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IEL B1SBEE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CRESCENT PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LOCKE WLLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL M. S. A. D. 44 SCHOOL DISTRICT TELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL NDOVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE TRANSPORTATION AND MAINTENANCE BUILDING He, the Class of ’77, would like to dedicate this yearbook to Tim Kavanaugh. Mr. Kavanaugh has helped us and stuck with us in all the activities we have done throughout the year. Thank you Mr. Kavanaugh. THE CLASS OF ’77 A WORD FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT: I have found my first year in MSAD 44 both rewarding and challenging. The presence of young people is a constant reminder that the schools are here to serve our students. Hopefully, we will be able to continue providing the skills necessary for your future pursuits. MR. KENNETH SMITH A WORD FROM THE PRINCIPAL: It has been a special privilege and a genuine pleasure to have served as your principal during the six year period. You have made and left your marks indelibly inscribed on Telstar ' s satellite. Education in Orbit . As we accept new challenges, let us heed God ' s warning to Lot ' s wife and not look back to become merely a fixture in time and space, but instead let us continuously strive to enrich and improve our lives by dedication to high ideals, self-improvement and helping others. MR. BRIAN FLYNN ZODIAC STAFF: T. Wight, G. Dooen, K. Csthcart 2nd row: C. Smith, M. McElmurry, D. Briggs, K. Emery, J. Deanis, N. Mills, K. Hutchins, K. Emery, R. Littlefield 3rd row: A. Summerton, P. Mills, P. Webster, H. Holt, S. Dennis, T. Wight, G. Conrad, F. Lowell 4th row: R. Palmer, A. Saunders, D. Fortin, N. Brown, C. Davis, K. Dooen, D. Merrill, R. Snyder, C. Gilbert, S. Ellsworth WE APPRECIATE YOU KIM CATHCART: For the inspiration , determination and drive which you have given the yearbook staff for the two years you were involved in the Telstar Yearbook. We thank you, YEARBOOK STAFF AND ADVISOR SENIORS SHERRY LYNN AKERS LIKES: COLLEGES. THE NIGHT SKY. HORSES. SPORTS. PARTIES DISLIKES: SPAGHETTI. DIETING. SPEEDLIMITS. JUNE BUGS NOTED FOR: BEING LATE SLOW SECRET AMBITION: TO BE A BUNNY OR AN ACTRESS WEAKNESS: WILLPOWER FAVORITE SAYING: OH HEAVENS STUDENT COUNCIL 2; CLASS OFFICER-PRES. 1 V P 3; FIELD HOCKEY 2.3,4; SKIING-VARSITY 1 .2 CO-CAPTAIN 3 TRACK-VARSITY 1 .2.3.4; BAND I .2.3.4; G.A.A. 3.4; YEAR¬ BOOK 4; MATH LEAGUE 4; N.H.S. 4; STAGE BAND 4; PEP CLUB 4 AARON CALVIN BACHELDER “ BACH ” LIKES: SCHILTZ. GIRLS. DECENT CARS DISLIKES: STUCK-UP PEOPLE. BUDWEISER NOTED FOR: CAUSING TROUBLE IN THE LIBRARY WEAKNESS: GOING TO CLASSES BAND CHORUS 1 ; LIBRARY CLUB 3.4; A.V. CLUB 3; FISH GAME CLUB 1 LORNA LYNN BEAN 1 BEANIE-LONDA ” LIKES: SCOTT G. . BEER. MY FAMILY. MY ANIMALS. FRIENDS DISLIKES: NOTHING. THERE ' S SOMETHING GOOD IN ALL NOTED FOR: MISSING SCHOOL SECRET AMBITION: IF I TOLD YOU IT WOULDN’T BE A SECRET WEAKNESS: BEER FAVORITE SAYING: THERE IS NOTHING GOOD OR BAD BUT THINKING SO MAKES IT SO LAWRENCE CARROLL BENNETT “ BEN ” LIKES: FOOTBALL. SCHLITZ. HARLEY DAVIDSON ' S DISLIKES: WOMEN ENGLISH TEACHERS. BASKETBALL COACHES. BUDWEISER NOTED FOR: LEAVING SCHOOL EARLY WEAKNESS TELSTAR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL t .2.3.4; BASKETBALL 1.2.3: BASEBALL 1 2.3 PETER BRENT BODWELL “ SQUEAK ” V LIKES: KIM. SKIING. WOODWORKING. X-C. SATURDAY NIGHTS DISLIKES: STUCK-UP PEOPLE. S.A.T. ' S. MATH. VEGETABLES NOTED FOR: BEING SMALL BUT STRONG SECRET AMBITION: TO BE RICH. TO GO TO HAWAII WEAKNESS: KIM. SIDE ROADS. GOOD PIZZA CROSS COUNTRY 1 .2.3. CO-CAP AIN 4; SKIING 1.2.3. CAPTAIN 4; TRACK 1,2,3,4 MARILYN CATHERINE BRENNON MAL LIKES: ROGER. JULIA. PARTiES. SUMMER DISLIKES: HASSLES. SOME TEACHERS NOTED FOR: BEING WITH JULIA SECRET AMBITION: TO BE A CPA WEAKNESS: ROGER pr L ' SHARON KAY BRIGGS “ SHAR ” LIKES: SKI-DOOING. PARTYING, GUYS. PIZZA JUMPERS DISLIKES: SCHOOL. SNOBS. SQUASH. SUPER JOCKS NOTED FOR: GIVING MR. OTERO A HARD TIME SECRET AMBITION: TO SWIM THE ATLANTIC WEAKNESS: GOOD LOOKING GUYS. WILD PARTIES FAVORITE SAYING: I CAN’T HELP IT! SKIING 2; G.A.A. 2; SPANISH CLUB 4 NANCY ALICE BROWN “ CHESTER ” LIKES: SNOWMOBILE TRAILS. MONEY. TO ARGUE SMALL POINT DISLIKES: LIVER. MUD. TESTS NOTED FOR: NEVER KNOWING WHAT’S GOING ON. MY NOSE SECRET AMBITION: TO START THE FIRST FAMILY ON MARS WEAKNESS: EATING. NOT BEING ABLE TO STAY UP LATE FAVORITE SAYING: UM STUDENT COUNCIL 1 .2; CLASS OFFICER-PRES. 3; FIELD HOCKEY 1 .2.3, CO-CAPTAIN 4; BASKETBALL 1; SKIING 2; SOFTBALL; BAND 1 .2.3,4; G.A.A 1.2.3,4! DRAMA CLUB 4: YEARBOOK 4; N.H.S. 4; STAGE BAND 1,2,4; PEP CLUB 4 CARRIE-LYNN T. CHENERY “ TURKEY ” LIKES: MAKING THINGS. MOTORCYCLES DISLIKES: SHOW-OFFS NOTED FOR: HANGING AROUND WITH THE CORRIVEAU GANG SECRET AMBITION: TO GO TO KENTUCKY TO SEE MY SISTER WEAKNESS: SHORTHAND JANICE ELAINE CLEMENTS “ JINNY ” LIKES: ALSTON. EXPENSIVE DATES. CARMEL, PARTIES. CHRISTMAS DISLIKES: IGNORANT TEENEY BOBBERS. WISE GUYS. LIVER. BEING BOSSED AROUND NOTED FOR: MOODY. LOVEABLE SECRET AMBITION: TO BE CAPTAIN OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION WEAKNESS: MUSTACHES. GREEN EYES FAVORITE SAYING: RIGHT! band chorus 1 DENIS RAYMOND CORRIVEAU JR. “ DEN-DEN ” LIKES: CARS. PARTIES. GOOD MUSIC DISLIKES: GILEAD. MR. OTERO’S HOMEROOM SECRET AMBITION: TO LEAVE MAINE GO TO CALIF.. LA. . OR MASS. FAVORITE SAYING: YOU ' RE A WORM RITA MARIE CORRIVEAU LIKES: PARTIES. MOTORCYLCES DISLIKES: JOCKS NOTED FOR: GETTING INTO MISCHIEF SECRET AMBITION: TO LEAVE BETHEL AREA SUSAN JEAN CORRIVEAU “ NE NA ” LIKES: NICE PARTIES DISLIKES: JOCKS NOTED FOR: GETTING INTO TROUBLE SCOTT ALAN DENNIS LIKES: SINGING. SKIING. SUNSETS. STARS. MY PARENTS DISLIKES: LIVER. GRUBBY PEOPLE. TWO FACED PEOPLE NOTED FOR: FLIRTING SECRET AMBITION: TO BE PRESIDENT WEAKNESS: A CUTE SMILE STUDENT COUNCIL 4; FOOTBALL 2; X-C 3. CO- CAPTAIN basketball i; skiing i , 2 . 3 . 4 ; chorus 1 . 2.3 4 ; library CLUB 1 . 2 , 3 . 4 ; N.H.S. 3.4 GAIL ANN DOOEN “ DOOEN ” LIKES: HORSES. THE WIGHTS. THE MOUNTAINS. PARTIES. PIZZAS DISLIKES: TESTS. BEING IN BEFORE ONE. HOT DOGS. SILENCE. WAITING NOTED FOR: BEING FOOLISH LAUGHING SECRET AMBITION: TO OWN A SUMMER CAMP FOR CITY KIDS WEAKNESS: A CHANCE TO RAISE HELL FAVORITE SAYING: AS IF CLASS OFFICER-TREAS. 3 4; FIELD HOCKEY 1.2.3. CO¬ CAPTAIN 4; BASKETBALL-MANAGER 1 .2.3.4; SOFTBALL t: TRACK 2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3. PRES. 4; F.H.A 1; YEARBOOK 4; N.H.S 4; PEP CLUB 4 DAVID ERWIN DOLLOFF “ DILLOFF ” LIKES: FRIDAY N ' GHTS. DOING THINGS MY WAY. CARS. LIQUOR DISLIKES: CARS THAT WILL NOT START. TELSTAR. BOSSY PEOPLE. BEING WITHOUT MONEY NOTED FOR: HAVING A SENSE OF HUMOR SECRET AMBITION: TO MAKE SOMETHING OF MYSELF. TO GET OUT OF TELSTAR FAVORITE SAYING: DON ' T BE A QUITTER BECAUSE QUITTERS NEVER WIN. BE A FIGHTER BECAUSE FIGHTERS ALWAYS WIN FRENCH CLUB 4 BRIAN RICHARD DOUGLASS “ CRACKER ” LIKES: GIRLS. JEEPS. PARTIES. MOTORCYCLES DISLIKES: HOT LUNCHES. HISTORY. HOMEWORK NOTED FOR: BASKETBALL SECRET AMBITION: GET OUT OF THE STATE OF MAINE WEAKNES: GIRLS. OLD ORCHARD X-C 1.2; BASKETBALL 1.2,3. CO-CAPTAIN 4; TRACK 1.2 BRIAN LELAND DUNHAM " GUNGAS D ” LIKES: TRUMPET PLAYERS. MUSIC. SNOW SKIINC DISLIKES: COKE. MATH NOTEDFOR: BEING IN THE MUSIC ROOM SECRET AMBITION: TO BE THE BEST TRUMPET PLAYER EVER BASEBALL t; BAND 1.2 3.4; CHORUS 1 .3.4: LIBRARY CLUB 3,4; STAGE BAND fi MICHAEL LEON DUNN “ MICKIE ” LIKES: THEA. FOOTBALL. PARTIES. CHOCOLATE CAKE DISLIKES: CIGARETTES. LIVER. TOMATOES NOTED FOR: NOT COMBING MY HAIR. BEING LATE FOR CLASS SECRET AMBITION: TO LIVE TO 90 WITH A STABLE MIND WEAKNESS: FOOD. UNABLE TO KEEP A SECRET THEA FAVORITE SAYING: ONLY HAND TO HAND COMBAT IN THE HALL FOOTBALL; SKIING 1.2.3,4; BASEBALL 1 .2,3.4; GERMAN CLUB 1.2; N.H.S. 4; PEP CLUB 4 JULIA LORRAINE LORD EDWARDS “ JULIE ” LIKES: PEOPLE. OUTDOORS. SUNSETS. CHANGING SEASONS. ANIMALS DISLIKES: PREJUDICE. RAINY DAYS. BEING FALSELY ACCUSED NOTED FOR: ALWAYS BEING WITH MARILYN SECRET AMBITION: TO GO TO CALIFORNIA WEAKNESS: MY APPETITE LIBRARY CLUB 3.4 SUSAN ISABELLE ELLSWORTH “ RUFAS ” LIKES: HAM. PIZZA. KIDS. ' SMILING PEOPLE. SPORTS. P.E.B. DISLIKES: DRUGS. DRUNKS. CIGARETTES. SNOBS. CITIES NOTED FOR: SAYING WHAT I WANT SECRET AMBITION: TO GET OVER MY FEAR OF DRUNK PEOPLE WEAKNESS: WANTING PETE TOO MUCH OR LETTING MY EMOTIONS RULE ME FAVORITE SAYING: I GOT IT! I GOT IT! FIELD HOCKEY BASKETBALL 1; TRACK 1.2.3; CHORUS 1 .2.4 . G.A.A. 1 ,2.3.4; LIBRARY CLUB 1 .2.3; YEARBOOK 1; GERMAN CLUB 1.2.3; PEP CLUB 4 GINA LEE EMERY “ GRANDMA ” LIKES: BRIAN. FIRE RED SUNSETS. DRAWING FIATS. SARASOTA DISLIKES: LIARS. TESTS. READING. FAKE LAUGHS. WINTER NOTED FOR: QUICK TEMPER SECRET AMBITION: TO MEET BETSY CLARK OWN ALL HER BOOKS WEAKNESS: GOOD TASTING FOODS GREEN EYES FAVORITE SAYING: ONE TODAY IS WORTH TWO TOMORROWS BASKETBALL 2,3 4; TRACK 2.3.4: PEP CLUB 4 KAREN SUE EMERY “ EMMY LOU ” LIKES: THE MOUNTAINS. HORSEBACK RIDING. SKIING. WOODWORKING. DOROTHY HAMIL. BRIAN DISLIKES: USERS NOTED FOR: LIKING MYSELF TOO MUCH SECRET AMBITION: TO TRAVEL. TO MEET ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE WEAKNESS: FRIENDS ' PROBLEMS FAVORITE SAYING: I LOVE MY FRIEND AND THE REASON WHY IS SHE IS SHE AND I AM I. FIELD HOCKEY 2.4; SKIING 2.3.4; TRACK 4; MAJORETTE 4; G.A.A. 2.3.4, LIBRARY CLUB 4; YEARBOOK 4; PEP CLUB 4 ALVIN CLARENCE GROSS “ JOE ” LIKES: HUNTING. FISHING. TRAPPING. DRINKING BEER. SNOWMOBILING DISLIKES: SCHOOL. COLD WEATHER. RAIN NOTED FOR: ALWAYS BEING IN THE LIBRARY. HARASSING MRS. GIBBS SECRET AMBITION: TO HAVE A FAST CAR LORNA LYNN HALL " TOAD ” LIKES: SUMMERTIME AND COLD BEER. LOUD MUSIC. PUPPIES DISLIKES: BAD THINGS NOTED FOR: SPENDING MY FREE TIME IN THE SMOKING AREA SECRET AMBITION: TO BECOME RICH YEARBOOK 1 VICTOR ROBERT HATHAWAY LIKES: THE BEATLES. MY GURU. RAMANANDA DISLIKES: GETTING UP BEFORE NOON ON WEEKENDS. SUPERFICIAL PEOPLE NOTED FOR: EASTERN PHILOSOPHY SECRET AMBITION: TO GET MY PICTURE ON THE COVER OF TIME MAGAZINE WEAKNESS: DESSERTS STUDENT_COU CIL 3 PRES. 4; BAND 1.2.3; CHORUS 3; LIBRARY CLUB 2.3. CO-PRES. 4; YEARBOOK 4; NEWS PAPER 1. CO-EDITOR 2.3.4; BOYS STATE DEBRA ANN HERTELL " DEBBIE ” LIKES: HORSES DISLIKES: LIARS. FAKES NOTED FOR: MY LAUGH SECRET AMBITION: TO BE A TENNIS PRO WEAKNESS: HOT FUDGE SUNDAES FAVORITE SAYING: RATS LIBRARY CLUB 1 .2; HEIDI MARCELLE HOLT “ HE ID ” LIKES: ANIMALS. THE MOON. WINTER. SWIMMING. CHRISTMAS DISLIKES: DRUGS. SNOBS. CIGARETTES. BATS NOTED FOR: GETTING EMBARRASSED EASILY SECRET AMBITION: TO OWN MY OWN WILD ANIMAL FARM WEAKNESS: I AM NICE TO PEOPLE CLASS OFFICER 4; FIELD HOCKEY; TRACK 1.2; G.A.A. 1 ,2,3.4; F.H.A. 1; GERMAN CLUB 1 .2.3; N.H.S. 4 KATHLEEN ANN HUTCHINS “ MOTORMOUTH ” LIKES: PEOPLE FROM MASS. R.I., SKIING. BUSTRIPS. MOTORCYCLES. COLLEGE TRIPS DISLIKES: ACHIEVEMENTS S.A.T. ' S. PEAS. WINTER. SAYING GOOD-BYE NOTED FOR: IMMATURITY SECRET AMBITION: TO SWING FROM THE TELEPHONE WIRES WEAKNESS: LITTLEFIELD BEACHES FAVORITE SAYING: IT ' S OVER YOUR HEAD. GET OUT OF HERE FIELD HOCKEY 4; SKIING; TRACK 1.2.4; MAJORETTE 4; G.A.A; LIBRARY CLUB 4; YEARBOOK 4; DRAMA CLUB 4; PEP CLUB 4 M0P KELLY LEE INGRAHAM “ KEL ” LIKES: HELPING OLD PEOPLE. SMILING PEOPLE DISLIKES: IGNORANCE. DRUNKS. SMOKING NOTED FOR: BEING QUIET MOST OF THE TIME SECRET AMBITION: TO BECOME A LEGAL SECRETARY WEAKNESS: COOKIES FAVORITE SAYING: OH CHORUS 1 .2.3: G.A.A. I; LIBRARY CLUB 1.2,3: NEWSPAPER 1 . 2 , 3.4 RENITA LEIGH INMAN “ NIT A ” LIKES: PARTIES. AWAY FOOTBALL BASKETBALL GAMES. JEEPS DISLIKES: SNOBS. BEING TALKED ABOUT NOTED FOR: SAYING THINGS AT THE WRONG TIME SECRET AMBITION: TO BE A CHEERLEADER FOR THE DALLAS COWBOYS WEAKNESS: MUSK AFTERSHAVE CHEERLEADING 1.2,3. CAPTAIN 4; CHORUS 1 .2.3,4; G.A.A. 4; SPANISH CLUB 3; PEP CLUB 4 ERIC CLAYTON KENDALL 14 RICKY ” LIKES: PARTIES. HIKING. SKIING DISLIKES: PEOPLE THAT THINK THEY’RE IT BRENDA DORIS KIMBALL BREN LIKES: BOYS, READING. BIKING, ANIMALS DISLIKES: SNOBS. LIARS. SHOW-OFFS. SMOKING, DRINKING NOTED FOR: MAKING PEOPLE LAUGH WEAKNESS: TACOS CHORUS 3.4; G.A.A . 1; LIBRARY CLUB 1.2.3 4 MICHAEL HERBERT LANNON 44 MICKY POOPSY” LIKES: MICHELOB. PAULA’S NO BAKES DISLIKES: CORNER HUNTING TEACHERS NOTED FOR: TRIPS TO BRYANT POND SECRET AMBITION: FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL TO HAPPEN IN 6 YEARS OR LESS FOOTBALL 2,4; SKIING 2,3,4; TRACK 2.3 4; SPANISH CLUB 4 LAURI MARIE LITTLEFIELD “ LAU ” LIKES: MUSTACHES, BLUE EYES. MUSIC. FLOWERS DISLIKES: BOSSY PEOPLE. MARCHING BAND STUDYING NOTED FOR: BRIGHT BLUE EYES SECRET AMBITION: TO GET MARRIED AND STAY HAPPY WEAKNESS: FALLING IN LOVE TOO EASILY STUDENT COUNCIL 1; CHEERLEADING t| BAND; CHORUS 1 .2.3.4; LIBRARY CLUB 4; DRAMA CLUB 3.4 - £ « ALAN THOMAS LOWE " BOZO ” LIKES: GIRLS. PARTIES. SKIING DISLIKES: PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY’RE IT FOOTBALL 1.2: SKIING 1.2; BASEBALL 1.2,3.4 FRANK ARTHUR LOWELL JR. “ FRANKIE ” LIKES: 340 DUSTERS. SNOWMOBILES. MISSY ANN. MR. BEAN’S DIRTY JOKES. SCHLITZ 12 OZ GRAFTON NOTCH DISLIKES: PRETTY LITTLE ROAD SIGNS. RUM, FARMING NOTED FOR: STAGGERING IN AND STUMBLING OUT TERRORIZING THE LIBRARY SECRET AMBITION: TO OWN A CORVETTE. TO BE PRESIDENT OF HUSTLER MAG WEAKNESS: WIDE TIRES. EAST ANDOVER FAVORITE SAYING: I’LL TRY ANYTHING ONCE BAND 1 .2.3; YEARBOOK 3; A. V. CLUB 1; STAGE BAND 1 .2.3 JOHN A. MARSHALL IV “ JOHN ” NOTED FOR: LENDING AND BORROWING MONEY SECRET AMBITION: TO MAKE THE HONOR ROLL WEAKNESS: CIGARETTES SKIING 2 LESLIE ANN MILLS “ LES, LESTER ” LIKES: LEVI. WEEKENDS AROUND GROVER HILL. TAKING A BATH DISLIKES: PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY’RE TOPS. CERTAIN MATH TEACHERS. BUCKET SEATS NOTED FOR: LEVI ! LEVI! LEVI! WEAKNESS: NOTHING. THAT ' S JUST IT FAVORITE SAYING: YOU TURD! STUDENT COUNCIL 1.2.3: CLASS OFFICER 4; CHEERLEADING 1.2.3; BAND 1.2; G.A.A. 4; PEP CLUB 4 PAUL LEROY MORGAN " MORON ” LIKES: SNOWMOBILING, DANCING. BEING WITH FRIENDS DISLIKES: SNOBBISH PEOPLE. CORRUPTION. GRADUATING. SITTING ON THE BENCH NOTED FOR: BEING OUTSPOKEN WEAKNESS: GIRLS. DRIVING FAST STUDENT COUNCIL 1: BASKETBALL BASEBALL 1.2: CHORUS 4: VARSITY REBELS 4; LIBRARY CLUB 3.4; DRAMA CLUB 4; NEWSPAPER 1 ; SPANISH CLUB 1.2 LINDA THERESE MORIN LIKES: HAVING FUN. A CERTAIN PERSON. WINTER. HANDSOME GUYS DISLIKES: TWO-FACED PEOPLE. TESTS, STUBBORN TEACHERS NOTED FOR: STUDYING. HAVING A GOOD TIME. CARING FOR PEOPLE SECRET AMBITION: TO MEET A CERTAIN PERSON WEAKNESS: HISTORY. FOOD CHORUS 1 .2; LIBRARY CLUB 1.4; MATH LEAGUE 4 LLOYD LEON POLAND “ GILLEE ” LIKES: BASKETBALL. GIRLS. FOOD. CARS DISLIKES: ENGLISH. HISTORY NOTED FOR: FLIRTING SECRET AMBITION: TO DO WHAT I FEEL LIKE DOING WHEN I FEEL LIKE DOING IT WEAKNESS: I CAN’T DO WHAT I FEEL LIKE DOING WHEN I WANT TO DO IT BASKETBALL 8ASEBALL 1 BOBBY FERRIAL RICHARDSON JR. “ B-HEAD ” LIKES: GIRLS. SNOWMOBILING. CARS. MONEY. WOODWORKING DISLIKES: ENGLISH. A COLD BUS RIDE. BEING BROKE NOTED FOR: BEING A B-HEAD. RUNNING X-COUNTRY SECRET AMBITION: HAVING A NEW CAR. A GOOD JOB. A FAITHFUL WIFE. AND ENJOYING LIFE WEAKNESS: SPENDING MONEY. A CERTAIN FIELD HOCKEY PLAYER WHO GRADUATED LAST YEAR X-C 2.3 4; SKIING 1.2; TRACK 2 RANDY IRA RICKARDS “ RED ” LIKES: PARTYING. PLAYING THE DRUMS, GUITARS DISLIKES: MR. KENISTON ' S CLASSES NOTED FOR: QUIET. AN ARTIST . PLAYING DRUMS SECRET AMBITION: TO BE FAMOUS WEAKNESS: P.E. PAPERS. HOT LUNCHES BAND! STAGE BAND 3.4; PAULINE YVONNE ROY " CRASH ” LIKES: CHEERING. SKIING. WEEKENDS. THE OCEAN. NEWRY DISLIKES: FIGHTING. BEING USED. UNSPORTSMAN¬ LIKE ATTITUDES NOTED FOR: DRIVING ABILITY. COLLECTING ADDRESSES SECRET AMBITION: TO MARRY JOHNNY BENCH WEAKNESS: TRYING FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE BAND; G.A.A 4; PEP CLUB 4 SUZANNE ELIZABETH ROYER LIKES: SHAKESPEARE. TCHAIKOVSKY. SKIING DISL IKES: PEOPLE WHO ARE TWO-FACED NOTED FOR: MY NOSE IN A BOOK SECRET AMBITION: TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE WEAKNESS: ANIMALS. LITTLE CHILDREN STUDENT COUNCIL 3.4; CHORUS; LIBRARY CLUB 2,3.4; DRAMA CLUB 1 .2,3.4 ROBERTA ANN SAUNDERS “ BERTA, BERT ” LIKES: D.H.. HAVING FUN. BEING INDEPENDENT! DISLIKES: SNOTTY PEOPLE. MY SENIOR YEAR. CERTAIN PEOPLE NOTED FOR: HAVING ONE OF THE BEST LOOKING BOYFRIENDS IN THE TOWN OF BETHEL SECRET AMBITION: TO DRIVE A TRACTOR TRAILER TRUCK WEAKNESS: D.H. FAVORITE SAYING: THE HURRIED-ER I GO THE BEHIND-ER I GET TRACK 3: DRAMA CLUB 2 LINDA LEE SCOTT LIKES: CORVETTES. PARTIES. TAB. SUMMERS. NORWAY-SOUTH PARIS DISLIKES: NOSEY PEOPLE. SHOW-OFFS. SCHOOL NOTED FOR: DISAGREEMENTS ABOUT THE BRUINS SECRET AMBITION: TO DRIVE THE ICE MACHINE AT BOSTON GARDENS WEAKNESS: M M ' S FAVORITE SAYING: GOOD LUCK WITH WHATEVER YOU DO OR DECIDE TO DO IN THE FUTURE CATHERINE ANNE SMITH “ SMITTY ” LIKES: OUTDOORS. GOOD MUSIC DISLIKES: STAYING LATE ON FRIDAYS NOTED FOR: CARRYING LARGE. HEAVY. MYSTERIOUS BLACK CASES SECRET AMBITION: TO SEE HARVI WEAKNESS: JIMMY CARTER SANDWICHES ( PEANUT BUTTER AND BOLOGNA ) FAVORITE SAYING: WAIT A MINUTE SKIING 3: BAND CHORUS 2.3 4; YEARBOOK 4; NEWSPAPER 2.3.4; GERMAN CLUB 2.3.4; MATH LEAGUE 3,4; N.H.S. 3.4; STAGE BAND 4 ROBIN EUGENIA SNYDER LIKES: ITALIAN FOOD. HIKING. PEOPLE. NATURE DISLIKES: SNOBBY PEOPLE. FIGHTS. MONDAYS. RAINY DAYS, HOMEWORK SECRET AMBITION: TO BE SUCCESSFUL WEAKNESS: FOOD ( CHOCOLATE ) FAVORITE SAYING: WICKED FIELD HOCKEY 1.2: TRACK 1; G.A.A 1.2; F.H A. 1.3; LIBRARY 1.3.4; YEARBOOK 4 BRENT ALVIN SWAN “ BRENTLY ” LIKES: GOOD FOOD. GOOD MUSIC. WINE. WOMEN DISLIKES: WARM BEER. GETTING UP IN THE MORNING NOTED FOR: DRIVING A JEEP SECRET AMBITION: TO LIVE A GOOD LONG LIFE WEAKNESS: MY JEEP JOHN PHILIP TAYLOR “ HAIR, SMOKEY ” LIKES: LONG. DARK HAIR. MOTORCYCLES. PEACE AND QUIET. LUNCHTIME DISLIKES: LOUD FORMAL GATHERINGS. SNOBS NOTED FOR: NOT BEING AFRAID TO SAY WHAT I FEEL ANYTIME OR ANYWHERE SECRET AMBITION: TO FIND TRUF. HAPPINESS FOR MYSELF AND FOR HER WHO IS WITH ME WEAKNESS: NOT HAVING ONE STUDENT COUNCIL 1; FOOTBALL; BASKETBALL; TRACK 1.2 4; CHORUS 1.2; DRAMA CLUB; GERMAN CLUB 1.2.3; A.V. CLUB 1.2,3,4 THEA GAY TRACY LIKES: MUSIC SUMMER CLOUDS STARS. MIKE DISLIKES: TIME LIMITS. MAKING IMPORTANT DECISIONS NOTED FOR: ALWAYS BEING LATE SECRET AMBITION: TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE MOLE HILLS OUT OF MOUNTAINS WEAKNESS: HAVING THE DESIRE TO BE TWO PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME FAVORITE SAYING: PLEASE BE PATIENT. GOD ISN ' T FINISHED WITH ME YET CLASS OFFICER 1,3.4; FIELD HOCKEY 3; BASKETBALL 1 .2.3.4; SOFTBALL; MAJORETTE 2; CHORUS 4; G A A. 1.2.3,4; DRAMA CLUB 1.3.41 YEARBOOK 2; N.H.S. 4; STAGE BAND 4; PEP CLUB 4 BRIAN RALPH VERRILL LIKES: MUSIC, CARS. SPORTS. KAREN DISLIKES: HISTORY. MATH BASEBALL 2 RICKY JAMES WAISANEN ERLAND RODNEY WATERHOUSE " PUMPER LIKES: GIRLS. PARTIES. MOTORCYCLING DISLIKES: COPS. COLD WEATHER NOTED FOR: CRASH UPS. DIRTY JOKES SECRET AMBITION: TO BECOME A BUTCHER WEAKNESS: MY STEEL KNEE FOOTBALL 1; BASKETBALL 1; BASEBALL 1 DAVID THEODORE WEBSTER “ WEBBY, HYDRATE ” LIKES: FOOTBALL. GIRLS. WEEKENDS. MRS. BERRY. BROOKS ' CAMP DISLIKES: SCHOOL. STEP FALLS. RUG RATS. UNRULY GIRLS NOTED FOR: 9-LIVES. MISCHIEVOUS ACTS SECRET AMBITION: TO PAINT THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. TO REACH 86 WEAKNESS: CHARLIES ANGELS. MY LEFT TOE FOOTBALL; BASKETBALL 1.2; SKIING 3.A; TRACK 1 .2.3.A KIMBERLY KAY WHITTEN " KIM ” LIKES: SKI-TOURING. PETER. SUMMER. WEEKENDS DISLIKES: BUCKET SEATS. KNOW IT ALLS. SITTING ON THE BENCH NOTED FOR: SICK JOKES. LAUGHING SECRET AMBITION: TO GO TO HAWAII. TO BE JUDGE ON THE SUPREME COURT WEAKNESS: FOOD. B.C.. MUSIC STUDENT COUNCIL 3 SEC. 4; FIELD HOCKEY 3; BASKET- BALL 2 3 4; SOFTBALL 2.3 4; G.A.A. 2.3.4; YEARBOOK 1.2; NEWSPAPER 1; MATH LEAGUE 2.3; N.H.S. 3 PRES. 4 PEP CLUB 4 BRADLEY STEPHEN WIGHT “ PEANUT ” LIKES: PARTIES. GIRLS. ANYTHING EXCITING DISLIKES: SCHOOL FOOD. SNOBBY PEOPLE NOTED FOR: BEING A SUPER JOCK. A PARTY POOPER TRIPS TO ANDOVER SECRET AMBITION: IF I TOLD YOU IT WOULDN ' T BE FUN FOR ME TO KNOW WEAKNESS: GIRLS. FOOD FOOTBALL 1 .2 3 4; BASKETBALL 1; TRACK; LIBRARY CLUB 2: PEP CLUB 4 THOMAS LOWELL WIGHT “ TOM " LIKES: FRESH SNOW. GOOD FOOD. GOOD FRIENDS DISLIKES: VAIN HOPES. FALSE RELIGIONS SELF-RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE NOTED FOR: BEING IN THE A.V. ROOM SECRET AMBITION: TO ENJOY LIFE TO IT ' S FULLEST WEAKNESS: TOO MUCH AMBITION FAVORITE SAYING: MONDAY IS ONLY ONE DAY OF THE WEEK STUDENT COUNCIL 1. TRACK 1,2,3.4; BAND 1,2,3.4: CHORUS 1.2.3. 4 ; LIBRARY CLUB 2,3.4; DRAMA CLUB 3,4; YEARBOOK 4; NEWSPAPER 2.3.4; A V. CLUB 2.3.4; MATH LEAGUE 1.2 3 4; N.H.S. 3.4; INTERACT 2.3 RAYLENE RENEE WILSON LIKES: HIKING. RAINY DAYS. TACOS. GOOD MUSIC. PLANTS DISLIKES: WRITING LETTERS. SWEET PICKLES. MONDAYS. SHOES STUDENT COUNCIL 3; BASKETBALL 1.2.3: SOFTBALL 1.2.3; BAND 2.3; YEARBOOK 2.3; NEWSPAPER 2; N.H.S. 3; OUTING CLUB 2 ELDEN HAYES YATES " BIG FOOT ” LIKES: CARS. GIRLS. DRAG RACING DISLIKES: SCHOOL LUNCHES. STUCK-UP PEOPLE NOTED FOR: HAVING BIG FEET SECRET AMBITION: TO BE A WELDER WEAKNESS: FOOD, GIRLS FAVORITE SAYING: EVERYONE YOU PASS UP IS SOMEONE YOU WON’T GET LATER ON IN LIFE BASKETBALL 1; SKIING 1; LIBRARY CLUB 2.3 BRENDA JEAN BUSWELL “ BUZZ-BUZZY ’’ LIKES: PARTIES DISLIKES: JOCKS NOTED FOR: GETTING INTO TROUBLE SECRET AMBITION: TO LEAVE BETHEL. AS SOON AS I CAN WEAKNESS: HOMEWORK LISA TERRY DODEN “ FLOPPY ” LIKES: MOTORCYLES. VODKA COLLINS. SWIMMING. J.C.. BATHROOM DISLIKES: SCHOOL, HOT LUNCH NOTED FOR: MISSING SCHOOL SECRET AMBITION: TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF MY LIFE WEAKNESS: PARTIES. BOYS. TO HAVE ALOT OF FUN ARLYNN ANN GILBERT “ HORSEY ” LIKES: DAVID H.. HORSES. CAMPING. CANOEING. BABY ANIMALS DISLIKES: SNOBS. BOY-CHASERS. SHOW-OFFS. MONDAYS. RAINY DAYS NOTED FOR: MY LOVE FORt HORSES SECRET AMBITION: TO RAISE. TRAIN. AND BREED HORSES WEAKNESS: DAVID H.. GIN AND LEMONADE FIELD HOCKEY 1 .2; SOFTBALL 1: G.A.A.; F.H.A. 1 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Class of ' 77, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and considering the uncer¬ tainty of this life, do make, publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament as follows: I, Sherry Akers, leave to Kathy Emery my nose, my bosom, and hairless bellybutton— anyone ' s would be better than hers. I, Peter Bodwell, leave to Mr. Hannon an empty space under his desk blotter where he usu¬ ally finds my late gym papers. I also leave my gym locker shelves to Richard Morton in hopes he can find his own socks and clothes. I, Nancy Brown, leave my chair and sitting with the Field Hockey girls at the Chicken Coop to Mr. Hannon. I, Brenda Buswell, leave to Sharon Gould the upstairs and the downstairs bathroom to smoke in- and not to get suspended for it. I, Carrie Chenery, leave to Elaine Corriveau my Shorthand notes, my quietness, Fido ' s duds and some bunnies. I, Janice Clements, leave to Mr. Kavanaugh my beautiful smile and just a " few " love taps. I, Susan Corriveau, leave to Telstar more Corriveau ' s to come; my act for getting in trouble for another Corriveau gang to take over. I, Scott Dennis, leave to Mr. Keniston the ability to smile when a Senior eats lunch during the Sophomore lunch period. Also to Mr. Taylor, I leave the ability to control his jealousy when a guy puts his arm around his girl in the halls. To the rest of my teachers, I leave my thanks for all the good times and all the things I ' ve learned in your classes. I, Dave Dolloff, leave the front seat in Mrs. Berry ' s room to the next sucker who takes her class. Also my famous question to Mr. Flynn, " Can I leave early? " . I, Gail Dooen, leave to Retta Wight a nice dark room with an inside lock in my chalet. Also to Mrs. Berry, I want to say, " Thanks for the advice, but really— if you ' ve seen the pink fairy, then I think it ' s o.k. for me to go ahead and get married " . I, Michael Dunn, leave to Leigh Michaud a life-size Scotty doll to keep her company in the corner next year. Also I leave a wheelbarrel to Dan Cummings. I, Brian Dunham, leave to the trumpet players of Telstar, 1 4 of Shimamura so that he may become the next A1 Hirt of Telstar. my skills and 3 4 to Billy I, Susan Ellsworth, leave the sincerest regrets to any students who have Mr. Flynn as an English teacher in the years to come. I, Karen Emery, leave to Mr. 6 Mrs. Taylor my love and appreciation for people because they sure don t have any. Also I leave to Mr. Keniston my great appreciation for being such a fabulous teacher m the two years that I ' ve taken his classes. To Kathy, my sister, I leave my small, nose; it ' s not that hers is big, it ' s just that mine is smaller. To my brother, Jerr, I leave my leg and arm muscles because he can sure use some. I, Arlynn Gilbert, leave my messy locker to whomever gets it next year. Also all my P.E. papers to Mrs. Durgin. I also leave a set of story books to next years myth class. I, Alvin Gross, leave to Ricky Hart all of my empty beer bottles. I, Loma Hall, leave absolutely nothing; I ' m taking it all with me. I, Victor Hathaway, leave to Mr. Tripp my space in the Graphic Arts room. Also to next year ' s Drama Club I leave faith, hope and charity. I, Heidi Holt, leave to Mr. Flynn a megaphone so as to make sure all can hear his announce¬ ments. Also I leave to Cindy Hebert a few good times in the Portland area. And to my sister, Donna, the last two years of the Holt’s at Telstar! I, Renita Inman, leave to Marlene Patterson one can of dog food and a little dog named Jimmy to go along with it. I, Brenda Kimball, leave to anybody who wants it, my place in Spanish class. I, Mike Lannon, leave to Mr. 6 Mrs. Applin my ability to make love in the halls. And to Mr. Keniston my ability to have a good time. Also to the underclassmen and the Juniors I leave good luck, because there 11 never be another class like 77. I, Lauri Littlefield, leave to Cindy Parker my piccolo, having her know she 11 never be as good as I. Also to Robbie Harrington the ability to shut up when asked. I, Alan Lowe, leave my ability to party like a Senior to any underclassmen who THINK they can handle it. But mostly to Larry Bennett I leave the scales in the Physics room for his use of powers beyond imagination! I, Frank Lowell, leave to Uncle Floyd 100 feet of rubber. I, Leslie Mills, leave my ability to Mr. Flynn to give an answer before the day of the ac¬ tivity, and also to make a decision by himself . I also leave a case of cement blocks to some of the Juniors in hopes it will lower their noses. I, Linda Morin, leave to anyone the ability to write out a good class will. And when you have, make sure you get in touch with me so we can go over the content. I, Paul Morgan, leave to Mrs. Gibbs all the jokes and stories I ve told in the library so loud everyone could hear them; so she can tell them to everyone who wasn t there. I Larry Patterson, leave to Mr. Flynn a pair of heavy duty suspenders. Also I leave to Hr. Elliot the smoking area so he can smoke his Friday cigar out there instead of in his office I, Lloyd Poland, leave to next year s basketball team my ability to shoot, and also a very well-used hot seat to Mr. Durgin or whoever needs it (and by the looks, everyone will e using it). Also I leave to Mrs Berry the ability to understand abbreviations. I, Randy Rickards, leave to Mr. Kavanaugh my painting ability and my two wall murals. Also I leave to Mr. Hefley $1,500 worth of broken drum sticks. I, Roberta Saunders, leave to Mr. Flynn the ability not to interrupt people when they are talking . And to the lack of guidance, alot of hope. I, Linda Scott, leave to Elizabeth Morton and each. I also leave my permanent place in the Cindy Hebert a year’s supply of " Tickle Pink " , library for anybody who wants to get bored quickly I, Robin Snyder, leave to Mrs. Gibbs a book explaining a graceful way to kick people out of the library. I, Cathy Smith, leave to Mr. Tripp Harvi, two empty desks and a drawer full of used flats. Also to Mrs. Berry 14 copies of THE SHEET . I, Brent Swan, leave to Mr. Kersey the ability to stay handsome, there are only a few of us left! I Jack Taylor, leave a large Pepsi factory to Andy Evans so he won’t have to spend so much money during football season. Also I leave all my hair to Buckv so that he mav grow the beard he really wants. Also to Dan " TKE " Cummings, I leave the one good thing Pandora let out of her box.HOPE! I, Thea Tracy, leave to Paula Mills and Faith Morgan the ability to recognize positive qual¬ ities in someone besides themselves. I, Brian Verrill, leave to Mr. Mrs. Taylor all my corners and empty rooms so that they may learn something. I, David Webster, leave all my good luck for the Seniors-to-be, because after we leave, they will need it. I also leave my love to Gibbly, she needs it. Also I leave to Mike Brooks my ability to do what he wants, when he wants, where he wants, and that Eloise may never find out. To Mrs. Berry I leave my great compositions. I leave my ability to weasel out of any¬ thing to all the Sophomores, because the Juniors are too good to ever use it. I leave to the Juniors a case of beer in hopes they can finish it before the year ends. To Mr. Remington, I leave a bottle of aspirin to use at Fryeburg. I, Ricky Waisanen, leave to Mr. Strout all my automotive intelligence. Also to Mr. Keniston all my metal-working ability. Also I leave the corner by the gym to anybody that w ants to use it. I, Erland Waterhouse, leave to Mike Brooks a full course meal at Ginny ' s and a crane to take him away. I, Brad Wight, leave to Erland Waterhouse, Ginny and all her lonely nights. Also to all the underclassmen the ability to party and be sociable ax all times. " Juniors, especially.” I also leave my ability to lift weights to Roger Berryment so he can handle Cindy Hebert. Also I leave the ability to clean a kitchen table on a Saturday night to Brian Douglass. I, Tom Wight, leave this school to anyone who wants to use it. There are worse places to spend six years. I, Kimberly Whitten, leave to Mr. Samuel Elliot my Sears and Roebuck credit card so when his counseling degree runs out, he can buy a new one. I leave my modesty to Terri Wight. I also leave a certain group of Junior b oys my deepest regrets and sympathy, because they have to spend another year with a certain group of Junior girls. I, Elden Yates, leave to Coach LaVallee a box of pop rivets and a pop rivet gun so he can repair his mail box this 4th of July. M-80S do a good job! BRENT SWAN’S DUSTER CATHY SMITH WORKING ON A MAP OF TELSTAR FRANK LOWELL’S DUSTER BEST MANNERS Roberta Saunders Paul Morgan MOST LIKELY TO SUCEED Cathy Smith Victor Hathaway BIGGEST FLIRT Pauline Roy Brad Wight NEATEST Gina Emery Paul Morgan i IV MOST MISCHIEVOUS Kathy Hutchins Ricky Kendall CUTEST COUPLE Kim Whitten Peter Bodwell CUTEST SMILE Karen Emery Brian Verrill MOST POPULAR Heidi Holt Mike Dunn MOST MUSICAL Lauri Littlefield Randy Rickards MUTT JEFF Cathy Smith Ernie Bolio BEST DISPOSITION Gail Dooen Alan Lowe MOST ABSENT-MINDED NOISIEST Nancy Brown David Webster Kathy Hutchins Lloyd Poland MOST FUN TO HAVE AROUND Kim Whitten Erland Waterhouse MOST STUDIOUS Cathy Smith Tom Wight MOST DEPENDABLE The a Tracy Victor Hathaway A I N T I N 4 . S Randy Rickards, 1977 graduate, is shown working on two murals he created in his art class. Randy has sold many of his paintings but has given these two murals to the high school. One measures 6 feet by 5 V? feet, the other measures 8 V 2 feet by 5 Vi feet. Randy received an award for his excellence in art. K A X I) Y R I C R A R D S UNDERCLASSMEN MR MORTON’S HOMEROOM 1st row, Dan Cummings, BG Flynn, Rachel Cummings, Rhonda Cummings, Manya Dombkowski, Tim Downs, Pat Friel, 2nd row, Mr. Morton, Kurt Brown, Gary Dunham, Matt Faulkner, Dan Cox, Peter Demarest, Mark Farrington, David Clements JUNIORS MR. ABBOTT’S HOMEROOM 1st row, Geoff Gaudreau, James Hoyt, Tim Kuvaja, Mr. Abbott, Jane Hathaway, Philip Gauthier, Sharon Littlefield, John Hale, 2nd row Ellen Lovejoy, Clifford Howe, Peter Keniston, Steve Kuvaj a, Char ky Johnson, Sylvanus Glover MK. COLLIN’S HOMEROOM “g‘i.. IS r.rler, 3rd r», Pob.rt Merrill, Phord., M,r„a Morgan, Judy Olson MRS. BERRY’S HOMEROOM 1st row Mary White, Ann Summerton, Terri Wight, Ernie Waterhouse, £Lt Wight Mike Teague, Priscilla Webster, Jerry Verrill, 2nd Jeff Smith, Lorna Winslow, Kaye Swan, Marc Wentworth MRS. TAYLOR ' S HOMEROOM Front row, left to right, L.Adams, B.Cushing, J.Bailey, L.Collingwood, G.Carter, P.Bean, P.Cobb, A.Benson, Center row, N.Buck, L.Bean, S.Berry, D.Briggs, M.Brown, R.Chase, B.Brown, S.Cross, Third row, K.Cathcart, J. Clukey, E.Corriveau, J.Campbell, G.Conrad MR APPLIN’S HOMEROOM Front row, B.Dennis, M.Fleet, S R.Duguay, left to right, M.Friel, J.Deanis, J.Gaudreau, W.Davis, J.Haines K.Flynn, Center row, Mr. Applin, R.Farrington, L.Gammon, D.Daye, .Gunther, A.Dunham, T.Gallant, R.Deanis, Third row, R.Harrington D.Fortin MR. TAYLOR’S HOMEROOM Front row, left to right, L.Hindman, M.Lyngholm, C.James, L.Michaud, B. Mackay, K.Hutchins, T.Hathaway, Center row, Mr. Taylor, M.Heath, M.Millet, P.Mason, D.Meisner, E. ason, J Martin, J.Hudson, D.Holt, Third row, J. Macdougall, B.Marshall, B.Lloyd, M.Kendall, K.Keniston, D.Johnson, B. Martin, C.Hebert S CLASS OF 79 fiS MR. BEAN’S HOMEROOM Front row, left to right, C.Mills, T.Myers, R.Morton, N.Mills, M.Rosenberg, T.Morgan, B.Mills, N.Morin, Center row, J.Morgan, R.Morgan, M.Roberts, B.Mills, D.Reeder, K.Morton, G.Roberts, J.Morton, Third row, D.Morton, S.Roy, B.Rowe MR. BUCKLAND’S HOMEROOM Front row, left to right, T.Tracy, J.Swan, kTyler, C.Whitten, B.Walker, D.Snyder, B.VanDeursen, J.White, Center row, J.Swan, B.Taylor, J.Scribner, R.Seames, D.Wilson, M.Wentworth, R.Saunders, T.Swan, Third row, Mr. Buckland, K.Sauret, B.Scott, T.Seidell, B.Shimamura, D.Taylor, P.York MRS. DOMBKOWSKI’S HOMEROOM Front Row-left to right, D. Bellegarde, C. Chasson, T. Cross, J. Brown, S. Buck, . T. Butters, J. Barton, Center Row, Mrs. Dombkowski, D. Clukey, T. Bennett, C. Davis k! Dooen, K. Bailey, W. Ellsworth, Last Row, D. Anderson, T. Cary, W. Cathcart, G. Cayer FRESHMEN MR. FISKE’S HOMEROOM Front Row-left to right, T. Gaudreau, T. Hakala, S. Farrington, B. Harthorne, D. James, H. Emmons, Back Row, I. Gibson, T. Hall J. Hinkley, T. Heath, D. Gill, R. Hindman, D. Harrington R. James, L. , D. Holden, Haines D. Hathaway Front Row left to right, J. Mills, C. O ' Donnell, L. MacDougall , B. Martin, D. Merrill, J. Martin, C. Merrill, D. Merrill, Center Row, R. Palmer, M. Morrill, C. Kelly, T. Jordan C. Myers, J. Kimball, A. Kennison, R. Mills, Back Row, V. Palmer, Mr. Roy, L. Johnson MR. ROY’S HOMEROOM MR. TRIPP’S HOMEROOM Front Row-left to right, B. Silver, K. Savage, R. Smith, G. Savage, P. Roy, M. Patterson, E. Roseberry, A. Saunders, Back Row, D. Richardson, R. Pinette, MRS. APPLIN’S HOMEROOM Front Row-left to right, B. Tibbetts, D. Webster, E. Swain, C. Gauthier, S. Swasey, E. Yates, D. Wells, R. Swan, Back Row, Mrs. Applin, M. Swan, L. Wight, K. Swan, C. Verrill, A. Wheeler, S. Wing, B. Williams, P. Winslow MR. DAVIS ' S HOMEROOM 1st row left to right,Karen Brooks, Nyoka Clark, Suzanne Billings, Sheri Angevine, Marlene Bean, Cinda Carter, Pam Carter, Kelly Brooks, 2nd row, Eric Bolio, Bradley Boyce, Bruce Clements, Elizabeth Breton, Matthew Brown, Dennis Barker, Randy Coffin, Ronald Chasson, Grant Conrad, Brenda Bowers, EIGHTH GRADE MR. ARSENAULT ' S HOMEROOM 1st row, left to right, Becky Sue Davis, Tammy Dunham, Kara Flynn, Sandra Cox, John Feeney, William Gill, Donald Fortin, Michele Cox, 2nd row, Carol Gilbert, Cindy Edwards, Deborah Gaudreau, Brent Douglass, Brian Ellsworth, Glenn Dunn, Kevin Famum, Barry Corriveau, Perdita Davis, 3rd row, Danny Coulombe, Jeff Emery, Linda Duguay, Alan Fleet, Richard Croteau, Cheryl Daye MISS HOLT’S HOMEROOM 1st row, left to right, Debbie Herrick, Doug Grover, April Hinkley, 2nd row Douglas Greenleaf, Martha Hale, Karen Hakala, We ndy Hurd MR. DURGIN’S HOMEROOM 1st row, left to right, Sandra Kuvaja, Karen Marshall, Pam lyngholm, Joyce ’(arshall, Brenda Millett, Marie Miller, Donna Kennedy, 2nd row Richard Littlefield, Mindy Merrill, Mary Mackay, Christine Mills, Mike Lowe, Richard Mack, Brian Mills, Richard Lamontagne, David Korhonen, Mr. Durgin MRS. ARSENAULT’S HOMEROOM 1st row, left to right, Doris Parker, Susie Osgood, »fyra Otero-Otero, Cheryl Morton, Robert Morton, 2nd row, Eddie Palmer, Robert Morin, Jock Morton, Eugene Os¬ good, Lori Olson, Mike Morton MR. KERSEY’S HOMEROOM 1st row, left to right, Christine Rugg, Randy Robbins, Ken Pooley, James Whitman, J.C. Pritchard, Jerry Swan, Stuart Wentworth, Tim Wheeler, 2nd row, Ruth Ricker, Evelyn Verrill, Nancy Savage, Rose Pulk, Sally Snyder, Barbara Wouri, Pam Rosebery, Jeff Wardwell, 3rd row, Christof Rugg, Barbara White, Susie Snyder, Becky Stowell, Alberta Smith, Daryl Wells, Seventh Grade MR. HEBERT’S HOMEROOM Carole Bennett, Jackie Cross, Lori Bachelder, Kathy Corriveau, Carolyn Bennett, Penny Bean, Jeff Bartlett, Allan Connors, 2nd Row Mr. Hebert, Rosalie Coolidge, Denise Bodeiner, Sharon Daye, Carolyn Chase, Lori Boyce, Lydia Chatier, Sheala DeShong, Renee Coffin, Mike Dorey, Dana Bean, Roger Corriveau, 3rd Row Andy Chase, Darrell .Dyke, Paul Cox, Mike Chasson, Brett Barton, Robert Dixon, Kenneth Cole, Brian Blake, Raymond Bonney MR. REMINGTON’S HOMEROOM Sondra Greenleaf, Eric Gunther, Tim Kersey, Robert James, Scott Hurd, Rhonda Hebert, Becky Jodrey, Debra Farrington, 2nd Row Vicki Ellsworth, Sheila Gallant, Suzanne Kimball, Patty Hudson, Mary Ann Jaros, Virginia Kelly, Carrie Fiske, Julie Gunther, 3rd Row Thomas Harrington, Dennis MRS. LAVALLEE’S HOMEROOM Cheryl Moody, Loris Mason, Felicia Moffett, Sandy Friel, Scott Mills, Roland Myers, Jonathan Owen, Alan Korhonen, 2nd Row Mike Packard, Velora Kimball, Linda Marston, Penny Meisner, Bobby Melvin, Chris Merrill, Mary Kuvaja, Laura Morin, Jill O’Donnell, 3rd Row Eric Morton, James Lizotte, Tony Martin, Chris McElmurry, Ronald Morin, Raymond Morin, Robert Mitchell, Ronald Lizotte, Russell Merrill MISS LORD’S HOMEROOM David Whitman, Charles Starr, Warren Palmer, Larry Smith, Jody Shimamura, John Schachter, James Summerton, Vernon Sequin, 2nd Row Miss Lord, Rick Savage, Shannon Wheeler, D ' Ann Seidell, Roberta Smith, Kelly Walker, Sandy Walker, Diana Wells, Roxanne Westleigh, Tammy Reed, 3rd Row Tara Tracy, Patty Rickards Ross Swan, Thomas Sweetser, Carrol Verrill, Emery Ricker, Melinda Westleigh, Lisa Pelzel TEACHER OF THE YEAR MR. RICHARD COLUHS BRIAN FLYNN - PRINCIPAL SECRETARIES PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE SAM ELLIOT - GUIDANCE COUNCELOR JACKIE GUNTHER SHEILA HEBERT MARILYN HOWE MARY BROWN - SECRETARY MR. NIEMI - DRIVER EDUCATION J MISCELLANEOUS DEPT. MRS. BARTLETT - NURSE, MRS. GIBBS - LIBRARIAN, MR. KAVANAUGH - ART, MISS HOLT - SPECIAL EDUCATION, MRS. STOWELL - CHORUS, ABSENT MR. HEFLEY - BAND INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT MR. STROUT-MR. KENISTON-MR. TRIPP MR. RODNEY ABBOTT MR. RODNEY ABBOTT WEST PARIS HIGH SCHOOL 1958-59 DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND THIS PICTURE HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE YEARBOOK,, WE THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE THE APPROPRIATE PAGE, SEEING THIS IS MR. ABBOTT’S PAGE. COMPETITION Varsity and JV Teams 1st row, A. Evans, J, Taylor, D. Webster, M. Dunn, B. Wight, L. Bennett, M. Lannon 2nd row, G. Cayer , M. Brooks, M. Rosenberg, G. Conrad, R. Morton, T. Downs, Q. Tyler, M. Brown, W. Palmer mgr. 3rd row, J, Hastings, W. Cathcart, R. Hamor, D. Webster, C. Mills, T. Tracy, W. Williams, R. Palmer, 4th row, R. Smith, T. Cross, R. VanDeursen, T. Hakala, T. Butters, R. James, M. Morrill, 5th row. Coach J. Thurston, Coach D. Hannon, Head Coach R. Collins, Coach P. Brown Junior High Team 1st row, E. Hastings, J. Feeney, M. Bean, B. Mills, G. Dunn, E. Palmer, D. Korhonen, M. Morton, G. Conrad, B. Ellsworth, 2nd row, R. James T. Akers, C. Merrill, A. Korhonen, J. Bartlett, J. Summerton, A. Chase D. Bean, C. McElmurry,Coach D. Hannon,3rd row, W. Palmer,mgr, J. Owen L. Smith, B. Blake, R. Ifyers, S. Hurd, R. Miller, Coach J. Thurston Head Coach, R. Collins Captains; B. Wight, M. Dunn Coaches; P. Brown, J. Thurston, D. Hannon Telstar 6 Madison 14 Telstar 35 Hall Dale 8 Telstar 6 Lisbon 6 Telstar 12 Livermore 15 Telstar 3 6 Leavitt 16 Telstar 0 Messalonske 0 Telstar 6 Winthrop 3 3 Telstar 3 2 Oak Hill 0 Telstar 14 Mexico 0 VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY: Gail Dooen, Coach Durgin, Nancy Brown 2nd Row Kelly Hutchins, Carolyn Whitten, Sherry Akers, Karen Sauret, Manya Dombkowski, 3rd Row Bonnie Dennis, Faith Morgan, Priscilla Webster, Kathy Emery, Tania Hathaway 4th Row Terri Wight, Heidi Holt, Brenda Mills, Pam Bean. MVC Record- 7 wins, 1 loss, 4 ties Regular Record- 8 wins, 1 loss, 5 ties Overall Record- 9 wins, 2 losses, 5 ties JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY: Donna Merrill, Suzette Wing, Susan Duguay, Lori Gammon, Betsy Brown, Kathy Hutchins, Jodie Deanis, Jodie Haines 2nd Row Coach Durgin, Carol Davis, Rachel Mills, Sandra MacKay, Karen Emery, Loretta Wight, Debbie Briggs, Joan White, Janice Bailey 3rd Row Christine Gauthier, Kelly Dooen, Kathy Bailey, Donna Holt, Wendy Davis, Cathy O’Donnell, Teresa Morgan, Mindy MacElmurry. Coach Applin, J. Clukey, M. Friel, P. Friel, P. Bodwell, S. Morrill,M. Kendall, B. Richardson, 2nd Row, B. Shimamura, G. Savage, R. Osgood, T. Cary, J. Mills, P. Cobb, S. Dennis, 3rd Row, K. Kelly, P. Keniston, D. Clukey, J. Smith, G. Carter, B. Mackay, J. Kimball, S. Wight, J. Mills Co—Captain Bodwell X-COUNTRY TELSTAR OPPONENT Mexico. 48 Dixfield. 49 Lake Region. 44 Jay. 45 Lisbon. 45 Livermore Fryeburg... .22 37 79 Boothbay. 50 Monmouth. 50 Leavitt. 41 Mt. Abram. 50 Messalonskee. 50 Co—Captain Dennis FALL CHEERLEADERS: Pauline Roy, Rhonda Cummings, Jane Hathaway, Paula Mills, Coach Holt, Kelli Flynn, Betsey Mills, Renita Inman, Rachel Cummings COMPETITION CHEERLEADERS: Manya Dombkowski (Captain), Paula Mills, Suzette Wing, Rachel Cummings, Rhonda Cummings (Co-Captain), Priscilla Webster, Jodie Haines Captain Inman Manya Dombko.wski, Jane Hathaway, Rachel Cummings,Nancy Brown, Priscilla Webster, Pauline Roy, Renita Inman, Jodie Haines, Annmarie Saunders, Suzette Wing Co-Captain Cummings rHr Dawn James, Cathy 0 f Donnell, Leigh Michaud, Rhonda Palmer, Becky Walker V.BASKETBALL Coach Durgin, Kendall Keniston, Tim Myers, Brian Flynn, Dan Cummings, Jerry Verrill, Jeff Mills, 2nd Row; Lloyd Poland, Ernie Bolio, Bobby Seames, Brian Douglass, Mark Kendall, Jack Taylor. BOYS’ BASKETBALL J.V. BASKETBALL Brian Tibbetts, Ernie Waterhouse, Doug Webster, Tom Gaudreau, Robert Saunders, Jerry Verrill, 2nd Row; Wess Cathcart, Tony Butters, Phil Gauthier, Coach Kavanaugh, Tim Swan, Greg Roberts, Rocky Hamor. Absent, Gary Carter, Jeff Mills, Tim Myers SCORED MOST POINTS PAM BEAN VARSITY BASKETBALL: Co-Captains: Gina Emery, Thea Tracy,2nd Row: Tania Hathaway, Cathy James, Patti Owen, Brenda Mills, Wendy Davis, Pam Bean, Kathy Emery, Kim Whitten, and Coach Arlene Greenleaf Varsity Record Won- 3 Lost- 15 A WORD FROM THE COACH: Despite their record, these girls played very good basketball. The girls moved well on the court playing a fast, aggressive game. They deserve to have much more support from their school mates. This year’s team was an excellent one and next year’s should be even better. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER THEA TRACY JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: Tracy Bennett, Marlene Patterson, Sandra MacKay, Mindy MacElmurry, Berlye Martin, Kelli Flynn, Carol Davis, Susan Duguay, Peggy Roy GIRLS IN ACTION BOYS SKI TEAM: Mike Morrill, Ricky James, Pat Friel, Glen Conrad, Mike Lannon, Tim Downs, David Webster, Mike Dunn, Peter Bodwell, Scott Dennis, Kurt Brown, 2nd Row Billy Williams, Roger Smith, Mike Friel, Richard Chase, Chris Mils, Teddy Reed, Mike Brooks, Steve Morrill, Richard Morton, Russell Palmer, 3rd Row Jeff Hastings, Tim Tracy, Robbie Harrington, Steve Cross, Tim Cross, Mike Rosenberg, Parke Clements, Blaine MacKay, Cam }fyevs, Lee Hind¬ man, Coach Remington THE WHOLE GANG J. Hudson, B. Dennis, P. Mills, F. Morgan, S. Akers, R. Mills, B. Brown, C. Gauthier, K. Emery, D. Briggs, K. Hutchins, N. Buck, J. Deanis, R. Farrington SENIORS Karen Emery Sherry Akers athy Hutchins ALPINE P. Mills J. Hudson B. Brown S. Akers B. Dennis R. Mills D. Briggs absent N. Buck a i § K 1 CROSS-COUNTRY C. Gauthier K. Emery K. Hutchins F. Morgan S. Akers R. Farrington D. Briggs B. Brown R. Mills absent J. Deanis S E A 1 MOST IMPROVED J. Hudson GIANT SLALOM SUPERSTAR B. Dennis SLALOM SUPERSTAR R. Mills CO-CAPTAINS Sherry Akers (SR) Paula Mills (JR) Faith Morgan(JR) J. Deanis CROSS COUNTRY SUPERSTAR V.BASEBALL First Row; Dick Morton, Tim Myers,Alan Lowe, Mike Dunn, Kendall Keniston, Dan Cummings. Second Row; Tim Downs, Jerry Verrill, Teddy Reed, Brian Flynn Bob Seames, Mike Brooks, Mark Kendall, Coach Brown. J. V. BASEBALL TEAM PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Kendall Keniston Bob Seames H I Tim Downs ffgL: A Doug Wilson Tim %ers Coach Brown Dan Cummings Alan Lowe »• i Mike Dunn GIRLS’SOFTBALL: Back Row, left to right, Leslie Mills, Nancy Brown, Lori Gammon, 1 Brenda Mills, Susan Duguay, Thea Tracy, middle row, Marlene Pat¬ terson, Patti Owen, Julie Martin, Terri Wight, Rhonda Cummings, mgr. Cheryl Gilbert, front row, Peggy Roy, Carolyn Whitten, Kim Whitten, Suzette Wing, Jackie Martin, Brenda Cushing, Coach Nancy Fox BOY’S TRACK AND F IELD: E. Bolio, D. Webster, J. Taylor, Co-Capt. Lannon, Co-Capt. Wight, S. Dennis, T. Wight, 2nd Row Coach Applin, M. Brown, M. Morrill, K. Sa V age, D. Holden, T. Carey, S. Morrill, B. Dennis, Coach Remington, 3rd Row B. Shimamura, G. Savage, T. Butters, R. Van Deursen, K. Brown, T. J. Swan, B. MacKay, J. Mills, 4th Row G. Clements, T. Tracy, J. Kimball, P. Gauthier, B. Tibbetts, T. Cross, K. Kelly, S. Glover, C. Mills, 5th Row E. Roseberry, M. Rosenberg, J. Hastings, J. Clukey, S. Wight, Q. Tyler, R. Smith. GIRLS’ TRACK M. Dombkowski, K. Emery, S. Akers, G. Emery, L. Littlefield, P. Webster, 2nd Row; R. Mills, J. Deanis, K. Emery, K. Hutchins, T. Hathaway, C. Gauthier, L. Michaud, K. Flynn, 3rd Row; P. Bean, K. Dooen, L.Wight, B. Brown, B. Martin, R. Farrington, W. Davis, C. Davis, Coach Durgin • rV It ►. - vr w HOMECOMING 76 Tel star Carnival 1977 Graduates 1977 ACTIVITIES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Standing: Co-Presidents Heidi Holt, Thea Tracy Sitting: Treasurer Gail Dooen, Secretary Leslie Mills JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Standing: Treasurer Manya Dombkowski Sitting: President Faith Morgan, Secretary Terri Wight (Vice President Rhonda Cummings absent) SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Standing: President Leigh Michaud Sitting: Secretary-Treasurer Betsey Mills Vice President Brenda Mills FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Standing: Secretary Rachel Mills, President Melanie Swan Sitting: Treasurer Tracy Bennett, Vice President Loretta Wight 8th Grade Standing: M. Brown Treasurer,Sitting: K. Flynn Secretary, B. Stowell Vice President, absent L. Olsen President 7th Grade Standing: V. Sequin President, J. Bartlett Secretary Sitting: W. Palmer Vice President, C. Fiske Treasurer Senior High Student Council P. Macftay, B. Dennis, M. McElmurry, C. Gauthier, P. Webster, C. Hebert P. Mils, S. Wight, 2nd row; K. Whitten, R. Smith, T. Wight, S. Dennis V. Hathaway, G. Conrad, P. Gauthier, Absent, S. MacKay, S. Royer Junior High Student Council S. Hurd, J.C. Pritchard, D. Seidell, J. Lizotte 2nd row; E. Bolio, T. Tracy, M. Cox, L. Duguay, B. Clements 3rd row; E. Gunther, A. Korhonen, A. Chase, K. Brooks Sr. High Band B. Shimamura, N. Brown, P. Roy, M. Swan, P. Bean, Mr. Hefley, D. Briggs,, M. McElmurry, J. Deanis, K. Sauret, B. Brown, 2nd row; B. Dunham, B. Martin, W. Davis, E. Lovejoy A. Summerton, M. Roberts, T. Wight. K. Swan,C. Merrill, D. James, C. O ' Donnell, C. Smith, 3rd row; K. Savage, C. Parker, R. Rickards, F. Lowell, R. Farrington, N. Buck, G. Dunham, C. Howe, T. Jordon, P. Owen. R. Cummings, P. Kenistcn, Absent, S. Akers, L. Littlefield, M. Dombkowski, K. Davis, J. Hastings Sr. High Chorus Left to right 1st row: S. Dennis, J. Campbell, M. Millett, R. Morgan, C. Smith, C. Parker 2nd row: E. Lovejoy, M, Swan, F, Morgan, P. Webster, M. Dombkowski, R. Inman, A. Rugg, B. VanDeursen 3rd row: Mrs. Stowell, R. Cummings, P. Keniston, R. Palmer, B. Mills, C. Hebert, L. Michaud, K. Flynn, J. Haines, J. White, N. Morin, T. Morgan 4th row: B. Scott, M. Roberts, M. White, B. Kimball, G. Dunham, C. Howe, B. Dunham, W. Davis, K. Rowe, S. White Absent: D. Brennon, L. Littlefield, P. Morgan, L. Morin, S. Royer, T. Wight Jr. High Band 1st row; W. Hurd, M. Merrill, T. Dunham, B. Millett, D. Wells, K. Marshall, P. Meisner, L. Smith 2nd row; J.C. Pritchard, D. Farrington, P. Bean, M. Otero-Otero, T. Kersey, J. Schachter, J. Shimamura, J. Owen, M. Packard, Music Director J. Hefley 3rd row; B. Davis, S. Gallant, M. Bean, C. Mills, T. Tracy, K. Brooks, R. Angevine, M. Bean, S. Angevine, L. Gordon, M. Brown 4th row; M. MacKay, K. Flynn, J. Summerton, K. Gould, S. DeShong, L. Olson, K. Hakala, M. Jaros, B. Stowell, A. Smith, R. Merrill, R. Dixor 1st row; R. Smith, B. Jodrey, S. Kersey, J. Schachter, R. Melville, T. Reed, P. Bean, L. Pelzel 2nd row; Chorus Director L. Stowell, V. Kimball, J. Summerton, R. Coolidge, L. Boyce, S. Greenleaf, V. Ellsworth, R. Westleigh, L. Gordon 3rd row; P. Rickards, P. Lyngholm, B. Stowell, D. Seidell, T. Fleet Magic Club 1st row; M. Packard, J. Mills, C. Taylor, M. Brown,2 row; R. Berryment, J. Summerton, T. Butters, K. Pooley, 3rd row; R. Coolige, S. Wight, S. Daye. 3rd row; G, Dunham, B, Dunham, E, Lovejoy, R, Rickards, B, Martin Pep CUfc Left to right 1st row: K. Walker, T. Reed, P. Bean, L. Pelzel, K. Hutchins, M. McElmurry, R. Inman, J. Deanis, S. Duguay , K. Marshall, P. Bean 2nd row: M. Dunn, Mrs. Durgin, P. Mills, K. Emery, G. Dooen, T. Wight, K. Dooen, D. Webster, S. Wing, C. Davis, T. Tracy, R. Cummings, R. Palmer, G. Emery 3rd row: C. James, J. Bailey, B. Jodrey, D. Briggs, K. Emery, B. Walker, T. Hathaway, D. Merrill, H. Holt, S. Ellsworth, A. Saunders, B. Dennis, N. Brown, L. Mills, K. Whitten, A. Rugg, P. Roy 4th row: B. Wight - President A.V. Club Front row, Left to right, S. Dennis, T. Wight, P. Gauthier, S. Wight. J. Taylor Back row, V. Hathaway, S. Glover, M. Packard, M. Teague Math League T. Wight, S. Dennis, C. Smith , M. Packard, M. Teague, 2nd row; D. Clements, Me. Applin, S. Wight, Absent ; M. Friel, B. Shimamura, S. Akers, L. Morin, T. Swan First Aid K. Cathcart, S. Littlefield, L. Winslow, T. Wight, Absent, T. Cary Library Club R. Swan, V. Hathaway, S. Dennis, S. Duguay, K. Emery, K. Hutchins 2nd row; T. Wight, 1rs. Gibbs, C. Hebert, J. Edwards, C. Gilbert, R. Snyder, S. Wight ■f. Teague, 3rd row; M. Wight, C. Howe, E. Morton, A. Bacheler, B. Kimball, E. Swain, B. Dunham The Library Club was organized last fall, and members elected the following officers to serve during the 1976-77 school year: President, Susanne Royer; Vice- President, Jeff Mills; and Secretary-Treasurer, Scott Dennis. Library Club members perform numerous tasks, such as working at the sign-out desk, shelving books, processing new books, helping with inventory, etc. Their help is invaluable to the efficient running of the Library. On Saturday, November 20, the Club sponsored at Telstar the November meeting of the Oxford County Retired Teachers Association. Library Club members set up the Library for the general session by moving out tables, placing chairs in rows, etc., and members acted as waitresses at the luncheon in the Cafeteria, as elevator operators, and as guides. About 100 guests were hosted by the Club. In the fall the club also held its annual paperback book fair. This event is traditionally held in late November so that orders of books will by sure to arrive in time for Christmas. In June the group held a picnic at Abbott ' s Anchorage in Bryant Pond. The Club paid all expenses for this outing, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Club members are as follows: Aaron Bachelder, Jeff Barton, Brenda Cushing, Kenneth Davis, Wendy Davis, Scott Dennis, Susan Duguay, Brian Dunham, Julia Edwards, Karen Emery, Cheryl Gilbert, Brian Hanscom, Victor Hathaway, Cindy Hebert, Kathy Hutchins, Cliff Howe, Brenda Kimball, Lauri Littlefield, Sharon Littlefield, Jackie Martin, Jeff Mills, Paul Morgan, Linda Morin, Elizabeth Morton, Susanne Royer, Robin Snyder, Eddie Swain, Robert Swan, Mike Teague, Mary White, Scott Wight, and Tom Wight. The Club purchased in June a framed painting from Randy Rickards, a Telstar senior. This painting will hang permanently in the Library. National Honor Society M. Dombkowski, P. M. Dunn, 2nd row; Smith, 3rd row; G Cummings, Absent, Webster, S. Dennis, P. Gauthier F. Morgan, S. Wight, Mrs. Gibbs Dooen, H. Holt, P. Keniston, S S. Akers, B. Flynn, P. Morgan, , K. Whitten, , T.Wight, P. . Morrill, N. S. Royer T. Tracy Owen, C. Brown, D. The National Honor Society started out the year with only four senior members who had been chosen their junior year: Scott Dennis, Cathy Smith, Kim Whitten, and Tom Wight. In December eighteen new members were chosen, and an induction ceremony was held on December 15, at the Hoses Mason House in Bethel. Mr. Rodney Abbott of the English Department, the guest speaker, gave a most enjoyable address, which incorporated both serious comments on the importance of N. H. S. and some lighter remarks about each of the twenty-two members. Following the traditional candlelight service, during which the new members were formally inducted, refreshments were served to the students and their guests, and pictures were taken by Mr. Tripp. National Honor Society members are chosen on the basis of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. At Telstar membership is restricted to members of the junior and senior classes. Members are eligible on attaining an accumulative average of 85 or better. Beyond providing for eligibility, grades ar« no longer taken into account. An eligible student is then chosen on the basis of Character , Leadership , and Service by a faculty committee of seven, comprising the following: Mr. Abbott(English), Mrs. Applin(Math), Mr. Elliot(Guidance),iMrs. Gibbs(N. H. S. Advisor), Mr. Kersey(Science), Mr. Morton(History), and Mr. Otero(Foreign Languages). New seniors inducted were: Sherry Akers, Nancy Brown, Gail Dooen, Mike Dunn, Heidi Holt, Paul Morgan, Susanne Royer, t Th a Tracy. Juniors inducted were: Dan Cummings, Manya Dombkowski, Brian Flynn, Philip Gauthier, Peter -eniston, Steve Morrill, Faith Morgan, Patti Owen, Priscilla Webster 6 Scott Wight. On February 17, Tom Wight, who was appointed District 3 Chairman by the State President, md Mrs. Gibbs, N. H. S. Advisor, went to Old Town High School to attend the last state officers ' meeting prior to the convention. On Saturday, March 26, eight members and the advisor left Telstar at 4:30 a.m. by bus for Lincoln, Maine, to attend the N. H. S. State Convention held at Mattanawcook Academy. Highlights of the convention were the keynote address by James Wiggins, former Ambassador to the U. N. and current editor of the Ellsworth American , various workshops, a performance by the Designed X-pression of the University of Maine in Farmington, and the election of new state officers. Although Scott Wight was un¬ successful in his bid for the vice-presidency, he acquitted himself well and Telstar members were proud of him. Members making the trip were Dan Cummings, Brian Flynn, Philip Gauthier, Peter Keniston, Steve Morrill, Cathy Smith, Scott Wight, and Tom Wight. On April 14, The Telstar Chapter hosted the N. H. S. District 3 Spring Meeting. At that meeting representatives from Dirigo High School, Oxford Hills High School, and Telstar met and elected Philip Gauthier to serve as the 1977-78 Regional Chairman. During the year the N. H. S. members held various fund-raising activities to provide money for the Chapter ' s scholarship fund. Among these were a bike raffle, won by Patti Owen; two car washes held simultaneously in Andover and Bethel, and an extremely successful Gong Show, which was masterminded by the very effective president, Kim Whitten. As a result of these efforts, it was possible for the Chapter to award at graduation a $100 scholarship to each of the following: Scott Dennis, Julia Edwards, and Susanne Royer. This year ' s officers are: President, Kim Whitten; Vice-president, Cathy Smith; Sec¬ retary, Scott Dennis; and Treasurer, Tom Wight. Officers elected to serve for the 1977-78 school year are: President, Dan Cummings; Vice-president, Steve Morrill; Secretary, Priscilla Webster; and Treasurer, Peter Keniston. Spanish Club J. Campbell, C. Hebert, B. Mills, J. Martin, B. Cushing, J. Martin, T. Morgan 2nd row: B. VanDeursen B. Martin, S. Duguay, M. Morrill, T. Hathaway, C. l tye rs The Spanish Club got off to a slow start this year, and things weren’t really started till 1 4 of the school year was over. Once we did get rolling, things went very well. The Spanish Club put on a number of food sales which were held after school during the basketball, and softball-baseball seasons. We also held several dances at the Vfoodstock Gym which went over quite well with the elementary kids. We sold food at these outings too. I think we spent more money being cooks than anything else ! It was alot of fun, no matter what. Our biggest moneymaker was selling candy. The Spanish Club sold the M Ms a good part of the year, and made a good amount of money. Some things we had planned never really got off the ground. We wanted to have a donkey basketball game, car wash, danceathon. These things didn ' t ever get fulfilled because of other things which would pop up unexpectedly. We do hope to get the previous ideas in motion next year. Our Goal: let me say it’s a big one. Our purpose for all the money we have earned is to go to Puerto Rico. Spanish II S III students will be going next year. A lot of hard work is still reguired and we are determined to get the money to go. We have taken some money out and bought sodas candy to sell at the Bryant Pond baseball games, since Mr. Otero will be convenient. We hope to make money over the summer. 1 don’t have much of an idea of how much we did make, but no matter how »uch it was much it was, we have worked for it and have had fun at the same time. We thank the yearbook staff and we thank everyone who contributed to our goal goal. Sincerely, Spanish Club Secretary, Julie Martin Newspaper Staff L. Smith, V. Hathaway, T. Wight, C. Smith When the Sheet was started three years ago, the idea was to put out a one page paper fairly frequently, rather than a sporadic large one. Times have changed, and the readers of the Sheet have; benefitted in two ways. They get their newspaper for free now thanks to the Graphic Arts Department. They also get a larger, better quality paper, due largely to the ferreting abilities of our advisor, Mrs. Taylor I would also like to thank the yearbook staff for their use of the Winter Carnival pictures and to Mr. Tripp for his pictures of the geese. I would also like to publicly recognize Mr. Tripp and the Graphic Arts Gang and Harvi. Without their invaluable help there would ' ve been no Sheet this year. Cathy Smith, Editor French Club Left to right 1st row: J. Deanis, K. Swan, A. Summerton, R. Palmer 2nd row: D. Briggs, T. Tracy, Mr. Taylor, M. Roberts, D. Dolloff, Absent: D. Brennon The Telstar French Club has been busy all year striving to earn money for a trip to France in the Spring of 1978. This is the first year there has been a French Club since 1972. Our first money-making project was a pot luck supper in Locke Mills. This was quite a learning experience for us as we had never before organized a public supper. We held a couple of food sales at Mill’s Market in Andover. These were great successes. We held a spaghe¬ tti supper in the Christian Education Building in Andover. .With the coopera¬ tion of the Andover Elementary School, we were able to hold two dances for the elementary students, which were enjoyed by both the students and the parents who watched. We put on a Junior High Dance in the gymnasium at Telstar. This was well attended by grades 6-9 We sold candy bars in school and this turn¬ ed out to be our most successful project. Our last project of the year was the raffle of a 40 channel C:3 Radio. The winner of this raffle was Alden Briggs of Andover. The members of the French Club wish to extend our thanks to all the people who have helped with our projects and supported us this past year. We would like to give a special thanks to our advisor, Mr. Charles Taylor, because without his help our club never would have been organized. G.A.A tying down: Coach Durgin 1st row: B. Mills, B. Dennis, F. Morgan, T. Hathaway, T. Wight, R. Cummings, K. Hutchins, C. Whitten, L. Gammon 2nd row: A. Saunders, K. Bailey, R. Palmer, R. Mills, G. Dooen, P. Bean, L. Mills, R. Inman, W. Davis, D. Holt, 3rd row: B. Brown, P. Webster, M. McElmurry, D. Briggs, K. Ehery, J. Deanis, K. Hutchins, K. Emery, J. Martin 4th row: J. Haines, C. James, J. Bailey, C. Hebert, H. Holt, S. Ellsworth, S. Duguay, B. Cushing, A. Rugg 5th row: P. Roy, M. Dombkowski, S. Wing, N. Brown, C. Davis, L. Wight, K. Dooen, D. Merrill, C. Gauthier, J. Mtrtin Jr. High Ski Team ]st row; S. Hurd, C. Merrill,J. Bartlett, R. James, J. Shimamura, J.C. Pritchard, J. Owen, A. Chase, D. Bean, 2nd row; E. Palmer, M. Morton, P. Hudson, V. Kelly, J. O’Donnell, C. Fiske, C. Starr, K. Flynn, P. Bean, 3rd row; M. Jaros, P. Lyngholm, T. Tracy, L. Olsen, K. Brooks, M. Merrill, S. Daye, L. Smith JERRY HEFLEY - BAND DIRECTOR AND THE WRITER OF THE SCHOOL SONG TELSTAR SCHOOL SONG Written for Telstar by, J. Hefley -rt- i f L a | . J 1 n 1 V ( J , — v J Li t j a° J y Q Tel • Star Tel - Star Reb - els on to vie - tory Fight ! Fight ! Fight ! to 1 J 1 j o il ] A 1 J J 1_ A tD rt ® A 4 Reb - els go and fight for the Great Blue and White - rtrr-i— — I- ; - -1- L P r fO j 1 r 1 P f 3 I i 1 J j j i L J Freshmen Sop homores Juniors Seniors we’re all for IT 6 . i . TT ft 1 l . J ( 1 J A • A II | At y d 2 1 I Tel - Star Tel - Star Reb - els Vic - tor - y CONCLUSION OF VARSITY SKI TEAM: Cathv Smith. Kathy Hutchins, Jodie Deanis, Debbie Briggs, Karen Emery, Priscilla Webster, Faith Morgan, 2nd Row: Paula Mills, Sherry Akers, Malinda Brown, Bonnie Dennis, Manya Dombkowski, 3rd Row: Coach Remington, Kaye Swan, Jenny Hudson, Mindy MacElmurry, Betsy Brown JUNIOR VARSITY SKI TEAM: Cathy O’Donnell, Lisa Fawcett, Leslie Bernard, Rachel Mills, Nancy Stowell, Christine Gauthier, Susanne Seames, 2nd Row: Elaine Roseberry, Karen Swan, Wendy Hurd, Kara Flynn, Marlene Bean, Donna Merrill, June Goodwin, 3rd Row: Sheila Cuff, Karen Brooks, Karen Hakala, Lynda Duguay, Alberta Smith, Linda Morton Mike Brooks Coach Brown and UmD Gaydo. Rick Whitney Baseball The 1976 Telstar Varsity Baseball team finished their season with a 16-6 record. They won their fourth straight Class C MVC Championship and represented the MVe in the state playoffs. Malcolm Bennett Duffy Ellsworth Mike Dunn VARSITY SOFTBALL: Leslie Mills, Nancy Brown, Jackie Gannon, Kim Whitten, Irene Howe, Karen i Swasev, Manager Althea Chase, 2nd Row- Thea Tracy, Kathy Richardson, Patti Owen, Nancy Dock, Brenda Mills, Rhonda Cummings, Terri Wight, Coach Fox Varsity got 2nd place in the Mountain Valley Conference WON- 9 LOST- 2 Overall Standing WON- 11 LOST- 4 |Coach- Nancy Fox issistant Coach- Gadl Fletcher inager- Althea Chase JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL: Julie Martin, Brenda Cushing, Carolyn Whitten, 2nd Row Kim Whitten, Brenda Mills, Susan Duguay, Lori Gammon, Missing: Melinda Bean, Robin Morgan Scott Berry Peter Bodwell Ernie Bolio David Brown Kurt Brown Mike Brown Richard Chase Glen Conrad John Clukey Eric Dorabkowski Jeff Fleet Mike Friel Pat Friel Phil Gauthier f ylvanus Glover cott Gunther Mike Lannon Blaine MacKay Chris Mills Ricky Mills Steve Morrill Jim Osgood Ed Rosebery Bill Shimamura Jeff Smith Bruce Swan Tim Tracy Quentin Tyler Richard Walker David Webster Brad Wight Mark Wight Scott Wight Tom Wight Steve Whalen 1976 TRACK AND FIELD The 1976 boys ' track team enjoyed a better than average season this year. The season record was 3-2 and a 2nd place finish in the MVC meet. A number of school records were also set during the season: David Webster 440 yd. ' dash 54.9 sec Eric Dombkowski 880 run 2:03.1 Eric Dombkowski mile run 4:34.7 Pat Friel 2 mile run 10:29.2 Sylvanus Glover high jump 5’8 " Brad Wight shot put 46 ' l£ " Jeff Fleet javelin 151 ' 8 " Eric Dombkowski mile relay 3:46.0 Ernie Bolio David Webster Richard Walker Nancy Melville Invocation Leilani Poland First Honor Essay Susan MacKay Salutatorian Address 1976 Graduation Thursday June 10, 1976 8:00 P.M. Row One Girls Patricia D Murphy Berths Alice Cos Claire Pern Morgan Sandra J Gammon Irene Aicnen Howe Pamela Jean Barker Donna Alice Brooks Candy Lynn Bennett Sylvie Diane Lamoninane Sherry Rotten a Hindman Anna Marie Packard Connne V Clough Beatrice L Phllbrirk Row Two Girls Donna M French Debbie Raye Cole Jacqueline Gammon Sandra Lynne Carver Kathenne Jane Morey Tamara I Mill Paula Mane Belnnget Leilani May Poland Debbie Lynne Dennis Kathryn M Deegan Marjorie Louise Berry Nancy Jean Melville Malmda J Brown Row Three Girls Karen Sue Swaaey Althea Helen Chase Kellie Anne Ring Susan Jean MacKav Gretrben Kim Wight Kathl Joyce Sennett Rebecca Louise CoMt Kathy Ann Richardson Paula Mane While Marcu L Milts Dehra Ann Buck Nancv Hannah Doi k Shatold Ann Nnppulu Row Four Girls Pamela C Side linger Dehra Let-). Wesltenth Dehra Edith Mundt Peggv Elaine Mot in u It A II I A T i: s Row One Boys Dean J Brown Michael A Murphy Barry David Carver Terry L Marlin Neil W Comveau Thomas ' D Stecher David J Brown Enr Peior Domhkowski Richard Jeffrey Mills John Harrison Hindman Jodie M Swan O F I » 7 » Graduates Not Presesl Celeste Valle Gautliiei Wilfred Alhert Gih-on Catol Havnct Michael Dean Jotdan Kem Llovd Nev 1 James Joseph Sweet set Mt haei S Wilson Nathan E Greentoaf Row Two Boys Lestei F Richardson Warren J Ellsworth David A Hunt Breni A Gilbert Richard H Whitney Nelson A Han Barry Alan Rickards Richard Allen Walker Robert Jack Brown Richard James Croteau Jeffrey W Rosebery Steven A Blanchard Kenneth Edward Mason Row Three Boys Tym A Fadner Robert Mutry Cummings Gregory Merle Sessions Bruce Charles Swan James Roben Osgood Wayne A Barker Otis E Morton Jr Roben L Hall Mark A Wight Donald A Bailey Alan D Seames Steven G. Carlson Jeffrey L Fleet Row Four Boys Malcolm Bennett Christopher D Olson Robert C Farrington Ketrv J Harlow Kevin W Mills Bam James Bodwell Jerome Amtiouv Hott Dale E Smith Matk A Thor low Mr. Basil Kinney Awards Mr. Brian Flynn Presentation of Candidates for Diplomas CLASS OFFICERS: Nancy Dock Co-Presidents Claire Morgan Katherine Morey Susan MacKay CLASS CHAPLAIN CLASS MARSHALLS Secretary Treasurer Nancy Melville Leslie Mills Mike Dunn Claire Morgan Valedictorian Address Patricia Hudson Conferring of Diplomas Nancy Melville Benediction We ' re Not Happy!! OUR SUPPORTERS COMPLIMENTS OF: P. H CHADBOURNE CO. 824-2155 PIZZAS SUBS LIGHT LUNCHES SUNDAY RIVER INN CHARLIE’S PLACE Ski Touring Charles Farrar Bethel Maine MAIN STREET. BETHEI 824-2410 824-2732 OXFORD HILLS ComDliments of: BOWLING LANES BEAN’S MAINGAS RT. 26 R. F. D. 2 SOUTH PARIS, Bethel,Maine|04217 MAINE Cylinders and Bulk CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS AKERS SKI NORDIC SPECIALISTS ANDOVER ,MAINE SMITH 6 SONS LUMBER BOX 551 824-2111 I PHIL KORHONEN and SONS MILTON MILLS Backhoe work. PINE POINT ROAD BRYANT POND, MAINE 04219 Bulldozing - Trucking Tel. 5 7 Sand - Gravel - Loam Homes—Lakeshore Properties-Woodland Newry, Me. 824-2796 Appraisals—Licensed Land Surveyor SUNDAY RIVER SKI WAY G.A.N. , MILL’S MARKET P QUALITY MEATS GROCERIES _ Tel. 392-3551 ANDOVER, - MAINE CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! NOW, LET’S ALL GO TO WORK. WOXO, 93 fm, NORWAY II I 824 2102 kl LLYS Auto Parts Inc. Automotive Industrial Supplies Mechanic Street Bellxl Maine 04217 We rr always thinkin g... rasroltank lViisI A Casro-Northern Bank 824-2770 GORDON R. BROWN LAND TIMBER DEVELOPMENT BRYANT POND, ME 04219 tel. 125 BETHEL FURNITURE STOCK, INC. BETHEL, MAINE Manufacturers of Glued Panels (Blanks) in Yellow Birch Rock Maple Roger a. Favreau. Pres. HANOVER DOWEL COMPANY Manufacturers of White Birch Dowels Plain Dcwels Sanded Beaded Stained S Waxed Tumbled Enamel S Varnish Chucked Rounded Tenoned Tapered Bored Spiral Grooved Dowel Pins BROOKS BROS. INC. Hardware, Plumbing, and Heoling Fuel Oil and Sporting Goods BETHEL, MAINE 824-2158 JOHN M.WIGHT TRUCKING LOGS and PULP NEWRY, MAINE Cut Plant i uJ 31 outers Cjj-JjQ-uWiL kip clptil Jltjjin Stowers for all Occassions 3to werS f AJilli Sim yficity and 824-2454 F ' Pe tve ' u Made To kZZ SuAAounciing ToitOni ecjance PENLEY MILLS BRYANT POND,MAINE 04219 Lumbering.True king Excavation Gravel.Loam BODY FENDER WORK • FRAME STRAIGHTENING CONGRATULATIONS Tel. 743-2284 FRAZIER’S CRAFTS Colby ' s Garage and WELDING • GENERAL REPAIRS • PAINTING ROUTE 26 SOUTH PARIS, MAINE JOYCE’S CERAMICS r.c. McAllister Plumbing - Heating - Electrical MALCOLM R. GROSS Bryant Pond, Maine 04219 LOGGING - TRUCKING HANOVER, MAINE 04237 Telephone - 62 (Congratulations to the CLm of ’77 Boise Cascade Paper Group SUNDAY RIVER TREE SERVICE SUNDAY RIVER ROAD Hi Rjobui Omm fimuAiu BETHEL, MAINE UL REAL ESTATE BROKERS 04217 BROAD STREET BETHEL, MAINE 824-2886 CLUKEY’S PHARMACY, INC. Prescritions are our specialty Open every day of the year 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. For your shopping convenience; Card’s, Gift’s, Beauty Boutiques, etc. 0lir (Hrliar SPORTSWEAR AT ROCKBOTTOM PRICES 824-3324 RUMFORD ROAD BETHEL. MAINE 04217 ROBERTS’ POULTRY FARM, INC. Rt. 2 Rumford Rd. Bethel, Maine 04217 824-2927 Fancy Table Eggs Wholesale and Retail A MESSAGE TO FRIENDS IT HAS BEEN A REAL PRIVILEGE TO WORK WITH YOUR FINE CLASS. YOU HAVE CHOSEN A MAGNIFICENT CLASS RING. WEAR IT PROUDLY AND TREASURE ITS MEMORIES ANO MESSAGE OF ACHIEVEMENT GOOD LUCK! VICTOR R HOLAN P.O. Box 8540 Portland. Maine 04104 ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS 9 FAIR STREET NORWAY, MAINE 04268 207 743-8371 LLOYD B. LOWELL “HOMES TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS ' Jonsereds Chains Saws Oregon Carlton Chain Bethel, Maine 824-2811 TEL. 225-3647 TURNER, MAINE 04282 VISIT OUR MODEL HOME ON RT.4 Haagaard ' s Den WROUGHT IRON Ripley Fletcher,Co. KT. 2 BY ODD BETHEL, 824-2718 Range, Fuel and Diesel Oils, Heating Estimates and Service, Gasoline, Motor Oils and Tires Main Steet, Bethel, Maine 824-2142 BETHEL IGA BETHEL MAINE Grocery Meats Produce Open 7 Days A Week AMIDON ELECTRIC CO. Master Licensed Electrical Contractor Serving Northern Oxford County Andover, Maine 392 3403 BETHEL OIL COMPANY, INC. LP GAS and HEATING OIL 824-2949 C vntjratu ' ationi to the (?la of ’77 C ' Zo tcnti 6 Cower S ofc CITGO SERVICE CENTER PARADISE STREET BETHEL, MAINE Route 2, Bethel 824-2100 RICHARD DOUGLASS CITIZEN PRINTERS INC. TRUCKING - BACKHOE CRUSHED STONE - GRAVEL - LOAM BETHEL, MAINE 624-2795 PUBLISHERS OF THE BETHEL CITIZEN MAIN STREET BETHEL, MAINE COMPLIMENTS OF: BRIDGE STREET GULF STOWELL’S WOOD PRODUCTS BRYANT POND WALTER WOODFORD DAN MCGURN FULL SERVICE STATION STATE INSPECTION 25 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE AUTO BODY 824-2000 Compliments of: CLIFFORD’S The Fashion Basket Rexall Pharmacy The Brass Buckle 51 Market Square South Paiis, Maine 04281 Main Street Bethel, Maine V ■ J 743-6223 S ■ 04217 Patron List COMPLIMENTS OF: ERNEST ANGEVINE BETHEL, MAINE BARN MOTEL BETHEL, MAINE BENNETT’S UPHOLSTERY BETHEL, MAINE THE BETHEL INN CLUB BETHEL, MAINE BETHEL TIRE SERVICE CENTER BETHEL, MAINE BOB’S BARBER SHOP NORWAY, MAINE BOB’S CORNER STORE LOCKE MILLS, MAINE MR. MRS. PAUL BODWELL BETHEL, MAINE BONNEMA POTTERS BETHEL, MAINE BROWN’S VARIETY STORE BETHEL, MAINE BRYANT POND TELEPHONE COMPANY BRYANT POND, MAINE CHAMP-A-SUN LEATHER PRODUCTS BETHEL,MAINE CHARLIE’S CHEVRON STATION BETHEL, MAINE CLAYTON CROCKETT BETHEL, MAINE THE CURIOSITY SHOP ANDOVER, MAINE EASTERN MUSICAL SUPPLY CO. WEST FALMOUTH, MAINE DAVID FLEET SUNDAY RIVER, MAINE THE GEM SHOP BETHEL, MAINE MR. MRS SHIRLEY GILBERT WEST BETHEL, MAINE GLEN’S UPHOLSTERY SOUTH PARIS, MAINE GOODSPEED OIL CO. NORWAY, MAINE ARTHUR L. HEAD WEST BETHEL, MAINE HEAD BROS. WEST BETHEL, MAINE MR. MRS. JOHN B. HEAD BETHEL, MAINE HEAD’S STORE WEST BETHEL, MAINE INMAN’S GARAGE SOUTH WATERFORD, MAINE KENDALL’S DDWEL MILL, INC. WEST BETHEL MR. MRS. CLYDE KNIGHTS WOODSTOCK. MAINE MR. MRS. JAMES KNIGHTS WOODSTOCK, MAINE L F COUNTRY STORE BETHEL, MAINE J. RICHARD LITTLEFIELD BETHEL MAINE DAVID LUXTON WEST BETHEL. MAINE LYON ' S ORCHARD WEST BETHEL, MAINE MARIO’S BUSY CORNER SOUTH PARIS, MAINE NEW YORKER MOTEL BETHEL, MAINE NEWTON TEBBETS WOOD PRODUCTS, INC. WEST BETHEL, MAINE NORWAY FARMERS UNION NORWAY, MAINE L. F. PIKE SON NORWAY, MAINE RED ROOSTER MOTEL BETHEL, MAINE SCHIAVI’S WESTERN AUTO NORWAY, MAINE SHAMENA INC. ANDOVER, MAINE MR. MRS. GEORGE P. STOWELL, JR. WEST BETHEL, MAINE TOWN OF WOODSTOCK THE VILLAGE STORE BRYANT POND, MAINE WESTERN MAINE SUPPLY CO. BETHEL, MAINE JOHN J. WIGHT BETHEL, MAINE We, the Zodiac Yearbook Staff, would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support. Without them, our dreams of a bigger and better yearbook would never have come true. THANKS AGAIN! MAINE

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