Tecumseh High School - Trail Yearbook (New Carlisle, OH)

 - Class of 1957

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x X .N - Jr, H ,Mm L,A. W. ,. , Mahi. l QlL,Q.'fj1, , ww" M . ' ,-Z'f':. ,igw 41 P E X E 8 QM. x 3 , 3 .ik J ix I Y X, , S2 S? L. . 5- E. iff 7 391. I 1 O 1 1, HLCH, HHOOI -.1. T... .JUL fav: msg: EE 1-C- Q , s... EEZ' '.T- U Q- q ,:,ii ALJ q IE'- -MF53 n 3 ,A -L , ,mg ' Q Jlfg 1 .P S L 53" H", Q , Rf?"-' A , -,, 5 iv ' THE 7-'E 3 ,Qi VN H52 4 f L! J L31 I 1.1 ""'? f f LJRD Z:66'lllil6'6ll 'MM 7 ' - ,zllqf ,y ff' vial' W' , - , ,, , ,,,f1,., ALMA MATER Hail Tecumseh High, our school so dear, For the lessons thou hast taught, Our thoughts cling to thee through the years For the memories thou hast wrought. Keep thou thy standards high So, as our thoughts turn back, We may always view with pride Thy banner: the red and black. New Carl isle, Ohio 'l ,711 Apprcciafian U 772141 Wd-4.4! 5,,,.gf,a,,.,ao.??!a-1,6 aaimvfmfwv-ww ff l7J'7 .0 , , , U ' x i4 '::'f'f'v'pt. .liifff ' 4 ."fg 4, tx-'5 'W .4 , fff' W, 9- ff "TP" Vi: . I . , . ,j flu -L.:-V U .'- K' .fi I j .' - V ff-V. . ." . v - ...,,.'g ' - , . ... ,...- 54' 5 u .e - 'R . - , ,. mfr' ' .,', M 91-1 ,g , - 5, 'f-"'1,:f - 1 . - . . -'wr-5., U ,- Q . 15 "."." ff 'Q' ,Yk,f, 11:1-Q 4,1 v , , k'I Il . - 52' ' ' f ' X' ' '55, ' ' Tai?" 7 "f " ' 4- -, J'-1-f'j', ',' - ' WM. . ".-.,' H- - . CE I ' I , ' , . ll . " . . W' Carolyn Suuclers Martlm Nlelilnnej, .Klan Tyler' .,v,A , X, Barbara Miller, -lim Kadel, Carolyn Andrews. Barbara Younger man, ,lim Drake, Della Turner, Murilue Jeffers, Jerald S'xXC11'lI'!f,6f1 Tum Mcfiullum, I.lm.'rl Chamlwers Zeller, Pmlvlwye Fnwler, Lynne Cl.1rl4, Che Staff af 1 U16 1- I 95 7 HCIYZIYH Bfwlw Sriers. Phil Hirrxs Duc gglkllhlfil Gllws-an be LAXYRENCE PFLAITMER Superintendent of New Carlisle-Bethel Dfstrftt SL'fw1mIS lfmrd af Sducafion 1 3 f i 5 5 Harry Shade. XVilliam Burkhatdt, james Gorman, Harold Brunk, Ruger XV. Kadel, Presidentg R. M. Borst, Assistant Cluunty Superintendent, CQfifJRC1IfXNN.'X XYYANT Clerk i .711 Memoriam MR OSCAR T HAWKE The students of Tecumseh offer therr sympathx to the famrlv of Mr Ham ke whose death meant loss to the entire commumtx Hrs untxrmg efforts durrng hrs long tenure as County Superrntendent resulted 1n state vude recogmtron for Clark County m the consolxdatron program The new bll11d1I1gS throughout the area wlll serve as a frttlng memorral to the work of a man whose entrre lnfe was one of SCI'VlC6 v r v v ,4- X' ,v '1 X ! 4. . . , .t ., V MRS. H.-XRRIET McCl'LI.OL'GH Lunclmmom Manager 6? -an-ang' Xa 2 Ei Y uv MR. EDXVARD IRVINE Principal 1 MRS. ADA LAMPERT Secretary V7 -I - 'ff' 3 Q..v,9 Z 4 .A as. I x , QM, A Y x 3 W -X f J - 1 ill eff' , - . 4 :rf 1 1 'vt . . '-v. x P Student dnzlfvil The Student Clouneil. compost-tl nt tt repre5eiittttix'e twin each home room. serve the stlwtul its twtiiftliiitttimrs lwetxx een the students and the school gtdtninistrzitors. They also planned the Homecoming Daiite. the Spelling Bee. and helped develop the new merit system. Standing Clititlt buver Dale Algren, Don Dum, jack Stanley. Phil Harris, Dave Chapman. Seated Pam Nntlts bliarnn Attimn, Mary Beth Pittenger, Barham Ballard. Janie lX1tirr-uw. cwkfr Advisors Mn. Russ Airs. Budd Mn, Gricst Mr Iirctz Jerald Swetlringcn Tom Rhinehtlrt Palma Brown Bobbyc Fowler Vifc Pu' xjffwzf Pfexzdezzf Swmf!.:z'3 'l'mf1f1n'er Q AW' tx, N Z' .A ' 'K' 53 ARLEDGE. ROGER E. ASPER, EDXVARD Intramurals 5g Movie Projector Club 4. AUGUSTINE. BOB Band 43 Orchestra 4g Boys' Glee 4g Newspaper Staff 4. BARTLING. ESTHER LOUISE Intramurals 2g Girls' Glee Club 3. 3. of Y-Teens 2, 1. 4. President 2. Treasurer -ig Student Boosters 3, rl: Newspaper Staff -ig GAA 2. AC TON. SHARON Girl! Glee Club 2. 31 Choir 5. 41 Y-Teens 2, 5. 41 FTA '11 Student Council 2. S. -4, Secretary el. Treasurer 4: Library 1. Vice President 'll Home- wzfing Court 1. -3. UAA gl Student Director uf Claw Play 31 Dramatics Club -1. ALGRFN. DALE Intrarnurals 2. 4. Al. lirw-Q' Glee 2. 5. -lg Hi-Y 21 FFA Z. 2. -1. Treasurer 'll FFA Parliamentuy Pro- cedure team 5. rl. Swine Award 4. Soil .ind Whiter Managleiitent fl. Student Council 4. Treasurer 4. ANDREXV, SHARON Volleyball 2. 51 Girls' Glee Club 2. 5. -lg Y-Teens 2. 3. -4. ANDREXVS. CAROLYN Cheerleader Basketball 2. Football 2g Girls' Glee Club 23 Choir 4g Girls' Chorus -ii Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 5. Secretary 53 Student Boosters -ig An- nual Staff 41 Prince of Peace Contest Winner. second place in the district 4g Dramatics Club -1: GAA 3. BASSIILL. SYLVIA KAY l5.tsketb.1ll 2. S, .lg Volleyball 1. 5. -13 Hockey 2g Intramurals 5: Softball 2. 5. 41 Spanish Club 5g GAA 3. BIYLT. MIILINDA Cheerleader Basketball 3. 43 Football 5. ,lg Head Cheerleader 43 Girls' Glee Club 2. 51 Y-Teens 2. 5. rl: FTA 41 Student Boosters 5. -ig Library 3. 4g Office Assistant 4g Teachers Secretary 43 Cafeteria -ig Perfect Attendance 5g Homecoming Court 4. BIYNTLIEY, NELDA JOYCE Volleyball 5g Intramurals -lg Softball 2: Girls' Glee Club 2. 3. -ig Y-Teens 2. 4g Home Ec Club 2, 4g Student Boosters -ig Perfect Attendance 5. 41 GAA 3. rl. BORING, HAROLD Intramurals 2. 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 2. BROSEY, JUDY Glee Club 2, 3. -lg Class Treasurer 2g GAA 3. Home Ec Club 25 Y-Teens 2, 5. -lg Student Boosters 5, 4g Intramurals 2. 3. BROXVN, I7AI.INIA Hockey 2, 4. ig Intramurals 3: Girls' Glee 2. 53 Y-Teens 2. 3. 4. President 91 Class Secretary 41 Stu- .lent Boosters lx National Honor Society -11 News- paper Staff. Co-Illitor TY Offire Assistant All GAA s. s. CAIN. PAT Basketball 23 Volleyball 5. -ig Softball 31 Cheerleader Basketball It Girls' Glee 2. 4. lg Y-Teens 2. 3. 4g Student Boosters -11 Newspaper Staff 41 Perfect At- tendance 2. Eg GAA 1. 4. CHAMBERS. LLOYD Boys' Glee 2. 3. 4. Choir 5. -41 Hi-Y 21 Student Boosters ig Annual Staff 4: Drarnatics Club 4: Senior Stlwlarship Tests Honorable Mention bi. Q. COLVIN. joe Intramurals 2. 5. 43 Band 2. 5. 4g Orchestra 5. 43 Boys' Glce Club 5. 4g Movie Projector Club 43 Stu- dent Boosters 4: Library 4. President 43 Perfect At- tendance 5. COOK, XVILLIAM ALLEN Intramurals 23 Football Manager 53 Track Manager 23 Movie Projector Club 43 Perfect Attendance 2, 4. COOPER, ROBERT Transferred to Tecumseh High School 4. COX. FRED Intramurals 2. 5: Boys' Glee Club 23 Hi-Y 23 Movie Proiector Club 2. 5, CLARK. .HM liawball 5. l. Football I. 5. 4g Most Improxcrl Player 4. Honorable Mention. All League 4: Boys' Glee Club 2. 5. 4: Hi-Y 2: Perfect Attendance 5. 4. CLARK. JUNE Girls' Glec Club 5. 41 Cafeteria 5. 43 Perfect At- tendance 2: Dramarits Club 43 Library 5. 42 Spelling Bee Champion 1. CLARK, MARTHA LYNNE Baslct-tball 3. 5: Volleyball Z, 53 Intramurals 5: Girls' Cilee Club 2. 33 Choir 5. 43 Girls' Chorus 43 Y-Teens 2. 5. 4. 'Treasurer 53 Student Boosters 43 National Honor Society 4: Newspaper Staff 5. Editor 43 An- nual Staff 4g Office Assistant 5. 43 Cafeteria 43 Per- fect Attendante 2. 5: Class play 5g Student Director 43 Dramatics Club 43 GAA 5, 4, Treasurer 5. CLEVENGER, REVIS Football 2. 53 Intramurals 2, 5. 4. CUTTER. ,IIZRRY Boys' Liles Club 2. 3. DAILEY. KENNY Baseball 25 Football 25 Intramurals 2, 3 DAVIS. DOROTHA Girls' Glen: Club 5. ,li National Honor Society 4. DORN, RICHARD C. Football 2. 3. -I5 Intramurals 25 Most Valuable player fliootballj 45 Student Boosters, President 45 Football Co-Captain -I5 All League Defense -I. Vit:-rfx N ju ESI' DRAKE, JAINIES Baseball 33 Football 5, 45 Intramurals 33 Track 3, 45 Boys' Glue Club -I: Student Boosters 45 National Honor Sotiety 5. 45 Annual Staff 45 District Scholar' ship Honorable Mention 4g Class Play 4. DRISCOLL, DON Intramurals 25 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Boys' Quartet 2, 45 Choir 2. 3. 45 Movie Projector Club 45 Student Boosters 3. -45 Perfect Attendance 35 Class Play 5. EMBRY, DAVE Football 25 Intramurals 3. EMBRY, JANICE Basketball 2, 35 Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 2, 55 Y-Teens 2, 5, 4 President 4, Secretary 35 Spanish Club 55 FTA 45 Student Boosters 45 GAA 3, 4. AR Fllflf. BARBARA RADFR Hotkey' 1: Girls' Glen Club Z. 3. -4. Y-Teens 2. Home lft Club 21 Student Boosters 'lg Library 1. FOXVLER. BOBBYF Volleyball Z. 5. 41 Hotlcey 2. SQ Intramurals 1. 51 Softball 2. 5. 4: Basketball Manager P. Hotkey Manager 51 Cheerleader Basketball 3. -lg Football 1. -lg Girls' Glee 2g Class Treasurer sig Y-Teens 2. 3. 4: Home EC Club 2. 3. 4. Vice President 4: FTA 43 Student Boosters 3. -41 Annual Staff -lg 'feathers Secretarv 51 Class Plav 5: Class Plav 'll GAA 1. 74: Head Cheerleader R. GIBSON. Basl-:etball Cjlee 1. 4. SAKNDRA LFF 11 Vollevball 2. 2 lntraniurals 5. liiils lnrls' Quartet 2. -L Choir 5. l. Cyirls Chorus 4: Attompanist Buys Glen 11 Y-'lietns I -. 41 FTA 4. Annual Start 4 Dramatits Club -l UAA - .lFAN SLVSHER Student Boosters fll Ncxui'.ii'er Start Q. GIYIQNS. Girls' Cilee -. v. X-leens -. N. 4. Setrttaix ,. H1-' t 3 41 FIA 4. Ntudtnt Boosters -l. Nuts- ll Library 4. Third in Distiitr Wkrlf Ft Club 1. paptr Staff History I .gy FNIBRX RL THANN Bas etball I Vw ex 5 birls Glet Cltb X lee Spanish Cltb C ISVANS BARBARA etball 4 Volluball 1 4 H kex 4 In tr s 1 Glu Club C oir 4 FFA u en Nitional Honor Soticts 4 Pcrtett Attcndante A v 1 d rami 1 s FARLEY. LAXVRFNCF F. Football -. f. Intramurals ,. 1 'L Trat -1 ty' Glee Club -. '- ' -1 Moxie Projettor Club , 43 Drannatits Clu -lg Business Man ger -ass Play 4. FIELDS, CHARLES Football 2: Moxie Projector Club sl: Student Coun- til 7 'fin 5-J GORDON. DAVID R, Intramurals 2. 3, flg FFA 2. 31 Student Boosters 41 First in Bookkeeping District Scholarship Test -I. Tenth in state 4. GORDON, PHIL Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2. 3. 4g Choir 2, 3. 4: Football.2, 3, sig Boys' Glee Club 2. 3, 'IL Class Su- retary 23 Class Play 4. GOULD, MARY Transferred from Eesters High School 4: Home Et Newspaper Reporter 43 Class Play 4. GREEN, MARION Football 2. 31 Track 2. GREGORY, BILL Football 3. -ll Intramurals 3. GROUT, ROGER Football 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 4g Track 2g Movie Projector 4. Treasurer 4. I-IAGERTY, TOIVI Student Boosters 4. HAIR, DENNIS Baseball 23 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3g Choir 2. HENSON, BILL Fifth in Bookkeeping District Scholarship Test 5. HIDY, JERRY Intramurals 2. 1. 4, Movie Projector Club Reporter 41 FFA 2. 3. 4: Reporter 3g Newspaper Staff 3. HOKE, MARILYN Girls' Glee 5, Choir 3. 4g Girls' Chorus 4: FTA 4: Office Assistant fi. HOLZWORTH, MARILYN Girls' Glee 43 Office Assistant 43 Cafeteria 51 Dra- matics Club 43 Class Play 3. HARDACRIE, DALE Basketball 2. 3. 4, Movie Projector Club 41 FFA 2. 5. 4. HARRIS, PHILIP PAUL Football 4, Intramurals 2. 5. 41 Boys' Glee 2. 5. 41 Choir 4, Class Secretary 3, Hi-Y 23 FFA 2. 3, 4. President -I. Secretary 5, Student Boosters 43 Student Council 2. 3. 4. President -13 Annual Staff 4g Perfett Attendance 4, Class Play 5 and 4: State Farmer 3: Parliamentary Procedure team 5. -I3 Livestock Judging 2. 3. 45 First in county-Senior agriculture scholar- ship test, HIELMER, SHERRILL Baseball 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 5. 4g Boys' Glee 3. 4. HENMAN, ANNETTA Basketball 2, 3. 45 Volleyball 3. 43 Intramurals 3. 43 Softball 2, 3, 43 Girls' Glee 4, Choir 3. 4g Y-Teens 2, Perfect Attendance 2. 5. 4, GAA 3. 4. HOXVELL. GORMAN Transferred from McDowell High Sthool. HKTCHINSON. NANCY Girls Glee 2. 3: Choir 9. 41 Girls' Chorus 4: Teachers Secretary 3. 41 Perfect Attendance 1. 41 Dramatits Club sl. JEFFFRS, MARILLF Girls Glee 2. 5. lg FTA 4. President ll Student Boosters 41 Annual Staff 41 Library 4. Sctretary- Treasurer 41 Perfett Attendance 1. 'll Class Play 3: Assistant Student Direttor all Dramatits Club 4. JENKINS. KAREN Transferred from Ashland High Sthoolz Intramurals 41 Spanish Club -ll Girls' Glee 4. Drarriatits Club 4. 'G Q KADEL. llbl Basketball 4. Intramurals 2. 5. Manager Basketball 2. 33 Baseball 2. Football 43 Boys' Glee 3. 3. 4: Moxie Prolettor Club 43 Student Boosters 5. 4. Treasurer 41 Annual Staff 4. Homecoming Escort 41 Class Play S, 43 Dramatits Club 4. Senior Scholarship Test Honorable Mention. Citizenship Award rl KENDIG, XVILBUR Football 3, 43 Band 2. 5. Orthestra 1. Class Plas 4 LANE. LINDA Cheerleader Basketball 2. Football 2. Girls Glee 2. 51 Girls! Quartet 2. 4. Choir 5. 41 Choir Setretary 43 Y-Teens Z, 3. 4. Student Boosters 3. 4. Newspaper Staff 43 Class Play 3. 4: Dramatits Club 4, LAYTON. FLOISE Cheerleader Basketball 9. 4. Football 5. 4L Girls Glee 2. 5. Choir 1. 43 Girls Chorus ll Choir Presi- dent 4g Y-Teens Z. ?. 4. Secretary 3. Treasurer 21 Student Boosters 3. 4: Student Countil 5. 4. Vite President 4. Office Assistant 4: Homecoming Queen 41 Homecoming Court 11 FFA Queens Court 3. 4. Class Play 4. INIAYS JR.. ERNEST Intramurals 1.5. 4. MAYS, ROGER Intramurals 2. 3. 4. MQCARTY. SUE Girls' Glec I 3 l'fl"O1r 4' Y Teens A ' 4' Q -. . - -.f. Ngxinixli Club 1. 4: Nevvspapcr Staff ,lg GAA F INILCULLOIQGI-I. PATRICIA SIQE Vfillcylmill 1. 41 Hutlcuj. 1. -13 lntraniuralt F. Bantl 1. Orthcwtra 3. Girly Glu Z1 Girls' Quartet -lg Chiu fl: Girl! Chfiruw VL. Band Officer 1. Librarian Y-Tm-nw 3. 5. -4. FTA 4. Student Boulton -i' Nui yagwr xtatf 4 GAA 9 Dramatitx Cul" 4. Claw Play' -I LIZGGE. PATRICIA Girls' Glee 3. 4. Cafttcria -4. LEXVIS. DAVE LINK. MICHAEL A. Football 2. 31 Intramurals 2. 4: Boys' Glee Ig Hi-Y 2: Movie Proicctor 4. MARTIN. GARY Intramurals 5. 'll 'Intk Z. 5. 'li Pcrfctt Attcmlantc 7 3 4 1' G5 X Cl McC,lFI.I.L'M, TOM Band 2. 5: Buys' Glee 2. S. 4: Choir 3, 'IQ Hi-Y 2: Student Boosters 43 Class Play 51 Class Play 43 Dramatics Club 43 Senior Scholarship Honorable Lfention 41 Annual Staff 4. McKINNEY, MARTHA JEAN Girls' Glee 2, 53 Choir 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 43 Ac- companist Boys' Glee 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3. President 33 National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 41 Annual Staff 4: Cafeteria Cashier 43 Receptionist 23 United Nations 3: Prince of Peace 41 Business Manager Junior Class Play 31 Scholarship award 2. 3, 43 Teachers Secretary 33 Valedittorian 1. MILLER, BARBARA ANNE Girls' Glee 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Student Boosters 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Dramatics Club 43 Senior Scholarship Honorable Mention: GAA 3, 4. MONROE, MARY ANN Girls' Glee 3. 3. 43 Girls' Quartet 2, 43 Choir 43 Y-Teens 2. 3. 43 ETA 4, Vice President 43 Student Boosters 4: National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4: Perfect Attendance 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3. 43 Cafeteria Bookkeeper 43 District Scholarship English 2-seventh place3 Scholarship 2, 33 Dramatics Club 4. MORRIS. HELEN P. Intramurals 3. 43 Girls Glee 3- 5, 49 Y'TCen5 2, 5i .13 Home Et Club 23 FTA 43 Student Boosters 43 Library Z. 3, 43 Teachers Secretary 33 Perfect At' tendarice 4. Voice of Democracy 3. United Nations 33 Dramatits Club 43 GAA 3. -i. NEHER. A. "jAYi' Football Z. 3. PAYNE, RUTH JEANETTE Hockey 43 Girls' Glee 2. 33 Choir 43 Girls' Chorus 4: Class Treasurer 33 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Vice President 21 Home Ec Club 23 FTA 4, Treasurer 43 Student Boosters 43 Newspaper Staff 43 Dramatics Club 43 GAA 33 Perfect Attendance 33 Class Play 4. PENDERGRASS. SHIRLEY ROWENA Student Boosters 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Newspaper Co-Editor 4: Dramatics Club 43 Scholar- ship 3, 4: Cafeteria 3: Prince of Peace 3. 4: Saluta- torian 4. Il x f 'Qs RICHARDSON. XVAYNE Intramurals 2. 5. -4: FFA 2. 3. 4. Student Advisor -iz Student Boosters 5. ROGERS, CAROL ANN Intramurals 2. 5. -4: Girls' Glee 2. 3. 4: Y-Teens 2. 41 Home Ec Club 2. 4g Student Boosters 41 FTA -4. Secretary 41 Perfert Attendance 3. 4: GAA 4. 4 Class Representatixe 3. RCE. BIARY ALICE Transferred to THS 4: Stholarshir si. RCTLEDGE. DONALD Football 2. 51 Intramurals 2, 1. -ll Tratk 2. X PETTY. JEANNE Y. Transferred from XY',1xerly. Ohio: Student Boosters 41 Teachers Setretarjv -4. RECKNER. SANDRA Intranturtils 2. 3, fi: Girls Glee -41 Student Boosters -41 ETA 4. Class Play 32 Dramatics Club 41 Senior Stholarship test 41 Distritt Stholarshir- test, eighth in English 12 in distrirt: GAA 1, REEDER. ROBERT LEROY RINEHART, TOM Baseball 43 Football 'll Intramurals 2. 5. -ig Boys Glee Club 2. 5. 4: Choir 4, ,lg Class President 5. 4g Hi-Y President Z1 FFA 2. 5. sl. Treasurer 3. Vite President 43 Student Countil 21 Homecoming Estort 5g Student Boosters 4. Reporter Alg Class Play 5 and 43 XY'inning judging Team-FFA District Nine 91 County FFA Queens Escort 211 County offiter FFA 5g County junior PCA President ft. RUTLIZDGIT. EVERETT R. SAVAGE. BARBARA Vollcylvall I. 5.e'l1HtH.li4j I 91 fiirlx lylct Q. A li Y-Teena 2. 5. 441 Stutlent liomrerx 4. Dr.4m.4titx C luh -ig GAA 3. 4. Sl'llil.l?Y. C.fYNNlE Girl! Cilee 2. S. Choir 9. ll Y-'lkam 1. 5. 4. Vitt Presiclent 'll Srxzniah Cluh 2. gl Frutltnt fountil Q Next ainiper Staff ll Stutlent Buoxttrx 4 SOUDERS. CAROLYN Band Z. 5. -41 Orqhestm 2. 4. -41 Curl! Glu I . Choir 3: Girls' Chorus -lg Band Lihr.1ri.1n 4: C.huir Accompanist -ig Y-Teens 2. 3. ig FTA fig Student Boosters 5. -lg National Honor Society 4: Annual Staff -41 Tcatherk Secretary Z. 4. '41 Pnrfett Attentl- ance Z: Dramatics Cluh 41 Scholarship 2. Q lg . fi. lm' STALYP. DIUDITH Volleyball ll Hmlcey 2. 5. 41 Volleyhall Manager 3. Girl! lilte 2. 3. 41 Y-'lunx 2. 3. 4. Vita- Pruiitlent ig Home lit Cluh 2. Vite Pruitlent 21 Stutlent liooxta L-rs ll Nt-wsp.ipci' Staff -41 'I'e.4tlicr's Sttretarx 4 Di'.un.1titx Cluh ll GAA 5. lioartl 1. STIERS. BGB liiisketlmill 2. S, 'lg 'lrrulc 3. Class Presitllnt 2. Vit: Presitlent gl National Honor Smit-ty lL Annual Staff -lg National Merit Stlwlarxhip H4vnur.4l'ule Mention 41 Senior Sthol.1rxhip ith in tountv All Sixth in Phuiw in Dktritt 4. STROMIE. RUTH ANN Girls Gle,-e Z1 Choir 3. ll Girl! fllflfllx 4 SXVEARINGEN, JIZRALD Baslcethall 2. 3. 4. Track 2. 3, 'll Boys' Glu- 2. 3. 441 Class Vitc President 2. -4: Hi-Y 2. Vue Prexitlent 2: Moxie Prorector Club 4. President 4. Annual Staff 4g Homecoming Escort -lg United Nations Vi'in- ner 11 Stage Manager 3. 41 Dramatice Club -4. Presi- tlent 41 Dramatic Award -4 15" XVALTERS. DICK Boys' Glee 2. 3. ,ig Hi-Y 2: Moxie Projector Club 4g Student Boosters -4. XVEAVER, LUANNE Student Boosters 4, XVELCQH. PEG Basketball 2. 3. 'll Volleyball 2. 3. ,lg Intramurals 2. 3. -lg Girls' Gler- 2. 3. ,lg Y-Teens 2. 5. -lg FTA 'll Student Boosters 43 Newspaper Staff ig Perfett At- tendante 4: Class Play -4: Dramatits Club -11 GAA 1. 4. Board 3. XVIZNRICK. NELSON Baseball 2. 5. 41 Hoiuetoming Estort 4. THOMPSON. JOE Intramurals 2. 5. AQ, TURNER. DELLA Basketball 5: Volleyball 5. -4: Intramurals 5. -ig Soft- ball 1. '51 Girls' Glee 2. 3: Girls' Chorus 4: Spanish Club 31 Newspaper Staff 2. 3. -lg Annual Staff -ig Offite Assistant 41 Teatheris Secretary 43 Perfect At- tendante 2. 51 Prince of Peate 51 Class Play 3: GAA R. 4. Board 3. TYRIEE. ALAN Intramurals fig Hi-Y 21 Voite of Demorraty A43 Srliol- arsliip lg National bfcrit Stliolarship Honorable Mention -lg Senior Suholarship Test 4: Distritt Stliolarsliip Test -lg Ifirst in Physics in Distritt. Sixth in the state. XVALLACE, CAROL Basketball 5: Volleyball 2. 3. -1: Hockey 2. 5. Al: lntramurals 3. 43 Softball 2. 9. 43 Girls' Glee 2. 3. ,ig Choir 3. -lg Y-Teens 2. 4. '13 Newspaper staff 23 Perfett Attendance 5. GAA 3. 4. we-I x'f":rv XWHALEN. BRIAN Basketball 23 Intramurals 3. 43 Track Z, 3. 43 Hi-Y 23 Newspaper Sports Editor 43 Senior Scholarship Test ninth in county 4. XVI-IELDON. JO ANN Girls' Glee 2. 3. 43 Y-Teens 2. 31 Home Ec Club 2. YEAGER, TOM Baseball 2. 3. 4: Football 2. 3. 43 Intramurals 21 Honorable Mention District Team Offense -l. YETTER, PATRICIA ANN Girls' Glee 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 2. 3. -lx Home Ec Club 43 Student Boosters 43 Perfect Attendance 2. 3. .K YQ, YOESTING, DEAN Intramurals 2, 3. 4g Band 2. 3. 4g Boys' Glee 2, 3. 43 Boys' Quartet 43 Choir 2. 3. 4, Vice President 43 Custodian 3: Band President 43 Custodian 33 FFA 2. 3, 4, Secretary 43 Parliamentary Procedure Team 43 Star Chapter Farmer 43 National FFA Chorus 43 All Ohio FFA Band 2, 3. 4. YOUNGERMAN, BARBARA JOAN Basketball 43 Volleyball 2, 43 Softball 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Girls' Glee 2. 3. 4: Y-Teens 2. 3, 41 Student Boosters 43 Annual Staff 4g Newspaper Staff 33 Teachers Secretary 33 Class Play 43 Assistant Student Director 33 Drama Club 4g GAA 3, 4. ZELLER, DAVID Basketball 2. 3, 43 Baseball 2. 3. 43 Most Improved Player Award 23 Foul Shooting Trophy 23 Most Valu- able Player Award 3, 43 Hi-Y 23 Movie Projector Club 4, Vice President 33 Annual Staff 4g Drama Club 4. Vice President 4g Student Council 2, 33 Big Man of Basketball Award 43 All Ohio First Team 4. ZELLER, JOHN Football 3. 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, Secretary 23 FFA 2. 3, 43 judging Team 2. 3, 4. Alan Tyrce and Bob Sticrs rank high in State in National Merit Test. H First row: Alan Tyrcc. Bob Sticrs. Brian XY'h.i- len, Second row: Bill Hcnwn. Toni Mtflullum. Sandra Rcckner. .lim Kadcl. M.iry Ann Monros. Lluyti Chambers, B.iI'bJl'.1 Miller. 'lim Drake rank high in Cuunty in Sc-niur Ftholuship TCSI. euiar cholarshzjv SHIRLEY PENDERGRASS-S.zInI.1Iamm INIARTHA INICKINNEY-Vafedirf011,111 WWI? '-'35 if Duck Moseman Trenfzn ez Ellzabeth Harmon Senefau Dau: Brown Prexzdenf earl Collms V1rePfeJ1dez11 ,fumvr Advzsors and Ofhcers Mlss Allan, Mr Reynolds, Mrs Porter, Mnss Muller 'EQ First row: Alberta Clark, jeanne Collins, George Lazear, Sue Bru- baker, Tom Anderson. Second row: Bill Chiles, Wfayne Coulbourne, Helen Blum, Herb DeWell, Gary Compton. Third row: Dave Armstrong, john Barton, Dudley Colvin, Galen Bru- baker, Doug livans. 'T XJ E gi. Y First row: Carl Hay, Floyd Frost, jerry Coulbourne, Tom Kimsey, Elizabeth Harmon. Second row: john Leeth, Gerald Harley, Harry johnson, Tom Lewis, ,Ierri Grisso. Third row: Genevieve Hibbard. Danny Fahrney, Bill Lindeman, Brooks Longnecker, Bonnie Happel. First row- Ted Sinks Hillar' Ter . . , y - rell. Daxe Ifrban, Herb Taynor. joe Fdwards. Setond row: Sue Sine, Diane Vlasic. Bob Zeller. Judy Zimmer, Jack Stanley, Third row: Jerry Tuvell, Bob Tay- nor. Bob Preston. Danny XY'arlin. joe Wfallace. First row: Betty Greene. Polly Har- ris. Mary Legge. Carol Hay. Second row: Nancy Hayes. Cynthia Lyons. Peggy Ingle. Anthea Hill. Mary Hinkle. Third row: Dale Bryant. Miriam Gevedon. Judy Hopkins. Laura Glassburn. Joyce Heironimus, Linda Huff. First row: Martha Smith, Sanda Spencer. Second row: Eugene Ziegenthaler. Sandy Shaw, Jo Studebaker, Ronnie Sharp. Elaine Spinning. Third roxy: Phyllis Wfaldron. Robert Sheffcr. Marieta Preston, Anita Stapleton. First row: Judy Emerick. Connie Clouse, Barbara Brunlc, Audrey Cal- lison, Joyce Cobaugh. Second row: Joyce Bowers, Dave Brown. Beverlie Chatwood, Dave Chapman. Mary Dersch. Third row: Doris Booher, Nancy Armentrout, Irvin Campbell, Ed Beechler, Martha Berry. X lfirst row: Margaret Groff, Pat Mattingly. Betty Morris. Canal Mil- ler, Dianna Ray. Setnmd row: David Minard, Leo Richardson. Tom Rehhin, Gerald Mwrris, 'laik limes. Third row: Lewis Richards, Tom Reyhulilw. Alxie l,ymh, Huh Nickell. Dirk Mmemaii, S X. Ifirst row: Aliee lean Meredith. Lucille Reif. Barbara Tipton, Sandy Sears, Pam Non-ks. Second row: Rita Schwartz. George Meflargish. Bernal Mays. Leroy Sanders. Bill Russell. Third row: lake Mithael. Dean Ptlaumer. john Posey. Daxe Ped- rielq. Ralph Rutledge. Uloyie ML- Farland. ll -3 Q Mr Studchikcr. Miss Gclmiucr. Miss Hartmm r fingur. Miss l..lL1lWCIll-Lli, Qtmdin ,lim Sliuinrtlxcr. Pitfiftfm.' ti lt Sum-r. l'ft f Ihrififfzff D xic Toultc, .Sift l't'f.17'l vnnin ixwrs. Al-VL'.Ii!H' 1 First row: Darryl Muntcith -lcrry Mays. Bill High. -larry Howard. Sctontl ron: john Martin. Harold Lyons. Bill Holmes. Vcrlc Mcfiillix ray. Pctc I.cxvis. Third row: Ray Hnpsonr I..1rry Long. Russell Crdy. Larry Kenyon. XY't1ync Martin. First ron: Ronnie Young. 'lohn XY'ehh. Bill XY'.1rritlt. St-tond row: Charles Ung- leshy. lean XX'ilson. Lind.i Underwood. Charles Spin' ning. N.inty Studebaker. Third row: Yle.1nne Storm. Clyde johnson. jerry XY'hit- Anre, Don Stanley. Chutk Suver. First row: Coralee Swartz- haugh, Shirley Wfalker, Nanny XY'e.iver. Second row: Shirley XY'iI, liiims. Patty Stewart. Dixie Toedte. Ruth Ann johnson. Gloria Vifilloughby. Third row: Connie Zedal-ter. Barbara XVilson. Lynn Thompson. -loyte Strait. -loetta Stansbury. First row: Mary Ann Mond- hank. Nadine Koogler. San- dra Tippie, Harry Kilgore. Second row: Rosemary XVells, joyte Massie. Rosella Mc- Knight, Betty Jamison. Bev- erly jamison. Third row: Catherine Morris. Dian Judy. 'I.1nie Morrow, iXl.1I'g.l1'CI Pendleton. jim Hossler. lfirst row: Vaughn Rarey. 'lim Rhodes, Dirk Stanlon, Mollv Rhinehart. Sctond row: Anita Riesen' betk. -lim Roads, Joanne Sau- yer. Bob Plantz. Larry Ritk- CIIS. Third row: lim Shumaker. jerry Spente. Harxey Ryder. Daxid Asper. Linda St-ott. First row: Deronda Page. Patsy Smiddy, Carol Roller. Mary Beth Pittenger. Setond row: Kay Nugent, Opal Campbell, Kay Robin- son, Bonnie Riddle, Doris Foster. Third row: Thelma Martin, Bill Smith, judy Smith, Dirk Sherman, Cynthia Reedy. lfirst row: XYVIUHIC ljrassell Patricia Brown. Bexerly Cleary. Setond row: Anne Caird joyee Cable. Tum Bernard. Ronnie Bassell. Anita Bru- baker. Third rum: Chutk Billet. Keith Beerman. Kenny Bene' dettw. Owen Chapman. .ludy Chandler. 3" jf, 'Q' ,: 'ft' 3' - ' U -' gs Q68 MTA? -' l , 'S' Q A 2 Y. 3 ' A vi wi .. L h 'ft N' if h IIA I-u - fb r' , XX 1 X t fm if " IIISRARIAINQ loc Colvin Qharon Acton. Marilue Jeffers. joe Wulliice. Helen Morris. Melinda liclt Iune Clark Butts Morris TN mtv Hayes. Doris Booher. Library The library. under the direction of Miss Clara Geb- auer, offers a variety of facilities to the Tecumseh High School student. Besides books for reference and recreational reading the library has an extensive pamphlet file for the use of the student. Additionally, about tvventv new niag- azines are received each month. For the first time this year the student librarian received one-fourth credit for working in the library and completing several projects in library science. This vvork is all extracurricular activity. The librarians make up the Library Club, which at Christmas time prepared a basket for a needy family. The Library Club officers are .loe Colvin, President: Sharon Acton. Vice Presidentg Marilue Jeffers, Secre- tary-Treasurer. Girls ' Give 61116 First ruw: Kitty Bartling, ,liitly Fmcrink. Autlrcy Callisun, Exthcr Bnrtling, Dnrix Buulu-r. Sharon Evans. Polly Harris, Pcggy lngle, Dliris limtc-r, Barbara Psrunk. Nancy Hayes, Cunnic Clmiic. Ruby liillhc-imcr, Norma Clnopcii Sccnntl rim: lam- Circgwry, Patty l5i'own, Agnus Br.intlcnl'uxrg, Nana' Bere. Che-ryn Clark, Mary Dersch, Pat Ciiin, Nelda Bentley. Marilyn Holzworth, Mii'i.im Gcxctliin. Sue Gregory, Connic Bnwcrs, Annctta Henman, Gloria Bright, Dalc Bryant. Tliirtl rim: XX'innic Biisscll. Betty Hartley. Hucrlic Chatwnml, Karen jenkins, Sherrill Hair, Laura Gliisahurn. Alberta Clliirk, Jeanne Collins, Jerri Grissu, Sliairon Antlrcw, Beverly Cleary, julia Ellis, -Iutly Hnpkim, .Inyac Heironimus, Jeanne Daily. Fuiirtli ruwi Dorotha Davis, ,Ioytc Cahlc, Juno Clark. Dian -lutly. Ciynthia Gunter. .lutly Chantllcr, Hg-cky Huistantl. Ruth Einhry. Mariluc Nlcffcrs. Helen Blum. Ann Cord. Bcriita Hupp, Barbara Green. Sue lii'uh.ikcr. Anita Brubaker, fliiiii iilritcix Pain Niitlu, lflniw l..1y'tun. .lnxl Dum Yiirsting thctk the rnhcs. First rim Alina lean Lfcredith lliint Spinning., Shirlu W ilkcr Bar ri 'Niil n x n it L LD N flffli N irx cg Q Qintii x r iri t Quo t i Mm Ann N uni i iri Q i 71 4 ir n 3 i rii F 1 t ittx his Ntannt mtta Ntins urs Ku Ru inwn Cunnin 7cdi cr mi ii x i ri t Rosy 1 Mtlxnigi Rini X in firm -rtrx irt rim xit mt lout Miwit Aniti Sta L 1 S x ni i X nuhart. ,lean XX ilv n. unnit 1 t L. - 'tc btrait. .I 1.1 .i ting' . , .V '. .,. iz , iiriw. 5 " R . ,i. 'igrr v iii. . at . . 1 5. y. In 'Qi .t' Q. A '. . .. ' 1' ., . Si nnic Harm . .i ..i .I , 1. nr "ant, ' NU ,V.. K. Dianna Ray. Nfny Ann Bfiinriiu. f.nQ . L ur. f . cti . rx' . Barlmira Rader. E715 Zfccum eh Kim r First row: Jeanette Payne. Barbara Ballard. Sandy Shaw. Annetta Henman. Linda Carder. Connie Sheley. Pam Nocks. Ruth Ann Strome. Alite Merideth. Coralee Swartzbaugh. Setond row: Barbara Evans. Saundra Gibson. Nanty Stude- baker. Eloise Layton. -ludy Hopkins. jane lNforrmy. Elizabeth Harmon, Sharon Acton, ,Imyr-Q Bowers. jo Studebaker. Mary Dersth. Mary Hinkle. Mary Beth Pittenger. Third row: Karen Gibson. Connie Zedaknr. Martha MtsKiriney. -lake Vnder the diretti-in of Mr. brine. the vital groups or Tetumseh continue to grow in perforrnante and reputation. The newly organized Girls' Chorus is. like the Choir. a seletted group while the boys and girls' glee tlubs offer to e2eryone an opportunity to enyoy singing. The addition of a new ritusit building with its large Vrattire rot-m. oftite. storage rooiiis. and indiuidiial prattite rooms rtiakes the whole niusit program a irore enioyable part of the sthool turrieulum. Michael. Tom Rinehart, Dean Pflaumer. Herb DeXY'ell. Dave Eahrney. Phil Gordon, Tom McCullum, Phil Harris. jim Hossler. Sue McCarty. Kay Nugent. Elaine Beatty. Fourth row: Marilyn Holce. Sue McCullough, Carol VC"alIaCe. Carol Miller. Nancy Hutchinson. jim Eaig. Bill Frank. Tom Rebbin. Russel Gray. Dean Yoesting. Lloyd Chambers. -lerry Tuxell. Don Dristoll. Linda Scott. Lynne Clark. Mary Ann Monroe. Anieta Riesenbetk. Nancy Armentrout. ,,-f 'ig First row1 Date Chapman, Floyd Frost. Hillary Terrell. joe Colvin. jake Michael, Phil Gordon. Dick Scanlon. jim Drake, Tom Anderson. Sherrill Helmer. Bob Augustine, Ronnie Sharp. Second row: Dean Pflaumer. Gerald Harley. Tom McCullum. jim Clark. Herb DeWell. Don Driscol. Bob Zeller. Leo Richardson. john Posey. Dave Armstrong, Tom ' ' ' Zfwas the Night Before Hhristmas ' ' First row: Mary Ann Mondhank, Ruth Ann Strome. Carolyn Andrews, Sharon Acton. Martha Berry. Mary Hinkle, jeans ette Payne. Coralee Swartzbaugh. Second row: Shirley XValker, joyce Bowers, joetta Stansbury, Eloise Layton. Cheryn Clark. Nancy Hutchinson. Barbara Wlilson. Marilyn Rinehart. Phil Harris. Harold Lyons. Third row: Daxe Brown. Danny Fahrney. Tom Rebbin. Dale Algren, Bob Nichols. jerald Swearingen, jim Kadel. Larry Farley. Lloyd Chambers. Dean Yoesting, Buddy Brubaker. Dick Walters. Dudley Colxin. joe XX'allace. jerry Tuvcll. George McCar- gish. Hays ' Gln' 6711111 . Q s ,:. 94 QQ. Hoke. Connie Bowers. Karen Gibson. Sandra Tippie. Third row: Martha McKinney. Nancy Studebaker. Sandra Gibson, Anita Reisenbeck. Della Turner. Carolyn Souders. Lynne Clark. Sue Sine. Sue McCullough. Molly Rinehart. Rita Swartz. iz ts Gzrls' Cfhorus AlI'XlOR CQIRIS DOl'lSl.lf 'IRIO Cir-il Millar Allin Mtrctiitli. Marx Dersth. ,lil Stink PA: Xwlv, Xqnix Armtntz-int SOPHOINIORE GIRLS' TRIO -lanic lNIirrrmx1 Eliiinc Bt-.ittyx l.intl.i Cartler. SENIOR GIRIS QVARTET Speczlzl Af! 1151? Grwzps 'lhc special music groups lint- he mme an important part wt thc Tc-- tuinst-li rnusit tlcpgirtmcnr. 'lhcy un- tcrttiinul IIIHJLIKLIIIULIT the yciir ltr lwth scliiml .intl outsitlt' fiunctinns. Among the accmnpiinists. Elirzihctli Harmon and Nancy Armcntrout min superior ratings for their piiinlu mlm in the district music contest. ACCOMPAN l STS Sue MtCullciug:li. Mary Ann Miinrmq Linda Lam. S.itin.lr.a Alite Merctlith. Elizabeth Harmon. f Gibson. Martha McKinney. Nancy Armentrmt J., ul'h5"""' BAND UFPIUZRS lint nm. yitting, Pam Nmkx. Numy Stude- hiker. SL-wnii ww, xlniiiiinyqz Iflifubeth Harmon. -l.miL Norrmv, Jerri Grimm. Carolyn Suudcrs. riiilllli row: Dean Yoestlng. Tum Rebbin. C H. .ST Marching Hand MAJQRETTES: Pam Nocks, jo Studebaker, Anita Brubaker. Leo Richardson. Jerri Grisso. judy Hopkins, Kay Nugent. Left ri, right: Tiuii Rebbin. Ning' Armemniut. Elimimth Harmun. Dime Armentrrwut. Dixie 'I'-mrite wIiie'C.i+l'-in. B.1rb.1r.i Ballard. blwim Kemiig. B011 Auguxtine. jerry Ynesting, First row. Harold Lyons. Elaine Beatty, Cheryn Clark. Paul Hoke. Second row: Steve Neff. Dick Griest. Larry Happle. Ralph Rutledge. Jim Hossler. Linda Carder. lfirxr nm: Jerry Miller. Bobby Smart. Dirk Row Mary Ann Montlhank. Juyte lfarling. Slmron Zeller. Patty Thomas. Mary Beth Pit- teriger' Setond mug .Dean Yoesting. Alberta Clark. Nancy' Studebaker. Lee Weidner. Charlainc Kurtz. Donna Hecathorn. Roberta Miralia. Linda Myers. Judy Boring. Pam XY'inter. Rhea Andrew. Marbcth Fess. Larry Reynolds. Patty Kurtz. Gary Greene. Judy Nye. John Smart. Terry Johnson. Tom Bernard. Jake Michael. Carolyn Souders. Jerry Vfhitacre. Joanne Xwhitacre. Mary Lou Harmon, Janie Morrtmg Sharon Faust. Bonnie Happle. Joyce Cable, Sandy Shaw. Mary Beth Judd, Sharon Baldauf. Roger Rutledge, Bob Lawler, Bob Rinker. Phyllis Copenhefer. Sandy Loy. fi s 1 I . H X. 1 A11111111 1n1st 1111 A1111c11t11111t N 1 1 111 Nfl Q 1 Ll 111 11 R 1 1 L1 WDDIL HI nn 11 11 ll 1 IL 1 N1111 1 xx uond 11111 r lfl mm L1111111 NLC nn 11111 1 1 zttx ac F1 crcdlrh irlum IXLITTI Nf1l'N Sam 11111 LI Nmn Nt111'1111lxcr Al LI 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 ID 1 11 N1 L 1111111 1 11 17 1 Ll 1 4 1 1 1 1 L 111 ku 1 LLJNIIHL C11 1 T115 'T l1gw'I.1 X Q' ' ' ' ' 1 - 11 .11 -111-1.11 IJNN :'l.11x H111 11 ,'I11.1f11l 1I1k,I..1.I11!1' 1 'Q 11 , .11r.1u1... .1 11I111KI11I 1YI11LfIN.1Y'1fM1V X x1111111x 1.11 1,'1r'.1s1111t 11f 1111 .11i1111,11 X A , I , X1 M .1111NYU , v-Qi.,-.Aa-nr. R 3 763' M VW f. ww i Q W V' I., fl VC y 7,3 i ,EW ww, . E M .5 ffl ! " .fl TX M 4 , Q...-.. W ,A mf-Lx Q ,1'5'2.ii M H , Sf L , , 'Z-51? f 22 F' 'L , Q- 9 ' - 25 + X , y ff 'V 4, ' . Y s , '51 L, Y M r Q Q x Q1 4 I Q M fgf fo V3 ' ' was 'sccnfim - DWP, .6 'x P' 7 ff in TREASUREQL 4 gi 1 scurnun 1'-ir'-'H'l'i, H 5 -v ' A an ,- . r U J .5 ,-'a.'?'?Nl W !1'H o . al ' 9 q. . '- ' . 5, H-C 'vt' fy 9 1 1 W ' ' ' ' . f ' x 1 I 1 ' 4 . o 1 ,,, It 5 Y ' ' ---W Jj'i"' -Q-ga'-"""' 'Y I , .' ' ' ' Umm Y11u1111Kg Nx.1x 1h11xL11 111 Nmig III the 51.1111111111 If If A, Cl111r11N, .1 431111111 111' nm' l111111lrc11 .1111i 111.11 buys t'r11111 .111 11x1r the l 11111-11 Smtu, Thu 131111111 x.111Ag .11 1111 N,1r11111.1l PIYA. f11r1xc11111111 .11 K.1I1N.lN C 111' Dum li .1Is1- .1 11111111111 111 1111 N1 11011.11 l:.I'fA 15.11111 T4 The lf,F,A. 111111111-rs xxnrc each presented with 1111 HH1111 omry Ci h .1 11 I c r Mc111l1 c r Award" .1t the .1r11111.1l lf.lf.A b.lI'lL1LlL'f. T11111 R111cl1.1rr IS prcsc11ti11g thc .lNY.1I'dS. Thc Bccf,I11dg111g rc.1111 111m- sistmg of jerry Suxcr. Owen 'I1'1'fcrS. .md Phil H.1rris plu- cd firxt in the distrhr mmcst .11 Xcr11.1 nn' :gxn Ju .NY Q ,- Mary Dersch, Rita Schwartz. ,loyce Heironimus. Bobbye Fowler, Joyce Bowers. Martha Berry. Sintly Spencer. Diane Ray. Audrey Callison. Sandy Shaw. Judy Emerick. Laiim Glnsshtirn. Snintling: ,lerri Grisso. Alcunne Collins. Bonnie Happel. Sandra Reckner. Pat Mattingly The Home Economics Club is primarily .1 so- tial group interested in future hOmcm.1king ancl helping others. Their project this yc-.tr was to proxicle Christmus hasf kets for the residents of the Clark County Home for the Aged, Their an- nual spring picnics and summer swimming par- ties are hecoming tradi- tional with the Club. Home hanvmics Klub 'Y Jane Scott. Virf Prefidiul. Mary Gould. Rejwvferf Nancy Bere. SEl'f'6I!I?j.' Connie Clouse. Tu.:-me Miriam Cer eclon. Pre tiderzl. ,loyce Massie Rnzella McKnight. Joyce Strait. Katherine Morris. Burbara Ballard. Cynthia Lyons. Mary Hinkle. Lucille Reif. Sandy Sears. Carol Hayes. Standing: Putty' Brown. Nc-Itla Bently. Carol Rogers. lean Gixens. Barham Brunk. Cynthia Center Dixie Alice Toetlte. Bfericlit. nv""" 51 Ulrczzlrf 5s,va" ... o " 3. 07 Bar A111 Mnller Bettx Moms Qerond roxx Bxerlxe Chatvmod Idy Hcrkms I Q u ehal-car 9 M C uc c .lm lhlrd r K K ren Icnkmi 'I mm Anderson Blll Ir Dlck Moscman Icmnc Colhns ll Clreulo Iipmol IS 1 rluh ortganlznd hx the Sf mrsh nllsscs T he member one must haxe had tvxo years of Spanish or he .1 pumor or 1 semor The dub studles the eustoms of the Spamsh people has pncmm and plms projerts The p1crm th1syear was held mth XY'1lhur XY'r1ghr Qrhool of Duron Ofwcers i,-1 n x Haus n ar LN 1 pmm KI nm Nrmm L Jb.. l'irst toxxg Shiilex Wialket. Kittl liartling. Ruby liillheimer. Deronda Paige. Sandra 'lipiayi Natleen Kring ler. Coralee SNS.iIl!l7.lLlgll. Xorrna Cooper. Mary Ann Mondhank. Sharon Fyaris. Setond roxx: Barbara Ballard. Sue Gregory. Linda Carder. Patty Broun. Vfinnie Bassell, Kay Rohinson. Connie Zedaker. Karen Gibson. Genexiete Greene. Gloria Bright. Nanny Bere. Mary Beth Pit- tenger. Jane Gregory. Third row Dixie Toedte. Cheryn Clark. Ruth Johnson. Betty Hartley. Agnes Bran- denburg. Bonnie Riddle. Judy Smith. Catherine Morris. Joyte Strait. Cyn' thia Reedy. Nanty Studebaker. Jane Morrow. C.-innie Bowery. Joctta Stansbury. Fourth roxy: Julie Ellis. Molly Tinehart. Bonita Hupp. Anne Cord. Judy Chandler. Jo Ann Sau- ver. Linda Stott. Betky Hiestand. Jean Storm. Linda L'nderwood. Bar- bara Greene. Joyce Cable. Anita Bru- baker. Anieta Riesenbetk. Bexerly Goff. yuuior ll- Cccns First row, Carol Rogers. Jeanette Payne. Sharon Acton. Helen Morris. Jean Gixens. Pat Cain. Sue Mt- Carty. Janice Embry. Esther Bartling. Bobbye Fowler. Second row: Nelda Bently. Eloise Layton. Sharon An' drew. Martha McKinney. Sue Mt- Cullough, Saundra Gibson. Barbara Youngerman. Bonnie Rader. Palnia Broun Third roxx: lvltlinda Belt. Carol XX'allace. Lynne Clark. Car' olyn Souders. Ruthann Fmbry. Mar' ilue Jeffers. Peggy VC'elth. Marx ADO Bfivnrof' CODFIIC Sl1Cl6k'. Svphamare lf- Ueens First row: Doris Booher. Judy Frner- ick. Connie Clause. Elaine Spinning. Nancy Hayes. Lucille Reif. Sanda Spencer. Audrey Callison. Alite Jean Meredith. Carol Hay. Second row: Polly Harris. Peggy lngle. Pam Nocks, Sandy Shaw. Betty Greene. Dale Bryant. Margaret Liroff. Miriam Geveclon, Joyce Bowers. Sandy Sears. Barbara Brunk. Third row: Mary Hinkle. Joyce Heironimus, Cindy Lyons, Jo Studebaker. Martha Berry. Betty Morris. Jane Scott. Anita Stap- leton. Judy Hopkins. Bexerly Chat- wood, Rita Schwartz. Mary Dersth. Phyllis Waldron. Fourth row: Alberta Clark, Elizabeth Harmon. Jerri Uris- so. Helen Blum. Diana Ray. Judy Zimmer, Dianne Vlasic. Bonnie Hap- ple. Carol Miller. Pat Mattingly. Jeanne Collins. Nanny Armentrout. Laura Glassburn. Svnivr lf- Cams if MRS PORTER .'l,zJ:,' 'ff " eraficc"'1ls' the Mafia af the lf- Zfeens Tlx FVUAQTJIN wr' flux Y-'II-gm lx :lm-mwlll NLM my flu mlm-ml. ilu .+f:Nzf1L1r1113..11ul flu xxorlll Tw mrw zlu- Nln-ull flu' Swylwmwru lwuglm. ZTl.lQ.l!EIMN r-wr flu lllvarx' .mtl ILIT' mxllul Cl1I'lNlIll,lN llL.0r.1!:--mx. .mll -lurzwrx pr-lxzlllll ,1 ll.11lx r1uuf.zfur Ihr mflu wt' ilu- , ruulurx rusrromm. ilu- Sc-mmrx I.Lll'Il!NllLxl U Klu-rum .mul luml lrmm Wlvrlll NLFNIKL' mf qlxlrcxm-nu xwu mfr lu wntrmlwutmm tw fARl ,xml llumg.m.m Rvlmd Tlu' Mmm Hll-llllll' lux lwcum lwa-m-mul lu Cl1FlNlIN.lN luxklrx ru Iltktll' l'.1I1NlIL'N junior Uficcrs -X n KY 1 -lL.lI'l Collins. Pv'effdff.'.', P.1m Nmkx. SLl'f1,'.w',. Elll.4lWL'Ill H.1r'v'nn, V141 Pu .'JQf.',' ,lu ilu-lclmkui lmmlfuf. Saplzamarc Ofhccrs cniar Ofhcvrs i"ji'R.:::-.. ' Q """' any ia Q-W' f.. .. i DINIL lvvultt.. Szllghll, NADH 3IL1llCl7.iliL'l. PM-,'lf:'.'I l'l- frxtlxgl ll11'l1n-' lf' ,' ual: Ylulxg Iixtlfn SVU, 'r' llnh - . .l XL .... ,. .. ,. . , . mm gl'-'-XLI, .1l':,l.l if Anim llI'LllW.llKli l" Pm 'fum lfmlvx IU 'fu' Cwmnu ilwlm l'm P ' ,.1 .. ,. . 1 ,L ,. . . .. fc ,uf kr 17 V7 First rim" Connie Clntise. ,Unite Fmhry. Htltn Nurris, Alein Uiuns. Shui-in Aitmin lfl.iint' Spinning Semnrl mu: Miirilvn Hcike. -In Stutlehiikei. M.i1'thu Berry. Betty Mnrrix. Hexerlie Ilmitxxmul. D.il: Biyint. Mc-lintl.i Halt Thiitl rim: Iflimhetli Hurmun. Sanilixi Retknei. Pee Xlulth. f.ai4iIxn 5-uitltix. Sue Mtfullmigh, 9.intlr.i Gihwn. ,lutly Hoplcinx. il W., ?uturc Ceachers nf America The Future Teachers of Amerita Cyfgillilldllllll wus introtluced at Tecumseh this sthnol year. The major objective of the lf.T.A, is tu seiure .ui 'C "' adequate and continuing supply of tliissroom te-.uhers The only official emblem of the club is the lf.T.A pin whith A member receixes after he ur she has earned 1 set number of points. By a lute of the memberw the Tetumseh Chupter was named after Mr. DI. T. Bretz who is now min' pleting his fortyfsexenth yt-.ir ul' teathing. MR llRlf'lYf Numy Hayle Ilf.'fwJ,if.'l..'Lv,w.',1f,', luinettt Payne. Iiufiinif. Mum' Ann Miinmt I.ii IM J Miw Liiubenftix :idiiifff Miirilue bletltlerx PH'1ajt?!f Cirril Millar, l",i1if,m,'tw,1rf.n1. fuiifl Ri Swr4l.1u. ' .W . i mi :F . NJ in l xt if ,.? 2 ' 1 U15 afizfmzl ffzfnzfr Sarzkfy Q27 Uxivrig .1 Lzufh I gh? mix: .M .s on ' W., ' Hx '. XI.. P' I.. M In L..mLl1fl1.1.mr Hr MQ XJ "I,.LI Hwzw-Nr Nun", :lnhuud wx Nun 'wr'N,a::JIT1:r'un-It mmwrx mm in fmmlmr' Nlzzr 'Vhm Nruzfnruw. who Inu- Q1-M11 5. 51 , M 'hur vl1Ul.lVNhIi'. IQ.M4rxlm'p 'ul L .111-1 .I1.1r.a.'L:' JLIWIIQ thu? P1311 ' 1 X rzwl Mxzurw. aux Nauru.. .art-1 wwlv' " 'MJ In 1.1 xl". IYELINIMIN uhm Mun WL '11 AHIEKI ' u"l1'lu,m.1N wz1.i1uwM..1Ix Hu NKHWKIX N VLIIAIWINL !N IH IIENNII ,1 Aix vm rm' Iuiglu .Mmm-xmrut in ITIL tum' :1i.1m1: Llnhxlymx xxlmwlu .1I'L' IILXLNNAH 11+ rh-wc NILIJLIIIN xxlw uyhwlnl ilu hugh Nam J xiifnlw wt nur mlm-H11 dsx . 243' BHIIHIN tw HIPS Phll Harrn, Pumjwg' M.1rth.1 M.Kznmy 5LwL.',w,-lu,:-mir: B.1rh.1r.1 Mlllcr. Fhxrlq Pnnfczgmw 'NI1 C' if 1 lim Drl NI A NI A 'X rrxur. :ww h .mn , .lu nn . wnrm. IHA Pr 4 nfl 131, R 2 I F 2 I W I Z 1 A ' S . :J 3 . F P I ,r vu XJ ,Pl 1 11 4 1 N . r an Iruln X x 'U ru 1 L 'N r m 1 N L 1DAU.C.ifUlffl if udcrx. . 1. inn' . OFFICERS: S.1l'lklY Slmw, ScImfI,1r1.' Daw Zcllci. l'1u' Pv'fi1'a'4 1111 Icmlal Swcar- j f ingcn. P1wids1,.' ,lcnnnc Collins. 'fu.mnu. Miss I-lartman irucnu lu ilil Sxxuiingcn tlu ixx ird for the "Outstanding Drimmi Stuilnnt i'l'ACilf CREXYY Dam Zeller. Huh Fticrs ,lcmlll Swnuingcn. l.l11 liars Plnl Harris Nclwn W'cnr'isl-Q, The Dmmatins Club is Among the num' new organizations at Tcgum- Ncli. The ilulw lmlpcii to makc the il.1sx play ii slum-ss by selling tilkcts. Aclnlitiimnally thc club gmc .1 om- .ut play. 'The llippy hluiirricyi ,mul spwniorcd one gixen by the clm- nmtics lliisi. "The Stnrmf yil Clmnf- Lynne Clark. Mlm Hirtnun n 1 in Q 1 matic Class I'l'fJlC'LIi Prajectar gfllb The Projector Club was organized in an effort to aid the faculty in showing movies to their individual classes. Each member is taught to op- erate the school tape recorder and projectors. OFFICERS: Dave Zeller, Vire Pfe,riden1,' Mr. Reynolds, Adfiror, Roger Grout. Secretary: Jerald Swearingen, Preridenl. Bill Cook, Don Driscoll, joe Colvin, Everett Rutledge, Jerald Swearingen. Gorman Howell, Larry Farley, Dick Walters, Ed Asper, Charles Fields, Roger Grout, jim Kadel, Dave Zeller, Dale Hardacre, john Zeller. Ronnie Sharp, Herb DeWell, Jim Corkins, Dave Armstrong, George McCargish, john Posey, joe Hamblin, Tom Lewis, Bill Frank, Tom Rebbin, Ted Sinks, Dudley Colvin, Galen Brubaker, Ted Swartzbaugh, Bob Zeller, jake Micheal, Rodney Moore, Dave Urban, joe Wallace, Keith Beerman, john Martin. fudmf Kvosfcrs glllb 'lhese pnople Tom Rrnehrrt rep my Drck Dom jf 1 den! lm Kadel nezmvu Drck Moseman Ilfe Pun den! Conme Bowers secnelmn head the club that hu mer one hundred members in Pflaumer lannuunrerj d Cxnthm Ixcnx errl Cjrxsso Illia eth Harmon Pmllx Hurn .md Peggy lntgln ushersj make up thu Arrms tgmup 'lhese two yuh are am0ng mam that the rlub docs for the SKIIUOI ' A 3' "z.'fn"." .frm- ,- "' . Der ' ' ' gm I' -V'J ., VI' V . fryb- 4 . 1 ' "" ' c ,K , ., - - t . SL, Our Hvaches . Wf' "M ,fx NH, 2. Q xg' fx- V H .f gg , s f I Hlsclmll Iikiskctlull my F RICHARD XVENGER Fwotball Track September 14 September 21 September 28 October 5 October 1 2 ,Arrvws l6'c'w1m' ,Mad Kwer Tecumseh avenged its 1955 defeat by overwhelming Ver- sailles in the first game of the season with a final score of 19 to 7. Tecumseh had little opposition from Greenview due to their lack of experience and the fact that this was their first football season. The Arrows won 50 to 0. In the first Mad River Valley League game the Arrows downed Southeastern 15 to 0. The Arrows made the record four wins and no losses against Mechanicsburg with a score of 18 to 0. The defeat was the first suffered by Mechanicsburg at the hands of Tecumseh. -The Greenon conflict changed the tally to five consecutive wins for Tecumseh with a hard fought 19 to 0 decision. Valley league 60-Hhampians October 1 9+ October 2 5- Noyember 2 November 9 Tecumsehs hopes for an undefeated season were blasted by a loss to Northeastern by a score of 26 to 15, During the Homecoming game Tecumseh bounced back from defeat to run up a half-time score of 27 to 0. In the second half we made only 15 additional points and allowed Northwestern to score their only touchdown. The final tally was -io to 7. Despite the injuries suffered in previous games the Arrows racked up 42 points while holding Shawen Acres scoreless. During the last game of the year the Arrows scored two touchdowns in the last two minutes of the game, but to no avail. Tecumseh came out on the bottom of a 14 to 13 score with Tipp City. fi url mutt! as 1 xt in 1 IL 1 1 Lngu mu lu x mtl n u D4 rn Tl C UMSI H ARROXVS I m mtx OUR OPPONINTS 74 Palms Amnu Mt Nu t 5 lL!l'LCl'1uf1 P 1 A 343. P1111 Harms Nutt armx .1 INfcLh.1n1ubL1rgmpg-umm Coaqh Hall JNLWCX 3 vfwblg N xurh XX1 r ,f X Kcnvlg - ' AM, , Rug- 9' '11 tl1ccnJ.ag.xn IN -than Nhuzlu CHAI XX' A' 'L' Q l.1xt :mm m tr fy X my D n . 7 N7 Yf--22" 9 'I J - - - W . f- , 'HIL' ' f " ' nm xtmw , R A Ilty P? f 4?f .1" .6 4 joe XX'allnce. ,lim Kadel, and Daw Armstmng. Managers and Uheerlcvzders l a Svuzrtz. Melinda Belt. Eloixc I.ayton, -Ioymc Bmwn. And Bwbbyc Fmxlcr. Uecumseh Players in the gfflffbdff ,twilight All league mffensc Daxe Broun Eddne Shumaker and Ora Whxtt Qnot shown M I-gIgQ'igggi'56' The all league players are elected to the teams by the coaches of the football teams px rn the league The most saluable and the most nmprox ed play er awards were be stovs ed on the boys by thelr team mates 'bi xotes Thcsc boys are to be congratulated mr the football season that they were ' stlctted lr All league honorable mentxon Phll Cordon Tom Rmehart hm u maker hm Clark Roger Crout Tom Yclrer and Phll Harms 531 ,fd 7 Mmf fmpfofgd Plamer All league defense DON and DICK DORNI llhf CLARK , K C qt V V 5 . Q , Y J- 0 Y, . - . V A , 8 V x 5 . V - ' I V 3 J , , . Y E ! 7 LV .. .. , Y a for it is because of their own efforts dur- W g, ' "' V, M ' , Y A N A Y W Z TN ,:,, I ..:l- I .V nz n A 5, I L :.,. l ti 4 5 A u Vs, 5 ,.-. - 5 0 'O 'U i ' I U I V I , . ' , VV' . . ' V ' X' , I -' Q 4. ,, W ly 'N . X I ,!CU!ll5? ' ee- Sports Chatter By D! Tecuniscfi S Arrows. ripping the all around lzkv a ,Using or pros iid liitlms me basket from all ngles, skipped tlxrornzn lllilll' last 'eaxy drlil Wcdnesclay aim-zztloim or Frnlay's "big cnc' in me iobart Arena. Q., "5-ill" A l- 9 egains ass AA Crown: MIDDLE TO WN, 'H' TECLQUSEH W ON WING "Wa M i ilvzll-.sri-Tocrxnisrrh e ' "apic in the rc- ' ll "Y at Cin- Arrows Win 0ver Bellefontaine Fairborng Face Tough Opponen In Semi-Finals Friday Nigh bl5lBTll Dick Wcizgcr, "is thc ke, Q-Helms Dat-mn 0 By Dick Wenger llllr "l7L'ff2llX " llall san. --ri. vatsili -Cl OMV5 :Emo of 134 rx, , Loft-lied sfiusd all,-ng math Af The gm, ' IJ trl' ' ' A ' H D Coach Ace Halls hustling hoop- . ters face the Bombers oi Cincm- thc ati St. Xaxier in the semi-finals l the loner bracket mth Sprmge the l icld lligh tackling Troy in ppcr-bracket sevw-finals If tho Arrows " porting the to istrict tourney . hey de y 8 le finitel 'ednef N Frorr cscrve nuff? lem a mc 'm I'h0x -xr xg rlwi h r-cogni Yaxie id of cntial egarde fun tr Type ax Notic umscl mcinr hat th sombe- ouldn lu w Oi alty oi he ana till a an be S 1 l may lou eu iobab nortsu e 1 Iiddle Tecu ome v YOWS I. H me' I' me Cm Comm NIT Samldav evenmh' 'ad ed t th District 'emi-finals as the -ni to a certain flcgrfo. ue ca msn pick up fh f- I " ., Vanc 0 9 5 againstbriicizzmh N VV of me gamrdag edge-. I V 92, Thursday night and then -clipped Belle Q 'au' lamp "Ll O' lc Dionsliip game from Cm- fontaine 61-c y. Their opponents will be the Bombers o boards because mai' v..l' lim 4 ' ' ,1 ' ,FTM Clfmdll- Y S! YM-im. :M .. f-...M Anim-I hw Quan 1:s.:A,... -uarch 8. T ll , e .mn warn -1- um rn guarantee you down 10 Clnclnnatx lub! fm T The sports wrzte d tn LEi"'E""""""""" ides Arrows To Reefi 'y tough apponen lirborn, except fo 0 r led 20-17. Th .lftim game role i irbor od jo Stiers Dav te th gam ds be e pla o ldxtxo ln porn Dav apxec e Zel sttac :wea 'B WIC ito th F1 ida fl M1 featur tourn cmna st wi l xposm P stat beate ll ak traig hea alker 20 in cha we th 1ent o Butle i me forg Is it the coach' ls it the star N0 matter what the 0'-ltC0Hirdc Bw the same token I am T""""""' F h " "' hrch the team is selected' Is 1 hool spirit" Is it the breaks Tlus is the time of year whe most the sole topic of conversa on in the Tecumseh area xs bask tball This rs the time when ew er ack lot has a rigged up balckboan d basket, with a mob of young opefuls under it shooting baskets This 15 one of the hot spots Tecumseh Grabs Frfthxx. But the Arrows Mad Rise Ii nex champs wrll take a recor almost as imposing as that of th xllKlCllPS into Fridax s tis! BVI approvimatelx 2iOO fans Stralght Loop T1tle'Arrows Thump Troy, Xavier Tecumseh clinched its fr!thl44-34 and Iwrthwestern straight league championship Southeastzmits nxnth lea n Ohio fof the game We have Iwortheastern crnched second rn a row 60-53 een winning games and tummg place and Greenon desplfe Dale Hardacrewas ec ut good teams for 8 long time- losing nabbed third place rn mg man gemng 21 Pom, to Take Dlstrrct, Meet Middle ir . - y ' I ' 11s 1 ,1 rf. . I 'ct' U 'ct" Ili , - -, . , , s .A b F Y l ,Q Q P is ' L " s o, ' Q V S 5. l l nt A' ' 50 . TH t 1 , I .. . Wh: ' ...N U-.ws e Y 4 wa . . U , . , , A j Y V rs an 9 ex. ,, -68 """' M ' , ' ' .- . .S 23' T sr. x I rg FT ' ' ' . , - - . ' ' ' 3-xewr'ger t 2711 TM te' -4 2109 ' ', ' 1 ers? I the game Fnda ni ht 1 .. . .rl .e - ,z , .er f. 1 ' v , I' ay S It the materlal from Y E I t-not hinting me Arrows nhl Lhip gf':V.f' 210 ameri H li Valley League and dlstnct mu . - Zvi-rr s 215 F:-fgf: ' fr s 1 ' , . ' ' ' rr yr 1hrl..c:e Y 2 4 Ek rs ll 6 ' . ' . ' I l ' V vm rm ri o new-fr o 1 2 I ' .rv '. 2-nzaeo 'max 2.15 ss ' g ' , -' ' f . . ' ,. n - . . .l -. - ..,.: . - - - , n I I I . I I ' I V . . , , . . , , - I . . . . U H 5 T . . 'X . . I Q ' , l l l - . . . . A l ' I V ' , V . T ' ' . ' , ' ' n I I ' I - t .. . 1 u I. . I I I lr- ven before we tooka state champ Mad River V ley Basketball Dave Zeller scored 3 1 Dare In " V . .. H ls Um ln' lerald hiti for two .liibilant Arrowx after' wliipiaing Xiixit-iy ,pi il Ml :ig ESL'-f-...T-' -i TeeumSeh won its fourth diQtritt irown in fixe years by downing Troy 61 to -16 in the final tontest at Hobart Arena. ln the first game the Arrows had little trouble in defeating Paton 59 to -161 howeier. they had to edge iaawt a strappy Fairborn team in a 42 to 41 hard fought tontest in order to Surxixe ln the next game Bellefontaine offered little reiistanre aS the Arrowx gained an easy 61 to 55 xittory. Before being admitted to the finals the Arrows had to defeat a tall St, Xavier team, who were puked by many' to sweep the distritt title eaxily. The Arrows stored a last Second basl-cet to give them a no to W virtory ox er the Bombers and a spot in the finals In the Regional at Cintinnati the Middies handed the Arrows their setond defeat of the season 94 to 5' before going on to win the State Tournament. 5 1 199 I 4 sf? R1 5 J! STIERS Most Improved Player All County Honorable Mentron GORDON All County Flrst Tea H1 Zkcum all X f SWEARINGEN All County Honorable ntnon Most Valuable Player All County lnrst Team LJ gg HARDACRE All County Honorable Mention X I f ff f f t ,f v J 5 . l l' - Me ' V ZELLER lfvi l - H S50 51 Nox Dcc Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec WHITT ,flrrrfuf VARSITY SCHEDULE Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh 4-Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Vandalna Northwestern Southeastern Greenon Troy West Mrlton Fa1rborn Mechamcsburg Northeastern Xema Central Northwestern Southeastern KADEL C C C Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Greenon K1ser Mechanxcsburg 6 Tecumseh Northeastern C Tecumseh Sldney SHL MAKER BROWN! if I -D 1 1 8' to ' , 1 T 1 1 J? 'I' 'A C X n 30- ..,e 83 ' ..,e.........,.... 43 7- ..e, 84 ,..,...... 49 ,f R 1 z 14- .... 73 .....,,..... 56 ' . 4 ' . 18- ,... 57 ..rs.............. 43 2 KX. -. 21- .... 55 ' .,.,..,.......,......... 51 QA A1 . 27- ..s. 78 ' ..,......, 60 3 . 28- ..,. 52 ' .....1......1..... 46 X5 Jan. ..1. 98 ' .....,.. 58 jan. 5-Tecumseh ,.1e 80 Tipp City .............,.. 63 jan. 11- .... 77 .......... 66 Jan. 12- .... 74 ' .......... 81 jan. 18- .... 73 ---------- 53 Jan. 25- .Y.. 83 ........,.,. 68 Fb. 1- .... 49 .........,...,.... 47 Fb. 2- ..,, 74 ' ..................,..... 61 F b. 8- ,,., 76 ' ........ 56 F b. 15- .... 55 ....,..,.... 53 ,k F b. 21- .,,. 67 ' ...................... 62 cl.: U f A tx Varsity J, A s 1 91' I L J! it ' x V -3' A gr xg BOB ZELLER DAVE ARMSTRONG Melmda Belt Rnta Schwartz Judy Hopkins Elonse Layton Joyce Bowers Bobbye Fowler JOE WALLACE DAVE LRBAIN 5 6' I' 5 ll 6' I' S A 1 J? A .46 1 A a xx ' Q h COACH OI? THF YVAR "ACF" HALL .mfs V ,Z Q, J W 3 ffffgs, xx 'Y . x5 7' M . H' ' . ',,,! ' il .M i :I 4 ALI.-OHIO DAVE ZIELLFR Y 9 w Corkins. Larry Standrng Darryl Montcxth jm Qlrurukcr Gerald I-Ilrlcy. jerry XY'lrit.1crc. jim Ricketts Ronme Bissell Daw Chu mm Mllldlc mv: Roy Hupson. Don Dornr ,lim Goff, Wfaync' 'wixrtm I'1rQt row Bob Xrclcell lwlm XX qlwlw lirll Smith -lim Dura ,lcrry Spcmc. Nou UCL. Del. Dec Du Del Du 'l.1I1, Ylrm. Ulm. -lan lan. an. Yl 1' cb lfcb lfcb lfcb lfcb SU RINIZRVII 9C,HliDl 'I lf 'I'uu1mch Tu umsclr 14-91 mumsclu l8 W l .. r Tuumsclw 'Ill umxnll 2 -f-'llu umsch 28 L 1 ll 12 lis Wi 1 . 8 1: 1 iw Tu umsclr TL'LLlIll5Cl1 fl cl umsclm Tu. umsclm 'Tu umsclm f-Tu umsch fTu umsclr Tclumsch Tcl LlIllNCl1 -fTcLL1mscl1 'lllurmuh luumsclm 51 J? all 3- lj -12 5,5 -16 '41 56 55 29 42 18 4.4 65 '46 SU V.1ml:1l1,1 Nlartlmulcrn SUL1ll1L.l5lL'fI1 Grccnon Tflly' Wfcst Allll0I1 l".llYl5UfIl lNlul1.1mlslvurg Tlmw C my Nwrtlrhmcrrm Xcmg Ccntral Northwestern Southcvmcrn , Grecmon Klscr Mcglrmrlbburg Nrfrllrciurcru Sidney ., Keserve Hheerlsaders Jane Morrow Lznda Carder Elarne Beam Kay Nugent The pep of the fine reserxe eheerleaders and the derermrn mon of the hard frrzhtrng Arrows merrted the enthusrasm of the ferns rn the slaeked up toward the end The boxs ended rn thlrd plaee rn the league xxrth a 12 6 oxerall reeord Tecumseh s destrm rests on the shoulders of these boxs Good Luele Arrows' Vx ' 1 x ', - K k ' . 1956-S' season. The Arrows se-r L1 fast pace- early in the season hut fnferesf II1 Qi ,chu fl 4 'xx I-IISI row Jrm Drake jrm Shumaker Eddre Shumaker Drck Moscman George McCarg1sh Second row Jerald Srxearrngen Gary Martm Iran Wfhrtt Gerald Harley Ted Srnks Brran Wlhalen .Z 9 V: I As ln the past the weather was not ID agree ment xxrth the Tecumseh crndermen therefore the startlng of the season xx as delayed However the Arrows placed second 1n a trrangular meet vt 1th Northsn estern and North eastern In the second meet of the season the Arrovss returned home vrctorxous after mnnrng frrst place rn a meet wrth Greenon and North eastern In the Counts Meet Tecumseh placed second IH a field of snr school teams Q V A s , G , in ., af. , Y G flg r'r,,..' . Y I v ' 'Q' ,- .. .1 f " L' - l ' ' r T "'A .. ' . ' V' . I- ,J Li, I' N7- rv' F , -X K, gf vi 4 C . 1 h - ' . l ' . I . .1 , - . . . 1 . Y . . V' 'I ' 1 V . f Y 7 1 I Y- 7 - fi? 7 . 1 V. . xff . . . Crack Grows These boys shown here with Assistant Track Coach, Dale Studebaker, Brian Whalen, Jerald Swearingen, and Gary Martin-are the first to secure Gold Wings for three years of track at Tecumseh. 'E Eddie Shumaker takes another first place to be come the high point man at the county track meet Dave Armstrong performs one of his duties as a manager--a good rub-down. Baseball -Terry Coulbourne, Eugene Ziegenthaler, Dave Brown, Ronnie Bassell, Mike Willianis, Phil Gordon. Second row: Sherrill Helmer, jim Corlrins, Nelson Wfenrick, Kenny Dailey. Tom Rhinehart. Third row: Tom Yeager, Joe Wallace, jim Clark, Dave Zeller, VC'ayne Martin, jerry Spence. During the regular season Tecumseh played Mechanicsburg, Southeastern, Northwestern, Northeastern, and Greenon. The Arrows concluded the season by playing in the district tournament at Troy in which they won two games and lost one. john Martin, Dare Zeller. Ronnie Bassell. Phil Gordon. 505 ' ,4fl1!c'!12s "l Q" C7 Thr- girls' iirlilcrir prograrn .iloiig xxitli Ci..i.A.. Llllultf tlic LllI'L'L'IlUIl of Miss Allen. offers to 21 great many girls Ll clmmc to participate in rcum WZ aml imlivirlual sports. lvorli inter- scholasrically and intramurally. M159 Al.I.lfN. C ll! riff xiii, ,X,, UAA. OFFICERS .mil CLA59 Rl'fPREFEN'l'A'l'IVI3S -lmnnc fnllinx. Mirmm Gucwllvn, l5.1rlm1r.1 Exim, ,lurly Hupkinx. I,iml.1 CQ,irriLi', limp- Hriiwvnirniix Iflimlwatli Hdrmun. 1.33 VARSITY: Pam Noiks, Barbara Ballard. Lynn Thompson. Miriam Gevedon, Sandy Shaw. Doris Boohcr, Shirley XX'alkcr. Second row: Manager-Beverlie Chatwood. Palma Brown, Dale Bryant. Cynthia Lyons. Jerri Cvrisso. Carol XX'allace. Diane Vlasic, Rita Schwartz, Joyce Heironimus, Sue Gregory. Jo Studebalccr. Fall finds the practice fields back of the school alive with girls playing hockey. Besides many intramural games the teams played two outside games losing to Fairborn 5 to 1 and to Fairmont 2 to I. 0 L' RESERVE: Connie Clousc. Mary Dersth, Connie Bowers, Bobbyc Fowler, Kitty Battling. Janice Embry. Jeanette Payne. Judy Staup. Second row: Linda l'nderwood, Jeanne Collins. Elizabeth Harmon, Judy Hopkins, Barbara Greene. Sue McCullough. Bcxerly Cleary, Anita Brubaker. Anne 6 Cord. Manager--Nanty Hayes, VARSITY: Syliia Bassell. Carol XX'allate. Annetta Henman. 'lanite Embry Peg XVelch. Bobbye Fowler. Pat Cain. Barbara Evans. Barbara Ymingerman. Della Turner. Volleyball Tecumseh... .. . .53 Northeastern Tecumseh. ,. . ,.,,, 15 Northwestern Tecumseh 21 Bethel ,...,, . Tecumseh... .. 18 Fairborn . Tetumseh , . 53 Southeastern MANAGERS: Nanty Hayes and Diane Vlasic RESERVES1 Bonnie Happel. Elizabeth Harmon. jerri Grisso. Helen Blum. joyte Heironimus. Pam Nmks. Cynthia Lyons. -In Studebaker. 'Indy Hopkins. Laura Glassburn. ,le-anne Collins. Rita Schwartz. Dale Bryant. MANAGFR9- N.nmv Hmmm, I,.1Lll'.i Glmshurn. Dianc Vl.mn. Mirmm Ccvcdfwn. Tu umsch Tecumseh Tecumich Tecumseh TCL umsch TCL umech Tcl umm-h Girlv ' Kasketball , 39 19 U19 ww , 56 43 T3 VARSITY: Annctta Henman. Sue Gregfwry. I.ind.a Carder. B.4rh.u'.1 Fvani. -Ioync Hs-imnimus. Suund row: -Terri Grimm. Anim Bruhaku. Ruth Emhry. Linda Smtt. Judy Hopkins Nurthcastcrn Crcc-non , Bryan ,, I:.1iTIT1ODf , Northwestern Bcrhcl I ' rh.m.1 RESERVE' B.1rh.ir.a Fmflard. .Tu Ftudchikc-r ivlxm Baxfll Hchn Bluff 'Tame Mmrl '.-. P14 Yfclnh. ,Ymnne Cfvllim Joys Cable, Barham Ywungzsrmm. Cynthia Im ru- ,,. ...s. x-1- 4 Clousc. Barhara Ballard. Shirley Walker. Sandy Shaw. Second row Morrow, Barbara Green. Bewrlit 133558, Cleary. Sue Gregory. Pam Notlcs Reserves In the spring. we find the Girls' Softball team very active. The team played games with the following schools: Southeastern. Northwestern Greenon and Northeastern. Other games were scheduled but postponed due to had weather. Managers: Bonnie Happel. Ann Cord, First Dale Dori man. man. Miss Caro in 4- nn. 3 First row: Elaim Beatty. Connie Linda Carder. Cheryn Clark. -lanie 4 Even learning to dame ix fun when taught by Mr. Robert Klingbcil, X X XQ3 N-:L QM N X,'K 1, nm.: mwmx lx ur prune 6 0 1rngwrt.1mL in thy ,Iunm ll xin Irulw 4 l L 1 L C DI'.1I".lIlgN , Ll nr'umgQ . P 33'- I 'XXRQ ,4- H -Izcn zticmimz- Jn.: win.: PM tim h-fp. mul KIRK . x If!! L iw' .ht IH thy U N, uv .Dial hx Klum Ln lin Llfllul' 5 um 1" ruin .a vt 141' 1' ,- nwnx :nquct hwnnrxng thcxr :wftherx 1x pxrgxirul Fx Assistant Student Director. Marilue jef- fersg Director, Miss Hartmang Student Director. Lynne Clark. Gr11f1d!,l.'f tn Tfwlft Alf. S V11 :Ifv lillfl. Sfzfltffp Aff. Dffdlgi Mr, ljlllvlvj , Fred , , . ,, Evllul RUIL fulw , C'w1d1u'If,r Id.1 , 1,of1 LINIHA ,, Agmi ...,, ,.,,,,,,,,,, III! 4. Il .alrglwji ,, IXJIIQ' ..,,, ,,,,,,,,,, . CAST .. TOM McCL'LLL'M , . BOBBYE FOWLER I I -UM DRAKE MARY ANN MONROE LINDA LANE BARBARA YOUNGERMAN PEG WELCH DON DRISCOLL XVILBUR KENDIG PHIL GORDON ELOISE LAYTON , . SVI? MCCLTLLOUGH TOM RINEHART PHIL HARRIS . , IEANETTE PAYNE JIM KADEI. , .... MARY GOL'LD The senior play of 195667 was presented on the evening of November 16, complete with elaborate costumes and new scenery designed and built by Jerald Swearingen. stage manager. and his crew. According to Larry lfarley, business manager, the play made a profit of over one hundred dollars. more than any other play in the history of Tecumseh High School f QM6c'l,flf1c' Ju SL lauis " '24 6711.96 af S,vri11gfimc"' w-aa ,. ,,, Despite conflicts with other spring ac- tivities complicating rehearsals. the junior Class Play was presented on the evening of April 12, 1957. "A Case of Springtime" was a situation comedy involving the Park- ers and their family of teenage children. Student Directors: Nancy Armentrout. Diane Vlasic and Stage Managers Dave Chapman and Alvie Lynch. it ,P -1- ,4- Pirst row: Pam Nntks. Doris Bnoher. Connie Clwuse. Dale Bryant. Fetnnd ron: ,lit Sfugif- balfcer, Carol Miller. -leanne Collins. Elizaheth Harmon. 'lhirtl rnwi Tum Rchhin. Ted Swartzhaugh. Dean Pflaumcr, Dane Broun. -lohn Posey. Cieral Harley. Zecumsch Sfudenfs Criumph au, Ov ' 100: 'N ,a.,.-. '::-r--- 'v ' N w x, l, - F C .f L I 'z . fifl Dale Brxant Lxnn Thompson Alm lxrec lcmnc Daulex Il 2116 f 11 DI -XX PI LAI NIER The I Speak For Democracx contest 15 one IH xx hrch anx student max part1c1pate The con testants xx rltc orrgmal speeches xxhlch are ludged at school Thc speeches arc taped through the courtesx mf Stltlon XWBLX of Sprmgheld and ludged hx a panel of speech experts The countv xxmncr thls xear xx as Alan Txree of Tecumseh The Imted Natrons contest sponsored hx roof OrQan17at1on xxas xxon for the th1rd con xxmncr Dc 111 Pflaumer recelxcd a lengthx tr1p to NX ashmcton D C Nexx York fltx IDCILICIIDZQ 1 tmp ta thc I mtcd XQYIODS I L O I . I L T ' ' , secutive year hx' a Tecumseh student. The lucky I ff - , If , , ' . A ' W g I ' I I ' I vc U . "1 J 1' of th Iviffffd Nalzom o iff! in Speech Kanfesfs Shxrley Walker Cheryn Clark Martha McKmney Dean Pflaumer Tom Rebbm Russell Gray Carolyn Andreas Shrrley Pendergrass Dale Bryant The contestants rn the Prmce of Peace Contest sponsored by the Natxonal Councrl of Churches select a speech whxch they memorlze and g1VC at a local church Havrng vuon the local contests and rece1ved bronze medals Carolyn Andrews and Dean Pflaumer entered the county contest 1n Sprmg re Carolyn was selected as one of two county wmners to compete 1n the Dxstrrct contest at Urbana where she recelved second place 3 1? Carolvn mms second place rn drstrrct ,..,..,.,--- I'lic qucan and her csmrt step fmm the wnvutiblcl gihed queen is rrmx-ned bv uv-hiptains Roger Cirmir .md Phi or on. 0- QL ' Q -233. QCOWMX 4 1 THA 'S Li? L4n 041414-nil4A4.4ih First prize goes to the Choir. Second prize is receixed by the Home EL Club. U15 Queen and Her Hour! 2 N A Q is fx . . dj, , Q 1 ' i IMT ' E , gfxxj " ., 1 , A f A W 135 H e ' .V I A c-:M . A Q' ,, . W-, gn 5 Has, , f 6 .E 'fm I K 'F v 'F Vx, i E1 g ,QL V. . if Huw lmxx -K L1,Luf.xXX.1'nfN xxlmlm mug' VIRNLIIIQJ .lt ilu lmnqm Y Thu .111 DHL fxlglul. Mm .mm I . Vlfxtn: M.lr1,4QL1mrxI. Dum Ym- stmg. Nur flhiixlkl l.11mp1 .nm I DMAHW x'xxx.4:.:, limb fnllxl, IA11 1NIq.l1.zn:m xXmx.e1Q XX.1xm Rm .116--11 Wm D.m'. I.1:rt'L: L,-.ix L w, H VL '1 vm- bm If- Pi-A Him-lx xl il .11 .mar I"w1x.x I Rxfipffiit, NH" P1 p V qw DA- N Banque! "QL1ccr14wf the 'luumsnh If.lf.A .' .it thy .mmml l1.u1quLt. Hu' .nt ttnliiitx xxut Irluim Llvtlxn Amt lmlx Hxvlyklflx. ' ,. n A." QT ff S., ,.. li.11'b.11.f Iimm xmx wmxnu' The students who represented 'Ictumsch in the Distritt-State Scholarship Contest are. first row: Connie Yediker Dale Bryant Alite lean Meredith, jo Studebaker. Nanny Hayes. Barbara Millar. Qhirlcx XY illctr Iindi Cirder 'ictond row Sandra Reckner, Alberta Clark, ,Ianie Morrow, Doris Booher Kay Robinson Mary Ann Monroe Bonnie Riddle, Elaine Beatty. joyte Cable. Nanny Qtudcbalcer Third ron Due Cordon Iohn W'ebb. Ted Swartzbaugh. -lim Corlcins. Date Chapman. Tom Rebhin Fd Bctthler Bill Henson Ioe XY'allace. Alan Tyree. Bob Stiers. Barbara Saxage. Carolyn Souders. and Martha Mtliinney reteived Conn- petent Typing pins for typing sixty words per minute with less than tive mistakes. The students who plated in the Distritt-State Scholarship Test gixen at Wittenberg .iret john Webb. ,loc Vllillate, Tom Rebbin. Bob Ftitrs. Alan Tyrec. Daw Gordon. Sandra Retlcner. Doris Booht-r. Thtse studtnts .ire shown here extepting their certificates from hir, Irxim. Periad of ,4 ll Tecumseh fudents Melinda Belt, Martha McKin- ney. .ind Lynne Clark work JS rashiers .md Mary Anne Mon' roe has the exacting job of mounting the money and keep- ing the remrds straight. b ,r A f.1m1li.1r sight ,lrounll the lullx rlcmrs well polislmeul Nl llmx Nlurtx l l'n.m1.!X I all Xt .lcmxj lux Illlx km. NK 1 .ix Nllpllllxlll' wt .ali ...XM 1 ' 1. v , 1 xx rl Ill ll. Km MMM - um IlNl!lf w hir. But Apcl limping rlw fm rim' ' -r ml mglwt funlrl-lnx Ofhce Asszsfaufs 3... ,,, Due Cvorilon Peggy Ingle Lynn Clirk Mirilyn Holzxxoith Mirilxn Hoke Pilmi Broun Eloise Iuton Melinela Belt Delh Turner Mrrx Ann Monroe Mrs Adi Limhert Dile Briant L teuhers aeeretlries mel alll e is 1 tlnts ire txxo in 1111 e rmu x 11 ll e 'iCll1lIf1l9U'1lIOU it Tceumseh 'lhe' teaehers Seeretaries type tests lor the te leher to xx hom they ire issii ncel md ill them in x irious other wx ip The oftiee assistants vxorle in the ottiee one period meh and perform sueh letixities is typing .lttendanec lists insxxerinf the phone runnmi errands for Mr lr ine' tip 1 programs .ieting as receptionists and performing mx other duties thit need to be done Ceachcrs Secreiarzcs 3 Peggy' Ingle. Helen Blum, Anita Sui let: n. Nanny Hutehinson. Della Turner. Carolyn Souler. Alberta Clark. Standing: Miriam Ge-welon. Sandy Shguy ,Ioyte Heironinus. Rita Selmuirtv. Melintlti Belt. Bexerlie Chatwooel, Sandy Sears. dzlypsa fs the y Uzeme In jamaica where palm trees sway And Couples dance 'til break of day: And Bechtolts band adds Calypso beat My beachcomber. - - Made this prom complete. , . n ' . . L... . l af the , juuirfr- Senior Pram XVe danced 'til twelve. while the lights were low, And much too soon it was time to go. The prom was over with its tropical trancef XVe'll always remember that Calypso dance. L- Abu Stirtmg., that last long march A fem lm wards 1 n J J Nerxous last mmutes hxgh school students Cfommeucemml T U, , W ,M xt . Nj 4 K Syercises Larman Shervw ood speaks on The Challenge of Tomorrow Tom Rhmehart presents the senior grft to Mr Irsme hm Kadcl rc-can es the Cmzenshrp Au ard GOODALL UM nw " EQ L' ' i 3 ' , R' Q ixi ll , 32l Ohio S+. New Carlisle, Ohio VIc1'or 5-483 I The One-Siop Shop for Your Home Repair Needs Lumber Hardware Paini' Millwork Roofing SHELEYS TURKEY FARM Ill? POLICY AT ALL if WCTIMES BEN WILLIAMS Phone VI 5-463 I 'A' ko New Carlisle Ohio RUSTIC INN 81 MOTEL C gh QUALITY FOOD p AMC! S 8.4313 PM y ROOMS FOR BANQUETS AND RECEPTIONS 2900 W Mem Wesf Edge of Springfield Phone FA 2 9646 BEACH COMPANY Donnelsvllle Ohlo Complimenfs of L Complimenis of 1? Ti I GENERAL INSURANCE MANUFACTURING I Air ondifioned Throu oui' ' . ' Oen7 ..I'o: ..DaiI Complimenifs of E 81 .I DOOM MEMORIAL HOME SOHIO SERVICE Lubrncahon Our SpeclaI+y Rouie No 3 WO 3 6370 NEW CARLISLE OHIO NEW CARLISLE OHIO LARR Affer 'Ihe game brmg your dare Io Larrys K Ichen for +I1e 'I'IucIresI mlIIr sI1aIzes and fnes+ foods a+ reason able prices Where IIVESIOCL comes Ih one door on 'Foo+ Y S and ouf anoiher an your shoppung bag DRISCOLL S ABATTOIR 420l S New Carlisle Pike SPRINGFIELD OHIO THUMA DODGE CARS VI 5 778I MOTOR SALES "' PLYMOUTH AND TRUCKS Nor+I1 Mann L pl mouth New Carlusle X Everyihlng for The Aufomoblle Home Owned by B E EVANS NEW CARLISLE OHIO VI 5220! ff ,. L, ,.'y . QA 4 I ' 0 .ll I . . I I ' ' I I n l ' I .., I -gl ' ll 1 0 ll 430 ' " I Mm m 1' - - I JIT: I FASHION FAIR The Place +o Go for fhe Brands You Know VI 5 250I NEW CARLISLE OHIO Use Our Convemeni' DRIVE IN Servace In I'I1e Rear Complefe Laundry Servlce Affer Hours Drop Box CITIZEN S CLEANERS I04 S Mann SI' New Carlisle VI 5 202I my Ir: 5111+ of ll DONNELSVILLE MARKET A U Q Qualify Never Sacrificed for Quanfify WRlGHT'S Q11 WO 3 6351 51 TO SI.00 STORE New CARLISLE, ol-no We Deliver Groceries and Meais I I 1 I I L E S AII fhe News of Tecumseh Prescrlphons Glffs S l'1 Foun+am Servnce Cards I3I MEDWAY OHIO CARLISLE SUN 11? my new un! 1 if -4,..g5.K,:.if--1,-' f-.ef ww -1-1"-"'---"' nw ,wa paw ww' 11, 1,551 -,,,J' nl ,,,..--r" A M' K.. nfpfh "F, 'frat'-r,,.. 51: 'Pi NEW CARLISLE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION NEW CARLISLE LOCKER PLANT Home Made Ice Cream I24 S Mann S+ New Carlusle Va 5436i Loclrer Service for Home Freezers Grocenes and Meais Phone Vi 5 73I I member B. E. BOWERS Licensed Broker Farm and Ciiy Properiy Phone Vi 5-463I II8 SOUTH MAIN NEW CARLISLE, OHIO I . . I i . . . . . . VI 9- I I ,,,,.......,- ,,,. ,,,,,.,,W4 , ,WW , ,,,.,, ,. f f., "gimme +M,..,,.'1'I?Z.w-ff' S: ge -' -J-"' " W - I 5 V wi ll ' , , .If ..-1 --n ' 'ff:'. I1 "wiw,".aw"""9' ,.-- E 3,3 We an I ff -we , -- - --fm' W- I, ,,.--f 3 m',g!p1or? V A ju 'u',,...--T h V ,H-,,,W - Y.,- tigptvii ,rw rf' 'QA-,wwf-3-fem:-""' ,.,,-yf11i"3-' "' ,, ,:..-1--A, Q,W,W,.,,.W ,hr-',,.,7-175'-PIQ , .xxuil j I 1--ig ...aww-wwf' I ,f--ff' .9 " 4 F' I .-A -' 1 , ,I w I ,,..lFf'v:-f-f"'n.""'i""'fEf,-,, k Z' 3 "5 5 HM, , he 1 A "W -I Irv f-fs., I A , M""'4 we--Ti: - . n'l"1 F I "J A ,...---fr-'f"""?'5 L AA' . f """'1-.... I K ' - f-ff" A -n - J., -- A-A .-v-v""f"f3 -- f--Y - -0- '.-- ll-if ' " 1. ,fel ,ifwci ' wb- ..-J " ,wh ., --H 4,3 . . . O O - AN DERSON'S IGA SUPERMARKET "Everyday Low Prices" Vi 5-754i NEW CARLISLE, OHIO SCARFF'S NURSERY CENTER For AII Your Lawn and Garden Needs "THE PLACE TO GO FOR PLANTS THAT GROW" If Hs 'For Your Home We Have H' If iff' HARDWARE ' R PLUMBING my my II ELECTRICAL ' E SUPPLIES O 5--1 MORRIS HARDWARE Phone Yi 5-375i New Carlisle, Ohio JUERGENS SERVICE GARAGE GMC SALES AND SERVICES General Repair and Wrecker Service Phone FA 3-IIO9 4005 W. Nafional Road f ' M E ATS COPEY'S Sf , I BUTCHER sHoP I ! Cusfom Bufchering I I Locker Service 4 C .-1 Home Killed Qualify Meafs 'J Phone va 9-lsev Shoes and CIo+hes for Ihe Enfire Family REEFE AND HIRSCH DEPARTMENT STORE Congraiulahons Class of I957 GARFIELD GROVE PORTER BROTHERS Washed Sand and Gravel VI 9 I30I NEW CARLISLE OHIO TIMKO CORNER STORE d K d RC dS ppl IS F + S VI 5 377I New Carlisle Ohlo tts! GROCE It 9 2352219 'MW' 'xy NOTTER S MARKET +IL any M 9 SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT WILLIAMS SOHIO SERVICE STATION Corner of 69-40 VI 5-4258 I Phone - - Lake Road e if , 4- , 'V' Qfllm. 'I . I Gul! ,Xa w ,I ,-1' -- If ' ' gf' II Beach Dr. Crys a ahes Wee a s I0 A.M.-9 P. ., Sun. I P.M.- P.M c a cfm ' ar s an I s . A rc o a ameras an u ues Medica upplies oun ain ervice HIGGINS PHARMACY ROLLIN BALLENTINE New Carlisle, Ohio The RexaII Sfore Regis+ered Pharmacisi' Vi 5-206 I 'El 'll :I -, far ' , 5 tif" ,Z .T thldll' n'U ". I In J. RUSSEL DEAM II8 Sou+h Main S+. NEW CARLISLE, OHIO Phone Vi 5-463l li, Have You Tried fhe New Varieiy Sfore af JOHNSON'S THRIFTY "E" MARKET 'Anyfhing for Your Home Needs" II2 Wes? Jefferson Sfreei NEW CARLISLE, OHIO fn 1. RL SCARFF SEED COMPANY NEW CARLISLE' Hybrid Corn, Farm and Garden Seed OHIO SERVICE STATION H I Joe SI'rome Sh H b. Y T, MIAMI COUNTY e u rica ion- ires BaHeries and Accessories Q? PI10f16 W0 3-6386 Res. Phone VI 5-937I DONNELSVILLE, OHIO R.R. I, NEW CARLISLE, OHIO AN DREW'S DRIVE IN Shakes, Sundaes, Sandwiches, and Sofi' Drinks V2 Mile EasI' of Donnelsville on Rou+e 40 CALL IN ORDERS FOR FAST SERVICE anew H. E. "BEN" SWIGART Pho 422 W. Main S+. ne 8-839I Fairborn, Ohio JOHN IHRIG 81 SONS Coa Feed Hardware I8O0 24 We I' Ma S+ ee+ SPRINGFIELD OHIO P FA 3707I WILBERT'S BARBER SHOP 207 S. Main SI'reeI' NEW CARLISLE OHIO NEW CARLISLE FARM SUPPLY C I M g e NEW CARLISLE OHIO VI 5 23OI SHAKRO BUICK I06 N M NEW CARLISLE OHIO SHULTE HARDWARE e I H JOHN DEERE AND NEW IDEA GEORGE W DAVIS FARM IMPLEMENTS WaIIPaPe P I GI SS Ph VI 5234! Ar+ s+ a cl Ce amc S ppl PHONE VI 5 96I I NEW CARLISLE OHIO 1. f' , A o 4. 4 , . 1 AY-,,fu3.Q,"' LT it ' . ff U qw piggy f if. ,5z,,w, THE NEW CARLISLE NATIONAL BANK "The Bank Thai' Treais You Righ+" PHONE VI 5-23II NEW CARLISLE, OHIO We Are Ihe Official School Savings Deposi+ory f DlcK's BARBER SHOP THE BUCKEYE 3930 New Carlisle me CEMENT PRODUCTS COMPANY 2 P.M.-8 PM TUESDAY-FRIDAY Lumber-Allied Ma+eriaIs a AM.-a PM SATURDAYS 4570 WEST NATIONAL RGAD Springfield, Ohio Phone FA 3-5534 -M. HART JEWELRY 26 E + gh 91' FA 5 I594 CRYSTAL LAKE SERVICE STATION CRYSTAL LAKE "Tuffy" "Chappie" BROOKS 81 CHAPPELL SPORTING GOODS 42 N. Jefferson S+. Day+on, Ohio Mlchigan 9837 Soh TECUMSEH COURT STORE io Producfs M g School and Picnic SuppI Wes I Na+ionaI and Tecumseh R d PHONE WO 3-6577 SHROYER TRACTOR SALES Sales and Servlce Phone VI 5 468I 430 NORTH MAIN NEW CARLISLE CLARK COUNTY LUMBER CO I7IOW Ma S+ Phoe FA337I6 SPRINGFIELD OHIO ZELLER 'HQ AUTO SERVICE Q Q Genuine Ford G, and ChevroIe+ Par+s MEDWAY OHIO TROSTEL FU N ERAL HOME 507 Wes+ Jeffe son S+ NEW CARLISLE OHIO A Co cI + oned Ambulance Oxygen Servuce VI 5 306I TROSTEL FURNITURE STORE I08 Wes+ Jefferson S+ NEW CARLISLE OHIO Frngldaure Appliances Floor Covermgs CompIe+e Furnlshmgs VI 590II . in . n - ,I 'ffm ., ,- I ' . -r ' Massey-Harris and Ferguson I Ki r . ' ir n ii - - - ' ,,,,,..-:pw-f""'i-1 U BAKER BQRDEN S TIRE 81 BATTERY Only +I1e Fmes'r an Dairy ProcIucI's Comer Mem and Jefferson SPRINGFIELD FA 3 97II Fleefw-ng Fwres+one ProcIuc+s Tires NEW CARLISLE OHIO PHONE VI 595II 0 I I HOPKINS CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE .l i ' 300 S Church S+. vu 5 zsul ' " Aufhorlzed Sales and Service CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE ' f 01 s TI, ' N ci I f V I . . I - 1 -Lf ,Q A ' f Ie Hym I LAUGHLIN SALES 81 SERVICE VI 5 533I CONSIDER THE DIFFERENCE xxx s II Tv KIEFFER WHITE VILLA LQ VICE f QUALITY MARKET W I d Vegef VI 5 229I NEW CARLISLE OHIO CLARK S L 81 M GULF SERVICE SHEETMETAL I' M New Carl sIe, Oh o NEW CARLISLE OHIO Servmg fhe Bes+ In Home Cooked Foods es+ Wishes +o +he Class of M 81 C RESTAURANT vl58374 WHEATS SERVICE Gas and Fuel OuIs Mann and Church Sfreefs NEW CARLISLE OHIO For +he Besf In Furm+ure Always Buy ai' I957 if? We Feafure fhe New Dune Oui' Package I L W--M nw, R 333 AJR ff 25 wif? ,gk VI 5 8375 Es+abIlshed I 878 LQ' HALL EQUIPMENT CO. InI'ernaI'ionaI Harvesfer Equipmenf PARTS AND SERVICE For All Your Hardware Needs IIO Easi' Madison S+ree+ MEDWAY' OHIO VI 5 8448 I I ' . .. B ...,i. . . vu si' 7 yr I iq: ""55:fffIj.'QQ E ' , ' - I ' '1 E L W I I' ' " T 5,112 Q:-11 , I-Q, 1 . . . IILR II' ,.,-.-.,.e,f-v rv " ' I "ITI L fix '-v i Q :fig '- A ---y... . I I gg- .. V , A V "" ' , -E, A 4--- 13 AM... s :W v V , Y ' .4 A-N -iffff .. ,544 " .A ' "L Q' "- JW "' ,jan 5: :1,i'fi"i5 ,5 'V 'nv' , Q., ,,,. ..,... ,. -' u 'XZJLM ff 'Q . I 5 I S , , A if I-f' Xlruffg' ., ' , ,. 51I'?IIfv?E'QeI' iiffii ' ' ' -25sf:SQZgQifz:5iIf'1f'--K-If' 'W ' ,i"gif,.1si gififfi i? 1 .1,.g,,K he In ,Q ' .gg ' M " "lf-'f1' f+'V .:... , -is J- I .' I ff fi fff..-W . gi f:'sfg,5,t.:Es"Ea:5 ' ' 1 ' ' 4 Ig- fg fi .3..g5,13gff152,Z' I A wif f i 4 I ,A -'I I 5 fix 1 I 'fifi ' lJ.f.5 1, Z" "3- if -f J' 55 1' 51'Qe-:I5':5?555,.-' : 1 '- 0:8 0 ,- Y 1 ' Y ' . A ' f l ,:::sffE5f - V- ' 322' .1 K I . .. A 3-gig X - 1: " ,f ' 3 . 'K .., I :- J 1 JO AN N'S FASHIONS Women and Teen's Fashion Cenfer of NEW CARLISLE VI 5-45II II6 Nor'rI1 Main RECO SPORTING GOODS HOAK'S GREENHOUSE Flowers for All Occasio FAIRBORN, OHIO Phone 8-833I or 8-2221 H E BRUBAKER ELEVATOR COMPANY W5 3 GRAIN FEED COAL SEED FENCING HODSON S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES mmm FRED'S SOHIO SERVICE as ire a eries an ccessories VIc+or 5 NEW CARLISLE, OHIO IOI W M I29 S M PHONE VI9 I302 VI 54I3I -,f..I-,413 ' r . .M is Cusfom Grinding-Feed Mixing-Grain Sforage I1 ne -36 I " - - - New CarIIsIe, Ohio I I . ain . ain Medway New Carlisle, Ohio AH T s B H CI A -8372 Q Wx ,Q Q If v 4 ,Q '43, QA W, fx. . 1 , q yfzhgtg X533 NM 3 s A if? . U ' fy.. wiwgg J. x q W K ,538 as , 3 gf s "I ,491'.4l'Ll W:-.gy .gsm - :11 Q, - V31 W my 1944 41 V1 f fi? 4 , 4 S 4 11 I ' , -- iL1,,2"51Qs:54, I -A:ssf",fif5s7f f , fI'25i5G -Q - szfilsrf , . Q ' ' Q f ,M " I ,Q if s .Jn-., Q

Suggestions in the Tecumseh High School - Trail Yearbook (New Carlisle, OH) collection:

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Tecumseh High School - Trail Yearbook (New Carlisle, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 56

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Tecumseh High School - Trail Yearbook (New Carlisle, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 5

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Tecumseh High School - Trail Yearbook (New Carlisle, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 18

1957, pg 18

Tecumseh High School - Trail Yearbook (New Carlisle, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 120

1957, pg 120

Tecumseh High School - Trail Yearbook (New Carlisle, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 79

1957, pg 79

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