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-- THE 1988 INDIAN Rose D. Warwick High School 245 South Elm Street Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 H igh school years are special. They are full of memorable events, good friends, and good times. Each year has something unique to offer — a new class, a new friend, a new opportunity to excel in sports and academics. Years from now, when we look back at these memo ries, we can smile as we remember that we are ... Indians Yesterday Today And FOREVER VfV V 2 5 8 75 25 29 33 37 47 83 93 101 112 115 Opening Faculty and Staff Student Life Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Activities Athletics Organizations Junior High Elementary Acknowledgements and Patrons Advertising Opening 3 H 2 H H 2 O ODavey Cole shows his excite merit for the class of '90 during an assembly. The class 1990 watches the powder puffers at the Homecoming games. Jeff Wright shows his spirit during the Spirit Week games. Julie Krumvede catches a few Z’s during her study hall period. She's dressed for the occasion be cause of “dress-up” days for Spir it Week. Mike Cheeseman puts his coat away in his locker after lunch. Heather Coats, Amy Thomas, and Sue Welch take a break for the Missy Brown ponders over her dancing of the Journalism Dance at the tables set up to write in Econ. in study hall class, yearbooks. 4Mr. Tony Bowling, Physical (leaf’ raphy. Entomology Ecology, Biology, Physics Mrs. Vilma Carlson, English 10, Ad vanced English, Practical English, Ad uanced Spanish, Composition and Lit erature Mr. Kevin McMullin, Choir, Music Theory Stage Band. Jr. High Choir, Band, Jr. High Band. 5th and 6th Grade Band Mr. Wayne Mason, Math 7, Drafting, General Math. Industrial Arts Mr. Norman Taylor, US. History, Social Issues, World History, Govern ment. Athletic Director Mrs. Maria Phillips, Typing. Accounting, Reading 7, English 9 Mrs. Rinette Tyckoski, Health and Nutrition, Math 8. Consumer Eco nomics. Family Living Parenting, Life Management Skills Mr. Duane Richardson, Social Studies 8, Social Studies 6. Social Studies 7, Jr. High Physical Educa tion. Occupations Mr. Robert Tyckoski, Computer Literature. Geometry, Algebra II, Al gebra . Math 8, Careers Mr. James Showers, Principal Mr. Roger Carlson, Superintendent Mr. Arthur King, Business Manager Mr. Roger Maples, Science 7, Sci ence 8. Health 7 and 8. Inside Mich igan Mr. Larry Stout, Sr. High Physical Education, Recreational Sports. Inter mediate Algebra Mrs. Carlene Zollner. Reading 6. English 8. Reading 7. Journalism, Ad vanced Journalism Mrs. Wendy Livingston. Counselor Faculty and Administration 5Back row: Robert Hinspeter, Trustee; Nelson Shedd, Vice-President; Edwin Shumway, President; Stephen Pulsipher, Treasurer Front row: Shirley Newland, Trustee; Sharon Warsop, Trustee; Diane Kalnins, Secretary Bus Drivers: Mrs. Carol Hughes, Mrs. Bertha Phelps, Mrs. Sharon Selby, Mr. Reid Waffle, Mrs. Connie Phelps Cafeteria Staff: Mrs. Toni Saltzgaber, Mrs. Harriet Doolittle, Mrs. Sarah Winans, Mrs. Wanda Runyon Janitors: Mr. Reid Waffle, Mr. Earl Sarnson, Mrs. Linda Lambert Mrs. Selby takes a break from Homecoming activities. Mr. Showers flashes the peace sign as Mr. Bowling watches before a pep rally. Mrs. Saltzgaber is busy fixing a hot dog during hot lunch. 6Retirement brings . . . relaxation and travel M Hurry (lallup was Tekonsha’s elemen Lary, north-wing janitor, and he retired in October. Every day, [or seventeen years, Mr. Gallup came into the school to work [or three hours after the teach ers and kids had left. Some of his duties were to clean classrooms and do main tenunce work. Also, during the summers, he painted the walls and made things look welcoming for the stu dents coming to Tekonsha in the fall. Mrs. Betty Shank and Mrs. Linda Lambert said that Mr. Gallup would probably spend time with his family and work on his farm out on Herricksville Hoad. When asked directly, Harry said, “ just work on the farm and keep busy there. ” A f r. Carlson came 1V± to T.H.S. to be superintendent in 1975, when Scott started kindergarten. Mrs. Carlson came to work in 1977; she was the English and Speech teacher. For the last years she taught sophomore, junior, and senior English along with two Spanish classes. Mr. Carlson worked long enough to see his youngest son graduate. Now he feels ready to retire. Mrs. Carlson said, ‘‘I’m not old enough, but I don’t want to see him have all the fun!” They have no definite plans, but do want to travel. Mrs. Carlson said they would probably visit Sweden to see Mr. Carlson’s ancestors’ homes. They would also like to see some of the U.S. that they haven’t seen yet, the Northeast and Northwest sections, including Alaska. Retirement 7Magic Memories Y ou never think it can happen to you until it does. Fate steps in and that dream is now reality. It is usually a magic moment you wish would never end. The magic happened to Jodi Long and Bob Manis. It was the night the two were picked out of the crowd. They were no longer students who filled the empty desk in the classroom or statistics on a piece of paper. They were “royalty” among a court and the common people. They were admired, respected and the ones chosen to fill the most honored seat in all the village; they are the 1987 Home coming King and Queen. Jodi Long and Bob Manis had a very memorable night. “It was a very unique night for me because Bob and I are cousins and Paulette, my best friend, got to crown me, ” said Jodi. When asked what her favorite part of the whole night was, she replied, “Riding on top of the car. It was a lot of fun. I also liked it because my Dad was really proud of me. He was crowned King his senior year at Tekonsha High School.” After the King and Queen are crowned, how do they feel? Who would know better than Bob? “I was really excited and nervous. They never told us what to do if you did get King. ” Bob Manis and Jodi Long are sure to always remember this night for many reasons. It is something to definitely be proud of. The night may have ended, but the magic memories will always linger on. They will always be our school's 1987 Homecoming's royalty. Jodi Long and Paulette Struwin take time during the Homecoming Dance for another picture. The gazebo they are standing in was designed by the Junior Class for this occasion. I987’s Homecoming Queen and King, Jodi Long and Bob Manis 8 Homecoming Juniors Laura Fredicks, and her escort Corey Wooden Sophomores Lisa Maisner, and her escort Larry Neal 8th Grade Tara Hampton, and her escort 7th Grade Rachael Reese, and her escort dim Chambers Bear James Seniors Laura Selby, and her escort Scott Carlson Freshman Tanya Minniear, and her escort Travis Hall Crownbearers Libby Shumway and Trevor HamptonHomecoming attendant, Holly Hunt, laughs as she gets a pie in her face after winning with the most pennies in her jar. Junior, Dea Reincke, tackles senior, Nicki Ritter, as Michelle Hall and Tanya Cail cheer them on and laugh as Mary Turley and Leslie Nagel rush over to help out a fellow senior. 10 HomecomingHomecoming Queen, Jodi Long, and King, Bob Man is, lead everyone in the first dance. Gina Snyder hands the ball to Becky Phillips as freshman Aubrey Watkins and fellow teammates are ready to attack, but fail to stop the Sophomores from winning. The Senior girls Penny Warsop, Martha Holbrook, and Theresa Griffith and friends tug hard as Holly Hunt cheers them on to a victory. Freshman attendants Tonya Minniear and Travis Hall enjoy their ride in the Homecoming Parade. Homecoming 11The theme for this year's floats was "Songs,” and the Seniors captured first place with their winning float "Living on a Prayer.” The Sophomores came in the middle with a strong third place float as Joe Hi ns peter and David Turley enjoy taking it through town The Freshmen took fourth place with their float with "Here we go Again. ” Ixist, but not least, the junior high took fifth place. 12 HomecomingScott Carlson, Kandi Harris, Aaron Warner, and his date, Heather, arc waiting for a slow song to play during the Homecoming Dance. Nicki Kilter, Laura Selby and Kyle Klingaman watch the crowd out dancing while Dean Richardson does not find the whole thing too thrilling. Tracey Swafford takes a dip while dancing with Andy Swafford at the first dance of the year sponsored by the Journalism Class. Indians rock out! “T s there a dance to- 1 night?" "I 'm going, are you? ” “Maybe he’ll be there!" These are all parts of the similar conversations that fill the halls in school on Fridays. This year Indian dances showered the gym with joy and excitement. They brought fun to everyone involved. “I think the dances this year have had good turnouts. It is really great to see kids out dancing and letting loose after a long week of classes, homework, practices and games,” said Stephanie Dietz. Mindy Pulsipher add ed, “I think the dances this year have been a little better. I still think they should have a greater variety of line dances, like the 'Hokey Pokey,’ or the ‘Mexican Hat Dance.' You know, something that would involve everyone as a group. ” Music plays an important part at the dances. In order for kids to go out and have a good time, there has to be a good song that everyone likes. Everyone has a favorite song and here are some: Brad Runyon — “We Will Rock You" Jennifer Norgan — “It Could’ve Been” Tricia Katz — “Mony Mony" Aaron Warner — “Everytime You Cry” Kim Newland — “Lost in Love" Sharon Cagle — “Hysteria” Dances are a traditiional part of Tekonsha High School. They provide a way for classes and organizations to earn a little money. Everyone should agree that dances are one of the best ways to get all the students together for a good time.EYES ON TARGET; FULL SPEED AHEAD! Captain's Log. Stardate 11 28 86 I began my long quest to go where few students have gone before. I am sent by special request, all expenses paid, on a mission by Kellogg's that only brave adventurers dare to attempt. My skills are first tested by a sneak attack of application forms sent by the dominating force of Youth for Understanding. I must successfully complete each question and a professor must give an evaluation of my capabilities. As I send the forms flying back to Washington, D C., the forces headquarters, I feel some anxiousness. Stardate 1-18-87 One month has passed and the adrenalin is coursing through my veins as I am about to read my results. I open the letter and my eyes to find that I have accomplished making it through the first stage of my rigorous journey. Another squadron of applications formed a surprise attack and ambushed me. These models prove to be more advanced than their predecessors. The second level of YFU Wars has begun! To reach my destination 1 must tackle and destroy a whole fleet of questions, letters and interviews with YFU Storm-troopers. This is the most crucial part of my journey in which they are preparing me for my final destination. Stardate 4-10-87 I finally received my assignment for my final destination. The anticipation that has been growing since this voyage began seems to have stopped time. Everything is still and the only sound that can be heard is my heartbeat as I open the envelope that contains the information that 1 have waited for for so long. I take a deep breath as I unfold the letter. To my astonishment 1 have beaten the enemy force! I will be stationed for two months in Jaboatao, Brazil. I will be living with a family to learn about their customs and way of life. “I am not as homesick as I thought I would be. ” Imagine how you would feel during the first few moments you were in a foreign country. Every exchange student goes through what is known as “culture shock. ” Some it affects more heavily than others, but most exchange students have the same feelings as those stated above. Renato Romani had a very realistic view of the U.S. before he even came here. This has helped him to adjust very well. “Many of my friends told me of their experiences abroad. They said I would be very homesick. I think this information helped me to adjust more quickly. I know the culture is different so I don’t want to spend time thinking of Brazil, but try to blend in with this culture and have as much fun as possible. I love school here. It is very different, but that is why I enjoy it. It seems to be much easier than school in Brazil. There we are told what subjects we will take. We only get to choose which sport we will play in gym. I swim. Anything else we decide to do, like studying English or playing a sport, is extra-curricular. I also love the snow. It is wonderful!" Being an exchange student is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. It teaches responsibility, independence, pa tience and skills in dealing with strangers. Being away from your native land for two, six, or twelve months really makes you more mature and self-reliant. Renato Romani is looking ''somewhat" interested in the basketball game. Renato also plays volleyball and what is known to us as soccer back home. Luciana is caught studying child development. Luciana is a six month ex change student from Argentina. Mexican Exchange student, Rodrigo Chavez, is watching Missy Brown do some kind of homework Rodrigo moved to Jackson after the first semester was over. He is a charming class-mate that will always be remembered. 14 Exchange StudentsScott M. Carlson Jeffrey L. Coffman Michael J. Delmont Stephanie A. Dietz Michele R. Hall Martha E. Holbrook Vice President Melissa G. Brown Robert D. Brown Patricia L. Burrow 16 SeniorsHolly A. Hunt David L. Fogel Theresa K. Griffith President Tammy L. Grigsby Curtis D. Herman Tricia A. Katz Julie L. Krumvede Linda K. LaMee Jodi M. Long Secretary 16AMelinda S. Pulsipher Frederick N. Melville Robert S. Manis Representative Andrew J. Morris Jennifer L. Norgan Leslie B. Nagel Treasurer Pamela R. Neal Edwards Lorraine A. Reincke Daniel P. McDowell 16BLaura M. Selby Joseph R. Sisco Anita J. Stage Roy D. Swafford Brian L. Thomas Representative Mary E. Turley Nicole N. Ritter Bradley J. Runyon Randy L. Schafer I6CLesa L. Weller Jeffrey M. Wright Jeanne M. Zook Not Pictured: David Dennis, Tracey D. Faurot, Teresa L. Knight, Hugh D. Woods The Senior High Marching Band members are recognized at the last football game. They were featured in the song titled "Let There Be Praise. ”Senior Activities Bob Brown — BB 11, 12; FB 12; TR 12; Cabaret ft 10, 11, 12; Knowledge Master 12; Citizen Bee 11, 12 Missy Brown — VB 9, 10; VOED 12; H R. 10, 12; HOSA 11 Pattie Burrow — TR 9; Choir 11; Journalism 12; H.R. 10, 11, 12 Scott Carlson — BBB 9, 10, 11, 12; BB 9, 10, 11, 12; TR 9, 10, 11, 12; FB 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Cabaret 9, 10, 11, 12; S.C. 10, 11, 12; Knowledge Master 9, 10, 11, 12; Citizen Bee 10, 11; H R. 9, 10, 11, 12; L.F. 11, 12 Jeff Coffman — FB 9, 10, 11, 12; BBB 9, 10, 11, 12; TR 9, 10, 11, 12; Choir 9, 10, 11, 12; Cabaret 9, 10, 11, 12; H R. 9, 10, 11, 12; L.F. 11 Honor Student Denys David — TR 9, 10, 11, 12; Play 9, 10; Choir 12; M Band 12; P Band 12; H R. 10, 12 Mike Delmont — BBB 9, 10, 11, 12; FB 9; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; S. Band 10, 11, 12; Cabaret 10, 11, 12 Stephanie Dietz — TR 9, 10, 11, 12; Play 9, 10, 11; Tag 11; H R 12; Who’s Who 12 Pamela Edwards — VB 9, 10, 11; Choir 11; H R. 9, 10, 11, 12; Knowledge Master 12; Honor Student Tracey Faurot — H R 9 Dave Fogel — BB 9, 10; H R. 12 Theresa Griffith — GBB 9, 10, 12; TR 9; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; S.C. 9, 10 Tammy Grigsby — H R. 9 , Michelle Hall — Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Choir 9, 11; TR 10; S Band 11; P. Band 12; H R 9, 10, 11, 12; Who s Who 12; Honor Student Curt Herman — Choir 9; BBB 10, 12; VOED 11, 12; H R 11 Martha Holbrook — CH 9, 10, 11, 12; TR 9, 10, 11; GBB 9, 10, 11; VB 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Choir 10, 11, 12; P Band 9, 10, 11; S. Band 10, 11, 12; Play 11; H R. 9, 10, 11, 12; Cabaret 10, 11; Honor Student Holly Hunt — GBB 9, 10, 11, 12; VB 10; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; S.C. 10, 11; Journalism 10, 11, 12; Play 11; Choir 10; L.F. 12; H R. 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Student Tricia Katz — TR 9, 10, 11, 12; Choir 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; S. Band 10, 12; P. Band 11, 12; Play 11 Teresa Knight — TR 9, 10, 12 Julie Krumvede — VB 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; S. Band 10, 12; P. Band 10, 11, 12; TR 9, 11, 12; H R. 10, 11, Citizen Bee 9, 10,11; Honor StudenL __ _ . f Linda Lamee — Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Cabaret W, 11; and 9, 10, 11, 12: Expo '88 12; Who’s Who 11; H R. 9, 10, 11. VALEDICTORIAN; Honor Studint m fM . „ , Jodi Long — S.C 9, 11, 12; Choir 9, 10, 11, 12; fiBB 9, 10, 11; VB ft, 10, TRf. 10; H R. 9; Homecoming Court 10, Homecornirig r een W , fc. r. JL „ Bob Manis — BB 9. 10, 11, 12; BQB 9, 10, 11, 12; FB 9, 10, 11, 12; TR W; S.C 10, 11. 12; H.R 11; Homecoming King 12 Fred Melville — BB 9; FB 10; Cfibaret ll9 VOED 11,12 Dan McDowell — BB 10, 11, Cabaret 11, 12 Andy Morris — FB 9, 10, 11, 12iMB 9, 10; BB 9 ' Leslie Nagel — Band 9, 10, 11, 12, H.R. 9, 10, 11, 12; W.C tK,12; Co Editor Jennifer Norgan — VB 9, 10, 12; TR 9, 10; H R. $1 Mindy Pulsipher — VB 9, 10; QR $ 10-Choir 1 Lorraine Reincke — GBB 9, lOfVhoir 9; H R. 1 Nicki Ritter — GBB ft 10; VB 9, 10, 11, 12; TR 9 Court 9; S.C. 10: Cabaret ft 10, 11, 12; S. Band 12; _______ 12vHomewmffig Honor Student Honor Student; $ALUTATORIANw Brad Runyon — Band ft 10, 11, 12; BB.9, 10, thl2;I L.F. It, 12; Cabaret ft 10, 11, lj Who’ Who 12; HR. 9, 1 11, 12; Choir S. Bapd 11; ,z; Play 9, Mil; Band 9. 10. lb. 12«Choir 9, 1 ■Knowledge Master 11. 12;Whos Who 12, H R ; S.C. 9, 10, 11, 12; Knowledge Master w.. Vv no I ii.ix. J, ii , i i» • f9 Randy Schafer — FB 9, 10, 11, 2; BBB 9, 10,11, 12; BB 9 VOED 11, 12; H R. 9, 12; Junior Achievement U Laura Selby— GBB 9, 10, 11, 12; VB 9, 10, 11, f2; TR 9, 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; CH 9, 11; Cabaret 9, 10, Olympics 12; H.R. 9, 10, 11) 12; Expo '88 12; Honor Student Joe Sisco — FB 9; Choir 10, 12; S. Band 10,11. 12 Anita Stage — H R 9, 12; VOED 12 Roy Swafford — BB 9, 10, 11. 12. H R. 12 Brian Thomas — FB 9; BB 9, 10, 11. 12. Homecoming Court 11, 12; H R. 9; Who's Who 12 Mary Turley — Choir 9, 10, 11, 12: BB 9, 11, 12; VB 9, 11, 12; TR 9, 10. 11, 12; Play11. H R 11, 12 9 ,0_ Aaron Warner — Band 9. 10, 11, 12; BBB 9, 10; S. Band 9, 11, 12; TR 9, 10, 11, 12; S.C. 9, 10, 11. 12; C aba H.R. ft 10, 12; Journalism 11, 12; Choir 10, 12; CH Mascot 11, 12; L.F. 11, 12 Penny Warsop — GBB ft 10, 11, 12; VB ft 10, 11, 12; TR ft Choir ft 10, 11, 12; S. Band 11 11, 12; Jean Weller — VB ft 10, 11, 12; TR ft H R. ft 11, 12 Lesa Weller — Band 9, H R. 9 , 12; S.C. 12 Jeff Wright — Band ft 10, 11, 12; FB ft TR 9; S. Band ft 10, 11, 12; BBB 10; Homecoming 10, 12; Cabaret . Hugh Woods — FB 9, 10, 11 , 0 J , Jeanne Zook — Band ft 10, 11, 12; TR ft 10; H R ft 10, 11, 12; L.F. 11; P Band 12; Honor Student Key: BBB — Boys Basketball; VB — Volleyball; FB — Football; TR — Track; GBB — Girls Basketball; H.R. — Honor Roll; S. Band — Stage GBB Band: L.F — Leadership Forum; P. Band — Pep Band I Senior Activities 17M 0 c K E L E C T I 0 N S Most Popular Smartest Most Likely to Succeed Most Athletic Best Sense of Humor Best Dressed Class Clown Best Looking Most Outgoing Craziest Leader Friendliest Worst Driver Rowdiest Most School Spirit Best Hair Best Eyes Best Body Teacher’s Pet Class Cheater Most Organized Cutest Couple Biggest Break-up Best Personality Quietest Biggest Flirt Always in the Halls Always Tardy School Skipper Junk Food Junky Best Car Laura Selby Linda LaMee Linda LaMee Laura Selby Michele Hall Leslie Nagel Theresa Griffith Holly Hunt Nicki Ritter Theresa Griffith Martha Holbrook Pam Edwards Tricia Katz Penny Warsop Pattie Burrow Julie Krumvede Mary Turley Lorraine Reincke Holly Hunt Nicki Ritter Penny Warsop Pam Edwards Martha Holbrook Penny Warsop Michele Hall Tammy Grigsby Jodi Long . Tracey Faurot Lorraine Reincke Tracey Faurot Mary Turley Mindy Pulsipher Bob Manis Brad Runyon Brad Runyon Bob Manis Renato Romani Brian Thomas Bob Brown Brian Thomas Aaron Warner Jeff Wright Scott Carlson Randy Schafer Mike Delmont Jeff Wright Aaron Warner Dave Fogel Scott Carlson Joe Sisco Jeff Coffman Dann McDowell Denys David Mike Delmont Dann McDowell Renato Romani Curt Herman Joe Sisco Bob Brown Hugh Woods David Fogel Fred Melville Mike Delmont Doesn’t Scott Carlson make a terrific “Class Leader?” 18 Mock Elections Brian Thomas was voted “Best Dressed. ” 1Bob Manis was voted “Most Popular.” Mike Delmont is the “Worst Driver. ” Renato Romani was voted “Best Sense of Humor." Patti Burrow had the “Most School Spirit. ” Tricia Katz was rated the “Worst Driver." Lealie Nagel was considered the “Best Dressed." “Most Outgoing" went to Nicki Ritter. Mock Elections 19Brad Runyon, Jodi Long, Tricia Katz, Hugh Woods, Mindy Pulsipher and Carlson pose on top of Casa Lome with the CN tower in the background. Dear Mom Dad So here I am, finally on the famed Senior trip. We’ve seen and done lots of stuff here in Toronto, Canada. I really liked Casa Loma, a huge stone castle that must’ve had eight floors. Then we went out to eat in the middle of China town at the famous Gindsburg and Wong restaurant. Tricia Katz ate about 13 chocolate mousse’s because no one else liked them. We visited the Toronto Zoo and the Science Museum and had a blast when we went shopping in this huge five story mall. I was kinda scared, though, when we went to the top of the C N Tower. But Scott Carlson was scared, too, so it was okay. Did you know it’s the tallest structured building in the world? When we got back to our room we found our bed was floating four feet off the ground! We found out later that Scott Carlson, Aaron Warner, Brad Runyon, and Jeff Wright had gone to everyone’s room and stuck two chairs in between the mattresses. It looked kinda neat. There’s a swimming pool in our hotel so we spent a lot of time in it. We just about died when Mr. McMullin came down to swim. He had the biggest swimming trunks I’ve ever seen, and they were all different colors, too. The funniest thing happened when Mike Delmont ordered a pizza from one of those places that’ll get it to you in 30 minutes or it’s free. He and his roommates watched for the pizza man's car and when he arrived Mike pushed all the buttons in the elevator to tie it up. The pizza man ran all seven flights of stairs and got there only four minutes late and Mike, being the nice guy he is, still payed for it. Roy Swafford and Brian Thomas are playing with one of the many “Hands-on" displays at the Science Center. 20 Senior Trip(above) The entire group poses for a picture at the Toronto Zoo. (above right) Lorraine Reincke, Missy Brown, Holly Hunt, Penny Warsop and Tracey Faurot are at Ginsburg and Wong’s Restaurant. They were undecided about what to order, (right) Even Jeff Wright doses-off from exhaustion, (below) Bob Manis, Scott Carlson, Leslie Nagel, Tracey Faurot, Brad Runyon, Jeanne Zook, Pattie Burrow, Mary Turley, Stephanie Dietz, Bob Brown, Roy Swafford and Dave Fogel joined in the Pizza Party thrown for the group by the Marco Polo tour guide. Luciana Lovece laughs at herself for becoming a tourist and getting inexpensive souvenirs in China Town. She certainly wasn’t the only one! Senior Trip 21Julie Krumvede gives a smile as she walks out after Baccalaureate. Tammy Grigsby walks out of the gymnasium a graduate of the Class of 1988. Mr. Ed Shumway hands Anita Stage her diploma as the class of 1988 looks on. 22 GraduationMichele Hall, Leslie Nagel, and Jeanne Zook, take time for a picture after Commencement during the receiving line. Nicki Ritter, Salutatorian gives her speech as the rest of the class listens. Bob Brown receives his diploma from Mr. Edwin Shumway, President of the School Board. GRADUATION FILLS THE GYM Randy Schafer walks out of the gym to join the receiving line. On May 29, 1988, 48 seniors were official Tekonsha High School graduates of the Class of 1988. Commencement started at 3:00 in the afternoon in the THS gymnasium. The day was hot, sunny, and most of all, filled with tears of excitement, joy and sadness. The Commencement exercises started with a prayer given by Michele Hall, thanking our Lord for bringing us together on this day. Holly Hunt, class president, then welcomed everyone here. We were then given a salutatorian speech by Nicki Ritter. Nicki’s message was about the friends we will have forever. As the ceremony moved on, the senior band members played in the Senior High Band. They played the son “Tocatta for Band.” Our Valedictorian Linda LaMee then gave her speech. After her speech a very unusual event happened. The entire class stood up and sang the song “Hand in Hand. ” It was a very touching moment and we, as a class, realized that this was it. Recognition of the class advisor was given by Leslie Nagel. Mr. McMullin received a plaque and a silent thank you from every member in his class. Then the most important part of Commencement happened. It was receiving our diplomas. A closing prayer was given by Jeff Coffman and the graduates marched out of the gym to “Pomp and Circumstance” played by the band. It was a day every senior will always remember. It was a time for us to move on and make something of ourselves. As our class motto says, ‘‘We will not follow a path, but rather make our own and leave a trail. ” Graduation 23“W hat is the most important thing you've learned from high school that you will carry on with you the rest of your life?” T o reach your goals you have got to work hard. Don't expect to do nothing and then get something in return. ” These three seniors. Tricia Katz, Jeanne Zook and Leslie Nagel, seem to be very content watching the senior powder puffers tromple the juniors Bob Manis is playing “sportscaster" for a junior varsity football scrimmage, or is he eating the microphone? Has Michele Hall become a terrorist? Actually she’s just showing her school spirit along with Aaron Warner who appears to be dressed as a western gang ster for Homecoming week dress up days Prizes are awarded to those with the best costumes.Juniors Go Their Own Way The Junior class this year has really gone their own way and have come up with many new ideas. A lot of the Juniors' changes of tradition were not well received at first, but were eventually very successful. One of the first changes that the Juniors made was to get a new gazebo for the Homecoming dance. It was built by Mark Katz and his family. It was used mostly for people to get their pictures taken with it as a background. The Juniors seldom had a class meeting because they found that large groups couldn't reach many decisions. Instead they discovered that this was a much easier and faster way of organizing things and in the end it all worked out very well for them. Probably the biggest change that the Juniors’ have made was the way they organized the Prom. Instead of the traditional dinner and dance at the Prom, which has been the tradition for many years at THS, the Juniors decided this year to only have a dance. The Juniors felt that students would enjoy having the opportunity to go out to dinner at a place of their choice and then get together at the dance. The Juniors have always had a reputation for wanting to do their own thing. This year wasn’t any different. All in all, the Junior class has proven that going your own way can be very successful. This year's Junior class officers were (right) Mark Katz — President; Jerry Johnson — Vice President; and Allison Geer — Secretary and Treasurer. Amy Blue Sharon Cagle Tanya Cail Angie Cornwell Chris Cutchall Loren Devenney Missy Doolittle Shane Esch Rex Esseltine Billy Faurot Laura Fredericks Brian Fowler Allison Geer Denise Goodman Sandra Hilbert 26 JuniorsMickie Slone Missy Warner, Dea Reincke and friends are trying hard to win the girls’ tug-of-war contest on Homecoming day. They went on to defeat the Freshmen class. Renato Romani Lisa Rosier Jason Lincoln Scott McFadden Jerry Michielsen Chris Mitchell Willie Morris Kim Newland Lonnie Newland Russell Olds Heath Pritchard Mary Randall Dea Reincke Juniors 27Missy Warner Darrell Weller Tracy Wiljanen Corey Wooden Not Pictured Tami Cole Chris Cutchall, Russell Olds, and Scott McFadden are working hard in Mr. Richardson’s U.S. History class. Fourth row: Sandra Hilbert, Missy Doolittle, Russell Olds, Brian Fowler, Willie Morris, Andy Johnson, Jason Lincoln, and Darrell Weller. Third row: Missy Warner, Shane Esch, Corey Wooden, Laura Fredericks, Jerry Johnson, Maria Lovece, Scott McFadden, Richard Schweikert, and Brian Begley. Second row: Amy Blue, Lonnie Newland, Sharon Cagle, Kim Newland, Tanya Cail, Andy Swafford, Chris Cutchall, and Heath Pritchard. First row: Lisa Rosier, Tami Cole, Mickie Sloane, Tracy Wiljanen, Mary Randall, Allison Geer, Mark Katz, and Billy Faurot. 28 Juniors“Legendary class 1990 rolls on” The title expresses how Jason Rench feels. The Sophomore class is very enthusiastic. When a few were asked about what they thought about the class, many were quoted as saying, “We’re awesome!” Obviously, most of them think they have a great class. With all of that energy, how can their class go wrong? The class of '90 is financially doing really well. They raised $1100.00 by selling Helen Grace's chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs in their freshmen year and raised $900.00 by selling the same thing this year. Their class advisor, Mrs. Rinette Tyckoski, reported that the class has about $2700.00 in their class account. “They have enough money to go to Toronto, Canada, with the Seniors this year,” she said. “Two-thirds of their money goes into a special account for their class trip. They expect to raise around $1500.00 next year, as Juniors, by selling magazines. ” Back row: Heather Coats, Lisa Smith, Angie Wallen, Tracy Swafford, Randi Harris, Becky Phillips, and Shawn Thompson. Second row: Tim Herman, Sue Welch, Amy Thomas, Chad Sisco, Jason Rench, Jim Bell, Doug Scher er, and B. J. Welch Third row: David Palmer, Kris Lambert, Loren Selby, David Turley, Dorman Snyder, Da vid Briegal, Dennis Foote, Todd Clark, and Mike Cheeseman. Fourth row: Larry Neal, Davey Cole, Craig Clark, Mark Coffman, Joey Hinspeter, Brian Dietz, Stacey Willbur, and Lisa Hanson. Front row: Paul Holbrook, Shelly Blue, Debbie Reynolds, Tanya Griffith, Barbara Herman, Gina Snyder, Lisa Maisner, Paulette McDowell, and Scott Young. 30 SophomoresHeather Coats Mark Coffman Davey Cole Brian Dietz Mickey Edwards Dennis Foote Tanya Griffith Lisa Hanson Randi Harris Barbara Herman Tim Herman Joe Hinspeter Paul Holbrook Kris Lambert Mike Loomis Lisa Maisner Mr. Clark helps Lisa Maisner, Larry Neal and Joe Hinspeter design the Sophomore float, “Rock the Night Away”. Jim Bell Shelly Blue David Briegal Ariana Burgan Dawn Burgan Mike Cheeseman Craig Clark Todd Clark The Sophomores chose Scott Young for their Student Representative; Tracy Swafford as Vice President; and Debbie Reynolds as their Class’ Secretary Treasurer. Front row: They also chose Chad Sisco as their other representative and and David Palmer as their Pres- ident. Sophomores 31Paulette McDowell Shantel Middaugh Larry Neal David Palmer Rebecca Phillips Jason Rench Debbie Reynolds Doug Scherer Loren Selby Chad Sisco Lisa Smith Dorman Snyder Regina Snyder Heidi Stage Wayne Stevenson Tracey Swafford Amy Thomas Shawn Thompson David Turley Beverly Vond Tammy Walker Angela Wallen Byron Welch Susan Welch Stacey Wilbur Scott Young 32Slowly Climbing Up “Here we are, starting over again. ” “How we’re in with the upper classes. ” “But we’re also the youngest again. ” “I wonder how it's going to be" “I don’t know, but I’m nervous. ” “Me too. ” This is a conversation that you may hear among many new freshmen. Becoming a freshman is the first step in the student's high school years. It can be exciting, happy, or dreary, depending on the attitude of the freshman involved. Bobbi Bradley Tracy Cole Brett Cook Shawn Crawford Jennifer Delmont Tonya Jarrell Robie Kilgore Jolynnda IxiFond Danny Lambert Shelly Langridge Mike Griffith Travis Hall Jess Hiesrodt Jamie Hunter Aaron Imhof There are many ups and downs to being a freshman, such as having to put up with being called “greenies.” Toni Sheppard seems to think there are more advantages than disadvantages though. “I like being a freshman. You can be involved in more activities. ” The greatest disadvantage to her is that the classes are harder and will continue to get harder through the coming years. High school years can be the best days of a person’s life, but students have to make them that way. 34 FreshmenWhile Mrs. Phillips helps Laurie Shumway with her English assignment, Aaron Imhof and Tonya Jarrell work steadily on their own. In the meantime Doug Turley, Kenny Shaffer, and Jamie Hunter take a break. Angela Leatherman Tonya Minniear Lisa Norgan Robbie Petersen Amy Phillips Donna Root Debbie Rowe Kenny Shaffer Toni Sheppard Scott Stemaly Nicki Stuart Chad Thomas Not Pictured: Katrina Renfro Laurie Shumway Alysa Taylor Mike Woods Freshmen 35tudents to catch upon the latest news. A break (mm English 9 allows Toni Sheppard, caught off guard, seems to be unable to decide whether to go into class or roam the halls. Travis Hall and Tonya Minniear wait patiently for the Word Search contest to begin on Spirit Day. Back row: Jess Hiesrodt, Doug Turley, Kenny Woods, Robie Kilgore, Brett Cook, Chad Thomas, Scott Stemaly, Mike Griffith, Robbie Petersen. Fourth row: Angela l atherman, Jolynnda LaFond, Jennifer Delmont, Traubis Hall, Danny Lambert, Shawn Crawford, Aaron Imhof, Tonya Jarrell, Ka trina Renfro, Tracy Cole, Amy l hillips. Third row: Kenny Shaffer, Chris Zook, Debbie Rowe, Shelly Lan-gridge. Second row: Lisa Norgan, Trissy Upston, Tonya Minniear. Front row: Aubrey Watkins, Bobbi Bradley, Donna Root, Toni Sheppard, Nicki Stuart. 36 FreshmenWhat A Day! Fun and games were on everyone's mind the Friday of Spirit Week. This year there were two new additions to the games of Spirit Week. In “All Aboard” everyone in each class piles on a one yard by one yard piece of plywood. After one minute, everyone on the board gets counted. The class that had the most people on the board wins, which happened to be the Seniors. The other game, “The Chariot”, is like a wheel- barrow race except two people are on their hands with another person holding both pairs of feet. Six people were on each class’ team. The winners of this new game were the Sophomores. The overall winners of the day were the Seniors with 101 points. The Sophomore class had 76 pts. and the Junior class trailed with 67 pts. Most people seem to agree that the day was well spent. It J. Thomas needed to rest his stomach after taking part in the chug contest. Stacey Willbur races to crash the cymbal. Scott Young does the same. That will make the music stop, so they can "Name That Tune." Unfortunately, the Sophomore class only got third place behind the Seniors and the Freshmen. 38 Jenny Norgan, Jeanne Zook, and Tricia Katz hold up the first three letters of S-E-N-l-O-R-S on Spirit Day 1988. Another day — different outfit! Dressing up was always a fun thing to do and doing it for Spirit Week 1988 was no exception. The though of getting a prize for yourself and giving your class points for the overall com petition makes it even bet- ter. Each day has a boy and a girl winner plus there are two overall winners for the week. These winners were seniors, Aaron Warner and Pattie Burrow. Mark Coffman, Ronnie Payaeno, and Sherry Swafford go around in circles during "Musical Chairs", a game played on Spirit Day. Is this something from the past? No, it's Aaron Warner and Brad Runyon dressed as cavemen for Wednesday’s “Cave Man Day." Mrs. Vilma Carlson and Mrs. Wendy Livingston hold up a sign spelling "antidisestablishmentarianism" for the "Word Search"game. Spirit Week 39It ’s a race with time for Todd This cowgirl is none other than Clark and Gina Snyder. Mrs. Livingston, dressed for Spirit Day. Doesn’t Davey Cole look special decked out in red and white for Spirit Day? Heath Pritchard and Jason Shaffer are selecting prizes. This “motley crew” is Tricia Katz, Aaron Warner, and Holly Hunt. 40 Spirit WeekMany start early and stay with it! The crowd hushes as the nervous young man takes his place on the stage. The lights trap him in our eye, as his nervousness makes him think twice. Patrick Shaffer performed for his first year in Cabaret. Will he be performing his senior year like so many seniors do? What is it that makes a senior want to perform and go through the pre-show jitters year after year? When asked this question Aaron Warner replied, “It’s a chance for me to be myself and for people to see what I am really like. It’s a chance to have fun and enjoy acting stupid and not g 'led at by teachers for it. ” B g in Cabaret for eight years makes a p son wonder how Aaron came up wi i new acts year after year. “Well, I I ,ten to the radio and try to think of unny things we can do to make up a humorous skit. ” Eight years is a bng time. We’ll miss seeing Aaron in Cabaret next year almost as much as he may miss being in the spotlight, but, who knows? Maybe someone will follow in Aaron’s footsteps! Mark Coffman chose to sing "Put on a Aaron Warner and Laura Selby were Happy Face" to Lisa Maisner. our eerie hosts for Cabaret’s "Monster Ma- nia" theme. Cabaret 41Matt Stefanski shows years of practice by playing “Fur Elise. ” 42 Senior, Nicki Ritter wraps up her eighth year in Cabaret singing “Could've Been.” Salina Kalnins shows she's “bad” by dancing to Michael Jackson's “BAD. ” Stephanie Pritchard and Stacie Goodman sing “Arms of Love” for their first year together in Cabaret. Patrick Shaffer hides behind his shades as he sings for the crowd. CabaretJeff Coffman sings "Through the Eyes of lA)ve" in the 1988 Cabaret. Greg Feltner, Mike Duckham, Jason Shaffer, and Brad Cavinder show their surfing talents to "Surfing U.S.A. ” Junior. Allison Geer, sings "I’ve found Someone” to her special “someone. ” Cabaret 43Mary Turley and her escort, Mike Iracki, enjoy themselves with their friends, Jeff Coffman and Tammy Bump, at their Senior Prom. m A Night to Remember, “Honestly' As I woke up and looked outside to greet the warm, sunny day I realized it was May 18, Prom day. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait. The day seemed to pass by quickly. Before long it was time to pick up his boutonniere. Then I had to jump into the shower, paint my nails, do my hair, and apply my make-up. “Oh, where has the day gone?” I asked myself. As I slipped into my dress the doorbell rang. I thought to myself, “He’s here already!" Then we were off to the event. But first we met our As the evening wound down and closed in on midnight friends gathered around and discussed the evening event and all agreed, it was a night to remember. friends at Laverne and Shirley’s, the popular restaurant for the night, while other couples went to other restaurants in Marshall and Battle Creek. The Class of 1989 broke the “meal at the Prom” tradition. By the time we all had eaten it was close to 8:00 P.M. We headed to Marshall to the B. E. Henry Building where the Prom was being held. Q 106 were the “rocking" D.J. ’s. while Mr. Prater was busy taking the pictures. Soon couples were on the floor dancing to the theme song, “Honestly”, by Stryper. Allison Geer and Brian Begley dance the night away. 44 PromKim Newland and Andy Morris along with Tricia Katz and Jim Bell dance to the theme song, “Honestly." After rocking out with Q 106 at the B. E. Henry a few seniors take a break. Senior, Theresea Griffith discusses the “head banging” music with Tracey Faurot and Julie Krumvede. Prom 45Bob Brown, who always seems to pose for the camera, enjoys a moment’s rest with his friends, Debbie Reynolds, Jim Bell, and Leslie Nagel. Sophomore, Gina Snyder, along with her friends, Tanya Cail, Laura Fredricks and Missy Warner seem to have a lot to smile about at the Jr. Sr. Prom. 46 PromWhen it gets tough ... Spirit Shines Through Gloom D ehind every football team there is an underlying current of spirit. Whoever has this spirit looks forward to our Friday night football games. Our football team may have had a rough season, but there were always people there to cheer the team on. Homecoming is a perfect time to display dynamic school spirit. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits. Our school colors were reflected all through the crowd. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be a disappointing loss. The Indians were defeated 12-8. Even at our lowest times the fans were still there for the team; the spirit of the Tekon-sha Indians showed through the gloom! Scott Carlson watches as Bob Manisgets tackled by five Waldron players. Luckily for them Bob survived the season. Scott Stemaly flies into action at the scrimmage against Waldron. 48 Varsity and J. V. Football The 1988 Junior Varsity Football Team: Front row: manag Kenny Milliman, Scott Stemaly. Ken Shaffer, Chad Sisco. Shot Thompson, Todd Clark, Dan iMmbert, manager Jason Shaffer l,a row: Dorman Snyder, Kris IMmbert, Scott Young, Jim Bell, Bn Cook, Tim Herman"I think we did a pretty good job of playing this year, even with such a young team. This past year has been a learning experience for us younger players." JIM BELL The football team huddles togeth er to get fired up against Edwardsburg. This was the first home game of the season. Vnfor tunately it turned out to be a loss. Mark Coffman listens attentively to Coach Newland for the next play of the game against North Adams. The team played a tough game, but as it would turn out they lost 26-6. Varsity and J. V. Football 49Indians have so-so season, but produce winner J n I9H7, Scott Carlson made the All State class I) team in defense. “It means a lot to me because my older brothers never made All State. Hut they were good players!” He gave some really good advice to the underclass men who plan on playing football. “Eat the right kinds of foods, get lots of sleep, lift weights, and run in your off season, or just play well " ms 0 Centerville OIM 54 0 Edwardsburg 26 6 North Adams 26 8 Camden Frontier It 8 I hits ford 11 8 Waldron 12 27 Litchfield 0 0 Scaa Playoff 6 Xi Ashley 0 Todd Clark is standing patiently on the sideline wailing to be put in the game against Ashley. Andy Johnson and Brett Cook The J.V. football team takes a time are leading the team back onto the out after a rough first half against field after halftime. The game was Waldron, against Waldron. We lost 12 8. 50 Varsity and J. V. FootballTekonsha has just scored their first touchdown against Waldron. It looks as if the players on the sideline are really happy about this Unfortunately they didn 7 go on to victory that evening. The J. V. football team had three scrimmages this year Paul Holbrook is walking off the field at the first scrimmage against North Adams. The team won 6 0. The captains of theJ. V. team this year were Paul Holbrook and Mark Coffman. 50 66 4 83 53 8 2 .00 74 SB. Front row: Ken Shaffer, Jim Bell, Doug Scherer, Chad Sisco, Dan Lambert, Tim Herman, Brett Cook, Scott Stemaly, manager Dean Richardson Second row: Heath Prichard. Ken Woods, Robie Kilgore, Mark Coffman, Todd Clark, Shawn Thompson, Kris Iximbert, Scott Young, Randy Schafer, Head Coach Curt Shaffer Third row: Andy Johnson, Riach Schweikert, Dorman Snyder, Paul Holbrook, Loren Selby, Brak Runyon, Mark Katz, Assistant Coach Keith Swank Fourth row: Bob Manis, Ijoren Devenney, Brian Fowler, Shane Esch, Jeff Coffman, Andy Morris, Bob Brown, Assistant Coach Garyr Newland Loren Devenney and Mark Coffman are hanging around Friday night before the Homecoming game. You can see the school spirit shining right through those smiles! Varsity and J. V. Football 51Laura Selby shoots a three point jumper against Mendon in the Districts while Mary Turley bites the dust. T.H.S. OPP. Michigan Center 44 31 Ousted 37 48 Cent rev ille 30 56 Galesburg Augusta 56 38 Homer 55 48 Waldron 63 35 Litchfield 49 39 Climax Scotts 41 42 North Adams 49 35 Union City 49 44 Pittsford 38 50 Camden Frontier 64 54 Litchfield 52 29 Waldron 61 17 Springfield 67 32 North Adams 53 45 Athens 67 52 Pittsford 36 66 Camden Frontier 67 62 Climax Scotts 51 62 Mendon (Districts) 63 69 Back row: Laura Selby, Allison Geer, Holly Hunt, Stacey Willbur, Missy Warner Front row: Martha Holbrook, Mary Turley, Penny Warsop, Theresa Griffith JUIAINJb Captains — Laura Selby and Penny Warsop, great team leaders, are graduating after four years on Var sity. Holly Hunt, Martha Holbrook and Missy Warner put their hands together in a team cheer. As a result the girls went on to a victory against Camden Frontier 64 to 54. This game against Homer was one of the highlights of the season since the Varsity finally beat them 55 to 48 after losing to them the last four years. 52 Girls Varsity BasketballSenior Varsity Basketball Players: Laura Selby, Martha Holbrook, Theresa Griffith, Penny Warsop, Holly Hunt and (kneeling) Mary Turley "Hulk Out" to show that they are as tough as they look! iRAlaiXlS Host ©ii.StB’iLCStS H osting a district tourna merit takes a lot of time and preparation. If a school wishes to do this, they must apply with the state in May of the year before the tournament. The school’s eligibility depends on the sport in questions, the gym size, and the location of the school. Once a district site is chosen, all coaches meet there and draw for the team they’ll play. They will also submit names of officials they would like to have referee the games. Those names are sent to the state and a special committee assigns the officials based on past district officiating and recommendations. Tekonsha was chosen as last year's district site and was named one of the toughest in the state. Teams consisted of; Tekonsha, Mendon, Athens, Barr Oak, Colon, and Climax-Scotts. Since this was a six team tournament there were three rounds of play, five games and two byes. Unfortunately the Lady Indians were knocked off by Mendon in the first round by 6 points, while Athens took the district title by defeating Colon in the first round, Climax-Scotts in the second round, and finally Mendon in the last district game 83 to 76. Girls Varsity Basketball 53Mary Turley, Stacey Wilbur, Allison Geer, Holly Hunt, Penny Warsop, The resa Griffith, Missy Warner, and Mar tha Holbrook all smile after being introduced to the crowd before a game. Allison Geer, 30, relaxes after a hard quarter as Mary Turley checks out Mr. Bowling's new defensive plan. Penny Warsop fights viciously to regain pos session of the ball against our rivals, The Homer Trojans. Allison Geer is doing her best to help out. 54 Varsity Girls’ BasketballAssistant coach, Mrs. Lori Tesch, giues team members Nicki Stuart and Angie Wallen instructions as coach Phelps keeps her eye on the game. Sue Welch makes a desperate attempt to take the ball away from a Homer player, helping the Indians to gain a victory. NEW YEAR, NEW COACH ((rpake 20 laps!” were instructions frequently given to the girls junior varsity basketball team by their new coach Mrs. Bertha Phelps. Mrs. Phelps was a basketball player here at Tekonsha when she graduated in 1975. Mrs. Phelps was not the only one to share in the responsibilities of coaching this team. Mrs. Lori Tesch participated as assistant coach. She, as well as Mrs. Phelps, graduated from THS where she played basketball also. Mrs. Phelps has found the job to be both challenging and exciting. When asked if Mrs. Phelps had used any special techniques during prac tices and she replied, ‘‘Basically we ran through our offensive and defensive plays. We did a lot of condition ing so the girls wouldn't tire out in the game. We also scrimmaged with them, coaches against the girls, and that helped to see what team members needed more work. It was also a lot of fun. It made us want to go back to the time when we were in school. ” Gina Snyder, one of the team members, was asked what she had learned from her new coach es and she commented, "I really learned a lot about the game. I learned to play better defense and to be more aggressive and on my toes. I also learned that you have to anticipate every possible move and you have to play as a team. ” One of Gina’s favorite char acteristics of her new coaches was demonstrated when the team would win and the coaches would act like ‘‘one of the girls” by jumping up and down with excitement. It made the girls feel good about themselves both as a team and individually. Mrs. Phelps has plans to return coaching next year. Back row: Coach Bertha Phelps, Gina Snyder, Lisa Maisner, Angie Wallen. Jamie Hunter, Nicki Stuart, Trissy Upston, Sue Welch, Assistant Coach Lori Tesch Front row: Becky Phillips, Tracy Swafford, Aubrey Watkins, Amy Thomas Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball 55 Opponents THS Michigan Center 39 36 Concord 25 56 CentrevUle 53 37 Galesbu rg A ugusta 24 37 Homer 30 38 Litchfield 25 30 Climax Scotts 54 41 North Adams 40 31 Union City 44 36 Pittsford 51 44 Camden Frontier 29 40 Litchfield 16 31 Pittsford 62 41 North Adams 29 52 Athens 48 31 Pittsford 35 31 Camden - Front ier 30 27 Climax-Scotts 48 46 As the Ldy Indians are winning 30-25, Aubrey Watkins nervously waits for the end of the game. The coaches, Mrs. Tesch and Mrs. Phelps, along with the players, Lisa Maisner, Trissy Up-ston, Amy Thomas and Sue Welch, keep their eye on the Climax Scotts game that the Indians lost 46 48. Gina Snyder tries to block a Homer player's shot as Angie Wallen steps in to help. 56 JV Girls BasketballSpectators along with team members, Jeff Coffman, JV Coach Loren Selby, Scott Young, Doug Scherer, Curt Rick Shaffer, Coach Dan Penn, Shane Each, Mike Herman, and Bob Brown, watch every step made by Delmont, Corey Wooden, Larry Neal, Chad Thomas, the Indians. Mark Katz did so well this season that he was named 2nd team All-League. Dann McDowell, Scott Carlson and Chad Thomas all wait for that possible rebound. Tekonsha’s Varsity Basketball team had a winning seasongoing 12-11 overall and 6-4 in the league. We took second in league play. Tekonsha lost in the finals of district play to Athens. We had several outstanding players this year. Bob Manis broke several school records. He scored the most points in a single game, 38; he had the most assists in a game, 13; and Bob had the highest free-throw percentage for the season with 79%. Bob was named to the 1st team All-League. Corey Wooden was named “Most Improved” and Jeff Coffman received the Coach’s Award. Boys Varsity Basketball 57Tekonsha High's Varsity Basketball team spirit soars with enthusiasm after a victorious away game. Senior player, Bob Manis, eludes a defender for a breakaway lay-up as Shane Esch prepares for a rebound. Back row: Dan McDowell, Mark Katz, Shane Esch, Randy Schaffer, Scott Carlson, Mike Delmont, Corey Wooden, Bob Brown, and Coach Dan Penn. Front row: Jim Bell, Chad Thomas, Bob Manis, and Jeff Coffman. 58 Boys Varsity BasketballTeam members Jim Bell, Corey Wooden and Mike Delmont look disgusted after an important call goes against them. Scott Carlson takes up more than his share of the court with his long arm span! Boys Basketball 59Coach Provides Leadership Shaffer and J. V.s face future together "Ok, whoever gets through with their suicides first gets a candy bar.” This was one way Mr. Rick Shaffer, Tekonsha’s new J.V. basketball coach, awarded his team and it worked! Mr. Shaffer is not a newcomer to basketball by any means. Mr. Shaffer graduated from Mesick High School in 1976. He played basketball in junior high and continued playing throughout his high school years. Mr. Shaffer coached the Coldwater's men's class “C” league one year, and he also coached Burr Oak High School's J.V. team one year. Even though the team ran suicides for a candy bar, they also did other activities. For example, they would jump rope, run, and get used to dribbling with both hands. They would also do shooting and passing drills. At first the team didn't practice as a team, but with a lot of help from Mr. Shaffer they learned to play as a unit. He felt that this was their greatest area of improvement. When the team would be having a bad night Mr. Shaffer kept all of their spirits up by bringing out the positive part of the game. For example, he would compliment them on their passing or their determination. He would also tell them about the negative parts and how to prevent them from occurring. Mr. Shaffer seemed to feel really proud of his team this year. “They had good attitudes and a lot of desire, and that’s half the battle. They’re probably the best bunch of kids I’ve coached." Sophomore, Scott Young, attempts to block the Olivet Comets from passing the ball during a scrimmage. Doug Scherer attempts to make another basket during the Litchfield game, which became another victory, while Scott Stemaly waits to assist him. 60 Boys'JV BasketballTEKONSHA INDIANS Back row: Scott Stemaly, Dennis Foote, Robie Kilgore, Larry Neal, Scott Young, Paul Holbrook, Loren Selby, Doug Scherer, and Coach, Mr. Rick Shaffer Front row: Chad Sisco, Travis Hall, Joey Hinspeter, Mark Coffman, Craig Clark, Danny Lambert, Todd Clark Joe Hinspeter eyes his opponent to see how to maneuver around him at the Olivet scrimmage. Opponents Tekonsha Centreville 71 59 Colon 49 48 Pittsford 46 42 Camden-Frontier 55 53 Union City 56 54 Litchfield 55 39 North Adams 57 30 Howe Military 47 67 Colon 40 44 Waldron 54 41 Climax-Scotts 44 56 Pittsford 52 44 Camden - Fron tier 32 42 Homer 103 45 Litchfield 38 44 St. Phillips 42 53 North Adams 44 60 Mendon 50 62 Waldron 52 49 Climax-Scotts 62 42 Larry Neal attempts to block Olivet from scoring during a scrimmage, while Travis Hall looks on. Boys JV Basketball 61VARSITY WINS DISTRICTS Allison Geer: "We took first place in the league and broke the school record for season wins. We’ll miss Mr. Taylor." The varsity volleyball team won its first district title ever. To do this they beat Litchfield 15-5, 15-3; Pittsford 11-15, 16-14, 15-9; and Reading 15-11, 15-11. They came from behind to beat Pittsford. The team also broke Tekonsha High School’s record for most wins in a season. Laura Selby, Mary Turley, and Penny Warsop were nominated to the league first team. Allison Geer received an honorable mention. Many of THS’s volleyball records were broken this year. Mary Turley broke five of these records. Three of those records were most sets in a match, most sets in a season, and most sets in her career. Laura Selby leads the league in four categories out of the 10. They were serve reception, passing, digs, and kills. Now we know why Allison Geer always has bruises on her legs. Allison got an honorable mention this year in the league. Penny Warsop relaxes before a game with Tonya Cail. Penny ended the season with an 87% serve reception. Jennifer Norgan, Laura Selby, and Nicki Ritter anticipate the serve. 62 Varsity VolleyballVolleyball hmJ Varsity Lbhhbhb Match Opponent Match Opponent North Adams Match 3-2 3 2 North Adams 2-3 Litchfield 3-0 2nd Union City (tourn.) 3rd Coldwater (tourn.) 5th 2 0 Litchfield 3-0 Jackson North West (tourn.) 2nd 3 0 Camden Frontier 3-0 Districts 1st 1-3 Potteruille (tourn.) 4th Regionals 3 0 Pitts ford 3-1 (Potteruille) 1-2 Back row: Nicki Ritter, Jenni Norgan, Penny Warsop, Allison Geer, Laura Selby, Martha Holbrook, Mary Turley, Coach Mr. Taylor. Front row: Laura Fredricks, Tonya Cail, Jean Weller, Manager Mya Duckett. •rrr-.S Varsity Volleyball 63HEAD COACH LEA VES This was Mr. Taylor’s last year at THS and as the head volleyball coach. He feels that the team did exceptionally well, considering that they had to deal with sickness. This required some players to play positions they weren 't use to. Mr. Taylor said he would always remember winning the District title for the first time ever in THS history. He would also remember winning league for the third time. ‘‘I've had some fine young ladies to work with who are winners on and off the court!" This is one of Mr. Taylor's last warm-ups with the varsity. Penny Warsop and Allison Geer are expecting that Laura Selby will spike the hall over without a return. The team is pepping themselves up before the second game of the match. 64 Varsity Volleyball J__________________________________ Laura Fredricks is serving the wi ning point of the game. It was her fii year on varsity.Back row: Coach Miss Bobbi Turley, Becky Phillips, (Una Snyder, Lisa Maisner, Kim Newland, Tonya Minniear, Jennifer Delmont, Manager Pat Shaffer. Front row: Chris Zook, Debbie Reynolds, Ixiurie Shumway, Toni Sheppard, Sharon Cagle, Manager Lynette Shumway. New Coach ... brings expectations of hardwork, success The JV’s had a new coach for their 1988 season and she meant business. When Miss Bobbi Turley would call out, “On the line", the team knew automatically to get on the line and be ready to shuffle or run suicides. Suicides, for those unfamiliar with the term used in this sense, refers to running “all out" from one side of the gym to the other. Miss Turley was a graduate of the Tekonsha High School class of 1985. She has taken classes at Kellogg Community College, and she majored in Elementary teaching and also coaching. Miss Turley had a lot of experience with volleyball. She played volleyball starting in Jr. High and carried on throughout all four of her high school years. In 1988 she also coached the Jr. High volleyball team. At the JV’s practices they would practice serving, spiking, diving and net digging. They would also scrimmage against each other. Miss Turley really enjoyed coaching the JV’s. “It takes time and patience, but it’s a very worthwhile and challenging experience. ” Lisa Maisner gets under the ball in order to bump it up, while Becky Phillips waits Miss Bobbi Turley, the JV volleyball team's new patiently during the Camden-Frontier game. coach. JV Volleyball 65Gina Snyder sets a ball up so that Toni Sheppard can spike it into the North Adam’s Rams ’ faces. Sharon Cagle bumps the ball up to the setter during the Camden Frontier game. Tonya Minniear concentrates on serving the ball to Camden-Frontier anc gains experience for next year’s competition. Opponents THS North Adams lost Litchfield won Union City won Centreville lost Waldron won Marshall lost Pittsford lost Jackson lost Camden Frontier won Camden-Frontier lost North Adams won Pittsfor won Litchfield won Mendon won Waldron won 66 JV VolleyballINDIAN Baseball.. Brings out the best in us! (top) Dan McDowell is warming up with catcher Roy Swafford. (middle) The Tekonsha Indians won the Tekonsha Invitational this year. (bottom) Brad Runyon is up to bat against Homer. Baseball 67Corey Wooden is very interested in what is going on out on the field while he and Brian Thomas take a break in the Tekonsha dugout. Brian Thomas and Loren Selby watch during the game against Pittsford. Tekonsha won both games 8-2 and 2-0. They went 12-4 in the league. 68 BaseballWinning Tradition Indians try for 7th title The Tekonsha Indian baseball team has won the league title for six years in a row. They went for the 7th title this year. Unfortunately, they were successful. They missed the league title by one game. Their overall record was 22-11. The league record was 12-4. Mr. Stout seems to feel that the season turned out pretty well. They were trying to win at least 20 games, and passed that with 22 wins. Nobody on the team was a disappointment. Scott Carlson, a major figure for the team, seemed to think that the season turned out fairly well. “It was a good season except when we lost the most important games. Everybody on the team tried their best. ” He would have liked to have won the league championship and not have lost districts. Bob Manis was also asked on how he felt the season had gone. “We had a good year. I was a little disappointed at the end of the year; it didn ’t turn out as well as I hoped. ” Season Wins Athens 1 Tekonsha 1 Camden - Frontier 1 Tekonsha 1 ClimaX'Scotts 0 Tekonsha 1 Homer 0 Tekonsha 2 Waldron 0 Tekonsha 2 Colon 0 Tekonsha 2 Pittsford 0 Tekonsha 2 North Adams 1 Tekonsha 1 Bronson 1 Tekonsha 1 Camden Frontier 0 Tekonsha 2 Galesburg Augusta 1 Tekonsha 1 Pittsford 0 Tekonsha 2 Union City 0 Tekonsha 2 North Adams 0 Tekonsha 2 Renato Romani takes off for Varsity Baseball Team: Back row: Corey Wooden. Loren Selby, first base. He successfully makes Chad Thomas. Dann McDowell, Scott Carlson. Bob Manis, Coach it back to home. Mr. Larry Stout. Front row: manager. Gary Stuart. Roy Swafford, Renato Romani, Shane Esch, Brian Thomas, Brad Runyon, Kris Lambert, manager, Kenny Milliman Baseball 69Junior Varsity Baseball Team: Back row: Dorman Snyder, Joe Hinspeter, Shawn Thompson, Jim Bell, Doug Scherer Front row: Scott Stemaly, Mike Loomis, Becky Phillips, Todd Clark Brad Runyon hits a triple off this pitch. Roy Swafford hits a home run. His total of home runs this year was three. Bob Manis pitches his first no hitter of the season. He has been pitching since his freshman year. This was Brad Runyon’s last year to play with the Tekonsha Indians. He ended with a good season. 70 Baseball HKHHI Baseball 71 Roy Swafford is pitching his first game. Loren Selby is alertly waiting for the ball. Brian Thomas just misses the pitch. He ends his waiting with a home run for the fans. Bob Manis goes in for the catch to end the inning.Small teams do great things, too! Although the girls’ track team only consisted of ten girls, they ended their season fourth in the League. With only seven girls they captured second place at the Regional track meet. Mary Turley and Laura Selby qualified to go to the State track meet in Traverse City. There Mary took fourth with the discus and Laura won first in both the 110 high hurdles and the 330 low hurdle race. She broke a school record held by her sister in the 110 high hurdles with a time of 15.31 and also the 330 low hurdle record with a time of 46.7. Aubrey Watkins had the fastest 880 yd. run time in seven years with 2:35.7, coming five tenths of a second away from a new school record. Tracy Swafford won first at the league meet in the long jump. hfielo Tricia Katz (above right) shows her true feelings about running, but makes up for it with her high jumping abilities. She cleared a height of only 4'11" this year, but still holds the school's record with a jump from last year of 5'Vt". (right) The 1988 Girls’ Track Team consisted of; Nicki Ritter, Tricia Katz, Mary Turley, Coach Mr. Tony Bowling, Jamie Hunter, Manager Nancy Zook, Laura Selby, Julie Krumvede, Becky Phillips, Manager Stacey Katz, Laurie Shumway, Aubrey Watkins, Tracey Swafford, and Manager Jaymee Knight. 72 Girls’TrackJulie Krumvede (above) unwinds from a shot put toss that helped her team take second place at the Regional track meet. Mary Turley (below left) qualifies for the State meet with her throw here of 32' 7". Laura Selby (left) easily clears a hurdle and goes on to add another first place to her list of many, including two first places from the State meet.Good things come in small packages The boys’ track team finished four in the league. That’s not too bad cot sidering only eleven athletes finish the season. Three boys broke sch records. Senior, Scott Carlson, bror the school's discus record held by h brother with a throw of 140 ft. 6 i Scott also finished sixth at the Mic igan High School State Track Me• Jeff Coffman, also a senior, set a m school record for the 330 intermedin low hurdles, with a time of 42.2. He al■ qualified for the State track meet, the low hurdles event and for the lot jump. The third record setter u Mark Katz, a junior, for The 880 v run. He came close to breaking it twi during the season, the school’s 6 time was 2:05 until this year wht Mark ran a 2:43. Boys' track coat Mr. Mason, commented on how th was one of the few seasons when eve ryone ran up to their potential at kept consistent with their times. Wh the season ended the boys had a leag record of one win and three losses ana an overall record of three wins and losses. The 1988 Boys’ Track Team: Back row: Todd Clark, Denys David, Bob Brown, Coach Mr. Wayne Mason, Aaron Warner, Jeff Coffman, Loren Devenney. Front row: Aaron lmhof, Mark Katz, Scott Carlson, Mark Coffman, Craig Clark, Kenny Woods. left) Mark Coffman battles for the lead in the 440 run. (above left) Aaron lmhof clears an asy 15 feet with his long jumping abilities and Scott Carlson (above right) recoils from a shot put for enough to win first in the Regional track meet. Good hands-off this year were rare, but Jeff Coffman and Kenny Woods were able to get this one off for the 440 relay. 74 Another successful hand-off, this time between Aaron Warner and Kenny Woods, two of the four relay runners for the mile relay. Along with Jeff and Mark Coffman, the other two relay members, the mile relay team finished the season strongly. Waiting for the starter's pistol seems like forever. Craig Clark and Bob Brown wait tensely for the start of the mile run. At this meet Bob won first and Craig came in at fourth place. That day the boys’ beat Waldron, but lost to Litchfield. Among many of his falls this year, during the 330 low hurdle run, Jeff Coffman’s most spectacular one was at the Athens track meet. Jeff had a safe 20 yd. lead when suddenly he fell and rolled into the infield of the track. Jeff was able to pick himself up and continue running and still win the race.Jeff Coffman had a terrific season, especially coming off a serious leg injury. He was Regional Champion and his longest jump was 20 feet, 7 to inches. Laurie Shumway and Tricia Katz take a relaxing break from their running. Aaron Warner is running the 440 yd. run. He placed third with a time of 56 seconds. Mark Coffman is running the 220 yard dash. He was also the Most Valuable Player in track. This was Bob Brown’s first year out for track. He ran the mile and the two mile.Spirit Explodes at Camp: Soars High All Year! "Climb up, climb up, climb up to the top, climb up to the top and don’t you dare stop!” That cheer states exactly what the varsity cheerleading squad did. The varsity and junior varsity cheerleading squads traveled to North Adams to compete in the first All Area Cheerleading Tournament, and with a lot of hard work and practice, the varsity squad captured first place. A first place victory is hard to come by without a lot of training. Last summer both cheerleading squads traveled to Eastern Mich- igan University to spend one week at cheerleading camp. During this week the girls stayed in dorms with two to a room, and everyday they learned new cheers, new stunts, and new styles of cheering. The girls were coached by selected college cheerleaders along with other cheerleaders from around the state. Cheerleader Allison Geer was asked what she thought of camp and she said, ‘‘Camp was a lot of fun! I learned a lot about cheering and how to be more precise in my movements and words. I met a lot of new people and I also learned that a cheerleading squad has to have a good relationship. If there is a problem, we should work it out. Our counselors were great and helped out as much as they could. It was a great experience!” Along with their new style of cheering both squads got a new look as well! The squads decided that if they were trying to sound more professional they wanted to look it too. In their new college-type uniforms they kept the Indian’s spirit soaring high! Varsity Cheerleaders: Back row: Holly Hunt, Allison Geer, Martha Holbrook. Middle row: Tanya Cail, Kim Newland. Front: Nicki Ritter. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Chris Zook, Stacey Wilbur, Gina Snyder, Tracy Swafford, Nicki Stuart Cheerleading 77Tanya Cail snaps her fingers as she lifts the spirits of a sometimes unresponsive crowd. Cheerleaders Kim Newl-and. Holly Hung, and Tanya Cail cheer in District play against St. Phillips. Co-captain Martha Holbrook; Captain Nicki Ritter The varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders put on a skit about the football players at one of the annual pep assemblies. The varsity cheerleaders aren't praying for a victory in District play, they are simply starting a cheer to get the crowd going. V 78 CheerleadingCo-captain Stacey Wilbur; Captain Gina Snyder The cheerleaders laugh and have a good time at the Homecoming game against Waldron. Junior varsity cheerleader Chris Zook passes a football to another cheerleader in a skit done on Homecoming Friday to get the players and crowd pepped up. Junior varsity cheerleaders pay close attention to the game and try to cheer at the same time, which can be a difficult job. Cheerleading 79Gina Snyder looks in amazement as the crowd stands up and cheers for the football team. Varsity cheerleader, Allison Geer, cheers the basketball team to a 65-58 win over St. Phillips in District play. Even cheerleaders have to take an occasional break from cheering! Chris Zook, Stacey Wilbur, and Gina Snyder rest between the quarters of a Tekonsha basketball game. Varsity cheerleader, Nicki Ritter, is totally exhausted after cheering the football team to a 33-0 win over Ashley. Holly Hunt strikes a pose for memory mates so that she can look back upon all the fun she had her senior year as a Varsity Cheerleader! 80 CheerleadingMVP's Highlight Season Every athlete has special mo- volleyball. These athletes all Bob Manis receives his MVP award from Coach Penn. Bob was a very valuable asset to Tekonsha's basketball team. merits in that certain sporting event that they’ll remember all of their lives. It may be making the winning basket, serving the winning point, making a good play, or just the thrill of hearing someone yell your name. Everyone on the team is important, but some offer more than others. These people have spent much time practicing and going over things in their minds and they are known to us as the Most Valuable Players on the teams. The Most Valuable Players for girls’ basketball were Laura Selby and Penny Warsop. For boys' basketball there was Bob Manis. Most Valuable Player for boys’ track was Mark Coffman and Laura Selby received the MVP award for girls’ worked very hard to receive the MVP award from these teams. They deserved these awards and they are people everyone can look up to! The senior boys were all rewarded for their participation. Mr. Bowing and Mr. Showers were kept busy. Laura Selby and Penny Warsop present a plaque of appreciation to Mr. Taylor on behalf of the volleyball team. Sports Banquet 81Reporting Memories . newspaper journalism staff keeps hectic pace Advanced Journaliam Class: Clockwise from the top: Mrs. Carlene Zollner, Angie Cornwell, Holly Hunt, Kim Newland, Shar on Cagle, Jodi Long, l slie Nagel, Tricia Katz, Paltie Burrow, Tam my Grigsby, Aaron Warner. Not pictured: Chris Mitchell. The newspaper journalism class has a lot to do. They must meet the deadlines for both the Idea, the town newspaper, and the Express, the school’s newspaper, and do frequent text book assignments. In meeting both newspapers’ deadlines, which were biweekly, the students had to select a news “beat," or subject area, get the facts about that beat, write up a story, make sure it gets proofread, retyped, and turned in to the teacher, Mrs. Zollner. The assignments in the text book helped them achieve the satisfactory results for both newspapers. It explained different writing techniques, kinds of features, how to cover news, and how to conduct interviews. With all of that, the class usually has no problem staying busy, and hopefully the experience gained in Journalism I can then be applied to the Advanced Journalism class and used to make the yearbook. Newspaper Journalism Class: Back row: Andy Swafford, Regina Snyder, Lisa Maisner, Randi Harris and Mrs. Carlene Zollner Second row: Jamie Hunter, Stacey Wilbur, Ariana Burgan and Becky Phillips Front row: Sandra Hilbert, Debbie Reynolds, Heather Coats, and Sue Welch. Not pictured: Tammy Walker. 84 Clockwise from the top: Leslie Nagle, Co editor; Holly Hunt, Business Manager; and Tricia Katz, Co-editor. All three students work on the 1988 Indian yearbook staff.Tammy Grigsby diligently works on the yearbook mate rial in journalism class. A New Look The advanced journalism class put together the 1988 Indian a little differently than in the past. The class tried to bring in new business to help support our yearbook. This year the school’s photographers, Jodi Long and Aaron Warner, got advice about how to take good pictures from Floyd Prater of Prater Studios. Mrs. Zollner, the journalism teacher, ordered new materials to help the class improve the yearbook with new design techniques. “The new material is working well and has brought about a positive change. ” Most students seem excited about how the yearbook is going. Tricia Katz, a 1988 Indian editor, laughed and remarked, “I love it. It’s exciting. It gives me a chance to use authority and make decisions that affect others. ’’ The class learned to use one dominant picture per double page spread to draw eye contact and to use more copy so readers can more accurately remember what happened. With all the changes in the elementary school this year, we also changed the layout design of their class pictures. We’ve used more quotes, grey backgrounds, and graphics to give the book a more dramatic look. 85Student Council relies on Senior leadership Brian Thomas, a senior representative, is hard at work on the 1988 Cabaret. Brad Runyon, Heath Prichard, and Bob Manis take time out from working on the Cabaret. The Cabaret was a big success. This year's Student Council officers consisted of seniors. Scott Carlson was the president; Aaron Warner was the vice-president; Brad Runyon was the treasurer; and Jeff Wright was the secretary. There were also two representatives from each class. Mrs. Carlson was the advisor. The Student Council does many things during the school year. One of these things is putting on the Cabaret. The theme this year was “Monster Mania." It was a big success. Scott Aaron, Brad, and Jeff were also participants in the Cabaret. Back row: (Representatives) Tonya Cail, Bob Manis, Brian Thomas, Heath Prichard, Chad Sisco, Scott Young, Ken Shaffer, Laurie Shumway Front row: Treasurer Brad Runyon, President Scott Carlson, Secretary Jeff Wright, Advisor Mrs. Carlson, Missing Vice-President Aaron Warner Tonya Cail and Ken Shaffer are two representatives on the Student Council. They are also involved in many other activities. Laurie Shumway is deciding what to do next. This was her first time being on the Student Council. 86 Student Council(named from back to front) Student Program Jason Lincoln Robotics Willie Morris Carpentry Shane Esch Air Conditioning Fred Melville Electronics Darrell Weller Ag Diesel Mechanics Lisa Rosier Landscaping Plant Care Curt Herman Co-op Felpaush Randy Schafer Electricity Brian Fowler Ag Diesel Mechanics Laura Selby Lab Tech Russell Olds Carpentry Sandra Hilbert Landscaping Plant Care Amy Blue Landscaping Plant Care Lesa Weller Food Service Tracy Wiljanen Child Care Denise Goodman Cosmetology Tammy Upston Child Care Missy Brown Health Teresa Knight Co-op White House Day Care Anita Stage Health Missy Doolittle Health Linda LaMee Lab Tech Loren Devenney Ag Diesel Mechanics Andy Johnson Ag Diesel Mechanics Andy Morris Auto Body David Fogel Air Conditioning Chris Cutchall Marketing D.E. Tekonsha's Co-op Students this year were Curt Herman and Teresa Knight. “Hands On” Experience Students who participate in Voed and those who are employed in business are getting “hands-on” training for the future. Co-op students get extra on-the-job training by working in a real business environment. Voed stu- dents learn skills. They are interested in what will help them when they seek employment after graduation. Both programs are very beneficial to their futures because of the “hands-on ” experience they obtain. Vo-ed Coop 87Concert Band: Back row: Chris Cutchall, Jason Reach, Dave Fogel, Debbie Rowe, Craig Clark, Dennis Foote, Mr. McMullin Third row: Nicki Stuart, Theresa Griffith, Jolynnda Lafond, Robie Kilgore, Angie Wallen, Scott Carlson, Laura Selby, Jeff Wright, Brad Runyon, Rex Esseltine, Mike Delmont, Aaron Warner, Brett Cook, Angela Leatherman Second row: Jeanne Zook, Julie Krumvede, Jamie Hunter, Holly Hunt, Laura Fredricks, Tonya Jarrell, Aubrey Watkins, Nicki Ritter, Linda LaMee, Leslie Nagel, Michele Hall, Missy Warner, Loren Selby, Kenny Shaffer, Katrina Renfro, Trissy Upston Front row: Martha Holbrook, Tricia Katz, Tonya Cail, Amy Thomas, Heather Coats, Jennifer Delmont, Chris Zook The Senior High Marching Band, looking and sounding sharp, performed in three or four home football games, the Marshall Christmas Parade and ended their year with a trip to Cedar Point. Back row: Angela Leatherman, Brad Runyon, Rex Esseltine, Jeff Wright, Aaron Warner, Brett Cook, Denys David, Trissy Upston Fourth row: Laura Selby, Scott Carlson, Robie Kilgore, Angie Wallen, Nicki Ritter, Linda LaMee, Leslie Nagel, Michele Hall, Loren Selby, Kenny Shaffer, Katrina Renfro Third row: Julie Krumvede, Jamie Hunter, Holly Hunt, Laura Fredricks, Tonya Jarrell, Aubrey Watkins, Theresa Griffith, Jolynnda Lafond Second row: Jeanne Zook, Martha Holbrook, Tricia Katz, Tonya Cail, Heather Coats, Jennifer Delmont, Chris Zook Front row: Mr McMullin, Missy Warner, Jason Lincoln, Dennis Foote, Debbie Rowe, Dave Fogel, Craig Clark, Amy Thomas, Nicki Stuart 88 Senior High BandFarm animals raise money for uniforms The 1987-88 year proved to be both exciting and odd for the Senior High Band. The exciting part came when the shipment of uniforms arrived just in time for the last home football game. The odd part was raising the money for the uniforms. The Band Boosters Club, made up of band members’ parents, held a series of money making events. Their first fundraiser was the Cow Pie Raffle. This involved selling raffle tickets for five dollars a piece to local supporters. The fun part came when the cow was set out on the marked track and watched by the ticket buyers to see where he would land his "pie. ” The Senior High Band then sold Easter candy to bring in the well needed money. This was the “Get Your Goat" sale. Tickets sold three for a dollar and a person could nominate friends, relatives, or even a boss to get the goat. Bob Lindquist’s name was announced at the Spring Concert as the winner of the goat. Raising money through the support of the town is never an easy task, but the Band Boosters put a little laughter into the process and made it a little easier. Much appreciation goes to all of them. The band looks GREAT! Back row: Dave Fogel, Jeff Wright Middle row: Theresa Griffith, Denys David, Scott Carlson, Aaron Warner, Brad Runyon, Linda LaMee Front row: Julie Krumvede, Martha Holbrook, Laura Selby, Tricia Katz, Leslie Nagel, Michele Hall, Jeanne Zook, Nicki Ritter The Senior Band members this year performed a solo in the last football game. They also were recognized in the Spring Concert where the winner of the John Phillip Sousa Award was announced. The senior this year was Aaron Warner. Senior High Band 89Back row: Kenny Shaffer, Jamie Hunter, Heather Coats, Angie Wallen, Mr. McMuUin, Jason Lincoln, Craig Clark, Dennis Foote, Debbie Rowe, Jennifer Delmont Second row: Stacey Goodman, Stephanie Prichard, Amy Thomas, Dave Fogel, Ryan Groholski, Todd Goheen, Angela Leatherman, Tonja Jarrell First row: Denys David, Jeff Wright, Linda LaMee, Michele Hall, Jeanne Zook, Leslie Nagel, Julie Krumvede, Tricia Katz, Brad Runyon Kenny Shaffer, Linda LaMee and Mr. McMullin play a song during halftime to bring the crowd to its feet. The Pep Band performed at all home basketball games, cheering their team on to victories. They played a variety of songs ranging from the “Horse” to “Little Bitty Pretty One" all the way to our Indian song “On Tekonsha. ” Stage Band: Back row: Corey Wooden, Aaron Warner, Mike Delmont, Hugh Woods, Mr. McMullin Second row: Andy Swafford, Kenny Shaffer, Loren Selby, Joe Sisco, Nicki Ritter, Rex Esseltine, Brian Begley Front row: Robie Kilgore, Angela Leatherman, Tricia Katz, Martha Holbrook, Aubrey Watkins, Debbie Rowe, Doug Webber Mike Delmont accompanied by the rest of the stage band performs a solo at the Spring Concert. The Stage Band played a few songs in the Spring Concert to get the concert started. They also played at the Caberet and at McCamly Place. They were a very energetic group who put a lot of work into every performance. 90 Band(above) Santa (Joe Sisco) asks Rudolph (Denys David) if he can guide him through the fog. (below) The guys add a little summer to their outfits to sing some Beach Boys' tunes. Mr. McMullin is introducing the choir and one of their songs for the Spring Concert. Not Just Singing Anymore The senior high choir is a talented group! The choir did two musicals this year. Santa's Frosty Follies was a collection of modernized Christmas favorites. There was acting, dancing and a visit from Santa and his friends. Wanting to show a more serious side, the choir performed Teen II. This showed the many problems of being a teenager. They performed twice for the school and once in Battle Creek. The choir not only sings well, they showed they can act and dance well too. Sr. High Choir 91Uul The choir portrays a journalism class deciding what they would do to change the world. This scene is part of the musical, Teen II. Some of their suggestions were to feed the world, stop war, and outlaw divorce. Back row: Angie Wallen, Mickie Slone, Penny Warsop, Shelley Blue, Lisa Norgan, Donna Root, Mary Turley, Aaron Warner, Jerry Michiel-sen, Hugh Woods, Rex Esseltine Third row: Tricia Katz, Mindy Pulsipher, Gina Snyder, Tanya Griffith, Tanya Minnear, Lisa Maisner, Denys David, Joe Sisco, Tim Herman, Les Warner Second r row: Sue Welch, Martha Holbrook, Pam Edwards, Lisa Smith, Stacey Wilbur, Paulette McDowell, Lisa Hanson, Joe Hinspeter, Jim Bell, Jeff Coffman, Doug Turley Front row: Tanya Cail, Debbie Reynolds, Barbra Herman, Jodi Long, Nicki Ritter, Jennifer Norgan, Laura Fredricks, Doug Scherer, Chad Sisco, Corey Wooden, Mark Coffman, Craig Clark 92 Senior High Choir Frosty the Snowman (Brad Runyon) and Suzy Snowflake (Jodi Long), are too “cool” to be nervous before performing Santa’s Frosty Follies.tqb soC) 8th Kelly Dault, Chris tin Deuenney, Mel anie Geer, Todd Goheen Richard Baker, Jami Cain, Jim Chambers, Mar tin Coats 5b . ‘ Stacie Goodman, Ryan Groholske, Tara Hampton, Ja son Hill ""■So S'S'S'Z Jason Shive, Sherrie Swafford 94 Eighth GradeEighth graders sometimes joined with up per classmen to play an important role in the pep band. Here Stacey Goodman and Stephanie Prichard fill out the second row of clarinets. Leslee Shaffer, Heather Shepard Sonja James, Greg Katz, James Mid dough, Robert Pays no Stephanie Prichard, Sarah Puli-spher, Danica Reincke, Layla Rench r k . Eighth Grade 95 Rebecca Brown ell, Brad Cavinder, Mya Duckett, Mi chael Duck ham Greg Feltner, Thomas Hampton, Dana Imhof, Stacey Katz Teresa Keller. Kristine Keifer, Jaymee Knight, Tonya Mains Jeanne Michael, Tonya Price, Greg Pullen, Jennifer Reese Christina SmithRichard Wallen, Chris Willbur, Nancy Zook Rachael Reese, Clary Rogers, Robert Rumsey, Bumper Russell Monica Russell, Jason Shaffer, Lisa Shumay, Lynette Shum way Seventh Grade 97Building For The Future Junior high students involved in sports are really building for the future when they join a junior high team because it helps them get ready to compete on the high school teams. Many junior high athletes learn about sportsmanship when they are on a junior high team. They also learn about the pressure that competition can create. These are only a few reasons why junior high sports are so important. Another reason is because it helps to build their athletic skills early and to get them more familiar with the game. A junior high athlete who is playing basketball will gain the experience of shooting and dribbling the basketball under pressure. An athlete in volleyball will learn how to bump, set, and spike the ball. Many junior high athletes feel almost the same about how their experience in junior high sports will help them in high school sports. Mike Duckham says, ‘‘It will help me to figure out what sports to play in high school.” Greg Feltner, who played on the junior high basketball team, says, “I’ve learned a lot about sports and the rules and I think it will improve my playing of sports in high school. ” Girls’ Volleyball: Asst. Coach — Becky Phillips, Asst. Coach — Mary Turley. Sarah, Pulsipher, Melanie Geer, Lesley Shaffer, Kristine Keifer Middle row: Tara Hampton, Christ in Devenney, Sonya James, Sherry Swafford, Dana Imhof Front row: Stacey Katz, Tonya Mains, Lisa Shumway, Lynette Shumway, and Nancy Zook Sherry Swafford watches as Sarah Pulsipher passes the ball to Lesley Shaffer. Track: Fourth row: Stephanie Prichard, Kelly Dault, Teri Keller, Kristine Keifer, Jennifer Reese, Dana Imhof, Jason Shive, Jason Hill Third row: Stacey Katz, Sherry Swafford, Melanie Geer, Heather Shepherd, Layla Rench, Sarah Pulsipher, Jim Chambers, Greg Feltner Second row: Stacey Goodman, Christin Devenney, Sonya James, Jaymee Knight, Rubin Spahr, R. J. Thomas, Brad Cavinder, Doug Blanchard, Mike Duckham First row: Nancy Zook, Lynette Shumway, Jason Shaffer, Bear James, Brian Groholske, Todd Goheen, and Chad Sayer Boys’ Basketball: Back row: Jim Chambers, Jason Shive, Greg Katz, Robbie Payseno, Brad Cavinder, Greg Feltner, Doug Blanchard, Jamie Middaugh, Frit Stemaly, Mike Duckham Front row: Bear James, Brian Groholske, Rob Rumsey Jason Shaffer, and Greg Pullen. 98 Jr. High SportsGirls’ Basketball: Back row: Heather Shepherd, Christine Devenney, Sarah Pulsipher, Danica Reincke, Melanie Geer, Leslee Shaffer, Kristine Keifer Middle row: Tonya Mains, Stacey Katz, Tara Hampton, Layla Rench, Sherry Swafford, Teri Keller, Sonya James Front row: Nancy Zook, Lisa Shumway, Jennifer Reese, Lynette Shumway, Rachel Reese, and Jody Scherer.Busy, Busy, Busy! The jr. high band and choir were active again this year. The jr. high band performed in the usual concerts, but added a couple of important performances to the list. One was graduation and the other was the Memorial Day Parade which usually are performed by the senior high band. The jr. high choir starts out as a music appreciation class at the beginning of the year for one semester. The last semester is when the singing begins. The choir was very busy this year; performing in concerts and also singing for the Coldwater Lions Club at the Hospitality Inn. Their Jr. High Lip Sync Contest was put on by the choir, toof and was a big success, not to mention a lot of fun! Mr. McMullin has a lot of good things to say about the jr. high band and choir. “They are great groups to work with and have super potential; I am looking forward to working with them in senior high." Back row: Lonnie Rogers, Greg Katz, Jason Mills, Martin Coa Third row: Christin Devenney, Leslee Shaffer, Danica Reincke, .Vf lanie Geer, Doug Blanchard Second row” Tara Hampton. Jaymi Knight, Sonja James, Layla Rench, Monica Russell Front row: Heart er Shepherd, Tina Smith, Lisa Shumway, Stacey Katz Back row: Mya Duckett, Rachael Reese, Bumper Russell, Brad Cavindar, Nancy Zook, Richard Wallen, Rob Rumsey. Mike Duckham, Greg Feltner, Teri Keller Third row : Stephanie Prichard. Dana Imhof, Bear James, Rusty Thomas, Jason Shive, Tara Hampton, Kelly Dault, Kristine Keifer Second row’: Christin Devenney, Stacey Goodman, Sarah Pulsipher, Sherry Swafford, Jennifer Reese, Becky Brownell, Lisa Shumway, Lyn-nette Shumway, Tonya Mams Front row: Chris Willbur, Ryan Groholski, Todd Goheen, Jim Chambers, Jason Shaffer, Robbie Payseno, Gary Rogers 1 h 100 Back row: Christin Devenney, Mya Duckett. Rachael Reese, Bumper Russell, Brad Cavindar, Jim Chambers, Todd Goheen, Ryan Groholski, Chris Willbur, Jason Shaffer, Robbie Payseno, Gary Rogers, Rusty Thomas, Jason Shive, Bear James Second row: Stephanie Prichard, Tonya Mains, Lisa Shumway, Lynnette Shumway, Becky Brownell. Nancy Zook, Richard Wallen, Rob Rumsey, Mike Duckham. Grt Feltner, Teri Keller Front row: Jennifer Reese, Sherry Swafford, Sara Pulsipher, Stacey Goodman, Tara Hampton, Kelly Dault, Dana Imho Kristine KeiferElementary Changes rj1 he elementary school 1 has seen many changes this past year. For example, the pods were closed. The 5th graders were moved into the elementary building and the 6th graders were moved to the complex. As another cost cutting method, three teachers were laid off. Mrs. Swank was one of the Mrs. Marcedes is always busy She is the secretary of the etc mentury. teachers. She was the 5th grade teacher. She will be substituting around this area. Mrs. Keniston was the kindergarten teacher. She is now substituting around the Hattie Creek area. Mrs. Willerick was another 5th grade teacher who was laid off. She will be a substitute teacher. Mr. Keith ('lark is the principal of the elementary. He has been the principal for 20 years. Miss Knapp is trying to answer five different Front row: Mrs. Mary Stout. Miss Merri Knapp. Mrs. Mary Watson, Mrs. Beverly Bessler, questions at once. Mr. Dewight Runyon. Mrs. Judy Jenkins Back row: Mrs. Chris McLain, Mrs. Michelle Herzing, Mrs. Janet Johnson, Mrs. Susan Keniston, Mrs. Becky Markham, Mrs. Judv Weatherly Mrs. Betty Shank and Mrs. Madelyn Upston are the faculty aids for the elementary school. 102 Teachers and AdministrationMusical Beginnings L) and class meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Students learn to read music and play the instrument of their choice. The most popular instrument this year was the clarinet. The sixth grade band made their debut in the De cember concert by playing some Christmas carols. They played the song “Whistle While You Work" for the concert in May. Mr. McMullin, who teaches both classes, comments, “I'm pleased with both bands over all. The more they practice, the better they sound. ” Mike Delmont, Mr. McMullins aide, said, “They have some exceptional talent, which will be appreciated in the high school bands. ” Sixth Grade Band: Back row: Mr. McMullin, Matt Bowling, David Winans, Shawn Jarrell, Mike Siegel Second row: Tracy McFadden, Kenny Milliman, Bran don Coats, Salina Kalnins, Diane Keifer Front row: Shondel King, Jamie Hopkins, Christy Loomis, Angela Rumsey Christy Loomis practices her Mike Siegel, one of the four drummers in the flute in rehearsal. band, has his turn at the drum set. The clarinet players, Jamie Hopkins and Shondel King, practice the day’s assign ment. Beginning Band: Back row: Mr. McMullin, Sheery Schweikert, James Smith, Ross Richardson, Jeremy Mattinson Second row: Tommy Doxey, Jennifer Brown, Ted Chambers, Bruce Herman, Shane Riede, Patrick Pombier, R. J. Ball, Phillip Goodman, Daniel Cummings Third row: Keri Horton, Lisa McFadden, Angela Bell, Christina Kidney, Renee Russell, Stacy Clark, Stacy Hampton Front row: Becky Caswell, Theresa Newbold, Toni Milliman, Renee Slone, Nicole Hills Not shown: Matt Stefanski and Tim Doolittle K 5th and 6th Grade Band 103Spelling Bee Winners: 1st — Brandon Coats, 2nd — Angela Rumsey and Diane Keifer, 3rd — Kenny Milliman Tammy Fowler Physical Fitness Award: Michelle Hill, Salina Kalnins, and Shawn Jarrell Dick Spires Citizenship Award: Jaime Hopkins and Brian Cavinder NEW HORIZONS Fifth and sixth grade is a time for changes. Fifth graders made changes to adjust to the pods, some joined Safety Patrol, or went out for Hunter's Safety. Sixth graders tried their best for the Spelling Bee, Safety Patrol, Dick Spires, and Tammy Fowler awards. Sixth graders also got a change of pace and their first taste of dancing when the year ended and they went to their sixth grade graduation party. They realized they had to change again to move up into the complex for the start of seventh grade. Back row: David Doolittle. Becky' Caswell. Jeremy Matteson, Daniel Cummins. Toni Milliman. Mike Siegel, Angie Bell, P. J. Goodman, Keri Horton, Jaime Hopkins, Shondel King, Gary Stuart, Mr. Runyon 3rd row: James Smith, Sherry Schweikert, Kenny Milliman. Renee Slone. Cory Grinnell, Stacey Hampton, Bronica White. Kristy Cheeseman. Patrick Pombier, Patrick Shaffer 2nd row: Mark Renfro, David Winans, Christy Goodman. Ron nie Payseno, Michelle Hill. Brooke Banfield, Jammi Copas, Salina Kalnins, Tracy McFad den, Scott Hampton Front row: Ted Chambers, Philip Kuhling. Rene Russell, Christina Kidney, Lisa McFadden, Renee Horton, Tommy Doxey, Matt Stefanski, Bruce Herman, Shane Reide Michigan Mathematics League Award: Mike Hansen, Keri Horton, Tracy McFadden, Kenny Milliman, Jaime Hopkins. 104 5th and 6th Grade ActivitiesBack row: Ronnie Payseno, Patrick Shaffer, Brenda Newland, Jammi Copas Second row: Scott Hampton, Keri Horton, Diane Keifer, Aimee Stemaly, Mrs. Jenkins Front row: John Giant, Salina Kalnins, David Winans Absent: Matt Bowling, Cory Grinnell, Shondel King, Nicky Mills, Bobby Stage, Michael Swan ((Ch-Ch-Ch Changes ... turn and face the change” fj1 here have been many changes made in the schedules of the sixth graders and their teachers, due to the closing of the “pods.” The sixth graders are now in the junior high. However, they don't share activities with the seventh and eighth graders. Mr. Runyon and Mrs. Jenkins have split teaching the fifth and sixth graders. In the morning Mrs. Jenkins is teaching sixth grade in the high school, while Mr. Runyon teaches the fifth grade in the elementary. Change has been a challenge for everyone! Back row: Jaime Hopkins, Gary Stuart, Michael Hanson, Brandon Coats Second row: Mr. Runyon, Eric Blue, Kenny Milliman, Brian Cavinder, Arthur SAnders, Tony Parker Front row: Tracy McFad den, Angela Rumsey, Michelle Hill, Christy Loomis, Brooke Ban field Absent: Michael Siegel, Shawn Jarrell In English class Patrick Shaffer leans over Ronnie Payseno’s shoulder to check out his sentence structure. While sitting on the stage at a pep assembly, Michelle Hill grins sweetly at someone in the stands. Sixth grader, Brooke Banfield, takes a few moments to study her spelling words.Teachers, Students Adjust J ust as the fifth graders thought u they were moving up to the “big pods” they found themselves right hack where they started — in the elementary with the fourth graders. This was not only an adjustment for the kids, but for the teachers as well. Mrs. McLain, the main fifth grade teacher, was settled in the pods for years. She now occupies Mrs. Randall’s old room. Mrs. McLain usually only teaches reading and drama, but since the mil-lage didn’t pass the school was forced to layoff two teachers, she now instructs language, spelling, penmanship and art. That took a lot of preparation and her comment was, ‘‘It's like my first year of teaching all over again. ” However, Mrs. McLain has adjusted extremely well and has a very positive attitude about the changes. She wishes all the parents and people of the town would be more optimistic about the situation and get involved to help keep Tekonsha schools going! Back row: Mark Renfro, Cletis Pritchard, Bronica White, Renee Stone, Stacey Hampton, Mrs. Swank Second row: Tim Doolittle. David Doolittle, Becky Caswell, Toni Milliman, Johnny Morris, James Smith Front row: Tommy Doxey, R J. Ball, Jennifer Brown, Theresa Newbold, Christina Kidney, Ted Chambers Back row: Ross Richardson, Phillip Kuhling, Matt Stefanski, Phillip (landman. Shane Riede, Patrick Pombier, Bruce Herman Second row: Jeremy Mattinson, Daniel Cum mings, Angela Bell, Nicole Hills, Barbra Vorce, Christina Goodman Front row: Renee Horton, Lisa McFadden, Kristy Cheeseman, Stacey Clark, Sherry Schweikert, Rene Russell. Angela Halbert 106 Fifth GradeBack row: Tim Swan, Bobby Parsons, Chris Kempton, Andrea Karn, Kenny Berry, Kassandra Hiede, Brad Russell, Andy Taylor, Mrs. Johnson Third row: Summer Cleave, Brad Thomas, Travis Hampton, Jamie Phelps, Justin White, Troy Stage, Mark Farkas Second row: Shawn Petersen, Mary Winans, Regina Davis, Pam Kidney, Kim Brownell, Andrea Hampton, Alfred Marshall Front row: Phil Herman, Joey Katz, Mike Phillips Absent: Rodney Greenman Fourth Grade 107Dustin Schnaitman experiments on the com puter with math and reading disks from Miss Knapp. Third grader, Katie Pulsipher, chooses a book from the elementary library for one of her 25 books that she has to read for Miss Knapp. Back row: Miss Knapp, Melissa Ball, Mike Miller, James Smith, Nicole Diamond, Justin Schnaitman, Josh Reintz Second row: Paul Reynolds, Jeremy Minniear, (iina Mann, Ben Woods, Daniel Hutchins, Tim Mason, Daryl Shaffer, Cory Shepherd Front row: Katie Pulsipher, Stacey Woods, Angela Wilbur, Tina Weimer, Brandie Miller, Kasey Payseno, Elissa King I OH Third (tradeNew Challenge 988 was a year of change. Due to necessary budget cuts, several el ementary teachers were laid-off. At mid year Mrs. Judy Weatherly, a first grade teacher, found herself teaching a first-second grade split. Mrs. Weatherly said that at first it was difficult because she had to make a lot of changes. She needed to adjust her lesson plans, combine Health and Social Studies, and make different assignments for each grade level. “It was different, but I slowly got used to it.” Stu dents had trouble being patient waiting fur Mrs. Weatherly to get to their class, while she was teach ing the others, but she felt it was good for them to learn to wait. Change is hard work for teachers and students alike. Back row: Mrs. Stout. Matt Toney. Robby Summa. Mark Miller Second row: Todd Doxey, Michael Maromber. Laura Shondel. Kenneth Keeton, Jimmy Walbech, Nater Minniear Front row: Wendy Winans, Cassandra Sammons, Brandy Cavinder, Tracy Dehart, Julie Swan Back row: David Reese, Ren Johnson, Joey Few, Billy Davis, Eric Cummings, Danny laylor, Mrs. Markham Front row: Dai id Payne, Stacey Hills, Becky Cole, Lisa Persails, Stephen Kidney Second Grade 109Courtney Woods slides into her winter clothing to go outside for her daily recess. Back row: Mrs. Watson, Timmy Doxey, Mark Hall, Eric Phelps, Jay Cook Second row: Kylie King, Donnie Seekman, Larry Halbert, Robbie Barrington, Lance Van Zandt, Bobby Duckham Front row: Kerrianne Brooks, Taney Vosburg, Amber Gleave, Kessie Lawhead, Sarah Olds Back row: Michael Katerberg, Talia Karn, Eric Reed, Cortney Woods, Laura Tackett, Mrs. Weatherly Second row: Joey Giant, Shondell Ash, Aryn Bowling, Bryan Pompier, Laura Stuart, Aaron Shaffer Front row: Rodney Lipscomb, Amber Zidarevich, Crystal Stage, Jennifer Copas, Matt Ciotta 110 First Grade First graders, Bryan Pompier and Matt Ciotta listen with intent interest to Mrs. Weatherly’s talk about teeth.Same Place, New Face r n January 18th, the Kindergarteners walked into class and noticed a new face. No, it wasn’t a new student, but a new teacher. The new teacher is Mrs. Markham, the former 2nd grade teacher. The students adjusted to her quickly. Besides losing Mrs. Keniston, some other changes have occurred. One change is that they no longer have nap time. They are still sticking with the basic schedule as they learn the al- phabet. “Blow-up” letters, such as Miss C for Cotton Candy, are brought in to help the kids learn. To help students get more acquainted with the letter, they bring in pictures of items that begin with the letter of the week. When asked what she thought of her new teaching position, Mrs. Markham replied, “In some ways it’s more of a challenge. I am enjoying it." Back row: Mrs. Keniston, Kyle Brownell, Darrell Mann, Brandy Summa, Lisa Newbold Second row: Jon Strange, Dean Darnell, Luke Lindsey, Margy Few, Jason Bisehoff, Alan Weller, Tylor Mack Front row: Sandra Winans, Libby Shumway, Stacie Powell, Renee Woods, Emily Stefanski, Jennifer Keeton, Tara Strang Back row: Mrs. Keniston, Jacob Schnaitman, Travis Stage, Trevor Hampton, Nick Pulsipher, Jessica Hampton, Charlie Pritchard Front row: Staci Persails, Jaimie Brownell, Elisha Ball, Angela Feltner, Sarah Case, Joy Smith Kindergarten 111 X PATRONS Branches’ Sound Room Thurston’s Furniture New Used Brott’s Gas and Grocery True Value Calhoun Travel Agency Willowcreek Meat Market Carmickle’s L.P. Gas Floyd, Nancy, Jeff Mark Coffman Cascarelli’s Pizza Leo Pamela Herman Copy Rite Robert Donna Hinspeter Darling and Daughter Variety Store Gale Judy Jenkins Girard Country Store Donna Jerry Johnson Irvins Hardware Fred, Dixie, Tricia, Greg, Stacey Joey Katz Jim Lingenfelter, Painting Roofing Arthur, Virginia, John Steven King Little Toy Drum Antiques Mrs. Wendy Livingston Main Bookkeeping Service Mr. James Showers Max Larsen Inc. Mr. Mrs. Robert Tyckoski Needham Cleaners Mr. Mrs. Walter VanWinkle Russell’s Country Store Shoe Repair Shop Mr. Mrs. George Zollner Id V s . V 112 :£v A ACKNO WLEDGMENTS We hope that as you look through this 1988 yearbook, now and in the years to come, you will be reminded of all the people and events that made this year so special. This year’s staff consisted of 10 people, only one had previous experience. With all of the “new blood” came a lot of new and innovative ideas. We started the year by setting a goal and that goal was to start a new style for the Indian yearbook. It was difficult and time consuming, but the staff worked well together as a team and separately. Mrs. Zollner, our advisor, was a major part of our “team. ” She pushed us to be as creative as we could and made sure our deadlines were met, however, she also became our friend. We would like to thank Jodi Long and Aaron Warner, our school photographers, and Prater Studios for developing and providing us with film. Also, a big thanks to Lee Zimmerman, our representative from Taylor Publishing, for all the advice and help that he provided us. Finally, we gratefully acknowledge the artwork provided by Arron Warner. This includes both the cover and division pages. The journalism yearbook staff hopes you enjoy your 1988 Indian yearbook and remember that we are ... Indians yesterday, today, and forever! Tricia Katz Leslie Nagel 1988 Indian Co-Editors PATTIE, WE LOVE YOU! MOM, LISA, LORI GEORGE “?7 v TX __ X Aim high, Scott! WE WISH THE BEST FOR YOU, ALWAYS! LOVE, MOM DAD _113 X X Xv Xw H i-? w . s V" V x. rar s Jin CORNER M-60 JS-27 TEKONSHA. MICHIGAN DRINKS. FOOD. DANCING RANDY•BEAR” JOHNSON KEEPER OF THE DEN T N NS V Xs V? Xs Xu k5 D D AUTO-TRUCK STOP CONVENIENCE STORE M60 169 Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 24 Hour Towing Service Phone: 767-4442 TT -• X 3 Xs X X X. Chuck’s Sweeper Shop New and Rebuilt Sweepers Repair on ALL Makes 116 N. Main Street Tekonsha Phone:(517) 767-3200 D D Auto Parts 215 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 Phone: (517) 767-4435 TT ■V DOUGLAS CORPORATION 103 MAIN STREET TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN 49092 Congratulations Class of ’88! Vv Congratulations Class of “88” from Dr. Mendelsohn D.O. and Staff Phone: (517) 767-4197 ■■ "x V, . ■ x — ■A Si N- a s % s s % ™ns Qevans Q88XAH8 QEXftHg Q V EVANS DRUG STORE FORMERLY SHERWOOD PHARMACY CLAYTON SHERWOOD PL LARMACIST AND CRETCHEN STEFANSKI PHARMACIST jfflwtl QP.VAHS QEVANS qbvamsi qW s s s fci v X X FARM CREDIT SRVICES 828 N. Main St. Tekonsha Ph. 767-4152 FIRST IN FARM CREDIT V % x. M X % X N V V R - HAWLEY OIL HARDWARE 945 N. Main Tekonsha, MI Ph. 767-4165 Manager — Rob Hunter X X N? x x V V T Ns. NS ANTIQUES AND COUNTRY ACCESSORIES ALICE KEMPTON 1129 Marshall Rd (Old 27) TEKONSHA mi 49092 (517)279-8130 g S SS s V X X X LINDA’S LOUNGE Beer 104 Main Wine Tokonsha, MI Liquor767-8522 Sand Pizza FRIENDL Y A TMOSPHERE : z x v x v Milliman Agency, Inc. Richard Milliman Lynette Milliman 207 Main Street Tekonsha, MI 49092 Best Wishes Seniors! '•tA Xs X X YX XX Congratulations Seniors! RANDALL FOOD PRO. INC. “THE BEAN PEOPLE’’ 401 S. Main Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. (517) 767-3247 - STX Nt V  v X N Newland Heating WV Cooling w X Service, Installation, X Repair Vs v 'N 19458 R Drive South Vv Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 Phone: (517) 767-4242 V Vs Congratulations H Class of 1988! C 2. X vV V Njt, v v M) - -V- CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’88! Tekonsha Dairy King M-60 and T-69 Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 Phone: (517) 767-4488 TEKONSHA ENGINEERING CO. TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN 49092 PHONE: (517) 767-4121 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988!  s V VXXXXI n e Southern Michigan NATIONAL BANK Continuous Banking Since 1872 IV THE STEP AHEAD BANK s Offices in Coldwater • Tekonsha • Union City • Kinderhook A, -V V T W s s y TEKON P.0. Box B Phone: (517) 767-4646 Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 r !S ‘M  s. X T“ X V ROBERT MOHRHA RDT, 7:00am3:30pm O WNER MON DA Y FRIDAY VINCENTS INDUSTRIAL PAINTING SERVICE Industrial Paint Finishing, Cleaning, Powder Coating Painting Facilities 117 W. Jackson St. (517) 767 3593 Tekonsha, Ml 49092 (517) 767 4133 LONNY’S SUPER VALU 807 S. Hillsdale Homer, Michigan Phone: 568 4475 HOPPS COLONIAL PHARMACY 126 W. Main St. Homer, MI 49245 Phone: 568-3400 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-6; Sat. 9-12:30 Emergency: Call (517) 3810 ANYTIME V V - 'Ql PAT’S FLOWERS AND GIFTS 714 South Hillsdale Street Homer, Michigan Phone: 568-4445 X. WORGESS AGENCY OF HOMER 123 E MAIN ST HOMER. MICH 49245 i; x x v RICHARD WORGESS 517-568-4334 v x V x x xROWBOTHAM’S ORCHARD 32123 Mile Rd. Homer, Michigan 49245 Ph. (517)542-3958 “Grower of Quality fruit since 1939” mnuKsim SERVICE CENTER NAPA PARTS 24 HOUR WRECKER CERTIFIED MECHANICS M-60-Burlington, MI (517) 765-2184 NBC BEAUTY SALON 304 LEROY STREET BURLINGTON, MICHIGAN 49029 PHONE: (517) 765-2674 CAROL DEANNA _ — Brookside Auto Company FLOYD WARDEN — PRESIDENT CHARLIE MACK — SALES MANAGER JOHN BURDICK — SALES PHIL GRUBB — SALES TOM WAGNER — SALES CAR RENTAL AND LEASING BURLINGTON, MICHIGAN PHONE: (517) 765-2184 HEINOLD HOG MARKETS Albright ON M-60, 4 MILES WEST OF 1-69 BURLINGTON, MICHIGAN 49029 RICK HALL CALL COLLECT 765-2800 Builders Supply Corp. A COMPLETE HOME CENTER Building Materials • hardware Floor Coverings • Cabinets • Plumbing • Electrical 8363 M-60 East Union City. Ml 49094 517-741-5791 T-r  v x x x x x V V S FABIANO’S George Fabiano Liquor — Beer — Wine Pasta — Salad Bar On M-60 Union City, MI Phone: 741-9181 V. nX HE AT OR INSURANCE x ALL KINDS PHONE: (517) 741-5861 DOWNTOWN UNION CITY, MICHIGAN 49094 JOHN HE A TOR ED HE A TOR T X V HOEKZEMA 943 NORTH BROADWA Y UNION CITY, MICHIGAN 49094 PHONE: (517) 741-4115 v v JACK’S THRIFTWAY GROCERY 202 SOUTH BROADWA Y UNION CITY, MICHIGAN 49094 % ■V BEER — WINE PACKAGED TAKE-OUT jjy X V x X x x "X V' SMITH’S AUTO PARTS 218 NORTH BROADWA Y UNION CITY, MICHIGAN 49094 PHONE: (517) 741-8824 OWNER — GARY SMITH X XSTATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES HOME OFFICES BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS MARY ALICE BRENEMAN Agent 227 North Broadway Union City. Michigan 49094 Off. (517) 741-7210 Res (517) 741-7818 "T— STECKBAUER'S LEATHER CENTER, INC. LEATHtR Gloves. Garments—Tanning, repairing Cleaning Refinishing RICHARD STECKBAUER JANE STECKBAUER North Broadway Union City. Ml 49094 (517) 741-3044 HARRY’S TRANSMISSION 103 MARSHALL ROAD GIRARD, MICHIGAN PHONE: (517) 278-2463 BOBBY HANKINS I 53 Division St. Coldwater, Michigan 517-278-4060 'HOME OF THE OMNI-CHORD BALDWIN PIANO ORC.AN L1 -J _______________ V JIM’S MOTOR SALES 104 N. MARSHALL RD. GIRARD, MICHIGAN PHONE: (517) 278-6372 TT- V V V ' s. NS % X PHONE: (517) 278-8508 CAMPUS TUX SHOP 42A WEST CHICAGO COLD WATER, MICHIGAN 49036 A DIVISION OF LEE ALLEN INC. WE SPECIALIZE IN WEDDINGS, PROMS AND ONE HOUR CLEANING x CHARLE S TL CHINESE AND AMERICAN FOOD • COCKTAILS 599 E. Chicago St. Colduater, Michigan 49036 517-278-2982 PARTY AND BANQUET ROOMS OWNER: CHARLIE WONG TAKE OUTS AVAILABLE V K 125 ____________________Vv X sx Vk. V CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE 38 NORTH MONROE COLD WATER, MICHIGAN 49036 PHONE: (517) 278-6575 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver gold. NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION DAR.VIN ROBISON TOTAL HARDWARE BONNIE ROBISON Coast to Coast Fairfield Shopping Center 458 Marshall Street COLD WATER Ml 49036 1517) 279-8069 Charlotte Plaza 515 Lansing St Charlotte. Ml 4881 3 (517) 543-8144 — (Eoliwatfr £laitt) Reporter A PARK NEWSPAPER 15 Wes» Peorl Street Cold water Michigon 49036 "Helping Build A Better Telephone (517)278 2316 Branch County" r r Classic Portraits g Inf Stan Clayton E N I 0 R S Vlassie portrait quality combined with an imaginative and contemporary approach’ 275 E. Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan 49036 (517) 278-6006 ACROSS FROM THE COLDWATER HOSPITAL ■j— COLDWATER OPTOMETRICS P.C. DR. GARY L. HOWE DR. BRUCE G. YOUNG DR. DAVID M. McCLAID OPTOMETRISTS EYE EXAMS CONTACT LENSES COMPLETE OIHICAL SERVICE TELEPHONE: (517) 278-2208 12 SOUTH MONROE 278-5468 COLDWATER. MICH. 49036 N X, ' - W XS L X Kj x x | s (Eol uiater Stccreattun BOWLING LANES 559 E. Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml 49036 % DON BYERS (517)278-5325 — V X (517)278-8614 53 WEST Chicago Street Coldwater. Michigan 49036 Nv N H 'X- T- XvNX — V — 7 WEST CHICAGO STREET COLDWATER, MICHIGAN 49036 m jusm 4 rft. 5L Goto Lance Class Rings • Fast 2-4 Week Delivery NX v NX — coodAcar VA TIRE CO. CRAIG W OALLV 109 W Chicago ST. COLOWATER. Ml 49036 1517) 278-5639 FERRIS R. V. SALES AND SERVICE S=i Jayco’ lX signer Series IVavel Thiiler Inl.lIM' ilkl 1 Inkln I GKANDMCTEHEltA ' • GOOSE ’hi. 21 W. Chicago St., Coldwater 279-9071 Ni. PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC GMC TRUCKS 595 W. CHICAGO COLDWATER, MI 517-278-2381 X NX Viess J EWELRY JtflMU of tyuitUOtul ’ PHONE (517) 278-2488 50 West Chicago Street COLDWATER, MICHIGAN 49036 9, recioi4S lfls for (All (Occasions CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '88! Ns Studio of photography 42 EAST CHICAGO STREET COLDWATER. Ml 49036 (517) 279-8281 ■=5T ■ v Vv v NS X r X NX NS X Nx V XX You’re looking smarter than ever' XX V X % IX i ra % Hi H= l v X ¥ XHH28 v » r r- X -X ® -fht Uto j Pl m, SERVICING MARSHALL AND COLD WATER 9003 K MART 370 EAST CHICAGO COLD WATER, MI 49036 9315 K MART 15900 WEST MICHIGAN AVE. MARSHALL, MI 49068 V ■”---------ST m | McDonalds WHERE ITS THE GOOD TIME FOR THE GREAT TASTE! 20 RIDGEMOORE COLD WATER, MI 49036 PHONE: (517) 278-4098 "E Jk. Ds FEATURING THE BEST SAlJ D BAR IN TOWN Phone (317)279-9002 411 E. Chicago Coldwater, Mich. 49036 JEFF, BECKY, ROB BY ABBY AND CYNTHIA DORA NX  NICHOLS ACCOUNTING AND TAX SERVICE 50 Division Street Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Phone: (517) 279-9202 1 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ — Compliments of — SHOPPERS-GUIDE — n'vwmjivv ... w. S If ft cSI X It IfirK 4tlA v The Den is A Whole Store For The Contemporary Voun" Man. 2 W Chlcogo SI Coldwater. Ml 49036 517-278-5151 We Bnng Out The Best In You X v Vs NX When You’re Scratching for Business Call 279-9764 or 279-9765 57 South Monroe S., Coldwater, Mich. 49036 X —r X Off.: (517) 278-6835 Res.: (517)283-2930 TOM BURGER Agent 506 E. Chicago Street Coldwater. Michigan 49306 TT- _ ROYAL CHEVROLET BUICK Telephone 317-279-8061 637 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Ml 49036 h Mile East of 1-69 1 Vx HAIR • NAILS • FACES Silver Shear's 278-6374 LEE ANN HA UGHE Y 19 N. MONROE OWNER, STYLIST COLDWATER, MI 49036 X % STEVENS HAYES 24 DIVISION STREET COLDWATER, MICH. 49036 PHONE: (517) 278-7345 — __H't- VX % CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF “88” AALBREGTSE MEN’S WEAR 112 WEST MICHIGAN A VE. MARSHALL, MICHIGAN 49068 PHONE: (616) 781-8931 NX XT Nt ■ Auto Dealari »» Chrysler - Plymouth - Dodge Cars - Dodge Trucks Qfflopctr Auto and Truck Repair jMMW 14845 W. Michigan 781-9191 Coffee Pot 228 Michigan Aue. Marshall, Michigan LICENSED INSURED ftSPfitt HEATING COOLING, INC. 1209 First St Jackson. Mich 49203 (517) 782-8191 GARY G. SCHULTZ 110 E Michigan Ave Marshall. Mich 49068 (616) 781-2107 RANDY JOHNSON CRAIG K. KEMPF FUNERAL HOME 103 E. Mansion Street Marshall Serving the Marshall — Tekonsha Area Phone (616) 781-9858 101 W. Michigan Daily 9:30-5:30 Marshall, MI 49068 Wed Fri until 8:00 p.m. Phone: (616) 781-3161 Closed Sunday CRONIN’S OF MARSHALLCongratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of from BOSHEARS FORD SALES INC. 15081 MICHIGAN AVE. MARSHALL, MICHIGAN 49068 PHONE: (616) 781-3981•% s V ■—■— xX X Batrit 3Teluelers x% V y TV X xv N X X NVV , w t . x V%. M» X At 132X 142 W. Michigon Ava. - Mor.hall, Michigan 49068 Phon (616) 781-4137 F:T Eaton Corporation Fluid Power Division 1101 West Hanover Street Marshall, MI 49068 . - • '• - — FLOWER BARN ... of marshall ". . . your phone opens our door" Marshall. (Siai tiviim 108 E. MICHIQan MARSHALL., MICHIOAN Douglas VanDer Meulen, D.D.S. Lynne M. Haley, D.D.S. GENERAL DENTISTRY 213 EAST MICHIGAN A VE. MARSHALL. MICHIGAN 49068 PHONE: (616) 781-1108 HOURS BY APPOINTMENT FOR ALL YOUR PARTY NEEDS Come to KEN’S KOUNTRY KORNER Beer — Wine Groceries — Gas Try our deli fresh sandwiches! Old U.S. 27 and F Dr. Sou. Marshall, Mich. 49068 Phone: (616) 781-6033 WE NOW HAVE HOME MADE PIZZAS! — — Compliments of LAUTENSLAGER- LIPSEY Televisions, Appliances, and Microwaves Locations in Albion and Marshall COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION MILLWRIGHT SERVICE MACHINERY MOVING 24 HOUR SERVICE HACKETT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 256 NORTH 28th STREET BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN 49015 FRED L. THENEN OFFICE 616 964-7196 Lautenslager Lipsey Appliance 303 EAST MICHIGAN MARSHALL, MICHIGAN 49068 PHONE: (616) 781-3612 LOUIE’S BAKERY 144 West Michigan MARSHALL, MICHIGAN 49068 PHONE: (616) 781-3542 'V vh NT Xx .Ski ■ I lave a bowling party here (.roup rates are available , 1 Call us (or open bowling times it We have leagues for all ages ± Enjoy sporting events on 3 our Satellite T.V. MANAGER: BOB HUTCHINS M "?4, LMihi8anAQ Marshall, Michigan 49068 (616)781-3125 ---r—nr----------- --------TOT------- MARSHALL MEDICAL ASSOCIATES V x Ox 1170 WEST MICHIGAN Vs. Vv Vs. MARSHALL, MICHIGAN 49068 . PHONE: (616) 781-9867 t x!33 x  NX Va v Mr-s V Ins X XZ — NX tMr % Mec er Insurance Agency Ph. (616) 781-8167 _ 201 East Michigan Avenue P.O. Box 86 Marshall, Michigan 49068 Charles R. Meciler Homeuomers • Farm Gu tters Mobile Homes • Commercial Recreational Vehicles • Autos Life • Health • Money Market Funds X MICHIGAN RURAL REHABILITATION CORPORATION STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM 1152 W. MICH. AVE. MARSHALL, MI 49068 Ph. 616-781-4646 Compliments of PROGRESSIVE DYNAMICS, INC. Office Supplies Furniture Machines Equipment Swintec =111111111 SMITH a CORONA MARSHALL OFFICE SUPPLIES 136 W MICHIGAN MARSHALL. MICH 40068 Phone (6161 781-5459 Typewriter Sales 6 Service NADD INC. “People Who Care” Janitorial Services Supplies 32-43rd Street South West Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508-8494 PHONE: (616) 531-5235 AREA MANAGER AND SALES REPRESENTATIVE CHRIS OVERLEY: (517) 781-4872 (616) 781-9116 3Z X LAW OFFICES OF SCHROEDER, DEGRAW KENDALL MAYHALL 203 EAST MICHIGAN A VENUE MARSHALL, MICHIGAN 49068-1591 TELEPHONE 616-781-9851 JOSEPH E. SCHROEDER MILLARD N. MAYHALL RONALD J. DEGRAW JOHN KENDALL DA VID J. DEGRA W NX SI —  .X I Shoe Store k % 'ss r Ill The STAGECOACH HOT FOOD COCKTAILS INN KEEPER JOHN MATHIE 201 W MICHIGAN AVENUE MARSHALL. MICHIGAN 49068 (616) 781 3571 Y STANDARD PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLY Jll Putting Our Pnde Onto Paper State 18Q2 COMMERCIAL PRINTING QUICK PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES 818 INDUSTRIAL RD. MARSHALL. Ml 49068 STUART AND STUART Attorneys at Law Alfred P. Stuart Mark F. Stuart Robert A. Cole 12‘A W. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Mich. 49068 (616) 781-3928 TT _ T— V V THE VOGUE SHOP WOMENS APPAREL Ph. 781-3481 113. W. Mich. 1201 W. Michigan Ave. Marshall. Mich. 49068 Ph. (616) 781-5154 V — X WOLVERINE MOTOR SUPPLY CO. SEE US FOR REPAIR PARTS for AUTO, TRUCKS, AND AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT 103 E. MARSHALL MARSHALL, MI Ph. (616) 781-2830 %, . V X XNX Vv sN V TEKONSHA CABLEVISION PROVIDING A CLEAR CHOICE FOR THOUGHTFUL VIEWERS. — Xs 'T 781-2348 I SAME DAY SERVICE IF IN BY NOON "YOU WARDROBE Wilt LOOK NICER AND LAST LONGER DRY CLEANED!'' SHIFT SEFViCC FEMTAl UNtfOftMS nOwM MOM TM«U P ialeM4 Ui • GUjeuti+ta • n . T nr" e uuce ci,“" Iltno MM ti'iufo two noun cl Pan in? Ml HO«lM« SChmIRS 155 WEST MICHIGAN MARSHALL C 101 I Gil A FRIEND A friend is one Who walks in your footprints Watching every step you take She walks behind you Making sure you don’t make a mistake. A friend is one Who will stick by you when you're confused. She listens to your thoughts and feelings And tries to tell you what's best to do. A friend is one Who tries to make life easier and lots of fun. Filling each day with a special kind of love. Love, Debbie Reynolds Barbara Herman, Shelly Blue, Tanya Griffith, Laurie S hum way ■ ■■■ — ' -V '.1 Holly has always been jolly In Younger years nicknamed “Squally” Intelligent, Humorous, Beautiful school years ending But, Oh What a Beginning! A fantastic lady and friend Lovef Mom Karen Reed v r? r NX VS. Vv N •if, Vs. N sN V Nx NX sN v N V Baker, Richard, 94, 114 Begley, Brian 28, 44, 90 Bell, James 30,31, 32, 44, 46, 48, 50, 51, 70, 91. 92 Blanchard, Doug 114 Blue, Amy 4, 26, 28, 83, 87 Blue. Michelle 30,31,32,91, 92, 114 Bradley, Bobbi 34, 36 Briegel, David 30, 31, 114 Brown, Robert 16, 21, 23, 37, 46, 47, 48, 57, 74, 75, 76, 81, 82. 83, 113 Broum, Melissa 3, 4, 14, 16, 21, 83, 87, 113 Brownell, Rebecca 93, 96, 100, 113 Burgan, Ariana 31, 84, 114 Burgan, Dawn 31 Burrow, Patricia 16, 19, 21, 39, 84, 113 Cagle, Sharon 26, 28, 65, 66, 84 Cail, Tanya 2, 10, 25, 26, 28, 46, 62, 63, 64, 77, 78, 82, 88, 91, 92, 114 Cain, Jamie 94, 114 Carlson, Scott 9, 10, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 37, 47, 48, 50, 57, 67, 69, 74, 81, 82, 88. 89, 113, 114 Cavindar, Brad 96, 98, 100, 113 Chambers, Jim 9, 94, 98, 100, 114 Chavez, Rodrigo 14 Cheeseman, Michael 4, 29, 30, 31, 32, 114 Clark, Craig 4, 30, 31, 70, 74, 75, 88, 90, 91, 92, 114 Clark. Todd 30,31, 40, 48, 50,51, 74, 114 Coats, Heather 4, 30, 31, 83, 88, 90, 114 Coats, Martin 94, 100, 114 Coffman, Jeffrey 16, 21, 37, 42, 44, 47, 51, 57, 74, 75, 76, 81, 82, 83, 91, 92, 113, 114 Coffman, Mark 2, 30, 31, 39, 41, 49, 50, 51, 74, 76, 83, 91, 92, 114 Cole, David 4, 30, 31, 32, 40, 114 Cole, Tamra 28, 30 Cole, Tracy 34, 36 Cook, Brett 36, 48, 49, 50,51, 88 Cornwell, Angie 26, 84 Crawford, Shawn 34, 36 Cutchall, Christopher 26, 28, 87, 88 Dault, Kelly 94, 98, 100,114 David, Dennis 21, 74, 83, 89, 90, 91, 92, 113 Delmont, Jennifer 32, 33, 34, 36, 65, 88, 90 Delmont, Michael 16, 19, 21, 57, 88, 90 Devenney, Christin 4, 94, 98, 99, 100, 114 INDEX Devenney, Loren 25, 26, 51, 74, 83, 87 Dietz, Brian 4, 30, 31, 114 Dietz, Stephanie 3, 16, 21, 45, 113, 114 Doolittle, Melissa 26, 87 Duckett, Mya 63. 64, 95. 96, 99, 100, 113 Duckham, Michael 95, 96, 98, 100, 113 Edwards, Michele 31, 114 Esch, Shane 25, 26, 28, 47, 51, 57, 67, 69, 87 Esseltine, Rex 26, 83, 88, 90, 91, 92 Faurot, Tracey 3, 15, 21, 45, 113 Faurot, William 26, 28, 114 Feltner, Gregory 96, 98, 100, 113 Fogel, David 16,21,83,87, 88, 89, 90, 113 Foote, Dennis 30, 31, 51, 88, 90, 114 Fowler, Brian 25, 26, 28, 47, 51, 83, 87 Fredricks, Laura 2, 9, 26, 28, 46, 63, 64, 82, 88, 91,92,114 Geer, Allison 26, 28, 42, 44, 52, 54, 63, 64, 77, 78, 79. 80, 82 Geer, Melanie 94, 98, 99, 100, 114 Goheen, Todd 90, 94, 98, 100,114 Goodman, Stacie 42, 90, 94, 98, 100, 114 Goodman, Denise 25, 26, 28, 87 Griffith, James 34, 36 Griffith, Tanya 3, 30, 31, 83, 91, 92, 114 Griffith, Theresa 3, 11, 16, 21, 45, 52, 53, 54, 88, 89, 113 Grigsby, Tammy 15, 22, 84, 85, 113 Groholski, Ryan 90, 94, 98, 100, 114 Hall, Michele 10,16, 23, 24, 83, 88, 89, 90,113 Hall, Travis 9, 11, 32, 34, 36, 61 Hampton, Tara 9, 94, 95, 98, 99, 100, 114 Hampton, Thomas 96, 113 Hanson, Lisa 3, 29, 30, 31, 32, 83, 91, 92, 114 Harris, Miranda 13, 30, 31, 84, 114 Herman, Barbara 3, 30, 31, 32, 91, 92, 114 Herman, Curtis 16, 21, 57, 87, 113 Herman, Timothy 30, 31, 48, 50, 51, 91, 92, 114 Hiesrodt, Jess 34, 36 Hilbert, Sandra 26, 84, 87 Hill, Jason 94, 98, 114, 115 Hinspeter, Joseph 12, 30, 31, 61, 70, 83, 91, 92 Holbrook, Martha 11, 16, 21, 45, 52, 53, 54, 63, 77, 78, 83, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 113 Holbrook, Paul 13, 30, 31, 32, 50. 51, 114 Hunt, Holly 9, 10, 11, 16, 19, 21, 40, 45, 52, 53, 54, 77, 78, 80, 84, 88 Hunter, Robin J. 33, 34, 35, 55, 72, 84, 88, 90 Imhof, Aaron 34, 35, 36, 74 Imhof, Dana 93, 96, 98, 100, 113 James, Robert Jr. 9, 57, 97, 93, 98, 100, 113 James, Sonja 93, 95, 98, 99, 100, 114 Jarrell, Tonja 33, 34, 35, 36, 88, 90 Johnson, Andrew 26, 28, 50, 51, 83, 87 Johnson, Jerry 25, 26, 28, 89, 90 Katz, Gregory 95, 98, 100, 114 Katz, Mark 25, 26, 28, 51, 74, 82 Katz, Stacey 72, 96, 98, 99, 100, 113, 114 Katz, Tricia 3, 16, 19, 20, 21, 24, 38, 40, 44, 72, 76, 84, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 113 Keller, Teresa 93, 96, 98, 99, 100, 113, 114 Kiefer, Kristene 96, 98, 99, 100, 113, 114 Kilgore, Robie 32, 34, 36,51, 88, 90 Knight, Jaymee 72, 96, 98, 100, 113, 114 Knight, Teresa 87, 113 Kosier, Lisa 27, 28, 87 Krumvede, Julie 3, 4, 16, 21, 22, 45, 73, 88, 89, 90, 113 LaFond, Jolynnda 34, 36, 88 Lambert, Daniel 13, 34, 36, 48, 51 Lambert, William 4, 30, 31, 45, 47, 48, 51, 67, 69, 114 LaMee, Linda 16, 21, 87, 88, 89, 90, 113 Langridge, Shelley 34, 36 Lawhead, Kristina Leatherman, Angela 35, 36, 83, 88, 90 Lincoln, Jason 27, 83, 87, 90 Long, Jodi 8,10,11,16, 20, 21, 45, 83, 84, 91, 92, 113, 114 Loomis, Michael 31, 32, 114 Lovece, Luciana 14, 21, 28, 113 Mains, Tonya 96, 98, 99, 100, 113 Mains, Tony Maisner, Lisa 3, 9, 30, 31, 41, 55, 56, 65, 84, 91, 92, 114 Manis, Robert 8, 10, 11, 16, 21, 24, 48, 51, 67, 68, 69, 71, 81, 82, 83, 113, 114 McDowell, Daniel 2, 16, 21, 37, 47, 57, 67, 69, 113 McDowell, Paulette 30, 32, 91, 92. 114 138 IndexMcFadden, Scott 27, 28 Melville, Frederick 16, 21, 83, 87, 113 Michael, Jeanie 96, 113 Michielsen, Jerry 27, 91, 92 Middaugh, James 95, 98, 114 Middaugh, Shantel 32 Mills, Jason 114 Minnear, Tonya 9, 11, 35, 36, 65, 66, 83, 91, 92, 113 Mitchell, Chris 27, 113, 114 Morris, Andrew 16, 21, 45, 51, 113 Morris, William 25, 27, 28, 83, 87 Nagel, Leslie 3, 9, 10, 16, 19, 21. 23, 24, 45, 84, 88, 89, 90, 113 Napier, Tommy Neal, Larry 4, 9, 30, 31, 32, 57, 61, 67, 114 Neal (Edwards), Pamela 15, 16, 91, 92, 113 Newland, Kim 27, 28, 44, 65, 77, 78, 84, 113 Newland, Lonnie 25, 28, 113 Norgan, Jennifer 14, 15, 16, 21, 38, 62, 64, 92, 113, 114 Norgan, Lisa 36, 63, 92 Olds, Russell 27, 28, 87 Palmer, David 30, 32, 114 Palmiter, Mary Payseno, Robert 39, 95, 98, 100, 114 Petersen, Robert 36 Phillips, Amy 35, 36 Phillips, Rebecca 2, 11, 30, 32, 55, 65, 70, 72, 84, 98,114 Price, Tonya 96, 113 Prichard, Heath 27, 28, 40, 51 Prichard, Stephanie 42, 90, 95, 98, 100, 114 Pullen, Gregory 96, 98, 113 Pulsipher, Melinda 3, 16, 20, 21, 83, 91, 92, 113, 114 Pulsipher, Sarah 95, 98, 99, 100, 114 Randall, Mary 27, 28 Reese, Jennifer 96, 98, 99, 100, 113 Reese, Rachael 9, 97, 99, 100, 113 Reincke, Danica 95, 99, 100, 114 Reincke, Dea 10, 27, 28, 43, 47 Reincke, Lorraine 3, 16, 21, 113 Reach, Jason 30, 32, 88, 89, 114 Reach, Layla 95, 98, 99, 114 Renfro, Katrina 36, 83, 88 Reynolds, Debbie 30, 31, 32, 46, 65, 83. 84, 91, 92, 114 Richardson, Ryan 13, 93, 95, 114 Ritter. Nicole 10, 13, 16, 19, 21, 23, 42, 62, 63, 64, 72, 77, 80, 83, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 113 Rogers, Gary 97, 100 Rogers, Lonnie 95, 114 Romani, Renato 19, 14, 21, 27, 67, 69, 81, 113, 114 Root, Donna 33, 36, 92 Rowe, Debra 35, 36, 88, 90 Rumsey, Robert 96. 97, 98, 100, 113 Runyon, Bradley 10, 16, 20, 21, 39, 51, 67, 68. 69, 81,83, 88, 89, 90, 113, 114 Russell, Earl 97, 100, 113 Russell, Monica 97, 100, 114 Sanders, Judd 114 Sayer, Chad 98 Schafer, Randy 10, 15, 16, 21, 23, 47, 51, 82, 87, 113 Scherer, Douglas 30, 32, 47, 51, 50, 57, 60, 67, 70, 91, 92, 114 Scherer, Jodi 93, 99, 114 Schweikert, Richard 27, 28, 47, 48, 51 Selby, Laura 9, 10. 13, 15. 16, 21, 41, 47, 52, 53, 62, 63, 64, 72, 73, 81, 82, 83, 87, 88, 89, 113 Selby, Loren 30, 32, 47, 51, 57, 67, 68, 69, 71, 88, 90, 114 Shaffer, Jason, 40, 48, 93, 95, 97, 98, 100, 113 Shaffer, Kenneth 34, 35, 36, 48, 51, 88, 90 Shaffer, Leslee 95, 98. 99, 100, 114 Shepherd, Heather 93, 95, 99, 100, 114 Sheppard, Toni 33, 35, 36, 65, 66, 91 Shive, Jason 94, 98, 100 Shumway, Laurie 35, 65, 72, 76 Shumway, Lisa 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 113, 114 Shumway, Lynette 65, 97, 98, 99, 100, 113, 114 Sisco, Chad 2, 4. 30, 32, 47. 48, 50, 51, 91, 92, 114 Sisco, Joseph 15, 16, 21, 37, 47, 83, 90, 91, 92, 113 Slone, Mickie 27, 28, 91, 92 Smith, Christina 96, 97, 100, 113, 114 Smith, Lisa 29, 30, 32, 83, 91, 92, 114 Snyder, Dorman 30, 32, 47, 48, 50, 51, 70 Snyder, Regina 2, 11, 30, 32, 40, 46, 55, 56, 65, 66. 77. 79, 83, 84, 91, 92, 114 Spahr, Robyn 98 Stage, Anita 16, 22, 87, 113 Stage, Heidi Stemally, Eric 93, 96, 98, 113 Stemaly, Scott 32, 35, 36, 47, 48, 50, 51, 60, 61, 70 Stevensen, Wayne 32, 114 Stuart, Nicole 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 55, 77, 80, 88 Swafford, Andrew 13, 25, 28, 30, 84. 90 Swafford, Roy 15, 16, 20, 21, 47, 67, 68, 69, 71, 113 Swafford, Sharon 39, 94, 98, 99, 100, 114 Swafford, Tracy 13, 29, 30, 32, 55, 56, 72, 77,114 Taylor, Alysa Thomas, Amy 4, 55, 88, 90, 114 Thomas. Brian 9, 10, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 67, 68, 69, 71, 81, 113 Thomas, Frank 96, 113 Thomas, Chad 34, 35, 57, 67, 69 Thomas, R J. 38, 96, 98, 113 Thompson, Shawn 30, 32, 50, 51, 48, 70, 114 Turley, David 12, 30, 32, 114 Turley, Douglas 2, 33, 35, 36, 91, 92' Turley, Mary 10, 15, 16. 21, 44, 52, 53, 54, 63, 64, 72, 73, 82, 91, 92, 98, 113 Upston, Tamara 28, 87 Upston, Tristina 35, 36, 55, 56, 88 Vond, Beverly 32, 114 Walker, Tammy 29, 32, 114 Wallen, Angela 33, 55, 88, 90, 91, 92 Wallen. Richard 97, 100, 113 Warner, Aaron 1, 2, 13, 21, 24, 39, 40, 41, 45, 74, 75, 76, 77, 81, 84, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 113 Warner, Lesley 28, 91, 92 Warner, Melissa 27, 28, 46, 52, 54, 83, 88 Warsop, Penny 2, 3, 11, 52, 53, 54, 62, 63, 64, 81, 82, 91, 92, 113 Watkins, Aubrey 11, 34, 35, 36, 55, 56, 72, 88, 90, 113 Webber, Doug 90, 113 Welch, Byron 30, 32,114 Welch. Susan 4. 55. 84, 91, 92. 114 Weller, Darrell 28, 87 Weller, Lesa 16, 87, 113 Weller, Jean 3,16,113 Willbur, Christopher 93, 97, 100, 113 Willbur, Stacey 30, 32, 38, 52, 54, 77, 79, 80, 83, 84, 91, 92, 114 Wiljanen, Tracy 25, 28, 87 Wooden, Corey 2, 9, 25, 28, 57, 67, 69, 90, 91, 92, 114 Woods. Hugh 20, 21, 90, 91. 92, 113 Woods, Kenneth 35, 36, 50, 51, 74, 75 Woods, Michael 114 Wright, Jeffery 4, 9, 10, 15, 21, 46, 88, 89, 90, 113 Young. Scott 30, 31, 32, 51, 57, 60, 113, 114 Zook,Christina 35, 36, 65, 77, 79, 88 Zook, Jeanne 3, 21, 23, 24, 38, 80, 88, 89, 90, 113 Zook, Nancy 72, 93, 95, 97, 98, 99. 100, 113 Index 139140141142143144 

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