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Text from Pages 1 - 44 of the 1949 volume:

✓DEDICATION TO Coach Sam Taylor for his faithful support of our student activities and his untiring effort to create a loyal spirit in our school, and his excellent work with our school athletic program. ZFACULTY Mrs. Betty Slosser, Mr. Harold Burdick. Mrs. Rose Warwick. Mr. E. J. Hungerford. Mr. Samuel Taylor, Mr. Charles Weber, Mrs. Muriel Hayes, Mrs. Harriett Milliman. ANNUAL STAFF STANDING: Donald Taylor, Mr. Taylor, Janice Williams. SEATED: Audrey Taylor, Nancy Kuehn, Ronald Johnson, Marilyn Rogers. 4SENIORS JBLACKWELL. MELVIN Band 2. 3. 4 Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4 Senior Play Vice-President of Junior Class Student Council 2 JOHNSON. KAY Junior Play Senior Play F. H. A. 3 Student Council 1 Reporter for Annual 4 KUEHN, NANCY Junior Play Senior Play F. H. A. 3. 4 Basketball 3, 4 Assistant Editor of Annual 4 Midwinter Carnival Queen Student Council 2 NORTON,BARBARA Senior Play Office 4 ROGERS. MARILYN Junior Play Senior Play Band 2. 3. 4 F. H. A. 3. 4 Assistant Business Manager of Annual 4 Student Council 3 DIAMOND, JEROME Band 2. 3, 4 JONES, CHARLOTTE Band 2. 3. 4 Senior Play MICHAEL, JACK Vice-President of Senior Class REIMER, BILL Junior Play Senior Play Baseball 2, 3. 4 Midwinter Carnival King SIMONS, DOROTHY F. H. A. 3, 4 President of Junior Class 6 SHEDD. ALLAN Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Baseball 2. 3 Senior Play Student Council 1 THOMAS, EDWARD Football 4 Basketball 3. 4 Junior Play Senior Play President of Freshman Class SKUDLARICK, RACHEL Secretary of Senior Class F. H. A. 3, 4 Office 4 THOMAS, LOIS Secretary of Junior Class Band 2, 3. 4 F. H. A. 3. 4 Junior Play Senior Play Basketball 3 Reporter for Senior Class D.A.R. Pilgrim WEISCHOLEK, HAROLD Vice-President of Freshman Class Treasurer of Junior Class President of Senior Class Junior Play Senior Play Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4 SAMUEL TAYLOR Class Advisor SENIOR PLAY CAST BACK ROW: Mrs. Hayes, Charlotte Jones, Ed Thomas, Allan Shedd, Bill Riemer, Harold Wiescholek, Melvin Blackwell. FRONT ROW: Kay Johnson, Barbara Norton, Marilyn Rogers, Nancy Kuehn, Lois Thomas. 7SENIOR CLASS HISTORY We entered high school the year of 1945, with twenty four students in our class. Diane Scott left in October, but we gained Barbara Norton the same month. Diane Scott returned in January, but Florence Marble left us. Our class officers of the year were as follows: President, Edward Thomas; Vice-President, Harold Weischolek; Secretary, Marvin Packard; Treasurer, John Baldwin. One of our main social events was the Freshman initiation given by the Sophomores. We entered in the Halloween Carnival in which we sold candy and bitter-sweet and had a dart game. In our Sophomore year there were twenty students in our class. During the year we lost two which took our class down to eighteen, then we gained one when Jack Michael came. We elected our class officers which were as follows: President, Diane Scott; Vice-President, Stuart Avery; Secretary, Kay Johnson; Treasurer, Eldon McAdams. We chose our student council members which were Nancy Kuehn and Melvin Blackwell. Our one social event for this was the initiation of the Freshmen given by us. For the Halloween Carnival we took first prize on our booth, which we believe was for the great art work of Martha Nantz. As we entered our Junior year there were eighteen of us. Eldon Adams, left before Christmas and Fred Collins came the second semester of school. Much to our regret Martha Nantz left our class in the last part of the Spring term, also Fred Collins. Our class officers were: President, Dorothy Simons; Vice-President, Melvin Blackwell; Secretary, Lois Thomas; Treasurer, Harold Wiescholek. Our student council members were, Marilyn Rogers, and Eldon McAdams. When Eldon left, Harold Wiescholek took his place as student council member. At the Halloween Carnival of this year we had two booths, one at the Guild Hall and the other at the Gym, which we took first prize on. Cur King and Queen for the Carnival was Dorothy Simons, and Melvin Blackwell. The annual Junior and Senior Prom and Banquet was given by us this year, in which we gave on separate nights. We gave our Junior Play in April, the name of our play was "Room No. Thirteen.” At long last we entered our Senior year. Our class had only fifteen members. We had fourteen at the first of the year, but we now have Jerome Diamond back with us. Jerome was out of school, because of a heart operation, and we are very glad to have him back with us. Our officers for the year are: President, Harold Wiescholek; Vice-President, Jack Michael; Secretary, Rachel Marie Skudlarick; Treasurer, Charlotte Jones. Our Senior Play was one of the events of our last year in school. The name of our play was "The Skeleton Walks.” Mrs. Muriel Hayes was our play director both Junior and Senior years, and we appreciate her assistance very much. Our D.A.R. girl of our class is Lois Thomas. We choose our King and Queen for our Midwinter Carnival, which was Nancy Kuehn and Bill Reimer. Our candidates were winners and reigned over the Carnival. 8SENIOR WILL’S Rachel Skudlarick, wills her ability to grow fingernails to Janice Williams. Barbara Norton, wills her curly hair to Martha Johnson. Charlotte Jones, wills her slim waistline to Marjorie Blackwell. Nancy Kuehn, wills her wittiness to Annabelle Williams. Dorothy Simons, wills her book. “How To Stay Single,” to anyone who is thinking of taking the fatal leap. Kay Johnson, wills her small feet to Irvin Groholski. Marilyn Rogers, wills his height to Doris Waffle. Lois Thomas, wills her cheerleading suit to Nancy Newman. Ed Thomas, wills his football suit to Louis Tobolski. Melvin Blackwell, wills his shortness to Eleanor Doolittle. Harold Wiescholek, wills his bashfulness to Richard Varner. Bill Reimer, wills his height to Paul Tate. Jack Michael, wills his right to flirt to Jeanette Wells. Jerome Diamond, wills his friendship with girls to Marlin Gallup. Allan Shedd, wills his deep voice to Pat Carmen. 9SENIOR PROPHECIES Bill Reimer is just itching to get a hold of peoples cars to tear apart. Melvin Blackwell is planning a trip to the Desert, to prove corn can grow anywhere. Allan Shedd will be a great drummer in “Alexander’s Rag Time Band.” Harold Wiescholek, will soon be leaving for Kalamazoo, to join the bugs. Jack Michael, is looking forward to studying the book, “How To Have And Hold.’’ Ed Thomas, will soon be giving lessons on “The Easy Side Of Life." Jerome Diamond, is on his way up in fame, he will be the next “Babe Ruth.” Marilyn Rogers, is going to India to show them how to Rumba. Lois Thomas is studying ballet dancing so she can be an acrobat in the "Who’s Brother’s Circus." Anyone knows you can find Kay Johnson “Somewhere In The Night.” Rachel Skudlarick is going to Hollywood to get a contract with Gabby Hayes. Charlotte Jones is taking up parachuting to prove she can fly. Dorothy Simons is going to Alaska to make a movie on “How To Make Love To An Iceburg.” Nancy Kuehn is on her way to sing "Whispering Hope,” to Bob Hope, (I wonder what she's whispering about?) Barbara Norton is looking forward to taking Guy Lombardo's place at the piano. 10Mil UNDERGRADSBACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: JUNIORS Ernest Millard, Don Taylor, Irwin Groholske, Ronald Johnson, Clarence Varner, Richard Varner, Jacob Shank. Mrs. Hayes, Louis Tobolske, Jane Adams, Joan Blashfield, Audrey Taylor, Bernice Wilkerson, Dorothy Thomas, Joe McFadden. Barbara Diamond, Jean Williams, Eleanor Doolittle, Patricia Carmen, Betty Upston, Marccdes Groholske, Martha Johnson. BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: SOPHOMORES Marlin Gallup, Georgia Goheen, Cecil Dean, Arthur King, Bill Michael. Mr. Burdick, Doria Waffle, Donald Teeters, Virginia Evans. Betty Thomas, Marjorie Blackwell. Janice Williams, Barbara Johnson, Jeanette Walla, Norma Newman, Betty Tobey, Esther Williams. 12JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY We embarked on our High School career as Freshmen with a total enrollment of thirty eight. The officers of the year were: President, Jean Williams; Vice-President, Carl McAtee; Secretary-Treasurer, Doris Wagner.' The Student Council members from our class were: Jean Williams and Clarence Varner. Our initiation by the Sophomores was our introduction to High School. When we began our Sophomore year we had only twenty seven of the original class. Our officers for that year were: President, Don Taylor; Vice-President, Doris Wagner; Secretary, June Jordon; Treasurer, Ron Johnson. The Student Council members from our class were: Clarence Varner and Marcedes Groholske. The initiation which we gave the Freshmen was our first fun test. The beginning of our Junior year our enrollment dropped to twenty two. Our officers for the year are: President, Clarence Varner; Vice-President, Jean Williams; Secretary, Marcedes Groholske; Treasurer, Louis Tololske. We chose our class rings in September and were pleased to receive them before Thanksgiving, so we can enjoy wearing them for the rest of the year. In October we had a magazine sale. We made a total of $91. We chose our candidates for King and Queen for our Midwinter Carnival, which were Marcedes Groholske and Joe McFadden. SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY The first meeting of our Freshman class we elected our class officers, which were: President, Don Teeters; Vice-President, Chris Seedorf; Secretary, Doris Waffle; Treasurer, Janice Williams. The second week of school we were intitated by the Sophomores. At Halloween we had a booth at the Guild Hall and we also had a float showing a ‘Fall Scene.’ All the proceeds of the Carnival went toward the remodeling of the Gym. For Christmas we had a program in the assembly and exchanged gifts. On the last day of school we had a track and field meet. Our Sophomore Class History so far is a class meeting for electing our officers which are President, Don Teeters; Vice-President, Marlin Gallup; Secretary, Doris Waffle; Treasurer, George DePew. When George DePew left we elected Betty Lou Thomas as our Treasurer. We initiated the Freshmen September 25th. They had to wear what we told them to and do stunts in front of the student body. Our King and Queen candidates for the Midwinter Carnival were Virginia Evans, and Don Teeters. 13FRESHMEN BACK ROW: Ernest Shilling, Charles Doolittle, Dari Klingaman, Lae Philo, Lavon Klingaman, Ed Keller, Arden Gard. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Warwick, LeRoy Baker, Dale Hartley, Annabelle Williams, Iva Richfield, Norma Saxman, Ethel Tobey. FRONT ROWj Rita Groholske, Dorothy Nelson, Juanita Woodman, Betty Omo, Barbara Patton, Dorene Olds, Lavinia Sholes. BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: EIGHTH GRADE Ora Jackson. David Marey, Jerry Michael. Walter McFadden. Delbery Cole, Dale Casebeer, Raymond Woodman, Billy Baker. Mrs. Slosser, Vivian Baker. Betty Herman. Rolen Upston. Donna Rogers. Audrey Smith, Kay Doolittle. Paul Tate, Charles Russell, Nancy Newman, Sue Stevens, Jeanetta Goheen, Norma Thomas, Maridean Cowles. 14FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY The class of 1952 has begun its Freshman year with twenty three pupils. Our kindergarten class started out with only twelve, of which four are still remaining. The class officers are: President, Betty Omo; Vice-President, Ernest Shilling; Secretary, Barbara Patten; Treasurer, Ed Keller. Our class adviser is Mrs. Warwick. The Sophomore Class gave us a fine initiation and party. During our class meeting we chose candidates for King and Queen for the Midwinter Carnival. The candidates are Barbara Patten and LeRoy Baker. ANNUAL STAFF Ronald Johnson-------Editor Nancy Kuehn----------Assistant Editor Janice Williams------Feature Editor Audrey Taylor--------Business Manager Marilyn Rogers-------Business Manager Don Taylor-----------Sports Editor Mr. Samuel Taylor----Annual Adviser 15BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: HIGH SCHOOL BAND Charles Weber, Barbara Johnson, Howard Upston, Betty Upston, Janice Williams, Barbara Diamond, Lee Philo, Gale Jenkins, Betty Omo, Melvin Blackwell, Marjorie Blackwell, Barbara Patten. Allan Shedd, Jerome Diamond, Donna Rogers, Sue Stevens, Leroy Baker, Joan Blashfield, Charlotte Jones. Donna Williams, Lois Thomas, Rolene Upston, Beverly Carman, Dorothy Thomas. Betty Lou Thomas, Gloria Vincient, Norma Thomas, Eleanor Doolittle, Audrey Taylor, Marilyn Rogers, Pat Carman, Charles Russell, Tom Baker. BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: SITTING: SEVENTH GRADE Lillian Miller, Bruce Funk, Junior Weller, Kenneth Cummins, George Thomas, R. B. Omo Jr. Mrs. Milliman, Beverly Carman, Gale Jenkins, Tom Baker, Virginia Scalici, Beatrice Weller, JoAnn Shumway. Betty Langridge, Joyce Horn, Mary Evans, Gloria Vincent, Eleanor Cole, Marlene Allen. Tom Mitchell, David McAtee, Jack Newton, Lyle Sanders, Howard Upston Jr., Dick Dunn. 16if FIFTH GRADE BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: Roger Johnson, Charles Long, Keith Imhof, Arthur Tobey, Richard Bailey, Jack Palmers, Paul Miller. Mrs. Johnson, Marilyn Keefer, Leona Woodman, William Langridge, Robert Weller, James Devenney, Shi -ley Clark, Dorothy Baker. Betty Cole, Mary Lou Belote, Melba Klingaman, Mary Ann Alldaffer, Helen Herman, Coralea Johnston, Sonjia Taylor. John Carman, Glenn Goheen, William Blowers, Kenneth Saxman, Ernest King, Benny Benson, Donald Shaffer. FRONT ROW: MIDDLE ROW: BACK ROW: SIXTH GRADE Marilyn Horn, Mary Clark, Gladys Williams, Wanda McMurtrie, Annabelle Feiler, Donna Johnson, Madilyn Thomas. Mrs. Aletha Thunder, Carrol Michael, Jean Thornton, Marda Lu Clark, Zon Shumway, DeWain Belote, Sylvia Duckett, Phyllis Blowers. Noel Adams, Bernard Siegel, Franklin Klingaman, Robert Finney, James Johnston, Jerry Schroll, David Norton. 17FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW; SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: F.H.A. Rachel Skudlarick, Marcedes Groholske, Barbara Norton, Nancy Kuehn, Eleanor Doolittle, Marilyn Rogers, Rita Groholske, Betty Upston, Barbara Diamond. Dorene Olds, Iva Richfield, Norma Saxman, Virginia Evans, Norma Newman, Martha Johnson, Bernice Wilkerson, Jane Adams, Betty Tobey, Barbara Patten. Juanita Woodman, Barbara Johnson, Marjorie Blackwell, Betty Omo, Janice Williams. Dorothy Nelson, Lavina Sholes, Lois Thomas, Ethel Tobey, Dorothy Thomas, Doris Waffle, Betty Lou Thoman, Mrs. Milliman. THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: FOURTH GRADE Gary Blackwell, Lamar Hunsicker, Jerry Thornton, Gary Reimer, Laura Wilkerson, Faith Klingaman, Charlane Imhof, Janet Horn, Wilferd Cole. Mrs. Sizeland, Judy Martinson, Beverly Russell, Alice Baker, Mark Crissy, Morgan Morgan, Billy Schroll, Donald Bailey. Norman Miller, Frank Cowles, Norman Teeters, Jerry Johnson, Edward Hungerford, Glenna Michael, Mary Baker, Lois Sanders. 18STANDING: FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND GRADE (Left to Right) Ellen Sanders, Shirley Cole, Robert Belote, Charles Keller, Gary Keefer, John Herman. Seated Left to Right: Francis Scalici, Frank Thomas, Larry Granger, Linda Pike, Jerome Nowicki, Keith Blowers, Carolyn Rounds. Marvin Carman, JoAnne Cavinder, Urshula Johnston, Joyce Letts, Jerry Schultz, Fred Doolittle, Wade Adams, David Pell. Jerry Fleming, Gale Miller, Paul Slosser, Hannah Milliman, Larry Casebeer, Chris Katz, Mrs. Omo. BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIRST GRADE Left to Right: Judy Rogers, David Herman, Loyal Miller, Roger Imhof, Worth Scholfield, Bonnie McElhenie, David Williams. Charles Letts. Ronnie Buckmastcr, Jo Ann Cole. Mrs. Anderson, Stephanie Imhof, DeVeil Rogers, Judy Baker, Phillip Smith, Howard Olds, Dianne Cavinder, Zonal da Clark, Kay Cowles, Elaine Sanders, Kathleen Feiler. Mary Ellen Moore, Ethel McFadden, Anna Sarah Taylor, Linda Smith, Mary Louise McFadden, Karen Morley, Barry Walbeck, Bonnie Lynn Belote, Donna McMurtrie, Larry Casey. John Mitchell, Dickie Roepke, Stanley Beatty, Leonard Reincke, Jerry Horn, Carolyn Reincke, Tommy Upaton, David Katz. 19 THIRD GRADE BACK ROW: Left to Right: Karlene Gunnette, Rita Wiescholek, Ina Cole, Dolores Blowers, Geraldine Smith. Janice Tobey, Janet Swick, Marilyn Doolittle, Joyce Williams. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Taylor, Louis Duckett, Robert Abel, Jerald Letts, Norman Alldaffer, Sam Hoard, Lawrence Morgan, Grant Cary, Merle Funk. FRONT ROW: David Vernor, Arnold Hungerford, Clarence Upston, Phillip Williams, David Woodman, William Hoard, Larry Smith, Dennis Johnson, Richard Bignell. KINDERGARTEN SEATED: (On the floor) Nancy Milliman, Charlene Jenkins, Janice Macky, Bonnie McMurtrie, Kathy Gunnette, Kay Feiler, Linda Casebecr. SEATED: (At tables) Linda Lou Brownell, Kay Martinson, Barbara Carman, Vicki Fousz, Lynnda Watkins, Vicki Waffle, Hazel Tobey, Virginia Saxman, Melanie Johnson, Beverly Smith. STANDING: Mrs. Erma Sizcland, Tommy Clark, Roger Wahler, Grove Katz, Ora Swick, Terry May, Jimmy Russell, Larry Thomas, Eastman McFadden, Phillip Klingaman, Buddy Selby. 20BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: FOOTBALL TEAM Coach Taylor, Jacob Shank LeRoy Baker, Ed. Keller, Ed. Thomas, Lee Philo. Ernest Shilling, Dale Hartley, Don Taylor. Joe McFadden. Don Teeters, Captain Ronald Johnson. Irwin Groholske, Clarence Varner, Richard Varner. CHEERLEADERS STANDING: Barbara Patten, Barbara Diamond, Lois Thomas. KNEELING: Janice WilliarrjSi flfiris Waffle, Ethel Tobey. 22FOOTBALL The Tekonsha High School football team of ’48 opened the season with an eleven-man game with Concord. The rest of the games were played in the Southwestern Michigan Six-Man Football League. With only one senior, the team failed to win any games. With the spirit and more weight the prospects for next year look much better. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 17 Tekonsha 0 • I 24 « 12 Oct. 1 « • 12 • 8 % t 0 •• 15 • « 18 « • 22 • % 2 • 29 • • 13 Nov. 5 « t 0 57 There Concord 34 Home Schoolcraft 50 There Climax 34 There Mendon 44 Home Centerville 48 Home Starr 48 There Marcellus 50 Home Burr Oak 40 348 23BASKETBALL STANDING: Coach Taylor. Richard Varner, Leroy Baker, Marlin Gallup. Eduard Thomas, Charles Doolittle, Edward Keller, Donald Teeters, Louis Tobolske, Georgie Goheen. SITTING: Don Taylor, Allan Shedd, Clarence Varner, Irwin Groholske, Ronald Johnson, Harold Wiescholek, Jacob Shank. BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: GIRLS BASKETBALL Norma Saxman, Betty Tobey, Norma Newman, Janice Williams, Barbara Patten, Dorene Olds, Ethel Tobey. Mrs. Thunder, Betty Omo, Bernice Wilkerson, Pat Carman, Joan Blashfield, Jane Adams, Lavinia Sholes. Audrey Taylor, Barbara Diamond. Marcedes Groholske, Nancy Kuehn, Eleanor Doolittle, Jean Williams, Martha Johnson. 24BASKETBALL The Tekonsha High School Basketball team played a complete schedule of sixteen games. The team which was young and inexperienced failed to win but one game. Tekonsha again played in the Southwestern Michigan Class D Conference. A strong Burr Oak team won the championship, winning all of its conference games. With all but three of the team back next year the Indians should fare better. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1st Team Dec. 2 T ekonsha 30 • 7 « « 12 « » 10 » 13 t • 14 « « 29 • « 17 » » 65 Jan. 7 « 25 • 11 « 19 « « 14 « » 29 • • 21 « t 21 • • 25 • 28 • • 28 • t 28 Feb. 1 « 14 I • 4 « 8 • 11 1 « 26 • 17 1 33 • 25 « 25 405 Concord 43 33 47 Montgomery 28 10 16 Mendon 40 16 29 St. Charles 32 11 13 St. Charles 10 22 37 Alumni 34 Burr Oak 52 8 50 Mendon 40 16 29 Climax 49 8 33 Concord 33 12 11 Climax 40 12 34 Jackson Sophomores 44 Burr Oak 80 14 29 Montgomery 52 22 17 Coldwater Futures 39 13 25 Jackson Sophomores 49 9 52 555 205 422 25cz tuiocj’uifdte iMlMfitfkW A Imh4 fcr WAIAWORTM noTMKM 27illiman’s Sales Service HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES - TEXACO PRODUCTS BUMPING, PAINTING, GLASS INSTALLATION GENERAL REPAIRING AAA WRECKER SERVICE GOODYEAR TIRES AND ACCESSORIES GE APPLIANCES DUO-THERM OIL BURNERS TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN TELEPHONE 99 Olds Grocery COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES MEATS ICE CREAM GAS AND MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN PHONE 154 Compliments Of RED’S TAVERN Beer Lunches WineT ekonsha BIG CHIEF Grocery and Bakery Bake Goods Fresh From The Oven Phone 71 Michigan T ekonsha Congratulations and Success To The Seniors Of 1949 THE MAINS Phone 55 Michigan T ekonsha Compliments To The Class Of ’49 BEATTY’S LUNCH Michigan Tekonsha Congratulations To The Class Of ’49 RANDALLS - 5£ - $5.00 Phone 25 MichiganTekonsha Congratulations To The Class Of ’49 ROSE BEAUTY SHOP Audrey Keller Phone 114 Michigan Tekonsha ABEL. AND SON Meats and Groceries Earl Abel, Auctioneer Phone 50 Michigan Compliments Of The Seniors Of ’49 BETTY AND PAUL SLOSSER Tekonsha Congratulations To The Senior Class Of '49 MR. AND MRS. CHARLES WAGNER Phone 6063 MichiganSTANDARD SERVICE Atlas Tires - Batteries - Accessories Dial 5841 302 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan LYKINS BOTTLED GAS SERVICE Shellane Gas and Appliances Dial 4231 212 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan APPLIANCE SALES AND SERVICE Norge, Gibson and Crosley Appliances Dial 5371 156 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, Michigan THE COFFEE POT Hamburgers You’ll LIKE Hamburgers and Hot Dogs Our Specialty 228 West Michigan Avenue Marshall, MichiganCompliments Of SCHULER HOTEL Marshall Michigan LOTHAMER BROTHERS STOCKYARDS Farmers, Make This Your Livestock Market Complete, Daily Market Service No Commission Charge Congratulations Class of ’49 LARRY MILLER - HAROLD VARNER Standard Oil Agents Phone 149 Tekonsha, Michigan Phone 147 Tekonsha, Michigan Phone 178 Congratulations THE TEKONSHA PATRIOT Phone 33 Tekonsha MichiganFIRST STATE BANK Serving The Community When Banking Service Is Needed Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposit Insured Up To $5000.00 T ekonsha Phone 5 Michigan Compliments Of WILKIES MARKET Complete Line Of Groceries, Meats and Vegetables 8:00 Until 9:00 Week Days and Saturdays 8:00 Until 7:00 On Sunday Girard, Michigan Coldwater Phone 18F22 UNION CITY LUMBER COMPANY Jack D. Henry Pittsburgh Paints - Glass - Lumber Building Supplies - Roofing - Floor Sanding Equipment Phone 2151 Union City, Michigan BRAY MOTOR SALES Ford Sales and Service There's in your future Phone 2581 Union City MichiganJENKINS STANDARD SERVICE Standard Oil Products Atlas Tires Phone 73 Tekonsha Michigan Compliments Of TEKONSHA FARMERS CO-OP COMPANY Dealer In Farm Supplies Phone 6202 Compliments Of KEEP AND MARTINSON The Place To Buy When You Want To Build Lumber - Coal - Building Material Compliments Of JOHNSON HEATING SERVICE Lennox Furnaces and Servicing Phone 1121 Tekonsha, MichiganCompliments Of VERNOR FUNERAE HOME Phone 66 T ekonsha Michigan Compliments Of MITCHELL PLUMBING Complete Line Norge Appliances Plumbing and General C. extracting Compliments Of TRUDGEON THE COFFEE SHOP PHARMACY ‘•49” Our food is good Drugs - Sundries Our place is neat. The Coffee Shop Just can’t be beat. Stock and Poultry Drugs Union City, Michigan Alice Greenawait and Daughters THANKS . TO THE ADVERTISERS NO ' o r- ,7; - .'x v'— x v V V, - $:, - • - w; -r •• .-rrvti ■3Rk . Ys£ € : v • .• r-'r-:' ■■» . .v.’ .- ■ . « •« «, y V—„ v ♦ " . ‘N v «• - V , rv v ' V v. %- - . . - V V •• . ' -A . Js iu v 2 ••_ ,v S v •.- ; -•....o--c .; •-,;. •; . • -• v Iv .-r;- ' ; .. %• • . V % %v • 'v'. - - i T ' • 33SraBB S • ' V?5Cr CB JL'I.

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