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f 4+ w ' LW: sh: .2 1 1 z w -1 4 4 wif -Qi' H1 O 1980-1981 Temple Christian School a ministry of Pleasant Grove Baptist Temple 8421 Bohannon Dallas, Texas GIGAMESFH GBJECT OF PLAY There are many fun and exciting games people play, but they all have one thing in common the object of play. This is the desire to win, not only one game but all those to follow. This determination to be the best is the motivation that makes any game a challenge. Philippians 3:13, 14 "Brethren, I count not myself to have ,appre- hended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward to mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ." al.,-Q25 k V ' 'W 4 ' , w.v. J.w f ' 4:4 H . . V 'HW 3. L ,, pq, 5 4 W W , ,M 'M .N ,qi - gems ,Y A wwf? .4 . M 'J M v Mg 1 V f , " f MEF ,fm ' , f , , mm K wr! 'X .ffv,.9'XT'Li" X PLAYERS QYQ '32 '-Wi xanax-vSfDQ' The qualifications of players differ from game to game. Some require maturity in the fields of memory and skill, others, though, may require nothing more than a young child with two useful handsg still others require plenty of time and patience. On the other hand some games do not mention age, but require a cer- tain number to play. Whether there are one to ten players or mature and immature players, the desire to be the best still remains within each player until the very end. II Timothy 3:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a Workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." ' 5 EQUIPMENT Playing board, spinners, balls, houses . .. The list could go on forever, but one thing is true, games can seldom be played without the prescribed equipment. These necessities enable the players to success- fully accomplish their tasks. t Ephesians 6:13-18 ". . . take unto you the whole armour of God your loins girt about with truth the breastplate of righteousness the gospel of peace the shield of faith . . . the helmet of salva- tion the sword of the Spirit and praying always." ,ff r g?1.'vp.94. W 1 f y K 'g A ww ,Rum Wffffw- uf VW ' r' w fn mvmrzf . my W .W ifQb4'9,tjJa.",,RgI'4,',, !' , Li,7 m f ' Wwxglmiz N L. wfggyf My Eagww' ' 35 igwwfa- v' hear:-'1afS'dg.-A.: f fwi.:f,1- wwf F 'ew w 7 RULES "Chaos" would be the end result of a game if there were no rules. These rules are there to prevent cheating, stealing, and lying along with protecting each individual player. The rules of a game are essential. Some must be followed in order for a game to remain a game. Proverbs 29:18 ". . . but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." E L.. ...r re- V' .553 , y page r P 5 "il- or SPORTSIVIANSHIP Sportsmanship has two parts to it, the good and the bad. Good sportsmanship is the quality that every suc- cessful player hopes to achieve. It includes the courtesy he must show to his fellow teammates or even his oppo- nents, he also shows respect for the rules of the game and the authority that must carry these rules out. The most important characteristic seen in a good sport is self-discipline. The opposite of good is bad. This is loss of respect for fellow teammates, authority, and opponents. In addi- tion it shows a lack of self-discipline and motivation to be the best. Matthew 7:12 "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." IJ ,-' a e.'2-- 111.-? VICTORY QE? ,V,.. .A ,,Yv 14" -' M? fi, if N 5: f"3"M"'5i af ,L so St ia f .J Winning, the end of all suffering. The trials and tribula- tions have finally quieted, victory is here at last. Can it be done again? Can method of play be improved? Will the need for better strategy exist? These are some of the ques- tions that lurk in the minds of victors. Perfection is the goal for which players strive and is only attained through a series of victories and defeats. Matthew 25:21 "His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant, thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord." f.a"Ts, gint ff '71 . 5 Q e S a i Q 2 BATTLESHIP "Battleship," The very word describes the feeling the players, coaches, cheerlead- ers, and loyal fans get as the last moments flee before the game begins. Days of prac- tice have now come to an end and the true test is at hand. "Have I prepared suffi- cient1y'?', "Can I successfully accomplish the task my coach has assigned to me?" "Am I demonstrating the proper Christian attitude on and off the court?" "Am I responding correctly to my coach and fel- low players?" These questions become a part of the test which we may either suc- cessfully pass or fail. There will be no grade to show success or failure on the report card. Many times the fans forget or may be expecting more than we can give and will not give us the pat on the back we think we deserve. Only God will know if we have done everything as unto Him. 1.. Q L5 zL.L v . x X M. - :X -f 3 . ,- Y is if k Zig? X, 6 it . S A h ,gp Zi A M 5 we if ia X ' t M, gg X. wg ,A x x X ggj- six Wy Q A H' 5 W , Q52 lb 9 Yr ,.. , .. X ff, " - -gy , Q 1 .5 1' 1 1 5 s. ' 2 'I , " if 'J ' 4- .. -' S5 ., J 1 I 3 0 5 an W 5, s - - 'L S.. f y 9.x ,, A , , Q 12 , ,,,,,...,.--- ,f f .Q . rwiv 5 W is QF vi X , K -E ug,-, . N .. , je -Af 2 N is? N 5 S W W 3 Q Homecoming '80 4 . . 1. . 4' A Q --1 AAA. H fii, .. - 1 H ,... V M If-'frffslfr - .- 'F W N . . ., ..,- .ss .. X X C . '- "'-- K, A .... I L V I X i Q53 X if V My S gg Tonya Miller Lynn Oswalt 18 If Wir i -:aeEZ.'P?" Beth Hairgrove Connie Lewis David McLean Richard Wade Cindy Gillespie I f --vi ,H 5 ' MQ, ,J 5. Candy Green Kevin Lewis MY Gail Money Randy Hamilton ra- ff-' Homecoming fm' Former Miss T.C.S. Miss T.C.S. Finalist Miss T.C.S. Finalist Cindy Green 119781 Cindy Gillaspie Gail Money ReRe Gillaspie 119791 J.. V- F 5 3. . of . ,,, Crowning the Homecoming Queen Miss Cindy Gillaspie our new queen Blazers Stretch Winning Streak to 28 The Blazers football team continued their winning tradi- tion by posting a strong 7-2 record. After rolling to a 6-0 record, which stretched their winning streak to 28 in a row, injuries struck the team. With 3 of 8 starters out and 2 oth- ers playing at less than 10092, the Blazers dropped 2 out of 3 of their last games. Passing was the team's strong point with Richard Wade throwing for over a 1000 yards to David McLean, and Scott Killingsworth. Kevin Lewis rushed for over 600 in just seven games before a knee injury ended his season. The tough Blazer defensemen led by seniors Rodney Odom and Randy Hamilton held even opponents to less than 10 points a game. Temple 14 Parkview Christian 0 Temple 21 Castleberry 7 Temple 42 Westminster 0 Temple 35 Calvary Christian 0 Temple 63 Grace Christian 0 Temple 54 Oak Trail 0 Temple 8 Windsor Hills 28 Temple 63 Westminster 6 Temple 12 Castleberry 32 20 J MJ Ig, -3 fix , i 1 ' -'QfQ1i:f I wil ' 55 "Q" my I ! 3 . . J i 3 Q 9' f 3 rr s Xl. 'Y W, ,,,, . V 7 X. Q, -nv K i .V,,V 5- XA 8 .... V ... E55 .K Y as x if L, N. ,J , .W- ea "1 6. fwf 4 Q- U 'La W' wf Q' 'Z KM... K K V ,x N I I 1 'Y . . - . ' af .fuk - M" ,. V 3 "' ' ,M .1 ,, K A mfg I f QQ , , k ' , Q ., K 23 ' 'Sly S x x E -,f M, 1 -' -,fi -- -w.. ,jx mv wc! 'f'J1i '-.ff -33 .Ji v -2 J",- :N Q- uw. 4 3 W4 V, Vw J,-1. 7? :mm . M- 11 7 2 1 X ' Yi "9'?'l' K ,mg-r , ,,. Jr. Varsity Basketball The defending league J.V. Champs stumbled a little this year but still finished a strong second place with a 10-3 record. Leading scores for the team were: Scott Killingsworth 14.1 average Clarence Johnson 1.0 Eddie Beardmore . Robert Gillaspie . Bill Talley . 5 2 4' '- 34. W Q' mm E fi it H iiiii P 24 'iw inlin- JVBasketbaII g 2, N." 1 5 2 . 3 " q 1 K '55 ' '- 55 ' 21? 5 RA A 3' 724 , 2 I llgi in 1 V 1" Vm,V , , 95 2 af 1 Eg W Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Temple Varsity Basketball The Blazer Varsity came in third in the league this year coming in with an 11-6 record. Despite this the Blazers had three players in the top five in scoring in the league and placed four on the all league team. River Falls Christ Temple Fellowship River Falls Grayson Christ Temple Christ Temple T.C.A. Grayson 26 , 3 7 , Temple Mission Temple Temple T.C.A. Temple Grayson Temple Mission Temple Temple T.C.A. Temple Bible Baptist Temple Bible Baptist fforfeitl Temple Fellowship ' tm J if J g ' .5 J V I . .430 E Q 3 :ir 5 4 dist It David McLean Randy Hamilton W1rsHyBasketbaII 'QQ' .-Q-,fu +9 . Q Y 4 If ,c f W' x Y. K xurf W W1 f xii' X Yzwglfxgvwf Mix f lf' H 1 " WN S W.. ,rf A M ,....N,. f..--wiiir-4 M N w M 'M rv? t W -, M W +-,lyk-vrwi-.-ev ,GT 'QU ,fi 3 .gy . ' ,QV 3 , w..., X K Sf in MQ Y 40.7, fwfr- QM' N? r--...Q I Q 5 ,f Ai 3 ' W Varsity Susan Roundtree Casy Oswalt Lisa Lewis Tracey Ebarb Jennifer Devine Connie Lewis Sheila Kilpatrick Candy Green J.V. Lisa Humphress Jennifer Story Lisa McGhee Jody Oswalt Tonya Miller Sherry Green T.C.S. Cheerleaders ,J5l"'Q I HX.. ff' siimwt X s s Nw. HE. CJAME. OF Tw 'Sk .N NNQWMNSW ,W sf is HWS guage' sw mLAA I X - - ...xxx . ' ,- K K k W.. K It S ' . . - ,ff a wk kkhk ' fb gg.. K h at in 5 , s -s s ,.,, X h 5 dents, faculty, parents, NX X" 7 'V 7 K 'rim-. ,. s I p jaw i MA,-V R3 - - , . 3 H .Q - if , . . Q3 f .,, 1 ' .. h hh . x x 2 - - . .N f --1 ,......... Q , Q-,K -ss .4 , X as f J: K " QI- af . 1. . we-X . Q 1, . .w v 3 - . Q . - -- . ' -K It fi - . in X . ' QL X .V A wi N...xxs KN, 1 ,, ,,. . 3. b .. Al 'fl ,wx . Q . ' .' Ne , ., A ,X ,EN ,V N . , , , . .:,, , l""'H f W ,Qi X L' . ' '13 ' ...X ., X W , . Q ' - NOW, , t L l , . Y . . RQ K . 11 3 X B paw . --AA 9' . f . ka . Lv :f,e55w Sm .h .ii , ,jo 3, .Y-A V A x . M I ,gcw - '- . , Th1S IS just a gllmpse lnto the 3Ct1V1tl8S that formed the school year 1980 81 Thls year had had 1ts chal lenges, ltS laughs, 1ts tears, 1ts tests, and 1ts fun Stu and admlnlstratlon all stay conslstently busy mak1ng thls year un1quely dlffer ent from any other Gr ade Takes a R ide 0 I1 Am Wil-K 'M l VWVVVVVUUJM my SWIM !4 4 Carnival The children enjoyed the puppets. S Shanda Henry spent her time countini beans. 9"-1-., Q 4 Mrs. Hough even worked at the carnival. Some people got all wrapped up in the carnival. 32 Miss Everidge shows her true self. Bro. Wade acts as head auctioneer. "I was framed" Donnie Bailey had a "big" tirne. Count Dracula paid us a visit. Big Bird looks for Sesame Street. Bro. Ford is all wet. Mr? Worden runs the bingo game. 33 1 ' S W Benson and Randy Hamllton have unusual The third grade goes to the park. First grade has a Halloween Party. Reynolds, Tony Hickey, and Chris Wilson out looking at all strange hats. Darnell, Deanna Ramer, and Jennifer Devine are finalists the hat contest. Casy, Sheila, and Jennifer dress inside out. -R g Milfs' Rhonda Nunnelley, Shelly Butler, and Jason Burrows in funny hats. 35 Chapel JFS' 3.1.3 Bro. Tommy O'Dell Ronnie Warren David Warren Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jim Wade ' -miss m.......i..N Mr. Hough and Mr. Fincher MQ. Hough Jog-a-Thon wfigqlm v1 ' 4- 195 I Jai leaf mm --xln 1 - 'x W. .Q is 1u VY Zndifwmual Gong Show of the Class Go to the Head Wyl- Jw www Wm N' my X QM ,S , . Q .5 ' A 4 5 5 L .. . N MK was T.C.S. Secretaries OFC Mrs. Hough L- Q L 4-I +-I 42 an Q its -1 S- - , . X , ' ,'-, r AZ. :W L- . xr L X I .. 5 4 2,5 xPlQxXw, w,f5 s5?,,, 1 Q 4 ERS Nw S YQ' X as Si Q f N X 3. X -S R A X X K S m fl Q Q P , if? EK S E g i ' S 5 I Mu, ...M . ipW:: 5 Q EL A 5 X 5 5 Q. Aw T QRS f pg ,- - ALALL " . 5 ,za 1 ' h ss -,gag .N '- -- S- Ii . ,I --EgS'??.."QY ,,.. ,135 , , f 'YS hi --S75 322 fi -new Iii ,ka w 1. '15 ,, Sig h Jw QTQQ aff k W! Mrs. DeFore 2 yr. olds Mrs. Vaughn 3 yr. olds Knot picturedj 44 Faculty Mrs. Burkett Mrs. Winters Miss Duryee Mrs. Kinsey Miss Everidge 4 yr. olds Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Fourth Grade Mrs. McDaniel Mrs. Louton Miss Miller Miss Duncan Mrs. Henry Day Care Monitor K-5 Monitor - 1st Third Grade 5th and 6th Faculty i . 'Wiig i i ff J' Ir. Ford Mr. DeFore Mrs. Worden Mr. McDaniel th and 6th 7th and 8th Sth and 9th 10th-12th Irs. Bailey Mrs. Henry Mrs. Lennon Mrs. Fincher Ionitor 7th and 8th Monitor Monitor r,, Picfure Noi Availa ble Mrs. Browning Day Care Cook Chuck Lennon Maintenance Picfure Noi Avaiie ble Mrs. Wyatt Day Care Rick Waller Maintenance fNot PicturedJ N if , f' Concentration , Some people have the mlsconceptlon that a Chrlstlan school IS slmply a glorlfled Sunday School Thls as any of our students wxll be more than wllllng to tell you could not be further from the truth Results from achrevement tests and other standard measurements work to conflrm th1s fact Sometlmes there are games played IH class and we have an excellent athletlc program school IS not a game Learnlng IS not always fun most of the tlme It can be dlfflcult 1981 Seniors Cindy Gillespie Jeanette Hambrick Randy Hamilton 48 Todd Horn Arvillia Johnson 4-'U' 'W 1981 Seniors Kevin Lewis Wide Gail Money ? L David McLean Rodney Odom Richard Wade 18 Months 8r 2 Year Olds N "Q, fi? 4 T'Neecia Anthony Brad Applewhite Campbell Coble Alii Nathan Tracey Chad Alex Dottin Fincher Gayle Henry Lin Karen Brandi Sercedric Shane Amy Wright McDaniel Shaw Thomas Williams Three Year Olds ez Terranee Damon Daniel Applewhite Boshell Boshell Nathan Hockman 4? Kevin Johnson Micah McMahan Our earthquake warning expert keeps his ear to the ground. April Michelle Smith Smith Jonathan Ramsey Four Year Old Kindergarten Eric Stephanie Chad Aaron Blankensopp Cantu Cherry Crawford Aimee Kevin Jeffrey Vanessa Cecil Fincher Flick Forsythe Fortune Gayle John Kinsey X S .. V, Q ' wi, x. A A X , M. ease, , r , a ff . 4 Q , ,li-life fi Windi Lackey . 0 Rflbeft School is such an exciting place! Grace Lemons Lin .l... .. 'mi Four Year Qld Kindergarten Q' .qw Leigh Ann Ryan Alisha Miller Morgan Reeves ,. Salina Richards cheers the team to another Salina Richards Nancy David victory. Rosezweig Shepherd Damon Michelle Smith Smith ad, av r fi ' V' c x 3 " Brian Brittany Sullins Wade Aimee Fincher cheers for her team. 53 Five Year Old Kindergarten Tonya John Patricia Deborah Karis i Applewhite Billings Borchardt Cantu Clark l Marcus Kevin Dawn Shetera James Edwards Fortune Hewitt Johnson Johnson Sara Kinsey Misty Lane Keith Knoerr Joey Benson attempts to remove growth from his body. Barron Langley Five Year Old Kindergarten Valerie Kristi David Kayla Marsh McMahan Metcalf Palmer Carrie Philip Rajeev Laura Piper Ramer Sharma Shumate , ...v .f-', www' rf Vw fvf-, rr is s ff: S., Kelley Nevada Sturgeon Townsend Sacha Pamela Our friendly, courteous staff waits to serve White Wordon you' First Grade John Bryan Kerry Joy Jason Bailey Baker Bowman Brown Burrow Denita S J Tammy Jeffrey Brian Capps Coble DeFore Dischinger Charlie Dixon Charlene Edmondson Karen Hubbard Miss Duryee talks to class about a missing pair of shoes. Chelsy Houchins Bethany Lee First Grade Robin Meissner y i 1 , Nicole Newsome JHSOH This is my lunch? COUFUICY Richards Shaw 3 i - Lorena Angie Patrick Mark James Taylor Ulbrich Vita White Whittaker .17 lx , L. Misty Benny Scott Wilbanks Woods Wyatt Tiffiny Battle Priscilla Cantu Andre Fortune Carlie Morgan Secoimd Grade Adam Mike Tracie Shelly Bowe Bowens Browning Butler Marisha Shaniqua Leighan Steven Clay Coleman Dillard Flick Kevin Michael Marc Wilford Jolley Kellam Lopez McKay L 53, 2 2 vi Jason Kesa Rachel Brandon Moyer Naulls Ramer Ramsey SGCOFIG Grade Kyle Rigsby Sanjeev Sharma Kim Rodney Chrls Taylor Taylor Thlgpen Tammy Ulbrich Joey Vita Clisty Sonny Woodall Wyatt The class swingers. Third Grade Ginger Tina Danny Brent Debra Bailey Barry Beardmore Braden DaV1S f r Courtney Green f' In i ag Wav- Mi, ,W f i' -mi, 'K Gerard Hall Vaughn Junior High boys line up for those yummy Stewart sandwichesl Adam Ham Hewitt Verjuana Ian Tim Bryan Amelia Huggins Johnson Kerbo Linton Loman Third Grade Michael Terry Sandy Sheila Mistie Louton McCallum McDaniel McKenzie Morgan ,L s Rhonda Richard Stacie Gerald Carletta Nunnelley Parker Pierce Piper Robinson Heath Bill Talley checks to see if anything is there. Jerry Roach Stevens Jennifer Brenda Bethany Karen Melissa Tompkins Van Horn White Willis Wilks Fourth Grade Robert Scott Sherry Felicia Scott Bale Barham Coble Defgre Ennis Leah Scott Derrick J acky Amy Flick Hough Johnson King Kinsey 5 Stefanie Shawn Lindsey McDuffie Our football team's future is bright! Carla Stephanie Miller Phillips Fourth Grade Michelle Rhonda Piper Piper an Q ,M U11 ,X David Timothy Your money or your life! Schindler Shumaker Jason Gina Sheila Toni Brian Singletary Smith Solcum Temple Townsend Latresa Wade Walker Walker David E. Williams David R. Bittie Williams Wilson Kyle Bailey Debra Carey Shawn Hardy Loren Hill Fifth Grade Christi Beasley Melissa Charotte Braden Browning Philip Clay Vickie Robin Conkling Fowler Jeff Hewitt Charlotte and Tara see who can make the Tara ugliest face. Johnson Kellye Karpinski Dawn Maddux Michael Nash Fifth Grade ,nic Kim Kerbo Nkfkiiwwwwav 11 When Bro. Ford opens his mouth his head Vicki disappears. Menefee Ricky Terry Sandy Nelson Phillips Suniga Terry Waters Chad Richard Winters Wyatt Sixth Grade ' W Beckey Tonya Bally Ha Cindy Stevens smiles at the camera. Calvert Vincent Johnson Lara Justin Melisa D'Anna Mark Lee Lennon Main Malone Mark Chris Susan Lance Milam Miller Miller Norris Sixth Grade Angela Daniel Schindler Smith Tonia Cindy That eraser tastes terrible. Smith Stevens Lee Gregg Mistee Sherry Stong Suttle Temple Tompkins Kealin Don Michelle Vita William Wilson i Seventh Grade Lori Robert Clint Ada Beasley Browning Burns Chapman V mm-.awww 'W Lacey Wayne Greg Sandra Clay Clements Davis Fowler Kathy Gilbert Ronda Dawn Grayson Guerra Hambrick Houston Lisa Mark Susan Humphus McDaniel Miskel Seventh Grade Dana Lesley Brent Andrea Nelson Piper Sandford Shumaker Kim Corby Jennifer Julius Shumaker Stevenson Story Vita Brian James William Chris Wainscott Waters Wilbanks Wilson Curtis Eddie Stephen Worden Yeargan Young Eighth Grade Gina Joey Harvey Tammy Rh0nda Bennight Benson Cobb Dahlgren Darnell Sam Lisa Tonya Lynn Tomi Haskins McGhee Miller Oswalt Pauley Tad Cindy David Tocquinee Shelly Pierce Ramer Roberts Shaw Treadaway Joe Sherry Turner Webster Everett Wilder Joe Linda Wilson Yates Ninth Grade 2 srrr 'if Craig Keith Allen Bryan Fonda Bailey Bow Byers Carpenter Clay John Daryl Tracey Don Tammy Dahlgren Davis Ebarb Ellison Fox as X Robert Sherry Beth Sam Tony Gillaspie Green Hairgrove Haskins Hickey JCI!!! in-2 " Clarence Johnson Deanna Ramer oversees scoring table. Darrell Johnson Ninth Grade Scott Mark Mike Killingsworth Lennon Malone Susan Ben A1 Carey and Tracie discuss the hair in thei Meshell Milam Morgan eyes. Carey Deanna Jim Roger Michael Oringderf Ramer Scott Smith Stroney Frankie Billy Kevin Terri Suniga Talley Winters Yarbrough Tenth Grade Eddie Beardmore Ron Braden Roy Blair Lynn Buckner Brian Cameron Della Rocky Reynolds tries to ignore the camera. Donnie Cawthorn Jeff Chapman Devine Della shows what she learned in her charm class. 'KAW Tenth Grade Jennifer Pam Darlene Lisa Connie Devine Gibson Hart Holt Lewis Robbie Lori Lindsey Miller R0b?ft We caught Jeff Devine studying. J0dy Norle Oswalt ln. Rocky Mary Cynthia Nigayl Brenda Reynolds Richardson Roddy Smith Trammell T Eleventh Grade Pete Sharon ' Candy Danny Beardmore Davis Green Hamilton Vincent Sheila Lisa Lisa Casy Johnson Kilpatrick Lewis McBride Oswalt Susan Roundtree W ii L Vince Johnson does his Ray Charles imitation. i Terry Siler Cindy Gillaspie Arvy Johnson David Twelfth Grade Jeanette Randy Todd Hambrick Hamilton Horn Kevin Lewis Gail finally gets a boyfriend. Gail ML'l,6ah Mgney Rodney Odom Richard Wade 1980 81 TEXAS BAPTIST BOHANNON BIBLE INSTITUTE ALLAS. TX 75217 78 e, f HL 7 i l f t ,I gif, 41 I. 79 .il mf? 'Eggs sy .if 9 . i W 'qgfsfi 2 k2,5, . 2: 'aa 'ies ' :mf f2.r.f?Q B.. 1 . :, . x,.,m was + i Y' ,S A Q, o wiki E 4 QI! 2 F n,mLM if in S3 .fx .1 X N - 1' -wx fx Aff! KK fx XY Qriitfji F Vx QP Yk,. xi Y FV. XX.A. N f, I i ,..A p W A . jj xX XN A 1,1 A ,f 4 1 A X .xx . 5 NH' wwy.-Fwy, . ww- xg? " iff' F I gf,-5 .--f... K if g . M4 I , , ,, , .g .K E XKf- KK " " 4 ix N i X X A iw' 3 A fwgx JF...-9 K 5 .X ,ff f if N 5 JI X f , if wk L' W -fi sg fi i 1 W K If ff Q q 1 fs Rf' i , ' K, f' . M f I ff NN'-mf-S ,ff "M M4 f' I fx S sf-5 N, ,, f A w ff if Q , 'Es-A if N, . 5' N A-'NX g QT-If X. 5 N""' V 1' -1 f :jf 4' j 3 ff'-xv, '.jW ' 9 ,ff as 5 vMV: !,.f,f . - f I 1 ,ff x 5 i f' -Q ,fb X, ,F ,- N 'gf .,v..f,M 9 Q' Q gi 5 sr' 112 --1-A - Qs I. xii 'W W. .X 3 X QS' I Q Qi" 1' sity! ,,wL nw 'dmv m vX... .En-U.. Monopoly The United States of America was given, almost two hun- dred years ago, a list of freedoms by which we still continue to live. These freedoms have enabled a free enterprise sys- tem which has inspired the game of Monopoly, a game of much skill and chance. This game, as involved as it may become, will never begin to compare with the actual busi- ness life. In our present world of degenerating morals and crumbling standards, we as brothers and sisters in Christ should continue to commend and encourage the Christian business men who attempt to save us the freedom to do everything "heartily, as to the Lord." Pleasani Grove Baphsl Church CONGRATULATES THE 1981 GRADUATES Clndg Glllasple Kevln Lewls JeaneHe Hambrrck Davrd McLean Randg Hamlllon Gaul Money Todd Horn Rodneu Odom Arvrllla Johnson We wlsh you the very best and pray you wlll put the Lord flrst In everything you do ln llfe Dr R D Wade Pasior J m Wade Assoc ale Pasior B ll Hough School Adm n sfraior R H Johnson Bus D recior Sieve U br ch Music D recior Jerry F ncher Youih D recior A Golng Church for a Comrng Lord Pleasani Grove Baphsi Temple 8421 Bohannon Dr Dallas Texas 391 7176 C I I O I 0 O I O C ll ii ' ' u n I I -5, , i , i i , ii .. , .i i, 'i i , i ll 0 0 ll I -X fx Congratulation Graduates from the Classes Pleasant Grove Baptist Temple Dallas Most Exciting Youth Departments Varsity 8421 Bohannon Jr Varsit Jerry Fincher 391-7176 Glenn McGhee I Varsity and Junior Varsity of - - Y FARWELL CORPORATION OF TEXAS MECHANICAL - SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS EX1 4111 Tee Shirt Corner 422 Bruton Rd. Dallas, Texas 381 -2627 Flowers for All Occasions Greenhouse Tommy and Jean Ochoa Owners 8121 Bruton Rd Phone 388 0477 Dallas Texas 75217 388 0478 PauI's Florist 81 lfCONOMY PlATlNG 9HNCiF Shd6M ffllffvofmgck gamfam-4, H224 LIMESTONE BALCH SPRINGS TEXAS 75180 Comm- Nickle: CH,Q0,+7.9'- 53195 265-1877 285-5112 LYNN 8. MIKE BRANTLEY HAVV FREEVVA RENTALS ROLL AwAv BEDS yi ELECTRTC 10015 5 CARPET sNAMRooERs wf ' L EXERCISE EQUIPMENT o GARDEN EQUIPMENT LDCII, 1. ogg my SEWER CLEANING , pEfi?'Z'3E'!'MIf TR" L , L HINES f- -M . IRENCHERS ' ' Q K, L K LAWN 5 K, EQUIPMKNT 1 ' - I. :-f "1 SPACE HEATERS 6' 5 .3 PowER TOOLS MOTOR HOISTS 'M we A Munn ' 2 PAINT EQUIPMENT wp, X TRUCK AND 'iq 'I TRAILER RENTAL gfyyfvwt Tow BARS Z,.MfgI?f0 s0jQ,,7"' LAWN MowER 5 45 Q REPAIRS R SHARPENING Us HH, :LN . 398-8121 1 7777 c.r. HAWN mwv QTAKE ELAM no Exm Lone Oak Cafe 11100 Lake June Balch Springs, Texas 75180 Home Cooked Foods Homemade Pies Open 6 a m.-10 p.m 6 Days awfon uve: 2411551 cf? Beauty .gffofu 9l 7942 909 LAWTON DRIVE Phone 398-1829 af,-Gila Lindsey Wheel Covers L A PARKS at SO LOOP USED CARS Wheels 9405 Hawn Freeway Dallas, Texas LARRY PARKS LOT 1 LOT 2 6451 So Loop 12 6625 Hawn Frwy DANIEL STEEL Phone: 391-1722 Phone: 398-1431 INDUSTRIES INC. 65,,63212,,, 12 Phone 398 9129 JERRY DANIEL Dallas, Texas President and General Manager Bus. AC! 214 226-7656 Macon-Douglas Funeral Home 8142 Lake June Road U L' E ' 3 VOLLIE OJETTA ODOM DALLAS, TEXAS Home 388-3377 Office 391-1131 For All Your Sporting Good Neeus! DALLAS EAST REALTY A . 4 1,451 Sarah L. Siegel 8326 Lake June Road X 4 E A+ , 133 A. C. Poe Dallas, Texas 75217 f ' C , ,Q x7 5 Inna 9160781 P 8230 LAKE JUNE Ro D u f f "T , ff, x 74 0 ag Q - . uv' JACKQQN 9 T! EXPRKSS O JR THOUGHTS 4820 8 Buckner Blvd. V TOM at PAUL, E SYM Dallas Texas 76227 391 -0944 - 391-0894 388-0536 ' I 5 , 1 L I 1 1 1 7 7 1 '61 92 4 ,, Q III f fi ' O A is 2 I . 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Suggestions in the Temple Christian School - Blazers Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

Temple Christian School - Blazers Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 68

1981, pg 68

Temple Christian School - Blazers Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 8

1981, pg 8

Temple Christian School - Blazers Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 102

1981, pg 102

Temple Christian School - Blazers Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 87

1981, pg 87

Temple Christian School - Blazers Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 81

1981, pg 81

Temple Christian School - Blazers Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 45

1981, pg 45

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