Telstar Regional High School - Zodiac Yearbook (Bethel, ME)

 - Class of 1976

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Paula Marie Belanger Donald Arthur Bailey Steve Andrew Blanchard Wayne Arthur Barker Living a double. Like geX6 you nowhere twice 04 a t. Malcolm Donald Bennett Rebecca Louise Cobb Richard James Croteau Debbie Raye Cole Some men ee thing a thzy ojvi and a k why. I dAzam oh thing that nzvzA wzAz and a k why not. Kathryn Marqureitta Deegan Debbie Lynne Dennis Robert Murray Cummings Peter Lindsey Emmons Nancy Hannah Dock Eric Peter Dombkowski Jacqueline Lee Gammon Be an IndivlduaJU t - one u)ko bottom anoth i u atuuij 4 bzfUnd. Jeffrey Lynn Fleet Robert Charles Farrington Sandra Jeanne Gammon Wilfred Albert Gibson John Harrison Hindman Celeste Marie Gauthier you can ' t tnpaovc youA health bn tunning dom Michael Dean Jordan K wwb iA to 6toAt agcun. Katherine Jane Morey Peggy Elaine Morin Claire Fern Morgan Don’t walk In fanont oh me- I mat not holloify Don’t walk behind me... I mat not lead, Walk beAlde me and juAt be. my | {nlend. Debra Edith Mundt Sharold Ann Nuppula Otis Elwin Morton Christopher David Olson Anna Marie Rickard James Robert Osgood Voing youA job conAectly ave 4 explaining why -ct wcu done uviong. Kathy Ann Richardson Leilani May R land Lester Farrington Richardson we geX -t we hope ion i omz- tfUng faetteA. Pamela Clara Sidelinger Dale Everett Smith Joseph James Sweetser Thomas Dean Stecher Women ia)cla Godi second mu taka, Karen Sue Swasey Bruce Charles Swan Jodie Mark Swan Debra Leigh Westleigh i Sm-ii Ly -it make-6 people wondeA what you afie up to. Mark Allen Wight Kellie Anne Wing Gretchen Kim Donna Marie French Nathan Eldon Greenleaf Beatrice Lucille Philbrick Paula Marie Wight Kathi Joyce Sennett Candy Lynn Bennett Neil Wayne Corriveau Warren James Ellsworth Tym Arlen Fadner Robert Leach Hall Jr. Patricia Denise Murphy Brent Arthur Gilbert Name Nick Name Likes Dislikes Noted For Secret Ambition Weakness Donald Bailey Duck Hunting, Fishing, Woodworking Homework Wayne Barker Barker Vans, girls, eating Super Jocks, Telstar Skipping class Paula Belanper P.B. skiing, working in a certain teacher working in A brain, to M alcolm Bennett office, snowmobiling office marry B. Cum¬ mings Ben, Parties, Parties, School, Bad Knees. Raising To Graduate My Knees Crusty Hondas, Schlitz, Budweiser, Kawasa- Hell Parties Iki ' s Barry Bodwell Doc Sports, good-look- stuck-up people Medical Run in the Olympics ing girls predic¬ tions ' ' ar’orie Berry Good music, week- Geometry, a certain To always be ends, good times teacher Rappy T avid Brown Bill Schlitz, Sno Jets, Big Mouths, History goofing To go to Canada and FREE TIME decent cars, girls, class, Homework, C.T. off Colorado snow girls Girls Dean Brown Deano white spikes with Being tickled, ciga- Trips to black shoe polish rette smoke,Brown Andover eating out nosers to try to be ffelinda Brown Malin Alan Seames, food, College tests, dis¬ To parachute from money, plants, hot agreeable people, a plane quiet fudge sundaes Thunder showers Robert Brown Bob MOM, foxy ladies, my Being caught in the Sworn to To ride my bike good-xooking wo¬ bike, traveling, rain on my bike, fun loyal through all fifty men, and bikes, Debra Buck beer, Bangor snobs to none states fast women Wicked Friends, traveling, Two-faced people, C.C. Eating To be an eccentric food Debbie twinkies, John Den¬ Superior attitudes, millionaire ver, Bacardi Rum singing with radio Barry Carver Allan Cary Coffee Schlitz, Decent bikes Getting ripped off, getting caught, my bus- driver, sleezy girls Raising Hell Nice Brunettes Porkey lunch,good tapes Being in Hate to fight Pig the halls Althea Chase Flea, Robert , motorcycle To be yelled at Personality to become a nurse being alone Crowbar rides, Canadian Club Deborah Chase Debbie most everything snobs ,know-it-alls Skipping P.E. To see Jesus Debbie Cole Deb, Dub bowling, swimming, crowded places, con¬ Dimples To live and work shyness football,animals, lis¬ ceited people, boring in South Paris Richard Croteau tening to rain nights marriage, smoking, Jocks, Budweiser Being Rum and Coke, Hats married Name Nick Name Likes Dislikes Noted For Secret Ambition Weakness Robert Cummings Bob cheating in English, Tests, School, His¬ getting out early, having fun tory Kathryn Deegan Kath, Hiking, horse back Super Jocks, teacher’s Sitting in To travel around Deg riding, some guys pets, show-offs bathroom the world Debbie Dennis Dub Skiing at Sunday River, Discriminations,snobs, Looking down To be a Surgeon Dishwasher at Saturday nights, guys guys who use you to see what they can get at the floor Bethel Inn Nancy Dock Dock Jfoney, animals, Male Chauvenist Pigs Being a Jock Famous Equestrian Food nature Eric Dombkowski Dumbo Winter, skiing, rainy winter days Running, To discover some¬ Smiling blondes older women Running.... thing in science Warren Ellsworth Duffy Sports, food, money, Practices, mouthy Being a To be rich and Too much of a parking in the woods, Gina broads goof-ball good-looking good-guy Robert Farrington Rob Basketball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevro¬ let Sports, ERA, Women ' s To get out of the country school Jacqueline Gammon Jack Male Chauvinists, Athletic To be a gym teacher, Not being able to Gammy Lib, boys quitters, being lied ability A professional soft- concentrate on home¬ to ball player work after a game Sandra Gammon Sandy Gab sessions in the school system, Turtle Getting out of getting up in the bathroom, travelling stuck-up people necks Bryant Pond morning Celeste Gauthier Moose Older guys, beards, immaturity, going to Long hair To walk to Europe, Eating Goat the coast, X-Country school fulltime, yellow to build a tower skiing, small cars and a boat Wilfred Gibson Wolf Chemistry, Electronics, Having accidents, Not Banana Eat¬ To be a Marine girls, motorcycles getting points in Math ing, Chemi¬ League stry Brent Gilbert Schlitz, parties, Budweiser, school, Being out To have a 1000 acre Tequilla, Gin hiking, motorcycles to lunch ranch in Columbia Robert Hall Bob Motorcycles, stock- Super Jocks, Causing To go to California Good booze, fast cars, booze, girls, History, work, motor¬ trouble to go into the girls cycle accidents Marines Carol Hayner Friendly people, stuck-up Blushing To see the top of horses, Friday and people,Socks with holes things without being Saturday nights picked up John Hindman Hawk Parties, money, School, snobs Being in Having my own car Sherry more parties the girls bathroom Jerome Holt Irene Howe Spider Girls, Baseball, swimming, basketball, hunting Homework, booze Long Arms To play pro baseball Girls, machinery Rene Field Hockey, good Liars, big mouths, Being short To be employed by the Eating anytning Soup friends, the outdoors, smoke United States Forest chocolate sports Department Micheal Jordan Mike Good friends, plants, money Super Jocks, greasers, snobs Having a headache To be filthy rich Molasses cookies Sylvie Lamontagne Slivy Field Hockey, Skiing, basketball, gym, track Spy’s, History,criti¬ cism Frenchy To be forever healthy Billy Susan MacKay Flirting, cooking, mountains, hiking, changing seasons Fat,rudness, flying animals, cigarette smoking, parked cars Blushing on cue To make it to Europe in 1976 My appetite Terry Martin Chet Playing guitar, ski¬ ing, swftnming, girls Loud mouths, C.T. girls Playing the guitar Looking for girls Nancy Melville NannaMel Barbequed chicken, snowy nights, cows, Baked beans, snakes, math, full moons Gossipping To become a mortician John Snyder " arcia ' tills Crazy plants Loving Jesus, books, writing,people Alcholic beverages, drugs,inconsideration, being snubbed Nutty behavior To be a writer Too sensitive for my own good Richard Mills Stud Boxing, archery, girls, the outdoors Coaches, pre season football,high class students Skipping practices To own a part of a mountain, and live on it ALONE! Tamara Mills Tammy John Denver, log cab¬ ins, vans, my piano, kids Good-byes, beards Laughing To have a log cabin and 12 kids Crying Katherine Morey Claire Morgan Kath Bobby, Chalet Country, Mutly, sports, my piano Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the ocean, thunder storms Whiskers, flat high jump pits, math Cigars, cold showers, purple, liver, cities Getting involved Teachers ' Pet To once date Robert Redford To grow up Big blue Eyes Feggy Morin Pig on a Skidder driving, older Cold days, snobs, be¬ Losing 90 To be a profesional Leaving whiskey Franklin men, camping, going to O.P., having fun ing a girl, being alone pounds skidder driver alone Otis Morton Mera Me Gee Parties,women, food Telstar Raising Hell Putting tar on ' Kinney’s windshield Going to class Debra Mundt Batty Mutt Reading, Music, raising hell, animals, walking Snobs, cigarettes fighting Reading Books Patricia Murphy Pattie Kids, Mexico, Harleys, friends Black-Velvet, Dusters, being too young T. C., Bethel To travel the Orient. Feeling sorry for people Sharold Nuppula Nupe Traveling, cats, Owls Head Getting up early, diets, math Complaining Food Christopher Olson Leroy Football, baseball, football parties White spikes, Ski-doos, queers Trips to Andover To graduate To do anything besides homework Anna Packard Annabell Irish, green, pop corn, The Celtics, being home Bananas, math, diets, math and math Putting myself down To marry someone famous or Italian Not getting involved Leilani Poland Lani Music, moustaches, sailors, white cars, living 2-faced people, long distances,bologny Independence To go to Scotland with a friend Sweets ' lame Nick Name Likes Dislikes Noted For Secret Ambition Weakness Kathy Richardson Kath Newry, parties, hiking, My English grades, Being To get married and English composition camping, snowstorms snobs, show-offs scared of live on a ranch Lester Richardson Farm Saturday nights, beer, Getting up early, home the dark Getting out baseball, hunting work of school Barry Rickards Bear Fast cars, girls, Not enough beer, going early Going out and having a Going to class and beer to school beer phys. ed Sherry Roberts Pocper John, having a good time, horses Snobs, gym Alan Seames Albert Malinda Brown, guns, Cheerleaders, field Saying ex¬ To be Athletic Director hunting, fishing, hockey team actly what for Telstar sports I think Gregory Sessions Greg Girls, music, warmth simultaneously Homework, users, bad times, critics My Jokes To be a Game Warden Pamela Sidelinger Pam Sleeping,Owls Head, Me smiles, winter Perfect people, smog, onions Arguing To hang-glide Mt. Everest Andover Dale Smith Tex Hunting, fishing, water skiing, parties, sr.owmobiling School, some sports Chasing girls Owning my own motor¬ cycle Thomas Stecher Steck Skiing, lots of snow, History, rain, people who think they’re it To go somewhere that Blonde haired good looking blondes, cold winter days no one has gone before blue eyed beauties Bruce Swan Swanie All sports Losing, knee injuries Going Jodie Swan Jode Fishing, hunting,math, canoeing, hiking Marines, Telstar bald Karen Swasey Swiz Snow, softball, cheering Stuck-up people, moto- skis Having a good time To live up to my name O.J. Don’t like to be alone Mark Thurlow Fud Nancy, sports, Mr. Beans ' camp People that brag, two-faced people Talking To be a basketball coach Getting out of bed to go to school Richard Walker Fireball Motorcycles, women, running, fishing, Homework, English class Stuttering To win Boston Marathon Food Debra Westleigh Gretchen Wight History class Debbie Grouch Pete Seames Jr., nur¬ sing, slow gin fiz, horseback riding Loitering, weekends, MGM, guys Wrestling, divorces, anger, rainy days, lonely nights Discriminations Strawberry oil Secret dates with To go on to college as LPN or operating room technician To live to be 102 Math, patience, being alone Robert ' s Pepsi Mark Wight Stud Girls, beer, sports, nights out People who think they’re better ? ? To become a Forest Kellie Wing than others Manager Skiing, friendly people School, stuck-up people Just to be happy Pamela Barker Sandra Carver Corinne Clough Donna French Nathan Greenleaf Pam Parties, sitting in the bathroom Super jocks, Telstar, stuck-up people Sam Being with Jack, hik¬ ing, camping, clothes Woodworking class, school lunches, braces, snakes Connie Parties, ocean, Tequilla Sunrise, Kuhula and milk Bethel, Two-faced peo¬ ple, Jocks French Guys, happy, life, Snobs, homework, users Turk honest people, parties to be lonely Nate Getting out of school Jesus freaks Bottles in To get out of bathroom Bryant Pond ceiling Duck To get married and Food Walking have a happy family To leave the town of Bethel Being alone My laugh To get married and to be happy forever Trust people too much, afraid of failure Highheeled shoes To drive race cars Michael Murphy Mike Good food, good booze, People who live by the Philospher not-so-good women clock Beatrice Philbrick Beet Kathi Sennett Kath Paula White Crab Sports, outdoors,sew¬ Bugging the teacher Bugging the To be successful ing, winter, candle¬ light Rainy days, snobby people, spiders teachers To be the first woman K.H., Boston Bruins Rides to Telstar, Tel- Being star, snobby people, called race driver at O.P. ' s fried clams hot dog and marry Horses, sports, The Red Bomb, the wild mountain man Telstar, Arrogance Italian food, good looking men Don Hardy, fried clams LINDA DAVIS 6 TH GRADE DONALD HEBERT BUSINESS EDUCATION MADELEINE GIBBS LIBRARIAN THELMA DOMBKOWSKI HOME EC. JANE CHANDLER HOME EC. TIM CAVANAGH ART SAMUEL ELLIOT COUNSELOR THEODORE DAVIS MATH r 1 r r r r j r. j RUPERT GROVER MATH GAIL FLETCHER BUSINESS EDUCATION FRANCIS BEAN HISTORY PETER BROWN HISTORY WILLIAM MORTON HISTORY HILDA BROWN KITCHEN PHILLIP TAYLOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE KATHY DUNHAM PHYSICAL ED IRVING BROWN MAINTENANCE FELIX OTERO FOREIGN LANGUAGE c AVID TRIPP INDUSTRIAL ARTS FLOYD KENISTON INDUSTRIAL ARTS DANIEL HANNON PHYSICAL ED. TIMOTHY LA VALLEE PHYSICAL ED UNDERCLASSMEN R. COLE, G. DOOEN, D. CORRIVEAU, L. CORRIVEAU. B. DUNHAM. M. DUNN. C. FRAZIER. . GILBERT, R. WAISANEN. L. bULiu M. BRENNON, R CORRIVEAU 9. CORRIVEAU C. CHENERY; L. HALL, V. HATHAWAY. A.HENLEY J. CLEMENT D. DOLLOFF D. HERTELL. H. HOLT, B. HUTCHINS L. LITTLEFIELD, A. LOWE, K. HUTCHINS. J. MARSHALL. B. KIMBALL V. LEARNED. JUNIORS P. MORGAN. L. MORIN R. RICKARDS, . P. ROY, S. SWAN, J. TAYLOR, M.MURPHY T. TRACY, B. VERRILL, D. PHELPS C. SMITH. P. VERRILL. L. POLAND. B. RICHARDSON. R. SNYDER. B. SWAN. D. WEBSTER. K. WHITTEN. A. EVANS, M. FARRINGTON, B. FLYNN, S. FLYNN, G. GAUDREAU. P. GAUTHIER C. GILBERT, S. GLOVER, . B. HANSCOM. C. HOWE, SOPHOMORES C. VALCOURT. J. VERRILL, R. PALMER. M. MYSHRALL, J. OLSON. D. RAYMONT T. REED. J. CAMPBELL, S. CROSS, G. CARTER, B. CUSHING. S. DUGUAY. A. DUNHAM K. EMERY, R. FARRINGTON. M. FLEET, Freshmen C. LANE, W. LANE, M. LYNGHOLM, E. MASON. B. MCGURN. B. MACKAY, D. MEISNER, B. MILLS. C. MILLS. N. MILLS. J. MORGAN. R. MORG AN. X- i T. MORGAN. C.HEBERT K. KENISTON. J. MARTIN B. SCOTT N . MORIN. D. REEDER, C. ROBERTS. G. ROBERTS M. ROBERTS. P. ROBINSON. M. ROSENBERG. B. ROWE. S. ROY, R. SAUNDERS, K. SAURET, J. SCRIBNER R. SEAMES, T. TRACY, B. SHIMAMURA D. SNYDER, J. SWAN, J. SWAN T. SWAN T.SWAN, D. TAYLOR. E. TAYLOR, G. TYLER, ■ J 0. ANDERSON T. HAKALA, T. HEATH, J. BARTON. D. BELLEGARDE. L. BENAPD R EERRYMENT E. CHASE. D. CLUKEY. H. EMMONS. T. GAUDREAU. C. GAUTHIER. K. DOOEN. W. ELLSWORTH S. FARRINGTON. I. GIBSON. J. GOODWIN L. HAINES Grade Eight L.JOHNSON. T. JORDAN A. KENNISON. J. KIMBALL E. LAMONTAGNE L. MACDOUGALL S. MACKAV J. MARSTON B. MARTIN, J. MARTIN. J. PARSONS. rs SaM D. MERRILL. R. MILLS, M. MORRILL L. MORTON, M. PATTERSON, D. PHILBRICK. W. PIAWLOCK. R. PINNE.TTE, C. MERRILL, D. MERRILL, S. MILLETT. C. O ' DONNELL R. PALMER. V. PALMER. D. POLAND. D. RICHARDSON, E. ROSEBERY B. SESSIONS. W. SILVER. R. SMITH. N. STOWELL. R. S AIN, R. S AN. S. SWASEY, B. TIBBETTS. R. VANDEURSEN. M. BROWN. , S. ANGEVINE, R. CHAISSON D. BARKER, B. BOWERS. S. CARTER. B. BOYCE. E. BRETON. K. BROOKS. B. CLEMENTS. R. COFFIN. S. COLE, B. CORRIVEAU. F. CORRIVEAU, D. COULOMBE. G. CONRAD. H. DAVIS. C. DAYE. T. DUNHAM. UUNN, C. EDWARDS, B. ELLSWORTH, K. FARNUM. S. COX. B. DOUGLASS. J. FEENEY S. BILLINGS H. COLE. M. COX. F. FISKE. Grade Seven D. FLAGG. A. FLEET. K. FLYNN. D. FORTIN . D. GAUDREAU. D. GREENLEAF S. GUNTHER. K. HAKALA. D. LEBLANC. L. LEROUX R LITTLEFIELD M. LOWF. P. LYNGHOLM. C. GILBERT. W GILL. A. HINKLEY. N. HURD J. MARSHALL. K. MARSHALL. Ip + M. MARTIN. C. MASON. B. MILLETT. C. MILLS. S. MCCLURE. C MILLS. M. MORGAN. R. MORIN. M. MERRILL. C. MORTON. M. MILLER. J. MORTON. Rl K. POOLEY, L. OLSON. E OSGOOD. J. PRITCHARD. R. PULK D. REEDER R. RICKER, R. ROBBINS, N. ROBERTS. ATHLETICS CftCSS COukItKH VARSITY FOOTBALL F. Thurlow, D. Ellsworth, D. Brown, R. Mills, C. Olson, A. Seames, J. Osgood, M. Bennett, B. Swan, J. Fleet, G. Sessions, D. Brown, 2nd Row L. Bennett, B. Flynn, B. Seames, D. Webster, B. Wight, M. Dunn, J. Taylor, Q. Tyler, D. Cummings, M. Brown, 3rd Row R. Hamor, R. Harrington, B. MacKay, R. Chase, M. Rosenberg, G. Tyler, C. Mills, D. Morton, R. Deanis, T. Tracy, 4th Row Mr. Hannon, Ttr. Brown, Coach Collins, M. Brooks, M. Kendall, F. Harvey, N. Mills FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: R. Smith, R. Deanis, C. Mils, T. Tracy, D. Morton, G. Tyler, R. Chase, M. Brown, R. Harrington, B. MacKay, M. Kendall, 2nd Row: T. Gaudreau, Coach Hannon, R. Berryment, J. Brown, T. Hakala, C. Kelly, R. VanDeursen, T. Butters, G. Clements, B. Williams, R. Hamor, B. Tibbetts, C. Cayer, I. Gibson, S. Swasey, J. Hastings, D. Webster, B. Sessions, W. Cathcart GIRL?VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY: S. Lamontagne, V. Learned, I. Howe J. Gammon, G. Dooen, M. Dombkowski, C. Morgan, 2nd Row, Coach Dunham, C. Gauthier, T. Wight, K. Richardson, N. Dock, P. Webster, N. Brown GIRL? JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY: T. Tracy, K. Emery, D. Briggs, M. Bean, B. Mills, P. Bean, B. Scott, K. Hutchins, J. Bailey, J. White, 2nd Row Coach Dunham, B. Walker, P. Owen, T. Hathaway, H. Holt, B. Dennis, C. Whitten, L. Gammon, J. Campbell D. Holt, W. Davis, S. Ellsworth, C. Hebert JSC ?1 1 £ i n i?i CROSS COUNTRY: P. Keniston, S. Wight, E. Dombkowski, P. Cobb, S. Dennis, J. Clukey, M. Friel, R. Osgood, 2nd Row, Coach Applin, B. Richardson, S. Glover, B. Shimamura, S. Morrill, P. Bodwell, P. Friel, P. Gauthier, R.Walker, Co-Captain Dombkowski VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: G. Wight, R. Inman, Coach Applin, M. Berry P. Roy 2nd Row K. Morey, D. Dennis, K. Swasey,D. Brooks JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: R. Cummings, J. Hathaway, S. Duguay,Back Row, S. Flynn, P. Bean, J. Haines K. Flynn VARSITY BASKETBALL: J. Taylor, R. Whitney,D. Ellsworth, J. Osgood, J. Holt, 2nd Row Coach Buckland, M. Thurlow, C. Olson, A. Seames, B. Douglass, B. Bodwell, Coach Morton JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: E. Bolio, L. Poland, M. Kendall, D. Cummirogs, L. Bennett, G. Gaudreau, 2nd Row Coach Morton, R. Hamor, P. Gauthier, S. Berry, P. Morgan, E. Waterhouse K ’ Keniston ’ GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL: T.Wight, J. Gammon, T. Tracy, N. Dock, K. Richardson, 2nd Row G. Dooen, I. Howe, G. Emery, K. Whitten, R. Cummings, B. Mills 3rd Row Coach Fletcher GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: C. James, B. McGurn, P. Bean, I. Hathaway, J. Bailey, 2nd Row M. Morgan, K. Emery, K. Hutchins, P. Owen, E. Morton, W. Davis, L. Winslow,3rd Row Coach Fletcher Homecom i ng Winter Carnival ACTIVITIES FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: B.Mills, K. Sauret, M. Kendall, K. Keniston EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: R - Berryment, T. Cross, D. Webster SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: B. Mills, C. Mason, B. Stowell, M. Cox YEARBOOK STAFF: ' Morlnf4. K ' Mro ey ’ MUn,H ’ PaolIard ' A - Chase ’ K - C«thcart. SPANISH CLUB: d ' SiiS; D ; Clints, IK. Cathcart, N. Dock, M. Brora, K. Richardson, D. Brooks, D. Dennis, P. Morin, K. Swasey, Seated, Mr. Otero-Otero GERMAN CLUB: C. Smith, D. Buck, P. Sidelinger, Mr. Taylor, J. Taylor, S. Nuppula, A. Packard, N. Melville J Ah ' HA f WTW l M 4 T NEWSPAPER STAFF: M. Mills, C. Smith, V. Hathaway, T. Wight, S. Walen A V CLUB S. Wight, S. Glover, D. Dennis, M. Packard, P. Gauthier M. Teague, R. Walker , Lying, J. Taylor MATH LEAGUE: S. Wight, Mr. Applin, Mrs. Applin, K. Whitten, back row, C. Morgan, K. Keniston, M. Teague, M. Friel. S. MacKay SENIOR CHORUS: K. Flynn, L. Morin, S. MacKay, B. Cobb, B. Mills, 2nd Row: J. White, N. Morin,P. Webster, F. Morgan, P. Mills, E. Lovejoy, C. Smith, B. VanDeursen,3rd Row: M. Walen, D. Buck, B. Kimball, E. ' forton, V. Hathaway, S. Wight, T. Wight, R. Inman, P. Keniston CO-OP: D. Mundt, A. Chase, 2nd Row, S. Briggs, firs. Olson, D. Cole, P. Belanger, 3rd Row, D. Dennis, Mr. Denison, R. Cole, N. Greenleaf, B. Gilbert, C. Clough STAGE BAND: K. Morey, R. Farrington, G. Dunham, D. Buck, B. Cobb, N. Buck, 2nd Row: Mr. Brown, T. Swan, C. Howe, B. Martin, P. Keniston, E. Lovejoy, S. Walen LIBRARY CLUB: S. Walen, C. Gilbert, D. Dennis, Mrs. Gibbs, M. Teague, V . Hathaway, E. Morton, J. Martin, 2nd Row, S. Duguay, B. Kimball, A. Bachelder, A. Chase, D. Cole, D. Mundt, G. Wight, B. Dunham, T. Wight, 3rd Row, R. Walker, S. Wight, J. Mills, M. Mills G.A.A. M. Bean ,C. Morgan, N. Dock, P. Webster, J. Gammon, T. Wight, 2nd Row F. Morgan, K. Hutchins, K. Sauret, B. Mills, I Howe, G. Dooen, M. Dombkowski,3rd Row, B. Dennis J.Bailey, T. Hathaway, P. P. BeanjP. Owen, T. Tracy, R. Cummings, 4th Row, D. Holt, L. Gammon, J. Cambell, B. Scott, C. Hebert, H. Holt, S. Ellsworth JUNIOR CHORUS: S. MacKay, M. Swan, S. Seames, D. James, D.- Kennedy, 2nd Row R. Davis, T. Dunham, C. Merrill, L. Haines, S. Billings, B. Bowers, K. Marshall, C. Rugg, 3rd Row S. Snyder, R. Stowell, L. Duguay, D. Gaudreau, C. Gilbert, N. Hurd, P. Bean, S. Snyder, M. Merrill, 4th Row S. Osgood, C. O ' Donnell L. Rugg, B. White, K. Hakala, L. Leroux NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY C. Smith, C. Morgan, A. Packard, N. Melville, S. Dennis, C. Bennett, I. Howe, 2nd Row K. Whitten, D. Brooks, L. Poland, M. Berry, T. Wight, D. Buck, E. Dombkowski ,S. MacKay JUNIOR F.H.A.: „ J _ _ L. Rugg, D. Gaudreau, S. Osgood, D. Herrick, C. Rugg, S. Snyder, Back Row K. Marshall, D. RSader, S. Billings, C. Edwards, R. Ricker, M. Bean, G. McGum, J. Marshall, Mrs. Chandler, S. Snyder, B. White JUNIOR BAND: L. Sprague, B. Millett, R. Davis, C. O ' Donnell, 2nd Row, M. Otero, M. Swan, K. Hakala, C. Merrill, S. Seames, 3rd Row, B. Stowell, C. Andrews, J.Martin. W. Hurd, K. Flynn, D. James, R. Ricker, K. Marshall, L. Olson, K. Brooks, 4th Row, J. Hastings, G. Davis, G. McGurn, M. Bean, P. Carter, C. Mills, M. Merrill, A. Smith, 5th Row, K. Savage, S. Cuff, T. Dunham, S. Angevine, Mr. Brown, D. Wells SENIOR BAND: Lying, Mr. Brown, M. Dombkowski, M. Walen, C. Morgan, D. Briggs, 2nd Row D. Brooks, M. Berry, P. Roy, N. Mills, J. Deanis, 3rd Row B. Marshall, B. Rowe, P. Bean, R. Farrington, D. Buck, K. Sauret, K. Hutchins, W. Davis, 4th Row F. Morgan, P. Mills, C. James, K. Swan A. Summerton, M. Roberts, B. Cobb, E. Lovejoy, I. Howe, N. Buck, 5th Row G. Dunham, P. Owen, S. McKay, B. Brown, K. Morey, A. Dunham, J. Wesson, B. Shimamura, T. Tracy, K. Brown, R. Cummings, P. Ken- iston, C. Howe JIJNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL: D. James, C. Gauthier, Mr. Brown, N. Stowell, M. Merrill, Back Row S. Wentworth, J. C. Pritchard, D. Merrill, L. Wight, L. Duguay, A. Smith, L. Olson, K. Brooks, M. Bean, S. MacKay NAPA TLL 824 " 0J RANCOURT’S CORNER STORE -7 KELLYS Auto Parts Inc. Automotive A: Industrial Supplies Mechanic Street Bethel. Maine 04217 Route 26 Bethel, Maine 04217 Tel. 824-2416 THE BETHEL SAVINGS BANK CHARLIE’S PLACE MAIN STREET BETHEL 8 HARRISON , MAINE MEMBER F D.I.C. BETHEL, MAINE Swjoc®- Iunoc®. BROOKS BROS. INC. r£ FUEL OIL 8 HARDWARE xp Betnel, Maine 04217 Tel- 824-2158 We ' re a 1 wavs thinking... Casco Bank lhist A( aseo-. orthern Bank MEMBER FD C 824-2770 Bethel Spa Restaurant Main Street The Fashion Basket The Brass Buckle Bethel y Maine 04217 Main Street Bethel.Maine 04217 COMPLIMENTS OF: P. H CHADBOURNE CO. Rumforc , Maine 04276 207-364-4521 [( 5 C OXFORD PAPERS) HVISON OF ethyl CORPORATION V CLUKEY’S PHARMACY, INC. Prescriptions are our specialty Open every day of the year - 9 to 11 For your shopping convenience; Card ' s, Gift ' s, Beauty Boutiques,ETC CITGO SERVICE CENTER HATHA WAY ' COUNTRY STORE BETHEL, MAINE S TEL. 824-2580 LOCK E MILLS HANOVER DOWEL COMPANY Manufactures of White Birch Dowels ' jf-hmns hi -ipti! JJ 1111 •7 fowm for all ()ccassioa i C.,, .„J 824-2454 £ «;»,i 824 - 22.12 Plain Dowels Sanded Beaded Stained 8 Waxed Tumbled Enamel 8 Varnish Chucked Rounded Tenoned Tapered Bored Spiral Grooved Dowel Pins COMPLIMENTS OF: W) i nd o w ox and 1AJ oof? and %iJ eft fame ERNEST ANGEVINE BETHEL, MAINE BROWN ' S SNO JET SALES AND SERVICE BETHEL MAIN BROWN ' S VARIETY STORE BETHEL, MAINE CHARLIE ' S CHEVRON BETHEL, MAINE MR. MRS. ROBERT CRANE BETHEL, MAINE DAVE’S GENERAL STORE ANDOVER, MAINE L. E. DAVIS BETHEL, MAINE EARLY REAL ESTATE BETHEL, MAINE HEAD’S STORE WEST BETHEL,MAINE THE HUDSON FAMILY BETHEL, MAINE LITTLEFIELD BEACHES BRYANT POND, MAINE NEW YORKER MOTEL BETHEL, MAINE Patrons PLEASANT RIVER MOTEL, CABINS. CAMPGROUND RIPLEY FLETCHER BETHEL, MAINE ROBERTS ' POULTRY FARM BETHEL, MAINE SUNRI SKI SHOP, INC. BETHEL, MAINE WESTERN MAINE SUPPLY CO. BETHEL MAINE WEST BETHEL, MAINE

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