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Technical High School - Techoes Yearbook (St Cloud, MN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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3-ff .ps+ -f er -g e l . . Au ..-.H . 7 14 - ' ' 'll- P: ' V91 hiv 1431 .-gil 351 ,gy .JI gi. .Q Hi T 540 Thi .ng H .HA , VINE 381 'Irv 4431 H' 'Y- -Q J 'I dvifadzzuauspqixss-14-,.14:.,wal:f.siHrqusp-r1il.i96J:.!?..q5. 1-:rf-.vrurxqmvv-ww'-x,.-w'ivrw'u.w9JF av-4 .-gf' .rv-:r L.. we Q anssuuiaswidfnliwfa are-ag ., gqczfv-w?+1Q-lvl v-www'-gvwvl qrfvl.-:ar-enum, : . :.-'J J? .. 4 ' f 1 Q. , 44 QF A l -gt . A 1 I QTY'- .ibn -aa- sf ' iw gn fi! ?"1 :ii ' vis. A , , ,, . ,, . w i-,.i,,n.. .1,,2,,. -fb, - M .V .-',- -im f l X . Presents Jo Tec symbohzed by the youth on th1S page who IS representatwe of the students of Technlcal I-hgh School jo Tec may be you that boy 10 front typ1fies you as he act1vely proceeds through the formal and 1nformal school hfe that comprlses a year of curr1cular and extra curncular part1c1pat1on at Tech -Z 1 t is X ' I 9 4 0 of you or that girl just turning the next corner. He I ' . 51 sY l." 1 7MEcnoEs l 1 42? A'- K ' N E, lem-ronsl E E IDRS: LILLAEAE EEIEEE, ILEEEE L NESS EJSJEEE: EAEEIEET STIE ISHEE EY THE SENIEE ELJSS 0EI940 ELES X5 Her we flnd o Tet lOOlilIlQ oxer i tard of ohv1 ouslx good m trlxs or perhaps lf ls 1 pleasant program he has lrranged for the lunlor benror Ball Th1s 1S 1nd play tomlmncd just as you do When .lo Tec reached our h1gh school he found two mmportant helds of act1v1t3 the currlcular and the extra turrltullr or the formal and the rnformal therefore our book 15 dfwded accordmgly As you follow lo through the pages of th1s hook It 15 the s1n eere vwsh of the staff that h1s domgs wlll serve as a complete and pleasant rem1nder of the school year 1939 and 1940 B , C , W J , ,- A M , 2 at ' -, ' ' 1 ':, 3 1 1 ' " z 2 1 ' L Q 2 1. 3 Q 5 I 'N I ' . Vi U only natural as "jo" is a normal fellow who likes work 1 . f ' ' , ' f . . - - C . . W . . f' A' z ' 9 ' ' g ff- S 1 .. 13 IUHWIL Where1n jo Tec dons top hat Whlte t1e and ta1ls We see h1m as a Sophomore as a jun1or and fmally as a Sen1or He may be l1sted among the honor grad uates and 1f he IS there he wrll be r1ght next to the faculty that gulded and helped h1m through h1s three INFURWAL Where1n Jo Tec grasps hrs orange and black pennant and marches 1n the Homecom1ng parade Perhaps he Wlll be found 1n any one of the many organlzatrons that make Tech the well rounded school It IS or he may have been an athlete and won the coveted letter grven to our athletlc greats Then aga1n he probably was a member of one of our cham p1onsh1p musrcal groups and spent much t1me prepar 1ng hrmself for many enjoyable hours after graduat1on ? .z I C 0 X T E N 'P U y eafs Ofhigh school. l U l I s x N ff ll y x 414 WN .ww , 4'1- 4 51. vl- NN 4 44 a PH xv.. nl Juli 1 . ' W '1'!gi1-ew'3 FO! s,s Miglia! ' 'l 5 . l fgzfiff 'gg'-'-mf f ':fVr.S,-Q f-47, al, in ' uf fi :fb ,fir f +481 . -.2 an :im -Q gg gpg... ' ' .Q U' .. Aug T0 'PHE .'I'llilT llll AIERICAN l'0 'I'II JofTec never forgets that he is a young American and as such, a student who faces a life that holds promise of liberty and all its bless' ings. He has learned the tolerance and forbearance upon which his democracy is hased and he stands in the group on the facing page with his hand raised, pledging allegiance to his flag. p I l ' MMIMI s ann! ' JIM W 1, -V. ., I F 0 li M 4 L HHIIHXTIH'IllH MCIIH HBClarkCIRoeJAAllenDrNIlL r Dr NI A Sivinslti Willi m Petters H B Gough H0130 0F EDIUATIU The board of education is the nucleus behind Tech. It decides upon the appropriations for every de- partment and approves the annual school budget. The policy of the school government, also, is formulated by the school board. They offer their services free because they are, themselves, interested in the development of our future American citizens. B. GOUGH ma. Yl- .UPERINTENDENT With a record of being selected superintendent of public school of St. Cloud for ten successive years, Superintendent H. B. Gough continues with his work of educa- tional supervision. Included in his varied routine of work is the execution of Board of Education decisions, preparation of school budgets, regulation of school expendi- tures, introduction of new courses of study and arrangements for new school buildings. The students know Mr. Gough as the genial person who has their interests uppermost in his mind, who is always ready to aid them in any way he can. He has promoted principles of democracy and instilled in students a gratitude for being American citizens. Page I2 hs coordinator and employment rela- position requires a complete compre- sight saving instructor is truly a necessity any large high school. Mr. Lewis E. . - P among the students has been enthusias- l1CE-PHINUlPlL Mr. Frank J. Herda held the position of vice- principal of the Technical High School since the beginning of the 1939 school year. He hailed from Alexandria Where he was principal for twelve years. Mr. Herda attended the Prescott High School in Wisconsin where he participated in dramatics and newspaper work. He received a B. S. degree in mathematics and an M. A. in education. One of his accomplishments at Tech is the re-establishment of the National Honor Societyg another interest is the teaching of plane geometry. teacher is Mr. Dwight D. Chinnock. of young people. Mr. Theodore supervises the printing of the Tech as well as instructing regular printing and an Industrial Problems class. has charge of this de artmentg his accepted at Tech. PRINCIPAL Miss Elizabeth Clark is one of the persons who has done the most in creating the fine spirit of co- operation and good-fellowship which exists in the Technical High School. Her untiring efforts to- ward maintaining a high scholastic standard for the student body has been rewarded, and she is re- cognized as one of the most efficient persons in her position. Miss Clark possesses a personality which has proved unusually favorable among the Tiger Techites and members of the faculty, while her daily activity has won many personal friends. Instructor of English 12 and head of the English department, is Miss Cora Dorsey. 1940 seniors will remember her for her under- standing cooperation as their class adviser. Four senior English classes meet every day in room 235 to increase their knowledge of world literature under the tutelage of Miss Margarette McNaughton. In addition to teaching English, Miss Helen Carter guided the Girls' Glee Club through another year of vocal training and public perform- ances. . A 4, i- We lqf' IllUllIl'I'l' Miss Clara Ledahl is librarian of Technical High. Because of her extremely fine know- lege of books and her understanding of young people and their bookish trends, she has proved a very helpful person in the library. Mrs. Armella Ladner is another of the teachers at Tech who is listed under the commercial column. Students admire her capability. Mr. Hiram Gruba teaches Senior social studies and economic geo- graphy. He is a popular and well-liked per- son among the faculty and students. Any fellow who is mechanically inclined, or, who has a carpenter's instinct can tell you who all the following are: Mr. James W. Turner has charge of woodwork. Mr. Robert Miller teaches the fellows auto- motives. Although this is the first year Mr. Tice has taught at the Tiger Tech, he is doing splendidly with all of the boys, who as yet are rather new to him. the everyday activity of her students N Myrtle Bacon has encouiaged partir tion in declamation, radio programs, sci plays and public discussions. An acc' plished artist and designer in her own ri Miss Myrtie Glasser helped many artis ally inclined students to develop their dividual talent. The art course includes I, art H and advanced art. Tropl plaques and medals decorate the music partment, where Mr. Erwin A. Hertz ht rehearsals for the prize-winning chorus, o chestra and band. In an effort to integrate speech work v 1 -4 .Aa more ads for the Tech paper, Nlis Hawkins dey otes many hours to the business staff. Ty ping and classes give her a complete daily prog In the capacity of adviser to the Tec business staff, Mr. Mathew Omann pla an important part in the publication of 1940 Techoes. He also teaches seniors why and wherefore of American Democr Mr. Hod Wittmayer advised and direi two publication staffs, taught two classes junior students the fundamentals of jour ism and found time to study Hamlet x his classes in English 12. With an ad here, an ad there and . s r l Miss Gertrude Gove is one of the com- petent history teachers at the Technical High School, she teaches American history. World history is taught by Miss Orelle Oberg and Mr. Theodore M. Zeyher. two other very capable instructors. Mr. Zeyher not only teaches world history, but German as well. Because of their broad historical knowledge and ability to understand people of teen age, these three teachers have ac- complished much in training their students. men who have contributed much to- the physical development of many echites are: Mr. Ray Stensrud, Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Vernon Morrison. Mr. rison is the head coach of the ball squad, and a teacher of Senior studies. Mr. Stensrud teaches ysicll education and American history, Junior subject. He also coached the "IS" all team. Mr. Johnson teaches history. a sophomore subject and is of the "B" football squad. ll.lUl'L'l'l' Mr. Floyd Lueben is capably carrying out his work as a commercial instructor, he runs the public address system and recording de- vice which has aided greatly in his work with salesmanship. If you were to ask who three of Tech's commercial teachers are, you would no doubt get this answer, "Miss Almeter, Miss Ryberg, and Mr. Lueben." Miss Mary Almeter is doing a fine job of teaching her students in the commercial field and Miss Anna B. Ryberg is doing equally as well. l S 5 - Q Tech girls have extremely enjoyed working with Miss Ethelwyn Weir who is spending her third year at Tech as a home economics instructor. Miss Constance Malmsten, a former Central Junior High home econo- mics instructor, is now teaching home eco- nomics to the people at Tech. Miss Lorraine Raugust is instructor of girls' physical edu- cationj this includes various branches of sports, such as dancing, swimming, archery, and basketball. All three of these teachers are well-liked by the students. T lk' Y- I .,,,,..,..-nun Q 1 . .- ... 'U I 1 ll.lllllIlTl' Miss Jessie Smith is recognized as one of the popular instructors ol' mathematics at Tech High. Mr. Ralph .Xntil teaches mathematics and physicsg he is also head coach of the "A" basket ball squad. Many victories have been claimed because of Mr. Antil's ability to understand and coach boys of high school age. Mr. J. Miller Lune- mann is another of Tec-h's competent mathe- matics instructorsg he guides the destinies of the student council. Miss Theresa Mulrean teaches biology at Tech. She is a well-known member of the faculty, not only because of her pleasing per- sonality among the students, but because of her complete understanding of her subject. Mr. Oscar Nelson instructs household science and physics. Mr. Nelson is another of the popular instructors with the student body. Mr. Horace Hollmeyer teaches chemistryg his jovial character is admired by the Tigers. .E IUR H0 UR HULL Highest Scholastic Honors Imogene Bretzf Valedictorian Harold Gulde Mary Ann Dawson Eleanor Hartman Margaret Ann Bengtson Dox is Ellenbecker Lawrence Brammer Karel Allman Elaine Jaskowiak Robert Clark-f Salutatorian Mary Winter Geraldine Chirhart Edris Graham Ann Kathryn Hennemann John Gilman Albert Nieters Clara Mae Gau Robert Manuel Hrgh Scholastlc Honors Charles Gregory Luella Kmer Donna Iune Schmidt Lrllamae Frrebe Dons Mae Ware Margaret Stickles Kathleen Engels Helen Hawklns Marilyn Chapman Patricia Kyle Mary Gloria Hethermgton Carolme Schmidt Angelme Block Conrad Fela Howard Luehman Harriet Borsvold Lola Cochrane Bernice Streltz Ruth Kleln DeLor1s Brinkman V1v1an Poster Myron Kennedy Betty Tllhtt Ina Marle Ohs Leroy Porupsky Carol Anderson Irene Tamble Walter Hartman Mildred Rank Luella Mathlasen Ionllla Stavrum Bob Wengert Imogene Bretz N a'ed1ctor1an Robert Clark Salutatorlan E IUR UFFICMR Leading the Senior Class as president IS lawrence Brammer, an actne member of band, orchestra and declamation The 3CtlVltl9S of Bernice Strentz, uce president, in clude G A A Dance Club and Watlonal Honor Society During her yeals at Tech, Mary Winter secretary participated in sports, music Student Councll and T X T Occupylng the positron of treasurer is Charles Gregory, 1939 football co captam His interests in clude basket ball and track Page I7 . . , . . , . , . , , , ' Y . v. . , , V. . . , . . ., . ' ' ity? , A 12:21 ,.x A I 7 ' 9 syn U . . . . T. Q' 1 'Eilllllii HAROLD ACHMAN .... TOM ALEXANDER--Floriculture Club: Swimming: Intramural Basket Ball .... DORIS ALLENSLife Saving: Chorus: Commercial Club: Thespians .... WILMA ALLEN- Orchestra: Chorus .... KAREL ALLMAN-Masquers: Art Club: French Club: T. N. T.: Thespians: National Honor Society: Orchestra: Student Council Vice President: Theatre Orchestra: Tech Staff .... VVAYNE ANDERBERG .... CAROL ANDERSON .... Orchestra: Chorus: Swimming: American Club. GEORGE ANNAS .... RITA ANTII.f Commercial Club: Order of Gregg Artists ...., A NTHONY BALLMAN-V-Swimming: Ping Pong: Hockey .... GORDON BARBAROSSA-IIntramural Basket Bal : Christmas Play: Usher: National Honor Society ..... A LWIN BARGABUS-Band: Swimming .... DOROTHY BARTHELEMYP Student Council: Art Club .... BLANCHE BARTLETTf-Volleyball: Swimming: Mixed Chorus: Basket Ball. MARGARET ANN BENGTSONfBand: Orchestra: Chorus: Solo Club: Swimming: Thespians: Masquers: Theatre Orchestra: National Honor Society .... BILL BENNEWITZ-Intramural Basket Ball: Football: National Honor Society .... .IIM BENSEN--P. T.: Junior Class Student Council Representative: Intramural Basket Ball .... MARIAN BENTZf-Band: Mixed Chorus: Het' Tec: Commercial Club: Thespians: Order of Gregg Artists: Swimming .... ETIIEL BETTENBERG Thespians: Swimming: Badminton: Tumbling: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Art Club: "Jerry" .... ELNORE BILLIG . . . . RITA BINZIK -Chorus: Hec Tec: Floriculture Club. RICHARD BITTNER-Basket Ball: Track: Usher: Senior Student Council Representative: National Honor Society .... LAVVRENCE BLAIS ...., A NGELINE BLOCK V- German Club .... LA NEE BOMAN - Glee Club: Swimming: Band .... IIARRIET BORSYOLD - Mixed Chorus: Thespians: Commercial Club: Hec Tec: Tech Staff: Techoes Staff: Order of Gregg Artists: Student Council .... CLIFFORD BRACKEN . . . . LAWRENCE BRAMMERH Senior Class President: Band: Music- Council: Orchestra: Declamation: Student Council: National Honor Society. Page I8 .'llIl0li.' GRACE BRANDENBURGER- -Thespians: Mixed Chorus: Orchestra: American Club .... IMOGENE BRETZ- Basket Ball: Editor of The Tech: Student Council Secretary: Commercial Club President: National Honor Society: Valedictorian: D. A. R. Award .... DE LORIS BRINKMAN-National Honor Society: Thespians: G. A. A.: Basket Ball: Volleyball: Swimming: Archery Head: Quill and Scroll President: T. N. T. Treasurer: Managing Editor and Girls' Sports Editor of The Tech .... RITA BRUTGERfGerman Club .... DELROY BRZINSKI-Football .... BUD BUETTNI-1RfSwimming: Intramural Basket Ball: Ping Pong: Student Council ..... A LICE BURKE. IIARRIET BURWICK -Swimming: Commercial Club: Order of Gregg .Artists .... MONROE BUTTS Swimming: Intramural Basket Ball: Track: Floriculture Club: Band .... FLORENCE CARP- -Thespians: Hec Tec: Swimming: Order of Gregg Artists .... DOROTIIY CATER ..... A LVINA CIIAIKA .... MARILYN CHAPMAN---Techoes Business Staif: Basket Ball .... GERALDINE CIIIRHART Volley- ball: Mixed Chorus: Techoes Business Staff: National Honor Society. VIRGINIA L. CIIRISTEN Girls' Glee Club: German Club Vice President .... JAMES S. CLAERBOUT Sophomore Class Vice President: Chorus: Verse Speaking Choir: Radio Club: Junior Executive Council: Intramural Basket Ball .... ROBERT S. CLARK --Chorus, National Honor Society: Salutatorian . . . . LOLA COCHRANE- -T. N. T.: G. A. A.: Quill and Scroll: Hec Tec President: Sophomore and Senior Exe- cutive Council: Chorus: Orchestra: French Club: Tech Staff: Thespians: Basket Ball: Swimming: Tech Busi- ness Staff: National Honor Society: D. A. R. Essay Contest .... THERESA CONDON-Commercial Club: Order of Gregg Artists: Tech Business Staff .... M ELVIN CONRAD -Radio Club .... STUART CREIGHTON---Chorus: Art Club. ELMER CREMERS---Football .... JEAN DAHLfOrder of Gregg Artists: Commercial Club . . . . MARY LEE DALEYH Speech Festival .... DONALD DANZL -German Club: Floriculture Club . . . . MARY ANN DAWSON Tech Staff: Quill and Scroll: T. N. T.: Masquers: Band: Orchestra: Verse Speak- ing Choir: Student Council: Music Council: National Solo Contest: Thespians: All School Party: Life Saving: "Jerry": Declamation: Speech Festival: Posture Queen: National Honor Society .... JACK DEERING - Swimming .... RUTH DENNYfGirls' Glee Club: Thespians: Order of Gregg Artists: Commercial Club Vice President. T SJ 1 ENIIIR INEZ DES MARIASfStudent Council: Swimming: Volleyball: G. A. A ..... LYLE DEWEY-Orches- tra .... JEANETTE DONAGHUEkSWimming .... LILA DONOVAN .... BERTHA EILERS- Thespians: Hec Tec: Swimming .... DORIS EI.LENBECKER+Band: Orchestra: Pep Band: Music Council: G. A. A.: Life Saving: Basket Ball: Badminton: Tumbling: T. N. T. Vice President: Christmas Play: Masquers: Student Council President: Art Club Secretary-Treasurer: Posture Contest: National Honor Society .... MARIE EMSLANDER. LEROY ENGEI. Swimming .... KATHLEEN ENGELS-fBand: Volleyball: Student Council: Christ- mas Project Chairman: Speech Festival: National Honor Society .... DEAN ERICKSON-Intramural Basket Ball: Table Tennis .... JEAN ESTEY-President of Masquers: Quill and Scroll: Verse Speaking Choir: Tech Stal? Feature Editor: Techoes Staff: French Club: Life Saving: Order of Gregg Artists: Christ- mas Play: National Honor Society .... RAY EVESLAGE .... JOHN FANDEIffChorus: Thespians: Intramural Basket Ball: Band: Verse Speaking Choir: Bonfire Chairman .... CONRAD FEIA--Chorus. LEONE FEIA Swimming: Art Club: Conservation Club: Commercial Club: Order of Gregg Artists .... BERNICE FENEIS Girls' Glee Club .... BIERNADETTA FERKINIIOFF .... HELEN FIOLA Girls' Glee Club: Dance Club: Conservation Club: Swimming: Posture Contest ..., KENNETH FOSTER . . . . LAVVRENCE R. FOSTMEIER--Thespians: Swimming . . . . NORETTE FRANSSENS- Or- chestra: Tumbling: Basket Ball: Band: Chorus: G. A. A.: Volleyball: Commercial Club: Dance Club: Order of Gregg Artists. GERAINE FRICK Thespians: Girls' Glee Club Secretary-Treasurer: Pianist: l.Il,l.AMAE FRIEBE National Honor Society: Student Council: Music Council: Art Club: Thespians: Masquers: Dance Club: Band: Orchestra: Drum Major: Tech Staff: Techoes Co-editor: Intramural Volleyball: Declamation .... .I. PHILIP GAETZA -Swimming: Intramural Basket Ball: Homecoming: .... CLARA MAE GALV Thespians: Hee Tec .... PHYLLIS GEISLER- Order of Gregg Artists: German Club: Commercial Club .... GVVICNDOLYN GlI,I,ESPIE-- Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Swimming: Volleyball .... .IOIIN GILMAN Band: Pep Band: Orchestra: President of Music Council: Thespians: Masquers: Junior Class President: Student Council: Declamation: National Honor Society: Verse Speaking Choir: Radio Plays: Techoes Business Staff. Page 20 ff- X. F rlllllllil' ROSE GOERGER- German Club: Commercial Club: Order of Gregg Artists .... RUTH GOLDTHORPE . . . . DONALD GOTTWALD . . . . EVELYN GOTTWAI.DfCommercial Club: Order of Gregg Artists . . . . EDRIS GRAHAM-Commercial Club: Order of Gregg Artists: Techoes Business Staff: National Honor Society .... IIEIIEN GRAHAM-Senior Float Committee: Art Club .... DONALD GRAMS. LORRAINE GREELY-Student Council: G. A. A.: Basket Ball: Volleyball: Swimming:Mixed Chorus . . . . CHARLES GREGORY- -Football: Basket Ball: Track: Intramural Basket Ball: Senior Class Trea- surer: National Honor Society .... ROBERT GROSS .... DAMIAN GRUBER--Tech Printing Staff: Art Club .... DANIEL GRUMSTRUP-Masquers: Thespians: Band: Dance Band ...... HAROLD GL'LDI-1-National Honor Society: Techoes Staff: Thespians: Conservation Club .... MARIE GUTZKE- Hec Tec Secretary-Treasurer: G. A. A. Vice President: Basket Ball: Volleyball: Badminton. RALPH HACKMAN .... RALPH HADDEN-Football: Basket Ball: Usher: Swimming: Intramural Basket Ball: National Honor Society .... RANDY IIAIGH .... MARY ANN HALL-G. A. A.: Hec Tec: Thespians: Volleyball: Swimming: Toy Project: Homecoming Committee .... MILTON HALL -A-Student Council: Christmas Play .... HELEN IIALOYNIA-Volleyball: Dance Club .... PIERRE T. HANSEN. FERN IIARTFIELW -Chorus: Order of Gregg Artists: Commercial Club .... .IAM ES HARTGRAVES -f Intramural Basket Ball: Football: Ping Pong: Swimming .... ELEANORE IIARTNIAN- German Club President: American Club: Floriculture Club: G. A. A.: Basket Ball: Volleyball: Tumbling: Badminton: Archery: Commercial Club: National Honor Society .... WALTER IIARTMAN ..... GLORIA IIALTCK Student Council .... LORRAINE Nl. IIAUG Girls' Glee Club: Order of Gregg Artists: Commercial Club .... HELEN IIAWKINS Library Cadet: American Club. QQ- 1- CENIUIL' IIILDA III-lC'I'OR--Hec Tec: Swimming: Art Club: Floriculture Club .... BICLVA IIIZDLIIND-7 Girls' Glee Club .... VIRGINIA HEINZEI,+Girls' Glee Club: Tech Business Staff Manager: Declamation . . . . MARJORIE HIEITZMAN f-Life Saving: Girls' Glee Club: Thespians: German Club . . . . ANGELA IIENlPEI,-- Tech Business Staff: Girls' Glee Club .... JAMES IIENKI-INIICYICR Intramural Basket Ball: Band .... ROSI-1 IIENNI-IK--Floriculture Club: Hec Tec. ANN KATIIRYN IIIENNEMAN- Thespians: Swimming: Speech Festival .... YIYIAN IIICNNICNIAN 7 Swimming: Ilec Tec .... DELBISRT IIIENNINGH-'Trac-k: Thespians: Swimming: Usher ..., YERNA IIERMANSON 'Tech Business Staff: German Club .... BICRNICE HIGGINS Intramural Basket Ball .... l'1II.IiICN IIINNENKANIPH-Swimming: German Club .... SIIICRBING IIOOVICR Foot- ball: Intramural Basket Ball: Staging Committee. JOY B. HOPKINS Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Floriculture Club: Swimming: Posture Contest: Thes- pians .... DARRELL ISAACSON-Thespians' President: Student Council: Usher: Swimming. . . . THOMAS E. JAICGER Football: Intramural Basket Ball .... I.EONA JANCIK .... ELAINE JASKOWIAK T. N. T.: Girls' Glee Club: Archery: Volleyball: Music Council: Techoes Staff: National Honor Society .... ETIIEI. JENDI-lRSECKf G. A. A.: Swimming: Volleyball: Commercial Club: Order of Gregg Artists ..... A RLICI-IN I-Z. JOHNSON--French Club: American Club: Techoes Staff: Tech Staff: A Capella Choir. WINIFRI-LD JOIINSON I-'loriculture Club: Girls' Glee Club: Swimming .... EDWARD J. JORDAN Student Council: Junior Class Treasurer: Masquers: Radio Choral linszemble: Verse Speaking Choir: Ameri- can Club President: Declamation: Boys' Glee Club: A Capella Choir: ".Ierry": National Honor Society . . . . CONNIIC KAIII. Techoes Business Staff .... DAN KANIPA .... FLORI-INIIIC KAPLAN Hec Tec: Thespians: American Club: Basket Ball .... SIDNEY KAPLAN Football: Intramural Basket Ball: Track: I,et!ermen's Club: Swimming .,.. DORIS KE!-QNEY German Club: Volleyball. Page 22 6 F UEIIIIII. MYRON KENNEDY- -American Club: Orchestra: Ring and Pin Committee: National Honor Society . . . . JIM KILIAN--Intramural Basket Ball .... CHARLOTTE KLEIN .... .IEROMI-1 KI.EIN-Swim- ming .... RUTH KLEIN-T. N. T.: Art Club: National Honor Society: Chorus: Declamation: Thespians: Conservation Club ..... A LMA KLESCZ-Girls' Glee Club .... STELLA KLIMA- 'Order of Gregg Artists. LL'I-ZLLA KNII-ZR Student Council: Hec Tec: Commercial Club: Techoes Staff: Order of Gregg Artists: National Honor Society .... DELPHIN G. KOIILER---Projection Club: Swimming: Radio Club .... III-lLliN KOPREK G. A. A.: Volleyball: Badminton: Archery: Posture Contest: Swimming .... WILL- IAM KOIITS Floriculture Club President: Mixed Chorus: Boys' Glee Club .... ED. KOWALKOW- SKI American Club: Class Basket Ball .... ESTI-ILLIE KRL'CIITl'lN Girls' Glee Club: Volleyball: German Club .... FRED KUIQBI-ILBECK-Track. IIIQLEN KUIIN -German: Commercial Club: Order of Gregg Artists .... PATRICIA KYI,I'1-ff Verse Speaking Choir: American Club: Declamation: Dance Club: Archery: Swimming: T. N. T.: Mixed Chorus: Thespians: Executive Council: National Honor Society .... AUGUST LANG --Football: Intramural Basket Ball .... FRED I.ANG-- Swimming .... CARROLL LANGTON Projection Club: Swimming: Usher: Printing Staff: Intramural Basket Ball Manager .... LELAND LARSON .... CAVE LAR- SONH French Club: Tech Staff. JACK LAUDENBACII-fFootball: Intramural Basket Ball .... LIQCILLE I,AWRIiNCEf--Thespians: Swimming: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Music Council: Student Council: Declamation ..... A LFRED LI-ZASIQ Tec-hoes Co-editor: Tech Staff: Speech Festival: Verse Speaking Choir: Swimming: T. B. Contest: National Honor Society: Book XYGSIK Radio Script: Homecoming Play .... RUTH Ll-XIIINI-1R .... LOUISE LEIINI-1N Volleyball: German Club: Thespians .... .IAM I-IS LIQNGAS Football: Intramural Basket Ball ..... A RTIIUR LEY Tech Printing Staff. agi- In-', if au 'll l0Il. MARJORIE LII.JENBERGfGirls' Glee Club: Tech Staff: Thespians .... STANLEY LILLOUIST- - Football: Intramural Basket Ball .... PATRICIA LINDLAN-Girls' Glee Club: American Club: Order of Gregg Artists: Commercial Club .... .IAMES LINTGEN-Vflntramural Basket Ball: Swimming .... VVILLIAM LOMM ELI ,.... EYELYN LONG-Girls' Glee Club: Volleyball: mlan. 1941+ .... NELLIE LUCKEROTH-German Club: Floriculture Club. HOWARD LUEHMANN-Band: Quill and Scroll: Tech Staff .... LOREN MCCARTH YfP. T. Presi- dent: Sports Editor of Tech: Football Manager: Basket Ball Manager: Intramural Basket Ball: Quill and Scroll Secretary-Treasurer: Homecoming: Swimming: Ping Pong: Intramural Basket Ball Manager: Techoes Sports Editor .... DORIS McDOWELLSAmerican Club: Swimming: Thespians: Girls' Glee Club: Christ- mas Play: Tech Stalf .... GEORGIA McDOWELL-Chorus: Girls' Glee Club: Thespians: Life Saving: Solo Contest: Tech Business Staff: "Jerry" .... LLOYD MCNEAL--Band: Dance Band: P. T. . . . . JOHN MCRAE -Floriculture Club .... MARJORIE MacDONALD-Thespians: Basket Ball: Tech Staff: Chorus: Girls' Glee Club. BERNICE MAEHRENf--Swimming .... EDVVARD MALIKOWSKI-'fStudent Council .... RALPH MALLINGERA Band .... ROBERT MANUEL-Football: Swimming: Art Club: National Honor So- ciety President .... ERVIN MASLONKOVVSKI .... LUELLA MATHIASEN'-Order of Gregg Artists: Commercial Club .... BOB MATHIS-Thespians. HARRY MEHR-Radio Club .... RITA METTENBERG-Chorus: Tech Staff: Thespians: "The Ring and the Look": Student Council: Junior Class 'Vice President: Declamation: Senior Class Representative: Verse Speaking Choir: Masquers .... CORRINE METZROTH--Thespians: Orchestra: Solo Contest: Chorus: Dance Orchestra: "Jerry": Music Council .... EYELYN MEYER- Thespians: Commercial Club: German Club .... SHIRLEY MIKEL-Student Council: Masquers Secretary: Verse Speaking Choir .... ELAINE NIILLI-IR Girls' Glee Club .... I,Yl,Ii G. MILLER. Page 24 Ulllllllii' GEORGE MINI-IRA 'P. T ..... DICK MINTONfAmerican Club: German Club: Verse Speaking Choir . . . . .IEANETTE MITCHELI.ffArt Club: Girls' Glee Club: Order of Gregg Artists . . . . EILEEN MOHS-ff-Hec Tec: Tech Staff: Tech Business Staff: G. A. A.: French Club: Art Club: Chorus: Basket Ball: Volleyball: Thespians: Homecoming .... MARVIN MOLL-Football: Usher: Swimming: Track: Table Tennis: Lettermen's Club: German Club: Intramural Basket Ball .... ROMAN B. MONDLOCHW Intramural Basket Ball: Track: Ping Pong: Swimming .... JIM MOONII-2Rf-Techoes Business Staff: Commercial Club Reporter: Order of Gregg Artists. WANDA MORFITT .... VIRGINIA MUND-Band: Volleyball: Basket Ball: Badminton: Order of Gregg Artists: Senior Executive Council: G. A. A. Secretary .... IIAROLD NATHE .... LOIS NEL- SON German Club: Art Club: Swimming: Order of Gregg Artists .... ROSEMARY NICOLIN- Order of Gregg Artists: Commercial Club ..... A LBERT NIETERS .... VERNON OBERMILLER. INA MARIE OIISW -Thespians: French Club: Band: T. N. T.: Pep Band: Tech Staff: Techoes Business Staff: American Club: Quill and Scroll Vice President: "Jerry": Student Council: National Honor Society . . . . ROGER OLSON--German Club: Swimming: Floriculture Club: Homecoming: Student Council: Hockey . . . . MARY ELIZABETH 0LZENAK+German Club: Verse Speaking Choir: American Club . . . . WANDA OPITZ .... JAMES OSGOOD .... ROSELLA OTTO-Basket Ball: Volleyball: Swim- ming: Secretary-Treasurer of German Club: Order of Gregg Artists .... WALLACE PATTOCK- Stu- dent Council: Sophomore Football. VERA PERRY--Thespians .... IIARRIET PETRON- 'Order of Gregg Artists: I-Iec Tec: Commercial Club .... DOUGLAS PICK'-Band: Orchestra: Dance Band: Senior Executive Council: Intramural Basket Ball .... VVILLIAM PIKUS .... MARGARET PLACHECKI .... ROBERT PLACHE- GRI- Intramural Basket Ball: Verse Speaking Choir: Swimming: Thespians: American Club .... RUTH PLANTENBERG Swimming: Basket Ball: Tech Business Staff: Commercial Club. 5 Q Q Q 2- I 'ii AH 6, as-Q F 6- Illlllll IRl-NI- PI OMBON Swxmmlng Basket Ball Iolleyball IEROY PORLPSRX Orchestra PALL PORVSOLL Thesp1ans Yerse Speaklng Choxr Amerrcan Club Intramural Basket Ball ROSEXIARY PORVSALI Commercxal Club XIX IAN POSTER T N T Tech Busmess Staff Tech Stal? Techoes Staff BII L POTTER Art Club Declamatxon Techoes Busmess Staff Xerse Speakmg Cholr Thesplans RUTH PRAM ANNI Order of Gregg Artrsts Swrmmmg Yolleyball Orchestra Mxxed Chorus Amerlcan Club Commerual Club Thesplans TechoesSt1fI DANID PUNG P T Band Orchestra Intramural Basket Ball Swlmmlng Track Pep Band W AITIR A RADRE Orchestra Band Thesplans Intramural Basket Ball Ameruan Club Swrmmmg BI-TIIIA RANGER Smmmmg Xolleyball 'NIILDRED RANK Art Club Thesplans Stu dent Councll Tec-hoes Buslness Staff Natlonal Honor Socxety OLENTIN RI-LIATLNVS AID Amerlcan Club LORRAINE REIIER Thesplans LHARII-S A RILHTER Chorus I I- ANDI' R Si HROPDER I PONARD SLIIRALT JEANETTI' SK IIOL 'NIARPR Basket Ball Commerclal Club Order of Gregg Artrsts DON Al D SC IINOBRIC II Football Track Student Councll Svwmmxng .Il-RONII' Qi IINIIDIR I rse Speaklng Cholr Student Countll Swlmmmg Football Intramural Basket Ball Tumblmg Q AROI INI SC IINlI'I'I Xl KRGARET SC IINIIDT Tech Busmess Staff Basket Bal DONNA JLNE SLHNIIDT G A A Het Tec Xollewball Homecommg I LC II I E SLHNIID Swxmmmg Xolleyball Basket Ball G A A Techoes Staff VS II I IANI St IINIID Band PI ARI SCII1 ACHECK Order of Gregg Artrsts X olleyball X IRC INIA St III-ND7I- LOS G A A Thesplans Basket Ball Badmmton Archery Swlmmmg Xolleyball Dance Club Posture Con test IRS IN Sf HEI-I Band Orchestra Nluslc Councll PALI Si H XII-I R Page 26 N f 0 "S s .G G G, qi- ? gi, Q V, I1 I , 4. 4 4 Ii , , . I .... 4 " .... I' ' g 9 : 3 ' .... , ' ,f .... ' ' -' s .I. .3 g 5 .... , fe 3 3 3' , . .... ., , , ': : ' : -' : "1 - ' 2. .' 5 "'g ' ' '. 'Q ' 'Q "1 'A 4 1 A' A "i .Z , J . : , . QA '.. 5 1"1 ff' 5' ' g 5 - 'Q J : ' ' ' .... J 1" ff 1.- . " .... . ,.' - " .... ' . ,L .. ' ' - 5 Masquersg Verse Speaking Choir: Dance Band. 'g' '- 3 I I: .... . If If ': "3 , .... , . ,t . . , . t. , , , ' , ' , . ,- 4' A , ' , , A. ' . - . . .3 - 3 ' j' 3 ' ' .... .'I ' . -- "q 5 3 1. -f 1. , I .. 1 -- . ' 3 ' ' .... ' Qfl I If ,I X 5 'z ' ' 1- 1 ' ' Q' ' : ' ' 1 1 - A l'1.f-- 3 '.'g.' . .- 1"l . E Il HEI IAN SAUER Thesplans Yolleyball Swlmmmg Art Club Presldent Natlonal Honor Souety ALBI- RT S-KRX ER Chorus Swxmmlng Watlonal Honor Soclety P YI I IS NI S KR I'I'I I Thesplans NIlX9d Chorus -Xmerlcan Club LIIARI IS SARTI-II Intramural Basket Ball Florl culture Club Conserxatlon Club 'NI ARJORII- SAATTIR Badmmton Basket Ball Kolleyball Swlmmlng Tennls Tumblmg JM lx ROTII VNII I IKNI ROSSNIAN Stage Commlttee MARX ANN ROSI-NBERGI-R German Club Art Club Conservatxon Club Order of Gregg Artlsts If RX IN ROHI ING Student Counul Class Basket Ball Swlmmmg Techoes Buslness Staff Hockey RM' ROBBINS Orchestra Thesplans 'Vhxed Chorus Glrls Theatre Orchestra Band Pep Band 'Uas quers Dance Band Trlo Yerse Speakmg Cholr Ierry French Club Swlmmlng Techoes Busmess Staff Hockey Natlonal Honor SOC16ty Bl' RTIIA ROBBIN Art Club Hec Tec German Club RAY RllNGI-JR JEAN RICHTER German Club Art Club XIKTOR St HVIARLUN BALH Florlculture Club Football Lettermens Club Swlmmlng GLENIN SEANGER Pfllltlllg Staif Class Basket Ball Natlonal Honor Soclety X PRA SHAINK Commercxal Club Order of Gregg Artlsts JAMFS SLHERER Projectlon Club JEROME SIEGNIUlND OSWALD A SIS Swlmmmg M NTTHILW SINIITH 'NIARII YN SOLFELT Art Club Tech IONII I A STAY RUM Order of Gregg Artlsts Amerlcan Club DONAI D STI- FI' If NTS Amerlc-an Club Track Class Basket Ball BURTON STEFFES Football Intramural Basket Ball Pmg Pong Lettermen s Clu Sem,or Exec tlve COUHCII I ILROY STI- IC IIIN JOIIlN STI NIANI Football Lettegmenfg Club Swlmmlng PI I4 ANORI' STP Rl INC, Thesplans If S1 III R STIW EN Order af Gregg Artlsts Commerc1al Club C- A .n!l. . 1? 3 F 2? ' f .'lli'llllli BOB STEVENSON- -Football: Basket Ball: Track: Lettermen's Club .... DAN STEVVART-Football: Intramural Basket Ball: P. T.: Lettermen's Club .... MARGARET STICKLESfStudent Council: Girls' Glee Club: Techoes Business Staif: National Honor Society .... LEO STOCK .... PATSY STREETER -Band: Orchestra: Badminton: Theatre Orchestra .... BERNICE STREITZ-National Honor Society: Sophomore Class President: Thespians: Student Council: G. A. A.: Head of Badminton: Dance Club: Senior Class Vice President .... COLLETTE STL'DER--Swimming: German Club: Mixed Chorus. CONNIE STUDER--Tech Business Staff: Tea Time Techites: Swimming: Art Club .... MARIAN SULLIVAN-Swimming .... MERNA SWAN .... BOB SWANSONf'fSophomore Football: Intra- mural Basket Ball: Swimming .... DELROSE SVVORSKYN-German Club: Intramural Basket Ball .... VVALTER SVVORSKY .... EDNA TALBERT-Mixed Chorus: Orchestra: Girls' Glee Club: General Committee: Chairman of American Club. IRENE TANIBLI-1--Verse Speaking Choir: Christmas Play: Thespians: Masquers: Swimming: National llonor Society .... VERNON TAYLOR Band: Track Manager: Printing Staff: Homecoming: Intra- mural Basket Ball: Pep Band .... VIOLA THEISSEN .... CURTIS THORNTON-Thespians: Boys' Glee Club .... BETTY TILLIT Girls' Glee Club .... RITA TORRES-f Swimming: Basket Ball: Conservation Club .... DONALD TREBTOSKE. ROGER TREICHEL-The-spians: Class Basket Ball: Band: Homecoming: Swimming .... DOROTHY L'NDERSANDER--Orchestra: Thespians .... NIARCY VAN SELOVV-Tech Staff: Art Club: Swimming: Basket Ball: Volleyball: Life Saving: Thespians: G. A. A ..... THOMAS VARNER Intramural Basket Ball: .lunior Class Secretary: Junior Ball Chairman: Junior Class Representative: Student Council Treasurer: Senior Representative ..... A NDREW VOGICL Intramural Basket Ball .... TOM WADHANIS - Basket Ball: P. T ..... HAROLD WALKER Track: Basket Ball. Page 28 Q .E lllll PAUL WALLEK .... DORIS MAE WARE-Art Club: Life Saving: Christmas Play: Tech Business StaH: Techoes Business Staff: T. N. T. President: National Honor Society .... RAY WATERS Tumb- ling .... JOSEPH WEBERfQuill and Scroll: Tech Staff: Swimming: Homecoming: American Club: Orchestra: National Honor Society .... CAROL WEGNER-'fSwimming: Thespians .... PHYLLIS WEIHRAUGHfGirls' Glee Club: Volleyball .... JOAN WEIHS ANNA MAE WEITZEL--Thespians: Homecoming: Chorus: Art Club: Tumbling: Swimming ...... VIRGINIA WEITZEL' Student Council: Dance Club: Art Club: Tech Business Staff Manager: Masquers: Quill and Scroll: Verse Speaking Choir: Homecoming: Thespians: "Wheels" .... BOB WENGERT Band: Verse Speaking Choir: Thespians: Homecoming: Projection Club: Art Club: Model Aero Club: .Junior Ball: National Honor Society .... DICK WESTRAfFootball: Intramural Basket Ball .... BERNIGE L. VVHEELER .... BEVERLY VVILLCOXEN-Thespians .... MARY WINTER--T. N. T. Secre- tary: Sophomore Class Secretary: Senior Class Secretary: Student Council: Girls' Glee Club: National Honor Society: Archery: Volleyball: Techoes Staff. DELORES WIRTZFELD--Order of Gregg Artists: Commercial Club .... HARVEY ZAHN Football: Basket Ball .... GENE ZELLNER .... LOUISE ZENNI-IR' Mixed Chorus: Girls' Glee Club: Swim- ming: Thespians: Homecoming .... ROMAN ZENNER Mixed Chorus: Student Council: P. T.: Intra- mural Basket Ball: Homecoming: Operetta: National Honor Society .... MARGARET ZIEBOI, Com- mercial Club .... DOROTHY ZILM ER. ELAINE ZINKEN .... MARION ZIPP-Thespians: German Club ..... A L ZITUR Swimming . . . . ANTHONY ZONTEK-Football: Intramural Basket Ball . . . . GENEVIEVE ZUPAN f-Order of Gregg Artists: Commercial Club .... VERA ZUPAN. IXE i Jl'IIllIi.' ADVISORY 205 'Mr. Antil Iirm 1. li. Nivlvrs, fi. Nm-ntl, V. Svharn-nlmrlzic-li, M. i':nnplu-ll, I-I. K1'IlIH'fIj'. IC Ne-lson, Ii. Iiwnsf-n, fi, Mikvl. IGN 13- II. .'MfI1'YU. A. Mills-r. V. Jars-n. f'.Slump1', I.. .Iac'ks0n. Il. Mvlianrly. ID Javnson, R. Kin-si-, Mr. Ii. Anril. Iimx Il. II. M1-Vrlrmivli, K. Davison. .I. Iillv-iilwa-ki-r, J. Ilfin- arcly. G. Elhf-n, Ii. Richter H. Sxxiggum. T. Ni:-tc-rs. ADVISORY 237 Miss H. Carter Rim l. lb. Juhnsrzn, Ii. Olson, M. Skillrufl, I.. Filzman, Ii. I'i:ganski. O Thurson, M. Stang, B, Olson, Miss Carte-r. Iiovs 2. I". Slangl, l'. Iiinniv, ll. Thlll, II I.:-v, Ii. Ii:-nm-Y. I", Ts-rrr-s, I.. XV1-irne-r, A. IH-rinvlm-kr r, .I. Tallmt. Ruw Si. V, Svhurr-y, Ii. 'I'e-uln-r, IJ. Suri-nsnn. I". Russ, .I. We-Ish, Il. IH-to-rsun, Ii. Mc-Kihhon, R. Thim-nos. ADVISORY 2fMr. L. C. Crose Row 1. L. Lahr. S. Silverness, M. Jaeger, V. Snhuc-llor, E. Kiklas, J. Steichen, H. Plafcan, Mr. L. Frusv. ROWZZ. P. Gronau, C. Lodermeier, D. Larson, C'. Severson, IJ. Gilman, IJ. Ferkinhoff, D. Sand, IG, Sandau. Rowii. R. XVii-hoff, IJ. Gardner, J. Hanson, G. Smith, Ii. Jac-obs, R. HL-ssv. C. Ve-enslra, I. Sturm-h, ADVISOR Y 114'--Miss Fink Row 1. J. Vicks-rs. J. Davis, L. Hof-kr-rl. T, VH-hlancl. B. Albright, M. VVyslra0k, K. Lindlan. ROWZZ. M. Lose, II. Frykman, V. Frueling, Miss Ii. Fink A. Jacobs, M. Jansen, P. Lewis, Row 73. G. Schreiner, H. Kohler, M. Otu-, Il. l.uc-l-mme-yer, l.. lmholte. M. Larson, I., Long. ADVISOR Y 255 Miss COW: Iiuw l. M. .Xj.11rs. II. The-is:-n, II. Iiivkhrmlr, I.. Mu'1nf', M l'umlm1. M, linhman, V, Jens:-n. Il. ISI-nilvr, I.. lbavis Row 2. Miss G, time-. V. Varm-r. I. Iiiflingm-r. II. Higgins. R Iiric-ksun. F. Jansz-n, IJ. Klan-rl-tamp, A. Ilrmlmgrn-n V. IIUVIQ. Iiuwil. G. Hansen, IJ, XVeyrens, A. Ilarg, M. Su-arns. ll Stanley, J. Linquisl, J. Benson, J. Munfi. J. Meyer V UNIUIIS ADYI How 1. Iiow 2. Iiow Ji. ADYI Iiflw l. Row 2. Row fi. ADYI Row I. Row 2. Huw II. ADYI Row I. Ii LINNA 15. Rm! Zi ADYI Iiuxx I. Row 12. Row 3. SOR Y 202---Mr. Ilollmeyer J. Stanger, IJ. Hum. I.. Gustafson, S. The-is:-n, I. Buetlner. F. Ne-ttvr. IJ. Be-lzolfl, E Lukf-, I. Clark . Thompson, I1 Ii . Gmsemun, Q Mr. H. H0IImf1yf-r. J. Ilmrm-r, I. Ke-firuwski. Knatla, A. Nohnf-r, XY. Shif-IIIQ, II Iiuc-hlm-, A. Schne-irif-r, M. Vlassf-n. J. Iiurgmvivr. I.. Ilvinzvl, .I. Schmidt. W. S1-hmiflt J. Iiillf-r, K.I"1Ivy, Ii. Slrwk, I.. S1'hmi4I, Y. More-Imu-v I'. Mar-hmm:-s. SORY 238 Miss I.. Johnson 1. -I ' " ' I.. I mall-r,N. I rm-II, I. M21rs1,,X. Burr:-tl. A. If.'svnr1-1r'I'1 S. Yfrth, Il. Vfinll-r, .I. Simmflrs, Miss I.. JoI:nss.n M. XVI-rnvrt, M. Ilingman, Il. I'uIisr-h, I. Ilsmxwn, Ii VVQ-rnert, I. Wx-isman, M. Witte, I. XV:-ienuuxn. H. Malmburg, N. Gale, V. Sauer, I.. Hi:-I-is, IJ. Ii:-nn R. Moors-, K. Sultan, B. Turner, SORY 34- Mrs. Ladner I'.. Alle-n, I.. Ilru-km-nclorf, I.. Iilvhtr-r. 1. MSI-ia, II Ligf-rms, Ii. K1-II4-r, II. If.k'lILfl'I, Y. Iiuhml-r. Ii. Hinz, I.. Ik-nsun. A. Gus-mzf-I, I. Iiavhvl, S. .Iagin-Ilu I.. Ilvmlf-r, M. Symunie-tz, Mrs. A. I.a1In1-r. I'I. Iiurge-r, V. Knit-r, Ii. Janski, XV. Zia-Iml, A. IImIy1in I.. IM-XVIII, G. Savage-. SURY A Mr. Slensrud .I. Sm-vzxrla, I". Sis. M. Thu-ise-n, Y. Ilajknweki. Y SI'IIIIl'IIIl'l', I. I-Impting, IC. Hhmun, Mr. Ii. Sn-ngrufi IJ. I'fanne-nstr-in, M, Uvlrir-h. Ii N1-itz:-I, II, Ju-tm Ii. I'f-le-ra. J. In-Q-xlllv, II. I ugnrd, M. I'IIn-pw-n. IJ. Mmmnie-r, l.. flau, W. Svhvwgnman, I.. I"zIIm-nhulz M. I-'e-rguson, Ib. TruzinwI-ri. Ii. IIary. M. t'v.rfIn-. SORY 104 Mr. Turner .I. IIA-nk!-mn-yvr. I'. Kr:-me-r, if Iiaxuvh. l'. Fxfh, It llvnnv, J. I.au4-r. T. Iirannan. I-.. .fu-hman. M. I-.mlm-h, NX. Sauvr, ll, IIuIIar1h. .I Iirs-nnun, IC. .-'Arm-son. .I. I'atta-rsnn. IV. Svhwinrh-I, I.. Ferguson. H. Nvlsun, I". N1-Nun IV. Adams, Y, XVEIJBI, A. Wivklund. JUNIUHC ADVISORY 234- Bliss Walsh Row 1. I-I. Zipp, Ii. Urlebet-ke, I.. Halovnia, J. Kremer. J Paulson. J. Alme-r, S. Anderson. G. Hortsch. A Ibm-bber. M. Moog, I-2. Munsinger. Iiovv 2. IJ. XVinier. E. Foster. J. Barthelemy, J. Hopkins H. Lang, E. Trac-hta, B. Ili-imc-r. H. Zilrner. K Isaacson, K. Creighton, Miss M. A. Walsh. Itowil. A. Bach, NI. Sharp, Ii. Meier, M. Fowler, VV Vhirhart, W. Younger, H. Brorling, H. Conrad A. IJesMarais, E. Sampson, J. Phillips. ADVISORY 228. 130 Miss Wier. Mr. Wittmayer Iiow l. IJ. Sullivan. J. 'Sartt-ll. Il. Mutschler, IJ. Moline M. Elle-r, IJ. Busch, M. lille-rs, R. St-holtes, R Kreihich. KI. Spychola. M. Ilaml, Row 2. M. Ziebol, B. Hrgenbright. F. I.ohs4-, H. Lawrence I.. Gill, V. The-ring, Y. Pettit, IJ. Krogh, G. St-heel A. Free-hurg, Miss IC. VVeir. Row il, M. Bohl. J. Iillering. I.. Plache-chi, I.. Hinnenkamp S. Scherer, IJ. Pearson, N. Urdahl, P. Ervin, M Odegard, E, Allen, Mr. H. Wittmayer, Iiow 1. H. Reisi-hl, E. Thull, F. Daley, P. Butler, M Braman. D. Johnson, Ii. English, B. Nalhe, B Hartman, K. Hollern, T. Snyder. CLA S HECUHD There was a time when the Junior Class felt they played an insignificant part in Tech life, but at the end of their second year of secondary education, they discovered that they had become an important factor in making the school term the successful one it was. Jo-Tec, along with the rest of his class gained confidence in himself and his ability, and with this in- crease of self assurance he took a greater interest in the activity that surrounded him. Coming back to school in the fall of this year the class elected Bob Hary, presidentg Pat Butler, vice-presidentg Dick Luckemeyer, secretaryg and Bob McKibben, treasurer. The roll calls of Student Council, Art Club, French and German Clubs, and G. A. A. each included a large percentage of juniors. Juniors were appointed to responsible Homecoming committees and proved themselves to be capableg they played in numerous athletic contests and added consistently to the score, as "cub" reporters, theirs was the task of giving many Tech pro- jects the publicity that was vital to success and their journalistic talents were given full play. Fourteen junior boys and girls were elected to the National Honor Society, and were received into the Tech chapter in an impressive investiture ceremony March 1. 1 1 I lllUEHi The Junior Class elected Bob Hary, 1940 football co-captain, as its presi- dent, with Patricia Butler, head of Dance Club, as vice-presidentg Dick Luckemeyer, 1940 football co-captain, as secretaryg and Bob McKibben, dance band member as treasurer. Page 32 I i SIIPHUIIIIIIES Row I. G. Raine, E. Janski, V. Siege. P. Ohmann, A. Nialikow- ski, V. Moll, A. Ross. Iiow2. I.. Almer, A. Johnson, M. Meixnc-r, J. Sarte-Il, K Walker, V. Klaverkamp, E. Janski, Miss A. Hawkins How II A. Palm, A. Bavhel, NI. Fosse, N. Meri!-ck, V. Torres B. Trehtoske, Ii. Kehle. F. Sc-hilier, J. YViehuII'. ADVISORY 206-Mr. Johnson Row I. I, Zivknif-h. II. Mikiska, A. Jensen, A. Annas, G. Wells G. Ste-inke, A. Zonlek, Il. Km-se, Ii. Sfhmirit. Row 2. V. Iirainard, P. Guy. J, Hall. B. Martinson, IJ. Ross IJ. Human, IC. Anderson, M. Pallow, XV. Pell-rs, Mr I.. Johnson. Row Zi. I.. Kilian, Palm, Ii. Anderson. BI. Norrklrom, I-I Kropp, G. Stockings-r, IJ. Deering, NI. Tre-Imlusl-w F. XVI-idert. ADVISORY 103-Mr. Lunneman Row I. M. Snitz, F. Schulte-S, I.. Keller, B. Famphell, Ii Henna-man, H. Netters, V. Ziebol, I.. Luzius, B Siegmund, J. Steffes. Row 2. M. Bissitl, S. Zimmer, P. VVeis, VV. VVenz, H. lin-rg Strom, I.. Knese, J. Tullovk, IJ. Ibunaghue, Mr. J I.unnc-man. Row CI. M. Barsne-ss, B. Gorman, W. Harrison, Ii. Ilumherl G. Benn, R.. Schaefer, F. YViImes, J Buethe, N. Jun:-s ADVISORY IIS--Mrs. Melvold Row I. IV. Zinks-n, I.. Ford, A. Parker, A. Osgood. A. S4-hmiri Ii. Pariowilz, V. YViIlc'oxen, V. I-ine-se, Ii. Svhlugheck II. Iiisrholf. Row 2. Ii. Salle-r, S. Ilahler, J. Iialhhun, H. W1-In-r. C. Town:- II. Vhristen, V. Vlaylon, I.. Su-vvnson. Iiuwii. I-I. VV:-ste-rin-rg, J. Ring:-r. A. Virfie-n, Ii. Vampion VV. Stock, ll. Bargahus, NI. Bohlsen, Mrs. H. M4-lvoI:I H. Keeney. ADVISORY 116-Miss Oberg Row I. T. Seilz, I.. Aubol, BI. Fish, A. Biais. G. Nelson, NI Thornton, O. Papermastel, V. Schmidt, P. Neil, VV Brinkman, XI. Nierengarten, Miss U. Uberg. ROWZ. R. Hn-rzing, E. Stehl, XI. Ziehl, I.. Hennessy. H Svhriml. BI. Miller, A. Hettwer. K. Maurer, K. Svhrie- fe-Is, Ii. Sc-hendzelos, XV. Pe-IL-rs, H. Schriml. Row 3. R. Reine, L. YVard, V. Theisen, B. Iiveslage, A. Ervin M. Cary, S. Slocumb, H. Deering, IJ. Lepinski, I. Marten. Illlllllllllllll Row 1. T. Hodgin, L. Murray, V. Marvin, C. Morben, G Todd, E. Zimmermann, J. IJocke-nrlorf, Mr. L. Olds Ilowfl. YN. Raymond, V. Harlgravos, A. Moll, R. Mvtzroth Ii. Tillill, .I. Thivnc-s, I-I. Solfvlt. Row Ii. G. Truclm-ll, G. Ilavison, II. Swanson, IC. Gruber, I. Slrummc-r, .I. Jordon, IJ. Ii0t'fIl'I', T. Mr-Killlms-n. ADVISOR Y 2l+Mr. Pierson Row I. H. Imflvrme-ie-r, I.. Gillespie-, F. Phillips, M. Himsi IC. Johannes, Y. Arm-son, Il. lim-an, Mr. T. K. I'ie-rson Row 2. M. Gottwald, Ii. Kujawu, Ii. Hg:-rman. T. Lommvll Ii. Saus-r, IJ. Krami-r, G. Inlrdmann, F. Gaetz, Ii Haddon. Row 3. H. Slof-umb, IC. Mund, U. Haub, J. Kecktf-nwald, IJ Frilz, I'I. Hunstead, Ii. VVegner, R. Laughton. ADVISORY 37-Miss Raugust Row 1. L. Danzl, A. Bukowski, F. Dewey, L. Akervik. C Fussy, P. Anderberg, M. Clark, IJ. Hanger, Miss L Raugust. Row 2. B. Rose, N, Thering, R. Sieverding, B. Hunstead, M Repulski. L. Johnson, M. Dnlrner, V. Stalberger, A Brown. Row II. A. Engel, M. Terres, M. Peterson, Ii. Gill, E. Gill, Ii Strandberg, IJ. England, M. Hannek, A. Jansen. ADVISORY 39-Miss Ryberg Row I. H. I'lac-he-ckl, V. Mm-Donald, I.. Wildman. Ii. Zi-nnvr Ii. lions, Ii. XVvis, IJ. Krffbshavh, I. Fischer, L. I'acz- kowski, A. Kipl-ca, B. Hogland. Row 2. J. Huhman, W. Spas-th, R. Kollman, L. Undersamler L. Ahles. M. Koglin, R. Midas, V. Behrendt. E. Neil M. Sakry. Row 3. H. Schneider, I. Seymour, G. Kloss, E. Porupsky, IJ YVarnert, C. Baker, L. Keller, IQ. VVi0klund, B. Martin- son L. Iiutkowski, Miss A. Ryluerg. ADVISORY 237- Miss Stovring Row l. G. Sjogren, H. Pvterson, F. Sauer, VV. Wander, C' For-hranv. IJ. Merge-n, IJ. Lvnzen, L. Citrowski. Iiow2. A. Mivhaelscn, IJ. Barrett, M. Boyle, J. SIUFIET, Ii. Clepper, K. Nulzman, M. P1-iron, N. Saller, Miss I-1 Slovring. Row 3. IJ. Broding, H. Thomes. B. Ilsley, H. Heed, G. NVQ-y rens, F. Netgeli, M. Rudolph. 1 Y v IUPHUMUHES ADVI Row 1. Row 2. Row fl. ADYI Row 1. Row 2. Row ii. SORY 8' -Mr. Tice Mr. H. Tice. E. Kilian. J. Goering, YY. Anderson G. Hcfstaler. I.. Kuebelbeck. D. Ford. B. Long, J. Butz, Butkowsl-qi, A. Iirutger, I.. Fohsl, I. Varlson, Ii. Ge-rads, I.. Sr-hwin. H. Bach. G. Belanger, R. Deering, G. Slayer, J. Mathis, H. Burns. SORY 20 Mr. Zeyher R. liuret, I.. Urth, In. I-.Ile-r. I. Arnzr-n. I.. l'inu'k W. I-Ithc-n. Ii. llaml, H. Brown. F Sr-hne-ids-r, 1' Kncsf-, Mr. T. Ze-yher. H. Hornilmrook, Y. Ilombrcwski, IS. Nluntlff-ring, Ib. Hit-kers, IJ, Henning, G. Hartman. IJ, Witt I.. Lyons, F. Udegard, VV. YVengcrl. IJ. Anderson, H. Klein, A. Heinen, XV. Ahh-s, F. VVoItr-rs, C'. Stockinger, E. Schroeder, K. Bennett J. Grams. I-I. Kater, IJ. Moore. CLASS HEUURD Jo Tec's sophomore friends haven't let their inexperience and general "newness" retard participation in the many activities which were offered during the year. Willing to learn and anxious to reach the dignified status of a Tech student, the sophomores survived with flying honors the many and varied initiation practices which upperclassmen were wont to inflict. lt was only a matter of a few weeks before Jo Tec saw his classmates join the ranks of the football and basket ball teams. Each time the band, chorus, or orchestra performed, he saw that members of his class formed a large part of each organization. They are proud of their first year of high school and appropriately so. Displaying initiative and a typical Tech spirit of cooperation, the sophomore class was well represented in the Art Club, Floriculture Club and Student Council, as well as the class dramatic club, the Thespians. A good ma- jority of the class attended the vocational lectures which were sponsored by the guidance de- partment during the winter months. Under the leadership of Jack Sartell, presidentg Gary Davison, vice-president, Gayle Nelson, secretary, and Keith Mauer, treasurer, they completed their first year of high school. UFFIUEHU For the Sophomore Class, Jack Sartell was chosen president. Serving as vice-president is Gary Davison, band member. Filling the oflices of secretary and treasurer are Gayle Nel- son and Keith Mauer, respectively. Page 33 Class Room Scene Fonts, families and "pied" type are pass words in the print shop where these boys are setting up an issue of The Tech. VVhile one printer is engrossed in getting that ad just right, another distributes type, which consists of sorting it and replacing each letter in its pro- per place. The print shop is run on a regular plant schedule with students alternating foremen or supervisors. Apparently attracted by the agile antics of some aquatics in an aquari- um, Bunny Streitz and DeL0ris Brinkman stop to ambush them. This choice hit of marinal activity is only one of the fascinating nature exhibits in the biology room. Everything from politics to educational reforms was at- tacked and defended by Chair- man Howard Luehman and his associates. Learning the tech- nique of formal discussion is an important phaseofspeech work. Page 36 . ' I With the possibility of usurping the fame of Mit-haelangelo looming brightly before him, Bill Potter en- thusiastically molds a few pounds of clammy clay into a life-like image of the Little Corporal: or eould it be Pinnoehio? These embryonic' artists diligently pursue their 1-hosen field of sketc-hing, oil painting or commer- eial designing. Class Room loene "The world's greatest thinkers have' often been amateurs . . . Judglflg from this display of con- f'9ntTaU0Yl, the Tech library is apt T0 Produce renowned philosophers by the dozen. Students relax after has iven of English XII a friend of theirs g his term theme. These five .minute talks called for extensive research and preparation. And relax they should, for their turn will come all too soon. Page 37 Ula " lloom i'Cilll0 14, if 3.1 if Extracting splinters is not the least of Mr. Turner's duties: opines H. Nathe whose carpentry exploits in the woodworking shop were in- terrupted by a stray piece of hard- wood lumber. Machine shop courses gixe many Tech boys an opportunity for pract- cal application of mechanical tech- niques. Drilling, metal work and lathe work' these are only a few of the manual lessons taught in this popular class room. Page 38 What are automobiles made of? And while they're about it, the automotive students follow up this question with an undaunted 'twhy". Those grimy Fingers and streaked coveralls lend a very professional air to the labors of these future me- chanics. Class work consists of diagnosing all types of car trouble plus taking cars apart and putting them together again. LLLRS MTHLETILS X E,-ey INFURHAL FEJTIHES gif J fins TUBE T UUUNCIL fl Left to right are: D. Ellenbecker, K. Allman, T. Varner, Mr. F. Lunemann, Imogene Bretz, and Miss A. Ryberg. If you happen to be going by room 102 on Tuesday morning and hear a disturbance which sounds as if Patrick Henry and Daniel Webster were waging a debate, it could probably be traced to a session of the Student Council. During the past year, the Student Council has been especially active in solving student problems and sponsoring worthwhile projects. Jo Tec was the representative from homeroom thirteen. Under the leadership of their com- petent vice-president, he and his fellow council members conducted a successful homecom- ing. Seasonal projects were carried on at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. ATl0 AL H0 UR, UUIETY Row 1: M. Dawson, L. Cochrane, E. Graham, A. Lease, I. Ohs, M. Bengtson, E. Jaskowiak, Row 2: L. Friebe, G. Chirhart, I. Bretz, E. Jordan, D. Ellenbecker, R. Klein, K. Allman, M. Winter. Row 3: P. Kyle, J. Gilman, C. Gregory, L. Brammer, H. Gulde, R. Manuel, R. Clark, B. Streitz. Jo Tec was not an ordinary student in school. He maintained high stand- ards in scholarship, character, leader- ship, and service. In recognition of this fact he and twenty-three other seniors were elected to the Sigma Sigma Chi at the close of the second milestone of their high school 'careers. The students elected at this time voted that the organization should become active after a long period of inactivity. Thirty-five juniors and seniors became members during the past year. Fifteen per cent of the senior class is the maxi- mum number for membership. Page 40 DEULAMATIU Many students of Tech High, including Jo Tec, entered some phase of declamation for the purpose of developing poise and public speaking, interpretative reading, memorized oratory or original oratory. This year all fields of declamation were ably represented and more students participated in the events than in any year previous. The final selections of the best speakers were done by ratings and all who entered were critized as to their interpreta- tion. All those who received a high rating proceeded to the next contest. This picture shows the dramatic gestures and various poses of our public speakers. MA QUER Row 1: Miss M. Bacon, C. Metzroth, J. Almer, P. Streeter, M. Bengtson, V. Weilzel, S. Mikel, IJ. McDowell, I. Tamble, N. Gale. Row 2: B. Ergen- hright, M. Dawson, R. Robbins, L. Friehe, P. Kyle, K. Allman, D. Ellen- becker, R. Mettenberg, D. Ware, A. Lease, T. Snyder. Row 3: F. Stangl, J. Gilman, J. Welsh, M. Hall, B. Wengert, L. Hicks, J. Estey, G, Bur- barossa, E. Jordan, A. Sarver. Any junior or senior is eligible for Masquers if he is in the upper one-third of his class and if he has sufiicient ability to pass a successful tryoutw a tryout which usually leaves him with weak knees. If he proves his worth and survives the initiation he becomes a re- gular member of the dramatic club. Then some of them pro- duce plays, some act in them, some specialize in make-up and still others work with lighting and staging. Mas- quers produced all school plays that were presented during the year. Page 41 Row l: D. Ware, L. Feia, M. Solfelt, B. Robbin, H. Sauer: V. Stege, B. Mutschler, R. Metzroth. Row 2: K. Allman, A. Weitzel, E. Trachta, J. Mitchell, R. Klein, D. Sand, E. Poganski, E. Kropp, Miss M. Glaser. Row 3: E. Gruber, M. Peterson, D. Peterson, B. Wengert, B. Potter, D. Ellenbecker, D. Pearson. Jo Tec donned his smock, and with his pallet and brush, joined the other members of the Art Club in painting posters which advertised the many activities around Tech. They decorated the halls and showcases, assisted in the staging of plays, and attended sketch meetings. UIIMM RCIAL CL ll The Commercial Techites are a group of students majoring in commercial subjects. Their primary interest is the promotion of qualities desirable to every aspiring stenographer or secretary in the business world. Row 1: G. Zupan, R. Nicolin, F. Hartfiel, E. Graham, E. Gottwald, V. Shank, I. BIGCZ, R. Otto, E. Hartman, Miss M. Almeter. Row 2: R. Porwall, T. Condon, M. Bentz, R. Denny, P. Geisler, E. Steven, H. Burwick, H. Borsvold, L. Knier. Row 3: R. Plantenberg, J. Moonier, R. Goerger, L. Mathiasen. E. Jenderseck, J. Dahl, J. Schoumaker, R. Antil, N. Franmens. Page 42 Ani LUB Sll lllll llllllllll llll llllllllll lll'llS'lS Row 1 G Zupan R Nrcolrn F Hartflel E Gottwald E Graham V Shank I Bretz L Fera L Hang D Allen R P amann R.ow2 P Schlgaheck R Porwall T Condon M Bentz P Gersler R Denny H Burwrck E Sceven Row 3 V Mund ll. Plantenberg J Moomer R Goerger J Dahl J r L Knrer H Bcrsvold MIS M Almeter N Franmens E .lender-seek L Mathrasen o raphy II Certr Schoumaker R Antrl The Semor Order of Gregg Artrsts rs composed of semors takmg Sten g the Gregg Company to all who quahfy as competent wrrters of short hand and as hrgh speed typrsts .IUNIUII IIRIIER UF GREGG ARTISTS Row 1 D F yk Eelnther M Thersln I:-IRBEMIE EM H L'ge'0s M Skrur-ud Munsrnger E Theme Row 2 L Drmler N Ordahl: E Allen C Zrska S Anderson A Krdlas J Sevada Mrss M Vlmeter Row 3 L Molme E liste? P Lewls I Wersman ers M Symanretz E Rachel ROW4 J Mund Rerschl V Froelrng M Lame!-I B Hartman M Pnepsen E Hmz D Sand 3'o Se a member of the Stud G A Club, e em must be able to wnte artrstlc and fluent shorthand outhnes whrch are 3PProved by the Gregg Wnter Magazme Page 43 C Q an M :A 9 M 4. 6 , av 77 ' C. 5- , fa 5 4 1, u ' 1. 1' in ,N , O -. 3 W' ,v .. 'K A v g rn V 1 "' , rl 5 r 5? I Z ' , I ' ' ' . ' , , , : , . , - , - I r - ' r ' ' . . 1 . , . . - , - , - ' f - v ' ' ' ' , ' , , , ' . . 1 . . - r - f ' ' ' ' ' , . 'y - y - 1 - ' flcates are given by ' r , S. ' ' . 1 ' Q , . ' - 1 . ' ' ' 1 l . ' -vw , . . ' ' . f . ' , 5 A D f - , , - . I . U . ' . f G , - . - .' ' . ' . 34 - . ' ' ' , I ' .. 'J P , ' , ' I n "' a ' 5 ' . ' - ' A S - 1' 5 " . X 1 c Q ' ' 1 A P U - ' th N -I ' - 3 fic K 1 I . in r. cum ' ht a group of nine Every Mondsierciit the home of one 0 1 , . - itality an ' f01' then' vlnihlgggrggy who possesses tualsl Aixzvhrthy characteristics ani no e o iifxliimeis approved byPtheym'I?3lJi?r?1'he the club bec.c:1m:,E3 wliiyclh overran the Hheinle tlji? fear was attributed is Shhog fellows who felt they neede t es - impetuous girls dur' protection from ing Leap Year. I J Bergen, L. U . V. Morrison. ' ny Row 1' Mk afnick. Row 21 L' MCCB McNeal. JA r dh ms. D. Punt, G- Miner' D. Stewart, T- Wa ' no GERMA UL B This organization is interested in matters connected with Germany. Their meetings are conducted in German, and outside speakers are asked to talk at their assemblies. Row 1: G. Hartman, E. Kruchten, C. Studer, B, Robbin, M. Rcsenberger, R. Otto, E. Hartman, Mr. T. M. Zeyher. Row 2: P. Geisler, V. Hermanson, B. Olzenak, J. Richter, L. Benson, R. Kollman ll. More, R. Scholtes. Row 3: M. Moll V. Christen, E. Hinnenkamp, R. Goerger M. Braman, ID. Sworsky, M. Cary, L Nelson. N. Page 44 0 l- '55 HEC TEC The objective of the Hec Tec Club is to form a connecting link between the home and the school, to train young women to be ac- tive and efficient leaders in home and community life, and to fur- nish an opportunity, through organization, for social life. Mem- bership is limited to twenty-five girls taking the Home Economics course, who are elected by a ma- jority of the club. This year the c1ub's most outstanding events have been the Homecoming and alumni tea. FLURICULT RE Take along those empty fiower pots and sprinkling cans because we are going for a visit to the green-house where the Floricul- ture Club has transformed a bar- ren and wasted spot into a verit- able wonderland of beauty. The big annual event of this club is the sale of plants on Mother's Day, from which money is obtained for the next year. Numerous other plant sales have also been held. The only requirement for mem- bership in this organization is an interest in the growing of fiowers. fi 'ln .WS p 29' 5? mu 4 9 ,Hx F Q? -s.. URULL This y . spo ear the Quin and S Q hsored th . croll C1 which was V6 Christmas Seal Salib er e Souvenir progiiiuccessflil, and the ,, basketball for the district ' stud Eames. Any S ent may becom Journalism if he h of Printed st s. Row 1: C M" H- Wm has inches e 3 member he if average grade Ones and LETTERME ' Any Tech boy who has earned a letter in athletics is eligible for membership in the Letter- man's Club. The main pur- pose of this club is to foster sportsman like conduct, both in and out of athletics. Row 1: S. Kaplan, V. Schwarenbach, R. Knme, R. Bitner, C. Fuhre, B. Steffen, J. Krainick, Mr. V. Morrison. Row 2: M. Moll, S. Hoover, R. Hidden, B. Hary, B. Stevenson, J Stemnn, W. Schmidt. Row 3: C Gregory, B. Bennewitz. D. Brzinski C. Backes, D. Luckemeyer, D. Truzin- ski, C. Baker, D. Stewart. ochrane, I Oh mayer, J Webe ROW 2: A 5' V- Wefzel I fr L. man, Pres. Mccmy. Secfrreis D"'P0n, 'J- Est '- D. B , ey. H. Luehmann' L Brel: Page 45 Row 1: L. Ward, G. Trudell, M. Kennedy, W. Anderberg, E. Kennedy, B. Tillitt, Mr. H. Gruba. Row 2: G. Berger, C. Kneir, H. Deering, E. Thull. In addition to many field trips, which are but a small part of scout activities, the boy scouts here at Tech presented a radio script and developed individual crafts and hobbies. The aim of every member is to become an Eagle Scout. E . L 3 1 Row 1: E. Hartman, G. Brandenburger, I. Stavrum, D. McDowell, F. Kaplan, i. Ohs, C. Metzroth, Mr M. Omann. Row 2: A. Johnson, R. Pramann, P. Sam-Il, B. Olzenak, L. Cochrane, J. Weber, R. Robbins P. Porwoll. Row 3: H. Hawkins, E. Jordon, E. Talbert, P. Kyle, D. Minton, R. Mettenberg, R. Plachecki M. Kennedy. 1 I In addition to debates and discussions concerning current national problems, the learning of American folk dances was another of the activities of the Young American Club. 1, ,. 6 :Y -f 4- . 5 L ' ' , , '- .. s - 4 ' Y v 1., . " Row 1: E. Munsinger, B. Trebtoake, E. Trachta, D. Pearson, M. Moog, B. Mutschler. Row 2: M. Posse, P. Butler, A. DaMarais, H. Lang, J. Phillips, A. Hettwer, J. Lavender. Meetings conducted in French, book reports, and dressing dolls in native French costumes-these tended to increase student interest in the French people. Page 46 QS wh will gk VW ll' NO, the Tech T N T is not an explosive it is an organzzatio f I . n o energetic feminine Techites These girls sponsored a formal dance and the Christm'1s toy project ROW 13 I- 0518. U. Ware, L. Cochrane, M. Dawson, E. Jaskowiak, Miss C Ileedahl. Row 2: D. Brinkman, R. Klein, P. Kyle, D. Ellenbecker Allman, V. Poster, M. Winner iw' sfhm ,d X 50 Vg!! Xu G ' r. guSt L sy!! Rau e 05 S9 6. L wi elf 5,55 hen 'Y A, ,exV" N N Sc midi vs e ' - B St D,V15 ow gch Lamp SHED k XA Agfoglng wienceg T-gmflnd Quill: iglangensv CW' D 1 B hd N N 2 X we r X g Y hne Mun ROW M E,-olh gow No ef 3 L 1 K Y ck env ,men Knox J he uae' S 359 gal' xl' Y B X N. '49 Pll0JEUTl0ll fFrom left to:-ight? U Haub V Shorey C Lnngton B Wengert Mr O Nelson W Wenger! E Kennedy H Brodmz The movies which have raised your hair taken your breath or just made you feel as 1 you were becoming a bit more educated, were all shown to you by members of the Projection Club The members run the movie-machine at any time, whether it is needed for class work, or merely for amusement Pal' 47 H. Luehmann, L. McCarty, J. Estey, L. Cochrane, J. Weher, I. Ohs, U. Larson, H. Borsvold, M. Liljenberg, A. Johnson, V. Poster. A 'i If Jo Tec were joumalistically inclined he probably spent rnuch time in room 123 with the rest of the Tech staH. This All-Ameri- can publication reflects the life of our school and is a very welcome visitor in the various homerooms on alternate Fridays. The Tech is proud of the fine record its members have made in all extra- curriculars in school. " 43 if si TECH TAFF .A .f Ns 1f", ans ,Q f X1 d me ' . S595 Ways all X' - n printing instructor' qzscplrinters. Above. To the left Mr' Plerlionelavspapef with one oft: Erickson and Chet . h Tec 1, Bo il ff. Zetting gut! gectenwald, Torn Loggi ' Mund, ac Us of the talk into 9 ' Dum the resu fi A ROW1, M . C. Fussy Zgbol, M. Witte, T CO M spectfvely of ' 'ns and'vffgf.1- iss Alice Hawk. the 18 H ' spends 80 m newspaper glnzeln adviger worded she gfcfnzlgzey' "D05if1g13nnng,.t0 figure ojtmiviusizess manager re. ow up for the picggreweitzel, the Oth-gr tme editorial Staff an Pan 48 ' ager, was so gZC3l3oweI'1. ,Rosntgnbegf V. Weitzgv Krogzehhr- Hermanson, fudolph, Alice Illawlg- Schmidt, V. Hgwrencef D. ms. lflzel, Miss .Q ... Wi r. H. W. Witt- mayer, the Techoes editorial staff f saw that all of Jo Tec's friends were represented in the 1940 yearbook. In an effort to present an accurate and complete history of school life at Tech, fifteen senior boys and girls divided editorial duties. They are H. Gulde M , . Van Selow, L. Coch- rane, E. Jaskowiak , L. Schmid, M Winter V , . Poster, L. McCarty E. Mohs, B Streit . z, A. Johnson, J., Estey and H. Borsvold. At the right, c0-editors A. Lease and L. Friebe ponder some mo mentous decision concerning the Techoes. th the aid of M Writing copy l 5 TECIIUE ff , seecting pictures, and reading proof occupy a large part of the Techoes staffs after-school hours. Check, check, and recheck! This is the motto apparently adopted by the staff at th' ' etic , . not for the energ h - annual If IF were 'bility Of t e It would be impossible totpgbhsllh Their hands lies the r9SP0nsl ' 5 3 ' ' ents. . -t of the business f advertisem Silimggriliwrion drive and the sale 0 is meeting. - kles is confi- Manager M' SUCO ann, who dZHPthafQZ1I,'JI...smsta1f, will ses aw: his approval to anotiliig Klan to help finanC6 P Techoes. Blln , E. Solfelt, D. Ellenbecker, J. Gilman, L. n G Todd L Almer, A. Ervin Row 1. L. Brammer, D. Pick, M. Dawso , . . - Reller, N. Gale, P. Streeter. Row 2. H. Luehman, L. Davis, R. Olson, R. Richter, D. Pung, J. Simmeru, M. Ayenl. M- BCD!!-. A- Pennebetker. L. Weiman, E. Sheel, W. Boerger, T. McKibben, B. Wengert, V. Hartzravm. T. Hodlim, 1- OBS. K- Easel!- C. Sauer. Row 3. P. Sharp, B. Hoglund, C. Morbin, C. Widman, J. Henkemeyer, L. McNeal, D. McKibben, J. Ellenbecker, L. Jackson, J. Fsndel, C. Veenstra, E. Zimmerman, M. McDonald, J. Benson, W. Radke, D. McGandy, R. Mallinger, H. Malmborg, L. Haggbloom, E. Porupsky, R. Anderson, A. Hodzin, V. Mund, M. Campbell, H. Homibrook, A. Moll, V. Stege, P. Hanson. Row 4. Mr. E. Hertz, M. Bengston, K. Davison, G. Davison, A. Atwood, E. McNeal,'N. Franssens, R. Robbins, B. Tillitt, L. Boman, F. Stangl, J. Paulson, P. Ervin, H. Swanson, S. Palm, W. Raymond, B. Laughbon, H. Berstrom, B. Thienes, B. Tuher, D. Gmmpstrup, C. Binnie, D. Johnson, L. Friebe. Q 5 Raw 1: G R J..Sa:tl:5l Dawson, S. Silverness L Row ' ' Kyle, C. Metzroth G' ' Cochnne, B. Olsen C . 2: J. Stlihger - - Brandenbe, . . Blume, L. G. l . R. P,-Aman Her, B, Benn nllmple C C V- Morehouse, J. Be n- C. Studer, G. Chirh n. J. Almer, F. Hartflel . ochrgne. A. Lengu Row 3: G- Gillespie A J nson, B. Thienml K- Helga VA 'IE,,,a, E4 Nelson R Bo . - B. Wengert, B. Thienes, Mr. E. A. Hertz, , . . . ' - os -1-Jordan. T. Snyggxrsxl, E' Anderson. E. Allen 1 ebbw' B- Mutsr-hler. n. 'Ail-Jordan' L' Hllgbloom L' Mmm' L' Richwf- M- DWWH- ROW41 A. Wenzel R 1 'K0"""' F-Stung! A Penrl-briaegeli' W. Shield J H IG. Mcuowen' A R' Robbim- C- Merzmmh, J. Ellenbecker . . - ' ' e 1 - a . ' Claerboutl J' Wfgllilblns, R- Mettenberg L Hw cker, M. Macllonald, Creighton, M. Fowle B' Mt-Kibben' s , P' Ervin, NA Gale. M. xcks, W. Allen G B . B. Bartlett, L- R, h r. . . Luson L - - elanger, A S 10 Yer. ' ' Gfeely. P. S, ' afver. J. nine, R rtell, B, Lee- . . Zennery J' 2 gf CHUHU LLUB ROW 1' P Lind: ' ' an- D- McD . Carte . R . Owell, G. Fn k, M. - , Witter V 2. R. Urlebeckey A. Hempil B Skrllrud, H. LIKCFOS, L. Zem-,er E J , Gm emzel. Row 3: W. Johnson Pi I-:Hedlund, H. Fiaia P Weihrall h. sskowmk, D. Busch E Miner M, H . . awrence, B, Feneis M W' , - awrence R. Denn . . C , . Knana B T v - , lx , . ,men . y, E. Strandberg M PH , . rebtoske, V. Pettit M ' ' 9PSen, J, ' ' C. Binnie, N. Gale, P. Ervin. J. Almer, E. Nelson. T. Snyder, B. Benson, W. Shield, K. Davison. URCH STRA no Mitchell, N, Qrdnm E All things considered, Tech can well be proud of its music depart- ment. Under the direction of Mr. Erwin A. Hertz and Miss Helen Carter, both vocal and instrumental groups have made notable progress. Any student who owns a musical instrument, has an appreciation of good music and sufficient perseverence to learn how to play may become a. member of the band or orchestra. Requirements for membership in the chorus or girls' glee club are, primarily, a high sense of responsibility and cooperation. After receiving three "A" ratings in the 1939 National Band Com- petition, the band re-entered the contest again this spring. The organization took to the road on three other occasions-one to St. Louis Park and two to out of town athletic games. Presentation of the first operetta at Tech in eleven years was in the hands of the chorus and orchestra. If "Jerry" were any indication, Jo Tec clamours for more. J-B J Almer E.Gruber. . - ' ,L. Richter. - ' I ' ze! M. Benztson. C. Metzrlvill' K" Bmme n R Olson. P. Streeter, D- Plck- Rnw 1: K. Allman- L' Hem l nn F Anderson, ll- Johnson' B' Remo xl xiarner G, Nels0h- Row 21 W' Allen' S' Hrlimhlof-llglfrnfliiilrlikiiielknbefker. J- Glllllall' U Brandenburg? 1' uber B Mcxabben. E-Kennedl' L. Brammer. . a . K Davison' B. W,-nge-rt, . 9 6 Fung P. Neil' M, Zeibo . .K nedy, J- Talbot' ' ,s h 1. M- Boyle' ' ' Row 3: Q. Ruehle. K' Benn' NL T Weimer, L- Kllese' M' Benn' I C ee N Franssens. P- Butler' Mr' G. Trudell, J. Eiienbec er. - . A. Deslvlarais. A- Johnson- ' h J. Sfmell. S. Sllvefness' E4 Kmpp, R. Metzrot . Row 4: E. A, Hertz 1 R TTA -Lx lg 9 N ll ml , . Y "Jerry", a two act operetta, was presented by the chorus and orchestra on November 3. The title role, "Jerry", was played by Mary Ann Dawson. In the supporting cast were Edward Jordan, Rae Robbins, Jim Welsh, Janette Almer, Fred Stangl, Al Sarver and Leslie Hicks. Mr. E. Hertz was ' L I the musical director and Miss M. Bacon was in charge of dramatics. The 1 dancers of the minuet, pictured above are: Jim Jordan, Lois Naegeli, Lloyd Haggbloom, Betty Mutschler, Jack Sartell, and Ina Marie Ohs. This story tells of Jerry Bank, who is afraid she will be arrested because she de- molished the police station with her aunt's automobile. In order to get away from it all she, goes out West and begins to work for Allan O'Day, a wealthy Easterner, who is in love with Sandy Bank, Jerry's cousin. Jerry owns some land and because it is rumored that there is oil on the property, many people wish to buy it. She does not sell, and oil is discovered. After this Jerry reveals her identity "and everyone lives happily ever after". lllllll TMA PLAY Was it the timidness of Nancy Mutschler or the cheerfulness of Doris McDowell, that set the school astir during the Christmas season when the play "Tinsel" was presented? Well, all in all, it was an outstanding cast. The directing was done by Miss Myrtle Bacon with Doris Mae Ware as assistant director: The cast pictured below is as follows: Doris Ellenbecker, Doris Mae Ware, Milton Hall, Karel Allman, Gordon Barbarossa, Doris McDowell, Nancy Mutschler, Jean Estey, Irene Tamble, Bill Ergenbright. or l if YP' 2 :- Welcome This sign is blazing a hearty greeting to all alumni who came back to Tech for the 1940 homecoming game tea and dance. The very thought of homecoming makes the blood tingle in the veins Lillamae Friebe, K a r el A 1 1 m a n C c h ai r m a n of homecomingj and Nancy Gale are drawing up the final arrangements to successfully "Put the Bee on Ferdinand" for the annual homecom- ing festivities. Put the Bee on Ferdinand is the theme carried out by the 1939 homecoming floats On the senior float in the left hand corner is Karel Allman Could it be that she is urging the bee to sting Ferdinand or is she Just trying to appease the bull" In the nght hand corner is camera shy Norman Ness and Harold Brodmg trailing the g'1g8IltlC tiger through r M2 The fellows are seen above as they get ready for their daily work-out. Jo Tec is there too, although you can't see him. One of the men lured him into a locker and F00'l'liALL closed the door in his face. In the picture below, Coach Tom Antil is illustrating for a Tiger man just how to "hold that line." Coach Antil was another of the cogs which made the wheels go around. His exceptional knowledge of football and well-trained bodies has made him a popular person at Tech. if a ff' Coach Vernon Morrison is pic- tured above as he corrects a mis- take made by one of the Tigers. Coach Morrison was an impor- tant figure in building a sturdy, courageous team. Because of his keen ability to work with the fellows, he was largely responsible for the many Tiger victories. The Pigskin hurtles high as two Tigers struggle to intercept it, and intercept it they did. After all, how could they fail when they had the moral support of Jo Tec on the sidelines, waving his banner, like the wild man from Borneo would have waved a club at an intruder, and yelling so loudly that it could easily be mistaken for thunder. After stealing the ball out of the air, the jungle cats wormed their way through stubborn opposition to a touchdown. ,C", 5-.Asn fian- .,- rs ,- Q, ,X x fy , , 1 f. , . WV, .5 L. . .....,,,,.,. . , I , 5 if .A K .,,,-gh., f -. Y H1 wfs,fp.,.- . ' .. " I Row 1: J. Benson, J. Sartell, T. McKibben, F. Terres, D. Gorman, J. Theines, A. Allen, T. Snyder, W. Adams, D. Ross, R. Hadden. Row 2: R. Smith, R. Turner, K. Nutzman, R. Shaefer, J. Ellenbecker, L. Ward, R. Anderson, R. Jensen, H. Deering, R. Miller, W. Long, H. McCormick, S. Palm. Row 3: K. Davison, G. Davison, J. Botz, H. Bauman, A. Atwood, H. Malmberg, J. Biller, J. Grier, M. Trebtoske, E. Keller, D. Johnson, J. Lauer. Speaking of outstanding gridiron plays, do you remember: The opening gridiron battle? Do you remember the sudden burst of excitement as Dick Luckemeyer made a spectacular 80 yard run to score Tech's first touchdown against Central? Central High won by a small margin. Of course you remember the game between Cathedral and Tech? But do you remember the punt Jim Krafnick returned from the 21 yard stripe for a touchdown? Do you recall the time Bemidji had the ball on the Tiger six-inch line with first down and a goal to go? As the crowd sat tense with suspense, and an occasional "Hold that line" came from the cheering section, the Tigers kicked their way out of the danger zone. A sigh of relief swept over the local fans as the gun sounded a 6-0 win as a reward for Tech's efforts. The homecoming game was undoubtedly the most thrilling of all. The score was six to six until Reed of Alexandria intercepted a pass and galloped 85 yards for the winning touchdown, but the Tigers are out for blood next sea- son with the hopes of winning even more than they did in 1939. F uhre Manager Ste man Hoover S reffes Savage Tackle Guard Quarterback Manager Row 1: L. McCarty, manager: Hadden, Bitner, Krafnick, Truzinski. Row 2: Johnson, assistant coach: Renng Hary, Stevenson, Gregory. Row 3: Johnson, Zahn, Wadhams, Luckemeyer, Antil, coach. -.-...... llSKll'I' BALL Starting with a nucleus of but two lettennen coach Tommy Antil produced a team that finished the season with a rush and succeeded in winning the nineteenth district championship in the annual tournament held at St. Cloud. In the regional tournament held at Minneapolis, Tech won third place, losing to Marshall of Minneapolis in the first round but coming back to defeat Paynesville in the con- solation by a score of 39-29. Play of the 1940 Tigers was built around a fast breaking offense and a close man-for- man defense. Players who were outstanding were Hary and Truzinski who were both all-district and all-regional selections and Krafnick who led the year's scoring and who was all-district forward. ll L. ff-1-5 eu-P! vs- . v4 S Tommy Antil. The big Bob Hary. A cool re- reason for the successful sourceful leader who was basket ball season that was responsible for directing the Tech's during 1939-40. Tigers' floor play during the season. An action shot taken during the Tech-Albany game in the district tournament. Fox, Albany center, has the ball but seems in poor position to do anything about it. Luckemeyer is heading for the other end of the court while Hary seems puzzled by it all. The boy tearing his hair is Beuning of Albany. Z i r 5 ix! Ka: 1: 1 P , 1 3: lf' RA 3 RQ 4-. P VAR ITY lll0R Left: Jimmy Krafnick, all-district forward. Jim led the team in scor- ing during the year and was the spark plug of the Tech offense. He will be missed as will the rest of the senior athletes pictured below. Left center. Bob Stevenson. Stevie played a regular guard position for the Tigers. A sprained ankle in the regional games ended his high school career. Bottom left: Dick Bitner. Dick was one of our best scoring guards. He was better known as "The Pride Of Western Union." Bottom center: Ralph Hadden. Hadden was one of the best shots on the squad and a sure scorer when injected into the game during close contests. He turned in his best game during the Big Lake-Tech battle in the district Tournament. Bottom right: Harvey Zahn. A new athlete in Tech who came from Two Harbors. Reliable in play he filled a great need for a tall center. REUURD ,. ., V Tech 47 ---Af - M f Sauk Centre 19 Tech 29 - f f - - Staples 25 Tech 22 - ---- Crosby Tech 34 ------ Holdingford Tech 42 ---- - Little Falls Tech 20 -----a Staples Tech 26 ------ Alexandria Tech 27 -f-. - - - Brainerd Tech 22 ---- - - Crosby Tech 32 - --f- A - f Fergus Falls Tech 14 ------ Cathedral Tech 31 - - - .- s v Hutchinson Tech 29 ----f- Little Falls Tech 35 - f S - - Alexandria Tech 32 - --f- Brainerd Tech 45 v- - -V -- - Litchfield DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Tech 42 e - -f f f - Annandale Tech 44 ff - - Albany Tech 34 ---- - - - Big Lake REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Tech 27 - ----- Marshall Tech 39 - - e--- Paynesville WON 15 LOST 6 5 . , 9 T i T 1:'t'gQga'fsM?, I 'ff J 5 f X... Y .f x his f C' f f P w Q! 99 tl Here you see the "B" Squad. This team of underclassmen played a regular schedule of games as preparation for play on the varsity next year. To top off the season the Cubs de- feated Royalton and Sauk Rapids in the Tech Trophy Tournament and brought home a beauti- ful trophy. The play of these boys was char- acterized by a never-say-die spirit. They were coached by Mr. Ray Stensrud. Back row: Baker, Swanson, Weber, Virden. Middle row: Hadden, Cunningham, Savage, coach Stensrud. Front row: Turner, McKibben. mm M L The score board in the background shows why Louie Lawrence, the Tech mascot, is up in the air. It reads Tech 34, Big Lake 15. It repre- sents the final score in the final game of the djs- trict tournament. Louie was chief towel- thrower-outer and getter-inner. The grins on the other faces show how they feel about the whole thing. Superintendent of Monticello schools, Mr. Holton, presents the district trophy to captain Hary. Bob is so excited that he doesn't see the proffered hand but instead is reaching for the trophy. Take your time Bob, nobody can take it away from you now. TRACK K3 X v -as pe Y'-,L ,J v' In the above left picture, Sidney Kaplan piles up another five points for Tech as he breaks the tape in the hundred yard dash at the St. John's invitational meet. This is the race in which Dick Luckemeyer was so astounded by the report of the ofiicial's gun, that he stood petrified as his competitors plowed up the ground to the finish line, leaving a very puzzled and doleful fellow "in the dust". Or at least, that's the way the story is told. , -if 'Q I In the picture to the left, we discover Cliff Keller making his bid on a turn for the half-mile run. Cliff Keller not only won the district half-mile race, but also copped the St. John's invitational championship, setting a new district record as he finished the 880 in two minutes, ten and nine tenths seconds. At the lower left is Alvah Bright and Dick Luckemeyer, relaxing after a stii warm-up. Alvah was the shot-put artist, while Dick, of course, specialized in the dash. Oh, boy! ! Just look at Ed Zins clear that high-jump Eddy won the pole vault by clearing the bar at ten feet. What a jump! ! Mr Vernon Morrison and Mr Lloyd Johnson worked hard, coaching the experienced and inexperienced track men. Preliminary workouts were held indoors, where the fellows worked the kinks out of their stiff and out-of-practise bodies. Handicaps were numerous when it came to track training A lack of training space was one of the liabilitiesg however, the Teachers' College field was used occasionally. Only two major lettermen returned from the previous year, but in spite of all of the "Bad Breaks", Tech came out with proudly earned honors. t . KW! It f xl. n4'.v,. 3 1' rv ft 'lin V1 .1 .. 1' ' ff, I GIRL ATHLETIC The juniors came through again-and was Jo Tec proud! The seniors were defeated by the junior team in the class basket ball tournament. The members of the team are: back row, Doris Krogh, Margaret Campbell, Pat Butler, and Joyce Mundg front row, Jean Davis, Loretta Gill, and Alvina Nohner, co-captains, and Beatrice Reimer. They were chosen from two teams and were representa- tives of their class in the inter-class tourney. As the strains of the Skater's Waltz came from Lake George, Marjorie Saatzer makes figure eights, and twirls forty-two revolutions per minute. Marjorie is head of outdoor sports for the G. A. A. She collects points for ice and roller skating, skiing, tobogganing, bicycling, and hiking. Each student receives one point for every two miles or two hours, depending upon the activity. During skating season, Marjorie helped those who wanted to learn to figure skate and gave pointers on good form in general skating. She also verified and kept records of hours spent in actual skating. This new department, outdoor sports, was created because it was felt that these activities were just as important as those carried on within the school. It also enabled those who could not stay for after-school activities to earn points toward membership into the organization. Lake George plays an important part in winter sports for Tech athletes. Jo Tec peered in' and snapped this action shot during an ex- citing tournament game. Screened by her co-players, Jean Davis and Loretta Gill, Alvina Nohner shoots for the basket. Basketball is the out- standing sport in girl's athletics, this was evidenced by the seventy-two participants last season. The activity is divided into two parts, the first six lessons being devoted to funda- mentals of the game, while the rest of the time is spent on the round robin and inter- class tournaments. The round robin tournament is a pre- liminary contest played for the purpose of getting ac- quainted with one another's style of playing and to find material for the all-star teams. GIRL ATHL 'PICS I S Xl Page 62 Jo Tec was curious, and decided to find out what the heads of the various departments in girls' sports did. He snapped this picture while they were discussing their point system. From left to right in the above snapshot are Virginia Schendzelos, archery, Marie Gutzke, vice- pres. of G. A. A.: Bernice Streitz, pres. of G. A. A., Marjorie Saatzer, outdoor sportsg Virginia Mund, sec.-treas. of G. A. A., Pat Butler, dance club, Loretta Gill, swimmingg Lorraine Greely, basket ballg Margaret Campbell, volley ballg and Joyce Mund, badminton. These girls are Miss Raugust's right-hand helpers while their activity is in session. Spring, and a girl's fancy turns to-Archery. This is one of the newer activities sponsored by the G. A. A., and it has been accepted as "tops" in girls' athletics by many Tech students. The upper left snapshot shows a group of girls, Beatrice Reimer, Jean Davis, Loretta Gill, Helen Eicholt, Marylyne McCormick and Vir- ginia Schendzelos, gathered around the target to see what kind of a score one of their fellow archers received. Archery is not only an after- school sport, it was also played by the advanced gym classes early last fall. Virginia Schendzelos, head of archery, has been very active in both gym class and after-school work. Below, in the lower left picture, Beatrice Reimer and Virginia Schendzelos are notching their arrows. Work is done both outside and inside. The beginners learn their first steps of establishing aim, notch- ing the arrow, maintaining correct posture, and stringing the bow, indoors. GIRL ATHLETICS Z- BA 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, this simple suggestion of ryhthm is enough to make Jo Tec go into powerful leaps, falls, and syncopated runs. The purpose of the club is to give those interested in the dance creative opportuni- ties, and at the same time acquire grace and poise. Anyone interested in the dance movements is eligible to join, as it offers work in modern dance techniques and simple composition. At the meeting which are held two nights a week, current topics on the dance and its prominent artists are discussed. Some en- thusiasts of Orchesis shown in the above pictures are: Margaret Campbell, Patricia Butler, president of the club, Margaret Ayers and Lois Strommen. The Girls' Athletic Association of Tech is organized primarily to foster good sportsmanship, and develop a genuine interest in varied types of sports. A meet- ing of the G. A. A. takes place every night after school, providing there is an activity in session. Nearly all who participate in these sports are already members who are working to gain points for admission into the organization. All members like to consider themselves potential Alice Marbles, Eleanor Holmses, Doris Humphreys and other prominent professionals. Be- cause diiferent girls have more ability in one sport than in another, members of the G. A. A. are chosen to supervise different branches of sports in order to further their ambitions. These supervisors also act as an aid to Miss Raugust. The initiations are held in the fall and spring of the yearg Jo Tec is always on hand to claim his share of fun. Page 63 FEAT RE ,,,-4' Q pr ohie Ciaerbout is goi 5 J 5 ,JL e Speak de goes sn propr This is the Vers ' "The yoroai his Robbins iooics ap ch in the caieterr wocky' . his prayers and Rae -are pictured heiping prepare iun inviting us to have sorne too. shouider , PHC 64 The . f 1 PICQU Iglowers gre to the let g te Hone the Te t Shows t ame Wh'lm Seems fzh B s rue Somethinle usmil Intent quad. objects has haeyn lookson the ' ppened mais Sf e dents on their hout This shot shows 'Yeoh stu way to their next ciasses with or wit their homework, such as the case rnay be. Larry Brarnrner iooks as ii he's headed ior rns. Who can teii where 3irn 'nfl 3 ahher- ing Choir in action, interpretating the " icker snack" as Johnny Giirnan says ' teiy horrified. These giris e ioohs over her ra 'a. ion ' 1 These Tech students, with the aid of Miss Bacon, wrote their own talks on tuberculosis and gave them be- fore an assembly. This informal shot shows them preparing their talks. It looks as if Bill Potter is doing some intense thinking. The T. N. T. Club is pictured relaxing after sewing doll clothes for their Christmas project. Doris Ellenbecker is getting ready to do away with those popcorn balls before Pat Kyle or Mary Ann Dawson can get to themg Miss Ledahl seems to be enjoying hers, too. Right-These girls are singing their heartiest to show their Tech spirit during the homecoming pepfest. They are wearing their Tech badges, while Rita Gill is carrying the pennant which shows the Tech Tiger. l FEM' RE . cms-sxmzfa ri Y ni ' ini mei . DO. 's realw emi? and candgomemmg h Sigh 1 ed nu e 35055 J ohgson The'Yec . Y, ieaf-0' She cam Ariane to be me 'i I1 6 ,ty W Oks as X mv' ca 145500 , ov ve ,,,eiU0 . ,and h MW usd0Htf Y M090 Qanw' hue Stddy W e X15 a vefyone that She here and is Swing ok. and etdariod K Y s0n -1" X0 X sg, bac Uwe Lat e wo. d time. it ,mm hadil You had going a sign hatdwbgclil to that . 5 I :liking 10 xizoks aS is irkiizordei to get . . be!! taken Lmen. Wie was this Plc table' Page 65 F l if I ,.v. N J 5. Co thu .QC C J . X , . A 1 . " rw- " as J' ji 1,3-.,f,' 'sz A "'..-'.- ' I " 5r' A Q 'SX f' 3 v,i':f.'?f'5?" K 0" 9 5"rff" fll' ,JI , i L V , In the above picture, De Loris Brinkman, Rita Mettenberg, and Marcy Van Selow smile sweetly as the photographer snaps them. If they continue to work as diligently as they have prior to this, their diplomas will never have reason to feel as if they had been slighted. WH Are they happy? Yes! But even so, their thoughts are rather serious: as they realize that the majority of their problems are actually just beginning, and the education they have gained in the past will serve as a trail mark toward future success. f ,Is if V M, ' ..4'h, 9, -f 1 x' S'.' Page68 I ' Ffh? , Melodious music rang harmoniously throughout the auditorium as this quartet took its position be- hind the musical octaves, consisting of bells. The quartet sang solos, duets, and also sang as a single group: this was an added attraction. Witty remarks mingled with ripples of laughter from a pleased audience, blended with the outstanding tone qualities of the bells. The Bell Ringers wore native costumes which added to the Swiss atmosphere. As Charles Weidman, Doris Humphrey, and company gracefully danced across the Tech stage one March evening, a pleased audience expressed their gratitude for such artistry by applauding their grace, until Jo Tec had to hold his ears for fear of breaking his ear drums. At the bottom left, we find Elissa Landi, asshe was suddenly startled by naughty Joe Tec. Miss Landi was "shot" just after she spoke at the C. M. E. A. Convention. She is a prominent stage and screen star, playwright, and sportswoman. In the lower right corner is the cast of "The Trysting Place," by Booth Tarkington. The Tech Tigers howled with laughter as each episode was unfolded with a rather professional touch. Miss Myrtle Bacon directed the play. Page 69 --.N-K f 1 3 3 1 1 f wi :Ai ' E rwk' J ws Around the horn from picture number one in the lower right corner we discover Miss Smith as she distrib- utes the candy which her homeroom won at the Senior Party. An otherwise familiar face is missingg it's Jo Tec. Jo just couldn't resist eating till his tummy ached, and from that point on, Jo was no longer a happy member of the class. In the next picture we see the following: "Now let me see-history? Nope. Geom- etry? No, I don't think so. Do I have an English assignment? I guess not. Oh! Here we are. How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. I'll read that!" And so it is with scores of other ambitious stu- dents who may have to make similar decisions. Could it be possible that Robbinhood has returned? No, it's merely two Tech girls making an attempt at learning cupid's art. Look out there! You'll get glue on your trousers. Some of these shop courses certainly do "stick" to one's personality. Jo Tec called a Senior Class meeting, and every senior was assembled before you could say, "Jack Robinson." Little did they re- alize that a photographer was lurking incognito just above their heads. "Mmm, now let me see," Miss John- son muses as she glances at Jay Kievell's English paper. Jay seems rather self-confident, so no matter what the verdict may be, he will undoubtedly think he is still correct. "Whew!! I'm glad that's over," thinks Ray Eveslage as he stalks out of class just after giving his term theme. Jim Osgood and Walt Radke were "on deck" the same day. Mr. Floyd Lueben dials the knobs on his recording machine as he waits for his next Commercial Class to record their voices. Ohhhh! Do be careful ladies! You'll get your fingers dirty. Evi- dently Doris Mae Ware and Edris Grahame are interested in automotivesg or could it be the handsome me- chanics working on the V-8 who are acting as the drawing cards? , D se H 0 'W -. Complete with white jackets and black bow ties, the Tech Hi Hats prepare to swing out with Jo Tec's favorite tune. 'Tis said, "A little learning is a dangerous thing .... " So, Doris Mae Ware and Lola Cochrane delve deeper into the principles of chemistry -with the aid of Mr. H. Holl- meyer. Is it Beethoven's "5th" or the 1? Page 72 Ensemble Drill? The viola section of the orchestra is lost in music. In the right hand corner, Tech's usher staii poses duti- fully. 196 FEATURE Operating the new recording machine, which is the prize possession of the Commercial Department, is Jim Claerbout. L. Mathia- son, L. Zenner, F. Kaplan and W. Kouts look and learn while R. Binzik tests her voice for volume and quality. The charms of music are nil as far as the facial expressions of these cello players indicate. Apparently these girls know what it's all about as they listen to Mr. Nelson explain the intricacies of the auto- mobile. ,Q 9 alt? 'X .Q Page 73 in it 1 ' ' , V .Q . t l get . Q? Congratulations and apprecia- tion are expressed in the enthusi- astic handshaking which Mr. Hertz awards Ramona Gerhardt. Championship girls' volleyball team consists of L. Gill, M. Campbell, P. Butler, J. Mund, D. Sand, J. Davis, S. Jagiello. Tech intelligentsia filled the auditorium stage when the Sigma Sigma Chi invested new members. Over the top sails C. Burns as five camera conscious fellow- tumblers form a sixable hurdle. R. Moonier, J. Lengas, G. Sanger, B. Steffes, E. Mund, and E. Kennedy are winners of the first round of intramural basketball. Miss L. Kropp invades the staff room after hours. " n ....g..g.....g..g.g..g.. - .. .....g.......,,,,..g..g.....g.....,........g..,........,..g..g..g..g.. . .. .. - ,. . Guy's Studio swf' Techoes . . . 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CLOUD CLEARING IIOLSE -KSSOCIATION KVVYIKVWGWI Every Young Man and Every Young Woman Should lay as1de a portlon of thelr lncome And the tlme to begun IS now Rlght now The easlest and surest way3 To open a SAVINGS ACCOUNT Startmg wlth a small deposrt and add to thls regularly each week or each month Many have trred thls plan many have succeeded THF PRXCTICI' OF SKVIING BESPEAKS THRIFT INTELLIGENCE AND STABILITY KVVSWIKUVVU The B2lI1kS of the Clearing House fXSSOClatl0n 1nv1te you and are always glad to help those who are trymg to help themselves and to grve encouragement to these vlrtues Umon State Bank Sauk Raprds St Cloud State Bank St Cloud C uaranty State Bank 8. Trust Lo St C loud llpp State Bank St C loud kmerlcan WlIl0Ildl Bunk Qt Cloud When Belief Aulomobllcs Are Bull! 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' 2 . . . d . . . . : , , ' 1 . , ' ' 3 : l O Q g I I g I 1 . v 2 I . . 6 5 I ' 2 Q.............,..,.................,..,.....,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .....,... , : 0 . I 5 5 Q 5 , 5 ' 5 5 L : , 9 Y I l . ' . ' I 9 I . 5 . I Y Y ' 5 f a f l ' I I . 5 5 . , . . , . cc W ' ' f ' D 3 ' A I ! 9 . ' 5 5 D 1 ' ' I, ' , I . 1 ? . I . : 3 A - 9 5 Q ' . a a - - v ' 5 , . 5 3 A 5l5 2 - a I , a ? I I ' I Q f ' Q 9 q,....,........ .. .....,..,........,..,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..,.....,.. ........... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. - ,. .. - .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..,..,..,....+ u c f "From School to Posilionm L-X L, 1 St Cloud Buslness College .iv N. lVl. AHLES Sz SON Props. C? "L Edelbroclc Bldg Phone 359 .LE , 2 UNTWNED ouR POLICY IS TRAINED Nothmg But Buslness A Hugh Grade Busmess College oflerm courses ln Bookkeeping Elementary Account ng Advance Accountln up to and meludm lnco'ne Tax and Audlt ng Banlclng and Bank Postmg Burroughs lVlachm Boolclceealn Conotonetry Burrough s Calculator Type Wfltlng Shorthand Office Practlce Duplicating Machlnes Stencil Work Course ln Tele phomnq and a very thorough course ln Fil ng ln addltlon to the above we also teach Commereral Law Salesmanshlp Spellmg Commerclal Englnsh Penmanshlp Rapld Calculation Practlcal Ofllce Work and Secre tarlal DlCtatlOn Call at our ofhce ln person or send for a catalog I 01 I PHI' 8155818 IN SPSSIUN l1NI'I+R XXX flltll' Telephone 304 26 Fnfth Ave S NASH FINCH COMPANY Wholesalers of Foods Petters Tallorlng and Fur C0 D ln f lstrl utors O Freezing Cola' Fur Storage Our 1' lmxlw Foods St Cloud, Minnesota THE TOGGERY CLOTHES for LAD and DAD COVIPLIMENTS OF Hanson Grocery 713 ST QERWIXIN 30N1nthAve Leo Terrahe Tonv Terrahe P g 80 'P 9 i Y T Z ? 9 0 6 i Z ? -o-- -o-one-1-0-o-an Ur ..,...-q-Q.g... ...Q .Q .Q o--0-0-4 5 O ' 0 A I p 'Q ll ' 1 ' g gll ,X 0 'X ' l 7 V y ,.- 5 Q X X ' X . 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Secunty Blank Book and Pfllltlllg Company Thlrty three years of Superlor Prmtmg and Bookbmdmg has glven the Scurzly a name envied by the Prmters of the State Prmters Rulers Blnders HARTLL 81 KOERBFR CO Pam tmg and Decor ltmg Paint and VS allpaper Phone 587 24 Slxth -Me 811 St C Lrmam Qtrut For Meal Fish and Pouflry c uw!-n rooms D IIXPRY SPRXHI' IF YOU IFARN T0 ASK FOR Ervln s Best Flour You re well educated Don t forget the self I'lSlI1g pancakes UD '-1 O F' o c: U E Z Z FU UD o '-I nf -0 -Q -Q-4 -Ov! 0'--0 -0-0--0 'U Uh co N Dehclous ICE CREAM Made With Rzch Cream Pure Mzlk -Q- -0 vt-C-0 so -Q .4-4 0- -0-4 'I' 5 ' 5 5 5 1 3 V1 f Q 9 2 - . 2 2 -. o K ,A r-1 N. A' 3 Y f 3 Y' - U E ' I ' ' 5 ' . . U ' 57 ' ' I , . Z . Z f I -' ' ' E ' ., , z . K I ' Q 5 rn . z . 2 A "I . . I 5 4 cn . W j ' 6 ' 5 . Q A.,...........,.....,.......................,......... ...--...........-..-..,......-...... .. ...............N..-.---..0--Q--....-M.-....-- , . 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Compliments of HARD WARE co Autographs Ice Cream and Refreshments Drop nn at one of our Ice Cream Stores Xt 813 St Germain 1nd 30 fifth Avenue South uallty Dalry Co Inc Dealers ln Pasteurlzed Dairy Products 0 0 Q so-o-not Page 81 .l.....g..g..g.....g-.g.....g..5-.g..g.....,..g..........................g..g..g..g.....5..g-.Q-.g..g.....g..g-g..g..p.,......... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..q..o-o-.a..n- -is . 2 9 5 . . , , .. . 3 w Q ' hum ...LM a . 2 ' e I ' ' 1 Y y 1 5 1 - - - y , . . - 8 9 9 . A , Z 6 ' I 'L '- . , 1 ' .' L ' I 1 9 . . I . , . . A i I Q ' ' A ' ' z I 5 ' - 2 I Z ST. 'Lol' ,, mx. . - l' :......,..,..,,.,....,....,.,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,, ,.,-,,,,,,,,-,.,.,3 ' 5....... .. -..........,......................n..........-................ .. 5 9 I : 6 1 ' Z w . S . . . 9 5 v T J . , s , ' I 2 2 . 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' I 2 ' 4 3 t 9 I g Q 3 9 - ,!,....,.....,..,,.,,.,..,-......,-,..,..,. .. ..,.,...... .. ..,.....,..,.....,........,.l. 6 4... 4, STEP THIS WAY PLEASE To the Class of 1940 Dear Graduates You have come a long wav' You dldn t get lost because the Slgn posts of educatlon are plamly marked from the FIRST GRADE to the EICI-ITH GRADE and from FRESHMAN to SENIOR You w ere ln the groove NOW THE PATI-IS DVVERGE In a land of Schools and Colleges Vou cannot afford to stagnate by stoppmg your educatlon just when rt should be come SPECIALIZED and INTENSIFIED PREPARE FOR BUSINESS' It costs much more not to haxe a Buslness Tralmng than It costs to get one Let us explam thrs apparent para dox h fore you actually start to lose what you rnlght galn So we say STFP THIS WAY Please Our advlce based on experlence IS yours for the askmg Slncerely yours SThN0c,luPlllc SM RIT KRI Nl A"C0UNl"M Drews BLISIHCSS College St Cloud lVImnesota Autographs Pg86 .5 ........ .. .. .. ........,...........,,........,,........,-,.....,..,....,...,........,.,................. . .. - ,.......................-....,.....-,..... .. .. .. .. .. . 4. - - - . . . . Y H. .Q ' 1 F . . , . --- fs . . . A-A -..- . ' , . ,A v - A I I 1 5 1 . , 0 w Y V . Y , . . 1 CIVIL SERVICE ' 9 .-.-.-............. -.............A.........,.......................................,..,.,...,.,,.,..........,........,..,,....,.....,..,.,...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . O .. .. .. .. ., .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. - .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .Q...........g..p.p,y-0-0-Q--0-Q... ,.,,,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. - .. .. .. .. ..,..,.., 0 C Autographs Autogrzlphs ,AXQXM 50101 Mcmbgr K I O 40 Pu ' 1 'lv " Nl 'USS' HSOQNXXQ , ,., .' ' F v '. SJW -nu . S . ' , " " ' , "1 raw - , g '-. 'T-mmm ' msn- g ms: ff nr... FP nagging if --:.':f.::,Q:L,."s,,,y-1-,:-- Mi of W! ,Q I PU! Ill 'La ,F ' - ii ll it PIU' 5 5- l r' . 'I , fs?- 5, 'E .Hu Us Q4 ltug Ls.. -Lf E. E I' . hu" G ,. r ' Q a Sli G 1 apr ww.-ag ilvfffki-f,"Ea a..,,,...,..p .amuvaaasivdrnqw-W eaanaai gzazw p-nafpe v-if 'PT -54 ffl!- w-svn.,

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