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E tm! E, l'.T"'T'N' i nal: I THE TECHTONIAN Y E A R B O O K i' 'A' ir FX, PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE BUFFALO TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL MISS ELLEN G. HERLIHY DEDICATION TO MISS ELLEN G. HERLIHY SENIOR ADVISER, SENIOR CLASSROOM AND STUDY ROOM TEACHER, WHO RETIRED JANUARY 1, 1944, IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF HER SOUND GUIDANCE, HER CONSTANT SOLICITUDE, HER ABLE TUTELAGE, AND OF HER MANY YEARS OF' DEVOTION TO THE BEST INTERESTS OF BUFFALO TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, WE, THE CLASS OF 1944, DEDICATE THIS YEARBOOK RICHARD R. DRY Principal C4 GORDON RYTHER THE FACULTY OF TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL Principal Richard R . Dry Substitute Administrative Assistant Mary M. Brown Secretary, War Industrie Marguerite A. Roty Cafeteria Manager Ruth M. Iloffman ADVERTISING ARTS Luella M. Brooks Mildred L. Cornell Albert E. Centsch George H. Mertens Bernard J. Rooney s Pr llildegarde W. Rooney DRAFTING AND DESIGN Carl C. Aumer Calvin C. Bishop Louis Bleich Eugene W. Boller John W. Burkhalter Roy C. French John J. Calvin Harold ll. Hoefller Albert E. Pape Herbert C. Roudenbush Howard W . Schwenk Fred J. Soukup Emil M. Wiesinger ENGLISH Doris C. Benham Dorothy W. Grauer Dorothy S. Erismann E. Florence Kimmins Loretto M. Kirkwood Gerald R. 0'Donnc Julia C. Murray Charlotte A. Smith Mary F. Smith Prudence M. Veatch Anita R. Woodworth MODERN LAUGUAGES Eunice S. Milks Feor e A Schneider I g . I Augusta Schultz SOCIAL SCIENCE Anna T. Brooks Della M. Cutting Gwendolyn P. Schieb Bernice E. Werle ogram Assistant Principal C. Cordon Ryther Secretary Eleanor Rotensteiner Librarian Anna E. llalloran Nurse Loretta M. McDonnell MATHEMATICS David E. Allen M. Dorothy Balkin M. Irving Chriswell Grace Druar Helen D. Flavin Wilbur K. Kennedy Nellie Mason James McGowan Clark C. Suor Irma G. Thiel Leo L. Willard METAL SHOP Edward J. Beuther Alex R. Birnie Aubrey C. Dayman .lohn E. Dormeyer William A. Krueger John C. Schelhamer Robert L. Strunk Albert J. Winton MUSIC Norman J. Vester PHYSICAL EDUCATION William G. Braun Edward D. Gottsch Albert K. Haas Arthur P. Kreiner SCIENCE Leo R. Andrus Clarence H. Bensman William Block Homer C. Brooks Arthur J. Hessinger Frank L. Hoyer Constance E. Kogel Geor e A. Lavis Hamid N. Metzger Carl A. Munn J. Alfons Schieb Alice E. Ulrich Maude L. Wallace Ernest Zeferjahn SPEECH CORRECTION Elizabeth E. Ilealy WOOD SHOP SWIMMING Bernard Tiffany UN MII.I'I'ARY LEAVE 0 F. Kyrl Dec Science Harold E. Owen Science ON LEAVE: as Supervisor in the New York State Education Department Harold W. Ranney Science UN LEAVE: As Instructor at Cornell University Edward II. Sawers Science ON LEAVE: Instructor at Bell Aircraft Corporation ,loselgl E. Sardella rafting and Design ON LEAVE: As Director of Child Care Centers Harley E. Salisbury Mathematics IN MEMORIAM GEORGE W. PALMER N William D. Dauhert George Gilbert Thaddeus May .lohn II. Nycnhuis SICK LEAVE Marie B. Fisher Administrative A Irene E. Meyers English DRAFTING AND DESIGN DEPAH'I'MEN'l' BUFFALO TECHNICAL IIIGII SCIIOOI, 1919 1943 ssistant RETIREMENTS MISS CLARA G. BAGLEY Miss Bagley, who came to Tech in 1919 to teach mathematics to countless Freshmen and Sophomores, retired in June 1943. For several years she had been a study room teacher and a Freshman, then a Sophomore, adviser. As a teacher, Miss Bagley was capable, patient, and successful, as a study room teacher, she was kindly, wise, and understandingq as an adviser, her outstanding trait of conscientiousness made her cooperation a blessing and a criterion. Of her time and skill Miss Bagley was unusually generous, for any student-the exceptionally gifted or the slow to understand-received careful instruction outside of class time. These pupils remember her liberality well, and their inarticulate gratitude must be her com- pensation for faithful devotion to duty and the young in her charge. Nor has her interest in Tech ceased. Daily as the newspapers carry information of the work in service or industry of boys who once were pupils here, Miss Bagley reads and clips these items, sending them to e added to the school scrapbook. So, her loyal spirit is with us still. MISS ELLEN G. HERLIHY When the Christmas season had vanished and Technical School reopened, it was discovered that Miss Herlihy, senior study room teacher in room 108 since 1921, had very quietly retired. Furthermore she had gone to a new and 'ovful life in Texas. Since 1920 she had tauglltihistory and civics on the schedule, but her occupation only began there, for no enterprise of the Senior Class was executed without her zealous, enthusiastic counsel and effort. Senior Council meetings, picnics, elections, Class Day, banquets, skating parties, all benefited by her assiduous guidance. To Miss Herlihy, the half of the Senior Class which reported daily to room 108 was composed, not of a mass, but of individuals in whom she took a rare interest, advising, placating, reassuring, cajoling, festraining each according to his need, helping to solve their prob- ems with thoughtful, tactful heed. Much of the tone which has distinguished undertakings of the Senior Class has been due to her good taste and judgment. The high standards of conduct and emphasis u on integrity which Miss llerlihy consistently stressed, not alone by precept but by example, place her amon the moulders of tradition in this school where she was long a vita? force. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF THE TECHTONIAN YEARBOOK FACULTY ADVISERS RICHARD R. DRY ART LAY OUT EDITORIAL Bernard J. Rooney Julia C. Murray PHOTOGRAPHY CIRCULATION Albert E. Gentsch Helen D. Flavin 1944 Edward R. Ahrens Frederick 0. Ford Paul N. Gregoire Gerald G. Haase ART STAFF Senior .4 rt Editor C George W. Lytle Francis J. Noack James D. Harrington Alfred F. Horton Frank J. Manzella Robert G. Manzella . Murray V. Belsky Junior Art Editor, Richard Andres Charles H. J. Bernhard Howard M. Schwartz Aldo P. Ceccato Edward Z. Walentznowicz J Gordon E. Fagan EDITORIAL STAFF ohn Loga Lewis K. Felleisen Harry D. Hebard David T. Fleck Daniel J. Linkowski Erving R. Mix Jack McCartan Maurice R. Stein CIRCULATION STAFF William Rraun-Russell Kuhn ...... . . L Robert L. Zinter Roll Call 1 01 Robert Coles-Alan Goerlitz .....,......., ....,. l 02 Robert Baker-Richard Richthammer ......., ...... 1 07 Frank Rossie-Walter Fitton ...,.............. ...... 1 08 Salvatore Lombardo-Matthew Kazierczak ..,... ....,. 2 01 Albert Seames-Michael Titorcnho .,......... ..,... 2 09 Charles Jamieson-James Michael ........... ....,. 2 13 Mario DiQuilio-Danford Lavis ..,, ..,.. ...... 2 1 9 James Finley--Armin Perry ........ ...... 2 22 Owen Maijir-Richard Nagel ....... ...... 3 09 John Radevki-Gerald Haase .... ...... 3 10 John Paulin-Melvin Scott .................,...,........ 317 Joseph Dowling-Hugh Price ............................. 318 ASSISTANTS FOR SENIOR APPOINTMENTS Building Design Course-Joseph Moretta N Industrial Chemistry-Oscar G. Bargnes Lollege Preparatory Course-Irvin Rosenberg Electrical CoursegJohn F. Howarg Mechanical Course-Sebastian S. DiMaria THE CDR S SENX ELA TECHTONIA N YEARB00 K JOHN S. R0llHR'I'SON GERALD J. MURPHY EDWARD G. SEIl!ER'l' Gl'IORGE W. I-EAST ANTHONY J. SCAPPI-X'lIIU WAYI..-KN!! ll. JOHN:-RUN DONIINICK V. Nllilill THE COLOR GUARD "A thoughtful mind,when it sees a nation's Hag, sees not the flag only but the nation itself," said one of our great Americans, and surely in these times of stress, every Tech boy, when he takes part in our color ceremony and salutes the flag, salutes not the flag only but the country for which it stands-his country-giving with his lifted hand a silent pledge to guard and preserve it. The salute to the flags brought in by the Color Guard of seniors opens every as- sembly held at Tech. Begun at the time of -the last World War, it has become one of our best-loved traditions, and proud is the boy chosen to be one of the guard. When he approaches the close of his junior year, he becomes eligible for the posi- tion. If he has proved himself to be an earnest worker and a de-pendable, co-operative citizen of his school community, he may be one of the fifteen candidates chosen by his classmates. He must then stand the test of selection by his teachers, and if he is among the final eight who receive the highest rating from them, his place on the guard is assured. By accepting the honor, he assumes the obligation of being at all times ready to officiate at his post and to maintain the same standard of conduct which earned his election. In short, he must strive to deserve the beautiful gold honor pin given him at the end of his service. To the members of this yearly group who have gone out from Tech, the guarding of the flag, which began for them as a beautiful symbol, has changed to deadly earnest. One is flying a fighter plane, a P-39, in the raids over Europe. Another, from whom a V-mail letter has just come, is helping to stem the Nazi tide in Italy. A third in the South Pacific is driving the ,Taps back to Tokio. A fourth is navigat- ing a Liberator bomber, another is working in the "SeaBees"-The Construction Battalion-the tale is endless. But wherever they are, we can be sure-sure they are showing that their position at Tech was no empty, unmeaning honor. They are proving themselves a true "Color Guard." DANIICI. F. .IAFOBS WILLIAM G. HRAYN 2 l THE PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS ON CLASS DAY As a prelude to graduation exercises, the members of the class of 1944 joyously present this thirty- seventh Class Day program. I deem it a great privilege to extend a cordial welcome on behalf of the Senior Class to the parents, faculty, and students gathered here. We are not unmindful, on this pleasant occasion, of those who are absent,'having left for the service of our country. Gentlemen, we salute you, and are proud of your fortitude! The tradition of Class Day provides a program of the History, Prophecy, Will, and Poem of the graduating body. Our class lawyer makes known our quaint and antic bequests to the fortunate Juniors. Our historian will trace the activities of this group during its four years at Technical, the prophet will attempt to forsee the future of our Members. This is a most opportune time to express appreciation to those who have made possible these twelve years of education. First let us dwell upon the very opportunity afforded us-an opportunity unique in most countries, that of securing development of latent abilities, of receiving a basis for future growth and economic power, at an age when others like us in less happy quarters of the world are already doing "day labor" in the fields of industry or arms. To our parents whose sacrifices and ambition have given us the boon of education, we offer our sincere gratitude. May we succeed and thereby repay their care. We are appreciative also of the wisdom, patience, and foresight of the faculty in carrying out the desires of our parents, that graduates of this school may emerge as useful, thoughtful citizens. Many problems will confront us all in the trying days ahead. May we meet them with conhdence, with zeal, with humility, and with spiritual guidance! Join us, however, on this carefree occasion, in the whole-hearted enjoyment of Class Day. Donald A. Fisher VALEDICTORY "The old order changeth, yielding place to the new And Codfulfils himsey' in many ways" Tennyson This quotation from Tennyson's "Idylls of the King" expresses appropriately the situation which prevails in the world today. We seniors will depart shortly and the Juniors, the class of '45, will assume the position of "top men" in Technical High School. We have witnessed many events during the'last four yearsg incidents that will be recorded in history as they certainly have altered the political, social, and economic state of the entire world. Events such as the unmerciful London blitz, the reelection of Franklin D. Roosevelt as president of our beloved country and of course the most tragic and cruel act of them all, the perfidious Pearl Harbor attack. We have witnessed disheartening military setbacks but we have also watched the slow but sure turn of events which precedes an inevitable Allied victory. Upon graduating, many of us will not only leave Tech, but we will also leave our homes and our friends so that we may fight those aggressors who are striving to create a despotic world, a world which will forbid gatherings such as theseg gatherings at which we can recall memories of four of the most felicitous and beneficial years of our lives. Yes the time has once again arrived when we must bid farewell to the maroon and white, never more to see a line of young, eager, typically American boys projecting from room 103, never more to see the shy Freshmen standing in the rear of the assembly, or singing at the tops of their voices during a rousing football rally. New occasions force upon our young untried shoulders many new duties. But we will cope with these additional burdens with comparative ease for if we partake of the opportunities afforded us by our teachers and principal we will emerge into this war-torn world, a match, both in mind and in body, for the youth of any nation. Not only have they taught us fundamentals of technical and economic subjects but they have also drilled into us the importance of honesty and fair play. Nor are we to forget those hearts which are now overflowing with the joy of our successg those eyes which are now vainly struggling to restrain the tears rising from glad hearts: tears which come because of the realization of long-felt hopes. No, let no one commit folly by thinking that without the care and beneficence showered upon us by our parents could we be assembled here today cele- brating our triumph. As we leave our Alma-Mater and shed the tunic of our youth to don the melancholy cloak of man- hood, we may sincerely say that in our hearts are feelings of happiness and joy, for we love our school and we will strive to do her justice and make her proud to recognize us as members of the famous Tech family. ANTHONY J. SCAPPECHIO FAREWELL T0 TECH On the threshold of New Worlds I sing a song of hope. I sing of golden hours, Of Hallowed Halls, Of ,Ioyous Song, Of Meaningful Clatter- For They are not gone- They will return Whenever our hearts grow lonely for Colden Hours Wherever we be in this land Of thriving cities-of eaeeful farms, Of learned persons-oi, simple folk, Of happy people-of folk bereft, Ol' towering skyscrapers-of lowly hovels. We seek to conquer new worlds, We are only content with progress. We seek to forge from what we have A better place, a better home to mold Of Peace And Laughter And ,loy And Holpe An Love. We have the will To enter the fight. We are strong-Our cause is just. We know we are right. I sing of Colden Hours Of joyous youth at Tech. I tell you these hours are never spent- Remaining with us., gaining strength with time I tell you of days gone by that are to e, I toast Dear Tech now and forever more and fling my challenge to The Past, The Present, To Eternity! Irving Galperin 1914 - 1944 The class of I944 will be the thirtieth to be graduated from this building, although it will be the thirty-seventh in the annals of Technical High School. Tech is one of the oldest secondary schools in Buffalo, being thc fourth institution to be chartered as a high school by the Regents of the State of New York. This occurred in 1905. On April 20, l9l4, a procession of 672 boys and 22 faculty members marched from the old building on Elm Street originally called the Mechanic Arts lligh School, to the new red brick structure. Mr. Arthur llurrell was the principal and in that faculty were numbered six members of today's teaching staff: Mr. Richard R. Dry, the principal in 1944, Miss Mason, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Dayman. Mr. Nyenhuis. and Mr. Schneider. ln June l9l4 a Senior Class of 40 boys received diplomas. These three decades have seen many changes: technical courses for girls prevailed from l9l5 to l938g World War l saw student industrial and farm cadetsg 1200 soldiers were quartered in the build- ing during the summer vacation, to receive vocational training here and at other vocational schools: Unit Technical Courses were adopted in l920g the registration rose to 2095 in 19323333 Fifth Year Courses were introduced in l935g World War 2 saw the first, of many hundred students to enter service, enlist December 8, l94l. The registration last September was 1617 and there is a Senior Class of 224 pupils: the faculty now numbers 83. Throughout these thirty years under the principalship of Mr. Hurrell, Mr. Childs, and Mr. Dry, there has been a steady adherence to fundamental yet progressive technical education, the soundness of which is attested by the success of the many hundreds of graduates of Buffalo Technical High Schooll ICIDWARII M. I'II'I'I'SZAK LICWIS SE Sl'fCRI'I'I'.4 R I' PRESIDEINT DONALD A. FISHER Vllflz' l'Rl'fSll7I'f NT AI,I"RI'IIJ C. IIARM ASSE SICRCIJA IX 'I'-,47'-A RMS ANTHONY .l. ANAGNUSTOII 'l'RI'f.4SI 'RIC R V K. FI'II.l,ICISICN . , f W 'v'fl. ,Iwrlmm' . smvvl-zazu .4ss1s1i4 vr Sl'fRfll'f,4 NT-.IT-,4RJI'1S I Munnu' v. lII'1I,SIxY nnNu,n H. STAMP V.fIl,lilJlIf'l'0Rl.4 N r:l,.4ss 1,1 rr'1'1f:1es ANTHONY J' SCM"'W7'I'0 fzmss l'R0l'IlI'f'l'S RIIIIIARD n. UUNCAN V H j Q MAIIRICIAI lx. swzm ICIJWARD J. SMITH 'A"'45-N """T Mvnox 0. IIUWICN IRY ING GALPERIN CLASS HISTURIA N DAVID T. FLIECK NIOR OFFICERS AND COUNC IU SEBASTIAN S. DiMARIA JOSEPH E. KLIMSCHOT HARRY D. HEBARD IACK McCARTAN The Senior Council is a group of twelve seniors chosen at a class election at the beginning of each year. Six of these are chosen as class officers and the re- maining six are chosen to represent their respective courses. It is the duty of the Senior Council to provide for the class an interesting entertainment program and also to choose the class poet, prophet, lawyer, and historian. This year we of the Senior Council feel that the entertainment program follow- ed this year provided each student with much enjoyment. We have made the Senior Prom an annual affair, this year it was held for the second time at the Kleinhans Music Hall on May 26. A Skating Party, held at Scott's Roller Rink, not only provided funds for the class but also gave every one who attended pleasure. The Senior Class this year wishes to extend its heartiest thanks to its advisers, Mr. Dry, Miss F lavin, Mrs. Brooks, Miss Schultz, and Mr. Andrus, who through their most careful guidance have made our class as successful as it was. IINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY FOUR ALBANO, RICHARD J.-AA , Baseball s nad, Intra-mural, bas- ketball, Faiil Revue BAEUMLER ALBERT C.-M Mu Delta Treas. '43, Junior Red Cross Com., Honor Roll CD BARGNES, OSCAR G.-IC Vice-Pres. Chemistry Club '4-2, Senior Hi-Y, Usher. 1 ANAGNOSTOU, ANTHONY, J .-M Sgt.-at-Arms Mu Delta '43, Cap- tain swimming team '44-, Senior Ass't Sgt.-at-Arms, Chairman Sen. Skate, Junior Red Cross Com., Honor Roll QSJ BANASZAK, STANLEY M.-CP Track squad, Honor Roll C31 BARMASSE, ALFRED C. Mu Delta, Junior Red Cross Com., Track Squad, Intra-mural Basket- ball and Baseball, Office monitor, Vice-President Senior Class, Hon- or Roll 1192 BASTIANI, MARIO J. Basketball ma'or letter, Intra- mural Basketbajll, Monitor N? ff nf BEAM, DOUGLAS C.-CP Senior Hi-Y, Junior Red Crosl Com., Intra-mural baseball, bal ketball, and football, Office Moni tor, Honor Roll UQ I, my CL! A M vt, fyhir BELSKY, MURRAY V.-AA BEN, STANLEY J.-IC Senior Council, President Dra- matic Club '44, Sec'y Delta Chi '42, Graphic Arts Club, Fall Revue, Freshman Play, Christmas Play, Varsity Debate, Show Case Com., Service Board, News aper Staff, Yearbook Art Staff, Isonor Roll CID BESTEHORN, ERIC H.--CP Senior Hi-Y, Intra-Mural football Manager '43, Junior Red Cross Com., Emer. First Aid Squad, Hall Monitor, Office Monitor, Honor Roll Q31 BLASIAK, LEON S.-CP Fall Revue, Track Squad, Emel First Aid Squad, Honor Roll fll BLEWETT, ALAN C.-CP BONDANZA, ARMANDO J.-M Track Squad, Freshman Play, Office Monitor 22 BURMEIER, KENNETH F. Radio Guild, Honor Roll QU CRLIANO, LUCO D.-E Radio Guild, Intra-mural basket- ball, baseball and football CLCCATO, ALDO P.-AA Dance Band, Intra-mural basket- ball, Fall Revue, S ring Musical, Yearbook Art Staff,iIonor Roll Q4-J BORK, WALTER A.-CP BOWEN, MYRON O. Junior Hi-Y, Office Monitor, Hon- Dramatic Club, Mu Delta, Rol- or Roll USD lers, Intra-mural Basketball, Stage hand, Honor Roll f9l, Class Pro- phet ,44- BRAUN, WILLIAM G.-CP BRIGHTON, WALTER A.-CP Corr. Sec'y Kappa Sigma, Fresh- man President, Cross Country Major, Track Squad, Hall Moni- tor, Color Guard, Olfice Monitor, Freshman Debate, Band and Orchestra, Fall Revue, Jun. Red Cross Com., Emer. First Aid Squad, Intra-mural football, bas- ketball, baseball, Honor Roll f22J BROSMAN, RALPH A.-CP Football and Baseball S uad, Emer. First Aid Squad, Igonor Roll C71 BZOWSKI, CHESTER L. Machine Design Society, Track Major, Intra-mural basketball, Honor Roll U01 CASWELL, LLOYD C.-CP Junior Hi-Y, Rollers, Band, Base- ball S uad, Football Squad, Hon- or Roll CD CERCONE, FRANK R.-BD CINOTTI, JULIO ANTHONY-AA CIVELLO, JOSEPH R.-E Graphic Arts Club, Honor Roll KD Radio Guild, Band, Orchestra, Football major, Intra-mural Base- ball Jun. Red Cross Com., Intra-mural basketball, Office monitor, Usher, Christmas Play, Yearbook Adver- tising Staff, Honor Roll 122, BRZESKI, STANLEY J.-CP Band, Intra-mural football, base- ball, and basketball, Hall monitor, Yearbook Advertising StaH, Fall Revue, Emer. First Aid Squad, Honor Roll f5j CORRIGAN, GEORGE J.----RDC Sev'y ll:-la Delta Sigma, lnlra- nnural football, Open house IIRANDELI., GLY Y II.-E IPANGELO, ROBERT A.,-AA Orchestra '40, '43, Treasurer, Graphic Arts Club. Intra-mural lluskelball, lntra-mural Football. g . iw f' 4' 'a In v I UI: ' 'n:: ,I X lli gi' 2, I : Q., - f.ljg,, 3- Q' ' x .A CORTELLI, LEONARD E.-M CUTHILL, WILLIAM R.-E Sec'y and Treas. Radio Guild '43, Honor Roll Q61 DeYOUNG, EDWARD C.--AA DiCARLO, CARMEN A.-M Hall Monitor, Honor Roll 1141 DONNELLY, VINCENT-RI Vice-Pres. Chess Club '44, Mu Delta, Intra-mural baseball, Hon- or Roll Q14-D DUNCAN, RICHARD B.-M Mu Delta, Band, Orchestra, Dance Orchestra, Golf Squad, Honor Roll CSD, Class Lawyer '44 DWORNIK, STEPHEN E.-CI' Collectors Club, Band, Golf Squad, Intra-mural baseball, foot- ball, Hall Monitor, Fall Revue, Euler, First Aid Squad, Honor Roll 13, 4. g 15: ,1 -- 3 g . 44 A lf A .1 DiMARlA, sr:BAs'rlAN s.wM Mu Delta Vice-Pres. '43, Senio Council, Jun. Red Cross Com. Honor Roll C91 DROLLINGER, EARL A.-M President Mu Delta '44, Dramati Club, Aeronautical Society, Fa Revue, Office Monitor, Jun. Re Cross Com., Honor Roll C11 DUZEN, WILLI AM G. -RD EAST, GEORGE W.-CI' junior Vice-President, Col Guard, Euler. First Aid S ua Office Monitor, jun. Red are Coin., Honor Roll 118, FITTON, WAL'rEII A.-M lntra-mural baseball, Office Mon- itor, Jun. Red Cross Com., Honor Roll CSD FLEMING, STEWART E.-IC Drum Corps, Intra-mural foot- ball, baseball, Honor Roll f6J FRANKE, WILLIAM A.-M Supply Room FRIDEY, TIIEODORE J.-BD Tech Boat Club '41-'42, Tech Roller Club '41-'42, Building De- iifn Society '42-'43 '43-'44, Stage anager '42-'43 '43-'44, Fall Re- vlews ECKERT, ELMER H.-CP President Kappa Sigma Phi '44, Radio Guild, Band, Orchestra, Swin Band, Track Ma'or, jun. Red gross Com., Honor Roll C141 FELLEISEN, LEWIS K.-IC Pres. Chemistr Club '44, Treas. Senior Hi-Y, 'I?i'eas. Senior Class, Yearbook Editorial and Adver- tising Staff, Intra-mural baseball, basketball, ' football, Football Squad, Usher, Bond-selling Chair- Enzin, Office Monitor, Honor Roll 4 FILIPOWICZ, ROBERT-CP Boat Club, Cross-countr Squad, Track S uad, Office iionitor, Honor Roil C41 lFLECK, DAVID T.-CP Class Historian, Chess Club, Fall Revue, Usher, Yearbook Editorial Staff, Intra-mural football, Honor R011 1201 FORDE, FREDERICK 0.-AA Photography, Honor Roll KSH FRAY, MELVILLE L.-M Intra-mural baseball GAJEWSKI, BERNARD J.-E Senior Hi-Y, Radio Guild, Tennis Squad, Usher, Honor Roll C2D, Stage Electrician 25 ELDRIDCE, ALLAN E.-CP lntra -mural basketball, Honor Roll UD FESTA, FRANK M.-IC Football Major '42-'43, Captain '44 FISHER, DONALD A.-E President Senior Class, Jun. Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Chemistry Club, Usher, Hi-Y Debate Team GALPERIN, IRVINC-IC Chess Club. llonor Roll U01, Class Poet '41- GEIGER, ALLEN R.-E intra-mural football GERBRACHT, ROBERT W.-Cl' Tech En ineer, Office Monitor, Honor Roql 151 CALVIN, NORMAN S.-CP Jun. Red Cross Com., Track Squad, Baseball Squad, Football Major GENTILE, LAWRENCE C.-M Mu Delta, Intra-mural football CIPP, KENNETH C.-E Band, Orchestra COLDFUSS, FRANK K.-BDC Track Squad, Building Design Club CREGOIRE, PAUL N.-AA Dramatic Club, Swimming Squad, Photography GROSSMAN, BURTON N.-CP Jun. Hi-Y, Swimming S uad, Jun. Red Cross Com., Hlonor Roll C21 GUILBAULT, NORMAN G.-E Cha lain, Adviser, Pres. Jun. Hi-Ei Vice-Pres. Senior Hi-Y, Radio Guild, Football Major, Usher, Honor Roll Q21 1 gf' V1 J ill Ng Q., F: A 1 X rv GOTTWALD, FREDERICK W.- CP Senior Hi-Y, Jun. Hi-Y, Chess Club, Boat Club, Fall Revue, Honor Roll CROSS, RICHARD R.-Cl' Treas. Junior Class, Sec'y-Treas. Chess Club '43, Pres. Chess Club '44, Football Squad, lntra-mural football, Honor Roll U01 GUGINO, PETER A.-E Intra-mural football GUTTNIAN, IVIELVIN D.-CP Honor Roll C51 r , x -Bw' S Q' . be V :..-,.- I :ji ,,.g!fQg'A ,Z inf, alfa. , ,. r". fiitii EFV4 Y IIICSSLER, ROBERT A.-E President Sophomore and junior Class, Sg't-at-Arms Kappa Sigma I'hi 'fl-4, Baseball Squad, Intra- mural football and basketball, Ilonor Roll C155 HOWICK, RAYMOND C.-IC Senior Ili-Y, Basketball Squad, lntra-mural basketball, baseball, football JACOBS, DANIEL F.-IC Color Guard, Radio Guild Pro- gram Com., Uflice Monitor, Ilon- or Roll CU ,II'1I"I'II'1IIYS, WILLIANI II.-bl Mu Delta, Aeronautical Club, Golf Squad, Ass't Manager foot- ball, Basketball Major S gg., HAGLUNII, RAYMOND H.-M Chess Club, Mu Delta, Intra- mural baseball, Honor Roll Q31 HASTINGS, VICTOR E.-M Band, Orchestra, Mu Delta, Hon- or Roll Q81 HEINOLD, RICHARD R.-CI' Golf Squad, Baseball Major, Jun. Red Cross Com., Honor Roll C71 ,J ', 3,4 , 4,4-dl ' vokinf i HOWARD, .IOHN F.-E Radio Guild, Swimming Squad IIUMES, EDWAIID ,l.-M Mu Delta JARLINSKI, ARTHUR W.-IC Football Squad, Sr. Ili-Y, Chem- istry Club, Basketball Major, lntra-mural basketball, baseball, football JETTAS, DONALD S-CI' Dramatic Club, Monitor IIANSGATE, ,IOIIN P.-M Tech Exhibit IIEBARD, IIARRY D.-Cl' ' Fall Revue, Senior Council, Sg't- at-Arms Dramatic Club 'fl-3, Vice- I'res. Dramatic Club '44, Senior Ili-Y, Usher, Track Squad, M.C. at Freshman Assembly 'fl--1-, Year- book Editorial Staff, Office Mon- itor, Jun. Red Cross Com., Ilonor Roll U21 IIERRINGTON, CIIARLICS IC.- BDC Track Major, Beta Delta Sigma Ass't Sg't-at-Arms 'fl-4 Football Major ox, U-, . gf, V , Q , , LF: 5 , 3. xx fy.,-'S v-' 5- """"" JOHNSON, WAYLAND H.-AA Honor Roll U4-D, Collectors Club, ,Iunior Dirertor Art-Library Club, Yearbook Art Staff, Photo Staff, Color Guard KANE, DONALD F.-E KENNEDY, LAWRENCE F.-CP Rollers, Basketball Major, Base- ball Major, Hall Monitor, Jun. Red Cross Com., Honor Roll Q31 KACZANOWSKLMATTHEW F.-M Honor Roll C6D, Intra-u1uralath- letics KELLY, BERNARD H.-BDC Jun. Hi-Y Vice-Pres., Pres. Build- ing Desiqn Society, Sg't-at-Arms Junior C ass, Track Squad, Foot- ball Squad, Intra-mural basket- ball, baseball, football KESSLER, RONALD W.-M KITCHIN, NELSON L.--E Radio Guild KOEPF, WILLARD' C.-M Band, Track Squad, Football Major KORDUBA, STEVE B.-CP Senior Hi-Y, Swimming Squad, Fall Revue KUHN, RUSSELL J.-CP Radio Guild, Orchestra, Band, Kappa Sigma Phi, Honor Roll Q81 ,, KLIMSCHOT, JOSEPH E.-E Jun. Ili-Y, Senior lli-Y, Senio Council, Cross Countr Squat Usher,lntra-mural baseball, fool ball, basketball, Honor Roll Q3 KOLPACK, CLEON C.-BDC Buildin Design Society, Honc Roll 16? KORYCKI, JOHN J.-M LAMBERT, LOUIS J.-M 'I JGHTNER, JOHN A.-CP gaigra-mural Baseball, Honor Roll JSIECKI, DANIEL A.-BDC ONG, HARRY E.-CP Dramatic Club '40 YNN, IRVIN F.-AA Band, Orchestra LA PENNA, THOMAS P.-BDC Tennis Major, Honor Roll 14, LECHTICK, MORRIS N.-M Band, Orchestra, Delta Chi, Fresh- man - Sophomore Debate, Hall Monitor, Oilice Monitor, Honor R011 Cn LEWICKI, WALTER M.-CP Fall Revue, Honor Roll f15D ,9 ml bg2,,f5,fA,f LINKOWSKI, DANIEL QI.-CP Honor Roll C1423 Intra-mural Baseball '41-'42, Football '41-'42, Fall Revue '42-'43, Techtonian '44 LOGA, JOHN-AA Pres. Graphic Arts '43-'44, Fall Revue '40, Intra-mural Basketball '41-'42-'43'-'44-,Baseball '43, Fresh- man Play, Yearbook Staff '43-'44, Showcase Committee '42-'43, Ex- hibit Guide '4-3, Honor Roll Q11 LUPP, 'FREDERICK C.-M Mu Delta, Intra-mural Basketball MANGOLD, RALPH C.-CP Honor Roll 121, Band '40-'43, Orchestra '40-'43, Monitor LaRUSCH, JOHN J.-E Recording Sec'y Ka a Sigma Phi, Sec'y So homore Eau, Fresh- man Play,- Ifhnor Roll Q91 f LEGCE, JAMES R.-E Band, Orchestra, Dance Orches- tra, Band Uniform Custodian, Intra-mural Football LEWIS, WALTER A.-BDC Cheerleader, Beta Delta Sigma, Band, Oilice Monitor, Honor Roll 121 MANN, HENRY A.-AA Art Club, lnlra-mural llasket- ball '40-'4I Mr-CARTAN, JACK E.-IC llonor Roll KSJ, Senior Council, .lr. lli-Y '40-'42, Sr. Hi-Y '42-'43 fPres.J '43-'44, Chemistr Club '42-'43, Secretary '43-'44, Monitor lnlra-mural Basketball '40-'44, lntra-mural Baseball '42, Intra- mural Football '41-'44, Basketball Squad '44, Techtonian '44, Debate '44 M ITR l, NICHOLAS J.-E MARTORANA, GERALD A.-M Honor Roll f3J, Intra-mural Bas- ketball '40-'43, Football '40-'43, Bowling League '44 MINIKOWSKI, JEROME L.-IC Sigma Phi Sigma, Senior Hi-Y, Secretary Sigma Phi Sigma, Mon- itor MIX, ERVING R.-IC Band, Orchestra '40-'44, Intra- mural Football '44, Oratorical Contest '42, '43, Pres. Delta Chi '43-'44, Fresh.-Soph. Debate '41, '42, Techtonian '44, Tech Drum Corps '40 MONTGOMERY, JAMES L.-CP Swimming Major '42-'44 MOSSACK, ROBERT E.-CP Aeronautical Society '42-'43 MULHISEN, ROBERT J.-AA MURPHY, GERALD E.-M Honor Roll fly, Mu Delta, Color Guard, Monitor MORETTA, JOSEPH M.-M Buildin Design Club '43 Pres. '45, Treas. '44. MOWELL, JOHN D.-M Honor Roll 161 MUMM, CHARLES A.-BDC Beta Delta Sigma MURRAY, WILLIAM R.-M Mu Delta KRRINO, GIULIO 'l'.-E llonor Roll CU, lntra-mural Ilas- kelbull '40-'fl-3, lutra-mural Foot- hall 'fl-3, lutra-mural Baseball '40-'fl-1, Christmas Play FOIIL, STANLEY-IC Tech. Engineer, Della Chi, 'l'reas Ili-Y, Debate .0'I'NlCKl, RICHARD J.-M JWERS, EDWARD K.--lil! NARCANES-. .l0SEl'H-E Jr. lli-Y '40-'42, Sr. lli-Y '13-'41-, Monitor, Stage Iland NICRO, DOMINICK C.-CP Honor Roll QSD, Color Guard, Fall Revue '42 OSEEKEY, LEONARD F.-BDC Band '42-'43, Building Design Society '42-'43, Collectors Club '40-'41 PFEIFFER, EUGENE R.-IC Honor Roll KSJ, Sigma Phi Sigma, Pres., Sg't-at-Arms IIi-Y, Intra- mural Basketball, Football, Fall Revue, Monitor, Techtouion PIETSZAK, EDWARD M.-IC Engineer Society, Chemistry Club, Sr. lIi-Y, Secretary Jr. Class, Secretary Sr. Class, Intra-mural Football, Fall Revue. POHLE,- WILLIAM NI.-E Honor Roll C6J, Amateur Radio Club PROPSTER, HOWARD J.-BDC Honor Roll 121, Building Design Society '43-'44, Techtonian '43 NEUNER, EUGENE II.-E Honor Roll Q-U, Track Squad '12, lutra-mural Football '-1-2, lutra- mural Basketball '-1-2 0'NElLL, ROBERT J.-BDC Beta Delta Sigma PALUMBO, DANIEL--Cl' Cross Country '40, Fall Revue '1-l, 'I'-1-h. Engineer '-1-l, Stage Crew '43 PURTILLQ ROBERT E.-E Orchestra '39-'40, Intra-mural Football, Basketball '43-'44 REINHOLD, RAYMOND E.-BDC Jr. Hi-Y '41, Beta Delta Sigma '43-'44, Band '41-'44 REITMEIER, KENNETH L.-M Tennis Major '43 32 PYZKIEWICZ, FRANK N.-M Band, Orchestra, Dance Orches- tra, Tech. Rollers REISLER, EVAN-E Football Squad '42, Swimming Squad '42 1 4 J A REITJSROBERT E. 'A CP Honor Roll f9l, K a Siqma Phi, Vice President, ootbal iguad '42, Major '43, Baseball ajor '43, Jr. Red Cross Committee REYNARD, ALBERT E.-E 33154115 Roll CID, Radio Club RIEDEL, ARTHUR C.-M Aeronautical Society, Tennis Ma- jor '43 ROBERTSON, JOHN S.-BDC Honor Roll fllj, Treasurer Soph. Class, Band '40-'43, Orchestra '40-'41, Building Design Society, Kappa Sigma Phi, Swimming Squad '42- 43, Color Guard ROSENBERG, IRVING-CP Tech. Drum Corps, Tech. En ineer Tennis Squad '41, Ma'or '45, '43, '44, Cross Country Squad '42, Major '43, Basketball S uad '43, Major '44, Intra-mural ports RICUPITO, PASQUALE F.-AA Graphic Art Club '43-'44, 1 Cross Committee RINCLEBEN, GILBERT C.-M Dramatic Club, Monitor, . Revue RONDINA, JOHN R.--M Honor Roll f6J, Football Sq '42, '43, '44, Monitor ROSS, CLAYTON E.-M Mu Delta, Col '41-'42 NW i' We F CARSON li. .IOSICPII ll.f fill' llonor Roll CID, Football and Base- ball Squad 'fl2. CAVONI-I, JOSl'1l'll-M Sr. lli-Y. Mu Della Cllll'il"l':R, RICIIARD B.-li llonor Roll UD. Clless Club i-ll '42, Stage l'ile-1-tri4'ian CIIWARTZ. IIUWARII M. -AA Crupllir Arla Club '-L3-'-ll. 'Feeli- tonian ROSSIH, FRANK .l.--Nl llonor Roll fel-J, Mu lh-Ita 'lil-il-l-, Tennis Major '43 RYAN, RICHARD J.-lC Chenlistr Club, Swimming Squad '-1-l-'Ml-3, Klajor '43-'44, Manager '43-'44, Intra-mural Basketball '43-'44 SAFFIRE, VICTOR N.-IC Band, Cllcmistrgy Club, lli-Y, Football Squad 43, lntra-mural Basketball 43, Vice Pres. Chem- istry Club, Sergeant-at-Arms Hi-Y SCAPPECHIO, ANTHONY .l.- BDC llonor Roll UID, Building Design Society, Vice President 'fl-3-'44, Senior Council, Color Guard, Valedictorian. SClIAl'Il"HR, FRED W.-li llonor Roll USD, President 'l'ecl1. Amateur Radio Club, Stage Crew SClIllWlNll':L, GEORGE A.ACl' Honor Roll CHD SCHYVAR'l'ZlllAN, FRANK--M llonor Roll CSD, Mu Delta, Tennis Varsity '12, 713, lntra-mural Football '-ll R0'l"l'NlCR. l'IRNl'fS'l' l'.'ACl' lutra-mural Football. Bu:-ilu-lbull Baseball '40-'43 RYDER, KENNlC'l'll-li llonor Roll ULU SCALICE, ANTHONY S.-Nl Honor Roll CD. Dance Band SEDIA. M ICIIAI-Il. A.-E llonor Boll 121. Se-vrt-tary Soph. Class. 'lc-vh. l'illglIN'f'l', Football Squad '43 SEIHERT. EDWARD CWIC llonor Roll QU, Sr. lli-Y. Color fillilfll, Coll Squad '-I2-'43, Bas- lwtball Major '43-'44, lnlra-mural l"oothall, Basketball, Basvhall SHARPE. W'lLLlAM C.-M llonor Roll UD, Dralnativ Club '40-'44, Ta-vli. Enginm-r V I 1 i l 1 SEEBALD, RAYMOND C.-E lntra-mural Basketball '42-'fl-4, Baseball '41-'44, Monitor SEUFERT, ROBERT T.-E Kappa Sigma Phi, Rolling Engi- neers, Secretary, Football Squad 'fl-2 SHUMAN, HYMAN B.-BDC Beta llvlta Sigma 543-'44, Fall Revue '49-'41, Christmas Play '40, '41, SIRACUSE, JAMES A .fCI' llonor Boll CSD, Fall Revue '4l,'42 SOERGEL ROBERT W.-CP SMITH, EDWARD ,I.- BDC llonor Roll COD, Sc-vretar Bu ing Us-sign Sox-ivty '42, '4-gi, Trl urf'r Kappa Sigma l'hi '43, ' Cross Country Major '42, Tr '42-'43, Orvhastra '40-'fl-I, Bt '40-'44, Clans Lawyer GOROTQK Y RO Ilonorqlioll CU. Jr. Red Cross K i Y' -BERT-AIVC Commit tec STAIW P, DONALD E.-M Kappa Sigma Phi, Marhine De- sign Club, Sergeant-at-Arms Sc- nior Class, lntra-mural Basket- ball, Baseball STEIN, MAURICE R.-IC llonor Roll 162, Tech. Engineer '40-'43, Fresh.-Soph. Debate, Yar- sily Debate 'fll, '43, Della Chi '42-'43, Ti-vhtonian, Yin- Pres. Delta Chi, Prophet llonor Boll QU, Ile-Ita Lhi, Tri urvr 'Al-3, '44 STEVENS. JOHN A.- Cl' lnlra-mural Bunk:-lhall '42-' Monitor '40-'fll ST. GEORGE. JOHN T.--M llonor Boll 125. Al'l'0lNllllll'Hl vivty, l"all Bvvuc, Chet-rlcat 'fl-2- 43. lntra-mural Football SUI"FOLI'1T'l'0, WILLIAM M.-IC nf ,N THOMPSON, 'I'IIIC0ll0RI'I Il.-M Jr. Red Cross TRONCONI, PASQUALE J.-BDC llonor Roll KID, Building Design Societ '42-'43, Sergeant-at-Arms '43, Intra-mural Sports, Fall Revue '40, Christmas Play '41, Ticket Salesman '42-'43 I TR l' MAN N, DANA C.---CI' UCCI, ,IOSIEPII J.-BDC llonor Roll CGI, Orchestra '40-'42 Bela Delta Sigma, Cheerleader Baseball '43 VALLIi'I"I', IIA ROLD-M VANDERCOY, 'I'I'II'i0DOIlI'1 P.-CP Honor Roll Sr. Ili-Y, Monitor, Year Book Adv. Staff '41-'44 VANNI, RAYMUNII C. ,I.-CI' Sr. Ili-Y '43-'44, Secretary Jr. VARLEY, Ii0BI'IR'I' R.-IC Monitor '40-'4I, Stage Electrician Ili-Y '41-'42, Sta ve Crew '43, 'fl-3-'41 Dramatics '40-'41, gall Revue '41 VASTOLA, FRANCIS ,I.-If Intra-mural Basketball '4-3344. 35 Q au' I' TIEAI., RICIIARII I'.-- M Golf Squad 'Il-'-IZ, Red Crm-is Committee TI'II'INBI'IR'I'II, FIIIWAIIII ,I.- 'AA Honor Roll CID, Graphit- Arts Club, Intra-Mural Iiuslwtbztll 'Il- '42 TROPPMAN, RAYMOND Ii:-IC Ilonor Roll QSJ, 'IH-vlt Amateur Radio Clnlr IFS: 4I.,f ,, , W'AI,I'lS. DONALD E.fCP Ilonor Roll CID, SI'I'f.'fl'HlII-ZlI'Al'llIS ,Ir. Ili-Y '42-'43, Tc-1-I1.RnIle-rs '42-'43, Sr. Ili-Y 'III-'1-4 Sm-rf-tary l 'H 'II WAIILICR, ICOBPZII1' G.-AA Slum Cam- Cmunlillvf' 3142-'43, I'Imt0 Stuff '43-'44, Svrvivf' Rnard '-I2-'43, Intra-mural Basketball 'LI-2-'41 W'IN'I'I'IR. RICHARD F.-IC Ilunur Roll CU, Sr., Ili-Y '43-'44, Football Squad '42, Major '43, Advrrlising Staff, Clwmislry Club Q-nf I 36 WEISSLEADE R, HOWARD I.-CP Honor Roll UU, Tevh. Rollers '42-'43, Radio Club ,41-'43, Moni- f WMJ WILSON, ANDREW J.-E WDDARCZAK, RAYMOND J.-M Baseball Major letter '43 W'0I.FlYII'I'1I,LI'lR, CIIARLICS-lYI Ilonor Roll CHD, Inlra-mural Ras kvlball '-I2-'43, Mu Dc-Ita '43 Intra-mural Football '42 YOl'NC, ELMER L.-E l "H . K: . I -' 'MX ' , Q .ti L T WllES'F, FRANK C.-M llonor Roll UD ZAWIERUCHA, ALFRED P.--CP Dramatic Club '40-'42, Fall Rev! '40, '41, Dramatic Club Play '4- '41 BEU, RICHARD A. I-INGEI.. BERNARD M.-M JANKOWSKI. NORRI-lIi'I'-M Intra-mural basketball MUMAIION. ICIIYVAIID .I. R0'I"I', ,IOIIN G.-CI' Dramatic Club 'fl-0-'42, junior Se-vretary. 'I'evh. Engineer '41-'43 S4-rretary and Treasurer, Fall Revue '-I0-'All SIMON, SAMl'I-Il, I'.-'E YUGT, CALVIN G.-IC DAUGHTRY. DOYLE-YE GRACI, j0SI'II'II ,-LSE IJCAIIMAN. I'Al'I.-M Chess Club, Mu Delta IIINGICII, IIICIIBICIIT J.-BDC Cross Country Major '42, '43, '44 'I'rat'k Major '42, '43, Squad "I-4, Chess Club 'AI-3-'ti-4. SICNDELBACII, I"III'1IlI'lIIICK II.- M Intra-mural Basketball, Baseball TOM CZ Y K., S'I'I'II'I IAN A.-AA Rand Ili-Y, Inlra-mural Iiase- ball and Hank:-thall WIESZCZECINSKI, WALTER S.+ AA Honor Roll CYD, Graphic Arts Club '43-'44, Show Case Commit- tee '42-'43, Servire Iloard "I-3, Intra-mural Baseball 'fl-I-'42, Mo- nitor '42-'43 SENIORS IN SERVICE ARMY Stanley M. Banaszek Armando .l. Bondanza Doyle Daugbtry Frank M. Festa Ilenry Mann Edward .l. McMahon Richard ,l. Plotnicki Michael A. Sedia John A. Stevens William M. Suffoletto Stephen A. Tomazyk Calvin G. Vogt Raymond Wodarczyk NAVY Allen R. Geiger Frank K. Goldfuss Arthur W. ,Iarlinski Ilronislaus G. Kwapisz ,lohn D. Mowell Joseph Nargancs Evan Reisler .Ioseph D. Scarsonc Walter S. Wieszczecinski I.c-wis K. Felleisen Robert Ii. Purtill ,Iolm T. St. George 9 CL AQS ES rfqw, I ZBA THE TEC HTONIAN YEARB00 K MICHAEL AVANZATO ROBERT MUSCHAWECK ROBERT BAKER WILLIAM DEMYANICK ROBERT MILLER THE JUNIOR CLASS President-MICHAEL AVANZATO Vice-President-ROBERT BAKER Seeretarv-ROBERT MUSCHAWECK Treasurer-WILLIAM DEMYANICK Sg't-at-Arms-ROBERT MILLER FACULTY ADVISERS MISS E. FLORENCE KIMMINS MISS NELLIE MASON MR. CARL MUNN MR. GERALD O'DONNELL The Junior Class, numbering 305, is completing its third and most eventful year. It hopes that throughout our Senior year it will be able to uphold the high standards and ideals of Tech. The class of 1945 being generously represented on the llonor Roll, in Athletics. Band, Dramaties and many other of the school activitiesg is indeed proud of its well-earned record. During this past year occurred the first Junior Prom in the history of Tech. It was held at Klein- hans Music llall, on April 29, and proved to be a great success. We are proud of our fellow classmates who left us to serve in the armed forces of the United States, here and abroad. We have contributed to our country's war effort by giving our utmost cooperation in War Bond drives and scrap drives. Miss Kimmins, our chairman. Miss Mason, Mr. Munn and Mr. O'D0nnell, we sincerely thank for the help they gave us during the past year. ' 41 ll S 'xii ,nqwgn sz fl + 3 X 2 3 ii ' . A , W gg fi I E i L Q un nu nn nu H Ii Ii I! R nu nu Ii. Frank linrulniuin, vl"r:un'iN Yvl.l4-rr Gm-rnld H1-in. llivlmrml l"rmh-rivkw. 5. F'lnnl1-y !?rz4'su1rkl, llnnnld lxunlu, Sinnlvy Flnigi:-rn, llnllnlrl Uvhlvr, Hniuurni .lop-1-, linynmml F4-hm-nh-r, .Kuhn llruun. I. In-urgv lxllng, llnln-rl lzlu-rt.Szunl14'l l'l1-1-Ulu, llirlmrrl S:-hnllwrt, NYzullvrf'iaz1m, .lnnu-s Wiw, Huy nwnsl Wnrlnnl. 54. Uacnlvl Nl.xvkn,.luhn Nm-vlv..Kl1'llxlm lirunn. Rnlwrl llc-rlnv, Hurry Wnvnislk, l3nlni4'llQui1'k, H1-rlwrt Hull. Dulmlwl fvull, He-rnnrfl H5 hnn-1 is -J, lluhf-rl Klux-1-lmxu-vk, Huylnnml Kin-ggn, .luhn Nlns-cn, Hr-rin-rl .lm-rgm-r, Fran:-is Slylu-lymki, Rnlu-rl Snnlln, Il:-nry Hl1'h,5:lulm-I Iw-rrun H-alwrf Thulnpwn. l. Rivhurli Ru:-1-him, I.4-un I'ln':'huni1'h, Rube-rl Juhnsnn, lfrrlnnnli Vnlvnli, Rivhnrml Ning, Louis Rullnpixw, Al:-xzmmls-r 1-vnrgv, .Inu-L Xlnnn 'I'hu1nzn KvI1x1u-nl.x',Jzu'lxGilnlin. Hun Run Hun Hun Hun Hum Hrnm- Huwkm-9, linnuld Sxnilh, John Nagy-, Holm:-ri Porte-r, Ruhr-rl Sxnilh, l?nx'inl Dolnrues. -1- DUHNM Lilfllilllblvfnrl5r'hll1'I1'r. Hlllwrl Slvlu-r, .lullws Hull, l"run1-isiirnlmln, lfrnnk U'Hnru, Rolrvrl liirskv. L Hn-lmrml Xlzxjwhrznk, Uamivl llrzvwiw-ki, Wnllvr Kw-kv,SlunlvyKirmlnivxukl,.hum--.lunkmuk1, H115 nmnrl Hr-rnmn, 1 unwluntmn- lznnnnnx .Xllvn I-1-11-r. I W- "l'ff'H"l5"l4'fk1l.UillliflMiNiI'lk..luIlllRoux-m,.lulll1Knllvk, Nurlnnn Nugvl, lxe'nnm'th Frhlm, Slnurt Xlurrl-un, Xlzunnll1QunIm,NMIInN I :px I yr 1, lmnlun lfngnll, Hn-rn:ur4l W'ing, .Kllllmny Aqnililm, .lusvph l.ipiru,Jzu'kIM-Wit1,lhnml1l Hurley, Nnrnmn limi- .Xrlnnndu Xlnrmnu: I. lhvhanrnl :iv Vur-P, .Xnlhony fhllipgliu, Hllgvlla' Hmlllliu, I"r1'1l1-rirk Dvlllingrr, Nnrxnun Hurvlu-lil, Julnew lxuviflv, lla-nr-x hrzutu-lx, llnn :ral Flniih, Wllliuln lilrnlv, Vlnylnn Junk. v v.Lf ., 3 Av., i 'I Q QI? if W 5 -N' il hy V n f E F f , u ri ' , A JY -if 5 F , ' ig: K ' f' ' i Y K k 3' Q vf 1 1 w ,. ,Q ,. ,. , " ' ri Q. .rn- I ' 'Y' M: 4" . ' 'K is W, . ' 1 ' - 6 W Q xi? Q I , , ,J .5 . lm: g Q , f -A ffwifgzz- inf ' , 1 ' ' Q QQ w ?W,'!f?3mb ?f5fi' ,lk ' xi A "1 Q . X ,4 A 1 vipwfip wif. X Q., .g 1 N' ei, 5? . W ., .., Y ff .f -.1 va. 3, K I fs 9 E I b 1 I a 1 A g 3 vv W sf ? ,' f' fa' ei w fm' W ,". Z 4 , Af- , 525' qs QL , '. , .. 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We have seen the boys in the upper classes called into serviceg we have seen the zeal and determination of these boysg we dare not let them down. We know that a large share of the responsibilities in the days to come will fall on the shoulders of our generation and we are preparing to do our part. The members of the Sophomore Class have shown their versatility by exhibiting their prowess in basketball, swimming, football, tennis, track and other sports featured at Tech. A large number of our members have attained ositions on the scholastic honor roll. Then practically all eading char- acters in the highly successlldl school play, "What A Life", were taken by Sophomores. The main event of this successful year was our assembly. We presented several motion pictures. which were highly enjoyed. This program was carried out while our elder classmates the seniors, took the Army- Navy V-12 test. We, the members of the So homore Class, hereby pledge that we will carry out our good work, and, if possible, better it, in the coming years. To our advisers, we are deeply appreciative for their cooperation in our activities and their efforts in our behalf. I V gf x ia V 4 3 3 v gl xr' - J? S "' 'F 'ff M gf -M is Q -1 V1 Qs" Q I 5 vb' I x ,Jw W W Q , vm 2151 r- 'flfvf - 5 G E 3 sf 3 K2 3 if sg Q Y, l l '86, Yagi i , .EI 3 H , 'x ,L w V ? Q, ' 3 '1fff35 A 1 ll 4 - I Q 1 Huw Ilnvx Hon lluw llnw Hu n Furl Sulxvr, Norman Lugn, llraullvy llnfnn-r, YYII1. Vnlns, llnlsl. l.nv1-lnnll, Lvnlmnl Knzlnwski, Thus. f'i4'ul4-llu. llirll. l'-wlml.l, ,Knlhnny l'm-'ui:x, Xlvlvin Svnll. Ne-lwnn Nlln-lla-r, Alfrvnl lullj1'll!'7llli, Nurlwrl Pnliwmlninski. linlninic' 'l'm-rrvrl. . .lulln Kirisilw. lfrnnk Wuknxlllx, llnn. lYnlf, lion, Vvinkvllnnxl, Nurlnun llnlllwr, lluwsn-l Hur my, Rnlrl. 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Q 'S 5 "Q, MQ "9 ? .t5, , Q1 V333 3 , N W AM 15 RMB if 1-if w " ""P""1""V "4"fw""' HV' W' V' RWEQW?.B'V'1 H'5"'.T"' " 'VF' ' W "' 45" TWWQWKW WE" 'I I Shun cnwnwlvr emma: mu. mm as 5380813 SEPTRMEI mu P 'l 99 www- Q .N -1 25'E"L Q35- 31. 'yn J A I.. 1 'Q . ' Llgtjf -, fi : -, fm 4 " , i:a 1 v 9 If .. ' JI. I 4, ,v K x J - ' . El, fi.: -A f' 5. " ' Q ' .5535 Q v H H ROBERT HABERER FREDERICK WONG JAMES ATKINS THE FRESHMAN CLASS President-FREDERICK WONG Vice President-ROBERT HABERER Secretary and Treasurer--J AMES ATKINS The Freshman Class numbers about four hundred and eighty boys. Although it is not so large as some preceding classes, we hope to make this up in quality. Despite the ravages of the Hu, scarlet fever, appendectomies, and several broken legs, we feel that we have made ourselves a very creditable record. Out of our class, there were about fifty-four boys who made the honor roll nearly every liine, and eighty of our boys took part in our athletic events of Technical High School. These boys also re- ceived small school letters for participation in these events. There were twenty-one boys who helped and took part in the Fall Revue. There are also twenty-three boys in the orchestra. With the exception ofa few of our boys bein absent, we have made a very fine attendance record. Quite a number boys in the Freshman class Tiave not missed a day of school since the beginning of the school year. We hope that we have heell Safe in doing a little boasting. We know of course that we still have a lot to learn, especially from the upper classmen. We are grateful to our advisers for their interest and solicitude. ADVISERS DR. M. IRVING CHRISWELL MR. JAMES McGOWAN MRS. MAUDE WALLACE MR. GEORGE SCHNEIDER 9 Hu :Il l'vlm-r, Xrlhur fnixla-I, lmnuld Nic-ntvrzc, l3:nnim'l Kl'Zt'NiIl'ki, Ilulmlnl Lilllhllrg, Hn-lvin Htvlnpznff, Hr-nrlv fzngnlxlnvlyk, Urrxn l'ugv. Xlln rl lxrenwr Hlvh-urxl NI1-phnn, Wullvr'l'ull1auIx'wulxl, ImmunW'il1l,llullzulullnllvr,Iluvinl'l'l1ulx1,.lnllu'xlirunnr-r. Ivnmlfi 1 I-lllnyx, Ilnlwrl Hunlh, Hu! wrl Krnfl, Wullvr Xlu1'lle-r,.lna1in Kvruin, K1-nnm-th llnukn-n, U4-rnnrmi Hnfur-vu-kl, 1-4-nrgv hulln-rl. Wlllmln MI mln 4-uvrw 1 lmulnn-lx, lmr-+5 Fvlmlf, Hulwrl full--, Rn-lmrml blrcwllxgvr, Paul W 1-ln, IA-nnnrmi Nh-1111-uwln,.lnl11nl zurlvr, lmnnlnl ll-whln-rg, I in nr4I Hlukv, ,luhn1lnrNki, Nurlnun l"ryv, .lin Ruin-rl-, N:1r1'ySlull1iIlNki, Kvnnvth Nlm'I1lwn,.luhn Xlgu'l'ln-rwn, Haurnnml lxmnn-r, Russ llunn-I Nu ? N- nm-nl ln-r, rulyk, Hi'-hnrfl Nnxxnknxuki, .lurk lfuwla-r, Krlllnr Lurlwig, Nnrnmn Ha-Inn-k, Nm-lsun Ulrlsrh, Hnrllcll Ynluix-rnwn'r, IN-In-r Xlnnrl, Nhllmln Hunk, Willlnln Hurlx. 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A FEW CAIVDXD SKERTHES OF " TECH" W AC7f0Mf l KI CIAI7' 400117041 f I'-fl, lf' i Q lg f 5' ,JZ Z, All 71 X? ,Xl W xy ,X - 'J ' 1 ,' .91 'F s 1 X W uw! W ful X, .Q -1' A mlg533 A ' - Jgvpgg if we X "H .I -' it fl, .Max aiamz - 1 1 I i ,,,.,.4 X 3 .iii 4, 5 , ,ag-255, ,V X x A ,H 1 ff K gf V. 1 . V l ,mu xx 4 KY 4 WS 1 ' - n T Q X ,QW M: ma , Q" 5 , fl!-I .1 ' Wah.. .3 , W sf' LW ff g ff - 5? ,f 23,4 V M 1 .-. ' -.....-'ff' ,ax 4 r i f . 7. '-7 ,,, ,.iN,p ,. K 8 4 X 'A J -ff 'fa a I ' K 1-'El 3 0 N , 4 I wiv' nag? wusf, 4 5 5? 155 '5 53 1: A gf,-, , .,.,v ,E-ix: , 2 ..4 U., 3 rsgw. X " filf A sn: L52 1 6 , Q X i ,g likin- . M xi X , , l Wig .. W, Q6 ...v, 1 mf-Q-g-J, .:m,QQ, -wg, We -V5.4 M ,V A .JL ,. ,N kg.. .. . ,, ,V,.. . 1 , Q f f mfg , hz, OR GANXZATXO NS E TECHTONIAN Y XMB- E K Row fl. Donald Smith, Patrick Mangan. James Fairholm, Richard Smades, John Schultz, Gerald Ehmka. Row fl. Frank Kalela, Robert Porter, Robert Palmer, Max Rutknwski, Raymond Usinski, Ralph llaue r, Edward Wnleniyn- nwiez, Mathew Ewen, John Muscarella. Row l. William Payne. Lloyd Fassett, Sergeant-at-Arms: Raymond Fuchs, Vice Pres., Rirluaril Nagin, Ples.g Rohert Seufert. Fong Shorill Schrader, Trees.: Mr. Sc-hieh, Adviser. President-RICHARD MAGIN Vice President-RAYMOND FUCHS Secretary-ROBERT SEUFERT Treasurer-SHERLE SCHRADER Sg't-at-Arms-LLOYD FASSETT Faculty Adviser-MR. J. ALFONS SCHIEB The Rolling Engineers is the youngest organization active in Tech today. The club was organ- ized in December, 1943, and has a membership of 25 at the present time. The club was established for the purpose of organizing the skating enthusiasts of Tech. We have already sponsored a skating party, which was held on April 14, at Skateland. The party was a huge success, as a result of the wholehearted cooperation of the school. The club endeavors to assist other school organizations by supporting club projects, such as skat- ing parties. We are proud to announce that one of our members, Ral h C. Kunzc, has enlisted in the Navy as an Apprentice Seamang to him we wish the best of luck in is new career. The ollicers and members of the club wish to express their thanks to Mr. Schieb, for the kind as- sistance he has given us. Row 9. Robert Feufert, Richard Banaszelc, Donald Stamp, Robert Miller, Harvey Robertson, Russell Kuhn. John Robertson. Row I. Mr. Eu ene Boller, Adviser: John LnRusch, Rec. Sec.: Robert Re-itz, Vice Pre-sq Elmer Eckert, President: William Il Braun, fforr. Ser.: Robert Hessler, Sergeant-at-Arms: Edward Smith. 'l'reas.g Mr. Calvin F. Bishop, Adviser. President--ICLMER II. ECKERT Vice-President--ROBERT E. REITZ Recording Secretary-JOHN J. LaRUSCll Corresponding Secretur-y-WII.I.IAM G. BRAUN Treasurer-EDWARD J. SMITH Sergeant-at-Arms-ROBERT A. IIESSLER FAC ULTY ADVISERS MISS IRMA G. THIEI. MR. EUGENE W. BOLLER MR. CALVIN C. BISHOP Ka a Si ma Phi, the Tech honor fraternitv, was founded thirtv-five vears a o bv the late Doctor .PP g . . . - . - -. . g - . Daniel U Jton, mrmci mal at that time. Throu h his efforts and the untirin zeal of its members. . I 1 I .. 3 . . 5. , . . asslve and active, the name Ka a bi has become an inte ral mart in the life of I'echnical lli h S . . PP .g g I . 5 chool. Everv man associated with this selected honor rou has tirelesslv endeavored to u ho d . . - . . . . 3 P. - P the tradition and principles exemplified by its esteemed organizers. The objective of the society is to render service to the school at all possible opportunities and to promote good fellowship among its members. Hence, the activities engaged in during the year are manv an diversified. Recently the club embarked on a noteworthy project, namely, that of contacting brother members in service. The primary purpose is to keep alive school spirit by announcing the standings of Tech teams, club undertakings, scheduled meetings, and social events. To those who don the uniforms oi our fighting forces, we wish God"s speed and happy landings. The annual declamation contest was sponsored in March, the banquet with the passive chapter was, as usual, a great success. We wish to extend our deep gratitude to our faculty advisers Miss Thiel, Mr. Boller and Mr. Bishop for their kind help and guidance during the past year. f BUILDI G DESIGN SOCIETY l .5 A . .Q 1, c lion Il. Ily Fhumun. Ray llc-inholnl, l.f-onard 0591-key, Jos. l'c'ri, Flvon Kolpurk, Waltf-r lmwis, liduzird Smith. lion 2. Vos-In-I Noln, Vhzls. Alumni, Howard Propslvr, l'lug0tu' Strokzl, Holm U'Nvill, 'l'l'4l lfriflvy, .lohn llolwllson, Pat Tron- rom. Ron I, Mr. John llilrkluillvr, .Xtlvist-rg fhas. Ht-rrington, Asst. Sgt. al Arms: llill lluvvn, Fgt. at Arms: Anthony Hrwipprvhio, Yin- l're's.g llvrmirnl Ki-lly, l'n's,g Jos. Alorvltn, 'llrc'zis.1 tivo. f'orrig:in, F-rv.: Nlr. .lohn tizilrin, Azlvisvr. Prvsidvnl-BERNARD KELLY Vivv-Prvsidvnt-.ANTll0N'Y SCAPPECIIIO Srvrvtnrv-GEORGE CURRICAN Trmszlrvr-JUSICPII MORICTTA Sergeant-at-.4rms-WIl.l.lAM DUZEN .4ss't Svrgvflnt-at-Arms-CllARl.l91S IIICRRINGTON AIJVISERS MR. .IUIIN l!URKlI.Al.TlCR MR. JOHN J. CALVIN The lluilding Us-sign Sovivty is vomposvd of two groups.. tho arvllitevtural and the stru1'tural.Th4' aim ol' tht- sovivty is to havr' thvsc' two groups work together to furthvr tht- SlllTl't'SS of the sovivty. This organization has thrvv mmnhcrs in the Armed Forces of our country.'l'l1Pv arv l'lllgt'll0 Marzo, Army: liaymond Krolvwivz. Army: and Frank Goldfuss. Navy. The war situation has curtailed our visits to arvhitvvtural and struvtural plants. We- havv planned for thv latter part of thc' yr-ar to have lf-cturcs discussing Post-War Building. This suhjf-vt is ol' interrst to hoth groups. The soviety has also plannvd to havv a graduating party. To our advisvrs Mr. liurkhaltf-r and Mr. Galvin, who take part in all our activities, we arv grateful for thvir lu'lpl'ul guidanvv. 5 Row fl. Rnyniund Hnglund, lim-rnld Murphy, Wm. Murray, Frank Rossi:-, Rolut. Sielwr, Vunstantine Hoannnu, Rnlit. Mus- 1-liuweek. Hou Q. .luek Mann, Wm. Jelferys, lfrnnk Srllwnrlzninli, fhais. ivolfmneller, fheslvr llluwalii, lfrlvxnrd llnnles, liirlmrd Dun- enn, Vlnyton Rows, Arlnimdo Murinni. - Nou I. Xlyrou Howe-n, Alfred llurniuwse, See.: :Kntliony Armpuiostoii, Sgt. at Arlils:S1-lmzistiavr lldlurin, Vice Pres.: Earl Drol- Iingvr, Pres.: Mluert llneunuler, 'l're:is.g Vlnrent Donnelly, Mr. Furl G. Aunier, Adviser. Presifl f'r1 tel'lAlil, A. TJROLLINGER Vic-e-Prrfsialenlw-SIQBASTIAN S. DiMARIA S ecre tary-aAI,FRI'lD C. BARMASSE Tr c'z1 surerfALBl1IHT C. BAEUMLER Sergeant-at-,4r rrzs -ANTHONY J. ANAGNOSTOU Faculty Adviser---MR. CARL AUMER The Maehine Design Soeiety is one of the oldest and largest organizations in 'l'eehnieal.'l'oday'. the number of members enrolled in this elub runs well into the fifties Uur eluh has a sustaining lIlf'llllN'l'SllllJ in the Buffalo Engineering Soeiety and any member is privileged to attend the meetings ol' this organization at the llotel Statler. The elub has purchased a subseription for the Mueliim-ry fllngazine. which is now used as a reference periodical. The Maehine Design Soeiety is eompos-:ed of many more Juniors than Seniors. Tllereforc. we can look forward lo the elass ol' 715 for a flourishing year. This year, the Maehine Design Club enjoy ed a It o iv ll o w Sl. ll u u' ll ow liayinond Svchneider, Donald Smith, John .Nngge, Robt. Smith. Stanley SIIIIKIPPH, Henry Grajek, Mario DiQuihn, llir-hard Uhl, Francis Vetter, Willis Taylor. :xcum-Ih Sohlin, James Hall, Raymond Greggo, Howard Smith, Ray Wurmuz, .lack Mussen, Nnrlunn Bust, Wm. lirnie. Herh Joerger, lien. Kliug, Dun Lavis, Fremouti Valenti, Franz-is Stypczyuski, August Bruno, Fred Dentiuger. prosperous existence, both financially and socially. A skating party on March 3l was very successful because ofthe large sale of tickets by the members. The annual picnic is scheduled for the latter part of spring at Chestnut Ridge Park. This is an affair looked forward to, by all members. At this time the members would like to thank Mr. Aumer, our faculty adviser. for his expert advice and guidance, and for his unceasing vigilance and loyalty, to our society. Row 4. Richard L. Neal, James Lucie, Robert Grunthaner, Harmen Asma. Row 3. Samuel Ring, Richard Richthammer, Clarence Sturm, Elwood Searles, Leonard Zabrocki. Row 2. Robert Sutton, Chester Szczypkowski, Achilles Fellows, Eugene Pfeiffer, Jerome Minikowski. Clarence Srhnohrick. Harry Kerkorian, Franklin Henferer. - . . Row 1. Mr. William Block. Adviser: Wil iam Dcmyanick, Sec.: Michael Avanzatn, Treas., Lewis Felleisen, President: Victor Safhre, Vice President: Jack McCartan, Sec., Oscar Bargnes. President-LEWIS FELLEISEN V ice-President-VICTOR SAFF IRE Corresponding Secretary-J ACK MCCARTAN Recording Secretary-WILLIANI DEMYANICK Treasurer-MICHAEL AVANZATO Sergeant-at-Arms-EUGENE PFEIFFER Faculty Adviser--MR. WM. BLOCK The Chemistry Club is open for membership to all Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors enrolled in the chemistry course. The purpose of the club is to increase our knowledge of and interest in chemistry. Chemistry is such a wide held of industry. Through research and developments, many new dis- coveries in the scientific world are being made by chemists who have found truth, fought death, sometimes failed but still had sufhcient fervor to drive them on to an endless search that proved to hel mankind. ' , here are 24 members enrolled in the club. Meetings are held regularly, each Friday in one of the chemistry recitation rooms directly after school. Groups have been formed so that experiments may be made every few weeks. Mr. Block has also performed experiments for us. During the year the club made a trip to the Police Crime Detection Laboratories which showed us one of the many fields the chemist may enter. ' Our social activities during the year included an annual bowling party, a picnic at the close of the school year and the initiation of new members. We are afhliated with the Science Clubs of America which we consider an honor. Every year at graduation the chemistry club awards a medal to the outstanding Industrial Chem- istr student. 'Iyhe officers and members wish to thank Mr. Block for his helpful advice and assistance. 1 " . l. s THE DRAMATIC CLUB Row 3. lzangel Myszka. Clyde Kaminslca, William Blatz, Williani Tracy, Daniel Tylenda, Leonard Pintrowski, Jerome Dor- n ua a. Row 'l. Richard Wujeiknwski,'Paul Mnrzello, Edward Bisone, Harry Frowley, Edward Gluszak, Alexander llidio, Salvatore Iffilllilllfllfb, Jael-c Glmlln. I Row l. William Sharpe. Anthony Bongiovannl, Miss Dorothy W. Grauer, Advise-rg Robert Thompson, Sift nt Arms: Byron lluir, See.: Murray Belsky, Pres.: Harry Hehard, Vice Pres.g Frank 0'Hara, Treasg James Atkins, Walter Keske. President-M URRAY HEI-,SKY l"ice-I'resiclentfllARRY HEBARD Secretary-BYRON BAIR Treasurer-FRANK 0'llARA Sergeant-nl-A rms-ROBERT Tl IOM PSUN Faculty Adviser-MISS DOROTHY W. GRAUER The Tech Dramatic Club, since its origin in N36 has consistently provided entertaimnent for the student body, as well as pleasure and training for its members, to say nothing of funds for the school treasury. The public performance ol' this year was "You Can't Take lt With Youf, by Kaufman and llart. This was the second full-evening play the group has attempted. The lirst was last year's llenry Aldrich play, "What a Life!" Where do we get the girls for the east? Aslt any Tech fellow about that! At the Christmas Assembly two of our members presented a Santa Claus sketch. Our latest attempts were the two one-act plays for our spring assembly. This was the lirst year two such plays were employed instead ofthe usual one. They were. as you remember, first, "The Drums of Undef' a serious play, and second, "The Man in the Bowler Hal," a farce. The meetings ol' our club are held regularly after school on Monday s. We wish to express our thanks to Miss Cramer for her help in our various activities throughout the year. llow Q. Kenneth Hills. Kenneth Zeehes, Fhas. Lewis, Gen. Klein, Leonard Dinder, Row l. f'lurm-nee BFIISIIIIIII, Adviser: .lohn Musrnrella, Howard llurkhardl, Chas. Ulender, Sgt. nt Arms: Dominic Cunipngnn, Vice Pres.: Eugene Wnllrneyer, Pres.: Richard Greene, Sec.: Donald Eaton, Treas.: Nicholas Xlarincllo. President-EUGENE W'Al,LMEYER Vice-President-DOMINIC CAMPAGNA Secretary-RICHARD GREENE Treasurer-DONALD EATON Sergeant-at-Arms-CHARLES OLENDER Adviser--lVlR. CLARENCE H. BENSMAN The Tech Electrical Soeiety was formed in 1922. It was established to create better relationship among the boys of the Electrical Course and to give those boys with leadership an opportunity to become oflicers. Our weekly meetings are held in Room 7 and help us better to understand thc opportunities in electricity. Although our trips to the various plants have been canceled because of the war we still obtain good material through films and talks. The annual induction banquet held at MacDoels' Restaurant proved very successful. The picnic at the end ofthe year has proved to be one of the outstanding events of various years and we hope to make it the same this year. We ofthe Tech Electrical Society are very proud of the large number ol' boys in the club that have entered the SCTVli'C.AlIl0l1g those of last year's class are Andrew Krafchak, llorace llitcs and ,lost-ph Gruber. The Tech Electrical Society hopes to have a display so that the people may know more ol' our activities. This ycar as in other years the Electrical Society did a grand job of decorating thc school Christmas tree. The boy s worked for many' periods to make the tree as striking as possible. We of the club would like to thank Mr. Bensman for the fine advice and cooperation he has given us during the year. Now -8. Bradley Vriughan, Fhas. Neumann. Wm. Brnse, John Norton, Donald Fraser, John Dase. llon Ii. Chas. DIIIIIPIQ, Roht. Brooks, Donald Winks-lnmn, Jos. Henle, Jaek Dewitt, Roy Hnnsgen. Donald Pfohl. Ron' '!. .lnlncs iii:-tzcn, -los. Nlutkn, Frank Yee, hliehael Janis, ninrren Sirfzice, Frank Wiukouits, Albert llill, Hurmin llyhnt. Vhns. 'ppcr. llon l. hir, 'l'h:uldeus hlny. .Mlviscrg ivillis Tnylor, Sgt. nl Arms: Frank Rtlillllry, Sec.: Douglas Ynn Yvngnen, l'res.g Mario lHiQnilio, Vice Pres.: Paul Wieser, 'l're:is.g Raymond lliniszkicwicz, Richard liannszek, President-DUU CLAS VA N 'WAC N EN Vice- President-MA R IO DiQUI LIU Seeremrv-FHA N K RASBURY Treasurer-PAU L W EISIC R Sergeant-ul-Arms-WILLIS TAYLI JK Faculty Adviser-M R . TI l ADDICUS MA Y llecause ol' the ever increasing interest in aviation which has been heightened by the present war. the members ol' the aeronautical Society have further striven to help the war effort in every way they can. The society was formed in I9-140 because of the increasing interest shown by the student hotly in the science ol' aeronautics. Its purpose as a society is to broaden the interests of its members in the basic knowledge ol' air- craft construction and flight. To transmit this knowledge to the members, the building ol' model airplanes is utilized and from this the fundamental principles of aerodynamics are taught. liccausc of the goverunu-nt's urgent need of identification models to train aircraft spotters, the society has started building these models on a large scale. Although it is one ol' the youngest societies at Tech, the Aeronautical Society is very active. lt holds a series ol' contests every year and maintains a show case in one of the school corridors. 'l'he menihership ol' the society is much larger than it has been in previous years. 'l'he members wish to extend their very best wishes and appreciation to Mr. May, our present faculty adviser, for his generous assistance. ' Row 9. Ray Riehert, John Louis, Maurice Haslem, Ronald Sehnnri. Wm. Julius, Otto Andert. Hugh Price. How I. Dr. Vhriswell, Adviser: Don Kryenvenger, Fe-e.g Bill Nemmer, Vice Pres.: Donald Fehnorr, Pres.g Kenneth Rachow, 'l're:1e.g Jos. Prnvenvano, Leon Smith. President-DONALD SCHNORR Vice-PresidentwMWILLIAM NEMMER Secretary-DONALD KRAYENVENGER Treasurer-KENNETH RACIIOW Faculty Adviser-DR. M. IRVING CHRISVVELL The Tech Astronomical Society was founded in 1934 by a group of students interested in the na- ture aml movements of celestial bodies and in practical methods of observation. ln the past ten years many projects have been undertaken and successfully completed. Foremost among these was the construction of a six-inch reflecting telescope. Recently a new timing mechan- ism was constructed by the club, making it possible to take pictures ofthe heavenly bodies. Another achievement ol' which the society is proud is a model telescope. It is an exact model of the 200 foot telescope on M t. l'alomer, California. In the construction of this model the club members studied photographs, from which they made the necessary drawings. Many books had to be read, from which they learned the operation of the telescope and the many interesting engineering prob- lems that had to be coped with by its designers. In the early spring of this year the model was on exhibition in the downtown area ol' Buffalo. Celestial navigation, lens grinding, and the construction of sky charts have also received attention at our meetings. 'l'o our faculty adviser and unfailing friend, Dr. Chriswell, we wish to express our sincere thanks, for his guidance in making the astronomical club an active, successful society. Row 4. Keith Petersen, Arthur Walter. Norman Gilbert, Richard Klaes, Walter Mueller, Donald Fraser, Jos. Prnvenzano. Row fi. Donald Dohmeier. David Lawrence, John Lilley, Donald Zntter, ,Gerard Miller, Donald Schreiber, Gerald Livziey, Eugene Gratz, Thos. Bristow, Don Kuhn. Row 9. Flms. Upper, Donald Kreinheder, Hugh Price, Gary Bartow, Robt. Biers, Kenneth Smith, Roht. Brooks, Vincent Provenzano, Kenneth Hopkins. Kevin Burke, John Carter, Arthur Schulz, Chas. Daniels. Row l. Roger Rcttig, Jos. Tisdall, Sgt. at Arms: Ralph Wales, Treats., James Livziey, Pres.: Wm. Atkins, Vice Pres.: Donald Guerra, Seng Richard Wisnlewski, Chaplain, Norman Guilbault, Adviser. President-JAMES LIVZIEY Vice-President-WILLIAM ATKIN S Secretary-DONALD GUERRA Treasurer-RALPH WALES Chaplain-RICHARD WISNIEWSKI Sergeant-at-Arms-JOSEPH TISDALL Adviser-NORMAN G. GUILBAULT, of the class of 1944 The Tech Junior Hi-Y has an enrollment of thirty-seven Freshmen and Sophomores. During the year the club was honored in having among its speakers, Mrs. Murray who gave a greatly appreciated talk on Etiquette and Father Schieder whospoke on Indecent Literalureg Mr. llausler, of the YMCA staff, who s oke at our induction and Mrs. Schweikhard, who spoke on What a girl expects from a boy on a ate. Other highli hts of the year were joint meetings with the South Park Hi-Y, the Pine llill Girl Reserves, the 5'ech Senior Hi-Y, and two Kensington clubs. We also held interesting discussions on Alcoholism, Post War Planning and many other interesting topics. Hu h Price represented the club at the annual Hi-Y Assembly, held in Albany. He introduced a bill: 'Iso provide for foot printing and finger printing of all people in New York State. The bill was passed by a large majority. In addition to the Hi-Y Assembly held in Albany, the club was represented at the Older Boys Conference held in Lockport and the city-wide Hi-Y Day. We have one member and one alternate in the City Wide Hi-Y council. We wish to thank Norm Guilbault for volunteering for the position of adviser, as our previous adviser, Lewis Felleisen has answered the call to the colors. TECH CHESS CLUB l l l 1 Row tt. Willis Taylor, Frederick Johnson. How 9. lloluert lliers, Leonard Pintrnwski. Lennarrl Plisk, Vnrl Sehueler, Vhnrles Booth, llieharrl Pollack, Donald Dohmeier. 'l'l1eorlnre Pieehneinski. llovs I, l"rnncis St. Vlnir, Donald lladeeke, Vinrenl Donnelly, Vice Pres.: Riehard Cross, Pres.: .lurues Kueehle, Sergennt-nh Arlns: Keith Petersen, Fee.-Treas., Donald Fraser. l'resir1entffRlClIARD GROSS Vice-l'resi11entfVlNCENT DONNHLY SPF.-'l'f0flSllft'l" -K li l Tl l Pl'lTl'iRSl'l N Sergeant-at-nirrns -J A M ES KA UClll.l'l l"!lf'll1lV .41l1'iser4lN'llSS ANNA li. llAl.l,ORAN The Tech Chess Cluh was organized several years ago in order to unite the chess players of 'l'eeh- ni:-al lligh School in common competition and to teach the game to all who would like to learn it. Our cluh has lost several of its members this year to the "Victory Shift" at the Bell Aircraft Company and to the War Training courses after sehool. Our activities, contrary to the popular belief prevailing in this school, do not consist solely ol slaying chess. We had a successful howling party in April and several other social events as well. Ye hope to hring a successful end to the season with a picnic at the Close of the semester. During the year we enlarged our contacts with other chess clubs by having a contest with the l,a- fayette lligh School Chess Club as well as the Kensington lligh Chess Club. We ho ie next year to develop inter-high school chess competition with other Buffalo lligh School Chess Iluhs. We, the members of the liuffalo'Technical Chess Cluh, wish to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to our Faculty Adviser, Miss llalloran. for her Cooperation and guidance given with- out hesitancy throughout the year. Row 4. Ed. Seihert, Raymond Howick, Don. Blanc-k, Ed. Pietszak, Jerome Minikowski. Douglas Beam. Row 3. Jus. Klimschot, Eric Bestc-horn. Theo. Vanderroy, Harry Stuckey. Eugene Pfeiffer, Steve Korduha. ltuw NZ. Dnnarlfl Fisher, Richard Wvinter, Oscar Bargnes, Fred. Gottwald, Raymond Vanni, Donald Jettas, Bernard Gajewski, Jos. argnnes. Row l. Mr. Wm. Block. Adviser, Harry Hehard, Chaplain: Donald Wales, Sec.: Jack Mcfartan, Pres.: Norman Guilhault, Vice Pres., Lewis Felleisen, Treaa.: Victor Safiire, Sgt. at Arms: Lee Pfohl. President-JACK E. MCCARTAN Vice-President-G. NORMAN GUILBAULT Secretary-DONALD E. WALES Treasurer-LEWIS K. FELLEISEN Sergeant-at-Arms-VICTOR N. SAFFIRE Chaplain.-HARRY D. HEBARD Adviser-MR. WILLIAM BLOCK The Tech Sr. Hi-Y is the oldest club in the school and was one of the first Hi-Y clubs organized ill this citv. ln order' to live up to the Hi-Y creed-To create, maintain and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community-our program has included the spiritual, intellec- tual, social and physical sides of life. For our Hi-Y assembly, Mr. "Billy" Burger, State YMCA Sec. gave an interesting talk on "Racial Prejudice." Later in the year Hi-Y members appeared on the assembly program again in the first debate between the Hi-Y and the Debate Club of Tech. The subject of debate was, "Re- solved: That There Be a Stron Federation of Governments After World War ll." The club has been active in tie State Hi-Y Assembly and the Older Boyds Conference in Lock ort. We were rivileged to have several prominent speakers among whom were Dr. Grimm, Rflrs Murray, Fatlier Schieder, Rev. Pfitzer and Mr. Chandler. The social part of Hi-Y consisted of several joint meetings with Girls' Hi-Y Clubs and participa- tion in Ili-Y activities throughout the city. In addition we had an athletic pro ram of basketball, swimming and various other sports. The outstanding service project 0? the year was our "Christmas Project" in which we bought, wrapped and delivered over three hundred dollars worth of gifts to orphans of two Buffalo Orphan- a es. gThe outstandin social project was a Father and Son Ban uet at which we had as guests of honor, Mr. Richard R. Dry, Principal of Tech, and Mr. Allie Seeibacli, Coach of basketball at Canisius Colle e. It doubtful whether much can be said or written about the Tech Sr. Hi-Y without mentioning our counselor and friend, Mr. William Block. He has rendered invaluable time and advice, and to him we wish to express our deepest gratitude. A TECH SENIOR HI-Y s i 5 f Q S r Z . r 1 x Hmm Run Hou Run' 6. Rlrhnrfl Nvul, Rivhurfl Pt'ur1l,fHhc-Hn Zlltwlliulli, Dullglns Vnn Wvagnvn. nlul. 'l'llsr'hl. Mivllswl .Xv:1n7:Ho, .lzlrllvs-I:u1kuvvSki, Dunnlxl VVif'rlnmnn, John Enron, Edward Jinuirn. 'rhnrsl Xlr'f"nr!hy, Junlrs Hvnly, Ile-nrgv YIRY. Hoy YV:-wtPnf0l4lPr, Yvilfrvrl llnwf-rs, Kvnnvih Fvllviirn. 'rnurul Hrnfly, Nlvlvin Swnrll, Hrnfwt llrmlvling, Louie f'ul1lm!:1.Hurmfrnurrlivk, J:unr'Q NIPGN-vs-r, l7nx'i1l.Inn1ir'eun .funn-e I"inlx'v. ga at vi X . NX. ff 76 -!ffF'Mi.a. . ,MA t 5, i ' W, if f ft 1 K ' li w V-1 GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB President-JOHN LOGA Seeretary-ROBERT L. ZINTER Treasurer-ALFRED HORTON Librarian-RICHARD ANDRES FACULTY ADVISERS MR. BERNARD J. ROONPIY MR. ALBERT E. GENTSCH The eandid eamera shots on this page were taken of members in the "Graphic Arts Club" during the past year. The membership in the elub is limited to those ,luniors and Seniors who are students in the Ad- vertising Arts Course. Dues eolleeted were spent for art reference books and drawing materials. Sketehing meetings and soeial events were diseussed in .weekly business meetings. Most interest was shown when life sketching was introduced. The students have eontributed three magazine subseriptions and four worthy books to the clubs growing eolleetion. At the be inning of the year, Robert D'Angelo, our original treasurer, handed in his letter of resig- nation whiei will go down in history as a master-pieee of exaggeration. We hope that next year more Juniors and Seniors in the .Advertising Arts Course will help eon- tribute to the sueeess of the "Graphic Arts Club." 5 In I g I P' 5 54 Sf W T ,xv - , ' , '9 H ",a. 3 N Aff- 'vf' A gif 5qfiT5, X J SW' I .T HT' X 9 f ig? Q " TF 'q ' V T 3 f3'A 9'1x9- if 1' T .fr gif ,Je Q , . , xv ,A 5 1 ST 1 ,oi mtv? Q fi ffl ,' 'X 'i gq i lgy. Xl, - R -a.' Nfg, i fsifsg, .QQ Q, Q Q X www 1 fgh - C' A K 2 f ' ' :f"',' , U I Q G4 ,, ., A, x fy WM ' M Asxg-L 'fx f A DELTI CHI President-ERVINC MIX Secretary--THOMAS HAYES Treasurer-ROBERT SOROTSKY ADVISER ' Miss DOROTHY W. GRAUER Delta Chi, the Debate Society, was founded sixteen years ago by a group of students interested in debate work. The primary purpose of the club is to promote interest in debate throughout the school, and good fellowship among its members. The activities of the organization this year were highli hted by a debate with the Senior Hi-Y. Since this was "within the family," so to s eak, we were aide to ex eriment with informal rebuttal, something that had never been possible wiiile the inter-high schooiidebates were still in existence. The obvious increase in audience interest roved the value of this new type of discussion-debate. The subject was: "Resolved that a strong feseration of nations be established at the close of the war." The annual F reshman-Sophomore Debate was held just after Easter Vacation. The subject- "Resolved that a system of student government be established in Technical High School." As this article went to press the club was attempting to negotiate a debate with Park School of Snyder, if the two schools could arrange a mutual y suitable time and place. It is doubtful if much can be said about Delta Chi without mentioning our counselor, Miss Grauer. To her we extend our deepest gratitude. S E. R. . K Y: 4 if XXV xii X NNW 2 Us . 1 531 b ,fs 4 W' x, :fi , fx .yi Q J jiri, ' 1 7' ' U I Fffwiiig 5 . ,ffl ,fi 4 I I if 3 , . wg if ? if 5 3.3, ff' .V Haw THE MEETING WILL NOW THOSE BooKS IVE COME TO ORDER! To PAY ORDERED JUST AXV COME ON,FELLOXVS, ARRIVED! Do AT -me NEXT ETING 9 WHAT ABOUT WHAT DO WE ME . TODAY? WI-I O ARE You TAKING 'TO OUR SKATING V PARTY? wHo's coma in MEF-UNC WHL TH: SECRETARY wm Tn: TREASURER A NOW COME To NOW READ THE MINUTES WILL fOLLECT P ORDER! or 'ms LAST MEETING Dugg Fon L 0- .R 'R THIS MONTH '37 'Q' I' E V! PRESIDENT Ik-J, uc HAS PAID A K K H vr For. Tn: YEAR +1 4 I I F O R M ,. 0 on BoY,r WHEN? R WILL HA EA JOINT H AM' LAD Lv: nzcslvrn A L:-rT:R V , Jomw E FROM-L Mssrmc wma -me ,, GIRLS FROM--- - H THIS CLUB S ff' .U .u.5 A .U. 0 IE' 6- 5515510522515 ,I C A TH! MEETING I C' - A L S T AT Q HLETX CS 21343- HE TECHT ONIAN YE ARBOOK s V FOOTBALL This year's football team. although under the watchful eyes of Mr. Albert K. llaas, was consider- ably weakened by the loss of most of his lettermen to the services. With the help ol' his captain. Walter Fleming, and the manager, Daniel Mistrik, he formed a team which went through the season with a fairly good record. Albert Randaeeio made the city All High team. Nathaniel Robinson and Frank Festa received honorable mention with Anthony Sambrotto attaining the All High Second team. Dllll' Sept. 25. .. Oct. 2. .. Uet. 9. .. Oct. 16. .. Oct. 23. .. Nov. 6 ....... Joseph R. Civello Anthony De ,loseph Robert P. Derme lfugene C. liusanio Frank M. Festa Norman S. Calvin Norman C. Cuilhault Charles lf. llerringlon llarry ll. King Willard C. Koepf Walter Flemming. Capt. Robert ll. Miller Albert F. Randaeeio Robert lf. Reitz Nathaniel ll. . . .Tech vs . . .Tech vs . . .Tech vs . . .Tech vs . . .Tech vs ............Techvs Anthony D. Sambrotto Michael A. Sedia Richard F. Winter . Burgard ..... . Kensington. . . . Seneca ....... . South Park. . . . Bennett ..... . East .............. . . William Fleming Edmond Cieewiez Henry Gorski Norman Cyaezyk Raymond Vliodarezak Richard Cross Ceorge Yavieola Daniel ll. Mistrik, Mgr. Anthony Aquilino lfugene Aquilino Cary Bartow Wlilfred Bowers Ralph Rrosman Severio Camino Vineent Capitano .lames Collins Rruee llawkes Raymond Herman Arthur ,larlinski Wim. Jeffreys Charles Kapperman Paul Knarr Sylvester Kolassa Albert Kraemer Donald Kreinheder James Kueehle Patrick Mangan Robinson Joseph Cordam William Marts ll -K F H Richard Mc Carthy F7 eww P Chen Charles Moran Football is a very rough game, William Mueller We fried our best, just the same. Russell Murray Score .. 8-0 ,. 0-20 ,.. 6-I3 ...IZZ-0 0- l Il 6-2-1 David Notar Norman Uaklan Robert U'Connor Milton l'alanker ,lohn l'aulin Robert Ray Donald Reifel Evan lieisler ,lohn Rizzo John Rondina Victor Saflire Bernard Saltzman Raymond Schneider Daniel Schultz Richard Sehwind ,lack Stark Daniel Sullivan Joseph 'Fisdall Thos. Tobia Donald Vincent Raymond Walter Row Il. Anthony Sambrotlo, Richard Vvinter, Norman Cuilhaull, Nalhaniel Robinson, Charles Herrin ton Anthony' De.lrse h . 9' .' . - ' P ' , , lion 2. llaniel Nll5ll'll'lC, Manager: Raymond Wuflarezak, Joseph Civello, Robert Reitz, George iavu-ola, Robert Derme, Robert Miller Row l. Harry King, Norman Calvin, Willard Km-pf, Frank Festa, Eugene Eusanio, Mit-lmel Sedia, Albert Runtla1't'io I -n 6 7 8 Q I0 'S I I2 if 1 CROSS COUNTRY 'l'his vt-ar Tvvll took liltli plavr' in thf' All-High Cross Country Run held in Delaware' l'ark on Uvtobvr' 21 and sr-f'urvd ll-ll points. William Rraun was Captain. Armando Rondanza. who has sinu- It-ft for tht- arrnvd svrvivv. was manager. and M r. Cottsrh COHPIIPII the team. 'I'ln- IIVP boys who vamv in first Col the 'I'0r'h runnvrsl and their plavvs arf- as follows: 18 ,leromc Schwartz 22 William Rrann 24 Alfred Tymczyszym 37 .Iames Finley 39 Robvrt Adams 1111090 who rvvviverl lettf-rs are: MAJOR l,l.I lI.Rh bQUAD LLTTLRS M. Andrpw Korszyzowski Robvrl Adams l. Richard Rerkhoudt 15. Joseph Lamarca Ilouglas Rissontz 2. Thomas Bristow 16. Iiarl lVl0Cready Armando Ilondanza, Mgr. 3. Augustus Rruno 17. Cordon Mittleman W illiani C. Rraun, Jr. fl. Robert Coe 18. Richard Neal lamvs Finley 5. Fredrick Dcntinger 19. Thomas Nigrr-Ili Nivholos Groszos 6. .lost-ph Doldan 20. Robert Parkinson Claude' Ii. llartman 7. Julius Dorobiala 21. Louis Palarny Ilvrbvrt Ringer 8. Robert Forge' 22. Ralph Richmond Irving Rosenberg 9. Raymond Cant 23. Edward Simmons Alfred 'I'ymr'zyszyn 10. Irwin Green 24. Raymond White 1 'l'vd Wavlawski ll. Raymond Guenther 25. Robert White ,Ivromv Svhwartz 12. Franklin llengcr 26. John Wirgcs 13. ,loscph Klimsvhot 27. Thomas Coles Running races is right up our alley, O But in our meets we couldn't tally. X EE fs Row 3. Irving Rusvnbvrg, Douglas Bisontr, Jerry Schwartz, Irwin Green. I I Row 2. .fkrlnnindo Btltltlttlllll. Mgr.: Tod Wnvlnwski, Earl IhIl'f.l'1'1ltIy, Joseph Ixhinshot, Hubert I I Hllli. Rnw I. Nivliolns liroszns, Herb:-rt Ringer, William Braun, .Izunes Finley, Vlaiiimlc Hartman. Aduin 'l'yin1-zyuyn, The end of this year's basketball season found Tech in third place, having won eight games and lost only five. This record is a credit, not only to Mr. Braun, this year's coach, but to all the boys who participated in any of the games. After starting practice three weeks later than most schools and with only two major letter men returning from last year, Mr. Braun did a wonderful job of producing a winning team. Before the halfway mark of the season was reached three of the original players were called into the armed forces. To "Red" Sambrotto, Ray Wodarczak, and Art Jarlinski the team owes a vote of thanks for their hard work and loyal cooperation before being inducted. . Their induction, however, gave several other members of the squad the chance to participate in a number of the remaining games. These players, Ed Seibert, Ronnie Houghton, and Al Riedel proved quite reliable and the team went on to defeat several of the top place schools. Larry Kennedy and Mario Bastiani, two of the team's highest scorers, worked very hard and did a great deal to make this year a very successful one. We regret that they will not be able to return next year. ' Two other members of the team who showed persistence and perseverance were Irv Rosenberg and Tommy Stenhouse. Both of these players proved to be of great value because of their speed and knowledge of the game. Many of the games played this year will remain in the minds of the players and spectators alike for years to come. Among these is the Bennett bame in which Larry Kennedy tied the record with twenty-eight points only to have the game go into the overtime period with the result that Tech came out on the short end of the score 49-50. Another memorable game was the one with McKinley which surprised many pessimistic onlookers since the Macks were supposed to be the undisputed league leaders. Altogether this season turned out to be one of the best in many years through the untiring efforts of Mr. Braun and the loyal devotion and teamwork of the members of the team. We hope that in the next few years the Yale Cup may be in Tech's possession many times. One of the most important events at the close of the basketball season is the publication of the All- High Team in the local newspapers. This year the selection of the team differed slightly from that of other years as the coaches ,of each school were requested to send in their choice for the All-High Team. The final team was then selected from these lists. Tech was very fortunate to have one of its players, Larry Kennedy, chosen for the first team at guard position. Larry, who was the teams highest scorer in many of the games, finished the season with a total of 152 points to his credit. Mario Bastiani, another high scoring member of our team, received honorable mention in the All-High selection. We wish to congratulate Larry and Mario and thank them, the coach, Mr.Braun, the other members of the squad, and anyone who assisted us this year in any manner. 'llhis u-ai"l'1-1'l1 linishvd in third plum' winning vighl gannvs and losing livv. lhrvv of whirh xx I x rrx vlosv. vp -1. Mr. llrann voavlivnl lln' ll'Hlll and xxllllillll .ll-fl'4'rxs was lhv lll2ill3gl'l'. "Ra-al" Salnhrollo and Larry .kPlIlN'lly wvrf' vlv1'lv1l vo-vaplaills. V . llla- Sl'llt'llllll' was as follows: MAJOR IJCTTRRS SQUAD LETTERS I Juli- Srora' .lan. . . .'l'a-vh vs. linn-rson, . . fill 30 ,lan. , 'l'a-4-ln vs. lil-ll'iiyl'lll'. . . .. 38-22 .lan. , . 'I's-ch vs. Svmwa ......... l l--215 jan. . , Tm-I1 vs. Grover lllvvvlaml. . . . .flll-20 lfvh. , 'lllHl'll vs. liivorsidc ,...... . . .38-Zl li-lv. . , . . .'llCl'll vs. l"os4lii'k Mastvn. 155-37 lf:-ln. . .'l'm1l1 vs. llt'lllll'll ,..,.... . . . I0-50 lfvh. . .Tvcli vs. llnrgard ..., . . 158- L0 l"vh. IS. . . . .Tech vs. llnlrhinson. . . ll 50 lf:-lr. Ill. , , ..'l'ecI1 vs l'iast ......, I0-32 l"4'lr. BI . . . . .Twill vs. South Park. , . l-fl ll l+'f-lm. 25. . . . .Ti-rli vs. IVlf'Kinlcy. . . .ISI-.20 ' I1 vs. 60-.30 F4-lv. 220 ............,.....,... llvc Kcnsington. . , Mcflartan. -lack Rastiani. Mario llonghton. Ronald Jarlinski. Arthur Kvnnvrly.. l.awrvnf'P Rir-flvl. Alfrffd Rialo. Norbert Coles, Thomas llawkvs. Bruce llowivk. Raymond Joycv, Edward Mr-Carthy. Richard Moran, Charles Roloff. John Tntuska-. .loseph Corski, Henry Rosvnlwrg. lrving Samhrotto. Anthony Sf-ihvrt. Edward Stvnhonsf-. Thomas Wodarrzak. Raymond .If-fff-rvs. William. M gfr. In Basketball we did our best, X We beat almost all the rest. lluw Q. Willinln ll. .lelfrc-ys, nmnngf-rg Eilwuril G. Seihert, Allred R. Rin-del, Lawn-uve F. Ki-'nm-dy vuplzlin: Ronald I". Houghton, Mr. William Braun, coavh: Row 1. Blnrlo .l. llustmni, Irving lion-nlwrg, Thomas H. Su-nlmuse, Anthony Suxnlimllo. SWIMMING 'l'hv swinnning season was late starting this year and therefore the nlnnlwr ofvandidatvs from which to choose the ll'i!lIl was limited. Unly seven boys from last yvaris tt-ani reported for the initial pravlict-. With these- seven as a nuvleus and by nn-ans ol' a series ol' time trials. Mr. Su-rn st-lt-cletl a lt'8lll. This year our swinnnt-rs won one nu-et but lost six. We finished st-vvnth in the All-lligh Meets. This year the captain was Anthony Anagnostou and the manager. Richard Ryan. We had a few outstanding swinnners: Zahn. Rubavk, Ryan, Montgoinery. and Anagnostou. lloward Zahn was our diver. The following awards were given: MAJOR LETTERS Anthony Anagnostou Paul Rubavk James l.. Montgomery Richard Ryan Russell A. Peter Porter Steele Roger Rettig lloward Zahn William Zahn SQUAD LETTERS Paul Miller Ronald Schnorr O Donald Schnorr Robert Sieher Robert Wvypoir ll We haven't a pool and we win races. This should give other schools red faces. Row 2. Rivlmrd llyuu. lllullligvr: Anthony A. Amipzimsloli, .lnlnes l.. Xlnlitgolmwy, Yvillinln .l. Zahn, l'nrI4'r A, Stn-clu. llow l. l"uul Xl, .l. Rnlnivll, Howard W. Zahn, Roger C. llvllig, Russell A. l'm-lor. TRACK Our track team was almost entirely lost to the armed forces during the year, which means that Tech will appear with a new and comparatively untried team this spring. Se we wish these track men good luck, hoping that they do great things. ' Richard Neal of the 4-40 and Bill Braun, Jr., the half miler, are still with usg on them'we pin high hopes! The 1944 meets are as follows: I Practice meets May 4-Fosdick-Masten, South Park. and Tech. 'ls T May ll-Kensington, Riverside, and Tech. May 18-Grover-Cleveland and Tech. All High trials May 23 and 24 All High meet May 25 Y Our Track team will be hard to beat. We hope they'Il win the All-High Meet. 'Qi' ""'4-any BASEBALL In spite of the rapid turn-over in sports and the loss of athletes, baseball stands a good chance of having a winning team. Most of last yearis second string men are still available, namely Lloyd Caswell, llank Green, Bob Hessler., Larry Kennedy, Joe Ucci, Alfred Riedel, Dick McCarthy, Gerry Long, Bob Reitz, Norman Galvin, and Richard Majchrzak. Many new prospects are waiting to show their ability, so there are high hopes for a good baseball season. The schedule for 1944 is as follows: May 5 Tech vs Seneca May 8 Tech vs Bennett May 12 Tech vs 'Kensington May 15 Tech vs Burgard May 19 Tech vs East May 22 Tech vs South Park We hope they finish without a loss 8 x' Q - if Q And thereby win the cup for us. at Houghton Park Park Park Park Park at Houghton Park at Delaware at Delaware at Delaware at Delaware Row 4. Alfred Riedel, Cleon Kolpack, Lloyd Caswell, Robert Hessler, Lawrence Kennedy Norman Onklan. Row Charles Hynes, Michael Marrelli, John Roloif, Edmond Gicewicz, Jack Vogt. Wilfred Bowers Huw 1. Ru-hard McCarthy, Robert Fairchild, Frederick Sendelbach, Henry Green. Norman Galvin, bouis Cannata. Daniel Mistrick. ow Robert Rumsclnk, Raymond Walter. Daniel Carnevale, Robert Reltz. Gerald Long, Edward Joyce. TENNIS As with most other sports., many tennis players have left school to devote their energies to more serious games. However, several of last year's team are still here, so with the good material still here, prospects for the coming season are bright. The 1944 schedule is as follows: May 2 Technical vs. Grover Cleveland May 4 Technical vs. South Park May 8 Technical vs. Riverside May 10 Technical vs. Kensington May 11 Technical vs. East May 15 Technical vs. Bennett May 17 Technical vs. Hutchinson May 19 Technical vs. Fosdick Masten Tennis is a sport that s played In the Spring So we don t know what the results will bring 51 CHEER LEADERS Tech Cheer Leaders are notable for their powerful vocal abilities, for the distinctive styleachieved by each, and for tremendous vitality released upon the special occasions when they ofliciate in their chosen field of endeavor. At sports events our energetic cheer leaders are present to invoke an oral manifestation of school spirit by plea, gyration, and example. Speakers in the assembly must be thrilled-or appalled-by the mass applause and the sudden Niagara of sound released by a cheer leader's hoarse, but audible, coercive order and his rhythmic arm and body direction. Joe Ucci slouches across the stage, as though without haste or hope, but becomes a dynamo once his commands are uttered. Wally Lewis is ambling, self deprecatory, laugh-provoking, but he achieves his purpose in his own way. Don Fisher is ever earnest. Ile gives his all. These three, the Seniors in the bri- ,4 gade, are leaving. Good cheer, wherever you go, boys, and may you all gain, as well as give, fervent applause. Mr. Suor, the mentor of this group, has won their gratitude 4 "OU Q for his aid in their spirited efforts. Q To these boys we should give a cheer, They made this a great athletic year. Joseph Poretta. Donald Fisher, Joseph Ur,-ci,"Red" Mangan, Walter Lewis, Silvio Graziadei - if OF coukss xvE'LL WIN V weve Q01 MORE BOYS ' , ON ELLIO AND BACHSTEINER wsu BEAT THEM BY OR T T ONES THERE GOES gnssx FORCE or NUMBERS THE' SPECTATOR Ig I X - f, ,QI Jw IS Tl-IAT GUY LEADING A CHEER OR DID HE SLIP ON A BANANA PEEL? GN QL be Av. uw 1- X433 if QM .s.,N-M W 2. U ...ii 'WS f P12 N X , f X IFKFQ .42 . if "Q: f ju . L. , . with is H 'ff ix ' 44 '1 S Av 'F -In - --1 .Q ? FA , M in 'iw Y Y . 73 Aw, W' NJ W .af"'2 ia' Q -..,.- , if ' . : 4,551 ' .,fg,,!X' Ak' I K gE.ffw'-- - .,. f 'Pi' 1 , A X 5, SV Ewa' is .xl . rv K .ldv- v 'Q - f .4-Ji' ww fl :.'- ',,v i "vk ,ffytf ' ' -"Y, X L..,, 5 3 Ne' 1 X A . xi f ADVE RTXSXNG ZBA, THE TE CHTONIA N YEARB 0 The following "Sons of Tech" deserve special recognition for their earnest endeavors in the field of advertising. Their work has been a large factor in making this year's publication possible Chairman-HARMIN S. RYBAT-213 Vice-Chairman-EDWARD C. ABRAMS-102 .4ss't Vice-Chairman-ELLSWORTH D. WHITNEY-309 R. C. 101 R. C. 108 Gerott, John Moretta, Jr., J. Smith, Edward J. Tronconi, Pasquale J. Tufillaro, John L. Vandercoy, Theodore R. C. 102 Abrams, Edward C. Biers, Robert C. Burke, Keran Carter, John Chadwick, George Conboy, Donald Gates, Henry Giardini, Robert Gibson, Gordon R. Goerlitz, Alan A. Gunning, Paul Haberer, Robert E. Hirschbeck, Robert Hurumel, Gregory Krzesinski, Daniel Pinnataro, Ralph Roberts, Jay Thom, David Vandermeer, Bartlett Vargo, John Vincent, Donald Simcoe, Harold R. C. 107 Clarke, Kenneth Neal, Richard L. Richthammer, Richard Hayes, Thomas E. Avanzato, Michael R. C. 310 Elsaesser, Walter 1 1 1 1 1 1 10 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 R. C. 318 Banaszek, Richard Bauer, Paul Berkhoudt, Richard Carnevale, Daniel J., Jr. Cline, Thomas Coleman, Robert Dobmeier, Donald Fleming, William Gicewicz, Edmond J. Gonzalez, Raymond Hoare, James 1 Bargnes, Oscar G. Felleisen, Lewis Kaczanowski, Matthew McCartan, Jack E. Minikowski, Jerome L. Mix, Erving R. Parrino, Giulio Pietszak, Edward M. Reitmeier, Kenneth Ringleben, Gilbert Ross, Clayton E. Saffire, Victor N. Stein, Maurice R. Winter, Richard F. R. C. 213 DeChalais, Chester Dorobiala, Jerome A. Hoffman, Leonard Palkowski, John Pawlak, Leonard J. Plisk, Leonard Reifel, Donald C. Rybat, Harmin S. S lves, Geor e Uipper, Charas R. C. 309 Bacchett, Au ust Bashas, Haroid Nagel, Richard J. Schnobrick, Clarence H Sheppard, Frederick D. Sutton, Robert Szczypkowski, Chester Wagner, Richard Alan Whitney, Ellsworth D. 1 3 4 2 1 1 3 1 1 2 1 How IvouLErYou LIKE' TO suv AN AD IN we " TECHTONIANQ' TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOLS ANNUAL YEARBOOK? KV! x,..f NOW WAIT BEFORE You MAKE UP YOUR MlND.YOU SEE' YOU PAY FOR ONE AD BUT YOU REALLY GET THREE Fon THE PRICE or ONE V Spf-I DON'T BE Too HASTY, sm. You IVILL HAVE ONE AD IN THE YEARBooIc,ONE IN THE SCHOOL HANDBOOK AND vous NAME wm BE OVER THE' MAIN ENTRANCE FOR ONE YEAR! .Ad 111 -i . Q xx KVI-IAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU,SON, IS THAT I BOUGHT A FULL PAGE ADVERTISEMENT YESTERDAY! Y ,f-5 NO'vQOUTAA'T G5 BACK 13:5 OSFSNYQUR Y ' 0 - To Y.OU'Lff7fKER' on-ou- roacor QUICK lv: SOMETHINGWRAUST MY KEY AGAIN." GOTTA WMS BE WRONG AN fxcuss, ,QVITH THIS J ,QE-L3 --Q 1 FOUNTAIN! X l "',.f- f-ff I How ABOUT A SHEET or PAPER? OM EKVORM U if f' "4- LET ME SFF YOUR H K! CIMME YOUR Ng BLO1-TER! fwf 00 U xg S ' 7 y Ll X .fx 7 ' RYAN 81 WILLIAMS, INC. FRANK J. BROCK S I Dellkvatessen ., mlmnvrs COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS 185 ESSER AVE' BUFFALO. N. Y. Dvsks, Chairs and Filing Dvvires Ice Cream : : Candy : : Canned Goods 82-84 PEARL ST. BUFFALO. N. Y. Model Airplanes Compliments Compliments 'af of DR. MILTON O. HAGER BURNEY'S GARAGE Prarticv of Dentistry 528 Grant Street IS02 GENESEE ST. BUFFALO 13, NEW YORK GEO. A. SCHINTZIUS DR. MELVIN L. ISRAEL Texaco Petroleum Products DENTIST WO 9617 310 GENESEE ST. CL 7580 1951 SOUTH PARK AVE. BUFFALO, N. Y. .... - R CW A, .i-. ... lR F ddil ..... .CO 1 gff .:, . ....... .A 55, .A. 9 ' gg . ..,. 2 Vzi. 55125 C THEN NEW W Q here Slcaffn ' ' L ATMQSPHY-BE Ag 'S al 'IS Besl'-ln a REFINED 8.1, -il-i MAIN ST. BUFFALO- Umrrz CI, 0I8I Rm.: UA 6865 JOHN ll. KULOW I . - I is i li if I' D I x f V J , 5 l Q I gl 5' - ' 1 fffiffz ' l"'WN A - 4 X 1 with WoodworlIi-Ilawlvy Co. Renidvmw- IT Donaldson Road S09-I0 Liberty Ilank Illdg. Iluffalo. N. Y. WA TI23 Ilonrsz 'I In 5:30 " I ' 'NI Mon.. Ifrl. I0 I I. WWI. I". ISRANIIDT. 0. Il. lfwf lflffl'lll'lIlI7I full! Gmwsr-1' Sire-Pl Cor. ,Ia-IT1-rson IllfI"I"AI.0, N. Y. TIIIC IVSIC UI" HPR I"l'NI'1RNI. IIUMIC II" IDICSIRICIJ PRIVACY - CH'NII"llR'I' - K'I"I'I'IN'I'ION IIENRY P. NIAST l'Inwrul Hmm' Plionv, Wtlodlawn IIT6 372 CIIMIIFIRIANIP AYIC. RIII7I9'AI,U. N. Y. FELIX V. KRZESINSKI Famjv and Staple Crm-vrivs and Mrfals I964 CLINTON STREET Phone Triangle 3289 Inlvrinr mul lzlrlvrior Dm-nruling - Cvnvral RPIJHITIHE RICHARD A. NIINNS T. SULLIVAN 81 CO., INC. Lunilwr . . Ifoodwnrk . . lfuilding Mnlvrinls NIAGARA at ARTHUR 303 North Division Si. Iluffalo 4, N. Y. Rl 4500 I"lln4'raI Ilvsigns Cn! I"Iouf-rs Potted Plants herkhoudl brothers fi "Say il with l"luu'vrs" D I'aint0rs and Ilrcoralors DL3lwE.K:RIG PINE RIDGE FLORAL SHOP . . . . . cONTIQQCTOIl5 of d1.st1nrt1.1'0 interiors AMLQICA A. If. Svllnollrirk ,I. M. SI'IllIllIDI'II'k . . , , 1 5+ I"IXI1'I'l0l' Painting on Rvqnf-sl I.umIs1'aping - IIrimInI Ilouquvls and I,f'l'0I'iIIIOHI'I 'I'AyIor I51II q I'ine- Ridgv Road at Gene-svn Str Poi Llncoln 3462 Compliments of GOLD-TONE STUDIOS AMERICA'S PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS 631 MAIN STREET BUFFALO., N. Y PHONE WA 9770 Phone GRant 4586 Established 1876 A Frienl H. S. .5311-xii THEODORE P. VANDERCOY Cvneral Painting Cnntmrtnr 196 E. UTICA STREET BUFFALO IN Y "COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND" E. D. THE ROYAL FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS For A11 Ocvasions SPECIALIZING IN CORSAGES CArfield 0695 185 ALLEN STREET BUFFALO 1, N. Y. V. H. BARGNES CO. R-M Lacquer 81 Per-Max Auto Rf-finislwr Supplies Phone: GA 7400 1460 MAIN STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. To the Class of 1944 Compliments of HABER'S MEN'S WEAR Clothing - Furnishings Sports Wear 2173-2175 SENECA ST. an C azeno via Listen to the LUTHERAN HOUR "Bringing Christ lo the Nation" STATION WGR 1:30 P.M. Every Sunday DOHN, FISCHER 6 CO., INC. 1330-1348 Niagara Street Lumber : : Millwork : : Linoleum : : Kitchen Cabinets Building Equipment BUFFALO, N. Y. "Service within the means of all" THOMAS V. RAY Funeral Home EST. 1897 GA 1074 4-65 FRANKLIN STREET 'RADIO EQUIPMENT CORP. 326 ELM ST. Distributors of Radio and Electronic Parts Phones WA 1310 and 1311 EDERERS' FOOD SHOP Ice Cream Parlor 4-66 DOAT ST. HU 9923 Compliments 0f CHARM BEAUTY SHOPPE LI 6003 289 GRANT ST. LEONARD'S MOTOR SERVICE Leonard Plisk, Prop. Phone TR 9651 2510 SENECA STR1'lE'1' BUFFALO, N. Y. Phone WA 9171 EAST BUFFALO FEED STORE Feed and Crain-Pigeon Feed Our SpeciaIty'Pou1try Canary-Dog Food Louis L. Matuszewski, Prop. 850 BROADWAY BUFFALO 12, N. Y. NORM KUHN'S I Jelirulessen KEIM and HEIGL The Home nf Fine Sausage-The Best Quality Meats HU 0465 622 Sycamore Street HU 3670 931 NORTHAMPTON BUFFALO, N. Y Compliments of FLEMING 1491012 PARTS TIP TOP PANTS 8 CLOTHES SHOP "Quality Mdse-Phir Prices" 1589 Genesee St.-Opposite Gen. Theatre SPORT PANTS OF ALL KINDS-JACKETS AND SPORT COATS FOR MEN AND BOYS Phone CLeveland 8525 Notary Public L. KAZMIERCZAK Real Estate Steamship Tickets - Insurance 866 SENECA ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments of ROGER'S PHARMACY Roger L. Panone, Prop. Prescriptions a Specialty Phone WA 9061 34-6 N. DIVISION ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. BEN GLASER'S MARKET TERMINAL SERVICE STATION Gasoline . on . Lubrication - Accessories - Tires Batteries - Repairing WI Washing 1425 Clinton SI. 258 E. Ferry SI. TR 9658 GR 9853 STELLER'S BAKERY, INC: The Home of Steller's Celebrated ALMOND RINGS and Other Baked Specialties 80 BEST ST. PHONE GR. 3845 FLORENCE BEAUTY SHOP MARY DALTON Delicatessen - Groceries - Cigars - Candy 399 DOAT ST. 20 HAMBURG ST. Phone CL 2731 I PACK'S C I' ,, amp mwms Men's and Boys' Wear Of Shoes THE WATKIN HOTEL Sports Wear 174 W. CHIPPEWA ST. WA 9248 1522 GENESEE STREET at MOSELLE ' -r sc:oTT's ROLLER RINK A s R 825 MAIN ST. ' ,gf xj ERN EST WEDEKINDT IVUNICR M, HUM IC Hmmrvl H. U'-l'lll'lu'IlllIl, Lin-nswl Manager ll LVIIIIIOIIII 78I I 5 WALDICN AYICNUIC RUFFALO, ' lN.Y TU' This Drug Store Firsl HOPPER PHARMACY 260 EAST IDICIAYAN AVIS. KARL GEROLD Rcgislererl Pharmacists I.. C. For Over 40 Years Dispensing Reputable l'l1armuceuli1-als Hopenn RICE 81 WHALEY BROOKE SERVICE STATION A mow Produvls Cattle - Hogs - Sheep - Calves I 1 , Phone: GA 9532 10 Live block' Exchange Bldg. 250 EAST FERRY STREET Phone: MA I340 Buffalo, N. Y. Compliments qf SAFFIRE'S DELICATESSEN J' IHORETTA Svhool supplies, Foorls and Beverages 352 N. DIVISION ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. Come' Cedaffmd E890 5'- Buffalo's Gr-ea+es+ En+er'rainm-en+ . . ALWAYS . .in H EA H E AT IE R S There's One N-ear Your Home ! LUMEN R. HAWS CO. 609 Root Bldg. BUFFALO, N. Y. 86 W. Chippewa St. Manufacturers of 1942 "OFFICIAL', TECH GRADUATES JEWELRY Remember us when in need of That Diamond Ring Compliments Compliments 'lf of HENRY A. E. C. CL 3225 30 Years in the Same Location MICHAEL REINHARDT Merchant Tailor 650 WILLIAM STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. BADER 8 KEATING Kensington's Home Furnishing Shop 3020 BAILEY AVE., opp. ST. JAMES CHURCH Open Thursday and Saturday Evenings-UN 6700 Closed Wednesday Afternoon Curtains - Draperies - Venetian Blinds KERNEIPS RADIO SERVICE Phone Radio and Applianrv svrvirv. Puhlir Address Svstpms All Unr W'ork Guaranteed 90 Days l8'l ALLEN ST. IIUFFALU, N. Y. CONIPLINIENTS OF C.C.T. GEO. A. SCHIMMEL FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER GENESEE and FOUGERON Phone TA 2281 'T ,' -'1 Il i' Clotli - Paper - Metal - Wood - Class - Window and Truck Lettering NEON Displays and Service HUmboldt 1611 TED'S SIGN SERVICE DISTINCTIVE NEON DESIGNERS I280 IC. DELAVAN AVE. BUFFALO, Y. "STOP" GORENFLO'S PHARMACY Meet Your Friends at the BAILEY AVE. at Minnesota "TERMINAL COFFEE SHOP" Prescriptions Compounded Just as Your Doc Full Course Dinners, DRUGS - TOILETRIES Chili-Con-Carne A Specialty Phone PA 7492 233 FILLICOTT rornrr of CLINTON ST. tor Orders WALTERS 8: YOUNGMAN George J. Youngman PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 820 TONAWANDA ST. BUFFALO. N. Y. BUFFALO APPARATUS CORP. Apparatus and Chemical Reagents for Industrial and Educational Laboratories 180 MAIN STREET BUFFALO. N. Y. FOR A SMOOTH, COMFORTABLE SHAVE USE S H A M R O C K RAZOR BLADES, FOR SALE AT STATIONERY AND NEWS STANDS JOHN J. CREAGH Funeral Director Funeral Home 3135 Main Street Lady Attendant Phone UN 1707 VITO MUSCARELLA UNLICENSED ASSOCIATE 537 Busti Avenue F. J. OFFERMANN ART WORKS, INC. "Advertising that Adt'ertises" Exclusive Line of Calendars - - Advertising Specialties Commercial and Catalog Printing Color Work a Specialty 299-301 Broadway BUFFALO, N. Y. "ATTENTION" Electric appliances used in the home are difficult to replace. - - It is your patriotic duty to keep what you have in good working condition. To assure the best perform- ance of your electric fixtures and appliances for the duration, call- WOodlawn 2195 FREDERICK D. SHEPPARD 414 DOWNING ST. Economical Pedection BUFFALO 20, N. Y. Subseription Agents for All Publishers . . . We llave a Complete Subscription Department . . . and We Can Save you TIME, TROUBLE, and MONEY THE RICHTER PERIODICAL CO. Distributors and Promoters For The Leading Publishers of America 567-571 MlClllGAN AVE. CI, l9l0 HERE'S Men's Wear to the GRADUATES H99 GENESEE ST. 'if l94-4 H. Bashar Compliments of KAPPA SIGMA PHI ACTIVE CHAPTER O. J. BEYER 8: SON Manzjacturers- OVERALLS . . . COVERALLS . . . WORK SHIRTS Est. 1849 CL 6282 J. S. MINIKOWSKI TAylor 1051 GIFT SHOPPE Religious Articles and Gifts - - Pictures and Framing Greeting Cards for All Occasions 1146 BROADWAY Cf""Pli"'9"'5 E. O'BRIEN DELICATESSEN of 114 HEATH ST. SCHELLER RADIO PARTS CO. Cold Cuts, Home Made Salads, Beans, and Beer 263 OAK ST- School Supplies Compliments Complimenu of of A. BACCHETTA RELIANCE LEAD, SOLDER 8 Custom Tailors BABBITT C0- 399 GENESEE ST. 1430 DELAWARE AVE. PHONE GR 8281 J. F. ADAMS, INC. KODAKS, ACCESSORIES, FILM AND MATERIAL 459 WASHINGTON ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. 'f""'P'f""""5 'ff ENDICOTT-JOHNSON p and Sm Shoes DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE l05 Seneca St, Fred Manning llnfTalo, N. Y. TA 4053 , . , I h' FASH OR FRPIJIT WAs lllgl0Il 2468 1495 GENESEE ST. BUFFALO' N. Y Member Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association W. H. SIEVERS 8 SON If you w ould like distinr-tive furniture, draperies hric'-a-brac, ew., moderately priced Stop in and See EVON LINNARD Florists Interior Deroralor at her new shoppe at Clmveland 7800-7801 262 Bryant SI. near Elmwood H ll A.M. 8 P. M. san GENESEE STREET BUFFALO. N. Y. ""'s "' Andrew Ra-rner Elmer A. Berner ANDREW BERNER 81 SON Flowers by Wire-Authorized Florists' Telegraph Delivery Shop Phones: GA 3994-3995 Res.: HU 6106 FlF'l'Y-SEVEN ALLEN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments Of GENESEE PHARMACY I271 GENESEE ST. "COMPLlMENTS OF A FRIEND" THE SENIOR CLASS OF I944 Dedicates this page to those of our class who have already entered into our Henry Mann Country's Great Fight for the Four Freedoms ARMY Stanley M. Banaszek, Jr. Doyle J. Daughtry Walter S. Wieszczecinski Arthur W. Jarlinski John D. Mowell Joseph Scarsone John A. Stevens Stephen A. Tomczyk Calvin Vogt NAVY Frank Coldfuss MARINES .Armando J. Bondanza Richard Plotnicki Raymond Wodarczak Joseph Narganes Allen R. Geiger Bronislaus Kwapisz Evan Reisler Edward J. McMahon Michael A. Sedia 1 Shoe and Riding Boots Special Attention to Made to Order Orthopedic Work MARKET SHOE SHOP V. MUSCARELLA, Prop. 64 East Chippewa St. Phone CI.. 6000 Compliments of PALMER'S FLOWER SHOPS 260 DELAWARE AVE. and 304 MAIN ST. GALVIN MACHINERY SALES METAL WORKING MACHINERY MACHINERY ACCESSORIES CUTTING TOOLS AND MATERIALS 150152 MAIN STREET BUFFALO 8, N. Y. SELLING MACHINERY AND ACCESSORIES SINCE 1919 R. C. NEAL CO., INC. 76 PEARL STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. Rochester Office. 46 Andrews St.g Syracuse Office, 569 So. Clinton St. Elmira Oflice, 358 No. Main St. Production Small Tools - - Metal Working Machinery - - Upset Wire Products Screw MHCIIIHP Products - - Air and Hydraulic Equipment - - Tool Room and Inspection Equipment JQNES MHLK 3 GGCEUARJDHNCE YCDUR Compliments 'lf DIRECT CARTAGE CO. Compliments of a TECH GRADUATE Compliments of the JUNIOR CLASS E. D. GUTTAS CO. Manufacturer of Emblems, Pennants and School Letters. We specialize in Lettering and Sport Wear of All Kind 77-79 W. CHIPPEWA ST. BUFFALO 2. N. Y. MARTY JONES 240 FOREST AVENUE Bicycles and Lawn Mowers Repaired Bikes-New and Used Established over 35 years PARKHILL Sz HART, INC. Lulunlvrvrs - Dry Cleaners GA 4400 l509 MAIN near FERRY RIVERSIDE MEN'S SHOP X llllllnlw fHlililEI'5E.'-Fliiitamt us 'F' ii-Q . 5 '4' 783 Tonawanda, Corner Ontario St. C""'P'i"'f'm PUCHALSKI FLoRlsT of R. s. Puchalska FOREST RADIO SERVICE Flowers for All Occasions Geo. R. Wells-Geo. A. East Phone Rlverside 0185 148-150 FOREST,AVENUE BUFFALO 13. N. Y. 979 GRANT STREET BUFFALO N Y STONE-HOOD AWNIN6 CO., INC. Manufacturers of Distinctive Awnings, Canopies, Tents and Decorations for N Weddings, Receptions and Parties. 1720 MAIN STREET LI 1492 LI 1493 COMPLIMENTS OF U. P. FLOWERS FOR GRADUATION RUNG BROS. FURNITURE CO. ANDERSON Phone HUmholdt 0704 The Florist Terms If You Wish 555 Main Street 511 Elmwood Avenue CLeveland 2987 GR 3902 1562-68 GENESEE ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. BUFFALO' N' Y- Greenhouse: Farnham, N. Y. Compliments of SIGMA PHI SIGMA TECH HIGH HARRY THOM MOLIN'S RADIO SERVICE I74-176 GRANT ST. Puirlling and Paperhurlging Wallpaper Furnished Telephone GA 4132 84 DUERSTEIN ST. W0 4465 Phone HUn1boldt 9864 KUEHN'S BUSY CORNER Herbert C. Kuehn Cigars, Candies, and Delicazessen 1550 GENESEE STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. PAT'S DELICATESSEN 124 WINSLOW School Supplies . Stationery - Lending Library - Greeting cards . Soft Drinks . Beer . Shelf crnnnn.-n 7a '7fae Glau of 1944 CONC RATULATIONS Now that you've comlmleted your course at "Tech", youll be look- ing ahead to new fields. In col- lege, or in the business world, a smart a pearance is a definite asset! Clothes-by-Kleinhans is a safe rule to follow. KLEINHANS BEALS, McCARTHY 8: ROGERS Founded 1826 - Incorporated STEEL - HARDWARE - METALS MOTOR CAR ACCESSORIES BUFFALO, N. Y. uompliments of KRAFT KLOTHES DELTA CHI SOCIETY 1497 GENESEE ST, Complete Line in PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 643 WILLIAM ST, Stills - Movie Cameras - Films - Projectors - Papers - MA 2657 Dark Room Equipment - Special Repair Department for Compur and Compound Shutters and Cameras hIOTHER'S HOME BAKERY Fresh Daily: Pies, Cakes, Sweet Rolls and Doughnuts Hans Unfried 7l E- Genesee Sl- Open From 7 A. M.-11:30 P. M. Mon.-Sat. WA- 3518 Closed Wed. JOIHN M. FROST PHARMACIST 1832 CLINTON ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. Complimvnts qf NORIS INSTRUMENTS, LTD. l05 fu. 29th Street, NEW YORK, N. Y. Rlanqfncturvrs qf Noris Quali+y Precision Drawing lns+rumen+s Compliments of TECH SUPPLY ROOM SUTOR'S CAMERA STORE PHILIP 31 SON Walter A. Sutor WEST SlDE'S LEADING STORE for 256 MAIN ST. Men's and Boys' Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes Use Our l6 Week Pay Plan Photographic Goods - Developing p,i,,,i,,g , E,,,,,gi,,g OPEN EVENINGS 116 GRANT GIFTS THAT LAST PHONE TR 1046 ANDRUS 31 GRASER EVERGREENS EUGENE L. GRAEBER Perennial Plants - Annual Plants - Strawberries in June Watrhes - .lewelrv - Diamonds Lim Flowers Fruit and Vegetables in Season 470 ABBOTT ROAD BUFFALO, N. Y. NORTH EVANS, N- Y- Sfafionery and Draffing Supplies INK-OUT T-SQUARES STAMP-PAID INK TRIANCLES RUIIIIEII RENEWER SCALES TYPEWRITEII CLEANERS DRAWING KITS CORRECTION FLUID PROTRACTORS TYPEWRITER Ull. STRAIGHT EDCI-IS LETTERINC GUIDES SANDPAPER PENCIL POINTERS ERASING SHIELDS TRACING PAPERS CARDINELL CORPORATION I5 LABEL STREET MONTCLAIR, N. J. Compliments CHRISTIAN FLIERL COIWIPANY of Lllfllbiff and MiIIu'ork I352 Genesee St. Phone TA 24-86 Claes nf 1917 MACHINERY TOOLS MILL SUPPLIES DON F. JOHNSON 8: COMPANY, INC. WA 3933 50 PEARL STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF MODEL AIRPLANES, BOATS, MOTORS, RACE CARS, GLIDERS, ARMY JEEPS, TANKS, TRUCKS, GUNS and SUPPLIES. "O"-"OO"-"HO" SCALE MODEL RAILROADS HOWARD E. RUTH 1466 GENESEE STREET TAYLOR 4126 BUFFALO 11, N. Y. OPEN DAILY and MON., THURS., SAT. NITES "EVERYTHING FOR THE MODEL MAKER" Complimerus of HOLZMAN DRY CLEANERS 454 S. HARLEM RD. SNYDER, N. Y. J. L. OSGOOD MACHINERY 81 TOOL CO. MACHINE TOOLS Established 1902 Phone WA 1183 43-45 PEARL STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. THE GLEASNER CORPORATION INGERSOLL-RAND CO. Sales -' Service - Rentals 217 Leroy Avenue BUFFALO, N. Y. Dial PA 3323 "The Department Store of Art Materials" ARTHUR BROWN 8. BRO. 67 WEST 44th STREET-NEW YORK 18, N. Y. One of America's Great Distributors of Drafting, Drawing and Artists' Materials. IN HONOR OF THOSE OF THE ELECTRICAL CLASS OF '44 WHO HA VE ENTERED THE ARMED SERVICES Compliments of the ELECTRICAL CLASS OF '44 Biggest Value In ACCIDENT INSURANCE COST S10 AN NUALLY IF INJURED Pays you S20 Weekly for 26 Weeks and in addition If hospitalized, 328 Weekly for 3 Weeks also 32000 Accidental Death Agent TED E. BUERGER 4-07 HUNTINGTON AVE. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Phone PArkside 8421

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