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1972 IN D. Warwick Wtgfi Qckooi Tekoushfr, UiddQOM CON TENTS Administration Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Junior High Organizations Athletics Activities Favorites Elementary Advertising 23TO SfNO ANDCANCB FOR£V£R,WE DREAMED OF ALL THE GREAT THINGS WE WOULD DO 5U E LOST OUR, NOTIONS ONJ TUB WAYtue busy YEARS went RUSWINS BV US 7u e luou ur they'd never, end 8WE IAVGUGD AWAY TWE WOUR£ 9WE WERE YOUNG AND TO WAVE OUR W aVfCCUOOL BOARD L to R, STANDING: Leroy Taylor, Trustee; Donald Brewer, Treasurer; Harold Wiescholek, Trustee; Norman Schaffer, President. SEATED: Nowell Johnson, Trustee; Eloise Bowling, Secretary; Jacob Shank, Vice President. OJPERJMBNDENT MR. J. DAVID MYERS 12Mr. Arthur King Mrs. Mary Leatherbury Mr. Duane Richardson SECR0ARY PRINOPAL BUSINESS MANAGER BUS DRIVERS L to R: Warren Humeston, LaDeama Phelps, Marjorie Patten, Viola Upston, Lewis Jenkins, Dewight Runyon. ABSENT: Eastman McFadden, Vem Camp, Doug Cook. CUSTODIANS Earl Samson 14 Lewis and Bertha PervineCOOKS AND AIDES L to R, BACK: Mrs. Gladys Pileri, Mis. Sue Smith. FRONT: Mis. Madge Reese, Miss Sue Waffle. SECOND SHIFT: L to R: Rita Pecceu, Elizabeth Fox, Rosie Pecceu, Christina Pecceu, Cindy Tompkins, Mary Ann Pecceu. FIRST SHIFT: L to R, STAND' ING: Sandy Cummins, Brian Lindquist. SITTING: Dian Saltzgaber, Ruth Nagle, Mark Stemaly, Cindy Osborne. 15OFFICE AIDES L to R, BACK: Susan Hopkins, Kitty Hamlin, Wayne Woods, FRONT: Mark Saltzgaber, Polly Dowding, Becky Snow, and Dennis Masters. LIBRARY AIDES L to R: Nancy Banks, April Watkins, Ruth Cummings, Mrs. Dorothy Marshall, Ila Hulbert, and Carol Wolcott. 16MR. BRUCE FORMSMA: Music, German MR. ROGER MAPLES: Science, Business Law MRS. SALLY HAMMOND: Business, Journalism 18MR. CLARE MARTINSON: Math, Physics MR. JAMES MESSACAR: Industrial Arts MRS. HARRIETTE MILLIMAN: Home Economics MR. NED MARTINSON: Science, MathMRS. ELEANOR RANDALL: English. Speech NWS. CATHY SLADE: Social Studies, Physical Education MR. LARRY STOUT: History, Physical Education, Counseling MR. PAUL SWEET: English MR. ROBERT TYCKOSKI: Mathematics 2021MR. ANDY STEMALY MRS. DOROTHY MARSHALL MRS. GLADYS PILERI CAveri£ACl-i£ £ L to R: Mary Kowalski, Dennis Masters, Norman Taylor, Peggy Groholske, Doug Johnson, Patti Young. 2224 Patti Camp YoungJim Easterday Jon Cavinder Cindy Ciotta William Cummins Dave EasterdayElizabeth Fox Elizabeth Furu Peggy Groholske Kitty Guile Hamlin 2629Sue Sommer Nancy Russell Mark Saltzgaber Marvin Shaffer Bill Smith31 Elizabeth Washburn MR. NED MARTINSON To Mr. Ned Martinson with our deepest appreciation for all the time, effort, and understanding you have given us in the past three years. We the class of '72 give you our sincerest thanks. 32STUDENTS LEFT TO RIGHT: Patti Young, Salutatorian; Elizabeth Furu, Valedictorian. LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW: Peggy Groholske, Mary Kowalski, lanet Baird. BOTTOM ROW: Doug Johnson, Dennis Masters.DO YOU RWBER? Marvin Shaffer Patt Camp Deanna Millard Susan Hopkins Mary Kowalski Nancy Russell 34Peggy Groholske Ken Swick Susan Reimer Doug Johnson Bill Cummins Steve Klingaman 35SENIOR ACHIEVEMENTS ADAMS, WANDA... F.H.A. - 1,2,3,4, Budget Chairman - 4; H.C.C. - 2,3; Pep Club - 1,2,3, Vice President - 1, President - 3; Cabaret - 3; Journalism Staff - 2,3,4, Yearbook Editor - 3,4; Kitchen Aide - 1,2,3; Office Aide - 1,2,3; Athletic Secretary - 4. BAIRD, JANET ... F.H.A. - 1,2,3,4, President - 4, Vice President - 3; H.C.C. - 1, 2.3.4, Reporter - 3, Historian-Reporter - 4; Band - 2,3,4, Band Secretary - 4; Choir-3,4; Pep Band - 2,3,4; Powder Puff Football - 3; Pep Club - 1. BROWN, CARLONNA ... Vocational School - 4; Karate - 4. CAVINDER, JON ... Football - 1,2,3; Basketball - 1,2,3; Track - 1,2,3; Varsity Club - 2,3; Homecoming Court - 4. CIOTTA, CINDY ... Christmas Inn - 4; Class Officer - 2,3; Powder Puff Football - 3; Band - 2,3. CUMMINS, WILLIAM ... Football Manager - 12,; Basketball Manager - 2; Track Manager - 3. EASTERDAY, DAVE ... Basketball - 3,4; Football - 2,3,4; Baseball - 3,4; Class Officer - 4; Varsity Club - 4, Vice President - 4; Homecoming King - 4; Christmas Inn - 4. EASTERDAY, JIM ... Track - 3,4; Cabaret - 3; Christmas Inn - 4; Vocational School 3.4. FOX, ELIZABETH ... F.H.A. - 2,3,4; H.C.C. - 3,4; Kitchen Aide - 3,4. FURU, ELIZABETH ... Band - 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. - 1,2,3; Student Council - 3; Class Officer - 1; Homecoming Court - 2. GROHOLSKE, PEGGY ... Cheerleader - 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. - 1,2,3.4; Class Officer - 1 2,3,4; Powder Puff Football - 3; Homecoming Court - 1, Homecoming Queen - 4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Office Aide - 1,2. HAMLIN, KITTY ... Powder Puff Football - 3; Cabaret - 3,4; Choir - 4; Journalism Staff - 4, Business Manager - 4; Office Aide - 4. HAZEN, MARY ... Choir - 1,2,3,4; Powder Puff Football - 3; Cabaret - 4; Elementary School Library Aide - 3,4; Orchestra - 1; Journalism Staff - 4, 1st Semester IDEA Editor - 4. HOPKINS, SUSAN ... Girls’ Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Drum Majorette - 2; Cheerleader -2,3,4; Office Aide - 4; Varsity Club Queen - 4. HULBH1T, AMANDA ... Vocational School - 4. JOHNSON, DOUG ... Football - 1,2,3,4; Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Baseball - 1,2 3,4; Varsity Club - 2,3,4, Vice President - 3, President - 4; Homecoming Court - 2. KATZ, CHRIS ... Intramurals - 1,2,3; Vocational School - 4. KLINGAMAN, STEVE ... Intramurals - 2,3; Basketball - 4. KOWALSKI, MARY ... F.H.A. - 1,2,3,4, Officer - 1,2,3; Cheerleader - 1,2; Student Council - 1; Powder Puff Football - 3; Class Officer - 3,4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Office Aide - 1,2,3; Cabaret - 3; Christmas Inn - 4.MASTERS, DENNIS ... Student Council - 1,4; Class Officer - 3; Basketball - 3,4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Office Aide - 4; Christmas Inn - 4. MILLARD, DEANNA ... Powder Puff Football - 3; Band - 1,3,4; Homecoming Court -3,4; Cabaret - 3; Christmas Inn - 4, MILLARD, DEBRA ... Journalism Staff - 4; Christmas Inn - 4. NAGEL, MARY ... F.H.A. - 1,2,3,4, Vice President - 4. NEWLAND, LINDA ... Drum Majorette - 1; Journalism Staff - 4; Assistant Yearbook Editor - 4. RIMER, SUSAN ... Band - 1,2,3,4, All Star Band - 3,4; Student Council - 3,4; H.C.C. - 2,3,4, Officer - 3,4; F.H.A. - 3,4, Officer - 4; Alternate Cheerleader -4; Girls' Basketball - 2; Office Aide - 3,4; Karate - 4; Co-Youth Chairman for Easter Seals - 4. ROSENBERRY, GORDON ... Vicational School - 4. RUSSELL, NANCY ... F.H.A. - 1,2,3,4, Officer - 4; Choir - 3,4; Office Aide - 4; Cabaret - 3; Christmas Inn - 4. SALTZGABER, MARK ... Homecoming Court - 1; Student Council - 1,2,3, President -4; Football - 1,2,3,4; Basketball - 1,2,3; Track - 1,2,3,4; State Track Meet - 3,4; Cadet Teacher - 4; Varsity Club - 2,3,4; Boys' State Representative - 3; Cabaret M.C. 3,4; Football Captain - 4, Track Captain - 3,4; Youth Chairman for Easter Seals - 4; Nomination for Air Force Military Academy - 4; Office Aide - 3,4; Most Valuable Player for Football and Track - 3. SHAFFER, BEV ... Journalism Staff - 4; Cheerleader - 1,2; Student Council - 1,2; Office Aide - 2; Christmas Inn - 4. SHAFFER, MARVIN ... Football - 1,2,3; Baseball - 1,2; Varsity Club - 1,2; Basketball - 1,2; Band - 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court - 3,4; Freshman Award for Football -1; Christmas Inn - 4. SMITH, BILL ... Christmas Inn - 4. SOMMER, SUE ... Cheerleader - 2; Journalism Staff - 3; F. H. A. - 3, Parliamentarian 4. STEMALY, JUDY ... Homecoming Court - 4; Student Council Secretary - 4; Powder Puff Football - 3; F. H. A. - 2. SWICK, KEN ... Football - 1,2; Class Officer - 2; Christmas Inn - 4; Journalism Staff - 4. TETREAULT, JEAN ... Vocational School - 4; Christmas Inn - 4. VANDERPOOL, MALCOLM ... Basketball Manager - 1,2,3,4; Football Manager - 3,4; Varsity Club - 2,3,4. WASHBURN, ELIZABETH ... Powder Puff Football - 3; Pep Club - 1; Vocational School - 3,4. YOUNG, PATTI ... F.H.A. - 1,2,3,4; Class Officer - 2,3; Cheerleader - 3,4; Powder Puff Football - 3; Snow Ball Queen - 1; D.A.R. Good Citizen - 4; Cadet Teacher -4; Office Aide - 1,2; Cabaret - 3.CLAQQ WSrORY by Peggy Groholske and Doug Johnson Remember the first lesson we had to learn back in 1959, which was to distinguish the difference between the boys' and girls' restroom. We were rather slow at learning so consequently a few of us had trouble making it on time. That was a good way of getting a day off school. Then we moved into first grade and to our dismay we realized they no longer served cookies and milk and naps were discontinued. It was a long dry year, but finally we made it to second grade. Trying to conquer the task of writing our names, brought increased tension to many of us especially to one person I know, who started chewing gum and was told to get rid of it so he threw it up in the air and it accidentally stuck on the ceiling. Way to hang in there Doug! Third grade brought a gang of well adjusted eager beavers. Mrs. Martinson for some reason, always had a bottle of Excedrin in her drawer - we never could figure that one out. For fourth grade excitement, we traveled to Lansing to see, what to us looked like the White House, but we found out it was just the State's capitol - what a disappointment. In fifth grade our talent was found, we started playing the tonettes. The teachers started our class in band a few years early because they felt we had an excess of wind. Sixth grade is remembered by most everyone by the trip to Greenfield Village and the annual sixth grade kite flying contest. High flying Jon Cavinder brought in first prize with Diane Jordan coming up tail end. Seventh grade brought much disappointment to half the class because part of us had to remain at the elementary school. The half that remained went through three different teachers, carried on strikes against learning, and were bully threats to members of the rest of the elementary school. This year we had many new additions to the class coming from Eckfoid. In eighth grade our class was finally reunited again and the man who had the honor of helping us inaugurate our years in high school was Mr. Steve Miller of whom I'm sure felt it was a great privilege. Our first homecoming king and queen were Dave Easterday and Teresa Sours. Finally we had a title, Freshmen, our first year as official high school students brought many new activities to our class. We went all out for our freshman float, spending $50 - only thing 75 per cent of this was spent on potato chips and pop. What's more we didn’t even place, but we did receive honorable mention. Mark Saltzgaber and Peggy Groholske were chosen as homecoming king and queen. Our sophomore year brought us a new referee, Mr. Ned Martinson, who helped us have a successful Spring Swing and decide on our class rings, which of course we thought were the very best. Doug Johnson and Beth Furu were elected king and queen. Eleventh grade was probably our most productive year when we turned to Women’s Lib by electing Mary Kowalski as president. We were involved with many activities including Junior-Senior Prom, selling magazines and candy as well. We ate twice as much as we sold just in chemistry class. Deanna Millard and Marvin Shaffer were chosen as king and queen. Finally we reached the goal we had long been waiting for - Seniors. To start out the year the Homecoming court was selected: Jon Cavinder, Dave Easterday and Marvin Shaffer, Deanna Millard, Judy Stemaly, Peggy Groholske. Peggy and Dave were chosen as Homecoming king and queen. We were entertained by the juniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. We had a smorgasbord dinner at the Union Church dining room and the prom followed in the gym. It was a lovely occasion and a very memorable one. The year seemed to go quite fast to most of us. All of a sudden we are ready to graduate. Out of the original 41, we have 14 originals and 22 have joined us, and that brings us up to date as of May 25, 1972.OAS£ MOTTO by Dennis Masters Mr. Myers, Mr. Richardson, faculty, parents, and friends: "When you give up the right to be different, you give up the right to be free. " This was spoken by the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court - Charles Evans Hughes. This is the mono we, the Class of 1972, have chosen. I think this has a really significant meaning not just to us here on the stage, or you on the floor of the gym, but to all the people of the United States. I feel this is one of the thoughts our country is based on. This is what makes us individuals, we are not manufactured, but we all have our own ideas and thoughts, we can be influenced, as Henry David Thoreau points out: "The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till another day. " No two of us here tonight are the same person, eyelash for eyelash, wrinkle for wrinkle, all of us are not wearing the same clothes, but the idea is mental as well as physical. In China they aren’t free because they only think one man's thoughts. But we in the United States, we are different, we have the right to be different, we can be influenced, but that is all. Richard Lovelace said it very well: Stonewalls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage; minds innocent and quiet take, that for an hermitage; if I have freedom in my love and in my soul am free, Angels that soar above. Enjoy such liberty.CLAQQ IMLL by Janet Baird We, the graduating class of 1972, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following: I, Wanda Adams, will my journalistic ability to Jackie Newton. I, Janet Baird, will my beauty, brains, and luck with the guys to my sister, Cora, who desperately needs all three. I, Carlonna Brown, will my artistic ability to Mr. Sweet, so he can paint his own tree. I, Cindy Ciotta, will my ability to wiggle out of getting a ticket to my brother, Steve, who needs to start learning. I, Bill Cummins, will my beard and fast car to Mr. Richardson, who wouldn't know what to do with them. I, Dave Easterday, will my height to Randy Shank. I, Jim Easterday, will the first part of my last name to Mr. Rabbit, 1 mean Mr. Richardson. I, Elizabeth Fox, will my ability, as class chatterbox, to talk myself out of any predicament to any poor speechless soul who can't. I, Beth Furu, will my chest to Kimber Tageson. I. Peggy Groholske and Mary Kowaski, will our good Polish merits to Robin Groholske, Evett Kowalski, and Mr. Tyckoski, who may find them handy. I, Kitty Hamlin, will my curly hair to Richard Hazen. I, Mary Hazen, will my ability to wear tight form-fitting sweaters and look the same from any 2 directions to Vonda B. I, Susan Hopkins, will my shy and timid ways to Debbie Stefancic. I, Amanda Hulbert, will my paper route to my sister, Ila, if she is dumb enough to take it. I, Doug Johnson, will my ability to foul out of a basketball game to Bruce Shedd, who always has a good start. I, Chris Katz, will all my empty beer cans to Kimber Tageson. I, Steve Klingaman, will all my credits to Nancy Banks, who will need them to graduate. I, Dennis Masters, will my basketball ability to Marilyn Bowling, who I'm sure could do without. I, Deanna Millar, will my ability to get along with everyone and not like anyone to Tom Tetreault, who likes everyone, but can't get along with anyone. I, Debra Millard, will my driving ability to this year's Driver's Ed. class. I, Mary Nagel, will all my Trig, grades to my sister, Joyce, who probably doesn't want them anyway. I, Linda Newland, will my height to Debbie Hampton, who just can't seem to quit growing. I, Susan Reimer, will my ability to talk all the time and say nothing, to Sandra Masters, who never talks but says alot. I, Gordon Rosenberry, will my Econ. grades to Norm Taylor, who probably doesn't need them. I, Mark Saltzgaber, will my crutches to Mr. Richardson, even though he has them already. I, Bev Shaffer, will my sweet nature to Mrs. Marshall. I, Marv Shaffer, will my ability to get a ride home from school, to everyone who has to walk. We, Sue Sommers and Nancy Russell, will our singing ability to next year's choir. I, Judy Stemaly, will my ability to wear a dress to school three times a week, to Jackie Newton, who can't seem to wear one three times a year. 1, Ken Swick, will my ability to break into car trunks, to Jeff Jones, who needs some lessons. I, Jean Tetreault, will my fantastic figure to Ray Moody. I, Patty Young, will my height to Sharon Mack. I, Malcolm Vanderpool, will to Rodney Sizeland, the obese lady from Hanover-Horton, if he thinks he can duck her punches. We, the graduating class of 1972, will to the class of 1973, better luck on their senior skip day.OA££ PROPWECy by Mary Kowalski To think 20 years past since our night of graduation. When we were all eager to rush out to the wild blue yonder. I wonder then if our class would be unique. If we would be able to keep in touch with each of my classmates. If their personality and characteristics during high school, would follow them through life. On May 27, 1972 there were 36 bright-eyed and bushy haired gang of seniors. We were thrown into the beginning of a very industrialized, mechanized and computerized society. If not for the wonders of that knowledged electrician, Doug Johnson, who was always able to spark off a lot of static, much of my information would not have arrived quite as prompt and accurately. The gang's one and only Kenny Swick, who always predicted he'd be a professional bum, turned out to be the best in the business. His list of soon to graduate pupils, waspublished inthe top selling paper of the country. That’s right the "Tekonsha IDEA. " The hard working head editors, Wanda Adams and Linda Newland, are at the present working on an article about the space program. The star of that game is good ole Dennis Masters. You all may think that was quite a jump but he always did have more guts than bounce in school. He's heavy in the Kitty Kat Club, his personal secretary, the Polish Pussy Cat Peg Groholske, is working double time to carry out the business for that sexy popular football player Davey Easterday, who was recently pictured in the papers with top model Jean Tetreault, who claims most of her fame goes to the successful boutique owner Judy Stemaly. Even though distances may be far, another source of information was the radio where news is telecast by the famous disc-jockey, who in his early days introduced a great number of fabulous acts to our community, Mark Saltzgaber. His extraordinary gift of gab and influence brought the successful act of Hamlin, Hazen, and Russell, into the limelights, in a standing ovation performance which featured top musicians Deanna Millard, Marv Shaffer, and Susan Reimer, who will soon be taking off for a world tour. They will be traveling by TUC (take your chances flight). Piloted by Bill Cummings and Jon Cavinder, who we all knew would sooner or later be going fast enough to fly (only we thought it would be in their cars). Well, they have hired as their stewardess Chris Katz, who always did have good legs. We find the plane in the pit being worked on every once in a while by the top Diagnostic Eliz Fox, whose motto of mechanical medicine is "A shot of STP ought to do it." The radio station was then interrupted to bring a special bulletin, a break-through in Science or was it a blow up. Well, anyway, the top scientist Beth Furu, and her assistant Jim Easterday, are desperately looking for a cure to the widespread epidemic of Hoof and Mouth Disease which has invaded the classrooms of concerned teachers Mary Nagel and Patti Young. They feel the epidemic is due to the improper acts carried on by nursery pupils. Officers Amanda Hulbert and Steve Klingaman, were called in to break things up, who now have their own car 54. A quote stating "They're the best officers in the business" was given by precinct chief Gordon Rosenberry. He went on further to say that he had recently apprehended two characters, Susan Hopkins and Sue Sommers, who were charged with excessive noise while stopped at a red light, and talking to each other while in separate cars. As the argument heated, cool headed detective Bev Shaffer, arrived and brought things under control. But actions around the area are still high for a strike being carried out by lively liberated activist Cindy Ciotta, whose gripes were stated against the management at the Millard and Baird’s Saloons Inc. She received help by the artistic Carlonna Brown, whose illustrations won her the title of Miss Poster Pin Up Girl U. S. A. These actions prompted Malcolm Vanderpool to hire Carlonna as his illustrations for his Mai Mart chain of grocery stores. I guess time does fly, so I've got ten minutes til I’m off duty and I’ve got patients to tuck in. They sure aren’t like they used to be, they’re now demanding bedtime stories, and goodnight kisses. I ’ll bet, if I told the story of those 36 bright eyed and bushy haired gang of 1972, to my patient, Duane Richardson, he'd get a real kick out of it, if it weren't for the fact that he doesn't have much kick left in him. Well, the time is right, "The world shall little note nor long remember what we say here, so each of our actions in the future shall paint our picture of success. " Keep our eyes open and ears to the radio - you ain’t seen nothing yet. 41MOCfC ELECTIONS NEVER ON TIME Jean Tetreault Deanna Millard Ken Swick SWEETEST Bev Shaffer Jim Easterday 42 MOST POPULAR Peggy Groholske Dave Easterday CHATTERBOXES Elizabeth Fox Dennis MastersEASIEST TO GET ALONG WITH Peggy Groholske Dave Easterday MOST FASHIONABLE Beth Furu Steve Kllngaman BEST ATHLETES Susan Hopkins Dave Easterday MOST OUTSTANDING Beth Furu Mark Saltzgaber 43BIGGEST FLIRTS Susan Hopkins Chris Katz 44 MOST PEP Susan Hopkins Mark Saltzgaber MOST MUSICALLY INCLINED Beth Furu Doug JohnsonCLASS OFFICERS: (L to R) Mary Davis, Treas.; Sandy Masters, Sec.; Richard Hazen, Vice-Pres.; Wayne Woods, Pres, Mr. Cinelli Class Advisors Mr. Messacar Cindy Abel Thompson Ronnie Ball Sandy Ball 46Larry Bartow Carolyn Bowling Marilyn Bowling Craig Cole Calvin Cummins Mary Davis Polly Dowding Debbie Hamlin Richard Hazen Gary Hill Jeff Jones Jim Jordon Duane Macomber Sandra Masters Mary Mauer M ike M illard Ray Moody Joyce Nagel Jackie Newton Christine Pecceu 47Rita Pecceu Sharon Price Walter Raginia Mike Rubner Karen Saltzgaber Rodney Sizeland Debbie Stefancic Marcia Tasker Norman Taylor Tom Tetreault Jerry Thenen Shelly Wiescholek 48Cora Baird Nancy Banks Norma Bemis Tim Brewer Kenneth Brownell Michael Carlton CLASS OFFICERS: L to R: Tim Brewer, Vice Pres. ; Randy Shank, Pres.; Debbie Powell, Sec.; Bruce Shedd, Treas. ADVISOR Mr. StoutDavid Clevenger Jaye Cooley Jennifer Cooley Ruth Cummings Lenny Dowding John Duty Jacolyn Fouts Charlene Garr Geneva Goheen Bert Goodman Donald Green Jerry Griffith Ila Hulbert Donna Hunsicker Kathy Keller Robert King Debra LaViolette Elizabeth Macomber Bobby Mains Michele McAtee 51Mary Pecceu Ricky Phelps Debbie Powell Beulah Prater Douglas Quigley Deborah Quimby Allen Richar Randy Shank Bruce Shedd Michele Slone Eli Smith Roxanne Smith Rebecca Snow Bradford Stefan Kim Tageson Steve Tasker Beth Taylor Brian Tompkins April Watkins Joel Weimer CAMERA SHY: Steve Clark Rusty Hampton 52CLASS OFFICERS: (L to R) Bertha Miller, Pres.; Gail Casebeer, Treas.; Mike Wolcott, Vice Pres.; John Nagel, Sec. ADVISOR Mr. Formsma Gail Casebeer Mike Casebeer Steven Ciotta Christy Copeland 54Terry Deevers Michael Duckham Julie Eberts Cathy Furda Gregory Grinnell Bonnie Halbert Debra Hampton Bill Hayes Michael Hopkins Beverly Hughes Dean Jacox Debra Jacox Debra Johnson Wesley Jones Kim Klingaman Donald Lindsey Alan Miller Bertha Miller John Nagel Calvin Neal • Kathy Neal Robert Neels Mark Olds Carol Palik 55Rosemary Pecceu Emmitt Percival Martin Quigley Lois Reese Eugene Richar Randy Russell Scott Shaffer Brian Shedd Phyllis Shilling Ricky Shilling Vicky Shilling Mikel Slone Kevin Strang Kathleen Sweet Marguerite Tetreault Debbie Vreeland Carolyn Wolcott Michael Wolcott James Williams Teresa Winters Gary Wintersteen Sue Wright Drucella Yates Joseph Young 56mm v'y Av A'i58 EIGWTW GRADE Janet Amsler Diane Baird Janet Ball Gary Bartow Michael Blake Penny Brownell Elizabeth Burchfield John Cummings Sherry Cummins Electa Easterday Becky Eberts Kenneth Falan Sara Feltner Ricky Fridline Kim Gard Barbara Griffith David Guilford Sharon Hulbert Gregory Hall Cheryl Hartley Shirley Jordon Merritt Kerschner Evett Kowalski Charles Mack Jimmy Macomber Ronnie Macomber Barbara Masters Paul Millard Gerald Miller Shirley Minniear Todd Morley Joseph NagelMrs. Slade Mr. Maples CLASS OFFICERS: (L to R) Sandra Woods, Sec.-Treas.; Gary Bartow, Pres.; Walter Woods, Vice Pres. ADVISORS Cindy Neels Loralee Phelps George Price Tina Ragina Roberta Rosenberry Susan Rubner Susan Saltzgaber Julie Sanford Jane Sherwood Mark Slone Timothy Smith Connie Spires Cheryl Stefan Cynthia Tompkins Steven Tompkins Maurice Travis Kathy Waffle Linda Weller Ambrose Williams Glenda Williams CAMERA SHY: Mary Elmore Richard GarrSEVENTH GRADE 60 Debbie Bartow Sherri Bonham David Boshears Susan Burchfield Teresa Caldwell Darla Casebeer Tommy Ciotta Richard DuBois Deborah Fouts Harold Fridline Ricky Gard Connie Goodrich Ricky Green Henry Griffith Gary Grinnell Robin Groholske Mark Groth John Hampton Linda Hulbert Robert Johnson Alice Kelly Brenda Kelly William Kerschner Jeffrey Klingman Jeffrey Krumvede Joseph Lindquist Sharon Mack Cindy Marshall Dennis Miller Penny MooreCathryn Newhouse Russell Osborn Randy Powell Forester Prater Denise Ray Teresa Reimer Teresa Richar Sharon Salyr Diane Shank Donald Stefaniak Kathleen Tetreault Richard Tymkew Cindy Vreeland Robert Vreeland Deborah Wadley Sidney Waffle Robin Watkins Tedford Weimer Larry Welsh Gary Wiescholek CLASS OFFICERS: (L to R) Robin Groholske, Sec.; Jeff Krumvede, Vice Pres.; Darla Casebeer, Pres.; Diane Shank, Treas. ADVISOR Mr. Sweet CAMERA SHY: William Travis Raymond Thenen 61cx ©OFFICERS: L to R, BACK TO FRONT: Judy Stemaly, Sec.; Mark Saltzgaber, Pres.; Brian Shedd, Vice Pres.; Patti Young, Susan Riemer, Treas.; Karen Saltzgaber, Sgt. at Arms; Gary Hill, Parliamentarian. SIUDENT GCA ERN UENT REPRESENTATIVES: L to R, BACK TO FRONT: Gene Goheen, Norman Taylor, Joe Linquist, Sharon Mac, Susan Saltzgaber, Jackie Newton, Beth Taylor, Kimber Tageson, Graig Hall, Debbie Powell, Polly Dowding, Sharon Price, Cathy Furda, Dennia Masters, Doug Johnson, Mike Hopkins.me. choir. L to R, BACK ROW: Mr. Formsma, Janet Baird, Debbie LaViolette, Judy Stemaly, Jackie Newton, Gene Goheen, Sharon Price, Mary Hazen, Nancy Russell, Mary Mauer, Kitty Hamlin, Jackie Fouts, Beulah Prater. BOTTOM ROW: Shelly McAtee, Beth Taylor, Becky Snow, April Watkins, Rusty Hampton, Debbie Powell, Sue Sommer, Gail Casebeer, JayeCooley, Cathy Sweet. ABSENT: Jennifer Cooley, Elizabeth Washburn. PtANteiS L to R: Gail Casebeer, Sharon Price, Mary Hazen.MARCHING BAND Majorettes L to R: Debbie Johnson, Cathy Fuxda, Drum Majorette Roxanne Smith, Carol Palik, Darla Casebeer, Shirley Minniear.CONCERT SAND Pfc" W •: «' ''' L-R, STANDING: Mike Blake, Marilyn Bowling, Doug Johnson, Jeff Jones, Gary Wiescholek. THIRD ROW: Sharon Price, Dave Easterday, Connie Baird, Jerry Thenen, Gary Hill, Carolyn Bowling, Gene Goheen, Janet Baird. SECOND ROW: Bruce Shedd, Brian Shedd, Debbie Johnson, Cora Baird, Vonda Boston, Polly Dowding, Jackie Newton, Alice Kelly, Dennis Miller, Linda Weller, Joe Young, Mary Davis, Norman Taylor, Deanna Millard, Marvin Shaffer, Jim Williams, Lori Phelps, Beth Taylor. FRONT ROW: Susan Reimer, Karen Saltzgaber, Kimber Tageson, Randy Shank, Elizabeth Macomber, Norma Bemis, Barbara Masters, Robin Groholske, Diane Shank, Sharon Mack, Linda Hulbert, Teresa Reimer, Shirley Minniear, Jane Sherwood, Sandy Masters, Beth Furu. © NFWRE- WO UE l (AfcERe OFAME JCA L to R, BACK ROW: M. Nagel, N. Russell, S. Reimer, R, Pecceu, P. Young, W. Adams, J. Nagel, B. Prater, M. Maurer. MIDDLE ROW: J. Baird, E. Fox, S. Masters, M. Kowalski, P. Groholske, D. Powell, C. Pecceu. FRONT ROW: D. Hamlin, S. Moody, D. Quimby, G. Goheen, B. Taylor, P. Dowding. ABSENT: Ila Hulbert, Marilyn Bowling. L to R, TOP ROW: N. Russell, Treas.; M. Maurer, Sec.; M. Nagel, Vice Pres.; J. Baird, Pres.; Mrs, Milliman, Advisor: S. Sommers, Parliamentarian; B. Taylor, Song Leader; M. Kowalski, Reporter; J. Nagel, Historian; P. Dowding, Pianist. 68Studen't Council HiSt°rian; Gene G°hec.,. ABSENT: 8 ' Ad »- L to R, BACK ROW: Janet Baird, Bertha Miller, Mary Davis, Beulah Prater, Vicky Shilling. Lenny Dowdlng, Cathy Sweet, Gene Goheen. MIDDLE ROW: Christine Pecceu, Ha Hulbert, Carolyn Wolcott, Joyce Nagel. Nancy Banks, Rita Pecceu, Elizabeth Fox, BOTTOM ROW: Judy Barrington, Gail Casebeer, Rosemary Pecceu, Mrs. Milliman.L to R, TOP: D. Boshears, J. Amsler, E. Quimby, S. Saltzgaber, C. Keller, G. Goheen, B. Prater, S. Price, S. Halbert, S. Woods, S. Stefan, M. Slone, D. Lavlolet, B. Taylor, THIRD ROW: C. Furda, S. Rubner, J. Cooley, N. Banks, J. Newton, R. Rosenberry, L Hulbert, S. Cummins, C. Neels, G. Williams, G. Casebeer. SECOND ROW: B. Snow, S. Minnier, M. Elmore, J. Sanford, L. Weller, T. Caldwell, D, Baird, E. Kowalski, M. Tetreault, L. Phelps, D. Powell. BOTTOM ROW: D. Stefancic, K. Saltzgaber, P. Camp, C. Bowling, P. Groholske, S. Hopkins. cae Gov't Rep.; Evett Kowalski, Sec.; Susan Saltzgaber, Vice Pres.; Sheryl Stefan, Treas.; Sharon Price, Pres.Varsity Club Queen and Escort Susan Hopkins and Doug Johnson L to R, BACK ROW: T. Brewer, N. Taylor, D. Johnson, D. Easter-day, L. Bartow, M. Saltzgaber, J. Jones, A. Richar. MIDDLE ROW: C, Cole, C, Cummins, M. Vanderpool, B. Cummins, J. Thenen, B. Shedd, D. Macomber. FRONT ROW: Mr, Stout, R. Shank, Varsity Club Queen Susan Hopkins, W. Woods, D. Green. 71VOCATIONAL CENTER STUDENTS This year, Tekonsha had 18 juniors and seniors participating in various afternoon programs at the Vocational Education Center in Battle Creek. In addition to those pictured, the following students attended the Center. David Easterday - Male Orderly Chris Katz - Auto Mechanics Walter Ragina - Retailing and Marketing Gordon Rosenberry - Building Trades Sue Sommer - Date Processing Cindy Thompson - Medical Clerk Malcolm Vanderpool - Retailing and Marketing Elizabeth Washburn - Food Service JAMES EASTERDAY Drafting CARLONNA BROWN Commercial Art AMANDA HULBERT Food Service 72MARY DAVIS Medical Clerk RON BALL Welding LASHELLE WIESCHOLEK Floriculture JON CAVINDER Auto Mechanics DEANNA MILLARD and JEAN TETREAULT Secretary JAMES JORDON Air Conditioning 73JOURMAUS U ClAFF L to R: Kitty Hamlin, Business Manager; Linda Newland, Asst. Yearbook Editor; Wanda Adams, Yearbook Editor; Mrs. Sally Hammond, Advisor; Mary Hazen, First Semester Newspaper Editor; Sharon Price, Second Semester Newspaper Editor. L to R, STANDING: Bev Shaffer, Debra Millard, Joyce Nagel, Sharon Price, Mary Hazen, Kitty Hamlin, Wayne Woods. SEATED: Carolyn Bowling, Karen Saltzgaber, Wanda Adams, Linda Newland, Cathy Keller, Ken Swick - Photographer.TEfcONStyn FOOTBALL L to R, BACK ROW: Coach Clark, Mark Saltzgaber, Jerry Thenen, Jeff Jones, Kimber Tageson, Larry Bartow, David Easterday, Doug Johnson, Norman Taylor, Calvin Cummins, Gary Hill, Coach Cinelli, Coach Tyskoski. SECOND ROW: Mike Wolcott, Wayne Woods, Kevin Strang, Craig Cole, Rodney Sizeland, Gene Richar, Kenneth Brownell, Martin Quigley, Mgr. Duane Macomber. FRONT ROW: Mgr. Malcolm Vanderpool, Mgr. Tommy Ciotta, Randy Shank, Rick Phelps, Mike Millard, Scott Shaffer, Terry Deevers, Mike Casebeer.DEFENSIVE TEAM OFFENSIVE TEAM 77COACHES: (L to R) Asst. Coach, Mr. Cinelli, Head Coach, Mr. Clark, Asst. Coach, Mr. Tyckoski. Dave Easterday Doug Johnson Mark SaltzgaberL ,o «, Paiii Camp. Susan Hopkins. Carolyn bowling. K„en Sal.agaber, Debbie Stefancic, Peeey Groholske. 1971 FOGWALL CHEERLEADERS AND ADWSORS Mrs. Linda Clark and Miss Alice Pietryka. 7900 oW£I]Y %AQKEj%m. L to R: Dennis Masters, Duane Macomber, Gary Hill, Doug Johnson, Dave Easterday, Norman Taylor, Ray Moody, Wayne Woods. FRONT ROW: Manager Rodney Sizeland, Coach Stout, Manager Malcolm Vander-pool.82FRESWMAN mCKBmLL L to R, BACK ROW: Kevin Strang, Mike Wolcott, Brian Shedd, Ricky Shilling, Gene Richar, Mr. Tyckoski. MIDDLE ROW: Steve Ciotta, Joe Young, Bill Hayes, Scott Shaffer, Mike Hopkins. BOTTOM ROW: Randy Russell, Greg Grinnell, Terry Deevers. Wesley Jones. JUNIOR VAR flY BAQKEIWJL. L to R: Tim Brewer, Steve Tasker, Tom Tetreault, Bruce Shedd, Dennis Wright, A1 Richar, Dave Clevenger, Don Green, Randy Shank, Coach: Mr. Stout.84VARSITY: L to R: Debbie Stefancic, Peggy Groholske, Patty Young, Karen Saltzgaber, Carolyn Bowling, Susan Hopkins. Susan Reimer (Varsity) CWEERl£ADER£ JUNIOR VARSITY: L to R, TOP TO BOTTOM: Beth Taylor Debbie Powell Becky Snow Cathy Furda Gail Casebeer Diane Boshears 85EIGHTH GRADE 7 L to R, BACK ROW: Ron Macomber, Gary Bartow, Walter Woods t Falan, Coach Cinelli. FRONT ROW: Charles Mack, Mgr. Todd Wh Cummtags Ken ber, Geordie Price, Greg Hall, Mike Blake. e ‘ irnmy Macom- L to R, BACK ROW: Ricky Green, Tom Ciotta, Joe Lindquist, Mike Woods, Bill Kerschner, Coach Cinelli. FRONT ROW: Randy Powell, David Boshears, Dennis Miller, Harold Frid-line, Charles Mack, Mgr.eighth grade cheerleaders L to R, TOP TO BOTTOM: Shirley Minniear, Susan Saltzgaber, Lori Phelps, Sandra Woods, Sheryl Stefan, Jane Sherwood. SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS L to R, TOP TO BOTTOM: Linda Hulbert, Diane Shank, Margaret Woods, Brenda Kelly, Darla Casebeer, Deborah Wadley. 87fMRd UURALS 7W WPS 88 L-R: Bruce Shedd, Ricky Shilling, Joe Nagel, Ricky Tymkew, Randy Russell. L-R: Jackie Fouls, Marilyn Bowling, Ha Hul-bert, Ruth Cummings.L to R, BACK ROW: Asst. Coach Sharon Heisler, Carol Palik, Marilyn Bowling, Susan Hopkins, Bert Miller, Becky Snow, Jackie Newton, Ruth Cummings, Coach Ethel Hopkins. FRONT ROW: Judy Barrington, Jean Goheen, Lori Phelps, Dian Boshears, Ila Hulbert. L to R, STANDING: Coach, Betty Shank, Becky Snow, Sandy Woods, Marilyn Bowling, Carolyn Bowling. Teresa Richar. KNEELING: Robin Watkins, Sheryl Stefan, Lori Phelps, Susan Saltzgaber. GfRIS’ 7EAOO S9 L to R, STANDING: Coach Tyckoski, Tim Brewer, Kimber Tageson, Dave Eastetday, Doug Johnson, Norman Taylor, Allen Richar, Coach Stout. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Rod Sizeland, Randy Shank, Wayne Woods, Jeff lones, Bruce Shedd, Mike Wolcott, John Nagel. FRONT: Cary Hill, Dave Clevenger, Wes Jones, Kev Strang, Duane Macomber.WSnVTRACfc T$4M L to R, STANDING: Mgr. Mike Slone, Mark Saltzgaber, Norman Taylor, Richard Hazen, Tom Tetreault, Allen Richar, Bruce Shedd, Mike Wolcott, Jerry Thenen, Coach Cinelli. SECOND ROW: Craig Cole, Mike Duckham, Robert Neels, Mike Millard, Terry Deevers. FRONT ROW: Mike Hopkins, Don Green, Jim Jordon, Randy Russell, Randy Shank. L-R, STANDING: Tom Ciotta, John Cummings, Gary Bartow, Joe Lind quist, Coach Ed Cinelli. FRONT ROW: Ricky Green, Jim Macomber, Greg Hall. bigutu GRADE. 1RACK TEAM94FRESHMAN FLOAT "Raisin Bran" First Place SEVENTH GRADE FLOAT "Tang" Third Place JUNIOR FLOAT "Spicy Spartans" RRlBir98f-fO|UECOMlN £ COURT SENIOR - Jon Cavinder Judy Stemaly SENIOR - Deanna Millard Marvin Shaffer JUNIOR - Marcia Tasker Tom Tetreault SOPHOMORE - Beth Taylor Don Green FRESHMAN - Bertha Miller Martin Quigley EIGHTH - Jane Sherwood Walter Woods SEVENTH - Darla Casebeer Tom Ciotta 99pave AND PE6QY 100 W0MEC0IUIN6 WN AND QUEEN101CHRISTMAS fM T’was the night after Christmas vacation And all through the town. Not a person was stirring, You could not hear a sound. All the townsfolk were nestled all snug in the gym Awaiting for Santa and the Christmas Inn to begin. The ladles in their finery, The gents in their ties. Both young and old and in every size! When out in the road there arose such a clatter, They sprang from their seats to see what was the matter. When what to their wondering eyes should appear. But Santa, his sleigh, and seven reindeer. With gifts galore And skits, and more! The admission is a toy for a tot So come join us in this joyful spot! Mr. Messacar - Chairman Santa Claus and reindeer: L to R, BACK: Bill Quigley, Mike Wolcott, Bill Smith, Jeff Jones. FRONT: Dennis Master, Rodney Sizeland, Marvin Shaffer, Duane Ma-comber. 102Jim Easterday - Scrooge, Ken Swick - Grinch SANTA'S ELVES: BACK: Mary Kowalski (Evet), Jean Tetreault (Ralph). FRONT: Deanna Millard (Charlie), Bev Rubner (Herby). 103 Spirit of Christmas - Cindy Ciotta104Whipping his notes into shape. How about a kiss babe! She lifted her chin. She flew out of the room. CABARET On April 21, the Student Council sponsored the second annual CABARET. The following pictures recapture some of the many talented performances. Oh Happy Day 105Master and Mistress of Ceremonies Mark Saltzgaber, Mary Nagel 'The Wedding Song 'The Look of Love' I say, I say, I say ... Out dam spot! 106"White lace and promises” "Watching the signs along the way" "Together "Herman, that’s my husband you know. " 107AlULBfZ OFTWEV AR 108 SPORTS AU ARDS MOST VALUABLE LINEMAN Dave Easterday MOST VALUABLE FREETHROW AWARD MOST REBOUNDS Doug Johnson Dave Easterday MOST VALUABLE Doug Johnson HIGHEST BATTING AVERAGE Kimber Tageson 109TRACK MOST VALUABLE Don Green MOST OUTSTANDING Mark Saltzgaber ORIS’ BAQKEIBALL MOST VALUABLE MOST IMPROVED Susan Hopkins Becky Snow no112113SENIOR BREAKFAST May 18, 1972JUNIOR-SENIOR, BANOUET 115JUNIOR-SENIOR FROM 116The class of 73 honored the graduating class of '72 on May 19, with a smorgasbord dinner at the Union Church in Tekonsha. Following the Banquet was the Junior-Senior Prom. Springtime decorations were combined with the theme of "We’ve Only Just Begun. " Entertainment was provided by Andrew's Lab. 117GRADUATION Thirty-six seniors graduated from Tekonsha High School on the night of May 25. Certificates were awarded to the Vocational students. Pins were awarded to the honor students. Special awards were presented to the following students: Senior class president, Cindy Ciotta; Math award, Patti Young; Home Economics award, Janet Baird; Science award, Beth Furu; John Philip Sousa award, Dave Easterday; Outstanding Bandsman and Soloist award, Beth Furu; Athlete of the Year, Doug Johnson; Reader's Digest award, Beth Furu; "I Dare You" awards, Peggy Groholske, Mark Saltzgaber; Society of Outstanding American High School Students, Beth Furu 118119120121122ppiNOPAL Keith Clark FACULTY Mrs. Nancy Harris Speech L to R, TOP ROW: Miss Alice Pietryka, Mrs. Norma Searle, Mr. Harold Torrey, Mrs. Ruth Humeston, Mrs. Jeannette Randall, Mrs. Beverly Bessler. MIDDLE ROW; Miss Kay Waterbury, Miss Becky Gothberg, Mrs. Irma Martinson, Mrs. Judy Jenkins, Mrs. Linda Clark. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Penny Starr, Miss Mary DeGenio, Mrs. Daisy Allman, Mr. Dewight Runyon.SECRETARY Mrs. Marcedes Johnson Powers’ aide Mrs. Betty Shank CUSTODIANS Mr. Lewis Jenkins Mr. Harry Gallup ABSENT: Mr. John Byers library and Office aides STANDING: Nancy Russell. Cindy Ciotta, Beth Burchfield, Debbie Hamlin. SITTING: Ray Moody. Wanda Adams, Susan Reimer, Gail Casebeer, Shelly McAtee. 125 L to R, BACK ROW: Doug Doolittle, Mike Devenney, Dave Miller, Ruth Nagel, Nancy Price, Brian Lindquist, Rusty Cummins, Virginia Moore. FOURTH ROW: Jody Hawkins, Dale Olds, Mark Stemaly, Linda Brown, Annette Brewer. Lacinda Phair, Dawn Watkins, Sandy Cummins, Sherry Newhouse, Pam Robinson. THIRD ROW: Dianne Saltzgaber. Jackie Upston, Brenda Ragina, Teresa Davis, Mark Richar, Tim McPherson, Cindy Osborn, Jewell Cooley, Danny Lewis. SECOND ROW: Hubert Kelly, Terry King, Julie Klingaman, Julie Jordon, Renee Bidwell, Jerry Eisher, Lori Shank, Dawn Randall, Michele Johnson. FRONT ROW; Mike Nagel, Danny Shaffer, Dennis Falan, Susan Jones, Wannetta Phair, Robert Welsh, Steve Morley, Bob Persails, Jeff Thornton.CtXJU GRADE L to R, BACK ROW: Diane Saltzgaber, Jody Hawkins, Diane Amsler, Sandra Cummins, Lois Hazen, Bryan Lindquist, Penny Lindsey, Durwood Shillings, Sherry Newhouse, Shelly Neal. MIDDLE ROW: Brenda Tompkins, Dawn Randall, Virgil Halbert, Cindy Osborn, Pamela Robinson, Jeff Thornton, Kurt Sherwood, Butch Barrington, Walter Waffle, Lacinda Phair, Sally Maurer, Karen Wilson, Marc Stemaly. BOTTOM ROW: Laura Stall, Tim McPherson, Max Caldwell, Dan Baylis, Debra Prue, Julie Jordan, Dennis Parker, Patty Green, teacher Mr. Runyon. L to R, BACK ROW: Penny Reincke, David Miller, Chester Prater, Danny Lewis, Mike Hazel, David Shedd, Linda Millard, Holly McMillen, Linda Brown, Rusty Cummins, Terry King. MIDDLE ROW: Jackie Upston, Virginia Moore, Teresa Endicott, Teresa Davis, Brenda Raginia, Brenda Hamlin, Michelle Johnson, Sally Smith, Patty Lindsey, Laurie Shank, Jewell Cooley, Mrs. Jenkins. BOTTOM ROW: Ruth Nagel, Mike Travis, Paul Palik, MarkRichar, Doug Fix, Jeff Duckham, Dale Olds, Allie Amsler. 127FfFTf-f GRADE L to R, BACK ROW: Danny Sweet, Ronnie Kiessling, Jerry Eishen, Dawn Watkins, Nancy Price, Annette Brewer, Virginia Moore, Robin Smith, John Moran, Bryan White, Mrs. Searle. MIDDLE ROW: Julie Klinga-man, Vicki Hampton, Rodney Macomber, Mike Nagel, Susan Jones, Ricky Mack, Bob Persails, Jody Hunt, Susan Hayes. BOTTOM ROW: David Dye, Wade Patten, Donnetta Yates, Laurie Hazel, Julie Randall, Dawn Hartle, Dennis Falan, Hubert Kelly. L to R, BACK ROW: Jim Duckham, Robert Percival, Claudia Slone, Kollene Kerschner, Doug Doolittle, Michael Devenney, Kim Ray, Elaine Kiessling, Debra Van Hoose, Mrs. Clark. MIDDLE ROW: Mark Hamlin, Patrick Davis, Tommy Wright, William Day, Todd Tageson, Rennee Bidwell, Michelle Newhouse, Vernice Slone, Sharon Weller. BOTTOM ROW; Danny Shaffer, Wanetta Phair, Dawn Bemis, Donnie Spires, Tracee Vincent, Robert Welsh, Marty Nagel, Steve Morley. ABSENT: Hank Siefke, Debra Cole. 128FOURTH GRADE L to R, BACK ROW: Daryl Cummins, Rodney Weller, Jimmy Jenkins, Larry Griffith, Billy Wiescholek, Myron Wolcott, Suzi Bessler, Debra Stuart, Mrs. Randall. MIDDLE ROW: Jeannette Davis, Douglas Minniear, Bruce White, Rita Marshall, Dick Spires, Danny.Warner, Sanna Robinson, Alan Hulsebus, Douglas Myers. BOTTOM ROW: Florinda Jenkins, Rosie Nagel, Gloria Tetreault, John O'Dell, Ann Casebeer, Robin Goodrich, Michelle Montgomery, Floyd Seigal. ABSENT: Pam Cole, Vonnie Boston. 129 L to R, BACK ROW: Carla Strang, Debra Reincke, Kathryn Eberts, Leroy O'Brien, Mark Klingaman, Ross Up-ston, Mark Macomber, Jack Macornber, Mrs. Allman. MIDDLE ROW: Lorraine Bessler, Gary White, Marlene Friend, Donald Neels, Phillip Goodrich, Doug Saltzgaber, Melanie Doolittle, Marie Waffle, Jack Woods, Dennis Bradley. BOTTOM ROW: Jay Roark, Janice Krumvede, Nancy Jones, Dale Hartley, Vicki Sisco, Tim Wadley. ABSENT: Randy Cole, Carrie Halbrook.TWfRD G AD L to R, BACK ROW: Melanie Johnson, Cindy Schafer, Gary Goodrich, Reba Easterday, Bobby Wiescholek, Bessie Halbert, Lori Washburn, Mrs. Martinson. MIDDLE ROW: Buddy Mack, Phillip Wolf, Brian Neel, Scott Eischen, Scott Doolittle, Chris Hampton, Kerrie Bagley, JaneShedd. BOTTOM ROW: Jane Olds, Jill Blake, Scott Randall, Joannie Slone, Marla Strang, Eric Ciotta. ABSENT: Shelly Hinspeter. L to R, BACK ROW: Robin Doolittle, Rose Phair, Randy Morley, Cheryl Doolittle, Teresa Fridline, Todd Sherwood, Deana Yates, Mr. Torrey. MIDDLE ROW: Paula Weller, Kim Reincke, Cindy LaFond, Evette Gipson, Clinton Reincke, Bradley Richardson, Kelly Boothby, Scott Waffle. BOTTOM ROW: Jamie Sisco, Terri Kemp-ton, Tim Beam, Jerry Langridge, Todd Neels, Matt Zimmerman.SECOND GRADE L to R, BACK ROW: Danny Stuart, Toni Reimer, Wayne Ray, Bonnie Jordon, Annita Parshall, David Sweet. MIDDLE ROW: Christina Siegal, Crystal Copeland, DeAnn Schafer, Scott Falan, Renee Montgomery, Brian Sherman, Mark Hulsebus, Miss Gothberg. BOTTOM ROW: Billy Morley, Verli De Stefan, Frank Weller, Harold Kemp, Julie Goodrich, John Blashfield. 131 L to R, BACK ROW: Harold Palik, Lewis Goheen, Jeff Draper, Janice White, LeAnn Waffle, Tim Katz, Miss Pietryka. MIDDLE ROW: Scott Thornton, Sheila Davis, Frank LaFond, Bill VanHoose, Mark Warner, Jim Wolf, Judy McAtee. BOTTOM ROW: Brenda Salyer, David Stayner, Michon Hampton, Russell Weimer, Mary Woods, Larry Goodrich. ABSENT: Kevin Hinspeter.SECOND GRADE L to R, BACK ROW: Cindy Weimer, Della Prater, John Combs, John MIDDLE ROW: Terry Weller, Don Drum, Alan Jones, Tim Kemp. BOTTOM ROW: Ruth Ann Mullins, Bruce Mullins, Mike Drum, Patty Daniels, Mrs. Clark. ABSENT: Carlis Pirklns, Roy Hakes. L to R, BACK ROW: Tony Jenkins, Chris Granger, Brenda Cook, Angela Griffith, Kevin Klingaman, Shawn Kemp, Miss DeGenio. MIDDLE ROW: Lynn Smith, Robin Burkhart, Nancy Thompson, Kim Myers, Jeannie Lindquist, Angela Roy, Tommy Upston. BOTTOM ROW: Harold O'Dell, Lynette Selby, Tony Tompkins, Andy Neels, Linda Eishen. ABSENT: Todd Bronson. adaptive education 132FIRST GRADE L to R, BACK ROW: David Phair, Bill Michielson, Stephen Finch, Dawn Klingaman, Kevin Wolcott, Randy Harrison, Mary Pope, Sue Draper. MIDDLE ROW: Kevin Reincke, Gordon Grinnell, Fred Doolittle, Doug Calhoun, Julie Waffle, Dori Richar, Lorie White, Chad Collins, Andy Lewis, Dawn Cook, Miss Waterbury. BOTTOM ROW: Scott Simmons, Jackie Warder, Sherry Falan, Sherry Wadley, Timmy Wright, Wendy Rusak. ABSENT: Bryan Pace. L to R, BACK ROW: Brenda Richardson, Lynnda Granger, Melinda Barrington, Brenda White, Dawn Draper, Melanie McFadden, DeAnn Johnson, Mrs. Humeston. MIDDLE ROW: Blaine Reincke, John King, Kevin Doolittle, John Cole, David Wooden, Scott Reincke, Danny Phair, Alan Kemp, Lee Friend. BOTTOM ROW: Lily LaFond, Billy Goodrich, Gary Parker, Brian Beam, Jon Falan, Terri Boothby. ABSENT: Christine James. 133 L to R, BACK ROW: Chris Martin, Howie Upson. Johnny Sampson, Ritchie Tate . Curran Kemp. Cherry Long, Carol Brewer, Vero Prater, Mrs. Starr. MIDDLE ROW: Willa Weller, Amy Bessler, Brent Cole, Jill Doolittle, Brandon Shilling, Billy Burchfield, Roger Saylor, Steven Gibson. BOTTOM ROW: Kenny White. Lisa Ray, Candy Moody, Nanette Thompson, Jimmy Smith, Chris White. L to R. BACK ROW; Kearny Harrison, Todd Long. Laurie Duckett. Diane Deewecs, Chuckle Mains. Shawn Tea-reanh. Missy Langhdge. Mrs. Stair. MIDDLE ROW: Brenda MirfneJsan, Sue Wooden, LeAnn Selby. Jtzry McAtee. Jessie Saylor. Roger Weamer, Dwayne Fetmer, Lisa O'Dell. BOTTOM ROW; Lawanna Roark. Mirra Shaver, Cathy VahHoose, Connie Gibson. LariLee Berkhan. Robin Roark. 134Compliments of: EKONSHA ENGINEERING COMPANY GIRARD ENGINEERING COMPANY MARKING MACHINE COMPANY VILLAGE VANITY Phone: 767-4181 Closed Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 A.M. — 5 P.M. Thursday. 12:00 — 8:00 P.M. Saturday, 8:00 A.M. — 3:30 P.M. 209 Main Street Telconsha, Michigan Compliments of DAVE HAWLEY Standard Oil Agent Teltonsha, Michigan Compliments of WEST SIDE TEXACO M-60, 1-69 Tekonsha, Michigan Auto-Repair and Tune-Ups, 24 Hour WreckerOur Employees Wish to Congratulate the Graduating Class SOUTHERN MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANKVINCENT'S PAINTING SERVICE DON E. VINCENT 117 West Jackson Street Tekonsha, Michigan Phones: Residence 765-2627 Business 767-3593 Congratulations Class of ' 72 TEKON GRILL Featuring Standard Oil Products and Fine Food Corner U.S. 27 and M60 Congratulations Seniors THORNTON'S SALES SERVICE Wheel-Horse Lawn and Garden Equipment Phone: 767-4604 Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of RANDALL'S CHICKEN PRODUCTS Tekonsha, Michigan MILLIMAN'S FREDDIE'S INSURANCE AGENCY BEAUTY SALON KENNETH and RICHARD MILLIMAN 502 West Jackson St. Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan 767-3357 138 Compliments of Compliments of JACK’S BARBER SHOP 211 Main Street JENKINS STANDARD SERVICE Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of GREEN’S HARDWARE TIM'S BODY SHOP Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, Michigan Lumber and Building Materials i||l Congratulations Seniors KEEP MARTINSON Compliments of Phone 767-4179 PUTNAM’S FUNERAL HOME Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, MichiganCompliments of CLIFF’S SPORT GROCERY Tekonsha, Michigan TEKONSHA PLYWOOD OUTLET Box 5 Burlington, Michigan Phone: 765-2626 Compliments from LEONA’S BEAUTY SALON 328 N. Main Tekonsha, Michigan Congratulations Seniors MAIN TAX AND ACCOUNT SERVICE 207 N. Main, Tekonsha Life and Health Insurance HOWARD and MARY Compliments of BURLINGTON MOTOR SHOP Phone: 765-244o Burlington, Michigan SHERWOOD’S PHARMACY Family Prescription Center Tekonsha, Michigan MINNIEAR'S TV Sales and Service RCA Television Whirlpool Craig Tape Players and Recorders V-M Stereo and Sony Radios P.O. Box 213 Tekonsha, Michigan Phone: 767 4753 Congratulations From LARRY MILLER Tekonsha, MichiganCompliments of DOUGLAS CORPORATION 103 Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of GEORGE PRICE PIPE ORGAN SALES Tuning Repairing Compliments of RAY'S GULF SERVICE Rt. 2 Tekonsha Tekonsha, Michigan 517 — 278 4008 GARRY H. DONNER Realtor - Insurer Real Service in Real Estate Telephone: 278-5611 20 West Chicago Street Coldwater, Michigan Compliments of ARNOLD'S AUTO PARTS 108 W. Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION 828 N. Main Street Tekonsha, Michigan 767-4152 14124 HOUR Daily »-« FILM Friday 9-9 SERVICE THE y CAROUSEL! J 62 Division St. Coldwater .Air Conditioned 20 Lanes COLDWATER RECREATION Phone: 278-4893 5 ROOMS OF BEAUTIFUL GIFTS PERMANENT FLOWERS 559 E. Chicago Rd. Coldwater, Michigan Phone 278-5325 Congratulations Class of 72 J. B. BRANCH CO. Compliments of Department Store Since 1877 J. C. PENNEY CO. Phone: 278-2664 Coldwater, Michigan Coldwater, Michigan Congratulations Class of 72 MUSIC MART • 444- y ' Band Instrument Headquarters Coldwater, Michigan PHONE 517 278 2458 50 We t C icogo Street COLDWATER, MICHIGAN 49036 Pianos Organs SHOE STORE Wilbur —rUAN TVAf SrOAf- 4-8 SOUTH MONROE ST. COLDWATER, MICH. 49036 Coldwater and Marshall, Mich. Congratulations Seniors 142PUTTING YOU FIRST IN A BIG WAY! ALTHAVER CHEVROLET, INC. JENKIN'S FUNERAL HOME REX M. BRENNEMAN, Director 8480 East M-60 Union City, Michigan 49094 Union City, Michigan Phone 517- 741-4861 DON MOOR FARM FRESH MEATS, INC. Wholesale — Retail Quality Service Integrity EAGLE PRINTING COMPANY INC. Homer, Michigan Coldwater, Michigan Compliments of REYBURN'S "Lion's Den" LUEDDERS SHOE STORE 52 West Chicago Coldwater, Michigan Quality Footwear Since 1877 46 West Chicago Street Coldwater, Michigan Compliments of COLDWATER'S FINEST H R BLOCK H H DRY CLEANERS DAVID GREEN, Owner Phone: 278-6854 Coldwater, Michigan Coldwater, Mich. 143CONGRATULATIONS FROM YOUR U.S. ARMY REPRESENTATIVE TODAY'S ARMY OFFERS YOU YOUR CHOICE OF TRAINING BEFORE YOU ENLIST — ONLY THE U.S. ARMY OFFERS THIS FOR THREE YEARS. VISIT OUR OFFICE AT THE FEDERAL CENTER IN BATTLE CREEK, OR CALL 964 9174 COLLECT v Compliments of WOLVERINE PAINT WALLPAPER Art Supplies — Picture Framing 88 W. Chicago Street Coldwater, Michigan Coldwater, Michigan Compliments of Good's SHORT SON INC. Sales Service 202 Morse Street, Coldwater, Michigan ALLIS CHALMERS Office: 278-841 1 Service: 278 8487 Farm Equipment Lawn and Garden Equipment ZENITH — FURNITURE — GENERAL ELECTRIC 7800 15 l 2 Mi. Rd., South Marshall, Michigan 144CARRINGTON PHARMACY Prescription Specialists 101 E. Michigan, Marshall, Mich. Phone 781-8351 100 S. Superior, Albion, Mich. Phone 629-2286 BOSHEARS FORD SALES INC. 1120 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan TWO HOUR THE CLEANERS VAUGHN COMPANY 155 West Michigan Ave. in Marshall Marshall Michigan Quality Clothing at Reasonable Prices Where Your Farm Comes First FaRmrl Bureau FARMERS PETROLEUM MARSHALL FARM BUREAU OIL CO. R. 3, 1021 East Michigan Marshall, Michigan146 w MONTAGUE Chrysler MOTORS INC. 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Suggestions in the Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) collection:

Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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