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  FOREWORD A kaleidoscope, according to Webster, is a tube containing bits of colored glass and two mirrors. As it is turned, it reflects continual changing patterns. In your imagination, let this book be the tube, your eyes the mirrors, and the students of Tekonsha Community School, the bits of colored glass. As you turn the pages you will meet us in many different patterns: our respective classes, athletic teams, musical groups, and clubs at work and at play. ’O v V v t x TOM-TOM le an ”infant” pap.r VSt.a.r'ted 'trYli.s year} , the staff is to be complimented on a-h Mrs. Snyder, the TOM-TOM1 s adviser, with a multi-t lde of Ideas, deserves an extra big pat on the back. Madllyn Thomas, Sonya Rtumel, Mary Beloi Coral Ann Doolittle.LITERART AND ART 0 m T o m S t a F f Cynthia Qroholske Marilyn Horn Lynne Martinson l . . - e .i W Ph FEATURES Donna Johnson, Marda Lu Clark, Noel Adams, Franklin Klingaman, Mary Clark (absent).Administration In the present administration the patterns of the kaleidoscope have been aimed for better organisation of teachers improved budgeting of finanoes, more opportunities for student participation in activities, good discipline, good student morale, and veil-prepared teachers. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Gene Snyder Master of Science in Education Bachelor of Arts Board of Education Clare Martinson, President; Walter Mitchell, Trustee; Jack Houghton, Secretary;Herbert Hall, Treasurer; Ed Voshen, Trustee.FACULTY Special recognition le given In this 1955 INDIAN to Mrs. Snyder, Junior olase adviser, perfectionist Journalism coach, and outstanding commercial Instructor. Although she has taught at Tekonsha High School only two years, her remarkable contributions have won for her the confidence and respect of both students and faculty. It has been through the lnoessant efforts of Mrs. Snyder that have made possible the publication of this annual. JEANETTE SNYDER Master of Science In Ed. Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science In Ed. Business Education ROSE WARWICK Master of Arts Baohelor of Arts Principal MathematlosJEANNE CONVERSE Bachelor of Soienoe (Home Eoonomios) Economics, Soienoe Mathematios WAYNE FULTON Master of Soienoe Baohelor of Soienoe Agriculture, Shop Chemistry WILLIAM JONES Baohelor of Arts History, Head Coach HARRIETTE MILLIMAN Baohelor of 3oienoe Home Economios HUGH ROBINS Baohelor of Arts 8th Soienoe, Muslo EARL VANSICKLE Baohelor of Arts English Assistant CoachSECRETARY TO THE SUPERINTENDENT Arthur King COOKS Mrs. Leatherbury; Mrs. Letts (Supervisor) n These are the people who help to make the eohool a better Diace. They are ■indispensable. CUSTODIANS AT HIGH SCHOOL AND GYM Ora Swick; Fred Letts CUSTODIAN AT ELEMENTARY BUILDING John Phelps e n BUS DRIVERS Ora Swick; Melvin Blackwell; Fred Letts (Supervisor); Warren Humes-ton; Leonard Krieg. SPEECH CORRECTIONIST Garth JohnsonSeniors •Ann! Prom babyhood the Seniors have been growing toward this last year In high school—the threshold of adulthood. Thinking of them as the pleoes In our kaleidoscope, we see with what ease they slip into familiar patterns. When they leave this group and mix with new people in new places, they will beoome parte of many new and varied patterns. May they be bright and exciting to those who watch them. •Oienn ■Sonny ■Kay' •So 1' ■Mary tCotW ■Zon Senior Class Will We, the class of '55, presumably of a sound mind and trained memories, have trod the halls of the Tekonsha High School for four years and realising that another group will take our place to make their bid for fame as we did, do individually make the following bequests, I, Noel Adams, will my special dancing style to Ken Combs. I, Kay Blackwell, wilj. my rhythm to Joyce Letts. I, Jack Boley, will my love troubles to Alvin Miller, who doesn't seem to have any. I, Marda Lu Clark, will my ability to say the wrong thing at the right time to Elaine Davis. I, Mary Clark, will by ability to stay free to my sister, Shirley Clark. I, Coral Ann Doolittle, will this will to anyone who is willing to accept it. I, Annabelle Feiler, will by ability to stay away from boys to Beverly Russell. I, Cynthia Groholske, will by ability to sit still in study hall to Terry Fleming. I, Marilyn Horn, will my knee socks to Jud Mack, who has just the legs to fill them out. I, Donna Johnson, will my admiration for martinis to Mr. VanSickle, who likes olives. I, Jim Johnston, will my out-of-town girlfriend to Ben Benson, who is always looking for "new stuff." I, Franklin Klingaman, will my quiet ways to Melba Klingaman. I, Sonya Rummel, will nothing to nobody because I want it all for myself. I, Zon Shumway, will my oboe to anyone who can play cymbals. I, Glenn Straw, will by name to any horse who wants it. I, Madilyn Thomas, will my cheerleading ability to Gary Reimer, who would look just darling in a red skirt and tights. I, Jean Thornton, will my job as "soda jerk" to Sylvia Mack so that she may learn to resist temptation. I, Jim Wood, will my ability to play the drums to Norman Teeters. We, the Senior Class, will our ability to wash cars with streaks in them to any garage who needs experts. We, the Senior Class, will our ability to cooperate to anyone who is planning a fued. We, the Senior Class of 1955, hereby set our seal to this, our last will and testament. WITNESSES: NOEL ADAMS ■I'm a smart guy, but I have a hard time convincing anyone. Baseball 1,2,4; Thespis Club 2; WE BELIEVE Concert 3; Basketball 4; Class Play 4; Annual Staff 4. MARDA LU CLARK "It's not what you do, it18 what you get away with. (Entered from Marshall) Class Play 4; F.H.A. 3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Annual Staff 4; WE BELIEVE Concert 3. JEAN THORNTON ■Automobiles are not ferocious,it is the woman who is to be feared. Basketball 2,3; F.H.A.l, 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; WE BELIEVE Concert 3; Annual Staff 4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Class Play 4. MARY CLARK ■I've never found the perfect guy, but it's been fun looking." WE BELIEVE Concert 3;Glee Club 4; Basketball 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 4; F.H.A. Officer 3. CORAL DOOLITTLE 3he's little and she's wise, a real terror for her size. Band 1,2, .3,4; Glee Club 1; Basketball 1; WE BELIEVE Conoert 3; Annual Staff 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4. GLENN STRAW "There may have been men greater than I, but I doubt it." (Entered from Indiana in senior year.) Class Play 3,4; mixed chorus 2,3.FRANKLIN KLINGAMAN "An Innocent face, but you never oan tell." Basketball 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Class Flay 3. MADILYN THOMAS "Sugar and spice and everything nice, one of these days she'll be sprinkled with rice." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2; F.H.A. Region Officer 4; Annual Staff 4; Glee Club 1; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; WE BELIEVE Concert 3;Basketball 1; Class play 3 JIM JOHNSTON "Why study? The more I study, the more I have to forget." Basketball 1; Football 8,3,4;Football Captain 4. DONNA JOHNSON "A devil without a suit." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Band 1,2,4; Glee Club 1; Class Play 3,4. CYNTHIA GROHOL8KE "Fun and fanoy free." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Class Play 3: Class Officer 3;Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; WE BELIEVE Conoert 3. JIM WOOD ■I'm not arguing with you; I'm telling you." Band 1,2,3,4; Orohestra 2,3,4; Class Play 3; Student Counoll 1; Class Offioer 1,3.Officers kdviser:Mrs. Milliman Jack Boley was the resident. When he eft for the Navy in anuary, the viceresident took over. k H o N O R S T U D E N T S VICE-PRESIDENT MARILYN HORN "She1s quiet in her own little way, but we only see her during the day." Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4;Annual Staff 4; Claes Offloer 1, 3,4; WE BELIEVE Concert 3;Class Play 3, 4. SECRETARY SONYA RUMMEL "I would be better if I could, but it's awful lonesome being good." (Entered from Indiana in sophomore year.) Class Play 4; F.H.A. 2,3,4; dee Club 2; Annual Staff 4; WE BELIEVE Concert 3;Basketball 2; Class Officer 4. TREASURER KAY BLACKWELL "Do you know a maiden who is not willing to flirt— Just a little?" Class Officer 1,2,3, 4; Band 1,2,3,4;dee Club 2;F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4; F.H.A. Region Officer 3;Class Play 3,4 VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN ANNABELLE FEILER “One never knows what goes on Inside a quiet tiB d F.H.A. 1; Class Officer 1,3; Band 1,2,3,4; dee Club 2,3; WE BELIEVE Concert 3; Annual Staff 3; Orchestra 2,3,4. Both Annabelle Feller, Valedictorian, and Zon Shumway, Salutatorlan, have been not only outstanding students academically, but also as good citizens. They have served their class as officers and have been prominent in music activities. Annabelle was named D. A. R. citizen this year, and Zon did fine work on the annual staff. Both plan to attend college. ZON SHUMWAY "A young man who blushes is better than one who turns pale." Band 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 1,2; All-Star Band 3, 4; Class Play 3; Annual Staff 3,4. ALBERT BERCAW In memorlam% WHO’S WHO G T U N R I 0 A A L F M I T B T Y Mary Clark Two-tone Buick Boy with buick. Marilyn Horn Knee Socks Never getting to homeroom on time. Annabelle Feiler Baritone Going with college boys. Cindy Groholske Scares easily Not skipping school. Jean Thornton Always in the Chief's Tepee Parking in a L9 black Chevy. Madilyn Thomas Aqua Chevy Convertible Going with same fellow all through high school. Sonya Rummel Red sweater and jeans Making eyes at wrong time. Marda Clark Coquette Going with any boy. Coral Doolittle Pink and black argyles Going with Cold-water fellows. Kay Blackwell Flirtatious Working overtime Zon Shumway Studious Not loving jazz music. Donna Johnson Laugh and being loud. Being infatuated by a fellow from Athens Jim Johnston Dad's car Out-of-town girl8. Jim Wood That's what they all say. Staying at home. Jack Boley Anything Keep 'em guessing. Noel Adams Hoping to be funny Rolling his own and chewing. Franklin Klingaman Shy Spinning his tires. Glenn Straw Perfectionist Breaking girls' hearts. I T I 0 N Jack's wife. Secretary Band Leader Secretary. Farmer's wife. (Don's) Howard's wife. Make Jack happy. Designer (any kind). Pawn off rings she has collected. Mother of 10 kids. Teacher. To stay that way. Make explosives. Band Leader. Own a chicken farm. Be his own boss. Be a farmer. To keep it up.underclassmen Let ua pick up the tube, shake It gently and look—a big shower of pleoes 1 Even as we watch they shift and change and rearrange themselves to form the patterns of the Juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and seventh and eighth graders.Juniors Lynne Martinson President Alrin Miller Vice President Melba Kllngaaan Marilyn Keefer aonja Taylor Secretary Treasurer Reporter Nanoy Beok Mary Belote Ben Benson K1 c Shirley Clark Jean Clifton Betty Cole Kenneth Combs Burnloe Davis Elaine Davis Glenn Goheen John Hagaman Roger Johnson Coralea Ernest King Johnston Virginia Rogers Don Slnolalr Joan fltaith Leona Voodnan Jerry Krieg George Morley Ann Newman Wyla OssenheinerSophomores Alice Baker President Norman Teeters Vice President Loretta Drust Secretary Gary Reimer Treasurer Janet Horn Chariane Imhof Lamar Hunsicker Jerry King Jim Devenny Faith Klingaman Gary Fred Jud Mack Judy Morgan Morgan Martinson Lynette Nowickl Lois Sanders Donald Shaffer Not Shown: Juanita Cole George Crawford Ambrose Diamond Esther Thomas Jerry Thornton Jean Wood Richard WoodenFreshmen Sharon Demarest Allda Amsler Janet Swick Vice President Seoretary Treasurer Howard Randall President Or ant Cary Wilfred Cole Roger King Ruth Ann King Gladys Iraui Jerry Osborn Donald Plfueger Elaine Posey Ray Richardson L. G. Rogers Leland fltaith Not shown Geraldine Smith Charles Thorp Terry Thomet Janice Tobey Villine Vaughn David Vernor Rita Wiescholek David Woodman8th Grade Judy Vloe President Hannah Milllnan Jo Ann Cavlnder Secretary Treasurer Hade Adaas Roman Aiidaffer Robert Belote Larry Caeebeer Ina Cole ahlrley Cola John He man Jerry Johnson Gary Keefer Charles Keller Darlene Krieg Jerald Letts Shirley Hiller Darid. Pell Doris Pflueger Ellen Sanders Frank Thomas Clarenoe Not shown: James Crawford, Urahula Johnston, Joyoe Letts Upston7 th Grade Rubeell Long Vice President Karen Morley Secretary Kathy Feller Treasurer Jo Ann Cole Reporter Stanley Beatty Keith Blovere Dianne Cavlnder Jerry Horn 7 Aaron Meroella Granger Larry Granger Darld Herman Klaenhauer Fred Kraus Stella Marahall Bonnie McElhenle Dennla Johnson Kay Cowles Linda Houvener Mary Louise Mo Fadden Mary Ellen Jeroae Howiokl Dale Osborn Moore Barer1ey Ann Pfleuger Eleanor Posey Elaine Sanders De Tell Rogers Robert Sholes Tommy Upston ( Six students were absent.) Gordon Joyoe Wllsoi WheatonLeft to right: Joyce Letts, Chris Katz, Janet Swlck, Hannah Mllllman, Lamar Hunslcker, Lynette Nowlckl, Kay Cowles, Zon Shumway, Karen Morley, Coral Ann Doolittle, Elaine Sanders, Jerry Thornton, Esther Thomas, Kathy Feller, Alvin Miller, Sonja Taylor, Virginia Rogers, Mary Lou Belote, Annabelle Feller, Jean Thornton, Lola Sanders, Gary Relmer. Standing: Robert Belote, James Wood, Kay Blackwell, Mr. Robins, (director). Absent: Donna Johnson, Lynne Martinson, Judy Martinson, Janet Horn, Ambrose Diamond. This year saw the director, Mr. Robins, challenge the musical organizations with a wide variety of music. The senior band attended Band Day at Western Michigan College, played for football games, and performed at the State Fair. The Girls' Glee Club presented a one-act operetta,followed by a festival In which the Junior band participated. The glee club and senior band Joined forces for the first two concerts of the yearjthe third featured both bands. These various groups will take part In graduation exercises. Chorus First Row: Bernice Davis, Juanita Cole, Loretta Drust, Elaine Posey, Mary Clark, Beverly Russell, Alida Amsler, Betty Cole. 8eoond Row: Cynthia Groholske, Sharon Demarest, Marilyn Horn, Rita Wiesoholek, Marda Lu Clark, Judy Clifton, Geraldine Smith, Leona Woodman, Mr. Robins (teacher).Majorettes Charlane Imhof, Jean Clifton, Nancy Beck, Ann Newman. Tekonsha e majorettes have given sparkle to the band. They have also won some oupe and medals. Charlane, Nanoy, and Ann won first place ribbons at the twirling contests at Kalamazoo and Olivet; the latter two also won trophies at Olivet. CHEERLEADERS Standing: Judy Clifton, Madllyn Thomas, Melba Klingaman. Kneeling: Jean Wood, Beverly Russell. In all kinds of weather the cheerleaders have performed inspiring both the team and fans. Here are the cheerleaders in their football uniforms. Madllyn Thomas, the captain of the cheerleaders, ends her fourth year of servloe this spring. She deserves much credit for her constant loyalty and time spent In this position.First Row: Ruth Ann King, Geraldine Smith, Alida Amsler, Elaine Posey. Second Row: Lynne Martinson, Alice Baker, Madilyn Thomas, Donna John- son, Melba Klingaman. Third Row: Mrs. Milliman (adviser), Gladys Kraus, Rita Wiescholek, Jean Clifton, Beverly Russell, Nancy Beck, Cynthia Groholske, Coral Ann Doolittle, Ann Newman. Fourth Row: Willine Vaughn, Lynette Nowicki, Judy Clifton, Esther Thomas, Jean Wood, Sharon Demarest, Janet Swick, Charlane Imhof. Back Row: Marilyn Horn, Marda Clark, Sylvia Mack, Faith Klingaman, Lois Sanders, Janet Horn, Juanita Cole, Loretta Drust, Sonya Rummel, Jean Thornton. The F. H. A. has become an important organization in Tekonsha High School. Much credit is due Mrs. Milliman, who constantly gives time and inspiration to the girls. Motto: "Toward New Horizons" Colors: Red and White Flower: Red Rose Chapter Officers President ........................... Vice-President....................... Secretary ........................... Treasurer........................ Parlimentarian....................... Historian ........................... Reporter ............................ Song-leader ......................... Pianist ............................. .Kay Blackwell , Madilyn Thomas Melba Klingaman , Judy Martinson .Shirley Clark . . Elaine Davis . .Alice Baker .Donna Johnson Lynne MartinsonSenior Class Play An average modern living room was the scene for the play Backwoods Romeo. presented November 19, by the senior class. The play opened on an exciting note with an argument between La Reina, the Spanish maid, and the forewoman, who had come with her helpers to repossess the furniture. Larry McNeil and his friend Rex Simonds had just returned from a hunting trip to Canada, and came back with quite a discovery—a handsome, scientific hermit named Romeo, who didn’t have any idea what women were. This proved interesting, as Larry's two sisters Billie and Connie were anything but shy. To add to the situation, Larry had to make a scientific discovery before he could collect an inheritance, and he brought Romeo in the hope that he would make the discovery. Events moved rapidly with Romeo scaring everyone out of his wits with a bomb and then telling them it really wasn’t a scientific discovery because it was a failure. Romeo finally saved the day with a cold exterminator, and Rex received $2,000 by accidently saving a man’s life in an automobile accident. This made for a happy ending with Rex and Billie, Connie and Romeo, and Larry and his girlfriend Orpha, looking very much in love. A few other amusing incidents occurred when Larry's Aunt Rachael mistook the forewoman for Romeo, when a mouse ran up Rex's pant leg, and when Connie taught Romeo how to kiss. CAST Romeo Montague.........Glenn Straw Larry McNeil............Noel Adams Rex Simonds.............Jack Boley Forewoman ..... .Donna Johnson Billie.........Coral Ann Doolittle Connie................Kay Blackwell LaReina ............. Sonya Rummel Orpha................Marilyn Horn Aunt Rachael. ... Marda Lu Clark Sue.....................Mary Clark Helpers...........Cynthia Groholske Annabelle Feiler Jean Thornton Director..............Mr. VanSickleR"We Believe" Concert Is Presented by Jo Ann Shuraway A capacity crowd gathered at the Community Building laat Friday night to see and hear Tekonsha students In the “We Believe” Concert. In fact, there wasn’t even standing room. Thla unique program was written and directed by Mrs. Gene Snyder and presented by the High School Chorus and Band. Mr. Cullen directed the band. The object of the concert was to inform the public that the Tekonsha students do believe In their native land, Christianity, a cheerful home, a good education, and true love. Various lighting effects and formations were used to help portray the students' beliefs. Ulumlnous stars and a large moon against a blue sky furnished the background for the band, while the girls performed In the center of the gym floor. One of the most beautiful programs years to h rr111611 ech°o1 recent Ju? kaieiriihe E BELIEVE Concert. In Mmo Sle ! °Pe’ “ ls of most moTable and apeotaoular oooaalone. Country We Believe" Concert b. jeanette Rankin Snyder Directed and Written by w c“,’“ “ B "4 -mmunity Building, Friday, MarchlS eight o clock p. m Band Directed bv Hi. Cullen Banner, God Bless Ame Fanis Angellcus, Agnus 1 i Day Is Over, My Old I a Tekonsha, The VlcU crt the Silvery Moon, I Want A Girl, When the lights Go t»u ... Tou Cant Be True, Dear; Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey; You, You, You Finale................................................ Goodnight, Sweetheart Members ol Chorus; Marda Du Clark, Mary Clark, Jean Thornton, Daura WUkerson, Madllyn Thomas, Sonya Rummel, Marilyn Horn, Sylvia Duckett,, Coral DoolltUe, Cynthia Groholake, Ann Newman, Nancy Beck, Jean Wood, Margie Boley, Faith Kllngaman, Judy CUtton, Jean CUtton, Marilyn Keeler. Beverly Bussell, Bernice Davis, Charlene Imhott, Betty Cole. Deona Woodman. Accompanist; Annahelle Feller.Dat« ODDonent Nov. 30 Mention Dec. 7 Centreville Dec. 10 Waldron Dec. 14 St. Charles Dec. 17 Cement City Jan. 7 Potterville Jan. 11 Hanover Jan. 14 Climax Jan. 18 North Adams Jan. 21 Spring Arbor Jan. 28 Climax Feb. 4 Cement City Feb. 8 St. Charles Feb. 11 Waldron Feb. 15 Hanover Feb. 18 Potterville Place Here It There 40 58 There 48 86 Here V 13 86 Here A 51 63 There R 41 85 Here S 24 78 Here I 52 47 There T 22 54 Here Y 34 118 There There There Here There Here 53 48 R E S E R V E S 11 22 18 79 25 22 25 27 40 62 40 25 27 26 20 39 19 46 34 49Basketball First Row: Norman Teeters, Don Shaffer, Ben Benson, Gary Blackwell. Second Row: Gary Reimer, John Hagaman, Ken Combs. Back Row: Franklin Kllngaman, Jud Mack, Dick Wooden, Mr. Jones, Coach. Basketball practice commenced November 9. For three weeks the ooaches, Mr. Jones and Mr. VanSlckle, sacrificed many evenings to devote to basketball. In the season-opener with Mendon the Indians were severely defeated by the not-too-optlmlstic score of 75-35. Although this was a big upset for the Indians, they agreed that much valuable knowledge had been gained from the more experienced Mendon aggregation. DEAR GOD: Help me to be a sport in this little game of life. I don’t ask for any place in the lineup; play me where you need me. I only ask for the stuff to give you a hundred per cent of what I’ve got. If all the hard drives come my way I thank You for the compli ment. Help me to remember that You won’t let anything come that You and I together can’t handle. And help me to take the bad breaks as part of the game. Help make nK thankful for them. First Row: George Morley, David Vernor, Terry Thomet, Howard Randall, Ernest King. Eack Row: Mr. VanSiokle, Coaoh; Jim Wood; Ambrose Diamond; Grant Cary; Larry Morgan; John Carman; Noel Adams.Football First Row: John Hagaman, Ben Benson, Norman Teeters, Don Shaffer, George Morley, George Crawford, Howard Randall, David Vernor. Second Row: Roger Johnson, Ambrose Diamond, Ronald Devenney, James Johnston, Jack Boley, John Carman, Gary Reimer, Jerry Thornton. Back Row: Coach Jones, Donald Pfleuger, Ray Richardson, Judson Mack, Grant Cary, Richard Wooden, Gary Blackwell, Larry Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Asst. Coach VanSickle. This year the Tekonsha Indians completed a very successful season of football. The credit for the success of the 1954 season cannot be given to just one individual; several contributed to make it one to remember—the faculty, the student body, and the fine coaching of Mr. Jones and his assistant, Mr. VanSickle—all furnished the team with an incentive to play better football. The Indians began their second year of eleven-man football in a game with Centreville. The game ended in a scoreless tie. The spectators were amazed at the improvement the team had shown since last season. The following two games with Camden and Coldwater St. Charles were defeats for the Indians; but fired with a determination to offset these defeats, the Indians were victorious in the games with Waldron, 27-6, and Climax, 6-0. Toward the close of the season injuries inhibited the team from progressing, causing them to suffer defeats from Lawton, North Adams, and Lansing Vocational. Jack Boley and Jim Johnston were chosen as co-captains of the team. To some a record of two victories and five defeats might prove discouraging, but the students at Tekonsha High School have faith in the team and are looking eagerly forward to the 1955 season and many more victories.MARILYN HORN squaw T aotful Annabelle Feller T aotful Jaok Boley E xploslve Marda Lu Clark E xploslve George Morley K ind Annabelle Marilyn H. K lnd Jim Wood 0 bedlent Annabelle Feller 0 bedlent Zon Shumway N eat Judy Clifton N eat Jaok Boley 3 ooiable Kay Blaokwell 3 ooiable Jack Boley H onest Annabelle Feller H onest Zon Shumway A dorable Judy Clifton A thletlo Jaok Boley 3 tudloue Annabelle Feller C lever Norman Teeters Q, ulet Marilyn Keefer H umerous Gary Relmer U nusual Marda Lu Clark I ntelligent Zon Shumway A ooompllshed Annabelle Feller E nergetlo Jack Boley W lee Annabelle Feller F earless Jaok BoleyCALENDAR Aug.30-31 Sept. 1 Sept. 6 Sept. 7 Sept. 15 Sept. 17 Sept. 24 Sept. 25 Oct. 1 Oct. 7-8 Oct. 14 Oct. 15 Oct. 22 Oct. 29 Nov. 5 Nov. 12 Nov. 19 Nov. 20 Nov. 24 Nov. 30 Deo. 7 Dec. 10 Deo. 14 Dec. 17 Deo. 18 Dec. 24 Jan. 6 Jan. 7 Jan. 11 Jan. 14 Jan. 18 Jan.19 -20 Jan. 28 Feb. 4 Feb. 8 Feb. 11 Feb.12 -13 Feb. 15 Feb. 18 Mar.2-3-4 Apr. 1 May 6 May 13 May 20 Teachers report. What, we don't know. First day of school; time to sharpen dull noses on ye old grindstone. Labor Day, no sohool, and It's still warm enough to go down to the old swimming hole. Back to sohool and the hot lunch program starts today. Home Living girls visit the Branoh County Fair; we are happy to report that none of the girls left home to Join the fair. Centrevllle game ends 0-0; at least both sides oan say that they didn't lose. Football game at Camden ends unluckily 15-0. F.H.A. officers and representatives attend meeting at Hillsdale College; some pretty nice looking hosts, huh, girls? Tekonsha beaten by St. Charles 7-0. Darn it 1 State MEA, no sohool; it's a bit too chilly to swim today. Individual pictures are taken. Tekonsha downs Climax 6-0, and there's more to come. Two straight, Tekonsha beats Lawton 13-0. Pride comes before. . .Tekonsha loses to North Adams 6-0. Halloween dance follows game. Indians beaten by Lansing Vocational sohool. They weren't going to oome all this way for nothing. Commercial students sling paint at commercial room with good results. The Senior Play Back Woods Romeo, with a nervous Hr. VanSickle presiding, was presented to a full house. The Tom-Tom Is born, and it's the outest thing you ever saw. Thanksgiving vacation starts at noon, everyone is heading "over the river and through the woods." Tekonsha beaten by Mendon; Varsity 77-35, Reserves 34-25. Things are looking up for the Reserves at least, who won by a soore of 25-22. Varsity loses 86-13. Tekonsha loses to Centrevllle; Varsity 58-40, Reserves 22-11. Tekonsha downed by Waldron; Varsity 86-48, Reserves 79-18. Tekonsha oheated of victory in a real close one; Varsity 63-51, Reserves 27-25. Senior Sno-Ball; too much snow makes very few people. Christmas vacation begins at noon; Merry Christmas. Basketball at Coldwater. Basketball at Pottervllle. Basketball, Hanover, here. Basketball, Climax, here. Basketball at North Adams. End of 1st Semester. Thank goodness, exams are over I Basketball at Climax. Basketball at Cement City. Basketball at St. Charles. Basketball at Waldron. All Star Band; it must be heavenly muslo. Basketball at Hanover. Annual completed, hurrahl Basketball, Pottervllle, here. Basketball, District Tournament. Junior Play. Baseball at Springfield. May 22 Baccalaureate. Junior -Senior Prom and Banquet. May 26 Commencement. Baseball, Springfield, here. May 27 Last day—we're free.This time as we turn the kaleidoscope, newer, brighter, smaller patterns are formed. These are the grades—kinder- farten through the sixth. hese patterns sparkle with a lustre that will probably never be repeated in later years.G R A D T E E A C H Mrs. Anderson First Grade Mrs. Omo Second Grade Mrs. Sizeland Kindergarten Mrs. Humeston Fifth Grade Mrs. Spoon Fourth Grade Mrs. Drust Seventh GradeActivities SCHOOL PATROL First Row: Carol Fleming, Grove Katz, Kay Martin- son, Leon Myers, Linda Casebeer, Mary Freds, Laurel Feller, Janice Macky. Second Row: John Mitchell, Sandra Duckett, Pamela Brott, Robert Millard, Keith Walbeck, Larry Brott, Ernest McFadden. Back Row: James Stuart,Betty Miller,Linda Brown- ell, Easter Sheppard, Larry Thomas, Barry Wal- -beok,Larry Siegel,Roger Imhof, Ora Swlok,Jr., Larry Waffle, Lynnda Watkins, Bruce Thomet. VKINDERGARTEN First Row: Georgie Millard, Johnie Mack Fleming, Lenore Olds, Linda Denton, Ronnie Lahnum. Second Row: Chuckie Stemaly, John Stiebeling, Linda Camp, Mike Stie-beling, Nancy Patton. Back Row: Denie Bush, Carolyn Jordan, David Doolittle, Peggy Mar- tinson, Kay Copeland, Mrs. Sizeland (teacher). First Row: Bruce Davis, Ronnie Russell, Fred Katz, Ruth Ann Lake, Edith Crawford, Irene Newland. m Second Row: Donnie Furnas, Gary Cantwell, Donnie Lloyd, Tommy Bowling, Shirley Woodman, Donna Davis, Mary Herman. Back Row: Stevie Willbur, Gary Watkins, Tommy Warsop, Douglas VanValken- burg, David Hawkins, Johnny Sanford, Mrs. Sizeland, (teacher).First Row: Cheryl Houvener, Evelyn Cole, Carol Hornbeck, Hurl Dyer, Gary Davis, Charles Disbrow. Second Row: Pam Main, Billy Beatty, Gwynne Dexter, Bonnie Tobey, Judy Fleming, Nancy Casebeer, Beverlen Peck. Third Row: Cathy Millard, Larry Lloyd, Janice Sanford, Patty Potter, Bobby Copeland, Steve Hawkins, Paul Parrott, Keith Reincke. Back Row: Earl Weller, Stephen Cavinder, Mikie Bowling, Bennie Bur- bank, Andrea Althaver, John Thurston, Sharon Rainey, Kenneth Thornton, Mrs. Omo (teacher). First Row: Ronald Amsler, Sharron Patten, Fern Ellen Houvener, Penny Drudge, Ronald Reincke, Mary Parrott, Billy Ewers, Buddy Rogers, Paulette Olds, Richard Leatherbury. Second Row: Petie Maczik, Billy Fausz, Conrad Voshen, Donald Selby, Philip Shaffer, Karlene Kraushaar, Leo Herman, Patty Millard, Mhrilyn Macky, Jimmy Upston. Back Row: Roger Lloyd, Gwyn Randall, Jerry Shedd, Nancy Hill, Stan- ley Davis, Rex Krieg, Eddie Shumway, Loren Green, Mrs. Anderson (teacher).First Row: Eric Pell, Daryl Althaver, Robert Main, Leonard Cole, Jr., Michael Crawford. Second Row: Betty Sue McElhenie, Donna Tobey, Stanley Pflueger, Rozanne Randall, Bessie Rogers, Robert Selby, Susan Winter. Third Row: Jill Walbeck, Louise Casebeer, Betty Lou Mitchell, Karen Olds, Donna Herman, Joyce Thurston, Carol Dovey, Carla Sanford. Back Row: Hobart Marshall, Ross Walker, Reid Waffle, Carolyn Cant- well, Howard Olds, Stephen Miller, David Bailey, Mrs. Spoon (teacher). First Row: Merna Parrot, Richard Pileri, Kenneth Osborn, Mary Olds, Valerie Douglas. Second Row: Curtis Shaffer, Karen Blackwell, Janet Keller, Patti Ver-nor, Charleen Amsler, Susan Blackwell, Carol Tobey, Ruth Ann War-sop. Third Row: David Watkins, Robert Humeston, Laurence Feiler, Roger Houghton, Loren Scholfield, Linda Davis, Cheryl Hall, Lois Krieg, Ruth Ann Selby. Back Row: Jerry Long, Gerry Long, Dennis Dexter, Earl McFadden, Douglas Allen, Geraldine Cowles, Suzanne Myers, Richard Milliman, Mrs. Thompson (teacher).First Row: John Mitchell, Billie Crawford, Grove Katz, Phillip Kling amen, Larry Brott. Second Row: Eastman McFadden, David Mercer, Norbert Drust, Elaine Boyer, Virginia Parker, Janice Macky, Ronald Aldridge, Lynnda Watkins. Third Row: Vicki Waffle, Linda Lou Brownell, Mary Freds, Linda Case beer, Roxanna Wheaton, Betty Miller, Beverly Smith, Sherry Thome Kay Martinson. Back Row: Mrs. Sanderson (teacher), Bruce Thomet, Barry Walbeck, Easter Shephard, Carolyn Reinck% Edward Dovey, Kay Feiler, Mickey Humeston, Victory Fauss, James Stuart. First Row: Garry Cowles. William Burbank, Brent Cary, Robert Millard, Jackie Woodman, Michael Sholes, Keith Walbeck, Gene Beck, Charles Devenney, Leon Myers. Second Row: Judith Stuart, Charla Horabeck, Brenda Sholes Sandra Duck ett, Donna Selby Edith Klingaman, Hazel Tobey, Laurel Feiler, Ruth Ann Keller, Arlene Mitchell, Martha Bush. Third Row: Mrs. Humeston (teacher), Jimmy Russell, Duane Hunslcker, Leonard Reincke, Rodney Dovey, Richard Dovey, Larry Selgel, Larry Thomas, Larry Waffle, Larry Casey, Carol Fleming, Linda Cavinder, Pamela Brott. Back Row: Nancy Milliman, Ethel McFadden, Clifford Marshall, Elbert Marshall, Darrell Krieg. Judy Rogers, Stephanie Imhof, Ora Swiek, Roger Imhof. Eddie Goodwin (absent).ADVERTISING Here you see Advertising Manager Zon Shumway and his assistant Jean Thornton all smiles before starting out on one of their drives for ads for the annual. Through the splendid cooperation of the merchants and others named on the following pages, they were very successful and wish to say a hearty rtthank you” to all of these people. It is only through advertising that our school could afford a yearbook. At times while putting out this yearbook, the staff was ready to tear out their hair—as you can see by the picture. When they learned,however, they would be able to take a trip as a result of a successful project, they were already to go and started jumping in a school bus, happy that the 1955 INDIAN is finished. Mrs. Snyder had a big smile when THE INDIAN was completed.lt was hard work, but the staff did it willingly in their hope that the reader would enjoy it.ASHLEY FINER FLAVORED Dairy Products Good Luck, Seniors I Best Wishes from Compliments of MUSIC MART Mr. Mrs. Charles Wagner Coldwater, Michigan Local and Long Distance Moving Buildings Moved "Everything in Music" Tekonsha Phone 6803congratulations to the class off 1955 WOODLIN METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY EATON MANUFACTORING COMPANYSherwood's Drag Stan Fountain Drugs PRESCRIPTIONS ' xaQJL Gifts School Supplies Tekonsha Teeters Hardware PHONE 70 TEKONSHA Hardware Supplies for Farm and Home mm ABEL SON TEKONSHA, MICH. Est. 1906 Quality Meats We furnish the table complete. Prompt Delivery Mrs. Arthur Hill Tekonsha Phone 235 Compliments of Richard Vernor The MAIN Grocery Market Ambulance Service Tekonsha_________Phone 66_____Michigan PHONE S5 TEKONSHA James S. Gray REAL ESTATE BROKER Real Estate Insurance Surety Bonds 90S N. Main St Ph. 123 Tekonaha Michigan Hi-Way Auto Service 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE PHONE 246 TEKONSHA Next to Old’s Grocery 944 Main StreetJENKINS Standard Service —' JOHNSON’S HEATING SERVICE TEKONSHA HARDWARE Heating, eavestroughing Compliments of metal work GREEN'S HARDWARE Phone 1121 or 2V7 Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments of RANDALL'S CHICKEN PRODUCTS Tekonsha Tekonsha, Michigan Dairy Queen Congratulations to Class of 1955 K fOR TASTI •ttooom HUU" L. Shank, DAIRV QUEEN Proprietor »"» « BARBER SHOP SHOWERS TE—KON-GRILL Fousel Vothen, Props. MEALS • SHORT PRDERS • SANDWICHES • STANDARD SERVICE STATION OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY At the Intersection of US-27 end M-60 PHONE 171 Class A Truck Stop - Standard oil Products Complete Truck Lubricating Service Diesel Oil and Diesel FuelKEEP MARTINSON YOUR BUILDING SUPPLY DEALER TEKONSHA Lumber, Building Material, Coal and Fuel SQUAflCCOAL OEAL Congratulations to the Graduates ALTHAVER CHEVROLET, Inc. Telephone 22 TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN ''SMALL ENOUOH TO KNOW YOU-LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU" Congratulations, Graduates The First State Bank Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN Larry Miller, Harold Varner, Larry Kelly Your Tekonsha Standard Oil Distributors Complete Banking Service MITCHELL'S Plumbing and Appliance PHONE 175 TEKONSHA IS YOUR GUIDK TO QUALITY FUEL Tekonska Metal Works Congratulations to the Class of 55 Tekonsha Michigan Tekonsha Michigan BEN’S TAVERN MILKMAN'S Sales Service JEWELRY Furnishings for all the family "House of Diamonds" J. C. PENNY CO. Coldwater, Michigan Coldwater, Mich. A Modern Department Store Plenty of Free Parking Lots Diamond Rings Wedding Rings Fine Watches Ladys Fine Jewelry Mens Fine Jewelry Best Quality Silverplate Sterling Silver China Flatware Crystal Stemware Head Quarters for Homebuilders No money dovm-F.H.A. terms on home repairs One Board or a Trainload LEGG LUMBER CO. For value — beyond price -- shop at KIESS JEWELRY IN COLDWATER where customer satisfaction is the goal of every sale Coldwater Michigan COLDWATER MORRISSEY'S CO OPERATIVE CO. Girard Mill Your Purina Feed Store OWNED BY FARMERS IN BRANCH COUNTY HOME OF CO-OP MAID SEED - FEED AND FARM SUPPLIES Clover Seeds Grains P. 0. BOX U TELEPHONE NO. U 11 CO-OP SQUARE COLDWATER, MICH. Jfi. Compliments of Congratulations, Seniors! dtfne ebdoM COLDWATER BOWLING RECREATION iffiT Coldwater Michigan Congratulations, Seniors Do a good job after graduation, hold respect and honor your parents. Union City Phone 62 Michigan Meet Me At TRUDGEON1S Phone 3281 TEKONSHA FARMER'S CO-OPERATIVE CO. Dealers in Farm Products and Farm Supplies @ COOP Tekonsha Michigan Congratulations to the Class of 1955 To Seniors of 1955 THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT E.L. WAFFLE AGENCY Tekonsha, Michigan Dr. F. J. Chase Tekonsha Michigan Congratulations to the Class of '55 Complete food store BEATTY'S FOOD CENTER Tekonsha Michigan Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 Eleanor and Tom Randall OLDS GROCERY Tekonsha, Michigan QUALITY GROCERIES - MEATS - BEER - WINE - LIQUORS OLDS GRILL Fine Food Doug Olds, prop.HOWARD SMITH phone 492 OLIVER - QEHL - NEW IDEA Farm Implements Homer Michigan HOMER MONUMENTAL WORKS E. F. Face Homer, Michigan VJAL rf {And HOWLETT ALLEN Department Store Homer and Hudson, Michigan Quality Clothing for The Whole Family 1 Phone 1642 HOMER ANDREWS FARM SUPPLIES John Deere De Laval Phone 512 Jamesway HOMER Best Wishes to Graduates QUALITY CLEANERS FAMILY SERVICE OUR SPECIALTY Congratulations to the Class of 55 KARCHZN MARKET Homer Michigan Homer MichiganFor Water Heaters RONAN AND KUNZL, Ino. FABRICATINO ENOINCCRi • ION - OIVIIOOMIMT • TOOLINO • MANUfAOTU •HOOKS AIMMOMT HHONS 9S4S MARSHALL. MICHIGAN HIPUT DIVISION tOl ■ o. KALAMAZOO AVC. CHICHESTER SALES SERVICE Phone 4171 R.R. 1 Marshall, Michigan Compliments of MARSHALL BRASS CO. Marshall Michigan Marshall Lumber Co., Inc. 330 SOUTH KALAMAZOO AVENUE MarshaU, Michigan Phones: 3945 - 3946 cJ-fatj£.± dotnficmy Tool and Die Making Production Machining STEALY PERRINE IMPLEMENT CO. Allis-Chalmers Morton Farm Buildings 801 W HANOVER AT CHERRY ST. • TELEPHONE 5871 MARSHALL. MICHIGAN Phone 4971 500 South Kalamazoo Ave. Marshall, Michigan With Best Wishes for Success and Happiness to the Class of "55" THOMAS MARKET Burlington Phone B622 Michigan sGASOLINE MORANS SERVICE Groceries-Meats Shell Products Tekonsha Phone 3702 Burlington M60 Michigan 2 i MILK r   

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