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TELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL “HOME.OF THE REBELS” TABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty. 9 Seniors.16 Juniors.39 Sophomores.43 Freshman.47 Organizations.51 Sports.61 83 Spring Sports.77 Activities.81 r [ Advertisements.89 1 Dedication Mr. Peter J. Brown We the class of ' 84 dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Peter J. Brown. We appreciate the many things Mr. Brown has done for us and our school. He has given unselfishly of his time and energy in a con¬ stant effort to help young people improve their skills in athletics and in the classroom. He always demanded the best from others, and more often than not we gave it — because Mr. Brown always gave his best to us. In Memory Heidi Burk 4 24 66-2 1 84 Heidi was always an outgoing person. Skiing was her life and dream. She was on her way to the top when we lost her. She had a lot of friends who will remember her as being happy and enjoying life. Each of us has our own memories that we can enjoy. The days have been long and enjoyable. Being home once more lets “me be me " around the ones I love most. Home It can ' t be just a house Your room or even your own bed It ' s the place that your family’s at. The Breeze It ' s coming But the window isn ' t Open. Heidi Burk 12 22 83 7 As you prepare to graduate many people will talk about the transition you will be making from school into a world of independence. Graduation is not an end, but only a momentary stop while you change direction in your life. Each year the graduates face many problems which they will find solu¬ tions for. Each of you will have hopes and expectations for the future. Expectations are important, but you should also know when you have reached that goal, assess your accomplishments, then set new expecta¬ tions for yourself. Often the road leading to the expec¬ tation is more rewarding than the enjoyment of the ex¬ pectation itself. The past is only important if you have learned from the experience and then go forward from it. Best wishes from the entire school community. Dewaine B. Craig Superintendent of Schools To the members of the Class of 1984: You have just completed four years of preparation toward your life ' s goal. It is my hope that you do not look at graduation as the final achievement, but rather the beginning of many to come. As always, some of the graduating class have had to work harder than others to achieve this goal. Let me leave you with this thought: “That which we acquire with the most difficulty we retain longest: as those who have earned a fortune are usually more careful of it than those who have inherited one.” As you set and achieve future goals, may you also put your best effort into them so that you will be proud and want to preserve them as you would a for¬ tune. My best wishes to you. Theodore Davis Principal Telstar High Sc hool 8 LAWRENCE ARSENAULT SCIENCE MICHAEL DELEHANTY MATH JOHN APPLIN MATH VENESSA ARSENAULT HOME ECONOMICS BRIAN FLYNN ENGLISH DANIEL HANNON PHYSICAL EDUCATION PAULINE APPLIN MATH HELEN BERRY ENGLISH ELLEN DURGIN PHYSICAL EDUCATION SALLY HANNON PHYSICAL EDUCATION 10 TIMOTHY KAVANAGH ART TIMOTHY KERSEY SCIENCE CHERYL LORD BUSINESS RICHARD ROY SCIENCE HARRY STROUT PHIL TAYLOR INDUSTRIAL ARTS FOREIGN LANGUAGE 11 DOTTIE BOYCE LIBRARIAN JACKIE GUNTHER PRINCIPAL’S SECRETARY NANCY MERCIER SECRETARY GEMMAMORRILL-DREHER AUDIO-VISUAL DAN HART GUIDANCE CATHY NEWELL ADULT ED COORDINATOR GERRY DURGIN ATHLETIC DIRECTOR MARILYN HOWE GUIDANCE SECRETARY ALICE STEVENS COPY CENTER 12 1st Row: Hilda Brown, Jeri Tate, Connie Brown, Edna Curtis 2nd Row: Flossie Walker, Gerri Shimamura c u s T O D I A N S 1st Row: Paul Bodwell, Joyce Howe. Evelyn Morin. Loretta Merrill, Carol Hathaway, Brenda Blaisdell 2nd Row: Maurice Hart. Gene Buswell. Gene Kelly. Andy Aron, Jim Pelzel. Grace Douglass. Cheryl Bennett. Paula Smith, Gordon Dillingham, Burt Hathaway 1st Row: Larry Coffin. Earl Coolidge. Marlton Parker. Gene Kelly. Gloria Jackson 13 Teacher of the Year 1983 Mrs. Helen Berry 15 ' V CL e Ql CHRIS BERNARD AKERS NICKNAME: Buck. LIKES: P.M.. being 6 ' 7 " , stock cars. Motocross. basketball. DISLIKES: Horseradish. School. Mondays. NOTED FOR. Being tall, talking about stock cars. SECRET AMBITION: To drive on the NASCAR North tour. WEAKNESS: Heather Locklear. FAVORITE SAYING: ‘How’s it going?” GOAL: To get married to Paula and have a good life. MEMORIES: Going to California. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 2. 3. RONDA MAE ARON LIKES: Ronnie, my family, skiing, having fun. summer, Journey, spending money, puppies. 38 Special, scary movies. ZZ-Top. DISLIKES: Goodbyes, getting up early, mak¬ ing decisions, being unhappy, snakes, bats, being cold. SECRET AMBITION: " To live my life in adventure.” GOAL: To make the right decision and be happy with whatever I do. WEAKNESS: Goodbyes, unable to keep a straight face when hiding something. MEMORIES: Always remembering the good times I had. ACTIVITIES: Track 3. LAUREEN LYN BENSON NICKNAME: Heifer. LIKES: Clay, friends, chocolate, Red Sox, camaros, music, fairs, softball, flowers. DISLIKES: Preppies, math, beans and hot dogs, homework, being told what to do. snakes, spiders. SECRET AMBITION: To skydive. GOAL: To be rich and happy. NOTED FOR: Being with Vanessa, being picked on by C. H., B. H., T. B., and E. J. WEAKNESS: Math, chocolate, hot fudge sundaes FAVORITE SAYING: " Knock it off.” MEMORIES: Fryburg Fair " 83.” ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2. 3; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 4; Yearbook 4. TROY BENNETT NICKNAME: Trojan. Abdul, Stella, Strut. LIKES: Shannon Martin, Basketball, parties, Winning!! being with close friends. DISLIKES: LOSING!! bus ride to school every day. getting up early on the weekends, not being able to play basketball my junior season. SECRET AMBITION: To make my parents happy and proud. To keep in touch with friends. GOAL: To be successful in life, never get old. NOTED FOR: Saying and doing anything any time, anywhere, any place. WEAKNESS: Ineligibility FAVORITE SAYING. " Do it to it make my day. go for it, alright that’s me.” 18 TONY SCOTT BERRYMENT LIKES: The Wings, W. P. Westies, Mr. Mor¬ ton. Mr Tripp, photography, baseball. DISLIKES: Buckfield. snow, cold weather 7fiprc Vpnkppc Q T SECRET AMBITION: To play guard for the Celtics along side Danny Ainge. GOAL: To be a photographer for sports. WEAKNESS: Being embarrassed. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1. 2, 3. 4; Skiing 2: Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 2. 3. 4. DEANNE MICHELLE BODENER LIKES: Lakewood Camps, M M’s, Hall and Oates. GQ. mint chip ice cream. DISLIKES: Thunder and lightning, bedtimes, moths and butterflies. NOTED FOR: Being embarrassed easily, not understanding jokes. SECRET AMBITION: To own a chain of ex¬ pensive hotels. GOAL: To be rich and have a huge house. WEAKNESS: Daryl Hall’s voice (of Hall and Oates) FAVORITE SAYING: " You ding-dong!”, " Big tickle!” MEMORIES: Summer ’83 at Lakewood. Hall and Oates concert with Deb, the Rumford excursions with Karen, Basketball. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Yearbook 4. CINDY ANN BOYLE NICKNAME: “Cin”. LIKES: Joshua David Putnam, Field hockey, being with Josh. DISLIKES: School dances, fighting with J. P.. brussels sprouts, getting up in the morning. NOTED FOR: Being with Joshua. SECRET AMBITION: To go to nursing school for R.N. and to eventually move up. WEAKNESS: English, accepting change. FAVORITE SAYING: “Come on, let’s go, I’m going to be late.” MEMORIES: The 1983 field hockey season. ACTIVITIES: Field hockey JV 3, V 4. Softball 3. PATRICIA ANNE COLE NICKNAME: Pat. LIKES: Friends, crafts, animals, TV, sunsets, movies, music, having a good time. DISLIKES: Being called Pam, R. C., T. B., C. C., preppies, Valley girl talk and styles. NOTED FOR: Being called Pam, talking with L. C., fighting with C. C. WEAKNESS: Cute guys, after shave, dia¬ mond rings. FAVORITE SAYING: ”1 imagine.” “Sure!”. “Oh right!”, “Oh really!” GOAL: To get married and be happy. MEMORIES: Fighting with C. C., Freshman Bio., Mr. Kersey’s sense of humor. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 3. KRISTI DARLENE BUNDY NICKNAME: Crispy. LIKES: Troy, friends, beaches, stormy nights DISLIKES: Snobs, being alone, homework. NOTED FOR: Hanging around with Ronda and Vickey SECRET AMBITION: To travel and meet people. WEAKNESS: Food, put downs. FAVORITE SAYING: “You best be!” GOAL: Marry Troy. MEMORIES: The way it was a year ago. VALERIE COLE NICKNAME: Val. LIKES: Loud music, friends, sports, and parties. DISLIKES: Put downs, good byes, being bored. NOTED FOR: Getting embarrassed, laughing. SECRET AMBITION: To become head surgeon on G.H. GOAL: To run my own Health Club. WEAKNESS: Ice cream, concerts, and studying. FAVORITE SAYING: “I don’t know?” ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Softball 1. 2. 3, 4; Cross Country 3: Yearbook 3, 4. MEMORIES: My friends: party crew of ’82. PAMELA COLE NICKNAME: Pam, Chickette. LIKES: Kevin, little babies, sunsets, animals. DISLIKES: Being called Pat, preppies, spiders, B. W., History, the word awesome. NOTED FOR: Being with Kevin, smiling. SECRET AMBITION: To be skinny. WEAKNESS: Chocolate, cuddly things. FAVORITE SAYING: “Right, you know.” “Oh!” GOAL: To marry Kev, have two children, and be happy for the rest of my life. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 4. TERESA RAE COOLIDGE NICKNAME. Kid. LIKES: Donny, the Ocean, Pepsi. DISLIKES: Monday mornings, being alone. NOTED FOR: Being with Donny. SECRET AMBITION: Becoming a pro model. WEAKNESS: Donny. FAVORITE SAYING: “I think not.” BELISSA MARION CORRIVEAU NICKNAME: Blis. Frog. LIKES: Horses. Ron. summers, my family, black german shepherds, real friends, babies. DISLIKES: History, VW, fake people, punk. SECRET AMBITION: Train Horses, to be a good rider. GOAL: To become a vet, work with all animals. NOTED FOR: Being with my friends. WEAKNESS: Giving up something I really care for. MEMORIES: My High School Years with Mark and Chris, My summers. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1,2.3, 4. LISA JEAN COTTON NICKNAME: Lis’ LIKES: My family, friends, animals. Jeep CJ’s, music, the coast, summertime. DISLIKES: Most vegetables, punk rock, Valley girl lingo. NOTED FOR: Writing alot and drawing. SECRET AMBITION: To own my own business. WEAKNESS: Animals (especially dogs and rabbits). FAVORITE SAYING: “Oh, just relax!”, “Just a minute.” GOAL: To be financially well off, own a nice house on a few secluded acres and a Jeep. MEMORIES: Pastrami sandwiches for hot lunch. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 2. CHRISTINE ANN DAVIS NICKNAME: Chris. Chrissy. LIKES: Scott, Wednesdays and weekends, no homework, motorcycles, leather, money, summer, graduation. DISLIKES: Long bus rides, waiting, English comps., making decisions, long boring banquets. NOTED FOR: Sticking with my man!, being in the halls, talking back, being emotional. SECRET AMBITION: To fly, to be a motocross racer. FAVORITE SAYING: “Okay, fine!”, “Right.” WEAKNESS: Saying no, chocolate. Guess Who? GOAL: To travel, to do what I want to do. MEMORIES: June 1980, Flatlander, Fryeburg Fair 83. long boring banquets. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2. 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1, 2. 3. 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 3, 4; Yearbook 2, 4; NHS 3. 4 KARIN E. DIXON NICKNAME: K2, Geebu. LIKES: M K., frogs, Michelob. Journey, dew, friends, the ocean. DISLIKES: Freshman, Mondays, rainy days. NOTED FOR: Liking frogs, being with Karen, spelling my name with an I not an E. SECRET AMBITION: To be left alone on an island with 11 gorgeous guys. WEAKNESS: My conscience. FAVORITE SAYING: “Oopsie daisy!”, “Okay, fine.”, “Welcome to reality.” GOAL: To be an elementary school teacher. MEMORIES: Skating and video parties, con¬ certs, Big “D“ and Mr. Nice Guy, P2, L. J. ACTIVITIES: JV Softball 1, 2; V Softball 3. 4; Boys JV Basketball Mgr. 4; Jazz Band 3, 4; Drama 4. ANDREW CRAIG CROCKETT NICKNAME: Andy. Crocodile, Cricket. LIKES: Cold beer, Skoal, working in the woods with my father, WBLM, Ford Trucks. DISLIKES: Top 40 music, warm Bud, pounders. NOTED FOR: Working in the woods. SECRET AMBITION. To play the drums for Ozzy Osbourne. WEAKNESS: Keg parties. GOAL: To work, make money and be wealthy when I retire. MEMORIES: Partying, summer of ’83 with B. H. and M. R. ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2; Skiing 3, 4; Track 3. 4. JEFFREY ELTON DUNHAM NICKNAME: Abe. Bug’s. LIKES: Ironmaiden, Judas Priest, The Doors, Running, Beer, females, concerts, summer biking, Greenwood parties, SCTV. DISLIKES: Jocks, 76ers, demerits, Rock of the 80’s, cold winters. Bethel, J. L., B. W., T. P.. Grass Root’s class. NOTED FOR. Doing the morning announcements. SECRET AMBITION: To be the lead singer for Judas Priest. WEAKNESS: YUCKA. FAVORITE SAYING: “Rock ' N Roll will never die!” GOAL: To turn WBLM into Maine ' s only real Rock and Roll radio station. MEMORIES: Receiving my 400th demerit, the back of Mr. Roy’s room during MDSI. ACTIVITIES: X-Country 4; Track 4 RICHARD DUPONT NICKNAME: Big Dick. LIKES: Mopars. Hondas. DISLIKES: Fords. Chevys. GOAL: To drag race. NOTED FOR: Burning rubber FAVORITE SAYING: " Buy a Mopar!” PENNY ANN FLEET NICKNAME: " Fleer " Frosty. " LIKES: 18-Wheelers, summer of 83. Wess. Denise, beaches. Brad. C C, Michelob light. Annie and Tom and Baby. guys, the woods. DISLIKES: getting up early, goodbyes. Julie’s driving, being cold, homework. SECRET AMBITION: To drive an 18-Wheeler cross-country! To enjoy life. GOAL: To be happy with what I do and who I’m with! To own my own Peterbuilt! NOTED FOR: liking trucks, chewing ice. talk¬ ing about guys, being hyper! WEAKNESS: chocolate, saying no!! FAVORITE SAYING: " Look at that truck! " . " How do you like that guy!”, " I ' m sorry!!!” MEMORIES: Dec 4. 1982 Sept. 25. 1983 1984 ACTIVITIES: Cross-Country 2. 3, 4; Basket- ROBERT DEAN EVANS NICKNAME: Boogie. LIKES: Cheryl, to have fun. work. cars. Pepsi. DISLIKES: Grouchy people, debts, bad food, washing dishes. P. T. NOTED FOR: Missing school. SECRET AMBITION: To marry Cheryl, own a TA Challenger, travel all over the US. WEAKNESS: Getting up in the morning, keeping cars in one piece. FAVORITE SAYING: " Yup!” GOAL: To be a good machinist, earn good money and be happy. MEMORIES: School dances. May 8. 1981, wrecking my Gremlin. GERRI ANN GAUTHIER NICKNAME: Goach. Spark Plug. LIKES: Motorcycles. Hockey. Lakewood. G. Q., Fishermen. BMW ' s. DISLIKES: Sacopee Valley, white chocolate, bad tippers, stupid mistakes. Camaros. GOAL: To be a Sports Illustrated photographer. SECRET AMBITION: To be a Cowboy truck driver. NOTED FOR: Talking about Lakewood, be¬ ing " another Gauthier?!” WEAKNESS. Motorcycles, chocolate. FAVORITE SAYING: " Decent, succulent. j M ACTIVATES: Field Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4; Skiing 2. 3. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Class Secretary 2. 3. 4; NHS 3. 4; Yearbook 4. MARK FARNUM NICKNAME: Marcus. LIKES: Sports, fishing, hunting, vans, trucks, parties. Mary T. DISLIKES. Snobs. NOTED FOR: Being in the halls. SECRET AMBITION: To become a good truck driver. WEAKNESS: Saying good-bye. FAVORITE SAYING: " OK!” GOAL: To be the best truck driver. MEMORIES: Summer of ’83. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 4 KEVIN GEORGE NICKNAME: " Chicken” George. LIKES: Pam. skiing, new wave. math. DISLIKES: Snobs. English, country music. NOTED FOR: Being in the computer room. SECRET AMBITION: To be a scientist. WEAKNESS: Sweets, smiles, computers. FAVORITE SAYING: " Right!” GOAL: To be successful. ' MEMORIES: Drama competition, my senior year. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1; Drama 3, 4; Year¬ book 2. 4: Student Council 4; Tutor 4 21 JUDY STANDEVEN GOULD NICKNAME: Jude. LIKES: Robert, my family, lobster, pizza. DISLIKES: Snobby people, cold weather. NOTED FOR: Early dismissals. SECRET AMBITION: Always be happy with Robert Gould. FAVORITE SAYING: " Shut up and get out of here!” GOAL: Get married and be happy. MEMORIES: Beating up L. M WEAKNESS: Robert Gould. CHARLES B. HAINES, JR. NICKNAME: Chuck. LIKES: Shelly, Soccer, good friends, good times, having fun. DISLIKES: snobs, homework, smoking, macaroni and cheese. NOTED FOR: being accident prone. SECRET AMBITION: To travel the world. WEAKNESS: Money! FAVORITE SAYING: " Go for it! " GOAL: To make it. MEMORIES: Times spent with Shelly, camp¬ ing, parties, and fun times. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1, 2, 3. 4; Track 3, 4. 22 GEORGIA ANNE GOULD LIKES: Field Hockey, Patrick, Softball (Mr Durgin), Getting a tan, driving, milk, tootsie rolls, working at the dairy joy, my Grammie. DISLIKES: Losing (especially to Sacopee), green beans, this year’s 8th grade girls, snobs. NOTED FOR: Eating tootsie rolls. SECRET AMBITION: To play field hockey for the US team. WEAKNESS. People who beg, junk food. GOAL: Graduate from USM, become rich and successful. FAVORITE SAYING: " Who cares? " MEMORIES: The Great Pumpkin Caper. ACTIVITIES: V. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball JV 1; V 2, 3. 4; V Softball 1, 2. 3. 4; Class Secretary 1; Student Council 1; Yearbook 3, 4. JEFFREY HALL LIKES: Fishing, Hunting, Going into camp. Bud. DISLIKES: Stuck-ups, Rainydays, Homework. SECRET AMBITION: It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you would it? GOAL: Make a million dollars. FAVORITE SAYING: " I imagine. " BRUCE GREENLEAF MICHAEL HART NICKNAME: Hart, Mikey. LIKES: Snowmobiling, Motorcycling. DISLIKES. Snobs, skidoos. SECRET AMBITION. To play pro baseball and pro football. GOAL: To graduate, be a race car driver, and play pro sports. NOTED FOR: Working all the time. WEAKNESS: Money, good looking girls. FAVORITE SAYING: " How ya doing? " JULIE D. HASTINGS LIKES: Canoeing, skiing, my friends, dirtbikes. DISLIKES: Rain in the winter, shoveling ski trails. SECRET AMBITION: To learn how to sky dive. GOAL: To be happy in whatever I do. NOTED FOR: Being quiet and my good driving. FAVORITE SAYING: “All right.” MEMORIES: “1983“ summer. ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 2. 3; Soccer 4; Skiing 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1. 2. JANIE HINKLEY NICKNAME: Nan. LIKES: Partying, guys, weekends, summer nights, my friends. DISLIKES: Cold winters, snobby people, L. M. SECRET AMBITION: Marry a millionaire. GOAL: Get married and be happy. NOTED FOR: Not coming to school. WEAKNESS: Tall, dark and handsome men. FAVORITE SAYING: “You queer.” MEMORIES: New Year ' s ”81” ANDREW HELMS NICKNAME: Panda. LIKES: N.O.V.A.. Mr. Hart. Mass., Kelly. DISLIKES: show-offs, slobs, soaps. NOTED FOR: not doing anything. SECRET AMBITION: To be rich and have a lot of animals. WEAKNESS: sweets. FAVORITE SAYING: “Hey Buba.” GOAL. To get back to Needham. Mass. MEMORIES: All those meetings with Mr. Hart. ACTIVITIES: N.O.V.A.; Forestry. CLAYTON S. HOWE CHESTER HERRICK NICKNAME: Chet. Bub. LIKES: Girls, music, beer. Nancy O’Conner. DISLIKES: Snobs, bus rides. SECRET AMBITION: To marry Nancy. GOAL: Army. NOTED FOR: Working. WEAKNESS: Money. MEMORIES: Nancy ACTIVITIES: Cross Country. ROBERT P. HOYT NICKNAME: “Bubba.” LIKES: Baseball. Saabs. the ocean, Patriots, skiing. Red Sox. DISLIKES: Dallas Cowboys, being called Robert. Show-Offs. NOTED FOR: Getting embarrassed easily, my driving. SECRET AMBITION To deck Mr. T and steal all his jewelry. WEAKNESS: Beautiful Girls. FAVORITE SAYING: “Easy.” “Then you woke up,” “You’re on Drugs.” GOAL: To be a DJ at a good radio station. ACTIVITIES: F.H Manager 3. 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Skiing 3, 4. 23 : KEVIN HUGHES NICKNAME: Serious Joe. LIKES: Trips to camp, Bud. having a good time, making money. DISLIKES: coming to school, stuck up girls. SECRET AMBITION: to get rich. FAVORITE SAVING: ‘•Relax.” GOAL. To have my own business. KIMBERLY IARROBINO LIKES: Plymouth, guys. Troy, being with people I care about. Renee. Denny. Rate, veiga. Mia, Val. the beach. M. J. DISLIKES: Telstar. Maine, “saying good¬ bye.” moving, breaking up. NOTED FOR: Speaking my mind. SECRET AMBITION: To meet Michael Jackson. FAVORITE SAYING: " Trust me!” WEAKNESS: Saying no. MEMORIES: Renee. Hall, Rate and Denny, PCHS. Dana, summer of ’81 and ' 82, broken down houses. 24 ERIC HUTCHINS LIKES: Going to camp, Bud, working. DISLIKES: Bus rides from Andover. NOTED FOR. Chewing, working on weekends. SECRET AMBITION: To be rich. WEAKNESS. Food. FAVORITE SAYING: “I never saw nothing like it!” MEMORIES: Going to camp for a few days. CHARLESJAROS NICKNAME: Chooch, Charlie. LIKES: EMILY, Priest, Parties. Andover. Life. DISLIKES: School, mornings. T. D., S. H., disco, fags. Boy George. INHOUSE. SECRET AMBITION: To get married to “M.” GOAL: Be rich, never want anything always have it. NOTED FOR: Not doing what I am told. WEAKNESS: Kriptonite. FAVORITE SAYING: “Get off me!” “OK Boss.” MEMORIES: Telstar at its worse. ACTIVITIES: Football 1; Skiing 1. 2: Baseball 1 , 2 . KARA MIA IARROBINO NICKNAME: Sarah. LIKES: Plymouth, funk, guys, parties, being with special people. Kim, Mom, Dana, friends, Kenny, Robby, Val. Rich, Heidi. Merlin, Eddy. Ricky. Dougie, Renee. Rafe. Denny. Butchie, Lisa. Cheryl. Stacy. Wendy Michelle. DISLIKES: Stuck-up people, prejudice peo¬ ple. B. L., D. C., K. G.. M. C., M. B. NOTED FOR: Being from Mass. SECRET AMBITION: Make all my dreams come true. WEAKNESS: Saying no. leaving Plymouth, leaving Dana and friends. FAVORITE SAYING. “Ya know,” “How ya doing?” GOAL: To be rich and famous. MEMORIES: “PLYMOUTH,” Dana, summer of’82, 83, 8 20, 1 13 84. ERIC JOHNSON NICKNAME: RED, “J.” LIKES: Sports, Girls. DISLIKES: Buckfield, snobs. SECRET AMBITION: Pro Sports! GOAL: To make lots of money. WEAKNESS: H. R. FAVORITE SAYING: “Hey Ralph.” ACTIVITIES: J.V. Basketball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Basketball 4 WILLIAM LAURENCE JUDSON NICKNAME: “Jud Budson” “Budly” “Bub¬ bles " " Bubbly.” LIKES: Good music, friends, skiing, acting, sports. DISLIKES: People who don’t smile, people who won’t talk to me. SECRET AMBITION: To own and fly my own turboprop to Europe. GOAL: A higher education and go into the field of law. NOTED FOR: Getting people to smile. WEAKNESS: Not knowing how to say no. MEMORIES: The people of Telstar, Rumford, and Norfolk Catholic High School. PENNY E. KIMBALL LIKES: Bobby, Skipper, Peter, summer, rainy days, Christmas, skiing, Brown E Yes, Panda bears. DISLIKES: Coffee, being bored, cleaning, snobby people, being cold. SECRET AMBITION: To be rich and have everything I want. GOAL: To marry Bobby, have two kids, go to Hawaii just to see what it ' s like. NOTED FOR: Being easily embarrassed. MEMORIES: April 10. 1981. SCOTT KENNAGH NICKNAME: Scott. LIKES: Old Fords, good music, Hondas. DISLIKES: Dodges, Telstar, Bus rides. SECRET AMBITION: To pass constitutional Law. GOAL: To be a machinist. FAVORITE SAYING: “What.” ACTIVITIES: Nova. DALE KORHONEN LIKES: 4x4 Fords, Honda. Arctic Cat, Hiking. DISLIKES: Mopars, Alcohol. Pot, Faggots. SECRET AMBITION: Race motocross for and be sponsored by te im Honda. GOAL: To become a Diesel Mechanic. n i LAURIE ANN KIMBALL LIKES: DARREN, special times, the ocean, little things, good friends, softball, G. H., lions, starry nights, sunsets, 4. DISLIKES: Cigarettes, drugs, mushrooms, onions, snobby people, long bus rides. SECRET AMBITION: To be the 1st woman to play professional Football. GOAL: To marry Darren, have two children, and live in a 2-story log cabin. NOTED FOR: Being with Darren, getting hurt, my yell during games rallies, having long fingernails. WEAKNESS: Persuasive people, sweet talk. FAVORITE SAYING: “What-A-Scrub!” “l-magine.” MEMORIES: Feb. 1st 1982, Ft. ch. parties. ACTIVITIES: F. Cheering 1, 2; S. Cheering 3; B. Cheering 1, 3; Basketball 2, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 4. CHRISTINE LUCILLE LARGESSE NICKNAME: Chris. LIKES: J. M.. Samoyeds, Vetts, concerts. DISLIKES: S. S., S. G., snobs, sleezy people. NOTED FOR: Partying, not getting demerits, being with J. M., hanging around B. C. SECRET AMBITION: To have everything I’ve ever wanted. Be happy at my work and play. WEAKNESS: Food, my health. FAVORITE SAYING: “Bummer!”, “Say what?”, “huh?”, “No bucks ”, “Wicked, decent! " GOAL: To go to NHVTC for secretarial, get an excellent job with excellent pay and [j0p0|j|g MEMORIES: Class of ’81, parties, 6 10 83, USAF life. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 1; Chorus 2. 25 MICHELLE LYNN MARSTON NICKNAME: Shelly. LIKES: Chuck, my family, friends, sunsets, the ocean, parties, spending money. DISLIKES: snakes, cold weather, snow, smoking, mornings, diets. SECRET AMBITION, to live somewhere warm and exciting on the ocean, to be rich. GOAL: to be happy and successful in whatever I do in life. NOTED FOR: being short. WEAKNESS: giving in too easily, being emo¬ tional, staying on diets. FAVORITE SAYING: “Wonderful, Oh, I imagine!” MEMORIES: times with Chuck, my grand¬ mother, trips to California and Washington, times with Audry, Mike’s car crash. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1; Softball 2; Year¬ book 2, 3, 4; Soccer Cheering Manager 4. Patrick w. mckinney NICKNAME: “Mick.” LIKES: Basketball, Mr Durgin, Georgia, Heidi’s family. M M’s, Nike’s. DISLIKES: Gilead, not having basketball games, being told what to do, Telstars In- house Rules, being alone. NOTED FOR: Breaking up and going back out with Georgia. SECRET AMBITION: To make it to the states in Basketball, To be 6 ' 5 " . WEAKNESS: My temper, Fouls, not being able to keep my mind on school work. FAVORITE SAYING: “Just forget it, Never mind.” MEMORIES: Summer of “83,” Evans Room, ZZ Top Concert, 83 Soccer Play-Offs. Nov. 4. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1; V. 2, 3. 4; Baseball 1. 2; V. 3, 4; Soccer V. 3. 4 JERI MARTIN NICKNAME: JER, MARTIN LIKES: Softball. Durg, the ocean, my cat. piz¬ za, Smurfs, sleeping, snow, Celtics, Sylvester Stallone. P. H. DISLIKES: School, children, insects, the 8th grade girls, veggies, being alone, running, demerits, S. T. and H. B., the Mexico softball team. NOTED FOR: Being tardy, doing Patrick’s homework. SECRET AMBITION: To be a Pro Softball player. WEAKNESS: My temper, my mouth. FAVORITE SAYING: “I have an Idea, wench.” GOAL: To live a long and happy life. MEMORIES: Nov. 17, softball seasons, the summer of 82 and 83. ACTIVITIES: Varsity Softball 1. 2, 3, 4. joyce ann McAllister NICKNAME: Jowace. LIKES: G. B . Celtics, Budweiser, Mr. Tripp, the ocean, The Doors, concerts, waterbeds, parties. DISLIKES: P. H., E. G.. losing, being told what to do, 76ers, fighting, noisy people, school, getting up early. SECRET AMBITION: To own the Love Boat and go to Fantasy Island. GOAL: To become an officer in the Army. NOTED FOR: Hanging around with Scott and Andy, skipping school. WEAKNESS: Concerts, parties, white chocolate. FAVORITE SAYING: “Did ya,” “right.” MEMORIES: Halloween “82,” “Hathaways” ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1. 2; Skiing 2. 4; Track 1; Softball 2, 4; Student Council 2; Varsity Club 2; Graphic Arts Club 4. SAMANTHA SUE MERRILL NICKNAME: Sam. LIKES: Summer, the Ocean, my friends, Jeeps, Basketball. DISLIKES: Waiting, onions, losing. NOTED FOR: Talking alot. SECRET AMBITION: To be the owner of a AMC Jeep Corporation. GOAL: To be happy and to make a lot of money. WEAKNESS: FOOD. FAVORITE SAYING: “Oh, God.” ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Baseball Manager 3. 4. PAULA JUNE MORTON NICKNAME: Pokie. LIKES: My friends, weekends, summer, Old Orchard Beach. DISLIKES: Snobs. Mondays, seafood. NOTED FOR: Being quiet. SECRET AMBITION: Play in a soap opera. WEAKNESS: Blonde hair and blue eyes. FAVORITE SAYING: “Shut-up!” GOAL: To always be happy and own a mansion. MEMORIES: Being with Backy and Chris, Old Orchard Beach. ROBERT D. MYERS NICKNAME: “Bobby.” “The Snake.” LIKES: Lynn. 76ers, sports. Mr. Mortons ' History, classes, golf. Charlies Place. DISLIKES: Losing! NOTED FOR: Hanging out at Charlies and playing golf at the Bethel Inn. SECRET AMBITION: To go one-on-one with D. R. J. FAVORITE SAYING: “All Right Who Did It?” GOAL: To go to the Augusta Civic Center during February vacation and not have to pay to get in. MEMORIES: Going to the play offs in Soccer. ACTIVITIES: Varsity Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4; J.V. Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2, 3. 4; Baseball 1.2. 3.4. CHERYL MARIE PARKER NICKNAME: Popcorn. LIKES: Bob. warm summer days. V-8 juice, being accepted, creamy desserts. DISLIKES: being cold, loud noises, being ig¬ nored. grouches. Valley girls. NOTED FOR: being quiet, smiling, being with Bob. always saying “You know.” and “Real¬ ly” while talking. SECRET AMBITION: To marry Bob and live a full life. WEAKNESS: sad eyes, and soft music. FAVORITE SAYING: “You Poopa.” GOAL: To go to college and become a suc¬ cessful executive secretary. MEMORIES: May 8. 1981. Cheering Party ACTIVITIES: Fall and Winter cheering. Girls ' State Delegate 3: Yearbook 4; Student Tutor 3, 4; Math League 2. LISA GAIL NEWELL LIKES: My friends, my family, laughing. M M’s, weekends, having fun, Skynyrd. DISLIKES: Getting up. losing, fighting, big cars, moving. SECRET AMBITION: To marry a prince and live happily ever after. WEAKNESS: Being ticklish. FAVORITE SAYING: “Really??” GOAL: To live a fun, successful, unboring life. MEMORIES: New Year’s 82, the chalet. Worcester, the night of the 5 moons. ACTIVITIES: Manager: Var. Basketball 2. 3; Var. Softball 1. 2; Var. Baseball 3; Var. Soc¬ cer 2, 3; Band 1. 2; Co-president 1. 2: N.H.S. 3, 4; Maine Scholars Day 3; Math Team 4; Varsity Club 2; Tutor 3, 4; Girls’ State Alter¬ nate 3. VANESSA MAE NOYES NICKNAME: Ness or Nessa. LIKES: Don. Italian Food, the ocean, being with my friends, vacations, and summer. DISLIKES: Preppies. Snobs, fighting, English compositions. SECRET AMBITION: learn to sky-dive. GOAL: To have a good career and be happy, and to travel. NOTED FOR: Hanging around L. B. AND C. D., complaining about anything, and being moody. WEAKNESS: Math. Hot Fudge Sundaes. FAVORITE SAYING: “Yea; Really.” MEMORIES: Fryeburg Fair ’83. and June 11, 1983. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Softball 1, 2; Track Manager 3; Yearbook 4. JOSHUA DAVID PUTNAM NICKNAME: Putt. LIKES: Cindy. The Boyle’s, basketball, Jimi Hendrix. 76’ers. DISLIKES: Celtics, drugs and alcohol. SECRET AMBITION: To bring Jimi Hendrix back from the dead. GOAL. To marry Cindy and have a good paying DESK job. NOTED FOR. Playing basketball, being with Cindy, the “Grey Ghost.” FAVORITE SAYING: “Dad gum it!” MEMORIES: 1984 basketball season. ACTIVITIES: Var. Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Var. Baseball 1; Var. Soccer 1. 3. 4; Var. Football 2; Boys’ State 3; Student Council 3; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Class Marshall 3. WILLIAM RICE NICKNAME: Will. LIKES: My family, trips to camp, Red man. Michelob. DISLIKES: P. T. SECRET AMBITION: To own a big camp. GOAL: Build a camp. NOTED FOR: Going to camp. WEAKNESS: Camp. FAVORITE SAYING: “Let’s go to camp.” MEMORIES: Camp. 27 DALE S. ROBBINS NICKNAME: Rocky. Mr D., Uncle Dale. LIKES: (Loves our field hockey team) (83), women, football. Fridays. Mt. Dew. jeeps. A- Team, karate. 3-wheelers. Ford Broncos. DISLIKES: Pot. Potheads. drugs, snobs, los¬ ing in the play-offs, waking up in the morning. NOTED FOR: Playing Field Hockey, being short, wild and crazy at games and dances, cutting cookies in the parking lot. SECRET AMBITION: To play on the U.S. field hockey team. GOAL: To go in the Coast Guard and fly helicopters. FAVORITE SAYING: " It ' s all for the Jazz!” “How’s your brother.” “I pity the Fool!” ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2; Field Hockey 3. 4: Baseball 1; Skiing 3. LINDA G. SIMMONS NICKNAME: Sim. LIKES: Cats. (Repete and Peter). Eggrolls, Virginia. Kliban. Cooking, traveling, walking. Grandparents. MONEY! DISLIKES: People who stare, haircuts, deci¬ sions. blackflies. getting hurt. SECRET AMBITION: To eat a tub full of Friendly’s whipped cream without gaining one pound. GOAL: To just be me all my life. NOTED FOR: Walking around the 1-mile with Trisha, not getting jokes? MEMORIES: Low Budget. Behind Blue Eyes (cute). Virginia. ACTIVITIES: Color Guard 2; Art Club 2; Track 3: Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 4; Mascot 4 28 JODI LYNN SEIDELL LIKES: Brandon, Pebbles, my family, soft- ball, field hockey, Doublestuff Oreos, winning. DISLIKES: Sacopee. arguing, being bored, being confused, losing. SECRET AMBITION: To be the goalkeeper for the US field hockey team GOAL: To be successful and happy. NOTED FOR: Being short, being depressed. WEAKNESS: Sweet talk, junk food ACTIVITIES: Field hockey JV 1; V 2. 3. 4: Softball JV 1; V 2. 3, 4; Skiing 1; Yearbook 2: Student Council 3, 4, President 4. STEPHANIE ANN SMITH LIKES: brown eyes, roses, my friends. 21. Magnun. Care Bears. Bob Seger. Teddy. DISLIKES: Making decisions, saying good¬ bye. Gilead, frogs. GOAL: To make the right decisions. NOTED FOR: managing. WEAKNESS: ice cream. FAVORITE SAYING: “I don’t know.” ACTIVITIES: Manager: V. Basketball 1, 2, 3: V. Soccer 2, 3: V. Softball 1; V. Baseball 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2; Class Co-President 1; Class Treasurer 2, 3. 4; NHS 3; Secretary 4; Math Team 4; Maine Scholars Day 3: Girls’ State 3; Tutor 4. MEMORIES: New Year’s ’83, the chalet, the mall. Halloween ’82. the night of the five moons. KAREN JEAN SENNETT NICKNAME: Beast. LIKES: 44. teddy bears, hugs, gunds. cocker spaniels, football, brown eyes. DISLIKES: Peanut butter, orange juices, ear aches, paranoia, confusion. SECRET AMBITION: To live in a chalet in Colorado and raise black bears. GOAL: College or A.V.T.I. NOTED FOR: Always having gum, babbling. WEAKNESS: My inner voice FAVORITE SAYING: “Live it Up.” MEMORIES: Mo-peding, eating whomping pickles at the movies. August 5, trips to Canada. April 8. “Peak,” smitty’s, concerts. Christmas caroling — 83, cherished moments with everyone. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 1. 2. 3. 4; Softball 1. 2; Winter Cheering Manager 3. 4. MICHELE SWEETSER LIKES: Kitties (fluffy). cheering, horror movies, hunks, clothes, sugar-free fresca. fairs, weekends, dancing, concerts, fun. DISLIKES: Making decisions, depression, good-byes, confusion, getting up early. SECRET AMBITION: Make my Dream Reality. GOAL: College, success, and freedom. NOTED FOR: Cheering, being cold, loving cats and looking at sights. WEAKNESS: Cute guys, kitties, shopping. FAVORITE SAYING: “How cute.” MEMORIES: “Can you image,” H. hunting, 83 Fryburg fair, skiing. Rumford trips. ACTIVITIES: Fall Cheering 1, 2, 3; capt. 4; Winter Cheering 1, 2. 3; capt. 4; NHS 3, 4; Student Council 1, 3: v-pres. 4; Math League 4; Track 3. 4; Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 4: Softball Manager 2; Keyboards 3. MITCHELL SWEETSER NICKNAME: Mitno, sweet tart LIKES: Ferraries, skiing, crackerjacks, RC cola, karate! Army, Girls, weapons, Bruce Lee, My Country. DISLIKES: Drugs, booze, potheads, C.J., onions, being tied down, communists. NOTED FOR: Flirting with L.K. SECRET AMBITION: Own a Ferrari, to make lots of money, become a millionare. WEAKNESS: Cute smiles and puppy dog eyes. FAVORITE SAYING: “Kick Down, Bet You Would, if I Were a Sheep.” GOAL: To get my black belt, become the next Bruce Lee. MEMORIES: “80”, Winter Carnival Prom. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2; Baseball 3, 4; Soccer 1, 4. DARREN MILTON TRIPP NICKNAME: “Milt.” LIKES: LAURIE, winning, grass covered hills, soccer, “kaws.” DISLIKES: Buckfield, losing, soccer officials, pre-season, my knees. NOTED FOR: being with Laurie, having bad knees, being a poor sport. SECRET AMBITION: To travel around the country on a motorcycle. WEAKNESS: Having my feet tickled. FAVORITE SAYING: “What,” “Nice.” GOAL: To marry Laurie and live in a log cabin. MEMORIES: Seabrook N.H., porkies II, “ 100 .” ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Boys’ State 4. SCOTT TABB NICKNAME: One calorie, Tabb LIKES: Suzi R., sports. DISLIKES: Buckfield. losing. SECRET AMBITION: To play pro baseball. GOAL: To get married and have a good job. NOTED FOR: Making fun of the underclassmen. FAVORITE SAYING: “How’s it going big guy?” MEMORIES: Making the soccer play-offs. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 4; Basketball JV 3, V 4; Baseball JV 1, 2; V 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Boys’ State 3; Spanish Club 4; Yearbook 4. HAROLD VERRILL NICKNAME: Harry LIKES: 18 wheelers. DISLIKES: Fords. NOTED FOR: Playing around. SECRET AMBITION: Drive big trucks. GOAL: Drive 18 wheels. ACTIVITIES: Build models, repair weapons. MEMORIES: English class. SALLY A THOMPSON NICKNAME: Sal. LIKES: Twigs, field hockey, the Rebel flag, my friends and family, being at Heidi’s, peanut M M’s. DISLIKES: Losing to Sacopee, certain Jr. snobs. NOTED FOR: Whining. SECRET AMBITION: To play on the U.S. Olympic Field Hockey Team. WEAKNESS: Twigs. FAVORITE SAYING: “I don’t know?” GOAL: To get out of Bethel. MEMORIES: The Great Pumpkin Kaper, Rainy football games, summer of ’81, playing hockey for Mrs. H., my first hockey practice, Buck-N-the Bronco, Ethel Bisbee. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1. 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. JUDY MAY WALKER LIKES: My friends, summer, ocean, animals, General Hospital. DISLIKES: Rain, two-faced people, losing. NOTED FOR: Being quiet. SECRET AMBITION: To live in the Bahamas. WEAKNESS: Money. FAVORITE SAYING: “Shut-up!” MEMORIES: Mr. Otero’s MDS. ACTIVITIES: Girls’ Basketball Mgr. 4. ANDREW M. WHEELER NICKNAME: Andy, Leg. LIKES: girls, beers, my family, partying, C. G., Cid, fast cars, Doors, Floyd. DISLIKES: waking up, school, veggies, snobs, S. H. Rock of the 80’s, H. G. SECRET AMBITION: talk to Jim Morrison. GOAL: to make millions. NOTED FOR: having a good time. WEAKNESS: pretty eyes and nice legs. FAVORITE SAYING: d. BRIAN E. WHITMAN NICKNAME: Whit, Slim. LIKES: Durg, hoop, chicks, Kawasaki LTD 440, “Tex,” 76ers. DISLIKES: Buckfield, having school every day. rain, Celtics, Suzi going out with Scott. SECRET AMBITION: Be rich and have a seventy girl harem. GOAL: To survive. NOTED FOR: Red nose. 25 foot jump shots. WEAKNESS: Kryptonite. FAVORITE SAYING: “Big guy!” “Hey Dude! " ACTIVITIES: Soccer 3. 4; Football 1; Baseball 1, 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4. TAMMY RACHEL WILSON NICKNAME: Tim. LIKES: the ocean, sunshine, beaching it, my family, being with my friends. DISLIKES: having to work, wintertime. NOTED FOR: getting in trouble with Kelly. SECRET AMBITION: to own a condominium on the ocean, become a beach bum. WEAKNESS: fur, gold, leather, plants, white Siberian Huskies. FAVORITE SAYING: “I don’t care. " GOAL: to always be happy, live on a tropical island, become rich without working. MEMORIES: good ones. DEBBIE WRIGHT NICKNAME: “Deb. " LIKES: Pete, horses, General Hospital, basketball, winning, shopping, singing. DISLIKES: M. T., math, good-byes, mice, waiting, being cold, needles, hospitals. SECRET AMBITION: To someday own a horse ranch. GOAL: To get married after furthering my education, and lead a fulfilling life with my family. NOTED FOR: Being with Pete. WEAKNESS: Persuasive People. FAVORITE SAYING: “Go For It! " MEMORIES: November 5, 1983. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 3, 4; Softball 1, 3; Field Hockey 2; Cross Country 3: Student Council 1,4. 30 1st Row: Stephanie Smith, Treasurer; Gerri Gauthier, Secretary. 2nd Row: Chris Davis, Tony Berryment, Co-Presidents. Class of1984 Favorites RADIO STATION . song .. ALBUM . . GROUP ' . MALE SINGER j. FEMALE SINGER. . TV SHOW ACTOR . ACTRESS . V SPORT . ATHLETE . CAR . SUBJECT . FOOD .. DRINK . SNEAKERS . JEANS . HOBBY . FAVORITE TEACHER SOAP OPERA . . WBLM Cum on Feel the Noise .Pyromania .Def Leppard . Billy Joel .Gtevie Nicks . .The A-Team . Eddie Murphy . Nell Carter . . . . . . Basketball . Yaz ... . Porsche A. f. ... . Free . ,f . Pizza . ' ..i. Beer ..Nike j.Levi . Partying i. Mr. Abbott . . . . General Hospital 31 1 K. Sennett, 2 J. Putnam, 3 D. Bodemer, 4 V. Noyes. 5 R. Hoyt, 6 G. Gauthier, 7 A. Wheeler. 8 M. Marston, 9 L. Benson, 10 M. Farnum, 11 M. Sweetser, 12 S. Kennagh, 13 P. Cole, 14 S. Smith, 15 C. Boyle 16 K. Dixon, 17 P. Fleet 32 MOST DEDICATED Tony Berryment and Chris Davis MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kevin George and Stephanie Smith Who’s Who? MOST MUSICAL Karin Dixon and Andy Crockett MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Laurie Kimball and Dale Robbins MOST UNFORGETTABLE Troy Bennett and Karen Sennett MOST TALKATIVE MOST POPULAR Chuck Haines and Samantha Merrill Josh Putnam and Gerri Gauthier MUTT AND JEFF Vanessa Noyes and Dale Robbins Who’s Who? MUTT AND JEFF Chris Akers and Michelle Marston QUIESTEST MOST BASHFUL MOST MISCHIEVOUS Paula Morton and Eric Hutchins Penny Fleet and Jeff Dunham 35 BEST DRESSED Michele Sweetser and Josh Putnam CLASS CLOWNS Val Cole and Troy Bennett Who’s Who? MOST ARTISTIC Laurie Kimball and Chuck Jaros MOST STUDIOUS MOST ABSENT William Judson and Stephanie Smith Joyce McAllister and Andy Wheeler 36 MOST FUN TO BE AROUND Chris Davis and Dale Robbins CLASS COUPLE Pam Cole and Kevin George NEATEST Michele Sweetser and William Judson Who’s Who? CUTEST SMILE Brian Whitman and Michele Sweetser MOST GULLIBLE CLASS FLIRTS Georgia Gould and Josh Putnam Jeri Martin and Dale Robbins 37 BEST DANCERS Dale Robbins and Laurie Kimball BEST LOOKING Cindy Boyle and Josh Putnam Who’s MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS Jeff Dunham Who? ( In all that I’ve done and all that I’ve learned, I’ve searched for a “Me,” for others to see, Upon looking up after three years gone by I found another page of my life had turned. The simple happenings of today will be great memories tomorrow, And the fact that we can’t do it again might bring us a bit of sorrow. Yet the simple fact that we’ve lived life once, Will let us think it a success And the years to come will prove to us een better than all the rest. ■■■■ , 38 J u N I O R S fit LINDA JAMES. SECRETARY; BRUCE BARTH. TREASURER; TERESA WILBUR PRESIDENT AMBROSE BROOKS SHARI COLE SUSAN COLE JON AKERS BRENT BACHELDER BRENDA BOLIO JIM COOLIDGE KEN COX BRUCE FRASER LAURA COX STEPHANIE FULLER DONNA DOREY LORNA GILKS SCOTT DYER JIM GORMAN DONALD BARKER ROBIN BOYCE BRUCE BARTH ED BRENNON DENISE ELIOT BRIAN GOULD BRUCE COX BRENDA FARNUM SUSAN GOULD BERNIE HAINES RANDY HOOPER MIKE KELLY RICHARD MERRILL Bi AMIE OTERO-OTERO BRANDON SALWAY JOE HALL TINA ROY BECKY JON HALL HART HATSTAT HEAD . TRISHA MILLS ANDY KIM MOFFETT MORGAN VICKY MYERS JUSTINE NELSON ■ I i RICHARD NICHOLA SAUNDERS SAVOIE 41 CHRIS ALAN MIKE TYLER VERRILL VERRILL ZANE LEIGH KEN KEITH THERESA MINDY WESTLEIGH WHITMAN WHITNEY WIGHT WILBUR WILSON ALLYSON BELANGER MICHELE BENNETT RACHEL BELANGER DONNA BERRY REBECCA CARTER V KAREN CROCKETT DANA DYKE TRACY JAMES EMERSON FISKE BRIAN FOGG TANYA FOSTER SUE FRASER EMILY GAMMON STACEY JOHN GAMMON GIENDENNING KAREN HARNEY BECKY HARRINGTON ANGELA HERRICK LORRAINE HERRICK LISA JORDON CEYLON KIMBALL RICKY MERRILL KIMBERLY MONZO GERALD MARSHA MORIN MOXCEY CRYSTAL HASKELL TAMMY HOLMES TRACY KIMBALL JENNIFER MORAN SCOTT NEWTON JAY HASTINGS JANICE GORDON 4 VICKI HATSTAT 4 JANE HEAD NANCY HOWARD JENNIFER HUTCHINS ANN-MARIE JAMISON SCOTT KORHENON CHRISTOPHER LABAN ANDY mckinney 45 KARA O’DONNELL KANDI ROBERTS SCOTT SUMNER PAMELA WALKER MARY POLAND TODD PORTER LAURA REED WAYNE RICKER CATHY ROBERGE 46 STACEY ROBERTS TERESA ROBERTS GARY ROSHTO SUZANNE ROY KELLY SAVAGE KEVIN SWEETSER ELAYNA TATE LISA THURLOW PATRICIA VIENS DOROTHY WALKER 1 K 7 ERIC WIGHT DARCIE WITTER RICHARD JEFFREY WRIGHT YATES g gci |_ PENNY YORK m , Pictures not available: Tammy Bates Erwin Cole Curtis Hi. _ Paut Hutchins Heather llsley Charles Morton Steve Palmer Vicki Witeon F R S H 47 Kevin Powell, Co-President, Linda Learned. Secretary, Lynn Seames. Treasurer, Eli Dreher Co-President. EVA BLAKE SCOTT BUKER CHRIS CHAPMAN SARAH CHAPMAN VINCENT CHAPMAN DAVID COLE i TANYA CORRIN TYLENE DEWAR STEPHEN DOWNS LINDA 48 field DEANNA FOGG DENNIS GALLANT MARCY GILKS JUDY BAILEY KEITH CLANTON ELIJAH DREHER KAREN GOULD APRIL BENNETT MELISSA BROWN i s , HEATHER CLARK CHRISTOPHER DUNHAM NANCY GOULD MARIE HENLEY EUGENE HERRICK MARK HINDMAN HOWARD KIMBALL MATTHEW LABAN BRENDA KENDALL JUDY LAMONTAGNE ERNIE MASON LYNN MAYBERRY BARBARA MCDONALD MICHEAL VERONICA SCOTT McKINNEY MELVILLE MERCHANT JOHN KENNEDY DAVID KERSEY Fa ANITA KIMBALL 49 JULIE MERRILL KELLY OSGOOD HELENA SAVOIE SHANNON SUMNER COREY VAIL RANDY WILSON 50 KEVIN MERRILL WANDA PALMER LYNN SEAMES KIMBERLY SWEETSER KEN VIGOR DARREN MORSE 7 . MELISSA PILGRIM WILLIAM SIMMONS JANET VIITALA PAUL ANDREWS SCOTT COFFIN KEVIN POWELL ANDREW SMITH ASA TAYLOR TOBY WALKER TROY RYERSON MICHAEL NEWELL ELISHA PARSONS WAYNE TAYLOR STACY WILBUR Pictures not available: Brian Abbott Charlotte Aron Chris Barton Julie Bonney John Carter Lawrence Garey Nancy Gordon JAMES ORINO JEFF RAINEY SCOTT STEVENS CHRIS TORREY SARAH WILLIAMSON Linda Hart Debra Harthore Timothy Lapham Richard Sprague Ruth Taylor James Tuttle Reggie Westleigh Deborah Wheeler 1st Row: Scott Dyer, Tammy Hall. Kelly Boyle. Kevin Powell. Tina Hall. LeeAnn Coolidge. Michelle Cummings. Dennis Gallant. 2nd Row: Tanya Corrin. Susan Cole. Linda Lowe. Kim Deanis. Linda James. Kristy Angevine. Becky Carter. 3rd Row: Julie Merrill. Jake Schacter. David Kersey. Deanna Hutchins. Donald Barker. Mr. Hefley, Alison Belanger. David Bennett. Amie Otero-Otero. Karin Dixon. Charlotte Aron. Jim Cobb. Jay Hastings. Andy Crockett. Bruce Greenleaf. Marcey Gilks. 1st Row: Linda Lowe. Susan Cole. David Bennett. Karin Dixon. Jim Cobb. 2nd Row: Tina Hall. LeeAnn Coolidge. Michelle Cummings. Amie Otero-Otero. Donald Barker. Dennis Gallant. Scott Dyer. 3rd Row: Jake Schacter, Andy Crockett. Mr. Hefley. Clockwise: Teresa Roberts. Debbie Wright. Laureen Benson. Pam Cole. Belissa Corriveau. Missy Richmond. Robin Boyce. Sheila Andrews. Mr. Hefley. 1st Row: Glori Bolio, Eva Blake, Lisa Jordan, Judy Hutchin son, Scott Dyer, Donald Barker, Karin Dixon, Dennis Gallant. 2nd Row: Jane Head, Bud Judson, Brent Bachelder, Jacob Schachter, Jim Gorman. Linda Lowe, Gemma Morrill-Dreher, Mike McGuire, Marsha Moxcey, Sarah Buckman. 3rd Row: Eric Hoyt, Crystall Haskell. Julie Merrill, Keith Clanton, Eli Dreher, David Kersey. Kevin George. Marley Scrooge Fred Bob Crachit Thin Do-Gooder Portley Do-Gooder Ghost of C.P. Young Scrooge Fan School Master Fezziwig Dick Williams Linda Lowe Donald Barker Jacob Schachter John Glendenning Kevin George Scott Dyer Brent Bachelder Keith Clanton Crystal Haskell Bud Judson Eric Hoyt Mike McGuire CAST Mrs. Fezziwig Sarah Buckman Fezziwig ' s Daughters Jane Head Marsha Moxcey Scrooge’s Lost Love Julie Merrill Ghost of C. P. Dennis Gallant Mrs. Cratchit Lisa Jordan Tiny Tim Keith Clanton Ghost of C.F. Brent Bachelder Dead Scrooge David Kersey Adam Eli Dreher 1st Row: Debbie Wright, Jodi Seidell. Michele Sweetser, Amie Otero-Otero. 2nd Row: Anita Kimball, Jeannine Co- nant. Tanya Foster, Vicki Dyer, David Bennett. Kevin George, Jake Schachter, Scott Dyer, Linda Lowe, Bud Jud- son, Danny Myers. David Kersey, Mr. Applin. 1st Row: Gerri Gauthier, Leigh Whitman, Jodey Kimball, Linda James, Cheryl Parker, Stephanie Smith. 2nd Row: Mr. Hart, Kevin George, Lisa Newell, Scott Dyer, Michele Sweetser, Chris Davis, Brian Fogg, Jodi Seidell. Ken Whitney, Jim Fiske, Nikki Savoie, Marcia Moxcey, Alan Verrill, Nancy Blais, Sarah Buckman, Suzi Roy. 1st Row: Stephanie Smith, Marsha Moxcey. Lisa Newell. Michele Sweetser. 2nd Row: Mrs. Applin, David Bennett. Lin¬ da Lowe. Scott Dyer, Brian Fogg, Keith Wight, Mike McGuire, Sarah Buckman. 1st Row: Jodey Kimball. Lisa Newell. Stephanie Smith. 2nd Row: Mr. Hart. Ken Whitney. Chris Davis. Michele Sweetser. Gerri Gauthier, Alan Verrill. Cheryl Parker. Karin Dixon. Vanessa Noyes. Chris Davis. Lisa Newell. Stephanie Smith. 1st Row: C. Roberge. R. Boyce. S. Andrews. W. Day. C. Haskell. L. Clanton, J. Moran. 2nd Row: M. Poland. K. Harney. S. Buckman, Ms. Boyce. 3rd Row: T. Bates. B. Kendall, V. Hatstat, J. Gordan, B. Hatstat, M. Newell. L. Reed. F R E N C H S P A N I S H 58 Is ov OmbalLOCross L. Long, J. Conant. K. Gould. S. Chapman. E Blake. C. Dunham, V Chapman. 2nd Row S Fraser M McGuire. K. Clanton. D. Kersey. L. Learned. K. Deanis. G. Bolio. T. Corrin, D. Gallant, C. Chapman, R. Boyce. 3rd Row: B. Barth. S. Smith. K. O ' Donnell. S. Roy, S. Gould. M. Taylor. T. Holmes. P. York, E. Gammon. K. PnwPii T Poland R Harrinaton. A. Howe. A. Belanaer. J. Hutchins. B. Judson, S. Buckman, M. Bell. Mr. Taylor. 1st Row Mr. Otero-Otero. K. Monzo. V. Dyer. E. Tate. L. LOwe. L. Simmons. K. Boyle 2nd Row: D. Haskell. L. James. M Sweetser. D. Elliot. A Otero. L. Clanton. T. Foster. K. Crockett. C. Haskell. J. Head 3rd Row. L. Snyder. D. Ben- - .. T r-N_ __ _ n C IS A mht KA KAr ' i nro M P.i imminnc T E A C H E R Kneeling: S. Smith. L. Clanton. D. Newell. M. Wilson. T. Wilbur. L. Gilks. Sitting: D. Eliot. M. Sweetser. A. Otero- Otero. L. Simmons. D. Dorey. J. Martin. H. Bennett. N. Blais. 1st Row: L. Newell. S. Smith. A. Verrill. B. Barth. K. Whitney. J. Schachter. J. Gorman. K. Angevine. S. Cole. S. Cole. C. Haines. B. Hoyt, B. Bolio, B. Cox. S. Fuller. D. Robbins. M. Hart. B. Haines. J. Seidell. B. Salway. M. Farnum. 2nd Row: T. Berryment. K. George. P. Cole. D. Wright. M. Roberts. P. McKinney. S. Witter. S. Tabb. K. Hughes. A I D E S K E Y B 0 A R D S G R A P H I C A R T S Cheryl Parker. Rachel Belanger. Brent Lizotte, Shari Cole. Sheila Andrews. Penny Fleet. Tony Berryment, Darren Tripp. Gerri Gauthier. Sally Thompson. Mr. Tripp. U N L I M I T E D C L U B 59 Y E A R B O O K 1st Row: Cheryl Parker. Laurie Kimball. Shelly Marston, Karen Sennetl. Tony Berryment. Gerri Gauthier, Val Cole. Mrs. Durgin. 2nd Row: Debbie Wright. Michele Sweetser. Linda Simmons. Tanya Foster. Crystal Haskell, Lisa Clanton. Chris Davis. Laureen Benson. Deanne Bodemer. 3rd Row: Vicky Dyer, Teresa Coolidge, Janie Hinkley. Penny York, Jane Head. Tracy Kimball, Penny Fleet, Sally Thompson, Susan Gould. 4th Row: Danny Myers. Suzi Roy. Kim Monzo. Karen Crockett] Elayna Tate. Karen Harney, Jennifer Moran, Donna Berry, Jon Akers. 5th Row: Sue Fraser. D. D. Cox. Joyce McAllister Jeri Martin, Kevin George, Pam Cole, Vanessa Noyes. Bud Judson. Brandon Salway. Jodi Seidell. LAY-OUT TYPING Suzi Roy Tanya Foster Karen Sennett Michelle Marston Judy Hutchinson Linda Simmons Scott Tabb Cheryl Parker Deanna Bodemer Donna Berry Karin Dixon Laurie Kimball Danny Cross FUNDRAISERS See Photo PHOTOGRAPHERS Brandon Salway Gerri Gauthier Tony Berryment Jon Akers Mr. Tripp’s Class s T A F F Karen Sennett and Michelle Marston Co-Editors F I E L D H O C K E Y 1st Row: Amie Otero-Otero. Jodey Kimball, Dale Robbins. Jodi Seidell. Theresa Wilbur. Linda James, Cindy Boyle. Suzi Roy. 2nd Row: Gerri Gauthier. Kara O’Donnell, Kelly Boyle, Vicky Dyer, Elayna Tate, Tracy Kimball, Donna Berry, Anita Kimball. 3rd Row: Coach Hannon, Coach Wight, Jane Head, Mary Poland. Darcie Witter, Becky Harrington, Chris Davis, Mary Taylor, Penny York, Angie Herrick, Sally Thompson, Georgia Gould, Bob Hoyt, manager. 1st Row: Scott Tabb, Chuck Haines, Pat McKinney. Josh Putnam, Bob Myers. 2nd Row: Ken Whitney. Mike Kelly, Bruce Barth, Bernie Haines, Jon Head. 3rd Row: Coach Kavanagh, Shawn Smith, Bob Ham. Stacey Roberts. Scott Haines, Coach Remington. CROSS COUNTRY 1st Row: David Kersey. Jim Fiske. Jake Schacter, Scott Korhonen. 2nd Row: Penny Fleet. Jeff Dunham, Chris Chapman. Coach Applin. 5 1st Row: Eric Johnson, Scott Tabb, Darren Tripp, Brian Whitman, Josh Putnam, Bernie Haines, Brandon Salway. 2nd Row: Coach Hart. Suzi Roy. Dawn Newell, Jon Head, Bob Myers, Pat McKinney. Troy Bennett. Jim Fiske, Tanya Foster, Coach Durgin. Rats Rebels PATRICK 2 ' BRANDON 1 bBRIAN ' o BOBBy « Tftoy ERIC 12 scorn BERNIE " JON » JIM 2 c Y 1 - 1st Row: Gerri Gauthier, Eli Dreher, Brian Fogg, Mike Kelly, Mindy Wilson, Emily Gammon. 2nd Row: Julie Hastings, Rick Bodwell. Shawn Smith, Coach Remington, Bruce Barth, Scott Korho nen, Coach Brown. Sitting: Darcie Witter, Linda James, Kara O’Donnell, Vicky Dyer, David Bennett. Standing: Dennis Gallant, David Kersey. John Carter, Matt Laban, Jay Hastings. Jim Orino, Andy Crockett. Bruce Barth, Julie Merrill, Ken Whitney, Sue Fraser. Michelle Cummings, Becky Carter. The feeling of sweat The agony of pain The confusion of the mind The endless circle; seeming to have gaps Going — Stopping Moving backward, today Yet tomorrow, two ahead Pushing Always pushing Nothing taken, without the work of giving The dreams The goals Tryii Ww Mow rying ays trying Never giving up Never below 100 % Always thinking Always open - | The mark, of the true champion Heidi Burk 10 24 83 1 1983-84 VARSITY GIRLS’ BASKETBALL 32 Mt. Abram 43 27 Leavitt 39 23 Freeport 38 41 Buckfield 32 30 Gould 19 32 Yarmouth 53 47 Carrabec 55 37 Mt. Abram 44 24 Sacopee 23 41 Leavitt 51 49 Buckfield 31 37 27 M, Freeport St. Dorns 32 68 23 Yarmouth 56 33 Sacopee 38 42 Carrabec 43 49 Valley 32 32 St. Dorns 53 43 Valley 16 s c o R E S 1983-84 GIRLS’ SKI TEAM Alpine X-Country Total 17-8 4-16 21-24 s c o R E S 75 s o F T B A L L 1st Row: Jodi Seidell. Kelly Savage. Jeri Martin. Val Cole. Debbie Wright. Laurie Kimball, Georgia Gould. 2nd Row: Suzi Roy. Tanya Foster. Karin Dixon, Jodey Kimball, Angie Herrick. 3rd Row: Penny York, Darcie Witter, Leigh Whitman, Don¬ na Dorey. 1st Row: Scott Tabb, Shawn Smith, Darren Tripp, Brandon Salway, Pat McKinney. Pat Howard. 2nd Row: Alan Verrill, Bob Hoyt, Ken Whitney. Tony Berryment, Mitch Sweetser, Bob Myers. 3rd Row: Mike Hart, Stacey Roberts. Jim Fiske, Rick Bodwell. 78 1st Row: Coach Durgin, Brenda Bolio. Michelle Cummings, Penny Fleet, Chris Davis, Gerri Gauthier. 2nd Row: Brenda Farnum, Hunee Bolio, Michele Sweetser, Linda Simmons, Amie Otero-Otero, Susan Gould, Mary Taylor. 1st Row: Susan Cole. Mike Kelly, Chuck Haines, Jon Head, Mike Roberts. Jon Akers. 2nd Row: Denise Elliot. Bruce Barth, Jay Hastings, Andy Crockett, Bernie Haines, Coach Remington. ' - t 1984 iere Senior Bapquet was held: | Theme of Winter Carnival: trn Did I atterKjWinte i went wifcfi: Carnival Kind and Queen tta we Who was’Wi “ ' attend tnwrom: Iwvent with): Did I attend graduation: mar participate p ject graduati9n Nfim wa§ project graduation held. Where I went after graduation: Circle One: Freshman Sophomor MB| Homeroom: Teacher: Courses ta Activi 1983 - 84 : funny things I remember: Klates: ' Jy ked during the year: How many demerits: How many days of In-house: Favorite Hang-out: Favorite Radio Station: Favorite Group: Favorite Male Singer: . Favorite Female Singer: Favorite Song: Favorite Album: Favorite Actor: Favorite Actress: Favorite Movie: Favorite TV Show: Favorite Bo ’ ' r avorite Ma vorite Fo avorite 89 Free Estimates 392-1714 GARY MILLIGAN GENERAL Carpentry Shopwork Cement Work CONTRACTOR East Andover, Maine Millwrights and Alignment Specialist 364-8836 er f Photography 41 Exchange Street Rumford, Maine 04276 RMIDON ELECTRIC Andover, Maine Congratulations Class of 1984 Commercial Passports Portrait GLIDDEN ' S IGA FOODLINER Main Gtreet Bethel, Maine ors Weddings RICHARDSON LUMBER Custom Sawipg and Planning Retail Lumber Pine — Spruce — Hemlock East Andover, Maine 391-1100 f L _ Good Luck Class of “84’ ie. J. Swain Co. Dowel Manufactures East Andover, Maine 9 04226 392-2572 Compliments of RAZZANO’S RESTAURANT Fine Home Cooked Foods and Buffets Daily 11pm-2pm DiCONZO’S CANDLESTICK LOUNGE Live Entertainment and Dancing Nightly. 136 Congress Street Rumford, Maine 04276 William F| Beckerl Staff Sergeant Station Commander U.S. ARMY RECRUIT! STATION Hotel Harris 138 Congress Street Rumford, ME 04276 A Complete Line of Furniture Appliances for Your Home. DAVID SMITH LOGGING INC. Andover, Maine 04216 392-2531 Over Ten Years of Quality Service. JEPOSITORS UST COMPANY I X xrfu liEMOCKiT Rumford, Maine 04276 (207) 369-0136 tunity employer i GA INC Wood Dowels Turn I ood ndling W NDAY RIVER INN IBKI TOURING CENTER Bethel, Maine 04217 teve and Peggy Wight: Innkeepers Telephone 207 824-2410 rrow it hardly seems possi- all those years of plan- lg; of working for this ne in your life. And about your new feel, and hat hap- t part on r BETHEL AUTO SALES INC. Rt 2, Between Bethel and W. Bethel Phone 824-2389 flora Fresh affid Silk Drlfd Flowers, Plant: ■Pj Gifts Ha irriBalloons, and Candlj flnAand Georg =fl||ickerson $ 92 :r THE I A 3 5 Miles West Out of Bethel on Route 2 West Bethel, Maine 836-3663 " For Everything " (Call for Take Outs) DAVE’S Tel: 392-4172 Fresh Dough Pizza Italian Sandwiche Andover, MainJ 04216 Main Street Pruning, Feeding. Cabling Removal, Spraying, Stump Removal, Planting, and Landscaping SUNDAY TREE Bethel. Maine Profession Cr °d Burk — Grafiuata Manufacturers of Glued Pani in Northern HardwoJ and White Pine Hanks) THEL FUI STOCK, INC. Bethel, Maine 04217 Favreau lent Tel. 207-836-2624 RUMFOR®FOOD 5 Bridge Slreet Rumford, laine 364-®21 A Open 7 Days a ' Congratula 1 a.m. ■84” “Youth is the Hope of the World " Congratulations From THE VILLAGE STORE Restaurant and Pizza Shop in Bryant Pond, Maine rge and Thelma Hooper 93 94 THE BRASS BUCKLE AND THE FASHI ON _ BASKET0 ® “ hel 1 1 TftSA MOUNTAIN VIEW STORE Route 2 West Bethel, ME 836-2706 Serving Breakfast and Lunch Daily Groceries, Gas, and Beverages w M Phone: 836-3029 LINDA’S COUNTRY FLAIR Flat Road , West Bethel, Maine 04217 “Always a Friendly Atmos _!_ w t f Savings Bank Member F.D.I.C. Rumford Branch 155 Congress Street Rumford, ME 04276 (207) 364-7866 PLEASANT RIVER CAMP¬ GROUND 8LMOTEL r M (207) 836-3575 Bow 46 W, Bethel, ME 04286 NOLL’S CAMERA REPAIR DEPOSITORS TRUST COMPANY • V 215 Main Street CENTER Berlin, Telep T.NHOS 570 603) 752-4787 Horst and Linda Owners rionafizrJ A ' nyj 7)laJe to (X-Jrr 10 CjofJ TVilk jbiumonJ unJ 7 ames on Sid r. $H1.95 95 CHARLIE’S PLACE Beautiful Downtown Bethel Pizza, Subs i Week 10-9 Check our Daily Specials ESTERN MAINE Assoc! 0, ® : 19 Congress Street Rumford, Maine 04276 Tel: 364-7861 89 Co Run-ford ' The Home of ‘iWet . v w ’if • • • Casual Cfcsu % % % p ril « ' f • • %• , “Come see us at ourhe c i«n « t % ( Congress Street Min a4l ilf R jrrfr 1 • • • • • • • » • • • • • • CARRICK MOTORS Oxford, Maine 96 undou river T Bethel, Maine 04217 Andover, Maine 392-4681 (603) 752-6620 B G AUTOMOTIVE I ELECTRONICS Heating OIL - Ruel and Maureen Swain 824-2949 CmZEN PRINTERS INC. Publishers o Bethel Citizen Every Thursday Arthur L. N Lynn Nevyi 380 Goebelfl Berlin, N 03570 Best Wisnfslto the s of 1984 our insurance Needs, “‘yCom D KENDALL fgf | INSURANCE M Printers — Stationers RIVERSIDE OFFICE MACHINES 164 Main Street Berlin, NH 03570 603-752-1163 Sales Service Electronic Typewriters Computers Electronic Calculators Royal Copiers A. D. DAVIS u INSURANCE 824-2178 47 Church Street Bethel, ME 04217 Main Street, Bethel, Maine Congratulations Class of 1984 97 ■ CongratuTations to The Class of ’84 THE BETHEL INN) Broad Street, Bethel, Maine Try our Mini Golf! Open May Thru Sept. RFD 2 Box 420 Bethel, Maine 04217 Tel: 207-836-3141 RMO CRAFTS “Handcrafted in our Shop” Route 2, West Bethel Summer Hours: Open 9-6: Closed Tues.. Wed. yVinter Hours: 9-5 Fri., Sat., Sun. Congratulations to the Class of 4 U f M BROOKS BR INC. Main Street Bethel, Maine ROBERTS’ POULTRY FARM INC. PRIM’ PEXAL PHAPA4A Main Street Bethel, Maine TWIN-TO GLASS INSURANCE REPLACEMENTS COMPLETE AUTO GLASI STORE FRONT REPAIR FOR ALL YOUR CLA 45 MAIN STREET, NORWAY, ME 012681 48 BROADWAY, FARMINGTON, ME. 4938 FRED CAMPBELL 743-6478 98 TERE K. PORTER OfficelHours M-T-T-F 9:00-12:00. 2:00-5:00 W-S 9:00412:00 HI-HO RECORDS Sell Imports New Top Hits and Cassett Used LP’s and Cassettes vard G. Howard 13-752-7619 260 Main Street Berlin, NH 03570 TV COUNTRY MOTOR WE ' RE FULL OF IT. Great Ideas for Giving Young and Old Drive on over Co sec us. You won ' t be disappointed wdli oiii I me (iit In —’Toys—Crafts. We line (.arfield, l)di«v Pook ! T-Shirts Chamois, Pottery, Maple Products, lams Jell . Dakin Russ S tuffed To s. Imported l.oeal ll.iskets, Wooden Parrels Tubs, Ceramie ™ reel.tiu Cups .lewelrx. Mirrors. Tourist Trap Factory Outlet ★ Play area for kids so you can s ( 207 ) 830-3045 utographs PATRONS PUIIA HARDWARE AND LUMBER CO. INC: 50 Prospect Ave. Rumford, ME 4 A. W. WALKER 166 Main Street, Norway, ME SIMMON’S REPAIR SHOP North Main Street Andover, ME 392-4041 BONNEMA POTTERS Box 53 Main Street Bethel, ME 04217 824-2821 WESTERN MAINE SUPPLY Cross Street Bethel, ME 824-2139 THE TOYMAKER Box 161 R.F.D. 2 Bethel, ME 824-2419 THE BARN MOTEL H.C.R. — Box 130 Bethel, ME 04217 824-2808 ROMEO BAKER R.F.D. 2 Box 2090 Bethel, ME 824-2088 ANDOVER WOOD PRODUCTS Andover, ME 04216 392-2101 THE FABRIC EMPORIUM Main Street Bethel, ME 04217 824-3202 BOB AND JANE STAINED GLASS , _injrri JOHN’S SMALL ENGINE REPAIR South Maine Street Andover, ME 392-4151 Lr FRIEDON DORF POTTERY STUDIOS MARTHA’S RESTAURANT Main Street Bethel, ME 04217 824-2171 l ( BRIDGE STREET GULF Rt. 2 Bethel, ME 04217 824-2000 PUZZLE MOUNTAIN FARM Box 120Newry, MEt)4261 824-2947 MILL’S MARKET Anddver ME 04216 392-3062 BROWN’S Main Street,Bethel, ME 824-282 6 EDELWEISS COUNTRY STOR Iain Street Bethel, ME 04217 824-2725 AKER’S GENERAL STORE Main Street Arftfcver, ME 392-1966 GUAY AND DROUIN’S MEN AND BOYS’ SHOP 61 MainCTOi! Berlin, NH 03570 THOMPSON’S BETHEL MALL Lower Main Street Bethel, ME 04217 BR0DY’%LAD1ES SHOP 97 Main Street Berlin, NH 03570 101 TT7 COLdS ■ ck from the Dombkowskjj| L .,. .uck from the Applin’a ®®. re Bear Day Care Paula Cordwell Bethel, ME 824-3156 John M. Wight Star Route Box 350 Bethel, ME 04217 Woodstock Trading Post Steve " Bull” Mason Littleton, NH Fio Memolo 590 Goebel Berlin, NH Welcome fo Oxford Hills Bowling Lanes! L. M. Longley Son Norway 743-8924 Paul mitf Jungle Jim Motors East Andover, ME Gary J. Page — Certified Public Accountant — 140 Congress Norway 369-0193 for Her Bartash’s in Rumford Maine Line Products Main Street Bethel 824-2522 Century 21 Mike Quinn Realty Norway, ME 743-7473 Take care! Best of luck to the class of 1984 fro m theT)avis Family. mi 102 Pay me back!! Ha-ha! Hilda in your future. Jackie Good luck — Smile — You ' re in for an exciting ride! Mr. Hebert Hurricane Island Outwar d Bound School R.F.D. 2 Box BetheT324 s Eda and Merton Perkins Andover, l laine Puila ' s Barber Shop 126 Congress Street Rumford ME 04276 L. F Pike and Son 170 Main Street Norway ecile Bilodeau 6 Norway St reet Berlin, NH The Rainbow — unusual gifts — 191 Main Street Berlin, NH 03570 Best of luck from Cheryl Lord. your tody awohderfuTmacfitn ? MrfRCV Best of luck graduates. Mr. and Mrs. Arsenault Be al l y ou can b e. Good luck , Larry Coffin Best of luck to the class of 1984. Mr. and Mrs. Woodbury To the class of ' 84: Go for it!! Rem Good luck class of ' 84! Mr McCann Until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Mrs. Berry I May your sails always be full. Mr. Hefley Where you come from is not nearl s important as where you are going. - _I£ e Abbotts __ m M NOS riendship is forever now mine is with you kJ if friendship last a lifetime now mine, will withlvou you ake me smile W eel hen ut And I always seem to know exactly What you cry about 4 I know you ' ll need me As much as I need you Because when we wor k tog ether We can see all problems chtouglir r So when the world seems dark | And lonely and smiles are very rare You t an come to me because vou know I’ll always care And of course we’ll always conquer Whatever we benm uld nev er lose -4 we iiTTt ' e a team f| al s win® Michel It Hailna Liberty Reporter At ■ 104

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