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Zke Jndian Kose D. Warwick High School Zckonska, MichiganSchool Board MR. WIESCHOLEK - Trustee MR. TAYLOR - Trustee MR. SCHAFER - Vice-President MR. SHANK - Treasurer MR. BOWLING - President MR. BREWER - Trustee MRS. THOMAS - Secretary Principals MR. ALLMAN MR. RICHARDSON Elementary - MR. CLARK I believe that education is a privilege bestowed upon only those people desiring it. The Tekonsha schools hope to encourage students to develop a yearning for knowledge. Also, it is our desire to promote integrity, courage to do what is right and love for his fellow man. 3 Superintendent MR. MYERSfaculty MR. LINDQUIST C. MARTINSON N. MARTINSON MRS. MILLIMAN 4MRS. RUFF MR. SWEET Unfortunately a picture of Mrs. Thomas could not be arranged. MRS. THOMAS MR. PELZ MRS. RANDALL MR. STOUTHigh School and Elementary Office A ides BUSINESS MANAGER CLERICAL AIDE HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS’ AIDE ELEMENTARY TEACHERS' AIDE MR. KING MRS. LEATHER- BURY 6Cooks and Aides 1st Shift 1 2nd Shift 7Custodians MR. PERVINE MR. SAMSON Bus driversCAROL FRAZIER FRED GOHEENLARRY HUGHES JANE JENKINS BRUCE KATZ BRIAN KELLY LINDA LAMBERT PAM THENEN14DAVID ROWE LARRY RUSSELLSenior Achievements BAGLEY, MICHAEL... Baseball-1,2, Track-1,2, Class Officer-2, French Club-1,2, Letterman Club-1,2, Student Council Vice-President-4 BALL, CONNIE... Band-1, Annual Staff-4, Idea Staff-4 BEMIS, TIMOTHY... Intramurals-1, Baseball-2,3, Football-3, Varsity Club-3, Honor Student BLACKWELL, CONSTANCE... Band-1.2,3,4, All-Star Band Member-4, H.C.C.-1.2, 3.4, H.C.C. Secretary-3, Homecoming Court-3, Volunteer-3, Student Council Secretary-4, Annual Staff Business Manager-4, Idea Staff-4, Honor Student BOSHEARS, DENISE... Majorette-1,2, Student Council Parliamentarian-4, Class Officer-1,3, Cheerleader-1,2,3,4, Valedictorian CLARK, JANICE ... F.H.A.-1.2, Annual Staff-3, Pep Club-2 FRAZIER, CAROL... Choir-1,2,3,4. Girls Glee Club-1, Librarian-1,2,4, Annual Staff-4, Idea Staff-4, Student Council Representative-4 GOHEEN, FRED ... Football-1,2,4, Baseball-2, Golf-3, Basketball-1,2, Track-1,4, Annual Staff-4, Idea Staff-4, Varsity Club-4 GOHEEN, GARY ... Activities Not Available GOHEEN, LARRY ... Activities Not Available GROHOLSKE, SALLY... Class Officer-2, Student Council Treasurer-4, H.C.C.-1,2, 3.4, H.C.C. Treasurer-3, F.H.A.-1,2,3,4; Band-1,2, Annual Staff-2, Volunteer-3 HAMPTON, RICHARD... F. F. A-.-1, Track-1, Intramurals-2, 3, Baseball-2, Foot-ball-3 HUGHES, LARRY... Football-2.3,4, Track-1,2,3 JENKINS, JANE ... Band-1,2, F. H. A.-1,2,3, 4, H. C. C.-1,2,3, 4, Keener Corre-spondent-3. Annual Staff-2, 3, 4, Class Officer-1, Student Council Representative-4, Idea Staff-4 KATZ, BRUCE... Football-1,2.3,4, Track-4, Varsity Club-3, 4, Class Officer-4, Intramurals-2, 3, 4 KELLY, BRIAN... Football-1,3, Class Officer-2 LAMBERT, LINDA... Annual Staff-2, 3 MARSHALL, ELAINE... Annual Staff-4, Idea Staff-4, H.C.C.-4 McCONE, PATSI ... Class Officer-3, Honor Student MILLARD, NANCY... Class Officer-1,2, Y.O.T. Representative-1, F. H. A.-1,2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Officer-2,3, 4, Cheerleader-1,2,3,4, Band-1,2,3,4, Annual Staff-2, Homecoming Court-2, Homecoming Queen-4, Student Council-3, John Philip Sousa Award-4, D. A.R. Good Citizenship Award-4, Outstanding Teenager-3, Office Aide-2,3, Honor Student MULLEN, DEBORAH ... Annual Staff Editor-4, Idea Staff-4, Pep Club-4 17Senior vAchievements OSBORN, JAMES ... Class Officer-1, Basketball-1,2, Track-2, Student Council-3, Honor Student PALIK, ANDY... Football-1,2,3,4, Basketball-1,2,3,4, Track-1,2,3,4, Homecoming Court-1, Homecoming King-4, F.F.A.-2, Most Valuable - Football-4, Most Valuable - Basketball-4, Track Team Captain-4, Athlete of the Year-4, Varsity Club-2, 3,4 PALIK, MARTIN... Football-1,2,3,4, Basketball-1,2,3,4, Track-1,2,3,4, Varsity Club-3,4, Outstanding Freshman Award-1, Student Council President-4, Most Valuable -Track-4, Salutatorian PARADINE, JERI ... Band-1,2,3,4, H.C.C.-4, Girls Basketball PHELPS, JOHN ... Football-1,2.3, Track-1, Varsity Club-1 RARICK, YVONNE... F. H. A. -1, 2, 3. 4, H.C. C.-1.2, 3, 4, Class Officer-4. Office Aide-2, Honor Student RAY. LINDA... Band-1,2, 3, 4, H.C.C.-2. 3, 4. Annual Staff-1,2, Volunteen-3 REIMER, PENNY... Band-1,2,3,4, All-StarBand Member-4, Pep Club-2, H.C.C.-4, Student Government-1, 4, Honor Student ROWE, DAVID ... Activities Not Available RUSSELL, LARRY... Football-1, Intramurals-2, F.F.A.-2, Basketball-2 SLONE, DENNIS ... Track-1,2,3, Basketball-1,2,3, Baseball-3 SWEET, MIKE... Football-1,2,3,4, Basketball-1,2,3.4, Track-2, Golf Team-1.3, Class Officer-2, Student Council-2, Homecoming Court-2, Annual Staff-3, Varsity Club-2,3,4, Most Valuable - Golf-3, 19th Place at WolfLake Invitational-3, 9th Place State - Golf-3, Captain - Football-4, Most Valuable - Baseball-4 THENEN, PAMELA... Band-1,2,3,4, Drama Club-3, Future Teachers-1,2, H.C.C.-2,3, Pep Club-1,2,3, Pep Band-4, Library Club-1,2, 3, Latin Club-2, 3 THOMAS, ALICE... Annual Staff-2, 3, Office Aide-2, Student Council-2, Idea Staff-1, Pep Club-2 UPSTON, DEBRA... Cheerleader-1,2,3,4, Annual Staff-3, 4, Editor of Idea Staff-4, Class Officer-4, Homecoming Court-4, Honor Student VANWINKLE, DIANNE... Class Officer-1, Cheerleader-2, Annual Staff-3, Homecoming Court-1,4 WELLER, LEONA... Band-1,2.3, 4, H.C.C.-1,2, Class Officer-4, Pep Club-2, Honor Student WILLBUR, DOUGLAS... Football-1,2, 3, 4, Baseball-1,2,3,4, Basketball-1,2,3,4. Track-1, Annual Staff-4, Idea Staff-4, Class Officer-3, Varsity Club-1,2,3, 4, Varsity Club President-4, Homecoming Court-3, Most Valuable - Baseball-2, Captain -Baseball-3, 4, Captain - Basketball-4 18 WINTER, MICHAEL... Class Officer-2, 3, F.F.A.-1,2SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Leona Weller, Secretary, Yvonne Rarick, Treasurer, Bruce Katz, Vice President, Debbie Upston, President. SWEETEST Mock Elections BEST MUSICIANS 19 MOST SCHOOL SPIRITMOST POPULAR MOST UK ELY TO SUCCEED MOST ALL AROUND BEST ATHLETES BEST DRESSED EASIEST TO GET ALONG WITH CLASS CHATTERBOXES ALWAYS LATE MOST FLIRTATIOUSClass Will of 1970 By Penny Reimer and Leona Weller We, the class of 1970, being of sound body and mind, do hereby bequeath our last will and testimony as follows: I, Mike Bagley, will my ability to build a church to whoever would like to try it. I, Connie Ball, will my quiet ways to Karen Saltzgabor. I, Tim Bemis, will my chemistry experiments to Peggy Baird, who would get a "bang" out of them. 1, Constance Blackwell, as secretary of the Student Council, will my ability to keep up with the notes of the meetings to Judy Reese. I, Denise Boshears, will my undying love of Ford cars to anyone who doesn’t drive a car with "a better idea.” I, Janice Clark, will my business abilities to Diana Snow, who can’t quite keep up. I, Carol Frazier, will my naturally curly hair to Susan Reimer. I, Fred Goheen, will my ability to break up with one girl five times to David Young, who breaks up with five girls once. I, Gary Goheen, will my typing ability to the annual staff. I, Larry Goheen, will my good looks to Chris Katz. I, Sally Groholske, will my "A” in citizenship to my cousin Shelly McAtee. I, Richard Hampton, will my suave ways to the class 1988. I, Larry Hughes, will my meek ways to Judy Reese. I, Jane Jenkins, will my dancing ability to Randy Goheen. I, Bruce Katz, will my love of horses to Sue Waffle who’s ridden the farthest on the matter. I, Brian Kelley, will my ability to stay out of serious trouble to whoever needs it. I, Linda Lambert, will anything to anyone. I, Elaine Marshall, will my thick blonde hair from my last hair cut to Mr. Sweet. We, Patsi McCone and Nancy Millard, will our ability to stick with one guy for one year to David Young, who can't stick with anyone one week. I, Debbie Mullen, will my Webster's dictionary to Connie Patton so she can improve her letter writing. I, Jim Osborn, will nothing to nobody as I need all I've got. I, Andy Palik, will the tread on my car tires to Vern Thenen, who can't seem to keep his on very long. I, Martin Palik, will my ability to graduate in the 70's to the Class of 1971, in which there seems to be some who’ll be lucky to make it in the 80's. I, Jeri Paradine, will my ability to ribbet like a frog to Jackie Newton who can't even talk. I, John Phelps, will my tired liver to Mrs. Randall. I, Yvonne Rarick, will my ability to miss a lot of school and graduate an Honor Student to Colleen Palmetier. I, Linda Ray, will my ability to get in two wrecks and not total one car to George Davis who totals one car with each wreck. I, David Rowe, will my ability to get out of work to Steve Marshall, who's worn himself out trying to make a fast buck. I, Larry Russell, will my mischievous ways to my brother, Randy. 1, Dennis Slone, will my collection of old cars to anyone who will take it. 1, Mike Sweet, will my golfing ability to the Tekonsha High "flubbers." I. Pam Thenon, will my driving ability to Chris Katz. I, Alice Thomas, will my measurements to all the skinny people in Tekonsha High school. I, Debbie Upston, will my cheerleading ability to Doug Johnson who has the knees for it. I, Diane VanWinkle, will my ability to say "I’m not going to do something" and do it to anyone who'd like to be blest with this ability. I, Leona Weller, will my sweet disposition and angelic personality to someone Coach won't let me mention. I, Doug Willbur, will my ability in sports to Paul Weller, who has a good start. 1, Mike Winter, will my farming ability to all the future farmers. I, Penny Reimer, will my hair style to Steve Marshall. And we, the Class of 1970, will our sound bodies and minds and our most cherished position as seniors to the Class of 1971. 21Class Prophecy IT WAS ONLY A DREAM By Yvonne Rarick, Patsi McCone, and Nancy Millard I awakened suddenly one morning from a long and unusual dream, I think it must have been caused by something 1 ate or else it was that horrible late, late show I watched. Anyway, it was about all of my High School classmates, me and our chosen professions several years after we had graduated. In my dream I had become a cosmetologist starting up the ladder of success. While working in my new shop one day, a dear friend of mine, Nancy Millard, came into the salon for a day of beauty - complete with a hair style, facial, and manicure. She confessed to me that she wanted to impress her boss, and because she was his personal secretary she thought she had a pretty good chance of hooking him. Her boss turned out to be none other than Andy Palik, head of a large construction firm. Meanwhile, Connie Ball, who worked in my salon, was tending to Constance Blackwell, head of the secretarial pool at Willbur and Winter Enterprises. Doug and Mike had recently called in the famous, modern architect, Bruce Katz to design a new laboratory to replace the old one, which unfortunately, the chief scientist, Timothy Bemis, blew up in another bad experiment. While Nancy and I were conversing, my manager, Patsi McCone, came over and invited us out to lunch. We went to a newly opened cafe and, to our surprise, it was owned by Pam Thenen. While we were eating, Larry and Fred Goheen came into the restaurant. They informed us that they were home on leave from the Navy. Recently, on a trip to Viet Nam, they had had the privilege to talk with Jeri Paradine who was now a top social worker in that country. Jeri was at that time in a hot debate with the top leaders of North Viet Nam. The scene of my dream then changed and 1 was back in my old home town, which was now a much larger city than the settlement I left after graduation. 1 was visiting Larry Hughes in the Tekonsha General Hospital. Larry seemed to enjoy being ministered to by his pretty nurse, Sally Groholske. He told me he had suffered his injuries when he lost control of his race car. When I asked what had caused this, he explained that he had caught a glimpse of the Nation's top fashion model, Dianne Van Winkle, getting ready to present the trophies. But fortunately, under the skillful hands of the hospital's top surgeon, Denise Boshears, Larry's life v as saved. Larry Russell was also a patient at the Hospital. Upon inquiry I learned that he had suffered a broken leg while chasing his beautiful secretary, Debra Upston, around his desk. His wife is suing for divorce and who should be handling his case but the ambitious lawyer, Michael Bagley. Likewise, Mike Sweet is doing an excellent job as a playboy and part-time lawyer. I also dreamed of Leona Weller, who went to college to find a man and has devoted her time to catching a Reverend. I visited the home of Jim Osborn in my dream and was greeted by a screaming herd of kids with sticky hands clutching lollipops. Jim was industriously wiring up an electric train for his clan. From Jim I learned that Professor Martin Palik has a part-time job of destroying new, as well as old chemistry books, a natural trait carried over from his high school days. Jim told me that Elaine Marshall was working hand in hand with Smokey the Bear to conserve our forests. I also found that Telephone Operator, Debbie Mullen, and also Dave Rowe had been taken into custody for phone tapping. They were apprehended by F. B. I. agent, Brian Kelly, Again the scene of my dream changed and I was walking by a barber shop run by Dennis Slone. Dennis is now the highest paid barber in the United States. Sitting in his chair was Gary Goheen. Gary told me John Phelps and he were starting a farm. He revealed that some day soon they were going to try and cross cotton and blueberries so that it would be possible to dispose of clothing by eating it. I discovered Dick Hampton also working with Dennis. Dick is one of the top male hair stylists of the era. His unique hairstyle, the Mopia, is catching on all over the globe. From bits and fragments of my dream, I gathered that Linda Lambert was writing a novel about her trials and tribulations of being a hippy in California, and that Penny Reimer, after graduating from Olivet College, was starting up a jewelry shop with Carol Frizier in Old Town, Chicago. To top it off, Linda Ray was operating a vampire supply house not far from them. Linda's two employees who keep the blood bank filled are Janice Clark and Alice Thomas. I was awakened by the final vision of Janice and Al, with a gleem in their eyes, watching Janie Jenkins as she walked home from her job as a key-punch operator. I don't know if I should classify this as a dream or a nightmare but I hope no one has been offended by what I've said because it was only a dream.‘Junior Class Patti Brownell, Peggy Baird, Pam Smith, Sandy Green, Class Officers. Whitcomb, Mike Floyd Amsler Peggy Baird Faye Brewer f t John Brown Pati Brownell George Davis Aileen Fousel Marcia Furu Randy Goheen Tina Goodman Mike Green Dan Hosmer 24■ V Alice Letts John Lindsey Belva March George Marshall .1 Jean Millard Jack Reincke John Smith Pam Smith Judy Reese Christine Smoke Diana Snow Delton Stuart Sue Waffle Paul Weller 25Sophomore Class air% Af a r t Peggy Groholske, Ken Swick, Patti Camp, Cindy Ciotta, Class Officers, Holly Angell Janet Baird Frank Brewer Carlonna Brown Patti Camp Jon Cavinder Cindy Ciotta Mike Cummings Bill Cummins Wanda Duckham Dave Easterday Jim Easterday Elizabeth Fox Beth Furu Peggy Groholske Susan Hopkins 26PHOTO NOT AVAIlAALf Ronnie Hughes Amanda Hulbert Doug Johnson Chris Katz Brandon Kelly Steve Klingaman Mary Kowalski Steve Marshall Dennis Masters Deanna Millard Debbie Millard Mary Nagel Linda Newland Peggy Palmatier Cathy Pike Susan Reimer Gorden Rosenberry Nancy Russell Mark Saltzgaber Marvin Shaffer Bill Smith Sue Sommer Teresa Sours Terry Sours Judy Stemaly Ken Swick Malcolm Vanderpool Liz Washburn Ardella Yates 27Norman Taylor, Mary Nagel, Mary Davis, Class Officers, Craig Cole Cindy Abel Calvin Cummins 'I Ron Ball Larry Bartow Marilyn Bowling - i Sandy Ball Polly Dowding Debbie Hamlin Gary Hill Mary Davis H Richard Hazen Debbie Fox w Jeff Jones Graig Hayes Jim Jordan Duane Macomber 28The students of Tekonsha High would like to dedicate this page to Steve Weller. He was a fellow student and a friend to everyone. The Outstanding Freshman trophy was awarded to Steve this year. The name has been changed to the Steve Weller Trophy in his honor. In future years the Outstanding Freshman Football player will be awarded a Steve Weller award. Steve Weller 29Sandy Masters Joyce Nagel Karen Saltzgaber Danny Varner Rodney Sizeland Shelly Wiescholek k Ray Moody Walter Raginia Jerry Thenen 30 Patty Winans Wayne WoodsEighth Qrade Baird, Cora Banks, Nancy Bemis, Norma Brewer, Tim Brownell, Kenneth Clark, Steven Cooley, Jaye Cooley, Jennifer Cummings, Ruth Dowding, Lennie Duty, John Feltner, Kenneth Fouts, Jacalyn Goheen, Gene Goodman, Bert Green, Donald Hampton, Rusty Hartle, Beverly Hayes, Deborah Hulbert, Ila Hunsicher, Donna King, Robert Mac ember, Elizabeth Mains, Bobby McAtee, Michele McKeague, Donald Moody, Chelly Mullen, Jayne Neels, Minda Newton, Douglas Palmatier, Terry Pecceu, Mary Phelps, Ricky Powell, Debbie Prater, Darla 31Richar, Allan Shank, Randy Shedd, Bruce Shoemaker, Chris Sizemore, Donna Slone, Michelle Smith, Eli Smith, Roxanne Snow, Rebecca Steffan, Brad Tasker, Steve Taylor, Beth Tompkins, Brian Waters, Eddie Waters, Susan Watkins, April Weimer, Joel Wright, Dennis 5 -rAff- Lawi J udy Barrington Dian Boshears Gail Casebeer Mike Casebeer Steve Ciotta Christy Copeland Terry Deevers Mike Duckham Julie Eberts Cathy Furda Greg Grinnell Debbie Hampton Bill Hayes Mike Hopkins Beverly Hughes Debbie Johnson Wesley Jones Kim Klingaman Don Lindsey Starr McKeague 33Alan Miller John Nagel Bob Neels Mark Olds Carol Palik Kathy Patterson Rosemary Pecceu Emmitt Percival Lois Reese Gene Richar Randy Russell Scott Shaffer Brian Shedd Phyllis Shilling Ricky Shilling Vicky Shilling Jackie Sizemore Mike Slone Kevin Strang Kathy Sweet Gary Thomas Debbie Vreeland Jim Williams Jane Winter Gary Wintersteen Sue Wright Carol Wolcott Mike Wolcott Drucella Yates Joe YoungELEMENTARYFIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vicky Baker, Greg Hall, Shirley Jordon, Mary Elmore, Linda Weller, Charles Mack, Todd Morley, Julie Sanford. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ricky Fridline, Shirley Menniear, Ronnie Macomber, Glinda Williams, Sara Feltner, Becky Eberts, Sandra Woods, Electa Easterday, Kim Gard, Jane Sherwood, Tina Raginia, Steve Tompkins, Mrs. Jenkins. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Cummins, Debbie Siefke, Barbara Griffith, David Guilford, Larry Palma tier, Beth Burchfield, Roberta Rosenberry, Janet Amsler. 6th tfrade TO RIGHT, TOP: Cheryl Hartley, Tim Smith, Walter Woods, Cindy Neels, Sheriy Cummins, Bonnie tein, Gary Bartow, Lonia Green, CENTER: Mrs, Spencer, Penny Brownell, Sheryl Stefan, Susan Satz-Merritt Kerschner, Diane Baird, Dale Cook, Merry Palmatier, Bill Waters, Cathy Waffle. FRONT: ompkins, Joe Nagel, Janet Ball, Jeff Woodman, Paul Millard, Connie Spires, Lori Phelps, Barbara5th Grade LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Gary Wiescholek, Penny Moore, Pearl Lowe, Teddy Weimer, Jeff Klingaman, Robin Watkins, Teresa Reimer, Connie Goodrich, Rick Gard. CENTER: Connie Baird, Mike Woods, Don Stefaniak, Tim Cook, Brenda Yates, Alan Schroll, James Sizemore, Tommy Ciotta, Teresa Caldwell, Linda Hulbert, FRONT: David Boshears, Bob Vreeland, Keith Wintersteen, Darla Casebeer, Henry Griffith, Rusty Osborn, Diane Shank, Sharon Salyer. TEACHER, Mr. Runyon. 5th Qrade LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Mr. Medland, Debbie Fouts, Robin Groholske, Dennis Miller, Diane Barrington, Joe Lindquist, Teresa Richar, Raymond Thenen, Susan Burchfield. CENTER: John Hampton, Denise Ray, Stanley Palmatier, Bill Kerschner, Ricky Green, Gary Grinnell, Davey Jones, Rolena King, Harold Fridline, Betty Hendershott. BOTTOM: Sharon Mack, Randy Powell. Jeff Sizemore, Cindy Vreeland, Debbie Bartow, Jeff Krumvede, Shawn Strang, Margaret Woods. 374th Grade LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Brenda Woodman, Rusty Cummins, Marc Sternly, Bryan Lindquist, David Shedd, Kelly Lake, Penny Lindsey, Patty Patterson, Mrs. Voshen. CENTER: Jewel Cooley, Butch Barrington, Terry King, Allie Amsler, Linda Brown, Durwood Shilling,- Walter Walter Waffle, Linda Palmatier, Dianne Saltz-gaber, Teresa Davis. BOTTOM: Tammy Grinnell, Brenda Raginia, Patty Green, Charles Baker, Michele Johnson, Brenda Tompkins, Nathan Howard, Jeff Duckham. 38 4th G e LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Mrs. Jackson, Laurie Shank, Kurt Sherwood, Ruth Nagel, Linda Millard, Sandra Cummins, Randy Thomet, Doug Fox, Thomas Weimer. CENTER: Mark Richar, Patricia Lindsey, Pamela Robinson, Dawn Randell, Jackie Ups ton. Penny Reincke, Sally Smith. BOTTOM: Jeff Thornton, Deborah Prue, Connie Thatcher, Julie Jordon, Dale Olds, Brenda Hamlin, Paul Palik, David Sebring.3rd Grade LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Mr. Lawing, Debra VanHoose, Virginia Moore, Jim Duckham, Doug Doolittle, Mark Eberts, Annette Brewer, Kim Ray, Robin Smith, Mrs. Martinson. CENTER: Joe Lake, Martin Nagel, Steve Stroh, Dawn Watkins, Sharon Weller, Ricky Mack, Steven Morley, Susan Jones. BOTTOM: Patty Smith, John Combs, Wade Patten, Bobby McKeague, Cindy Weimer, Debbie Wintetsteen. 3rd Qrade FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Mullen, Pat Davis, Daniel Sweet, Bryon White, Jerry Eishen, Rodney Macomber, Donald Spires, Gregory Varner, Mr. H. Torry. SECOND ROW: Dawn Bemis, Julie Randall, Julie Klingaman, Michael Nagel, Mark Hamlin, Kollene Kerschner, William Sizemore, Daniel Shaffer, Vickie Hampton. THIRD ROW: Clyde Green, Michelle Waters, Tracee Vincent, Claudia Slone, Julie Combs, Donetta Yates.2nd Grade BACK ROW: Mis. Allman, Ann Casebeer, Floyd Siegel, Kurt MyClintock, Daryl Cummins, Dwayne Carlton, Jack Macomber, Myron Wolcott, Gina Marshall. MIDDLE ROW: Danny Warner, Larry Griffith, Bruce White, Douglas Minniear, Billy Wiescholek, Debbie Reincke, Dick Spires, Martha Palmatier, Jeannette Davis, Robin Thatcher, Dale Hartley, Jr. FRONT ROW: Sanna Robinson, Rodney Weller, Doug Myers, Scott Bronson, Wanda Sizemore, Eric Ciotta, Florinda Jenkins, Sherry Baker. 2nd Grade LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Miss umm, Andria Geiger, Alan Hulsebus, Ross Upston, Mark Klingaman, Todd Tomet, Roger Lowe, Cheryl Ruffner, Timothy Jenkins. CENTER: Melanie Doolittle, Donald Neels, Kathryn Eberts, Gary White, Douglas Saltzgaber, Jack Woods, Marie Waffle, Carla Strang. BOTTOM: Rose Nagel, Damita Combs, Nancy Jones, Janice Krumvede, John O'Dell, John Hoffman, Clark Ritchie, Marline Friend.1st Qrade LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Cindy Schafer, Mike Prater, Reba Easterday, Cheryl Doolittle, Tim Kemp, Lori Washburn, Kim Reincke, lane Shedd. CENTER: Teresa Fridline, Kerrie Bagley, Mike Stroh, Billy Patterson, Kevin Ray, Johnny Sizemore, Scott Eishen. FRONT: Tony Tompkins, Timothy Beam, Melinda Waters, Buddy Mack, Robin Doolittle, Scott Randall, Randy Morley, Shelly Bronson. TEACHER, Mrs. Johnson. 1st Qrade LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Mrs. Humeston, Gary Goodrich, Paula Weller, Bradley Richardson, Scott Waffle, Bobby Wiescholek, Anita Smith, Christine Hampton, Scott Doolittle, CENTER: Jerry Langridge, Marld Strang, Todd Sherwood, Deana Yates, Melanie Johnson, Cindy La Fond, Betty Jo Green, Shawn Kemp. BOTTOM: Melinda Varner, Jane Olds, Kevin Renshaw, Teni Kempton, Kathy Ruflner, Barbara McClintock. 41Kindergarten-Morning LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Kevin Klingaman, Timmy Katz, Kim Strok, Chris Granger, Mark Hulsebus, Joyce Smith, Jody Homan, John Blashfield. CENTER: Willy Woodman, Penny Gross, Mary Woods, Lance Cowls, Joni Leatherman, Brenda Cook, Janice White, Jeanne Lindquist, Nancy Thompson, Tommy Upston, Frank Weller, Chris Sours, Billy Morley. FRONT: John King, Sheila Davis, Bonnie Jordan, Patty Combs, DeAnn Schafer, Kim Myers, Brenda Salyer, Michon Hampton. FRONT: Frank LaFond, Kevin Smith, Larry Goodrich. TEACHER, Mrs. Starr. Kindergarten-Jfter noon LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Tony Jenkins, Toni Riemer, Steven Finch, Philip Gieger, LeAnn Waffle, David Sweet, L. J. Goheen, Pat Mullen, Verlie Dee Stefan, Mark Warner, Billy VanHoose. CENTER: Judy Mc-Atee, Harold Palik, Angela Ray, Laurie Mains, Danny Palmatier, Scot Thornton, Teddy Prater, Andy Neels, Mary Marshall, Russell Wiemer, Christina Siegel. FRONT: Todd Bronson, Gary Parker, Harold O’Dell, Keven Walcott, Bobby Sizemore, Bryce Thatcher, David Stayner, Linda Eishen, Gerry Baker, Lynette Selby. TEACHER, Mrs. Starr. 42■ ACTIVITIES STANDING: Gary Hill, Sandra Masters, Debra Johnson, Debbie Hayes, Paul Weller. SITTING: Mary Kowolski, Jane Jenkins, Penny Reimer, Carol Frazier. t Q 0 V e r H m c n t Sergeant at Arms-------------------- Mark Saltgaber Secretary -----------------------Connie Blackwell Treasurer - — - — — —-------------- Sally Groholske Parliamentarian — -------------------Denise Boshears President - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Martin Palik Vice President--------------------------Mike Bagley Safety Patrol 44LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Peggy Paimitier, Jackie Newton, Carol Frazier, Alice Letts, Jeri Paradine, Joyce Nagel, Mary Maurer, Rita Pecceu, Connie Patten. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Millman, Advisor; Suaan Reimer, Ruth Williams, Penny Reimer, Sally Groholske, Connie Blackwell, Christine Pecceu, Linda Selby, Gladys Nagel. THIRD ROW: Polly Dowding, Mary Davis, Christine McCallister, Elaine Marshall, Cindy Abel, Janet Baird, Linda Lambert, Linda Ray. BOTTOM: Wanda Duckham, Susie Phelps, Shelly Wiescholek, Debbie Fox, Aileen Fousel, Jane Jenkins. LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Marcia Furu, Sue Summers, Peggy Palmatier, Mary Maurer, Joyce Nage, Mary Kowolski, Jackie Newton, Nancy Millard, Connie Patten. SECOND ROW; Mrs. Milnman, Carolyn Bowling, Peggy Groholske, Ruth Williams, Linda Selby, Alice Letts. THIRD ROW: Amanda Hulbert, Janet Baird, Cindy Abel, Polly Dowding, Maty Davis, Christine McCallister, Patti Camp, Sally Groholske. BOTTOM ROW: Sandy Master, Sue Waffle, Susie Phelps, Shelly Wischolek. Debbie Fox, Wanda Duckham, Aileen Fousel, Jane Jenkins, Teresa Sours. 45Debbie Upston, Wanda Duckham, Connie Blackwell, Bruce Katz, Connie Ball, Carol Frazier, Fred Goheen, Elaine Marshall, Debbie Mullen, Dick Hampton, Doug Willbur. Annual Staff The 1970 Journalism Class hopes you readers have as much enjoyment reading this book as we have had putting it together. Editor ADVISOR Mr. Sweet EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Debbie Mullen BUSINESS MANAGER - Connie BlackwellMajorettes 48Dance Maud Concert Band 49Homecoming Journalism Car Cheerleaders Backed By Boy Scouts 50highlights Tekonsha - 13 Litchfield - 6 Homecoming Parade Coronation Homecoming Dance 51 m J J o' Q 2 Qi H U 2 Z U Q- J Uh s 2 Q  T DIANNE VAN WINKLE, JIM OSBORNE 5354Junior - PAM SMITH, JACK REINCKE Eighth Grade - SUE WATERS, RICK PHELPS Seventh Grade - DIAN BOSHEARS, BRIAN SHEDD 55SENIOR CLASS FLOAT THE FLINTSTONES with Dick Hampton as Fired Flintstone Placed Second JUNIOR CLASS FLOAT SNOOPY vs. THE RED BARON SOPHOMORE CLASS FLOAT LIL' ABNER with Wanda Duckham as Mammy Yokum, Deanna Millard as Daisy Mae, Ronnie Hughes as Lil Abner Placed Third 16FRESHMAN CLASS FLOAT THE ARCHIES with Linda Selby as Betty, Barb Collins as Veronica, Walter Regina as Reggie, Greg Cole as Archie, Duane Macomber as Jughead 8th GRADE CLASS FLOAT ROADRUNNER with Steve Tasker 7th GRADE CLASS FLOAT TOM AND JERRY Placed First 57ANDY PALIK Most ValuableSenior Players 59Scores 69-70 of the season Sept. 12 Burr Oak 6 - 6 Sept. 19 Springport 48 - 6 Sept. 26 Grass Lake 69 - 0 Oct. 3 Hanover-Horton 36 - 0 Oct. 10 Camden Frontier 30 - 0 Oct. 17 Litchfield 6 - 13 Oct. 24 Waldron 14 - 0 Oct. 31 Pitts ford 12 - 0 Nov. 7 North Adams 20 - 6 60Starting 11 D. Easterday F. Goheen L. Hughes B. Katz A. Palik M. Palik J. Phelps M. Saltzgaber M. Sweet D. Willbur D. Young Soph. T Sr. HB Sr. G Sr. G Sr. FB Sr. E Sr. T Soph. E Sr. QB Sr. C Jr. HB 61Defensive Zeam Varsity Cheerleaders 62Varsity Players . V. Players 63Senior Players6667Girls basketball Jtitramuralsbaseball71Sports banquet 72Athlete of the fear MOST VALUABLE Andy Palik CAPTAIN Mike Sweet 73CAPTAIN Andy Palik 74 MOST VALUABLE Martin Palik MOST VALUABLE Andy Palik CAPTAIN Doug Willbur» 76 Directed by MRS. JACK BAIRD777879Class History By Constance Blackwell and James Osborn In the fall of 1957, forty-three eager five year olds entered kindergarten unaware of the years ahead. In first grade we were informed that we had grown up. In other words: No more naps and you have to go to school all day. Second grade came and we found ourselves struggling with a fancy way of printing - or writing as they called it. By the end of third grade we were supposed to have improved our penmanship. Our most outstanding event in fourth grade was watching John Glenn take off to orbit the earth. In fifth grade we studied hard but made little history and as sixth graders we made the annual trip to Greenfield Village. In seventh grade we elected our first Homecoming King and Queen who were Jim Osborn and Cathy Dyer. We also made our first float - or should I say FLOP! Poor Davy Crockett lost his head during the parade and again at the football game. Then in eighth grade we finally made it to the high school. Our Homecoming King and Queen was Andy Palik and Debbie Upston. Our float was "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie." Initiation began our Freshman year. Our homecoming King and Queen were Larry Lloyd and Dianne VanWinkle. That was the year our float, "Robinson Crusoe, ” was demolished by strong winds. In our sophomore year we were the last class to initiate the upcoming freshmen. Also, that year the Senior Class Trips were discontinued, much to the disappointment of all. Mike Sweet and Nancy Millard were the King and Queen of our class. Our float entitled. "Alice in Wonderland" was the best float we ever made. After many headaches we sponsored the "Spring Swing." But we just had to be different and have a crooked swing. Starting our Junior year we received our class rings and of course we thought they were the best. As Juniors we began planning for the Homecoming and Prom. We chose our Homecoming theme which was "Happiness Is" and decorated our float to the title of "Happiness Is Stomping a Redskin." Doug Willbur and I were chosen to represent our class in the Homecoming Court. The theme we chose for the Prom was "Paris By Night." The Banquet, which was catered by Mack's Airport Inn, had small Eiffel Towers for the decorations. At the Prom a big Eiffel Tower stood in the center of the gym. We also had a photographer to take individual pictures of the couples as a keepsake. The Juniors defeated the Seniors in class basketball tournaments, much to the surprise of the Class of '69. In the last part of our Junior year we went to Chicago. There we visited the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science and Industry. Then we finally made it. Seniors at long last. The first big project was Homecoming and our Last One. The school voted Andy Palik and Nancy Millard as Homecoming King and Queen. The Senior Court consisted of Jim Osborn, Dianne VanWinkle, Martin Palik and Debbie Upston. Our float was chosen from the cartoon of "The Flintstones." Next was our last Prom sponsored by the Class of '71. The Banquet was held at "Countryside Inn" and the Prom was held in the Elementary Building. Then came the many plans for graduation. Senior pictures were taken and ordered and we chose our announcements. The choosing of class colors and the flower brought much disagreement, as usual. At last we decided on scarlet and white for the colors and roses for the flowers. In class basketball tournaments we were victorious for the second year. May 13 we invaded Chicago once again. Because of so much to see we returned to the Museum of Natural History and Museum of Science and Industry. We also visited the Planetarium and "Old Town. " This brings us up to the present moment when 21 out of the original 43 are graduating with 19 additions.« •Prom and Banquet 83Valedictory By Denise Boshears When I first sat down to write this speech I knew I wanted to say something different tonight. Something unlike all the speeches given in previous years - ones filled with flowery phrases and false expectations. Something different! I wanted to tell you how we as young people feel in a turbulent world. I wanted to somehow explain why we do the things we do, say the things we say, and, yes, think some of the things we think. Most of all I wanted to really communicate with you, not to read off a speech that has been carefully written so as not to offend anyone but one that would make you sit up and listen to what I am saying. My class is unique in that we are of the generation that bridges the gap between left and right. We don't know whether to join the youth revolution and demand change or to stick by our parents' time-proven standards. The sharp contrast between white right and black wrong of your day has now become for us a funny shade of grey and so we must discover our own rules for living. In our search we will make family relationships difficult and might possibly alienate a few of you from us. You won't understand what we are talking about, and we won't be able to accept any views that aren't our own. Undoubtedly, after all our searching and reaching, most of us will become just like you in our beliefs - "established citizens." Citizens critical of other people, caring only for ourselves and our own. Hypocritical citizens who find it so easy to say one thing and do another. But perhaps, yes, just perhaps, if one or two of us in our search for adulthood stumble upon an emotion called "humanity for others" these few will make the graduating class of 1970, not only a good class but a great class - one of which Tekonsha may always be proud. Being a part of this class and hearing personal opinions voiced, I know that we, as a whole, feel that the demands of today's youth revolutionaries have gotten way out of hand, and yet, even so, we are still more of what is new than of what is old and we are confused. This fall approximately 20 of us will be attending school of one kind or another and will be in very close contact with these revolutionaries. Especially for us who go away to college the problem must be faced. The decision will have to be made. Those of you who are parents may want to keep us with you, protect us, and keep us safe. But, no, the time of weaning has finally come for us. Man is the only creature in existence who protects his young for so long. There can be no safe haven for us anymore, for we cannot escape the restlessness that is not others, but our own. After tonight we will walk out of this gym no longer students of high school, but, rather, students of life in which the lessons taught us will not be as easy as those taught in these classrooms. We, who have looked forward to a new and long awaited freedom, will suddenly feel sad as we stand in line shaking your hands, and some of us will cry for the lost era of our lives that is leaving us with the night. The sadness will quickly pass, however, for we are young and the excitement of something new and different will take its place. We will rise to meet the challenge of tomorrow! The challenge of tomorrow! I can feel the tension rise in myself when I begin to think of what lies ahead, as I know it must also rise in each of my classmates. Tomorrow! For us this word holds a special excitement. As we stand here with our life stretching before us like a beautiful stimulating road! For some of us the road will not be so. beautiful nor so stimulating. For some the road will be rocky and dull, but tonight it is impossible to believe anything unpleasant. Tonight it seems that there is no mountain we can't climb. Tonight is our night. Tomorrow some of us may realize that money's tight and that good jobs are hard to find, and our bright and shining road of the future may have its first shadow cast over it. But we have time - time to outlast the bad. In fact, time is what we have the most of and. quite naturally, where there is excess, there is also waste and a portion of our lives will be spent not only on the betterment of ourselves, but on parties and good times - much to your dismay. It is too late, however, to change us. If the values you taught us as children are lost to us now, they will be always be lost. Tonight we are crossing a bridge of sorts - a bridge between what has been and what will be. You see us before you tonight and you are proud to point out your particular favorite sitting here on this stage, but what if this particular boy or girl goes away to school and the next time you see him he is sporting long hair and beads, and ideas different from your own. Will you be proud of him then9 Will you listen to him to see if he has simply become a campus revolutionary saying all is wrong and offering no alternatives, or a young man or woman seriously concerned with the problems facing our world today and offering possible solutions9Salutatory By Martin Palik Parents, administration, friends, and faculty, I would like to welcome you to the Commencement of the graduating class of 1970. After tonight we will have to decide many important questions concerning our lives and our future. We will have the opportunity to go on to higher levels of education, or we can start building a future for ourselves now. with the line of work that suits us. From here we must decide whether we will side with the destructive radicals who want to tear down the present institution but have nothing better to offer as a solution, or to work towards being an educated person looking for suitable answers to the problems now plaguing this nation. It doesn’t really matter where we go from here, but it does matter what we do. The world now has a shortage of capable leaders to help direct the people of this world. The leaders of tomorrow will have to turn away from war as a solution. New and better means of peaceful communication will have to be found and we will have to be the leaders of this peace. The love you have in the end is equal to the love you gave. Because of today’s perpetual wars some members of this graduating class will be called into the armed forces of the United States. Then it will be their duty to do the dirty work behind protecting the rights of a free nation, be it their own or not. No matter which direction we step in our future it is our duty to help make this world a better place in which to live. It's a question as to whether or not this country has made any progress in the last thirty years. After all. what major progress has there been other than the atomic bomb, or our amazing defensive missile systems0 I don't consider progress as being how many more people the United States is able to kill with only one bomb. Progress to me is when life on earth is made easier and more pleasant for man. To clean up the slums of our cities or to reduce the drug abuse problem, which would eventually slow the crime rate down, is the kind of progress this nation needs. What progress can our class make? If we can never find the answers for the problems we have now by just not creating any more problems we will have made progress enough. There's nothing magic about tonight - we won’t be leaders when we leave here - but by working towards understanding and love some will become leaders in the future. - Someday men will learn not to fight with one another, but to work and live together in peace. Man will learn to do this or soon he will realize that the Eve of destruction was yesterday. If we (the United States) and Russia had overlooked our differences for the last twenty years and had used the money we spent for defense against each other for better purposes, by now we would have created the world everyone prays for. I would like to close with a quote from a religious philosopher: "Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire. ” The long hair and beads are fashions of today's youth. It is impossible to be caught up in the business of being young without becoming totally involved. Prejudice is an evil weapon that we all use at one time or another to protect ourselves from what is different, but give us a chancel Let us find where we as individuals must place our values. Even those of us who don't grow our hair long will come back to you with drastically changed ideas. Don't shut your minds to us. Listen! We may have found truth. Despite all 1 have said concerning the importance of youth, I feel that the 70's will turn the emphasis off of youth and instead turn it upon the "Silent Majority” or the great middle class who will in turn look at themselves - their values - their goals. Again my age group will be caught in between. In between a new movement. It has always been said that the middle child has the toughest time growing up. Too young to do the things the oldest does, and too old to be caught up in the ideas of the youngest, but because of this it's possible that the child will grow up to be a more tolerant person, able to open his mind and accept different ideas. We, before you, are like such middle children. We are the first graduating class of a new decade. A decade that we will have a great part in shaping, and perhaps when 1980 arrives we will be able to look back and know that during that 10 years we helped make the world a better place; for such is our goal.COLDWATER'S FINEST H H DRY CLEANERS DAVID GREEN, Owner Coldwater, Mich. rHECK-P-BDARfl RFD 5 Phone 278-2351 U. S. 12 at N. Batavia Rd. Coldwater, Mi 49036 Sout Side TVelctiKf Sufcfctcf REPAIR WELDING OF ALL KINDS 24-Hour Service On .. . INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT RENTAL-SCAFFOLDING INDUSTRIAL PIPING and SERVICE CUSTOM PIPE THREADING ★ PLUMBING SUPPLIES Telephone: 517 278-2278 or 278-6040 359 S. Clay Street Coldwater, Michigan McCOMBS SHOE STORE Coldwater, Mich. FAMILY PHARMACY Selling Throughout Michigan • We List To Sell • Homes - Farms - Cottages - Commercial LANEY REALTY Bernard M. Laney REALTOR PHONE: 270-6951 372 MARSHALL STREET COLDWATER. MICHIGAN Phone 278-5631 Coldwater, Michigan Congratulations From BAR "C” SALES CO. Mobile Homes Travel Trailers Phone 517-278-4891 569 Marshall Rd. Coldwater, Mich. 49036 MIDWAY LANES 1050 W. Chicago Road Coldwater, Michigan JOHN and NORA LEE SHIERLY, Owners 86GARRY H. DONNER Compliments of Realtor - Insurer Real Service in Real Estate Telephone: 278-5611 20 West Chicago Street Coldwater, Michigan CAPRI DRIVE IN THEATER Coldwater, Michigan Compliments of MUSIC MART SAMMY’S PIZZERIA Band Instrument Headquarters Coldwater, Michigan Coldwater, Michigan Pianos SHOE STORE Organs Compliments of WOODWARD SPECIALTY SHOP Coldwater and Marshall, Mich. Coldwater, Michigan Congratulations Seniors 24 HOUR FILM SERVICE Daily Friday Sunday « WILBUR’S FURNITURE STORE Phone: 278-4893 5 ROOMS OF BEAUTIFUL Coldwater, Michigan GIFTS PERMANENT FLOWERS 87GREEN TOP INN Dancing Tuesday-Sunday Bob Lofts and the Sunday Chair U.S. 27 Near Marshall Compliments of BILL’S HAIR STYLISTS Marshall Michigan Compliments of RITZEE HAMBURG SHOP Michigan Ave. Marshall MUNN’S BARBER SHOP Across from the Bank in Marshall 2 Barbers Appointment or Open Chair TWO HOUR CLEANERS 155 West Michigan Ave. Marshall Michigan Compliments of GREAT ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA COMPANY Marshall Michigan DRAKES BOOKKEEPING AND OFFICE SUPPLY 142 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan Live a little - visit our DAIRY QUEEN 835 West Michigan Marshall MichiganA W DRIVE INN 102 West Michigan Marshall Michigan Compliments of BELL RESTAURANTS 21 Years Coldwater Michigan Air Conditioned 20 Lanes COLDWATER RECREATION 559 E. Chicago Rd. 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Coldwater Michigan LIVESTOCK DEALERS Nearly 45 Years Cash and Carry HAWKINS FURNITURE STORE Phone: 765-2800 Burlington Michigan Union City Michigan HUGHES MOBILE Compliments of SERVICE JACK’S BARBER SHOP M-60 211 Main Street Burlington, Michigan Phone: 765-9192 Tekonsha, Michigan Congratulations BRUNNER Seniors INSURANCE AGENCY MAIN TAX AND ACCOUNT SERVICE Union City Michigan Life and Health Insurance HOWARD and MARYC ong ratulations F rom MILLIMAN’S INSURANCE AGENCY 103 Main Street LARRY MILLER Tekonsha Michigan Tekonsha Michigan TUFF-CAT Lumber and Building Materials T ekonsha Michigan Congratulations Seniors KEEP MARTINSON Phone 767-4179 Tekonsha, Michigan 101Luck of the Irish to the Graduates SHORT AND SON INC. 202 Morse Street Coldwater, Michigan You'll Find All the Shopping News in the GRACIE O’SHANAHANS SHOPPERS GUIDE 57 South Monroe St. Coldwater, Mich. 49036 I 69 and US 12 Coldwater, Michigan Coldwater - Quincy - Bronson -Union City - Tekonsha Remodeling or Building Problems Call Our House Doctor Compliments of Congratulations Class of 70 »e,i ■ ytttu. y ■ PMONE (517'. 278-2 88 50 w«(t Chicago Street COLDWATER, MICHIGAN 9036 DARLING DISPLAY DIVISION Coldwater, Michigan 102FARM FRESH MEATS INC. 3265 22 Mile Road Phone: 568-4141 Homer Michigan Automatic sliding door at Fel-pausch Food Center in Marshall. Like thousands of automatic doors throughout the country, it was made by w RONAN KUNZL, Inc. Marshall, Michigan 49068 The members of the 1970 annual staff want to thank all the people who helped to make our annual possible; the photographers, advertisers, and cooperative parents who allowed us the use of their cars to sell ads. Special thanks to Mr. Sweet who gave us time, effort, advice, and headaches, which we have greatly appreciated, especially the head- 103Class Motto By Linda Ray The Class of 1970 has chosen as their motto, a quotation from Robert Browning "A man's reach should exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for?" Think what the world would be if a man's reach was his grasp. We would be a world of idle dreamers. We are a new graduating class going forth into a world filled with dreams and anticipations. Dreams that will only come true if we reach and strive for them. Dreams - and one ultimate dream - a final lasting dream - the dream of heaven. If, in your reaching, you should exceed your grasp, reach on. Reach on for everything right and just. Expand your goals, reach for your heaven, and finally grasp your dreams as life closes its door to you. Fellow friends and classmates reach for your dreams and indeed - your reach will exceed your grasp -or what's a heaven for?

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