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Tekonsha High School Presents' "The Way We Were" CONTENTS Opening 1 Homecoming 2 Seniors 7 Activities 25 Faculty 34 juniors 37 Sophomores 41 Freshmen 45 Varsity Sports 49 1. V. Sports 71 Organizations 85 junior High 93 Elementary 101 Acknowledgement and Patrons 112 Advertisers 113 journalism Staff 136 The 1985 Indian a my mini __T S f y_vyater memories of the Way We Were. Could it be that it was so simple then, or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all againr tell me would we, could wet simply cnoose to forget. So it's the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember, the Way We Were. 11. Donna Feltner is running away with the ball in Powder Puff. 2. Check out this bunch of 'Litchfield Losers!" 3. Marty Schaffer won the "Penny Contest," therefore, he got a pie in his FACE! 4 The Juniors first place float was titled the "Terrior-Busters " 5. Our Senior attendants smile for the camera 6 The Freshman float demonstrated the Revenge of the Nerds." ◄ 5 2 A 4 ► 6A 2 A I A 4 Good morning. Annette. Anita. Arm and Diane 2 The Sophomore are tugging hard'' 3. Seventh grade attendants "Ham it up tor the crowd 4 The !r High Band is marching in the Homer oming Day Parade 5 Tekonsha s King and Queen wave at the amera 6 The Varsity Football team takes a rnle in the Homecoming Parade 7. Donna Webber runs for a touchdown 8 Eighth grade attendants Mary Randall and Andy Swafford smile at the parade crow d i"ABIC NIGHT This year's Homecoming was sponsored by the class of "86'' and the theme for floats was movies. The juniors took first with "Terrior-Busters," while the jr High received second and the Seniors came in third. During the week everyone was anticipating the big day. Monday started off Homecoming week in high spirits as the traditional snake dance and bonfire took place. The cheerleaders chose a different type of costume for the student body to wear every day of the week Monday was "All Sports Day " "Martians" and "Senior Citizens" were caught walking in the halls on Tuesday. Wednesday was "P I " or "Rock Star Day" while Thursday was "Litchfield Losers Day.," Friday was the traditional "Red and White Day." Friday afternoon the parade of floats took place after the spirited pep rally The Homecoming Court was also included in the parade, each couple riding a classy car. After the parade the powderpuff football game took place The luniors took first in it, also taking first in the tug-of-war Everyone was anxious for the game and dance to take place that night. Finally it was here! The football team proudly defeated the Litchfield Terriers 9-6. Lori Beam and Marty Shaffer were crowned as I984’s Homecoming Queen and king by last year s attendants. LeAnn Selby and Kevin Reincke Alicia Ball and Danny Taylor were the crown bearers. Now everyone was ready for the dance. The theme was "Almost Paradise, " filling the gym with tropical surroundings Mrs. Penny Shumway donated a beautifully made cake and Mrs. Carol Fogel gave punch for refreshments during the dance. It was quite a night to remember. 1985's Homecoming Queen and King, Lori Beam and Marty Shaffer juniors, Amy fohnson and Brian Saltzgaber Sophomores, Missy Holbrook and Danny Yates 45"A Place in our Hearts" Remember all of the good times And place them in your heart Lock them deep down inside And never let them part. We, the journalism staff, on behalf of the student body, dedicate this page to two of our very special friends, Ritchie Dale Yates and Dedra Darlene Brown. Ritchie and Dedra were very close to many of us. No matter how much time passes by we will always remember the memories of both of them with very warm hearts. For many of us Ritchie and Dedra were inspirations. Ritchie had outstanding athletic ability, and Dedra was a true friend who was always there for anyone who needed help and support. We could never forget the special moments together and in our hearts Ritchie and Dedra will live on. To Ritchie and Dedra we dedicate the page. 6MEMORIES OF THE WA Y WE WERE 7Lori Ann Beam Kristine Marie Bergerson Michelle Rae Cappella Lori Kathleen Caputo Etienne Avelina Cortizo Scot Foster Brown Kimberly R. Casebeer Caroline jo Devenney 8Darcy Marie Kevwitch J Scott Alan Long Shelly Annette Myers 9V 2) 2) 4) 5) A3 Who 's winning this timef Four senior girls goo ting off in the library Karrie and Carrie pose tor a shot. The Senior Class meetings are always organized' Sue and Scott smile for the cameraA I A2 A 3 A 4 1) Marty and Brad discuss weekend plans 2) Do you believe Linda is actually working? 3) No racing in the hall girls' 4) Four seniors take time out from studying to pose tor a picture. 5) Anita. Lori, Bobbi. and Darcy smile for the camera. A 5 11Linda Kathleen Nagel Alvin Todd Snyder A W Donald I. Samson W Martin Ross Shaffer Dean William Stayner CHnt'Allen Stout 12Tracy Anne Struwin Patricia Abbey Tetreault Brad Dean White Karrie Lynn Swafford Shannon Kay Swick Roger Dee Weimer Bobbi Danelle Turley Not pictured: Kendra Elaine Eberts Kristin Elizabeth Eberts 13Dances Fill Empty Moments During the school year the dances helped fill the empty spots when nothing special was happening at school. The Seniors started off the year by hosting the first dance at the beginning of football season. There were several special dances which included the traditional Sadie Hawkins, Homecoming, and the Spring Swing. The Cheerleaders, Student Council and other classes also sponsored many dances throughout the year. A2 16 1. Lori Beam and Martha Holbrook wait to see if Theresa will make it. 2. Tim Knight, Scott Brown and Betsy Pulsipher STRUT their STUFF!! 3. Penny Neal, Danny Yates, Tim Knight and Rick McDowell ROCK OUT! 4 Exchange student Etienne Cortizo and Betsy Pulsipher dance to the latest sounds of 1985.Senior Honor Students Class Officers Pres. Marty Shaffer, Vice Pres. Lori Beam, Advisor Paul Sweet, Secretary Lori Caputo, and Treasurer Linda Nagel. (Front Row) Brent Runyon, Loir Beam, Shelly Myers, Shannon Swick. (Back Row) Nadine Goheen. Brent Cole, Carrie Devenney, Tracy Struwin, Kristy Bergerson, Karrie Swafford, Michelle Cappella, David LaFond. 17W2 T3 1. Karrie Swafford. Sue Wooden, Scott Brown and Brad White discuss their mock election votes. 2. Sue Wooden, Amy Faurot and Brad White paint the rock during spirit week 3. Clint Stout shows his stuff at one of the dances. 4 Karrie Swafford thinks she's cool! 5. Kristy Bergerson caught at work 6. Seniors at one of their quieter meetings.1. Class of "85" is ft V 2. Surprised, Karrie i 3. What's so funny, Tish? 4. Some seniors take time out from the Junior High field day to smile for the camera. 5. Are you paying attention, Etienne and Lori? 19Graduation Day Arrives! The Graduation of the class of WHS was held on June 2, at the Tekonsha High School gymnasium The Class Song was "Glory Days " by Bruce Springsteen. The Invocation was given by Michelle Cappella who was followed by Marty Shaffer for the welcoming The Band then played "We Are The World " Brent Runyon gave the class motto speech, which was "Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, feels, and achieves." Shannon Swick and Shelly Myers told the class history and we heard once again from the band Kristy Berger-son gave the Valedictorian speech, followed by Dr. Serra recognizing and presenting the awards. Marty Shaffer then recognized the class advisor Mr Sweet. Superintendent, Mr. Roger Carlson presented the class for graduation to School Board President Mr. Edwin Shumway, who then handed out the diplomas. Carrie Deven-ney gave the Benediction and the Recessional followed. 1 Seniors wait to be ongratulated. hugged. and cried on 2 Marty takes a walk I Sakitatonan Tracy Struwm gives a speech 4 Graduates can r even take it easy on graduation day' 5 Graduates cry as they realize that they are through1. Michelle Cappella gives the Invocation. 2. Marty Shaffer welcomes everyone. 3. Seniors patiently await the passing of the diplomas. 4 Senior guys get ready for the big moment.SENIOR ACTIVITIES LORI BEAM . . . Homecoming queen 4; attendant — 2; band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Class officer — 2, 3, 4; basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; cheerleader - 1, 2, 3, 4; track - 1; Honor student; Mock elections - most school spirit. KRISTY BERGERSON . . . Valedictorian; band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council — 4; class officer — 2; volleyball — 1; Mock elections - most likely to succeed. SCOTT BROWN. Homecoming — 2, 4; band — 1, 2, 3, 4; baseball — 1, 2, 3, 4; football — 1, 3, 4; Vo-Ed — 3, 4; basketball - 7; Mock elections — best body, easiest to get along with, best looking. MICHELLE CAPPELLA . . . Honor student; Class officer - 2, 3; band - 1, 2, 3, 4; journalism - 4; volleyball - 7; track - 7; Mock elections - sweetest, easiest to get along with. LORI CAPUTO . . . Homecoming - 7; Student council - 2; basketball — 1, 2, 4; track — 7, 4; volleyball - 1, 4; class officer - 4; Vo-Ed — 4; volleyball - 4; Mock elections - class clown. BRENT COLE. .. Honor student; Homecoming — 4; baseball — 1, 2, 3, 4; football — 2, 3; basketball — 1, 2; Mock elections — cutest couple, best hair. ETIENNE CORTIZO . .. Exchange student — 4; track — 4; volleyball — 4; Mock elections — most exchangable, best dancer. CARRIE DEVENNEY. .. Honor student; Band — 7, 2, 3, 4; basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; track - 1, 2, 3, 4; volleyball - 1, 2, 3, 4; cheerleader — 7; Mock Elections — best musician. KENDRA EBERTS. . . Vo-Ed — 3, 4; Mock elections — quietest. KRISTEN EBERTS. .. Vo-Ed — 3, 4; Mock elections — quietest. AMY FAUROT.. . Vo-Ed - 3; track — 3; basketball — 2, 3, 4; Mock elections - always in the halls. DONNA FELTNER. . . volleyball - 7; basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; track — 2, 3, 4; Vo-Ed — 3, 4; journalism — 3. NADINE COHEEN . . . Honor student; band - 1, 2, 3, 4; majorette - 1, 2, 3, 4; track - 1, 2, 3, 4; basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4; volleyball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Mock elections - best athlete. DARCY KEVWITCH. .. Vo-Ed - 3; Co-Op - 4; basketball - 1, 2; track - 1. TIM KNIGHT. . . track - 3, 4; football - 4; Mock elections - best eyes. DAVID LAFOND. . . Honor student; track - 2, 3; basketball — 7. SCOTT LONG. .. Vo-Ed — 3, 4; band — 2, 3; Mock elections — sweetest. SHELLY MYERS. . . Honor student; Homecoming - 3, 4; band - 1, 2, 3, 4; cheerleader - 1, 2, 3, 4; journalism -4; Student council - 3, 4; volleyball — 1, 2, 3, 4; track — 2; Mock elections — best smile. LINDA NAGEL - Homecoming - 4; Student council - 3; Class officer — 3, 4; volleyball — 7; Co-op - 3, 4; Mock elections — best dressed. IAMES O'DELL . .. football - 1, 2, 3, 4. BRAD RAY... Vo-Ed — 3, 4; band — I, 2; football — 2, 3, 4; track — 7; homecoming — 3; Mock elections — Class chatterbox. BRENT RUNYON. . . Honor student; Student council — 3; Mock elections — best dressed, most likely to succeed. jOHN SAMSON. . . vo-ed — 3, 4; football — 2, 3, 4; Mock elections — always in the halls. MARTIN SHAFFER . . . class officer - L, 2, 3, 4; homecoming king — 4; football — 1, 2, 3, 4; Vo-Ed — 3; Co-Op — 4; Mock Election - most popular, class gossip. ALVIN SNYDER. . . Vo-Ed - 3, 4. DEAN STAYNER . .. football — 1, 2, 3, 4; baseball — 1, 2, 3; track — 1, 2, 3; basketball — 1, 2; Mock elections — best artist. CLINT STOUT . . . basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4; baseball — 1, 2, 3; track — 4; Mock elections — best athlete, most school spirit. TRACY STRUWIN. . . Salutatorian; band - 1, 2, 3, 4; volleyball - 1, 2; journalism - 2; student council - 2; Mock elections - cutest couple, best looking. KARRIE SWAFFORD . . . Honor student; homecoming - 3; track — 7, 2, 3; basketball - 7, 2, 3; Vo-Ed - 3; Mock elections — class air-head. TISH TETREAUL T. . . Homecoming 2, 4; journalism — 1-4; student council 4; basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; track - 7, 2, 3; Mock elections — most popular; Band — 1, 2, 3, 4. BOBBI TURLEY. . . basketball - 1, 2, 3, track — 1, 2, 3, 4; volleyball - 1, 2, 3; Vo-Ed — 3; journalism — 3, 4; mock elections — best eyes. BREAD WHITE. . . homecoming - 7, 4; basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4; track - 1, 2, 3, 4; baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Vo-ed — 3, 4; Mock elections — class flirt. SUE WOODEN... Vo-Ed — 3, 4; journalism — 3; basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4; cheerleader — 1, 2, 3, 4; Mock elections — best body, class flirt, track — 1, 2, 3, 4. KIM CASEBEER. . . majorette — 1, 2, 3, 4; basketball — 1; Mock elections — class gossip. 24ACTIVITIES MEMORIES OF THE Y WE WERESeniors Win Spirit Week This year's Spirit Week at Tekonsha High started off in high spirits on lanuary 21, but was cancelled because of bad weather. Fortunately it was rescheduled for the week of February 4th Many events occurred on Friday. Some were the inch worm race, egg on the spoon race, musical chairs, and ping pong. There was also the pyramid in which the juniors took first place. The freshmen took first in the window contest, with the juniors and seniors tying for second, and the seventh grade in third. Dress up days were also counted as an event. The seventh grade took first and the over all winners were Amy lohnson and Aaron Warner The seniors took Spirit Week for the third year in a row. juniors came in second and the freshmen pulled in third. Friday night the boys' basketball team defeated their rival North Adams. The Student Council then sponsored a free dance tor all the students. A2 1 Brian and Kathy work hard to win the famous faces 2 Sue and Darcy smile for the camera while working on the senior window 3 Andy lohnson slurps down his Coke A I A 3 26A A 2 1 The Pep Band shows their spirit 2 Mr Mason times the seventh graders as they attempt their pyramid 3. Hugh must be thirsty' •4 People in the inchworm are racing to be first A 4 27Cabaret This year the 15th annual Cabaret was held on Friday, May 3rd, at 7:00p m There was a fantastic turnout this year. The Student Council brought in $875 in concessions and tickets The theme for the show was "Sports The stage was made to look like a grandstand with artistry done by Aaron Warner. The "MCS" dressed in athletic apparel, which they changed periodically. There was a great variety of talent in the show. The acts ranged from music to comedy. Some of the excellent musical acts included Nicki Ritter singing "Memory." Carrie Devenney and Brad Ray performing the song "Always On My Mind" and Brent Cole singing the sad song OleShep.'' There were also some talented dancers in the Cabaret. Etienne Cortizo danced to "Can t Slow Down " by Lionel Richie Tekonsha has a few breakdancers who performed in this year's Cabaret. Their acts were Chad Sisco breaking to "Electricity' and Nicki Ritter, Laura Selby, Loren Selby, and Doug Scherer dancing to Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You '' There was a touch of lip-syncing in this year's Cabaret A dance-lip-sync act was performed by Cina Bergerson, Annette Powell and Faithanne Petersen. Every show must have a comedy in it. Aaron Warner, Scott Carlson, Danny McDowell and Brad Ruynon had the crowd rolling on the floor with laughter for their act called "Ball Park Blues." The show was a complete success. A2 1. Mistress and Master of Ceremonies, Kristy Bergerson and Brian Saltzgaber, introduce the next act. 2. Mr McMullin directs the stage band as Anita Doolittle sings "Send in the Clowns." 3. Frankie and Floydie take time out for a painful pose. 4. Shelly Myers is doing her morning stretch. 28All School Play Was an Exciting THRILLER!!! This year's all school annual production was Agatha Christie's Mousetrap, performed on March 22 and 23. This was the first murder mystery that the Tekonsha players have performed. It was also a difficult play to perform because it required the right person to play each role. Sean Casey carried the bulk of the lines and did an excellent job as the crazy murderer. Suspense and excitement filled the audience as the play came to a thrilling conclusion. The Mousetrap cast includes: MOLLIE RALSTON — Kristy Bergerson, CUES RALSTON - Mike Hall, CHRISTINE WREN - Lori Beam, MRS. BOYLE - Allison Geer, MA OR METCALF - Kurt Shilling, MISSCASEWELL - Nicki Ritter, MR. PARAVINCI - jimmy O'Dell, DETECTIVE SERGEANT TROTTER - Sean Casey, RADIO ANNOUNCER AND ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR — Stephanie Dietz and DIRECTOR - Mrs. Carlene Zollner. WORK CREW HEADS: COSTUMES - Gina Bergerson, LIGHTS AND SOUND - Brad Ray, PROPS - Kathy Schweikert, MAKE-UP - Carrie Devenney and loanne Lindquist, PUBLICITY -Lanette Reincke, TICKETS AND PROGRAMS — Donna Woods and Amy Johnson, STAGE MANAGER — Michelle Cappella. This year in the costume department we had help from KCC. Special Thanks to the following individuals and companies: Hodgson Light and Log, Mr. Wayne Mason, Mr. George Zollner, Mr. Roger Maples, Mrs. Pat Green, and Charles and Loren Devenney. Sean Casey received the Drama Award this year. Sean Casey portrays Detective Sergeant Trotter Mike Hall portrays Giles Ralston Kristy Bergerson portrays Mollie Ralston Kurt Shilling portrays Major Metcalf. 30Allison Geer portrays Mrs. Boyle Lori Beam portrays Christine Wren. Nicki Ritter portrays Miss Casewell 1. Oetective Trotter threatens two innocent fans. 2. The cast ham it up for the camera after the play. jimmy O'Dell portrays Mr. Paravinci. 2Dressed in Style for the Prom Mr. Paul Sweet, advisor of the senior dass, was the honored guest and speaker at the 1985 annual Prom and Banquet. Approximately 115 students, faculty, and administration attended this year's Junior-Senior Prom, which was held May 25 at the B. E. Henry Building in Marshall. The Juniors chose the theme "Heaven" with music from stereo 103. 32 7 Posing for a picture for us 12. Nice tegs'. 3. Smile pretty. 4. Say CheeseI1. Annette and Mike pose for a picture 2. Donna and Faithann play in the street 3. Anita and Danny smile for a picture 4. Having fun, Lori and Paul A2 A3 33Mr. McMullin Choir, Jr. High and Sr High Band, Jr. High and Sr High, Elem Band, Music Theory and Stage Band Mr. Stout Sr. High and lr High Physical Education, Intermediate Algebra Mr. Taylor U S. History, World History, Social Studies Topics Government Mr. Maples Science 7, 8, Agriculture, Inside Michigan Mr. Mason General Math, Math 7, Mechanical Drawing, lr High Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Mrs. Carlson English 10, Practical English, Adv. English, Comp and Lit., Spanish I and II Mr. Sweet English 9, Typing land2 Mr. Bowling Life Science, Biology, Chemistry Mrs. Tyckoski Family Health, Child Dev and Interior Design, Jr. High Home Ec., Business Math, Consumer Economics, Business Math 34Mr. Richardson Social Studies 7, 8, Occupations, State and Local Mrs. Zollner English 8, Reading 7, lournalism, Speech and Drama Mrs. Geer Teachers aide for Remedial Math Don't you take my picture!" Mr. Tyckoski Algebra 1, Math 8, Advanced Algebra. Geometry, Computer Literacy Mrs. Friend Study Hall Supervisor, Librarian Cafeteria Staff, Toni Saltagaber, Carol Fogel Cashier, Loraine Yates, Marlene Rein- Mrs Saltzgaber looks on during lunch hour eke, Wanda Runyon, Anita Waffle. 35A d m i n i s GUIDANCE -CORNER Dr. loe Serra, Principal Mr. Roger Carlsoni. Superintendent o Mrs. Wendy Livingston, Counselor Mrs. Nancy Coffman, Secretary SCHOOL BOARD - (Front Row) Sharon Warshop, Trustee; Diane Kalnins, Trustee. (Back Row) Edwin Shum-way, President; Robert Hinspeter, Secretary; Donald Brewer, Trustee; Nelson Shedd, Vice President. (Not Pictured) Steven Pulsipher, Treasurer. Mr. Arthur King Business Manager Elementary Janitors, Mrs. Linda Lambert Mr. Harry Gallop S t a f f 36 Bus Drivers: Mrs. Mary Eberts, Mrs. Connie Phelps, Mrs. Eleanor Olds, Mrs. Carol Hughes, Mrs. Donna Hinspeter, Mrs. Lenore Reincke, Mrs. LeDeama Phelps, Mrs. Sharon Selby, Mrs. Birtha Phelps, Mr. Reid Waffle, Mr. Lewis Jenkins (Not Pictured) Mr. Earl Samson, Bus Mechanic: Leo Hughes High School Janitors, Mr Reid Waffle Mr. Earl Samson Mrs. Sharon Selbyjuniors Have Year to Remember The junior class began a thrilling year by winning first place on their float for Homecoming. It was entitled, "Terrier - Busters!" The juniors put on the homecoming dance and their representatives were Brian Saltzgaber and Amy johnson. The class of "86" sold magazines for their money-making project and during the Fall Festival they held a football-toss stand. The 1984-85 Prom was sponsored by this year's juniors and it was held at the B. E. Henry Building in Marshall, on May 25, 1985. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR - (Front Row) Secretary-Treasurer, Donna Kemp; representative, Chris Katz; Vice-president, Anita Doolittle. (Back Row) Representative, Brian Saltzgaber; President, Amy johnson; Advisor, Mr. Mason. The juniors show off their winning pyramid building Three junior girls argue with two freshmen. Leon Balyeat Gina Bergerson Lori Burrow Sean Casey Susan Cubbon Anita Doolittle Timothy Fogel David Foote Lisa Hall Michael Hall 38Marty Hampton Todd Hayes Lori Herman Amy lohnson Christopher Katz Donna Kemp Diana Klingaman Kyle Klingaman Christine LaMee Ioanna Lindquist Richard McDowell Robin Macomber Penny Neal Faithanne Petersen Annette Powell Stephen Pulsipher Brenda Rafferty Michael Rafferty Annette Reincke Lanette Reincke Beth Russell Brian Saltzgaber Kurt Shilling Kathi Swafford Anita Turley Toni Volstromer Camera Shy: Allen Cole Raymond Cook Stephen King Edward Lewis Kip Reincke Steven Slone Christine Coppock 1. Who ya gonna calif "Terrier-Busters!" 2. Here is the junior chorus line!7. Kyle demonstrates his special talent as two seniors jealously watch. 2. Anita and Donna share a juicy secret after school. 3. Amy, Lori, and Joanne share a laugh before the snake dance. 4. Brian, Rick, and Eddie take time out for a pose. 5. Tim, Annette, and Lanette study hard in U. S. History. A4 ► 5Memories of the Way We Were 41Sophomores Have Busy Year The Sophomore class started out a busy year by participating in the Homecoming activities. They did a float to the theme of movies called "Indiana tones and the Temple of Doom," but they didn't place. Their attendants were Danny Yates and Missy Holbrook. The sophomores sponsored the Sadie Hawkins dance and the Spring Swing. The sophomores placed fourth in the Spirit Week activities. They finished out the year by selling pizza kits. They made around $400. The Sophomore Class Officers are as follows: (Front Row) President Danny Yates, Student Council Representative Missy Holbrook, Class Adviser Mr Bowling (Back Row) Vice-President George Feltner, Treasurer Paulette Struwin, Student Council Representative Ron Warsop. Linda Brown Christine Cappella Chad Clark Robert Cook Tammy Cutchall Mike Davis Mike Duckett Keri Eberts Bob Goheen Stephanie Horton Annette Katz Carol Keifer Melissa Krumvede Merriann LaFond Toni Lewis Brian McFadden Karen McFadden Brian Norgan Dale Pullen Elizabeth Pulsipher 42Rick Schondel Linda Sizemore Matthew Smith Samantha Snyder Paulette Struwin Paul Stuart Jacqueline Thomas Daniel Turley Deidre Upston Jenni Vosburg Bruce Warner Ron War sop Donna Webber Cynthia Wilson Danny Yates (Not Pictured) Tim Arnett, Melissa Holbrook, Shawn McAllister, Howard Olds, Larry Wilson. Donna Woods, Dennis Woods. 1. Matt Smith, THS's cat burglar, is caught at last. 2. Betsy Pulsipher and Christine Cappella exchange the latest news. 437. Ray Esseltine drinks a Coke during the Spirit Week competition 2. Robert Cook at his locker, as usual. 3. Brian McFadden is getting counseled 4 Chad Clark is hard at work 5. Melissa Krumvede, Annette Katz, Samantha Synder, and Stephanie Horton eat their hot lunch. 6. Donna Webber, Linda Brown, and Paulette Struwin pose for the camera. 44 vv Memories of the Way We Were 45Freshmen Have Crazy Year October 1st through the 5th was Homecoming week. During this time the Freshmen captured the Spirit lug from the luniors by yelling louder. Their Homecoming representatives were Nicki Ritter and Dave Fogel. The theme was "Movies.” The Freshmen picked "Revenge of the Nerd" as their title. This float consisted of a huge Tekonsha Indian banging two Terrier Gremlins'heads together. The Freshman class officers and advisor were as follows: Scott Carlson - President Holly Hunt - Vice President Missy Brown — Secretary Theresa Griffith - Treasurer lodi Long and Aaron Warner - Representative Mr. McMullin — Advisor lennifer, Bobby and lodi are resting up before track practice. Stephanie is laughing at Theresa's mistake. Tricia and company are pretending to study! t! Melissa Brown Robert Brown Pattie Burrow Scott Carlson left Coffman Stephanie Dietz Tracey Faurot David Fogel 46 Class Advisor, Mr McMullin: Holly Hunt, Vice President: Theresa Griffith, Treasurer; Missy Brown, Secretary; lodi Long and Aaron Warner Representatives; Scott Cadson, President.The Freshman float is being displayed in the Homecoming Parade Theresa says "BEATIT 'muscles!! Theresa Griffith Tammy Grigsby Michele Hall Holly Hunt Tricia Katz Theresa Knight Julie Krumvede Linda LaMee Jodi Long Danny McDowell Robert Manis Fred MelvilleAngel Middaugh Andy Morris Leslie Nagel Pam Neal Jennifer Norgan Mindy Pulsipher Lorraine Reincke Nicole Ritter Brad Runyon Randy Schafer Laura Selby Scott Siegal Anita Stage Tom Summerfield Roy Swafford Brian Thomas Mary Turley Aaron Warner Penny War sop Jeff Wright Jeanne Zook Leslie's moment of walking down the hall is cap- Scott, Sean and Aaron show off by doing some modern "breakdancing." turedon film.Varsity Sports 49Varsity Football Scores a Winning Season This year the Varsity Football team put together a winning record of 7 wins and 2 losses. This year's team had three shutouts which showed the fine defensive performances by each player on the team. Two Indian Seniors received post season football honors. Dean Stayner was selected All-League First Team, as running back, UPI All-State Special Mention, as running back, and the All-Area GRID Team, as running back. Marty Shaffer received All-League First Team as Linebacker, and All-Area Grid Team as Linebacker. At the Playoffs, the team played Waldron at Hillsdale College. The final score was 10 to 3. Despite the outstanding defense played by Tekonsha, the game was lost on a 73 yard touchdown run by Waldron. U If ft 9 Litchfield 6 58 North Adams 8 24 Camden 7 37 Burr Oak 6 3 Waldron 10 6 Waldron 14 (Front Row) Manager Mark Katz, Ceorge Feltner, Rick McDowell, lim O'Dell, Steve Pulsipher, Marty Shaffer, Scott Brown, Dean Stayner, Manager Loren Selby (Back Row) Assistant Coach Tim Caputo, Brad White, Kyle Klingaman, Steve Slone, Danny Yates, Paul Stuart, Alvin Snyder, Ray Eseltine, Brian Saltzgaber, lohn Samson, Chris Katz, Leon Balyeat, Mike Rafferty, Coach Curt Shaffer 50A 7 A2 7. Indians put down Centerville. 2. Coach Shaffer watches the game. 3. Dean Stayner gets the ball, but Centerville gets him. 4. Leon Balyeat almost intercepts. 5. Pittsford swarms a lone Indian 511. Centerville has trouble putting Dean down. 2. OOPS! 3. Senior players include Marty Shaffer, Scott Brown, Brad White, Dean Stayner, Alvin Snyder, lohn Samson, and limmy O'Dell. 4. Indians hold back opponent so Dean Stayner can get the ball. 5. Hot and sweaty Indians hard at practice. 52 ► 5Girls Tie for Fourth This year the Girls' Varsity Basketball team finished their season by tying the North Adams Rams tor tourth place in the Southern Central Athletic Association. The girls' had a 6-14 overall record and a 4-6 league record. Unfortunately, the girls lost to Springport in the first game of the Districts. A3 53 1. Shannon is running Ihe offense 2. Nadine fights for the ball 3. Sue shoots for two points(Front Row) Mgr Stacey Willbur, Penny Warsop, Carrie Devenney, Lori Beam, Donna Feltner, Anita Turley (Back Row) Mgr. Allison Geer, Sue Wooden, Amy Faurot, Shannon Swick, Annette Katz, Nadine Coheen, Tish Tetreault, Laura Selby, Coach — Mr. Tony Bowling 1984 Stockbridge Springport Centerville Union City Springfield Athens burr Oak North Adams tmden-Fronti )mer Litchfield Pittsford Waldron North Ada Pittsford Camden Litchfii Wah Burr Springport Basketball Opp. 39 44 59 THS 16 m 43. 30f 40 46 V 35 |If m (44 I8f 53 36 37 57 25 36 35 41 37 19 45 28 29 21 50 r 48 38 7. Sue grabs the ball. 2. SENIORS - (L-R) Sue Wooden, Amy Faurot, Nadine Coheen, Shannon Swick, Tish Tetreault. (Center B-11 Lori Beam, Carrie Devenney, Donna Feltner A2 541. Shannon is going to get the ball 2. Sue is grabbing the ball 3. The team is listening to instructions. 4. Sue, Donna, and Annette are going out to play. A2 W4Boys Have Top-Notch Season... Regional Champs!! Our Boys Make History!! "Our team is dynamite!" as the cheer goes, and they surely were this season They went all the way to the State Quarter finals, which hasn 't been done in 58 years! Many old records were broken. The guys made a fantastic team and they worked hard with Mr. Larry Stout 's excellent coaching and Mr. Tim lenkins good, solid assistant coaching. They played superb defense and hot offense and just plain good ball. The team was the center of Tekonsha's attention throughout the whole season, and anyone passing through town would notice the banners and painted windows of the businesses and homes of the Tekonsha fans. In the school there were pep assemblies and parades before and after each game as our team kept winning. During the games the bleachers were packed full of faithful fans, and the town was rather empty. Last August Tekonsha lost a very beloved person, Ritchie Dale Yates, and the team devoted this 1984-85 season to his memory. They played for us, the fans, themselves, as players who loved the sport, and for Ritchie, whom we all loved as a person and a ball player. On April 13 of this year, the people of Tekonsha honored the players, cheerleaders, managers, and the coaches of our basketball team. This was when each person was given his her individual recognition for an absolutely fantastic season. The Mayor of Tekonsha, Mr. Pete VanHoose, also read aloud the declaration naming the week of March 17-23 as "Athletes Week” and also March 20 as "Tekonsha Boys' Basketball Day." The new school records are as follows: MOST TEAM POINTS SCORED IN ONE CAME - 112 MOST POINTS IN A CAREER - 1,211 BY CLINT STOUT MOST POINTS IN ONE SEASON - 565 BY CLINT STOUT MOST BLOCKED SHOTS IN ONE GAME - 10 BY CLINT STOUT MOST BLOCKED SHOTS FOR A SEASON - 98 BY CLINT STOUT MOST ASSISTS IN ONE YEAR - BY BRIAN SALTZGABER MOST REBOUNDS IN ONE YEAR - 298 BY CLINT STOUT MOST STEALS IN ONE YEAR - 67 BY BRIAN SAL TZGABER BEST FIELD GOAL PERCENTAGE - 62% BY CLINT SOUT 1A 2A 561. The officials tell Brad and Clint, "This is a basketball . 2. The guys huddle before the game 3. George Feltner concentrates on this shot. 4. Clint Stout follows through on his shot. 5. Tekonsha fans cheer our team on! 6. Clint makes another shot. 7. The guys "High-Five" it before the game. 57THE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - Coach, Mr. Larry Stout; Manager - Brent Runyon; George Feltner, Mike Davis, Dan Yates, Kyle Klingaman, Clint Stout, Scott Carlson, Brad White, Steve Pulsipher, Bruce Warner, Brian Saltzgaber, Chad Clark; Manager - J. I. Johnson. ° 1 c TER 109 Colon Litchfield 72 North Adams 68 Burr Oak (Christmas 72 Homer (Christmas 68 Union Cty 71 Springport 60 TO 69 mstdfri 3 87 Colon Ni Our 59 North A lams 9' Howe Military 73 Waldron 70 Honn ' 82 Pittsfdrd 112 Burr Oak 66 Camden-Frontier DISTRICTS 63 Reading 58 Pittsford REGIONAIS 64 Sand Creek 78 Larking ( hristian QUARTERFINALS S 70 Bridgman 4J 58 Seniors Brad White and Clint Stout.Varsity Volleyball Wins League Again This year the Varsity Volleyball team had an excellent season. The overall record for this year was 18-10. The team has won first in league for the second year in a row. The SCAA record is 8-2. The Varsity Volleyball team participated in three tournaments which included the Coldwater, Bronson, and Lansing Tournaments. Most of the schools they played were class "A," "Bf," and "C" schools. They had a tough schedule, but came out on top with most of the schools. The Districts were held at Athens and the Lady Indians came home winning against Spr-ingport and Athens, but didn't have that much luck against St. Philip. This year the Varsity had many experienced players as well as beginning freshmen The team consisted of four seniors, four juniors, one sophomore, and three freshmen. Many accomplishments occured during the volleyball season. Shannon Swick and Nadine Goheen were chosen as members of the first All League team and Mary Turley was chosen to be one of the second team members of All League The team did very well this season and hopes to do well next year. 0JCONSH SENIOR PLAYERS - Shelly Myers, Shannon Swick, Nadine Goheen, and Carrie Devenney (Front Row) Penny Warsop, Annette Katz, Shannon Swick, Nadine Goheen, Mary Turley, Anita Turley, and Coach Mr Taylor (Back Row) Amy lohnson, Annette Powell, Carrie Devenney, Shelly Myers, Diane Klingaman, and Laura Selby. 59A 4 I Amy Johnson is blocking the ball from Diane Klingaman 2. Shannon Swick is tipping the ball over the net while Shelly Myers tries to stop the ball 3 Nadine Coheen is spiking the ball over to the other team while team members look on 4 Girls chant their opening cheer. "Oh no. Lets ' Gor A 3 60A 1 A2 Centreville Galesburg-Augusta Pennfield Litchfield North Adams Waldron Pittsford Burr Oak North Adams Litchfield Waldron Pittsford Camden-Frontier Coldwater L W L W I L W W w W W L W W W L Springport Athens St Philip W W L A 3 1 Varsity is taking a time out from the game 2 Shelly Myers is practicing before the game 3 Lady Indians are in ac tions on the floor 4. Varsity warms up serving before the game 61Boys Varsity Breaks School Record With Most Wins Ever! This year the boys Varsity Baseball team had a very good season with an overall record of 24 wins and 8 losses. Brad White, Clint Stout, Scott Brown, and Brian Saltzgaber received All-League Honors. Clint, Brad, and Brian were also picked for the regional team. The boys once again continued to grab the league title for the fourth consecutive year. They won their pre-district game against Mendon 18-3. In their district semi game they defeated Schoolcraft with a final score of 15-3. Unfortunately we lost in the district championship 3-11. 2A 3A 1. David Foote whips across the field 2. Brian Saltzgaber catches it! 3. Players Brad White and George Feltner with Manager Brent Runyon in the dug out. 4 Manager terry lohnson. Manager Brent Runyon, Assistant Coach Mr. Tim tenkins, Bobby Manis, David Foote, Rick McDowell, Brad White, Kyle Klingaman, Clint Stout, Brian Saltzgaber, Brent Cole, George Feltner, Dean Stayner, Scott Brown, Coach Mr. Larry Stout. 621A 1. George Feltner takes it easy on the fence. 2. Brent Cole getting ready to pitch. 3. Brian Saltzgaber at bat. Varsity Baseball Scot. Tekonsha 7 Centreville CentrevWe PottervHle £ St 1 wSSron 4 Waldron 2 ft Us ford 4 Pittstord 11 Homer 3 Homer 7 North Adams 2 North Adams 15 Athens Tekonsha Tourname 1 Olivet 7 Homer 10 Camden Frontier 8 Camdt v) -Frontier 9 Bronson 8 Bronson 2 Wak Iron 17 Waldron 3 Pittsiord 10 Pit t st or d 4 North Adams 7 Camden-Frontier 6 (.imden-Frontier 9 Union Cky Districts 18 Mendon 15 Schoolcraft 3 Athens 2 9 3 2 13 10 0 2 2 0 1 1 3 6 3 3 11 64Girls' Track Places 2nd in League This year the Girls' Track team placed second in the League. The girls had a good start, but injuries and sickness were inflicted upon them. Fortunately they overcame them and ended up with a good record. Many records were broken this year, including the Two Mile Relay by Paulette Struwin, jenny Norgan, Annette Reincke, and Sue Wooden. Annette Reincke also broke the record in the 330 Low Hurdles. The Mile Relay was also broken by Kathi Swafford, jenny Norgan, Teresa Knight, and Annette Reincke. Annette Reincke qualified for the State Meet. Overall the girls had a good year. A 1 A3 1. Mart ha and Donna are handing off. 2 Kathi tries for a good jump 3 (Front Row Seniors) Lon Caputo. Came Devenney. Nadine Goheen. Etienne Cortizo. Bobbi Turley. Donna heltner. Sue Wooden (Second Row) Annette Katz, Kathi Swafford. Holly Hunt. Penny Warsop. Mary Turley. Penny Neal. Donna Webber. Paulette Struwin (Third Row) Annette Reincke, Patti Burrow, Mindy Pulsipher, Stephanie Dietz. Tricia Katz. Nicki Ritter, Anita Turley (Fourth Row) Coach Tony Bowl- 65 trig, MGR Tracy Swafford, lulie Krumvede, Martha Holbrook, Laura Sefby. Jenny Norgan. Betsy Pulsipher. MGR Missy Warner. MGR Lisa Hanson (Top Row) Jeanne Zook, Theresa Griffith, Jodi Long, Teresa KnightA3 A5 A2 A6 1. Anita is njnning for a good time. 2. Donna is putting the shot. 3. Donna is handing off to Nadine. 4. Penny struggles for first place. 5. Annette is going for first place. 6. Getting ready for the meet? 66It J xi Dual T Union City Dual L thens Double L Climax-Scotts Dual W Homer DOalW Centrevill pual L Waldron iKial W £ Camden-Frontier Dual W Spring neld Dual L i r»..=y i t 1. Steve Pulsipher and Tim Knight exchange in the 440 relay. 2. Dan Yates jumps over a hurdle 3. Dan Yates, Tim Knight, and Tim Katz pose for a picture. 4. Brian Saltzgaber finishes a good race. 67Best League Season Since 72 Our Boys' Track team did really well this year. They had the best league season since 72 with five wins, six losses, and one tie. The guys worked well together and achieved many goals both individually and as a team. Brian Saltzgaber broke a record in the long jump. Brad White received the Most Valuable Player at the Sports Banquet. Congratulations to the Boys' Track team and Coach Mr. Mason for a great track season. 2A 3A (Front Row) Manager Mark Coffman, SENIOR Brad White, Howard Olds, Mike Duckett, Jeff Wright, Dan Yates, Rick McDowell, Jeff Coffman, David Foote, Manager Mark Katz. (Second Row) Brian Saltzgaber, Ray Esseltine, Assistant Coach Tim Katz, Steve Pulsipher, Chris Katz, SENIOR Clint Stout, Scott Carlson, Matt Smith, Aaron Warner, Mike Rafferty, Coach Mr. Mason. 68Cheerleaders Give Spirit. This yoar the cheerleaders help lead the sprit through an excellent fall of footbat and an outstanding winter of basketbai During Homecoming week the cheerleaders sponsored the snake dance, bonfire, the pie-m-the-face competition and the egg drop Before the heerteaders started basketball season they worked extra hard to compete m a competition m Athens There were a lot of schools there and the girh learned a lot of new cheers IXjrmg the basketball season they heki cake raffles and dances for new uniforms and pom-poms The cheerleaders often decorated the school hall and held a lot of pep rallies to raise the spirit of the students That helped to carry us to a Regional title and a record of 24-1 A 1 A5 A3 1. THE SENIOR CHEERLEADERS - Shelly Myers, Lori Beam, and Sue Wooden 2. The cheerleaders raise spirit at a football game. 3. The cheerleaders pose with the proud District winning basketball team. 4 Time-out and the cheerleaders perform Hot-Stuff. 5. Beth, Sue, Lori, and Shelly cheer to the football crowd. 69J.V. Sports Memories of the We Were 71VALIANT EFFOR T GUYS! This season the I V. Football team played hard, but lost the battle of I.V. sports. The I.V. team had an offseason with a record of two wins four losses and two cancelled games. The valiant effort just didn't seem to be enough. Hey, guys! Better luck next year. (Bottom Row) Randy Schafer. Mike Duckett. Andy Morris, Scott Seigel (Second Row) Chad Thomas-Manager, Mike Delmont, Ron Warsop, Brian Thomas. Bruce Warner. Brad Runyon, Coach Rich Miller (Third Row) Tom Summertield, )oe Sisco (Top) left' Coffman 72.vv ; Opp. 34 0 21 28 0 28 Centerville’ ™ Camden Frontier Pitts ford Waldron Litchfield North Adams Camden (cancelled) Burr Oak (cancelled) T.H.S. 6 42 6 0 42 6 A 1 A -4 I Matt Smith and a couple of other players watch as the team goes to a victory. 2. Rick Schondel strives for the goal line as Camden Redskins stop him 3. Brad Runyon runs off the field after a play is run 4 left Coffman catches a pass and heads for the goal line 73This year the lunior Varsity Basketball team was put to a mighty challenge by their opponents. Throughout the season they worked very hard and their overall record was six wins and eleven losses. The girls finished with three victories and seven defeats in the league. The team consisted of eight freshmen and four sophomores. Unfortunately, two freshmen and a sophomore were lost to the Varsity. The total baskets made for the year were 464. The team did very well in defense this season and has high hopes for improving its record next year. (Front Row) - Mgr Christin Devenney, Lorraine Reincke, Nicki Ritter. Martha Holbrook, lodi Long, Pam Neal. (Back Row) — Donna Webber, Paulette Struwin, Betsy Pulsipher, Karen McFadden, Coach Rinette Tyckoski, Holly Hunt. Mary Turley. Theresa Griffith. Schedule Opponent Centerville Union City Springfield Athens Burr Oak North Adams Camden Homer litchfif,_ Pitlsiord Waldron North Adams Pittsford ami tch field Waldron Burr Oak 74A 4 1. Holly Hunt is taking a shot with teammates looking on 2. Donna Webber is heading the other way after a desperate rebound 3. Jodi Long discusses the game with Holly Hunt and Betsy Pulsipher 4 Donna Webber is taking time to shoot a free throw to raise the score. 5. Tekonsha teammates are taking a break from the game. A 2 A 5 75Boys Break Even! The Boys' I V. Basketball team finished off the year with a 9-9 record. The guys started off roughly, going 0-5 the first few games. They ended that streak by defeating Springport. After beating Springport the team settled down. They had a 5-5 record in the league even though they lost to North Adams twice. They did well by beating Waldron both times. Against Waldron the team had a freshmen game. The freshmen ended up with an undefeated season. They beat the only other freshmen team, Waldron. Great job guys! Centreville Colon Litchfiel Nor{h A Waldrui Homer Pittsfor Burr Oak Camden (Back Row) Bob Mams. Randy Schafer, Mike Davis, Aaron Warner, Scott Carlson. Matt Smith. Bruce Warner. Robbie Cook, Coach Tim lenkms (Front Row) Manager Loren Selby. Ron Warsop, Andy Morris, left Coffman, Tom Summerfield, Manager Todd Clark Not pictured Dale Pullen 76A3 1. Jeff Coiiman is showing off his jumping ability 2. Mike Davis and Scott Carlson are fighting for a rebound 3. Scott Carlson is driving for two points against the Rams 4 Bruce Warner shoots for two points (definitely a Tmkerbell imitation) A 4 77j.V. Take Second in League This year's I V Volleyball team was quite unusual Instead ot having the standard freshmen and sophomores, the team consisted to two seniors, eight freshmen and only one lone sophomore This year’s coach was new too Missy Langridge. an ’84 graduate of T.H.S.. joined the coaching staff this year Despite the lack ot playing and coaching experience the team had a fine year Their season started out with an excellent third place showing at the Bronson Tournament Throughout the season. the wins and losses went back and forth The Lady Indians did very well in league play by defeating three of their league opponents on both nights they played them At the end ot their season, the girls were IQ-9 overall and 7-3 in the S.C.A.A. league, which earned them second place A2 1. Dede Upston makes an extra effort to save the ball 2. Martha Holbrook goes one-on-one with a Co dwater player 3. Jenni. Etienne. Missy, and Dede wait to return the ball 78Martha, lenni Mindy, and Dede watch and wait as Missy Brown serves the ball to their opponents The team gathers around Coach Missy, as they reflect on how they've done during a time out ft KONlJt, nKONSH KONSM TEKONSMA tfkon TtKONsnA H7 TtKOHSH IKo"StU rr THE I V VOLLEYBALL TEAM - (Front Row) Julie Krumvede. lenni Norgan. Nicki Ritter, Missy Brown, Pam Neal and lodi Long (Back Row) Etienne Cortizo, Martha Holbrook. Mindy Pulsipher. Lori Caputo. and Deidre Upston 79). V. Boys Struggle Through Difficult Season. Unfortunately the IV Baseball team suffered through a losing season with a final tally of four wins and thirteen losses. The team only had five returning players and the remaining twelve were freshmen. Throughout the season the IV guys participated in the most games ever played in a season with seventeen games. Mr. Taylor is confident that with practice and experience the boys will improve. Scott Carlson is swinging for a pase hit 80 (Front Row) Chad Clark, Roy Swafford, Ron Warsop, Tom Summerfield, Brad Runyon. Bruce Warner. Andy Morris, Brian Thomas, Randy Schafer (Back Row) Shawn McAllister, Mike Duckette, Paul Stuart, Matt Smith, Dave Fogel, Danny Yates, Scott Carlson, Fred Melville, and Coach Mr TaylorCentreville lost Centreville won Colon lost Quincy lost Quincy lost Quincy last Homer lost Homer won Bronson lost Bronson lost Union City lost Union City lost Bronson won Union City lost Quincy lost Homer lost Homer won 7. Danny Yales attempts to hit the ball while Ron Warsop waits for his turn. 2. Brad Runyon is waiting for the throw from Randy Schafer 3. Mike Duckett is getting ready to pitch the ball while Scott Carlson awaits it. 4. Ron Warsop is attempting to hit a home run 81}V Cheerleaders Help With Spirit The Junior Varsity cheerleaders have a lot of new girls this year, so they had to work really hard to successfully help boost the school spirit. The IV cheerleaders did something new this year by competing in a competition in Athens. They did a good job of showing their spirit. A 1 A 2 1.1V FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS -Nicki Ritter, Donna Webber, Martha Holbrook, Betsy Pulsipher, Missy Holbrook, Laura Selby, and Penny Warsop 2. IV Cheerleaders at Athen's competition 3. The cheerleaders pose for the camera. A 3 82All That Hard Work is Rewarded!! On June 5, the annual Sports Banquet was held in the THS gym The format was a little different though. Instead of going by sport to award letters, they were given by class. After those were handed out to the athletes, the special awards were recognized by sport In Football, Kyle Klingaman was voted Most Valuable Lineman, while Brian Saltzgaber received Most Valuable Back Three players were selected to the All-League 1st Team Those players were Brian, Marty Shaffer, and Dean Stayner. In Girls' Basketball, Most Dedicated went to Anita Turley, Most Improved went to Sue Wooden, and Most Valuable went to Nadine Goheen. Nadine was also selected to the All-League 1st Team, while Donna Feltner was on the All-League 2nd Team In Boys' Basketball, Clint Stout received Most Valuable, Best Shooting Percentage with 62% (a new record), and All-League 1st Team honors. Most Improved went to Kyle Klingaman The other All-League 1st Team players were George Feltner, and Brian Saltzgaber. The boys' two year win-loss record is 46-3! In Volleyball, Shannon Swick was voted Most Valuable and was elected to the All-league 1st Team. Anita Turley was voted Most Improved. Nadine Goheen was also elected to the All-League 1st Team. Mary Turley was selected to the All-League 2nd Team - a major accomplishment for a freshman! In Boys' Track, Most Dedicated went to Chris Katz Most Valuable went to Brad White Brad also broke two school records, while Steve Pulsipher tied the High Jump record. Brad, Steve, and Brian Saltzgaber went on to state competition. In Girls' Track, Most Improved went to Jenny Norgan, and Annette Reincke was voted Most Valuable. Three school records were broken, including the 330 Low Hurdle record, broken by Annette Reincke. In Baseball, Brian Saltzgaber received Most Valuable, Highest Batting Average (366), and was on the All-League 1st Team, along with George Feltner, Scott Brown, Clint Stout, and Brad White. The guys took the League Championship for the fourth year straight! The senior cheerleaders — Lori Beam, Shelly Myers, and Sue Wooden - were given a trophy for being on the cheerleading squad for four years. The Steve Weller Award for freshmen in football went to Scott Carlson this year. The senior class also presented Mr. Sweet with an engraved silver platter for being their class advisor. A big announcement for the evening was our winning of the All Sports Trophy for the second year in a row. All the senior athletes were brought on stage with their parents and later were given plaques. This year the Super Athlete Award was changed to the Ritchie D. Yates Super Athlete Award, and it went to six seniors: Carrie Deven-ney. Brad White, Sue Wooden, Clint Stout, Bobbi Turley, and Nadine Goheen. On a lighter note, the crowd was able to get involved when Marty Shaffer had everyone stand and sing "Happy Birthday" to a very embarrassed Dean Stayner. All in all, the night went very well! 1. The Cheerleaders received plaques with pictures of themselves. 2. Dean, Clint, and Brian give their opinion of the food as Marty, Kyle, and Rick look on. 3. Clint Stout is receiving one of his many awards from his father. Coach Larry Stout. 831. The three football All-League 1st "tearners’' — Dean Stayner, Marty Shaffer, and Brian Saltzgaber. 2. Shannon Swick looks happy over winning Most Valuable in Volleyball. 3. Anita Turley is receiving her Most Dedicated trophy for Basketball. 4. Marty gives Coach Curt Shaffer a T-shirt from the football team. 5. The sophomore athletes receive their respective IV and Varsity letters.Organizations Memories of the Way We WereStudent Council Busy Again. This year the Student Council had another busy and successful year. They started off the year with Homecoming, donating prize money for the floats, organizing the parade, and the powder-puff football, which also included a tug-of-war Fall Festival was next. The success of last year’s spookhouse continued with mazes and screaming creatures. Spirit Week came in a hurry and went well with a day of activities and a free dance after the victory. On May 3, the Cabaret was the last activitiy for the Student Council. The theme was "Sports,” and as always, many students displayed their talents of singing and dancing and other methods of entertainment. All in all it proved to be a very enjoyable evening. 1. Aaron Warner works on the backdrop for Cabaret 2. 1965 Student Council: (Back Row) Representatives Aaron Warner, Ron Warsop, Chris Katz, Jodi Long, Brian Saltzgaber, Brad White, and Sue Wooden. (Front Row) Secretary Tisha Tetreault, President Shelly Myers, Vice President Brad Runyon, and Treasurer Kristy Bergerson. 3. Shelly and Tish are busy working on the Cabaret. 86A 1 Journalism Staff Has Successful Year. This year the lournaltsm class had little quantity. but a lot ot quality The students aI worked hard seimg ads and locating patrons m the community. so we could have an excellent yearbook The kxrnahsm class had a lot of help from foe Serra fr who took pictures for us Besides the yearbook the lournaltsm class had the responsibility of two pages in the Tekonsha Idea Beth Russell and Brenda Rafferty were the editors [very other week they laid out the pages and assigned articles to students n thee group The lournaltsm room became a little frantic sometimes, but the students all ended up satisitied A2 1. Beth Russell and Brenda Rafferty, newspaper editors; Tish Tetreault and Linda Nagel, yearbook editors; Kathi Swafford, photographer; and Bobbi Turley. Business Manager 2. JOURNALISM CLASS - (Back Row) Linda Nagel. Shelly Myers. Tish Tetreault. Amy Farrot, Brenda Rafferty, Dale Pullen. Brian McFadden, Mrs. Zollner. (Front Row) Michelle Capella, Cina Bergerson. Donna Kemp. Annette Powell. Beth Russell. Kathi Swafford, and Bobbi Turley 3. Shelly asks Linda for help 87Journalism Works Hard A 4 1 Shelly Myers works on her rough draft 2 Brenda Rafferty works on her typing 3 Beth asks Bobbi about the contracts 4 Michelle and Annette work on an article tor the paper 5. What picture should I use ? 88 A 5VO-ED and CO-OP Provide Challenge for Many. A I This year there are thirty-one students who go to the Battle Creek VO-ED Center The students go from H iO to 11:20 They take one year or two year programs in areas like Data Processing. Accounting. Carpentry, and Nursing This extra training in their chosen fields gives the students an advantage in the future The CO-OP and work experience people are students who work during school hours The COOP students work in jobs they were trained tor an get school credit for them They also work to gam experienc e in the working v odd I Three of the CO-OP students are Linda Nagel. Marty Shatter, and Bobbi Turley 89 VO-ED STUDENTS - (Back Row) Brad White, John Samson. Alvin Snyder Steve king (Middle Row) kathy Sc hweikert Robin Macomber. Anita Turley. Donna Feltner. Susan Cubbons, Scott Brown. Lon Caputo. Tom Volstrumer (Front Row) Penny Neal. Sue Wooden. Marty Hampton, Amy Johnson. Iim O'Dell. Scott Long. Tim Fogel. and Raymond CookINDIANS ON THE MARCH! This year the Senior High Band started a very busy year with 62 members appearing at all of the home football games. The band was also involved in both the Homecoming and Marshall Christmas Parades. The annual Christmas, Winter, and Spring Concerts took place, the high-light ot these being the Christmas Concert, featuring two directors, Mr. McMullin and Mr. Thomas, a student-teacher from Olivet College. Springtime band activities included a trip to Cedar Point; the Memorial Day parade, Baccalaureate, and Graduation. The majorettes and the band "do their thing " ULTIMATE SOUND STAGE BAND -(Front row) Melissa Krumvede, Carrie Devenny, Scott Carlson, Deidre Upston, Karen McFadden, Sean Casey, (Second Row) Kurt Shilling, Aaron Warner, Karrie Swafford. Brent Cole, Mr McMullin. Paul Stuart, Dave Fogel, (Back Row) Missy Holbrook, Nadine Goheen, Ioanna Lindquist, Rainee Knight Pep Band — (Front Row) Carrie Devenny. Michelle Cappella, Kristy Bergerson, (Second Row) Dale Pullen, Pat Cole, (Third Row) Andy Swafford, Corey Wooden, (Fourth Row) Tammy Cutchall, Missy Warner, Loren Selby (Fifth Row) Faithanne Petersen, Amy lohnson, Linda LaMee (Back Row) Brian McFadden, Tanya Cail, Christine Cappella. Brad Runyon. Kurt Shilling. left Wright, Diane Klmgaman. Allison Geer, Mike Delmont 90The Senior High Hand in action (Front Row) Kristy Bergerson. Mk helle CappeBa Tisha Tetreault Lori Beam Ona Bergerson Christine CappeBa Carrie Devenney. Nadine Goheen faithanne Petersen Anita Doolittle. Amy lohnson (Second Row) Annette Powell, hnda Nagel leanne Zook Karen McFadden Stephanie Horton Laura Selby. Scott Brown. Paulette Struwm Scott Carlson Annette Kat Ioanna linrktuist Cmdy Wilson Ken Eberts Trkia Kat Martha Holbrook. (Third Row) Deidre Upston fuke Krumsede HoHy Hunt. Donna Webber Theresa Griffith Mike Hall. Kathy Schweikert. Steve PuKifther Nnki Ritter. Shelly Myers. Tracy Struwm Tammy Cutchall. Brian Saltzgaber Missy Holbrook. Linda LaMee Leshe Nagel Michele Hall. (Back Row) Dree tor Mr Kevin Me Muffin Pal Cole. Danny Yates Chad Clark Dale Puten David Fogel. left Wright Betsy Pulsipher Brad Runyon Diana Kkngaman. Kurt Shilling aron Warner, Brum McFadden MikeDelmont (Front Row) Pauk'tte Struwm Shannon Swick. Dale Pullen. Danny Yates. Chad Clark. Pj! Cole. David Fogel. Nadine Goheen. Kmi Casebeer. (Second Row) Lon Beam Cana Berger son. Christine C appella Carrie Devenney. Faithanne Petersen, ■kruta Doolittle. Amy lohnson. Annette Kat Ioanna Lindquist. Cmdy Wihon. Keri Eberts Tricia Katz Martha Holbrook (Third Row) Kristy Bergerson Michelle Cappella Tisha Tetreault Annette Howell hnda Nagel leanne Zook Karen McFadden Stephane Horton. Deidre Upston. tube Krumvede HoHy Hunt Donna Webber (Fourth Row) Scott Carlson. Laura Selby Scott Brown. Kathy Schweikert. Steve Pulsipher Betsy Puhapher Mike Delmont Brian McFadden. Aaron Warner. Kurt Shading Theresa Griffith (Filth Row) Shelly Myers. Tracy Struwm. Tammy Cute hat Brian Saltzgaber Missy Holbrook Nicki Ritter. Lmda LaMee. Leshe Nagel. Michee Hal. Mike Hal (Back Row) Diana Kh mgaman lei I Wright Brad Runyon 91VOICES RING OUT This year the Senior High Choir was one of the biggest choirs with 44 members. The choir was very busy the first part of the year. It visited nursing homes like the Provincial House, Marshall Manor, and Calhoun County Medical Care Facility. During the later part of the year, the choir kept busy performing in two concerts, the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. Senior high Choir - (Front Row) Linda Brown, Tammy Cutchall. lenni Vosburg, Lorraine Reinke. Bob Goheen. Lesley Warner, Dan McDowell, Carrie Devenny, Nicki Ritter, Missy Brown, Angel Middaugh, Michele Hall, (Second Row) lenny Norgan. Penny Warsop, Missy Holbrook, Anita Doolittle, Cindy Wilson. Curt Herman. Eddie Lewis. Faithanne Petersen, Mary Turley, Christine Cappella. Toni Lewis, Samantha Snyder, lodi Long, (Third Row) Carol Keifer, Mindy Pulsipher, Tricia Katz, Donna Woods, Ken Eberts. Brian McFadden, Paul Stuart. David Foote, Karen McFadden, Donna Webber. Annette Katz. Stephanie, Meriann Lafond, (Back Row) Randy Price. Roger Weimer Not Pictured are Sean Casey. Melissa Krumvede. Betsy Pulsipher, Paulette Struwin 1. Senior Band members -(Front Row) Lori Beam. Shelly Myers. Carrie Devenny. Scott Brown, Nadine Goheen, Linda Nagel, Tish Tetreault, (Back Row) Kim Casebear, Kathy Struwin, Michelle Cappella, Kristy Bergerson. Shannon Swick. 2. The Senior High Choir is hard at work 3. Mr Kevin McMullin is busy directing. 4 Sean Casey is the announcer for the Music Department. 5. Mr. Daryl Thomas, the student-teacher, is directing at a Football game A 3 A 4 92Memories of the Way We Were 93Eighth Grade The Class of '89 made their presence known in the 85 school year, starting with the lr High "Gremlins " blender float. They selected Mary Randall and Andy Swafford as their Homecoming representatives. Continuing through the year, at the Fall Festival the eighth-graders featured a dart throw at pictures of our high school teachers and administration. Their lr. High fund raiser. Christmas items, was really successful, raising $ 1.500 for the lr High' Unfortunately, the Class ot '89 placed sixth in Spirit Week competition, but not due to lack of enthusiasm! At the end of the year, the eighth-graders were sent off to high school with wishes of good luck and the annual dinner dance in May. Brian Begley Amy Blue Dawn Burgan Sharon Cagle Tanya Cail Michelle Coffman Christopher Cutchall Loren Devenney Melissa Doolittle Shane Fsch William Faurot Brian Fowler Allison Geer Denise Goodman Tracy Green 94Sandra Hilbert Michelle Hopkins Andrew lohnson Jerry lohnson Mark Katz Lisa Kosier Scott McFadden Jerry Michielsen William Morris Kimberly Newland Lonnie Newland Russell Olds Heath Pritchard Mary Randall Dea Reincke Richard Schweikert Mickie Slone Heidi Stage Andrew Swafford Tamara Upston Annette Vorce Laura Vosburg Melissa Warner Alisa Weller Tracy Wiljanen Corey Wooden NOT PICTURED Tamra Cole Jill Ekdahl The rowdy class of W poses tor our cameras 95Seventh Grade The class of '90 started their ’84-85 year with an excellent second place showing at Homecoming with the lr. High "Gremlins" float. Their representatives were Stacey Willbur and Loren Selby. At the Fall Festival they featured "Can Bowling," which is knocking cans over with a ball. As a lr. High fund raiser, they successfully sold Christmas items. As for Spirit Week, the seventh-graders placed fifth, beating out the eighth-graders. All in all, the seventh-graders first year out of the elementary was a good one. Seventh-graders listen attentively as Mr Richardson speaks at a class meeting Sabrina Begley Michelle Blue David Briegel Adriana Burgan Michael Cheeseman Craig Clark Todd Clark Heather Coats Mark Coffman Lisa Collins Brian Dietz Dennis Foote Lisa Hanson Barbara Herman loseph Hinspeter William Lambert Michael Loomis Paulette McDowell Lisa Maisner Larry Neal 96David Palmer Cary Peters Patrick Peters Corey Reincke lason Rench Debbie Reynolds Douglas Scherer Loren Selby Chad Sisco Lisa Smith Dorman Snyder Regina Snyder Tracy Swafford Amy Thomas David Turley Tammy Walker Angie Wallen David Washburn Amy Watson Stacey Willbur Michael Woods Scott Young NOT PICTURED: lames Belt David Cole Paul Coppock Tom Coppock Milissa Cummings leromy Hall Timothy Herman Paul Holbrook Elizabeth McAllister Tony Mains Shantel Middaugh Rhonda Nestell Rebecca Phillips Michael Reisch Michael Shelton Shawn Thompson Byron Welch Susan Welch Michael WoodmanBoys JR. High Basketball (Front) Mark Coffman, Loren Selby, David Turley, Chad Sisco, Craig Clark, B I Thomas, Todd Clark, Scott McFadden (Second Row) Cary Peters, lim Bell, Dennis Foote, Scott Young, Larry Neal, Doug Scherer, Dorman Snyder, loe Hinspeter, Jerry Johnson, Corey Wooden, Russell Olds. (Back Row) Richard Schweikert, Mark Katz, Shane Esch, Andy Swafford (coach) Tim Katz, Willie Morris, Heath Pritchard, Loren Devenney, Brian Begley Boys JR. High Football (Front) Cary Peters, Kris Lambert, Jason Wrench, David Turley, Chad Sisco, Craig Clark, Todd Clark, Mike Loomis, Jeromy Hall, David Briegel, Tim Herman. (Second Row) Mike Reisch, Pat Peters, Loren Selby, Scott Young, Larry Neal, Doug Scherer, Dorman Snyder, Joe Hinspeier, Jerry Johnson, Corey Wooden, Russel Olds, Chris Cutchall. (Back Row) Jerry Michielson, Rich Schweikert, Mark Katz, Shane Esch, (Coach) Tim Katz, Willie Morris, Heath Pritchard, Loren Devenney, Brian Begley, Brian Fowler, Billy Faurot.JR High Girls Basketball (Front Row) Tracy Swafford, Missy Warner, Dea Reincke, Mary Randall, Melissa Hanson, Debbie Reynolds (Second Row) Sue Welch, Paulette McDowell, Becky Philips. Laura Vosburg, Kim Newland, Sandra Hilbert, Tanya Cail, Stacey Wilbur. (Back Row) Cina Snyder, Lisa Maisner, Tammy Upston, Jill Ekdahl, Denise Goodman, Allison Geer, Micky Slone, Tracy Wiljanen. JR High Girls Volleyball (Front) Sue Welch, Tracy Swafford. Melissa Cummings. Barbara Herman, Mary Randall, Lisa Hanson, Debbie Reynolds. (Second Row) Melissa Doolittle, Paulette McDowell, Missy Warner, Tanya Cail, Tracy Wiljanen. (Back Row) Gina Snyder, Lisa Rosier, Lisa Maisner, Allison Geer, Mickie Slone, Kim Newland.The jr. High Band showed excellent strides of improvement through the busy fall season, performing at football games, Homecoming activities and the Marshall Christmas parade. Other major performances were the Christmas, Winter; and Spring Concerts. Each year two students are selected from the jr. High Band and are honored as "outstanding students." They are awarded a certificate and they receive the privilege of travelling to Cedar Point with the Senior High Band. This year Tanya Cail and Denise Goodman were chosen as the "outstanding students." MAJORETTES — Amy Thomas, Missy Warner, Allison Geer CONCERT BAND - (Front Row) Laura Vosburg, Denise Goodman, Allison Geer, Tanya Cail, Tracy Swafford, Heather Coats, Amy Thomas. (Second Row) Todd Clark, Tammy Walker, Angie Wallen, Missy Warner, Loren Selby, Pat Peters, Ariana Burgan. (Third Row) Russell Olds, Corey Wooden, Andy Swafford, Dennis Foote, Craig Clark, Jerry Johnson, Tom Coppock, Mr. Kevin McMullin, Jason Rench. JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR - (Front Row) Barbara Herman, Regina Snyder, Lisa Hanson, Mark Coffman, Craig Clark, Joey Sisco, Debbie Reynolds, Michelle Blue, Paulette McDowell. (Second Row) Becky Philips, Beth McAllister, Amy Watson, Lonnie Newland, Scott Young, Chris Cutchall, Scott McFadden, Tim Herman, Shantel Middaugh, Stacey Wilber, Melissa Doolittle, Lisa Smith. (Third Row) Ariana Burgan, Melissa Cummings, Angie Wallen, Jerry Michielson, Billy Faurot, Shane Esch, Mike Reisch, Larry Neal, Davie Cole, Lisa Maisner, Heather Coats, Michelle Coffman. 100Principal, Mr. Keith Clark FACULTY AIDS, Mrs. Carolyn Thomas, Mrs. Betty Shank, Mrs. Madefyn Upston Secretary, Mrs. Marcedes Johnson A group of eskimos come back from lunch TEACHERS: (Front Row) Becky Markham, Coleen Swank, Mary Watson, Merrie Knapp, Christi McClain, Dwight Runyon (Back Row) Anita Parlin, Beverly Bessler, Judy Weatherly, Harold Torrey, Susan Van Nortwick, Janet Johnson, Marian Sweet, Judy Jenkins (not pictured) Beth Kohler and Mary Stout 102Safety Patrol Advisor, Mr Runyon; Lt. Kenny Shaffer; Capt Debra Rowe; Capt. Nicki Stuart Spelling Bee First Second Third Angela Leatherman less Hiesrodt Debra RoweThe fifth grade band had a very interesting year. The members of the band have had many new experiences and improved their musical talents. They had a very successful spring concert. The sixth grade band calls themselves "The Red and White Music Machine." They have improved over the last year to get ready for the junior high band. The Red and White Music Machine played in the Christmas concert and the Spring concert. A 1 A2 1. Robby Payseno rocks out on the drum set. 2. Ryan Croholske and lim Chambers keep the band in beat Fifth Crade — (Front Row) Tara Hampton, April Green, Melanie Geer, Stephanie Prichard, Christin Devenney. (Second Row) Katrina Renfro, Trissy Upston, Donny Ball, Sarah Pulsipher, Stacie Goodman. Sherry Swafford, Shelly Langridge (Back Row) Dean Richards, jamie Middaugh. Mr McMullin, Ryan Groholske, lim Chambers. Robby Payseno, Tammy Cutchall Sixth Grade — (Front Row) Kenny Shaffer, fennifer Delmont, Laurie Shumway, Christina Zook, Debbie Rowe (Back Row) Mr. McMullin, Tanya larrell, Angela Leather-man, lolynnda LaFond, Aubrey Watkins, Robie Kilgore. Brett Cook 104(Front Row) Shawn Crawford, Aaron Imhof, Danny Lambert, Jess Hiesrodt, Paul Weller (Second Row) Toni Sheppard, lolynnda LaFond. Donna Root, Angela Leatherman, Shelly Langndge, Debbie Rowe (Back Row) Mr. Runyon. Lisa Norgan. Robie Kilgore. Nicki Stuart, Steve Washburn. Robert Horton 105 (Front Row) Travis Hall, Robbie Petersen, Doug Turley, Brett Cook, Danny Slaybaugh. Kenny Shatter (Second Row) Laurie Shumway, Katrina Renfro, Aubrey Watkins, Jennifer Delmont. Tonya Jarrell. Cris Zook (Back Row) Mrs Jenkins, Chad Thomas. Trissy Upston, Scott Stemaly. Debbie Yeomans, Tracy Cole, Not Pictured: Tonya Mmmear(Front Row) lacon Hill, lason Shive. ludd Sanders. Dean Richardson, Ryan Groholski (Second Row) lodi Scherer. Leslee Shaffer. Christin Deven-ney. Layla Rench. Sonja lames (Back Row) Mrs. McLain. Stacie Goodman. Lonnie Rogers. April Green. Martin ( oats. Sarah Pulsipher (Front Row) Chad Wilson. Donald Ball. Greg Katz. Richie Baker. Todd Goheen (Second Row) Tony Slaughter. Tara Hampton. Katina Brown. Sherry Swafford. Amy Weller, lamie Middaugh (Back Row) Mrs. Sweet, lami Cam. Stephanie Prichard. Danica Reincke. Melanie Geer, Heather Sheperd 106(Front Row) Lisa Shumway, Michelle Griffith, lason Shaffer. Greg Pullen. Christopher Willbur. R I Thomas. Becky Brownell (Second Row) laymee knight. Lesa Ruddock. Bumper Russell. Mike Duckham. Thomas Hampton. Dana Imhot. Monica Russell, Amy Reisch (Back Row) lamie Watson. Teri Keller. Kristine Keifer. Roger Nest ell. Erie Stemaly. Kathy May. Mrs. lohnson 107 (Front Row) Bear lames. Brad Cavinder. Bobby Stage. Greg Feltner. Michael Rodriguez, Chris McAllister (Second Row) Lynette Shumway. leame Michael. Stacey Katz, Tonya Mams. My a Duckett, Toni Clark, Nancy Zook (Back Row) Scott Hall. Evelyn Slaybaugh. Shawn larrell, Richie Wallen. Rusty Thomas. Tonya Price, Gary Rogers, Mrs Swank(Front Row) Angela Weller, lammi Copas, Brandon Coats, Matt lohnston, Jamie Hopkins. Salma Kalnins (Second Row) Christy Loomis. Shondel King. Mike Siegel, Patrick Shaffer, Ken Horton, Tracy McFadden (Back Row) Miss Knapp, Chad Green, Diane Lawhead, Gary Stuart, Matt Bowling, Brian Cavinder (Front Row) Michelle Hill, Mike Hanson, Ronnie Payseno, David Wmans. Christine Smith (Second Row) Michael Swan. Amy Hiesrodt, Stacy Clark, Aimee Stemaly, Barbra Vorce, Brooke Ban field (Back Row) Mr. Torrey. Cory Gnnnell, Kenny Milliman, Eric Blue, Scott Hampton, Arthur Sanders 108(Front Row) Bruce Herman, lohn Kollar, Shane Riede, Jamie Reincke, Mark Renfro, R I Ball (Second Row) Renee Horton, Rene Russell, Kristy Cheeseman, Renee Slone, Lindsay Woods, Kakki Phelps, Pam Smith (Back Row) Mrs Stout. Theresa Newbold, David Doolittle, Daniel Cummings, Rebecca Caswell, Toni Milliman, Nicole Shaffer 109 (Front Row) Ross Richardson, Matt Stefanski, lames Smith, Patrick Pombier, Phillip Kuhling, (Second Row) Tommy Doxey, Christina Kidney. Lisa McFadden. Bronica White, Stacey Hampton, Sherry Schweikert, Bobby Parsons (Back Row) Mrs Markham. Danny Ruddock, lohnny Morris, Tim Doolittle, Jeremy Mattinson. Cletis Pritchard, P I Goodman(Front Row) Mary Ellen Winans. Michael Phillips, Philip Herman, Andy Taylor, Pam Kidney (Second Row) lamie Rodgers, Andrea Hampton, Kassandra Riede. Samantha Nest ell, Kimberly Brownell. (Back Row) Mrs. Watson, joey Katz, lustin White, Chad Blowers. Brad Thomas, Chris Kempton. (Front Row) Alfred Marshall. Tim Swan, Shawn Petersen. Mark Farkas. Chad Hall (Second Row) Heather McAllister. Stephanie Clark, Shelly May. Regina Davis. Cathy Weller (Back Row) Mrs Weatherly. Kenny Berry, lammi Swafford, lamie Phelps. Travis Hampton. Brad Russell 110(Front Row) Paul Reynolds. Angela Willbur. Shannon Holt. Elissa King, Nikki Phelps. Billy o Weller, tosh Reinitz (Back Row) Mrs VanNortwick. Nicole Diamond. Abel lohnston, Daryl Shaffer, leremy Minniear. Missy Ball, leffery White KindergartefrP.M. (Front Row) lason Vanous, Cory Shepard, C. L Smith. Billy Davis. (Second Row) Mike Miller. Tammy Lamb, Katie Pulsipher, Tina Weimer, leremy Feltner (Back Row) Mrs VanNortwick. Brandie Miller, lames Smith, Kasey Payseno, Stacey Woods Absent layson DrouillardPA TRONS Mr. and Mrs. Don Abel Stan Delmont Family lames Warner Family Mrs. Clara Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morley Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Camp Keep and Martinson Lumberyard Gale and ludy lenkins Clayton and Carolyn Sherwood Larry and Fran Miller Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins and Family Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bergerson Vee and Dianne Kalnins Donald, Ruthann, and Kenny Barry Mr. and Mrs. Reid Waffle and Family Mr. and Mrs. Arthur King and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lindquist Mr. and Mrs. Rex Rainey Donna and jerry Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Coffman and Family Duane Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Carlson Daryl and Mary Leatherbury Mr. and Mrs. Donald . Brewer George and Carlene Zollner Marshall Office Supplies Brott 's Grocery Snip-N-Curl Hawk in's Furniture Store McClouds Drive In K and L Grocery Max Larsen Parkside Pharmacy Leon and Margaret VanHoose La Von and Bonnie Klingaman Fred and Dixie Katz and Family Curt, Linda, Kenny, and lasen Shaffer Helen and Earl Abel Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Serra Wayne Mason Mark and Michele Klingaman Woodward’s Mr. and Mrs. Keith Clark LaVerne and Shirley's A CKNO WLEDGEMENTS We truly hope you have enjoyed your 1985 yearbook. We are sure it will bring you many lasting memories. We had a very enthusiastic group this year consisting of 14 members. Our advisor this year was Mrs. Carlene Zollner who put forth many hard working hours of organizing and working out the final details. We would like to thank Mr. Lee Zimmerman, our representative from Taylor Publishing Company, for all his help in making this yearbook a success once again. Also a big thank-you to Joe Serra Jr., our photographer. Without Joe's help and effort we wouldn't have the pictures to make this yearbook possible. But most of all, we would like to thank our patrons, subscribers, and advertisers. You make this yearbook possible for us. We also cannot forget to thank all the faculty and school personnel who tolerated disruptions of school routine so that we could set up and take the very best pictures possible. Thank-you all very much. 112 Tish Tetreault Linda Nagel 1985 INDIAN Co-EditorsCONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1985 HORTON GRAIN COMPANY 4510 65-27 North, Route 1, Tekonsha, Ml TEKON TRUCK PLAZA Tekonsha, Michigan Phone: (517) 767-4646 Restaurant Travel S Breakfast ai C.B. Equipment I Open Seven Days a Week — 24 Hours 113market NEWT’S MARKET Jim and LuAnne Warkozeski 950 North Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Lumber and Building Materials Congratulations Seniors KEEP MARTINSON Phone 767-4179 Open 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. 7 Days a Week Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. (517) 767-4193 DAVIS BROS. SERVICE TEKONSHA SPORT SHOPPE Custom Lettering 1-69 and M-60 Tekonsha, Michigan Team Sporting Goods Converse and Pony Shoes Iron-On Transfers Varsity Jackets Sport Cards and Supplies Ph. 767-4722 Over 600,000 baseball, football, basketball and hockey sport cards to choose from. 1952 to present. 205 North Main 517-767-3432 Tekonsha, Ml Compliments of Congratulations Class of “85” KAY’S PLACE From the 118 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. 767-3449 JOHN CAIL FAMILY JOHN, ELAINE, LEONARD and TANYA 114STUDENT COUNCIL Congratulations Class of “85” Denny’s Honey Farm Tekonsha, Ml 49092 517-767-4201 OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND Pam Townsend First in Farm Credit 115SHERWOOD PHARMA Same Location Since 1866 Family Prescription Center Tekonsha, Michigan Phone: 517-767-8474 1977 To Clayton Sherwood Pharmacist - mi? FACA, ABDP 767-4506 1866 to 1977 Gretchan Stefanski: Pharmacist 767-4280 1977 to 1985 1866 TO 1977 FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE HOWARD MAIN BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE Compliments of: MARKING MACHINE CO. Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha Michigan 116Congratulations Class of “85” Compliments of From D R MOBIL DR. MENDELSOHN D.O. AND STAFF Ph.767-3376 Tekonsha, Michigan 767-4197 Compliments of ROBERT MOHRHARDT. 7:00 A M. — 3:30 P.M. Owntr Monday thru Friday RANDALL VINCENT’S INDUSTRIAL PAINTING SERVICE FOOD PRODUCTS Industrial Paint Finishing, Cleaning, Electrostatic Painting and Baking Facilities INC. 117 West Jackson St. (517) 767-3593 Tekonsha. Michigan 49092 (517) 767-4133 Tekonsha, Michigan When you offer them Tekonsha, YOU’VE OFFERED THEM THE BEST the all new Weathertmnic 21H0 that mounts on the trailer’s A-frame not the tow vehicle. Also, a premium line of RY mirrors such as the ever popular industry leader. The Silver Falcon fender mount. Tekonsha RVaccessories., engineered with dependable American know -how. will keep your customers assured of first quality products Tekonsha will help you merchandise some of the best R accessories on the market today. 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Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Phone (517) 765-2674 Ron Johnson (517)767-4188 Carol Deanna GROHOLSKI REALTY INC. 10105 M-60 West Burlington, Michigan 49029 Phone (517) 765-2112 fry fei ABC Balloons by Reece Satloons for Weddings. Banquels Special Events Bouquets ot balloons delivered , Balloons delivered incostumeiupomesuesn Prompt deliveries m all areas 12,00 M 601 517 765 2631 Burlington Mi 49029 Cali Collect BROOKSIDE AUTO COMPANY Floyd Warden — President Glen Newton — Sales Manager Jerry Thornton — Sales John Burdick — Sales Car Sale Rental, and Leasing Burlington, Michigan Ph. (517) 765-2184 HEINOLD HOG MARKETS Rick Hall — Manager John Rook — Sales John Smith — Sales Burlington, Mich. (517)765-2800 120FABIANO’S CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF “85" George Fabiano Liquor — Beer — Wine Pasta — Salad Bar On M-60 Union City, Ml Charles F. Morton, D.D.S., P.C. 606 N. Broadway Union City, Michigan 49094 517-741-8981 Phone: 741-9181 We Always Welcome New Patients. 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Dobson, CLU Agent 59 So.Monroe Street Bus: (517) 279-8071 Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Home: (517) 639-4136 n w- -e Southern Michigan NATIONAL BANK Continuous Banking Since 1872 THE — STEP AHEAD BANK Offices in Coldwater • Tekonsha • Union City • Kinderhook 127CREATIVE SENIOR PORTRAITS In Every Person There Is a Beauty and a Sensitivity ... This Is What I Strive to Bring Out in My Portraiture. PORTRAITURE by PHILBRICK 62 Division St. Coldwater, Michigan ELIAS BROS. BIG BOY RESTAURANT After the Game or For Our Soup and Salad Bar Everyday We Have Our Fresh Breakfast Buffet Home o! the Big Boy Coldwater and Marshall E. Chicago St. — 1205 W. Ml PUTNAM FUNERAL HOMES Eleven East Chicago Street Coldwater, Ml 49036 6 a.m.-l a.m. Sun.-Thurs. Tel. (517) 278-2311Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of 1985 From BOSHEAR’S FORD SALES INC. 15081 Michigan Ave. Marshall, Ml Telephone 616-781-3981 129Congratulations Class of “85” from The Journalism Staff LUEDDERS SHOE STORE “YOUR” FAMILY SHOE STORE open 9:00 A.M. Till 5:30 P.M. • Dexter Fri. Nites • Nike • Naturalizers • Nurse Mates • Soft Spots Branch County Nike Headquarters 278-8646 46 W. Chicago — Coldwater E:T‘N CORPORATION MARSHALL DIVISION Manufacturers of Heavy Duty Truck Steering Pumps Locking and Controlled Slip Differentials Viscous Fan Drives WOLVERINE MOTOR SUPPLY CO. See Us for Repair Parts for Autos, Trucks, and Agricultural Equipment 103 E. Marshall Marshall, Michigan Phone: (616) 781-2830 EATON CORPORATION Fluid Power Operations 1101 W. Hanover Street Marshall, Ml 49068 130MICHIGAN RURAL REHABILITATION CORPORATION STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM Stiff EKK8! PEGGY KAY’S APPAREL 413 E.IMichigan — Marshall FACTORY OUTLET — NAME BRANDS • Lee Jeans • Calvin Klein • Zena Jeans • CHIC Jeans • Ocean Pacific •CHAMS •Jordache • Catalina SAVE 20% to 70% off Regular Price Open 7 days a week Phone: 781-2057 Compliments of STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES “Like a Good Neighbor" SAME DAY SERVICE IF IN BY NOON ‘YOUR WARDROBE WILL LOOK NICER AND LAST LONGER DRY CLEANED!" • SHIRT SERVICE RENTAL UNIFORMS hour MON THUU Mil UT I I PtiajeMio+tal 'A Gesiaice kCATKR MM AlTUUTCN RKFNRt M«tH CKAWM6 TWO HQUTJ CL j ANlTlS JUST HOAtHW SOAAtA S 155 WEST MICHIGAN MARSHALL COAMAOMACLt Michigan Office 410 East Drive Marshall, Michigan 49069Law Offices of SCHROEDER, DeGRAW KENDALL MAYHALL Complliments of 203 East Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan 49068-1591 Telephone 616-781-9851 Joseph E. Schroeder John A. Kendall Ronald J. DeGraw Millard N. Mayhall PROGRESSIVE DYNAMICS, INC. Compliments of LAUTENSLAGER- LIPSEY Televisions, Appliances, and Microwaves Locations in Albion and Marshall SARGENT’S FLOWERS CREATIVE PROMPT DELIVERY 0TVOMl A ARIANdMINTl SFRVlCE TO ALL AREAS c(MUM WIDDtMO r v MARSHALL BATTLE CREEK 781-3941 968-2755 w MJV wfeAN t St CAX 1 1 a CHEMICAL BANK Marshall 115 W. Drive South Marshall, Ml 49068 Bachman- Huntington- Medler Norma E. Bachman and Chnrlea R. Medler Phone: Roger S.Woodward (616) 781-5176 President Insurance Agency 223 W Michigan Avenue Marshall Michigan 49068 (616) 781 8167 lOS E. MICHIGAN MARSHALL, MICHIGAN STUART AND STUART Attorneys at Law Alfred P. Stuart 12V2 W. Michigan Ave. Mark F.Stuart Marshall, Mich. 49068 Robert A.Cole (616)781-3928 132CHAPMAN TRACTOR SALES INC. 1003 West Michigan Ave. Marshall, Mich. 49068 LOUIE’S BAKERY 144 W. Michigan Phone STory 1-3542 Marshall, Michigan Phone: (616) 781-3951 Quality BAKE GOODS NEEDHAM CLEANERS mimoNi 7(1.3313 USE. Michigan Av . MASTEI CLEANS SS . OYKS Marshall, Michigan Team Uniforms and Accessories “Team Sports Specialists” Nike Shoes and Clothing 117 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Michigan 49068 Dan Hiday (616) 781-1176 Mike Sequite COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION MILLWRIGHT SERVICE MACHINERY MOVING 24 HOUR SERVICE HACKETT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 256 NORTH 28TH STREET BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN 49015 FRED L. THENEN OFFICE 616 964-7196 133Racing — Touring — BMX — Mountain Bikes PEDAL PUSHERS Bicycle Sales and Service 115 E. Michigan Avenue Richard Winfrey Marshall, Michigan 4900068 (616) 781-6334 DR. JAMES AND WILLIAM DOBBINS MD 1170 W. Main St. Marshall, Ml 49068 Phone: (616) 781-9867 Compliments of 120 E. Michigan Marshall, Ml 49068 616-781-8907 TIDEY MOTOR SALES Chevrolet • Oldsmobile We Are Proud to Serve the Area and All Your Transportation Needs 1201 W. Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan 49068 Phone 781-5154 134CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS HAIR STYLES BY FERRARI 110 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan Phone: 781-2243. Bob Hutchins Manager LANES 1154 W. Michigan Ave. Open League Bowling Marshall, Michigan Cocktails and Beer 49068 Scotch Doubles every (616) 781-3125 Friday — 9:30 P.M. Bowl in our Annual 3-6-9 Tourney 136

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