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They were my friends. We did lots of things together; We played our games And sang our songs. When we worked, we worked hard. When we studied, we studied a lot. We didn't always win. We didn't always pass. But, we tried our best. We did it together. They were my friends — I hope they always will be. — Mary Krall —Rose D. Warwick High School Tekonsha, MichiganWe did lots of things together;When we worked, we worked hard. When we studied, we studied a lot.Contents Introduction 1 Classes 10 Organizations 24 Activities 30 Athletics 52 Administration 84 Faculty 88 Seniors 98 Juniors 112 Sophomores 116 Freshmen 120 Junior High 124 Elementary 130 Advertisers 144 Senior Activities 164 INDIAN Staff Closing 166 167 We didn't always win. We didn't always pass. But, we tried our best.67FINE ARTS Art Students Visit Art Train Included in the fine am classes are band (fifth, sixth, junior high, and senior high) and choir under the direction of Mr. Kevin McMullin, who also teaches German and music appreciation (a new class that helps seventh graders learn the basics of music. Another new class, taught by Mrs. Carlene Zoll-ner, is communicative am which deals with communications such as plays, radio and television. Mrs. Gladys Pileri teaches the fundamentals of sketching and painting in art class. A new art program has been offered to junior high students which enables them to learn to draw with pencil, charcoal and to paint still life and scenery pictures. As an added event this year, the art students visited the Michigan Art Train held in Coldwater in the fall. (Above) The band rehearses one of their numbers for the annual band festival held at Gull Lake. (Left) Shown here is the art class working on various sketches. (Below) Mr. Kevin McMullin and the choir pause before their first song at the Christmas Concert. 11MATH. SCIENCE Flasks Tasks Mathematics is the science dealing with the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities. Mr. Robert Tyckoski is in charge of the Math Department teaching geometry, trigonometry and junior high math. Mr. Steve Schrock teaches algebra I, Business math, general math II, and Miss Coleen Wendel teaches general math I. The science program gives the student a basic understanding of the world around him. Mr. Steve Schrock is in charge of the chemistry and advanced science program. Mr. Roger Maples teaches the junior high science, earth science and agriculture science. Teachers, Miss Coleen Wendel and Miss Rinette Griffiths are in charge of the biology classes with Miss Wendel teaching freshman science. Students in geometry class work on a geometric proof with help from instructor Mr. Robert Tyckoski. 12 Some junior high students in Mr. Robert Tyckoski's Math class find it more comfortable studying on the carpeted floor of the new junior high complex.(Upper Left) Bill Hayes and Greg Hall work on a chemistry experiment. (Above) Some advanced science students and instructor Mr. Steve Schrock pose for the yearbook photographer. (Left) Jeannette Johnson and Nancy Jones review before a seventh grade science test for Mr. Roger Maples’s class. 13(Above) Danny Schaffer "enjoys” one of the many tasks of being a homemaker. (Above Right) Diane Saltzgaber labors at a home ec. project. (Right) Linda Millard looks amused as Sandy Cummins toils to thread a needle. 14HOMF FCONOMICS. INDUSTRIAL ARTS (Top) Floyd Hinspeter works on one of his projects in the small engines mini course. (Bottom) Alice and Brenda Kelly concentrate on their drawings in mechanical drawing class. Students Gain Practical Skills Miss Rinette Griffiths, home economics instructor, helps eighth and ninth grade students learn a few of the basic needs of being a homemaker, such as cooking, sewing, and the basics of child care. Miss Griffiths also teaches the mini courses open to grades ten through twelve. The mini courses include home management, food and nutrition, men’s clothing and child care. In the Industrial Arts Department, under the direction of Mr. James Messacar, students learn the correct and safe way to use shop tools. Shop classes are offered to seventh and ninth grades, and various mini courses which include small engines, electronics, and welding. Mr. Messacar also teaches mechanical drawing where students learn to make accurate drawings using mechanical equipment and drafting techniques.(Top) Two seventh grade students are busy working on their mobile projects for Mr. Duane Richardson's social studies class. (Above) Students are pondering their scores from a test in Mrs. Polly DeVries' U.S. history class. (Right) Shirley Jordon expresses her opinion in a class discussion in a social studies mini course. 16SOCIAL STUDIES. BUSINESS An Active Year for Classes (Above) Floyd Hinspeter is working on one of the office machines in the advanced typing and office machines class. (Below) Students are busy typing in the second hour Typing I class. The social studies classes, this year had many things to offer. Guest speakers such as lawyers and policemen spoke about their careers in government and discussion classes. The classes offered are government, state and local civics, seventh and eighth grade history, taught by Mr. Duane Richardson; world history taught by Mr. Larry Stout; economics and consumer economics taught by Mr. James Mes-sacar; and U.S. history and social studies minicourses taught by Mrs. Polly DeVries, who replaced Mrs. Cathy Slade for the second semester. In the Business Department, under the direction of Mrs. Sally Hammond, there are several classes offered to the students. These classes are designed to prepare students for the business world. The classes being offered are beginning typing, advanced typing and office machines, accounting I, shorthand I and a new class of junior high general business. During the year, the advanced business classes got a look at the real thing, when they took field trips to area businesses and colleges. Also in the business area, is business math taught by Mr. Steven Schrock. For the second year in a row, the Business Department chose an outstanding senior business student. This year Lois Reese was chosen for her outstanding achievement in the business area. She was honored in April along with other area business students at a dinner given by the Administrative Management Society.ENGLISH Speech Class Use Video Tape In the English Department, Mr. Robert Currie teaches American lit, speech and sophomore English. American lit consists of studying American authors and poets with emphasis on them as well as their work. In speech class students participate by presenting speeches, acting, radio and television broadcasting skits while being video taped. They also perform acts for the Cabaret. In English a study is made of both lit and grammar. Mr. Paul Sweet is the English teacher for grades seventh to ninth. Speeches and reports are made by the students in front of the class and reading is done for comprehension and enjoyment. Mrs. Polly DeVries is also a teacher of a freshman English class. Mrs. Carlene Zollner, the new reading consultant, teaches reading classes which concentrate on reading fundamentals of comprehension, work attack skills and sight vocabulary. (Above, Left) Mr. Robert Currie assists a student, Glenda Williams. (Middle) Mr. Paul Sweet teaches an English class. (Below) Mr. Currie prepares to play records as a means of studying poetry in American lit class. 18IOURNA1 ISM Staff members work to meet a deadline. They are Mike Blake, Joe Nagel (assistant IDEA editor second semester), and Jim Macomber (IDEA editor first semester). Class Attends Yearbook Workshop The journalism class, taught by Mrs. Sally Hammond, produces the THS INDIAN yearbook, a page in the Tekonsha IDEA and the school paper. Along with learning the fundamentals of news style writing, students study yearbook layout, and design, photography, business management, and sell advertisements for the yearbook. This year, eight students made up the class with one returning student, Mary Krall, who served as editor of the yearbook. In the fall, the class attended a yearbook workshop at Kalamazoo College to help prepare them for the task of producing this yearbook. Yearbook editor, Mary Krall (editor of INDIAN EYE first semester), assists staff members. Kim Klingaman (business manager). and Judy Barrington (assistant yearbook editor). Mary and Judy also served as student photographers. Mrs. Sally Hammond, advisor, assists staff members. Beth Burchfield (IDEA editor second semester), and Kathy Waffle in preparing a yearbook layout.PHYSICAL EDUCATION Students Develop Leadership Ability This year the physical education classes were taught by Miss Coleen Wendel and Mr. Larry Stout. Miss Wendel teaches girls' physical education with individual and team sports being taught such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, tumbling, track and softball. Mr. Stout is in charge of boys' physical education which includes both junior high and senior high. In junior high, emphasis is placed on learning the rules and fundamentals of each activity. Senior high physical education is an extention of the junior high program. Both team and individual activities are presented, developing leadership ability through the use of team captains, who plan strategy, and squad leaders, who are responsible for their squad. Physical education classes strive to develop physical fitness and hope to develop interest in the students to the level where they will pursue some of these activities after graduation. (Top) Girls' gym class leams various dances. (Above) Dale Olds works on the weight machine. 20LIBRARY AND TEACHERS'AIDES Library Takes on New Look This year the library took on a new look, it received new round tables and bright orange chairs to match. The library acquired some pictures and other decorations to give it more of an atmosphere of a library. The library also acquired many new books during the year. The librarian at Tekonsha High School is Mrs. Karen Friend. During the school year, the teachers have student aides to assist them with paper work. The students receive a half a credit a year for their efforts. 21CO-OP. VO-ED CO-OP: (Back) Terry Deevers, Randy Russell. Mike Hopkins, Emmitt Percival, John Cummings. Don Lindsey. (Middle) Mike Baylls, Greg Grinnell, Bertha Miller. Rick Shilling. Vicky Shilling. Mike Wolcott, Rosie Pecceu, Mike Casebeer, Joe Young. (Front) Carol Howell. Mark Olds, Kevin Strang, Lois Reese. (Not Pictured) Linda Weller. VO-ED: (Back) Sheryl Stefan. Marguerite Tetreault, Kathy Sweet, Martin Quigley, Gene Richar, Marty Walker, Debbie Hampton, Julie Sanford, Lori Phelps. (Sitting) Martha Poe, Shirley Minniear, Linda Weller, Drucella Yates, Gail Casebeer, Phyllis Shilling. (Not Pictured) Geordie Price, Debbie Johnson, Paul Millard, Roberta Rosenberry, Janet Amsler, Tammy Cavinder. 22Students Earn While They Learn STUDENT Co-op EMPLOYER John Cummings John Weller Farm Mike Baylis Herbert Keller Terry Dee vers Chuck Deevers Greg Grinnell Carman Chry. Plym. Mike Hopkins Lloyd Hopkins Carol Howell Standard Oil Donald Lindsey Elmyn Lindsey Bertha Miller Newt's Market Mark Olds Tekonsha Eng. Emmitt Percival Precision Engraving Co. Lois Reese Tekon Farm Service Ricky Shilling Tekon Truck Stop Vicky Shilling Tekon Grill Kevin Strang Tekon Truck Stop Mike Wolcott Jenkins Standard Linda Weller Mary Jane's STUDENT Vo-ed PROGRAM Paul Millard Auto Body Debbie Johnson Adv. Cosmetology Phyllis Shilling Data Processing Geordie Price Drafting Kathy Sweet Electricity Gene Richar Electronics Marty Walker Electronics Drucella Yates Food Service Roberta Rosenberry Graphic Reproduction Janet Amsler Office Practices Gail Casebeer Retailing and Marketing Tammy Cavinder Retailing and Marketing Shirley Minniear Retailing and Marketing Sheryl Stefan Retailing and Marketing Debbie Hampton Retailing and Marketing Mugs Tetreault Secretarial Martin Quigley Welding Outstanding Vo-ed Students. (Right) Mr. Greg Zyber, Co-op director. Mr. Greg Zyber, coordinator of the Co-op program, helps students to find a job that will help the student learn about a skill that they would like to pursue after graduation. The Coop program revolves around local and area businesses which hire the student. The owner of the business then grades the student on how well he does the job while training him for the job. Juniors and seniors may enroll in this program . The program is set up so that the student may take their required classes in the morning and then go to their job in the afternoon. The student on the Co-op program receives three school credits. The Vo-ed program which has the same aspects as Co-op (learning a trade) has more of a school atmosphere. The Vocational Center, located in Battle Creek, has more equipment than the average high school to help the student learn a skill to get a job after graduation. The center has several classes that can be taken such as, child care, cosmetology, secretarial practices, welding, auto mechanics, carpentry and plumbing, plus other various classes that will help the student learn about the field he or she wishes to follow after high school.STUDENT COUNCIL Another Successful Cabaret for Council The Student Council did something a little different this year by participating in the Homecoming festivities with their float "Gone With The Wind." The float was put together in a jokingly manner. They also put on another successful Cabaret on April 26 in the high school gym. For their efforts the Council made $366.31 after expenses. The members all worked hard to set it up as well as watch try outs. (Top Left) STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Brian Shedd, president; Cathy Furda, secretary; Even Kowalski, treasurer; Diane Shank, chairman of committees: Mary Krall, parliamentarian; Susan Saltzgaber, vice president; Gary Bartow, sergeant of arms. (Above) The Student Council’s humorous expression of a float. (Left) STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES: (Back) Dr. Joseph Serra, advisor; Judy Barrington, Bill Hayes, Sharon Mack, Electa East-erday, Mrs. Carlene Zollner, advisor. (Front) Bryan Lindquist, Dale Olds, Robin Groholske, Jeff Krumvede, Cheryl Hanley, Mike Blake. 25BAND Band Acquires New Uniforms The THS band had a very busy year with many things to do. They started the school year by selling first-aid kits to earn money for new band uniforms, for which the Junior Mothers’ Club, PTO, School Board, IDEA Committee, Research Club, Pritchard Mothers' Club, and private citizens donated money totaling $7,343.09 to pay for the new uniforms. The band participated in the annual Homecoming parade on October 11, and also the Marshall Christmas parade on December 2. Other activities included presenting a Christmas Concert on December 12, taking part in the Band Festival at Gull Lake on March 1, in which they received a II rating, and a Spring Concert on May 15. The band was also a part of the annual Cabaret on April 19, playing as a pit band between performances. TEKONSHA JUNIOR HIGH MARCHING BAND: (Back) Marlene Friend. Michelle Newhouse, Mr. Kevin McMullln. director: Sue Slone, Doug Saltzgaber, Dawn Watkins. (Middle) Vonnie Boston, Billy Wiescholek, Doug Doolittle, Todd Tageson, Robert Mains. Tra-cee Vincent, Bobby Welsh. Jim Kelly. Doug Myers. (Front) Robert Keifer. Susan Hayes, Annette Brewer, Melanie Doolittle, Don-netta Yates. Lynett Carmickle, Susan Jones. 26 THS MARCHING BAND AND MAJORETTES: Shirley Minniear. head majorette Deb Johnson, and Darla Casebeer.Three senior band members wearing their new uniforms are: Brian Shedd, Deb Johnson, and Joe Young. (Below) Band director, Mr. Kevin McMullin, relaxes after a Homecoming practice session with the band. TEKONSHA HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAND: (Standing) Mr. Kevin McMullin, director: Jeff Williams, Mike Blake, Gary Wies-cholek, Walter Waffle. (Back) Diane Shank, Diane Saltzgaber, Holly McMillen, Lois Hazen, Michelle Johnson, Laurie Stall, Connie Baird, Laurie Shank. (Middle) Durwood Shilling, Tina Tackett, Robin Groholske, Debbie VanHoose. Robin Smith, Brenda Kelly, Lori Phelps. Joe Young, Dennis Miller, Alice Kelly, Nancy Price, Allie Amsler. (Front) Sharon Mack, Brian Shedd, Deb Johnson, Jane Sherwood, Shirley Minniear, Teresa Reimer, Brenda Ragina. 27CHOIR. FHA Students Perform for Community The choir consisted of 37 members including one pianist. They participated in the Christmas Concert and in the Spring Concert on May 15. The band also gave preview concerts for high school and elementary students before performing for the community. The Future Homemakers of America (FHA) sponsored a Toys for Tots Dance and a Sweetheart Dance on February 14. They also helped in the UNICEF drive in October and participated in a workshop in Kalamazoo in November. Mr. Kevin McMullin conducting the THS choir. CHOIR: (Back) Debbie Olds, Marie Waffle, Teresa Hawkins, Rosie Nagel, Patty Smith, Linda Millard, Lois Hazen, Debbie Stuart. Kathy Eberts, Dawn Randall, Patty Green, Debbie Reincke. (Middle) Melanie Doolittle, Susan Jones, Carla Strang. Randy Cole, Jack Woods. Rusty Cummings, Bryan White, Rodney Macomber, Nancy Jones, Denise Kempton, Debbie Holibaugh, Sue Slone. (Front) Jody Leibler, Ann Case-beer, Kim Bennett, Jan Krumvede, Steve Ball, Jim Kelley, Jim Brown, Florinda Jenkins, Vicky Sisco. Marlene Friend. Debbie Prue, Carrie Holbrook, Gail Casebeer, pianist: Mr. Kevin McMullin, director. 28(Far Left) FHA OFFICERS: (Standing) Sherry Cummins, Buuget Chairman; Janet Amsler, Treasurer; Electa Easterday, Student Council Representative; Kathy Howell, Degree Chairman; Connie Spires. Historian; Sirkku Ottelin, Secretary. (Kneeling) Cathy New-house, Parliamentarian: Diane Baird, President. (Left) Miss Riney Griffiths, advisor. FHA MEMBERS: (Back) Phyllis Shilling, Rosie Pecceu, Teresa Richar, Cathy Newhouse, Lena Mard, Kathy Howell, Debbie Hampton. (Middle) Sherry Cummins. Deb Johnson. Janet Amsler. Sirkku Ottelin, Lori Phelps. Connie Goodrich. Alice Kelly. Cindy Marshall. (Front) Connie Spires. Carole Howell, Susan Rubner, Electa Easterday, Diane Baird. (Not Pictured) Teresa Caldwell. 2931HOMECOMING Week Filled With Events HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS AND ESCORTS: Eighth grade. Annette Brewer and Jerry Eishen; sophomores. Denise Ray and Joe Lindquist: seniors, Deb Johnson and Brian Shedd: Queen Cathy Furda and King Randy Russell: seniors. Gail Casebeer and Steve Ciotta: juniors, Kathy Waffle and Greg Hall; seventh grade. Deb Stuart and Ross Upston. (Not pictured: freshmen, Pam Springhall and Terry King). Queen Cathy Furda and King Randy Russell reigned over the events of Homecoming week starting October 7, after being crowned the Friday before. Monday night was a pizza party sponsored by the Student Council and Thursday was the annual snake dance and bonfire also sponsored by the Student Council. The parade was held on Friday afternoon, October 13, with the floats following the theme of "The Movies.” The junior high took first place with their float entry of "Ben Hur." Following the parade were an egg-throwing contest (won by Gene Richar and Rick Shilling) and a pie eating contest (won by Dean Jacox and Martin Quigley). The Homecoming game was played against Camden-Frontier. Camden won the game 21 to 0. The game didn’t dowse the spirits of the Homecoming crowd with a big turnout at the dance which was sponsored by the junior class. The theme was "The Land of Oz” in honor of the senior class. King Randy Russell and Queen Cathy Furda - Homecom ing 1975(Left) Gene Richar tries to eat the plate in the pie eating contest. (Middle) Some junior high students try their skills at the egg throw. (Below) Martin Quigley and Dean Jacox are content with their victory. (Bottom) The THS band leads the parade down the final stretch of the Homecoming parade. 33(Right) Coaches Duane Richardson and Robert Tyckoski intently watch the game. (Middle) Some of the spectators pick up the beat of the cheers. (Bottom) Indian football players go out on the field filled with enthusiasm and spirit.HOMECOMING (Left) WVIC disc jockey John Kaye was on hand to provide the music. (Middle) The court started off the Homecoming dance with the first dance. (Bottom) Some students take a break and relax between dances. 35FALL FESTIVAI Organizations Raise Money On Friday, November 15, the annual Fall Festival was held. This festival is sponsored yearly by the P. T. O. Different classes and organizations set up booths to raise money. The cake walk, the ring toss, and the balloon stomp were just a few of the many games of skill for the visitors. Also included were Long Johns and milk served by the cafeteria cooks. (Top) THS principal Dr. Joseph Serra tries his luck at the ring toss game. (Right) Kids are hard at work trying to stomp each others balloons. (Below Right) One youngster attempts to break some balloons at the dart throw game. (Below) Trying to knock the pin down is the trick as a youngster attempts to do so.(Left) Mi. Chuck Bissei sings and dances to his band recorded on rape. (Below) The Kellogg Community College dance band performs. (Bottom Left) Mr. Mark deTill sings for students. (Bottom Right) The THS choir sings at the Spring Concert. CONCERTS Performers Visit THS This year the students had a lot of entertainment in the way of school concerts. Besides the elementary and high school bands, there were many other musicians that came to Tekonsha. Among the musicians that came were Mr. Chuck Bisset (who sings the Miller beer jingle) and Mr. Mark deTill (who sang and accompanied himself on the guitar). THS was also entertained by song, dance, and band groups from Kellogg Community College. The Tekonsha bands also performed in their annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. 37SCHOOL PLAYS Drama Club at THS The Tekonsha Dramatic Players is a new organization at Tekonsha High School. This group was organized by Mrs. Carlene Zollner to perform all-school plays. Auditions were open to all students with jobs both on stage and behind the scenes. Mrs. Zollner was also director for the three plays performed throughout the year. The first play, presented February 1, was a one-act comedy, "Itchin' to Get Hitched," starring Joe Young, Mary Krall, Tom White, Don Spires, Dawn Bemis, Dale Hartley, Denise Gentry, and Kim Bennett. On May 21, two one-act plays were presented. One, a drama, was "Behind the Door" and the other was a comedy, "Nobody Sleeps. ” (Top) Mrs. Carlene Zollner takes a short rest between rehearsals. (Middle) The Sneeds (Dale Hartley, Mary Krall, and Don Spires) have breakfast. (Below) Uncle Fud (Joe Young) is reluctant to get out of bed. (Below Right) Paw and Clem catch Hank Faddle (Tom White) and sentence him to get hitched to Pearly Mae. I(Top) A surprise ending to ’’Behind the Door.” (Middle) The Busby family listens to the trapped burglar’s sob story. (Bottom) The cast of "Behind the Door," Tom White (policeman). Jack Woods (Dr. Troy), Connie Spires (Alice Dodge), Nancy Jones (Lucy), Kathy Eberts (Ruth Dodge), Bob Keifer (Paul Vanneck), and Daryl Cummins (Officer Morgan). The cast of ’’Nobody Sleeps,” Jim Kelly (Spike), Dawn Bemis (Daisy), Kim Bennett (Ada), Sue Jones (Mrs. Busby), and Denise Gentry (Glory). 39DONKEY BASKETBALL Fuzz — 46 Faculty — 44 On March 8, the Tekonsha faculty including two women teachers, Miss Riney Griffiths and Miss Coleen Wendel, met the Tekonsha State Troopers, in a donkey basketball game for the second year in a row. The troopers "out donkeyed" the faculty 46-44. The game was sponsored by the Boosters Club to support Tekonsha’s Athletics. Donkeys were from the Diamond-K Donkey Ball Company of Wapakoneta, Ohio. Trooper. Mr. Douglas Halleck, and teacher. Mr. Roger Maisner collide while going after the ball. Teacher, Mr. Robert Tyckoski has trouble moving his donkey. 40Teacher Mr. Dwight Runyon is a little short for the donkey. Miss Coleen Wendel and friend (llama) go after the basketball. One of the state troopers attempts to score.Another Success for Student Gov't The fifth annual Cabaret, sponsored by the Student Government, was held April 26, in the high school gym. Brian Shedd and Cathy Furda, Student Government president and secretary, served as master and mistress of ceremonies. The students entertained a full house. The crowd was estimated to range between 200-300 people. (Above) Master and Mistress of Ceremonies Brian Shedd and Cathy Furda thank the audience for coming. (Top Right) Speech class members Janet Amsler, Teresa Caldwell, Debbie Bartow, and Charles Mack act out a TV contest show. (Right) Diane Baird and David Kempton present a skit. 42 CABARET(Left) Speech class members Cheryl Hartley and Electa Easterday act out the death of Caesar in a comedy 'Great Caesar.” (Below Left) Behind the scenes at the bar. (Below) Speech class member Susan Saltzgaber does a dramatic reading "The Ravine.”CABARET (Below) Speech class members Mary Krali, Gary Banow, Even Kowalski, and Greg Hall present their version of the Odd Couple. (Right) Evett Kowalski returns for another year singing "More.’ (Bottom) A new and very popular act in the Cabaret this year was the Sunny Seven including David Kempton, Brenda Kelly, Teresa Riemer, Gary Wiescho-lek, Dennis Miller, and Connie Baird with Alice Kelly singing "It Never Rains in Southern California."(Left) A new sign created and designed by Brian Shedd, lights up the stage. (Middle) A new addition to the Cabaret were the members of the THS Band performing as a Pit Band. (Bottom) Tim Lamb sings "I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song." 45INFORMAI FVFNTS Dances Fill Empty Spots During the school year the informal events helped to fill up the empty spots when nothing special was happening at school. The cheerleaders started off the events with the first dance at the beginning of football season. The seniors sponsored a "50's Dance” to get things rolling for Homecoming. The sophomores sponsored the "Sadie Hawkins Dance in November, where the cheerleaders held a cake raffle. The Toys for Tots Dance is held every year just before Christmas to collect toys and money for under privileged children in the community. FHA also sponsored a Sweetheart Dance on Valentine's Day. (Top) Students are gathered around the marriage booth at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. (Above) Everyone seems to be enthusiastic about "dancin' to the music.” 46(Left) A couple enjoys a quiet evening of dancing. (Below) A D.J. from WVIC plays records at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. (Bottom) People line up to get into a dance. 47FORMAI FVF.NTS ''An Evening Out" The class of 1976 honored the class of 1975 at the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom on Saturday, May 10. It all took place at the Holiday Inn in Battle Creek, with the theme being "An Evening Out." A record number of 131 students and teachers enjoyed a smorgasbord dinner, which was served at 7:30 p.m. After the dinner, guest speaker, Mr. Ned Martinson, entertained the group with some memories of his teaching days and words of wisdom for the classes of ’75 and '76. A new part of the banquet this year was presenting gag gifts to the seniors, from the juniors, which characterized each senior's personality. The prom was held immediately after the banquet until 1 a. m., with the music provided by the band, "Fire Eye." (Top) Guest speaker, Mr. Ned Martinson, tells of his memories of THS. (Above) The cake made in honor of the class of 1975 by Mrs. Gladys Pileri. (Right) Students and teachers enjoy their meal at the banquet. 48(Top Left) Mike Casebeer and his date Robin Grohoske share a moment’s silence at the banquet. (Top Right) Diane Shank. Judy Barrington and her date Tom Allen, fill their plates. (Left) John Nagel and his date Jan Linteau share a funny moment. (Above) Brian Shedd receives his gag gift at the banquet. 49FORMAL EVENTS (Top Left) Senior advisors, Mr. Steve Schrock and Mr. Roger Mais-ner, receive gag gifts also. (Top Right) Gene Richar displays his gift. (Above) A1 Miller peeks at his gift. (Right) Students, a few teachers and their husbands dance to the music provided by "Fire Eye." 50(Lefi) A couple (Electa Easterday and John Hampton) relax while the band takes a break. (Below) Deb Johnson and Norm Taylor enjoy dancing with other students and their dates. (Below Left) Students and teachers enjoy another dance. 5153(Top Left) This year the Varsity Football Team chose for their co-captains Terry Deevers and Bill Hayes. The purpose of the captains was to boost morale and to set an example for the rest of the team. (Top Right) Mr. Duane Richardson and Mr. Robert Tyckoski, coaches of the Varsity Football Team. Mr. Tyckoski also coached the Junior Varsity Football Team. (Above) Pictured are ten returning senior players. (Back) Martin Quigley, Dean Jacox, Mike Wolcott. Gene Richar, Kevin Strang. (Middle) Scott Schaffer. Bill Hayes, Wes Jones. (Front) Terry Deevers, Randy Russell. 54FOOTBALL Teams Have Disappointing Season The Tekonsha Varsity Football Team's effort to have a winning season only paid off for one game when they beat Pittsford 27 to 8 on November 1. Even though they only won one game, their team spirit wasn't destroyed. At the Fall Sports Banquet, awards for football went to Gary Bartow for Most Valuable and Jody Hawkins received the Steve Weller Award. The Junior Varsity Team also had a bad season losing all games except one when they tied Waldron 14 to 14. The Junior High Football Team played three games this year winning one with St. Johns 12 to 6. THS SCORES OPP. 6 Jonesville 12 0 Waldron 48 6 Litchfield 14 0 North Adams 15 0 Camden- Frontier 21 0 Hanover-Horton 12 27 Pittsford 8 6 Mendon 17 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: (Back) Martin Quigley. Wes Jones. Bill Hayes, Mike Wolcott. Gene Richar, Kevin Strang. (Second) Coach Duane Richardson, Dean Jacox, Joe Nagel. Ray Thenen. George Price. Scott Schaffer, Coach Robert Tyckoski. (Third) Manager Bob Berry. Brian Lindquist. Jody Hawkins, Greg Hall. Floyd Hlnspeter, Ricky Green, Manager Danny Schaffer. (Front) Manager Kevin Wolcott, Joe Lindquist, Gary Bartow. Terry Deev-ers. Randy Russell, Tom Clotta, Manager Jim Kelly. 55(Top) Gary Bartow attempts to receive a pass. (Middle) A sure catch for Terry Deevers. (Right) Scott Schaffer and Mike Wolcott run for the tackle. 56FOOTBALL JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: (Top) Greg Hall. (Second) Larry Welsh, John Miller, Jeff Thorton. (Third) Kun Sherwood, Floyd Hinspeter, Jim Macoruber, Dale Olds. (Bottom) Jody Hawkins. Brian Lindquist. Marc Stemaly, Rusty Cummins. Allie Amsler. (Standing) Managers Bob Berry and Jim Kelly. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES THS OPP. 0 Jonesville 22 6 Litchfield 48 6 North Adams 36 0 Pittsford 57 14 Waldron 14 6 Camden 8 JUNIOR HIGH SCORES THS OPP. 12 St. Johns 6 0 Marshall 28 0 North Adams 8 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM: (Back) Coach Steve Schrock, Jim Kelly. John O’Dell, Danny Sweet. Doug Saltzgaber. Daryl Cummins, Mark Eberts. Doug Doolittle. Doug Minniear, Bruce White. Randy Cole, Manager David Sweet. (Third) Todd Tageson, Jody Hunt. Ross Upston. Brian White, Todd Henion, Dale Hanley, Jeff Seekmen, Myron Wolcott. (Second) Steve Ball. Doug Myers, Bill Weischolek. Floyd Seigal, Vonnie Boston. Mark Klingaman, Mark Macomber. (Front) Danny Schaffer. Tim Jenkins. Jerry Eishen, Steve Morley, Donald Neels, Jeff Williams. 57VARSITY BASKETBALL Team Plagued by Turnovers THS SCORES OPP. 39 Jonesville 66 52 Hanover-Horton 70 52 Colon 56 43 Litchfield 69 62 Camden-Frontier 79 68 Jonesville 86 62 Waldron 83 65 Pittsford 42 47 Colon 55 64 Hanover-Horton 77 49 Lawrence 87 36 North Adams 68 41 Litchfield 54 54 Camden-Frontier 75 40 North Adams 68 57 Waldron 77 55 Pittsford 65 63 Lawrence 104 52 TOURNAMENT (Grass Lake) 62 This year’s Varsity Basketball Squad tried hard, but didn't have a winning season. Coached by Mr. Roger Maisner, the team had an unfortunate record of 1 win and 19 losses. Their main problems consisted of ball handling and turnovers, in which they averaged about 25 per game. Even though there wasn’t a winning season, some of the players did well in the way of statistics for Tekonsha. Rick Shilling led in total points for the season with 160. Gary Bartow led in steals with 30, and Todd Morley followed with 29. Bartow also led in total rebounds with 123. Morley led in assists, which broke two school records, with seven in one game, and 68 for the season. In the field goal bracket, Shilling led witha 49 percent, and Scott Shaffer led in the free throw bracket with a 69 percent. Shilling also received an honorable mention from the Southern Central Athletic Association. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: (Back) Brian Shedd, Rick Shilling, Gene Richar, A1 Miller, Mike Wolcott. (Middle) Gary Bartow, Bill Hayes, Terry Dee vers, Greg Hall. (Front) Mgr. Doug Minniear, Scott Shaffer, Todd Morley, Ron Macomber, Mgr. Jim Kelly, Mgr. Daryl Cummins. 58(Left) Bill Hayes is clear for an easy lay-up. (Left Bottom) Scott Shaffer powers his way up for a shot. (Right Bottom) Gene Richar attempts a jumpshot. (Below) Todd Morley tries a lay-up with little room.VARSITY BASKETBALL SENIOR PLAYERS: (Top) Terry Deevers. (Middle) Bill Hayes. Scott Shaffer. Gene Richar. (Bottom) A1 Miller, Mike Wolcott, Brian Shedd, Rick Shilling. Gene Richar attempts to score over the Terriers. Coach Roger Maisner has thoughts of strategies during the game. 60VARSITY BASKETBALL The Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team had difficulty this year adjusting to a new coach, Miss Coleen Wendel, and new team members. They had a season record of four wins and eight losses. In spite of the difficulty, the girls won second place in the district tournaments. "This year was a building year for our team, but we are hoping for a successful season next year," said Coach Wendel, who is in her first year of coaching. Lori Phelps was outstanding player for the team, Bertha Miller was named most valuable and Diane Saltzgaber was the most improved. GIRL'S VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: (Top) Cheryl Stefan. Lori Phelps, Diane Shank. (Center) Margaret Woods, Katie Tetreault, Diane Saltzgaber, Bertha Miller. Coach Coleen Wendel, Teresa Reimer. Building Year for Girls MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Bertha Miller SCORES THS OPP. 37 North Adams 32 12 Camden-Frontier 21 24 Pittsford 49 20 Litchfield 36 11 Waldron 39 21 Hanover-Horton 17 21 North Adams 34 18 Camden-Frontier 17 39 Pittsford 45 23 Litchfield 21 20 Waldron 34 21 Hanover-Horton 32 37 Reading 35 36 Litchfield 40 denotes tournament games 6263 (Top) Lori Phelps throws the ball out of a jam in hopes of reaching a fellow teammate. (Left) SENIOR PLAYERS: Judy Barrington (top) and Bertha Miller. (Above) Margaret Woods quickly takes the ball for the Indians' possession.VARSITY BASKETBALL (Bottom) Diane Shank and Lori Phelps (4) run down court to the aid of Cheryl Stefan (11) who may be in a tight spot. (Below) Diane Saltzgaber (15) keeps a guarding eye on opponents as Margaret Woods (22) casually dribbles around Camden players. (Right) Bertha Miller with the assistance of Cheryl Stefan (11) goes up for an easy lay-up. 64 (Top Left) Lori Phelps with the help of Teresa Reimer (53) works the ball for a shot. (Lower Left) Teresa Reimer reaches for the ball to save it for the Indians. (Above) Bertha Miller gives her undivided attention to the basket for two points. 65I.V. BASKETBALL Unsuccessful Season for J.V.'s The 1974-75 Junior Varsity Basketball Squad finished the season with a 1-17 record. The team, coached by Mr. Robert Tyckoski, started out with 15 players and ended up with 14 with Joe Lindquist moving up to varsity. Their only win was with Litchfield, the score being 35 to 32. Although the team finished with a disappointing season they showed a lot of desire to win. High-point man for the season was Brian Lindquist with 171 points. Junior Varsity Basketball Coach. Mr. Robert Tyckoski. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: (Back) Randy Powell. Gary Grinnell. Gary Wiescholek. (Middle) Jeff Thorton. Joe Lindquist, Dennis Miller. Warren Orth. Jerry Mains. Brian Lindquist, Terry King. (Kneeling) Bob Berry, Mark Richar. Dale Olds. Roger James, Jeff Duckham. 66 SCORES THS OPP. 63 Jonesville 64 39 Hanover-Horton 69 23 Colon 37 35 Litchfield 32 49 Camden-Frontier 53 40 Jonesville 50 22 Waldron 91 29 Pittsford 64 41 Colon 63 39 Hanover-Horton 59 36 Lawrence 61 36 North Adams 68 26 Litchfield 28 43 Camden-Frontier 78 31 North Adams 48 41 Waldron 67 27 Pittsford 50 59 Lawrence 63 (Top) Coach Robert Tyckoski gives team players advice before starting the second half. (Left) Brian Lindquist jumps for the tip-off. 67I.V. BASKETBALL Girls Have Constructive Year The girls’ Junior Varsity team had a slow but constructive year. Like the varsity, the J.V.'s started out with many new players and a new coach, Miss Coleen Wendel. The girls had a season record of 1 win and 11 losses. The high-point girl for the team was Brenda Kelly with a total of 20 points. "I hope the girls will continue to be as enthusiastic and hard-working as they were this year, and I'm sure we will have Lady Luck on our side next year," remarked Coach Wendel. (Above) Michelle Johnson hesitates to shoot as she seems to be sizing up an opponent. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Manager Lori Frakes, Michelle Johnson, Dawn Randall, Jackie Upston, Linda Millard, Coach Coleen Wendel, Sherri Newhouse, Sandy Cummins, Connie Spires, Laurie Shank, Julie Jordan manager, Brenda Kelly, Judy Barrington. 68SCORES THS 4 North Adams OPP. 25 12 Camden Frontier 23 1 Pittsford 17 7 Litchfield 27 5 Waldron 19 7 Hanover-Horton 5 6 North Adams 35 6 Camden 39 6 Pittsford 23 10 Litchfield 13 5 Waldron 16 8 Hanover-Horton 11 (Top) High-point gill, Brenda Kelly, is tied up as Linda Millard rushes to her aid. (Left) Sherry Newhouse shoots a lay-up with great concentration. 69IR. HIGH BASKFTBAI I Lotta Spirit, but. . Although the Junior High Basketball Teams, coached by Mr. Robert Currie, didn't win a game, the teams had determination and spirit to play basketball. Junior high basketball coach Mr. Robert Currie. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL: (Back) Dan Sweet, Jeff Williams, Todd Tageson, Dan Schaffer, Brian White. (Front) Hubert Kelly, Steve Morley, Bob Mains. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL: (Back) Bill Weischolek, Mark Klingman. Tim Jenkins, Dave Groth, Myron Wolcott, Daryl Cummins, Ross Upston. (Middle) Floyd Seigal, Arron Kevwitch, Jack Woods, Bruce White, Todd Henion, Danny Warner. (Bottom) Doug Minniear. Kevin Webber, John O’Dell, Doug Saltzgaber, Jim Kelly. 70CHEERLEADERS New Techniques for New Year The THS cheerleaders acquired a new advisor, Mrs. Mary Currie, who showed them new techniques and cheers. The cheerleaders sponsored a dance after the first home game of the football season. The also had a cake raffle on the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance in which they gave away cakes that they baked themselves. The cheerleaders heightened the spirits of THS fans through both the football and basketball seasons and helped fire up the teams for some fast and furious games. VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: (Top) (on ladder) Sheryl Stefan. Diane Shank. Cathy Furda. (Standing) Susan Saltzga-ber. Gail Casebeer, and Katie Tetreault. (Middle) The cheerleaders pose for the photographer. (Left) Junior varsity cheerleaders: (On Shoulders) Lori Shank and Brenda Kelly. (Standing) Diane Saltzgaber, Robin Groholske. and Darla Casebeer. 71THS FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: (Top, Back) Diane Saltzgaber and Brenda Kelly. (Middle) Lori Shank, Robin Groholske, and Darla Casebeer. (From) Susan Saltzgaber, Sheryl Stefan, Katie Tetreault, Cathy Furda, and Diane Shank. (Not pictured) Gail Case-beer and Sherri Levey. (Middle) Cathy Furda and Susan Saltzgaber really put themselves into the cheers. (Right) The cheerleaders put on a show during a pep assembly. 7273 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS: Marlene Friend, Debbie Caldwell, Ann Casebeer, Nancy Brice, Annette Brewer, and Tracee Vincent.n?hh£ (I°P) She WOOdc; ?bin Groholske Teresa Reimer‘ Lena Mard. Sheryl Stefan. Cathy Furda. (Second Row) Lor Phelps, Debbie Bartow. Susan Saltzgaber. Sirrku Ottelin, Connie Baird. (Third Row) Alice Kelly, Diane Shank. (Sitting) Katie Tetreault McMillen 8 HaZe"’ “ Swl1’ Michele Johnson B™da ly. Coach Coleen Wend'cl M SCORES THS OPP. 43 Litchfield 62 73 Hanover-Horton 30 43 Camden 62 39 North Adams 65 61 Waldron 43 43 Pittsford 62 74 SENIORS: Lena Mard, Sirrku Ottelin, Cathy Furda.TRACK Cathy Furda (right) cheers Robin Groholske on. Teresa Reimer (above) demonstrates the high hurdles form during a practice. Brenda Kelly looks surprised as she comes out of the starting blocks (top). Freshman Goes to State The 1975 Girls' Track Team had 16 members, two managers, and one coach, and together they won two meets. Although they did not have a victorious season, they had an only freshman, Laurie Stall, place third in the two-mile run in the regionals which allowed her to go to state. Another team member, Connie Baird, was recognized as she went undefeated in league competition, in the 880-yard run. Susan Saltzgaber received an award for being the most valuable player for the team. Laurie Stall won the award for the most improved team member. 1 75TRACK Bad Turnout Proves Disappointing Despite the bad turnout, the five men who stuck with the Track Team participated in three track meets, one at Springport, one at Michigan Center (regionals), and one at Hillsdale (league meet). Gary Bartow placed fifth in the 220-yard dash at regionals. Coach Robert Currie commented, ’’The track season was a very frustrating experience for both the boys and myself. We were unable to compete satisfactorily due to a lack of interest in the track program. The turnout for junior high track was very good with 21 members. The junior high participated in five meets not winning any. VARSITY TRACK TEAM: (Left) A1 Miller. Gene Richar, Gary Bartow, Bill Hayes, Jim Macomber, Manager Doug Saltzgaber, Coach Robert Currie. JUNIOR HIGH TRACK TEAM: (Back) Robert Welsh, Bruce White. (Third) Doug Saltzgaber, Kevin Webber, Doug Minniear, Coach Reid Waffle. (Second) David Groth, Daryl Cummins, Todd Tageson, Ass't Coach Jim Macomber, Hubert Kelly, Ross Upston, Mark Klingaman, Tim Jenkins, Mark Macomber. (Front) Danny Sweet. Steve Morley, Bill Wiescholek, Myron Wolcott, Jeff Williams, Jack Woods, Jim Kelly, Steve Ball. 7677BASEBALL Team Plays on New Field Tekonsha's Baseball Team, coached by Mr. Larry Stout, had a successful season while winning 8-8 overall and winning 5-6 in conference and finishing third place in the conference. Pitcher, Kevin Strang had a fine season while being the winning pitcher for all of Tekonsha's games. Tekonsha also acquired a new baseball field this year, but it was finished only in time to play one game. Mike Wolcott had the highest batting average with .365, and Kevin Strang received the Most Valuable Player Award. Tekonsha also had a junior varsity team, coached by Mr. Steven Schrock. The team was not as successful as the varsity while playing five games and losing all five. Varsity Baseball Coach, Mr. Larry Stout. SENIORS: (Back) Mike Wolcott, Gene Richar. Dean Jacox. (Front) John Nagel, Mike Casebeer. SCORES THS OPP. 4 Homer 2 11 Colon 3 4 Colon 10 9 Fremont 3 11 Waldron 1 0 Camden-Frontier 3 0 Centreville 10 1 Centreville 5 9 Hanover-Horton 1 9 Litchfield 8 1 Pittsford 2 12 Waldron 0 0 Litchfield 2 6 North Adams 0 4 Camden-Frontier 5 1 Hanover-Horton 5 3 Pittsford 4 (Pre-District) VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: (Back) John Nagel, Mike Wolcott, Tim Smith, Joe Lindquist, Gene Richar, Dean Jacox, Coach Larry Stout. (Front) Todd Morley, Randy Powell, Gary Bartow, Ray Thenen, Mike Casebeer, Mgr. Robert Miller. (Not Pictured) Kevin Strang. £ Senior pitcher, Kevin Strang winds up and delivers! JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM: (Back) Brian Lindquist, Marc Stemaly, Dennis Miller, Dave Miller, Mgr. Bob Mains. (Middle) Coach Steve Schrock, Jeff Thorton, Walter Waffle. (Front) Roger James, Mark Richar, Dale Olds, Jeff Krumvede, Larry Welsh. 79ATHLETIC AWARDS Phelps, Bartow Receive Top Awards The first annual Fall Athletic Banquet was held on November 22, by the Boosters Club. Guest speaker was Mr. Duane Pelz, a former THS teacher who is now a football coach at Hillsdale College. Football and Girls' Basketball awards were given at the banquet, and the winners were the following: FOOTBALL GIRLS' BASKETBALL Captains - Bill Hayes, Terry Deevers Most Valuable - Bertha Miller Most Valuable - Gary Bartow Most Improved - Dianne Saltzgaber Steve Weller Award - Jody Hawkins (Deevers received All-Conference and All-State Class D honors and also All-State special merit for Class D schools. Mike Wolcott received All-Conference honorable). The winners received trophies and other participating members received mentions. An Awards Assembly was held during the morning of May 23. All members of athletic teams, Student Council, and other organizations were given recognition. The coaches gave out the letters and certificates to their team members. The final awards presentation was the Spring Sports Banquet held on the evening of May 23. This was to honor the spring sports (baseball, basketball and track). Because of the lack of participation, the boys' track team didn’t receive awards, but were given recognition. The Athlete of the Year Awards were presented to Lori Phelps and Gary Bartow. Guest speaker was Mr. Dave Driscoll, a football coach from Jackson Parkside High School. After a smorgasbord dinner given by the high school cafeteria staff, the honors went to those mentioned below: GIRLS' TRACK BASKETBALL Most Valuable - Susan Saltzgaber Most Improved - Todd Morley Most Improved - Lauri Stall Most Valuable - Rick Shilling Sharpshooter - Joe Lindquist (Lauri Stall also went to the state meet as a representative for Tekonsha, and she came in eleventh place). Baseball awards were given out later, because the season wasn't over yet. The winners were mentioned at a later time. BASEBALL Most Valuable - Kevin Strang Highest Batting Average - Mike Wolcott(Above) Laurie Shank is recognized as a teammate by the girls’ basketball coach. Miss Coleen Wendel. (Below Left) Mr. Duane Pelz speaks at the Fall Athletic Banquet. (Below Right) Jody Hawkins receives the Steve Weller Award. 81(Top Right) Mr. Dave Driscoll, football coach of’jackson Parkside High School, speaks. (Top Left) Brenda Kelly receives recognition as a cheerleader from advisor, Mrs. Mary Currie. (Above Left) Bill Hayes receives a certificate from track coach, Mr. Robert Currie. (Above Right) Rick Shillings gets the Most Valuable Player Award for basketball from basketball coach. Mr. Roger Maisner. 82(Above Left and Right) Lori Phelps and Gary Bartow receive their Athlete of the Year Awards. (Below Left) Lauri Stall receives her Most Improved Award for track. (Below Right) Todd Morley receives his Most Improved Award for Basketball. 83New Members for School Board Superintendent, Dr. Charles Williams has put in another busy year for the Tekonsha School System. He has worked very closely with the School Board on many projects for the betterment of the school. The Community School Board began a new year with two new trustees, Mr. Donald Olds and Mr. Glen Goheen. The School Board has been working to improve the curriculum in the Tekonsha School System. The School Board is responsible for putting into effect the following projects: the Junior High complex, new lighting on the football field, the completion of the bus garage, acquiring two new buses, improving the library, building more offices for better convenience, and other plans toward accreditation of the school. DR. CHARLES WILLIAMS Superintendent BOARD OF EDUCATION: (Front Row) Noelle Johnson, secretary: Donald Brewer, treasurer: Harold Wiescholek, president: Leroy Taylor, vice president. (Back Row) Trusteses: Donald Olds, Norman Schafer, and Glenn Goheen. 85ADMINISTRATION Two Put in Busy Year Dr. Joseph Serra, along with being principal, is also one of the Student Council Advisors. He works very closely with both students and faculty and helps open up communication barriers and solves the problems that arise. Mr. Roger Maisner has kept himself busy with being a teacher, coach, senior class advisor, and most important of all, Student Advisor for the high school. Mr. Maisner works with the students to help them plan their class schedules and future education. DR. JOSEPH SERRA - Principal MR. ROGER MAISNER - Student Advisor (Right) Dr. Serra plans on holding a conference in his office. 86Arthur King - Business Manager ADMINISTRATION Keeping Things Running Smoothly Mr. Arthur King, business manager for Tekonsha Community Schools, kept busy managing money and taking care of business related to the school. Mrs. Mary Leatherbury, Tekonsha High School's secretary, was a big help to everyone at school this year. She was assisted in her daily duties by her seven office aides. OFFICE AIDES: (Standing) Kathy Howell, Gary Bartow, Kim Klin-gaman, Diane Shank. (Sitting) Cathy Furda, Sheryl Stefan, and Even Kowalski. Mrs. Mary Leatherbury - Secretary 87MISS RINETTE GRIFFITHS Home Economics, Biology THS Faculty Share Skills, Ideas, Zest for Life 89 MR. LARRY STOUT Junior and Senior High Physical Education, and World HistoryMRS. PAULETTE DEVRIES English 9, History, Occupations, Crafts, Social Studies (Second Semester) MR. RO ER MAPLES Science 7,8, Introduction to Agriculture, Earth Science MR. JAMES MESSACAR Consumer Economics, Commercial Law, Economics, Mechanical Drawing, Shop 7, 9MR. ROBERT TYCKOSKI Math 7,8, Geometry, Advanced Math MRS. CATHY SLADE English 9, History, Occupations. Crafts. Social Studies (First Semester) FACULTY 91 MR. ROGER MAISNER Health Education and RecreationMR. STEVEN SCHROCK Business Math, General Math, Chemistry, Advanced General Science, Algebra MRS. SALLY HAMMOND Junior High Introduction to Business, Typing I, Advanced Typing and Office Machines, Accounting, Journalism 92 MR. ROBERT CURRIE American Literature, Speech, English 10MRS. CARLENE ZOLLNER Reading, Communication Arts MR. DUANE RICHARDSON State and Local Civics, Social Studies 7,8, Government FACULTY MR. KEVIN McMULLIN Senior, Junior, and Elementary Band, Choir, Music Appreciation, German 93MR. PAUL SWEET English 7,8,9 MISS COLEEN WENDEL Senior and Junior High Physical Education, Biology, Science 9, General Math FACULTY The students at THS had their chance to get even with a faculty member, Mr. Paul Sweet, at the annual Fall Festival. Mr. Sweet volunteered his services to help the Boosters Club make money in their sponge throw booth. 94Ned Martinson Retires Between publication of the 1974 and the 1975 INDIAN, one of THS's most popular faculty members entered retirement. After twelve years as a teacher of science and mathematics, Mr. Ned Martinson closed a distinguished career in education, much to the chagrin of his students and colleagues. However, Mr. Martinson must still have plenty of THS in his blood, for he accepted the Class of 76's invitation to serve as keynote speaker at the Senior Banquet. All Tekonshalites wish Mr. Martinson a pleasant, prosperous, and fulfilling retirement. We’ll miss him. 95COOKS: Mrs. Gladys Pileri, Mrs. Toni Saltzgaber, Mrs. Mary Eberts, Mrs. Sue Smith, Mrs. Annita Waffle. ELEMENTARY AIDES: Scott Randall. Bessie Halbert, Lori Washburn, Cindy Hunt. Scott Ludlow, Pat Waffle. HIGH SCHOOL AIDES: Jack Woods, Chris Barker. James Brown, Susan Jones, Jerry Eishen, Doug Saltzgaber. (Right) Mrs. Karen Duckett - Cashier for Hot Lunch Line. 96SERVIC.FS Staff Keeps Busy The custodians at THS have the job of keeping the school clean and running properly. Mr. Earl Samson and Mr. Reid Waffle take care of the day shift with Mr. Lewis Pervine in charge of the night shift. Mr. Waffle took Mr. Bob Wheeler's position upon resignation during the second semester. The bus drivers have the responsibility of getting the students to school on time through all types of weather. Mr. Lewis Jenkins is in charge of seven bus drivers and ten buses. Mrs. Gladys Pileri is in charge of food services preparing a nutritious meal every school day. Mrs. Pileri has four cooks under her direction along with elementary and high school aides. Cashier for the hot lunch line is Mrs. Karen Duckett. MR. REID WAFFLE Custodian MR. EARL SAMSON Custodian MR. LEWIS PERVINE Custodian 97 SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS: Mr. Earl Samson, Mr. Mike Jenkins, Mrs. Marjorie Patten, Mr. LaDeama Phelps. Mrs. Viola Upston. Mr. Reid Waffle, Mr. Lewis Jenkins.Float Takes Second Working together on the senior float, "Wizard of Oz," made the effort worthwhile as the class won second place in the Homecoming parade. JUDITH ANN BARRINGTON JESSE BAYLIS GAIL MARIE CASEBEER MICHAEL CASEBEER 99Senior Attendant - Gail Casebeer Escort - Steve Ciotta Senior Attendant - Debbie Johnson Escort - Brian Shedd DEBBIE HAMPTON WILLIAM B. HAYES MICHAEL LLOYD HOPKINS 100CAROLINE MARIE HOWELL DEAN W. JACOX DEBRA DIANE JOHNSON SENIORS Royalty Reign Cathy Furda and Randy Russell were chosen by the student body at THS to reign as king and queen over various activities during Homecoming Week. KIM MARIE KLINGAMAN WESLEY PAUL JONES DONALD LINDSEY 101SENIORS THS Hosts Exchange Students The students of THS enjoyed the company of two exchange students, Lena Mard (1) from Sweden and Sirrku Ottelin (r) from Finland. The girls both went to KCC and participated in various activities. LENA K. MARD ALAN A MILLER BERTHA ANN MILLER 102 JOHN NAGEL SIRRKU OTTELIN MARK D. OLDSROSEMARY PAULA PECCEU EMMITT PERCIVAL LOIS ANELLE REESE EUGENE L. RICHAR RANDY STEVEN RUSSELL SCOTT DUANE SHAFFER Seniors Receive Outstanding Awards Four seniors received outstanding awards for their efforts during their senior year. (Left) Debbie Johnson received the John Phillip Sousa Award. Bill Hayes received the Science Award, Gail Casebeer received the Tekonsha Community Schools Scholarship Award, and Lois Reese received the Outstanding Business Student Award and the DAR Good Citizen Award.SENIORS Sales Finance Activities Gail Casebeer and Cristy Copeland are surrounded by candy during the senior candy sale. The money the class made was used for a senior dinner at the Stone Inn in Athens, and a bowling party at Meadow Lanes in Homer. KEVIN M. STRANG KATHLEEN ELIZABETH SWEET 104NOT PICTURED MARTY WALKER MARTIN QUIGLEY Of the 42 seniors graduating, 14 of them have been in Tekonsha Schools since kindergarten. They are (back) Mark Olds, Mike Casebeer, Vicky Shilling, Mike Hopkins, Brian Shedd, Rick Shilling, A1 Miller, Kim Klingaman, Wes Jones. (Seated) Gail Casebeer. Cristy Copeland, Kathy Sweet, Phyllis Shilling, Lois Reese. 105SENIOR OFFICERS: Rosie Pecceu, treasurer: Mike Wolcott, vice president; Kim Klingaman. secretary; John Nagel, president. Officers and Advisors Guide Class SENIOR ADVISORS: Mr. Roger Maisner and Mr. Steve Schrock. 106SENIORS THS Honors Nine Graduates TOP HONOR STUDENTS Co-Valedictorians - Cathy Furda and Brian Shedd, Salutatorian - Debbie Johnson. To be an honor student the student must achieve a B average throughout their high school years. This year there were two co-valedictorians -Brian Shedd and Cathy Furda, and the salutatorian - Debbie Johnson. They each received scholarships to Michigan State University where they will attend in the fall. Honor students put together the graduation program. Honor students Bill Hayes and John Nagel were responsible for the Class Prophecy. Rosie Pecceu and Gail Casebeer did the Class Wills, Cristy Copeland did the Class History and Lois Reese did the Class Motto. HONOR STUDENTS (Left to Right) Gail Casebeer, Rosie Pecceu, Cristy Copeland, Lois Reese, Bill Hayes, and John Nagel. 107SENIOR BREAKFAST Administrators Wait on Seniors Tekonsha High School’s two master chefs (Dr. Charles Williams and Dr. Joseph Serra) were back by popular demand, whipping up their specialties for the Senior Breakfast held May 28, in the school cafeteria . About three-fourths of the senior class managed to make their way out of bed and to school for the 7 a. m. meal featuring pancakes and sausage. It was also turn-about day and a handful of the seniors came in cosftime for breakfast which left some of their classmates wondering if they were stilj in bed dreaming. (Top) "Hey, stay in your own territory!" That's what Dr. Joseph Serra seems to be saying to Dr. Charles Williams while preparing the Senior Breakfast. (Right) Brian Shedd comes back for another serving of pancakes. (Below) Some seniors inspect the food while others just try to stay awake. 108GRADUATION "We Look Back at Yesterday to Mold Our Tomorrow" Members of the Class of 1975 marched down the center of the high school gymnasium for the last time at Commencement June 6. This year the community found itself with two valedictorians, Cathy Furda and Brian Shedd, and Debra Johnson as the class salutatorian. Six other honor students followed the tradition of the school by presenting the Class Will (Gail Casebeer and Rosie Pecceu), Class History (Cristy Copeland), Class Motto, "We Look Back at Yesterday to Mold Our Tomorrow" (Lois Reese), and Class Prophecy (John Nagel and Bill Hayes). Several seniors were recognized by Principal Dr. Joseph Serra for awards received during the year. They were Bill Hayes, Science Award; Gail Casebeer, Tekonsha Scholarship Award; Debbie Johnson, John Phillip Sousa Music Award; Lois Reese, DAR Award and Outstanding Business Student Award. John Nagel, Cathy Furda, Cristy Copeland, and Brian Shedd qualified for Michigan Competitive Scholarships through the ACT testing program. John Nagel, Cathy Furda, and Debbie Johnson received scholarships to MSU. Gail Casebeer and Drucilla Yates received awards for being outstanding Vocational Education students and Bertha Miller received the outstanding Co-op award. THS's exchange students, Sirkku Ottelin and Lena Mard, were presented with trophies and a standing ovation from their classmates. Carol Howell gave the Invocation, Dr. Charles Williams presented the class, Mr. Harold Weischolek, School Board President, gave out the diplomas, and John Nagel, president of the Class of '75, gave the Benediction. The high school band, under the direction of Mr. Kevin McMullin, provided the music for the Commencement exercises. Baccalaureate was held Wednesday, June 4, at 8 p.m. in the gym. Father Donn Taylor gave a sermon on "The Wise are Ready" with assistance from Rev. Vincent Bagley, Rev. George VanNorman, and Rev. H. W. Wichman. 109(Top Right) Gail Casebeer and Rosie Pecceu present the Class Wills. (Above) Co-valedictorian Cathy Furda speaks to the audience. (Center Right) Cristy Copeland delivers the Class History (Right) Bill Hayes and John Nagel add a new comedy slant to the Class Prophecy. 110(Left) Kevin Strang marches thoughtfully down the aisle at the recessional. (Below) Judy Barrington receives her diploma from Mr. Harold Weischolek. (Bottom Left) Kathy Sweet and Bertha Miller embrace after graduation. (Bottom Right) Mark Olds proves that it takes a high school graduate to master the an of working a zipper. IllJUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: (Standing) Greg Hall, president; Jane Sherwood, secretary. (Sitting) Shirley Minniear, treasurer; Lori Phelps, vice president. Juniors Present "An Evening Out" The junior class sponsored Homecoming this year with the float theme of "Movies." "The Wizard of Oz” which the junior class chose in honor of the seniors whose float carried the same theme. A magazine sale was held in November with the class netting $750 on sales. A "balloon stomp” booth was the activity selected for the Fall Festival. The junior class also sponsored the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom held at the Holiday Inn in Battle Creek on May 10. Music was provided by "Fire Eye." "An Evening Out" was chosen as the theme for the night. Janet Amsler Diane Baird Gary Bartow Mike Blake Tammy Boston Beth Burchfield John Cummings Sherry Cummins Electa Easterday Barbara Griffith Greg Hall Cheryl Hanley 113IUN1QRS The theme for the junior class Homecoming float was "Mary Poppins." Kathy Howell Shirley Jordon Even Kowalski Mary Krall Don LaViolette Jim Macomber Ron Macomber Paul Millard Shirley Minniear Todd Morley Joe Nagel Lori Phelps Martha Poe George Price Tina Ragina Roberta Rosenberry 114Susan Rubner Susan Saltzgaber Julie Sanford Jane Sherwood Tim Smith Connie Spires Sheryl Stefan Cynthia Tompkins Kathy Waffle Linda Weller Glenda Williams Bonnie Wintersteen The junior class Homecoming attendant and escort was Kathy Waffle and Greg Hall. NOT PICTURED Becky Eberts Mary Elmore Merritt Kerschner Charles Mack JUNIOR CLASS ADVISORS: Mrs. Cathy Slade and Mr. Roger Maples helped to guide the class during the year. Mrs. Polly DeVries replaced Mrs. Slade upon her resignation at the end of the first semester. 115Class Sponsors Sadie Hawkins The theme for the sophomore's Homecoming float was "The Poseidon Adventure. ” The Sadie Hawkins’ Dance was the most important activity that the sophomore class sponsored during the year. It was held on November 8. Other activities included working on their float for Homecoming in which their theme was "Poseidon Adventure" and participating in the Fall Festival activities with a "soft-ball throw" booth on November 15. Connie Baird Diane Barrington Debbie Bartow Susan Burchfield Teresa Caldwell Patrick Carmickle Darla Casebeer Tom Ciotta Lonny Cole Connie Goodrich Ricky Green Henry Griffith Gary Grinnell Robin Groholske Mark Groth Floyd Hinspeter 117The sophomores were represented at Homecoying by attendant Denise Ray and escort Joe Lindquist. Robert Johnson Alice Kelly Brenda Kelly Jeff Klingaman Jeff Krumvede Sherri Levey Joe Lindquist Sharon Mack Jerry Mains Cindy Marshall Dennis Miller Sheila Miller Cathy Newhouse Warren Orth Rusty Os bom Randy Powell Denise Ray Teresa Reimer 118SOPHOMORES Teresa Richar Sharon Salyer Diane Shank Donald Stefaniak Tina Tackett Katie Tetreault Ray Thenen Sid Waffle Robin Watkins Larry Welsh Tom White Gary Weischolek NOT PICTURED Carlene Kevwitch Steve Rann CLASS OFFICERS: (Top Left) Joe Lindquist, president: Connie Baird, treasurer; Dennis Miller, vice president: Katie Tetreault, secretary. CLASS ADVISORS: (Below) Mr. Kevin McMullin and Miss Coleen Wendel. 119Class Gains Title Aiiie Amsier The ninth grade students gained the title of fresh- Diane Amsier men this year and began working towards a goal of Dan Baylis Robert Berry Linda Brown Max Caldwell graduation. Freshman activities included the "football throw" booth at the Fall Festival which was their only money making project of the year. The freshman class placed third with their Homecoming float "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." (Right) Below is freshman attendant Pam Springhall and escort Terry King. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS: Miss Rinette Griffiths: Lois Hazen, president: Terry King, treasurer: Mr. Robert Currie. (Seated) Laurie Shank, secretary: Kurt Sherwood, vice president. 121FRESHMEN Diane Cole Jewell Cooley Rusty Cummins Sandy Cummins Teresa Endicott Lori Frakes Patty Green Virgil Halbert Jody Hawkins Lois Hazen Gene Howell Roger James Michele Johnson Julie Jordon Bill Kerschner Terry King Dan Lewis Bryan Lindquist Patty Lindsey Penny Lindsey Sally Maurer Holly McMillen Linda Millard David Miller 122Ruth Nagel Sherry Newhouse Dale Olds Cindy Osborn Chester Prater Brenda Ragina Dawn Randall Mark Richar Virginia Rosenberry Diane Saltzgaber Laurie Shank David Shedd Kurt Sherwood Durwood Shilling Sally Smith Becky Springhall Pam Springhall Laurie Stall Marc Stemaly Kelly Struwin Marlene Tackett Jeff Thorton Jackie Upston Walter Waffle Jeff Duckham NOT PICTURED: Doug Fox Joe Jure Jody Liebler John Miller Bob Vreeland 123EIGHTH GRADE Larry Carothers Debra Cole Pat Davis Shirley Desmone Doug Doolittle Jim Duckham Mark Eberts Jerry Eishen Carol Flynn Penny Frakes Susan Hayes Jody Hunt Susan Jones Robert Kiefer Hubert Kelly Kollene Kerschner Julie Klingaman Rick Mack Rod Macomber Robert Mains Steve Morley Martin Nagel Mike Nagel Michelle Newhouse Leila Oaks Dennis Parker Robert Percival Nancy Price Debra Prue Julie Randall Kim Ray Jeff Seekman Dan Shaffer Hank Siefke Claudia Slone Don Spires Laurie Springhall Dan Sweet Todd Tageson Debra Vanhoose Tracee Vincent Dawn Watkins Butch Barrington Dawn Bemis Annette Brewer Lynett Carmickle 125NOT PICTURED Tim Lamb Duane Lieblen Slane Lieblen Bob Miller Bob Persails Chester Prater Robin Smith Bob Welsh Tom Weimer Bryan White Jeff Williams Donnetta Yates Wade Lowell Patten June 17, 1961 - August 5, 1974 In memory of a fellow classmate who will always be remembered.SEVENTH GRADE Steven Ball Chris Barker Kim Bennett Vonnie Boston James Brown Debra Caldwell Ann Case beer Pam Cole Randy Cole Tammy Copas Daryl Cummins Melanie Doolittle Kathryn Eberts Tony Endicott Marlene Friend Denise Gentry Larry Griffith David Groth Dale Hanley Teresa Hawkins Todd Henion Carrie Holbrook Debra Holibaugh Florinda Jenkins Tim Jenkins Jeanette Johnson Ronald Johnson Nancy Jones James Kelly Mark Klingaman Janice Krumvede Carole Ludlow Mark Macomber Rita Marshall Doug Minniear Doug Myers Rose Nagel Donald Neels Debbie Olds Debbie Reincke Doug Saltzgaber Floyd Siegal 127Vicki Sisco Patty Smith Carla Strang Debra Stuart Ross Upston Marie Waffle Danny Warner Kevin Webber Rodney Weller Bruce White Gary White Bill Wiescholek NOT PICTURED Arron Kevwitch 128IUNIOR HIGH Students Have New Complex Tekonsha School System acquired a new seventh and eighth grade complex this year. The complex consists of five rooms, four classrooms and a room in the middle which can be used for different purposes such as combining classes, class meetings, or it can be used as a separate classroom. This year for the first time the Wade Patten Memorial Award was presented to a junior high student. The award is based on academics, leadership, and athletics including cheerleading and physical education. The recepient this year was Jeff Williams. Also the junior high students started a Student Council. The Council arranges for the social and political events in the junior high. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL: (Back) Advisor Mr. Paul Sweet, Tim Jenkins. Scott Eishen, Susan Hayes, Ann Casebeer, Advisor Mr. Roger Maples. (Middle) Advisor Mr. Robert Tyckoski, Tracee Vincent. Jeff Williams, Doug Myers, Kolleen Kerschner, Advisor Mr. Duane Richardson. (Front) Bill Weischolek, Donnie Spires. (Top) A view of the new junior high complex. (Middle) Mr. Ken and Mrs. Patten with Jeff Williams. recipient of the Wade Patten Memorial Award. OFFICERS: Jerry Eishen - president; Tim Jenkins - vice president: Tracee Vincent - treasurer: Susan Hayes - secretary. 129ELEMENTARYMr. Keith Clark, Principal ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY_____________________ Providing a Solid Beginning One of the advantages to teaching and learning in a small community is the closeness of ties between all elements of the school program. That is certainly the case at Tekonsha, where close ties have always existed between the elementary and secondary branches of the school system. All members of the Board of Education and of the community at large exhibit great pride in Tekonsha's forward-looking elementary school program , so rare in communities this size. Headed by principal Keith Clark, the 17 member elementary faculty brings a wide range of background and training to share with their students. (Back) Mrs. Irma Martinson, Mrs. Ruth Humeston, Mrs. Nancy Harris, Mrs. Daisy Allman, Mrs. Becky Markham, Mr. Harold Toney, Mrs. Alice Long. Mrs. Judy Jenkins, Mrs. Jeannette Randall, Mr. Dewight Runyon, Mr. Keith Clark. (Front) Mrs. Marian Sweet, Mrs. Mary Stout, Miss Merrie Knapp, Mrs. Martha Clark, Mrs. Beverly Bessler, Miss Kay Waterbury, Mrs. Christine McLain. 131ELEMENTARY STAFF (Above Left) Mrs. Betty Shank, faculty aide and librarian; Mrs. Madelyn Upston, faculty aide; Mrs. Marcedes Johnson, secretary. (Right) CUSTODIANS; Mr. Harry Gallup, Mrs. Viola Upston, and Mr. Lewis Jenkins. 132BFfllNNING BAND (Back) Mr. Kevin McMullin. director; Lynette Shelby. (Middle) LeeAnn Waffle, Karen Groth, Nila Henion, Angela Brown, Frank LaFond, Larry Goodrich. (Front) Verlie Dee Stefan, Christina Siegel, Kim Myers, Tony Reimer, Lori Williams, Linda Eishen, Cathy Olds. (Back) Mr. Kevin McMullin, director; Jane Olds, Cheryl Doolittle. Deana Yates. Jill Blake. (Middle) Gary Goodrich. Eric Ciotta, Scott Eishen. Mark Clark, Jane Shedd, Melanie Johnson, Cindy LaFond, Terri Kempton. Marla Strang. Debbie Groth. (Front) Lorrie Seekman, Cindy Schafer, Bob Wiescholek, Matt Zimmerman, Scott Waffle, Robin Doolittle, Susan Hinspeter, Gloria Tetreault. 133CAPTAINS: Todd Sherwood. Mr. Dwight Runyon, advisor: Jane Shedd. SAFETY PATROL: (Back) Wayne Ray, Frank LaFond, Bill VanHoose, Lincoln Miller, Kevin Hinspeter, Nila Henion, Jill Blake, Jamie Sisco. (Middle) Jane Shedd, Reba Easterday, Toni Reimer, Deana Yates, Kevin Klingaman, Scot Thornton, Angela Brown, Verli Stefan, Jane Olds, Nancy Thompson. (Front) David Sweet, Tony Jenkins, Teresa Gentry, L. J. Goheen, Tommy Upston, LeeAnn Waffle, Jeanne Lindquist, Christina Siegel, Lori Williams, Karen Groth, Mark Warner, Jim Wolf, Angela Ray, Angela Griffith, Melanie Johnson, Kathy Buys, Phillip Wolf, Todd Sherwood, Susan Hinspeter, Gloria Tetreault, Kerrie Bagley, Marla Strang. SAFETY PATROLELEMENTARY ACHIEVERS DICK SPIRES CITIZENSHIP AWARD Cindy Schafer and Tim Beam TAMMY FOWLER PHYSICAL FITNESS AWARD Phillip Wolf and Bessie Hulben Tim Beam and Cindy Schafer received the 1974-75 Tekonsha Elementary Dick Spires Citizenship Award. They were chosen on attitude towards school work, other students, teachers, and administration. Their names will bv engraved on a plaque, in honor of Dick Spires, placed in the fifth and sixth grade building. Bessie Hulbert and Phillip Wolf received the Tammy Fowler Physical Fitness Award. The award is given on a point system for skill in sit-ups, races, ball-throw, etc. The girl and boy who gather the most points are given the award. Their names will also be engraved on a plaque, in honor of Tammy Fowler, in the fifth and sixth grade building. All students received medals, as well as having their names engraved on the plaques. This year the sixth graders did not compete with Homer in the spelling bee but instead competed against each other. The three students who spelled the most words correctly and stayed up the longest received first, second, and third places. This year's winners were Robin Doolittle, first place; Phillip Wolf, second place; and Deana Yates, third place. SPELLING BEE WINNERS Deana Yates (third place), Phillip Wolf (second place), and Robin Doolittle (first place). 135SIXTH GRADE (Back) Ray Johnson, Deana Yates, Bill Ludlow, Jane Shedd, Bessie Halbert, Melanie Johnson, Bob Wiescholek, Donald Copas. (Middle) Todd Sherwood, Cindy LaFond, Gary Goodrich, Debbie Groth, Bradley Richardson, Kerrie Bagley, Cindy Schafer, Marla Stiang, Jon Mack, Mr. Dwight Runyon. (Front) Jill Blake, Jane Olds, Susan Hinspeter, Matt Snyder, Todd Neels, Dale Nutt, Jamie Sisco. Mark Summerfield. (Not pictured) Patrick Waffle. (Back) Lori Washburn, Gloria Tetreault, Della Prater, Reba Easter-day, Cheryl Doolittle, Scott Waffle, Mark Clark, David Copas. Mrs. Judy Jenkins. (Middle) Cindy Hunt, Clinton Reincke, Robin Doolittle, Connie Copas, Cindy Weimer, Mike Prater, Kim Reincke, Kathy Buys. Scott Doolittle, Cathy Olds. Terri Kemp-ton. (Front) Shelly Hinspeter, Lorrie Seekman, Eric Ciotta, Scott Randall, Phillip Wolf, Scott Eishen, Jerry Langridge, Tim Beam. 136FIFTH GRADE (Back) Bonnie Jordon, Tim Katz, Tim Kemp, Laurie Mains, Angela Griffith, Wayne Ray, LeAnn Waffle, Judy McAtee, Mrs. Marion Sweet. (Middle) Sue Endicott, Bill VanHoose, David Stay-ner, Frank LaFond, Lynette Selby, Lori Williams, Danny Stuart, Tommy Upston, Toni Reimer, DeAnn Schafer. Teresa Gentry. John Springhalt, Nila Henion. (Front) Nita Copas, Tony Tompkins, Lincoln Miller, Teddy Prater, Angela Brown. Kevin Hin-speter, Harold O'Dell, Lonnie Nutt. (Not Pictured) Russell Weimer, Mike Liebler. (Back) Jeanne Lindquist, Angela Ray, Rick Kostrzewski, Laura Pace, Sandy Ludlow, Kevin Klingaman, David Sweet, Christina Siegle, Mrs. Christine McLain. (Middle) Linda Eishen. Kim Myers, Karen Groth, Nancy Thompson, Mark Warner, L. J. Goheen, Mary Woods, Tony Jenkins, Jim Wolf, Earl Wheeler, Shawn Kemp, Lindy Hunt, John Blashfield. (From) Harold Kemp, Andy Neels, Steven Bennett, Cathy Flynn, Verli Dee Stefan, Scot Thornton, Nina Meiring, April Frakes. (Not Pictured) Larry Goodrich, Mary Kilburn. 137FOURTH GRADE (Back) Randy Harrison, Keven Wolcott, Melanie McFadden, Angela Buys, Chris Granger, Melinda Barrington, Christene Fowler, Greg Prater. (Middle) Scott Reincke, John Cole, Lee Friend, Andy Lewis, Todd Brown, Brenda Richardson, Julie Waf- fle, Mrs. Daisy Allman. (Front) Jeffrey Summerfield, Tina Foote, Dori Richar, Martin Webber, Doug Calhoun, Loren Scott Phillips, Kevin Doolittle. (Back) Lori White, Lynnda Granger, Brenda White, De Ann Johnson, Stephen Finch, Dawn Klingaman, Billy Michaelson, James Copas. (Middle) Bennie Collins, Gordon Grinnell, Alan Kemp, Daniel Barker, Tony Taylor, Timmy Wright, Mrs. Jeanette Ran dall. (Front) Brian Beam, John King, David Henion, Fred Doolit tie, Jacquelyn Warder, Lily La Fond, Russell Buys.THIRD GRADE (Back) Diane Deevers, Howie Upston, Roger Wilson. David ter. Dale Myers, LeAnn Selby, Sherry Long, Bryan Pace, Teresa Wooden, Carole Brewer, Kevin Reincke, Kenny Harrison, Karen Copas, Kaihy Van Hoose. (Front) Denver Nutt, Dwayne Feltner. Fowler. Mrs. Irma Martinson. (Middle) Patty Sizemore. Vem Pra- Tracy Kempton, Donna Densmore, Billy Langridge. Lisa O’Dell. (Back) Richie Yates, Brandon Shillings, Todd Long, Mark Holbrook, Russel Wright, Lauire Duckett, Kenny Cullins, Curran Kemp, Mr. Harold Torrey. (Middle) Tony Ball, Tom Taylor, Jerry McAtee, Sharon Fowler, Jill Doolittle, Blain Reincke, Gary Par- ker. (Front) Michelle Henion, Shawn Tetreault, Lynnette Thompson, Lisa Ray, Candy Moody, Lorra Shaver, David Wood. (Not pictured) Tom Grinnell. 139SECOND GRADE (Back) Donna Feltner, Brad White, Kim Casebeer, Jimmy Tew, Kristin Eberts, Tracy Stmwin, Darrel Wheeler, Nadine Goheen, Mrs. Alice Long. (Middle) Bobby Wolf, Brenda Michielson, Veronica Barber, Roger Bennett, George Binion, Becky Mains, David 140 LaFond, Kendra Clark. (Front) Brent Runyon, Sheri Poole, Pam Sizemore, Alvin Snyder, Martin Shaffer, Carrie Devenney. (Not Pictured) Larry Macomber, Lloyd Wilson. (Back) Patty Tetreault, Shannon Swick, Johnny Samson, Bobbie Turley, Scott Long, Paul Butcher, Kendra Eberts, Sue Wooden. (Middle) Chris Phillips, Brent Cole, Kristy Bugerson, Brad Ray, Roger Weimer, Shelly Myers, Jeff Calhoun, Mrs. Becky Markham. (Front) Dean Stayner, Lisa Stoge, Linda Nagel, Lori Beam, Kevin Vandy Bogurt, James O'Dell. (Not Pictured) Darcy Kevwitch, Debbie Gray.FIRST GRADE (Back) David Stuart, Brett Reincke, Donnie Ray, Robin Welsh, Tim Jogel, Diana Klingaman, Anita Doolittle, Faithanne Klinga-man, Mrs. Ruth Humeston. (Middle) Kim Buys, Allen Cole, Joanne Lindquist, Shawn Densmore, Ricky Binion, Kurt Shilling, Jeff Warder, Amy Johnson. (Front) Tom Finch, Mike Rafferty. Toni Valstromer, Gene Prater, Eddie Lewis, Steve Slone, Gena Bergerson. (Not Pictured) Wayne Liebler, Beatrice Semment, Ricky McDowell. (Back) Donna Kemp. Sean Casey, Steve King, Kip Reincke, Kyle Klingaman, Chris Katz, Anita Turley, Brian Saltzgaber, Miss. Kay Waterbury. (Middle) Stephen Pulsipher, Brenda Rafferty, Lori Herman, Kathy Schweikert, Tonya Chapman, Melissa Taylor, Marty Hampton, Jamie Cole, Charles Finch. (Front) Kristen Kempton, David Foote, Annette Dowell, Raymond Cook, Terry White, Robin Macomber, Mike Hall. 141IUNIOR PRIMARY (Back) Roberi Ludlow, Mike Davis, Danny Yates, Melissa Hoi- Brown, Brian McFadden. Eric Henlon. (Not Pictured) Jill Holl- brook. (Middle) Donna Webber, George Henlon, Melissa Long, baugh, Cheri Miller. Linda Brown. Mrs. Mary Stout. (Front) Todd LaForge, Dedra kindergarten am (Back) Ginger Long, Phillip Taylor, Merriann LaFond, Paul Stuart, Margaret Barker, Annette Katz, Michael Duckett, Deidre Upston. Miss Merri Knapp. (Middle) Dawn Poole, Robert Manis, Daniel Turley, Carol Keifer, Karen McFadden, Kerl Eberts. Theresa Griffith, Joni Nelson. (Front) Karilee Damron, Tena Bartholomew, Edward Barker, Robert Cook, Ronald Warsop, Toni Lewis. (Not Pictured) Darrel Dinsmoor, Tracy Vice. Dianna Gray, Samantha Snyder. 142KINDERGARTFN P M (Back) Billy DeSmet, Stephanie Horton, Andy Hershberger, Jennifer Tew, Paulette Struwin, Jimmy Hughes, Melissa Krumvede. Miss Merri Knapp. (Middle) Andy Morris, Matthew Smith, Brian Calhoun, Cindy Wilson, Johnny Michielsen, Annette Meiring, Charese Smith, Brian Thomas. (Front) Anita Stage. Jeff Arnold, Chad Clark, Bruce Warner, Elizabeth Pulsipher, Tammy Cutchall. (Not Pictured) Jimmy Holibaugh, Connie Seitler, Scot Olney, Larry Wilson. (Left) Two elementary students relax after lunch. They are: Carrie Bagley and Jane Olds. (Above) Elementary students enjoying their lunch in the cafeteria. 143Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of DAVE'S TEXACO M-60, 1-69 Tekonsha, Michigan Auto Repair and Tune-Ups 24 Hour Wrecker Comp iments of: E KON SH A ENGINEERING COMPANY Products tor the Recreational Vehicle Industry Chief Tekonsha didn't gain fame that many other Indian chiefs enjoyed. He was never portrayed in a movie smoking a peace pipe with John Wayne. No wide-track or other automobile is named after him. Only Tekonsha, Michigan. But we're proud of him and we're proud to have his name as part of our company name . . . Tekonsha Engineering. 145 CHIEF TEKONSHACompliments of TEKON-SRILL 24 Hour Restaurant and Standard Service 24 Hour Wrecker Service 767-4646 PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION 828 North Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan 767-4152 Joel Meister - Branch Manager Greg Hull - Serving Branch County Roger Swisher - Serving Calhoun Co. Flame Sprayed Metal Carbide and Ceramic Coatings 103 Main Street Tekonsha, MichiganLumber and Building Materials Congratulations Seniors KEEP MARTINSON Phone 767-4179 Congratulations From the UNION CHURCH Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan YOUNG SODA JERKS TURN INTO OLD SODA JERKS. If you feel you're better than your job. If tomorrow looks as dull as yesterday. If you've got a body and a brain with potential. Maybe we’re for you. And vice versa. If you’ll give us a couple of years, we’ll give you a future And maybe train you for a career in one of the important fields of tomorrow. Like electronics, computers or aircraft maintenance. We are not inviting you on a picnic. The Marine Corps is a tough team to make. We keep our tradition strong, our standards high and our ranks small. But if you think you're quality. If you want more out of life than a pushover job. If you really want a future, and you’re ready to work for it... Then we’re interested in you. It’s your life. And now It’s your move The Marines UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS T. O. Hoffman Gunnery Sergeant OFFICE (616) 065-3781 (616) 965 0996 94 CAPITAL AVENUE. S. W. BATTLE CREEK. Ml. 49014 147Congratulations Seniors of Tekonsha High Compliments of THE SOUTHERN MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANK Tekonsha Branch Phone 767-3313 (Pictured above are bank employees: Jean LaViolette, Jean Paradine, Howard Mains, and Barbara Reese.) Compliments of Compliments of DAVE HAWLEY RANDALL BEANS, INC. Standard Oil Agent Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan VILLAGE VANITY Phone: 767-4181 Closed Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Thursday, 12:00 - 8:00 P.M. Saturday, 8:00 A.M. - 12 Noon THE TEKONSHA IDEA COMMITTEE, INC. 209 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of CLIFF’S SPORT GROCERY Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of BILL'S BARBER SHOP 211 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan LARRY MILLER THE YARN DARN Heating and Cooling BARN Tekonsha, Michigan Phone: 767-4242 All Kinds of Fabrics Tekonsha, Michigan 767-3405 T} SHERWOOD'S PHARMACY Congratulations Class of ”75" TRIPLE DELIGHT DAIRY BAR FAMILY PRESCRIPTION CENTER M-60 at 1-69 Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 Congratulations to the MINNIEAR'S Class of 1975 TV SALES SERVICE From BOB AND ALICE WAFFLE, Owners of RCA Television Craig Tape Players and Recorders Santa Gertrudis and Sanyo T. V. and Radios Limousin Cattle P.O. 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Michigan Marshall, Michigan 49068JsAngls Compliments of of Marshall FIRESIDE INN Smart Fashions for Juniors and Misses Marshall, Michigan 113 E. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Michigan WILLIAMSON'S GIFTS ANTIQUES For That Special Hard to Find Gift =V kiv J Cfyrnpon . 117 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan 616 781-5641 in Marshall Quality Clothing at Reasonable Prices J. H. CRONIN CO. Founded 1850 Marshall, Michigan Compliments of CHAPMAN TRACTOR SALES INC. A symbol of outstanding quality and service - for 125 years. 1003 West Michigan Ave. Marshall, Michigan 49068 616 - 781-3951 Congratulations 34 - 36 W. Chicago St. Cold water, Michigan 278-2664 Compliments of SANDER'S HARDWARE 106 W. Mains Street Marshall, Michigan 49068 157Compliments of REDFIELD BROS. DAVID JEWELERS Your GE Appliance Dealer in Marshall O’Brien Paints and 142 West Michigan Avenue Hardware Marshall, Michigan 49068 105 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Michigan CARRINGTON PHARMACY Prescription Specialists TWO HOUR CLEANERS 101 E. Michigan, Marshall, Mich. Phone 781-8351 155 West Michigan Ave. 100 S. Superior, Albion, Mich. Phone 629-2286 Marshall Michigan Congratulations Seniors PEDAL PUSHERS nSV, CYCLE CENTER HILLABRANT’S FURNITURE 'O'Cr Carpet and Linoleum 843 W. Michigan Ave. 115 E. Michigan Marshall, Michigan Marshall, Michigan 49068 Accessories - Parts - Repairs GOOD’S SALES SERVICE YE OLDE VILLAGE Allis Chalmers MARKET Farm Equipment Lawn and Garden Equipment "Old Fashion" Service and Quality Polaris Snowmobiles 8:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. 7800 15 1 2 Mi. Rd., South 7 Days a Week Marshall, Michigan Marshall Michigan Phone: 616 - 781-2617 Stop in and see John Neible for a Tidey Saving at Tidey's. TIDEY MOTOR SALES Chuck Tidey and Joe Caron - Partners 1210 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan LOUIE'S BAKERY 144 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan Phone: STorv 1-3542 Where Your Farm Comes First FaRIDrl Bureau FARMERS PETROLEUM MARSHALL FARM BUREAU OIL CO. 1021 East Michigan Marshall, Michigan Congratulations From in Marshall Sears 107 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Michigan Phone: 781-5187 Congratulations to the Class of 1975 MILLER AALBREGTSE Men's and Boy's Clothing 112 West Michigan Marshall, Michigan Compliments of BOSHEARS FORD SALES INC. 15081 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan 159CITY BANK TRUST CO. CORNWELL’S TURKEY HOUSE "Home of the World's Best Turkey Sandwich" "Working for You" Jackson Albion Homer Parma Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Buttered Turkey Sandwich Turkey Salad Sandwich Smoked Turkey Sandwich Sloppy Tom Turkey Sandwich Turkey Hot Plate 15 1 2 Mile Rd. and N Drive North Marshall, Michigan )60Academy of Science Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baird Dr. and Mrs. Edward Barker Lester and Grace Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bottoff Dr. Kenneth 0. Branham. D.C. Branch County Chiropractic Clinic Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. William Burchfield PaulinoS. Chan. M.D., F.R.C.P. (C) Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Chase Mr. and Mrs. M. Keith Clark Mr. and Mrs. Robert Currie Custodians Earl and Reid Mr. and Mrs. William DeVries Mr. and Mrs. Don Eishen Mr. L. G. Feiler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Friend Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Gentry Dr. T. W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Harley C. Hammond Richard and Sally Hammond Craig and Susan Hopps Dr. Gary L. Howe Mr. and Mrs. Gale Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Jenkins Noelle Johnson Dr. and Mrs. P. E. Jones Junior Mothers Club Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Kelly Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Arthur King Dr vid n. Kirkby, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Krall Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Leatherbury Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ludlow Mr. Roger Maisner Mr. and Mrs. Ned Martinson Nancy Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Michael McLain Kevin and Joy McMullin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Olds Mr. and Mrs. Willy Pecceu Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pervine Mr. and Mrs. George Price Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Randall Mr. and Mrs. Duane G. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Dewight E. Runyon Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Serra Mr. and Mrs. Norman Schafer Steve and Sharon Schrock Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Shank Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stemaly Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stout Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sweet Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Taylor Tekonsha P. T. O. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thenen, Sr. Mr. Robert P. Tyckoski Mr. and Mrs. Leon VanHoose Mr. and Mrs. Larry Waffle Dr. and Mrs. N. J. Walton Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Webber Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wiescholek Dr. and Mrs. Charles Williams George and Carlene Zollner 161SENIOR ACTIVITIES BARRINGTON, JUDITH ANN . . . Journalism - 4, Yearbook Assistant Editor - 4, IDEA and TOTEM POLE Staff - 4, Student Yearbook Photographer - 4; Student Council - 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer - 3; Cheerleader - 1; Basketball -1,4; Track - 1; Teacher’s Aide -3,4; Pep Club -1,2; FHA - 1; HCC -1,2; Cabaret -3,4; Vo-Ed - 3. BAYLIS, JESSE . . . Vo-Ed - 3; Co-op - 4. CASEBEER, GAIL MARIE . . . Cabaret - 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court - 4; Vo-Ed - 3, 4; Track - 3; Choir -1,2; Troubadors - 2; Pep Club -1,2,3; Varsity Club - 2, 3, 4; FHA -1, 2; HCC - 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader - 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Aide - 4; Honor Student - 4; Tekon-sha Scholarship. CASEBEER, MICHAEL . . . Basketball -1,2; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Football -1,3; Co-op - 3, 4. CIOTTA, STEVEN MARK . . . Homecoming Court -3,4; Vo-Ed - 3; Basketball - 1; Band - 1; Voted "Best Dressed" - 4. COPELAND, CRISTY LYNN . . . HCC - 2; Journalism - 3, Yearbook, IDEA and INDIAN EYE Staffs - 3; Teacher's Aide - 4; Cabaret - 4; National Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 3; Voted "Quietest" and "Best Artist” - 4; Honor Student - 4. DEEVERS, TERRY WILLIAM . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain - 3, 4; All-State Football - 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 1, 2, 4; Co-op -3,4; Varsity Club -3,4; Voted "Best Athlete" - 4. FURDA, CATHY DIANE . . . Cheerleading - 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council - 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary - 4; Class Secretary - 3; HCC -1,2,3, President - 3; Choir - 2; Office Aide - 4; Teacher's Aide - 4; Varsity Club -3,4; Cadet Teacher - 3; Cabaret - 1, 2, 3, 4, Mistress of Ceremonies - 4; Track -3,4; Basketball -2,3; Homecoming Court -3,4, Homecoming Queen - 4; Majorette - 1; Advanced Placement Student - 4; Society of Outstanding High School Students - 3, 4; Voted "Most Likely to Succeed,” "Best Dressed" and "Most Popular" - 4; Co-Valedictorian - 4. GRINNELL, GREGORY E. . . . Basketball -1,2; Co-op -3,4. HAMPTON, DEBBIE . . . FHA - 1; HCC -1,2; Track - 3; Cabaret - 3; Vo-Ed - 4; Voted "Always Late” - 4. HAYES, WILLIAM B. . . . Football - 3, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 2, 3, 4; Student Council Representative - 3, 4;.Cabaret -3,4; Teacher’s Aide - 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club -4; Journalism - 3, Yearbook, IDEA and INDIAN EYE Staffs - 3; Voted "Best Athlete" - 4; Honor Student - 4; Science Award. HOPKINS, MICHAEL LLOYD . . . Football - 2; Co-op - 4; Basketball -1,2,3; Cabaret -1, 2; Baseball - 1, 2; Student Council Representative - 1, 2; Track - 1, 2; Voted "Always Late" - 4. HOWELL, CAROLINE MARIE . . . Co-op - 4; FHA - 4; Teacher’s Aide - 4; Track - 3; HCC - 3; Library Aide - 3; Cabaret - 3. JACOX, DEAN W. . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 4; Baseball - 4; Varsity Club -2,3, 4; Cabaret - 3; Voted "Most Mischievous," "Class Clown" and "Class Chatterbox" - 4. JOHNSON, DEBRA DIANE . . . Cheerleading - 1, 2; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Star Band - 4; Majorette - 1, 2, 3, Head Majorette - 4; Student Council Secretary - 3; Class Secretary - 2; Vo-Ed -3,4; FHA - 4; Cadet Teacher - 3; Homecoming Court - 4; Pep Club -1,2; Outstanding Teenager of America - 4; Outstanding American High School Student - 3; Outstanding Junior Student of Cosmetology - 3; Cabaret - 3, Mistress of Ceremonies - 3; Salu-tatorian - 4; John Phillip Sousa Award. JONES, WESLEY PAUL . . . Varsity Club - 3, 4; Basketball -1,2; Football - 1, 3, 4; Track - 3; Baseball -1,3. KLINGAMAN, KIM MARIE . . . Journalism - 4, Yearbook Business Manager - 4, TOTEM POLE Editor - 4, IDEA Assistant Editor - 4; Class Officer - 4; Library Aide - 4; Office Aide -4; Cabaret - 3; FHA - 2; Teacher's Aide - 1; Voted "Biggest Flirt" - 4. LINDSEY, DONALD . . . Vo-Ed - 3; Co-op - 4; Voted "Quietest” - 4. MARD, LENA K. . . . Track - 4; FHA - 4; KCC - 4; Voted "Most Exchangeable" - 4; Exchange Student From Sweden - 4. MILLER, ALAN A. . . . Basketball - 2, 3, 4; Track - 4; Varsity Club - 4; Cabaret - 3, 4; 162Teacher's Aide -2, 3, 4; Journalism - 3, Yearbook, IDEA and INDIAN EYE Staffs - 3. MILLER, BERTHA ANN . . . Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Most Valuable Player Award - 3, 4; Co-op - 3, 4; Homecoming Court - 1; Track - 1, 2, 3; FHA -1,2; Varsity Club - 3, 4; Class President - 1; Band -1,2; Cheerleading - 1; Cabaret - 3; Voted "Best Athlete” - 4. NAGEL, JOHN . . . Varsity Club -3,4; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabaret - 3; Class Treasurer - 1; Student Council - 2; Class President -3,4; Basketball Announcer - 3; Jr. High Football Announcer - 4; Honor Student - 4. OLDS, MARK D. . . . Co-op - 4. OTTELIN, SIRKKU . . . Track - 4; KCC - 4; Voted "Most Exchangeable” - 4; Eschange Student From Finland - 4. PECCEU, ROSEMARY PAULA,. . . HCC - 1, 2, 3; FHA - 1, 2, 4; Cabaret - 3; Track - 2, 3; Varsity Club - 3; Kitchen Aide -1,2; Vo-Ed - 4; Co-op - 4; Class Treasurer - 4; Teacher's Aide - 3; Cadet Teacher - 3; Honor Student - 4; Journalism - 3, Yearbook and INDIAN EYE Staffs, IDEA Editor - 3. PERCIVAL, EMMITT . . . Co-op - 3, 4. QUIGLEY, MARTIN . . . Football -1,3,4; Cabaret - 3; Vo-Ed -3,4. REESE, LOIS ANELLE . . . HCC - 1; Class Treasurer - 3; National Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 3; Co-op - 4; DAR Award - 4; Outstanding Business Student - 4; Teacher's Aide - 4; Voted "Most Studious” - 4; Honor Student - 4. RICHAR, EUGENE L. . . . Football - 1, 3, 4; Baseball - 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 1, 3, 4; Class Treasurer - 2; Varsity Club - 4; Vo-Ed -3,4; Teacher's Aide - 4; Cabaret - 4. RUSSELL, RANDY STEVEN . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball -1,2,3; Track -1,2, 3; Varsity Club - 3, 4; Homecoming King - 4; Vo-Ed - 3; Co-op - 4; Voted "Sweetest” and "Most Popular” - 4. SHAFFER, SCOTT DUANE . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 2; Varsity Club - 2, 4; Cabaret - 3; Teacher’s Aide - 3, 4; Voted "Best Athlete" - 4. SHEDD, BRIAN W. . . . Student Council - 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President - 1, President - 4, Sergeant-at-Arms - 3; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 3; Varsity Club -3,4; Cabaret - 3, Master of Ceremonies - 4; Homecoming Court - 4; Troubadors - 2; Cadet Teacher - 3; Advanced Placement Student - 4; Voted "Best Artist” and "Most Studious” - 4; Co-Valedictorian - 4. SHILLING, PHYLLIS KAY . . . FHA -2,4; HCC - 2; Vo-Ed - 4; Voted "Most Mischievous” - 4. SHILLING, RICK . . . Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabaret - 3, 4; Teacher's Aide - 3, 4; Coop-4; Varsity Club - 4. SHILLING, VICKY MARIE . . . Co-op - 4; Teacher’s Aide - 4; Cabaret - 3; FHA -1,2; HCC - 2; Choir - 2; Cheerleader - 1. STRANG, KEVIN M. . . . Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 3; Basketball - 1; Varsity Club -3,4. SWEET, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH . . . HCC -1,2,3; Basketball - 3; Vo-Ed -3,4; Choir -1, 2; Troubadors - 2; Pep Club - 1; Teacher's Aide - 4; Voted "Easiest to Get Along With” - 4. TETREAULT, MARGUERITE ANN ... Pep Club - 1, Treasurer - 2; HCC - 1, 2, 3; FHA -2; Track - 3; Homecoming Court - 3; Cabaret - 3; Vo-Ed - 4; Library Aide - 4; Teacher's Aide - 4; Voted "Class Chatterbox" and "Class Clown” - 4. WALKER, MARTY . . . Band - 2; Vo-Ed -3,4; Voted "Easiest to Get Along With" - 4. WOLCOTT, MICHAEL DUANE . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track -1,3; Varsity Club - 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabaret -2,4; Teacher’s Aide -3,4; Co-op - 3, 4; Class Vice President - 2, 3, 4; Voted "Biggest Flirt" - 4. YATES, DRUCILLA GEAN . . . Vo-Ed - 3, 4; Homecoming Court - 2; Cabaret - 3; Choir -1, 2; Troubadors - 2. YOUNG, JOSEPH RAYMOND . . . Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball -1,2,3; Basketball Manager -2,3; Varsity Club - 2; Office Aide - 3; Teacher’s Aide - 3; Cabaret - 4; Co-op - 4. 163 ' . .pWK . i.f , There it is. Nine months of our lives together in a book. It’s all4ufliWy now and it’s all there - our hopes, our dreams, our accomplishments, our failures. Now we're immortal and it feels good. I'd like to thank Sutula Studio, Jim Thompson of Taylor Publishing Company, the administration, faculty, our advertisers and patrons, our advisor Mrs. Sally Hammond, my Yearbook Staff, and the students of Tekonsha High School for making this book a reality. Yearbooks are forever so now we are forever too. Krall - ditor A SPECIAL FRIEND If there's someone you can talk to Someone no one can replace If there's someone you can laugh with Till tears run down your face . . . If there's someone you can turn to When you need a helping hand If there's someone you can count on To advise and understand . . . If there's someone you can sit with And not need to say a word If there’s someone you can trust To keep each confidence she’s heard . . . If there's someone you think more of As each year comes to an end - You're a very lucky person For you've found a Special Friend! - Doris Faulhaber 166167LIFELONG FRIENDS 168 Lifelong Friends . . . what lovelier thing Could the hand of life bestow Than a friendship built upon All the precious things you know; Faith in each other and the ties Of understanding old and wise. A friendship flavored by the past, Old swimming holes and days shot through With loafing . . . fishing , . . catching crabs, The crazy things that small boys do, A hideout in the woods somewhere, With adventure on the bill of fare. School days and hockey, bikes and skates, A girl's face tangled in your heart, Your first small job that in some way Became the groundwork of your start; The glamor of a high school dance That seemed all beauty and romance. These are the ties, the little things That add up to the kindly sum Of all that makes the days worthwhile, The precious memories that become Strong as a hemper rope to bear The strands of friendship woven there. Earth holds no greater good I think Than friendship welded link by link. - Edna Jaques (Read by salutatorian, Debbie Johnson at Commencement, 1975.)  They were my friends. We did lots of things together; We played our games And sang our songs. When we worked, we worked hard. When we studied, we studied a lot. We didn't always win. We didn't always pass, But, we tried our best. We did it together. They were my friends — I hope they always will be. — Mary Krall —p

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