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gl '1 If Q:Z:1.',-'- 'F' .u--.-. 1, ,Q -- 5 ? f J L- L i 1? 'A Q J A ly" U CTL lf,-Xcbx- 4 Q - MM xf. IL' 'AMA Vg f E- .agw gil X ' J " 'F' Q Q2 C . 1,63 nd , X.,fff1.q-i- f N V 2,915 ru' A Ncb , . J jx LJ ,qvL lj? JL M jalxfliff mwwgvo' 5 Vi , ,WW '?' A , Q? My K6 ' Q 173. Q? W0 WW M11 ' 'Z J fx ff Q6 .43 Wm V Q Qzwa fy SEN E Jwww 5 im. FS NW H 'f ' mm in ' D . ,. f L' , 'gg-,N . wigjl: Wg , . ,ff V 'firfi-.wh , L ,. .. ,, f-,w,4gi:' 53af,,?f ,L , g f .: A I L r" :" i ' Yf Q 'h lg,-qwxm 1: 1 ' 1.1 , ' g,,w,, :,v,, ,,. 4115 ,- w if if 5.41 XhfwxE?iE5i,ia .5 J L GQ UN 'La P 1' ,I ...df s 'YY 0' . REE 3t'b 4:0 0 lc? X9 Y A f X0 Lax X 94 '-Us 5' .fs S' JPG! J of ,O ,-35 QP! , 03 QC Q CZ", QL7 h ef 0 65 Q 1 XE R dx 'Q se' cf' YN X' -A Q kk Q50 QXQQD gs-Qc, .ND gg x ' X NJXFJD XEQXQ was A Av V ffffww if 39 ?fCa,Vk"O7'?f' 0 I 0 ,ff MVA! ' ' V655 ,agp Www? WwV,mMWl fagmww 1 .ff " WH. 1 I 7' xc 3 1 ,lg 'SH-f.':i5'fb! ' . ,. - ,. :- A , x 3' . K .gk . an ,,,,.,,r fb , ww. . ,, N. A-de,,,,,,1-v Q. .,,. H " ,Q I. il ' 2 J R Q gp 1 Q H . . , '4'x'3f, at . vs, , , Q, b Q H 5 2 gg M' ' 'Wi N s . , .nf-f .Aww W M 7 .,,, KWH 'wx ,pl ., ,ilk w if H. Q -5 if ' V ' Q 4 KR NW! ' r , .. M?" . P' aff K+' D Q Q 1 . -'K Egg. '?'L Q -1 it x M ting Q X'-. ,M Kiwi 5 , X ' 4 qw ,. , aut Wg. gg as s g S Q. K 1 X Was, is N f . XX H? . , , xnxx .mu N 1, ,ii .Jigga W x 5 , Xe . I lb MMT? Raw'-M. K - 'L -n.,f.3:a' L, 234,52 H ,.,,., H H ' ,am . V F .f K Q i vw, ,X ,.,, ..W,. , ,,. ,W K 5 K I - ,Pav V. ,Q 1 ff 4 H 4, A ,y 1 R W V i aff' Tris 5 wx 4 fi 'Q W f. MFQMM 'v 5' , im , , . , y, P- ,V M aff' S, af 'K Q N E i -Q 4,3 . v .L K LMMQK, ,F - ,H . ,. ,. 2 1 if .f - - .f fn x. 'ff -135 fi' , W '- K ' H .,,V .. .f ' " 'Q ' milf' ' MX .wx J , if V as U I Q 1 N , M' ' W -. H , , L. . . 5 Wiz' K . egg'-seal? "YT 5126" 'SLN' , ' ' A 4 ' A + " 'LW' ' ,M M.: 'L ' if , G i - L ., U, , 4,i,,,r,. 4 h tx W.. 1 . 9 f N if X 4. Q 1 313' 'X YM MP -.',kafl', "iL L'LL A ',-:L ' Zh ' ,tm wi' W' . 5 . '1 ' ,f-if IPAGE iw? S52 I C gk A3423 3333, IT Y I-IIGI-I SCI-IOOL CIT Y, CALIFORNIA Gigi 5 , ,W., 3 sf E Qc 5 .sl T ABLE f F CfFI'l'ENTS Guidance and Education. . . . 8 Student Gover 20 I'1fT1el'1f .... . . . Seniors . . . .. 28 Underclassrnen . . . . . 41 Participation . . . . . 54 Competition . . . . 90 Advertisemems . . .... 130 5 F' REWJRD ll around as The pages of The i956-57 Rampage are opened, and you look back Through This year Beginning aT The firsT of The year, classes were moved To ' one of a new campus - a few aT a Time. If you were The lucky ones, every oTher class was held on a differenT -h lf blocks campus. So you walked abouT Two and one a beTween each session over whaT was fondly named The ' 'l f Burma Road. IT wound like a snake beTween pl es o er, and around parked dump Trucks "Remember when" . . . is heard a dirT, sTacks of lumb and half-finished buildings. Finally you were compleTely seTTled in a new school on h a new campus, and you began To Take sTock of w ar you have here. You decided ThaT for a school iT's a preTTy ood Thing BUT if you Talked To one of The foreign ex- g . change sTudenTs enrolled, you discovered ThaT There are really a greaT many Things of which To be proud, Things noT To be Taken 'for granTed. MaTerially speaking, you are proud of The over-all new campus, wiTh iTs improved faciliTies boTh scholashcally and aThleTically. As The year progressed you looked around and became increasingly aware of many Things. Thumbing Through The pages of Guidance and EducaTion, you noTice The addiTion of many aids To learning, in- creased library space, adequaTe science labs, and ample space for all forms of adminisTraTion. Looking aT AcTiviTies, you noTe ThaT There is a varied and inTeresTing program, including assemblies, pep rallies, club excursions, and dances. As you Turn To AThleTics, you find ThaT The addiTion of a swimming pool on our new campus opens up many more possibiliTies for boTh girls' and boys' sporTs. So in Turning The pages of your Rampage, you will look -again on familiar faces and some sce ready been replaced in your memories by a more fin- ished look, for since The annual has gone To press, many more changes have alTered The face of The new Temple CiTy High School campus. nes ThaT have al- Now you may rea y you may Truly call "your own." 6 ll look wiTh pride on a school ThaT DASRHXSQM 'L xmu1ifhm TEMPLE CIW SMITH PUWELL QM CHUUL scuouz nrsrmcr H ILLMAN 6 HARRINGTUN. SECREST s Qgamosf l AacHsrsc1s smuc ...C auueens TURAL ENGINEERS . MEUR: ELECT ENGRS GUIDANCE AND EDUCATION Under the leadership of a fine administration and faculty Temple City High School students made the transition from an old, overcrowded campus to a new and spacious one. lt was the cooperation between faculty and stu- dents that made this move so easily accomplished. Many took advantage of the open student cabinet meetings. These meetings afforded them the opportunity to see our student government in action. Through the efforts of our student cabinet many new ideas and innovations were introduced at Temple City High School. The primary part of any school is its classes. For the first time, this year, we welcomed a brand new freshman class. Early in the fall the various class leaders were elected, and under these leaders all classes carried out a very active year. Howe rd Beckner Superintendent Offo M0500 Clorice Monshordf BUSFHGSS Manage' Director of Educofion 1 Thomas Porringron, Mrs, Hazel l-lillegcxs, president: Gilbert Sefton, Mrs. Rosalind Glossco, Francis Welton. PF INCIPA- ' 'KT' lU'i ' I I lJ'Vl" I 1-Xt r r r . N C r r One "giant step" was taken by Mr. North when he came to Temple City as principal ofthe high school in July, 1954. From teaching English and social studies, to coaching football and baseball, to vice-principal, was the path he followed from 1938 to 1954 at Burroughs High School in Burbank. Teaching duties were interrupted by three years of duty as signal officer aboard a cruiser in the Pacific, during World War ll. Coming from Illinois where he spent the first 12 years of his life, our principal graduated from Los Angeles Polytechnic High School, majoring in mechanical engineering. With two years at Santa Monica Junior College and three at Whittier College he was granted his BA, MA, and teaching credential. Sub- sequent work at UCLA and USC earned him an administrative credential. Mr. North participated in all maior sports throughout his collegiate career and played rugby on a national championship team in his spare time. V ICE - PF lNc.lPA-S Miss Shephard was born in Santa Monica, Cali- fornia, but moved with her family at an early age to Fresno, California, where she attended elementary and high school. She obtained her bachelor's degree in health, physical education, and recreation from Fresno State College, after which she taught in various schools in the San Joaquin Valley, until she enlisted in the Navy in 1943. She served as a lieutenant in the Officer's Training School for Women at Smith and Mt. Holyoke Colleges on the East Coast and for two years as welfare and recreation officer at San Pedro. Upon being returned to inactive duty, she re- turned to teaching and counseling until she was recalled to active duty in the Korean crisis. Dur- ing this tour of duty she served as officer-in- charge of the Basic Division at the U.S. Navy Correspondence Course Center in Brooklyn, New York. Upon being returned to civilian life again, Miss Shephard entered the Graduate School at the University of Southern California where she ob- tained her administrative credential and master's degree, after which she became a member of the administrative staff at Temple City High School. George Yertson Boys' Vice-Principal Miss Laura Shephard Girls' Vice-Principal George Yertson was born in Hoboken, New Jer- sey. Before completing elementary school, he made several trips to Norway. His freshman year at New York University was interrupted by World War ll. He served his coun- try as a Marine Corps pilot. While stationed in California, he met his future spouse, whom he married at the conclusion of the war. At this time he returned to New Jersey, com- pleted his BA, and earned his master's degree in science at Teachers College. While teaching science and math in New Jer- sey, he undertook graduate work in counseling at Rutgers University. In 1952 Mr. Yertson moved to California. with a new addition to the family. He spent his days teaching mathematics and science in Pomona, his evenings serving as a counselor at County Juvenile Forestry Camp. Soon he welcomed the arrival of a fourth Yertson. After completing administrative studies at Clare- mont Graduate School, George Yertson came to Temple City High School in l954. Here he served as teacher of science, mathematics, and coun- selor, until being appointed as boys' vice-prin- cipal. Delmar Heyne, Bill Smith, and Bob McAlister. The duties of the counselors make up a large section of our administration. They are kept busy all year long, starting with programming all stu- dents. This takes up considerable time because each student receives an individual interview. Personal conferences are helcl with students to enable them to make better adiustments in personal, social, and educational problems. Cf UNYEL RS Making available information concerning scholarships, college courses, and tuition costs to students is part of Counselor Delmar Heyne's iob. Shown with him are Carmen Brewer, Jean McGuigan, and Carolyn Cameron. Through the counselors, information concerning c ol l e g e applications, scholarships, subject catalogs, and vocations is maole available to the students. ' ln their spare time the counselors gave a series of achievement tests, to determine the amount of learning each student has achieved in this past year. ilk: .fi ,. 'Q 'I y BUS DRIVERS R. Volkmon, O. I-lershberger, P. Provost, R, Boshtiun, J. Gayle. AFI' I' IPI' Ca-XrcTErilfX ST:-Xrr E. Kohler, D. Tice, L. Shelloborger, l. Eastman, L. McDermed, Z. Schenck, M. Manchester. .ftaicrba - f- ,L I I Aff r CFFICE ST AFP M. Anderson, M. Surolcxm, V. Chenoult P. Jones. CUSTODII-XNS Back row: M. Smith, B. Champion J Jones Fronl' row: E. Huffman, T. Butterfield G Wilson. Mrs. Edith Ackerman John Applegate William Blomgren 9th Core, Journalism, Spanish l 8. ll, U.S. History, Jr. ClClSS 'Yearbook Basketball, Adviser. Jr, Red Cross Spanish Club Have you noticed whether the teachers have been giving more tests, etc., lately? Maybe the addition of a new teachers' workroom, equipped with desks, typewriter, and a ditto machine has had something to do with it. Blaze Bonazza Spanish ll 84 lll, French l 81 ll, Spanish Club, CSF. Adviser Jack Cohen Wood Shop Mrs. Edith Conkli Shorthand, Office Practice, H Business Machines 17 fi i i ' i2Lfi?,,.ffJ'l f'.flLfiv1 Qc Q i Elmo Bregoli Robert Callander Q Latin I 8. ll, English lll 81 IV, :f1ffli'jj,lE:f Mrs. Shirlee Cleveland English III Drama Crafts, Beg. 84 Adv. Art Business Club Charles Cook Drafting I 81 Il tvs 'ii Mrs, Marian Evans Maurice Feary Mrs. Emily Fuhs 9th Core, Basic Algebra II, Bookkeeping, Typing ll, Math, Freshman Fgofbglll Student Finance, Student Class Adviser Track Stare, Business Club One of the first facilities open for use on the new campus was the student body book- store. In the bookstore, which is run by Mrs. Fuhs and her salesmanship classes, a stu- dent could buy almost anything from "soup to nuts" in the way of school supplies. William Davis Speech, Baseball, Football, Letterman's Club Rudolph Duvancich Algebra I, 9th Core ' Miss Martha Hall Bernard Godfrey Beg. Dance, Adv. Beg. Band, lnt. Dance, G.P.E., Band, Dance Band, G.A.A., Assembly, Adv. Band, Assembly, Pep Commission, Miss Marguerite Gerberick pep Commission Miss Rene Goedhard Dance Club, Girls' lOth Core, History Ill Clothing League M lsr' lv"j '!Ui .QL . 4 ,. D ,rf-+ ,i :VL by .- -Q V3 Delmar Heyne David Horsley Robert Hugenberger Hugh Jacoby Sr. Problems, Typing 1, Print Shop Orchestra Counselor, Business Club, Sr. Class Adviser Business Math. With the help ot Miss Goedhard, the sewing class turns out many useful and colorful projects. They are located at the residence building on the west side ot our campus. Richard Johnson George Lebrecht 10th Core, Wood Shop I, Sec. Math., Drafting I, Sophomore Class Adviser Cross Country 'N.r7 Charles Lievsay Typing I 81 ll, Basic Math., Sec. Math. Roger Lockie Baseball Vocal Music Assembly Committee Sam Mallicoat P.E., Basketball, Football, Boys' League l.etterman's Club Miss Mariorie Mohr James Newbold Girls' Phys. Ed., Library G.A.A., 9th "Y" Teens, Pep Commission Reference books, books for fun, and lost textbooks could be found in the brand new library. Mr. Newbold was heard to say that the new library was approximately three times as large as the back room piled high with books on the old campus. W., we-sw Jacob Markham lO Core, YQ I McAlister i Sr' bl tudent C inet n ' , rx, C s I EV t Mgrr 'Ni elson lx Me-TQMHS. l uto Ai PAP x Garland Peed Marlin Pelko ' H I Wd Mrs. Elizabeth Orth G t , Pl'lY5l0l0QY, A r...iiS.R?X- u,.m,. AA,-.Q fs-, UM.- Afoilqerii sm- Alimh Dir rl? ' W ii X i lg Mrs. Susi Peterson Charles Piper English Ill, P.E., Tennis, Girls' League Key Club, Football Arthur Sawicki 9th Core, A. V., F.T.A., Freshman Class Adviser An annual student-faculty basketball game - with a new twist. The "tired" ancl "aging" faculty lost tor the first time in the history ot the event at TCHS. Miss Kathleen Small G.A.A., Pep Commission, Allan Shuey Girls' P.E. Biology Girls' League ,il KW' , . ,JW ,mi trite the L' ll' , W n f 'Ori' 6 I n, 'VCL William Smith English IV A, lV B Sr, Class Adviser, C.S.F., Scholarship Club, Counselor it 4 3, Stanley Shimkus l0th Core, Sec. Math. Floyd Thaller Chemistry, Physics Robert Waggoner 9th Core, Football Mrs. Elizabeth Weber Nurse X MJT Q 5, .. 'deff c ffl' tl' if C, L , 1 359 -wg m 'L Wim, H :Q -I , - I 5' 2' waz.. 'E-1 5i:.S,.,:1zY'-:Q k rr V5 4. HM I . . ,'-1:33, , ' ' " ,..,. aGf:f. ,Q W R 5 I, J g ne u r I , bl . YO nd that ends Today S Usstfm Y .. U , - ' ' ' d class. fourth Pano excused to YOU' U are HOW Ronald Surdam A S B FREXY It has been an honor and a privilege to serve in the capacity of student body president this past year. Through this experience I have gained enough mem- ories and acquaintances to last a lifetime. I should like to thank you, the student body, for making this possible. I ihould also like to thank my cabinet and our fine faculty for all the help they have given me. In view of all the obstacles we hove had to hurdle, I feel we have had a very successful year. I hope each of you learned a little more about democracy and government this year, I know I did. It is my wish that you cooperate with next year's officers as you have this year and once again make Temple City High School the best-scholastically, athleticolly, and socially. Ronald Surdam 21 PF EYIDENVY CABINET Terry Reinhold Vice-President The Student Cabinet IExecutive Councill along with the student body were very fortunate this year in having a new high school they could call their very own. With the new high school came many new problems and pleas- ures. The cabinet, with the help of the student body, overcame these problems and were rewarded by having a high school with an enviable record. Many new ideals were established by the student body through the cabinet this year. This year the cabinet felt the need for more commission- ers. We had our first alumni, we had many new clubs, and a need for more publicity. In order to take care of these things properly, the cabinet inaugurated the offices of commissioner of clubs, commissioner of alumni, and commissioner of publicity. Once again Temple City High School took part in the Rio Hondo League Forum. By doing so the cabinet were able to gain valuable experience in student government. As the spring months rolled around, it was Temple City High School's cabinet who had the honor to choose the band for the All-League Dance. The cabinet this year have tried very hard to give each student a voice in the way he or she would like to see the student government run. After all, it is necessary for everyone to take part in student body government if we are to have a great school. With this in mind, the cabinet wish next year's student body and its officers luck and prosperity in the ensuing year. A'-Q it Jean McGuigan Carleen Swanston Pat McAdow Secretary Treasurer Historian T, Reinhold, D. Jones, J. McGuigon, R. Surdom, C. Swonston, P, McAdow, A. Langdale, Mr. McAlister. ii 'lf C 1096 4' wi . 7 Q if is M Carmen Brewer, Club Commissioner, Mike Coghlan, Publicity Commissioner? Carolyn Cameron, Alumni Commissioner, 'mf' 1""i-:mug X Kay Davidson Pep Commissioner ,no-.Q Susan Solsby Sandra Finkle Assembly Commissioner Dance Commissioner Mary Tarbell Vice-President I foil Donna Jones 1 5 President 1 No dance is complete without good refreshments, so 'tis said. Red slush punch and iced White cake were in order for the Girls' League-Boys' League Valentine Dance, February 16. "Cruelty" was the vvatchvvord on Bermuda-Slave Day, March 15, Making his slave work while he rides in comfort is Carl Clark. 24 All the girls at Temple City High School be- long to Girls' League. The purpose of Girls' League is to plan and carry out various activities for not only girls lout for the whole school as well. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Donna Jones, president, the Girls' League planned and carrieol out a very active year. Scattered among bake sales, assemblies, mother-daughter teas, and campus cookie sales were two very important events. On Feloruary 16, cupids and hearts set the stage for the Sweethearts' Ball, the annual Valentines Dance. This dance, with The ex- Q, 'ti 1. . .fvf N- - A. "-+11 Tie r as J, r ,-W1 'v 1' f' ' 2 -1 "' pct' Aww, - J 5, 'i 4 X .fa Jr-L ,ci +. is sv Sandra Collins Secretary LEAGl 2 ception of The Junior-Senior Prom, is the only formal dance at Temple City High School. At The first sign of warm weather, The Girls' League planned Bermuda-Slave Day. Little red hearts costing 5 cents apiece told every- one That a girl was a boy's particular slave for That hour. For 25 cents a boy could have that same girl as his slave for The whole day. Bermuda shorts and socks were The order of dress for The day. The Girls' League conducted a very success- ful year with The installation of new officers on May 29. Alice Williams Historian Joyce Mitchell Treasurer I Committee chairmen: Back row: S. McDonald, social entertainment. R. ipsen, publicity co-chairman, A. Utterson, Big-Sister-Little Sister Day. Front row: V. Jimenez, publicity co-chairman, P. Rothlisberger, election and installation, B. Beaudet, refreshments. To become acquainted with the freshmen girls was The theme of the Big Sister-Little Sister Tea on February 4. Assisting The freshmen in find- ing a "big sister" is Sandy Collins. 25 PQ, Rick Scott Vice-President Dennis Smith Secreta ry B N! ge? This is the second year that Boys League has been in operation at Temple City. Boys League provided many activities and events for the entire student body this year. The first activity was an all-boys' assembly on the fields of science and engineering, given by Caltech. Then came the pentathlon, track events in which most every boy in the school participated. The annual student-fac- ulty basketball game was the biggest event this year, with the added attraction of the varsity vs. alumni. The March Assembly put on by General Mo- tors was considered a very big success. Another annual affair was the Valentine Dance co-sponsored with Girls League. Alto- gether this has been a very full and fine year for Boys League at Temple High. Ron Coleman Allen Langdale President Manager of Finance Bruce Bayha Manager of Entertainment I -CFXGI -. Surprise guest at the student-faculty basketball game, January 25 was "Rollo," the ape. As a confusion maker, he rated topsg as a bas ketball player, he should stick to the sidelines. Demonstrating radio and TV waves, at a Boys' League assembly on March 14 titled "Previews to Progress," is Mr. Blake from General Motors. Q Q.- lf was the G lu ' - Ucry 22 B! krnm varsity against this year'5 - CO' . oc mg the alumni'5 My f varsity on Jan- eman, or two points i S Ron er-N f 1-if wx - Tcl llJr 3 After playing The role of underclassmen for five years, The Class of T957 finally made The Top. The Thought of graduaf- ing prevailed ThroughouT The year. This year's seniors had waited so long To see a cap and gown that They chose Theirs and Their other necessities of graduation very carefully. The senior class represenTaTives, elected in Their individual senior problems classes early in The year, worked hard on everyThing They undertook. ln The class meeTings, everything concerning The senior class was discussed Thoroughly before any decisions were reached. The annual Junior-Senior Review variety show and The Senior Party were planned To be bigger and beTTer Than ever before. With everyone's renewed interest in politics This pasT year, The senior class organized a "Get Out The VoTe" campaign. The night before The presidential election, seniors were seen Throughout Temple City urging people To voTe. We should like To Thank our advisers, Mr. Heyne and Mr. Smith, for The great amounr of help They have given us Egg' Jim Weismann ThroughouT The past year. Doris Arnold President Senior Council. Back row. M. Coghlan, J. Saporito, J. Weismann, J. Harsh- burger, D. Arnold. Front row: T. DeCarlo, M. Nelson, C. Brewer, D. Breneiser. Vice-President Jane Harshba rger Secretary-Treasurer . ...-.b. i X Kent Altman Doris Arnold Lawrence Baker Arthur Bangs Judith Accardo Sandra Alexander Donald Barker William Barneri Bruce Bayna Roberf Beachboard Roloerra Beauder Ronald Bell Marilyn Bibler "Don't Call It a Teenage Crush" sings Tommy Sands at the Senior Benefit "Showtime" on February 25. Linda Bradley Carnnon Brewer Diana Breneiser Danny Brook ffflf' ff Diane Burwell Mary Carolyn Cameron Julie Carl Mary Christopher xx'-. Pretty Molly Bee, backed by the "Marksmen," sings "Young Love" at "Showtime" present- ed by the Senior Class on Feb- ruary 25. Carl Clark Colin Colflancl Jim Cordes Margaretta Croxen Gilbert Dahl Michael Coghlan Sandra Collins Ronald Coleman Kenneth Compton 1 'env 1 ,,.f :ga Carl Conger Sally Conover ,C it Q J-. nv . ,- lil Don Cook Sanolra Corbin '11-as T John Daniels Patricia DaRoss Linda Kay Davidson Bruce Elgar Mary Epps Darolyn Davis Larry Davis Theresa DeCarlo Donald Dillberg Diane Davis Terry Dawson Dennis De Lee-uw Marlin Dingle The facuIiy's choice for the American L e gi o n Auxiliary - honor of attendance at Girls' State in 1956 was Donna Jones Beiiy Ewing Sandra Finkle Judy Fischer Daniel Fosier Doviol Foster Mory Jeon Furin Jocqueline Glick Judith Green Louise Fox Ronnie Gibbs Edvvorol Green Norci Green Studying government ot first honol during the summer of 1956 were two boys from Temple City tying for Boys' Store honors, Ron Surclom ond Mike Coghlon. Jone I-lcirshloorger Orvol Hort Julie Hein Chorles Henney Shirley Grueter Ronnie Holbe Rito l-lonson Linolci l-loegler Ccirol Homer Richard Howard Lela Hubbell Suzanne Johnson Donna Jones Phil Jones Kathleen l-lubener David Jackson Neale Johnson Robert Johnson A mythical "Togo," portrayed by Jim Weismann, takes a tall from the student portion of the student-faculty basket- ball game on January 25. Robert Jones Jirn- Kirby Karen Kirste Bob Kreie Kelly Kimball Robert Kirin Diane Kos Allen Langdale fail Laoni Larson Gerald Layne Shirley MacDonald Donald Magnus Trying tar two paints against this year's varsity is Bill Judy, member of the alumni varsity. Blocking the attempt at the student - alumni basketball game on January 25 is Rick , Scott. James Martin Patty McAdow Merle Nelson Arthur Nicholson Deanna Nielsen Jean McGuigan Morris Morkre Bobbie Morris Charles Murawski Mike Meaney Richard Morphet' Lorane Morris Joseph Mustacchio Michael Quinn Richard Ramsey Getting the Raiah treatment are Dick Walker and Eddie Green. Giving them the treat- ment is Donna Jones, president of Girls' League, which spon- sored Bermuda-Slave Day on March 15. Barbara Rhoaoles Sally Rigg Anthony Roberts Charles Roberts Q Sift..-v George Roberts Pat Rothlisloerger Mary Samarin Dorothy Schanzenloach Robert Rose Linola Samarin Joseph Saporita Diane Scott Gary Sewell, a member ot the TCHS dance band, "The Tem- pos," plays "Tenolerly" for the dancers Dance on March 16. at the Saint Patriclcs ' aw-'TF Richard Scott Gary Sewell Sanolra Shaul Dennis Smith William Stockholm Sharon Shellabarger Charlotte Sherrard Patricia Slernons Elaine Smars . "" A H y K . ,G iitc , S S y ' ,i r'r. it ft, ., 'W - g Q Q .V,,, qi, 1 K rrrtec QM at f ,,., x, iiZi?'I1r 'mv 'T' Rr: Carleen Swanston Mary Tarbell David Taylor Gary Timmons Vivian Stratton Ronald Surdam Being measured for her cap and gown by ca representative from the Collegiate Cap and Gown Company is Carmon Brewer. Stephanie Vandermeulen Patricia Varnum Robert Venemann X Richard Walker Phillip Way Sandra Whitehouse Dennis Williams Patricia Ware James Weismann Margaret Wilkinson Mike Williams 'T F-xv Johnny Wilson Harold Witt Douglas Woolley Judy Zachrnann Graduates not pictured in Ronald Barbieri Girard Broadhag Donna Cherry Terry Chiaravalotti Lawrence McMeen Ronald Smith Lloyd Teel Flirt-ei E . Vlevww-W 7.-PM Hu4TahEbON this Senior Section are t 39 Wd? M M' F 7461, CL , ' ,WQ'L' UNDERCLASSPIEN g TEMPLE crrv 5 f X HIGH SCHOOL , H ,ggi i I if i 2, ek: 11 .:.V am N L Jerry Redman President JS' Pete Katzmaier Vice-President Sha ron Thomas Secreta ry ,mtv Jl NIf'i -..ASS R8 We, the class of '58, having finally earned our title of "senior," look forward with a great deal of pleasure and no little regret to our final year at Temple City. We look forward with pleasure because it means the Junior-Senior Review, Junior-Senior Prom, Senior Privilege Week, Senior Party, football games, dances, and many other gay times. We look forward with regret because all this means the drawing to a close of our happy high school days, days which have been filled with the activities and achievements of our class members. The highlight of the iunior class activities for the past year was the Junior-Senior Prom which took place at the Altaidena Country Club ball- room on the evening of June 7. This was paid for mainly by the bids and the iunior class activities for the past year, which included the annual Frosh-Soph Brawl, Junior-Senior Review, and the newly added "A Night in Dogpatchf' These activities were planned at the bi-monthly meetings of the officers and representatives, the presidents ofthe history and civics classes. None of this would have been possible without the untiring -ad- vice and assistance of our advisers, Mr. Blomgren and Mrs. Peterson. Elizabeth Barley Junior Council. Back row: S. Thomas, B. Barley, J. Redman, A. Williams, A. Heed. Front row: Treasurer T. Mallory, T. Teel, E. Hanson, J. Sullivan, P. Katzmaier. Juniors: Abel-Collordp Back row: T. Abel, B. Adams, J. Adamson, J. Aeby, R. Aguilera, S. Alfano, J. Allen, T. Anders. Third row: J. Atwood, M. Backlundt, B. Ballow, E. Barley, R. Barnest, T. Baron, J. Barrowman, E. Barton", J. Beard, J. Beckneri, P. Beech", C. Benderik, J. Blakely. Second row: J. Blakesleyi, C. Blickstad, L. Bonnet, B. Borger, R. Bottorff, J. Bourrette, D. Bransky"', E. Breneiser, E. Brown, M. Brown, D. Burrt, M. Carlson. Front row: G. Carter, H. Christ, C. Christensen, G. Christensen", T. Christensen, D. Clark, J. Collord. 'Camera shy. Juniors: Conklin-Gunderson, Back row: L. Conklin, S. Crane, R. Creighton, H. Curry, D. Curtiss, K. Davis, A. DeCourcey', M. Derrick, W. Dietiick. Third row: P. Dochy', F. Douglas, L. Dralce', D. Dunn, M. Eldridge, E. Ellington, G. Elliott, T. Erling', M. Eurtonf Second row: A, Evans, P. Evans, W. Evans, L. Farr, B. Fessler, R. Flippent, J. Foley, F. Folsom? E. Forsyth, W. Franklin. Front row: N. Fulco, G. Fuller, N. Geyer, J. Gillette, W. Gilman, J. Gorisek, C. Grueter, J. Gunderson. 'Camera shy. Juniors: Gutowsky-Kinn: Back row: J. Gutowskyi M. Hacklerx, J. Hager, P. Hagerty, E. Hansen, H. Hanson, J. Happy' D. Hardesty, N Hartman, B. Harpi B. Harp? A. Heed, E. Henderson, F. Henderson. Middle row: M. Henry, G. Hill, J. Hill, S. Hill, B. Houck, B. Huerta' L. Hughes, H. Hultgreni J. Hutcheson, R. lpsen, D. lzumita. Front row: V. Jimenez, B. Johnson, B. Johnson, L. Johnson? S. Johnston' M. Jones, M. Jones, H. Judy, P. Kafzmaier, T. Kelleher', R. Kendalli S. Kennicki N. Kinn. +Camera shy. Juniors: Kirin-Nelson, Bock row: C. Kirin, N. Landing, J. Leder, A. Leona rcl, M. Lewis, J. Little, C. Lloyd, K. Lloyd, L. Lloyd-Jones', D. Longacre'. Third row: G. Lovellx, B. MacDonald, P. MacFarlane, T. Mallory, D. Mannl, M. Martenx, E. Martin, D. Mascari, D, Matheney, B Matthews, F. Mauro. Second row: F. Maxey, K. McAuley, K. McCormick', W. McCrory, M. McCuroly, L. McDonald, M. McDonough, N. McLane, R. Meeker, L. Mentze. Front row: J. Mitchell, C. Moffetff, R. Montesanti', L. Moore? N. Moore, R. Morris, D. Muck, G. Nagy B. NeIson', L. Nelson. 'Camera shy. Juniors: Nordquist-Spinksp Back row: C. Nordquist, D. Novak, P. Olmsted, J. Olsen, S. O'Toole, J. Peckham, L. Pinzetti, J. Pirkle, V. Piroli. Third row: B. Polstinx, H. Pool, J. Powell, S. Powell, K. Primm, D. Pulley,'f, R. Raefi, A. Raimo', L. Ramey', G. Redman, M. Reed, T. Rina- man. Second row: C. Roberti, J. Robertson, L. Robinson, F. Roland, T. Roper, C. Rush, K. Schneider, M. Schrock. Front row: C. Scott, D. Sepp R. Shicleleri M. Siders, S. Skillern, J, Smith", R. Smithi, S. Smith, S. Solsby, J. Spellman, D, Spinks. 'Camera shy. Juniors: Sterling-Zuckerman, Back row: E. Sterling, O. Stoll', J. Sullivan, R. Tarbell, D. Taylor", L. Taylor", W. Taylorx, C, Teel, F. Teel, T. Teel, S, Thomas. Third row: C. Titus, G. Topion, W. Triay, V. Tusa, S, Upson, A. Utterson, P. Van Fleet, J. Van Pienbroek. Second row: D. Van Vliet, H. Velenosi', C. Vines, M. Vogel, R. Vogti, B. Wagner, M. Ward, R. Weathe-rford', B. Weishanx, L, Wetmore, B. Wey- gandt, W. Wherryt. Front row: W, Whitley, A, Williams, K. Williams, R. Williamsx, A. Zaccarok, D. Zauner, D. Zauner, G. Zuckerman. 'Camera shy. --k. - 3 A i zf ' Q. if 1 1 'ulliyf ' . ,J .f',1 if -. . -T - 'T rr.. 1 , 1 1 K , i .fx ' 1 , - . , ' ' A Y- 0 if 51 f'f5':'i A ' T ri? f ' -, f , 1, A egg, , l Dennis Allen Dennis Gollogher Borbciro Stoll President Vice-President Secretory-Treasurer 9' Pi-If Pl' RE? 'T9 This wos or hcippy yecir tor The sophomore closs, os we could now discord the Title ot "lowly freshmen." The sophomore closs pdrticipcited in the school's mock election by registering the entire student body. This octivity wois handled in or very efficient moinner ond wos ci tribute to The group of volunteers who worked so hoird tor its success. The rest of the ogendo of the yedr included d dcince scheduled for Moy 24, The viewing ot the "Ten Com- mondmentsu by The entire sophomore closs, ond o beoch porty in June. The closs of '59 wos well represented in othletics, os The boys porticipoted in oll sports ond did on out- stonding job. This was oi good omen for the future voirsity teoims which will represent Temple City High School. Findlly, The clcrss would like to thcink our oidvisers, Mr. Kynell ond Mr. Johnson, tor Their time ond much needed ossistonce in oill our czctivities. Sophomores: Acker-Cash: Back row: C. Acker, L. Albonese, D. Allen, C. Ande-rs', K. Anderson, M. Annunziotom, V. Anfisto, H. Apple, R. Bonkertx, C. Borinoff, D. Bornes. Middle row: L, Botemon, P. Bayho, B. Becker? R. Beer, C. Benovidezx, C. Birkemeir, C. BliksTod', J, Bluemel, K. Bonneyf, S. Bradley. Front row: D. Brody, W. Broodhog, D. Brook, J. Brownx, B. Brovvni, D. Broz', l. Buckeridge, L. Burgeri, M. Burns', F. Buttoro', C. ColverT', B. Cupek, J. Corlson, R. Corville', N. Cosh. 'Camera shy. Sophomores: Chicarilli-Fischer, Back row: C. ChicarilIi"', H. Childst, P. Clayton', J. Copeland, L. Covella, C. Crane, R. Crane, D. Crosson W. Cunningham, B. Daniel. Third row: J. Dattola, H. Daugherty", P. Davis. C, Day, L. Day, J. Dean', J. Deiss, C. DeLaTorre', P. De Leeuw. Second row: R. Demers, L. Deushane, D. Dietzel, R. DiC,-iorgio, S. Dingleyf, G, Dunham, J. Durfee, V. Ehlersk, A. Ekman. Front row N. Elgar? A. Elliott, J. Ellislf, P. Feher, S. Fenner, A. Fernandez, C. Ferraro, D, Finkle, B, Fischer? iCamera shy. Sophomores: Fleming-Hunt, Back row: M. Flemingi, D. Foesclh, L. Forsyth, J. Franklin, D. Gallagher, C. Gels, D. Glassco, R. Goodloe, A. Grueter, J. Gudmundsonx, J. Hall. Third row: P. Hammond, R. Hamrick, A. Hargraves, R. Harker', D. Harris? I. Hart, B. Harty"S, J, Harwell, S. Haselhorstl, T. Hawkins, K. Hayes, R. Heath. Second row: G. Heaton, K. Hegle, R. Heineman, S, Higgs, V. Hoff, R. Hoke, K. Hornloack, J. Hornbuckle. Front row: D, Howard, R. Howard, J. Howell, T. Huclecek, D. Hunt. 'Camera shy. Sophomores: Irvine-Macraey Back row: H. Irvine, L. Irwin, G. Isaac, J. Jackson, L. Jackson, B. Jimenez, R. Johnsen, S. Johnson, B. Jones' J. Jones. Third row: C. Kilburn, T. Kelleher, R. Jones, M. Kammer, E. Kempsky, S. Kilburn, J, Kimball, S. Kirchl, F. Kiose. Second row K. Knollenberg, R. Knollenberg, F. Kottman, R, Kriebi, J. Lang, L. LaRue', C. Lawyer, S. L'Hommeclieu', M. Leovich, M. Leovich, M. Lieber Front row: D. Lindsey, G. Little, R. Lofland', G. Lovell", B, Lubin, J, Lutz, J. Lyons, D. MacDonald, S. Mack, J. Macrae. iCamera shy Sophomores: Mogie-Overlinp Back row: M. Magie, L. Mancuso, R. Mann, N. Mansell, M. Marconil, M. Marks, S. Marshall, R. Marston, W. Marti, G. Martin. Third row: C, Masonx, S. Masseyi, L. Maui, M. Mauroi, J. McClellan, K. McCully, R. McKeen, K. Mellecker, B., Milano, A. Miller, R. Miller, D. Mitchell, J. Montgomery? J. Moor. Second row: L. Morse, J. Murset, L. Mutschler, H. Mycroft, J. Myers, D. Nalick, J. Nelson, B. Nestie. Front row: S. Ninke, R. Norris, L. Norwidat, R. Nunn, M. O'Toole, L. Overlin. 'Camera shy. Sophomores: Owen-Seixasg Buck row: M. Owen, B. Palmer, K. Panick, L. Parker, E. Pascoe, R. Pattyl, G. Peronx, L. Perrow, M. Pespisa, F. Peters. Third row: S. Petersen, P. Pinzetti, J. Pirkle, A. Pivovaroftk, D. Polstin, N. Porter, E. Prather, C. Price, R. Reseigne. Second row: M. Reukema, G. Rhoades, K. Rickerl, R. Rickson, W. Ristow, R. Roberts, R. Robertslt, K. Robertson, J. Rodriguez. Front row: J. Rokes, R. Roland, F. Ruedel, S. Ruggles, R. Sampson, T. Scherer, A. Schloss, R. Schulz, M. Seixas. 'Camera shy. Sophomores: Schoenbaum-Wottitzg Back row. S. Schoenbaurn, R. Sevagian, B. Shaul, P, Showalter, H. Sherrard, D. Sickler, J. Siegel, D. Singelyn, J. Sippel. Third row: E. Sisola, S. Skelley, S. Slemonsi, C. Smith, J. Soden, L. Sotelo, K. Standridge, N. Starr, R. Stipp, B. Stoll. Second row: M. Stoner, M. Sweeney, K. Taylor, M. Thompson, W. Thursby, T. Tisdeltl, J. Truppelli, D. Valadez, J. Vickery. Front row: P. Wanamaker, J. Ward, C. Warner, W. Wells, S. Wheeler, P. White, E. Whittenl, J. Wiley, S. Williams, D. Wolkoff, D. Wood, S. Wottitzx. 'Camera shy, A M .M Q i. Jim Morton Joyce Roberts Jeanine Funk President Vice-President Secretary FRC Yi-I '60 The freshman class of i956-57 was Temple City High School's first freshman class. The Senior Cabinet members extended a warm welcome to the new stu- dents at the Freshman Assembly. The freshman class sponsored an all-school dance on November l7, at which our football queen was honored. The theme was "Autumn's Majesty," and the "Tempos" were featured. The freshman class officers, consisting of Jim Morton, president, Joyce Roberts, vice-president, and Jeanine Funk, secretary, were elected by vote of the entire class, and the nine council representatives were elected individually by their core classes. Council meetings held in the morning before school were conducted under the direction of Mrs. Marian Evans. The freshman class showed its fine spirit and en- thusiasm by winning first place in the annual P.T.A. membership drive. All in all the new freshmen were very proud of being a part of Temple City High School. Freshmen: Abbot-Christensen, Back row: T. Abbot, G. Adairt, G. Adairx, R. Adamson, M. Adkins, Y. Anderson, P. Andrist, S. Atherton, D. Baldwin, G. Ball, Y. Banker. Third row: F. Batemanf, D. Beckley, A. Blanchard, D, Booth, E. Bradly, K. Braun. Second row: J. Brewer, F. Beesley, J. Berg, C. Bettis, J. Biblerf B. Bigenwalt, S. Blakesly, N. Bricken, P. Brown, T. Brown , J. rowningt, R. Browning, P. Bruce, N. Bruckman, G. Bruenengo, W. Bryant, J. Buccold, R. Burkholder. Front row: R. Burstein, M. Caho, E. Carlsoni, E. Carlson, R. Carlson, J. Cormac, D. Carpenter, B. Carson, C, Chapman, T. Chaset, M. Christensen. fCamera shy, Freshmen: Church-Fitzgerald, Back row: J, Churclv, R. Clark, J. Clark', J. Cole, R. Collins', K. Conklrn', D. Connerly, L. Cook, C. Cordes, M. Cornelius. B, Crane? C. Crosby, P. Crosby, M. Crovi1z', D. Currier. Third row: S, Cutler, B. Davis, L. Davis, M. Dean, R. Dean, R. Dellourcey, J. Del Signore', L. DeMarTino, H. Denning. Second row: J. Depevv, L. Detrweilerx, T, Deuel, D. Diaz, C. Dickason, C, Diclaens, C, Dixon, R. Uooldyx, G. Dolbee, V. Dover, D. Dulel', G. Eickmeier, Froni row: VV. Elliott, C. Ellis, R. Emerson, K. Engebret- son, L. Engel? H. Evans, R. Evans, R. Evving, P, Finch, L. Fitzgerald, 'Camera shy 1' -ui 141 . Freshmen: Fletcher-Ipsen: Back row: D. Fletcheri J. Flippenyf, F, Flippen, K. Foley, S, Ford, T, Ford, B. Fox, G. Freeman, J. Frey, J. Funk, M. Gail, G. Gardner, F, Gaylord, G. Gerrings. Third row: B. Glicki, R. Glass, C. Goodman, M. Gordon, R. Graeser, S. Gray, B. Green, J. Greene, C. Grossman, G. Grunvvalf, G. Guerra, C. Gunderson, R. Hahn. Second row: L, Halloe, S. Hales, D. Halle, C. Hanson, R. Happy? R. Harp, B, Hasser, H, Houck, S. Hawkins, H. Heed, Hendrix, L. Henry, Front row: K. Highclucheck, B. Hinton, L. Hoe, L. Holt, S. Holmes, D. Howard, P. Hovvardl, S. Huff, S. Hultgrenfll, Hurchesonlli lngroo, V. lpsenf 'Camera shy, . P., I Freshmen: Jackson-McCulley, Buck row: J. Jacksonyf, J. Jenkins, D. Jensen, C. Johnson, C. Johnson, N. Johnson", R. Johnson,lE.XJones7l B. Kahn, E. Kafzmaier, S. Kelleher. Third row: R. Kidvvell, I. Kiening, D. Kilch, P, Kirloy, E. Kirste, D. Kramer, K..Krarner, S. Kratochyil, L Larson, N. Lauderdale, M. Law. Second row: V. Layne, R. Lefler, C. Leonardi, C. Less, J. Lindberg, G. Lindley, A. Lombardi, S. Love, L Luther, J. Lytrle, G. Mackey. Front row: A. Maloney? D. Mann, R. Mannina, L. Markham, J. Marr, B, Mase, D. Matlock", J. McAuley R. McCoy, C. MdCreery, C. McCulley. 'Camera shy. Freshmen: McCune-Porcog Buck row: M. McCune, S. McDonald, R. McEntee, VV. McNeil', M. Medley, P. Megahan, J. Menconi, A. Mer- colino, P. Merritt, D. Meyers, J. Miller. Third row: R. Miller, J. Million, C, Minsky, L. Moffef, S. Montague, J. Moon, L. Morkre, D. Morris, L. Morris. Second row: J. Morron, J. Muck, W. Mueller, J. Mulley, M. Nelson? R. Nelsen, D. Nelson, R. Nelson, J. Norberg, L. Olsen. Front row: D. Olson, G. Olsonx, F. Owen, D. Pandreax, D, Parker, G. Parrish, J. Peckhaml, R. Pecorarox, J. Peroni, S. Peterie, J. Pet- ralia, S. Poole, F. Porco. ,'Camera shy. Freshmen: Porter-Spencer, Back row: C. Porter, D. Povversx, W. Pursleyx, J. Raef, J. Roef, R. Roins, R. Rcimey, G. Ronker, S. Ritchie-", C. Roberts, J. Roberts. Third row: M. Roberts, S. Robertson? C. Robinson, J. Robinson, C. Rode, J. Rogers, L. Rokes, R. Rosenbohm", B. Ross, E. Ross, J. Rue. Second row: B. Ruwet, P. Schubert, B, Schuderk, W. Schuelkef L. Seciboughx, T. Sepp, E. Shonick, D. Shottler, A. Show, J. Sherrorclt, E. Shideler, A. Sichler. Front row: B. Sigeti, E. Sisolo, C, Smith, J, Smith', R. Smith, D. Snyder, D, Solsby, M. Southeri, G. Spencer. 'Comero shy. Freshmen: Springer-Zernickowp Back row: J, Springer, K. Springer, R. Steck, J. Stelle, J. Stephens, S. Stockhom, C. Strand, C. Strong- monx, M. Strawn, K. Surdomx, C. Sweet. Third row: R. Tolleyx, D. Toylor, L. Toylor, G. Thompson, P. Thorndyke, B. Tiemon, S. Tschon, R. Turnerx, R. Uhler, D. Vonnotto, B. VonPienbrock. Second row: G. Wolfield, J. Walker, S. Walker, J. Worner, J. Weatherford, J. Weatherford, J. Websterx, P. Weisz, K. Welch, P. Wetmore, J. Wetze. Front row: B. Whittier, T. Wiesei, S. Wilkins, H. Willioms', R. Williams, D. Wood, S. Wylie, E. Zohm, C. Zeller? J. Zernickow, J. Flippen, J, Sherrord. 'Comero shy. P 'XF Tl lPATlf N I' No Dancing feet and whirling skirts bring to mind one ofthe phases of partici- pation - dances. Highlighting Them this year were the Valentine's Dance and-the Christmas Dance. Also featured was "Autumn's Majesty," which honored the football queen. Unusual activities, such as the construction of a "hot dog cooker," and numerous service projects characterized the clubs on campus this past year. While busy doing the unusual, The members did not forget service for those less fortunate than themselves. Tray favors for hospitals, Thanksgiving bas- kets, and rummage sales to collect clothes for needy families - These were among the many fine plans that were carried out. Organizations of which we may all be proud are the music groups at Temple City High School. Through their combined efforts many entertaining assemblies and programs, including the Spring Festival, were presented for us. - The year T956-57 will be remembered not only for our fine spirit but also for our excellent participation as well. l 5 if K '12,i,i2m'y , L '14 ua, , 1 ,K my XFWI, -lx as V I 5:5 I wid i 'QTAYAQ I x xyqwjaaixvnxat K- S W l. w5f?FQ1l'f 3 S.. 'n 3, Y. 1. ,v Q K' 4 5 'I ' in Y x' .5 '1-'H-'fH'm'. at 3, W xx 5 1 4 , I 1 1, si 'K Y, 5 , I V fam' I :K Q Ky f IM 'V-H 13, . v I- if 5 H, , A A' my T-,kkwkixmkv lvl' xy 1-,ey Ak if ,k gy I. wp' ' lyk! ,Vi- .vf' ,Tfk 441 fl-5 jug? 115 if 43 Ii' 9 if frlfx o4f'45'i f' , , ,, ,f 1-if h ff'jf2af i?5fifftu: V iffy! fi! fs. I S if! 14, . if , iff!!! 4, 3' I 4 ff y ' ,' V, 4 fl? 1 lyyjii. I A P ,r,,i, 4 VVA, -ryfyy 1 Q , ',, .aff 1 A if fl R ,ing Agf if 9 , 1 I ,, ,F n 1 l Hiiwsaz, 1,11 v '.pg3u if Am-"i 4 iii' 7 me 'I 'HP' ? 4 X, pf S sf? o Q-J 'Q al fin' gf.: Jima., ij? ,I if fygf 132 W W' 31, f-' '5 kk? 5 . bwfbix SPANISPI CLI B The beginning of the Spanish Club's list of activities was a trip to Padua Hills to see "Las Posadas," a Christmas play in Spanish. It is the story of Mary and Joseph going from house to house seeking lodging. Other activities included a tour through the San Gabriel Mission. The group attended two lectures, one on Spain, and another on Mexico, where they showed movies of the country. ln order to help reenact the humble lite of the Mexi- can people, the club made tacos, tamales, and beans. All managed to get them down despite their being unaccustomecl to the Mexican seasoning. :lim 996 X Officers Back row: V. Jimenez, President, B. Jimenez, Vice President. Front row: C. Mason, Treasurer, T. Covello, Secre tary. Back row: Mr. Bonazza, Mr. Applegate labsentl. Middle row: M. O'Toole, G. Little, B. Lubin, J, Harwell, S. Kilburn, B Jimenez, T Covello. Front row: R, Stipp, K. Mellecker, C. Mason, H, Irvine, H. Judy, B, Johnson, V. Jimenez. ...ALIFORNIA 5 ""' ' ', "Zi: Tom Porrington Presidenr Priscilla Beech Vice-Presidenf Virginia Jimenez Secretcz ry Back row: D. Breneiser, M. Christopher, J. Cordes, N. Johnson, P. Kofzmcier, J. Aeby. Middle row: L. Larson, S. Kilburn, J. Gillette, Mr. Bonqzzo, P. Beech, V. Jimenez, M. Bibler, D. Jones. Front row: A. Heed, B. Fessler, H. Judy, C. Lloyd, L. Farr, K. Davidson. L l SCE-If LARSI-ll? Sf CIETY Q lid fi ff? ' - ' Temple City High School's C.S.F. chapter was organized and chartered in 1955. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate good scholar- ship and school service in students. Approxi- mately eight and one-half per cent of the stu- dent body are members. These include many of TCHS' outstanding citizens. Their main function is service for the school. Bill Smith and Blaze Bonazza are the faculty advisers of the chapter at Temple City. Members have many wonderful opportunities for scholarships in innumerable colleges and universities. A number of foreign students are newly enrolled in Temple City High School. These students held an interesting panel discussion at one of the C.S.F. meetings. They gave a general description of the schools, homes, towns, etc., in their countries. Back row: L. McDonald, B. McCrory, D. Mann, R. Surdam, B. Rose, J. Parody, M. Williams, R Scott J Weismann T Mallory E Ellington. Middle row: D. Nielsen, J. Zachmann, S. Shaul, P. McAdow, J. Samarin, Mr. Smith W Triay E Martin D Van Vliet, L. Moore, L. Bradley. Front row: M. Wilkinson, M. Samarin, R, Stipp, K. Mellecker, K. Primm J Mitchell J Peckham A Williams, A. Utterson, T. Parrington. Officers Back row: Bobbie Morris, Treasurer, Lela Hubbell, I.C.C. Representative. Front row: Sue Johnson, Vice-President, Pat Roth- lisberger, President. v-TL: N ,f ,ef C i . ' , R'- f "W 'J' COLLEGIATES The Collegiates started off Their round of activi- Ties with a barrel of fun at The Pasadena Winter Gardens. On October 2, they attended a Hallow- een party at Lela Hubbell's house, after prepar- ing Tray favors for The SisTer Kenny HospiTal. A surprise breakfast wiTh The SophisTicaTes on December 1 had The group hopping out of bed early in The morning. Among the oTher activities That were held were a roller skating parTy, a sweater raffle, and a lecTure on iuvenile delinquency. ln addition They prepared food for a needy family on Thanks- giving. ' V3.3 .... .... M fa lui-1-wsu i - ,VVV T ,..5,x:1,,Fj:f I Back row: S. Rigg, S. Conover, J. Accardo, J. Hein, C. Cameron, L. Hubbell, P. Croxin, J. Carl, J. MCGuigan, P. Rothlisberger, P. McAclow, K. Davidson, D. Jones, K, Brewer. Middle row: S. Grueter, J. Green, P. Varnum, S, Alexander, B. Beaudet, B. Rhoades, S. Sherrard, M. Samarin, L. Hoegler, M. Christopher, C. Homer, D. Scott, J. Harshbarger, J. Fischer. Front row: S. Finkle, M. Nelson, S. Collins, M. l Parady, P. Plank, M. Tarbell, C. Perotti, S. Johnson, S. Shaul, B. Morris, D. Arnold, T. De Carlo, M. Bibler. oO ..........,--sy Sf Pi-IISTICATES As a service club of The YWCA, The Sophisticates have fulfilled many goals. Instead of each girl's working separately, The whole club worked as a Team on both service proiects and activities. Sophisticates had many good Times Together, including potluck dinners and swimming parTies, Christmas parties, and a come-as-you-are break- fast. But among The good Times were moments of fellowship, such as The World Fellowship serv- ice held aT The liirst CongregaTional Church in Pasadena. This was a very inspirational service for officers and members of all The Y-Teen clubs in This area. Three of The girls aTTended The leadership con- ference aT Asilomar during The summer. Girls of high-school age from California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii attended. They benefited greatly from This experience and brought back many new ideas To The club. The lnTer-Club Council representative, Sue Skill- ern, along with The presidenT, aTTended many I.C.C. meetings at The Y with girls from Y-Teen clubs in The surrounding area. The biggest project of The year was selling Syl- vania light bulbs. Officers Back row: A. Heed, President, B. MacDonald, Vice-Presi- clent. Front row: N. Moore, Treasurer, S. Skillern, I.C.C. Representa- tive, J. Mitchell, Secretary. Back row: J. Mitchell, C. Titus, D. Matheney, L. Moore, S. O'Toole, V. Jimenez, K. Prim, J. Gillette, L. Conklin, L. Bonnet, J. Blakesley L. Nelson, J. Allen, L. Hughes, P. Beech, A, Utterson, D. Novak, L. Farr, C, Lloyd, J. Adamson, B. Adams. Third row: J. Hutchesen, N Landing, M. Lewis, A. Zaccaro, S. Upson, J. Blakely, J. Beard, K. Grueter, M. Backlund, D. Clark, M. Brown, A, Evans, L. Mentze, M Martin, J. Van Pienbroek. Second row: P. MacFarlane, C. Scott, K. Schneider, C. Kirin, W. Triay, S. Johnston, B. Wagner, B. MacDonald B. Barley, B. Matthews, R. Bottorff, S. Thomas, L. Wetmore, M. Derrick. Front row: R. lpsen, L. Henry, J. Peckham, L. Pinzetti, K. Williams, H. Judy, S. Smith, S. Skillern, A. Heed, N. Moore. I WT? :. Jaxx f E NW., A V VfJ,, , .1 - 3 5 Q ., Officers Back row: B. Stoll, Vice-President, C. Ferrara, President, M. Seixas, Chaplain. Front row: K. Anderson, Secretary, V. Hoff, l.C.C. Representative, M. O'Toole, Treasurer. G63 99 CAPIPI S DE-IBS This was an action-packed year for Temple's Campus Debs. On December 9 they presented a fashion show for all the Y-Teens and their mothers. The clothes were from the Band Box, and Nancy Elgar acted as narrator. lt was held in the Longden Auditorium at 2 p.m. Next on the agenda was a panel of tour boys from Arcadia, who discussed the problems of dating, with an open discussion afterward. A bake sale was held also in Temple City. They made more than 3512 and used the money for a Christmas project. Back row: K. Hayes, P. Wanamaker, G. Littler, K, Hornback, B. Becker, M. Marks, J. Lang, H. Irvine, B. Nestie, M. Magie, T. Covello, M. O'Toole, M. Seixas, D. Singelyn. Third row: M. Reukema, S. Kilburn, S, Dingle, C. De La Torre, G. Antista, S. Ninl-ce, P. Feher, V. Hoff, J. Lyons, C. Forsyth, B, Milano. Second row: S, Williams, B. Lubin, J. Harwell, E. Palmer, S. Skelley, C. Mason, J. Truppelli, 5. L'Hommedieu, D. Barnes, B. Stoll, K. Mellecker, K. Bonney, T. Scherer. Front row: R. Stipp, L. Overlin, K. Anderson, L. Johnson, l. Buck- eridge, C. Crane, C. Ferraro, B. Jones. 62 ' PSN? 11 CAPE IS This Y-Teen group carried with it the ever-present enthusiasm and spirit that were typical of this year's freshman class. Under the fine leadership of Miss Margee Mohr, faculty adviser, Rosemary Ipsen, student adviser, and Rosie Williams, president, the ninth grade Y-Teens planned and carried out a very active year. One of the highlights of the year was the formal installation of officers in the Little Theater. On December 19, they brought the Christmas spirit to a portion of Temple City in the form of a caroling party. Early in the spring, sleepy Y-Teens were dragged out of their nice warm beds for a "come-as-you- are" breakfast. All these events combined to make an active and interesting year. 1:1 CZ? wwf ,af fl . T ,al-we Officers Back row: Shirley Cutler, Program Chairman, Charlou Rob- erts, l.C.C. Representative, Shirley Tschan, Treasurer, Rosie Williams, President. Front row: Michelle Adkins, Sergeant-at-Arms, Linda Rokes, Secretary, Karen Engebretsen, Vice-President. 'Q- Back row: R. Ipsen, K. Springer, L. Engel, B. Kahn, S, Cutler, J. Funk, R. Nelson, S. Tschan, C. Grossman, J. Muck, L. Rokes, J. Million, M. Nelson. Third row: V, Ipsen, R. Mannina, M. McCune, C. Hanson, E. Ross, B. Ruwet, J. Peckham, J. Warner, K. Kramer, C. Robinson, E, Sisola. Second row: C. Crosby, L. De Martino, K. Engebretson, R. Nelsen, C, Less, P. Kirby, S. Gray, B. Johnson, C. Roberts, C, Sweet, C, Minsky, B, Glick. Front row: S. Holmes, P. Megahan, M. Adkins, K, Brown, J, Peroni, L, Cook, S. Kratochvil, C. Johnson. 63 CFXWIERA CLUB The Camera Club, alThough small, had a very imporTanT parT in The life of our school. They Took and pro- cessed all The picfures for our school newspaper, in which phofography is so imporTanT. ln The school dark- room, among dingy lighTs and chem- icals, Their members worked many long hours afTer school To meeT The deadlines. AfTer overcoming The problems in- volved in Their work, we feel proud of our Camera Club for The fine work They have conTribuTed To The paper. The officers are: Jim Spellman, presi- denT, and Harley' ChrisT, vice-presi- denT. Members are Tom Hawkins and Karl Taylor. x Back row: G. LiTTIer, K. Hornback, B. Prather, J. Myers, S. Slemons, H. Irvine. Third row: N. Kinn, L. Olson, J, Harwell, T. Chase, N. Elgar, B. Lubin. Second row: E. Kem- sky, J. Lyons, T. Covello, B. Jimenez, C. Mason, R. STipp. From row: K. Mellecker, C. Price, M. O'Toole, M. Magie. bf? l 1 4 1 .-'.. I 'M' Xxx 'W 'A I K is Buck row: H. Christ, J. Spellman. Front row: T. Hawkins, K. Taylor. Fx 'ri IL 5 This year The fuTure Teachers were assigned To Teachers in Their subiecT field choices. They also received a good look aT Their fuTure careers when They observed Teachers in The elemenfary schools of our disTricT. An all-day conference for poTenTial Teachers culminaTed mosT of The year's acTiviTies. Back row: M. Gail, B. Evans, T. Chase, T. Rinaman, C. Johnson, R. Meeker, Mr. Mickel- son. Third row: H. Judy, K. Schneider, W. Triay, L. Nelson, J. Blakesley, N. Kinn. Second row: B. Adams, C. ScoTT, N. Moore, J. Van Pienbroek, M. MorTen, L. WeTmore. Front row: L. Morris, B. Johnson. i-IAP! CLUB The chief aims of The Radio and Hams Club were To develop an in- TeresT in The field of elecTronics and To aid sTudenTs who were inTeresTed in acquiring Their omofeur radio li- censes. Under The direcTion of MarTy Pelko ond Harold Onderdonk, They were kepT busy esfablishing a sTaTion here QT Temple CiTy, learning code, plus buying and using new equip- menT. A good Time was had by all on a field Trip To Radio STaTion KMPC, where They were Taken on a guided Tour. FirsT-hand experiences such as These helped To make This a Top-noTch Ham Club. SKI CLUB The Ski Club sTarTed off iTs fosT-fly- ing evenfs wiTh a demonsTroTion on skiing principles. In Januciry The group wenT To Green Valley To go skiing. Everyone was able To go be- cause skis were provided for Those who did noT own Them. Skiing, hiking, waTer sporfs, and wa- Ter skiing were some of The many acTiviTies engaged in by The club. Under Tom Rinamoin as presidenT, The club had a full school year of Thrilling ocTiviTies. Buck row: Mr. Pelka, E. Bradley, R. Shideler, S. Powell, L. McMeen. Middle row C McCreery, J. Walker, R. Nunn, R. Burkholder. Front row: J. Sippel, S. Blakesley, S. Love Officers Back Row: Terry Christensen, Secretary-Treasurer. Front row: Bill Dietrick, Vice-President, George Fuller, President. I EY CLUB One of the most active service clubs here at Temple City High School is the Key Club. The Key Club is a service organization made up of boys from each class, with no age restrictions. The Key Club was called on by the community to olo service work, such as collecting money for the March of Dimes, working for the community Christmas pro- iect, and ushering at football games. During the Camellia Festival they were seen planting camellias, directing the lineup of floats, and various other iobs. Socially speaking, the boys had breakfast meetings at the Clock Broiler. They had dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Hollywood. A snow trip also high- lighted their social events. Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and advised by Mr. Piper, the Key Club has had an outstanding year. Back row: Mr. Piper, K. Roberti, B. Dietrick, C. Moffet, J. Redman, H. Pasquarella, G. Fuller. Middle row: B. Bayha, B. Barnes, L. Bateman, M. Vogel, J. Pirkle, C. Barinoff. First row: A. Langdale, D. Di Giorgio, D. Taylor, D. Dunn, T. Christensen, E. Ellington, D. Curtiss, B. Taylor. 66 ENGINEERS' CLUB The Engineers' Club was founded in order to further and foster an inter- est in the fields of science and en- gineering. Under the supervision of Mr. Thaller and Mr. Onderdonk, var- ious people worked on proiects in the field of engineering. On December i, 1956, they attended a program at California lnstitute of Technology, planned for prospective students of the school. Among the many subjects discussed were "Are Metals Weak or Strong?", "Problems of High Speed Flight," and "The Wa- ter Supply Problem in Southern Cali- fornia." They also met the president of Caltech, Dr. Lee Du Bridge. An example of the Engineers' Club ingenuity was Jim Morton's hot dog cooker. lt is made of three boards in a "u" shape with nails on two sides. lt works on standard house current. Hot dogs are then placed on the nails, and the wires are hooked on. After the current is turned on the hot dogs cook in about two and one- half minutes. Back row: Mr. Onderdonk, B. Elliott, J. Brewer, C. Leonard, C. McCreery, B. Heath, D. Mann, Mr. Thaller. Third row: J. Weismann, J. Parady, N. Johnson, O. Hart, J. Cordes, B. Jones, C. Henney. Second row: B. Rose, R. Surdam, T. Mallery, J. Rains, H. Evans, R. Lefler, J. Walker. Front row: B. Crosby, R. Scott, R. Sampson, M. Sweeney, R. Burkholder, C. Porter. Back row: S. Kilburn, Y. Anderson, G. lsaac, S. Finkle, S. Wilkins, R. Burnstein, M. Marks, D. Singelvn, G. Littler. Middle row: M. Reukema. N: Cash, B. Lubin, L. Bon- net, J. Lang, B. Milano, K. Hayes, J. Gillett, P. Beech, A. Heed. Front row: L. Olson, J. Harwell, B. Becker, J. Beard, L. Henry, B. Shideler, B. Rubert, K. Hornback. F RT CLUB Those who liked to paint and sketch had a fine time in the Art Club, under the direction of Mrs. Shirlee Cleveland. Many excursions were made to pro- vide new creative ideas. Among these excursions were a guided tour through Forest Lawn on December l, a trip to the zoo to sketch live an- imals, and visits to Exposition Park and Huntington Art Gallery. The trip to San -Pedro Wharf to paint sea- scapes was a definite challenge to these beginning artists. 6 G11 . . A322 .. RBC!! Mai? we: DANCE Toes pointed, heads up, The spot goes on, and the big Dance Concert begins - the biggest event of The year in Dance Club! The idea that cats prowl at night was The basis for "Midnight Creepers," as done here. Nancy Elgar and Carol Ferraro "creep" through the rich part of town. A dewy, damp southern morning was the setting for a "Mornin' Stroll" along the bank of the 'ole Miss. On March 29-30 the club's production ot "Here Cornes the ShowboaT," Temple High's answer to N'Orleans and 'Ole Miss, hit the boards. Other activities of club members were field Trips to ballets, other school concerts, and this year, for the Back row: H. Childs, B. Daniel, S. Norris, N. Elgar, S. Slemons, R. Stipp, B. Crane, J. Carmac, G. Zuckerman, T. Slemons, N Starr M Adkins, L. Rokes, G. Littler, K. Hornback, M. Marks, L. Moffet, M. Marten, G. Kilburn, B. Becker, P. Hagerty, R. lpsen, B. Palmer Warner, N. Irvine, S. Hoff, M. O'Toole, J. Truppelli, C. Crane, B. Stoll, B. Nestie, C. Ferraro. ... .,.,,,,,,ow.N.+f+ -- K hi 4 A L Q, CLUB first time, they went to the beach and danced on the sand, a really creative experience for ci serious student of dance. Did the Dance Club do anything else? Yes, members had fun, but they found that the da and day out grind of a dancer is plain hard work. And, frankly, they admit they wouldn't have made it without Miss Martha Hall. club y in X , Front row: C. Sherrard, F. Henderson, K. Hubener, B. Morris, N. Kin n, J. Springer, J. Muck, P. Brown, C. Bender, L. Bradley, S. Bradley, K. Little, C. Kirin, K. Kimball, T. DeCarlo, J. Glick, P. Croxen. P l i i ready for their evening appearance. L. Hubbell, C. Cameron, C. Brewer, M. Tarbell, C. Perotti, S. Dingle, rimm, S. Petersen, K. Panick, P. Evans, J. Robertson, L. Bonnet, J. g g gggygyy rf... ..,,o'f Maw, 2.......hC... Making their "Grand Entrance" are the showboat band and performers With their little black faces shinin', the 'fStowaways" watch the south ern gentleman and his belle waltz through the poorer section of town , 4 rw: r-I-yy:-'lr-rv Q fa-XSL: J ll:-.--czr Q Back row: Mr. Callander, P. MacFarlane, J, Gorisek, L. Conklin, A. Heed, V. Tusa, L. McMeen. Middle row: C. Kirin, D. Matheney, C. Sherrard, S. Johnston, L. Hughes, R. Bottorff, S. Thomas. Front row: R. lpsen, H. Judy, S. Skelley, B. Palmer, A. Zacccro, C. Perotti. Bob Callander 70 Drama Adviser A combination ot various talents made up the Stage Dwellers ot Temple City High, under the direction ot Robert Callander. Each mem- ber was allowed to participate in different activities offered in his field, such as: stage design, music, makeup, lighting, costuming, dance, choral speaking, and other phases. Everyone had an oppor- tunity to compete tor the lead roles. The otticers were: President, Ronnie Bell, Secretary, Karen Kirste, and Treasurer, Ann Zaccaro. The date of their tirst debut was November 5-7, when they pre- sented the first of a series ot three one-act plays. Throughout the year their obiectives of poise, cooperation, leader- ship, and participation were tultilled. Decinno Mcitheny Tries To look like somebody's mofher ond ci gdl's dor- miTory housekeeper QT The some Time, while Lindo Hughes, C1 Trus- TrciTed young sTudenT, seeks her help in o Tender liTTle comedy The SToge Dwellers produced lc1sT Toll. 5 gg PF ESENT Don'T Tell onyone, buT This vvois recilly high-cldss dromo - much cis Carole PeroTTi lvvho pldyed The seCreTolryl seems To loe Turning her bock on The whole Thing. The ThoughTTul young ddughTer, Alison Heed, Tries To comfort her oiling moTher, Shoron Thomgs, in This Troigic liTTle iTem The SToge Dwellers presenTed in The Toll series. ln ci "Who-Done-IT" .of hilorious pro- porTions, our hero, Corl Conger, helps policevvomcin, Loroine Morris, keep ThoT psychoTic monsrer, Ronnie Bell, from Trying To kill his childhood sweeThegrT, Hdrlie Judy. This wos Comedy No. 2 of The Toll series pre- senTed by The STcige Dwellers. 71 BUSINESS CLUB If you had started out quite early on The morn- ing of October ll, l956, feeling rather hungry, and walked into The Clock Broiler, you would have been among several others, in the same boat, all Trying to get waited on, served, and make it back to school in order not To get that additional tardy. lt was on that day that the Business Club had its first breakfast meeting of the year. Since then, there have been several other breakfast meetings, including an outdoor breakfast held at The Temple City Park in March of l957. Tray favors for hospitals was a special project of The club held during December. They had a float for the Camellia Parade in February, spon- sored a Career Day for the entire school, and gave an Awards Banquet for the Business De- partment. They also went on an excursion to a business office, as the last project of the year. y Sponsoring the Business Club are: Mrs. Edith Conklin, Mrs. Emily Fuhs, Mr. David Horsley, and Officers Back row: C. Sherrard, Vice-President, B. Fessler, Mr. Charles Uevsoy. President. Front row: B. Milano, Historian, L. Mentze, Reporter. '--:1.g...-fr N 4 - , T. f, .N r-' .12 . ' uf '- T fr r . -- 7 w-w.1..i1 .- Back row: Mr. Horsley, Mrs. Fuhs, B. Johnson, M. Christopher, C. Sherrard, B. Fessler, B. McCrory, H. Velenosi, J. Hill, J. Beckner, M. Brown, K. Bonney, S. Grueter, Mr. Lievsay. Middle row: M. Siders, S. Skelley, L. Jackson, E. Forsyth, L. Drake, S. Rigg, B. Milano, C. Kirin, M. Carlson, J. Glick, J. Furin. Front row: S. Shellabarger, J. Barrowman, P. Wanamcxker, K. Hornback, M. Kammer, H. Judy, C. Grueter, J. Blakely, L. Mentze, R. Hanson. T RACK CLUB The motive impelling the forming of Temple City's new Track Club this year was the request of numerous track members. Mr. Feary, being as active as he is in track, was unanimously elected its adviser. Since many of the boys were interested in teach- ing, primarily track, the club gave them the op- portunity to preview the profession by sponsor- ing and directing such activities as the Junior Track Meet. At this event the track teams of iunior high schools united for competition. The entire function was under the leadership of the track members. Because of the intense interest the boys dis- played in their club, track has been popular at Temple, and our team has increased in volume. On their planned list of activities was the pre- sentation of Ducky Drake, coach at UCLA, to the student body in coniunction with the Boys League. His topic was the Olympic games of 1957, which were held in Melbourne, Australia. One of the projects undertaken by a few mem- bers was the track record board, which is now proudly displayed in our gym. The workmen on it were Tom Parrington, Orval Hart, and Carl Conger. Although this was the first year for our Track Club, it has been most successful at Temple. gr-gf ,,, ,,.i ff- . ' ,l,yx.at4u5.s,4 ,,. g ar y Officers Buck row: R. Scott, Secretary-Treasurer, R. Bell, Pub- licity, Historian. Front row: T. Parrington, Vice-President, B Beachboard, President. Buck row: O. Hart, L. McDonald, J, Howell, B. Hoke, K. McCully, S. Fenner, B. Beachboard, T. Roberts, M. Dingle, M. Morkre, B. Dietrick T. Dawson, R. Scott, H. Pasquarella. Middle row: D. Witt, M. Schrock, B. Wells, R. Barbieri, T. Teel, S. Hendrix, G. Freeman, Mr. Feary Front row: L. Morkre, D. Williams, G. Timmons, R. Walker, T. Farrington, R. Bell. l i RAPIPAGE Pl BLlCATlf NS L 111-"" DicmO Bfe book Editor nei :FQ x 57 k 'U' ax Edith Adviser Janet Aeby N ewspaper Editor Lbs Alice Williams Nancy Kinn Assistant Editor Lynn Davis Co'Sports Editors YEAR?-BOOK Although it seems we were more near hysteria than sanity, pictures were placed in their right places, dum- mies were drawn, schedules were made up, and in- numerable people were contacted. Put all of these things together, and you have the 1956-57 Rampage. lt wasn't really as bad as it sounds, at least, not all of the time . . . Through the efficient organization of our new adviser, Mrs. Ackerman, the staff more than once was pulled back down to earth, ' But in between selling ads and later billing advertisers, the staff's over-all sense of humor usually provided a ioke or two at the crucial moment. Under the leadership of Diana Breneiser, editor, the staff more than once learned the meaning of "burning the midnight oil." Linda Wetmore Art Editor Cheryl Bender Business Manager n-., John Collord Sharon Dingle Head Key Banger Chief Scurrier ' 5':1:f!?3:'. V Susan Solsby Front Page Editor Sue Skillern Gail Carter Activities Editor Sports Editor NE IVSPI-XPER Under the leadership of Janet Aeby, editor-in- chief, the Rampage editors and staff published the monthly paper for the enioyment of the student body of Temple City High School. The editorial staff included Gail Carter, sports editor, Susan Solsby, front page editor, and Sue Skillern, activity editor. The goal of the editors was a bi-monthly pub- lication of the Rampage. As its purpose the staff maintained a policy of accurate and informative news, interesting fea- ture stories, an up-to-date account of school activities, and all the latest sports news. Since it was impossible for the annual to be a complete record of events, the newspaper had to record a more detailed history. The editors and staff at- tempted to do this during the past year. Buck row: J. Spellman, H. Christ, K. Taylor, S. Hill, G. Ranker, B. Hahn, C. Johnson, J. Cole, R. Ramsey, R. Montesanti, J. Hill, B. Kreie. Middle row: L. Jackson, P. MacFarlane. Front row: J. Marr, C. Hanson, J. Mulley, R. Nelsen, E. Pascoe. Tig, if " f EI Back row: W. Broadhag, C. Acker, G. Olney, J. Parady, D. Taylor, J. Zernickow, D. Wooley, D. Foesch, A. Hargraves, D. Howard J. Durfee, J. Dean, R. Mann. Third row: L. Taylor, M. Meaney, M. Lieber, R. Smith, C. Bender, T. Kendal, P. Davis, J, Smith, K. Hegre D. Crosson, L. Deushane, J, Greene, L. Irwin, D. Wood, E. Glassco, J. Oberg, G. Heaton, Second row: Mr. Godfrey, B. Wherry, G. Sewell A. Nicholson, D. Lindsey, M. Ward, N. Mansell, C. Price, S. Ruggles, L. Bradley, P. Varnum, L, Larson, B. Peters. First row: C. Grossman S. Higgs, J. Zachmann, S. Vandermeulen, D. Valadez, S. Schoenbaum, B. Marston, J. Macrae, J, Copeland, S. Bradley, L. Larson J. Kimball, P. Showalter. TH I 'f .. .1::i21:1e s:e14,,,f.. ,,, ., V A Ns- Ben Godfrey Band Conductor ' . C. FKAPIS' BAND The Temple City student body, as a relatively new high school group, has had its share of successes and disappointments, but of particular satisfaction to the school has been the fact that it has not been lacking for a good band. This is demonstrated by our band's very busy schedule not only at home, where it supported our team with the fighting songs of the green and gold, but also in other areas. On November 24, the band participated in the "All-Western Band Review" in Long Beach. Here, competing against the best high schools throughout the state, it received a rating 94.31 in actual competition. Because of a technical penalty contracted before competition, the rating was dropped by three points to 91.31. This netted us fifth place for our division, the former rating would have put us in first place. The band did well for itself at i'Burbank on Parade" on September 22, chalking up first place in its division. On December 6, the band put on another splendid performance at the Disneyland Music Festival in Anaheim,.in coniunction with the drill team, maiorettes, and the Pep Commission. Other activities the TCHS Band participated in were: the "West Arcadia Parade," where we competed against the large high schools in Southern California, in "Temple City Day," on September 22, at the Pomona Fair, at the UCLA-Washington football game, on October 13, as part of a mass band half-time stunt, at San Marino, with other talent from Temple City High School, in the San Marino exchange assembly program on February 1, and many others. Drum major: Gary Heaton BAND SOLOISTS Gary Heaton was given the honor of drum major by Mr. Godfrey and the band. Last summer before school started, he attended Pepper- dine College, where he learned the basic fundamentals of leading a band. After finishing this course he was well qualified to lead our band in the many different parades, games, and band reviews. lt was a real honor when Gary took fifth place in competition with 60 other contestants in the All-Western Band Review. As military drum maior, Gary was iudged on his marching ability, stance, per- sonality, control over the band, and knowledge of signals. We are very proud to have had him as our drum major for the Temple City High School Band. He has performed creditably at Bur' bank on Parade, Disneyland, and numerous other parades. A new addition to our band this year was a baton soloist. Harlie Judy was officially appointed to the post. Her position was at the head of the band doing her fancy twirls and high steps. Harlie is well qualified for this position as her many trophies show. A few of her top honors were the title of "Miss Major- ette of California," the San Gabriel Valley Championship trophy, first place in the All-Western Band Review, and many more. Maiorettes: Ilene Buckeridge, Sharon Johnson, Karen Anderson, Marilyn Lewis, Beverly Adams. The TCHS Rams' Band now has six new members - the maiorettes The girls are now a part of the band instead ofthe Pep Commission They practice every morning second period to perfect their routines for games, pep rallies, and assemblies. They have also participated in many parades and exhibitions As a team, they have won numerous prizes, including third place last year and sixth place in i957 at the All-Western Band Review, first place at Fullerton, second place at Burbank, second place at Arcadia, and they have also appeared at Disneyland for two years. They went to National City in l956. They are now trained by Margaret Gualano and can be found with her every Saturday morning, hard at work, in order to keep a great variety of routines for the enioyment of Temple Citians. X A I l"' ' PF r soiyomgofefieiHmiaeiudy i i i V DANCE BAND Vocalist: Doris Wolkoff On November 17, l956, an eager group of musicians, Tem- ple's Dance Band, made their debut for the new school year. Under the direction of Gary Sewell, they provided the entertainment for the freshman cla ss presentation of "Autumn's Maiesty." That was just the beginning of their schedule. Shortly afterward they were hired to play at dances spon- sored by Oak Avenue Junior High School, Baldwin Park High School, St. Agnes High School, De Molay, and the National Guard. They were the star attraction of such functions as the LaRosa PTA meeting on January 8, PTA Founders Day on January 24, and the Exchange Assembly between San Marino and Tem- ple: City. Back row: J, Kimball, G. Sewell, B. Peters. Middle row. Mr, Godfrey, P. Showalter, S. Vanderrneulen, C. Acker, D. Muck. Front row: J. Peckham, at the piano, L, Deushane, L. Larson, J. Zachmonn, L. Bradley, Missing: B. Wherry, M. Meany, J. Ells. i 8 O fe If! P0 K f ND vp XXX. .s iff 1 J - rx rlfs rr A Under The leadership of Hugh Jacoby, Temple CiTy's orchesTra progressed sTeadily Toward a finer per- formance. HighlighTing The orchesTral acTiviTies for The firsT semesTer was a Trip To Disneyland, where The group earned a plaque for Their fine parTicipaTion. Included also in The evenfs during The firsT semesTer was Their excellenT addiTion To The Chrisfmas assembly. Also scheduled on a busy agenda were performances aT school assemblies, PTA meefings and The DisTricT Music FesTival. irsl 3 JTT i'i ' W X Vi. Hugh Jacoby Orchestra Director Back row: P. Showalter, C. Acker. Third row: J. Peckham, J. Sherrard, V. Ipsen, S. Vandermeulen, J. Zachmann, M. Medley. Second I row L. McDonald, J. Hombuckle, K. Folley, N. Cash, H. Pool, M. Fleming, E. Glassco, R. Burkholder, L. Bradley. Front row: L. Lar- son B. Peters, G. Sewell, J. Kimball, L. Deushane. 81 Cf NCEFT Ci-I IF Sixty-tour voices strong, the Concert Choir made its debut in the first choir robes in Temple City High School's history. The members really looked impressive dressed in deep green robes with gold and white reversible stoles. Not only the choir but the entire student body thought the robes very attractive. Among the most popular and active groups were the Temple Belles. Making their debut September 29 at the Los Angeles County Fair, the Belles found that their performance calendar rapidly grew. Appear- ing at numerous churches, fashion shows, women's clubs, civic clubs, and many school activities meant a very busy year. ' Other singing groups this year were the Choraliers and the newly Roger Lockie organized Hi-Fi group. Also organized was the beginning choir with Choir Director 41 Voices- 5 . .. . . . . .... .. 3 3? 1 3 Back row: D. DiGiorgio, B. Beachboard, C. Clark, R. Barbieri, B. Hinton, H. Pasquarella, V. Tusa, J. Rokes, G. Heaton. Third row: J. Jack- son, J. Van Pienbroek, M. Nelson, R. lpsen, D. Davis, K. Hubner, N. Landing, W. Cunningham, R. Mannina, S. McDonald, S. Farr, D. Broz, J. Green, C. Lloyd, J. Mitchell, B. MacDonald, D. Jones, D. Pirolli. Second row: J. Hein, B. Morris, M. Magie, J. Roberts, K. Schneider, J. Gorisek, J. Pirkle, E. Smars, D. Scott, B. Fox, G. Antista, T. Covello, P. McAdow, M. Bibler, R. Beaudet, L, Morris, C. Teel, K. David- son. Front row: C. Brewer, S. Collins, P. Rothlisberger, M. Tarloell, J. McGuigan, N. Hartman, K. Williams, P. Ware, T. Slemons, V. Jimenez, K. Kirste, P. Plank, C. Cameron, M. Wilkinson, M. Quinn, P. Hagerty, R. Williams, J. Peckham. 82 ' EPIPLE 3-I I ng ki Judy Peckham at The piano, Linda Farr, Marilee Magie, Joyce Mitchell, Jeanne Myers. Ii-If EV-XLIEF S Dary Davis af the piano, Pat Feher, Kathy Bonney, Mary Seixas, Sharon Ninke, Carol Teel, Judy Gorisek. .f f rv ,3 Q , i-ll - FPS Back row: Shirley McDonald, Judy Fischer, Ginger Antisfa. Fronl row: Susan Slemons, Tisha Covello. xi X My MMM, wwf- K ...4w"""""N' ik .wg ,Ar ,,,,.--"' 2 4' ' X WE Y 7 ? E 2 DANCE? Being crowned King of Hearts by Ronnie Surdom, student body president, is Alan Langdale. Smiling in happiness is Pat McAdovv, the Queen of Hearts. Dreamy music sets the mood for dancing at the "Sweethearts Ball." Shown assembled after the crowning of the King and Queen of Hearts is the Valentines Court: Dennis Allen and Karen Anderson, sophomore prince and princess, Alan Langdale, King, Pat McAdow, Queen, Beverly Houck and Dick Flippen, princess and prince from the iunior class. Bottom row: Bobby Johnson and Fred Flippen, princess and prince from the freshman class. Cupids and hearts set The mood tor the third annual Valentine formal presented jointly by the Girls' and Boys' League. Helping to create a ro- mantic atmosphere were the Montebello Esquires under the direction of Mr. Rosener. 85 "Previews to Progress" was the theme of the Boys' League Assembly on March 14, presented by General Motors. Demonstrating the principles of the iet engine are Mr. Wilson and Mr. Blake. These are South Pas song leaders? Well, anyway, the varsity basketball team tried hard to imitate them at the South Pas rally on February 8. Dances depicting the Blues, Ragtime, Bop, and many others were fea- tured at the Dance Band Assembly on February 14. Shown here are the dancers who participated in the assembly. l Mr, Mallicoat presents the student body, via Ron Surdam, president, the "C" football trophy, representing The Rio Hondo League Championship in that division. ASSET IBLI E9 Jr, 'Tp A915 -T ritfkifaiifii The judge Turned To The disTricTa1Torney, "Are you ready?!" "I'm ready, ready oh Teddy. . . !" San Marino "on Trial" was The Theme of The pep rally on November 2. Worked around The record, "Buchanan and Goodman on Trial," The rally TeaTured The combined pep groups in a program noT soon To be Tor- goTTen. "We find Them not guilTy." "Are you Buchanan and Goodman? "Yes, we are." "This is a summons." IN f UR WARE TIPIE Halftime at the basketball game between the women A teachers and the winning "All Star Team" featured Lynne - Nelson and Linda Conklin doing a pantomime to "The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise." 1. 88 ls I A5 - Blowing up quite a storm is the TCHS Jazz Band. They drew many envious glances from surrounding schools for their fine participation at football and basketball games. The Jazz Band is shown here performing at the Senior Show, Watching wide-eyed are the defeated faculty, as Jim Weismann sinks an otherlone for the seniors at the student-faculty basketball game on Jan uary 25, me 'S' TWWQ Mark Twain tells his friend about the 'Ole Mississippi show- boat that provided entertainment up and down the banks of the Mississippi River. This is a scene from the modern dance presentation, "Here Comes the Showboatf' on March 29 and 30. -5 u Tommy Sands and Molly Bee perform at "Showtime" presented by the Senior Class on February 26, 1957. Many masters had various ways of making their slaves work on Bermuda Slave Day, March l5. Here Dick Walker sits among the ruins of a modern day "rickshaw" while his "slaves" double up with laughter. Crowned Queen of the Temple City Pool Contest was Pat Brown. Chosen as her court at the pool dedication on April 6 were Sue Peterson, Tricia Slemons, and Caryol Scott. 89 Cf P' PET IT If N Trophies are more than a symbol ot a winner or a winning team, They are a symbol of spirit as well. Spirit in the band, maiorettes, track squads, base- ball, football, and basketball teams is well represented by the winning trophies displayed in the school trophy case. With the addition ot a new swimming pool this year, another kind of sport was made available to the students of Temple City High School. Under the leadership ot Dick Johnson, a boys' swim team was organized. Starting in all classes during the third quarter was a complete swimming and diving program. Greeted with shouts of joy by the horsehiders was the new baseball dia- mond. Gone were the days ot traveling over to Arcadia Park for baseball practice. Gone also are the generally small and overcrowded conditions tor all sports. N T 9 6 k 06 c zeiffqz? x.r':'.:':'f', Q ",':4:o', , Oogo' 94.0. 5 6.0.2 f 'f T' . ', RQ- .0 30,4 , 1 QS 3.40: K O Q 49, ' 1, 1 !.lN Y ,2' 6 G' if , .dl GJ Q46 ,X ,, . 'NX x Xun' Q ' , 51 -I XXX Q K L '1 X -901 3759, A57 :E Q Q fb . 4 , ' 7'W' 1 19 0 o 'Q ' 'WZW9' ,fr QQO 4' ' s 1 ' O 9 49,9 tok' 09, ff? 9 099:49 4 0 o Q ,909 ,Ona 5 Q B9 9 , . 1 s ' 4 ' - f 'Q , , Q3 iff 036' Q. f' ' ' K. Q,.'fQ 5, I ,J 9 .1 .1'v",6,'4 1 5,9 Q., 1 gQ,4,,,Q! V, 4 ,', 1 N Qbigifbraat gLss:Q,4.,:4d,9 h 5 ' xx Q" fm, 'tc.Q.v', 6 ' 5 1 1 'Q' ,Q ,, yi "K mfg X L' 3, Aff. if I NWI. - A L x' I' , ' ' fe- sv' f. 'X " 8 if xKXx.x - Q--A x"X ,- .Bob Head. - Pot McAdow L ' Ronnie Bell 0 I' ' 1 5 l l im. , . , :exam ,355 3-rl-ff :'Z'?r:Q r , ' ,, The tecirn leodingthe cheers 'this poet yecir consisted of Bob Beuchboordfiazheod,fyejl'l ledelkiifi. Ronn,i,efQQijf1Bell, McAdovv, Judy Peckham, Dennis Smith. By working together during the summer, this group developed some novel techniqueygjfjkmong the most ngiggmoroblleisyvos Uleqpg frog." "L- 'l7?3f"l KALA' l 77' Not only did these troupers catch cold by cheering in "sub-zero" weqther at night football games, but they acquired ochinigjllillfmusclesl55lElSlU'ring piiiirddes marching' with the loonner in front of the bcmcl. These hord-working members of the Pep Commission devoted o lot their time ond effort to develop The spirit ofthe student body. ' N F. fx Y J. V. LED.ss YA i ! Karen Kirste Head Song Leader Pat Plank Tricia Slemons Diane Davis Carol Illlasan, Karen Hornback I rg V 5' 5 N . X ' Q Always found supporting Temple City High School at football and basketball games were our song leaders in their new kelly green corduroy uniforms with canary yellow sweaters, Thegirls chose Karen Kirste as head song leader this past summer, and it was her iolo to arrange all the activities ofthe group. The activities in which these. girls participated were many. They included all pep rallies and assemblies, games, parades, and special ap- pearances, such as the program at Disneyland on ,December 6. They also maccompaniecl the GAA. to play days at various schools through- out the year. For the first time here at Temple, the song lead- ers held special practice sessions for all girls who planned to try out for song leader later in the school year, Through the energetic efforts of the girls, these practice periods offered an oppor- tunity for future songigirls to gain some practical experience and to learn the requirements for becoming a song leader at TCHS. Alison Heed Head Flag Girl .1 - l. ll ls ? " f" Q Qxx, x x 6 Q T X----'rl . Buck row: P. Olmsted, A. Utterson, J Borrowman, L. Conklin, N. Moore, L. Henry. Middle row: S. Thomas, D. Math eney, B. Wagner, M. Marten, J. Gillette. Front row: L. Hughes, L. Nelson, L. Farr, J. Blakesley, B. Houck. Bonnie MacDonald Julie Heir' DE ILL The largest pep group on campus This past year was the Ramettes. This group, consisting of 37 iunior girls whose purpose was To promote spirit, was well known around The high school campusf They were under The leadership ofthe Two co-captains, Sharon Thomas and Rita Bottorff. The girls started out The year by designing a completely new outfit. This outfit consisted of a green princess-style, short skirted dress, with a peter pan collar. The skirt and collar were lined in yellow and white stripes. The girls also wore white boots with yellow tassels and yellow knit gloves. The Ramettes could be seen promoting spirit aT all sports events. They also parTicip.aTed in pep rallies Throughout The year. The group also gave fine showings aT The Burbank, Arcadia, and Na- tional City parades, and also aT our own Camellia Festival. None of this fine work would have been possible without The untiring advice anal assistance ofthe Ramettes' adviser, Miss Martha Hall. Ella Henderson Joey 5Um0"f"' FLAG QIEMS Flashing green flags Twirled in rhyfhm To The fighT song dis- Tinguished Temple CiTy's flag girls This year. Brighf yellow felT uniforms, Trimmed in kelly green wiTh a green and yellow embroidered Rams head, made This group easily recognizable. Chosen head flag girl lasT summer, Alison Heed organized and coordinaTed The acTiviTies of The girls aT all evenfs. The end of The quarTer and halffime usually saw The flag girls performing Their new rouTines wiTh The band. Performing aT various parades and pep rallies rounded ouT a busy year for The flag girls. Marilyn Bibler RameTTe Co-CapTains Rita Borrorff, Sharon Thomas. Back row: D. Novak, C. Kirin, L. Moore, C. Titus, P. Hage-rTy, P. Beech. Middle row: J. Gorisek, C. ScoTT, K. Schneider, J. Beard, K. GrueTer, R. BoTTorff. Front row: V. Jimenez, M. Derrick, S. Crane, J. Allen. FOO' BALL QUEEN Royal Court: Kay Davidson, Princess, Donna Jones, Queen, Rita Hanson, Princess. ue spoflsmon' i S me Rio Hondo Lew -fi 1955-56. . GY . - H. h I DEbpmfrOtl3lliS Won by TemPle CIW lg 5 i Temple City High was very proud of its football court for this year. The girls were chosen on the basis of their personality, poise, and enthusiastic spirit. Queen Donna Jones is T7 years old and was born in Glendale, California. After graduating from Luther Bur- bank Junior High, she came to Temple City in her soph- omore year. She became an active member in student government, holding the office of historian in her iunior year and Girls League president in her senior year. A member of the California Scholarship Federation and Temple City High's representative at Girls' State, Donna was known as an excellent student leader. Taking an academic course, she plans to maior in education at college. Princess Kay Davidson, also T7 years of age, was born in Alhambra, California. She has attended Temple City schools since the fifth grade. She has been a great asset to the Pep Commission for the past three years. In her sophomore year she was a drill team member and a flag girl in her iunior year. She finished her senior year as pep commissioner. She was also a member of the Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation and was selected alternate Girls' State representative. Kay's plan for the future is to major in international relations at college. Princess Rita Hanson was a newcomer to our school this year. She came from Yerington, Nevada, where she was very active in her school. She reigned as Junior Prom queen and football princess in her iunior year. Rita was Girls' State representative from her high school and active on the Student Council. She was also vice-presi- dent of her class. Rita has had no trouble this year in getting acquainted and becoming an active member of our school. Playing the role of ci district attorney, tough guy, iudge, and zoot suiter at the San Marino Rally are the TCHS Yell Leaders Ronnie Bell, Pat McAdow, Bob Beachboard, and Judy Peckham. A wee small addition to the Pep Commission was Nancy Walker, the yell leader's mascot. SPIE IT IN ACTIV N Newcomers to the Pep Commission this year were the iunior varsity yell leaders. Their duties were to perform at all Bee football games and Cee and Dee basketball games. Leading the crowd in the "Temple Spellout" is Carol Mason. You saw some funny interpretations of old standard routines at the San Marino Rally. lt was because of this odd assortment of costumes worn by Pat Plank, Karen Kirste, Tricia Slemons, and Diane Davis, T.C. song leaders 97 I I' GRID SCORES T.C. O .. . . .. San Gabriel T.C. 6 . . . ........ Arcadia T.C. 7 . . . . . . South Pasadena T.C. O ......... Arroyo T.C. 0 . .. . . . Bell Gardens T.C. O . .. ...... Upland T.C. 6 .. San Marino T.C. O Santa Fe 6 6 T3 6 T3 6 33 7 le-. . 'kfvi ' ,lx X T.C.6... 770:24 Artesia 37 Temple's varsity football coaches this year were: Joe Feary backfield, Chuck Piper, head coach, and assistant, Bob Wagoner. A I' fb ' N r t Q The Ram varsity team was dealt a losing season this year, as it was left holding clown the cellar position in the league with a seven-loss and one-tie record. The team showed signs of a tough season right at the start when only 19 boys came out for practice, but Coaches Chuck Piper, Joe Feary, and Robert Wagoner soon had the squad filled out. With high spirits the Temple City eleven met San Gabriel, their first opponents of the season, in what proved to be their greatest game this year. The first itlll 'slt 6 ,C N L my quarter saw Temple's outstanding defense stop the Matadors cold. Late in the second quarter, however, - ' VV 2, San Gabriel broke into the scoring column for the sy.,,, 'X first and only time that night, when it dashed 75 by 3 , - M yards on a punt return for the six winning digits. f , The next three games saw Temple City tie with Ar- , Q 'S ..,si 9 cadia, while it held its other opponents to six and A.......,. ...... . .. . . .......... .... . . g ,.. 5 y V V T , yy , at I ll I , ff l' L.: . , 'iii' I ., rf , L t t , 6 s r 3 ' 's""f:s . T . '75 ,... . 'f A 7 .,,,, ,, ,,,,, . M ,,,,,.,,,,,, 4 , , it , str 4' riff if T iiilt., llfl , Tlllllll M gyyy gg y ,,,,,,, lll M 3 llll 1 A A- T " 6 . ' F if 'T T is ii ,v llll 'T . . ...T 7 ' ' . . . 6 5' T T r"' E t 34 l..,, L. fl , 71 QQTTTAIQZZ, ,U 3 ' V i C E Co Captain Jerry Redman, Most Valuable Player Morris Morkre, and Co-Captain Marlin Dingle talk over the past season together. FGJTBALL seven-point victories. But the Bell Garden Lancers took even that consolation away, when they tromped all over the Ram eleven in a hard-hitting 33-O con- test. After ci 33-6 defeat at the hands of San Marino, our varsity ended the season with Artesia trouncing it 37-6. . Morris Morkre led Temple City offensively by scoring three of the four TC touchdowns and being the leading Ram ground-gainer in every game he play- ed. Besides this he was chosen "Most Valuable Player of the Year" by his teammates and was placed, along with Marlin Dingle, on the All-Rio Hondo League second team. Receiving honorable mention were Jerry Redman, quarterback, Jeff Leder, guard, and Dennis Williams, guard. R. i-I. L. STANDINGS ' A K 0 ,,,, vw .tr TW? if T 'V E A aff rg P 45.24 i lg?-f rn: 1. South Pasadena 2. Bell Gardens 3. San Marino 4. Artesia 5. Arroyo 6. Santa Fe 7. Temple City aww .lil 1111222 , 5, F, ,...,,,,,..,,,.. 1 T . -- ..f,t.?SZ5?,mQt:. ,V an az' .1 'Mtg .,... , 3- v -L .,. lim --,. ' 'X ,X K I f,yg3:,g. -iilsffqfiy.. -w,f:f5u,r2:.-w,c sz: ---' - ','1'fn:51wWiii:2ii 4 '. ,.:i --+:2Z.f'HfCg-:6f'2::.i ., .. ,,- ii. ' ' "" , -' i ' we - T T - were , 'A ' 9 ' 2 M ' , W3 1 ' , - ,. ,....,- if C .,.. T . 0 V - ,, ' 'I' - ' ' .. gif ,adm -- ' ..-......... L if V. . After gaining T. C. yardage, Halfback Ron Barbieri is tripped l'lGlfbC1Cl4 Jim Pifkle VUYWS UP VOVJUQG fOr T C F1 O T up by Sqn Marino. game with Arcadia. I ' 5 V A851 I' f .N Q 62 Clive Acker ............ T 21 Gary Elliott .. . 50 Ronald Barbieri ....... HB 43 Dgvid Howord ,T 51 Bruce Bayha ..... .... T 23 -jeff Leder ,,,, f,' 61 Carl Clark ..... .... Q B 45 Jim Martin ... N k 46 Mike Cofflond ... ...G 44 Jerry McClellan w 67 Mike Coglwlan . .. ...C 39 Morris Morkre xr 7 ' oo Brin Dietrick .... .... H B 42 Ari Nicholson . Marlin Dingle .... .... T 36 Torn Parrington Morris Morkre carries the ball for T. C. in the first varsity Ron Bmbieril holfbockl tussle of the season with San Gabriel. thai ended 33-6, San is downed by San Marino n a fracas Marino's win. In U Qflme Tliflf ended T- C- O, SGH Grlbriel 6, Bill Dlelflfk, A San Marino ball carrier is about to be smeared by Temple holtback, defends against a San Gabriel pass, City's right' halfback, Marlin Dingle. fir fx' F I N .A JQ cr fs 52 George Parrish . .. .. .G 27 Dennis Sepp ... .. .T 1451 41 Hank Pasquarella ...... T 29 Gary Sewell .. .... G We f 25 Jim Pirkle ........... HB 20 David Taylor .. . .... C K' hi, 31 Roger Ramsey . .. .. .E 35 Terry Teel ..... .. .E NDT' 40 Jerry Redman ... ...QB 32 Gary Timmons . ....G 1- 34 Terry Reinhold ... .... T 22 Dick Walker ... ...HB vi: 4 38 Tom Rinaman ... ...C 30 Dennis Williams .. ....G A 37 Tony Roberts .......... E 30 Mike Williams ......... G Stopped cold is San Gabriel's ball carrier. Jerry Redman and Jerry Redmgn exewfeg Q quarterback sneak against San Carl Clark make the tackle. r Marino. The final score was San Marina 33, T. C. 6. Back row: R. Reseigne, G. Fuller, L. Bateman, L. Johnson, R. Beer, F. Ruedal, B. Rickson, J. Deiss, J. Bluemel, K. Lloyd, T. Hudecek Middle row: D. Allen, M. Souther, E. Hansen, B. Taylor, D. Foster, E. Sisola, B. Peters, D. Howard, W. Ristow, A. Grueter, R. Roland Front row: P. Showalter, D. DiGiorgio, A. Leonard, H. Pool, A. Schloss, W. Marti, K. Davis, D. Curtiss, D. Brady, L. Irwin. I I fx' A fs I fx I Ffh rl. rl. L. Q fr NDINGQ GRID QCOr's.':Q W L T 1, Sqn Mgrino , ,I ,,,, 5 0 1 l"T.C. 6 .... .... S an Gabriel 2. Scnfg Fe Q... '... 5 'I O O .... .......... A rcadia 3. Arresio ' . I U - . A I... 3 2 1 T.C. 6 .... .... S outh Pasadena 4. Bell Gordens .I ..-. 3 3 O T.C. 6 .... ......... A I'I'OyO 5' Temple City H' H--2 4 O T.C. 7 .... ...Bell Gardens 6. Arroyo ........ . . .l 5 O All-'C' lg' ' ' "" Uplqnd 7. South Pasadena . . . .. .l 5 O ' ' "" Sogolxllrlii T.C. 18 ........ . .. . .. Artesia 'lNon-League games. Ken Lloyd, tailback, picks up yardage against Santa Fe in ln G game won by Temple City against Arroyo, Denny a game ending 29-12, Santa Fe's win. HSS. fvllbdck, CGFYFGS The bflll- 7 18 7 O 13 O I5 29 7 Cur Dennis Allen most valuable player and Dennis Curtiss, the team's captain. F- EE FOOT BALL and Bill Davis. The Bee team coaches this season were Roger Lockie The Rams Bee team, in its third year of com- petition, ended its season with a three-win, six- loss record. The Bees, coached by Bill Davis, defeated Arroyo and Artesia for their two league wins. Dennis Curtiss, the captain ot the squad, and Ken Lloyd ln a 6-O contest, Temple City winning, Arroyo defenders at- tempt to stop haltback Dave Foster on a reverse play. performed well in the backfield during the com plete season. Dennis Allen did an excellent job in the line to earn the "Most Valuable Player" award from his teammates. Mr. Davis said that he believed that this year's Bee team was the best Temple City has had. Fullback Denny Curtiss carries for a T.C. gain against Ar tesia. The final score was T.C. 18-Artesia 7. iw , r ir? I Manager Roger Adamson, Coach MallicoaT, and Most N r D D L Valuable Player Dennis Powers are proud of their Rio r Hondo League championship for The season. The Temple CiTy Cee pigskin crew Took Top honors in The Rio Hondo League This year, holding a league record of five wins, no losses. . Under The guidance of Coach Sam Mallicoaf, The Cees im- proved over Their previous year when They losT all Their games. Dennis Powers led The Team in scoring and was picked as "MosT Valuable Player" of The Team. Traveling around right end for T.C. yardage is Dennis Powers, quarterback 'For The championship Cee Team. Running interference for him is Dennis Meyers l22l. ' GRID T.C. 21... T.C. 13... T.C. 26... T.C. 20... T.C. 6... T.C. 32... SCORES .. . .Buena Park ..Bell Gardens Arroyo ...San Marino .. . .SanTa Fe . ArTesia Back row: R. Adamson, manager, F. BaTeman, manager, G. Walfield, A. Sichler, D. Kiloh, R. Collins, R. Browning, F. Flippen, J. Brewer B. Van Pienbroek, M. Caho, P. Andrist, B. Carlson, F. Jones, D. Parker. Middle row: S. Walker, G. Gardner, B. Marston, J. Bibler, R Gaylord, D. Beckley, R. Pecoraro, R. Kidwell, M. Cornelius, R. Dean, R. Harp, H. Denning. First row: D. Taylor, D. Powers, R. Adamson J. Norberg, D. Crosson, R. Knollenberg, D. Meyers, T. Wiese, J. Pefralia, J. Mueller, J. Morton. Orval Hart, most improved runner, Mr. Lebrecht, coach, Rick Scott, most valuable runner. P'lE-IET SCORES Lowest Score Wins T.C. 40 ................. Arcadia 28 T.C. 27 .... ,.... A rroyo 28 T.C. 33 .... . . .Culver City 22 T.C. 34 .... ..... P uente 2l T.C. 25 .... ........... S anta Fe 30 T.C. 29 ................. Artesia 27 T.C. 65 ...... League Finals Artesia 25 T.C. tooksecond in League Finals CFV SS Cf UNT? Y The Temple City Cross Country team, in its second year in the Rio Hondo League, earned second place by defeating Santa Fe and Arroyo in competition. Artesia, the league champion, dealt the Rams their only league loss by defeating them 27-29 llowest score winsl, spoiling their chances for the league championship two years in a row. ln practice meets the harriers met stiff competition from Arcadia, Puente, and Culver City, losing all three. Richard Scott, most valuable runner, was high-point man, taking firsts in the Arroyo, Santa Fe, and Artesia meets, and breaking the school record by more than a minute. Scott then managed to grab fifth in the league finals, with Steve Hendrix, a freshman, taking a surprising fourth. The Rams were coached by George Lebrecht, track coach. Crossing the finish line, a winner, is Rick Scott. Back row: J. Howell, L. McDonald, O. Hart, T. Dawson, L. Morkre, J. Miller, R. Scott. Front row: B. Hoke, K. McCully, R. Ramsey, M. Schrock, C. Conger, G. Freeman, D. Witt. ,Q ini ,ssrtsrr -.w+wwi+f stss, eee W 4 QKMQQTKQKMQQQQ QAMQ' QRMN QAQZW QV' "TIN V9 an 'bw The Temple City varsity basketball team, coached by Marty Pelka, ended up its league season with an unimpressive two-win, tenvloss record. The squad's main problem this year was lack of height, for the Rams lost all but two of their champion team members last year. The one bright spot on the record, however, was the 41-34 upset of third-place Bell Gardens on the Rams' home floor. Temple's squad consisted of the following boys: Al Langdale, elected co-captain of the team, even though he was pronounced ineligible in the middle of the season because of age. Al looked very good in the non-league contest with Claremont High, when he sank 16 digits to be TC's high-point man. Rick Scott, most valuable player and co-captain of this year's team. Rick looked exceptionally good in the first Arroyo tilt, where he racked up seven baskets to lead the team scoring-wise, with a total of 14 points. Ron Surdam played an important role in Temple's 41-34 upset against Bell Gardens. Ron hit 10 of TC's 41 digits, to be second highest scorer ofthe game. Dennis Gallagher, named most improved player of the year. Dennis starred in the Temple City-Bell Gardens upset, in which he netted 14 digits, to come out top scorer ofthe game. Ron Coleman had his day in the Temple City-Arroyo clash, when 'he dumped in 22 points to be Top scorer ofthe game. Bob Rose sank 12 points in the second halt of the Temple versus Arroyo game to start a Ram scoring surge. Bob proved to be second highest scorer in that tilt. Dan Brook ran the team superbly in the first Santa Fe clash. Temple won the game by a score of 29-33. ' Bob Jones dropped in nine points when Temple topped Claremont High by a 51-40 count. Chuck Day proved to be top scorer in the second Temple City-Arroyo game. Chuck dropped in eight points, one basket a beautiful hook shot, but the Rams could not top their opponents, as they were beaten 47-38. Richard Howard, one of the two returning varsity members, played at a forward position. Richard looked very good in several games. LeRoy Morkre dropped in a half-court shot in the final seconds of the last quarter of play in the Temple City-Artesia game. The Rams were beaten soundly by a score of 46-23. 'Q VA? SIT Y i-IOOPSTERS R. i-I. L. STANDINGS Won San Marino ..... . 10 South Pasadena . . . . 10 Artesia ....... . 8 Bell Gardens .. . 5 Santa Fe ..... . 4 Arroyo ...... . . 3 Temple City . . . . 2 Lost 2 2 4 7 8 9 10 3 Al Langdale, co-captain, Dennis Gallagher, most improved player, Richard Scott, co-captain and most valuable player. Coaching varsity basketball was Marty Pelka. i-IOOP SCORES League Games 23 ............. , .... Artesia 46 29 . . . ......... Santa Fe 23 37 . . South Pasadena 46 56 . . . ......... Arroyo 63 40 ... .. Bell Gardens 58 36 ... ... San Marino 58 31 . . . ...... Artesia 43 34 . . . ....... Santa Fe 49 21 .... .. South Pasadena 29 38 . . . ...,..... Arroyo 47 41 ... .. Bell Gardens 34 43 .............. San Marino 45 Non-League Games 33 .............. El Segundo 52 42 ............ Baldwin Park 37 50 .................. Azusa 32 Forteit to Glendale 51 .............,. Claremont 40 64 . . . .... West Covina 61 39 .... ....... M ark Keppel 72 31 .............. San' Gabriel 40 Covina Tournament 42 ............. West Covina 37 32 . . . .... Covina 64 H 107 SMH' 'Fi V ARSIT Y ROSTER 23 14 15 19 18 20 11 24 17 16 12 ell Gardens Dan Brooks Ron Colernan Charles Day Dennis Gallagher Richard Howard Bob Jones Alan Langdale LeRoy Morkre Bob Rose Richard Scoff Ron Surdam J . , r, , . 1 if xt -iff 1: on Coleman 1141 jumps for T.C. in opening play against Dennis Gallagher 1191 dribbles down court against Bell Gardens Al Langdale tips in Two valuable points. Back row: M. Pespisa, manager, R. Roland, H. Hanson, W, Broadhag, D. Reseigne, D. Allen, C. Roberti, M. Souther. Fronh row: D lzumlta S. Wheeler, T. Christensen, M. Vogel, B. Rickson, T. Mallory, G. Ball. R. I-I. L. STANDINGS W. L. l. Artesia ...... . . l l 1 2. Bell Gardens .... .. 8 4 3. Temple City . . . . 6 6 4. Arroyo ..... . . 6 6 5. Santa Fe ..... . . 5 7 6. San Marino ..... . . 4 8 7. South Pasadena . . . . 3 9 A lay up shot by Ronald Roland l9l adds two more to T.C.'s score against San Marino. i-IO' P SCORES T.C. 44 .... ..,............ A rtesia 49 T.C. 36 . .. .. Santa Fe 30 T.C. 33 . . . ...... Arroyo 31 T.C. 43 . ,. .. . Bell Gardens 38 T.C. 39 . . . .... San Marino 5l T.C. 40 . . . ....... Artesia 48 T.C. 42 . . . ......... Santa Fe 40 T.C. 28 . . . .... South Pasadena 37 T.C. 38 . . . ........ Arroyo 32 T.C. 48 . . . . . Bell Gardens 52 T.C. 43 . . .... San Marino 45 Surrounded by Titans of San Marino, Ronald Roland attempts a lay up. Elected to positions of honor on the Bee team this year were Ronald Roland, highepoint man, Terry Christensen, most valuable player, and Dennis Allen, captain. Sam Mallicoat coached the Bee team. F- EE I-IOOPSTEF S The Temple City Bee hoopster squad, which was under the guidance oT Sam Mallicoat This year, ended up its '57 basketball season holding Third place in The Rio Hondo League standings. The Rams ended Their league play with a record ot six wins and six losses. The squad began league play in contention for In a game won by T.C., Wayne Broadhag sinks two with a lump shot against Bell Gardens. first place along with Artesia, but after a defeat from San Marino the Ram Team declined. Ronald Roland was the season's high-point man. Terry Christensen was voted most valuable play- er of the Bee team. The honor of captain went to Dennis Allen, who was elected to this position by his teammates. Terry Christensen lol moves into position as Dennis Allen and Ronald Roland rebound against San Marino. CEE I-IOOPSTERS The Temple CiTy Cee baskeTballers Took Top Rio Hondo League honors This pasT year when They ended up Their '57 season holding a nine-win, Three-loss record. Coached by John ApplegaTe, The Team losT only Three of iTs conTesTs - To ArTesia, Arroyo, and Bell Gardens. Dave Crosson proved To be one of The ouTsTanding play- ers, as his TeammaTes voTed him The mosT valuable player award along wiTh The honor of capTain. Don CarpenTer was voTed The mosT improved player of The Cee squad. CapTain and mosT valuable player of The Cee baskeTballers This year was Dave Crosson. Don Carpenfer was voTed mosT improved player. STealing The rebound from John Bibler 1181 is a ' Cee. T.C. 24 ................. ArTesia T.C. 36 .. ....... SanTa Fe T.C. 37 . . , . . SouTh Pasadena T.C. 25 .. ......... Arroyo T.C. 49 . . . . . Bell Gardens I li ll T.C. 41 .. .... San Marino H .I 5 T.C. 34 .. ....... ArTesia T.C. 20 .. ....... SanTa Fe T.C. 43 . . .. . SoUTh Pasadena T.C. 25 .. ........ Arroyo T.C. 14 . . . . . Bell Gardens T.C. 26 . . .... San Marino Back row: J. Bibler, D. Crosson, G. Walfield, G. Rhoades, R. Adamson. Front row: B. Johnson, D. Carpenter, B. Van Pienbrock, E. Carlson. i-IOOP SCORES 30 30 19 22 39 26 14 19 34 26 18 18 C. McCulIe P l A14 A San Marino ball player attempting to dribble down court is guarded by Jon Greene ISI. T.C. 29 .. .. Artesia 21 T.C. 34 . . . . . Santa Fe 23 T.C. 12 .. ...... Arroyo 24 T.C. 29 . . . . . Bell Gardens 19 T.C. 30 . . .... San Marino 13 T.C. 22 .. ..... Artesia 24 T.C. 30 . . .. . Santa Fe 25 T.C. 32 .. ...... Arroyo 21 T.C. 21 .. . . . Bell Gardens 14 T.C. 30 . . .... San Marino 34 FEE i-If V PSTERS Taking The Rio Hondo League Dee basketball champion- ship This year was The Temple CiTy squad, which was coached by John Applegate. The Dees finished Their season with a nine-win, Three- loss league record. The outstandingplayer of The year proved to be Jerry Gardener, who was voted most valuable player of the Dee squad. Jerry was high scorer in most ofthe games he played and is expecTed To go Tar in The next Tew years. Elbert Ellington was voted captain of The squad by his teammates. as-'f 4 ,G 'U 465' 3 3' T 1134, 'ikw gfilgs., ,, nv as G""9 . , UQ: I aaa' Elbert Ellington, captain, Fred Bateman, most improved player, Steve Blakesley, most improved player, and Gerald Gardener, most valuable player labsentl. Buck row: J. Greene, S. Poole, J. Petralia, D. Krieb, F. Bateman. Front row: G. Gardener, J. Nelson, S. Blakesley, J, Berg. A . 4 I T-9' ' 1 .,,1 X ., ,,.: t s . .. , 5 ,,1::. I , i 1 0 1.71. I 1 J ' " - . f,-- I A yrggy. Scoring during track meets went on at this table placed in A me center of me football field. t 1" ' ,. mfg, :J -X A 5 , 5 t 5 'ff X . E . , 1 3 , .A L1 s . VV LAZ AAJb , ' ' - M av Q. ttt t " Je smtst sit 5 fs? Us E .51 IW f, , 935312 2 1 . by H 3 SEV-4 Exam R 'fL,,. EFQQ. , , , ,xziz M..- 9 ., ,,., i ,ilg 'Els U jf ' 1? as f 5 Gif at I I 'O I' A Mr. Lebrecht, assistant track coach, discusses a Mr. Feary, who coaches all three track teams. 11 N' 5 x problem with an fi -nv- 'lW'!n '--1 MS CARL R-r t,11 A 'f:' --,X t t 'g: Qvtf stts Q t-: s ' X5 5 ttst, ,.t, sst ttts lis 's ' W- '-:wi . ,if f . Mx T, T qi, E ig! .... ,M . 1. ' B ' "mlm ' 'WI ,Y I VA? SITY SPIE EWIEN Temple City High's varsity track team showed promise of being a Rio Hondo League threat this '57 spike season. This year's squad, which was coached by Joe Feary and George Lebrecht, was strengthened by last season's championship Bee cindermen. Because of an early deadline we had no way of knowing who took the Rio Hondo League Championship, but in their meets up to March 14, the Rams looked quite strong in many of their events. Bob Beachboard, one of last year's returning varsity members, high- lighted several meets with his outstanding performances in the TOO-vard dash. At the tri-school track meet this year, between Temple City, Baldwin Park, and Mission High, Bob broke his own TOO-yard dash record by three seconds, when he ran the distance in a time of 9.8. Bob was announced also the holder of the second best time for this event in the C l F. Other outstanding track members Temple has fielded this year were Morris Morkre, holder of the school shot put record of 51 ft. 7 in. Al- though he was a Bee spikeman last year, Morris put the iron ball farther than any varsity attempt. Morris placed fourth in the CIF track finals last year, and since he was a member of the varsity this season, he should have been a strong asset. Temple looked very good in the pole vault division, where Dennis Wil- liams and Bill Wells won several meets for the Rams by taking firsts in this event. As it stood before deadline, Temple held a non-league record of one win, two losses. fii s liiir 1 A N' .V-V, 7 -- - ' ' , ti-- . ii'l '- iiii 'ili A f...i iili V. wp -as ew 5.0'W 't' Dfw ,M I 3, .. 4 i v X' i..-ie if I4 ilii- V , .... - , if A ,iw .55 ' it: . 5 li -- ,.VV . , ,,.,.. V' 6 A K l l f ,.'i AAL KI A J . .f,f ll5 Bob Beachboard set a new school record in the 100 yard dash with a time of 9.8. AF SIT Y ROSTEF Bob Beachboard . . . Sprints Carl Conger ..,. , .... , 880 Chuck Day . . . . . Shot Put Bruce Elgar .... . .. Hurdles Orval Hart .... Hurdles Pete Katzmaier . . .. Hurdles Tom Mallory ... Brood Jump Leland McDonald .... ..,... S hot Put Morris Morkre .. . ..., Shot Put Tom Parrington . ...,.. 440 Richard Ramsey . .. .... Pole Vault Roger Ramsey . .. .... Pole Vault Terry Reinhold .,.. ..... S hot Put Charles Roberti . High Jump Ronald Roland ... ... High Jump Richard Scott .... ......... M ile Bill Wells .....,. .... P ole Vault Dennis Williams . Pole Vault Pete Katzmaier hands off to Tom Parrington in the 880 relay. Temple City placed second. Morris Markre takes another first in the shot put ln a meet with San Gabriel Bob Beachboarcl placed first in the broad iump. Richard Ramsey vaults against San Gabriel to place third in the meet. ig, 'N "W " G i ., ak 4 I K. X' i , -r ' el .. I 'I 2 f W W ,, D , ,W ,F "' 5 High iumping against San Gabriel is Kip Roberti. Bruce Elgar takes a first in the 180 low hurdles against San Gabriel, F EE TF ACK Shot putting is Jack Diess. , ' ' Q1 as H8 Lynne lrwin runs in the low hurdles event. Temple City's Bee tracksters, who were coached by Joe Feary and George Lelorecht, showed less prom- ise than the varsity team this '57 Rio Hondo League season. With last year's Cee team making up the bulk of the squad, Temples chances of capturing 'again the Bee track trophy looked quite slim. Because of our March 22 deadline we cannot say it this prediction proved true, but according to the results the Bee team racked up so tar they should have had more of a struggle in league play than either the varsity or Cee squads. Glenn Hill wins the 100-yard dash. He is running against West Covina iw if N, i Gary Heaton takes a first place against San Gabriel in the shot put. Broad iumping in a meet with San Gabriel is Phil Harris. A i A . .9 Back row: L. Irwin, G. Hill, G. Heaton, P. Harris. Front row: K. McCuIley, J. Howell, D. Witt, J. Kimball. I I9 f-r-r-'r occ fr ACK . Up To The Rampage deadline The Cee TracksTers, who are also coached by Joe Feary and George Lelorechf, looked very sTrong in non-league play. The Cee squad was made up mainly of freshmen, and many of These beginning cindermen looked very promising in Their respecTive evenTs. Rick Gaylord Took several firsTs in The T80 and The broad lump, While Jack Norberg and STeve Hendrix showed up well in The 120, low hurdles, and The 660, respecTively. Steven Hendrix Takes first place honors in The 660 against Wesr Covina. -as., f , X, I ig-1,-vi 'Qs Back row: G. Rhoades, M. Schrock, R. Kafzmaier, G. Wclfield, R. Gaylord, P. Thorndyke, G. Freeman, H. Heed, D. Morris. Front row D Taylor, J. Bibler, D. Rosenbohm, H. Denning, D. Kidwell, B. Hoke, J. Norberg, T. Wiese, S. Hendrix, R. Clark. The second doubles team playing against Arroyo con- sists of Bill Wherry and Jack Smith. TENNIS Representing Temple City High School in Rio Hondo League Tennis games This year has been The Ram racket Team. These TC netters were coached by Chuck Piper, who Took The place of Garland Peed, last year's Tennis mentor. Because of an early deadline The Rampage cannot give re- sults of The '57 Tennis season, buT The squad was expected to do well, since iT lost only Two members last year. The Rams are made up of basically The same squad as lasT year's. Mighty Mice Dove Crosson and John Nelson see action against Arroyo. Buck row: D. Muck, Crosson, S. Schoenboum, B. Wherry, J. Smith, R. Bell, A. Grueter, M. Coghlan, B. Jones, M. Piper, coach. Front row: D. Wood,LL-ljlutcheg, M. Gordon, D. Becklon, R. Burstein, B. Browning, E, Ellington, J. Nelson. ' ' tisiii ' f'.z'1lIll!:g3llIlif' 4-' 'Ae ,I T 1 ... ' S:-Rh '- ' A Mm.-. ..,,, Q x' 3 ,U I , Q ,' 5' ' ,Q if E3 5 f' t rf-, ,. First baseman Mike Reed puts outa Bell Gardens' runner. QM Won 2 l l . ff tg' .Q be i l i. kL,. x A I 0 ' W r I Q The Temple City baseball Team, which is coached by Bill Davis, went into its '57 league season with a Tive-win, two-loss practice game record. Temple held wins over Monrovia, San Gabriel, and Baldwin Park. It also Topped the Azusa High horsehiders twice in the practice season. The first league contest proved to be with South Pasadena, in which The Rams nipped Their op- ponents in The iOTh inning by ci score of 7-6. Because of The deadline, complete results of The season were not To be had, but the Temple City Batting against Monrovia is Gary Topion in a contest Won by TCHS 8 I i-If RSE!-IIDEF squad was expected To Take Top league honors. The Rams lost only Two Team members last year and are fielding basically the same squad as lasT year. Members of The varsity Team are: .lerry Mc- Clellan, caTcher, Mike Reed, first base, Terry Christensen, second base, Ken Lloyd, Third base, Dick Di Giorgio, shortstop, Jerry Redman, center field, Denny Curtiss, left field, Gary Topion, right field, Bill Taylor, Jim Pirkle, Doug Woolley, pitchers, and Dan Brook, left field. Mike Reed, first baseman, attempts to pick off an Arroyo base runner in a game won by T.C., IO-l. Temple City wins l'I-8, as able Catcher Jerry McClellan stops Bell Gardens' runner from scoring. ' s 4 Roger Lockie coached the JV baseball Team. J. V. The Temple Ciry High junior varsiTy, up To deadline Time, looked very promising in The '57 Rio Hondo League season. Coached by Roger Lockie, The Team went into league play with a sparkling eighf-win, no-loss non-league record. The JV's had wins over The squads of Bald- win Park, San Gabriel, Azusa, Arcadia, and Mon- Back row: T. Erling, J. Gardener, S. Fenner, J. Cole, B. Dietrick, L. Bateman, G. Ball, J. Morton, B. Schuelke. Fronl row: L. Sotelo, K Davis, D. Brady, P. Brown, P. Andrist, J. Miller, R. Adamson. I" BASEBALL rovia. San Gabriel proved To be The toughest non-league opponent, for in both clashes with This Team, The Rams had to come from behind one and five-point deficits To win The games by one or Two safeties. With This excellent record behind Them The JV's should have done well in league play. Phil Brown, catcher for T.C., makes a flying leap for home plate to score against Azusa. Temple won 10-O. Dennis Brady steps out of the batting box as Eddie Sisola slides in to score. Batting is Phil Andrist, center fielder. F., es ii . gpg its 125 QIRLS' FX'l'i-ILE-."l'l- ASS' CIATIC N Officers B. Fessler, Treasurer, N. Moore, Vice-President, L. Larson, Corresponding Secretary, P. Beech, President, V. Jimenez, Recording Secretary, B. Barley, Historian, C. Tifus, Sports Manager. Lfiifgill x ' Back row: M. Magie, T. Covello, M, Seixas, S. O'Toole, N. Geyer, R. Ipsen, B. Ewing, J. Blakely, J. Aeby, B. Borger, A. Evans C. Price, C. Kirin, K. Anderson. Middle row: B. Ruwet, J. Lindberg, J. Beard, M. Brown, L. Hoegler, S. Vandermeulen, J. Zachmann L. Mentze, L. Conklin, N. Landing, M. Kammer, B. Adams, S. Johnson, l. Buckeridge. Front row: N. Porter, S. Williams, P. Kirby, L. Moore, B. Fessler, P. Beech, V. Jimenez, L. Larson, B. Barley, N. Moore, C. Tifus. udy Zachmann kicks up to teammates Stephanie Vandermeulen nal Bev Borger in a speedaway game. The G.A.A.'s whirl of activities started off with a "Father and Daughter Potluck Dinner" on November i. Excitement was in the air when their senior bas- ketball team took first place during play day at Puente High School. On November T9 they had their third annual girls' All-Star basketball game, and the following night the winning team tangled with the women's faculty team. The year was climaxed with the awards banquet on May l. New officers were installed, and all the girls received their emblems, letters, or pins, depending on their points. Volleyball is another of the sports offered in the varied G.A.A. pro- gram. Slamming the ball across the net is Pat Kirby. N- -s xx xv , us 4 I f N ,yn ,-..L'fffy. 1 fl fx, ,inn ,- ',1' ix 'Z Is xv? ,yr ' xii, v . J, -V 1 X Taking aim are Bonnie Ruwet, Marilyn Lewis, and Linda Moore Green HorneTs Back row: R. Ipsen, C. TiTus, N. Moore, S. Williams. Front row: S. Alexander, J. Beard, L. Moore, captain, N. Porter. " 7 3 5 :Ugl- ALL " Q rrxri This year The GAA. of Temple held Their annual All-STar baskefloall game, The idea sTarTed and was developed lay Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. McAlisTer, and The G.A.A. leaders of T95-4. The game is now being considered as an annual affair. Any girl in The school can Try ouT, buf The objecTive is To pick T4 of The rnosT ouT- sfanding players. The Two Teams were The Green l-lornefs and The Gold Diggers. They pracTiced almosf every day affer Tying up The ball are Rosemary Ipsen of The Green HorneTs and Wendy Triay of The Gold Diggers. Connie Gels, Nancy Porter, and Nancy Moore move info position. 128 Nancy Porter of The Green Hornets aTTempTs a shoT as Nancy Moore of The Gold Diggers defends. Sevey Williams, Wendy Triay, and Marilyn Lewis awaiT The rebound. BASK1-E'l'BALL school working ouT plays and Trying To ouT-Think The oTher Team. On November 15, The nighT of The game, The Green HorneTs won, 32-24. The Green HorneTs sTayed on To play The Honolulu HoTshoTs on November 20. These, of course, were The women Teach- ers of Temple. The sTuolenTs playeol very well buT losT. We hope nexT year To conTinue wiTh The All-STar acTiviTy buT wiTh possibly some new highlighTs. ff if L3 Fl T is M.. Gold Diggers M-www Buck row: L. Davis, P. Kirby. Front row: R. RuweT, M. Lewis. Missing: CapTain Triay, C. Gies. Wendy Triay fights To gain possession of The ball. Nancy Porter, Marilyn Lewis, and Rosemary lpsen sTanol ready for acfion. Looking for a receiver is Nancy Porier of The Green l-lorneTs. Guarding her are Connie Geis and Marilyn Lewis. 129 LASTING SUCCESS NOT JUST A WISH...AN INVITATION your success is our concern too! we invite you to become an important part of the fascinating well paid communications industry. 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Lb 5 ' i 2 DON STROUD TEMPLE CITY CAMERA SHOP 9551 Los Tunos Drive AT 6-7177 LOU'S KEY, LOCK 8C GUN SERVICE 5916 Temple City Blvd. AT 6-6943 LIEBERGS, 9565 Los Tunos Drive, A16-3115 DIXON'S LASSIE SHOP TONY'S SHOE SHOP 9657 Los Tuncxs Drive 9139 Loss Tunes Drive AT 6-9413 AT 6-7722 5 SPROUSE REITZ, 9569 Los Tunes Drive, AT 7-3431 f ---...,, lafafig, ,.,....ev-" PINZOVV SHOP, 9530 Los Tunes Drive, AT 6-5388 GILBERT KELL TEMPLE CITY STATIONERS 9575 Los Tunos Drive 9546 Los Tuncis Drive AT 6-8694 AT 6-3541 , fx' 'V ,f R - 'if-. .4 'Vw V A an E3 1 M 'T 41, ' "' 4 rs , ii H' T T y 1 Q . 4 in :V A M ' 511, 'musing ' Q54 X V , ,, f x T 5 E if rf!! .. T ,..,:,.' . ,L ua 4.9 l -sr ,W --P FRESCRIPTIONS KWWAC ,,,. - , . ,.,.... . .,-mann-F-m FREE UELIQ ,mugs wg AM. , 1 - .1 TTRYDAILY .A "AT3'.9215?i?i'h s m ir ,1 J L V A Q Eiy V A 1 WV ,f in -. V..-- . - 5 ' A -1 f '1 ..... 'A 1 . 4 . i 1 if Q i ii vi 5 - L , 'T . 1 -'L- : .... - Q 1 A . gzl' E 9 If ,i .. 1 15f 6 ' 1 'i f' E? LEORA BLESSINGER DRESS SHOP VERNON'S TEMPLE PHARMACY 9659 Los Tuncls Drive 9579 Los Tunes Drive AT. 6-1484 AT. 6-1941 TEMPLE SPORTING GOODS, INC. 9514 Los Tunos Drive AT. 6-3308 ri' Q I 1 .1 ij 1 ' f '-,Ei s I 'irH':..,,, 1 'A we l JACKSON INSURANCE AGENCY 9068 Los Tunos Drive AT 7-1 164 .rf ifz, D MODE-O-DAY 9610172 Lois Tuners Drive AT 7-4874 FLEURETTES 9226 Lois Tuncis Drive At 6-1027 CURRY MAPLE SHOPPE 5912 Alessandro ,,,,,.v--- AT 6-0796 'fx 'M , , N ' X 5 Q 1 K 1 1 Q COFFMAN'S TEMPLE APPLIANCE CENTER 9160 Los Turios Drive AT 6-3157 HOUSE OF COLOR 9661 Los Tuncis Drive AT 6-O713 wk. L ,L,, 'I 139 .i I 1 A f 6 . ,mr frs BURR REALTY CO. 9070 Los Tunas Drive AT. 6-3159 Nw .,,RR lx MASOR'S BARBER SHOP 9413114 Los Tunds Drive AT. 6-9001 M12 '9" T .,., fq 1 ' 'R'2 'V ' -V , 1 2 ' ,. 21 21:3 ' ---. -11.5 1' f ,. if 3 .--- ,..- 1 . -eff, 5 "': ' ' 1 1.5.5 3 1 f 1. 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'M 5-:if 1 by FP A., :L 1 Q A - -V ' rv " ' - 1 I R ,666 f M f 515749 1 1 A5 ' ' 7 f , 1 WW .'i 3-Wwvz "iI2'!5" , , -'.. Q f .' , " xg 'Q "v:' fwf' in si ' 1 gy A W 1 1 P .6 X W1 x W: in 7 f,,,:fL, ' . , i 4 .1 ,666 ' 6 1 RAY CROMLEY REALTOR Rf-we CGMMERCIAL STATIONERS 9151 Los Tunos Drive 9O82Lc1s Tunos Drive AT 6-8171 AT 6-0115 141 TEMPLE CITY AUTO PARTS TEMPLE CITY FURNITURE CO. 9225 Lois Tunos Drive 9055 Los Tunos Drive AT. 6-3187 AT. 6-3251 TEMPLE CITY LETTER SHOP TEMPLE CITY HARDWARE CO. 9607 V2 Lcls Turms Drive 5924 Temple Cify Blvd. AT. 6-6388 AT. 6-8533 W. P. BOATRIGHT 84 ASSOCIATES TEMPLE CITY BOWLING CENTER 9I6I Los Tunos Drive 9454 Los Tunes Drive AT. 7-9243 AT. 6-9292 -kv-w.,M La- -L, Q. BOOSTEF Si' PAGE Anderson's Automotive Service Allen's Toys Davis Floor Coverings Edna's Beauty Salon George Bros., Inc., Appliance Repairing Gordon's Auto Service Keeler 81 Stimmel Gas Appliances King 84 Segars Insurance Agency Mahaftey's Upholstering Parady Realty Company Cal-.Art Photo Company Reynolds Auto Supply San Gabriel Valley Lumber Company Shopping Mart Temple City Bowling Center Temple City Florist Temple City Knit Shop Temple Toyland Vince's Italian Delicatessen Ll'N4,' 4 OAKS' I svffszfg gs Z-,gpiq if 7, D1 1' ,.i,:'V'Qi . M ,- .,.,,4 :PUMA ' ra 51 ffl V ffl I lr K Q3 f reign' '- f A , N X f gig, M 6 r A.. X SQJIVHD .W - . L - 'AN:x5Dn' I -AP' ul .3 git-'fl P' YEARBOOK STAFF Breneiser. .Editor-in-Chief Z Alice Williams. .Assistant Editor ' .smtp X A ' L Cheryl Bender.BusinessManager EQNQSV WY W i g 47-s Linda Wetmore ...... Art Editor 5' ' Z ' Nancy Kinn .... Co-Sports Editor 1 I U Lynn Davis ...,. Co-Sports Editor Sharon Dingle .... Chief Scurrier 996 .. John GQNord. .Head Key Banger fi 5' X J X Information year was rafheil'-hard on 2 City Yearbook staff. Q -7 With the help of some very, very patient and understanding p e annual was finally published. Our thanks go to: The staff of the Yearbook House in Monrovia Universal Bookbindery, Inc. in Los Angeles. Mr. O. D. Smith, photographer, in Alhambra. 4 T 4 .' . f' C777 Q ,wwf waved! ,MZQZD I WMWWM Q Q? MWQ JQAW Wad an fgffmffw LZ ,I - ity W jx M - WQWWW Wf, x ' , 5 - 1 . -w Fi, 42251 JWWQ t Sf' X--4' C125 , 2 -uk G m uk Tl . ""x . xii? 'CAL ff'Y2E'fW ali? 4 an E -, A-:Qi Y,,, , vw q,VN Y QTZN 'ES shit-,, A Ujy 14 - ' Yr Egih an -'wif' L D 9 8 ,Xe , VG'?I20flleV .... PUBLISHERS or "YErA:? THE nl5CmM,NA1,NG-- . X Qi Kim ' 3

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