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 "I have made a voyage upon a golden river, " OUR SCHOOL. "’Neath clouds of opal and of amethyst;" OUR PROBLEMS. "Along its banks bright shapes were moving ever, GRADUATION. "And threatening shadows melted into mist." MEMORY. These are the things that write a book called LIFE. 2 CONTENTS Faculty----- Classes----- Organizations Athletics - -Activities — Elementary - ------V - - - XV ■ LX VIII ■ - LXXII ■ - LVIII XXXXIIIMR. LANTZ Superintendent Generally life will take i.irt shape, form, and meaning whic ou are willing to fashion, hence, om-mit yourself to a humanitarian dream which should transcend you, your generation, and the provincial interests of your time. Mr. Lantz Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do when it ought to be done. Whether you like it or not: it is the first lesson that ought to be learned; and however early a man’s training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly. - T. H. Huxley MR. LIPPE Principal(STANDING) Mr. Bowling Mr. Thenen Mr. Camp (SEATED) Mr. Shaffer Mrs. Thomas Mr. Shank 4 SCHOOL BOARD MR. AND MRS. KING Secretary and assistant sec,FACULTY ELEMENTARY HIGH SCHOOL 5MR. BERCAW Civics - Basketball Coach - Gym Teacher MR. KALE Band - Music Appreciation MR. LINDQUIST, Shop, Discussion Group, Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Math MRS. GOHEEN Teachers Aid MRS. LANTZ Math, Psychology MRS. MARSHALL Teachers Aid 6MR. MARTINSON Chemistry - Physics MR. MILLER 8th Grade World History MRS. RANDALL English English Lit. Speech MR. MARTINSON General Science Health MRS. MILUMAN Home Ec. Junior Class Advisor MR. RICHARDSON Am. History Geo. Football and Track Coach 7MRS. RUFF Math Courses - Counseling Latin I MR. RUNYON Vocational Ag. FFA advisor MR. SOVA 7th Grade - World Hist. - Annual Staff MR. SWEET MR. ZOOK Business Courses - Baseball Coach Director of THS activities 8COOKS MRS. PILERI AND MRS. LETTS CUSTODIAN 9ZONNA |r i SUSANNE MIETHING "ZONNA” We would like you to meet Zonna, our foreign exchange student from Hamburg, Germany. In her native country, she lives with her parents, one younger brother and sister, a grandmother and a pet robin. In Tekonsha she lives with the Harvey Randall family. At THS she is an Honor student; she is also a Volunteer at Oaklawn Hospital, Marshall. She was in the Sr. Play entitled "It's Great to be Crazy." Zonna especially liked basketball games and came to every one of them. THS wishes to say good-bye and good luck to her in the future. 10SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS A. Stemaly - Pres. F. Thene - V. Pres. S. Miething - Sec. C. Lee - Treas. A. Thorton - Reporter C. Casebeer - Keener Cor. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS J. Winter - Pres. J. Sherwood - V. Pres. I. Fousel - Sec. S. Jordan - Treas. IISOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Advisor - Mr. Kale President - N. Millard Vice President - M. Sweet Secretary - B. Kelly Treasurer - S. Grolohske FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Advisor - Mr. Sweet President - J. Winans Treasurer - S. Waffle Secretary - J. Millard 12 Vice President - F. Brewer (absent)7th GRADE Advisor - Mr. Sova President. - C. Fousel Vice President - R. Moody Secretary - J. Newton Treasurer - C. Abel 8th GRADE Advisor - Mr. Miller President - M. Saltzgaber Vice President - W. Duckham Treasurer - K. Swick Secretary - D. Easterday Reporter - R. Fast 13STUDENT GOV. OFFICERS President - C. Voshen Vice President - J. Miller Secretary - S. Shumway Treasurer - G. Kowalski Parliamentarian - F. Thenen STUDENT GOV REPRESENTATIVES D. Masters O. Drudge R. Waltz T. McAtee J. Camp M. Green J. Copeland S. Groholske M. Evers M. Sweet R. Potter J. Jones (absent) STUDENT CONSTITUTIONAU COM. A. Thomas J. Thomas R. Waltz J. Reincke R. Hazen J. Winter S. Whitcomb D. Doolittle N. Jackson M. Palik Mr. Richardson 14SENIORSHAROLD BEMIS MIKE ABEL CHUCK BUSH VARSITY Club 4 King 3 Court 4 Golf 2 Basketball 2,4 Football 4 DENIS BUSH Football 2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Golf 2 Track 1,3,4 Varsity Club 3,4 Class Officer Annual Staff WKFRCorr. 2,3 Pep Club 2 Cheerleader 2 Sr. Play CAROL CASEBEER Golf 2,3 Basketball 1,3 Football 1,2,3 CHARLES BERRYSr. Play (props) FFA Officer 2 FFA 1,2 JOHN DAVIS JOHN COPELAND Varsity Club 1 Student Gov. 1 Jr. Play Sr. Play Basketball 1,2,3,4 Const. Rep. FFA Officer 3 Class Officer 1 Football 1,2,3 DAVE DOOLITTLE JEANETTE FELTNER MIKE EWERS Band 1,2,3,4 Dance Band 2,3,4 Jr. - Sr. Play Student Council 4 Class Officer 2,3 JAY Club 2 Idea Club 4 Honor Student JIM FLYNN 17DAVID GOHEEN Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Annual Staff 4 Varsity Club 4 YOT rep. 1,2 BERNADETTE KATZ Honor Student F.N.C. 4 Sr. Play Homecoming 2 Class Officer 2,4 CAROL LEE Exchange Student Honor Student F.N.C. 4 F.H.A. 4 Sr. Play Annual Staff 4 Class officer 4 SUSANNE MIETHING GRETCHEN KOWALSKI F.N.C. 4 F.H.A. 4 Sr. Play Honor Student Student Council Treas. Alt. WKFR Corr. 3,4 Class officer 1,2 18ROSE PALIK Cheerleading 3,4 Class Officer 1,3 JAY 2 Sr. Play Jr. Play Sr. Homecoming Court Speech Club 1 MIKE REESE Track 1 Golf 2,3,4 Football 3,4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Varsity Club 4 DENNIS PALMA TIER Sr. Play Jr. Play Homecoming Court 3,4 PENNY SHAFFER Librarian 2,3 Annual Staff 4 Idea Staff 4 JAY Club 2 Sr. Play Jr. Play Yot Rep; 1,2 KATY PATTEN Dance Band 4 JAY Club 2 Class Officer 1,3,4 Jr. Sr. Play DAR Award St. Council Sec. FNC 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 SALLY SHUMWAY 19■■■ Most Valuable Football 4 Homecoming King Court 2 Class Off. 4 Sr. Play Jr. Play Baseball 2,3 Track 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 ANDY STEMALY Honor Student Sr. Play Jr. Play JAY Club 2 Annual Staff 3 FNC 1,2,3,4 FHA 1,2,4 MARY VANDERPOOL 20Court 1 Jr. Play DIANE WALKER CLIFTON VOSHEN Track 1 Golf 2,3,4 (capt. 3) Football 2,4 (co. capt. 4) Class officer 3 Student Gov. Pres. 4 Honor Student Student Rep. Student Gov. Int. Basketball Golf 2,3 Football 2 Baseball 1,4 Basketball 1,2 CHARLES WALTZ FNC 4 BARBARA WINANS DANNY WAMBLE Annual Staff 2 Jr. Play DELORES YATES 21JUNIORSCHERYL HUGHES NANCY JACKSON SUZI JORDAN OWEN DRUDGE INEZ FOUSEL TOM HAMPTON 23CRAIG LEATHERBURY JIM LINDSAY BRENDA LLOYD LESTER SHAFFER KEITH SHEDD JEFF SHERWOOD 24PATTY SMITH RICHARD STUART DAVE SWICK JUNIOR CLASS TOP MAGAZINE SALESMEN Ines Fousel Dave Swick DENNIS VAN WINKLE JACKIE MILLER JOHN WINTERSOPHOMORESCONNIE BALL TIM BEMIS CONNIE BLACKWELL DENISE BOSHEARS JANICE CLARK FRED GOHEEN GARY GOHEEN LARRY GOHEEN DEBBIE GREEN SALLY GROHOLSKE DICK HAMPTON LARRY HUGHES 27PATSI McCONE NANCY MILLARD JIM OSBORN JANE JENKINS BRUCE KATZ BRIAN KELLY LINDA LAMBERT DAVID LLOYD LARRY LLOYD ANDY PA UK MARTIN PALIK JERI PARDINEJOHN PHELPS JANET POTTER YVONNE RARICK LINDA RAY PENNY REIMER DAVID ROWE A LARRY RUSSEL RON SHE RE DENNIS SLONE MIKE SWEET ALICE THOMAS DEBBIE UPSTON 2930FRESHMENMR. SWEET FLOYD AMSLER PEGGY BAIRD DEAN BAGLEY LUCILLE COLE FAYE BREWER PEGGY BROWNELL GEORGE DAVIS JUDY DRAKE ANNETTE FISH AILEEN FOUSEL MARCIA FURU 3233COLEEN PALMITIER CONNIE PATTEN SUSIE PHELPS JUDY REESE JACK REINCKE CAROL SIZEMORE JOHN SMITH PAM SMITH CHRISTINE SMOKE DELTON STUART VERN THENEN RON THRASHERDAVE VAN WINKLE SUE WAFFLE PAUL WELLER SANDY WHITCOMB JERRY WINANS WANITA WOMBLE JUANITA WOODS CATHY YATES 35JUNIOR HIGHMr. Miller Janet Baird Frank Brewer Dick Buskirk Patty Camp Jon Cavinder John Easterday Dave Easterday Wanda Duckham Mike Cummings Bill Cummins Cindi Ciotta 8th GRADE Roger Fast Dennis Hartel Elizabeth Fox Beth Furu Peggy Groholske Ron Hughes 37Brandon Kelly Chris Katz Diane Jordon Doug Johnson Susan Hopkins Artis Hoffman Bill Kilborn Steve Klingaman Mary Kowalske Steve Marshall Dennis Masters Kit McCone Deanna Millard Debra Millard Mary Nagel James Mauer Linda Newland Peggy Palmatier 38Nancy Russell Gorden Rosen berry Susan Riemer Susan Potter Cathy Pike Don Peterson Mark Saltzgaber Marvin Shaffer Sue Sommer Teresa Sours Terry Sours Judy Stemaly Mary Hazen Liz Washburn Malcolm Vanderpool Janet Thomas Ken Swick Ardella Yates 39Mr. Sova Cindy Able Beatrice Bagi Ronnie Ball Sandra Ball Carol Bowling Rick Council Barb Collins Craig Cole Carlene Clark Harold Carlton Mary Bowling Calvin Cummins Cheryl Cook Polly Dow ding Mary Davis Debbie Eberts Spencer Farmer 40Gary Hill Dick Hazin Greg Hays Debra Fox Chris Fousal Almeda Fish Jeff A Jones Jeff M. Jones Jim Jordan Duane Macumber Sandy Masters Chris McCallister GRADE Tony Mellow Mike Millard Ray Moody Mary Mauer Joyce Nagal Jackie Newtor 41Don Deena Porter Walter Regina Karen Saltzgaber Linda Selby Norman Taylor Jerry Thenen Atis Prater Danny Varner Karen Weller Lorretta Weller Steve Weller Shelly Wiescholek t Wayne Woods Barbara Woods Patty Winans Randy Wilts y Ruth Williams 42ELEMENTARYMrs. Williams Nancy Banks Vicky Bennett Ken Brownell Steve Clark Ruth Cummings V. La Fountain Robert King Margie Jordon D. Hunsicker Ken Feltner Lester Farmer Shelly McAtee Becky McCone M. McLenithan T. Palma tier Debra Pickett Debra Powell April Watkins Pam Tunning 6th Allan Richar Eddie Waters John White Michelle Slone Brad Stephen Bobby Mains Randy Shank 44Cora Baird Tim Brewer George Boston Norma Bemis John Duty B. Goodman L. Macomber Don Jordon Debra Hayes B. Hartle Don Green Jean Goheen Chooly Moody Doug Newton Ricky Phelps Diane Potter B. Prater D. Quimby B. Tompkins Beth Taylor GRADE Roxanne Smith Donna Sizemore Chris Shoemaker Bruce Shedd Joel Wiemer Ranee Wireman 45Mis. Gustafson D. Boshears M. Casebeer J. Chene C. Copeland M. Duckham B. Hughes C. Goodman G. Grennell D. Johnson D. Lindsey A. Miller J. Nagel M. Olds C. Palik B. Porter D. Potter G. Richar P. Shilling S. Shaffer 5th V. Shilling D. Vreeland J. Williams J. Winter M. Walcott J. Eberts 46Mrs. Holt Gail Casebeer Steve Ciotta Wanda Farmer Russell Fish B. Goodrich Debbie Hampton Mike Hopkins Wesley Jones Kim Klingaman Pat McLenitha Lois Reese Randy Russell Brian Shedd Rick Shilling Mike Slone J. Seizemore Kathy Sweet Tam Tunning G. Wintersteen GRADE Carol Wolcott Drucilla Yates Joseph Young Judy Barrington 47Mrs. Shumway Jeff Bennett Janet Ball Kathy Boa Kes B. Burchfield S. Cummins Kathy Dolph Becky Eberts Sars Feltner Ricky Fish S. Jordon Charles Mack Jim Macomber Phyllis Main Paul Millard Todd Marley Joe Nagel M. Palma tier Susan Pickett Donna Potter 4th Glinda Williams Bonnie Wintersteen Sandra Woods Walter Woods Kathy Pruitt Christine Shedd Steve TompkinsMrs. Voshen Vicky Baker Hope Bennett Penny Brownell John Cummings Su-Ellen Clark Trina Dovey E. Easterday Greg Hall Paul Jordon Evett Kowalski Marsha Lewis R. Ma com her S. Minniear L. Plamatier Lori Phelps Tina Raginia Susan Saltzgaber Julie Sanford Jane Sherwood GRADE Connie Spires Sheryl Stefan Cynthia Tompkins Linda Weller Jeff Woodman Absent 49Mrs. Martinson B. Barrington David Boshers Tommy Ciotta Tamie Davey Connie Goodrich Joe Lindquist Jeff Klingaman Jeff Krumvede Kathy Jordan Cindy Grinnell Todd Gore Pearl Lowe Tina Marshall C. McLenithan Dennis Miller Tina Row Sharon Salyer Robin Watkins Bob Vreeland 3rd Ray Thenen James Sizemore Donald Stefaniak Diane Shank Teddy Weimer Keith Winterstien Margaret Woods Brenda Yates 50Mrs. Jackson D. Barrington Sherri Bonham S. Burchfield H. Burritt Darla Casebeer Sharon Mack Nathan Howard R. Groholske Gary Grinnell Ricky Green Sidney Dolph Jerry Mains S. Palmatier Randy Powell Forster Prater Denise Ray Teresa Reimer Marc Stemaly Julia Smith GRADE Jeffery Sizemore Phillip Scherer Tom Robinson Teresa Richar Cindy Vreeland Michael Woods Gary Wiescholek 51Mrs. Lippe Patty Berry M. Burritt Rusty Cummings Sandy Cummings Jim Duckham Doug Fox T. Grinnell Julie Jorden Steve Lewis B. Lindquist P. Lindquist Linda Millard L. Palmatier Dennis Parker Dawn Randall Mark Richar Mike Robinson D. Saltzgaber David Shedd 2nd Maria Sherer Durwood Shilling Karen Smith Connie Thatcher Jeff Thonton Brenda Tompkins 52Mrs. Sober Z . Allie Amsler Charles Baker T. Bennett Robert Berry W., Teresa Davis Walter Dolph Jt J. Duckham Patty Green M. Johnston id r vi v- v via.l Terry King Danny Lewis Penny Lindsey Ruth Nagel Dale Olds Paul Palik Chester Prater C. Pruitt Brenda Ragina Penny Reincke GRADE A David Sebring Lucille Scherer Laurie Shank Kurt Sherwood Jacquelyn Upston Thomas Weimer Brenda Woodman 53Mrs. Johnson A. Brewer R. Burns P. Davis D. Doolittle T. Dovey Mark Eberts S. Jones G. Lewis R. Mack S. Morley D. Mullins M. Nagel W. Patten K. Ray H. Scherer M. Shedd S. Stroh R. Lee Smith D. Von Hoose 1st T. Vincent D. Watkins L. Weimer S. Weller D. Wintersteen 54Mrs. Humeston D. Bemis J. Klingaman J. Combs J. Combs R. Macomber D. Mahrle M. Nagel J. Paul J. Randall J. Robinson R. Roe D. Shaffer W. Sizemore C. Slone R. Sue Smith D. Spires T. Stull D. Sweet G. Varner J, GRADE N. Wolcott D. Yates 55KINDER Mrs. Pulsipher B. J. Burritt Alveretta Fish Alan Hulsebus Timothy Kemp Mark Klingaman Carol Mullins Jack Macomber Rose Nagel Debora Olds B. Palmatier M. Palmatier Della Prater Debra Reincke Dick Spires Terry Weller Gary White Bill Wiescholek Dale Vincent Rodney WellerSherry Baker Karen Boakes A. Casebeer Daryl Cummins M. Doolittle Marlene Friend Andria Geiger Tim Jenkins Nathan Lantz M. Macomber D. Minniear John O’Dell Fred Robinson D. Saltzgaber Lorena Scherer GARTEN Floyd Siegel Rebecca Smith Robin Thatcher Ross Upston Daniel Warner 57HOMECOMING ? ? 58Freshmen 1st. place 8th Gr. 2nd place Soph. 3rd place Senior Float Junior Float 7th Grade HOMECOMING 60CAST SITTING: Mike Ewers, Dennis Palmatier, Clif Voshen, John Copeland, Mike Reese, John Davis, Dave Goheen, STANDING: Ann Thornton, Carol Lee, Sally Shumway, Birdie Katz, Zonna Miething, Gretchen Kowalski. KNEELING: Mary Vanderpool, Penny Shaffer, Kay Patten, Rose Palik, Carol Casebeer. On Nov. 15 and 16 the Sr. Class presented its play "It's Great To Be Crazy.” The story concerns the John Maxwell family. When Betty-Lou and Wilbur revive old family skeletons Mr. Waxwel thinks he's cracking. Meanwhile Louie and Gertrude, two would-be crooks posing as relatives, plan to rob the Maxwell house. Finally the two crooks are exposed by the boys and when the dust clears, it is discovered that the Maxwell family tree is very respectable and all ends well. 61CAST SITTING: Owen Drudge, Lester Shaffer, Dave Swick, Fred Cooley, Craig Leatherbury, Jeff Sherwood, John Winter, Cindi Reincke. STANDING: Mrs. Milliman, Patti Smith, Kay Macomber, Janet Camp, Suzy Jordan, Diane Doolittle, Jacki Miller. SITTING: Cheryl Hughes, Nancy Jackson, Inez Fousel, Shari Bond, Janet Jones. f 1 The Junior Class presented a three act western comedy on March 28 and 29, 1968, entitled "We 'Dude It". Mis. Doris Meacham and her son Bud, inherit a ranch in Texas and before they see it, she has it advertised as a dude ranch in some noted papers. When the guests start arriving and the Indians start attacking everything is in a mess. A con man thinks there is oil on the property and trys to swindle Mrs. Meacham out of the ranch. Everyone goes back to their normal selves when they find out the oil is from a leak in their fuel oil tank. 6263"STARDUST” 19 "PROM” 68 6465ANNUAL STAFF VARSITY CLUB 66FFA AND OFFICERS HCC AND OFFICERS FHA AND OFFICERSJACKIE MILLER TERESA SOURS SUSAN HOPKINS DENISE BOSHEARS LINDA NEWLAND LINDA SELBY 6869SENIOR PLAYERSEGADS! 53-0? It would help if we had pads! Only 20 miles to Pitts ford! "C’mon stop crying. C'mon Clif, sign it for me, Please? Jumpball? Doin' the Frug? Go Janet! ! ! So he’s bigger than you, fake it! Bush finally caught one! Get off the field! 72CHUCK BUSH ' JOHN COPELAND ANDY STEMALY DENIS BUSH CO-CAPTAINS CUF VOSHEN DAVE GOHEEN VARSITY BASKETBALL 73VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 74JV BASKETBALL PLAYERS8th BASKETBALL 8th CHEERLEADERS 7th BASKETBALLGOLF TEAM BASEBALL 78 Al V .-A " V rFOOTBALL BANQUET 80most talkative SWEETEST 81SENIOR AWARDS VALEDICTORIAN Clifton Voshen LEADERSHIP AWARDS Sally Shumway John Copeland ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Dave Goheen SOUSA AWARD Ann Thorton 82Being of sound mind and body, we the class of 1968, hereby present our last will and testamant as follows: Ii Harold Bemis, will my ability to be quiet in Latin Class to Owen Drudge, who is always talking but never saying anything. I, Charles Berry, will my hair to Mr. Sweet, because he is always complaining a-bout it. I Denis Bush, will my driving experience to the driver's training class. I, Carol Casebeer, will my mysterious attraction to boys to Janet Camp. I, John Copeland, will my ability to be calm in English class to Mrs. Randall. I, John Davis, will my ability to hit signs to Ray Ball who hits trees. I, David Doolittle, will my ability to work and stay in school to Rick Pike who doesn't do either one. I, Jeanette Feltner, will my love for school to Susan McComber. I, David Goheen will my ability to flirt with girls and get away with Fred Cooley. I, Birdie Katz will my Height to Janet Jones who sure could use it. I, Gretchen Kowals i, will my ability to laugh at all Polack jokes to any up-coming Polack. I, Carol Ann Lee, will my laugh to Susan McComber who already has a'good start. I, Suzonna Meithing, will my ability to speak more than one language to Richard Stuart who does well to speak one. I, Rose Palik, will my ability to write letters in class to any one would like to try it. I, Dennis Palmatier, will all the time I've spent thinking up reasons for my absences to David Swick. I, Elaine Kay Patten, will my ability of getting in and out of trouble to my sister Connie who is always getting into trouble but never out. I, Mike Reese, will my ability to ignore girls to Dennis Berry who just won't leave them alone. I, Penny Shaffer will my out spoken ways to John Winter. I, Wanda Sommer, will my ability of fibbing to Mr. Sweet to my sister Sue who gets caught if she tries it. I, Frank Sours, will my quiet ways to Craig Leatherbury who is never quiet. I, Andy Stemaly, will my curly hair to Linda Ray. I, Mike Abel, will my ability to play the guitar to Dennis Van Winkle who fits the part. I, Fred Thenen, will my farming ability to Keith Shedd who sure would be learning a lot. I, Mary Vanderpool, will my calm and quiet ways to Nancy Jackson who is always saying or doing something. I, Clifton Voshen, will my ability to teach Latin class to Owen Drudge who loves Latin but doesn't have the ability. I, Diane Walker, will my ability with shorthand to Craig Leatherbury.I, Randy Waltz, will my batting average to Mike Green. I. Kelores Yates, will my temperamental ways to Jeri Paridine who already has a good start. We, Chuck Bush, Terry Hampton, and Danny Womble will our ability to be quiet in all classes to Tom Hampton, Ken Russell, and David Swick. We Ann Thornton, Sally Shumway, and Mike Ewers will all of our musical ability to to the Senior band who sure will need it. And then last of all: We the class of 1968 will all our happy times and happy memories, to all the classes coming up, hoping that they will have the same. Thank-you Carol Lee Good evening Faculty, Parents, Classmates, and Friends: When I arrived here in Aug. last year, and went to school the first days 1 thought graduation would never come. There were so many people to meet, so many things to look forward to ahead of me, that it seemed to be a long time for this day to come. Well, here I am and now I have to say good-by to you. This year has passed by so fast and I have had so many pleasant experiences. But this was only possible with your help and you made it easy for me because you were so very nice to me. You made me feel like one of you, like a guest and I appreciated and enjoyed being a member of your community. I am very grateful to you because you have made this year a wonderful life for me, with many exciting experiences vdiich I will never forget. I especially thank the Seniors for being so nice to me and giving me the privilege to take part in the play and to be the secretary of our class. I find it very hard to leave knowing that maybe I will never see you again. I wish I could take you back to Germany. It has been a lot of fun being with you as friends and if I could do it over again I wouldn't change one minute of my stay here. Thank-you very very much for everything, I have enjoyed you a great deal. GOOD - BYWhen I first found out that I was to give the class prophesy I couldn't imagine how I was ever going to predict something for everyone! Several days later I received an anonymous phone call and was directed to put my diary under my pillow that night and dream about all of my classmates. I did, and the next morning my diary was dated ten years in the future. This is what my diary predicted for the class of 1968. May 23, 1978. Dear Diary, I should be correcting these test papers, but so much has happened since I last wrote to you, tl at I'm taking the time. This week's newspapers were full of articles about some of my old classmates. I read that Jeanette Feltner has just become the first woman pitcher on the Detroit Tiger Softball Team. This spring Delores Yates has been working as umpire. I also read about Mike Abel and Dennis Palmatier. They will be guest musical directors at the Interlocken Music Festival next year. There was a big writeup about Terry Hampton who felt it was up to him to make hippies decent again, so he moved to Haight-Ashbury St. and opened up a barber shop. Dave Doolittle and Mike Reese were in the social pages. They have just gone on an African safari because the hunting in the U.S. was too tame. I bet our English teacher never dreamed that she had some authors in her midst. Two of the top books of the U.S. were written by Mike Ewers and John Copeland. Mike's book "Solutions to World Problems" has such ideas as- 'If everyone would cancel their debts, no one would owe anyone anything and The advantages of living in the country is that you don't have to pay city taxes.' John's book ”1+1 Isn’t Really 2” explains his new method of mathematics. I received a letter from Ann Thornton who is in the navy. She had an exciting week! Her ship had run out of fuel and was forced to stop at an unknown island in the south seas. Who should she meet, but Bernadette Katz, who is with the Peace Corps there. Soon another Navy ship came to bring fuel and Charles Berry the captain was on it. All three had a nice visit. Last week I went to a style show in Detroit and saw Wanda Sommer modeling. Here to find out, Penny Shaffer, who was chosen best dressed girl in high school, has become a dress buyer of European Fashions and she and Wanda go all over modeling their clothes. That night I went to dinner with Carol Casebeer, who had just returned to Michigan after singing in the Broadway show entitled, "How to Succeed With Boys Without Really Trying." The restaurant was very lush and as we opened our menues, we saw the names of Rose Palik and Kay Patten as co-owners of the restaurant. Tekonsha School students have been faithful to their home town. Some have come back to teach. Fred Thenen is the Vocational Agriculture instructor, David Goheen teaches business and typing, Mary Vanderpool has the Kindergarten class, and Carol Lee has the sixth grade. I have the first grade. Andy Stemaly has become the football coach at T. H. S.Gretchen Kowlaski has just gotten back from Alaska after adding another pharmacy to her chain. She gets quite a bit of business from Harold Bemis, who has become a doctor. WTEK is a new radio station in Tekonsha and is run by the disc jockeys Danny Wom-ble and Frank Sours. Another new establishment in town is a big business firm with Chuck Bush, Randy Waltz and John Davis running the Data Processing Machines. There is still the need of a secretary so Diane Walker is kept busy feeding the computors. Denis Bush has become very famous in the Air Force because of his ability to soup up the jet engine. We still see quite a bit of our exchange student, Susanne Miething because she has become an international lawyer. if Last night I went to the movies and saw Clifton Voshen on the screen. His fans won't be seeing him on movie screens much longer but on political shows becasue he is running for Pres, of the U.S. Well, I guess that's all for now, diary. Love, Sally Shumway 8687Congratulations Seniors MAIN TAX ACCOUNT SERVICE Life and Health Insurance HOWARD and MARY ARNOLD’S AUTO PARTS Compliments Seniors Coldwater Compliments McCOMBS SHOE STORE of WOODWORD’S SPECIALTY SHOP Coldwater, Mich. Compliments of GOLDWATER RECREATION 20 Air-Conditioned KELLY OIL CO. Lanes Ball Drilling 28 Bennett St. Coldwater Coldwater, Mich. 5596 Chicogo Rd. SHAWS SHOE STORE HORTONS FAMILY OF APPAREL COLDWATER, MICH. Congratulates Coldwater, Seniors Mich. 88 Compliments From Compliments of CUFF’S SPORT 4 GROCERY A FRIEND Tekonsha, Mich. DR. F. J. CHASE Make an Appointment With MILLER-ALLBREGTSE PALMER’S BARBER SHOP If You Want Your Hair Cut in the Worst Way See . . . JACK BOB Marshall, Mich. Phone STory 1-3242 Men's and Boys' Clothing 110W. Michigan Marshall Michigan Featuring Name Brands Your Assurance of Quality Compliments of VOGELREUTER’S M R GARBAGE CO. 108 Eagle St. Marshall, Mich. Marshall Michigan Compliments of f DOUGLAS CORPORATION jj WILLI Am S I o Apothecary I Tekonsha, Michigan Telephone Coldwater, 278-5631 Michigan Congratulations Class of Compliments of '68 LEON’S APPAREL SHOPPE GREEN HARDWARE Quincy, Mich. Tekonsha, Mich. 517-639-7475 Compliments of Compliments of BOB KING JACK’S BARBER SHOP BULLDOZING SERVICE Tekonsha, 211 Main St. T ekonsha Compliments of Compliments of SHERWOOD’S VILLAGE VANITY PHARMACY 209 W. Main - Tekonsha Best Wishes Tekonsha, Mich. to Class of 68 LEONA’S BEAUTY Compliments From SALON WOLVERINE ENGRAVING CO. 328 Main Tekonsha, Mich. Open Evenings by Appointments Phone 767-3552 Tekonsha, Mich. LOUIE’S BAKERY Fine Home Furnishings 144 W. Michigan VENN’S Quality Baked Goods Decorated Cakes of Marshall Phone 781-3542 Marshall, Michigan East of City Limits on Old U.S. 12 Compliments From Compliments of M R SERVICES INC. DRAKE - BOOKKEEPING OFFICE SUPPLY 108 W. Eagle St. Marshall, Mich. 142 W. Mich. Ave. Marshall, Mich. LUSE MOTOR SALES Compliments of Compliments Seniors CENTRAL T.V. 106 E. Mich. Marshall, Mich. Marshall, Mich. KIESS JEWELRY Precious Gifts for All Occasions FIRST STATE BANK Coldwater, Mich. Tekonsha MichiganCongratulations From LARRY MILLER STANDARD OIL Tekonsha, Mich. L, milliman WMZ I CERAMI | coatin MILLIMAN’S INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 767-4422 Tekonsha, Mich. Compliments of ALTHAUER CHEVROLET Union City Michigan Good Coffee Home Cooked Meats VILLAGE RESTAURANT 130 Main Tekonsha, Mich.BOSHEARS FORD General Repairs 24 Hour Wrecker Service Phone 767-4151 Homer Lumber and Building Materials. Best Wishes Tekonsha, Mich. Phone 767-4179 Congratulations Seniors Graduates of 1968 KEEP MARTIONSON L.A. DARLING DISPLAY MichiganEATON MARSHALL DIVISION EATON YALE TOWNE INC. Congratulations to the Seniors of 1968 Marshall Michigan 94Compliments of Compliments of NEEDHAM’S CLEANERS AND DRYER SHERMAN’S SHOE STORE Ph. 781-3313 118 E. Michigan Ave. Marshall Michigan Marshall Michigan Compliments of RITZEE BOLLEGRAFS DEPT. STORE Marshall Michigan Better Clothing and Shoes for the Whole Family Largest Assortment in Branch County Quincy Michigan Compliments of STAR Compliments of 6 Main Street Ph. 616 - 963-5541 Battle Creek Michigan 49017 RUTH ALLEN Compliments of o o t» bring yw On D«1 Mtptam urvtc.. CALHOUN COUNTY TELEPHONE Homer MichiganAUTOGRAPHS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY ri M ld t hi' 'll tMtl ’.yl» • »• 96   

Suggestions in the Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) collection:

Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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