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ZODIAC 1979 — THfcLKJ OfTH€ AT TELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATION IN MEMORY OF We the Class of 1979 dedicate this Yearbook in Memory of David Arsenault and Mona Roberts. DAVID ARSENAULT MONA ROBERTS GOOD LUCK MR. KENISTON 1979 TEACHER OF THE YEAR A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL I hope that you have found your four years at Telstar to be challenging, worthwhile, and enjoyable. Your teachers have worked hard to develop your self- discipline and your desire to learn. I hope that, as a result of their effort, you will continue to read, continue to grow intellectually, and continue to develop as a person once you graduate. Good luck to you in the future, and keep us advised of your progress. DR. WAYNE GERSEN A MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT Small schools offer students distinct advan¬ tages over larger schools. I believe Telstar High School provides our students with many varied and useful experiences which will be helpful in adult life. KENNETH SMITH r SENIORS Senior Class Officers T.J. Hathaway - Secretary Betsey Mills - Treasurer Kendall Keniston Leigh Michaud - o-Presidents PAMELA MARY BEAN " Panmy " Likes: Mr. Buckland ' s pajama parties, sports, Danny Dislikes: Saturday nights at home, losing a race Noted For: Athletic ability, being in the gym Plans: To be an RN or a P.E. teacher Ambition: To be a coach and run in Olympics Saying: " Alright " Field Hockey-1,2,3,4; Basket¬ ball-1,2,3,4; Track-1,2,3,4; G.A.A.-l;N.H.S.-3,4;Band-l,2; Varsity Club-2,3,4;Pep Club- LORENE DOROTHY ADAMS " Lucy " Likes: Boys, movies, old pic¬ tures, chocolates Dislikes: Winter, spicy foods, tests, cereal Noted For: Quiet personality Plans: To hopefully be a physical therapist Ambition: To someday buy a new car Saying: " If at first you don ' t succeed, try, try again. " ANDREW BENSON " Ben " Likes: None Dislikes: Disco music,algebra, geometry Noted For: Being conceited Plans: To get through college Ambition: To be Secretary of State Saying: " C ' est la guerre! " Baseball-2; Newspaper-3 DOROTHY ANN MARIE BRENNON " Dot " , " Dor " Likes: Jay, good friends, family gatherings Dislikes: Untrue friends, snobs Noted For: Coming to class late, being happy Plans: To marry Jay, become a medical technician Ambition: To stay happy Saying: " Really?! " Chorus-2,4; Cheering-4; Drama Club-3,4; French Club- 1, 2, 3; Newspaper-4; Track-3; Varsity Club-3,4 JANICE MARIE BAILEY " Bug " Likes: Larry, partying, life, Larry ' s Yamaha, Homer Dislikes: Women English teachers Noted For: Being myself Plans: To marry Larry, not live in Bethel Ambition: To be a famous jazz dancer Field Hockey-1,2,3; Basket¬ ball- 1 ; Track-1,2,3,4; G.A.A.- 1,2 DEBRA ANN BRIGGS " Sticks " , " Bugsy " Likes: Doug, suntans, summer, camping, small ears Dislikes: Being called Jodie, short nails, colds Noted For: Missing chemistry tests Plans: To become a lab tech¬ nician Ambition: To be a forest ranger Saying: " I ' m just joking! " Track-1,2,3,4; Field Hockey- 1,2,3,4; Skiing-1,2,3,4; Pep Club-2; French Club-2,3; Yearbook-2,4; Band- 1,2,3,4 MICHAEL SCOTT BROOKS " Brooksie " Likes: Hiram, football, ski jumping, baseball Dislikes: School work, big- mouth girls, NO Noted For: Going hoorangin with Hiram Plans: To go to college to ski jump Ambition: To fore-jump in the Olympics Football-1,2,3,4; Skiing- 1,2,3,4; Baseball-1,2,3,4 BETSY ANN BROWN " Bets " Likes: Pecan pie, curly hair, my family, reading Dislikes: Getting up early, doing wood Noted For: Never understand¬ ing jokes Ambition: To be an outlaw Saying: " Ch ray God " , " Party! " Student Council-1; Field Hockey-1,2; Skiing-1,2,3,4; Track-1,2,3,4; Yearbook-4; Band-1,2,3,4; Stage Band-3,4; G.A.A.-1,2; Varsity Club-3,4 MICHAEL GEORGE BROWN " Brownie” Likes: DD, Miller, football, parties, Sno-Jets Dislikes: Stuck-up people, some teachers Noted For: Being short Plans: To make a living Saying: " Sure! " Skiing-1; Football-1,2,3,4; Track-1,2,3,4 JUDITH ANN CAMPBELL " Jude " Likes: Deven, summer, Daytona Beach, Bar Harbor Dislikes: Spiders, being cold vegetables Noted For: Being gullable, being cold Plans: To be Mrs. Deven Andrews Ambition: To live in Disney World Saying: " Yuh, I know! " Field Hockey-1,2; Track-1; Spanish Club-1,2; Yearbook-3; Class Committee-4 GARY VANCE CARTER " Cart " Likes: Music, basketball, ELO concerts Dislikes: Blaine ' s Jokes Noted For: " Being funny " Plans: To become a hermit in Canada Ambition: To get a date Saying: " Aw, excellent " Basketball-1,2,3,4; Track-3; A.V. Club-1,2; Cross Country- 1,2; Drama Club-3,4; High School Quiz-3,4 RICHARD DALE CHASE " Dick " Likes: Mindy, skiing, cold beer, football Dislikes: Stuck up people, being cold Noted For: Not being home Plans: To leave here and go somewhere great Ambition: To make alot of money Saying: " Shut up " Skiing-1,2,3,4; Football-1, 3,4; Track-2 PRESTON COBB GLEN KENNETH CONRAD " Concob " Likes: Coors, parking with S. MacKay, fdst cars Dislikes: Being wrong, girls with short hair Noted For: Long eye lashes, gold eyes Plans: To go to college Ambition: Fly a jet fighter over Moscow Saying: " Sure, sure " Band-1; Football-1,2,3,4; Skiing-1,2,3,4; Track-1; Student Council-1,2,3,4; Yearbook-2,3,4; Math League- 3,4; Student Rep. to School Board-2; District Health Ed¬ ucation ComDittee-4 NANCY JEAN BUCK " Nancy Doe " Likes: Peter, the ocean, family get-togethers Dislikes: Having no Senior privileges Noted For: Flunking chem study tests Plans: To be a dental hygienist Ambition: To live on the Maine coast Band-1,2,3,4; Stage Band- 1,2,3,4; Track-1; Skiing-2; Girls ' State-3; Yearbook-4 BRENDA ELSIE CUSHING " Bren” Likes: Telstar football team, Red Sox, true friends Dislikes: Being called Julie, the Yankees Noted For: Laughing and fooling around Plans: To become a social worker Ambition: To always be happy Saying: " You know what I mean? " Football Manager-3,4; Pep Club- 2 ; Cheering-3; Softball- 1 2,3,4; Chorus-4; Spanish Club-2,3; Library Club- 1 , 2 ; Yearbook- 4 ; G.A.A.- 1 , 2 ; Color Guard-1; Newspaper -4 ELAINE AUDREY CORRIVEAU " Layna " Likes: Chocolate cake, money, my rabbits, weekends Dislikes: Getting up in the morning, liver Noted For: Smiling Plans: To see the world Ambition: To get rich Saying: " Tout fini! " Newspaper-4 DAVID RODERICK DAYE " Dinky " Likes: Wood working, bikes, hunting, women Dislikes: English, rug-rats Noted For: Always being in Industrial Arts Plans: To be a carpenter, staying single Ambition: To build a house, take it easy Saying: " Close enough " WENDY MARIE DAVIS " Wendall " Likes: PJ parties at Bucky ' s, concert band, whiskey Dislikes: Latin, marching band, fake laughs Noted For: Yelling at Bonnie, being clumsy Plans: To run my own research laboratory’ Ambition: To write a book Saying: " Close enough " Field Hockey-1,2,3,4; Track- 1 , 2 ; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Softball Manager-3; N.H.S.-3, 4; Library Club-2,3,4; Magic Club-1,2; Band-1,2,3,4; G.A.A.-1,2 STEPHEN LOUIS CROSS " Steve " Likes: My family, my friends, skiing, football, pizza Dislikes: Liver, snobs, pulling weeds Noted For: Skiing, teasing, having fun Plans: To go to college Ambition: To be a million¬ aire Saying: " Hi, Dum " , " Go for it " Chorus- 1 ; Skiing-1,2,3,4; Football-4 JODIE RAE DEANIS " Jod " Likes: Field Hockey, tans, G.T., green M M ' 6 Dislikes: Cold weather, being called Debbie Noted For: Having cold hands Plans: To be a physical therapist Ambition: To sail on the Love Boat Saying: " Hurry up, Debbie. ' " Field Hockey-2,3,4; Skiing- 1,2,3,4; Track-1,2,3,4; Pep Club-2; French Club-2,3; Band-1,2,3; Girls ' State- 3 ; Yearbook-4 RANDALL LEE DEANIS " Duck " Likes: Parties, girls, Miller, football , Dislikes: Homework, getting up early Noted For: Going to parties Plans: To be successful Ambition: To own a yacht Skiing- 1 ; Football- 1 , 3,4 BONNIE JEANNE DENNIS " Bon " Likes: My parents, sunsets, skiing, special guys Dislikes: Snakes, two-faced people Noted For: Being with Mr. Buckland Plans: To finish c ollege Ambition: To ski in the Olympics Saying: " Right? " Skiing-1,2,3,4; Track- 1 ; Boys ' Track Manager-2,3,4; Field Hockey- 1 ; G.A.A.-l; Pep Club- 1 ; Student Council- 2 , 3 , 4 ; Varsity Club-3,4; N.H.S.-4; Yearbook-4 I RONALD MICHAEL DUGUAY " Ronnie " Likes: Sports, parties, my parents Dislikes: Snobs, loud-mouth girls, two-faced people Noted For: Leaving school early Plans: Undecided Ambition: To meet Kate Jackson Saying: " He did it! " SUSAN TERESA DUGUAY " Dolly " Likes: PJ parties at Bucky ' s my parents, softball Dislikes: High-water pants, getting hurt Noted For: Doing crazy things, gossiping, talking Plans: College Ambition: To fly on a magic carpet Saying: " Shut up, you queer! " I Softball-1,2,3,4; Basketball- | 2,3,4; Field Hockey-2,3; Pep Club-1,2,3; Cheering-1; Band- 4; Chorus-1,4; Majorette-1; Drama Club-1,4; G.A.A.-1,2,3; Library Club-1,2,3; Spanish Club-2,3; Newspaper-4 ALAN CURT DUNHAM " Al " Likes: Beatles, Christopher Mt. Livingroom Band Dislikes: Onions, working in the woods Noted For: Liking the Beatles Plans: To be a disc Jockey Ambition: To have a record the top 40 Saying: " Qui care? " French Club-2; Newpaper-3; A.V. Club-4; Cross Country- 4; Estelle Rogers Fan Club-4 KELLI JEAN FLYNN " Kel " Likes: Pajama parties, fairs, cheering, the ocean Dislikes: Fish, liver high- water pants Noted For: Laughing, talking in class Plans: To go to college Ambition: To sing in a professional group Saying: " I know " , " Oh my God! " Cheering-1,2,3,4; Basketball- 2,3; Track-1,2,3; Library Club- 1; Newspaper-4; Chorus-1,2,4; Drama Club-4; Varsity Club- 3,4; Class Committee-4 KATHY LYNN EMERY Likes: Hairy chests, pajama parties, red heads Dislikes: Milk, being alone, being told off Noted For: Getting what I want Plans: To be a model Ambition: To have my own Disco Saying: " Please, I don ' t get it! " Basketball-1,2,3,4; Skiing- 3; Track-1,2,3,4; Field Hockey-1,2; Cross Country-4; Yearbook-3,4; Chorus-4; Pep Club-2; G.A.A-1,2; Varsity Club-3,4 RACHEL ANN FARRINGTON " Rach " Likes: Beer, PJ parties at Bucky ' s, s winning Dislikes: Chem study tests, hall passes Noted For: Being a taxi ser¬ vice from Andover to Bethel Plans: To graduate from Fisher Jr. College Ambition: To visit Marlboro Country Saying: " Who stole my beer! " Band-1,2,3,4; Stage Band- 1, 2,3,4; Track-1,2; Basketball- 4; Skiing-2; Yearbook-4 MICHAEL JAMES FRIEL " Mike " Likes: Sports, pole vault, campaigners Dislikes: All kinds of sea¬ food and fish Noted For: Getting other people in trouble Plans: Education Ambition: To get a good edu¬ cation Saying: " Noooo, really " Skiing-1,2; Cheering-3,4; Cross Country-1,2,3,4; Track- 1,2,3,4; German Club-2,3,4; Math League-2,3,4; N.H.S.-3, 4; Varsity Club-3,4 MARSHALL ROLAND FLEET " H086 _ Likes: Bikes, wood working, cars, hunting, women Dislikes: State Police, English Noted For: Break-downs, speeding Plans: Wood working, carp¬ enter Ambition: To do nothing after school Saying: " You want to do it! " ALBERT ALPHONSE GAUDREAU " Jody”, " Chester " Likes: Parties, girls, cars, people, true friends Dislikes: Being hassled, Cm- friendly people Noted For: Talking in class Plans: Work for C.N. railroad and be happy Ambition: Advance all the way forward Saying: " Buzz " , " How ' s your onions? " I THEODORE WILLIAM GALLANT " Ted " , " Teddy " Likes: Pam, Paris, discos, fairs Dislikes: Liver, Monday morning8 Noted For: Being with Pam Plans: To go to college and be successful Ambition: To live in Hawaii Saying: " Oh, h_ " French Club-2; Newspaper-4 LORI LYNNE GAMMCN Likes: Competing at fairs, my family, spring Dislikes: Cold winters,liver, eggs Noted For: Being with Carolyn Plans: To be a medical secretary Ambition: To have a success¬ ful Job and family Field Hockey-1,2; Softball- 1,2,3,4; Basketball-3 HOWARD SCOTT GUNTHER " Gun powder " Likes: Guns, cars, girls, parties, saunas Dislikes: State Troopers Noted For: Fryeburg Fair shooting Plans: To Join the Army (MP) Ambition: To be on a SWAT team Saying: " What a bummer! " Track-1,3,4; Skiing-3,4; Football-4 JODY LYNN HAINES " Jodel " Likes: Being with friends, liver, surprises Dislikes: Boring classes, carrot8, squash Plans: College Ambition: To be rich and famous G.A.A.-2; Field Hockey-2,3,4; Cheering-1,2,3,4; N.H.S.-3,4; Student Council-4: Class Officer (Sec.-Treas.)-3; Chorus-2,3,4 ROBERT MICHAEL HARRINGTON " Robby " Likes: Sports, Jeeps, girls, dancing, skiing Dislikes: Drugs, drinking, homework Noted For: Talking, having a good time Plans: Building construction Ambition: To be a rock star Saying: " I didn ' t do it! " Football-1,3,4; Baseball-1,2, 3,4; Class Officer (V.P. )-3; Basketball-1 TANIA JO HATHAWAY " T.J. " Likes: PJ parties in apt. 12, people who are special Dislikes: Potato, being hurt, graduating Noted For: Laughing Plans: To live happily ever after Ambition: To be on the cover of Sports Illus . Saying: " I still believe in tomorrow. " Field Hockey-1,2,3,4; Track- 1,2,3,4; Basketball-1,2,3,4; G.A.A.-1,2; Girls ' State-3; Varsity Club-3,4; Class Officer (Treas. )-4 MONA LISA HEATH Likes: Ricky, dancing Dislikes: Snobby people Noted For: Having a good time CYNTHIA LOUISE HEBERT " Cin " , " Cindy " Likes: Seeing people laugh, my family, Florida Dislikes: People who think they ' re better than others, snow, liver Noted For: Being big busted Plans: To become a hairdresser, open my own shop Ambition: To eventually marry a millionaire Student Council-2; Track-1,2; Field Hockey-1,2; Spanish Club- 2; Library Club-2,3; Yearbook- 4; G.A.A.-1,2,3; Drama Club-2; Chorus-1,2,3,4; French Club-2; Newspaper-3,4 DONNA LEE HOLT " Chubbs " , " Donna” Likes: Horseback riding, nice eyes, dimples Dislikes: Being fat, two- faced people, diets Noted For: Being shy and bash¬ ful, smiling Plans: To own my own ranch and be happy Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy and wise .Saying: ”Hold to a true friend with both hands. " G.A.A.-1,2; Field Hockey-1,2; German Club-1,2 DEBRA JEAN HOWARD " Howie " Likes: Ronnie ' s kisses, Jane, Darlene, my family Dislikes: Cold nights, stuck- up people Noted For: Making my friends laugh Plans: To marry Ronnie and raise a family Ambition: To make Ronnie happy forever Saying: " How ' s your _? " Softball-2; Soccer-2; Class Officer (Treas. )-2; Tutoring- 2; Business Club-2,3; Co-op Secretary-4; Yearbook-4 LEE WESTLY HINDMAN " Worm " Likes: Gold, Eecky, parties, true friends Dislikes: Snobs, Algebra II, two-faced people Noted For: Skipping school Plans: To be happy Ambition: To do what I want and be good at it Saying: " No biggie, you ' ll get over it. " CATHERINE GAY JAMES " C.J. " , " Cath " Likes: My .parents, a certain Jr. guy, sunsets Dislikes ' :Criticism, beer,con¬ ceited people Noted For: Sudden loud out¬ bursts of laughter Plans: To work with horses Ambition: To be reincarnated and know about it Saying: " Huh, imagine that! " Basketball-1,2; Track-1, Band-1; Chorus-4; Fep Club-2; G.A.A.-1,2; Varsity Club-4; Cheering-4; Yearbook-3; News¬ paper-4; Class Ccmmittee-4 JENNIFER JESSIE HUDSON " Oaffy " Likes: Matt, spending holidays with my family, beer Dislikes: Not being able to see Matt, warm beer Noted For: Being quiet, smiling alot Plans: To finish Culinary Arts School, open a deli- shoppe, marry Matt Ambition: To own a white Corvette 5aying: " It ' s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you ' re a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. " Skiing-1,2,3,4; Spanish Club-4 t v ♦ ' . MARK WARNER KENDALL " Mick " , " Marcus " Likes: A.S., fishing, sports, roast beef Dislikes: Mondays, meet loaf, shopping, homework Noted For: Ugly moods in the morning Plans: College, to be a game warden Ambition: To play pro basket¬ ball Saying: " Doc, I’m leaving. " Basketball-1,2,3 4; Cross Country-2; Baseball-1,2,3; Spanish Club-4; Class Officer (V.P.)-l KELLY HUTCHINS " B.T. " Likes: RDS, spinach. Field Hockey, the ocean Dislikes: Bats, flying in¬ sects, cigarettes Noted For: Not wearing a bra Plans: To be a medical secretary Ambition: To have a huge, sun¬ ny bathroom Saying: " Isn ' t he cute? " Field Kockey-1,2,3,4; Basket- ball-1; Track-1,2,3,4; G.A.A.- 1,2; Band-1 KENDALL FLOYD KENISTON " KK " , " Floyd " Likes: S.W., spaghetti, Florida, basketball Dislikes: Losing, Jay base¬ ball team Noted For: Long range jump shots Plans: To become a systems analysist Ambition: To have just once, a winning basketball team Saying: " Light ' em up. ' " Basketball-1,2,3.4; Baseball- 1,2,3,4; Math League-1,4; Class Officer(Pres. )—1,4; N.H.S.-4 MORTEN LYNGHOIM " Wacky " Likes: Medium height women, parties, wood working Dislikes: Beer, snobby girls Noted For: Being late Plans: To work in the oil business Ambition: To get rich, own a house in Norway, Europe Saying: " Oh really " BLAINE EDWARD MACKAY " Space " Likes: Skiing, winning, being Norman Leadbomb Dislikes: Rejection, being wrong Noted For: Sick jokes, worry¬ ing Plans: To study business in college Ambition: To work for some¬ thing I believe in Saying: " No biggy " Skiing-1,2,3,4; Football-1; Track-1,2; Cross Country-2,3, 4; Student Council-1,2,3,4; Chorus-1; B oys ' State-3; Bethel Ed. Work Council-3,4; Drama Club-4 BARRY DEAN MARTIN " BaraId " Likes: Tinka Dislikes: Dumb blondes Noted For: Hiding in the music room Plans: To be happy Ambition: To have a van with a water bed Saying: " Why not " Band-1,2,3,4; Stage Band-1,2, 3,4; Chorus-1,2,3 DANA REGINALD MEISNER " Duke " Likes: Cars, auto shop, girls Dislikes: Co-op class Noted For: Playing cards in the cafeteria Plans: Vocational school Ambition: To graduate Saying: " Let ' s play cards " LEIGH MARIE MICHAUD " El-rod " Likes: Jogging, music, T 2 , outdoors Dislikes: Fat, zits, conceit ed people Noted For: Blushing quickly, counting calories Plans: To be an RN in a geriatric ward Ambitipn: To be a famous singer Saying: " Thingy " Track-2,3; Cheering-2,3; Student Council-1; N.H.S.-3,4; Girls State-1: Class Officer (Pres.)-2,4; Library Club-3,4; Chorus: 2,3 JULIE ROX-ANNE MARTIN " Jul " , " Jules " Likes: Red Sox, TRHS football team, pajama parties Dislikes: Yankees, conceited people, sad times Noted For: Loving the Red Sox Plans: To be a social worker Ambition: To manage the Red Sox Saying: " Oh, really? " Color Guard-1; Spanish Club- 1,2,3; Library Club-1,2; Softball-1,2,3,4; Football Manager-3,4; G.A.A.-1,2; N.H.S.-4; Class Committee-4 PETER ALAN MASON Likes: Parties, bowliDg, girls Dislikes: School Noted For: Leaving school early Plans: Undecided BETSEY ANN MILLS " Betty Anne " likes: Dan, green eyes, the ocean, summer Dislikes: Winter, good-byes, separation, beards Noted For: Laughing, talking Plans: To be an elementary teacher, marry Dan Ambition:Travel all 50 states Saying: " Are you serious? " Chorus-1,2; Newspaper-3,4; Cheering-1,2,3,4; Drama Club-4: Spanish Club-2; Class Cfficer(TrcL$. )-l,2 (Pres. )-3 (Sec. )-4 JANICE MARIE MORGAN ' " Jan " ’Farmer " Likes: West Paris, Corvettes, parties Dislikes: Snobs, school, beer Noted For: good humor Plans: To get married Ambition: Tc be a millionaire Saying: " Isn ' t that cumin ' ! " Majorette-1,2,3 MAUREEN ANN MILLET " Motor " Likes: Kawasakis, pickups, Saturday nights at Pinny ' s Dislikes: School, snobs Noted For: Being the " other " woman Plans: To be a secretary Ambition: To drive an 18- wheeler Saying: " What? " Chorus: 2 BRENDA MAE MILLS " Mom " Likes: Bucky ' s.PJ parties, K.S., Fresca Dislikes: Feet, running out of gas, Latin Noted For: Yelling " Can ' t see " on hockey field Pl-’tns: To be a cop Ambition: To tend goal for the Boston Bruins Saying: " Whoa! " Field Hockey-1,2,3,4; Basket¬ ball-1,2,3,4; Softball-1,2,3, 4; Student Council-3,4; Class Officer(V.P. )-2; Pep Club-2; Latin Club-1,2; Varsity Club- 1,2; Drama Club-3,4 CHRISTOPHER MAI K MILLS " Millsie " Likes: Good times, football, girls Dislikes: Daily trips to Bethel Noted For: Modesty, hair Plans: To be successful Ambition: To play football Football-1,2,3,4; Skiing-1,2, 3; Track-1,2,3; Baseball-4 NATHAN HASKELL MILLS " Nate " Likes: Rolling Stones, Terri, skiing, tennis Dislikes: Disco Noted For: Drinking, being in trouble Plans: To be a pro skier Ambition: To replace Mick Jagger Saying: " That ' s what she said ' Skiing-1,2,3,4; Baseball-3,4; Football-1,3; Boys ' State-3; Yearbook-2; TERESA AN NE MORGAN Likes: Dancing, D.C., Abbott ' s Anchorage, my family Dislikes: Lima beans, smoke, alarm clocks, atoms Noted For: Blushing easily Plans: Graduate from BYU Ambition: To be a concert pianist Saying: " Time is for Eternity " Cheering-1; Field Hockey-2; Chorus-2,3; Spanish Club-2 NANCY JULIETTE MORIN " Nance” Likes: Food, boys, music, dancing, skiing Dislikes: Cafeteria food, lectures, Mondays Noted For: Having straight A ' s Plqns: To be a lab technician Ambition: To be rich Saying: " Wow!” Chorus-1,2,4; Math League-4 DOROTHY ANN MORTON " Dot " Likes: Jeff, English, food Dislikes: Being called Dot Noted For: Being shy, fooling around in the hall Ambition: To graduate Saying: " Be quiet " Track-1 JOHN EDWIN MORTON " Beaver " Likes: Parties Dislikes: School Noted For: Smoking in the bathroom Plans: To work hard Saying: " Shut up " KENNETH RICHARD MORTON ' Norton " Likes: Cars, parties Noted For: Smoking in the bathroom Plans: Unknown Ambition: To graduate from Telstar RICHARD OWEN MORTON " Dicky " Likes: Motorcycles, a certain Jr. girl, coffee brandy Dislikes: Disco music, foot¬ ball practice Noted For: Skipping football, baseball and ski¬ ing practices Ambition: It’s a secret Saying: " Don’t be such a goof " Football-1,2,3,4; Baseball- 1 , 2,3,4; Skiing-1,2,3; Varsity Club-3,4 TIMOTHY IAN MYERS " Tim " Likes: Football, acting, ski¬ ing, surfing Dislikes: Smoking, stupid girls Noted For: Trying everything at least once Plans: A career in broadcast¬ ing Ambition: To surf the pipe¬ line in Hawaii Saying: " Oh no, I ' m in big trouble! " Football-4; Basketball- 2 , 3 , 4 ; Skiing- 1 ; Baseball-1,2,3,4; Varsity Club-3,4; Drama Club- 1,4; N.H.S.-4; Spanish Club-3 CHERYL LYNN ROBERTS " Pudge " likes’ Iteliar. food, blue Jeeps, Dr. Pep per Dislikes: Snobs, pushy people, violence, Coors Noted For: Not smiling enough Plans: Undecided Ambi’icn: To be the first women in major league baseball Saying: " That ' s life " GREGORY THOMAS ROBERTS Likes: Dori, sports, parties, Busch, tiger Dislikes: TRh’S, favoritism in sports, S.P.A. Noted For: Getting away witji as much as I can Plans: To graduate and die of old ege Ambition: To play for the Seattle Mariners Saying: " Take a long walk off a short pier " Baseball-1,2; Newspaper-2,3; Basketball-3 BETHANY JEAN ROWE " Betsy " Likes: Horses, snowmobiling, swimming, sleeping Dislikes: Snobs, homework, tests, Mondays Noted For: Being in the library Plans: To stud:, animal med¬ ical technology (UMO) Ambition: To live a happy, fulfilling life Saying: " Oh my word! " Band-1 ROBERT EVERETT SAUNDERS " Bob " Likes: Loud music, baseball, basketball, Gould girls Dislikes: Algebra, work Noted For: Having a good sense of humor Plans: To became a chef Basketball-2,3; Baseball-2,3, 4; Bookstore-4 JEFFREY DEAN SCRIBNER " Scrib " Likes: Guns, motorcycles, reloading Dislikes: Communists, Jimmy Carter Noted For: Shooting Plans- To get a high paying Job Ambition: To be on an Arm shooting team Saying: " Let me tell you, Mr. Johnson " MICHAEL JAMES ROSENBERG " Rosy " Likes: Andover log cabins, Bacardi Dislikes: A girl who thinks she ' s Ingemar Stenmark Ambition: To go with a girl and not get used Saying: " __you, right in the lips! " Football-1,2,3,4; Skiing-1,2, 3,4; Track-2; Baseball-1,3,4 SHELLEY ANN ROY " Sheil " Likes: Russell, ocean, parties, animals, camping Dislikes: Smoking, winter, being alone, morning Noted For: Being in the art room with Russell Plans: School and someday have my own bakery Ambition: To Just be happy for a lifetime Saying: " Don ' t worry about it " GLORIA JEAN SCOTT " Bitsy " Likes: Skiing, trucks, sun¬ sets, blue eyed blondes Dislikes: Snobby people, good¬ byes, onions, school Noted For: Coming to school late and leaving early Ambition: To make a soap opera out of my life Saying: " Don ' t ever leave me " " Are you kiddin ' ? " Field Hockey-1,2; Chorus-1,2, 4; Track-1; Yearbook-3 ROBERT DALE SEAMES " Bob " Likes: Sports, girls, flying kites Dislikes: School, the cold, mouthy people Noted For: Numbing it Ambition To play basketball Saying: " Oi s_ " Football-1; Basketball-1,2,3, 4; Baseball-1,2,3,4 % |TODD ALLEN SEIDELL " Todd " |Likes: Acting, baseball. Bud, Mindy, skiing Dislikes: History Noted For: Losing my soul, underwear parties Plans: To graduate before 2000A.D. Ambition: To be a sex god Saying: M Just kidding” Football-1,2; Baseball-3,4; Cross Country-4; Drama Club-4; .Spanish Club-2; Class Commit¬ tee-4 DARLENE ELLEN SNYDER Likes: Guys, being busy, my family, graphic arts Dislikes: Study halls, get- ing up in the morn¬ ing, yelling Noted For: Helping Plans: To be rich and happy Ambition: To own my own business Saying: ”Who?” Yearbook-4 JEFFREY ALAN SWAN " Swanee " Likes: Riding around, easy work Noted For: Being late for study hall Ambition: To go to Florida again TIMOTHY BARROWS TRACY ’’Spacey " Likes: Music, outdoors, Uy( 2, football, being active Dislikes: Boring classes, bossy people Noted For: My smile Plans: To be a medical tech¬ nician Ambition: To build a time machine Skiing- 1 , 2 ; Football-1,2,3,4; Track-1,2,3; Boys’s State-3; Band-1,2; French Club-1; N.H.S.-4; Class Conmittee-4 GREGORY SCOTT TYLER " Animal " Likes: C.C., Jodie, fighting,, gymnastics Dislikes: Mouthy women, school work, Telstar Noted For: Being 4 n the gym, being with Brooks Plans: To be a P.E. teacher Ambition: To be an Olympic star in gymnastics Saying: " You ain ' t no dummy, you know all about that!” WILLIAM YASOHACHI SHIMAMURA " Bill”, " Shimmy ' " Likes: Heart, cheerle ding, my guitar Dislikes: Liver, manual labor, fish, the cold Noted For: Cheering, being alone Plans: To go to music school Ambition: To be a pro musician and part of Heart Saying: " I know " Cross Country-1,2,3; Skiing-1; Cheering-3,4; Track-1,2; Band- 1,2,3,4; Stage Band—2,3,4; Baseball-3; Yearbook-2,3; Math League-2; Newspaper-3; German Club-2,3; Chorus-4 DAVID GREGORY TAYLOR " Brave Dave " Likes: Working at the Sunday River Inn, girls Dislikes: homework, certain teachers Noted For: Being late for class Plans: To work for the Forest Service Ambition: To ride a horse over the Appalachian Trail Saying: " So what do you want me to do about it? " GEORGE A. WARREN " Porge " Likes: Skiing, sailing, snow- mobiling, my family Dislikes: Drugs, smoking, drinking, homework Noted For: Not being in school Plans: To sail and ski Ambition: To be a millionaire Saying: " Say what? " LORETTA JANE WILSON " Rett " Likes: Band, Eagles, life, oranges, my friends Dislikes: Show-offs, liver, lazy people Noted For: Being in the band room Plans: To start a day care center Ambition: To marry a short, dark, wealthy man Saying: " EEEeeeeeek! " Band-1,2,3.4; Stage Band-2,4; Majorette-2; Newspaper-4 BETSY ANN VANDEURSEN " Bets " Likes: Moustaches, Sangria, dimples, singing Dislikes: Beets, conceited people, auditions Noted For: Being short Plans: To be a music therapist Ambition: To be 5 feet tall in my stocking feet Saying: " Poor baby! " , " Hooray " Chorus-1,2,3.4; Spanish Club- 2,3; Track-2,3 CAROLYN SUE WHITTEN " Charlie " Likes: Field hockey, Ricky, family, swimming Dislikes: Lima beans, fight¬ ing, good-byes Noted For: Being with Lori Plans: To be a pharmacist or lab technician Ambition: To have a " good- ' steady job Saying: " I ' m not whining! " Field Hockey-1,2,3.4; Chess Club-3; Softball-1,2,3,4; G.A.A.-1,2,3; Varsity Club-4 JOAN ANN WHITE Likes: Skiing, waterskiing, Bob Seger, meeting old friends Dislikes: Squash, getting up early, reading Noted For: Being ouiet Plans: To find a job I will enjoy working for Ambition: To be a cover girl Field Hockey-1,2,3; Track-1, 2,3; Chorus-1,2,4; Math League-4; High School Quiz-4 ROLAND SIGMUND WIRTH " Siggy " Likes: Nature, back packing, X-C skiing Dislikes: Roosters, orbitals, school rules Noted For: Not knowing what I ' m noted for Plans: To graduate as a vet or just nature lever Ambition: o be able to turn sideways and still be seen Saying: " C ' est la vie " Cross Country-1,2; Skiing-1,2; Track-1,2; Math League-2,3,4; Varsity Club-2 REBECCA GALE WALKER " Pecka " Likes: Gold, Lee, partying, friends, liquor Dislikes: Liars, math, home¬ work, hassles Noted For: Being crude, but crazy Plans: Party, the service, marriage, 2 kids Ambition: To be rich and famous Saying: " I can relate to that " Majorette-1; Cheering-2; Field Hockey-1; Band-1; Pep Club-2; G.A.A.-2 DOUGLAS ALAN WILSON " Willie " Likes: My family, skiing, trucks, being alone Dislikes: Stop signs, smok¬ ing, drinking Noted For: Being quiet Plans: To be a professional trucker Ambition: To ski out west Saying: " I can relate " Football-1; Baseball-1,2,3,4; Basketball-1 i PETER EDWARD YORK " Wrong-way " Likes: Graphic arts, cards, girls Dislikes: Tests, women libbers Noted For: Playing cards in the cafeteria Plans: To go to work Ambition: To meet Wonder Woman Saying: " I will be glad to get out of this place " Newspaper-4 GRADUATES NOT PICTURED: Susan Feener James MacDougall Frank Millet Timothy Swan GRADUATING JUNIORS BRADLEY GERALD HARRINGTON " Stud " Likes: Lady bus drivers, fishing, hunting • Dislikes: Deep snow, bossy women, out of state people Noted For: Sitting an radiators Plans: Undecided Ambition Buy a trailer truck and haul women Saying: " Oh yeah " WANDA LYNN PIAWLOCK " Wicked Wanda " Likes: The west, A.C., guys, horses Dislikes: Cafeteria food, mustard, snobby people Noted For: Getting into trouble Plans: To travel Ambition: That ' s for me to know and you to find out! Saying: " Oh my God, Edna " WHO ' S WHO in CUTEST COUPLE Tim Tracy and Leigh Michaud MOST MISCHIEVOUS Nate Mills and Susan Duguay BIGGEST FLIRT Bobby Seames and Bonnie Dennis MOST TALKATIVE BEST PERSONALITY Robbie Harrington and Kathy Query . Blaine MacKay and Betsey Mills MOST STUDIOUS Roland Wirth and Nancy Morin MOST MUSICAL Bill Shimamura and Rachel Farrington . . j MOST ATHLETIC Bobby Seames and Pam Bean :iost fun to be around Mike Brown and Betsey Mills MLJTT JEFF CUTEST SMI US Tim Myers and Kelly Hutchins MOST ABSENT MINDED Randy Deanis and Betsy Brown Scott Gunther and Betsy VanDeursen BEST DRESSED Mark Kendall and Leigh Michaud BEST PHYSIQUE Bobby Seames and Tania Hathaway KENISTON, FLOYD Industrial Arts NIEMI, RALPH Driver Ed. GIBBS, MADELEINE Librarian BARTLETT, SUZANNE Nurse KERSEY, TIMOTHY Science TAYLOR, CHARLES Language ABBOTT, RODNEY English ARSENAULT, LAWRENCE Science MCCANN, RICHARD Social Studies BERRY, HELEN English TRIPP, DAVID Industrial Arts DCMBKOWSKI, THEIMA Home Economics APPLIN, PAULINE Mathematics ARSENAULT, VENESSA Home Economics ROY, RICHARD Science DAVIS, THEODORE Mathematics APPLIN, JOHN Mathematics STROUT, HARRY Industrial Arts HEBERT, DONALD Business KAVANAGH, TIMOTHY Art BROWN, MARY Secretary HOWE, MARILYN Secretary TAYLOR, SUZANNE English HOLT, ANN Special Ed. HARLOW, SARAH Secretary HANNON, SALLY Physical Education DOOEN, PATRICIA Bookkeeper HEFLEY, JERRY Music LORD, CHERYL Business GUINNESS, KATHY Guidance GUNTHER, JACKIE Secretary DURGIN, ELLEN Physical Education BERNIER, FRANCES Audio-Visual i GUNTHER, SANDRA Secretary DAVIDSON, GRETCHEN Secretary FORD, JANE Music LUNNEY, JAMES Substitute BROWN, IRVING Head Custodian MERRILL, JOHNNY (BEAR) Custodian BROWN, HILDA Disrict Dietitian G. CAYER G. CLEMENT P. CLEMONS M MCELMURRY C. MERRILL D MERRILL E . YATES R. PINETTE D. RICHARDSON K. SAVAGE W. SILVER R. SMITH T BENNETT L. BERRY J. BROWN A BUITtRS T. CARY T. CROSS C. DAVIS K. DOOEN W. ELLSWORTH H. EMMONS J. GOODWIN L. HAINES T. HAKALA T. HALL S. MILLETT D. HATHAWAY S. HEIKKINEN R HINDMAN ' D. HOLDEN D. JAMES J. KIMBALL L MACDOUGALL S . MACKAY K MACLEOD B MARTIN L. MORTON C. MYERS C. O ' DONNELL R PALMER E. SWAIN K. SWAN M. SWAN R. SWAN S. SWASEY C. TAYLOR B. TIBBETTS R. VANDEURSEN D. WEBSTER D. WELLS B. WILLIAMS S. WING P. WINSLOW PHOTOGRAPH NOT AVAILABLE R. Berryment K. Davis D. Friel I. Gibson R. Hart T. Heath J. Hinkley J. Martin j. mils M. Morrill V. Palmer M. Patterson A. Wheeler § o p H O M O R E S c 1 , A S s o F a 1 R. angevine s. angevine »E. BOLIO B. BOWERS A life mk N. CLARK B CLEMENTS M. COX S . COX L. DUGUAY T. DUNHAM R. WINSLOW R.CROTEAU G. DUNN M. BEAN M. BEAN P BEAN C.EDWARDS K. BROOKS G. CONRAD B ELLSWORTH ‘ J. EMERY S. BILLINGS. A ! , M S. CARTER L. COX i B. DOUGLASS S. GUNTHER D. KORHONEN S KUVAJA R LAMONTAGNE R LITTLEFIELD M LOWE P. LYNGHOLM M MACKAY j MARSHALL A. THOMPSON E. VERRILL J. WARDWELL D. WELLS B WUORI PHOTOGRAPHS NOT AVAILABLE B. Corriveau K. Mercer N. Hurd J. Putnam L. Sprague J. Swan S. WENTWORTH T. WHEELER B WHITE J. WHITMAN A WILSON F R E S H M A X C L A S S o F U 2 y A v- J. BARTLETT B. BARTON. D. BEAN P BEAN C. BENNETT C. BENNETT r N- L U L ftlARSTON A. MARTI N L. MASON C. MCELMURRY c. MERRILL R. MERRILL R. MITCHELL F MOFFETT w. palmer a V. SEGUIN D. SEIDELL a j E MORTON T.REED ✓ L. SMITH R. SMITH R. MYERS R. STARR R SWAN ImI T TRACY J. SHIMAMURA A J. OWEN T. SWEETSER R. TYLER C. VERRILL K. WALKER S. WALKER D. WELLS R. WESTLEIGH S. WHEELER L WILSON R WINSLOW D. WHITMAN PHOTOGRAPHS NOT AVAILABLE M. Chasson A. Connors E. Chase D. Fields R. Gould A. Korhonen P. Meisner S. Mills G. Sidelinger R. Wilson M. Yates UNDERCLASS OFFICERS Freshmen Robby James - Co-President Tara Tracy - Co-President Sondra Greenleaf - Secretary Penny Bean - Treasurer Sophomores Tammy Dunham - Treasurer Mary MacKay - Co-President Karen Hakala - Secretary Marlene Bean - Co-Pres dent Juniors Jeff Hastings - Co-President Donna Merrill - Treasurer Melanie Swan - Co-President absent: Sandra Mackay - Secretary CLUBS ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES First Row, 1 to r L. Wilson K. Flynn P. Bean M. MacKay S. Angevine L. Gordon M. Jaros C. Fiske M. Swan D. James B. Shimamura J. Schaehter M. Packard K. Mercer SENIOR HIGH BAND CHORUS R. Merrill S. Duguay W. Davis L. Smith J. Shimamura B. Smith K. Brooks B. Millett M. Bean C. Mason K. Gould R. Littlefield T. Jordan T. Tracy Second Raw D. Wells M. Otero D. Farrington S. Gallant T. Dunham C. Merrill T. Kersey N. Buck R. Farrington B. Davis J. Ctoens R. Dixon K. Marshall J. Hastings Mr. Hefley Third Row First Row, 1 to r C. James K. Flynn K. Emery S. Djguay B. Cushing D. Brennon K. Salway V. Ellsworth T. Jordan Second Row B. Shimamura T. Morgan N. Morin J. White W. Davis D. Wells S. Greenleaf A. Hart C. Chase T. Kersey Third Row M. Dorey R. COolidge D. Field V. Kimball R. Littlefield R. Westleigh L. Gordon J. Schaehter First Row, 1 to r D. Brennon P. Bean C. Gauthier Second Row J. Haines ' B. Smith C. James K. Flynn K. Briery J. Deanis R. Mills N. Savage J. Martin D. Merrill K. Flynn K. Hakala Mr. Applin Third Row R. Smith M. Rosenberg D. Webster T. Ityers B. Dennis L. Smith B. Martin C. Davis Fourth Row B. Brown P. Roy B. Mills T. Hathaway T. Reed S. Carter C. Mason C. Merrill D. James R. Morton K. Dooen K. Swan R. Farrington VARSITY CLUB STAGE BAND First Row, 1 to r N. Buck R. Farrington B. Davis J. Cross T. Kersey M. Otero R. Dixon Second Row Mr. Hefley L. Smith J. Shimamura B. Stowe11 J. Hastings L. Wilson Third Row B. Shimamura J. Schachter T. Jordan T. Tracy First Row, 1 to r L. Boyce D. Bodemer W. Davis L. Michaud C. Taylor J. Lizotte Second Row L. Marston P. Rickards Mrs. Gibbs D. Hall K. Davis T. Hall R. Westleigh Third Row W. Gill R. Swain R. Swan LIBRARY CLUB SPANISH CLUB First R cm, 1 to r Mr. Otero M. Kendall M. Swan C. Merrill G. Savage Second Row B. Jodrey P. Clemons B. Stowell B. Davis L. Haines S. Greenleaf Third Row K. Corriveau M. Otero K. Salway P. Bean T. Bennett J. Hudson First Rcw, 1 to r Mrs. Guinness L. Michaud P. Bean M. Friel J. Haines Second Row M. Swan B. Dennis W. Davis T. Myers B. MacKay C. Gauthier J. Martin J. Martin NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, 1 to r J. Schachter R. Mills B. Mills B. MacKay Dr. Gersen Second Row L. Olson B. Stowell B. Clements D. Webster M. Jaros C. Gauthier Third Row M. Cox T. Kersey B. Dennis R. Hebert J. Haines R. Berryment REBEL REPORT First Row, 1 to r S. Duguay E. Corriveau P. Carter T. Gallant C. Taylor S. Gunther P. Cobb D. Dyke B. Cushing K. Flynn L. Wilson L. Smith S. Carter B. Mills J. CWens Second Row D. Brennon C. James B. Clement S. Greenleaf T. Dunham M. Swan R- Littlefield J. Schachter Mrs. Taylor Third Row MATH LEAGUE First Row, 1 to r Mrs. Applin J. Feeney B. Clements B. Stowell Second Row J. White R. Wirth M. Friel D. Barker N. Morin First Row, 1 to r R. Mills C. O ' Donnell B. MacKay B. Mills G. Carter Mr. Ramsey Second Row N. Mills K. Emery K. Flynn P. Lyngholm J. Shimamura J. Schachter YEARBOOK DRAMA CLUB First Row, 1 to r B. Brown K. Emmery J. Deanis R. Farrington R. Mills K. Flynn N. Savage B. Smith Second Row A. Saunders D. Snyder A. Butters D. Merrill K. Dooen K. Svan J. Martin 1979 DRfimn CLUB Thank you Mr. Ramsey!!! Todd Blaine? Behind the scenes JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Prom Committee Front Row; First Runner-Up Tim Tracy and Leigh Michaud, Second Runner-Up Sandra MacKay and Glen Conrad. Second Row; King Tim liters and Queen Mary MacKay. Front Row; Cheryl Merrill, Cathy 0 Donnell, Donna Merrill, Rachel Mills, Jackie Martin, Melanie Swan. Second Row; Sandy MacKay, Angela Wheeler, Troy Jordan, Jeff Hastings, Mike Morrill, Roger Berryment, Teen Gauthier, Mindy McElmurry, Mr. Ramsey. ATHLETICS CHAMPIONS 1978-1979 M VC REG IONAL CLASS C STATE CHAMPS FIELD HOCKEY BASEBALL CLASS A STATE CHAMPS M V C CHAMPS BOYS SKI TEAM GIRLS TRACK SKI TEAM BOYS X-COUNTRY H N A Front Row L-R, M. Morgan, L. Smith, J. Shimamura, T. Kersey, R. Savage, C. Starr, R. Smith, D. Holden, Back Row L-R, B. Clements, C. Kelly, M. Morrill, E. Hastings B. MacKay, J. Clukey, If. Friel, B. Ellsworth, K. I acLeod, Coach Mr. Applin (absent) Coach Applin Most Valuable; John Clukey Rookie of the year; Chuck Starr Most Improved; Cavenaugh Kelly Stats. Won-6 meets Lost— 5 meets GIRLS X-COUNTRY FOOTBALL Front Row; Rick Chase, Randy Deanis, Robbie Harrington, Scott Gunther, Mike Rosenberg, Mike Brooks, Dick Morton, Glenn Conrad, Mike Brown, Tim Tracy. Second Row; Rusty VanDeursen, Tony Butters, Jeff Hastings, Chip Cayer, Glen Dunn, Bill Williams, Keith Savage, Dcug Webster, Brian Tibbetts, Russell Palmer. Third Row; Joe Mills, Mark Bean, Grant Conrad, Eddie Palmer, John Fenney, Chris Merrill, Jeff Bartlett, Pocky Myers, Robbie James. Fourth Row; Dana Bean, Budda Palmer, Alan Korhonen, Tim Akers, Jon Owen , Chris McElmurry, Dennis Hall, Derwin Childs, Tom Harrington. Fifth Row; Coaches Kavanagh and Flynn. Absent from Photo; Tim Myers,_ Steve Cross, Julie Martin and Brenda Cushing Mgrs. Co. Captain Coach Mike Rosenberg Tim Kavanagh FIELD HOCKEY Manager Karen Swan Co-Capt. Charlie Varsity Front Row- Jody Haines, Kelly Dooen, Kathy Bailey, Jodie Deanis, Debbie Briggs, Christine Gauthier, Rachel Mills, Co-Capt. Tania Hathaway, Co-Capt. Charlie Whitten Back Row- Coach Hannon, Mgr. Wendy Davis, Brenda Mills, Mgr. Karen Swan, Pammy Bean, Carol Davis, Suzette Wing, Absent- Berta Smith, Kelly Hutchins. MVC Champs Co-Capt. T.J. Regional and State Champs Mascot Renny Junior Varsity Front Row- Mary Anne Jaros, Nancy Savage, Rhonda Hebert, Penny Bean, Co-Capt. Kara Flynn, Co- pt. Sheri Angevine-, Berta Smith Back Row- Tara Tracy, Sootie Cross, Becky Davis, Karen Brooks, Marlene Bean, Uty ra Otero-Otero. Absent- Coach Sue Chamberlain ease:. Roc ?rd Dixfield Fryeburg Maranacoox Lisbon Jay Hall-Dale Madison Livermore Winthrop Hall-Dale Mexico Mt. Abram Yarmouth Dixfield Jay Winthrop VARSITY Front Row; Lisa Pelzel. Second Row; Dawn James, Cathy James. Third Row; Tammy Reed, Leigh Michaud Karen Hakala. Fourth Row; Mindy McElmurry, Captain Betsey Mills, Co-Captain Kelli Flynn, Chervl Merrill F A I. 1. C K E 1 X G COACH Durgin J.V. Front Row; Kassi Salway. Second Row; Co-Captain Pam Carter, Dorothy Brennon . Third Row;Co- Captain Sherri Gunther, Kelly Walker, Sondra Greenleaf. VARSITY Front Row; Tammy Reed, Captain Jody Haines, Lisa Pelzel. Second Row; Sinda Carter, Co- Captain Annemarie Saunders, Dawn James. Third Row; Carol Mason, Mary MacKay, Cheryl Merrill. Fourth Row; BillShimamura, Suzette Wing Mike Friel. W I X T E R C E E R 1 X G Front Row; Co-Captain Pam Carter, Sondra Greenleaf. Second Row; Co- Captuin Dorothy Brennon , Penny Bean, Becky Jodrey, Vicky Ellsworth. Fourth Row; DeDe Seidell , v 1st Row L to R;B.Brown,B.Dennis,J.Hudson, J.Deanis, D. Briggs 2nd Row; J.O ' Donnell, K.Flynn, D.Merrill, R.Mills 3rd Row; C.O ' Donnell,P.4mgholm,M. Jaros, P.Hudson. Absent-V.Kelly Alpine Superstars-R.Mills and B.Dennis Cross Country Superstar-V.Kelly LOOK AT ME!1! COACH KAVANAGH GIRLS SKI TEAM MVC Champs TEAM CAPTAINS: J.Hudson and J.Deanis We ' re in training!!! BOYS SKI TEAM Alpine Team: 1st Row-L to R: S.Cross,M.Rosenberg, N.Mills,T.Cross,R.Chase,R.James,2nd Row;B.Gi11, D.Bean,G.Cushman,D.Holden,A.Korhonen,E.Gunther, R.Savage,K.Cole 3rd Row;R.James,J.Owen,T.Harrington R.Swan,R.Littlefeild,T.Seidell,Coach Haskell, D.Hathaway,J.Mo rton,D.Barker,J.Hastings,P.Clemons, R.Merrill MVC no. 1 " Pa-arty-y-y! " STATE CHAMPIONS GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Co-Captains P. Bean, B. Mills Back Row: Coach- Mr. Buckland, T. Hathaway, K. Emery, R. Farrington, S. Oiguay, B. Martin, W. Davis, B. Smith, S. Billings, P. Roy, M. Bean, K. Dooen-Mgr., Asst. Coach- Mr. Flynn JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL Front Row: Captain- L. Duguay Back Row: P. Bean, K. Brooks, S. Kimball, K. Hakala, L. Olson, B. Davis, M. Merrill, T. Hutchins, J. Gunther, T. Fleet, S. Friel, L. Powell, Coach- Mr. Flynn ?irst Row Doug Webster, Gary Carter, Tim Myers, Bobby Seames, dark Kendall, Kendall Keniston, Cam Taylor Second Row Coach Durgin, Rocky Myers, Brian Ellsworth, Tony Butters, ark Bean, Brent Douglass, John Feeney, Jeff Bartlett, Coach Lunney BOYS BASKETBALL First Row Ron Lizotte, David Whitman, Tim Wheeler, Joel Putnam, Jeff Bartlett, Tim Mathews, Allen Connors Second Row Rocky yfyers, Rex Croteau, Eric Bolio, Brent Douglass, Bruce Clements, John Feeney, Karl MacLeod, Coach Lunney BOYS TRACK FIELD Front Row; R Smith, C. Starr, M. Morrill, B. Tibbetts, T. Butters, R. Savage, T Kersev Schachter R LUtlefield ' E Bolio » E Hastings, D. Holden, J. Hastings, . Taylor, 7 C Lmu. C S? C S is 1 r M ' Br0Wn ’ B ' Ell3 ' r0rlh ’ T - Kal1 ’ D - Barker ' “• C. Kelly, tf a GIRLS TRACK FIELD Front Row: D. Briggs, J. Deanis, P. Bean, B. Brown, K. Emery, J. Bailey, T. Hathaway Second Row: V. Kelly, B. Martin, K. Swan, M. MacKay, M. Jaros, P. Bean, S. Gunther, S. Snyder. Third Row: A. Wheeler-Kfer., Coach Durgin, K. Hakala, K. Flynn, S. Angevine, S. Carter, B. Jodrey, M. Otero-Otero, K. Brooks Back Row: C. Mills, S. Snyder, B. Stowell, P. I ngholm SOFTBALL VARSITY Front Row; Debbie Garrett, Suzette Wing, Marlene Bean, Jackie Martin, Betty Berube. Second Row; Manager, Suzanne Kimball, Brenda Cushing, Nancy Savage, Susan Duguay Julie Martin. Third Row; Brenda Mills, Lynda IXiguay, Berta Smith, Teen Gauthier.. Front Row; Terri Hutchins, Tara Tracy, Julie Gunther, Sandy Friel, Lauri Powell, Dede Seidell. Second Row; Patty Rickards, Carol Bennett, Debbie Gaudreau, Linda Morton, Tammy Fleet, Cheryl Morton, Rhonda Hebert. Third % Row; Manager, Jeff Emery. Sondra Greenleaf, Manager, Will Gaudreau BASEBALL VARSITY Front Row; K. Keniston, D. Webster, R. Ifyers, R. Saunders, R. Croteau, R. James, Second Row; Coach Brown, D. Wilson, T. Myers, M. Rosenberg, M. Brooks, R. Harrington, B. Seames, Absent; N. Mills. GRADUATION Class Marshalls Gary Carter and Betsey Mills v f Valedictorian Gary Dunham Class Chaplain Priscilla Webster Salutatorian Raymond Wirth Honor Essay Daniel Cummings Co-Presidents Steve Morrill and Jeff Mills Honor Essay David Clements Graduation VALEDICTORIAN KENDALL KENISTON SALUTATORIAN NANCY MORIN ADVERTISERS ANGEVINE ' S CHAIN SAW SALES SERVICE ART DEPARTMENT DONALD BENNETT LOGGER BETHEL AUTO SALES BETHEL POLICE DEPARTMENT MR. MRS. ALDEN BRIGGS GWENDOLEN BRIGGS BRYANT POND TELEPHONE CO. COBURNS FLOWER SHOP CLAYTONCROCKETT FEENER ' S JOHN GREENLEAF ARTHUR L. HEAD LOGGER MR. MRS. CHARLES JAROS KENDALL DOWEL MILL INC. LINDA’S COUNTRY FLAIR L F COUNTRY STORE LLOYD LOWELL DAVID LUXTON LYON ' S ORCHARD NEWTON TEBBETS INC. CLIFFORD J. PLOURD IND. DISTRIBUTOR OF HOOD PRODUCTS TELSTAR SCHOOL STORE WESTERN MAINE SUPPLY WOXO-WXIV BETHEL, ME. BETHEL, ME. BETHEL, ME. WEST BETHEL, ME. BETHEL, ME. ANDOVER, ME. ANDOVER, ME. BRYANT POND, ME. BETHEL, ME. BETHEL, ME. ANDOVER, ME. BETHEL, ME. WEST BETHEL, ME. WEST BETHEL, ME. ANDOVER, ME. WEST BETHEL, ME. WEST BETHEL, ME. WEST BETHEL, ME. BETHEL, ME. WEST BETHEL, ME. WEST BETHEL, ME. WEST BETHEL, ME. LEEDS, ME. BETHEL, ME. BETHEL, ME. NORWAY, ME. BRIDGE STREET GULF PIZZAS SUBS LIGHT LUNCHES WALTER WOODFORD DAN MCGURN FULL SERVICE STATION CHARLIE’S PLACE STATE INSPECTION 25 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Charles Farrar MAIN STREET. BETHEL WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE 824-2000 824-2732 CITIZEN PRINTERS INC. PUBLISHERS OF THE BETHEL CITIZEN MAIN STREET BETHEL, MAINE BROOKS BROS. INC. BROWN’S VARIETY STORE Clothing Shoes School Supplies Cloth Sewing Notions Hardware,Plumbing, and Heating Fuel Oil and Sporting Goods BETHEL, MAINE FERN ' S COUNTRY STORE Route 26 Bethel. Maine HOT COLD SANDWICHES - COLD BEER BREAUS MILK PRODUCTS WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS MOTOR OIL - GASOLINE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ( 207 ) 824-2410 iti summer xesoxts CjULSt 1 qxoufi rates 1’ Auberge MILL HILL ROAD IP. O. H3ox 2 1 fox X£.±£Xuation d cMt. 042 1 7 207-824-2774 GEORGE A. OLSON BUILDER New Home Building Modular, Panelized or Stick Built TEl_ 207-024-2010 Bethel Spa Restaurant A Complete Line of Meals Open Year Round HOURS 7 A M. - S P M. CLOSED SUNDAYS CALL 824 2368 BETHEL TIRE SERVICE CENTER PROP . ESTHER CROCKETT MAIN STREET MANAGER. THIRZA HERRICK BETHEL. MAINE Bwue,MA TEL. 824-2140 BETHEL, MAINE POTTERS GARRET MELODY BONNEMA • BETHEL. ME. . 824 2821 Compliments of: L. E. DAVIS LUMBER CO., Inc. Lumber Custom Milling BETHEL, MAINE 04217 There ' s always one that soars above the rest. In class rings, announcements, diplomas, club pins, medals and trophies, that one is Balfour, America’s first jewelry manufacturer — and still the finest! JEWELRY ' S FINEST CRAFTSMEN The FASHION The BRASS BASKET Ladies Casual Wear • Northern isle Sweaters • Alfred Dunner • Jerry Margil Sportswear Main Street, Bethel, Maine Hush Rippies m BRAND SHOES BUCKLE Men’s Casual Wear Lee • Campus • Career Club • BETHEL ' S J ilcovn+ Floor CooernjS - Q24-2577 ' Be.the.l, flainemn here its at for BARGAINS AUTOMOTIVE JOBBERS - • INDUSTRIAL NAPA KELLEY S AUTO PARTS, INC BERLIN NEW HAMPSHIRE - TELEPHONE 752-4405 BETHEL, MAINE - TELEPHONE 824-2102 Wood Products , Inc. BRYANT POND. MAINE 04219 • (207) 875-3355 GREENLEAF ELDON GREENLEAF TEL. 824-2580 FUNERAL CITGO SERVICE CENTER VERNON STREET HOME BETHEL, MAINE BETHEL. MAINE WRECKER SERVICE DAVE’S GENERAL STORE GROCERIES - MEATS T A K E-OU T FOODS CHARLIE’S CHEVRON BEER WINE — HARDWARE CUT GLASS TO ORDER IfiSSJ BETHEL, MAINE KJJJJgjf EXXON GAS PRODUCTS 824-2042 MAIN ST ANDOVER, MAINE TEL. 392-4172 HILLSIDE RACQUET BALL LARRY’S GARAGE AND HEALTH CLUB Railroad Street Bryant Pond, Maine Tel 94-11 BOX 240 SOUTH PARIS, ME. 04281 Telephone 743-5133 Racquet Ball - Saunas Whirlpools - Exercise Room Lounge GOOD LUCK 1979 GRADS JAMES BAILEY CO. OUTFITTER FOR ALL SPORTS UNIFORMS 264 MIDDLE STREET - PORTLAND, MAINE 04101 774-6635 — 775-3396 BETHEL TIRE SERVICE CENTS? AM DON ELECTRIC Quality Shell Products 824-2140 Andover,Maine 04216 ANDOVER WOOD PRODUCTS Andover,Maine GROAN McGIRN R. F. D. 2 Bethel. Maine 04217 AUTOGRAPHS

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