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 I 1 '1 r FACULTY STANDING: Mr. Harry Niner, Mr. Charles Welch, Mr. Kenneth Robbe. SEATED: Mrs. Harriet Milllman, Mrs. Rose Warwick, Mr. Edward Hungerford, Mrs. Phyllis Cooper, Not shown, Mr. Calvin Cates.I I I i 1« w 1 - dxk CARL DOOLITTLE Junior Play Senior Play Baseball 3,4 CHARLES DOOLITTLE DON JORDON Basketball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Football 3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Baseball Band 3,4 Trees. Claes 2,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Junior Play Annual Staff 4 Junior Play Senior Play Trees. Student Councll4 LAVON KLINQAMAH Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 3,4 Football 4 Senior Play Pres. Class 4 4 MZa DARL KLINGAMAN Treae. Class Senior Play Basketball DOROTHY NELSON 3 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 3 Photo Club 4 Glee Club 4 DORENE OLDS F.H.A. Basketball Annual Staff Report er Junior Play Senior Play IVA RICHFIELD NORMA 3AXMAN 1,2,3 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 1» 2,3,4 1.2 Band 3,4 Sec. F.H.A. 3 4 Junior Play Basketball 112,3» 4 4 Senior Play Band 11 21 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Senior Play Vice Pres. Class 4 Annual Staff 4 Reporter 3 Glee Club 4I I I I 1 111 r [ 9 BARBARA PATTER F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Vloe Pres. F.H.A. 3 Pres. F.H.A. 4 Band 1,2,3, 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Pres. Class 3 Seo. Class 1 Student Council 4 Pres. Olee Club 4 Oise Club 4 Junior Play Senior Play Basketball Capt. 4 LAVIHIA SH0LE9 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Annual Staff 4 Photo Club 4 01ee Club 4 BETTY AMN OKO F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Historian F.H.A. 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Pres. Claes 1 Seo. Class 4 Annual Staff 2,4 Reporter 2 Student Council 3 Health Council 1,2,3 Vice Pres. Health Counoll 3 D.A.R. Pilgrim 4 Junior Play Senior Play ETHEL TOBEY F.H.A. Band Basketball Cheerleader 01ee Club Annual Staff Sec. Class Junior Play 3,4 4 4 4 LEROY BAKER Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3 Junior Play Senior Play Pres. Class 2 Annual Staff 4SENIOR CLASS HISTORY rl V The Class of f52 started their high school career In September 1948 with 23 members. The class, with the help of Mrs. Warwick as Class Advisor; Betty Ann Omo, Pres.; Ernest Shilling, Vice Pres.; Barbara Patten, Sec.; Ed Keller, Trees., had a very successful year. The first activity of the class W8s a fine Initiation and party given In our "honor by the Sophomore Class, fcater on in the year we chose candidates for King and Queen for the Midwinter Carnival, Although our candidates were unsuccessful we had a lot of fun trying to get them elected by selling votes. Eighty per cent of the money from the voting and the Carnival was turned over to the Community Building Fund. We began our Sophorore year by electing LeRoy Baker, Pres.; Ed Keller, Vice Pres.; Charlene Cox, Sec.; Charles Doolittle, Trets.; and then initiating the Freshmen. For novelty we had therr dress as Mother Goose Rhyme characters. After the fun we treated them, to a little party. Another event of the year was the Halloween Carnival which ended with a happy tired group of Sophomores. The rest of the year was very busy but rather uneventful. To lead us in our Junior year we elected Barbara Patten, Pres.; LeRoy Baker, Vice Pres.; Ethel Tobey, Sec.; Dari Klinganan, Trees.; Betty Ann Omo, Stud. Council; Iva Richfield, Reporter;. Mr. Pobbe was our Class Advisor. LeRoy Baker was elected Pres, of the Student Council. Our first money making project was the sale of magazines which gave our treasury a much needed lift. We chose our class rings and they were here before Thanksgiving. We had fun decorating the booths at the Halloween Carnival although we didnTt have much to show for it. Our Junior Play "Star Crazy" was presented on April 13. The setting for the play was a summer day in an astronomers study. The highlight of the Junior year was the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom honoring the Senior Class. The theme was "May Flowers"; the banquet tables were decorated with spring flowers and the gym with a maypole in spring hues. To climax our Junior year we assisted the Seniors with baccalaureate and decorated the Gym for graduation. Fourteen of those lowly, green, freshmen of September, 1948, along with two class members added along the way, have at last earned the coveted title "Senior". The Job of leading those 16 to a successful goal fell to Lavon Klingamsn, Pres.; Iva Richfield, Vice Pres.; Charles Doolittle, Treas.; Betty Ann Omo, Sec.; Barbara Patten, Student Council Rep.; and Mr. Robbe, Class Advisor. To keep the public informed, Dorene Olds was elected Reporter. From our slate of nominees for a Student Council Office Don Jordon was elected Treas. The Halloween Carnival proved to be a greater success this year than in other years. Maybe because more of the class members helped with the work end of the project. The Senior Play ""All Gummed Up" was a story of the hilarities of government restrictions during war time. The play took place in a candy factory with a rather odd staff, which almost proved the downfall of the company. The play was presented on a very appropriate date, December 7. Our next big project was the publishing of this annual. On our Senior trip we expect to see the great expanses of water that border the State of Michigan. We will leave Holland on May 30 for Chicago. After a short visit in Chicago we will travel to Detroit via the Great Lakes and Mackinaw Island. Our group has become slightly smaller during the year. Ann Woodman moved to Athens and Charlene Cox left school.PROPHESIES ETHEL TOBEY Is traveling with Barnum Bailey Circus — her Job? - Oh you know. LAVINIA 8H0LE8 gave up office work for a steady Job as housewife. NORMA 3AXMAN hasn't stopped traveling yet, but when she does she expects to settle In Nashville, Tenn. IVA RICHFIELD - Well, what do you know I She went to oollege and beoame a super duper secretary. BARBARA PATTEN Is working In a hospital holding hands with the patients. BETTY ANN 0M0 la having a hard time winning any arguments since she married that lawyer at college. DORENE OLDS aMSLER expects to be able to write her own book "Cheaper by the Doten". DOROTHY NELSON Is touring Army oamps with her husband. DON JORDON runs his own Farm Implement Store - with Audrey's help. LAVON KLINGAMAN has beoome a famous speaker and Master of Ceremonies. DARL KLINGAMAN has his vwn 200 aore farm In Indiana. CHARLES DOOLITTLE is a real good guard on the Detroit Lions (guarding the water bucket, that Is). CARL DOOLITTLE was very fortunate In finding a gas station so cheap. The only trouble Is that he Is finding It difficult to get business on top of Pikes Peak. LEROY BAKER Is a disk Jockey - featuring square dances and polkas. WILLS LEROY BAKER wills his ’ways with girls" to Jerry Michael. CARL DOOLITTLE wills his ability to sell gas to customers to Sharen Shank. CHARLES DOOLITTLE wills his ability to play football to Zon Shumway. DARL KLINGAKAN wills his height to Ann Newman. LAVON KLINGAMAN wills his position as center on the basketball team to Charles Russell. DON JORDON wills his ability to drive a oar to Annabelle Feller. DOROTHY NELSON wills her talkative nature to Kay Doolittle, DORENE OLDS AMSLER wills her acting ability to Dale Casebeer. BETTY ANN 0M0 wills her ability to get "A'e" to Tom Baker. IVA RICHFIELD wills her freckles to Noel Adams. BARBARA PATTEN wills her oheerleadlng technique to Marlene Allen. NORMA SAXMAN wills her ability to sing Western songs to JoAnn Shumway. LAVIMIA SHOLES wills her typing ability to Gale Jenkins. ETHEL TOBEY wills her red hair and humor to Bruce Riggs.JUNIORS BACK ROW: Donna Rogers, Dale Casebeer, Walt McFadden, Bill Green, Maynard Doolittle, Jerry Michael, Rolene Upeton. MIDDLE ROW: Jane Diamond, Audrey Smith, Judy Wood, Glenna Sholee, Kay Doolittle, Sharon Shank, Jeanette Goheen. FRONT ROW: Mr. Nlner, Charles Russell, Norma Thomas, Marldean Cowles, Delight Sanderson, Nancy Newman, Geraldine Cox. SOPHOMORES BACK ROW: Jaok Clifton, Lyle Sanders, Don Boley, dale Jenkins, R B Omo, Howard Upston, Earl Russell Jr., Paul Morley. MIDDLE ROW: Marlene Allen, Clyde Johnson, David McAttee, Tom Baker, Mary Evans, George Thomas, Dick Dunn, Gloria Vincent. FRONT ROW: JoAnn Shumway, Gayle Davis, Ruth Whittington, Prlsollla Lalng, Myrtle Traves, Pat 8ohnltzler, Thelma Osborn Mr. Welch. ABSENT: Tom Mitchell, Bruce I I 1JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY We entered our high school career with an enrollment of twenty-eight. The officers of the year were; Pres., Jack Hartley; Vice Pres., Dale Casebeer; Trees., Jane Diamond; Sec., Walter McFadden; Student Council, Sue Stevens. Our class was Initiated by the Sophomore class Sept. 23, 1949. Class advisor. Coach Taylor. At the Halloween Carnival, Oct. 11, we had loads of fun sponsoring a hula-hula dance and Post Office booth. Maynard Doolittle and Bill Baker were the hula dancers. When we started our sophomore year we had only 24 of the original class. Officers for that year were: Pres., Norra Thomas; Vice Pres., Jane Diamond, Sec., Audrey Smith; Treas , Nancy Newman; Student Council, Jerry Michael. During our sophonore year we sponsored a Spring Swing seml-for-mal dance and a record dance which added to the entertainment of our group plus caking us some money. Another enjoyable ertertainr.ont that we had was the in it! at! on of the Fre.shrr.an class. At the beginring of cur Jun'or year we numbered 20. Our class officers are; Pres., Judy Wood; Vice Pros., Nancy Nowren; Treas., Sb8ren Shank; Sec., Charles Russell; Student Courcil, Kay Doolittle; Reporters, Jerry Michael and Audrey Smith; Class Advisor, Mr. Niner. Our Treasury has been increased trenendously by our stationery drive, autograph books, paper drive and magazine subscriptions. Our cl ass hit the highest quota for narezine subscriptions sold by Tekonsha High School Juniors. For selling the most subscriptions, Delight Sanderson received a Shaffer pen and pencil set. Norma Thomas received a traveling alarm clock in the drawing at a class party for an additional prize iven by the Curtis Publishing Company. As this Annual goes to pres.1 we are preparing our Class Play, “Three Fingers in the Door”. The cast includes Audrey Smith, Sylvia; Ncncy Newron, Tessie; Norr. a Thomas, Betsy; Jeanette Ooheen, Clara; Judy Wood, Mrs. Heupel; Jerry Michael, Mr. Feupel; Walter McFadden, Paul; Charles Ruseell, Mr. Long; Maynard Doolittle, Officer; Kay Doolittle, Anna. The Juniors all appreciate very much their class rings which we received early in tie year. SOPHOMORE CLASS FISTCFY We began our high school career as Freshmen on September 5, 1950. There were 30 enrolled in our class, with 11 of those new merbers. At our first class meeting we elected the following officers for the year - Pres., JcAnn Shunway; Vice Pres., Tom Baker; Sec., Marlene Allen; Treas., P B Omo; Student Council, Gale Jenkins; end Reporter, Marian Hartley; Mrs. Warwick was our class advisor. The Sophomores initiated us on September 21 which meant cur first taste of high school life. We had to dress up and parade through town at noon. In the afternoon we had to do stunts and then we were served refreshments. We had a chance to nominate merbers of our class for Student Council officers. JoAnn Shumwey was elected Secretary. At the Halloween Carnival we sold cider end doughnuts, had a penny-pitch 8nd a ball throwing game. Our booths were decorated in orange and brown. VJe made about $14. Everyone agreed that our Freshman year was one to remember. Our Sophonore yesr started on September 4th, 1951. There were only 26 members In our class. At our first class meeting we elected the following officers for the year - Pres., Tor Baker; Vice Pres., Dick Dunn; Sec., Paul Morley; Trees., R B Omo; Sergent of Arms, Jack Clifton; Student Council, Gale Jenkins; and Reporter, JoAnn Shunway; Coach Welch is our Class Advis-r. Our first tssk was initiating the Freshmen on September 26th. We made then dress up in funry clothes and parade through town. We served them refreshments afterwar 1. Tom Baker was elected Vice Pres. At the Halloween Carnival we sold popcorn balls and candy, had a penny toss game end buggy rides. We clewed $23.10. Our booths were decorsted in green and white. We sponsored the Spring Swing Dance Saturday night, April 26 with Sugar Mulvany Orchestra.. I I IFRESHMEN1 I I IFRESHMEN BACK ROW: Bruce Rigg, Annabelle Feller, David Norton, Wanda McMurtrie, Franklin Klingaman, Jack Boley, Marilyn Horn, Raymond Saltzgaber. MIDDLE ROW; Jean Thornton, Donna Johnson, Zon Shumway, Sylvia Duckett, Noel Adams, Madllyn Thomas, Marlene Funk, Mary Clark, FRONT ROW: Coral Doolittle, Lamona Doolittle, Carrol Michael, Louis Groholski, Kay Blackwell, Jim Wood, Cynthia Groholaki, Mrs. Warwick. ABSENT: Jim Johnston, Bernard Seigel. r FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY At the first meeting of the 25 members of the Freshman Class, Zon Shumway was elected Pres.; Kay Blackwell, Vice Pres.; Annabelle Feller, Sec; Marilyn Horn, Treas.; Jim Wood, Student Council Representative. We think that the Sophomores have a very big Imagination because of the many characters they had us represent for our Initiation Into high school. The Freshmen are very lucky this year to be able to participate In activities that are new to Tekonsha High School. These activities are: a Gym class, Glee Club, and added Band activities. Mrs. Warwick 1s our class advisor 1 I I Ir EIGHTH GRADE BACK ROW: Bill Shafe, Bill Langrldge, Virginia Rogers, Joan Smith, Kenneth Combs, John Cummins, Alvin Miller, Wyla Ossenheimer, Lynne Martinson, Roger Johnson, Mary Belote. MIDDLE ROW: Bernice Davis, Margie Boley, Betty Cole, Sonja Taylor, Glenn Goheen, Coralea Johnston, Don Shaffer, Jean Clifton, Helen Herman, Elaine Davis, Shirley Clark, FRONT ROW: Nancy Beck, Benny Benson, Bill Blowers, John Keefer, Ann Newman, vra. Cooper. ABSEW: Melba KLlngaman. SEVENTH GRADE BACK ROW: Esther Thomas, Mary Alldaffer, Morgan Morgan, Miriam Voile, Judson Mack, Bill Schroll, Richard Wooden, Gary Blackwell, Ronald Devenney, Scharlene Shaw, Laura Wilkeraon, Lynette Nowioki. MIDDLE ROW; Gary Relmer, Fred Stevenson, Lamar Hunsicker, Mark Crlddey, Faith KLlngaman, Janet Horn, Charlene Imhof, Judy Martinson, Clarla McMurtrle, Ray Richardson, Jerry Thornton, Kenneth Saxman, FRONT ROW: Gary Freds, Gerald Thurston, Glenna Michael, Julia Kelley, Beverly Russell, Alice Baker, Norman Teeters, Lois Sanders, Josephine R udny8rAmT ChaVleV “ng"d Hun«8rford Mllllman. ABSENT:I I IFIFTH GRADE BACK ROW: Marilyn Doolittle, JoAnn Cavlnder, John Herman, Louis Duckett, Hannah Milllman, Jerald Letts, Chris Katz, Stella Marshall Shirley Miller. MIDDLE ROW: Charles Keller, David Pell, Clarence Upaton, Robert Belote, Gary Keefer, Paul Slosser, Drshula Johnston, Shirley Cole, Joyce Lett . BOTTOM ROW; Terry Fleming, Keith Blowers Larry Casebeer, Fred Doolittle, Frank Thomas, Betty Brown, Marvin Carmen, Donald Coyer. ABSENT: Wade Adams, Ellen Sanders, Doris Pflueger, » » FOURTH GRADE BACK ROW: Carolyn Reincke, Elbert Marshall, Jaok Thurston, Dennis Johnson, Roberta Alldaffer, Mary Moore, Dick Roepke, Edward Dovey, Larry Granger, Stanley Beatty, Zonalda Clark. THIRD ROW: Kathy Feller, Bonnie McElhenie, Charles Letts, David Katz, Dianne Cavlnder, Donna McMurtrie, Worth Scholfield, Jerome Nowickl, Elaine Sanders, Dylth Shafe. SECOND ROW: Robert Sholea, Jerry Horn, Linda Eouvener, JoAnn Cole, Mary MeFadden, Barbara Freds, Kathleen Cowles, Bruce Thomet, Freddy Boley. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Hildred Sizeland, Karen Morley, Dale Osborn, Marcella Granger, John Mitchell, Tommy Upston, Russell Long, Fred Kraus, David Herman Phillip Smith, Joyce Wilson.-I l I I I1 I r r SIXTH GRADE BACK ROW: Gladys Kraus, Sylvia Mack, Merle Funk, Larry Morgan, Grant Cary, Norman Aldiaffer, Helen Marshall, ; lta .Vieschollk MIDDLE ROW: Geraldine Smith, Barbara Rlaner, Wllferd Cole, Curgle Marshall, Dolores Blowers, Ina Cole, Leland Smith, Jerry Johnson. FRONT ROW; Mr. Eugene Strait, Terry Thomet, Howard Randall, Frank Cowles, Janet Swlck, Robert Abel, Arnold Hungerford, Jerry Osborn. ABSENT: Donald Bailey, Janice Tobey. THIRD GRADE BACK ROW: Larry Thomas, James Stuart, Larry Casey, Barry Walbeck, Richard Dovey, Ethel McFadden, TJvena Rarlck, Stophenie Iinhoff, Billy Abel, Rodney Dovey, Ora Swlck, Buddy Selby, THIRD ROW: Vary Freds, Betty Miller, Phillip Kllngaman, Roger Imhoff, Kay Feller, Charlene Jenkins, Linda Daly, Clifford Marshall, Howard Olds, Jamqs Weller, Sherry Thomet, Victory Fausz. SECOt’D ROW: Jimmy Russell, Grove Katz, Linda Brownell, Eastman McFadden, Lynnda Watkins, Beverely Smith, Carol Snell, Larry Brott, Janice Mackey, Geneva Brown. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Margaret Johnson, Brenda Rarlck, Vicki Waffle, Kay Martinson, Linda Casebeer, Nanoy Mllllman, Brenda Sholes, Bonnie McMurtrie, Hazel Tobey, Barbara Carman, Virginia Parker, Mrs. Ruth Humeston, ABSENT: John Rose, Leonard Reincke, Barry Saltzgaber.. - 1 I ISECOND GRADE BACK ROW: Virginia Saxman, Laurel Feller, Linda Cavlnder, Hobart Marshall, Brent Cary, Ray Thurman, Robert Weller, Diane Smith, Larry Siegel, Leon Myers, Larry Waffle, Harold Stefsnlak, Edith Kllngaman. MIDDLE ROW: Tommy Clark, Arlene Mitchell, Diane Shaw, Gene Beck, Martha Bush, Charles Devenney, Kay Roepke, Carla Sanford, Duane Hunelcker, Charla Hornbeok, Pamela Brott, Mike Sholee, Mrs. Mina Omo. FRONT ROW: Carole Slosser, Sandra Duckett, Carol Dovey, Garry Cowles, Bobby Millard, Judy Stuart, Ruth Keller, Do£na Herman, Keith Walbeck, Donna Selby, Vlolettla Morey. ABSENT: Linda Saltz-gaber, David Bailey, Joseph Rose. FIRST GRADE BACK ROW: Bob Main, Joyce Thurston, Jill Walbeck, Reid Waffle, Steve Miller, Becky Cummins, Erick Pell, Daryl Althaver, Earl MoFadden, Roes Walker. MIDDLE ROW: Betty MoElhenle, Louise Case-beer, Frankie Simmons, Linda Rarlok, Susan Winter, Dennis Dexter, karen Olds, Betty Mitchell, Geraldine Cowles, Douglas Allen. FRONT ROW: Keith Relncke, Nanoy Herman, Earlene Abel, Robert Selby, Junior Weller, Linda Relnoke, Rozanne Randall, Jane Fauez, Donna Tobey, Mrs. Clara Anderson. ABSENT: Stanley Pfleuger.. - 8 I Ir r i r KINDERGARTEN BACK ROW: Mrs. Erma Slzeland, Elsie Burch, Karen Blackwell, Busan Blackwell, JoAnn Hunn, Richard Mllllman, Robert McMurtule. FIFTH ROW: Janet Keller, Loren Scholfleld, Suzanne Myers, Barney Brauker, Valerie Douglas. FOURTH ROW: Richard Brown, Laurence Feller, Nancy Smith, Carol Tobey, Ruth Selby. THIRD ROW: Roger Houghton, Rickey Pllerl, Arnle Weller, Earl Weller, Larry Lloyd. SECOND ROW: Curtis Shaffer, Mary Olds, Alta Elkins, Cheryl Hall, Valerlne Morey. FRONT ROW: Kenny Osborn, Merton Coyer, Susan Foster, Gerry Long, Jerry Long. ABSENT: Sherry Masters, John Thurston, Harley Rose. Betty Ann Cmo------------- Ive Richfield------------- Lavlnle Sholes------------ Eerbara Patten——---------- Don Jordon---------------- LeRoy Baker—-------------- Ethel Tobey--------------- Dorene Olds———------------ Norma Saxman-------------- Kay Doolittle, Sharon Shank' JoAnn Shunway------------- David Norton—------------- Jerry Michael----------- — ------------------- Editor -----------Assistant Editor -------------Feature Editor ----------Business Manager Assistant Business Manager -------------Sports Editor ---Assistant Sports Editor ------------------- Typist -------Senior Class Editor -------Junior Class Editor '—--Sophomore Class Editor -----Freshmen Class Editor -------- —------Art Editor■ ■ 9 I I- s I ISENIOR PLAY CAST BACK ROW: Don Jordon, Levon Kllngaman, Dari Kllngaman, LeRoy Baker, Carl Doolittle, FRONT ROW: Norma Saxman, Dorene Olds, Barbara Patten, Betty Ann Omo, Iva Richfield, Mrs. Cooper. BAND BACK ROW: Jean Clifton, Janet Horn, Judy Martinson, Audrey Smith, Annabelle Feller, R B Omo, Don Boley, Gale Jenkins, Gary Relmer, Iva Richfield, B.A.Omo. FOURTH ROW: Madllyn Thomas, Donna Johnson, Jean Thornton, Donne Rogers, Soharlene Shaw, Mary Belote, Lynne Martinson, holene Upston, Pat Schnltzler. THIRD ROW: Ann Newman, Margie Boley, Lynette Nowlckl, Lamar Hunslcker, Charles Russell, Grant Cary, Helen Herman, Bruce Rlgg, Howard Upston, Earl Russell Jr., Ethel Tobey, Norma Thomas, Coral Doolittle, Esther Thomas, SECOND ROW: Edward Hungerford, Arnold Hungerford, Raymond Saltzgaber, Zon Shumway, Barbara Patten, Kay Blackwell, Jim Wood, Don Jordon, Sonja Taylor. FRONT ROW: Nancy Beck, Beverly Russell. . - ! I I r o r r r 11' i CAMERA CLUB BACK ROW: Kay Doolittle, Lavlnla Sholes, Carl Doolittle, Maynard Doolittle, Jack Clifton, Dari Kllngaman, Bill Green, LeRoy Baker, Dale Casebeer, Gloria Vincent, Marldean Cowlee, Mr. Nlner. FRONT ROW: Gereld Cox, Dorothy Neleon, Kenneth Combs, Roger Johnson, Delight Sanderson, Nancy Newman, Dan Voile. F. H. A. BACK ROW: Iva Richfield, Gloria Vincent, Audrey Smith, Judy Wood, Glenna Sholes, Annabelle Feller, Marilyn Horn, Donna Rogers, Wanda McMurtrle, Rolene Upston, Kay Doolittle, Sharon Shank, 3ylvla Duckett, Lavlnla Sholes. MIDDLE ROW: JoAnn Shumway, Norma Thomas, Myrtle Travee, Pat Sehnltzler, Donna Johnson, Jane Diamond, Barbara Patten, B.A.Omo, Jeanetta Goneen, Msdllyn Thomas, Marlene Allen, Priscilla Lalng, Ethel Tobey, Coral Doolittle. FRONT ROW: Nancy Newman,.Delight Sanderson, Lamona Doolittle, Mary Clark, Jean Thorntcn, Dorothy Nelson, Norma Saxman, Marldean Cowles, Kay Black-well, Marlene Funk, Cynthia Groholskl, Mrs. Mllllman.■ i I Ii. - 9 I IGIRLS BASKETBALL BACK ROV.: JoAnn Shumway, Madilyn Thomas, Marlene Allen, Marlene Funk, Sylvia Duckett, Audrey Smith, Wanda McMurtrie, P.olene Upaton, Gloria Vincent, Barbara Fatten, Maridean Cowles, Mrs, Cooper. FRONT ROW: Coral Doolittle, Ethel Tobey, Nancy Newman, Mary Clark, Norma Thomas, Cynthia Groholskl. f CHEERLEADERS BACK: Judy Wood, Audrey Smith, Norma Thomas, Nancy Newman. FRONT: Ethel Tobey, Madilyn Thomas, Barbara Patten, Gloria Vincent.. “ 9 I Ir r r r BOYS1 BASKETBALL The Tekonsha Indians had their ups and downs In the first few games the team looked nervous and rather poor, but after four games they hopped on the victory train and looked like a very improved team. Although Coach Welch s squad lost more of the remaining games than they won, the team played hard and well. In the State Tournament the Indians drew powerful Camden-Frontier for the first game. The final score does not indicate how close the game really was. At the end of the first quarter the score was 13-12 in our favor, at halftime the score was 19-18 in favor of Camden, and with only 3i minutes to play the game was knotted at J2 all. Everyone who saw the game thought that Tekonsha played as well, if not better than, Camden, but height was the deciding factor. LeRoy Baker and Lavon Klingaman were chosen co-captains of the varsity team. Mr. Robbe coached the reserve team and Mr. Gates coached the Junior high team. BASKETBALL SCORES Varsity Reserves H 32 V 50 Dec 11 St. Charles, there H 22 V 30 £5 1 2 51 18 Climax, there 16 31 1™ 52 Jan £ Concord, here 11 15 2l 76 8 Camden, there 19 23 1+3 29 10 Coldwater Res., there 18 36 I ®? 1+5 U9 15 Starr Commonwealth, there 2k 29 £5 18 Montgomery, here 38 18 1+0 82 22 Parma, there 15 2l+ k6 63 29 Concord, here 27 29 61 3? Feb 1 Coldwater Res., here 26 1 2 1+0 51+ 8 Climax, here 20 21 27 109 12 Burr Oak, there 23 29 33 £5 15 St. Charles, here 27 25 62 1 5 63 19 Starr Commonwealth, there 23 53 50 22 Montgomery, there 29 22 d? -31 890 26 Camden, here 21 56I da Overtime State Tournament 32 38 Mar 6 Camden, Hillsdale GIRLS' BASKETBALL After getting off to a slow start against Montgomery, we came back to beat the Independents two games which gave us a big boost. However, in our next three games, we came out on the short end of the score, but only after a real fight. At the end of the season we elected Barbara Patton as our honorary captain. Mrs. Phyllis Cooper was our coach. BASKETBALL SCORES H V h2 59 Montgomery, there 25 15 Independents, here 22 21 Independents, here 52 n Montgomery, here 22 North Adams, here 18 22 North Adams, thereIr basketball BACK ROW: John Cummins, RB Omo, Dick Dunn, Paul Morley, George Thomas, Jack Boley, Charles Russell, Dan Voile, KIDDLE ROW; Coach Welch, Bruce Rlgg, Howard Upston, Don Boley, Gale Jenkins, Bill Green, David Norton, Coach Robbe. FRONT ROW: Tom Baker, Dale Case-beer, Charles Doolittle, Lavon Kllngaman, LeRoy Baker, Walt McFadden, Don Jordon. r football BACK ROW: Bruce Rlgg, Dick Dunn, Jack Boley, Paul Morley, Jack Clifton, Don Boley, Lyle Banders, R B Omo, MIDDLE ROW: David Norton, George Thomas, Tom Baker, Walt McFadden, Maynard Doolittle, Gale Jenkins, Coach Weloh. FRONT ROW: Dale Casebeer, Lavon Kllngaman, Charles Doolittle, LeRoy Baker, Don Jordon, Charles Russell. r t i iFOOTBALL Ploying their second year of eight-man football, Tekonsha faired pretty well considering their shortage of manpower. Although Tekonsha had eight returning lettermen and eleven more players, injuries greatly hampered the team throughout the season, LeRoy Baker and Charles Doolittle were chosen honorary co-captains. Charles Doolittle received an additional award of being chosen all-conference tackle by opposing coaches. SCORES Sept 1I4. 21 28 Oct 5 10 1? 26 Nov 2 H V Place Starr Commonwealth 19 0 T Burr Oak 0 19 T Marcellus 0 57 H Starr Commonwealth 26 19 H Schoolcraft 0 19 T Climax 26 20 H Mendon 20 27 H Centerville 7 hi T- s I I. - i I I■ - I I II I ICompliments of First State Bank offering A Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured Up to 10,000.00 Tekonsha phone 5 Michigan Tekonsha Kllliman1s Sales Servloe Household Appliances - Texaoo Products Bumping, Painting, Glass Installation General Repairing - AAA WI eoker Servloe Good Year Tlree and Accessories Admiral T.V. - Duo-Therm Oil Burners Phone 99 Mlohlgan We never dose Phone 171 Te-Kon Grill Jot. U.S. 27 and M-60 Tekonsha, Mlohlgan Regular Meals - Sandwiches - Short Orders Class A Truck St p - Standars Oil Products Diesel Oil and Diesel Gas Hhowere and Barber Shop Complete Truck Lubrloatlon Servloe Fousel and Voshen Proprietors■ 1 I I IFor over sixty-three years we have been here In business to watch that many classes finish school. Randall Chicken Products Co. Phone 103 Tekonsha Michigan ALTHAVER CHEVROLET, INC. US-27 at M-60 Tekonsha Phone 22 21 . Hour Road Service and Repairs Television and Appliances BEST OF LUCK, SENIORS, FROM ALL OF US TO ALL OF YOU Por Safe Reliable Servloe Phone II4.7 Tekonsha, Michigan- - 9 I IV l Compliments TEETERS SERVICE Hardv are, Farm machinery. Supplies Tekonsha Phone 70 Michigan Compliments VERHOR'S FU1IERAL HOME Phone 66 Compliments Of TEKOt'SHA FARMERS' CO-OP COMPANY Dealer In Farm Supplies Phone 6202 Tekonsha Michigan MORAK'S SERVICE Groceries - Meats Shell Products Tekonsha Phone 8702 Burlington M-60 Michigan I I II J.C. PENNEY CO I Coldwater, Michigan Always First Quality Merchandise A New Modern Department Store Giving Friendly Service Outfitters of the Entire Family Compliments Of THE KERR HAREWARE CO. Coldwater, Michigan "First in Sporting Goods" I Compliments Of Western Auto Associate Store Onion City, Michigan Auto Parts - Wheel Goods - Appliances I Compliments Of Broadway Bar Willard Adolph Beer and Wine General Insurance Onion City Phone 2351 In and Out 214 N. Broadway Hawken's Furniture Store Onion City Michigan Phone 3893 Union City I- - ! I ITekonsha OLDS GROCERY Complete Line Of Groceries Meats Beer and Wine To Take Out Phone 154 Michigan Tekonsha Congratulations And Success To The Seniors Of 1952 THE MAINS Phone 55 Compliments of BEATTY'S GROCERY Michigan BIG CHIEF FOOD STORE E.L. WAFFLE Home Baked Goods Auto, Fire, Marine, Life Low Prices Every Day Farm Personal Liability Phone 71 ABEL AND SON Meats and Groceries Phone 50 Tekonsha Michigan Tekonsha- - 9 I ICongratulations Class 0f Cardinal Cafe Union City Beer - Vine - Lunches Everybody Meets At Trudgeon's Drug Our Communities Are Built Around Children Congratulations Class Of '52 Bray Motor Sales Phone 2681 Union City Mlohlgan Congratulations Class Of 62 Vest Point Lunoh ■We Never Close Home Cooked Dinners And Congratulations For You Seniors Union City Phone 6281 Short Orders ■Just A Good Plaoe To Eat Phone 93 Tekonsha Mlohlgan A.H. Randall Mill Co. Red's Tavern Beer - Wine - Lunohes Tekonsha Mlohlgan Tekonsha MlohlganIIltchells Plumbing and Appliance Drl gae, Bottled gas Service Norge, Paper, Hamilton General Electric, Appliances Jenkins Standard Service Standard Oil Products Atlas Tires Phone 73 Tekonsha Michigan Congratulation Seniors of 1952 J.W. Randall Congratulations Seniors The Morgenthaler's P.ay Green Coffee Shop Hardware, Plumbing Good Coffee, Steaks, and Chops and Phone 146 Sporting Goods Main St. Tekoneha Mlohlgan Tekonsha Michigan • V we wish to thank all our sponsers.I 1 f

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