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: ; - • 1969 ZODIAC TELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL The Keys Are Presented: A Great New School Is Opened . . . . . . Communication And Learning Begins DEDICATION 1969 The first Telstar Regional High School yearbook is dedicated to all the townspeople in the School Administrative District 44 and all those others who made Telstar possible! MEMORIAM The seniors who were in the Gould Academy freshman class were greatly saddened by the sudden death of Duane Cross and think about him often at this time of graduation. Graduating Class of 1969! But, Telstar Is More Than A School, It Is People . . . People In Communication . . . 6 Ttf T; TELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL BETHEL, MAINE ‘ZODIAC ' NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY NINE ELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH 7 VO 2 CO o: o z UJ ( Senior Class Officers Mr. Frank Bean, Adviser; James Lowe, Vice-Chairman; Paul Salway, Chairman; Janis Kennagh, Secretary-Treasurer. SENIORS ’69 Bethany Andrews Rosalie Julie Auger 12 Bethany Andrews Beth Gould Academy “The world is not so bitter but a smile could make it sweet.” Chorus 1 2 3 4; Chapman Club 123; Drama Club 2; FHA 2 3 (secretary 4); Yearbook Staff (treasurer 4); Student Council 3 (planning board 4); Carnival Queen Candidate 4; Modern Dance 12 3; Basketball 2; Apparatus 3. Rosalie Julie Auger Rose Woodstock High School “A little quiet you may have surmized, but when you get to know her you’d be surprised!” Librarian 12 3. Ronald H. Bane Ronnie “Man being reasonable, must get drunk! " Wayne Roland Bean Beanie “Where there ' s a will, there’s a way!” Douglas Wayne Bennett “Grin and bear it!” Football 1 2 3 4. Doug Woodstock High School Gould Academy Gould Academy Woodstock High School Karen Lee Berryment Chisel “Why be silent when talking is more fun? " Chorus 12 3; Rifle Club 1 2 3; Drama Club 2 3 4; Yearbook Staff 4; National Honor Society 3 (secretary 4); Softball 1 2 3 4; Basketball 2 3 4; Volleyball 3. Jo-Anne Bickford Jo Gould Academy “I agree with no man’s opinion; I have my own! " Latin Club 2 3; Outing Club 2 3 4; Yearbook Staff 3 4; Biology Club 2; School Newspaper 3 (Editor 4); Hockey 1 (team 2 3, Co-captain 4); Ski Team 1 3; Volley¬ ball 2; Softball Team 12 3; Apparatus 12 3. Malcolm Lawrence Billings Mac “The will to do, the soul to dare.” Cross Country 12 3; Baseball Team 1; Basketball 1. Scott James Blanchard Scot “Smiling at victory; smiling at defeat.” Sue Susan Lynn Brooke “The smile that won ' t come off.” Debating Club 1; Girls State Delegate 3; Archery 1 2 (team 3). Woodstock High School Bryants Pond, Maine Gould Academy Gould Academy James Virgil Bolen Jim “Self deceit leads to self destruction.” Yearbook 2 4; School Newspaper 3; Drama Club 3 4; Library Club 4; Chorus 4; Ski Team 2 3 4. Valerie Lucinda Clough Cynthia Florence Brooks Carol Sue Brown 14 Gould Academy Cynthia Florence Brooks Cindy " The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it! " Literary Magazine (Art Editor 3); Debating Club 1; French Club 1 3; Drama Club 2 3 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Girls State Delegate 3; Volleyball 1 2 3; Tennis 1 3; Apparatus 12 3. Carol Sue Brown Suki Gould Academy " Everything I do is either immoral, illegal or fattening!” Debating 1; French Club 3 (Vice-president 4); Outing Club 12 3; Drama Club 2; Chorus 2; FHA 2 3 4: Hockey 1 (team 2 3); Volleyball 2; Basketball 1 (team 2 3 4); Apparatus 12 3; Tennis 1 2; Softball 1 2. Dale W. Buck Dale Gould Academy " I can not check my crimson blush, my color comes and goes; I redden to my finger tips and sometimes to my nose!” Track 4. Rayann Susan Burnham Annie Woodstock High School " She who makes the best use of her time has the most to spare.” Drama Club 3 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Chorus 1 4; Rifle Club 12 3; Student Coun¬ cil 1 (secretary 3); National Honor Society 3 4; Basketball 1 2 3; Softball 2; Top Ten Honor Student 4. Linda Lee Carver Linda Gould Academy " Her friendship is straight-forward and springs from the heart.” Outing Club 1 2 4; FHA 2; Carnival Queen 4; Hockey 12 3; Tennis 1 2; Ski Team 1 3; Volleyball 1 2 3; Apparatus 2. Vivian Chase Viv Woodstock High School " It is better to be small and shine, than to be great and cast a shadow.” Drama Club 2 3. Valerie Lucinda Clough Val, Shorty Gould Academy " Little friends may prove great friends! " FHA 1 2 4; Archery 1 2 3. Anita Colby " Jugs” Andover, Maine " From a little spark bursts a mighty flame. " School Newspaper 1 2 3 4: Yearbook Staff 2 (Co-editor 3); Student Council 1 2; Library Club 1 2 3 (Vice-president 4); Basketball (Co-captain 4). Eileen Beth Cole Eileen Woodstock High School " Silent and Sincere!” Chorus 1 2 3; Yearbook Staff 3; National Honor Society 3 4; Softball 1 2 3; Top Ten Honor Student 4. Beverly Lee Coolidge Bev Andover High School " Life is what we make it! " Drama Club 1 2 (Vice-president 3); Student Council (Vice-president 3); Yearbook Staff 1 2 3; National Honor Society 3 4; Girls State Delegate 3; Basketball Team 1 2 3 4; Cheerleader 2 3; Softball Team 1 2 3; Volleyball 1. Robert H. Day, Junior Eva Marie Elliot Lynn Dickey Brandon Lee Falkenham John George Collidge Patricia Linda Dunham Deborah Louise Foster 16 Cynthia Jean Crockett Keith Patrick Durgin Betsy Ann Fox John George Coolidge Scamper Woodstock High School “I love work. ... I could just sit and watch it all day!” Cynthia Jean Crockett Cindy Gould Academy “She’s true to her work, her word, her friends. " FHA 12 4; Archery 1; Apparatus 1. Robert H. Day, Junior Daisy, Bobby Gould Academy “I can resist anything but temptation!” Outing Club 1 2 3; French Club 2 3; Biology Club 2; Science Club 4; Football 1 2 3; Baseball 12 3; Ski Team 2. Lynn Dickey Lynn Gould Academy “A friend to all, sincere and kind, a nicer girl you’ll never find.” Latin Club 3; Chorus 1 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Outing Club 3; Majorette 1 2 4; D A R Citizenship Award 4; Softball Team 3; Basketball 3; Volleyball 3; Hockey Team 4. Patricia Linda Dunham Pat, Cunnin’ Gould Academy “A well wrapped package with a bomb inside!” Outing Club 1; FHA 3; Hockey 1 2; Basketball 1 2 (team 3 4); Apparatus 1 2; Volleyball 2 3; Ski Team 1; Softball 1. Keith Patrick Durgin Keith Gould Academy “He may seem quiet, he may seem shy, but see that mischief in his eye! " Track 3 4; Ski Team 1. Eva Marie Elliot Red Andover High School “She smiled and that was all she said.” Prize Speaking 2. Brandon Lee Falkenham Brad Gould Academy “Why love a little girl a lot when you can love a lot of girls a little?” Ski Team 2 3 (Co-captain 4); Track 3 4; Outing Club 1. Deborah Louise Foster Debbie Woodstock High School “Laughter, memories and a few regrets!” Chorus 12 3; Student Council 2 3; Drama Club 2; Softball 2. Betsy Ann Fox Foxie Gould Academy “Is it true blonds have more fun?” Outing Club 1 2; Cheerleader 3; FHA 1; Basketball 2 3; Hockey 2 3; Volleyball 1 2 3; Softball 1 2 3; Apparatus 1 2 3. Terrence Richard Hataway Alan Rodney Howe Paula Mae Howe James Gerald Johnson 18 Gould Academy Thomas Hinckley Gibbs Tom ■•It is not the things we say; it’s the things we do that count! " Audio Visual Club 12 3 (President 4); Library Club (Vice-president 4); Science Club 4; Football 1 2; Baseball 1 2 3. Helen Beth Glover Charley Brown Andover High School “Man has the will - but woman the way! " Drama Club 3; Prize Speaking 2; Student Council 3, Basketball Team 1 2 3; Softball Team 1 2 3; Volleyball 3. Linda Lee Griffin Linda Gould Academy “Vanity, vanity, thy name is woman!” FHA 1; Drama Club 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Library Club 4; French Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Apparatus 1 2; Hockey 1 2; Basketball 1 2; Softball 1 2; Volleyball 1 2. Stephen M. Hakala Steve, Hak Woodstock High School “An athlete who scores in more way than one! " Rifle Club 2 3; Cross Country 3 4; Basketball 3 4; Top Ten Honor Student 4. Wilma Harrington Willie Gould Academy " Love makes the word go ‘round! " FHA 1 2 3; Hockey 1; Basketball 2. Stephen Richardson Hastings Steve, Ray Gould Academy “Teachers and classrooms are his only objections to education! " Camera Club 1 2; Weather Club 2 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Outing Club 4; Cross Country 1; Baseball 1 2 3 4; Top Ten Honor Student 4. Terrence Richard Hathaway Terry Woodstock High School “It is quality not quantity that counts! " Library Club 4; Science Club 4; Volleyball 1 2; Rifle Club 1 2 3. _ , l, Alan Gould Academy Alan Rodney Howe Alan “Friendship and sportsmanship equal a well liked man- Rac . ? 3- Latin Club 1 2 3 (President 4); Outing Club 4; Football 1 2 3 4, Baseball 2 3, Basketball 1. Paula Mae Ho«e Pots Woodstock High School “Tis the mind that makes the body rich! " Debating Club 4; Chorus 3; Prize Speaking 2; Drama Club 2, National Honor Society 3 4; Girls State Delegate 3; National Merit 4; Basketball 2 3 (team 4), Softball 1 2 3 4; Top Ten Honor Student 4. James Gerald Johnson Reverend, Jim Gould Academy “Give me liberty and a diploma! " Football 1 2 3 (Co-captain 4); Baseball 1 2 3 4. James Robert Lowe Katrina Lowe Ginette L. Marquis Catherine Stanley Merrill 20 Karen Lee Keniston Karen Woodstock High School “Ready for work, ready for play, always good natured, happy and gay.” Rifle Club 12 3; Drama Club 3; National Honor Society 3 4; Softball 1 2 3 4. Janis Lynne Kennagh Jan Gould Academy “The softness of her smile indicates the kindness of her character!” FHA 1 2 3 4 (Secretary 3, Parliamentarian 2 4, District E Recorder 3, State Parliamentarian 4, National Convention Delegate 4); Chorus 1 2 3 4; Drama Club 2 3; Majorette 2 3 (Head 4); Yearbook Staff 4; School Newspaper 4; Outing Club 1 2; National Honor Society 3 4; Carnival Queen Candidate 4; Senior Class Secretary-treasurer 4; Hockey 1 (team 2 3 4); Basketball 1 2 (team 3); Volley¬ ball 12 3; Modern Dance 12 3; Top Ten Honor Student 4. Martha Ellen Knox Marty Andover High School " Happiness is like a kiss, to appreciate it you must give it to someone else!” Prize Speaking 2; Drama Club 3; Youth Corps 1 2 3 4; Volleyball 3; Softball Team 12 3; Basketball Team 2 3. Linda Irene Koskela Lynn Woodstock High School " Rome was not built in a day. " Riffle Club 1 2 3; Chorus 1 2 3; Drama Club 2 3 4; Band 1; Student Council 2 (Secretary 3, planning board 4); Yearbook (Co-editor 4); Carnival Queen Candi¬ date 4; Softball Team 1 2 3 4; Volleyball 3; Cheerleader 2 3. Alfred Thomas Leighton Al Woodstock High School " I don ' t let the girls trouble me! " Rifle Club 1. Dorothy Lovejoy Dot, Sis Gould Academy “Music is the solace to the soul.” Band 1 2 3 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4; All State 1 2 3 4; Chapman Club 1 2 3; Drama Club 2 3; Library Club 4; Audio Visual Club 4; School Newspaper 4; Softball Team 2; Volleyball 2. James Robert Lowe Jim Gould Academy " So little done — so much to do! " Library Club 4; Pep Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Drama Club 2 3, Yearbook (Co-editor 4); Senior Class Vice-chairman 4; Gymnastics 2 3; Volleyball 3; Governes Confer- secu of Art and Humanities 4; Boys State Delegate 3. Katrina Lowe Trina Gould Academy " She is the sunshine and the world will never find a cloudy day!” FHA 2 3 4; Outing Club 12 3; Hockey 2; Softball 1 (team 2 3); Basketball 12 3 (team 4); Volleyball 12 3; Apparatus 12 3; Top Ten Honor Student 4. Ginette L. Marquis Ginette Bethel, Maine " With women she argues from the heart, not the mind.” Chorus 12 3. Catherine Stanley Merrill Kathie Gould Academy " I couldn’t be good if I would and I wouldn ' t be good if I could!” Outing Club 1: FHA 2 3; Basketball 2 3; Volleyball 1 2; Hockey 1 2; Apparatus 2 3. Ann Mills Gary J. Page Thomas A. Redman Alan Steven Remington Cheryl Ann Meriill Jeanne Elizabeth Merrill Donald F. Morgan John Christine Nowlin Sherboune E. Noyes Alston Roberts 22 Cheryl Ann Merrill “Ding " Stephens High School " Where there ' s fun she ' s always in it, never still for half a minute.” Basketball 1 2; Softball 1 2 3; Ski Team 1 2; Hockey 1 2. Jeanne Elizabeth Merrill Jeannie Gould Academy " Personality is the cornerstone to success. " Student Council Planning Board 4; Hockey 1; Softball 1 2 (team 4); Basketball 2 (team, co-captain 4); Volleyball 3. Ann Mills Annie, Star Dust Gould Academy " There ' s a time for all things! " Chorus 1 2. Donald F. Morgan Don Woodstock High School " Happy am I, from care I’m free. Why aren ' t they all contented like me? Rifle Club 1 2 3; Baseball 3. John Christie Nowlin Chris Woodstock High School " Smile, it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!” Boys State Delegate 3; Drama Club 3; Basketball 1 2; Volleyball 3; Baseball 12 3. Sherbourne E. Noyes Sherb " Thought is deeper than all speech.” Woodstock High School Gould Academy Gary J. Page Dick " Be but yourself, and let the world think what it will. " Latin Club 2; Biology Club 2; School Newspaper 2; Outing Club 1 2 3 4; Science Club 4; Cross Country 1 2; Ski Team 2. Thomas A. Redman Tom, Red " Why should the Devil have all the fun?” Baseball 1; Cross Country 1 2 3 4. Woodstock High School Alan Steven Remington Farma Gould Academy " If you are looking for someone to start a riot, here I am! Audio Visual Club 12 3; Outing Club 3; Drama Club 2 3; Ski Team 12 3, Football 12 3 (Co-captain 4); Track 1 2 4; Baseball 3. Alston Roberts Al " What was the use of worrying; it never was Ski Team 1; Cross Country 1 2 3; Baseball 1 Andover High School worth while!” 2 3. John Michael Shannon Kerry Smith David Lee Roberts Bruce Simmons Ronald Dexter Smith Philip Henry Runnels Stephen Simmons Sandra Jane Smith 24 David Lee Roberts Dave Woodstock High School " Sometimes I like to sit and think, but most of the time I just sit!” Philip Henry Runnels Big Phil Gould Academy " I will express myself in my own words and who so chooseth to laugh, let him laugh!” Latin Club 1 2; Science Club 4; Chorus 4; National Merit 4; Football 12 3; Basketball 1 2 4; Track 1 2 3 4. Paul J. Salway Buzzy Andover High School “Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die! " Senior Class Chairman 4; Baseball 1 2; Volleyball 3. John Michael Shannon Mike, Percy Woodstock High School " Work and worry have killed many a man, so why should I take a chance?” Rifle Club 12 3; Basketball 2 3. Bruce Simmons Simmon Gould Academy " Man can not be happy alone!” Ski Team 2 3; Baseball 4. Stephen Simmons Red, Steve Gould Academy “A rugged boy with hair of red, without the temper so tis said. Outing Club 2; Basketball 3 (Co-captain 4). Candace Louise Smith Candy Gould Academy " Enjoy yourself while you are young, for you’re young only once!” FHA 1 2 (Historian 3); Archery Team 1 2; Basketball Team 3; Apparatus 2 3; Baseball Team 2 3, Volleyball 2 3; Majorette 2 3 4. Kerry Smith Goober Gould Academy " Study as if life lasted forever, live as if it ends tomorrow! " Track 2 3 4; Football 12 3. Ronald Dexter Smith Hook Gould Academy " A good many things go around in the dark besides Tiny Tim! " Science Club 4; Library Club 4; Drama Club 4. Sandra Jane Smith Sandy Gould Academy “I never met a man I didn’t like! " Outing Club 1 2 3; French Club 3 4; Debating Club 1; Drama Club 2 3; FHA 3 4; Hockey 1 2; Basketball 1 2; Softball 2 3; Apparatus 1 2 3; Volleyball 1 2 3. Cheryl Elaine Stevens John A. Sylvester Kathleen Rose Summer Margaret Rose Sylvester Sharon Louise Swan Mary Sylvester Robert Downes Sylvester Judy Ann Spidell Judy Andover High School “Kind words can never die!” Yearbook 2 (Assistant Editor 3); Drama Club (Treasurer 3); Softball 2 3. Terry Kim Stecher Terry Gould Academy " My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me!” Chapman Club 12 3; Chorus 12 3; Band 2; French Club 4; Pep Club 3; Drama Club 2; Volleyball 12 3; Ski Team 12 3; Tennis 1 2; Yearbook 4; Top Ten Honor Student 4. Cheryl Elaine Stevens Cher Gould Academy “She does little kindnesses, which most will leave undone.” FHA 1 2 3 4; Drama Club 3 4; Library Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; School Newspaper 4; Hockey 1; Archery 1 2. Kathleen Rose Sumner Kathy Woodstock High School “Hope and be happy; that’s all for the best!” Chorus 4; Softball 3. Sharon Louise Swan Sharon Gould Academy “A light heart lives long!” FHA 3. Yvonne Marie Sweetser Yvonne Gould Academy “Quiet only to those who don’t know her!” Chorus 1, FHA 1 2; Hockey Team 12 3; Softball Team 12 3; Apparatus 12 3; Volleyball 1 2 3; Basketball 1 2 (team 3). John A. Sylvester Professor Andover High School “Live, love and be happy, for you ' ll be dead a long time! " Drama Club 2 3; Yearbook Staff 2 3; Track 2 3 4; Basketball 3; Baseball 2 3. Margaret Rose Sylvester Margee Gould Academy “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. " French Club 2 3 4; Library Club 4; FHA 3 4; School Newspaper 4; Softball 1. Marry Sylvester Trechadim Andover High School “The lady doth protest too much me thinks! " Cheerleader 1 2 (Co-head 3); Drama Club 1 2 3; Student Council 2; School Newspaper 2; Prize Speaking 2; Yearbook Staff 3; Volleyball 1 2 3. Robert Downes Sylvester Rob Andover High School “I don’t intend to be a flirt; it’s just my way!” Drama Club 3; Yearbook 3; Chorus 1; Library Club 4; Volleyball 3; Baseball 1 2 3; Basketball 1 2; Cross Country 1 2 3 4; Track 4. Clayton Tyler Diana Lee Walker Terry John Waisaner Lenora Rachel Westleigh Beverly Jean York Anita Lillian Young 28 Michael Witter Stuart Arthur Thurlow Stuart Woodstock High School “Smile with the intent to do mischief! " Baseball 12 3; Basketball 1 2; Cross Country 12 3. Penny Twitchell Penny, Nellie Gould Academy “A cheery smile will take you a long way!” FHA 1 2 3 4 (Social Recreation Chairman 2, Vice presiden t 3 4); School Newspaper 4; Archery 1 2; Volleyball 1 2. Clayton Tyler Clayt Woodstock High School “Never do today what you can do tomorrow.” Diana Lee Walker Dinnie Gould Academy “Without music life would be a mistake!” Band 1 2 3 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Chapman Club 1 2 3; Drama Club 2 3; Library Club (President 4); Pep Club 4; French Club 4; Audio Visual Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; School Newspaper 4; Volleyball 1 2; Archery 1 2 (team 3); Apparatus 1 2 3; Softball 1 2 (team 3). Terry John Waisaner Bob Woodstock High School “The outdoors is free, and I’ll enjoy it!” Lenora Rachel Westleigh Nora, Lyn Gould Academy “If the dreams I dream come true!” FHA 1 2 3 4 (treasurer 4, secretary 3); Chorus 4; Science Club 2; Drama Club 3; Outing Club 4; Debating Club 4; Basketball 12 3; Softball 12 3; Hockey 1 2. Michael Witter Mike Woodstock High School “No one but himself could be his equal! " Beverly Jean York Dev Gould Academy “Ready, willing to get things done; always dependable, and lots of fun!” FHA 1 2 3 4 (Secretary 1 2, Parliamentarian 3, President 4, State President 3, National Convention Delegate 3); Drama Club 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Volleyball 1 2 3; Tennis 1 2; Basketball 2 (team 3); School Newspaper 4; Top Ten Honor Student 4. Anita Lillian Young Nita Gould Academy “A lovely woman nobly planned, her heart belongs to just one man.” FHA 2 3 4 (President 3, District E. Chairman 4); Chorus 4; French Club 4; Library Club 4; Biology Club 2; Yearbook Staff (secretary 4); Outing Club 1, Carnival Queen Candidate 4; Tennis 1 2; Volleyball 2; Basketball 1 2; Top Ten Honor Student 4; School Newspaper 4. “WHO’S WHO?” Cutest Smile Dale Buck Janis Kennagh Most Talkative Kathy Merrill Jim Lowe Class Flirts Debby Foster Brandon Falkenham Class 4 1st Row Margie (Sylvester Mary (Sylvester) 2nd Row Robert (Sylvester) John (Sylvester) Favorite Couple Wilma (Harrington) Wayne (Bean) 30 SENIOR STATISTICS NAME NOTED FOR LIKES DISLIKES SECRET AMBITION Beth Andrews False eyelashes? Brandy, Andover Portland hypocrites, liver chem. labs To be a doctor’s nurse! Rosalie Auger Making excuses to get out of Phy. Ed. guys, smoking, good clean fun Phy. Ed To be a nurse Ronald Bane Being lazy skiing, girls, “Bud” school, cities To keep a secret Wayne Bean Wilma, Volkswagens good parties, long nites and Wilma Truant Officers, getting stuck on back roads To trade my Volks¬ wagen for a car! Douglas Bennett Generosity any kind of sports ? To become a Howard Hues! Karen Berryment Stubborness people, food gymnastics, nick names To be a wand¬ erer! Jo-Anne Bickford Skiing ski patrol ski accidents, spelling rules To ski bum a- round the world with a ski pa¬ trol Malcolm Billings Being called Joey cars school, work To keep a secret! Scott Blanchard Being a good fish¬ erman! 1 like everything! no dislikes! To be a pilot! James Bolen Reality’s mouthpiece! mashed potatoes, guitas, myself Domineering females, hypocrites, myself To be 99 44 100 pure! Susan Brooke Sound of Silence cats, mountains, the sea masses of people, shots To walk the ba¬ lance beam! Cynthia Brooks California Dreamin’ The Spa, “Bethel parties” food, vacations school, war, waiting, people with superiority complexes To be a guest on the Tonight Show with Jonathan Winters Carol Brown Quick answers, being a BG and one of the girls most likely ANDREW, cycles, fast cars, pepsi, staying out late. being cold, nothing to do, staying home, being alone, war To make it when, where, and how 1 want it Dale Buck (Leroy) Skiing, girls, cars, vacations cities, crows, short hair To keep it a secret Rayann Burnham Determination Sports, baking, reading, camping and hiking spoiled children, boiled dinners, politics To travel everywhere visiting uncommercial¬ ized places only Linda Carver Green eyes Weekends, ice cream soc! Spa To go around the work Vivian Chase My smile Horse races, dances quizzes, spaghetti, pizza To grow thin Valerie Clough “Being short” Boys, skiing school, early buses If 1 tell it, then it won’t be a secret Anita Colby Happy-go-lucky Steve, food People who try to break up couples “To get used to Maine Eileen Cole Neatness Cats, sewing, sports, reading and playing the piano Deadlines To get my driver’s license. 32 Beverly Coolidge Writing Letters Navy, Ken overcrowded buses, bullies Registered Nurse John Coolidge My monthly payments Sleep, cars, farming school To have a Million Cynthia Crockett Friendliness, smile Animals, outdoors, snow younger sister To be Bartender for Dean Martin’s bar. Robert Day Getting into trouble Cars, motorcycles, fun, parties, girls trouble, snobs. Shakes¬ peare To keep out of trouble Lynn Dickey Quietness Reading, traveling, sports math, snow, babysitting To get through college Pat Dunham Dennis Dennis, pepsis, ski¬ ing. •‘bikes’’ gossips, eggs, milk, homework To own the Crown Victoria (again) Keith Durgin Ski-doos girls, all outdoor sports school To become a pilot Eva Elliot Quietness boys, food, music, dogs school. Tiny Tim To own a horse ranch. Brandon Falkenham Skiis “Beth”, Madame, Feelin’ Groovy, wigs waiting, vegetables To be a doctor. Debbie Foster Procrastinating, breaking up boys, love. Shakespeare, spaghetti, water skiing, fast cars chocolate pudding, snow Waist length hair and 3824 36 Betsy Fox Forgetfulness, asking the wrong questions parties, boys, late shows, summer getting grounded, studying To reach 5 ' 3 " Tom Gibbs Audio-Visual aids skiing, boating town meetings To be a politician Helen Glover Buzzy’s girl food to have my chin tick¬ led, starvation A GO-GO dancer Linda Griffin Sunglasses traveling, sleek cars, long eyelashes, sun two-faced people, cold weather, studying To be a millionairess Steve Hakala Sports fast cars, pepsi, pizza homework, cold weather To own a Vette Wilma Harrington Wayne Wayne, volkswagens, good times, long nights conceited people, cold winters, water, unor¬ ganized Senior classes To live with Wayne and 3 St. Bernards in a one room shack in Bethel! Steve Hastings Always being in trouble (deep trouble) MEC. 71.1 English class, l-o-n-g boring physics class To run a subway in Central Park Terry Hathaway Girls hunting, fishing, skiing Uncle Sam Uncle Sam Alan Howe Sideburns, flashy smile Diane, food, good talk, good drinks overly unauthoritive teachers, ridiculous RULES. Telstar A nail trimmer for 3-toed tree sloths Paula Howe Exceptionally curly hair sports lazy people To be a bush pilot James Johnson Sports having a good time school To own the hottest car around! Karen Kemston Quick temper Terry Wilson being on time To be free! Janis Kennagh That constant smile, keeping busy “Mike”, coffee, lots of mail, Miami Beach V. W.’s, the war, immature people To marry and have 10 kids! Martha Knox Complaining boys over 20 reading, English class To travel around the world at 21! Linda Koskela Always being a little bit too late softball, dancing, English Leather apathy, pessimism, cheese and chowders To be happy! fred Leighton Slow driving girls, hunting, fishing, fast cars school work, some people, cops To run the world Dot Lovejoy Musical talent music, food, boys shoes, fake people, smooth guys To spend one day like a princess in the fairy tales Jim Lowe Nothings girls, swimming, sun, surf some teachers Two own an island in the South Seas! Trina Lowe ‘•Back yard SWING” wind, laughing, fun, sunshine flooded locker room floors, lack of money To find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Ginnette Mar quis French dancing, meeting people, sports homework To join the Navy Dathy Merrill Birthday parties, Russ Pepsis, motorcycles, fast cars, blue eyes carrots, army To be happy and travel. Cheryl Merrill Rumford, Jimmy horseback riding studying To get fat Jeame Merrill Personality vacations, sports food in school cafe¬ teria, 1 Vi hour class To be a teacher Ann Mills Smoking where she’s not supposed to Lee, swimming mosquitos, school To be a play girl! Donald Morgan Tending the coffee machine making pottery Wise guys, who shoot their mouths off To make a million dollars by the time 1 reach 24! John Nowlin Skipping school Cars, beer, girls school, warm beer U.S. Marines Sherbourne Noyes Personality, friend liness Sports, cars homework To have a speed car shop Gary Page Size 14 shoe, No 1 shack Nothing Size 14 shoe, No 1 shack To get hot on June 13 Thomas Redman Late lab reports, hunting and fishing Woman, hunting and fishing lab reports, black flies, mosquitos Game Warden Alan Remington Being (Me) Susan, sports 38-24-36 frauds, “don’t do it” To be free Alston Roberts Being late for English class Good looking girls, good dances, and wild parties dead parties, dull dances, stuck-up girls None David Roberts Perfect school attendance ? school It’s a secret Phil Runnels Good afternoon in the morning Reciprocity Hypocrisy To be a Peruvian aardvark breeder Paul Salway Beating up Helen Myself teachers NONE!! John Shannon Blushing easily Mexican food, girls, dances stuck-up conceited girls; dead parties Business Administration Degree Bruce Simmons ? Sports, Judy Spidell school Get stoned on June 13 Steve Simmons Red Hair Anita, basketball Dancing To play for the Boston Celtics Candace Smith Absence from school P.H., weekends, cloths, fun Being called “skinny” people who think they know everything “What ambition " Kerry Smith Riding shotgun for the green hornet Schlitz, hot cars, a good party rules and regulations To get hot on Friday June 13 Ronald Smith Nose (Hook) Motorcycles, cars, girls The Establishment, people that don’t try Unite TRHS Sandra Smith Being “one of the Donnie, staying time limits, quietness, To make it somewhere girls most likely”, being a BG out late, 13, arguing, cycles having nothing to do. Bethel somehow, soon. 34 Judy Spidell Quiet Bruce Simmons Terry Stecher Carrots, diets Traveling, food, summers Cheryl Stevens James Honesty, real people, Jim Kathleen Sumner Always smiling Softball Sharon Swan Long blond hair The ocean, red hair, the sun, horses, fields Yvonne Sweetser Billy A special boy named Bill, sports, money music John Sylvester Working, girls Motorcycle, cars, girls Margee Sylvester Scatter pins on Writing, summer, skirts; requisitions sleeping Mary Sylvester Daydreaming Sleeping, Mass. Jimmy Robert Sylvester Flirting with girls in the hall: Bonnie, cars, vacations Stuart Thurlow Laziness Beer, girls, parties Penny Twitchell A Lon-g-g engagement Michael, skiing, swim¬ ming, traveling, mustangs Clayton Tyler My hair Fast cars, warm girls Diana Walker Always being busy The library, clubs, Fun Packard and Al Terry Waisanen Being on time Fishing and camping Tradition diets, self worshipers fakes, meames. buses a lot of things like basketball Fake people, crowded buses, sex school, nosey people onions snow, snobby people Chemistry, hypocrisy, spiders rainy days, spiders, phony people people acting stupid, people who think they are better than others hangovers, Church Russian Literature, nosey people slow cars, fat girls Fickle people, people always putting others down playing chaperone Lenora Westleigh Chester Wheeler Mike Witter Beverly York Anita Young Public speaking Being There! NOTHING!!! Waiting till the last minute to do homework and book reports, F.H.A. “The Remington Clan” sensitiveness, Fudge sale announcements “Boys”, sports, individualism Mostly Hunting Dances, midnight “Gab” sessions, sleeping, kids, and FOOD! “Robert”, U. of M. week¬ ends, F.H.A. “Bethel”, hypocrisy morals Limits being told what to do conceited people. “Monday Morning Bias’s”. Cigarette smoke snobby people, vegetables 35 To get out of here. To travel the world and feel completely free To make people happy and helping people. To be a messagest To travel around the world. To travel to different places To succeed in life. To know why life is To be a Fashion Designer To go to the Hawaiian Paradise Island To get my diploma To go to Europe and Hawaii ? To be the first woman on Mars To go cross country on a motorcycle R.N., possibly B.S. degrees To live as myself NONE!!! To blow bubbles for the Lawrence Welk Show To get married and have 4 kids. SENIORS 1st Row Diana Walker. Rayann Burnham, Eva Elliot, Paula Howe, Rosalie Auger, Janis Kennagh, Ginette Marquis, Betsy Fox, Anita Colby, Patricia Dunham, Valerie Clough, Vivian Chase 2nd Row Dorothy Lovejoy, Penny Twitchell, Lynn Dickey, Terry Stecher, Linda Koskela, Bethany Andrews, Sharon Swan, Magaret Sylvester, Kathleen Sumner, Judith Spidell. Jo-Anne Bickford, Karen Keniston, Linda Griffin 3rd Row Deborah Foster, Kathleen Merrill, Beverly Coolidge, Katrina Lowe, Wilma Harrington, Sandra Smith, Eileen Cole. Anita Young, Mary Sylvester, Beverly York, Linda Carver 4th Row Martha Knox, Jeanne Merrill, Cynthia Brooks. Ann Mills, Helen Glover, Carol Brown, Cynthia Crockett, Yvonne Sweetser, Candace Smith, Susan Brooke, Karen Berryment, Cheryl Merrill 36 1969 1st Row Gary Page. Dale Buck, James Lowe, Scott Blanchard, Thomas Redman, Malcolm Billings, Stephen Hastings 2nd Row Stephen Hakala, Robert Sylvester, Steve Simmons, Terry Waisanen, Alan Remington, James Bolen, James Johnson, Paul Salway, Clayton Tyler 3rd Row Philip Runnels, John Nowlin, Alfred Leighton, David Roberts. Alton Howe. Ronald Smith, Alston Roberts, Bruce Simmons. Brandon Falkenham, Wayne Bean 4th Row Ronald Bave, Robert Day. Sherboune Noyes, Kerry Smith, Donald Morgan, Chester Wheeler. John Sylvester. Stuart Thurlow, John Shannon TELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL BETHEL, MAINE ‘ZODIAC’ NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY NINE TELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT 122 189 Elementary Supervisor Mr. Roger A. Spugnardi 122-121 Superintendent Mr. Ralph K. Ryder 122-187 Secretary-Book keeper Mr. Jack M. Rendall 122 179 Supervisor of Maintenance Transportation Mr. Frank A. Hunt 122-124 Superintendent’s Secretary Mrs. Gertrude C. Hutchins 122-123 Secretary Mrs. Beverly Melville ADMINISTRATION 122-155 Principal’s Secretary Miss Sharon E. Felt 122 306 School Secretary Mrs. Martha Bennett Chairman of Guidance 122-146 Mr. Frank Glazier GUIDANCE Guidance Counselor 122-126 Mr. David Dennison Guidance Secretary 122-127 Mrs. Louise Seames 42 SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Suzanne S. Bartlett LIBRARIAN Mrs. Madeleine H. Gibbs Mrs. Helen C. Berry 122-165 Mr. Peter J. Brown 122-266 Mrs. Pauline M. Applin 122-98 Mrs. Frances E. Gunther 122-144 Mr. Francis H. Bean 122-309 Mr. William H. Morton 122-293 Mrs. Lila Weaver 122-200 Mr. Allyn H. Emens 122-125 Mr. Norman R. Emery 122-286 122 163 German Madame Noy i 122-307 French Madame Thomine-Desmauzures Not Pictured: Mrs. Rolfe — French Mrs. Burke — German 47 Mr. John Applin 122-93 Mr. Rupert H. Grover 122-88 Mr. Franklin K. Keegan 122-185 Mr. Theodore R. Davis Jr. 122-211 Mr. Deane G. Churchill 122-166 Mr. Paul G. Halle 122-156 Mr. Timothy M. Kersey 122-283A Mr. Nicolas D. Clements 122-164 Mr. Richard Roy 122-162 Mr. Brain Dolley 122-99 H Li Be No Mg K Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fc Co Ni b « a Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd r ' ■ W Hf Tr. Vw Ir Pt K J -mu p.. Am BUSINESS HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Thelma Dombkowski, Chairman 122-160 Mrs. Venessa Arsenaut 122-161 FINE ARTS Mr. William L. Koen 122-193 SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs. Lilliam R. Connant 122-89 52 KITCHEN STAFF ♦Mrs. Hilda Brown (122-274) - Dietician ♦Kitchen Staff — Mrs. Esther Davis, Mrs. Althea Brown. Mrs. Edna Curtis, Mrs. Dorothy Colby, Mrs. Barbara Young. Mrs. Hilda Brown, Mrs. Honney Bailey. CUSTODIANS ♦Mr. Irving Brown (122-178) - Head Custodian ♦Custodians — Tom Learned, Mike Witter, EJob Hutchins, Maurice Hart, Irving Brown, Malcolm Mundt. TELSTAR REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL BETHEL, MAINE ‘ZODIAC ' NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY NINE ♦ CLASS OFFICERS ■ " . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Morton, Henry Deegan, Mike Inman, Debbi Bolen, Seth Timberlake. Brian Stowell. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Front Row Bradley Fiske, Burton Mills, Herbert Foster 2nd Row Dave Keniston, Margie Swan, Sue Hutchins, Debbie Bickford, Terry Wilson FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Ross Timberlake, Mr. Clements, Nancy Bailey, Peggy Harrington, Tom Sauret, Dana Melville 56 8th GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Karen Hathaway, Vice-President; Kevin Trinward, President; Mrs. Gunther, Class Advisor; Alice Smith, Treasurer; Kristin Wiese, Secretary. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Kathy Haskell, Betsy Stowel, Susan Bryant, Ellen Clark, Mr. Davis, Junior 57 JUNIOR CLASS 1st row: Cindy Brown, Brenda Bailey, Pauline Hart, Roberta Sweetser, Rita Morin. Bonnie Packard, Francina Herrick, Joyce Billings, Barbie Bane, Crystal Hebert, Dottie Swan, Lillian Cross, Ellen Hanson. 2nd row: Bertie Gilbert, Judy Angevine, Cindy Hastings, Betty Gaugler, Jeannine Hebert, Tyrene Sweetser, Danna Brown, June Bailey, Sandy Spidell, Amy Day, Diane Seames, Nancy Young, Sue Lowell, Sally Rice. 3rd row: Bob Colford, Tom Demarest, Tom House, Dwight York, Brooks Morton, Victor Coolidge, Craig Walker, Seth Timberlake, Tommy Remington, Chris Bailey, Bob Buker, Glenn Gilbert, Harry Buswell. 1st row: Wayne Howe, Kris Glines, Linda Hathaway, Fran Thurston, Anna Noyes, Lillian Curtis, Debbie McKeen, Brenda Tibbetts, Linda Juhl, Bev Kimball, Phyllis Littlehale, Lee Blake. 2nd row: Andre Bernier, David Crockett, Henry Deegan, Earl Henry, Larry Stinson, Frank Gibson, Ricky Seames, Eric Henley, Brian Wentworth, Scot Howe, Dave Hanscom, Dave Robertson. 3rd row: Brian Stowell, Arvid Rosenberg, Tom Hall, Mark Snyder, Mike Inman, Reggie Bailey, Andy Davis, Frank Packard, Jimmy Dock, Greg MacKillop, Randy Knox. GRADUATING " JUNIOR " Debra Bolen DIRIGO " GIRL BOY STATE " Henry Deegan. Francina Herrick SOPHOMORE CLASS 1st row: Scott Annis, Betsy McKeen, Rosalie Currier, Patty Gill, Debbie Sterns, Paula Wight, Elaine Connor, Chris Coolidge, Jeanne Bailey, Lisa Farrar, Wendy Glover, Donna Kendall, Mike Sylvester. 2nd row: Dave Keniston, Jim Thurston, Phillip Mills, Jack Chapman, Sam Chapman, David York, Charles Smith, Donna Rosenberg, Jody Packard, Cheryl Melville. Danny Gibbs. Dennis Blake, Mike Spidell, Kerry Meisner, Brad Fiske, John Trinward, Paul Mclnnis. 3rd row: Bill Savage, Rodney Chase, Rick Young, Mike Gordon, Ed Bennett, Gary Wing, Sonny Foster, Jeff Carver, Steve Blake, Ralph Harrington, Duane Scribner, Terry Wilson, Donnie Favreau, Bill Young. 4th row: Jim Haskell, Sherwood Jordan, Bill Brooke, Mike Harlow, Wayne Mitchell, Pearley Emery, Tom Coolidge, Burton Mills, Larry Powers, Neil Gilbert. 1st row: Vicki Dunham, Margie Swan, Debbie Bickford, Lorretta Lenfest, Grace Crockett, Holly Lane, Debbie Cummings, Jenny Gammon, Becky Sicotte. Lindie Gilbert. Sally Deegan. 2nd row: Kathy Kenniston, Shari Hill, Karen Jordan, Chris Greenleaf, Kathy Day, Sue Hutchins, Jill Witter, Bonnie Mills, Carla Morgan, Cheryl Machia, Gilda Scribner, Eileen Roberts. 3rd row: Paul Billings, Donald Marquis. Victor Bernier, Preston Merrill, Dean Murphy, Gary Meisner, Bob Tift, Greg Bryant, Chris Murphy, Jeff Twitchell, Steve Mclnnis. 60 Mr. Ralph Niemi Class Advisor FRESHMAN CLASS Front row: Vicky Wentworth, Diane Hathaway, Roxanne Mills, Leslye Thurlow, Christine Henry, Terry Roy, Denise Berry. Cindy Tift, Jean Morin, Holly Poland, Carolyn Hall, Elsie Brooks. Second row: Sherri Poland, Audrey Jordan, Terri Mills, Dorene Tebbets, Mary Cummings, Robin Snyder, Sandra Poland, Gail Mclnnis, Bonnie Witter, Nancy Trinward, Peggy Harrington, Cheryl White, Carolyn Tyler. Third row: Dennis Colby, Ross Timberlake, Tom Sauret, Byran Lapham, Steve Powers, Ronnie Deegan, Ashley Roberts, Dean Walker, Mark Bailey, Rex Cummings, Raymond Buker, Clyde Crockett Front row: Debbie Cayer , Joan Richardson, Bonita Sessions, Nancy Bailey, Betty Sidelinger, Christina Baillageron, Evelyn Cross, Alberta Henley, Susan Cox, Susie Hart, Cathy Curtis, Cathy Bonnie. Second row: Marilyn Hebert, Marlene Sweetser, Lottie Butters, Merry Robertson, Wendy Morgan, Debbie Meisner, Susan Kuvaja, Susan Sumner, Debbie French, Jane Lowe, Joan Deegan, Medora Lane. Bonnie Hutchinson. Third row: Emile Burnier, Doug Smith, Frank Burris, Llewwllyn Cobb, Richard Parker, John Merrill, John Wheeler, Ted Person, Ralph Swan, Danny Herrick, John Gauche, Stuart Sweetser, Ray Curtis. 62 Front row: James Gordon, Ephram Myshrell, Kurt Vail. Bruce Young, David Holt, Steve Farnum, George Gibson, Kurtz Gaugler, Ronnie Witter, Curtis Cole. Second row: Mike Piawlock, Leland Dyke, James Corriveau, Willard Gorman, Wayne Mitchell, Harold Smith, Danny Wheeler. Edward Juhl, George Olson, Gregory Cummings. Third row: Robert Lowell, Roland York, Dana Melville, Chris Gill, Edward Henley, David Luxton, Tony Andrews. Barry Nevel, Mark Blanchard. EIGHTH GRADE 1st Row Cindy Kailey, Jill Hutchins, Jannine Merrill, Mary Day, Kathy Pike. Bethany Herrick, Janis Howe, Jeanne Bachelder, Terry Campbell. Alice Pearson, Gina Martin 2nd Row David Lane, David Chapman, Gene Bellegard, Ross Swain, Deven Andrews, Bobby Howe, Randy Littlefield, Reggie Gilbert, Peter Farrington, Roger Buck, Mike Myers, Danny Barker, Dan Patten 3rd Row Mark Colby, Dana Morgan, Robert Stevens, John Hicks, Stanley Brown, Brian Bailey, Jimmy Swan, Danny Kennagh, Walter McKeen. Frances Westleigh, Dennis Gill, Keith Davis 1st Row Candy Flynn, Carolyn Bennett, Gail Dickey, Terry Berryment, Wendy Seeley, Diane Meisner, Karen Hathaway, Dianne Hunt, Judy Merrill, Sherry Hutchison, Ellen Greenleaf, Pam Benson, Diane Hanscom 2nd Row Valerie Knights, Christine Grover, Belinda Briggs, Toni Conrad, Yvonne Patten, Cathy Howe, Cindy Wheeler, Barbara Merrill, Laura Jones, Anita Durgin, Margaret Gauthier, Shirley Cushman, Elizabeth Hoyt, Sharon Kuvaja, Gayle Packard, Judy Morgan, Anna Kennison, Roberta Croteau 3rd Row Nancy Hanscom, Kathy Young, Beverly White, Wendy Piawlock, Glen Carver, John Currier, Brenda Lyons, Mike Davis, Sean Flynn, Kristin Wiese, Karen Bailey, Jennifer Jeffries, Sharon Jordan, Karen Page wm 1st Row Sharon Dombkowski, Marilyn Roberts, Sheryl Spidell, Vicky Meisner, Mary Ellen Andrews, Jeri Brooks, Susan Redman, Lois Hart, Charlene Cox, Patty Green, Vicky Wing 2nd Row David Demerest, Robert Packard, Sam Eames, Kevin Trinward, Peter Coolidge, Donald Morin, Gary Howe, Steve Marston, Robert Cuff, Kerry Nevell, Ken Learned, Perry Ryerson, William Gallant 3rd Row Joe Bailey, Ricky Wing, Warren Sessions, Glenn Olson, Peter Seames, Gary Harlow, Percy Mclnnes, Paul Benson, James Gibson, Bruce Henley, Chris Bonny, Sheldon Morgan SEVENTH GRADE 1st row Emily Farnum, Cindy Hart, Roxanne Thomas Theresa Hebert, Ann Dolloff, Pierrette LaMontagne, Ginette LaMontagne. Helen Kennison, Donna Merrill, Constance Morin Betty House. 2nd row Harry Morton, Herbert Kennison, Mike Stecher, Steve Walker, Matthew Elliot, Jack Bailey, Michael Corriveau, Charles Cash, Dennis Gary, Craig Gammon, John Richardson, Roy Buck, Bradley Swan. 3rd row: Dwight Bailey. Gary Wight, Bill Murphy, Earl Henley. Herbert Coolidge. John Snyder, Randy Olsen, Scott Gilbert. Mike Mills, Steve Farrington, Marvin Cole, Calvin Buker. 1st row: Brenda Smith. Nancy Scribner, Lorane Ryerson, Lana Nevel, Pauline Sweetser, Cathy Henry, Gail Glover, Sherry Learned, Kelly Olsen, Edna Tripp. Alison Buswell. 2nd row: Kerry Merrill, Scott Snyder, Alan Barker, Nancy Verrill, Penny Savage, Mary Ellen Waterhouse, Betsy Stowell, Kathy Haskell, Alan Stinson, Kevin Bean. 3rd row: Greg Currier, David Gary, Mike Morgan, Jeffrey Figgins, Tim Rosenburg, Frank Howard, Burton Marquis, Robert Belanger, Bruce Douglass. 66 1st row: Roxanne Bennett, Patsy Kendall. Kathy Littlefield, Donna Morgan, Terry Inman, Linda Hertell, Karen Campbell. Millie Swan, Nancy Kimball. Glenda Falkenham, Joanne Farrow. 2nd row: Mary Stecher. Betty Paine, Mitzie Wheeler, Bernice Farnum, Christine Twitchell, Suzanne Mclnnis, Wendy Cross, Kathy Jo Morrill. Ellen Clark, Mary Ann Chapin, Susan Bryant. 3rd row: Ben Warner, Louis Seacotte. Osman Palmer, David Bennett. Thomas Walker, Wilfred Buck, Edward Currier, Ernest Chapmen, Raymond Juhl, Larry Winslow, Peter Blake. 67 1969 ‘ZODIAC’ YEARBOOK STAFF 1st row Chris Henry, Cheryl Stevens, Janis Kennagh, Anita Young, James Lowe, Bev York, Linda Griffin. Terry Roy 2nd row Debbie Bickford, Jo-Anne Bickford, Lynn Dickey, Chris Greenleaf, Danna Brown, Rayann Burnham, Fran Thurston, Diana Walker 3rd row Steve Hastings, Chris Gill, Cindy Brooks, Merry Ann Robertson. Roberta Gilbert, Terry Stecher Mr. William Koen Advisor ‘THE BRIDGE’ (Newspaper Staff) Front - Phil Runnels, Danna Brown, Cheryl Stevens, Jams Kennagh, Penny Twitchel, Jo Anne Bickford, Anita Young, Dorothy Lovejoy, Beverly York, Margaret Sylvester, Fran Thurston, Anita Colby, Nancy Young, Diana Walker LIBRARY CLUB 1st Row Anita Colby, Cheryl Stevens, Jim Bolen, secretary-treasurer; Diana Walker, president; Tom Gibbs, vice-president; Birtie Gilbert, Anita Young 2nd Row Debbie Cummings, Sally Deegan, Marge Sylvester. Linda Griffin, Frances Thurston, Dorothy Lovejoy, Sylvia Kimball, Mrs. Gibbs, Jim Lowe. Ralph Swan, Terry Roy, Merry Ann Robertson, Lindie Gilbert The Library Club is one of the largest and most active clubs at Telstar. During the course of the year the club has sponsored three dances. The first dance was the Halloween dance, called Neewallah. After the relay races and games, in which the seniors proved victorious, the floor was cleared for dancing. On the 14th of December, the Library Club joined forces with the French Club and the Pep Club in sponsoring the Christmas Formal. Tables were set up in the hallway outside the cafeteria in a cabaret style, with the buffet table across the hall. A towering Christmas tree decorated in blue and silver was the center of attraction as students and guests danced to the music of The Salty. Then, on the 5th of April, the Club sponsored a dance as a going-away party for the Mallorcan Tour Students, who were honored guests. Of course, the main purpose of the Club is to provide assistance in operating the Telstar Library. In their free time, members worked in the library checking out books, shelving and performing other duties. Mrs. Madeleine Gibbs, Librarian, is high in her praise of the good work and cooperation given her by members of the Club. To conclude the year on a happy note, the Club enjoyed an outing at Abbott’s Anchorage. 70 DEBATING CLUB Paula Howe, Lenora Westleigh, James Bolen, Mr. Otero-Otero DRAMA CLUB 1st row Karen Berryment, Charles Smith, Ralph Swan, Mrs. Davis, Roberta Gilbert, Arvid Rosenburg, 2nd row Donna Rosenburg, Jo-Anne Bickford. Jeanne Bailey, Lillian Cross, Rayann Burnham, Fran Thurston, Cheryl Stevens 71 1st row Linda Buck, Andy Davis, John Wentworth, Merry Robertson, Karen Brown, Kathy Littlefield. Gail Dickey, Sharon Dombkowski, Kathy Jo Morrill 2nd row Sue Hutchins, Duane Howe. Dorothy Lovejoy, Nancy Hanscom, Susan Davis, Christine Greenleaf, Kathy Howe, Kelly Olsen, Linda Hertell, Diana Walker, Mr. Bangs 3rd row Willard Gorman Lou Cobb, Tom Coolidge, Kris Glines, Mike Davis, Dana Mel ville, Tom Sauret, Sam Earns, Randy Littlefield. MIXED CHORUS 1st row Anita Young, Diane Hathaway, Vicki Wentworth, Kathy Sumner, Kathy Littlefield, Janis Kennagh. Mrs. Tebbitts 2nd row Randy Littlefield. Bob Tift, Dot Lovejoy, Phil Runnels, Tom Coolidge, Jim Bolen, Penny Savage. Linda Gilbert MEN’S GLEE CLU B 1st row Sam Earns, Dean Walker, Randy Littlefield, Bob Tift, James Bolen. Mike Davis, Tom Coolidge, Phil Runnels, Mr. Bangs FRENCH CLUB Kneeling Frank Packard Standing Diane Walker, Anita Young, Sandy Smith, Griffin, Margee Sylvester, Terry Stecher, Roberta Gilbert Suki Brown, Linda LATIN CLUB 1st row Mr. Otero Otero, Linda Hathaway, Alan Howe, Karen Jordan, Fran Thurston 2nd row Bob Tift, Lmdie Gilbert, Lynn Dickey, Cheryl Wight, Kris Glines, Andy Davis. Diane Seams, Jeanne Bailey Cindy Hastings, Judy Angevine, Elaine Conner 74 AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB Dorothy Lovejoy, Tom Gibbs, Tommy Remington, Seth Timberlake SPANISH CLUB 1st row Debbie Sterns, Cindy Russo, Beth Andrews, Ellen Dombkowski, Elaine Kimball 2nd row Judy Angevine, Amy Kennett, Karen Brown, Susan Davis. Lee Gilbert, Flossie Kimball, Becky Brown 75 ELECTRONICS CLUB Kneeling: John Gauche, Gene Belguard Standing: Mr. Kersey, John Snyder, Bill Brooke A STRONOMY CLUB Clockwise Mr. Ausenault, Kurt Cole, Ed Juhl, John Gauthier 76 F. H. A. 1st row Mrs. Dombkowski, Beverly York. Penny Twitchell, Cheryl Wight, Elaine Conner, Linda Gilbert. Lenora Westleigh, Janis Kennagh. Mary Stecher, Karen Hathaway, Diane Meisner. 2nd row Valerie Clough, Ruth Durgin, Karen Jordan, Sally Deegan, Margee Sylvester, Sylvia Kimball, Cheryl Stevens, Cynthia Tift, Jane Lowe, Laura Jones, Valerie Knights, Terry Roy. 3rd row Peggy Harrington. Cynthia Croockett, Cheryl Macia, Karen Page, Cathy Young, Anita Young, Joan Deegan, Susan Bryant, Ellen Clark, Wendy Cross. 4th row Marilyn Hebert, Evelyn Cross, Tony Conrad, Bonnie Witter, Katrina Lowe, Denise Berry, Brenda Lyons, Karen Bailey. Mary Day, Jill Hutchins, Terry Inman. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Telstar, during the past year, developed a new chapter of the Future Homemakers of America. Mrs. Dombkowski, Head of the Home Economics Department, was the chapter adviser. The chapter membership for the year was nearly 50. This year’s officers were: President, Beverly York; Vice President, Penny Twitchell; Secretary, Beth Andrews; Treasurer, Leona Westleigh; Parliamentarian, Janis Kennagh; Historian, Linda Gilbert; Public Relations, Elaine Conner; Social recreation Chairman, Cheryl Wight. The chapter members nominated Mrs. Thomas Kennagh and Mrs. Roger Conant, Chapter Mothers. In September Mrs. Dombkowski, Janis Kennagh, and Anita Young attended the annual FHA Leadership Conference held in Bryant Pond. Since Anita Young was the 1968-69 District E Chairman, the District E Convention was held at our school. Over 250 girls from surrounding schools attended Elaine Conner and Linda Gilbert did a dance routine, Janis Kennagh, State Parliamentarian, gave a report and showed slides on the National Convention which she attended last July in Miami Beach, and Anita relinquished her office. The FHA chapter held many Food-Fudge Sales in the Cafeteria, held a Welcome Tea for the visiting Job Corp Girls at our School, collected things for the Health Council at Christmas time for the needy families and donated two Easter lilies to the school in the early spring. In April the chapter went roller skating at the Oxford Roller Rink just for fun. In the past year the chapter also played a big part in the State FHA Convention which was held in Brunswick on April 26. Anita Young and Janis Kennagh attended the Spring Council meeting the night before to help make last minute plans. Katrina Lowe, Voting Delegate; Ruth Durgin, State Committee Member; Beverly York, Penny Twitchell, Lenora Westleigh, Margee Sylvester, Sally Deegan, Elaine Conner, Karen Bailey, and Beth Andrews attended the convention with the adviser and chapter mothers. Beth and Janis did an interpretive dance routine for devotions, six of the girls took part in Janis’ State Project report, and she turned her office to a new State Parliamentarian. The last event of a successful year was the Mother Daughter Banquet, where the newly elected officers for next year were installed and awards were given to outstanding 1968-69 FHA’ers. We are in hopes the new Telstar Chapter of the Future Homemakers will continue to grow as it has during the past year. “A Telstar FHA’er” 77 SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Front row: Brad Fiske, Merry Robertson, Lenora Westleigh Second row: Bev York, Tom Sauret, Jody Packard, John Merrill, Barbie Bane JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL 1st Row John Snyder, Toni Conrad, Mary Ellen Andrews 2nd Row Mathew Elliot, Betsy Stowell, Roberta Crouteau, Kelly Olson, Terry Inman CHESS CLUB TELSTAR’S FIRST WINTER CARNIVAL “In The Beginning Queen Candidates — Carn I Linda Koskela, Janis Kennagh, Beth Andrews, Anita Young, Linda Carver Corination — Carn 3 1st Row Janis Kennagh, Linda Carver, Anita Young. Beth Andrews, Linda Koskela Back Row Greg Cummings, Ross Timberlake. Tom Remington, Brandon Faldenham, Dana Melville Queen Linda — Carn 2 Linda Carver 80 Good Night Ladies CHEERING Varsity Varsity CHEERLEADERS 1st row Brenda Tibbetts, Ellen Dombkowski, Elaine Conner, Debbie Bolen 2nd row Lindie Gilbert, Jodi Packard, Kris Glines, Merrie Ann Robertson Pep Club 1st row Jeanne Bailey, Nancy Trinward, Debbie Bickford, Diane Walker 2nd row Fran Thurston, Lynn Dickey, Frank Packard, Brad Fiske, Jeff Twitchell, Roberta Gilbert Junior Varsity Junior Varsity CHEERLEADERS 1st row Mary Ellen Andrews, Terry Roy, Sharon Dombkowski 2nd row Jeri Brooks, Kristin Wiese, Cathy Howe 82 FIELD HOCKEY TEAMS Varsity Players Front row: Debbie Bickford: (co-captain), Bertie Gilbert, Janis Kennagh, Elaine Connor Sally Deegan, Bonnie Witter, Joan Deegan. Second row; Jennie Gammon, (manager), Jo-Anne Bickford, (co-captain). Lynn Dickey. Cindy Tift, Diane Seames, Denise Berry, Cheryl Wight, Dorene Tibbitts, Donna Rosenburg, Mrs. Hannon, (coach) Junior Varsity Players Front row: Cindy Kailey, Jeannie Merrill, Gail Packard, Mary Day, Patsy Kendall, Second row: Mrs. Hannon (coach), Alice Smith, Sue Mclnnis, Sherry Learned. Barbara Merrill, Sharon Dombkowski. FIELD HOCKEY In August of 68, a large turnout of girls showed their daring while forming a field hockey team. After a streak of lost games, the team clinched their first victory beating Livermore Falls. Showing lots of skill in team work and individual skills were Lee Butters, Janis Kennagh, Jo-Anne Bickford, and Debbie Bickford. Participating in the Northwestern All-star Team try-outs at Kents Hill were Lee Butters, Jo-Anne and Debbie Bickford. The J.V. team consisted mostly of Junior-high girls. Playing only three games their whole season, their record was 1-2. Many of the eighth-graders on the J.V. team will join and support the Varsity team next year. Together, the Varsity and J.V. teams would like to thank Coach Hannon for not running out of wind and patience before the season ended. CO-CAPTAIN Debbie Bickford 83 GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL Cherie Hill, Anita Colby (co-captain), Brenda Bailey, Katrina Merrill (co-captain) Donna Rosenberg, Sue ' Hutchins, Suki Lowe, Beverly Coolidge, Paula Wight, Diane Seames, Jeanne Brown, Sandy Spidell, Patty Dunham, Paula Howe GIRLS’ J.V. BASKETBALL Mrs. Hannon, Paula Howe, Lillian Cross, Sally Deegan, June Bailey. Joan Richardson, Debbie French GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM This year the girls Varsity and J.V. teams consisted of 20 players. Although we did not have a very successful season, all the girls had lots of fun. We all gained experience as well as good sportsmanship. We are already looking forward to a better record next year as a lot of the “stars " will be returning to Telstar. Good luck to you all! CO-CAPTAIN Jeanne Merrill 84 GIRLS SKI TEAM 122-225 1st ROW: Nancy Trinward - manager, Mary Cummings. 2nd Rosenberg, Cindy Kailey, Sally Hannon ROW: Gail Packard, Debbie Bickford, Kristin Wiese, Donna GIRLS’ SKI TEAM The 68-69 year was a building one for the girls’ ski team. Aided by three experienced competitiors, the team raced at Wilderness Mountain and came home with two trophies (Debbie Bickford and Cindy Kailey). It is hoped that the size of the team as well the number of ski meets will increase next winter season. Cindy Kailey ' 69 coach GIRLS’ SOFTBALL n n ft si 1st Row Bonita Sessions, Nancy Bailey, Paula Howe. Joan Deegan, Jane Lowe, Lillian Cross. Berdie Gilbert. Karen Keniston 2nd Row Bonnie Witter, Cheryl Wight, Carolyn Tyler. Cindy Tift. Jodi Packard, Joan Richardson, Paula Wight, Leslie Thurlow, Donna Rosenburg] Lee Gilbert 3rd Row Debbie Bickford, Jeanne Bailey, Linda Gilbert, Eileen Cole, Sherri Poland, Carla Morgan. Linda Koskela, Karen Bewrryment, Susan Hutchins, Mrs. Hannon. FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: John Trinward, Ronnie Deegan, Kurt Vail, Ed Bennett, Bill Savage, Tom Remington, Jim Johnson — co-captain, Alan Remington — co-captain, Ralph Swan, Terry Swan, Jeff Carver, Ross Timberlake, Ricky Seames — manager, Herb Ring. BACK ROW: Coach Dan Hannon, Chris Gill. Brian Stowell. Curtis Cole. Doug Bennett, Dan Wheeler, Dana Melville, Doug Farrar, Lee Frasier, Charlie Smith, Clyde Crockett, Preston Merrill, Jim Thurston, Mike Inman, Coach Tim LaVallee. The first practice was held on Gould Academy ' s lower athletic field, in the middle of August. This was a start of a tough seas on for Telstar’s gridirons. Practice was held, under Coaches Tim LaVallee and Dan Hannon, twice a day prior to the beginning of school. After school started, practice was held every week night. The season started out with a loss to Mexico on our home field. After several more defeats the team came through with a win over Williams. This victory fired up the team for the next game at Winthrop, with a score of 13-19 a near victory for us. The score was tied 13-13 up until the last two minutes in the ballgame when Winthrop scored a touchdown. To next year’s team “Good Luck’’ although I don’t believe they’ll need it to have a victorious year in “69-70”. CO-CAPTAIN Jim (L. M. FLASH) Johnson PLACE TEAM PLAYED OUTCOME (H) Mexico lost (A) Hall-Dale lost (H) Berlin (J.V.) won (A) Jay lost (H) Lisbon lost (H) Warsaw lost (A) Livermore lost (H) Williams won (H) Oxford Hills (J.V.) lost (A) Winthrop lost (H) Mt. Blue lost 88 BASKETBALL Varsity BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Andy Davis, Steve Simmons, co-captains Back Bob Colford, manager; Kerry Meisner, Chris Bailey, Mike Inman, Randy Knox, Dave Keniston, Steve Hakala, John Trinward, Terry Wilson, Phil Runnels, manager. BASKETBALL 68-69’ Although no games were won this year, they were all hard fought battles right down to the final buzzer. Jay was our closet rival with two real thrillers; losing to them by one point on their home court and losing by three points on our own court. Even though competition was very rough this year. Coach Keegan and the rest of the team fought very hard in every game. Kerry Meisner lead the team with the highest point average this season. Because of the loss of only two senior players, we are looking forward to a successful season next year. CO-CAPTAINS Steve Simmons Andy Davis 90 Junior Varsity Front Seth Timberlake. Dwight York, co-captains Back Dean Marphy. Ronnie Deegan, Jeff Twitchell, Duane Scribner. Mark Blanchard, Wayne Mitchell, Jim Thurston, Wayne Howe, Jimmy Green. Junior High J.V. (A Team) Front row: David Demerest, Randy Olson, Keith Davis, Robert Stevens. Peter Farrington, Second row: Gary White, Earnest Richards. Bruce Douglass. Mike Myers, Dennis Gill, Ross Swain, Mike Mills, Mr. Morton (coach) Junior High J.V. (B Team) 1st Row Kerry Merrill, Mike Mills, John Snyder, Peter Seames, Alan Stinson, Peter Farrington 2nd Row Mr. Morton, Scott Snyder, Bruce Henley. Brian Bailey, Mark Colby, Kevin Bean, John Richardson, Steve Blake, coach. 91 93 BOYS’ CROSS COUNTRY Front row: Tom Redman, Harry Buswell, John Sylvester, Paul Durgin. Second row: Perley Emery, Brian Wentworth, Steve Hakala, Dave Robertson, Greg McKillop, Bob Sylvester, Mr. Applin (coach) Telstar’s first x-country wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst either. We were simply, no brag, just fact, the best Telstar ever had. We had about a three loss, three victory record. In the more important meets we placed as follows: Mountain Valley Conference 3 rc j State Qualification 3 r( j State (Orono) 13 th Mr. Applin did a marvelous job keeping us in shape during the season. We weren’t terribly overjoyed about the sprinting, at the time, (and maybe we still aren ' t) but, thank’s anyway Mr. Appleton. Dave Roberts Steve Hakala 94 BOYS’ SKI TEAM Front row: Kevin Trinward, Rex Cummings Randy Olson, Brandon Falkenham; (co-captain) Ross Timberlake, Peter Blake. Second row: Dana Melville, Mike Davis, Jeff Figgins, Jim Haskell, Curtis Cole, Frank Packard, Dave Robertson, Brad Fiske. The leaves started to fall, the days grew shorter, and people at Telstar got ready fpr the winter term. About this time a small group of ‘individually’ minded students took time out from their grueling schedules to form a ski team. A team that was thought little of. A team that had to earn every bit of recognition it got. Yes, we were the underdogs. The only people who came to back us were interested parents. The rest of the student body was too engrossed in basketball. We did receive many hours of patient, but strenuous, hours of training from our coach, Tim LaVallee, who through his never ending efforts made us a winning team. The first team to bring home a plaque and ribbons to start a trophy case at Telstar. Co-captains were elected to help manage the team. Tom Remington, a very promising Nordic skier (from the well-known Remington family) and I, Brandon Falkenham, were the elected. The Nordic team was very strong and consistent always having Tom Remington, Dana Melville, and Rex Cummings in the top ten in jumping and Tom Remington, David Robertson, Ross Timberlake, and me in th ' e cross-country. The Alpine team had a few problems, but they did do a very good and important job. When they were functioning well we were sure of some top places. Among the best racers in Slalom and Giant Slalom were Curtis Cole. Brad Fiske, Frank Packard, Ross Timberlake, Jim Haskell, Rex Cummings, and Dana Melville. The team also had three junior high members who seemed very promising in the future. Kevin Trinward actually beat many of the older alpine racers with Peter Blake (when we could find him) also doing a good job. Kevin an eighth grader. Peter a seventh and Randy Olsen another seventh grader took up jumping for the first time and looked quite good after their first season. Jeff Figgins, a seventh grader and Peter Coolidge an eighth grader also aided the team. Jeff, making plenty of noise composed the well-known quote. “Brandon, I’ve got your hat.” Peter made a point of buying out the lunch cou nters. Mike Davis also aided us on the cross-country course. We all feel that we had a very successful year with 25 wins and only 5 losses. We were Class B Regional Champions and finished fourth in the State of Maine Interscholastic B Championships. We wish to express special thanks to Clarence Remington who gave much of his free time to help us in so many ways. Good luck to the future teams of Telstar. Ours was but a small step in becoming New England champions. Brandon Falkenham ’69 95 TRACK TEAM 1st row: Mr. Kersy. Bob Tifft, Dean Walker, Preston Merrill, Ralph Swan, Dave Robertson — captain, Jim Green, Mike Piawlock, Dale Buck, Doug Bennett. 2nd row: Phil Runnels, Kurt Vail, Paul Mclnnis, Jeff Carver, Harry Buswell. Charlie Smith, Steve Farnum, Gary Wing, Kerry Smith. 3rd row: John Gauchier, Curtis Cole, Bill Brooke, Jim Thurston, Brandon Falkenham, George Gibson, Terry Swan, Chris Gill, Paul Durgin, Mike Inman. 4th row: Brian Wentworth, Jim Haskell, Sherwood Jordon, Tom Hall, Frank Packard, Mark Blanchard, Frank Gibson, Randy Brooke, Chris Bailey, Don Luxton. 5th row: John Trinward, Gary Page — manager, Richard Jodrey — manager. TELSTAR REGIONAL TRACK TEAM The Telstar track team, consisting of thirty-two of the school’s finest athletes, perhaps didn’t have the best season possible, but the excellent performance of the underclassmen makes prospects look good for future years. These include Bob Tifft with 51 ' 2 points at the time of this writing, Randy Brooke with 49V2, Frank Packard with 29, Paul Durgin with 22, and many others who have not scored as much but have worked just as hard. This does not mean, of course, to detract any of the glory from the mighty Seniors who featured Dale “Leroy " Buck with 22 points, Kerry “Goober” Smith with 13 points, and a school record for the discus, Alan Remington and Doug Bennett, both with 13 points, Brandon Falkenham, and last but certainly not least, our famed two-miler, Captain Dave Robertson. Since the athletic field at Telstar was not completed, the team had this obstacle to overcome. But with the competent coaching of Mr. Kersey, the team came through practicing on tar, gravel, and inner tubes. The high point of the season came on May 14 when it was announced over the intercom that our boys had beaten another team. Things will surely look much better next year. It would be unfair to complete this article without congratulating the managers, Gary Page and Dick Jodrey on their excellent work. Gary Page (’69) 96 BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Front row: Steve Hastings, Jim Johnson, Wayne House, Stuart Thurlow, Dwight York, Seth Timberlake. Doug Farrar, Randy Knox. Second row: Ross Timberlake. Steve Blake, Tom Demerest. Ronnie Deegan, Edward Juhl, Tom Sauret, Gary Meisner, Bob Lowell, Phil Mills, Duane Scribner, Dana Melville. Peter Brown (coach) JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL TEAM Front row: Mr. Morton (coach), Alan Stinson, John Richardson, Harry Morton, Larry Winslow, Sam Eames, Peter Blake, Kevin Trinward, Hebert Kenniston, Kevin Bean, Gary White, David Demerest Second row: Dennis Gary, Ricky Wing, Peter Seames, Randy Olson, Percy Mclnnis, Reggie Gilbert. Scott Snyder. Craig Gammon, Gary Howe. Roger Buck, Raymond Juhl. Third row: Tim Rosenburg, Mike Morgan, Frank Howard, Frances Westleigh, David Lane, Herbert Coolidge, Louis Sicott, Dana Morgan, Bruce Henley. Mark Colby, Peter Farrington. Fourth row: Robert Stevens, Steve Marston, Mike Mills, Keith Davis. Bruce Douglass, Glen Olson, Ross Swain, Stanley Brown. 98 As March rolled around, footlockers from home were dragged out and baseball gloves were once again being oiled and broken in for Telstar’s first baseball season. The sign up sheet filled rapidly and the cry of " PLAY BALL " rang from one end of the school to the other. Since there seemed no end to the “wet white stuff " , which some people refer to as snow, practice was held on the asphalt driveways and in the slightly soggy parking lot. But alas, the " snow” finally disappeared and Telstar picked up her players and moved her efforts towards Bryants Pond and Telstar’s new home, " Memorial Field.” This would prove to be " baseball’s battlefield” in the months to follow. Here’s how things turned out. Jay (H) “Williams (A) “Fryeberg (A) Livermore (A) Mexico (A) Mexico (H) Hall Dale (A) “Lisbon (H) Livermore (H) Mt. Blue (A) Jay (A) won lost lost, lost double header lost won lost won lost, lost double header won won, lost double header won = non league games As you can see, we battled most of the time. Well, it was only Telstar ' s first year! Next year; well here ' s who’s returning. Dana Melville, Steve Blake, Ron Deegan, Doug Farrar, Phil Mills, Dwight York, the “Timberlake boys” (Ross Seth), Wayne Howe, Tom Demarest, Duane Scribner, and Randy Knox. Graduating to the " Majors” (or as Mr. Pete Brown says “over the hill!”) are Jim Johnson, Steve Hastings, and Stuart Thurlow. You’re probably wondering who Pete Brown is by now. Mr. Brown is the " brains” of the outfit who flashes signals from the bench, chews his fingernails before each game, won ' t let a certain girl manage the scorebook, and above all, gives his soothing lectures of what he thinks of us after each game. Sometimes he is thought of a “coach” but he’s really just one of the guys. From those of us who are leaving Telstar’s squad (all three of us) we wish Mr. Brown and his future all-stars the best of luck in the many baseball seasons to follow. Steve Hastings ’69 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Senior Honors YEARBOOK SPONSORS Donors for Yearbook Lewis M. Mann Son Chapin’s Shell Station Ripley Fletcher; C. N. Brown, Co. The New Yorker Motel Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Twitchell Ripley Fletcher Bethel Inn Whitman Oil Co. Harold ' s Motor Co. South Paris Savings Bank Norway Savings Bank Katherine L. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Crockett Dr. and Mrs. John Trinward Charlie’s Chevron Station Mr. and Mrs. Charles Merrill Jane and Archie Young Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stevens Goodwin’s Dairy Sunri Ski Shop Bryant Pond Telephone Co. N. Dayton Bolster Hussey Products Corp. Norway National Bank Hanover Dowel Co. Russell C. McAllister Roy I. Snow I. W. Andrews Son Mr. and Mrs. Roger Twitchell Central Maine Power Co. Bethel Savings Bank Oxford Provisions Stowell Silk Spool Brown’s Variety Store Norseman Inn Walter Appleby Bolster Monumental Works Mr. and Mrs. Phil Chadbourne P. H. Chadbourne Co. Ernest Angevine Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bickford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Chadbourne Red Rooster Motel American Legion Auxilliary Farmington Oil Co.; Luce Oil Co. Western Maine Supply Co. Loring Studios Mr. and Mrs. Leland Dunham Hathaway’s Country Store 101 102 JUNIOR AND SENIOR PROM

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