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Opening Activities Administral Acuity services seniors H iniors Sc5p ho mores Freshmen Junior High Athletics Organizations Elementary Advertisers and Patrons Acknowledgements Indian Staff Senior ActivitiesMPI(Top Left) Senior King and Queen and Attendants. (Middle Left) Homecoming football game. (Middle Left) Junior High Marching Band. (Bottom Left) 1982-83 King and Queen. (Top Right) Homecoming football game. (Middle Right) Homecoming Dance. (Bottom Right) 1981-82 King and Queen. 3’82 Homecoming Royalty This year's Homecoming was sponsored by the junior class ot "84" and video games was chosen as the theme lor the floats. During the fun-tilled week the traditional events took place. The cheerleaders sponsored the dress-up days, where each student dressed up in different outfits — from popular punk-rock to the traditional red and white day. There were many prize winning costumes. Finally the long-awaited Homecoming Day, October 22, arrived. The big day started off with a pep assembly in the gym where several games were played. The parade then traveled through Main Street, Tekonsha. ending back at the school. Then the powder-puff football games were played by the high school girls. The juniors won first place in that event. Then at the halftime of the Homecoming game the parade passed in front of the stands and the winners of the floats were announced. The first place was awarded to the seniors and the eighth grade in a tie. The sophomore class took second place, while the freshmen received third. Butch Neal and Michele Caputo were then crowned as the 1982-83 Homecoming King and Queen by last year's royalty Tony Jenkins and Verli Stefan. After the game the traditional Homecoming Dance was held in the gymnasium and "Hard To Say I'm Sorry," was played as the theme song. The 1982-8$ Homecoming Queen Michele Caputo and King Butch Neal Senior Attendant Kathy Lcssmann and escort Todd Senior Attendant Maria Carlquist and escort Fred Brown Doolittle Senior Attendant Lorie White and escort Scott Reincke 4Sophomore Attendant Lori Beam and escort Scott Freshman Attendant Lisa Caputo and escort Kyle Brown Kiingaman Junior Attendant LeAnn Selby and escort Dwayne Feltner Royalty lead the First dance with Butch and Michele Eighth Grade Attendant Paulette Struwin and escort Paul Stuart Seventh Grade Attendant Pam Neal and escort Brad Runyon 5Cabaret "MOVIES" The 1982-83 Student Council presented the annual Cabaret on March 19, to a very large crowd. The theme this year was "Movies.” I.orie White and Leonard Cail were Mistress and Master of ceremonies. They did a fine job introducing each performance and entertaining the crowd. A lot of work went into the making of the Cabaret such as; decorations, costumes, and refreshments. The Student Council and Mrs. Vilma Carlson did a great job getting ready for the Cabaret. 6(Above Left)John Cole sings "Beth.” (Above Middle) Gina Bergerson sings "Maybe” from the movie Annie." (Above Right) Brent Runyon proudly sings "Open Arms." (Below Left) Jerry Johnson recites his version of the "Pec Little Thrigs” (Below Right) Aaron Warner performs a Bill Crosby monologue. 7Prom and Banquet Mr. Robert Currie (former T.H.S. counselor) was the honored guest and speaker at the 1983 annual Prom and Banquet. Approximately one hundred and fifteen students and administration attended this year's Junior and Senior Prom, which was held on May 21, at the Marshall Country Club. The Juniors chose the theme STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN,' and music by Danny Stewart from EM 95 (East Lansing). Catering was done by Janie Smith. 8(Opp. Page. Bottom Left) Carole Brewer (Junior Class Vice-Pres.) and Kathy Lessman (Senior Class Pres.) with the 1983 Junior-Senior Prom cake, made by Janie Smith. (Opp. Page. Top Left) Mr. Robert Currie, the honored guest, gives his speech. 9SPIRIT DAY This year's Spirit Week festivities were once again sponsored by the Student Council. For the past three consecutive years, the class of 1983 has won first place, but they were defeated by the sophomores this year. The Spirit Week plaque was presented to the sophomores by the senior class at Friday evening's basketball game. Among the events were a "Mountain Dew Chug," "Pyramid Building,” a "Peanut Butter Eating Contest," and a math quiz. The Student Council originated "Spirit Week" in 1979 to end the wintertime blaahs! Ever since, classes have dressed up and competed in games to see who could win the spirit plaque. Needless to say, other schools in the area have "adopted" a Spirit Week of their own because of the enthusiasm that is viewed throughout the week here at Tekon-sha High School. (Above Left) The senior class quickly works to get their pyramid erected. (Middle Left) Each class awaits its turn in the "screaming match." (Left) freshman and junior high classes compete in the "Peanut Butter Eating"' contest. (Above Right) Bobbi Turley "chugs'" a Mountain Dew while Tim Fogcl readies for his turn. (Above) The seventh and the eighth grade "inch worm"' crawls its way slowly down the gymnasium floor. 10(Above Left) Seniors Loren Phillips and Lilly LaFond write furiously to place in the word game. (Above Middle) The junior class attempts to build their pyramid. (Left) Kevin Doolittle, Howard Upston, and Nadine Goheen vie for first place in the Rubik’s Race. 11(Top — Left to Right) Michelle Henion and Heike Gressens guzzle away in the "Dew Chug." (Middle) The sophomore class tries hurriedly to construct their pyramid, but keep falling! The senior class' inch worm leads the way to a first place finish while the juniors and the sophomores look on. (Bottom Left) At Friday night's Spirit Week basketball game against Pittsford, Kyle Klingaman (32), Steve Pulsipher (42), and Chris Katz (34) wait for a rebound. 12SCHOOL BOARD: (Left to Right) Mrs. Yvonne Lindquist, Secretary; Mr. Steve Pulsipher, Trustee; Mr. Edwin Shumway, Treasurer; Mr. Roy Spires, President; Mr. Nelson Shedd, Vice President; Mrs. Nancy Coffman, Trustee. (Not Pictured) Mr. Robert Hinspeter, Trustee. 14 Mr. Roger Carlson Superintendent Mrs. Mary Leatherbury SecretaryDr. Joseph Serra Mr. Arthur King Principal Business Manager Mr. Robert Currie Counselor, 1st Semester; Girls J.V. Basketball Mrs. Betty Robinson Counselor, 2nd Semester 15Mr. Tony Bowling Biology, Advanced Biology, Life Science, Chemistry, Girls Varsity Basketball, Girls Track Mr. Roger Maples Science 7,8, Inside Michigan, Agriculture Mrs. Vilma Carlson Practical English, Speech, English, Spanish, Composition and Literature Mr. Wayne Mason Sr. High and Jr. High Shop, General Math, Mechanical Drawing, Boys Track 16Mr. Kevin McMullin Sr. High and Jr. High Band and Choir, Elementary Band, Music History, Stage Band Mr. Larry Stout Jr. High and Sr. High Girls Boys Physical Education, Intermediate Algebra, Mini Courses, Boys Varsity Basketball and Baseball Mr. Duane Richardson State and Local Government, Social Studies 7 and 8, Career Exploration Mr. Paul Sweet Typing I and II, Accounting, Journalism, Athletic Director 17Mr. Norman Taylor Government, U.S. History, World History, Social Studies Mini Courses, GirlsJ.V. Basketball, Varsity Volleyball.J.V. Baseball r- it Mr. Robert Tycoski Business Math, Algebra I, Math 8, Geometry, Trigonometry, Varsity Football Mrs. Rinette Tycoski Family Health, Business Math, Jr. High and Sr. High Home Economics, Consumer Economics,J.V. Volleyball Mrs. Carlene Zollner Reading 7, English 8 and 9 18Mrs. Karen Friend Librarian, Study Hall Supervisor HIGH SCHOOL CUSTODIANS: Mr. Reid Waffle, Mrs. Sharon Selby. Not Pictured: Mr. Earl Samson. CAFETERIA STAFF: Mrs. Lorene Yates; Mrs. Marlene Reincke; Mrs. Toni Saltzgaber; Mrs. Carol Fogel, Cashier; Mrs. Anita Waffle. ELEMENTARY CUSTODIANS: Mrs. Linda Lambert, Mr. Harry Gallup. 19 HI S DRIVERS. Mr. Reid Waffle, Mr. Earl Samson, Mr. Lewis Jenkins, Mrs. Carol Hughes, Mrs. Donna Hinspeter, Mrs. Sharon Poole, Mrs. Sharon Selby. BUS DRIVERS AND BUS MECHANIC 20 BUS MECHANIC: Mr. Leo Hughs.22 MARIA CARLQIJISTJOHN CLAYTON COLE CHRISTENE ANN FOWLER (Opposite page) Gordon Grinned climbs hurriedly to the top of the Senior pyramid. (Bottom) Loren Phillips smears a cream pie in the face of Lorie White during Homecoming festivities. (This Page) Part of the Senior class plant a pine tree donated to them by the kitchen staff. The tree was later burned by vandals. (Left) Lorie White and Scott Rcinckc parade as part of the Homecoming Court. 23CHOMP UPfl VICTOR? J 1 9 8 3 24KATHY LEE LESSMANN MELANIE ANN MCFADDEN LILLIAN L. LAFOND BILL E. MICHIELSEN (Opposite Page) The Seniors finally had a float that placed first. Pictured is "Pac Man" chomping up a victory. (This Page) Dori Richar. and foreign exchange students Maria Carlquist and Andrea Sichero quietly sit in study hall while Fred Doolittle Jeff Summerfield, Kevin Doolittle and Brian Beam talk in the background. 25LOREN SCOTT PHILLIPS SHARON DENISE PULLEN The Seniors devour their food at the Senior Breakfast which was prepared by Dr. Serra and Mr. Carlson. LXJRI RICHAR 26 ANDREA A. SICHEROJEFF SUMMERFIELD BRENDA KAY WHITE JULIE ANN WAFFLE LORIE ANN WHITE MICHELLE CAPUTO (Far Left) Lorie White tuns in for a touchdown at the powder puff football game. (Left) Todd Brown and Butch Neal doing what they know best — goofing around. 27SENIORS HAVE AN EVENT-FILLED YEAR The Senior Class of 1983 started their last year in high school as a busy one. They elected as their officers Kathy Lessmann, President; Tina Foote. Vice President; Sharon Pullen, Secretary; and Lorie White, Treasurer. Foreign exchange students weren't hard to find this year. The class enjoyed the presence and experience of having three exchanges. Maria Carlquist came from Sweden, Heike Gresens from Germany and Andrea Sichero from Brazil. During Homecoming, Butch Neal and Michele Caputo were chosen King and Queen by the school. The class finally received a first place rating on their Homecoming float; a goal that took them only six years. On May 12, the seniors traveled to Cedar Park in Union City for their annual skip day. While there, the class ate a lot of food and laid in the sun. They came back a little tired, but happy that they got a free day away from school. "Senior Exit Day" was held on May 19. The Honor Students read wills, gave the class prophesy and presented the mock election "winners" with gag prizes. The next day was to be their last as high school students. King's Island was the destination in which the Senior Class was headed as they boarded a Greyhound bus at 4:00 AM on May 31. This was to be the last time the class was to be together as a whole — except, that is, for graduation and they had the time of their lives! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR: Kathy Lessmann. President; Tina Foote. Vice President; Sharon Pullen. Secretary; Lorie White, Treasurer; Rinette Tycksoki, Advisor. 1983 HONOR STUDENTS NAMED 1983 HONOR STUDENTS: (Back) Brian Beam. Fred Doolittle. Todd Brown. DeAnn Johnson, Kevin Doolittle. Melanie McFadden, Loren Phillips (Front) Lillian LaFond, Tina Foote, Sharon Pullen. Kathy Lessmann, Lorie White. 28 33 SENIOR ACTIVITIES I BRIAN IX 1 (,I AS BEAM: Football l:B«k«ball League », ha sc hall 1. 2, 3. 4, All League 3; Homecoming Wurwl Student Council Representative 3. 4; Who's Who Among American1 H»’!i v ■■« • ! X'Tr,ml; HonorStudent4. 1 ODD MICHAEL BROWN: Football 1,2. 3 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball I, 2. 3. 4; Class President 2; Representative I; Homecoming Court 3,4; Honor Student® LEONARD J. CAM Football 1. 2, 3. 4: All League Honorable Mention 4. Most Valuable Lineman 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1; Track 2. 3. 1; Drama Club 1. 2.4. ERIC W. CAPPELLA: Wrestling jupFootball 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; Band J. 2. 3, 4; Student Council President 4; Calhoun Area Talented and Gifted Program .3. MARIA CARLQUIST: Choir 4; Homecoming Court 4; Calhoun Area Talented and Gifted Program 4; Cabaret 4; Swedish Exchange Student 4. JOHN CLAY I ON COLE: football 2: Cabaret 4; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Choir 4; Stage Band A. FREDERICK W. DOOLITTLE: Football 1.2. 5, X Basketball 1. 2; Baseball 1. 2, 3. 4; Class President 1. Homecoming Court 4; Student Council Vice President 4, Calhoun Area Talented and Gifted Program 4; Honor Student 4 KEVIN S. DOOLITTLE: Baseball 2. 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Newspaper Co-Editor 4; Honor Student 4. IINA MARIE FOO I E: Volleyball 1, 2, 3. 4; Track 1; Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3: Stage Band 2; Student Council Representative I, Class Vice President . 4; Newspaper and Yearbook Staff 4; Honor Student 4. HPP - - CHRISTENE ANN J ()WLER: Vollevball 2; Track I; Pep Band 1,2; Band 1,2.4. j - J JOHN B. KING: Vo Ed 3.4. BILL E. MICHIELSEN: Basketball l JcKXbajl 1 3; Vo-Ed 3. 4. • M — ALION (BUTCH) NEAL II: Basketball I; Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; All League 4; All Area 4; HomecOnling Court 4; Student Council Representative 2. LOREN SCOTT PHILLIPS: Track 1, 2, 1. Drama Club 1. 3, 4; Student Council Representative 2; Calhoun Area Talented and Gifted Program 2; Class President 3, Yearbook Business Manager .3: School Newspaper Staff 3, 4; Yearbook Co-Editor 4; Yearbook Photographer 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Kellogg Community College Student 4; Honor Student SHARON DENISE PULLEN: Volleyball 1. 2, 3. 4. Class Secretary 4; Vo-Ed 4. SCOTT EUGENE REINCKE: Basketball 1, 2; Track I, 2. 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Most Valuable Back . 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Court 1,4; ClasSaPresidenc 2. DORI RICHAR: Track l. LI Cheerieading l;Volleyha 2. Basket ball 1; Vo-Ed 3.4; Class Secretary 3; DFCA 4. ANDREA A. SICHERO: Track 4. Brazil I ian Exchange Student 4. JEFF SUMMERFIELD: Football 1. 2.®, 4; Steve Weller Award 1 Basketball 1. 2; Baseball 2t 3, 4. JULIE ANN WAFFLE: VolleynaJi fSnd 1.2. 4: Vo-Ed 4. MARTIN WEBBER ■v LEE A. FRIEND: League — Receiver; KATHY LEE LE 4; Most Improved 3 Secretary 2; Student Citizenship 4; SaJutat MELANIE ANN 3; Cheerleader 2, 4; Who's Who Among BRENDA KAY WHITE: Homecoming Court 1. Basketball 1. 2, 3. Cheer leading 1; Class Vice President 1; Track 2; Volleyball 2. onorable Mention All v J 5 4: 1 l 0R,t ANN WHlT rrack 1. 2. i. Basketball 1. 2. V 4. Cheerleader 1; Class Treasurer 3, 4; Homecoming Court 4; Cabaret 2. 4; Vo-Ed 3, Work Experienc e 4. I lonor Student 4. •KONSHA HIGH- SCHOOL CLASS OF 1983: Spirit Week Champs 1,2,3.ONE GOAL MET . . . ANOTHER AHEAD! GRADUATION On May 29, the Tekonsha High School Seniors marched anxiously down the gymnasium aisle. They chose as their colors navy blue and light blue. The class song was "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers. The invocation was given by Lorie White who was followed by Kathy Lessmann welcoming parents, friends and underclassmen. Kathy also gave the Salutatorian's speech. Everyone then heard from the Tekonsha High School Band playing "Classics, Classics, Classics!" From there, Loren Phillips took over the ceremony by giving the class motto and speech; "The great thing in this world is not where you stand, as in what direction you are moving" by Oliver Wendell Holmes. Sharon Pullen and Tina Foote reflected on the past thirteen years of their lives. The band once again played. The number was "Africa." DeAnn Johnson gave the Valedictorian's speech followed by Dr. Serra recognizing and presenting awards. Lillian I.aFond then recognized the class advisor, Mrs. Rinette Tyckoski, who will be missed. Superintendent, Mr. Roger Carlson, then presented the class for graduation to School Board President Mr. Edwin Shumway who then handed out the diplomas. Brian Beam then gave the benediction and the recessional followed. (Above) Todd Brown receives his diploma. (Above) The excited graduates congratulate each other on their accomplishments. (Above Right) Lillian LaFond recognizes the class advisor, Mrs. Rinette Tyckoski. (Right) The recessional procedes down the aisle after receiving their diplomas. 30JUNIORS Busy Year The juniors started oft the year building their float for Homecoming. It was entitled Kick Their Asteroids"; it placed third. Dwayne Feltner and LeAnn Selby represented them as king and queen. The juniors fall festival activity was the "Dart Throw” which was a success. The juniors placed third in the spirit week activities. This year the juniors sold magazines. They collected $1350 on profits which is the best any class has done in the past years. Tony Ball Carole Brewer Diane Deevers Jill Doolittle l.aune Duckett Dwayne Feltner Sharon Fowler Kenny Harrison Michelle Hcnion Tracy Kempt on Missy I.angridgc Jerry McAtec Scott Mendelsohn Candy Moody Dale Myers Debbie Norgan Lisa O dell Melissa Pullen 32Lisa Ray Kevin Reincke Robbie Reincke LcAnn Selby Brandon Shilling Jim Smith Shawn Tetreault Lynnette Thompson Howie Upston Kathy VanHoose Amber Warner W.lla Weller Roger Wilson Kevin Wolcott Ritchie Yates (far left) Tim Wright (Right) The junior girls enjoy playing powder puff football on homecoming day. (Below Left) The juniors' third place entitled "Kick Their Asteroids." (Below Right) LeAnn Selby and her escort Dwayne Feltner were chosen as this years junior attendants. 33JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR: (L to R) Dwayne Feltner, Secretary ; Kevin Reincke, President; Carole Brewer, Vice-President; Diane Deevers, Treasurer; Mr. Norman Taylor, Advisor. (Below) A few girls take time out from accounting to get their picture taken. 3435Lori Beam Kristina Bergerson Scoct Brown Michelle Cappella Lon Caputo SOPHOMORE CLASS Once again the sophomore class had a busy, exciting, and successful year. They started off hosting the first dance of the year, then won second place with their float, "Roll Em" Over." They chose as their representatives for the court, Lori Beam and Scott Brown. On the annual Spirit Day the sophomores took First Place in the competition scoring way above the other classes. The sophomore s finished their busy year by selling pizzas as a fund raiser. Sophomores in action at a Powder Puff football game. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR: Mr. Sweet, advisor; (L to R) Marty Shaffer, president; Lori Beam, vice-president; Michelle Cappella, secretary; Kristy Bergerson, treasurer. Brent Cole Carrie Devenncy Amy Fauroc Donna Feltner Jerry Geller Nadine Goheen Darcy Kevwitch Tim Knight David Lafond Scott Long 36 Brenda Michielscn Shelly Myers Linda Nagel Jim O’Dell Sheri Poole Brad Ray Brent Runyon John Samson Martin Shaffer Kevin Smith Sophomore queen Lori Beam and her escort Scott Brown. Sophomore Float entitled. 'Roll 'Em Over!!'' Alvin Snyder Dean Stayner Qint Stout Tracy Struwin Karrie Swafford Shannon Swick Tish Tctreault Bobbi Turley Sue Wooden 37Some Sophomore girls smile for the camera during a basketball game. Kristy and Brent work fast on the word search. Nadine Goheen shows her talent with the Rubik s Cube. Brent Runyon concentrates on Spirit Day. Bobbi and Lauri pose for a picture. Sophomore's take time out in class for a picture. 3839Freshman Class The Freshman Class completed their first year in High School by placing third on their float, "centipede" during the Homecoming parade. They were well represented in the homecoming court by Kyle Klingaman and Lisa Caputo. For the Fall Festival the Freshmen put on as their project a concession stand, which proved to be a very popular activity. This year during the Spirit week contest, the Freshman class placed fifth. While their finish wasn't very high, they won the "Biggest Mouths" contest and received the Spirit Jug- Mary Jane Adams Steve Bennison Gina Bergerson Lisa Caputo Sean Casey Allen Cole Jamie Cole Raymond Cook Susan Cubbon Anita Doolittle Tim Fogel David Foote Buffie Groholski Mike Hall Martin Hampton Lori Herman Amy Johnson Chris Katz Donna Kemp Steve King Kyle Klingaman Diane Klingaman Chris LaMee 40Joanna Lindquist Eddie Lewis Robin Macomber Richard McDowell Penny Neal Faithanne Peterson Annette Powell Dorothy Pritchard Steve Pulsipher Mike Rafferty Brenda Rafferty Annette Reincke Lanette Reincke Kip Reincke Brett Reincke Beth Russel Brian Saltzgaber Everett Smith Kathy Schweikert Kurt Shilling Linda Sizemore Steve Slone David Stuart Kathi Swafford Anita Turley Toni Volstromer A few Freshmen take a break in Mr. Taylor s room. 41(Right, L-R) Mr. Mason is the Freshman class advisor, Brian Saltzgaber, Penny Neal, and Lanette Reincke are the class officers. (Below) Freshmen trying to type in Mr. Sweet's typing class. (Right) Kyle Klingaman escorts Lisa Caputo during the Homecoming ceremonies. (Below) The Freshman Homecoming float was Centipede, with the slogan "Shoot 'Em Down." (Below Right) A class of Freshman "Studying Hard!" 42JUNIOR HIGH 43Mike Adams Linda Brown Christine Cappelia Chad Clark Robert Cook Tammy Cutchall Michael Davis Michael Duckett Keri Eberts George Fcltncr Maria Gcllcr Robert Goheen Melissa Holbrook Stephanie Horton Annette Katz Carol Keifer Rainee Knight Melissa Drumvede Merrian LaFond Toni Lewis Lea Marvin Brian McFadden Karen McFadden Laura Miller Brian Norgan Howard Olds 8th Grade (Above) The winners of the America and Me essay contest were Stephanie Horton, first; Annette Katz, second; and Donna Webber, third. (Below) Eighth graders hard at work! 44Dawn Poole Dale Pullen Elizabeth Pulsipher Arch Sanders Lanny Smith Matthew Smith Samantha Snyder Paulette Struwin Paul Stuart Daniel Turley Deidra Upston Jennifer Vosburg (Above) The eighth grade tied for first place with the seniors with the slogan Hop all over ’em'' as they displayed the video game "Frogger.” (Below) The eighth grade class in action. (Right) The eighth grade King and Queen, Paul Stuart and Paulette Struwin. Bruce Warner Ronald Warsop Donna Webber Cindy Wilson Larry Wilson Danny Yates Dedra Young 45Bobby Brown Missy Brown Scott Carlson Kenny Christopher Jeff Coffman Pat Cole Mike Delmont Stephanie Dietz Tracey Faurot Dave Foget Theresa Griffith Tammy Grigsby Michele Hall Curt Hurman Martha Holbrook Holly Hunt Tricia Katz Teresa Knight Clyde Kittle Julie Kramvede Linda LaMee Jodi Long Bobby Manis Daniel McDowell Fred Melville Johnny Michielsen Angel Middaugh Susan Miller Andy Morric Leslie Nagel SEVENTH GRADE (Back) Missy Holbrook, Holly Hunt, Theresa Griffith, Paulette Struwin. (Front) Leslie Nagle, Tammy Cutchall, Jennifer Norgan. 46(Above Left) Homecoming Court, Brad Runyon and Pam Neal. (Above Right) A seventh grade class in action. (Bottom) Another seventh grade class hard at work. Anita Stage Tom Summerfield Roy Swafford Brian Thomas Mary Turley Aaron Warner Fenny Warsop Jean Weller Jeff Wright Jeanne Zook 47VOLLEYBALL JUNIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL: (Back) Paulette Struwin, Annette Katz, Martha Holbrook, Nicki Ritter, Deidra Upston, Kcri Eberts, Cynthia Wilson. Mary Turley, Lea Marvin. (Front) Teresa Kinght, Angel Middaugh, Laura Selby, Tracey Faurot.Jean Wilier. BASKETBALL JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL: (Back) Lorraine Reincke, Theresa Griffith, Holly Hunt, Penny Warsop, Annette Katz, Deidra Upston. Stephaine Horton, Donna Webber, Karen McFadden, Elizabeth Pulsipher. (Front) Jodi Long, Martha Holbrook, Laura Selby, Pam Neal, Mary Turley, Mindy Pulsipher, Nicki Ritter, Melissa Holbrook, Paulette Struwin. 48(Back) Mike Duckett, Paul Stuart, Brian McFadden, Danny Yates. Bobby Manis, Pat Cole, Ray Esselti. (Middle) Mat Smith. Chard Clark. Joey Sisco. Andy Morris. Dale Pullen. Randy Schafer. Kenny Christopher. Allen Kittel. Ronald Warsop. (Front) Robert Cook. Jeff Coffman, Bruce Waner, Brad Runyon j —T1—l — - r rT—T"HI Hm .r aama wmm tmm ■■• jc-imuMiMlMWM ?M Brad Runyon received the Wade Patton Memorial Award based on his outstanding Citizenship, Sportsmanship, and Athletic abdity. (Back) Brian McFadden. Danny Yates. Paul Stuart, Mike Duckett. Mike Davis. (Middle) Mat Smith. Ronald Warsop. Chard Clark. Andy Morris. Curt Herman, Bobby Manis. Fred Malville. Randy Schafer. Bruce Waner. (Front) Dale Pullen. Jeff Coffman. Kenny Christopher, Brad Runyon. Joey Sisco. Allen Kittel. 49I ■■ JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR: (Back Mary Turley, Stephanie Horton, Donna Webber, Keri Eberts. Mary LaFond, Paul Stuart, Brian McFad-den, George Feltncr. Robert Cook. (Third) Pam Neal, Karen McFadden, Stcphcnie Dietz, Cindy Wilson, Matt Smith. Ron Warsop, Bruce Warner, Jeff Coffman. (Second) Lorraine Reincke, Jennifer Norgan, Laura Selby. Dawn Poole. Christine Cappella, Brian Norgan. Fred Melville, Curt Herman, Bob Goheen. (Front) Missy Brown, Patti Burrow, Tammy Grigsby, Tammy Cut-chall, Jennifer Vosberg, Linda Brown, Dedra Young. JUNIOR HIGH CONCERT BAND: (Back) Albert Groholski, Dave Fogel, Dan Yates, Dale Pullen, Chad Clark, Jeff Wright. (Third) Brian McFadden, Aaron Warner, Brad Runyon, Scott Carlson, Paulette Struwin, Laura Selby, Tammy Cutchall. Missy Holbrook, Linda LaMee, Leslie Nagel, Scot Siegel. (Second) Nicki Ritter, Betsy Pulsipher, Stephanie Horton, Karen McFadden, Jeanne Zook, Dedra Upston, Holly Hunt, Julie Krumvede, Donna Webber. Lea Marvin. Theresa Griffith, Stephanie Dietz. (Front) Cindy Wilson, Annette Katz, Christine Cappella, Keri Eberts, Martha Holbrook. Tricia Katz. Dawn Poole. JUNIOR HIGH MARCHING BAND AND MAJORETTES: Stephanie Horton, Donna Webber. Paulette Struwin, and Stephanie Dietz. 50Varsity Football This year the Varsity Football Team placed Fifth in the league with a 2-4 record and were 3-6 overall. Robert Tyckoski was the head coach and Tim Caputo was the assistant coach. The season had a rough start with a 0-5 record until the Waldron game which was a 40-15 victory. Tekonsha’s Homecoming had a break against the Litchfield Terriers, but their luck changed as they beat Waldron in the league playoffs and their last nonleague win against Burr Oak. Tek. Tekonsha Varsity Football Record Opp. 8 Centreville 11 8 Howe 12 6 North Adams 34 12 Camden Frontier 14 6 Pittsford 27 40 Waldron 15 6 Litchfield 41 20 SCAA Playoffs 14 31 Burr Oak 13 (Above) Leonard Cail 61. and Eric Cappella 68. are showing our school spirit which led our football team to a victory against the Waldron Spartans, in the League Play-offs at Hillsdale College. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: (Back) Coach Robert Tyckoski, Dale Myers, Eric Cappella. Leonard Cail, Kevin Reincke, Richie Yates. Lee Friend, Clint Stout, Assistant Coach Tim Caputo. (Front) Manager Loren Selby, Marty Shaffer, Fred Doolittle, Kevin Wolcott. Scott Reincke, Butch Neal, Tracy Kempton, Tony Ball. Jeff Summerfield, Randy Harrison, Mgr. Larry Neal. 52(Top Left) Jeff Summerfield plows over a Waldron defensive line to gain big yards. (Top Right) Scott Reincke runs over and away from the Litchfield defensive line in one of his many carries throughout the year. (Middle Left) Todd Brown, Kevin Reincke, and Leonard Cail put the hurt on "Kami-Kazi” Doug Myers as he throws the ball in last hopes for their team. (Middle Right) The Tekonsha and Litchfield teams turn to watch Butch Neal deflect a pass. (Bottom Left) Lee Friend drags down QB Doug Myers at the goal line to prevent Waldron scoring in the last second of the first half. 53This year the Tekon-sha Football Team Had one player that made All Conference Team and 3 Honorable Mention. Butch Neal received 1st Team All League as a linebacker, Leonard Cail received Honorable Mention as a lineman, Scott Reincke received Honorable Mention as a running back, and Lee Friend received Honorable Mention as a receiver. (Back, L to R) Eric Cappella, Kevin Wolcott, Lee Friend, Leonard Cail, Randy Harrison. (Front L to R)Todd Brown. Jeff Sum merfield. Butch Neal, Scott Reincke. and Fred Doolittle. J.V. Football (Pictures Left to Right) Brad White pauses a moment before the next play. Brad Ray (74) jumps off the line speedy quick as Scott Needham (52) looks on. Brian Saltzgaber takes a breather between plays. 54(Back Row) Asst. Coach Bob Wiescholek, Chris Katz, John Samson, Brad White, Kyle Klingaman, Alvin Snyder, Kurt Shilling, Mike Rafferty, Coach Curt Shaffer. ( Middle Row) Managers Corey Wooden and Jason Shaffer, Scott Needham, Jerry Getler. Dean Stayner, Brad Ray, Steve Slone, and Manager Kenny Shaffer. (Front Row) Steve Benison, Brian Saltzgaber, Steve Pulsipher, Jimmy O'Dell, Scott Brown, Ricky McDowell, and Brent Cole. J.V. TEAM HAS BIG YEAR! The J.V. Football team had an excellent season this year as they Finished out the season with an outstanding record of 4 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties. Under the guidance of Curt Shaffer, this remarkable team turned up wins with great plays. Throughout the year the Indians proved to be a hard team to beat. (Pictures Eeft to Right) Brian Saltzgaber shows his throwing capability. Brad Ray awaits the snap. 55Varsity Basketball This year the Tekonsha Indians Boys' Basketball team started out slowly. It was a rebuilding year as they had lost eight seniors last year. This year the team will lose two seniors. They finished the season 4-6 in the league and 6-15 overall. This year's scoring leader was Brian Saltzgaber with 260 p oints, while Clint Stout was the rebounding leader, hauling down 193 rebounds. All-league second team honors were awarded to Brian Beam. Two Indians speed in for a rebound. VARSITY BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM: (Back) Coach Larry Stout, Shawn Tctrcault, Ritchie Yates, Clint Stout, Lee Friend, Jerry M c A t e e . (Front) Manager Brent Runyon, Brian Sa It zga ber, Brian Beam, Brent Cole, Scott Mendelsohn. 56THS. OPP. 59 Centreville 72 58 Burr Oak 63 60 Pittsford 52 57 Camden-Frontier 70 65 Climax-Scotts 71 70 St. Philip 63 47 Colon 51 43 Litchfield 46 60 Howe Military 64 39 North Adams 47 73 Waldron 39 70 Pittsford 55 42 Colon 52 54 Litchfield 58 41 North Adams 52 65 Homer 64 57 Camden-Frontier 59 68 Waldron 46 59 Mendon 66 52 Burr Oak (2 OT) 54 DISTRICTS 53 Springfield 64 (Left) Lee Friend shoots the ball amid three Mendon defenders. 57J.V. Basketball he JV Boys' Basketball team had a rough season, winning ' games and losing 11. Kyle Klingaman was top scorer for he team with 181 points. J.V. Boys Basketball Scores HS. OPP. 4 Centreville 56 6 Burr Oak 37 8 Pittsford 37 4 Camden-Frontier 29 1 Climax-Scotts 58 9 Burr Oak 46 0 Colon 49 0 Litchfield 42 0 Howe Military 31 6 North Adams 42 2 Waldron 32 7 Pittsford 40 2 Colon 47 0 Litchfield 34 6 North Adams 35 1 Homer 41 4 Camden-Frontier 31 5 Waldron 50 9 Mendon 42 9 Burr Oak 30 JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM: (Left to Right) Coach Tony Bowling. Steve Pulsipher, Dan Copeland, Chris Katz. Manager Lanny Smith, Kyle Klingaman, Manager Paul Stuart. Brad White, Tim Fogel, Dean Stayner, David Foote. 58Baseball VARSTIY HAS ANOTHER AWESOME YEAR! This year our Varsity Baseball players continued to dominate the S.C.A.A. League. Todd Brown, Fred Doolittle, and Brent Cole all had an outstanding season reveiveing All-League Honors. The Indians have won the League Champioship for the last two years. They finished the regular season with a League record of 10 wins and no losses sweeping the title, undefeated for the second consecutive year. Tekonshas regular season over-all record was 19 wins and 6 losses. Tekonsha hosted the pre-district game between Tekonsha and Battle Creek Springfield. The Indians, once again, grabbed another victory defeating Springfield, 5 to 2. In the district tournament the Indians rousted a win from Centreville with a score of 9-6. They lost, however in their next game against Climax-Scotts and were defeated 7-6. SENIORS — (Back Row) Scott Reincke. Lee Friend, Kevin Doolittle, Todd Doolittle, Brian Beam, Jeff Summerfield, Butch Neal. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM — (Back Row) Jerry McAtee, Kevin Doolittle, Lee Friend, Ritchie Yates, Clint Stout, Shawn Tetreault, Todd Brown, (Manager) Brent Runyon. (Front Row) Brian Beam, Jeff Summerfield. Butch Neal. Scott Reincke, Fred Doolittle, Brent Cole. 60VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES THS 1 Union City (DH) 3 Union City 20 Burr Oak 32 Waldron 8 Colon (DH) I Colon H? 1 OPP 0 Bronson Camden-Frontier (DH) Camden-Frontier Mendon Waldron rnier Olivet Howe Military Mendon Springfield 61I J.V. BASEBALL TEAM: (Back Row) Coach Norman Taylor, Steve Pulsipher, Tim Fogel, Steve Slone, Dean Stayner, Brad White, John Samson. (Front Row) Brian Saltzgaber, Mike Raferty, Rick McDowell, Scott Brown, Marty Shaffer, (Manager) Kris Lambert. 62LACK IN NUMBERS, NOT IN DETERMINATION This year's boys' track team showed a lot of determination in their meets, despite the fact that they didn't have enough guys to allow them to compete successfully. Although the team did not win any meets, there were strong individual showings by several guys who set personal best marks. Scott Mendelsohn in the 100 and 200 yard dashes and also Brad White in the 1-mile and 2-mile runs, both bettered their previous best times in these events. In the Area Best track meet, held in Quincy, the guys participated in seven events. All of the relay teams ran, Eric Cappella did the shot put, Steve Pulsipher the long jump, Lee Friend the discus, and Brad White the mile run. First year coach, Mr. Wayne Mason, hopes to have more guys out and to be more competitive in the years to come. (Back, Left to Right) Mike Rafferty, Eric Cappella, Brad White, Leonard Cail, Scot Needham. Lee Friend, Howie Upston, and Coach Wayne Mason. (Front, Left to Right) Manager Brian McFadden. Jamie Cole, Steve Pulsipher, Kris Katz, Loren Phillips, Mike Hall, and Manager Dale Pullen. 64(Top Left) SENIORS: Eric Cappella. Loren Phillips, Lee Friend, Leonard Cail. (Top Right) Brad White finishes first in the mile. (Middle Left) Steve Pulsipher clears the high jump bar. (Bottom Left) Scott Mendelsohn and Scot Needham sprint the 100 yard dash. (Bottom Right) Eric Cappella heaves the shot put. 65This year the Girls' Varsity Basketball Team finished their season by tying the North Adams Rams for second place in the Southern Central Athletic Association. The girls had a 8-4 league record and were 12-9 overall. Unfortunately the girls didn't fare so well in the District Tournament, losing to Centreville in the first game. LeAnn Selby was chosen to the SCAA all-League first team, while Kathy Lessmann gained recognition on the second team. This year's team awards were awarded to: LeAnn Selby — Most Valuable Player Michelle Caputo — Most Improved Kathy Lessmann — Most Dedicated ILNJINOhA JLNUIAIMS 66This year's 1982-83 J.V. girls' basketball team had a successful season of fourteen wins and five losses overall, and six wins over four losses for the SCAA League record. The girls started out the season with Coach Robert Currie. who left the system in the middle of the season, and was replaced by Coach Norman Taylor. The changing of the coaches didn't upset them for long as they ended up with a very good season. The team had ten sophomores and eight freshmen. J-V. Basketball KOACfr, MDIANS (Front) Penny Neal. Lori Beam. Lanette Reincke, Anita Turley. Kim Casebeer, Kathy Schwiekart. (Middle) Manager Dawn Poole. Darcy Kevwitch, Lisa Caputo, Amy Johnson. Chris LaMee, Donna Feltner. Manager Cathy Swafford. (Back) Manager Mary Turley. Brenda Rafferty, Tish Tetreault, Bobbi Turley, Lori Caputo, Sue Wooden, Shannon Swick. Karrie Swafford. Coach Norman Taylor. 68Varsity Volleyball This year the girls' varsity volleyball team once again tied for second place in the SCAA league. They tied with Litchfield. Their league record was 7-3 and their overall record was 12-8. Tekonsha participated in both the Bronson Tournament and the Homer Tournament this year. The girls lost their first game in the District Tournament as they came up against the league-leading North Adams Rams. LeAnn Selby and Missy Langridge were chosen as members of the SCAA all-league team. Shannon Swick received honorable mention. (Left) Lillian LaFond bumps the ball up to the setter. Melissa Pullen. (Above) Missy Langridge successfully bumps the ball as Bobbi Turley looks on. (Right) Lillian LaFond attempts to bump the ball over the net as teammates Debbie Norgan and Laurie Duckett look on. i n.iVo 1 oi i r xi Muxru w (Back) Coach Mr. Norman Taylor. Lillian LaFond, Michelle Henion. Debbie Norgan. Bobbi Turley. Laurie Duckett, Nadine Goheen, LeAnn Selby, Shannon Swick. Dawn Klingaman. Heike Grescns. Manager Laura Selby. (Front) Manager Mary Turley. Melissa Pullen. Missy Langridge. Tina Foote. Sharon Pullen. Manager Jennifer Norgan. 70(Above Left) Tina Foote bumps the ball as LeAnn Selby and Bobbi Turley look on. (Above Right) SENIOR PLAYERS. (L-R) Lillian LaFond, Heike Gresens, Dawn Kiingaman, Tina Foote, and Sharon Pullen. (Left) The girls warm-up before a game. (Right) Tina Foote serves the ball while Michelle Henion and Missy Langridge watch. (Below Left) The team in action. (Below Right) Dawn Kiingaman bumps the ball as teammates Laurie Duckett, Lillian LaFond, and Debbie Norgan are ready to help. 71X v 40x TEKO i 1982-83 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL RECORD Bronson Tourn. Burr Oak Centreville Mendon Burr Oak Camden-Frontier North Adams Litchfield Waldron Pittsford Camden-Frontier North Adams Litchfield Homer Tourn. Waldron Pittsford DISTRICTS North Adams (Left) Dawn Klingaman serves the ball. (Right) Melissa Pullen bumps the ball over the net as the opponents look on. (Left) Tracy Struwin serves the ball. (Top Right) Shelly Myers attempts to set the ball up to Carrie Devenney. (Bottom Right) Amy Johnson bumps the ball over as teammate Donna Feltner looks on. 1982-83J.V. VOLLEYBALL RECORD Bronson Tourn. Burr Oak Centreville Mendon Burr Oak Camden-Frontier North Adams Litchfield Waldron Pittsford Camden-Frontier North Adams Litchfield Waldron Pittsford win win win win win loss loss win loss win loss loss win win win win loss win win loss win win win win loss loss win win 72Junior Varsity Volleyball The junior varsity volleyball team was coached once again by Mrs. Rinette Tyckoski. The girls had a fine season with the overall ord of 9-5. They had a league record of 5-5 and ended the season in fourth place. The girls participated in the Bronson Tournament s year 'Phey did very well as they captured third place. Overall, the girls had a rewarding season. k) Anita Turley Amy Johnson. Shelly Myers, Tracy Struwin, Donna Fcltner, Coach Mrs Rinette Tyckoski. (Front) Donna Kemp, Brenda Rafferty. Anita Doolittle, ager Christin Devenney, Carrie Devenney. Dtana Klmgaman.TIED FOR LEAD AGAIN This year’s girls’ track team tied for first against Camden-Frontier, in the Conference for the second year in a row. This year there were five school records broken. Leading the way was LeAnn Selby in the 330 low hurdles, with the time of 51.6, which was also the Conference record. Lisa O’Dell broke the 100 yard dash, with the time 12.0, Lisa Ray broke the mile with the time of 5:51.1. Jill Doolittle, Debbie Norgan, Sue Wooden, and Lanette Reincke set the mile relay record in 4:30.8. Overall, the team ended the season with seven wins and two losses, the best Dual Meet record ever, and in the league, three wins and one loss. LeAnn Selby qualified for the state finals in Traverse City with her time in the 330 low hurdles. She also qualified for the Battle LeAnn Selby taking first in the hurdles. Creek Area Best meet in the shot put. One of the highlights of the season was the Area Best meet held in Quincy. The girls participated in thirteen out of fourteen events offered. (Back, Left to Right) Manager Tricia Katz, Tisha Tetreault, Shelly Meyers, Laurie Duckett, Bobbi Turley. Sue Wooden, LeAnn Selby, Nadine Goheen, Debbie Norgan, Kathi Swafford, and Coach Tony Bowling. (Middle, Left to Right) Joanna Lindquist. Donna Kemp, Anita Turley. Lisa Ray. Lorie White, Willa Weller, Lanette Reincke, Lisa O'Dell, Manager Penny Warsop, Manager Martha Holbrook. (Front, Left to Right) Manager Tammy Cutchall, Missy Langridge, Penny Neal, Lori Beam. Andrea Sichero.Jill Doolittle, Beth Russel, and Robin Macumber. 74(Top Right) Bobbi Turley throwing the discus. (Middle Left) Lisa O'Dell, Jill Doolittle in the 100-yard dash. (Bottom Left) The girls stretching-out." (Bottom Right) Lisa Ray in the mile run. 75CHEER- LEADERS GIVE SPIRIT This year the cheerleaders kept everyone's spirit up and cheered on our football and basketball teams. Sporting new faces and fresh talent, the girls did a super-fine job. During the season, the girls held raffles and such to help raise money for the activities that were to come. (Top) SENIOR CHEERLEADERS: (Left to Right) DeAnn Johnson, Kathy Lessman, Melanie McFadden, and Michele Caputo. (Below Left) The Varsity Cheerleaders execute one of their many moves. (Below Right) VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: (Left to Right) Melanie McFadden, Kathy Lessman. DeAnn Johnson, Michelle Hcnion, Diane Deevers, Michele Caputo, and Lisa O'Dell. 76s (Top) J.V. SQUAD § (Left to Right) Lon Beam. Nadine Goheen, Shelly Myers. Sue Wooden, and Lori Herman. (Mid-Top) J.V. Squad 2 pose as they show one of their many fine moves. (Mid-Bottom) J.V. SQUAD 2: (Left to Right) Carrie Devenney. Lanette Reincke, Anette Reincke, Sue Cub-bons, Amy Johnson, and FaithAnn Peterson. (Bottom) J.V. Squad 1 shows a high flying move. (Above) Cheerleader advisor Betty Shank and mascot Mya Duckett. 77SPORTS BANQUET The Tekonsha Boosters' club sponsored two sports banquets this year. Football and girls' basketball awards were given out at the fall banquet. Boys' basketball, volleyball, boys and girls track, and baseball and free throw marathon awards were given out at the spring banquet. The Super Athlete Award was presented to Lee Friend, this award is given to any senior boy who obtained at least 8 varsity letters, or any senior girl who has obtained at least 6 varsity letters. Other awards that were earned and presented were: Football; The Steve Weller Award — Brian Saltzgaber and Kyle Kling-aman; Most Valuable Back — Scott Reincke; Most Valuable Lineman — Leonard Cail; Coaches Award — Butch Neal. Scott Reincke received Honorable Mention All-State. Leonard Cail and Lee Friend received Honorable Mention in the league. Girls' Basketball: Most Valuable Player — LeAnn Selby; Most Improved — Michele Caputo; Most Dedicated — Kathy Lessmann; LeAnn Selby made first team All-League and Kathy Lessmann made All-League 2nd team. Boys' Basketball: Most Valuable Player — Brian Beam; Most Improved — Clint Stout: Sharpshooter — Lee Friend. Brian Beam made All-League 2nd team. Volleyball: Most Valuable Player — LeAnn Selby: Most Improved — Shannon Swick. LeAnn Selby and Missy Langridge were chosen to the All-League team, Shannon Swick received All-League Honorable Mention. Boys' Track: Most Valuable Player — Lee Friend; Most Improved — Howie Upston. Girls' Track: Most Valuable Player — LeAnn Selby; Most Improved — Bobbi Turley. Baseball: Most Valuable Player — Todd Brown; Best Batting Average also went to Todd Brown. Fred Doolittle, Todd Brown, and Brent Cole made the All-League team. Winners for the Free Throw Marathon for the most baskets were: Elementary Winners — Mark Katz — Most Baskets; Stacy Wilbur — Most Baskets; Tracy Swafford — Most Money Collected. The Junior High Winners Were: Laura Selby — Most Baskets; Tom Summerfield — Most Baskets; Jeff Coffman — Most Money Collected. 78(Top Left) Lee Friend receives the sharpshooter award. (Top Right) LeAnn Selby receives Most Valuable Player Award for her performance in track. (Middle Left) Todd Brown receives Most Valuable Player Award in Baseball. (Middle Right) Howie Upston is Most Improved Player in track. (Bottom) Coach Bowling receives the Silver Bugle Award for the coach who talks the longest. i 79(Top Left) Missy Langridge receives the booster's award for making the most free throws for the free throw marathon. (Top Right) The J.V. volleyball players are applauded as they receive their letters. (Middle Left) J.V. basketball players receive their letters. (Middle Right) The J.V. cheerleaders are acknowledged. (Bottom Left) The boys track team is recognized. 808182 MUSIC FILLS THE AIR This year the Tekonsha High School Bands were busy entertaining their audiences in many different ways. If you went to a football game you would have seen the marching band and majorettes putting on a half-time show. During basketball season the pep band helped cheer the team on to victories. You also might have attended one of the three concerts that the concert band and choir presented to their audiences. A new stage band was formed this year and was named "Ultimate Sound.” They appeared for the first time in the Cabaret. All of the bands and the choir are under the direction of Mr. Kevin McMullin. SENIOR BAND MEMBERS: Tina Foote. Julie Waffle, Christcne Fowler. Tim Wright, Kathy Le smann, Eric Cappella, Dawn Klingaman, Melanie McFadden, DeAnn Johnson, Lee Friend STAGE BAND MEMBERS: Laurie Duckett, Carrie Deven-ney, Kathy Schweikert, Michele Cappella, Eric Cappella, John Cole, Lori Beam, Nadine Goheen, Tim Wright, Lisa Ray. Willa Weller. Roger Wilson. Howie Upston, Jerry McAtte, Shawn Tctreault, Sean Casey, Lee Friend SENIOR HIGH MARCHING BAND MEMBERS: Kim Casebeer, Nadine Goheen, Shannon Swick, Karrie Swafford, Scot Long, Lee Friend, Scot Mendelsohn, Brandon Shilling, Brad Ray, Mike Hall, Tish Tetreault, Annette Powell, Julie Waffle, DeAnn Johnson, Melanie McFadden, Michele Henion, Lori Beam, Carrie Devenney. Gina Bergerson, Anita Doolittle. Joanna Lin-quist, Amy Johnson, Faithanne Peterson, Scott Brown, Lori Herman. Tina Foote. Dawn Klingaman. Kathy Lessmann, Kristy Bergerson, Michele Cappella, Missy Langridge, Linda Nagel, Christine LaMee, Shawn Tetreault. Kathy Van Hoose, Carole Brewer. Lisa Ray, Amber Warner, Debbie Norgan, Laurie Buckett, Kathy Schweikert, Steve Pulsipher. Kurt Shilling. Eric Capella, Roger Wilson, Willa Weller, Howie Upston, Tracy Struwin, Diana Klingaman. Jill Doolittle. Shelly Myers, Brian Saltzgaber, Tim Wright.CONCERT BAND MEMBERS: DeAnn Johnson, Melanie MeFadden, Michele Hemon, Nadine Goheen. Lori Beam. Carrie Devenney, Gina Bergerson, Anita Doolittle, Joanna Linquist, Amy Johnson, Faithann Peterson. Kathy Lessmann, Kristy Bergerson. Michele Cappclla. Mist) Ltngridge, Lindt Nagel. Julie Waffle. Tina Foote, Dawn Klingaman, Debbie Norgan, Shawn Tetreault, Kathy Van Moose, CtfOlt BfCWCI Shelly Myers, Britn Salt gaber. Tim Wright, An- nette Powell. Tish Tetreault. Christenc Fowler. Kathy Schweikcrt, Steve Pulsipher, Scott Brown. Lori Herman. Eric Cappella. Kurt Shilling. Tracy Struwin. Diana Klingaman, Jill Doolittle, Roger Wilson, Howie I'pston, Amber Warner, Mike Hall. Willa Weller. Brad Ray, Brandon Shilling. Scot end, Scot Mendelsohn. Karrie Swafford. Christine EaMee SENIOR HIGH CHOIR MEMBERS: Buffie Groholski. Carrie Devenney. Beth Russel. Penny Neal. Anita Doolittle. Donna Kemp. Heike Gresens. Carole Brewer. Joanna Linquist, Willa Weller, Sharon Fowler. Sheri Poole. Amy Faurot, Maria Carlquist. Laurie Duckett. Brad Ray. Brent Runyon.John Cole, Mike Hall, Alan Cole, Roger Weimer, Steve King, Brandon Shilling, Sean Casey. Karrie Swafford. 83STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council had another busy year again. They started the year off by donating prize money towards the floats on Homecoming. Once again the Student Council sponsored Spirit Week and held a free admission dance after the basketball game. On March 19, the Cabaret was held in the gymnasium. The Student Council made over $800.00. The night was a complete success. The theme this year was ‘Movies.” STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: (L to R) Fred Doolittle, Vice President, Eric Cap-pella. President; Linda Nagel, Secretary; Tracy Struwin, Treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES: (Front) Heike Gresens, Mrs. Carlson. Fred Doolittle, Brian Beam, Eric Cappella, Shawn Tetreault. (Back) Brad White, Karrie Swafford, Tracy Struwin, Lori Herman. 84OUTSIDE SCHOOL CLASSES VO-ED: (Back) Dwayne Feltner, Bill Michelson, Scott Mendelsohn, Mike Renfrow, Dori Richar, Kevin Wolcott. (Middle) Bill Burchfield, Tracy Kempton, Kevin Reincke, Martin Webber. Roger Wilson, John King. (Front) Scott Reincke, Lisa O'Dell, Lynnettc Thompson, Kenny Harrison, Julie Waffle, Melanie McFadden, Melissa Pullen. Todd Brown Kathy LessmannThis year's Journalism Staff started off the year by selling ads. They also sold candy, Christmas decorations, and candles for a fund raiser to help the class. This year's Journalism Staff consists of: (Back) Willa Weller, Tish Tetreault, Lee Friend, Shawn Tetreault, Kevin Doolittle, John Cole, Dawn Klingaman. (Front) Tracy Struwin, Lauri Christopher, Linda Nagel, Missy Langridge, Tina Foote, Shannon Swick, Mr. Paul Sweet, Advisor. Journalism Journalism Staff busy at work! (L to R) John Cole, IDEA Co-Editor; Kevin Doolittle, IDEA Co-Editor; Missy Langridge, Yearbook Co-Editor; Loren Phillips, Yearbook Co-Editor; Tish Tetreault, IDEA Co-Editor; Tracy Struwin, Business Manager; Lauri Christopher. IDEA Co-Editor; Mr. Paul Sweet, Advisor. 8687SPELLING BEE 1st Place Tracy Wiljanen 2nd Place Jerry Johnson Mr. Keith Clark, Principal and Mrs. Mercedes Johnson. Secretary. FACULTY AIDES: Mrs. Betty Shank, Librarian and Mrs. Madelyn Upston, Mrs. Carolyn Thomas. Beverly Bessler. Chris McLain. Judy Jenkins. Marian Sweet. Harold Torrey. Sue Van Nortwick. Becky Markham. Judy Weatherly, Height Runyon. Mary Ann Watson. Merry Knapp. Mary Stout. Gail Gammons. Cynthia Doty. 881962-198} SAFETY PATROL: (Back Row. Left to Right) Denise Goodman. Missy Warner. Tracy Green. Allison Geer. Andy Johnson, Andy Swafford. Russell Olds. Todd Clark. Chris Cutchall. Scott McFadden. Advisor Mr. Runyon. (3rd Row) Missy Doolittle. Vicki Christopher. David Turely, Dorman Snyder. Loren Selby. Brian Fowler. Willie Morris. Richard Schwcikert. David Briegel. (2nd Row) Care Sweet. Kim Newland. Shelly Hopkins. Tracy Wiljanen. Mary Randall. Heather Coats. Barbara Herman. Shantel Middaugh. Paulette McDowell. Tracy Swafford, Lisa Maisner, Regina Snyder. (Front Row) Shannon Horton. Tammy Cole, Dea Reincke. Corey Wooden, Mark Katz. Jerry Johnson. Mike W'oodman, Paul Holbrook. Jason Rench, Chad Sisco. Davey Cole, Corey Reincke, Joe Hinspeter. Craig Clark. Tim Herman. DENISE GOODMAN MARK KATZ AFETY PATROL CAPTAINS: (Left to Right) Denise Goodman. Mark Latz, and Tonya Cail. SHELLY HOPKINS ANDY SWAFFORD TAMMY FOWLER PHYSICAL FITNESS AWARD DICK SPIRES CITIZENSHIP AWARD6th GRADE (Back) Tammy Upston, Tracy Wiljanen, Brian Fowler, Andy Swafford. Shannon Horton. Mark Katz. Mr. Runyon, Kim Newland. (Middle) Tanya Cail. Danny Cole, Willie Morris, Melissa Doolittle, Shelly Hopkins, Loren Dcvcnney, Heath Pritchard. (Front) Heidi Stage. Tammy Cole, Scott MeFaddcn, Jerry Johnson, Care Sweet, Vicki Christopher. (Back) Tracey Green, Billy Faurot. Rex Esseltine. Denise Goodman, Richie Schweikert. Mrs. Jenkins. Lisa Kosier, Andy Johnson. (Middle) Dan Needham. Allison Geer, Melissa Adams, Jerry Michielsen, Alisa Weller, Corey Wooden. (Front) Russell Olds, Dea Reincke, Chris Cutchall, Laura Vosburg, Mary Randall, Melissa Warner. 90(Front) Craig Clark. Doug Sherer. Shantcl Middaugh. Jason Rcnch. Paulette McDowell. Barbara Herman. Chad Sisco, Stacey Wilbur. (Middle) Tracy Swafford. Lisa Smith. Shawn Thompson. Millisa Cummings. Mike Shelton. Dennis Foote. Joe Hinspeter, Mike Woodman. (Back) Robbie Smith. Paul Holbrook. Corey Reinke, Lisa Maisner, Tammy Walker, Davie Cole, Rhonda Nestell, Tony Mains, Gary Peters. (Back) Heather Coats, Becky Phillips, Larry Neal, Pat Peters, David Turley, Mrs. Sweet, Regina Snyder. Amy Jo Thomas. (Middle) Todd Clark. Brian Dietz. Tim Herman, Tanya Griffith. Scott Young. Loren Selby. Kris Lambert. (Front) Toni Sheppard, Lisa Hanson, Ginger Toley. Mark Coffman. Debbie Reynolds. Amy Watson, Natalie Shaffer. (Absent) David Briegel, Mike Woods.(Left to Right. Front )Debra Rowe. Shawn Crawford. Kenny Shaffer. Tonya Jarrell. Laurie Shumway, Travis Hall. (Middle) Jolynnda La Fond, Robbie Peterson, Gina Foley. Angela Leatherman. Danny Lambert. Aaron Imhof. Shelly Langridge. (Back) Donna Root. Trissy Upston, Tracy Cole. Brett Cook, Amy Phillips, Angie Caputo, Lisa Norgan. (Not Pictured) Doug Turley. Robert Horton. TEACHER: Mrs.Johnson. (Left to Right. Front) Ryan Groholske. Christina Zook. Leslee Shaffer. Jamie Middaugh. (Middle) Layla Rench. Christin Devenney, Jennifer Delmont, Melanie Geer. Dean Richardson. Jess Hiesrodt. (Back) Aubrey Watkins. Robic Kilgore. Lonnie Rogers. Nicki Stuart. Robert Adams, Scott Stemaly. Chad Thomas. TEACHERS: Mrs. Gammons, Mrs. Van Nortwick.THIRD GRADE (Front Row, L to R) Chad Wilson, Tony Slaughter, Sonja Janes, Tara Hampton, Amy Weller, Todd Goheen. (Middle Row, L to R.) Tonya Price, Sherry Swafford, Sylvia Ackerman, Stephanie Prichard, Robby Payseno, Donny Ball. (Back Row, L. to R.) Mr. Torrey, Greg Katz, Stacie Goodman, Marty Coats, Danica Reincke, April Green, Sarah Pulsipher, Judd Sanders. 93SECOND GRADE (From Row. L-R) Glen Foley. Brad Cavinder. Jaymee Knight, Jason Shaffer. I.isa Shumway. (Middle Row. L-R) Dana Imhof, Monica Russell. Bumper Russell. Mike Duckham. Mya Duckett. (Back Row. L-R) Evelyn Slaybaugh, Teri Keller. Shawn Jarre!, Mrs. Stout. Eric Stemaly. Brian Goodman. Gary Rogers. (Front Row. L-R) Lynette Shumway. Robert James. Michael Rodriguez. Becky Brownell, Nancy Zook. (Middle Row. L-R) Toni Clark. Jeanie Michael. Greg Faltner. Greg Pullen. Stacey Katz. (Back Row. L-R) Chris Willbur, Shawn Combs. Rusty Thomas. Mrs. Markham. Roger Nestell, Michelle Griffith. Tonya Mains. 94FIRST GRADE (Hack Row Jamie Hopkins, Brian Cavendar. Chad Green. Mrs. Watson. Patrick Shaffer. Keri Horton, Theresa Newbold. (Middle Row) Bradon Coat' -oia Sanders. Heather Goodman. Cory Grinned. Brooke Banfield, Stacy Clark. (Front Row) Phillip Kuhling. Albert Cole. Kelly Sorensen. Christine Smit my Hiorodt. David Winens. (Bac k Row) Steven Baker. Scott Hampton. Gary Sturat, Matt Bowling. Aurthur Sanders. Kenny Milliman. (Middle Row)Jammi Copas, Aimee Stemaly ie Pj seno. Rebecca Caswell. Mike Siegel. Michael Swan. (Front Row) Salina Kalnins. Angela Weller. Brian Wilson. Shawn Hughes. Tracy McFadden. 95Kindergarten (Back) Miss Knapp. Lindsay Woods. Crystal Smith, David Doolittle. Tim Doolittle, Cletis Pritchard, Shane Riede. (Middle) R.J. Ball, Bruce Herman,James Smith. Lisa McFadden, Bronica White. Kristy Cheeseman. (Front) Cathy Weller. Philip Herman, Brad Russell, Larry Towery. Bobb Parsons. (Back i Tom Milliman, Johnny Morris. Miss Knapp. Jeremy Martinson, Jamie Reincke. Heather Goodman. (Middle) Sherry Schweikert. Renee Slone, P.J. Goodman. Christina Kidney. Pamela Smith. Renee Horton. Patrick Pombier. Rene Russell. Ross Richardson. Tommy Doxey. 96 PATRONS Alpha Transcripts Baldwin Clinic Ron and DeAnna Beam Branch County Abstract Office Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Brewer Loren Burlingame, D.V.M. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson Stanley R. Ciesielski Keith and Alice Clark Benjamin W. Dajos, Jr. Representative Richard Fitzpatrick Lynne M. Haley, D.D.S. Te W. Hall, D.D.S. Rick and Sally Hammond Gary L. Howe, O.D. et. al. Bruce L. Irving Karen’s Flower’s and Crafts Fred and Dixie Katz Aruther and Virginia King Daryl and Mary Leatherbury A D V E R T 1 S E R S Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lindquist Dr. A. M. Manohar Vern and Janice McAtee David M. McClaid O.D. Dr. Mendelsohn and Family Charles F. Morton, D.D.S. Grant and Shirley Myers Old Town Travel, Inc. Pritchard Extension Club Mr. and Mrs. Rex Rainey Mrs. Toni Randall Schroeder, DeGraw, Kendall and Mayhall Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Serra Carolyn and Clayton Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. David Stayner and Family Tekonsha Township Library Leon and Margaret VanHoose Reid Waffle Jack and MaryAnn Watson Bruce G. Young, O.D. 97CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1983 UNION CITY, Ml PHONE: 741-8731 FROM HAWKEN’S FURNITURE STORECompliments of HAWLEY OIL, INC. Distributors of Amoco Products TRENT’S SWEEPER SHOP 125 Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 Ph. 767-3225 DAVIS BROS. SERVICE Compliments of MARKING 1-69 and M-60 Tekonsha, Michigan MACHINE CO. Ph.767-4722 114 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments Compliments of of RANDALL D R MOBIL FOOD PRODUCTS Ph.767-3376 Tekonsha, Michigan INC. Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of CLIFF’S SPORT Congratulations to the Class of 1983 GROCERY LIMO MEAT 500 E. Jackson Bob and Alice Waffle Tekonsha, Michigan 767-4615 Ph. (517) 767-4503 99HOWARD MAIN BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of KAY’S PLACE NEWT’S MARKET Jim and LuAnne Warkozeski 950 North Main Street, Tekonsha, Ml 118 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. 767-3449 Open 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM 7 Days a Week Ph. (517) 767-4193 Lumber and Building Materials PRECISION ENGRAVING Steel Marking Tool Specialists Congratulations Seniors 136 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Ron Johnson (517) 767-4188 KEEP MARTINSON Phone 767-4179 Tekonsha, Michigan TEKONSHA SPORT SHOPPE Team Sporting Goods Cutom Lettering Converse and Pony Shoes Iron-On Transfers Varsity Jackets Sport Cards and Supplies Over 600,000 baseball, football, basketball and hockey sport cards to choose from. 1952 to present. 517-767-3432 205 North Main Tekonsha, Ml 100 STUART AND STUART Attorneys at Law 121Vi W. Michigan Ave. Alfred P. Stuart (616)781-3928 Marshall, Mich. 49068 WOLVERINE MOTOR SUPPLY CO. See Us for Repair Parts for Autos, Trucks, and Agricultural Equipment Open Sat. Till 3 pm 103 E. Marshall Marshall, Michigan Phone: (616) 781-2830 Office Supplies Furniture Machines and Equipment MARSHALL OFFICE SUPPLIES 136 W. Michigan Marshall, Mich. 49068 Phone (616) 781-5459 Open 6 Days a Week Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ’83 MILLER-AALBREGTSE MEN’S WEAR 112 West Michigan Marshall, Ml 49068 INSURANCE AGENCY I 223 W. Mich. Ave., Marshall, Ml ■ 49068 Phone: (616) 781-8167 ■ Rep: Norma M Bachman Homeowners Farm Owners Commercial Auto and Life Say It Best With SARGENT’S FLOWERS 227 W. Michigan, Marshall, Ml LOUIE’S (£ ) BAKERY f 144 W. Michigan 1 Marshall, Michigan 1 Phone: 781-3542 4eroquip AEROQUIP CORPORATION INDUSTRIAL DIVISION Marshall Plant 406 S. Linden Street, Marshall, Michigan 49068 Phone: 616-781-3969 Congratulations Seniors PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION 828 N. Main SI., Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. 767-4151 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 914 North Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Karl Kincade Dean Atfeld Doug Rogers First in Farm Credit 102BROOKSIDE AUTO COMPANY Floyd Worden — President Glen Newton — Sales Lew Wells — Sales Car Sales, Rental and Leasing Burlington, Michigan Phone: 517-765-2184 GRANNY’S RESTAURANT 114 Main St. Burlington Home Cooked Food Home Made Pies Open 7 Days a Week 7-2 Fri. 5-9 Specializing in Quality Educational Musical Instruments and Repair Wholesale — Retail — Rentals 964-3711 Daily 10 to 6 • Sat. 10 ’Til 2 P.M. Since 1946 FERREE’S MUSIC SHOP New Address: 100 E. Columbia Ave. — Across From Cutrate Congratulations Seniors HAIR STYLES BY FERRARI 110 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan Phone: 781-2243104— Compliments of — SHOPPERS-GUIDE When You’re Scratching for Business Call 279-9764 or 279-9765 57 South Monroe S., Coldwater, Mich. 49036 BOBBY HANKINS MUSIC CITY Compliments of MAX LARSEN FORD 410 E. Chicago St. Coldwater, Mich. 49036 Phone 517-278-5661 SWICK TV SALES SERVICE 153 Division Coldwater, Ml 49036 Ph.: (517) 278-4060 278-4885 Coldwater RCA — Magnavox — GE — Whirlpool We service what we sell! Congratulations From if $ $ lt J EWtlRY Coidwatjr. Michic n 4 036 Ferris Industries Inc. 690 Marshall Rd. • Coldwater, Ml 49036 Complete Recreational Vehicle Service Showroom • Accessory Store Phone 517 278-5691 John D. Ferris David E. Ferris President Vice President Craig W. Dally TIRE CO. SCHWINN' oood vcar EKE 109 W. Chicago St. You Deserve 265 Capital Ave. S.W. Coldwater, Mich. 49036 the Battle Creek, Mich.49015 Ph. (517) 278-5639 Best Ph. (616) 962-9568 Compliments of GIRARD COUNTRY STORE in Downtown Girard Ph. 278-8003 105GAMBY CANDY CO. 425 Jay Street Coidwater, Michigan Phone: 278-5479 279-8448 279-8100 Candy — Tobacco Institutional and Retail Foods T-SHIRT-ALLEY 66 E. Chicago St. Coidwater, Ml 49036 (517)278-8101 Next to Main Theatre Shirts — Hats — Jackets — Athletic Uniforms Lettering — Special Art Work — Silk Screening — Embroidering WllburS —+UPH TLJPF Mr. THE CAROUSEL BRIDAL SHOPPE , '£ ’ The One Stop Wedding Shop 4-8 South Monroe St. Coidwater, Michigan 49036 Keith and Shirley Kirby 62 Division St. (517) 278-8093 Coidwater, Ml 49036 WOLVERINE PAINT AND WALLPAPER Wallpaper, Paint, Art Supplies 88 W. Chicago St. Coidwater, Ml CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE 38 N. Monroe Coidwater, Mich. Ph: 278-6575 “The grass withers, and the flower fades, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.” CARROLL’S SHOES Congratulations “Since 1877” Coidwater, Ml 49036 “A Perfect Fit Every Time” 3rd Floor Sound Room Pioneer — Techniques 34-36 W. Chicago St. Coidwater, Michigan 278-2664 106convenienc l 599 E. Chicago Coldwater, Ml Business 279-8650 Albright Builders Supply Corp. A COMPLETE HOME CENTER BUILDING MATERIALS • HARDWARE FLOOR COVERINGS • CABINETS APPLIANCES • PLUMBING • ELECTRICAL 8363 M-60 EAST Union City. Ml 49094 517-74 1-5791 BUICK-CHEVROLET INC.] Best Wishes PIZZA HUT TYSON BUICK-CHEVROLET, INC. 637 E. Chicago Rd. 278-5888 366 E. Chicago, Coldwater Dine in or Carry Out Try Our New Pan Pizza Coldwater, Ml KING ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC. MAXI MUFFLER Mark A. Henshaw ★ Exhaust ★Brakes ★Shocks KING Telephone 517 278-4518 652 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Phone -517 279-9290 423 E. Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml 49036 WHOLESALE ELECTRIC SUPPLIES THE NOW PRINTERS Dick and Fran Globke Owners — Operators 11 S. Hudson St. Coldwater, Ml 49036 (517) 278-4040 D D CYCLE Yamaha-Honda Sales and Service Duane Field 695 E. Chicago Road Duane Carpenter Coldwater, Michigan 49036 107REDMAN’S PAINTS WALLPEPER 127 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan Phone (616) 781-8366 " . . your phone opens our door" MARSHALL: (BIS) 7B1-91ES 106 E. MICHIGAN MARSHALL, MICHIGAN Compliments of Compliments of DAVID JEWELERS LAUTENSLAGER- LIPSEY 142 W. Michigan Ave., Marshall, Michigan 49068 David Jewelers Has Necklaces, Diamonds, Watches, and Other Fine Jewelry. MOORE INSURANCE AGENCY • Homeowners and Business Packages ★Auto ★ Life ★Fire ★Mobil Homes ★Boats and Motors ★Motorcycles ★Liability ★Workers Comp. ★Jewelry — Fur ★Art — Antiques ★Business Interruption Phone 616-781-4265 Closed Thurs. and Sat. P.M. Serving the Marshall Area for Three Generations 123 W. Michigan Marshall Televisions, Appliances, and Microwaves Locations in Albion and Marshall Compliments of BOSHEARS FORD SALES, INC. 15081 W. Michigan, Marshall, Michigan Phone: (616) 781-3981 108517-741-5035 HOOSER’S SERVICE SPECIAL TOUCH Gifts — Florist AFS Wire North Broadway Service Union City, Ml 49094 7 uijtyaJlue) HARDWARE STORES General Repairs Custom Exhaust Work 160 West Chicago Coldwater, Ml THE BUCKET MERCHANT’S HARDWARE INC. 205 Broadway Union City, Michigan 49094 517-741-8521 “Since 1927” 10 S. Coldwater Rd. Union City 741-5755 Dancing Friday and Saturday Jake and Mary Smith Let your taste decide. lake the Pepsi Challenge! 101 Treat Ave. Jobbers and Distributors Automotive Parts ARNOLD AUTO PARTS CO., INC. 20 East Chicago Coldwater, Michigan Phone (517) 278-2385 Coldwater, Ml Cedar Park ! Dave JoAnn Bartush KNIEF-HEATOR INSURANCE All Kinds Phone 517-741-5861 ll«l 2101 9 Mile Road Union City. Michigan 49094 Phone (517) 741-7004 215 N. Broadway Union City, Ml 49094 109CORNWELL’S TURKEY HOUSE “Home of the World’s Best Turkey Sandwich” Buttered Turkey Sandwich Turkey Salad Sandwich Smoked Turkey Sandwich Sloppy Tom Turkey Sandwich Turkey Dinner Turkey Dog Turkey Noodle Dinner Closed From Thanksgiving to March 1 15V2 Mile Rd. and N Drive North Marshall, Michigan SAME DAY SERVICE IF IN BY NOON YOUR WARDROBE WILL LOOK NICER AND LAST LONGER DRY CLEANED!" - SHIRT SERVICE RENTAL UNIFORMS HOURS MON THRU FAI SAT M PfiajeAdio+uU b'uf GUcutika 'A Se uMce. LEATHER SUE 01 ALTERATIONS REPAIRS ORAPERT CLEAN INC TWO UQUTl CL PA NIKS JUST NORTH Of SCHUlt« S 155 WEST MICHIGAN MARSHALL COHN! of f»G« Team Uniforms and Accessories Compliments of STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES “Team Sports Specialists” Nike Shoes and Clothing 117 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Michigan 49068 Dan Hiday (616)781-1176 MikeSequite “Like a Good Neighbor’’ Trek — Nishiki — BMX X-Country Skis and Rental Michigan Office 410 East Drive Marshall, Michigan 49069 PEDAL PUSHERS Bicycle Sales and Service 115 E. Michigan Avenue Richard Winfrey Marshall, Michigan 49068 (616) 781-6334 110ROCK CAFE Records and Tapes 116 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Ml 49068 781-4801 • We Buy and Sell Used Albums • Imports'Cutouts • Collector’s Items RONAN KUNZEL, Marshall, Michigan 49068 Compliments of Congratulations Class of 1983 INC. MILLIMAN AGENCY INC. 207 Main Street, Tekonsha, Michigan Business: 767-4422 Resident: 767-3316 K-MART Congratulations ’83 K-Mart (Your Saving Place) WAFFLE’S DAIRY KING Ernie and Billie Waffle Ph. 767-4488 M-60 at 1-69 Tekonsha, Michigan CRAIG K. KEMPF FUNERAL HOME 103 East Mansion Street, Marshall, Michigan 49068 C. K.Kempf (616)781-9858 Director Serving the Tekonsha-Marshall Area. Grand Opening ICE CREAM 209 Main Street, Tekonsha 1-517-767-3140 inBILL’S HAIR STYLISTS 212 W. Michigan Marshall Michigan Ph. 781-7877 Full Service Saloon Congratulations Seniors! LAVERNE SHIRLEY’S DINING AND COCKTAILS Marshall, Ml 49068 WOLVERINE MOTOR SUPPLY CO. See Us for Repair Parts for Autos, Trucks, and Agricultural Equipment 103 E. Marshall Marshall, Michigan Phone: (616) 781-2830 DARLING SONS (jkujtyaJZ N»H»now iiE stores 106 West Michigan Ave. Marshall, Michigan Phone 781-7921 Bob Hutchings . Manager CHEMICAL BANKV LANES Marshall 115 W. Drive South Marshall, Michigan 49068 1154 W. Michigan Ave. Open League Bowling Marshall, Michigan James E. Burtch 49068 Phone (616) 781-5176 President Cocktails and Beer (616) 781-3125 Congratulations to Class of “83” Compliments of TIDEY MOTOR HOLBROOK CLEVELAND’S MEN'S WEAR in “Friendly” Marshall SALES 128 W. Michigan Ave. 1201 W. Michigan Avenue Marshall, Mich. 49068 Marshall, Michigan 49068 Phone 781-5154 112Congratulations Class of 1983 HORTON GRAIN COMPANY 4510 65-27 North, Route 1, Tekonsha, Ml STUDENT COUNCILPAT’S FLOWERS AND GIFTS 714 South Hillsdale Street Homer, Michigan BRANCH INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Ins. Service Life — Health — Home Auto — Business Randy Heirnes 140 W. Main f,fJIO Homer, Ml 49245 Ph. 568-3457 - UAL Home: 568-3185 MICHIGAN J » SPORT PORT 122 W. Main Homer, Michigan 49245 Phone: 568-4104 Athletic Shoes and Accessories Fishing Equipment — Live Bait TERRY ANDERSON INSURANCE 130 W. Main Homer, Mich. 568-4342 ROWBOTHAM’S THE BALFOUR COMPANY ORCHARD Quality Fruit for Over 40 Years Class Rings and Announcements 807 Seventeenth Jackson, Michigan Compliments of 321 23 Mile Road Homer, Michigan 49245 DURRETT SHOES (Formerly Prestons) 7 E. Michigan Mall Battle Creek, Ml Ph: (616) 963-7085 114I Congratulations Class of “83” From the COLDWATER RECREATION BOWLING LANES JOHN CAIL FAMILY Liquor and Open Bowling Reservations for Parties: John, Elaine, Leonard, and Tanya ERNST SHOE BOX Your Complete Family Shoe Store 559 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Ml (517)767-5325 CZm mA- JCWCLRV Order Your Custom Made The Jeweler You Know — You Can Trust 39 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Ml Ph.: (517) 279-8379 With 2 to 4 Weeks Delivery Phone — 279-9452 7 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan 49036 CREATIVE SENIOR PORTRAITS In Every Person There Is a Beauty and a Sensitivity ... This Is What I Strive to Bring Out In My Portraiture. fAROUSE! 62 Division St. Coldwater, Michigan 115Compliments of MILLIMAN AGENCY INC. 207 Main Street, Tekonsha, Michigan Business: 767-4422 Resident: 767-3316 Congratulations Seniors! THE BALFOUR COMPANY CHEMICAL GROUP Class Rings and Announcements EMHART 807 Seventeenth Plant 1 and 2 Marshall, Ml Jackson, Michigan Be SHERWOOD’S PHARMACY Same Location Since 1866 Family Presceiption Center Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Phone 517 - 767-3474 Daniel W. Dobson, clu Clayton Sherwood Pharmacist FACA, ABDP 767-4506 Gretchen Stefanski Pharmacist 767-4280 Agent See Us for Your Life, Auto, Health, Home, Boat and Business Insurance Ph: 279-8071 59 S. Monroe, Coldwater 116Congratulations to the Class of 1983 TRIM PARTS, INC. 824 Industrial Road Marshall, Ml 49068 (616) 781-4297 TEKON TRUCK PLAZA Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 Ph. (517) 767-4646 1 • n Amoco Motor Fuel Restaurant Travel Store Featuring Breakfast and Dinner Specials Daily C. B. Equipment Open Seven Days a Week — 24 Hoursjim fisher PHOTOGRAPHY Senior Portraits Family Portraits Wedding Albums litJCPenney Men’s Plain £v"rY Pockets All our Plain Pockets for . men are here. 1 V ' Cords, Denims, boot-leg : V i or straight leg. The big i difference between A us and them is the pocket. And the i price. In 7 polyester cotton. Men’s sizes. Wes Rosenburg, Cold-water High School Phone: 517-279-8281 42 E. Chicago St., Coldwater 58 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan Go to the LION’S DEN BRANCH COUNTY BANK Coldwater Reading Sturgis Burr Oak Nottawa Member F.D.I.C. For the fashions you want. It's a whole shop devoted to clothes for young men only. of 52 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan 118Compliments of Compliments of C S CARTON PROGRESSIVE DYNAMICS, INC. KING WHOLESALE ELECTRIC SUPPIIES KING ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC. Telephone 517 278-4518 652 E. Chicago Road Coldwater, Michigan 49036 1191983 JOURNALISM NEWSPAPER STAFF ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In the hopeless quest of extending a hand of appreciation to all the faithful contributors who put forth their own special efforts toward the 1983 yearbook, we say a big "thank you."' Words can't express the sincere appreciation that we feel for our advisor, Mr. Paul Sweet, for all of his endless hours of work and supervision. Also, this year's yearbook staff deserves praise for all of their accomplishments, because without them, this book would not be. Pictures are what makes a yearbook special, and thanks to Mr. Ron Philbrick. We would also like to thank Mr. Lee Zimmerman, Taylor Publishing Company's representative. Especially in these trying times, we would like to offer a special thanks to all the advertisers, Patrons, and suscribers who have contributed toward this year's yearbook. Your financial aid and assistance are very much appreciated. All in all, we have enjoyed working on this yearbook and we sincerely hope it will bring many lasting memories. Thank you. Sincerely, Missy Langridge, Loren Phillips. 1983 INDIAN Co-Editors 120Autographs AutographsAutographsAutographsAutographsAutographsAutographsAutographs

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