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Tecumseh High School - Savage Yearbook (Tecumseh, OK) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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-on--fr --A- , .4 N.. an , .. , f. ,L ,., , ,V . f , -v .'Q,:--nw fr- 'r' - , f Ln., ,. f V P' M. - 'gvigegb . V K . A- F, ,,, Q---. 'SIC A Q , I w,-2-4 . 1' , - - I - , -guru .-1---f - ,,,. 'nun 4.3, vu ..4 -'lil 0 '-J-1 7" ,fp Phil" '-" 'Y ' - " , H 'sf .wrlq-v...xw , 'Q' 'wg-f f M' ' -- L? " 1. " .X sur- V- J, Q J -A fl 6 Tw, , - f ' Jdaqrka.. an-F.: ,...' ' . '..,.-f- - , L 1 ,K V ., -r-- L, "UA, " -':- ' Q - 4 -',,,,,J 'f' '-13"-L, ' 1 - K' Q ., .W -1245 or ' .var ' ' - 4,11 ' I-, 'I-.Af"N"' N ,fv 'I P A ., fy, V- 1.-A. . ,W M gal xrq., 3' V 'M-,gxw ' . :rag v-A., ' "' wff 'f" i 5 3 N. . ,VA i , 'MM 119 'i ' "fW'F2ibwky1'3g. .ki ' X - ' ,,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,., W, , i 5 'W , wk H 1 V M fi, 13 V mi W K ,L ,. WM Y! Www xl' Q. QE ,R E SV M, . W., Q. THE 1977 SAVAGE " ' gflgil 1-1. Q L- 7.53, 1- . fx -. '- LT -- ,,,.- 1 fi-irg.g1 :- J J- Har' ' - ,Y ' , " ,, ,,', . --- . , E.-'W ,.-LZ" ' " M' '-.Yrg -1 - T?" ' 3: -L1 .- ,. -, A ...-. gf- - -. F X JY. Tecumseh High School Tecumseh, Oklahoma Volume 62 REFLECTIONS . . v 2. L , Q , ,AKA , F1 i , T4 Q .4 ...H if 5 f'--... 1 6 H. ga E'! x' .-A, -ze Q 4 I iN SENIORS 377 Q TOMMY WILSIE MIKE BUSSEY BILL WHITE TERESA HARRISQN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer GINGER ABERNATHY LARRY ALEXANDER RANDY ASI-ICRAFT CINDY ASHER JANICE BAKER GLEN BANNING RHONDA BEDWELL TED BELSHE -"" I vi 'V fi F A' RE LECTI ONS ,7 7 A reflection is a moment of time, caught by the mind's computer. But reflections--like the days of our lives, keep adding up, passing by and fading into the past It is possible to capture a reflection so that when it fades another glimpse revives the memory and quickens the senses--so that they may once again experience the idea or object just as the moment was real or imaginary, so the reflection reflects the ultimate expression of our individual and unique approach to the reality of our life. School spirit - a whole composed of many - each a part of extended enthusiasm i J Is friendship eternal? - relationships - Sharing a part of ourselves with others Forever - only a moment - -9 t it ' r ,H 5 Q ,',,,,IT,,yg. is.. ' .,,-...Atv , at.W.+, . - 531' SQ 5- f l 5 Fi? e is 5 ,flee 1 3- 'J sms.: iz 1 ,WF..5..g 5 5 fb 5 tf'a a fills 'X hw- i x i KZ , Q- 1 . 3 K f if-foe' l I -1 W,,f.+ ts, :Nth I , X . , x,..?,.. ., Treading softly on the shadows which our past had cast, we suddenly found ourselves in the bright sunlight. The door we opened was marked "graduation, " but we did.n't stop to read the fine- printed subtitle which read "an exposure to life. " We have laughed---and cried. At times we were disappointed. Finding contentment in Tecumseh's gorgeous sunsets, we anxiously awaited the next dawn. For the dawning of each new day brought new challenges and involvement which characterized our discovery--a reflection of real life. X PAUL JACKSON PAULA JACKSON DEBBIE QN'EWTONy JENNINGS MARVIN JUNK SET-INA K-ALKA KENT KEISLING SHERYL KINCSBURY DAVID LACKEY N Q5- F1 .LJ w JAMIE LANCE TERRI QBALDWINJ LAWSON TOM LAVALLEY CARLA LEE MIK-E MADDEN CINDY MAGBY LOR1 NLACDALENA STEVE MCMAHAN A reflection is an image - as elusive as a shadow, as blinding as the sun. HS CHEER ABER Y" ' 5557223 .JW 1. Our classmates help form the most beautiful Time of our lives In the days of youth and forgotten memories. We pause to reflect now---ever so still as We gaze over the horizon of the unknown. Ah, reflections of the past and I see. . .you. You were always there, eager to care, Someone with whom to share my personal Triumphs and silent tears. But, my friend, people grow older as I Know We must. We will grow apart and live our separate lives When I am content to sit and recall our years In T. H. S. I will remember you. . . as my friend. tt The questions of life- will we ever find the answers? - contemplation maturing moments in our discovery. V. -X' 31- Q' 4 . ,- 1 4. f an W , 12 . 1. P ABOVE, Minor Simms puts bear hug on a friend. RIGHT, Lori is caught in the act of her favorite pastime--choking who? 54- , nw, Ti f, 61 Uvwwkaiw V as is H sf., ii. n 5,95 1 K., . Track Coach Mr. Dudley, ABOVE, gets a bit of exercise fixing flat tire on mini-bus. Track girls lend helping hand. Kim Pru- itt is surprised, LEFT, while attending football game. Hi Q Q an K '-i LEFT, Lori Kirk visits yearbook book fagainj! Mr. Curson's American history class sure is a bunch of Eager Beavers. A in 5 , in 1152? :gs- Ezwww 'Q Spring, girls, shorts--a perfect recipe for fun as junior High School girls play softball. BELOW RIGHT, in contrast Tecumseh High cheerleaders brave chilly, sub-freezing in downtown Christ- mas parade. N I -, ' ai. Hqwig 4 ' ' Q ,,,., A '7ff " ?? X 18 "Mr. Humphrey, Ipresume!" ,rw we y M- r 65144, f ,ff . S env' 4 V I.. V Q, VY V , 1 6 6 f - rar few' .i,.s,1 H I , l. 1 h:I O O X ill 1 ff,.k if if Students will forego any hardship, even freezing weather, to shout for their team at an exciting foot- ball game. Kelly Loveless, ABOVE, makes a point. BELOW, Vic studies seriously as two other classmates "goof off" a bit. Lori and friends, ABOVE, seem cap- tivated by ??? BELOW, Kathy and Kaye on yearbook assignment or sightseeing , 'f , , V again? KP rp- wi' rs .W J-, - A E is if . 9. . Q'--J W-..-....,...... . ' a a ll ,M 4, , M,,,s,. aw--q-vw"""""""""' Mrs. Yates has a colossal blrthday party, ABOVE, as cake for everybody is on car hood. LEFT, Teresa is crowned Miss Frontier Days May 23 as Kim Cle- THS coaches Snider, Sternberger and I-Ioneycutt take it to OU football players, ABOVE, in Fede- ration of Christian Athletes benefit game in April. BELOW, basketball boss Mr. Avery takes it easy as he makes long distance call about game. w Xt E - -4. Q -ex -V z1V . E F. In the fall Oklahoma City Dolls girls foot- ball team, BELOW, scrimmaged for Tecum- seh fans. Note pigtails. Dolls were co-national champs in 1976. NWQK A 2 Q z Miss Congeniality and Desiree Davidson, nmner-up, join in the festivities. Mrs. Price makes a comment after students study how to make a smooth-running sentence in English class. 15m .-url -a-11nn7vl 1 . , .2 Y inf' "Step right up folks!" echo Savage supersalesmen Pa , Bill and Alan, ABOVE, While Lance Hargis, BELOW offers a trumpet solo to an after-school audience LEFT, pool expert jan Coffey puts on intriguing ex hibition for Billy Copeland. .QL .sq Applauding for their favorite wrestlers, 15 gorgeous Mat Maids -- who assisted and cheered TI-IS wrestlers on to victories -- make a pretty picture during wrestling homecoming celebration and wrestling queen coronation. Agree? .ur ' . sxruf W ' 'W lf Mr. McMahan and friends, we presume, ABOVE, smile as close of a class nears. BELOW, Mr. McClure surrenders to a L sneaky yearbook photographer at the door. Kathy and Jan ponder what they're gonna do after school is out. Another FFA project, no doubt! ze I A Teacher Who Cares As an ex ression of our a P P' preciation for her untiring, un- selfish efforts on behalf on the students of Tecumseh High School, the 1977 Savage year- book is respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Clyde Ruth McDonald -- dean of Tl-IS teachers. Thousands of students have become successful and happy homemakers, thanks to her ex- pert home economics instruc- tion. It is with pride your fellow teachers and Students salute you. "Wel1 done!" Mrs. Mc- Donald. DEDI C ATI UN F r L i V i P V UNDERCLASSMEN xxtfg 'Q2 ' Ei' T- ' 4 n n 5 ll 1 ' ' X I X X m igd I QW UNI OR CLASS OFFICERS President ............... Ricky Starks Vice - President ........... Teresa Gill .- Secretary ...... ..,, D avid Harris Treasurer .... .... C liff Ryan 5' T' R in ..,, Q 3 f f psig- v. . , ' 5 ' f 3' ' Af i i , H ,fx ,, f 1ST ROW- johnece Abernathy, janet Amerson, jack Arrasmith, Darren Asher, David Bade, Gordon Baker, Teresa Banning. 2ND ROW-Gene Barker, jim Bean, Ruth Bean, Trudy Bedwell, john Belshe, Mary Blackmon, Angela Blankenshi P 3RD ROW-Randy Bowen, Nancy Bridgewater, Cathy Brooks, Debbie Cain, Mitch Calder, Rosie Carderara, Karen Cearley . . A M, I N C . v nhig X Mfg' ,E l si K 4Tl-I ROW- S' 'ff' x 4, 1, . , j I. . ' ' '. ,. . g i RQ V 46 rrii 'wt fi J' at rssj at 1 r,,,, Q1 . , K ., , s11r,ii' A U at s rrs " - S RW - -. 1 - R 773 R F, A . , t VVZL V w Wa, 5 x , . 3 a lsii 4 f If Sherri Clark, Steve Clark, Doug Cleary, jan Coffey, Damiy Conaster, Lisa Connelly, Jerry Cosper. wyl xx - Ja 2 ff ' ' A2571 Q li x Q6 u 9, J 'fr M 7,551 ,,,..,. .Qm 5 'f V1 E ROW 1--Peggy Cole, Keith COX, Richard Coy, Charles Crane, LaDonna Crow, M.1ke Crauthers, Linda CUIIIIHS ROW 2--Randall Dane, Brenda Daniels, Kathy Donovan, David Dudley, M.ike Ealey, Carol Essary Io Beth Fisher. ROW 3--Patti Fisher, Mark French, Tonya Furr, Jayne Gamer, Randy Gilbert, Teresa G111 john Gokey ze . iw l ,N is l Q fx mfs' S, Y , .,,L ,Q Q' ., gy, ROW 4 ROW S-- ROW 6 A rg X ' 1 45 'I sk .R 'iz 3 ,,1, . ae.a , ar. wh T 18? wr A "'f ,, 1 f,. Q fb Q 2 E f , 5, . , sv" 1. - .u. ,f: jim Greenlee, Nancy Hackett, Roger Hambay, Sheila Harlin, David Harris, Shelly H111 Tim Holt Laurie Hulin, Randall Hurst, Cindy jeffcoat, Greg johnson, Don Judy Danny Ledford Pam Kidney --joy Kelley, Cindy Kieffer, Chuck Littleton, Cindy Long, Kelly Loveless " 1. ,Q-l,,,e, - ' 1,. ,.'. I V Q VZAZ V '3' , 'fs ' 5 ix 3 C ' if f f' E. A K ,J .M 2:,55:,x.lf ,gk -if .yxia , 1 F 'lg Q " 'e . g""S-hi.,-""'.A A ',5.:-:!.:,- f 3' 5 3, J.. 1 ' - "" 1 ., y 27 r 1 it ' 244 ., M . 4' 3 , 'it 'W' , I A , ,, , . 5 ROW 1 - Willina Low, Terry McCu1lar, Doug McLin, john McMahan, Keith Mangus, Debbie Marcus, Kent Marsh. ROW 2 - Kevin Marsh, Terri Martin, Joni Mihura, Tony Miller, Tracey Miller, Sharon Minchew, Steve Murdock. ROW 3 - Melinda Moudy, Margaret Murrell, Suzie Negahnquet, Bill Nabors, Carrie Nix, Bob Pecore, Kathy Potter vifrgslkm IE4- I' l W I A 5 gyyl jj, ' ,E 5 , Q1 5'--qu f' 1: ALC' if I"'gs:1f .fi , We-45, , ' ' ir Y i 31" 1 . ,- ff - ILE fl W ROW 4 - Dennis Prewett, Darren Ragon, Fran Rider, Veada Rivers, Lynn Roberson, Merritt Roberts, Pat Robin- son. ROW 5 - Delbert Roller, Kay Rutledge, Cliff Ryan, jim Schmidlkofer, Billy Seals, james Seckel, Marilyn Sellers. ROW 6 - Ronda Shirey, Debbie Sigman, jim Sigman, Sandy Sigman, Cindy Smith, Kevin Smith, Zana Smith. , . , ,,,, ii 1 K .3 R, ' 2 1 QL. '- qs ,Q X 15,1 -,, ,,,- 1- 'gs We '1" f if s. .S , r Aa- ,ivy Z1- J4 1 as , 47 ,V " X l V. ., , . . 1 -R 4, ' S . ,A ,,., A .3 n 2 Mfg' itll, 1. or fy. - 1 4 , , - 'w -1 : f ef. y,, . h e Q., ... , . 1 + 2 2' -A ' ai f 2 I n asia 4 2 1 W r gl ., or if V ff 1 ,V M gg emu Rs K f 5, . 'V mu. 'Aw ,VLL gy. I xf x X gr 9? 'A i X R if ,if iff 'K 'Y 'Y' J "Z f 15? r E9-'Q Q 'S fi 1-' : 1 out - fi Y , . T l T a K . AL A -'tr P fer S S if ' V ROW 1 - Richard Standridge, Ricky Starks, Vicky Starks, Rick Stasyszen, Gina Stevenson, Glenda Stokes, Bob Stricklin. ROW 2 - Mike Strutton, Vic Tate, Pam Taylor, Ricky Taylor, Vanessa Tefertiller, Sammy Thompson, Vickie Thompson. ROW 3 - Martha Townsend, Risa Trahan, joe Van Arnam, jerry Villines, Dawna Watson, jay Watkins, Daniel Washburn. ROW 4 - Kippy Ward, Robert Wallace, Debbie Wiggins, james White, Rick Whited, Ricky Yates, Ellen York. 5 'V it i amy,-5 ,.,, 'tl s X . . 5 'kif 4 ef" ' - - .g an 2:11. x r ,lf Q I Q t 3235, V Q 'L at L bv Q Mr mi E , ,,.f i Q " 1 N X Q3- , ., , - I Ni ,K . .i , 35 f ' rcs' ! V E , ,,, r, JUNIOR YEAR' junior year-- The in-between time A special time-- Time for laughter, drive-ins, new loves that come and go The bonfires, the parties, the togetherness of the Junior class. . . The moneymaking, the meetings, friends, Yet, all too soon, it draws to an end Junior year is gone-- Senior year is here-- A time for remembering, reliving, reloving, A time for yearning the past-- For wanting and wishing. . . For another junior year! --Kaye Westervelt . m.-- ' M , . ,,, Class Officers ' I If 'V ,Q F ':" L 'va ' K X ' H.. '6 President- Van Stacy T r lk' Vice-President - Kim Clemens A A- V- Treasurer- Sue Washburn 5 ' Secretary- jeff Hall C 0 ia, ' r 4 if , A N raw la aff fi .fx 1 if A F .41 , ROW 1-Don Allen, Gina Allen, Katrina Alvarado, David Anderson, Neal Anderson, Alfred Annesley, Keith Ash- craft. ROW 2- Ronny Austin, Greg Ball, Peggy Barnett, Gerald Bellany, Danny Bennett, Tommy Blackmen, Teddy Blaine. ROW 3-Mark Botkin, Alan Brady, Scott Buckmaster, Toni Burch, Lorrie Cheatwood, Donnie Clark, james Clark. Q fig Q1 A , as rrrx .4 . " C - , , . E ' - : '. ' af 1 H 59 2. ., , , - ' .L , . ri , :V,: -,A .y 1 'cf sr sl A A X r in A r rsA 1 if ROW 4- Brian Clemens, Kim Clemens, Craig Coker, Billy Copeland, Tim Crane, Darla Crow, Desiree Davidson. KT! OPHO ORE ff' 1-'k Q- 1 2' . I I I fy 'gif ,1-' ' ' l ..fif,.,..,l:EQ:Q,,. 5 , n . . . Y 5 -- . . y " 1 I , I ' I ., ili ii ' A Q- g ,hw at -4 ,ill sg I c , E, -.ii x I ' . " A " , ' iz. f V 'QPK V A x ciis fi I X 7' ' Q sf' I ' 'fl J' 2 I I 3, f' ew: I if fx I - Ill f his 5 W , vfyi- L-.A . f' 'J' I A39 If Se W I 22 . .K i ' gl x '6 iff ,-:Q is , I W ,, I Q if "' , 5 5 4 tr will 2 as If . Q fi , fy 7 'Nr 1 I ,. 5, , , , Aff, ,iz -,K Q." . iii. Y 5- - .5 " , f , s K . 4, ,-. ' .r F 4, I n I K 2 - gl seg 4' X Jie W fm? , - ,,.5 ROW 1 - Franlcy Donovan, Dana Dossey, David Earls, Beth Farrow, James Faulkner, Teresa Fellows, Sondra Fire. ROW 2 -- Ricky Folks, Melody Fowler, Linda Garrison, Angela Haley, Jeff Hall, Lance Hargis, Keith Hays. ROW 3 -- Silas Hill, Mike Hobbs, Jimmy Hopkins, Dennie Hubbell, Russell Hulin, Della Hysell, Tivis Jesse. .gl N Q I L p-u.q..mr I mx A n. , s ly K 2' if Q I is , 5 : 0. :" K V V 4 W. : 'I . -5 ' , . A ww mu? ,fm 1 Q sz - J J A 1 2,1 i ' My . I FFJ, . .,,,ee ,,, I , ROW 4 Terri Johnson, Travis Johnson, Renee Judy Terri King, Tim Kinsey, Lori Kirk, Valerie Liscano. ROW Blame Littleton, Joe Lloyd Keith Longhorn, Doug Love, Alan Lytle, Phillip McCray, Jeff McCloud. ROW 6 Jerry McMahan, Don McNut, Joe Magda Karen Marrs, Cindy Madden. -15' f' "W" I iss I I I me K.. , ? , , W I 10221, . 'J""' "4 ' 'rx ,Q . "I WILL STUDY AND GET READY, AND PERHAPS MY CHANCE WILL COME. " -- Abraham Lincoln s il, ik fa Y. f I xlibs! till: rf 3 4 Q A I Q -4. x 34 nil , S . , V , IJ .. fav: - , - '-WP 4? 1 ...Q J 'ES' ,af J , 21 ,Q xW 5, ROW 1 - Shari Martin, Michelle Melot, Ronda Montgomery, Marty Morris, Mike Murrell, Billy Neighbors, Brian Newby. ROW 2 - joel Newman, Debbie Newmaster, Karl Nix, Cheryl O'Del1, Nancy Olive, Bobby Phillips, Donna Powell. ROW 3 - Ronnie Price, Cathy Pruitt, Lori Reece, Kevin Reeves, Peggy Robinson, Craig Rodgers, Lori Ross. QQ, V . , 5 , 3-wg, . 1, f- V Q ,W as jg f N jg b . is Ka I s ,En Q ' ,Qi R rg J K .W , ei X ROW 4 - Buddy Scarberry, Tammy Scarberry, Frank Schmidlkofer, Brenda Scott, Dennis Simon, Lisa Smith, Brent Sparks. ROW 5- Sam Spoon, Van Stacy, Danny Standridge, Debbie Stansell, lorrie Stapp, Randy Starks, Tony Stone. ROW 6 - Van Straughan, Robin Talley, Andy Tefertiller, Mary Thornton, Connie Tipton, Sharon Trammel, Larry Trindle. " F J 'ei ,. ug .,, Q it ... , , R sl, L N if if nf-3 , ,vi "' 'iff H, qi .1 Xi 4 R ,sf w - A, R ' ,M Q E ' Q' " 2 is .J , N . A , 1 1 1 A -2' ,gr P ss, ff a . a - f . "i'Q',7 "El -qllr - ff f-'sg C T Q L , ' ' ' 'X J 'P 1 W I .Ny S ,fi E l N s I fl ,'., I 1 Vvgrvrlr ,S :Q 9 1 i. -W' A f nf.-L ,, 2 2 1 kr! a' z .fix . Ns. df ,E . ffl Row 1- Je Lee Troll, Steve Upton, Kirk M - ,. ' if A 4 Washburn, Sue Washburn, Starla West, Kaye f H M Af' Westervelt, David White, ROW 2- Tammy X ' I ' A - 52359 W -, . White, Mike Wisdom, Brenda Wright, jim- fs- fig, ' my Youker. G ' W ,, 'ssf 5 4 K , , w e etssss W ' " iss I X fef 1:-. ,gg V e 2 O :fee ABOVE Andy Tefertlller the Great'????'P'?'P BELOW The perfect Class, huh' ' V' gk. yy yy Q. W ' he f Y W tted ABOVE: Mr. Shu111 helps Michelle pose for the camera. BELOW: "Why are you taking my picture?????" ggi! FRESHM EN Right, there's nothing like a touch- down to get freshmen excited! We had a "funderful" year every day. - -'-- gy J ql: l 5313: .P , Q w e I K -J -1 Sl! in Y i 3 1 ax 4' 5' W' WP' A B ? ,fa nf 3 5 wx 5 'X 1 ,Q A .5 avi W ,jQ.1Q5if5-- rr rr A X J, ROW 1 - Steve Adkins, David Ashcraft, Randall Ball, Debbie Barnes, Lisa Baugh, Beth Beddo, Richard Belshe. ROW 2 - William Blackmen, jeff Blocker, Teressa Brady, Crystal Brown, David Brown, Denny Brown, Gerald Brown. is 1 1. : w , g l W f 2 R j ' 21i . , V-sr Y g .ac A saw Wi di XX L' -fvfh 43" ' I I A x al. , -"' , V "M , t - .f . .. we Q ,. xx -f ""f K , -' " ,A 'L yn in 'f. bf IL 1 M y A if, f 'F - l ' ,X .,,, W I n fl 7 'A g . -.551 -1 .k,. K, K R K V H VV KVW V . J 3 . i s -- M W M- R 2' Bi V? ,,r i , ,,, X nEixlEH?5???QEe , in v - - nseeiee B ROW 3 - Barbara Buckley, Billy Buckley, Billy Buckmaster, Mike Buckmaster Connie Burton, Tracey Bussey, jeff Cahill. ROW 4 - Arlene Caskey, Danny Childers, Dayna Clemens, Cindy Cooper, Kenneth Cooper, Pamela Cope- land, Gloria Cosper. Q ,- V . Qi, it raw, N 4 F Q f as vs rf' si' A. .l.:., f gf. , be its iaff i ' gi W A X K I 5 DM- ROW 1 - jay Cranford, jackie Daniell, Danny Daniels, Loretta Deal, Diane Dennis, Rick Dossey, Mitch Ealey. ROW 2 - Kaye Elliott, Trudy Ellison, jimmy Fisher, Mary Followwill, Clark Gallaher, Gary Garcia, Glen Gentry ROW 3 - Melissa Geyer, jamie Golson, Robert Goodman, Grant Gower, Doug Guffy, Bill Haddox, Barbara Haley 1 l fs re 5 Fl, as fix ix, 4, . ,D , sjx 7 3 A Q Q , Q .1 E W LQ i J if or T xt ,Q.., ---:,' F will 'BW' 4 4, f X 1 3 11. W, 113, ROW 4 - Melanie I-Iammons, Shelli Harmon, Dean Harris, Herbert Hasbell, Dale I-laser, Diana Helton, Steve Hen derson . ROW 5 - Troy Henderson, Laura Holton, Tracy Howell, Ben Hudgins, Curtis Huff, Sharon Jackson, Susie Jeffcoat. ROW 6 - Donna Jennings, Bridgetta jesse, David johnson, Steve Johnson, Gala jones, Bobby Judy, Kellie Keith. Q E ,.::,. .Q 1 W 'Q 9 'fir 'Q 6 st 4 f 11-szzw, ,xi :sg -af .me f, Rae? gs ,ni JP : ,. .., -1. vt ag, sw . - ,, Qi s F . IV,-'V L , L A ' Q to Q, f QA t I , -A -W" f' 4 ., my A K ,- muse 2- -Q All Q , L9 'L rw L y Ri A'-'ff J W 1, , ., ntei 2 6 55 : , f .Q N fllfm ROW 1 - Rocky Kidney, Carolyn Kieffer, Tracy King, Cindy Kingsbury, Cindy Kirk, Roger Lackey, Darla Lane, ROW 2 - Angel Lee, Sheryl Little, Ricky Little Axe, Dana Loveless, Ricky Lyle, Bobby McLaughlin, David Mc- Sperrifrt. ROW 3 - Leslie Magdalena, Christie Mangus, Tamara Mankin, Beverly Monday, Joe Moody Roxanne Morris, Neal Motley . , 1 1, ,pl N R x 1 -3 , . ,ate 2 . I it K Hu-wel 3 1 is r-L f R f Md- an s, rvn f ,W mlllllllkuxxmlkklllll I 4' N is xl f r ' ROW 4- Pam Moudy, Cindy Murray, Jon Murray, Bobby Nowlin, Sue Oliver, jim Owens, Mark Pool. ROW 5 - Brenda Pruitt, David Qualls, jack Reece, Doris Reed, john Reed, Lisa Richards, Gina Ritter. ROW 6 - Neil Roberson, David Robinson, Patti Roller, jimmy Seals, Ricky Seawright, Richard Sehon, Shackleford. Sandra ff 4,1 ii! h Q ' kg f we , 6 U . gf. C' X .ALI - V - If ,417 1 . ,,,e r? A ' 2, , ,N Mi s- s W -f ' .v L W iz ' ere S N Q 1 fli , M , s. ,W K , W 'V' i .. ,Q k iss, ,V I I m t' J' fy . i I Q -,fl 5 ,ie j ,. 'W ,fi .N Q I W A Q if if' Q ' if , 5-'21, Ai F fl is img 1 'ks ing 5 if f T ROW 1 - Bill Shirey, jay Sigman, Minor Simms, Sherri Smith, Sheila Stansell, jeff Stockton, Jimmy Stokes. ROW 2 - Melinda Strutton, Debbie Tate, Todd Tate, Ronnie Taylor, Linda Thomas, Pam Thomas, Dennis Thompson. 2 . wif, H , 2 wg . . -3 :S-L, I 1 t y .ggiffzlf fl . s , T K ,... .f A Q ,.,,. nn.W M., K - , 3 ,xx k,,V K :sv It Q a., ROW 3 - Jeff Thompson, David Tomlinson, Marsha Townsend, Phyllis Trice, Denise Trindle, Cindy Tully, Jeff Van Arnam. ROW 4 - Lannie Walker, Timmy Washburn, Brooke Webster, Kathy West, Sherri White, Barbara Winfrey, Mary Wisdom. it A if 1' tg- K S 6 ROW 5 - Steve Wood, Robin Woodbury, jimmy Wright, Mike Zuker. ., 3, V, ff , o f gi . km - H K, 1 - . .. W,,. .V -was -u . sg K. ':frwim,,, ,- sa-1: ' v fa A .15 - . -1, t-it I , 1 - .1415 -P? " 'fx l .. W ww OSU's "Pistol Pete" was in town for Xmas parade. fa' . ,Mew ABOVE, a familiar sight each school day about 3:37 p. m. School is out and hu e busses line u to haul hundreds of stu- S P dents home in the sprawling Tecumseh School District. MIDDLE RIGHT, two coeds kneel on hallway floor to con- struct pep club sign, while RIGHT, Tecumseh Association of ClassroomffTACTj officers discuss educational business with state officers at Tecumseh meeting. LEFT TO RIGHT are Marjorie Bingham, president-elect, President Wayne Copeland, OBA Uniserv Rep. Jim West, and OEA State President Wanda Felkner. ORE TH REFLEC TI ONS ...,.... 3, si' 'EVE' TB fs In April, some of OU's elite All American football players played a benefit game at Tecumseh's gym for Federation of Christian Athletes fund 0 Q I FACULTY AIR 1 X wi., Irv ' II gi!! I I l I 4 I I I "' ffl I I I S UPERIN TEN DEN T ADMINISTRATIO ASSISTANT S UPERIN TEN DEN T JIM MYERS SECRETARIES ily' ' M 5 i in CLETA MARY JOHNSON REED BOARD OF ED UCATI ON Continuing their strong policy of every student obtaining a qual- ity education, members of the Te- cumseh Board of Education worked long and hard at solving and over- coming problems in running a large school system. Pictured, left to right, jim Pritchard, Darrell Co- ker, William "Bill" Straughan fpresidentj, Lonnie Hurst fclerkj, and Jesse McCu1lar. 40 I .5 X if 5 ALVA MELOT PRINCIPALS JIM MJHURA RON MCCLURE TH F CULTY David Benn Dram a English dk Willard Anderson Robert Avery Stan Beesley General Science Algebra Amer. Hist. Math Basketball Guidance Darrell Bradshaw Sydney Casey P. E. , English Typing, Shorthand Si ,aes As f Carolyn Daughtery Charles Dudley Vocal Music Amer. I-list. , Drivers Randy Humphrey Drivers Ed. SWF f fre - if i i S 'I 'ig A I M 'A si i.,. er is W 3 m is Y ai 5 if sr deli? i S' if 9 OR wg 5 - :, H... Arlene Gilbride Librarian Ed. Basketball Beverly Keiffer English Maxine jones Arts and Crafts g. gyyygl A f in sf, Q In Psychology Ruth Chlouber Sam Cook Typing, Accounting Counselor fx 5, Q 1 f- f ra 1. E QQ H Q? ' icil C -"il l" A f'ev1p:enlw.-gk ., . . . W1 mamma 'Y sf 5 ' ' N v, . . L' ' , . Sandy Hampton Secretary Marie Kochick Secretary ' . A r E ,s ' zr N . 21 .v is ., Sk . vw me F' . N N 'WX AQ, X .e U ' z 5 1 1 'W We as Q 1 is Q H 4 Y i if f v, ,fi X iw ls e,,, ., - H . , Q , J: ' ii: Q Q F w 65 s Q R ll A X " if f L is 1 xii? 1 W 11 N Q? .zf .Ma- , J UU. 1 1, , .1 Q " ' f'5'.'j!"a. J' fs 5 Q 'X r o' 1 . 'p 4 -ma X lil by '45 N X l" I 2 ,s Q 5: f N , i ,Q 's . A I -4 a " 1 JB, s"."v Q ' ' u 4 in ' ' Jeannie Hargis librarian Donald Lawson Algebra I, ll Geometry Clyde Ruth McDonald Home Economics Bobby Parkinson General Science Biology Ed Mekush Special Ed. Wrestling Ken Praytor Special Ed. Wrestling Herbert Moring Band Rosalie Price English Larry Smith F. F. A. Agriculture Virginia Weir Math I and II Algebra George Snider Biology, Chemistry Tennis Darrell Whittington Okla. Hist. , Civics I' 'Y A All 'fx 1 fig " f-5 IA ,uv I A ,J , ii " i g A, f V ,.,, in o r 'Ni' it ng, e 4:-Z ' 5' 1 'ff -1,53 'f U... 'yi -1.3: 'z rf 'e.,f,-2rf,2'ew,22 Paul Sternberger Football, Amer. Hist. Darryl Wilsie Woodworking , Drafting A i f' 2 lf!! , . ' 5' .- -f.?."-1434-Q - A' 3? . , Ar ,ff-. -. in sQs'Z5' W . ff 'Q L , i, if - ff fa F amy, 1. R. Murray Amer. I-list. Football Mike Robinson Baseball I A K, if, Z vi, X W i V Q an Q ,, ' - '29 is rw My Af A if .5 1 iii W ,, ...5 '31 ' ff' , "RFK K,.f Rita Northsworthy English Rick Shelby F. F. A . Agriculture Franklin Talley Yearbook Kathleen Wolf Spanish M- 59151 if-"L Bruce Walck Sociology, P. E. JUNIOR HIGH FAC ULT Y Marvin Brown Mike Combs Custodian Science, Football jr. High School Track Dorthye Boyd Lee Brown Geography Science Clarence Cox Custodian Rex Cropp Kenneth Curson High School Mathematics History Mk KM if 5 , Gay Gower Cindy Humphrey Counselor Teacher's Aide Reading Yvonne Raney Beverly Stone Mathematics English Barbara Littrell Teacher 's Aide Special Ed. Sue Yates P.E., Track Basketball Connie Gardner English 499 Wm 0-1 ..4.,.. ilk' 22 E20 'UQ ,EE Dim na '1 I ss, ifxx ' 3 Q f na, - 5 ...Vx i Kay McKnight Teacher's Aide DEP RTM EN T OF TRANSPORTATIO The Department of Transportation of Tecumseh Schools plays a vital part in the education process. Some 600 students are transported twice daily, plus making 150 activity trips during the school year. There are 12 routes and 12 busses. Three new busses have been added this year, with another 72-passenger bus to be added this summer. Pictured SITTING BE- LOW, LEFT TO RIGHT, are drivers Priscilla Darby, Paul Jett, Oral Thompson. STANDING, Bill Ross, director of transportation, Randy Humphrey, George Snider, james McCalip, W.j. jeffcoat, and Randy Huff, assistant transportation director and bus mechanic. KITCHEN COUKS Hungry students must be fed! Each day at noon, dozens of meals are prepared and served in delicious form, and always with a different menu, The dedicated ladies doing the cook- ing and baking are, LEFT TO RIGHT, Kay Bow- en, Billie Coker, Lola Couch, Tina Stone, Car- olyn Wilcox, Bertie Stockton. ia . fr if , "z'e"" f 'Wir Ai V ' N :Wag Nl , l "gm RNINQ E5 Q' ff Mx 'ST 'J ACADEMICS V 7' x If V i " ' ep ' 2 -- " .5 ' , ' Qin.. ,I I X x-.' V,-..- .'-1:14.- -Y .115 ':':':-1' -N W , 1 .. ,,,,f.:.k RIGHT, The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. Can anyone believe this used to be a dog? LEFT, David Brown of Mr. Wilsie's shop class, exhibits a prime example of what a little sweat and a lot of time can do for you. LEFT, it is the rooted instinct in men to admire what is better and more beautiful than themselves ABOVE, ifI ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent. A DOOR OPENS. A BELL RINGS. GRAY MATTER TINGLES RIGHT, Mrs. Clyde Ruth McDon- ald, veteran home economics teacher, shows how to do an af- ghan to three attentive students. BELOW, Darrell Whittington checks a special map being made by Ok- lahoma history students, who are finding the Sooner state has one of most unique histories in the USA. gf F ..,i,ufeff J':" X ,K H 'faq E A gi .-., f xxx gba M, ,,,,, ABOVE, drama instructor David Benn goes over tomorrow's lesson plan with a student teacher from OBU to insure quality instruction. LEFT, typing teacher Mrs. Sydney Casey approves typing papers of two girl students -- who are learn- ing secretarial skills. THS buzzes with learning activities daily. 47 'QUALITY EDUCATIO ' TRESSED AT TH PICTURED RIGHT are THS band students who placed "Superior" and "Excellent" in the State Instrumental contest at OU. STANDINGXLEFT TO RIGHT are Mar- tha Townsend, Kevin Reeves, Dianne Dennis, Carol Essary, Robin Talley and Nancy Bridgewater. KNEEL- ING are Lance Hargis and Mike Ealey. Not pictured are Janette Ellott and Alan Timperley. BELOW, Junior High history teacher Kenneth Curson explains how America was settled. MIDDLE RIGHT, six THS coeds Solve a problem by the buzz group method. Girls are also active in FFA studies, and adviser Rick Sehlb , BELOW oints out 'ii Y Y i P the fine points of raising cattle to them. RIGHT, Mr. Willard Anderson, general science teacher, fascinates students by operating a gyroscope on his desk. s 1 A 'Q-'asf-i5 f Q ' A Librarians Arlene Gilbride and Jeanne Algebra problem frustrating? Teacher Virginia Weir Hargis Check out a film strip Projector' explains and makes it look easy to two of her afternoon students. RIGHT, English instructor Mrs. Beverly Kieffer seems to arouse interest of students taking her course in American short stories. 'WE CAME TO LEARN, AND WE DID." ...al Business Law is a popular course taught by Junior High Principal Ron Mc- Clure. ABOVE, he explains to eager students how to plan a payroll. Such courses prepare young people for future jobs. Mr. Ken Praytor and students enjoy a light moment during his special class, located in an adjacent building to Tl-IS. COUNSELING BELOW, Mr. Donald LaWson's casual wa of teaching makes big Y hit in algebra and geometry class- CS. Band director Herb Moring, a LEFT, Counselor Sam Cook helps stickler for details and discipline, student with academic problem. gets attention of band students. ABOVE, It's the Tecumseh Land Rush which occurs between classes! BE- LOW, teachers' aide Jeanne I-Iargis and assistant Kay Rutledge prepare tests, special papers and other materials for teachers. AI DE 9- , fn .4-S . . ' ,wmv rf if ft ffl ' 9 , 'Z ' 1' ,N s fs' 'i 19' 1 5 " 1' if X ff W' I I If r g X wr l , ' . . . ,. ,515 my ' , i . 4 ..W,,,,,:s.' . fd I , I ,,., , 4 Q '-r ne' X t ' . ' ,,,,, - , ,K gg 333 '- , ww , 4 , , TEACHERS' ' ' iw 6-N 1, x l 'ao , 'a 0.1 fu, 0"- aol 4,',np 10's nn,'alu ORGANIZATIONS x r Q i 0-4 4 5, f ki ig 1 K in I FW "'I M , t Staff members Editor joe Sevy, Lori Ross, Kaye Westervelt select photographs for yearbook as another staffer prepares copy for a page. A VA GE YEARBOOK TAF A million and one photographs, another million names to spellg a million dates and times to remem- ber. . . all are a part of editing a school's yearbook for one year. Actually, nothing was a million times--it just seemed so. Staff members combed over hundreds of photographs to select the highest quality, the ones which told the best story of THS in school year 1976- 77. Tecumseh High captured many trophies in sports on the field, in the classroom, and in scholastic contests at universities. 1976- 77? We wouldn't trade it for anything! Jan Clark, LEFT, business manager, and Sandy Sehon go over lists of local merchants before departing on advertising .sales trip. Generous merchant support as- sures THS students of a large yearbook, capable of re- porting all the exciting events. r. ,, -- N , f ,ff' K ik . - raver- if ,. ,Q Kiwi... , Adviser Franklin Talley kept yearbook stu- dents buys with demanding schedule of events. 41 Editor, joe Sevy, willing, able and ready to Work. N? 'I . E l I y N 7 4 y A 1 .2 Editor Joe Sevy pins traditional necklace on High School Yearbook Queen jo Lee Troll, pretty THS sophomore. Packed AUDITORIUM of people witnessed the CORONATION during intermission of "Lil Abner. " This was one of Joe's more pleasant duties--beats worrying over deadlines! RIGHT, editor mulls over lay- out designs with Paul Jackson and Kaye Westervelt. BELOW, Trudy Bedwell relaxes after doing her pages by knitting a f shawl. IDWER RIGHT, Kathy Sellers and Kaye Westervelt , check yearbook copy with ad- viser before sending it to pub- lisher. ji- CHEERLEADERS '7 7 v V V THS CHEERLEADERS 1977. Exzhibiting one of numerous routines, six pretty cheerleaders of Tecumseh High entertain fans at a home basketball game. Pictured KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Teresa Gill and Barbara Rutledge. STANDING, Lori Magdalena, Debbie Webb and Sara Sandefur. TOP, Terri Holt. Despite a drenching downpour of rain during the Tecumseh-Hen- ryetta Hens football game, THS cheerleaders were on the job. 1-nmwvz..:fxmmeM,h:M.-e,am.4.ia41:1nt1mqimmfmw1 ,m . BELLES' YELLS, SCREAMS, TEARS, - ALL FOR THS! W Providing enthusiasm and lively l spirit for Savage followers, five vi- vacious, agile senior cheerleaders , along with one junior gave their all i in rallying THS sports fans this year. Q Dedication could have been their middle name. Through rain, heat, and blis- tering winds, they never let up-- whether it was win or lose for the fighting Savages. Through heart- aches. . . and laughaches. . . they cared. Cheerleaders always spend countless hours practicing skits and routines. Ours sure did. They were 1 an exciting bunch of girls! Clad in shorts during warm Sep- tember weather, disturbed cheer- leaders watch Savage footballers scrimmage in pre-season game against Stroud. SA VA GE SPIRIT SPARKLE To say Savage fans and booster club members weren't rooting and yelling for their THS teams in '76 and '77 could well be the under- statement of the 20th century. Dyed-in-the-wool Savage fol- lowers never gave up hope on their boys and girls. Some wins were close--but victories nevertheless. if l' v 1 'I lf6.Q. 'QJI1 HERE COME THE GIANTS STRONG AND TALL' ' The Savagette basketball team almost made it to state meet in Oklahoma City. MIDDLE RIGHT, cheerlead- ers get ready for cheer at school pep rally. ABOVE, Savage footballers crack through ribbons to start game. LEFT, band members get the spirit and BELOW loyal fans await a football play. 2-ii WPffP'W?? gi A 1 "ET A .T at , - '- .M A 'v ..iQ'?'H5Q, as T .SWA L IVV, ,g., ,gr-,V .3 ..,, 1 , -A A A g A "Q ' 'E 4? ,s,s get .E A ,E - B A T A A ,T - A 5 r,,, I, Q -3,5 y, ,:. r f , fish JT V A 'P-1 if-eff K Q ,,.,, A., .kyh 5 .f m y V r Vx V f', in , T D "4 KAN Q'5QQ5'6'6'5'S9?32f9fgeg1910IQ14gQg94s+4-'50 59192 T lo?a?4?.9a9Af.iQ.-fiatas . ..,...fL?2ftf F 55 PEP CLUB COU CIL Adding glamour and color to school sporting events, faithful THS Pep Club mem- bers demonstrated strong Sav- age convictions to hearers and fans throughout the year. Without pepsters school spirit would be dead- PEP CLUB coUNc1L. FRONT, Teresa Gin. Row 2, LEFT TO RIGHT, Lori Magdalena, Teresa Harrison fpresidentj, Denise Hamilton fvice- president and secretaryj, Kim Martin ftreasurerj, Kim Clemens fsopho- more representative J, Debbie Webb. ROW 3, Terri Holt, Risa Trahan fjunior representativel, Kelly Loveless, Gwen Nabors, Kay Westervelt, Sara Sandefur. TOP, Barbara Rutledge. Not pictured, Tracey Miller qjunior representativej and Debbie Newmaster Qsophomore representativej. 9 THS PEP CL UB 1976-77 THS PEP CLUB. ROW 1--LEFT TO RIGHT, Terri Holt, Teresa Gill, Barbara Rutledge, Teresa Harrison, Denise Hamilton, Kim Martin, Sara Sandefur, Debbie Webb, Lori Magdalena. ROW 2-- Gwen Nabors, Kelly Love less, Kay Rutledge, janet Amerson, Lori Kirk, Kaye Westervelt, Linda Garrison, Debbi Newmaster, Terri Johnson ROW 3--Risa Trahan, johnece Abernathy, Gina Allen, Kim Clemens, Lynn Roberson, Sue Washburn, Jeanne Har- gis, sponsor. GO! SA VAGES GO! School spirit was constantly ram- pant, especially at football games, home or away. ABOVE, THS cheer- leaders lead interference for team. RIGHT, Savage fans form giant line to greet football team at opening game with Noble's Bears September 3. BELOW, Pep Club members display happiness and grimness at home game action. BELOW RIGHT, Sandy Sehon and Teresa Harrison hold loop for Tecumseh gridmen to smash through Artwork was done by Mrs. G.R. Rutledge. 'Y'Y'Yv"'7'V"YV"YV'w V' 04-5: ' 59.033,-Q N. 0004 l if all xh,A.A.fP TH CA DID CA ERA xr K ,..,:m5B- w .ffg,11f-. 's P M i . AA, X ' is ' ...., -.A lil: g K J g . , Qi x iw , 6' Q , . , 4' ' 'Q 5 t ,Eg A .ff ' , Q i 'FT - N xv, ,.-b, l f 7 , , L 91 is 'NVQ E Q V , x,:Q, ,.vi: A , i I S i A A jeff Perry, savage deluxe! L fa AAA,, N A ABOVE, it's junior High P.E. time, c-r-u-n-c-h ffA154d:!! BELOW, a gym gossip party or what? ' f' ' 4 A11 alone in the long-g hallway, a solitary student walks in search of knowledge. ABOVE, puttin' on the dog at junior High Halloween Party. BELOW, do jan and Kay know where're they're at? 6 fi I ,M eff 4- LI BRAR Y AI DE A new mural on west wall of the library is a version of the famous statue "End of the Trial" which is at Cowboy Hall of Fame. It was painted by Mrs. Maxine jones' art students. Librarian Mrs. Arlene Gilbride works earnestly in binding a group of periodicals. Such publications are used by students and teachers writing research papers and themes. An intense Mike Wisdom is oblivious to cameraman as he seeks material for a class paper due soon! ,,,...-- ,--X 4-as-few Library Staff 1976-77. LEFT TO RIGHT, Mrs. Jeanne Hargis, jim Youker, Terri Martin, Brenda Daniels, Veada Rivers, Alan Lytle and Librarian Mrs. Arlene Gilbride. These dedicated personnel kept "the hub of knowledge" at THS functioning smoothly and ably during the school year. mas.-r f ,, 1 ,sumrwm.rw...41-.f .1-umunnn-mux mym.. :ef Q- Nwmwimw nmais TECUMSEH HIGH CHOOL BA D 'THE SAVAGE PRIDE' SAVAGE BAND T EC U H ,sr he "ll-C'l..Ql--lf1YL.l, 1976-77 THS BAND MEMBERS. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Debbie Greenlee and Patti Fisher, majorettes. ROW 1 -- Donald Brown, Pam Moudy, Pam Thomas, Terese Rider, Natalie Wood, Peter Gates, Mark Cole, Mat- thew Nix, Mary Carter, Mary Followwill, Christy Whitehead, Brett Cranford, Laure Holton. ROW 2 -- Terry Shir- ey, Nancy Bridgewater, Mike Ealey, Carol Essary, Alan Timperley, Lance Hargis, Karl Nix, Susan Newman, Steve Wood, Brenda Pruitt, Janice Scarberry, Fran Rider, Pam Taylor, Cynthia Kinsbury, Brenda Wood Qdrum majorettej. ROW 3 -- Mike Zuker, Janette Elliott, Mike Wisdom, Neil Frankovich, Joni Mihura, Robin Talley, joel Newman, Dennis Thompson, Andy Tefertiller, Randy Martin, jay Cranford. ROW 4 -- Ricky Reeves, Tim- my Scarberry, jeff Stockton, Donald Essary, james Owen, Paige Hargis, Kevin Reeves, Craig McKnight, Martha Townsend, Gena Ritter, Dianne Dennis, jonell Owen, Mr. Herb Moring, director. 1 x Leading the front end of "The Savage Pride" this year was the smiling trio of Debbie Greenlee and Patti Fisher, twirlers, and Brenda Wood as drum majorette. Band director Herb Moring finished his fifth year as head of the Tec- umseh band, and it was a success- ful year. wwmmnwmxsuuQm.r-.'.-..-.vrvnunxixxxxn- fa YQ :- wt ni -,f..I ...,x ,V7 7,,, It's halftime at the 1976 football homecoming and the THS band prepares to march. MIDDLE LEFT, Band President Mike Ealey gets set to crown new band queen Martha Townsend during spring band concert. BOTTOM, on frigid, wet December day, THS band marches in Christmas Parade in downtown Tecumseh as onlookers give them hearty reception. b,.....,..,- 4 BAND ACTIVITIES - 1976-77 0 E.C.U. Homecoming Parade-2nd Place 0 Shawnee Christmas Parade- Ist Place 0 Hughes County Peanut Festival Parade, Holdenville 0 State Fair "Daily" Parade 0 Tecumseh Jaycee Christmas Parade 0 Christmas Concert 0 O.B.U. Regional Honor Band - I6 Representatives 0 All-District Band -22 Representatives 0 District Solo 81 Ensemble Contest, Seminole Jr. College 0 Weleetka Concert Band Contest-"Superior" Rating 0 District Concert Band Contest, Shawnee - "Good" Rating 0 State Instrumental Music Contest, Oklahoma University 0 Pawnee Parade Music Festival . . . First Place "AA" Marching Bands - "Superior" Rating Second Place "AA" Concert Bands- "Superior" Rating I T.H.S. Football and Basketball Games 0 T.H.S. Pep Assemblies 0 T.H.S. Graduation Exercises --.wa..,.,...wn. v I I, BA DCUU CIL Leading the THS band to recognition and prestige this year were hard-working mem- bers of the Band Council. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT, are Ricky Reeves, equipment manager, joel Newman, secretary, Mike Ealey, president, Patti Fisher, vice-presi- dent, James Owen, equipment manager, Terese Rider, Sth grade rep. STANDING, Cindy Kingsbury, freshman rep. 5 jay Cranford, freshman rep. 5 Brenda Wood, drum majoretteg Nancy Bridgewater, jun- ior rep. 5 Andy Tefertiller, sophomore rep. , and Mary Carter, 8th grade rep. r s ,,,, ' it in 'Q it .1 " A xx ' 18 Janette Elliott Winner Of Mark Kingsbury Award LET, the Rev. Beryl Kingsbury presents Janette Elliott with the first annual "Mark Kingsbury Memorial Award, " in ho- nor of the TI-IS graduate and band member who was killed August 1976 in an automobile accident. ABOVE, band per- forms as twirlers and drum majoretbe twirl batons set on fire. This yea.r's "Hustle Award" went to Brenda Pruitt for out- standing effort during the marching season. The "Sharp S Nichols Outstanding Musicianship Award" was won by Mike Ealey. ,lx-Il' alll! u-:uv BAND E FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Jay Cranford, Ran- dy Martin, Mike Ealey, Lance I-Iargis, Robin Talley, Kevin Reeves, Jeff Stockton, Brett Cranford. STAND- ING, Martha Townsend, Mary Carter, Dianne Den- nis, Karen Reeves, Sulyne LaValley, Christy White- head, Paige Hargis, Terese Rider. These 16 repre- sented the second most musicians in the OBU Reg- ional Honor Band out of 13 schools participating. RQW 1, LEFT TQ RIGHT, Neil Frankovich, Jay Cram ford, Joni Mihura, Robin Talley, joel Newman, Ran- dall Mariin, Nancy Bridgewater. ROW 2, Lance Har- gis, Kevin Reeves, Brenda Pruitt, Christy Whitehead, EA T Brett Cranford, Matt Nix, Dianne Dennis. ROW 3, Pam Taylor, Steve Wood, Carol Essary, Patti Fisher, Fran Rider, Craig McKnight, Mary Carter, Martha D Townsend. Not pictured, Mike Ealey. TI-IS band stu- dents were third high out of 18 schools represented at East Central. 63 Rehearsing the play "Picnic" are Kelly Loveless, Debbie Webb, Carla Lee and jeff Perry, LEFT TO RIGHT. DRAMA CLUB Tracey Miller, who porirayed Madge Owens, and Mike Tucker, who played part of Bomber Gutzel in "Picnic, " get emotional during a scene. "Picnic" lead roles were played by jeff Perry, jim Copeland and Tracey Miller. They portrayed Alan Seymour, Hal Car- ter and Madge Owens. ,ef- e ' ' Y . . jeff Perry and 11111 Copeland, old friends, meet again after a couple years apart. PICNIC' PROVES HIT OF THEATRI CAL PLA YS "Picnic, " a summer romance by William Inge, was acclaimed by audiences during two performances on February 22, one to high school students and one to the general public. The Tec- umseh High School Drama Club tackled the tough production under the capable direction of drama instructor, David Benn. The cast had a great time giving the performances--almost as much fun as the audiences. Drama students at THS outdid themselves in hilarious characteriza ' ' ss" 'Mi tions this year--why, some of them were even acting! Students learned a lot by travelling to several thea- ters and seeing topnotch plays. We also won our share of trophies at dramatic contests. I , W ' ' H A V ,A AVAA LEFT, a scene from "Picnic" in which Flo fSharon Minchew, RIGHTJ criticizes Madge's fTracey Miller, next to herj inability to cook. Carla Lee and Kelly Love- less who portrayed Helen Potts and Rosemary Sydney, look on. WM ,, 1 5 ,-LV ,,.,,,r,.., KL... Q M t . I David Benn, versatile drama in- structor, brought fresh ideas which inspired good acting. - THE DRAMA CREW DRAMA CLUB 1976-77. FRONT, LEFT TO RIGHT, Carl Lee, Glenda Stokes, LaDonna Crow, Vanessa Tefertiller, Billy Neighbors, Debbie Webb, Kelly Loveless, Risa Trahan, Vicky Thomp- son, Gene Barker, Paul jackson, Mike Tucker, Darron Ragon, jeff Perry, Mr. David Benn, instructor. Not pictured, Robert Bentley, jim Copeland, Tracey . Miller, Sharon Minchew. 1 is Mr. Benn points out the dramatic imagery in a photograph to an appreciative student. Behind the scenes of "Picnic, " Howard Bevans fRobert Bentley, and Alan Seymour Ueff Perryj strike a pose for roving yearbook photographer. 'W' , TECUMSEH HIGH SCHOQL F A t 5 ":, if A 'f',"?4f.'ff -- i i In dramatic cutting, Mike Tucker f"Tuck"j displays some of his pizazz onstage as he gives another "stunning" performance. 'THE SINGI G AVAGE ' THS GLEE CLUB 1976-77. The Glee Club enjoyed one of its most prolific years of singing. The group produced and staged several musical shows to help finance their trip to the Tri- State Musical Festival at Enid in April. Pictured, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1--Darla Crow, LaDonna Crow, Susan Botkin, Vicki Thompson, Kim Martin, Cindy Stew- ard, Teresa Banning, Mary Thornton, Karen Cearley. ROW 2--Melinda Moudy, Andy Tully, Cindy Magby, Mary Fellowwill, Barbara Winfrey, Trudy Al1ison.ROW 3--Ricky Lyle, Jeff Stockton, Richard Belshe, Todd Tate, Ronnie Taylor, David Thomlinson, jay Cranford, Billy Neighbors, Lance Hargis. ROW 4--Gayla jones, Brenda Daniels, Terry Martin, Sue Oliver. - it li ff OFFICERS Susan Botkin--Vice President Mary Thornton--Librarian Kim Martin--President Vicki Thompson--Librarian Billy Neighbors--Treasurer gp W' I 5 WSP' A MUSIC UF THE 50,S, 60'S dz 70'S In late A'pril, a huge cast put on several performan- ces of the hit Broadway musical comedy, "Li'l Abner. " A special performance was given during Tecumseh's Fron- tier Days. Thirty dedicated members worked day and night to get ready for opening night. Our director, Mrs. Carolyn Daugherty, seemed pleased--and us? We were elated at "hamming it up" and having a heck of swell time, too! LaDonna Crow played Daisy Mae, Lance Har- gis, Li'l Abner, Pappy Yokum, Billy Neighbors, Mammy Yokum, LaDar1a Crow, Marryin' Sam, Jay Cranford, and Earthquake McGoon, Ronnie Taylor. -, 'f , . e W' ' 'TWP E" 'i In February Glee Club members above presented "Music of the 5O's, 60's and 7O's, " an ambitious endeavor to help raise money for the singers to attend the Tri-State Vocal Festival in Enid in May. Everyone had fun singing and listening--to the "oldies" and we won a bunch of "excel1ents" at Enid. 'LI'L AB ER' I SMASH HIT! M, .iw ff- . J Teciunseh High School could boast one of the finest vocal musical groups in Ok- ' lahoma this year. The mixed chorus and girls' glee club won excellent ratings 2, Q. a gf 4 get-1 Aggie 'SINGING SOOTHES THE SO UL' 3:3 , K xy! lm ll .IT R at the 45th Tri-State Musical Festival at Enid. The girls and boys ensembles won ' superior. Receiving superior in solos were LaDonna Crow, LaDar1a Crow, Teresa , Banning and Jay Cranford. ABOVE, members get ready to depart for Enid, while BEIOW, girls prepare to catch the boys in the Sadie Haw- kin's Race at Dogpatch in "Li'l Abner. " I. ff iff , Ronnie Taylor pours out his heart with a melodic, popular song dur ing "Songs of the 50's, 60's and 70's. " 4,7438 Art ins11'uctor Maxine jones helps her students with painting. , .1 ' XE V ,iiigmv 5 Xml 1- , . Fw 'N V L 'Y K AA. ABOVE, oil painting called "Farm" by senior Salina Kalka. MIDDLE RIGHT, a table full of art objects made and designed by THS art students. RIGHT, junior Beth Fisher seems happy with colorful still life in oils. Mind, hands and imagination blended well this year as art students had a ball! P - , v Art from wire decorates a ceiling, ABOVE. RIGHT, one of many visiting art expert tells class how to make beaded necklace. Art instructor Mrs. Jones beside a drape-n-shape creation of Joseph of Biblical days, and a windmill made of small gauge wire. MIDDLE RIGHT, Paul Jackson practices lettering exercises. 411 .L x- Y X C . , Q. I-'Nnx wx.. . yu qv-+ LEFT, a bread board owl made by Ric Isaacs 1n crafts class and BELOW ceramlc students fire greenware made ln Norman Arrington s artists 1n schools program, sponsored by the Okla homa Department of Education in Tecmnseh !'k,s 'Ai HO OR ROLL TECUMSEH HIGH SCHOOL "A" HONOR ROLL STUDENTS. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIG-IT, Gordon Baker, Dean Harris, Teresa Gill, Laurie I-lulin, Kathy West, Vanessa Tefertiller, Debbie Stansell, Lori Ross, Barbara Rutledge, Tim Kinsey, Terri Pruitt, Patti Fisher, Carol Essary, Joni Mihura, Kim Martin. ROW 2, Ricky Stasynen, Mike Strutton, Grant Gower, Steve Henderson, Mike Tucker, Jerry McMahan, Kirk Washburn, Billy Neighbors, Janette Elliott, Teresa Harrison. Some members were absent when photo was made. ' s'ili ' . R' GCD ES will I-ll-lub-Isl-'- mtimffl NUq,2m rcgrgghhtfg : OCT' wEHge :n."4OUd QC'-is-Dr mgmm 4:12-0 ggon-I 5555 CDW-,E',o .-. o-,:0"" Huff aagg ngirlm 5 NP RS 4D! ZFX., I B X X if N- . v e BETA CLUB MEMBERS 1976-77. ROW 1, Sara Sandefur, Debbie Webb, Glen- da Stokes, Nancy Bridgewater, Vanessa Tefertiller. ROW 2, Debbie Phillips, Barbara Rutledge, Laurie I-Iulin, Sheila Harlin, Rhonda Shirey. BACK ROW, Teresa Harrison, Ricky Stasyszen, David Benn foo-sponsorj, Debbie Greenlee, Dawna Watson, Carol Essary, Debbie Cain, Alan Timperley, Mrs. Sydney Casey fco-sponsorj, Kathy West. S 4 The THS Spanish Club managed not only to speak and THE GIRLS WHO HELP SENIOR CITIZEN S ' Helping to administer to the needs of Tecumseh's senior citizens, primarily at Sunset Estates Nursing Home, were the Candystripers of TI-IS. ROW 1 - Cindy Kieffer, Natalie Wood, Terri johnson, Paula Love, An- gie Thompson, Lauri Harwell. ROW 2 - Mrs. Clyde Ruth Mc- Donald fsponsorj, Valorie Lis- cano, Sue Washburn, Tracy Frint, Tammy Stone, Janice Scarberry, Connie Flick. ROW 3- Trudy Bedwell, Kelly Bow- en, Karen Cearley, Brenda Daniels, Terry Martin, Donna Powell, Debbie Tipton. write this foreign language -- they learned of the tra- ditions and customs of Spain, Mexico and the Latin countries. PICTURED, KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT, Beverly Monday, Suzanne Oliver, Sondra Fire, Carrie Nix, Dawna Watson, Kathy Pruitt, Mitch Calder, Van Straughan. STANDING, Mrs. Kathleen Wolf fsponsorj, Carol Essary, Laurie I-Iulin, Lisa Connelly, Mary Thornton, David Harris, Mike Strutton, Rick Whit- ed, Keith Mangus, Billy Seals. CAN D YSTRIPER GORDO COUPER VO-TECH CH OOL . .Al I sf . ' if ' "+v'?5 F . , I C 'X ,. . . s 1 , u lv iii A front view of Gordon Cooper Vo-Tech. X A -' A 1. lx A A ABOVE, Instructor Wanda Gowder points out how to work data processing machines to THS coeds Jeannie Stapp, Janice Baker and Lea Ann Click. MIDDLE RIGHT, taking a training mannequin's blood pressure are Ginger Abernathy, Tammy Fugett and Terri Holt. RIGHT, Electronics instructor Ralph Biddle points illustrates how a typical radio laboratory station works to Tony Henderson and Richard Standridge. Three outstanding vo-tech students were Steve McMa- han, diesel mechanicsg Danny Young, machine shop, Joey Followwill, drafting, and Ricky Richards, weld- ing. Other honor students winning state and district VICA awards were Ginger Abernathy, Terri Holt, Ric- hard Standridge, Cindy Magby, Janice Baker, Glenn Burton, Rick White, Rick O'Neal, and Lee Upton. 74 , ' is . ' Q W ,. . 'Y 'Q THS student Glenn Burton, LEFT, is helped by his in- structor in architectural drafting class. Glenn placed Sth in statewide competition. Dozens of Tecumseh High School students travel daily to Gordon Cooper Vocational Technical School in northwest Shawnee to study subjects in depth, and which high schools themselves are unable to offer. Through skills learned at Gordon Cooper, THS gra- duates are able to readily get into the job market upon graduation, offering employers expert skills. A- +1 Y J3 1 nr , "t"iA" ORE 77 REFLECTIONS 2 , swf 34 Puppeteers entertained with fun and laughter this year. MOl.to1i! A K in Miss Pruitt, we presume types away! Mr. Mihura and Coach Sternberger "Who's going around saying I'm a ticiiciiejvignmggshafdi Sggifegffr ' I bi mouth? Mrs. Price?" ' P V' are up to no good again' g ' BELGW, Mr. Schultz among maze of mathematical geniuses. L .m..W,.i,,? tt, m,,, M, 2.5 Assistant Superintendent jim Myers surveys new high school site north of city's new park. 75 S 1 N u KP- F I X I .l v , if . .1 I. Q.: My eg Q im 5 ggxitisgs V A ' + . k K' W 1 .. ,, Lx . 5- NM .A , S. At S 1 ' M ,xi f q g I , 1 lf? a ,NV . . . . ' , Q 5399 BQQQ q H 1 gig Ai gig' " kj vw ,Qi A J Q ',V. 3 l t FFA STUDENTS STAY OCCUPIED IN 1977 There was little time to loaf this year, as FFA chapter members participated in the National FFA Convention in Kansas City, and during March we held the annual Tecumseh Fat Stock Show. This was a preview and warmup for the Pott County Fat Stock Show only hours later. Indeed Tecumseh FFA had a fine ear filled Y V with adventure and capped off with our enc,arnpment. i. ,J Animals occupied the life of most FFA'ers this year. It seemed like a never-ending chore, feeding them, grooming them, keeping them healthy for the various shows. Above left, Merritt Roberts checks his barrows prior to Pott. County Show. Above, Randy Gilbert displays a charming pet. Below, Greg Hiller- man combs his mixed breed steer for competition as Adviser Rick Shelby gives approval. Left, FFA students James Seckel, Kathy Donovan and Kevin Smith help vetenarian vaccinate dog for a Tecumseh citizen. 5 l lg i I 4, Q gt: i . , K 7,8 , -,1-, fy 7 5 .f President Tim Holt addresses crowd at this year's banquet. Miss Della Hysell, CENTER, poses with her attendants and escorts. She was one of six finalists in the state FFA Sweetheart Contest. PICTURED, LEFT TO RIGHT, are Steve Clark, Jayne Garner, james Faulkner, Miss I-lysell, FFA President Tim Holt, Rick Dossey, and Patti Roller. F A BA QUET GALA EVE T i t 5 juniors Tonya Furr and janet Amerson review signi- V t,,, L ' ficant achievements made during year. BELOW, M . Sh lb S Ch Doyle Roller presents Matt Brown memorial jugior Sangiiiizit. tar apter Farmer Award to award to energetic FFA member Greg Hillerman. BELOW, Mr. Shelby presents john Mclviahan with sheep production award. AWARD WINNERS 1976-77. PICTURED, LEFT TO RIGHT, are some of the FFA members honored at this year's banquet -- Tim Kinsey and Dan- ny Standridge fsophomore scholarshipyg jimmy Seals ffreshman scholarshipjg Bryan Clemens fdairyj, Chris Pool fsenior scholarship and DeKalb Award jg David Qualls ffreshman scholarshipjg Greg Hillerman fsenior scholarship and Matt Brown Award jg Carol Essary Cforestry, speech, poultry, junior scholarshipjg Randy Gilbert, ffarmstead improvement and Star Farmer Awardj. Not pictured is Delbert Roller fcrop, swi.ne and beef productionj. Other winners not pictured are Keith Hayes, jeff McLoud, Tim Holt, john Mclvfahan, Merritt Roberts, Roby Spicer, Kathy Donovan. FFA Sweetheart Della Hysell and Escort james Faulk- ner smile following this year's banquet at American Legion Hall in Tecumseh in early May. A gr: org L isafwi 2 2' J. 'I Q . 9 ' A J i K , F , I ,,.,s 1 A i t iff ' 4 5 2 1 f , , i l 1 l i m 3 , 5 Patti Roller, ABOVE, receives Star Greenhand Award V from Mr. Larry Smith, one of our two FFA advisers. The banquet featured Central District Vice Presi- dent Dennis Lindsey as guest speaker who urged us to "look beyond the clique that ag people are dumb farmers to the reality they are really the leaders of America. " FFA PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE TEAM. SIT- TING, LEFT TO RIGI-I'T, Tommy Thompson, Carol Essary, Tim Holt, Delbert Roller, Steve Clark. STANDING, Leona Smith, Marvin junk, Kathy Amerson, john McMa.han, jeff McLoud, james Faulkner, Doug Love, Craig Rogers, Bryan Clemens Merritt Roberts. 1 FFA PUBLIC SPEAKERS. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT, ' Kathy Donovan, Carol Essary, Patti Rolles, Diana Helton, i Della Hysell. STANDING, James Faulkner, Chris Pool, ' Mike Buckmaster, Billy Copeland, Tim Holt, Merritt i Roberts, jeff Mcloud. FFA FARM SHOP TEAM. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT, James Faulkner, Tommy Thompson, Rick Richards. STANDING, Doug Love, Marvin junk, Mickey Chastain. FFA LAND JUDGING TEAM. LEFT TO RIGHT Craig Coker, Delbert Roller, Dennis Simon, Greg Ball. mfg- 11iu FFA MEAT JUDGING TEAM. SITTING, LEFT TO 1 RIGHT, janet Amerson, Patti Roller, Tonya Furr, Diane , Helton. STANDING, Tim Holt, Steve Clark, john Mc- , Mahan. FFA DAIRY JUDGING TEAM. LEFT TO RIGHT, Jeff McLoud, Leona Smith, Chris Pool, Bryan Clemens. 1 ATHLETICS TEC UM SEH HIGH CH OOL FOOTBALL 'Na . ' Y . The '76 football season was a rebuilding one for the mighty Savages. All of the coaches, with the excep- N tion of one, started their first year at Tecumseh High. 1 And there was plenty of play aciion, as these photo- , graphs depict. ABOVE, Mike Crauthers, in light jersey, attempts reception of a deflected pass against Seminole. 1 LEFT, powerful Savage defensive unit awaits snap of X ball at Noble. BELOW, Vick Tate, Ricky Yates and Bill White pursue a Cushing back for loss. rs xx I 1 1 l if TEV x 4 L " 1 5 Q.. IIII 3 Q ' rri, Q V wzztiii 5 X rl I ,- - :gi an-.-.. - yn... Que. , f . 4, ' 4,2 ALL-DISTRICT PLAYERS '76. LEFT TO RIGHT Tommy Wilsie, Ted Bel- she, Terry Roberson, Pat Upton, Bill White, Mike Bussey, Mike Higgins, Jeff Perry. ANOTHER it fm 7. ,yas , I SAVAGE TD.! ALL-DI STRI C T PLA YERS lst Team Defense: LB Bill White, and secondary Tommy Wilsie. 2nd Team Offense: Quarterback Tommie Wilsie, Fullback Bill White, Guard Terry Roberson, Center Mike Higgins Honorable Mention: Offense, Half- back Mike Bussey. Defense, Guard Pat Upton, End Jeff Perry, Tackle Ted Belshe. Savage players stand on bench for better view during Noble battle. S iq s Z ' "w'lZf 4 'wwf V,,,1 'N-nf' Faithful camera crew, officials in booth and dyed- in-the-Wool Sa- vage fans are backing the THS team! LEFT, Head Coach Paul Sternberger THS SEASON RECORD Noble Chandler Cushing W ewoka S eminole Hold envi lle Bristow Henryetta Crooked O ak fOvert7ime 1 OPPONENTS 14 7 20 O O 18 28 26 5 Heritage Hall O 14 29 26 6 O 21 13 0 12 19 TOP LEFT, Robert Wallace and Jim Sigman crunch a Cushing player. ABOVE, David Harris makes a quick penetration on a kickoff. MIDDLE RIGHT, Tommy Wilsie tries for an extra point. SEN I ORS I KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Chris Pool, Bill White, Fran- ky Yates, Alan Bennett, Mike , Bussey, Greg Buckmaster, Jeff Perry, Tommy Wilsie, STANDING, Coach Paul Stern- berger, Coach Ken Praytor, Richie Clemens, Bobby White- bird, Terry Roberson, Ted Belshe, Mike Higgins, Pat Upton, Coachj.R. Murray, Coach Stan Beesley. -.f,,s.sxfn, ,,ff,v fasmmmvxmff-rr, H -4 : .iw S-,..,ff,1f,s.A :Q ,iowa-1:-1 - , ' .4 K M... h f - ff .,---,fe-cfswwx .-,Q w..ip.,f-1 su. ' .1 ff.- sw, SAVAGES JUST MISS PLA YOFF BERTH The Savage football team missed by only one game going to the state playoffs the third year in a row. Strong in non-district games, the Savages lost three key district battles -- to Cushing, Bristow and Semin- ole -- which caused missing the playoffs. Left, Mike Crauthers destroys a Seminole Chieftain running back. Below right, Mike Bussey successfully received a pass against Holdenville Wolverines for long yardage. Be- low left, Senimole runner meets speedy Tecumseh defense led by David Dudley who is assisted by Mike Higgins and Brian Newby. v ,li up I' eww m vw X I Q M3 N 'wa- f MQW ww SA VAGES UN LEASH GRIDI RON PO WER Mike Bussey, TOP LEFT, cranks off tough yardage with an assisting block from Doug Mc- Lin against Wewoka. MIDDLE RIGHT, playing in drenching downpour of rain, the Savages holt jg a Henryetta Hen to chalk up another victory. 54- ABOVE, in a huddle at Noble, where Savages took it to the Bears for first win of season. BE- LOW RIGHT, Tommy Wilsie sweeps around end "JfMml'97fS5"f2?" with lead blocks by Franky Yates and Bill White. w The Savages were exciting to watch this year, as these pictures show. TOP LEFT, Halfback Doug McLin scoots around end with Bill White and Pat Upton leading interference. TOP RIGHT, Mike Bussey snags pass for long gainer. MIDDLE LEFT, a few Savages pose on the sideline. ABOVE, Tom Wilsie takes off like a jet. LEFT, Fullback Bill White follows for first down as big Terry Rober- son bulldozes path. BOY BASKETBALL Tecumseh's Terry McCullar leaps high from the comer to bag two points as a host of Bethel Wildcats attempt to stop him. THS's center, David Harris, LEFT, stands ready to help. 'YO UNG' SA VAGES LACK EXPERIENCE A season record of 2-22. Sounds terrible, horrible. And it was that kind of year for the Tecumseh boys basketball squad, who played a super tough schedule. Several games could have easily gone either way in the Closing minutes--but they didn't. Our in- experience was quite evident. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 1976- 77. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Van Stacey Chuck Littleton, Silas Hill, Kirk Wash- burn, Keith Longhorn, Daniel Washburn, Merritt Roberts, jack Arrasmith, Mike Crauthers, Alan Brady, Tarvis Johnson. STANDING, coach Bob Avery, David An- derson, Ricky Folks, Terry McCullar, Ro- bin Talley, Ricky Starks, David Harris, Robert Wallace, Donny Clark, jay Wat- kins, Bobby Pecore, Tommy Wilsie and Assistant Coach Stan Beesley. 1 N L lx nr, A l ', l I Senior guard Tommy Wilsie flashes down the court in Pott County Tourney against Da1e's Pirates. BELOW, Coach Bob Avery talks with his team in brief time out period. Big TI-IS center David Harris leaps skyward for tipoff in Pott County Tourney, while BELOW, Ricky Starks fights for a rebound. SAVAGES HIT WARPATH AGAINST STIFF OPPOSITION Head Basketball Coach Bob Avery is concerned about an officia1's call. Leaving Tecum- seh after 14 years, he'11 coach McLoud's Red- skins next year -- Which THS de- feated twice this year for only vic- tories. ABOVE, Keith Longhorn, Ricky Starks and jay Watkins work the ball swiftly to set up a Savage field goal. Watkins was later named the Savage 's outstanding player for the year. BELOW , Bobby Pecore receives congratulations from Mc- Loud Redskin's player after Tecumseh's first victory of the year. NOT MANY WINS, BUT THS TRIES Only one player graduated from this year's team: Tommy Wilsie. Optimism thus oofzes for TI-IS 's chances for an outstanding season next year. Considered another bonus for the locals is they will be next year playing the same teams as the Savages play in football. Some of these schools are considered "weak sisters" when it comes to good basketball squads. "Four seasoned lettermen will return next year, " said Coach Bob Avery. The team will defi- nitely be stronger. They simply needed combat experience, which they got this year. " ,s is Forward Terry Mccullar tries for goal Hustle like shown by the Savage's Tommy Wilsie, Qutside the Circle, MIDDLE, help beat the lVlCl.O1.lCl RedSkiI1S. Merritt Roberts takes a free throw shot in close, tense game. RIGHT, entire Tecumseh team tries to hem in a McLoud Redskin player. BELOW, Savage jay Watkins puts magic on ball in underhand shot for a basket. Tecumseh's David Anderson, FOREGROUND, is off to the races in this superb action photo. Bethel Wildcats were trying to pass ball into their surrounded player. 'Fl' M ' 5 'is g . Q 4, W - 'V a 'A i , s wi, fzvgif W m Q' F3 . HQ!! , L vga 'Wx 'Gmwi2svl asa ,M 551: M 1, ,J ar' SA VAGETTES PRO VIDE ACTION REGIONAL PLA Y- OFFS ,A ""' aff-w e ' - ,Jeff -'M 'A"f- N ,fi-9 , . . , . , 1 - :uf A "t-'--'- -4 '- - -' vi ' I 9 , ' 'L' Iii-' 'N riff A fl: .Q 'r,., ' , - .32 -t ,ff "'- - GIRLS TEAM EXCITING "YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY!" This amply pictures the THS girls basket- ball team of 1977, shown ABOVE warming up before their regional playoff game against Meeker's Bulldogs at Seminole junior College. To get this far, they had demolished Seminole and Holdenville in the district tournament at Wewoka earlier. Meeker won, then the Savagettes beat PLu'cell, then were eliminated from going to state by Purcell. After a dismal season last year, our girls came back! i "Oh no you don't! " says THS guard Jan Coffey as she snags a You want action? Savagettes Teresa Harrison, Laurie Hulin and Joni Mihura dish it out against a tough Meeker Bulldog team. Tecumseh gets tip-off at start of regional play against Meeker as tall Teresa Harrison barely outjumps scrappy opponent. rebound in regional cage battle. Hustle, determination and dedication as this dramatic hoto de icts were the watch- P P : Words of tliis year's girls team. They came out with a 11- 1 5 record. .sf'f:f,:za,zssfzg. .i:w9a,nJwaia1""":'2' f I-if --ffl-1 ' 'f 1 TH GIRL BASKETBALL 1977 GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM. ROW 1 KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Shelly Hill, Cindy Smith, Kari Cox, Laurie Hulin, Brenda Scott, Debbie Cain, Margaret Murrell. ROW 2, Paula Jackson, Rosie Carderara, Teresa Harrison, Kim Martin, Joni Mihura, Terri King, jan Coffey, Cindy Asher, Coach Dudley. Seven seniors pose with their coach before saying good- c b Ch 1 D dl on ar as u ey bye tb THS basketball. LEFT TO RIGHT are caala Lee Cindy Aher, Paula jackson, Coach Dudley, Sandy Se- hon,Kim Martin, Teresa Harrison, Kari Cox. l , 4 1 W? .H sv an-' j . 1 .1 K Ill!!! J' K 0 Se,- 2 1 vu, '23 oc' , . A 7 gwv' 4 Z -'N Teresa Harrison and Laurie I-Iulin race for a rebound crucial home game. Laurie Hulin puts it up for two despite being guarded closely by opponent. J 1 fm Guard jan Coffey scrambles for ball as teammate Joni Mihura looks on. in jan Coffey Leaps high in air to get tipoff to Rosie Car- derara, EXTREME RIGHT in photo. ABOVE, "This is the way to do it, " exclaims Coach Harold Dudley to his first stringers. BELOW, Shelly Hill dribbles into position to shoot: or pass to tall Ter- esa Harrison, RIGHT, Tecumseh's impressive center. GIRL ' RECURD: 11-15 1 1 1 ,afg A Tecumseh guards Paula jackson, jan Coffey and Guard Kari Cox wears No. 11 uniform of a Maud Tiger as she pursues opponent in Pott County All-Stars game at OBU She was on the South te am. Rosie Carderara, hidden from camera, on de- fense take on look of ballet dancers. ABOVE, crack forward Laurie I-Iulin appears to be taking a "basketball head" off irl uardin 8 8 S her. Game was with Prague, who won by two points in last seconds of game. RIGHT, just call it "Reachin'. " 'GIRLS BASKETBALL it i"' ON ITS WAY' - DUDLE Y Hard-driving early-season practices by new Coach Charles Dudley spelled success for the Savagettes. In hot August heat, Paula jackson flater chosen on the South Pott all-star team J, Rosie Carderara, Cindy Asher and Cindy Smith warm up to play Ma- comb's Hornets in a scrimmage game. Tecumseh's three crack guards hem in a Meeker Bulldog forward. 'SA VAGETTE PRIDE' B -TEA GIRLS Reporting for girls basketball this year were 27 girls, six of whom were seniors. But giving the Savagettes much of their strength were the "B" team girls. As Coach Dudley said: "I feel this season may have gotten Tecumseh girls basketball program on its way to bigger and better things. " PICTURED KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Peggy Robinson, Carla Lee, Shelly Hill, Chery1O'Dell, Michelle Melot, Melody Fowler. STAND- ING, Toni Burch, Margaret Murrell, Cindy Smith, Sandy Sehon, Terri King, Brenda Scott, Debbie Cain, Tracey Miller, Kaye Westervelt, Coach Charles Dudley. These girls helped win the consolation trophy at the McLoud Tournament with wins over jones and Luther. TECUMSEH: WRESTLING CUU TRY 1977 THS WRESTLING TEAM. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, Pat Upton, Jeff Perry, Bill White, Alan Bennett, Danny Young, Ted Belshe, Mike Bussey, Greg Buckmaster, Mike Higgins. ROW 2-Bill Neighbors, Clifford Ryan, Keith Cox, Van Straughan, Billy Copeland, john Belshe, Randy Gilbert, David Dudley. ROW 3-jim Sigman, Joe Van Arnam, Rusty Smith, Marty Morris, Tim Kinsey, Neal Anderson, Coach Ken Praytor. 5 19 TEC UMSEH MATMEN QUALIFY AS FINALISTS,' SIX ADVANCE TO STATE Wrestling Coach Ken Praytor thought this wrestling season was "very good! " "We had better support and cooperation from fans and kids than ever before. Although we lost 10 seniors, We will have to depend on our young wrestlers to fill some pretty big gaps next year, " he said. Winning the Lawton MacArthur tournament was probably this year's highlight. Some 19 Savages placed in finals. Six matmen--Van Straughan 1015 Danny Young 1235 Mike Bussey 1415 Alan Bennett 1575 Randy Gilbert 178, and Bill Nabor, heavyweight, qualified for the state tourney at Harrah. Coach Ken Praytor THS Wrestling Coach THS MAT MAIDS -- 1977 ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, Terry johnson, Cindy Magby, Beth Farrow, Michelle Melot, ROW 2 - Vicky Starks, Ellen York, Desiree Davidson, Debbi Newmaster. ROW 3 - Debbie Branson, jamie Lance, Lori Kirk, Sandy Sehon, Sue Washburn. W E THS MAT MAIDS MAKE DIFFERENCE' Something new was added to THS wrestling circles this year: an even do zen pretty Mat Maids. These girls put down and took up mats for matches, posted scores, and served refresh- ments to both home ,and visiting wresters. "Great isn't a big enough word for their morale-building influ- ence on our wrestlers, " said Coach Ken Praytor. f TJ G- 'Q T O 1 ABOVE, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is spelled on the faces of THS's Mike Higgins, the victor, and his opponent. MIDDLE RIGHT, Alan Bennett applies an aggressive hold on rival. RIGHT, Tim Kinsey 108-pounder, wins as teammates wait to con ra- , 8 tulate him. , Rs. ' Y wg Eff , fi ,,,2 X" . . , Q JN, L Q Wy? , , . ww, -, -Mfltiz , HI "-Hmrms Jim Sigman says it pays to adver- Greg Buckmaster, urged on by teammates, applies a pin hold on rival. tise Tecumseh' s wrestling. ABOVE, Mike Bussey at 141 pounds does a take-down on his Shawnee op- ponent. BELOW, Mat Maids do heavy-duty chores by stacking mats after a match. They were pretty to have around, too. RIGHT, mean Bill Nabors strikes a familiar wrestling pose that scares his opponents even before doing battle. I-ie "upset" the No. 1 heavyweight champ from Noble in the region- al tournament. SAVAGE MATMEN WIN 16, LOSE 4 Coach Praytor said all his wrestlers excelled "at one time or another" during the season, I-Ie expects his younger wrest- lers to mature in the future and THS will still be a serious con- tender in the regional and state tourneys. Next year's wrestlers will have to fill the gapleft by 10 graduating seniors. i--W4 -U fi . BOYS TRACK TEAM, 1977. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Grant Gower, john Belshe, Merritt Roberts, Mark French, Bill White, Steve Clark, Jo Van Ar- nam. STANDING, Coach Paul Stern- berger, David Anderson, Donnie Clark, Randy Gilbert, David Harris, Ricky Starks and Robin Talley, Robin Talley, a sophomore, high jump- ed 6 feet even in the regional tourna- ment at Marlow, then went on to jump in state meet. iii-Waker.. ,. BO YS TRACK Coach Paul Sternberger was "well pleased" with this year's team, as there was "great interest among the participants. " He feels next year TI-IS will V Q have a chance to break the school record in the mile relay. The re- lay team came within 2 1X2 se- conds of it this year. "We ate a lot oranges, drank a lot of Cokes and got. . .experi- ence," he said. ll., y . 15 xf .X N Q ' i '-va-get junior Ricky Starks won lots of dual victories in the shotput and dis cus. He participated in the state tournament. ,,.,....-an-" 3 2 Wvm . - MMV. k M. 5? 4 11911 K . ff 5 . . M -.' ...v ag,-1 ' " f' '+V' f rgfg, ,, 3-,ws , ling' , ..-. A '- r .cW.b.Ji A " -mv. 7 "' I, . SAVAGETTE TRACK TEAM, 1977. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, Roxanne Morris, Desiree Davidson, Debbie New- master, Lori Kirk, Cheryl O'Dell, Shelly Harmon, Susan Jeffcoat, Mary Wisdom, Dorris Reed. ROW 2 - Michelle Melot, Rosie Carderara, Tracey Miller, Debbie Cain, Terri King, Brenda Scott, Sondra Fire, Toni Burch, Tracy King, Darla Lane, Phyliss Trice, Beth Farrow. Not pictured, Coach Charles Dudley, Kim Martin, Joni Mihura, Margaret Murrell, who were attending the Oklahoma state track meet in Oklahoma City at time of photo. SA VAGETTE TRACK Z' f 'I lQr'qA, R , x x f -X GIRLS LEAP, at RUN, JUMP AND THROW ig ' Kim Martin, Margaret Murrell, Coach Charles Dudley and Joni Mihura check discus which won Margaret second place in Class 2A track at the Oklahoma state track and field meet at Midwest City Carl Albert. "She's a great champion, " commented the coach. Margaret, a jlmior this year, got off a toss of 112 feet, 4 112 inches. ""7"W-1 Q' Terri- King seenis to be att Desiree Davidson kicks heels dur- Tracey Miller huffs and puffs at tfractfng attention at her hlgh ing 220-yard dashg beats opponent. Start of 2 raCe. Jumping. -1 , N ff i ,sg -ff is--.. .,o, . , ., , . ,. .,, . --A ,e,.. ,. .sw -,,:,,1,,, ,V A .. E r D . s:..?es'rss Q 3 rr i K Ml.1t13H H fl f, s t- if 5'-vs , 5 - t h "k' X ' 3 -' ' if qi f ., , My V42 fi' 'ilefliifikizi' '1'E"'w at ff, 1 Mary WiSd0TI1, RIGHT, gives the old Rggie Cgfderara takes Darla L3-ne, THIRD college u-y at tape in 100-yard dash. Smooth hand-0ff from Deb- FROM RIGHT, sails in bi Newmaster. 120-yard low hurdle race. If f I rf L E S if L'WL iei' . 2 A ' 42- a ,os as f Tecumseh 's Debbie Cain hustles in 80-yard hurdles, ABOVE, I0r1i Mihura runs the Q showing typical Savagette effort to win for THS. 4-40-yard dashg RIGHT, Brenda Scott, outstanding girl track- ster, rests after running. s', I FEET, DON'T FAIL ME NOW' iiif TEC UM SEH '?- .f,., eg xl" 214 25 f 1 ,C ,Q . X W V' l --s .U TENN S Tecumseh's netters were young this year--but they took their share of triumphs. Graduation took its toll in 1976 of the netters program. But some losses this year were narrow ones: 5-4 to Choctaw and Semi- nole, for example. This was TI-IS's second year of tennis competition in modern times. f., we , I J 3 4. fit f , , t ,Jef C -my S .,, W, X !Af ' f..,f C ,.-' i f BOYS TENNIS TEAM 1977. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT, are Ricky Yates, Richard Standridge, Robert Nowlin, Steve Adkins. STANDING, jeff Scar- berry, Grant Gower, Terry McCullar, Randy Dane, Darren Ragon and Coach Coach George Snider George Snider. if ' .,,,. I .-,s ,-tfffi J-I iff, Seniors Sara Sandefur and Kari Cox won second place in the state final 2A girls doubles competition. They were each named to the South All-State team. 8 Outstanding A11-State player Sara Outstanding tennis player Jeff Scarberry shows . powerful serve that waylayed more than one iangefluiigelgiersegogiilfglcgiffq' tennis rival. BELOW, Richard Standridge and ant hu g gg Randy Dane in doubles play. me C ' if V 1 af' . -. ' x.!.5 9 QL 7 g I - , I I Y S4941 ,. v V f 'M , X af A xf 6 . xiii SEER fool: . ,Wk 74' ' 0 ,H S -1 ah- I , ,E ww -N Y xxx.. V N3 GIRLS ' SEASON 9-4,' BOY GET 8-7 YEAR GIRLS TENNIS TEAM 1977. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Sandra Shackleford, Beverly Monday, Cindy jeffcoat, STANDING, Teresa Gill, Kari Cox, Sara Sandefur and in dark glasses, Coach George Snider. After a slow start, the girls team caught fire, winning nine matches and losing only four. og Q O ner of the Young Savage ten- nis award, shows her style. RIGHT, All-State doubles champion Kari Cox slams hard-hit ball to one of her rivals. Kari was voted THS it girl "Athlete of the Year. " Coach George Snider goes over BELOW, Cindy Kingsbury smashes ball tennis match schedule with team. in a good serve while teammate Cindy Jeffcoat stands by for her turn. Terry McCul1ar shows top form as Ricky Yates scores easy point at Sandra Shackleford keeps he delivers powerful back-hand. net against rival player. eye on ball for a lob shot. x - X ! Eh.:--si siifgmelir s. .. 52.1151 -f?sf4l+'Ea.2+ QQi', Agn' ,A 1 gf' ff -,,'f,.-E?. W..,.-.--... ........ .. ,, , k . Misafir. "4 .' .. . . 0 Teresa Gill, LEFT, win , TEC UM SEH BA EBALL Savages Conference C0-Champs There 's nothing like winning to help rid coaches of the blues. "This year we started winning -- and big -- early, " smiled baseball Coach Mike Robinson of the Tecumseh Savages. 'Except for three seniors, most of our players were juniors. The seniors pushed the younger guys a little this season, and that made the difference, " Robinson said. "This was the strongest defensive team we've ever had, "pointing to A 4515: such gloves as junior shortstop Mike Crauthers. "You 've really got to hit a shot to get by him at short. " ,. Xu ' , 4, The 1977 edition of the Savage baseball team could be summed up in 'M ' -vzirxf one word: aggressive. They were a tough bunch to beat. Their reward? Co-Champions of the Star Conference. The Savages had a 9-2 conference record. A .nie Steve Moore attempts a bunt in game with Henryetta Hens ABOVE. This was one of many areas a more experienced THS teams excelled in this year. BELOW, Bobby Whitebird touches home plate for Savage tally as team- mate Bobby Pecore congratulates him. Doug McLin rounds third base after hitting second homer in the game. Coach Mike Robinson talks tight situation over with Pitcher Tommy Wilsie and first baseman Bobby Pecore. C... I I I BA EBALL - SAVAGE STYLE Q . .,,, ef? 1 - --T??i,-1.5555-iiillunin' A 'i if-gig . e Q, S f 3' S A SAVAGES SPARKLE WITH AIWAZING 22-14 SEASON "Our experienced players took us from last place in '76 to first place in the conference in '77, That shows what hustle, experience and time will do for a team, " said baseball Coach Mike Robinson of this year's team, who won 22, lost 14. Tommy Wilsie was named "Player of the Year" in the Star Conference. County All-Stars were Mike Bus- sey, Bobby Whitehead and Tommy Wilsie. Wilsie also made honorable mention on the All-State South base- ball team. Holdenville was named co-conference champs. Tecumseh 's Mike Robinson was named coach of the year in the Star Conference along with Mike Pat- terson of Holdenville. Horslng around before a game, infielders Neal Motley, Doug Mclin, Bob Wallace, Bobby Whitebird and Bobby Pecore kid new catcher Keith Cox, who later won Young Savage Award. Wallace pitched an 8-4 season, tossing a no-hitter against Choctaw and didn't lose any conference games. l TOP, Coach Mike Robinson sends Catcher Keith Cox towards home in another Tecumseh rout. BELOW, 1977 W edition of Tl-IS Baseball Team. ROW 1, LEFT TO 1 RIGHT, Tivis lessee, Mike Crauthers, Tony Miller, Doug McLin, bat girls Kaye Westervelt, Lori Magda- lena, Michelle Melot, Lori Ross, and David Dudley, jeff Hall, Neal Motley, David Tomlinson, Coach Mike Robinson. ROW 2 -- Bobby Pecore, Darren Asher, Bob , Wallace, Bob Whitebird, Tom Wilsie, Silas Hill, Mike 1 Bussey, Steve Moore, Steve Henderson, Billy Seals, Chuck Littleton, Keith Cox. Not pictured, bat girl Kay y Rutledge. l .. - ' W "'f4i"w'...Q,..-. , T I .W -4.06. .,' 1., :E .391 -' :Q N Q.. "f.,,,4,.- i, - '- f, N, .., - , -, 4 L Tecumseh baseballers practice good sportsmanship as they congratulate Henryetta Hens team following TI-IS win, 4-O behind two-hit, 15 strikeout pitching of Rob- ert Wallace. BELOW, a female player? No, it's Lori Magdalena, one of the new bat girls this year. Inci- dentally, Wallace retired 19 batters in a row against the Hens. wr' sa ,ta Q r . '12, SQ: ', ...Juv- 'ss 3 xg ." Q 'a svfi' 5 , V 'W :Q Q X SJW' Yi ,J ifv lg fl .ta r 4 J' r' Q Three ace pitchers for Tecumseh were seniors Tommy Wilsie, Mike Bussey and Bob Whitebird, all right hand- ers. They helped turn around 4-21 1976 season. Wilsie was top batter with a .423 clip. ia :Lv A I X5 '45 ffl' W fill '7 1 xii' 'X ,, ff W K5 xxmkafeilef ,f ,wwf Keith Cox enjoyed a good season W , .L ' fi 3 as catcher for the THS Savages. 3 wmv 115 YQ E , FAST BALL THE C URVE' GUTTCHAI Ace hurler Robert Wallace Senior Tommy W1ls1e uncorks Tony Miller snags ball in left lets loose Wlth tricky fast his famous curve ball field for out against enemy. AVAGE EXHIBIT P0 WER mu ,, .. 9' l I KAPOW' KABOOM! BAT GAL! y ABOVE, bat girl Kay Rutledge poses for x camera. BELOW, Bobby Pecore, Tl-IS main- , stay, readies for another home run, while l BOTTOM photo shows Coach Robinson hold 1 Steve Moore at third. 1 , V f l . RQYALTY Q V 7 J. ' , Z ,lpn . . fi f ,A, A L 'Q ' ,. 1 - f n E TROLL H SCHOOL K QUEEN U 6 My qi , r ' .I IV7 UQ!- ssnr u ,J z W ' fr " if Q- I v , fi i if f IJ w ry is if , gunna! I F 4 I I I ' Q V LKVA V find- f ' on an .11 ,af ,, , Ai 'Ti' 4, Q 3 A Q 1. 1 Al ,M if 3 5, ar? ' 'W e .4 . 1 1 v ,, ,Wi A, fr f . 1 ,, A 2 iilnt 5 V t , , f f Teresa Gill Lori Kirk junior Attendant Sophomore Attendant 1 T i A MALL WURLDI' Everyone was dressed in native dress of the world's multitude of nations as the 1977 edition of Football Home- coming unfolded in a thrilling game against Heritage I-Iall on October 1. And we won! Lori Magdalena, a. vivacious senior blonde, was pronounced Football Queen. Mike Bussey crowned the new queen. Lori and her Royal Court are X pictured below, left to right, Tommy Wilsie, Kathy Key, 1976 Queen, Flowergirl Lisa Austin, Crownbearer Cash , Tate, Mike Bussey, Queen Lori, Teresa Gill, Mike Higgins, Lori Kirk, and Bill White. , ! 45 if :B 4, iii , Q isis ,, .R M. z '1 1' i x . f 4' in ,R Q 1 My fa X I V Q 'A , ' .2 , Q Vx M, ' 1 f JY ' 1 1, '54 s-kgyyzr 5 1. eb5s,,,:,:, il ,- .. - - . . igigggafg.sHg - . K . ,1:,Mqfa4,,.:gg-, -' f f LURI MAGDALENA 1977 5 Foothill Ueen i 'S UN SHINE, LULLIPOP , A D ROSES Cindy Smith, junior Attendant PI!! 6 0 M ,r a Of ! The 1977 THS Basketball Homecoming was held on Friday night, February 4, as hundreds of alumni and students witnessed the gala event. "Sunshine, Lollipops and Roses" was the colorful theme. Miss Kari Cox, a lovely senior was crowned Basketball Queen. ABOVE, Queen Kari poses with her Royal Court, LEFT TO RIGHT, Lori Kirk, David Anderson, Bobby Pecore,' Cindy Smith, Terry McCul1ar and Debbie Cain, the 1976 Queen. Lori Kirk, Sophomore Attendant Y iq v MISS KAR1 C0 1977 Basketball Queen in Q QQ fm PRIDE OF T TH M ATM EN F lowergirls Tara and Twana Holten and Cmwnbearer Jason Couey seem to be having a lot ' Sophomore candidate Debbi of fun at festivities' jlmior candidate Teresa Gill, Newmaster, escorted by Senior escorted by Senior Ted Belshe. Mike Bussey . The 19 77 Wrestling Queen Cor- onation was held Monday night January 31. The weather out- side was cold and crisp with a tin e of snow It fit in erfectl S - P with the 'Winter Wonder1and" theme for the coronation. 9 Y BELOW, Senior Queen Barbara and her Royal Court pose for photo- graph. LEFT TO RIGHT are Debbi Newmaster, Mike Bussey, Teresa Gill, Ted Belshe, Barbara Rut- ledge, Alan Bennett, Terri Strau- ghan Houck, 19 76 Wrestling Queen and Senior escort Bill White. A 'lf 9.1 DU' mf? 15 A gl QA, A 2 ww ,.., ,Q .- .. .. ,,, MISS BARBARA RUTLEDGE 1977 A Wrestling Queen Q -2 f -i - --if - -7-1 OWNSEND 1977 BAND QUEEN Brenda Wood Senior Candidate Fi, if" Ax? I .4 Cindy Kingsbury Sophomore Candidate 'EVERYTHINGKS' COMI G UP ROSES' Martha Townsend, 1977 Band Queen, THIRD FROM LEFT, poses with Royal Court following her Coronation. With her LEFT TO RIGHT are Cynthia Kingsbury, Mike Zuker, Sandy Whitehead, outgoing queen, Alan Timperley, Brenda Wood, Andy Tefertiller. Mike Ealey, not pictured, escorted the new queen. The theme: "Everything 's Coming Up Roses. " A capacity crowd witnessed one of the year's gala events. " 2600062-0 fx if f 5 5. Q 5 HYSELIQ 1977 gui lf .,,, N X li Qf2ff?5!E,I,'55lf3f "I W Q f, iii 1231? A V iii k az? ff 1 Er1'3fu,, it "1 ,21.Ef' ..., sf' ' 2. . . , ..,.. ,c,. if his f W bf Q u'S1'Q"' f-A by ,wif .X pa W 1 . gfcgr . r S' , A Ag R W vi 'F " x H , ii M 11 ACTI ITIE 1 L I 1 Q, ' Og O ,fs 00,01 'QQ f ,3' xii' AA vo? QQ E J . , f ,lu g I , A I lvfG46w' ' xllq 1 4 "' ,I 3,4 ca..-1.1 fs f ...4,f..j"!La ' 4ff:'1f."xf 2' V' . ,. 0.6. Tj- u,Q SENIOR BACCALA U REATE Services for Senior Baccalaureate were held in the THS gymnasium on Sunday, May 15, 1977. lt was a special occasion -- one which filled us with pride and the sudden realization we REALLY were graduating at last. The Rev. George Snider, pastor of the Asher Church of Christ and a biology instructor at THS, delivered the Senior Sermon. He asked us "to work honestly to fulfill our dreams. " The Rev. Ronnie Hurst of the Tecumseh Pentecostal Church of God and Father Michael Roethler, president of Saint Gregory's College in Shawnee, gave the invocation and the benediction. The THS band played "Credence" and "Pomp and Circumstance, " and the High School Chorus sang "The Truth Shall Make You Free" and "The World Is Yours. " Supt. Alva Melot and high school Principal jim Mi- hura were also on the program. The Rev. George Snider makes a significant point to seniors. 15 . V,- FHS ' 3 . X f ' ll -t , me p t r .rf f I fl ' fl ,, ATM 1 Nr N0 WX li K L- ga 31 I, ,-L' ' , fl SX mix ? Nil yi '45 " iff? re fag: 41 xx I""-1 . H.- COMME CEME T DAY MAY 15, 1977 Commencement: a day that we had awaited hun- ' ' dreds of school days. Here it was. Our loved ones, I dy , V V, me-, gif . A ,, V . friends, teachers. . . all had come to see us graduate E'x ' Q- fl f' this memorable day of days. If f H , E32- f "i'i W . We joked and kidded around below and west of the W, ,,,. ' Tv 'fi 'Q 'jj football stadium, just like seniors before had done. V- . 1' f 'WI , -A Q- L Some of us had lumps in our throatsg some were happyg , V' f' ,. .ff by ' some were secretly afraid of the future, and some were 3334 2. AA VV , I' 1 unbelieving this magic hour had arrived. It seemed on- A ., ' A V, -' . . V fr' ly yesterday we were in the first grade, learning to I I V i w V scribble wobbly and incoherently. ' 1 X ' "' ' f V The high school band played the processional and "V, 3 ' Q 1 'ZA' ' iiiiii , . in we marched. The Rev. james Wright of the First QV VVV1 l A 1 Ai K' Vw ' . ' Y 'mf Baptist Church gave the invocation. Salutatori an Ian- pl 'QAA . fda M V - W , ette Elliott spoke, then Supt. Alva Melot introduced N W "" V. 1 Larry Derryberry, attorney general of Oklahoma, who lf . was our guest speaker. ' ' . Teresa Harrison delivered the valedictory, then Principal Jim Mihura presented us to Mr. William "Bill" Straughan, president of the board of educadon, who presented more than 100 of us with our coveted diplomas. The Rev. Bill Roberts of South Rock Creek Church of Christ gave the benediction. It was an evening never to fade from our memory. TRI EN DS ' During the most beautiful time of our lives in the days of youth and forgotten memories. I return to the past and I see. . .you. You were always there, eager to care, Someone with whom to share my personal triumphs and silent tears. You were gifted with the ability to give, not only to take. I know your innermost thoughts and feelings as you know mine. . . But, my friend, people grow older as I know We must. We will grow apart and live our separate lives When I am content to sit and recall your years in T .H . S . I will remember you. . . as my friend. On the speaker's stand were, LEFT TO RIGHT, W. L. "Bill" Straughan, president of the board of education, Principal jim Mihura, Attorney General Larry Derryberry, the Rev. james Wright, the Rev. Bill Roberts, and Supt. Alva Melot. Valedictorian Salutatorian Teresa Harrison Janette Elliott 133 Q., .- V A-.y ..:2x. . slqfzzfilgwgzfe, nw ay V: ,M gig - 4 , M-.Qf,,z N . Qu M 4 ff GG? 1 any we: "' " af 1 my L fa " , - f f .5 , ,U .HM ..,, . 'xx x an .35 , , Y .im-.... N , 5, , Mf...-.?,f, Q5 , gi Q 'f ' La, - N- -. ,', '5 . ,,,, 'if , . azwzsv X- uf.. - - . 56-my . 2? 3 1 .V Q -5 A ,..,. .-f-.,,,,,,,,,, D . 1,,.w,,,,h.,, ., ' W'-ff--my .1 J a...,,,' H L, . V ,,, .fg532ii1,g1:iF-1,74 . f 14 '11 Vliuifziilff-f W g ...fr N 95,3 Q f Q E55 ew ' - aj ,L,, V' Li ii' ff- A V 9.55 TSM lr WW , 'QQ -S ---f ,, Q ' V 5 l . M , A- ww - A . '0 , ' . . A f 'S' f:'11'fi fQ,LLZ'T 9 ': 'm" '49..,,f- ms,"-Q - aff ci i - - w ,ft ' ' I , AE . Y L59 ff!! N F5 .., b L1 A ., 5 ' iw' fi? ilk P Q. If' , ggf ' 2 5 , , K .. J., A A Hr 'AY' L , ,If ,L , ' ' N' M ' ,, ..,, N i 1 M K i , I ,,, , ...nv EVA ,Ma 41 5 ls ?,. ,W ,,,,, 5 fununug Si x x 'P 'THE TOP TE l W l l as L as "TOP TEN SENIORS, CLASS OF '77, " This year, several TI-IS seniors tied in their four-year grade point average. Thus, 12 seniors were named to the top of the graduating class. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, Sheryl Ann Kingsbury, Debra Sue Phillips, Terri Lynn fBaldwinj Lawson, Deborah fNew'tonj Jennings, Robert Gene Bentley, Deborah Ann Webb, Teresa Deone Harrison Qvaledictorianj, Janette Carol Elliott Qsalutatorianj. ROW 2, joseph Alan Sevy, Tammy Lorraine Fugett, Alan Herbert Timperley, Tommy Wilsie. Formally dressed arch bearers lead way to commencement as standing- 'il t, room-only audience looks on. .. ' W L I Supt. Alva Melot introduces guest Guest speaker was Larry Derry speaker for commencement. berry, Attorney General of Oklahoma. l m m, fi I Graduates-to-be gossip behind fence at football stadium prior to commencement exercises. 9 Mr. Moring and ever faithful THS band plays beautiful music for commencement audience. . . 'F' . 'ft 4, fr w f I v ..,, .,., , x ffl Y? 1' 1 - ,- ff . H "f as : A'-i ' if 2 mf I 1 - its-frffnk . .- ff' "Pew: I. 4. -. Jr- ,fs -,, , qw- . -at I I I 5. I ,, A .3 .. ' .. mth ' ,Q I .295 if "' Q ' ,,""f7fi3f' A 61 , Q ,.. is . , 4,61 1 , vu: . V'QgJV5kkQ:t.yd r p ? a ff . as 64 -lif e , f 1 ' s 1 g' ' 'N l 5 ' I 7 'a.i'3 'i v" "Q: V - ,. ' ml u 'K i ' .-, , ' s I I- Q I I3-it-ez! sg, IWW E g ,api ,tx I 5' 4 in ' V J ,.,f ,., ' Wifi if , I it I rw . lvRvx51::""N""il ' at lx H ' V , I in K in .. ,ar--.,g 1 Valedictorian Teresa Harrison and Salutatorian Janette Elliott lead '77 class to seats. BELOW, roses in hand, happy, delirious grads march through arches of roses after exercises. ff' HIGH ggi- E: CHUOL ? S N -1- When as a freshman first I came Into these spacious halls of fame Great was the awe that filled my mind, Wept I for the eight grade left behind. Then came a teacher stern and tall Saying, "Don 't stand there in the hall -- You should be working at your lessons now. " Thus I began my great career In our old High, In our old High With teachers true and schoolmates dear, We'll sing three cheers for our dear old high. -- Chorus --- Oh, high school days, how dear to me! So free from care, so full of glee, Our truthful hearts in song we raise And troubles leave for future days! -2- Come to the class rooms now with me And the results of labor see, Algebra, Latin, English too History, Science ever new. Here we learn to paint or draw Work with a hammer and a saw Or cook a dainty meal for you and me -- And if we do not walk just so Or turn our head, or Wink an eye, Then to the office we must go And beg to stay in our dear old High -- Chorus -- -3- Now to the gym we turn our mind Where all our athletes brave we find, Playing a speedy, skillful game Adding new laurels to our fame. Here we see boys and girls galore Throwing at baskets from the floor, While others choose the diamond or the track Here come the giants, s'u'ong and tall, And very spry, so very spry! With goal and touchdown conquering all -- The football squad or our dear old High! -- Chorus -- fy 1: Weir! STZ2' I Ten lovely beauties of Tecumseh High School vied for the coveted title of Miss Frontier Days. Among the contes- tants were, LEFT TO RIGHT, Teresa Harrison, Kim Martin, Joni Mihura, Karen Cearley and Kim Clemens. ' K at as F FRU 'l 'I R DA Y S PARAD E l "'Fif!-F Many Tl-IS students, as well as elementary students, paraded in the L3 'F-,L if 'if' huge Frontier Days Parade in downtown Tecumseh on Saturday, May 28. a , V f - ai Miss Frontier Days was featured in the parade. She was senior Teresa , ' gl , , 'A Harrison. First runner-up was Desiree Davidson and Kim Clemens was - - . , I Q named Miss Congeniality. They were featured in parade, too. Miss Frontier Days '77 gives crowd sample of her Winsome smile. She was also valedictorian of her class-- with perfect "A's. " More Tecumseh High School beautiful Coeds competing for the Miss Frontier Days tjtle were, LEFT TO RIGHT, Mary Wisdom, Desiree Davidson, Tracey Miller, Jayne Garner and Tammra Mankin. Miss Davidson won ru.nner- up title. , ,n C K ,a 1 ,,, , , j'l",,0 1 40.--2: it 1 gags . W, if 'H ".'3:w' .fhvfwi 'We-g?.,:. i ' ' mt., .- ' .1 , 7' fm: ' ,1 Best Personality GINGER ABERNATI-IY and MIKE TUCKER Most Likely To Succeed JOE SEVY and TERESA HARRISON Best All-Around DEBBIE BRANSON and MIKE HIGGINS SENIORS ELECT THEIR FAVORITE XXX Mr. 495 Miss THS BARBARA RUTLEDGE and CHRIS POOL Best Dressed JAMIE LANCE and JEFF PERRY ,sqm ., E t ., 5 V Q,M., A .4",-I 7 4 4 . 4 1 1 .w""" ma Wittiest PAT UPTON and BRENDA woon Friendliest GREG BUCKMASTER and SARA SANDEFUR WHO' WHO AROU DTH Most Talented IANICE BAKER and BILL WHITE if Af, x Most Popular TERRI I-IOLT and JEFF SCARBERRY . li Cutest TOMMY WILSIE and SANDY SEHON :V i KW A an , 5 WWW '77 HOME EC STYLE SHOW s 545' A N Four seniors, Denise Hamilton, Sara Sandefur, Teresa Harrison and joy Emceeing "Easter Parade '77" Kelly, have fun showing off the kiddie fashions they created. were Lexi Magdalena and Debbie 1 Webb. 'EASTER PARADE '77' HIGHLIGHTS FASHIONS A large audience almost filled the Tecumseh High School auditorium this year to view lastest fashions and creations of various Home Ec classes. Girls modelled as if they were professionals. Perhaps the hit of the style show was the many kids, who wore fashions made by students. With pride we cut cloth from dozens of patterns, then turned to thread, buttonholes, hemming and trusty sewing machines to turn out our masterpieces. It was fun, educational--and we got some beauti- ful clothes to wear! I ft -f.,, eff --gQ.if.a WALKING IN FRONT OF BIG AUDIENCE are 8th grade students Tina Clark, Rhonda Fare and Donna Fisher. Seems as though you're never too young to leam sew- ing and making your own slacks, dresses and tops. Mrs. McDonald did a good job teaching us. f rrrr ABOVE, freshrnen Connie Burton, Leslie Magdalena, Phyliss Trice and Darla Lane show off their chic out- fits. BELOW, accompanying children they have made creations for are juniors Debbie Greenlee, Sharon Min- chew, Cindy Kieffer, Trudy Bedwell and Sandy Sigman. 1 Kelly Loveless was big hit with comedy skit on the "modern housewife. " Susan Ely played the music for this years Home Ec style show. Eighth graders look very fashionable as they model their Easter Parade of fashions. LEFT TO RIGHT are Laura Harwell, Angie Thompson, Terese Rider, Paula Love, Kelly Bowan, Sheila Stansell, Natalie Wood and Tammy Stone. Seniors Sandy Sehon and Kim Mar- tin surprise Mrs. Clyde Ruth McDon ald, home economics instructor, with lovely gift. Mrs. McDonald completed 20 years at Tl-IS. ABOVE, appreciative audience files out of auditorium following fashion show. BELOW, more models dis- play their nice-looking dress and sports wear. JU I OR-SEN I UR BA Q U ET ,77 'WISHES' juniors Ricky Starks and Risa Trahan have a good time reading the "Prophecy" to the audience. Lovely senior Janice Baker entertained with an appropriate song: "You Are So Beautiful. " Enjoying all the sumptious food they can eat are Mike Higgins and Joni Mihura at cafeteria line. HOLIDAY INN SETTING FOR REMEMBER WHENS, FINAL SENIOR WILL Date: 9 April, 1977 Place: Holiday Inn, Shawnee Time: 7 p. In. That was the setting for this year's gala Jtmior-Senior Banquet, which was attended by almost every member of the two classes. The theme was "Wishes, " which went like: I wish you health I wish you wealth I wish you gold in store I wish you heaven after death What could I wish you more? LaDonna Crow and john McMahan can hardly contain themselves as they deliver the "Remember Whens. " n -lla-.41.'1 .!'. 1, .1 SENI ORS, J UNI ORS ENJOY FUN, FRI VOLI T Y SENIOR COLORS: Blue and Green SENIOR MOTTO: Tomorrows never come Yet we must be on our way Yesterdays are gone But we still have today Senior Wills caused many chuckles as Seniors Bill White and Teresa Harrison somehow managed to stop laughing and deliver them. Senior Tommy Wilsie delivers Senior "Thank You. " Danny Ledford leads benediction. BELOW, Holiday Inn in Shawnee. BELOW, photo gives good idea of number of hungry and well-dressed juniors and seniors who turned out for gala event. Formals and tuxedos were order of the day, it seemed. Z ,V ' ,ff Yi . ll 9 - 1. 1,1 In K ' 'fn f ' 'r -1-fill-5925r'14F4:'Nf'N"'Q"f"3''??f'i5'2"TFi3351.-.2"i'5'l " K 'mlyfi' ' fu-7 73575 v '5 1' Miz' L W5 '- V- -e's -s -,.w.......-- ,, Q 1 My .f is .1 -C57 Q W' M I I hrfaw ------ K e,i: ,,rV K, ., Q - . 3 , , 1 .K . ge- ,....-J-""' 4. x X 1 , . I 1 ' ' 1 , a , . 5 0 5? 6 K 2 L "lie, EEE, . ayfyn' 5 -fl ln, C123 4 1 ' Q Tommy Wilsie, LEFT, poses with THS Outstanding Boys Athlete Trophy and Outstanding Baseball Player Award, while Kari Cox holds THS Outstanding Girls Trophy and Tennis Award as Oklahoma All-State selectee. Teresa Harrison, RIGHT, holds Gary Guinn Trophy and Outstanding Girl Basketball Award. Bill White smiles as Coach Paul Sternberger ALL- PORT BA QUET ,77 Coach Bob Avery presents jay Watkins with Out- standing Boys Basketball Award. BEST ATHLETES OF THS HONORED FOR ABILITIES BY THEIR COACHES The scene for the 1977 All-Sports Banquet for Te- cumseh High School athletes was the OBU Student Cen ter. The Pep Club girls had decorated the walls with uniforms of the various sports represented. Also, in front of each coach was a shoe and flower, the shoe signifying the sport the coach headed. Winning Young Savage awards outstanding effort were Joni Mihura, girls basketball, Keith Cox, base- ball, Teresa Gill, tennis, Margaret Murrell, track, Steve Clark, track, Bobby Pecore, basketball, Randy Gilbert, wrestling, and Mark French, football. Tommy Wilsie, winner of many awards this year is presented Outstanding Baseball Award by Coach awards him the Matt Brown Memorial Award- Mike Robinson. Wilsie was "Conference Player of BELOW, Coach Ken Praytor presents Mike Bussey Year H and named tO,POtt County Au'Star South Outstanding Wrestler Award. uf' pe , 1' , 'S' " Q, ,'t'-1 ' . A 2:9 team, along with Mike Bussey. Z ics 5- .NY-1 .vain ,xfw 1, Head cheerleader Lori Magdalena surprises pep club sponsor Mrs Jeanne I-Iargis, with a gift. Loolcing on are cheerleaders Debbie Webb Sara Sande fu.r, Barbara Rutledge, Teresa Gill and Terri Holt. WAR SONG Sing the war song of old Tecumseh, Raise your golden banners high. Tell again the old story Of the deeds and days gone by, rah rah rah Once more ye sons and daughters, We '11 rally at our call, And we'll fight, fight, fight for old Tecumseh And victory o'er all! Senior Kari Cox, winner of Outstanding TI-IS Girl Athlete award, is happy as Coach Charles Dudley presents her with a trophy. BELOW, Pep Club Buddy Mike Higgins gets genuine kiss from cheerleader Terri Holt. ugnqv""x BOYS CHRLS TATE Representing Tecumseh High School at Boys State and Girls State were six boys and two girls. They served honorably. Laurie Hulin and Sandy Sigman attended Girls State at East Central Okla- homa State University in Ada. Attending Boys State at North- eastern State University at Tahle- quah were Steve Clark, Tim Holt Merritt Roberts, Ricky Stasyz en, john Belshe, and Mark French. At Ada, 416 girls from over 200 state high schools heard Fifth District Congressman Mickey Ed- wards speak on "Americanism, " and also heard Gov. David Boren, Lt. Gov. George Nigh, Attorney General Larry Derryberry and Ok- lahoma City Mayor Patience Lat- ting. Boys boths and girls leanred a great deal about local, state and national government. if f 4 .M N -.,-it . I. Q' Rl Qi ,1 R I JPN' ga 5. ff. if it r sf fi TWT, im' A ,----- T A T L B U X H Some of the Boys and Girls Staters who gave oral reports about their ex- periences at the American Legion pot luck supper for them june 20 were FRONT, John Belshe and Steve Clark, and BACK ROW, Laurie Hulin, Sandy Sigman and Carla McLin. Carla is from Macomb but was also sponsored by the Tecumseh American Legion post and the Macomb YHO. The girls said Lt. Gov. George Nigh was their favorite speaker. L, I vi f . K k f . i n K C-:S AQ ' ,. , X My , . ' 1 ' If f 'P I I 3 , L ' I . .,,-:.,,:,j9 ex yillir, I Telling of their Girl State experiences at a Tecumseh ' Business and Professional Women's Club dinner were , -- Laurie Hulin, SECOND FROM LEFT, who was sponsored .5 by the BPW, and Sandy Sigman, sponsored by the Tec- ' umseh American Legion Auxiliary. PICTURED WITH , THEM are Violet Humphrey, LEFT, president of the BPW and LEFT, Anna Marie Brown, of the Tecumseh t American Legion Auxiliary. Mrs. Brown was editor of the Girls Stater, newspaper for the girls. Boys State representatives from THS were, LEFT TO RIGHT, Merritt Roberts, Steve Clark, Tim Holt and Ricky Stasyszen. Tim was a police judge, and Steve and john Belshe, NOT IN THIS PICTURE, were state representatives and on the agriculture committee. Merritt Roberts was in Arkansas and did not get to report his experiences. Not pictured are John Belshe and Mark French. JUNIOR HIGH :s""'-.li ff, I ,' ffn f ., AY 1 f X 'TI' W-' 0: f M f , X5 ' ,f. if ' K, X X , Xlxs XXX .A l YM , 8TH GRADE N , ,M - -,aw-'ckyw' V, , 5 , , L,.. .. W,,. , , .V Q, ,.,, , . W M, J we ffff N, 5 ,M Av, W, . , V r, ,., . A e ' ,Man an .aaar- rw F RX, . ellll Students spill out of jmmior High School following another busy day of learning of the more advanced 3-R's. B. ii,i h A i h , r M o R if f e u ii' H N- W ' . " ,V , - L, ' , B , aff, ref, sy aQf , ef, fire wa Whwfw kwrf, .Vik jg 55 2 9 I I A I I -,,,. A A , 'I . g. HSA. A 'W . 4521! L fu I, - H , " ' G , , 3 G V, " i 1 1 'fl A 1 .. , li hiih i n ' v a J 5 -V 'bi' Q .'fYwCf'a.affi'd a hho , - bi. h VV ' I .. V 7 he ,7 W' W ka 'X " 'A - A Hi' e L u 1 at 1 W zih t 11, , ' f' ' ' W . 4 , I y I ,. Q In :.1, 5.4. "N ,J WV, 4+ F ,xi ,K - 1 f ROW 1 - Terry Abernathy, Terry Allen, Billy Amerson, Dana Asher, Terri Austin, Phil Barnes, Rodney Beaver, Jody Black, Tina Blackwell. ROW 2- Terry Blankenship, Kelly Bowen, Lisa Bowen, Don Brown, Roger Broyles, james Brown, jeff Brown, Sharon Brown, Jay Burris. ROW 3 - Kathy Carderara, Mary Carter, Robert Caskey, Paula Chamblin, Mark Cheatwood, Tina Clark, julie Coatney, Mark Cole, Darrell Cook. wi f . .-'. ' Fi. ,'.:Qf.:' . I 1 i. , , , aaa aa ahana an efa 'A' T6,w Mag? -fr X, an , ' y y wy y af a , W if 'f fv-' f - :rw , f -1 ' - ' .Q , Y , M, ,il ' , V . I E A,r.1A 3 1 , M 'A:" AMW EWV 3 A V L , A V 1 , ,,., G, ww ZIAA' it 4 y m , Q ,I llia ,, 1111 ' zz, - - .V . A A A , , Q , 1 2' E ,. V V I v vbf 1 'Q V 1 L, f f , , f.L. 'JZ' ,YI A4 Tow ,bw ' in 12 .Q A . .L E: v. ROW 4 - Donna Craig, Lisa Dabbe, LaDonna Darby, Danna Davis, jim Deatherage, Randall Deatherage, Charles Drake, Susan Ely, Donald Essary. ROW 5 - Rhonda Fare, james Fire, Donna Fisher, Connie Flick, Neil Frankovich, Tracy Fruit, Ginger Garretson, Peter Gates, Ronald Gilbert. ROW 6 - Wayne Haddox, Mike Hales, Christy Haley, Sam Hardin, Paige Hargis, Lauri Harwell, Larry Higgs, Clayton Hollingshead, Teresa Howell. gym Q 21- nns ,M ara ,Q R P? Q 'K 1. 1 , . 'sb' Q L ' I .WVVVR K 1 . : A ,, It H x K ,xr w ,, V i fl, . 1 , 4 ' 5 Q5 'si , ' -, - V . Y , .,. ' , I ' XT f e , 31 9 1 2 ef r . naw M 2 , M l E i l me 'fa 2 if M ' an f e , k 4 , , 9 a N' Ez , Lff, r , is A K 1: 1 4 I A ng s pf I A 7' P .41 t f e, ., l, Q . , V, ,, H -,., I Q he ' - ' W A f f J 1 "' ' 'I I ' , , RFQ K " ' ' - 'A 5 ,fl F A ' A Q 'V V5 A Q, 4,1 ,,,, ii, 5,173 X I 1 pk ' W MU '-' ,, fl Y if f , Sw. 'ill' ws- ,S MM 4' 1,-. W a. , '11 K r ' gf ' t, ' 'L . - ,,' .. . if is . X ' V. . - 5 .. . ' Q - i .W 5 - ff: 1' .rec K, ,, W: 1 , ', - , ' 12 6 ' ,, ' fi. U" , 1 . - - f ' 1 ' -' " F "Q . 4 -r" ial - , , " f..,3"' +V u 4 , fig , f ww , ',f U Q ' L ilf ' ef R sfhgliiiii a NnX i , , gfL?,5 n 1 ICS' , x?2'::' gi, R A -Y! A Q if eu Y N, ii X5 ""M'3i. 5 1 x f X f 1 ef ig i ,,, ai.. sb Q k i s - l, 1 . ,,x, W an R fi? .V S. P , ' ' , P , S f T elf f . . . " in f T Q Q ltt t S J ,ii ii 'Q T - ' I V V 1 X.,g t i .1-ef t ,1 K k,L- . , it -. I V ',. J y I In Z S' -T - - ls - ,Nw "'N ,.-t - we U , LA" i 1, 4 ,.l, f x ROW 1 - Tony Hulin, Vincent johnson, Ray jenna Kidney, Clifford Kieffer, Greg Love, Paula Love, Tommy Mag- dalena, Patti Martin, Randall Martin. ROW 2 - Darla Matthews, Larry Mauk, Tracy Melot, Tim Montgomery, Doug McGirt, Toni McLesky, Kelly Mclioud, Craig McKnight. Mitch McLin. . . T d"ii e J 1 P E . .P T R T .Q . V TP i f T " 2' f i W "' R l - yt 3 is T no ,,, 1 , ii' eerire 1 1? S 3 A, 6, w by Q. gr , ' i ,I , .,. ..,- iii I Q ' 1 " '-1 ' '. fi: '. - l f: an 4 R i 1 A teei .5 292. A Q ,'S iii? P il at r ,i at Q r 4. 'Q ,Q .r ix f 3 R X , ig W' we ' X f' fr .r fi ff' A Y ,ig . My,riu,,,,M. . fl! 1 A f Qxke im X : Y it if mm f yi I A . f 1 '41 , . -' . . A 'iip-,ir " it Lt., 1 H I lb., A K . . . g ,iw l . AQ' N ROW 3 - james Neal, Susan Newman, Steve Nievar, Matthew Nix, james Oldham, jonell Owen, Jeff Potter, Ken- neth Price, Mike Pritchard. ROW 4 - Kim Prewett, Billy Reeves, Ricky Reeves, Steve Reid, Terese Rider, Buddy , Rogers, Linda Ryan, Janice Scarberry, Tim Scarberry. Q .N i 3, ,f i he VV , X f -J N, iv is V ' Ig gi, I K X C R 4 if ttii 1 "W 7' 1 Y t 1 ," l Y ' N,., K 1, i'i' ' I -1 iik it gr' .2 it 3 l i .L ez: i fl -Q3 '- Q :tb ' wg ,, .3 , lfiii L g r 1,1304 gm T ' ' e -11 5" "",, , 'Lis i'.'ii if f ' if A Q Q EM R I , ' is I ,tei 'S T T S .L Q .r ,, N .. Li .,'v , ': !L3Q'g',g:: ij 3 - , - I L L -it ,Ae L if 4 ' - ,ww ' Q ' mmf Lf xii' ' , , Q' ' Cixi Q 11:5 it e" ii" il I' ff :fi ' ' 'ie 49' -- W ' " - l - li .- .- .- I 1 Q I '- ,..b' iff ' ' ' ii 'A t X f n, di .ii zz.: ..,W mr 1 Q 6 ,L A Z., ik, Q :V "' M, K I 1 yn - K4 V, U wg? N .. , 1- 3 :JS , , t '.aa, 4 F ai, ag T i Q - ROW 5 - Debbie Scott, Kathy Seals, Terry Shirey, jeff Sigman, Penny Simms, Susan Sisney, Donita Smith, Shelia Stansell, Steve Hill. ROW 6 - Beverly Stith, Tammy Stone, Robin Stricklin, Angie Thompson, Debbie Tipton, Chuck Tootle, Frances Topping, Ron Vanderburg, Pam Vickery. ROW 7 - Fred Villines, Janet Walker, Randy Wallace, Iwanna Whitebird, Linda Wiggins. ROW 8 - Robert White, Mark White, Brenda Willison, Sherri Wittman, ' Natalie Wood if W I Physical Education break-time! ...r ggi X 1, Qs K Q . , Z .ffm ,E E xi Y . n , . I pu 2. T kay 5, ' A im 'fr .N , ,,,, A Iii N, 'V f f t ix H ',,,:r , ff ,,, ,- ,-., , ,,,h, I ,, 311 I riff A, .Y R ai 1 M 'v A 5 3 nm ' AV i J fl lx .,,, ii 4 W 1 .'-sf ' xg- ff iff N ,i , , . ,, . X TH GRADE This grade is harder than the 6th! ! ! ' V 1 9 K ,QL ,Q K Z If ' ,A 3. 1. .h I ' W 6 S fi i V V A F F F h'AA at I F. A S , ,wi l K fu. . i 2,1 . I r g Ykgylk V. 'W , ,L if ,,'.,, N . . W ,, F f hhhh is i ' , - f i"l . ,y f 4 I V i n ' ' " V, , ,A V, mt, E it ,,. r , gg' ma, ,H F - m t ' U ., ,' 'P ,i . -E ' V' it f eds- - ,vga W , .at e ' , , , W, , - , , 1 lf' . , ,:.- 1 ' 'UM " K - X . - f ' -4' ' W' firlzk f ' 1 mmg, 1, l. , ' ' X, ' e ,rw l an E 2 V I ,, .,f' I i . "L V xiii' A -'Yr ,L ' f. ,ff , ' .. V L . B , ,Fl ,H V, ,V., , , , ROW 1 - Don Alexander, Rae Lynn Anderson, Steven Bade, Tammy Barnes, Donnie Bass, Randy Bellamy, Rodney Beaver, Shirley Bennett, Daniel Bentley. ROW 2 - Bobbie Botkin, james Bowen, Charles Bowln, Gary Brown, Glen Brown, Mike Brown, Ricky Buckmaster, Robert Burns, Bill Butler. ROW 3 - Kathy Caudill, Tamara Childers, Anita Claborn, Cindy Clark, Raymond Clark, Kelly Clemens, jose Colon, Susie Colon, Steve Coker. ', V' I ' pak . -- ' k ' 1 4, 4 Q1 'Q 3 7 f , as ' . 3 , Sheff- f'e,,' t ff rvi 1 , F fr as , , , ,y no R . ,, i RL S va K F . it il- ' I u v x ' ' my 5 . , ,al ' my , ey 'lfx K 1 , W, f . 1 ,,,, 1 J ,LQ . . gi, I ,, ,ig S Q W ,S it ' W 1 f ' yaat ,, , A my :":, , 9 H12 I F . V ,, 1,. ,i V 51 . , n A J I 5 ,.- .5 tw 5 V, ' -' I V W l ,R e gl't"Wa.., - 'isa G4 D Hi!!5ii55fii'g?3't F 2, S xiii of 5 Zh' , ' V' Q- , I ' - an 2 -' .: I rf., in I 'VV , Q. ' 1 I ge' .-"', ,4 .4 Ni t Q F , ,?t,! Wrrhkr , ji' 4 L ,f I, ki, is 'B . A, I I " ,b,. L .V , F " 'ff f, 1 F ' H , W.l" ' ,JMB 'J N 'fi' 4 V R kxlw' r' V' ' ' 41 ,"' 'A ' A Y ' fii f 'mf - ml u ff " , H 4 ROW 4 - Holly Cole, Debbie Copeland, Pamela Cooper, Kurt Cox, Brett Cranford, Karen Crow, mings, Ronda Da.nner, Bobby Darby. ROW 5 - Harold Deatherage, Chariss Dennis, jerry Dodson, Larry Earls, Nadine Farrow, Ross Fisher, Rhonda Flowers, Steve Floyd. ROW 6 - Melissa Fowler, Tommy Cum- Steve Dudley, Garion Fuller, Rofail Gentry, Rosie Gorum, Tony Gorum, Edward Gray, Darren Hamilton, Daniel Herrell, Karla Hooser. 1 it ,Je , r, ,ii ' A - .- - R , W iin ,,,a an yllt an f ' F .S W , F S a ' R ' S A ai ". .13Q:,f,,g,.,,, Lrk ,,,. A , . , 'f ' A, , I ' . f ,L ' ' 2,151 1 .,.f www' , , V, 4,,,,L',m in f I 'Mis .-H i sf' Li, K, 6 ,, 1 is AW K bk ' 6 5, in , g 325, J S , ji, Z, V V, Vi, 54, I Vi, ,Jia A ,Q I . ., .,,, f. , ,,. E . if i" 5 f' 1 A I M V' ' R R3 2 1 A ' ln l M N , if ' s f , I N A A-N m y gli ' h i ,al ,xii .I Vr ' K in Y 9 ii W if B 'st N Y ,X X 1,1-sh-L A In Q i , GQ Q 1 X nrnn ' J , SY, 1 . 1 Y V1 ,J ' V ff - , wi X S " W ... t ' S t asa Y - 2 no fx r r ' ' . if ii S , S . , B : B . ' 1 '- it B M Y . :" H 'W S mt 1.1: K , V A ,-5 t 1fv Q , , Q , . ,V i , Q31 X, ROW 1 - Bec Hu hes, od Hughes, effl-I barger, Sha la ohnson, Trac ohnson, Carla Kieffer, Eddie Kidne , S Y Y Y Y Y Lisa Kingsbury, Sulyne LaVal1ey. ROW 2 - Kenny Ledford, Coy Long, Diane Lynn, Kenneth Martin, Patti McGir1:, Frances McMahan, Doug McSperritt, Kenneth Montgomery, Sonya Morris. s E ' , , fl L' 4, ll .,-' if K 'ilk ' S - f x F50 MW W , , N- 5, ' f. , , ,:, K L ,mf ya - H - 1 1- ' X 1 'YE : M if fi A ,Qin ff ,.s ' 'K 1- - Q' 2: Q- 51 ' T u f' ' s 5,3 - v, Avnze p, W rj ' V V1 I 1 -gh ,A ,I Q r . ku ,S f M Y ' n - N ' ,I ,Q . ki , -,safe 1. ' L LVLK: . Y ' ' f ,, , , . sw ,Q ,W -vw SSW 4 J A , f , K H l Q.. 4, S 3 w A E Q, N A is 2, S ,Ka 5 -. f va 4, H pg, E We , WN FN' Y X M! 1 if 'P' ' as my X V2-LN si Q fi S X is x k 5 x 1 Y gk .1 Rf 34, 3' e ,gi tk .id - ,gg,:, .,:11L,, . pf ' I K Z, ttf! ,f t A ,L ., , ROW 3 - Carrie Moudy, jill Napier, jeff Nicholas, Teresa Norton, Lori O'Dell, Lela Olive, LaQuita O'Neal, Tammy Parson, jesse Payne. ROW 4 - Dawn Ramsey, john Reed, Jerry Reeves, Karen Reeves, Brad Richardson, Teresa Rowton, Mark Ryan, Elizabeth Scott, Mary jane Seawright. we , rsssi - B Y . g irssr f r ' ri no .snn fi Q A t fv- S , if i ' S 2 or , X? J . I , Q it x . A. ,EQ ,Q k.., V Nw, , . ,K Q L ,K . L . 4 ,, N ,, - a yntt R i S 'Q Y Y , ii li ,ap p J Q . , . ,' , I 3 Qgt , i I , Vik., ip , . . ssii I S S 1' le R 1 4- B S , 1 zefgii .: . R VY' .. W A Q as Q ,X , 1 , A, , , ... , 1255? hge X Y fr f Y ' Y X N -"'i . f B ROW 5 - Tammy Simon, jeff Sparks, Marilyn Staff, LaLu'ie Stafford, Robbie Stasyszen, Michelle Sweaney, Kim Swearingen, Mike Tate, Steve Tipton. ROW 6 - Ronnie Trindle, Neal Trobaugh, Doffard Walker, Doug West, Sammy White, Christy Whitehead, johnny Wiggins, Ray Wills, Bobbie Winstead. ROW 7 - Mark Withrow, Mike Yates, Duane York. ROW 8 - Bobby Young, Brenda Young, Kristie Young. Q. , .V X , n A xi' l' v 91. 7+ 2 f LV i x--.:'a-jgw ' " W-ii. . jk ,ix ' , i :S ' " '-' 3' ., ' - ' y A 45 22 wif? ' M 53,2 23' 1 5.33. ,Q X4 V . .. iff ,ff Q X M A 'ix Q. f-im' . Q 1. 'T K 1 i 2 - ' fi ,.,, ' .sf A B 'i , -w - 151 FRESHMAN PEP CLUB.ROW 1-Teresa Brady, jay Cranford, Tracy Bussey, ROW 2-Connie Burton, Dorris Reed, Darla Lane, Beverly Monday, Susie Jeffcoat. ROW 3-Shellie Harmon, Cynthia Kingsbury, Melissa Geyer, Phyllis Trice, Leslie Magdalena, Marsha Townsend, Cyndi Cooper. ROW 4-Sharon jackson, Sherri White, Brigetta Jessee, Gloria Cosper, Loretta FRESHM E PEP CLUB What are pep clubs made of? Of screaming, delirious, zany, students like freshmen, that's what! Our spirit never faded this year. You could get chill bumps watch- ing and hearing us. And our boy and girl athletes were winners! We know we sure tried hard! Deal, Trudy Ellison. ROW 5-Mrs, Gay Gower, sponsor, Cindy Tully, Mrs. Gay Gower. . . "A wonderful Sandra Shackleford, Roxanne Morris, Tracy King, Arlene Caskey, Mary Sponsor" who cheered along with Wisdom. ug, FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS. LEFT TO RIGHT ON FLOOR, Connie Burton, Teresa Brady, Susie Jeff- coat, Dorris Reed. STANDING, Darla Lane, Tracy Bussey, Beverly Monday. ,-. The famous "Freshmen Spirit Brigade" was formed of boys who wanted to cheer and yell, too. BE- LOW, Cheerleaders in action during game with Holdenville. Go Freshmen, GO! QI'F7'Q??3?3 it ' O 1. ' An energetic group of pep clubbers helped junior High athletic teams on to great victories this year. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, Pam Vick- TH E ery, Karla Hooser, Susan Sisney, Patti Martin, Susan Ely, Terri Aus- tin, Rhonda Fare, Laurie Stafford, Frances McMahan, Holly Cole, Shayla Johnson, Sulyne LaValley, Linda Ryan, and Beverly Stone, sponsor. ROW 2--Tina Clark, Kathy Carderara, Paula Chamblin, Michelle Sweaney, Patti McGirt, Pam Cooper, Kristie Young, Diane Lynn, Rae Lynn Anderson, Karen Reeves, Melissa Fowler, Brenda .B Young. ROW 3--Donna Fisher, Danna Davis, Laurie Harwell, Tracy Fruit, Angie Thompson, Kim Swearingen, Donna Craig, Beverly Stith, janet Walker. Displaying their versatility, 8th Grade Cheerleaders let Busy 7th Grade Cheerleaders put on a show for the out with a yell for their team. LEFT TO RIGHT are Susan roaming yearbook cameraman. LEFT TO RIGHT Sisney, Patti Martin, Rhonda Fare, Susan Ely and Terri are Sulyne LaValley, Laurie Stafford, Frances Austin. McMahan, Holly Cole, and "airborne" is Shayla johns on . Qu-4 -es, JU IR. HIGH DRAMA CLUB 1976-77. Learning the funda mentals of acting this year were, ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, Cindy Clark, Teresa Norton. ROW 2, Lisa Kingsbury, Debbie Copeland, Laurie Stafford, Kenny Ledford, Charissa Dennis, Frances Topping. ROW 3, Shelly Gillock, Holly Cole, Kim Swearingen, Daron Ramsey, Mike Yates, Robbie Stasyszen. JR HIGH "1" CLUB 1976-77. Publishers of the Savage Free Press newspaper the Journalism Club published the only paper this year since there was no high school paper. The class visited KWTY 1n Oklahoma City and edited a special Seniors '77 edition. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, Susan Slsney Wayne Haddox, Frances Topping, Mr. Dar- rell Bradshaw sponsor ROW 2, Shelly Gillock, Kenny Ledford Robbie Stasyszen, Phil Barnes, Buddy Rogers, Jose Colon Ross Fisher ROW 3, Tammy Parsons, Susan C J Ely Terri Austin L1nda Ryan, Pam Vickery, Robin Stncklen Patti Martln Bobby Young. ROW 4, Shayla johnson Danna Davis Greg Love, Jeff Potter, Neil Frankovich Kurt Cox Wil "WU 12-11 32:51 I l - JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB 1977. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, Laquita O'Neal, I F I Ronda Darner, Marilyn Staff, Tammy Barnes, Christy Haley, Donna Darby, Kim Prewett, Donna Craig, Susan Ely, Patti Martin, Rae Lynn Anderson. ROW 2, T1'3CeYl0h1'150n, Bobbi Winstead, Kim Swearingen, Terry Shirey, Susan Newman, Melissa Fowler, Janice Scarberry, Toni McLeskey, Linda Wiggins, Julie Coatney. ROW 3, Tammy Simon, Jill Napier, Shelly Gil- lock, Ronda Flowers, Iwannah Whitebird, Carrie Moudy, Elizabeth Scott, Jonell Owen, Tina Blackwell, ROW 4, Teresa Norton, Cindy Clark, Dana Asher, Brenda Young, Karen Crow, Shayla Johnson, Karla Houser, Patty McGirt, Michelle Sweeney, Christy Young. ROW 5, Brett Cranford, Mike Yates, Jeff Nicholas, Randall Martin, Don Brown, Edward Gray, Rodney Beaver, Skip Harrison Matthew Nix. ROW 6, Mark Winthrow, Steve Floyd Jody Hughes, Tim Montgomery, Bill Butler, Marcella Jones, Bobbi Bot- kin, Donna Hendricks. Q GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Providing leadership for the Junior High Glee Club were four energe- tic officers. Many musical activi- ties, under the guidance of our vocal music instructor, Mrs. Car- olyn Daughtery, kept our voices in tune. Pictured LEFT are officers Tammy Simon, librarian, Rae Lynn Anderson, librarian, Patti Martin, president, and Karen Crow Secretary-treasurer. FRESHM E FUUTBALL Ja JQ 5' 'Manu l' Q i k TN X13 Quarterback Grant Gower throws for first down, as three Holdenville defensemen close in for kill. Savages, pin- ned deep in own territory, made a critical first down on Gower's perfect throw. 1976 FRESHEMEN FOOTBALL TEAM. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Bobby McLaughlin, Rick Lyle, jimmy W Wright, Bill Haddox, Ronnie Taylor, Tod Tate, Mitch Ealey, Denny Brown, Rick Dossey, jimmy Fisher, jay Sig- man. ROW 2--David Tomlinson, Steve Adkins, jeff Cahill, Torn Dodson, Tracy Howell, Ricky Sehon, Ricky T Little Axe, joe Moody, jeff Van Arnam, Richard Belshe. ROW 3--Robert Nowlin, Mick Buckmaster, Roger Lac- E key, Neil Motley, Grant Gower, Steve Henderson, jon Murray, Clark Gallaher. 1 Roger Lackey raises arms in a display of success as Freshman rack up another victory over opponent. Freshman Coach Mike Combs talks over last-minute strategy with freshman Bill Haddox. RIGHT, team captains Grant Gower and jay Sigman confer with referee on tip of the coin before a game begins. Savage defensemen jay Sigman, Grant Gower and jon Murray clobber hapless quarterback for loss. , .,,V,, 'g' G V 'LL ' ff ::' , - ,WH ,. ':': Q7-if" "ff -',L ,iz ' ,A L fk:" K V Vp: ,E is L'W' -"b ' ' :il ' no G een, n so vyve Q? K ... , iw G E1 'NLS' I, of 0 f X ,Q If A 6 l Coaches Ken Praytor and Mike Robinson Here comes the Ilfllghty Sth Grade' Some ponder next move on sideline. The 8th called us the 'Wh1te Tornado a title Grade had a great season, winning six well deserved by both Off6D.S1V6 and de and losing two games. fenslve teams We were Well coached 8TH GRADE FOOTBALL 8TH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, T1mmy Vandenberg Jody Black, T1mmy Mont gomery, jeff Potter, Tony Hulin, Billy Amerson, Doug MCGIIT ROW 2 Buddy Rogers, Mlke Prltchard Tommy Magdalena, Rodney Beaver, Tony Tomlinson, Tracy Melot Greg Love ROW 3 Coach Mlke Rob inson, Sammy Hardin, jeff Sigman, Mitch Mclin, Steve Neaver, T1mmy Scarberry, Ronald Gllbert, Tuddy Smith, Coach Ken Praytor. Oh no you donvt, Say Savage defenders Tubby Smith, Mike Pritchard, in white, gets set to cream a Ronnie Vandenberg and Buddy Rogers in Stroud game. Yes, this is a Tecumseh defensive shot believe it or not, as the entire Tecumseh squad pulverizes a helpless ball carrier. I ..,--- ,. YA.. M. ,,,. 'H Dramatic action shot is captured by yearbook photographer as Buddy Rogers, FAR LEFT, sweeps his right end for long gainer. Leading interference are Greg Love and Tracy Melot. Stroud pass receiver. Pritchard caused fumble and Savages roared down field again with potent of- fense. Coach Mike Robinson thought highly of his team's performance this season. I-Ie will probably coach the same group of youngsters next season--which should make them contenders for the conference throneroom. The team proved they can handle pressure, and will be seeking revenge for their two losses. ABOVE, team and coaches walks toward dressing room at halftime. Sam Hardin is on crutches. BELOW, elated 8th grade team celebrates another touchdown with TD signal. A llghtning-fast 7th Grade running back smashes for five yards against stiff Holdenville defense . The junior I-hgh Savages had a 3-4 season. 7TH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM 1976 ROW 1 Mike Tate, Sammy White, Steve Dudley, Steven Bade, Kenny Ledford, Darrell Rothgeb, jerry Reeves, Doug West ROW 2 Larry Earls, Steve Coker, Ross Fisher, Kurt Cox, Kenneth Montgomery Darren Hamllton, Chuck Bowlan, Tommy Cummings, Mark Ryan. ROW 3 - Coach Ed Me kush, Robert Btu-ns Sk1p Harrlson, Bobby Young, Rafael Gentry, jose Colon, Garion Fuller, Kenneth Martin, Dof SEASON RECORD Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Tecumseh Holdenville Chandler Stroud Harrah Wewoka Henryetta Seminole Coaches Walck and Mekush are surrounded by team after another victory before hometovxm fans. I 46' A-'QT I . , 4' vgR" u , RWM st wry! T X N Mm st 'wr M , s V D-syn' L J , JW' :Nl qi b' ' ffffg ' ' f "Shou1d we run or pass?" seems to be Three "eager beavers" rest on side- puzzle facing 7th's coaches. line, ready f01' 306011- ...hiab--: .Lk Speaking of defense, Barry Switzer might like to have a few like these 7th graders tackling lone Stroud running back who's trapped for 5-yard loss. RIGHT, it's "five yards and a cloud of dust" as west goal line edges closer for a TD. TWO PLAYS COST 7TH TWO BIG GAMES Coach Bruce Walck: "I was disappointed because We had a losing season, but the win- loss record doesn't reflect how hard the young players worked during the season. Stroud and Wewoka we out- played--but just one big play for them cost us 3 ViCtOI'y. Most eXCitl1'1g moment? "When We beat Seminole in a thrilling triple overtime. Next year we'1l improve! " LEFT, Tecumseh's got the ball and knows what to do with it--head for pay dirt and another TD! Note interference by Savage blocks as they clear way for 7th's running back. ABOVE, it's huddle up time! The bal1's on the 20-yard line of the opponent--so. . . 1et's try the ol' reverse play! VKWYHH ngpnm Y Illirjilgixiz 3 QVWK p ..!,. ,f,l.4,fN., W kzyy , T, up pppypgpy y , my y ynyy T an ' "" W iW"! tr' - S 555515 "S .. f ' ' wr , , ,wg . , R ' A ' , I , ' . L I 5- ay v 1 fr Tk- ' if ,,, I T lf' ' s Qi ! ' " sis' 1 , , Vrv' ' lv 4 K , f , 2' fa, ww . ,gs 1 , , , fs ,.f And we did make that TD against Ho1denville's Wolverines! ...' r. Ura, h 'L J, H-nu ,QC - mmf-an nmwnuuurk gg,-gf 1 4 ri ' get 'V ' ga ra mr ,T 2. K 5 n 3 , 46 X ML 1 Q Xl ' U ll I I I I s ti Ill , I 17 I: ,fl ' ,'u f W I I X , , fl f I ff X , I 1 W ff xx f 'll I Ln XJ ll BO YS JR. HIGH BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BOYS. LEFT TO RIGHT, Todd Tate, Jeff Chaill, Jay Sigman, Clark Gallaher, Steve Henderson, Grant Gower, Rick Dossey, Ricky Sehon, Neal Motley, Bill I-Iaddox, Rick Lyle, Kenneth Cooper, Ronnie Taylor, and FRONT CENTER, Coach Bob Avery. Neal Motley tries for two points as teammate Grant Gower stands by to help under the basket in a home game versus Maud. RIGHT, A Maud Tiger gets off a shot, but jay Sigman, Grant Gower and Bill Haddox, in light jerseys, get ready in case of a miss. "4li3AvALtS ' ,,..,, ,arp I.- Tecumseh's Steve Henderson, Bill Haddox and Ron Taylor close in for a rebound against opponent. i K ll! H SIl STH GRADE BOYS. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Randy Wallace, Rodney Bea- ver, Jody Black, Jeff Potter, Tony Hulin, Wayne Haddox, Mitch McLin. STANDING, jeff Sigman, Steve Neivar, Greg Love, Tracy Melot, Buddy Rogers, Mike Pritchard, Tony Tomlinson, Coach Bruce Walck. f' il., Q. Fortunes of the 7th grade team were not so good this year. They had a 1-7 record. But several games were lost by just a few points, and the outcome could have gone eith- er way, said Coach Bruce Walck. The highlight of the year was beating Bethel in the last game of the season. 8TH GRADE "I was very pleased with the play of the 8th grade team, " said Coach Bruce Walck. "The highlight of the year was winning the Pott County Tournament by beating Mac- omb, which had beaten us earlier. " The mighty 8th grade team won 12 and lost three for the season. The team had an abundance of talent. Leading the spirit for a small band of pep clubbers are the always loyal 8th grade cheerleaders. BELOW, THS girls' coach Charles Dudley presents second-place trophy to Tecumseh's freshman Savages in the Tecumseh ju- nior High School Invitational Basketball Tournament in january. Accepting the trophy are Bill Haddox, Rick Dossey, Ricky Little Ax, Steve Hender- son, Ricky Lyle, and, KNEELING, Neal Motley. JR. HIGH PIRIT SPARKLES IN '77 'J xi ,,,.- x A team of junior High cheerleaders turn it on during a gaint pep BFLICG W-2l1Ck get-S ready fOr Speech. rally in the old gymnasium prior to game with Holdenville. Below, six members of the Freshman Spirit Brigade pose for cameraman. I 0, . , SWIS-S-SH' ABOVE, pep spirit helps account for field goals like this one. BELOW, Coach BELOW, Freshmen Pep Club Officers. LEFT TO RIGHT, Me- lissa Geyer, secretary, Phyliss Trice, treasurer, Jay Cran- X ford, mascot, Leslie Magdalena, President, and Marsha Townsend, Vice-president. RIGHT, THS band wows 'eml GIRLS JR. HIGH BASKETBALL FRESHM EN KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Shel- li Harmon, Tracy Bussey, Suzi jeff- coat, Teressa Brady, Cindy Kirk. STANDING: Mary Wisdom, Sandra Shackleford, Phylis Trice, Tracy King, Darla Lane, Cindy Stewart, Laquita Brookshire, Marsha Town- send, Leslie Magdalena, Coach Charles Dudley. 7TH GRADE KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Tammy Barnes, Franny McMahan, Brenda Young, Patti McGirt, Shir- ley Bennett, Karen Reeves, Mich- elle Sweaney, Mary jane Sea- wright, Tammy Parsons, Melissa Fowler, Lisa Kingsbury. STAND- ING, assistants Rosie Carderara and Paula jackson, Kelly Clemens, Susie Colon, Holly Cole, Lori O'Del1, Pam Cooper, Rae Lynn Anderson, Kim Swearingen, Shayla Johnson, Su Lynne LaVal1ey, Bob- bie Botkin, Tamara Childers, Coach Sue Yates and assistant Mari- lyn Sellers. 8TH GRADE LEFT TO RIGHT, Rhonda Fare, Robin Stricklen, Susan Ely, Paula Charnblin, Patti Martin, janet Walker, Beverly Stith, Don- na Craig, Danna Davis, Pam Vic- kery, Linda Ryan, Kathy Carder- ara, Terri Austin, and Coach Sue Yates. Not pictured, Toni McCles key and Kim Pruitt. Mary Wisdom and Phyliss Trice, in dark suits, do a "ballet" in effort to get ball, which drops back of Mary. ..,.,..w""w Coach Dudley spends long hours in earl d 1, th . . Y Laquita Brookshire jumps high in field goal attempt, ays o e season. . .pracuc1ng, prac ticing of the basics. Leslie Magdalena as Shelli Harmon races in for rebound in case of a Mary Wisdom, Laquita Brookshire, Phyliss miss' Trice and Cindy Kirk are pictured. Under new coach Charles Dudle I Y? the freshman Savagettes took the battle to all opponents this year. Experience gained will benefit the varsity team next year. There's a big scramble under the basket for the ole basketball and the Savagettes are right in the thick of the fight to retreive it f'Al'S1f i.f:l:i,w "'5:T5".,iE153Iiiilzgeirmiilv ..,. f ffl' . , . ' '1 'AZ JR. HIGH WRESTLING JR. HIGH WRESTLERS 1977. ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT, Steve Letson, Ronald Gilbert, Clayton Holling shead, jim Wright, Ross Fisher, Mitch Ealey. ROW 2, Matthew Nix, David Qualls, jon Murray, David Tomlinson, jim Fisher, Robert Vlfhite. G RAPPLERS SHO W POI SE AND DETERMINATION junior High wrestling had an exciting year. "The season this year went real good, " said Coach Ed Mekush. "Robert White and jon Murray led the way with the most wins. Robert White, with only two losses, was outstanding. "We are going to try and win the conference tournament next year. jon Murray won first place this year at the tournament in the 157-pound di- vision. Our goal next year: win all "A" and "B" matches, " the coach continued. Perhaps the highlight of the year was when we wrestled Shawnee junior High. Although we lost 35-22, we got some extremely good experience for next year. Taking ,Shawnee's place next ye ar will be Bristow junior High. We're looking toward it! ED MEKUSH jr. High Wrestling Coach 5 I 1 1 . EP' 2 QM X J' ll, JR. HIGH BO Y TRACK KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Ricky Little Axe, Renneth Cooper, Bobby McLaughlin, Mitch Ealey, ,Timmy Wright, joe Moody, Ronnie Taylor. STAND ING, Coach Paul Sternberger, jon Murray, Bill Had dox, jay Sigman, Clark Gallaher, Todd Tate. T KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Doug Mccm, Jody Buck, 8TH GRADE ING, Mitch McLin, Greg Love, Steve Nievar, Mike Pritch- ard, Rodney Beaver, Randy Wallace, Coach Mike Combs. K Q i 7TH GRADE KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Bobby Darby, Ross Fisher, Larry Earls, jesse Payne, jerry Reeves, Doug McSperritt, Darren Hamil- ton, STANDING, Kurt Cox, Ken- neth Martin, Rafael Gentry, Bobby Young, Doug West, Steve Dudley, Mike Tate, Tommy Cummings, Coach Bruce Walck. 170 Billy Amerson, Buddy Rogers, Tony Hulin, Jim Fire. STAND- JR. HIGH BOYS SPEEDY RUNNERS Springtime meant tracktime at THS. The young Savage thin- clads participated in numerous track meets, winning their share of medals and ribbons. Track is a good sport to keep you in shape for other sports--es- pecially basketball and football-- and we thoroughly enjoyed running, leaping and jumping. Coaches Paul Sternberger, Mike Combs and Bruce Walck worked us out under tough conditions. We hope to win a lot more meets in '78. ,- T L"Y 'it ' - T . ' if K 4 M Brad Love, LEFT, a 6th Grader, mms for 7th Grade of Tecumseh during 100-yard dash race. -f-""""0U 0. ,. ABOVE, Coaches Bruce Walck and Mike Combs take time-out from a track meet, while BELOW 8th Gra- der Jody Black blasts off in a 440- yard relay race. J an 4-4 , ,N Freshman Ronnie Taylor gives the old heave-ho in shotput try. Waiting their turn at the shotput at Pauls Valley Track Meet are junior Ricky Starks, junior highers Kenneth Cooper, Ronnie Taylor, Bobby Mc- Laughlin and bending over with familiar hat ON RIGHT, the varsity's Ric- ky Gilbert. BELOW, taking it easy at Holdenville Track Meet are Tina Clark, Tony I-Iulin, Jim Fire, Randy Wallace and Dana Combs, a 6th Gra- der running for the 7th Grade team. W r i :Q h X f ,. wy- . I J X 4 A , ' X I V 1 3 1 f 5 ,lr Pa: W , , , A E, J? , E if surf f Q ,.4 Ti, -ati.: ,, I Mike Pritchard, SECOND FROM LEFT, gets smooth hand-off from Greg Love in 440-yard relay race at Holdenville as Savage runners win for THS again. Mitch Ealey awaits his turn to pole Jody Black and Mike Pritchard take well-deserved rest between track events at Holdenville Invitational Track Meet. vault at Pauls Valley. ii, .cm ,' Q, We me L. '-2 , 2 ' K H. c 1 '9"'ffff NM! Ml HQ? , nnri i as " if2fA 'hav' an LEFT, dozens of junior high boys entered the marathon race down old Highway 18 and ending at the South Canadian Bridge near Asher. Wonder how many finished? JR. HIGH GIRLS TRACK FRESHM EN , ' . v, LEFT TO RIGHT, Susie jeffcoat, Mary Wisdom, Tracy King, Darla Lane, Phyllis Trice, Roxanne Morris, Dorris Reed, Shelli Harmon. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Terri Austin Tracy Fruit, Tina Clark, Pam Vickery, Kelly McCloud. STANDING, janet Walker, Paula Chamblin, Patti Martin, Kathy Carderara, Susan Ely, Rhonda Fare, Coach Sue Yates. 7TH GRADE KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT, Kristi Young, Diane Lynne, Bob- bie Botkins, Lisa Kingsbury, Karen Crow, Patti McGirt, Melissa Fow- ler, Tammy Parsons, Shayla john- son, Franny McMahan, Shirley Bennett. STANDING, Pam Cooper, Tamara Childers, Tracy Johnson, Kelly Clemens, Susie Colon, Lori O'Dell, Sonya Morris, Tammy Simon, Kim Swearingen, Tammy Barnes, Rae Lynn Anderson, Coach Sue Yates. SAVAGETTES WIN MEDALS, RIBBONS Although thin in ranks, Coach Charles Dudley felt his girl thinclads did "quite well" this year. Each freshman girl was a real competitor and will be heard from next year, he feels. Coach Sue Yate's 7th and 8th Grade tracksters were heard from indeed! The 8th Grade girls won 35 ribbons and eight medals. In the 5-Star Conference, Tecumseh's 8th Grade girls won the 2nd place trophy. Coach Yates felt the 7th Graders learned a lot of funda- mentals. They ran in the 5-Star Conference against freshmen--and won 2nd place team trophy! Kristi Young and Bobbie Botkins were standouts. L if M W, . Tecumseh teachers and students march in Special Olym- EMP Q" ,W Two Lady Savages limber up before starting a race. Team was well coached and will be better next year. " 'ax iw- -f X pics parade at Central State University. Dana Asher, LEFT in striped shirt and Janette Moore, RIGHT FRONT, won rrt' medals. F it E s F . he . 5 as ff an tte z. i f wg g 1, -Q ' V' .' 5334 eff- -Y. -. at f,r: ,.,e - T it 9' , iv' V 1 . , "3 , r yi, Kr', jk 1' Q ji 21" 1 W ' -f fZ',1,,Q: 4 I4 :Q K ,.., 4-'? "L f 'Y If L' "', f." , 'dm 7 fik..iVj:,ki,1.j.R ,k,V ' y N, gf, Ladera, we V g- , vs, ' Nf ,L amy Mp? V H 5 'sri-'fa . K ig gjwli . nip L: ,iixftr F11 my 5 ,K V' -- e is l"e ' F r T . The Thunder be I t Of Their Feet yeey . L A F i ' 'T Hi: L ' :t,. ,. T F ff W GS Heard X 'r'r gfygw 'F fl ,511 . p M' '41 M Everywhere' Girls roam hillside following flat tire on " 't ' bus. Time for a picnic? BELOW RIGHT, Darla Lane in perfect stride. In the pack is Dorris Reed, THIRD FROM f THE LEFT. Come on, Dorris! Win for Dozens of Tecumseh jtmior High students ran in the marathon race on old Highway 18 in April. an l lifil L T fill I f.......-.W ,.,s....m 'T 1 SA VAGETTES' 3RD YEAR OF TRACK REWARDIN G Four of eight pretty Savagettes give thumbs up for more Savage victories at a track meet 159-ou. Tecumseh 's fleet lady runners were in the thick of every race this year -- giving their all. BELOW, ar- rival tirne at a track meet looks like this. Everyone is casual until the gun goes off. BELOW, Tracey King gets a good high jump. Susan Ely displays smooth movement over low hurdles Several male admirers seem to concur. as one of her opponents lags way behind her. ff 1 A A 11-- ,- ...,. ,gg at amy.. W ' . .LH-zz W A ,a.,..,n.,. . ., ACKNO WL DGEMEN TS The staff of the 1977 Savage Yearbook owes many people and busmesses a up of the hat, a handshake, and a hearty "Thank You' ' for maklng thas ed1t1on posslble By the dozens of advertlsements that follow th1s NV1'1t1I'1g, let lt be known that wlthout these Tecumseh and Shawnee merchants' help you would not be v1ew1ng such a large and exqu1s1te Sav age Yearbook Indeed, w1thout the1r help there would have been far less pages to v1ew Below are a few who greatly asslsted us th1s year Tom Flora Tecumseh Board of Education, Mr B111 Straughan, pres1dent Terry Hart and Dorothy Bermejo of the Amemcan Yearbook Co who aga1n prodded us on to our best efforts, Supemntendent Alva Melot and Asslstant Supermtendent hm Myers, all the wonderful THS teachers and coaches, the fnendly folks at the Tecumseh Post Off1ce, THS Secretary Mane Kocluck, and fmally but not the least the students of Tecumseh Semor and jumor I-hgh Schools' Frank Talley, Yearbook Advrser Photography, Shawnee, Mr. jim Mihura, THS principal, the ' S Q l I 1 . y ADVERTISING K 4 ik ,Q-as..--A 398+-54, 33329 2 Congratulauons to the Semors of '77' 'COME SEE US FOR ALL YOUR BANKING NEEDS' FDC THE FARMER 62 ERCHANTS BANK 301 N BROADWAY TECUMSEH 598 - 2121 RALPH SAN G STER PH ARM AC Y WEET H OPPE V RALPH S PHARMACY ff' BEST WISI-IES SENIORS' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS '77 ' 'You Know You Can Trust Your Pharmaclst' Ralph Tucker G R Ph IN THE TECUMSEH SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER Phones 598 3729 JO TE Home 598 Donuts COOICIES Blrthday, Weddmg and Shaped Cakes HOUSTON AND WANDA SANGSTER 121 N B d T curns h 3119 me Way Phone 598 3011 E e PROUDLY WE SALUTE STUDENTS OF TECUMSEI-I SENIOR AND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS Technical AdV1SeT' Terry Hart Plant Coordmator' Dorothy BermeJo 'SXAM ERI CAN YEARBUOK COMPANY TOPEKA, KANSAS 66601 'Seven Years Pllb11ShEl'S of THS SAVAGE Yearbook 1971 1977' J J , ,,... ' .. .. . , VV!-E,,V!-,f-I N?.f,,i,, ,fwV.?N?,.,Nfw-5 '-f',.'-- ,WW-M V 'fN- -f Ie-N 1 . 1 -,-- ,zap I o o ' I . . . rm! g3 1 "W SAVAGE HIDE ' A WAY FAMILY RECREATION 'Welcome Students' ' DEAN and GENE NORTON, OWNERS 106 N Broadway Tecumseh HEY ELECTRIC 85 RADIO CO 'Congratulauons , Semors '77, We Appreclate Your BLISIDESS' 111 N Broadway Tecumseh Phone 598 2812 SH U LTS SPORTS WEAR Open 9 'nl 6 Monday Thru Saturday Lynn Shults C1ndy Hughes Phone 598 5818 TECUMSEH SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER BROAD WA Y CLEANERS 'Good Luck Semors ' ' HOURS Tuesday thru Saturday 7 30 to 5 30 216 S Broadway Tecumseh Phone 598 2221 jlmmy Goostree Owner Congratulations, Seniors '77 ! BOB S BARBER SHOP 109N roadway Tecumseh Phone 598 2280 C ONDON HARD WARE TEC UM SEH THS IS BEST ' 'Home Owned 8 Operated' 102 N Broadway Tecumseh Phone 598 3610 COMPLIMENTS OF PRATT FOODS DISCOUNT PRICES S 8 H GREEN STAMPS We're for THS 3rd and Walnut Sts Tecumseh Phone 598 2117 Q 0 , . B WHERE THS sHoPs 'YEAH sAvAcEs! 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'W'-A af' ln Q.- . , ""' -E:-4 ' '. "f?"" -'R-12. --E512 f ?ca:1g.-. -1-54' in 9.9-.1'-ff-M :K IT Mr!" 17' . " , 1 H A L if ' A ' Q? L " 'JEL 1 1 . I O T O . -1 1 - - AG R A " ' 5 ,, v -'FILE"-.'::""'7"92lE '- 'C . . , , v . -,X J 2 , .f . . ' ' I a ' ' , . 123 E. WASHINGTON TECUMSEH SONIC DRI VE-IN 'EQZW ?. J, an IL ny l ug me 1 . P A Sufi' ik " 1 1 gp .4 I1 y e- ' .iii S K. fm ig: ,-.1 upm, g "H 'rx f :mf-1335, Q., , ut. ' . sb , Q L ul , ,Q 1' W1 A 1' ' I I Y v-if K ,Q I l A J 1 u ., k L " J ' f Q at tml , . f Z , ,gg ,, M 5 1 'lrsznviratas www-N Wy ,msg ..t, ., , , , . Z.. ,,... .11 . . Wi 'T ' -A exsiairzs' Atwnqriwvz.. Y' , ., lv ., ..-- .1 .L ,. ,, I ' ' ' . ,aa + :-'ve' uw - - ,.,.m,f-,, gt VAVA x'QA ' ' mL"A ' A ..., 35:52:51 . " ' ' ' - ' ,. V , .- . Q Ae jg5:.'-fy VL A , hir. ' 5 1 ' f ,aa . ya: ,, mx, fi? :Uv N' W4 ' Sl, -e' 31.1, W 4....t':, 'Q . .-, 1' fl " L -i' 5111 .X -,nal-4 ,ifeziw m y gg ' 81 -1,4 ii?- Sai 'df .'w,.ffyf" 'TECUMSEH ' S FAVORITE EATING PLACE' ORDERS TO GO TECUMSEH PHONE 598 3369 y The Water Tower' CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THS STUDENTS AND THE CLASS OF '77 ou Are Tecumseh's Future Leaders TEC UM SEH CHAMBER COMMERCE Tecumseh's Progresslve Merchants Constantly Offer the Best Merchandlse at Bargam Pr1ces Merchants Ready to Serve You at All Tlmes SHOP TECUMSEI-I FIRST' ' CONGRATULATIONS TECUMSEH SENIORS! ' - ' 'For the T ' Finest in .6.... q gi G 2 I L I 3 E I S Photography' C - - S 'fffou OV? Official Yearbook Photographer For Tecumseh Schools 1976-77- - and 1978 TOM FLORA PHOTOGRAPHY W Independence S Pottenger Shawnee PHONE 273 8631 TEC UM SEH SUNSET ESTATES NURSING HOME 201 W Walnut Phone 598 2167 " Rated A 1 by Oklahoma Nursmg Home ASSOCIHUOD Reglstered Nurse Care Llcensed Practlcal Nurse Care Speclal Dlets Ambulatory and Bed Patlents F1re Proof Bu1ld1ng Early Amerlcan Furmture 24 HOUR NURSING SERVICE 'Y 1 4. TeCllI1'1Seh is 9. Friendly City With Friendly I wk Central Air Conditioning and Heating ' . Jo: - X C I X I l . PY ' X U 0 I X I I TEC UM SEH BOARD OF EDUCATION N The Tecumseh Board of Educatlon IS constantly concerned Vlfh nmmng Tecumseh's largest busmess 1125 schools Plctured Left To R1ght are Jlm Prltchard, Darrell Coker, Wllham ' 1ll" Strughan fPres1dentl Lonme I-ILu'st fClerkJ , and jesse McCullar ' 'WE'RE DEDICATED TO QUALITY EDUCATION' THE TECUMSEI-I ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PROUDLY SALUTES TI-IE SENIORS OF TI-IE CLASS OF 1977 TEC UMSEH HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 'S1nce 1903 Oklahoma's Oldest Actlve Alumm Orgamzanon' More Than 2,600 Members Strong CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '77' ' ALL OF US AT BOYD'S ARE 100! THS SAVAGE BOOSTERS lnsuranc AGE NT SERV S V U FIRST 'SEE US FOR ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE' BOYD INSURANCE AGE CY PHONE 598 3766 .Q ,I V, 4 7' ,nf , 5 , 1 Y' . . ,B. . 1 . oo TEC UM SEH CAR WASH 4TH 8 MAPLE STS 4 Bays for Fast SEFVICC Soft, Hotwater Super Vac ARCHIE 8 EDDY PARKER, OWNERS Q f' FUNERAL HOME TECUMSEH PHONE 598 2125 BURNS ELECTRIC AND TV 'BEST WISHES, SENIORS WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS 598 3648 121 E. LOCUST TECUMSF-H BEA UT Y SHOP 'BEAUTY BEGINS WITH YOUR HAIR' S98 3451 VILLAGE REALT Y 'Congratulatlons , Aw SCHIOTS '77 ' ' "W Einar Morene Lowden Sales P Custom Bu11t Homes Z Farms, Homes, Acreages PHONE 598 5622 302 N BROADWAY JOHN S SHORT STOP GROCERY Congratulatlons To The Semor Class of 1977' ' OPE.N6AM 'TIL11PM 701 N BROADWAY TECUMSEH PHONE 598 3543 BOOTS HATS LEVI S SHIRTS SLACKS BELTS BUCK S WESTERN WEAR 105 S. BROADWAY TECUMSEH PHONE 598 5014 MORGAN 'S REXALL PHARM AC Y ongratulanons To The Class of '77' N v B11 403 N RANGE LINE TECUMSEH ewton 6 me e PHONE 598 2149 TECUMSEH ' ' -..- . . X NTWL2 wwf" , ' , Q H Y ,:,.g -:YK - ' Barbra Case - - Broker I1, , - - Q,-l f, Q. ,I"',j, 12 An- -'Q V' 'Te' ' 0 0 0 ' C I D J ! 1 LO UDEN E 'S 'C B 11 '25 '24 more than you expect a bank to be etocebcxixiibrwot Cforwncrwgofohovvmee 912 EAST INDEPENDENCE Mlmb0 F.D.I.C. 273-61W 1 me Wet, DANE ' NURSERY di: GREENHO USE 'BEST WISI-IES SENIORS' ' T TREES X SHRUBS Dk HOUSEPLANT S 'IGARDEN SUPPLIES 413 E WALNUT HIGHWAY 9 TECUMSEH Phone 598 5122 BRANSUN M CKI DDY REAL ESTATE 'CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS '77" Bk HOMES TRANCI-IES X FARMS X ACREAGES 406 N BROADWAY TECUMSEH PHONE 98 212 5 6 e "Home" Fo CENTRAL SHEET '30 YEARS EXPERIENCE ' 722 E HIGHWAY 9 TECUMSEH PHONE 598 3500 TECUMSEH COUNTY- WIDE NEWS PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY 'YOUR HOMETOWN 116 S BROADWAY TECUMSEI-I PHONE 598- 3793 NEWSPAPER ' GO, SAVAGES , GO I ?E'3Ih'!E5 275 5260 H O LLUYD LUMBER CO Best W1ShCS Semors Lumber at Lloyd PAINT 8: BUILDING MATERIALS West Park Tecumseh Phone 598 2153 HERB S USED CARS l -PA xx ,ns-'--. I I L11 A 2'-V SEE US FOR THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN 309 E Walnut Tecumseh Phone 589 2129 , . ' ' , . I METAL WQRKS eQI eIII -'I F I ' ' M, 1- j-- if he bWe flgppremate tr RA YQS our a onage TECUMSEH INSURANCE AGENCY M N :IMI fa A TI-IS BOOSTER CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS '77' 'Come See Us For All Your Insurance Needs' 304 N BROADWAY TECUMSEH PHONE 598 2145 Best Wlshes The Best to THS' ZZ Semen Tecumseh I ' -H29 I-hgh School I 5 Federal NHIIOHGI Bank i ATRUST CO fSHAWNEE OKLAHOMA S 0 Foo P kl g Bohl d me So Ice to Pho 273-1000 C SHOES 'We Want To Be You' Bank' ' 5 EAST MAIN SHAWNEE Phone 273 4883 LAUNDRY SUE,S BEAUTY SALON To The Senlor Class 598 5804 of 1977' Best of Luck SUE KIDNEY Owner Manager HIGHWAY 9, East 1st St TECUMSEI-I EARLENE BRAY Han- Dresser Phone 598 9184 203 N. BROADWAY TECUMSEH v' x I ' , ,, . I q- I - Of ' eo - Q A1 . , 9 .. h Y lf fl I1 YV D f 1 nl 121 ELTON IVEY llh, CRIC Q XQFN l - - AMERICAN ff? ' Q rv C 6310 ' UXIUP' 'nu X 'Inu AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Youth Football and Baseball Programs MIHISICFIHI Alhance Christmas Food Baskets Veterans Hospltal Entertamment Program Amerlcan Leglon OTZIOTICHI Contest Amencan Leglon Chlldren s Home HILL HUETT POST 260 DWIGHT WISE SERVICE STATION BEST WISHES TO THS' PHILLIPS 407 N Broadway Phone 598 2081 Tecumseh Best Wnshes To All THS Students PECAN CO S BROADWAY TECUMSEH PHONE 598 2161 Boys and Glrls State B8cPW Youth Conference Veterans Day Breakfast Auxlllary Essay Contest THS Band Booster TECUMSEH Greetmgs THS' L l0 is .J Member """"" FDIC ERIC NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY THANKS THS Fans' COCA COLA BOTTLIN G CO xr x Ht 9 Q .t j. r Z Q A " Qf ' Q Qs I ' 0 81 8 gt - I f '. I , ,E . . . t ,, ,E . . . , 1 go' N0 A O O O 0 s Shawnee OK Phone 273 0377 L E L E S S CONGRATULATIONS , SENIORS I HEATING 81 AIR-CONDITIONING xl! .' ' Q' 5 .4,. I I ...,...r....,,. --'ziiifiliiiif I I .1 fy gn 5 I ,.. -L ... .3-,-I ru :gg ., I ,f ,.,:-, . f , l""""'Yix, .nsv-A 1,,.rEagr,, . . ij - , , F' . VT . Ce.. I1 J! I. V - 5 E ,1 5-31,2 H l..1-f- . . CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 502 N Broadway Tecumse lilllld Phone 598 3901 RANCHO INN MOTEL TEC UM SEH REALTY C O Motel Phone 598 3144 Realty Phone 598 5919 we 'ig eiwgiw 44 v-Om-ui B I I M555 limi? ffifeefea K1TCHEN'ETTES FREE COLOR TV Your Inte est ns the i our business 1016 N BROADWAY TECUMSEI-I Don and Lavonne Walker 'STAKING YOUR FUTURE IN TECUMSEH' jr S. 9 O' , Y ,iv T I TEC UM SEH UTILITY AUTHORITY CHAIRMAN MJ Madden TRUSTEES Dorothy Ivey Bob Crouch Kelth Stover Newton Copeland JAY S STEAKHOUSE 81 DRIVE IN Where Savage Fans Meet PHONE IN YOUR ORDER AHEAD Drlve In 598 3300 Steakhouse 598 3000 North Broadway Tecumseh ' N ' -f H. ., A--ef-TNT 'ft 5 9 7 h . . . o - ' ' ' 1 dbz - S 9 . . , . .. ,ar W MQ. ,ivy L , .T N,whb4.w,4:z, .viezyvx ,R M fi- " 'J..,.r-' H""' ' ,v fgf':s,. ff ., , " 11'fPf' ' if' " A . m' I fffi, " I 1 ' -'-Vi .L ' 1 ,V z' lf ' 6 'If A ' r f ' Q .v , 1. H A 'f""' " " .. "1 ' 5b, .1,, ,L 1 5 .LV , I -- ,,,, L 7 ....e - mixing-.' 'Ji ,L I ,, he fn hx iwgywv t I t wlkfml . ' fu i " , 11 ,gar age ,ara 4 ' r v 0 ,, , - , - , - TACO f 'Z C1 Congratulations 5 B Seniors! f gp 'Try Our le 5 Americanized Q 5- Mexican Food' All -g Open 10:30 a.m. 'til 7 p.m. Mary Ritter, Manager 224 N. BROADWAY TECUMSEH Phone 598-5628 TEC UMSEH AUCTION EVERY TUESDAY AT 7 P M WE SELL ON CONSIGNIVIENT 'BARGAINS GALORE' ' AUCTIONEER MIKE VARNELI. - - OWNER G Y TECUMSEI-I 102 S BROADWA PHONE 598-5922 'CONGRATULATIONS THS SENIORS Thanks for Your Patrongage TGI famxly center TECUM SEH SQUARE SHOPPING CENTE R eniors ! Life Health , Group 'ties Insurance , Annui Pension Plans 104 E Washington See Jim Amerson Member, New York Life Star Club Tecumseh, Phone 598-2408 5 9 Congrats , S PIZZA KWIIK 'CONGRATULATIONS THS STUDENTS ! tured 8 Distributed Manufac By Pizza Kwik Co TECUMSEH, OK PHONE 598 5415 AL S AUTOMOTIVE SER VICE 'Brakes 'Tune Ups 'Arr Condltlonmg 'Wheel Balancrng 0Automat1c Transmlssxon Overhaul 8: Servlce r Dr TECUMSEH Gordon Coope Phone 598 5111 MILTON SECKEL GARAGE if II iilillllt i is Welding U 2 POLICE NS SUPPLIES A ' Air Condiuoning Transmission Work uarante ed ' the Police Station 'Our Work Is G 'coma IN AND SEE Us FIRST' TECUMSEH 101 W WASHINGTON PHONE 598 2071 101 W WASHINGTON PHONE 598 5212 1 ! 4 6 - III II' A ' ' I ' , n I . . I rseee yjg iii i'iiiijiii"ii" I if IAII ' es,as.as General Repair , I I - .ar " - - - - i, , ' ' X KI ' ff Across The Street From ' ' ' - . TECUMSEH CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF TECUMSEH HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF '77' if LILLARD S WHEEL 'Ngzest Prer Owlged as In M SALES LILLARD gm WEWag1'e'i3a,i2i?FR SQSZTTERT h PIPE 3, SUPPLY 3. ut CCUJTISC Ph 598 3619 1-1 Ph 598 5428 'YOUR WHEEL HORSE DEALER' OHM one me one HIGHWAY 177 SHAWNEE TECUMSEH PHONE 273 6200 'CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES TO TI-IE SENIOR CLASS OF 1977' We Are Proud to Serve Tecu.mseh's Wonderful Semors RALPH PACKING Q roducers of the , Fmest Quahty W Meats ln Oklahoma' Q Q 'N 3 x tag-12021 X PERKINS, OK PHONE 547 2464 A ff ICO? I BERRY HUGHES DICKSO REAL ESTATE 8: INSURANCE 'CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF '77 - WE'RE VERY PROUD OF YOU!' INSURANCE YOUR ndependenf REAL ESTATE lnsuranc ZAGEN1' BONDS kg' slnv s v u Fmsr REALTOR Q 114 S. BI'0adWay Tecumseh Phone 598-3130 INSURANCE FOR TECUMSEH SCHOOLS HOMES FARMS BUSINESSES AND CHURCHES SINCE 1906 Bmld Your Home In The Beautlful JERR Y S CARPETS 3, BLACKBERRY HILLS FURNISHINGS ADDITION TEC UMSEH 'Best Wlshes Semors' ' For Informatlon Call Tecumseh 598 2159 Congratulations Semors of TI-IS' ' MURL HARDESTY REALTY RESIDENTIAL GAS Hmm GROCERIES MEATS COI'UF'AEf1f,S1gALRLf,12:g'gR1AL 'YES WE BUY PECANS' SEE ROGER 8 NORMAL MILSAP 1 Mlle So n Beard St Shawnee 831 N BROADWAY T-ECU-MSEH PHONE 273 7295 offme 598 5882 Resldence 598 2811 i l t , i ' . , . ' Y 'Wishing Success to THS Students! ' . , . ' - -1- - - ' . o . . PUTTAWATOMIE COUNTYOF ICIALS COMMEND TECUMSEHS STUDENTS YW Mf- Glenn Dale Carter Georgza Belle Aastm Assoc D1str1ct judge County Clerk Ruby Poe Court Clerk Jack WLllzams County Superlntendent gif Bully Phzllzps Sher1ff D1str1ct Attorney Stephen Lewzs Frances F erne K mkade County Assessor MQW W WL Margaret Newell County Tre asurer Zollze O Edgm 2nd D1str1ct Commlssloner A H gif? 1431 -35, V S iw -T' V K w w A ' A xfrz V 'W 'flew If f ' W ' T 1 W e' , u ' Q 1. , V! H XD ! f - ee . ' S Agtew fe mg wa . . AW f an S . iv ,1 fx ' 'Wiilgifvwy k r V i if ' :gvM 'L,, 5 ' 'E . f 4 ffl ll, ' X V fa, W- A A 1 J ,e ' 5 'E' 5 1 ilk.. fi C X lgrafv- 7 ,, ,. - ,,,. ,.':" 1.4 ' f , , if ,V ii . f -+1 ' , . . A ,. N ,rf Vs ggi - g, . ' A " .A .2 ' ' X J C+ X K M . ,ns , M V gi ' A J gm 1 ' ' - - tall! , xr. ' ' ' r y """ ' N"3 ' M' ' 5 ,. -4. ,Q H V A ., S ' -1' f . MARQUIS FURNITURE am mmlg S"3l3h'3US sence i905 I ig .,f,..sf1 f 216 218 EAST MAIN STREET 8 'TI-IANKS, TECUMSEI-I FANS, FOR YOUR PATRONAGE THROUGH THE YEARS' Phone In Your Orders Save Tlme Phone 273 4000 Shawnee BY TI-IE CITY PARK TECUMSEH PHONE 598 5666 'Best W1shes, TI-IS Students ' 'Thanks' We're TI-IS Fans, Too' ' HARDWARE iffy MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Maste Charge BankAme card Spe rys Cha ge American E press 'SPORTS HEADQUARTERS FOR TECUMSEH '08 E Mau' 275 2120 SCHOOLS' 211 E Mgm Shawnee TUES th u SAT 9 5 30 MON 9 800 Closed S ndays Phone 273 7100 Seeme for all ynuffamgly 111121300 REAL ESTATE Resldences Farms INSIJIAICI 'C011 rat-ulanons 108 112 N. BROADWAY TECUMSEH Lg E 9 Eenlorsi seg Phone 5 Us FITST2 For All ..fZl'nfT1'I,"STLZX.ZiTifI, Types of Insurance' ' VACUUMS UNLIMITED AND AMICA SEWING MACHINES A Compl te L1ne of Sales ee Semee CARPETS 'VENYLS TILES DISCOUNT VACUUM Professwnally Installed C I 8a SEWING CENTER LARRY MINER FLETCHER I I Ongfa U e me U Tecumseh Square 598 3132 IN TECUMSEH SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER Tecumseh Students' Garry kr Sylvla BI-Oyles Home Owned and Operated I I f ' 'L ' C ' A ! s q A f Z ' 4 ' r - ri - r ' r - ' x , ' . I .- - z , - 2 - u I as 1 0 .ss SIA!! IAIIA . ' -' , C A R PETS The Progresslve Merchants of Tecumseh Square W1sh to Thank You for Your Patronage and Helpmg Make Tecumseh's Newest Shoppmg Complex a Tremendous Success fb F KZ THE TECUMSEH SQUARE MERCHANTS ASSOCIATIUN Tecumseh Square 'A Good Place To Shop' ..Lz.gP-"" L 4 u.. ---,' .. . W , , wb.- 'P-bf ' -.f Q " ' .Nu W. I X.. i in 'g.1.' " ' .-.. -J 1 -wf-wwlsmjx X K 4112? J., w V WHS L -- ,V ,My :W 4, ' fguigfy , - 'W' w.2'fUf4'2- wwwmwy 'Q 5: - 'ff W- k , WM" . .Qi " , , M " ' ' ' 1'-'T'-EF'-, Y 1512.4 . W - . X' -'-.-A. - 2 - , -', V , Q, .A g -m y '. ,QM A " Lag .M ' , , Y""'3:W,,m,,.,-v V: ,Half - W, 3, ff We Q -rf K . -fl? 520 . VD . W ,YL , .vi W" '1 . 15, 2 K Wm,M,,.w..'i,-SMx,1QmK g ' N 4 , fs' E. , W. w-xwfibma .,.. MM .1 11' fl, ul-nmwamn: -QQ-?aq1'nn-i .5 5 Ui" " .f ,,.... S., "ian-. - -- ,..., .Nt -.1 Chr, " 1- '-xr...

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