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TEKONSHA HIGH SCHOOL Presents: A RAINBOW THOUGHT When rain has showered the earth and light breaks through again, Somewhere over the rainbow a pot of gold lies hidden The gold of love of understanding and joy of giving. The gold of acceptance without any question. Our gold to have, and to hold' or to give to others with love because we care. The 1984 INDIANThe rainbow's colors can be reflected in the school life of Tekonsha's student body. RED might stand for LOVE... Art important part of a senior's school life often revolves around a certain special person. . . PURPLE for EXCITEMENT . . Varsity girls try to get another "hoop" in district action. Contents Opening 1 School Life 2 Homecoming 8 Faculty 12 Activity Division 17 Seniors 27 Senior Activities 38 Juniors 39 Sophomores 43 Freshmen 47 Sports 51 Banquet 83 Organizations 85 Jr. High 93 Elementary 101 Patrons and Ads m School 134 Journalism Staff 136 Sophomores run the ball and Juniors struggle to get it back.1) Donna Finds disappointment during a basketball game. 2) Ritchie and Lori experi- menting while Shelly looks on. 3) Lisa, Chris, Dale, and Sean concentrating on their homework. 4) Ronald "pretending" to study. 5) Five fellow sophomores in- specting their work. BLUE for CONCENTRATION.... GREEN for ACCOMPLISHMENT 1) Clint "awesomely" slam dunks the ball. 2) Howie, Roger, and Jill give their horns a toot. 3) Jim is finally doing some schoolwork. 561) Sean posing for the camera. 2) Members of the Journalism Staff proudly display the 1983 Yearbook at the Yearbook Dance they sponsored. 3) Kristy and Shannon riding a roller coaster in drama class. 4) The crowd hams it up for the camera. 5) What do you see through that shark's eye,, Brent?HOMEC ( LVIINCROYALTY "THE BIG ' Night" Everyone was excited! The big night had finally arrived. It had been a fun week, but this was what we all were waiting for. All the attendants were on the field. The three senior candidates were nervous and impatient. The big question was who would be the Homecoming King and Queen f The King was chosen. Kevin Keincke would reign for the year. It was LeAnn Selby's turn next and it was definitely her night to shine. The football team pulled through with a victory over the Waldron Spartans, 28-22. After the game everyone went to the dance sponsored by the Class of '85. They chose "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as the theme song, and Q-106 provided the music. ! hr h 83-841 ’(‘coming Queen LeAnn Selby and King Ke ■ s lunior, Karrie Swafford and Brad Ray Sophomore, Beth Russell and Scot Needham 8Senior, Lisa O'Dell and Shawn Tetreault. Senior, Michelle Henion and terry McAfee. Seventh, Tammy Cole and Mark Katz. Freshman, Donna Webber and George Feltner. Eighth, Lorraine Reincke and Bobby Manis. 9HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES Homecoming week was filled with activities for everyone. During the week the cheerleaders sponsored dress-up days. Monday was "Pajama Day" and everyone looked as if they had just crawled out of bed. On Tuesday the halls were filled with "Cowboys and Indians." Wednesday was "Assorted Sports Day." Thursday T.H.S. was overrun by "Waldron Weirdos," in tacky outfits. Friday was the traditional "Red and White Day." In the float competitions the Sophomores placed first with "Wipe 'em Out." Second place went to the junior High with "Flush 'em Down," and the Juniors captured third with "The Spartans check in, but they don't check out." The Seniors won the Powder-Puff Football Tournament for the fourth year in a row to end the week's activities. jr. High Float "Flush 'em Down. Sophomore Float "Wipe 'em Out." 10MemoriesD M I N I S T R A T I O N Mr. Roger Carlson -Superintendent Mr. King Hard at work Mr. Arthur King - Mrs. Betty Robinson - Business Manager Counselor Dr. Joseph Serra -Principal Mrs. Mary Leatherbury — Secretary "Excuse me, you are sitting in my seat!' "Class, take the day off. 12That's all folks Mrs. Leatherbury with Mr. Carlson Sometimes an office that is held in your senior year can end up being your full time career. Mrs. Mary Leatherbury was the secretary of her senior class and for the last 15 years has been the secretary here at Tekonsha High School. However, Mrs. Leatherbury plans to retire after this year. She will be badly missed. Students, teachers, and administration alike have appreciated the special attention and assistance she has taken the time to give them. Mrs. Leatherbury is the daughter of Ross and Hazel Baker. She has two children, Richard and Craig She also has four grandchildren, Nicole, lackelyn, Angela, and Cody. When asked about her most memorable moment she said that she will never forget waiting in the hospital receiving word for word on the birth of her grandchildren. Later, after her retirement, she plans to do volunteer work. Her advice to students, "Be serious with your studies, have a goal in life and enjoy the years in school." Thanks a lot Mrs. Leatherbury for all your help! May I help you ? Mrs. Leatherbury as a senior 1942 13Mr. Bowling Life Science, Biology, Physics F A C u L T Y Mr. Mason General Math, Math 7. Mechanical Drawing, lr. High Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Mr Stout Sr High and lr. High Physical Education, Intermediate Algebra Mrs. Carlson English 10, Practical English, Adv. English, Comp, and Lit., Spanish Mr. McMullin Choir, lr High and Sr High Band, lr High, Sr. High, Elem., Music Theory and Stage Band Mr. Sweet Accounting, English 9, Typing I Mr. Maples Science 7, 8, Agriculture. Inside Michigan Mr. Richardson Social Studies 7. 8. Occupations, State and Local Mr. Taylor US. History, World History, Social Studies Topics. Government 14Mrs. Tyckoski Family Health. Child Dev and Interior Design. Ir High Home Ec., Business Math. Consumer Economics. Con Business Math Mrs. Friend Study Hall Supervisor, Librarian Carol Fogel, Cashier, Cheerleading Supervisor I Mr. Tyckoski Algebra I, Math 8. Advanced Algebra. Geometry, Career Exploration Mrs. Geer Teachers aide (or remedial math Mrs. Zollner English 8. Reading 7, lournalism. Speech and Drama Mr. McMullin directing his class. Cafeteria Staff, Wanda Runyon, Lorraine Yates, Marlene Reincke. Toni Saltzgaber, Anita Waffle 15s E R V I c E S Mrs. Saltsgaber hard at work. BUS DRIVERS: (Left to Right) Mrs. Mary Eberts, Mrs Connie Phelps. Mrs Eleanor Olds, Mrs. Carol Hughes, Mrs Donna Hinspeter, Mrs. Lenore RemckeMrs. LaDeama Phelps. Mrs Sharon Selby. Mrs. Birtha Phelps, Mr Reid Waffle, Mr Lewis lenkins. (Not Pictured) Mr. Earl Samson BUS MECHANIC: Leo Hughes HIGH SCHOOL IANITORS: (Left to Right) Mr. Reid Waffle. ELEMENTARY IANITORS: Mrs. Linda Lambert Mr. Earl Samson, Mrs. Sharon Selby and Mr. Harry Gallop 1618Spirit Week SPIRIT IN ACTION On February 24 the Student Council once again sponsored the Spirit Week Activities. This year the Seniors took 3rd, the 8th grade took 2nd, and the juniors took 1st. This year's Spirit Week Activities consisted of the following: window painting, and dress up during the week, leap frog, whistle with a cracker, ping pong, math quiz, famous faces, word game, balloon toss, musical chairs, name that tune, class competition, shoe relay, lifesaver relay, and the long awaited pyramid building between the classes. A2 7. Some senior boys take a look at the action. 2. Tish sprints to crash the cymbal in "Name That Tune." 3. The Junior Class cheers to a victory call. 4. Fellow classmates compete in the "Math Quiz." 5. Kathy and Shawn cling together as they pass the life-saver. 19A3 1. The Class of "84" struggles with their pyramid. 2. Students rush to their shoes in the "Shoe Relay." 3. Seventh graders build the winning pyramid. 4. Lori just grasps her water balloon. 5. Scott and Karrie gobble crackers in the "Whistle with a Cracker." 6. Seniors dress up on 1 6 "Hillbilly Day." 20 a-e- CABARET ANOTHER SUCCESS This year th3 14th annual Cabaret was held on Friday, April 27th, at 7:00 p.m. The show turned out to be quite a successful event for the Student Council, bringing in $800 in concessions and tickets. The theme for the show was "The Golden Age Of Rock -n- Roll." The stage was made to look like the "good ole' soda shop” complete with the guys' and gals' restrooms. It seems that everyone had a good time performing and sitting back enjoying the show. A2 A 7A8 7. Mistress and Master of Ceremonies, Amber Warner and Shawn Tetreault, welcome the guests to the show. 2. Chris Zook and Aubrey Watkins play "Bye, Bye, Love” on clarinet and flute. 3. Brian McFad-den entertains the crowd singing "Bye, Bye, Love.” 4. The "Liquid Plumbers,” alias Dan McDowell, Aaron Warner, and Scott Carlson, did a comical lip-synking to "Eat It.” 5. Carmen Aty, exchange student, does a ballet to "Truly.” 6. Stephanie Horton and Melissa Krumvede sing "Pink Shoelaces” with some help from Sean Casey. 7. Laurie Duckett makes her last performance singing "A Tribute to Ethel Merman.” 8. Missy Holbrook sings a love song to the audience.Play First Musical A Big Success This year's all school annual production was Fiddler On The Roof, performed on March 23 and the 24th. This was the first big musical that the Tekonsha players have performed, with a cast of over 30 performers, not counting the "behind-the-scenes" people. This year's speech and drama class worked with the costumes, props, and set construction. The Fiddler cast includes: TEVYE — Jerry McAfee, COLDE - Laurie Duckett, TZEITEL - Amber Warner, HODEL — Karrie Swafford, CHAV A - Nicki Ritter, SHPRINZE - Cina Bergerson, BIELKE - Allison Ceer, YENTE - Kristy Bergerson, MOTEL — left Coffman, PERCHICK -Sean Casey, LAZAR-WOLF — Brandon Shilling, MORDCHA - Todd Moore, RABBI — Scott Mendelsohn, MENDEL — Aaron Warner, AVRAHM — Brian McFadden, YUSSEL — Kurt Shilling, NACHUM — Jerry Johnson, GRANDMA TZEITEL - Missy Holbrook, FRUMA-SARAH - Nadine Coheen, CONSTABLE - lames O'Dell. FYEDKA - Mike Hall, SHAINDEL — Melissa Krumvede. FIDDLER — Joanna Lindquist, PRIEST - Dale Pullen, RUSSIANS - Roger Wilson, Pat Cole, Lanny Smith, Mike Duckett, and Scott Carlson, VILLAGERS — Nadine Goheen, Stephanie Horton, Melissa Krumvede, Lisa Ray, Debbie Norgan, Lisa Burrow, Christine Cappella, and Missy Holbrook, BOY - Danny McDowell, BOY - Brad Runyon, PROMPTER - Jill Doolittle, DIRECTOR - Carlene Zollner, MUSICAL DIRECTOR - Kevin McMullin, MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT - Nancy Coffman and Yvonne Lindquist WORK CREW HEADS: COSTUMES — Kim Casebeer, LIGHTS SOUND — Brad Ray, PROPS — Lori Beam, MAKE-UP — Carrie Devenney and Kathi Swafford, PUBLICITY - Brent Cole, SCENERY - John Samson, TICKETS AND PROGRAMS - lames O'Dell and Nadine Goheen, STAGE MANAGER — Michelle Cappella. This year in the costume and make-up departments we had help from Mr. Charlie Baber from KCC, True Grist in Homer, and the Tibbets in Coldwater. Jerry McAfee and Amber Warner received the Drama Awards this year. 2 A 1. The "Papas" (L. to R.) Scott Mendelsohn, Todd Moore, Jerry McAtee, Kurt Shilling, and Brandon Shilling. 2. Tevye is anxiously speaking to Motel about marriage to Tzeitel 3 Tzeitel plays at being Yente the matchmaker for her sister 4. Gotde and Tevye shiver in (ear while Fruma-Sarah predicts Tzeitel's married life. 3 A 4 A 231. Tzeitel and her husband Motel prepare to leave Anatevka. 2. Motel puts the ring on Tzeitel's finger. 3. The men of Anatevka and Tevye vs. the Constable and the Russians. 4. Motel proudly shows his sewing machine to the Rabbi, Mendel, and Tzeitel while Shprinze and Bielke play a game on the floor. 5. The women whisper and talk at the wedding. (L. to R.) Golde, Chava, Hodel, Yente, Snaindel, and a villager. 6. Tevye is seriously talking to his wife Colde 5 A 4 A 6 A 24"We've Got Tonight" Reverend Ted Newcomb was the honored guest and speaker at the 1984 annual Prom and Banquet. Approximately 130 students, faculty, and administration attended this year's Junior-Senior Prom, which was held May 26, at the True Grist in Homer. The Juniors chose the theme “We've Got Tonight" with music from the John Chamberlin band. Prom and Banquet A 4 7 This is the Prom cake which was made by Shirley Turley. 2 The lohn Chamberlin Band plays on. 3 Shawn Tetreault is looking "bad." 4 Couples are dancing to the music 25 A 2 A A 4 7 Seniors are toasting the Prom. 2 Couples are dancing to the music. 3 People are waiting in line to be served. 4 Kristy Bergerson and Sean Casey are showing their stuff. 5 These couples are smiling for the camera.s E N I O R 5 Michelle, Melissa, Candy, and Jill have fun between classes. Brandon spends his time wisely. William John Burchfield Tony T. Ball Lisa Marie Burrow Diane Sue Deevers 28Jill Elaine Doolittle Steven P. Drouillard Denise Lanette Eby Econ. class is hard at work. Co vie D. Feltner Sharon Lee Fowler Laura Leigh Duckett Carmen gives her American sister, Debbie, some assistance. 29s E N I O R S Tracy Alvin Kempton 30 Kenneth Charles Harrison Melissa K. Langridge Five senior guys take a break from study hall. iynnette and Laurie give a hug of relief. "We Made It!" Monica Froyseth Michelle Marie Henion Charles MainsJerry V. McAtee Stuart Scott Mendelsohn Dale A. Moore Government class working hard? Teddy R. Moore Kathy VanHoose is very surprised! Debbie Mary Norgan Lisa Ann ODell5 E N I O R S Senior Attendants, Shawn Tetreault and LeAnn Selby, soak up a little sun during the Homecoming Parade. Michael Jackson look-alike Brandon Shilling shows his style in cleaning out his locker. Melissa L Pullen Lisa L. Ray Kevin John Reincke Cheryl Lynn Palmer Candy LeAnn Ray Sigrid Johanna Roehrich 32Mayuko Saito LeAnn Sue Selby James William Smith The Awesome T.P. Truck, decorated, of course, by the Seniors for Homecoming. Brandon E. Shilling Shawn Stephen Tetreault Lynnette Thompson, Shawn Tetreault and Scott Mendelsohn show the world that Seniors are number 1. Lynnette Susan Thompsons E N I O R S Amidst the snowflakes and cold wind, the seniors huddle around the tree given to them by the Kathy Renee VanHoose Amber Reene Warner David E. Wooden Roger Earl Wilson 34 Howard Walter Upston Ritchie Dale YatesSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: (L-R) Carole Brewer, president; Tracy Kempton, secretary; Kevin Reincke, vice-president; and Mr. Norman Taylor, advisor. Not pic-tued is Diane Deevers, treasurer. Michelle Henion Jill Doolittle Salutatorian Valedictorian It's Finally Over! The class of 1984 started their fun-filled and busy year on August 29, 1983, at 8:20 a.m. They made it their goal to have the most fun and do the least amount of work possible! The class picked their officers first. They chose Carole Brewer, president; Kevin Reincke, vice-president; Tracy Kempton, secretary; Diane Deevers, treasurer; and Ritchie Yates and Michelle Henion, Student Council Representatives. The class was also blessed with a record-making four exchange students to share the year's activities with them. They were Carmen Aty from Brazil, who stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Norgan; Monica Froyseth from Norway, who stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Spires; Sigrid Roehrich from Germany, who stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Devenney; and Mayuko Saito from lapan, who stayed with Rev. and Mrs. John Cail. Homecoming came and LeAnn Selby and Kevin Reincke were chosen as Queen and King. Serving as Senior Attendants were Shawn Tetreault, Lisa O'Dell, Jerry McAtee and Michelle Henion. The candy sale was next, and the Senior Class earned money for their Senior Trip. On May 16, the seniors had their Senior Breakfast, served by Dr. Serra and Mr. Carlson. May 18 was the Senior Skip Day and everyone went his own separate way to enjoy it. May 25 was the last day for the class, but May 24 was the 4th annual "Senior Exit Day.'' Awards were handed out by teachers and the honor students presented the "Class Wills" and "Prophecy." This was a crazy day for the "capped" seniors. May 26, the Junior Class put on the prom at the True Grist Dinner Theatre in Homer. On May 29 at 6:00 a.m., the Senior Class boarded a Greyhound bus and set off to "Kings Island" in Cinncinatti, Ohio. They had lots of fun and returned home at 3:00 a.m. on May 30, tired, but happy. HONOR STUDENTS: Front (L-R) Amber Warner, Missy Langridge, Lisa Ray. Back (L-R) Brandon Shilling, Roger Wilson. Not pictured are Diane Deevers and Jerry McAtee.Facing The Challenges On tune 3, 1984, 43 high school seniors walked down the gymnasium aisle their last time together for the Commencement Service. The class colors were pink and burgandy The class song was "Theme From Cheers." The invocation was given by Amber Warner, followed by Carole Brewer welcoming everyone. The Salutatorian, Michelle Henion, gave her speech. Everyone then heard from the Tekonsha High School Band playing "Firebrand." Brandon Shilling took over, giving the class motto and speech; "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.", by Anatole France. Diane Deevers then reminisced about the past thirteen years of their school lives. Again the Band played a song called "Chesford Portrait." Jill Doolittle then gave the Valedictorian speech, followed by Dr. Serra presenting the awards. Carole Brewer recognized the class advisor, Mr. Taylor. Mr Roger Carlson presented the class for graduation to the school board president, Mr. Edwin Shumway. He then handed out the diplomas. The benediction was given by Todd Moore and the recessional followed. A2 1. Seniors are waiting patiently to begin. 2. Carole Brewer welcomes everyone. 3. Michelle Henion gives her Salutatorian speech. 4. Brandon Shilling gives the class motto. 5. Diane Deevers reflects on the past 13 years. 6. Jill Doolittle gives her Valedictorian speech. 7. Mr. Taylor tells how it was being class advisor. 8. Jerry McAtee receives his diploma. 9. Diane, Michelle, and Jill wait in the receiving line. 10. Seniors say their last good-byes. Graduation A3 A4 36SENIOR ACTIVITIES CARMEN A TY . Exchange Student - 4; Cabaret - 4; Choir - 4; Track - 4. TONNY BALL . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 2; Track - 1; Choir — 1, 2; Mock Elections — Always Late. CAROLE BREWER . . Volleyball — 1, 2; Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band — 1, 2, 3; Journalism - 4; Class V.P. - 3; Class President - 4; Class Secretary - 7; Mock Elections - Sweetest, Easiest To Get Along With, Best Personality. BILL BURCHFIELD . Football - 1, 2; VO-ED - 3; CO-OP - 4; LISA BURROW. . Volleyball - 4; Track - 2; Cheerleading - 1, 4; Homecoming Court - 2; Cabaret - 4; School Play - 4; Journalism Co-Business Manager - 4; Mock Elections - Most Hyper, Always Late, Chatterbox, Cutest. DIANE DEEVERS . . Basketball — 7; Cheerleading - 1, 2, 3; Treasurer - 1, 2, 3, 4; hionor Student - 4. JILL DOOLITTLE . . . Track — 7, 2, 3, 4; Mock Elections — Most Studious, Most Likely To Succeed; Valedictorian — 4; K.C.C. Scholarship; Burlington's Mens Club; Tekonsha Education Association Scholarship. STEVE DROUILLARD . . Mock Elections - Quietest LAURIE DUCKETT Basketball - 3, 4; Volleyball - 2, 3; Track - 3; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band - 3, 4; Choir — 2, 3, 4; Journalism — 4; Drama - 4; Student Council Secretary — 4; Cabaret - 1, 2, 3, 4. DENISE EBY. . . Journalism — 4; Mock Elections — Best Matched Couple, Cutest Couple, DWAYNE FELTNER . . . Football — 7; Basketball — 2; Baseball — 7; Mock Elections — Best Matched Couple, Cutest Couple; Class Secretary - 3. SHARON FOWLER - Majorette - 7; Cheerleading - 7; Choir - 3, 4. MONICA FROYSETH.. . Exchange Student - 4; Basketball -4; Track - 4. KEN HARRISON Football - 1, 2; VO-ED - 3, 4; CO-OP - 4; Mock Election - Worst Driver MICHELLE HENION Volleyball — 1, 3; Cheerleading — 1, 2, 3; Band — 7, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band - 1, 2; Salutatorian — 4; Honor Student - 4; Mock Elections — Most Outgoing, Best Hair, Best Eyes; Michigan Competitive Scholarship and Tuition Grant Program; K.C.C. Scholarship. TRACY KEMPTON Basketball - 7; Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 2; Class President - 2; Class Secretary - 4; VO-ED - 3; CO-OP - 4. MISSY LANGRIDGE .. Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track — 1, 2, 3; Journalism Editor - 3; Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary — 2; Honor Student - 4; 1st team all conference and 2nd team all area in basketball. JERRY McATEE. Basketball - 1, 2, 3; Baseball - 2, 3, 4; Track — 7; Choir — 1, 2, 4; Stage Band — 3; Cabaret - 1, 2, 3; Drama - 4; Drama Award — 4; Homecoming Court - 1, 4; Honor Student - 4; Mock Elections - Biggest Flirt, Most Outgoing; Michigan Competitive Scholarship and Tuition Grant Program. SCOTT MENDELSOHN . Basketball - 1, 2, 3; Football - 4; Baseball - 2; Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band - 4; Pep Band - 1, 2; Cabaret - 1, 2, 3, 4; Journalism - 4; Mock Elections - Class Clown, Class Chatterbox, Most Hyper, Best Eyes, Odd Couple. TODD MOORE . .. Drama - 4. DALE MYERS.. . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir - 2, 4. DEBBIE NORGAN. .. Track - 3, 4; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band — 3, 4; Choir — 4; Drama - 4 LISA O'DELL . . . Basketball — 7; Volleyball - 1, 2; Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleading - 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court — 4; CAVC Representative — 3. CHERYL PALMER . .. Journalism — 4. MELISSA PULLEN. .. Volleyball — 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - I 2; VO-ED - 3, 4. CANDY RAY Volleyball — 1, 2; Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Mock Elections - Best Eyes. LISA RAY . Track — 1, 2, 3; Journalism Business Manager - 4; Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band — 7, 2, 3, 4; Choir — 4; Most Dedicated in Track — 2; Most Improved in Track — 7; hionor Student — 4; Mock Elections - Best Dressed, Most Likely to Succeed. KEVIN REINCKE . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Most Valuable Player Lineman — 4; Mock Elections — Most Popular, Best Body, Biggest Appetite. SIGRID ROEHRICH . Exchange Student - 4; Basketball - 4; Band - 4. MAYUKO SAITO... Exchange Student — 4; Basketball - 4. LeANN SELBY. . Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track — 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Queen — 4; Most Valuable Player in Track — 1, 2, 3; Most Valuable Player in Basketball — 3; 1st team all Conference in Basketball; 1st team all area in basketball and Allstate Class d; Mock Elections — Most Athletic, Most Popular, Best Eyes, Biggest Appetite. BRANDON SHILLING . . Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band - 4; Choir — 3, 4; Cabaret — 1, 3; Mock Elections — Sweetest, Easiest to get along with. Most Studious; Honor Student - 4. JIM SMITH . . Football - 7; Track — 2, 4; Baseball - 1, 2; Choir - 4. SHAWN TETREAULT. . Football - 1, 2, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band — 1, 2; Stage Band — 3, 4; Homecoming Court — 4; Journalism — 3, 4; Student Council Vice-President - 4; Football Coaches Award - 4; D.A.R. Award — 4; Cabaret — 4; Mock Elections - Cutest, Best Dressed, Most School Spirit, Best Hair and Best Personality; Music Award - 4. LYNNETTE THOMPSON . . Volleyball - 1, 2; Choir - 4; VO-ED - 3; Mock Elections - Class Chatter Box and Best Body HOWARD UPSTON. Basketball - 1, 2; Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band - 3, 4; Mock Elections -Worst Drivers - 4 KATHY VANHOOSE . Basketball - 1; Volleyball - 1. 2; Track - 7; Band - 7, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band - I 2. WILL A WELLER. . . Basketball — 3, 4; Track — 2, 3, 4; Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band - 3; Choir - 1, 3; Stage Band — 3, 4; Journalism — 3; Drama — 3; Most Improved in Basketball — 4; Mock Elections - Class Clown. ROGER WILSON. . . Football - 2; Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band — 3, 4; S.A.R. Award — 4; Michigan Competitive Scholarship and Tuition Grant Program — 4; Honor Student — 4; Mock Elections — Most Likely To Succeed. DAVID WOODEN . . . Football - 1; Choir - 4; VO-ED — 3. CHUCK MAINS VO-ED - 4. RITCHIE YATES. Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir - 2; Football Honorable Mention League — 4; Basketball 2nd Team All League and All Area; Mock Elections - Most Athletic, Worst Drivers. AMBER WARNER . . Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band - 3, 4; Choir — 1, 4; Cabaret — 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama — 1, 3, 4 Drama Award - 4; Student Council Sergeant of Arms - 4; Model U.N. Delegate — 2; Of ted and Talented Delegate — 4; Journalism — 4; Michigan Competitive Scholarship and Tuition Grant Program - 4; K.C.C. Scholarship; Honor Student - 4; Mock Elections - Most School Spirit, Worst Drivers.JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS The junior class this year has been busy. Their float for Homecoming was entitled, "Spartans Check In But They Don't Check Out!" and it took third place. Karrie Swafford and Brad Ray were chosen for attendants. The class of "85" sold magazines for their money- making project and during the Spirit Week competition they won first place for the second year in a row The 1983-84 Prom was sponsored by this year's juniors and it was held at the True Grist in Homer on May 26, 1984. Junior class officers and advisor (L. to R.) Treasurer — Linda Nagel Secretary — Michelle Cappella, Advisor — Mr. Sweet, President — Marty Shaffer, Vice-President — Lori Beam Veronica Barker Lori Beam Kristy Bergerson Scott Brown Michelle Cappella Kim Casebeer Lauri Christopher Brent Cole Carrie Devenney Kendra Eberts Kristin Eberts Amy Faurot Donna Fettner EricCoheen Nadine Coheen Darcy Kevwitch Tim Knight David LaFond 40Scott Long Brenda Michielson Shelly Myers Linda Nagel lames O'Dell Brad Ray Brent Runyon lohn Samson Marty Shaffer Alvin Snyder Dean Stayner Clint Stout Tracy Struwin Karrie Swafford Shannon Swick Tish Tetreault Bobbi Turley Roger Weimer Brent attacks Clint during a skit in Speech and Drama class. Homecoming attendants Karrie Swafford and her escort Brad Ray. 411. Pittsford's only point! 2. Dean Stayner looks up from working in Advanced Biology. 3. The Juniors build their pyramid quickly. 4. Marty Shaffer and Karrie Swafford hurry to get their shoes on. 5. Marty Shaffer looks serious in the musical chairs. 6. Scott Brown and Lori Beam struggle with the life savers and toothpicks. 4 A 4243Sophomores Finish First in Homecoming The sophomore class started out their exciting year with winning first place on their float, "Wipe 'em Out." The representatives for the sophomore class homecoming were Scot Needham and Beth Russell. During the fall festival the sophomores had two fund raisers, a concession stand ana the "Milk lug Throw." Spirit Week came too soon for the sophomores and they finished fifth in class competition. They put on the Sadie Hawkins and the Spring Swing, which came off with success as 95 FM rocked Tekonsha High. They finished off the year by selling M.M. 's and candy bars. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR: (L to R) President, Tim Fogel; Secretary-Treasurer, Lori Herman; Vice-president, Chris Katz; Advisor, Mr. Mason. Leon Balyeat Gina Bergerson Sean Casey Raymond Cook Susan Cubbon Anita Doolittle Tim Fogel David Foote Lisa Hall Michael Hall Marty Hampton Todd Hayes Lori Herman Amy Johnson Christine LaMee Edward Lewis Ioanna Lindquist Robin Macomber Richard McDowell 44Penny Neal Faithanne Peterson Annette Powell Steve Pulsipher Brenda Rafferty Mike Rafferty Annette Reincke Brett Reincke Kip Reincke Lannette Reincke Beth Russell Brian Saltzgaber Kurt Shilling Steve Slone Kevin Smith Kathi Swafford Kathy Schweikert Anita Turley Toni Volstromer Terry WhiteA 6 A7 A8 7. Sophomores place first in the float competition. 2. Class of "86" is working hard to get to the top. 3. Anita takes time out for a picture. 4. Amy say "SURPRISE." 5. Where'd everybody go? 6. Class of "86" screams for the Spirit lug. 7. We're bad, We're BAD! 8. Chow Time! 9. Sophomores are hard at work. A4 A2 A547Freshman Class Freshmen Struggle For Success The Freshman Class started their first year in high school by placing fifth on their float, "Chew 'Em Up and Spit 'em Out'' during the Flomecoming parade. They were represented in the Flomecoming court by George Feltner and Donna Webber. For the Fall Festival the freshmen put on as their project a dart throw. During the Spirit Week contest the Freshmen Class placed fifth. Later in the year they sold popcorn which ended their first year of high school. Ed Barker Margaret Barker Linda Brown Christine Cappella Chad Clark Rob Cook Tammy Cutchall Mike Davis Mike Duckett Keri Eberts Missy Holbrook Stephanie Horton Annette Katz Carol Keifer Melissa Krumvede Donna Webber and her escort George Feltner. 48Merriann LaFond Raine Lewis Toni Lewis Brian McFadden Karen McFadden Brian Norgan Tom Passmore Mindy Pulsipher Lanny Smith Matt Smith Samantha Snyder Paulette Struwin David Stuart Paul Stuart Deidre Upston (Not Pictured) Tim Arnett Ray Esseltine George Feltner Bob Goheen Tom lacqueline Howard Olds Dorothy Pritchard Dale Pullen Everett Smith Larry Wilson fenny Vosburg Bruce Warner Ronald Warsop Donna Webber Cindy Wilson Danny Yates Dedra Young A few freshmen take time to pose for a picture 49A 5 A 4 7. Freshman Class Officers: Deidre Upston, President; Annette Katz, Secretary-Treausrer; Paul Stuart, Vice-President. 2. A few freshman girls think that they are number one. 3. Ray Esseltine tries to whistle in Mrs. Ty's ear for the Cracker Eating-Whistling contest. 4. The Freshman Class tries to get their pyramid up. 5. The Freshmen scream their heads off for the class cheering contest. 504. Top Row: (L-R) Assistant Coach Bob Wiescholek, Alvin Snyder, Ritchie Yates, Clint Stout, Kevin Reincke, Kyle Klingaman, Tracy Kempton, Tony Ball, Head Coach Curt Shaffer Front Row: (L-R) Loren Selby, Jason Shaffer, Scot Needham, Scott Mendelson, Brad White, Dean Stayner, Martin 52 Shaffer, James O'Dell, Brent Cole, Brian Saltzsgaber, Shawn Tetreault, Brad Ray, Kenny Shaffer Indians Have a Lot of Pride but. . . The varsity football team didn't only have a lot of new players, but also a new head coach. Curt Shaffer held the position as head coach. He had a lot of rough times, but always seemed to come out on top with his problems. Coach Shaffer also brought a new offense into the 1983 season. It was successful at times, but everything has its ups and downs. The team's efforts to plan on a winning season only paid off for three games when they beat Bur Oak 36-6, Howe 20-6, and Waldron in the Homecoming game 28-22. This was the first Homecoming win in five years. The Captains for the 1983 season were seniors, Kevin Reincke, Tracy Kempton, and junior, Martin Shaffer.A 1 Opposition Tekonsha 62 Centerville 00 06 Howe 20 28 Camden 00 24 Pittsford 14 22 Waldron 28 12 Litchfield 08 19 North Adams 06 League Playoff 14 Waldron 00 06 Bur Oak 36 A3 A4 1. Curt Shaffer talks to Kevin Reincke while Brad Ray listens 2. Top row: (L-R) Kevin Reincke, Richie Yates, Shawn Tetreault (front row) Tracy Kempton, Scott Mendelson, Tony Ball 4. Brent Cole goes for yardage while Kevin Reincke (76) looks up field 5. Brent Cole (25) makes a Touchdown while Brad White shows some spirit 537. Brent Cole goes to the ground with Howie watching him. 2. We're lined up and ready to go. 3. Brent Cole looks up field for a hole while Ritchie Yates follows the play. 4. Clint Stout and Brent Cole cheer after a touchdown. 5. Girls take timeout for a group picture 6. Tracy Kempton looks on as the game is played A 3 A 4 54Close But... J.V. Football This year in V. Football the Indians were one of the top two teams. They finished in second place behind only the North Adams Rams. The team consisted of seven returning sophomores, and 13 freshmen and newcomers. They were under the direction of newly acquired coach Rich Miller. This first year for the coach was a very respectable one. Being a new coach has its difficulties, for he has no way of knowing what his players or asst, coaches are capable of on the field. However, Mr. Miller was able to overcome these drawbacks and put a good season together. (back) Mike Davis, Chris Katz, Tom Passmore, RayEseltine, Steve Pulsipher, Paul Stuart, Danny Yates, David Stuart, George Feltner, Mike Rafferty, asst, coach Tim Caputo. (front) Steve Slone, Ramond Cook, Chad Clark, Howard Olds, Terry White, Ronald Warsap, Mike Duckett, Rick McDowell, Ed Barker, Bruce Warner.7. Chris Katz and Scot Needham block the defense. 2. Coach Rich Miller and bench look on. 3. Mike Davis goes up for the ball as the defense arrives. 4. Steve Pulsipher runs for daylight. Tekonsha 22 Centerville 06 00 iPC Howe 27 06 Camden 30 08 L Pittsford 18 00 Waldron 27 00 Litchfield 12 28 North Adams 00 56GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL GIRLS STRUT THEIR STUFF This season was a banner year for the girls' varsity team. Pulling together and playing as a team they managed to win the League Championship with ease The girls then went on to hold off a determined Pittsford five in the final game to become the 1983 District Champions As the old saying goes, "All good things must come to an end." The end for the girls came in the Regional Semi-Finals where they lost to highly ranked Portland St. Patrick 's 68-58. Many team and individual records were set on their way to a sparkling 19-4 record overall and an undefeated conference season. The team chalked up the most wins in a season (19), and most wins in a row (10). LeAnn Selby broke an incredible six individual records. She had total career points of 1023, seasonal points of 422, the highest number of single points in a game at 36, the most blocked shots in a game at 37, the most career rebounds at 822 and a season field goal percentage of 52.8%. Missy Langridge had the highest seasonal freethrow percentage of 72.5%. She also had the most consecutive freethrows of 12. "In summing up the past season," Coach Tony Bowling said, "this has been a tremendous season, one of which the team can be very proud. In the years to come I'm sure this season will have many memories for the team and myself." SENIORS — Willa Weller, LeAnn Selby, Laurie Duckett, Sigrid Rochrich, Missy Langridge. (Not Pictured) Monica Froyseth. Front Row: (L-R) Laura Selby, Willa Weller, Missy Langridge, Donna Feltner, lennifer Norgan, Second Row: (L-R) Mindy Pulsepher, Carrie Devenney, Amy Faurot, Nadine Coheen, Anita Turley, Lori Beam, Monica Froyseth, Third Row: (L-R) Sue Wooden, Shannon Swick, Bobbi Turley, Laurie Duckett, Karrie Swafford, Tish Tetreault, LeAnn Selby, Sigrid Rochrich, Coach Tony Bowling. 57T.H.S. GIRLS BASKETBALL 1983 VARSITY SCHEDULE Opponent vs T.H.S. Grass Lake 59 44 L Springport 47 50 W Centreville 34 50 W Union City 41 63 W Springfield 3 69 W St. Philip 57 39 L Waldron 40 49 W North Adams 28 46 W Pittsford 34 48 W Camden-Frontier 38 SOW Litchfield 33 41 W Homer Waldron Burr Oak 48 32 24 44 L 47 W 53 W North Adams 30 53 W Pittsford 42 57 W Camden-Frontier 35 49 W Litchfield 26 34 W Burr Oak 17 51W North Adams 29 45 W - District Litchfield 27 46 W - District Pittsford 50 54 W - District Portland St. Patrick 68 58L - Regional Girls proudly display trophies of a winning season. 2. LeAnn Selby pulls up for a jump shot. 58A 4 7. LeAnn Selby battles for the jumpball. 2. LeAnn Selby sinks another one. 3. Coach Bowling explains plays during time out. 4. Nadine Coheen battles for a shot. 5. Nadine Coheen shoots a power layup. 59 . V. GIRLS BASKETBALL Girls Have Good Season This year the junior varsity girls had a fairly good season. Their overall record was nine victories and ten defeats. In the league standings they battled .500 with five victories and five defeats. The team consisted of six sophomores, six freshmen, and one senior, Mayuko Saito, a foreign exchange student from japan. Halfway through the season a sophomore was lost to the varsity team. At the beginning of the season the girls participated in the Springport Tournament and placed fourth. All in all the team gained much experience and it can be said that they had a good season. T.H.S. GIRLS BASKETBALL 1983 JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Burr TEKONSHA INDIANS Front Row — (L to R) — Mgr Mary Turley, Penny Neal, Kathy Schweikert, Mayuko Saito, Stephanie Horton, Karen McFadden, Mgr Pam Neal Back Row — (L to R) — Donna Kemp, Chris LaMee, Donna Webber. Annette Katz, Paulette Struwin, Betsy Pulispher, Brenda Rafferty, Coach Mr. Norman Taylor7. Annette Katz and teammates try to retrieve the ball. 2. Annette Katz tries to bring up the score by shooting a free-throw. 3. Tekonsha trying to make a hoop. 4. Anita Turley goes for two points. 5. Tekonsha's teammates wait for a rebound. 61Varsity Basketball Boys Have Excellent Season This year the Tekonsha varsity basketball team made history winning 22 straight games and taking the SCAA and District crowns. The Indians also won the Holiday Tournament at Climax, defeating Burr Oak 66-56 in overtime. Before meeting the Yellowjackets of Concord in Regionals, the Indians rolled in 22 straight wins, only losing to Centerville in the first game of the season. The Indians went to a 10-0 record in the league making them League Champs. Then the Indians went to Districts, defeating Pittsford and Reading, which allowed them the chance for a District Championship. In the championship game, the Indians played the Litchfield Terriers, defeating them 87-50, which gave them the District crown. This was the first one since 1977, when the Indians defeated Concord in the districts. The Indians weren't finished playing yet. They went into the regional game at Spring Arbor College, playing the Concord Yellowjackets. The Indians played a tough game only to come up short, losing to the Yellowjackets 58-67. The Indians had excellent coaching by Larry Stout and assistant coaches Doug Saltzgaber and Tony Bowling . The Indians were coached to a winning 22-2 season. This is the best record in the history of Tekonsha basketball. High point man of the season was Clint Stout with 478. Clint was also top re-bounder of the year with 298. Brian Saltzgaber had the most assists with 105. 62 Front Row — L to R) — Steve Pulsipher, George Feltner, Brian Saltzgaber, Shawn Tetreault, manager, Brent Runyon, Back Row — (L to R) — Coach, Mr. Larry Stout, Brad White, Kyle Klingaman, Clint Stout, Ritchie Yates.63Kyle Klingaman (44) desperately shoots the ball while defenders stop him. Brian Saltzgaber (22) fights for the rebound Tekonsha Score Opponents Score 78 Centreville 80 64 Camden-Frontier 55 63 Litchfield 53 65 Colon 58 Christmas Tournament 66 Climas-Scotts 56 56 51 Burr Oak (OT) Union City 54 45 59 North Adams 40 68 Howe 20 78 Waldron 25 60 Pittsford 50 1 Camden-Frontier 47 Colon 49 68 Litchfield 40 62 ■ North Adams (OT) 60 75 Homer 57 60 Burr Oak 53 76 Waldron 38 62 Pittsford 47 73 A tendon 57 61 Pittsford 37 60 Reading 53 87 Litchfield 50 58 Concord 67 TOTAL 22 wins 2 losses 64 Senior Players - (I to R) Shawn Tetreault and Ritchie Yates. r. i n ciJ.V. Boy's Basketball JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES THIS Odd. Union North Litchfield North Adch Homer Burr Oak Waldron Pittsford Mendon Guys End On Even 5-5 This year the ). V. basketball team suffered at the hands of the varsity, who took several of the sophomore players. Although the team lacked experience they made a valid effort, and ended the season with a 9-9 record. Coach Bowling added a nice note, saying that he thought he would have a good team next year. ITEKONSHA INDIANS (Front Row) Chad Clark, Dale Pullen, Bruce Warner, Matt Smith, Brian Morgan, Ronald Warsop and Manager Mark Katz. (Back Row) Brian McFadden, Ed Barker, Steve Slone, Todd Hayes, Chris Katz, Paul Stuart, Danny Yates, David Foote, Mike Davis, Rick McDowell and Coach Tony Bowling.Varsity Volleyball First Time League Champs This year the varsity volleyball team finished with the best record ever in the history of T.H.S. volleyball. The girls won their first league championship with a 9-1 record, and an overall record of 18-7. The team broke many of the standing records, which included: serve reception, passing, setting, blocks, saves, serving aces, kills, match wins, league record, and overall record. There were also many individual records broken. Miss Langridge and LeAnn Selby were chosen to the allleague team, and Shannon Swick received Honorable Mention. LeAnn Selby was awarded Most Valuable Player, and Shelly Myers was voted Most Improved. Congratulations girls on a great season. Our girls attempt to return the ball. (Front Row) Christin Devenney, Carrie Devenney, Missy Langridge, Melissa Pullen, Kathy Schweikert, Mary Turley, (Back Row) Mr. Taylor, Shelly Meyers, Shannon Swick, Bobbi Turley, LeAnn Selby, Nadine Goheen, Sigrid Roerich, Anita Turley. 677. Coach Taylor gives the team a pep talk. 2. Shannon Swick passes the ball to the setter. 3. Missy Langridge passes the ball. 4. Nadine Goheen attempts to block a spike. 68VARSITY VOLLEYBALL SCORES THS W w W W w Burr Oak Mendon Union City Harper Creek Centreville Athens North Adams Lithtield Pittsford Waldron Camden North Adams Litchfield Waldron ■ WPittsfosd .♦». i W Camden-Frontier Hillsdale j Hanover-Horton Colon Quincy Burr Oak Camden-Front Concord OPP. 2A SENIORS: LeAnn Selby; Mellisa Pullen, Missy Langridge and Sigrid Roerich. 2. LeAnn Selby helps out the setter. 3. Missy Langridge sets the ball. 4. LeAnn Selby spikes the ball. 69J.V. Volleyball Girls Have Rough Season The J.V. girls volleyball team had a very rough season with a lack of experience and very few girls. The girls started out the season very enthusiastically, but game by game their enthusiasm dwindled. Coach Ty. said, "We had many heartbreaking matches this year. There were just so many matches that went 14-1 and then we lost. I think, as far as team effort and devotion go, this is one of the better groups to work with in high school." Tekonsha W Burr Oak Tekonsha L Pittsford Tekonsha L Mendon Tekonsha L Centerville Tekonsha L Athens Tekonsha L North Adams Tekonsha L Litchfield Tekonsha L Pittsford Tekonsha L Waldron Tekonsha L Camden Tekonsha L North Adams Tekonsha W Litchfield Tekonsha W Waldron Tekonsha L Camden Anita Doolittle prepares to bump the ball. 70 (Front Row) Kathi Swafford, Annette Powell, Anita Doolittle, Amy Johnson, Diane Klingaman (Back Row) Donna Kemp, Chris LaMee, Brenda Rafferty, Karrie Swafford, Annette Katz, Dedra UpstonBoy's Track New Track Inspires Athletes The 1984 boys track team displayed renewed enthusiasm, sparked by the first season in Tekonsha history to run on a home track. The Indians ran up an overall record of five wins and four losses, with one win and three losses in the South Central Athletic Association. Outstanding performances were made by Brian Saltzgaber in the long jump, and the 400 meter relay team of Scott Mendelsohn, Ritchie Yates, Steve Pulsipher, and Brian Saltzgaber. All set new school records. Two members of the track team this year represented Tekonsha High in State Competition: Scott Mendelsohn in the 100 meter dash, and Brad White in the 1600 meter run. Community support and unprecedented student interest make the prospects of boys track in coming years look very optimistic. Senior Track Members (Front Row) )im Smith and Scott Mendelsoh. (Back Row) Ritchie Yates and Howie Upston. (Front Row) Manager Mark Katz, Mike Rafferty, Steve Pulsipher, Danny Yates, Dean Stayner, Howie Upston, Dale Pullen, and Howard Olds. (Back Row) Steve King, Ritchie Yates, Brian Saltzgaber, Brad White, Jim Smith, Scott Mendelsohn, Tim Knight, Brian Norgan, Ray Esseltine, Brian McFadden and Coach Wayne Mason.BOYS'TRACK SCORES Colon THS OPP. 17 7 53 60 86 85 ClimazScotts +7% Athens 5(1 Camden-Frontier 5? Litchfield 35V2 IOV 2 Springfield 80 55 Pittsford 38 98 Homer 82 .54 Waldron 96 35 A3 1. Scott Mendelsohn and Steve Pulsipher in the 100-m dash. 2. Dean Stayner and Kris Katz in the 880-relay. 3. RETURNING LETTERMEN: Mike Rafferty, Ritchie Yates, Brad White, Howie Upston, Steve Pulsipher and Scott Mendelsohn. 4. Danny Yates in the pole vault.Girls' Track Girls Have Great Season This years girls' track team snatched the S.C.A.A. Championship for the third year straight. This year was the first outright championship for the girls. In the past they have shared this honor with Camden-Frontier. Their overall record was 7 wins and 2 losses In the league it was 4 wins and 0 losses Three records were broken throughout the season. In the 2 mile relay Annette Katz, Debbie Norgan, Paulette Struwin and Sue Wooden broke the record in 11:14.0. In the shot put LeAnn Selby broke the throw with 35'10ft, and in the 330 yd. low hurdles Annette Reincke broke the time in 51.0. LeAnn Selby was awarded M. V.P. and Kathi Swafford was awarded Most Improved. This year there were two state qualifiers. LeAnn Selby ran the 100 meter hurdles and threw the shot put. Bobbi Turley went to state throwing the discus T.H.S. has an All-Time list of Career Points which consists of the people who have the highest point factor for their years of running track. LeAnn Selby is now first on the list with 637ft points and Lisa O'Dell is now second on the list with 536M points. The team worked very hard throughout the season and did a wonderful job. STRAIGHT fe Bobbi Turley, Scott Mendelsohn, LeAnn Selby and Brad White go to state. Paulette is conquering the 2 mile relay. Stephanie and Jill strive for first place. r (First Row) Annette Reincke, Lanette Reincke (Second Row) Carrie Deveny, Christine Cap-pella, Willa Weller, Faithanne Peterson, Monica Froyseth, Lisa O'Dell, Jill Doolittle, Debbie Norgan, Stephanie Horton (Third Row) Mr. Bowling, Nadine Goheen, Tish Tetreault, LeAnn Selby, Bobbi Turley, Missy Holbrook, Sue Wooden, Paulette Struwin, Betsy Pulsipher, Kathi Swafford, Carmen Aty, Michelle Cappella (Back Row) Samantha Snyder, Donna Feltner, Usa Hall, Annette Katz, Donna Webber, Anita Turley 74T.H.S. '35- Colon iLIv J LAthens Climap | Camdei Litchfield Springfield Pittsford 48 Homer 86 Waldron 1. Lanette is jumping for a place. 2. Lisa and Donna in the 100 yard dash. 3. Christine, Debbie and Karrie pose for a picture. 4. The track meet seems to be going pretty well for Bobbi and Tish. 5. Annette and LeAnn race for victory.Varsity Baseball Another Awesome Year This year our Varsity baseball players continued to dominate the S.C.A.A. League. Senior Ritchie Yates, sophomore Brian Saltzgaber and juniors Brent Cole and Brad White all had good seasons and received All-League Honors. The Indians have won the League Championshp for the last three years. They finished the regular season with a league record of 12 wins and four losses. Tekonsha's regular season over-all was 21 wins and 10 losses. Tekonsha hosted the pre-district game between Tekonsha and Climax-Scotts. The Indians failed to go any further in the pre-district game by losing to Climax-Scotts 3-1. A 2 (Front Row) George Feltner, Kyle Klingaman. (Second Row) Coach Larry Stout, Brent Runyon, Shawn Tetreault, Brian Saltzgaber, Brent Cole, Jerry McAtee, Brad White, Scott Brown, Jerry Johnson. (Back Row) Ritchie Yates, Clint Stout. 7. Coach Larry Stour and - 1_J 1 Scott Brown look on during the game. 3. Saltzgaber waits to recieve the third strike. 4. Jerry McAtee anticipates the coming pitch. 7. Jerry tags high in an attempted stolen base. 8. Brent Cole delivers the pitch. 9. Scott Brown gets the assist on an out. 76 A3Varsity Baseball Scores '■ i t w ’ Opponents Athens V “"1 16 15 Seniors — Jerry McAtee, Ritchie Yates and Shawn Tetreault A 7 77J. V. Boys' Baseball Guys End On Even 5-5 This year the J. V. baseball team suffered from a lack of experience, only four of the players had been on the team the previous year. The guys had a rough start, losing two games to Union City and then came back to beat Colon in their next game. Throughout the season the team teetered in and out of the win column, and ending their season with an even 5-5 record. (Front Row) Manager Kris Lambert, Ronald Warsop, David Foote, Chad Clark, Rick McDowell, Allen Cole, Mike Duckett, (Back Row) Steve Sloane, Tom Passmore, Mike Rafferty, Paul Stuart, Tim Fogel, Kip Riencke, Matt Smith, Coach Norman Taylor. 79A3 1. Paul Stuart attempts a tag for an out. 2. Mike Rafferty is batting. 3. David Foote and Coach Taylor display their eating skills at McDonalds after a game. 4. Paul Stuart is waiting for the ball. A2Cheerleading This year the cheerleaders had a new advisor, Mrs. Carol Fogel. The cheerleaders led the school spirit at Homecoming by sponsoring the annual snake dance, bonfire, the pie-in-the-face competition, and rousing everyone's spirit at a pep rally. Before the cheerleaders started basketball season they attended a cheerleading camp in Coldwater, which boosted the girls' spirit for the up-coming basketball season. During the basketball season the girls held cake raffles at all of the home games and sponsored many dances afterwards. During the annual Spirit Week the girls decorated the hall and got everyone ready for the game with music in the hall at noon. The cheerleaders finished out their season by cheering the guys on to a spectacular 22-2 record. A 1 A2 A3 A4 A5 1. Advisor Mrs. Carol Fogel. 2. J.V. cheerleaders during a basketball game. 3. Paulette and Donna "catching rays" during a pep rally. 4. Faithanne Petersen, Paulette Struwin, Donna Webber, Penny Neal, Lori Herman, and Beth Russel. 5. ). V. cheerleaders show off their legs. 81A3 1. Varsity cheerleaders, Lori Beam, Shelly Meyers, Lisa Burrow, Sue Wooden, Nadine Goheen. 2. Shelly, Lori, and Sue have some fun before the game. 3. Our girls show off their skill. 4. The girls take time out for a picture. 5. The girls cheer on players during the game. 82SPORTS BANQUET On tune 24th the Tekonsha High School athletes were honored at the annual Sports Banquet. Awards recipients were as follows: In Girls' Basketball LeAnn Selby received 1st team All-League, 1st team All-Area, and Special Mention AP All-State Class D, and was voted Most Valuable Player. Missy Langridge received 1st team All-League, and 2nd team All-Area. Nadine Goheen was chosen 2nd team All-League, and Honorable Mention All-Area. Willa Weller was voted Most Improved. In Boys' Basketball Clint Stout received 1st team All-League, 1st team All-Area, Most Valuable Player, and Best Shooting percentage. Brian Saltzgaber received 1st team All-League, 1st team All Area, and Most Valuable Player. Ritchie Yates was chosen 2nd team All-League. Volleyball awards went to LeAnn Selby 1st team All-League, 1st team All-Regional, and Most Valuable Player. Missy Langridge was chosen to 1st team All-League. Shannon Swick was chosen 2nd team All-League. Shelly Myers was voted Most Improved Player. In Boys' Track Scott Mendelsohn was voted Most Valuable Player. Brad White was chosen Most Dedicated. Scott and Brad both represented T.H.S. at the State meet. Girls' Track awards went to LeAnn Selby, Most Valuable Player, and Kathi Swafford, Most Improved. LeAnn Selby and Bobbi Turley participated in the State meet. In Baseball Ritchie Tates, Brent Cole, Brad White, and Brian Saltzgaber were all chosen 1st team All-League. Brian Saltzgaber received Best Batting Average, and Most Valuable Player. This years Super Athletes awards went to Richie Yates, LeAnn Selby, and Missy Langridge. 2 A 837. Ritchie Yares receives his Super Athlete award from Mr. Stout. 2. JV's are nervously waiting for their letters. 3. The winning Varsity Basketball team stand proudly for their deserved applause. 4. Clint Stout receives his award from his father, Coach Stout. 5. Missy Langridge and LeAnn Selby received their Super Athlete Awards. 6. JV Volleyball girls look unhappy as they think about their season. (Better luck next year!) 84Student Council Has Busy Year Student Council Officers: Shelly Myers — treasurer, Lauri Duckett -secretary, Brent Runyon — president, Shawn Te-treault — vice-president. This year the Student Council had themselves another busy year. Homecoming was first on the list. They started off by donating prize money for the floats. Fall Festival was their next project. A spook hosue was what they decided on, and they made close to $ 100.00. Theymext sponsored Spirit Week once Student Council again and a tree admission dance was put on after the basketball game. On April 26, Cabaret was held in the High School gymnasium. This year's theme was "Golden Age of Rock-n-RoH." This was a huge success and over $800.00 was made. All in all they had a good year. Student Council representatives — (First row) Michelle He-nion, Scott Brown, Penny Neal, Ron Warsop. (Second row) Kyle Kling-aman, Donna Webber, Brad White, Mrs. Carlson — Advisor 86Journalism This year the journalism class has a new teacher, Mrs. Carlene Zollner. It is a new experience for her because she has never taught journalism before. The class has had help from Mr. Zimmerman, a representative from Taylor Publishing Company, and Dr. Serra's son, joe Serra Jr. He has been taking a lot of pictures for the class, which has been greatly appreciated. The class has had a few activities to start the year off, beginning with a Yearbook Dance and an assembly to help sell yearbooks. This year the class is very large, consisting of 24 students, and only three students have had the class in the past. This lack of experience has made everyone in the class work extra hard to meet all the deadlines, and the class has succeeded nicely in doing so. Mrs. Zollner working with students. (Kneeling) Brad White, Sue Wooden, Anita Turley, Kathi Swafford, Michelle Cappella. (Standing) Mrs. Zollner, Carole Brewer, Donna Feltner, Lauri Christopher, Dean Stayner, Beth Russell, Kim Casebeer, Shannon Swick, Cheryl Palmer. (Left Side) Laurie Duckett, Lynnette Thompson, Amber Warner. Michelle Henion (Right Side) Lisa Ray, Denise Lin, Shawn Tetreault, Lisa Burrow (Top) Scott Mendelsohn. (Missing) Bobbi Turley Shannon Swick is working on a lay-out. 87Photographers (Kneeling) Amber Warner, Shawn Tetreault, Kathi Swafford. Yearbook Editors (Middle Row) Shannon Swick, Lauri Christopher. Idea Editors (Middle Row) Bobbi Turley, Brad White, Lynnette Thompson, Laurie Duckett. Business Managers (Top Row) Lisa Ray, Lisa Burrow. A A 1. Lauri and Bobbi are working on a lay-out. 2 Anita, Denise, and Beth are busy workers. 4 Donna and Sue are working on a basketball lay-out. 5 Kathi Swafford is working on her yearbook lay-out. AS 88MUSIC THE BEAT GOES ON The sr. high bands started their busy year with a record number of 63 members. They were always present at home football games, putting their best foot forward during the half-time shows. The band was also involved in both the Homecoming and Marshall Christmas Parades. The annual Christmas, Winter and Spring Concerts were all successful, as they played in front of large numbers of the community. The main attraction of the Winter Concert was student conductors, chosen through a process of student try-outs. Those conductors were the following individuals: Laurie Duckett, Mike Hall, Dale Pullen, Amber Warner, Willa Weller and Roger Wilson. The money making projects for the year were crystalline ornaments and suncatchers. The band closed out the year by performing at Cedar Point on May 23, and then enjoyed a day with rollercoasters. They also played at Graduation. A smaller part of the band, the stage band. Ultimate Sound, performed at Spirit Day, the Community HeeHaw II and Cabaret. They were Sean Casey, the voice of the THS Sr. also greatly appreciated. Band, strikes a typical pose. All activates came under the direction of Mr. Kevin McMullin. ULTIMATE SOUND STAGE BAND - (Front Row) Amber Warner, Laurie Duckett, Carrie Devenney, Kathy Schweikert, Michelle Cappella. (Middle Row) Kevin McMullin, Howard Upston, Roger Wilson, Debbie Norgan, Brent Cole, Brandon Shilling. (Back Row) Shawn Tetreault, Lisa Ray, Missy Holbrook, Nadine Goheen, Brad Ray, Scott Mendelsohn, Sean Casey. PEP BAND - (Front Row) Howard Upston, Amber Warner, Kurt Shilling. (Second Row) Sean Casey, Faithanne Peterson, Gina Bergerson, Anita Doolittle, Christine Capella, Amy Johnson, Carrie Devenney, Martha Holbrook, Tricia Katz. (Third Row) Jeff Wright, Mike Hall, Diana Klingaman, Deidra Upston, Brandon Shilling, Michelle Cappella, Chris LaMee, Betsy Pulsipher, Willa Weller. (Fourth Row) Dave Fogel, Pat Cole, Aaron Warner, Mike Delmont, Linda LaMee, Michelle Hall, Nicki Ritter, Mr. Kevin McMullin. (Back Row) Laura Selby, Kathy Schweikert, Brad Runyon, Scott Carlson, Laurie Duckett, Debbie Norgan, Lisa Fay, Tammy Cukhall, Missy Holbrook Jl 1“ JJ MUJLmTEKONSHA SR.HGH CONCERT BAND - (front Row) MKheUe Hemon. Lon Beam. Cma Berger son. Nadine Coheen, Carrie Devenney. Sigrid Roerich. Christ me Cappella Aruta Doolittle Faithanne Peterson. Amy lohnson. loanne Lindquist. Ken Eberts. Annette Kat (Second Row) Kristy Bergeson MKheHe Cap pell a Missy Langridge. Veronica Barker. Annette Powell. Ttsh Tetreault. Linda Nagel. Stephanie Horton. Lon Herman. Debbie Norgan. Laurie Duckett. Betsy PuNpher. Chris LaMee. Shawn Tetreault. Carol Brewer. Shety Myers. Kathy VanHoose. Lisa Ray. Tammy Cutchal. Tracy Struwm. Brian Sakzgaber. Missy Hoixook (Back Row) Candy Moody. Karen McFadden. Dede Upston. Donna Webber Mike Hat. Chris Barker. Scott Brown. Paulette Struwm. Kurt Shilling. Steve Pulsipher, Kathy Schweikert. Dale Puken. Brandon Shdling, Scott Mendelsohn. Danny Yates. Chad Clark. Wtka Weller Diana Klmgaman fill Dookttle. Howard Upston. Brian McFadden. Amber Warner HINyno TEKONSHA SR. HIGH MARCHING BAND with majorettes (L-R): Shannon Swick, Paulette Struwin, Nadine Goheen (head majorette), Stephanie Horton, Kim Casebeer. AND THE BAND PLAYS ON - through the cold and rainy nights of football season. 91SINGING TO THE WORLD The sr. high choir this year was one of the biggest choirs THS had with a total of 40 members. The choir was busy this year. They were very involved with the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, by helping build sets, and some of the members were cast as villagers. The choir sang in both the Christmas and Spring Concerts and they also sang a selection for the seniors at Baccalaureate. The choir also helped entertain the elderly at Marshall Manor and the Provential House. All activities came under the direction of Mr. Kevin McMullin. SR UGH CHOK - (Front Row) fackie Thomas. Karen Mefadder Donna Webber. Mekssa Kmmvede. Stephanle Horton, Missy Holbrook. Kathy VanHoose Lynnette Thompson. Sharon Fowler. Laurie Duckett (Second Row) foanne Lindquist. Faithanne Petersen. Debbie Norgan. Carole Brewer. Christine Cappella. Amber Warner. Amy fohnson. Anita Doolittle. Michelle Henton. KH Doolittle. Ton Vdstomer (Third Row) Annette Katz, Ken Eberts. Sean Casey, Brandon Shdng. ferry Me A tee Brian Mcfadden. Lisa Ray. Carmen Aty. fenny Vosburg (Back Row) David Foote, fr Smith, Lamy Smith. Km Smth. Scott Mendelsohn. Edde Lewis, Aien Cole 1 Super Fan 11 Amber Warner keeps the THS Ians on thev leet during a hot basketball game 2 Senior Band Members - (Front) Laurie Duckett (Bottom Row) Howard Upston. Carol Brewer. Scott Mendelsohn. Brandon Shtitng. Shawn Tetreautt (Second Row) Sighd Roerich. Mnsy Langndge. Debbie Norgan. WiBa Weller (Thrd Row) Candy Moody. MicheBe Henton fill Doolittle (Fourth Row) Kathy VanHoose. Usa Ray (Top) Amber Warner 3 The Sr Hgh Marching Band marches to the beat ol a dfferent drum m the Homecoming Parade 92Eighth Grade This year the eighth grade had a busy and exciting year. To start things off they chose Lorraine Reincke and Bobby Manis to represent them on the Homecoming court. The theme for the floats this year was "Commercials." They chose the commercial "Tidy Bowl." A huge toilet was made and titled "Flush 'Em Down" This placed second overall. Their next activity was the Fall Festival. They featured the balloon shaving and a sponge throw. Next came Spirit Week. They took second place overall and won the spirit yell, which gave them sole possession of the "Spirit jug" for one year. In the spring they sold flower bulbs for a fundraiser. A nice dinner and dance was put on May 17, in honor of the eighth graders moving on into the high school. Bobby Brown Missy Brown Scott Carlson Kenny Christopher left Coffman Mike Delmont Stephanie Dietz Tracy I Faurot David Fogel Theresa Griffith Tammy Grigsby Michele Hall Martha Holbrook Holly Hunt Tricia Katz Teresa Knight lulie Krumvede Linda LaMee Lodi Long Bobby Manis Danny McDowell Fred Melville lohn Michielsen Angel Middaugh Andy Morris Leslie Nagel Pam Neal lennifer Norgan Randy Price Mindy Pulsipher Lorraine Reincke Nicki Ritter Brad Runyon Randy Schafer Connie Seitler Laura Selby 94Scott Siegel loey Sisco Anita Stage Tom Summerfield Roy Swafford Brian Thomas 7. Jr. High student council members. (First row) Lorraine Reincke — representative, Jodi Long — rep.. Shannon Horton - rep., Tayna Cail - rep., (Second row) Holly Hunt — President, Aaron Warner — Vice-President, Randy Schafer -treasurer, Theresa Griffith - secretary, Denise Goodman — rep. 2. Bobby Manis and Lorraine Reincke were the Homecoming representatives for the eighth grade. 3. Some eighth graders perfecting their playing in band class. 95SEVENTH GRADE The class of 1989 starts out their high school years with class. For Homecoming their float placed second with "Flush ’em Down." They picked Tammy Cole and Mark Katz as their attendants. For their booth for the Fall Festival they shaved balloons. Due to lack of experience they finished last in Spirit Week. They sold flower bulbs for their fund raiser. Homecoming attendants Tammy Cole and Mark Katz. 7th Grade class yells its lungs out at Spirit Day. Dawn Burgan Tanya Gait Vicki Christopher Tammy Cole Chris Cutchall Loren Devenney Missy Doolittle William Faurot Brian Fowler Allison Geer Denise Goodman Shelly Hopkins Shannon Horton Andy lohnson jerry lohnson 96Mark Katz Usa Kosier Scott McFadden Jerry Michielsen William Morris Kim Newland Lonnie Newland Russell Olds Heath Pritchard Mary Randall Dea Reincke Richard Scheveikert Mickie Slone Heidi Stage Andy Swafford Tammy Upston Annette Vorce Laura Vosburg Missy Warner Alisa Weller Jr. High band members know that practice makes perfect. (Not Pictured) Brian Begley Patrick Cole Shane Esch Tracy Green Sandra Hilbert Daniel Needham Dennis Mains William Fayrot Tracy Wiljamen Corey Wooden 97JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS (First Row) Sandra Hilbert, Mary Turley, Pam Neal, Allison Geer, Mickie Slone, Tracy Green, Missy Warner (Second Row) — Missy Doolittle, Jennifer Norgan, Shelly Hopkins, Denise Goodman, Vickie Christopher, Shannon Horton (Back Row) - Coaches Bobbi Turley, Shannon Swick BASKETBALL (First Row) Missy Brown, Mary Randall, Dea Reincke, Laura Vosburg (Second Row) — Pam Neal, Nicki Ritter, Jodi Long, Jennifer Norgan, Mickie Slone, Tanya Cail, Allison Geer, Laura Selby (Back Row) - Martha Holbrook, Mary Turley, Penny Warsop, Lorraine Reincke, Holly Hunt, Mindy Pulsipher, Shannon Horton, Denise Goodman, Theresa Griffith, Sherry ColeFOOTBALL (First Row) Brad Runton, Kenny Christopher, Jeff Coffman, Tom Summerfield, Scott McFadden (Second Row) )oey Sisco, Curt Herman, Shane Esch, Danny McDowell, Willie Morris, Mike Delmont, Andy Morris (Back Row) — Richard Schweikert, Bobby Manis, Aaron Warner, Randy Schaffer, Scott Carlson, Pat Cole, Dave Fogel, Mark Katz, Andy Johnson BASKETBALL (First Row) Brad Runton, Joey Sisco, Kenny Christopher, Jerry Johnson, Shane Esch, Allen Kittle, Heath Pritchard, Dan Needahm (Second Row) - Andy Johnson, Mark Katz, Roy Swafford, Jeff Wright, Loren Devenney, Willie Morris, Tom Summerfield, Corey Wooden, Jeff Coffman (Back Row) — Richard Schweikert, Brian Fowler, Randy Schafer, 9g Scott Carlson, Andy Swafford, Andy Morris, Brian Thomas, Scott Siegle, Bobby Manis, Mike DelmontMusic Jr. High Music On The Right Foot This year the jr. High music program started off with a real bang. The marching band took part in the annual Homecoming Parade and then joined the Senior High Band at the pre-game show later that evening. They also took part in the Christmas parade and had their own pre-game and half-time show at one of the . V. football games. The choir, who in the first semester was the music appreciation class, did a fine job at the two performances they did this year. The concert band also did a very good job at their three performances. Linda LaMee and Martha Holbrook won the eighth grade award for band, and accompanied the Senior High Band to Cedar Point. Overall, the jr. High music program had a wonderful year. (First Row) - Vicki Christopher, Mary Randall, Tom Summerfield, Roy Swafford, Danny Needham, Fred Melville, Loren Devenney, Bob Brown, Scott McFadden, Chris Cut-chall, Angel-Middaugh, Missy Warner (Second Row) — Allison Geer, Anita Stage, Dawn Bergan, Pam Neal, Lisa Rosier, Alan Kittle, Jeff Coffman, Randy Shaffer, Brian Thomas, Laura Vosburg, Tonya Cail, Alisa Weller, Tammy Co e, Dea Reincke, Heidi Stage, (Back Row) - Shannon Horton, Lorriane Reincke, Penny Warsop, Tricia Katz, Amy Blue, Denise Goodman, Mindy Pulsipher, Mary Turley, Tracy Farout, Julie Krumvede, Tracy Green, Tracy Wilginin, Kim Newland, Mickie Slone majorettes — Missy Warner, Shelly Hopkins, Shannon Horton, Allison Geer, Head Majorette, Stephanie Dietz (First Row) — Martha Holbrook, Tricia Katz, Tanya Cail, Vicki Christopher, Shelly Hopkins (Second Row) - Jeanne Zook, Julie Krumvede, Holly Hunt, Denise Goodman, Laura Selby, Scott Carlson, Brad Runyon, Nicki Ritter, Linda LaMee, Leslie Nagel, Missy Warner, Shannon Horton, Michele Hall (Third Row) - Theresa Griffith, Stephanie Dietz, Laura Vosburg, Dawn Burgan, Jeff Wright, Allison Geer, Mike Del-mont, Aaron Warner, Jerry Johnson (Back Row) - Russell Olds, Andy Swafford, Dave Fogel, Pat Cole, Corey Wooden 100Elementary Administration and Staff Little fans say, "CO INDIANS. FACULTY AIDES, Mrs. Betty Shank, Mrs. Madelyn Upston, Mrs. Carolyn Thomas. (Front Row) Rosemary Irving, Becky Markham, Mary Ann Watson, Chris McLain, Susan Van Nortwick, Judith Weatherly (Back Row) Dwight Runyon, Merrie Knapp, Judy Jenkins, Marian Sweet, Harold Torrey, Janet Johnson, Sue Ann Frister, Beverly Bessler, Mary Stout.SAFETY PA TROL CAPTAINS AND ADVISOR Advisor, Mr. Runyon; Todd Clark, Tracy Swafford, Chris Lambert SPELLING BEE FIRST SECOND THIRD Lisa Maisner Lisa Hanson Robbie Smith DICK SPIRES CITIZENSHIP AWARD TAMMY FOWLER PHYSICAL FITNESS AWARD Heather Coats David Palmer Tracy Swafford David Turley (Front Row) Travis Hall, Robbie Kilgore, Kenny Schaffer, Craig Clark, Shawn Crawford, Scott Stemafy, Loren Selby, foe Hinspeter, Michael Woodman, Jeromy Hall, Debra Rowe, David Briegel, Dorman Snyder, Corey Reincke, Laurie Shumway (Middle Row) Pat Peters, Davey Cole, Lisa Mainser, Chad Sisco, Scott Young, David Turley, Todd Clark, Paul Holbrook, Robert Gorton, Chad Thomas, Brett Cook, Kris Lambert, Tracey Swafford, Jason Rench, Tim Herman, Tony Mains (Back Row) Mr Runyon, Jennifer Delmont, Donna Root, Nicki Stuart, Amy Watson, Regina Snyder, Shantel Middaugh, Ariana Bergen, Barbara Herman, Heather Coats, Jolynnda LaFond, Danny Lambert, Tonya Griffith, Katrina Renfro, Paulette McDowell, Lisa Smith, Robbie PetersenSixth Grade (Front Row) Tim Herman, Amy Watson, Paulette McDowell, Todd Clark, Mark Coffman, Lisa Hanson, Dorman Snyder, Mike Woods. (Second Row) David Briegel, Tracy Swafford, Robbie Smith, Scott Young, Larry Neal, Micheal Cheeseman, Lisa Smith, Loren Selby, Teacher Mr. Runyon. (Back Row) Regina Snyder, Amy Thomas, Corey Rein-cke, Pat Peters, Tammy Walker, David Washburn, Tony Mains, Rhonda Nesteel, Milissa Cummings (Front Row) Stacey Wilber, Doug Scherer, Shantel Middaugh, leromy Hall, Mike Woodman, Debbie Reynolds, Chad Sisco, Craig Clark, (Second Row) David Palmer, Brian Dietz, Barbara Herman, Gary Peters, Dennis Foote, lason Rench, Kris Lambert, loe Hinspeter. (Back Row) Shawn Thompson, Becky Philips, David Turley, Lisa Maisner, Davie Cole, Mrs. lenkins, Paul Holbrook, Arianna Burgan, Heather Coats, Tanya Griffith. 1045th Grade (Front Row) Paul Weller, Travis Hall, Laurie Shumway, )ess Heisrodt, Shawn Crawford. (Middle Row) Katrina Renfro, Aaron Imhof, Donna Root, Danny Slaybaugh, Angela Leatherman. (Back Row) Chad Thomas, Tracy Cole, Nicki Stuart, Brett Cook, Jennifer Delmont. TEACHER: Mrs. Sweet 5th Grade (Front Row) Debbie Rowe, Christina Zook, Kenny Shaffer, lolynnda LaFond, Tonya larrell. (Middle Row) Toni Sheppard, Robbie Petersen, Doug Turley, Danny Lambert, Shelley Langridge. (Back Row) Robert Horton, Aubrey Watkins, Trissy Upston, Scott Stemaly, Robie Kilgore, Lisa Norgan. TEACHER: Mrs. McLain 1054th Grade (Front Row, L to R) Layla Rench, Bobby Stage, Richie Baker, Sonja James, Cahd Wilson, Todd Coheen. (Middle Row, L to R) Tonya Price, Robby Payseno, Sherry Swafford, Christin Devenney, Leslee Shaffer, Jason Shive, Jodi Scherer. (Back Row, L to R) Stacie Goodman, Sarah Pulsipher, Lonnie Rogers, April Green, Marty Coats, Melanie Geer, Stephanie Prichard. TEACHER: Mrs. Johnson 4th and 3rd Grade (Front Row, L to RJ Lisa Shumway, Bear James, Amy Weller, Toni Clark, Nancy Zook. (Middle Row, L to R) Michelle Griffith, Tony Slaughter, Gary Rogers, Greg Katz, Donny Ball, Dana Imhof, Tara Hampton. (Back Row, L to R) Jamie Watson, Judd Sanders, Danica Reincke, Rusty Thomas, Heather Shepherd, Thomas Hampton, Bumper Russell. TEACHER: Mrs. VanNortwick 106Third Crade (Front Row) Greg Pullen, Brad Cavinder, Lynette Shumway, Stacey Katz, Jason Shaffer, Becky Brownell, Michael Rodriguez, jeanie Michael. (Second Row) laymee Knight, Tonya Mains, Christopher Willbur, Mya Duckett, Greg Feltner, Mike Duckham, Brian Goodman, Monica Russill. (Back Row) Scott Hall, Greg Cole, Teri Keller, Shawn Jarrell, Eric Stemaly, Kathy May, Roger Nest ell, Evelyn Slaybaugh. Teacher, Mr. Torrey 107 7. Elementary students pose for a picture. 2. Time out for a picture.Second Grade (FRONT ROW L to R) Brooke Banfield, Tracy McFadden, Christine Smith, Tirsha Sanders, lammi Copas (MIDDLE ROW L to R) Amy Hiesrodt, Mike Hanson, Barbra Vorce, Michael Swan, Mike Seigel (BACK ROW L to R) Shondel King, Kenny Milliman, Gary Stuart, Brian Cavinder, Aimee Stemaly, Matt Johnston, Teacher Mrs. Stout. (FRONT ROW L to R) Stacy Clark, David Winans, Satina Kalnins, Nicole Shaffer, Angela Weller, Christina Goodman (MIDDLE ROW L to R) Brian Wilson, Cory Grinnell, Brandon Coats, Kelly Sorensen, Arthur Sander, Shawn Hughes (BACK ROW L to R) Jaime Hopkins, Keri Horton, Matt Bowling, Scott Hampton, Patrick Shaffer, Ronnie Payseno' Teacher Mrs. Markham 1081st Grade (Front Row) Sherry Schweikert, Renee Horton, Tony Drouillard, Phillip Kuhling, Larry Towery, Rene Russell (Middle Row) Tina Kidney, lames Smith, Mark Renfro, Crystal Smith, Shane Riede, Matt Stefanski, P. J. Goodman (Back Row) Jamie Reincke, Theresa Newbold, Becky Caswell, Tim Doolittle, Jeremy Mattinsen, Daniel Cummings, Toni Milliman and Teacher: Mary Ann Watson (Front Row) Bobby Parsons, R. J. Ball, Bruce Herman, Kakki Phelps, Pamela Smith (Middle Row) Patrick Pombier, Lisa McFadden, Kristy Cheeseman, Stacey Hampton, Bronica White (Back Row) Lindsay Woods, Johnny Morris, Dawn Grace, David Doolittle, Cletis Pritchard, Heather Goodman and Teacher: Judy Weatherly 109KINDERGARTEN (Front Row) (L to R) Mary Ellen Winans, Alfred Marshall, Chad Hall, Andy Taylor, Mike Phillips, Paul Reynolds (Middle Row) Pam Kidney, Kassandra Riede, Kimberly Towery, Chris Kempton, Philip Herman, Samantha Nestell(Back Row) Joey Katz, Brad Russell, Jamie Phelps, Chad Blowers, Travis Hampton, Brad Thomas (Front Row) C. L. Smith, Shelly May, Jason Miller, Stephanie Clark, Jamie Rodgers (Middle Row) Justin White, Cathy Weller, Tim Swan, Shawn Petersen, Daniel Grace (Back Row) Andrea Hampton, Mark Farkas, Jammi Swafford, Andrea Kam, Jennifer Lindsey, Kenny Berry 110Patrons P.S. Food Mart Charles F. Morton, D.D.S. Brott’s Grocery Mr. and Mrs. John Cail David M. McClaid, O.D. Gary L. Howe, O.D. et al Bruce G. Young, O.D. Mr. and Mrs. Odson Tetreault A.M. Manohar, M.D. Leon and Margaret VanHoose Loren Burlingame, D.V.M. Mr. and Mrs. James Caputo and Family Fred and Dixie Katz and Family Mr. and Mrs. Rex Rainey Vern, Janice, Judy and Jerry McAtee Mr. and Mrs. Roger Carlson Clayton and Carolyn Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brewer Rick and Sally Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Reid Waffle B K Rootbeer Redfield International Veneer Co. Dancer’s Fashions Snip-n-Curl Williamson’s Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lindquist Daryl and Mary Leatherbury Max Larsen Ford Redmans’ Wallpaper and Paint David Jewellers Needham Cleaners Carrington Pharmacy Marshall Office Supply Knapp Pools Dr. and Mrs. E. W. O’Dell Karen’s Flowers and Crafts A ckno wledgemen t We hope you have enjoyed the 1984 INDIAN Yearbook. We had 25 staff members this year and only three of them have had previous experience. We also had a new advisor, Mrs. Carlene Zollner, The results of all these new people were lots of new ideas. We have tried to take the best of these new ideas and combine them with some of our old favorites to produce this book. We are very proud of it. We would like to start off our thank-yous with our new advisor, Mrs. Zollner. She brought us many new ideas and fresh enthusiasm. She helped us with our problems and never gave up on us, even though we sometimes gave up on ourselves. Next we would like to express our thanks to Mr. joe Serra jr. Mr. Serra greatly helped us by taking many of the pictures we have used in this book. We also thank Mr. Ron Philbrick, our photographer from Carousel. He too was very helpful. We are also very grateful to Aaron Warner. He used his artistic talent to design our division pages. We also appreciate the guidance that Mr. Lee Zimmerman gave us, as our representative from Taylor Publishing Company. We would like to give recognition to the teachers for letting people out of classes when we needed them. And last, but certainly not least, we are grateful to all our advertisers, patrons, and subscribers who made this book possible. If it weren't for these people and their support we would not have a 1984 INDIAN. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this book. We cannot completely express our gratitude. Lauri Christopher Shannon Swick 1984 INDIAN Co-Editors inBACHMAN — HUNINGTON — MEDLER Insurance Agency 214 W. Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan Ph. 781-8167 49068 Congratulations Graduates m- Coldwater, Michigan PEPSI BRANCH COUNTY BANK Coldwater, Michigan 100 W. Chicago Street Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Ph. 279-8436 Ph. 517-278-7311 Congratulations to the Seniors of 1984 From ... SOUTHERN MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANK Tekonsha Branch Ph. 767-3313 112Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 84 MILLER-AALBREGTSE MEN’S WEAR COLDWATER REC. BOWLING LANES LIGHTHOUSE LOUNGE 112 West Michigan Marshall, Ml 49068 559 E. Chicago St. (517)278-2773 ERNST SHOE BOX Your Complete Family Shoe Store 39 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml Ph.: (517) 279-8379 Compliments of LAUTENSLAGER- LIPSEY Televisions, Appliances, and Microwaves Locations in Albion and Marshall Cake Decorating Candy-Making Supplies DAVIS BROS. SERVICE 1-69 and M-60 Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. 767-4722 THE S WEET SHOP Walter’s Building Supplies Quincy on U.S. 12 Congratulations “Since 1877“ 3rd Floor Sound Room Pioneer — Techniques 34-36 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan 278-2664 KING ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC. Telephone 517 278-4518 KINO 652 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Michigan 49036 WHOLESALE ELECTRIC SUPPLIES 113Congratulations Seniors FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Compliments of STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES 914 North Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan “Like a Good Neighbor” Michigan Office 410 East Drive Marshall, Michigan 49069 udCPenney Men’s Plaint Pockets All our Plain Pockets for men are here. Cords, Denims, boot-leg or straight leg. The big difference between us and them is the pocket. And the price. In polyester cotton. Men’s sizes. ( West Chicago Coldwater, Michigan ROWBOTHAM’S ORCHARD Quality Fruit for Over 40 Years Homer, Michigan 49245 TEKONSHA SPORT SHOPPE w nr I Team Sporting Goods Cutom Lettering Converse and Pony Shoes Iron-On Transfers Varsity Jackets Sport Cards and Supplies Over 600,000 baseball, football, basketball and hockey sport cards to choose from. 1952 to present. 205 North Main Tekonsha, Ml 517-767-3432 K-MART Congratulations ’84 K-Mart (Your Saving Place) CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE 38 N. Monroe Coldwater, Mich. Ph:278-6575 “The grass withers, and the flower fades, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.” jim fisher ft PHOTOGRAPHY Senior Portraits Wedding Albums Family Portraits Phone: 517-279-8281 42 E. Chicago St., Coldwater v u____________ F:T JCUJCLRV Order your custom-made class ring. 2-4 Weeks Delivery The Jeweler You Know You Can Trust 7 W. Chicago, Coldwater, Ml CORPORATION MARSHALL DIVISION TRENT’S SWEEPER SHOP 125 Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 Ph.767-3225 Manufacturers of Heavy Duty Truck Steering Pumps Locking and Controlled Slip Differentials Viscous Fan Drives EATON CORPORATION Fluid Power Operations 1101 W. Hanover Street Marshall, Ml 49068 115Congratulations to the Class of 1984 From HA WKEN’S FURNITURE STORE Union CMl Phone: 741-8731. . your phone opens our door" MARSHALLi (B16) 7B1-91S8 Jobbers and Distributors Automotive Parts ARNOLD AUTO PARTS CO., INC. 20 East Chicago Coldwater, Michigan Phone (517) 278-2385 106 E. MICHIGAN MARSHALL, MICHIGAN Compliments of: CHEMICAL BANK HAWLEY OIL HARDWARE INC. Marshall 115 W. Drive South Marshall, Ml 49068 Distributors of Amoco Products Phone: Roger S. Woodward (616)781-5176 President Team Uniforms and Accessories ‘Team Sports Specialists” Nike Shoes and Clothing c VV LANES Bob Hutchings Manager r-'’ Open and League Bowling 117 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Michigan 49068 Dan Hiday (616)781-1176 MikeSequite Cocktails and Beer BRAY MOTOR SALES, Inc. 1154 W. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Ml 49068 (616)781-3125 948 North Broadway UNION CITY, MICHIGAN 4909- Compliments of RANDALL FOOD PRODUCTS INC. Tekonsha, Michigan 117Compliments of CLIFF’S SPORT GROCERY 500 E. Jackson Tekonsha, Michigan 767-4615 SWICK TV SALES SERVICE 278-4885 Coldwater RCA — Magnavox — GE — Whirlpool We service what we sell! KNIEF-HEATOR INSURANCE All Kinds Phone 517-741-5861 215 N. Broadway Union City, Ml 49094 SPORT PORT 122 W. Main Homer, Michigan 49245 Phone: 568-4104 Athletic Shoes and Accessories Fishing Equipment — Live Bait Wilbur —+L PH TUQF tot; 4-8 South Monroe St. Coldwater, Michigan 49036 WOLVERINE MOTOR SUPPLY CO. See Us for Repair Parts for Autos, Trucks, and Agricultural Equipment 103 E. Marshall Marshall, Michigan Phone: (616)781-2830 TERRY ANDERSON INSURANCE 130 W. Main Homer, Mich. 568-4342 — Compliments of — SHOPPERS-GUIDE When You’re Scratching for Business Call 279-9764 or 279-9765 57 South Monroe S., Coldwater, Mich. 49036 118MICHIGAN RURAL REHABILITATION CORPORATION STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM Compliments of DR. C. J. HOWE JR. Optometrist 129 W. Main St. Homer Phone: 568-4111 CRAIG K. KEMPF FUNERAL HOME 103 East Mansion Street, Marshall, Michigan 49068 C. K. Kempt (616) 781-9858 Director Serving the Tekonsha-Marshall Area. ELIAS BROS. BIG BOY RESTAURANT After the Game or For Our Soup and Salad Bar Everyday We Have Our Fresh Breakfast Buffet Coldwater and Marshall E. Chicago St. — 1205 W. Ml THHWOm OHM GOtOtfl Milt 6 a.m.-l a.m. Sun.-Thurs. 119Best Wishes As You “Go For It” Nobody can do it like McDonalds can I Me Donald's DR. JAMES AND WILLIAMS DOBBINS MD 215 E. Mansion St. Marshall Ml 49068 Coldwater Michigan Gordon Johncock Phone: (616)781-9867 Lee Brayton COCK BR4), REDI. 'o -M- MIX Congratulations Class of "84” From 230 S. Michigan Ave. Coldwater, Ml 49036 Coldwater (517) 278-2304 Hillsdale (517) 439-1416 R L SERVICE 24 Hr. Towing Service Major Engine Overhauls Tire Repair 100 27 South Tekonsha, Ml 49092 CARROLL’S SHOES Coldwater, Ml 49036 “A Perfect Fit Every Time” DR. MENDELSOHN D.O. AND STAFF Law Offices of Phone: 767-3122 SCHROEDER, DeGRAW KENDALL MAYHALL 203 East Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan 49068-1591 Telephone 616-781-9851 Joseph E. Schroeder John A. Kendall Ronald J. DeGraw Millard N. Mayhall Bachman- Huntington- Medler Insurance Agency 223 W. Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan 49068 (616) 781-8167 Norma E. Bachman and Charles R. MedlerHA WKINS PRODUCE Wholesale and Retail Distributor Quality Produce “Call Jim” Phone (517) 278-5587 East on US-12 Coldwater LUEDDERS SHOE STORE "YOUR" FAMILY SHOE STORE OPEN 9 00 A M. TILL 5:30 P.M. • AIRSTEP mi. nites V J • FOOTWORKS » t-A • DEXTER M • BUSTER BROWN r W • HUSH PUPPIES V ETC. [ 278-8646 46 W CHICAGO - COLDWATER CHRYSLER CORPORATION Chrysler — Plymouth Dodge Trucks Marshall, Michigan Phone 781-9191 NBC BEAUTY SALON 304 Leroy Street Burlington, Michigan 49029 Phone (517) 765-2674 Carol Deanna COAST TO COAST JAROLD M. GOODRICH, D.V.M. Fairfield Shopping Center 458 Marshall Street 13045 H Drive South Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Marshall, Michigan 49068 Phone (517) 279-8060 Phone 964-8776 GROHOLSKI REALTY D D WATER INC. CARE SERVICE 10105 M-60 West Softeners and Filtrators Burlington, Michigan 49029 See Alan O'Leary 417 E. Michigan, Marshall Phone (517) 765-2112 Phone (616) 781-8151 121PRECISION ENGRAVING Steel Marking Tool Specialists 136 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Ron Johnson (517) 767-4188 ROBERT MOHRHARDT, Owner 7:00 A M - 3:30 P M Monday thru Friday Vincent’s Industrial Painting Service Industrial Paint Finishing, Cleaning, Electrostatic Painting and Baking Facilities 117 West Jackson St. Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 (517)767-3593 (517)767-4133 SI -VINO T «l ''VfM L SARGENT'S, FLOWERS CREATIVE PROMPT DELIVERY NWON1 A AMAN IMfNTS SERVICE ao-w TO ALL AREAS — 1 NDOMBOtMOOO LOCATIONS-- MARSHALL BATTLE CREEK 781-3941 968-2755 J 'W MKHK AN l«t CAH1 At S W •C RONAN KUNZEL, INC. Marshall, Michigan 49068 WAYNE CHEVROLET 278-4831 pick up and delivery M AHLERSMEYER - JONES OWNER FAMILY CAB Sales • Service • Parts M-60 West 2 Mile West of M-99 Phone 568-4421 Homer 15 S MONROE COLDWATER Ml 49036 I « KASCO ABRASIVES A o • V • S O N Q» COLEMAN b T C M S SPECIAL TOUCH Gifts — Florist Douglas McMichael Coldwater Plant Manager Midwest Plant: 580 Race St. Coldwater, Mich. 49036 517 278-2354 517 741-5035 Sherry Nolley N. Broadway Union City, Mi. 122i Since r L Same Location Since 1866 Family Prescription Center Tekonsha, Michigan Phone: 517-767-3474 1977 To Now Clayton Sherwood Pharmacist FACA, ABDP 767-4506 866 TO 1977 Gretchan Stefanski Pharmacist 767-4280 Lumber and Building Materials Congratulations Seniors KEEP W vU I SAME DAY SERVICE IF IN BY NOON "YOUR WARDROBE WILL LOOK NICER AND LAST LONGER DRY CLEANED!" 781-2348 " SHIRT SERVICE RENTAL UNIFORMS Glecuuna SefiAMce LEATHER sue DC ALTERATIONS ■(FAIRS ORARCRV CLEAN MG MARTINSON TWO HQUT2 CL ANET2S JUST NORTH OF SCHULER S 1S5 WEST MICHIGAN MARSHALL CORNER Of EAGLE Phone 767-4179 Tekonsha, MichiganHILLSIDE MOTOR SALES 698 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Michigan The play to buy a better used car or truck lor less ... 7. $tan Wilton, P. 0. Box 40 — Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Telephone (517) 279-9701 Congratulations to the Class of 1984 419 E Chicago St ) Coldwater, Ml 49C36 Phone: 279-7977 Congratulations Class of “84” From the C C LANDFILL 14800 P. Dr. North Marshall, Michigan Phone: (616) 781-9742 Compliments of JOHN CAIL FAMILY John, Elaine, Leonard, PROGRESSIVE DYNAMICS, INC. and Tanya Congratulations Seniors! LAVERNE SHIRLEY’S DINING AND COCKTAILS Marshall, Ml 49068 BILL’S HAIR STYLISTS 212 W. Michigan Marshall Michigan Ph.781-7877 Full Service Saloon 124WOLVERINE MOTOR SUPPLY CO. See Us for Repair Parts for Autos, Trucks, and Agricultural Equipment 103 E. Marshall LANES Bob Hutchings Manager 1154 W. Michigan Ave. Open League Bowling Marshall, Michigan Marshall, Michigan Phone: (616)781-2830 49068 Cocktails and Beer KNIEF-HEATOR INSURANCE STUART AND STUART (616)781-3125 All Kinds Phone 517-741-5861 Attorneys at Law 121 Vj W. Michigan Ave. 215 N. Broadway Union City, Ml 49094 Alfred P. Stuart (616)781-3928 Marshall, Mich. 49068 CHEVROLET • OLDSMOBILE We Are Proud to Serve the Area and All Your Transportation Needs 1201 W. Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan 49068 Phone 781-5154 125 “Good Luck Seniors” DOC’S PLACE The future is in your hands now. Family Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlour Ken E. Keeton, Realtor Homer, Michigan Phone 568-4010 KEETON REALTY, INC. P.C. 301 N. Broadway Union City, Michigan Phone 741-5785 Trek — Nishiki — BMX 0S. PEDAL PUSHERS Bicycle Sales and Service 115 E. Michigan Avenue Richard Winfrey Marshall, Michigan 49068 (616) 781-6334 1 FLOWER barn ... of marshall ". . . your phone opens our door" MARSHALL: (BIB) 7B1-B1S8 106 E. MICHIGAN MARSHALL, MICHIGAN SPORT PORT Team Uniforms and 122 W. Main Homer, Michigan 49245 Phone: 568-4104 Athletic Shoes and Accessories Fishing Equipment — Live Bait “Team Sports Specialists” Nike Shoes and Clothing 117 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Michigan 49068 Dan Hiday (616)781-1176 MikeSequite 126FABIANO’S Compliments of George Fabiano Liquor — Beer — Wine On M-60 Union City, Mich. Phone: 741-9181 KAY’S PLACE 118 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. 767-3449 PAT’S FLOWERS AND GIFTS Compliments of 714 South Hillsdale Street Homer, Michigan D R MOBIL Ph.767-3376 Tekonsha, Michigan Albright Builders Supply Corp. A COMPLETE HOME CENTER BUILDING MATERIALS HARDWARE FLOOR COVERINGS • CABINETS APPLIANCES PLUMBING ELECTRICAL 8363 M-60 EAST Union City Ml 49094 517.741 5791 Congratulations From Cojowatib. Mu HicAN { BUICK-CHEVROLET INC.| Best Wishes TYSON BUICK-CHEVROLET, INC. 637 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Ml HOWARD MAIN BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE Tekonsha, Michigan 127TEKON TRUCK PLAZA Tekonsha, Michigan Phone: (517) 767-4646 Amoco Motor Fuel Restaurant Travel Store Featuring Breakfast and Dinner Specials Daily C.B. Equipment Open Seven Days a Week — 24 Hours Cratg R Hopps R Ph 1 '6 W Main St Hoctwt Ml 4924.» Phone 517 568 3400 Hours Mon.-Fri 9-6 Sat 9-12M0 Emergency Call 517-568-3810 Anytime CORPORATION Flame Sprayad Matal Carbide and Ceramic Coatings 103 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan 128Compliments of CM Studio 120 E. Michigan Marshall, Ml 49068 616-781-8907 413 E. Chicago — Marshall — FACTORY OUTLET — NAME BRANDS • WRANGLER • STUFFED SHIRT • DEE CEE • CATALINA Mastercard Visa • LEE JEANS • ZENA • STUFFED JEANS • COQUI “The Savingest Place in Marshall” Phone 781-2057__________________ CREATIVE SENIOR PORTRAITS In Every Person There Is a Beauty and a Sensitivity ... This Is What I Strive to Bring Out in My Portraiture. 62 Division St. Coldwater, Michigan 129NEWT’S MARKET Jim and LuAnne Warkozeski 950 North Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Open 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. 7 Days a Week 828 N. Main St. Tekonsha Ph. 767-4151 Robert Boehm Doug Rogers Raymond Baker Ph. (517) 767-4193 First in Farm Credit BROOK SIDE AUTO COMPANY Daniel W. Dobson, CLU Agent Floyd Warden — President Glen Newton — Sales Jerry Thornton — Sales r STAtl (AIM INSUIANCI ___________ See Us for Your Car Sales, Rental, and Leasing Burlington, Michigan Ph. (517) 765-2184 Life, Auto, Health, Home Boat and Business Insurance Ph: 279-8071 59 S. Monroe, ColdwaterCongratulations to the Class of 1984 TRIM PARTS, INC. 824 Industrial Road Marshall, Ml 49068 (616) 781-4297 When you offer them Tekonsha, YOU’VE OFFERED THEM THE BEST Tekonsha will help you merchandise some of the best R accessories on the market today. Including the industry ’s first totally electronic brake controls. . . the 2030 Mark 12.2033 Mark 2h and the all new Weathertronic 2040 that mounts on the trailer's A-frame not the tow vehicle Also, a premium line of RV mirrors such as the ever popular industry leader.The Siher Falcon fender mount Tekonsha RV accessories . engineered with dependable American know -how. will keep your customers assured of first quality products and worry-free traveling For more information on the total line of RV products and accessories available, write or call Tekonsha F.ngineering today 3KONSHA Tekonsha PngineerinR Compam S-T N Church Street Tekonsha. Ml -tWIi Phone (St') "V- 131Con gra tula tions and Best Wishes to The Class of 1984 From BOSHEAR’S FORD SALES INC. 15081 Michigan Ave. Marshall, Ml Telephone 616-781-3981 133Congratulations Seniors HAIR STYLES BY FERRARI 110 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan Phone: 781-2243School Board Robert Hinspeter, Trustee. (L-R) Mrs. Nancy Coffman, Secretary; Mrs. Yvonne Lindquist, Vice-President; Mr. Edwin Shumway, President; Mr. Nelson Shedd, Trustee; Mr. Donald Brewer, Trustee. (Not Pictured) Stephen Pulsipher, Treasurer. School Life

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