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r u x F LIBBIS K fix N A XJ X XR xy wff, X if 'dag' ev" FOREWORD hope this book will be of in terest now, and of even great er value in the years to some As you look through the fol lowing pages, you will recall all those hours devoted t study and the many good times that were had at Tekonshal Cherish those memorable events for trey will never occur a gain Editor in Chief 30 ADD 3hU '!Y Aggigggntg Annabelle Feiler Zon Shu vay Advertising lansger . . . . Tom Kitchell Assistants Jack Clifton Howard Upston Photography Editor . . . .Jack Clifton Features . . . . . . . Marilyn Ayers Earlene Allen Gloria Vincent Adviser . . Irs. Snyder ,J Z J , 'O X N 7 'io W 1:1 3 kr 5 Q Annual 5 aff 572, ,fy ini! cl, 'FQ' -. if fs 4' JQQJ 'ft 1 jf "'NX 1.512-'. , f llc V' 1 ' 43 The 1954 Annual Staff hired Big Chief Photographer to come to the Tekonsha school. On the following pages you will find pictures of what goes on dur- ing a day in the life of the students. I' 0,5 'dx' ' " fflf' . file? 'ff' , fl Q91-14' -2 5 5 L' VII -N X y I Q' 7 s I 5. 'X " ' N 'Ls' l' -553 fe ugf i.1,ll'P Carl Shuluay, Presidentg Gale Watkins, Trusteeg Herbert Hall, Treasurerg Jack Houghton, Trusteeg Gene Snyder, Superintendentg Walter Mitchell, Secretary. The students never see this group in session. They meet in the evening to approve plans for making the school more efficient. Adm blkfraflbn SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Gene Snyder Master of Science in Ed catlon Bachelor of Arts Boa cl of fda affbn The Annual Staff would like to give special recognition to Mrs. Warwick for meritorious during the past 32 years in Tekonsha. She has an understanding of all the students and is willing to help them with their lesson, in whatever sub- ject it may be. Her sense of humor has taught students to realize that teachers are human too. 1 fuiulhg VIRGIL WEAVER Bachelor of Science Coach, Physical Education Shop, Social Science WAYNE FULTON Master of Science Bachelor of Science Agriculture, Science HARRIETTE MILLIHAN Bachelor of Science Home Economics Physical Education ROSE WARWICK Master of Arts Bachelor of Arts Principal Mathematics 4-L WILLIAM CULLEN Bachelor of Music Ed. Instrumental and Vocal Music WILLIAM LARSEN Master of Science Bachelor of Science Social Studies 8 JEANETTE SNYDER Master of Science in Ed Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science in Ed Business Education 7th English EUGENE STRAIT Bachelor of Arts Mathematics, Science, History 0 : V W . Auf. W A. .A K , 1.3 Q ij, LUCIA DANIELS Bachelor of Arts English PDJ1 'Where there's smoke, there's fire," they c1aim...and it is true. Big Chief Indian shot oft his gun end out popped the 1951+ graduates. 4-Q. .MZ fb UAQ, I ,if 5 X JUNIOR RUSSELL 'God bless the man who invented s1eep.' 'Mercury with his wings cl1pped.' Band l,2,33G1ee Club 2,53 F.F.A. 1. 1 f Adviser: Mr, strait Colors: Blue and gold Flower: White carnation tinted yellow Motto: TNever a dull moment.' i LYLE SANDERS 'A sound mind and a sound body.' 'The Einstein of math- emat1cs.' Baseball 1,2,43 Football 1,2,5,43 Basketball 13 Glee Club 5fC18SS Play 4. 954 GEORGE THOMAS 'All that I have learned I have forgotten, and all that I know I have guessed at.' 'Always murmuring like a babbling brook.' Football 1,2,5,4j Basket- ball l,2,:s,4g Baseball 1,21 Glee Club 2,53 T Clllb 3: MYRTLE TRAVES 'A jewel in sombre setting.' 'Silence is golden.' Glee Club 1,23 F.H.A. 2. HOWARD UPSTON 'Genius must be born and never can be made.' 'I am an enemy to long explanat1ons.' Football 13 Basketball 1, 2.5,-lg Baseball l,2,3,4: Band 1,23 Glee Club 53 T Club 33 Annual Staff 4. GLORIA VINCENT 'And then she met 1 man.' Her thoughts are where her hero is.' Basketball 1,23 Band 13 Class Play 3,43 F.H.A. 1, 2,3,43 Camera Club 23 Cheerleader 2,33 Annual Staff 4. I JO ANN SHUMWAY 'Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thought- ful of others.' 'Sensibility is the power of women.' Class Officer l,2,5g Band l,2,53 F.H.A. 1,2,3,43 Girls Basketball 1,23 D.A.R. Pilgrim 43 Annual Staff 4g Health Council l,2,5,4: Class Play 3,43 Student Council 1. Several honors have been conferred on Jo Ann Shum- way this year. Not only is she Valedlctorian with an A average for 4 years in high school, but also editor of the INDIAN. She was named D.A.R. Citizen by a vote of her class and the faculty. PAUL MORLEY 'A mind like a good hotel, open the year round.' 'Tersuasion tips his tongue everywhere he speaks.' Football l,2,3,4g Basket- ball l,2,3,4g Baseball l, 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,33 T Club 33 Canera Club 25 Class Officer 1,23 Class Play 3. Paul Morley ranks third in scholarship with a 2.9 average. flu 5 Ofh' e s TOM BAKER 'I'm proof against the word--failure.' 'Tacks in teacher's chair.' Class officer 1, 2, 3, Ag Student Council 23 Class Play 3,Lg Football 1 2,33 Basketball l,2,3,tg Base- ball l,2,3,ug T Club 3. GALE JENKINS 'Beware of a redheaded I0man.' 'The man that blushes is not quite a brute.' Class Officer 3,43 Class Play 3,43 Student Council 1,23 Health Council s,4g Band l,2,3,4g Football 1,2,5,4g Basketball l,2, 5,43 Baseball l,2,3,4. MARLENE ALLEN 'Has a mind of her own, but someone stole her heart.' 'lady Guinevere inspires young Ga1ahad.' Class Officer 1,43 Class Play 5,43 Girls Basket- ball 1,23 F.H.A. l,2,5,4: Annual Staff 4. R. B. OM0 'As hard to catch as a wa1ter's eye.' 'Men of few words are the best men.' Baseball 1,23 Class Play 4gBand l,2,3,4g T Club 33 Basketball l,2,3,4g Foot- ball 2,3,4g Class Officer l,2,5,4. R.B. Omo has the honor of being Salutatorian of his class with a B average. President Treasurer Secretary Cla s Will We the class of '54, presumably of a sound mind and trained mem cries, have trod the halls of the Tekonsha High School for four years and realizing that another group will take our place to make their bid for fame as we did, do individually make the following bequests Marlene Allen, will my ways with the Cops to Shirley Clark Marilyn Ayers, will my short hair to Judy Clifton Tom Baker, will my ability to play basketball to Zon Shum way Don Boley, will my appreciation of Tekonsba High School to some unhappy Junior Jack Clifton, will my Mexican Senioretasfhot tamales to you! to Jim Johnston Gale Jenkins, will my dancing feet to Donna Johnson David McAtee, will m shooting ability and worn out cast to Mary Ellen Clark Tom Mitchell, will my life insurance to anyone who has the courage to ride with me Paul Morley, will my ability to entertain the girls in book keeping next year R B Omo, will the job of class treasurer for four years to anyone who has patience to make the books balance Jerry Posey, will my manners and quiet ways to Frank Thomas Junior Russell, will my ability to sleep in class to Zon Shumway Lyle Sanders, will my ability to confuse the teachers with my penmanship to Lynne Hartlnson Jo Ann Shumway, will my way with teachers to Joe Weaver George Thomas, will my John Deere tractor to Franklin Kling aman, who PI'0f01'B Farmalls lyrtle Traves, will my ability to keep out of class argu ments to Margie Boley Howard Upston, will my height to Ben Benson Gloria Vincent, will my ability to go steady to Sonya Rum mel We, the Senior Class of 1954, hereby set our seal to this, our last will and testament WITNESSES 0 0 I, . I, . I, ' - I, I I, I, . In Y I. I, - keeping class to anyone who has the courage to take book- I, . . . I, . I, I. I, . I, - I, ' I, . I, - 'N ble to catch a glimpse of the derclassmen at play They re yearning for the day when hey can make an advancement. Big Chief Photographer was a un . a b V-'-Qilxw 1 N ,, This is the little red school house where the juniors will reign next year. Good luck! Jumbr 5 E First Row: Carrol Michael, Coral Ann Doolittle, Donna Johnson,Cynth1a Groholskl, Ka Blackwell Son a R mmel Y Y ll - Second Row: Mrs. Milliman CAdv1serJ,,Madilyn Thomas, Marda Lou Clark, Jim Johnston, Sylvia Duckett, Jean Thornton. Back Row: Marilyn Horn, Albert Bercaw, Zon Shumway, Jack Boley, Noel Adams, Jim Wood, Franklin Klingaman. Not shown: Annabelle Feiler, Mary Clark Class Officers Annabelle Feiler, President Jim Wood, Vice President Kay Blackwell, Treasurer Cynthia Groholski, Secre CLASS OFFICERS So fzomores I lx lv Yi Ga 'V-JJ 3 Irlqn 2 ' Q .-N Q-v MXN G X' Y.. - . J 3 X eds, Q1-sig,-4 H .. - ..----- -,.- f, X 'Not -Q E'- Kif 15 E Q, ' gd George Morley, Treasurer, Shirley Clark, Vice Presidentgllelba K1ingaman,R6P0Pt01'I Lynne Martinson,Secretaryg Benny Benson, President. The sophomores are defined as 'having an inflated opinion oi' themselves." Having been here one whole year previously they feel there is nothing more to be learned. Y Fire t Row z Second Row: Third Row: Back Row: Helen Hemm, George Harley Haney Beck,-Elaine Davis, Har- ilyn Keefer, Diane lokwen, inn Newman. Hrs. Snyder Udviserl, Betty Cole, Leona loochan, Shirley Clark, Benny Benson, Gerald Cox, Donald Sinclair, Ernest King. Betty Bercaw, Marjorie Boley, Ken Comb, Alvin M1l1er,Roger Johnson, Glen Goheen, Sonja Taylor, Jean Clifton. Jokm Cunnan, Howard Briegel, Jerry Craig, Joan Sn1th,Lynne lartinson, Coreles Johnson, Uelbe Klinglmen, lary Lou Be- lote, Iyla Ossenheinere Freshmen fifff The green freshmen are still quiet and bashful in the pre- sence ot the upperclassmen. CLASS OFFICERS But the day will come, when they will nom the big stick. Lamar Hunsieker President, Ambrose Diamond, Vice Presidentg Beverly Russell, Secretary, Jean Wood, Treasurer, M . Fulton, Adviser. 0 'fupy First Row Glenna Michael, Mary Lou Bercaw, Beverly Russell, Norman Teeters, Kenneth Davis, Gary Freds, Charlene Imhof, Jerry King Jerry Thurston Second Row Mr Fulton CAdv1ser7,Judy Cl1fton,Jean Wood, Alice Baker, Judy Mart1nson,Janet Horn, Lois Sanders, Lamar Hunsicker, Esther Thomas, Lynette Nowlcki, Faith Klingaman, Laura Wilkerson Back Row: Donald Shaffer, Kenneth Saxman, Jerry Thornton, Ambrose Diamond, Gary Blackwell, Judson Mack, Morgan Morgan, Jim Devenney, Gary Reimer. 6 ade8 First Row: Second Row: Back Row David Woodman, Jerry Osborn, Terry Thomet, Howard Randall, David Vernor, Elaine Posey, Alida Amsler, Rita liescholek Mr Weaver CAdv1serJ, Janet Siick, Curgie Marshall, Janice Tobey, Gladys Kraus, Geraldine Smith, Mary Goodman, Sylvia Mack, Norman Alldaffer Wilfred Cole, Leland Smith, Ray Richardson, Donald Bailey, Larry Morgan, Grant Cary, Donald Pfleuger First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Back Row: Kenneth Davis, Frank Thomas Larry Casebeer, Kenneth McLaughlin, Charles Renfrew, keith Blowers, Joe Weaver, Terr? Fleming . Mr. arson lAdviser1, Janes Warner Urshula Johnston Ann Cavinder, Judy Shank Joyce Lette, Elaine Sanders, Charles Keller, Gary Keifer, David Pell. Marilyn Doolittle, Shirley Miller Shirley Cole Doris Pflueger, Karen Pratleg, Delores Blower, Frank Cowles, John erman, Clarence pston. Darlene Krieg, Ina Cole, Hazel Morris, Hannah Milliman, Jerry Letts, Jack Combs, Chris Katz, Wade Adams, Louis Duckett, Jerry Johnson. J , Vw. M I, .Q , N: Q ' oe, 5- I f --M. , f. 6 it I S, s -. O Q 0 I I O Jo Big Chief Photographer snaps INDIANS in action I I df- 6469 ada 95 Q SSQSQ Qepp ea vox ' 50 fX vb BX CHEERLEADERS Cleft to rightl Judy Clifton, ladilyn Thomas, largio Boley, Helba Klingaman. . .X X M f f 0 x V 9 A 9' , YQXQ Se vbxximco, O 1 3 9 . as U O K Girls Ba kefball First Row Betty Bercaw Elaine Davis, Shirley Clark, Nancy Beck, Ann Newman, Jean Clifton Second Row Mrs Milliman KCoachl, Sonya Rummell, Mary Clark,Marjorie Boley, Cynthia Groholski, Helen Herman Back Row Madilyn Thomas, Jean Thornton, Sylv1a Duckett, Mary Lou Belote, Melba Klingaman, Lynne Martinson ffl!! First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Back Row: Betty Cole, Leona Woodman, Jo Ann Shumway Marjorie Boley, Shirley Clark Elaine Davis, Jean Clifton, Ann Newman, Nancy Beck, beverly Russell. Mrs. Milliman KChapter Adviserl, Glenna Michael, Mar- lene Allen, Kay Blackwell, Cynthla Groholski, Alice Baker, Charlene Imhoff,Mary Clark, Jean Thorton, Donna Johnson, Helen Herman, Coral Ann Doolittle, Marilyn Keefer. Jean Wood, Lois Sanders Esther Thomas, Janet Horn, Judy Martinson, Judy Clifton, Sonya Rummel, Madilvn Thomas, Gloria Vincent. Marilyn Horn, Lynne Martinson, Coralea Johnston, Melba Klingaman, Laura Wilkerson,Marda Clark,5ylvia Duckett, Lynette Nowicki, Marilyn Ayers, Faith Klingaman. O My V,V,-L 7 V, rdyamvmmff fe . . L, V I 0 0 I Ad Band First Row Joyce Lette, Janet Swick, Zon Shumway, Sonja Taylor, Esther Thomas, Coral Ann Doolittle Second Row Hannah Milliman, Lynette Nowicki, Chris Katz, Lynne Martin son, Janet Horn, Geraldine Smith, Jerry Thornton Third Row Lamar Hunsicker, Mary Lou Belote, Jean Thornton, Lois San gets Annabelle Feiler, Gary Reimer, Judy Martinson, Gale enk ns Back Row Nancy Beck, Ann Newman, Jerry Letts Don Boley, Jim Wood, Kay Blackwell, Ambrose Diamond R Omo Helen Herman, Jean Clifton, Charlene Imhoff, Cullen Director! 67 e flab Pirat Row: All Newman Diane lcEwen, larilyn Reefer, Glenna liehaela, Elaine Da e, Nancy Beck, Beverly Ruaeell Second Roe: lr Cullen Cblrectorl, Leona Yoodma , Betty Cole, Alice Baker, Cynthia Groholeki, Charlene Inhoft,J'udy Clifton, Jean Cllftmn Back Roig Sonja Taylor, Jean Ioed, Faith Klingnen lerilyn Hams Cor alea Johnson, larda Lou Clark, Laura Ylliereen, Iyla aeen heimer . 1 . ar. 'E' 1 . , gy fr ' ,Q Y W - , f vi . actful nergetic ind bedient eat incere oneet dorable ociable ulet nique ttractive iae Marilyn Ayers Kay Blackwell Margie Boley Annabelle Feiler Jo Ann Shumway Jean Clifton Judy Clifton Annabelle Feiler Marlene Allen Kay Blackwell Myrtle Travee Judy Clifton Marlene Allen Jo Ann Shumway actful nergetic ind bedient eat incere onest thletio lever umorous ntelllgent nthueiastic earleae CBCD N-ulTTTX A01 WTHUT' CDC Q7 0 WW GK M Lgrbiny .1512 'LGS Gale Jenkins Gale Jenkins Gale Jenkins Zon Shumway Jack Clifton Jim Wood Gale Jenkins Gale Jenkins Jack Clifton Jack Clifton Zon Shumway Ben Benson Tom Baker Gale Jenkins AXXXXX l!'il"mi' W W il x T E K 0 N S H A C H I E Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. D60 0 Dec e Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr e Apr s Hay May May May May .S'6'lI00l Cdl ffl R The Beginning fof school?J No school...Band labored at the State Fair. New Cheerleaders chosen. The cocky Sophomores initiate the meek Freshmen. Assembly Program by an ex-prisoner. M.E.A. Meeting. No school. Band went to the Western Michigan Band Day. Their TV debut. Advanced Typing Class gave an Assembly Program. Pep Rally and Snake Dance at the field for the St. Charles game. Senior pictures taken. F.H.A. Hard Time Dance. Juniors received their new class rings. F.H.A. installed officers. Halloween Carnival. Big Chief Photographer took pictures for annual. Senior Play, ALONG CAME CHARLIE. KCharl1e almost d1dn't make it. He shot his toe!J A welcome as well as a thankful Thanksgiving. Christmas Band Concert. Elementary School gave Christmas Program. Whoopee! The snow is driftingg out at 2:50. Class Christmas parties. School out at noon. Santa must now put up with us. School reopened. Back to burning the midnight oil. Superintendent Snyder moved to new office. Out at 1:30. Ouch! Semester Exams. Semester Exams. Out at noon. No school. The faculty is found busily correcting our first semester's efforts at grasping a lit- tle knowledge. District Solo and Ensemble Festival at Kalamazoo. All Star Band at Niles. Band and Orchestra District Festival at Kalamazoo. Delegates attend State F.H.A. Convention. Operetta, GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS. Seniors sponsor Chicken Supper. Junior Play. Out at noon for Easter vacation. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, don your finest duds. It is the annual Sophomore Spring Swingin Junior-Senior Prom. Baccalaureate at Union Church. Com encement--that long awaited day. Address by Dr. Whitehead, President of Albion College. The END lof school!! Seniors start on trip to Mackinaw Island. .Yen br C7455 Play The stage was set for a western dude ranch as the curtains opened on Friday night, November 20, to find the seniors performing on the stage for the last time in their high school career. During an hour's time the seniors were made to appear as adults with the use of stage make up,beards, wigs, and old clothes. The three-act play was filled with laughter and excitement from start to finish. The play involved nearly all the guests and hired help at the ranch in a deal about gold and prop- erty. As the title suggested, Old Charlie came along to settle the whole thing. Old Charlie's appearance on crutches was accidental, but gave added effect to the part. Tall and slender Buck Rainey and Pete Williams were typical cowboys. The highlight of the first act came as Gail Marshall played up to bashful Pete just to get some information about a piece of land. The first act ended as Buck hit Bard Bart- lett on the jaw for slapping Jane Russell. Rocky Williams nearly had a baked potato stuffed down his throat for teasing his brother about Gail. Allen Mitchell, Bard and Gail got Mr. Nibley to sign papers for the land, but they were forced to leave hen Charlie proved them wrong. Jane and Buck showed a liking for each other as the curtain closed on the last act. Between the first and second acts, Marilyn Horn sang two songs, accompanied at the piano by Anna- belle Feiler. After the second act, play director M Strait was resented a gift Then Don Boley by Sonja Taylor ALONG CAME CHARLIE r. p . played a sousaphone solo, accompanied at the piano xx5Ullf"' 'E 1 3 0 f 3-121. E :V g yr N rf' ,. A Cast Rocky Williams, Ma's son . . Ha Williams, owner of ranch . Jane Russell, Ma's niece . . Old Charlie, prospeoter . . . Buck Rainey, manager of ranch Gail Marshall, crook .... Bard Bartlett, gangster . . Pete Williams, Ma's son . Mr. Nibley, financier . . Allen Mitchell, crook . . . . .Don Boley Jo Ann Shumway Gloria Vincent .David UcAtee .Gale Jenkins ,Marlene Allen . . Tom Baker . . R.B. Omo .Lyle Sanders .Tom Mitchell Our The secretary is the man behind the scenes, whose book- keeping and correspondence makes an efficient school. elpers These cooks give the noon hour a homelike atmosphere, providing good hot meals for the students. They till mom's shoes perfectly. SECRETARY T0 THE SUPERINTENDENT Arthur King The day begins after these men have spent many hours in cleaning the school building and then swing open the doors to let students enter. gy A COOKS Mrs. Leatherburyg Mrs. Letts lSupervisorJ These bus drivers have a lot of atience with the stu L as CUSTODIANS bred Letts C0ymJg John Phelps CE1ementary Schoollg Ora Swick lH1gh Schoolj. P - dents that ride the bus. They make their routes in all kinds of weather. N T BUS DRIVERS Standing: Fred Lette KSuperv1sorJg Carl Mitchell: Warren Humeston: Arthur Saxman. Kneeling: Ora Swickg Melvin Blackwell Howard Swick. SPE rs Big Chief Photographer at- tended some athletic contests at Tekonsha. He snapped some pictures of the teams as they were playing their best to win 2 ' oofball Team . L, N1 l First Row 1 X ,, fe afx e e Vina.- Jerry Posey, Lyle Sanders Paul Morley, Gale Jenkins, David McAtee, George Thomas, R B Omo, r Second Row lAsst Coachl Mr Cullen, Norman Teeters, Jerry Thornton, Jud Mack Gary Reimer, Benny Benson, George Morley, CCoachl Mr Weaver Don Shaffer, Roger Johnson,Morgan Morgan, Jim Johnston, Gary Black well, Jack Boley, Jim Devenney, Albert Bercaw Back Row This season was Tekonsha's first experience playing eleven man foot ball in ten years Due to inadequate lighting facilities, all the games were played on the opponent's field Hopes were high with eleven returning lettermen, but the opponent always seemed to have the advantage Tekonsha's efforts resulted in broken limbs for some of the boys As the season progressed, the team showed added improvement The scores of the St Charles and Bellevue games showed this The game with Bellevue was probably the best game The Indians were leading by one point all the way, then Bellevue made another touchdown to win the game Mr Cullen assisted Mr Weaver with the coaching Co captains were Gale Jenkins and Jack Boley As this annual goes to press, the local Lions Club has undertaken the project of raising money for the extra lights Next year, fans will be able to see the team on the home field Fr Fr Sat Mon Date Sept Sept Oct Cc Cc Oppone Centerville Comstock Addison St Charles Bellevue They : I O , nt Hg Fri. . 18 O 12 1. . 25 0 83 1. . 2 19 46 . t. 17 . 13 21 . t . as 13 18 Ba kefball Team First Row Second Row Back Row Kenneth Davis, George orley, Worman Teeters, Ben Benson, Kenneth Saxman, Lamar Hunsicker,Gary Reiner, Don Shafrer, arnest King liana erl Mr Weaver KCoach , George Thomas, Ambrose Diamovd, R B Omo, Gale Jenkins, Howarl Upston,Jud Mack, Morg n Morgan Jack Bolev, Paul Morley, Roger Johnson, Gary Blackwell, Albert Bercaw, Kenneth Combs, Franklin Klinganan, Alvin Mlller, Tom Baker Twenty six boys reported for the first basketball practice this eason, including tke six returning lettermen The starting lineup for the varsity was usually composed of senior boys The reserves have some promising young athletes for next year's team The Tekonska boys seemed to play basketball as well, if not better than tre opponent in eact game The height of many players was an aidlng factor for the victories The teams were always backed by the local townspeople and students Giving added inspiration to the teams were the cheers led by the four CY66Pl68Q6TS The cheerleaders appeared in new outfits of red corduroy skirts and white blouses for the basketball season Gale Jenkins, a senior who has played basketball for foar years,was chosen caotain of tmls year's basketball team As this annual went to press all the games had not been played Coach Weaver announced that the tournament games would be played tle first week in March Dec Dec Dec an an Jan an Jan Fe Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 26 Mendon Centerville St Charles Spring Arbor Coldwater Reserves St Charles Camden Climax Potterville Sunfield Camden Waldron Sunfield Pottervile Climax There Here There Here Here Here There There Here Here Here There There There Here Athletic Banquet May 17 ! A N , s 4 28 Date Opponent Place Hg They They . 1 49 59 21 36 . 4 . V 64 40 R 27 47 0 8 0 8 Q -1- -- Dec . 15 I, 56 85 3 ... ..- J . 7 , S 64 42 e 32 31 J . 15 . 1 33 45 r 34 26 . 22 . t 30 52 V 20 50 J . 26 y 53 54 9 26 57 e 29 I-. 1- S .T -1 b, 2 - -- -' - . 5 V - -r - - . 12 -. - - - . 16 - - -, - . 19 . -- - - - as Standing: Mrs. Sizeland Mrs. Humeston Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Sanderson Ukcting Supervisor D Seated: Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Omo Mrs. Sizelsnd Mrs. Spoon I I v .95 M .1.- fy. sig, 1 Vaxywh ' v The pride and joy of Tekonsha is the new elementary school. The dream of Tekonsha citizens and students became s reality on March 16,1952, when the building was dedicated, although the grades had moved into the build- ing in February. 0 First Row Second Row Third Row Back Row of Fred Kraus, Tommy Upston, Robert Sholes, Stanley Beatty, Jerry Horn, Phillip Smith, De Veil Rogers Kathleen Cowles, Joyce Wilson, Karen Morley, Marcella Granger, Eleanor Posey, Beverly Pflueger, Bonnie Mc Elhennie, Linda Houvener, Jo Ann Cole, Charles Lette Barbara Freda, Elaine Sanders, Fred Boley, Mary Louise McFadden, David Herman, Dyltha Share, David Katz, Russell Long, Mrs. Spoon Kteacherl Jerome Nowicki, Worth Scholf1eld,Kathleen Feiler, ZOn81d8 Clark, Dianne Cav1nder,Mary Ellen Moore, Stella Marshall, Jack Thurston, Larry Granger, Dennis Johnson. First Row: Second Row: Back Row: Virginia Parker, Larry Brott, Vicki Waffle, Eastman Mc- Fadden, Janice Mackey, Linda Casebeer, Mary Freda, Grove Katz, Victory Fausz. Mrs. Sanderson Kteacherl, Linda Brownell, John Mitchell, Phillip Klingaman, Kay Martinson, Smith, Betty Miller, Bruce Thomet, Buddy Selby, Micky Humeston, Fred Carolyn Reincke, Darrell Krieg, Marshall, Edward Dovey. Lynnda Watkins, Beverly James Stuart. Moore, Easter Shepherd, Barry Walbeck, Albert V . r '. ! . f ' v A . , . , ' 5 6 , - 3 I x ' -. ' 4, A X , I XQ 1 fl as I i Q I . " :J '- J 3 , ag, X i A 5 in I I-P , I F I U . U : , - I . . C 2 . , V N 1 ' 3 Vx . First Row Keith Walbeck, Donna Selby, RaeJean McLaughlin, Bobby M11 lard, Cary Cowles, Ruthann Keller, Virginia Saxman Second Row Martha Bush, Ronald Ahdridge, Brent Cary, Larry Waffle, David Mercer, Brenda Sholes, Leon Myers Back Row Sherry Thomet, Diane Smith, Stephanie Imhof, Kay Feiler, 1. Richard Dovey, Leo Bercaw, Ethel McFadden, Mrs. Humeston fteacherl l First Row: Second Row Back Row: Pamela Brott,Jud1th Stuart,Jack1e Woodman, Vlolettie Morey, Arleen Mitchell, Sandra Duckett,Charla Hbrnbeck, Gene Beck, Laurel Feiler. Ora Swick, Tommy Clark, Carol Flem1ng,M1chael Sholes, Hazel Tobey, Jimmy Russell, Edith Klingaman, James Weller, Duane Hhnsicker, Mrs. Sizeland Kteacherl. Charles Devenney, Linda Cavinder, Rodney Dovey, Nancy M11- liman, Larry Thomas, Howard O1ds,Larry Casey,Leonard Rein- oke, Clifford Marshall, Larry Siegel, Roger Imhof. 5 ' Q O M l I . 4, g ' , . e A. S 5 :.' ,. I 1 A, Q 1, 3 :ia Av" it 'V : - I . - ' s O C 4 I . . - o 1 Flrst Row Second Row Back Row KX Jane Fausz Stanley Pflueger Betty Sue Mc Donna Tobey, Elhenie, Rozanne Randall Ronnle McLaughl1n, Merna Par rott, Earl McFadden Donna Herman, Joyce Thurston, Lo1s Krieg, Robert Selby, Dennis Dexter, Louise Casebeer, Geraldlne Cowles, Karen Olds, Susan W1nter, Carol Dovey Mrs Johnson Cteacherl, Reld Waffle, Betty Lou Mitchell, Daryl Althaver, Leonard Cole Jr Robert Maln, Jill Wal beck, Carla oanford,Ross Walker, r1c Pell, Steve Mlller Alk First Row: Second Row: Back Row: Cheryl Hall, Susan Foster, Valerie Douglas Kenneth Os- born, Barney Brauker, Mary Olds, Rickey pl18P1, Curtis Shaffer, Paul Parrott, Marsha Stoudt. Kelth Re1ncke, John Thurston, Janet Keller, Susan Black- well, Charleen Amsler, Valerine Morey, Ruth Ann Selby, Pattl Ann Vernor, Douglas Allen, Nancy Smith, Benny Bur- bank. Mrs. Omo Cteacherl, Carol Tobey, Laurence Feiler, Linda Dav1s, Suzanne Myers, Bobby Humeston, Loren Scholfield, Karen Blackwell, Roger Houghton, Gerry Long, Jerry Long, R1chard Milliman. r- - 5 K , 1,1 'X Q V f 1 ' l v x ff A ' - , - Q 0 sl K , - O . O I . QE ' I l 4. A1 Steven Senker, Gwynne Dexter, Billy Beatty, Pamela Main, Judy Fleming, Nancy Casebeer, Sandra Wells, Charles Dis- brow, Buddy Foster. Earl Weller, Bonnie Tobey, Gary Davis, David Hasty, Hurl Dyer, Kathleen Millard, Bobby Copeland, Evelyn Cole, Bev- erlen Peck. Terry Lee Rogers, Larry Lloyd, Carol Hornbeck, Sharon Rainey, Kenneth Thornton, Michael Bowling, Larry Smith, Stephen Cavinder, Janice Sanford, Andrea Althaver, Ste- phen Hawkins, Mrs. Anderson Cteacherl. Arnie Weller, Patty Potter. safety patrol These students are learning t assume responsibilities through the safety patrol pro- gram They are on duty in all kinds of weather. tinson, Marcella Granger Back Row: Russell Lon lL1eutenantJ Jerry Horn Captain! D0 Veil Rogers, Bonnie McElhen1e, Elaine sander, Front Row: Russell Long, Jerry Horn, Lynnda Watkins, Kay Mar' s Ronnie Aldridge, John Mitchell, Grove Katz, Jame Stuart, Worth Scholtield, Larry Brott. First Row Penny Drudge, Sally Kay Daniels, sharon Mitchell, Sherrie Patten, Mary Parrott, Conrad Voshen, Karlen Kraushaar Second Row Johnny Sanford, Phllip Shaffer, Paulette Olds, Patty Millard, Johnny Weimer, Donald Selby, Sue Shafe, Loren Green Back Row Billy Evers, Jimmy Upston Gwyn Randall, Nancy Hill, Dickie Leatherbury, Jerry ghedd, Mrs Siaeland lteacherl First Row: Larry McLaughlin, Mary Herman, June Berry, Emily Weller, Anita Cornish, Billy Feusz. Second Row: Roger Lloyd, Ronnie Amsler, Stanley Davis, Eddie Shumway, Rex Krieg, Douglas Van Valkenburg. Back Row: Billy Hagley, Ronnie Reincke, Leo Herman, Buddy Rogers, Petie Maczik, Marilyn Mackey, Priscilla Conley, Mre.S1ze- land Cteacherl. cu V 'fe - .. VKA . '5 f s 'Q . . . . . Q . . O . . , ' - . ,wear , A Q I ADVERTISEMENTS TEKONSHA FARMER'S CO-OPERATIVE CO. M. 8 M. SUSGKE Dealers in Farm Products and Farm Supplies Hardware, Furniture and Floor Covering KS! Q V x tl.. We ' 50111915 Tekonsha, Phone 1752 1 Michigan Phone 62 Michigan The photo editor Jack Clifton was having a pow-wow in Florida F when the annual pictures were taken. Back in Tekonsha he is a typical Indian. 49 'If you want a job done well, ask a busy person to do lt." That person is Annabelle Feiler, an assistant editor who also finds time for music and class activities. The staff photo- grapher snapped our efficient and capa- ble editor as she was dashing around ff -. for annual news. vi! It was the aim of the staff this year to give you, the subscribers, a better, bigger yearbook. Much hard work and time was given by all members of the staff as well as our adviser, Mrs. Snyder. If you get some enjoyment from looking through this book, we shall feel that our goal has been reached. Have you been wondering who the Big Chief Photographer was? Well, here he is, Mr. R. G. Sutula from Indiana,w1th Supt, Snyder. The smiles on our adviser's face indicates how pleased she was when the annual was com- pleted. Her many helpful ideas I made the annual a success. TYHFG Q .1-2' 30 do 50 --li I F, C' l -Qg,,, 1 Phone 175 Tekonsha, Michigan Phone 4531 Union City, Michigan AUTMORIIED DiALEl Mnfcllells Your friendly Dri Gas Dealer N il Everything for the home in as heating, cooking and water heating Run your tractors on x DP1 G88 See the new Maytag twine Automatic Washer an Dryer Z"- Compliments HOMER MONUMENTAL WORKS E F Face Homer, Michigan Tom Mitchell, Big Chief Advertising Manager along with the rest of the Annual Quan wunea to thank all the advertisers or making this yearbook Qu T P possible AND SERVHCQ' l -i g -if VY - - of - f COMPLIM NTS OF MANUFACTURI CQMPANY Pump Division MARSHALL MICHIGAN Phone 22 Tekonsh Michigan f -lQlMrn- ALTHAVER CHEVROLET INC 'Small Enough to Know You Large Enough to Serve Youv Congratulations to the Class of '54 We Never Close PHONE 171 TE KOH GRILL SHOWERS Jct U S 27 and M60 BARBER SHOP TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN Regular Meals Sandwiches Short Orders A Class A Truck Sto Standard Oil Products Complete Truck ubricating Service A N D Diesel Oil and Diesel Fuel Foueel and Yoshen, Proprietors NIGHT E T 0 E- ' KEEP 8c MARTINSON and Coal L G I O . " I I IR Lumber, Building Material R . I on Tekonsha, Michigan A snuanscnnnnenl OHN DE ANDREWS FARM SUPPLIES INC ounurv nam D eouwmsnr 0 Haw John Deere De Laval Jamesway Mb I Phone 512 6 Homer , Michigan 0uc.1 TEKONSHA LIVESTOCK CO Phone 149 or 222 Tekonsha, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of 54 lLl.lMAN'S Sales and Service VXA? ll'-ENVI In i EWRYTHING Fon frm: oAR ac Pom: X 600D EAI! ll I Phone 99 Tekonsha, Michigan .. ' L , . . I Q, 5 E YNF YHACF FIVAWQ og QUXUTY HAI! FANCXIS BY 60ODlMPLI'1U4TS I v-"' S av 11 fs 2 'w 0 9 I I A O --i 'S T.1k--.ZA , r. I M rw K 0 X G DT: ' ,S .l.. 3 rH V 1 R 1,1 ru: ll Arzsr NAME IN lullcn Production 1,X x WWF' E ' MID STATE MACHINE k TOOL Marshall, Michigan Dies Jigs Fixtures Machlning WP fnmw' 1 n K+ W 322. OLDS GROCERY Congratulations and Best Wishes OLDS HILL Tekonsha liwxxx X for Future Success R I cups QQQ73 Michigan Tekonsha g STAN DARD Compliments of Larry Miller, Harold Varner, Larry Kelly Your Standard 011 Distributors Michigan eip Compliments to Class of 54 Q 1 is ww ASHLEY DAIRY gfxbt uni Battle Creek, Michf-Sim I dw from ggvlnmp .,'f'f N .... - CO. Q l Khkhunu WMS N Ill I' Q 1315: . ini. sxxx N 414' f x 3 .Si nun CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Jiffgg ' NOSE -XT ROA? DR CHASE 22221 S LIVER t STOMA N Tekonsha Michigan N N335 KIDNEYS BOWILS APPENOIX suooen Sm! C n www um Compliments Tekonsha of Michigan Richard Vernor i- IACJFYTLIAJTY kia' RC' THURSTONS TRACTOR SALES 203 SOUTH MAIN PHONE 97 TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN Congratulations Class of 54 To Seniors of 1954 TH FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT E L WAFFLE AGENCY Tekonsha, Michigan Elmer Abel Don Abel t 1 I Est 1906 Quality Meats NMS We furnish NAS! the table complete Tekonsha, Michigan TEETERS SERVICE Hardware Supplies for Farm and Home fliiiEF3Bm 'Elmtmm WALL fllllll IIRACLI Q Tekonsha Phone 70 Michigan gil BRN ,A stones V4 Momma smvrcs Qggt with Best Wishes for Groceries Meats Success and Happiness Shell product, to the Class of n54 'rnoums MARKET Tekonsha Phone avoz Burlington Phone 8622 Michigan Burlington M60 Michigan , 554. P ,s E 1 . 45 -- P ABEL as soN ' A-A W S 1 A . rm , , A lk of-gf W jf, HARDWARE Compliments of GREFW'S FARDUARE Tekonaha, Michigan For Water Heaters H Inc. K mcnnag 4,-TQ W1 W QM?-IM4 U 3 'M Congr tulations to Class of IAIN GUOCVHY A MARKET Tekonsha, Michigan 1954 Compliments of RANDALL'S CHICKEN PRODUCTS Tekonsha, Michigan Congratulations to Class of 1954 MORRISSVV'S irard M111 Your Purina Feed Store over Seeds Q Grains "i'- 'llama ROWS .Ill 'Q THE excll DRUG STORE SHERWOOD' S DRUG QTORW' Prescriptions Drugs gp Gifts onucs School Supplies Fountain Wekonsha, Micnlgan Congratulations to the Class of '54 JIM GRAY Congratulations to the Class 0 N. f 'bf S W BEAT'I'Y'S TEKONSHA S g Foon csnfmm 'YHIYT Tekonsha REALUY -" I Michigan msummce -S h ' , 110 'f may 5 n 4 I .hs JL 1. 1 ' io 'AF,gm 4 4'l 2 'TT j'f?"' 'A , ' ' - . 4- .4.!u,L,y.- ., ..: -- -a wr ,C N , W , d.'+ Q,f e'F , , -' 4: A .h .fx ra WH."Yg, 1 J A A ,':0.r:. .' ',' - . 4a.e 4' ,wg .Vs I 4 Bi' 04. Q. 84 . 1 1' M ..4 A A I J .Jn L1 L n . .Y to Cl -f Q I ' , I l . .C ' 1 QQ! . ' N' 'J' sq- - :ir - v . f '54 FIBT STATE BANK QUSURAN 1. O9 . egg Congratulations to the Class of 54 5 f TEKONSHA METAL WORKS .. 3 2 DEEP G S I T S 2 'rekonsua Michigan ASPRovvosoaNrnf snmcmo ACT OF nan Tekonsha , Mlchigan Coleman OIL HEATERS Tekonsha Michi 8811 Ou Congr BEN ' S TAVFRN Ar 'A E Beer- and wine In or Out a ulations to the 'Wiz Class of 54 M S RVICE B JENTKIN'S STANDARD SERVICE STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Phone '75 Tekonena Michigan I 'f ATLAS " TIRES X I? Q 'I 9 Q . N x .G A ' W 3 "ofa A D , fu 5' ' X' .f ' K Y -K 21' . .. . 'x gf 74 1 - H AS D! N , I k. Congratulations Seniors e. good Job after graduation, hold respect and honor your parents BFLAY MO OR SALWS PRESCRIP-I-'ONS Ford Sales 8: Service 4-'Ng A Friendly Drug Store Phone 9591 Ieet Me At TRUDG1'ON'S Union City Pk one 5281 Michigan Uni on C1 ty Mich igan I f Ill , IVIII CHFHFSTER SALT? Sr SERVICE Tfhone 4171 fi R fl Marshall, Michigan Marshall Lumber Co , Inc 330 soU'rH xALAMAzoo AVENUE Marshall Mzchlgcm Phones 39l+5 39l+6 f' -2 C : 1 One Board ora Tramload MAPLE CITY AUTO CO WS www! SfRV'Cf Market Place ALBION MICHIGAN Phone 3936 91" oklgs Ulf!! Q fe SEB ALBION MOTOR SALES CO Ford 8a Mercury Sales 8: Services Albion, Michigan Phone 3969 ALBI ON HARDWARE 315 S Superior Street Dial 4192 Harry Snyder Jam 'Where Quality and Value Meet' l.lAI.lTy oo AN D oo SERVIGY BOB VANIMAN BUICK CO 09 FTF' 848 M-:Noon Aww' W MARSHALL MICHIGAN Telephone 4171 Do m 4 'ss , 'I I nl 1 - 1 m........ U J 1-at I "'-fi-.,-53' ' 0 I lf' I 7 gy 1 IVEY' S TEXACO SERVICE Homer Michigan Phone 1742 y xiii X513 M- xo Furnishinvs for all thbfTam11y J C PENNY C0 Coldwater, Mich A Modern Department Store Plenty of Free Parking Lots M 60 TAKE OUT A X Homer Complete Line of Gifts Congratulations to the Class of 5b Congratulations to the Class of KARCHEN MARKET AEIV J E PS! Q ding 351 Homer Miohi gan LEEDLE HARDWARE 8: FURNITURE f W X .16 ' Homer, Mich Phone 822 ll'QSf0UQ FIRES TONE TIRE HEADQUARTERS C ompl 1 men t s YOST'S STANDARD SERVICE AAA Service Homer, Mich Phone 182 Congratulations to the Class of 54 DUNBAR ' S CAFE Homer oval Michigan H VAN PATTEN CD MILLS AT HDMER MICH -C-ALLEN MIC P u E731 Pr-cans 41:17 NX F TN L . E , 4: ':-I Yu ,. -- -' E ' f X N- I ' J 54 S 'f ff A A ,Q - Y 'q V 559. N ,126 "1.Xg- Q" X . 1 owff. AM 0 a t sf 2 ,f en ce 1 V, . . ,SQ , U , . , H. Q1 1 .

Suggestions in the Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) collection:

Tekonsha High School - Indian Yearbook (Tekonsha, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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1954, pg 35

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