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m A9Q5 ZODIAC TELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL BETHEL, MAINE HOME OF THE REBELS To the Class of 1985: Samuel Clemens, universally known as Mark Twain, was one of America’s most famous comic writers and was possibly one of the few original satirists this country has produced. Through Twain, Clemens was able to question the meaning and value of “modern man.” As Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn traveled from one detailed adventure to another, they gathered more educational experience than will ever exist within the walls of a school building. Education must be more than textbooks, formulas, and tests: It s the people you are sharing the experience with. It ' s the process of finding out “why” and not just because some person said it was so. It ' s the satisfaction of knowing that you met a dif¬ ficult task and were equal to the challenge. It s being able to look back upon the past with mixed emotions while turning to meet the next challenge. As you step to meet the next challenge, be reminded that know ledge is only powerful if you know how to use it effectively and that no one can make it without his or her friends. Best wishes to you as you leave Telstar Regional High School and S.A.D. 44. Dewaine B. Craig Superintendent of Schools To the Class of 1985: The four years of high school are unique in that they offer a w ide variety of valuable and interesting ex¬ periences to each and every individual w ho is a member of that school. You, the Class of 1985, therefore would do well to consider Telstar Regional High School as a vast storehouse from which each may take what you will; the only limitations are those placed upon you by your own ability and effort. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Theodore R. Davis Principal Telstar Regional High School 8 10 John Applin Mathematics Pauline Applin Mathematics Horry Dovis Music Michael Delehonty Mathematics Daniel Hannon Physical Education Sally Hannon Physical Education 11 Carroll Higgins Assisranr Principal Athletic Director Sharon Higgins Pinch Hitter Ann Holt Special Education Timothy Kavanagh Art Timothy Kersey Science Cheryl Lord Business Education Richard McCann Social Studies William Morton 12 Social Studies Richard Roy Science Harry Strout Industrial Arts David Tripp Industrial Arts 13 SPECIAL EDUCATION TEAM — Solly Downing ond Wendy Morcolinl. KITCHEN STAFF — Hildo Drown. Lindo Smith. Connie Drown. Gerri Shimomuro. Ann Roy. Flossie Wolker, Gerri Tore Llbrorion Dorothy Boyce Audio-Visuol Director Gemmo Morrill-Dreher OFFICE STAFF MEMBERS — Alice Stevens. Morilyn Howe. Donno Folsom. Jockie Gunther. CUSTODIANS — Eorl Coolidge, Glorio Jockson. Corol Crockett, Lorry Coffin. Ber- nie Rice. 15 The Students of Telstar Are Proud to Nome Mr. William Morton Teacher of the Year 16 CLASS OF 1985 FA VORITES Radio Station Song Album Group Mole Singer Female Singer TV Show Actor Actress Sport Athlete , Cor Subject Drink Pastime Soop WBLM Hard Hobir to Break Von Holen 1984 Von Holen David Lee Roth Pot Benotor Cheers Eddie Murphy Heather Thomos Soccer Lorry Bird Corvette Gym Beer Partying General Hospital 19 JONATHAN RUSSELL AKERS NICKNAME Russ LIKES JM. Michelob pizzo lasogno my friends, Skool heovy merol MEMORIES December 2 1962 Plenry of ' em SECRET AMBITION To own o lorge corporofion GOAL Groduore from college ond hove o good life NOTED FOR Being outspoken WEAKNESS Being tickled FAVORITE SAYING Well I II tell yoh ' ACTIVITIES Footboll 1 Trock 2, 3. 4 Cross Country Skiing 3 4 Yeorbook 3. 4 SHEILA MARIE ANDREWS NICKNAME Bobo Fen Andie LIKES Dona!, singing, dancing, octing music Dad MEMORIES Morch 30, 1964 SECRET AMBITION To sing GOAL To morry D.D ond be successful NOTED FOR wearing weird clothes; missing cues being with Dana: sining on Doddy Gilbreth s lop WEAKNESS arguing with Dono sod eyes FAVORITE SAYING Oh well why Will you please? ACTIVITIES: Sec of librory dub: Droma KRISTY SUE ANGEVINE NICKNAME Kristy LIKES Ricky cots peoches: fruit rollups Eoster my nomesoke Kristy Jane : my family, especially my brother Ricky MEMORIES my 6th grade yeor : Nov 24. 84 December 1. 83. June 14, 85 SECRET AMBITION: to be o photographer: GOAL to morry Ricky ond to hove all the cots I wont NOTED FOR early dismissals ond absentees WEAKNESS Ricky kittens (cots), kids FAVORITE SAYING You hodn t better ACTIVITIES cheering 1. 2. 3, bond 1. 2,3,4 yeor¬ book 4 BRENT ALAN BACHELDER NICKNAME Rembrenr Jobbo Botch LIKES Art dromo Joan Collins Star Wors sogo: oliens friends; Club Neopolsi MEMORIES summer schools 81 82 83 84 Skowhegon 83 prom 84 August 83 1-4 PM dromo SECRET AMBITION to be o Space Pirate, smuggle lotex. ond stay forever ot Club Neopolsi GOAL to be o rich ond famous artist ond to someday be in on encyclopedia NOTED FOR being in the artroom after school, being o pervert ond tolkmg in letters WEAKNESS Joon Collins SF movies jokes: cortoons FAVORITE SAYING BMI5 IHTGTTB Weren t we all? Tm never invited Don t you wish ond Hello. Soylo ACTIVITIES Spanish Club 1 Dromo 2. 3, 4 Boys Stote 3 DONALD BARKER NICKNAME Don Barfly LIKES skiing, cars. Deb Pepsi MEMORIES Uncle Bob s. choin gong 84 12 3 82 Worrhley Pond SECRET AMBITION to run General Motors NOTED FOR Procrastination hiding out ot Fishtail ' s WEAKNESS Brown eyes, green MOM s fast cars FAVORITE SAYING Ayuh! " Well. I don t know Drop slip! ACTIVITIES Dromo: Jozz bond Cross Country Sk- ing. BE ARS C A D E T BRUCE NORMAN BARTH NICKNAME The Shifter ond " Merth " LIKES: Soccer. Michelob; weekends, spaghetti feeds, swillwoter. sex (opposite): Rodar. Atomic Bionic. F M E the Jomes MEMORIES: Mom. the Art Room. Thanks Kov! Soc¬ cer 84 skiing 82, my house olwoys! SECRET AMBITION: go west ond ski the Rockies GOAL Moke it in life, be successful NOTED FOR: schnoz WEAKNESS: stupidity ot bod times FAVORITE SAYING Sure O K ! " ACTIVITIES Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. Skiing 1. 3. copt 4 Trock 1, 2, 3, ?. Baseball ? doss treasurer 2, 3 Rehobllirorion 2, Acodemic lapse 4 N H 5 3. 4 (co-president) 20 CHAD DEAN NICKNAME Beano Beanie LIKES Basketball my fomlly Dollos Cowboys. Celtics, foorboll. concerts; Jenni. Eddie Murphy; worer skiing MEMORIES Mr Roymond s Americon Rev doss SECRET AMBITION To ploy Bosketboll for the Boston Celtics GOAL To be os big os Bernie NOTED FOR Always getting in trouble for whot somebody else does WEAKNESS Trying to keep o straight face FAVORITE SAYING Get out of my Face ACTIVITIES Bosketboll 2. 0. 4. soccer 4 boseboll 0. v4 newspaper 4 RACHEL MARIE BELANGER LIKES My family, friends, the ocean motorcycles, parties, ond Muffie MEMORIE5: Going to Scotland with the Fosters ond Teogue SECRET AMBITION: To rrovel GOAL To graduate NOTED FOR Talking WEAKNESS Food FAVORITE SAYING You re not right ACTIVITIES Track monoger9 DAVID ALAN DENNETT NICKNAME Ben LIKES girls, my guitar, music; good times MEMORIES summer comp of 64 SECRET AMBITION to ploy the guitor like Eddie VanHolen GOAL to be o famous musidon NOTED FOR ploying my guitor ond roising- WEAKNESS pretty girls, money FAVORITE SAYING You oin t right ' ACTIVITIES bond 1.2,3 4 Jazz bond 1. 2. 3. 4 ski¬ ing 3. 4 track 3; Student council 3 Bond president 4 HEIDI S. DENNETT NICKNAME Heid LIKES (loves) Tim, my fomily; the Akers being with Tim. friends. McDonalds the ocean sleeping lote MEMORIES summer of ’63. things I did with friends in the dosses of 83 ond 84 SECRET AMBITION: I don ' t tell secrets! GOAL morry Tim ond start o clothing business NOTED FOR: never being in school ond eorly when I om there WEAKNESS Tim FAVORITE SAYING I think I ' m gonno go home! NANCY RHEA BLAIS NICKNAME None LIKES horsebock riding. Christmas. France fomily reunions; summer, the ocean MEMORIES living in Nashua SECRET AMBITION to live on the beoch GOAL to find o good job thot I like NOTED FOR being short; being French FAVORITE SAYING As if " ACTIVITIES Yearbook 2 BRENDA JOY DOLIO NICKNAME Bren LIKES my fmily the ocean Christmas England MEMORIES Going to Boston SECRET AMBITION To roke o world tour GOAL To run the Boston Morothon NOTED FOR Being artistic WEAKNESS Chocolate FAVORITE SAYING Kind words ore like honey enjoyable ond healthful ACTIVITIES Trock 1. 2. 3: Spanish club 1 EDWARD ANDREW BRENNON NICKNAME Eddie Ed LIKES Food, my family, friends meeting people nice cors. new things summer worer skiing vocations: movies beer Bloody Morys, Screwdrivers PinoColodas MEMORIES Prom 64 summer 64 worer skiing New Yeors porty 64- 65 April vocotion 64 SECRET AMBITION to travel around the world GOAL To get rich NOTED FOR being quiet WEAKNESS money FAVORITE SAYING Whotever ond Thors life SHARI L. COLE NICKNAME Shore LIKES music, David Lee Roth drummers eoring. 280zx summer, oceon Pino Colodos lights fami¬ ly bobies. bunnies MEMORIES 6 20 60 parties 6 14 85 SECRET AMBITION to own o night club GOAL to never be lonely NOTED FOR: my innocent image WEAKNESS o good looking guy FAVORITE SAYING Oh. I ' m sure! " ACTIVITIES Softboll mgr 1. 4 keyboords unlimited 0. yearbook 4 AMBROSE BROOKS LIKES hunting, fishing food GOAL get rich NOTED FOR reoding WEAKNESS procrostinotion FAVORITE SAYING On No ' SUSAN JOY COLE NICKNAME Sue LIKES: Michoel lobster; chocolate Christmas: my friends cozy fires, stuffed onimols MEMORIES July 16 1982 Aug 11 1982 Dec 17 1960 June 15 1984 SECRET AMBITION to learn how to ski GOAL to marry Mike ond keep in touch with my friends. NOTED FOR being o perfectionist going with Mike WEAKNESS Michoel. lobster; stuffed onimols FAVORITE SAYING Whot op- ' ACTIVITIES Softboll 1 Basketball 1 Jozz Bond 1. 2 3. Yeorbook 4: Dromo 2 scon BROWN NICKNAME Brownie LIKES Mountoin Dew. femoles beer MEMORIES Forgot them " ! SECRET AMBITION to be o machinist GOAL to hove o gool in life NOTED FOR weoring o hot working for dod WEAKNESS soying no to femoles FAVORITE SAYING Imogme thot ' ACTIVITIES Soccer. Skiing Baseboll FLOYD E. COOLIDGE NICKNAME Jim LIKES Carpentry Alosko fishing, hunting, going to comp MEMORIES going to comp working with David Howkes shop doss SECRET AMBITION to work ot Prudhoe Boy, Alosko GOAL to be successful in whotever I do NOTED FOR carpentry; being o perfectionist WEAKNESS food FAVORITE SAYING Mista. now let me tell yo right now ' " ACTIVITIES shooting matches in Augusto 22 LEE ANN COOLIDGE NICKNAME Lee LIKES music; boys. Europe MEMORIES the summer of 1964 SECRET AMBITION ro srudy music GOAL ro be o nurse NOTED FOR being quier ond ploying rhe flute WEAKNESS chocolore ice creom FAVORITE SAYING Oh fiddles ACTIVITIES Bond 1. 2. 3. 4 Sponish Club 1 DONNA LYNN DOREY LIKES my fomily, friends sofrboll; Budweiser sleeping, winter. foorboll Pot. Chippo: MnM MEMORIES sofrboll seosons. Closs of 84 SECRET AMBITION ro be rich ond live in o two story log cobin GOAL ro be successful ond hoppy in life NOTED FOR athletic ability WEAKNESS saying goodbye: food money FAVORITE SAYING; no-no Right ACTIVITIES Sofrboll 1. 2. 3, 4 boskerboll 1. 2. 3 4 Yeorbook 2 cross country 2 BRUCE ALBERT COX NICKNAME Brucie LIKES Trisho; Pepsi Chevys homework " MEMORIES December — Febrory 1981 SECRET AMBITION to hove my own logging company GOAL ro be hoppy NOTED FOR being with Trisho, missing school to go to work WEAKNESS not knowing when to slow down FAVORITE SAYING T imagine!” ond Tm trying to quit. ” SCOn LEWIS DYER NICKNAME Scoot, Mr 5rereo. Niner LIKES girls music, ploying guitor MEMORIES ploying music or 83 ond 84 donees summer vocations working or the Outlook SECRET AMBITION to be filthy rich GOAL to own my own studio ond ploy leod in o bond NOTED FOR ploying music ot donees flirting WEAKNESS Girls FAVORITE SAYING Oh, whor the —! ACTIVITIES Soccer 2 Dromo 2. 3 4 skiing 2 4 track 3, Student council 3. 4 Sponish Club 3 LAURA COX DANA A. DYKE NICKNAME Little Dyke LIKES being with Sheilo portying with friends hocking MEMORIES March 31 1984 Chicogo; my time with Sheilo SECRET AMBITION it ' s no secret GOAL to morry Sheilo ond enjoy our life NOTED FOR being my own WEAKNESS listening to people s problems FAVORITE SAYING: Oh my God! Its on octopus ACTIVITIES Dromo 1. 4 DENISE APRIL ELIOT NICKNAME Denny Squirt LIKES Jooothon hoving fun with fnends Mrs Gould s house Popsy my fomily J D SGM MEMOWE5 6 19 64 8 4 84 Comp 38 Speool good rimes with Mory Undo, ond Suson Europe rnp Chnsrmos 84 Jon s fomily SECRET AMBITION To become o mulri-mlllionoire ond live my life in luxury GOAL To be with Jonorhon ond to moke it through life with long fingernoils NOTED FOR Being with Jon being loud, biting my finger- noils tolking too much WEAKNESS Jonorhon stewed tomotoes. V C FAVORIE SAYING HFS Don r do rhor! Shut up! WELL 5 ACTIVITIES Boskerboll Cheering 2. 3. monoger 4 Goss country 4 Trock 2, 4 Bond 2. 3. Dromo 1 2. Sponish Club 3. Groduorton Committee 4 BRENDA FARNUM NICKNAME Lee LIKES rhe oceon. pizza. D 5 Florido, comping MEMORIES: lost summer or o porry SECRET AMBITION ro be o model ond be rich GOAL ro be rich ond fomous NOTED FOR being on rime, being quier WEAKNESS school ond homework FAVORITE SAYING: Shut up ACTIVITIES: Cross country 1: rrock 1; foil cheering 1. Field hockey 1 BRUCE M FRASER NICKNAME Froser; Brucie LIKES: my fomily. three-wheelers. GMC pickups, summers; morure girls. N B : Mr Morton ' s history closses. snowstorms Hondo motorcycles MEMORIES Foods 84- 65: summer of 83; work¬ ing YCC with Mindy ond Jeff good rimes with my friends SECRET AMBITION To be on rhe show Riptide, be very weolrhy ond ro morry rhe right girl GOAL To own Boise Cose ode NOTED FOR: Working hord ond hoving lots of jobs WEAKNESS: Money ond nice, morure girls STEPHANIE DIANE FULLER NICKNAME Sreph LIKES: Eric; rhe oceon, shopping: Hompron Beoch. sleeping skiing, music, rrovel. tons MEMORIES Kevin 1983. April 15 Dec 30. 1984 SECRET AMBITION ro be o self-mode millionoire GOAL ro hove o successful coreer ond morrioge NOTED FOR being short WEAKNESS block rospberry ice creom FAVORITE SAYING: Reolly Wicked! ' ond How queer! " ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1 LONNA MARIE GILKS LIKES Irolion foods. Eddie; kittens, bobies. shopp¬ ing. summer MEMORIES summer of 83 SECRET AMBITION: Go ro beouricion school someday GOAL get married ond hove o fomily NOTED FOR: Being quier WEAKNESS Food, trying ro diet FAVORITE SAYING: " Oh. my God " ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 2 TRACY GORDON NICKNAME: Chorlie LIKES: Vicki, parties MEMORIES: I con ' r remember! SECRET AMBITION: to morry Vick GOAL ro get our of this store NOTED FOR; being lore ro studyholl WEAKNESS: girls in right jeons ond Vicki FAVORITE SAYING: Woke up ond smell rhe cof¬ fee brandy! " 24 JAMES PHILIP GORMAN NICKNAME Gor Gor LIKES B-doss; sci-fi movies, summer. Undo GOAL To be fomous ond rich NOTED FOR being in the orr room FAVORITE SAYING DYC!!!” ACTIVITIES Dromo 9. 10. 11. 12 SUSAN JANE GOULD NICKNAME Sue LIKES food: Jorden olmonds. romy doys Rebel flogs Pepsi rhe oceon, Cobboge Porch Kids Mom ond Dod dy double cheese pizzas skiing: no homework Tnviol Pursuit roses, my friends, being hoppy MEMORIES Summer of 83 Mocberh trip (Dec 2 82) 4 4 wheelm 71 Top concert my 8rh grode yeor hong- ing Ground with Andy Pot ond Donno going with Andy SECRET AMDITlON ro meet Conon in person GOAL to be hoppy for rhe rest of my life NOTED FOR asking intelligent questions in doss being superstitious being gullible WEAKNESS spending money chocolate coffee cokes FAVORITE SAYING I door believe it Dem.e ' Hey ' No-no ACTIVITIES CADET 1. 2. 3. 4 rrock 2 co-president 1 ski¬ ing 3. field hockey 1: cheering 1. French club 3: Graduation Committee 4 BERNARD RUSSELL HAINES NICKNAME Bernie ond Bern LIKES (loves) Terri; boskerball. soccer: summer¬ time Skool; Simon ond Simon comping, canoeing; Ozzy. Dio ; deersreok; MEMORIES rimes with A C : fun with the guys, the greot times Terri ond I shored SECRET AMBITION: to be stronded on on islond with o beouriful wom an GOAL ro go to college ond groduote then build o log cobin ond get married NOTED FOR soying outrogeous things WEAKNESS Terri ' s smile; parties; soying " no ' FAVORITE SAYING Whor sup. Pudly ond You gotta like it!” ACTIVITIES: soccer 1. 2. 3. 4 basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: rrock 2. 3. 4, Co-president 2. 4 JOSEPH HALL NICKNAME Joe LIKE5 Colt 45; parries. LTD MEMORIES long bus rides GOAL to groduote ond moke lots of money NOTED FOR: foiling history WEAKNESS: history FAVORITE SAYING I don ' t know!!” TINA L. HALL NICKNAME Teeny Crickette LIKES Being with Dorrell. Pink Floyd; unicorns, eating, the ocean, TGT, DGD. Morth S. MEMORIES December 10, 1981 SECRET AMBITION To meet Borr Connors GOAL: To morry Dorrell ond be successful or Mid-Store NOTED FOR Being toll, being from New Jersey WEAKNESS Soying no FAVORITE SAYING: Oh. rhot s stupid! ACTIVITIES: F Cheering 3. 4. W Cheering 3. 4. Bond 1. 2. 3, 4; Yeorbook 2 ROY HART LIKES; Forestry 1 ond 2. fishing, summer; 96 WMR MEMORIES: Summer of ' 81 SECRET AMBITION: ro live in Howaii ond to trovel. GOAL: to become o forest ranger REBECCA F HAT5TAT NICKNAME Becky LIKES my fomily horses music TV my friends Vicky Noncy Kim Tommy Liso Shelly roller- skonng swimming ice skotmg riding my bike MEMORIES when my sister Down died Nov 2 ond when my grondod died Sept 16 SECRET AMQITION To drive o big log truck ond Own my own Comoro GOAL to travel around the world someday ond own o big bike to rrovel on NOTED FOR talking too much of home WEAKNESS not doing whot I om told FAVORITE SAYING Shut-up! ' JONATHAN DAVID HEAD NICKNAME Jown LIKES Denise Soccer Mrs G Dud Skool LYNYRD SKYNYRD 36 Special Denise s family WC Levi s U Top MEMORIES SP Summer 64 W.nref 82 Dec 2 1962 June 19 84 Doothboy Christmas Tournament August 4 1964 SECRET AMBITION To bring Lynyrd Skynyrd bock together GOAL To be quite wealthy ond morned to Denise by age 30 NOTED FOR Being with Demse ond weonng my denim jocket everywhere WEAKNESS Denise FAVORITE SAYING Get over here ACTIVITIES Soccer 1 2 3 4 Dosketboll 1 3 4 Trock 2 3. 4 JR SR Prom Committee 3 SHELLEY MARIE HUTCHINS NICKNAME Shell LIKES Frank my fomily my dog PURPLE blue eyes Rock-n-Roll being with my friends onimols. Mr Morton s history classes Joguors 57 Chevys Coke old movies RichodGere MEMORIES Being with Fronk March 24 1982 summer of 83 SECRET AMBITION To groduote from college to own o Joguor GOAL To be o teocher ond to be hoppy with Fronk NOTED FOR Being with Kim ond Down: driving around laughing ond tolking WEAKNESS Blue eyes Fronk FAVORITE SAYING Don t hassle me Tm sure JUDITH ANN HUTCHINSON NICKNAME Judy Jude LIKES Being with friends owoy b-boll gomes snoopy shopping Jeeps Chinese food snow rebel flog cornotions sweorers sunsets outdoors MEMORIES Summer of 84 rimes spent with my fomily or comp, February vocations times spent with Scott Functions class my first crash ' SECRET AMBITION to somedoy rrovel to Englond GOAL To groduote from UMF ond be o successful teocher NOTED FOR Giving odvice WEAKNESS Nice smiles FAVORITE SAYING Don t be doing thor Oh come on ACTIVITIES Peer tutor 3. 4 Baskerboll monoger 2 3. 4 Yearbook 3 Editor 4 Sofrboll monoger 2. 3 4 Dromo 3 26 RANDALL HOOPER NICKNAME HOOP LIKES Dorothy Not Jeff Todd MEMORIES Illinois Not s porty friends in Illinois SECRET AMBITION To be successful of whatever I do GOAL Electronic technician, ond printer NOTED FOR 58 Chevy WEAKNESS Feelings ond onimols FAVORITE SAYING How s your B — LINDA LUCILLE JAMES NICKNAME Linda LIKES Field Hockey Skiing sweaters Rem children ballet MEMORIES Great Pumpkin Coper Zips Ploce Modowosko donee comp Hockey 84 SECRET AMBITION to donee on Broodwoy GOAL to groduote from college always be hoppy NOTED FOR Ballet WEAKNESS eyes McDonold s opple pies ACTIVITIES Field Hockey 1 2 3.4 - Tri-Coptom 4 SKIING 1. 2. 3 4 Closs Secretory 1. 2. 3 Bond 1. 2 3. 4 — Secretory 4 DUAYNE EDWARD JODREY NICKNAME Joke LIKES; woodworking; porties. sports MEMORIES Andover Elemenrory School donees SECRET AMBITION to moke it post bootcomp in the Army GOAL professions firefighter ond E M T NOTED FOR helping other people WEAKNE55 not possing tests FAVORITE SAYING Whor do you mean?” JAMES KIMBALL NICKNAME J.mbob LIKES most girls money food friends tokmg it easy MEMORIES oil the good looking girls I didn t dare to folk to SECRET AMBITION to eventuolly work for myself GOAL To be rich NOTED FOR; going to NOVA WEAKNESS Nice looking new girls FAVORITE SAYING Hard core ond It s casual ACTIVITIES Track 2 4 NOVA 0. 4 TODD KELLOGG LIKES; AC DC; Motley Crue. WBLM; skiing at Sun¬ day River snow: Chevys MEMORIES skiing ot Sunday River SECRET AMBITION to have lots of money GOAL to groduote FAVORITE SAYING III do it tomorrow MICHAEL T KELLY NICKNAME Mike Kelldog LIKES Fred lodies; beer Sloe gin. N O V A high MEMORIES NO V A high SECRET AMBITION to go to college GOAL to be a contractor NOTED FOR porttes; N O V A high WEAKNESS parties ACTIVITIES soccer 1. 2. 3. 4 skiing 1. 2, 3. 4 N O V A 3. 4 JODEY LYNN KIMBALL NICKNAME Jo Jod Smiley LIKES Christopher Johnson summer people moth Gorfield sports o good lough: being with fnends school; ond kids MEMORIES Greenwood baseball team Summer 1962 SECRET AMBITION ro run o disco roller rink GOAL ro bo o rich occounront ond be hoppy NOTED FOR studying ond being with Chris WEAKNESS persuasive people FAVORITE SAYING No problem Goy Gufyo ACTIVITIES Field hockey 1 2,3,4 basketball 1 2.4 softball 1, 2. 3 4 color guard 4 French club 3 Keyboards Unlimited 4 Class officer 4 Freshmen At¬ titude Committee 3 4 tutor 3 Geometry Aid 4 Girls store 3: Notional Honor Society 2. 3 4 Moth League 2. 3; Molne Scholors Doy 3 BRENT LIZOTTE LIKES Michelob ZZ Top Corvettes blondes: yes MEMORIES summers of 82 and 83 SECRET AMBITION to be president of Playboy Mogazine GOAL ro wrestle with Bo Derek and to be rich NOTED FOR joking oround a lot my serious outlook on life ACTIVITIES Soccer 1. 2: Yearbook 4 LINDA K LOWE NICKNAME Lok) Lm LIKES Jim horses Queen ploying The sox long bus rides with rhe gong Rock Islond MEMORIES Jozz Bond 61 Drama Competition getting found in the ort room ofter school SECRET AMBITION To be on actress GOAL Moke lots of bucks in pharmacy NOTED FOR My Moine occenr wonting hoppy endings being o pyro disliking the cots here WEAKNESS eyes old movies chocolote FAVORITE SAYING Fine Be Thot Woy Well Whot o sweetheart ACTIVITIES Dromo 1 2 3 4 Jazz Bond T 2,3 4 NHS 3 4 Student Council 3 4 MICHAEL MCGUIRE NICKNAME Fishtoil M Charlie LIKES Heavy metol music cors skiing MEMORIES Vee-dubs with no heot bod bindings SECRET AMBITION To single-hondedly undermine Ford Motor Co GOAL To be disgustingly wealthy NOTED FOR The lost minute paper etc WEAKNESS Food momly chocolate FAVORITE SAYING I ' ll do it later no problem ' ACTIVITIES: Dromo 3 4 Skiing 3. Moth League 3 4 RICHARD MERRILL NICKNAME RiCk Mert Lost LIKES Bud Vodko JD going to comp MEMORIES Comp GOAL To groduote ond moke money NOTED FOR Foiling history WEAKNESS Alcoholic beveroges FAVORITE SAYING You Communist PATRICIA LYNN MILLS NICKNAMES Trisho LIKES Bruce summer being of comp sod songs, driving stondords junk food quiet bus rides lying out in the sun MEMORIES July 16 1961 October 9, 1964 ' !! SECRET AMBITION to run o choin of Mills Morkers GOAL to hove o good career healthy kids o hoppy morrioge. ond o lot more! NOTED FOR being with Bruce working in rhe store WEAKNESS soying no” trying to stay mod: Bruce s smile ACTIVITIES Basketball 1 Softboll 2 ANDREW MOFFETT LIKES Skoal people who don t talk o lot MEMORIES Chandler Hill Rood SECRET AMBITION to become o spy for the government GOAL to graduate NOTED FOR not smiling FAVORITE SAYING You oin t right ' ACTIVITIES Football 1 Bosketboll 1 KIMBERLY MAE MORGAN NICKNAME Kim” LIKES Brod being with close friends D P . my family concerts: unicorns, rock-n-roll sleeping lore weekends Christmas portying summer nights the ocean. Von Holen s D L R my dog MEMORIES April 12 1964 summer of 64 SECRET AMBITION To go to Germany ond see Jeff GOAL To always be hoppy! NOTED FOR Being with Down ond 5helley FAVORITE SAYING no”: ”1 wish it wos Friday! VICKY LEE MYERS NICKNAME Vick Chic LIKES friends; hunks: shopping; money MEMORIES rimes spenr wirh Krisry ond Rhondo in rhe Arr room SECRET AMBITION ro morry Dovid Lee Rorh GOAL ro live my own life NOTED FOR loughing ond being crazy WEAKNESS Dovid Lee Rorh FAVORITE SAYING Be real ond Really AMIE SUE OTERO-OTERO NICKNAME: Oris Aim LIKES Field hockey, chocolare: skiing; porries. dancing, breodrrucks, comp; Jovon MEMORIES: summer of 84 North Conwoy Drive- in, comp SECRET AMBITION be presidenr of o large corporation GOAL go ro college ond be happy NOTED FOR loud voice quick remper WEAKNESS: being rold I ' m wrong, being imporienr FAVORITE SAYING: Oh. my God! " ACTIVITIES Field Hockey 1. 2. 0, 4 Track 3, Tutor 3 4; Boskerboll 2. N.H.5. 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 (presi¬ denr) 4 : Srudenr Council 1. 2 (secrerory) 3. (presi¬ denr) 4, Dromo 2. Jozz Bond 2 % TAMARA MARIE POLAND NICKNAME Tommy LIKES Vernon, shopping, kids, sleeping, Eddie Murphy surprises, driving fast. geomerry; long hoir boiler: French, Irolions. nice clothes chompogne MEMORIES July 13, 1984 Gross Roots History 84- 85 srudyhalls SECRET AMBITION ro hove Mory Toylor’s energy level ond merobolism GOAL ro be hoppy ond o good mother NOTED FOR being lore for homeroom, sleeping in doss, ond talking WEAKNESS spending money ACTIVITIES Field Hockey 1. 2; Skiing 1. 3. Srudenr Council 1, 2. 4. Secrerory 4. C.ADeT 2. 3. 4 Secrerory 4 Older Girls Conference 2. Tutor 4 DAWN LEE ROBERTS NICKNAME Downy " . Red LIKES: (loves) Jim. my family, animals: being with good friends, getting my own woy MEMORIES Summer of 82. April 21 school breaks SECRET AMBITION To meet Richard Gere on o desert isle GOAL: To become o nurse, morry Jim ond olwoys be hoppy with my life NOTED FOR: Being wirh Kim ond Shelley rolking In doss, being gullible flirting WEAKNESS Blue eyes Doriros. Jomes ; chocolate ice cream, roinbows FAVORITE SAYING Are you serious? " " Give me o break " Oh no ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1. 2; Sofrboll 1. 3. 4 KRIS PERCIVAL LIKES: Reggae Violent Femmes, skiing dangerously milironr jewelry: weekend hikes MEMORIES skiing wirh Donold XC 84 humiliation with Wen. Jen, Sreph Spike Hikes SECRET AMBITION ro hike rhe Appalachian Trail GOAL To rrovel oround rhe world WEAKNESS men wirh earrings FAVORITE SAYING Don r moke on issue our of if. " ACTIVITIES Tennis 1. 2. 3. Hiking Club 1. 2, 3. French Club 1. 2. 3. Dromo 4 Gorewoys 1. 2, 3: Cross Country 1 4 Norionol Honor Society 1 2 Library Aide 1. 2 Ski Club 2. 3 MICHAEL L ROBERTS NICKNAME Mikey LIKES: Joner. Joners family, my fomily. cold Heineys summer parties or rhe Cove skiing, Skool. hunting, fishing Eddie Murphy, heovy merol. worerbeds. Jim Beam MEMORIES MocBerh trip of 82. parties ot Rod s SECRET AMBITION to morry Joner ond be rich GOAL ro be hoppy ond be o success NOTED FOR being wirh Joner WEAKNESS Joner, Krypronire hangovers FAVORITE SAYING Well-yo 5NE Chuo " Got ony on yo” ACTIVITIES Football. Soccer. Baseball Trock Skiing 29 BRANDON SALWAY NICKNAME Sleep LIKES my family Jodi hoop Georgetown rhe Celts No 11 spaghetti feeds soccer baseball Whitesnoke Durg Italian food MEMORIES 63- 54 basketball season 54 soccer The Sunday Sun JournoI the town garage 64 SECRET AMBITION to host a footboll pre-gome show for network T V ond to ploy in the finol four GOAL to become o successful sports journalist NOTED FOR ploying sports WEAKNESS tests FAVORITE SAYING Yo never know ' ond Where s Merthy ' ACTIVITIES Soccer 1 2 4 Basketball 1 2. 3 4 Baseball 1 2. 3. 4 Co-President 4 Yearbook 3 Boys Store 3 RICHARD S SAUNDERS NICKNAME Richie LIKES Nancy: Bud on rap fast cors Rock Smokm tires; Drags MEMORIES Chris s birrhdoy porty Bosh at Robbn Rood SECRET AMBITION Get out of Bethel marry Nan¬ cy moke big bucks: own o couple Mustangs GOAL Be rich ond hove o big house NOTED FOR Being lore ond tired being with Nan¬ cy. Smokm tires WEAKNESS Getting Fubor FAVORITE SAYING What to-Chuck Hey. Buckweat NICHOLA SUE SAVOIE NICKNAME Nicki. Nick JT LIKES Dovid Bennett Mexican food my family ZZTop Tonka Mr Abbott s classes MEMORIES bus rides with Joke skunk perfume SECRET AMBITION to be the owner of Chippendales GOAL to get through bootcomp ond hove o suc¬ cessful career in the Air Force NOTED FOR being gullible and being colled Helena s sister WEAKNESS block hoir ond blue eyes food FAVORITE SAYING Yes dear ACTIVITIES Bond 1 Softball 1 2 Spomsh Club 2 Tutor 3 JACOB CARL 5CHACTER NICKNAME Joke Schroeder. Blitz Mr Mon Iguona LIKES Oreos cold soggy cereal eor cuffs Truth or Dore Art Dromo drumming, scorfs MEMORIES hanging out in rhe Art room bond ond dromo trips, riding on the bus with Kris bathing science fiction SECRET AMBITION to visit Tibet ond own o ploner GOAL to be o noted artist film director NOTED FOR being o clothes horse WEAKNESS Stor Wars toys FAVORITE SAYING Thor reolly rokes the biscuit ' ACTIVITIES Dromo 1 2 3 4 Bond 1 2 3.4 XC 1 2 4 Jozz Bond 1 2 3. 4 Student Council 2 3 4 Boys State 3 SHAWN JASON SMITH NICKNAME Shmut Rivetheod LIKES my fomily East Bethel soccer X-C skiing boseboll AC DC Iron Moiden Ozzy REM the cobin feeds Prince? metol shop MEMORIES 63- 84 soccer 64 X-C the cobin YCCs SECRET AMBITION to do vocals for AC DC ond Moiden GOAL to be happy until I om 100 years old NOTED FOR ploying sports ond driving the big 6 WEAKNESS her eyes music stores FAVORITE SAYING Come on you Irons ' ond I ' m serious! ' ' ACTIVITIES Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4 X-C Skiing 12 3 4 Boseboll 1 2. 3 4 Secretory 4 Boys Store 3 Var¬ sity Club 1. 2. 3 4 PE Aide 3. 4 French Club 1. 2 3.4 MARY FRANCES TAYLOR LIKES Alan Field Hockey, kids beoch friends, concerts my dog Toby MEMORIES June 22 1964 Aug 18 ond 25. 1984 Mocberh trip 82 38 Speciol concert comp SECRET AMBITION to be rich GOAL to be o successful reocher NOTED FOR chewing gum. talking, pouting WEAKNESS McDonald s French fries Alon FAVORITE SAYING I could soy something but I wont ACTIVITIES Field Hockey 1 2 3. 4 Cheering 1. 3. Track 1 2. 3 CADET 1. 2. 3. 4. French Club 1. 2. 3.4 30 CHRIS A TYLER NICKNAME KonkerDog LIKES Dudweiser Ford Musrongs 18-wheelers girls pomes Skool green MGM s four-wheelm skipping school MEMORIES Foods class 84 85 Noncy Howard (Reegon) SECRET AMDITION ro be rich and hoppy GOAL ro drive rrocror trailer cross-country ond then become president NOTED FOR smokin tires partying speeding giving Mr Davis o hord time being a Kanker bag m studyholl FAVORITE SAYING Konkerbog Fin Flotlonders and Let s party ZANE A WESTLEIGH NICKNAME Drono LIKES Robbit hunting deer hunting dogs SECRET AMDITION To raise dogs GOAL to be o carpenter NOTED FOR Don r know WEAKNESS Saying no to kids FAVORITE SAYING How s it goin? ACTIVITIES Football 1 Soccer 1 Trock 1 ALAN DAVID VERRILL NICKNAME Al Albee LIKES Mory my Firebird summer soccer baseboll rock ond roll weekends pizzo voca¬ tions comp MEMORIES Smut s room of Doys Store SECRET AMDITION ro own on oil field in Arabia ond hove my own harem of beautiful blonde women except for M W GOAL ro survive college ond eventuolly become a billionaire NOTED FOR blazing speed on the bose paths WEAKNESS trips to Newry FAVORITE SAYING Must not hove been that im¬ portant anyways. Mary ACTIVITIES Soccer 12 0 4 Doseball 12 0 4 NHS 2. 0 4 Doys Store0 LEIGH ANN WHITMAN NICKNAME Pee-Wee LIKES Odie purple guys, sofrboll Donny White my 2nd family Dallas Cowboys MEMORIES The 5 our parties, sofrboll Zip s Place GOAL To moke if through college NOTED FOR wearing purple ond being short WEAKNE55 blue eyes ond nice legs FAVORITE SAYING Isn f that precious? ACTIVITIES Self-group. Freshmen Awareness Committee. Choirmon for mock election softball Cheering Soccer mgr Ski Team MICHAEL VERRILL NICKNAME Massive Georducr LIKES girls, sex JW hunting. Clint Eastwood Druce Lee guns Corvettes volleyboll MEMORIES Oxford fair Woodstock Mr Morton s WW2 class Tyler sparry SECRET AMOITKDN To ploy volleyboll with Tom Selleck to be on the best Recon Team in the Mihtory GOAL Fost cors hot women ond cold brewskys lots of money NOTED FOR Writing my own early dismissals WEAKNESS Don t know the meaning of the word FAVORITE SAYING Don r be shy Those who kill ond run away live to kill another day Easy. Pedro ACTIVITIES Trock 3 KENNETH WHITNEY NICKNAME Whir LIKES spaghetti feeds my friends, golf water ski¬ ing. soccer my ormy jacket, old rock ond roll Neil Young good parties most femoles George Thoroughgood skiing boseboll my checkered shirt MEMORIES feeds Dorrhy s soccer 83 ond 84 SECRET AMDITION to collect 100 albums GOAL play soccer or baseball in college finish school be rich NOTED FOR driving the roce Ventura FAVORITE SAYING Trom wreck ACTIVITIES Soccer 1 2 3. 4 Dasketball 1 Skiing 2 3 4 Doseboll 1 2 3.4 NHS 234 KEITH WILLIAM WIGHT NICKNAME Ironmon LIKES Foreign cors chodore ice-creom boors SECRET AMBITION ro buy o SAAB Sooner ond drive rhe lengrh of Vermonr on 1 91 GOAL To rrovel oround rhe world NOTED FOR being eccentric WEAKNESS procrosrmorion FAVORITE SAYING Close Enough ' ACTIVITIES: Skiing. Booting, Comping. Traveling KEVIN B YORK NICKNAME Porky LIKES pomes MEMORIES holfdays SECRET AMBITION ro ger married GOAL ro earn o lor of money NOTED FOR nor having my homework done WEAKNESS Cure girls THERESA JEAN WILBUR NICKNAME TRE. T LIKES: Michoel. Chrisrmos. milk, cozy fires, sum¬ mer mmr chocolore ice cream MEMORIES Summer of 83. chop suey or Kelly ' s SECRET AMBITION: To sky dive GOAL To live love ond lough NOTED FOR Nor earing lunch WEAKNESS Food, sweer rolking hondsome men FAVORITE SAYING GOOD DEAL ACTIVITIES Field hockey 1. 2, 3. 4 Co-coproin 4 Class officer co-presidenr 3. Boskerboll 1 2 N H S 3. 4 rrasurer 4 Srudenr council 1. 2. Boseboll monoger 1. Srudenr ruror 3, 4 MELINDA SUE WILSON NICKNAME Mindy LIKES: my family rrue friends soccer Moore s Mi Abrom lirrle kids rain Florida: Billy Joel long rolks MEMORIES rhe Six: Nighr of rhe Five Moons YCC 83 soccer gomes Mr Morton s room period 5 bus rides Gorhom Snow Foils Rem s Newell s Campground SECRET AMBITION ro own my own house on o mounroin GOAL ro find whor I ' m looking for NOTED FOR being lore for everything being quiei mosr of rhe rime WEAKNESS eyes FAVORITE SAYING- Don r worry ACTIVITIES soccer mgr 2. 3 4 boseboll mgr 1, 3 4 boskerboll mgr 1. 2. ski mgr 3, class officer 2. 3: year¬ book 4 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Co-presidents Bernie Hoines ond Brandon Salwoy: Secretory Shown Smith; Treasurer Jodey Kimball. SENIOR L A MOST ATHLETIC! Donna Dorey ond Brandon Solway CLASS FLIRT! Leigh Whirmon ond Scon Dyer MOST MUSICAL! Suson Cole ond David Bennen 34 NEATEST! Suson Cole ond Bruce Borrh CLASS COUPLE! Trisha Mills ond Bruce Cox MOST TALKATIVE! Tommy Poland ond Joke Schachrer BEST DRESSED ! Kristy Angevine ond Brandon Solway MOST MISCHIEVOUS! Shari Cole ond Brent Lizotte BEST SMILE! 5uson Gould ond Shown Smith MOST STUDIOUS! Jodey Kimboll ond Keith Wight MOST BASHFUL! Lonno Gilks ond Ed Brennon MOST FUN TO BE AROUND! Denise Eliot ond Bernie Hoines MOST ARTISTIC! Brendo Bolio ond Brent Bochelder 35 MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED! Amie Otero Otero ond Bernie Hoines CLASS CLOWNS! Leigh Whitmon ond Jon Heod BEST BOD! Kristy Angevine ond Shown Smith BEST LOOKING! Denise Eliot ond Brandon Solway MOST UNFORGETTABLE! Trisho Mills ond Brent Lizorte 36 MOST GULLIBLE! Suson Gould ond Joke Schochter MOST POPULAR! Trlsho Mills ond Brondon Solway MUTTS AND JEFFS! Nancy Blois ond Brenr Bachelder Tlno Holl ond Mike McGuire MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED! Jodey Kimboll ond Alon Verrill BEST DANCER! Lindo Jomes ond Shown Smith 1. Stephanie Fuller 2. Kris Percivol 0. Mike Verrill 4 Jonathan Head 9 Brent Lizotte 10. Richard Merrill 11 Nancy Blais 12. Rochel Belanger 10. Kim Morgan 14. Donna Dorey 15. Theresa Wilbur 10. Down Roberts 11 Judy Hutchinson 12. Tommy Polond 13. Suson Gould 14. Lindo Lowe 15. Sue Cole 16. Lindo Jomes IN MEMORY OF JOHN GLENDENNING 1966-1985 To John To o dear friend I soy farewell. To know you wos a privilege. To be a dose friend was on honor. You were different right from The start and you fir into our group so well. We were oil misfits who only hod each other. Dut now our drde of friends hos been broken and will rejoin smaller but stronger. You hove taught us oil o lesson. If we love someone we should tell them so and let them know they ore nor alone. We will remember in years to come and lough or oil the good rimes. We will also remember the bod rimes ond cry for you (and ourselves) when the grief is too much to bear. I hope you hove found the peace you always wonted ond deserved To John Glendenning I soy the words you were longing to hear. I love you L.J. MICHELLE MATTHEW KIM CUMMINGS CUSHMAN DEANIS DAVID DENISON JAMES FISKE JAY HASTINGS BRIAN FOGG VICKIE HATSTAT ANGELA HERRICK TRACY KIMBALL scon KORHONEN ANDREW McKINNEY RICKY MERRILL KIMBERLY MONZO JENNIFER MORAN ELAYNA LISA DOROTHY TATE THURLOW WALKER TERRI PERRY MARY POLAND H TODD PORTER 43 L 45 PAUL ANDREWS APRIL DENNETT CHRISTOPHER CHAPMAN VINCENT CHAPMAN GLORI DOLIO LISA BOYLAN MELISSA DROWN NATALIE DROWN Kevin Powell ond Scon Hoines. Co-Presidenrs: Soroh Chopmon, Secretory. Jeonnine Cononr. Treasurer SCOn LESTER COFFIN COLE 46 TYLENE ELI DEWAR DREHER CHRISTOPHER DUNHAM TANYA CORRIN r | LINDA FIELD CHRISTOPHER CRAIG DEANNA FOGG TAMMY DATES scon DUKER 5ARAH CHAPMAN KEITH CLANTON DENNIS GALLANT MARCEY GILK5 BRIAN HAEGELE ANDREA HOWE ■ Su JUDY LAMONTAGNE VERONICA MELVILLE DARLENE MARIE HASKELL HENLEY TRACY MARK HIGGINS HINDMAN JUNE HOUSE ERIC HOYT TIMOTHY LAPHAM DEANNA HUTCHINS LINDA LEARNED DARREN MORSE MICHAEL NEWELL JAME5 ORINO DAVID KERSEY WANDA PALMER ANITA KIMBALL LYNN MAYBERRY ELISHA PARSONS MELISSA PILGRIM LYNN SEAME5 scon 5TEVEN5 o JAYME TABB Absenr for Photos: BRIAN ABBOH PAUL HUTCHIN5 MATTHEW LABAN SCOn MERCHANT 48 KEVIN POWELL ANDY SMITH ASA TAYLOR KIMBERLY SWEETSER CHRISTOPHER TORREY JANET VIITALA STACY WILBUR i SARAH WILLIAMSON KELLY WELLS NANCY GOULD DEBBIE WHEELER DANNY MYERS JASON ADAMS Y MICHELLE BEAUSCHE5NE JOSEPH BRADLEY I DANNY DENNETT EDWARD DERRY HARLAN DLAKE DEDDIE DODWELL Denise Gourhier and Dorbie Bennert, Co-Presidenrs; Delwin Wilson, Secrerary, Julie Morgan, Treasurer. 50 ROBERT CHASE •mrah . JENNIFER BROWN KATHRYN CLARK PATRICIA CLOUGH CARL COLBY APRIL COLE HEIDI BELANGER BEN BOLEN MARIA BOWERS JENNIFER BRENNON DIANA BUNDY BETHANY COOLIDGE GIDEON DORMAN DOREEN DYKE APRIL EVANS LISA COX JULIE DENISON scon FRASER HiinaL DARYL KYLE CURRIER CURTIS MICHAEL SHERRI DIXON DOOEN TRACY DENISE GAMMON GAUTHIER BETH RONALD RANDY HALL HANSCOM HARRINGTON 51 MARYBETH HUTCHINSON CHARLES LAVALLEE MICHELE JOHNSON RYAN LORI KEVIN MASON MCKINNEY MERRILL 52 JANA MOFFETT CHER MONK JULIE MORGAN ROBERT BENJAMIN HURD HUTCHINS MICHAEL MAR5TON ANGELA MARTIN KIM HUTCHINS FRED KUVAJA LINDA MASON RICKY MIXER KAREN MORTON SANDRA MORTON .VV.V. %% . -- w _ « ANGELA NOYES ETHAN OTERO OTERO MELISSA PALMER DELMER PARKER LEEANN PATTEN VICTORIA PINGREE TROY RYERSON ANGELA SAWYER HOLLY ROBERTS CHRISTIAN SEIDELL KERI ROBERTS ROBBIE SHIELDS KAREN SIMMONS WILLIAM 53 SIMMONS MELISSA SYLVESTER MATHEW WAI5ANEN RICHARD THOMAS JEFF WALKER DANNY THURSTON JAMES WE5TLEIGH I i SENE TUTTLE Tl YORK Absenr for Pictures: BETHANY ABBOTT HENRY BROOKS CHARLES COLE DAVID COLE KATHIE COLLETT DAWN DAYE BETH DOUGLAS MACE GAMMON ARTHUR GODWIN EUGENE HERRICK BRENDA KENDALL AMOS KIMBALL KELLY OSGOOD PATRICIA PATTERN RICHARD SPRAGUE WAYNE TAYLOR RODNEY WE5TLEIGH PETER WILSON RANDY WILSON MATTHEW WHITE MICHELLE CROCKETT 54 Alon Verrlll. Ken Whitney. Shown Smith, Druce Borth, Brent Bochelder. ond Joke Schocter. Jodey Kimboll. Lee-Ann Coolidge, Judy Hutchinson, Amie Otero-Otero. From Row: Melisso Polmer, Julie Denison, Morietto Heod, ond Danny Thursron. Second Row: Dovld Kersey, Joke Schocrer. Amie Orero-Orero, Tommy Poland, Scon Dyer, ond Undo Learned. Third Row: Keifh Clanton, Koren Gould, Suzi Roy, Mary Poland, Emily Gammon, ond Jone Head Front Row: Kris Percivol. Suzi Roy, Theresa Wilbur, Mindy Wilson. Jodey Kimball, ond Marsho Moxcey. Second Row: Amie Orero- Otero. Alon Verrill. Ken Whitney, Sorah Duckmon, Jim Fiske, ond Don Hort. N H A O T N I O O R N A S L O C I E T Y 57 First Row: Jeonnine Conont. Tino Hall, Morsho Moxcey, Kris Percivol. Soroh Chapman, and Mary Hutchinson. Second Row: Lynn Seomes, Tom my Poland. Theresa Wilbur. Jim Fiske. Suzi Roy, and Amie Otero-Otero Third Row: Don Hort. Eli Dreher. Brendo Bolio. Chris Chopmon. Scott Korhonen. Soroh Buckmon, Mindy Wilson, ond Donny Cross. First Row: Tino Hall, Heidi Bennett, Tommy Polond, ond Donna Dorey Second Row: Shown Smith, Nancy Howard. Lonna Gilks. Noncy Blois. Liso Jordon, Mary Polond, and Joke Schocter. Third Row: Sue Froser, Chris Tyler, Emily Gommon, Jennifer Moron, Terri Perry, Jim Cobb, ond Brandon Salwoy. Fourth Row: Dove Dennison. Fred Corriveou. Dewaine Jodrey. Brent Bochelder. 5 P A N I 5 H C L U Front Row: Amie Orero-Orero, and Jone Head. Second Row: Mr. Otero, and Hunee Bolio. Third Row: Eric Hoyt, Eric Wight, and B Michelle Cummings. First Row: Joson Adorns, Delwin Wilson, ond Shoun Morrell. Second Row: Cris Barton. Keri Roberts, ond Judy Bailey. Third Row: Laura Reed, Mr Otero, ond Trocy Higgins. Fourth Row: Donny Myers, ond Sondro Morton. 59 First Row: Melissa Pilgrim, and Paul Andrews Second Row Jodey Kimball. Mr Hebert, and Hunee Bolio L I D R A R Y C L U D First Row: Kelly Osgood, Beth Coolidge, More Barton. Liso Cox. and Kathy Tyler Second Row: Diane Moxcey. Mott Waisonon. Donny Thurston. Chris Honscom. Brian Hughes. Vileodo Nixon, Michelle Crockett, ond Vicki Pingree Third Row: Mike Dixon. Rondy Harrington. Charles Cole, ond Angelo Noyes. Front Row Mrs Boyce, Soroh Buckmon, Mory Poland, Sheilo Andrews, ond Kothy Roberge Second Row: Hunee Bolio, Louro Reed. Eric Hoyt, ond Veronica Melville Left-Right: Soro Buckmon, Angelo Sowyer, Kevin Powell, Donold Borker. Second Row: Kris Percivol, Koren Simmons. Donny Bennett, Deb Bodwell. Done Dyke, Liso Jordon. Mike McGuire. Morsho Moxcey, Keith Clanton. Jane Head, Director, Gemmo Morrill-Dreher. Sheilo Andrews, Eli Dreher, David Kersey. Third Row: Jim Gorman. Lindo Lowe, Joke Schachrer, Eric Hoyt, Brent Bochelder DRAMA CLUB 61 0£ PER CA5T Mr Gilbrerh, Dod.Dona Dyke Mrs. Gilbrerh. Mom.Liso Jordon Ernestine.Undo Lowe Frank. Donald Darker Jockie.Kevin Powell Don. . Eric Hoyt Dill.Drenr Dochelder Fred.Michael McGuire Anne.Morsho Moxcey Lillian.Angelo Sawyer Morrha.5oroh Duckmon Mrs. Firzgerold. Housekeeper.Sheila Andrews Dr. Durron, Family Doctor.Kevin Powell Joe Scales, The Cheerleader.Joke Schochrer Miss Drill. A Teacher.Kris Percivol Lorry. Someone Special.Keith Clonron Stand In.Jane Heod 1 9 e 5 Y E A R D O O K 5 T A F F ARTWORK Brent Bochelder James Gorman Jacob Schachrer PHOTOGRAPHERS Brian Abbott Marilyn Ackley Jon Akers Becky Carter Denise Gauthier Marcey Gilks Brent Lizotte SPECIAL HELPERS Honee Bolio Terri Perry Ken Viger BUSINESS MANAGER Danny Cross ADVISOR Marilyn Ackley CO-EDITORS Tanyo Foster and Judy Hutchinson 5 r LE5PE c l i 5 ? NS rT FlrSf R ° W: 5h0r ' C ° ,e ’ Kim Deonis ' Jud V Hutchinson, Heidi Belanger, Allyson Belanger Second Row: Brent Lizotte, Donny Cross, Shelley Rice, Diana Bundy, Jennifer Hutchins, Tommy Holl. MORNING ANNOUNCER Donald Darker Front Row: Eli Dreher. Undo Learned, Korhy Tyler. Second Row: Chris Torrey. Brian Hoegle. Michelle Crockett, Chris Oorton. Third Row: Dennis Gollonr. Dorin Prodo, Perry Hort. Fourth Row: Chris Chopmon. Tonyo Foster, lisa Clonton, Crystal Hoskell. Mike Newell, Eric Hoyt ond Advisor Mr. Abbott. R A D A G R O U P 67 Vorsity Field Hockey 1 5ocopee 2 0 Sr. Doms 3 0 Winthrop 0 0 Yarmouth 2 0 Mexico 2 3 Winrhrop 1 2 Gould 0 0 Dixfield 1 2 Mexico 0 3 Gould 2 (of) 1 Dixfield 6 0 Socopee 3 1 Sr. Doms 3 1 Joy 2 0 Yarmouth 1 (or) 0 Joy 1 FIELD HOCKEY First Row Thereso Wilbur Amie Otero ond Undo Jomes. Second Row. Mory Polond. Morierto Heod. Mory Hutchinson. Jodey KimbolUeonnine Conont Eloyno Tote Kim Deonis. Suzi Roy. Koren Gould, ond Joyme Tobb Third Row Jone Heod Robinson. Julie Denison. Honey Miller. Ellen Hostings. Elisho Porsons. Oorbie Bennett. Angelo Herrick. Debbre Wheeler. Mory Toylor. Mrssy Johnson. Shori Dooen. Penny York. Monoger Wayne Picker, ond Coach Sally Honnon. SOCCER Solwoy. ond Fred Second Row: Scort Korhonen, Dernie Hoines, Stocy Roberts, Jon Heod. Ken Viger, 5houn Smith, Chris Torrey, Scott Drown, Cooch Remington, Chod Deon. and Mike Kelly. 72 Varsity Soccer 6 Buckfield 0 3 Yarmouth 4 1 5t. Doms 1 1 Fryeburg 2 3 Winthrop 1 3 Mr. Abram 1 5 Mexico 4 4 Gould 3 0 Fryeburg 1 6 Mexico 3 2 Buckfield 1 3 St. Doms 1 0 Yarmouth 1 7 Winthrop 1 2 Mt. Abram 1 5 Gould 2 1 NYA 2 - 73 CROSS COUNTRY Firsr Row: Korie Clork, Tino Holl, Berh Hall. Joner Coolidge. Second Row: Terri Perry. Sue Froser, and Joner Coolidge. Telsrar 55 Season ' s Results Leavitt Opponent. 66 44 Mexico 56 60 Gould 51 42 Buckfield 40 47 Corrobec 80 49 Gorhom 50 40 Raymond 62 06 Sacopee 47 40 Corrobec 60 42 Freeport 81 52 Leovitt 56 47 Yormouth 50 06 Mr Abram 59 64 Gould 56 07 Buckfield 50 49 Freeport 66 45 Yarmouth 50 46 Mr. Abrom 70 60 Mexico 69 Firsr Row: Terri Perry, Jonarhon Heod, Bernie Hoines, Coproin Brondon Solwoy, Chod Beon. Judy Hutchinson Second Row Cooch Coddigon, Chris Chapman, Jim Fiske. Ken Viger, Gory Roshro, Scorr Hoines, Cooch Horr Absenr From Photo: Tonyo Foster, Denise Eliot GIRLS’ VARSITY AND J.V. HOOP VARSITY GIRLS ' HOOP — From Row Borbie Bennerr, Trocy Ross. Jeonnine Cononr, Co-Coproin Jodey Kinnboll. Coproin Donno Dorey. Koren Gould. Soro Chopmon. Holly Roberrs Second Row: Cooch Lunney. Suzi Roy. Tommy Holl. Trocy Higgins, Deb Bodwell. Lindo Leorned. Penny York. J.V GIRLS HOOP — Fronr Row: Tino Cushmon. Trocy Ross. Lori Milron. Jeonnine Cononr. Koren Gould. Missy Johnson. Soro Chopmon Second Row: Cooch Lunney. Lynn Seomes. Mindy Robinson, Deb Bodwell. Tommy Holl. Shori Dooen. Mory Hurchinson. 78 Front Row: Dovid Kersey. Scott Dyer, Dennis Gollonr, Chris Siedell, Rick Mixer, Chris Croig, Mike Kelly. Morr Lobon Second Row Cooch Rem¬ ington, Orion Fogg, Todd Dovis, Ken Whitney. Chris Lobon. Andy Smith, Jim Orino. Scott Korhonen, Rick Bodwell. Cooch Orown Bock: Cooch Remington 81 GIRLS ' ALPINE AND X-COUNTRY SKIING Front Row Denise Gouthier. Dorcie Witter. Jone Heod, Becky Carter Second Row Cooch Remington. Lindo James. Sue Fraser. Som Morton. Michelle Cummings. Cooch Remington 82 " GO AS FAR AS YOU WANT TO GO. Losses 18 0 Girls ' Alpine: Girls X-C: Moine Team: Alpine Darcie Wirrer X-C: Heidi Delonger Wins 3 11 Losses 18 15 VARSITY AND J V — Front Row Megon McGuire. Kelly Osgood. Keri Roberts. Andreo Howe. Beth Holl Middle Row Missy Brown. Jody Kimboll. Leigh Whitmon Donno Dorey. Tonyo Foster. Suzi Roy. Penny York Bock Row: Mory Hutchins. Heidi Belonger. Missy Johnson. Liso Bolen. Glor, Bolio. Dorothy Walker. Jeonnine Conont. Trocy Ross. Joyme Tobb. Ellen Hostings. Money Miller. Judy Hutchinson. Lindo Leorned. Down Roberts. Srocy Drown From Row: Todd Dovis. Morhew Woisonen. D. J. Porker, Keith Clonron, Dovid Kersey. Mike McGuire, Drion Hughes, Bernie Hoines, Mike Verrill Bock Row: Kevin Powell. Scott Stevens. Dove Denison. Fred Kuvojo. Don Borker, Jon Akers, Jon Heod, Cooch Kersey Front Row: Jone Heod. Trocy Kimboll, Honee Bolio, Denise Gouthier, Michelle Cummings, Koren Simmons. Marsha Moxcey. Lindo James, Sarah Chopmon Bock Row: Cooch Kersey. Shelly Rice, Melissa Polmer, Angelo Sowyer, Debbie Budwell, Dorcie Witter. Amie Otero-Otero. Trocy Hig¬ gins, Koren Gould. Mory Toylor. Denise Eliot 86 TRACK VARSITY AND J.V. — Front Row: Alon Verrlll, Bruce Barth, Ken Whitney. Brondon Solway. Shown Smith, Chad Bean Bock Rows: Cooch Brown, Steve Learned. Derek Voil, Alec Newell. Bob Chose, Scott Hoines, Eli Dreher, Ken Viger. Donny Myers. Jeff Roiney, Jim Fiske. Ricky Mixer. Rick Bodwell, Jim Cox, Srocey Roberts. Cooch Remington. BASEBALL 97 LODGE Restaurant Lounge D. W. McKEENS RESTAURANT AND LODGE Tel. (207) 824-3232 Student Loon? We Make It Easy. ' We ' re Always Thinking of Ways to Help . m YOU. " Located on the Sunday River Ski Resort Access Road CASCO NORTHERN BANK GEMINI 89 Congress Street Rumford. Maine The Home of Casual Clothes at Casual Prices ’Come see us at our new location in rhe Congress Street Mall In Rumford. ' ENJOY THE PACE Visit the Tourist Trap WLifc ill tile slew lane GROAN McGURN Tourist Trap and Factory Outlet Bethel. ME Custom Screen Printing for Schools, Businesses, and Organizations. T-shirts Souvenirs Gifts Toys Local Crafts Video Rentals Movies Tel. 364-4840 Rumford, ME 64 Congress St Arrcarved Class Rings M C. jUXi 98 MARY-D FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions. ' ' Prop. Mary and Stephen Davis Phone: 364-2122 Virginia Section of Rumford. MILLS MARKET Main St. Andover, ME Tel. 392-3062 ’ Oxford County ' s OLDEST Family Run Store! " PUMA HARDWARE 6 LUMBER CO., INC Tel. 364-3770 364-3779 Rumford, ME 04276 50 Prospect Ave. Pres. Nicholos J. Puiio 364-7624 364-7825 AKERS GENERAL STORE SWAN’S JEWELER. 1 GIFT SHOP 10 1 Fresh Dough Pizzo Italian Sandwiches Timoth Custom Jewell Pres. Rec 69 Congress St. Rumford, ME 04276 Tel e£J Sunday River Ski Touring Center For Information: Steve and Peggy Wight Innkeepers SUNDAY RIVER INN 2 — Bethel, ME 04217 2410 ations to rheClass Ruth SI Caterer Box 12 Andover ME 04216 Te 392-4161 Compliments of RAZZANO’S RESTAURANT Fine Home Cooked Foods Buffers Dolly 11 om-2 pm DiCONZO’S lUNGEV ICK Live Entertainment and.Doncing Nightly J36Cor , 9 |ssS, ■d, mm Rumford, i • j: DAVIS FLORIST Distinctive Flowers ond Gifts 13§ Congress St. Rumford, ME 04276 Tel. 364-7851 Gilles ond Glsone Anctil 99 THE BET S4VINGSEANK hel Wni r F.D.I.C. A Mutual Sovmgs Bond Foundec ro£erve the CommuniryjU Bethel. ME Horrison. ME West Paris, ME _ Publishers of the r Bethel Citizen Every Thursday, Tf 1 Printers — StationersNX LITTLEFIELD GREEN HOUSES 209 Main Street South Paris, ME Tel. 740-6301 4 BRYANT POND VILLAGE STORE Main St. Berhel _63 I HOME II WOOD COA STOVES BUILDING SUPPLIE: PLUMBING M 4DOWS SWAN CARPET CLEANER RENTALS -yqj i Alternative Heating Methods " JAY thru SATURDAY 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Maine T CENTER ET METAL FABRICATION HEATING SUPPLIES ELECTRICAL CEILINGS KITCHEN IITY CABINE NEWTON TIBBEtT ! Manufacturers of Dowels, Glue Pin! Turnings Mouldings, and Finishings O. Box 816 Bethel, ME 04217 Tel. 836-2336 100 Bryant Pond. Maine 665-2508 " Congratulations to the Class of 85 ' There is a destiny that makes us brothers; none goes his way alone: All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own. • Edwin Markham P.O. Box 156 Bryant Pond, ME 04219 Prop. George Hooper WESTERN MAINE SUPPLY CO. Lumber and Building Materials Box 69 Bethel. ME 04217 Tel. 824-2139 MAINE NATIONAL DANK 106 Congress Sr. Rumford, ME 04276 MTN. VIEW STORE Rt. 2 West Bethel, ME 04217 " Best of Luck!!” Tel. 364-3733 Tomorrow And it hardly seems possi¬ ble, does it? After all those years of plan¬ ning and preparing; of working for this important milestone in your life. And now you ' re thinking about your new tomorrows. AT CMP we know how you feel, and we re aware, as you are, that what hap¬ pens tomorrow depends in great part on the work done today. CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 from all of us at CMP. THE YARNERY NEEDLE WORKS Your Knitting ond Needlework Supplies Church Street Bethel, Moine Tel 824-3260 or 824-2281 Hrs.: Tuesdoy-Soturdoy 10-5 HUTCHINS JEWELERS 213 Moin Street Norwoy, Moine 04268 Opero House Block BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE THE GEM SHOP Adrienne L. Sounders Rr. 2 Bridge Sr. Bethel, ME Tel. 207-824-2065 Handmade Jewelry Gems — Jewelry Gold-Silver Mineral Specimens People you can bank on. I Franklin Savings Bank Farmington • Jay • Maxico • Ranyalay • Rumlord • Skowfiayan • Wilton Mambar FDIC ood Luck Seniors From " 85 " Yearbook Staff GORDON R. N Pine Pr. Rood Bryanr Pond, Maine Logging Tel. 665-2683 LOWELL ' S SAW SHOP STOWELL WOOD PRODUCTS, INC. ’Congrafularions Telsror High School Class of 1985!! " P.O. Box 98 Bryanr Pond, Maine 04219 Tel. 665-2433 Congratulations Class of 85 " LARRY ' S GARAGE Bryant Pond, Maine 665-2760 TWIN TOWN GLASS 45 Main Street Norway, Maine 04268 Tel. 743-6478 Boise Cascade " Good Luck to the Class of 1985 " BOISE CASCADE Rumford, ME 04276 A LINDA ' S COUNTRY FLAIR THE UNICORN FLOWER SHOP 824-2358 " Always a Friendly Atmosphere " 836-3929 Flat Road West Bethel, Maine Bridge 5t. P.O. Box 292 Bethel, ME 04217 Danna and George Nickerson, Prop. Fresh, Dried, ond Silk Flowers; Plants, Helium Balloons. Candies, Cards, and Gifts. " A Flower Is Worth a 1000 Words. " BESSEY MOTOR SALES Thank-You!! 201 Main Street The 1985 Zodiac Staff would like to thank Mrs. Ackley for South Paris, Maine 04281 all the time she so generously gave us and also for all the Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Dodge Trucks, ond AMC Jeep Tel. 743-6341 contributions she made! 103 TOWN COUNTRY MOTOR INN Shelbourne, NH atulates t i HHfa Class t ofK981 ' Always 20% ro 60% Off Itoail xford Ptaza Route 26 )xford, Maine 04266 Tel. 740-6039 First Guoliry Merchandise Seconds or Monufocrurers of Glued Pdnels (Blank iern Hardwoods and White Pine L FURNITURE K, INC. Befhel. Maine 04217 Tel. (207) 806-2624 DAVE ' S GENERAL STORE Ed Howard 752-7619 Tel: 392-4172 Fresh Dough Pizzas Italians Andover, ME 04216 HI-HO RECORDS Main Street Sell Imports New Top Hits and Cassettes d LP’s and Cassettes 260 Main St. Berlin, NH 03570 Student Loan? We make it easy. Casco Northern Bank “ We re always thinking.. . of ways to help you BANK Of BOSTON company Memhrt lOtC of Berlin Inc Mn. Srreer 43dl w 13 hair 6 kin core olon SKIN G HAIR SALON 207 Moin Street Berlin, NH 03570 752-7904 CHUCKWAGON 244 Main Street Berlin, NH 752-6024 MORIN FAMILY SHOE Main Srreer, Berlin, NH 752-4610 Prop. Bob Morin Color Photography 603 752-1111 MT. FORIST STUDIO INC. AND CAMERA SHOP 80 Moin 5treer Berlin, NH Norman R. Richards Pres RICHARDSON LUMBER Custom Sowing ond Planning Retail Lumber Pine — Spruce — Hemlock East Andover, Maine 392-1100 106 GUAY DROUIN Men s ond Boys ' Shop 61 Moin Street Berlin, NH 752-2760 Alterations, Mending, Custom Sewing THE FABRIC EMPORIUM Aline Crockett, Prop. Hours: 10:00-5:00 Tues.-5or. Box 407 Bethel, ME 04217 Office 624-0202 Res. 675-5275 .a Mlts 122 Main Street Norway, ME 04266 Tel. 740-9732 Jtu l AMIDON ELECTRIC Congrotulotions to the Class of “65 ' ' r 1 BROOKS BROS. INC, Main 5treer Bethel, Maine TWIN-TOWN GLASS INSURANCE REPLACEMENTS COMPLETE AUTO GLASS STORE FRONT REPAIRS FOR ALL YOUR GLASS NEEDS 45 MAIN STREET. NORWAY, ME 04268 48 BROADWAY FARMINGTON. ME 04938 FR$ CAM|BELL 743-6478 ■1 1 THE FASHION basket ' and THE BRASS UCKLE Attorney and Counsellor at Low GORDAN M. GILLIES Three Brood Street Bethel, Maine 04217 Telephone 207-624-2566 Come in and See What We Hove for You. " MOLL OCKETT ANTIQUES Bryont Pond 665-2397 107 AKERS GENERAL STORE Main StreeB Andover, Maine Groceries, H rdwore Telephone 392-1966 sQttlef idd $ (greenhouses (207)743-6001 South Paris, Maine 04218 G Bcilieyni , CouqtryChib 108 Bethel, Maine 04217 Ggebel Street Berlin 1 New Hampshire Wk Arthur L. Newell Lynn Newell A L AUTOMOTIVE Telephone 752-5620 41 Exchange Street Rumford Maine 04276 Telephone: _ DECKER PHOTOGRAPHY CHARLIE ' S PLACE Bethel, Maine ' 4 cared in Beautiful Down vn Bethel!! n Seven Days a Week 109 Check Out Our Specials Daily Seniors Weddings Anniversaries Commercial Passports - DANIELS Jim and Abby Duarte, Owners 9 Fair Street OGRAPHY ' of 1965!! Norway, Maine ■ Adi ‘ t » CV ft. 4t- 109 _ PATRONS Carlisle ' s, 92 Congress Street, Rumford Maine. 364-2561 Bonnema Pottery, MaiaStreet. Berhel, Moine. 624-2821 M. M. Brown ' s, Main Street, Bethel, Maine 824-2846 John Percival Logging, Andover. Maine. 392- Town Radio, Andover. Maine 392-2231 York Land Services, 236 Main Street, Berlin, New He Addie ' s Place, Andover. Maine. 392-2171 Bob Gauthier, Auctioneer, Milan Village, New Hampshire. 603-449-2542 Berlin Motor Inn, 203 Main Street, Berlin, New Hampshire. 603-752-5604 Middle Earth, 91-95 Main Street, Berlin, New Hampshire. 603-752-7400 Far East Restaurant, 129 Main Streer, Mexico, Maine. 364-7841 O ' Connor Construction Company,£40 Prospect Avenue, Rumford, Maine. 364-4924 y N R F Tyler G Sons, Logging — Firewood — Trucking, ryant Pond, Maine. 875-3971 Gty Drug Inc., Upper Main Streer Berlin, New Hampshire. 603-752-2100 Dallas Hair Styling Salon, Main Sfreet, Berlin, New Hampshire. 603-752-7934 ■ Opticians, 157 Main 5treehBg|jjh, ftew Hampshire. 603-752-3382 er Wood Products, Andover? Moine. 392-2101 Shear Pleasure, 36 Exchange Street, Rumford, Maine. 369-0085 Dyer Electronics (Radio Shack Dealer) 3 Bridge Street, Mexico, Main . 364-7606 Lazarou Motors, Mexico, Maine. 364-8060 John R. Mason, D.0.5., Northwest Bethel Road, Bethel, Maine. 824-3378 Y 44 . 603-752-7282 BOOSTERS Our best wishes ro rhe class of ' 85! Wendy Marcolini and Sally Downing Good Luck, Seniors! Mrs. Dombkowskl There ore none like you; Of oil rhe classes I hove worked w ith in r he years I ' ve been here, this is rhe one I fell in love wirh. Ger You only ger our of somerhing whor you pur Inro i Good Luck ro rhe Class of ' 85 Mr. and Mrs. App Seniors: ’’Thor parh is for your sreps alone. " (So rake Ackley 5eniors: I wish you all o hoppy and successful furure con be, bur also be yourself. Mr. Hort Congrarularions and Good Luck ro rhe Class of ' 65. You haven ' r been a bad bunch! Gloria ond Dennis Jackson Never in this field of human conflicr was so much owed by so many ro so few! W Morron Besr Wishes Class of ' 85! Mr Hodgins Live for roday, dream for romorrow, learn from yesterday. Mrs. Derry Life is an echo — whor you send our, comes back. Mr Abborr Desr wishes ro rhe Class of ' 85. Mr. Delehanry

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