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Communication is critical in today's world and the telephone has become an important link between people, especially teenagers! Therefore, the journalism staff dedicates this yearbook to the expert communicators at T.H.S. We have assigned what we think are appropriate names to all classes: Seniors — "Operators," Juniors — "Call Waiting," Sophomores — "Wrong Number," Freshmen — "Ding-A-Lings," Jr. High — "Long Distance.” 2Contents Opening............................3 Faculty and Services...............4 Seniors...........................13 Senior Activities.................25 Juniors...........................35 Sophomores........................39 Freshmen..........................43 Athletics.........................47 Organizations.....................83 Junior High.......................93 Elementary.......................101 Acknowledgements and Patrons... 112 3Mr Tony Bowling. Physical Geography, Biology. Advanced Biology. Chemistry Mr Roger Maples, Science 7, Science 8, Life Science, Inside Michigan Mr Larry Scour, Jr. High and Sr. High Physical Education, Recreational Sports, Intermediate Algebra OMrs Kay Warner, Teacher's Aide for Math V i Miss Maria Conarty, Typing. Advanced Typing. Accounting. English 9, Social Studies 8. Mrs Vilma Carlson, Practical English. English |0, Advanced English, Spanish 1. Composition and Literature Mrs Karen Friend, Study Hall Supervisor, Librarian. Mr Kevin McMuUm, Jr. and St High Choir, Jr. and Sr. High Band, Elementary Band, Music Theory, Stage Band Mt Duane Richardson, Social Studies 7 and 8, Jt. High Physical Education, Occupations. Mr Wayne Mason, Math 7. General Math, Drafting, Industrial Arts, Jr High Industrial Am Mr. Norman Taylor, Social Issues. U.S. History, World History, Government Mrs Rinette Tyckoski, Health and Nutrition, Math 8, Consumers Economics, Family Living and Child Development, Personal Living Skills Mt Robert Tyckoski, Trigonometry and Advanced Math, Geometry, Math 8, Algebra I, Computer Literacy, Careers. Mrs Cirlene Zollner, Remedial Reading, Mr James Showers, Principal. Mt Roger Carbon, Supenntent Reading 7, English 8. Journalism, and Advanced Journalism▲ 4. A 6. A 7. (f A 8. 1. Mr. Showers is talking while waiting for people to come to the dance. 2. "Everyone quiet!" Mr. Ty is trying to read. 3. Mr. Mason grins for the camera. 4. Mr. Bowling is coaching his favorite basketball team. 5. Mr. McMullin tells the class how it's done. 6. "Mrs. Zollner, are you puzzled about something?” 7. "Class, turn to page 98." 8. Mr. Mason relaxes on the edge of the chalk board. 5Mrs. Nancy Coffman, Secretary. Mrs. Carol Fogcl, Hot Lunch Cashier. Elementary Janitors, Mrs. Linda Lambert, Mr. Harry Gallop. School Board — (Front Row) Sharon Warsop, Trustee; Shirley Newland, Trustee; Bus Drivers — (Front Row) Mrs. Carol Hughes, Mrs. Debbie Watkins, Dianne Kalnins, Secretary (Back Row) Robert Hinspeter, Trustee; Stephen Mrs. Connie Phelps (Back Row) Mrs. Sharon Selby, Mr. Reid Waffle. Pulsipher, Treasurer; Nelson Shedd, Vice-President; Edwin Shumway, President Mrs. Bertha Phelps Cafeteria Staff — Mrs. Toni Saltzgaber, Mrs. Harriett Doolittle, Mrs. Wanda High School Janitors—Mrs. Sharon Selby, Mr. Reid Waffle, Mr. Earl Runyon, Mrs. Sarah Winans Samson. 1. Andy Swafford is surprised at the camera, while Mrs. Coffman is busy working. 2. Teachers show their school spirit, too! ▲ 2. 6Mr. Harold Torrey Mrs. Marian Sweet Three Tekonsha T eachers Retire Three teachers from Tekonsha Schools retired last year. They were Mr. Harold Torrey, 3rd grade teacher; Mrs. Marian Sweet, 5th and 6th grade Art and English teacher; and Mr. Paul Sweet, high school typing, accounting, and English teacher. He was also the Athletic Director. There are 98 years of service among these three teachers. Mr. Harold Torrey retired with 35 years of experience behind him. Mr. Torrey has taught in Bedford, Ml (4, 5, 6), Gorball School, Girard Township (K-8), Bethel 6, Bethel Township (K-8), and Herron School, Fredonia Township (K-8). He has taught here at Tekonsha Elementary School for 18 years. He taught 3rd grade here. Mr. Torrey and his wife, Mary, reside in Quincy where they plan to spend their retirement years and he now teaches Adult Education on Tuesdays. Mr. Paul Sweet came to Takonsha High School in 1956. He taught for thirty years in our local schools. He taught typing, accounting, and English here. He was also the Athletic Director from 1970-1986. Mrs. Marian Sweet taught for four years in Ann Arbor, and fifteen years in Jackson. Mrs. Sweet came to Tekonsha where she was the English and Art teacher for the fifth and sixth grades. She taught for fifteen years at Tekonsha. She taught for a total of thirty-three years. Mr. Paul Sweet 7H 0 M E C 0 M I N G Rain may fall. . . but Spirit stands tall! Homecoming '86 was almost rained out! Friday morning, October 3, everyone was beginning to get discouraged as it began raining. By the time the parade came, it was pouring and so the parade was cancelled. In the afternoon the girls ended up playing floor hockey and then tug-of-war in the gym because they could not play powder-puff football as it had been planned. When game time came it had stopped raining, but because the field was wet the floats and the cars with the attendants were not able to drive around the playing area during halftime. The Tekonsha Indians were defeated by the Camden-Frontier Redskins, 9-6. The cheerleaders picked out some new and very unusual dress up days for students to make the week exciting. Monday was picture day, but students didn't understand what "Pants, Socks, and Shoes” day meant so no one really dressed up. Tuesday was "Beach Bum and Bunny” day. Everyone got into this because they got to wear shorts. Wednesday was "Opposite Sex" day. There were some really weird results from this day. Thursday was "Camouflage and Safari" day. It really looked as though Rambo and come to Tekonsha to stay! Friday, the one and only "Red and White" day took place and just about everyone participated. Wednesday night the snake dance was supposed to take place, but it had to be cancelled because it was raining. There was a pep rally and dance held in the gym to take the place of the snake dance. The annual Homecoming Dance was sponsored by the Junior class. They picked "True Colors" by Cindy Lauper for the theme of the dance. Paulette Struwin and George Feltner were crowned " 1986-87 Homecoming Queen and King" by last year's attendants, Beth Russell and Brian Saltzgaber. Mrs. Fogel donated the refreshments for the dance. Homecoming King and Queen, George Feltner and Paulette Struwin are crowned Attendants. Jcnni Vosburg and Bruce Warner Attendants, Donna Webber and Brian Norgan Attendants. Linda Brown and Ronald Warsop 8t Use year's Attendants. Brian Saltzgaber and Beth Russell, and Crown bearers Ehk Reed and Sarah Olds Freshman Attendants, Jill Brownell and Tom Cop pock Junior Attendants, Laura Selby and Brian Thomas Sophomore Attendants. Sharon Cagle and Shane Esch Eighth grade Attendants, Nicki Stuart and Scott Stemaly Seventh grade Attendants, Damcka Reincke and Greg Katz 1 9 8 6 t 9▲ 2. JJ IU±A1 D ▲ 4. 1. The football team and their fans show their school spirit during Friday afternoon’s event. 2. Cindy and Tracy wonder how the camera can work under such cold conditions while Missy watches the game. 3. The Homecoming court, last year's attendants, and the crownbearers at the dance. 4. Some hunters are ready to kill a jungle man ... in the THS cafeteria — (a little outrageous)! 5. Our very own Army! 6. The King and Queen pictured with the Senior Attendants. 10 A 6.A 6. '•-.v A 4. 1. Paulette Struwin says, "Get out of here before 1 smear this on your lens!” 2. Some THS fans shout, "Come on Big Red, strut your stuff.” 3. THS students show off their spirit on "Beach Bum and Bunny" day. 4. The King and Queen share a dance at Homecoming. 5. Our very own Indian mascot, portrayed by Aaron Warner. 6. "Ain’t they sweet, sec 'em walkin’ down the hall?" 7. Crownbearers Erik Reed and Sarah Olds share a dance.T.H.S. Floats Above the Rain This year's Homecoming floats were wet, but quite inventive. The theme was toys. In First place, Juniors made a "Mr. Potato Head." Second place went to the Freshmen for building a "Stomper." Third place went to the Jr. High for building "Dominos." Fourth place went to the Sophomores who built "Building Blocks.” The Seniors placed fifth with “Toy Lawn Mowers." Because the Field was so wet, the floats were not pulled around it during half time. This was disappointing, because the parade had to be cancelled earlier in the day as well. However, the rain failed to totally dampen the Indian spirit and the colorful floats were still appreciated. A 4. A 5. 12SENIORS1. Howard Olds «.ups working to get a picture taken. 2. The Senior class is getting ready for their group shot. 3. Annette Katz and Betsy Pulsipher arc taking a stroll to the band room. 4. Brian McFadden is going down the hall at lunch. 5. What arc you looking at. Matt Smith? 6. Chad, what are you doing? 7. Wake up, Tim. 8. Chad Clark and Dee Dee Upston watch Mr. McMullin conduct in band. 9. Are you going to cry, Donna? 10. Danny Yates leans back against the wall to take a breather. 11. Mike Davis is dressed warm for a hard day's work. 15In Memory of Dedra D. Young Dedra was a member of the class of 1987. We all, as a class, miss her, but we know she is with us in spirit. Dedra was a true friend and we will always remember her. “A Place in our Hearts" Remember all of the good times And place them in your heart Lock them deep down inside And never let them part. 16Timothy David Davis Michael A. Duckett Keri Lorraine EbertsGeorge A. Felcner Katia Buainain Kassar Melissa Kaye Knimvede Robert Ray Gohccn Annette Marie Katz President JT'-v" Merriann L. LaFond Stephanie Lynn Horton Vice President Carol Ann Keifer Toni Renee LewisBrian Earl McFaddcn Karen Louise McFaddcn Dale D. Pullen Elizabeth Ann Pulsipher Brian Louis Norgan Matthew D. Smith Samantha Ann Snyder Secretary T reasu rer Paulette Lee Struwm Paul Richard StuartDennis Lynn Woods Jennifer Jean Fredricks Donna Kaye Webber Donalda Jean Woods Bruce A. Warner Cynthia Anne Wilson (Not Printed) Raymond Allen Esseltine, Howard L. Olds III, Richard Edward Schondel 111CLASS AIRHEAD — Paulette Struwin and Brian MeFadden BEST PERSONALITY — Samantha Snyder and Brian Norgan REVOLUTIONARY — Jcnni Vosburg and Matt Smith CLASS CHEATER — Stephanie Horton and Mike Davis CLASS FLIRT — Karen MeFadden and Robbie Cook MOST POPULAR — Paulette Struwin and George Feltner WORST DRIVER — Stephanie Horton and Mike Duckett MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED — Annette Katz and Chad Clark MOST ATHLETIC — Annette Katz and George Feltner BEST SENSE OF HUMOR —Jenni Vosburg and Bruce Warner BEST DRESSED — Dee Dee Upston and Brian Norgan BEST DANCER — Donna Webber and Ray Esseltine BEST CAR — Donna Webber and Howard Olds CLASS CLOWN — Keri Eberts and Robbie Cook MOST OUTGOING — Christine Cappella and Tim Davis CLASS LEADER — Annette Katz and Matt Smith FRIENDLIEST — Katia Kassar and Robbie Cook ROWDIEST — Donna Woods and Matt Smith MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT — Karen MeFadden and Rick Schondel BEST HAIR — Cindy Wilson and Bruce Warner BEST EYES — Keri Eberts and Danny Yates BEST LOOKING — Paulette Struwin and Ron Warsop TEACHER’S PET — Linda Brown and Tim Davis ALWAYS IN THE HALL — Linda Brown and Mr. Bowling ALWAYS TARDY — Betsy Pulsipher and Bruce Warner M 0 C K E L E C T I O N S 17A 5 1. Rick Schondel and Karen MeFadden — Most School Spirit 2. Donna Webber and Ray Esseltine — Best Dancer 3. Howard Olds and Donna Webber — Best Car A. Danny Yates and Keri Eberts — Nicest Eyes 3. Stephanie Horton and Mike Duckett — Worst Driver 6. Cindy Wilson and Bruce Warner — Best Hair A 6 18s R. T R I P Seniors Go Foreign! Around 5:00 A M. on the morning of April 6, students of the class of 1987 started to gather at the school. Excitement and last minute preparations were on everyone’s mind because this was the start of a four day trip to Toronto, Canada. The bus was supposed to be at the school at 5:30 and the group was to be on the road by 6:00 A M. People were starting to get nervous when the bus didn’t show up until 6:45! The seven hour trip didn’t seem to be too bad because most everybody slept. They arrived in Toronto at the Yorkdale Holiday Inn. After everyone unpacked suitcases they had the chance to swim, sit in the sauna, or walk around the city to see what it had to offer. That evening they went to a shopping Mall where they ate dinner and shopped the rest of the time. During the next three days students visited the Ontario Science Center, the Metro Toronto Zoo, the C N Tower, Casa Loma, and a huge Shopping center called the Eaton Center. Too soon it was time to load their suitcases and head back to the good old U.S. of A. On the way back they stopped and saw the Niagara Falls! This year’s Juniors have a lot to look forward to. 1. The Seniors try to make a pyramid in the hall of their hotel. 2. A big group of the Seniors pose in one of the many shopping malls in Toronto. 3. Christine Cappella is wondering what’s wrong. 4. The Seniors take a break in the hall to talk things over. 5. Brian McFadden seems to be enjoying a bread stick in bis room. ▲ 2 A 4 201. Linda Brown ndes a dolphin in one of the gift shops at N lagara Falls 2. Donna Webber and Ron Warsop give us the "We re 1 sign 3. Katu Kassar steps to the back of the bus to see what's going on. 4 Karen McFaddcn just can't believe it! 3 Betsy Pulsipher. Bruce Warner, and Christine Cappeta catch a few Z s on the way up to Toronto. 6 Paulette Struwin sinks down in her scat to get comfortable while, Man Smith takes in the sights through the window 7. The Niagara Falls! 8. The camera rooms in on Btucc Warner on the bus. 9 The Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada 10. Betsy Pulsipher. Donna Webber. Paulette Struwin. and Annette Katz stop for a picture in the Science Center. 1 11. The Casa Loma in Toronto Canada Z 1 12. Tom Lewis. Linda Brown. Betsy Pulsipher, and Donna Webber take tune out at the Zoo to get something to eatGraduation! A J 0 B On May 31st at 3:00 in the afternoon Graduation was held in the high school gymnasium. As the Tckonsha High School Band played "Pomp and Circumstance" the Junior Class preceded the Seniors as Honor Guards. The Seniors then walked down the aisle onto the stage. Stephanie Horton gave the Invocation which was followed by Annette Kat with the welcome to parents and friends. Then came the Salutatorian's speech given by Paulette Struwin. The Seniors joined the band and the audience enjoyed "Chesford Portrait." Karen McFadden told the Class Motto: "Each of us have different talents, dreams, and destinations, but all of us have the power to make a new tomorrow." The past thirteen years were recalled by Melissa Krumvcde and Cindy Wilson reading the Class History. Once again the audience enjoyed the band as it played "Sabre Dance." Annette Katz gave the Valedictorian's speech followed by Mr Showers recognizing and presenting awards to deserving graduates. Annette Katz returned to the podium to recognize the Senior Gass Advisor. Mr. Bowling Mr Carlson presented the Class of 1987, and Mr. Shumway presented the diplomas to the class. Linda Brown closed the ceremony with the Benediction and the recessional followed. Valedictorian Annette Katz gives her speech. D 0 N E Salutatorian Paulette Struwin reminds us that graduation is one of several major "milestones" in life. 1. Chad Clark receives his diploma from Mr. Shumway. 2. Karen McFadden tells the Class Motto. 3. Christine Cappella walks out of the gymnasium as a graduate. 22SENIOR ACTIVITIES Linda Brown — Homecoming court 4; S.C. Secretary 4; Choir 1, 2, 3. 4; Drama 3; H.R. 3, 4; Journalism 4. ChristineCapella — H R. I, 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama 1,2, 4; Journalism 4. Chad Clark — HONOR STUDENT 4. H R 1, 2, 3, 4; FB I, 2, 3, 4; BKB 1,2, 3,4; BB 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3,4. Rob Cook — FB I; BKB I, 2; VO-ED 3, 4. Tammy Cutchall — Sound system for dances 2, 3, 4; Sound System for Drama 3, 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Band I, 2, 3, 4. Mike Davis — FB 1, 2, 3, 4; BKB I, 2, 3, 4; BB .3, 4; VO-ED 3; CO-OP 4. Tim Davis — HONOR STUDENT 4; FB 2, 4; BB I, 2, .3, 4, Wrestling 3; Band I, 2, 3, 4; H R 1, 2, 3, 4. Mike Duckett — BB 1, 2; FB I, 2; TR 2. Keri Eberts — Choir 1,2, .3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; H R. 1,2. Ray Esscltinc — FB I, 2; TR I, 2; VO-ED .3, 4. George Feltner — FB I, 2, 4; BKB 1, 2, 3, 4; BB I, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming court 1; Homecoming King 4. Bob Goheen — Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Stephanie Horton — HONOR STUDENT4; BKB I; TR I; Drama 1,4; Band I, 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Cabaret I, 2, 3, 4; Class Vice President 4; H.R. 1,2, 3, 4. Katia Kassar — VB 4; Exchange Student from Brazil 4. Annette Katz — VALEDICTORIAN 4; HONOR STUDENT4; BKB 1,2, 3,4; VB 1,2, 3,4; TR 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1,2, .3; Class Secretary I; Class President .3, 4; S.C. Secretary 3; H.R. I, 2, 3, 4, Carol Keifer — Choir 2; Close-Up 3; VO-ED 4. Melissa Krumvede— HONOR STUDENT 4; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabaret I, 2, .3,4; Stage-band 2, 4; H.R. I, 2, 3, 4. Merriann LaFond — Choir 1,2, .3, 4; H.R. 3; VO-ED .3, 4. Toni Lewis — Choir 2, .3, 4; Drama 4; Journalism 4. Brian McFadden — Choir I, 2, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; TR 1; BKB 1; Close-Up .3. Karen McFadden — HONOR STUDENT4; BKB 1; Choir I, 2, 3. 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabaret 1, 2, .3; Drama 4; Cheerl. 3; H.R. 1,2, 3,4. Brian Norgan — BKB 1; TR I; H.R. I, 2; Homecoming Court 4. Howard Olds — FB 1, 2, .3; TR 1,2; VO-ED .3; CO-OP 4. Dale Pullen — TR 1; BKB 1,2; VO-ED 3, 4; CO-OP 4. Betsy Pulsipher — HONOR STUDENT 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; TR I, 2, 3, 4; BKB 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3; Class Secretary Treasurer }; Cheerl. 2, 3, 4; H.R. 1,2, 3,4. Rick Schondel — BB 1,2, 3, 4; FB 2, .3, 4; Drama 4; Journalism 4. Matt Smith—BKB 1,2; BB 1,2;FB 2, 4; TR 2, 4; S.C. Representative 4. Samantha Snyder — TO 1; Choir 2, 3, 4; Journalism .3, 4; Yearbook Editor 4; Class Secretary Treasurer 4; H.R. 3, 4. Paulette Struwin — SALUTATORIAN 4; HONOR STUDENT 4; BKB I, 2, 3, 4; TO 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, .3, 4; Majorette I, 2, 3, 4; Head Majorette 3, 4; Choir 2; Cheerl. 1, 3; S.C. Representative 4; H.R. 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4. Paul Stuart — FB 1, 2, 3; BB 1, 2; BKB I , VO-ED .3, 4. Deidre Upston — HONOR STUDENT 4;TO 1, 2; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; Band I, 2, 3, 4; Class President 2; H.R. 1, 2, 3, 4. Jenni Vosburg — Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 3, 4. Bruce Warner — BKB 1, 2, .3, 4; FB 1, 2, 4; BB 2; TO 3, 4; Homecoming Court 3, 4. Ron Warsop — FB 1, 2, 4; BKB 1, 2; BB 1,2, 3, 4; S.C. Representative 1,2; Homecoming Court 4. Donna Webber — Band 1,2, 3, 4; BKB 1,2, 3, 4; TO 1,2, 3,4; Cabaret 1, 2, 3; Cheerl. 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C. Representative 1, .3; Majorette 3, 4; Homecoming Court 1,4; H.R. .3; VO-ED .3; CO-OP 4. Cindy Wilson — HONOR STUDENT 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2; VO-ED 3, 4; CO-OP 4; H.R. 1, 2, 3, 4; Journalism Business Manager 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. Dennis Woods — Future Farmers of America 1, 2; Wrestling 1; FB 1,2, 3,4. Donna Woods — Future Farmers of America 1, 2; Greenhand Secretary 2; Spanish Club 1, 2; French Club 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Journalism 4. Danny Yates — FB 1, 2, 3; BB 1,2, 3; BKB 1, 2, 3; TO 1,2, .3; Class President 1; Class Vice President 2; Homecoming Court 2. KEY: FB - Football; BKB — Basketball; BB — Baseball, VB — Volleyball; TR — Track; H.R. — Honor Roll; Cheerl. — Cheerleading; S.C. — Student Council. 2425There are a few moments during our high school days when we forget formalities and expose the childlike innocence that is often reserved. These events seem to relieve our daily pressures and maintain our sanity. This year that special opportunity was available during Spirit Week, February 2-6. To stan out the Spirit Week activities, students would dress up for various days such as “Past and Future," "Senior Citizen," "Farmer" or "Celebrity Day." The cheerleaders also gave prizes to the daily winners for dressing up. When Friday came along everyone was ready for the afternoon when we got out of doing class work to compete against the other classes. This year there were three new events that took place. One of them was the "Tumble Weed Relay" in which cotton was blown across the floor with a straw. Another was the "Mummy Wrap"; a class member was wrapped in toilet paper from head to toe. Finally, the third new event was the basketball players' "Legs Contest" where two classmates would guess whose legs belonged to whom. There was also the traditional pyramid event, which each class could practice throughout Spirit Week. The Juniors got their pyramid up in 8.1 seconds to take First place while the Freshmen took 2nd, Eighth grade 3rd, Sophomores 4th, Seventh grade 5th, and the Seniors took last, due to a fallen pyramid. By the end of spirit week the overall standings were: 6th place — Seventh grade, 5th place — Eighth grade, 4th place — Sophomores, 3rd place — Freshmen, 2nd place — Seniors, and 1st place was taken by the Juniors to capture the Spirit Week Jug. With the different dress up days and the new events, everyone showed their school spirit and had a lot of fun. ▲ 2 ▲ 5 ▲ 4 Sophomores Allison Geer and Jerry Johnson race to be First for their class. 2. Ronald Warsop blows his cotton down the court to help the Seniors take First. 3. David Washburn searches for three M M’s. 4. Let's see those legs, guys! 5. Sandra Hilbert tests her skills in the penny-straw relay. 6. Rick Schondel guzzles his Pepsi with a straw. 26▲ 7 Seniors Annette Katz and George Feltner challenge Stacie Willbur and Loren Selby in ping-pong for first place (and won!) 2. Corey Wooden tries to frantically wrap Sharon Cagle in toilet paper in the mummy-wrap relay. 3. The Seniors' pyramid gets a close-up view of the floor. 4. Mr. Showers attempts to liven up the crowd by directing the yelling contest. 5. Stacie Goodman and Martin Coats wait patiently for the game to begin. 6. Aaron Warner dressed like Superman for Celebrity Day. 7. The seventh grade "inch" their way down the floor. ▲ 6 27T.H.S. Says “Hello” to Bye Bye Birdie This year the Drama department chose a musical which brought back memories of the clothes worn and music heard throughout the 50's and 60s. The play was patterned after the drafting of Elvis Presley The musical. Bye-Bye Birdie, was performed on March 20 and 21. Musicals are always major undertakings and this was no exception. Students involved worked from lace January to mid-March on thetr dancihg and acting skills. The musical had many different settings, so. the construction crew — mainly Toni Lewis — used platforms and small pieces of furniture to give the play some life, along with the actors performances, of course. We were lucky this year to have the talents of Mr. Charlie Baber, a recently retired Kellogg Community College drama instructor and director. His experience with the play provided a number of good time-saving ideas for Tckonsha's production He also generously supplied some costuming and make-up needs to the cast and chorus. The audience seemed to greatly enjoy Bye-Bye Birdie and the performers appreciated the audience's enthusiasm The following students made thu musical "come to life." Car Omui Kim MacAfee — Martha Holbrook Melissa Krumvede Alben — Jeff Coffman Tonya Gail Ruse — Nicki Ritter Stephanie Hon on Ursula — Tonya Gail Karen McFadden Margie — Allison Geer Stacy Wilbur Deborah Sue — Melissa Krumvede Pattie Burrow Mis. (Dorothy) MacAfee — Gina Snyder Mary Turley Mr (Harry) Mac Afee — Jerry Johnson Heather Coats Sad Girls — Donna Webber and Laura Sdby Jeanne Zook Mae Peterson — Julie Krumvede Laura Votburg C onrad — Scott Carlson Christine Capella Mayor Ed Sullivan voice Traveler — Aaron Warner Allison Geer Mayor's wife — Jem Votburg Jodi Long Hugo — Brad Runyon Thcia Kan Randolph — Doug Turley Mark Coffman Mrs Mcrkle — Stephanie Diet! Corey Wooden Gloria Rasputan — Holly Hunt Chad Sisco TV Stage Manager — Toni I own and Brian McFadden Bruce Warner Reporters — Brun McFadden and Rick Schoodd Larry Neal Policeman — Curt Herman Rex Fasdtine Alice — Christine Cappdta Bob Gohcrn Seine — Pam Burrow Penelope — Mary Turley Helen — Stephanie Horton Nancy — Stacy Wilbur Harvey — Corey Wooden A3 1. The chorus performs the "Telephone Hour." 2. Spanish Rose is being attacked by the Sweet Apple Shriners' Qub (the male chorus), but is loving every minute of it. 3. Albert is being sweet-talked by Gloria Rasputan (Holly Hunt). 4. Rose finally gets the best of Albert's mother. Mae Peterson (Julie Krumvede). 281. The Mayor of Sweet Apple hides while Conrad Birdie sings “You’ve Gotta Be Sincere." 2. Kim (Martha Holbrook) is told to go to her room by her father, Mr. MacAfee, while Mrs. MacAfee seems to be stunned by the ordeal. Their son Randolph (Doug Turley) sides with his dad. 3. Rose (Nicki Ritter) and Albert (Jeff Coffman) are having one of their many "love spats.” 4. Conrad must have some effect on his Sweet Apple fans; the girls have all fainted! 5. The girls of Sweet Apple, Ohio, are taking a pledge of loyalty to Conrad Birdie. 6. Mr. MacAfee (Jerry Johnson) does not seem to take too kindly to Conrad's (Scott Carlson) singing as the mayor (Aaron Warner) and his wife (Jenny Vosburg) look on. ◄ 7 29The 1987 Cabaret Goes Cartoon Crazy I The 16th annual Cabaret for 1987 was held on April 24, 1987. The Stu-dent Council brought in roughly $8(H) in concessions and rickets. The Student Council decided to put $300 of the $8(H) toward the student scholarship fund and $200 toward the new Kind uniforms. The Student Council chose the theme "Cartoon Capers" with the stage decorated with pictures of cartoon characters to follow the theme. Mistress and Master of Ceremonies were Christine Cappella and Scott Carlson who dressed in cartoon character attire. There was a wide vanety of talent shown in the acts, ranging from singing to piano playing, magic, dancing and, of course, comedy. Some of the acts not pictured here were: Linda LaMee doing a piano solo to "Up Where We Belong," Martha Holbrook singing "If," Nicki Ritter singing "The Greatest Love of All," Michelle Hill performing a gymnastic routine, Gina Snyder and Kim Ncwland dancing to "Control" and Melissa Krumvede and Stephanie Horton singing and dancing to "Let’s Go to the Movies." There was a lot of talent shown at this year’s Cabaret and the money raised went toward a good cause. A 4 1. Mistress and Master of Ceremonies, Christine Cappella and Scott Carlson, are introducing the next act dressed as Nancy and Sluggo from the comic strip Nancy. 2. Gina Snyder and Mark Coffman sing a duct to the song "The Rose." 3. Jerry Johnson, portraying a disk jockey, does a comedy act called "Radio." 4. Tanya Cail, Nicki Ritter and Allison Geer, a group known as "Tainted Rock," sing "I Love Rock and Roll" while trying to catch Corey Woodens attention. 5. Dan McDowell, Brad Runyon, Aaron Warner and Scott (Carlson, known as the Zucinni brothers, performed a "circus act” for the crowd. 30▲ 4 1. Chris Zook entertains the crowd by doing a magic act. 2. Greg Feltner, Mike Duckham, Jason Schaffer and Brian Cavinder do a dance dressed like Sun Maid raisins. 3. Donna Woods performs a song 'Suddenly.'' 4. Corey Wooden, Jerry Johnson, and Tracy Swafford performs a skit. 5. Tanya Cail and Corey Wooden sing a duet to the song "Somewhere Out There." 6. Stephanie Horton, dressed as Raggedy Ann, portrayed an abandoned doll in the attic. 7. Stacy Wilbur sings the song "Grandpa." 8. Mya Duckett entertained the crowd by singing "Country Girl." 31“Never Say Good-bye” The 1987Junior Senior Prom was held May 16, 1987, at the Countryside Inn at Marshall. The night started off with pictures taken by Craft Studio from Marshall. The evening continued with a buffet dinner. The Prom goers had a choice of either chicken or roast beef for dinner. Following dinner the D.J. from WN WN produced the music to dance the night away. All in all everyone enjoyed themselves at the 1987 Prom. Kir I. Donna Webber, Holly Hunt, and Martha Holbrook thatr a few moments at the Prom 2 Danny Yates. Den ms Woods and Tim Fogd seem to be having a good time. 1 Roy Swafford looks at ha date, Jenni Vosburg. and says, "Let's dance!" Leslie Nagle wonders what Brute Warner is thinking John Bailey, Betsy Pulsipher, Mnhdle Hall and John Loyde 1 van patiently for dinner like Davu and Amy Blue are okinggood mantha Snyder and date Enc tney pose under the arch. A6 iA 4 1. Stephanie Horton and date Ted Densmore are looking nice 2. Paulette Scniwin. Nicki Ritter and Mindy Pulsipher get down on the dance floor. J. The Juniors did a nice job decorating the dance floor 4. Teresa Griffith is nor sure she wants to smile for the camera. V Greg Reagle. Mindy Pulsipher. Tnsha Katz. Christine GippcUa. and Todd Oark wait ui Une for pictures 6. Everything's "thumbs-up'- with Aaron Warner. 7. Kyle Klingerman. and Laura Selby take time out from the dance floor to get something to drink. 1 9 8 7 33▲ 5 1. Samantha Snyder, Stephanie Horton, Linda Brown, Melissa Krumvcde, and Karen McFadden display their gowns. 2. Samantha Snyder and Eric Heiney look at the camera while dancing. 3. Donna Webber and Holly Hunt arc getting down on the dance floor. 4. Paulette Struwin, Jodi Long and Nicki Ritter show us their stuff. 5. Christine Cappella and Todd Clark are on their way to the Prom. 6. Juniors and Seniors are not the only ones to enjoy themselves at the Prom. ▲ 6 34CALL WAITING xs JUNIORSBob Brown Missy Brown Pattic Burrow Scott Carlson Jeff Coffman Mike Delmont J M ft I 0 r s Julie Krumvedc Linda LaMee Jodi Long Bob Mams Dan McDowell Fred Melville Stephanie Dietz Tracey Faurot Dave Fogel Francis Goodman Theresa Griffith Tammy Grigsby Michele HaU All This And Brains Too! Ambition, enthusiasm and spirit are the words that describe the Class of 1988. These qualities have made the Juniors very successful. Their success began with the first place float for Homecoming. They designed the float to look like Mr. Potato Head and the caption on the side read "Peel their Skins." The attendants were Laura Selby and Brian Thomas. Secondly the ambitious juniors sold magazines and set a school magazine record of $4,577! Finally the juniors all time favorite event of the year arrived, Spirit Week. They had the fastest pyramid, the best designed window, the greatest "guzzlers" in the chug relay, the best legs in the inchworm and perfect attendance in volleyball. One of the most important responsibilities of the Junior class is to put on the prom. This year's prom was held at Countryside Inn, on May 16, and was a very special night for everyone involved. Troy Michaels and Charlie Hoff from WNWN were the disc jockeys. While having a lot of fun, the Juniors were also making big decisions about the future. Some began to visit colleges while others took advantage of the Vo-Ed and Co-Op programs offered. 36(Front Row) Leslie Nagel, Treasurer; Nicki Ritter, President; Brian Thomas, Vice President (Back Row) Holly Hunt, Representative; Bob Manis, Representative; Mr. McMuJJin; Jodi Long, Secretary Lorraine Reincke Nicki Ritter Brad Runyon Randy Schafer Laura Selby Scott Siegel Joe Sisco Andy Morris Leslie Nagel Jennifer Norgan Kim Patton Mindy Pulsipher Jean Weller Lesa Weller Chris Wood Hugh Woods Jeff Wright Jeanne Zook 37WRONG NUMBER"Class of 89“ This year's Sophomores had a very busy year. Their class advisor is Mr. Larry Stout. They started off the year by placing fourth in the floats. The Sophomore Homecoming attendants were Sharon Cagle and Shane Esch. Then they placed fourth in Spirit Week. In addition to Homecoming and Spirit Week the Sophomores were busy selling Tekonsha sweat shirts and candy. Next year’s juniors will be ready for the traditional magazine sale and anything else that comes their way. 1. Darrell Weller is working hard on his Biology paper. 2. Tonya Cail and Laura Vosburg arc tired after a hard rehearsal for the high school musical Bye Bye Btrdu. Amy Blue Sharon Cagle Tonya Cail Tamera Cole Chris Cutchall Loren Devenney Melissa Doolittle Shane Esch Rex Esseltine William Fauroc Brian Fowler Alliaon Geer Denise Goodman Sandra Hilbert Andrew Johnson Jerry Johnson Mark Katz Lisa Kosier Jason Lincoln Scott McFadden Jerry Michielson Chris Mitchell William Morris Kim Newland 40Lonnie Newland Russell Olds Mary Randeli Dea Reincke Richard Schweiken Mickie Slone Andy Swafford Tamara Upston Annette Vorce Laura Vosburg Leslie Warner Melissa Warner 1. Denise Goodman, Dea Reincke, and Tammy Cole let us know that there is peace in their group. 2. Jerry Michielsen relaxes at a Basketball Game. 3. Rex Esseltine shows us his true talents 4. Allison Geer and Andy Swafford sing and dance the night away at an early fall dance. 5. Allison Geer sings in rehearsal for Bye Bye Birdie. 4 A 41A3 1. Four Sophomores, Shane Esch, Mark Katz, Jerry Johnson, and Connie Newland, arc hard at work. 2. Andy Johnson and Richard Schweikert are letting us Know that shades are in style. 3. Shane Esch and Allison Geer are just passing the time away in the Band room. 4. Tonya gives a big smile for the camera. 5. Laura Vosburg smiles as she finishes her home work. 6. Amy Blue relaxes at a volleyball game. 7. Russell Olds and Corey Wooden Talk as they wait to play the drums. ▲ 6 A 7 A 4Hoc Rocking '90 Starting their first year of high school is the hot rocking class of '90. They proved to be the hot rocking spirit of THS by placing second with their homecoming float. ’Stompers,” following the theme of Toys, rheir homecoming representatives were Jill Brownell and Tom Coppock. Again at Spirit Week the freshmen proved to be hot rocking and rowdy when hey took first in the class cheer competition. Overall the freshmen came in third luring the Spirit Week activities. During the year they sold Easter Candy is their fund raiser. Their advisor is Mrs Tycowski and their la« officers are: President — Tracy Swafford; Secretary — Amy Thomas; Treasurer — Mark CofTman and Student Council Representatives are David Palmer and Joe Hinspeter. Sabrina Begley Jim Bell Shelly Blue David Briegel Jill Brownell Ariana Burgan Dawn Burgan Mark Cakatera Heather Coats Mark Coffman David Cole Paul Coppock Tom Coppock Brian Dietz Gina Snyder and Lisa Maisner study Doug Scherer and Chad Sisco while they look at a picture in a magazine. Class Officers — (Front Row) Mark Coffman, Treasurer; Amy Thomas, Secretary; Tracy Swafford, President and (Back Row) Student Council Representatives, Joe Hinspeter and David Palmer. 44Dennis Foote Tonya Griffith Lisa Hanson Barbara Herman Tim Herman Joe Hinspcter Paul Holbrook Chris Lambert Mike Loomis Lisa Maisner Paulette McDowell Shantel Middaugh Larry Neal David Palmer Becky Phillips Jason Rench Debbie Reynolds Doug Scherer A 4 1. The Freshmen's own mummy (Heidi Stage) appeared at the Spirit Week Competition during the "Mummy Wrap " 2. Dress-up day winners for the Freshmen during Homecoming were Heidi Stage and David Cole. 3. Mark Coffman studies a play script while Larry Neal checks out the actors on stage, who are preparing for Bye Bye Birdie. 4. Mr. Mason is timing the Freshmen as they scramble to build their pyramid during Spirit Week. 45Scott Young Beverly Vond A 1 David Washburn B.J. Welch Susan Welch A 2 Stacy Willbur Mike Woods A3 A 4 1. The cheerleaders pose at an off moment for the camera. 2. The best of pals, Todd W. Clark and Mike Loomis. 3. Todd A. Clark signals " 1" while Lisa Maisner smiles in agreement before competition during Spirit Week. 4. Angie Wallen performs a number on her saxophone during the 1987 Cabaret.BUSY SIGNALSetbacks Fail to Dampen Determination This year's varsity football team put together a disappointing season with three wins and six losses. The team consisted of eight seniors, eight juniors and one sophomore. The team showed a fine defensive effort all year. Junior, Scott Carlson, received All-League honors offensively and defensively. Two Indian seniors received Honorable Mention. They were Ron Warsop and Chad Clark. The team did a good job by beating Litchfield in the league Play-offs this season due to the coaching of Mr. Curt Shaffer and defensive coach, Tim Caputo. Mr. Shaffer felt good about the team. “Even though lacking in experience, this year's team played every game as if it would be their last. A great group of young men!" Cxrntrevillc Tekonsha Allendale 6 Tekonsha 12 Litchfield Tekonsha IE North Adams Li9 Tekooa{j|r 4f - 0 Camden 0 Tckonsh.i 6 Pictsfoid 16 Tekonsha 8 Waldron 13 ,J[ Tekonsha League Pin y offs 6 Litchfield 13 Tekonsha 14 Ashley 31 Tekonsha 20 Co-Caprams Mike Davis and Chad Clark Seniors — (Front row) Mike Davis, Chad Clark and Ron Warsop (Back row) Coach Tim Caputo, Tim Davis, Matt Smith, Dennis Woods, Bruce Warner and Coach Curt Shaffer (Front Row) Mgr. Dean Richardson, Mike Davis, Chad Clark, Brad Runyon, Joe Sisco, Jeff Coffman, Bob Manis and Mgr. Kenny Milliman (Back Row) Coach Tim Caputo, Hugh Woods, Randy Schaffer, Bruce Warner, Ron Warsop, Mgr. Scott Stemaly and Coach Cun Schaffer 50(Front Row) Scoct Young, Craig Clark, Lauren Selby, Jim Bell. Doug Scherer, Chad Sisco, and Paul Holbrook (Second Row) Shawn Thompson, Brian Fowler, Lauren Dcvcnncy, Jerry Michielsen, Heath Prichard, Mark Katz, and Todd W. Clark (Third Row) Todd A. Qark, Mark Coffman, Russell Olds, Scott McFad-den, David Cole, David Bricgcl, and Tim Herman (Back Row) Mark Calcatcra, Jason Rench, B. J. Welch, Mike Woods, and Mgr. Dean Richardson. J- V. The Spirit Was Willing . If only faith could move mountains, the J.V. team would have been very successful this year. Unfortunately this was not to be. The J.V.'s lacked players, due to injuries received during the games. They played hard in order to overcome these problems and to keep up their spirit, but an 0-7 record made it difficult to smile. The experience gained throughout the season will help to make the next year's team better. We all can have faith in that. ▲ 4. . Jim Bell and Doug Scherer get congratulated by two other team members. 2. Ready . . . Set. . . Hike! 3. What's goin' on out there, guys? 4. Coaches Marty Nagel and Bruce White keep a close eye on the game. 3. Coach Bruce White and teammates, David Briegel and Mike Woods, watch the game. 6. Tim Herman and Brian Fowler don't look too pleased with the action. F 0 0 T B A L L 511. Look out, Doug, 60 is movin' in. 2. Come on, Jim, let's show 'em what the "Big Red" can do. 3. What's the next play, guys? 4. What's the Ref. callin' on us now? 5. "I gotta get out of here before 1 get mad!" 6. Mark Katz and Brian Fowler ask Jerry Michielsen, "What went wrong out there?" 7. Coach Nagel tells Mike to get out there and "WIN"! 8. Lauren Devenney cheers Lauren Selby on. 9. Hold on to that ball, guys! ▲ 7. 0 Camden 7 ▲ 6. A 8. A 9. 52Spirited Hoopsters Break Even Despite a grueling schedule which featured eight games against teams ranked in the Top 10 in Class D plus Class C quarterfinalist, Union City, the Lady Indians of T.H.S. were able to register 10 wins for the second consecutive year. In league the girls placed third, chalking up six victories and four defeats The team consisted of 12 players: three seniors, seven juniors, one sophomore and one freshman. Two school records were broken this year. A new mark in season steals was established by Penny Warsop with 120! Annette Katz broke the season field goal percentage record with 60.6%! Overall, the girls' varsity basketball team practiced and played extremely hard and also maintained great spirit throughout the season. 1. Holly Hunt gives 42 the "evil eye" while Penny Warsop and Laura Selby plan to attack from behind. 2. Manila Holbrook and Donna Webber, the team Rambos, " We re cornin' to get YOU!” 3. It's not nice to point, Mr. Bowling. A 2. G I R L ’S V A R S I T Y B A S K E T B A L L 331. Lady Indian's Team Captains — Laura Selby, Annette Katz and Penny Warsop. 2. Don't bite your lip too hard, Stacey, you might draw blood! 3. It's ? bird, it's a plane . . . No, it is not a stick up, 40. 4. Donna Webber, Annette Katz, and Paulette, our three seniors say, "It's not easy being cheesy!'' (Back Row) Klarissa Woods, Laura Selby, Paulette Struwin, Annette Katz, Holly Hunt, Donna Webber, Martha Holbrook (Center) Penny Warsop, Allison Geer, Mary Turley, Jodi Long, Stacey Wilbur▲ 4. ,iD: Cencreviile Galesburg Augusta Homer Springfield •Camden Frontier •Litchfield Climax Scoffs •Waldron ’ jj Union Cpy • North Adams •Fittsford ‘Camden Frontier •Litchf.r' T.H.5. 32 S'Wdd,. Athens •North Adams •Pittsford Climax S 145 82 50 41 63 37 43 37 73 44 53 46 63 33 48 1. It's a good thing you didn't jump any higher, Annette. She might have grabbed something else besides your arm. 2. Paulette takes on "the giant.” 3. Okay, this is what we re going to do . . 4. This bench sure is getting warm! 55 J .V.'s Experience Rocky Road co Success s K E T B A L L The 1986-87 JV girls’ basketball team came to a close with a record of 2 wins and 18 losses. The wins were against Waldron and Climax-Scotts. The team consisted of 14 girls, 7 freshmen and 7 sophomores, and was coached by Missy Langridge. This was Missy’s first year of coaching girls' basketball, and sad to say, it was a rough start for her, and the team. Despite all of the losses the girls came out ahead with experience, team work, and team spirit. We hope that next year can be a much better year for the girls. 56 (Front) Jill Brownell (Middle Row) Tanya Cail, Mary Randall, Becky Phillips, Missy Warner, Amy Thomas (Back Row) Coach Missy Langridge, Laura Vosburg, Kim Newland, Tammy Upston, Angie Wallen, Micki Slone, Regina Snyder, Paulette McDowell, Tracy Swafford, Manager Nicki StuartA 2. Opp 49 Concord Inv. 50 Centerville 26 Galesburg Agusta 37 Homer 12 Springfield 22 Camden 33 Litchfield 41 Climax $cotts 30 Waldron 39 Union City 50 North Adams 43 P.ttsford- 45 Camden 48 Litchfield 24 Waldron 63 Athens 56 North Adams 36 Pittsford 26 Climax Scocts 45 Jackson Baptist THS 18 14 13 16 10 43 14 32 25 16 24 18 24 38 30 23 23 20 31 18 1. Tammy drives down the court. 2. Uh-oh, watch the leg! 3. The team is caught in a pensive moment. 4. Coach Missy Langridge is surrounded by her team as they plan their next move. 5. What are you reaching for? 6. Abracadabra, Hocus-pocus! 57WINNING RECORD GUYS END WITH A The Tekonsha Boys' Varsity Basketball team had a difficult, but winning season. They finished with a 12-10 regular season record, the new head coach, Fred Hobart, led the team to the District Finals where they lost by 2 points to Mendon in OT. George Feltner was the leading scorer this year with 503 points. The guys lacked in size, but made up for it with a lot of hustle and pride. This year George Feltner received the honor of being selected for All-League, All-Area, and All State teams. 1. George Feltner drives past two Climax players for a score. 2. Coach Penn and Coach Hobart discuss strategy before the game. 3- Chad Clark hurries the ball down the floor to Bruce Warner. 4. "Let’s Go!" 58(Front Row) Scott Stemaly (Manager), Bob Manis, Mark Katz, Shane Esch, Jeff Coffman, Chad Thomas (Manager) (Back Row) Mike Delmont, Chad Clark, Randy Schaffer, Scott Carlson, Bob Brown, Mike Davis, Bruce Warner, George Feltner 1. Scott Carlson and Bruce Warner set a pick for George Feltner. 2. The team awaits the beginning of the Litchfield game. 3. Captains Chad Clark and George Feltner. 4. Bob Manis thinks, "Back off, it's my turn to shoot!" THS OPP. 44 Centerville 79 65 Colon 50 64 Waldron 60 61 Pittsford 71 3 Union City 55 OU Camden 64 53 Litchfield 70 60 Howe 50 49 Colon 41 51 North Adams Climax 56 60 51 83 39 Waldron Pittsford ?! 66 52 Homer Camden ?! 74 St. Phillips 48 74 Litchfield 60 60 Men don 65 49 North Adams 64 64 Gimax 58 591. George Feltner shouts instructions to the team in the district game. 2. Bruce Warner takes the ball strongly to the basket as Randy Schaffer screens a Climax defender off. 3. Bob Mams passes the ball as Chad Clark looks on. 4. Mike Davis Fights for position as Scott Carlson takes a ® 'iw - «■» Centers ills 1. (oL»i ) L VX Jdi. u Piiisfonl 1 w : thslon f ity ) L t jimlni L Litchfield W - Huai Colon 9» North Adams I ( lini.ii Soils Waldron w- Pntslurd w Hornet r t jundrn t St Phil VC Liuhfirlcl i Minimi VC' North Adams L Climax-Suits L J.V. Give Good Effort Thu year' J.V. (cam fud in off season They were 9 12 overall and 4-6 in the league The boy Maned off badly by losing then first tut game but they came back and won their next three game . The rev of the season they were on a good win loss ratio The main reason they did not do so wdl is because of the other teams' that had mote of a height advantage over them They played hard and tned their beat to have a winning season, but lost the last two game to give them gist under a .MX) percent season The team had 11 freshmen who had a lot of game experience so next year they will be ready for anyone. ITo A 5 A 6 1. Mark Katr passe the ball between two defender 2. Mark Katr slue for the rebound 3. Shane Each put the ball up 4 Tekonsha denies Mrndon a scoring opportunity 5. Coach Penn smile for the camera 6. Shane Each sinks a free throw against Litchfield (From Row) Doug Schcrcr, Todd, Clark, Chad Sisco, Craig Clark, Russell Olds. (Back Row) Dennis Foote, Mark Coffman, Scott McFadden, Scott Young, Mark Katz, Shane Esch, Paul Holbrook, Corey Wooden, Loren Selby, Dave Turley. 61▲ 6 1 Mark Katz pulls up for a jump shoe against Camden Frontier. 2. Doug Scherer drives to the hoop. 3. Shane Hsch lays the ball up. 4. The bench warmers look on. 5. Shane Hsch bring the ball down the floor. 6. The team warms up before the game. 7. Shane Hsch and Doug Scherer trap an opponent. 8. Coach Penn instructs the team. 9. A Litchfield player watches as Doug Scherer scores 2. ▲ 8 62Volleyball is Tops at Tekonsha! This year s Varsity Volleyball team had an excellent season. They finished second in the league. The team s overall record was 19 13- Their SCAA league record was 8-2. The team consisted of three seniors, eight juniors, and one sophomore. They played well together and knew what they were doing. The team played mostly class ‘A," "B,” and "C" schools. They played in the Bronson, Porterville, Coldwater, and District tournaments. The Districts were held at Concord High School where Tekonsha placed second. The team played and beat Springporr with scores of 15-13, 5-15, and 15-8. After two games they played Reading and won with scores of 15-5 and 15-2. The team then advanced to the finals where they played Concord. The team placed second, with scores of 5-15 and 0-15. This year s team should be proud of themselves and their ability to work together. They should also be proud of their record and will hopefully repeat it in 1987-1988. 1. Here are some team members and their parents on Parents Night. 2. Jean Weller and Katia Kasar talk while Dee Dee Upston gets her picture taken at Marshall. 3. The team huddles together to listen to Mr Taylor's strategy. (Front Row) Donna Root (manager), Jean Weller, Pam Neal, Nicki Ritter, Julie Krumvcde, and Toni Sheppard (manager) (Back Row) Dee Dee Upston, Penny Warsop, Mary Turley, Annette Katz, Katia Kasar, Laura Selby, and Martha Holbrook, and Coach Mr. Taylor 63 McndoD Schedule W ClimaxpScotts W Homer W Union’City L W Centreville w Camden-Frontcir w Litchfield L, W Waldron W Pittsford W.L North Adams W Jackson Northwest L Marshall L Springport Districts W Reading W Concord L 1. Nicki Ritter bump-sets the ball. 2. Penny Warsop looks at the crowd before she serves the ball. 3. The Varsity Volleyball team waits to play at Marshall. 4. Some of the Varsity Volleyball players watch a losing game at Marshall. 5. Mary Turley digs the ball up to the front while Allison Geer looks on. 6. Laura Selby and Pam Neal are in their ready positions. ▲ 3 A 6 64 Seniors Annette Katz and Dee Dee Ups ton (Not pictured: Katia Kasar) A 5 ▲ 6 1. Mary Turley spikes the ball over the net at PotterviUe. 2. Allison Geer and Nicki Ritter sit with some fans in Marshall before they play their game. 3. Penny Warsop and Allison Geer come off the court during a time-out to get a drink of water. 4. Annette Katz sets the ball. 5. Co-captains Annette Katz and Laura Selby. 6. The team is waiting for the game to begin. 65J. V. had Winning Effort This year Tekon-sha’s J.V. volleyball team had a 9-8 record. At first they were unstoppable, winning six of their first seven games. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. The girls were only able to win three of their last 7 games. The girls made a valiant effort to stay above .500 for the year. (From Row) Paullete McDowell, Laura Vosburg, Tanya Cail, Debbie Reynolds, Becky Phillips, Tara Hampton (manager) (Back Row) Chris Mitchell, Gina Snyder, Amy Blue, Lisa Maisner, Kim Newland, Mary Randall, Mrs. Colleen Swank (Coach) ▲ 10 66Oimax-Scotts Homer Union City Centerville Camden Litchfield Pittsford Camden Litchfield North Adams Jackson Marshall Pittsford North Adams u A4 A9 1. Tanya Cail is setting the ball up. 2. Laura Vosburg is nailing the ball over to the opponent. 3. Tanya Cail hits the ball while Mickie Slone, Chris Mitchell, and Gina Snyder look on 4. Gina Snyder is spiking the ball over a hill. 5. Debbie Reynolds dives after the ball. 6. Gina Snyder and Laura Vosburg collide as Kim Newland and Chris Mitchell laugh at them. 7. Chris Mitchell is ready to hit the ball. 8. Debbie Reynolds isn't paying attention to the game, but Kim is ready for action. 9. Gina Snyder bumps the ball, as the rest of the team looks on in amazement. 10. Gina Snyder is ready to serve the ball down the opponents throat. 11. Mrs. Swank tells the girls how to keep their hair nice and bouncy during the game. 12. Amy Blue is expecting the ball, while Mickie Slone dives after it 13. Laura Vosburg spikes the ball as Paullete McDowell looks on. 67 A 11 A 13ANOTHER GREAT SEASON!!!!! This year's baseball team, coached by Larry Stout, had another great season with an overall record of 21 wins and 10 losses and a 11 and 5 record in the league. This is the sixth consecutive year that Tekonshas baseball team has won the League Championship. The team started out great with 12 wins in their first 15 games, but they were in a slump for a while. However, they proved that with just a little hard work you can overcome defeat. Tekonsha won their own invitational for the fourth straight year in a row by beating Homer and Potterville for the Championship. Some of the teams statistics were as follows: most hits, George Feltner 39, most walks, Rick Schondel 26, most stolen bases. Bob Manis 19, most home runs 6, Rick Schondel, Best Batting Average, Mike Davis 396, most wins. Bob Manis 12, most strikeouts as a hitter, Roy Swafford (Roy also broke the school record of strikeouts which was 26). Two players were picked for All-League this year and they were George Feltner and Bob Manis. Seniors — Rick Schondel, Tim Davis, Ron Warsop, Mike Davis, Chad Clark, George Fclcner ▲ 1 3. Chad Clark hits Brian Thomas in against Waldron. 4. Tim Davis gets a base hit. (Front Row) Manager Chad Thomas, Bobby Manis, Chad Clark, Brian Thomas, Brad Runyon, Dan McDowell, Roy Swafford (Back Row) Coach Larry Stout, Tim Davis. Rick Schondel, Shane Esch, Ron Warsop, Mike Davis. George Feltner, Manager Jerry Johnson 68Bronvm Athens !W7 Ru ( . St Ath. Nun rth Ailaim m North Ailami len-Fninticr Frontier Be hjSrfVlIlt (iilnlnii); A KO't.i jjlrtbur Au mca tT NX’.iUlrun Waklron Piushml KittsforJ N'onh AJjim North Adams Camdcn-Fromi. r Tekonsh.i In it.ittonal Howe Military Union City Union Gty f-entervillc N fienwrv till -- mm ts (Puttcrvillc) 1. Mike Davis scores on a base hit as George Feltner looks on. 2. Rick Schondel scores on a double by Brian Thomas. 3. Tim Davis is showing his First-base coaching stance. 4. George Feltner is rushing in after a tough inning. 5. Brian Thomas nails the ball for a home run! 6. Tim Davis is throwing his spcedball past the opponent. 7. Roy Swafford shows his throwing ability. A 7 691. Rich Schondd and Chad Clark go out for another inning of defense. 2. Mr. Stout is chewing out Ron Warsop and Tim Davis again! 3. George Feltner gets yet another hit. 4. Brad Runyon is staring at the umpire while Brian Thomas is thinking about going to third place. 5. Ron Warsop is about to meet the ball. 6. Shane Esch brings the bat in. 7. Brad Runyon swings for a base hit. A 4 A 7 70J.V.s Snuggle Through Very Difficult Season This year's J.V. baseball team struggled through a long and difficult season. The team consisted of 14 players, only a few of whom returned from last year. There were 13 guys and I girl, Becky Phillips. People were excited about having a girl on what has traditionally been an all boy team. Becky had some-thoughts about her experience. She said that she really liked playing on an all guys' team, just to show the guys that girls can do just as much as they can. Becky said that she really felt like pan of the team. The guys helped her out a lot and told her what she w-as doing wrong. For example, if she was swinging too late or not early enough they would help her correct the problem. Becky said that she was definitely going out again for the team next year. The season consisted of 16 games. Their overall record was 1 win and 13 losses Kven though the J.V. tram didn't make it to the top this year, they still gained a lot of experience and ability to play the game better. Next year holds more promise for the team. T.HS. folon Quincy Quincy Galesburg-Augusta . Galesbu rg- Augusta Homer % Homer Quincy Quincy Climax-Scotts Climax-Scotts Union City Union City Homer Homer J v B A S E B A L L 71 (Front Row) Mike Loomis. Todd A Clark. Brian Diet .. Becky Phillips, B J Welch, Shawn Thompson, Kris Lambert, and Mgr Eric Calcatera (Back Row) Coach Norman Taylor, l-oren Selby, Corey Wooden, Lonnie Ncwland, Mark Calcatera. Larry Neal, Jason Rench, Dorman Snyder, and Jason Lincoln.1. Todd A. Clark waits at the mound and checks out the pitches. 2. Becky Phillips looks almost sad and lonely as she coaches first base. 3. Corey Wooden takes a rest, while the other team calls a time out. 4. B.J. Welch gets the ball and is getting ready to throw it to first base. 5. The Indians call a time out so coach Taylor can talk to the guys. 6. Catcher Dorman Snyder grabs the ball and is throwing it so they can get their opponent out. 7. Loren Selby puts on his catching gear as he gets ready for other inning of the game. A 6 A 7 72Girls Struggle Through Tough Season The 1987 girls’ track season was a very tough one for the team members. They had to work hard to overcome team injuries, and they were faced with strong opposition. Even with these difficulties the team managed an overall record of 8 wins and 5 losses. The girls placed 0 and 3 in the Conference. Coach Tony Bowling said that the girls ran against some excellent teams and gave it their best shot. The track team consisted of 18 girls: 3 seniors, 9 juniors, 2 sophomores and 4 freshmen. Two girls qualified for the state finals this year. Senior Donna Webber qualified in the 100 meter dash and junior Laura Selby qualified in the 100 meter and 300 meter hurdles. It was a tough season, but the girls did a super job! 1. Martha Holbrook "skies'' for first place in the long jump. 2. Nicki Ritter makes a perfect hand-off to Laura Selby in the 800 meter relay. 3. Coach Tony Bowling says, "My future is so bright I gotta wear shades." 4. Donna Webber is going for a medal in the 100 meter dash at Regionals in Litchfield. 73(Back Row) Betsy Pulsipher, Donna Webber, Holly Hunt, Penny Warsop, Annette Katz, Mary Turley, Laura Selby, Amy Blue, Man ha Holbrook, Julie Krumvcdc, Mr. Bowling (Coach) (Front Row) Sherry Swafford (Manager), Becky Phillips, Laura Vosburg, Jodi Long, Nicki Ritter, Lisa Hansen, Tracy Swafford, Heather Shepherd (Manager) 1. Is Danny keeping score or checking out the women? 2. Laura Selby says, "Don’t take my picture, you devil!" 3. Laura Selby is running the 300 meter low hurdles in a Pittsford meet. She later placed 3rd in state running this event! 74Boys Take Third In League This year the boys’ track team placed third in the league, with 2 wins and 2 losses. The guys fought hard all year and at the end of the season had an overall record of 5 wins and 8 losses (including non-league meets). Jeff Coffman qualified to compete in the state finals in Traverse City in the 330 low hurdles. Jeff also broke the school record in the 330 low hurdles with a time of 40.6. This year the track team is only losing 2 seniors, so this young squad hopes to do well in the future. A 2 Ai A4 Ai B 0 Y S’ T R A C K 75▲ 2 (Front Row) Mark Coffman, Jeff Coffman, Mark Katz, Craig Clark, Todd Clark (Back Row) Dave Turley, Mike Del-mont, Bruce Warner, Scott Carlson, Man Smith, Aaron Warner, and Coach Mason. 1. Mike Delmont clears the high jump to win a medal at the Area Best meet in Bronson. 2. Aaron Warner jumps the hurdle with room to spare. 3. Mark Coffman is off to a good stan for the 440 dash. 4. Matt Smith hands off to Mike Delmont in the mile relay. 76"THS HAS GOT SOUL' The Varsity cheer lead mg squad of 1986-87 was made up of Captain Nseki Ruter. Co-Captain Donna Webber. Betsy Pubipher. Laura Sdby. Man ha Holbrook and Pam Neal Pam was active only in football season Training for the cheerleaders started in the last month of June at UCA Camp at Albion College When asked if the cheerleaders liked the camp, the general reply was. "It was great. We learned a lot of cheers and had a good time Some cheerleaders feel going to the camp should become an annual event When stanu.g out the season the cheerleaders had to adjust to the new style they learned at the camp. They learned to stiffen their movements for clapping, lots of good partner stunts and to have a sharp tone of voice The cheerleaders learned some new dances to entertain the fans and student body Captain Nicki Ritter said. "The cheerleaders adjusted well to the techniques and it has improved our cheering." The cheerleaders felt closer and more like a family this year They felt more organized and any problems they had were worked out as a team Because of these good feelings, many cheerleaders find themselves looking forward to next year. ▲ 4 ▲ 8 ▲ 10 A 6 A 7 1. Mrs. Madilyn Upston, the cheerleading advisor. 2. (Front row) Betsy Pulsipher, Nicki Ritter, Martha Holbrook (Back row) Donna Webber, Laura Selby. 3. Betsy and Donna, Seniors at last! 4. Donna, a Senior cheerleader. 5. Captain and Co-Captain, Nicki and Donna. 6. Say cheese, Betsy. 7. We caught you, Pam! 8. Laura says, "You bet I'm a Varsity cheerleader.” 9. Nicki cheers the boys on. 10. Martha looks really cute, huh? V A R S I T Y C H E E R L E A D E R S 77▲ 4 jL3jl ▲ 7 ▲ 10 1 Martha Holbrook is caught in a thoughtful moment. 2. Aaron Warner our ' mean'' mascot.'' 3 Betsy says, "Easy does it, Donna.'' 4. We are a team! 5. Nicki’s famous look. 6. Smile pretty Laura. 7. Betsy worries if she is going the right way. 8. JV and Varsity cheerleaders watch as Aaron awards Pattic Burrow for her school spirit. 9. Donna and Laura pose V for a Victory!. 10. Look at us, mom, see what we can do! 11. We learned this at UCA camp.The junior varsity cheerleaders are a dedicated group of girls who work to raise the spirit in JV football and basketball games. It took a lot of hard work, dedication, and time to make this year's squad successful. It meant practicing a cheer over and over again until it was correct. It meant suffering through the pain and agony of being at the bottom of a pyramid. It meant making certain that your words were sharp, that your thumbs were in, and that there was always a smile on your face. Most of all, it meant friendship, learning, sharing and togetherness. All five of the JV cheerleaders, along with the varsity cheerleaders, went to Albion to the University Cheerleading Camp for one week of non-stop cheering. The cheerleaders worked together and learned different pyramids, formations and partner stunts. They also learned new dances and pep assembly acts. They put together all they had learned, competed against other groups of cheerleaders, won the spirit stick and several superior ribbons. The JV cheerleaders decorated lockers for the JV basketball and football players. They also helped decorate the hall for Homecoming and Spirit Week. A4 A3 1. The cheerleaders perform the cheer F-I-G-H-T during a lime out at the St. Phil game. 2. Tanya Cail and Gina Snyder are resting during a game in Mendon. 3. The cheerleaders "Yell Red.'' 4. The JV cheerleaders for 1986-87 are: (leaning over L to R) Allison Geer, Tracy Swofford (standing) Gina Snyder, Tanya Call (top) Stacey Willbur. 79I. Allison Gw, Gina Snyder, Tracy Swafford, Tanya Cail and Scacy Willbur pose in one of their mounds. 2. The cheerleaders pause for a moment from cheering to smile. 3. Tanya Cail is captain for the JV cheerleaders. 4. Stacy Willbur and Gina Snyder try to look innocent while Tracy Swafford is watching the game. 5. Gina Snyder, Stacy Willbur and Varsity football cheerleader Pam Neal take a break from cheering during the Homecoming game against Camden. A3 80A I On June 2, the 15th annual Sports Banquet was held in the Tekonsha High School gymnasium. Reverend Cail presented the invocation. Afterwards everyone went to the buffet table. The buffet consisted of submarine sandwiches, chips, potatoes, and desserts galore. After everyone was finished eating, they started to give out awards. Chad Clark received Most Valuable Player for Varsity football. Scott Carlson received Most Valuable Lineman and Brad Runyon received Coach's Choice. Scott Carlson, Chad Clark, and Ron Warsop made All-League. In girls' basketball Penny Warsop and Laura Selby tied for the Most Valuable Player. Allison Geer received Most Improved award and Holly Hunt received Most Spirited. In boys’ basketball George Feltner received Most Valuable Player. Bob Manis received Most Improved. George Feltner and Bob Manis also received All-League. In boys' baseball Bob Manis received Most Valuable Player and Mike Davis received best batting average. George Feltner and Bob Manis received All-league honors. In boys' track Jeff Coffman received Most Valuable Player and Bruce Warner received most dedicated. Jeff Coffman also went to the state finals. In girls' track Laura Selby received Most Valuable Player and Nicki Ritter received Most Improved. Laura Selby and Donna Webber also went to the state finals. In girls' Volleyball Annette Katz received Most Valuable Player Award and Nicki Ritter receive Most Improved. The Ritchie D. Yates Super Athlete Award went to four Seniors: Chad Clark, George Feltner, Annette Katz and Donna Webber. Bob Selby won the Booster of the year award. 1. George Felrner shakes coach Fred Hobart's hand after receiving the Most Valuable Player award for basketball. 2. Varsity cheerleaders are recognized. 3. Andy Morris and Jeff Coffman know the best part of the Sports Banquet is the food. 4. Tracy Swafford eyes Laura Vosburg's food, wondering if it tastes as good as hers. 5. Jodi Long says "That's the best tastin' pickle I ever heard.' 6. SMILE, Chad, Jerry and Shane! ◄ 6 8182 1. The freshmen girls receive cheir letters and certificates. 2. Chad Sisco plans to "pig out!" 3. Chad ('.lark is presented with the Most Valuable Back aw’ard for football. A. The managers arc finally awarded for all their hard work. 3. Bruce Warner graciously accepts his award for Most Dedicated in Track.830 u R N A L I S M This year the journalism department had some changes that were definitely on the positive side. One of the changes involved class division. In the past, the yearbook staff and the newspaper staff were in one classroom. It got really chaotic with everyone running around with different deadlines due at the same time so the yearbook staff and the newspaper staff were divided The newspaper staff, which consists of 18 people, is responsible for the school pages in Tekonsha's own Idea paper. The class is divided into two sections. Each section has Idea paper deadlines due every other week. They also have more deadlines to meet for the Indian Express, which is the new school paper. This was printed every other week as well. Jodi Long and Aaron Warner also dedicated a lot of their time to taking pictures for the yearbook staff. The yearbook staff, which consists of nine people, is responsible for designing and producing the yearbook. This process consisted of thinking of a new theme, unique layouts and writing copy for articles. They also had to make certain that the pictures were taken for their assigned pages You probably didn't realize it, but to publish the yearbooks it costs, gulp, $8,000.00!!! To pay off this bill the (ournalism students used three basic methods: fund raisers, selling ads for the yearbook, and selling the book itself. Both journalism classes sold an assortment of items from a catalog. The yearbook staff divided themselves into three groups and sold ads that are displayed in the back of the yearbook. They also sold the book itself several times throughout the year. Early in the year, the yearbook staff attended a yearbook conference that was held at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. The students were able to attend courses in photography, layouts and themes for the book. It was an all day event and the students came up with a lot of different ideas. All in all, it has been a busy and productive year for the journalism staff. Although there were times of panic when deadlines were near, students seem to enjoy the new experience. 1. Newspaper Staff Editors and Photographers — (Back Row) Theresa Griffith — Idea Editor, Aaron Warner — Photographer and Idea Editor; Denise Goodman — Idea Editor (Front Row) Laura Selby — Idea Editor; Nicki Ritter — Co-Photographer; Jodi Long — Co- Photographer 2. The 1986-87 Yearbook Staff — (Back Row) Dee Dee Upston, Toni Lewis, Mrs. Carlene Zollner, Rick Schondel (Second Row) Christine Cappella, Holly Hunt, Donna Woods, Samantha Snyder, Bruce Warner, Cindy Wilson (Front) Linda Brown 3. Holly Hunt — Co-Yearbook Editor, Samantha Snyder — Co-Yearbook Editor, Cindy Wilson — Business Manager 4. "Oh my gosh! I messed up AGAIN!!" yells Christine Cappella (R) while Samantha Snyder works. (L) A 4. 84A 5. A 8 A 6. 1. Shouldn't this be over here instead of over there?" Donna Woods asks Holly Hunt. 2. The Newspaper Staff — (Back Row) Mrs. Carlene Zollner, Theresa Knight, Leslie Nagel, Tncia Katz, Lorraine Reincke, Theresa Griffith, Aaron Warner, Denise Goodman, Curt Herman. Scott Me Fad den (Second Row) Annette Vorce. Chris Mitchell, Sharon Cagel, Missy Brown. Nicki Riter, Jodi Long (Front) Jeff Coffman (Not Pictured) Penny War-sop. Laura Selby 3. "Ok Linda. I think you ought to put these pictures in the yearbook," says Bruce Warner to Linda Brown. 4. Jeff Coffman and Cun Herman, students from the newspaper staff, take some time off for a chat while everyone else works (or acts like it). 5. Rick Schondel is asking Cindy Wilson, "Does this look right?" 6. Tom Lewis (back) and Dee Dee Upston (front) are designing their yearbook layouts. 7. Penny says. "Ha Ha guys, if you only knew what was typing"! 8. Important decisions are being made for a yearbook layout by Christine Cappeila 85Student Council has another successful year This year's Student Council made 1987 a success. They started off the year with Homecoming. They donated prize money for the floats, and organized the parade. Then, right around the comer, tame the Fall Festival. They sponsored the spookhouse which drew a large number of people of all ages. This included a week's worth of dress-up days and activities which concluded. Next up was Spirit Week, with a fun day filled with a lot of class competition. The evening ended with a free dance. On Friday, April 24, the Cabaret took place. This year's theme was "Cartoon Capers." Many students showed their unique talents. All in all it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. 1987 Student Council (Back Row) Advisor Mrs. Carlson, Representatives Paulette Struwin, Bruce Warner, Andy Johnson, Bobby Mams, Holly Hunt, Mickic Slone, Joe Hinspeter, David Palmer (Front Row) Treasurer Scott Carlson, Vice President Aaron Warner, President Brad Runyon, Secretary Linda Brown. 2 A V' - mm m • ,m 4 A 1. Linda Brown pops popcorn for Cabaret. 2. Andy Johnson, Joe Hinspeter and David Palmer work on decorations. 3. Mickic Slone cuts out comic strips to decorate the gym. 4. Joe Hinspeter cuts out the "funnies." 5. Mickic Slone and Bruce Warner take lime out to rest. 6. Aaron Warner is doing what he does best. 7. Holly Hunt OK's the table props. 6 A 71 86VO-ED, CO-OP STILL GOING STRONG Many of our juniors and seniors represent our school at the Vo-Ed Center. This is where they get partial training for the career of their choice. A few of the training programs include Carpentry, Auto Mechanics, Health Occupations, Welding, Secretarial, and Data Processing. Vo-Ed Students — (Front Row) Fred Melville, Dale Pullen, Randy Schaffer, Donna Webber (Second Row) Curt Herman, Danny Yates, Missy Brown, Lorraine Reincke, Theresa Griffith, Merriann La-Fond, Carol Keifcr (Third Row) Dennis Woods, Ray Esseltine, Paul Stuart, Robbie Cook, and Mike Duckett ▲ 1. A 5. Co-op students are those that are getting the training by being employed in their fields for school credit. 1. Co-op students Danny Yates and Donna Webber. 2. Donna quickly answers the phone at the dentist’s office. 3. Mike Davis, a co-op student, works on a pig farm. 4. Danny Yates poses for picture. 5. Howard Olds is working hard on a car pan. 6. Donna assists her boss as he works on a patient A 6. 87s E N I 0 R H I G H B A N D 88 The Senior High Band Marches Forward The Senior High Band, which consisted of 51 members, began its year by performing at all the home football games. It also performed in the Homecoming Parade and the Marshall Christmas Parade. This year made it the fourteenth year Tekon- sha Bands have marched in the Christmas Parade. The Senior High Band performed at the annual Christmas, Winter, and Spring Concerts. It also had a Marching Band Spectacular in the high school gymnasium to end the marching season. At the Winter Concert, members of the band were Guest Conductors. The conductors were Amy Thomas and Todd Clark for the Junior High Band, and Nicki Ritter, Aaron Warner, Scott Carlson, Martha Holbrook, and Mike Delmont for the Senior High Band. In the Spring the band marched in the Memorial Day Parade. It traveled to Cedar Point and performed for the people there. It ended the year by playing at Graduation. Throughout the entire year the band had various fundraisers to raise money for new uniforms. Their present uniforms have been in use for over 13 years. The Senior High Band has always been a busy organization and this year was certainly no -n. exception' 7 nCW vo,ce Tekonsha High School Bands is Chris Cutchall. Tekonsha High School Stage Band — Playing the piano is Mr. McMullin, the Director. (Front Row) Dave Fogel, Martha Holbrook, Jeanne Zook, Jeff Coffman, Penny Warsop, Rex Esseltine, Jeff Wright (Second Row) Aaron Warner, Brian McFaddcn, Shane Esch, Mike Delmont (Third Row) Tammy Cut-chall, Leslie Nagel (view blocked), Michelle Hall, Mindy Pulsipher, Joe Sisco Tekonsha High School Pep Band — (First Row — Sitting) Tonya Jarrell, Angela Leatherman, Amy Thomas, Linda LaMee, Ken Shaffer, Tricia Katz, Leslie Nagel, Debbie Rowe, Heather Coats, Jennifer Delmont (Second Row — Standing) Todd Clark, Mr. McMullin, Brian McFadden, Tammy Cutchall, Christine Cap-pella, Julie Krumvcde, Angie Wallen (on Rock) Dennis Foote, Brad Runyon, Chris Zook, Craig Clark, Russell Olds, Corey WoodenSenior High Marching Band — (Front Row) Russell CMd», Chad Clark, Dave Fogd, Corey Wooden, Dennis Foote, Jason Raich, Craig Clark (Second Row) Allison Geer, Amy Thomas, Heather Coats, Tracy Swafford. Paulette Struwin, Tonya Cail, Gndy Wilson. Annate Katz. Donna Webber, Christine Cappella, Tricia Katz, Martha Holbrook, Missy Warner (Third Row) Betsy Pulsipher, Jeanne Zook, Karen McFadden, Stephanie Horton, Thaesa Griffith, Holly Hunt, Julie Krumvede, Laura Voaburg, Sham cl Mid-daugh, Todd Clark, Melissa Krumvede, Jeny Johnson, Chris Cutchall (Fourth Row) Loren Selby, Michele Hall, Tim Davis. Angie Wallen, Laura Selby, Scon Carlson (Back Row) Tammy Cutchall. Nicki Ritter, Leslie Nagel, Linda LaMee, Brad Runyon. Jeff Wright, Dee Dee Upston, Mike Dei mom, Aaron Warner, Shane Each, Brian McFadden (Not Pictured) Pat Cole, Ken Eberts Senior High Concert Band — (Front Row) Man ha Holbrook, Christine Cappella, Tricia Katz, Annate Katz, Cindy Wilson, Tonya Cail. Tracy Swafford, Heatha Coats, Amy Thomas (Second Row) Basy Pulsipha, Jeanne Zook, Karen McFadden, Stephanie Honon, Holly Hunt, Laura Vosburg, Angie Wallen, Laura Selby, Paulette Struwin, Scott Carlson, Nicki Ritta, Tammy Cutchall, Leslie Nagel, Linda LaMee, Loren Sdby, Tim Davis, Michele Hall, Missy Warn a (Third Row) Julie Krumvede, Donna Webba. Theresa Griffith, Todd Clark. Shantd Mid-daugh. Jeff Wright, Brian McFadden, Mike Delmont, Aaron Wama, Jerry Johnson. Shane Esch, Brad Runyon, Dee Dee Upston, Melissa Krumvede, Allison Gea (Back Row) Chris Cutchall, Russell Olds, Craig Clark, Chad Clark, Corey Wooden, Dave Fogd, Jason Rench, Dennis Foote. Mr McMullin (Not Pictured) Pat Cole, Ken Eberts 3. "Don't get too comfortable, guys." 4. "What are you smiling about, Mr. McMullin?" 5. The band takes a break from playing. 89(Front Row) Dec Dee Upston, Ken Fberts, Christine C appclla, Tim Davis, Brian McFadden, Chad Clark, Paulette Struwin, Betsy Pulsipher, Stephanie Horton, and Melissa Krumvede (Back Row) Cindy Wilson, Tammy Cutchall, and Annette Katz (Not pictured) Donna Webber 90 Our Indian mascot is Aaron Warner.(Front Row) Mr. Kevin McMullin, Tammy Cutchall, Linda Brown, Barbara Herman, Doug Scherer, Chad Sisco, Mark Coffman, Debbie Reynolds, Panic Burrow, Michele Hall (Second Row) Gina Snyder, Toni Lewis, Jenni Vosburg, Scott McFadden, Jim Bell, Corey Wooden, Craig Clark, Tanya Cail, Jodi Long, Stacey Willbur, Paulette McDowell (Third Row) Mary Turley, Jenny Norgan, Penny Warsop, Martha Holbrook, Tom Coppock, Rex Esseltine, Jeff Coffman. Larry Neal, Dennis Foote, Laura Vosburg, Heather Coats, Angie Wallen, Samantha Snyder (Back Row) Denise Goodman, Allison Geer, Mindy Pulsipher. Tricia Katz, George Feltner, Brian McFadden, Bob Gohcen, Brian Begley, Jason Lincoln, Christine Cappella, Lisa Maisner, Karen McFadden and Stephanie Horton. Not pictured: Donna Woods and Keri Eberts Do. Re. Me The Choir Has Been Busy The 1986-87 senior high choir has 52 members li has been a good year for the choir with many performances co keep them busy In the fall the choir did a lot of voice training to prepare foc a busy school year Their first performance was in December at the (Jwun County Medical Facility They sang (host mas select tons for the elderly At the Christmas concert the choir sang the mim-musKal, I Love Christmas. At the beginning of February the choir stance! to work on the school musical. Bjt-Byr Bin it There were try-outs and members of the choir were selected for the chorus ul the musical. After two long months of rehearsals the musical was put on and was a success April 13. 1987, the choir traveled to Battle Oeek to the Riverside Country Club to sing lot the Rmtsd Teachers Association Since 1987 is the srsquKentcrwual celebration for Michigan, the choir did some patriotic selections lor the retired teachers, which they enjoyed. In the spring the choir perfurmed at the Spring (omen and their last | crfurmancc was at Baccalaureate The choir is greatly appreciated by all and hopes are that the great work will continue 2. Mr. McMullin, the choir director, prepares for the Christmas concert. 3. Donna Woods sings to Rudolph at the Christmas concert. 4. Jeff Coffman says to Martha Holbrook "Raise your hand if you're sure, Jodi Long is.” 5 E N I 0 R H 1 G H C H 0 1 R 9192 ▲ 8 1 Some of ihe choir member sing in the Bye Bye Birdie mutiul. 2 A group shot of ihe Sr High Chocr at «he Spring Concert 3 Ac che ( hiwiiuj imxcti ehe choir is finishing a number with a bang V Sophomore Tanya (ail calks on che phone during che School musical. 3 Re Rssrlcine, Chad Sisco and Brian McFadden sing a cr»o for Chrise mas. 6 The adrenalin is flowing in ancKipanon for che final number of ehe Sr High Chocr 7 The famous celephone scene of che school musical. 8 Re F-sM-lcinc sings ouc ac rehearsal while Bruce Warner is goofing around as usual 9 Corey Wooden sings a solo ac che Spring Concert while the rest of the chocr has their back cumed doing a dance routine A 9 A 10 10 The final song of the concert was Kyne: it was spectacular Heather Coat and Linda Brown certainly were concentrating on their work?Tracy Cole Brett Cook Shawn Crawford Jennifer Delmont Travis Hall Jess Hiesrodt Robert Horton Aaron Imhof Tonya Jarrell Robie Kilgore Eighth-graders race ahead The class of '91 began the year with the Jr. High float Dominos." They chose the Homecoming Representatives Nicole Stuart and Scott Stemaly. The fund raiser, selling fudge, was a success. The eighth-graders tried their hardest to show their spirit, but unfortunately ended up with third place. Eighth-graders have a little trouble completing with up -perdassmen, but they have plenty of time to improve. 1. Toni Sheppard poses for a picture. 2. Bobby Brown, a junior, shows Steven Washburn and Rick VanSycle how to use the Computer. 3. Tonya Jarrell is in a hurry to get out of English. 94 Katrina Renfro Donna Root Debra Rowe Kenneth Shaffer Toni Sheppard Laurie Shumway Scott Stemaly Nicole Stuart Alysa Taylor Chad Thomas Douglas Turley Tristina Upston Steven Washburn Aubrey Watkins Sheila Weller Kenneth Woods Not Pictured: Rick Van Syckle Jr. High Student Council Officers and Representatives — (Back Row) Representatives Stacie Goodman, Sarah Pulsipher, Steven Washburn (Front Row) Treasurer — Debra Rowe, Vice Pres. _ Aubrey Watkins. Pres. — Daniel Lambert. Secretary — Laurie Shumway. 1. Donna Root is happy to get out of class. 2. Tonya Jarrell and Tracy Cole pose for a picture. 95Richard Baker Donnie Ball Jami Cain Jim Chambers Seventh Graders Do Well With New Experiences The class of '92 began their first year of jr. high by helping the eighth-graders place third with their float "Dominos." Danica Reincke and Greg Katz were chosen to be their Homecoming Attendants. The seventh-graders sold fudge for their fund raiser and it was a success. They ended the year by having a dinner-dance for the eighth-graders. Their first year out of elementary was really a good year for them. Martin Coats Kelly Dault Eric Davidson The seventh grade Math class gets out for the day. 96Layla Rench Lonnie Rogers Judd Sanders Chad Sayer Jodi Scherer Robby Payscno Stephanie Prichard Sarah Pulsipher Danica Reincke Leslee Shaffer Heather Shepherd Jason Shive Sherry Swafford Not Pictured: Christin Devenney Sonja James Tommy Napier Ryan Richardson 1. Sonja James is watching Heather Shepherd count her money. 2. Chad Sayer tears down the hall to class. 3. The seventh graders have formed a shaky pyramid during the Spirit Week activities. 97G R A D E B A S K E T B A L L (Front row) Jason Shivc, Jim Chambers, Ryan Groholske, James Middaugh (Second row) Roy VanSyde, Robby Payseno, Chad Wilson, Ryan Richardson, Coach — George Feltner 98 (Front row) Travis Hall, Ken Shaffer, Scott Stemaly, Ricky VanSyckle (Second row) Danny Lambert, Robie Kilgore, Chad Thomas, Brett Cook, Coach — George FeltnerJr. High Volleyball Team — (FRONT ROW) Sonya James, Sarah Pulsipher, Sherry Swafford, Melanie Geer, Leslie Shaffer, Jodi Scherer, Layla Rench. (SECOND ROW) Heather Shepard, Laurie Shumway, Christin Dcvenncy, Tara Hampton, Chris Zook, Tonya Jarrell (THIRD ROW) Coach — Martha Holbrook, Angela Leatherman, Toni Sheppard, Aubrey Watkins, Nicki Stuart, Jennifer Delmont, Sheila Weller. In addition to their volleyball experience, the girls were also involved in track compe-tition. 1 Laurie Shumway gives it her all to clear the high jump. 2 Good job. Sherry!" 3. Tanya Jarrell runs hard to Finish her race. 4 Usa N fRan shows ,ust how far she really can throw ,he shot as Angela Leatherman observes. A 3 ▲ 4 G I R L S’ J R H I G H S P O R T S 99J R. H I G H Jr High Band — (Front Row) Nicki Stuart, Aubrey Watkins, Tanya Jarrell, Laurie Shumway, Chris Zook, Kelly Dault, Jennifer Delmont, Stephanie Prichard, Tara Hampton, Tonya Minnier (Second Row) Shelly Landgridge, Sarah Pulsipher, Jolynnda Lafond, Angela Lcatherman, Sherry Swafford, Stacie Goodman, Chnstin Devenney, Kenny Shaffer, Katrina Renfro, Trissy Upston (Third Row) Brian Richardson. Robie Kilgore, Brett Cook, Donald Ball (Back Row — Standing) Todd Gohcen, Debbie Rowe, Ryan Groholske, Jim Chambers, Robbie Payseno and Mr. Kevin McMullin Jr. High Choir — (Front Row) Sonja James, Toni Sheppard, Shawn Crawford, Jess Hiesrodt, Eric Davidson, James Middaugh, Chad Sayer, Shelly Landgridge, Jodi Scherer (Second Row) Lisa Norgan, Donna Root, Heather Shepperd, Jim Chambers, Robbie Petersen, Jacon Hill, Richard Baker, Judd Sanders, Tracy Cole, Sheila Weller, Layla Rench (Third Row) Alysa Taylor, Stacie Goodman, Stephanie Prichard, Jamie Cain, Aaron Imhof, Daniel Lambert, Robert Horton, Chad Wilson, Doug Turley, Greg Katz, Danica Reincke, Jolynnda LaFond, Melanie Geer, Leslie Shaffer (Back Row) Lonnie Rogers, Scott Stemaly, Chad Thomas, Kenny Woods, Steven Washburn, Martin Coats. 1(X)ELEMENTARYE L E M E N T A R Y F A C U L T Y A N D 5 T A F F Elementary Principal, Mr. Keith Clark Secretary to Principal, Mrs. Marccdcs Johnson Elementary Teacher Aides, Mrs. Betty Shank, Mrs. Madilyn Upston, Mrs. Carolyn Thomas Elementary Teachers — (Baik Row) Mrs Michelle Her ing, Mrs Judith Weatherly, Mrs Coleer Swank, Mrs Susan Keniston, Mrs Janet Johnson, Mrs Judy Jenkins, Mrs Chris Mil.ain, Mr. Dewight Runyon (Front Row) Mrs. Betty Willerick, Mrs Beverly Bessler, Miss Merrie Knapp, Mrs. Mary Watson, Mrs. Mary Stout, Mrs. Becky Markham 1025th Grade Band 6th Grade Band Matt Bowling Brandon Coats Jamie Hopkins Salina Kalnins Diane Keifer Shondel King Christy Loomis Tracy McFaddcn Kenny Milliman Angela Rumsey Mike Siegal David Winans Becky Brownell Eric Calcetera Mya Duckett Mike Duckham Greg Feltner Dana Imhof Bc ar James Shawn Jarrell Kristim Keifer Kristine Keifer Teri Keller Jeanie Michael Jennifer Reese Rachael Reese Gare Rogers Gary Rogers Bumper Russell Jason Shaffer Lisa Shumway Lynette Shu m way Eric Stemaly Rusty Thomas Richie Wallen Christopher Willber Nancy Zook 1035th 6th G R A D E A C T I V I T I E S Elementary Students go out for uiuns This year activities included Safety Patrol, Tammy Fowler Physical Fitness Award, the annual Spelling Bee, the Dick Spire Cm endup Award Thu year's Safety Patrol was very good Captains and the Lieutenant were chosen by their advisor, Mr Runyon The Tammy Fowler Physical Fitness Award is determined by competitions such as a softball throw, a long jump, how many sit ups that you can do in two minutes, a 100 yard dash, and a long run The students are awarded points and the highest scorer wins The annual Spelling Bee was once again held at the Baptist Church where the entire class compered until the top three places were left The DkL Sptrcs Citizenship Award winners are nominated by their classmates, and then the teachers and principal make the final decisions Congratulations — You all did a good pob' 1 (o-Captains — Mike Duckham and Nancy Zook Lieutenant — Brad Cavinder. 2 Tammy Fowler Physical Fitness Award — Rachel Reese and Eric ( alcatera 5. Spelling Bee — Mya Duckett ltd, Mike Duckham 2nd. Dana Imhof 1st 4 Dick Spires Gti cnship Award — Monica Russell and Mike Duckham Safety Patrol — (Front Row) Jason Shaffer, Lisa Shumway, Jennifer Reese, Lynette Shumway, Michelle Hill, Becky Brownell, Salina Kalnins, Mike Duckham, Nancy Zook, Brad Cavinder, Tracy McFadden, David Winans (Middle Row) Rob Rumsey, R J Thomas, Eric Calcatera, Chris WiUbur, Greg Pullen, Greg Feltner, Cory Grinnell, Ronnie Payseno, Jimmy Warner, Brooke Banfield, Jammi Copas, Kenny Milliman, Patrick Shaffer (Back Row) Mr Runyon. Eric Stema-ly, Gary Stuart, Schondel King, Jamie Hopkins, Stacey Katz, Jaymee Knight. Monica Russell, Dana Imhof, Barbra Vorce, Brenda Napier, Keri Horton, Scott Hampton. 104(Front Row) Jimmy Warner, Bobby Stage, Erie Calcatera, R. J. Thomas, Brad Cavinder, Lisa Shumway (Second Row) Jaymce Knight, Rusty Thomas, Shawn Jarrell, Eric Stemaly, Rob Runsey, Tonya Price, Mr. Dcwight Runyon (Third Row) Mya Duckett, Rachael Reese, Randy Wilson, Mike Duckham, Dana Imhof, Stacey Katz 5 x T H (Front Row) Chad Davidson, Lynette Shumway, Jeanie Michaels, Nancy Zook, Chris Wilbur, Jason Shaffer (Second Row) Gary Rugers, Tonya Mains, Teri Keller, Christine Keifer, Richard Wallen, Kathy May, Jennifer Reese. Brent DeMint (Third Row) Becky Brownell, Monica Russell, Greg Feltner, Bumper Russell, Thomas Hampton, Tina Smith, Mrs. Judy Jenkins (Not Pictured) Bear James 105F I F T H (Front Row) Tracy McFaddcn, Shawn Hughes, Michelle Hill, Brooke Banfield, Jammi Copas, John Giant (Second Row) Barbra Vorce, Angela Rumsey, Scott Hampton, Gary Stuart, Matt Bowling, Mike Siegel, Keri Horton (Back Row) Cory Grinnell, Sandy Renshaw, Kenny Milliman, Ronnie Payseno, Brandon Coats, Michael Swan, Mrs. Betty Willerick (Front Row) David Wmans, Salina Kalmns, Arthur Sanders, Mike Hanson, Brian Wilson, Matt Johnston (Second Row) Patrick Shaffer. Brian Cavinder, Shondel King, Shawn Combs, Diane Keifer, Brenda Newland, Eric Blue. Steven Baker (Back Row) Jaime Hopkins, Brenda Napier, Tammy Wood, Aimec Stemaly, Susan Washburn, Christy Loomis, Mrs. Chris McLain(Front Row) Tommy Doxey, Renee Horton, Lisa MeFadden, Kakki Phelps, Bruce Herman (Second Row) David Doolittle, Cletis Pritchard, Toni Milliman, Daniel Cummings, Stacey Hampton (Back Row) Patrick Pombicr, Sherry Schweikert, Mandy Taylor, Mark Renfro, Phillip Kuhling, Kristy Cheeseman, Mrs. Janet Johnson F 0 u R T H G R A D E (Front Row) Rene Russell, Ross Richardson, Shane Riede, Matt Stefanski, Christina Kidney (Second Row) Jeremy Mattinson, Stacey Clark, Angela Bell, Becky Caswell, Tim Doolittle, Johnny Morris (Back Row) Renee Slone, Phillip Goodman, Theresa Ncwbold, Nicole Hills, James Smith, Bronica White, Mrs. Colcen Swank 107(Front Row) Mike Phillips, Andy Taylor, Phil Herman, Mary Ellen Winans (Second Row) Brad Thomas, Jammi Swafford, Jamie Phelps. Mark Farkas, Justin White (Back Row) Bobby Parsons, Shawn Petersen, Kassandra Riede, Chris Hampton, Miss Merrie Knapp 108 (Front Row) Brad Russell, Jamie Rodgers. Kim Brownell, Shelly May, Alfred Marshall (Second Row) Regina Davis, Chad Blowers, Chris Stevens, Rodney Greenman, Travis Hampton (Back Row) Andrea Kam, Pamela Kidney, Kenny Berry. Joey Katz, Tim Swan. Mrs. Becky Markham(From Row) Josh Remit , Jeremy Felcner, Mike Miller (Second Row) Angela Willbur, Nikki Phelps, Melissa Ball. Brandie Miller, Elissa King (Third Row) Michelle Bradford, Abel Johnston, James Smith, Daniel Hutchins, Tim Mason, Cory Shepherd, Stacey Woods (Back Row) Daryl Shaffer, Katie Pulsipher, Kasey Payseno, Nicole Diamond, Jeremy Minmear, Paul Reynolds, Mrs. Mary Stout E IF r s t G r a d e (Front Row) David Payne, Crystal Stage, Lisa Persails, Stacey Hills, Matt Toney (Second Row) Jimmy Walbeck, Jeffery White, Laura Schondel, Joey Few, Michael Macomber (Back Row) Billy Davis, Becky Cole, Brandy Cavindcr, Christina Mitchell, Danny Taylor, Mrs. Mary Watson (Front Row) Nater Minntear, Jodi Rogers, Wendy Winans, Mark Miller (Second Row) Julie Swan, David Reese, Ben Johnson, Kenneth Keeton, Pam Russell (Back Row) Lance VanZandt, Ruby Smith, Eric Cummings, Todd Doxey, Cassie Sammons, Mrs. Judith Weatherly (Front Row) Sarah Olds, Taney Vosburg, Clayton Grinncll, Alicia Tittle, Jennifer Copas (Second Row) Talia Kam, Aryn Bowling, Kylic King, Leiva White (Back Row) Michael Katerberg, Bobby Duckham, Kerrianne Brooks, Erik Reed, Laura Tackett, Mrs. Susan Keniston (Front Row) Amber Zidarcvich, Jay Cook, Matt Ciotta, Mark Hall, Cristy Cuevas (Second Row) Shondcll Ash, Clint Blowers, Robbie Barrington, Melissa Strang, Aaron Shaffer (Back Row) Jessie Lawhead, Timmy Doxey, Eric Phelps, Cortney Woods, Donnie Seekman, Joey Giant, Mrs. Susan KenistonPatrons Wendy M. Livingston Dale and Gloria Parshall Needham Cleaners Little Toy Drum Antiques Nottawa Lake Homeowners Association Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Carlson Fred, Dixie, Tricia, Greg, Stacey, and Joey Katz Dick, Carol, Tim and Dave Fogel Ed and Gini Jolly Mr. and Mrs. Norman Taylor Bob and Yvonne Lindquist O'Dell's Chiropractic Clinic P.C. Carlene and George Zollner Arthur and Virginia King Luedders Shoes Inc. Mancinos Sargent's Flowers Arnolds Auto Parts Mr. James J. Showers Irma Martinson Mr. and Mrs. Gale Jenkins Southern Michigan National Bank — Tekonsha Cun, Linda, Ken and Jason Shaffer Karen A. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Keith Clark Mr. and Mrs. V. Kalnins Boshears Ford Sales Jack D. Gay Acknowledgement You've just finished looking through the 1987 yearbook for the first time, but not the last. Producing a yearbook is a strenuous task, this year’s class consisted of ten students with unique ideas and a great sense of humor. It was in this spirit that nicknames were selected for each class. Each of us had our own assignments to complete, and deadlines to meet. Without an advisor like Mrs. Zollner to guide us along the way, we would have been unable to reach our goal. A big thanks to Craft Studio for being our professional photographer and to Jodi Long and Aaron Warner, our student photographers. Lee Zimmerman was very helpful. He is our representative from Taylor Publishing. The Journalism staff sincerely hopes that you enjoy the book and that you look forward to next years . 112Southern Michigan NATIONAL BANK j Continuous Banking Since 1872 STEPAHEAD = BANK ■= Offices in Coldwater • Tekonsha • Union City • Kinderhook STUDENT COUNCIL YOU MADE IT! “Congratulations Seniors”CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 FROM: TEKONSHA ENGINEERING CO. TEKONSHA, Ml 49092 Phone: (317) 767-4142 Congratulations Seniors! RANDALL FOOD PRO. INC. “THE BEAN PEOPLE” 401 S. Main Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. (517) 767-3247 PRECISION ENGRAVING Steel Marking Tool Specialists 136 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Ron lohnson (517) 767-4188Congratulations Class of '87 Congratulations class of 1987 Dairy King M-60 and 1-69 Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 767-4488 We've Got Your Cone! White's Mobil 106 S. Main Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 767-3376 Pamela Herman Main Bookkeeping Serv. 121 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. 767-4629 ANTIQUES AND COUNTY 'ACCESSORIES ALICE KEMPTON ROBERT MOHRHARDT, Owner 7:00 A.M.-3:30 P.M. Monday thru Friday VINCENT'S INDUSTRIAL PAINTING SERVICE Industrial Paint Finishing, Cleaning, Electrostatic Painting and Baking Facilities Lumber and Building Materials Congratulations Seniors 117 West lackson St. Tekonsha Michigan 49092 (517)767-3593 (517)767-4133 Congratulations Class of “87” From DR. MENDELSOHN D.O. AND STAFF 767-4197 KEEP MARTINSON Phone 767-4179 Tekonsha, MichiganJim and LaAnne Warkozeski 950 North Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan OPEN 8:00 a.m. to 11:00p.m. 7 DAYS A WEEK Phone: (51 7) 767-4193 THANKS FOR HELPING US GROW! i FARM CREDIT SERVICES 828 N. Main St. Tekonsha Compliments of: MARKING MACHINE CO. Ph. 767-4152 FIRST IN FARM CREDIT Tekonsha Michigan 18EVANS ©P.VANS ORMANS ©pv H$ Iff EVANS DRUG STORE FORMERLY SHERWOOD PHARMACY CLAYTON SHERWOOD PHARMACIST AND CRETCHEN STEFANSKI PHARMACIST ANS OSMANS QEVANS O SMANS OS’ D D AUTO TRUCK STOP CONVENIENCE STORE M60 169 Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 24 Hoar Towing Service Phone: 767-4442 LINDA'S LOUNGE Beer Wine Liquor 104 Main Tekonsha, Ml 767-8522 FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE Sand. Pizza CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 Taylor Publishing CompanyFlame Sprayed Metal Carbide and Ceramic Coatings HAWLEY OIL HARDWARE 945 N. Main Tekonsha, Ml Pb. 767-4165 103 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 914 NORTH MAIN ST. TEKONSHA. 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Broadway lCA 3 Union City THRIFTWAY 32123 Mile Rd. Homer, Michigan 49245 Ph. (517)542-3958 Beer — W «» Packaged Take Out “Grower of Quality fruit since 1939” 121Call Collect (517) 765-2800 BROOKSIDE SERVICE CENTER HEIN OLD NAPA PARTS 24 HOUR WRECKER HOG MARKETS CERTIFIED MECHANICS ON M-60 — 4 MILES WEST OF 1-69 M-60-Burlington, Ml Rick Hall BURLINGTON, MICHIGAN 49029 (517)765-2184 BRAY MOTOR SALES, Inc. 948 North Broadway M-60 TAKE OUT VIAmMK f UNION CITY, MICHIGAN 49094 106 Leigh St. Homer, Michigan l-(517)-568-4469 FABIANO'S HEAT OR INSURANCE George Fabiano Liquor — Beer — Wine ALL KINDS Pasta — Salad Bar Pb. 517-741-5861 On M-60 Union City, Ml Down town Union City, Ml 49094 Phone: 741-9181 John Heat or Ed Heator LONNY'S SUPER VALU PAT'S FLOWERS AND GIFTS 714 South Hillsdale Street Homer, Michigan Phone: 568-4445 807 5. Hillsdale Homer, Michigan Phone: 568-4475 122COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION MILLWRIGHT SERVICE MACHINERY MOVING 24 HOUR SERVICE HACKETT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 256 NORTH 28TH STREET BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN 49015 FRED L. THENEN OFFICE 616 964-7196 t HOPPS COLONIAL PHARMACY 126 W. Main St. Homer, Ml 49245 Phone: 568-3400 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-6; Sat. 9-12:30 Emergency: Call (517) 3810 ANYTIME 123CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE 38 N. Monroe Coldwater, Ml PA.: 278-6575 JCW6LRV A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. NEW INTERNATIONAL VESTTON YOUR FIRST NAME IN FLOWERS CRAFTS 65 E. Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml 49036 9-5:30 M-F, 9-5 SAT. PH. 279-9536 TELEPHONE (517)278-8508 Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Fred A. Culy Phone (517) 279-9452 Jeffery A. Culy CHARLE S TL CHINESE AND AMERICAN FOOD • COCKTAILS 599 E. Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan 49036 517-278-2982 PARTY AND BANQUET ROOMS OWNER: CHARLIE WONG TAKE OUTS AVAILABLE COLDWATER OPTOMETRICS, P.C. DR. GARY L. HOWE DR. BRUCE G. YOUNG DR. DA VID M. McCLAID a42 W. Chicago Coldwater, Ml 49036 A DIVISION OF LEE ALLEN INC. Optometrists Eye Exams Contact Lenses Complete Optical Service We Specialize in Weddings, Proms and One Hour Cleaning Telephone: (517) 278-2208 278-5468 GRAndmothi ”GOOSE|pg I Vltjultil I nl.it it .in.1 ('liiUrt-n I 21 W. Chicago St.. Coldwater, MI. 279-9071 Telephone 517-279-8061 12 SOUTH MONROE COLDWATER, Ml 49036 ROYAL CHEVROLET• BUICK 637 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Ml 49036 h Mile East of 1-69 124WOODWARDS ‘FASHION CONCEPTS FOR TODAY’S WOMEN” BARB FAULKNER — OWNER DO WNTO WN COLD WA TER 153 Division St. Coldwater, Michigan 517-278-4060 HOME OF THE OMNI-CHORD" Compliments of BARONE TAX ACCOUNTING 22 West Pearl Street Coldwater, Michigan 49036 PETE BARONE 517 279 8409 53 West Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml 49036 (517)278-8614 COMPLETE RECREATIONAL VEHICLE SERVICE INDOOR SHOWROOM PARTS ACCESSORY STORE COMPLETE REPAIR SALES SERVICE JOHN FERRIS DAVE FERRIS ALICE REED PHONE 517-278-5691 FERRIS R.V. SALES SERVICE 690 Marshall Rd., Coldwater, Ml 49036 BALDWIN PIANO ORGAN jim fisher Photography 42 E. Chicago St. Doldwatar, Ml 49036 (517) 279-8281 Darwin Robison Owner total hardware Coast toCoast Fairfield Shopping Center 458 Marshall Street Coldwater, Michigan 49036 (517) 279-8069 125— Compliments of— SHOPPERS-CUIDE When You 're Scratching for Business Call 279-9764 or 279-9765 57 South MonroeS., Coldwater, Mich. 49036 KASCO ABRASIVES A DIVISION OF VACHOR IND." Douglas Me Michael Coldwater Plant Manager Midwest Plant: 580 Race St. Coldwater, Mich. 49036 517 278-2354 Less JEWELRY ■3Z. JB— y- - 50 West Chicago Street COLDWATER, MICHIGAN 49036 517-278-2488 FOR YOUR JEWELRY GIFTS ALSO COMPLETE SECTION OF RINGS Congratulations Class of '86 FROM KING ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC. Coldwater, Michigan (517)278-4518 • ZENITH • SYLVANIA • MAYTAG • LITTON • 58 W. CHICAGO ST. 118 N. BROAD ST. COLDWATER. Ml 49036 HILLSDALE, Ml 49242 517-278-6811 517-439-9421 BILL’S MAJOR APPLIANCE "Where Sales A Service Go Hand in Hand WILLIAM F. SCUTT, SR. OWNER Ml 1 • FRIGIDAIRE • MAGIC CHEF • KITCHEN AID • FURNACES • 517-278 5532 7ea fc T) D (Zycte kc. HONDA - YAMAHA SAL » ft SERVICE DUANE FIELD OWNER 69S E Chicago roao Cocowater. Michigan 49036 ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH — MISSOURI SYNOD 95 W. State Street Coldwater, Mich. INVITES YOU TO ATTEND IF YOU LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, THE LIGHT WILL SHINE BRIGHTER GRACE MERCY PEACE BE UNTO YOU! 126 THINK SUM. Lose up to 10 pounds in as little as 2 weeks. You won't feel hungry. You will (eel a new confidence, a new control. No drugs, crash diets, or special foods to buy. Call for your first free consultation today. See us at our new location 379 E. Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml. 49036 517-279-7977 Jk. ID S lilMOfff FEATURING THE BEST SALAD BAR IN TOWN Phone (517)279-9002 411 E. 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Michigan Ave. Seniors MICHIGAN RURAL REHABILITATION CORPORATION STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM 1152 W. MICH. AVE. MARSHALL, Ml 49068 Downtown Marshall 781-5949 Ph. 616-781-4646 M R SERVICES, Inc. 1Hurt your Ai kM froi tm it 9m, () lp Km Um, I, RADIO DISPATCHED • SERVING HISTORICAL MARSHALL AND THE CEREAL CITY CONTAINER SERVICE FOR INDUSTRY. STORES. RESTAURANTS APARTMENTS. ALSO RESIDENTIAL SERVICE STATIONARY COMPACTOR SYSTEMS Phone: 781-5796 Marshall Free Consultation 18300 Centennial Road CONGRA TULA TIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF “87” We are proud to be supporting members of the Tekonsha Community Mark and Charles Putnam STUART AND STUART Attorneys at Law Alfred P. Stuart 12 Vi W. Michigan Ave. Mark F. Stuart Marshall, Mich. 49068 Robert A. Cole (616)781 -3928 ' miMF?a Marshall, Ml 49068 Compliments of PROGRESSIVE DYNAMICS, INC. WOLVERINE MOTOR SUPPLY CO. SEE USE FOR REPAIR PARTS for AUTO, TRUCKS, AND AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT OF MARSHALL 103 E. MARSHALL MARSHALL, Ml Pb. (616) 781-2830 Congratulations Class of “87” AALBRE GTSE Wolf. STloor Cor.r.n, C A ft ft ■ ▼ Men Wear Phone: 781-8931 112 W. Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan VINYL 49068 TILE — WALLPAPER DRAPERIES Compliments of LAUTENSLAGER- SINCE 1955 LIPSEY MARSHALL, MICHIGAN Televisions, Appliances, 827 W. MICHIGAN and Microwaves Ph. 781-9888 Locations in Albion and Marshall Drs. James, William, and Thomas Dobbins, M.D. 1170 W. Mich. Ave. Compliments of Calhoun County Drain Commissioner 316 Green Street Marshall Mich. 49068 Ernie Waffle LICENSED INSURED HEATING COOLING, INC. 1209 First Si Jackson, Mich 49203 (517) 782-8191 GARY G SCHULTZ 110 E Michigan Ave Marshall. Mich 49068 (616) 781-2107 MARK A. CESARZ S FLOWER BARN ... of marshall ". . . your phone opens our door" MAMHALLi |(1() Ttl-llll 108 E. MICMIQAIM MARSHALL, MICHIOAN CRAIG K. KEMPF FUNERAL HOME 103 E. Mansion Street Marshall Serving the Marshall — Tekonsha Area Phone (616) 781-9858 °cA Have a bowling party here Croup rates are available v _ it Call us for open bowling times it We have leagues for all ages it En oy sporting events on our Satellite J.V. St Medler Insurance Agency Ph. (616) 781-8167 1154 W. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Michigan 49068 (616) 781-3125 201 East Michigan Avenue P.O. Box 86 Marshall, Michigan 49068 Charles R. Medler Homewomers • Farm Owners Mobile Homes • Commercial Recreational Vehicles • Autos Life • Health • Money Market Funds 130SAME DAY SERVICE IF IN BY NOON YOUR WARDROBE WIU LOOK NICER AND LAST LONGER DRY CLEANED!” SMIHT MENTAL UNIFORMS HOURS MOM THRU FR4 SAT AS Mmuuud Zbtef. Sle£utuvf m Sebuice. itATMR MM AillRATOM MR AMS ORAHRT CllAMC FOR ALL YOUR PARTY NEEDS Come to KEN’S KOUNTRY KORNER Beer— Wine Groceries — Gas Try our deli fresh sandwiches'. Old U.S. 21 and F Dr. Sou. Marshall, Mich. 49068 Phone: (616) 781-6033 TWO HQUT7 CLt'ANlTlS kOAIHOA tCHLAIA t 1SS WIST MICHIGAN MARSHALL C OAM AM laGil E:T‘N CORPORATION MARSHALL DIVISION CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF ’87! We offer: • Co-Ed Hours • Nautilus Based Equipment • Free Weights • Full Locker Rooms • Dry Heat Saunas • Aerobic Classes • Karate Classes • Sun tanning • Personalised Programming 20% discount on a year membership to all graduating seniors in the Class of 87! 872 E. Michigan, Marshall Pb. (616) 781-0136 Heavy Duty Truck Steering Pumps Locking and Controlled Slip Differentials Viscous Fan Drives EATON CORPORATION Fluid Power Division 1101 W. Hanover St. Marshall, Ml 49068 1311201 W. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Mich. 49068 Ph. (616) 781-5154 101 W. Michigan Daily 9:30-5:30 Marshall, Ml 49068 Wed. and Fri. until 8:00p.m. Phone 616-781-3161 Closed Sunday KMART Congratulations '87 Kmart Coldwater and Marshall K-MartsCongratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of 1987 From BOSHEAR’S FORD SALES INC. 15081 Michigan. Marshall, MiHigh School and Junior High Index Baker, Richard —96, 100 Ball. Donald — 96 Begley, Brian — 44. 91 Bell, James — 44. 51,32,91.92 Blue. Amy — 2. 3. 32. 40. 42, 66. 74. 114 Blue, Michelle — 44 Breigel, David — 44, 3 I Brown, Linda — 8, 15, 16. 34, 20, 21, 23, 84. 115, 136 Brown, Melissa — 36, 38. 85. 87, 113 Brown, Robert — 36, 58, 59, 94, 80 Brownell, Jill — 98, 44, 47 Burgan, Ariana — 44, 113 Burgan, Dawn — 44 Burrow. Pame — 25. 28. 29. 33. 36. 38. 91. 92 Cagle, Sharon — 9, 40, 85 (Jail. Tanya —1.2. 28. 29, 30. 31, 39, 40, 42. 47, 56.66.67. 79,80. 89.91. 92. 114 ( un.Jami— 96, 100 Calcatera, Mark 44, 47, 51, 72 Cappella, Christine — 3, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22. 23. 27. 28. 29, 34. 30. 33. 84. 85. 88. 136 Carlson. Scott — 25. 26. 28. 29, 30. 35. 36. 38. 59.60.75. 76.86. 115.47,33 Chambers, Jim—96,98, 100 Cheeseman, Michael — 44 Clark, Chad — 2. 13, 14, 15, 16. 22, 49, 50, 58. 59.60. 68. 70, 82, 89. 90, 113. 47, 20 Clark. Craig — 44. 51.61, 75, 76, 88. 89, 91, 92 Clark. Todd A. — 3. 29, 44. 46, 51.61, 72, 75. 76. 88. 89. 47 Clark. Todd W — 44. 46. 51. 33. 34 Coats. Heather — 28. 29. 44. 88. 89. 91 Coats, Man in — 96, 100 Coffman, Jeffrey — 3, 28. 29. 36. 48, 50, 59. 65, 75. 76,81,85,47, 33 Coffman. Mark — 28, 29. 30, 44. 51,61. 75, Cole, David — 44, 51 Cole, Tamra — 40. 41, 114 Cole. Tracy — 94, 95. 100 Cook. Brett — 94.98. 100 Cook, Robert — 15, 16, 87 Coppock, Paul — 44 Coppock, Thomas — 9. 44, 91,92 Crawford. Shawn — 94, 100 Cutchall, Chris — I. 39. 40, 88. 89 Cute hall, Tammy — 13. 14, 15. 16,88,89, 90.91.92 Dault. Kelly — 96, 100 Davidson, Eric — 96 Davis, Michael — 2, 15. 16, 27, 50, 58. 59, 60.68.69,83.87. 114, 20,47 Davis, Timothy — 13, 16. 23, 27, 50. 68, 89. 90, 113,69. 70.47,20 Delmont, Jennifer — 88, 94, 99, 100 Delmont. Michael — 2. 36. 38. 58, 59. 75. 76. 89. 47 DeMent, David — 94 Devenney, Chnstm — 82, 99, 100 Devenney, Loren — 40, 5 1, 52 Diet , Brian — 44, 71 Diet , Stephanie — 29, 35, 36 Doolittle, Missy — 40, I 14 Duckett, Micheal — 15. 16, 18, 87, 114 Ebens, Keri — 14, 15. 16, 18,90 Esch. Shane — 3. 9. 39. 40. 42. 58. 59. 61.68. 72,81,89. 62. 70 Essdtine, Raymond — 3, 13. 14, 15. 16. 18, Esseltine, Rex — 28, 29, 40, 4 I, 48, 49, 91, 92. 114 Faurot, Tracy — 36, 33 Fauroi, William — 40 Feltner, George — 3. 8, 15. 16, 48, 58. 59,60,, 113.69. 70. 20, 21.47 Fogel, David — I. 35. 36, 38. 89. 113 Foote. Dennis — 48, 61,83, 88, 89, 91. 92, 47 Fowler, Brian — 40, 51, 52 Geer. Allison — 2. 3. 26. 28, 29. 30, 40, 41, 42. 54. 65. 63. 62, 79, 80, 89. 90. 91.92 Geer. Melanie — 96. 97. 99. KM) Goheen, Roben — 15. 16, 25, 27. 28, 29. 91. 92 Goheen, Todd — 93. 96, 100 Goodman. Denise — 40, 41,8 3, 84, 85,91. 92 Goodman, Frances — 36 Goodman. Stacie — 3, 95, 96, 100 Griffith, Tonya — 45 Griffith. Theresa — 35, 36. 85, 87. 89, 33 Grigsby, Tammy — 38 Groholske, Ryan — 93. 96, 98, 100 Hall. Jeromy — Hall. Michelle — 35. 36, 38, 113, 32 Hall. Travis — 93. 94,98 Hampton, Tara — 66, 82, 96. 99, 100 Hanson, Lisa — 45, 74 Herman, Barbara — 45, 91 Herman, Curtis — 29, 36, 38, 85, 87 Herman, Timothy — 45, 5 I Hiesrodt, Jess — 94, KM) Hilbert, Sandra — 26, 40, 114 Hill, Jason—96, 1 (M) Hinspctcr, Joseph — 45. 86, 115 Holbrook. Manha — 29. 36. 53. 54. 63, 64 65, 73. 74, 77. 78. 81.89. 91.92. 99 Holbrook, Paul — 45, 51,61,62 Horton, Robert —94, 100 Horton. Stephanie — 2, 16. 18, 23, 28. 29, 31 20,33, 34 Hunt. Holly — 28, 35. 36, 37, 53. 54, 55, 74. 84. 85. 86. 89. 113. 115. 136, 32. 34. 47 Imhof, Aaron — 94, 100 James. Sonja — 97, 99, 100 Jarrell. Tonya — 88, 93, 94, 95, 99 Johnson. Andrew — 3. 39, 40, 42, 86, 115 Johnson. Jerry — 2, 25, 26, 29. 30, 31. 39. 68, 81,42.82,89 Kassar, Katia — 13, 16. 23.65, 63.64, 20, 21,47 Katz, Annette — 13, 14, 15. 16, 22, 54. 55, 63, 64,65, 74, 89.90. 20, 21.47 Katz. Gregory — 9, 96, 100 Katz. Mark — 39. 40. 42. 51.52, 59.61.62, 75. 76. 47 Katz. Tricia — 2. 28. 29. 36, 38, 83, 85. 88, 89.91.92, 33 Kcifer, Carol — 15, 16, 87 Kilgore. Robie — 94. 98, KM) Knight. Teresa — 36, 38, 83. 85 Kosier, Lisa — 40, 114 Krumvede, Julie — 28, 36, 38. 63.64, 65, 74, 88. 89 Krumvede. Melissa — 16, 23, 28. 29. 89, 90. 34, 20 LaFond. Jolynnda — 94. 1(H) LaFond, Merrian — 15, 16, 20, 87, 20 Lambert, Daniel — 3, 94, 95, 98, 100 Lambert, Chris — 45, 71 LaMee, Linda — 35, 36, 88. 89 Langridge. Shelly — 93. 94, 100 Leatherman, Angela — 88. 94, 99, KM) Lewis. Toni 13. 15. 16. 20, 21.84, 85,91,92, 136, 20. 21 Lincoln. Jason — 40, 91,92 Long. Jodi — 2. 3, 28. 29. 36. 37. 38, 47, 54. 74.81.84, 85.91.92. 34.47 Loomis. Michael — 45, 46, 71 Mains, Tony — 94 Maisner. Lisa — 44. 45. 46, 66. 80, 91.92 Mams. Roben — 36, 37, 47. 48, 50, 59.60, 68. 86. 80. 47 McDowell, Daniel — 47. 36, 38, 30. 47, 68 McDowell, Paulette — 45, 56, 66, 67, 82, 91, 92 McFadden, Brian — 1, 13, 15, 16, 20, 25, 88. 89. 90.91.92. 20 McFadden. Karen — 2, 15, 16, 18. 20, 21. 22, 23. 28. 29, 89. 90.91. 92. 20, 21. 34 Mc Fadden. Scott — 40, 51.61,85, 91.92, 62Melville, Frederick — 36, 87 Micheilsrn. Jerry — 39. 40, 41,31,32 Middaugh. James — 96. 98. I(K) Middaugh, Shancel — 43 Minnear. Tonya — 94, 100 Mitchell, Chris — 40, 66,67, 83 Morris, Andrew — 37, 38, 47, 81, 47 Morris. Willie —40, 114 Nagel. Leslie — 3. 32. 37. 38. 83. 88. 89. 32 Neal. Larry — 28. 43, 71,91,92 Neal. Pamela — 37, 47,63,63, 64, 77, 78, 80. 47 Newland, Kim — 3. 40, 47, 56, 66, 67, 80, 47 Newland. Lonnie — 39, 41, 42, 47, 71,47 Norgan. Brian — 8, 15. 16, 20, 27, 19, 20 Norgan. Jennifer — 2, 37, 38, 91,92 Norgan. Lisa — 94, 99, KM) Olds. Howard — 15. 20. 48, 49, 83. 87, 20 Olds. Russell — 39. 41,42. 47. 51.61.88. 89. 47 Palmer, David — 45, 86, 115 Patton, Kimberly — 37 Payscno, Robert — 97, 98, KM) Peterson, Robert, — 94, 95, KM) Phillips, Becky — 45, 47, 56, 66, 72, 74, 82, 47 Prichard. Heath — 51, 114 Prichard, Stephanie — 97, KM) Pullen, Dale — 16, 87 Pulsipher, Elizabeth — 13, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23. 27, 32, 47, 74, 77, 78, 89,90, 113. 20. 21.47.32 Pulsipher, Melinda — 3, 37, 38, 91, 33 Pulsipher, Sarah — 3. 82, 95. 97, 99. 100 Randall. Mary — 39. 41.47. 56, 66. 113.47 Reincke, Danica — 9. 80. 93. 97, 100 Reincke, Dea — 41, 114 Reincke, 37. 38, 85. 87 Rench, Jason — 45, 51,71, 83. 89. 91.92 Rench, Layla — 80, 96. 97. 99. 100 Renfro, Katrina — 95, KM) Reynolds, Debbie — 1.45, 66, 67, 91,92 Richardson, Ryan — 51,98, KM) Ritter, Nicole — 2. 28, 29. 30. 37, 38. 47.63, 64.65, 73, 74. 77, 78. 81.84, 85. 89. 33, 34, 47 Rogers, Lonnie — 97, 100 Root, Donna — 63, 95, 100 Rowe, Debra — 88, 95, 100 Runyon, Bradley — 2. 29. 30, 37, 38, 47. 50, 79. 68. 70, 86. 88, 89, 115. 33, 47 Sanders. Judd —97, KM) Sayer, Chad — 97 Schafer. Randy — 3, 35. 37. 38. 50. 58, 59, 60,80.87, 113 Scherer, Doug — 44, 45, 51, 52, 61,91,92, 62 Scherer. Jodi— 1,97,99, 100 Schondel, Richard — 13. 15, 16, 18, 26, 68, 84.85, 136. 70 Schweiken. Richard — 41.42, 114 Selby. Laura — 9, 29. 35, 37,47, 53. 54. 63. 64. 65. 73. 74. 77. 78, 81.84, 89. 113. 33. 47 Selby. Loren — 46, 47, 51, 52, 72. 89.62, 47 Shaffer, Kenneth — 3. 88. 95. 98. 100 Shaffer. Leslee — 3. 97. 99. KM) Shelton, Mike — 95 Shepherd. Heather — 74, 97. 99. 100 Sheppard, Toni — 63. 82, 94. 95. 99, 100 Shive, Jason — 97, 98 Shumway, Laune — 3, 95, 99, 100 Siegel, Scoct — 37 Sisco, Chad — 28, 29, 44. 46, 61.82. 91.92. 62 Sisco, Joseph — 2. 3, 37, 38. 48. 49. 50, 33 Slone, Mickie — 41, 56, 67, 86, 115 Smith, Lisa — 46 Smith, Matthew — 3, 13, 14, 15, 16, 21, 26, 47, 48,49, 50, 75,76,21.47 Snyder, Dorman — 46, 72 Snyder, Regina — 2, 29, 30, 44, 46, 56,66, 67, 79,80. 82.91.92 Snyder, Samantha — 14, 16, 21, 27, 32, 84, 91.92, 136.21,32, 34, 19 Stage, Heidi — 46 Stemaly, Scott — 9. 50. 59, 82, 93,95,98. 100 Struwin, Paulette — 8, 14, 16, 20, 21, 22, 54, 113, 115, 116, 20,21,33, 34 Stuan, Nicole — 9. 56.82,93. 95, 99, 100 Stuart, Paul — 16, 87, 114 Swafford, Andy — 6, 39, 41, 114 Swafford. Roy — 32, 37. 47. 68, 113. 69. 47 Swafford, Sharon — 74, 82, 97, 99, 100 Swafford, Tracy — 31, 46, 56, 74, 79, 80, 81, 82. 89 Taylor. Alisa — 95. KM) Thomas, Amy — 46, 56, 88, 89 Thomas, Brian — 9, 37, 38. 47, 65. 68. 69. 115,47 Thomas. Chad — 59. 82. 95, 98. 100, 81.68 Thompson. Shawn — 46, 51,71 Turley, David — 46, 47,61, 75, 76, 62 Turley, Douglas — 95, KM) Turley, Mary — 28. 29. 37. 38. 47, 54. 63. 64. 65. 74,91.92 Upston, Dee Dee — 3, 13, 15, 16, 19,63.64, 113, 136 Upston, Tammy — 3. 39. 41,47, 56 Upston, Tnstina — 93,95, 100, 113 VanSyckle, Rick — 94. 98 VanSyckle, Roy — 98 VanSyckle, Rose Vond, Beverly — 46 Voice, Annette — 41,83, 85 Vosburg, Jennifer — 8, 14, 16,27, 32,91,92 Vosburg, Laura — 28, 29, 40, 41,42, 47, 56, 66,67. 74,81.89,91.92. 114 Walker, Tammy — 46 Wallen. Angela — 25, 46, 47, 56, 88, 89, 91, 92 Warner, Aaron — 2, 29, 30, 35, 37, 38, 75,, 115 Warner, Bruce — 8, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 28, 29. 32.47, 48. 50. 58, 59.60. 75, 76.82. 84.85.86. 115, 136 Warner, Lesley — 41, 114 Warner, Melissa — 41, 56, 89, 90 Warsop, Penny — 3, 37, 38, 47, 54, 65, 74, 63,64.85,91.92 Warsop, Ronald — 2, 3, 13. 14, 16, 20, 21, 26, 50. 68. 70 Washburn, David — 26, 46 Washburn, Steven — 3. 94.95, 100 Watkins, Aubrey — 3,95, 99, 100 Webber, Donna — 8, 13, 15, 16. 18. 20, 21. 29, 32. 47, 53, 54. 73. 74, 77, 78, 81.83. 87, 89. 90 Welch, Byron — 46, 51, 72 Welch, Susan — 46 Weller, Darrell — 40 Weller, Lesa — 37 Weller. Jean — 37. 38. 47, 63, 64, 65 Weller. Sheila — 95. 99. 100 Wiljanen, Tracy — 3, 41 Wilbur. Stacy — 28, 29. 31, 46, 54, 79. 80. 82,91 Wilson. Chad — 93. 97, 98, 100 Wilson, Cindy — 16. 18. 23. 84. 85. 89. 90, 114 Wood, Klarissa — 37, 54 Wooden. Corey — 28. 29. 30, 31.41.42. 61, 72, 79.88, 89.91.92 Woods, Denise — 3, 13, 15, 16, 20, 27, 32, 47.49. 50. 87 Woods, Donalda— 1, 14, 16,31,84,85, 136 Woods, Hugh — 3, 37, 50 Woods, Kenneth — 95, 100 Woods, Michael — 46, 51, 52 Wright. Jeffrey — 37, 38. 89. 113 Yates. William — 15, 16, 18, 25. 27, 32, 74. 87 Young, Scott — 46, 51 Zook, Christine —31.88. 93.95.99, 100 Zook, Jeanne — 28, 29, 37, 89The 1987Journalism Staff has YOUR number!

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