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Forcward - We have endeavored to bring you a picture of the activities during the year 1944 - 1945 in Te-konsha High School. — The StaffTHE TEKONSHA "CARDINAL"The Senior Class of I 945 would like to dedicate this Annual to all those men and women from Tekonsha High School who have entered the services of the United States.FACULTY Mr. Warren Brezette Mr. Arthur Lake Mrs. Rose Warwick Mrs. Eleanor Randall Miss Betty Olson Mrs. Margaret Schantz Superintendent Commercial, Shop, Coach. Principal Science Mathematics, Latin English History Home EconomicsThe "Annual” Staff R. Carl, J. Upston, F. Martin, B. Varner, L. Luby, K. Patten Editor in chief Betty Varner Assistant Editor Kenneth Patten Class Editor Joan Upston Sports Editors Leo Peck, Raymond Carl Activities . Louise Lepper Business Manager Frances Martin Photography Raymond Carl Humor Editor Lorraine Luby Advisor Miss Betty Olson Kenneth Patten Football 1, 2, 3; Captain 4 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Baseball I ’ Don’t Be Bashful” 3 “Leave It To Us” 4 Glee Club I ; Band 1 President 4; Annual Staff 4 Lorraine Luby Glee Club I, 2, 3; 4-H 1, 2, 3 Vice President I, 4 “Don’t Be Bashful” 3 “Leave It To Us” 4 Newspaper 1,4; Annual 4 Basketball I ; Band 1 Office Position 4 Betty Varner Class President 1,3; secretary 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4; 4-H 3 “Don’t Be Bashful” 3 “Leave It To Us” 4 Leo Peck Newspaper 4 Football 3, 4 “Leave It To Us" 4 Baseball 3 Treasurer 2, 4 Annual 4Eugene Shaffer Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3 “Don’t Be Bashful” 3 Louise Lepper Glee Club 1 “Don’t Be Bashful” 3 "Leave It To Us” 4 Paul Olds Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Baseball 2, 4 “Don’t Be Bashful” 3 Frances Martin Glee Club 1, 2, 3 4-H 1,2 “Leave It To Us" 4 Secretary 1 Paper Staff I Annual Staff 4Opal Sbedd Band 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2 “Don’t Be Bashful’’ 3 Basketball 1 Raymond Carl Glee Club 1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3 “Leave It To Us’’ 4 Baseball 2, 4 Annual Staff Marella Peck Glee Club 1 4-H four years Cmy Doolittle Baseball 2, 4 4-H Handicraft 1Charles Mosier Baseball 2, 4 Football 3, 4 Varsity Club Pres, and Vice Pres. 4 Flerlyn Schafer Class Secretary 3 “Don’t Be Bashful” 3 “Leave It To Us" 4 4-H Projects, 8 years D.A.R. 4 Donald King Baseball 2, 4 Basketball 3 Band 1. 2, 3, 4 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4 Joan Upston 4-H 3 Band 2 Glee Club 1 Annual Staff 4Joe Goheen “Don’t Be Bashful” 3 “ Leave It To Us” 4 Juanita Prater Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Junior Council 1 School Paper 2, 4 “ Don’t Be Bashful” 3 “ Leave It To Us” 4 Library 2, 3 Joe Scherer Band 1, 2, 3, 4 BaseballClass History On the day that school started, 23 students enrolled in the Freshman class. Some of them were new and green in getting around to the classes, so some of the other students had to help out. The first meeting was held to elect officers, and Mr. Swinehart acted as our class advisor. Those elected were: President, Betty Varner; Vice Pres., Lorraine Vincent; Secretary - Treasurer, Frances Martin. The first party took place when the Sophomores invited us to the initiation party to get us acquainted wLh the other students. The next party we took the buses and went roller skating at' Hemlock Beach. The last day of school we went to Pine Lake for our picnic. The next year we started out with 24 students in our class. We had lost Violet Badger, but there were two new students, Robert Sanders and Kenneth Patten. At our first meeting at which Mrs. Milliman officiated as class advisor, we elected the following officers: President, Brian Downey; Vice-President, Robert Sanders; Secretary, Iva Jane McCray; Treasurer, Leo Peck. We also discussed when to have the Freshman and Sophomore party. It was decided to have it October I. We went roller skating at Hemlock Beach. Wagner’s semi'took us and the rest of the high school. We had 23 members in our Junior Class. Isabel King had moved to Battle Creek and Iva Jane McCray quit after two months of school and Mary Schroll quit before the year was over. We got our class rings in December, which we were all proud of. The officers elected were: President, Betty Varner; Vice-President, Brian Downey; Secretary, Merlyn Schafer; Treasurer, Dora June Kuehn. The class advisor was Mrs. Warwick. We sold cokes at noon, and also sold popcorn and cokes at the basketball games at which we made more money for our treasury. We put our Junior play on April 21, and the name of it was “Don’t Be Bashful ”. We gave two performances, one in the afternoon for the lower grades and one in the evening. We sold reserve seat tickets to thosa who wanted them and it turned out a big success. We invited the Seniors to a Junior and Senior Prom, May 12. We started our Senior year with 19 students, and our class advisor, Mrs. Warwick. The officers were: President, Kenneth Patten; Vice-President, Lorraine Luby; Secretary, Betty Varner; Treasurer, Leo Peck; We participated in theTdallowe’en Carnival and put on a play December 8th.Will of the Class of 1945 By Lorraine Vincent Lub Be it remembered that we, the Class of “45 ’ of Tekonsha Hig i School, of Calhoun County, Michigan bsing of sound mind and memory and knowing the uncertainty of this life, do hereby make, and declare this to be our last will and testament in manner following: Joan Upston wills her humor to Donna Peck. Marslla Peck bequeathes some of her weight to Hester Dickinson Frances Martin will her shortness to Betty McAtee. Betty Varner wills her slimness to Lucile Letts. v Kenneth Patten wills his ability to argue to Ruth Swift. 'Eugene (Speedy) Shaffer wills his laziness to Angela Green. 'Raymond Carl wills his laugh to Mrs. Randall. 'Donald King wills his bashfulness to Charles Crissy. Guy Doolittle bequeathes his ability to do Bookkeeping to Nelson Shedd. Lorraine Luby leaves her office position to Margaret Panting. Juanita Prater wills her ability to talk to Doris Panting. Paul Olds wills his smallness to Kaye Kuehn. ' Charles Mosier wills his ability to be a bachelor to Wayne Goheen. Opal Shedd wills her height to Phyllis Cook. 'Louise Lepper wills her ability to jitterbug to Anita Scherer. Merlyn Schafer wills her shyness to Beverly Olds. 'Joe Goheen wills his stubborness to Gloria Jenkins. 'Joe Scherer wills his nonsence to Shirley Gilbert. We hereby appoint Supt. Warren E. Brezette of Tekonsha High School executor of this our Last Will and Testament.Senior Personalities Prettiest Girl Handsomest Boy Wittiest Girl Wittiest Boy Tallest Girl Tallest Boy Best Girl Dancer Best Boy Dancer Girl with Nicest Personality Boy with Nicest Personality Best Girl Student Best Boy Student Boy with Best Sportsmanship Girl with Best Sportsmanship Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Neatest Boy Neatest Girl Most Polite Girl Girl using Best English Boy using Best English Peppiest Girl Peppiest Boy Biggest Gum Chewer Most Polite Boy Class Poet Class Orator Louise Leppe r Leo Peck Joan Upston Raymond Carl Opal She Jd Charles Mosier Lorraine Luby Kenneth Patten Francis Martin Paul Olds Betty Varner Guy Doolittle, Donald King Leo Peck Marella Peck Betty Varner Eugene Shaffer Paul Olds Larraine Luby Merlyn Schafer Juanita Prater Guy Doolittle Joan Upston Kenneth Patten Louise Lepper Donald King Joe Goheen Joe Scherer These were voted upon by the Senior Class and were also chosen by some of the individual members. Junior Class Row 1—R. Millard, M. Phelp Row 2----M. Panting, A. Green, G. Nelson, L. Letts, J. Raymond Row 3—S. Olds, M. Blackwell, W. Gcheen, H. Dickinson, D. Panting Row 4----K. Kuehn, C. Crissy, N. SHedd, R. Taylor, M. Sizeland Low 5----G. Jonklns, B. McAtee, L.D. Frey, P. Cook, D. CasebeerJunior Class History At the beginning of the ninth grade we had 32 students in the class. The officers elected for the Freshman year are as follows: President, Donna Casebeer; Vice-President, Gloria Jenkins: Secretary, Marjorie Phelps: Treasurer, Nelson Shedd. This was considered as a pretty important year for the Freshman students, for they all looked forward to entering high school. The Sophomores sent us very nice invitations asking us to come to initiation. It turned out very good in spite of the fact that we were the ones initiated. Marjorie Sizeland and Betty McAtee were elected by the majority of the class for representing our class on the Student Council. We then entered the Sophomore Class and immediately began our planning to initiate the Freshmen. The initiating began with sending the unlucky Freshmen through the cellar while the Sophomores stood on the sideline with mops (wet at that) and different objects that were to be used in scaring the poor Freshmen. Then they were served refreshments. After this quieted down somewhat, we began to plan a theatre party as there was a very good show coming to Marshall. It was “This is the Army”. Then during our Sophomore year Mr. Holmquist planned a debate team. Those out of the Sophomore Class on the debate team were1 Angela Green, Betty McAtee, Donna Casebeer, and Phyllis Cook. The Sophomore girls also had a softball team. They played Burlington Village School three times in which we we were defeated twice. Then began the Junior year in which everyone was looking forward to the presentation of the Junior Play. We were also looking forward to the Junior and Senior Prom in which the Juniors were to entertain the Seniors. Then one day a man from Curtiss Publishing Co. asked us if we would like to make some money by selling magazines. We knew this would help us to earn some money to put on the Junior and Senior Prom. We did very well selling subscriptions. The Juniors also sold hot dogs at the football games. On the 21 and 22 of March we presented the Junior Play, “Mystery of the Masked Girl .fSophomore Class Row 1—J. Emmel, J. Frey, D. Vincent, E. Tobey Row 2—B. Cole, C. Mosier, M.N. O’Neill, P. Schroll Row 3—R. Fo»ter, K. Klingaman, P. Weimer, K. Kempton, W. Fo»ter Row 4---S. Gilbert, L. Taylor, M. Vincent, V. Kempton, J. Prater Row 5 —C. Carl, D. Marble, D. Philo, D. Hartley, E. Miller With the beginning of school in September, 1944 we found our class minus Lena Badger and Maxine Wendorf. However, we were glad to welcome two newcomers — Mary Nell O’Neill and John Frey. With Miss Olson, the class advisor, at our first meeting, we chose the officers as follows: President, Shirley Ann Gilbert; Vice-President, Everett Miller; Secretary, Vernon Kempton; Treasurer, Kenneth Kempton.Freshmen Class I , w 1—O. Mor.ow, D. Sholes, W. Cummins row 2____D. Eldred, J. Williams, G. Dickinson, H. Sizeland Kow 3____J. Whitney, R. Swift, N. Schaffer, J. Weimer, R. Jordon Row 4—M. Truax, M. Kobe, E. Johnson, G. Lawhead, E. Phelps Row 5—R. Waffle, D. Grimes, C. Crissy,’ D. Peck, A. Groholske Row 6—I. Blashfield, £. Teeters, J. Shilling, G. Clark, B. RichfieldSeventh Grade Row 1—D. Williams, B. Upston, D. Wagner Row 2—E. Millard, J. Jordon, I. Groholske, B. Wilkerson, H. Nantz Row 3-B. Phelps, J. Johnson, E. Taylor, C. Goheen, B. Norton Seventh and Eighth Grade Class History The Seventh ar.d Eighth grades elected officers for the year as follows: President, Kay Johnson; Vice - President, Norma Allen; Secretary, Deris Wagner; Treasurer, Martha Nantz. We have had three parlies. At our Hallowe en Carnival we sold different kinds of pies. The boys and girls took turns in serving and selling the pies. We had a Christmas party at which we played games, danced and had refreshments of ice cream, cake and cokes. Our chaperons were Miss Olson, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Phelps, and Mrs. Jones. After we had our refreshments, we exchanged giPs. On February 1 Oth we had a Valentine party. We danced, played games, and had refreshments of hot dogs and cokes. Our Chaperons for the evening were Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Johnson. We are planning a roller skating party at Coldwater. We are grateful to Mrs. Randall, our class advisor, for co-operating with us and helping us to have our parties at the Recreation Center.Eighth Grade Row 1—S. Carl Row 2--J. Spohn, E. Rugg, A. Shedd, J. Musters, J. Clark Row 3—M. Rogers, B. Reimer, M. Nantz, M. Williams, C. Jones Row 4—L. Sizeland, K. Johnson, M. Blackwell, N. Allan, M. LaMarr Freshmen Class Continued Our class has 28 students in it and Mr. Lake, our class Ad isor. We had a class meeting in September at which wj ele ted lass officers as follows: President, Beverly Reimer; Vice President, Eddy Phelps; Secretary, Douglas Elc’red; Treasurer, Laura Jean Shilli g. Our class has been paying 1 5 cents a month dues ever since sc’.'.oul started. We have had three pardes so far. The first, a Christmas party, in December, was held at the Recreation Center. We exchanged names before the party and traded presents at the party. Tne second party was held in February, at which we played games and enjoyed ourselves very much. The third party was held in MarchBand The Tekonsha High School Band, at the close of the school term jn 1945 consisted of the following sixteen members: Clarinet: JoAnn Weimer, Audrey Taylor and Joe Scherer Saxophone: Marjorie Phelps, Margaret Panting, and Marjorie Sizeland. Cornet: Lucile Letts, Jerry Williams and George Clark Trombone: Merle Kobe Alto Horn: Barbara Taylor and Robert Jordon Bass Drum: Carolyn Crissy Snare Drum: Donald King Tuba: Rose Taylor Additional members not in the regular band who are not in uniform are: Alto Horn: Donna Williams and Maynard Williams Baritone: Max LaMarr Trombone: Eliza Jean Taylor Eb Bass Horn: Betty Jean Upston Cornet: Eunice Johnson The band was established in 1941 under the direction of R.E. Hildebrandt who continued to direct it until 1943. In 1944, Charles Weber became the director and under his direction, uniforms for the band members were obtained through the efforts of the Band Boosters. This was organized by members of the community who were interested in the band. Following are the concerLs given in order of occurence throughout the year 1944 - 1945: 1. A series of massed concerts with the bands of Athens, Union City, Kellogg and Tekonsha participating. 2. Senior play at Guild Hall. 3. Christmas concert at Union Church 4. Lion’s Club at Guild Hall 5. Charles Wagner’s Appreciation Supper at Baptist Gym 6. Community Banquet at Baptist GymRow 1—J. Prater, L. Luby, B. Reimer, J. Weimer Row 2—B. Old , B. McAtee, R. Taylor, B. Varner Editor in chief Assistant Editor Sports Editors Pickings Kindergarten 1 st and 2nd Grades Third Grade Windfall News French News 7 th and 8th Grades Advisor Rose Taylor Juanita C. Prater Donna Casebeer, Leo Peck Staff JoAnn Weimer Betty Varner Beverly Reimer Betty McAtee Juanita Prater Bernice Wilkerson Miss Olsonhouse for a Christmas party. We played games, exchanged presents under the tree which was beautifully decorated. Refreshments of hot dogs and cokes were thoroughly enjoyed. That evening Mrs. Randall was presented her Christmas gift — a lovely set of vari-colored goblets. The chaperones were: Mrs. Charles Wagner, Mrs. Oliver Phelps and Mrs. Randall. As this annual goes to press we are planning at least one more party with the seventh grade at Coldwater where we will enjoy the evening by roller skating. We wish to thank Mrs. Randall for her unexhausted patience in helping and supervising us during the past year.Seventh Grade First Row-----Doris Wagner, Barbara Johnson, Marjorie Blackwell, Virginia Evens, Betty Tobey, Wanda Lee Schroll, Carolyn Johnson Second Row-----Jack Masters, Kenneth Clark, Janice Williams, Annabelle Williams, Charles Weller, Donald Brewer Third Row-----Don Taylor, Cecil Dean, George Goheen, Loren Reincke Jerry Groholski, Arthur King Our move from the French School to Tekonsha was a memorable change for us, and as a sign of our new standing we elected our first class officers: President, Donald Teeters; Vice-President, Hugh Morrison; Treasurer, George Goheen; and, Secretary, Janice Williams. Our class held a party at the home of Janice Williams. Before the party Mr. Williams came into town with his sleigh and got us. After returning to Janice s, games were played and gifts were presented. To top off the evening, Mr. Williams transported us all back to townFamiliar Scenes “Homeward Bound” “Hula hula” "Chum.” “Ha. - been.” Teenie Weenie Club Officer ’’ “Gruesome”Band Front Row—Joyce Raymond, JoAnn Weimer, Margaret Panting, Betty Upston Donna Williams, Marjorie Patten, Barbara Taylor Middle Row—Marjorie Sizeland, Rose Taylor, Eunice Johnson, Lucile Letts Ilah Blashfield, Carolyn Crissy, Audrey Taylor Lack Rcw—Alan Chedd, George Clark, Beverly Reimer, Robert Jordan Jerry Williams, Charles Crissy The following concerts have been presented by the Tekonsha high school Band during 1945 and 1946: A series of summer concerts with Athens At the Coldwater fair with Athens Band German Band at the Senior play Two concerts at the Union Church At the Athens basketball game here Football game at AthensSchool Paper Staff Editors in chiefs Rose Taylor, Donna Casebeer Assistant Editor Ruth Millard Hempstead Sports Editors Beverly Olds, Marjorie Patten Feature Article Editors Ruth Hempstead, Joyce Raymond Hester Dickinson Humor Editors Jo Ann Weimer, Shirley Gilbert Donna Casebeer Senior Activities Betty McAtee Senior Personalities Gloria Ivey, Donna Casebeer Junior Class Editor Shirley Gilbert Sophomore Class Editor Beverly Reimer Freshman Class Editor Jim Spohn 8th Grade Class Editor Bernice Wilkerson 7 th Grade Class Editors Doris Waffle, Marjorie Blackwell Publication Phyllis Cook, Kaye Kuehn Joyce Raymond, Marilyn Blackwell Advisor Miss OlsonFootball Front Row-----Don Vincent, Norman Schafer, Bill Cummin , Oliver Morrow James Scholes Second Row------Lavern Sizeland, Clair Ritchie, Jerry William , Ed Phelp George Clark, Coach Brezette The football team of “45” played a schedule of 7 games. Due to the loss of four players by graduation and lack of experience the boys were unable to score many points against their opponents. With 10 letter men back next year there promises to be a first-rate team. Sept. 21 Tekonsha at Climax Sept. 28 Kellogg Ag. at Tekonsha Oct. 5 Burr Oak at Tekonsha Oct. 12 Tekonsha at Schoolcraft Oct. 19 Tekonsha at Starr Comm. Oct. 26 Tekonsha at Mendon Nov. 2 Colon at Tekonsha Position Position N. Schafer Back O. Morrow End D. Vincent End, Back G. Clark End C. Ritchie . . . End V. Sizeland End J. Williams Back B. Cummins Back J. Spohn Back J. Emmel Center E. Phelps Back, Center J, Drouillard Back Basketball Front Row—John Frey, Eddie Phelps, Don Vincent, Clair Ritchie, Leroy Taylor Paul Weimer, Nelson Shedd Middle Row—Jerry Williams, Norman Schafer, Bill Cummins, Duane Sholes Gale Dickinson Back Row—Charles Crissy, Scott Teeters, Robert Jordan, Douglas Eldred Oliver Morrow, George Clark BASKETBALL SCHEDULE We They Dec. 1 1 Tekonsha at Montgomery 4 51 Jan. 4 Centerville at Tekonsha . . 9 52 Ian. 8 Tekonsha at Litchfield . . io 2i Jan. 11 Burr Oak at Tekonsha 15 39 Jan. 15 Tekonsha at Concord 18 29 Jan. 18 Starr at Tekonsha 31 37 Jan. n Tekonsha at Athens 9 45 Feb. i Tekonsha at Burr Oak 6 57 Feb. 5 Montgomery at Tekonsha 14 46Football Row i— L. Peck, K. Patten, R. Carl, C. Mo ier Row 2—J. Frey, D. Vincent, W. Cummin Row 3—D. Sholes, E. Phelps, O. Morrow The 1944 football team had an off season winning one game with Starr Commonwealth. Starr bowed to the Indians 12-6. The first string was a follows: Left End Don Vincent Center . Charles Mosier Right End Raymond Carl Quarter Back . Ed. Phelps Wing Back Leo Peck Tail Back . Kenneth Patten (Captain) Others who saw action were: Oliver Marrow John Emmel John Frey George Clark William Cummins Jerry Williams Duane Sholes The coach was Mr. Brezette.Basketball Patten Shaffer Olds Cummins N. Shedd Crissy Morrow Schafer Vincent Sholes Weimer Taylor V. Kempton K. Kempton Klingaman Phelps, Dickinson Teeters Tekonsha Tekonsha Iekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha 18 24 7 19 19 20 26 20 34 47 24 Starr 50 . Homer 55 Litchfield 48 Burr Oak 3 I Olivet Starr Springport 74 Burr Oak 35 Homer 56 Olivet 56 Litchfield 36 Montgomery 33 Camden 39 Tournament Games Football Schedule Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha Tekonsha 0 0 13 12 0 6 6 Kellogg Ag. 45 Burr Oak 40 Schoolcraft (here) 43 Starr (here) 6 Mendon (here) 56 Colon 56 Climax (here) 56 The only serious casualty occurred in the only night game of the season with Colon. John Frey, a Sophomore, had his leg broken. This put John out of action for the remainder of the games. Members of the squad who will be lost through graduation are: Mosier, Carl, Peck, and Patten.Baseball The baseball team got off to a slow start due to the unfavorable weather. Up to date, four games have been booked — two wi.h Athens and Union City. Following is the line-up used by Coach Brezette throughout the ;; -ason: Guy Doolitile Pitcher Oliver Morrow Pitcher Nelson Shedd Catcher Bill Cummins Catcher Ray Carl First Base Paul Olds Second Base Jerry Williams Shortstop Paul Weimer Third Base Everett Miller Fielder Charles Mosier Fielder Keith Klingaman Fielder Leroy Taylor Fielder Ed. Phelps FielderOur ,7Handy ManHr " Lromes Senior Play The Senior play “Leave It To Us” was presented by the Seniors of Tekonsha High School, December 8, 1944. The cast was made up of the following students: Johnny Reynolds Charlie Smith Margaret Procter Harriet Jones J. August eabody Roberta Hemple Ruby Wilson Lars Larson Mrs. Henry Clark Blossom Clark Kenneth Patten Joe Goheen Juanita Clark Betty Varner Raymond Carl Louise Lepper Merlyn Schafer Leo Peck Lorraine Luby Francis Martin This is the story of a fading Promotions Firm, and what the intervention of a few females do to promote the business. Johnny Reynolds is the President and is assisted by the easy going Charlie, and they are both helped by Harriet, the plain secretary, who turns out to be a beautiful heiress. Margaret is Johnny’s sweetheart and Harriet’s friend. The plot thickens when the firm decides to promote a face cream for J. August Peabody, a crackpot inventor. At the same moment they also take over Roberta Hemple’s dry cleaner for promotion and accidently give Mrs. Clark the dry cleaner instead of the face cream for her to try out on her daughter Blossom. During this time a romance is going on be tween l ars, the janitor, and Ruby, the charwoman. The situation turns out allright when Mrs. Clark’s daughter becomes beautiful from the use of the dry cleaner and the firm cleans up. The firm also makes some profits from promoting a mouse trap, (which turns out to be a whistle) of Lars, who is a part time inventor. Harriet gets Charley, Johnny and Margaret are united and all are happy.Junior Play The Junior Play “The Mystery of the Masked Girl” was presented by the Juniors of lekonsha High School March 21 and 22, 1945 at the the Guild Hall. The cast was made up of the following students: Mrs. Moss Moira Moss Judith Atkins Ann Bradley Hulda Rose Lawn Kathryn Tremayne Miss Pruden Miss Carney Carolyn Crissy Beverly Olds Betty McAtee Gloria Jenkins Lucile Letts Phyllis Cook Marjorie Sizeland Angela Green Marjorie Phelps The play starts when two girls engage a room in a boarding house, in which the previous occupant had been murdered. While trying to solve the murder and to find the missing formula, all occupants managed to get involved in the mystery of the masked girl. The play was directed by Mrs. Margaret Schantz, Junior class advisor.Junior Senior Prom The Junior - Senior Prom was held May 11,1 945 at the Marshall Country Club. It was attended by the Juniors, Seniors, a d their guests. The girls in long sweeping formals and the boys in their white pants and dark coats made a very colorful picture. Refreshments were served about ten o’clock and they consisted of various dainty sandwiches and a cold drink. Everyone enjoyed dancing to an orchestra from Marshall which continued playing until twelve. The Country Club was decorated in green and white streamerj with bouquets of cherry blossoms in every corner. Tables were set up on the porch and chairs taken out so as to enjoy the beautiful spring weather while eating. In between the dances the couples would walk arounJ the ground ; and enjoy the scenery.Halloween Party On October 31st the High School had a Hallowe'en party !o which the public was invited. It was held at the Baptist Gym. Each grade had a booth at which they sold something to eat or had a game to play. The Freshman class sold cider and doughnuts. They also had two games, darts and fishing. The Sophomores had a fortune telling booth and a clothes pin game, which the crowd enjoyed very much. The Juniors had a museum which was very entertaining. They also sold apples, candy and popcorn balls. The Seniors, who sold home made ice cream and cake, also had a game called ‘‘Hit A Senior’’ which seemed to really draw the crowd. Several clubs had a booth too, such as the Boy Scouts, and Newspaper. About eight-thirty some chickens were raffled off, and door prizes were given away.The door prizes were donations from the merchants of Tekonsha. After the party there was dancing at the Recreation Center. Everyone seemed to have a grand time.Jokes History Teacher: Why was i 588 a turning point in history? Pupil1 Must have come to a corner then. Wife of a prominent business man was consulting a psychiatrist on her husband’s behavior: "And when did you first suspect that your husband was acting strangely", inquired the doctor. "Well, one day I saw him shake the hall tree and then search the floor for apples." Pupil: "Where is Solomon’s temple?” Teacher: "I can’t recall.” Pupil: "It’s on the side of his head." famous last words: Toscanini: "Now, we will close our program with a hot boogie- woogie number." One moron to another just before he was ready to set sail: “Re- member old pal, If the boat springs a leak, bore a hole in the bottom to let the water out.” And how did you win your D.S.C.; "1 saved the lives of my entire regiment.” Wonderful! And how did you do that? "I shot the cook.” "College certainly has made my boy over.” "You can hardly recognize him now, eh?” "No, he hardly recognizes me.” "I made a hole in one.” "One stroke?” "No, one sock.” "See this stickpin; it belongs to a millionaire." "Who?” "Woolworth.” "The cap.ain has asked me to sit on his right hand tonight.” "What’s he going to stir his coffee with?"WHO ELSE? “Ethel,” said the teacher, "who do the Ancients say supported the world on his shoulders?” “Atlas, ma’am.” “Quite right. Now, if Atlas supported the world, who supported Atlas?” “I suppose he married a rich wife,” said Ethel doubtfully. THE REAL QUESTION “My dear daughter, you shouldn’t be frightened, and run from that billy goat. Don’t you know you are a Christian Scientist?” “I know it, mamma — but does the goat know it?” WELL? NOW! "All extremely bright men are conceited.” He shrugged gracefully, “Oh, 1 don’t know, I’m not.” AN OLD ONE — SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT “Why does a rooster cross the road?” “I give it up.” “Because there’s some chicken on the other side!" HIGH PRICES Two men were talking together in the Public Library. One of them said: : “The dime novel has gone. 1 wonder where it’s gone to?” The other, who knew something of literature in its various phases, answered cynically: “It’s gone up to a dollar and ninety cents.” HE GOT IT STRAIGHT “Well, my son, what did you learn in Sunday School today?” “We learned all about a cross eyed bear.” “About a what?” "Yes, sir, named Gladly. We learned a song about him: all about ‘Gladly, the cross I’d bear’.RIGHT - O "Now, Willie, can you name five animals that inhabit the land around the North Pole?" "Yes, teacher. Four polar bears and a seal." DEFINITION An old maid is a girl who is drowning in an Ocean of Love because she hasn’t a buoy to cling to. BACKFIRE When the clock s ruck the midnight hour, father came to the head of the stairs, and in a rather loud tone of voice said, "Young man, is your self-starter out of order to night?" “It doesn’t matter," returned the young man, "as long as there is a crank in the house." POOR EXAMPLE (Dad reprovingly) : : "Son, when George Washington was your age he was already a surveyor." Son: "I know, Dad, and when he was your age, he was presi- dent." STRIKE OUT Neighbor: "I heard your kid bawling last night.” Parent: "Yes, after four bawls he got his ba3e warmed." Waitress: "Tea or coffee?" Stude: "Coffee, without cream". Waitress: " You’ll have to take it without milk. We have no cream." Student: Teacher: Student: Teacher: Student: "Gee, but it’s hot in here." "Well, why don’t you take off your sweater? "I can’t. I have on a short sleeved shirt. “What difference does that make?" "I have on long sleeved underwear."Senior Skip Day The senior skip day was one of great enjoyment for the seniors. They started the day by meeting at the high school and then went by car as far as Holland where they took a boat for Chicago. After spending the night on the boat they arrived at Chicago and the seniors left the boat and went on a sight seeing trip around town. After a wonderful day they returned to the boat where they spent the night. They ate breakfast on the boat in the morning and arrived back a'; Holland about neon. For most of the seniors this was qui.e an adventure, as this was their first trip to Chicago and also their first boat trip. There was no one aboard the boat but seniors and their chaperons, and they were allowed to do anything within the law. A program was put on for them and afterwards they enjoyed themselves by dancing. Some preferred to look at the moon.COMPLIMENTS O F DEXTER'S Mobil Gas Mobil Oil Groceries Meats Dry Goods CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1945 From RANDALL'S 5c to $5 Store Tekonsha, Michigan Best Wishes FOR SUCCESS TO THE TO THE CLASS OF 1945 The Main Grocery Market The MAINSRandall Chicken Products Co. BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1945 R. C. 1 P. Co. GUNNETTE TO THE GRADUATING DRUG STORE Class of “45” DRUGS Best Wishes for A Successful Future SODAS AND SUNDAES Larry Miller Phone 19 Tekonsha Your Standard Oil AgentCOMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS JENKINS STANDARD SERVICE Standard Oil Products ATLAS TIRES ‘..one 73 Tekonsha Mich. OF Dr. F. W. Sayre CONGRATULATIONS ! 1 you want to buy or sell GRADUATING Your Property CLASS OF ’45 See Us RED'S LATHROP TAVERN Real Estate Agency Tekonsha, MichiganWAGNER CARTAGE Chat. Wagner, Prop. LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING Tekonsha Phone 6803 Michigan Let us Haul Your Milk to the Pet Milk Co. Homer, Michigan MILLIMAN'S IT PAYS TO Super Service LOOK WELL IS THE Most Reliable Service PALMER'S Phone 99 Barber Beauty Shop Tekonsha, MichiganSELLORS STUDIO LOUIS J. SELLORS Portrait; and Commercial Photography Kodaks Films Supplies Kodak Finishing Picture Framing 115 E. Michigan Ave. Phone 92F1 Marshall, Michigan Best Success COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATING The Southern Class of “45” Michigan Nat'l Bank TEETERS Coldwater, Michigan Safety and Service SERVICE Since 1872 T ekonsha, Michigan Loans for any Sound Purpose Member of FD.I.C And Fed. Res. SystemCOMPLIMENTS OF C. M. Upston J. C. Penny Co. Oj.fitters of the Family High Quality — Low Prices Culdwater, Michigan BIG CHIEF Best Wishes to BAKERY the Senior Class FRESH Oven Baked Goods R. E. VERNOR Cary Bakery Funeral DirectorAbel's Meats HOME KILLED BEEF PORK VEAL Groceries for Less Fr;sh Fruits Vegetables Your Home Livestock MARKET For Cattle, Veal And Chickens Phone 30 COMPLIMENTS OF RAY GREEN Hardware Tekonsha Michigan First State Bank DEPOSITS INSURED B Y FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY Tekonsha, MichiganBETTER HAMBURGS BETTER SERVICE Jeannette and Boots TASTY LUNCH Intersestion of M-60 US-27 Tekonsha Michigan CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS OF ’45 James Gray Tekonsha, Michigan Compliments CLASS OF 1945 Keep Martinson Lumber YardCOMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS O F T H E OF Calhoun County Telephone Office C. 9. Vance WOLVERINE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPLIMENTS OF TEKONSHA FARMERS COOPERATIVE Co. FARM PRODUCTS FARM SUPPLIESHOME TOWN NEWS IN THE Tekonsha Patriot PRINTING AND WRITING PAPER West Point LUNCH Meals Short Orders Quick Service Intersesfcion of M-60 US-27 Tekonsha Michigan O. D. Chapman Jewelry Complete line of Silverware — Watches Jewelry — Novelties A Gift for Every Occasion Coldwater, Michigan A. H. Randall MILL Co. GOLD STAR FLOUR Tekonsha, Michigan1. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASS. Class Pins and Rings Commencement Invitations Diplomas - Personal Cards Represented by:— Forrest L. Wallace, P.O. Box 123, Toledo 1, OhioAUTOGRAPHS

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