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SPOT LITE "Learning is the Way to Our Goal—SuccessMARGARET P. HERSHMAN CITIZEN-EDUCATOR-FRIEND Mrs. Hershman, now retired after thirty years of devoted teaching service is residing at her home in Walker Township. Nearly all of her service has been in Jasper County including eight years, here at Tefft. She received her teaching degrees at Indiana State Teachers College, North Manchester and Valpariaso University. So to you Mrs. Hershman - who taught us seniors the real meaning of friendship, respect and love to our fellow men - we dedicate this yearbook. It is a symbol of our thanks to a wonderful and dear person, who shall remain in our hearts forever. Allen County Public Library 900 Webster Street P0 Box 2270 Fori Wayne. IN 4FP01.99T0VINCENT STALBAUM. Trustee KANKAKEE TOWNSHIP SCHOOL Wendell Adams, Prin. TEFFT, INDIANA May 21, 1959 1959 Senior Class To the class of 1959 v e extend our continued interest and concern. Remember—graduation ceremonies do not end your learning but actually opens the door to new beginnings and new horizons. May you go out into life with the realization that it can be whatever you choose to make it. Sincerely, May the possession of knowledge and understanding give you the willingness to serve humanity. Ignorance in the world today is dangerous but it is not so dangerous as knowledge without character. You are going out into a world of confusion and misunderstanding in many ways. It is our earnest hope that you will do all that you can to display moral character based on high ideals. i s a closing thought, remember the greatest joy and satisfaction in life is found in serving others. Whatever your goal or ambition in life--it vail be made more worthwhile by showing a concern for others. Go then, into the world and our kindest wishes for success and happiness go with each of you. PrincipalMrs. Wilma Long First Second Grade Mrs. Mary Clark Third Fourth Grade Mr. Arval Starnes Fifth Sixth Grade Mrs. Viola Cover Home Economics Sophomore Sponsor Mrs. Ruby May Music Department Mrs. Mary Glazebrook English Department Seventh Eighth Sponsor v' BMP, ii.Mr. Robert Williams Coach, Industrial Arts Junior SponsorSecretary Joanne Ruth Deardorff Hi-Lite 3,4 Spot-Lite 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Secretary-Treasurer 3,4 Chorus 1 President Franklin Delano Patrick Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Cross Country 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Track 1, 2, 3 Student Council 1 President 1,3,4 Secretary 2 Chorus 2 Gladys Dobson Chorus 1, 3,4 Hi-Lite 1,2, 3,4 Spot-Lite 4 Junior Play 2, 3 Senior Play 2, 3, 4 Secretary 1 Yell Leader 1 Secretary of Student Body 4 Vice President Anita Louise Jamieson Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Band 1 Hi-Lite 3,4 Spot-Lite 3,4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4Bufford Bailey Chorus 1, 3,4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Hi-Lite 3 Spot-Lite 4 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Cross Country 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 Patricia Lou Elston Hi-Lite 3,4 Spot-Lite 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 3,4 Chorus 1,2 Cora Bell Hittle Chorus 2, 3,4 Hi-Lite 3,4 Spot-Lite 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Yell Leader 2, 3 Everett Harley Forner Chorus 1,3, 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Hi-Lite 3.4 Spot-Lite 3,4Patricia Ann Thomas Band 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Lite 3 Spot-Lite 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Yell Leader 3,4 Michael Stephen Prascak No Picture Barbara Rose Jagoda Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Hi-Lite 2,3,4 Spot-Lite 4 Junior Play 2, 3 Senior Play 4 John Charles Katona Track 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 Cross Country 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1,3,4 Hi-Lite 3,4 Spot-Lite 4 Vice President 3 Student Council 2 J. W. Von Kannon SponsorCLASS HISTORY Our class history began when eighteen of us started in the first grade together in 1947 with Mrs. Margaret Hershman as our teacher. In the first grade were Louise Kay Allen, Ronald Beiswanger, Donna Cawby, Joanne Deardorff, Kenton Eberhart, Robert Florence, Charles A. Howard, Barbara Jagoda, Anita Jamieson, Janice Krug, John Katona, Kenneth Morris, John McCullough, Sandra Sanders, Lowell Stalbaum, Earlene Wingard, Robert Calhoun, and Jacqueline McPherson. In the second grade Richard Contant, Larry Suit, Lois Sheffer, and David Womack joined us. During the year Lowell Stalbaum was promoted to the third grade. Lois Sheffer and Donna Cawby left us. Carol J. Salyer, Patsy Mulloy and Michael Bowler took their places. In the fourth grade we moved into a new room. Jack Bush, Robert Spradley, Eugene Raska, and Donna Cawby joined us, but we lost Robert Calhoun. In the fifth grade we did quite a bit of switching around. We lost Jack Bush, Richard Contant, Earlene Wingard, Patsy Mulloy, Robert Spradley, and Eugene Raska but we gained in their places Carol Michaels, Bernice Blankenbaker, and Alex Shepherd. Our class roll numbered eleven then with Mr. Wesley Meyer as our teacher. In the sixth grade Jack Bush and Earlene Wingard came back. Clara Caudill, Bufford Bailey, and Delmar Fitzgerald were the new ones. Everett Forner, James Wright, and Robert Spradley joined us in the seventh grade. Also Franklin Patrick joined us from Kentucky. In the eighth grade Patricia Thomas and Ray Wireman joined our forces. First year of High School, what a year! Clara Caudill left us but Barbara Allen, Gladys Dobson, Patricia Elston, and Cora Bell Hittle joined us. During the freshman year Barbara Allen left us. In our sophomore year Earlene Wingard and Larry Sul: left us and Julie Pefley and Mike Prascak took their places. In the eleventh grade Janice Krug and Julie Pefley were missing. Ronnie Beiswanger joined the Navy and Ray Wireman joined the Army. At the end of the first semester of our senior year Everett Forner joined the Navy. With this as our past history, the following will graduate in May, 1959: Bufford Bailey, John Katona, Gladys Dobson, Joanne Deardorff, Mike Prascak, Patricia Elston, Barbara Jagoda, Cora Bell Hittle, Frank Patrick, Patricia Thomas and Anita Jamieson.CLASS WILL We the Class of 1959, being of strong bodies, weak minds and full of vigor and talent, do hereby declare this our last will and testament. I, Anita Jamieson, do hereby leave my ability to type 70 words a minute to my sister Irene, and my long hair to Harriet Osinski. I, Joanne Deardorff, will my quiet reserve manners to Alice Owens. I, Gladys Dobson, leave my ability to control my temper to Anna Faye Wireman. I, Barbara Jagoda, will my ability to start on the paper a week before and get it out on time to Nancy Ahlemeier. I, Patty Thomas, will my ability to be yell leader two years in a row to Gloria McCrum. I, Patty Elston, will my ability to keep slim and still eat to David Hensel. I, Frank Patrick, will my athletic ability to Leonard Chapman. I, Cora Bell Hittle, leave my ability to keep my hair short to Gloria Hanewich and Sharon Miller. I, Bufford Bailey, leave my dear old locker in the assembly (if it lasts another year) to Larry Hunter. I, John Katona, leave my ability to flirt with all the girls and not date them but, still have them crazy about me to Harvey Risner. I, Michael Prascak, leave my ability to teach the fifth and sixth grades to Raymond Risner. I, Everett Forner, leave my artistic ability to anyone who thinks that they need it. We, the senior class in a conceited state of mind WILL our charming personalities, our exceptionally good looks, our numerous talents, along with our ability to rule the roost to the juniors. We WILL to the freshmen our ability to get out of class at anytime for any purpose. We leave to the sophomore class of 1961 our ability to make money and our ability to spend it just as fast. To the entire school which we shall leave forevermore, we WILL peace and quiet, which we know they shall have without us.CLASS PROPHECY Shortly before dawn my plane landed in Tefft, Tefft, my dear old hometown, which I hadn't seen for almost twelve years. Yet as much as it had changed, I still recognized it as 1 got off the plane. So enthralled with my surroundings, I didn't hear the stewardess speaking to me. "Excuse me, " she said, turning around I found at my side, Patty Elston. Patty told me that she had been an airline hostess for four years with Tefft Transalantic Airlines. As we walked toward the airport lounge, Patty told me that Anita was working as a receptionist at the airport. Anita had changed a lot; but she still spoke so softly. During our conversation she invited Patty and I to her home for dinner that evening, so that we could meet her husband, who was the president of the airlines, and their two children. Bidding them farewell, I promised 1 would see them later; I left the airport and called a cab. It seemed odd that I should recognize the driver of the cab, but I did instantly, and the identification on the back of the front seat confirmed my recognition of Michael Prascak. As we drove, we passed a huge dairy, Mike told me that Bufford Bailey and Prank Patrick were the owners. Soon I was at my destination, the mansion where my dearest friend, Gladys Dobson lived. Gladys and her husband, who was a rich stockbroker, had four lovely children. It was so good to see them all again for it had been almost four years since they had been in New York at my home. Gladys was anxious to show me how Tefft had grown, so we went for a drive through the city. We stopped to see the new hotel that had just been built, and decided to go in the restaurant for a cup of coffee. The waitress came to take our order, and to my surprise it was Cora Bell Hittle. Cora told us that since her children were both in school, she worked short hours here a the hotel restaurant, her husband, Gladys told me later was a teller at the bank. Knowing time was growing shorter, Gladys and I started to leave, when who should appear in the restaurant but two most distinguished Navy captains. They glanced our way, smiled and approached us. Not until they were almost by us, did I recognize Everett Porner and John Katona. They both were stationed at the Navy Base here in Tefft, and lived on base with their families. Once more I was at Gladys' home, and just before I went to Anita's, I glanced at the "Tefft Herald. " The headlines read, "City Police Chief and Wife Give Force Party, " and there below the headlines was a picture of the Police Chief, and his wife, the former Patricia Thomas. Arriving at Anita's, I found she had invited the entire class and their families for dinner. Even Mr., I mean Professor Von Kannon, who was our sponsor when we graduated, was there. Professor Von Kannon was now head of the Commercial staff at Tefft University. Joanne and Glen Salyer arrived shortly after I, and they both looked wonderful. They lived about two miles from the hospital at Tefft, where GVn was the director of the hospital staff. I hated to leave my friends, but I knew I must get packed so that I could leave on the early plane back to New York. For I had been gone almost two weeks, while I attended a hair stylists convention in Chicago. As anxious as I was to see my husband, who was a lawyer, and my four children, I couldn't help but feel an ache inside of me as I left Tefft. Yet as my plane glided down the runway, I promised that I would return soon with my family. Looking down at the tiny spot called Tefft, the place I loved so dearly, I whispered softly, "I'll be back soon, yes, Barbara will return. "UNDERCLASSMENKaren Smith Robert Calhoon Barbara Bailey CLASS OF 60 JUNIOR CLASS Joyce Jones Ricky Stalbaum Nancy Ahlemeier Larry Hunter Stoney Wireman Irene Jamieson Eugene Risner Alice Owens Arthur Long Elsie Risner Bruce Marcinak Mitchell SuitKathy Krug Ronald Cavinder Gloria McCrum Darlene Wireman Larry Stalbaum Edna Smith Ronald Nelson Joyce Chapman Raymond Risner David Hensel Lorraine Bailey John PrascakGeraldine Bailey Merle Prascak Harriet Irvine Harvey Risner Kay Howard Jim Bell Donna Katona Donald Stalbaum Bonnie Bieswanger Christopher Henning Anna Faye Wireman James Stalbaum Harriet Osinski Daniel Atwood Eileen Deardorff Myron Madsen Freda Bailey James CalhoonEIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE Fay Bell Leonard Chapman Glen Deardorff Dennis DeLap Glroia Hanewich Gerald Hebda Cheryl Howard Lucy Jamieson Charles Madsen Sharon Miller Earl Norris Shannon Risner Wayne Sialbaum Beverly Tanner Teddy Whited Edward Adamek Julius Atwood Betty Bailey Ray Brown Joan Calhoon Ronald Carter Daloras Chapman George Gorko Gladys Jamieson Barbara Katona Robert Katona Christine Kosik Del Pursiful Terry Robbins Mary Stalbaum Joyce WiremanD$Le To SY Wm Karen H Dcili' O o iia_ „ t'" C J, u ihePeQa J). Ay (Zr K lt‘, l y-vK RiUS £- i ofiy -3 Kal r y o? - 'nJajr, T y h e r n? ? „ To y C e j 5 £ 0fl ir 4 0 rcks d Trutoarap Mhh'ifyel £jte g, . Jv H uoi idFIFTH GRADE Nickolas Becker Emily Norris Terry Wireman Barbara Pinks Sharon Carter Charles Pinks Barry Carter Jerry Risner Eula Chapman Larry Wireman Chuck Egolf Carol Stonebraker Bruce Irvine Terry Tanner Donna Meade Martha Thomas Phyllis Miller Richard Thomas Jane Myers Olga Nickolic Edna Whited Charles Bailey Allan Blounr Sue Carter Larry Davis Jimmy Deardorff Karen Hanewich Kenneth Lauridsen Gladys Jamieson Roger Meade Barbara Howard Bernard Osinski Karen Stepp Karolyn Stepp Ted Stalbaurn Donna Tanner John Wireman John Calhoon Charles Stone Mickey Whited SIXTH GRADETHIRD GRADE Donna Becker Mike Brewster Gayle Davis Morton Harrington Nancy Hoffman Stephen Howard Billie Jamieson Rachel Jamieson Milica Knezevic Dennis Leek Danny Madaus Susan Myers Tandra Prascak Artie Risner Bonnie Stalbaurr Wayne Stone David Thomas Ricky Whited Brenda Bailey, Scott Beiswanger, George Brown John Calhoon, Tom Chernowsky, Stephen Dear dorff, Barbara Hanewich, Donald Henning, Rut Hoffman, Ronald Kosik. Steven Leek, Elizabei Madsen, Tom Martin, Draza Nikolic, Cindy Pi Frank Stalbaum, Pamela Stepp, John Von Kann Linda Wireman.FIRST GRADE SECOND GRADE Anita Brown, Tommy Carter, Dale Chapman, Charles Chemowsky, Dennis Davis, Mark Duggleby, Richard Hebda, Karen Howard. Donna Martin, Darvin Meade, Shelia Miller, Randy Peregrine, Eric Stalbaum, Thomas Tanner, Kathy Von Kan-non. Rose Tvre._____________________________________________________ David Berry, Joyce Davis, David Deardorff, Greg Deerberg, Nancy Harrington, Estelle Haring, Martha Hoffman, Karyn Jamieson, Joan Jamieson, Vickie Jefferson. Darinka Knez-evic, John Meditz, Nicky Nikolic, Russell Stalbaum, Tony Stepp, Herman Stone, Laura Whited, Linda Tanner, Jimmy Thomas. FFi.45,SPOT-LITE STAFF SEATED: Gladys Dobson, Anita Jamieson, Editor, Karen Smith, Assistant Editor, Patty Thomas, Patty Elston. STANDING: Barbara Jagoda, Bufford Bailey, Everett Forner, Cora Bell Hittle, Mike Prascak, Joanne Deardorff, Frank Patrick, John Katona, Mr. Von Kannon, Sponsor. HI-LITE STAFF- SEATED: John Von Kannon, Advisor, Gladys Dobson, Barbara Jagoda, Editor, Nancy Ahlemeier, Assistant Editor, Everett Forner, Art Editor, Patty Elston. STANDING: Mary Stalbaum, Cora Bell Hittle, Harriet Osinski, Anita Jamieson, Karen Smith, Joanne Deardorff, Kathy Krug, Gloria Hanewich.CHORUS FIRST ROW: Geraldine Bailey, Karen Smith, Gloria McCrum, Joyce Chapman, Joyce Jones, Anita Jamieson, Gladys Dobson, Barbara Jagoda, Edna Smith, Harriet Irvine, Irene Jamieson, MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Ruby May, Harvey Risner, Larry Stalbaum, Larry Hunter, Donald Stalbaum, Everett Forncr, David Hensel, Merle Prascak, John Prascak, John Katona, Bufford Bailey, Raymond Risner. BACK ROW: James Stalbaum, Alice Owens, Kay Howard, Patty Thomas, Donna Katona, Eileen Deardorff, Freda Bailey, Lorraine Bailey, Darlene Wireman, Elsie Risner, Cora Bell llittle, Kathy Krug, Bonnie Beiswanger. BAND Mrs. Ruby May, Irene Jamieson, Donna Katona, Karen Smith, Larry Stalbaum, Larry Hunter, Harriet Irvine, John Katona, Harriet Osinski, Freda Bailey, James Stalbaum, John Von Kannon.JUNIOR PLAY 1958 MOON SHYCHRISTMAS PROGRAM 1958FRONT ROW: Ricky Stalbaum, Donald Stalbaum, John Prascak, Dan Atwood, John Katona. BACK ROW: David Hensel, Bufford Bailey, Chris Henning, Frank Patrick, Ronnie Nelson, Larry Hunter, Mr. Williams. Manager Robert Katona. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Tefft 41 Kingsbury 51 Tefft 39 Wheat fie Id 68 Tefft 51 Fair Oaks 26 Tefft 49 Pulaski 43 Tefft 39 St. Marys M. C. 66 Tefft 39 Hanna 70 Tefft 47 Kingsbury 71 Tefft 39 DeMotte 70 K. V. T. K. V. T. Tefft 32 Morocco 83 Tefft 39 Mt. Ayr 50 Tefft 58 Morgan Twp. 46 Tefft 46 Jackson Twp. 52 Tefft 38 San Pierre 56 Tefft 35 Mt. Ayr 53 Tefft 56 Monterey 58 Tefft 45 Fair Oaks 43 Total Points 693 Total Points 906 The Whole Gang" FRONT ROW: David Hensel, James Stalbaum, James Calhoon, Myron Madsen, Harvey Risner. BACK ROW: Jim Bell, Larry Stalbaum, Dan Atwood, Chris Henning, Donald Stalbaum, Larry Hunter, Mr. Williams. Manager Robert Katona.HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Joyce Jones, Harriet Osinski, Cindy Von Kannon, Patty Thomas, Donna Katona. GRADE SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Mary Stalbaum - Barbara KatonafiO'S te.f ba. ? c f’ oK S A o TsJanitor: Roy Florer_Auto$raphsDOLEZAL’S SHOPPING CENTER General Merchandise - Lumber - Building Material Phone 441 San Pierre, IndianaCompliments of DECKER’S INC. School and Office Supplies Phone 2-5036 Lafayette, Indiana MILLERS OPEN AIR MARKET East Lincolnway Valparaiso, Indiana 'For the Best Buys in Foods WENINGERS MEAT DEPT. Quality Meats Phone 351 San Pierre, Ind BARTZ IMPLEMENT SUPPLY Minneapolis Moline Massey-Ferguson Farmers Friend Elevators On State Road 49 South of U.S. 30 Telephone 2-3663 Compliments of CHETS' REST AND SERVICE STATION San Pierre, Indiana Phone 875 DONCHIN'S Wearing Apparel and Shoes For Men - Young Men - Boys North Judson, Indiana Norm’s Barber Shop San Pierre, Indiana I Need Your Head in My BusinessClyde W. Kingman Agency Complete Insurance Service San Pierre - Wheatfield, Indiana Phone: San Pierre 361 - Wheatfield 52 Johnson’s Sports Everything in Sports Class Sweaters Valparaiso, Indiana JONES GROCERY Friendly Little Country Store Phone San Pierre 851 Tefft, Indiana SINCLAIR STATION Tires - Tubes - Batteries Phone Valpo 2-3873 Junction 30 49 Valparaiso, Indiana Oxygen Equipped Ambulance McCormick Mortuary "Successor Eatinger Mortuary” "Outstanding Fully Air Conditioned Chapel Established in 1908 Phone 149 No. Judson - Reverse ChargesBetter Farm Living Through Cooperation JASPER Ed Ambers Your CO-OP Petroleum Service Man FARMERS MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK Rensselaer, Indiana Member FDIC Phone R. 148 BOBACK GENERAL STORE Tefft, Indiana COUNTY Phone : San Pierre 503 or 854 Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK Shop at Sears and Save Rensselaer, Indiana Lath-PIaster-Stucco Contractor MORTON M. HARRINGTON Phone 841 San Pierre, Indiana Compliments of The State Bank of Rensselaer Rensselaer, Indiana Established 1904 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PULASKI COUNTY FARM BUREAU SALRIN'S GROCERY CO-OPERATIVE ASS'N. INC. George Rita, Props Phone TH 3-2253 Medaryville, Indiana n Lumber - Building Material Coal - Farm Supplies Feeds - Seeds - Fence Phone TH 32461 W Medaryville, Indiana Compliments of Virgil H. Stalbaum Distributor of MARATHON PETROLEUM Lube Oils , Greases Phone 833 BLUMENTHAL'S MAYHEW COAL GRAIN COMPANY Seeds - Feeds Dependable Merchandise Fertilizers - Grinding Rensselaer, Indiana Phone TH 33441 Medaryville, Indiana KRUGER MOTOR SALES WHITROCK STORE Phone TH 3-2121 Clothing Shoes ,mm Medaryville, Indiana W - - V 1 Medaryville, Indiana Phone TH 3-3494 ■ tM « »DEVINE1S STORE Wheatfield, Indiana Phone 46 Compliments of JERRY’S BARBER SHOP DeMotte, Indiana OTTO DE YOUNG SONS MELCHERT’S HATCHERY Hardware - Implements DeMotte, Indiana Phone 7-2221 Phone 7-200 DeMotte, Indiana Chix Bred to Live Live to Lay Lay to Pay.' John Deere Sales-Service WHEATFIELD FORD GARAGE BUCK’S PLACE Phone 22 On State Road 10 Hobert Neal, Mechanic Mile East DeMotte Compliments of Mr. and Mrs . Bruce Todd DeMotte, IndianaMYERS SHELL SERVICE Firestone Tires Batteries Wheatfield, Indiana Phone 39-B Compliments of WALT'S DEPARTMENT STORE Wheatfield, Indiana STOWERS AND SON SPOTLITE GROCERY Ground Meat - Produce Phone 47 Wheatfield, Indiana STEMBLES Grain Implements and Appliances Phone 29A - 29B Wheatfield, Indiana BECKER’S For Family Medicines Sherwin-Williams Paints Films - Photo Finishing Phone 57 Wheatfield, Indiana LUCAS HANSELL Prescription Pharmacy Rensselaer, Indiana Prescription Specialists Phone 190 Compliments of ROBBINS SINCLAIR SERVICE General Repairing Phone 90-H Junction 10 49 Compliments of TRAVER’S RESTAURANT Delicious Home Cooking Baking Phone 90X Junction 10 49 Wheatfield, IndianaCompliments of SAN PIERRE STATE BANK San Pierre, IndianaPioneer Florist Corsages, Bouquets and Gifts Phone North Judson 167 Tit... S S Service General Repairs Specialized Welding Auto Parts Phone 856 Tefft, Indiana DE KOCK PHILGAS The All Purpose Fuel for Heating - Cooking - Hot Water Refrigeration - Motor Fuel Compliments of Phone 7-2171 DeMotte Indiana PETRY DRUG STORE North Judson, IndianaDeKOCK SUPPLY CO. Your International Harvester Dealer Sales Service Phone 7-2900 DeMotte, Indiana LAGEVEEN'S Dry Goods - Shoes - Housewares S.W.P. Paint Maytag Washers DeMotte, Indiana MAYHEW COAL GRAIN CO. Feeds - Seeds - Fertilizers Grinding and Mixing "Mayhew's Quality Feeds" Phone TH 3-3441 Medaryville, Ind. Curtiss Super Market Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Phone 2525 Kouts, IndianaWILLIAMS JEWELRY MURRAY’S DEPARTMENT STORE Rensselaer Rensselaer, Indiana Tefft Patronage Appreciated VAN KEPPEL CONSTRUCTION CO. VAN KEPPEL READY-MIX Gerrit Van Keppel, Owner DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of Wrights Inc. Furniture - Floor Coverings - Appliances Rensselaer, IndianaC. Bierma Implement Co. OLIVER - NEW IDEA ALLIS CHALMERS Sales Service Bierma Hardware Appliances Household Goods New and Used Lumber PHILGAS For Cooking Heating Phone 50 Wheatfield, Indiana MARIE’S KAPER’S BUILDING MATERIAL Food You'll Enjoy C. H. Kaper, Owner Ask for George Phone: 7-2781 DeMotte, Indiana Steaks Chicken and Shrimp For Reservations Call 24781 Junction U.S. 30 State Road 49 Valparaiso, Indiana Compliments of SCHROEDER DAIRY QUEEN 903 Lincolnway N.J. SUPERETTE LOCKER Complete Locker Service Processing - Freezing Smoking - Renderint Groceries Meats No. Judson, Indiana Phone 65-W Valparaiso, IndianaHerff Jones Co. Manufacturing Jewelers Stationers 1401-1429 North Capitol Ave. Indianapolis 7, Ind. Wheatfield Lumber Company Lumber - Mill Work Hardware Coal Telephone 28 Wheatfield, Indiana Donations HARRY’S BODY SHOP MARTINS SERVICE STATION DeMotte DeMotte GREEN BLOCK DRIVE-IN KASL’S TOY GIFT SHOP San Pierre Kouts Mrs. Chester Osinski THE CLEANER MAN DeMotte MARY’S RESTAURANT DeMotte Good Sons Packing Co. Custom Slaughtering Wrapping - Cutting - Freezing ’’Beef” at Wholesale Prices 1 4, 1 2, or Whole Retail Wholesale South Edge of Kouts Phone 3595 Kouts, Indiana ALPINE SHOP North Judson• , ; , • • .,■ • ■ ’. ■ ■■■ • . ■ ■ • 1 ■';■■"• . ' ,■ . .•'■ • • ' ; , ■ ' ’ • .. pr . .V y ' ■. • . v: ••- m'- j. v, : • y , . ; r S‘ x S. . ‘ % v v ■ ’ ' i. , v ■ , ■ ? Z‘-' ■ SB . • ,• .V'. ■ ' 4 I‘ £. • «£ • : •’ A .. t • • . • ■ : • • ■ ■ ■ v,V • ‘ ' . , ■ . • ■ • - ' ; ■; i , ' 5 S, • . •; . % V $•- •• •'r • • j J 1, 1 • , . » , ' • I • 1 l' • , - ’t • I ; ; , i t V. » t • ■. ' ■»V . r 4 f, ¥. A • .. V) ' ■ t ■ i • U . . . f if ‘ . . I , . 44 V ■ k • -V 1|‘ ' i? ♦ c ;; f . 3 ■ : t i' p 't • c blk ) c- , • ■' • ■ ■ • • i , » f i. i., ? « • ' • f. ■■ • - ,r . ■ -.W’.'fr "'» , , . 1 ' « ... ... v • «•: X,; ■ ' . r .jv i -4 .a x ' ; V i I -Wi t . t ,,i ' - p , • i ; .It . . ' . i • ' r • • ’ • . ' , • .• r.' H v;8fei W % I . • ' • V 1 • ■ J ' . . • : ■ - "• • . . . . « . I .' r .••• « ■ y J r , , V' .i' » Vfr n . • f : •• ,;: .;wiv-rv ,»; « r . . : ■

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