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 THE 1980 INDIAN Rose D. Warwick High School Tekonsha, Michigan “The Times of Your Life”2CONTENTS Opening 1 Activities 11 Athletics 27 Organizations 65 Classes 71 Administration 81 Faculty 85 Seniors 95 Juniors 111 Sophomores 115 Freshmen 119 Junior High 123 Elementary 131 Advertisers and Patrons 143 Acknowledgements 163 Senior Activities 164 Closing 166 INDIAN Staff 168 Good morning yesterday. You wake up, and time has slipped away, And suddenly it’s hard to find The memories you left behind. Remember, do you remember? 34610(Top Left) Seniors, Doug Meyers and Marie Waffle, work hard for a first place float. (Top Right) Seventh grade representatives Shelly Myers and Marty Shaffer are presented to the crowd during half time. (Above) The cheerleaders raise the spirit of the already excited crowd as the team goes into its fifth overtime! (Right) The students fire up for a victory during the assembly. Opposite Page: (Top) Scott Waffle (81) squeezes past two Spartan defenders to complete an Indian pass (Middle) Homecoming King Myron Wolcott and Queen Bobbette Lamb walk towards the stage where they’ll be formally crowned (Bottom Left) The seniors took first place for the fifth time with their float "The THS Skunk." (Bottom Right) Shelly George picks up some yardage for the junior gals, as many senior players follow in hot pursuit. 12Homecoming An Eventful Week This year's Homecoming, sponsored by the class of "81,” will be remembered for many years to come, especially in the hearts of King Myron Wolcott and Queen Bobbette Lamb. They were chosen by the student body, and the final selection was announced at a special assembly held on September 21. During the fun-filled week, the traditional events took place. The cheerleaders sponsored a snake dance through town ending at the school where they held the annual bonfire and a Mellow Yellow chug contest between the members of the court. The contest was won by the freshman attendants. The long-awaited Homecoming day was September 28. The pep rally was held in the gym, afterwards the parade traveled through Main Street, ending at the school. The senior girls took on the junior girls in the powder puff football game with the seniors coming out on top, 7-0. At the game, a half time show presented class floats, the king and queen, and their court. The senior class took first place in the float competition. After five grueling overtimes, the tired Indians were rewarded with a Homecoming victory over the Spartans, 21-18! After the game, the king and queen were formally crowned by last year's royalty, Mark Eberts and Annette Brewer, at the dance, “Three Times a Lady.” 13Homecoming Bobi and Myron Reign Over Events The 1980 Homecoming Queen Bobbette Lamb and King Myron Wolcott. Senior attendant Marlene Friend and escort Doug Saltzgaber. Senior attendant Vickie Sisco and escort Kevin Webber. 14Junior attendant Jill Blake and escort Sophomore attendant Nanc ompson Freshman attendant Brenda White and Bob Wiescholek. and escort Tony Jenkins. escort Scott Reincke 15Fall Festival Another Big Hit On November 16, the annual Fall Festival took place with classes and organizations sponsoring different money-making booths. Again this year, the Festival was a big hit. (Top) Glorie Tetreault, shoots tor a Pepsi, at the eighth grade booth. (Middle) Students participate in the juniors' football throw. (Bottom Left) Brenda Salyer, of the art class sells pieces of art. (Bottom Right) Susan George, sells "Luvkins and Bells” for the journalism class. 16Spirit Day Spirits Boosted The Student Council sponsored the annual Spirit Day on January 25. Class competition was held to boost school spirit for the basketball season. Some of the activities included a window decorating contest, spider crawl, basketball bounce, “name that tune,” pyramid building, and run and jump rope. The competition ended in a tie, with the seniors and the freshmen sharing the overall win. (Top Left) Members of the freshman class struggle to make a pyramid in the shortest time. (The sophomores took first place.) (Above Left) Contestants in the wheelbarrow race make their way down the court. (Above) Do these "creatures" look like spiders? They're in the spider crawl! (Left) One of the most difficult competitions was this event, the inchworm. 17Cabaret THS Presents ‘Showboat’ The Student Council, once again, put together the annual Cabaret held April 26. The 1980 Cabaret theme was "Showboat." Mistress and master of ceremonies, Ann Casebeer and Jack Woods, led the program of various talents consisting of singing, dancing, skits and music. There were also refreshments sold at intermissions. The Student Council, led by advisors Mrs. Vilma Carlson and Mr. Wayne Mason, put a lot of effort into "Showboat” and as a result had a fine show. (Top) Mistress and master of ceremonies, Ann Casebeer and Jack Woods, welcome the audience to "Showboat." (Above) Gloria Tetreault opens the show with the song "Cabaret.” (Middle) Marlene Friend does a baton routine to " I Love the Nite Life," played by the Stage Band. (Above Flight) Carrie Devenney and Lori Beam play a flute duet "Battle Hymn of the Republic," in tribute to the American hostages. (Flight) Jerry McAfee sings "Elcondor Pasa." 18(Top Left) Mary Groholske is "Getting Ready to Go Out,” and has the help of some very peculiar hands (that belong to Jack Woods). (Top Right) Brian McFadden sings. ‘ It's a Small World,” in his Disney patriotic hat. (Middle Left) Shawn Tetreault seems to have some inner parts messed up after Brandon Shilling and Dwayne Feltner performed “The Operation." (Above) Nadine Goheen shows her talent singing "Blue Tail Fly." (Left) The varsity cheerleaders do a routine to "Shake Your Groove Thing ” 19Cabaret The Show Goes On Top Left) Amber Warner sings "Take a Chance on Me." (Top Right) Christine Cappella, Cindy Wilson and Betsy Pulsipher inquire about a pet by singing "How Much is That Doggy in the Window." (Above) The "Dixie Clodhoppers." Bill Wiescholek. Randy Cole and Brent Cole. Pick a little Bluegrass. (Right) Kermit the Frog (Laurie Duckett) sings. "Rainbow Connection" to Miss P'ggy 20(Top Left) Mike Hall plays a piano solo, "You Needed Me.” (Top Right) Ann Casebeer sings "I Just Fall in Love Again.” (Middle) The Stage Band, directed by Mr. Kevin McMullin, plays one of their five numbers. (Above) Gloria Tetreault and cast members, joined by the audience, sing "God Bless America" in honor of the American hostages. 21Prom and Banquet ‘Stairway to Heaven’ The annual Prom and Banquet honoring the 1980 seniors was held May 24, at the Cold-water Country Club. The juniors chose "Stairway to Heaven" as the theme. Approximately 125 students, faculty, and administration attended. Mrs. Daisy Allman, retired elementary teacher, was the guest speaker. Music was provided by "Bones.” (Top) Junior class president, Scott Waffle, points out the order in which the tables will proceed through the food line. (Right) Speaker, Mrs. Daisy Allman, reminisces about her years as a fourth grade teacher. Seated beside her are senior class advisor, Mrs. Sally Hammond, junior class president, Scott Waffle, and senior class president. Kathryn Eberts' date, Bob Sobie. 22(Right) Senior class president, Kathryn Eberts, speaks for the senior class. (Middle) Students hungrily head through the food line. (Bottom Left) Students, administration, and faculty relax after the banquet. (Below) The 1980 Prom cake donated by Mrs. Gladys Pileri 23Prom and Banquet Dancing to the Music by ‘Bones’ 24Opposite Page: (Top) Marlene Friend and her date, Phil Clark, are taking a moment to listen to the music of "Bones." (Middle Left) Vickie Sisco and her date, Randy Powell, take time out to have a little talk. (Middle Right) Daryl Cummins pauses from dancing to laugh. (Bottom) Couples enjoy the dinner provided by the Coldwater Country Club. This Page: (Top) Couples are dancing to the music provided by "Bones." (Left) Corrine Cole and Tommy Upston enjoy the night of dancing. (Above) Teachers, as well as students, enjoy the dance floor. 25Spring Play Play a Success Under the direction of Mrs. Carlene Zollner, the play, Arsenic and Old Lace, went very well. The cast members worked for two months getting prepared for their debut. The play evolves around the Brewster family, who is involved in murder. The play was presented March 28 and 29, with excellent community attendance. Linda Fishen was presented the Drama Award this year. (Top Left) "Lieutenant Rooney" complains to "Mortimer” about the criminally insane (Top Right) Director Mrs. Carlene Zollner poses for a picture. (Far Top) "Dr. Einstein" enters the Brewster home in a cautious manner. (Above) "Mortimer” gives his fiancee. "Elaine," a good night kiss. (Far Right) "Abby" and "Martha" explain to "Mortimer" their methods of killing old men. (Right) "Teddy" is about to charge on San Juan Hill. CAST: Officer Brophy (Loren Phillips), Teddy Brewster (Jerry McAtee). Director — Mrs. Carlene Zollner, Dr. Einstein (Jimmy O'Dell), Officer Klein (Kim Myers), Abby Brewster (Kristy Berger-son), Lieutenant Rooney and Rev. Dr. Harper (Jack Woods), Martha Brewster (Linda Fishen), Officer O'Hara (Richie Yates), Mr. Witherspoon and Mr. Gibbs (Eric Cappella), Jonathan Brewster (Tom Upston), Elaine Harper (Jane Shedd), Mortimer Brewster (Bob Wies-cholek). 26Varsity Football A Year for Victories This year, the varsity football team put together a winning record of 5 wins and 4 losses — the first since "66." This year's team had three shutouts which showed the fine defensive performances by each player on the team. The offense and defense combined effectively to win the last three games of the season. The team also had the experience in playing in two overtime games. One of the games the Indians lost to Pittsford in two overtimes by a score of 29 to 28. The other game was played on Homecoming night against Waldron. The Indians pulled out a victory on a deciding field goal 21 to 18 ending the five-overtime struggle. The Indians tied for third place in the conference along with North Adams and Pittsford. Five Indian seniors received post season foot- ball honors. Tim Caputo was selected as a linebacker on the following teams: All-Conference, All-Area, and All-State Honorable Mention. Tim Jenkins was named to the following teams: All-Conference, All-Area, and All-State Honorable Mention for his play at offensive end. He also received All-Area Honorable Mention for his play at halfback. Bruce White was picked to the following teams: All-Conference, All-Area, and All-State Honorable Mention for his performance at offensive guard. He also was chosen defensive tackle on the All-Conference Team. Doug Saltz-gaber made the All-Area Honorable Mention Team as quarterback along with John O’Dell for his act at offensive end. This year was very satisfying for both players and coaches. 28m M M T: » S A amk YDS. TO 60 QTR. JWF I'J.ittHA TLKUNStiK iiV rr i HA mkM ■rf± aa te 8 AT 7 1 "lktoism gg VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: (Back) Coach Robert Tyckoski, Bob Wiescholek. Todd Sherwood, Tim Jenkins, Daryl Cummins, Scott Waffle. Bruce White. Tim Caputo. Doug Saltzga-ber, Assistant Coach Reid Waffle. (Front) Mgr. Brian Saltzga- ber, Brian Aldrich, Myron Wolcott. Floyd Siegel. Doug Kemp-ton, John O’Dell. Scott Doolittle, Bill Wiescholek, Tim Beam, Mgr. Brad White. TEKONSHA VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES THS Centreville e Military Pittsfb d (2 OT) Waldron (5 OT) Litchfield orth Adams den-Frontier V f League Playoffs' Camden-Frontie urr Oak A ! V '$ . - 9 f Opposite Page: (Left) Tim Beam is used as a messenger for Coach Tyckoski to send in plays to the offensive unit back on the field. (Right) Tri-Captains. Tim Caputo. Tim Jenkins and Doug Saltzgaber are pictured with Coach Waffle and Coach Tyckoski. This Page: (Above) Exhausted Daryl Cummins, Bruce White, Tim Caputo and Doug Saltzgaber still find enough energy to take time out and pose for this picture after their five-overtime victory against Waldron 29Varsity Football Homecoming Brings Overtimes (Right) Tim Caputo is about to relay words of encouragement to players back on the field (Middle) Cheerleaders help boost the spirits of fans while their team enters another overtime during Homecoming action (Lower Left) Todd Sherwood loses the handle on the ball momentarily (Lower Right) Myron Wolcott (44) escapes the grasp of one Waldron player as he turns up field looking for a place to runSENIORS: (Back) Tim Jenkins. Daryl Cummins. Bruce White. O'Dell. Myron Wolcott. Floyd Siegel. Doug Kempton. Tim Caputo. Doug Saltzgaber (Front) Bill Wiescholek. John (Above) Doug Saltzgaber (7) eliminates any further yardage on this play, while Todd Sherwood (22) and Scott Doolitte (71) follow close just to make sure. (Left) Tim Jenkins (89) catches a pass, but ends up with more problems on his hands 31J.V. Football Team Gains Valuable Experience This year, the J.V. football team tied for third in the league with a 2-3 record, 2-4 overall. The team played a hard and exciting season with only one game being determined by more than one touchdown. Although injury ridden most of the season, the team of 12 sophomores and 13 freshmen gained much valuable experience. 32JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: (Back) Assistant Coach Curt Shaffer, Todd Brown, Leonard Cail. Mark Warner, Tony Jenkins. Tim Katz, Rod Rocco, Dan Stuart, Kevin Klingaman, Lee Friend, Kevin Wolcott, Billy Michielson. Coach Norman Taylor. (Front) Dave Stayner. Fred Doolittle. David Wooden. Scott Reincke, Butch Neal. Kevin George. Russell Weimer, L. J. Goheen, Scot Thornton, David Sweet. Brian Beam. Manager Marty Shaffer. (Not Pictured) Jeff Summerfield Opposite Page: (Top) Scot Thornton (24) is denied a touchdown by a Camden-Frontier defender. (Middle) Managers, players, and coaches wait impatiently while teammates execute another play (Bottom Right) Rod Rocco (80) attempts to bring down a Camden rusher. (Bottom Left) David Sweet (82) makes his move as he turns up field. This Page: (Bottom) Tony Jenkins smothers a running back in late quarter action. 33A Season of Accomplishments Wrestling The 1979-80 high school wrestling team faced another year of many defeats as a team, but individually there were many wins. With mostly first and second year wrestlers, the team showed steady improvement as the season progressed. Injuries and not being able to fill all the weight divisions were the team's weaknesses. Only being Tekonsha's fourth year for a wrestling team, there were many records set. As a team they tied for fifth at an invitational tournament, bringing home two first places, and a fourth place. Floyd Siegel was the only wrestler to qualify for the state tournament. There, he tied for fifth place out of eight competitors. Floyd also set the school record for the most wins in one season. He finished with 19 wins and 12 losses. Steve Bennett gets a confident grin on his face as he takes his Concord opponent to a pin position. in n«7l foaaVtt WRESTLING TEAM; (Back) Coach Robert Tyckoski, Floyd Webber, Tim Wright, Greg Straub, John Coffman, Bob Wies-Siegel. Doug Kempton, Steve Bennett, Jack Woods, Eric Cap- cholek. (Not Pictured) Mark SummerMti. pella, Manager Kirk Adams. (Front) Harold O'Dell, Martin 34SENIOR WRESTLERS: Floyd Siegel. Doug Kempton and Jack Woods MT (Left) Floyd Siegel works the legs of his Concord opponent in an attempt to turn him over. (Above) Mark Summerfield and his opponent obtain a position where both are in equal danger of being pinned 35Varsity Basketball A First for THS For the first time since joining the SCAA in 1964, the varsity basketball team won the league championship. The Indians won the title in the last game of the season by defeating defending SCAA champion, Litchfield. Before playing Litchfield, the Indians had beaten every league team twice except Litchfield, who they had lost to in their first meeting. But before a packed house at Tekonsha, the Indians came through with a victory to win the championship, outright. Three players received post season honors this year. Doug Saltzgaber was named to the All-League first team, selected for the All-Area Battle Creek Enquirer and News team, and also received Honorable Mention All-State from both Detroit Free Press and the UPI. Saltzgaber led the Indians in points with 355 for a 16.9 per game average, steals with 62 and assists with 72. The 62 steals also broke a school record. Tim Jenkins was named to the All-League first team and received Honorable Mention All-Area from the Battle Creek Enquirer and News. Jenkins had 107 defensive rebounds to lead the team and was second in scoring with 243 points for a 11.6 per game average. Kevin Webber was named to the All-League second team. Webber had 235 points for an 11.2 per game average, and had 56 assists and 46 steals to rank second on the team in both categories. All in all, it was a good year for all the players. The team, under the direction of coach Larry Stout, finished with a fine 15-6 record which is the best record in many years. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: (Standing) Coach Larry Stout, Tim Caputo. Mark Klingaman, Ted Groholske, Scott Waffle, Tim Jenkins, Manager Brent Runyon. (Kneeling) Doug Saltzgaber, Todd Sherwood, Bruce White, Tony Jenkins, Kevin Webber. 36(Left) The team takes time out to pose for a picture while celebrating their league championship. (Bottom Left) Doug Saltzgaber (40) goes up for two in the game against Litchfield. 37(Top Left) Doug Saltzgaber lays up the ball over the outstretched arm of a Centreville opponent. (Top Right) Ted Gro-holske (24) and a Litchfield opponent jump for a rebound. (Left) Kevin Webber goes high to lay the ball in against Centreville. (Above) Kevin Webber (10) and a Litchfield Terrier scramble after a loose ball while Doug Saltzgaber looks on 38Varsity Basketball SCAA League Champs! TEKDNSHk1 xoksh » Mnski fEKQHSHi tVHSHl INDIANS (Top Left) Tim Jenkins (42) goes up with a jump shot. (Top Right) Ted Gro-holske yanks down a rebound. (Above) The crowd cheers the Indians on to victory. (Left) SENIOR PLAYERS: Tim Caputo. Doug Saltzgaber. Mark Klinga-man, Tim Jenkins. Kevin Webber. Bruce White. 39J.V. Basketball Team Builds for the Future The 1979-80 JV basketball season wasn’t easy for this year’s squad. The team took part in an 18-game schedule and finished the season with eight wins. The schedule consisted of ten league games. The team’s league record was five wins and five losses. This record was good enough to finish third place in league play. The team's coach, Mr. Tony Bowling, said, “The latter part of the season showed some potential.’’ JV BASKETBALL SCORES THS OPP. 52 Centreville 61 40 North Adams 47 mmf 48 Camden-Frontier 44 53 Mendon 63 47 Waldron 36 54 Howe 30 24 Pittsford 35 58 £ Burr Oak 36 35 Camden-Frontier f Jonesville J jl Litchfield Colbn 38, 25 49 4 47 | 27 2 52 North Adams 50 Burr Oak 26 39 Waldron 24 60 Colon 62 49 Pittsford 38 55 Litchfield 38 JV BASKETBALL TEAM: (Standing) Coach Tony Bowling, Dave Stayner. Kevin George. (Kneeling) Mgrs Dean Stayner. Scot Thornton, Mark Warner, Bill VanHoose, David Sweet. Tod Rocco. Kevin Klingaman. Harold Kemp. Tony Jenkins, Frank LaFond, 40Freshman Basketball FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCORES Camden-Frontier North Adams Waldron Pittsford BurrOak en-Frontier Litchfiefd Litchfield Colon North Adams BurrOak Waldron Sand Creek Pittsford Waldron Pittsford League Champs! This year’s freshman basketball team, coached by Mr. Norman Taylor, had a very successful season. The team posted a ten win, six loss record overall and a win-loss record of eight and two in the league. With this record, the squad won the league championship. The last two games of the season, the team took part in a freshman tournament. The team was eliminated in the third round by league foe, Pittsford. Coach Norman Taylor commented, “We had a very good season, the boys worked hard and were very dedicated." FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: (Standing) Scot Reincke, Bill Michielsen, Leonard Cail. Rod Rocco, Lee Friend. Jerry Ford, Kevin Wolcott, Coach Norman Taylor. (Kneeling) Jett Summerfield, Todd Brown, Fred Doolittle, Gordon Grinnell, Jeff Ford. Randy Harrison. Opposite Page: (Top) Bill VanHoose (20) struggles for possession of the basketball (Middle) Dave Stayner (3) dribbles past his opponents, the Litchfield Terriers, on his way to the hoop. This Page: (Above) A jump ball with Rod Rocco (42) and his opponent starts a game filled with excitement (Bottom Left) Todd Brown (44) puts up this jump shot late in the third period, while teammates rush for the rebound. 41VARSITY TRACK TEAM: (Back) Bruce White. Doug Saltzga-ber, Rod Rocco, Ted Groholske, Tim Katz, Brian Aldrich, David Sweet, Coach Robert Currie. (Middle) Mgr Ritchie Yates. Gary White. Arron Kevwitch. Allen Hines. Jim Kelly, Frank LaFond, David Wooden. Mgr. Scott Mendelsohn. (Front) John Davis. Loren Phillips, Jack Woods. Scott Reincke. (Top Left) Ted Groholske has determination written on his face while he attempts to beat a Litchfield runner. (Top Right) Jack Woods and Loren Phillips execute a handoff in their event, the 880 yard relay. (Right) Scott Reincke, shows his form in the long jump. Opposite Page: (Top) Ted Groholske clears the bar easily early in the high jump competition. (Middle) Arron Kevwitch is over the first hurdle in his event, the 120 yard high hurdles 42Track Members Achieve Personal Goals This year's boys’ track team had a slow start due to key injuries, but finished strong in the league meet. Everyone who participated beat their personal best, and Coach Robert Currie was very pleased. Ted Groholske was the only member who qualified to go to the Tri-League Champions Meet by finishing second in the league meet in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:05.2. He placed fifth in the Tri-League Champions Meet held at Quincy, running against some tough competition from area schools. Coach Currie commented, "We had a tough season, but the boys worked hard and achieved many of their pre-season goals." SENIOR TRACK MEMBERS: (Back) Arron Kevwitch, Bruce White, Doug Saltzgaber. Jack Woods. (Front) John Davis, Allen Hines, Jim Kelly, Gary White. 43Varsity Baseball SCAA League Champions! VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: (Back) Coach Larry Stout. Tony Beam, John O'Dell. Kevin Webber. Floyd Siegel. Manager Jim Jenkins, Tim Jenkins, Scott Waffle, Todd Sherwood, Tim O'Dell. Caputo, Doug Saltzgaber (Front) Manager Brent Runyon, Tim The 1980 boys’ varsity baseball team, coached by Mr. Larry Stout, had a very successful season winning 21 and only losing 5. The 21 wins and 5 losses is the best overall record compiled in the school's history. During the season, the team won the Tekonsha Invitational Tournament beating Jonesville, 13 to 3, and winning the championship game against Homer, 2 to 1. The highlight of the season came when the Indians split a double-header with the class B Coldwater, 1 to 5 and 11 to 8. In the pre- district game, the Indians beat Mendon on their own field, 7 to 0. In their first game of districts, the Indians defeated Battle Creek St. Phillip 5 to 2. Floyd Siegel extended his pitching record to 9 wins and 1 loss. In the district final, the Indians quest for a state title came to an end losing to Cli-max-Scotts, 6 to 3. Tim Jenkins won the Highest Batting Average trophy batting 397. Floyd Siegel was voted by his team as the Most Valuable Player.(Above) Tim Caputo’s form is caught on camera as he fires a blazing fast ball. (Top Right) Scott Waffle beats out a throw to third base (Middle) Doug Saltzgaber (22) camps under a fly ball as Tim Caputo (21) and Todd Sherwood watch. (Right) Kevin Webber slides safely into home. 45Varsity Baseball Seniors Play Key Roles SENIOR PLAYERS: (Back) Tim Jenkins, Tim Caputo, Doug Saltzgaber, Floyd Siegel. (Front) John O'Dell, Kevin Webber. VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES IS OPP 3 Athens 5 12 Centreville 6 2 Centreville 3 11 Burr Oak 6 7 Burr Oak 3 9 North Adams 3 12 North Adams 5 6 Homer 1 7 Homer 3 7 Camden-Frontier 6 9 Camden-Frontier 2 3 Litchfield 4 4 Litchfield 1 11 Waldron 0 11 Waldron 1 13 Jonesville 3 9 Homer 1 1 Coldwater 5 11 Coldwater 8 14 Pittsford 1 11 Pittsford 1 9 Homer 3 11 Homer 3 7 Mendon 0 5 St. Phillip 2 3 Climax-Scotts 6 Floyd Siegel throws a strike during practice. Hoepf, Marshall Evening Chronicle.) (Photo Courtesy of Tom 46J.V. Baseball JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: (Back) Tony Jenkins. Scot Thornton. Mark Warner. Rod Rocco, Lee Friend. Martin Webber. Scott Reincke. Dave Sweet. Coach Norm Taylor. (Front) Fred Doolittle, Butch Neal. Brian Beam. Gordon Grinnell, Kevin George. Todd Brown. Jeff Summerfield. Harold Kemp. 3L JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES THS OPP. 16 Burr Oak 8 6 Union City 17 Vi Colon 13 4 Centreville 10 13 Homer 12 7 Colon 8 3 Mich. Center 6 2 Hanover-Horton 13 7 Homer 17 (Right) Brian Beam watches as he gets a hit. (Top) Harold Kemp takes a big swing. (Middle) Butch Neal throws a curve ball. 47Cheerleaders Squads Go to Camp The 1979-80 cheerleading squads had a fine year cheering the varsity basketball boys on to the SCAA championship. The varsity and junior varsity basketball cheerleaders went to Western Michigan University at the Nation-Wide Cheerleading Camp. The freshmen went to the Wak-eshma Camp. During every Friday night, the cheerleaders sponsored a cake raffle during half time of the varsity game. VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Jane Shedd, Vickie Sisco, Susan George, Gloria Tetreault, Shelly George, Jamie Sisco JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: Verlie Stefan, Lynette Selby, Michon Hampton, Toni Reimer, LeAnn Mattson. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Dori Richar, Lori White, Michelle Caputo, Brenda White, DeAnn Johnson 48(Top) VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: Gloria Tetreault, Shelly George. Jamie Sisco. Debbie Reincke. Vickie Sisco. Susan George. Jane Shedd. (Left Middle) VARSITY SENIORS: Vickie Sisco and Debbie Reincke. (Above) Advisor Mrs. Betty Shank. Mascots Joe Hinspeter and Missy Warner. (Below) JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: LeAnn Mattson. Verli Stefan. Toni Reimer. Cathy Flynn. Michon Hampton, Lynette Selby. 49VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: (Front) Michelle George, Susan George, Gloria Tetreault, Kim Bennett. (Back) Coach Coleen Wendel, Verli Stefan, Lyn-ette Selby. Jane Shedd, Marlene Friend, Kim Reincke, Mgr. LeAnn Selby. (Above) Shelly George dribbles down the court to make two points for the team. (Right) Verli Stefan (31) goes up for a lay up. Opposite Page: (Top) Lynette Selby (22) shoots for two points. (Bottom) Gloria Tetreault dribbles down the court for two points while Kim Bennett (11) and Kim Reincke (44) wait to assist her. 50Varsity Basketball Girls Tie for League Championship "Spirited" is how Coach Coleen Wendel described the girls' varsity basketball team. "No matter how far behind we were, the girls never gave up, often fighting back and winning. The girls’ enthusiasm, desire and cooperation made this team the most enjoyable basketball season I have ever coached,” said Coach Coleen Wendel. The girls tied with Litchfield for the SCAA Champion. It was the first championship in Tek-onsha's girls' basketball history. Their win-loss record was 13-7. Lynette Selby and Verli Stefan were named to the all-league first team and Susan George to the second team. 51Varsity Basketball Spirited Team Fights Back and Wins! Mendon Litchfield Valdron Colon j 'ISTRICTI Burr Oak lentreWT? GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Waldron (Top) SENIOR PLAYERS: Kim Bennett and Marlene Friend. (Above) Tekonsha and Waldron players wait to rebound the ball. 52(Above) Verli Stefan jumps against her Waldron opponent for the ball. (Left) Kim Reincke (44) shoots for two while Lynette Selby (25) waits for the rebound. 53J.V. Basketball An Average Season for Team This year’s 1979-80 J.V. girls’ basketball team had a successful season of eight wins and nine losses. The team, coached by Mr. Tony Bowling, finished one game under the .500 mark. In the conference, the squad had a competitive six wins and four losses which finished third behind North Adams and Camden-Frontier. They were a young team with only three sophomores and seven freshmen. zms , GIRLS' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: (Standing) Thompson, Nina Meiring (Front) Mgr Mary Stites. Coach Michelle Caputo. Lori White. Dori Richar. Brenda White. Tony Bowling, Mgr Lynnette Thompson LeAnn Waffle. DeAnn Johnson, Kathy Lessman, Nancy 54Opposite Page: (Top) Brenda White (43) takes advantage ol Waldron defenders as she attempts this jump shot This Page (Left) DeAnn Johnson (35) is able to get off a shot while teammates are battling for the offensive rebound (Bottom Left) Brenda White makes her move past two Waldron opponents (Below) Michelle Caputo (30) finds herself driving baseline in hopes she'll score JV GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCORES THS 9 124 26 OPP. olon Men don Homer 4 23 Centreville 34 AthensjW 14 North Adams 44 Pittsford 29 Camden-Frontier 25 Mendon i Litchfield Waldron 25 North Adams 25 Pittsford 35 Camden-Frontier 34 Litchfield 28 Waldron 25 Colon m , 55Varsity Volleyball Tournament Held This year, the varsity volleyball team turned out with 15 wins and 8 losses. The team consisted of four seniors, five juniors, and two sophomores. This year, the volleyball team held their first volleyball tournament at THS consisting of eight teams — Homer, Tekonsha, Law-ton, N. Adams, Bronson, Quincy, Burr Oak, and Centreville. Opposite Page (Left) Kim Bennett attempts to return the volleyball to the opponents (Right) Kim Reincke jumps up for a spike This Page (Top) SENIOR PLAYERS: Kim Bennett. Melaine Doolittle. Kathryn Eberts, and Marlene Friend. (Above) Lynette Selby (25) sets the volleyball for Melaine Johnson while Marlene Friend (21) looks on. (Right) Lynette Selby attempts to bump the volleyball. 56VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Manager Shannon Swick, Reincke. Kim Bennett. Nina Meiring. Manager Shelly Myers. Jamie Sisco, Jane Olds, Robin Doolittle, Melaine Doolittle, Coach Coleen Wendel. (Not Pictured)Kathryn Eberts. Marlene Friend, Melaine Johnson, Lynette Selby, Kim VARSITY VOLLEYBALL RECORD ib Centreville Mendon Litchfield Litchfield Waldron Waldron Pittsford Pittsford Camden Camden Mendon N. Adam; N. Adams Litchfield Litchfield Waldron Waldron Pittsford Pittsford Camden Camden N Adams N Adams won loss 57J.V. Volleyball Team Has Satisfying Year This year, the junior varsity volleyball team consisted of one junior, eight sophomores, and four freshmen. Considering there were only three returning, the team had a satisfying year by winning seven and losing six matches. The junior varsity team was coached by Miss Coleen Wendel. JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Manager Shelly Coach Coleen Wendel. Dawn Klingaman, Sharon Sellers. Myers. Sharon Pullen. Brenda Lessman. Nancy Thompson. Cathy Flynn. Deana Yates. Tina Foote. LeAnn Mattson. Man- Judy McAtee. Melanie McFadden. Toni Reimer. LeAnn Waffle. ager Shannon Swick. 58J.V. VOLLEYBALL Centreville Mendon Litchfield Waldron Pittsford Camden Mendon N.Adams Litchfield Waldron Pittsford Camden N. Adams Opposite Page Nancy Thompson and Cathy Flynn compete to return the volleyball. This Page (Top) Nancy Thompson (31) jumps high to return the volleyball to the other side while Brenda Lessman looks on. (Left) Sharon Pullen gets set for a bump. 59Track Best Record Ever The girls' track team, under the direction of Tony Bowling, posted their best record ever this year. The girls finished with a 6 win and 3 loss overall record and a 5-1 league record. They finished in third place in the league. Three school records were broken this year. Marlene Friend broke her own high jump record as she leaped 5'Vi" inches. Kim Bennett also broke her own record in the 110 hurdles with a time of 17.1 seconds. The mile relay team of Angela Ray, Susan George, Dori Richar, and Kathryn Eberts also broke a school record with a time of 4:37. Four girls qualified for the Tri-League meet this year. Kim Bennett qualified in the 110 hurdles, the long jump and was also a member of the 440 relay. The other members of the 440 relay were Marlene Friend, Lori White and Vickie Sisco. One girls qualified for the state meet as Marlene Friend tied for third in the regional to qualify for the state meet in the high jump. (Top Right) Marlene Friend hands off to Verli Stefan for the third leg of the 440 relay. (Middle Left) Nancy Thompson breaks the string first in the 880. (Middle Right) Michon Hampton gets ready to throw the shot put. (Right) Kim Bennett and Kathryn Eberts battle for first place in the 220 hurdles. 60GIRLS' VARSITY TRACK THS SCORES OPP 38 Homer 84' a 31 Athens 92 65 Climax 4 54 94 Bellevue 29 86 r 112 North Adams 61 Waldron 33 89 Camden 57 78 Pittsford 69 63 Litchfield 83 (Top Left) SENIOR TRACK MEMBERS Vickie Sisco, Kathryn Eberts. Marlene Friend. Kim Bennett (Top Right) Marlene Friend shows her school record form in the high jump. (Middle Right) Verli Stefan and Vickie Sisco push to catch the leader in the 100. (Left) VARSITY TRACK TEAM: (Front) Nina Meir-ing, Manager Sue Wooden, Shelly George, Tina Foote. Kim Bennett, Brenda Salyer. Lorie White. Manager Lisa Ray. (Middle) Kim Myers, Lynette Selby. Caryn Stites. Verli Stefan, Vickie Sisco. Susan George. Gloria Tetreault. Nancy Thompson. (Back) Manager Darcy Kevwitch, Dawn Klingaman, Cheryl Doolittle. LeAnn Waffle, Dori Richar. Marlene Friend, Kathryn Eberts. Michon Hampton. Angela Ray. Toni Reimer. Chris Fowler, Coach Tony Bowling. 61Sports Banquet Three Chosen as Top Athletes On June 5, the annual Sports Banquet was held in the THS gym. The Booster Club sponsored the event while the school cooks furnished the meal. Kim Bennett, Doug Saltzgaber and Tim Jenkins were chosen as Athletes of the Year. Other awards that were earned throughout the year were presented: Football: The Steve Weller Award went to Jeff Summerfield; Most Valuable Back, Tim Jenkins; Most Valuable Lineman, Bruce White; Most Improved, Bill Wiescholek. Girls’ Basketball: Most Valuable, Lynette Selby; Most Dedicated, Susan George; Most Improved, Jane Shedd. Boys’ Basketball: Most Valuable, Doug Saltzgaber; Most Improved, Kevin Webber; Sharp Shooter, Ted Groholske. Wrestling: Most Aggressive, Floyd Siegel; Most Dedicated, Bob Wiescholek. Volleyball: Most Valuable, Kim Bennett; Most Improved, Mel Doolittle. Boys' Track: Most Outstanding, Ted Groholske; Most Dedicated, Gary White. Girls’ Track: Most Valuable, Kim Bennett; Most Improved, Nancy Thompson. Varsity Baseball: Most Valuable, Floyd Siegel; Highest Batting Average, Tim Jenkins. The Cheerleading Award went to senior, Vickie Sisco. Winners for the Freethrow Marathon for the most baskets were: Anita Turley and Brian Saltzgaber; Tim Fogel brought in the most pledges and money in the elementary; Missy Langridge, Vern Prater, Denise Richardson brought in the most money in the junior high; Verli Stefan and Todd Sherwood, Lynette Selby, most money in the high school; Rex Rainey, most money paid out. The Louis Pervine Booster of the Year Award went to Gale Jenkins. All students that participated in JV or varsity sports were given letters and certificates. All senior athletes were given plaques for their participation. Earl Abel was given a special award for his support throughout the year. Kim Bennett. Doug Saltzgaber and Tim Jenkins smile after being chosen Athletes of the Year 62(Left) Mr Robert Tyckoski presents Bruce White with the Most Valuable Lineman trophy (Left Middle) Susan George. Verli Stefan and Lynette Selby smile while receiving their All League honors. (Left Bottom) Mr Tony Bowling presents Kim Bennett with the Most Valuable trophy in track. (Right Middle) Miss Coleen Wendel presents Jane Shedd with the Most Improved trophy for the girls' basketball (Right Bottom) Mel Doolittle smiles while she receives the Most Improved Volleyball trophy 63Sport Banquet (Right) Floyd Siegel smiles after receiving the baseball trophy for Most Valuable Player (Right Middle) Mr. Larry Stout presents Ted Groholske with the Sharp Shooter trophy in basketball. (Right Bottom) Bob Wiescholek is happy after receiving the Most Dedicated trophy for the last two years in wrestling. (Far Bottom) The crowd enjoys the meal at the banquet. (Below) Kevin Webber is happy that he received the Most Improved trophy in basketball by Mr Larry Stout. (Bottom Left) Senior Vickie Sisco presents Mr. Earl Abel with a special award for all his support throughout the year for all the sports. 64Student Council The Student Council began the year by welcoming the Administration and the teachers back to school with signs. For Homecoming, they donated $100 for winners of the float competition. At the Fall Festival, the Council raffled off what the merchants donated from their businesses. They sponsored a Spirit Day on January 25. with a dance after the game. The group presented the tenth annual Cabaret on April 26, with the theme, “Show Boat.” Money from the Cabaret was used to buy new school equipment. Council Leads School STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS AND ADVISORS: Mr Wayne Mason, advisor; Ann Case-beer. treasurer; Jack Woods, president; Deana Yates, secretary; Bob Wiescholek. vice-president; Mrs. Vilma Carlson, advisor. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES: (Standing — Back Row) Advisor Mr Wayne Mason. Bill Wiescholek. Jane Shedd. Gloria Tetreault. Melanie Doolittle. Mary Woods. (Standing — Second Row) Ann Casebeer. Deana Yates. Tina Foote. Kim Bennett. Advisor Mrs Vilma Carlson. (Kneeling) Todd Brown. David Sweet. Jack Woods. Matt Snyder. Bob Wiescholek. (Not Pictured) Debbie Stuart. 66This year’s Varsity Club consisted of approximately 33 students. Mr. Tony Bowling served as the club s advisor. At the Fall Festival, the club members sold old sports equipment, and the “leftovers” from previous fund raising projects. All together, it was a slow year for the club. Several projects were started but they fell through before the club could make anything of them. Varsity Club Slow Year for Club UlNIbMA ! I Ml HAIMS VARSITY CLUB MEMBERS: (Front) Doug Kempton. Bob Wiescholek. Scott Waffle. Vickie Sisco. Verli Stefan. Lynette Selby. John O'Dell. Marlene Friend. Kim Bennett. (Second Row) Todd Sherwood. Ted Groholske. Gary White. Jamie Sisco. David Sweet. Gloria Tetreault. Tim Jenkins. Jack Woods. (Third Row) Bruce White. Arron Kevwitch. Doug Saltzgaber, Susan George. Shelly George. Floyd Siegel. Kevin Webber. Advisor. Mr Tony Bowling. (Back Row) Tim Caputo. Nancy Thompson. Jane Shedd. Ann Casebeer. Melanie Johnson. LeAnn Waffle. Cheryl Doolittle. Harold O'Dell. Frank Lafond. (Not Pictured) Daryl Cummins. Kathryn Eberts. 67Music Keeping the Beat for THS The 1979-80 school year proved to be another active year for the THS Music Department. The high school marching band became a familiar attraction as they presented their half time shows during the home football games. Their annual Spring and Christmas Concerts proved to be successful as they performed in front of large numbers of the community. They were also involved in the Homecoming and Marshall Christmas Parades. The high school band performed at Cedar Point on May 21, and afterwards enjoyed a fun-filled day of activities. For money making projects, both the bands and choirs sold candles and the majorettes sold placemats. This past year, the junior high choir presented a special performance of the musical, Bambi, for the younger children in the community. All these activities came under the direction of Mr. Kevin McMullin. "What goes up, must come down,"' is what the senior members of the high school band found out. This year’s seniors include: (Clockwise From Top) Ooug Saltzgaber. Melanie Doolittle, Jim Kelly, Doug Myers, Doug Kempton. Bill Wiescholek, Nancy Jones, and Marlene Friend. 68THS MARCHING BAND with majorettes Tom Reimer, Head Majorette Marlene Friend, and Lynette Selby THS CONCERT BAND: (Front RowJ Christina Siegel. Kim Jane Shedd. Jim Kelly. Randy Harrison. Jeff Ford (Back Row) Myers. Toni Reimer. Robin Doolittle. Melanie Doolittle. Susan Christine Fowler. Julie Waffle. Deana Yates. Lee Friend. Doug George. Nancy Jones. Gloria Tetreault. DeAnn Johnson. Saltzgaber. Tom Upston. Doug Kempton. Doug Myers. Greg Melanie McFadden (Second Row) Michelle Caputo. Lynette Straub. Scott Eishen. Bill Wiescholek. Mr Kevin McMullin. Selby. Karen Groth. Dawn Klingaman. Verli Stefan. Tina director. Foote. Bob Wiescholek. Eric Cappella. Melanie Johnson. 69HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR (Front Row) Caryn Stites. Lorie White. Gloria Tetreault, Dori Richar. Ricky Holbrook. Tim Cole. Mr Kevin McMullin. director. (Second Row) Sheila Davis. Joyce Smith. Sharon Sellers. Jeanne Lindquist, Steve Ball. (Back Row) Peggy Monroe. Brenda Lessman. Debbie Reincke, Bob Wiescholek. Randy Cole. Cor-rine Cole. Debbie Bennison JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR (Front Row) Lisa Stage. Brent Cole. Brent Runyon. Shaun Tetreault, Brenda Michielsen. (Second Row) Kim Casebeer. Brad Ray. Tod Rocco. Brad White. Carrie Devenney. (Back Row) Kristin Eberts, Roger Weimer. Terry Slone, Richie Yates. Jerry McAtee, Kendra Eberts THS PEP BAND (Front Row) Jim Kelly, Bill Wiescholek. Doug Myers. Second Row) Melissa Langridge. Lisa Ray. Shawn Tetreault. Kathy VanHoose. Candy Moody. Michelle Henion. Jill Doolittle. (Third Row) Kim Myers. Carole Brewer. Linda Eishen. Christina Siegel. Karen Groth, Julie Waffle, Christine Fowler. Scott Mendelsohn. Back Row) Deana Yates. Tom Upston. Tina Foote, Laurie Duckett, Melanie McFadden, Dawn Klingaman, DeAnn Johnson. Bob Wiescholek, Eric Cappella, Howard Upston. Roger Wilson, Dan Barker. Greg Straub, Lee Friend. Brandon Shilling. Mr. Kevin McMullin. director 70Classes Studies Exercise Students’ Minds This year, over 260 students filled their minds with facts, figures, equations and many more mind benders. Classes like algebra II, advanced typing and office machines, physics, advanced biology, composition and literature gave students the opportunity to use their minds in applying principles to their studies. Fine arts, drafting, business, home ec, physical education, Spanish, and history were some of the many specialized choices that students could take. When the 1979-1980 school year finally came to an end the students were surprised in how much they really learned, and hoped it would pay off when they entered the outside world. (Top) Peggy Monroe works eagerly at her accounting during third hour (Middle) Every year the Spanish class has a Spanish party. Here, Jerry Ford makes a taco at the party. (Above) Gary Parker and Robert Slone work on their studies in reading class. (Right)One of the most popular reading materials in the library is the daily newspaper Gloria Tetreault reads her favorite page! 72(Top Left) Kim Reincke. Susan and Shelly George. Jill Blake, and Nancy Thompson each hold a leg from the pinata burro (donkey) in Spanish class (Top Right) Transcribing in advanced typing is a secretarial skill that most secretaries should know DeAnn Schafer is shown here, mastering that skill. (Above Left) These junior high students work assiduously in eighth grade science class. (Above Right) Shelly George tries to type her article in journalism class, but is being distracted by Bob Wiescholek and Tony Jenkins. (Left) Robin Doolittle is mystified as the photographer catches her during a busy moment. 73Classes Homework, Tests, and Listening All a Part of the ClassroomOpposite Page: (Top Left) John O’Dell is unaware of the photographer as his total attention seems to be on his drafting assignment. (Top Right) Tony Jenkins tries to draw what is left of his pigeon after dissection, in his advanced biology class. (Bottom Left) Wayne Ray finds something "interesting” in a magazine in study hall (Bottom Right) Using the slide rule. Nancy Thompson, Bob Wiescholek. Verli Stefan, and Susan George jokingly attempt to measure Toni Reimer's head This Page: (Below Left) Bob Wiescholek and Tony Jenkins consult their geometry book to see if what they just drew is really a circle (Below Right) Todd Sherwood passes the time away by exploring one of the many magazines in study hall (Bottom Left) Clad in their " operating coats. Todd Sherwood. Jane Shedd. Ann Casebeer. and Scott Waffle prepare to do major surgery on their pigeons in advanced biology class. (Bottom Right) Finding it easier to consult the calculator. Todd Henion solves a difficult problem in physics class 75Classes Students Sharpen Skills in “Special Interest” Classes (Top Left) Jill Blake readies to hit the ball in the table-tennis mini-course (and hopes she won't miss it!). (Top Right) Wondering what in the world they're cooking up in home ec class is Tim Cole. Melinda Barrington. Linda Eishen. and Mary Groholske (Middle) Carrie Devenney and Lori Beam concentrate on playing a perfect duet. (Bottom) "Now does the string go here, or does it overlap the other string?'' is what must be running through Dennis Richardson's mind as he works m home ec class. 76(Left) Like a game of beachball. Daryl Cummins enjoys this game of "cageball." but without the beach, in gym class. (Bottom Left) From the expression on Shawn Tetreault's face, the noise he made with his cornet, in band, proved to be both funny and embarrassing. (Below Right) Joyce Smith works with water-color paints as she deligently works in art class (Bottom Right) Melanie Johnson discovers the new pastime of shuffleboard in Mr Larry Stout's mini-courses. 77Classes Students Prepare for Careers After third hour, juniors and seniors leave THS to attend the Calhoun Area Vocational Center in Battle Creek, or to a place of employment through the Work Experience Program. Tekonsha High School is one of the 13 secondary school districts in the Battle Creek area that has the option of exploring and taking part in a career vocation program to give them a head start for obtaining employment after high school. The Work Experience Program had a new coordinator, Mrs. Susan Barnett. She taught students how to find jobs and what employers expect on the job. Through the students’ jobs, they had the opportunity to gain much experience for the world of work. Mrs. Susan Barnett Work Experience Program Coordinator 78 WORK EXPERIENCE: (Back) Carla Strang, Mark Klingaman, Matt Snyder, Doug Kempton. Floyd Siegel, Kevin Webber, Ewa Anderson. Mrs. Susan Barnett. (Front) Chris Hampton, Debbie Stuart, Bobbette Lamb. Rose Nagel. Florinda Jenkins, Doug Minniear (Not Pictured) Reba EasterdayAldrich, Scott Eishen. Bill Wiescholek. Eric Ciotta (Not Pictured) Debbie Olds, Cathy Olds VO-ED: (Back) Dan Warner, Doug Myers. Daryl Cummins, Patti Smith, Janice Krumvede, Cindy LaFond (Front) Brian VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Daryl Cummins Auto Body Doug Myers Carpentry Dan Warner Carpentry Debbie Olds Commercial Art Jan Krumvede Cosmetology Eric Ciotta Ag. Mechanics Scott Eishen Ag. Mechanics Brian Aldrich Ag. Mechanics Patti Smith Child Care Cindy LaFond Health Occupations Cathy Olds Health Occupations Bill Wiescholek Electronics Mark Klingaman Klingaman Farms Carla Strang Carriage Inn Matt Snyder Tuff Cat Trailers Doug Kempton Marking Machine Floyd Siegel Tekonsha Lumber Kevin Webber Vincent's Painting Chris Hampton Burger Chef Debbie Stuart Sherwood-Hopps Bobbette Lamb Theodore Bargman Rose Nagel Dairy King Florinda Jenkins Big Boy Doug Minniear Randall's Foods Reba Easterday Burger Chef 79Classes Staffers Turn Salesmen The rising costs of producing a yearbook prompted this year's journalism staff to turn into "part-time" salesmen to help subsidize subscription and advertising revenues. The staff sold ceramic "Luvkins," "Bells," and Christmas wrapping paper for over nine weeks, and came up with approximately $700. Some of the money was used to improve and add pages back to the 1980 INDIAN The rest of the money will be put toward future yearbooks at THS. The staff was headed by seven seniors, six juniors, and one sophomore all under the direction of Mrs. Sally Hammond. Of the 14 staff members, 7 were returnees for either their second or third years. Along with the 1980 INDIAN, the staff put together the weekly page of The Tekonsha IDEA newspaper. A yearbook workshop at WMU, and a trip to the ENQUIRER AND NEWS were other activities. The staff worked hard, and had a lot of fun, but they also had a lot of responsibility to handle. 1980 INDIAN CO-EDITORS Jack Woods and Kathryn Eberts JOURNALISM CLASS OFFICERS Cheryl Doolittle. IDEA co-editor; Mrs. Sally Hammond, advisor Rick Kostrzewski, student photographer, Cindy Schafer, IDEA co-editor and INDIAN business manager _________ The staff takes time to pose; (Back) Bobbette Lamb. Marie Waffle. Bob Wiescholek, Robin Doolittle, Shelly George (Front) Tim Jenkins. Susan George. Doug Saltzgaber, and Bruce White 80Administration Leading the Way Leading the way at Tek-onsha Community Schools is Mr. Roger Carlson, the superintendent. His job is to follow the policies of the School Board and the state laws. The School Board, elected by the people of Tekonsha, makes the school policies and decides on the budget for the school year. Mr. Roger Carlson SUPERINTENDENT 82 SCHOOL BOARD: (Standing) Mr. Harold Wiescholek, trustee; Mr. Robert Hinspeter, trustee; Mr. Leroy Taylor, trustee; Mr. Nelson Shedd, treasurer. (Seated) Mr. Edwin Shumway. sec- retary; Mr. Donald Brewer, president; Mr. Roy Spires, vice president.Dr. Joseph Serra PRINCIPAL Dr. Joseph Serra, the principal at THS, directs the activities of the high school. He is concerned with the students’ academic progress. Mr. Robert Currie COUNSELOR The counselor is Mr. Robert Currie. He helps the students schedule classes and advises them on future plans. Mr. Currie also helps with personal problems. 83Administration Mrs. Mary Leatherbury has been the energetic secretary to the principal and supertinendent for 11 years. Some of her various tasks include mailing and sorting letters, balancing internal accounts, and keeping track of high school attendance records. In addition, Mrs. Leatherbury assists the teachers and students. Mr. Arthur King is in charge of the financial activities of the Tekonsha Community Schools. His many jobs include assisting the superintendent with the school budget, purchasing supplies and balancing school accounts. 84 Mr. Arthur King BUSINESS MANAGERFaculty THS Teachers Put in Another Year of Hard Work Mrs. Rinette Tyckoski Jr High Home Economics, Home Economics II and III. Health Education. Mrs. Brayton looks on as students work on art projects. Mrs. Sally Brayton Senior and Junior High ArtMrs. Vilma Carlson Practical English. Speech. English 10. Spanish, and Composition and Literature. Mrs. Karen Friend Librarian and Study Hall Supervisor Miss Coleen Wendel Recreation Physical Education. Math 7. Junior High Physical Education. General Math.Faculty Teachers Put in Many Hours The faculty members at Tekonsha High School are different from most schools in which each teacher is able to individualize more with each student because of more hours, but somewhat smaller classes. The THS staff also spends many hours during and after school developing students in athletics and other school activities such as float making, dances, special events and many other activities. Mrs. Sally Hammond Business and Careers. Advanced Typing and Office Machines. Accounting, Journalism, and Typing I. Mrs Hammond takes a break during her journalism class 88 Mrs. Carlene Zollner Reading 7. Individual Reading hiMr. Wayne Mason Mr. Robert Tyckoski Shop I and II. Shop 7 and 8. and Mechanical Drawing. Business Math. Math 8. Algebra I and II. Geometry. Mr. Norman Taylor Economics. U S. History. World History. Social Studies Mini CoursesFaculty Arron Kevwitch and Gary White catch Mr Richardson off guard Mr. Kevin McMullin Senior High. Junior High, and Elementary Band. Choir. Music Appreciation Teachers Are Fun Too! Mr. Duane Richardson Social Studies. 7. 8. Government. Mr. Larry Stout Physical Education. AlgebraMr. Paul Sweet Mr. Tony Bowling Business Math. English 8. 9. Biology. Physics. Advanced Biology. General Science. Mr. Roger Maples Science 7, 8. Inside Michigan. Introduction to Agriculture(Above) Aides. Kathryn Eberts and Cindy Schafer give assistance to Athletic Director, Mr. Paul Sweet. (Above Right) Principal, Dr. Joseph Serra and Mr. Wayne Mason take a break between classes. (Middle) Mr. Tony Bowling looks over his science class. (Below) Miss Coleen Wendel plays "Mrs. Mercury” during Spirit Week. (Below Right) Mr. Roger Maples and Ann Case-beer discuss the day's events. 92Services Their Work Is Never Done HIGH SCHOOL CUSTODIANS: Mr. Earl Samson, Mrs. Sharon Selby, and Mr. Reid Waffle. The custodians are busy every day of the year keeping the inside as well as the outside of the building in good condition. This year Mr. Reid Waffle and Mr. Earl Samson were busy cleaning the high school during the day, while Mrs. Sharon Selby cleaned the high school at night. The elementary was kept clean by Mr. Lewis Jenkins, Mr. Harry Gallup, and Mrs. Linda Lambert. Mrs. Gladys Pileri and her staff did a fine job of preparing the food for the elementary and the high school people. Mrs. Sandy Snyder collected the money in the hot lunch line. The 11 bus drivers have the important job of transporting the children to school and home again. ELEMENTARY CUSTODIANS: Mr. Harry Gallup, and Mrs. Linda Lambert. (Not Pictured) Mr. Lewis Jenkins. (Above) Mrs. Anita Waffle and Mrs. Gladys Pileri are waiting for children to come through the hot lunch line.Services (Above) BUS DRIVERS: (Standing) Mr. Reid Waffle, Mrs. LaDeama Phelps, Mrs. Bonnie Rocco, Mrs. Donna Hinspeter, Mrs. Sharon Poole, Mrs Mary Eberts. Mrs. Sharon Selby. (Kneeling) Mr Leo Hughes, Mr. Lewis Jenkins, Mr. Earl Samson, Mr. Warren Casebeer (Right) HOT LUNCH CASHIER: Mrs. Sandy Snyder. (Below) COOKS: Mrs. Gladys Pileri, Mrs. Anita Waffle, Mrs. Lorene Yates, Mrs. Marlene Reincke, Mrs. Mary Tetreault. (Not Pictured) Mrs Toni Saltzgaber 94EWA B. ANDERSON STEVEN L. BALL Seniors KIMBERLY ANN BENNETT What Is a Senior? TIMOTHY GUIDO CAPUTO ANN LESLIE CASEBEER 96JOHN WAYNE DAVIS MELANIE DAWN DOOLITTLE These seven seniors are from the journalism class. Tim Jenkins, Bobbette Lamb, Kathryn Eberts, Jack Woods, Doug Saltzgaber, Bruce White, and Marie Waffle are shown here helping Tim down from the tree. 97Seniors Looks Like We Made It KATHRYN KAY EBERTS TODD ALLEN HENION MARLENE RENEE FRIEND ALLEN DERAY HINES FLORINDA VAJEAN JENKINS 98TIMOTHY M JENKINS JAMES MICHAEL KELLY (above) Tim Caputo and Bruce White are enjoying themselves at the Sports Banquet with their favorite thing to do — eating! Opposite Page Debbie Reincke is caught in action during a home football game. DOUGLAS GRANT KEMPTON ARRON KEVWITCH 99MARK LEE KLINGAMAN JANICE L. KRUMVEDE BOBBETTE JEAN LAMB Seniors Seniors of ’80 (Above) The 1980 Senior Mock Election winners. (Right) Kim Bennett and Bobbette Lamb give the Class Prophecy on Senior Exit Day, May 23. 100 DOUG MINNIEARJOHN ARNO O DELL (Above) ACADEMIC AWARD WINNERS: Jack Woods, Business; Nancy Jones. Art; Bill Wiescholek. John Philip Sousa; Kathryn Eberts, DAR Good Citizenship; Ann Casebeer, Science; Todd Henion, Math; Florinda Jenkins and Marlene Friend. Home Ec. (Left) Kathryn Eberts and Janice Krumvede give the Class Wills on Senior Exit Day which was held on May 23 101 DEBORA ANN OLDSDOUGLAS CRAIG SALTZGABER CY K. SAYER FLOYD A. SIEGEL VICKIE SISCO 102PATTY ANN SMITH CARLA STRANG DEBORA STUART ROSS UPSTON (Above) SCHOLARSHIP AWARD WINNERS; Debbie Stuart, Chris Barker, Kathy Eberts, Tim Jenkins. Bobbette Lamb, Doug Myers. Ann Casebeer, and Melanie Doolittle. (Left) Melanie Doolittle plays her last song from THS at graduation. Opposite Page: (Top) VO-ED AWARD WINNERS: Janice Krumvede, Perfect Attendance Certificate in Cosmetology; Doug Myers and Debbie Olds. Outstanding Awards for Carpentry and Commercial Art, respectively. (Bottom) Doug Myers, Arron Kevwitch. and Gary White enjoy the Senior Breakfast, April 30 HAZEL MARIE WAFFLE 103Seniors Seniors Do It Best! Tekonsha High School Class of 1980 104JACK EDDIE WOODS NOT PICTURED: CHRISTOPHER BARKER DALE HARTLEY MYRON WOLCOTT TAMMY FOWLER 1961-1973 IN MEMORY OF Tammy Fowler and Dick Spires DICK SPIRES IQCO.107'1 We, the graduating class of 1980, dedicate this space in our yearbook to the memory of two special friends. Tammy Fowler and Dick Spires. Tammy and Dick were special friends of ours. We shared many times together as we grew up. We will never forget those times and they will be in our hearts and memories forever. Our memory of them lives on in the awards that are presented to sixth grade students each year: The Tammy Fowler Physical Fitness Award, and The Dick Spires Citizenship Award. To Tammy and Dick we dedicate this space. 105Seniors Go to ‘Great America’ The 1980 senior class made their last year at THS the best yet, having loads of fun and doing only minimal work. The class chose their officers first. They chose Kathryn Eberts, president; Doug Saltz-gaber, vice-president; Bob-bette Lamb, secretary; Carla Strang, treasurer; and Melanie Doolittle and Bill Wiescholek, Student Council representatives. The class also had a new member share the year's activities, Ewa Anderson, a Swedish exchange student. Ewa lived with Mr. and Mrs. Donald Spires during her stay in Tek-onsha. Homecoming came up and Bobbette Lamb and Myron Wolcott were chosen as queen and king. Vickie Sisco, Kevin Webber, Marlene Friend and Doug Saltzgaber served as senior attendants. The candy sale was next, and the senior class earned money for their senior trip. On April 30, the seniors had their Senior Breakfast. May 14 was the senior skip day at Pokagon State Park in Indiana. There, they ate a lot and soaked up the sun. May 23 was the last for the class, and this was “Senior Exit Day.’’ This was new, and the honor students presented the Class Wills and Prophecy, and the Mock Election winners were given gag gifts. The seniors also wore their caps and tassels that day. May 24, the junior class put on the prom at the Coldwater Country Club. On May 29, at 6 a.m., the senior class boarded a Greyhound bus and set off to Marriott’s “Great America" in Gurnee, Illinois. They had loads of fun and returned home at 3:30 a.m. on May 30, tired but happy. SENIOR OFFICERS AND ADVISORS: (Back) Mrs. Sally Hammond, advisor; Mr. Paul Sweet, advisor; Melanie Doolittle, S.C. rep; Kathryn Eberts, president; Bobbette Lamb, secretary. (Front) Bob Weischolek, S.C. Rep ; Carla Strang, treasurer; Doug Saltzgaber, vice president. 106Seniors SALUTATORIAN VALEDICTORIAN Bobbette Lamb Arm Casebeer Top Eleven Honored In the class of 1980, there were 11 students who maintained a B or better average throughout their high school years. Ann Casebeer was tops of the class, being named Valedictorian, and Bobbette Lamb was second, being Salutatorian. The honor students helped present commencement on June 1, and this year, helped present “Senior Exit Day” on May 23. HONOR STUDENTS: (Back) Jack Woods. Janice Krumvede. Tim Jenkins, and Doug Myers (Front) Kim Bennett. Debbie Stuart. Valedictorian Ann Casebeer. Salutatorian Bobbette Lamb. Kathryn Eberts, and Melanie Doolittle (Not Pic-tured)Chris Barker. 107Seniors THS Graduates 47 Seniors "What Appears to be the End, May Really be a New Beginning" (Class Motto). On June 1, 1980, the class of 1980 started a new beginning as 47 seniors received their diplomas from Tekonsha High School. The program began with the Invocation by Doug Kempton. Class President, Kathryn Eberts welcomed everyone to the special event for the class. Bobbette Lamb, the salutatorian, then gave her speech. Following her, the THS Band, under the direction of Mr. Kevin McMullin, provided music, with the senior members playing for their last time. Debbie Stuart then explained the Class Motto. Ann Casebeer sang "Nadia's Theme" in memory of two classmates, Dick Spires and Tammy Fowler. The Class History was next, with Melanie Doolittle and Jack Woods recalling the Above) Carla Strang presents Mr Paul Sweet, the class co-advisor with his gift from the class. (Right) Tim Caputo receives congratulations and even hugs and kisses from friends. past 13 years. The band followed with another number. Valedictorian Ann Casebeer, then gave her speech. Many students were then recognized and presented with awards by Dr. Joseph Serra. Carla Strang presented special gifts from the class to the advisors for all their hard work and help. Kathryn Eberts presented Ewa Anderson, Swedish exchange student with a gift from the class. Then the moment came, the class of 1980 received their long-awaited diplomas from Mr. Donald Brewer. Benediction was given by Bill Wiescholek to end the program. Baccalaureate Services were held May 30, with Reverend Marshall Holden giving the sermon, and Rev. John Cail, Rev. Richard Wood, and Father Leon Pohl participating. "A New Beginning . . 108(Top Left) Jack Woods and Melanie Doolittle read the senior Class History of the past 13 years. (Top Right) Ann Casebeer sings ‘Nadia's Theme’' as a memorial for Dick Spires and Tammy Fowler, past classmates. (Middle Left) Debbie Stuart explains the Class Motto. “What Appears to be the End. May Really Be a New Beginning.” (Center) Class President Kathryn Eberts welcomes everyone to graduation. (Middle Right) Doug Kempton gives the Invocation. (Left, Far) Carla Strang recognizes the class advisors. Mr. Paul Sweet and Mrs. Sally Hammond. (Left) Salutatorian Bobbette Lamb gives her speech. 109Seniors (Right) The crowd looks on. (Middle Left) Ann Casebeer helps her friend. Debbie Stuart, with her collar to her gown as the time draws near. (Middle Right) Doug Saltzgaber and Ewa Anderson exchange good wishes as they await commencement. (Bottom Left) Doug Kempton seems to be helping to calm Bill Wiescholek as they wait. (Bottom Right) Tim Jenkins gets a hug from a friend. noJuniors Another Year Behind Them The 1979-80 junior class survived their next to last year of high school quite well. They enjoyed many good times and captured the memories that came with them. Among their memorable events were Homecoming, magazine sales, and Prom. For Homecoming, they chose animals for the float theme and “Three Times a Lady" for the dance. Magazine sales helped pay for their Prom, as they made $1,100. It was a year for future planning, as some juniors began to select colleges, while others took advantage of the Vo-ed and Co-op programs offered. Junior class attendants, Jill Blake and Bob Wiescholek, take part in the warm, sunny, Homecoming parade. Mike Baker Jill Blake Eric Ciotta Corrine Cole David Copas Cheryl Doolittle Robin Doolittle Scott Doolittle Reba Easterday Scott Eishen Shelly George Susan George Chris Hampton Mel Johnson Teresa Kempton 112Bob Wiescholek Deana Yates NOT PICTURED Brian Aldrich Tim Beam Debbie Bennison Ted Groholske Jon Mack Cathy Olds Marla Strang Cindy LaFond Jerry Langridge Jane Olds Scott Randall Kim Reincke Cindy Schafer Jane Shedd Todd Sherwood Jamie Sisco Matt Snyder Mark Summerfield Jim Swafford Gloria Tetreault Scott Waffle Lori Washburn (Left) Pictured is the junior class float. "Smokey the Bear." which had the slogan. "Smoke 'em." 113(Right) Juniors. Cheryl Doolittle. Susan George, and Cindy Schafer, take time to pose while working at the Fall Festival. (Below) Robin Doolittle works diligently in advanced typing class on the transcribing machine. (Below Right) Volleyball line judge. Todd Sherwood, calls it out during "hot" play at the Christmas party activities. r JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS: (Back) Mrs. Sally advisor. (Front) Ted Groholske. vice-president; Jill Blake. Brayton. advisor; Robin Doolittle, secretary. Mr. Larry Stout. treasurer (Not Pictured) Scott Waffle, president. 114Cindy Baker Sophomores Sheila Davis Linda Eishen Class Sponsors Cathy Flynn Sadie Kevin George L. J. Goheen Hawkin’s Dance Angela Griffith Mary Groholske The Class of “82” had an Karen Groth active year. They sponsored two dances during the year which included the Sadie Haw-kin's Dance and later in the year, the Spring Swing. At the Fall Festival, the sophomores' booth was the football throw. Michon Hampton Their float, “Jaws” placed second in the Homecoming competition. Homecoming court representatives were Tony Jenkins and Nancy Thompson. Tony Jenkins Tim Katz The sophomores' float, "Jaws” placed second with the saying, "Eat 'em Up." 116Kevin Klingaman Richard Kostrzewski Frank LaFond Brenda Lessman LeAnn Mattson Judy McAtee Nina Meiring Kim Myers Harold O'Dell Toni Reimer Cindy Sanders DeAnn Schafer Lynette Selby Sharon Sellers Christina Siegel Joyce Smith David Stayner Verli Stefan Greg Straub Dan Stuart David Sweet Nancy Thompson Scot Thornton Tom Upston Bill VanHoose NOT PICTURED Larry Goodrich Harold Kemp Richard Kemp Timothy Kemp Jeanne Lindquist Wayne Ray 117(Above) Harold Kemp rushes to beat Doug Saltzgaber in "name that tune" contest, on Spirit Day. (Right) Kevin George yells so he can distract Butch Neal at the "basketball bounce," on Spirit Day. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS. Miss Mattson, vice-president; Nancy Thompson, treasurer; Mr. Coleen Wendel. advisor; Tony Jenkins, president; LeAnn Norman Taylor, advisor. 118 ' j ir 7 •» K y • • ' «• . £ « La • 4 1 •, A tf.' i w « l v ’ ,% flfn J. • t - jf4 »0 . .v ■ v " J ; .' v.‘; ?• V, V»£ V '.f • • -• t • :• . - a': . x F ' ’ • . .5 • ; ■Rv • 41 vv A T VL«i Y . I Am r . • T, • V-. Jn TcSf . .V-Tr. • -. ‘ •V WvJ t • i » A. t . - ‘ - » f , A . .v. X X : V. t Dan Barker Melinda Harrington Brian Beam Steve Bennett Todd Brown Leonard Cail Eric Cappella Michele Caputo Tim Cole James Copas Fred Doolittle Kevin Doolittle Tina Foote Jeff Ford Jerry Ford Christine Fowler Lee Friend Randy Harrison Freshmen Class of ’83 Keeping Busy (Below) The freshman English Class listens “intensely" to Mr Paul Sweet. Opposite Page: Seated at the computer are Kevin Doolittle and Keven Wolcott. Watching from behind is John KingThis year’s class of 1983 successfully completed their first "big" year in high school. One of their first events to participate in was Homecoming week, when the class gave a worthwhile effort with the making of their float entitled, “Eat 'em up!” They chose as their attendant and escort, Brenda White and Scott Reincke. The freshmen held a free throw basketball shoot as their Fall Festival activity. Their annual selling project was popcorn, which sold well. Ricky Holbrook DeAnn Johnson John King Dawn Klingaman Lillian LaFond Kathy Lessmann Andy Lewis Laurie Mams Melanie McFadden Billy Michielsen Butch Neal Loren Phillips Sharon Pullen Scott Reincke Dori Richar Rod Rocco Brenda Salyer Caryn Stites 121Jeff Summerfield Julie Waffle Martin Webber Brenda White Lorie White NOT PICTURED John Coffman Lynnda Granger Gordon Grinnell Alan Kemp FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS: (Back) Todd Brown, representative. Mr Kevin McMullin. advisor. Mrs. Rmette Tyckoski. advisor; Tina Foote, representative. (Front) Brenda White, vice-president; Fred Doolittle, president; Michelle Caputo. secretary-treasurer (Right) Pictured here is the freshman float. “Eat 'em up!" featuring a Tek-onsha cat chewing Waldron mice. 122Eighth Grade Tony Ball Carole Brewer Bill Burchfield Lisa Burrow Diane Deevers Jill Doolittle Laura Duckett Duane Feltner Karen Fowler Sharon Fowler Tom Grinnell Kenny Harrison Michelle Henion Tracy Kempton Missy Langridge Todd Long Jerry McAtee Scott Mendelsohn Candy Moody Dale Myers Lisa O’Dell Gary Parker Vern Prater Melissa Pullen Lisa Ray Blaine Reincke Kevin Reincke Robert Reincke Dennis Richardson LeAnn Selby Brandon Shilling Mary Stites Shawn Tetreault Lynette Thompson Howard Upston Kathy VanHoose 124Amber Warner Heidi Weaver Roger Wilson Ritchie Yates NOT PICTURED Kirk Adams Audrey Fuson Tom Hodo Curran Kemp Robert Slone Kevin Smith JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL: (Back) Advisor. Mr Robert Tycko-ski, Nadine Goheen, Lynette Thompson. Kristy Bergerson. Lisa O'Dell. Advisor. Mr Roger Maples (Front) Diane Deevers. Shawn Tetreault, Patty Tetreault. Michelle Henion. (Above; Junior high students participate in gym class. 125Seventh Grade Veronica Barker Roger Bennett Kristy Bergerson Scott Brown Michelle Cappella Lori Caputo Kim Casebeer Kendra Clark Brent Cole Laura Cole Danny Copeland Carrie Devenney Kendra Eberts Kristin Eberts Donna Feltner Shelly Ford Nadine Goheen Darcy Kevwitch Tim Knight David LaFond Scott Long Brenda Michielsen Shelly Myers Linda Nagel James O'Dell 126 Mr. Larry Stout s gym class works on a tumbling skill.Sheri Poole Brad Ray Tod Rocco Brent Runyon Donald Samson Marty Shaffer Terry Slone Alvin Snyder Lisa Stage Dean Stayner Tracy Struwin Shannon Swick Patty Tetreault Bobbi Turley Kevin VandyBogurt Roger Weimer Brad White Sue Wooden NOT PICTURED Lori Beam This year s junior high picked “Octopus'' as their theme and "Wrap 'Em Up" as their slogan for their Homecoming float. Their float placed third. 127JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM: (Back) Coach Rick Cho-ponis. Tony Ball. Bill Burchfield. Kevin Reincke. Todd Long. Richy Yates. Dale Myers. Coach Mike Sweet. (Middle) Marty Shaffer. Dwayne Feltner. Kenny Harrison. Danny Copeland. Dean Stayner. Brad White. Brad Ray. Alvin Snyder. Roger Wilson. (Front) Kirk Adams. Tracy Kempton. Shawn Tetreault. Brent Cole. Scott Brown. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM: (Front) Carrie Devenney. Shelly Myers. Lisa Burrow, Sharon Fowler. Shannon Swick. Kendra Clark. (Middle) Lori Caputo. LeAnn Selby. Donna Feltner. Darcy Kevwitch. Sherri Poole. Missy Lan- gridge, Lisa Ray. (Back) Kristin Eberts, Mary Stites. Tish Tetreault. Karen Fowler. Dianne Deevers, Laurie Duckett. Carole Brewer. Bobbi Turley. Kendra Eberts. (Top) Coach Rinette Tyckoski. 128JUNIOR HIGH WRESTLERS: (Front) Kirk Adams. Tim Knight. Danny Copeland. Tracey Kempton. Jimmy O'Dell, Brad White. (Middle) Tony Ball. Bill Burchfield. Marty Shaffer, Jason Samson, Alvin Snyder. Kevin Reincke. (Back)Coach Robert Tyckoski. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM: (Front) Dean Stayner. Shawn Tetreault, Scott Brown, Brad White. Tracey Kempton. Jimmy O'Dell. David LaFond. (Back) Manager Danny Yates, Jerry McAtee, Tod Rocco, Vern Prater. Richie Yates. Howard Upston. Scott Mendelsohn, Roger Bennett. Coach Norman Taylor. "America and Me" essay winners: Jerry McAtee. first; Kathy VanHoose. second; Laura Duckett, third. Junior High Students Active in Many Areas Shawn Tetreault was the winner of the junior high Wade Patten Memorial Award. Shawn received the award for his scholarship. citizenship, leadership, and athletic abilities. 129JUNIOR HIGH CONCERT BAND: (Front) Candy Moody. Michele Cappella, Melissa Langridae. Kristy Bergerson. Michelle Henion. Lori Beam. Shelly ford. Caroline Devenney. (Middle) Kristin Eberts. Patty Tetreault, Veronica Barker. Linda Nagel. Scott Brown, Laurie Duckett. Lisa Ray. Shawn Tetreault. Kathy VanHoose. Carole Brewer. Tracy Struwin. (Back) Amber Warner. Scott Mendelsohn. Brad Ray. Roger Wilson. Howie Upston. Brent Cole. Shelly Myers. Jill Doolittle. Mr. Kevin McMullin (Director). JUNIOR HIGH MARCHING BAND AND MAJORETTES: Sharon Fowler. Laurie Duckett. (Not Pictured) Nadine Goheen. GIRLS' JUNIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL: (Front) Kathy Van Hoose. Candy Moody. Lisa O’Dell. Shannon Swick. Sharon Fowler. Melissa Pullen. (Middle) Lisa Burrow, Nadine Goheen. Michelle Henion. Jill Doolittle. Darcy Kevwitch. LeAnn Selby. Laurie Caputo, Kendra Clark. (Top) Mary Stites. Kendra Eberts. Kristin Eberts. Carrie Swafford. Bobbi Turley. Tracy Struwin, Carole Brewer. Sherri Poole. Coach Coleen Wendel (Not Pictured). 130Elementary Establishing a Solid Footing for the Future Principal Mr. Keith Clark and his teaching staff of 17 have the important job of establishing a solid footing for the future. They are busy with the children from kindergarten to sixth grade preparing them for high school and college. The elementary was fortunate this year to get carpeting for their library and for the hall by the main office. Principal, Mr. Keith Clark (Top) Mrs. Marcedes Johnson is hard at work in the office. (Above) Mrs. Alice Clark is caught unexpectedly by the photographer as she records information on a chart. FACULTY AIDES: Mrs Carolyn Thomas. Mrs Made'y Upston. Mrs. Betty Shank. SECRETARY: Mrs Marcedes Jonn-son (Seated) 132Sixth Grade (Front) Steve Pulsipher. Lisa Caputo, Annette Powell. David Foote. Marty Hampton, Penny Neal. Terry White. Gina Berger-son. (Middle) Allen Cole. Chris Phillips. Anita Turley. Lanette Reincke, Brett Reincke. Kip Reincke. Chris LaMee, Tim Fogel. Faithanne Peterson. Steve King, Mike Rafferty. (Back) Junior Smith. Anita Doolittle. Kevin Smotherman. Diana Klingaman. Chris Katz. Steve Slone. Brian Saltzgaber. Teacher — Mrs. Judy Jenkins. (Front) Eric Smotherman. Eddie Lewis. Raymond Cook. Robin Macomber. Dorothy Pritchard. Mike Hall. Arch Sanders, Lori Burrow (Middle) Susan Cubbon, Steve Bennison, David Stuart. Amy Johnson. Kyle Klingaman. Mike Slone. Deanne Rocco. Annette Reincke. Brenda Rafferty, Teacher — Mr Dwight Runyon. (Back) Sean Casey. Kurt Shilling. Tim Arnett. Larry Macomber. Kathy Schweikert, Joanna Lindquist, Lori Herman. (Net Pictured) Donna Kemp. 133Fifth Grade (Front) Tod LaForge, Brian McFadden, Howard Olds. Elizabeth Pulsipher. Dedra Brown. Bob Goheen. Roger Straub, Tammy Cutchall. (Middle) Ron Warsop. Mike Davis. Danny Yates. Paul Stuart, Deidre Upston, Christine Cappella, Ste- phanie Horton. Donna Webber. Cindy Wilson. (Back) Robbie Cook. Ed Barker. Matt Smith. Frank Childers. Linda Brown. Merriann LaFond. Annette Meiring. Teacher — Mrs. Marian Sweet. (Front) George Feltner, Linda Sizemore, Dale Pullen, Toni Lewis. Larry Wilson, Melissa Krumvede. Cheri Miller. (Middle) Chad Clark. Dan Turley. Karen McFadden. Bryan Steibeling, Margaret Barker, Keri Eberts, Rainee Knight, Dawn Poole, Teacher— Mrs. Marcia Roy. (Back) Bruce Warner. Samantha Snyder. Mike Duckett, Annette Katz. Missie Long. Carol Keifer. Paulette Struwin. (Not Pictured) Denise Miller. 134Fourth Grade (Front) Randy Slone, Joey Sisco, Anita Stage, Michele Hall. Kori Vandy Bogurt. (Back) Laura Selby. Pat Cole. Theresa Jeff Coffman, Tom Summerfield. Jeanne Zook. Pati Burrows. Griffith, Tricia Katz. Randy Price. Davey Fogel. Bobby Brown. (Middle) Julie Krumvede. Penny Warsop, Tena Bartholomew, Teacher — Miss Aileen Aldrich. Brian Thomas, Bobby Manis, Scott Siegel. Randy Schafer, (Front) Angel Middaugh, Missy Brown, Theresa Knight, Ricky Long. (Back) Johnny Michielsen, Connie Seetler, Stephanie Doody, Michael Delmont, Leslie Nagel. Lance Wilson, Jeff Dietz. Holly Hunt. Scott Carlson. Mary Turley. Mindy Pulsi- Wright. (Middle) Curt Herman. Roy Swafford. Fred Melville. pher. Teacher — Mrs Jeannette Randall Brad Runyon, Andy Morris, Frank Norris. Linda LaMee, Jodi 135Third Grade (Front) Amy Watson. Gene Miller. Russell Olds. David Bennett. Scott McFadden, Heidi Stage. (Middle) Missy Warner. Allison Geer. Corey Wooden. Shannon Horton. Mickie Slone. Tammy Upston, Shelly Hopkins. (Back) Loren Devenney. Jennifer Crabbe, Jerry Michielsen. Richard Schweikert, Tracy Green, Teacher — Mrs. Susan Van Nortwick. (Not Pictured) Gary Arbogast (Front) Dea Reincke. Michelle Coffman. Kim Newland. Tanya Doolittle. Billy Stites. (Back) Willis Morris. Lisa Kosier. Mark Cail. Tammy Cole. Alisa Weller (Middle) Mary Randall. Tracy Katz. Toby Plessinger. Chris Cutchall. Teacher — Mr Harold Wiljanen. Brian Fowler. Tim Doody. Andy Johnson. Missy Torrey. (Not Pictured) Jerry Johnson. 136Second Grade (Front) Craig Clark. Doug Scherer. Shantel Middaugh. Becky Phillips. Laverne Norris. Barbara Herman, Natalie Shaffer, Stacey Willbur. (Middle) Mike Woods. Eric Hildebrandt. Kris Lambert, Mike Shelton. Jerry Davis. Amy Thomas. Shawn Thompson. Dorman Snyder (Back) Lisa Smith. Angela Wallen. Pat Peters. Edward McDonald. Mike Rocco. Davey Cole. David Turley. Teacher — Mrs. Janet Johnson. (Not Pictured) Brian Dietz. (Front) Chad Sisco. Michael Woodmen. Jason Rench. Todd Clark. Heather Coats. Mark Coffman. Toni Sheppard. April Crandall. (Middle) Loren Selby. Debbie Reynolds, Mike Cheeseman, Gary Peters. Scott Young. David Briegel. Dennis Foote. Joe Hinspeter. Tracy Swafford (Back) Tim Herman. Tony Mains. Tina Sechler. Tammy Walker. Corey Reincke. Cindy Childers. Tanya Griffith. Teacher — Mrs Becky Markham. 137First Grade (Front) Jennifer Delmont. Shawn Crawford, Tonya Jarrell, Danny Lambert. Christina Zook (Middle) Angela Leatherman. David Copas, Trissy Upston, Aubrey Watkins. Doug Turley. (Back) Amy Phillips. Brett Cook. Nickie Stuart. Tim Milne. Robert Horton. Teacher — Mrs Mary Watson (Not Pictured) Brian Miller (Front) Laurie Shumway. Kenny Shaffer. Jess Hiesrodt, Travis Hall. Shelley Langridge. (Middle) Jason Crabbe. Chad Thomas. Tracy Cole. Jolynnda LaFond. Angela Caputo (Back) baron Imhof. Robbie Petersen. Toby Riddle. Scott Ste-maly, Robie Kilgore. Teacher — Mrs Judy Weatherly.Junior Primary (Front) Amy Weller, Lonnie Rogers. Elizabeth Hunter. (Back) Richie Baker, Jodi Scherer, Judd Sanders. Teacher — Mrs. Mary Stout. (Front) Jason Holi-baugh, Donny Ball, Layla Rench. Jessica Johnson. (Middle) Greg Katz. Ryan Gro-holske. Melanie Geer. Sonja James. Christin Devenney. (Back) Michelle Miller. Todd Goheen. Leslee Shaffer. Sherry Swafford. Teacher — Miss Mer-rie Knapp 139(Front) Tara Hampton, Jamie Middaugh, Brandy Milne. Tonya Price, Eric Stemaly. (Middle) Rusty Thomas. Marty Coats, Robby Payseno, Bobby Stage. Dean Richardson. (Back) April Green, Danica Reincke. Sarah Pulsipher, Michael Prater, Teacher — Miss Mer-rie Knapp. Kindergarten P (Front) Mrs. Mary Ann Watson. Mrs. Judy Weatherly, Miss Merrie Knapp. Mrs. Marian Sweet. Mr. Dwight Runyon. Mrs. Judy Jenkins. Mr. Harold Torrey (Back) Mrs. Sally Brayton. Mrs. Susan Van Nortwick. Mrs. Becky Markham. Mrs. Marcia Roy. Miss Crystal Shaw. Miss Eileen Aldrich. Mrs. uaii mammons, Mrs. Jeannette Randall. Mrs. Beverly Bessler, Mrs. Nancy Card. (Not Pictured) Mrs. Janet Johnson. UOTAMMY FOWLER PHYSICAL FITNESS AWARD Lanette Reincke, Chris Phillips Elementary Seven Students Receive Special Awards DICK SPIRES CITIZENSHIP AWARD Anita Turley, Chris Katz SPELLING BEE WINNERS Chris Katz (third), Mike Hall (second), Brenda Rafferty (first) 141 Elementary Safety Patrollers Have Important Duties (Back) Lieutenant Annette Powell, Captain Lori Herman (Front)Captain Mike Hall. Advisor Mr Dwight Runyon. SAFETY PATROL: (Back) Danny Yates, Lanette Reincke. Donna Kemp, Robin Macomber. Christine Cappella, Stephanie Horton, Linda Brown. Merrianne LaFond, Deanne Rocco, Annette Reincke, Nancy Schweikert. Steve Pulsipher. Anita Turley. Annette Powell, Joanna Lindquist, Lisa Caputo, Faith-anne Peterson, Lori Herman, Deidre Upston. Annette Katz. Kurt Shilling. Brian Saltzgaber, Advisor Mr. Dwight Runyon (Middle) Margaret Barker, Diana Klingaman. Chris LaMee, Chris Katz, Tim Fogel. Keri Eberts. Sean Casey. Bryan McFadden, Elizabeth Pulsipher. Cindy Wilson, Amy Johnson. Annette Meiring, Mike Hall, Penny Neal. Gina Bergerson, Bruce Warner. (Front) Karen McFadden. Linda Sizemore, Dawn Poole. Carol Keifer, Bryan Steibeling, Chad Clark. Matt Smith, Bob Goheen, Frank Childers. George Feltner, Paulette Struwin. 142PATRONS James E. Bailey Ron and Deanna Beam Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bottoff Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brewer Loren Burlingame, D.V.M. Bush Progressive 4-H Club Mr. and Mrs. Roger Carlson and Family Dr. and Mrs. Paulino W. Chan Lyle and Evelyn Clapper Mr. and Mrs. Keith Clark Dean T. Culver M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Doolittle and Family Vern and Mary Eberts James E. Fletcher, O.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Friend Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hall T. W. Hall D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hammond Robert Heidenreich, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hinspeter Dr. Gary Howe H. E. Humphrey, M.D. Miss Donna Hunsicker Bruce L. Irving, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Robert James Mr. and Mrs. Gale Jenkins Joe and Marguerite Jenkins Donna and Jerry Johnson The Jerry Johnson Family Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Kelly, Jr. Carlene Kevwitch Arthur and Virginia King Mr. and Mrs. LaVon Klingaman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kostrzewski Raymond Krani, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Krumvede Mrs. Sharon Kuhling Daryl and Mary Leatherbury Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lewis and Toni and Eddy Dr. Long and Chan, D.D.S., PC Mr. and Mrs. Clare K. Martinson Vern and Janice McAtee Dr. David McClaid Charles F. Morton Grant and Shirley Myers Mr. and Mrs. Al Pileri Progressive Women's Club Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Randall Mrs. Tom Randall Jack and Bonnie Rocco Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Rogers and Family The Norman Schafer Family Schroeder, DeGraw, Mathews and Kendall, PC Oron and Elma Sellers Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Serra Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Shank Clayton and Carolyn Sherwood Smith and Smith Attorneys Paul and Marian Sweet Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Norman Taylor Tekonsha P.T.O. Tekonsha Township Library Mr. and Mrs. Leon VanHoose Mr. and Mrs. Reid Waffle N. J. Walton, M.D. Sharon Warsop and Family Mr. and Mrs. Jack Watson Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wiescholek and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Donald Yates Dr. Bruce Young ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The yearbook stdff had a lot of fun putting together tha 1910 INDIAN yearbook. We would like to use this space for the many thank you's that people so richly desorve. To start off. we would like to give a very big thank you to our yearbook advisor, Mrs. Se ly Hammond. She put in many long hours during the school year and after school was out to make this yearbook an eiciting one. Abo. our staff deserves many thanks and praise for without them, this book would not be possible. They were a greet group to work with. Countless pictures passed through the hands of every staff member due to the escelent work of our school photographer. Mr. George Murphy; we thank him. Also our appreciation goes to Mr. Lee Zimmerman of Taylor Publishing Company, for his guidance, and for dropping in to see if we needed any help. We thank Mrs. Mary Leatherbury for making announcements on picture days, as well as the faculty and administration for cooperating on those days. We know that sometimes it got pretty hectic. Also, thanks must go to Roger Nichols Music, Inc. for the permission to use the lyrics from the song: •THE TIMES OF YOUR LIFE" Lyrics — Bill Lane Music — Roger Nichols Copyright — 1974 Roger Nichols Music, Inc. Last but certainly not least we want to estend a special thanks to the Advertisers, Patrons, and Subscribers, and also to those people who bought the Christmas "Luvkms. wrapping paper. Their support has made this yearbook possible, and has helped to keep the price of the yearbook down for several years. Sometimes thank you's seem small, but without the help of al these people, the 1910 INDIAN wotdd not be. Thank you! Jack E. Woods Kathryn K. Eberts 1980 INDIAN Co-Editors '‘BeHs." and 1 44SHERWOOD-HOPPS PHARMACY Family Prescription Center 129 Main St. Tekonsha, Ml 49092 Phone (517)767-3474 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:45-6; Sat. 8:45 I Clayton Sherwood R.Ph. Craig R. Hopps, R.Ph. 767-4506 767-3196 Congratulations Seniors of Tekonsha High Compliments of THE SOUTHERN MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANK Tekonsha Branch Phone 767 3313 Compliments of |PQUGLASJ CORPORATION BILL'S BARBER SHOP Tekon Truck Plaza Tekonsha, Michigan Flame Sprayed Metal Carbide and Ceramic Coatings 103 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan OLLIE'S BEAUTY SALON Men's and Women's Hair Ear Piercing 209 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Ph. 767 4181 Compliments of GREEN HARDWARE More Than Just Nuts and Bolts Tom and Linda Bucholtz Tekonsha, Michigan TIM'S BODY SHOP Congratulations Seniors THORNTON'S SALES SERVICE Tekonsha, Michigan Wheel-Horse Lawn and Garden Equipment Phone: 767 4604 Tekonsha, Michigan U6 BITZ CONSTRUCTION CO. Li—— LssnSs L General Contractor Jx 3061 l9l 2 Mile Road ' irrir Tekonsha, Michigan I J Ph.(517)767-4217 Leo Bitz, Owner Compliments of NEWT'S RANDALL MARKET FOOD PRODUCTS INC. Jim and LuAnne Warkozeski Tekonsha, Michigan 950 North Main Street, Tekonsha, Michigan Lumber and Building Compliments of Materials Gladys Feltner VILLAGE RESTAURANT Congratulations Seniors 130 Main Street KEEP MARTINSON Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of MARKING Phone MACHINE CO. 767 4179 114 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, MichiganTUFF-CAT Compliments of DAVE HAWLEY DISTRIBUTORS INC. Distributors of Amoco Products Congratulations to the Class of 1980 From Bob and Alice Waffle Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of CLIFF’S SPORT GROCERY Tekonsha, Michigan TRENT'S SWEEPER SHOP 125 Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 Ph. 767 3225 Owners of LIMOUSIN CATTLE Congratulations From the UNION CHURCH Tekonsha, Michigan 148PRECISION ENGRAVING CO. Steel Marking Tool Specialists 128 Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Ron Johnson (517)767-4188 Compliments of JENKINS STANDARD PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Ph. 767 8517 Tekonsha, Michigan 828 N. Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan Bert Sheridan Tim Merker First in Farm Credit Congratulations Class of "80" 767 4152 Doug Rogers Congratulations Seniors FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 914 North Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan ALLAN D. MENDELSOHN, D.O. 101 Church Street Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 Congratulations Class of ”80' DAIRY KING Ernie and Billie Waffle Ph. 767 4488 M 60 at 1-69, Tekonsha, Michigan 149 E KON SH A ENGINEERING COMPANY Products tor the Recreational Vehicle Industry Compliments of PUTNAM FUNERAL HOME Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of MILLIMAN AGENCY INC. 207 Main Street, Tekonsha, Michigan Business: 767 4422 Residence: 767 3316 Compliments of BOB KING EXCAVATING Tekonsha, Michigan 150Congratulations "Class of 1980" Good Luck in the Future BEAR'S DEN Bear, Jan, and B. J. Johnson GROHOLSKI REALTY INC. 10105 M 60 West Burlington, Michigan Betty J. Groholski Phone Associate Broker (517)765-21 12 Farms’CommerciahResidential AREY'S HARDWARE Nothing Is Impossible for Those Who Communicate. THE TEKONSHA IDEA COMMITTEE, INC. Phone 765 2648 Burlington, Michigan 49029 Hardware — General Merchandise Bottled Gas — Pittsburgh Paints Publisher of the Tekonsha IDEA, a Weekly Newspaper. "Where you find the unexpected" 151TEKON TRUCK PLAZA T K AUTOMOTIVE DIVISION Tekon Truck Plaza Jet. M-60 and 1-69 Ph. (517)767 4183 Complete Parts and ServiceCongratulations to the Class of "80" From HORTON GRAIN COMPANY 4510 US-27 North, Route I Tekonsha, Michigan STEVE MATTHIES CHEVY TOWN USA 8480 M-60 East, Union City, Michigan 49094 y HtVROIKT I Am as Close as Your Telephone Steve Matthies, Owner Bus. (517)741 -4861 New and Used Cars and Trucks (616)964 9037 BRAY MOTOR SALES INC. Union City, Michigan Honesty and Fair Dealings for over 50 years now. Phone: 741 9711 741 5041 Where Your Farm£omes First FaRm Bureau FARM BUREAU SERVICES, INC. 'Union City Phone 741 8921 C ajAm i. 7CUICLRV Order Your Custom Made Class or School Ring With 2 to 4 Weeks Delivery Phone — 279 9452 7 W. 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Homer, Michigan Wholesale — Retail Phone 568-4141 P.O.Box 188 XT! Homer, Michigan 49245 TfliirCompliments of the 1979 1980 STUDENT COUNCIL 28 WALDRON (Back) Mr Wayne Mason, advisor; Deana Yates, secretary; Tina Foote, rep.; Mary Woods, rep ; Kim Bennett, sergeant at arms; Melanie Doolittle, rep.; Bill Wiescholek. rep.; Debbie Stuart, rep ; Gloria Tetreault. parliamentarian; David Sweet, rep ; Mrs. Vilma Carlson, advisor. (Front) Todd Brown, rep ; Matt Snyder, rep ; Ann Casebeer. treasurer; Jack Woods, president, Jane Shedd, rep ; Bob Wiescholek, vice president PAT'S FLOWERS AND GIFTS 714 South Hillsdale Street Homer, Michigan TWO-HOUR CLEANERS 155 West Michigan Avenue Marshall Michigan CITY BANK TRUST CO. "Working for You" Jackson Albion Homer Parma Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 163MARSHALL ANTIQUES 206 W. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Michigan 49068 Mon.-Sat. Hours: 1 1:00-5:30 Ph.:616-781-7842 Berta Brown Joyce Tolan 7814889 781-5581 Joanne McMillan 962-7946 GOOD'S SALES SERVICE Allis Chalmers Farm Equipment Lawn and Garden Equipment Polaris Snowmobiles Artie Cat Snowmobiles 7800 151 2 Mi. Rd., South Marshall, Ml Ph.:616-781-2617 CARROLL'S Compliments of SHOES VINCENT'S PAINTING Coldwater, Ml 49036 "A Perfect Fit Every Time" SERVICE Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of GIRARD COUNTRY STORE In Downtown Girard SENIOR ACTIVITIES EWA B ANDERSON Mock Elections — Voted Sweetest and Easiest To Get Along With; Attended KCC for English and Physical Education Classes; Swedish Exchange Student. STEVEN L BALL.. Football — 1. 2. 3; Cabaret — 1. CHRISTOPHER BARKER ..Co-op — 3, 4; Honor Student — 4; Mock Elections — Voted Most Studious; State of Michigan Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement — 4 KIMBERLY ANN BENNETT . Basketball — 1.2, 3. 4; Volleyball — 1.2. 3. 4; Track — 1, 2. 3. 4; Most Valuable Player and All-League in Track — 3. 4; Athlete of the Year — 3. 4; Drama Club — 1.2; Winner of the Drama Award — 2; Mock Elections — Voted Best Athlete; Choir — 1,3; Honor Student — 4; Powder Puff Football — 3. 4; Tri-League Champions Meet — 3. 4; Most Valuable Player in Volleyball — 3. 4; All-League Team in Volleyball — 3; Volleyball Tri-Captain — 4; Varsity Club —2.3.4 TIMOTHY GUIDO CAPUTO ..Football — 1.2. 3.4; Basketball — 2, 3. 4. Baseball — 1.2. 3. 4; Varsity Club — 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Court — 2; Football All-League — 3. 4; Football All-Area and All-State Honorable Mention — 4; Football Co-Captain — 4; Mock Elections — Voted Biggest Flirt and Class Clown. ANN LESLIE CASEBEER.. Cheerleader — 1.2; Basketball — 1, 2. 3; Class Secretary — 1; Leadership State Finalist — 4; Choir — 1.2. 3.4; Student Council Treasurer — 3. 4; Cabaret Mistress of Ceremonies — 4; Cabaret — 1. 2. 3. 4; Valedictorian — 4; Mock Elections — Voted Best Dressed. Best Musician. Most Likely to Succeed, and Most Studious; Powder Puff Football — 4; Varsity Club — 4; Gifted and Talented Program — 4; T E A. Scholarship — 4; KCC Board of Trustees Scholarship — 4; Science Award — 4. RANDY COLE...Football — 1; Wrestling — 1.2; Cabaret — 1.2, 3. 4; Choir — 1,2. 3.4. DARYL DUANE CUMMINS...Football — 1. 2. 3, 4; Baseball — 1. Basketball — 1; Wrestling — 3; Mock Elections — Voted Class Chatter Box. Most Mischievous; Vo-Ed — 3.4 JOHN DAVIS . Track —2. 3. 4 MELANIE DAWN DOOLITTLE...Volleyball — 2. 3. 4; Band — 1.2, 3. 4; Choir — 3. Cabaret — 2. 3; Student Council — 2. 3. 4; Band Representative — 2; Sergeant-of-Arms — 3; Honor Student — 4; Powder Puff Football — 4; Kellogg Community College — 4; State of 164SENIOR ACTIVITIES Michigan Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement — 4. KATHRYN KAY EBERTS . Basketball — 1. 2. 3; Volleyball — 1. 2. 3. 4; Volleyball Co-Captain — 3, and Tri-Captain — 4; Track — 1,2, 3. 4; Most Dedicated Award — 3; Class President — 3. 4; Student Council — 1; William F. Dansforth "I Dare You Leadership Award" — 3; Journalism — 3. 4; Idea Co-Editor — 3; INDIAN Co-Editor — 4; Honor Student — 4; Varsity Club — 2, 3. 4; Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizenship Award — 4; Powder Puff Football — 4; Basic Educational Opportunity Grant — 4; State of Michigan Scholarship; All-League Team in Volleyball — 3; Western Michigan University Scholarship — 4; Champions of Champions Meet — 3; All-League Meet in Track — 3.4 MARLENE RENEE FRIEND. Basketball — 1.2. 3. 4; Volleyball — 1,2. 3. 4; Volleyball Tri-Captain — 4; Track — 1,2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court — 1,4; Cabaret — 1, 3. 4; Powder Puff Football — 3, 4; Majorette — 1,2, 3. 4; Mock Elections — Voted Biggest Flirt and Cutest; Varsity Club — 2, 3. 4; All-League Meet — 3, 4; Tri-League Champions Meet — 3. 4; State Track Meet — 4; Home Economics Award — 4 DALE HARTLEY TODD ALLEN HENION Football — 1, 2. 3. 4; Baseball — 1.2; Varsity Club — 3. 4; Basketball — 1,2; Math Award — 4. ALLEN DERAY HINES .Track — 2, 3. 4 FLORINDA VAJEAN JENKINS . Class Secretary — 2; Co-op — 3, 4; Home Economics Award — 4. TIMOTHY M JENKINS . Football — 1. 2, 3, 4; Steve Weller Award — 1, Honorable Mention All-League — 2. 3. All-League Offense and Defense — 4; All-Area Offensive End — 4; Honorable Mention All-State Offensive End — 4; Basketball — 1. 2, 3. 4; All-League — 2. 3. 4; All-Area — 3; Honorable Mention All-Area — 4; Baseball — 1.2, 3. 4; All-League — 3, 4; Class Vice-President — 1,2; Student Council — 3; Varsity Club — 2. 3. 4; Honor Student — 4; Journalism — 3, 4; Mock Elections — Voted Best Athlete and Sweetest; Football Tri-Captain —4; State of Michigan Scholarship — 4; Most Valuable Back in Football — 4; Highest Batting Average in Baseball — 4; Athlete of the Year — 4; All-Region Team in Baseball — 4; KCC Board of Trustees Scholarship— 4 NANCY ELLEN JONES . Band — 1.2, 3. 4; Choir — 1.3; Indian Singers — 2; Pep Band — 2; Basketball — 1; Powder Puff Football — 3. 4; Cabaret — 2; Art Award — 4. JAMES MICHAEL KELLY...Football — 1,2; Basketball — 1,2; Track — 1,2,4; Varsity Club — 2. 4; Band — 1,2, 3, 4; Stage Band (Cabaret) — 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabaret — 2; Pep Band — 1,2, 3, 4 DOUGLAS GRANT KEMPTON Wrestling — 1. 3. 4; Football — 4; Varsity Club — 2. 3.4; Band — 1.2, 3. 4; Choir —1,2. ARRON KEVWITCH. Football — 1,2, 3; Basketball — 1.2. 3; Track — 1.2. 4; Varsity Club — 2,3.4 MARK LEE KLINGAMAN...Football — 1; Basketball — 1, 2, 3. 4; Co-op — 3. 4 JANICE KRUMVEDE .Cabaret — 1; Journalism — 2; Vo-Ed — 3. 4; Honor Student — 4; Certificate of Perfect Attendance in the Cosmetology Program — 4. BOBBETTE JEAN LAMB Homecoming Court — 3; Homecoming Queen — 4; Student Council — 3; Class Secretary — 4; Powder Puff Football — 3. 4; Journalism — 4; Salutatorian — 4; Mock Elections — Voted Most Popular and Easiest To Get Along With; Co-op — 4; KCC Board of Trustees Scholarship— 4. DOUG MINNIEAR...Football — 1; Baseball — 1,2; Basketball — 1, 2. 3; Track— 1. PEGGY MONROE. Basketball — 1.2; Powder Puff Football — 4. DOUGLAS GRANT MYERS Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Football — 1,2; Honor Student — 4; Vo-Ed — 3, 4; Pep Band — 1.2, 3, 4; Stage Band — 1.2,4; Burrell E. Henry Scholarship — 4; Outstanding Vo-fcd Award for Carpentry — 4. ROSE MARIE NAGEL ..Journalism — 3; Choir — 1,2; Co-op — 4; Powder Puff Football — 3. JOHN ARNO O'DELL . Football — 1,2, 3, 4; All-Area Honorable Mention — 4; Basketball — 2; Wrestling — 3; Baseball—1. 2.3. 4. DEBORA ANN OLDS . Art Award — 1; Vo-Ed — 3. 4; Choir — 1; Mock Elections — Voted Best Artist; Outstanding Vo-Ed Award for Commercial Art — 4 DEBRA ANN REINCKE...Volleyball — 3; Cheerleading — 4; Powder Puff Football — 3. 4; Choir — 1,2. 3. 4 DOUGLAS CRAIG SALTZGABER-Football — 2, 3, 4. All-Area Honorable Mention — 4; Football Tri-Captain — 4; Basketball — 1, 2. 3. 4. All-League 1st Team — 3. 4; Most Valuable Player — 3, 4; All-Area Honorable Mention — 3; All-Area 1st Team — 4; All-State Honorable Mention — 4; Baseball — 1, 2, 3. 4; Track — 1,4; Varsity Club — 2. 3. 4; Band — 1. 2. 3, 4; Journalism — 3, 4; Class President — 2; Class Vice-President — 4; Mock Elections — Voted Cutest; Athlete of the Year — 4; Big Mac All-Area 2nd Team in Basketball — 3; and 1st Team — 4 CY K. SAYER FLOYD A SIEGEL ..Football — 1. 2. 3, 4; Wrestling — 1, 2, 3, 4; Took 5th at State Wrestling Tournament — 4; Baseball — 2, 3. 4; Track — 2; Varsity Club — 2. 3, 4; Most Aggressive Wrestler — 4; Most Valuable Player in Baseball — 4. VICKIE SISCO...Track — 1. 2. 3. 4; Cheerleading — 2, 3. 4; Cabaret — 2, 4; Homecoming Court — 2, 4; Varsity Club — 4; Mock Elections — Voted Always Late. Most School Spirit. Class Clown. Class Chatterbox, and Most Mischievous; All-League Track Meet — 3,4; Tri-League Champions Meet — 3.4 PATTY ANN SMITH...Vo-Ed — 3. 4; Mock Elections — Voted Quietest. CARLA STRANG Powder Puff Football — 4; Class Secretary Treasurer — 3; Class Treasurer — 4 DEBORA STUART...Student Council — 2. 3. 4; Class Treasurer — 1; Cheerleader — 2, 3; Basketball — 1; Choir — 1.2; Honor Student — 4; Co-op — 4; State of Michigan Scholarship — 4 ROSS UPSTON ..Football — 1,2; Basketball — 1. 2, 3; Baseball — 1. 2, 3; Track — 1; Student Council — 2; Class President — 1; Class Vice-President — 3; Varsity Club — 2. 3; Free-Throw Marathon Winner — 3. HAZEL MARIE WAFFLE Basketball — 1; Choir —1,2; Journalism — 3. 4 DAN WARNER Football — 1; Basketball —1.2,3; Baseball —1.2; KEVIN L WEBBER Basketball — 1,2, 3. 4; All-League 2nd Team — 4; Baseball — 1. 2, 3, 4; All-League 1st Team — 3, 4; Varsity Club — 2. 3, 4; Homecoming Court — 4 Most Improved Award in Baseball — 4 BRUCE DOUGLAS WHITE ...Football — 1. 2. 3. 4; All-League Offensive Guard and Defensive Tackle — 4; All-State Honorable Mention — 4; All-Area Offensive Guard — 4; Basketball — 1, 2. 3, 4; Track — 2, 3, 4; Journalism — 4; Varsity Club — 4; Cabaret — 1; Most Valuable Lineman in Football — 4 GARY WHITE . Football — 1; Track — 1, 2. 3. 4; Varsity Club — 2. 3. 4; Most Dedicated Member Track — 4. WILLIAM H. WIESCHOLEK Football — 1, 3. 4; Student Council — 1, 4; Band — 1,2,4; Choir — 2; John Philip Sousa Outstanding Band Award — 4; Cabaret — 1. 2. 3. 4; Vo-Ed — 3. 4; Mock Elections — Voted Best Artist and Best Musician; Most Improved in Football — 4. MYRON WOLCOTT . Football — 1.2. 3.4; Most Valuable Back — 3; Baseball — 1; Track — 1. 2. 3; Most Dedicated — 1; Varsity Club — 1; Homecoming Court — 2; Homecoming King — 4; Mock Elections — Voted Most Popular. JACK EDDIE WOODS . Wrestling — 1. 2, 3. 4; Wrestling Tri-Captain — 4; Track — 1,2. 3. 4; Indian Singers — 2; Student Council — 2; Student Council President — 3. 4; Journalism — 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Business Manager — 3; Indian Yearbook Co-Editor — 4; Honor Student — 4; Cabaret — 2. 3. 4; Master of Ceremonies — 4; Varsity Club — 2, 3, 4; Tekonsha Players — 4; THS Outstanding Business Award — 4; William F. Dansforth "I Dare You" Leadership Award — 4; Mock Elections — Voted Most Likely to Succeed, Best Dressed, Easiest To Get Along With; Leadership State Finalist — 4; Business Olympics — 3.4166

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