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. . . Otwb Tomwow The Staff of the 1974 INDIAN Rose D. Warwick High School Tekonsha, Michigan Look at. o. . Yestendoy. . . TodayYesterday teases our memories with its joys and sorrowsTomorrow awakens our imaginations with its invitation to achieve The hubbub fades with yesterday, but color stays until tomorrowDr. Charles Williams, Superintendent ADMINISTRA TION Superintendent and Board Guide Schools Tekonsha Community Schools acquired a new superintendent this past year - Dr. Charles Williams. Dr. Williams came to Tekonsha from his position as coordinator of secondary career education programs at Elkhart Community Schools, Elkhart, Indiana. The Tekonsha School Board, working closely with Dr. Williams, put in much time and effort to provide Tekonsha students at all levels with a top-rate academic and extracurricular program. BOARD OF EDUCATION: (Front) Mrs. Noelle Johnson, trustee; Mrs. Eloise Bowling, secretary; Mr. Norman Schafer, president, (Back) Mr. Donald Brewer, treasurer; Mr. Leroy Taylor, trustee; Mr. Harold Wiescholek, trustee; Mr. Jacob Shank, vice president. 11ADMINISTRA TION New Prin cipal ’s Motto: ‘Getting to Know You’ Dr. Joseph Serra accepted the position of principal at THS beginning with the 1973-74 school year. Dr. Serra came to Tekonsha with many years of teaching experience - his last position being teacher and director of teaching at Grace University in Indiana. Dr. Joseph Serra, Principal Mr. Roger Maisner took on his first assignment at THS this year. Along with his teaching duties, he was the student advisor. Mr. Maisner spent most of his time helping Dr. Serra keep student-administrator communication active. He helped students plan their high school needs and guided senior plans for the immediate future. Mr. Roger Maisner, Student Advisor 12BUSINESS MANAGER AND SECRETARY Mr. Arthur King, Business Manager Mounds of Paper Stacks of Bills Processed Behind Scenes Mr. Arthur King, business manager for Tekonsha Community Schools, is the person responsible for most of the paper work and money management that must be done for the school system, besides the other tasks he performs that are vital to the school. Mrs. Mary Leatherbury, Secretary The THS secretary, Mrs. Mary Leatherbury, could be labeled a "complete secretary,” not only working to help the administrators, but also for the faculty members and students. If she can't help you with your problem, she knows who can. 13FACULTY in the midst of the plain sings the lark free of all thingsFACULTY Staff Grows to 14 MRS. SALLY HAMMOND Shorthand, Accounting, Journalism, Beg. and Adv. Typing, Office Machines. MR. PAUL SWEET English 7, 8, 9. 15 MR. NED MARTINSON Biology, Science 9, Ecology, General Math I.MR. KEVIN McMULLIN High School, Elementary, Junior High Band, Choir, English 8, German I FACULTY Four Newcomers Join Staff MRS. ILA SCHROLL Home Economics 7,9, Occupations, Family Living, Physical Education, (Mini Courses) Management and Consumer Buying, Foods and Nutrition I, II, Clothing for Young Men 17(Bottom) Mr. Duane Richardson, Mrs. Sally Hammond, Mr. Kevin McMullin, and Mr. Larry Stout eat lunch and discuss the morning events. Opposite page: (Right) Mr. Robert Tyckoski, Mr. Duane Richardson, and Mr. Keith Clark discuss different plays at football practice. MR. DUANE RICHARDSON U. S. Government, U. S. History, History 8 ' MR. LARRY STOUT Physical Education 7, 8, 9, II, World History, (Mini Courses) Golf and Bowling, Badminton, Shuffle-board, TennisMR. ROBERT TYCKOSKI Math 7,8, General Math II, Algebra II MRS. CATHY SLADE Geography 7,9, Michigan Civics and History, Physical Education 7,8, Foreign Foods, (Mini Courses) Afro-American History, Drugs and Values, Social Groups, Political Science FACULTY 19MR. STEVEN SCHROCK MR. JAMES MESSACAR Business Math, Geometry, Shop 7, I, II, Mechanical Drawing, Physics, Algebra Careers, (Mini Courses) Electricity, Small Engines, Welding MR. ROGER MAPLES Science 7,8, Business Law and Consumer Buying, Reading - Writing - Spelling 20MRS. KAREN FRIEND Librarian and Study Hall Supervisor FACULTY AIDES Two Supplement Full-Time Staff MRS. GLAYDS PILERI Art Mrs. Karen Friend presents a cake to a child as one of the winners of the cake walk featured at the Fall Festival. 21BUILDING AND TRANSP OR TA TION SERVICES Staff Keeps School Operating The custodians have the important job of keeping the school functioning properly. They keep the equipment in the school in top condition and keep the building clean. The school bus drivers must bring the rural students to school and take them home again. The task of driving a big bus on any kind of road is not an easy one. SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS: Mr. Warren Humeston, Mrs. Viola Upston, Mr. Lewis Jenkins, Mrs. LaDeama Phelps, Mr. Earl Samson, Mrs. Marjorie Patten, Mrs. Sharon Davis.FOODSERVICE Food for Thought COOKS: Mrs. Gladys Pileri, Mrs. Annita Waffle, Mrs. Mary Eberts, Mrs. Sue Smith, Mrs. Toni Saltzgaber. Mrs. Gladys Pileri, head cook, and her staff have the almost impossible job of feeding some 300 people twice in one grand rush at the sound of the noon bell, as they serve both the elementary and high school. The elementary and high school kitchen aides help the cooks in the many duties that must be performed. Mrs. Karen Duckett, a former graduate of THS, is the cashier for the hot lunch line. She must take and change money rapidly and accurately. ELEMENTARY AIDES: Debbie Olds, Debbie Caldwell, Pam Cole, Jack Woods, Chris Barker, Mark Klingaman. Mrs. Karen Duckett - Cashier for Hot Lunch Line. HIGH SCHOOL AIDES: Russell Cummins, Sherry Newhouse, Sandra Cummins, Michele Johnson, Mark Richar. 23ACTIVITIES the first dream of the year; I kept it a secret and smiled to myself2526 (Top) King Bruce Shedd and Queen Becky Snow are officially crowned at the Homecoming dance by last year's king and queen, Wayne Woods and Debbie Stefan-cic. HOMECOMING COURT: (Center) Seventh grade, Dawn Hartle and Jeff Williams; freshmen, Robin Gro-holske and Robert Johnson; juniors, Marguerite Tetreault and Chuck Miller; seniors, Beth Taylor and Don Green. (Bottom) Varsity Club, Kathy Furda and Tim Brewer; seniors, Roxanne Smith and Randy Shank; sophomores, Susan Saltzgaber and Todd Morley; eighth grade, Carrie Hill and Jody Hawkins.HOMECOMING ‘Fairy Tales’ Set Mood The theme "Fairy Tales," chosen by the junior class, set the mood for the 1973-74 Homecoming week. On October 12, one week before Homecoming, the student body chose Becky Snow as queen and Bruce Shedd as king to reign with their court over a week of Homecoming activities. On Thursday night, the cheerleaders led the students in a snake dance through town ending at the school with a bonfire. There the queen, king and their court competed in a hot dog eating contest. Winners of the contest were the junior attendant and her escort. Friday, October 19, a parade downtown followed by a pep rally and skit, helped to fire-up the boys for the big game against Hanover-Hor-ton. A jello eating contest, won by Mark Eberts, and a tricycle race, won by Gail Casebeer, proved that there is always room for more spirit! Half time activities at the game included the THS marching band, along with a parade and presentation of class floats and the Homecoming court. The float winning first place was the sophomores with their version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." The game ended with a defeat for the Indians. Immediately following the game was a semi-formal dance and the formal crowning of the queen and king. (Above) The THS marching band leads the Homecoming parade. (Top) A bonfire after the snake dance boosted student spirit. 27(Top left) Bruce Shedd finally crosses the finish line in the tricycle race. (Top right) Varsity cheerleaders sing to "The Leader of the Pack." (Above) Couples enjoy the Homecoming dance. (Right) Mary Elmore competes in the jello eating contest. 28HOMECOMING (Left) Jane Sherwood plays ’’king for a dance.” (Center) Coach Duane Richardson can't seem to get a word in edgewise . (Bottom) A few people decide to relax and watch others dance. 29(Right) Marguerite Tetreault and Cathy Furda supervise the junior booth. (Below left) Bruce Shedd demonstrates his pitching skill, while Terry Deevers says, "Not so hard!” (Below right) Randy Shank gets the job of resetting in the Student Council booth. (Bottom) The money earned from the journalism picture sale was used to help fund this yearbook. 30FALL FESTIVAL (Above) Kurt Sherwood prepares to throw "the bomb” (even if only at a suspended tire). (Right) The senior class booth provides a real foot stompin' time. (Below) Patti Green tries her skill at "canning” the ball. A Night for All On November 9, 1973, Tekonsha Community Schools was the scene of the annual Fall Festival, sponsored by the Tekonsha P.T.O. This event is an opportunity for classes, school organizations, and community organizations to earn money to carry on their activities. It is a night of fun for all participating with a wide variety of booths - everything from food to games, to a country store, and even a jail! 31CONCERTS THS Hosts Concerts THS hosted many special concerts this year, some of which included Reverend Gonzales and the "God Squad," the KCC singers and band, and a classical guitarist. Along with the special concerts, there was the school band and choir who sang and played at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. (Top) THS band plays for the students and faculty at the Spring Concert. (Middle) Rev. Gonzales and the "God Squad” entertains at a special assembly during school. (Bottom) THS choir sings for the audience at the Spring Concert. 32 1(Top) Mr. Nick Lopez rebounds for Tekonsha. (Above) Mr. Larry Stout dribbles the ball down the court. (Right) Mr. Roger Maisner jumps for possession of the ball. FACULTY GAME Tekonsha Upsets Homer On March 15, the Tekonsha faculty pitted themselves against the Homer faculty. Under the watchful eyes of Coach Paul Sweet, team members of Mr. Roger Maples, Mr. Nick Lopez, Mr. Larry Stout, Mr. Robert Tyckoski, Mr. Roger Maisner, Mr. Steve Schrock, Mr. Keith Clark, and Mr. Robert Wheeler played an excellent game. At half time, Tekonsha was in the lead with the score being 31-26. Homer made a strong comeback in the second half, but not quite enough to upset Tekonsha's lead. It was a close game with the final score being Tekonsha-61, Homer-60. Proceeds from the game went to the Athletic Department. 33DONKEY BASKETBALL Faculty Tie With Troopers The Tekonsha Community School's faculty battled the Tekonsha State Troopers (and the donkeys) in a rousing game of Donkey Basketball on Thursday, March 14. At the end of the first half the troopers were ahead, but during the second half, Tekonsha took the lead by one basket. With less than one minute remaining, the troopers tied the score 24 to 24. The seniors sponsored the game, and the donkeys (and llama) came from the Diamond-K Donkey Ball Company of Ohio. (Top) Mr. Larry Stout seems to be thinking, "Here we go again!'' (Left) "The winner of the Mr. Richardson look a like contest is 35CABARET The fourth annual Cabaret, sponsored by the Student Government, was held March 23, in the high school gym. Randy Shank, Student Government president and Debbie Johnson, Student Government secretary served as the master and mistress of ceremonies. Acts ranged from singing, dancing, skits and baton to pantomimes. The crowd was estimated to range between 300-400 people. Students Entertain Full HouseLeft Page: (Left) Evett Kowalski is the hit of the show singing "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown.” (Top right) Lori Phelps and Alice Kelly sing "Seasons in the Sun." (Lower right) Martin Quigley of the speech class, presents his version of Euell Gibbons. Right Page: (Top left) Connie Copas entertained the audience for the second year. (Lower left) Mistress of Ceremonies, Debbie Johnson, introduces audience celebrities. (Top right) Gail Casebeer, Shirley Minniear, Susan Saltzgaber and Cathy Furda do a modem dance routine to the tune "Boggie Down." (Lower right) Bill and Bob Wiescholek play a piano duet and ask that there be no "streaking" in the audience! 37(Above) Speech class members Debbie Hampton, Brian Shedd and Marguerite Tetreault ridicule TV game shows with their performance of "The Coronary Show.” (Above right) Alan Hulsebus, Jack Woods and Doug Minniear tell jokes. (Right) Lisa Loose, Dean Jacox and Drucella Yates, members of the speech class, put on their version of "Women's Lib" in the style of a silent movie. 38(Left) Marlene Friend performs with two batons. (Below) A four-year participant in the Cabaret, Michele McAtee sings "Follow Me.” (Lower left) Master of Ceremonies, Randy Shank, introduces the next performer. (Lower right) Connie Spires entertains the audience with a monologue entitled "Granny." 39INFORMAL DANCES Sadie Hawkins’ Dance Highligh ts Even ts THS had many informal dances this year. The dances were held after football or basketball games in the gym or cafeteria. Each class could sponsor two dances a year. One of the more outstanding informal dances was the Sadie Hawkins Dance sponsored by the sophomores in November. (Top) WV1C disc jockey plays records at a THS dance. (Right) Everyone seems to be getting in on the action at the annual Sadie Hawkins’ Dance. 40(Top) A group of girls takes time out to rest. (Left) Marryin’ Sam (Evett Kowalski) marries off Tim Brewer and Susan Rubner at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. (Above) Dancers enjoy a typical sock hop at THS. 41FORMAL EVENTS Sophomores Host Spring Swing The sophomore class hosted the annual Spring Swing on April 20 in the high school gym. Assisted by advisors Mrs. Cathy Slade and Mr. Roger Maples, the gym was decorated to the theme of "Space Odyssey.” The music was provided by the band, High Moon. Mr. and Mrs. Russ Slade (above), George Price and Laurie Shank (bottom left), Kim Tageson and Bruce Shedd (bottom right) dance to the sounds of "High Moon" (left).FORMAL EVENTS Seniors Honored at Banquet The junior class honored the seniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet held on May 16 in the high school cafeteria. Junior class president John Nagel opened the evening by welcoming those attending and Kim Tageson, senior class president, followed with a "thank you” from the seniors. Following the meal, catered by Mack's Airport Inn, Evett Kowalski and Gail Casebeer each sang a solo, concluding the banquet. (Top) Seniors and juniors prepare their plates. (Middle) Senior girls enjoy their meal. (Bottom) Junior class president John Nagel recognizes junior and senior class advisors and senior class president, Kim Tageson.44 (Top right) Prom attenders dance to the music of "Knight” (middle right). (Bottom right) Dianne Saltzgaber, Bruce Shedd, Gail Casebeer and Randy Shank converse at table. Opposite Page: (Top) Wayne Woods, Becky Snow, Dave Ward and Shelly McAtee watch the couples on the dance floor (bottom).FORMAL EVENTS Juniors Present “Southern Plantations’’ May 18, the multi-purpose room was the sight of the Junior-Senior Prom. Held in honor of the seniors by the junior class, the prom theme was "Southern Plantation.” The front wall was decorated as a plantation mansion and favors further extended the theme. The band, Knight, provided the music. Refreshments of punch and cake decorated in purple and white were served.47Indians attempt a running play during a Homecoming game with Hanover-Horton. Indians are stopped short in a gain for yardage. Gary Bartow attempts to tackle an opponent. £ BB i Tc - "f £ L”W "V 48VARSITY FOOTBALL Setbacks Fail to Dampen Determination This year’s Varsity Football team consisted mostly of juniors. Six seniors participated with only three of them returning lettermen. This accounted for a lack of experience on the squad, but with coaches Duane Richardson, Robert Tyckoski, and Keith Clark, the players were molded into a team. Even though the team did not win a game, they were determined and scored in every game except one. The Indians showed a team effort and gave their opponents a fight to the finish each week until the final seconds of the fourth quarter ticked away. (Above) Coach Ty calls a five-three defensive formation. (Top) Scott Shaffer attempts to block a pass. (Right) Terry Deevers catches a pass.8 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: (Back) Asst. Coach Robert Tyckoski, Kevin Strang, Gene Richard, Mike Wolcott, Dean Jacox, Tom White, Joe Lindquist, John Cummings, Gary Bartow, Mike Duckham, Asst. Coach Keith Clark, (middle) Wes Jones, Dave Clevenger, Terry Dee vers, Rick Phelps, Ken Brownell, Bill Hayes, Mike Casebeer, Martin Quigley, Ray Thenen, Head Coach Duane Richardson, (front) Ronnie Macomber, Robert Johnson, Randy Russell, Rick Green, Joe Nagel, George Price, Don Green, Scott Shaffer, Floyd Hinspeter, Randy Shank. Not pictured: Kim Tageson.VARSITY FOOTBALL Head Coach Duane Richardson Coaches, Captains Lead Indian Gridders Assistant Coaches Robert Tyckoski and Keith Clark 51 Co-Captain and Senior Kimber Tageson Co-Captain and Senior Randy ShankVARSITY FOOTBALL Squad Loses Six Grads The Indians attempt to tackle a Han-over-Horton opponent. Don Green Dave Clevenger Ken Brownell Rick Phelps THS SCORES OPP. 16 Burr Oak 20 14 Waldron 34 8 Litchfield 56 0 North Adams 66 6 Camden-Frontier 26 18 Hanover-Horton 40 6 Pittsford 14JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Coaches Roger Maples and Steve Schiock. Four Game Season The Junior High Football team played four games under the direction of Head Coach Steve Schrock and Assistant Coach Roger Maples. The junior high team had a large turnout for the season. They ended with three games lost and one tied. THS SCORES OPP 12 Albion-St. Johns 18 7 Freemont 32 0 North Adams 21 6 Marshall 6 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM: (Back) Coach Roger Maples, J. Thorton, S. Morley, B. Berry, T. Tage-son, J. Duckham, T. King, F. Prater, A. Amsler, D. Shedd, B. Lindquist, D. Sweet, B. White, J. Hawkins, M. Richar, R. Cummins, and Coach Steve Schrock. (middle) D. Shilling, D. Miller, J. Duckham, J Williams, H. Seifke, H. Kelly, D. Dye, W. Patten, R. Miller, and manager D. Sweet, (front) J. Eishen, P. Palik, K. Sherwood, D. Shaffer, D. Olds, R. James, M. Stemaly, and manager R. Macomber. 53VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: (Back) Mgr. Joe Young, Bruce Shedd, Gene Richar, Brian Shedd, Mike Wolcott, Rick Shilling, Tim Brewer, Coach Roger Maisner. (front) Scott Shaffer, Don Green, Randy Russell, Randy Shank, Mike Hopkins, Terry Dee vers. % THS SCORES OPP. 59 Burr Oak 58 62 Pittsford 57 63 Colon 76 69 Hanover-Horton 71 52 Litchfield 82 59 Camden-Frontier 58 34 North Adams 86 71 Waldron 73 52 Pittsford 64 55 Burr Oak 62 55 Colon 59 82 Hanover-Horton 61 41 Litchfield 83 61 Camden-Frontier 68 45 North Adams 65 65 Waldron 80 TOURNAMENT 38 Burr Oak 76 Head Coach Roger Maisner 54VARSITY BASKETBALL Rookie Coach Leads Young Cagers This year's 1973-74 Varsity Basketball team was made up of four returning seniors and eight juniors. The team had a new coach, Mr. Roger Maisner. Coach Maisner gave the team a lift and the desire to win, but they had problems adjusting to a new coach and offense. While the varsity could only produce a 3-13 record, Tekonsha showed the other teams in the conference that they could play with the best. High-point man for the season was Tim Brewer with 274 points. (Above) Randy Shank attempts a lay-up. (Top) Tim Brewer tries to drive past opponents. (Left) Brian Shedd struggles to get the tip. 55(Above) Gene Richar struggles to score against a Redskin opponent. (Right) Bruce Shedd is fouled by a Redskin player. (Top left) Mike Hopkins attempts to score on a lay-up. (Top right) Rick Shillings takes a jump shot. 56GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Girls — 2nd in SC A A 59 The Girls’ Varsity Basketball team started their season with three straight wins and ended in second place behind Pittsford in the Southern Central Athletic Association. The girls’ standings at the close of the season were eight wins and four losses. Tekonsha was eliminated from district tournaments in the first round by Colen with the score of 41-35. Colon then went on to win the Class D state championship. The outstanding player of the season was Bertha Miller with 145 total points. THS SCORES OPP. 30 Hanover Horton 8 32 North Adams 19 43 Camden Frontier 13 9 Pittsford 37 35 Litchfield 41 30 Waldron 24 28 Hanover Horton 14 30 North Adams 28 40 Camden Frontier 13 23 Pittsford 32 45 Litchfield 29 40 Waldron 46 (Top) Bertha Miller and Lori Phelps try for a "real steal.” (Left) Carol Palik dribbles down the court for a quick layup. (Above) Bertha Miller struggles for the ball.GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: (Top) Carol Palik, Lori Phelps, Sheryl Stefan, Cathy Furda, (middle) Ruth Cummings, Bertha Miller, Becky Snow, (seated) Mgr. Sandy Cummins and Coach Ila Schroll. (Above) Coach Ila Schroll gives her team some extra strategy tips during a time out. (Below) SENIOR PLAYERS: Ruth Cummings, Becky Snow, Jaye Cooley. . V. BASKETBALL Season Shows Room for Growth This year's 1973-74 junior varsity basketball team was made up of seven sophomores and two juniors. The team, coached by Mr. Robert Tyck-oski, had determination and spirit. They started the season with a win by defeating Burr Oak 30-23, but hard times hit the team and they finished with a dismal 4-12 record. High-point man for the season was Bill Hayes with 137 points. Head Coach Robert Tyckoski JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: (Back) Manager Jeff Williams, George Price, Gary Bartow, John Cummings, Bill Hayes, Manager Wade Pattern, (front) Mike Blake, Jim Macomber, Todd Morley, Greg Hall. Not pictured: A1 Miller. 60(Above) Greg Hall scores on an easy lay-up. (Top) John Cummings powers his way up for a jump shot. (Right) A1 Miller attempts to score against a Redskin opponent. THS SCORES OPP. 30 Burr Oak 23 41 Pittsford 43 48 Colon 27 49 Hanover-Horton 52 31 Litchfield 39 31 Camden 45 29 North Adams 58 46 Waldron 52 20 Pittsford 51 38 Burr Oak 44 53 Colon 41 24 Hanover-Horton 53 39 Litchfield 49 35 Camden 41 41 North Adams 71 59 Waldron 34 61GIRLS'J.V. BASKETBALL New Coach Guides Girls The Gills' Junior Varsity Basketball team, coached this year by Mrs. Ila Schroll, finished with a four and eight win, loss record. The team started out good in the first half of the season, winning three games and losing three. However, as the season progressed, so did their bad luck. In the second half of the season, the team lost five straight games out of six and won their last game by one point with Waldron. High-point scorer for the season was Debbie Bartow with a total of 54 points. GIRLS' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: (Top) Kathy Sweet, Bev Hughes, Teresa Reimer, (second) Debbie Bartow, Cindy Neels, Diane Shank, (third) Alice Kelly, Katie Tetreault, Margaret Woods, Jaye Cooley, (bottom) Coach Ila Schroll, Brenda Kelly, Sherry Newhouse, manager. (Above) Diane Shank rebounds from a Hanover-Horton player. (Right) Debbie Bartow struggles for the ball against a Waldron player. 62THS SCORES OPP. 20 Hanover-Horton 6 7 North Adams 26 23 Camden-Frontier 20 12 Piusford 28 22 Litchfield 17 8 Waldron 11 16 Hanover-Horton 18 7 North Adams 19 14 Camden-Frontier 36 4 Pittsford 54 13 Litchfield 18 18 Waldron 17 (Top) Tekonsha players prepare to recapture the loose ball from the Hanover-Horton Comets. (Center) Tekonsha player Katie Tetreault (12), attempts a lay-up for a sure basket. (Above) Tekonsha player Debbie Bartow fights over a rebound against a Waldron player. 63FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Freshman Basketball team, coached by Mr. Robert Currie, won four conference games and lost three. In non-conference the total was six wins and six losses. Joe Lindquist was high-point man for the season with 219 points. The team, as a whole, made 437 points with an average of 36.4 points a game. THS SCORES OPP. 30 Colon 34 40 Pittsford 48 41 Pittsford 42 31 Fremont 45 34 Burr Oak 30 24 Colon 22 49 Litchfield 27 22 Camden-Frontier 52 59 Hanover-Horton 55 41 North Adams 38 29 Fremont 49 35 Litchfield 32 Frosh Play 12 Gaines Coach Robert Currie advises players during a timeout. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: Mgr. Rod Macomber, Randy Powell, Robert Johnson, Gary Weischolek, Joe Lindquist, Rick Green, Tom Ciotta, Gary Grinnell, Coach Robert Currie. Not pictured: Tom White, Mike Woods. 64JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Teams Gain Experience The seventh and eighth grade basketball teams played six conference games each under the direction of Coach Nick Lopez. SEVENTH GRADE SCORES THS OPP. 14 Camden-Frontier 17 23 Waldron 32 33 Hanover-Horton 31 16 Litchfield 28 22 Pittsford 38 29 North Adams 39 s for the eighth and seventh grades respectively. THS EIGHTH GRADE SCORES OPP. 14 Camden-Frontier 30 44 Waldron 18 15 Litchfield 37 29 Pittsford 39 40 Hanover-Horton 22 4 North Adams 51 EIGHTH GRADE: (Back) Rusty Cummins, Marc Stemaly, Brian Lindquist, David Miller, Jeff Thornton, (front) Mark Richar, Roger James, Dale Olds, and Jeff Duckham. VENTH GRADE: (Back) Steve Morley, Hubert Kelly, Dan Sweet, Dan affer, (front) Wade Patten, Jeff Williams, and David Dye. Not pic-ed: Brian White. Coach Nick LopezCHEERLEADERS Girls Acquire New Uniforms The varsity Cheerleaders started the football season by boosting the THS spirit with the new cheers and mounts acquired at a one-day cheerleading clinic held in Battle Creek during the summer. Not only did the cheerleaders acquire new knowledge about cheerleading, but they also started the year with new varsity uniforms and a new advisor, Mrs. Ila Schroll. Later during the year, for basketball season , the varsity squad appeared in new uniforms and gave last year's uniforms to the junior varsity cheerleaders. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Becky Snow, Gene Goheen, Cathy Furda, Gail Casebeer, Sheryl Stefan, and Susan Saltzgaber. VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS(Left) JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: (Top) Shirley Minniear, Brenda Kelly, (middle) Robin Groholske, Robin Watkins, (bottom) Diane Shank, Darla Casebeer. (Center) Varsity cheerleaders carry in Tekon-sha’s totem pole during a basketball game. (Below) Varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders cheer the team for a hopeful victory at Homecoming . 67CHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders Boost School Spirit The 1973-74 freshman, eighth grade and seventh grade cheerleaders were all under the direction of Mrs. 11a Schroll. The squads worked hard in keeping up the school spirit for their teams. They kept every minute of the games full of excitement by leading spectators in cheers. (Above) Dianne Saltzgaber leads the audience in a cheer, hoping to lead the Indians to a victory. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Katie Tetreault, Sherry Levy (top), Debbie Bartow, Margaret Woods. 68EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Dianne Saltzgaber, Laurie Shank, Dawn Randall, Michelle Johnson. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Annette Brewer, Tracee Vincent (top), Nancy Price, Kolleen Kerschner. Eighth grade cheerleaders wait impatiently for the winning point.TRACK Team Lacks Depth This year's 1974 Track Team did not repeat as conference champions, but did show determination . The team had a new coach, Mr. Robert Currie. Coach Currie worked to improve the team in its weak spots and had some success, but the Indians couldn't produce the points. Tekonsha suffered the most from lack of depth, which they didn’t have the previous year. Five returning seniors came back to help the team: Bruce Shedd, Randy Shank, A1 Richar, Tim Brewer, and Don Green. A1 Richar broke a school record by running the two-mile in 10:40. The junior high track team was coached by Mr. Nick Lopez. They participated in five meets during the season. Head Coach Robert Currie VARSITY TRACK TEAM: (Back) Joe Nagel, George Price, Kevin Strang, Gary Bartow, Gene Richar, Joe Lindquist, A1 Richar, Bruce Shedd, Bill Hayes, Manager Henry Siefke, (front) Manager Donnie Spires, Jim Macomber, Randy Shank, Rick Green, Randy Russell, Tom Ciotta, Greg Hall, Ronnie Macomber, and Wes Jones. Not pictured: Tim Brewer and Don Green. 70THS SCORES OPP. 33 Pittsford 90 65 Fremont 53 59 Hanover-Horton 63 63 1 2 Camden-Frontier 59 1 2 51 Litchfield 72 53 Waldron 70 26 North Adams 97 JUNIOR HIGH TRACK TEAM: (Back) Jody Hawkins, David Miller, Brian Lindquist, Marc Stemaly, Jeff Thorton, (front) Dale Olds, Danny Shaffer, Max Caldwell, Danny Sweet, and Steve Morley. (Above) Randy Shank gets ready to stan. (Above left) Tim Brewer hands off to Gary Bartow. 71GIRLS' VARSITY TRACK TEAM: (Back) Manager Sandy Cummins, Sheryl Stefan, Even Kowalski, Jane Sherwood, Debbie Hampton, Julie Sanford, Susan Saltzgaber, Lisa Loose, Teresa Reimer, Connie Baird, Norma Bemis, Cora Baird, Coach Ila Schroll (front) Brenda Kelly, Gail Casebeer, Carol Howell, Cathy Furda, Rosie Pecceu, Katie Tetreault, Debbie Bartow, Alice Kelly, Lori Phelps, and Margerite Tetreault. JUNIOR HIGH TRACK TEAM: (Back) Manager Sandy Cummins, Dianne Saltzgaber, Debbie Van Hoose, Annette Brewer, Michelle Newhouse, Nancy Price, (front) Wanda Kilburn, Dawn Bemis, Tracey Vincent. Head Coach Ila Schroll MEET PLACE Hanover-Horton 3rd Hillsdale 2nd Fremont 2nd Grass Lake Invitational 5th Hillsdale League 4th Regionals- Bronson 4 1 2 pts. 72GIRLS’ TRACK Twenty-Nine Make Up Teams The 1974 Girls' Track Team was made up of twenty-nine girls who participated in varsity and junior high this year with 21 making up the varsity team. Both track teams were coached by Mrs. Ila Schroll. The varsity team participated in six meets during the season. At the regionals in Bronson, Susan Saltz-gaber qualified to attend the state meet where she reached the semifinals in the 220-yard dash. The junior high track team competed in one meet with Fremont and lost. +1 (Above) Debbie Bartow and Alice Kelly warm up for practice. (Top) Connie Baird attempts the hurdles. (Left) Rosie Pecceu throws the shot put. 73Team BASEBALL Slow Season for BASEBALL TEAM: Manager Roger James, Mike Casebeer, George Price, John Nagel, Kevin Strang, Gary Bartow, Joe Lindquist, Gene Richar, Mike Wolcott, Kim Tageson, Bruce Shedd, A1 Richar, (front) Floyd Hinspeter, Ray Thenen, Dennis Miller, Gary Grinnell, Wes Jones, Todd Morley, Randy Shank, Dave Clevenger, Tom Ciotta, Manager Mark Richar. Tekonsha’s Baseball team started the season with three straight wins, under the coaching of Mr. Larry Stout and assistant Mr. Steven Schrock. Toward the middle of the season, the Indians seemed to slow down and ended the year with a 7-9 record. Tekonsha played a pre-district final with Climax-Scotts and lost 6-1. Pitchers for Tekonsha were Kevin Strang and A1 Richar with Mike Wolcott, relief pitcher. Todd Morley had the highest batting average with .457. THS also formed a junior varsity baseball team coached by Mr. Schrock. The team played only two games and lost both. Head Coach Larry Stout and Assistant Coach Steven SchrockTHS SCORES OPP. 12 Fremont 1 12 Waldron 0 22 Waldron 7 1 Litchfield 4 5 Litchfield 9 15 Colon 0 1 North Adams 17 2 North Adams 11 3 Camden-Frontier 4 6 Camden - Frontier 4 4 Middleville 15 2 Hanover-Horton 5 2 Hanover-Horton 4 12 Homer 10 7 Pittsford 8 9 Pittsford 8 (Top) SENIORS: Randy Shank, Bruce Shedd, Kim Tageson, A1 Richar, (Above) Mike Wolcott is ready for the pitch from the Homer Trojans. (Left) Coach Larry Stout paces back and forth while his team is batting. 75A THLETIC A WARDS Curtis Rowe — Banquet Speaker On May 24, 1974, Tekonsha High School was filled with excitement and anticipation as all were quietly awaiting the announcement of the male and female Athlete of the Year awards at the annual Athletic Awards Banquet. Finally the moment came and applause filled the room as Bruce Shedd and Lori Phelps accepted their awards. There to present the awards was guest speaker, Curtis Rowe, of the Detroit Pistons. Rowe spoke on the subject of teamwork and working hard in school as well as in sports. Rowe presented many awards during the course of the evening, most of which are as follows. Awards in football were presented to Joe Lindquist for the Steve Weller Award, Mike Wolcott for Most Valuable Back, Kim Tageson for Most Valuable Lineman, and Martin Quigley for Most Improved. Basketball awards were presented to Bruce Shedd for Most Dedicated and Most Valuable. Scott Shaffer received Most Improved. Trophies awarded in girls' basketball were given to Bertha Miller for Most Valuable and Cathy Furda for the Best Sportsman. Trophies awarded in track went to Gary Bartow and Tim Brewer for Most Outstanding. Trophies for girls' track were given for Most Outstanding and Most Improved. The winners of these awards were Susan Saltzgaber and Brenda Kelly respectively. Awards for baseball were not given at the banquet because the season was not over, however, they were presented at a later date. Receiving Most Valuable Award in Baseball was senior, Kim Tageson and the Highest Batting Average Award went to sophomore, Todd Morley. This is the fifth consecutive year that this trophy has been awarded to a sophomore . Free Throw Marathon winners were awarded in five categories. Winners for the junior high were Jeff Williams with 470 baskets and Melanie Johnson with 77. Winners for high school were Gene Richar with 666 baskets and Lori Phelps with 276. The winner in the adult category was Norman Taylor with 535 baskets. The top donor was Jack Haufmann of the Haufmann House of Pizza and the top money raiser was Terry Dee vers. Receiving the annual Booster of the Year Award was Larry Davis. The evening was ended with a warm thank-you from Reid Waffle, master of ceremonies, and the Teknosha Boosters Club who sponsored the event. r. 76Left Page: (Top) Curtis Rowe speaks on the subject of teamwork. (Bottom) Cathy Furda smiles as she receives the Best Sportsmanship Award. Right Page: (Top) Bruce Shedd and Lori Phelps hold their trophies proudly. (Far left) Scott Shaffer relaxes after the evening's excitement. (Center) Mr. Reid Waffle announces guest speaker, Curtis Rowe. (Above) Mr. Larry Davis accepts the Booster of the Year Award. 7778(Top) Joe Lindquist, Mike Wolcott, Martin Quigley, and Kim Tageson accept their football awards. (Left) Brenda Kelly and Susan Saltzgaber smile at the honor of winning their track awards. (Above) The crowd enjoys the evening's events. 79STUDENT GOVERNMENT GOV’T OFFICERS: (Back) Advisors, Dr. Joseph Sena, Mr. Duane Richardson, (front) Susan Saltzga-ber, sargeant of arms; Judy Barrington, treasurer; Bruce Shedd, vice president; Randy Shank, president; Debbie Johnson, secretary; Evett Kowalski, parliamentarian. Active Group Sponsors Cabaret One of the big events at THS, sponsored by the Student Government, is the annual Cabaret. The Cabaret is similar to a night club with many talented students providing the entertainment. This year headed up the fourth Cabaret which was held in late March. The council members worked diligently to make the evening a great success. This active group also presented the annual Alumni Banquet during Homecoming, and a dance to raise funds for school projects. STUDENT GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES: (Back) Lori Phelps, Dave Wood, Gene Goheen, Mike Hopkins, Bill Hayes, George Price, Gary Bartow, (front) Darla Casebeer, Dennis Miller, Dale Olds, Jeff Duckham, Mark Eberts, Vicki Hampton.VARSITY CLUB OFFICERS: Bertha Miller, secretary: Mr. Roger Maisner, advisor: Don Green, president: Cathy Furda and Tim Brewer served as the Mike Hopkins, vice president. club's attendant and escort during Home- coming . 82 VARSITY CLUB: (standing) Kevin Strang, Gary Bartow, Scott Shaffer, Mr. Roger Maisner, Randy Russell, Mike Casebeer, Randy Shank, (sitting) Tim Brewer, Becky Snow, A1 Richar, Lori Phelps, Ruth Cummings, Bertha Miller, Don Green, Mike Hopkins, Carol Palik, Mike Wolcott, Terry Dee vers, and Mike Duckham.VARSITY CL UB, OFFICE AND LIBRAR Y AIDES Office Aides Learn as They Work An Office Aide must assist their supervisor in many clerical activities. The high school office aides' supervisor is Mrs. Mary Leatherbury, and the elementary office aides are under the supervision of Mr. Keith Clark. The duties of a Library Aide are to arrange book lists, assist in book checkouts, and help other students find reference material. The elementary library aides are under the supervision of Mrs. Betty Shank, and the high school library aides' supervisor is Mrs. Karen Friend. The Varsity Club, under the supervision of Mr. Roger Maisner, helps varsity athletics financially. The club stresses the importance of good sportsmanship and cooperation among the players. They sponsor dances during the year and also select representatives for the Homecoming court. OFFICE AIDES: Gene Goheen, Julie Sanford, Lenny Dowding, Ruby Napier, Randy Shank, Gary Bartow, Shelly McAtee, and Beth Taylor (seated). LIBRARY AIDES: (Standing) Sherry Cummins, Ruth Nagel, Carol Howell, Mary Ann Pecceu, (seated) Cathy Keller, Debbie Quimby, and Chelly Moody. 83Clubs Raise Money for M.S. Members of the Health Careers Club are those who are interested in occupations in the health career field. The club, with advisor, Mrs. Cathy Slade, went on a field trip to Kellogg Community College in October and Leila Post Hospital in May. As a money raiser, HCC members sold candles with the proceeds going to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. Mrs. 11a Schroll advised the Future Homemakers of America. The club sold candles along with HCC. Members also trick-or-treated for UNICEF and had a bake sale. Mrs. Schroll, Diane Baird, Glinda Williams and Lori Phelps attended the annual FHA convention in May at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. HCC OFFICERS: Mrs. Cathy Slade, advisor: Cathy Furda, president: Susan Saltzgaber, vice president: Even Kowalski, secretary-treasurer: Janet Amsler, historian; and Lori Phelps, Student Council representatives . HCC MEMBERS: (Back) Teresa Richar, Teresa Reimer, Janet Amsler, Sheryl Stefan, Susan Saltzgaber, Kathy Sweet, Kim Klingaman, (middle) Mrs. Cathy Slade, Connie Baird, Cora Baird, Even Kowalski, Glinda Williams, Susan Rubner, Lori Phelps, Marguerite Tetreault, Rosie Pecceu, (front) Brenda Kelly, Jane Sherwood, Diane Baird, Cathy Furda, Margaret Woods, Carol Howell, and Teresa Caldwell. 84FHA OFFICERS: (Standing) Mrs. Ila Schroll, advisor: Gene Goheen, vice president: Lori Phelps, treasurer; Susan Rubner, secretary: Sheryl Stefan, parliamentarian: (seated) Diane Baird, historian and reporter; Glinda Williams, president; Evett Kowalski, program chairman. FHA MEMBERS: (Back) Diane Baird, Marguerite Tetreault, Sheryl Stefan, Jane Sherwood, Susan Saltzgaber, Evett Kowalski, Janet Amsler, Mrs. Ila Schroll, (front) Susan Rubner, Glinda Williams, Lori Phelps, Teresa Richar, Teresa Caldwell. Not pictured: Sherry Cummins, Gene Goheen, Electa Easterday, Kim Klingaman, Julie Sanford. 85VO-ED, CO-OP Preparing for the Future VO-ED STUDENT Martin Quigley Alan Richar Don Lindsey Dave Clevenger Brian Tompkins Randy Russell Steve Ciotta Debbie Johnson Mary Ann Pecceu Jaye Cooley Drucella Yates Kathy Sweet Gail Casebeer Jesse Baylis Mike Levey Marty Walker Gene Richar Michelle Slone PROGRAM Welding Carpentry Ag Mechanics Industrial Truck Auto Mechanics Carpentry Auto Mechanics Cosmetology Office Practice Graphic Reproduction Food Service Electricity Retail ana Marketing Ag Mechanics Auto Body Electronics Electronics Advanced Cosemtology To help prepare students for a specialized field of work after graduation, Tekonsha has adopted the Vocational Education and Co-operative programs. Junior or senior students may enroll in the Vocational Education Center in Battle Creek and choose from a wide variety of one - or two-year courses which are available. Classics that are available range from electricity and auto mechanics to cosmetology and nurses' aide. This program enables students to attend school in the mornings and Vo-Ed in the afternoons. Those junior and senior students who prefer "on the job training, ’ ’ can attend school in the mornings and work in the afternoons through the Co-op program . This program helps a student keep his summer job or find a new job with the help of Mr. Charles Crissy, the Co-op director. These jobs range from gas station attendants to secretaries and veterinarian assistants. Each program is worth three credits per year and even more important, experience for future occupations. (Back) Martin Quigley, Alan Richar, Don Lindsey, Dave Clevenger, Brian Tompkins, Randy Russell, Steve Ciotta, (front) Debbie Johnson, Mary Ann Pecceu, Jaye Cooley, Drucella Yates, Kathy Sweet, Gail Casebeer, Jesse Baylis. Not pictured: Mike Levey, Michelle Slone, Marty Walker, Gene Richar. 86(Back) James Williams, Bertha Miller, Lenny Dowding, Emmitt Percival, Gary Wintersteen, Mike Wolcott, Tim Brewer, Cathy Keller, (middle) Mike Casebeer, April Watkins, Nancy Banks, Becky Snow, Rick Phelps, Don Green, (front) Doug Newton, Greg Grinnell, Brad Stefan, Bob Neels, Ken Brownell. Not pictured: Mike Duckham, Mike Slone. __ Co-Op Mr. Charles Crissy Co-Op Director STUDENT EMPLOYER James Williams Tuff Cat Bertha Miller Lyon Drug Lenny Dowding Milliman's Emmitt Percival Marshall Cold Storage Gary Wintersteen Tekonsha Engineering Mike Wolcott Jenkin's Standard Tim Brewer Ralph Stevenson Cathy Keller Standard Oil Mike Casebeer Tekon Truck Plaza April Watkins Beckly Road Vet Clinic Nancy Banks Tekon Truck Plaza Becky Snow Tekon Truck Plaza Rick Phelps Phelp's Farm Don Green Tekon Truck Plaza Doug Newton Newt's Market Greg Grinnell Carman's Brad Stefan Boshear's Ford Bob Neels Big Tom's Inc. Ken Brownell Quality Springs Mike Duckham Begg Farm Mike Slone Carriage Inn 87JOURNALISM INDIAN Has New Look This year's 1974 INDIAN took on a new look. In addition to revising the content, the class included journalistic heads and copy for each event included in the yearbook. Also, a Patrons List was added to help with the financing of the book. The staff selected "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" as the theme to be carried throughout the book. Along with the yearbook, the class published the school page in the weekly TEKONSHA IDEA, and the monthly school paper, the INDIAN EYE. The class was supervised and advised by Mrs. Sally Hammond and the yearbook was edited by Cathy Keller. (Top) Mrs. Sally Hammond, advisor, and Cathy Keller, yearbook editor. (Above) YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS: Beth Taylor and Cathy Keller. 88Picture 1: (Back) First semester assistant IDEA editor Shelly McAtee, and editor Debbie Powell. (Seated) Second semester IDEA editor Rosie Pecceu, and assistant editor Cathy Keller. Picture 2: (Back) First semester assistant EYE editor Cathy Keller, and EYE editor Beth Taylor. (Seated) Second semester assistant EYE editor Gene Goheen, and EYE editor Mary Krall. Picture 3: STAFF MEMBERS: A1 Miller, Donna Hun-sicker, Bill Hayes, and Cristy Copeland. Picture 4: Assistant business manager Gene Goheen, business manager Becky Snow, and assistant yearbook editor Mary Krall. 89MARCHING AND CONCERT BANDS Band Receives IIRating This was the first year for a junior high band and Director Kevin McMullin. The junior high band performed at the Christmas and Spring Concerts and prepared to become members of the senior high band. The senior high band began the school year as a marching unit performing during half-time of home football games and in the Marshall Christmas Parade. Then the members began to prepare for the concert season. Besides the Christmas and Spring Concerts, they performed at assemblies for both high school and elementary students. Between concerts they prepared themselves for the district band festival. This year the band received a II rating. During the basketball season, they provided half-time entertainment for spectators. To end the school year, the band provided the processional and recessional at graduation and marched in the Memorial Day Parade in just-arrived new uniforms. Mr. Kevin McMullin, Director SENIOR HIGH CONCERT BAND: (Standing) Director Kevin McMullin, Walter Waffle, Marlene Tackett, Mike Blake, Roxanne Smith, Gary Wiescholek, (back) Robin Groholske, Sharon Mack, Tina Tackett, Gene Goheen, Dianne Saltzgaber, Diane Shank, Michelle Johnson, George Price, Connie Baird, Laurie Shank, (middle) Debbie Johnson, Cora Baird, Elizabeth Macomber, Brenda Kelly, James Williams, Lori Phelps, Beth Taylor, Joe Young, Dennis Miller, Lisa Loose, Alice Kelly, (front) Randy Shank, Bruce Shedd, Vonda Boston, Jane Sherwood, Shirley Minniear, Teresa Reimer, Brenda Raginia. 90SENIOR HIGH MARCHING BAND with majorettes Debbie Johnson, Shirley Minniear, Darla Casebeer, and head majorette Roxanne Smith. SENIOR BAND MEMBERS: Vonda Boston, Bruce Shedd, Gene Goheen, Beth Taylor, Randy Shank, Cora Baird, Elizabeth Macomber, Roxanne Smith. JUNIOR HIGH BAND: (Back) L. Stall, T. Tageson, D. Doolittle, R. Macomber, W. Patten, H. Kelly, S. Slone, J. Williams, (middle) H. McMillen, K. Wilson, L. Hazen, R. Smith, D. VanHoose, N. Price, T. Vincent, R. Welsh, A. Amsler, (front) A. Brewer, V. Hampton, B. Tompkins, S. Hayes, P. Reincke, D. Yates, Not pictured: D. Watkins, D. Shilling. 91CHOIR; TEACHER CADETS, ASSTS. ’Sing, Sing a Song’ The THS girls' choir, under the direction of Mr. Kevin McMullin, practice one class period each day to provide choral music at such events as the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and various community organizations. THS students who feel they might be interested in a teaching career are able to become a cadet teacher. They represent the teacher in the classroom during the absence of the regular teacher and receive one-fourth credit per year. Teacher assistants aid their assigned teacher in such things as correcting papers, figuring statistics, typing, or any job that the teacher requires assistance. They receive one-half credit for their efforts. Gail Casebeer, pianist GIRLS’ CHOIR: (Front) Debbie Bartow, Tracee Vincent, Alice Kelly, Tina Tackett, Debbie Prue, Donetta Yates, Katie Tetreault, Susan Jones, Teresa Caldwell (back) Debbie VanHoose, Kollene Kerschner, Michelle Newhouse, Sheila Miller, Cindy Vreeland, Annette Brewer, Sue Slone, Dawn Watkins, Nancy Price, Robin Watkins. Not Pictured: Dianne Barrington, Vickie Hampton. 92CADET TEACHERS: (Back) Cathy Keller , Brian Shedd, Kim Klingaman, Bruce Shedd, Cathy Furda (middle) Lisa Loose, Cora Baird, Norma Bemis, Vonda Boston (front) Debbie Johnson, Randy Shank, Rosie Pecceu. TEACHER ASSISTANTS: (Back) Connie Baird, Teresa Reimer, Greg Hall, Bill Hayes, Rick Shilling, Alan Miller, Dave Wood (middle) Susan Rubner, Rosie Pecceu, Lisa Loose, Linda Weller, Tammy Boston, Elizabeth Macomber, Barb Griffith (front) Diane Baird, Glinda Williams, Lori Phelps, Norma Bemis, Sharon Mack. 93SENIORSCORA LEE BAIRD NANCY MARLEE BANKS Senior basketball players take time out to show the cheerleaders how it’s really done! NORMA BEMIS VONDA LU BOSTON DONALD TIM BREWER 95KENNETH BROWNELL DAVID C. CLEVENGER RUTH ANN CUMMINGS (Above) Ruth Cummings steals the ball and heads in for a lay-up during a crucial moment of a game. (Far left) Dave Clevenger gets fired up to win a kewpie doll at the Fall Festival. 96SENIORS (Above) Gene Goheen waves "OK" to assure that her line is straight. (Far right) ''Little" Nancy Banks and Jaye Cooley portray their parts on Kiddies Day during Homecoming week. Lenny Dowding Merits DAR Award 97 JERRY GRIFFITHSENIORS Donna Hunsicker Named Outstanding Business Student CATHY KELLER DONNA SUE HUNSICKER RUSTY HAMPTON (Above) The seniors capture second place with their float, "Stomp 'Em. ” (Far left) Ruby Napier has a serious look during a senior class meeting. 9899 DOUG NEWTONMARY ANN PECCEU ERIC J. PHELPS CATHY PIKE Bruce Shedd and Becky Snow are presented to the Homecoming game spectators as the 1973-74 King and Queen. DEBORAH IANE POWELL DEBRAH KAY QUIMBY 100ALLAN M. RICHAR RANDY MARVIN SHANK BRUCE SHEDD MICHELLE SLONE Randy Shank and Roxanne Smith represent the class as senior Homecoming attendant and escort. ROXANNE SMITH REBECCA SNOW BETH ANN TAYLOR (Above) Senior Becky Snow mocks the cheerleaders of the 1950's. (Far left) Senior mischief involves Beth Taylor in a special cleanup directed by Mr. Roger Maisner. 102BRIAN M. TOMPKINS APRIL WATKINS (Above) Seniors Beth Taylor and Don Green represent the class as Homecoming attendant and escort. (Left) Class President, Kim Tage-son, conducts an informal class meeting. NOT PICTURED STEVEN ROSS TASKER 103 DAVE WOODSENIORS Advisors and Officers Guide Class PRESIDENT Kim Tageson CLASS ADVISORS Mr. Larry Stout and Mrs. Sally Hammond VICE PRESIDENT Tim Brewer 104 TREASURER Beth Taylor SECRETARY Debbie PowellTOP HONOR STUDENTS Beth Taylor, co-salutatorian; Kim Tageson, valedictorian; Randy Shank, co-salutatorian SENIORS THS Honors Nine Graduates Honor students must achieve a B average on academic subjects throughout high school. The valedictorian and salutatorian are the top two honor students. The honor students put the graduation program together consisting of the Class Will, Class History, Class Prophecy, Class Motto, valedictorian, and salutatorian speeches. The honor students also received a medal at graduation . HONOR STUDENTS (Back) Cathy Pike, Bruce Shedd, Lenny Dowding, (front) Donna Hunsicker, Elizabeth Macom-ber, Cora Baird. 105SENIOR CLASS PLA Y ’Oh Promise Me!’ On the evening of February 9 at 8 o’clock, the stage curtains in the high school gym opened to reveal the ordinary seniors of Tekonsha High School in a very extraordinary situation. Those curtains opened to a finishing of long and hard work on the pan of all the members in the senior play, 'OH PROMISE ME.’ The play is about a rich playboy who is in love with one girl, is trying to get out of marrying another girl, and is having still another girl help him gain the other two goals. The play started out complicated and got worse! With the direction of Mrs. Norma Searle and student director, Dave Wood, the play was the hit of the year. (Top right) Ms. Miller (G. Goheen) patiently awaits the arrival of Barry Hollis (R. Shank). (Above left) Patsie (C. Baird) and Mrs. Linden (S. McAtee) enter the room escorted by Ferber (B. Shedd) and add a little humor to the Hollis household. (Above right) Ann Furber (B. Taylor) and Barry Hollis (R. Shank) discuss the care of little "Cranberry?” (Right) The play cast relaxes after their fine performance. 106(Far left) Barry Hollis (R. Shank) pleads for the forgiveness of Gladys Vance (N. Bemis). (Left) "Is you happy to see you little dream girl,' ’ says Patsie (C. Baird) to her lost love Barry (R. Shank). (Below left) Kathleen (V. Boston) plants a painful blow to the face of her ex-lover, Ralph Saunders (B. Stefan). (Below) June Hollis (B. Snow) gives her brother, Barry (R. Shank) a concerned look. CAST GENE GOHEEN - Sara Miller BRUCE SHEDD - Furber RANDY SHANK - Barry Hollis ELIZABETH MACOMBER - Mrs. Sue Hollis BECKY SNOW - June Hollis VONDA BOSTON - Kathleen BETH TAYLOR - Ann Furber CORA BAIRD - Patsie Linden SHELLY McATEE - Mrs. Linden NORMA BEMIS - Gladys Vance BRAD STEFAN - Ralph Saunders CATHY KELLER - Mrs. Jones DAVE WOOD - Student Director MRS. NORMA SEARLE - Director 107SENIOR BREAKFAST A dministra tors Offer Seniors a Taste of Life Senior Breakfast Day brought together two green, but willing-to-learn, pancake cooks to minister to the needs of 39 hungry seniors. Shown at right, the chefs. Dr. Joseph Serra (formerly of Antoine's in New Orleans) and Dr. Charles Williams (Mama Leone’s, New York) mixed the batter, poured and flipped the cakes and delightedly sat down to sample their handiwork , while the seniors (below) watched for signs of illness. Mrs. Sena and Mrs. Williams stood by with the Alka Seltzer.BA CCALA UREA TE A World to Gain ’ On May 29, 1974 at 8 p.m., 39 seniors marched up the aisle in the gym for Baccalaureate Services. The invocation and benediction were given by Rev. George VanNorman from Burlington . The responsive reading was read by Rev. William F. Amidon from Tekonsha. Rev. Vincent Bagley, also from Tekonsha , delivered the Baccalaureate Sermon. The subject was, 'A World to Gain. ’ The choir, directed by Mr. Kevin McMullin, sang "The Lord's Prayer" and "Alleluia.” (Top) Rev. William F. Amidon, Rev. George VanNorman , and Rev. Vincent Bagley stand as the seniors walk out in the recessional. (Left) White mums stand in front of the podium. (Above) Ruby Napier adjusts her cap before lining up for the processional at Baccalaureate . 109COMMENCEMENT Thirty-Nine Graduate Commencement exercises, held May 31, honoring 39 seniors in Tekonsha's Class of 1974 were devoted almost entirely to recognition of outstanding achievements by members of the class. Valedictorian Kim Tageson received the special honor of acceptance into the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis , Maryland. Kim is the first graduate in many years to be so honored by one of the service academies. Beth Taylor and Randy Shank shared academic distinction as they were named co-salutatorians of the class. Other academic achievement awards were presented to Bruce Shedd, Elizabeth Macomber, Lenny Dowding, Donna Hunsicker, Cora Baird, Randy Shank and Cathy Pike, who performed the traditional function of presenting the Class Will, Class Motto, Class History , and Class Prophecy. Other honored seniors were presented with the following awards; Beth Taylor, the John Phillip Sousa Music Award; Gene Goheen and Randy Shank, the "I Dare You" Award; Kim Tageson, the Math Award; Cora Baird, the Science Award. (Top) Seniors award Dr. Joseph Serra the top of the flagpole. (Left) Bruce Shedd and Elizabeth Macomber present the Class Will. (Above) Cora Baird and Randy Shank present the Class Prophecy. no(Top left) April Watkins sets Doug Newton straight. (Above) seniors stand nervously in line waiting for the cue to make their entrance. (Left) Tim Brewer, Doug Newton, and Don Green have a last laugh before graduation. ill(Above) Lenny Dowding presents the Class Motto. (Top right) Kim Tageson receives a certificate of acceptance from Lt. Commander Shutes of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis. (Center) Beth Taylor, co-salutatorian, gives her "Thank you" speech. (Far right) Michele McAtee receives her diploma and Becky Snow hers (right). 112(Top left) Norma Bemis smiles at the camera as she walks in the recessional. (Top) Two seniors embrace after graduation. (Center) Graduated seniors wait in line for congratulators. (Left) Guests extend best wishes to seniors. 113Senior BAIRD, CORA LEE . . . Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; H.C.C. - 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club - 1; Cabaret - 1, 2, 4; Class Play - 4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Girls' Track - 4; Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 4; Honor Student. BANKS, NANCY MARLEE ... Pep Club -1,2; Library Aide - 2; H.C.C. - 2; F.H.A. - 2; Yearbook Staff - 3; EYE Staff - 3: IDEA Staff - 3; Office Aide - 3; Co-op - 4; Voted "Always Late” - 4. BEMIS, NORMA . . . H.C.C. - 1; Girls’ Basketball - 1; Band -1,2; Cabaret - 3; Girls' Track -3,4; Class Play - 4; Teacher Assistant - 4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Voted "Most Athletic" - 4. BOSTON, VONDA LU . . . Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls' Track - 3; Library Aide - 3; Cabaret - 4; Class Play - 4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Voted "Biggest Flirt" - 4. BREWER, DONALD TIM . . . Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 2; Track -1,3,4; Varsity Club -2,3, 4; Class Vice President - 1, 2, 3, 4; Vocational School - 4. BROWNELL, KENNETH . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 3; Vocational School - 3; Co-op - 4. CLEVENGER, DAVID C. . . . Basketball 2, 3; Baseball - 2, 3,4; Football - 4; Vocational School - 3, COOLEY, JAYE MARIE . . . Pep Club -1,2; Teacher Assistant - 3; Choir - 3; Vocational School -3,4; Girls’ Basketball - 4. CUMMINGS, RUTH ANN . . . Intramural Basketball - 1; Kitchen Aide - 1; Library Aide - 1; Girls’ Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabaret - 3; Vocational School - 3; Varsity Club -3,4. DOWDING, LAUNETTE . . . F.H.A. - 1; H.C.C. -1,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer - 2, President - 3; Cabaret - 3; Office Aide - 4; Co-op - 4; D. A.R. Award - 4; Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 4: Honor Student. GOHEEN, GENEVA L. . . . Library Aide - 1; Girls’ Basketball -1,3; Choir -1,2; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; H.C.C. - 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. - 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President - 4, State Convention - 3; Student Council - 1, 2, 4; Class Secretary - 3; Cabaret -3,4; Office Aide - 4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Class Play - 4; Cheerleader - 4; Yearbook Staff - 4, Assistant Business Manager - 4; EYE Staff - 4, Assistant Editor - 4; IDEA Staff - 4; Voted "Class Chatterbox" and "Most School Spirited” - 4. GREEN, DONALD RAY . . . Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Football - 1, 4; Varsity Club -2, 3, 4, President - 4; Homecoming Court - 2, 3, 4; Co-op - 4; Voted "Most Fashionable" and "Most Athletic" - 4. GRIFFITH, JERRY . . . Track - 3; Janitor Aide - 4. HAMPTON, RUSTY . . . Library Aide - 1; F.H.A. - 1, 2; H.C.C. - 1, 2; Choir -1,2,3. HUNSICKER, DONNA SUE . . . Cabaret -3,4; Yearbook Staff - 4; EYE Staff - 4; IDEA Staff - 4; Outstanding Business Student - 4; Voted "Easiest To Get Along With" - 4; Honor Student. KELLER, CATHY . . . F.H.A. - 1; H.C.C. - 1; Pep Club - 1, 2, 3; Office Aide - 3; Girls' Basketball -3; Cabaret - 3; Class Play 4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Co-op - 4; Yearbook Staff -2,3,4, Editor - 4, Photographer - 4; EYE Staff -2,3,4, Editor - 3; IDEA Staff - 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor - 4; Voted "Class Comedian" - 4. MACOMBER, ELIZABETH ANN . . . H.C.C. - 1; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Cabaret - 2: Class Play - 4; Teacher Assistant - 4; Honor Student. McATEE, MICHELE JEAN . . . Girls’ Basketball - 1; Cheerleader - 1; Homecoming Court - 1; F.H.A. -1; Pep Club -1,2; Student Council -1,2; Office Aide -1,2; Library Aide - 2; Choir -1,2,3; Cabaret - 1, 2, 3, 4; Vocational School - 3; Class Play - 4; Yearbook Staff - 4; EYE Staff - 4; IDEA Staff - 4, Assistant Editor - 4. MOODY, GLADYS ROCHELLE . . . F.H.A. - 1; H.C.C. - 1, 2, 3; Cabaret - 3; Library Aide - 4. NAPIER, RUBY . . . Kitchen Aide - 1; Music Club - 2; Homecoming Court - 3; Office Aide - 4.Activities NEWTON, DOUG . . . Football - 1; Co-op - 4; Voted "Always Late," "Class Chatterbox" and "Class Comedian" - 4. PECCEU, MARY ANN . . . Kitchen Aide - 1; H.C.C. - 1; F.H.A. - 2; Cabaret - 3; Girls’ Track - 3; Library Aide - 4; Vocational School - 4; Co-op - 4; Voted "Sweetest" - 4. PHELPS, ERIC J. . . . Track -1,2; Football -1,2,4; Vocational School - 3; Co-op - 4. PIKE, CATHY . . . Honor Student. POWELL, DEBORAH JANE ... Pep Club - 1; Cheerleader - 1, 2; Choir - 2, 3; F.H.A. - 1, 2, 3; H.C.C. - 3; Class Secretary - 1, 4; Class Reporter - 2; Cabaret - 3; Yearbook Staff - 3, 4; EYE Staff - 3, 4; IDEA Staff -3,4, Editor -3,4; Voted "Always Late" - 4. QUIMBY, DEBRAH KAY . . . F.H.A. - 2, 3; H.C.C. - 2, 3; Cabaret - 3; Library Aide - 4. RICHAR, ALLAN M. . . . Football - 1; Basketball -1,2,3; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club - 2, 3, 4; Vocational School - 3, 4. SHANK, RANDY MARTIN . . . Football - 1. 2, 3. 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Class President -1,2,3; Student Council President - 4; Varsity Club -2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer - 2; Homecoming Court - 3, 4; Cabaret - 3, Master of Ceremonies -4; Class Play - 4; Office Aide - 4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 4; Voted "Most School Spirited" and "Most Musically Inclined" - 4; Co-Salutatorian. SHEDD, BRUCE . . . Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club - 2, 3, 4; Student Council Vice President - 4; Class Treasurer -2,3; Intramural Basketball - 1; Cadet Teacher -3,4; Class Play - 4; Homecoming King - 4; Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 4; Voted "Most Popular,” "Sweetest" and "Easiest To Get Along With” - 4; Honor Student. SLONE, MICHELLE . . . Choir - 1; Cabaret - 3; Vocational School -3,4. SMITH, ROXANNE . . . H.C.C. - 1, 2; Pep Club - 1; Class Treasurer - 1; Cabaret - 1; Library Aide - 2; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Vocational School - 3; Homecoming Court -1,4; Voted "Most Fashionable” - 4. SNOW, REBECCA . . . Girls' Basketball -2,3,4; Girls' Track -2,3; Cheerleader - 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club - 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club -3,4; Choir -1,2; Office Aide - 2, 3; Class Secretary - 3; Homecoming Court - 3; Homecoming Queen - 4; Class Play - 4; Co-op - 4; Yearbook Staff -3,4, Business Manager -4: EYE Staff -3,4; IDEA Staff - 4; Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 4. STEFAN, BRADFORD . . . Track - 1; Cabaret - 3; Class Play - 4; Co-op -3,4. TAGESON, KIM . . . Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain - 4; Band -1,2,3; Cabaret Prop Director -3,4; Varsity Club - 3, 4; Student Council - 1, 2, 3; Class President - 4; Math Award - 4; Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 4; Voted "Most Likely To Succeed" -4; Valedictorian. TASKER, STEVEN ROSS . . . Football - 1; Track -1,3; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club -3,4; Homecoming Court - 1; Co-op - 3; Teacher Assistant - 3, 4; Voted "Biggest Flirt” - 4. TAYLOR, BETH ANN . . . Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader - 1, 2, 3; Pep Club - 1, 2, 3; F.H.A. - 1, 2. 3; H.C.C. - 3, 4; Choir -1,2,3; Office Aide -3,4; Student Council -2,3: Cabaret -2,3,4, Mistress of Ceremonies - 3; Class Treasurer - 4; Homecoming Court - 2, 3, 4; Class Play - 4; Yearbook Staff - 4, Photographer - 4; EYE Staff - 4, Editor - 4; IDEA Staff - 4; Society of Outstanding American High School Students - 4; Voted "Most Popular,” "Most Likely To Succeed” and "Most Musically Inclined" - 4; Co-Salutatorian. TOMPKINS, BRIAN M. . . . Track -1,2; Vocational School -3,4. WATKINS, APRIL . . . Library Aide - 1; Office Aide - 2; Choir -1,2; Cabaret -1,2,3; Vocational School - 3; Co-op - 4. WOOD, DAVE . . . Football - 1; Track - 2; Stage Crew President - 2, 3; Class Play Assistant Director -4; Teacher Assistant - 4; Student Council - 4. 115Randy Barfell Jesse Baylis Gail Casebeer Mike Casebeer Steve Ciotta Cristy Copeland Terry Deevers Mike Duckham Cathy Furda Greg Grinnell Debra Hampton Bill Hayes Carol Howell Beverly Hughes Debra Johnson Wesley Jones The junior class float, "Humpty Dumpty," won third place during Homecoming, and Marguerite Tetreault and Chuck Miller represented the class as attendant and escort.Kim Klingaman Mike Levey Don Lindsey Lisa Loose Alan Miller Chuck Miller Robert Neels Carol Palik Rosemary Pecceu Martin Quigley Lois Reese Gene Richar JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Cathy Furda, secretary; Lois Reese, treasurer; Mike Wolcott, vice president; John Nagel, president. CLASS ADVISORS: Mr. Ned Martinson and Mr. Steve Schrock. 118JUNIORS Class of ’75 Produces ‘Spectaculars’ The class of 1975 filled its traditional role with two highly successful formal dances, the Junior-Senior Prom and the Homecoming Dance. Junior labors transformed usually drab surroundings into dance sites of charm and beauty. During Homecoming the juniors gave the sophomores and seniors a real stiff bit of competition when they placed third with their float entry. Juniors also got a chance to turn a handy profit during the annual magazine sale in November and through their "ring toss” booth at the Fall Festival. NOT PICTURED Judy Barrington Julie Eberts Mike Hopkins Bertha Miller John Nagel Mark Olds Emmitt Percival Mike Slone Dean Jacox Randy Russell Scott Shaffer Brian Shedd Phyllis Shilling Rick Shilling Vicky Shilling Kevin Strang Kathy Sweet Marguerite Tetreault Debbie Vreeland Marty Walker James Williams Gary Wintersteen Mike Wolcott Drucella Yates Joe Young 119yield to the willow afrltfe loathing, all the desire of your heartJanet Amsler Diane Baird Gary Bartow Mike Blake Tammy Boston Penny Brownell Beth Burchfield Sherry Cummins The sophomore class took first place honors with their float, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Julie Sanford, treasurer, Sheryl Stefan, president: Jane Sherwood, secretary; Mike Blake, vice president. 121122 Debra Jacox Shirley Jordon Merritt Kerschner Evett Kowalski Mary Krall Charles Mack Jim Macomber Ron Macomber Paul Millard Shirley Minniear Todd Morley Joe Nagel Cindy Neels Lori Phelps George Price Tina Raginia Roberta Rosenberry Susan RubnerSophomores were represented by escort Todd Morley and attendant Susan Saltzgaber at Homecoming. SOPHOMORES Class of ’76 Takes First Place The class of 1976 started the year off right by capturing first place in float competition at Homecoming. They went on from there to sponsor two popular school dances, the Sadie Hawkins Dance and the Spring Swing. Their efforts were enjoyed by all the high school. Sophomores helped support the class treasury by sponsoring a "jail” at the Fall Festival, and by selling tumblers in December. NOT PICTURED John Cummings, Becky Eberts, Mary Elmore, Peggy Seedorf, Cynthia Tompkins, Steven Tompkins Susan Saltzgaber Julie Sanford Jane Sherwood Jeff Sizemore Tim Smith Connie Spires Sheryl Stefan Kathy Waffle Linda Weller Glinda Williams Bonnie Wintersteen Walter Woods 123MEN simple trust; do not the petals flutter down just like that?Connie Baird Diane Barrington Debbie Bartow Susan Burchfield Teresa Caldwell Darla Casebeer Tommy Ciotta Lonnie Cole Deborah Fouts Connie Goodrich Rick Green Henry Griffith Gary Grinnell Robin Groholske Mark Groth John Hampton The freshman class chose as their Homecoming attendant and escort, Robin Groholske and Robert Johnson. Their Homecoming float theme was "Ten Little Indians." 125Floyd Hinspeter Alice Kelly Brenda Kelly Carlene Kevwitch FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: (Top) Joe Lindquist, president: Jeff Krumvede, vice president: Sharon Mack, secretary: Robin Groholske, treasurer. Teresa Reimer Teresa Richar Diane Shank Donald Stefaniak Jeff Klingaman Jeff Krumvede Sherri Levey Joe Lindquist Sharon Mack Cindy Marshall Dennis Miller Sheila Miller Russell Osborn Randy Powell Forster Prater Denise Ray 126Tina Tackett Katie Tetreault Raymond Thenen Cindy Vreeland Sid Waffle Robin Watkins Ted Weimer Larry Welsh Tom White Gary Wiescholek FRESHMEN Frosh Have Spirit For the class of 1977, the year was highlighted by the excitement of various occasions. The freshmen sponsored moneymaking projects during the year. These included a "softball toss" at the annual Fall Festival and a dance which followed the first home basketball game. The freshman basketball team, with Coach Robert Currie, put in a well-fought season with a total of 7 wins and 6 losses. Part of their successful season is attributed to the spirit displayed by players, fans and cheerleaders. FRESHMAN CLASS ADVISORS: Mrs. Ila Schroll and Mr. Paul Sweet. Margaret Woods Mike Woods NOT PICTURED Brenda Yates Robert Johnson Robert Vreeland 127raw up ningAllie Amsler Diane Amsler Dan Baylis Eigh th Grade Robert Berry Linda Brown Max Caldwell Diane Cole Jewell Cooley Rusty Cummins Sandy Cummins Teresa Davis Jeff Duckham Teresa Endicott Doug Fox Patti Green Brenda Hamlin Jody Hawkins Lois Hazen Carrie Hill Gene Howell Roger James Michelle Johnson Julie Jordon Bill Kerschner Terry King Danny Lewis Bryan Lindquist Patty Lindsey Penny Lindsey Sally Maurer Holly McMillen Linda Millard David Miller John Miller Ruth Nagel Sherry Newhouse Dale Olds Cindy Osborn Paul Palik Dennis Parker Chester Prater Brenda Ragina Dawn Randall Penny Reincke Mark Richar 129Virginia Rosenberry Dianne Saltzgaber Laurie Shank David Shedd Kurt Sherwood Durwood Shilling Sally Smith Laura Stall Marc Stemaly Kelly Struwin Marlene Tackett Jeff Thornton Brenda Tompkins Jackie Upston Walter Waffle Tom Weimer Karen Wilson Homecoming representatives for the eighth grade were Carrie Hill and Jody Hawkins. NOT PICTURED Becky Springhall Pam Springhall The theme for the eighth grade Homecoming float was "Sing a Song of Six Points. ” 130JUNIOR HIGH EIGHTH GRADE ADVISORS: Mr. Robert Currie, Mr. Robert Tyckoski. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: (Top) Lois Hazen, president: David Miller, vice president: Laurie Shank, secretary: Holly McMillin, treasurer: Student Council representatives, Bill Kerschner, MarkRichar. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS: Donnie Spires, vice president: Nancy Price, secretary; Annette Brewer, president: Kollene Kerschner, treasurer. SEVENTH GRADE ADVISORS: Mr. Kevin McMullin, Mr. Roger Mais-ner. 131Seventh Grade John Almaraz Richard Barrington Dawn Bemis Annette Brewer Debra Cole Tammy Copas Patrick Davis Douglas Doolittle James Duckham Mark Eberts Jerry Eishen Carol Flynn Scott Giver Vickie Hampton Dawn Hartle Susan Hayes Jody Hunt Susan Jones Hubert Kelly Kollene Kerschner Julie Klingaman Richard Mack Rodney Macomber Robert Miller Steven Morley Martin Nagel Dawn Nartle and Jeff Williams represented the seventh grade as Homecoming attendant and escort. 132Robert Welsh Bryan White Jeff Williams Donetta Yates Michael Nagel Michelle Newhouse Leila Oakes Wade Pattern Robert Percival Nancy Price Deborah Prue Julie Randall Kim Ray Jeffery Seekman Daniel Shaffer Henry Siefke Sue Slone Donald Spires Daniel Sweet Todd Tageson Debra Vanhoose Tracee Vincent NOT PICTURED David Dye Mark Hamlin Robert Persails Robin Smith Dawn Watkins 133ADM. AND FACULTY Learning is Fun This year as in previous years the Emma Perrine Elementary School Administration and Faculty has combined learning with having fun. Special programs, such as the Spelling Bee held annually with Homer, are set up to inspire students to learn and still have fun. The library also has a contest in which one book is chosen by each participating class and whichever class has the most students read the book gets to keep the book in their room. The elementary faculty believes that students will be more willing to learn when learning is fun. Mr. Keith Clark, Principal (Back) Mr. Keith Clark, Mrs. Erma Martinson, Mrs. Penny Starr, Miss Kay Waterbury, Mrs. Mary Stout, Mrs. Christine McLain, (middle) Mrs. Hazel Bolin, Mrs. Jeannette Randall, Mrs. Ruth Hume-ston, Mrs. Martha Clark, Mr. Dewight Runyon, (front) Mr. Harold Torrey, Mrs. Alice Long, Mrs. Marian Sweet, Mrs. Becky Markham, Mrs. Beverly Bessler. Not pictured: Mrs. Judy Jenkins, Mrs. Nancy Harris. 135Mr. Harry Gallup, Mrs. Viola Upston and Mr. Lewis Jenkins Custodians Mrs. Alice Smith Faculty Aide and Librarian 136Four Students Earn Awards DICK SPIRES CITIZENSHIP AWARD Kathryn Eberts and Tim Jenkins Tim Jenkins and Kathryn Eberts received the 1973-74 Tekonsha Elementary Dick Spires Citizenship Award. They were chosen on attitude towards school work, other students, teachers, and administration. Their names will be engraved on a plaque, in honor of Dick Spires, placed in the fifth and sixth grade building. Debbie Reincke and Myron Wolcott received the 1973-74 Tammy Fowler Physical Fitness Award. This is a new award given this year. The award is given on a point system for skill in sit-ups, races, ball-throw, etc. The girl and boy who gather the most points are given the award. Their names will also be engraved on a plaque, in honor of Tammy Fowler, in the fifth and sixth grade building. All the students received medals, as well as having their names engraved on the plaques. TAMMY FOWLER PHYSICAL FITNESS AWARD Debbie Reincke and Myron Wolcott 137Safety Patrol The scene above is from the fifth and sixth grade play, EXIT THE HERO, presented in April. The players shown above are: Jack Woods, Marlene Friend, Kathryn Eberts, Floyd Siegel, Teresa Hawkins, Danny Warner, Alan Hulsebus. (Back) Carla Strang, Teresa Hawkins, Daryl Cummins, Alan Hulsebus, Tony Endicott, Mark Macomber, Mark Klingaman, Ronald Johnson, Ross Upston, Bill Wiescholek, Dennis Bradley, Captain Tim Jenkins, Doug Saltz-gaber, Danny Siefke, (middle) Kerrie Bagley, Jane Shedd, Carrie Holbrook, Deana Yates, Gloria Tetreault, Debbie Stuart, Captain Kathryn Eberts, Reba Easterday, Danny Warner, Bruce White, Floyd Siegel, Sponsor Mr. Dwight Runyon, (front) Marla Strang, Kim Bennett, Lieutenant Janice Krumvede, Jill Blake, Susan Hin-speter, Jamie Sisco, Jane Olds, Jack Woods, Jim Kelly, Phillip Wolf, Todd Sherwood, Scott Eishen, Tim Beam. Not pictured: Lori Washburn. Fifth and Sixth Grade Play 138Fifth and Sixth Grade Basketball Teams (Back) Coach Keith Clark, Debbie Caldwell, Florinda Jenkins, Rita Marshall, Carrie Holbrook, Gloria Tetreault, Carla Strang, Kathryn Eberts, Debbie Stuart, Melanie Johnson, Ann Casebeer, Melanie Doolittle, Marie Waffle, (middle) Cindy Weimer, Marla Strang, Lorrie Seekman, Cindy Schafer, Kerrie Bagley, Robin Doolittle, Jane Shedd, Marlene Friend, Nancy Jones, Deana Yates, Teresa Hawkins, (front) Vickie Sisco, Jan Krumvede, Kim Bennett, Jane Olds, Jill Blake, Susan Hinspeter, Terri Kempton, Cindy Gonyer. (Back) Coach Keith Clark, Alan Hulsebus, Daryl Cummins, Mark Macomber, Mark Klingaman, Dennis Bradley, Ross Upston, Myron Wolcott, Bill Wiescholek, Doug Saltzgaber, Karl Tate, Jack Macomber, Mark Clark, Tim Jenkins, Bradley Richardson, (middle) Scott Waffle, Clinton Reincke, Bruce White, Vonnie Boston, Arron Kevwitch, Donald Neels, Danny Warner, Kevin Webber, Bob Wiescholek, Scott Doolittle, (front) Jack Woods, Dale Nutt, Phillip Wolf, Todd Sherwood, John O'Dell, Jay Roark, Mark Summerfield, Todd Neels, Floyd Siegel, 139Sixth Grade (Back) Vonnie Boston, Marie Waffle, Kathryn Eberts, Dennis Bradley, David Groth, Myron Wolcott, Tim Jenkins, (second) Mr. Dwight Runyon, Doug Minniear, Floyd Siegel, Cindy Gonyer, Jack Woods, Willie Sizemore, Ann Casebeer, Bruce White, Rita Marshall, Randy Cole, Alan Hulsebus, (third) Carla Strang, Melanie Doolittle, Debbie Caldwell, Florinda Jenkins, John O’Dell, Jim Kelly, Marlene Friend, (front) Jay Roark, Danny Warner, Todd Henion. Not pictured: Teresa Hawkins, Kevin Webber. (Back) Debbie Stuart, Chris Barker, Mark Klingaman, Pam Cole, Mark Macomber, Daryl Cummins, Patty Smith, Larry Griffith, Mrs. Judy Jenkins, (second) Aaron Kevwitch, Danny Siefke, Debbie Olds, Bill Wiescholek, Ross Upston, Debbie Reincke, Ronald Johnson, Rodney Weller, Doug Saltzgaber, Jan Krumvede, Kim Bennett, (third) Rosie Nagel, Carrie Holbrook, Nancy Jones, Vickie Sisco, Jeanette Davis, Wanda Sizemore, (front) Dale Hartley, Gary White, Donald Neels, Doug Myers. Not pictured: Tony Endicott.(Back) Connie Copas, Lori Washburn, Gloria Tetreault, Jack Macomber, Cheryl Doolittle, Melanie Johnson, Jane Shedd, Bob Wiescholek, Mrs. Norma Searle, (middle) Dale Nutt, Eric Ciotta, Scott Doolittle, Ray Johnson, Clinton Reincke, John Davis, Patrick Waffle, Scott Randall, Matthew Zimmerman, Jon Mack, Tim Beam, (front) Susan Hinspeter, Marla Strang, Robin Doolittle, Cindy La Fond, Kim Reincke, Lorrie Seekman. Not pictured: Kerrie Bagley. Fifth Grade (Back) Debbie Groth, Cindy Weimer, Della Prater, Reba Easterday, Mark Clark, Scott Waffle, Chris Hampton, Gary Goodrich, Mrs. Marian Sweet, (second) Todd Neels, Todd Sherwood, Lee Jones, Cindy Schafer, Bradley Richardson, Cindy Hunt, Donald Copas, Scott Eishen, Phillip Wolf, (third) Jill Blake, Shelly Hinspeter, Terri Kempton, Jane Olds, Jamie Sisco, Patty Van Wormer, (front) Jerry Langridge, Johnny Sizemore, Mark Summerfield. Not pictured: Kathy Buys, Debbie Tate, Deana Yates. 141Fourth Grade (Back) Mrs. Christine McClain, Judy McAtee, Harold Palik, Angela Ray, Tim Kemp, Lee Ann Waffle, Bonnie Jordon, Danny Stuart, (second) Bill Van Hoose, Linda Eishen, Nina Meiring, Tom Upston, Rick Kostrzewski, Steve Bennett, Mary Woods, Frank LaFond, Mark Warner, Sheila Davis, (third) Nita Copas, Harold O'Dell, Earl Wheeler, Tony Reimer, Deanne Shaffer, Tony Tompkins, (front) Lonnie Nutt, Russell Weimer, Kevin Hinspeter. (Back) Mrs. Jeannette Randall, Mark Hulsebus, David Sweet, Tim Katz, Kevin Klin-gaman, Angela Griffith, Wayne Roy, Laura Pace, Christine Segal, (second) Karen Groth, Tony Jenkins, L. J. Goheen, Scott Falon, Harold Kemp, Lori Williams, Jeanne Lindquist, Shawn Kemp, Nancy Thompson, Crystal Copeland, (third) Scot Thorton, Kim Meyers, Lynette Selby, Cathy Flynn, Nita Henion, Verlie Dee Stefan, (front) Lincoln Miller, Jim Wolf, Larry Goodrich, Andy Neels, David Stayner. 142Third Grade (Back) Mr. Harold Torrey, Danny Barker, Melinda Barrington, Randy Harrison, Chris Granger, Tony Taylor, Brenda Richardson, Scott Reincke, Brenda White, (middle) Benny Collins, Jeff Summerfield, David Henion, Allan Kemp, Tim Foster, Lee Friend, Jackie Warder, Gordon Grin-nell, Melvin VanWarmer, (front) Scott Philips, Kevin Doolittle, Lilly LaFond, Billy Michelson, Julie Waffle, Sherry Falon. (Back) Mary Pope, Steven Finch, Dawn Klingaman, DeAnn Johnson, Kevin Wolcott, Lynnda Granger, (middle) Lorie White, John Cole, Christine Fowler, Chad Collins, Andy Lewis, Bobby Sizemore, Dori Richar, Mrs. Irma Martinson, (front) John King, Timmy Wright, Fred Doolittle, Doug Calhoun, Brian Beam, Jon Falan.Second Grade (Back) Dwayne Feltner, Cherry Long, Curran Kemp, Karen Fowler, Kevin Reincke, Carole Brewer, Ritchie Yates, Barbra Burge, Mrs. Alice Long, (second) Gary Parker, JoAnn La whom, Jill Doolittle, Brandon Shilling, Bryan Pace, Billy Burchfield, Teresa Copas, Patty Sizemore, (front) Lawana Roark, Lisa Ray, Shawn Tetreault, Lynnette Thompson, Lorra Shaver, Cathy VanHoose. (Back) Vem PTater, Russell Wright, Laurie Duckett, Howie Upston, Kenny Harrison, Todd Long, Roger Wilson, Mrs. Becky Markham, (second) Tracy Kempton, Donna Dens-more , Mark Holbrook, T om T aylor, Diane Dee vers, Sharon Fowler, Blaine Reinke, Michelle Henion, Jerry McAtee, (front) Robin Roark, LeAnn Selby, Lisa O'Dell, Denver Nutt, Candy Moody, Missy Langridge.First Grade (Back) Kevin VandyBogurt, Biad Ray, Clint Stout, Scott Long, Johnny Samson, Darrell Wheeler, Jeff Calhoun, Miss Kay Waterbury, (second) Linda Nagel, Kendra Clark, Shelly Myers, Nadine Goheen, Tracy Struwin, Veronica Barker, Brenda Michielsen, Jimmy Tew, David LaFond, (front) Brent Runyon, Kristin Eberts, Shannon Swick, Kim Casebeer, Darcy Kevwitch, Bobby Wolf. (Back) Roger Weimer, Donna Feltner, Kendra Eberts, Paul Butcher, Bobbie Turley, Roger Bennett, Patty Tetreault, Mrs. Ruth Humeston, (second) Alvin Snyder, Pam Sizemore, Kristy Bergerson, Lou Ann Copeland, Brad White, Brent Cole, Martin Shaffer, Dean Stay-ner, (front) Robin La whom, Lori Beam, James O'Dell, Chris Phillips, Lisa Stage, Sheri Poole, Carrie Devenney.Junior Primary (Back) Marty Hampton, Robin Welsh, Kip Reincke, Steve King, Faith Ann Petersen, Allen Burge, Mrs. Mary Stout, (front) Charles Finch, Mike Rafferty, Allen Cole, Annette Powell, Terry White. Not pictured: David Tate. Kindergarten (Morning) (Back) Eric Henion, Amy Johnson, Joanna Lindquist, Mike Davis, Fred Gonyer, Donna Kemp, Linda Brown, Mrs. Penny Starr, (middle) Lori Herman, Anita Turley, Chris Katz, Diana Klin-gaman, Missy Holbrook, Shawn Densmore, Eddie Lewis (front) Cheri Miller, Gina Bergerson, Dedra Brown, Brian McFadden, Danny Yates, Kristen Kempton, David Stuart, Kurt Shilling. Not pictured: Gene Prater, Linda Sizemore, Donna Webber.Kindergarten (Afternoon) (Back) Toni Volstromer, Brenda Rafferty, Steve Pulsipher, Sean Casey, Kyle Klingaman, Jamie Cole, Missie Long, Jeff Warder, Mrs. Penny Starr, (middle) Tonya Chapman, Anita Doolittle, Tim Fogel, Brian Saltzgaber, Kathy Schweikert, Brett Reincke, Donnie Ray, (front) Opal Lawhorn, Tom Finch, Melissa Taylor, Mike Hall, Darlene Yohey, George Feltner. Not pictured: Robin Macomber, James Hughes III, Dennis Woods, Dennis Bagley, Jeff Licht, Christine LaMee, Kimberly Buys, Annette Murray. (Left) Students from the second grade class enjoy the blessing of education. (Above) Kindergarten students build a foundation for their future years. 147ADVERTISERSAcademy of Science Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Amsler Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bartow Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bottoff Branch Co. Chiropractic Clinic, P. C. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brewer Mr. and Mrs. William Burchfield Dr. L. E. Burlingame Dr. F. E. Carr Paulino S. Chan, M.D., F.R.C.P. Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Currie Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Friend Dr. C. A. Geishert, Optometrist Mrs. Jean Hall Dr. T. W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hayes Dr. Robert Heidenreich, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hinspeter Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hopkins H. E. Humphrey, M.D. Patrons Mr. and Mrs. James Hunsicker Mr. and Mrs. Gale Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Johnson Noelle D. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. P. E. Jones Dr. William R. Jones Junior Mothers Club Mr. and Mrs. H. John Keller Mr. and Mrs. Arthur King Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Kosier Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Krumvede Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Leatherbury Mr. and Mrs. Ned Martinson Mr. and Mrs. Vem McAtee Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McMullin Mr. and Mrs. George R. Millard Mr. and Mrs. Alvin A. Miller Dr. K. L. Olmsted, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Willy Pecceu Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pervine Mrs. Tom Randall Mr. and Mrs. Duane G. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Dewight Runyon Mr. and Mrs. Norman Schafer Mr. Ronald Schafer Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Sena Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Slade Mr. and Mrs. George Stefan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sweet Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Taylor Mr. Robert P. Tyckoski Mr. and Mrs. Leon VanHoose Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Waffle Dr.'s Wicklund and Howe Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wiesholek Dr. and Mrs. Charles WilliamsCongratulations Class of '74 TEKONSHA BRANCH CALL: 767-4467 CHUCK AND JOANN DEEVERS JERRY FORD REALTOR In Coldwa+er, Mich. CALL: 279-9548Four Generations -All proud to be a part of the community. Art Casey, Sr. Tom Casey Art Casey II Sean Casey 4911 17 Mile Road LIVESTOCK LINES Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Compliments of TEKON — GRILL 24 Hour Restaurant and Standard Service 151Congratulations Seniors of Tekonsha High Compliments of THE SOUTHERN MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANK Tekonsha Branch Phone 767-3313 Compliments of: E KON SH A ENGINEERING COMPANY Products tor the Recreational Vehicle Industry £ Chief Tekonsha didn't gain fame that many other Indian chiefs enjoyed. He was never portrayed in a movie smoking a peace pipe with John Wayne. No wide-track or other automobile is named after him. Only Tekonsha, Michigan. But we're proud of him and we're proud to have his name as part of our company name . . . Tekonsha Engineering. MARKING MACHINE COMPANY CHIEF TEKONSHA 152KEEP MARTINSON Congratulations Seniors Lumber and Building Materials Compliments of Phone 767-4179 DAVE AND COVA'S TEXACO M-60, 1-69 Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan Auto Repair and Tune-Ups 24 Hour Wrecker Congratulations Seniors FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 914 North Main Street TUFF-CAT Tekonsha, Michigan Michigan Tekonsha154 MILLIMAN AGENCY, INC. TIM'S BODY SHOP Tekonsha, Michigan 207 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan CORPORATION Flame Sprayed Metal Carbide and First Presbyterian Church Coldwater Compliments of Ceramic Coatings 103 Main Street GEORGE PRICE PIPE ORGAN SALES Tekonsha, Michigan Tuning Repairing Rt. 2 Tekonsha 517-278-4008NEWT'S MARKET Compliments of DAVE HAWLEY 950 North Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Standard Oil Agent Tekonsha, Michigan VILLAGE VANITY TRENT'S SWEEPER SHOP 125 Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 DIAL: 767-3225 Phone: 767-4181 Closed Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 A.M. — 5 P.M. Thursday, 12:00 — 8:00 P.M. Saturday, 8:00 A.M. — 3:30 P.M. 209 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of Congratulations Class of "74" TRIPLE DELIGHT DAIRY BAR CLIFF’S SPORT GROCERY M-60 at 1-69 Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of JENKINS STANDARD SERVICE Compliments of GREEN HARDWARE Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan 155Compliments of VINCENT'S PAINTING SERVICE Tekonsha, Michigan LARRY MILLER Heating and Cooling Tekonsha, Michigan Phone: 767-4242 PRECISION ENGRAVING CO. Steel Marking Tool Specialists 128 Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Ron Johnson (517)767-4188 Congratulations Seniors THORNTON'S SALES SERVICE Snapper Riders and Mowers Lawn and Garden Equipment Wheel-Horse Phone: 767-4604 Tekonsha, Michigan Congratulations Seniors MAIN TAX AND ACCOUNT SERVICE 207 N. Main, Tekonsha Life and Health Insurance HOWARD and MARY Compliments of RANDALL BEANS Tekonsha, Michigan Congratulations jH Hr from the la UNION CHURCH Mp Tekonsha, Mi. Congratulations Seniors Betty and Lyle's VILLAGE RESTAURANT 130 Main St. Tekonsha, MI 156Compliments of BILL'S BARBER SHOP 211 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan SHERWOOD'S PHARMACY Family Prescription Center Tekonsha, Michigan PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION 828 North Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan Phone: 767-4152 HILL REALTY Compliments of CLAIR L. HILL-Broker 3 15 E. Leroy St. Burlington, Michigan 49029 Phone: (517) 765-2418 Our Business — "Selling Michigan" BURLINGTON MOTOR SHOP A "Firm" firm over 25 years Phone: 765-2443 Burlington, Michigan Real Estate Experience 157..iaaggnsr PUTTING YOU FIRST IN A BIG WAY! ALTHAVER CHEVROLET, INC. 8480 East M-60 Union City, Michigan 49094 Phone 517 — 741-4861 DON MOOR'S FARM FRESH MEATS INC. BROOKSIDE MOTORS Homer, Michigan Wholesale - Retail Phone 568-4141 Used Cars Sales and Service Burlington, Michigan Phone: 765-2184 PAT'S FLOWERS GIFTS GALE'S BARBERSHOP 714 South Hillsdale Street 130 W. Main St. Homer, Michigan Homer, Michigan Phone 568-3213 AREY HARDWARE LONNY'S MARKET Phone 765-2648 Burlington, Michigan 49029 General Hardware -Bottled Gas - Pittsburg Paints "Shop and Save" 807 South Hillsdale St. Homer, Michigan Phone 568-4475 158Compliments of FARM BUREAU SERVICES 19 Railroad Street Union City, Michigan Phone 741-8921 - COMPLIMENTS OF - WHEN YOU’RE SCRATCHING FOR BUSINESS • CALL 279-9764 or 279-9765 57 South Monro Si. Coldwotor, Mich. 49036 Congratulations to the Class of 1974 MONTGOMERY WARDS BRAY MOTOR SALES 130 W. Chicago Cold water, Michigan Union City, Michigan 49094 Phone: 741-5041, 741-9711 Paint Your Family Pharmacy Congratulations from J6UICLRV The Jeweler you know— you can trust 7 W. Chicago St. Catalog Sales Automotive Service Phone 278-4571 LEONA’S APPAREL BRIDAL SHOPPE 6 8 West Chicago St. Quincy, Michigan 49082 Phone:(517)639-7475 WflburS —A( A rwf SroAf- 4-8 SOUTH MONROE ST COLDWATER. MICH. 49036 Phone: 279 9452 Coldwater, Michigan 49036 159Air Conditioned 20 Lanes COLDWATER BOWLING RECREATION 559 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Michigan Phone: 278-5325 CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE 38 North Monroe Street Coldwater, Michigan Phone: 278-6575 "The grass withers, and the flower falls off. But the word of the Lord abides forever." I Peter 1:24, 25 New American Standard Bible Congratulations From Congratulations Seniors from Inncm J POINT JJL ij 1 DmW. 0—1— h mbotomA W CHICKIN . Jlrf 1 IPtCIAlTIti h I ' ’ Stout of Qtonxontk" Coldwater, Michigan 49036 399 East Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Compliments of CARROLL'S SHOES 48 West Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan Phone: 278-2695 SHOE STORE Coldwater'and Marshall, Mich. Congratulations Seniors MUSIC MART Band instrument Headquarters Coldwater, Michigan Pianos Organs Compliments of SHORT SON INC. 202 Morse Street, Coldwater, Michigan Office: 278 841 1 Service: 278 8487 ZENITH — FURNITURE — GENERAL ELECTRIC 160ZALES Ji WILMS Graduate with Style. Yours. In the center of this class ring, the fiery Sun-Lite stone; surrounding it, your school name and year, your own name in raised letters of 10 karat gold, and your school mascot. Student Accounts Invited Complete Wedding Service Wedding Photography Napkins Wedding Books Candelabras Brides Knives Wedding Candles THE 'CAROUSEL 62 Dlvlilon St. Coldwot.r Invitations Bridal Registry % 41 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan Phone: 278-4893 Compliments of REYBURN' S Compliments of PUTNAM FUNERAL HOME Tekonsha, Michigan and COURT-PUTNAM FUNERAL HOME The Lion's Den! It's the outstanding shop for young men's clothes in Southwestern Michigan. You'll find more than 3,000 pairs of jeans and pants here . . . and all kinds of other gear. Complete Formal Wear Rental Service Marshall, Michigan 161Compliments of BILL'S HAIR STYLISTS 212 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan 49068 SAY IT WITH yux KxKA FLOWERS 203 S. Marshall, Marshall, Michigan Phone STory I -3941 THE VAUGHN COMPANY Compliments of HITCHENS DRUG STORE (MARSHALL) in Marshall R. Geiger (Owner) Quality Clothing at Reasonable Prices Phone: 781-3162 Prescriptions Our Specialty McKEE MEMORIAL WORKS STAGECOACH INN 201 Exchange Marshall, Michigan Monuments Antiques and and Markers Collectors Items Sandwiches, Cocktails 201 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan 49068 CARRINGTON PHARMACY Prescription Specialists 101 E. Michigan, Marshall, Mich. Phone 781-8351 100 S. Superior, Albion, Mich. Phone 629-2286REDFIELD BROS. Your GE Appliance Dealer in Marshall O’Brien Paints and Hardware 105 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Michigan Congratulations Seniors PEDAL PUSHERS CYCLE CENTER 115 E. Michigan Marshall, Michigan Accessories - Parts - Repairs GOOD'S SALES SERVICE Allis Chalmers Farm Equipment Lawn and Garden Equipment Polaris Snowmobiles 7800 151 2 Mi. Rd., South Marshall, Michigan MUNN'S BARBER SHOP 119 W. Michigan Across From Bank Appointment or Open Chair Marshall, Michigan Phone: 616-781-2617 Office Supplies Furniture Machines and Equipment DRAKE'S 136 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan PROPRIETOR JAMES J. BICKNELL Phone:(616)781-5459 133 W. MICHIGAN AVE. MARSHALL, MICHIGAN TWO HOUR CLEANERS Featuring Name Brands Your Assurance of Fine Quality 155 West Michigan Ave. Marshall Michigan VOGELREUTER'S Men's and Boys' Wear Marshall, Michigan Phone:'(616) 781-7812 163THE YARN AND FABRIC SHOP LOUIE'S BAKERY Margaret Currie (Owner) 104 West Michigan Marshall, Michigan Phone: 781-5205 144 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan Phone: STory 1-3542 Where Your Farm Comes First FaRITIfi Bureau FARMERS PETROLEUM MARSHALL FARM BUREAU OIL CO. of Marshall 1021 East Michigan Marshall, Michigan The All-Girl Shoppe A young look for all sizes. Compliments of Congratulations From SOUTHERN MICHIGAN MUTUAL INS. CO. 1152 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan in Marshall Sears 107 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Michigan Phone: 781-5187 Compliments of DAVID JEWELERS 142 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan 49068 WOLVERINE PAINT WALLPAPER Art Supplies - Picture Framing 88 W. Chicago Street Cold water, MichiganCHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Stop in and See John Neible for a Tidey Saving at Tidey’s TIDEY MOTOR SALES 1210 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan CARROLL A. PHILLIPS CORNWELL'S REALTY TURKEY HOUSE 501 E. Michigan "Home of the World's Marshall, Michigan Phone: 781-3164 Best Turkey Sandwich'' Buttered Turkey Sandwich Turkey Salad Sandwich Smoked Turkey Sandwich Sloppy Tom Turkey Sandwich Turkey Hot Plate R-R. 4 Marshall, Michigan 165166 Tekonsha's new laundramat chose Ronan Kunzl’s Hydra-Slide automatic doors to help customers in and out. Congratulations to the Cla ss of 1974 From the Class of 1976 Congratulations Seniors JOHN C. MEEK, CLU Marshall Michigan RONAN KUNZL, Inc. Phone:616-781-4256 Marshall, Michigan 49068 H0ME BOSHERRS F.RD BOSHEARS FORD SALES INC. 15075 W. Michigan Ave. Marshall, MichiganThe Class of 1978 wishes the Seniors the best of luck. The Class of 1977 wish to congratulate the Class of 1974. CITY B 1NK S'TRUST CO. Jackson Albion Homer Parma Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations to the Class of '74 MILLER AALBREGTSE 112 West Michigan Marshall, Michigan Men's and Boy’s Clothing 167Acknowledgments Hundreds of pictures, hundreds of words of copy, hundreds of names - all of them hopefully spelled correctly. These are the ingredients of a successful yearbook. But most important to me is the many, many people who offered their help and advice to make my goal, a top-notch 1974 INDIAN, easier to reach. First, on behalf of the yearbook staff and myself, I would like to extend a special thanks to Mrs. Sally Hammond, our advisor. Producing a yearbook is a mountainous task. Each of us had our own assignments to complete, but without an advisor like Mrs. Hammond to guide us along the way, we would have been unable to reach our goal. Her patience, endurance and guidance filled the open gaps left by our inexperience. My thanks to the faculty members and school personnel who tolerated disruptions of school routine so that we could set up and shoot the very best pictures. Also, I would like to thank the subscribers and advertisers for their support in making this yearbook possible, and also to the patrons for making the first Patrons List a success. Last, but surely not least, I extend my gratitude to the following people for their continued support: Dr. Joseph Serra, Dr. Charles Williams, Sutula Studio, and Mr. Jim Thompson of Taylor Publishing Company. Cathy Keller Editor 168

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