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1967 INDIAN EDITOR —---------- Linda Janusz BUSINESS MANAGER - Linda Camp ADVISOR...............Mr. Sova Tekonsha, Michigan“These are the happiest days of your life.” How often we high school students hear these words. We cannot deny that these words do hold some truth. We are young and can share the problems of growing up. We are learning to accept responsibility, but we know we are always able to ask for guidance and assistance from our elders. We are also at an age when opportunity is very great. We are receiving a varied education which will always be invaluable to us. Some people have spent the happiest days of their life in this school, and it is only proper that these days be preserved in this “INDIAN”. The pleasant memories shared by students of Tekonsha High School are found in these pages. THE INDIAN ANNUAL STAFF Foreword 2Dedication On entering our school most people see the obvious. They notice everything around them, but they see nothing of what is behind it all. To keep a school such as ours in good working order, an enormous amount of help is required. Most of this assistance is given by a few dedicated people who in many cases receive very little in return. We speak of those now serving or having as our board of education, bus drivers, cafeteria personnel, custodians, and others too numerous to mention. To these loyal individuals, we, with our highest regard, wish to dedicate our Indian. 3Cooks Mrs. Pileri Mrs. Letts Bus Drivers LEFT TO RIGHT - Mrs. Melville, Ora Swick, Francis Fox, John Weller, Paul Sweet, Marvin Blackwell, Eastman McFadden School Board LEFT TO RIGHT - Gale Jenkins, Clyde Shedd, Jacob Shank, Vern Camp, Ella Thomas, Bob Bowling, Fred Thenen 4Mr. Lantz, Superintendant. Mrs. Warwick Prin-opal, and all the ntetnbcts of the Facul fh.'d u"d by ,he s'1”1"" B°d ° H,gh L he devotion and perseverance they have in helping all of us attain our future goals. Faculty 5MR. KING. MR. LINDQUIST MR. CLARE MARTINSON Secretary MRS. KING, Assistant Secretary Mech. Drawing Chemistry Shop Physics Reserve Basketball coach 8th Math. MR. NED MARTINSON 8th Science Biology Gen. Math MRS. MILLIMAN 8th History Home Economics Girls Gym MRS. PHELPS Teachers Aide 6MR. RICHARDSON MRS. RANDALL MRS. RUFF 9th 10th English Am. Literature Social Studies Boys Gym Football Coach 7th 8th Basketball Coach Psychology Math Latin 11 Guidance Counselor MR. RUNYON 7th Math Ad. Science Agriculture MR. SWEET 8th English Business Ed. Drivers Ed. MR. ZIMMERMAN World History Varsity Basketball Coach 7Ingrid Olsson Exchange Student 1966-1967 Ingrid thinks the U.S.A, is wonderful, and we at Tekonsha, Michigan think she is wonderful. Ingrid came to the U.S.A., leaving behind her, her native town of Omnarp, near Malmo, Sweden, where she lives with her parents, one older brother and one younger brother, to live with the Russell Thomas family here in Tekonsha, for one year. While staying here she missed her family at home, but in the meantime made a whole new family and possibly millions of life long friends over here. Everyone in Tekonsha, and especially at school found Ingrid to be just about the most exciting exchange student ever known. She became one of us right from the start, and no one found it hard to become acquainted with her. She not only was very active in church and community activities, but also in all school activities, including Junior Varsity Basketball Cheerleading. Ingrid has completed her education at Samrealsko-lan i Anderslov, and on returning home she plans to attend college, with high hopes of someday becoming a doctor. I'm sure Ingrid will remain in the hearts of all of us for a long time, because we have truly enjoyed having her with us this past year. 8Santa Lucia Day With the help of about 25 students, Ingrid Olsson was able to teach us something about Sweden through a program she put on at the Christmas assembly. The students memorized some songs in Swedish including "Santa Lucia, " and went through the traditional routine which the young people do each year in Sweden. Santa Lucia Day is a day the Swedish people celebrate to honor Saint Lucia. It was interesting and a lot of fun for both those participating and those watching. 9Classes “I hope we shall never forget that we created this nation, not to serve ourselves, but to serve mankind.” Woodrow Wilson ’wrimii TiitiiMiinilllllHHHHHHHHHTTHrWIllIllJ]l rnir™—r • ■ ” ...... • • - t- • jinn stiniiPST. __! ■ • . iT'"iirTT‘i'H Hi "■? '' .... iH’iH? niu HH«retr m ................! . " • .' . : ; frisil ’ ' 1 " ..............! v.-f-r iirnni—; ;jf • : jimnir sm • - imhiiHi illi.r lijii' 1 '! iiiiiniiii : j-5:'"V r'V■; fir 'iriiiiffTi r lI«i ■ ii »: ‘iliiiimiiiiimir r nnn inrp "mfmmjnn- _ . f’JlfHi! liiTlljli in nn«n}{lH, U-iJi| l‘IlHlH,!i"ilii'»::ii i, .i. " Tinf -• ■’if :} - ' T • r • !' : ;r "i :fi Tirr:TrinT.HirT—i«wr'r h ': T"'n r-nr -i-nr • ?Tfliir;r,iirilMjj"r J ••riiHi! iT Hinr«nTrr ipiT iHHiunruiHi -•wiOTnr rr "ip iirTiiin,HHiH!i?iiiinii»nrn? r mu ; i PIHniHIWT TIHUTK ! ’' •: ■ '.••” 11 jr r-.r..-| . . ; - , IHIIII - ....ilifiiiHMiu i in:‘ HPHl niiliiiHaBii.'iriumiji-:; ;irr ??nmimntii -------------------------— - f£3 f i i B i C 1: T 3 BMWLLI l-yiWIUJ'li XI.JOHN ABEL Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 NANCY AMIDON Cheerleading 1,2, 3, 4 Homecoming Ct. 4 Band 1, 2,3,4 F.H.A. 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Class Officer 2,4 Jr. Play Sr, Play Honor Student TONY BOWLING Football 1. 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2,3, 4 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Athlete of the Yr. 3 Homecoming Ct. 3 Class Officer 3 Jr. Play Sr. Play Honor Student RICHARD BROWN Track 2 Golf 3,4 Jr. Play Sr. Play LINDA CAMP F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 F.N.C. 1, 2.3.4 Annual Staff 3,4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Y.O.T. Rep. 1 Honor Student Betty Crocker Award I IKAY COPELAND GARY CRABBE F.H.A. 1.2,3,4 Annual 3 Class Officer 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Football 4 Band 1, 2,3 Jr. Play Sr. Play 12DENNIS JACKSON Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play LINDA JANUSZ Cheerleader 2,3, 4 F.N.C. 1,2,3 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Annual Staff 2,3, 4 Majorette 3,4 Jr. Play Homecoming Court 3 CAROLYN JORDAN F.N.C. 1,2 Annual Staff 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play V BARRY KATZ Football 1. 2, 3 Varsity Club 3 FRED KATZ Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2,3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Class Officer 3 MAC KELLER Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Mgr. 3,4 Track 2,4 Jr. Play Sr. Play 13DAVID LINDSEY Class Officer 1 Jr. Play Sr. Play Band 1, 2 Honor Student DON LLOYD Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Basketball Captain 3 mmmm NANCY MARTINSON F.H.A. 1,2,3.4 F.N.C. 1,2, 3,4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4 Salutatorian Homecoming Queen 4 Class Officer 1, 2 Band 1,2, 3,4 PEGGY MARTINSON Annual Staff 3 F.H.A. 1.2.3,4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Valedictorian Class Officer 1,2 D.A.R. SHARON MELVILLE F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4 GEORGE MILLARD Baseball 1, 3, 4 Jr. Play Homecoming Court 2.4 Annual Staff 3 Class Officer 1,2, 3, 4 Honor Student 14ALICE NEW LAND Cheerleader 2,3, 4 Band 4 F.H.A. 3 Majorette 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Y.O.T. Rep. 3 Jr. Play F.N.C. 4 LENORE OLDS Cheerleader 2 Band 1, 2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 F.N.C. 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Homecoming Court 4 Honor Student INGRID OLSSON F.H.A. 4 F.N.C. 4 Y.O.T. Rep. 4 Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader 4 Exchange Student BRIAN PALM ATI ER Football 1,2, 3,4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2,3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 KEN REINCKE Football 1, 2, 3,4 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 Track 2,3, 4 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 RON RUSSELL Football 4 Track 2,3, 4 Varsity 4 Basketball 1 Annual Staff 3 Jr. Play Sr. Play Homecoming Court 4 15JERRY SHEDD Jr. Play Sr. Play F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 CHUCK STEMALY Football 1,2, 3, 4 Most Valuable Player 4 Track 2,3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Most Valuable Player 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Homecoming King 4 F.F.A. 1 Class Officer 4 DIXIE VAN WINKLE Sr. Play Annual Staff 4 GARY WATKINS Football 1,2, 3, 4 Track 2,3, 4 Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 2,3, 4 Class Officer 2 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Captain 4 Football Captain 4 Honor Student STEVE WILLBUR CATHERINE WINANS Football 1,2,4 Annual Staff 4 Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Honor Student Jr. Play Sr. Play Varsity Club 3, 4 F.F.A. 1,2,3 16BOB HARRIER -Picture not available Football 1 F.F.A 2,3 RON REINCKE -Picture not available Football 1,4 Baseball 4 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Advisor: Mr. Ned Martinson; Vice Pres;, George Millard; Treas; Nancy Amidon; Sec: Kay Copeland; Pres: Chuck StemalyMike Abel Harold Be mis Charles Berry Charles Bush Denis Bush J s John Copeland Marsha Carney Carol Casebeer John Davis u n i o r David Doolittle Mike Ewers Jeanette Feltner David Goheen Terry Hampton Bernadette Katz Gretchen Kowalski Carol Lee Gary New land Rose Palik Picture Not Available Dennis Palmatier Elaine Patten Mike Reese Evelyn Scherer Penny Shaffer 18Sally Shumway Wanda Sommer Frank Sours Andy Stemaly Fred Thenen Ann Thornton Clifton Voshen Mary Vanderpool Barbara Winans Randy Waltz Diane Walker Danny Womble Delores Yates JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 19 Treas: Sally Shumway; Sec: Rose Palik; Pres: Clifton Voshen; Vice Pres: Mike Ewers; Advisor: Mr. Dewight RunyanRaymond Ball Sharon Bond Janet Camp Gary Crawford Diane Doolittle Owen Drudge Rhonda Duty Inez Fousel Tom Hampton s o p h o s e r Cheryl Hughes Nancy Jackson Suzanne Jordon Craig Leatherbury Jim Lindsey Brenda Lloyd Susan Macomber Diane Palmatier Ray Potter Terry Ragina 1 Cynthia Reincke Ken Russell Lester Shaffer Keith Shedd Jeff Sherwood Pie»wr« Not A. rUbU 20Patty Smith Richard Stuart David Swick Dennis Van Winkle Robert Whitcomb Picture Not Available John Winter Jackie Miller SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Treas: Owen Drudge; Reporter: Jeff Sherwood; Pres: Jackie M iller; Vice-Pres: Terry Ra-gina;Sec: John Winters; Advisor: Mrs. MiilimanConnie Ball Timothy Bern is Connie Blackwell Denise Boshears Janice Clark F r n e Nancy Millard James Osborn Andy Palik Martin Palik Jeri Paradine Fred Goheen Gary Goheen Larry Goheen Bonnie Gleason Brian Kelly Linda Lambert David Lloyd Larry Lloyd Debbie Green Sally Groholske Dick Hampton Larry Hughes Jane Jenkins Brace Katz 4 i 22John Phelps Richard Pike Janet Potter Yvonne Rarick Penny Reimer Picture Not Available David Rowe Larry Russell Ronald Scherer Dean Sizemore Picture Not Available Dennis Slone Michael Sweet Vicki Teeters Alice Thomas Debbie Upston Diane Van Winkle Leonna Weller Douglas Willbur Mike Winters 23FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Vice-Pres: Diane Van Winkle; Treas: Denise Boshears; Pres: Jim Osborn; Sec: Nancy Millard; Reporter: Jane Jenkins Y.O.T. CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Janet Camp, Ingrid Olsson, Marsha Carney, Christine Smoke, Jeff Sherwood, Jim Osborn, Mike Ewers, Jean Millard, Nancy Millard, Jim Duty 24 JR. CLASS TOP SALESMEN Katie Patten Clifton Voshen Organizations “Before we put down our bets on a revolutionary movement, we have a right to ask that it, like ours, have the broad goals of freedom and human welfare clearly before it ” Clinton Rossiter wBACK ROW: Advisor; Mrs. Milliman, Suzanne Jordan, Janice Clark, Donna Davis, Diane Doolittle, Pattie Smith, Jackie Miller, Ingrid Olsson, Marsha Carney, Diane Palmatier, Sharon Bond, Janet Camp, Cheryl Hughes, 1st ROW: Yvonne Rarick, Rhonda Duty, Kay Copeland, Vicki Teeters, Nancy Millard, Jane Jenkins, Brenda Lloyd, Linda Janusz, 2nd ROW: Cynthia Reincke, Lenore Olds, Nancy Martinson, Linda Camp, Nancy Amidon, Susan Macomber F.H.A. The F.H.A. has participated in many special service activities, some of these being the Red Cross Drive, UNICEF, Toy for Tots Dance, and observance of Nat'l F.H.A. Week. Programs have been: "Make your Money Behave," Emblem Ceremony, and Freshmen Initiation, "Citizenship Challenges You," "Individuality Counts", and "Your Neighbors Near and Far." Our Christmas party, Valentines Party and Farewell to Seniors made our year complete. F.H.A. OFFICERS SEATED: Pres., Nancy Martinson; Vice-Pres., Linda Camp; Sec., Lenore Olds; Treas., Nancv Amidon; STANDING: Program Chairman, Peg Martinson; bong Leader, Diane Palmatier; Historian, Cindi Reincke; Pianist, Jackie Miller; Reporter; Diane Doolittle; Parliamentarian, Susan Macomber, (missing) Linda Janusz, Budget Chairman. 26BACK ROW: Advisor: Mr. Runyan, Tom Hampton, Dick Hampton, Lester Shaffer, Mike Winters, Larry Hughes, Ray Potter, Ken Reincke 2nd ROW: Jerry Shedd, Terry Hampton, Chapter Sweetheart: Nancy Martinson, Rob Whitcomb, Keith Shedd, Fred Thenen, Ray Ball 1st ROW: Dave Doolittle, John Phelps, Larry Russell, Ken Russell, Ron Reincke F.F.A. The F.F.A. has devoted most of their year to public service in the Tekonsha community. They have taken on the responsibility of building a trash burner at the elementary building; are reseeding the torn turf in front of the elementary and high school; are planning on seeding the small plot of ground east of the high school and are hoping to do other improvements around the grounds that will surely be noticed and are really needed. F.F.A. OFFICERS STANDING: Ray Ball, Sentinel; Mr. Runyan, Advisor; Jerry Shedd, Treas.; Fred Thenen, Sec.; Keith Shedd, Reporter SEATED; Rob Whitcomb, V. Pres.; Terry Hampton, Pres. 27STANDING: Leona Weller, Connie Blackwell, Diane Palmatier, Sharon Bond, Sally Shumway, Linda Camp, Donna Davis, Alice Newland, Nancy Martinson, Lenore Olds, Ingrid Olsson, Jackie Miller, Mrs. Milliman, SEATED: Sally Groholske, Yvonne Rarick, Rhonda Duty, Mary Ann Van-derpool, Cheryl Hughes, Susan Maccomber, Pattie Smith, Diane Doolittle, Inez Fousel .N.C. One of the highlights of our F, N. C. activities this year was Health Careers Day at Kellogg Community College. Nearly all members attended and enjoyed the exhibits and program. Four members were awarded a day at the medical research center of the University of Michigan. We also visited the Coldwater State Home and Training School. Crib patients, the training school, main kitchen, laundry, store room, and nursery were all shown to us. It was a very informative and interesting tour. F.N.C. OFFICERS Reporter, Mary Ann Vanderpool; Treas., Sally Shumway; Pres. Linda Camp; Vice-Pres., Nancy Martinson; Sec, Nancy Jackson (missing) 28Varsity Band J 29JACKIE MILLER DENISE BOSHEARS ALICE NEWLAND Majorettes 30Annual Staff FRONT Left to Right: Nancy Amidon, Ingrid Olsson, Janet Camp, Linda Janusz, Marsha Carney, Catherine Winans, Advisor, Mr. Sova. BACK: Alice Newland, Carolyn Jordan, Pat Smith, John Winters, John Davis, Linda Camp, Dixie Van Winkle. 31 Athletics If we win men’s hearts throughout the world, it will not be because we are a big country but because we are a great country. Bigness is imposing. But greatness is enduring.” Adlai E. StevensonLeft to Right - Tony Bowling, Mac Keller, Chuck Stemaly, Don Lloyd, Gary Crabbe, Brian Palmatier, Steve Willbur, Gary Watkins, Fred Katz, Ken Reincke, Ron Russell.TEKONSHA 32 20 34 6 33 41 53 51 Burr Oak 0 Fremont 0 Waldron 0 North Adams 12 Hanover Horton 13 Pittsford 13 Cement City 0 Canden Frontier 0Football Cheerleaders 1966 1. tor. Jackie Miller, Janet Camp, Linda Janusz, Nancy Martinson, Alice Newland 35STANDING Left to Right—Fred Katz, Ken Reincke, Brian Palmatier, Andy Stemaly, Clifton Voshen, Tony Bowling, Chuck Stemaly, John Copeland, Chuck Bush, David Goheen, Don Lloyd Gary Watkins. KNEELING—Vern Thenen, magr., Ike Zimmerman, Coach, David Lloyd, Randy Goheen, mgr. CAPTAIN Gary Watkins MOST VALUABLE Chuck StemalyVarsity Basketball Cement City • i T 38 Camden Frontier 77 - 76 Hanover-Horton 56 - 46 St. Charles 48 - 56 Pitts ford 65 - 41 Waldron 64 - 58 North Adams 49 - 72 Cement City 94 - 49 St. Charles 54 - 50 Hanover-Horton 37 - 77 Springport 60 - 49 Pitts ford 57 - 56 North Adams 32 - 66 Camden Frontier 65 - 77 Waldron 71 - 57 Tournaments Mendon 61 - 52 Burr Oak 52 - 50 Centreville 52 - 73 37Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders ALICE NEWLAND ROSE PALIK NANCY AMIDON LINDA JANUSZ NANCY MARTINSONReserve Basketball Players BACK 1. to r. Keith Shedd, Larry Lloyd, Jim Osborn, Andy Palik, Craig Leatherbury, Owen Drudge. CENTER - Fred Goheen, Martin Palik Dennis Slone, Doug Wilbur. FRONT - Ray Ball Larry Russell, Mike Sweet, Coach - Mr. Lindquist Reserve Cheerleaders BACK - Jackie Miller, Debbie Upston, Janet Camp Ingrid Olsson, Nancy Millard, Denise BoshearsAll Year Activities 40FIRST ROW: Chuck Stemaly, Dean Begley, Tom Melville, Delton Stuart, George Marshall. SECOND ROW: Andy Stemaly, Brian Palmatier, Tony Bowling, Gary Watkins, Doug Willbur. THIRD ROW: Coach, Richardson, Steve Willbur, Larry Lloyd, Craig Leatherbury, Ken Reincke, Dave Goheen. CAPTAIN - Tony Bowling MOST VALUABLE -Ken Reincke 41a grand slam! Pow erful, Brian. Whoops, Steve! Great catch Ch uck. Wow,Track We had a good track team this year that we all are proud of. We were 2nd in the Conference and proved ourselves worthy at the Regionals. Along with two Seniors, Craig Leatherbury went to the State meet. The individuals were not the only ones to place at the Regional meet. The Mile relay, and 880 relay were among the winners. It was a good year this year and we're all looking forward to another good season next year. Ron Russell ran the mile, 1 2 mile, and the mile relay. He was 1st in the Conf. meet with a new school and Conf. record in the 1 2 mile and made a good showing at State. Don Lloyd had a great season this year placing 1st in the long jump, 2nd in the low hurdles, and 2nd in the 880 at the Conf. meet.Coach Ike Zimmerman Tony Bowling Ken Reincke Chuck Stemaly Andy Stemaly Ron Russell Ken Russell Don Lloyd David Lloyd Brian Palma tier Terry Hampton Dick Hampton Chuck Bush Dave Goheen Andy Palik Martin Palik Owen Drudge Craig Leatherbury Larry Lloyd Doug Willbur Dave Swick Dennis Slone Ron Scherer Larry H ughes Managers: Dave Van Winkle Mark Saltzgaber Vern Thenen Ken Reincke placed 4th at the Conf. meet in the 100 yd. dash and the 220 yd dash. He also runs in the 880 relay. Chuck Stemaly is our man at the shot-put. He was 2nd at the Conf. meet, 2nd at the Regional meet and made a good showing at State. We aren't too sure exactly what Tony Bowling does, but rumor has it that he runs the 440 yd. dash and the 880 relay. 44Left to right - Richard Brown, Terry Ragina, Jeff Sherwood, Mike Sweet, Mike Reese, Randy Waltz, Fred Thenen, Clif Voshen, Instructor; Mr. Paul Sweet, Charles Berry V a r s 1 t y 1st ROW left to right - Ken Reincke, Gary Crabbe, Ron Russell, Gary Watkins, Steve Willbur. 2nd ROW - Don Lloyd Dave Doolittle, Brian Palmatier, Mac Keller, Fred Katz. 3rd ROW - Mr. Lantz, Chuck Bush, Chuck Stemaly, Tony Bowling, AndyStemaiy, Mr. Richardson. c 1 u b 45i pXfflSfi. v V: Vr . V . ' ' ■' ■ 'V Activities Hi ‘’The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem . . Wall Whitman47SENIOR COURT Nancy Amidon Ron Russell SENIOR COURT Lenore Olds George Millard JUNIOR COURT Penny Shaffer Denis Bush SOPHOMORE COURT Cindi Reincke Richard Stuart FRESHMEN COURT Diane Van Winkle Larry Lloyd FIRST PRIZE: SOPHOMORES SECOND PRIZE: SENIORS THIRD PRIZE: JUNIORS 48Football Banquet ’67 This is the reason for our good season Great coach award was presented by the fathers The freshmen award was presented to Martin Palik Chuck Stemaly was voted most valuable player Gary Watkins was voted captain The evening was a great success! 49STANDING: Fred Katz, Steve Wilbur, Gary Crabbe, Chuck Stemaly, Dave Lindsey, Jerry Shedd, George M SITTING: Dannielle Hall, Dixie VanWin-kle. Peg Martinson, Linda Camp, Nancy Martinson STANDING: Mac Keller, Ron Russell, Richard Brown, Tony Bowling, Dennis Jackson SITTING: Dannielle Hall, Nancy Amidon, Carolyn Jordan Kay Copeland, Lenore Olds’The Phantom Strikes Again’" 3 act Mystery Comedy It's a stormy Friday the 13th of March at Castle Wentz, a lonely villa atop a rocky ledge in the midst of the Allegheny Mts. One by one the heirs and heiresses of August Wentz's Fabulous fortune arrive to witness the reading of the will which is to take place at Midnight. Winston Graham, the lawyer, is the first to arrive. The limits go out, there is a struggle and he is gone. The flighty widow, Mrs. Allerdyce Beeman, and her scatter-brained daughter, Maybelle, are the next to arrive followed by Perriot Preston, the mystery writer, his sec., Gwen Talbot, and his body guard. Bruiser Barnes. Finally, Miss Louise Thomas, an office worker, arrives. Mystery is in the air. The lights dim and the Phantom shows himself several times. Mr. Graham is found beaten. Bruiser is knocked out, Preston attempts to solve the mystery with the help of his Sec. Gwen, while Mrs. Beeman continually faints. Who's the Phantom? Many suspect Mrs. Kite, the mysterious housekeeper. After much adventure and mystery the movable fireplace is discovered and the Phantom is captured. It turns out to be Arnold the ex-yardman, just out of prison, who has frightened his sister, Mrs. Kite, into helping him try to steal the fortune. Arnold is locked up in the pantry and the will is read. But what is this?! The lights dim, and the fireplace slowly opens. Has the Phantom escaped?! No, it's just Maybelle as she jumps through the fireplace with a big, "Surprise! " 51JUNIOR PLAY CAST: ANN THORNTON - HILEGARD KIRK CLIFTON VOSHEN - FRANK GREER SALLY SHUMWAY - MARION GREER ROSE PALIK - LYNN GREER DANNY WOMBLE - ,4I „ ___ DAVE GOHEEN - WALTER GREER PENNY SHAFFER - MISS ADAMS DIANE WALKER - ALICE GREER JOHN COPELAND - CECIL KIRK MIKE EWERS - BOB MARY VANDERPOOL - GWYN KAY PATTEN - JANE SMITHFIELD ADVISOR MR. RUNYAN ANDY STEMALY MIKE REESE - ed McGinnis Junior "That’s 52Play Our Boy” The Junior Class presented a three act comedy, "That's our Boy", on March IT 18, 1967. Walter Greer balks and nearly wrecks his happy home when his mother, Marion Greer, decides he should go to dancing school. Only Jane Smithfield the girl next door, understands Walter and saves the day. A regular American boy, Walter is spending all his time perfecting his basketball skill so his pavement-lot team can win the Saturday game. The biggest real estate deal in years falls in Walter’s fathers hands when Hildegard Kirk wants to buy the Masion Mansion. To help cinch the sale, Walter's mother agrees with Mrs. Kirk that Walter should go to dancing school, with Cecil Kirk. It was the kiss of destruction with the gang to be seen dancing with a girl. The rest of the play was a thriller to everyone. The fighting and who gave who the black eye. And what happened to the Masion Mansion was a surprise to everyone--particularly Hildegard Kirk, who discovers that the voice of her money isn't as convincing as she has always thought. 53Intramurals The Hedgehoppers with captain Mike Abel were champions in the tournament action. 25 boys participated in the newly organized Intra-mural Basketball teams. It was an exciting season and many are looking forward to another good season next year. The Pro’s with captain Randy Waltz were the champions of the regularly scheduled games with 5 wins and 2 losses. 54 The tournament champs!V i MOST SCHOOL-SPIRITED Nancy Amidon Dave Lindsey MOST POPULAR Nancy Martinson Chuck Stemaly BEST ATHLETES Nancy Amidon Lenore Olds Chuck Stemaly CLASS COMICS Peg Martinson Nancy Amidon Mac Keller Mock Election BEST DRESSED Linda Janusz Steve Wilbur ALWAYS LATE Alice Newland Bob Hairier MOST FLIRTATIOUS Nancy Martinson Gary Watkins BEST LOOKING Linda Janusz Ron Russell Tony Bowling Gary Watkins SWEETEST Kay Copeland George Millard MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nancy Amidon Peg Martinson Tony Bowling BEST MUSICIANS Nancy Amidon Jim Duty EASIEST TO GET ALONG WITH Kay Copeland Chuck Stemaly 55SPONSORED THEME: ky Fantasy the occasion. Everyone attending had a wonderful time. The high school gym was decorated beautifully. for this was truly a great occasion to be remembered. 561967 Jr.-Sr. Prom Banquet 5758VA LEDICTORLAN Peggy Martinson Senior Awards BETTY CROCKER HOMEMA KER Linda Camp ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Tony Bowling LEADERSHIP AWARDS Tony Bowling Nancy Amidon 596061Class Will TONY BOWLING We, the Class of 1967, are well aware that within a few days we shall pass into the great beyond and have our places taken by the members of the junior class. The day for our departure has already been set, it cannot be changed. Being of sound mind and resigned to our fate of soon passing into oblivion we hereby make our last will and testament. We, John Abel and Jim Duty, will our musical talent and instruments to Dennis Palmatier who has been in and out of the band with the hope that he can make it permanent. I, Chuck Stemaly, will my ability to keep a trim waistline to any of the girls of the Junior Class. I, Lenore Olds, will my love of bookkeeping to Craig Leatherbury. I, Barry Katz, will my ability to trim my fingernails on the handsaw to next year’s Shop class. We, Nancy Amidon, Ingrid Olsson, and Linda Janusz, will our ability to dress while standing outside the Patio to anyone else who thinks they can get away with it. 1, Kerry BlashfieId, will my philosophical attitudes and messages to Owen Drudge. I, Ron Reincke, will my ability to play football to next year’s Freshmen. I, Mac Keller, will my oratorical eloquence to Andy Stemaly. 1, Sharon Melville, will my driving ability to Denis Bush. We, Steve Willbur and Dennis Jackson, will our Mustangs to Mr. Richardson so that every member of his family except he will have one. I, Catherine Winans, return all my books to the school with no questions asked. I, Ron Russell, will my economical G.T.O. to Keith Sheed who has a gas gobbling motor bike. I, Richard Brown, will my ability to keep from breaking windows with a golfball to Mike Reese. We, Fred Katz and Ken Reincke, will our seats on the basketball bench to Chuck Buch and John Copeland. I, George Millard, will my singing ability to John Davis. We, Mike Wood and Gary Crabbe, will our love of Physics to next year's Seniors. We, Danielle Hall and Alice New land, will our height to short Richard Stuart. 1, Peggy Martinson, will my ability to be the only girl in Mechanical Drawing to Diane Walker. I, Tony Bowling, will my residence in Mr. Richardson's closet to any Junior who argues too much in Government Class. We, Trudy Gleason, Marcia Goheen, and Hazel Yates, will our ability to avoid the wrath of Mr. Richardson in Study Hall by studying in the book room to any deserving underclassmen. I, Nancy Martinson, will my ready smile to David Lloyd. We, David Lindsey and Gary Watkins, will our naturally curly hair to Mike Ewers. I, Carolyn Jordan, will my bookkeeping ability to Mike Abel. I, Kay Copeland, will my ability to pull A's in American Lit. while drawing pictures to Terry Hampton, who can draw but can't get A's. 1, Don Lloyd, will my ability to run the hurdles to Dave Gheen who can't quite seem to make it over one. I Bob Harrier, will my ability to miss most of Mechanical Drawing and keep up with the rest of the class to those of next year's class who might need it. 1, Linda Camp, will my ability to get caught throwing erasers to anyone who is dumb enough to take it. 1, Brian Palmatier, will my absenteeism record to Gary Newland whose has a good chance of breaking it. I, Jerry Shedd, will my ability to trick people with fake traffic tickets to Sergeant Palik. 62umor “I have never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the Declaration of Independence . . . 1 would rather be assassinated on the spot than surrender it.” _ . Abraham LincolnFloyd Amsler Peggi Baird Dean Begley Dennis Berry Faye Brewer Pati Brownell Terry Cook Geoige Davis Annette Fish 8 t h r d a e Aileen Fousel Marcia Furu Tim Gleason Randy Goheen Mike Green Pat Hanchett Larry Hartle Alice Letts John Lindsey Teresa McAtte Picture Not Available Mark McA llister Jean Millard George Marshall Gladys Nagel Steve New land Colleen Palmatier Connie Patten Susie Phelps Robert Pratley Melba Ratliffe Judy Reese Carol Sizemore John Smith Pam Smith Christine Smoke David Spees Delton Stuart Vern Thenen Nancy Thomas Ron Thrasher David Van Winkle Sue Waffle Paul Weller Sandy Whitcomb Jerry Winans Karen Winterstein Juanita Womble Kathy Yates David Young 65Basketball Players Cheerleaders J BACK - Fay Brewer, Dennis Berry, Dave Young, Mark McAllister, Randy Goheen, Paul Weller. FRONT Delton Stuart, Jerry Winans, Terry Cook, Dean Begley, Mike Green, John Smith, George Marshall. Coach - Mr. Richardson 66Janet Baird Nena Begley Frank Brewer Richard Buskirk Patti Camp 7 d e Diane Jordon Chris Katz Bill Kilbourn Steve Klingaman Mary Kowalski Jon Cavinder Cindy Ciotta Bill Cummins Mike Cummings t h G r a Wanda Duckham Roger Fast Elizabeth Fox 67Steve Marshall Dennis Master Tom Melville Deanna Millard Debbie Millard Mary Nagel Linda Newland Peggy Palmatier Don Peterson Cathy Pike Teresa Sours Terry Sours Judy Stemaly Ken Swick Janet Thomas Sue Thomas Marcia Thompson Jim Vandenburg Elizabeth Washburn Ardella Yates Susan Potter Susan Reimer Gordon Rosenbury Nancy Russell Mark Saltzgaber Marvin Shaffer Sue Sommers 68Basketball Players Cheerleaders BACK - Doug Johnson, Jim Vanderburg, Bill Cummins, Mike Cummings, Bill Kilborne, FRONT - Mark Saltzgaber, Frank Brewer, Tom Melville, Jon Cavinder, Terry Sours, Roger Fast, George Marshall. Coach - Mr. Richardson BACK - Judy Stemaly. Paggy Groholske, Patti Camp, FRONT - Artis Hoffman, Linda Newland, Janet Thomas Elementary “The winning of freedom is not to be compared to the winning of a game — with the victory recorded forever in history. Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must he daily earned and refreshed ...” Dwight D. EisenhowerMrs. Williams Cindy Abel Ron Ball Caroyln Bowling Marilyn Bowling t h Norman Taylor Danny Varner Karen Weller Loretta Weller Wayne Woods Craig Cole Barbara Collins Polly Daughty Mary Davis Almeda Fish Chris Fousel Dave Graham Gary Hill Chris McAllister Don Melville Raymond Moody Jackie Newton Adis Prater Walter Raginia Karen Saltzgaber Willis Sparks Jeff Jones Duane Macomber Sandra Masters 715 6 t t Pamela Baad Sandy Ball Norma Be mis George Boston Cheryl Cook Celvin Cummins Debbie Fox Gary Gleason Richard Hazen Jeff Jones Jim Jordan Bob King Elizabeth Macomber h h Bruce Shedd Beth Taylor Jerry Thenen Steve Weller Shelly Wiesholek Patty Winans Kathy Winterstein Barbra Woods Shelly McAtee Mike Millard Linda Selby 72Mrs. Jackson Vicky Baker Janet Ball Judy Barrington Jeff Bennett Mike Casebeer Terry Deavers Debbie Hampton Beverly Hughes 3rd 4th Wesley Jones Even Kowalski Jimmy Macomber Joe Nagel Randy Russell Ronnie Russell Jane Sherwood Phyllis Shilling Danny Sims Connie Spires Kathy Sweet Cynthia Tompkins Loralee Phelps Donna Potter Linda Weller Carolyn Wolcott Joseph Young 73Mrs. Voshen Steve Ashba Dian Boshers Gail Casebeers Steven Ciotta 4 t h Debbie Vreeland Jane Winters Gary Winterstein Michael Wolcott Drucella Yates Cristy Copeland Mike Duckham Russell Fish Carol Graham Greg Grinnell Mike Hopkins Debbie Johnson Kim Klingaman Donald Lindsey Pat McLenithan John Nagel Mark Olds Donald Potter Lois Reese Gene Richar Scott Shaffer Brian Shedd Ricky Shillings Vicki Shillings Mike Sloan Jackie Sizemore 74Mrs. Martinson Mrs. Graham Hope Bennett Penny Brownell Beth Burchfield Tommy Ciotta John Cummings Sherry Cummins Steffan Eberts Sara Feltner Ricky Fish Ann Graham Greg Hall 3 r d Paul Jordon Shirley Jordon Marsha Lewis Shirley Minniear Todd Morley Larry Palmatier Merry Palmatier Kathy Pruitt Tina Ragina Susan Saltzgaber Julie Sanford Charles Mack Ronnie Macomber Phyllis Mains Barbara Masters Paul Millard Christine Shedd Sheryl Stefan Steven Tompkins Sandra Woods Walter Woods 752 Penny Lindsey Debbie Mullins Ruth Nagel Dale Olds Cynthia Pruitt n d Chester Prater Brenda Raginia Dawn Randall Penny Reincke Kurt Sherwood Laurie Shank Lucille Scherer Jackie Upston Mrs. Sanders Darlena Ashba Diane Barrington Sherry Bonham Gary Grinnell Robin Groholske Nathan Howard Jeff Klingaman Sharon Mack Jerry Mains Stanley Palmatier Randy Powell Forster Prater Teresa Reimer Teresa Richar Phillip Scherer Jeff Sizemore Julia Smith Cindy Vreeland Gary Wiescholek Mike Woods 76Mrs. Johnson Duane Begley Patty Berry Rusty Cummings Jimmy Duckham Doug Fox Julie Jordon Steve Lewis Bryan Lindquist Patty Lindsey Linda Millard Paul Palik Linda Palmatier 1 Dennis Parker Mark Richar Dianne Saltzgaber s t Maria Scherer Durwood Shilling David Shedd Karen Smith Connie Thatcher Jeff Thornton Brenda Tompkins Tommy Weimer Mrs. Ruth Humes ton Allie Amsler Charles Baker Tony Bennett Sandra Cummins Teresa Davis Jeff Duckham Patty Green Tammy Grinnell Michele Johnson 77Mrs. Newman Dawn Bemis Annette Brewer Robbie Burns Pat Davis Doug Doolittle Mark Eberts Alan Jones Susan Jones Julie Klingaman Greg Lewis Ricky Mack Rodney Macomber 1 n d e Debbie Mahrle Robert Mains Steve Morley Carol Mullins Marten Nagel Mike Nagel Wade Patten Julie Randall r g a r t e n Dan Shaffer Mark Shedd Willy Sizemore Claudia Slone Julie Russell Randy Selby Eddie Scherer Robin Lee Smith Robin Sue Smith Phillip Sparks Donnie Spires Rita Strickland Steve Stroh Dan Sweet Karl Tate Debbie Van Hoose Greg Vanner Tracee Vincent Dawn Watkins Sharon Weller Cindra Wienner Debbie Wintersteen Myron Wolcott Donetta Yates 78Compliments of Compliments From SHERWOODS PHARMACY VILLAGE MARKET Tekonsha, Mich. Tekonsha, Mich. Compliments From Compliments From TEKONSHA GULF SERVICE WATKIN’S FAMILY STORE Tekonsha, Mich. Tekonsha, Mich. Compliments From Compliments From GREEN HARDWARE WOLVERINE ENGRAVING CO. Tekonsha, Mich. Tekonsha, Mich. Compliments From Compliments From POWDER PUFF BEAUTY SHOP BEN’S BAR Burlington, Mich. Tekonsha, Mich. 79HILLYARD FLOOR TREATMENTS BUD O'BRIEN P. O. Box 475 Jackson, Michigan Ph. (517) 784-7891 WAX CLEANERS SEALS Compliments to the 1967 Seniors. MILLIMAN’S INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 767-4422 DR. F. J. CHASE Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments From PETERSEN’S DAIRY QUEEN Tekonsha, Michigan Congratulations Seniors BOB KING EXCAVATING Phone 767-4585 Tekonsha, Michigan Lumber and Building Materials Phone 767-4179 Tekonsha Michigan Congratulations Seniors! 80CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Li STANDARD = OIL u Dealer LARRY MILLER Phone 767-4165 Our Sta-Warm Service Has Everything LEONA’S BEAUTY SALON 328 Main Tekonsha, Mich. Open Evenings by Appointments Phone 767-3552 Compliments of TITUS CONSTRUCTION CO. Galesburg, Michigan Fine Home Furnishings Congratulations Seniors VENN’S ECONOMY LIBRARY of Marshall East of City Limits on BOOK COMPANY Old U. S. 12 81WALT’S CITGO SERVICE Compliments From D D WATER CARE SERVICE Marshall, Michigan LOUIE’S BAKERY General Repairs, Tires 144 W. Michigan Quality Baked Goods Decorated Cakes Phone 781-8814 Marshall, Michigan Phone 781-3542 Marshall, Michigan Compliments Congratulations to the Seniors! WOLFS FLOOR COVERING VOGELREUTER’S Men's and Boy's Wear Marshall, Michigan Marshall MILLER-AALBREGTSE Michigan Men's and Boy's Clothing 2 HOUR DRY CLEANERS 120 W. Michigan Ave. 155 W. Michigan Marshall Michigan Marshall, Michigan 82FAMILY BARBER-SHOP TERRY’S BARBER 310 N. Broadway Phone 741-9274 SHOP DON, JERRY, DEO Union City Tekonsha, Mich. Compliments of Congratulations Seniors RANDALL’S CHICKEN PRODUCTS CO. JENKINS STANDARD SERVICE Tekonsha, Mich. Tekonsha, Mich. Compliments of J B LOGGING SMITH-HAMMOND PIPING Top Prices Soft Maple and Blocking CO. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS Standing and Dropped in Ph. 278-8959 Mechanical Contractors 1043 Battle Creek Rd. 400 N. 24th Street Battle Creek, Mich. ASHLEY MILK Arrives Hours Fresher Stays Fresh Hours Longer 83ARNOLD’S AUTO PARTS CALHOUN FOUNDRY CO. INC. Compliments Seniors Manufacturers of Gray Iron Castings Coldwater, Mich. Homer, Mich. 49245 Ph. 568-4415 Ph. 568-4432 HOMER MONUMENTAL VILLAGE VANITY BEAUTY Quality Memorials of Beauty and Distinction SHOP Tekonsha, Mich. E. F. FACE Homer, Mich. Ph. 767-4181 TIM’S BODY SHOP CALHOUN TELEPHONE CO. Tekonsha, Mich. Ph. 767-3595 Homer Tekonsha Marshall TUFF CAT TRAILERS INC. Congratulations, Seniors 134 Canal Street Tekonsha, Mich. 84BRAY’S MOTOR SALES Compliments of Your Friendly Ford Dealer WALTER’S FLOWERS Union City 741-4311 Burlington, Michigan Compliments of Compliments of ALBRIGHTS BUILDERS SUPPLY ALTHAVER CHEVROLET INC. CO. Union City 8480 M-60 East Union City 741-5791 Compliments From Compliments of GARY H. DONNER REALTOR MARY’S SNACK BAR Real Service in Real Estate Ph. 278-5611 Burlington, Michigan 20 West Chicago St. Compliments From Qpfycleaning KIESS JEWELRY TWO HOUR Precious Gifts 7] CLEANERS for All Occasions 57 W. Chicago ll Iff Ip Coldwater, Coldwater, Mich. 85 Best Wishes From Congratulations, Seniors MUSIC MART McCOMB’S SHOE STORE Coldwater, Michigan Coldwater, Michigan Congratulations, Seniors Make an Appointment With COLDWATER RECREATION BOWLING PALMER’S BARBER SHOP Open Bowling Year Round Air Conditioned Two Barbers to Serve You JACK BOB 559 E. Chicago 278-5325 Coldwater, Michigan Marshall, Mich. Phone Story 1-3242 WOLF’S FLOOR COVERING Compliments to the Class of '69 Ca rpet - Linoleum Ceramic and Plastic Tile Formica KELSER FUNERAL HOME Coldwater, Michigan 74 W. Chicago Phone 278-6378 103 E. Mansion St. Marshall 1, Michigan Compliments From NEEDHAM’S CLEANERS AND DRYER FIRESIDE INN Ph. 781-3313 118 E. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Michigan Marshall, Michigan 86EATON MARSHALL DIVISION EATON YALE TOWNE, INC. Congratulations to the Seniors of '67' Marshall Michigan I 87Large city selections at small town prices! See us before you buy ! T rucks Chev Phone ST 1-5154 Chevelle TIDEY MOTOR SALES Marshall 5 Salesmen to serve you 31 service stalls. Michigan Chev 11 Corvair 88BOSHEARS FORD General Repairs 24 Hour Wrecker Service T ekonsha Phone 767-4151 Homer Congratulations Compliments of Seniors TEKON- MAIN TAX GRILL BOOKKEEPING Intersection of U. S. 27 M-60 THE GREAT CLASS ‘67’ TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" 

Suggestions in the Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) collection:

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