Home Economics MISS JEANETTE BATLA Science MR. BRYANT BERRY Economics and History MISS MARGARET BLACK Typing and Journalism MISS' MARGARET CHAPMAN English MR. LESLIE CRANFILL Physical Education MR. H. M. DAWSON Spanish Acimimszfmtovfs MR. GEORGE H. GENTRY Acting Superintendent B.A. Baylor University M. A. University of Texas MR. CONRAD VERNON Principal B. A. Daniel Baker College M. A. Baylor University LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOE R. HUMPHREY Superintendent B. A. Trinity University M. A. Teachers College, Columbia, University Ed.D. Teaclie-1's College, Columbia University -gl- Boczvfd of EcZucatz'0n MR. BERT DE BORD MRS. A. FORD VVOLF DR. R. C. CURTIS MR. CI-IAS. S. COX, JR. MR. KENNETH PHILLIPS MRS. T. M. NEAL MR. W. GLENN MORGAN MR. W. B. HOYLE Secretary of Board of Education IVIR. ALFRED WILLIG Business Manage: 'il A The School Dedicated This, 1943 edition of the "Cotton Blossom", to Mr, Les Cranfill. whose untiring efforts and patience have spurred the Wildcats on to many victories, whose good humor and sincere friendliness have won the respect and admiration of the entire student body, and whose best is given to us at all times. THE SENIOR CLASS Contents THE SCHOOL FAVORITES . ACTIVITIES ADS Foreword In this 1943 "Cotton Blossom", we have attempted to give a repre- sentative picture of our high school activities. and to preserve the memories of them in the hearts of the students. Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of TEMPLE HIGH SCHOOL Temple, Texas T The I943 CGTTCDN BLCDSSCM '-3'1'l'f!fflEmi'iGZ'HiiQ,'1':sZ5i1-' ff 3"'6'i?fbi1"7 Q . !f .. H ,. .J ','-'1 r M, V J ,A 'ii . . ..-,,..,,,4. 4.x ,.f ,,. ,. .1 , , '.'.1 - al' J. ,LJ- P.. ,J ,df 'T-Y? ,N X r -Q 'J ' 1- .- I V, :- v , 'I . I I I . 4331 W. ,Q 2 . H42 fi J ,n QM 47:1 -11, A JA E' 'Q- 15 F .Ea 'lu KL 1: W2 .51 .. IE " 4' J. E .I' I ,-ka ffl' J vu 5-. a-.1 130,04 1 -u v .,,, .ul vw.. ,y - --, . I J II K Cf- -Q-Q 'u ' ' " 4. EL' lf 'LI ,Q-f "?3I1:i'!-la.i'fs,l:- .U . .' .LU 'H "'31'.J ., - Q' , , 2,-LL if-',,,f '- XQI-A' 1. 173 , . ' - - i , -. . 1 ' :-:A ,S yxl .- . " g, 5 .- .:. .--M . , , . -fn- ,-"lf JL E' .1 I 5 In , C55-H "'3w..' ' ' ' "' 'I ' - ' u '.-- '. -l-- '. r' -'q--'i' X' '13 ' ' , ,fi f ' . ,,- ' -f' 3' ,- r 1 -. "ft ' .. NNY' 11. , r 'L-Affp ',i".f . ' ' "An A, -' ,,,'..,,, "v '-H. 1 x w u 1 1 A I E' F'.'niL l I X - , , AA .1 Y- W , '1 - r 5,--v-, ,..4,,..., X 1. W -vfx -. ,- V. I n w . .

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