Technical High School - Techtonian Yearbook (Buffalo, NY)

 - Class of 1927

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Technical High School - Techtonian Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 46 of 132
Page 46 of 132

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Page 46 text:

if? -A A Tteuro . . I dri I Pgg Lyncls-How well you're both looking. Not a day older than in '27. Anna-'Why should we? No one need grow old nowadays. Science ean keep us all young. And besides we always patronize the beauty shop of Jllurllm. .l1iim.rf.w and Mitclrod fl'11ir11.m'. Siemer-l'n1 glad you ladies came in just now, because l'm looking up members of thc class of '27 for the new VVho's 'Who l'm publishing. Perhaps you can tell me what some of the others are doing. Myrtle Ctl'1i11kingJ-Rialh. Gombee, you remember her? Well she 's married to the Secretary of NVa.r you know and has gone to Mars with her husband to study the military tactics of the Martians. Anna-And Ruth Wultens is married too, to a French count. She went to Paris to be a dress model and met the count when he came in to buy a gown for his aunt. liynds-'What became of Pauvlme Ki'u.egev', the class poet? Sielner-Why she is the editor-in-chiet of the most important woman's magazine, The Woman's Ledger of Business and Politics, and is a good one too. Chaughsj. And George Ifnfcli.-George is the latest and most fertile-brained contributor to my True Story inagazine. He got his practice explaining to Miss Herlihy why he was always tardy. B'lj'l'llC-dllI7't0II Schnitter is still tennis eliampion of the Dutch East lndies. All opposition melts in the brilliance of' her radiant presence. Anna-And Iloris Sfll'llhII.l'Hf-I" is matron of a. girls' orphan asylum at Hollywood. Edge-r Sweeney and Er! Schultz tour the country collecting the girl orphans. They are especially successful in rounding up those over sixteen. tAll laughi. Myrtle-VVell, we really must go. Vile have an audience with the president in half an hour. lVe're very glad to have met you again. Good-bye. Anna-Good-bye. Liynds and Siemer-Good-bye. Siemer-'1'hat,s quite an addition to my list tmakes notesj. Lynds-NVhat's If'rnr1r1's lf'1n'reH doing? Siemer tlaughinglyj-He and Bennie Yurgosz are in the south giving daily lectures to the members of the Amalgamated Fruit-growers' Association and flurry O'Co-mlm' is curator at the zoo of the Rajah of Bengal in India. Elzlert and Siierzclzulo have turned inventors and have perfected a. machine for making the shells of elastic. After their treatment they can run through the clothes ringer without breaking one. Liynds-Marvelous. 1'm sorry, but l. really nmst start for London. That banquet this evening, you know. Siemer-Too bad. I wanted you to drop into the Apoplectic 'llheater with me this afternoon. By the way, lfHSllJ0'7'Hl. Miller sells all their tickets. They are featuring Clayton Obe'rsMmner and his Merry Musical Melody Makers. Station BLAH broadcast directly from the stage. .Io'hn.. Cvmue is their chief announcer. You'll have lunch with me anyway. l'd like to take you to a. tea- room in the next block. Aileen Gulloghrzr and Sylvia Iluerr have a chain of them from Maine to Florida.. They serve the same good things to eat they did at that debate luncheon way in '27. Remember? Lynds-When that VVho's NVho is Hnished, I want a copy. lt. will be better reading than any of your True Story Magazines! Sieme-r-You'll get one-hot ott the press. tExit talking, rightl. Enter bell-boy left. Call for Mr. Siemer, Mr. Lynds. Fort-y

Page 45 text:

O 1 I, l -ill'-1 1. 455 ' Si1-111e1'-Hy the wily, our syndieute is pul1lisl1i11gr El new and mueli improved VVI111 's Who tl1is year. l took El couple of ll0llI'S myself the other clay and looked up some of o11r olcl class ill the waive length direetory. Tlieu I called them 011 the t1-levision 1':11'l.iogr1'11pl1. iJj'll1ilS-ihvllili 1li1l you find out? Sieiner-Well, Cl11111'l1's l1'111I111s, sinee the demise of Lusky, De Mille and f,il'liiiill has 1111111111 over the reigns of all three Utjlllpil-lliQS. W1r-1'1'e11 Boone is with l1i111, il ,QI'02Ii.Cl' sueeess l'il2l.ll l1o11 tYl11111ey ever thought of being-. lli1I7'll!-0061 II1111'1'1I.v111'1 is eo-st11 rringz with E1l1ftl1 1lley111'. Since Gloria. Sw1111so11 left the screen, Edith l111s clone ilCl' work. Ilnrry l1'l11ps1"1' is also i11 the tlieatrieal business. He travels t'1'o111 eozist to eoust seleetiiig' Dl'0llllSillQ,' girls for his Follies Co111pz1.11y. l1y111ls-l-le lllllSi lltl.V0 1-e1-eived his traiining' tr11veli11g! from Riverside to NVest Seueezi tl111.t lust year ut. 'llc-1-li. ' Sil'll1Cl'-lvillifllll Slflllilllflfi und A111111-1' I'-f1'1'l ure just starting 1111 1111 i1l'01l1ld fill' world 1:o11ee1't tour ill whieh they intend to play 11otl1i11g' but their ow11 1:o111positi1111s. If'1'111111'1fs IwI'tIlflI5f?'tSPl' has llG1t0lllt' eourt pianist to the S1i1lt1111 of '.l'111'l1ey. l1y111ls-ls'11t. that Cyril U1'111fk11.1'll who j11st 1111sse1.l? Sieiiier-Yes, l11-'s llCl'O tl1i'l'l'lldillQ,' the illft3l'll?l,iiOll2li chess i0ll1'll?ll'l1Pl1i. He 111111 play ii0l'iX-SOV0ll grzniies of chess uit onee, and never lose 11 mzlteh. 'l'l11'11 there 's Elniei' Spiegel. He's 21 professioiial 1Y10ll11'EZ:lil1 eli111ber. He's 1:li111l1e1l the m'i2l1i7i,0l'il0l'll fllil'ij'-SiX ti111es tlfllll expects to do Mt. Everest next llltlllfll. You sl1o11I1l see l1i111. He has to stznifl twice i11 tl1e same plzlee to east tl slizulow. l1j'111ls-'Wlnit 's 11013011113 oi' 11111111111 011111 and C'l1111'Zes Lorne? Sieiiier-liet, 1111- seo. Oh, yes. They went to our fanious Slll'g'00ll, Dr. 11111-1't1f11 SH'7'l'l1iIIIlfdT, who by l1is llL'W 111et,l1o1l of llflillt' graftiiig, made Simiiese twins out of iiiltilll. They joined il eireus and are just eoiuiug money. By the way, you'1'l never ill the worl1l 1'eeog'11ize our old Martie behind the new long set, of wliiskers l1e 's 1'11ltiv11te1l. But then he thinks they look p1'0fCSSi01l2ll. S1111-111t111' J M0111111 i'V1iM70l' has just s11e11ee1le1l i11 pers1121di1'1g Congress to iillilllL'0 illl expeclitioii llllt,l01' P1'11j'11s.1o1' FY7'll7l0liS If-1'1'!1:p11t1"ick to investigate bird life on the 11l11,11et Venus. He is t11.l1i11g' fifif'HN?7'l SfIJ7'!Ifl1l0 with l1i1n. Lyiids-Sp1'11g1111? Why ? Sie111e1'-Wllyi iytllliii you know that when he starts whistling the birds will 11ll die of envy 111111 111111 he l111gg'e-fl Wliilllllii any trouble. Some scheme. l'-Izive you ill'2l,l'd of the W0lltiGl'flll new e11g'i11ee1'i11g' eollege we are building? Olll' of those new tlyi11g1' eolleges. lt was fo1'1111led by George Ge0gl111111. You know he has znnzissecl El liuge fortuiie i11 the 1111de1'tz1.ki11g' business. 'l'l1o11s2111ds ure j11st Clyillg to inzilce lliS 11,eq1111i11t11111'-e. lt will have 21. wonclerful faculty. 1111111111-r1l Nelson will he 11resi1le11tg Alforfi Cooper, professor of z1e1'o11z1utiesg W11111'1'sl1111.v I,-ip1'111sl1vi, ilt'2lll of the 1lep11.1't111e11t1 of lliQ'llCI' 111z1tl1e111z1tiesg iV11lter 1lI1f1l1111'1'111y. pliysieul 1li1'e1eto1'g f'1I'IlflIl'f'i.Q S1111 101111, t.1'11:111t officer, and others equally suited to their positioiis. Enter Misses A111111 Iferr and Illyrlle 1lI1111sfi.el1l. Come forwzlrd. Recogni- tion by ull. Siemer-1Iow do you ladies l1111'1pe11 to be ill NV2lSllil1gi011? Alllltl. Kerr-l 've just been ele1'te1l to Cloiigress for my fifth, term from the 975th 1list1'i1't. h'ij'l'ii0-Allti l'111 11'tte111li11g 11 iltliifllltiil Y. XV. Cl. A. eo11ve11tio11. xxllllll-HYUS. Siu-'s llililfllllll 1'1resi1le11t. Tl1i1-ty-nine

Page 47 text:

kgmlll 1? 1 I ll1CH1D The Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1927 'l'i1ne--2-3:10 l'. llfl.-'l'he day before Connneneeinent, June 22, 1927. l'laee-haw ottiee ol' ll'let'ollough, Sweeney and Seliwartznian. t'haraeters-t'lass of '27, Mr. Sehwartzinan. fHUllW2I1'iZlll2lll is sitting' at a desk arranging' legal papersl. Enter liepresentalive of Ulass of 1927-George Hatch. f'lass-How do you do, Mr. St5llVV2ll'l'Z1l1tlll. Si-hwartzinan-l"ine, thanks, and how are you, Mr. Class of 1927? tflass-.lust a little more serious than usual, disposing of a cherished pos- session isn't easy. Hellwartznian--l just finished that will. Let me read it to yon. I hope it meets with your approval. Ol' course it ean he changed. Sit down. t'l'hey sitj. Ulass-l hope you have renuenihered everything that I told you. Seluvartzman-l dulg tlns doeiunent dis moses of all vonr treasured Josses- l . l sions as well as any will l have ever executed. t'lass-Good. We felt you were well qualified to serve ns. 'PHE liAS'l' AND 'l'ES'l'AMEN'l' OF TI-IE CLASS OF 1927 Selnvartznian-We, the Class of 1927 of the Fifth XVa.rd, city of Buffalo, County of Erie. State ot' New York, eontment of North Aineriea, WVestern llennsphere, hut with temporary residenees at Study Rooms 101, 108 and 209 'l'eeluneal lllgh Sc-hool, heingr ol? unsound nund and disposing nieinory and not aetnig' under undue inlluenee ot' any persons whomsoever, hut prompted by real devotion and al'Feet'1on, do herehv make mblish and declare this to be 01lI' last n 7 will and testament ex mresslx' revolnne' all other wills and eodieils bv ns hereto- : l . 1- . fore made. t'lass-'l'hat 's wood. b ITEM I Sm-hwartznian-NVe direet that our rings, pins and all other just debts he paid as soon al'ter il0lllllll'lllfCll'll'lIi. as the 'l'reasurer may have funds available. l'l'EM ll We give, devise and hequeath to the Juniors .the Senior Study Rooms, the front seats in the Auditorirun and our dignity so that they may more easily ho recognized as the leaders in this institution of learning. We give, devise and advise all elasses to do their studying daily and not to wait until examination time thereby greatly ineonvenieneing thenlselves. ' l'l'EM lll First, we hequeath the sum ol' 346.27 to 'Feelinieal High School. The interest ol' whieh sunl to he used to provide Mr. Childs and the faculty with engraved eorridor passes for the students. Second, we bequeath the sum of 352.01 to be held in trust until sueh a time as a. freshnian shall become water boy of the swinnning teain then this sum shall he awarded as a prize in an assembly held l'or this purpose only, by the prineipal of said high school. Vtle, hereby bequeath Forty-one

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