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' v K ,QL 1, 9. f .JE G41 V is 5.35 if ,-,K IIS ' 36:2-'H ' k -si 65? as ,N - ye. ' fx Q Et ig if fry .3 S Ma '45 .z me Q. ',1' W if -'rgdaib nwwisjy any 'B Ugg -an ii- 3 ,, , ff' Aw 1 15411 f 4 I 2 1 Z L -fw f . '-51, : Ja. 4' 555- - " '1 1 ' YU.-1 t.g.,.s 2.3 '. fL,GV - , L 5 2 sh ' 2. , ., K M- V , ' -'f'f'fXgf' w , H .iff V 1 , ' k H, . TQ ' Sri' 'i ' , , ' wi-L '- N' . ,fy ' , "'ff71f? . -V , ' . Whzf film- , 'Lay , . gg .. fig ' 5 1 '1J'.'. "wg Vryffgnf '1 x 1' ' V- . X A ,V nf-,skiui g:Vf': -' 5.5 ' - '- V 4 F255 e' g-jg'-VT2".:-if'.:.w'if " :V X :P -,V as "1 "HH ' I ,' ' lbl .1 -W' . " k Vx , ' 55" -'js.y..,Zz., ,fir Q, , , V,V. 3EVr3fVxL5 I i , ng-r, I A - , ' 'usa' 'i mr: ' 1' -.iff " L V. A f A if V ' ' f t .-'-QVJQYE ', V 'Y V ' V' 1 . V ff? VPfw ,,: MJ ,V rr., . ' V '1 -V Ll .'. , -,F 'f-,3 1 t:9'r'-'.,' 9:2 ,L Vi -: - .,.1,jq A,-:ffbiwfw ,, A -1 in . -- 4 ,xi---Q rlgkk- ., V ,-'ff-I ' -5. V 1 f '., Vg fuk Lg -':V mf . if-, 540- Q- V . -, fl .gig - - Vg. Q ft" A ' 'TT' 550' , " I.: , Vg -lf' .L ' 4 - ' ":"' ' ire ' -1 - 1. .Vi-'J 7? 1?-m'. " .. 'ff Al - , Q .. ff fs .. x .M . 1 114: .gf g. . . -'V XI-AZ 'E 54-+z:1Qf?Vv'l".'f' , V --V ' "" 1 iq? f-. f .1 h m.g5.'1.y ,J ,. , , M L- 1 N Tf'V.'lfft V. ' - wgjsfjr' 'S V T I J '-f . ' V ' " "Y , - 5 . fri: ' 'f'i'fP'7: "w i ' X- - ' 9 :ua .- V 333. 1 411' 4- . 1 45 'lfquy . x " '. 1' . ,mv , V. 'Ev' Hi' 4-, ', "N Vwv-,gf , .. " g Q , z ' , 3 4 ' V M - -31 - f . V. Qs, mmf , - V- - .. -a x 7 1 . - -1-w1fMig5,sL:5A1,,.1 V ., M, ,Q V' V- .V 4 . V.-Avg lf, 3,41 7 gf 4 5,53 1 gf 'P ,J ' ' . 1' Q 1' i'f . ,fmn V , ,,., it MVK... . A f V V , Va , I :Qi ' ' ' - " ' . 'f' 'Vw gw..f ,. I VW ,iw - 3355 M' A Eff ,if W", af . f gf, V 4 a p lv I ' ' f V 1 V '1 :M ,M-.I ' JUL '4 my 7 g yi! fr-555:52 ?, 5544555 fu, Qi, V , ,-'jgifx wr fn , .- V V: ,VJ QB., "L -' fl ' 9 ',' - . 'Ei-I g ' ,, . V .uw Q' .sr A , , ., '-4,1 , v ' ' ' . - ' V , ,,mj-L,,a'g r'-yu ,fy V Sym 1 ., , im' 4, Sgfgmg , K Av Vxfvgxv any l V ,. V- W ' ' - r. ,if f -1 1, "Q: V. 'Q L - ., ' V' ,fix-1 ' . . . , 'L-auf? 0 . 1, . I 4. 4 i '--d'!p,.1i.-ff,-3, ' I Y L- , ' ,pf ' 1 'iff , , ,V , L A - V . - . , - ' , 'ip'-fir., ,LE 4 1- 5' , k ', 755' A - v" . wma 'ls ,VL ,, V 1 f Vrv'-Gf 'i "'-A ,. 'Fi Nh - f. V '- .gn .V 2 V ' ' 7' f. ' 1 VV -M 'Lf , Q Q, Tun H f--'-uowuggwvn-vnu-... ,N sn. My , 1 S-.. inf 9 .qw lr, I X ' S M pf 5 J Q 1 , Excuuv 5 Their Assistance I Feel that the year has seen continued mental growth of the student body and the students have gained wisdom and stature to help them in the goal of good citizenship through progress in their education. lVlr. Merle J. Beck, Superintendent I Board of Edu carbon Lee Gregory, Carl Gieser, Tom Wherry, Jr., Robert Jewell, Merle Beck, Jerome Olmsted, Keith Shuey M.D. Is Needed Everyday lt isn't easy being an educator, a father, a counselor, a friend and an administrator to boys and girls. The balance that must be considered when beingfirm or givinga little, demanding support and wanting to be a friend is sometimes very difficult to find. It's still a challenge I won't turn away from at anytime. Counseling and guidance has existed in the public school since the inception of such schools. Creation of the post of Guidance Director or Director ofCounselingis newer in most schools. The person so assigned is charged with responsibility of testing, counseling, guidance, financial aid for col- lege bound students and a myriad of as- sociated duties. Evaluation of how effective the program is has to be measured by the successes of the product--our students-- who are what make my iob so satisfying. Nlr. Virgil C. Blumhorst, Principal 'Q Hal Brown, Guidance Counselor Apprec1'az'jon Goes To Kitchen Staff: Geraldine Chritton, Sherri Sapp, Frances Goings, Mary Seward, Annie Kent and Mary Aust, ,audi Mrs. lone Ruby, Superintendent's secretary Mrs. Ruby Mooney, Principal's secretary i' 6 Custodians: Ed Miller, Nick Brammann, Arlie Phillips Nurse: Mrs. Mary Lou Baum Our Service Siaffs Bus Drivers: Myron Mason, Harry Gordon, Rich Hazen, Robert Taggart lVlrs. Wilma Roberts, B. S.--Peru St. Teachers College Nlr. Gary Lindgren, B,A.--Midland College, Fremont, Nebr. English Broadens Perspective of Life English is essential for anyone wishing to communicate successfully. Project English emphasizes reading rather than grammar skills. With this extended background in literature, the student broadens his perspective of life by reading and evaluating other's experiences. Journal- ism is more of a development of general writing skills which aren't particularly journalistic. English students are involved with a lot of reading of works on a given theme and an in-depth study of some writers. This includes the reading of epics, novels, poetry, short stories, vocabulary and writing skills. A few of the projects students participated in werea newspaper unit using the Omaha WORLD HERALD and the making of a model structure of Shakespeare's Globe Theater. The journalism class read in the "Atlantic Monthly" and had a school news section in the CHIEF- TAIN. A few selected students traveled to Peru to hear Nellie Yost during the unit on Nebraska literature. The journal- ists also toured the Chieftain office. lVlrs. Joyce Cornwell, B.S.--Evangel Col lege, Springfield, Nlo. Learning Language: Foreign and En gljsh Spanish provides better understanding and knowledge of other countries For the student. A foreign language is also required For some colleges or careers. At Christmas, Spanish students enjoy a Christmas party complete with a pinata and a variety of Foreign dishes. Students present an original speech to the class at least once a week in the Speech class. The types of speeches range from speeches for special occasions, oral read- ing interpretations, and deloatesto speeches which inform, convince, persuade, inspire or impress. Speech students performed at the Veterans' Day convocation and participated in the American Legion Contest. Mrs. Marilyn Duensing, B.A.--Pe ru State Teachers College, 1 year: Nebraskawesleyan Univ., 4 years and 3 summers Mrs. Joyce Cornwell, B.S.--Evangel CoIlege,Springfield, M0. Nlr. Larry Anderson, B.A.--Peru State Teachers College ll no or-is rf , -- no ,1 11.-Jul--- IVIUII DGIISIIIS .FIOII1 f'O'SI .IVUSICIKGS lVlr. Ken Cornwell, B,S,--Evangel College, Springfield, NIO. History students are taught to understand and appreciate man's past experiences, that is, his mistakes and accomplishments, and to benefit from them. The knowledge ofthese things helps students to adiust to the current social, economic, and governmental p rob I em s that they will face after grad- uation. In the social science classes, students were involved with map making, and the Time Magazine Education program. For the Seniors in Government, a current event notebook, or a term paper was required. The eighth grade class took a trip to see Dwight Eisenhower's home, museum, li- brary, and chapel in Abilene, Kansas. Math Teaches Us fo Think Math teaches students to think. The ability to understand equations and problems may help the students to solve problems through- out their entire lives. The Algebra students manipulate with al- gebraic terms and methods to solve their problems. Two and three dimension figures, or plane and solid Figures are dealt with in the Geometry and Trigonometry classes. At Christmas time, all high school math students were required to either create or construct something useful For the math room, make a poster dealing with math, or study about a famous problem or math- ematician. In the first week of March, the Juniors and Seniors in math took the Nationallvlath Test here at Tecumseh. The seventh grade students made a booklet on graphs and made original geometric designs as did the eighth grade class. 3 ii 494 is 1 23? Mr. Larry Dunn, B.A,--Kearney St. Collegeg McCook Jr. College, Univ. of Wyoming Miss Marcella Muller, B,A.--Gustavus Adolphus Col- lege, St. Peter, Minn. Mrs. Sue Boyden, B,S,--North Dakota St. Univ.: Univ of Wisconsin, Univ. of So. Calif., Stanford Univ., So Dakota School of Minds, Peru St.-summer schools Science is Learning By Doing For a better understanding of the modern world and of what's going on and why, two years of Science are required. Science is a class to learn to think logically, to judge on the basis of facts rather than on the basis of emotion. Science is a class of learning by doing. The 9th grade Earth Science classes en- ioyed the benefit of 25 new books this year. Biology students kept busy by dissect- ing various animals, and by studyingmicro- biology. Physics students did experiments and then Figured out the formulas For them- selves., The two science rooms are equipped with a variety of glassware, materials necessary for exp e r i m ent s, a centrifuge, vacuum pumps, anatomy models, and acquariums. Nlr. Ralph Wiles, B,A,--Peru State Teachers College i VV y Mx ,. lVlr. Bob lcenogle, B.S.--Univ. of Nebraskag graduate work at the Univ. of Nebraskag in- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! service institute at Nebr. Wesleyan University , L .- J a Mr. Larry Dunn, B.A.--McCook Jr. Collegep Univ. of Wyomingg and Kearney State College lVlrs. Eunice Parrish, Peru State College, B.S.g and Univ. of Nebraska, nearly finished with work toward a lVlaster's degree Developing Prod ucii Ve People Business helps students to meet goals which will be a challenge to them in the Future by developing a productive people. Students are taught to think from now to Future rather than from day to day. The variety of business courses available challenge the student's ability to find out whether they should go on to a business vocation. All freshmen are required to take eco- nomics which teaches how to live a more productive lite by making, using wisely, and saving money. For practical experience in an office, Library Science was created. In this class students develope an appreciation for library materials. They learn such things as the processing of books, basic techniques in producing audio-visual ma- terials and the ability to handle audio- visual machines. The Library Science students made useof this knowledge by making slide-tape presentations, flip charts, signs, and Four-minute movies. lVlr. Leroy Loew, B.S.--Tarkio Collegeg M. Ed. University of Nebraska, working on a six year degree at the Univ. of Nebr.g has attended Fayette College one yearg N. W. lVlo. State Teachers College, one semesterg Peru State College and Kearney two summers each. l Miss Marcella Muller, P.E, hours- Wayne St., Univ. of Nebr.-Graduate P,E. courses A physically fit body is essential if the student's mind is to work at its top capability. Boy's and girl's physical education is required for all freshmen and sophomores. Here students learn the im- portance of fairplay and good sportsmanship. Miss Jacquelyn Frear, B,S,-Univ. of Nebraska A Sound Body Keeps Us Healthy .1989 Mr. Stan Martin, B.S.-Chadron St Teachers College Girls enjoy a variety of sports including soccer, touch football, speed ball, volleyball, as well as bowling, basketball, archery, golf, and softball. For the boys, tumbling is included. Each student was also required to introduce a new team game to the class. Girls Prepare For Tomorrow Every year, through the business peoples' renewal con- tract, the home making department has its equipment such as a sewing machine or two, stoves, refrigerators and washers and dryers renewed. Through discussions, labwork and evaluation the students are prepared so they can better understand themselves and to accept responsibilities and rolls society demands of them. This year, home ec, students participated in a hospitality day and the housing class visited several homes in Te- cumseh. Sewing students were required to make a lined wool garment, food students were involved with budgeting, meal planning, and meal preparationg and the freshmen worked in all phases of home economics for experience. i i? 5 Qi-4 A by , :fi if f if ef! 5 22 e. x r r Gun Racks to Overhauling Cars : Shop Vocational Agriculture and General Metals classes prepare boys For careers after high school. The General Metals class is alaleto work on such things as making trailors, picnic tables, and overhauling cars with their Full set of auto-mechanics tools. Vocational Agriculture students have a variety of things to make such as antique clocks, gun racks, bookcases and book- ends, as well as hog houses, feed bunks, and cattle loading chutes. The students get to keep whatever they make because they pay for the materials. This class is equipped with AC and DC arc welders,oxy-acetylene, complete lines of both hand working and machine woodworking tools, and e uipment For tractor maintenance and small engine repair. Mr. Dan Fetters, B.S.--Univ. of Nebraskap 2 years at McCook Jr. College lf? 5 . "A rf' Mr. Ron Dyer, B,S,--Univ. of Ne- braska 1- gr 'SH W9 cxmvg if .ffl 1' ings. Klub FXETIVITIEE 19 Margy Sullivan CHeadJ Sandee Gregory Jeannine Davis Beth Dillaplain Patty Mahoney Lynn Phillips New S Weafers Brighten 1,"'a' 'TVN . Bow 1: lVl. Sullivan, B. Jones, L. Phillips, J. Leuenberger, S. Gregory, J, Stewart, B. Dillaplain, D. Stover, J. Davis, E. Stewart, P. Mahoney. Row 2: B. Seckman, D. Brown, C. Dollarhide, S. Wenzl, C. Neemann, S. Pope, L. Evans, S. Pella, B.Schultz, S. Petersen, D. Hazen, B. Ebeler. Bow 3: J. Fankhauser, Ft. Packett, T. Morrissey, L. Sobotta, S. Butler, Nl. Phillips, L. Ftademacher, S. Pope, B. Knippelmeyer, lVl. Bieken, C.Goracke, G. Brockman. Bow 4: V. Kaster, B. Lueders, P. Lade, V. Krouse, C.Kleine, S. Lade, C. Badertscher, N. Olmsted, K. l-louse, P, Wilmes, Nl. Krontz, D. Ramsey. 20 W ww- asv' ' if ' TI-IS Pep Club Joan Stewart Debbie Stover Cl-leadj Ruth Ann Jones Ellen Stewart Bow 5: Ft. Krontz, K. Peek, B. Holben, P. Higgins, lVI. lVlartin, A. Anderson, L. Stover, B. Schultz, P. Puchalla, L. Troeger,T. Krontz, K. lVlcAIexander. Flow 6: J. Schultz, J. Evans, L. l-linrichs, Fl. Thom, K. Stephens, J. Finke, J. Laug,C. l-lalverstadt, J. Krontz, C. l-laney, A. Grove, D. Lacey. Flow 7: B. Fiizor, Fi. Borrenpohl, B. Williams, J. Gieser, C. Wagner, D. Pella, C.Higgins, A. Tenl-lulzen, A. Bray, L. Beck, J. Swanson, C. Walters. Flow 8: P. Schultz, Nl. lVlcPherrin, S. Lintz, P.Stewart,W. Ford, T. Golngs, Nl. Walters, D. Neemann, J, Farley, S. Blessing, L.Grof, B. Brown. Row 9: N. Neemann, lvlrs. Eunice Parrish, Miss Marcella Muller, J. Wolken. Jane Leuenberger Tommy Gregory and Lauri Packett Clvlascotsb 21 Officers, from left to right are: Carol Badertscher, Treasurerg Su- sie Lade, Vice-Presidentg Mary Martin, Presidentg Joyce Finke, Secretaryg and Diane Pella, Merit Keeper. Pfk' Mf- Come on Lynn! You know you can't have a sweater. You just wanted to be in the picture! Our Sponsors: Mrs. Parrish and Miss Muller. 3 X ty i M. Pep Band: Pow 1: G, Parrish, T, l-lutt, M, Behrends, P, Thom, T, Morris- sey. Row 2: P. Kent, G, Smith, S. Lade, J, Wolken, P. Uhrmacher. Pow 3: L. Hillyer, M, Martin, L.Stephens, P. Thom, B,Seokman. Row 4: M. th 7.1 .fi ffl? ,1 Phillips, C. Halverstadt, T, Krontz, J, Laug, L. l-linrichs, P, Lade. Stage Band: Row 1: J. Schmidt, J. Wolken, B, Seckman, Fl, Uhrmacher. Row 2: M. Behrends, T, Hutt, J.Wolken,D,Seckman. Row 3: T, Morrissey, G, Smith, L, Hillyer, S. Pella, S, Jones, G, Parrish, R, Thom. The band traveled to Omaha for the Band Day activities at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Officers: M. Sullivan-Sec., M. McPherrin- Vice Pres., Librarian, S. Gregory-Publicity Chairman, S. Lintz-Pres., Mr. L. Kitzel- Director. Majorettes: M. Martin, W. Ford, S, Lintz- Drum Majorette, M. McPherrin, J. Wolken. Preparations for the Pershing Marching Clinic. 23 x 7- i f , gil ,," i , Lk - .L A , L ,L f' "-'- 5 ' - fi ijh A V1 jf,-V-ij A if my I ,'L' L'-. L- - A ' . . .L K - M MQ S , QQ +3 X QE M., .M .... 11 ?l i ' l A in X i lg! in i fy 'W as 1 1 - ' :IPPQ Q E 7 Fi Q Vw W fm . A, 3 3 W Q flixwxf xy 5 . QQ-Q K ,SG M , mx, V in Q umwmffzusimrznmmmw, i ,Y ,E "'A M 3' M- , , A gpm V .unwnw MJ Q s ' ff 1: Q X ' , S LW.. . 2 4. WW' ,L . ' ' 1-9.1 M' in wy3l?S1f"2f k . - - I ana--1.-.......u.......,w,.,,,. A, W... .. . ....-...N-.,...., ,Q ::, ' . -fi 1? f s , A-W ' V Q Y.. W- E., ' ' I K ,. L iagfA.Qy1W'X ' F mmmxm X..,. A X. 'S 'A ' if ,M if M M i K T-1 g xg 4 3 ,fp 931 L 5' is X A 1 R L L' ' ,, I ,ef 4' 5 Q S4 , 6, QL ,N ff gk V is 4 I ! QQ I if Q 3 ' in I as 1 Q., if K A 'Y X A 4L.,,,,2 K - g , K V Q A-,f ef f- 5 . A j ' 'view ' + fi? " 2 'Q . A A W vw E f AV'Y" W M ff ex 5 34 Ki A Q kb R I 1 .- I Q ' ,U K ' 5 , . tl 9 ,n 4,9--wlmww, we A. l fr . . 'A ' if W 2 , ' 7 2 a - f ' L N D X f 1 X J 9 A E z 1 , 1 r mu f x 'i A .,--..-..-..........--.-- -.-.ml 3 5 0 'fm 1ux1ll1ml?ttllul'lm! sl Girls' Glee CL. to FLD Front Flow: D. Ramsey, D, Brown, D. Hazen, Ft. Jones, J. Davis, J. Swanson, B. Brown, L. Hinrichs, C. Kleine, C. Neemann,M.Sullivan,S.Gregory, A, Thompson, J. Laug, L. Beck, M. Krontz, J, Wolken, B. Holben, P. Higgins, J. Evans, G. Brockman, B. Ebeler, Second Row: A. Anderson, S. Lintz, M. McPherrin, D. Neemann, A. Bray, A, TenHulzen, C. Goracke, J. Gieser, A. Grove, D. Lacey, P. Giittinger, B. Dillaplain, M, Mar- tin, Ft, Borrenpohl, T. Goings, P, Puchalla, T. Morrissey, S, Petersen, J. Leuenberger, K. Peek, C. Guenther, N. Neemann, Back Bow: A, Hester, K. Pfister, C, Higgins,S. Blessing, D. Pella, W. Ford, L. Hester, E. Stewart, N. Olmsted, L. Sobotta, B. Knippelmeyer,S. Pope, P.WiImes, S, Lade, J. Fankhauser, M. Rieken, B, Rizor, K, McAIex- andor, C. Haney, Fi. Thom. Vocal M usjc Mixed Chorus CL. to BJ Front Flow: D. Hazen, B. Jones, K. Peek, M. Sullivan, J, Swanson, J. Evans, L. Kettelhake, T. Hutt, T. Morrisey, D. Bray, D. Seckman, Ft. Staley, D. Blessing, S, Gregory, B. Brown, L. Beck, T. Morris- sey, A. Bray, J. Davis, Second Row: S. Petersen, A, Thompson, K. McAlexander, S, Blessing, C, Neemann, B. Knippelmeyer, S. Pope, M. Phillips, T. Davis, D, Davison, B, Campbell,J.Grof, P.Sullivan,S.Morrisey,N. Neemann, D. Pella, C. Kleine, J. Wolken,J. Leuenberger, BackFtow: W. Ford, J. Gieser, M. McPherrin, N. Olmsted, D. Nee- mann, S. Lade, J. Wright, J. Borrenpohl, B, Staley, J. Schmidt, G. Wall, S. Pella, L. Hillyer, Ft. Thom, S. Lintz, J. Fankhauser, M. Martin, B. Dillaplain, P, Giittinger, Fi. Thom. Ifffffff -ffl :i:isWfYf'2f" -miisfitsv'.ffmealssagf1mzifm..,f.zsfiwzwisiefffi we fizisfswi ffzfswLss2'fffHhff::PwwHBHm2ewuma 71 ' so 9,,us .U fveumi Glawgs sup: 0 0 eo-', I Senior Girls' Sextet: R, Thom, N. Neeman, B, Dillaplain, M. Sullivan, S, Lade, M, Martin, S, Lintz. Sm all Gro ups Madrigal: Front Row: M. Sullivan, S, Blessing, S. Pope, Back Flow: T, Morrissey, J. Grof, T, Davis, J. Schmidt, R, Thom, B. Dillaplain, N, Neemann, J. Davis, A. Bray, Fl. Thom, S, Morrissey, P. Sullivan. -N 'l if , ,U ,Qin FN. 4 'Y Q.,-4... . . . 7 , , iw., jg. Q, V , lyvfk .4 K' 1 4 Ae :ik ,145 . 3' F as, Q w l has its 'fbi 'Ol O O O 1.0.0 6.4.0 0 0 0 O O Q C O U Mixed Octet. Front Row: S. Pope, A, Bray, S, Blessing, J, Davis, Back Row: T, Davis, R, Thom, J. Grof, J. Schmidt. Those Groups Going To Djsfrjcz' M usjc Contest Boys' Octet. Front Row: T.-Morrissey, P, Sullivan, T. Davis, J, Schmidt, S, Morrissey, R, Thom, Cnot picturedl Joe Grof and Tom Hutt. i i if ' .. ,V 1 H . . - f ,, "sa'2"?1s,- Sift?-f:,H4K W- Hwy K J kr wimtwnwkbz My ff'1'f11ii1fa,1:r .f' iw owl 2 wif? t2'ft'r5:et.1 f --'sfo f' 'zsxrfh 1.- .fw.,f,i- 1--f-'ff f :Maxim Z-1, 1. ,sa , ,V ww, : f wyww,-,,,,w,-,V i . .,t. , t.., , ,, .,., , ., K , ' ' " ' " ' " W " Duet. R, Thom, s, Lade Girls' Triple Trio. Seated: S. Blessing, Fi, Thom, L, Beck, Back Row: T. Morrissey, S. Pope, D, Pella, J. Gieser, A, Bray, B. Brown. District Music Contest brought home a variety of ratings with Boys' Octet and Mixed Octet re- ceiving Superiors. Those receiving Excellents were Pat Sullivan, Ron Thom, Suzanne Pope, Girls Glee, Senior Girls' Sextet, Madrigal, and the Duet by Ros Thom and Susie Lode. Good ratings were given to the Mixed Chorus and Triple Trio. l State Music Clinic, Joe and Bon Solo: Pat Sullivan Solo: Ron Thom Solo: Suzanne Pope i ,..,A , . mmm . 040 Front Row: CL. to RJ Morrissey, J, Davis, P, Sullivan, Kitzel, T, Davis, B, Campbell, G. Gottula, Nl Sullivan D. Pella, D, Davison, B. Dillaplain, Back Row: Nlr. R. Thom, B. StaIey,lVlrs. Brown. XX ll The Guy From Venus Presented by the Music Department Mrs. Mack Lincla Stacey Mr. Ream . Don Starr . Jack Wilson Rolancla . Marge . . Harry . . Mr. Romano Stanton Trimble Tilclen Mr. Mr. Mr. Cast ot Characters . . Jeannine Davis . .... Diane Pella . . . Spence:-Morrissey . . . . Dan Davison . . Pat Sullivan . Beth Dillaplain . . Margy Sullivan . Bruce Staley . . . Ron Thom . . . . Tony Davis , , . , Bill Campbell . . . Gerard Gottula Clerks. Front Bow: L. Beck, A. TenHulzen,lVl. lVlcPher- Gieser, Nl. Martin, S. Pope, L. Kettelhake, Back Bow: rin, D. Bray, B. Staley, N. Neemann, S. Gregory, A. J. Wright, J. Borrenpohl, G. Wall, G. Olsen, D, Piersol, Bray, Second Bow: S. Blessing, S. Lade, S. Lintz, J. D. Blessing. The success of the first musical presented by the T,H.S. music department is largely accredited to Mrs. Brown. Although it was Mrs. Brown's first year at Tecumseh she has encountered a busy year. ln addition to the musical she took several groups to District Music Contest, provided entertain- ment for various convocations and perform- ed numerous times for community organi- st Q it gfwgfgg zations. Her time and effort were well ap- ! C n preciated and a large "Thank You" is ap- , , propriate. it S .Q Q bi, g '- we sw' ,muse Dancers and Extras. Front Bow: S. Petersen, B. Jones, ander, A. Thompson, J. Swanson, J. Fankhauser, N, Olm- C. Kleine, C. Neemann, VV. Ford, J, Leuenburger, B. sted, D. Neemann, D. Hazen, Back Bow: J. Evans, Nl. Brown, T. Morrissey, Second Bow: K. Peek, K. lVlcAlex- Phillips, B. Tagart Row 12 T. GOWIQS, C. Neemaflfb 5- Wenzl, T- K"0"'t2f L- S, Pella, B. Schultz, G. Brockman. Row 4: Fi. Packett, Grof, Miss Jacquelyn Frear, P. Giittinger, D. Pella, A. Grove, C, Goracke, B. Fiizor. Fiow 2: D, Ramsey, D. Neemann, Fl, Krontz, C. Haney, N. Neemann, L. Stover, P, Schultz, C. Wagner, J, Schultz, A, Tenhulzen, J, Swanson. Ftow 3: J. Davis, B. Knippelmeyer, D. Hazen, J. Laug, D. Lacey, C, Halverstadt, D. Stover, J. Stewart, A. Bray, FHA The Future Homemakers of America began their busy year by welcoming the oncoming Freshmen and new members with a supper heldatthe school. Upperclassmen had fun with the new members during the annual Initiation. In the latter part of September the club attended the district FHA convention in Weeping Water, Nebr. Dur- ing football season the chapter invited the Nebraska City FHA girls down for a chili-soup supper followed by a powder- puff football game. The out- come ended up in Tecumseh's favor. ln February the group helped collect for the Heart Fund Drive headed by Nlr. House, chairman. We ended the year with election of officers and a pot-luck supper given for the mothers and on-coming Freshmen. V, Kaster, P, Puchalla, L. Sobotta, P. Lade, C. Kleine, E, Stewart, R. Jones, D, Keedy, L, Hinrichs, R. Borren- pohl, B, Williams, B. Ebeler. Row 5: S. Pe'feFSen,K- House, P, Wilmes, Nl. Krontz, T. Nlorrissey, N. Olmsted, J, Leuenberger, C. Bartels, S, Pope, B. Ftuter, J. Farley, M. Rieken. Seated: C. Groacke QTreas.D, A. Grove CSec.J Standing: D. Stover fSong Leaderb, T. We would also like to thank Nliss Jacquelyn Frear, our sponsor, for her excellent guid- ance. She has helped us achieve the goals we set out to accom- plish: to further interest in home economics. Krontz CHistorianJ, D, Pella qvice Pres.D, D. KeedyCParliamentarianb, L. Grof QDegree Chm.J, P. Giittinger CPres.D. -11527 Did you two guys, by any chance, WANT to be in this Cold noses won't stop Theresa and Christy from helping picture? with the Heart Fund Drive. Debbie really caught a big one this time! V Time Out!--and we are ahead! Wow! What a line-up! T-Club Bow 1: B. Staley, S, Pella, D, Davison. Bow 2: J.Kroeze, G. Smith, J. Graff. Bow 3: B, Uhrmacher, D. Garris, B, Thom. Bow 4: S. Morrissey, J. Schmidt, S. Lade. Row 5: Mr. L. Dunn, D, McAlexander, A, Pieratt, D, Meister, L. Kent, S. Jones, Mr. S. Martin. Bow 6: G, Wall, R. Smith, S, Colton, G. McAlexander, L,Chittenden,T, Davis, D, Elenga, B, Hothan, G. Parrish. Bow 7: D, Bray, M, Behrends, P, McDowell, D, Seckman, D, Blessing, L, Stephens, B. Behrends, B. Halverstadt, B, Campbell. Kansas City and the K. C, Royals were the subjects most of the lettermen of THS talked about all year and making the needed money was their top con- cern. The T-Club co-sponsored the Christmas dance with the Pep Club: and, although both organizations lost money on it, the T-Club made up the loss by sponsoring the annual Fresh- man-Sophomore Basketball Tourna- ment. With the profits from thetourna- ment and from selling at games, the boys had more than enough money to finance their two day trip to Kansas City on April, 18-20, 1969. While down there the boys went to two major league baseball games in which the K. C, Boy- als played. The bright point of the game for our T-Club was when they were recognized over the loud speaker and the T, V. camera showedtheir8yd. sign which read "Tecumseh Nebraska T-Club says Hi to NBC and fans". With the left over money, the T-Club decided to buy decals for the helmets for next year's football team. Officers: Bruce Staley-Pres., Steve Pella-Vice Pres., Dan Davison-T reas., Gerald Smith-Sec. Hobo Day '59 wir' vfkf . EV' ue n We e Kinky , Fun at Frolic. Push the Bod. Sack races. A Happening. A HX' iii L E I The Winners. Gerald. Leap Frog. if ., -wi I .ne Lb.,,,, Y- Teens Flow 1: Mrs. Joyce Cornwell. Row 2: M. Martin, M. Sulli- van. Row 3: l.. Stover, N, Neeman, P. Mahoney, R. Thom. Flow 4: J. Leuenberger, L, Phillips, S. Pope, I.. Evans, J. Davis, I., Beck. Row 5: S. Gregory, K. Peek, J. Fank- hauser, B, Seckman, D. Neeman, C. Wagner, J. Evans, J. Wolken. Flow 6: B, Dillaplain, L. Stephens, L, Grof, K. Stephens, M, Walters, P. Schultz, P, Giittinger, J. Farley, A. Bray. Row 7: C. Walters, S. Lintz, M. Phillips, L. Rademacher, S, Lade, A. Anderson, S, Butler, K.McAlex- ander, A. Thompson, S. Blessing. Row 8: M. McPherrin, W. Ford, J. Schultz, C. Higgins, J. Gieser, A. TenHulzen, P. Higgins, B. Holben, S. Pella, B. Schultz, C. Goracke, S. Pope. The Y-Teen organization is a Fellowship of women and girls bound together by a Purpose and Goal. The club is a branch of the national YWCA, with each member receiving the rewards of new friends, new experiences, and new opportunities. The triangle is the symbol For the rela- tionship of each member with people of all races, religions, and nationalities --in the knowledge and love of God. v T E E N s A ?i'-5. x llL"'L mul 1111 ull Ill' 1 ff. 4 , . , i 323337 Officers: Cfront rowj Nl. Sullivan, President. Cback rowb Fl. Thom, News Reporter, B. Dillaplain, Treas- urer, J. Davis, Secretary, Nl.Martin, Vice-President, Mrs. Joyce Cornwell, Sponsor. l -rug! ."' The Y-Teen year began with a Coke-kick off party. . . . .and l want a dolly, and I want. . . The Y-Teen World Fellowship banquet brought out many foreign costumes. Billine Seckman was elected Area 5 District President at the Fall Conference in Exeter. The annual Y-Teen Christmas party was a big success! The Y-Teen sponsor, Mrs. Cornwell, speaks at the banquet. Future Farmers of America Front Row: Mr. D, Fetters, S, Hupka, J, Grof, S, Clifton, Row: B. Tagart, D, Ebeler, D, Grof, G. Peters, D J. Schultz, H. Kettelhake, G. Kroeze, D. Elenga. Second Garris, S, Lade, B. Morrow, R, Bartels. The Future Farmers of America, con- sisting of 22 members, is sponsered by Mr. Dan Fetters. Their purpose is to develop agricultural leadership and co- operation. To be a member you have to learn the FFA creed and have a citizen- ship project. The FFA boys meet every second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 in the Ag. room. The academic year was highlighted by activities, such as the FFA-Faculty Basketball game, booth and float at the county fair, FFA-FHA dance, working at the Tecumseh Recreational Center, Na- tional FFA Convention at Kansas City, Mo., selling of FARM JOURNAL MAG- AZINES and FLOWER-GARDEN seeds, Pest Eradication contest, touring ofNew Holland Manufacturing Plant at G rand Island and the Parent-Son Banquet. Various awards given this year in- cluded Star-Farmer-Roger Bartles, Green l-land-Lester Kettelhade, Farm Safety-Leroy Bartels, Farm Mechanic- Harold Kettelhake. Joe Grof, Steve Clif- ton and Dave Garris won a white ribbon in state Voc Ag Dairy Judging contest, Steve l-lupka-local SWCD winner, and l-larold Kettelhake also won the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Award. Officers-Row 1: Pres.-J. Grof, Treas.-S. Clifton. Row 2: Vice-Pres.-G. Topp, Reporter-G, Kroeze, Sec.-H. Kettelhake. Row 3-Sentinel-J. Schultz and Sponsor-M r. D. Fetters. Our THS "donkeys" patiently listen to the music bya visitor from Switzerland. Student Council The Student CounciI's high point this year was the pop machine purchased for the school. Officers were: B, Dillaplain-Treas., D, Pella-Sec., J, Schmidt-Pres., J. Davis-Vice Pres. Djsplorys Th ejr Leofdershzp Back Row: A. Grove, P. IVlcDowell, J,Olmsted,J.Schmidt, R, Dittmer, D, Piersol,S.Jones, J. Leuenberger. Front Bow: N, Olmsted, B, Dillaplain, lVlrs.Sue Boyden, A. Bray, J, Davis, S, Blessing, D, Pella, lic Annual l 4 mms: IN lysis ' sux, WN "Our Leaders"- Naomi and Nlr. Brown check Where would we be without Gerald? the layouts. Back Flow: B. Seckman, J. Grof, L, l-lillyer, B, Thom, B. N. Neemann, S, Lintz, D. Neemann, L. Beck, Nl. Martin, Sellhorn, B, Staley, S, Morrissey, G, Smith. Front Row: S, Gregory, W, Ford, Nl, NlcPl'1errin, P, Nlahoney. Fourth Annual Honors Convocation N, Pat Sullivan earns the BerthaIngel'S0llNluSiCClubSCh0l- Outstanding Band Member Award goes to Sarah Lintz arship for All-State CIinic.Tim Morrisseywas alternate. Jim Schmidt receives Athlete of the Year award from Coach Martin for his outstanding con- tribution to athletics. Harold Kettelhake receives James F. Lincoln Arc.WeId- Lyle Stephens receivesthelvlath Awardfromlvlrs. Boyden. ing Foundation Award from Mr. Fetters. Row 1: C. Walters CCommissionerJ, W. Ford CCommissionerJ, A. Bray Cdudgel, B. Seckman CSuperintendentJ. Fiow 2: S. Blessing CAttorneyJ, P.SchuItz CCIerkD, P. Mahoney qAssessorJ, D. Keedy CCommissionerJ, L. Anderson CSponsorJ. Bow 3: B. DolIarhideCClerk ofDistrictCourtJ, B,HaIverstadtCIVianager of A.S,D.7, G. Parrish CCounty Sheriffj, J. Wolken CCounty Agentb, B. Hothan CTreasurerJ. County Government Day To teach to students the various responsibilities and functions of the county and its officers, theAmer- icon Legion sponsored the annual County Government Day for the Juniors of Johnson County. The activity was started by a primary election held the week before. The week was filled with campaign slogans, balloons, buttons, badges, and signs. The can- didates were then elected at the end of the week by the student body. The students were then sent to the county court house in Tecumseh for this education all-day event. Here they visited their elected offices to 'develop an understanding of how our county operates. Each officer explained what a common day was in his office and also what role he played in the function of this country. l "Roger-Doger over and out!" "Here come de Judge! Order in de court room, here come de Judge!" National Honor So cjefy N tw Flow 1: P, Mahoney, M. McPherrin. Row 2: B, Seckman, D. Pella, N, Neemann, Martin, J. Schmidt. 14 -'ff Na Mt 3. rin ,ug 21 Sc 2m K Ca 2 40 vs just-wr-A L. Grof. Row 3: J. Olmsted, S. Lintz, M I "0 14 Q. ll an zany T3 za 2, sv X Hess ml, V cr 25 26 51? gi- 39 'O i'f"5"'5f5'-5351128 H ll 54. Y Z 41 15, 55 me M05 wg Nb Mo 43 M :HM mln 5- P Q Cs QQ ' vz 'f:"WlLf5n'jRhpfg 'Y -323115 13734 the lm T3 G an affxmg . . . Ffis9f"""'i""f-1-s'S"'3-l'6" The National Honor Society is elected by the H221 my as Eff? .0 ,. -""'-S-'l cz Q M teachers on the basis of their scholarship, leadership, c i t i z e n s h i p, and character. There were three people who returned from last year--Jim Schmidt, Mary Martin, and Sarah Lintz, Three Juniors and tour Seniors made up the rest. e Pr Ndpmsm dxfgzlm Wa run msg FSBLGH-H Zlildl CDI! 115 Q Q The Bausch Lomb Award given on the basis of outstand ing achievement in the field of science during the four years of high school was given to Gerald Smith funior Class Presents Seated: D. Elenga, J. Schultz, A. Bray, L. Kent, L. Beck, Halverstadt, J. Farley, B. Campbell, S. Blessing A P, Mahoney, G. Parrish, B. Seckman, B. Dollarhide. Pieratt, C. Higgins, J. Wolken, D. Pella, W Ford Mr Standing: Nl. Walters, C. Walters, L. Stephens, J. Gieser, Gary Lindgren. G. Wall, P. Schultz, B. Hothan, A. TenHulzen, B. C asf of Characters Ginny Allen . . George Allen . Laura Allen . . . Lester Allen . Professor Barton . Franny Barton . . Beef ....... Molly Woods . Mr. Woods . . . Foggy Ryan . . Miss Bigby . Dr. Spencer . . Scaffold . . Steve . . . . Bubbles . Betty . . Dot... . Mitze ...... Barbara .... Pat Mahoney Rich Dollarhide Billine Seckman . Don Elenga . Gary Wall . . Lincla Beck . Gary Parrish . . Ann Bray . Jim Wolken . Larry Kent Janet Schultz . Jean Gieser Bob Halverstadt . . Bob Hothan Bill Campbell . . Diane Pella Sally Blessing Ann Ten Hulzen Wendee Ford Pat Schultz,Alan Pieratt . . . . Student Assistants Mr. Gary Lindgren . . . ...... Director Beauty and the Beef --.mv .. 'NMQM V K vw-Jw--...N -,J Gee! What a mess! lt's my big cup! If Q Party time. Gary and Larry arrive after the big game with Winnegabaushi. Seniors Present "T om fones" - 31 SSH52n,F5?'5f5pi.VlLSf'iff'iXZFii5',' Gqagliiuifiiiiioiii Sine fafffT029ii32fSe.B?Z'ii2"U'f FS5h1QTffiFff'3.' 521221 mann, B. Staley, B. Dillaplain, S. Morrissey, NI. lVlcPher- Mr. Lindgren Corsi of Characters Partridge ...... . . . Dan Davison Miss Western . . .... Sandra Gregory BridgetAIlworthy ..... MargySullivan Honor ..... . . MargaretMcPherrin Squire Allworthy . . . . . BruceStaley Justice Dowling . . Steve Pella Deborah .......... La DonnaStover Doctor ..... . Gearld Smith Jenny Jones flvirs. Watersi ........ Highwayman .... . . Scott Jones Jeannine Davis Harriet Fitzpatrick Sarah Lintz Captain BW ' ' ' ' Gary Lacey Fitzpatrick ..... . . Ron Thom Bum "" ""' J Ohm Graff Mrs. Whitefield . . . . . Susan Lade Tom Jones . . Thwackum . . Square .... Mr. Western . . Sophia Western . . . . SpencerMorrissey Susan . . Brent Selhorn Lady Bellcsfon D . . . Jim Olmsted Nancy . . Jim Schmidt Consmme . . . Beth Dillaplain Betty Stephens Naomi Neemann . . MaryMartin Gerard Gottula .lku f :far ' 'Q Q if ' fi-' f, K H i it 5 5 . . 34:-ea 5A in . is X w STI, A 4 'W cv 4, trims. 3 -'LLL Three Coins in the Fountain Front Row: S. Wenzl, S, Petersen, C, Neemann, S. Pella, D. Piersol, D, Mahoney, A. Durman, J. Garris, J. Bor A. Grove, S. Pope, J. Leuenberger, D, Stover. Back Row: renpohl, D, Blessing, L. Stephens, D. Meister IVIr. Fred Trumble, previous THS science teacher, was The punch fountain set the mood. our guest speaker. n' . I . , . 1 . ' 4 q V Dance to the music of the ENTER-PRIZE, Duh! look at the fountain! Prom Dreams Com e Tru e l Bird's eye view. Gee! even the goldfish are paired off. The look of love by Leonard. Randy has tongue twouble! WZ any ex Q3 011155 fivmbf INDIANS EFUHTE 51 L.-R. Row 1-S. Jones, B, Staley, R, Uhrmacher, S, lVlor- lvl. Riggins. Row 2-G. Smith, D. lVlcAlexander, R. Smith, rissey, J. Kroeze, R. Thom, T. Davis, B. Campbell, B. Sellhorn, D. Ebeler, J. Hutt, D. Meister, J.Gregory, D. Davison, S. Pella, J. Olmsted, J. Schmidt, S. Lade, D, Piersol, R. Staley, R. Field, R. Kent, J. Bates, B. D. Elenga, G. Parrish, lVlr. Cornwell, lVlr. Anderson, Tagart, D. DeLong, R.Wolken, P. Campbell, B.Hothan, lVlr. Dunn, R. Williams, B. Finke, B, Tagart, B. Beh- D, Seckman, J. Davison, T. lVlcCoy, L. Chittenden, B. rends, A. Durman, A. Pieratt, P. Sullivan, G. Olsen, l-lalverstadt, J. Garris, D. Kerner. G. lVlcAIexander, I.. Stephens, J. Lempke, lVl. Behrends, ll I 1 I I V V K ky rx Campbell, Meister escort Uhrmacher into endzone after TOUQIN Indian defense 0l0SeS in on Sacred Heart be-H interception against Sacred Heart. Carrier. JS! 0 :ky- M Q gk. ., 1 Q HQ, 'Q 'rin'- UM? Q9 V . R iv M" A"' ,'4,, 1, a W af ,hjggigz A K, wk E ' W4 xr G ,':.,:, N ,Tidy K . wwMwMhv 4 if I fi F ' Q A V53 ,V fit' 5 , Wwe 'vw 1 'lf 1 Defense T. Davis, J. Schmidt, S. Jones, G. Parrish, S, Pella, D, Davison, B. Campbell, J. Olmsted, J, Kroeze, S. Morrissey, Fl. Uhrmacher. Cffense J, Schmidt, J. Olmsted, S, Pella, S, Jones, R, Uhrmacher, E3.Staley, Fl. Thom, T. Davis, B, Campbell, D. Elenga, S. Lade. Morrissey closes in for a tackle with the team close behind. fi. . V , 1 :v'.4,:..,.,. ifw-'fi , v 9' Eg g -fx- x f 5 K If J :L in 4 ii . .. . K : " L kk A ' J i. K I Lk , V i, .:.. ,,' 5 Qv. L ...lt f.:E KL, J l:-' - ' A 1 7 ,A '31 , f-ff K I , X K, W 1 K I 1 , :V Q .. I- KJ ' ' X i-E A 'iff . ..,. A .,:,' E' 4, 5 m Sf : L Emi, b QW " 1 ' 55 1 V , Q: A 2 A A sf 0 X., ,f - L4 - A I Qi? Q 2 - QW. uw? ii' wr' ,Q--M H5555 3 AN .ik if E! my J YQM X 4 3:5 ,f Qf ff' 'E' E! I SZSRBR Y ""MI:5WELS4,aQwM.,:,..1-. 'AW l Front row-S, Wright, J, Lempke, Ft, WoIken,T, Pella. Back row- B. Tagart, 5.3 P. McDowell, J, Bates, R. Field, D. Delong, NI. Higgins, and Coach K, The Big Five Cornwell. Dave Garris shows his form on this shot. .7968-69 Schedule Tecumseh Opponent 46 Humbolt 48 56 Nebr. City Lourdes 52 65 Auburn 73 82 Adams 5i 66 Johnson-Brock ' 50 56 Pawnee City 59 62 Pawnee City 60 66 Humbolt 44 59 Johnson-Brock 69 70 Wilber 63 66 Sterling 84 70 Weeping Water 78 59 Falls City 41 65 Auburn 5i 59 Southeast Con sol idated 47 70 Wyrnore 63 62 F. C. Sacred Heart 58 64 Louisville 66 62 Humbolt 58 85 Johnson-Brock 56 Wrest11'ng M. Behrends, D. Chritton, Fl. Colton, A. Packett, S. Blessing, D. McAlexander, G. NlcAlexander, B. Morrow Colton, S. Lade, R. Thom, W. Tagart, B. Behrends, D. CStudent managerb, Coach Larry Dunn. You can't keep an Indian down! Tecumseh Other? 15 Southern 41 31 Adams 20 28 Adams 23 I3 Tri County 43 ll East Butler 43 lx up A -1-'. w Row 1: J. Hutt, L. Kent, J. Gregory, L. Chittenden, T. Olsen, R. Staley, B, Finke, L, Grof, D. Meister. Flow 3: Davis, B. Campbell, G. Parrish, D. Seckman, A. Pieratt, lVlr. L. Dunn, Fl. Bray, T. Hutt, D. Blessing, B. Kent, P. P, Sullivan, L, Huls. How 2: R, Dollarhide, R. Field, P. Campbell, Nl. Higgins, J. Lempke, Ft. Wolken, D. Delong, lVlcDowell, L. Stephens, B. Hitzeman, G. lVlcAlexander, C. Nlr. K. Cornwell. Track and Cross-Country Row 1: G. Wall, D. Garris, S. Lade, L. Kent, Flow 2: T. Hutt, Fl, Bray, P. McDowell, T. Jones. SCHEDULE Nlarch 29 Dual- Johnson April 10 Midland College Flelays April 15 Dual- Auburn April 22 Triangular-Pawnee City, Humboldt lVlay 1Southeast Border Con- ference Nlay 8 Southern Nebraska Con- ference lVlay 15 District Track Nleet, Doane College RESULTS Johnson 80 Tecumseh 50 Auburn 75 Tecumseh 55 Pawnee C ity 58 Humboldt 49 Tecumseh 49 Southeast Border 23 points 6th Sfputhern Nebraska 4 points 10th District 1 State Qualifier 180 yd. low hurdles l Volleyball: Flow 1: J. Davis, C. l-lalverstadt, B. Jones, well, C, Binne, S. Butler, S. Lintz, M. Martin, L. Bade- S, Gregory, L, Phillips, D. Stover. Row 2: Mrs. J. Corn- macher, C. Kleine, Miss M. Muller. ' ' ' A hi ' R THS Gul s 1' GZLICS eiurn to VOLLEYBALL TRACK Dec. 30th Sterling beatTecumsehg 15-10, 15-10 April 15th Johnson-Brock, 641f2gTecumseh,441f2CDuoJ April 26th Doane Invitational: Tecumseh, 1 pt. Ctie for Jan. 4th Sterling bested Tecumseh, 15-12, 14-16, 15-6 20th placeb Jan. 20th Syracuse beat Tecumseh, 15-3, 15-0 Feb. 3rd Hickman-Norris over Tecumseh 15-7, 1 Track: Bow 1: J. Stewart, C. Guenther,M. Sullivan, 5-3 E. Stewart, S. Gregory, C, Kleine, C. Haney, S. Lintz, J. C. Davis. Bow 2: Mrs. J. Cornwell, B, Bizor, Fl. Jones, May 6th Johnson-Brock Invitational: Tecumseh, 59 pts. 42nd placej Doane College invitational 25 schools competing Sharon Butler placed 5th in the 880. Johnson-Brock Invitational 4 teams competing Chris Kleine was a double winner, in the 50 and 100 yard dashes l-lalverstadt, P. Higgins, J. Wolken, S. Petersen, Miss M. Muller. Bow 3: T. Morrissey, S. Butler, C. Flinne, J. Leuenberger, S. Pella, D. Stover. All-Sports Banquet .f A 45 :EQ gg gf, A, A ay , . 4 appropriate one for THS, xy: YP -V it fy vs: -Ja 43 9 , 6 ra. A A r- Haifa A yy Q, M fl 245.4 A as - if s 'VB . wma .2-3' :Ab Dave Garris received the traveling trophy for the best Z in free throw shooting. l-le shot 652. , , f if 41 . , 15.9 sf. 21,95 gp at-7 4' 5 ff-if '-,fish-fgi It 1... mf H dm, be Cristy Kleine accepted the second-place trophy that the team received at the Johnson-Brock Invitational because she had the most points. Tommy Gregory was awarded an ID bracelet fromthe Pep Club for his outstanding perfect attendance record for five years as our mascot. ...rx , 2,6 44.2, -'15 QQ pg A 3 ll 'V 0 4 f Q, I' 'if ffl gan fv'ifil'l2itf1Q'f' 71 13238 1A,,! 1 For the first time, this year the Ki- wanis sponsored the Athletic Banquet in the high school gym. One main benefit of the move from the com- munity Building was the all-time high attendance of 335. The honoring of athletes this year was something dif- ferent, too. This year was the first year for girls' track and volleyball, and therefore, the first time girls re- ceived track letters. With so much more interest, we gave a grand total of 123 awards to the athletes of THS, Surely our motto for this year, "On- ward We March in Athletics" was an g st is A Coach's Cap was awarded to Dan Davison for being the only lineman to score a touchdown. 554, gala' ' A 7 X .fc Our speaker, lVlr. Ed Schwartzkopf who is a Board of Regents Member and a former University of Nebr. foot- ball star. Sandra Gregory and Joyce Finke were awarded four- year perfect attendance pins in Pep Club. N44 fQ2,,g,1'1lafK , f 14 fr .f affix. I , Q ws' 'fd 4 4 if L1 .txknrytfffjg mf A TLEQZ E K an , 4 552 ' fisifjz - 1 A K :Ji K - , I , W3 1 lf 4 L X f L- z' V-vip? 1 1, '-'Fw f L, " .: -ff:-5 if L E ' . , :Pi WWF? , l' 3 , , I Q I ,sk 32? ,z 32? as 2 X Q, 5, EUEIET 63 ff, 51 '23 33 x In 1,4- 5 Q 1 Lv-W-W -iv, W -..,.-, 3' ' ' ' 'f""' ' ' -""'M"' ' . -mv ,. 115 5 : i ' 5 1' 1 ' ' . 1. .-5 Y A . , 1 K W .Q -fggw A 1. ' if A f 1 1 11,-f A 1 a S gk 5 .sk ug Q 5 - ,jg ' ' , 3 Q5 ef A ' Q . S f , fy 1 Jn , if , 7 ,i W Ti law? 45' 1 ' 5 ETL 7 ig 5 ,1 if If , ' ,U ' -ff 4 57 ,fm ,Q Q 2 , . gy 11, X , ,L ., 1 ' . :H m V . .5 -EP fi? ,fx"vY'!' g , 7, , A 3? ww 2 1 -we 5. 5, K L , , ,.. If Y .PEE A Q gs H 54: ff, X93 A Ez 1 ' , H, , , b it-J, ..,, :.f a W Y X ,,3E:x,::-, 4 . P un' : , 11 -aw ' -z. ' 'fa 5 W -, 55,1 ' ay. . 4 A1 N -, if 1 . 5 5554 5' -5 2' . fl " , XY E 'f' . V4 . ,., Q Q. - S ,, ' P F' f S , hw -f nf, .f H27 "mg 'eb 52 i I 1 'V as .,,, W , 'i A xiii' ' Sk f f as QQ, . W ,fn ' . :V 1 ., . W A I k , J mal A f , A Q N - gf . S5 A f-W 'L.,, '- K 'f N lm fx ' P 'XI v ,,3 f??f?1f fr .,, K E ' I 'I-K 'whiff' w i ' ini ' f if L' V .5 k 1" V ima? A, if Ea ' . 35-5, , -- . aw, 5,,,,m1 A LEW, -v , , 1 m K V, ,, "lf Efllf kihf' if 5'P'3'4 'Q K ,W 2: . , .a .. vat , ,,.. .. , . . . ,L,w'?,Q, V, . .aw A- 11 ' V Q . 1 .. -5. fe ,. : ,.-,..W.,,., .. - ,am,,..x- -.,-,W .- V . ,, ., M wg, J. x A f f, 31'?f"'?'i'f if fd: - " V ,,.. .ml ALL fir 3 fi... ,W Indian Summer "Indian Summer" set the scene for the 1968 THS Homecoming, October 18, 1968 with an authentic-looking tepee and Indian squaw and corn shucks as the feature decorations. Due to a week of heavy rain, the game previous to the dance was quite sloppy, but the mud didn't stop the game or the fans. The Indians fought hard, but the Humboldt Cardinals pulled through with a 12 to 7 victory over the Indians. During the halftime the Y-Teens sponsored the coronation. The tension which had mounted all week was at its peak as Jeannine Davis and Scott Jones were crowned our 1968 Homecoming King andQueen.The otherKing Candidates, chosen by the football team, were Bruce Staley, Jim Schmidt, Spencer Morrissey, and Steve PelIa-i Queen Candidates, selected by the Senior Class, were Beth Dillaplain, SandraGregory,lVlargy Sullivan, and Naomi Neemann. The King andQueen were chosen by a general election of grades 9-12. Along with the dance and game, we cannot forget the tradtional Bon F ire Fially, sponsored bythe T-Club andthe Varsity Cheer- leaders. This, with the annual Snake Dance around the square, helped form a high spirited ball club and student fans. Fresh- men took the lead for once in the skits in the afternoon rally. Jeannine and Scott reigned over their dance on thrones of straw bales and Indian blankets as music by the "Loved Ones" assisted in completing the 1968 "Indian Summer" memory. Candidates: Jim Schmidt, Beth Dillaplain, Steve Pella, Sullivan, Spencer Morrissey, Naomi Neemann, Bruce Sandra Gregory, Jeannine Davis, Scott Jones, Margy Staley -v"?' r "-t'f1'Y4'fifW- T - ff5M""'t1fEi'M" 'Mr -1 'H rr - 24'-4, 531 Lk xi x . ' K ml: , Q 4 ffMQ f 5 il-,W ' 411 4 L L iz x ,, f 4 f 14, MH' 1, 3 4 Mi 1. 1 K X ' A z? k L 17' ' .,.. JZ ' im ' www .1 Wy,-f,Wj, Q?" . , wfffff 1 5,34 3. . A . 3 A ig' .ST 3. Y 82 X f .W i' iff K . I aj: : sf- ' A ,f . I W iii A Z .M V I fig , 5 Yi, by X WW. , Q ? ij 3 I 'mg , 4.5i,fs,, f'a 'TQ ik Days of VWne And Roses The Annual Sweetheart Dance, spon- sored by the sophomore class, was held in the elementary auditorium on Saturday, February l5, 1969. The theme of the dance was "The Days of Wine and Roses" The Universal Sound Track provided the music in a gym filled with red, white, and pink roses and love seats During inter mission, King Dan and Queen Beth were crowned loy the i968 Royalty, Carol Arnold 'Q--gnnf' Attendants R Field E Stewart G Parrish P Mahoney D Mens ter J Leuenberger Candidates Nl lvlartln J Schmidt Nl Sullivan J Graff S Gregory J Olmsted Cnot pucturedj N Neeman B Staley B Dlllaplaln D Davison I 156952: EQ qw .,,, ,,,,,3m,2 :L we 4' a .ue 'A' 1, ag t L Q3 if ' Z5 ,Q .mf M., , E 5 55 ' 2 Q: A f QQ 2 5 44 .2 N' ax xg N, ,I . , ,A .,... Z.. if 'S 5 4 x 5 "Uk 'fifff ff z1S'm Pi-Qmzu QS, ,N 3, . ,. X. ff ,,f A531 mf'5wef'2 4,3 7, -ffmuffmr-, .4 'asv-fe'5Zmf'S' f.. ' . ,eMf352ef2,f.. - Ls-M hw - ...,.?E5-:a'i5- SJ: f.,E.:f.:: .,,, , U as -:Qu 1? Candidates: Row 1: LaDonna Stover, Linda Grof, Naomi Neemann. Row 2: Joe Grof, Dave Garris, Steve Clifton. "Welcome to the Land of Milk and Honey!" was the invitation extended to all those who attended the annual FHA-FFA dance held Friday, March 7th, in the elementary gymnasium. The Universal Sound Track, a combo from Omaha, did not arrive at the dance until lO:0O p.m. because of the snowy, hazardous roads and weather. However, once the dance got underway time Flew, until the coronation of Linda Graf and Dave Garris as Queen and King, by last year's royalty, Betty Pella and Roger Badertscher. Linda and Dave reigned proudly over the "kingdom of milk and honey" until midnight when it was time For all the bees to return to the hive and the Flowers Folded up until the next dawn in "The Land of Milk and Honey". Land of M1Yk and Honey i Buzzin' bees and bloomin' milk cans set the "mooed"! "And now, the moment we've all been waiting for!!!" 69 2 E Q 5 1 1 1 5 3 . K fis xg' ll STUDENTS 71 xl , fri .A if st , NEG' AK' . 91 , 3 'ix , ,::, A- f- me is 1, 52 we l Wav' MW . . x i ill .. 3, Q., , EVE, ,E V , f wr 1' 2 S, Q f ,, f X I nz: 1 Fr l L wr' ' if It J h C. Bartels L, Bartels J. Bates lVl. Behrends B. Borrenpohl Fl. Bray G. Brockman D, Brown C. Bryan S, Butler P. Campbell D, Chritton is J it . " "F s ,st A 57 ' :I K o r 5 sg ..i W' V E - V I ,S C C .rg l fi M. , 4 v uk B. Clifton Fl. Colton G, Davison D, DeLong A Class officers are Randy Field, Cris Kleine, Ellen Stewart, and Phil lVlcDowell. ug--gg-:.1.,9..,-.e,.....W.. ..., ---ml M ,.-1..- J -1, B. Ebeler J. Fankhauser T, Goings C C CC r Evans , Field . Gordon E ac? I R. Gottula C. Guenther C, Haney M. Haney L, Hinrichs B. Holben K, House T. Hutt New Duties and Pr1'V1'.leges L, Keedy R. Kent D. Kerner L. Kettelhake R. Krontz P, Lade J. Lempke B, Leuders B, Mommens T. Morrissey H. Moyer N. Olmsted R. Hemmer R. Jones C. Kleine T. lVlcCoy A, Packett P. Higgins V. Kaster M. Krontz P. McDowell R. Packett Freshmen Adapt io New Responsibilities K. Peek T, Pella D. Ramsey S. Schultz SL welsw,,f3sx,.s,six :fm ,fa .Q l C. Pfister M. Riggins L. Sobotta J. Wolken And now, our beautiful Freshmen girIs?! WW 5 A 4 W'7-eyw..wwf:fwfrswf-f1ww-msw..s f Zfaiifzsfigiifswiizf V ,.f-.-1.552142 iimiszieuifsii' 2 222159235 sfwvssrlwr J' EIFETSEXQSEQ5 . ' 116355:-f Qgisfsigg' ,ihiifffliilif 1,iaiZ" f 'i'w i 'K fills :ffsilifwi Silifiliiaii "1-5:5 41' ' L9 1-3-2'-5'-i'iL"M ' sm "-' . z . ,:- .mg - s TL5li2'?Q12E: 'A - i, plea? ff 3221 if"'E 1, ,xr K 1fiTx.1i':s'f5i,-1-21. Llflif 2 'f?f'i.3f.3Q'EFf'75. 4- M y ,gif jig? 1 2 3, 5 'f5Q,Q,,is .:"zQ -' I,-gh- Q-,gisi fi ' 1 2 . " 5 P 4 l 1"4'i' ' N 1 MJ? M. Phillips P B. Flizor B Puchalla Schultz- R- Staley E Stewart A. Tl10mDSOr1 L, Troeger Fl. Wolken S. Wright Not Pictured: Carol Dollarhide Craig Johnson Ron Topp Debbie Huis Flademacher W i l mes Tagart Williams ww 1.55 :sax .Q 1: wig: 53s?Efk?sfW1b?TTS?'e69f'A?'a1. ' ,iiesaigsefgewisfg f --..:sfHSS:7 ,f-ess-.Zg?5i.i,:'2rQi1 ': :- '-:F 22f1ew' ins5 s'frgQ3..w2s?2gQf2 ff 2 . 3,1 ,M -- 3- .me wif -A3159-fs':. '-:Q'f, :- .i ff 2.-1 , 15 qs - '-,. 1.1352 k H11 1 .1 wigs f M ,,. :--Q Q in .sgsvdf ' 5 .1 af 522.5 58559 2 Q . ff.. iss? X' . 1- ,..- ws-Q., -.-1 M.. . usa gg is-1. - f , -1.1 sf uyzaw .gg L s . ' f -f L ..,.-. , . . ' . f -f...,,,L-.z..-,,1s- . , s .s. ....n. n.s..n i g B, Behrends D, Blessing J. Borrenpohl T, Davis A, Durman D Ebeler Sophomores: Two Down, Two To Go tim 4 5337 5 :.,a'? ' Meiji ' ' 'lil W 6 .1 H K f if iiL ' , HJ" " i',L V 1 . f1A Q 5 U J. Evans G. Garris C. Goracke M. Gottula D. Grof A. Grove C. Halverstadt D. Hazen B. Hitzeman S, Hupka T. Jones B. Knippelmeyer Krontz Lacey Laug Lueders Luenberger Mahoney MoAlexander Meister Morrissey Neemann Olsen Packett aesm ,Mmm-s,sss1s, ssgfmgfsssrzllsss. A Subjects and New Acz'1'Vjz'1'es :Sew Ms,,w.w,s-is-sis.ww swxwssw M , .iiwmsszs:,,s11Q:71221.-V Af 21127 sms:gsghasx-fsqgasiigszgg5zas?sg7:1ss1:g:sg5gss3'L?3gaii5i ,mf-mvwo?fL.s-ffmiszyifeiiql W ,. ,suis-usmgggif ,ess seg, 'vi' 'J M Q S 2 g:sgsez.n.,. M.,wwf.s1'fef1:f-wftaswffwlifw ms,.f,Lez wimsgiggeiss1?'wi5gf9f?Q??s3gmX ww Kiwiss:Messina.wsegfwwssi ,LWis-.i:q3.,i,iss,-by.s.i,mfsxfsw.gwSfMore E1i3e1YT5Qz5LT9i ssfigf ks V""" "5'Wf1gq9'gf6m5g5 NPS 5-SE.Q1'Ll:f'L:f' I 1. :'i!g-:-C' 1?t'5: .1sv 55155: ,i.,lm.iLg,i: 5 sgfawsf sg: N ,aqfffe-.' si2z'z. . e1gsi?gg S S is r e 4' S " if S , -A ,sz G 'm...u., A, .... qi, .Je ,QQ +4 , 4 -r-, ,VWV ash ' , rrrr if r,rL 1 M133 L -9 ky H ,lul , e r i .,k, kyk: e V rrir rr,r Class officers are Alan Durman, Dave Meister, Mr. Gary Lindgren, Csponsorb, Dan Piersol, and Carol Goracke. MonopoI12e Sophomore C'onVersoz'1'on :,, .,,, , V l"'W?' ,, 5 5 ki S f S. Pella G. Peters S. Pope S, Pope B. Schultz L. Stephens Don't worry Tony, it's spelled right. if ba..-Q 'V 'ifiiix . ' were " -' .E .H g . st51f l ,, - ' ls f " -,s m ,A M an ll 5 UF f :. L , he e 1 . , , - .. M fe-is K , ., s,W,fl5f lr L . 0 .11-V 4, .f-'--'t ,,w,gkgszfif 'tl 'H A .S S ttllt 1 S fe - S' 3 l t o r ,fa t ' S. Petersen D Plersol Nl. Rieken C Rinne J, Stewart D Stover B, Tagart G Topp E 4 f w M 3 1 . , , ie r A . - ,S M3 X KRW t e X + X? Q X 1 'i Efii . . , ff,15tg2,- f f t-f, 4 we + K ,K 3 3 as ..., , mx NK' 5 2 Pooch Seckman Su I I ivan Wenzl m 1.31 gang W., ff? S' if S ,, M ,J-gy K." s eigss Bartels Beck Blessing Bray B rown Campbell Chittenden Colton Dittmer Elenga Farley Finke funior's Goals gfgfqg fmwsfei fzufffffz W: 5124.146 vmmu:.,:.,wm11 we g,A5,,--W 1sAf1,3w:sw.f5,l,:.., ..,,, .,,, 5 225545-fizff V f' M 'L " zu - ev 1 iw , In K '42 glg-BG. , 'N 'W 2-'ez Vw - if Q fviifiezf' Q App .fairy-11'lu be Q. -'B , riff, f' W Ford J. Gieser J Gregory gsf.gW.,, .QM gs .. M ., .,.S.ef.g.5,m.1 s .gg ME As. .W , ,.w..5..l ,ss . -s-ff-ea -awk .sup su.. V me .szwf1e?gs W-h.Q:gs1Simw ff-l,::wQ f zmssgvm. W M -1312115 giwwfrfefsfi seas-m -.ffl M-lswgm if "WkfSf.i4esfss Q. ,. ,. .. ., : K .. " -' 35 5.1, .YIA A l h-i,h A is P' S 2 Z , L. Grof B. Halverstadt B, Hothan J. Hutt D. Keedy L. Kent H. Kettelhake G. Kroeze V. Krouse P, Mahoney K. lVlcAlexander S. McLaughlin D, Neemann G. Parrish C. Higgins The worries of the Jr. Class Play begin to appear on Rich Dollarhide as Miss Frear and Pat Schultz . iz rw 2? 43-,,,, X2 Mig l , , pass AQ a n E 'M 5 . I X , I , apply make-up. y Y' 'f 5 ?' ,W . 25595 'K ,Miss sua ff 2 SQYQHQ sp f.2w1sf1W1:wfs1mesms,sm ,Lg wig, , W'yssimif:Easezgsmesggesgsmzsfzfasuzfieis-inwas 2' Nwfiww:M:ww5-wwswlslevm swirl.-fls:..1sffW W-fsvf.:1fwigEs1gim wm11Q5w.w1.1rw: -ffsswsm,53355555 '22zffszszfez1s1m "i2Zeififs5Li?:g . . 'xiii-if ,ffl . ylfmfl, " fl?-'1.fl, -1 '- 2, Q'5fQ'A'?E : ' ' k - gf, V, '- l Together We Made Prom Dreams Come T rue J. Schultz D, Pella P. Schultz A. Ten Hulzen PiBI"2.tt Seckman Wag ner Walters Not Pictured: Richard Dollarhide Ruter Smith Wall Wolken Aix' ggi' ' ' lf , 'ffl S A ' fl 'K ' ' , " ,... J. Schultz L, Stephens Nl. Walters J. Swanson l BRUCE STALEY-Vice President SCOTT JONES-P resident JOHN GFZAFF-Secretary JOAN KRONTZ -T reasurer Seniors--Take one last look back before you go your separate ways, and you will see yourselves lost in the whirl of school activities--doing your part to make the school year run smoothly. You were no longer followers, but leaders--the heads of organizations, the stars in sports, the best informed, the biggest, the most mature-- the Seniors. Look into a typical classroom. You may see yourself gazing out the window at a beautiful spring day while a teacher explains in a monotonous voice the difference between inflation and deflation or why x equals y. You may find yourself sitting entranced as he explains why Hamlet was mad. You had favorite teachers and favorite subjects. You were given assignments you didn't mind doing and those which you dreaded. Although you may not have realized it, your teachers and your textbooks were preparing you for the adult world that you now face, after leaving those desolate yet warm and inspiring classrooms. Another vital contribution to this final year which has been unnoticed for your last 13 years is a little ball which started with your parents, the taxpayers, who elect a school board. lt ricochets through the school board, to the administration to the faculty and finally to you, the BETH DILLAPLAIN-Ways and Means student. The ball takes the form of your education and never stops rolling. Under the efficient and tireless efforts of Scott Jones, Senior Class President, the class of "69" set out on a school year of brilliant social activities and hard study, and enjoyed the distinction of being one of the most active classes in many years. The sponsors, lVlr. Blumhorst and lVlr. Beck, working together with Scott andtheother four officers were always alert to see that their class was well represented in all the activities which were undertaken during the year. These included, Senior Soup Supper, Senior Class Play, Magazine Sales, Selling at Games, Bake Sales and C ar Washes. This year--Seniors--represents the end of High School, and the beginning of your future. Plan it wisely. For some, for most, it is the starting of more years of schooling-- important years. For others, a time to stop and plan your life, before you realize that it has alreadyplanned itself. No matter where you go or what you do remember your high school life and use it as a guideline and memory of comradeship. Hold it dearly, for its whole baseand make- up belongs to you because you are--a Senior. ANN ANDERSON CAROL BADERTSCHER DAN DAVISON TERRY DOL LARHIDE JOYCE FINKE DAVE GARRIS JEANNINE DAVIS ' A Qizzw, :M of' .0 LINDA EVANS GERARD GOTTU LA SANDRA GREGORY PATTI GIITTINGER LARRY HILLYER JOE GROF ALICE HESTER LINDA KING LINDA GROF LINDA HESTER JIIVI KROEZE 4 T GARY LACEY STEVE LADE SUSAN LADE SARAH LINTZ LEONARD LOTT BRUCE MAHLER IVIARY MARTIN DOUG NIGALEXANDER MARGARET NIGPHERRIN SPENCER IVIORRISSEY NAOIVII NEEMANN JIM OLNISTED Mixj ALA. Xl STEVE PELLA LYNN PHILLIPS MARGARET PHILLIPS LINDA RADENIACHER JIIVI SCI'-IIVIIDT BRENT SELLHORN i GERALD SMITH BETTY STEPHENS La.DONNA STOVER IVIARGY SULLIVAN ROS LYNN THONI ROBERT THOMPSON KATHY STEPHENS RONALD THOM "I'NI A B-A-A-D BOY. I DID A NO-NO! JIIVI TOPP RON UI-IRIVIACHER NANCY WITTE JERRY WRIGHT LARRY HU LS BRUCE NIORROW ,sf 4 A1 Seniors Mingle Ambitious Seniors ii Semors Road Kalfran The Senior Sneak Trip to the Gzarks was one well worth taking. Sponsored by Mr. and lvlrs. Dyer andlvlr. andlvlrs. Blumhorst, the 46 Seniors herded into the chartered bus and settled down C???J to a long and excitingnight'strip . . . a trip never to be forgotten. Leaving on April 25 at 12:01 A.lVl. the excited Seniors bounded aboard the Continental Trailways chartered bus. Their destination--Kalfran Lodge, at the Lake of the Ozarks in Nlissouri. Boatrides, dances, tours, swimming, shopping and entertainment were all piahned forthem as they approached the Lodge at 8:00 A,lVl, Friday morning. Rooms were assigned, clothes unpacked and off they were for three days of excitement and adventure. A special highlight of the trip was the ferry ride down the lvlissouri River on the "Larry Don" while dancing to the combo in the mystic brightness of the crimson and orange setting sun. Another favorite attraction was the exploration of"Dog- patch", a shopping center and amuse- ment area. All in all, no one can ex- press all the little things which makea trip of this sort so meaningful, re- warding and memory-filled. I ' 'M kia k ,I ff 1 me pa"f' A ... LLUJ GDCDC USO MSS :ES-9 Jgf 'imm- gig 25" .OJ -9 Q C5 Sow 2 w 3.2 m: gg ... szvfg del SE-I P-Ca? M533 425 2.-5:25 510 2:0 . C.C XIBB 2.-4 Tfflgj 252 . 'w 0 5 CJ Liv www Q13 , w .C O .. cz!! C451 E - L . 'D424 . 0. Ofmfi -:CEB QELH L-,AIO L5 LJ IDL5 idmo esxajqr 5.115 4" 'o.C JE 50 mcnogg SQQW. eomiz . -'DCU wwggj .. ,W -2550.2 Eg E .Lf t EEQQ Awooi .rH. g1EQm 2640-'ci 55555 ,w,2! 2112254 e'Sz 523- .fs ei5fmi'3 35.53 2.35225 alfa- 0 'D .266 , 5-6 E 22 .cis P'wlE.S-4 .254 . m Q.w ftswd. EJ:-: O -Q80 :gnu l'om..l . -P -w m,gw 1 . C5285 s2i'a-5 oiggog Eu.-395m C3 L0 1- -. o 11 G9- C o 46 as L C cd o E cd .E U3 4-3 C N L on an C 'D-' Fl- o Tu -I-3 o 4-5 'U an .E Q E o o as .C P' vi L .2 C ao U5 C7 .E ll-5 N 3 'O cu L cn 55- o on .E C as P as an 4: 4-' C o E .2 V7 C6 C E 7: U1 cu .C 4-5 .E 2 an C cv S- cv 3 en 52 C o E nu L an o C .2 'Ks' 5 'O EU L UD m .C P- ege, coll ring a four-year attendance at du 0,600 maintain 3.l"6 erages HV per year, or for a total of S4 the emotions in with mixed gathered FS P.IVl. F ifty-fourSenio 00 t8: 23, a rf cd E recipients are B rent ed by the students The rade Q if ll GHCG- St H1 FGU Ci omp and HP of note rst ait the fi HW ould re they w he l'T'IW F00 Jim Olmsted, Spencer Morrissey, Scott Jones, Steve Jim Topp, Sellhorn, parents, proud d an he aisle of patient nt dow and hall 6 th rough veling th Tra E 2 O DE 55 2 N -O-I U3 GJ CJ 3 L DD .5 4-' L cd E 2 L 46 2 2' P td EJ 0 .5 C C GB G3 'U . lD .X .E Ll. GJ O P1 O 75 M. To P ed for bow rs, ached the r appointed chai Ye FS the Senio relatives, and friends, E OJ 'U cd EE -cs .E .1 . 4-' F3 E S O cn E '1 'cs C at -. L CD S O cd ui E o 4: P- Reverend W en was giv The Invocation ated. Se Cn eth CF W and lnvocat ion artin and IVI VY 3. bylVl en giv W3.S dress ad ory ut Sal he zza. T T. Pia SS Char r' and the Benediction was given. ate "Hail Alm2.IVl sang r S Glee Club Gi The of ent epartm tate D Rotter ofthe S eorge Grof. G da by Lin SS ory addre ct Valedi fi as .E 5 C N 1 'U C ai E 1 51 Q 'C aa 51 2 Q. E C .2 an cn cu Q cu L as C 4-I CD cd 3 2 .C -I-3 cn .E 3 o E Ll. cn C :s rn ua cd 3 3. Z U- o L' Tu g as .C P' w w CD L 'D 'C td 4-' C an E as o C cu E E o o cv .C -I-' 'c as L an .2 To 'O C .Q 'ES' o :s 'O UJ H- O C .9 'Es -I-V C as VI an L Q. as .C -O-I L N as 1: o -O-' 'c 2 cd as UI .E N U7 CU as L an 3 'cs C cd KD C0 2 o d by the OF sad acc .E the presentation of the course, graduation was, of highlight of main The D'pI F9 Vi Principal ent by ach ievem ademic 30 of cognition and F6 UI E- .C fn L 2 o 4: o cn .C w L KB IB L .Q CD ZZ E 'o O -H rn 3 O 1+- O ua x. rd an P1 LO 00 L. O Q- C .9 11' C U1 O O GJ L E o GJ O. VJ N L td CD P1 52 .C +1 -H 3 .Q -. CD KS E o -O-W C cu 3 cn Q. -5 .C o CD 2 m C L. db :: m m -i-' C a cu G L Q .X m '4- O P1 fi CD L an .Z C :D -1-7 CD L o .C E 2 DD ci fi C N E E cd L DJ x .2 ZZ o 4-5 C ao b cn U1 cd 3 E aa 4-3 CD 55 cn 5 o .C o U7 .C as U, E :S o an F' an .C 4-I O +1 GJ O 'S L GD V9 4-' C CD E CD : .fi .C O fi S r. 2 U1 CD 3 cd .2 CD wx L .Q 0 ZZ 0 .C +1 'c C ai Sl- O L O cu 'O .E ..l -cz C as C L O E E cn -I-' C GJ L cn o ll-F horst Blum V9 Vi was presented by Principal ift 39 n and recognit io his T G th ugh thF0 ed obtain T8 We antS in. Financial aid gr Ft ary lVla Nl t0 Award went Beck. Ie J. GF d Supt. Nl an thirteen of the THS I' fo or, Hal Brown, Ct dire guidance school's 6 th efforts of Valedictorian- -Linda G rof Salutatorian- -Mary Martin L I don't know about you Bruce, but these last labs seem a little 3:30 odd! We love fgulpl bake sales, don't we Ros? This is the hardest assignment yet this year Seniors First Class activity. J0l'II'I Soup SUDDGI' Mrs. Suzanne Boyden For some years, from time totime, the students at Tecumseh High School have seen fit to dedicatetheir yearbook to a person deserving hon- or. This is NOT a dedication. Dedi- cation so many times implies good bye or farewell and we do not intend this to be either. Pictured on this page are some scenes from impor- tant occasions for Nlrs. Boyden. There are far too many to picture all. Our thanks to her for making math students of some of us, for teaching all of us to become ladies and gentlemen within our limits, and for the patience and insistence on our being able to produce with what- ever we could. There is no substitute for excellence ----- and we thank you now and in the future for teaching this very important fact to us.Some- times when friends must part it is painful ---- but, where true friend- ship exists the memories and pleas- ant everydayl associations carry meaning forever. Mrs. Boyden, you ARE that kind of friend, and we will always be grateful that circumstance placed you in Tecumseh, ratherthan somewhere else. ANN ANDERSON-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,2,35 Girls Glee 1,25 Intramurals 1 CAROL BADERTSCHER-Pep Club 2,35 Treas- urer 45 FHA 1,25 Top Girl Magazine Salesman STEVE CLIFTON-FFA Treasurer 45 FFA-FHA Candidate JEANNINE DAVIS-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 FHA 45 Y- Teens 1,2,35 Secretary 45 Annual Staff 35 Student Council 1,253, Vice President 45 Concert Band 152,3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Small Groups iBandl 2,35 Twirler 25 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls Glee 15253,45 Madrigals 45 Small Groups ivocall 45 Cheerleader 152,3,45 Homecoming Queen5 County Government Day5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Musical 45 Class Offi- cers President 1, Secretary 25 Vice President 35 Girls Volleyball 45 Girls Track 45 Intramurals 1, 253 DAN DAVISON-T-Club 3, Treasurer 45 FFA 1,2, Secretary 35 Sweetheart King 45 County Govern- ment Day5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Musical 45 Football 153,45 Intramurals 25 Boys Glee 1,25 Honorable Mention Southern Conference 4 BETH DILLAPLAIN-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3, Treasurer 45 Annual Staff 35 Student Coun- cil 2, Secretary 3, Treasurer 45 Concert Band 1, 25 Marching Band 1,25 Small Groups IBandl 1,25 Twirler 1,25 Mixed Chorus l,2,3545 Girls Glee 1,253,45 Madrigals 45 Small Groups lVocaIJ 2,45 Cheerleader 15253545 Sweetheart Queen5 County Government Day5 Senior Class Play5 Musical 45 Class Officers Treasurer 15 Secretary 2, Treas- urer 3, Ways and Means 45 Girls State Alternate5 lntramuraIs2,3 TERRY DOLLARHIDE-transferred from Tim- ber Lake, South Dakota Senior Year5 Mixed Chorusd LINDA EVANS-Pep Club 45 Y-Teens 2,354 JOYCE FINKE-Pep Club 1,2,3, Secretary 45 Y- Teens 15 Girls Glee 35 Yearly Honor RoIl5 Intra- murals152,3 DAVE GARRIS-T-Club 3545 FFA 1,2,35 FFA- FHA Candidate 45 FFA King 45 Football 35 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Cross Country l,2,3545 Honorable Mention Southern Conference5 Traveling Trophy PAT GIITTINGER-Pep Club 1,2545 FHA 3,45 Y- Teens 1,2535 Concert Band 1,25 Marching Band 1, 25 Intramurals 2535 Girls Glee 354 GERARD GOTTULA JR,-Mixed Chorus 45 Senior Class Play 45 Musical 4 JOHN GRAFF-T-Club 45 Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 45 Mixed Chorus 15 Sweetheart Candidate5 County Government Day5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Class Officers Secre- tary 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 1,25 Intramurals 1525 Boys Glee SANDRA GREGORY-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3545 Photography Club 45 Annual Staff 3545 Concert Band l,2,3545 Marching Band 152,3,45 Twirler 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls Glee l,2,3545 Small Groups IVocaIJ 25 Cheerleader 1,2, 3,45 Sweetheart Candidate 45 Homecoming Candi- date 45 County Government Day5 Senior Class Play5 Musical5 Class Officers Secretary 1, Treas- urer 25 Girls Volley Ball 45 Girls Track 1,45 ln- tramurals 152,3,45 All Conference Band 3,4 JOE GROF-FFA 35 President 45 Annual Staff 45 Annual Photographer 45 Concert Band 1,2,35 Marching Band 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Mad- rigals 2,3,45 Small Groups 152,3,45 FFA-FHA Candidate5 Junior Class Play5 Intramurals 1,25 State Music Clinic 45 Summer Music Scholar- ship at Chadron State College 3,45 Summer Music School Scholarship for KSU 4 LINDA GROF-Pep Club 45 FHA 152,3, Degree Chairman 45 Annual Staff 35 FHA-Queen5 Junior Award for Time Current Events Test5 National Honor Society 45 Valedictorian ALICE HESTER-FHA 15 Girls Glee 2,354 LINDA HESTER-FHA 15 Girls Glee 2,354 LARRY HILLYER-Photography Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Annual Photographer 45 Concert Band 15 253,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Small Groups iBandl 2,3545 Mixed Chorus 3545 Madrigals 354: Small Groups IVocaIl 3,45 Musical 45 Football 1, 35 Basketball 15 Wrestling 25 Intramurals 1,2 LARRY HULS-Transferred from Beatrice Senior Year: Track4 SCOTT JONES-T-Club 3,45 Student Council 1,2545 Concert Band l,2,3545 Marching Band 1,253545 Small Groups IBandl 1,2,35 Madrigals 1,25 Small Groups lvocall 152,35 Homecoming King5 County Government Day5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Boys Glee 1,25 Musical iStagebandJ5 Class Officers President 1, President 45 Football 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Cross Country 25 Intra- muraIs1,2 Senior Credits LINDA KING JIM KROEZE-T-Club 2,3,45 County Government Day5 Track 1,2535 Football 3,45 Basketball 25 WrestIing3 JOAN KRONTZ-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 County Govern- ment Day5 Class Officers Treasurer 45 lntra- muraIs1,253 GARY LACEY-County Government Day5 Senior Class Play5 Football I5 Intramurals 152 STEVE LADE-T-Club 253,45 FFA 45 Concert Band 1,2,35 Marching Band 1,2,35 Small Groups iBandl 1,2,35 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2535 Wrestling 45 Cross Country 152,3 SUSIE LADE-Pep Club 1,2,35 Vice-President 45 Y-Teens 15253545 Annual Staff 35 Concert Band 1, 2,3,45 Annual Staff 35 Concert Band 152,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3545 Small Groups iBandl 152, 35 Mixed Chorus 2,3545 Girls Glee 2,3545 Small Groups lVocaIl 45 Junior Class Play, Senior Class Pgagc Musical5 Girls Volley Ball 45 Intramurals SARAH LINTZ-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3, 45 Annual Staff 3545 Concert Band 152,3,45 March- ing Band l,2,3545 Small Groups lBand1 15253545 Twirler 2535 Drum Maiorette 45 Mixed Chorus 25 3,45 Girls Glee 152545 Small Groups lVocall 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3545 Senior Play Cast5 Musical5 Class Officers Secretary 1, Treasurer 25 Girls Volley Ball 45 Girls Track 45 lntramu- rals 15 Y-Teen District President 35 Conference Band 35 National Honor Society 3,4 LEO LOTT-Football 15 Wrestling 15 Intramurals 1,2 BRUCE MAHLER-Intramurals 152 MARY MARTIN-Pep Club 1,2,3, President 45 Y- Teens 1,2, Guidance Chairman 3, Vice-President 45 Annual Staff 3545 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 March- ing Band l,2,3545 Small Groups IBandJ 15253: Twirler 3,45 Mixed Chorus 152,3,45 Girls Glee 152,45 Small Groups ivocall 152,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Sweetheart Candidate5 Yearly Honor Roll l,2,3545 Junior Play Cast5 Senior Play Cast: Musical5 Outstanding Speech Contest Perform- ance Excellent Rating 2, Superior Rating 45 Girls State5 Girls Volleyball 45 Intramurals 1,2,35 Typ- ing Award 15 English Award 1,35 National Math Team5 National Honor Society 3,45 Salutatorian DOUG MCALEXANDER-T-Club 1,2,3,45 Track Manager 1,2,35 Football Manager 1,253,45 Bas- ketball Manager 1,2535 Wresthng 4 MARGARET McPHERRlN-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Y- Teens l,2,3545 Annual Staff 3,45 Concert Band 15 2,3545 Marching Band 15253,45 Small Groups fBandl l,2,3545 Twirler 3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3545 Girls Glee 1,2,45 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Musical5 Class Officers Treasurer 15 lntra- murals l5 National Honor Society 4 SPENCE MORRISSEY-T-Club 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Student Council 15 Concert Band l,2,3,45 Marching Band 15253545 Small Groups IBandl 1, 253,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Madrigals 1,2,45 Small Groups lvocall 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Can- didate5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Musical5 Boys State Alternate5 Track 1,25 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3545 Boys Glee 1,2 BRUCE MORROW-FFA 1,2,45 Football 15 Bas- ketball Manager 45 Wrestling Manager 4 NAOMI NEEMANN-Transferred from Nebraska City, Nebraska Sophomore Year5 Pep Club 2,3545 FHA 45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Annual Staff Editor 45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Girls Glee 2,3545 Madrigals 45 Small Groups iVocalJ 3,45 FFA-FHA Candi- date5 Sweetheart Candidate5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Musical5 National Honor So- ciety4 up ,, JIM OLMSTED-T-Club 3,45 Student Council 3, 45 Concert Band 35 Marching Band 35 Mixed Cho- rus 1,25 Small Groups lvocall 25 Sweetheart Can- didate5 County Government Day5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Class Officers Presi- dent 35 Boys State5 Track 25 Football 3545 Bas- ketball 1,253,45 Boys Glee5 All Conference South- east Border Conference5 Honorable Mention All Conference Southern Nebraska Conference5 Na- tional Agricultural Youth Institute5 National Hon- orSociety4 STEVE PELLA-T-Club 2535 Vice-President 45 Student Council 25 Concert Band 1,253,45 March- ing Band l,2,3545 Small Groups iBandl 2545 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Homecoming Candidate5 Top Boy Magazine Salesman5 County Government Day5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play, Musical lStageband15 Class Officers President 25 Foot- ball l,2,3545 Basketball 1,2,35 Intramurals 1525 All Conference Southeast Border East Division5 National Math Team LYNN PHILLIPS-Pep Club l,2,3545 Y-Teens 1, 2,3,45 Cheerleader 45 Girls Volleyball 45 Intra- murals1,2,3 MARGARET PHILLIPS-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Y- Teens 152,3,45 Annual Staff 35 Concert Band 1,2, 3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Small Groups IBand1 2,35 Girls Volleyball 25 Intramurals 2,3 LINDA RADEMACHER-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Y- Tgezrts 1,2,3,45 Girls Volleyball 45 Intramurals 15 5 JIM SCHMIDT-T-Club 3,45 Student Council Pres- ident 45 Concert Band 15253545 Marching Band 1, 2,3,45 Small Groups IBandI 15253545 Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,3,45 Madrigals 152,45 Small Groups lVo- cal 1,2,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Sweetheart Candidate5 Homecoming Candidate5 County Gov- ernment Day5 Yearly Honor RoII5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Musical iStagebandJ5 Class Officers Vice-President 1, Ways and Means 35 Football 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 1525 Intramurals 25 Football-Southern Nebraska First Team All-Conference and South- east Border First Team and Second Team All- Conference5 Basketball-Southern Nebraska First Team All-Conference and Southeast Border First Team All-Conference5 Time Magazine History Award5 High Score in 1969 National Math Test5 National Math Team-High Honors5 Athlete of the Year 1968-69 BRENT SELLHORN-Transferred from Ralston, Nebraska Sophomore Year5 Photography Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Class Play5 Football 45 Wrestling 35 Regents Alternate GERALD SMITH-T-Club Secretary 2,3,45 Pho- tography Club 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Annual Pho- tographer 3,45 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Small Groups IBandl 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Senior Class Play: Musical iStage- bandl5 Time Education Award5 Cramer Student Trainer Award5 Student Manager 2,3,45 Boys Glee 1,25 Bausch and Lomb Science Award BRUCE STALEY-T-Club 3, President 45 An- nual Staff 45 Mixed Chorus 15253,45 Sweetheart Candidate5 Homecoming Candidate5 County Gov- ernment Day5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Musical5 Class Officers Vice-President 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,253,45 Intramurals 25 Boys Glee BETTY STEPHENS-Pep Club 1,2,35 FHA 15 Y- Teens 2,3,45 Senior Class Play5 Intramurals 2,3 KATHY STEPHENS-Pep Club 45 FHA 15 Y- Teens 2,3,45 Intramurals 2 LaDONNA STOVER-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 FHA 1545 Y-Teens 2,3,45 FFA-FHA Candidate5 Senior Class Play5 lntramurals3 MARGY SULLIVAN-Pep Club l,2,3545 Y-Teens 152, Committee Chairman 35 President 45 Annual Staff 35 Student Council 35 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3545 Small Groups lBandJ 1, 2,35 Twirler 1,2535 Mixed Chorus 2,3545 Girls Glee 1,2,45 Madrigals 45 Small Groups ivocall 45 Cheerleader 1,2, Alternate 3, Head Cheer- leader 45 Sweetheart Candidate5 Homecoming Candidate5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Musical5 Class Officers Vice-President 15 Treasurer 2, Vice-President 25 Girls Track 45 IntramuraIs2,3 RON THOM-T-Club 3,45 Photography Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Small Groups IBandl l,2,3545 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Madrigals l,2,3545 Small Groups IVocall 152,45 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Musical5 Football 3,45 Wrestling 35 State Music Clinic 45 Boys Glee 1,2,45 Student Manager ROSLYNN THOM-Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2535 News Reporter 45 Annual Staff 35 Concert Band l,2,3545 Marching Band 1,25 Small Groups IBandl 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls Glee 1, 2,3,45 Madrigals 45 Small Groups lVocaIl 2,3545 Senior Class Play5 Musical iStagebandJ5 All- Conference Band 3,4 5 JIM TOPP-T-Club 2,3,45 FFA 1,2535 Track 1525 Football 1,2,35 Wrestling 25 Regents Scholarship RON UHRMACHER-T-Club 2,3,45 Concert Band 3545 Marching Band 45 Pep Band 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Musical lStagebandl5 Football 2,3,45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 15 Holds 1969 THS Record for Softball Throw5 Basketball-All-Com ference Southeast Border and All-Conference Southern Nebraska Conference NANCY WITTE-Pep Club 2,35 FHA 25 Yearly Honor Rolll JERRY WRIGHT-Photography Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Musical Faculty Index Anderson, Larry-l2,52,55,56,57. Beck, Merle-6. Blumhorst, Virgil-7. Boyden, Suzanne-l3,39,93. Brown, Ann-30,3l. Brown, Hal-7,40. Cornwell, Joyce-10,1 l,37,60. Cornwell, Ken-l2,52,57,59. Duensing, Marilyn-ll. Dunn, Larry-13,l5,34,52,57,58,59. Dyer, Ronald-l7,57. Fetters, Dan-l7,38. Frear, Jacquelyn-l6,32,78. Icenogle, Robert-l4,78. Kitzel, Larry-23,30. Lindgren, Gary-lO,44,46,76. Loew, LeRoy-15. Martin, Stan-l6,34,55,57. Muller, Marcella-l3,l6,2l,22,60. Parrish, Eunice-2l,22. Roberts, Wilma-l0. Wiles, Ralph-14. Freshman Index Bartels, Carol-32,72. Bartels, LeRoy-72. Bates, Jim-25,52,57,72. Behrends, Mike-23,25,34,52,58,72. Borrenpohl, Ruth-2l,25,26,32,72. Bray, Dick-25,26,3l,34,59,72. Brockman, Glenda-20,26,32,72, Brown, Debbie-20,26,72. Bryan, Craig-72. Butler, Sharon-20,6O,72. Campbell, Paul-52,59,72. Chritton, Dennis-25,58,72. Clifton, Bradley-72. Colton, Randy-58,72. Davison, Gerald-25,52,72. DeLong, Dean-25,52,57,59,72. Dollarhide, Carol-20. Ebeler, Betty-20,26,32,72. Evans, Judy-2l,25,26,72. Fankhauser, Janet-20,25,26,3l,72. Field, Randy-25,52,57,59,67,72. Goings, Theresa-2l,26,32,72. Gordon, Ed-72. Gottula, Ruth-73. Guenther, Cindy-26,60,73. Haney, Carol-2l,26,32,60,73. Haney, Mike-73. Hemmer, Ron-73. Higgins, Penny-2l,26,60,73. Hinrichs, Lola-2l,23,25,26,32,73. Holben, Beth-2l,26,73. House, Kathleen-2O,32,73. Hutt, Tom-23,25,26,59,73. Johnson, Craig Jones, Ruth-20,2l,26,3l,32,60,73. Kaster, Vickie-20,32,73. Keedy, Lowell-73. Kent, Randy-23,25,52,S9,73. Kerner, Daniel-52,73. Kettelhake, Lester-25,26,3l,73. Kleine, Christy-20,25,26,3l,32,60,6l, 72,73. Krontz, Marian-20,26,32, 73. Krontz, Reva-2l,32,73. Lade, Pam-20,23,25,32,73. Lempke, John-52,57,59,73. Lueders, Beverly-20,73. McCoy, Tim-52,73. McDowell, Phil-34,39,56,57,59,72,73. Mommens, Robert-73. Morrissey, Teresa-20,26,32,60,73. Moyer, Harold-73. ' Olmsted, Nancy-20,26,3l,32,39,73. Packett, Alan-58,73. Packett, Ranae-20,32,73. Peek, Karen-2l,25,26,3l,74. Pella, Thomas-57,74. Pfister, Cathy-26,74. Phillips, Mark-26,3l,74. Puchalla, Pat-2l,26,32,74. Rademacher, John-74. Ramsey, Diana-20,26,32,74. Riggins, Mike-52,57,59,74. Rizor, Barbara-2l,26,32,60,74. Schultz, Beverly-2l,74. Schultz, Steve-74. Sobotta, Lou Ann-20,26,32,74. Staley, Rick-25,26,3l,52,59,74. Stewart, EIlen-20,21,26,32,60,67,72, 74. Tagart, Bob-3l,38,52,57,74. Thompson, Alice-26,3l,74. Topp, Ronald Troeger, Linda-2l,74. Williams, Barbara-2l,32,74. Wilmes, Patty-20,26,32,74. Wolken, Jan-2l,23,25,26,6O,74. Wolken, Richard-52,57,59,74. Wright, Steve-57,74. Sophomore Index Behrends, Bill-34,52,58,75. Blessing, Dave-26,31,34,48,58,59,75. Borrenpohl, Jim-26,3l,48,56,75. Davis, Tony-26,27,28,30,34,52,54,55, 56,59,75. Durman, Alan-48,52,75,76. Ebeler, Dan-38,52,56,75. Evans, John-3l,75. Garris, Gerald-48,52,56,75. Goracke, Carol-2O,26,32,75,76. Gottula, Mark-75. Grof, Dave-38,75. Grove, Ann-2l,26,32,39,48,75. Halverstadt, Connie-2l,23,25,32,60,75. Hazen, Debbie-20,26,3l,32,7S. Hitzeman, Bill-56,59,75. Hupka, Steve-38,56,75. Jones, Tom-59,75. Knippelmeyer, Barbara-20,26,32,75. Krontz, Theresa-2l,25,32,76. Lacey, Debbie-2l,26,32,76. Laug, Joyce-2l,23,25,26,32,76. Leuenberger, .lane-20,2l,25,26,3l, 32,39,48,60,67,76. Lueders, Bob-76. Mahoney, Dave-48,76. McAlexander, Greg-34,52,59,76. Meister, Dave-34,48,52,56,59,67,76. Morrissey, Tim-23,25,26,27,28,29,3l 56,76. Neemann, Chris-20,26,3l,32,48,76. Olsen, Craig-3l,52,56,59,76. Packett, Gary-76. Pella, Stephanie-20,32,48,60,77. Peters, Gary-38,56,77. Petersen, Sharlet-2O,26,3l,32,48,60, 77. Piersol, Dan-3l,39,48,52,56,76,77. Pooch, Fred-77. Pope, Sandra-20,32,77. Pope, Suzanne-20,25,26,27,28,29,3l, 48,77. Rieken, Mary Jane-20,26,32,77. Rinne, Cheryl-60,77. Schultz, Barbara-20,32,77. Seckman, Dan-23,25,26,34,52,56,59, 77. Stephens, Lyle-23,25,34,42,48,52,56, 59,77. Stewart, Joan-20,2l,25,32,60,77. Stover, Debbie-20,21,32,48,60,77. Sullivan, Patrick-26,27,28,29,30,42, 52,56,59,77. Tagart, Bill-25,52,58,77. TODD, George-38,77. Wenzl, Susie-ll,2O,32,48,77. funior In dex Bartels, Roger-38,78. Beck, Linda-2l,26,29,3l,40,44,45,78. Blessing, Sally-2l,25,26,27,28,29,3l, 39,44,45,78. Bray, Ann-21,25,26,27,28,29,3l,32, 39,44,78. Brown, Barb-2l,25,26,29,3l,78. Campbell, BilI-26,3O,34,44,45,52,54, 55,56,59,78. Chittenden, Lyell-34,52,59,78. Colton, Steven-34,58,78. Dittmer, Randy-39,78. Dollarhide, Rich-44,45,59. Elenga, Don-34,38,44,52,54,78. Farley, Jan-2l,25,32,44,78. Finke, Bob-52,59,78. Ford, Wendee-21,23,25,26,3l,40,44, 78. Gieser, Jean-2l,26,29,3l,44,78, Gregory, Jim-52,59,78. Grof, Leonard-59,79. Halverstadt, Bob-34,44,45,52,53,55, 56,78,79. Higgins, Connie-2l,26,44,79. Hothan, Bob-34,44,45,52,55,56,78,79 Hutt, Jim-52,59,79. Keedy, Debbie-32, 79. Kent, Larry-34,44,45,59,79. Kettelhake, Harold-25,38,42,79. Kroeze, Gary-38,79. Krouse, Vicki-20,79. Mahoney, Pat-20,25,40,4l,43,44,45, 67,79. McAlexander, Kathy-2l,26,3l,79. McLaughlin, Steve-79. Neemann, Delores-2l,26,3l,40,79. Parrish, Gary-23,25,34,44,45,52,54, 59,67,79. Pella, Diane-21,22,26,29,30,32,39,4l, 43,44,45, 80. Pieratt,Alan-34,44,52,56,59,80. . Ruter, Betty-32,80. Schultz, Jim-38,80. Schultz, Janet-2l,32,44,80. Schultz, Patty Jo-2l,32,44,78,80. Seckman, Billine-20,23,25,37,40,4l, 43,44,80. Smith, Rick-34,52,80. Stephens, Linda-44,80. Swanson, Joyce-2l,26,3l,32,80. TenHulzen, Ann-2l,26,3l,32,44,45,80. Wagner, Connie-2l,32,80. Wall, Gary-26,3l,34,44,55,56,59,80. Walters, Charlene-2l,25,44,80. Walters, Marlene-2l,25,44,80. Wolken, Jim-23,25,44,8O. Senior Index Anderson, Ann-2l,26,82,90. Badertscher, Carol-20,22,82,90. Clifton, Stephen-38,69,90. Davis, Jeannine-20,25,26,27,28,30, 32,39,46,60,64,65,82,90. Davison, Dan-l5,26,30,34,46,52,54, 6l,66,67,B2,90. Dillaplain, Beth-2O,26,27,30,39,46, 65,66,67,8l,90. Dollarhide, Terry-82,90. Evans, Linda-2O,82,9O. Finke, Joyce-2l,22,6l,82,90. Garris, Dave-34,38,57,59,6l,68,69, 82,90. Giittinger, Patti-2l,26,32,83. Gottula, Gerard-30,46,82,90. Graff, John-25,34,46,55,67,8l,90. Gregory, Sandra-20,23,25,26,3l,40, 46,60,6l,65,67,83,90. Grof, Joseph-26,27,28,29,38,4O,69,83, 90. Grot, Linda-21,32,4l,43,68,69,83,90, 91. Hester, Alice-26,83,90. Hester, Linda-26,83,90. Hillyer, Larry-23,25,26,40,83,90. Huls, l.arry-59,87. Jones, Scott-23,25,34,39,46,52,54,64, 65,8l,90. King, Linda-83,90. Kroeze, J im-34,52,54,83,90. Krontz, JoAnne-2l,8l,90. Lacey, Gary-46,83,90. Lade, Steve-23,31,34,38,52,54,58,59, 84,90. Lade, Susan-20,22,25,26,27,29,84,90. Lintz, Sarah-21,23,25,26,27,3l,40,4l, 42,43,46,60,84,9O. Lott, Leonard-84,90. Mahler, Bruce-84,86,90. Martin, Mary-2l,22,23,25,26,27,3l, 40,41,43,46,60,67,84,90,9l. McAlexander, Doug-34,52,58,84,90. McPherrin, Margaret-2l,23,25,26,3l, 40,41 ,43,46, 84, 90. Morrissey, Spencer-25,26,27, 28,30, WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., L'.S.A. 34, 40,46,52, 54,55, 65,85,90. Morrow, Bruce-38,55,56,58,87,9O. Neemann, Naomi-2l,26,27,3l,32,4O, 4l,43,46,65,67,69,85,9O, Olmsted, Jim-39,4l,43,52,54,55,85, 90. Pella, Steve-23,25,26,34,46,52,54,65, 85,90. Phillips, Lynn-20,60,85,90. Phillips, Margaret-2O,23,25,85,90. Rademacher, Linda-20,60,85,90. Schmidt, Jim-23,25,26,27,28,34,39, 41, 42,43, 46, 52, 53, 54, 55, 65, 67, 85, 90. Sellhorn, Brent-l4,40,52,85,90. Smith, Gerald-l4,23,25,34,40,4l,43, 46,52,86,90. Staley, Bruce-26,30,34,4O,46,52,54, 55,65,67,8l,90. Stephens, Betty-46,86,90. Stephens, Kathy-2l,86,9O. Stover, LaDonna-2l,32,46,69,86,90. Sullivan, Margy-20,23,25,26,27,30, 46,6O,65,67,86,90. Thom, Ron-23,25,26,27,28,29,30,34, 40,46,52,54,58,86,90. Thom, Roslynn-21,23,25,26,27,29,86 90. Thompson, Robert-86. Topp, Jim-87,90. Uhrmacher, Ron-23,25,34,52,54,55, 87,90. Williams, Rick-52. Witte, Nancy-87,9O. Wright, Jerry-26,3l,87,90.

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Tecumseh High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Tecumseh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 59

1969, pg 59

Tecumseh High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Tecumseh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 64

1969, pg 64

Tecumseh High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Tecumseh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 38

1969, pg 38

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