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The Students at Rose D. Warwick High School Tekonsha, Michigan present 1973 IndianContents Administration 11 Junior High 51 Faculty 17 Athletics 57 Seniors 23 Organizations 81 Juniors 39 Activities 93 Sophomores 43 Favorites 117 Freshmen 47 Elementary 133 Advertising 145At last they came to where reflection sits — that strange old woman, who had always one elbow on her knee, and her chin in her hand, and who steals light out of the past to shed it on the future. Olive SchreiverI know what I'm seeing Yet you're seeing different . . . 4. . . Of point — counterpoint Thesis, theory and view? -8What is the reflection of all the colors?Is truth the reflection of all of our minds?ADMINISTRATIONSuperintendent MR. J. DAVID MYERS School Board L to R: (Standing) Mr. Leroy Ta) Mr. Donald Brewer, treasurer; Mr. Harold Wiescholek, trustee; Mr. Norn. er, president, (Seated) Mrs. Noelle Johnson, trustee; Mrs. Eloise Bowling, sect , iry; Mr. Jacob Shank, vice president. 12Principal MR. DUANE RICHARDSON Secretary MR. ARTHUR KING MRS. MARY LEATHERBURYCustodians L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pervine, Earl Samson. Bus Drivers L to R: Mr. Warren Humeston, Mrs. LaDeama Phelps, Mrs. Marjorie Patten, Mrs. Viola Upston, Mr. Lewis Jenkins, Mr. Dewight Runyon, Absent: Mr. Vern Camp, Mr. Doug Cook, Mr. Earl Samson. uOffice Aides L to R: (Back) Cathy Keller, Mary Davis, Beth Taylor, Shelly Wiesch-olek, (Front) Dian Boshears, Sandy Masters. Library Aides L to R: Bobby Mains, Carol Wolcott, Teresa Endicott, Rusty Hampton, Sherry Cummins. 15L to R: Mary Ann Pecceu, RosePecceu, Michelle Johnson, LoisHazen, Bev Hughes. 16MR. EDWARD CINELLI Social Studies Physical Education MR. BRUCE FORMSMA Music German English MRS. SALLY HAMMOND Business Journalism MR. ROGER MAPLES Science Business LawMR. JAMES MESSACAR Industrial Arts MRS. ELEANOR RANDALL English Speech MR. NED MARTINSON Science Mathematics MRS. HARRIETTE MILLIMAN Home Economics7«-' ■■ .VK 30 t Uft n .00 v»K( $1.05 _ (i 3 0t I _ MR. STEVE SCHROCK Mathematics Chemisuy MR. LARRY STOUT History Physical Education Counseling MR. ROBERT TYCKOSKI Mathematics MRS. CATHY SLADE Social Studies Physical Education MR. PAUL SWEET EnglishMrs. Eleanor Randall Mrs. Harriette Milliman Three THS Teachers Retire The teacher, more than most other persons, takes into retirement with him the satisfaction of having served the betterment of the human condition . His presence on the school scene affects more people daily than do members of any other profession. When he retires, he leaves a bigger void than any doctor, lawyer, or public servant. Since the last volume of the INDIAN, three THS teachers have retired, closing careers which, combined, total more than 64 years of service. All we can say to Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Milliman, and Mr. Martinson is, "Thank you for a job well done! ’' Mr. Clare MartinsonFaculty Aides MRS. KAREN FRIEND Librarian MR. JIM EASTERDAY Teachers' Aide Cadet Teachers Left to Right: Randy Shank, Karen Saltzgaber, Norman Taylor, Jerry Thenen, Sharon Price, Tom Tetreault, Bruce Shedd.SENIORSPAULETTE M. BUTTERS CRAIGORY BALLARD COLE CALVIN CUMMINS MARILYN BOWLING L '■0 «GERALD THENEN CINDY L. THOMPSON Officers L to R: Mary Davis, Treasurer; Sandy Masters, President; Debbie Stefancic, Secretary; Mike Millard, Vice-President. NORMAN TAYLOR THOMAS NEIL TETREAULTHonor Students Left to Right: Valedictorian, Sandra Masters: Salutatorian, Cindy Thompson. Left to Right: Gary Hill, Joyce Nagel, Polly Butters, Marilyn Bowling, Mary Davis, Sharon Price, Norman Taylor.Senior BALL, RON . . . Basketball - 1, 2; Vocational School - 4. BALL, SANDRA . . . Vocational School - 4. BARTOW, LARRY . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1; Track -1,2,4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club - 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council - 4; Homecoming Court - 2; Class Sgt. at Arms - 2; Co-op - 4. BOWLING, CAROLYN . . . Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader -3,4; Yearbook Staff -3,4, Assistant Editor - 4; IDEA 1 Staff -3,4; EYE Staff - 3, 4; F.H.A. - 1, 2; Pep Club -2,3,4; Girls' Track -3,4; Troubadors - 4; Student Council - 4; Senior Play - 4; Cabaret - 4. BOWLING, MARILYN . . . Girls' Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls' Track -3,4; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. - 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman - 2, 3, President - 4; Varsity Club - 4; Pep Club - 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Student. BUTTERS, PAULETTE M. . . .F.H.A. Pianist -1,2,3, Regional Pianist -1,2; H. C.C. - 1, 2; Student Council - 3; Band -1,2,3; Cabaret - 2, 3; Honor Student. COLE, CRAIGORY BALLARD . . . Football - 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1; Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club - 2, 3, 4, Vice President - 4; Homecoming Court - 4; Troubadors - 4; Class Sgt. at Arms - 1. CUMMINS, CALVIN . . . Football -1,2,3; Basketball - 1; Track - 2; Baseball -1; Varsity Club - 1. DAVIS, MARY . . . Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Solo and Ensemble -2,3,4; Game "CHARGER"; H.C.C. - 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer - 1; Class Treasurer - 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. - 1, 2, 4; Office Aide - 4; Yearbook Staff - 4; IDEA Staff - 4, Editor - 4; Troubadors - 4; Cabaret - 3; Vocational School - 3; Senior Play - 4; Honor Student. HAMLIN, DEBORAH LYNN HAZEN, RICH . . . Band -1,2; Track -2,3,4, Co-captain - 4; Football - 4; Student Council - 2, Parliamentarian - 4; Class Vice President - 3; Senior Play - 4; Varsity Club - 4; Troubadors - 4; Cabaret -2,4. HILL, GARY . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 4; Student Council - 1, Sgt. at Arms - 2, Parliamentarian - 3; Band - I, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club - 2; Honor Student. JONES, JEFFERY A. . . . Band - 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball -2,3: Football -1,2,3; Track - 4; Basketball -1,2,4; Varsity Club - 4, Sec.-Treas. - 4; Cabaret - 3; Senior Play - 4. JORDON, JIM . . . Football -1,2; Track -2,3; Basketball - 1; Vocational School -3,4. MACOMBER, DUANE . . . Football - 1, 2; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3. 4. MASTERS, SANDY . . . F.H.A. - 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer - 2; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary - 3, President - 4; Student Council - 1; D.A.R. Award - 4; Homecoming Court - 4; Troubadors - 4; Valedictorian. MAURER, MARY . . . F.H.A. - 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President - 4; H.C.C. - 2; Troubadors - 4; Yearbook Staff - 4; IDEA Staff - 4; EYE Staff - 4. MILLARD, CHARLES MICHAEL . . . Class Vice President - 4; Student Council - 2; Senior Play - 4; Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1. MOODY, JOSEPH RAYMOND . . . Class President - 1; Basketball - 3: Co-op - 4; Yearbook Staff - 4; IDEA Staff - 4; EYE Staff - 4.Achievements NAGEL, JOYCE . . . F.H.A. - 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian - 3; H.C.C. - 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary - 2; Yearbook Staff - 3; IDEA Staff - 3; EYE Staff - 3; Senior Play - 4; Honor Student. NEWTON, JACKIE . . . Girls' Basketball - 1, 2, 3; Student Council -3,4; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club - 3, 4, President - 4; F.H.A, - 1, 2; H.C.C. -1,2; Cabaret -2,3,4; Yearbook Staff - 4; IDEA Staff - 4; EYE Staff - 4. PECCEU, CHRISTINE . . . F.H.A. - 2, 3; H.C.C. - 2, 3; Pep Club - 1; Senior Play - 4; Kitchen Aide - 1, 2, 3; Vocational School - 4; Cabaret - 3. PECCEU, RITA . . .F.H.A. - 2, 3; H.C.C. - 2, 3; Vocational School - 4; Senior Play - 4; Kitchen Aide - 1, 2, 3. PRICE, SHARON LEIGH . . . Band -3,4; Choir - 1, 2, 3, 4; Troubadors - 4; Pep Club -2,3,4, President - 3; Cadet Teaching - 4; Cabaret - 2, 3, 4; Senior Play -4: Student Council -3,4, Secretary - 4; Yearbook Staff -3,4, Editor - 4; IDEA Staff -3,4, Editor - 3; EYE Staff - 3, Editor - 3; Co-op - 4; Honor Student. RUBNER, MIKE . . . Football - 1; Yearbook Staff - 4; EYE Staff - 4; IDEA Staff -4; Co-op - 4. SALTZGABER, KAREN . . . Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Aide - 4; Cadet Teaching -4; Cheerleader - 2, 3, 4; Cabaret - 2, 4; F.H.A. - 1; Girls’ Track - 4; All-Star Band - 3; Solo and Ensemble -2,4; Senior Play - 4; Student Council - 3; Troubadors - 4; Homecoming Court - 4; Pep Club - 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff - 3, 4, Business Manager - 4; EYE Staff -3,4; IDEA Staff -3,4; Track - 4. SIZELAND, RODNEY . . . Football -1,2,3; Co-op - 4; Basketball Manager - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball Manager - 1, 2, 3; Track - 2. STEFANCIC, DEBORAH . . . Pep Club -3,4; Cheerleader - 3; Class Secretary -4; Senior Play - 4; Homecoming Queen - 4; Troubadors - 4; Cabaret - 4. TAYLOR, NORMAN . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball -1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 1, 2, 3, 4; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council - 3, 4; Homecoming Court - 1; Varsity Club - 2, 3, 4; Cadet Teaching - 3, 4; Dance Band - 1, 2; Class Vice President -1,2; All-Star Band - 3; Senior Play - 4; Honor Student. TETREAULT, THOMAS NEIL . . . Student Council - 4, President - 4; Basketball - 3, 4; Track -3,4, Co-Captain - 4; Football - 4; Varsity Club - 4; Cabaret -3,4; Troubadors - 4; Cadet Teaching - 4; Homecoming Court - 3. THENEN, GERALD . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain - 4; Baseball -1,2; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track -3,4; Student Council - 4, Vice President - 4; Varsity Club -2,3,4; Troubadors - 4; Cadet Teaching - 4. THOMPSON, CINDY L. . . . H.C.C. - 2; F;H.A. - 1, 2; Class Secretary - 2; Office Aide - 1; Vocational School - 3; Salutatorian - 4. WHITE, RICHARD J. . . . Football - 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball - 3; Baseball -2,3, 4; Track - 4; Varsity Club - 1, 2, 3, 4; Vocational School - 4. WIESCHOLEK, LASHELLE ANN . . . H.C.C. - 1; F.H.A. - 1, 2; Pep Club - 1; Office Aide - 4; Vocational School -3,4; Student Council - 2; Cabaret - 3. WOODS, BARB . . . Vocational School - 4. WOODS. WAYNE . . . Football - 1, 2, 3. 4, Co-Captain - 4; Basketball -1,2, 3, 4; Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Track - 1, 2, 4; Homecoming King - 4; Yearbook Staff -3,4, Photographer - 4; IDEA Staff -3,4; EYE Staff -3,4; Class President -2,3; Varsity Club - 2, 3, 4, President - 4; Co-op - 4.Mock Elections MOST POPULAR Debbie Stefancic Wayne Woods MOST STUDIOUS Sandy Masters Norman Taylor MOST MISCHIEVOUS Sharon Price Jeff Jones BEST DRESSED Debbie Stefancic BEST ATHLETES Larry Bartow Marilyn Bowling ALWAYS LATE Craig Cole Jackie NewtonBEST PERSONALITY DESIRABLE DATES Debbie Stefancic Craig Cole Ray Moody Tom Tetreault, Norman Taylor, Sandy Masters, Rich Hazen, Wayne Woods MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Norman Taylor Sandy Masters BEST ARTISTS Richard Hazen Carolyn Bowling BEST LOOKING Debbie Stefancic Craig Cole MOST MUSICAL Sandy Masters Norman TaylorCLASS CLOWNS Tom Tetreault Jackie Newton Duane Macomber QUIETEST Sandra Ball James Jordon BEST FIGURES Debbie Stefancic Craig Cole SHYEST Ron Ball Rita Pecceu James Jordon MOST PEP Karen SaltzgaberCora Baird Nancy Banks Nonna Bemis Vonda Boston Tim Brewer Carol Campbell David Clevenger Ruth Cummings Lenny Dowding Geneva Goheen Bert Goodman Donald Green Rusty Hampton Ila Hulbert Donna Hunsicker Cathy Keller Robert King Elizabeth Macomber Michelle McAtee Gladys Moody Minda Neels Douglas Newton Maty Ann Pecceu Ricky Phelps Debbie Powell Doug Quigley Deborah Quimby Alan Richar Randy Shank Bruce Shedd Michelle Slone Rebecca SnowBrad Stefan 0% Kimber Tageson f i- ; Beth Taylor i April Watkins (R '1 ■ Advisors 1r Mrs. Hammond, Mr. Stout Officers CAMERA SHY Ken Brownell Jaye Cooley Jennifer Cooley Jerry Griffith Roxanne Smith Brian Tompkins Joel Weimer L to R: Gene Goheen, Secretary; Randy Shank, President; Bruce Shedd, Treasurer. ABSENT: Tim Brewer, Vice-President; Becky Snow, First Semester Secretary.44 Judy Barrington Michael Baylis Dian Boshears Gail Casebeer Michael Casebeer Steven Ciotta Cristy Copeland Terry Deevers Michael Duckham Kathy Furda Gregory Grinnell Debra Hampton William Hayes Michael Hopkins Beverly Hughes Dean Jacox Debra Johnson Wesley Jones Kim Klingaman Donald Lindsey Alan Miller Bertha Miller John Nagel Robert NeelsMark Olds Carol Palik Rosemary Pecceu Emmitt Percival B Lois Reese L Eugene Richar Randy Russell Scott Shaffer • Brian Shedd Phyllis Shilling Ricky Shilling Vicky Shilling Mike Slone Kevin Strang Kathy Sweet Marguerite Tetreault James Williams Jane Winter Gary Wintersteen Carolyn Wolcott 45Advisors Schrock Formsma OfficersJanet Amsler Diane Baird Janet Ball Gary Bartow Michael Blake Tammy Boston Penny Brownell Elizabeth Burchfield John Cummings Sherry Cummins Electa Easterday Becky Eberts Mary Elmore Kim Gard Barbara Griffith Gregory Hall Cheryl Hartley Shirley Jordan Merritt Kerschner Steve Kidney Evett Kowalski Mary Krall Charles Mack Jimmy Macomber 48Ronnie Macomber Barbara Masters Paul Millard Shirley Minniear Todd Morley Joseph Nagel Cindy Neels Loralee Phelps George Price Tina Ragina Roberta Rosenberry Susan Rubner Susan Saltzgaber Julie Sanford Jane Sherwood Jackie Sizemore James Sizemore Jeff Sizemore Mark Slone Timothy Smith Connie Spires Sheryl Stefan Cynthia Tompkins Steven TompkinsOfficers Cathy Waffle Linda Weller Glinda Williams Bonnie Wintersteen L to R: Sandy Woods, secretary-treasurer; Gary Bartow, president; Evett Kowalski, vice president. Advisors MRS. SLADE MR. MAPLESJUNIOR HIGHEighth Grade S“ngM„ Debbie Bartow Sherri Bonham David Boshears Susan Burchfield Teresa Caldwell Darla Casebeer Tom Ciotta Lonnie Cole Debbie Fouts Rick Gard Connie Goodrich Rick Green Henry Griffith Gary Grinnell Robin Groholske Mark Groth John Hampton Toni Heath Floyd Hinspeter Linda Hulbert Robert Johnson Alice Kelly Brenda Kelly Bill Kerschner Jeff Klingaman Jeff Krumvede Joe Lindquist Sharon Mack Cindy Marshall Dennis Miller 52Penny Moore Russell Osborn Randy Powell Forster Prater Denise Ray Teresa Reimer Teresa Richar Diane Shank Don Stefaniak Katie Tetreault Raymond Thenen Bob V reeland Cindy V reeland Sidney Waffle Robin Watkins Ted Weimer Larry Welsh Tom White Gary Wiescholek Margaret Woods Advisors MRS. RANDALL MR. SWEET Mike Woods Brenda Yates Connie Bell CAMERA SHY Shawn Strang Officers L to R: Katie Tetreault, secretary; Robert Johnson, vice president; Beth Burchfield, president; Absent: Sharon Mack, treasurer. 53Seventh Grade Richard Barrington Dan Baylis Robert Berry Max Caldwell Jewell Cooley Russell Cummins Sandra Cummins Teresa Davis Jeff Duckham Teresa Endicott Doug Fox Patty Green Darryl Gross Brenda Hamlin Jody Hawkins Lois Hazen Larry Howard Roger James Michele Johnson Julie Jordon Terry King Danny Lewis Patty Lindsey Penny Lindsey Bryan Lindquist Sally Maurer Holly McMillen Linda Millard David Miller Ruth Nagel Sherry Newhouse 54Dale Olds Cindi Osborn Paul Palik Dennis Parker Chester Prater Brenda Raginia Dawn Randall Penny Reincke Mark Richar Virginia Rosenberry Dianne Saltzgaber Laurie Shank David Shedd Kurt Sherwood Durwood Shilling Sally Smith Laura Stall Marc Stemaly Kelly Struwin Jeff Thorton Brenda Tompkins Jackie Upston Walter Waffle Tom Weimer Karen Wilson Officers L to R: Lois Hazen, sgt. of arms; Brenda Raginia, sec.; Terry King, pres.; Kurt Sherwood, vice pres.; Laurie Shank, treas; Jeff Duckham, sgt. of arms. MRS. MILLIMAN MR. TYCKOSKI CAMERA SHY Allie Amsler Linda Brown Alan Jones Malcolm Mack Advisors 55561972-73 Football Squad L to R: (Back Row) Asst. Coach Clark, Mike Wolcott, Tom Tetreault, Richard Hazen, Kimber Tageson, Larry Bartow, Rick White, Norman Taylor, Gary Hill, Jerry Thenen, Head Coach Cinelli, (Second Row) Mgr. Mike Slone, Craig Cole, Kevin Strang, Dean Jacox, Gary Bartow, Mike Duckham, Scott Shaffer, Mgr. Duane Macomber, (First Row) Ken Brownell, Randy Russell, Mike Hopkins, Randy Shank, Mike Millard.Defensive Team Offensive TeamSenior Players LARRY BARTOW WAYNE WOODS RICHARD HA ZEN RICK WHITE NORMAN TAYLOR 60Co-Captains a ? 5L GARY HILL TOM TETREAULT MIKE MILLARD JERRY THENEN WAYNE WOODS JERRY THENEN CRAIG COLE 61L to R; (Back Row) Durwood Shilling, Bill Kirschner, Rick Gard, Brian Lindquist. Joe Lindquist, Tom White, Raymond Thenen, Robert Johnson, Floyd Hinspeter, Terry King, (Second Row) Coach Richardson, Rusty Os bom, Steve Kidney, Tom Ciotta, Rick Green, Marc Stemaly, Gary Grinell, David Miller, Coach 'Iyckoski, (First Row) Jeff Thornton, Jody Hawkins, Kurt Shurwood, Randy Powell, David Boshears, Paul Palik, Mark Richar, Roger James, Dale Olds, Jeff Duckham. 7th and 8th Grade Football Team 62Varsity Football Cheerleaders Kathy Furda Left to Right: (Above) Karen Saltzgaber Carolyn Bowling Beth Taylor Becky Snow Gail Casebeer 6364 1972-73 Basketball Team L to R: Dave Clevenger, Duane Macomber, Bruce Shedd, Tom Tetreault, Norm Taylor, Larry Bartow, Rick White, Jeff Jones, Gary Hill, Don Green, Wayne Woods, (Front) Rodney Sizeland, manager. Coach MR. STOUTSenior Players DUANE MACOMBER LARRY BARTOW RICK WHITE JEFF JONESSenior Players NORMAN TAYLOR WAYNE WOODS TOM TETREAULT GARY HILLJunior Varsity Basketball Team L to R: Mike Casebeer, Mike Hopkins, Terry Deevers, Bill Hayes, Alan Miller, Brian Shedd, Rick Shilling, Gene Richar, Scott Shaffer, Wes Jones, Randy Russell, (Front) Joe Young, Manager. Coach MR. TYCKOSKIBasketball Cheerleaders L to R (Top): Gail Casebeer Beth Taylor Karen Saltzgaber Cathy Furda Carolyn Bowling Junior Varsity L to R (Top): Shirley Minniear Dian Boshears Susan Saltzgaber Debbie Johnson Cheryl Stefan Jane SherwoodFreshman Basketball Team L to R: (Back Row) Ronnie Macomber, Bud Woods, John Cummings, Mike Woods, Coach Cinelli, (Front Row) Charles Mack, Jimmy Macomber, Greg Hall, Todd Morley, Mike Blake. Freshman Cheerleaders L to R: (Back Row) Julie Sanford, Sandy Woods, Lori Phelps, (Front Row) Mary Elmore.Eighth Grade Basketball Team L to R: (Back Row) Gary Wiescholek, Tom White, Joe Lindquist, Forster Prater, Rick Green, (Front Row) Randy Powell, Robert Johnson, Tom Ciotta, Greg Grinnell, David Boshears, (Not Pictured, Coach Stout). Cheerleaders L to R: (Top) Brenda Kelly, Robin Watkins, Diane Shank, Darla Casebeer, Robin Groholske, Penny Moore.Seventh Grade Basketball Team L to R: (Back Row) Dale Olds, Terry King, David Miller, Brian Lindquist, Allie Amsler, Chester Prater, (Front Row) Jeff Duckham, Paul Palik, Durwood Shillings, Mark Richar, Roger James, (Not Pictured, Coach Stout). Cheerleaders L to R: (Top) Jackie Upston, Laurie Shank, Dianne Saltzgaber, Dawn Randall, Michelle Johnson, Kelly Struwin.1972-73 Baseball Team L to R: (Back Row) Ass't. Coach Schrock, Gary Bartow, Dave Clevenger, Geordie Price, Kim Tageson, Kevin Strang, Coach Stout, (Middle Row) Todd Morley, Gary Hill, Rick White, Norm Taylor, Mike Casebeer, Bruce Shedd, (Bottom Row) John Nagel, Wayne Woods, Mike Hopkins, Mike Wolcott, Randy Shank, Duane Macomber, All Richar. Ass't. Coach Schrock and Coach Stout. Seniors Tekonsha 2 13 Concord 4 0 Olivet 7 0 Pittsford 16 2 Waldron 2 12 Litchfield 3 2 Homer 7 5 Olivet 1 5 North Adams 16 3 Camden- Frontier 2 6 Hanover-Horton 8 4 Fremont 6 5 Reading 4 12 Homer 2 7 Centerville 1 2 Concord L to R: Norm Taylor, Gary Hill, Rick White, Wayne Woods, Duane Macomber.1972-73 Track Team L to R: (Back Row) Jerry Thenen, Tom Tetreault, Rick White, Larry Bartow, Rich Hazen, Bruce Shedd, Jeff Jones, Gary Hill, Norman Taylor, Alan Richar, Coach Cinelli, (Middle Row) Mark Ric-har, manager; Bill Hayes, Bob King, Bob Neels, Craig Cole, Wayne Woods, Scott Shaffer, Mike Hopkins, Ken Brownell, Tim Brewer, (Front Row) Roger James, manager; Mike Millard, Randy Shank, Sheryl Stefan, Susan Saltzgaber, Karen Saltzgaber, Don Green, Joe Nagel, Teresa Richar, manager. Seniors 58 65 Concord 55 68 Reading 78 36 Hanover Tekonsha 89 34 Camden 80 42 N. Adams 80 42 Litchfield 84 39 Waldron 65 58 Pittsford Class D League Champions with a score of 62.Girls' Senior High Track Team L to R: (Standing) Coach Shank, Darla Casebeer, Debbie Bartow, Robin Groholske, Robin Watkins, Connie Baird, Susan Burchfield, Teresa Richar, (Kneeling) Laurie Shank, Diane Shank, Katie Tetreault, Penny Moore, Diane Saltzgaber, Sharon Mack. L to R: Coach Shank, Evett Kowalski, Lori Phelps, Rosie Pecceu, Carolyn Bowling, Norma Bemis, MaryAnne Pecceu, Sheryl Stefan, Susan Saltzgaber, Karen Saltzgaber, Becky Eberts, Marilyn Bowling, Bertha Miller. Girls' Junior High Track TeamGirls' Basketball Team L to R: (Top) Cathy Furda, Lori Phelps, Bertha Miller, Sheryl Stefan, Ruth Cummings, Marilyn Bowling, (Bottom) Gene Goheen, Cheryl Hartley, Cindi Neels, Cathy Keller, Sandy Woods.Junior High Track Team L to R: (Standing) Mark Stemaly, Tom Ciotta, Gary Wiescholek, Tom White, Bryan Lindquist, Joe Lindquist, Ricky Green, David Miller, (Kneeling) Dale Olds, Daryl Gross, Randy Powell, Robert Johnson, Gary Grinnell, Terry King, Kurt Sherwood, (Standing) Coach Cinelli. Athletic Director MR. PAUL SWEET State Track Meet DON, RANDY, RICH, GARYStudent Government OFFICERS: L to R: Richard Hazen. Parliamentarian; Sharon Price, Secretary; Tom Tetreault, President; Jerry Thenen, Vice-President; Susan Saltzgaber, Treasurer; Brian Shedd, Sergeant-of-Arms. REPRESENTATIVES: L to R: Dale Olds, Shirley Minniear, Even Kowalski, Judy Barrington, Kathy Furda, Beth Taylor, Carolyn Bowling, Joe Nagel, Kimber Tageson, Mr. Richardson (Advisor), Larry Bartow, Norm Taylor, Jackie Newton, Sheryl Stefan, Dian Boshears, Margaret Woods, Dawn Randall, Jeff Krumvede.Girls' Choir L to R: (Back Row) Vicky Shilling, Susan Saltzgaber, Sharon Price, Beth Taylor, Mary Maurer, Carol Palik, (Middle Row) Mr. Formsma, Cathy Furda, Sheryl Stefan, Tammy Boston, Rusty Hampton, (Front Row) Debbie Powell, Drucilla Yates, Gail Casebeer, Evett Kowlalski. Troubadours Pianists L to R: (Back Row) Mr. Formsma, Craig Cole, Jerry Thenen, Richard Hazen, Tom Tetreault, Brian Shedd, Sharon Price, Karen Saltzgaber, Gene Goheen, (Front Row) Evett Kowalski, Shelly McAtee, Sheryl Stefan, Beth Taylor, Carolyn Bowling, Mary Davis, Susan Saltzgaber, Mary Maurer, Drucilla Yates, Gail Casebeer. L to R: Gail Casebeer, Sharon Price, Beth Taylor. SITTING: Sandy Masters.Marching Band and Majorettes Senior Players 84 L to R: Jerry Thenen, Gary Hill, Sharon Price, Karen Saltzgaber, Mary Davis, Carolyn Bowling, Norman Taylor, Jeff Jones, Marilyn Bowling, Sandra Masters, Absent: Jackie Newton.Concert Band L to R: (Standing) Mr. Formsma, Director; Jeff Jones, Jackie Newton, Gary Wiescholek, Marilyn Bowling, (Back Row) Sharon Price, Laurie Shank, Connie Baird, Jerry Thenen, Gary Hill, Carolyn Bowling, Gene Goheen, Diane Saltzgaber, James Williams, Beth Taylor, (Middle Row) Brian Shedd, Debbie Johnson, Debbie Vreeland, Cora Baird, Vonda Boston, Alice Kelly, Dennis Miller, Linda Weller, Joe Young, Mary Davis, Norm Taylor, (Front Row) Karen Saltzgaber, Kim Tageson, Randy Shank, Bruce Shedd, Elizabeth Macomber, Barbara Masters, Robin Groholske, Diane Shank, Sharon Mack, Linda Hulbert, Teresa Davis, Brenda Raginia, Teresa Reimer, Jane Sherwood, Sandy Masters.Future Homemakers of America L to R: (Back Row) K. Gard, S. Woods, J. Nagel, G. Goheen, V. Shilling, M. Davis, S. Saltzgaber, C. Campbell, B. Taylor, J. Amsler, S. Master; (Middle Row) Mrs. Milliman, T. Raginia, D. Powell, T. Boston, S. Stefan, B. Burchfield, M. Maurer, S. Cummins, M. Elmore, I. Hulbert, M. Bowling, (Front Row) D. Baird, S. Minniear, G. Williams, E. Kowalski, J. Sanford, C. Hartley, R. Rosenberry, S. Rubner, L. Weller, B. Masters. L to R: (Back Row) Mrs. Milliman, Advisor; Mary Maurer, Vice-President; Sandy Woods, Treasurer; Sandy Masters, Degree Chairman; Marilyn Bowling, President; Evett Kowalski, Student Council Representative; (Front Row) Dianne Baird, Reporter; Glinda Williams, Budget Chairman; Susan Rubner, Historian; Mary Elmore, Secretary; Barbara Masters, Pianist.Health Careers Club L to R: (Back Row) Mrs. Milliman, Advisor; Lori Phelps, Historian; Sandy Woods, Student Council Representative; (Middle Row) Susan Saltzgaber, Vice-President; Julie Sanford, Secretary; (Front Row) Lenny Dowding, President. L to R; (Back Row); M. Neels, J. Nagel, B. Eberts, L. Dowding, V. Shilling, M. Davis, B. Hughes, S. Saltzgaber, G. Goheen, S. Woods, G. Williams, (Middle Row) Mrs. Milliman, D. Quimby, D. Boshears, M. Elmore, J. Amsler, S. Stefan, K. Gard, C. Furda, C. Moody, R. Rosenberry, S. Rubner, (Front Row) C. Hartley, S. Cummins, I. Hulbert, M. Pecceu, C. Baird, D. Powell, T. Raginia, R. Pecceu, E. Kowalski, D. Baird.Pep Club L to R: Dian Boshears, Student Council Representative; Sheryl Stefan, Secretary; Jackie Newton, President; Marquerite Tetreault, Treasurer; Susan Saltzgaber, Vice- President. L to R: (Back Row) C. Bowling, S. Stefan, L. Millard, C. Keller, M. Bowling, S. Price, T. Richar, R. Gard, S. Saltzgaber, G. Goheen, C. Baird, D. Bartow, K. Saltzgaber, (Fifth Row) S. Minniear, L. Heller, C. Marshall, D. Fouts, J. Newton, P. Moore, M. Elmore, T. Boston, D. Amsler, C Vreeland. (Fourth Row) B. Snow, P. Millard, D. Boshears, J. Sherwood, K. Gard, S. Newhouse, D. Johnson, M. Tetreault, S. Cummins, B. Taylor, (Third Row) K. Tetreault, R. Cummins, L. Welsh, J. Sanford, D. Saltzgaber, B. Kowalski, D. Baird, G. Grinnel, T. King, C. Osborn, (Second Row) G. Casebeer, D. Stefancic, M. Johnson, D. Randall, L. Hulbert, B. Kelly, A. Kelly, P. Green, T. Davis, C. Furda; (Front Row) B. Harrington, D. Gross, P. Palik, M. Caldwell, M. Richar, R. Powell, J. Duckham, D. Parker, R. James.Varsity Club L to R: (Top Row) Mike Wolcott, Kimber Tageson, Norman Taylor, Bruce Shedd, Calvin Cummins, Tim Brewer, Alan Richar, (Bottom Row) Jeff Jones, Jerry Thenen, Randy Shank, Wayne Woods, Donny Green, Craig Cole, Larry Bartow, Richard Hazen. 89 L to R: Larry Bartow, Sergeant-of-Arms; Jeff Jones, Secretary-Treasurer; Wayne Woods, President? Craig Cole, Vice-President, (Not Pictured, Mr. Stout, Advisor).Vocational Students L to R: (Back Row) Brian Tompkins, Eli Smith, Bob King, Dave Clevenger, Rick White, Alan Richar, Rick Phelps, Barb Woods, (Middle Row) Ila Hulbert, Sandra Ball, Shelly Wiescholek, Debbie Stefancic, Rita Pecceu, Chris Pecceu, Roxanne Smith, (Front Row) Ron Ball, Joel Weimer, Jim Jordon, Michele Slone, April Watkins, Ruth Cummings, Ken Brownell, (Not Pictured , Jaye Cooley),Co-Operative Education L to R: (Top Row) Craig Cole, Wayne Woods, Brad Stefan, Jackie Newton, Sharon Price, (Bottom Row) Larry Bartow, Polly Butters, Joyce Nagel, Ray Moody, Rodney Sizeland, Calvin Cummins.Journalism OFFICERS: (L to R) Carolyn Bowling, Ass't. Yearbook Editor: Debbie Powell, lst-semester IDEA Editor: Mary Davis, 2nd-semester IDEA Editor: Cathy Keller, INDIAN EYE Editor; Karen Saltzgaber, Yearbook Business Mgr; (Seated) Sharon Price, Yearbook Editor. L to R: (Top Row) Ray Moody, Karen Saltzgaber, Carolyn Bowling, Cathy Keller, Sharon Price, Nancy Banks, (Bottom Row) Debbie Powell, Mary Davis, Jackie Newton, Wayne Woods, Mary Maurer, (Not Pictured, Mike Rubner).ACTIVITIESHomecoming The crowning of Tekonsha's Homecoming queen and king at a special assembly on Friday, October 13, 1972, began a week of Homecoming festivities presented by the junior class. Debbie Stefancic and Wayne Woods were chosen with their court to reign over Homecoming. Homecoming activities included a snake dance, bon fire, and pep rally on Thursday evening, October 19. The Homecoming parade took place Friday afternoon followed by a Volkswagon race, and a tug of war, between the classes. Evening activities included a game against Camden-Frontier and a semi-formal dance in the gymnasium decorated around the theme of, "Love Makes The World Go Round." 94Debbie and Wayne Homecoming Court (Left) Seventh grade attendant Laurie Shank representing Brenda Ragina and escort Darryl Gross, freshman attendant Shirley Minniear and escort Geordie Price, junior attendant Becky Snow and escort Randy Shank, senior attendant Sandy Masters and escort Craig Cole, Queen Debbie Stefancic and King Wayne Woods, senior attendant Karen Saltzgaber and escort Jerry Thenen, Varsity Club attendant Beth Taylor and escort Don Green, sophomore attendant Drucilla Yates and escort Steve Ciotta, eighth grade attendant Margaret Woods and escort Randy Powell. 95Eighth Grade Float "The Lawn Mower" Ninth Grade Float "The Wheel" Seventh Grade Float "The Mouse Trap"Student Council Float "The Light Bulb"Homecoming Dance 101Senior Senior KAREN SALTZGABER RICK WHITE (representing Jerry Thenen) Junior SANDRA MASTERS CRAIG COLE Sophomore 102 BECKY SNOW RANDY SHANK DRUCILLA YATES STEVE CIOTTAFreshman SHIRLEY MINNIEAR GEORDIE PRICE Seventh BRENDA RAGINIA DARYL GROSS Eighth MARGARET WOODS RANDY POWELL Varsity Club BETH TAYLOR DON GREEN 103r-r : 104Sadie Hawkin's Dance Sponsored by the Sophomore Class November 4, 1972 105Senior Play The Senior Play was presented Saturday night, December 2, 1972. The story was about a professor who was always absentminded. His wife was having a birthday party for him and invited some of his college students. When Mrs. Allen got there, she had noticed that someone else had already been there. However, she didn't know that it was the robbers who had stolen a statue from the town museum and placed it in the bedroom.The Absent-Minded Professor Cast Professor Allen - NORM TAYLOR Barr - JEFF JONES Snatch - RICHARD HA ZEN Imogene - SHARON PRICE Hi - MIKE MILLARD Mrs. Allen - SANDY MASTERS Betty - CAROLYN BOWLING Lillian - KAREN SALTZGABER Biff - RICK WHITE Davey - WAYNE WOODS Sadie - MARY DAVIS Kate - JOYCE NAGEL Prompter - DEBBIE STEFANCIC Director -MRS. NORMA SEARLEThe Sophomore Class sponsored the annual Spring Swing on Friday, April 13. The gymnasium was decorated to the theme of "Hawaii," with a disc jockey from WVIC providing the music. Mr. Formsma and Mr. Schrock were the class sponsors.Athletic Banquet Athlete of the Year Gary Hill The annual Athletic Banquet was held on May 25, in the Tekonsha High School gymnasium . The dinner was catered by Mac's Airport Inn. The following trophies were awarded by guest speakers, Herb Orvis and Charlie Sanders, two Detroit Lion team members. FOOTBALL STEVE WELLER AWARD - Gary Bartow MOST OUTSTANDING LINEMAN - Rick White MOST OUTSTANDING BACK - Gary Hill MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - Craig Cole BASKETBALL MOST REBOUNDS - Larry Bartow MOST FREETHROWS - Norm Taylor MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - Larry Bartow GIRLS' MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - Marilyn Bowling BASEBALL HIGHEST BATTING AVERAGE - Kevin Strang MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - Wayne Woods TRACK MOST OUTSTANDING - Rich Hazen Don Green GIRLS’ MOST OUTSTANDING - Susan Saltzgaber Marilyn BowlingnCabaret Master and Mistress of Ceremonies On April 28, the Student Council sponsored the third annual CABARET. The following pictures recapture some of the many talented performances. ’’Cabaret" "He ain't heavy. He's my brother! " A glimpse of the crowd.Young Ventriloquist Junior-Senior Banquet On May 4, the junior class sponsored the 1973 Junior-Senior Banquet for the seniors. Food was catered by Mack’s Airport Inn, for a buffet dinner. Entertainment was provided by Bruce Shedd and Shelly McAtee. Class Presidents, Randy Shank welcomed the guest to the banquet and Sandy Masters thanked the juniors on behalf of the senior class. Guest speaker, Mrs. Virgie Ruff, spoke on "School Pride."Junior-Senior The 1973 Junior-Senior Prom was held Saturday, May 5, sponsored by the Junior Class. The multi-purpose room in the elementary was decorated to the theme of "Garden of Friendship." The band, '' Knight, ’' provided the music. The dedicated song for the prom was "Today.”Prom1973 Commencement The 82nd annual Commencement Exercises from Tekonsha High School were held June 1, at eight o'clock in the high school gymnasium, with 36 seniors graduating. Mr. Richardson presented pins to Sandy Masters and Cindy Thompson as Valedictorian and Salutatorian along with other honor students. Certificates were also awarded to seniors attending the Vocational Center. The following seniors received awards for work and leadership in their prospective areas: Reader's Digest - Sandy Masters ”1 Dare You” - Mary Davis Tom Tetreault Athlete of the Year - Gary Hill Homemaking - Mary Maurer John Philip Sousa - Norman Taylor Marine Youth Music Award - Sandy Masters Math - Gary Hill Class President - Sandy MastersClass Motto by Sharon Price The graduating class of 1973 has chosen for their motto, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." I could say what others have said about classes on graduation night - that they are here a united group and that from that night on they will be individuals, but I will not. I will say, instead, that here tonight are 36 individuals, as you well know, who have had to conduct many activities as a group, but who no longer hold that responsibility. After tonight there are more responsibilities which will not always include the color of paint for a certain rock or the time of day in which a dance will be held. Whether we work over a broom or over an operating table, each and every one of us has our own role to play in life, as individuals. We do not all have the same amount of ability, but whether we have many or few, we must use them to their full potential. We must walk through life one step at a time and let no opportunities pass us by, great or small. Catherine Toppitzer wrote a poem in which she expresses her key to success. I would like to read it to you. A little more kindness A little less speed A little more giving A little less greed A little more smile A little less frown A little less kicking A man when he's down A little more "we” A little less "I" A little more laugh A little less cry A little more flowers On the pathway of life And fewer on graves At the end of the strife. Let us leave here tonight and reach our own individual goals in life with the motto in mind, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."Class History by Marilyn Bowling and Mary Davis On the twenty-first day of May, 1961, 37 bright-eyed five year olds graduated from kindergarten. Mrs. Newman was our teacher. Little did we know that this was only the beginning of thirteen long years of battle. Mrs. Anderson told us that in first grade there would be no more cookies and naps nor half days of school - we would have to go a WHOLE day. Mrs. Sanders, in second grade, taught us to write and get along better with each other. By the end of third grade, we could write a little better but I’m not sure how much better we got along. But, we do remember the porcupine Mrs. Martinson brought back from Higgins Lake! Fourth grade brought us a new subject - geography! But even more exciting was our class trip to the capitol in Lansing with Mrs. Voshen. In fifth grade, our group was divided. Eight of us were in Mrs. Fiebelkorn's 5th, 6th, and 7th, while the rest were in Mrs. Adams's class. This year was a preview of how rough we were going to be on class advisors. We ran through four substitute teachers who vowed they would never teach our class again! We gained many additions from Eckford in sixth grade. The big event that year was the annual trip to Greenfield Village with Mrs. Williams. Seventh grade was quite a change. We were in the high school building and moved from class to class. If I remember correctly, we got lost more than once! We had our very own lockers and keys and MORE teachers! We made our first float which looked more like an outhouse instead of the old lady in the shoe. We also elected our king and queen for homecoming, Chris Fousel and Cindy Abel. Mr. Sova agreed to be our class advisor. Eighth grade brought us a new referee, Mr. Scoville. King and queen were Craig Cole and Linda Selby. This year was very important to us as one of our classmates was running for the Student Council. Jeff M. Jones, from Eckford, was running for Vice President with the slogan, "Have no bones -vote for Jones." (We were very disappointed when he lost the election.) To begin our ninth grade year, we were given a title, "FRESHMEN." Mr. Formsma was our class advisor for this year. Norman Taylor and Polly Dowding were our king and queen. We were really rough on our class advisor during our sophomore year - we ran through TWO, Mrs. Slade and Mr. Allman! Larry Bartow and Rita Pecceu were our king and queen. The Spring Swing, an annual sophomore project, was held on April 2, with music provided by the Armstrong Brothers of Cold water. For our junior year, Mr. Cinelli and Mr. Messacar were our advisors. We chose "Commercials" as the theme for the homecoming floats. Marcia Tasker and Tom Tetreault were our king and queen. We sponsored the Junior-Senior Banquet on May 19 with a smorgasbord dinner at the Union Church and the prom following the banquet. Springtime decorations were combined with the theme of "We've Only Just Begun." Music was provided by Andrew's Lab. Also this year, during the cleanup of the annual CABARET, Norman Taylor and Gary Hill "helped" Mr. Richardson down from the ladder with a THUD!! Luckily, Mr. Richardson only broke his leg! Then we finally had reached our goal. We were SENIORS at last! Mr. Richardson said that our class had passed a milestone - we had the same class advisors TWO YEARS IN A ROW! Wayne Woods and Debbie Stefancic were elected by the student body as Homecoming King and Queen. The Senior Court consisted of Jerry Thenen, Karen Saltzgaber, Craig Cole and Sandy Masters. We ruined our perfect record by making a float that placed. Our float, "The Camden Beater," placed third. Then came plans, or should I say arguments for graduation. Our class colors were to be red and white with candy-striped carnations as our flowers. Next was the Junior-Senior Banquet sponsored by the class of '74. The banquet was catered by Mack's Airport Inn and held in the cafeteria. The Prom was held the following night in the multi-purpose room of the elementary school with music provided by "Knight." This year, which we have all anxiously anticipated, has come and gone. Now we graduate - those of us who began in 1960: Sandra Ball, Carolyn and Marilyn Bowling, Calvin Cummins, Mary Davis, Gary Hill, Jim Jordon, Duane Macomber, Mike Millard, Rodney Sizeland, Norman Taylor, Jerry Thenen, Cindy (Abel) Thompson, Shelly Wiescholek, and Wayne Woods plus the twenty-one who joined us throughout the years.Class Will by Norman Taylor and Gary Hill We, the graduating class of 1973, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following: I, Ron Ball, will my ability to work on cars to Brian Thompkins, who can’t get any of his running. I, Sandra Ball, will my cooking ability to anyone who needs it, especially Mary Krall. I, Larry Bartow, will my ability to play basketball, even when I'm sick, to next year's team. I, Carolyn Bowling, will my ability to drive sensibly and still be a "Fender Bender" to Brad Stefan, who drives like a maniac, but never gets stung. I, Marilyn Bowling, will my masculine ways to Brian Shedd. I, Polly (Dowding) Butters, will my ability not to dress up but look nice to Vonda Boston, who dresses up but . . . I, Craig Cole, will my figure and hairy chest to Mr. Schrock. I, Calvin Cummins, will my ability to stay awake in Mrs. Randall's Lit. class to Rick Phelps. I, Mary Davis, will my ability to play "CHARGE" to Joe Young and Linda Weller. I, Debbie Hamlin, will my quiet ways and innocent thoughts to Tim Smith and Charles Mack, who could use a little of both. I, Richard Hazen, will my ability to pronounce chemistry words correctly to the chemistry teacher, who can’t pronounce anything. I, Gary Hill, will my common sense to Kimber Tageson, who doesn’t have enough sense to know what tc do with it. I, Jeff Jones, will my loud, deep voice to Donald Lindsey. I, Jim Jordan, will my ability to be smaller when I finish high school than when I began to Rusty Osborn. I, Duane Macomber, will my speedy car to the small engines class. I, Sandy Masters, will my ability to study for unusually long periods of time to Brad Stefan, who can't seem to manage even unusually short periods of study time. I, Mary Maurer, will my ability to lock Mrs. Hammond in the closet and not get into any trouble, to anybody who's willing to try. I, Mike Millard, will my ability to eat peanut butter sandwiches in chemistry class to next year's physics class. I, Joseph Albert Raymond Moody II, will my talent in Journalism to Mrs. Hammond's class. who need all the good help they can get. I, Joyce Nagel, will my ability to keep all my conversations free from potty mouth to Don Green, Tim Brewer, and Doug Newton, who can’t even do it once. I, Jackie Newton, will my typing ability to anyone who feels like typing 30 words a minute with 30 mistakes. I, Christine Pecceu, will my farming ability to Rusty Hampton, who can't stand the smell of cows. I, Rita Pecceu, will my quiet ways to Mr. Richardson, who could use them for all the people who can't seem to keep their mouths shut. I, Sharon Price, will my lovable, easy going nature to Mr. Richardson, who is due for a change. I, Mike Rubner, will my careful, slow and considerate driving habits to Mr. Richardson, if he has the courage to get in the car after he gets them. I, Karen Saltzgaber, will my ability to go with not just one guy but everyone, to my sister, Susan, who can't seem to go with anyone. I, Rodney Sizeland, will my ability to pass Lit. class without really trying to Brad Stefan. I, Debbie Stefancic, will my petite figure to Gene Goheen. I, Norman Taylor, will my ability to tap my foot, count to four and play a musical instrument all at the same time to Joe Young, who has a hard time just finding the bandroom. I, Tom Tetreault, will my ability to wear a 40 on my football jersey to Vonda Boston, who wears a . . . I, Jerry Thenen, will my careful driving habits to Doug Newton, who probably wouldn’t use them. I, Cindy Thompson, will my long, straight, blonde hair to Mr. Cinelli, who would look pretty funny if he actually had it. I, Rick White, will my ability to pass Lit. class to my sister, Jaye, who will surely need the help. I, LaShelle Wiescholek, will my typing ability to anyone stupid enough to take it. I, Barb Woods, will my abili r to graduate to my brother, Bud, who I know will never make it. I, Wayne Woods, will my ability to play sports to Bud Woods, who has trouble managing a rubber band. We, the graduating class of 1973, will our peaceful, nonaggressive, well-organized class meetings to the Class of 1974.Class Prophecy by Joyce Nagel and Polly Butters We’re doing the prophecy for our class. It takes place in a dentist office while we are waiting for our appointments. "I read on the door that Cindy Thompson was the dentist. Could it be the same Cindy we went to school with? Yes, she's been practicing for 16 years. Well, I noticed Debbie Hamlin was the receptionist but 1 didn't know that Cindy was the dentist. "Gee, has it already been 25 years. Why just yesterday I was shopping in R M Grocery when I ran into Ray Moody while he was touring his new chain of stores, which Jerry Thenen constructed. Ray got talking about Mike Millard who was just promoted to vice president of the store. He always had a knack for being a vice president. "Talking about old classmates, last night when I sat down to watch the late news I heard on the sports that Marilyn Bowling, along with the Lakers, won their last game. Then I took 40 winks and woke up to hear Sharon Price saying, 'Here's Johnny. ’ Then when Sharon went to announce Doc Severenson, I heard the familiar name of Norman Taylor who's taking the retired Doc’s place. Subsituting for that week was Tom Tetreault. "I read in the paper about Gary Hill's new discovery in controlling lice in Chinchillas, which will really help Chris Pecceu and Mary Maurer out in their operation of owning the largest Chinchilla farm in the nation. "Do you remember Richard Hazen? What's he doing now? "Richard Hazen? Why he's in a law suit with Sandra Masters as the prosecuting attorney filing against Craig Cole for cutting down the Sequoias in the forest Richard’s patrolling. "A lot of our classmates are working for the law instead of working against it. In fact, the other day I say Larry Bartow and Wayne Woods, who are now State Cops, giving Jackie Newton a ticket for going 70 miles an hour in a 25 mile zone. "I thought I'd stop in the Tekon for a cup of coffee and I was surprised to find Barbara Woods and Sandra Ball as chief cooks. "I stopped for gas as Cal Rod’s Service Bulk Station to find the co-owners were Calvin Cummins and Rodney Sizeland. Pumping gas was Jeff Jones and Jim Jordan. I went in the office to order some oil and to my surprise I found that Mary Davis is secretary and bookkeeper. "Another secretary from our class is Debbie Stefancic who works for General Duane Macomber. Debbie told me that Rick White was in the Army Base Hospital with a broken big toe from tripping over his shoe lace. The attending nurse was Rita Pecceu. "Did you hear about the Art Show coming to Tekonsha next month, which will feature Ron Ball with his new style. Art Welding? Carolyn Bowling has appraised many of his pieces of art for over $10,000. Shelly Wiescholek will also be there giving flower arrangement demonstrations. "Tekonsha hasn't only advanced in its an shows, but the Tekonsha idea has flourished over the entire state with co-editors Mike Rubner and Karen Saltzgaber. "I feel our class has really contributed to Tekonsha's well-being as well as to the whole United States."ELEMENTARY ' V ;.l V r ?' '££' - v Y- v vy . V . yj v v .i . $ Principal MR. KEITH CLARK Faculty L to R: (Back Row) Mr. Dewight Runyon, Mr. Keith Clark, Mrs. Daisy Allman, Mrs. Beverly Bessler, Mrs. Nancy Harris, Mr. Harold Torrey, Mrs. Jeanette Randall, Mrs. Alice Long, Mrs. Mariam Sweet, Mrs. Martha Clark, (Front Row) Mrs. Norma Searle, Mrs. Irma Martinson, Mrs. Judy Jenkins, Miss Becky Gothberg, Mrs. Penny Starr, Mrs. Ruth Hummeston, Miss Mary DeGenio, Miss Kay Waterbury.Mrs. Betty Shank Library and Office Aides L to R: (Top Row) Bertha Miller, Karen Saltzgaber, Gene Goheen, (Bottom Row) Susan Saltzgaber, Julie Sanford, Evett Kowalski, Becky Eberts, Julie Eberts, Vonda Boston.Custodians Mr. Harry Gallup (Not Pictured, Mr. John Byers) Mr. Lewis JenkinsSixth Grade L to R: (Back Row) Doug Doolittle, Carol Flynn, Dawn Watkins, Michelle Newhouse, Nancy Price, Kim Ray, Robert Percival, Jim Duckham, Jerry Eishen, (Middle Row) Danny Shaffer, Dennis Falan, Mike Nagel, Alan Copas, Susan Jones, Vemice Slone, Robin Smith, Tracey Vincent, Julie Klingaman, Ricky Mack, Pat Davis, Bob Persails, Mr. Runyan, (Bottom Row) David Dye, Willie Sizemore, Wade Patten, Tom Heath, Donnetta Yates, Donnie Spires, Jody Hunt. L to R: (Back Row) Kollene Kershner, Annette Brewer, Claudia Slone, Mark Eberts, Mike Devenney, Virginia Moore, John Moran, Debbie Cole, Leila Oakes, (Middle Row) Debbie Van Hoose, Danny Sweet, Sharon Weller, Susan Hayes, Steve Morley, Bryan White, Dawn Hartle, Debbie Prue, ToddTageson, Hubert Kelly, Julie Randall, Mrs. Jenkins, (Bottom Row) Mark Hamlin, Rod Macomber, Robert Welsh, Marty Nagel, Hank Siefke, Dawn Bemis, Vicki Hampton, Absent: Tammy Copas, Wanda Kilbum.Fifth Grade L to R: (Back Row) Vonnie Boston, Myron Wolcott, Bill Wiesholek, Lori Bessler, Greg Devenney, Mark Klin-gaman, Pam Cole, Ross Upston, Marie Waffle, Leroy O'Brien, Mrs. Searle, (Middle Row) Debbie Stuart, Melanie Doolittle, Donny Siefke, Rodney Weller, Rita Marshall, Bruce White, Daryl Cummins, Kim Bennett, Tony Endicott, Ann Casebeer, Florinda Jenkins, Debbie Reincke, (Bottom Row) Doug Minniear, Florinda Jenkins, Janice Krumvede, Jack Woods, Jim Kelly, Wanda Sizemore, Nancy Jones. L to R: (Back Row) Kathryn Eberts, Suzi Bessler, Tim Jenkins, Lloyd Vincent, Jack Macomber, Mark'Macom-ber, Dennis Bradley, Alan Hulsebus, Ron Johnson, Doug Myers, Dick Spires, Mrs. Sweet. (Middle Row) John O'Dell, Dale Hartley, Gary White, Floyd Siegel, Marlene Friend, Larry Griffith, Doug Saltzgaber, Jeanette Davis, Danny Warner, Donny Neels, Teresa Hawkins, (Bottom Row) Vickie Sisco, Patty Daniels, Carrie Holbrook, Jay Roark, Debbie Caldwell, Rose Nagel, Randy Cole. 138Fourth Grade L to R: (Back Row) Mrs. Allman, Bob Wiescholek, Melanie Johnson, Jane Shedd, Cheryl Doolittle, Reba Easterday, Clinton Reincke, Scott Waffle, (Middle Row) Todd Sherwood, Della Prater, Evette Gipson, Terry Weller, Kerrie Bagley, Kim Reincke, Deana Yates, Chris Hampton, (Bottom Row) Todd Neels, Susan Hins-peter, Scott Randall, Terri Kempton, Lori Washburn, Phillip Wolf, Mark Clark. L to R: (Back Row) Matt Zimmerman, Cindy Schafer, Gary Goodrich, Dale Vincent, Cindy LaFond, Bradley Richardson, Eric Ciotta, Mrs. Randall, (Middle Row) Joannie Slone, Marla Strang, John Sizemore, Paula Weller, Scott Doolittle, Gloria Tetreault, Robin Doolittle, Scon Eishen, (Bottom Row) Tim Beam, Jill Blake, Shelly Hinspeter, Jamie Sisco, Jane Olds, Jerry Langridge, Jon Mack. 139Third Grade L to R: (Back Row) Kevin Hinspeter, L. J. Goheen, Danny Stuart, Tim Katz, Wayne Ray, Janice White, Crystal Copeland, Bonnie Jordon, John Blashfield, Mrs. Martinson, (Middle Row) Frank LaFond, Russell Wei-mer, DeAnn Schafer, Jeanne Lindquist, Laura Pace, Sheila Davis, Judy McAtee, Cathy Flynn, Verli Dee Stefan, Scot Thornton, (Bottom Row) Lynette Selby, Shawn Kemp, Linda Eishen, Brenda Cook, Harold O'Dell, David Stayner, Larry Goodrich, Tony Tompkins. L to R: (Back Row) Scott Falan, Nancy Thompson, Mark Halsebus, Kevin Klingaman, LeAnn Waffle, Angela Griffith, Angela Ray, Kim Myers, Mr. Torrey, (Middle Row) Tony Jenkins, Brian Sherman, Steven Bennett, Harold Palik, Robert Vincent, David Sweet, Tommy Upston, Christina Siegel, Toni Reimer, Mary Woods, (Bottom Row) Harold Kemp, Jim Wolf, Andy Neels, Frank Weller, Bill Van Hoose, Mark Warner, Michon Hampton. 140Second Grade L to R: (Back Row) John King, Dawn Klingaman, DeAnn Johnson, Melanie McFadden, Melinda Barrington, Brenda White, Mrs. Long, (Middle Row) Jon Falan, Dori Richar, Keven Wolcott, Alan Kemp, Brenda Richardson, Scon Reincke, Lee Friend, (Bottom Row) Lily LaFond, Brian Beam, Lynnda Granger, Christine Fowler, John Cole, Kevin Doolittle, Absent: Daniel Barker. L to R: (Back Row) Mary Pope, Randy Harrison, Steven Finch, Wendy Rusak, David Vincent, Miss Gothberg, (Middle Row) Julie Waffle, Bobby Sizemore, Andy Lewis, Chad Collins, Billy Michielsen, Doug Calhoun, Bryan Pace, Timmy Wright, (Bottom Row) Jackie Warder, Lorie White, Sherry Falan, Fred Doolittle, Gordon Grinnell, Scott Simmons.First Grade L to R: (Back Row) Tracy Kempton, Kenny Harrison, Howie Upston, Laurie Duckett, Jerry McAtee, Mrs. Humeston, (Middle Row) Candy Moody, Missy Langridge, Roger Bennett, Vem Prater, Sharon Fowler, Donna Densmore, LeAnn Selby, (Bottom Row) Robin Roark, Jessie Saylor, Willa Weller, Lisa O'Dell, Diane Deevers, Todd Long. L to R: (Back Row) Miss Waterbury, Jill Doolittle, Billy Burchfield, Curran Kemp, Karen Fowler, Cherry Long, Brandon Shilling, (Middle Row) Amy Bessler, Shawn Tetreault, Lynnette Thompson, Roger Saylor, Carole Brewer, Ritchie Yates, Dwayne Feltner, (Bottom Row) Lawana Roark, Patty Sizemore, Kathy Van Hoose, Lorra Lee Shaver, Lisa Ray, Absent: Teresa Copas. 142Junior Primary L to R: (Back Row) Johnny Samson, Dawn Cook, Kevin Reincke, Gary Parker, (Middle Row) Paul Butcher, Brent Cole, Mark Holbrook, Steve Gipson, Miss DeGenio, (Bottom Row) Kenny White, Blaine Reincke, Connie Gipson. Adaptive Education 143 L to R: (Back Row) John Davis, Cindy Weimer, John Packer, Chris Granger, Tim Kemp, Bruce Mullins, Mrs. Clark, (Bottom Row) Ruth Mullins, Mike Drumm, Robert Austin, Ray Hakes, Jim Copas, Dave Copas.Kindergarten L to R: (Back Row) Brad Ray, Jimmy Tew, Kip Reincke, Scott Long, Bobbi Turley, Robin Welsh, Tracy Stru-win. Shelly Myers, Alvin Snyder, Mrs. Starr, (Middle Row) DaveLaFond. Kristin Eberts, Kendra Eberts, Steven King, Faithanne Petersen, Mark Vincent, Carrie Devenney, Sheri Poole, Bren Reincke, Kristy Berger-sen, Mike Holland, (Bottom Row) Pam Sizemore, Terry White, Linda Nagel, Allen Cole, Bobby Wolf, Erma Gipson, Marty Hampton, Absent: Brent Runyon. L to R: (Back Row) Brad White, Brenda Michielsen, Lou Ann Copeland, Nadine Goheen, Donna Feltner, Kim Casebeer, Bobby Rusak, Clint Stout, (Middle Row) Mrs. Starr, Annette Powell, Jeff Calhoun, Claudia Vincent, Lisa Stage, Patty Tetreault, Dean Stayner, Martin Shaffer, Shannon Swick, (Bottom Row) Lori Beam, Charles Finch, Roger Weimer, Jimmy O'Dell, Kendra Clark, Scott Mercer, Chris Simmons, Kevin Vandy Bo-gurt.Safety Patrol L to R: (Top Row) Kathryn Eberts, Suzi Bessler, Dawn Watkins, John Moran, Mark Klingaman, Virginia Moore, Dawn Hartle, Claudia Slone, Robert Welsh, Nancy Price, Mike Nagel, Danny Shaffer, Jim Duck-ham, (Middle Row) Douglas Saltzgaber, Mike Devenney, Lauri Bessler, Annette Brewer, Ross Upston, Hubert Kelly, Susan Jones, Tracee Vincent, Danny Warner, Todd Tageson, Mark Eberts, Mark Macom-ber, (Bottom Row) Jim Kelly, Janice Krumvede, Steve Morley, Donetta Yates, Dawn Bemis, Vicki Hampton, Doug Minniear, Danny Sweet, Alan Hulsebus, Dennis Falan, Tim Jenkins, Marty Nagel, Doug Myers, Mr. Runyon. Fifth and Sixth Grade Basketball L to R: (Top Row) Bill Wiescholek, Dennis Bradley, Todd Tageson, Bryan White, Danny Sweet, Jack Macomber. Mark Klingaman, Mike Devenny, John Moran, (Middle Row) Rod Macomber, Danny Siefke, Doug Saltzgaber, Alan Hulsebus, Tim Jenkins, Mark Macomber, Darrel Cummins, Ross Upston, Greg Devenney, Jim Duckham, (Bottom Row) John O'Dell, Floyd Siegal, Hubert Kelly, Doug Minniear, Myron Wolcott, Danny Shaffer, Bruce White, Donald Neels, Wade Patten. wv t fy CHCK£KWE WISH Compliments of JERRY FORD REALTOR In Coldwater, Mich. CALL: 279 9548 TEKONSHA BRANCH CALL: 767-4467 CHUCK AND JOANN DEEVERS Congratulations Seniors Lumber and Building MAIN TAX AND ACCOUNT SERVICE Materials 207 N. Main, Tekonsha Cong ratulations Life and Health Insurance Senio rs HOWARD and MARY KEEP MARTINSON Compliments of JENKINS STANDARD Phone 767-4179 SERVICE Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, MichiganCompliments of DAVE HAWLEY Standard Oil Agent Tekonsha, Michigan VILLAGE VANITY Phone: 767-4181 Closed Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 A.M. — 5 P.M. Thursday, 12:00 — 8:00 P.M. Saturday, 8:00 A.M. — 3:30 P.M. 209 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of: 7e kon sh a ENGINEERING COMPANY Products for the Recreational Vehicle Industry MARKING MACHINE COMPANY Compliments of PUTNAM’S FUNERAL HOME Tekonsha, Michigan 149Compliments of TEKON —GRILL 24 Hour Restaurant and Standard Service Compliments of CLIFF’S SPORT SHERWOOD’S PHARMACY GROCERY Tekonsha, Michigan Family Prescription Center Tekonslia, Michigan Congratulations Seniors THORNTON'S SALES SERVICE Compliments of Wheel-Horse Lawn and Garden Equipment GREEN’S HARDWARE Phone: 767-4604 Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, MichiganTIM'S BODY SHOP Tekonsha, Michigan BILL'S BARBER SHOP 21 1 Main S+. TRENT'S SWEEPER SHOP 125 Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan 49092 DIAL: 767 3225 Congratulations Seniors of Tekonsha High Compliments of THE SOUTHERN MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANK TEKONSHA BRANCH 151Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1973 RUMERY CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. 207 North Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan Congratulations Seniors GEE GEE’S VILLAGE RESTAURANT 130 Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. Congratulations class of "73" TRIPLE DELIGHT DAIRY BAR M-60atl-69 Tekonsha, Michigan MINNIEAR'S TV Sales and Service RCA Television Whirlpool Craig Tape Players and Recorders V-M Stereo and Sony Radios 205 Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan Phone: 767-4753 PRECISION ENGRAVING CO. Steel Marking Tool Specialists 128 Main St. Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Ron Johnson (517)767-4188 PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION 828 North Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan Phone:767-4152BROOKSIDE MOTORS Congratulations Seniors from the class of "1976" Used Cars Sales and Service Burlington, Michigan Phone:765-2184 IA CHEVROLET PUTTING YOU FIRST IN A BIG WAY! ALTHAVER CHEVROLET, INC. 8480 East M 60 Union City, Michigan 49094 DON MOORE'S FARM FRESH MEATS, INC. Phone 517 — 741-4861 Wholesale — Retail Homer, Michigan CITY B 1NK S'TRUST CO. Jackson Albion Homer Parma Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 153LARRY MILLER LEONA'S APPAREL BRIDAL SHOPPE Heating and Cooling Tekonsha, Michigan 6 8 West Chicago St. Phone: 767-4242 Quincy, Michigan 49082 Phone: (517) 639-7475 Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS HOLLOWAY REALTY CO. INCORPORATED BILL'S WEST SIDE TEXACO M-60, 1-69 Tekonsha, Michigan Auto Repair and Tune-Ups 24 Hour Wrecker 207 North Main Street Tekonsha, Mich. 49092 Phone: (517) 767-3541 Compliments of BURLINGTON MOTOR SHOP Phone: 765-2443 Burlington, Michigan BAKER'S SEWING CENTER I I East Chicago St. Quincy, Michigan Phone: 639-4257 154LLOYD'S SERVICE STATION 202 North Main St. Tekonsha, Michigan 155Congratulations to the Class of Congratulations Class of "73" "73" Office Supplies Greeting Cards Stationery COUILLARD'S 18 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Mich. Your School Supply Head Quarters 18 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Mi. 49036 UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Recruiting Marvin L. Wright 74 N. Washington Ave. Staff Sergeant Battle Creek, Mich. 49017 Office (616) 965-3781 McKEE MEMORIAL WORKS 201 Exchange Marshall, Michigan Congratulations Class of "1973" from STUDENT COUNCIL Monuments Antiques and and Markers Collectors Items CARRINGTON PHARMACY Prescription Specialists 101 E. Michigan, Marshall, Mich. Phone 781-8351 100 S. Superior, Albion, Mich. Phone 629-2286 TWO HOUR CLEANERS REDFIELD BROS. 155 West Michigan Ave. Marshall Michigan Your GE Appliance Dealer in Marshall 105 Redfield Plaza Marshall, MichiganTHE VAUGHN COMPANY in Marshall Quality Clothing at Reasonable Prices JACK'S WESTSIDE SUNOCO 844 West Michigan Marshall, Mich. 49068 Phone: 781-8119 U.S. ARMY RECRUITING Choice of training guaranteed in Writing 100 Capital Ave. S. W. Battle Creek, Mich. 49014 Phone: 962-9958 (Collect) Felpausch Food Centers in Marshall and Goldwater chose Ronan Kunzl's Hydra-Slide automatic doors to help customers in and out. 0 RONAN KUNZL,Inc. Marshall, Michigan 49068 Congratulations Seniors from BRANNON MOBIL SERVICE I 309 W. Michigan Marshall, Mich. 49068 JoAng of Marshall The All-Girl Shoppe A young look for all sizes. 157158 STAGECOACH INN nfTfVi Sandwiches, Cocktails 201 W. Michigan PROPRIETOR JAMES J. BICKNELL Marshall, Michigan 49068 133 W. MICHIGAN AVE. MARSHALL MICHIGAN CALHOUN TRAVEL AGENCY SAY IT WITH Free Professional Planning to anywhere in the world 225 W. Michigan Marshall, Mich. Phone: 781-3520 FLOWERS Congratulations Class of "1973" 203 S. Marshall, Marshall, Michigan Phone STory 1 -3941 "TIDEY SAVING at TIDEY'S" TIDEY MOTOR SALES 1201 W. Michigan in Chevrolet Marshall Oldsmobile Compliments of SEARS CARROLL A. PHILLIPS REALTY 107 Redfield Plaza Marshall, Mich. Phone:781-5187 1 15 Redfield Plaza DRAKE'S BOOKKEEPING Marshall, Michigan OFFICE SUPPLY 142 West Michigan Ave. Marshall, Michigan Featuring Name Brands Your Assurance of Fine Quality VOGELREUTER'S Men's and Boys' Wear Marshall, Michigan Congratulations J from the Kwn UNION CHURCH Tekonsha, Mi. -m Phone: (616) 781-7812 REX’S I.G.A. LOUIE'S BAKERY Homer, Michigan 144 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan Phone: STory 1 -3542Quality Service Integrity PAT'S FLOWERS GIFTS 714 South Hillsdale Street Homer, Michigan LYNN CHEVY COMPANY Homer, Michigan Phone: 568-4422 SHOE STORE Coldwater'and Marshall, Mich. Congratulations Seniors MUSIC MART Band Instrument Headquarters Coldwater, Michigan Pianos Organs GARRY H- DONNER Real Service in Real Estate Telephone: 278-561 I 20 West Chicago Street Coldwater, Michigan Compliments of TASTEE- FREEZ Big Tee Burger — The Meal Ideal Coldwater, Michigan 160WOLVERINE PAINT WALLPAPER Compliments of SHORT SON INC. Art Supplies — Picture Framing 202 Morse Street, Coldwater, Michigan 88 W. Chicago Street Office: 278 841 1 Service: 278 8487 Coldwater, Michigan ZENITH — FURNITURE — GENERAL ELECTRIC Congratulations Class of 73 WtlburS —rUAN Tlt{i£ Sro lf- 4-8 SOUTH MONROE ST COLDWATER, MICH. 49036 JEW! [fly Phone 517 278-2488 50 West Chicago Street Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Compliments of HILL REALTY CARROLL'S SHOES CLAIR L. HILL-Brolcer 48 West Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan 3 15 E. Leroy St. Phone: 278 2695 Burlington, Michigan 49029 Phone: (517) 765-2418 Our Business — "Selling Michigan" a a'l A "Firm" firm At m. over 25 years Real Estate Experience DOWNTOWN COLDWATER Monday and Friday 9:00 — 9:00 Other Days . . .9:00 — 5:30 Coldwater's Largest and most complete variety store162 FAMILY PHARMACY 278-5631 Michigan Congratulations Seniors from 52 WEST CHICAGO STREET COLDWATER, MICHIGAN 49036 You'll find more than 5,000 pairs of pants and lots of other stuff in the LION'S DEN — our lower level shop devoted to clothes for young men only! 399 East Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Congratulations from JCWCLRV The Jeweler you know— you can trust 7 W. Chicago St. Phone: 279 9452 Coldwater, Michigan 49036 Complete Wedding Service Ai r Conditioned 20 Lanes Wedding Photography Napkins Wedding Books Candelabras Brides Knives Wedding Candles COLDWATER RECREATION 559 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Michigan Phone 278-5325 THE CAROUSEL _ 62 Division St. Coldwater Invitations Bridal Registry Phone: 278 4893We, the Class of "74" Would Like to Express Our "CONGRATULATIONS" To the Graduating Class of "73" 163164 Compliments of SOUTHERN MICHIGAN MUTUAL INC. CO. I 152 W. Michigan Marshall, Michigan 1973 Yearbook Staff Sharon Price Carolyn Bowling Karen Saltzgaber Cathy Keller Mary Davis Debbie Powell Mary Maurer Jackie Newton Ray Moody Wayne Woods Mike Rubner Nancy Banks Mrs. Hammond, Advisor Compliments of BILL'S HAIR STYLISTS 212 W. Michigan Marshall, Mich. 49068 Thanks. . . On Behalf of the Yearbook Staff, I would like to thank the businesses and industries of Tekonsha, Homer, Union City, Burlington, Quincy, Coldwater, and Marshall for their support in making this yearbook possible. Karen Saltzgaber Business ManagerA K. . -s. ;-.: ;• -• , ‘ -5 : ;:' , •■: ‘ v- - . - • •: ", -■- • ■ : .- • • - . ••' . -••• -.•■• •-. -"■ . •• ' v ' V » • • 'N • V C X •• r s% • ' V • - v v • • v, .o • - • y? . . s - ' — • : “- v • • • v- V .. '" ■ ■ '" ■ . - --• ■ • . v • . V- - - •• • ‘ .■ •« ■■“« • . • - ”v % ' i -'■ - . .••• • - ?._«». x .. • _ -• . • - •■ •' , -. _ . • . • - • . ' . :■ • '• •. '• . .. - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V -. .• •. • . - . -. -.• ■ . . •, - , ' -------------------------------------------------------------------- - ' • • - v • . - - v • ■» • • . 2 'c -v • •

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