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II. •• 1 .V r »v. «• %% THE 1986 INDIAN ROSE D. WARWICK HIGH SCHOOL to TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN s Our school years are the best in life — A fact that can't be denied. There are all the friends we've grown to love with whom we've laughed and cried. Remembering the fun and laughter, the problems and the fears, 7%% •»» 'M w And watchng all our memories grow throughout the passing years. The memories of the dances and W 4l the new friends we've met, Vacations, teachers, talking and ••• the tests we'd rather forget. Yes, our school days are precious, but brief, Where all your dreams come true. When these days come to an end. They will have prepared us to start anew. ••• • :• :i ... ' =• if :» •7 il •• A I Contents Opening 1 Faculty and Services 8 Seniors 12 Senior Activities 24 Juniors 35 Sophomores 39 Freshmen 43 Junior High 91 Athletics 47 Organizations 83 Elementary 99 Advertisers and Patrons 111 Acknowledgements no Indian Staff 136 A 3 A4 1. Barb Herman and Deb Reynolds pose at the Fall Festival. 2. Steve Bennett, Matt Smith, and Karen McFadden are studying hard in English class. 3. "We wear our sunglasses" is what this group's reply was during Homecoming Week. 4. Some junior boys get together during their study hall. 5. Aaron Warner is "Mr. Biology." 6. Spending time in the hall are Kathi Swafford and Chris Katz. A 6 2A 5 1. Amy Johnson and Donna Woods are some real Wild Punkers!!! 2. Smiling pretty are Lori Herman and Holly Hunt. 3. Sue Cubbon, Lan and Nat Reinoke take time out to cheese it up for the Camera. A. Child Development class is leaching students about being real "parents. '' 5. Our boy cheerleaders Danny Me Dowel, Steve Pulsipher. Kurt Shilling, and Ray Esseltme are looking gooood!!! 6. Ray Esseltme looks as if he could be mad after being elected the most convincing "Rambo" at the Journalism Dance. A 6 3"A NIGHT TO REMEMBER" H O M E C 0 M 1 N G This year's Homecoming was a night to remember for everyone, especially the Seniors. Homecoming was sponsored by the class of '87 and the theme for the floats was "(airy tales." The Sophomores took first in the floats, while the lr. High received second, and the Freshmen came in third. Monday started off with the traditional dress up days for the week. The cheerleaders had chosen different types of costumes for the students to participate in during the week. Monday was "picture" day, so students couldn't dress up, but Tuesday you could see students in the hallway with hats, ties, and shades on. Wednesday was "funky" day, while Thursday was North Adam "nerd" clay. Finally the one and only "red and white" day was Friday. Wednesday night was the annual snake dance where all the students made a human chain and got dragged through various places by the leader. When Friday afternoon came, it started to rain, but that didn't stop the parade of floats and the Homecoming Court. After the parade everyone met in the gymnasium for a game of tug of war instead of playing powder puff football in the muddy weather. Finally the night came and the Tekonsha Indians proudly defeated the North Adam Rams. Beth Russell and Brian Salt gaber were crowned as the "1985-86 Homecoming Queen and King" by last year's attendants, Lori Beam and Marty Schaffer. The theme was "Cherish" by Kool and the Gang. Mrs. Shumway donated a three layered cake and punch for refreshments during the dance. It was quite a night! I 9 8 5 Seniors Amy lohnson and her escort Kyle Klingaman 1985-86's Homecoming Queen and King, Beth Russell and Brian Salugaber Seniors Penny Neal and her escort Leon Balyear AJuniors Jenni Vosburg and her escort Bruce Warner Eighth Grade, Tracy Swafford and her escort Douglas Scherer Sophomores Jodi Long and her escort left Wright Seventh Grade, Aubrey Watkins and her escort Chad Thomas Freshmen Dea Reincke and her escort Andy Johnson Last year's attendants, Lori Beam and Marty Schaffer, crownbearers, Jennifer and Kenneth Keeton _ : A 3 A 2 A 4 1. The Senior High Band marches through the pouring rain. 2. Aaron Warner raps to an 'Indian" song he made up. 3. The winning sophomore float travels in style. 4. A bunch of students cheer on the Seniors in the game "tug of war." 5. (Left to right) Brian Saltzgaber, Kurt Shilling, Scoff Carlson, and Brad Runyon are trying to impersonate the North Adam's cheerleaders. 7Mr. Tony Bowling, Life Science, Physical Geography, Biology, Advanced Biology, Physics. Remedial Math. Y Mr. Kevin McMullin, Jr. and Sr. High Choir, jr. and Sr. High Band, Elementary Band, Music Theory, Stage Band. Mrs. Vilma Carlson, Practical English, English 10, Advanced English, Spanish 1 and 2, Composition and Literature. Mr. Roger Maples, Science 7, 8, Agriculture, Inside Michigan. Mr. Duane Richardson, Social Studies 7, 8, State and Local Occupations. Mrs. Karen Friend, Study Hall Supervisor, Librarian. Mr. Wayne Mason, Drafting (Mechanical Drawing), Math 7, General Math, Jr. and Sr. High Industrial Arts. Mr. Larry Stout, Recreational Sports, Jr. and Sr. High Physical Education, Intermediate Algebra. 8Mr. Paul Sweet. Accounting. Typin„ English 9. Mr. Norman Taylor, World History, U.S. History, Social Issues, Civics, Government. Mr. Robert Tyckoski, Computer Literacy, (,eometry, Careers, Algebra 1 and 2, Math 8. Mrs. Carlene Zollner, Reading 7, English 8, Speech and Drama, Journalism. Mr. Roger Carlson, Superintendent. Mr. Arthur King, Business Manager. Mrs. Rinette Tyckoski. Health and Nutrition, Math 8, Consumer Economics, Child Development and Textiles, Personal Living Skills. F A C u L T y and A Mr. James Showers, Principal. i s T R A T Mrs. Wendy Livingston, Counselor. I o NMrs. Nancy Coffman, Secretary Mrs. Carol Fogel, Hot Lunch Cashier. Elementary Janitors, Mrs. Linda Lambert, Mr. Harry Gallop. School Board — (Front Row) Sharon Warsop, Trustee; Dianne Kalnins, Trustee; (Back Row) Nelson Shedd, Vice-President; Donald Brewer, Trustee; Stephen Pulsipher, Treasurer; Robert Hinspeter, Secretary; Edwin Shumway, President. Cafeteria Staff — Mrs. Toni Saltzgaber, Mrs. Loraine Yates, Mrs. Anita Waffle, Mrs. Harriett Doolittle, Mrs. Wanda Runyon. 1. Mrs. Anita Waffle and Mrs. Loraine Yales work hard to prepare the hot lunch for the students. 2. Mr. Paul Sweet tries to figure out what is wrong with a typewriter while Chris Mitchell hams it up for the camera. 3. faithanne Petersen encourages Principal lim Showers to keep our hallways clean while Mrs. Carlene Zollner tries to sneak into 7th hour lournalism Class. High School Janitors, Mrs. Sharon Selby, Mr. Reid Waffle, Mr. Earl Samson. Bus Drivers — (Front Row) Mrs. Carol Hughes, Mrs. Debbie Watkins, Mrs. Connie Phelps. (Back Row) Mrs. Sharon Selby, Mr. Reid Waffle, Mrs. Bertha Phelps.Dr. Serra and Lew A I lenkins Retire Al the end of the I985 school year, Tekonsha lost two great men to retirement, Mr. Lewis jenkins and Dr. joseph Serra. Mr. jenkins worked for 16 and one half years for Tekonsha. Many of his jobs around the school included elementary school custodian, bus driver and mechanic, and bus driver supervisor. Dr. Serra worked in the educational field for 37 years, but 12 of those years were spent in Tekonsha. Dr. Serra received his M.A. at New York University and his Doctorate Degree at Indiana University. There was a retirement party held in their honor on September 8, 1985, at the high school. The community was invited to come talk about the old times and what the two retirees were planning to do in the future. The school not only lost two talented men, but also two men whom students could talk to if they had a problem, or just wanted to sit down and talk about anything. The school will truly miss Mr. lenkins and Dr. Serra, but these hard workers and true friends will hopefully be near enough to visit. 1. Dr. Serra and Lew lenkins are shaking hands at their retirement party. 2. Mr. lenkins is opening some of his gifts and cards from friends. 3. Dr. Serra talks to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor at his send off. 4. Dr. and Mrs. Serra stand behind one of the retirement cakes provided by Mrs. Gladys Plieri. 5. Mr. and Mrs. lenkins pose for a picture 5 together. 11s E N I O R S 12 LA group of "RAMBO" seniors take time out for a shot! 2. Brian Saltzgaber poses for the camera. "Peace Man." 3. Yes, seniors are , according to Kurt Shilling. 4. "Don’t you dare take my picture," warned Steve Pulsipher. 5. Beth Russell is working so hard!! (Hee, I lee) A 4 • « I 00 • f: i ii CKecIc out these C-OQI- CATS! A? tl • mi • f v«« •••14 A 5 .Anita Doolittle, Sean Casey, and Cina Bergerson strut their stuff. Beth Russell, Lori Burrow, and Brenda Rafferty are three "mothers" comparing notes. I. Tim Fogel smiles for the camera. I. Drenched Seniors are I. i. Torsten Vogel is working hard. . Anita Doolittle is caught drying her hair after a morning Volleyball practice. 1 Lanette Reincke and Susan Cuhhon are all deckedA 6 4 4 7 A8 A 9 A 10 1. Mike Hallis doing his thing on the piano 2. "A rose between two thorns.' Sean Casey and Amy lohnson. 3. Lanette Remcke. Kurt Shilling, and Annette Remcke show their 1 spirit at a dance 4. Penny Neal is telling Lisa Hall how it's done 5. Diana Klmgaman and Amy lohnson are studying for the big test. 6. Brian Sallzgaber poses for a picture after taking a bath in whip cream. 7. The [con. class is caught goofing off. 8. Beth Russell says, "Don't you dare take that picture!'' 9. Penny Neal says. "Thanks a lot guys." 10. Marty Hampton and Lori Burrow are looking "pretty." J W. CoJ. Sram (jurrttt C s.» m cmo ‘Jnilu Itjarir Jboofiltf Oimolku fa« Tloutl (jin a ■JLynn try man S ,«, £. fJieon HukurJ L aUatJt)aiid Doote 'Warty . i-Jumpton rjCynn tyolt President n sort lisa Carol Mali Dodd Sarnie Jerome Dluyes a ri stop Iter Hottin Katz Wuka.( am' JJaltCONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Chris, congratulations on a job well done! Love, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Tim, Annette, Mark Congratulations, Annette, we are very proud of you. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan E. Powell Amy, love and best wishes. Mom, Dad, Mel, and Andy Kyle, your senior year is here, we hope each day is great! We think you deserve the best and may your future days be bright. Lots of Love, Dad, Mom, Kevin, Kellie, Mark, Michelle We're proud of you, Tim. Thanks for the memories. Love, Mom and Rob Congratulations, Penny. We love you! Love, Dad, Mom, Butch, Pam, and Larry Congratulations, Robin, finally the last one! Love, Mom and Dad Todd Hayes — Good luck in the future. The Briegel Family HONOR STUDENTS Kathi Swafford, Mike Hall, Gina Bergerson, Chris Coppock, Anita Doolittle, Lori Herman, Chris Katz, Diana Klingaman, Chris LaMee, Steve Pulsipher, Brenda Rafferty, Annette Reincke, Beth Russell, Kurt Shilling. 17M 0 C K E L E C T 1 O N S 18 BEST EYES — Lori Burrow and Leon Balyeat BEST MATCHED COUPLE — Amy johnson and Marty Hampton BEST SENSE OF HUMOR — Donna Kemp and Kip Reincke BIGGEST APPETITE — Lisa Hall and Kurt Shilling CLASS AIRHEAD — Kathi Swafford and Steve King CLASS BRAT — Faithanne Petersen and Torsten Vogel CLASS CHATTERBOX — Lori Burrow and Mike Rafferty CLASS GOSSIPER — Lisa Hall and Kurt Shilling CUTEST COUPLE — Kathi Swafford and Chris Katz HYPER — Faithanne Petersen and Mike Rafferty MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED — Annette Reincke and Mike Hall MOST ORGANIZED — Lori Herman and Sean Casey MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT — Amy lohnson and Rick McDowell ODD COUPLE — Chris Coppock and Raymond Cook QUIETEST — Chris LaMee and Steve King ROWDIEST — Lanette Reincke and Leon Balyeat TEACHER'S PET — Annette Reincke and Torsten Vogel WORST DRIVER — Faithanne Petersen and Raymond CookALWAYS IN THE HALLS — Lanette Reincke and Tim Fogel CRAZIEST — Donna Kemp and Sean Casey FRIENDLIEST — Beth Russell and Marty Hampton MOST POPULAR — Beth Russell and Brian Saltzgaber ALWAYS TARDY — Lanette Reincke and Steve Pulsipher BEST LOOKING — Susan Cubbon and Brian Saltzgaber MOST OUTGOING — Anita Doolittle and Kurt Shilling BIGGEST BREAK-UP — Annette Reincke and Steve Pulsipher SILLIEST — Lori Burrow and Sean Casey BEST DRESSED — Gina Bergerson and Steve Pulsipher LEADER — Amy Johnson and Tim Fogel SMARTEST — Gina Bergerson and Mike HallCLASS CHEATER — Susan Cubbon and Kyle Klingaman BEST BODY — Beth Russell and Leon Balyeat BEST PERSONALITY — Diana Klingaman and Marty Hampton CLASS CLOWN — Brenda Rafferty and Mike Rafferty BEST DANCER — Cina Bergerson and Mike Hall MOST AMBITIOUS — Lori Herman and Chris Katz CLASS FLIRT — Penny Neal and Kyle k'linaaman BEST HAIR — Annette Powell and David Foote MOST ATHLETIC — Anita Turley and Brian Saltzgaber 20Toronto Bound! Around 4:30 A.M. on the morning of May 25, students of the class of 1986 started to gather at the school. Excitement and last minute preparations were on everyone's mind because this was the start of the three day trip to Toronto, Canada. The bus was supposed to be at the school at 4:30 and the group was to be on the road by 5 A.M. People were starting to get nervous when the bus didn't show up until 5:30! The seven hour trip didn't seem to be too bad, considering most everyone slept on the way up. After part of the long three day bus journey was over, everyone unpacked his suitcases at the Toronto-Yorkdale Holiday Inn. that afternoon they had the chance to swim, sit in the sauna, or walk around the city to see what it had to offer. The evening consisted of having supper aboard a ferryboat called Captain John s. Afterward the bus took the group through Toronto to see its nightlife. After getting back to the hotel, people were going from room to room, keeping eveiyone from sleeping. During all of this excitement there were a few injuries. Tim Fogel and Kathi Swafford got their fingers slammed in doors. Lori Burrow also suffered the same fate, but she had to spend the evening in the hospital getting stitches. During the next two days in Toronto, students visited the Ontario Science Centre, the Metro Toronto Zoo, the CN Tower, Casa Loma, a huge shopping center called the Eaton Center, and Niagara Falls. s E N I O R A2 A3 T R I P A 4 A 5 1. A close-up view of Niagara Falls greets the travelers. 2. Mr. Mason, Tim Fogel. and Lori Herman wait for the bus at Niagara Falls. 3. The '86ers pose together at the Metro Zoo. 4. Dave Foote. Linda — the busdriver. jerry Johnson, Mildred Foote, and Sharon johnson keep an eye on the class 5. Monday night, when they ate Ed's Warehouse, Steve Slone and Steve Pulsipher got a birthday surprise. Both were given birth day cake and everyone sang the birthday song to them. 6. Tom Volstromer. Anita Turley. Donna Kemp. Chris Coppock and Faithanne Petersen are having fun alter supper. 7. Chris Kau and Kathi Swafford pose with a rose. 211. Amy Johnson and Marty Hampton anxiously await the graduates' approach. 2. Tim Fogel walks up the aisle, looking really nervous. 3. Lori Herman and Annette Powell have a quick chat while awaiting their approach. 4. Lanette Reincke appears very happy that the day was finally there. 5. Seniors are accepting their diplomas. 6. Steve Pulsipher, Annette Reincke, Susan Cub-bons stand in receiving line. 7. Mike Hall gives his Valedictorian speech. 8. Faithanne Peterson is accepting her diploma. 9. Leon Baleyeot poses for a quick shot before graduation begins. W. David Foote steps into the world! 11. Brenda Rafferty gives a definition of the class motto. I 9 8 6 23Senior Activities LEON BALYEAT . .. Wrestling — 9. 10; 4th Place in Invitational (Wrestling) 9; FB - 9, 10. 11; Homecoming Attendant — 12. STEVE BENNISON... Football — 9; Soccer — 10; American History Award 11; Standard Achievement Award — II. GINA BERGERSON . . H R. — 9. 10, 11. 12; Band 9, 10. 11. 12; Choir — 9. 10. 12; Cabaret — 9, II. 12; lournahsm — 11; Cheerl. — 11. TAG — 11; Salutalorian 12; KCC Certificate of Academic Excellence — 12; Choir Award — 12; Band Board — 12. LORI BURROW . VB — 10, Vo-ed. Health Occupations (HOSA: Prepared Speaking. Exlemperaneous Speaking, Parliamentary Procedures. First Aid. CPR) II. 12; 2nd Place in Regionals. Prepared Speaking 11; President of Vo ed Class — 12; Presi dent of Parliamentary Procedures — 12. HOSA Presidential Award — 12; First Aid and CPR Certificates — 12; 1st Place in Regionals and 2nd Place in State. Extemporaneous Speaking — 12; 1st Place in Regionals. Parliamentary Procedures - 12; Cm-mg on to Nationals in Philadelphia. PA — 12; Cheerl. — 12. SEAN CASEY ... Announcer for Band and Choir — 9, 10. 11. 12; Drama Club 9, 10. 11. 12; Drama Award — 11; Choir Award — 11; Olympics of the Mind — 12; Cabaret Master of Ceremony — 12; Cabaret — 9. 10. 11. 12; Band Board — 12; Sean Casey Drama Award — 12; Voice of THS Announcer Award — 12. RAYMOND COOK H R. — II. 12. Vo ed. Ag Mech II. 12. Ag Mech Cer tihcate — 12; Outstanding Ag. Mech. Student — 12. CHRIS COPPOCK Orchestra — 9; H R. — 9. 10. 11; TAG — 10; French — 10. 11; Vo ed. Steno — 11. Co-op — 12; Honor Student 12. SUE CUBBON . Cheerl. — 9; H R. —9. 10. 11. 12; Spanish — 10; Vo ed. Marketing (DECA) — 11. 12; lournahsm — 12; Tekonsha Idea Editor — 12; Co-op ■ 12. ANITA DOOLITTE VB — 9. 10. 12; Band — 9. 10. 11. 12; Pep Band - 9, 10. 11. 12; Choir — 9. 10. 11. 12; Cabaret — 9. II. 12; Choir Award — 11; Class Vice President — 11; H.R. — 9. 10. 11. 12; Band Board — 12; Choir Board — 12; Honor Student — 12; Outstanding Choir Award. TIM FOCAL . BKB — 9; BB — 9. 10; Vo-ed. Industrial Machines — II. 12. Industrial Machines Certificate — 12; H R. — 12; Co-op — 12. DAVID FOOTE ..BKB- 9; BB - 10. 11. 12; TR —II. USA HALL VB — 9; TR — 9. 10; H R. — 9. 10. 11; Child Care Certificate 11; Voed Student Council Representative — 11; Cheerl. — 11. 12; Cabaret — 12 MIKE FfALL ... TR — 9; Band - 9. 10. 11. 12; Pep Band - 9. 10; Choir — 9. 12; Cabaret — 9. 10. 11. 12; Spanish — 9. 11; Play — 9. 10. 11; H R. — 9. 10. II. 12; TAG. Student — 10. 11. 12; Band Board — 10. 12; Who's Who — 11; fohn Phillip Sousa Award (Band) — 12; Stage Band 12; DAR Good Citizen Award 12; Vatedictorian — 12; State of Ml Competitive Scholarship Certificate 12; KCC Cer tihcate of Academic Excellence — 12; Tekonsha Education Association Scholarship Award — 12; Outstanding Choir Award — 12; Outstanding Stage Band Award 12. MARTY HAMPTON.. . Vo-ed. Heating and Plumbing — 11; Co-op — 12. TODD HAYES...BKB— 10; Ag. Mech. — 12; Co-op — 12. LORI HERMAN Student Council Representative — 9; Cheerl. 9. 10; Band 9. 10; Cabaret — 10; Class Secrelary Treasurer — 10. 12; H R. — 9. 10. 11. 12; Vo ed. Steno — II. 12; lournahsm Business Manager — 12; Honor Student 12; Clerk Typist. Receptionist and General Office Clerk Certificates — 12; Co-op — 12; Outstanding Steno Student — 12. AMY IOHNSON . . . Cheerl. - 9; BKB — 9, VB 9. 10. 11; Band — 9. 10. 11. 12; Pep Band — 9. 10. 11. 12; H R. — 9. 10. 11. 12; Cabaret — 10. 12; Sr. High Band Recognition — 10; Class President — II. 12; Play Prop Committee II. 12; Homecoming Attendant — 11. 12; Vo-ed. Health Occupations (HOSA) — 11; HOSA Secretary — 11; lournahsm — 12; Cabaret Mistress of Ceremony — 12. CHRIS KATZ ...BKB — 9. 10; Class Vice President — 9. 10; FB — 9. 10. 11. 12; TR — 9. 10. 11. 12; H.R. 9. 10. 11. 12; Student Council Representative 11; Who's Who 11; Honor Student — 12; Most Dedicated (Track) — II; SAR Citizenship Award 12; Army Student Athlete Award — 12; Outstanding Science Student Award 12; Scholar Athlete Award — 12; Burlington Men's Club Scholarship — 12; KCC Certificate of Academic Excellence— 12. DONNA KEMP . .. TR — 9. VB — 9. 10; Choir — 9. 10; Powderpuff 9. 10. 11. 12; BKB — 10; loumalism — 11; Class Secrelary Treasurer II; Prom Committee 11; H R. 11. 12; Vo-ed. Marketing (DECA ) — 12; 1st Place DECA Apparel and Ac cessones at Districts — 12; Outstanding Marketing Student — 12. STEVE KINC, .. Choir 9. 10. 11; TR - 10; Vo ed. Ag. Mech 11. 12; Ag Mech. Cer tihcate — 12; Perfect Attendance at Vo-ed — 12. DIANA KLINGAMAN VB — 9. 10. 11; Band — 9. 10. 11. 12; H.R. 9. 10. 11. 12; Pep Band 9. 10. 11. 12; Spanish — 9. 10; Who's Who — 11; 2nd Place in lr. Achievement Computer Simulation — 12; Honor Student — 12. KYLE KLINGAMAN FB — 9. 10. II. 12; FB — Steve Weller Award — 9; Student Council Representative — 9, 10. 12; BKB — 9. 10. 11. 12; BB — 10. 11. 12; FB — Most Improved — 11; FB — Honorable Mention — 11; BKB — Most Improved — 11; 1st Siring FB League — 12; 2nd String BKB — 12. CHRIS LAMEE . . BKB — 9, 10; Distinguished Society of American High School Students — 9. 10. 11; Band - 9. 10. 11. 12; Pep Band — 9. 10. 11. 12; H R. — 9. 10. 11. 12; Drama Club — 9. 10. 11. 12; VB — 10; Who's Who — 11; TAG. 12; Honor Student 12; Outstanding Math Award - 12; State of Ml C ompetitive Scholarship Certificate — 12: KCC Certificate of Academic Excellence — 12. EDDIE LEWIS Choir - 9. 10. 11; Vo ed. Ag. Mech. - 12; Ag. Mech. Certificate 12; Cabaret 12. IOANNE LINDQUIST TR- 9. Pep Band — 9; Choir - 9, 10; Band - 9, 10. 11. 12; Play. Make up Crew — 9. 10. 11; H R. — 9. 10. II. 12; Cabaret — 9. 10. II. 12. Spanish — 9; Who's Who — 11; Stage Band — 11; State of Ml Competitive Scholar ship Certificate — 12. ROBYN MACOMBER .. TR 9; Vo-ed. Veterinarian — 11; fl.R — 11; lournahsm 12; Spanish — 12. rick McDowell bb - fb — 9,10.11.12. bkb ;o. tr— 11 PENNY NEAL BKB 9. 10. TR 9. 10. 11; Class President 9; Cheerl. 10.11; Student Council 10. 11; Vo ed. Health Occupations (HOSA) — 11. Homecoming Attendant — 12. FAITHANNE PETERSEN TR — 9; Cheerl 9. 10. 12; Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Pep Band 9. 10. 11. H R 9. 10. 11. 12; Cabaret — 9. 10. II. 12; Choir 9. 10. II. Vo ed. Marketing (DECA) 12; DECA Apparel and Accessories 8lh at District 12; DECA State Competition — 12. lournahsm — 12 ANNETTE POWELL Band — 9. 10. 11. 12; Pep Band 9. 10; VB 10. 11 Cabaret — 11. 12; Fl.R. — 10. 11. 12; lournahsm — 11. 12; Co-Editor of 1986 Yearbook 12; Vo-ed. Marketing (DECA) — 12 STEVE PULSIPHER BB - 9. Pep Band — 9; H R. — 9. 10. 11. 12; TR 9. 10. 11. 12; BKB - 9. 10. 11. 12; FB — 9. 10. 11. 12; All League in FB - 12. Honor Student 12; Scholar Athlete Award — 12. BRFNDA RAFFERTY BKB - 9. 10; VB — 9. 10. 12. Member of Society of Distinguish ed American High School Students — 9. 10; Spanish Class — 10. 11; loumalism 11. 12; Tekonsha Idea Editor — 11; H R — 9. 10. 11. 12; Honor Student 12; State of Ml Competitive Scholarship Certificate MIKE RAFFERTY FB - 9. 10. 11. BB - 9. 10; TR 9. 10. 11; Prom Committee -11. ANNETTE RFINCKE Cheerl - 9. TR — 9. 10. 11. Broke the Mile Relay Race - 1; Broke the iiO Low Hurdles Record — II. Most Valuable Trackster — 11. Casern ment Representative Sent to Lansing — 12; H R. — 9. 10. 11. 12; Honor Student 12. KIP REINC KE BB 10; Choir — 9. 10; Vo-ed. Ag. Mech. — 11. 12; Ag. Mech. Cer tificate —12. LANETTE REINCKE ... Cheerl — 9; BKB — 9; Broke Mile Relay Record (Track); Track 9. 10; Class Treasurer Secretary — 9; Spanish — 10; H R. — 9. 10. 12; Publicity Manager for School Play — II; loumalism — 12; loumalism Photographer — 12; Vo ed. Steno - 11. 12; Receptionist and (aneral Office Clerk Certificates — 12. BE TH RUSSELL TR — 9; Choir — 9; Cabaret - 9. 10; H R — 9. 10. 11. 12; Cheer — 10. II; loumalism -10. II. 12; Newspaper Editor — 11; Yearbook Editor — 12; Honor Student — 12. BRIAN SALTZGABER ... FB — 9. 10. 11. 12; BB — 9. 10. 11. 12. BKB — 9. 10. 11. 12; TR — 10. 11. 12; Band — 9. 10. 11. 12; All League in FB. BB. BKB — 10. 11. 12; BB - All Region. All District. All Stale — 10; BB — All District — 11, 12; FB — All State — 11. 12; BKB All State Special Mention II; BKB — All State — 12; TR — Holds the Long lump Record (21‘8' • ) — 12; Homecoming Attendant — 11; Cabaret Master of Ceremony — 11; Homecoming King — 12. KURT SHILLING ... FB- 9. 10; Band — 9. 10. 11. 12; H R. - 9. 10. 11, 12; Outstanding Choir Award —11; Co-op — 12; Honor Student — 12; Ouslandmg Pep Band Member — 12; Pep Band — 9. 10. 11. 12. STEVE SLONE . FB — 9. 10. 11. 12; BB — 9. 10; BKB 10. KATHI SWAFFORD ... TR — 9. 10. 11. 12; H R. — 9. 10. 11. 12; VB — 10; Journalism Photographer — 10. 11; journalism — 10. 11; Most Improved in Track — 11; Honor Student — 12. ANITA TURLEY BKB — 9. 10. 11. 12; VB — 9. 10. 11. 12; TR — 9. 10. 11. 12; H R. — 9. 10. II. 12; Class Officer — 9. 12; BKB — Most Dedicated — 11; VB Branch County All Star Team 11. 12; VB — Most Improved — 11; Who's Who — 11; Journalism 10. 11; Vo-ed. Health Occupations (HOSA) — 11. 12; BKB 1st Team All League 12; BKB 2nd Team All Area — 12; 1st Team All League 12; Nurse Aide and Mental Flealth Aide Certificate. First Aid, Advanced First Aid, CPR and Basic Aide Certificates - 12; Army Student Athlete Award — 12. TORSTEN VOGEl BB - 12; BKB — 12; H R 12; Exchange Student from Germany — 12; Spanish — 12. TONI VOLSTROMER ... TR — 9; Spanish — 9; Choir — 10; Vo-ed. Ffealth Occupations (HOSA) — II. 12; HOSA President of Parliamentary — 12; HOSA 1st Place in Parliamentary Procedures — 12; Trd and 4th Place in Denial Spelling — 12. KEY: BBBaseball. BKBBasketball. FBFootball. VBVolleyball. TRTrack. Fl.R.Honor Roll. HOSAFfealth Occupations Students of America. DECADislributive Education Clubs of America. g. Mech.Agriculture Mechanics. S.C.Student Council. Who's WhoWho's Who Among American High School Students. Cheerl. Cheer leading. TA(.Talented and Gifted Student 24Spirit Week Is A Success This year's Spirit Week at Tekonsha High School was held February 17-21. Many of the spirit day competitions occurred on Friday afternoon. Some included the inch worm race, math test, ping pong, "musical chairs", "name that tune," the traditional pyramid, and many more. There was also the window painting contest in which the seniors took first. Dress up days were also counted as an event. The days were Hat, Tie and Sunglasses; 50 s and 60's; Twin Day; Rainbow Day; ana Red and White Day. The overall dress up day winners were Arron Warr-ner, and Amy Johnson. The seniors and sophomores ran a close battle for first to win the spirit week events, but they came out even with a tie in the end. Friday night, February 21, the Boys' Basketball team defeated their rival, Camden Frontier. The Student Council then sponsored a free dance for all the students. A 5 J. There's no separating these Siamese twins! 2. The halls are all decorated for the Spirit Week festivities. 3. How would you like to teach this classi 4. Mrs. Livingston just doesn't understand Amy. 5. The journalism class poses for a Spirit Week picture!A3 A 4 A5 A 6 1. Which one's the real Herb? 2. Looks like Scott is getting a mouthful! 3. Brad Runyon and Linda LaMee play the math game. 4. Musical chairs — "Hey, that's my chair!" 5. Paulette looks at Anita and thinks, "Are you for real?' 6. Anita Turley concentrates on playing ping pong against her sister Mary Turley. 27CABARET Is A Success! C A B A R E T This year the 15th annual Cabaret was held on Friday, April II, at 7 p.m. There was a great turnout this year. The Student Council brought in over $700 in concessions and tickets. The theme lor the show was "Motown." The stage was made to look like a big city with buildings in the background. This year's MC's for the event were Amy Johnson and Sean Casey. They dressed in the "Motown" attire. There was a large variety of talent in the show. The acts ranged from music to comedy. Some of these included Larua Selby and Nicki Ritter in a dance routine, Cina Bergerson, Joanna Lindquist, and Anita Doolittle singing a medley of songs from the Motown era. Every show has to have comedy. Aaron Warner, Scott Carlson, Dan McDowell, Sean Casey and Brad Runyon closed the show with a comedy lip-sync to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." The show was a total success. 1. Mistress of Ceremonies, Amy Johnson, and Master of Ceremonies, Sean Casey, pose for a quick picture. 2. Tammy Cole sings "I Honestly Love You", accompanied by her brother Brent. 3. "Rev. J. Jerry Johnson, is preaching up a storm! 4. Eddie Lewis is doing a vocal solo to "Hello." 28A 4 m A 2 A 3 1. Mark Coffman is singing "Rockin Robin.” 2. Liquid Plumbers with their "The Way It Wasn't" skit are Tekonsha's own answer to the Supremes, Scott Carlson, Aaron Warner and Dan McDowell. 3. Brian McFadden sings his vocal solo, “Man in Motion" from St. Elmo's Fire. 4. Sean Casey presents his "Save the Squids” Campaign. Using little squids for bathmats is out. 29This year 's school production was a memorable event for everyone. The play, Harvey, was performed on March 14th and 15th. This particular play was performed nine years ago with the first Elwood P. Dowd played by David Kempton. This year Sean Casey played the main character. One reason that this play is an unforgettable one is because Jerry Johnson broke his wrist on the day of the first performance. The assistant director. Jeanne Zook, played Jerry's part, Duane Wilson, the first night of the play. She performed well under pressure, especially since she had lust learned Jerry's lines that very day. Jerry was able to perform in Saturday’s production. The play was well attended both nights and had a good turn out. They raised almost $700.00. The cast consisted of: MYRTLE MAE SIMMONS — Stephanie Dietz; VET A LOUISE SIMMONS Nicki Ritter; ELWOOD P. DOWD Sean Casey; MRS. ETHEL CHAUVENET — Tanya Cail; RUTH KELLY. R.N. Melissa Krumvede; DUANE WILSON — lerry Johnson; LYMAN SANDERSON. M.D. — Shawn McAllister; WILLIAM R. CHUMLEY. M.D. — Dale Pullen; BETTY CHUMLEY Cina Snyder; JUDGE OMAR GAFFNEY — Aaron Warner; E. J. LOFGREN Brad Runyon; MISS JOHNSON and ASSISTANT DIRECTOR — Jeanne Zook; DIRECTOR Mrs. Carlene Zollner. WORK CREW HEADS: STAGE MANAGER — Linda Brown; COSTUMES — Paltie Burrow; SET CONSTRUCTION AND SOUND EFFECTS — Tammy Cutchall; PROPS Stephanie Horton; MAKE UP — Toni Lewis; LIGHTING — Mike Delmont; PUBLICITY — Cindy Wilson; and TICKETS AND PROGRAMS -Carol Keifer. Special thanks to Mr. Mason and Mr. Zollner for helping construct and assemble the set. Harvey portrays himself. Sean Casey portrays Elwood P. Dowd. Nicki Ritter portrays Veta Louise Simmons. Aaron Warner portrays lodge Omar Gaffney. A large group of the cast meets at the mental hospital to decide Dowd's fate. Sean Casey, as Dowd, enjoys giving Jerry Johnson's character a hard time. 30Stephanie Dietz portrays Myrtle Mae Simmons. Melissa Krumvede portrays Ruth Kelly, R.N. Brad Runyon portrays E. . Lofgren. jerry Johnson portrays Duane Wilson. Shawn McAllister portrays Lyman Sanderson, M.D. Dale Pullen portrays William R. Chumley, M.D. leanne Zook portrays Miss lohnson. Gina Snyder portrays Betty Chumley. Tanya Cail portrays Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet. 31The 1986 junior and Senior Prom was held April 26, 1986, at the Countryside Inn at Marshall. The night started off with pictures taken by the Carousel Studio from Coldwater. The evening continued then with an elegant sit down supper served to your table instead of the traditional buffet style. The Prom goers had their choice of either a chicken or roast beef dinner. Following the dinner the DJ. 's, Northern Lights produced the music to dance the night away. Along with their music they brought their colorful, flashing lights to accompany them. The Juniors did a fine job putting on the prom this year and overall it was a great turnout and fine success. 1. Mr. Showers is giving his presentation to the luniors and Seniors. 2. Kip says, "I'm just going to take it easy!" 3. Donna looks as if she's having a good time. 4. Nice hat you've got there, Mike! 5. What a crazy couple! A N D S E N I O R P R O M 32A GOOD FOR DANCING Friday night dances are one of everybody's favorite entertainments at the high school. They usually follow all home football and boys' basketball games. The more special dances were the Sadie Hawkins, Homecoming, the Spirit Week Dance, the Yearbook Dance and of course the Prom. All of the dances were put on by various groups such as Student Council, the cheerleaders, the journalism class, the volleyball team, or any class from the Freshmen to the Seniors. Overall it was a good year for dancing! D A N C E S A 4 1. Randy Schafer, Penny Warsop and David Foote are taking a break from the dance scene. 2. Martha Holbrook and Danny Yates are dancing to a slow one. 3. terry lohnson poses for the camera. 4. Anita Doolittle, Anita Turley, Christine Cappella and Cina Bergerson are out on the floor showing their stuff! 5. Tanya Cail is being swept off her feet by Brad Runyon. A 5 34• • JUNIORS One more y CLr • •• m a- « ••• • • •fi • % I 'V • ( • • • w' « % « « • • ••• 351. Danny and Howard at work in shop. 2. Duck showing his good side. 3. Missy Marvin roaming the hall again. 4. "lust one of those days" 5. Ray shows off his talent. 6. Brian and Dennis pose for a picture. Christine Cappella Chad Clark A 2 Bob Coheen Stephanie Horton Annette Katz Melissa Krumvede Toni Lewis Marrian La Fond 36Brian McFadden Karen McFadden Brian Norgan Dale Pullen Betsy Pulsipher Matt Smith A 1 1. Ron and George take time out in the hall. 2. Did you lose something? 3. lust another busy day in Advanced Biology. 4. Toni in the office. 5. Paulette braves lunch. 6. Paul can do two things at once. A 2 Samantha Snyder Paulette Struwin Paul Stuart Jackie Thomas A3JUNIORS BECOME UPPERCLASSMEN The Juniors started out their year selling magazines. They had a very successful sale, totaling $3,500.00. They did a float to the theme of "Fairy Tales" called “Billy Coat Gruff." Their Homecoming attendants were Bruce Warner and lenni Vosburg. The Juniors put on the Homecoming Dance and a terrific 1986 Prom. The Juniors placed second in the Spirit Week activities. 1. ‘‘Melissa, do your numbers add up?' 2. Oh goodness, I forgot to shave. 3. CLASS OFFICERS: Bruce Warner, Representative; Betsy Pulsipher, Secretary and Treasurer; Annette Katz, President; George Feltner, Vice President; Donna Webber, Representative. 4. lunior girls pull hard at the Homecoming competition. 3839Melissa Brown Patricia Burrow Scott Carlson left Coffman Sherrie Cole Micheal Delmont Sophomores Have a Year of "Firsts" This year's Sophomores began the rewarding year by winning first place on their float for Homecoming. The theme was Fairy Tales and their float was entitled "Jack ana the Beanstalk." The Sophomore attendants were lodi Long and left Wright. Then came Spirit Week with the Sophomores tying the Seniors for another first place. The last and most exciting event was the pyramid. The Sophomores had no problem winning this event with a time of 8 seconds. This put the Seniors only one point ahead. Basketball attendance that night determined the winner. The class of "88'' took second place and that put them in first place over all in a tie with the Seniors. In addition to Homecoming and Spirit Week activities, the Sophomores were busy selling cookies and candles. They made a handsome profit of $7SO. which their super class advisor, Mr. McMullin will see gets spent wisely! Next year's juniors will be ready for the traditional magazine sale and anything else that comes their way. Stephanie Dietz Tracey Faurot Dave Fogel Francis Goodman Theresa Griffith 1. joe Sisco, Randy Schafer, and Tom Summerfield listen to the Vo-Ed instructor. 2. The sophomore girls put their muscles to good use. 3. Tom Summerfield wants the photographer to wait until he puts his glasses on. 40Kim Patten Tricia Katz Teresa Knight Julie Krumvede Linda LaMee Jodi Long Robert Manis Dan McDowell Fred Melville Angel Middaugh Andy Morris Leslie Nagel A3 A2 Pam Neal . i mi . "Don't mess with the best!” 2. Nicki, Theresa, and Holly feel sophomores are number one. 3. Scott Carlson says, "Look, Mom, I ate it all!" 4. Nicki Ritter is working on dissecting a shark. A4 41Jennifer Norgan Mindy Pulsipher Lorraine Reincke Nicole Ritter Brad Runyon Randy Schafer Laura Selby Scott Seigel Joey Sisco Anita Stage Tom Summerfield Roy Swafford Brian Thomas Mary Turley Aaron Warner Penny Warsop Lesa Weller Hugh Woods Jeff Wright Jeanne Zook ly Hunt, Representative (Not Pictured) Bob Brown Pat Cole John Michielson Randy Price Martha Holbrook 42FRESHMEN • • I ••• • •• • •• »v. FRESHMEN HAVE A GOOD YEAR Starling their first year of high school is the rowdy class of '89. During Homecoming they elected Dea Rein eke and Andy Johnson to represent their class. Their float was a Humpty-Dumpty with the slogan, "Rams Over Easy " following the theme of Fairy tales, which placed third. During the year they put on a Donkey Basketball game as their fund raiser. They placed fifth in the Spirit Week competition taking first in the Math Quiz. Their advisor is Mr. Larry Stout and their officers are: President — Tanya Cail; Vice President — Denise Goodman; Secretary — Jerry Johnson: Treasurer — Mary Randall and Student Council Representatives are Andy Johnson and Heath Prichard. Brian Begley Amy Blue Dawn Burgan Sharon Cagle Tanya Cail Michelle Coffman Tamra Cole Christopher Cute hall Loren Devenney Mellisa Doolittle Jill Ekdahl Shane Esch Rex Esseltine William Faurot Brian Fowler Allison Geer Denise Goodman Sandra Hilbert Andrew Johnson Jerry Johnson Mark Katz 44 1. Laura Vosburg, Jerry Johnson and Heath Prichard are relaxing during lunch hour. 2. Andy Johnson and William Morris are working hard in shop class.Lisa Kosier Scott McFadden Jerry Michielsen Christine Mitchell William Morris Kimberly Newland Lonnie Newland Russel Olds Randy Price Heath Prichard Mary Randall Dea Reincke Richard Schweikert Mickie Slone Heidi Stage Andrew Swafford Tamara Upslon Annette Vorce Laura Vosburg Melissa Warner (Not Pictured) Jason Lincoln 1. Shane Esch is smiling for the camera. 2. Tammy Cole and Mary Randall are exchanging gossip.A 3 1. CLASS OFFICERS Andy Johnson -Student Council Representative; Mary Randall — Treasurer; Tanya Cail — President; Denise Goodman — Vice President and Jerry Johnson — Secretary. (Not pictured was Heath Prichard — Student Council Representative.) 2. Kim Newland keeps busy in typing class. 3. The Freshman girls are showing their strength during the Homecoming tug-o-war. 4. Mickie Slone gives her opinion to the photographer. 5. This is the Freshman pyramid for Spirit Week. ASVarsity Ends With A Very Successful Season V A R S I T Y F O O T B A L L This year the Varsity Football team finished a very successful season with a record of 7-1, 6-0 in the League. The team bounced back from their season opening loss to Centreville and stormed through the rest of the season without looking back. The Indians brought home the first league title since Tekonsha was in a 3-way tie for the Championship 20 years ago. This is the first time Tekonsha has ever won a league title outright. By defeating second place rival Pillsford, a second week in a row, the team also won the League Playoff Championship. This put the lid on one of Takonsha High's most successful football seasons ever!! A 2 1. Brian Saltzgaber kicks the hall. 2. Steve Pulsipher runs the hall against the Falcons. 3. The team charges lor a great kick off. 4. The big guys wait on the side lines along with assistant coach Tim lenkins. 5. Scott Carlson, Kyle Klingaman, Ray Esselline, Chris Katz, Brian Saltzgaber, and Steve Pulsipher got All-League honors this year.A 4 S E N I O R A5 1. Rick Me Dowell, number 67. played Center and Defensive End. 2. Brian Saltzgaber, number 7. played Quarterback and Linebacker 3. Steve Pulsipher. number 25, played Running Back and Defensive Back. 4. Kurt Shilling, number 68. played Offensive Guard ind Linebacker. 5. Kyle Klingaman, number 80. played Tight End and Defensive Tackle. 6. Chris Katz, number 39. played Fullback and Defensive Back. A6(Standing) Coach Shaffer, Chris Katz, Danny Yates, Steve Pulsipher, Steve Slone, Brian Saltzgaber, Kyle Klingaman, Rick McDowell, Paul Stuart, Scott Carlson (Front Row) Loren Selby, Manager, Mike Davis, Shawn McAllister, Chad Clark, Ray Esseltine, Kurt Shilling, Randy Schaffer, Dennis Woods, Howard Olds 50A 5 1. Kyle Klingaman pretends to have hurt his leg, while Miss Piggy sneaks up to surprise Coach Shtiffer. 2. Steve Pulsipher gives it his all. 3. Miss Piggy taps Coach Shaffer on the hack. 4. Brian Sall .gaber holds the hall tightly. 5. Look out Steve! 6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A 51I u N Off Season They lacked players on the sideline due to a number of injuries and not enough people going out. Because of the reduced number of players, the whole J.V. squad was moved up to the Varsity team for the final game of the regular season and the League Playoffs. I o R I Vs Have This year's J.V. Football team had an offseason, winning only one game. They beat Waldron in the final seconds of that game. Although they played hard, they came up on the short end, losing the other six games, and finishing I -4 in the league. V A R S I T Y F O O T B A L L (Back Row) Coach Tim lenkins, Brian Fowler, Richard Schweikert, Andy Morris, Mark KaU, lelf Coliman, Loren Devenney, Coach Tim Katz (Middle Row) Andy lohnson, Bob Manis, Fred Melville, Heath Pritchard, Hugh Woods (Front Row) Manager loe Hinspeter, Brad Runyon. Andy Swafford, Tom Summerfield, Dan McDowell, Shane Esch, Manager Doug Scherer 52A 2 Girls Have Another Great Season This year's Varsity Girls' Basketball team finished in third place in the conference with 7 wins, and 3 losses, despite having only one starter back from last year. The team consisted of one freshman, four sophomores, four juniors, and one senior. Their overall record was 10 wins, 11 losses. Team unity and good free-throw shooting were the strengths of the squad this past season. The team had the second best free-throw percentage ever for a T.H.S. girl's hoop team. In addition, three of the girls are among the top ten free-throw shooters in T.H.S. career stats. Anita Turley, the team's lone senior and captain, closed out her career by finishing with these super statistics: Eighth in career points with 359 Fourth in career assists with 95 Seventh in career steals with 93 To top it all off, she made the S.C.A.A. All Conference First Team! Next year the returning players are determined to duplicate or improve on this year's results. A3 1. Penny Warsop gets her ankle taped before practice. 2. Betsy Pulsipher makes a pass to Allison Geer. 3. The managers, Stacey Wilbur and Aubrey Watkins bring water to the players. 4. Mr. Bowling takes time out to show the girls a new plan. c I R L S' V A R S I T Y B A S K E 7 B A L L ■4 4Martha Holbrook, Anita Turley, Penny Warsop, Holly Hunt, Allison Geer, Annette Katz, Paulette Struwin, Laura Selby, Betsy Pulsipher, Donna Webber, Coach — Mr. Bowling, Managers Stacey Wilbur and Aubrey Watkins. 1985 Girls Basketball Opp. ugusta Centreville Cali" "'" Ho Union W -Springfield Pittsford Camden-Frontier Climax-Scotts Litchfield Springpor t Waldron North Adams Pittsford Camden-Frontier Jackson Baptist Litchfield Athens Waldron North Adams Climax-Scotts Springport ILNUINOHA .! M! 1 1. Lady Indians get loosened up before the game. 2. Laura Selby fights to regain possession of the ball. 54! 1. Donna Webber makes a fast break and goes for two points. 2. Penny Warsop looks to see if the offense is set up. 3. Laura Selby tries to fake out number 24. 4. Penny Warsop gets fouled on her way up to the basket. A2 55IVs Show Improvement This year's Junior Varsity Basketball team struggled a little on defense, but improved their overall record from last year to 9 wins and 11 losses. In league the girls finished with four victories and six defeats. The team consisted of five freshmen and five sophomores. This vear two sophomores and one freshman were lost to the Varsity. The total baskets made for the year, 546, was also an improvement from last year. The girls hope even better next year, though they are sorry to lose Mrs. Ty as a coach. A 1 Coach Rinette Tyckoski, Nicole Ritter, Lorraine Reincke, Theresa Griffith, Pam Neal, lodi Long, Missy Warner, Laura Vosburg, Denise Goodman, Tammy Upston, Mary Randall. 1. Pam Neal makes a fast break. 2. Lorraine Reincke is waiting for the rebound. 3. Some of the J.V. girls get warmed up before the game. 4. Nicki Ritter inbounds the ball. 5. Nicki Ritter sets up the offense. 6. Woods! What happened herer Are these backwards jerseys or is this the twilight zone?A 5 A2 Opp. T.H.S. 25 Centreville 15 30 Galesburg Augusts 35 28 Homer 30 54 Union City 32 24 Springfield 26 45 Pi Us ford 16 42 Camden Frontier 44 23 Climax Scotts 41 33 Litchfield 21 58 Springport 35 24 Waldron 45 37 North Adams 32 29 Pittsford 28 34 Camden Frontier 47 24 lackson Baptist 23 45 Litchfield 23 40 Athens 30 23 Waldron 27 38 North Adams 30 18 Climax Scotts 27 1. Mrs. Ty is telling the team her plan of attack. 2. Theresa Griffith pulls down the rebound. 3. Denise Goodman aims for the basket. 4. Pam Neal tries to block the ball. 5. Lorraine Reincke makes a cut to the basket. 6. Theresa Griffith practices following her shot as Mary Randall looks on. 7. Lorraine Reincke shoots the ball while Nicki Ritter concentrates on it going in. 8. Mary Randall chuckles at Tammy Upston s way of shooting. A 6 A ABoys Good Season the fekonsha hoys' Varsity Hasketimll team played I gaum and only lost seven this season, The team lint) yeaf tons fated of ll players, There wen-tiM seniors, farm Salttgaber, Kyle Klingaman, Steve Pulsipher and Torsien Von - There were five lunim, 6§0fge feither, i hat! (lath, Dan Yates, fame Wat net and Mike Davis two sophomores made up the remaining leant, ’tt oil1 arisen and Hah rtahh Hie leant lost hi I olon in Dfatrlth hy only tinee mints fanan Sall faalw set ,i new school let ofd willi 11 assists in one name MMIWSH® rf 0NSHJ wm few V i u Sv.»IW -v.- v ess-fir ■■?■'. •■--••. i hodi iUi fcbManis. ran Soltcgaber femx H U S wti, ft' vi.W' l to atm 'vgfrt KvV C rtgarmn. Srott Carison, Dan Yates. wwtogprs Ipm ktdtJii iindn1. Kyle and Brian leave the locker room determined to win. 2. Kyle Klingaman leaps for the ball. 3. Scott Carlson is surrounded! 4. Bruce Warner goes for two. 5. Bob Manis waits in suspense. 60JV's Have Great Season The Boys J.V. Basketball team played a 20 game season and ended with 13 games won and 7 lost. Seven of the wins were league wins, and three losses were also league games. Randy Schafer was the high scorer for the team with 276 points. He also had the most rebounds, which was 179. Tom Summerfield led the team with 95 assists. CejUreville rth Ada Valdroa Climax Union Cit ringpon tsford amden !owe Ion hfi Clima North, Wjldi Homer fisford Camden Men don Litchfield TEKONSHA JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL IEAM (Front Row) Corey Wooden, Lonny Newland, leff Coffman, Tom Summerfield, Loren Selby, manager (Back Row) Coach Tim Jenkins, Curt Herman, Aaron Warner, Shane Esch, Randy Schafer, and Mark KatzYoung Volleyball Team Cains Experience This year's Varsity Volleyball team was a young one. It consisted of three seniors, two juniors, and five sophomores. They had a really good year, almost taking the league championship. Their overall record was IB-14, and their league record 8-2, which made them second. The Lady Spikers took on many Class B and C schools. They also hosted the District Tournament on March 1. This year the matches were changed a little. Instead of playing the best two out of three, they now play the best three out of five. Let's hope with all that young talent that next year's team will go much further! THE SENIOR VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS (Front) Anita Doolittle and Brenda Rafferty (Back) Anita Turley 1. Annette Katz is tipping the ball over the net as Penny Warsop and Anita Turley stand ready to assist. 2. The Varsity team isn't always organized! 3. Martha Holbrook is off her feet bumping the ball as Annette Katz, Anita Turley, and Laura Selby watch. A 3 V a r s i t y v 0 1 I e y b a I 6364 . Penny Warsop is getting 5 ready to block the hit mady by the Litchfield opponent as Martha Holbrook looks on. 2. Is this a funky new dance, Penny? (It seems to have Annette Katz, Jenny Norgan, and Dede Upston stumped!) 3. Penny Warsop, Annette Katz, and Anita Turley form a "pocket" around Laura Selby as she spikes the ball. 4. The co-captains Annette Katz and Anita Turley smile for the camera. 5. Penny Warsop and Pam Neal look ready to help as Martha Holbrook bumps the ball.1. Annette Katz is showing Laura Selby why height is an advantage. 2. The Varsity Volleyball team is getting ready for their picture — little do they know... 3. Martha Holbrook jumped up to dump the ball over the net on the unsuspecting Litchfield team. Climax-Scot Hillsdale , Pewamo- W Westphalia Pitlsford W. L Michigan J . Center I. Colon field % W. W iden I mniu rf W, W IpAii.un s lL W lackson Northwest Olivet Districts Rending noved+Jorton THE 1986 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM (Front Row) Coach Norman Taylor, manager Gina Snyder, Penny Warsop, Annette Katz, Brenda Rafferty, Laura Selby, and Martha Holbrook (Back Row) Anita Doolittle, Anita Turley, Dede Upston, Pam Neal, and Jenny Norgan (Not Pictured — manager Debbie Reynolds)J.V. Finish 3rd in League This year's IV Volleyball team had a pretty good year. They had last year's rookie coach, Missy Langridge, returning to guide them. The team consisted of seven freshmen and six sophomores. The girls competed in a few tournaments throughout the season. Their record at the end was 11-12, with a , league record of 4-4, which ranked them third. V. V o I I Schedule Mendon W Potterville L Climax-Scotts W Olivet W Hillsdale L lackson Northwest L Bellevue W Columbia Central L White Pigeon L Concord L Colon L Mason L Centreville W Litchfield W, W North Adams L, L Pittsford L, L Camden-Frontier W, W Coldwater w Michigan Center w Missy Brown is showing off her bumping technique as Mindy Pulsipher looks on. e THE 1986IV VOLLEYBALL TEAM (Front Row) Nicki Ritter, Missy Brown, Tanya Cail, lodi Long, and Laura Vosburg (Back Row) Chris Mitchell, lulie Krumvede, Mickie Slone, Allison Geer, Mindy Pulsipher, Holly Hunt, Amy Blue, and Missy Doolittle 66 (Not Pictured — Coach Missy Langridge and manager Paulette McDowell)1. The girls are taking a break between games to talk about whatever. 2. Is this a ballet position? 3. Tanya Cail is setting the ball up for Allison Geer while Laura Volburg watches. 4. Nicki Ritter is ready to bump — but where's the ball? 5. Tanya Cail is going to serve the ball over to her waiting opponents. A 4 67Another Fantastic Year! Last year Tekonsha's Boys Baseball team had a terrific season, but this year they were even better! Tekonsha had 28 wins with only 5 losses for an overall season total. Bob Manis, George Feltner, Dave Foot and Brian Saltzgaber were all selected for the All League team. This is the fifth consecutive year that Tekonsha's boys have won the league title. They then proceeded to beat Whitmore Lake and Webberville to win the Districts. Regional competition came next and Tekonsha beat Potter-ville 14-8. Their final regional game was rained out in the fourth inning and had to be completed several days later. Unfortunately, Tekonsha then lost the game to Mendon 10-7. The Boys' Baseball team has had a great season and all of Tekonsha is very proud of them. Teammates and friends are watching the game. (Front Row) Manager Todd Clark, Brian Thomas, Bob Manis, Ron Warsop, Chad Clark, Tim Davis, Shane Esch, Manager jerry Johnson (Back Row) Mr. Stout, Mike Davis, Brian Saltzgaber, George Feltner, Rick McDowell, David Foote, Forsten Vogel, Kyle Klingaman 68A 5 A 6 J. The team is coming in after the third out. 2. Here they come again! 3. George Feltner hits away. 4. Brian Saltzgaber goes for the fence. 5. Mike Davis races to second. 6. George Feltner stretches for the ball. V A R S I T V B A S E B A L L 69 . George Feltrier is greeted after hitting one of his many homeruns! 2. Brian Saltzgaber takes a mighty swing. 3. Brian Thomas fires the ball in from his third base position. 4. George Feltner waits for the throw. 5. Bobby Manis could strike out the best of them. 6. Kyle Klingaman adds another hit to his record. 7. Brian Saltzgaber and Mr. Stout have a quick conference. A 6 A 7 70, n ,nd Coach r. faylor ■ „ Scott Carlson, a Runyon Wooden, Bay T.H.S OPP. 7 Cuntreville 0 .« 4 Lolnn Centreville ff 7 ggw '"' 3M 2 fek7 1 lomer 12 1 Homer 16 4 Climax Scotts 11 8 " - K C max Scotts 4 2 • Qm 12 ! Quincy 21 I.V. BOYS HAVE A FAIR YEAR This year's Boys I.V. Baseball team consisted of only ten players. Their season was to consist of 18 games, but due to the weather they were only able to play 9 of the games scheduled. They finished their season with a 4-5 overall record. The team may not have had an excellent season, but they gained experience and bettered their ability to play baseball. . Dave Fogel brings in a run. 2. Lonnie Newland ducks to miss getting hit. 3. Lonnie Newland, Corey Wooden, and Randy Schafer warm up before the game. 4. Shane Esch anticipates a hit. 5. Corey Wooden throws the ball home. 6. Dave Fogel awaits the hit to bring him home. 7. Scott Carlson keeps a sharp eye on the batter. 8. Dave McDowell winds the ball up. A 7 A 8 72Senior tracksters: Anita Turley, and Kathi Swafford GIRLS' TRACK PLACES THIRD IN LEAGUE This year the Girls' Track team placed third in the League, with two wins and two losses. The girls began their season with a slow start, but rallied at the end to have an overall record of eight wins and four losses. Donna Webber and Tricia Katz qualified to compete in the state finals at Hillsdale College. Donna Webber qualified in the 100 yard dash with the time 12.2. Tricia Katz qualified in the high jump with the jump of 5'2". (Back Row) Annette Katz, Tricia Katz, Mindy Pulsipher, jennifer Norgan, Laura Selby, Mary Turley, MGR Nicki Swafford (Middle Row) MGR Tracy Swafford, Penny Warsop, julie Krumvede, jeanne Zook, Besty Pulsipher, Kim Newland, lodi Long, Donna Webber (Front Row) Kathi Swafford, Frances Goodman, Nicki Ritter, Tanya Cail, Missy Warner, Laura Vosburg, Dea Reincke, Anita Turley (Not Pictured) Mr. Bowling, COACH G I R L S' I R A C K 73A 1 1. (Clockwise From the Left) Danny Yates, lulie Krumvede, Tricia Katz, and Martha Holbrook are just hanging out. 2. Mary Turley gives a "heave ho" to the shot put. 3. Donna Webber is making the turn and leading the way for home. 4. Laura Selby is clearing a hurdle with room to spare. 5. Laura Selby runs at regionals. 6. Anita Turley makes the hand-off in the two mile relay. 7. Laura Selby is coming out of her blocks. A 6 a ; 74BOYS PLACE THIRD IN LEAGUE dig r This year the Boys Track team had an outstanding season, even though they placed third in the League. They had many strong runners, with a lot of fine performances. This year there were six school records broken. Leading the charge was Steve Pulsipher in the high jump, with a jump of 6'VA; and Brian Saltzgaber in the long jump, with a jump of 21'8’A. Chris Katz, Mark Katz, Bruce Warner, and Andy Swafford set the two mile relay in 8:49.6. Chris Katz, left Coffman, Andy Swafford, and Brian Saltzgaber set the mile relay in 3:34.4. Steve Pulsipher, Bob Manis, jetf Coffman, and Brian Saltzgaber set the 440 relay in 45.46 and jeff Coffman in the 330 low hurdles, with the time of 42.4. Steve Pulsipher, Brian Saltzgaber and the following teams qualified for the state meet at Hillsdale College: 440m, 880m, 1600m, relay teams. Next year the graduating seniors will be missed, but the boys' team will strive for another excellent season. B A I (Back Row) Brian Saltzgaber, Aaron Warner, Scott Carlson, Steve Pulsipher, Danny Yates, George Feltner, Bruce Warner, Chris Katz, Coach Mr. Mason (Front Row) MGR Craig Clark, Scott McFadden, left Coffman, Bob Manis, Andy Swafford, Mark Katz, Chris Cut-c hall, Loren Devenney 1. The Boys' Track team begins another season with practices. 2. Loren Devenney gives a "heave ho” to the shot put. 75 n td -h k oT.H.S. 73 Colon 82 Athens 65 WSIetburg 55 Penfield 55 Springfield 60 Piltsford 95 Waldroa 61 Centreville 96 m.Camden-Fronteer 78 St. Phillip 44 Litchfield I 54 69 82 81 77 37 76 38 53 93 A 3 A 4 1. Jeff Coffman is coming out of the blocks. 2. Danny Yates is making sure his shoes are tied in the pole valut. 3. Brian Saltzgaber is airborne in the long jump. 4. Steve Pulsipher is deep in thought. 5. Chris Katz is going for a win. 6. Mark Katz looks determined to win his event. AS 16 76Capture the Spirit! The 1985-86 cheerleading squad had a good season, cheering the Boys' Varsity Basketball team to a 17-4 overall record. They kept the crowds spirits up and helped bring our team to Regionals. The girls were busy this year putting on pep rallies, dances, and decorating the halls. During homecoming week the cheerleaders sponsored the snake dance and bonfire. During basketball season they held cake raffles at every home game. They also sold memo pads to help pay for new uniforms. School spirit is important to the team and crowd. Cheerleaders are necessary to help capture that spirit and direct it! V A R S I T tori Burrow Lisa Hall Faithanne Petersen L R L E A D E R S 77 Donna Webber, Karen McFadden, Lisa Hall, Lori Burrow, Paulette Strwin, and Betsy Pulsipher; a A3 1. Practice hard Karen and Betsy. 2. Juniors of the 1985-86 Varsity squad, Donna Webber, Paulette Struwin, Betsy Pulsipher, and Karen McFadden. 3. The guys are trying to imitate the cheerleaders. 4. Smile, girls! A2 78J.V. Cheerleaders — Learning and Working Hard The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders had a lot of new girls this year so they had to work really hard to successfully help boost the school spirit. The cheerleaders held cake raffles and also put on many pep rallies to keep the crowd's spirit up. They did a really good job this year and did a super job showing their school spirit. ) V Tammy Cole, Tanya Cail, Dea Reinke, Nicki Ritter, Martha Holbrook, Laura Selby, Holly Hunt I. Say Cheese! A I c H E E R L E A D E R S 791. Dea Reinke is painting faces at the Fall Festival. 2. The J.V. Pose in a "mound." 3. Posing for the camera? 4. Saura Selby smiling pretty. 5. Aaron is raising the crowd's spirit at a pep rally by reading a "rap” he composed. 6. So, is that where all our cakes and cookies went for the raffle? 80The All Sports Trophy Is Ours Again! On June 3, the 14th annual Sports Banquet took place in the T.H.S. gymnasium. To start off the evening. Reverend Cail presented the invocation. Soon afterwards everyone headed for the buffet table. It consisted of submarine sandwiches, chips and a huge variety of desserts. After the meal, the athletes were called up by class to receive their letters. Special awards were given by sport. The cheerleaders were the first to be called up. The IV received a letter and a certificate. The Varsity received a plaque, a letter and certificate. In football, Andy Johnson, on the IV team, received the Steve Weller Award. On the Varsity, Most Valuable Back went to Brian Saltzgaber, Most Valuable Lineman went to Kyle KUngaman and the Coaches Award went to Chris Katz. There were four players that made the All Conference team. They were, Brian Saltzgaber, Kyle KUngaman, Ray Esseltine and Steve Pulsipher. Brian was on the All State team for the Linebacker position. In Girls' Basketball, Holly Hunt received Most Improved, Most Dedicated went to Annette Katz and voted Most Valuable Player was Anita Turley. Penny Warsop was selected to the All League second team, while Anita Turley was on the All League first team. In Boys' Basketball, Most Improved went to George Feltner, Best Field Goal Percentage went to Kyle KUngaman and Brian Saltzgaber received Most Valuable Player. This was the third straight season that the guys have won League Champs. In those three years, they've had 63 wins 7 losses. Chosen for the All League second team was Kyle KUngaman. For the All League first team Brian Saltzgaber and George Feltner were selected. In volleyball, Penny Warsop was voted Most Improved, Most Dedicated went to Annette Katz and Anita Turley received Most Valuable Player. Annette Katz was on the All League second team, while on the All League first team were Laura Selby and Anita Turley. In Boys' Track, Most Dedicated went to Chris Katz and Most Valuable Player went to Brian Saltzgaber. The boys had an excellent season breaking six school records. Qualifying for state were Brian Saltzgaber in long jump and Steve Pulsipher in the long jump and high jump. The 1600 meter relay placed 7th in the state. In Girls' Track, Most Dedicated went to Annette Katz and chosen for Most Valuable Player was Laura Selby. Tricia Katz broke the high jump record, clearing 5'1 Vi". Laura Selby had a conference record in the 330 low hurdles with a time of 49.8 seconds. Tricia Katz also went to state in high jump along with Donna Webber in the 100 meter dash. In Baseball, Bob Manis, George Feltner, Dave Foote and Brian Saltzgaber were all selected on the All League team. This is the 5th straight year the boys have received the title of League Champs. For the 3rd year in a row the Tekonsha High Athletes have captured the All Sports Trophy! The Ritchie D. Yates Super Athlete Award went to four seniors: Brian Saltzgaber, Kyle KUngaman, Anita Turley and Steve Pulsipher. To top off the night, the Booster of the year went to Larry Thomas. S P A 1 E T 81 CD 2 cd —i td O1. George Feltner receives a trophy for Most Improved in basketball. 2. Cheerleaders receive letters and present a gift to Madeline Upston, their advisor. 3. Juniors are called up to receive their letters. 4. Some Sophomore boys get their IV letters. 5. The Sophomore class athletes are recognized. 6. Loretta Neal and Don Yates present a plaque to the Booster of the year. 7. Annette Katz receives a trophy for Most Dedicated basketball player. o R C I A N Z A 7 O N 5 in it I r :• .v 83 0 u R N A L 1 S M A BUSY YEAR FOR JOURNALISM CLA With only 14 members on the journalism staff this year we've all had plenty to do. We put together and raised the money for this year's Indian by selling ads, collecting Patrons' contributions, and we've also started a new Congratulations Page for the graduating seniors. Early in the year we put on the Yearbook Dance, sold towels, and old yearbooks. Also each Friday we had a section in the local paper, The Tekonsha Idea. For Mrs. Carlene Zollner, the staff's advisor, this was her third year putting together the yearbook and again she did an excellent job putting up with some of the crazy times when deadlines got a little too close for comfort! Overall we had a very good year. Even with the many deadlines we constantly had to meet, we all really enjoyed being on the staff. 84 1. (Front) Head Photographer, Brian McFad-den; Business Manager, Lori Herman; Photographer, Lanette Reincke; (Back) Yearbook Editors, Annette Powell and Beth Russell; Tekonsha Idea Editors, Holly Hunt and Susan Cubbon 2. IOURNALISM STAFF (Front) Beth Russell (Middle) Faithanne Petersen, Annette Powell, Annette Reincke, Mrs. Carlene Zollner, Brian McFadden (Back) Holly Hunt, lackie Thomas, Robyn Macomber, Brenda Rafferty, Amy johnson, Susan Cubbon, Lanette Reincke, Lori Herman 3. Mrs. Zollner is discussing The Tekonsha Idea layout with editor. Holly Hunt. a. .J. Sue is taking time out for a smile. 2 . Our photographer i s photographing himself! 3. Amy is flipping over her Don lohnson calendar at the Christmas party. 4. There's another shot from the Christmas party. 5. Here’s a normal everyday scene. 6. Samantha and Beth are working hard. 7. Faith, Annette and Beth take a break to catch up on the latest news. 85Student Council Has Another Successful Year This year the Student Council made 1986 another success. They started out with Homecoming, donating prize money lor the floats, and organizing the parade. Then came the Fall Festival. Once again they sponsored the spookhouse which drew its usual large crowds ol people ol all ages. Next up was Spirit Week with a fun-filled day of lots of activities and many rowdy students. The day came to an end with a free dance in the evening. On Friday, April 11, at 7:00 the Cabaret took place. This year s theme was "Movin Motown" with Master and Mistress ol ceremonies, Sean Casev and Amy lohnson. Many students displayed their unique talents. All in all it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. 1986 STUDENT COUNCIL (Back Row) Representatives Bruce Warner, Kyle Klingaman, Andy lohnson. Advisor Mrs. Carlson (Second Row) Representatives Donna Webber, Nicki Ritter, Heath Pritchard (Front Row) Treasurer Scott Carlson, Vice-President Aaron Warner, President Brad Runyon, and Secretary Annette Katz A 2 2. Aaron Warner is doing what he does best. 3. Scott Carlson helps prepare for the evening event. 4. Donna Webber takes time out to chat. 86VO-ED and CO-OP still going strong Many of our juniors and seniors represent our school at the Vo-Ed Center. This is where they get partial training for the careers of their choice. A few of the training programs include Carpentry, Auto Mechanics, Health Occupa tions, Welding, Secretarial, and Data Processing. Co-op students are those who have had one year of training at the Vo-Ed Center and are now employed in their fields for school credits. These students spend a half of a day at school and the other half on job sites. Co-Op students this year include: (Front Row) Annette Reincke, Susan Cuhbon, Lori Herman. Lannette Reincke, (Back Row) Tim Fogel, Sean Casey, Danny Yates, Marty Hampton, and Kurt Shilling. VO-ED STUDENTS (Front Row): Annette Powell. Lori Herman, Lannette Reincke. (Second Row) Faithanne Petersen. Don na Webber. Lori Burrow, Susan Cubbon, Cindy Wilson, Merriann LaFond, (Back Row) Todd Hayes, Robbie Cook, Toni Volstromer, Mike Davis, Paul Stuart, Kip Reincke, Danny Yates, Dale Pullen, Dennis Woods. Eddie Lewis, and Steve King.THE BAND PLAYS ON! S E N I O R The Senior High Band started out another busy year with 52 members performing at all the home football games. The band was also involved in both Homecoming and the Marshall Christmas parade. In the Christmas Parade only four bands showed up because of the extremely cold weather. Two of these bands were from Tekonsha. The annual Christmas, Winter, and Spring Concerts were held, the high-light of these being the Winter Band Concert. The bands plaved music from the Armed Services and three of the branches had representatives in attendance. Spring time band activities included the Memorial Day parade, a trip to Cedar Point, Baccalaureate, and Graduation. Through the year various fundraisers were sold by the band and all proceeds from these go toward new uniforms. Sean Casey gets his announcements ready for an upcoming performance. ULTIMATE SOUND STATE BAND (Front Row) Mike Delmont, Shane Esch (Second Row) Mike Hall, Shawn McAllistar (Third Row) Dave Eogel, Fred Melville, Pat Cole, Tammy Cutchall, Martha Holbrook, Scott Siegal, foe Sisco, Mr. McMullin (Back Row) Tricia Katz, lulie Krumvede, Dede Upston, Theresa Griffith B A N D 88 PEP BAND (Front Row) Corey Wooden, Pat Cole, [tennis Foote, Craig Clark (Second Row) Amy Thomas, Heather Coats, Tracy Swafford, Angie Wallen (Third Row) Gina Berger-son, Anita Doolittle, Amy lohnson, Diane Klingaman, Chris LaMee (Fourth Row) Pat Peters, Loren Selby, Linda LaMee, Missy Warner (Fifth Row) Cindy Wilson, Christine Cappella, Tammy Cutchall (Back Row) Mike Delmont, Brad Runyon, lulie Krumvede, Aaron Warner.SENIOR HIGH MARCHING BAND (Front Row) Donna Webber, Paulette Slruwin, Allison Geer, Missy Warner (Second Row) Gina Bergerson, Chad Clark, Pat Cole, Dave Fogel, Corey Wooden, Ru sell Olds, Tanya Cail (Third Row) Martha Holbrt k, Amv Johson, Christine Cap-pell , Faithanne Peterson. Anita Doolittle, Tricia Katz, Annette Katz, Ioanna Lindquist, Keri Eberts, Cindy Wilson (Fourth Row) Betsy Pulsipher, Jeanne Zook, Annette Powell, Karen McFadden, Stephanie Horton, Holly Hunt, Laura Vosburg, Chris LaMee, Julie Krumvede, Denise Ckx dman (Fifth Row) Mike Hall, Scott Carlson, Laura Selby, Tammy Cutchall, Brian Saltzgaber, Nicki Ritter, Leslie Nagel, Linda LaMee, Michele Hall (Back Row) Dede Upston, Brad Runyon, Steve Pulsipher, Diane Klingaman, Jeff Wright, Aaron Warner, Mike Delmont, Jerry Johnson, Brian McFadden (Not Pictured) Kurt Shilling, Theresa Griffith SENIOR BAND MEMBERS (Front Row) Chris LaMee, Annette Powell, Gina Bergerson, Joanna Lindquist (Back Row) Mike Hall, Diane Klingaman, Anita Doolittle, Kurt Shilling, Steve Pulsipher, Amy Johnson, Brian Saltzgaber, Sean Casey (Not Pictured) Faithanne Peterson SENIOR HIGH CONCERT BAND (Front Row) Gina Bergerson, Martha Holbrook, Amy Johnson, Christine Cap-pella, Faithanne Peterson, Anita Doolitle, Tricia Katz, Annette Katz, Joanne Lundquist, Keri Eberts, Cindy Wilson, Tanya Cail (Second Row) Betsy Pulsipher, Jeanne Zook, Annette Powell, Karen McFadden, Stephanie Horton, Holly Hunt, Laura Vosburg, Laura Selby, Paulette Struwin, Scott Carlson, Nicki Ritter, Chris LaMee, Tammy Cutchall, Brian Saltzgaber, Leslie Nagel, Linda LaMee, Michele Hall, Missy Warner (Third Row) Julie Krumvede, Denise Goodman, Donna Webber, Dede Upston, Jeff Wright, Brad Runyon, Steve Pulsipher, Diane Klingaman, Aaron Warner, Mike Delmont, Jerry Johnson, Brian McFaddne (Back Row) Russell Olds, Pat Cole, Dave Fogel, Chad Clark, Sean Casey, Corey Wooden, Mr. McMullin (Not Pictured) Kurt Shilling, Theresa Griffith 89s £ N I 0 R H 1 C H C H 0 1 R 90 The Senior High Choir Has a Busy Year! This year the Senior High Choir consisted of 46 members, making this one of the biggest classes ever. The choir had a very busy year. At the beginning of the year they visited four nurs- ing homes and performed for the residents. Later in the year the choir performed in two concerts, the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. The choir also performed a musical, A-Z, for youngsters in elementary schools both in Tekonsha and Battle Creek. SENIOR HIGH CHOIR (First Row) Tammy Cutchall, Linda Brown, lodi Long, Heidi Stage, Sharon Cagle, Gina Bergerson, lackie Thomas (Second Row) Annette Vorce, Sandra Hilbert. Dawn Burgan, Corey Wooden. Chris Cutcnall, Danny McDowell, loey Sisco. Martha Holbrook, Chris Mitchell, Michelle Coffman, Amy Blue (Third Row) Penny Warsop, Anita Doolittle, Lisa Rosier, Tony Lewis, lenny Vosburg. left Coffman. Brian Begley. Bob Cx)heen, Hugh Woods, Loren Devenney, Keri Eberts, Christine Cappella. Mary Turley. HU Ekdahl (Fourth Row) Betsy Pulsipher, Paulette Struwin. Tricia Katz, Donna Woods, Rex Esseltine, Randy Price. David Foote, George Feltner. Rick McDowell. Bruce Warner, Samantha Snyder. Annette Katz, Karen McFadden, Stephanie Horton 1. Choir members learn their ABC's. 2. Choir takes a break between notes. 3. A trio of girls, Sharon Cagal, Cana Bergersen, and Cristine Capella, sing to prepare for a concert. A 291James Bell Michelle Blue David Bnegel Ariana Burgan Michael Cheeseman Craig Clark Todd Clark Heather Coats Mark Coffman David Cole Usa Collins Paul Coppock Thomas Coppock Milissa Cummings Brian Dietz Dennis Foote Jeromy Hall Lisa Hanson Barbara Herman Timothy Herman Joseph Hinspeter Paul Holbrook William Lambert Michael Loomis Lisa Maisner r 1 ¥2 1. Cina Snyder shows her true talent. 2. Mike Woodman takes it easy while chowing down his lunch. 92Clsss of '90 has Cjood Year Paulette McDowell Shantel Middaugh Larry Neal The dm of 90 began i(s year with the lr High float "Hamel and (jfetel. " which got second place m the Homecoming competition They chose for their Homecoming representatives Tracy Swafford and Doug Scherer At the fall Festival they chose "Shoot the Morin" for their game Their annual fund raiser was again suc cessful This year they sold fudge and raised about it.000 dollars They really showed their spirit by taking fourth place m this year's Spirit Week By the end of the year the eighth graders were capable of moving to their first year of high school They showed this when the annual dinner dance was held m May The dinner dance n catered every year by the Te Kon and the meal is outstanding, complete with ice sculptures, [veryone dresses up and the evening becomes very special. Rhonda Nestell David Palmer Cary Peters Patrick Peters lason Rench Debbie Reynolds Douglas Scherer Loren Selby Chad Sisco Lisa Smith Dorman Snyder Regina Snyder Tracy Swafford Amy Thomas Shawn Thompson David Turley Tammy Walker Angela Wallen David Washburn Amy Watson Byron Welch Susan Welch Stacey Willbur Michael Woodman Scott Young NOT PICTURED: Mark Calcatera, Tanya Griffith, Tony Mains, Elisabeth McAllister 93Seventh Graders Start out Their First Year With a Bang. The Class of '91 started their first year of jr. high with a bang by helping get a second place win with their float "Hansel and Crete ." They chose for their Homecoming Representatives Aubrey Watkins and Chad Thomas. The Fall Festival was next and they chose "Shoot the Moon" for their game. The fund raiser, selling fudge, was successful. The seventh-graders tried their hardest to show their spirit, but unfortunately ended up with sixth place. Seventh-graders always have a tough time competing with upperclassmen, but they have plenty of time to improve! Jr. High Student Council and Representatives this year were: (From Left to Right) Chad Thomas, Rep.: Mark Coffman, Rep.: Paul Holbrook, Pres.: Douglas Scherer, V-Pres.; lason Rench, Treas.; Tracy Swafford. Sec : Regina Snyder, Rep., Stacey Wilbur, Rep.; Nicole Stuart, Rep. (Not Pictured) Chad Sisco, who later replaced lason Rench as Treasurer Tracy Cole Brett Cook Shawn Crawford David DeMint Jennifer Delmont Travis Hall less Hiesrodt Robert Horton Aaron Imhof Tonya Jarrell Robie Kilgore Jolynnda LaFond Daniel Lambert Shelly Langridge Angela Leatherman Tonya Minniear Tommy Napier Lisa Norgan 94A 1 very closely. Maybe he's trying to find Tekonsha on there! Robert Petersen Katrina Renfro Donna Root Debra Rowe Kenneth Shaffer Toni Sheppard Laurie Shumway Daniel Slaybaugh Scott Stemaly Nicole Stuart Chad Thomas Douglas Turley Tristina Upston Steven Washburn Aubrey Watkins 95Jr. High Boys Basketball (Front Row) Dennis Foote, Craig Clark, Robbie Petersen (Second Row) Chad Thomas, David Cole, Chad Sisco, Doug Scherer, Travis Hall, BJ Welch, Todd Clark (Back Row) Paul Holbrook, Larry Neal, Mark Coffman, Danny Lambert, Robbie Kilgore, Loren Selby, Kenny Shaffer, Joey Hinspeter, Jim Bell Jr. High Boys Football (Front Row) Craig Clark, Robbie Petersen, Paul Weller, David Briegal, Joe Hinspeter, Tim Herman, BJ Welch, Tood Clark (Second Row) Scott Stemaly, Davey Cole, Chad Sisco, Douglas Scherer, Loren Selby, Shawn Thompson, Jim Bell, Dorman Snyder, Kris Lambert (Back Row) Larry Neal, Mark Coffman, Brett Cook, Danny Lambert, Robie Kilgore, Travis Hall, Ken Shaffer, David DeMint, David Turley 96]r. High Girls' Basketball Front Row) Laurie Shumway, Tanya Minniear, Toni Sheppard, Aubrey Watkins, Paulette McDowell Second Row) Nicki Stuart, Regina Snyder, Lisa Maisner, Milissa Cummings, Tracy Swafford, Susan Welch, Angie Wallen Not Pictured) Stacey Willbur )r. High Girls' Volleyball Front Row) Michelle Blue, Angela Leatherman, Chris Zook, Tanya Griffith, Heather Coats, lennifer Delmont Second Row) Adriana Burgan, Barbara Herman, Laurie Shumway, Tanya Minniear, Toni Sheppard, Aubrey Watkins, Paulette McDowell, usan Welch, Heather Coats Third Row) Lisa Hanson, Nicki Stuart, Regina Snyder, Lisa Maisner, Milissa Cummings, Tracy Swafford, Angie Wallen 97This year the lr. High Band worked very hard to prepare for their season performances. Their improvement was excellent throughout the year in football games, Homecoming activities, and the Marshall Christmas parade. Also fantastic performances were shown in the Christmas, Winter, and Spring Concerts. Each year two outstanding students are selected from the lr. High Band. They are awarded a certificate and get to go to Cedar Point with the Sr. High Band. The two outstanding students this year were Angie Wallen and Loren Selby. MAJORETTES Tanya Minniear, Amy Thomas, Nicki Stuart CONCERT BAND (Front Row) Todd Clark, Shantel Mid-daugh, Aubrey Watkins, Tracy Swafford, Heather Coats, Amy Thomas, Chris Zook, Jennifer Delmont, Tanya Minniear (Second Row) Shelly Langridge, Jolynnda LaFond, Angela Leatherman, Nicki Stuart, Tonya Jarrell, Angie Wallen, Shawn Crawford, Pat Peters, Kenny Shaffer, Trissy Upston, Katrina Renfro (Third Row) Mr. McMullin, Jason Rench, Dennis Foote, Debbie Rowe, Aaron Im-hof, Robie Kilgore JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR (Front Row) Toni Sheppard, Debbie Reynolds, Tommy Napier, Robbie Petersen, Tim Herman, Jeremy Hall, Shawn Crawford, Travis Hall, Debbie Rowe (Second Row) Donna Root, Lisa Norgan, Robert Horton, Doug Turley, Jim Bell, Joey Hinspeter, Doug Sherer, Chad Cisco, Tonya Jarrell, Amy Watson (Third Row) Stacy Willbur, Jennifer Delmont, Barbara Herman, Mike Woodman, Scott Stemaly, Mark Coffman, David Briegel, Aaron Imhof, B. J. Welch, Lisa Hanson, Katrina Renfro (Last Row) Regina Snyder, Amy Thomas, Lisa Collins, Mike Cheesman, David Turley, Davie Cole, Scott Young, Larry Neal, Rhonda Nested, Tracy Cole, Paulette McDowell 9899PRINCIPAL, Mr. Keith Clark SECRETARY, Mrs. Marcedes FACULTY AIDS, Mrs. Carolyn Thomas, Mrs. Betty Shank, Mrs. Madelvn I Jnstnn TEACHERS (Front Row) Coleen Swank, Becky Markham, Mary Watson, Marian Sweet, Merrie Knapp, Mary Stout (Back Row) Beverly Bessler, )udy Weatherly, Anita Parlin, Susan VanNortwick, Harold Torrey, Janet Johnson, Judy Jenkins, Dwight Runyon too(Front Row) Kristine Keifer, Dana Imhof, leanie Michael, Lynette Shumway, Tonya Mains, Jennifer Reese (Second Row) Rusty Thomas, Richard Wallen, Teri Keller, Mike Duckham, Scott Hall, Rachel Reese, Lisa Shumway, Bumper Russell (Back Row) Shawn Jarrell, Eric Stemaly, Christopher Willbur, Jason Shaffer (Front Row) Stephanie Prichard, Tara Hampton, Stacie Goodman, Sarah Pulsipher, Sherry Swafford (Second Row) Christin Devenney, Jamie Middaugh, Donald Ball, Dean Richardson (Back Row) Todd Goheen, Ryan Groholski, Jim Chambers, Robby Payseno F I F T H C R A D E B A N D S I X T H G R A D F B A N D 1015th 6th C R A D E A Elementary Students Make Their Mark This yeer's ecliviiies included the Jimmy fowler Physnel fitness Awird. the Ock Spires Citizenship Awerd. the ennui I Spelling Bee. jind the Sefety Petrol Jhe Timmy fowler Phvsml fitness Awird is determined by competitions such is i soil bill throw, i lone jump how meny sM ups thit you on complete m two minutes, i 100 yitd dish, ena i long run The students ire ewerded points ind the highest scorer wins The Dnk Citizenship Awird winners ire nomimted by their clissmites. ind then the teechers ind prmctpil nuke the hml decisions The innuil Spelling Bee wts once agam held it the Biptist Church where the entire cliss competed until only the top three pieces were left This veer ilso hid i greet Sifety Petrol Ceptems end the Ueutenent were chosen by their idvnor. Mr. Runyon CongretulHions — you did e good yob'll I. JAMMY fOWLER PHYSICAL fITNESS AWARD leson Shine end neither Shepherd 2 DICK SPIRIS CITIZENSHIP AWARDS Slide (ktodmen. Mirtm Coats. end lemi dm }. SPELLING Btl WINNERS IFront Row) first Piece. Stephens Pncherd end Slide Coodmen (Beck Row) Second PUce. Melime Geer. Third piece. Demce Reuse keend Sir eh Pulsipher 4 Uetuenent Chrntin Drvenney. Mr. Runyon. Co-Cepum Meleme Geer- Co-Ceptein Tere Hempton wes ebsent 5 SAFETY PATROL (front Row) Thornes Hempton. Sutey Kelz. Brent Demint. Lynette Shumwey. Tonye Meins. Niney Zook, leymee Knight. Chris Willbur. leson Shener (Second Row) hse Shumwey. Moruci Russell. Becky Brownell. Terese Horn buckle. Mye Ducked. Done Id Bell. Todd Coheen. Bred Csvmdet. lem Mid deugh (Thud Row) lenndet Reese, lodi Scherer. Sherry Swelkxd. Eric C iketen. Scott Hell, Mike Duckhem. Cm feltner. Enc Stemefy. Dene Imhol. lemi Cam. Robby Reyseno. deg Kill. R. . Thomes (fourth Row) Mr Runyon. Evelyn Shrybeugh, Stephen Pncherd. Sucre (Woodmen chrntin Drvenney. Meleme Cier. Ser eh Pulupher. Den ice Remcke. Richie Biker. Ryen Rxherdson Meron Coets leson Shtve A 3 A4 A5 102s I X T (Front Row) Ryan Groholske, Chad Wilson, Todd Coheen, Amy Weller ■ ■ (Second Row) Stacie Goodman, Lonnie Rogers, Danica Reincke, Martin Coats, Stephanie Prichard, Mr. Dewight Runyon I i (Last Row) Sonja James, Jason Shive, Christin Devenney, Judd Sanders, Layla Reuch c R A D E (Front Row) Richie Baker, Lara Hampton, JrxJi Scherer, Donald Ball (Second Row) Ryan Richardson, Greg Kat , Sarah Pulsipher, Melanie Geer, Jacon Hill, Mrs. Judy Jenkins (Last Row) Leslee Shaffer, Sherry Swafford, Heather Shepherd, Jim Chambers, Jami Cain 103F I F T H C R A D E (Front Row) jimmy Warner, R. j. Thomas, Brad Cavinder, Bear lames (Second Row) Nancy Zook, jeanie Michael, Jennifer Reese, Jaymee Knight, Lisa Shumway (Third Row) Cary Rogers, Kathy May, Shawn Jarrell, Kristine Keifer, Evelyn Slayhaugh, Scott Hall, Chris Wilbur (Last Row) Greg Pullen, Tonya Mains, Lesa Ruddock, Becky March, Bumper Russell, Brent De Mint, Mrs. Marian Sweet (Front Row) Jason Shaffer, Bobby Stage, Greg Feltner, Chris McAllister (Second Row) Lynette Shumway, Becky Brownell, Rachael Reese, Monica Russell, Stacey Katz (Third Row) Eric Stemaly, Jamie Watson, Teri Keller, Richard Wallen, Roger Nestell, Tonya Price . (Last Row) Thomas Hampton. Mike Duckham, Dana Imhof, Rusty Thomas, Teresa Hornbuckle, Mya Duckett, Mrs. Chris Me am 104(Front Row) Darren Adams, Shawn Hughes, Jammi Copas, Satina Kalnins, Tracy McFadden (Second Row) Brian Cavinder, Shawn Combs, Cary Stuart, Eric Blue, Patrick Shaffer, Arthur Sanders, Matt Johnston (Last Row) Ronnie Payseno, Aimee Stemaly, Michelle Hill, Shondel King, Brenda Newland, Mike Hanson, Mrs. Janet Johnson F O u R T H C R A D E (Front Row) Christy Loomis, Barbra Vorce, Brooke Banfield, David Winans (Second Row) Kenny MiUiman, Scott Hampton, Diane Keifer, Matt Bowling, Mike Seigel (Last Row) Brian Wilson, Michael Swan, Brenda Napier, Jaime Hopkins, Brandon Coats, Amy FJiesrodt, Mrs. Coleen Swank 1057 H I R D C R A D E (First Row) Renee Horton, Tommy Doxey, Patrick Pombier, Matt Stefanski, R. J. Ball (Second Row) Ted Chambers, David Doolittle, Becky Caswell, Toni Milliman, Cletis Pritchard, Stacey Hampton (Last Row) Christina Kidney, Shane Riede, Lisa McFadden, James Smith, Kakki Phelps, Kristy Cheeseman, Mr. Harold Torrey, (Absent, P. J. Coodman) 106 (First Row) Stephanie Wakley, Rose Richardson, Phillip Kuhling, Bruce Herman, Rene Russell (Second Row) Danny Ruddock, Johnny Morris, Tim Doolittle, Jeremy Mattinson, Nicloe Schaffer (Last Row) Mark Renfro, Bronica White, Theresa Newbold, Renee Slone, Sherry Schweikert, Miss Merrie Knapp(First Row) Regina Davis, Shelly May, Andrea Karn, Jamie Rodgers, Mary Winans (Second Row) Alfred Marshall, Chad Blowers, Rodney Creenman, Jamie Phelps, Chris Stevens, Travis Hampton, Mrs. Stout (List Row) Pam Kidney, Chris Kempton. Justin White, Brad Thomas, Andy Tayler, Bobby Parsons s E C O N D (First Row) Chad Hall, Mike Phillips, Tim Swam, Kimberly Brownell, Andrea FJampton (Second Row) Brad Russell, Kenny Berry, Jammi Swafford, Mark Farkas, Joey KaU (Last Row) Phil Herman, Shawn Petersen, Lee March, Kassandra Riede, Heather McAllister, Mrs. Markham 107(First Row) Josh Reinitz, Billyjo Weller, Angela Willhur (Second Row) Paul Reynolds, Kasey Payseno, James Smith, Jeremy Feltn?r' Mike Miller (Last Row) Debbie Padelt, Tina Weimer, Luke Howe, Melissa Ball, Nikki Phelps, Mrs. Watson (First Row) Sam Wakley, Elissa King, Billy Davis (Second Row) Jeremy Minniear, Stacey Woods, Brandie Miller, Abel Johnston, Michael Macomber (Last Row) Cory Shepherd, Nicole Diamond, Katie Pulsipher, Samantha Nestell, Daryl Shaffer, Mrs. Weatherly 108A.M. (front Row) Matthew McDaniel, Wendy Winans, Jodi Rodgers, Laura Tackett (Second Row) Todd Doxey, Kenneth Keeton, Laura Schondel, B. J. Johnson, David Reese {Last Row) Danny Taylor, Melissa Strang, Julie Swan, Pam Russell, David Payne, Mrs. Vannortwick K I N D E R C A R T E N Front Row) Nater Minniear, Mark Miller, Matt Toney, David Weller Second Row) Becky Cole, Brandy Cavinder, Jeffery White, Robert Rodrigue , Lisa Persails Last Row) Nathan Frye, Eric Cummings, Cassie Sammons, Lance VanZandl, Ruby Smith, Stacey Hills, Mrs. VanNortwickPATRONS O'Dell Chiropractic Clinic P.C. Real ha's Pizza Redfield Brothers Incorporated Haufman House of Pizza Baldwin Clinic J.S. VMT. Pierson KNL Grocery Hawkin's Furniture Store Charles F. Morton, D.D.S. Cartey Insurance Agency Parkside Pharmacy Knapp Pools Leudders Shoe Store Little Toy Drum Antiques Parshall's Retail-Wholesale S E Cordage, Inc. Skate Ranch Mr. Mrs. David Stayner David Dean Mr. Mrs. Floyd Coffman leff Mark Vern Betty Camp Mr. Mrs. Reid Waffle Robert Rinett Tyckoski Eleanor H. Randall Mr. Mrs. Norman Taylor Doc’s Place Mr. Mrs. Butch Neal family Mr. Mrs. Roger A. Carlson Dick, Carol, Tim, Dave Fogel LaVon Bonnie Klingaman Newland Heating Cooling Fred Dixie Katz family Curt, Linda, Ken, and lason Shaffer Mr. lames I. Showers Mr. Mrs. Clare Martinson George Macomber Mr. Mrs. Don Shaffer Keith Alice Clark Mr. Mrs. Paul Sweet George and Carlene Zollner ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We hope you have enjoyed this year's edition of the 1986 yearbook. Mrs. Carlene Zollner was our advisor this year and our class consisted of 13 hard working students. This year we had many ideas and we're very proud of the decisions that we made to make this book the best possible. Many thanks go to a student here at T.H.S., Gina Bergersen. She has drawn the cats that are throughout the book to make our theme "INDI-CAT" possible. We would also like to thank Mr. Lee Zimmerman, our representative from Taylor Publishing Company, for all his help in making this yearbook a success. Also a big thanks to our photographer, loe Serra, lr. who has taken time to take pictures for us and to Brian McFadden, who has worked hard all year. All of the faculty and school personnel have been patient with our disruptions during class time, and we would like to give them our thanks also. Most of all, we would like to thank all the patrons, subscribers, and advertisers who have helped us in making this year's 1986 yearbook. Many thanks to all of you! Beth Russell Annette Powell 1986 INDIAN Co-Editors noCongratulations class of 1986 from Rodney, Mary Stephanie, Shannon, and Robert TEKON TRUCK PLAZA Tekonsha, Michigan C.k. Equipment Open Seven Days a Week — 24 Hours 111 Lumber and Building Materials Congratulations Seniors NEWT'S MARKET KEEP Jim and LuAnne Warkozeski 950 North Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan MARTINSON Open 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. 7 Days a Week Phone 767-4179 Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. (517) 767-4193 DAVIS BROS. SERVICE TEKONSHA SPORT SHOPPE 1-69 and M-60 Tekonsha, Michigan Team Sporting Goods Custom Lettering Converse and Pony Shoes Iron-On Transfers Varsity Jackets Sport Cards and Supplies Ph. 767-4722 Over 600,000 baseball, football, basketball and hockey sport cards to choose from. 1952 to present. 205 North Main 517-767-3432 Tekonsha, Ml Compliments of Congratulations Class of "85" KAY'S PLACE From the 118 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. 767-3449 JOHN CAIL FAMILY JOHN, ELAINE, LEONARD and TANYA| STUDENT COUNCIL YOU MADE IT! 'CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS" FARM CREDIT SERVICES 828 N. MAIN ST. TEKONSHA Ph. 767-4152 FIRST IN FARM CREDIT Compliments of: MARKING MACHINE CO. Tekonsha Michigan 113QPVANS (gjjjjgjl Igjjjgjg g EVANS DRUG STORE FORMERLY SHERWOOD PHARMACY CLAYTON SHERWOOD PHARMACIST AND CRETCHEN STEFANSKI PHARMACIST Mg| QF.MftMg QPVANS QBVAHg fel! LINDA'S LOUNGE Beer 104 Main Sand. Wine Tekonsha, Ml Pizza Liquor 767-8522 FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE HOWARD MAIN BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE Tekonsha, Michigan 767-4629 D D CONVENIENCE STORE DAVID GRIFFITH M-60 —1-69 Tekonsha, Mich. Open 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. 7 days a week 767-4442Congratulations Class of "86" ROBERT MOHRHARDT. 7:00 A.M.-3:30 P.M. Owner Monday thru Friday From DR. MENDELSOHN D.O. AND STAFF VINCENT'S INDUSTRIAL PAINTING SERVICE Industrial Paint Finishing, Cleaning, Electrostatic Painting and Baking Facilities 767-4197 117 West Jackson St. (517) 767-3593 Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 (517) 767-4133 Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS RANDALL FOOD PRODUCTS TEKONSHA CABLEVISION INC. Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan Ph.(517)767-4220 WHEN YOU OFFER THEM TeKONSHA. YOU’VE OFFERED THEM THE BEST. T' h«msha will1 ■ l|... I accessories n the m.irkrl todat Iih liufiiu: tlx mduslrt s first loullt eli-ct runic brake controls the 20to Mark 12. 21 Its Mjrk 2-i and the .ill not Vrathcrironic 2 no that mounts on the trailer s V-fnune not the tow vehicle |so a premium line of K mirrors such as the ever P'lpiHat iiulusin le.nler file Sther Falcon fender iiHHint Tekonsha R accessories engineered with ilepeml.ihle American know how will keep tour customers assured of first quaint products and worry free traveling the total line of R products. access tries j ail jhh w nte Tekonsha Kngmeeniig todat Trkxnthj tnritM-rnni; i st' (hutch Stmt Tekonsha || ekelj Phone i SI ) h il _■■ ■ W - -— TLKONSt iA, MICHIGAN FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 914 NORTH MAIN ST. CORPORATION TEKONSHA, Ml 49092 John 11:25 Flame Sprayed Metal Carbide Jesus said unto her, 1 am the resurrec- and tion and the life: He that believeth in me Ceramic Coatings though he were dead, yet shall he live 103 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan 116PRECISION ENGRAVING Steel Marking Tool Specialists 136 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Ron lohnson (517) 767-4188 1 Inc. HAWLEY OIL HARDWARE Congratulations to the Seniors MUSICAL KEYBOARDS 121 N. Main Street Tekonsha, Ml 49092 767-4266 BROOKSIDEAUTO COMPANY Floyd Warden — President Glen Newton — Sales Manager Jerry Thornton — Sales John Burdick — Sales Car Sale Rental, and Leasing Burlington, Michigan 945 N. MAIN Tekonsha, Ml Ph.767-4165 MANAGER — ROB HUNTER NBC BEAUTY SALON 304 Leroy Street Burlington, Michigan 49029 Phone (517) 765-2674 Carol Deanna CROHOLSKI REALTY INC. 10105 M-60 West Burlington, Michigan 49029 Ph. (517)765-2184 Phone (517) 765-2112 117C'h'e t moTd . hog mPiRKers'K HEINOLD HOG markets Rick Hall — Manager John Rook — Sales lohn Smith — Sales Burlington, Mich. (517)765-2800 BROOKSIDE SERVICE CENTER NAPA PARTS 24 HOUR WRECKER CERTIFIED MECHANICS M-60-Burlington, Ml (517)765-2184 FABIANO'S George Fabiano Liquor — Beer — Wine Pasta — Salad Bar On M-60 Union City, Ml Phone:741-9181 KNIEF-HEATOR INSURANCE ALL KINDS Phone 517-741 -5861 Downtown Union City, Ml 49094 John Heator Ed Heator BRAY MOTOR SALES, Inc. 948 North Broadway f UNION CITY. MICHIGAN 49094 PAT'S FLOWERS AND GIFTS M-60 TAKE OUT 714 South Hillsdale Street 106 Leigh St. Homer, Michigan Homer, Michigan Phone: 568-4445 1-(517)-568-4469HOPPS COLONIAL PHARMACY 126 W. Main St. HOMER, Ml 49245 Phone (517) 568-3400 HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 9-6; SAT. 9-12:30 Emergency: Call (517) 568-3810 ANYTIME Congratulations CLASS of 1986 from PENGUIN POINT 12 Michigan Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Phone:(517)278-7135 ODELL GRAIN TRUCKING 568-3323 S. Hillsdale St. Homer, Michigan LONNY'S SUPER VALU 807 S. Hillsdale Homer, Michigan 119HARRY'S TRANSMISSION SERVICE Compliments of GIRARD Complete Transmission Service Rebuilt — Service — Parts Automatic and Standard 103 Marshall Rd., Girard Ph. 278-2463 COUNTRY STORE in Downtown Girard Ph. 278-8003 he C arouiei isrida( Ahoppe jim fisher Photography MW: 42 E. Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml 49036 »■«.. (517) 279-8281 62 DIVISION ST. (517) 278-8093 COLDWATER, Ml 49036 n e - Southern Michigan NATIONAL BANK Continuous Banking Since 1872 THE =-STEP AHEAD ===-BANK ■= Offices in Coldwater • Tekonsha • Union City • Kinderhook Have a bowling party here ii i p pp k Group rates are available f 11 (I V lUt it Call us for open bowling times C 7 ■k We have leagues for all ages r k Enjoy sporting events on JT our Satellite T.V. 1 ,f4,,W . MichiganAve. Marshall, Michigan 49068 (616) 781-3125 Campus Tux Cleaners 42 W. Chicago Coldwater, Michigan Telephone (517) 278-8508 ROWBOTHAM'S ORCHARD 32123 Mile Road Homer, Michigan 49245 Pizza • Our s Comes with a smile MANCINO'S OF COLDWATER 510 £ CHICAGO COLDWATER. MICHIGAN 49036 LYNN KAREN PAUL BUS 517 278-2127 RES 517 639-8019 WE HAVE THE ENERGY TO SERVE YOU CAL CAS — COLDWATER PROPANE SERVICES from Bus. (517) 278-7426 PATBLOMEKE P.O. Box 10 MANAGER (CRLGR5) 638 E. Chicago Rd. ' Coldwater, Ml 49036 A OOwrgfram Company BILL GIPSON Division Sales COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL 5601 Aurelius, Lansing, Ml 48910‘(517) 882-1340 CONGRA TULA TIONS CLASS OF '86 FROM YOUR COLDWATER K-MART — Compliments of— kasco abrasives 4 DIVISION OF COIFMAN SYSTEMS SHOPPERS-GUIDE When You're Scratching for Business Call 279-9764 or 279-9765 57 South Monroe S., Coldwater, Mich. 49036 Douglas McMichael Coldwater Plant Manager Midwest Plant: 580 Race St. Coldwater, Mich. 49036 517 278-2354 Congratulations Class of '86 FROM JEWFIRY KING ELECTRIC SUPPLY, 50 West Chicago Street INC. COLDWATER. MICHIGAN 49036 517-278-2488 Coldwater, Michigan (517)278-4518 For your jewelry gift needs Also complete section of School Rings jeweLRv j — Order your custom-made class ring, rVJk 2-4 weeks Delivery • The Jeweler You Know You Can Trust 7 W. Chicago, Coldwater, Ml Wore than just pictures . . . For the Senior who cares about quality, originality and creativity in portraits, Classic Portraits is your 279-9452 BILL'S Studio. Appointments are now being scheduled. For excellence in Senior Portraiture, phone us MAJOR APPLIANCE today at (517) 278-6006. STORE IJou (f Str it fir A ...utClassic Portraits Appliances — Heating Cooling by Stan Clayton 58 W. Chicago St. 7 S. MONROE COLDWATER, MICH. Coldwater, Ml 49036 (517)287-6006 Phone:278-6811 FREE PHOTO FOR YOUR SCHOOL YEARBOOK INCLUDED WITH SITTINGTHINK SUM. Lose up to 10 pounds in as little as 2 weeks. You won't feel hungry. You will feel a new confidence, a new control. No drugs, crash diets, or special foods to buy. 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Chicago Coldwater, Ml 15 West Pearl Street Cold Water, Ml 49036 Phone: 278-7311 Telephone (517) 278-2318 COMPLETE RECREATIONAL VEHICLE SERVICE INDOOR SHOWROOM PARTS ACCESSORY STORE COMPLETE REPAIR SALES SERVICE JOHN FERRIS DAVE FERRIS ALICE REED Compliments of BARONE TAX ACCOUNTING PHONE 517-278-5691 FERRIS R.V. SALES SERVICE 690 Marshall Rd„ Coldwater, Ml 49036 Congratulations from BRANCHES SOUND ROOM "Since 1877" Technics Kenwood Hitachi Pioneer 38 W. Chicago Phone: Coldwater, Ml 278-2664 22 West Pearl Street Coldwater, Michigan 49036 PETE BARONE 517 279 8409 53 West Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml 49036 (517)278-8614 12480B8V HANKINS I53 Division St. Coldwater, Michigan 517-278-4060 HOME OF THE OMNI-CHORD'' BALDWIN PIANO ORGAN Darwin Robison Owner TOTAL HARDWARE G( aSt t() Coast Fairfield Shopping Center 458 Marshall Street Coldwater, Michigan 49036 (517) 279 8069 OLDS FIRENZA Calais Delta 88 98 Cutlass Supreme Cutlass Ciera TIDEY CAPRICE Celebrity Cavalier Corvette S-10 NOVA Spirit Spectrum Camaro Chevette Monte Carlo WE HAVE it all" CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE 38 N. Monroe Coldwater, Ml Ph: 278-6575 1201 W Michigan Ave 781 -5154 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. Prov. 22:1 NIU A SCR VINO TMf COMMUNITY FOR OVtR 14 VCARS SARGENT’S1 FLOWERS PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE TO ALL AREAS McDonalds Congratulations Seniors m (T f MARSHALL BATTLE CREEK 781-3941 968-2755 i v 227 V MICHIGAN MAtSHAU A z m. Chicago Street Coldwater, Ml 49036 Phone:(517)278-7171 125CARROLL'S SHOES LICENSED INSURED 48 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml 49036 HEATING COOLING, INC. Phone: 278-2695 "A Perfect Fit Every Time 1209 First st Jackson. Mich 49203 (517) 782-8191 GARY G SCHULTZ 110 E Michigan Ave Marshall, Mich 49068 (616) 781-2107 MARK A. CESARZ 106 E. MICHIGAN MARSHALL, MICHIGAN LAW OFFICES OF SCHROEDER, DEGRAW KENDALL MAYHALL 203 EAST MICHIGAN AVENUE MARSHALL, MICHIGAN 49068-1591 TELEPHONE 616-781-9851 JOSEPH E. SCHROEDER MILLARD N.MAYHALL RONALD J. DEGRAW JOHN A. KENDALL DAVID J. DEGRAW MILLER AALBREGTSE WOLVERINE MOTOR SUPPLY CO. See Us for Repair Parts for Autos, Trucks, and Men Wear Agricultural Equipment Phone 781-8931 112 W. Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan 49068 103 E. 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MOM THRU ftAT Glecutina ;1“M SeAuuce llano MM BlUABIKM ■(RAMI ORARfRV Cll 1MC TWO HQU17 ClPANlMS AJiT MO Ih Of SCMVAIR I 15S WEST MICHIGAN MARSHALL CORNIR Of (Afel PROGRESSIVE DYNAMICS, INC. K-MART Congratulations '85 K ma r+ I 112 N. Eagle (1 Block North of Schuler's) in Historic MARSHALL • Ph: (616)781-53-46 OPEN Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursdoy and Saturday 9 o m to S 30 p m . Friday nights til 8 p m K-Mart (Your Saving Place) DR. JAMES AND WILLIAM DOBBINS MD CRAIG K. KEMPF FUNERAL HOME 1170 W. Main St. 103 E. Mansion Street Marshall Marshall, Ml 49068 Phone: (616)781-9867 Serving the Marshall — Tekonsha Area Phone (616) 781 -9858For All Your PARTY NEEDS Come To 02 t. Michigan Marshall, A41 49068 616-781-8907 O . KENS KOUNTRY KORNER Beer • Wine Groceries • Gas Visit our new deli! Old U.S. 27 and F Dr. South Marshall, Ml 49068 Phone:(616)781-6033 Compliments of STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES "Like a Good Neighbor" E:T N CORPORATION MARSHALL DIVISION Heavy Duty Truck Steering Pumps Locking and Controlled Slip Differentials Viscous Fan Drives Michigan Office 410 East Drive Marshall, Michigan 49069 EATON CORPORATION MARSHALL DIVISION 1101 W. HANOVER STREET MARSHALL, Ml 49068Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of 1986 From BOSHEAR'S FORD SALES INC. 15081 Michigan Ave. Marshall, Ml Telephone 6)6-781-3981To The Class Of'86 A THOUSAND SUCCESSES! Thousand T$ ils MEMBERSHIP RESORTS 5775 OLD 27 MARSHALL,, Ml 490681321331347 986 Journalism Staff

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