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DEDICATION THe Senior Class of 1946 wishes to dedicate this Annual to our teacher and friend, Miss Betty Olson, who was largely responsible for its publication.Faculty Superintendent, Commercial Principal, Science English .... History .... Mathematics Athletics, Shop and Agriculture Home Economics Band .... Warren E. Brezette Arthur K. Lake Eleanor Randall Betty Olson Rose Warwick Charles Murphy Margaret Schantz Charles WeberAnnual Staff Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Humor Editor Sports Classes Photography Social Activities Advertising Rose Taylor Angela Green Margaret Panting Lucile Letts Nelson Shedd Carolyn Crissy Gloria Ivey Phyllis Cook Marjorie PattenHistory of Annual “Pottowam” first one 1924, the only one until 1934. “Echo” in 1934. In 1933 “Boomerang”; 1936 and 1937 Pottowam; 1938 the Pottowam. “Pottowam” is contracted from Potowatomi, an Indian tribe, belonging to Alganquia family. It means “fire-makers”. They possessed Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana, about fifty villages, one at Tekonsha. In 1943 the name was changed to the “Cardinal”. The red and white book carried out the school colors.Gloria Jenkins Ivey “She doesn’t give up easily” President of Class 2, 3, 4 Vice President 1 Band 1 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Basketball 4 “Mystery of the Masked Girl” 3 Betty McAtee “Ambitious and very likeable” Student Council 1 Newspaper Staff 1, 3, 4 Glee Club 2 Debate 2 Secretary 3 “Mystery of the Masked Girl” 3 “Sound Your Horn” 4 Basketball 4 Annual Staff 4 Donr.a Casebeer “She gets what she goes after” 4-H Club 1,2,4 Glee Club 1, 2, President of Class 1 Newspaper Staff 1,3,4 Cheerleader 1, 2, 4 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 4 Sec. and Treas. of Varsity Club 3 President of Varsity Club 4 “Sound Your Horn” 4 Student Council 4 Debate 2 Joyce Raymond “Quiet but kind to everyone” Band 4 Newspaper Staff 4Marjorie Sizeland “Her heart ran away with her head” Treasurer 4 Student Council 1 Glee Club 1,2 Band 1,2, 3,4 4-HClub 1,2, 3, 4 “ 1 he Mystery of the Masked Girl” 3 ‘‘Sound Your Horn” 4 Hester Dickinson “She likes the fellows” Glee Club 1 Newspaper Staff 4 “Sound Your Horn” 4 Ruth Millard Hempstead “She’s a blond in every respect’ Band I Glee Club 1, 2 Newspaper Staff 1, 4 Nelson Shedd “He likes the girls” Vice President 4 Treasurer 1 “Sound Your Horn” 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4Kaye Kuehn ‘‘She has an excellent disposition” Glee Club 2 Newspaper Staff 4 Beverly Olds “She takes life as it comes” Varsity Club 3, 4 Secretary and Treasurer 4 4-H Club I Newspaper Staff 3, 4 “Mystery of the Masked Girl” 3 Margaret Panting “Her smile is exquisite” Secretary 2, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Band 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 4 Lucile Letts “Lots of fun and very considerate of people” Glee Club 1 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 ‘Mystery of the Masked Girl” 3 Annual Staff 4Anita Scherer “She used to be quiet” Basketball 4 Doris Panting “Quiet and reserved” Glee Club 1, 2 Carolyn Crissy “Charming and graceful” Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 4-H Club 1, 2, 4 “Mystery of the Masked Girl” 3 “Sound Your Horn” 4 Class Vice President 3 Angela Green “She finishes what she starts” Debate 2 Pianist for Primary Grades 3, 4 “Mystery of the Masked Girl 3 “Sound Your Horn” 4ROSE TAYLOR “She makes a good manager and is kind about it” Band 1,3,4, Treasurer 2 Glee Club I Editor of Annual Staff 4 Editor of School Newspaper 3, 4 Marjorie Phelps Patten “Small in stature but lots of fun” Class Secretary 1 Band 1,2, 3, 4 4-H Club 1,2,3 “Mystery of the Masked Girl” 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Phyllis Cook "Little but Oh, My!” Glee Club 1, 2 Band 2 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 4 “Mystery of the Masked Girl” 3 Wayne Goheen “Willing to help when asked” “Sound Your Horn” 4Gordon Nelson “He has oodles of courage” “Sound Your Horn" 4 Marilyn Blackwell “She is successful in what she does” Newspaper Staff 4 “Sound Your Horn" 4Class History Our Freshmen Class consisted of thirty-two students. As soon as we were somewhat acquainted the class was organized and the following were elected as officers: Donna Casebeer, President, Gloria Jenkins, Vice-President, Marjorie Phelps, Secretary, and Nelson Shedd, Treasurer. Marjorie Sizeland and Betty McAtee were elected as representatives for the Student Council. The first social event scheduled for us was the annual Freshmen initiation, being dealt out by the Sophomores. At the close of the evening there was no doubt in our minds as to the fact that we were initiated. In later months we enjoyed a skating party at Hemlock Beach, with transportation furnished by Charlie Wagner’s moving van. The first par y of our Sophomore year was our initiation for the Freshmen. This began with traipsing them through the cellar, after which they were served refreshments. Later, we planned a theater party to see “This is The Army”. Extra curricular activities included a debate team in which Angela Green, Betty McAtee, Donna Case-beer, and Phyllis Cook took part. Then began our Junior year, with everyone looking forward to the presentation of the Junior Play. We gave the play, “The Mystery of the Masked Girl ”, on the 21st and 22nd of March. We also looked forward to the Junior - Senior Prom which took place in May at the Marshall Country Club. Our Senior year promised to be one of huge success. Early in November we presented the play “Sound Your Horn”, a comedy. Officers elected for our final year were: Gloria Jenkins Ivey, President, Nelson Shedd, Vice-President, Margaret Panting, Secretary, and Marjorie Sizeland, Treasurer.Class Will of 1946 Donna Cheer leader’s position to Jackie M. Marilyn Ability as a housekeeper to Shirley Ann Carolyn Her Casualness to Clela Joyce Her quiet way to Donna C. Kaye Her smile to Mr. Lake Phyllis Her art to argue to Doris P. Doris Her quiet way to Beverly P. Margaret Her good form to Doris W. Hester Her height to Dorothy H, Betty Her ability to milk a cow to Gloria Marjorie S. Her love life to Angela Marjorie P. Her laugh to Mr. Murphy Gloria Cooking ability to Marjorie P. Anita Blushing ability to Mr. Lake Beverly Sense ot humor to Ruth Swift Angela Small feet to Mr. Brezette Rose Success in life to Joyce H. Lucile Her obesity to Ruth K. Wayne His mathematical ability to Miss Olson Nelson Attitude toward girls to Paul W. Gordon Listening ability to Donald V. Ruth Small waist to Bill C.Senior Trip The Tekonsha High School Seniors ventured forth on May 19, 1946 in the school bus to Detroit where they boarded the boat “South American” for a short cruise. We went down through Detroit Harbor, passing the islands and out into Lake Erie, down to Cleveland, not stopping at Cleveland, we traveled up to Buffalo, New York. We docked at Buffalo and a touring bus was waiting there to take us out on a tour of the city. We saw Niagara Falls and also rode on the ferry “Mate of the Mist”. We left Buffalo and went on up to the Canadian border where we docked for a couple of hours. A few adventurers got off to look around. ALer leaving Canada we headed back for Detroit, arriving there on Tuesday noon, May 21. It was a swell trip and we, with a few hundred other seniors, enjoyed it immensely, although we were tired, we were glad to be back in Detroit, headed for home.Senior Roll Call Name Nickname Wants To Be Will Be Marilyn Fat T eacher Wife Donna Horsie Kissed Missed Carolyn College girl Farmerette Phyllis Cookie Skinny Fat Margie P. Mag Good Cook Good farmer Gloria Tiny Good wife She hopes Marjorie S. Bustle John’s other wife Old maid Joyce Hezzie Housekeeper Married Kaye Hunhine With Van J. With a certain G. Doris Loud Quiet Betty Coon Waitress Dishwasher Anita Needles Clerk Ruth Ruthie Housewife Truck Driver Beverly Bev Heard Seen Rose Rosy Artist Farmerette Lucile Lucy Skinny Fat vngela Angy English teacher Old maid Gordon Gordie Loved Well? Nelson Doane Success with Barbara He hopes Margaret Bookkeeper Whistled at Hester Had Heavier SkinnierSenior Prophesy We gazed into our crystal ball to see what the members of our Senior class would be doing in ten years. This is what was revealed. Gloria Ivey moving new furniture (Sun-Kist orange crates) into her spotless one room tent. Marjorie Sizeland is heading for Reno for her fifth Divorce—she plans to marry again soon. Margie P atten, local farmerette, is bailing hay in the summer heat while hubby sleeps. Phyllis Cqok traveling with the Barnum and Baily Circus as the widely known fat lady. Joyce Raymond, local housewife, entertaining the Progressive Mothers club. Wayne Gohcen automobile magna'e introducing his new super automobile the “Goheen Gopher”. Rose Taylor, well known artist, has just returned from a tour of Europe’s art galleries. Local horse doctor, Nelson Shedd, has just completed a course on how to cure the horse disease — Phyliticis. An up and coming inventor, Gordon Nelson, has perfected a new type mouse trap. It works almost every time and weighs only 1 5 pounds. Kaye Kuehn, lecturer, gave a talk on Alaska and discussed the proper way to crawl into an igloo. Marilyn Blackwell, rookie player of the Detroit Tigers, will replace Hank Greenberg at first base this season. Betty McAtea has just received the National honor of being champion cow milker. Hester Dickinson has reached the top of the success ladder in Hollywood. She now receives as much fan mail as Lassie. hi February, Lucile Letts, well known ski champion, will leave for Norway to compete in the finals of the ski contest. Carolyn Crissy, pianist, is entertaining at the Waldorf Hotel with her boogie woogie blues. Angela Green, great dog lover, is entering her poodle “Lamb-chop” in the National Dog show.Class Prophesy Cont'd Beverly Olds was appointed Lawyer in the baffling case in Chicago of “Man Bites Dog”. Margaret Panting has just been appointed to the position of Russian Ambassador. Now all she has to do is to learn Russian. Doris Panting, Nationally known orator, is returning to her home town to speak on the subject of “Why People Talk So Much”. Anita Scherer, a high dive expert, is planning on entertaining at Billy Rose’s “Diamond Horseshoe”. Donna Casebeer, well known trick rider, and her famous horse “Flabbyshanks” are performing at Madison Square Garden in their first performance. Ruth M. Hempstead, seamstress, has just completed Margaret O’Brien’s wardrobe fcr her forthcoming picture “The Vogue of 1 956 ”. IQInformal Groups “Oomph” “Cronies “Ola la” “Hep-cat” Slick Chicks” “Contented” “Yell Yokels’’Junior Class Front Row----Betty Cole, Emma Tobey, Dorothy Heartley, Charlotte Mosier Phyllis Schroll, Joyca Houvener, Barbara Taylor Second Row----Everett Miller, Elfrieda Wiescholek, Marilyn Vincent Shirley Ann Cilbert, Clela Dexter, Keith Klingaman, Clair Ritchie Third Row----Donald Philo, Don Vincent, John Frey, William Foster, Paul Weimer, Leroy Taylor Junior Class History On the day that school opened twenty-one students enrolled in the Freshman Class. The officers elected for the year were as follows: President, Charlotte Mosier; Vice-President, Maxine Wendorf; Secretary, Paul Weimer; and, Treasurer, Everett Miller. Our first party took place when the Sophomores invited us to the initiation party, to acquaint us with the students. The last day of school was spent at Coldwater Park with a picnic for our chief diversion. We then entered the Sophomore Class with an enrollment of twenty-four students. We had lost Lena Badger but there were four new students: Mary Nell O’Neill, John Frey, Shirley Gilbert, and Joyce Houvener. At our first class meeting we elected our officers for the year: President, Shirley Gilbert; Vice-President, Everett Miller; Secretary, Vernon Kempton; and, Treasurer, Kenneth Kempton. Miss Olson acted as our Class Advisor. Our first party was the annual Initiation, at which we became better acquainted with the Freshmen. In October our Class participated in the Halloween Carnival. In December we had a Christmas party at which we played games, danced, and had refreshments of cokes, potatoes chips and sandwiches. Then began our Junior year with twenty students enrolled. Seven students had left us but we were glad to welcome three new ones: Clair Ritchie, Alfrieda Weischalek, and Clela Dexter. At our first meeting we elected the following officers: President, Charlotte Mosier; Vice-President, Clela Dexter; Secretary, Shirley Gilbert; and, Treasurer, John Frey. October was an important month for us because of the Halloween Carnival. For our part we contributed an archery contest, a cake raffle, and had the people guessing as to how many beans there were in a jar. To earn additional funds for our class treasury we sold maga-zines from the Curtiss Publishing Co. In November we ordered our Class rings. In keeping with the times the name of our rings will be “The Atomic Bomb”. In addition to these activities, the class has made sales of hot-dogs and cokes at the Basketball games.Sophomore Class i-irsi Row—Beveny Reimsr, Eunice Johnson, Dana Grimes, Donna Peck Ruth Swift, Ilah B’.ashfield, Jean Shilling Second Row—Duane Shoals, Douglas Eldred, Robert Jordan, Gale Dickinson JoAnn Weimer, Barbara Richfield, Mildred Truax, Jerry Williams Scott Teeters, Bill Cummins Third Row---Robert Waffle, Ed Phelps, Norman Schafer, Oliver Morrow Jerry Williams, Gordon Lawhead, Dick Brunner, George Clark Charles Crissy Cur Freshman Class began with an enrollment of twenty-eight students. Mr. Lake was our class advisor and officers elected were as follows1 President, Beverly Reimer; Vice-President, Edward Phelps; Treasurer, Laura Jean Shilling; and. Secretary, Douglas Eldred. Our first party was given to us by the Sophomores, which happened to be the annual initiation. During the year we enjoyed three o her class parties. Much to our regret, Merle Kobe and Albert Gro-holske left our Class, thus leaving us with twenty-six members to complete the Freshman year. Jane Berg and Dick Bruner again raised our enrollment but we were to lose Jane before the end of the semester. Our new officers were the following: President, Charles Crissy; Vice-President, Jerry Williams; Treasurer, Oliver Morrow; and, Secetary, Jo Ann Weimer. Freshnran Class first Row----ir.iia Kan z, Charlotte Jones, Nancy Kuehn, Kay Johnson Lois Thomas, Diane Scott, Rachel Marie Skudlarick Second Row----James Clark, William Reimer, Marilyn Rogers, Barbara Norton Jercme Diamond, Edward Thomas Third Row----Allan Shedd, James Spohn, Lavern Sizeland, Jack McDonald Harold Wiescholek, Melvin Blackwell, James Drouillard, John Baldwin The officers we elected to guide us hrough our first year of high school were as follows: Edward Thomas, President; Harold Weischo-lek; Vice-President; Marvin Packard, Secretary; and John Baldwin, Treasurer. We enjoyed ourselves at the Halloween Carnival where we had a dart game and sold candy and popcorn. After exhausting our supply of refreshments we finished out the evening by distributing bunches of bittersweet for sale.Eighth Grade Fir t Row----Joyce Schroll, Bernice Wilker»on, Donna Jean William , Patricia Carman, Audrey Taylor, Betty Upston, June Jordan Second Row-----Donald Langridge, Helen Nantz, Beverly Phelps, Doris Wagner Bernice Prater, Donald Taylor Third Row----Chester Goheen, Joe McFadden, Glenn Johnson, Ernest Millard Carl McAtee, Irvin Groholski, Guy Boston The eighth grade, a class of twenty-two pupils, held its first meeting in September. With Mrs. Randall as our class advisor, we elected as our president, Joe McFadden; Carl McAtee, Vice-President; and Doris Wagner, Secretary and Treasurer. Later, Joe resigned and Beverly Phelps was chosen President. At the Halloween Carnival, we were awarded two dollars for the most attractive booth. We had a fish pond and candy booth which were decorated by members of the class. We were proud of our prize because we felt the competition was quite keen that night. Shortly before Christmas, Doris Wagner invited the class to herFeb. 1,2 Concord at Tekonsha . 21 23 Feb. 15 Tekonsha at Starr ... . 23 35 Feb. 19 Athens at Tekonsha............................14 26 Feb. 26 T ekonsha at Centerville . 20 81 N. Shedd B. Cummins L. Taylor D. Sholes G. Clark S. Teeters J. Frey D. Vincent P. Weimer D. Eldred G. Dickinson R. Jordon E. Phelps C. Ritchie C. Crissy O. Morrow J. Williams N. Schafer First team players starredBaseball Litchfield Union City Starr Comm. 1 Athens Litchfield Athens Starr Comm. Union City P. Weimer Pitcher L. Taylor Catcher D. Sholes 1 st Base J. Williams 2nd Base C. Crissy Short Stop J. Frey 3rd Base D. Eldred Left Field E. Phelps Center Field K. Klingaman Right Field here April 9 here April 23 there April 26 here April 30 there May 2 there May 7 here May 10 there May 17 O. Morrow R. Jordan R. Waffle S. Teeters M. Blackwell G. Lawhead G. Clark C. Ritchie G. DickinsonChristine Eliot Mrs. Van Dyke Mrs. Beasley Theodore Webster Diane Webster Mr. Angus Etta Lamb Homer Bird Drucilla Phyllis Betty McAtee Angela Green Marilyn Blackwell Nelson Shedd Carolyn Crissy Gordon Nelson Donna Casebeer Wayne Goheen Hester Dickinson Marjorie Sizeland The play, presented Noember 1 5 and 1 6 at the Guild Hall, was a fast-moving comedy concerning the eccentric Mrs. Van Dyke, a millionairess, and her efforts to remove Christine Eliot’s refreshment stand from her suburban property. Ted Webster, Mrs. Van Dyke’s nephew, who is working incognito at the stand, falls in love with Miss Eliot. Unknown to Mrs. Van Dyke, Christine is a Vassar graduate and after many minor skirmishes Christine gets her man and Etta is per-suaded to change her name from Etta Lamb to Etta Bird, thus making Homer a very happy man. As is to be expected they all live happily ever after. Me and My Shadow Roy Harrington Arleen Harrington Mrs. King Susan Fisher Bruce Douglas Georgia Butler Shadow Hickson Sabu John Frey Clela Dexter Elfrieda Wiecholek Shirley Gilbert Paul Weimer Emma Tobey Betty Cole Bill Foster Everett Miller The Junior Play was presented February 7th and 8th at the GuildHall. It was an exciting comedy which started off with the unapproved marriage of Roy and Arlene Harrington. Before Arlene leaves for Midtown to visit a friend, she calls Dr. Douglas and invites him to spend the week end with Roy. Returning from taking his wife to the station, Roy saves a young Hindu girl from death. She declares that therefore she is bound to him forever. He is her master. Roy’s mother-in-law arrives unexpectedly which complicates matters and they are not helped any by the snoopy neighbor or Susan, the stupid maid. Surprising every one, Arlene returns and threatens to leave Roy, because of Shadow. Mother King solves all when she discovers the killer, Sabu, as he kidnapped her by mistake. Hickson, the sheriff, brings him back. When Sabu again tries to kill Shadow, hitting Bruce instead and making him her master. This patches up the difficulties between Arlene and Roy, leaving the rest of the cast in an hilarious uproar.s O A C C I T A I L V I T E SJunior Senior Prom The Junior and Senior Prom was proceeded by a banquet at the Masonic Hall. After a short program they drove to the Coldwater Coun :y Club for their “Stardust” J - Hop. There Mr. Charles Weber and his Exchange Orchestra from Battle Creek supplied music for dancing from 9 to 1 2 and refreshments of punch and wafers were served.Hallowe’en Carnival For the benefit of the individual classes, as well as to keep us out of mischief, the school sponsored a carnival at the Baptist Gymnasium on Halloween night. Many organizations, among them the Eastern Star, Lions Club, Baptist Aid Society, and the Boy Scouts provided various sorts of entertainment and refreshments. The Senior Class, given preference as to the location, sold hot dogs and cokes from a gaily decorated kitchen. In the middle of the room a ball game was in session — the object being to hit a Senior who was willing to make the sacrifice. The Junior’s contribution consisted of a Rogue’s Gallery and a bow and arrow game. Bittersweet and popcorn were also sold and near the end of the evening, an angel food cake was raffled. Another very popular diversion was the basketball throw, tended by the Sophomores. A booth in the center of the floor was the scene for making taffy-apples. Three or more students from the class made rag dolls and balls were thrown at these in the hope of winning a prize. The Freshmen sold bittersweet and candy and for other entertainment had a dart game. Across the street in the bus-garage, the Band Boosters held a much-attended bingo party. The seventh and eigh h grades had three booths at which they sold sandwiches and cokes, threw darts and had a novelty “monkey-seeing” game. In addition to the separate class booths, several chicken and turkey raffles were scheduled. Door prizes, donated by the local merchants, added a high light to the evening.Bits of Humor “Come, flee with me!” “I can’t flee with you. I’m wearing my father’s pants. It would be terrible to see the headlines in tomorrow’s paper: Flees in Father’s Pants.’’ Small brother: “Ha, ha, I just saw you kiss Sis!” Suitor: “Here, keep still; put this quarter in your pocket.” Small brother: “Here’s ten cents in change, one price to all. That’s the way I do business.’’ “He went blind from drinking coffee.” “Who ever heard of such a thing? How did it happen?” “He left his spoon in the coffee.” “You’ve got an awful big mouth, haven’t you mom?” “Whatr do you mean?” “Well, pop told nursie last night, that you swallowed everything he told you!” “I’m named after my parents. My dad’s name was Ferdinand and my mother’s name was Liza.” “What’s your name then?” “Ferdiliza.”Bits of Humor Rudyard Kipling’s famous quotation: “A woman is a woman, but a cigar is a good smoke”. A guide, showing an old lady through the zoo, took her to a cage, occupied by a kankaroo. “Here madam,” he said, “We have a native of Australia”. “Good gracious”! she replied, “and to think my sister married one”. He: “I always kiss the stamps on your letters, because I know your lips have touched them”. She: “Oh, dear, and to think I always dampen them on Fido’s nose.” Did you hear about the moron who went to the football game be cause he thought the quarterback was a refund? “When were you born?” “April 2.” “A day too late.” “If you refuse me, I’ll blew my brains out!” “O, how could you?” “I’m Chief Running Water; these are my sons, Hot and Coli. L.uke didn’t come, he ain’t so hot” “Is it true that yo ur husband ate his dinner in silence after you hid 3'our quarrel?” “No, we had soup”.Spirit Of '46 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 a U-um” “Big Five” « CT T Held Bdss “Playmates’’ “Bum”JENKINS Standard Service TEKONSHA. MICHIGAN Phone 73 STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Atlas Tires and Batteries HOME TOWN NEWS Congratulations IN THE Seniors Tel onsha The Patriot Main Grocery PRINTING AND And Market WRITING PAPER Compliments Hitchcox Dairy YOUR MILKMAN Leo Cuyler PROPRIETOR Alfred Hitchcox HOME OF Quality Dairy Products AND Friendly Service Congratulations Class of 1946 GROCERIES MEATS Your friendly MOBILGAS and MOBILOIL DEALER Dexter’s Store Congratulations nd Best ishes to the Senior Class of 1946 We solicit your building problems Keep Martinson Lumber — CoalSELLORS STUDIO LOUIS J. SELLORS Portraits and Commercial Photography Kodaks Films Supplies Kodak Finishing Picture Framing 1 1 5 E. Michigan Ave. Phone 92FI Marshall, Michigan When in Union City Trade at DANCERS Congratulations Seniors of 1946 TASTY LUNCH Friendly Service WEST POINT1 Congratulations . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1946 Rose Beauty Shop Audrey Keller Phone 4 CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations GRADUATING to the CLASS OF ’46 Senior C.lciss Remember The Future Belongs to those Who Prepare For It. RAY GREEN E. L. WAFFLE Hardware Insurance Agency T EARL ABEL Licensed Bonded AUCTIONEER —Experienced —Qualified Farm Machinery Livestock Household Goods Real Estate Your Home Auctioneer Satisfaction Guaranteed Tekonsha, Michigan MILLIMAN’S Super Service is the Most Reliable Service Phone 99 Tekonsha, Michigan Congratulations To the Senior Class of 1946 FIRST STATE BANK Tekonsha, Michigan Individual Deposits Insured up to $5,000=PECKS= Drug Store Prescription Specialists MARSHALL, MICHIGAN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 From RANDALL'S 5c to $5 Store COMPLIMENTS OF THE Calhoun County Telephone Office Tekonsha, MichiganCONGRATULATIONS WITH OUR GRADUATING CLASS OF ’46 James Gray BEST WISHES RANDALL CHICKEN Products Co. COMPLIMENTS . . . TO THE SENIORS Come and see us at our new location Ralph Palmer Marshall, Michigan TO THE GRADUATING Congratulations CLASS OF “46” to the Best Wishes for Class of 1946 A Successful Future LATHROP Larry Miller Harold Varner Real Estate Your Agency Standard Oil Agents Congratulations To The Senior Class Gunnette DrugJ. H. CRONIN DRY GOODS AND READY TO WEAR Established 1851 Marshall, Michigan YOU BUY QUALITY BABY CHICKS AT Tekonsha Hatchery Feed — Seeds — and Poultry Equipment Wagner Cartage Local and Long Distance Moving Tekonsha, Michigan Phone 6803Boots Jeanette Tasty Lunch Texaco Dealers 27-60 Junction Tire and tube repairing Used tires GUARANTEED VULCANIZING Parts and Accessories Congratulations Seniors RED’S TAVERN Road Service Millard’s Welding Shop General Repair Construction Welding We build . . . Wagons Trailers, etc. “You break it, we fix it”BIG CHIEF BAKERY FRESH OVEN BAKED GOODS Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cary BEST SUCCESS TO THE TO THE GRADUATING Congratulations Seniors CLASS OF ’46 TEETERS SERVICE A. H Randall Mill Co. Tekonsha, Michigan Tekonsha, MichiganAutographsAutographsWise Cracks Margaret Panting Donna Casebeer Carolyn Crissy Angela Green Joyce Raymond Lucile Letts Rose Taylor Kaye Kuehn Hester Dickinson Ruth Hempstead Marjorie Sizeland Phyllis Cook Doris Panting Anita Scherer Betty McAtee Wayne Goheen Nelson Shedd Marjorie 1 atten Beverly Olds Marilyn Blackwell Gloria Ivey Gordon Nelson “Creeps “Howdy docdy! “Nuts! “Honest to Fruitcakes “Jeepers “Yipes “Oh Fiddle “Holy Cow “Oh, Sugar “Gee Whiz “Oh-ta-ta-ta-ta “Do You Still Love Me? “Jeepers Creepers “Shucks “Yee Gads “Censored “Ditto “Good Gosh “O.K. Good Kid “Good Gosh “Oh My Gosh “Oh My Gosh’

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