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Ev ff I F, I, v I 1 L i Q Fr' P. -i .1 2 ,K ' A 'Q 1 K if x 5 4 L F i 2 s s i I S w E xv'-I "' """'x"'S'W " ' ,,-,.. ,,.,---..i--'1'1z':"-"'?-A- ' ' " MED CRUISE 1966-1967 USS TELFAIR QAPA-zlop L. W. MOFFIT COMMANDING OFFICER 5,5 wi 5,224 fkii 5 1-2ggfAggg,X aff Se., J QE, Sf X, 9 SSS-L 4x I 1 'K if E, :ER 13 1968 W M uc A f96?g 2? -1 1 E P A , 2 1 Q gi K! Q ,f 3 I , 4 11 fi qi A1 2 1 4 - ? Q P J A ' I QV ' 4 1 ' r 4 f l 4 1: Q S F 1 . i 1 1 5 Q 1 i I ,S if TABLE OF CONTENTS History of TELFAIR . . . 5 Department Heads Deck Department Engineering Department . . . . Operations Department . . . . Supply Depa rtment Medical and Dental Department . . . . Administrative Department . . . . PHIBRON TWELVE undei-woy .. . . The Voyage The Med . . Gator OPS The Ports UNREP . Turnover Home . . Cruise Boo k Staff W f ' ' 441L 3 N, ,VQ Q Lf J gg-ag,-swf,-m....,,w. M. HISTORY OF THE USS TELFAIR TAPA-210, The keel of the USS TELFAIR CAPA-2lOl was laid in the Richmond Ship- yard No. 2 of the Permanente Metals Corporation, Richmond, California, on May 30, I944. The 537th vessel to slide down the ways of the Richmond Shipyard, the TELFAIR was launched on August 30th, l944. The ship was sponsored and christened by Mrs. J.D. Cauthorn, wife of the President of the San Francisco News, and was named in honor of Telfair County, Georgia. An attack transport ship's mission is to load assigned combat troops and their equipment, transport them and unload in landing craft on enemy beaches in ac- cordance with established doctrine and the tactical plan of the Landing Force Commander, to evacuate casualties and prisoners of war, and to furnish medical aid. After a period of activity in the Pacific waters, by directive dated January l947 the USS TELFAIR CAPA-2lOl was placed out of commission, in reserve, attached to the U.S. Pacific Reserve Fleet. TELFAIR was reactivated for the Korean emergency under the command of Captain J. Andrews and reported for duty with Pacific Fleet Amphibious Force on September l2, l95O. She served in Japan and Korea, transporting troops to Japan, and returned to San Francisco with more than l6OO troops in July l95l. During World War ll and the Korean Conflict TELFAIR won the followingawards and ribbons: The Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon with one star, World War ll Victory Ribbon, Naval Occupation Ribbon, China Service Ribbon, Philippine Liberation Ribbon, American Campaign Ribbon, National Defense Ribbon, Korean Service Ribbon with three stars, United Nations Ribbon, and the Korean Presidential Unit Citation. ln l954 the TELFAIR participated in OPERATION PASSAGE TO FREEDOM, in which she transported Vietnamese refugees from the Haiphong area in northern Indo-China to the southern area, now known as South Vietnam. The TELFAIR, as a member of Task Force 90, received nu- merous messages of commendation for the iob "well done" during this operation. TELFAIR operated until 28 February i958 when she was decommissioned again. On l July l96O she was turned over to the Maritime Administration and reaquired by the Navy on 24 August l96l . On 22 November l96l she was re- commissioned and ordered to report to the Atlantic Fleet upon completion of underway training at San Diego, California. Since reporting to the Atlantic Fleet the TELFAIR has completed four Mediterranean Cruises, one Carribbean deployment, and also took part in Operation Steel Pike l, the largest amphibious as- sault exercise since World War ll. 5 To all hands - This cruise book provides a few pic- torial highlights of your long, interesting and most successful cruise. The keystone to our success throughout the deployment was your ready and willing attitude in performing all our varied tasks. This, by necessity, meant long hours and hard work, but you were always well ahead of any situation, never on the "backside of the power curve." TELFAlR's remarkable readiness has been a direct result of your individual initiative, motivation and complete co- operation, not only inter-departmental co- operation, but the equally important cooperation between Navy and Marine per- sonnel. l am gratified and proud of our NavyfMarine relationship. lt not only served to effectively shorten time away from home and loved ones by creating a Lloyd William Moffit CAPTAIN USN pleasant atmosphere, but brought laurels to TELFAIR from almost every ship or command with whom we associated fe.g., TELFAIR set the Sixth Fleet replenish- ment record with ALSTEDE, which l am sure will remain on the books for a long time to comel. The world knows your capability by the "E" patches on your arms and the hashmarked "E's" and "C" painted on the ship. You thoroughly deserve eve? honor and recognition you have receive . You have made this a taut and proud ship and have proven yourselves completely worthy of the Nation's trust. l will never be prouder being a part of or associated with any group oflofficers and men than I am with-you and TELFAIR's outstanding share of BLT 3f8. Well-Done! 4.3. ' W.N. HEAD C.W. ALBAUGH S.R. SMITH LCDR USN LT. USN LT USN OPERATIONS DECK ENGINEERING J.E. Eo STER CDR USN I EXECUTIVE OFFICER I RJ. BOGOROWSKI N. GOTTEN J.-. R.K. 'BOLEN I LCDRCSCI LUSN LT QMCJ USNR LT QDCD USNR I SUPPLY I MEDICAL - DENTAL' 11 'S-,ff 'UO . Q , 'A . J-v-f ' LW Q - W Q DECK DEPARTMENT fll Lt. Ggb S. Foster Santella T. BIVI1 Calhoun J.P. BlVl3 Edgerson E.E. BNI3 Green U. BIVI3 Powell lVl.L. BIVIS Thomas R.L. BlVI3 Amoroso T,N, SN Arbogast J.A. SN Baker C.P, SN Barger J.F, SN Bunger W.J. SN Cochran R. SN Dyshuk lVl.K. SN Elliott DLIVI. SN Estrada D,R, SN Frazier C,E. SN Gosnell P,D, SN l-laeflinger J.lVI. SN Hurst J.S. SN Johnson R,E. SN Larson C.L. SN lVlcGarxLey G.A, SN lVIcGinnis J.S. SN lvleyer, J.lVI. SN Ivloses W.L. SN Ray T.C. SN Reese G.W, SN Richard D.A, SN Smith B.C. SN Stephens G.T. SN Walker R.L. SN Westberry H.L. SN Williams I-l.L. SN Wilson J.F. SN Brewer L.A. SN t .1 - LT G93 P.A. Cucchiara Rosado l-l. BIVI1 Berrier C.E. BIVI3 Kraemer R.-J. BlVl3 Wuori P.lVl. BlVl3 Akers C.T. SN Alonzo F,W, SN Arrigo F.A. SN Bonnett JR. SN Boyd l-l.E. SN Calhoun lVl.C. SN Cardona L.J. SN Campagne W. SN Conlglio L.A. SN Garcia E. SN Helton K.D. SN Hopkins C.J. SN Horkun D.l-l, SN Koenig J.C. SN LaPerriere J.A. SN Long D.G. SN lvlacias A.C. SN Nlarzan lVl.L, SN Pogue T.D. SN Pruitt J. SN Reber W.A, SN Rivera J.F. SN Robeson R,P, SN Root T,L. SN Rose A.W, SN Sanders K.J. SN Shewcraft D. SN St. Clair C.L. SN Tustin J.C. SN lVlullenix D.E, SN SECO D DIVISIO HIRD DIVISIO Ens. S.C. Tomlinson Sweaney RW. BlVl2 Valle F. BIVI2 Cosens B.W. SN Levine W.S. BIVI3 Kelly W.F. SN Riddle S.C. BIVI3 Ainsworth W.A. Barthouse l-LA, Leubka D.E. SN Berry V.lVl. SN SN . SN Rhames F.C. SN Delong IVl,D, SN Blake FLW, SN Brown J. SN Salinas O. SN Hanley J.L, SN Fults PLS, SN German E,W, SN' Thomas C.J. SN l-loshall J.L, SN I-lylleberg K.L. SN King lVl.L. SN Laret J.W. SN lvlays L.D. SN lVlcCool L.E. SN Flidgway J.W. SN Rummel G.E. SN Shelton C,VV. SN Strader W,W. SN Toth lVl.J. SN Waldriff DR. SN W 11,4 f X , ' X- S . f,1.:il,Q,S ' +:4331jg.'s T' f ,MQ FUURTH DIVI IO Lt Cjgb N.l.. Pope l-LE. GIVIG1 Cronin RA. GNIG2 Robbins D.l-l. Copeland B.l-I. Vincent Chandler D.B. SN Johnson TR. SN FTG2 FTG2 Alters l-LE. SN Morris RR. Nelson J.A. SN SN DECK DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBILITIES The responsibilities of the Deck De- partment are many and varied. Some of these responsibilities date as far back as the first sailing vessels and some are as new as today's technology. The Deck Department is comprised of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Division. They are responsiblefor the cargo handling gear such as booms, winches, masts and all the other fittings topside. They man and maintain all the ship's small craft, and stand bridge, quarterdeck,anchor and fantail watches. They are also responsible for the ultimate safety of all hands during time of war, because they maintain all the ship's armament and defensive systems as well as the ammunition storage spaces. ,,X,a,, XV, ,X ues Tglpaiw Y, M A f X I W, f '15 4 , , X ' ,gf .-47 wr, az ' X 0 I 'k L' 2 f iw ,s , W , ,XX X? sw M: if 7 -1 ' , S Q ,7 Sy ' QQ-X in X 'f Wim ff-yy? f , XX f , 4, X ,, . , I , , ,', I x f :T iw f.: 0, ,, wx Aff W' Y' ,f Y, , , , X 1, Aw f g M f X W if f u f ' f f f if 1 y ,ff , ,, I ,, 5 f 5 f W X , ,,, ,X X , X . , X, X ,, W X, 4 fx X w. If f ' W 4 X ff XM ' M X 4,-f f , ,, ,f X A ,XX - ' Q ,gf 2-W -f QV W X f S72 is if 0 if , , X, W, ' V WNW X 4- gf ws- Q Q M , 'fX,,fX '-M f, X ' 'F , - - VAXAX f 4 ,ff A -X ff NW f 0 KU Q X f f K 'f I 4, ff fag, 'Y f ' - M X f ,I XX ,,h,XWf...,ff -ww W , 1 KW, ,M X l,yW..,,X f, ,M ,Www ,,, LAXM -wff wwf' W., ww. .,,X.,,,...v..,X-ff-yffnvw--"XX V Q , Xw X 1 7 ,,X f ,, , ,X fy! xf,, X, , if E 'f sv X. ff I AX 4 X ei X f 0 if , X , J, 4' L ", , , M ' gf x ff Q? 9 wi f 94415 'f ,, , . fn, A X ag? gf M : Q 2 X, 4 X 1 'cz w,X,5'XinWi, U X40 X "1 ,rin 44' W ' 1 ff. x , Q X if Qyfxm X- X ,X X 1, ,X -- ,WX , X ' f f , Sim, Xa? - W i f 5255212 T x - ' f , ,X X ., f , .f 41 N, , X - 1 wi - M, V ., , 'SWS P X 1 , Y V , ,, X, .. , X X , , 2-'7P3"K' fQ,ff:'X5'Wf ' 'X 'R X A ,, , XX,.Wrf,,wYf4' x , M X " 4 ,, il XV v . wg ngftwgcfl-7' ,KWRSXWW-,W-X f W ,w ' wfxe' fi 41 Zag? U , ,, X W-4'm.g,X,XQ,, x ,H I f' I , , If Q W W Q Lf 7353437 'XXQfW75?5'?XW? f' - " 't " X' N x ,X X - ay, xj 5, X ff psy Xsyf f XX ,, 1 X, f X , ' f, XM 'QXXWWQ VK? f KU -X5 'V X X x 'Z' W ' I, , ,W N Q Xlff 2 U Q ,,XXv,, f, ff XM, ,L 'if 17 X X , x ' A fXX Q I W M' ff ' Q ' QW ,Z YQ, , Xi ,, ,f X Q5-FY , I If X , , X 6 ,gl ,i X , i , 5 X ,Q .X , X 99, XX , X ' f 'X .X ,1 42. 5 , K, X, 131,1- ,,.. "IQ ' fi" X I -Ms f V ,XX , X, X , XX' ff 0 ' XXL! X if f 'Q 'K X A' XX WN 7 XWQ -- 1 -"-H 341 K 'V' ' ' ' :F Yr , .. kk nvwzfl nv W Y' ... lf f M' ' .,.. ,ig ,, , 4 - , L- .,-. sw ' f-W--' "" X- , H un ,W Y' A X-4 , , M - -X A X "H-fx' M :if L , : -, ,,f"' W H, 4 , -- ,..- .., ,,,,....4---- ADII IO Ens. C.J. Keller Patten J.l.. EN1 Hayes D.K. lVllVl1 Peters RJ. EN2 Schultz lVl.C. EN2 Simon RR. EN2 Laughlin FIR. EN3 Martin R.P. EN3 Obrecht W.G, EN3 Burke D,A. FN Carr S.E. FN Collucci G.C. FN Halstead RP. FN l-lilberer G.F, FN l-luntsberger Fl. FN lVluIlins D'.S, FN Palermo Fl.lVl. FN Partch N,A. FN Bowser C.F. FN Severin R. I.. ENFN Thomsen J.F. ENFN Tyner RJ. FN Peterson P.lVl. FN Gunter FU.. Gross T.C. Brawner S,T. BTC BT2 BT2 Bevans DR. Cooney E,W, Daelke D.J. BT3 BT3 BT3 Grothe VV.S. Wills D,A, Van Dyke D.L. BT3 BT3 BTFN w ' Lt U91 J.B. Lakin Crump DR. FN Gordon LR, FN Graham B.W. FN Hartz D.L, FN Hines E.J. FN Horn J.F. FN Rickard IVl.J. FN Titus GR. FN Tooley P.S. FN B DIVISIO ENS PR. Nladary EIVICS W.P. Alverson I-lehenberger E,l,, EIVI3 Lawendowski FLF., EIVI3 Baumgarth E.A,, FN Clarke .1.E., FN Drolet GR., FN Elsen R.W., FN Frei L.J., EIVIFN Gehring H.K., ICFN Huffman T.W., FN Jacobi C.W., ENI3 Ffienerth P.W., IC3 IVIcIVIahon FLJ., FN Segien J,E EIVIFN DIVISIO LTJG J.B. Lakin Sikes E.L,,lVIlVICS Northway WD., IVIFH Donohoo lVl.P., lVllVI2 Grimsley C.O., lVllVI2 Anderson GR., IVIIVIFN Biedenbach FLC., FN E Stroup RC lVIlVl2 Buchenroth PLE., IVIIVI3 Van Billiard lVl.E., lVllVI2 Corelli J.C., FN Jandreau E.F., IVIIVI3 Dougherty J.F., FN Fox LA., FN Crew ACd.P. IVIIVIFN Hartnett J.P,, IVIIVIFN Johnston lVI.D., IVHVI FN Kelly D.W,, IVIIVIFN Powers A.G., IVIIVI3 Willis P,F., Wurts G,L,, Zylstra FLD., Copeland IVIIVIFN NHVI3 IVIIVIFN F?.K,, FN Jankowics Perez J.lVl., Streeter J.lVI., Weaver J.E., FN IVIIVIFN IVIIVIFN DJ-I., FN CWO3 L l-l Colter Fisher l-I P FC Page D,L,, DC1 Carlson G.L., SFP2 Gray J,E., SFP3 Hunt D.G., SFIVI3 Variello F,,SFlVI3 Brewer FLA., DCFN Gould ef., FN Heal K,A., FN Lewis J.lVI., D03 Swearingen W.l-I., DC3 Wardwell K,E,, Bates L E Farrell P lvl FN Baily E,F., FN Sakacsl S J , Trushaw ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBILITIES The Engineering Department is comprised of A, B, E, M, 8. R Divisions. Thesedivisions are responsible for the maintenance of Telfair's interior workings, powerplants, and electrical systems. R Division is responsible for damage control during combat, such as patching, plugging, watertight integrity, and fireifighting. A Division's tasks include the distillation of fresh water, maintenance of the diesel powerplants and compressors for refrigera- tion, and other auxiliary equipment. The boilers, feed water, fuel oil, steam, and forced-draft blower systems are the assigned items of B Division. M Division maintains and operates the 'main engines. Their iobs incorporate such items of equipment as turbines, lube oil pumps and purifier, generators, drains, feed water and steam systems, gauges, main shaft, and the screw. The main concern of E Division is the ACfDC motors, generators, and lighting sys- tem circuits aboard ship. This division in- cludes the IC electrician who maintains the inner-ship phone circuit and gyro Compasses. O O 'xwxx DEPARTMENT G OPERATIUNS . N 1 f z.,Lau..A Ltjg SB. Smith , Trammell J.lVl, QIVIQ Wheeler J.W, QIVISN l DIVISIO Dosdourian lVlcKenna J.S. Strauss FLSN lVl.J. SN SN OC DIVISIO 'ii 7 X I , sf" Q-i wgkf X Qs- lx - f LU9 HD. Smith Ens. B.S. Ens. T.W. SIVIC T.E. Troup Patte rs on B roadfoot Cochran E,W, Perez FRA, Schafer S,A, Ketcham K,D. RM2 SM2 RM2 RM3 Shaw FLC. SIVl3 Washburn G.W. Buss RH. Hayes A- SIVI3 Fearis RA, RM3 RIVIQ Nlilburn D,B. CYNSN Gormley FLB, Jacobs WJ-I. RIVISN Stewart J. RIVIB SM3 FTMSN Wiseman CLI., Combs H.L. SN RIVISN Maloney J.E. Richardson CYN3 E.B. FHVI3 Drisco FLA. SN Edwards K.J RIVISN OI DIVISIO f or K Q , 5 S- ' W s by 'f X , .Xxx N X H ,, S , JZ As I M leg ,, is Q n ' P f 4 is-'W '. X 'i' WN gf 2' , . of W, sf ,, Q ' ' A so I 'W 725 s f, ,f .Q f s 4,,Q.,, ,'s ff s - of Sv . N 7 f' as j f' C i f ff .ss g Xi' f f 0 .. 'fax Z Ens. D,lVI. Armstrong Hipps S.E. RD2 Nastasi F.A. RD2 Ducey VV.T, RD3 Fontenault RE. RD3 Gaffney T.H. RDS Koose E.S. RD3 Nelson HD, SN Rogers J.V, RD1 Andrews L.B. Chamberlin RD3 D.L. RD3 Ens F? J Murphy Ahrens Ft N Weaver D E Roach J.D. ETN3 Wolinski E A ET3 Weems J. ETN3 Girouard ETR3 Harvey IVI SN Linna E.J SN OPERATIONS D DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBILITIES The Operations Department is charged with the responsibility for the proper col- lection, evaluation, and dissemination of com- bat, tactical, and operational information for the assigned tasks of the ship. The discharge of these responsibilities lies within the cog- Taizance of the operations officer. The "Ops" Officer is aided by the various divisions responsible for visual and radio communi- cations, tactical and navigational information. Within the scope of the Operations -Depart- mental duties are the collection, analysis, and dissemination of intel ligence information, the control of classified publications, and repair and upkeep of shipboard electronics ecluipment. The "Ops" officer is also respon- si le for Officer training and instruction, and the assignment of the various officers to specific watch positions such asp OOD in port or underway, CIC watch officer, or JOOD. Once at sea the Operations Depart- ment is responsible for the only links of communication between the ship and' the outside world. A I X Ltjg E,B. lVloCaffrey Garrett E.A. SKC Wooten W.F. CS2 Hobbs P.lVl. SH3 Proctor PLN. SH3 Merino D.J. SN .V f . . 'Q f fern ,v ywff-,.f2,',f .Y . 4 f F, i 319'-'-' ff',fflf-5f'ff1?f:zf.fgff'0,hw'1 - fp, 9 , ', f f ' ' 2 --'.ff.l-'sffgf-.gyylykeQi Q my - fl . , E ffxff,-i'ft3'i'f':'fx'.' ff' V " S-1 DIVISIO Stewart B.B. Birr D,K, CS1 SH1 Robinson G.G. Shanklin B. CS2 SH2 lVlilIer D.G. Clark D.l.. SK3 CS3 Wheeler J.l., Terrell J. SN CS3 Holder J.I.. SN Rubin IVl.l-I. SN Knapp ED, CS1 Stewart G.E. SK2 Harrington V.S. CS3 Buell W.C. SN Balser W.S, SN Cook V.C. DK1 Able J.C. CS3 Heinz L.J. SK3 Bagley L.D. SN Brock FLG. SK3 Bickham L. SH2 Brown A, SH3 James H. CS3 Teague P.E. SN Wolff J.B. SN Nlotil L.Q. TN Legaspi F.C. TN Garcia, E.A. TN SUPPLY DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBILITIES Functional responsibilities ofthe Supply Department and its personnel are to provide ship's departments with the materials required in their assigned functions, to subsist and pay personnel, to make available articles of uniform clothing, personal necessity and luxury items from the ship's store merchandise, and to maintain prescribed financial records and render required reports and ac- counting statements. ln addition, laun- dry and tailor services are provided as well as the officer's messing and berthing services under the Steward's branch. Simply the departments exists to serve the ship. The degree and man- ner for service provided have a vital effect upon the mission accomplish- ment and upon the well-being and morale of its personnel. MEDICAL AND DENTAL ,f, W I ""x '24 , 4' ,V ,V Z 1 if , f X , f X ,ff f ff.. H DIVISION ,WWW X. izyfflw I ff .57 7 . 1 FLK, EII son G V Gotten N, Lt CIVICD so A Bolen I ZW! y M , 1 , XZ W X f W W f , Lf CDC? HIVIC5 s-'tf'iffX" XXX, X ii, 'ff ,MWC K .1,fWg ifxikgff igmvtgf f pyyyff .- mfg, f W f f wmtworm RL. cassei c.vv. Duggins D.D. Osborn D-L- Sager 5 E Machmer J A HM1 I-lIVl2 HM2 I-llVl2 DT? MEDICAL DENTAL DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBILITIES , The medical department ofthe USS TELFAIR is responsible for the health and physical well being of every man aboard. These responsibilities include the inspection of all food brought aboard, chlorination and culture of all water,and inspection ofliving spaces, galleys, troup spaces to insure cleanliness and sani- tation for all hands. Sickbay facilities include a complete laboratory and pharmacy, x-ray department, 28 bed ward, isolation ward, and a complete operating room. The dental office pro- vides care for all hands with facilities for prosthetics repair as well as general dental work. The administrative office handles all medical records, corres- pondence, instructions, and directives from BUMED, fx I MQ, muff 0 I acl-mm r ENS DR. 2ndfLt. DR. Bowron C.F, lVIcDaniel Thrasher ENCIVI Thibeault FLW. Bamforth FR, Ingram A,W, BIVI1 PN2 BlVl2 Wolf P.A. PC2 Jones A,L. McAnich L,B, BNI3 GIVIGB DIVISIO Rosenow J.F, SN Clayton D.lVl. SN Edwards L,L, SN Laskowski NIR. SN Snyder GJ-I, SN Roberts C.S, SN , ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBILITIES The Admin Department is the work tool of the Executive Branch on board ship. Found within the radius of its duties are: handling of all in- coming and outgoing correspondence, maintaining both officer and enlisted records, the reenlistment, transfer and separation of enlisted personnel, handling of leave, annual and emer- gency, humanitarian problems, and other general clerical tasks encoun- tered in the execution of ship's business. Inclusive in the department,also, are the Ship's Post Office and Master- at-Arms Force whose responsibil- ities are, respectively, the handling of all ship's mail and shipboard law enforcement. Also with the department and found only on amphibious warships is the Marine Combat Cargo Officer. He is the coordinator between all ioint Navy and'Marine operations. U I n ., ' t ' 1 J, f ' Ma ,W ,, ff, ,W K ff! sg 1 51 'T W 1 3, sis VQQ4 QQ f 265 BIVIC J.l-l. lVlclVlanus First Division Patterson, J . L. SN Second Division A W ARRIVA Phillips, D.J. IVIIVIFN IVI Division Samp, PLE, ENFA A Division l-louse, RF. SN First Division Webb, LR. FN lVl Division Due to the Fcict of their lcite orrivol we were not oble to ploce BMC McManus, SN House, MMFN Phillips, SN Patterson, ENFA Scimp, cmd FN Webb in their proper plcces. ' .4-1.11 illi- 1..i-li-11 ,ii-.l-11 ,i.1 -- i. ,,iL,.i.. -le , - ,T-. ,.ii..1.l1-L1-1 PHIBRON 2 UNDERW Y ff' ll' ' U .lill- .-.1 ,.. ........... -..........,,..,...,,.............,.. R THE SHIPS USS TELFAIR APA-210 USS FREMONT APA-44 USS YANCEY AKA-93 USS SPIEGEL GROVE LSD-32 ,. qL.J USS RUSHMORE LSD-14 USS wooo COUNTY LST-1178 UNNY POI T The USS iTelfair, Fremont, and Yancey, load up with lVlarines and thousands of tons of supplies. "So that's what a ship looks like." At Sunny Point Pl-IIBRON 12 embarked the troops and equipment of BLT. 318. Telfair receivedabout 490lVlarines and officers plus nearly six-hundred tons of supplies and equipment. In less than a day approximately 135OlVIarines, including their supporting gear, were settled in their sea-gong homes. T ' T i. Captain Taylor, CO oftroops qualifies as helmsman. "Set the special sea and anchor detail." Telfair is ready to get underway. 6 fl f -Q........ . L.. a..J-L... . 4 -.ALZ ina, fl: .1 .sf . ,. .X -:A T WORK... 5 W1 fi ff?555:-,,.,,. S 'R+-ll. I ww. Captain lvloffit brushes up on his flying. 1st division waits for another load of supplies. Engineers hitting it hard. The Telfair's propulsion system has the record of being the best maintained and operable plant inthe squadron. The credit for this record goes to the personnel ofthe engineering department as shovvn above. Supplies pile up on alt four as Telfair takes on C-rations. W Every other Thursday the disbursing office becomes the most important part of the ship, Above DK1 Cook is hard at work." Not exactly a working shot but Chiefs Troup So this is where its recycled' and Alverson enjoyed it. After a hard day of loading supplies into if four, third division cleans up and finishes off the remaining details. Just a little bit of R 34 R. K pw , lVlind your helm! ...AND PL Y "R" Division strikes again. ,f if v l ,Q Fi if in i " ' W--W1:.w to t l. My li.VAe. -31 ,1 'i'11 ' " WM f 'i E Q i AH 6 l fvv Y get A I 1? E' if if ? as at . is Q l . ll. i' H xml? lvlother Cassel take charge. l Not another wo rd. fm-xb ,, ,-msnummmmaynzmxa-x1m:',:mfu-yung- I , WY, ,,,.,.,.,M.,A, , wrfvf-mf 1 ,, Nj fn' +V ,ex X, M-, if X 7" L Y ex 1 ff if Q. ' fha., f?' , '41 4 ff V Q W , WSL R X mf, 3? V '12 Z f Y. ? Y I 4' X, W!! , ,, ,, x : ff 1, K- 'Vw' 4 f f ,ad gf 0, f,fX:p4i"N 1 'Z - JW f' 'Vlff' if C' ,+ f X, ,f . I, , sw ff ,, 0 5 , , W f , 4 - -,, 4, , X A ,, ,W A V, il X, f ,jfs ,f , I 1 15 X, f 4 :'. l fc- ,, ' if f S ff 1 ,ff , ' . , 1' " ' L' ,Z 55 0 I 31,4 ,W Cf! X - rl 1 ff Wi:4.,'7i,,,, f fi M M jx J f y X f4...,, ,,,,, A V f i V, f ,, , f ,, iff' , , fe . , 9 . aw .5 S , , x J ,M .Af L, -X Q f f 'jig .- ,,.. M ,, Q ' , Eva if WN,,gWiin N 4 I 9X ,342 X 5 ,Xl ,lgj I , Q W X 5 xv 5 ,, f- 1 , ' f Q ' f x A " iv WZ, , fuk 1 X f I C Q ,, ,,,,, pg H V! f W , M f 1 'N ' -f 2 f 421 f '- -if Z! X' 2 X ,. 54,4 xx Aw' f 4, MQW ' f' Digifa Xi f Q f f T A m,W,,Ww.w 'f zzz- 2 - 3.1 N MSS' rf NM, N I s Q 0 x N X X x XX x ,xi m X X. X. X mv X W Z ffff Z , f ,' WC fa NX! WW f 5, a X W ,9 "1iv4L,,gk,. , W f W V pf X , f f 7 1? 0 ' f 42s:::::23':Q7:i-?-:- jy K X :i Q 4 7 usda ,Wg 1 X f be yxpwz, 'E Mm he 1, N fr hfx ,Zi WS Papa 15 leaves for her assembly circle. Marines load into Mike 2 for a pre H-hour transfer at Timbakion Crete. GATOR OPS Swarmlng off the landing craft, the Marines presenta formidable horde to the beach defenders. ' Lima 2 off-loaded to starboard in the early dawn. Paclfed like herring in a barrel, Marines anxiously await the end of a wet ride. , ,-me Wi f- . . ,, lam- ,g,,llL. rw, 'Mt vi 'iw H, ,.,....., , ly, Mm Msalfx sw. Ruiz M, , up tl i lv- :1 ,Mist tw' ll.--tw - if 1. 1 ,,,. ,fr v Q' -V, ...,,xf,-it-, -'Mala-.m atv" M av 'I' X ,M 2- , I ,N :,, astr a Wig., ,W -i v- , , . ,E ,.,, :it ua P. '.-M,-lqvsvf , v. ' ,, .l ,, E . , ww - . , l. l,.-,,,ilw,,,,+., X V' me f ' L ' - The steam ginny is loaded into Mike 1 for beach services. Pontoon causeways played an important part in many of our landings. Above isacausewayawaitinga"marriage" with an LST. fffgl 2 5 'J za 4' Sometimes the only way to get a Marine back aboad is in a net. i,t,,i,, a l "OnIy two more companies to go and we'll be loaded." l When returning from the beach all vehicles have to s be cleaned. Below, the wrecker gets a thorough job. .rw f :fe lf! , A if 5? 4 3? ' .l W W ,Qc SUMMARY OF UPERATIONS During the past six months in the Med, Telfair along with the other ships of Phibron i2 conducted amphib- ious landings at: Lovo Santo, Corsica l Porto Scudo, Sardinia Ghain Tuttieha Bay, Malta Timbakion Bay, Crete Tagliamento, Italy Aranci Bay, Sardinia In those six landings, Telfair alone off loaded the Following quantities oFMarine personnel and equipment: 2800 troops 156 vehicles 5 tons of Food rations 3 tons of ammunition 3 lf2 tons ot repair parts 1 I ,wwf-Q Q f 2 -w pg, V4 M,,,,, In ,, 1, W ,Wf ,, X , Www ,ff If f f !w,M ky I , ,, x Www ,fw ,ff f f ff 7 ff W ,,, W A 0 ff 4 X f i w E19 r --2-- --+ THE PORTS -' 4.35. -5 f M ' A - 2525 'ff"ffN , l - .-- fi' 1fJ'rMr1A'-1, Q, 13',l2' 3 l '- Q --' :':." E55 ann um Q +1 e 3 7- Y iv Y '-:A -u..5" l,, 'FQFL 12 '11-'-ar' ' ' 'f -- Y gf 1: qx .Z .-, . f ' v. LJ. . 1, - ' ' ' .. IES i' 1"- -. if ' 1, 2-4 ' 52524 ' -L-. Eiirlifl ' 5 -N ' lfhill' 1 I -1.4-ag 4 '- gzilig 1 A .SSQKUEQQ 5 5 2 52951 E 3 3 2 iiilgzii! I 3 5 -vl- W : : vanish I I fffipiti . 5 5 2 Zizlgg Q 2 5 5 2 1' 1 f 1 2 2 515325 2 Q i1'53"! : I 'EQ' E- " us .- ' 'Q ' ' KLM I W ia"f':'M . I ' 'f' i nx- vx- i in X 22.2521 fi ,A I 251: in -:::-.,, T-"' Y" !sz5EQE!1" 35 W IlIllllUllmll'!!lliillilll!!Ulill!- x F ,Q -f Leaf: .,:2lVl!"lw."Z Y-f 755534 ' . ' '.fL.:k:uJ'i4a I 2-: I ' fit f ':g',5f3f5f,"jQo,g.1'gg,:Q 5 3 1 . ,g"5f':2" . , -, qi ,qi Q - A 3 f 1 is Q ' "iv 'I 1 Yi 'qv 5? i V V a'f7', ?'?xi51f2Iku . li- lf ,4 J gqfaggu' L Q. '.-HAXX ' ffl 31? i ll '-riff? A 1 g ' I 1 it-'Sf - .-s. H l ww P6993 , sa -'MNH' g V - --..Q--Nnsg " , f2,gL25'f?32E5 ' 'XM-RN..- col fa sq 4135 i - ff 6 WY E , -- li? 'X N ..-. - l , I . ' X . , ,, ..... 4. 'Jin' .,-L.:--,: H.. - wfO ., :Hz sw ' - -,..: 3... ..' qc.:-L f"Oxf .- , -"' ,bg-vhs , lo .N .,- 1 ...- 7 3 1 x 44 'f .- 1.5 - . ,. . . --- .1 Ah Q0 .il-Iv11"'-f--:Z-5"-'ws fa I X-' T'. iXvCAi' Y' A ,' Y ff Li, 5 Although quite an impressive sight from the air, Naples presents quite another picture tothose below., ,tg APLES Just a few blocks from Fleet Landing, the ancient battle- ments of Castel Nuovo rear in to the sky. G4 i I t I . From Naples many of the crew took advantage of the tours offered by the ship to Rome. Above is a view of St. Peter's in the center of the Vatican. Tours of various local sights of in- terest were met by enthusiastic response from all hands. Above, the ruins of Pompeii provided quite an attraction to the crew. if it 3, l l l F. 1 EKHJDAYS Ui? Z Carol Baker arrives for a Christmas visit. NAPULI ' Mx Carol Baker and her sugar daddy. Christmas dinner Navy style. Y The cooks and their labor of rl love - Christmas dinner. Naples harbor aglow from the lights of Navy ships. MARSEILLE The CINTRA was the first stop for many, the only f0l' Some- AK X In central Marseille, is the All Saints Church, visited by few, remembered by none. Liberty call, Marines and Sailors hit the beach together, who knows what Cor whomj they might hit next. The inner harbor of Marseille presents a picturesque scene for entering visitors. ' All hands rememberthis viewofanew French highway, as liberty was cancelled on three days. High winds and white water had washed out any hopes of liberty, and nearly meant a dented fantail, as Telfair was almost hit by a roving tanker, which had broken loose from its anchor. l l 3 i i i i PATRAI PALMA Spending three days alone intropical Palma took its toll: no time for pictures and smaller libertyparties One of the most beautiful sights in Palma is the Cathedral in the city. v . I v lf, Patrai, a guiet little, out-of-the-way village which provided us with a jumping off point for Athens. ww, ' Athens, as seen from the Acropolis, presents a SPfaW'in9 city with many varieties of entertainment. On the way to Athens many of Telfair's tourists stopped at the Corinth Canal. For over a hundred years this canal has been providing a transit way from the Agean Sea to the Gulf of Corinth. A classic picture of the Acropolis from anearby hill. . Q i 6, ,. , . K1 tag 12 l l l l I i l l l Valletta's Grand l-larbor presentsapanoramic view from World War ll, Valletta still bears the scars of over the air. As one of the most heavily bombed cities of 1200 air raids. l 3 Kingsgate Fountain. MALTA While in Malta, Telfair had a tender availability period. During our stay Tel- fair was able to have much of her repair work completed. Lib- erty-wise, Telfair personnel were able to tour a historic is- land. Subject to the most intensive bomb- ing raids of the war, Malta even today bears the imprint of the past l USS FREIVIONT gets a helping hand as she prepares to leave Grand l-larbor. 1 Telfair takes to the high seas. With our tender availability behind us, we leave for our next port of call. l l . I , K W In . ,ix After extensive operations off the island of Crete, Telfair city in the heel of Italy, Bari offers many varied oppor slowly enters the small harbor of Bari. The largest tunities for entertainment toaweary crew. B RI ITALY , l While in Bari Telfair was host to manydistin- guished guests. Above, the Commandant of the 22nd Military Zone, along with his Chief of C C Staff, have paid a visit to Captain lvloffit. From our vantage point in the harbor, Bari presents a clean, quiet, appearance to her guests. - f ,yas 412, m v 5,5 A, , ,, ff 7 fx, f TRIESTE Open to the free northern Adriatic, Trieste is yet only a twenty-minute drive from communist Yugoslavia. From Trieste tours were offered to Venice, many per- sonnel took advantage ofthe inexpensive one-day tours. To the right is a picture, taken on one of those trips, of Saint lVlark's Cathedral in central Venice. Nloored side by side the Telfair and Yancey make an imposing picture of US naval power in Trieste. X i 60 nrep TELE IR' APS UNREP RECORD s Commencing the approach on station . I Lima One starboard. SIXTH FLEET "l'll trade you four crates of oranges "All this fgronecrate of Cabbage" l for one box of apples and sixteen l heads of lettuce." Ready and waiting, third division man's number four hatch. Soon tons of supplies will swing across the rig, which will mean fresh fruit, meat, and vegetables ,for the crew. L Ensign Vincent directs RPS helo transfer. Fastest Burton in the Sixth Fleet. -.., For the price the eggs are the best buy. ee e e 5 , vV,J,f"' ,VM r That beats any shopping cart! I 5 if The newest late-late movies arriving on board. ' Vx Y- fav ,K 431 -f Y-iflifii' 29' E 4,5 iff' V P i it 4:5 4pm f 4 ii' 2-: 44 1 as Qff,.,,w, 3,3 ,, 5--4 Ji .Ei-:ag-'H fi U if I X544 4.5, 4 aaaa 4 - fy .31 fx, X , H gym, I 'X'--.34 1. I ,ikit F 4 gif' , 2 4, 151 4- . ir f Tr f iii 5 " ,I V' 4,4 -A .3 if- . ' , K- 4- --- ,WiQf'f,i't5 Q 'HW . 5 , f me fu '1 , V - ' Y. K qw . ,V . :R Hill'-ww 4 ,ii M V .- New , ,mx , my il fn "Hey down there, who's going to catch the next sack?" Supplies aretemporarily stored on number two hatch. REPLENISHMENT DATA During our five underway replenishments in the IVIed we received 13,0955 14,520 24,5925 350,550 27,2455 40,9590 55,760 dozen eggs pounds of butter gallons of milk pounds of apples pounds of oranges pounds of meat pounds of bread 3 63 TURNOVER Seen inthe distanceour reliefs Sitting at anchor Sandoval and Uvalde prepare to present Q pretty picture. relieve Telfair and Yancey. Turnover completed, our reliefs head for G reece. CUMMENTS Turnover is a simple affair. Sixth Fleet Operation orders and other pertinent instructions are given to the relieving squadron. The ships then that have been relieved head West for the Straits of Gibraltar and home. No sooner were we relieved than the Greek Army decided to overthrow the Greek Government. For three days we steamed around in a big circle in the vicinity of Sicily in anticipation of being ordered to Greece to evacuate American Nationals. For three days we steamed not knowing if things in Greece would turn intoaCivilWar similar to that of l948. At the end of the third day peace once again prevailed in Greece, and we were released to proceed to Morehead City and then to Norfolk. ? ,... N ,,.fVf - -. ..-. THE L-o-o-o- . For seventeen days, nothing but water. Rf' X ,A Lk xx A pie eating contest between Marine and Navy contestants on number 2 Hatch. TRIP HO - 4, g S Y A , vi A P s Heavy seas at times hindered our progress home. S , l 159 " A musical interlude to break the boredom of the long trip home. Relaxing in the library passes the time. OREHE D AGAI After twenty days at sea the first buoyand sights of land. -in ,I Q LLM at z ,I 7 Y-I 'll A,T. Piner's tugs Iendahelping handtothe pier. 5 f Morehead City finally comes into sight. Off go the Nlarines. Off go the vehicles. Telfair, off loaded first, leaves falter mg Freddie behind The Bay Bridge Tunnel provides a most welcome sight to all hands as it draws closer . . . URFOLK IN SIGHT BAY BRIDGE . . . and closer. UNNEL LITTLE CREEK at , 5 ff X ff gi! ffl 1 , gl f , , fn! I 5 ff H In if 5 Z? if f f 4 - X if W if ff I we f if ' XIII fx ff I -0- X .mi X A N L M . W, .rr anna'-'igQhL:,f"-s 9.7.4, '54, .M , N A f "fsVpwgg-,essfnr-P-4--1'T A I, 'i , 1 1 , V2.1 B'f::t,p,f4,,, 5 fm,-li,-5. Mdiixelw-j , ' 1 ,. W., , ' This buoy marks the entrance to the Little Creek Channel. Zliflwf ' it W N M WW' WWW NI -' I M WW f J, A A , Z f f :MQ ,74..5W.A,,, . ,,,. 1 . A W . 4' X Q W fax, f UM' 1 I fe xv KW f 4. ,W f, iffy, f f ,,. X J ,W 'rw ' -' f HO V f Wx W ,S Z7 7. V! Z X f N 1 ?' V, ' WSJ " !,Qt,,AWwnM,1-,V M111 7 . W X Z 4 X E M x X 1 v A433 .-" Q W' X ,xlwfgg A QQ W Cfffx ' W K Q 52 Y ' A' Men have always roamed the sea in ships. For trade, travel, war and peace, the sea has been a highway. Within a steel hull the lives of men, temporarily thrown together, are intermin- gled. From the strength, the hopes, the needs, the sufferings, the joys of her men, emerges the spirit ofa ship. On these pages is the spirit of the USS Telfair. When this name is spoken, it is of these men one thinks. These pages mark the end of an exercise in the security of the United States. For six months men and machinery have been a part of each other. ln the passage of time some have grown, some have diminished. No one has remained the same. As they have molded the spirit of the ship, so has the ship molded their spirit as men. Not recorded here but of equal importance are the faces and experiences of families, wives, children and sweethearts. Their story is also a part of this spirit. ln spite of distance and time, their influence has been felt. As this record is closed for the men, for the families, and for the ship, we thank God for our safety and for the fulfillment of our mission. There will be other cruises, other ships, other faces, and another spirit. To these may we take the spirit expressed in this book. May we be generous. Give and not count the cost, work and not seek for gain, fight and not fear to die. LT. Robert J. Ecker Z 0 R S72 X352 CRUISE BUCK STAFF 'f' f , , A ,ff f 3 A Y PCN 16N ss J-..' , L L 1 Ooffiu f ,Or-5:90 f9 I T il ,, M G After hours the library was the scene of intense activity. W ,,,, 2 Work progresses slowly, allhands take care to prevent mistakes. The work can be long and dull, but the final - results will be worth the effort. l tg. Top level conferences on the cruise book were necessary to meet production deadlines. This last page of the cruise book is dedicated to those personnel who gave a great deal of time and effort to this project. Many liberty nights were given up, and numerous movies missed due to the pressing demands of this book. We ofthe cruise book staff realize that this book has a number of shortcomings, but we have tried to capture the complete picture of the cruise on these pages, and hope that the book is acceptableto the crew. ulheqmphed is Bound by iswonm Some members of the staff found it a bit rugged to keep up the pace. Seen above is one of the casualties before he went beserk. "The cruise book staff is now meeting in the wardroom." Q ' rf , u ,f . 'F ti lu. . 'fs Q 'T' A f, L, 1 ,Le 1 ff' 7 A -fg1i,, , .. ..p,,, . Lf.. .Qi ii' , uf. .1 ' 4 Y , u . S ew W. , r 1 r .1 , IQ 1 an L , sf n ,Lx gk 5 Q fjji . Aa- as , f A Q , W 4, . A ff 'K JH 'Y f 'H-'J Gi Lf .g - , -H1 fgimi ' . 1. 5. L . ff ui .Nfl-. -. .- ,-L, , f' HL--mul -A ALM 4-' 5 ith-E-z'r1i5diu.iw,.1 su, A ,,.,, x Abs, , -f M, M, . I I v F ! E

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