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 THE INDIAN 1962 TEKONSHA COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL TEKONSHA, MICHIGANAnnual Staff Left to Right: DeAnn Warner, Martha Sanland, Laurel Feiler, Steve Miller, Sandra Duckett, Susan Martinson, Editor; SEATED: Mr. Sweet, Advisor. Sophomore Members not pictured, Susan Blackwell and Charleen Amsler. Table of Contents Administration Faculty High School Organizations Activities Elementary School Graduation and Trip AdvertisingWe, the members of the Annual Staff, on behalf of the students of Tekonsha High School, wish to dedicate this annual to Mr. Fulton, our superintendent. Not only is he a vital member of the teaching staff, but he is a friend to all. He is willing to advise and counsel any who desire it. We take this opportunity to thank him for his guidance, patience, wisdom, and interest in all the students of Tekonsha High.COOKS Left to Right: Mrs. Letts and Mrs. Leatherbury. BUS DRIVERS Russell Hornbeck, Dari Klingaman, Ora Swick, Melvin Blackwell. Paul Sweet. MAINTENANCE Left to Right: Russell Hornbeck and Ora Swick.Faculty MR. FULTON Superintendent Physics MRS. WARWICK Principal Language Mathematics MR. KING Secretary MRS. MILLIMAN MR. SWEET MR. JOHNSON MR. RICHARDSON Home Economics Business Ed. English Social Studies Drivers Ed. Coach: Coach: 7th Grade English Varsity Basketball Assistant Football Baseball Football Reserve Basketball MR. ISENBARGER Music 7th Gr. Geography Elementary Music MR. LINDQUIST Mathematics Shop Mechanical Dr. MR. ROUNDS Science Mathematics MR. MILLER Agriculture Jr. High ScienceSchool Board SEATED, from Left to Right: Doug Olds, Gladys Pileri, Jim Tidd, Jack Shedd, John Copeland. Carroll Reese, Raymond Young, and H. Wayne Fulton. STANDING, from Left to Right: Barbara Reese. Gladys Pileri, Sue Smith, John Copeland, Ned Martinson. P.T.A. OfficersSenior Skip DaySenior Officers Left to Right: Ora Swick, Treasurer; Charles Devenney, President; Gary Cowles, Vice President; Susan Martinson, Reporter; Carol Shilling, Secretary; Mrs. Milliman, Advisor. CLASS MOTTO: The Best Way Out Of Difficulties Is Through Them CLASS FLOWER: Carnation CLASS COLORS: Red and WhiteGENE BECK ’’Lucky" DIANE BLASHFIELD "Sweet" MARTHA BUSH "Dependable" GARY COWLES "Handsome" CHARLES DEVENNEY "Cheerful" SANDRA DUCKETT "Enthusiastic"LAUREL FEILER "Friendly" RUTH ANN KELLER "Jolly" EDITH KLINGAMAN "Pleasant" SUSAN MARTINSON "Active" ROBERT MILLARD "Likeable" NANCY MILLIMAN "Studious"JUDY ROGERS -Gay" JIM RUSSELL "Devilish" MARTHA SANLAND "Talkative" LARRY SEIGEL "Willy" CAROL SHILLING "Mischievous" JUDY STUART "DeterminedORA SWICK "Clever" LARRY THOMAS "All-Around Guy" LARRY WAFFLE "Carefree" KEITH WALBECK "Happy-Go-Lucky" JACK WOODMAN "Quiet" DOYT THATCHER "Independent"Senior Activities • Held Office GENE BECK - F.F.A. 1, 2 . 3, 4; Junior and Senior Plays DIANE BLASHFIELD - F.H.A. 1; F.N.C. 2; TomTom Staff 3 ; Librarian 3,4; Junior and Senior Plays MARTHA BUSH - Glee Club 3,4; F.H.A. 3,4; TomTom Staff 3; Junior and Senior Plays GARY COWLES - Class Officer 4; FootbaU 3,4; Basketball 2; Baseball 1; F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4 ; Junior and Senior Plays CHARLES DEVENNEY - FootbaU 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,3; F.F.A. 1,2,3 , 4 ; Class Officer 2,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Junior and Senior Plays SANDRA DUCKETT - F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4 ; Cheerleading 1,2, 3,4 ; TomTom Staff 3; Annual Staff 2,3, 4 ; Junior and Senior Plays LAUREL FEILER - Salutatorian; Class Officer 1,2; Annual Staff 1,2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1,2 ,3 ,4 , F.N.C. 2 . 3 . 4 ; Glee Club 3; Junior and Senior Plays RUTH ANN KELLER - F.H.A. 2, 3,4; TomTom Staff 3; Glee Club 3; Junior and Senior Plays EDITH KUNGAMAN - F.H.A. 1,2 , 3 .4; Class Officer 3; TomTom Staff 3; Court 3; Librarian 4; F.F.A. Chapter Sweetheart 4; Junior and Senior Plays SUSAN MARTINSON - Valedictorian; Band 1.2, 3 , 4 ; Glee Club 3,4; Dance Band 1.2,3,4; Annual Staff 2. 3 .4 ; F.H.A. 1,2 ,3,4 ; F.N.C. 2 ; DAR Good Citizen 4; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4; John Phillip Sousa Award 4; F.F.A. Chapter Sweetheart 3; Class Officer 1,4; Junior and Senior Plays BOB MILLARD - Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Court 3; Captain of Football 4; Junior and Senior Plays NANCY MILUMAN - F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.N.C. 2.3,4; Band 1,2; Class Officer 1,2; Homecoming Queen 4; Junior and Senior Plays; Honor Student JIM RUSSEL - F.F.A. 1,2 , 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Football 1,2,4; Baseball 4; Varsity Club 3,4; King 4; Junior and Senior Plays JUDY ROGERS - TomTom Staff 3; Band 1,2, 3,4; F. H. A. 2.3.4; F.N.C. 2.3,4; Junior and Senior Plays MARTHA SANLAND - F.H.A. 2,3,4; Class Officer 3; Annual Staff 2,3,4; TomTom Staff 3; Glee Club 3; Junior and Senior Plays; Honor Student CAROL SHILLING - TomTom Staff 3 ; Court 2; F.H.A. 1; Class Officer 3,4; Band 1,2; Librarian 3; Junior and Senior Plays LARRY SEIGEL - F.F.A. 4; Football 4; TomTom Staff 3; Junior and Senior Plays JUDY STUART - F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3; F.N.C. 3; TomTom Staff 3; Junior and Senior Plays; Honor Student ORA SWICK - F.F.A. 1.2.3 . 4; Basketball 1,2,3. 4; Football 1,2,4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Most Valuable Player - Basketball 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Class Officers 4; Junior and Senior Plays DOYT THATCHER - Baseball 1,2; Band 1,2; TomTom Staff 3; F.F.A. 4 LARRY THOMAS - Athlete of the Year 4; Football 1,2,3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 3,4; Most Valuable Player - Football 2,3; Most Valuable Player -Baseball 1,4; Captain Baseball 2,3; Captain - Basketball 4; Varsity Club 3 . 4; Class Officer 1,2,3; Court 1; Junior and Senior Plays LARRY WAFFLE - Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4 ; F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4; Court 2; Most Valuable Player - Football 4; Junior and Senior Plays KEITH WALBECK - TomTom Staff 3; Class Officer 1; Junior and Senior Plays JACK WOODMAN - F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4; Junior and Senior PlaysJunior Class Officers Left to Right: Daryl Althaver, Vice President; Mr. Lindquist, Advisor; Barbara Katz, Treasurer; Rozanne Randall, President; absent: Steve Miller. MAGAZINE SALESMEN Left to Right: Daryl Althaver, Reid Waffle, Shirley Trueblood, Jill Walbeck, Steve Miller.Daryl Althaver Louise Casebeer Bill Crawford Mike Crawford Irelene Davis Duane Hunsicker Barbara Katz Bryan Katz Robert Main Betty McElhenie Steve Miller Karen Olds Bessie Rogers Jack Thompson Donna Tobey Shirley Trueblood Reid Waffle Jill Walbeck DeAnn Warner Susan WinterSophomore Officers Left to Right: Mr. Johnson, Advisor; Jerry Long, Reporter; Bob Selby, Treasurer; Richard Milliman, Vice President; Charlene Amsler, Historian; Carroll Trueblood, Secretary; absent: Mike Palmatier. Douglas Allen Charleen Amsler Elwyn Bergerson Karen Blackwell Susan Blackwell Sharon Brown Geraldine Cowles Peggy Cooper Linda Davis Gus FeilerCarlene Fuller Alwyn Groholski Cheryl Hall Kay Huber Bob Humeston Janet Keller Bill LaMee Edith LaMee Gerry Long Jerry Long Richard Milliman Mike Palmatier Rick Pileri Patty Reincke Carl Sanland Loren Scholfield Robert Selby Ruth Ann Selby Curt Shaffer Carol To beyFreshman Class Officers Left to Right: Gary Davis, Vice President; Ross Walker, Reporter; Jerry Martinson, Treasurer; Pat Palmatier, President; Mike Bowling, Secretary; Mr. Rounds, Advisor. Michael Bowling Kathy Brown Nancy Casebeer Steven Cavinder Bobby Copeland Kathy Copeland Gary Davis Gwynne DexterNancy Doolittle Vicki Dyer John Goheen Kandith Kowalski Larry Lloyd Sandra Mahrle Pam Main Jerry Martinson Earl McFadden Kathy Millard Mary Olds Pat Palmatier Patty Potter Larry Putman Sharon Rainey Linda Reese Sharon Rarick Carla Sanford Janice Sanford Keith Reincke Mike Rowe Kenneth Thornton Glenn Sweet Ross Walker8th Grade Jim Marie Larry Macomber Patty Millard Ronald Amsler Virgil Avery Gordon Banks June Berry Norris Carney Dennis Dexter Morris Dowell Penny Drudge Bill Ewers Leo Herman Nancy Hill Brenda Katz Dick Leatherbury Roger Lloyd Marilyn Macky Sharon Patten Gwynne Randall Charleen. Rarick Forrest Reece Ruth Rowe Linda Sanland Donald Selby Phillip Shaffer Edwin Shummway Shirley Smith Jerry Thompson Bonnie Tobey Conrad Voshen Earl Weller Ronald Whitcomb7th Grade John Abel Vivian Banks Kerry Blashfield Tom Bowling Richard Brown Linda Camp Marcia Caryl Dorrie Cavinder Kay Copeland Edith Crawford Donna Davis Alan Diana David Doolittle Jim Duty Cheryl Dyer Mike Fuller Danielle Hall Mary Herman Jay Huber Barry Katz Fred Katz David Lindsey Donnie Lloyd Nancy Martinson Peggy Martinson George Millard Lenore Olds Brian Palmatier Curtis Putnam Ronald Reincke Edward Richards Ronnie Russell Jerry Shedd Chuck Stemaly Gary Watkins John Weimer Steve Wilbur Danny Wolfe Douglas Van Valkenburg Hazel Yates7th and 8th Grade Basketball 7th and 8th Grade CheerleadersIndians Oust Cougar Five T ekonsha Bangs Out 57-41 Win District Crown Ends Long Famine BY RON TANGUAY UNION CITY — The parents of those players who met on the court here last night will remember the year 1933 as the year Gov. Comstock closed the banks in Michigan. There was nothing cheerful about this. But there was a bright spot for those parents, youngsters then, of the Tekonsha team that year for that was the year they celebrated their last district championship. The years passed, they married, bore children and then last night those children, at least some of them, ended the long famine. The Indidans, paced by their big Center, Ora Swick, upended the the St. Charles Cougars 57-41. Lead All The Way Coach Bill Johnson’s tribe took the lead, and except for late in the first quarter, were never seriously threatened. An explosive second quarter settled the issue. The Indians poured 22 points through the hoop in the quarter while holding the Cougars to only nine points. Swick, who led the attack in the first quarter, scoring nine of his team’s 15 points, continued his hot pace by dumping in eight more. The outburst sent the Tekonsha quintet into a commanding 14 point lead at the half, 37-23. No Rally Hopes for a Cougar rally never materialized, in the second half. The third period deteriorated into a series of errors on the part of both teams. The Cougars managed seven points and the Indians came up with only six. In the last quarter the two teams picked up the pace, but it was the Indians who gradually kept pulling away. Forward Larry Thomas collected six of his team’s 14 points and Cougar Guard Ed Roh-loff notched six of the 11 points scored by St. Charles. The first period saw the Indians Jump into the lead, build it to five points before a brief Cougar rally which whittled it to one point, 15-14. Center Gary Gresge popped in two buckets and a free throw to lead the parochials in the period. Night For Indians It was strictly a night for Indians. The Tekonsha team combined a good offense with a good defense. Except for the third period, the tribe’warmed the hearts of their fans by peppering the bucket from both outcourt and close in. Their three-two zone defense kept the Cougars pretty well tb the outside, and unlike the Burr Oak game, the parochials were not able to score with any consistency from outcourt. The Indians were also tough beneath the boards with Swick coming up with one rebound after another. The Cougars gave it their best, but it was not enough. Their press, which served to keep Burr Oak off balance, had little effect on the Indians as they breezed through it with nary a mistake. Swick captured game scoring honors with eight buckets and eight free throws for 24 points. I Guard Reid Waffle hit on three buckets and five free throws for 11 points. Gresge and Ed Rohloff hit ten points each to lead the Cougars, i This evening the Union City Ma- j roons square off with the Mendon j Hornets for the Class C District] Championship.F.H.A. F.F.A.F.N.C Varsity ClubBand Dance BandGlee ClubFootball Cheerleaders Basketball Varsity CheerleadersReserve Basketball Cheerleaders Left to Right: Karen Blackwell, Janet Keller. Susan Blackwell, Linda Davis. Majorettes Left to Right: Bessie Rogers, Sharon Rainey. Drum Majorette; Janice Sanford.Baseball District “Champions”DARYL ALT HAVER Forward REID WAFFLE Guard s t a r t . 1 n g LARRY THOMAS Forward ORA SWICK Center BOB SELBY Guard V eVarsity Basketball Reserve BasketballTournament Action Shot Senior Football BoysHomecoming 8th: Conrad Voshen, Marilyn Macky; 9th: Pat Palmatier, Kathy Copeland: KING: Jim Russell; QUEEN: Nancy Milliman; 11th: Daryl Althaver, Barbara Katz; 10th: Bob Selby, Linda Davis; 7th: Gary Watkins, Nancy Martinson.Senior Play Cast The Senior Play was presented November 16th and 17th, entitled "The Magic Touch." Bobette, a tomboy, provided quite a challenge for June and Robert Braddock, her parents. After scheming, looking for lost Bobbette and producing a fashion show Bob-bette is transformed into quite a lady. KEITH WALBECK-------Robert Braddock SUSAN MARTINSON-------June Braddock SANDY DUCKETT - - Bobbette Braddock DIANE BLASHFIELD------Miss Blodget JUDY STUART--------Mrs. Washington CHARLES DEVENNEY..............Socko GARY COWLES....................Hank JACK WOODMAN..................Chuck CAROL SHILLING...............Ophelia LARRY SIEGEL..................Willie EDITH KLINGAMAN--------Mrs. Stockdale JUDY ROGERS............Mrs. Clarence RUTH ANN KELLER--------Mrs. Prescott LAURIE FEILER..........Frieda Fisher GENE BECK —------------------ Squint LARRY THOMAS---------Radio Announcer Style Show: Martha Sanland Martha Bush Nancy Milliman Lighting and Sound Effects: Ora Swick Bob Millard Director - MRS. MILLIMAN Jim Russell Larry WaffleSenior PlayJunior Play Cast The Junior Class presented the play, "Nightcrawlers," March 30 and 31, 1962, The "Nightcrawlers” was a fast-moving, hilarious and suspenseful tale about an amateur theatrical group, who try to convince a potential television sponsor of their abilities by acting out a riotous mystery play in such a way that the sponsor thought all the weird happenings were real. Everything turned out fine, although the play was upset by a couple of nosy hillbillies. BETTY McELHENIE..............Cinny Lou REID WAFFLE................Zeke Skitter STEVE MILLER......................Clint Roberts DeANN WARNER ------------Jackie Burton BARBARA KATZ ----------------Kitty Wood BOB MAIN..............George Allen JILL WALBECK............Mrs. Yates DONNA TOBEY...........Marion Yates ROZANNE RANDALL-------Carol Lewis DARYL ALT HAVER.........Dick Karl SHIRLEY TRUEBLOOD - Assistant Director LIGHTING AND SOUND EFFECTS Larry Thomas - Duane Hunsicker - Jack Thompson Director - MR. LINDQUISTJunior PlayKindergarten a.m. TOP ROW, Left to Right: Terry Palmatier, Joey Young, Kathy Shephard, Marlinda Lowery, Mrs. Newman - Teacher, Randy Johnson, April Watkins, Kandy McFadden; MIDDLE: Penny Richards. Mickey Boles, Diane Potter, Shelly Moody, Nancy Banks, Donna Hunsicker, Debbie Herman, Marilyn Caryl; BOTTOM; Randy Russell, Steve Eberts, Jimmy Russell, Steven Ciotta, Valera Huber, Douglas Newton, Beth Taylor, Ricky Phelps. Kindergarten p.m. TOP ROW, Left to Right: Steve Clark, Robin Tidd, Bruce Shedd, Mrs. Newman - Teacher, Mike Duckhan, Shelly McAtee; MIDDLE: Debbie Powell, Christine Johnston, Geneva Goheen, Barry Nelson, Brad Stefan, Joel Weimer, John Duty; BOTTOM: Debby Brown, Elizabeth Macomber, Debra Masters, Roxie Smith, Patti Miller, Robbin Callahan.First Grade TOP ROW, Left to Right: Douglas Baker, Linda Selby, Sandra Ball, Chris Fousel, Norman Taylor, Mrs. Anderson - Teacher, Duane Macomber, Rodney Sizeland, Delores Peer, THIRD ROW: Carolyn Bowling, Jeffery Jones, Jacklyn Newton, Loretta Weller, Sandy Bailey, Walter Raginia, La Shelle Wiescholek; SECOND ROW: Rusty Hampton, Steven Weller, Gary Hill, Calvin Cummins, Cindy Abel, Mary Davis, Marilyn Bowling, Jerry Thenen; FRONT ROW: Jim Jordan, David Kidney, Mike Millard, Jerry Boles. Absent - Denise From. First and Second TOP ROW, Left to Right: Patty Shephard, Susan Potter, Mary Kowalski, Karen Weller, Lloyd Tobey, Becky Walker, Mrs. Martinson - Teacher: MIDDLE ROW: Tim Brewer, Judy Stemaly, Brandon Kelly, Stanley Michielson, Ronnie Peet, Ronnie Ball; FRONT ROW: Mike Randall, Helen Van Valkenburg, Kenneth Brownell, Wayne Woods, Terry Sours, Ruth Cummings.Second Grade ■ TOP ROW, Left to Right: Myma Caryl, Evelyn Huber, Kenneth Swick, Bruce Oblinger, Barbara Collins, Mrs. Sanders - Teacher, Catherine Pike, William Rounds Jr., Debra Millard; THIRD ROW: Peggy Groholske, Chris Katz, Beth Furu, Deanna Millard, Douglas Johnson, Ronald Hughes, William Cummins, Patti Camp, Susan Reimer; SECOND ROW: Teresa Sours, Cindy Ciotta, Debra McFadden, Peggy Palmatier, Wanda Duckham, Sandy Masters. Susan Hopkins, Nancy Russell; FRONT ROW: Buddy Kidney, Steven Mains, Terry Avery, Ray Moody, Steven Klingaman, Marvin Lowery, Mike Richards; Absent - Linda New land. Third Grade TOP ROW, Left to Right: Steven Newland, Marcia Furu, Michael Cummings, Mrs. Voshen - Teacher, Vern Thenen, Paul Weller. Colleen Palmatier; THIRD ROW: Ronnie Shepard, Sue Waffle, Tom Miller, Howard Van Valkenburg, Pamela Smith, Floyd Amsler; SECOND ROW: Aileen Fousel, Pati Brownell, Connie Patten, Janet Bailey, Sharilyn Phelps, Judy Reese; FRONT ROW: John Smith, Jerry Avery, Delton Stuart, Dennis Berry; Absent - Teresa McAtee.Third and Fourth Grade TOP ROW, Left to Right: Sandra Whitcomb, John Phelps, Ricky Richards, Larry Peet, Alice Letts, Debra Walbeck, Marvin Shaffer, Tom Mahrle, Douglas Willbur, George Davis, Clarence Noel, Mrs. Rounds - Teacher; FRONT ROW: Brian Kelly, Bob Minners, David Young, Randy Goheen, Connie Ball, Lanora Noel; Absent - Randall Vanderpool. Fourth Grade BACK ROW: Larry Lloyd, Mary Diana, Denise Boshears, Vicki Teeters, Mike Winter, Amy Rounds, Mrs, Caryl - Teacher; THIRD ROW: Nancy Millard, Janice Clark, Debra Ups ton, Bruce Katz, Larry Hughes, Barrie Oblinger, Ricky Pike; SECOND ROW: Jane Jenkins, Linda Masters, Sally Groholski, Leona Weller, James Osborn, Richard Callahan, Janet Potter, Penny Reimer; FRONT ROW: David Lloyd, Larry Russell, David Rowe, Marlin Lowery, Mike Sweet, Freddie Goheen; Absent - Cathy Kidney, Yvonne Waffle.Fifth Grade BACK ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Briegel - Teacher, Cynthia Reincke, Richard Stuart, Robert Whitcomb, Sharon Bond, Marcia Michielson, Ray Potter, Jacqueline Miller, Dianne Palmatier; MIDDLE ROW: David Swick, Merle Lowery, Kenneth Russell, Kathleen Richards, Jeffry Sherwood, Janet Camp, Loretta Huber, Owen Drudge, Inez Fousel; FRONT ROW: Raymond Ball, John Winter, Terry Raginia, David Michielson, Richard Daian, Donald Holevenski, Craig Leatherbury. Fifth and Sixth Grade I BACK ROW: Mr. Diana - Teacher, Timothy Richards, Marsha Carney, Richard Whitcomb, Georgianna Van Valkenburg, John Davis; SECOND ROW: Brenda Lloyd, Gary Crawford, Cheryle Hughes, Suzanne Jordon, Lester Shaffer, Carol Bailey; FRONT ROW: Patty Woolf, Penny Shaffer, Leo Van Valkenburg, Keith Shedd, Andy Stemaly, Patty Smith.Sixth Grade TOP ROW: Mike Reese, Chuck Bush, Fred Thenen, David Goheen, John Sanford, Susan Macomber, Mike Abel, Denis Bush, Carol Lee, Linda Thatcher, Clifton Voshen, Paula Walbeck, Mrs. Williams -Teacher; MIDDLE ROW: Sally Shumway, Birdie Katz, Mary Vanderpool, Ann Thornton, Joyce Oblinger, Melissa Houvener, Gretchen Kowalski, Kay Patten, Carol Casebeer, Diana Walker; FRONT ROW: Frank Caryl, Tom Rounds, John Copeland, Randy Waltz, Charles Berry, Denis Palmatier, Mike Ewers, Frank Sours, Gary Newland. Safety Patrols TOP ROW, Left to Right: Elaine Trueblood, Mike Ewers, Richard Diana, Craig Leatherbury, Keith Shedd, Patty Woolf, Suzanne Jordan, Birdie Katz; THIRD ROW: John Sanford, Georgianna Van Valkenburg, Marsha Carney, Richard Whitcomb, Andy Stemaly, Chuck Bush, Mary Vanderpool; SECOND ROW: Tom Rounds, Kenneth Russell, Loretta Huber, Merle Lowrey, John Winter, Kathleen Richards, Tom Mahrle; FRONT ROW: Gary Crawford, George Davis, David Swick, Lester Shaffer, Michael Waffle, Alice Letts.SENIOR TRIPSTARLITE DRIVE IN Will Serve You on Curb at Counter MARSHALL BOWLING LANES Open Year Round Orders to Go: Phone BR 9-9080 Fish Chicken Shrimp Pizza L. A. DARLING PLASTIC DIVISION Coldwater Michigan Student Rates on: Saturday 9:00 to 5:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm 3 Games for $1. 00 (35£) Join Our Summer Leagues Air Conditioned Compliments of Congratulations, Seniors FAMILY BARBER SHOP F rom SHERWOOD’S DRUGSTORE GOOD LUCK ALWAYS PI 1-9271 Air Conditioned Union City Michigan NEUHAUSER HATCHERIES "GOOD LUCK, CHICKS" Hy-Line Leghorn Newhamp Whiterock and Other Breeds Napiana Poultry Feeds Remedies and Supplies JERRY McBRIDE, Manager Dial BR 8-3908 419 E. Chicago ColdwaterVILLAGE VANITY CORLESS DRIVE IN BEAUTY SHOP Cleaners Wash-et Tekonsha, Michigan Phone 767-4181 Coldwater BR 8-2343 Compliments of Congratulations From | WOLVERINE ENGRAVING CO | ARNOLD AUTO PARTS 11 v BR 8-2385 f Coldwater Michigan WOLVERINE ENGRAVING COMPANY Tekonsha Michigan Compliments of Compliments of MIDWAY LANES GREEN’S HARDWARE We Plug and Drill Bowling Balls Tekonsha Michigan THE FIRST STATE BANK Congratulations, Seniors Tekonsha Michigan WILBURS FURNITURE Your Community Bank 3% Interest on Savings Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Coldwater MichiganALTHAVER CHEVROLET, INC. Junctions U. S. 27 and 60 Tekonsha Chevrolet Cars and Trucks Corvair and Corvette We Service All Makes TEKONSHA FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE COMPANY Dealers in Farm Products and Farm Supplies Phone 767-4116 OLDS GROCERY Tekonsha, Michigan Quality Groceries - Meats Beer - Wine - Liquors OLDS PATIO DRIVE-IN Fine Food DOUG OLDS Prop. i - JHH 1 , .4 1 . KEEP MARTINSON LUMBER YARD Tekonsha, Michigan ONE HOUR “MARTINIZING” the most in DRY CLEANING 115 W. Mich ST 1-2671 Pick Up at Watkins Family Store - Tekonsha Tuesday and Friday T E K O N S H A WATKINS FAMILY STORE INC. M I C II I G A NJERRY’S BARBER BEAUTY SHOP Marshall, Michigan Hair Cutting and Styling for the Entire Family Phones BARBERSHOP BEAUTY SHOP ST 1-7281 ST 1-7351 Call Collect for Appointment Diamonds Watches MILDRED B. BELFORD BELFORD JEWELERS 114 W. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Mich. ST 1-3171 HURRY to the New TWO HOUR CLEANERS 57 W. Chicago Coldwater, Michigan Shop PENNEY'S Your Family Store PENNEY’S ALWAYS HAST QUALITY! 114 W. Michigan LOUIE’S BAKERY Quality Bake Goods Decorated Cakes Marshall, Michigan Phone STory 1-7351 WOLF’S FLOOR COVERING Carpet Linoleum Tile Formica 102 W. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Michigan Phone STory 8-3845 MIDWAY ROLLER RINK Battle Creek Hours: Friday, Saturday Sunday Nights 8-11 Saturday, Sunday Afternoons 2-5 We Also Cater to Private Parties Compliments of McCOMB’S SHOES Coldwater MichiganOuality Everyday at BASCOM’S Homer JENKINS STANDARD SERVICE JOE PETE Standard Oil Products Phone 767-4190 Tekonsha, Michigan "RED" "TOM" CLARK’S SINCLAIR SERVICE Burlington, Michigan M-60 Phone 767-3148 In Albion Shop BISHOPS FURNITURE for your home RISTOW 1 HOUR CLEANERS Homer Michigan CALHOUN TELEPHONE CONGRATULATIONS Seniors of 1962 Compliments of ALBION MALLEABLE IRON COMPANY Serving Community Activities Since 1888MITCHELL’S BOSHEARS COIN LAUNDRY MOTOR SALES Maytag Washers General Repairs 24-Hr. Wrecker Service Tekonsha and Homer Phone 767-4757 2 HOUR DRY CLEANERS Tekonsha Michigan (2-Hour Service) Corner of Michigan and Eagle Marshall, Michigan f Phone STory 1-2348 Make an Appointment With PALMER’S BARBER SHOP Compliments of A FRIEND Marshall, Michigan Phone STory 1-3242 ASHLEY MILK Arrives Hours Fresher Stays Fresh Hours Longer © 1958 47 Brook Street Battle Creek WO 2-4006Diamond Rings JEWELRY ytou 4 cf Qiamonai“ Wedding Rings Accurate Watches Fine Jewelry-Sterling Silver Crystal and China Bridal Registry Service Precious Gifts for All Occasions Coldwater, Mich. Open 6 A. M. --8 P. M. CLIFF’S BAIT STORE Live Bait and Tackle Hunting and Fishing License Phone 767-4615 Tekonsha, Michigan LEONA’S APPAREL SHOP Ready-to-Wear Bridal Gowns Formals Eastern Star Dress Quincy Michigan V 5 Best Wishes From MUSIC MART Coldwater, Michigan Everything in Music ROGER’S EQUIPMENT CO., INC. International Harvester McCormick Farm Machines Farmall Tractors Genuine I. H. C. Parts and Service 959 E. Chicago Road Coldwater Ph. BR 8-8432 MAX LARSEN FORD SALES, INC. New Cars New Trucks A- 1 Used Cars and Trucks Coldwater Ph. BR 8-5661 Congratulations, Seniors COLDWATER BOWLING Recreation Open Bowling Year Around Air-Conditioned Coldwater BR 8-5325Congratulations From WOODWARD’S SPP. SHOP Coldwater Michigan Compliments of TEKON GRILL Compliments of GULF SERVICE Tekonsha Michigan DANIEL’S JEWELRY Coldwater Michigan Compliments of MAIN GROCERY AND MARKET Tekonsha Michigan Best of Luck to the Class of '62 CHICHESTER’S Marshall Michigan Compliments of the RITZEE Marshall Michigan Compliments of Good Luck, Seniors BEN’S TAVERN TASTEE FREEZE Union City Michigan Congratulations to the Class of '62 STANDARD OIL ST. REGIS PAPER COMPANY CROWELL ST D CARTON DIVISION LARRY MILLER, Agent Marshall Michigan Division of American Oil Co. MILKMAN’S SALES AND SERVICE Dial 767-4422 Tekonsha MichiganMORRISSEY’S GIRARD MILL Mobile Milling and Bulk Feed Service VAN AKEN’S FLOWERS "Say It With Flowers. " Rt. 2 Coldwater Phone BR 8-2477 Napiana Feeds Phone BR 9-9536 65 East Chicago St. Coldwater Michigan Congratulations Seniors Compliments of WATERS SHOE STORE TRENT’S SWEEPER SHOP Phone 767-3225 RUSSELL TRENT Coldwater Michigan 125 Main St. Tekonsha Michigan We, the members of the annual staff, wish to take this space to thank all of you who have helped make this annual possible. We wish to extend special thanks to Mr. Sweet, our advisor, who has given of his time, patience, and energy to help us put this book together. Thank you again. IAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY

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Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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