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Tecumseh High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Tecumseh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Ie I-TX X 4 x: K A nX:,N , . -I QI. I I , X X 1, M, gh., , - ,I . N 1 y. ,I 'fm , I Im 551' ' C W ' - " 4 X , Z 1 '1 I' 1 XQQ - I , Rf . ,X Nw XI W5 'J 3? X X X . XX I , I, , I XX,X.4IX eq, k.aI-W,...- ' -"-' If.. " -Kg, , ,uIX1'fS'.lv" .K I , -. X , ,'5 I. 'E+-QP-1 -I . ,. -,IIA 4q':' 1 W'k', i'4"- -3 ug .:- .Q-in X" ,I I -, .vg , I .9 5, I . I I, X.,.f I Xsgww . ,, K.: ,xg I. I ex , XX. fb. S 'QN:-:,,XXeA:,,- I 'R 'fl' ' 'I ' ' " M" ' W' ku ',. 2' . . 7' 'TI ' ' ,'I-'Q-'I' "Xt XX ' "I-f::I F-.I J , X . ' vi uw 'I J- Nh? If, , -Q x ,I 11,34-N 1 ' ' I1-.H .I Urs! I -I . If, " 4 .,,,I-W1 'mv X '- I up I, -I ,Ag ' ,,. ,I I .. ' -I I ,, W I - " - I JI , 'Q , I- if :I M g 53 I . ., '-XI, I. '-Q "I-1, I ,XX' I Q' QQ M ' f, -.x I Is -w .5 X., .5 ' A-. 14 II 'XQXJW ' -, If '?".uf'E I." 7' ' "' 75" "QI 5 A7 ,I ,I ,I I rf I -If I I - I I+ , .I - II -m, "M ,,., . 3 " "I'4- -I ' fc ,X . HQ X, X I I ., T' I mv' gwaf' , IIT' X X ' II Q, "eww RaX:,,'i.,Xgg 'IM If QNX I W. I II QV x. 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"' ' +'fI,IIIII,""IIIw Hag I h. -I I 'IMI " ,I' ' ' ' 'Q .5 " 'I ,II IQ I 5? 5 M I J X WI., ,U W , l,'nf'T,j , ' ,Q 'I N" 5' , 4 3 ..., " , I --u0'4 "W w,,NI-iv ' 'W' M ' Q I Q""'7" 7 ' WI I N-. ' ,I Iv' I I ' ' I ML I' I I ' 'IMI ' IFWIQZ 5 I .In Ii I ' " g . , I I Im,gII-im - 5 , X ,wp I 'N--X wg, I I,X'XqX,' .. XI yygufj- I ,X ,- Xi af' W, " ,I 4I"', . - " ' , "1'I,I"'I,-"P 'W , X 1' ,XX I , f 'zgw I KI. . X ...mm X,-it 5 - ,I . .X , X -Q-Im "gy, ,' ' .gl ' ' 'Q . - 1 . "N I ' v. .,. X 1 ,If X- X X X , v X4 f' I ., 'X I J 5 FX 5 , X XXX X, ,, IX X,. f7,:j.XIX. ,X,X,.. XXIXX,X, XXX? 4 . , .X , ,, , EMI . X. 5 ,II . I ,I ,Q ,XS X X E QI- X X Q X I . XX ir:-WIMNXXXX XM YIM NXT, XX IX I gn . , XX I- . XL X XXX I ig.. ,I .,I,,,, . ,.' ' 1 sg I X I. X , " -ff 1 A . , 5 we , ,- XX EWU, 1X X' ,XXX X PII V.-Fw, X Ix,,X,',XI 3 ' - ' I ,I I I I" ,III IS' I L7-'W'-IW uw .1 1 , I . , II IHIvII4I,,,-LI ,I,Iz'I,I.4 . , w ...X . . ,if f, 1., ,,, s'WlB.w NI ,IJ 'S ,I I 5 -I ' X I 4 I. 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' , ' :Th ,W-' . Lg. , 142' ' ' I' "' T" ' 5, A X " -If " gg .. , -, "QI -1 :. Y' ' Lo, " ff 1-"" . 'I - " ' X " ' , 93 ni 'V .' I V.. 'K Qi "5 QV ' -J' ' :Fixx . IF-25' , 4- I R 'W' I I ,. . , 15 ,. - .I I - I X .. ., 4? 'M T' ' - ' ' V 'I-x , +I " -mr. E ,, - ' ,, mv ', I ,0 3. 'A f 'I I I iw 1 ' V .C ' T ' . I . - ' N "2 ' ' 4 XX no X154 II iXf.X WX, X X I E X X. , X , X, XX X X XFX ABN: X X I- . ,ar ,-I, 1 , A W' X '- 'L ,,'aX1'.'f IIN ,' " LX, .if it I I K. - XX I , as I -X ,X - X I I XX , ., X -I ,f XX - 4- I I QI, "-,I .A ' ,, .I , , ,. , fix--.Ay X X x 1 X X AX: .XX A31 TX., . - I X IX1kX,bw,X I XXX IX,x43XI YI XX X XX X XXXXX , IX,q.XX,,,X, !b'WIXIX..g5XI ci- XXX,. X XXXI . 33, I N XX BMX, I- J -II A X-X I , M M ak X X -f,X , X X. grw ,W X ,.., , XQQMXXX A--mtXXXXX X + X'- XMIXXXXXXX ,X k A , dr ff X ,, X ,1 ,. JI- 3 X X,XX , , ' I I X -I.w,X an X Xf- ' , , X. 'X X-1 X H , X X gX w,,Xg?,5,X,,,X-,yX'1',,:X-if S. , .X X ww' ' KUXXXMXXXIXQ X. 2 . XX X X I , XXX x I X I J I, I X ,pt W ' MQ' IX QI' X -, M 4, Xt' X X .I 3.'m:fmII,,,, XX ' IX 3 If I I , ., . ,WI , " .If,,w2GIf f' ' ' . I I" , I LIN-.,+"I I 0 I, ' " "M- ' Q ' If I' 'uf 3. 214 I 'HNF' "" '- w In ' - M W W ' "' W' . MI WI X -.35 ,X ,, " I 5"','I ,IQX Av' ,I IJ I,F,ay,'QffI ,, ,, w U ' ' ,XXXXX X I, . XX , X , X XXX , XXXXX, X.. ,X XXXXXXXXMX X I , Im ,,4,,g3" X A' MI I' I ' Q . K 4 E1 ' Q.. fa fi? s A ' , gfsf u .- .f -if f A if V'-,', I , .W . 3 yn KI 1 x f- .f ,3,,g??6JS"' -.1 Y.. mfg, , a f A 1, .S,,,,, P' 'tfmifi-gm-9 ji 1 YY .ag 't a W: A , M 'E , , 4 1 J-.Q f'?YQ'- 'Sf w 0 . 1 4 A f if -X , v, ' ' 1 n 1 . 'i'1'-V - 1, 'f - 1 I V' . . K . f ' J f.'1 3 il., -A 5,-L' ' ,Ly Z W 1 , - 11 ' ",.,'--53, ., ' K ,,. ' I "gl X ,-5 A X A , .ky . , ,Lv , A 1 -A -V fy I ' :,f,.,, - , I .. ,g,.,,,fQf-P ,' , P'.'f3,,-.'-sau:-' -if"'1'f"' ' :sk , , 5,33 : .I , 1 ' j , 7 I-png.. 1, - - V, - X ":,:,":L"'x.-iw'fp!-riff. W , A ' Nj www u+,.fx?1E6wsuv,,w. ,. X X ,N I , ,. ,..,! ,,,.?,s , , , ., ' ' " w, - V' ' . , 4 X . I - 3 . ' 'T -Q24 42' "wifi . J , , 33,-,Q N, , 1 -tm' ix My 'fm' M ,ff , u W' X - , . Y , 3- ,,,.. 4 4 . 4 fum 1. A, -. NJ, . X , 3 , , V5 A - vm, ., 95,1 ,Ag .. 3- 5, - '21 .., Is, .2 , tv, .ff 3 -QL ,'. Q . 'QQ PM ,. 1- 3 .05 ' 'A I TUMAHA WK, 1968 With a feeling of pride and sat- isfaction, the Annual Staff presents this 1968 Tomahawk to you, the students of Tecumseh High School, with the hope that each time you open its covers, the fond memories of your high school days will return and you will realize what great days they were. H E ,ii 5 5 is - ADMINIS TRA TION Supt. Merle Beck The continued growth of the student body towards re- sponsible citizenship and increased interest in edu- cational accompllis ments are two of the most rewarding experiences oft e administration dining the 1967-68 school year. Prin. Vir il Blumhorst The position of education is becoming more and more important each day. lt is my hope that the adminis- tration and the faculty can gain the confidence of the students and the community in the work that is being done in the field ofgguidance and the learning ex- periences we are providing. It is important t at a good relationship and tmderstanding be established. Board of Education Merle Beck, Jerome Olmsted, Robert Jewell, Carl Gieser, Richard Piersol, Melvin Phillips Lee Gregory. Mrs. Ruby: Superintendent's secretary Mrs. Mooney Principal's secretary We Appreciate This Staff l 3 Custodians: Nick Brammann, Arlie Phillips, Ed Bus Drivers: Darwin Mahar, Myron Mason, Bill Miller Troger and Ike Bohling. F,,.w--' " !-" I f ,f Mrs. Baum, the school nurse. Kitchen Staff: Sherri Sapp, Annie Kent, Mary Aust, Mary Seward, and Francis Goings. Mr. Brown: Guidance Mrs. Boyden: Sr. High Mathematics Mr. Loew: Business Education Cotuiselor Mrs. E. Parrish: Library Mrs. Howe: Special Education, Remedial Reading 6 We Express ur Thanks... Mr, Stokes: Sr. High School Studies, Miss Brehm: Vocal Music Coach The faculty present a skit during football season. Mrs. S. Parish: English, Speech Mr. Trumble: Jr, -Sr. High Science Mr. Dyer: Trades and Industries -Q' Mr. Matschullat: Band The faculty meets after school. To This Hardworking F acult Mrs. Wherry: English, Journalism Mrs. Roberts: Jr. High Language Arts Miss Muller: Jr. -Sr. Math, Girls' Physical Education 7 Miss Marmet: Spanish Mr. L. Anderson: Jr. -Sr. High Social Mr. Bade: Business Education Studies We Welcome ur New Members .lbw Mr. C. Anderson: Physical Miss Synhorst: Ir. -Sr. High Science Mr. Fritz: Vocational Argiculture Education, Coach f i 3 , Mrs. Hamer: Vocational Home Miss Frear: Vocational Home History Heroes in the ball. Economics Economics 8 ERG RADS HWHOM do you want?" inquire Freshman officers: Ann Grove, Sharlet Petersen, Jane Leuenberger, and Gar Packett. Iii 5 51123 I , 1'sei453fSi rr 3 ag, 3 15 Y K Freshmen Adjust xii" -Qs gap. A 7. ls- 'B wi if Q5 ,,,,,.. Q-: Q 'Tl' Q, , Er, 'I L H n g a, I .. ,. ' 3 - 121 i . .. ziz ga. L 5 .,.,, .2 f::- . .,'.:' 'T c A D DD .: r 1 'w'A D, Blessing A. Durman Garris J, Borrenpohl D. Ebeler Goracke M. Davis I. Evans Gottula D. Grof A, Grove C. Halverstadt D. Hazen B. Hitzeman Hupka J. Laug Jones J. Leuenberger Knippelmeyer D. Mahoney Krontz G. McA1exander Lacey R. McCoy to High School Life T125 M. ge ' Sponsors, Mr. Loew and Mr. Dyer, supervise class meetings. D. Meister T. Morrissey C. Neeman C. Olsen G. Packett Pella F. Peters S - Petersen S- Phillips M. Piersol B. Pooch Pope Pope Rieken Schultz D. Seckman D. Stover G. Topp L. Stephens P. Sullivan S. Wenzl J. Stewart B. Tagart .f -, .1 ww .. f:..ag,Q:2 'K 'K - 'f TETET:E22.i?i5? , -.,2 2,5s2g,w. -5 ,5 21.2f?22rg2asss g ..5...,- 5. 5255225.23325 . -5225522x2saes .. - wish? 155s52,5.l2 .1522 - W 53z5.2 5 22532 . f i : 9' ' ' Q5,ffgSL.s .A,. ,.,. 1 2 , . , . WX! . ,.,,. .,.. , ,L ,nfs .ft .- .-2-2. 'lf:'e'i?a ,.. I V A V . -.'222 1 , , .5 9' 3 r ' 3 v 1 5 L3 fr ff. 1. X, m-'J S . If X X Q. S 8.335 8 , 2 . E. s in J fs S. -G 5 QL v-bf., wt 3 H L sw 35... 1 ss .5 X.. .Q 5 as . .. .. ,. . time . W rztgi 2, P92 S Exif 4 M ,a gs xx xs 2 s w 'Q 1 5 Q UA xx :yi .Q .ff ei s .. K Y '9 " V 5 pf -If 1. 'ri5i.i?'iH?E ,Mr zwisegsge-35 :fix iii 5311563 52 time 52, .mem . f,.f2,fs2fw . .5 .ww sg .fi 25525253 2 1 f s 59 Q 1 fr N .5 e fs M .1'gk :'.. -. ff axe 4. f ,- 1: . N ., N V .Y 'J 1- .WH ,-,,22, EI: 4 ' 5. 5 2 21152 21 Y . 3' 'V i 27 555551 ' - . s .,.--.,- , "'F":'f.,:-:H'I':i' ' 152 ' 1 : g1f,2i5sg21.LvVjg.1g'v1 in "2'5-'salfiiwiiisiissiieisgsif ,...L,,..,A y. ,. ,.,..,. ., E . 22152553 '52 , vi ii. 2,5228 ,5o?5s2.51 v v2L, 1l iff? 1u22r5f.4s, vsszifzrss.. fs 122212 51.15-M5-r'f".,Q 525 'S-5fkiiff5e 'Ms' 5.i!Tfi'.i.5.f KH 4..l , R. L. S. A. B. B. Bartels Bec k Blessing Bray Brown C ampbell L. Chittenden W. Ford Colton Dittmer . Elenga Farley Finke Gieser Gregory Gro f Halverstadt Higgins .Q -f,. f g is Q 5 wa s 135455.22 535552222 3 ,M , .5952 M . ' f,,1e2g5g2giZsf'?is2.525x?w .z.:?5K5,. .fa .Q . . 5, .V .V M, H . ,. , ., m555,522f 5 ff K .SL X Lu 'MT i W, .5 im. H, -- F t:-'V ilxgwgfi .3 . S.. -. se 'S .1 G ,S .x .Q . 1 YF . f Wi? K X 'V B B! as'5E"Q 'F Q52 Q 52' be X 5 . 1 mst? 1 B. Hotham J. Hutt L. Kent D. Keedy ophomores Graduation Sophomore class officers: QL. to R. J: Sally Blessings, Bill Campbell, Pat Mahoney, and Jim Gregory. L FB' t a K iw 1 if 1 . H. Kettlehake V. Krouse G. Kroeze R. LaFave ream 0 W 0 9 , ln 70 Our sponsors: Miss Synhorst and Mr. Bade- if lk :SPS 1 - W Q dt? g if: 'Q Mahoney McA1eXander Mc Laughlin Neeman Parrish Pella 'Nikki Vg M in A. Pieratt B. Ruter Jim Schultz J. Schultz P. Schultz B. Seckman U 1. lf if Q .f if - . I c. Jw. ui f 'W S R. Smith L. Stephens J, Swanson C. Walters M. Walters J, Wolken ,, 4,2 ' , 2 'im' S5 We E 1 1 . ,f 3 5 Anderson B adertscher Clifton D avis . Davison ' Dillaplain Evans Fin ke . Garris . Gottula -av A Y ,,f",t,--. Graff L L. Hester I. Krontz L. Lott Gretgory L. I-Iillyer G. Lacey B. Mahler Gro S. Jones S, Lade M. Martin Grof L. King S. Lade D. McA1exa.nder Hester J. Kroeze S. Lintz M. McPherrin Juniors Blend Talent for .," , 5 .sq .,.. I is 352 'M 'Li '-5' wi f ? fm? f 45 91 6 if :lei fa sm, im S. Morrissey L. Phillips B. Morrow M. Phillips N. Neemann L. Rademacher J, Olmsted J. Schmidt S. Pella B. Sellhom Class Unit Q: I 7. X 4 1 . S if 'llfilidfu x , - , v Smith P, Stewart Staley L. Stover Stephens M. Sullivan Stephens R Thom Thom B. VanWink1e Thompson R, Williams Topp N, Witte Uhrmacher I Wright I SENIORS The Seniors Are N0 Longer To Be Ledf BOB GREGORY , President Memories are golden . . . Life at Tecumseh High was not composed onlylof studies and extracurricular activities, t ere were certain intangible ingredients that can be defined only by a senior at THS, As we glance bac through the pages of time we remember the final year of our high school life--the first day of the 1967- 68 school year, the time and effort spent on learning, the mad scramble before the anticipated win in football or basket- ball, the "sneak trip", the hushed re- verence during the singing of the "Alma Mater" as we took our last walk in the familiar halls. With one cycle of education and life complete, seniors at THS have learned responsibility and self-dependence. Lives of the seniors were molded by many hands--the hands of teachers, the hands of administrators, the hands of parents. From the time the seniors ,graduate most are on their own, Some seniors may leave home--they're college bound. Others may descend on the business world. No matter what the choice may be,the seniors' future lives are a direct result of their days at THS and the knowledge gained there. 18 MIKE MAHONEY, Vice-President BETTY PELLA , Treasurer DICK PIERSOL, Ways and Means CARLA GIBSON , Secretary Having always looked forward to being Seniors, the class of '68 had its dream come true September 5th, the first day of the 1967-68 school ear, Numerous class meetin s where held, where, under the leagership of able class officers, many important decisions were made. The Senior Class of '68 selected yellow and white as class colors. Complementing these colors was the class flower, the yellow rose. The class motto, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step," charac- terized t e tmified Luiderstanding that graduation was the first "step" into a world of work and wonder. The rewarding event for twelve years of school li e was the Senior "sneak trip" to the Ozarks. Reali- ziig that approximately two thousand do ars was needed to take the class on their three-da vac ation together, the final year of high school was Filled wit ftuid -raising activities. Class dues, magazine sales, a soup supper, and the Senior Class la contributed considerably to tflfe tyund. Four years of high school life paid off May 24, 1968, as fifty- one seniors received their long- awaited diplomas. They Are The Leaders .TIM AGENA CAROL ARNOLD DENNIS AUFDENKAMP ROGER BADERTSCHER CONNIE BAILEY ROGER BECK . . . And you're supposed to be class officers!" All Seniors are irresistible, but some more than others. ALAN BOSS UNG TISH CAMPBELL HOWARD DOTY Tempo uickens As . .Just one more day!" GARY EBELER Monkeys always look, LOIS EBELER SANDRA EVANS Graduation Nears Seniors mingle for, perhaps. the CHARLOTTE FANKHAUSER JANET GOBBER last time. Ruhr' 4-naw-W"" ROD GOTTULA JIM GROVE 'Q CHUCK HEMMER BILL JONES Professor Gregory explains his recent theory, "The Origin of Ears" Toda tudents, LYNDA KEEDY RUTH KRONTZ LEE KROUSE A RUDOLPH LAMBELET LOIS LOTT BARB LEMPKE JANET LITTLE DIANE MAHONEY DIANA MCCOY Tomorrow Leaders LANCE MEINTS WILLIAM MOMMENS GAYLENE OLDFATHER THOMAS OTHMER MIKE PHILLIPS GREGORY POLSON MARILYNN POPE JOHN PUCHALLA ROBERTA RAMSEY JAMES RIZOR LYNNETTE RCHRS MARK SELLHORN DIANE SCHULTZ ELIZABETH BRIDGMON The Senior Class Play, suc- warding, will be a memory for all those involved as well as for those who only attended. To be a character in it is a privilege in itself, but to View it is even more rewarding. Sometimes serene, sometimes explo- sive with laughter, the cast concen- trates on making a success. cessful, fun and re- omrades JAMES STOVER VIRGINIA THOMPSON SANDRA THURBER Part SARAH THURBER MARY WEGFORTH Seniors parti- cipate in many money-raising pro jects to bring their balance for the "sneak trip" to a peak. Selling at games, class play, work days, and magazine sales all helped to gain a better grip in the rough journey to the top. CL, to R, J First Row: I, Agena, R, Ramsey, R, Cottula, D, Mahoney, D, Aufdenkamp, C, Gibson, M, Sellhorn, R Krontz, D, Piersol, T, Campbell, B, Gregory, B, Pella, M, Mahoney, C, Arnold, T, Othmer, Second Row: C, Bailey, G, Oldfather, J, Rizor, L, Rohrs, , Badertscher, V, Thompson, I, Puchalla, S, Thurber, S, Thurber, L, Meints, S, Evans, B, Jones, B, Lempke, R, Beck, J. Little, M, Phillips, Third Row: M, Wegforth, L, Krouse, C, Fankhauser, R, Lambelet, L, Lott, B, Mommens, L, Keedy, I. Grove, D, McCoy, H, Doty, L, Ebeler, A, Bos- sung, I. Gobber, G, Ebeler, M, Pope, G, Polson, D, Schultz, C, Hemmer, E, Stover Bridgmon, J. Stover. Class Guest Speaker: Father Paul H 7 Schwaab, St, Joseph's Valedictorian Salutatorian Church, Ponca, Nebraska, Ruth Krontz Dick Piersol Tish Campbell sings a Tom Othmer is solo, a bank scholars Jim and Tom thought they would NEVER make it. Z awarded Mike Mahoney is award- Rod Gottula and Dick Piersol hip. ed a PSC scholarship, are awarded the Bausch 8a Lomb Award and Scholarship "Oh, we love the HALLS OF IVY, , , " Accompanists, Mary and Roslynn, Senior calmly watch the activities while Day" the Girls' Glee figits behind them, Bird, how many times are you going to practice marching?? f 5 A, W, 1 r 1 Girls' Ensemble sing "Graduation The highlight of the evening- awarding t e diplomas. Our valedictorian and her last- Rev, Mastin delivers minute primping. the invocation, K d.. 5 H ..-3 was ...NCQ 2.5-sm. gg: 'Am .r:: . v-aO '15 ...2 .. :AO ::N..s::rn. agg. o LD fig . ' a-I EASE died? Gzfefag 1-ILDI-1 -1 :S 8-Hd ug. mg '5 .SDJN QE .fi U "' - 21225 .Egg Q-QQJE ,335 -0.3 553010 230,-T . E002 an -P V865 mm S -5465 omg. .. H . 3..f'6'..3 Qj cz FQ -.r:23.,.. CWLEIQS E03 Gmmiq .gg . Qzimas " P4 an " no 5353.-D mQ?sLjL!-1 H-:QE Q50 . . MCD ,.-EU 31-404 DZ .E .-3 .5'-52 E.5gg 05050 I2 -UC! . ZS'-Om ag-ze . U2 22 -2:2-O 5' CD21-4 E026 . go: 45.4 M3525 vans? ..q3,U ul 3500 -4-I o cu'- mfomo 'Abd 'U 4-I3 Um and ,COLD E544 'iugggoi on gw,-:bw of-Q"'9'6' HOEEQ .Eos 4-3 0 .E diwom .1 , l L, if Will the real moose please sit down? "Besides this boot, we've caught two beavers. " "At least I can see over THIS dash!" "Do you need any help?" One of three lodgings overrun by the Seniors. "Can we hide it on the bus???" ""l-ww. 'W o s i Tish in the middle of things. Rod scores again! Departme time: 12:05, Active Seniors enjoy favorite pastime The swingin' Dyers. Well, "Hi there!" ing Mike If kr ""1 1 A 'M f ' ,f Barb First row CL to RJ: Betty Pella, Carla Gibson, Barb Lempke, Mike Phillips, Carol Arnold, and Janet Little. Backrow QL to RJ: Alan Bossung, Jim Agena, Bob Gregory, and Mike Mahoney. 66Homecoming Royalt " The setting of the annual homecoming was traditionally rainy. The five queen candidates found themselves slushing their way to their "mud-covered" escorts awaiting them at the center of the field. Cheryl Davis and Russ Eltiste relinquished their crowns to the newly elected queen and king, Barb Lempke and Mike Phillips. The hard work put into preparing the activities was not at all hampered by the de- pressing weather. Our determined team pulled through with a decisive victory over Johnson with the final score being 26-12. "Congratulations, King Mike! " You can close your mouth now Barb. lt's true. Congratulation Tecumseh "singed" the Eagles from Johnson at Coach Stokes. . . "And we shall do it this way their annual bonfire rally. . . . " l 66The Great Pumpkin Holida " Tri-Captains, Bob, Jim, and Mike add their humor to the rally. w f.- lm' Charlie and Lucy presided over the dance, help- The seniors took the skit competition with their ing create the atmosphere for the "Great Pumpkin rendition of "Cinder-fella". Holiday". The janitors pose as Santa's helpers cleaning, "Big Santa" warns all students to be good because he is watchin E XA5sf2G?Em1sz,1f , f E The automechanics class help add to the holiday spirit. lndianairesn repairing, and helping. hristmas, ' 1967 The home economics girls added to the holiday spirit by decorating the various doors around the school. The schoo1's "holiday season" ended with a traditional "Christmas Convocation". Father Halligan presented the scrip- ture. Miss Brehm's "Indianaires" and Girls' Ensemble sang appropriate Christmas songs and Mrs. S. Parrish's speech class presented a choral reading of "Christmas Around the World." f Girls' Ensemble L ' ,J - A King Howard ueen Carol Attendants CL. to RQ Front Row: C. Halverstadt, M. Davis, D. Pella, L. Chittenden. Back Row: L. Phillips, D. Davison, Queen Carol, and King Howard. 66Love Makes The World Go Round" On Saturday, February 17, 1968, the annual THS Sweetheart Dance was held in the elementary auditorium. This activity was sponsored by the Sophomore class. The central theme for this year's dance was "Love Makes The World Go Round." Dec- orations were carried out supporting the theme. The 1967 Royalty, King John Little and Queen Kathy Gregory, crowned the newly-elected royalty for 1968, King Howard Doty and 'Queen Carol Arnold. The "Six- Paks", a combo from Lincoln, provided the music for the dance. Candidates CL. bottom to topl: D. Mahoney, A. Bossung, P. Campbell, B. Gregory, Queen Carol. CR. bottom to toplz B. Pella, M. Mahoney, C. Gibson, J. Agena, King Howard. The 1968 grad- uating elass of Tecumseh High School is ----- Hobo out to conquer the world? Da County Government Da CL to R D Front Row J Kroeze J Davis J Krontz, B. Dillaplain, S. Gregory, S. Jones. Second Rowz: G. Lacey, J Graff J Olmsted J Schmidt B Staley S Pe11a,D. Davison. 'wa' COUNTY OFFICERS m'f . . , Sheriff . . Attorney ......... . . Clerk ....... Clerk of the District Court . . . Agent . . . . . Assessor . . . Treasurer . . ASC Office Manager . Commissioners Jim Schmidt Gary Lacey JoAnne Krontz John Graff Beth Dillaplain Jim Kroeze Jeannine Davis Bruce Staley Jim Olmsted Steve Pella Scott Jones Sandra Gregory Superintendent . . Dan Davison F.H.A. - F.F.A. Candidates in 41 wma L v,.L ,Q , Seated: C. Gibson, D. Mahoney, D. Schultz, V. Thompson. Standing: T. Othrner, J. Grove, R. Badertscher, B Pella, B. Mommens, and G. Ebeler. Girls congratulate Betty. Let me look at YOUI' CFOWHUU in an :A K ' A-1A ueen Betty King Roger November 21, The Junior Class ' 99 Presents 66Father of the Bride Mr, Banks . . . Mrs. Banks . . . Kay Banks . . . . Tommy Banks . . Ben Banks . . . . Buckley Dunstan . Buzz Taylor . . . Peggy Swift . . Deliah ..... Miss Bellamy . . Mr. Massoula . . Joe ...... Mrs. Pulitzki . Red ..... Pete . . . . . Tim's Man . . Mrs. Sharon Parrish u n o p CAST OF C HARACTERS JimSchmidt , . Margaret McPherrin Qnot Picturedj . . . . . . . . . Spencer Morrissey Joe Grof Dan Davison Scott Jones Jeannine Davis , Margy Sullivan . Naomi Neeman Jim Olmsted . Steve Pella . Susie Lade Bruce Staley aonaoauanunoao use on , . Ron Thom John Gr aff Director Yes, Jerry, that's really Mary! The teachers finally got Spence! Pla In Action Did you say you aren't nervous, Mrs. The caterers at work Parrish? Naomi sobs. Jim faints. The Class 0 '68 Presents 66Y0u, an't Take It With You" Cast Rheba...... Paul Sycamore . . Mr. DePinna . . Ed Carmichel. . Donald ...... Martin Vanderhof Alice Sycamore . Henderson .... Tony Kirby .... . . Boris Kolinkhov . Gay Willington . . Anthony Kirby, Sr Mrs. Kirby .... . . Olga ...... Three J-Men . . Student Prompter Director . . . . . April 9, 1968 Barb Lempke Tish Campbell Penelope Sycamore . . . . Essie Carmiohel . . . . . . . . .Virginia Thompson Dennis Aufdenkamp Mark Sellhorn Bob Gregory . . . . .Dick Piersol . . . . . .Rod Gottula Carla Gibson Tom Othmer Mike Phillips Jim Agena Marilynn Pope Bill Jones Roberta Ramsey Betty Pella Lee Krouse Alan Bossung Howard Doty Sandra Evans Mrs. Sharon Parrish ls that you Dick?'?????'??????????? Nebraska Class C discus thrower champ???? Only her make -up girl knows for sure! ! ! ! Play practice????????????? Sandra prompts. Who says "You Can't Take It With You"? Ahead of Success Comes Work No, Mr, Anderson, you can't climb the walls. Miss Frear -- hard at work, or hardly working? Temper? Temper ! They call this work? Peek-a-boo! Waiters and Waitresses 5 2 at we -re N B , , w 1 V T M I b 5 4- 7 f 2 1,4 E ,K 1 2 i , QL, to R,JFront row: A, Bray, P, Mahoney, B, Seckman, D, Pella, W, Ford. I. Gieser, S, Blessing, L, Beck. Back row: A, Pieratt, L, Kent, B, Finke, S, Colton, B, Halverstadt, B, Hothan, R, Dittmer, L, Grof, Ann and Alan serve the "Mint Ju1ep", "The Old P1aHHIi0H is H hL1mYHir1'!" 5,1 UU , Q., Gclfnder the Magnolias" Mr. Niemann expounds with words of wisdom, y "Big 0" Presents the Prophecies. "Under the Magnolias" was the theme for the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom held May 4, 1968. The Sophomore waiters and waitresses pro vided entertainment for the Banquet by singing and dancing to 'YMame". Mr. D. Louis Niemann, a former THS instructor, was the speaker for the banquet. The music for the dance was provided by the Prophets, a combo from Lincoln. After the dance, everyone was invited to the show entitled "Banning". After the show, breaHasts were held at various homes. Swing it, Bill! "The Prophets" KL, to R,jFront Row: Mrs, S, Parrish, M, McPherrin, C, Gibson. Back Row: D, Piersol, I, Olmsted, M, Sellhorn, R, Gottula, Not pictured: Jean Gieser. Speech Contest Mark Sellhorn received a superior rating in Interpretive Public Ad- dress, Dick Piersol received a superior rating in Extemporaneous Speak- ing, and an excellent rating for THS was well-respresented at the annual District Speech Contest held at Peru State Teachers College March 16th, 1968 The seven students attending were selected through a prelim- inary school contest. Under the supervision of Mrs. Sharon Parrish, THS Speech Department Director, much preparation and work was done on each entry. Tecumseh was very proud of their representatives because of the presentations they gave. We hope future entrants will be just as successful. Tecumseh was represented by Carla Gibson, Oral Interpre- tation of Poetry--2, Jean Gie- ser, Informative Public Ad- dress--2, Rodd Gottula, Orig- inal Public Address--2, Margaret McPherrin, Oral Interpretation of Prose--3 Jim Olmsted, Radio News Commentary--2, Dick Piersol, Extemporaneous Speaking--lg Discussion-- 2, Mark Sellhorn, Inter- pretative Public Address- -I Honors Convocation sm, , . W THS's National Math team: Bob Gregory, Dennis Rod Gottula received the Mr. L, Anderson gives TIME Aufdenkamp, and Mark Sellhorn. These three Bausch-Lomb Award given magazine awards to Gerald boys had the highest scores from Tecumseh on on the basis of outstanding Smith and Jim Schmidt for the National Math Test given in March. achievement in the field f their scores on the current of science during the four events test given by TIME, years of high school, The third annual Honors Convocation, sponsored by the Student Council, was held on May 16, 1968 in the High School Auditorium. Margy Sullivan was in charge of the activities. The purpose of the convocation was to recognize those students who have excelled in the various areas of study: English, math, languages, science, typing, history, and music. r. 9 QL, to R, 5 Seniors receiving scholastic letters: R, CL, to R, , Front to Backj Underclassmen receiving Gottula, R, Krontz, S, Thurber, S, Thurber, M, scholastic letters: A, Grove, P, Mahoney, B, Sellhorn. Seckman, M, Martin, J. Schmidt, QI, Finke. ,J ational Honor ociety X 5 CL, to R, Q Front Row: Barb Lempke, Mary Martin, Sarah Lintz, Ruth Krontz, Sandra Thurber, Back Row: Mark Sellhorn, Dennis Aufdenkarnp, Jim Schmidt, Dick Piersol, Rod C-ottula, Bill Jones. Not pictured: Carol Arnold, The National Honor Society members are elected by the high school faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, citi zenship, and character. The number of representatives from our school can con sist of three juniors and nine seniors. This year's members of the National Honor Society were announced by Carol Arnold, the only remaining old member, at the annual Honors Convocation held by the Student Council. Mary Qfar rightj ignores the disturbances of study hall, a goo quality of an honor student. The All "A Salute To Our Success" was the theme of the annual All-Sports Banquet of 1968. The hard work that was put for- th by the Pep Club, T-Club, and all those who participated in sports throughout the year was commended by the coach- es and sponsors. Barb says "farewell, " Mike is awarded for his high percentage of free throws. Sports Banquet iFv..a.i i.. Following the meal, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach from the University of Nebraska, Bob Devaney, light- tened the tight atmosphere with an enjoyable talk. Carol Arnold then announced the new 1968-69 cheerleaders which led to a farewell speech by head cheerleader, Barb Lempke. Tish Campbell, president of Pep Club, thanked the Pep Club members for their fine co-operation during the year. Those girls having perfect attendance were awarded pins by Miss Muller Club Yeah, Howie, He's our man, " Bob Gregory is awarded an named "Athlete of the Year. " Jim Agena, Tackle A11 -Conference - -Southern Nebraska Conference A11-Conference - -Southeast Border Conference A11-State Class "C" Team Bob Gregory, Fullback A11 -Con erence - -Southern Nebr aska Conference A11 -Conference - -Southeast Border Conference These H ave Brought Us .... Bob Gregory, Forward A11-Con erence--Southeast Border Conference A11-Conference--Southern Nebraska Conference Honorable Mention--A11-State Class "C" Team Mike Phillips , Guard A11 -Conference - -Southe ast Border Conference A11 -Conference - -Southern Nebr asd a Conference John Puchalla, District Track Meet: Ruth Krontz, Tomahawk Editor, Tish Campbell and Virginia Thompson, lst--44O- and 880-yard dashg qual- All-State Music Clinic at Sidney, ified for the State Track Meet. . . . Special Honors l S ? 7 Ann Grove, top scholar in the Freshman Alan Pieratt, top scholar in the Mary Martin, top scholar in the Junior Class. Sophomore Class. Class. af an a , , af f' f wif A ,SV Q- sig Tish Campbell--Pep Club Y xa- -w',h Ur LIIIEZCEHOIIS Roger Badertscher FFA Barb Lempke FHA Student Counc11 I Janet Little - -Y -Teens Howard Doty--T -Club N THS Leaders Organizations I tudent Council CL. to RJ Seated: B. Lempke, President, A, Bray, Mrs. Boyden, sponsor, M. Mahoney, Vice-President, B. Dillaplain, Secretary, J. Leuenberger, B. Jones, Treasurer, J. Davis. Standing: M. Sullivan, J. Olmsted, A. Pieratt, B. Gregory, J. Gregory, T. Jones. Not pictured: Mr. Blumhorst, sponsor, B. Halverstadt, P. Sullivan. The 1967-68 Student Council was as active as any as they sponsored activities, were in charge of the concession stand at several games, and presented many convocations. A suggestion box served as a medium between the student body and the Student Council. After reading the suggestions, the Student Council took appropriate action. Students and teachers agree that the Student Council is one more step toward better understanding among every- one. Student Council meetings were held every Monday morning. Margy, Ann, and Bill sell folders and book covers during the noon hour. - .. ' .. .A ai. .. .4 Q A CL. to RJ First Row: Tommy Gregory, Tammy Beck. Second Row: D. Mahoney, B. Ruter, L. Stover, J. Little. Third Row: L, Beck, J. Swanson, D. Keedy, S. Pope. Fourth Row: W. Ford, J. Laug, B. Brown, C. Halverstadt, C. Neemann, B. Dillaplain. Fifth Row: S. Blessing, B. Schultz, A. Anderson, S. Wenzl, T. Krontz, B. Lempke. Sixth Row: D. Stover, D. Hazen, E. Stover, L. Ebeler, M. Sullivan, S. Gregory, Seventh Row: A. Bray, G. Oldfather, R. Ramsey, T. Campbell, M. Martin, C. Arnold. Eighth Row: P. Mahoney, R. Krontz, S. Thurber, S, Phillips, K. McAlexander, J. Davis. Ninth Row: Miss Muller, J. Farley, J. Finke, N. Neemann, P. Schultz, S. Pope, C. Higgins, D. McCoy, D. Pella, J. Gieser, S. Lintz, Mrs. Parrish. Tenth Row: B. Seckman, J. Stewart, J. Leuenberger, J. Schultz, R. Thom, M. Rieken, S. Petersen, S. Thurber, D. Lacey, M, Phillips, S. Evans. Eleventh Row: G. Badertscher, B. VanWink1e, K. Stephens, L. Phillips, J. Krontz, L. Stephens, B. Pella, S. Pella, A. Grove, B. Stephens, N. Witte. Twelfth Row: C. Goracke, L. Rademacher, S. Lade, C. Walters, D. Neeman, C. Fankhauser, M Walters, B. Knippelmeyer, M. McPherrin, R. McCoy, J. Gobber. ' Pep lub Varsity Cheerleaders CL. to RJ: Carol Arnold, Barb Lempke, Sandra Gregory, Beth Dillaplaln, and Jeannine Davis. Pep Club Officers CL, to RJ: Tish Campbell-President Sandra Evans-Treasurer, Janer Little-Vice Presidentg, Gaylene Oldfather-Merit keeper 3 and Ruth Krontz-Sec- retary. Our mascots: Tommy Gregory and Tammy Beck. B-Team Cheerleaders CL. to RJ: Wendee Ford, Sally Blessing, Ann Bray, Pat Mahoney, and Debbie Stover. T-Club QL. to RJ Front Row: M. Davis, J. Kroeze, S. Morrissey, D. Davison, B. Campbell, R. Uhrmacher, J. Rizor, S. Jones, Second Row: A. Bossung, M. Phillips, M. Mahoney, S. Pella, B. Gregory, J. Schmidt, J. Olmsted, D. Aufdenkamp, D. Piersol, B. Jones, Third Row: L. Kent, S. Colton, A. Pieratt, G. Smith, L. Krouse, H. Doty, B. Staley, J. Puchal1a,S. Lacie, J. Agena, J. Topp, R. Beck. The T-Club, which was sponsored by Coach Anderson and Coach Stokes, raised money this year by selling at a basketball game and spon- soring the freshmen-sophomore basketball tour- nament. As they were unable to take their annual trip to Kansas City this year, they planned to donate their funds to the athletic department in hopes that some new equipment will be bought for the department's use in future years. Officers: Mike Mahoney, Secretary-Treasurer, Howard Doty, President 3 Mike Phillips, Vice- President. CL. to RJ Front Row: A. Bossung, M. Sellhorn, D. Piersol, B. Gregory, J Agena, B Jones, Second Row A Pieratt, R Smith, J. Kroeze, E. Matschullat, sponsorg J. Olmsted, L. Hillyer, R Thom, G Smith Officers: Bill Jones, Treasurerg Jim Agena, Vice-Presi dentg Dick Piersol, Secretaryg Bob Gregory, President The key club, led by Mr. Matschullat, had a very successful year. They raised money by having a box social dinner, which proved to be successful, as many of the dinners brought a good price. They were also able to sell fruit cakes. Along with other activities the key club was able to raise enough money with which to pay for the marquee. This was placed in front of the schoolhouse and is an object of great pride for the THS students and faculty. First Row: CL. to RJ L. Lott, E. Bridgmon, M. Wegforth, B. Pella, B. Lempke, D. Mahoney, L. Keedy, C. Gibson. Second Row: Mrs. M. Kernes, T. Krontz, S. Wenzl, J. Laug, S. Pope, S. Peterson, L. Ebeler, C. Neemann, C. Halverstaldt, J. Leuenberger, A. Anderson, Mrs. K. Hamer. Third Row: L. Grof, V. Thompson, B. Ruter, T. Campbell, P. Stewart, D. Pella, D. McCoy, J. Stewart, D. Keedy, V. Krouse, D. Stover. Fourth Row: M. Pope, L. Rohrs, J. Swanson, B. Knipple- meyer, C. Bailey, C. Goracke, R. McCoy, A. Grove, J. Gobber, D. Schultz, D. Lacey. We would like to give special credit to our sponsors, Mrs. Hamer and Miss Frear, for their excellent guidance. They have helped us achieve the goals that we set out to accomplish. We feel that they did very well for their first year in sponsoring this organization. .64 First Row: CL. to R.:D E. Bridgmon, Degree Chairman, B. Lempke, Presidentg B. Pella, Vice-Presidentg D. Mahoney, Secretaryg M. Wegforth, Treasurer. wkMAKfR5 49 Q5 +C of 5, K 'va 5 W, EH 5 6 W Y 'Ia 'ff I- 5 0 Nfw HC The purpose of FHA is to promote a growing ap- preciation of the joys and satisfactions of home- making, to emphasize the importance of worthy home membership, to encourage democracy in home and community life, to work for good home and family life for all, to promote international good will, to foster the development of creative leadership, to promote wholesome individual and group recreation, to further interest in home economics. Future Farmers 0 America First Row: CL. to R.:D Mr. N. Fritz, J. Grove, G. Ebeler, D. Davison, R. Badertscher, T. Othmer, H. Doty, H. Kettelhake. Second Row: D. Grof, S. Clifton, B. Taggart, D. Elenga, G. Topp, G. Kroeze, R. Bartles, J. Grof, Third Row: J. Schultz, G. Packett, G. Peters, B. Mommens, D. Ebeler, D. Mahoney, S. Hupka. 1"i3Ig',h 1 IL - .I 1, 795-We' " JI' 9 l"l.n ' Qooxrlpya . Xb' :n N , Q - u 9 :":c?'V ' cafe C'ff""ug,1ab , no The emblem of the FFA is significant and meaningful in every detail. The owl is symbolic of wisdom and knowledgeg the plow is the symbol of laborg the rising sun is emblematic of progress and new day that will davmg the cross section of an ear of corn represents agricultural 5 and the eagle is indicative of the national scope of the organization. FFA Officers CL. to RJ: Howard Doty, Sentinelg Tom Othmer, News Reporter Dan Davison, Secretaryg Roger Badertscher, Presidentg Gary Ebeler, Vice Presidentg Mr. Fritz, Sponsor. Not pictured: Joe Grof, Treasurer. CL. to RJ Front Row: B. Lempke, L. Rademacher, S. Thurber, S. Thurber, S. Evans, J. Little, S. Lintz, M. Martin, S. Gregory, M. Sullivan, G. Oldfather, L. Beck, S. Blessing, S. Parrish, sponsor. Second Row: J. Schultz, C. Fankhauser, P. Schultz, L. Evans, A. Bray, N. Neemann, C. Halverstadt, C. Neemann, B. Seckman, R. Ramsey, C, Higgins, L. Stover. Third Row: B. Dillaplain, W. Ford, D. Hazen, J. Davis, P. Mahoney, C. Arnold, R. Thom, S. Pope, J. Leuenberger, J. Farley, L. Phillips, M. Walters, K. McAlexander. Fourth Row: D. Neeman, P. Stewart, J. Gieser, M. Phillips, S. Lade, J. Stewart, D. Lacey, D. McCoy, B. Stephens, L. Grof, C. Walters, L: Stephens, S. Pope, S. Phillips, A. Grove. Not pictured: M. McPherrin. Y-Teens Officers CL. to RJ S. Thurber, Secretary, B. Lempke, News Reporter, J. Little, President, S. Thurber, Treasurer, S. Mr. Anderson plays Santa at the Y-Teens annual Evans, Vice-President. Christmas party. .TX "'.. -M "fi .. ,f Q, .- .nr I w S969-kel' f01' the Y'TeeH Parent-Daughter Banquet, Theme: "Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Let Rev. Mastin. It Begin With Me." Under the guidance of Mrs. Sharon Parrish, the Y-Teens of Tecumseh High School had another very active year. They started the year off helping with the Homecoming activities. Food baskets were distributed during the Thanksgiving season to the needy. Christmas events included: delivering of decorated Christmas trees to shut-insg a Mother-Daughter Banquetg and the annual pre-school party. At the Y-Teen Parent- Daughter Banquet, held in the spring, Rev. Richard Mastin spoke. The club also sacked Easter eggs, and supervised an Easter Egg hunt for the kids of Tecumseh. A blanket drive was conducted by the Y-Teens for a County Disaster Program. The Y-Teens con- cluded the year with a farewell breakfast for the Seniors. Excited 8'l19StS anticipate the arrival of Santa. Y- Teen Christmas party for pre-school children. S x f X is? CL. to RQ Seated: M. Martin, B, Dillaplain, T. Campbell, M. Sullivan, R. Thom, M. Wegforth, S. Gregory, M. Pope, M. Sellhorn, J. Little, G. Smith, R. Krontz, R. Ramsey. Standing: J. Davis, D. Piersol, B. Gregory, B. Lempke, C. Fankhauser, V. Thompson, M. Phillips, S. Lade, L. Grof, Mr. Brown. Not pictured: S. Lintz, R. Lambelet, M. McPherrin. The Annual Staff co-editors and sponsor having a chuckle over deadlines to be met. Annual wff Majorettes CL. to RJ: D. Mahoney, M. Martin, T. Camp- bell, S. Lintz, M. Sullivan. Not Pictured: M. McPherrin. Band f icers Front row CL to RJ: S. Pope, T. Campbell, B. Brown, Back row M. Davis, J. Graff, G. Parrish, B. Jones. Not pictured: M. McPherrin. Pep Band CL. to RJ Front row: T. Morrissey, S. Evans, D. Mahoney, G. Oldfather. Second row: B. Seckman, L. Hillyer, C. Fankhauser, J. Grof, M. Martin. Third row: S. Lade, D. Seckman, R. Thom, S. Lade. Back row: G. Parrish, J. Wolken, B. Hitzeman, M. Davis. Not pic- tured: Barb Brown. Front row CL to RD S Gregory, J Dav1s, G Oldfather, S Hupka Second row S EJvans,D Mahoney,M Ph1111ps, S Blessmg, W Ford, P Mahoney, C Halverstadt Thlrd row M Su111van, B Seckman, B H1tzeman, H Kettelhake, C Neemann, R Uhrmacher, B Taggart Back row Mr Matschullat, T Morussey, J Graff, D Elenga, T Campbell, J Olmsted, J. Schmldt, J. Wolken, G. Parmsh. Not plctured: M. McPherr1n. Band Front row CL. to RQ: J. Laug, J. Farley, S. Pope, R. Thom. Second row: A. Bray, J. Leuenberger, R. Smith, T. Krontz, J. Stewart, G. Smith, S. Lade, M. Martin. Third row: L. Hillyer, L. Stephens, B. Brown, S. Pella, J. Grof, C. Fankhauser, S. Jones, S. Lintz. Back row: B. Halverstadt, M. Davis, J. Gregory, T. Jones, D. Seckman, R. Thom, S. Lade, S. Morrissey, B. Jones. Girl's Ensemble CL. to RJ Front Row: Miss Brehm, director, S. Thurber, B. Brown, L. Beck, D. Ma- honey, A. Bray, S. Thur- ber. Second Row: B. Pella R. Ramsey, J. Stewart, V. Thompson, L. Rohrs, J. Gieser. Back Row: D. Pella, C. Gibson, P. Camp- bell, S. Pope, N. Neemann, C. Arnold. I Girls' Glee CL. to RJ Front Row: T. Krontz, J. Laug, J. Leuenbe r ge r. A. Anderson, K. McAlexander, S. Peterson, D. Mahoney, S. Pella, L. Beck, B. Brown, B. Schultz, D. Hazen. Second Row: J. Farley, P. Mahoney, L. Rohrs, D. Stover J. Finke, C. Higgins, B. VanWinkle, J. Stewart, L. Ebeler, N. Neemann, P. Campbell, D. McCoy, D. Keedy, C. Arnold, S. Thurber, S. Blessing, A. Bray, A. Hester. Back Row: S, Thurber, C. Gibson, B. Pella, V. Thompson, S. Evans, M. Rieken, C. Goracke, S. Pope, J. Gobber, W. Ford, L. Hester, R. McCoy, J. Gieser, R. Ramsey, C. Walters, D. Neeman, M. Walters, J. Swanson, S. Pope. Indianairres CL, to RJ Front Row: M. Sullivan, S. Gregory, C. Arnold, D. Mahoney, P. Camp- bell, R. Ramsey, S. Thurber, J. Davis, S. Thurber, Second Row: P. Sullivan, S. Jones, A. Durman, B. Lempke, M. McPherrin, R. Thom, M. Martin, S. Evans, C. Olsen, T. Morrissey. Third Row: D. Piersol, D. Seckman, L. Rohrs, C. Gibson, B, Pella, V. Thompson, N. Neemann, C. Fankhauser, S. Lintz, B. Dillaplain, S. Lade, J. Grof, L. Stephens. Back Row: B. Jones, R. Gottula, J. Graff, S. Morrissey, S. Pella, J. Olmsted, B. Staley, J. Schmidt, R. Piersol, R. Thom, R. Beck, L. Hillyer, M. Davis. I Groups Receiving nes.... Boy's Low Voice: R. Gottula. Mixed Octet CL. to RJ Front Row: P. Campbell, D. Mahoney, B. Pella, V. Thompson. Back Row: C. Fankhauser, accompa- nist, R. Gottula, L. Hillyer, M. Davis, J. Grof. Girls' Triple Trio CL. to RJ: B. Brown, L, Beck, D Pella, J. Gieser, S. Pope, R. Ramsey, N. Neemann, C. Arnold, S. Thurber. Gir1's High Voice: P. Campbell. ....And More Ones Girls' Sextet CL. to RJ: C. Gibson, B. Pella, P. Campbell, D. Mahoney, V. Thompson, L. Rohrs. Boy's High Voice: J. Grof, Madrigal CL. to RJ Front Row: D. Mahoney, C Gibson, P. Campbell, R. Ramsey, B. Pella, V. Thompson, C. Arnold, L. Rohrs. Back Row: Miss Brehm, director, R, Gottula, L. Hillyer, R. Beck, J. Grof, M. Davis, R. Piersol, B. Gregory. Alto Saxophone Solo: B. Seckman. Girls' Duet: D. Mahoney, C. Gibson. I fi' aj 4. .sf 46' 2 av -n wiv if r 5 iw, 5.2.-.. - :, f:f:.::.gg:g:? .W f Am- ' ,., 'vm-. ""'4Wsw-'wh A """" 'lr annum f . K 1 f Q any ' .1 4 1 - Qi ' A! 4 S: il W 2, Q '--: ,. . -W, R W' 7 .494 . www f V 1 , W f 3 f A ,W . A R V Ant ,S .n my I em. e -, ,a S .ft 1 "' .1 1 Q1 'K ,. gif. 3, ' ' ' , ,, E 1 9 W A 'Q A --...Q ,gg me ' gm , i W! f . 35? 9 uw A? M ,SW , f1'f:-V-' " ww W5 f Q 2 h, 11 ' wa. , an , . .. 4 4 fr wx aa sk 'Q L. if Q,mw ,- k 3 . ZJFTQ iiwf-131,112 w--Q-.Nw CL. to RJ Front Row: G. Smith, D. McAlexander, D. Seckman, R. Uhrmacher, P. Sulliva.n, Coach Stokes, G. McA1exander, B. Taggart, D. Garris, R. Williams, D. Ebeler, G. Ebeler. Second Row: L. Hillyer, R. Beck, A. Bossung, R. Thom, B. Staley, B. Campbell, S. Jones, J. Kroeze, D. Piersol, B. Finke, Coach Bade. Third Row: Coach Anderson, J. Topp, G. Parrish, J. Agena, B. Gregory, G. Topp, R. LaFave, A. Pieratt, D. Meister, J. Hutt. Fourth Row: S, Lade, J. Schmidt, S. Pella, D. Aufdenkamp, B, Sellhorn, J. Olmsted, B. Jones, M. Davis, B. Halverstadt, R. Smith. Fifth Row: H. Doty, M. Phillips, M. Mahoney, D. Piersol, D. Davison, L. Krouse, S. Morrissey, D. Elenga, J. Rizor. Football '67 TRI-CAPTAINS L. to R.: Bobjiregory: Southern Nebraska, Southeast Border--All-Conference Mike Phillips: Homecoming King. Jim Agena: Southern Nebraska, Southeast Border, A11-State Class "C"--All- Conference IIS t 1 T-Town Opponent 6 Syracuse 19 25 Southeast RN-I 0 20 Sacred Heart 6 13 Wymore 20 27 Johnson 12 20 Humboldt 20 0 Pawnee City 43 40 Wilbur 6 7 Auburn 40 Schedule Seniors. CL. to RJ Front Row: H. Doty, R. Beck, B. Jones, J. Rizor Second Row: J. Agena, B. Gregory, D. Piersol Third Row: M. Mahoney, A. Bossung, L. Krouse, D. Aufdenkamp, M. Phillips Mahoney mows down opposition in Johnson game. Phillips goes for 64 yards on this play. ag if-' 1. 1 new si .sd QM ggi . ,L.. nv A I I ng 1 Tecumseh 27 Johns aff , ,, ,S ,M 33 GEEK nga, TTDWN 7I CELTS 55 Freshman Team CL. to RJ First Row: T. Jones,D Meister, M. Davis, D. Seckman, J. Garris, D. Piersol. Second Row: Coach Stokes, C. Olsen, L. Stephens, J. Borrenpohl, G. Peters, S. Hupka, P. Sullivan. TECUMSEH VS BOSTON CELTICS mf f . The marquee and a trophy case were new additions to our school this year, displaying our troubles and trophies. ..v"'-wan. Varsity Basketball Squad fL, to R, J: D, McAlexander, S, Jones, M, Phillips, S, Morrissey, B, Gregory, D, Gartis, I. Puchalla, Coach Anderson, I, Schmidt, J. Agena, B, Staley, H, Doty, R, Uhrmacher, B, Jones, G, Smith, 75 TECUMSEH 75 TECUMSEH 71 TECUMSEH 71 TECUMSEH 93 TECUMSEH 90 TECUMSEH 79 TECUMSEH 62 TECUMSEH 83 TECUMSEH 60 TECUMSEH 66 TECUMSEH 88 TECUMSEH 70 TECUMSEH 1967-68 Schedule Humboldt 50 Nebraska City 56 Auburn 6 5 Johnson 56 Adams 53 Pawnee City 76 Humboldt 49 F. C . Sacred Heart 56 Pawnee City-Southeast Border Championship 80 Wilbur 57 STERLING 67 Weeping Water 62 Falls City 62 58 TECUMSEH 74 TECUMSEH 86 TECUMSEH 51 TECUMSEH 46 TECUMSEH 92 TECUMSEH District Tourney: 76 TECUMSEH 78 TECUMSEH 60 TECUMSEH Season's Record: Auburn 55 Southeast RN-I 36 Wymore 57 F. C. SACRED HEART 63 DESHLER-Southern Nebraska Playoff 48 Louisville 46 Southeast RN-l 55 Johnson 77 STERLING 74 18 wins - 4 losses Special Team achievements: Southeast Border Conference Champions, Southern Nebraska East Division Champions, Runner-up in C-1 District Tourney. Mike and John show their happiness after winning the S, E, Tourney, John out -jumps a Johnson player for control of the ball, Bob shoots another of his many baskets of the season. Jim goes for a rebound while Bob and another unidentified T-Town player cheer him on, Basketball Action We would like to con- gratulate Coach Stokes QLJ and Coach Anderson QRJ for their fine coach- ing job this past year in basketball. Thanks to their able assistance, our boys were able to play in a way that we may all be proud. We can all appre - ciate the long hours of practice that the coaches spent with the boys which resulted in a very fine season's record, 18-4. Mike does it again! Howard goes for two points. CL. to RJ Front Row: J. Agena, B. Gregory, J. Kroeze, D. Aufdenkamp, J. Puchalla, D. Piersol, B. Campbell, L Chittenden, A. Pieratt, B. Finke. Second Row: R. Smith, L. Gof, G. Parrish, J. Gregory, M. Davis, L. Kent, J. Hutt, D. McA1exander, student manager. Third Row: Coach Stokes, D. Piersol, B. Hitzeman, P. Sullivan, D. Meister, D. Seckman, L. Stephens, Coach Anderson. Not pictured: G. Smith. Track 011 YOUI' ma-Tk, get set, Go! Q 2 A CL to RJ First Row: J. Gregory, L. Kent, R. Williams Second Row: Coach V. Bade, S. Lade J Puchalla, D Garris, L. Chittenden Dual Tecumseh Adams Dual Tecumseh Tri-County Cross-Country Squad Season Record District fPioneer Park Lincolny Elkhorn St John s Hebron Raymond Central Tecumseh Johnson Southern Nebraska Conference Hebron Harvard Tecumseh Sutton Humboldt G92-I--I rI'l:UE CL. to RJ: Front row: G. McA1exander, R. LaFave, S. Colton, B. Taggart, R. Smith, B. Finke, D. Blessing. Back row: Mr. Trumble, S. Clifton, B. Mommens, B. Sellhorn, D. Aufdenkamp, L. Chittenden, R. Thom, J. Kroeze. Not pictured: A. Durman. '1 m uz FY' D-4 ro v-s Ui ,... :S De o Fl' Pl' O :J V WMSWORTH Malceline, Mu., U,S,A. Season Record 3 wins 6 losses Conference Placement: Greg McAlexander 2nd Dennis Aufdenkamp 2nd Steve Colton 3rd Dave Blessing 3rd Best Record: Q4 lettermeny G. McAlexander 8-5 S. Colton 8-6-1 D. Blessing 7-6 D. Aufdenkamp 9-4 These four scored a total of 142 team points with the team captain, Aufden- kamp, scoring 43 points. The squad numbered 15.

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