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4 L i School rl, Hass. ,gf-Zi AVIATION, FREEDOM'S BULWARK A Salvo A solute to the Air Youth of America, --to the thirty million model airplane builders, to the members oi our own Model Airplane Club, to the thousands of cadets who are learning to ily in the various schools of the country. They will be the fliers, the engineers, and the mechanics of tomorrow. They will help to build the simpler, safer plane that is to change our way oi liie. But theirs is a peacetime task. May the bombing and pursuit planes now in the skies disappear alto- gether so that they can begin their worlc at once. I1 TIGER 'rum snuons L NF- rgah PO' -Q XISLL 152+-L 114:-115111111 Wf- Sw- vw 'T v l. llllll FIIBMEH CHIEF UF STAFF Head of the shop worls at Technical High School for thirty-four ycars Principal from I934 to l940 Approachahlc and just llignilicd and friendly mv lbs-H bbw- bi?-.- V+-Q L- VIL 'Til xv-JIM1 xxx-h xx? W: life'-1lEllZIl1l Rx- Miss Lutes' service stripes were earned as the head of the domestic science department of Technical High School from 1915 to 194-1. "The best school of discipline is the home. Family life is God's own method of training the young, and homes are very much as women make themf, CA quotation selected by one of her girls as best expressing core of Miss Lutes' teachingj Pa' Miss Lutes showed thousands of girls how to emulate Martha and a Mary of Biblical fame, by combining the household arts of one with the 1, social graces of the other. KP--. YYH- . PE- ? WSL Ss- 022- '4 I XP 1 3.9.1 gay- gait, .4 .ue lm -s J ,WV . L7 as 1,,..a-'A' emi'-A-f P1-"""KJ maui ?C"'- 602483 . LO-A7, ,glia- M Z ' .,1aL..f1 Ny ovowrf It 1- ' 0 I I X 1, wminaafu In-ag' x Madam X I .ul-AM-T H 1 X 74l'fL M' Tluecdnazr ! Wikia :ff Ks Our convalescent editor Marian Case f-Q-if o, tb-lr-L Ya- btw- 3-'L fam 5 MW WM nj-,bfi ow..A1,fa ,743 .7 eww iagfgn, 11,f,.flp-1 QMGMQWUAN txqm xoaiiann .-.....-xc' -4--"-" Qbwmxvr 'rw-Am 'Zan j 1 T:f,7, Jw If-M4 556V cel hww ,fluff-f J. rye 447' LAST WORDS OF THE GROUND CREW I was consistent -W in doing nothing. T. NV. I was a ,lane of all trades. C. F. I was a typist of sorts. Ii. Il. I wish we might have had "The Teeh of My Dreams" as the theme. II. K. I think the snapshots are fine. A. 'I'. I'm considered the "Poster Girl", meaning I did the posters. Ii. M. My idea ol' an editor's work v one who does what the others on the staff don't or won't do. A. C. I wore a path between Room 310 and ISST Main Street. ID. C. I put in the humor that isnit in this book. YV. S. Some sketches. L. F. Ilad fun writing sketehes, losing them. and Iindiilg them again. N. IMS. Thank us for the ads in the baek of this hook. li. 5. M. I". I ehallen ed everyone and everything. IC. L. I wrote sietehes and eaptions. V. Ii. I like the way I wrote up the football, ete. stories. Il. NY. I am the one who lost a thick huneh of questionnaires. lNo eredit to me that they were found. Anonymous. I kept some material to he typed six months and then returned it untyped. .I. T. I had a good time. IJ. M. I wrote some senior sketches and did some typexs ritiug. Il. M. I seem to have heeu the go-between lvetweeu the photographer and 'I'oui, Iliek, and Ilarry. ll. llowlaud. I wrote about 60 senior sketches and did errands for Miss Smith. I'llliott Quin. I did some of the sketches. ' II. IC. II. I regret that I worked on the "Tiger" only one year. 'I'. Ii. G. I suggested the theme and eaptioned the Teehnieade pietures. ,I. Il. The staff did 4092, of the work. the faculty did the rest. A. M. S. i Not in picture 1 Roxann Assarian. Edith Cabhle. Lois Chiek, liarlmara Gordon, Melvin Ilaiehelsou, Tom Waters, Phyllis W'atson. Dorothy Iioeluu. Marian Chareelr, George Hopkins. 55'- G+- uh- Viv if' Durs- 26+ W mvglzuu THE LDG DF THE TECHNICAL CUPPEH ln Memoriam Instructors January and .lune Flight January Class Pilots They Did Not Drift Three-year Honor Cadets Cadets Documents June Class Pilots They Did Not Drift Three-year Honor Cadets Cadets Documents Activities Via Air Mail Sports Boys That Great Sports Banquet Sky Writing Dur First Technicade 'What a life!" Snapshot Potpourri QL- wi IN MIEMIIIIIAM W .-"W RELEASE High on this clean brown hill, I am alone, Drenched in the sunlight, I lie still, content To hear the far-off silver murmuring Of river water slipping ozer stones, To feel the stir of little miceless winds, The lifted hush of this dear golden day. And time is not-nor Life-nor Death- Only the wide blue spaciousness of sky., The friendly comfort of the earth, A quiet spirit that is I , Cradled in sunlit stillness, unafraid: This warm brown hill is mineg I have no want Beyond-nor any fear-because I know That all I need is close around me here. By Helen Smith, 1929 l l l MISS HELEN IE. SMITH I923-I940 Clear in her thinking, Loyal in her teaching, Constant in her friendships, Devoted in her family, Responsive to all beauty, A memory to be cherished. 1 1.1 'WT' ix... misi- '. -1 1-1 ..... tab v 1-1 A V ..1 4-I Q.-1 L1 1 I1! ..: 5 E L5 1: S .I L4 o .E cu .21 P' M rs. OH, Sl Mar IL CII L2 z f 1.1 CD Q AA .-. Li id 4 flworth, o A V - 5 sl i 3 -I ..- m 1.- ru .- Z L.: -1 f i .--1 5 C C-CI Q QJ .C an 5 CQ si u-1 Z ui: 1: : o D-1 ndrcwcs, Miss Agnes 4 1.1 -rl K Q. .2 E m Q Z . C L2 2 .- F' .. C5 1... .- Z z FL .-1 id A f k Q. E r... --1 I . T cn an i Z . .... .- 0 ...- 'J LD .-. C5 ..- rn ..- i Z f XIJ .E 4 S EB 1-1 1--1 cl: 'B Q-1 Doanv, N Francis, Mr. I'. u-4 6 Lvman. F. w-1 Z f 'n Q P .- A .1 xl 1.-1 Z 1 1 i GI Ir' 1 O .9-1 KD .2 11 4 of GJ .Ad 3-4 5 ID FD .... 3 .E ... L4 12 !'4 .. 5 U1 .2 i Z .J I-1 :u ... .- 52 .-Q '-': Av ,cs ml .sg fu 4-1 . me 12 jc: ': ,Ac ry-4 U 'CS :Qn :LS -.VD 11.12 .LG-4 -14 f . .E -. ...D .111 :U -ec TWH Dr. Clune, I r. Stou .- ickle, M S cnwood, Mr. Van T0 C Nl iss Bourn. Miss Mr. lflsvnsohn, Row 3 44 T Mitchell ede, Mr. Ja SS M ..- OTC., Moncerel XI iss Whittem NI ss Puffer. Miss Y. Hr. Groenawa 1 CIICPT. In UZ Xlr. Newliall. 1.1 .- A C 'F' 'ea go mm C . .:,d ami ba 'E ....'-1 -2 Q.-. u-CB fs L-1.1 Us-4 :A W . "zu Us JJ: S: .LO .JK .2 . o-al-1 C22 .1.J -'JS K: 'A UD!-I .Efi .BSI :A : LJ: -S.. L-1 ,dk-1 'E .A : 4.1.1 In-1 ,gi 'FE .: ':'1 .- fv. Ti.: QA "1 1 K: 4.2 ,,.- A41 E -ef- , , O .1 1-:Lf U45-4 ld 5-5 A E8 ,B :DI-Z lu" in A . .8 Tj: OE Q. --53 QCA .,31.1 I-nb-1 s-46 6 r .JE ju.: :Cd Q-1 61 ...E .23 '-'ca fr--4 '1--4 f-' . 5:1- .hi Sz U7 1 33 Zo 72 E4 'L . CJ: Q.. if md 'lib 'Ein ,,,: fi' 'iii sf: .zf gb. -5 ,fi Li:-I 1-13- n.-I-1 i lf! ir nf C AH .... Spence. LI 1.-1 if Lf .44 '5 1-1 YW WTI, 4 ,i 1 3 E E Bro nzie. Hr. Nlacke L.. u-1 K .- .Ld 3 O -C U 4-a .-. "Y" 1--o I-4 h-4 4 E La o .ca : CU cn Q it K k c it iss Allen. NI lf' FSS B fh VE U11 A I 0 P P O Q21 :E EE : Q QI! Z as 0 rf -:1 : Lu o .:: E- .I 1-1 Z F5 cu aa Qi Q bb La O 5 l-I u-4 K .E U C 5 -4 LI u-4 Z P N 7 1- Li u-1 Z pa- L- xy.,- eesamop WWW 3 . XT!- B""1HlAl1I 5' eaten? W OGQQQRSQESQQ 'S www- www ww www Q www www W 1, Xing? X PM YS 1,9- EAR Iwi-L tv Q61 31991 ggw Q t EEK 6 6 W 6868986 'Q new www ia QQ www 9 WWKW 2 ew 3 K Y 2 6 We sn ag ' Q ws m X? ,Q Q wxvxma , www Q Qgwsw ssxww U, 9 vvQsw Q 66 www Q Qgw xsvww f QWQQW txvvmw 2 wxaw awww Q, t vsw xwsxww w, ttetv vxessw :y ea my ww sxsg exvww 3 1 w xvxvxvw L ,aw 38895399 was QQ was my xvvvx tt w ww Q wmw Q Q awww Gwwsw mxw 696966 awww Qweewwggevww 1 wanna www setwewgaxavm sssymvw 969 6650066 f 1 a HIGH JANUARY 194 l'llIlTS - JANUARY CLASS I Row l -4 CLQ-ft to liightj' - Eileen Lynch, Seeretaryg Mr. Walter Hansen, Miss Jean Fa' G. Hawkins, Mr. U. C. flowing, Carl Seibert, Treasurer. bpd- ROW 2 - Douglas Hannah, Presidentg Raymond Trombley, Vice President. K Q E 1 - PQ U 1 MAE as B+- ' if-+L lift:-iliillilil They nm Noi min So: B FRED MAMMARELLI ' Test 1. Scholarship. Fred was a member ot Pro Merito for his three years in high school. Test 2. Leadership. l-le was president oi pro Merito in his iunior year and president of the Student Council in his senior year. Test 3. Citizenship. l-le served on the Student Patrol and as a Student Councilor. Test 4. Personality. A lilcable fellow with a twinlde in his brown eyes, and a quietness and modesty of manner that are refreshing in these noisy days. Result: l-le received the school's highest award, The Charles F. Warner Achievement Medal. EILEEN LYNCH Test 1. Scholarship. Eileen was a good student with many A's and Bis to her credit. Test 2. Leadership. She was secretary of her class for three years. Test 3. Citizenship. She responded auiclcly and happily to all school regulations and oppor- tunities. Test 4. Personality. Lilced for her quiet and gracious manner. S... RSF.. ET"hV?i... Result: She received the school's highest award, The Charles F Warner Achievement Medal. Kyvf- X53-11911111 rumen mm Hamm cmnsrs X X55 bin- John Blelnnslai Henry llalesslu David Cahill Frederick Carlson Fh- BF- G+- kiwi 3 Q A Q XL 4 ll h G rd lll' BPH 0 llll Albert llpltz useph Puullck, Jr. 7 JOHN JOSEPH ABAIR, I0 Wendell Place F' General Course I . . . Football I, 2, 3, Captain 3: Baseball I, 2, 3, Basket- . ball 3, Chorus 3 . . . "Jackie" has a friendly personality W i and blushes vigorously when praised. He was "Chicf' 4 Walmer's pride and joy for three years. He made the "All-City" football team for three consecutive years. IIis intention is to become a coach. 5 JOHN SHEPARD AITCIIESON, Jr., ll5 Abbott St. General Course . . . "Jack" has a quiet, friendly manner. He plans to enter the U. S. Armly, or do welding and general steel construction work. Ie has been a member of the Sea General Course .. . Student Council lg "Tech News" Editorial Staff l, 2, 3, Girls' Sports Editor 3, Assistant Circulation Mana er 3g G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Vice President 35 "Tech Tiger" 3, sports Editor 3g Motion Picture Appreciation Club 33 Nisimaba 3, Chorus I, 2, 3 . . . "Roxie's" friendly manner made her popular with everyone. Ilcr hobb is singing and glaying the piano. She plans to enter A.l.C., then Boston eacbers' College and become a physical education teacher. ORIN BAKER, l209 Carew Street General Course . . . "Newt" is all for the U. Navy. llis hobby is col- lecting Navy pictures, and he wants to be a wireless oper- ator in the Navy. Ile has been a "soda jerk:-r" in Suntcr's Drugstore. Ile has the best time when he is spending as little money as possible. WILLIAM BICLDEN, 33 Crest St. General Course . . . Band I, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3 . . . "Bill" plans to enter Springfield College and wants to be a physical cdueation teacher. IIis hobby is playing the trombone. Outside of school he has played in a dance band . . . MADELINI5 BELLOTTI, I7 Biella Sl. X General Course X I . . . "Lana's" one ambition is marriage. She did house- x V' work- after school. Her idea of a good time is to glo out "QW" dancing with a crowd. She draws pictures for a hob y . . . CHARLES RICIIARD BERG, 64 Bristol St. General Course . . . Soccer 1, 2, 3 . . . "Chuck" plans to go to a school in Minnesota to study engineering or chemistry. His idea of a good time is a good hunting or fishing trip which brings results . . . JOHN BIICLANSKI, 588 Armory St. General Course . . . Chess Club 2, 3, President 3, Radio Club 3g S.A. Collector lg Pro Merito I, 2, 3 . . . John is another one of our seniors drafted by General Electric. IIe enjoys a good game of chess . . . ICMILE JOSEPH BISCALDI, 1086 State St. College Preparatory Course V . . . Ili-Y 3: Student Patrol 2, Member-at-large 3, Foot- ball I, 2, 3 . . . "Mio" plans to enter Massachusetts State College. If he does not become a commercial aviator, he would like to be a forester or ame warden. His di- versions are hunting and fishing. He has worked at Rood and Woodbury's . . . JAMES BOWLER, 42 Dearborn St. General Course . . . Ili-Y 2, 3g Student Patrol 2, 3, Student Council I, 23 Class Dance Committee 2, Corridor Guard 2, 3 . . . "Jim" would like to go to Parks Air College in St. Louis, Mo. to become an aeronautical engineer. He is keen about ice hockey, and "dancing with a beautiful girl and then going 2 for a ride in a swell convertible" . . . Q JOHN BROWN, 46 Stockman St. General Course t . . . lnterclass Basketball I, 2 . . . "Brownie" plans to enter W a civil service school and wants to be a mailman or join the Navy. His hobby is collecting pictures of dance bands. Outside of school he has worked in a store. He enjoys ' dancing to music of the big bands of the country . . . CHARLES DWIGHT BUFFINGTON, Smith Ave., S East Longmeadow General Course . . . "Bud" wants to be a tool maker or a die maker. His 3 6 hobby is stamps. His idea of a good time is to go out bowling with a glroup of boys and girls and then go some- A where or somet ing good to eat . . . Scouts for three years. ROXANN ASSARIAN, 87 Oklahoma St. 1 '- C EDITHA D. CABBLE, 94 Bowles St. Q General Course Basketball 1, 2, Le Salon 3g Baseball lg Volley Ball lg "Tech Tiger" 3 . . . "Ed" would like to do office work or X et married. She has had much experience taking care of Q children and enjoys doing it . . . ROBERT CAGAN, 39 Longview St. General Course . . . Student Council Nominating Committee 2g Basket- ball lg Football 2,35 Chorus 2, 3, . . . "Bob" enfpys singing in the mixed chorus and likes to dance. He as worke as a grocery clerk . . . DAVID E. CAHILL, JR., 90 Groveland St. X General Course . . . Hi-Y 2, 33 Pro Merito l, 2, 3, lnterclass Basketball l, 2 . . . "Dave" expects to go to M. l. T. and become an aeronautical engineer. His idea of a good time is to take a N "nice looking girl to a formal dance" . . . A CARLO ANGELO CALCAGNINI, 15 Albert St. General Course . . . Chorus 2, 3 . . . "Cal", a happy-go-lucky chap, plans to be an aviator or an auto salesman. Leaders' Club at the "Y" has meant the most to him. He worked for Auto Body Inc. outside. He enjoys dancing, fishing, and swimming . . . FREDERIC A. CARLSON, 187 Jasper St. General Course . . . "Tech Tiger" A ent lg Pro Merito l, 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 33 Corrider Guard 3, Chess Club 2, 3, Chemistry Club 2, 33 Class Picture Committee 33 Class History Committee 3 . . . "Blondie" is one of the Tech grads who were successful in getting into the General Electric Apprenticeship Course. He likes to go out to supper with some fellows and then go to a good movie. llc is interested, as are many others, in stamps. DOROTHY M. CARRON, Sl Meadow Rd., Longmeadow General Course . . . G.A.A. l, 3 . . . "Shorty", a collector of hats, hopes to become a housewife. She enjoys herself most when having a group of friends at her house dancing, or going out with a certain W. K. She has done waitress work outside of .. school. Her one wish is that she were taller . . . ROBERT L. CASSIDY, 28 Gilman St. General Course . . . Tech lli-Y 2, 39 Treasurer 3, Student Patrol 2, 3, Lieutenant 2, Captain 33 "Tech News" Advertisin Agent 2, Football 2, 3 . . . "Bob" is going to Sprin field College and hopes to bc a coach of college sports. "Bob" is versatile, for outside of school he has been a carpenter, a cook, and president of the Youth Pilgrim Fellowship. CHARLES G. CHADERJIAN, 203 Leyfred Ter. General Course . . . "Charlie" wants to be an aeronautical engineer or a machinist. His hobbies are model building and drawing, and his idea of a good time is swimming, skiing, or fishing . . . LOIS E. CHICK, 135 Suffolk St. College Preparatory Course . . . Pro Merito l, 23 Volleyball l, 2, 33 Class Dance Com- mittee 2, 3g G.A.A. l, 2, 33 Nisimaha 2, Bowling Club 2, 31 "Tech Ti er" Staff 3g Chorus 2, 3 . . . "Chicksie" is admired around school for her wonderful posture. She expects to go to Mass. State and Franklin School of Science and Arts. Her idea of a good time is ice skating, roller skating, or dancing with a crowd . . . MARION ESTELLE CHILDS, 51 Windsor St. General Course . . . G.A.A. 1 . . . "Fanny" would like to be a kindergarten L teacher or a nurse, but if everything else fails she would like to be some nice young man's housewife. Her idea of a good time is a skating party or having her old friends GEORGE NORRIS COOK, 57 Hall St. it come in for a Saturday night party. She collects odd pins S to and trinkets . . . 1 1 . General Course . Chemistry Club 2 . . . George would like to be a chemist. 1 His hobby is collecting stamps. He likes to do almost xg. anything that is exciting . . . Y GEORGE E CULLINAN, 545 Main St. E Q General Course I K . . . "Red", who is Tech's Bin Crosb hopes to become a singer Outside of school he as wor ed as a soda Jerker H "Red'l enjoys a good stage show and dancing afterward . . l'llgSl.0l'6 . LOUIS FIfiRIOI.I, 40 Cleveland St. General Course . . . Photography 2. . . "Lou" wants to be a machinist. Ile enjoys swimming but does not like being so small. Ilis idea of a good time is to either "go dancing with my best girl" or bowling . . . JAMES P. FLANAGAN, 952 Armory St. Applied Arts Course . . . lland llrum Major I, 2, 3: Urehestra l, 2, 3 . . . "Jim myi' plans to enter civil service school to become a police oflicer or work in the post oflice. Ile enjoyed twirling for different cor rs and the Tech lland in particular. Ile was seen cverywliere with a certain Ilelen. .IAMICS FLICMING, 53 Chester St. General Course . . . "Jimmy", a collegiate dresser, would like to be a foreign correspondent. Ile has built an automobile engine but now collects stamps as a hobby. Ile likes lively parties and nice girls . . . MURIICI. GAFl"NI'iY, 199 Eastern Ave. General Course . . . Muriel plans to enter Massachusetts State College. Among her interests are clothes and dancing . . . wt... lys- nrt- lm:- of' a good time is dancing . . . "Tech News" Reporter 3g lli-Y 3, Secretary 3g Senior Bam uct Commilteeg Senior I'rom Committee . . . "Hill" I i 1 y plans to enter A. I. L. Ile will long be remembered for his sense of humor. Ile cam Dai ned on the Willkie I ll ' Youth Wagon . . . Q HUGH CULVERIIOUSE, 86 Wilmont St. . . . There is a possibility that "Colb" will be seen around the Mass. State Campus soon. Ile likes to work with flowers and would like to become a florist, but perhaps the flying urge will overcome him . . . JERRY CURTO, 36 Fort Pleasant Ave. . . . lie Salon lg Pro Merito l, 2: lVlember-at-large 3: Student l'alrol 2, 3 . . . "Russ" plans to enter American International College aml become a research chemist or an airplane engineer. Swimming is his hobby. Ilis idea WILLIAM ll. GII.lll'IR'I', l56 Springfield St. College Preparatory Course . . . 'I'orch Club lg French Club l, 23 Junior Ili-Y 2: v General Course ?s-- tu K+- General Course Xa- . . . Jerry plans to be a machinist. Ile enjoys sports or a K t uiet evening at home. In his spare time he works in a HENRY LOUIS DALESSIO, 88 Orange St. General Course Basketball lg Pro Merito 1, 2, 3 . . . "lIronko" was one of the several fortunate seniors to be accepted at the Gen- eral Iilectric Co. the same month that he graduated. Ills hobby is keeping a sports folio . . . GLENN R. ENGICL, 30 Lenox St. General Course . . . "Dick" plans to enter Northeastern to become an engineer. Ile likes all sports. You can be sure of fun when "Dick" is in your company. Ile enjoys a good dance and a good time at some inn afterwards . . . AMBRUSE ENRIGIIT, 40 Glendale Ter. College Preparatory Course . . . "Amby" would like to be an oflicer in thc l'. S. Army Air Corps, or would like a civil service job in the JOIIN W. FALVICY, I7 Longmeadow 'I'cr. General Course College and become a teacher. Ilis hobby is in the Union . . . 45 5 if g .Q ,.. if city . . . . . . Ili-Y 3 . . . "Jack" wants to go to Conn. State Teachers ll Iltwttilllllllfl' he prints himself. Some day he hopes to visit cvcry state RU5Sl'il.I. FRANCIS GAGNIICR, II30 State St. College Preparatory Course x- ' BARBARA E. GORDON, 54 Palmer Ave. General Course 1 Q A 5-0" II ZIIII . . . Dramatic Club 3: "Tech News" Reporter 2, Seeond Page l'Iditor 3: Banner Committee Chairman 2: Nominat- ing Committee I: G.A.A. I, 2, 3: Co-ed Sports I, 2, 3: 4 Class Color Committee 2: Basketball I, 2: Apparatus I: X M. p 1 it , 1 1 Volleyball 2: Baseball I: Tennis 3: Soeeer I, 2: Student O Couneil I, 3: S. A. Colleetor I, 2: Pro Merito 2, 3: Bowl- t ing 2, 3: "Teeh Tiger" 3 . . . GLORIA GIIICBBA, 302 Armory St. College Preparatory Course . . . Motion Pielure I: Badio Workshop Club 2: Nisimalla 5 2, President 3: Athenaeum 3: Teeh Tiger 3: G. A. , I, 2: Bing Committee 2: llanee Comnnttee 2: 1.0-ed y Sports 2 . . . 4 x CARL W. IIAICTINGEB, I2 Brook SI., Ifast Longmeadow I General Course 1 . . . "Nazi" hopes to be a draltsman. Carl was a new sboy in his home town. Bowling is his idea ol a good time . . . DOUGLAS IIANNAII, 14 Ohnstead Ilrive College Preparatory Course . . . Advertising Manager "Tech News" I, 2: Class Presi- dent I, 2, 3: Vice President Ski Club 2, President 3: Toreh Cltlb Vice President I: Student Count-il Upper llouse I, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, 3: Sehool Reporter "Springfield Republican" 2 . . . "Horace" expects to enter the Univer- sity of Pennsylvania and wants to beeome a life insurance GEORGE B. IIITCIICOCK, I24 Alhermarle St. College Preparatory Course iigelll. . . . "lIitehy" would like to be an engineer. Ile has drawn floor plans for the General lee Cream Company. Ile is interested in automobiles. Ilis idea ol' a good time is going on a hay ride followed by a luneh . . . DOHOTIIY MAY IIOWLANIJ, 07 Keith St. General Course . . . G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Initiation Committee 3: Viee President 3: Badminton 2,3: Basketball I,2: Bowling 3: IIoekey'2: Ping Pong 2, 3: Soccer 2: Squad Leader I: Tennis 2, 3: Class Banner Committee 2: Class Color Committee 2:, Class Nominating Committee 3: Drama Club 2: "Tech News" 2, 3, Student Opinion 3: "Teeh Tiger" 3 . . . "Dot" wants to enter A. l. C. and beeome a dietitian or a buyer. PETICR L. KOZI K, 69 Goodrieh St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Red Sox", who is one of the many ofthe Boston team fans, hopes to go to llarvard or M. I. T. to beeome an en- gineer. Ilis hobby is eolleeting baseball information . . . GICOBGIQ KIKOIINIC, 42 Winnepeg St. College Preparatory Course . . . Band I, 2, 3: Toreh Club I: Ili-Y 2, 3: Photo Club 2: Bowling Cltlb . . . 3 "Geo" wants to be an automotive en- gineer. llis idea ofa good time is any type of good elean fun . . . ' Al.BI'IR'l' ,I. LASINKIKI, l30 Littleton St. General Course . . . Toreh Club I: Orehestra I . . . "Andy's" ehoiee ofeol- lege is Airmanteeh. Ile hopes for a eareer as an aeronauti- eal engineer. Ile spends his spare time working for a groeery store and building model airplanes . . . LICO LIBICR M AN. 53 Medford St. General Course . . . Coniitia I, 2, 3: "Teeh News" Beporter 2, 3 . . . "Lee" is going to enter Northeastern University and take up drafting. Ile likes to meet new people . . . F FRAINKIIS l,l'l"l'l.IfI, ISI Phoenix St. x . . O Lollege Preparatory Course . . . lfraneis hopes to go to Northeastern this fall. After 1 that llQ'.lS going to try his hand at writing. Ile enjoys being with a erowd up in the mountains for skiing... H l'IILI'II'IN ICLIZABICTII LYNCH, 55 Athol St. Q College Preparatory Course 5 . . . Class Seeretary I, 2, 3: G.A.A. I, 2, Treasurer 2: f W'orksho1 I: llanee Committee I, 2, 3: Class Ilistorv 3: U Nisimaha 3: Athenaeum 3: Motion Pielure Cltlb 2: Radio News" 3 . . . "Chubbins" is a blonde with a pug nose and y Q S. A. Collector 3: Apparatus I: Swimming Club I: "Tech i- A a lot of poise. She wants to work ni ilu- Man M..l....t rg -,', i JOHN McCLEAN, 108 orange st. P59- Mac is tall and shm and naturally loves a good feed College Preparatory Course S ' .ev wants to be a heating engineer . . . i t Y, 'll CHESTER MALINSKI, 128 Lowell St. General Course . . . "Bela" has his eye on an electrical or a mining engineer- ing career. He has worked on farms in his spare time. Chester also enjoys collecting stamps. Skating, on a clear cold night, is his idea of a good time . . . FRED MAMMARELLI, 55 Joseph St. General Course . . . Student Council 2, 3, President 3, Pro Merito l, 2, 3. President 2, Nominating Committee 2, Ili-Y 3, Student Patrol Lieutenant 3 . . . "Lance" or "Duke" may go to Northeastern to be a mechanical engineer or enter avia- tion. His membership in Ili-Y meant a lot to him. Ile likes to read, swim, play hockey, and dance. Fred is a confirmed fatalist and never worries. lle says, "lt doesn't pay" . . . MARY MANDRUS, 3 Murray Hill Ave. General Course Basketball 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3 . . . M ary would like to be a current events lecturer or a hairdresser. ller hobby is dancin . She is an ex-bugler in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, r. Drum Corps, and she liked going to the conven- bis- x 1 I' DWARD NIMS, 68 Monmouth St. College Preparatory Course . Torch Club lg Hi-Y 2, 3, Class Nominating Com- mittee 2 . . . "Ted" is undecided about his life work. His hobby is motor boating. Outside of school he has worked as a carpenter and a truck driver. llis idea of a good time E to spend a week-end at the camp with some of the oys . . . RAYMOND EUGENE NYSTROM, 36 Baltimore Ave. College Preparatory Course le Salon l 2' Student Council 2 3' l' rr r llouse 3 ---1- s--V . , ,.,lIrLe ,n Member-at-Large lg Classlianner 3, Dance .ommittec 3: Student Patrol 31 Nominating Committee l . . . "Ray" plans to enter A. l. C. to become either an aviator or a chemist. lle received a thrill when awarded the Governor Allen Cup at C. M. T. C. at Fort Ethan Allen. Photog- raphy is his outside interest . . . FRANK VlNCl'iN'l' PAlGl'i, I9 Desmond St. General Course . . . lli-Y 2. 3: liand 3 . . . Frank wants to be a draftsman or a machinist. llis hobby is photography. Ile has been the ball boy for the Springfield llaseball Club. Going out tions. Mary has a very unique hair style . . . EDMUND L. MAYNARD, I5 Crittenden St. College Preparatory Course . . . Comitia 1, 2, 3, Le Salon 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, Chemis- try Club 3 . . . "Eddie" wants to be a veterinarian and plans to enter Texas A. 81 M. Ile has been a skate boy at a skating rink and an attendant at a gasoline station. His hobby is winter sports, and he loves a good hockey game or a ski meet . . . GORDON MULVEY, ll4 Appleton St. General Course . . . Gordon wants to be a motion picture projeetionist. He has worked in a florist shop. llis hobby is making a Model A Ford go, and teaming around the countryside with "Dick" Upson . . . with three or four other fellows is his idea ofa good time . . . DAVID li. PA'l"l'EHSON, 864 Alden St. Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Student Patrol 3 . . . "Pat" has worked in a paint shop. llis hobby is bowling, and he likes parties . . . tie- General Course JOSICPII PAULICK, HI Ardmore St. College Preparatory Course . . . lli-Y 2, 3: Pro Merito l, 3 . . . "Joey plans to enter the General Electric Apprenticeship Course and wants to be an engineer. Ile has been active in De Molay and has worked as a store clerk during his senior year. Iis hobby is fishing . . . FERN GERTRUDE PERKINS, 33 McKnight St. Q General Course . . . Dance Committee 2, 3 . . . Fern, who would like to be a Y hotel waitress, has been a waitress and counterhgirl. She hkes swing music and fast dancing' and eating after- wards . x ' "V vw' Ymqv S'-Y"'v"""'-""i'v-'-'- HELEN PATROU, my, Linden st. F College Preparatory Course . . . Le Salon 2, 3, Vice President 23 G.A.A. 1, Social Chairman 2, Basketball 1, 23 Ping Pong 2 . . . Helen is 1 B lanning to enter Mount Holyoke College. She would D a ike to be either a dress designer or an interior decorator. LORRAINE l. PIDGEON, 413 Nottingham St. O College Preparatory Course Shop 23 G.A.A. l, 2: Ililasketball l, 2, 3: Swimming 2: Ping Pong 2, Badminton 2 . . . "Pidgie" plans to enter Ba Path to be a stenographer. She loves dancing and DOROTHY ELLEN PUTNAM, Revere St., y East Longmeadow 4 . . . Motion Picture A preciation Club lg Radio Work y . bowling. General Course . . . Dramatic Club 3 . . . "Dot" is a serious minded girl ' who enjoys good music. She likes both roller skating and ice skating, but the first is "tops" with her. ller ambition is to work in a store. Later she hopes to take the fatal step of matrimony . . . MELVIN RAICIIELSON, 38 Bancroft St. General Course . . . "Tech News" l, 2, 3, Sports Editor 3, Camera Club 2, 3: Student Patrol 3: S. A. Collector 23 Soccer 1, 2, 3: Volleyball l, 2, 33 "Tech Tiger" 3, Comitia 3 . . . "Mel" plans to enter General Electric. lf he can't be an elec- trical engineer, he would like to be an aviator. Photog- raph and sports are his hobbies. Ile was a counselor at the Boys' C ub camp. KENNETH ,l. RUELL, 383 Worcester St. General Course ' . . . "Ken" wants to be a machinist or a tool designer. ' His hobby is drawing, and his idea of a good time IB movies or hunting . . . ROBERTA RUSSELL, 53 Preston St. .4 College Preparatory Course !f5fs1S ivmgyg. . . . Baseball lg Basketball l . . . "Bobby", who enjoys r 4-is dancing and skating, would like to become a telephone 5 igfp operator. She keeps a scrapbook of current events . . . 6 r"'10i-5 -es. 'X I X . JANET E. sco'r'r, 100 waits.. si. ' Applied Arts Course . . . G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Basketball lg Golf lg Chorus 3, Swim- ming 3 . . . "Jun" would like to enter Pratt Institute and become an interior decorator. ,lanct likes roller skating, ice skating, and a good game of football . . . FRANK SELDEN, 226 Norfolk St. College Preparatory Course . . . Camera Club lg Cheer Leader l, 2: Band 3, Soccer 21 lli-Y 3, Ski Club 3 . . Frank is an amateur "gob" or Sea Scout. He will study metallurgic engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. ln his spare moments Frank goes in for photography or constructing model airplanes. le likes to go out with the fellows or a mixed group. . . MARION SMlTll, 128 Bclmonl Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . "Smitty" plans to go to the Springfield Airport Avia- tion school. She constructs model airplanes. Marion is both a tomboy aml a wit . . . JAMES B. SULLIVAN, 241 Pendleton Ave. 1 College Preparatory Course A . . . "Sully", who has done farming, wants to be an aeronau- 4 - tical engineer. As a hobby, he studies small arms. Ile Q A A enjoys horseback riding, dancing, and driving in the coun- ' Q try. lle likes his long fingernails, his "upswept" nose, and e 3 5 his blush . . . ' 1 .l0llN SULLIVAN, I9 Stafford St. Q Applied Arts Course Q . . . "Sully's" hobby is drawing, but he would like to get into the U. S. Army Air Corps for his life work. "Sully" has a . wide range of interests as he shows when he says, "My idea x ofa goo little is dancing, parties, taking a girl out once i . in a while, swimming, skating, golf, football, skiing" . . . Q K Q FABIOLA TABIJIFF, 260 Worthington St. Q General Course l . . . G.A.A. l, 2, Basketball lg Tennis l . . . "Fab" has a A knack for clothes and would like to make modelin or a . . J ' s -n. O , ffEf1lEif'f.'l?t.f.'3.ll'fE-llfllTi lXf'F'f' .She enjoys good dance Sw- GERALD PETER TAROZZI, 35 Denton Circle Applied Arts Course . . . Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3 . . . "Jerry" plans to enter New England School of Practical Training. He would like to take up music as his life work or be a machinist. He enjoys playing the drums and sports . . . BERNARD E. TOURVANGEAU, 2147 Main St. General Course . . . Football Manager 2g Basketball Manager 2g Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Prom Committee 3 . . . "Bernie", whose hobby is photography, wants to be a civil engineer. Outside.of 7 life-hu N?- school he has driven a newspaper truc . He doesn't like his glasses "because they get in is way" . . . RAYMOND G. TROMBLEY, Manchonis Rd., Wilbraham College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 33 Stamp Club 2, 3, Student Patrol 2, 3g Chem- istry Club 3g Class Vice President 3g Member-at-large 1, 23 Student Councilor 1, 2 . . . "Ray" would like to be an aviator. His hobbies are collecting stamps, developing films, and hunting. He enjoys himself most when at a dance . . . WILLIAM JOSEPH WELCH, 196 Pasco Road, Indian Orchard General Course . . . "Joe" plans to be a machinist or a draftsman. Sports are his hobby, and he peddles papers outside of school . . . VIRGINIA WHEELER, 171 Homestead Iilvd., General Course Lo ngmeadow . . . G.A.A. 1, 3 . . . "Ginnie" would like to work in a tea room or become a commercial artist. She is exceptionally tall and so can see well at the football games she likes so much. She also likes swimming and fast dancing . . . N 1 CARLTON WING, 21 Bay St. General Course . . . Torch Club lg Hi-Y 2, 3g Student Council 3, A. Collector 3 . . . Carlton has high hopes of being an electrical engineer or a machinist. Ile enjoys dancing very much. Of all his clubs, Hi-Y has meant the most to him . . . ROBERT WRIGHT, 88 Keith St. General Course GEORGE WRINKLE, 949 Chestnut St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Gippi' builds model airplanes and wants to bc an aviator. e also enjoys ice skating . . . JOSEPH J. ABDOW, 217 Sharon St. Applied Arts Course . . . Commercial art is what "Joe" has chosen for his life work. He was the first president of the Leaders' Corp at the Springfield Boys' C ub. He enjoys a World Series game. . . JOHN Q. ADAMS, 1750 Dwight St. General Course . . . "Jack" wants to he a game warden. Fly t ing, taxi- dermy, hunting, and fishing are his hobbies. Ile enjoys getting up early in the morning and going fishing or hunt- ing . . . WILLIAM AHERN, 25 Nevada Ave. General Course . . . "Will" would like to be an airplane mechanic machinist. His hobby is raising dogs . . . Ora F- MITCHELL STANLEY ARABIK, 106 Parker St. General Course . . . Football 3 . . . He is noted for his subtle way of making eo le laugh. "Mitch" looks heavy but is very light on his Teet when dancing . . . THEODORE BENCIVENNI, 362 Liberty St. General Course . . . Chess Club 3g Radio Club 3 . . . "Teddy" is another one of those seniors who were drafted by the General Electric the same month that he graduated. He wants to be an air lane mechanic or a toolmaker. Radio is his hobby. Hiis idea of a good time is "getting together with a bunch of fellows and enjoying ourselves" . . . EDNA ELIZABETH BETTER, 35 Suffolk St. General Course . . . G.A.A. 1, 2, Secretary lg Bowling Manager lg Tennis 1, Apparatus Ig Golf 3, Nisimaha 2g Pro Merito 1, 2g Chairman, Class Will 3 . . . "Betts" has a friendly manner and is opular among her classmates. She plans to enter Mar Washington College and become an English teacher or a Zashion designer. Outside of school she has modeled . . . ROLLANDE BRODEUR, 131 Prentice St. General Course . . . Rollande wants to get married and have children. Her hobby is sewing, ,although she enjoys dancing more. She has made floor-show appearances, winning a rize. Her idea ofa good time is to go to a dance, go somewxliere to eat, and then dance some more . . . DORIS BROUILLET, 61 High St. General Course . . . Dramatics 1, 33 Swimming 2 . . . "Dot" plans to go to Martha Washington College and wants to become an interior decorator. She enjoys dancing and traveling, and has played in an Hawaiian orchestra . . . THOMAS JOSEPH BYRN E, 868 Berkshire Ave. Applied Arts Course . . . "Tom" wants to work in physical education or join the Marines. Roller skatin is his hobby. Outside of school he has worked as a production clerk at the Package Ma- chinery Co., as a newsboy, and as a plumber's assistant. His idea of a good time is "going out with other young people my age to dance, roller or ice skate" . . . CLIFTON E. CAMP, 4 Salem St. General Course . . . "Kip ner" plans to be a tool and die maker or a me- chanic. He engoys dancing, parties, hunting, fishing, tobogganing, an skating . . . FREDERICK .l. CARNEY, 115 Connecticut Ave. General Course . . . For a career, "Dinty" chooses that ol' a machinist or draftsman. He enjoys sports . . . WILLIAM COPELAND, 25 Ladd St. General Course . . . "Iggie" likes to travel . . . THOMAS R. COSTELLO, .lr., 30 Elsie St. General Course . . . "Costie" wants to be on the police force or become a fireman . . . lk tis- ?l"'i:.. , lik-1 9:4111 Wa- 'ifr- GEORGE DA LEO, 140 Belmont Ave. General Course . . . Orchestra 1, 2, 3 . . . "Rubinoff" would like to start as a draftsman and later become an architect. He likes archery, playing his fiddle all day, reading, and building planes . . . JOSEPH WILLIAM DELANEY, 39 Willard Ave. General Course . . . Student Collector 1, 2, 33 Student Council 2, U per House 2, Architectural Club 33 Model Airplane Club 3: Arm Band Committee 33 Dance Committee 3 . . . "Joe" lans to enter Parks' Flying School and become a pilot. His hobby is building gasolined-powered model air- planes . . . WALTER J. DEMBEK, 52 Linden St. General Course . . . Le Salon 1, 2, 3, Pres. 2g Vice Pres. 3 . . . "Wally" would like to be a state policeman or work with machin- ery . . . GLORIA ANN DEMAIO, 125 Commonwealth Ave. Applied Arts Course . . . "Shorty', plans to enter college and become a dress designer or an air hostess. Her hobby is collecting souvenirs. She likes sports, dancing, and joy riding . . . PHILIP R. DION, 13 Hayden Ave. General Course . . . "Phil", a future machinist, likes "being out with a gang of fellows". He has worked in a laundry. Reading is his hobby . . . DAVID DOWNEY, 76 Alvin St. General Course . . . Soccer 1, 2, 3: Golf3 . . . "Dave" plans to enter North- eastern. He would like to be an airplane designer. He likes dancing, music, golf . . . SHIRLEY LEONE DUNHAM, 110 Wilmont St. General Course . . . Motion Picture Club 23 A paratus Club lg Cactus and Campus 1: Hockey 1, 2: A. A. 1, 2 . . . "Bright Eyes" would like to work in the Massachusetts Mutual. She dislikes her height. She enjoys dancing, roller skat- ing, and horseback riding . . . EDWARD ELLIS, 49 Athol St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Eddie" wants to join the U. S. Army Air Corps. He is a member of De Molay . . . LLOYD FAIRBANKS, 52 Middlesex St. General Course . . . Llo d would like to 0 to the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn. His idea of a good time is cruisin in a boat or deep sea fishing. "Lank's hobby is gas modj airplanes. He is an active Sea Scout, and is helping build anewship. HENRY FAUST, 23 Lawndale St. Applied Arts Course . . . Model Airplane Club 2, 3 . . . "Hank" is interested in airplanes, either gasoline powered models or the real thing. He would ike to be either an airline pilot or an airline mechanic . . . MARGARET FIELD, 92 High St. College Preparatory Course RICHARD W. FURKEY, 83 Johnson St. Applied Arts Course . . . Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3 . . . To be a swing drummer is i.DlClK,8,, greatest ambition. He likes to dance to Glenn Miller's music with a blonde . . . IRENE GALLIHER, 102 Gilbert St. General Course . . . "I", a chubby, fun-loving girl, collects toy dogs. She enjoys dancing and roller skating. Her ambition is to be a nurse . . . PAUL T. GARDELL, 92 Marsden St. General Course . . . Soccer 1, 2, 3 . . . "Swede" intends to be a coach. His hobbies are sports and gardening. He likes to make one of a foursome to dance at the Valley. Arena . . . FABIAN GCOTSIS, 4-5 Algonquin Pl. General Course . . . Writers' Club 3 . . . "Fabe", who wants to be a bank president, likes all sports and has been a meat man in is spare time . . . FELIX GIORDANA, 276 Eastern Ave. General Course . . . "Phil" wants to work at machinery for his life work. He dresses simply. He has done papering and painting outside of school. He enjoys "going to parties and shows with my girl friend" . . . HARVEY .l. GOODWIN, 33 Ashley St. General Course . Z . "GooilI" would like to become a draftsman or a ma- chinist. e has worked as a bus boy and a clerk . . . PHILIP W. GREENAWAY, 18 Marlborough St. General Course . . . Chess Club 1, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3 . . . "Fum- ble" wants to become a draftsman. He follows baseball and basketball, and is something of a philatelist . . . RICHARD WALTER HAMLIN, 352 Page Blvd. General Course . . . Ski Club 3, Hi-Y 3 . . . "Dick" would like to be a tool- maker. He likes skiing, diving, and Sea Scouting . . . WESLEY B. HILL, 64 Hobson St. General Course . . . "Wes", who hates to wear a tie, wants to be an engineer. He has worked in a paper mill. He enjoys "a bayride followed by a dance" . . . EDMUND HOAR, 103 Wait St. General Course . . . Baseball 1, 2 . . . "Ed" would like to be a skilled grinder. His hobby is stamp collecting, his idea of a good time roller skating . . . STANLEY R. HOFF, 143 Woodlawn St. College Preparatory Course . . . Vice President of Class 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, Track 3 . . . "Duke" would like to be an army air pilot or a ground mechanic. His hobby is track running. Being vice president of the class meant most to him. During the summer he attended the Citizens' Military Training Camp. "Stan's" idea of a good time is to go dancing . . . 81- 'Smit lip Bl- Wir. KENNETH ALBERT HUMBERSTONE, 788 Sumner Ave. General Course . . . "Ken" would like to go to Northeastern . . . WARREN HUSE, 78 Albemarle St. General Course . . . Baseball Manager 1, Basketball Manager 1, 2, Soccer Manager 2, Football Manager 2, Volleyball 1, Basket- ball 1 . . . "Bummy's" hobby is sports . . . GERALD R. KANE, 124 Grover St. General Course . . . Pro Merito 1, Football 3 . . "Gerry" would like to become an expert machinist . . . KERMIT KAPPARDAKI, 125 Dwight St. General Course . . . "Pete", who enjoys sports, wants to get into aeronau- tics . . . WILLIAM KATTLER, 80 East Alvord St. General Course . . . Stamp Club 1, 2, 3, Cheer Leader 3, Senior Dance Committee, Hi-Y 2, 3 . . . "Bill" plans to be a machinist or a tool maker. His hobbies are photography, stamps, and dancing, and his idea of a good time is going to coed picnics, class dances or proms and the Hi-Y activities . . . HOWARD KELEHER, 75 Massachusetts Ave. General Course LESTER KING, 69 Earl St. General Course . . . Motion Picture Appreciation Club 2, 3, Auditor 2, Vice President 3 . . . "Lee" plans to enter aviation. He is fond of hunting, fishing, and Indian lore. Peeling logs for a log cabin, he mentions among the unusual things he has done . . . GENEVIEVE KULIG, 28 Stafford St. General Course . . . G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 . . . "Gaye" is a jitterbug, but she also has a sensible side. She designs dresses for her own wear and would like to be a dress esigner . . . RICHARD LEBLANC, 43 Fresno St. General Course I . . . "Dick" wants to be a tool maker. He is another one of those camera enthusiasts. Going to football games, baseball games, and ice skating is his idea of a good time . . . LEO LEOPOLD, 53 Algonquin Place General Course . . Chemistry Club 3, Writers' Club 3 . . . "Lapp" has organized an campaigned for the Socialist party. He would like to be a labor organizer . . . WILLIAM E. LUCEY, 116 Revere St. College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 3 . . . "Bill" is planning to enter Massachusetts State College to take up engineering. lle can easily be distinguished by his German American haircut . . . GEORGE MACKECHNIE, 75 Shamrock St. General Course . . . "Mac" would like to join the Navi or be a machinist. His special hobb is dancing. His imples are his one great despair. l'I,is idea of a good time is hunting or swimmin . "Mac" spends most of his free time ta ing care of aqittle girl named "Fritzie" . . . ig EDWARD MAHAN, 15 Upton St. General Course . . . "Rusty" has a nice smile and is always dressed well. He enjoys traveling and hunting . . . ROLAND MARCOULIER, 132 Groveland St. General Course . . . "Mark" likes hunting and fishing. He collects guns and would like to be a game warden or a machinist . . . ALICE MARTIN, 41 Clayton St. General Course . . . "Marty" would like to get married and have children. Her hobby is art, and she enioys a nice roller skating rink. She has a soft voice and a hea thy appearance . . . FRANCIS GERALD MARTIN, 76 Gerard Ave. General Course . . . Baseball 2, 3 . . . "Marty" is very uiet and bashful, but friendly. He would like to be a madlxinist. His hobby is sports. He has worked as a clerk at the A. 81 P .... FRANK T. MASKO, 121 Mooreland St. General Course . . . Interclass Basketball 2 . . . "Chick" would like to be- come a machinist. He has raised chickens . . . ROLAND MARCOULIER, 132 Groveland St. General Course . . . "Mark" likes hunting and fishing. He collects guns and would like to be a game warden or a machinist . . . ALICE MARTIN, 41 Clayton St. General Course . . . "Marty" would like to get married and have children. Her hobby is art, and she enioys a nice roller skating rink. She has a soft voice and a hea thy appearance . . . FRANCIS GERALD MARTIN, 76 Gerard Ave. General Course . . . Baseball 2, 3 . . . "Marty" is very uiet and bashful, but friendly. He would like to be a madliinist. His hobby is sports. He has worked as a clerk at the A. 81 P .... FRANK T. MASKO, 121 Mooreland St. General Course . . . Interclass Basketball 2 . . . "Chick" would like to be- come a machinist. He has raised chickens . . . EARL MASON, 85 Gaucher St. General Course . . . "Farina" intends to he an aeronautical engineer. He has done various types of farm and construction work. He enjoys the outdoor life . . . BERNARD H. McGEE, 49 Norman St. General Course . . . "Fibber" is going to be a machinist or join the Army or Navy. Ilis hobby is fishing and his idea of a ood time is doing what he likes as long as it does not oaend any- body . . . xiii.. nn. gi!!!- 1 im- I Xylpflldlil lisa.. ISABELLE MCGOVERN, 5 Roy St. College Preparatory Course . . . Motion Picture Appreciation Club lg Radio Workshop 13, Dance Committee g Nisimaha 33 Class Picture Com- mittee 3 . . . "Issue" likes to "go out with a crowd" . . . GEORGE NEIL McKINNAN, 111 King St. General Course . . . "Bud" wants to be an "inside" electrician or an auto- mobile mechanic. His hobby is drivingg and his idea of a good time is bowling . . . JOSEPH BRUCE MERTON, 15 Lafayette St. General Course . . . Torch Club 1, Affiliated Board, Hi-Y 2, 33 Student Patrol 23 S. A. Collector 1, 2 . . . "Joe" wants to be a flyer or join the Navy. Huntin is his hobby, and his idea of a good time is hunting in a blizzard . . . JOSEPH T. MICCOLY, 69 Alexander St. General Course . . . "Joe" wants to be a draftsman. He has worked as a store clerk. "Going out with a bunch of fellows and girls and taking in the city" is his idea ofa good time . . . JAMES W. MUNSELL, 131 Hickory St. Applied Arts Course . . . Band 1, 2, 3g Orchestra 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2g Music Festival 3 . . . "Mussels", a cheerful and friendly sort, plans to be a professional drummer. He played in dance orchestras outside of school and enjoys going out with a group of musicians . . . EDWARD O'BRIEN, 2772 Main St. General Course . . . "O'Be" wants to be a sports announcer. His hobby is collecting pictures, and he enjoys playing all sports . . . SHIRLEY RUTH OGSTON, 43 Appleton St. General Course . . . Class Dance Committee 33 Riding Club 1, 23 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, Apparatus 1, 2g Soccer 1, 2, Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Member-at-large 2 . . . "Og ie" expects to enter Forsyth College. She wants to be eitger a dental hygienist or a telephone operator. Dancing is her idea o a good time . . . ALBERT G. OPITZ, 11 Fernwold St. College Preparatory Course . . . Student Council lg Chess Club 1, 2, 3, German Club 1, 2, 33 Pro Merito 1, 2, 33 Chemistry Club 2, Vice Presi- dent 3g Hi-Y 3 . . . "Al" plans to gp to the General Electric Plant in Pittsfield to learn to e a radio or electrical engineer. He likes to travel . . . AUGUSTO MARINO PASCUCCI, 683 Worthington St. General Course . . . "Gus" wants to be a machinist or a tool maker. He worked in a fruit market during the summer and after school he worked in a gas station. Hunting is his hobby. His idea of a good time is hunting or playing football . . . JOSEPH PESCETTA, 1132 Carew St. General Course . . . "Joe" would like to be a Navy aviator or a machinist. His hobby is motorcycles. His idea of a good time is to take his girl out . . . WALTER PRATT, 119 Penrose St. General Course . . . "Sonny" plans to enter Springfield College. He has taught swimming and life saving. Nice clothes appeal to him . . . Qi- DONALD R. PROGULSKE, 37 Ina St. General Course . . . "Don" wants to be an airplane mechanic. He is a true sportsman. Ilis hobby is llytying, and his idea of a good time is "to get out, either alone or with one other erson, in the woods or by a stream and hunt and fish to mylhearfs content" . . . RAYMOND R. RACICOT, 488 Central St. College Preparatory Course . . . Chess Club 2, 33 Chemistry Club 2, 3g Hi-Y 2, 3g Student Patrol 2, 3 . . . Hi-Y meant most to him. "Ray's" hobby is playin his tenor banjo at which he is a master. "Ray" attendeg the C.M.T.C. his second year. He en- joyed it and would like to be in the regular United States Army or become a machinist. "Ray s" idea of a good :lime is to go dancing or roller skating, followed by a good mner . . . DORIS E. REYNOLDS, 61 Methuen St. General Course . . . "Dot's" only ambition is to be an interior decorator. She likes hiking and exploring nature . . . SAMUEL ROSOFF, 91 Bancroft St. General Course . . . "Rosie" plans to be a machinist or a chemist. He likes to listen to dance music and sleep. fWhat a man.J . . . JANE ROSTKOWSKI, 61 Linden St. General Course . . . "Rusty" would like to be a hairdresser or designer. Skating is her hobby . . . UGO L. SALIER, 190 Hancock St. General Course . . . "Limp" wants to be a radio technician. His hobbies are radio and sports . . . ALBERT SCHONBACK, 98 Lorimer St., I. O. General Course HARRIET EVELYN SEIBERT, 9 Berendo St. Applied Arts Course . . . Dance Committee 3 . . . "Heinie" another one of our blondes, will enter the Boston School of Embalmin . Be- lieve it or not, she likes a quiet evening at home. "PIeinie" transferred from Commerce in September, 1939 . . . FREDERICK J. SOUVIGNEY, 19 Wilton St. Applied Arts Course . . . "Lefty" would like to be an actor or an artist. He likes to bowl . . . JAMES STRATOS, 16 Brookline Ave. General Course . . . Student Collector 2 . . . "Jimmie", whose hobby is air- planes, would like to be an airplane mechanic. He has worked for the "Shopping News". He enjoys seeing a good hockey game . . . FRANK SURPRENANT, 26 Rose Place General Course . . . "Soupy" would like to be a chemist or a draftsman. His hobb is stamp collecting. Frank doesn't like his feetg he says they are too big for comfort. His idea of a good time is to go dancing, then to an amusement park, and then "best of all, eat" . . . lf:- NF- XPBH- we-1 All 13+-h 'fire WALTER L. THAXTON, 161 Walnut St. General Course . . . Walter wants to be a machinist. He collects phono- graph records, and has worked in the C.C.C .... NANCY TOLMAN, 52 Wexford St. General Course . . . G.A.A. 1, 3 . . . "Fritz" plans to enter Larson Jr. Col- lege and would like to be a nurse or a doctor's assistant. Her hobby is hunting. She admits that the principal's gfliclf has meant most to her. She enjoys reading a good MARCELLA ANNA TORTORIELLO, 63 Lowell St. General Course . . . Motion Picture Club 2, 33 Radio Work Sho 23 Bad- minton 2g Ping Pong 23 Basketball 13 Modern lgancing 3g Hockely 23 Tech Tiger 3 . . . A striking mademoiselle model williu ortie" make if she fullfills her ambition. She likes to ance . . . BURTON W. VAN DERWERKEN, 93 Villa Parkway General Course . . . "Bud,' would like to be a machinist in the Brown St Sharpe Mfg. Co. He has worked outside of school in a lumber yar , and his hobby is working in plastics, hunting, fishing, or camping . . . HELEN WADLEGGER, 350 King St. General Course . . . Helen would like to become a hairdresser or a nurse. A comfortable chair, gogood book, and music from the radio are her idea of a g time . . . ELLIOT WALL, 18 Sherbrook St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Lank", who has worked in al foundry outside of school, plans to enter A.I.C. His goal is aviation . . . PAUL WARWICK, 893 Liberty St. General Course . . . Someday "Red" hopes to he a machinist. He favors his height and his red hair . . . WILLIAM WATTS, 322 Locust St. General Course . . . Football 1, 2, 3 . . . "Bill", our right guard, was the girls idea of a football hero. His ambition is to be an aeronauti cal engineer. He enjoys seeing a college football game . . . JEAN MYRTLE WILEY, Dewey Ave., East Longmeadow General Course . . . G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Riding Club 1, 2 . . . Jean plans to enter Larson Junior College and later become a nurse or a doc- tor's assistant. She likes to go hunting and enjoys a quiet evening at home . . . EUNICE LILLIAN ZOOSMAN, 25 Linden St. General Course . . . Badminton 2 . . . "Freckles" plans to be a nurse. Dressmaking is her hobby. She enjoys dancing and movies, and her freckles . . . fig. XF- iii- ?V?,.. L-hg'r-L We--115-1lA111 S+- X bin- cmss BAIIUT MOST POPULAR GIRL MOST POPULAR BOY PRETTIEST GIRL HANDSOMEST BOY WITTIEST GIRL WITTIEST BOY BEST DRESSED GIRL BEST DRESSED BOY QUIETEST GIRL QUIETEST BOY MOST MOST CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS STUDIOUS GIRL STUDIOUS BOY ATHLETE Cgirlj ATHLETE Cboyj FLIRT Cgirlj FLIRT OR GIGOLO OPTIMIST PESSIMIST BABY MOST BASHEUL GIRL MOST BASHFUL BOY BEST ALL AROUND GIRL BEST ALL AROUND BOY NOISIEST GIRL NOISIEST BOY CLASS MAN HATER CLASS WOMAN HATER CLASS ARTIST CLASS SCIENTIST CLASS CROONER CLASS DREAMER CLASS TEASER BEST DANCER Cgirlj BEST DANCER Cboyj CLASS GIGGLER CLASS ORATOR Choy? Edna Better John Abair Eileen Lynch William Watts Shirley Ogston David Cahill Eileen Lynch Douglas Hannah Doris Reynolds George Cook Lois Chick Albert Opitz Roxie Assarian John Abair Rollande Brodeur Mitchell Arabik Leo Leopold Eunice Zoosman Shirley Dunham Doris Reynolds Francis Martin Eileen Lynch John Abair Muriel Gafney Henry Faust Marion Smith Albert Schonback Fred Souvigney John Bielanski George Cullinan Richard Le Blanc Gloria De Maio Genevieve Kulig George Cullinan Nancy Tolman Melvin Raichelson CLASS COMEDIAN Floyd Mead MARATHON TALKER Cgirlj Muriel Gajney MARATHON TALKER Cboyj Warren Huse N 4 LF.. l IPI-'r-'L tis-sislniu X?-f-L TIIE IIISTIIRY UF THE CLASS UF JANUARY, l94l One day in January, 1938, 335 boys and girls entered Tech. We were, a few days previously, proud seniors of various junior high schools throughout the city, but now were only a group of temporarily confused freshmen. Major Adams welcomed us and gave us a few simple rules on how to be good "Techites,'. After becoming acquainted with the school, five members of the class were elected to represent us in the Student Council. They were May Noble, Douglas Hannah, Kenneth Plourd, Edward Mahan, and Wendell Roberts. The first semester passed by uneventfully, but when September came around, class officers had to be elected and our first social gathering had to be planned. Before we had time to do much, September 21 came with the hurricane. School was closed for two days, but no one seemed to mind. In October, Student Council members were elected again. They were Douglas Hannah, Steven Litrides, Alice Martin, Albert Opitz, and Irving Wade. The results of the first election of class officers were Douglas Hannah, President, Stanley Hoff, Vice President, Eileen Lynch, Secretary, Mildred Allen, Treasurer, and William Adams, Ray Nystrom and Robert Savard, Members-at-Large. Our class advisers were Miss Horrigan, Mr. Hansen, and Mr. Cowing. Our class gave loyal support to the musical play "Cactus and Campers" directed by Mr. Spencer and given for the benefit of the Welfare Fund of the school. The 10A social, the first gathering of its kind for us freshmen, was held in the boys' gym with music by Fred Corbin's orchestra. Games and dancing were conducted by Mr. Mae of Spring- field College. The committee in charge consisted of Mildred Allen, Eileen Lynch, Douglas Hannah, and Robert Savard. In January, 1939, we became juniors. We could now hold our heads higher and make a better place for ourselves in Tech. Class elections were held again, and Douglas Hannah, Stanley Hoff, Eileen Lynch, and Mildred Allen retained the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer respectively. Ralph Jocelyn, Joseph Paulick, Robert Savard, and Ray Trombley became the new Members-at-Large. ' Our big moment came when we had our first semi-formal dance, "The Rainbow Rhythmw on April 21, 1939. The music was provided by "The Esquires". Robert Savard was chairman of the committee. Assisting him were Barbara Gordon, Eileen Lynch, Joseph Paulick, Raymond Trombley, and Albert Newsome. It was a great success. While we were yet 11 B's, Miss Moody, an exchange teacher from Hawaii, wrote a play which was given in the assembly. The purpose of the play was to stimulate an interest in Hawaiian customs, dances, and songs. It was so successful that another performance was given at Classi- cal High. Many of the boys ordered gaily colored silk shirts from Hawaii. Vial. A- isles.. WP:- sl ev-, Lam. . 1 5-.L , DL-1121114111 lb?-sh KBS- X565-E When we were 11 A's, both of the junior classes combined for "Turkey Trot" which took place on November 24, 1939. Music was by "The Springfield Dons". The main purpose of the dance was to present the banners of the two classes. Our colors are gray and scarlet. Last Christmas, a play "Why the Chimes Rang", directed by Miss Helen Smith and Miss Dan- forth, was given in the assembly for both groups. It was beautifully done. Then a few months later, the Dramatic Club under the direction of Miss Danforth, gave a play entitled "Today, I am a Gentleman". It was enjoyed by all students. The underlying theme was the improvement of boys' manners. We remember the aftermath of the play, for a boy, eager to prove his thoughtfulness, held a teacher's handkerchief while she picked up her books! January, 1940, came, and we were seniors at last. Class elections were held, and Douglas Hannah was elected president for a third time. The other offices were filled as follows: Ray- mond Trombley, Vice President, Eileen Lynch, Secretary, elected also for the third time, Carl ieibert, Treasurer, and Emile Biscaldi, Francis O'Connor, and Russell Gagnier, Members-at- arge. "The Crystal Ball" was the name of our 12 B dance. "The Springfield Dons" furnished the music, and Francis O'Connor was chairman of the committee. Others serving on the committee were Russell Gagnier, Fern Perkins, Lois Chick, Kenneth Lafferty, Shirley Ogston, Eileen Lynch, Emile Biscaldi, and Douglas Hannah. Our class is represented on the editorial staff of the school paper by Melvin Raichelson and Roxie Assarian as Boys' and Girls' sports editors respectively, by Barbara Gordon, assembler of news on the second page, and by Dorothy Howland, writer of "Student Opinion". When we came back to school this September and started to make preparations for graduating, we also began to look back on our two and one half years at Tech and realized that they had gone by all too soon. During our stay at Tech, the school has lost six of its faculty. Miss Hill, Miss Lutes and Mr. Abbott retired, while Major Adams and Miss Horrigan left to take higher positions. The vacancy left by Miss Horrigan as class adviser was filled by Miss Hawkins, and Mr. Kiley took Major Adams' place. Mr. Gifford became our new assistant principal. The sixth loss was brought about by the sudden death of Miss Helen Smith on November 17, 1940. The whole school misses these members of the faculty. "The Scarlet and Gray Farewell" was held on October 18, with music by Nicky Stevens' -9- orchestra. The members of the committee in charge were Ralph Jocelyn, Chairman, Harriet Seibert, Carl Seibert, Fern Perkins, Lois Chick, Raymond Trombley, Kenneth Jenks, and Doug- las Hannah. F- 134+ ... IM.. 13+-s1lHm111 bis- Wat. Some of our classmates are members of the band, chorus, and orchestra. The band and chorus represented New England at the National Assembly in Albany last year. Our band competing at the Eastern States Exposition has been awarded first place twice, and second place once in the last three years. The orchestra entered the competition at the Exposition only for the last two years, but it has won first place once. We are proud that the Cantata given for the past two successive years on Palm Sunday is fast becoming a tradition. The class was well represented in football by such outstanding players as Jack Abair, Howard Kelleher, Peter Siciliano, and Bill Watts. Eleven members of our class belong to Senior Pro Merito. The boy and girl who received the Charles F. Warner Achievement medals are Fred Mam- marelli and Eileen Lynch. Four of our girls, Dorothy Howland, Janet Scott, Barbara Gordon, and Gloria Guerra, broke into print when their pictures were in the Springfield papers showing mannequins for whom they had made stunning clothes. The mannequins were shown at Steiger's and later at the Parent- Teachers' meeting. The committee for the promenade consisted of Chairman, Lindsey Chilson, assisted by William Gilbert, Shirley Dunham, Gloria Guerra, Eileen Lynch, Ray Nystrom, Ray Trombley, Kenneth Jenks, James Bowles, and Robert Cassidy. The banquet committee chairman is Joseph Delaney and those on his committee are Russell Gagnier, Ralph Jocelyn, Editha Cabble, Philip Greenaway, William Kattler, and Janet Scott. Other committees are: Class Will- Bette Better, Chairman Francis Little Mary Mandrus Class Prophecy - Barbara Gordon, Chairman Walter Dembek Peter Kozik Class Ballot - Gloria Guerra, Chairman Isabel McGovern Joseph Delaney and finally the class history committee which respectfully submits this document. Fred Carlson Albert Opitz Eileen Lynch, Chairman sir.. 3+- Yfri War.. X1 - ws- tlfgjgmlu CIASS Wlll UF 1941 xi-lb 065-2 We, the graduating class of 1941, having retained to some measure our physical and mental equilibrium, do hereby bequeath, devise, and bestow property herein to said beneficiaries witlf I high hopes that they will be received and cherished with due respect and appreciation. To our esteemed advisers, Mr. Cowing, Mr. Hansen, Miss Horrigan, and Miss Hawkins, we leave a vote of thanks for their help and consideration in guiding us through Tech. To our beloved principal, Mr. Kiley, we leave our sincere thanks for his guidance throughout our life at Tech, and we hope that the coming class will continue to cooperate with him as we have. Billy Watts leaves his high water pants to anyone who gets caught in the next flood. Warren Huse leaves his best seller, "How To Get Through Tech Without Doing Homework", to Bernard Kelleher. Alice Martin, our school-girl-complexioned cherub, wills her rosy cheeks to Doris Richards, our pale-face friend. , Marion Childs leaves her ability to get her man to anyone who has not yet solved that sweet mystery of life. Editha Cabble requests that a legacy be established to provide a certain French teacher with a shiny red apple as a token of their great and mutual friendship. Emile Biscaldi wills his wave-set lotion and eyelashes to Charlie Firth. "Doug" Hannah leaves 12f13ths of his speaking ability to Ralph Bellows. Hannah says that he will need the other 13th to keep up with Mr. Winchell. John McClean leaves about four inches of his height to Bobby Larson, our cheer leader, who we are sure can use it. Shirley Ogston wills her potato chips to anyone who can eat them in Miss Miller's room and get away with it. Fred Souvigney leaves his perpetual laugh and corridor capers to one quiet George Harrington. Jimmy Fleming wills his gift of gab to Warren Chapin who, he hopes, will grab the gift. Roxie Assarian wills her physical ability and athletic prowess to one Dorothea Lafferty. Charles Greenaway leaves all experiments and experiences in chemistry to Warren Russell who he hopes will N OT blow up the school. E Mitch Arabik wills his draft number OOOOIVZ to Kenneth Lafferty who will soon find use for it. u Lg- William Gilbert bequeaths a large box overflowing with plausible excuses for every occasion, W' to any student in dire need of them. 1 V+:- is-:-fs l I Xfir- Y To Frances Smart, Muriel Gaffney leaves her reserved seat in the office. To the next class, we leave a piece of cloth 12' by 14' and a bar of soap to wash the windows in 1 320, in hopes that thus they may see the soldiers working in the old Trade school. Bernard Tourangeau reluctantly wills his vast feminine following to Freddy Wilmot, a future glamour boy. Genevieve Kulig, our master exponent in the art of jitterbugging, wills to Charlie MacAndrews her ability to shake a "mean leg". Lloyd Fairbanks as "THE" model stooge leaves his position empty, Peter Kozik leaves his roller skates to Hans Manz with the advice that he keep a soft pillow handy. Robert Cassidy wills his treasured traffic badge to Thomas Dion, who promises to keep it clean, polished, and shiny. Jackie Abair leaves his ability to run dimunitive damsels to Al George, who has a technique all his own. Doris Brouillet bequeathes her multitudinous heart throbs to her sister Gloria, and Harriet Brown, not that they need them. Eileen Lynch, our class secretary, leaves her naturalness and neatness to "Ginger" Graves. Handsome Stan Hoff hands to Yehudi his handbooks on "How To Hold His Heartbeatn, "Handy Hints", and "How To Become A Hermit". To any undergraduate, we bequeath Marcella Tortoriello's numerous vacations, with good faith in his nerve to take them. James Flanagan leaves his eye bending and slightly shocking necktieskto Billy Tucker provided he doesn,t let their wolfish appearance get the better of him. To our teachers during our three years at Technical, we leave a jar of vanishing cream in case we have been the cause of any added wrinkles. To Miss Bradley, we leave a group from the class of 1941 to help with the numerous chores in the office - or were we just a nuisance? In witness whereof, we have here unto subscribed our names and aflixed our seals, this the seventeenth day of January, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty one. Signed: xii- Bette Better, Chairman Mary Mandrus Francis Little sa.. tual F11 FQ 'Dare- IBL- Hmm Xb?-s PRUPHECY UF THE CLASS UF JANUARY, I94l bif- We were in low spirits, for this was the day we were to leave dear old Tech. We were in the assembly hall twiddling our thumbs when suddenly an ominous rumble was heard. The walls began to tremble, and from outside in the hall we could hear Hugh Culverhouse shout, "Blitz- krieg", Then with a blinding Hash everything went black. We were revived by a tall, good looking gentleman whom we recognized as Mr. Gifford ac- companied by his assistant, Don Allen. Asking what had happened, we were told that we had been in an explosion twenty years ago, and it wasn't until now that a formula had been found by Gordon Mulvey to revive us. Two gentlemen came up to speak to us, and to our amazement we saw that they were Mitch Arabick and Bob Cagan dressed like fashion plates. We learned that they were now the heads of the school board in Springfield. They took us to where Poole's had been twenty years before, but it had now been replaced by a huge building of plate glass and plastic extending from Main Street through to Broadway. There we were met by Doug Hannah with whom we cordially shook hands. As we went into the building, we were almost hit by a falling object. On looking up, we saw that it was not a piece of plastic but a wrench dropped by Bill Ahern, who was working himself into a lather trying to find what the matter was with the super aero bus that Carlo Calcagnini was trying to demonstrate to his guests, Lieutenant James Dowd of the United States Air Corps, Captain Lloyd Fairbanks of the Coast Guard, and two Navy fliers, Captain Joseph Pescetta and Lieutenant Pete Siciliano. The super-salesman, Carlo, was getting a rather hasty "raspberry" from Pilot Emile Biscaldi and Co-Pilot Joseph Delaney, who passed by in an old model 1956 aircruiser, which with the help of engineers, Bill Watts and Dave Downey, had been converted into a somewhat respectable replica of an aero bus. As we were anxious to get into the building, we all left the scene but not before we heard Carlo swearing to "skin alive" his engineers, Warren Huse and Earl Mason. Before we entered the building, we heard sympathetic taxi pilots, Edward Mahan and Francis Martin, trying to soothe the raging Carlo. Doug took us through the first floor which had everything from the most precious gems to a kitchen sink. We were conducted through the rest of the place by manager, Melvin Raichelson, who on the side still covered sport stories. In going through one room, we saw some of our old schoolmates, Jack F alvey, Frank Masko, Frank Seldon, and caught a swift glimpse of Bill Welch with his dignified ears. Passing from this room, we entered another which was a mass of paper and spitballs. We saw a blonde head emerge from a mass of paper, and the smiling face of Paul Gardell appeared. In this room we also saw Phil Greenaway, Carl Hastings, and Stan Hoff, the last one named running for the water cooler after being the recipient of one of Jerry Curto's patented "Hot Foots". Looking into the next room, we saw Dick Le Blanc brushing back his midnight locks to the hoots of Cliff Camp, Frank Paige, Glen Engel, Dick Hamlin, and Gerry Kane, who had won college fame as one of the "Galloping Goons". nf., egg D59 'WSL L 51- if-F' tlse-11 A111 After seeing so many familiar faces, we went to the left and spoke to George Cullinan, now known as the "Master of Melodyii. He was hurrying to his evening broadcast in studio A on the second floor. Being invited to go up, we did so and watched Gerry Tarrozi, leading the famous "Rendevous Revelersi' in an arrangement of J im Munsell's famous "Cinderella Waltz". While walking around the studio, we kept bumping into Captain James Flanagan still swinging that famous baton of his. 'iff- Upon leaving the studio, we were led into the "Wonder World of Fashion". In this section the women went through processes as though they were machine-made objects. When we entered the room, the trained nurse, Dorothy Howland, was giving a diet list to Doris Brouillet and Dorothy Putnam, while Helen Wadlegger, Irene Galligher, Isabel McGovern, and Eunice Zoosman were being given calorie gaining lists. As they all seemed to be very interested in what they were doing, we did not stop but continued our inspection. To the right, we could see a combination of hairstyling and hat designing. Mary Mandrus was the expert in this department and was doing Harriet Seibertis hair in the latest fashion, while Doris Reynolds was creating a plastic hat under hot water. We had heard of this process in 194-0 but had never realized that it would be put to such extensive use. Working with Mary were Madeline Bellotti and Rollande Brodeur, both of whom were doing excellent work. Keeping to the right, we saw the dress designers, Genevieve Kulig and Muriel Gaffney, draping the models, Virginia Wheeler and Fabiola Tardif. Mary DiBiaso was trying to sell clothes to Lady Elizabeth, known to us as Bette Better. As quickly as Lady Elizabeth decided what she wanted, the cloth was sent over to Fern Perkins and Gloria Guerra, who used the Power Stitch Machine, and before Lady Elizabeth could get her coat on, the gown was com- pleted. We were about to speak to them when Margaret Fields came dashing in and cried out in a loud voice that she had just seen Jackie Abair, the coach at Springfield College, by means of the tele- vision set. We asked Doug, who was still being trailed by Eileen Lynch, if he would mind show- ing us the television section. As we went through the corridors, we glanced into the furniture department where we recognized Lorraine Pidgeon, Shirley Dunham, Dorothy Carron, Editha Cabble, and Alice Martin all buying new gadgets for their lovely new homes. The television room was at the other end of the building from where we had started so that it gave us a chance to look about. One of the rooms that we passed was filled with small children, left by their parents who had gone shopping in the store. This department was in charge of Marion Childs, Lois Chick, and Marion Smith. As we turned away, we met Marcella Tortoriello wearing the most expensive furs. We asked Eileen what had become of the other girls who had been in our class. She told us Shirley Ugston, Helen Petrou, Roberta Russell, Jane Rostkowski, Nancy Tolman, Elva Went- worth, and Jean Wiley had been traveling in unknown parts of the world, and no one had heard from them for some time. As we entered the television room, we heard Jack Aitcheson explaining the technicalities to Howie Kelleher, now a great banker, Fred Carlson, Raymond Trombley, Albert Opitz, the re- nowned chemistry professor, and the learned David Cahill. Roxie Assarian, a reporter, stood nearby taking notes for her paper. Krs- 1 LIB- Jack Aitcheson pulled a lever, and suddenly we were back in the assembly hall still twiddling our thumbs. 5 iQ Don't blame us, it just happened. The remains - . X 1 Barbara Gordon, Chairman mdk Peter Kozik ' Walter Dembek n Y ill 4 l 'QT' 1 l'IlllTS-JUNE l'lASS ig , , , , ,, I SEATED U- Mr. N1ii1'k0llZl0, A1183 bwcnson. Mr. Pltzroy. hx STANDING ff Richard Durivk, Vivo Pre-sidvl1lg Mary Finn. Svvrvtarvz Alfred Gris? Trvasllrvrg Ralph Hollow s, l'r4'si1lvnt. K W5-'sy Test 4. Personality. He is mature, ambitious, and sensitive. yr?- They llid Not nrin QI X?-F-B tttiz.. rf Test 1. Scholarship. Warren was a member of Pro Merito throughout his three years at Tech. w Test 2. Leadership. He was secretary of Hi-Y and president ot junior Pro Merito his second 1 year. He was president ot the Massachusetts Pro Merito his second and third years. His last semester he was editor-in-chief of "Tech News". Test 3. Citizenship. He was a member at Student Patrol for three years. Any school cause found in him an able spealcer. Result: He received the school's highest award, the Charles F. Warner Achievement Medal. BEVERLY STANTON Test 1. Scholarship. Beverly was a member of Pro Merito during her three years at Tech. Test 2. Leadership. She was vice-president of her class in her freshman and iunior years, and during her senior year, she was president of G.A.A. and vice-president of Athenaeum. As "master" of ceremonies at our P.-l.A. meeting in the fall, she showed great poise. Test 3. Citizenship. She was on the Beautifica- tion Committee and was also a member of the Student Patrol. Test 4. Personality. She has genuine charm and considerable wit.l Ste- ' Result: She received the school's highest award, the Charles F. F. Warner Achievement Medal. init., Ah 'liv- THBEE YEAB HIJNUH CAIIETS 1 h Barbara Badger ,r,r , ' n my Boehm T Wr- un.- DE- T? VIE.. bfi- B .., btw- Vlrglnla Bracket! Warren Chapin Rglph Bellgwg Benjamin Chalmers Herherl Banaeker Josephine Clbnrowskl Joseph Bamhlsowskl F 112+-uulzun 4 mums YEAH Hamm cmuars Joseph llcllurlo n I. on ,. Norma Ile!-iimone loyola Doherty Helen G h Isl Mary Finn Terry G ii. gn- li enne nh Jenk s 'v-- 123:- F , Kr- MSF we :S Sq' ., .-.. THREE YEAH Hlllllllll CAIIETS 5'+-husllzuu S- X 05- ., ,.Q, , x, 2 ig. Murlnn lilefer Ge rgemm ls Frank Kin'-edge FTB!! Mllllllllllfllln Stephen lltrldes Emlly Lnlns Edith Packard William Lucey llnrln Richards 55-L V+- liar- hede .... nd- 4 Q.: VTE- Genrge Pepin ,eq liva- syi Wi yr-r- ' Q tif--919111111 t ey Ilnl Not Ilnlt X THREE YEAH HONOH CADETS Ruth Simgg Maureen Tahb Perry C. Smith .Inhn Talmadge Adam Sohulewslsl Eva Trac! l tix- VL- h.,d T ucke, tif- ' L Wifi- rly Stanton xt- 'E i ROSS FREDRICK ABARE, JR., 1910 Phoenix Ter. SFA' College Preparatory Course . . . "Flash" is going to Maryland University to study mechanical engineering. His idea of a good time is a 3 hayride during October. His hobby is model airplane designing . . . ROSEMARY GUINIVERE ABBOTT, 294-2 Main St. College Preparatory Course . . . Class Nominating Committee l, 3g Athenaeum 33 Class Dance Committee 2, 33 Tech News 1, 2, 3: Marion- ette Club lz S. A. Collector 3, Pro Merito 1, 2g Beautifi- cation Committee 2, 3, Le Salon lg Nisimaha 1, 2, 33 Class Ballot Committee 3 . . . "Cupie" intends to carve a x THOMAS D. ABRAMS, 126 Harvard St. . . . Ski Club 3, Corridor Guard I, 2, 3 . . . "Abe" wants to be a die sinker . . . WILLIAM ALFRED ADAMS, 1200 St. James Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . Nominating Committee lg Interclass Basketball lg Varsity Baseball l,2,3g Hi-Y 33 Class Colors Committee2 . . . ' Bill", who is happy all the time, hofpes to enter Springfield College and then enter the held o professional baseball. NORMAN ALLARD, 4-82 Chestnut Street General Course . . . Student Patrol 33 Choi-r 2, 3, Band 3: Junior Red Cross 3 . . . Norman wants to be a machinist or join the Navy. llis "pet peeve" is his adam's apple, and bowling is his hobby. lie has been a bugler at Camp Norwich. Watcllirlg Tech win a victory by about fifty points is his idea of a good time . . . DAVID ALLEN, Mardon St., East Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 2, 3: Chorus l, 2, Graduation Chorus 1, 23 Tech Tiger Staff 2g Tech News Staff 2, 33 Forum 3g Poetry Speaking 1, 2: Student Association Collector 1, 2, 3 . . . That bachelors' club, lli-Y, means the most to him. His hobby is writing. He says a good stiff argument with a member of the faculty is his idea of a good time. MILDRICD ALLEN, 65 Oak Grove Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . Class Treasurer l, 2: Nisimaha 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3g Motion Picture Appreciation Club l, 2, 3, Secretary 33 Athenaeum 2, 33 Le Salon 2, 3g G.A.A. lg Field Hockey 13 3. Class Dance Committee l, 2 . . . "Milly and Dave" go together like ham and eggs. She would like to be a dieti- tian. She is witty, dark haired, and has snappy brown eyes. Nisimaha Club meant the most to her. She is considered one of the best dancers in her class . . . HENRY ANDERSON, 195 Roosevelt Ave. General Course . . . Corridor Guard 3 . . . "Andy's" hobby is automobiles. llis idea ofa good time is money and a brunette . . . RICIIARD MAX ANDERSON, 88 Edgewood St. General Course . . . "Red" plans to enter Northeastern to study drafting or tool making. His idea of a good time is going to a foot- ."1 ball game or auto races . . . PASQUALE JOSEPH ANZALOTTI, 331 Walnut St. General Course . . . "Pat" wants to be a store keeper or a violinist. His idea ofa good time is to play in different sports . . . F- MATTHEW D. ARNOLD, 142 Belleclaire Ave., Longmeadow College Preparatory Course ' 'Q . . . Torch Club lg Jr. Hi-Y 2g IIi-Y 33, Photo Club 2, 33 Ski Club 2, 3 . . . "Matt" hopes to go to the University Q of New llampsliire and then become an electrical engineer. He likes photography and skiing. "A week of good skiing and a few dances thrown in" is his idea of a good time. , Ile hates his hair "because it never stays where I put it" . . . O LOUIS JOSEPH ARTIOLI, 120 Maynard St. Q General Course . ,,. V, "Lou" wants to be a civil engineer or an Army pilot. He f M., 0: 7 "" 1 W likes all sports but has underlined hockey, hunting, and 1 g' Tfpjti F fishing. He has worked for his father who is a contractor . . . Q ' , , Q "X I 1 - M niche for herself as a lawyer. 4 College Preparatory Course ' I I' MALCOLM G. AULD, 29 Rhinebeck Ave. General Course "Mal", who hates wearing glasses, has acted as a chauffeur. His hobby is stamp collecting and wood- working. Ile wants to make drafting his life work. Hts idea ofa good time is "going to a good hockey game" . . . ARDASIIUS AYKAINIAN, 9 Monlcalm St., I. O. I eneral Course electrician. llis hobby is making airplanes and experi tis:-iazul Ifsi.. 1 , . . , . . . "Dish", whose hair never stays down, wants to be an menting with electricity. Ile likes sports and dancing . . STEPIIEN AYKANIAN, I0 Lynes St., I. U. General Course for about three years . . . BARBARA ISADGER, 5 Abbe Avenue General Course . . . "Fish", uhose hobby is model airplanes and collecting stamps, hopes to be a machinist. Ile has delivered nulk . . . Nisimaha 2, 33 Motion Picture Appreciation Club I, 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary 2: Pro Menlo I, 2, 33 Member-at-large I, 2: Constitution Committee, Class Dance Committee 2 . . . Barbara has six nicknames, and 3,2351 admits she has a strange way of lalighmg. She hopes to be an aeronautical engineer. ller i ea of a good time is to go to an exciting football game and then to Wayside I for supper and dancing. She has worlttfrl Ill WV00lNUY'lIi S - - - WILLIAM BALBONI, 25 St. james Sl. is 'moncy and a brunette" . . . General Course . . . "Bill", "Bal", or "Spike", who wants to be an electrical en ineer, likes all sorts of sports. llis idea ofa good time ROBERT LAWRENCE BALLARD, 250 Commonwealth Ave College Preparatory Course TIIOMAS BARRETT, 153 Dwight Road General Course . . . Bowling Club 3: Chemistry Club 2, 3: Student Patrol 2, Lieutenant 2 . . . "Pudgy" wants to be a chemist. llis idea of a good time is a football game. Ilis hobbies are chemistry and bowling . . . . . . Corridor. Guard 3: Student Patrol I, 2 . . . Tom plans to enter the American International College, and wants to be an engineer . . . JEAN AVIS BATES, Pleasant St., East Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . .Orchestra I, 2. 3: Chorus I, 2, 31 Tennis I, 2, Bowling I. 2, 3: Athenaeum 2, 3: Nisimaha 3: Tech Tiger 3g G.A.A. I, 2. 3: Pro 'Nlerito I, 2, 3: S. A. Collector I, 2g Class Dance Chairman 3: Beautilication Committee 2, 3 .lt-an would like to be a dietitian or model and attend lframingham College . ATTILIO BAVIERI, 35 Wilcox Street . . . "Til" wants to he a tool maker or a machinist. His hobby is building small boats. Outside of school he has worked in a men's elothing store . . . EMILY JEAN BECKER, 836 White St. . . . "Becky" would like to be a hairdresser. She was very studious and quiet a dance . . . General Course General Course while in school. She enjoys a party or l THEODORE EDWARD BECKER, 156 Woodlawn St. ' E192 IVF- General Course "Ted" is undecided about the school he will go to, he wants to be a sanitary engineer. Ile enjoys going quiet dance . . . RALPII CLIFFORD BELLOWS, 26 Eckington St. College Preparatory Course . . . Torch Club I: Student Council I, 2, 3, Secretary 33 Class Dance Committee I, 2, 3, Pro Merito I, 2, 3, Presi- dent 35 Ili-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 2, President 3g S. A. Collector 2, Student Patrol 3, Class President 3 . . . "Shorty" says his height, six feet two, has its advantages and disadvan- tages lle plans to enter Worcester Tech and become an B engineer. A W A 'K , x W., ,M ,,---.....,.... 1 t ,.X e vtwciatw ISELLUCCI, 510 Newbury st. tx. General Course . . . "Vinnie", who wants to get into aeronautics, has 1 K worked in various stores. llis hobby is playing various sports, and he also enjoys dancing and parties . . . . . . "Berg" wo times l have t l1IRNlCS'l' ISICIZGICRON, 21-6 Worcester St., the navy. Model airplane building is his hobby. "Some- it when l need it", he admits. llis idea of a good time is to go to a dance, a good movie, or a football game . . . Indian Orchard General Course g Q uld like to be a machinist or a draftsman in oo much nerve when l shouldn't and lack WILLIAM lll'IS'l'. 92 Redlands St. HGQF. 1 ff , ,ES lll'illlll'iRT l'i. BUNACKER, 63 Willard Ave, . . . Pro General Course Mcrito l, 2. 3 . . . "Herb", who never wears a tie, wants to be an engineer. llis hobbies are sports, stamps, and airplanes, andlite also enjoys dancing.. . llUMl'ilt llUlllll'iAllX, 92 Sunapee St. ., . .. . . . Shorty . whose hobby is motion picture photography wants to be a motion picture operator. lle enjoys a good show . . . Wll,l.lAh1 IYUURUUN, 'PT Ardmore Street General Course College Preparatory Course "Hill" wants to be a die sinker. llis hobby is camp- ing. . . tm!- llAliRlS li0li'l'Wl'Il.l., JR., I7 Cherry St. Applied Arts Course . . . Student Council l: Radio Club l: "Tech Tiger', Collector: Golf 2: S. A. Collector l, 2, 3 . . . "Buster" wants to go to Northeastern University to study electrical engineering. lle doesn't like his weig it, but has enjoyed being S. A. collector, for "it has taught me how to meet all types of personalities". Ile has been a salesman in a store and a machine operator in a factory. ALl"RlClJ M. HUWICN, 3rd, 132 Maynard St. General Cottrse W . . . .. . Lhorus l. 2. 3 . . . "Al '. who enjoys most outdoor sports, has peddled papers outside ol' school. lle wants to be a civil en-'ineer . . . O ' PPD- vttuztsm ANN l!RACKli'l"l', 55 Ranney st. College Preparatory Course tion Picture Appreciation Club l, 2: tis:- L..' lliif... becoming a nurse. ller favorite pastime . . . Pro Merito l, 2, 3: Nisituaha 2, 3: Secretvary.3L Athenaeum 2, 3: Program Chairman 3: ll08llllllt'8ll0tl Committee 2, 3: "'l'ech News" 2, 3, Club l'lditor 3: Mo- "Tech Tiger" 3: Class Dance Committee 2: Chorus I, 2, 3: llaskctball l, 2: Tennis l, 2: Apparatus Club l, 2: Golf 3 . . . "Ginny" plans to enter Presbyterian Nurse Training School in New York to make real her dreams of College Preparatory Course lli-Y 2, 3: Soccer I. 2 . . . "Hill" plans to take some apprenticeship course and later become an electrical engi- Ile could be found at lli-Y buried in a book or magazine. Keep smiling, ltill . . . ,IA M ICS l'llliNlCS'l' lilC'l"l'l'Zlt Ll'iY, 25 Spencer St. College Preparatory Course . . . Chorus 2: Tech Tiger 3: Orchestra 3: Spring Fever Committee 2: Tech News 2, Business Mgr. Tech News 3: lli-Y 2, 3: Member ol' Student Council 3, Board of Direc- tors of Student Counsel 3 . . . ",lini" is an ambitious young man who gives the impression of having a purpose in life. 'ejitnu wottld like to go into engineering or advertising . . DURUTIIY .l0SlCPlllNl'i llUl'IllM, I78 llelmont Ave. Applied Arts . . . "Dot" would like to attend an art school to become a designer. ller bobby is collecting stamps and miniature horses. ller idea of a good time is to get a crowd of girls together for slipper and go to a show afterwards . . . ARTHUR 0. HOLIJUAN, 27 liagle St. General Course . . .Track Team 2, 3 . . . "Squeaky" wants to attend Trade Evening School to learn to be a machinist. llis hobbies are stamps, airplanes, and sports, and he enjoys a gpod party and dancing. lle has run a motion picture mac ine for the l"ilm Forum and also worked on a tobacco farm . . . G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: is reading. N: it RICHARD BRAGG 372 Dickinson Street X 1 General Course . . . "Dick" wants to be a tool maker or an air conditioning N technician. His hobby is collecting phonograph records. CLARK BRYAN, 94 Hawthorne St., Longmeadow Q College Preparatory Course . . . To become a mechanical engineer is the chief ambition of Clark. He is a happy-go-lucky chap who enjoys ood clean fun. When he wasn'l working with someiing mechanical, he was doing church work and attending DeMolay . . . KENNETH BUSIERE, 81 Bowles St. General Course time . . . WILLIAM CANNING, 79 Carver Street General Course is to take a trip with a "gang of fellows" . . . . . "Goldie" wants to be a pilot or a mechanic on some airline. His hobbies are air mlanes, flytying, hunting, and fishing . . . "Ken" has worked in a restaurant in Con- necticut. Parties and dances are his ideas of a good . . . "Bill's" hobby is traveling. His idea of a good time RICHARD CARR, 37 Chapel St. N- WL- MARIAN ICLICANOR CASIC, 26 Manitoba St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Tech News" Reporter 2, 3g "Tech Tiger" 2, Editor 3, Pro Merito I, 2, 33 Student Patrol 2, 3, Nisimaha'2g German Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3 . . . Universit? of Maine is "Mar's" choice. She was one of the few gir s on the Student Patrol. ABRAHAM CATTER, 56 Greenwood St. . . . "Abner", who likes his hei ht, wants to be a skilled machinist. His hobby is maiing new and different objects. Outside of school, he has retreaded tires and made parlor furniture . . . General Course BEN AMIN WALLACE CIIALMERS .IR .I , -, 25 St. James Ave. College Preparatory Course Band Ig Air ilane Club l, 2, 3, Hi-Y 3 . . . "Ben" certainly is one ol1Tech's accomplished Romeos, although he hasn't found his permanent Juliet as yet. He hopes to enter aeronautics or farming. "Red's" idea of a good time is a good model airplane meet. 111+ We 'gi mil- HENRY CHAMPAGNEY, 1589 Dwight St. General Course . . . Hockey 3 . . . "Hank", who wants to be a salesman, is very fond of boating. His idea of a good time is "plenty of laughs" and roller skating . . . WARREN KENDALL CIIAPIN, 15 Audubon Street General Course . . . Torch Club lg Junior Hi-Y 2, Secretary 2: Senior Hi-Y 3: Student Patrol l, 2, 3g Dramatic Club 23 Chem- istr Club 2, 3: Junior Pro Merito l, 2, Senior Pro Merito 3, State President of Jr. and Sr. Pro Merito Societies 2, 3, Chairman Class Dance 2, Tech News 2, 3, Reci ient of the American Le ion Civics and Citizenship Mlizdal 23 Editor-in-Chief wlgech News" 3 . . . Applied Arts Course ALA NORBERT CHEESEMAN, 42 Sylvan St. . . . Mixed Chorus I, 2, 33 Band 2, 3, Operetta lg Radio Work Shop . . . "Nor" has driven a delivery truck and sold ice cream. His hobby is woodworking. A good party is his idea of a good time. He dislikes his broken nose . . . General Course . . . "Dick", who hates to wear neckties but likes to dance, wants to be a machinist. He has been a clerk in a store outside of school . . . GILBERT J. CARRIERE, I89 Quincy St. General Course . . . "Gi Gi", who has worked in a store, wants to be a machinist. He enjoys dancing, but doesn't like to wear neckties . . . x 13 3 1' lg 'N -.,f 3- 9 ' 'L 3 4 V.. ff4"E'l1 :??'3'?.". Lmxm C , , X . . -, 'Y as M5 QUENTIN J. CIIICA, 144 King st. EDWARD CLEARY, 69 Cedar Street General Course . . . Student Patrol l, 2, 3, Captain 2, Chief3g Radio Club lg Photo Club lg lli-Y 3: Orchestra I, 2, Band 2, 3, Student Council 3 . . . "Ed" wants to be a linotype o rerator or pressman al the "Daily News". llis hobby is driving. Outside of school he has worked in the mailing room ofthe "Daily News," as a hcl vcr on a 3-ton newspaper truck, and as a driver for the "Republican" . . . RONALD Cl.EMl'iN'l'S, 37 Prentice St. General Course College Preparatory Course .Football2 . .. Y LINDSEY M. CHILSON, 245 Norfolk St. 4 College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 2, 3, President 2, Sergeant-at-arms 3, Torch Club l, Secretary lg Student Council 2, 33 Slam Club 2, 3, President 2, 3: Tech Forum 2, 3, President Stu- dent Patrol 2g Bowling Club lg Chairman of Senior Prom 3, Toastmaster, Class Banquet . . . "Bud" wants to be a surgeon. llasn't he something of a bedside manner al- reat y? lle was always willing to lend his "swell" collection of records for a tea dance. Bud has been a camp councilor ' and is interested in stamps. 54 JOSEPIIINE CIBROWSKI, 15 Allendale St. General Course . . . For her life work, "Joe" would like tn work in an oliice. She has made a model plane. She likes dancing . . . FRANCIS LEONARD CIGNOLI, 25 Strong Ave. General Course . . . "Ciggie" would like to be a machinist or a tool maker. He collects minerals in his spare time and cnjoys skating and dancing . . . ERNEST A. CIGNONI, 91 Ambrose St. General Course and he enjoys playing sports and games . . . RICHARD CLARK, 75 Rockland Street General Course I .4 . . . "Cig" wants to be a machinistf llis hobby is airplanes, . . . Hi-Y 2, 3, Assistant Football Manager 3 . . . "Itchy" wants to work in shipyard machine shops. His hobby is shopwork. He distinctly does not like to get dressed up . . . . . . Baseball l, 23 Class Constitution l . . . "Clem" plans to be u machinist. Among his interests are sports, his clothes, and dancing . . . GRACE MARY CLUNE, 30 Langdon St. . . . G.A.A. l. 2: llockey l: Soccer lg Basketball 2 . . . "Gracie" or "l,.crney" would like to be a laboratory tech- nician. She enjoys dancing . . . RALPH COGNAC, 92 Girard Ave. . . . Dramatic Club 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3, Upper llouse 3: Student Patrol 33 Soccer l, 2, 3g Hi-Y 3 . . . "Connie" plans to cnter Wentworth lnstitute and become an aeronautical engineer. Stamps, sports, and sleeping are his hobbies. lie has worked as a butcher in Rood NVoodbury's. llc enjoys going on hayrides . . . 'F'- . lik- -. ISL- General Course General Course DANIEL W. CONNELL, 7 Harlan Street College Preparatory Course . . . "Dan", who really enjoys playing the piano, wants to work m a maclnne shop. Outside of schoo he has worked in a grocery store . . . BETTY A. CONSEDINE, I97 Pasco Rd., I. O. General Course . . . "Betty", who is small in stature, plans to enter nursing. When not enga ed in stamp collecting or playing basket- ball, Betty can ie found cutting capers at a roller skating rink . . . about mod el Q . ...Q M Q 'f . 4 t as DONALD CULVER, 58 Marlborough Street General Course . . . "Don" is going to enter Boston Nautical School in order to be a captain of a vessel. llc has been log keeper of the Massassoit Rudder Club for the last two years . . . WAYNE CURTIS, 40 Morgan St. General Course . . . "Bones" hopes to be a journalist. llis idea of a time is "plenty of money and a beautiful girl" . . . THOMAS CURTO, 9l Mooreland St. General Course . . . Corridor Guard 3 . . . "Tommy" would like to engineer or a machinist. Ile has been a baker, but he's not one by trade. llis hobby is girls, and he enjoys going to parties with them . . . JOSEPH DAMBKOWSKI, 29 Sullivan St. General Course . . . Pro Merito l, 2 . . . "Joe" would like to be He has worked in a store in his spare time . . . IRWIN A. DARRAH, 79 Silver St. I College Preparatory txt--. x me E 1 O technical college. He would like t HERMAN SOLOMAN DAVIDSON, 490 Chestnut St. General Course X O . . . Herman wishes to be an air pilot. Stamp and coin ' collecting are his hobbies . . I Ax 4 DUDLEY CONVERSE., 101 Perkins Street . . . Torch Club Ig Hi-Y 2, 3g Student Council 3g Student Patrol, 2, 3g Hockey 3 . . . "Dud" plans to enter Admiral Billard Academy and then the Coast Guard or the Mer- chant Marine. His hobbies are sailing and hockey . . . FREDERICK CORDNER, R. F. D. All . . . Forum Ig Soccer I, 2g Tennis 1, 2, 33 Track lg Con- stitution Committee l . . . "Beezy" hopes to enter some machinist. He has taken a bicycle trip to Florida. His idea of a good time is to have several couples go on a long hike and t en let the girls cook a supper . . . College Preparatory Course ' tis-tant Sw- l KN- College Preparatory Course . . . Torch Club Ig ,lunior Ili-Y 2g Sr. Hi-Y 33 Student Patrol 2 3: S. A. Collector I, 2, 3 . . . "Cordy" is undecided his life work. His hobbies are sports, radio, and airplanes . . . EDWARD CORMIER, I58 Littleton St. Applied Arts Course . . Class Nominating Committee lg Class Constitution l: Student Collector I, 2, Writers' Club 2, 3 . . 1 "Ed" plans to enter Rhode Island School of Design and become a designer or an architect. Sea Scouts and drawing are his interests. Ile was a member of the National Guard for hree years . . . GENEVIEVE COWRY, 336 Chestnut St. Applied Arts Course "Gena's" a tiny girl with a Bonnie Baker voice and would like to make singing her life work. She collects stamps and was librarian at the Girls' Club reading room . . . HARRY CRAMER, 133 Edendale St. College Preparatory Course . . . Baseball I, 2, 3g Volleyball, Interclass liasketball . . "Doc Cramer Second", who plans to enter Duke llniver sity, would like to become a baseball coach or an engineer He was a camp counselor last summer A . . JOHN CRUICKSIIANK, ll Parkwood Street General Course . . . Soccer I, 2, 3g Tennis 1, 2, 3 . . . "Scotty" would like to become a Postal Railwav clerk. Ile plays in an or- chestra outside of school. He also enjoys a good garlic of hockey . . . W1 be an a tool maker. Course 0 be an engineer or a f ' 9 W THOMAS DAVIES, 33 Arthur St. Q General Course X . . . "Tom", a quiet fellow, plans to be a machinist or a conservation worker. He has worked in the tobacco field 34 and enjoys fishing . . . lbs--. ,IOSEPII DIC CARLO, 65 Shamrock Street Q College Preparatory Course . . . Student Cottncil lg Italian Clttb President 2g Nomi- K nating Cotntttittee 2 . . . Being interested in all sorts of sports,.".Ioe" wants to be a coaclt or sports annottneer. Attending a big Ieagtte baseball game or college football game is ltis idea of a good time . . . IIERBERT DELASCO, 214 Pearl Street General Course N: IIerky" plans to ettter Michigan State and work in atr conditioning or be a transport or army pilot. llis hobby is roller skating . . . LOUIS Dl'ILLICCl'lSI'I, 87 Maryland St. College Preparatory Cottrse . . . "Lou" hopes to go to Blue Ridge, Maryland and has an NICHOLAS LAWR ICNCE DE PINTO, Boston Rd., f 51 -Ns 35 A t . g f t is A . 1 I ff!! 'i I V . . t , 5,1154 5517 5, ' 5. .' ambition to be an active flyer in the Army Air Corps. Ile has been a chauffeur and also worked in several grocery stores. Ile enjoys driving a good automobile or taking a very pretty girl ottt dancing . . . North Wilbrahatn General Course Student Patrol 2: Pro Merito I, 2, 3: S. A. Collector I "Nick" would like to be a shop teacher at Tech. He plans to go to Northeastern nights. llis hobby is making tractors ottt of old automobiles . . . NORMA DIC SIMONE, 47 Windsor Street College Preparatory Course . . .Pro Merito I, 2, 3: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3 Tennis lg Ap varatus I: Beatttilication Committee 2 Vice President Iltalian Club 2: Nisimaha 35 Athenaeum 3 Stttdent Council 3: Motion Picture A rpreciation 2. 3 Tech News 2, 3: Badminton and Ping IPong 2, 3g College Preparatory Cottrse RICIIARD IRWIN DIBBLE, Main Street, Wilbrahattt College Preparatory Course . . . "Dick's" 6 feet 2 inches of height put him way up in the clouds, attd he's proud of it. Bowling and model airplane construction occupy ltis leisttre tittte. Aeronatttical or mechanical engineering is his choice for his life work, for which he hopes to prepare himself at M.I,'I' .... ROBl'Zlt'l' I". DISCO, 3-I Santa Barbara St., E. Springfield 'Q . . . "Bob" plans to enter Springfield Civil Service School to be a mail clerk or an electrician. llis Itobby is repairing things. llis idea of a good time is watching a good foot- ball gatne between Tech and Cathedral, or a hockey game . . . IIOIIICIVI' W. IJUANIC, 36 Osgood St. General Course . . . lnterclass Basketball Ig Varsity Basketball I, 2, 3 "Bobby" is particularly fond of sports and was an out- standing basket mall player in his junior and senior years. Ile likes to dttte ottt attd make an evening of it . . . LOYOLA DOIIICRTY, I2 Berkshire Street, Ittdian Orchard College Preparatory Course . . . IIB Class Dance Committee: Track 3 . . . "Dick" has helped his father make sets of false teeth. Attterican Ittternational College is his next nlace of learning. He hopes to be a chemical engineer. Ile has a grand imagina- tion since his idea ofa good tittte is "a crttise in a good boat in tlte Sotttlt Seas with some good photographic equipment" . . . ROBERT DONAHUE, 36 Liberty St. General Course "Bob" wants to be an airplane pilot Ile en'o s sports and long atttotttobtle trt as and he btttlds tttode s 1 is and airplanes... I I I YM- It RICHARD .I DONOVAN 149 Fddy St General Course s H . . . . "Lightning" would like to play professional baseball . . . 1 1 3 RICHARD DURICK, 30 Wexford Street College Preparatory Course . . . Class Treasurer 1, 23 Torch lg Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer of Hi-Y 2, Assistant Treasurer 3, President 33 Forum 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 2, President 3, Student Patrol 1, 2, 3, Lieutenant 3, Tech Tiger 3: Class Vice President 3, . . . The clubs that means most to "Dick" are Hi-Y and De Mola , an outside club. Dick's idea of a ood time is goinlg to lloston with some of the De Molay boys. He is six eet three inches tall. His future plans are to attend Worcester Academy, then go to Norwicfi which will prepare ALLAN DOUGHERTY, 31 Sargon St . . "Al", always smiling, would like to be an aeronautical engineer or a chemist. He likes to collect stamps and . I - College Preparatory Course tg H ll 11 X make model airplanes ln his leisure time DAVID DOUTHWRIGHT, 53 Keith St. General Course . . . "Lucky" plans to enter S ringfield College and would like to own a string of race fiorses or be a gym teacher. His hobby is boxing. Outside of school he disturbs pin- balls and slot machines. He likes to go skating or play a game of hockey or go horseback riding . . . 31- lit- JAMES P. DOWD, JR., 118 Westford Circle General Course . . . "Jim" hopes to enter A.I.C. Later he would like to l enter the Army Air Corse. Ile was a hopper and con- veyor for the ' Stpringfiel Union". He enjoys a football game or a show ate . . . HARRISON ROBERT DOWNER, JR., 385 Newbury St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Sonny" expects to hel his father in the General Truckingl Business. His hobby is collecting stamps and rocks. e did some steel work for C. C. Lewis Co. He is a grand talker. He enjoys roller skating, going for a ride afterwards, and stopping where there is dining and dancing. He recommends Canobie Lake, New Hampshire for a sum- mer vacation . . . BURTIS B. DRESSER, 138 Berkshire Ave. General Course . . . Band 2, 3 . . . "Burt" would like to become a skilled machinist after graduatin . He has worked on a farm for two summer vacations. He likes to build boats and model airplanes . . . DONALD DUNLEA, Hampden General Course . . . "Don" will enter the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and plans to be a game warden. His hobbies naturally enough are hunting, trapping, and fishing . . . him to be a chemical engineer . . . FRANCIS DONALD EASTON, 31 Wigwam Place General Course . . . Class Nominating Committee 1, 3, Baseball 13 Stu- dent Patrol 3 . . . "Franny" has a friendly disposition. He would like to be a professional hockey player or coach . . . .lOllN A. EVANS, 100 Wilbur St. College Preparatory Course . . . Comitia l, 2, 3 . . . Union is ,lohn's college choice. His ' hobby is stamp collecting . . . JOHN J. EVANS, 366 Nottingham St. . . . "Jack" would like to be a draftsman or a toolmaker. llis hobby is airplane model making. He enjoys swim- General Course Q ming . . . GERALDINE EWING, 3146 Main St. M 1 General Course . . . Gerry, sometimes called "Tessina", would like to become a dress desi ner or enter the advertising business. She loves to go ffancing with a nice crowd . . . , S XH- KENNETH IRVING FANCHER, 33 Acushnet Ave. General Course . . . Dramatic Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 3 . . . "Ken" wants to be a draftsman or work at air-conditionin . He has studied air-conditioning outside of school. IE-Y has meant the most to him. "Ken's" idea of a good time is dancing, singing, or seeing a good movie. ' Ken" should like his wavy air and nice teeth . . . sm' is Q 3' u 6 swiss Ng? RR t I F. - . . ..,,,.,.,....,.,----Y--W -- RICHARD J. FANNING 84 Commonwealth Ave. - Applied Arts Course . . Radio Club 1' Chairman Class Nominating Commit- tee I' Tech News Reporter I' Sidelines Fditor 2 Editor- 1n-Chief3' Band 2 3 . . . Dick wants to be a professional musician. Outside of school he spent time last fall cam- paigning for one of thc Presidential candidates. Ile likes to address large audiences or debate economic theories. He always has very strong opinions backed up by argu- ments . . . College Preparatory Course We-t :ut ws... . . .- Soccer I: Softball l, 3: Class Dance Committee lg FLORENCE PARRELL, l09 lfarnsworth Street i A Hockey 2, Basketball 2, 3: Badminton 2, 3, Volleyball 3 . . . "F 0" plans to enter Bay Path ami become a telegraph operator. ller hobby is buying clothes . . . ,IOIIN FARRELL, 810 Belmont Avenue General Course . . . ,lack's hobby is photography. Ile hopes to become an aeronautical en ineer. ,lack is shy but friendly, and his capacity for good, clean fun is unlimited. . . 4 MARY CARMELITA FEENEY, 65 Spring St. College Preparatory Course . . . Stamp Club 3, Chemistry Club 2, Nisimaha 3, Basket- ball 3, Tennis 3 . . . "Mare's" ambition is to be an X-ray technician, and she will attend Emery University. She is full of fun and says that she has fun anytime she's with the "right" person. She belongs to the Sewing and Knitting Clubs sponsored by the .lunior Achievement Foundation andlslas won four first prizes and two second prizes on ber wor . . . LOUIS ALBERT FERIOLI, Jr., I9 Mattoon St. General Course . . . Tech News 2 . . . "Louie" plans to be a machinist . . DONALD O. FIICIIO, 672 Chestnut St. General Course o l,2,3g MARY PATRICIA FINN, 29 Draper Street College Preparatory Course . . . Class Secretary I, 2, 3: C.A.A. I, 2: Nisimaha 2, 3, Program Chairman 3: Atheucaum 2, 3, Treasurer 3: Beautilication Committee 2, 3: Class Dance Committee l, 2, 3: Tech News 2, 3: Tech Tiger 3: Pro Merilo I, 2, 3, Secretary 3: Basketball I, 2: Student Patrol 2, 3, Field llockey I, 2: Tennis I . . . Mary wants to be a nurse or a dietitian. ller hobbies are dancing and sewing. CIIAR LO'l"I'IC FITZROY, 67 Noel Street College Preparatory Course . . . Nisimaha 2, 3, Yice President 3: Pro Merit . . . Photography Club I, 2 . . . "Don" hopes to design wall paper or stained glass windows after attending Pratt nstitute. Ile has done color photography outside Of school . . . F- Motion Picture Appreciation 21 Athenaeum 2, 3g Basket- ball I: G.A.A. I . . . Nisimaha meant most to Charlotte since she is interested in Y.W.C.A. activities. STANTON FOLEY, 94 Westmoreland Ave., Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . Ili-Y 3 . . . "Foo" plans to enter Mass. State and become a farmer. Clock-making is his hobby. llls favorite expression is "P" gosh sakes" . . . BERNARD WILLIAM FORD, 31 Converse St. "Bunny's" hobby is photography, and his idea ofa good time is fencing. Ile is planning to go to Trade School and become a tool maker . . . General Course ANN FRAGOMENI, I0 Rutledge Ave. General Course . . . Italian Club 2, Dramatic Club 3 . . . Ann expects to enter Sprinfiicld Beauty Academy to become a beauty culturist. The Dramatic Club meant lll0Sl to her. ller idea of fun is skating. She dislikes being so tiny. She has a lovely soprano voice . . . 'F ISE... LILA FRANCIS, 35 Noel Sl. General Course . . . Constitution Committee lg Nominating Committee lg Class Social Committee lg llockey Ig A 1 aratus lg Swimming lg Tech News 33 Tech 'liger 3, Nisimaha 33 Pro Merilo I, 2, 3 . . . Lila, a happy-go-luck ' person, who is always laughing, would like to become a Jress designer. She enjoys collecting clippings of her friends, and Polish dancing. Chorus meant most to her . . . GEORGE FULLER, 171 College sl. X , College Preparatory Course . . . Pro Merito 1 . . . George says he likes best a solitary hunting trip. His ambition is to be a chemical engineer. 3 Quiet and conscientious, George will undoubtedly finish what he attempts . . . O HORACE RALPH GELINEAU, 399 Union St. General Course . . . Football 3 . . . "Gee" wants to enter the United States Naval Training School and be in the Navy or in aviation. His hobbies are sports and model aircraft. Outside of school he has worked at Milton IiradIey's. His idea of a SHIRLEY BLAIR FULLER, Scantic Rd., Hampden . . . Shirley would like to be a nurse. She has always done well in any type of math. She likes to go skating on a cold . ni ht. S e Ilas been an active member of the Ham den College Preparatory Course 4-II club where she canned fruits and vegetables, and' did Sh W it craft work. She is a member of the Grange . . . MARALEE GAGNIER, Ilillside Drive, Hampden General Course . . . "Lee" wants to do solne sort of art work, write, or be a nurse. Her Ilobbies are horseback riding and collecting and writing poelns. Olltside of school she has had charge of a Brownie Pack. VIRGINIA GALLAGHER, 888 Worthington Street General Course . . . Nisilnaha 3g G.A.A. 3 . . . "Ginger" wants to be a dietitian and will enter Iioston Cooking School. She transferred fI'0IIl Commerce in IIA. Her hobby is tap dancing, and she has entertained at various places. "Gin- ger" says she is "too small". Her idea of a wonderful time is going to watch "Tommy" play football. JOHN CARLTON GARON, 62 Iiliss Road, Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . Torch Clllb Ig Jr. Hi-Y 2 . . . "Johnny" plans to enter Boston or Gulliard College of Music and make music his life work. Ile has "a good time at everything". GEORGE GARVEY, 91 Wilbur Street General Course . . . "Garv" wants to be a machinist or a saleslllan. When- . . ever a person speaks to hlm, he always asks "Whal?' even if he Ilears them . . . . . . "Larry" plans to enter a die good tilne is going out with all the "felIers" . . . ae.. S+- lm?-L ARNOLD RALPH GILMORE, 77 Denver St. General Course . . . "Arnie" wallts to be ill the civil service or work in a IIIHCIIIIIC shop. Hunting and fishing are his hobbies. Outside of school, he has worked in a restaurant. His idea ofa good time is going ollt with a "gang" of fellows . . . MARION IIARRIICT GILPATRICK, 65 Maynard St. General Course . . . Dramatic Club 3 . . . "Pat" ex sects to enter S rri . . I Hospital and would like to be a stewardess. S e parties, dancing, and hayrides, blll dislikes Iler freckl ANDREW GLASSONOS, 76 Cortland Street College Preparatory Course . . . Intcrmural and Intcrclass Ilaskctball I, 2, 3g Soccer 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3, Ili-Y 3 . . . "Andy" hopes to go to college and study to be a mechanical engi- neer or chemist. He likes sports and dancing . . . ngfield enjoys es . . . ICLAINIC GLICASON, I2 Indialla Sl., Ili. Longmeadow General Course . . . Motion Pictttre Club I . . . Elaine! Institute, N. Y. to take up interior decorating. Iler hobb is "collecting movie stars", HIIII Iler idea of a good lillle i roller skating, shows, and football games . . . LAWRENCE M. GOODWIN, 73 Woolworth St., nlans to enter Pratt Lon meadow 5 General Course sel engineering school and become a diesel engineer. His hobby is amateur radio. 6 His idea of a good time is to go on a hunting party for a week AL I PEARL G Shorty has added her bit of sttnslnne to the halls of ORCZYCA, 134 Parker st., I. o. ' General Course Tech. She will have a merry time rushin in and out on 4 K. . . . In dinner gixefgqse Q her way to llay Path or Civil Service Schools. . . WINIFRICD I-IIAINIC GDULD, 50 Illiss St., Longmeadow life- General Course tersehool Nisiinaha I1 Swimming I, 2, 3 . . . "W'in- nie" would like to be a surgical nurse or a doctor's assistant. She enjoys a football game "and driving to Ilartford for and dancing" . . . IIFILICN GIIAIIDWSKI, II3 Tenth St. General Course . . . Athenaeum I, 2: I'ro Merito I, 2. 3: Dramatic Club 3 . . . Ilelen would like to go to Springfield Ilospital and take a nursing course. She has worked for the Community Chest at the Girls' Clttb. Dramatic Club and I'ro Merito meant the most to her. IIelen's hobby is dancing, btlt her idea of a 'ood time is an ice skating party with a hot dog roast and a sleigh ride. Ilelen dislikes her height, Bi- X565-Z CIIARLICS II. GRICICNWDDIJ, JR., I96 Central St. . . . Chess tlluli 2: Chemistry Club 3: Student Council 2g Corridor Guard 3 . . . "Chick" wants to be a ehemieal engineer or be a transport pilot. llis hobbies are conduct- ing chemistry experiments and photogra lhy. Uutside of sehool, he has worked ill the inenis department of Forbes and Wallace. Ile enjoys going on a hayride . . . DONALD M. GIIICGG, 3 liuekholz Street . . . S A Collector I: Ili-Y 3 . . . "Don" is going to be a machinist. Ile loves a good ice or roller skating party . . . LSP- College Preparatory Course ..l General Course IRGIC I'. GIIIIH IC. 70 N illa Parkway General Course .ankyn wants lobe a draftsman. Ile likes sports and going out with girls. Mr. llushey's drawing class has meant most to him . . . 'FICRRY l'1I.lZAlll'l'I'Il GRIIFIVIN, Main Sl.. Wilbraham College Preparatory Course . . . 'I'enuis I: Constitution Committee I: Ilasketball Ig Motion I'ieture Appreeiation Club I, 2: I"ieId llockey I, 2: G.A.A. I, ZZ, Secretary I, Treasurer 2: liadminton 2: Athenaeum 2, 3, President 3: "'l'et'h Tiger" 33 Pro Merito I, 2, 3 . . . Terry has nice eyes and a charming personality, although she is Iirst noticed for her unique hair style. She is an excellent tennis player and also enjoys skiing. Clothes are her hobby. She has just begun to realize her heart's desire, piano lessons. AI.I4'llICD GIIISIC, 47 Ilartford Ter. College Preparatory Course . . . Ili-Y I, 2. 3: Class Dance Committee 2, 3: Photog- raphy I . . . If ' Ifred isn t making important discoveries in chemical research he will be reseuin ' damsels in distress ef but it makes her good for modeling clothes... VENI+1'l'ltl PIO GIIASSI'f'I'I, 202 Tyler St. General Course . . . "Venti" wants to be an engineer or a draftsman. Air- planes are his hobby. Outside of school, he has worked in a store. Ilis idea ofa good time is to go hunting . . . VIRGINIA Rl"I'II GRAYICS, 285 Central St. General Course Tetzt-I" is known all over Tech for her friendly manner and the twinkle in her eye. She plans to be a nurse or a doctor's assistant and will go to A.I.C. and then to Springlield Ilospital. SIDNEY GRICICNISICRG, 35 West Alvord St. College Preparatory Cottrse . . . Airplane Club I: Photography I: Corridor Guard'l . . . "SIeepy" wants to go to the I'nivcrsity of Pennsylvania and be an aeronautical designer or an aeeottnlant. Ilia idea of a good time is to "listen to Tommy Dorsey with my favorite girl and then celebrate" . . . za... It" . . . Le Salon I, 2, 3 . . . "Gut-rt" is an active Sea Scout. llc Q plans to be a tool maker , , . , . g , at sea, as a member of the II. S. Coast Guard. Ile is con- sidering both Rensselaer Polytech and Union College . . . ROBERT J. GUICIITIN, 29 Lexington Ave. General Course EDWARD GUSTAFSON, 69 Wilbraham Rd. . X . General Course . . . "Bud" plans to work for the Telephone Company. X fe - His hobby is tying flies and fishing . . . 4 JOHN HACKETT, l5l Parker St., l. O. General Course n . . . "Jack" is interested in journalism. llis hobby is stamp collecting. lle knows what it is like to get u r at the break of day and peddle milk. lle doesn't like time way his hair falls in his eyes. llis idea of a good time is to "invade a soda fountain with the gang" . . . Y DONALD FRANKLIN HALL, 58 Meredith St. College Preparatory Course . . German Club 3: Forum 3g Senior lli-Y . . . "Don" GEORGE HARRINGTON, 20 East Alvord Street Applied Arts Course . . . Baseball l: Football l: Student Collector l, 2g Dra- matic Club 3, "What A Life" 3 . . . "Mike" plans to enter Rhode lsland School of Design and become an artist. Art work is also his hobby. Outside of school he has worked with asbestos, taken care of babies, and acted. will enter Mass. State and will take up aviation later. llis idea of a good time is dancing to the music of a good band. Carpentry is his hobby . . . JEAN M. HALL, 23 Pennsylvania Ave., General Course . . . Pro Merito lg Student Council lg Soccer l . . . "Porky", a tall brunette, hopes to become a musician. ln her ipipare time she has worked at Woolworth's. "Porky" otes upon dancing and sports . . . FARIS HALON, 80 Linden St. College Preparatory Course music . . . DONALD HANKS, 192 Norfolk Street General Course hobby is swimming . . . He enjoys singing swing songs and jitlerbugging alone . . . DAROLD ll . . . Hand l, 2: Track 2: Soccer 3 . . . "Speed" is another of those musical fellows. lle is planning to enter the Universitv of Michigan, and hopes to lead a band or teach FINRY IIARTWELL, 99 Rochelle St. College Preparatory Course music. l'le detests his hair standing out in back like a musician's . . . CLAYTON IIUSSICLI. HAWKES, H54 Dwight St. General Course . . . Clayton wants to join the Coast Guard or the Navy. His idea ofa good time is swimming or boating . . . bis- Yass- 174- ti:- "'ftVt'i.. to HARVEY l'l'IPI'l'1R l-ILL llAW'I'll0R N E, Cummington, Mass. College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 3, 'l'eeh News 3, Comilia 3, Student Patrol : . . llarvey has flown, and he would like to be an aeronautical engineer. Norwich University is his college choice . . . WlLLlAM K. HAYES, 7 Littleton St. General Course . . . Bill wants to be a fireman . . . HARRIET li. HENSHAW, 23 Dorset St. College Preparatory Course . . . Soccer lg Basketball lg G.A.A. l, 2g Hand 2, 3, Tech Tiger 33 Nisimaha 31 Stamp Club 3, Le Salon 3 . . . After one ear at A.l.C., "Carriet" will go to Springfield Hospital 'Iliaining School. She enjo s a good movie and loves to iek partridge berries. Cooking and sewing are her ho bies. Her reddish hair annoys her . . . 1 . . . Faris will enter Worcester Tech to study engineering. His idea of a good time is listening to some real good . . . Student Council 2, 3 . . . "Nancy" plans to enter New England Institute and become an undcrtaker. llis QC 9 .W 'KWH lv W. . . . vw- Y..-.Y1.-...- , L g WILLARD E. HICK, JR., 24 Silver st. - i College Preparatory Course Q V 1 A . . . Baseball 2, 3 . . . "Hicky" plans to enter Duke Univer- sity. He would like to become a professional baseball la - N at X er. He has worked in a machine shop outside of schoollil l'I'e O ' loves to go to dances . . . 32 Texel Drive Applied Arts Course E , X GEORGE LINCOLN ANTIIONY IIOPKINS, . . . "Bud" hopes to enter Rhode Island School of Design. llis hobby is drawing and eartooning. Ile is full of fun. llis idea of a good time is a cruise down the Connecticut River and around the Sound for a few weeks . . . '4 ROBICRT I". IIORGAN, 13 Freeman Terrace . . . Football 3: Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Interclass Basketball 3 . . . "Bob" has two interests: a civil service ' job and sports . . . ROBERT IIOUGIITON, 57 Preston St. College Preparatory Course . . . Inlcrclass Basketball I, 2: Intramural liasketball 2, 3 . . . "Hob" nlans to go to Springlield College and train to be a Y.M.C.A. worker among boys . . . RALPII EDWIN IIUIIACII, 27 Windeiiiere St. General Course . . . "Spunk" would like to be a draftsman or a machinist. He has worked on a farm outside of school. llis idea ofa good time is swimming and diving in a cool lake . . . ROBERT IIUGIIES, 3Il Allen Street College Preparatory Course . . . Torch Club I: Ili-Y 2, 3: Student Council 1: Dance Committee I . . . "Bob" wants to be an aeronautical engl- neer. llis favorite pastime is collecting swing records . . . JANE ANNE IIURLEY, 953 Liberty St. College Preparatory Course . . . C.A.A. lg Nisimaha 3 . . . ,lane plans to take up nursing. Her hobby is bowlin 1, and her idea ofa good time is having fun with a group ofiiioys and girls . . . WILLIAM .I. IIYLAND, 30 Taylor St., E. Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . Student Patrol 2.3 Torch Treasurer lg Ili-Y 2, 3, Vice President 23 Pro Merito I, 2, 33 Student Council l, 2, 3g Class President I, 2: Member of Upper House 1, 2, 3 . . . "Bill" wants to enter an engineering college . . . MARVIN JACOBS, 68 Rifle St. , General Course . . . "Jake" wants to be a physical education director. llis hobby is sports . . . KENNICTII BROWNINC JENKS, 96 West Alvord St. College Preparatory Course . . . French Club l, 2. 3, Treasurer 3: Chemistry Club 2, 3 Treasurer 3: Ili-Y 2, 3g Pro Merito I, 2, 3: Student Council 3 . . . "Ken" plans to go to college, but he isn't sure where. Gardening is his hobby. His idea of a good time is to go Iishing and come back with some fish. Ken says he would like to borrow about twenty pounds from F- "I op" Ellis . . . TQ RALPII .IOCELYN . . . See sketch in January group . . . K ta 3 FRASER R. JOHNSON, 278 Plumtree Road . General Course 1 . . . "Fray" wants to be an engineerin contractor or a Q Naval officer. llis hobby is sports. lie has done car- pentry work outside of school . . . -A.: General Course I l don't get it" . . . is collecting coins . . . MITCHELL KILUK, 527 Franklin St. General Course . . . "Micky", who likes his loud colored sweater, hopes to go to Bay Path and wants to be an optician. Outside of school, he has painted houses. He enjoys a good game of hockey. His hobby is photography . . . A. JOSEPH KING, Glendale Rd., Ilampden General Course . . . "Joe" would like to be a commercial pilot or an airplane mechanic. He putters with wireless and air lanes in his spare time. He has dug graves outside of sciiool. "Joe" t inks he isn't tall enough. He enjoys football ames and a celebration afterwards with a "bunch" of frienss . . . WILLIAM KIRCHERR, 52 Wilmont Street College Preparatory Course . . . Student Patrol 2 . . . "Bill" mlays the piano accordion and would like to play in a swing band or he an undertaker. Ile is quite satislied with his altitude. While he likes to go to a dance or show once or twice a week, he says there is no limit to the number of times he would go out with his girl . . . FRANK KITTREDGE, 34 Pleasant St. East Longmeadow General Course . . . Hi-Y 3 . . . "Frankie" hopes to get into the apprentice- ship course at either Pratt 81 W itney or the General Electric. He likes to swim or work around cars. He has been a chauffeur in his spare time . . . 1 IIELEN KLAK, 296 Goodwin St., I. O. 1 College Preparatory Course 4 . . . Nisimaha 2: Motion Picture Appreciation Club 3g Tech News 3: Tech Tiger 33 Le Salon 3g Athenaeum 3g Basketball l, 2g Badminton 2, 3: Swimming 2 . . . Helen loves "to go skating on a cold winter evening and return very late". Her hobby is collecting shoes. She would 3 like to make dietetics her life work and plans to enter SQ Pratt Institute . . . 1 MARILYN EDITH KNAPP, 75 Orchard Street Q General Course x . . . Marilyn wants to -be a hairdresser or even a housewife. GEORGE KAKPUVICH, 109 bristol Street College Preparatory Course . . . Tech Model Airplane Club 2, 33 Soccer 2g Dramatic Club 3, "What A Life" 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3 . . . "Karpe" lans to enter either an aviation or a technical college and Become either an aviation designer or work in radio. Among his many hobbies are airp anes, radio, and lphotog- raphy. His favorite expression is "I don't get itg simp y 1 Q 15+-tam S+- I tiff- SOLOMON KATZ, 24- Grove St. General Course . . . "Sol" wants to be an engineer or a proprietor of a store. He has had some experience as a meat cutter. His hobby X I BERNARD JOSEPH PATRICK KELEHER, 75 Massachusetts Avenue 1 General Course . . . Varsity Football 3 . . . "Bud" or "Kelly" plans to enter Villanova. His hobbies are archery and golf. He worked as a bell hop at a Lake Placid resort one summer . . . DONALD KENYON, 934 Armory St. General Course His . . . "Sandy" would like to be a tool maker or a flyer. hobby is collecting pictures of hockey players. His idea of a good time is playing hockey . . . STRATTON KERR, La Salle and North Main St., E. Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . Writing Club 3 . . . "Strat" likes best a day in the woods with his gun. MARIAN LOUISE KIEFER, 67 Narragansett St. General Course . . . Student Council lg Pro Merito l, 2, Student Collector lg Pro Merito Pin Committee 2g G.A.A. lg Field Hockey lg Tennis lg Hawaiian Play 1 . . . "Tootsie" loves to knit and eat. She should do very well as a nurse, for she has the sympathy and persistence which nursing calls for . . . K ' She tap dances and enjoys dancing on a good floor AAA General Course YV, , - -.- -- z RALPH SHERIDAN KNOWLES, 785 Belmont Ave. A General Course 3 Motion Picture Appreciation Club 23 Intramural Basket- ball 2 . . . "Sherry ' would like to dance his life awtiy. He 5 collects music and records. He will go to Mount ermon Q Preparatory School next year . . . WILLIAM KOZAK, 666 Dwight St. General Course . . . "Bill" who wants to go into business, has been social editor on the Boys' Club newspaper. He does not par- ! ticularly like the way his hair "is messed up" . . . TED KUZIOL, 21 Indian Leap St., Indian Orchard General Course . . . "Jasin", who enjoys music, hopes to be a machinist. 1Iis hobby is hunting or Iishing . . . DOROTIIEA LAFFERTY, 19 Penrose St. College Preparatory Course . . . Nisimaha 2, 3: Athenaeum 33 Hockey 1, 2, 3, Soccer 1, 2g Badminton 2, 3: Ping Pong 2, 3, A paratus Club I, 23 Volle ball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 33 ,G.A.A. 1, if 3 . . . "Dot" would like to be a nurse. She enjoys all sports and roller skating. A football game is her idea of a good time . . . KENNETII MICHAEL LAFFERTY, 19 Penrose St LORRAINE LAKE, 250 St. .lames Blvd. College Preparatory Course . . . Baseball 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 . . . "Lake Lorraine", whose hobby is tap dancing, would like to follow Eleanor Powell's footsteps. She has danced at the Policemen's, Firemen's and Shriners' Balls . . . VINCENT LAMOUREUX, 11 Trenton St. General Course . . . "Vinny" wants to be a machinist. During hi h school he worked at a milk plant. An ardent bachelor, "French " has his good times with a group of boys, emphasizing the fact that this group is minus girls, but there are those who say that he hasn't always been "sour" on girls . . . YVONNE EDNA LEGER, 47 Richelieu Street General Course . . . Nisimaha 2, 3: Le Salon 2, 33 Apparatus 1, G.A.A. Ig Pro Merito . . . "Eve" wants to be a teacher. She likes to dance and ice skate . . . CARL L1 BUY, Somers Road, Hampden College Preparatory Course . . . Student Patrol 1, Lieutenant 2, Captain 3, Ili-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 2: Tennis 2g Class Constitution Committee I . . , "Hillbilly" plans to enter Massachusetts State College and be a farmer. Winter sports and stam collecting are his hobbies. 1Ie peddled "Shopping Nlewsv, evenin papers, and worked for a gladioli rower outside of schoog lis idea of a good time is a "good qively barn dance" . . . F5 ""'L15'E?... STEPHEN JAMES LITRIDES, 1261 Carew St. College Preparatory Course ing from the school station. EMILY LOLOS, 285 Nottingham St. General Course great deal to her for three years at Tech. . . . Student Council lg Radio Club 1, 2, 3, President 2' Orchestra 13 1Ii-Y 3 . . . "Tak" plans to enter the Uni- versity of Cincinnati and become an electrical engineer. Ile is one of Tech's licensed amateur radio operators work- . . . Pro Merito 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3, "Tech Tiger" . . . "Em" puts designing first and marriage second. Her hobby is ice skating. 'Emu declares the only unusual outside work she has done is HOMEWOR K. Pro Merito has meant a To enter Northeastern and later do aeronautical drafting is "Laf's" ambition. Ile enjoys stamps, airplanes, build- ing, photograph , and boat building. Ile li es to watch football and hockey games . . . ADELBERT LAFOUNTAIN, 29 Verge Street General Course . . . Football 2, 3 . . . "Punchy", a bashful redhead, lives next to a lumber company and would like to be a lumber- man. His idea of a good time is dancing, swimming, and eating . . . 4 ' ., ,Jie X ,Q . ' . e 'fn 5 3. J "fl Q ' 4 A f' .- -. '--' X 9 W MARJORIE LOUISE LOOMIS 2 Whitfield Street I ' General Course i xc Q Golf Club 3, Tennis Club . . . "Gabby" wants to be a t N dress designer Her idea of a good time is being active in 4 sports or dancing . . . I K I I SHIRLEY CORRINE LOUMIS, 2 Whitfield Street General Course IIer hobby is collecting stamps and her favorite recreation N- ' . . . "Shirl", who is very quiet, would like to be a designer. 5 Y 9 is dancing . . . WILLIAM EDWARD LIlCI'lY, ll6 Revere Street College Preparatory Course . . Ili-Y 3 . . . "Bill" plans to enter Mass. State and be- come an engineer or a teacher. llis hobby is dancing. Ile enjoys good music and a girl that can dance . . . WALTER IC. LYNCII, 2I- W'orthy St. General Course . . . Interelass Basketball, Ca plain I, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball, Captain 2: Basketball, Second Team I, Var- sity 3 . . . "Shadow", who wants to be a draftsman, enjoys sports and roller skating . . . MILTON LYNDICS, 6l Myrtle St., l. U. College Preparatory Course . . . Bowling Club lg Football 2, 3, Writing Club 2, , Camera Club, President 3g Metallurgy Club, Vice President 3 . . . "Skeeter" plans to enter A.l.C., and then join the Naval Air Corps or travel. Ile worked on a farm sulnmers. llis idea of a good time is "a good camera, live rolls of film and the wide open spaces, or play a game of football against Cathedral" . . CHARLES S. McANIlRI'lW, 52l Page Blvd. General Course . . . Dance Committee: Intereluss Basketball I, 2 . . ."Mac" would like to be a designer of men's clothes or a stage comedian. llis interests are centered around his clothes, dancing, and swing music . . . WALTER F. LYSIK, 30 Ilcvons St., Indian Orchard General Course . . . "Smitty" is another who enjoys many sports and wants to be a machinist. In his spare time, he has made a small bridge. Ilis idea of a good time is "to have a small crowd go to a show or to a dance together" . . . WILLIAM MCCLICNCII, I0l Ilopkius Place College Preparatory Course . . . Torch Club President lg Ili-Y 2, 3: Ski Club 2, 3 . . . "Mac", who likes his height, is going to the Massachusetts Nautical School and hopes to be an ofllccr of a merchant ship. llis hobby is sailing. For two years he worked in a I greenhouse after school and on Saturdays . . . IJOROTIIY I". MCCULLUM, 29 Walter St. . . . G.A.A. I, 2, 3 . . . "Dot" hopes to go to S iringlield Hospital Training School to become a nurse. slie enjoys roller skating. She likes her hair, but wishes she were taller . . . ROBERT MCGRATII, 221 Osborne Terrace . . . "Bob" is going to Mass. Nautical School to study engineering. Ile likes to listen to Tommy Dorsey . . . JOSEPH WILLIAM MCNABB, JR., 67 Colonial Ave. General Course General Course General Course W . . . lnterclass Basketball I, 3: Lunchroom Work I, 2, 3 4 . . . "Blondie" expects to enter American International College. Ile would like to be an engineer or a draftsman. K llis hobby is collecting stamps. ,Ioe is a jolly good fellow, 'bless with brilliant red hair and much pep. . . EDMUND MACK, 71 Wait St. College Preparatory Course . . . Student Patrol lg Basketball I, 3, Volleyball 2, Inter- class Basketball I, 2, 3 . . . "Moe", who enjoys most sports, hopes to be a basketball coach. He lans to go to Long Island University. Outside of school lie has been a caddy and n rnmn cnnnselnr. .vi X is . tuachinist. Stan GICORGIC has workct WALTER MAJEWSKI, 187 Main Street, Indian Orchard , . . . "llobin" wottld like to be a tnecltanical engineer or a good little is "an ice-skating partyu . . . . . . Nominating Conuniltee l: Student Council 3: lli-Y 3 "Mac" wants to be at ntacltittist or a draftstttan. llc General Course x- I ax so i""WiM"w"""""""" liebe- Hldltl tp collecting is ltis hobby. llis idea of a MAKRIANIS, 68 Washington Street General Course XR-7 l in a bakery attd bttilds model plattcs . . . M- DLA- RICIIARIJ W. MALUNICY, 521 Liberty Street College Preparatory Course . . . lnterclass Basketball l, 3: Yolley llall l: Stttdettt Patrol l: .lttttior Ili-Y . . . "Mal" wants to enter Springfield College attd becottte either an ettgittecr or a doctor. llc is good lookittg and bashful. Ile enjoys all types of sports and collects stamps as a hobby . . . DOROTHY ELIZABETH MANN, 345 Ray St. General Course . . . GAA. I, 2, 3: lladminton 2: Nisimaha 3: Tech News 3: Tennis l: Rowling Clttb l . . . "Dot" is planning to enter Trade School and become a hairdresser. She makes almost all of her own clothes. ller desire is to travel and visit places she hasn't seen before. "Dot" is quiet bttt friendly attd full of ftttt when you really get to know her . . . HANS JOSICPII M ANZ, 2-1 Eagle St. General Course .. . Student Patrol l, 2: lli-Y 2: Motiott Pictttre Apprecta tion Clttb 3 . . . llans would like to be a tuotion picture operator or a tool attd dye tnaker. Uutside of school he ran a tuotion pictttre machine, worked in tt stock roottt, also as a store clerk, attd a fartn ltand. llis idea of a good time is to take his girl friend to the beach attd later to go nf iv DORIS MARQUI-j'l"l'l'1, 756 Maitt St. General Course dattcing. llis hobby is fettcing . . . DANTIG SILYIU MARINI, 33 Longhill St. General Course . . . "Danny", whose hobby is pltotograplty, wants to be a tooltnaker. llis idea of a good time is "a concert of classi- cal music in the company of one who eniovs it" . . . . . . Nisimalta 2, 3, Social Chairman 3: liadtninton 2, 3: -r llasketbttll 2: Apparatus Clttb l, 2: Stttdettt Collector I: K Student Cottncil l: G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Tech Tiger 3 . . . lloris L J loves dattcitt 1 attd good food. Slte plans to etttcr u civil L ' service school-or llay Path Institute . . . N ANTIIHNY M ATRANGO, 40 Rutledge Ave. ' - General Cottrse . . . . "Tony" wants to be a ntachittist or at draftsman. llis X- k ltobby is stamp collecting attd ltis idea of a good time is to . Xi go dancing or a party. Ile has been very active in Rover i Crew and lloy Scouts. Ile knows how to take care of young boys . . . l+'l.0YlJ tIl,lN'I'0N M lffkll, 74 Silver Street College Preparatory Course . . . Ili-Y 3: Track 2 . . . "Bunny lleriganu is one of our tttost musical fellows. Ile tttade the All-New lfingland liand in I9-1-0 attd has played with Kip llrooks' and Nick Stevens' tlrchestras. "'l'otu" is going to tlte University of Michigan School of Mttsic and tltett cotue back attd take Mr. Ahernis job as school music supervisor. llis idea of a good titttc is a .lune prom . . . l'Il.lZAlll'I'l'll ,UCAN M EYRICK, 461 Dickinson St. College Preparatory Course L . . . Tech News Staff l., 2, 3: llockey l, 2, 3: Basketball l, 2, 3: N ollcvball l, ZZ, 3: lladtninton l, 2, 3: Baseball l, 2, 3: Ping Pong l, 2, 3: Nisimaha 2, 3: l.C.C. Repre- Q sentative 2: Motiott Pictttrc Club 2. 3: Nominating Com- , tttittcc, 2, 3: Class llance Couuuittee 2: Athenaeum 3: Tech Tiger 3: Member-at-large ofclass 3 . . . RAY MIZl+1JlCWSKl,1t5 Yinton Street College Preparatory Course . . . lli-Y 3 . . . Ray wants to work in a machine shop or be tl nutsutan llt hobby is utustc X Q ' . . . g CIIESTER A. MITSUN, 22 Morris St. Q General C ourse N T 1 T 1 , , . . . "Chet" wattts to be a draftsnlan or a machinist. His hobbtts art stamps, model airplanes, lttdiatt bead making vt- Q and pool" CHESTER OLBRYCH, 57 Greenwich St. of General Course Chopper" is a collector of stamps and keys. IIe plans to be a machinist. "A girl, a car, and a full moon" spell a good time for him . . . LAWRENCE 0'MELIA, 93 Dawes St. General Course . . . Soccer l, 2, 3, Captain 3g Basketball I, 2, 33 Baseball 2, 3 . . . "Larry" has a friendl and likable personality. He enljoyed being captain of the soccer team. He has worke as a store clerk. He enjoys going out with a group of boys with the same interests as he has, "boys who can have a ood time without offending anyone else '. Spring- GEORGE MOORE, 627 Chestnut St. General Course . . . George, whose hobby is Hgpingito beaches in the sum- mer", wants a government jo . e is another addict of swing music . . . GEORGE H. MULHOLLAND, 60 Buckingham St. General Course . . . Cheer Leader 1, 2, 3g Lunch Room 1, 2, 33 Interclass Basketball 1, 2, Class Constitution Committee I . . . "Mull" wants to be a sports announcer or a draftsman. Ile likes to go canoeing in early Se tember. He has worked in the Thrift Store outside of scliool. His hobbies are basketball and all sports . . . CHARLES HERBERT NELMES, 6 Ripley Place College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 3 . . . "Charlie" wants to be a machinist. His idea of a good time is a hayride or football game . . . RICHARD NEWTON, 656 Chestnut St. General Course lin:-1 ill We- . . . "Newt", whose hobby is hunting, wants to be a ma- chinist. He is one of the many Glenn Miller fans. He enjoys roller skating at Riverside . . . JOHN NIX, 38 Biltmore Street Y College Preparatory Course hobby . . . ROBERT NIX, 44 Firglade Ave. neering . . . isa H I Jack wants to be an engineer or a draftsman. His idea of a good time is a "stag" party. Sea Scouting is his College Preparatory Course . . Nominating Committee 3g Hi-Y 3g Ski Club 3 . . . Bob" plans to enter Worcester Polytech to study engi- field Coilege is his choice, and boys' work his purpose . . . STANLEY CURTIS OSGOOD, 1052 Sumner Ave. General Course Torch Club lg Hi-Y 2, 3 . . . "Stan" wants to study meteorology. His idea of a good time is mountain climb- ing NF- CHARLES J. OUIMET, JR., 94- ,Ienness St., College Preparatory Course . . . "Charlie" is one of the quieter types at Tech. He is in hi h ho es of entering a nautical school in the Fall, to gain inowlisdge enough to be an engineer. Junior's hobby is airplane building, and he likes al sports that are played East Springfield 'I hi. 3-.Sal ,, ' 11 :- f clean. EDITH L. PACKARD, 67 Howes Street General Course . . . Soccer 2, 3g Basketball 2, 39 Apparatus Club l, 2, Xfire- 'iii- Baseball 2g Badminton 2 . . . "Edie" wants to be a nurse or a hairdresser. G.A.A. has meant most to her and she enjoys dancing or any sport. Stamp collecting is her hobby. DANIEL H. PALOWSKI, 19 Noel St. College Preparatory Course . . . Boys' Camera Club lg Model Airplane Club 2, 3. . . . F- "Pickles" plans to go to S ringfield College to be an aero- y nautical en ineer or a dradisman. He builds and flies gas 6 models. I-Es hobby is reading stories about Phineas Pink ham in the "F lying Aces" Magazine . . . 45 4 Y, ,, ,, .qg.,,... .,.. ,., V-. - ---F - . ,- - .-W. few..- .,,-.,.-.-.ew-.. . V 1- T - --,' V-Ya-:------..-Y . -W -f -vw-W ----- - Y ALBERT I. PAUL, 31 Silver St. General Course 1 . . . "Buds would like to be 8 machinist. His hobby is HI U collecting stamps . . . 5 GEORGE RICHARD PEPIN, 26 Beaumont Terrace College Preparatory Course . . . German Club l, 2, 3, Chess Club 1, Chemistr Club President 2, 3, Writers' Club 2, Bowlin Club Pro ' Merito 1, 2, 3 . . . George is going to,M.IgI'. to become a chemical engineer. He has four hobbies, chemistry, fencing, radio, and photography. He has made some bacteriological experiments . . . ROBERT STANTON PERRY, 109 Eddy St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Bob" plans to enter A.I.C. and be an instructor of hysiology or a nurse in the medical corps of the Army or avy. is idea of a good time is a goo movie . . . LAWRENCE PETERSON, 109 Suffolk St. General Course . Student Council 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, Nominating Committee 2, Motion Picture Appreciation Club 1 . . . "Pete" would like to be an electric welder. He enjoys taking out a good-looking girl. NANCY GLORIA PETERSON, Mapleshade Ave., East Longmeadow General Course . . . Nisimaha 3g Dramatic Club 3g Swimming 1 . . Nan, Blondie, Dimples fall nicknames, would like to be a maga- zine model or a telephone operator. - Dramatic Club meant most to her in school. She collects salt and pepper shak- ers. A tall blonde, she likes to look down on shorter girls. She was often seen with ber chum, Rita Phaneuf and another friend . . . RITA PHANEUF, 23 Daniel St., I. O. General Course T1 ,...,. ..-..,. . .--..,. Ks- tes: PAUL PHINNEY, 47 White St. ' College Preparatory Course . . Ili-Y I, 2, 3, President 33 Chess Club 1, 2, 3, President 3, Student Patrol 2, 3, 4, Chief 4, Pro Merito 1, 2, Volley- ball I, 2, 33 Track 3g Student Council 2, 3, 4 . . . Paul plans to enter A. l. C. llis interests are aviation and chemistry. For two summers he has been in training at C. M.AT. C. LAWRENCE PORTER, Cummington, Mass. College Preparatory Course . . . "Puff" lans to enter Northwestern Universit chooses nieclixanical or electrical engineering for his life work lle en'o s stain 1 collertin and oin out with . . . Nisimaha 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2 . . . Rita plans to be a designer or buyer of women's clothes. Nlsimaha has meant most to her. She designs and sews some of her own clothes outside of school, and would like to redesign herself and be tall and slender. She likes dancing with a good dancer . . . . He - J l f ' g 5 g good-looking girls . . . EDWARD N. POWERS, 26 Senator St. College Preparatory Course . . . Track 2 . . . "Eddie" would like to be an electrical engineer. llc may be seen riding horses at Sixteen Acres each Wednesday after school with his pal, Richard Tucker. llc likes target shooting with a long rifle, but he is tender hearted and refuses to hunt wild life . . . RRONISLAW J. PRESII, Manchonis Rd., N. Wilb College Preparatory Course . . . "Bert" hopes to be an electrical engineer. He enjoys working with wood . . . rabam F WINONA E. PROVOST, 4-7 Denver St. College Preparatory Course . . . Le Salon 1, 2: Chorus l, 2, 3 . . . "Winkie" or "Shorty" ' 'Q Hants tp glainlhfcor nursing thi New Englandi Baptist os nta . e 1 es to o ro er s atm or s en an eve- t niplgi in an aglnusement Sark with a groip of Friends. She C0 CCIB l.0y Ogs . . . WH- STELLA PUC, 120 Parker St., I. O. General Course . . . "Putsy" would like to have her own dressmaking sho . so , 4:1 , 5. -if-1 fs " S. ' .e 1-,ggi Her hobby is collecting stamps, ins, and records. Slime took care of a nine months old baby outside of school. She dislikes her height. Her idea of a good time is danc- ing, roller skating, or competitive sports, boys against Ulf Q 55, is fm 'Ita Z . e , N35 ... as- good time is own age and one girl and ELLIOTT CLINTON QUIN, 14- Ivan St. . . . Elliott would like to work in an oliice or be an under- taker. He likes to tinker with machinery and has done some work as a plumber and bricklayer. His idea of a Applied Arts Course E+- Wig-191ml going out with a group of boys and girls his ' doing the town over", or going out with just having a good time. RAYMOND RACICOT, 4-88 Central St. College Preparatory Course . . . Chess Club 2, 3, Chemistry Club 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3, Student Patrol 2, 3 . . . Ray's ambition is to be a machinist. He loves to placy the tenor banjo, and enjoys dancing and going out for 'feed" afterwards. Give him cake, even some a week old, and he is happy . . . JULIUS RADDING, 21 Somerset St. General Course . . . Stam Club 1 . . . "Caesar" plans to enter Bradley Horology Iinstitutc and be a jeweler or watch maker. DORIS ANN RICHARDS, 717 Dickinson St. College Preparatory Course Wa. 1 . . . Le Salon 2, 3, Secretary 3, Dramatic Club 3g Pro Merito 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Constitution Committee lg Dance Committee l, 2, 33 G.A.A. I, 2, 3g Hockey 1, 23 Swimmin lg Badminton 2g Basketball 1: Apparatus Club Ig Eowling 2 . . . "Vivacious" is the word for 'Dee", who is one of those rare honey blondes. Her unusual hobby is collecting wishbones of which she says philosoph- ically, "I may need them". "Dee" will enter the Institute of Merchandising. WILLIAM ROACH, Tinkham Rd., Wilbraham College Preparatory Course . . . Ski Club 2, 3 . . . "Bill" is a quiet, unassuming fellow whose ambition is to be a "Weatherman". When on a pair of skis, Bill thinks the world is close to perfection . . . ROY BERNARD ROBEDEAU, 142 Hampshire St., I. O. College Preparatory Course . . . Chemistry Club 3, Vice President Howling Club 3 . . . Roy would like to be a research chemist. The Chemis- WARREN A. ROBERGE, 220 Oak Grove Ave. General Course . . . Motion Picture A preciation Club 3: Class Consti- tution Committee Ig Bro Merito I, 2, 3: Track 3 .... Warren mlans to enter Anna olis to stud aeronautical work. Ile likes dancing, bowling, college fiimotball gaines, and big league baseball games . . . ANTOINETTE SALVON, 40 Morris St. General Course . . . Italian Club l, 2g G.A.A. 1, 2 . . . "Toni", short and niet, plans to enter training at Mercy Hospital. Italian Club meant most to her. She has a talent for sewing and has made dresses for others . . . MARJORIE V. SALTER, 789 Berkshire Ave., I. O. General Course . . . Soccer l, 2g Dramatic Club I, 2 . . . "Marge" expects to don white. Iler hobby is collecting toy dogs . . . GEORGE SALAME, 26 Osgood Street General Course . . . George wants to work in a machine shop or join the Marines . . . ROBERT ELLIS ROYCE, 23 Abbe Ave. General Course 1 . . . Dramatic Club 2, 3, Tech News Business Staff Ig x Radio Workshon I, 2g Hi-Y 3, Traffic Squad 2, 3, As- sembly Squad Captain 3 . . . Royce wants to be a sound technician or a stage electrician. His hobb is to tinker Q with sound equi rment or with the switchboard in the assembly hall. llis idea of a good time is to see Glenn Miller, to hear Glenn Miller, and to have a collection of Glenn Miller recordings. Ile also likes to go out and raise try Club meant most to him. He is a sport enthusiast, and his hobbies are football, tennis, and hockey. V+- Cain. .. ANN ROBERTSON, 84 Commonwealth Ave. 'Q . . . "T t " ' oin to do her art in making American o sy is cg l gp U 1 I General Course women beautlfu omlng to ech in her junior year X 6 she was popular at once. She enjoys both eating and dancing . . . AL 4 of llandicraft and Occupational Therapy X, ,. Ri V- - ii? 'Wig ' J SBK. ' f' "ati . .Aj nw. Sv GEORGE HENRI SIDELOW, 272 Worcester St., 1. O. General Course . . . "Seeds" would like to be a mechanic or a draftsman. lle doesn't like his unruly hair. Skating is his llis idea of a ood time is "to o out with a group to a movie or liixotball or basebaTl game" . . . hobby. of boys RUTH ELlZAllETll SIMES, 142 Marion St. College Preparatory Course . . . Motion Picture Appreciation Club 3, Nisimaha 3g Athenaeum 3: Marionette Club lg Dance Committee 2: G.A.A. l . . . To receive a diploma from the Boston School is "Ruthie's" ANNA SARNO, 718 Laurel St., Longmeadow . . . Italian Club 1, 2, Motion Picture Ap reciation Club 2 . . . "Nina's" hobby is collectin sea shelTs, and a big col- lection she certainl has. She ins helped produce plays ' X in and out of schooli She wants to be a fashion designer Applied Arts Course sm- l ts-JE-M and craves the big city such as Boston or New York for study . . . FRED JOSEPH SAWTELLE, 119 Firglade Ave. General Course . . . Lunch 1, 2: Ski Club 33 Home Room President 1 . . . "Fritz" ex rects to enter American International Colle e. likes to go out to dine and dance . . . lle would like to be a pilot. His hobby is skiing, and ie w '4 ALFRED SCHEKMAN, 319 State Street I College Preparatory Course . . . Chemistry Club 23 Corridor Guard 2, 3 . . . "Al" would like to enter Antioch College and become a chemist or a biologist. Hunting and fishing are his hobbies . . . ROBERT SENEGAL, 95 Stockman St. College Preparawry Course .. . . Student Council lg Writers' Club 2, 3 . . . "Bob" plans to enter the Coast Guard Service or the Army Air Corps. He is a Sea Scout . . . ROBERT SHAW, 866 Sumner Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 2, 3, Torch Club 1 . . . "Bob" hopes to enter the diplomatic service after graduating from college. He likes a Hi-Y meeting or a good dance . . . PAUL GERARD SIIEPARD, 333 Tiffany St. General Course . . . Student Council 1, 2, 3: Cheer Leader 3 . . . "Shep" would like to join the Navy. His hobby is Sea Scouts. He enjoyed beincg a cheer leader and his loud deep voice made him a goo one. His idea of a good time is a bam dance and a hay ride on a "nice cold night". He is a con- vincing talker and has a winning smile . . . xi wr' ' ' """""""""""""""' i 1 175+-L objective. She has worked with Cushing's Marionettes, a xrofessional troupe. She was an ardent rooter at the Tech lootball 'ames and somethin of a socialite at school dances. :The cross of her life is ier glasses . . . LAWSON ll. SIM PSON, 80 Monrovia St. General Course Simp" wants to bc a machinist or a draftsnla idea of a good time is going out with a group of g boys . . . or n. His irls and MARGARET MARY SINGLE'l'ON, N. Main St. College Preparatory Course . . . Nisimaha 3: Pro Merito 1: Secretary of Athenaeum 2, 3: Chorus 2. 3: G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Co-ed Badminton 2, Ping Pong 2: Yolley llall 2 . . . "Margy" has a very dis- tinctive giggle and a fine soprano voice. She plays the piano vcry well, and has a secret ambition to be a fancy ice skater. 4-ll Club work was of great interest to her . . . GLORIA ANN SINISCALCHI, 'ZI8 Laurel St., Lon meadow S General Course tie:- L.3 l sm P+- . . . g hobby is drawing . . . U . . . G.A.A. I . . . "Glory", the girl with the dark hair, hopes to become an airline stewardess. ller hobby is collecting unusual recipes. She enjoys all sports and dancing . . . GEORGE SKOWERA, 59 John Street General Course Geor e wants to be a draftsman or a tool maker. His ROBERTA SMALL, 62 Rifle St. X General Course "Bert" wants to be a hairdresser and will enter the Apex Beauty Culture School . . . PERRY C. SMITH, 148 Colony Rd., Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 2, 3, Pro Merito 1, 2, 3 . . . Hi-Y meant most to him. "Smitty" would like to go to Worcester Polytechni- cal Institute. He is crazy over water sports and photo - raphy, and takes good pictures too. His unusual outsige work was "homework" . . . PERRY M. SMITII, 177 Belvidere Street College Preparatory Course tifggitt ti- 1 BEVERLY ELOISE STANTON, 95 Grand St. College Preparatory Course . . . G.A.A. l, 2, 3, President 3, Nisimaha 2, 3, Pro ram Chairman 3, Athenaeum 2, 3, Vice President 3, Class Constitution Committee l, Beautification Committee 2, 3, Class Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, Tech News Style Editor 3, Tech Tiger 3, Pro Merito l, 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent 2:' Basketball l, 2, 3, Tennis l, 2, Field Hockey 1, 2, Ap aratus 1, Student Patrol 2, 3 . . . "Bev" would like to Ee a designer. DONALD ARTHUR STEVENS, 732 White St. College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 3 . . . Donald wants to be a drafting engineer or enter aviation. His idea of a good time is a tayride on a cold night . . . . . . Class Constitution Committee l, Torch Club lg Hi-Y 2, 3, Class Prom Committee 3 . . . "Smitty" plans to enter Loomis School, but is undecided about his life work. His hobby is swimming. ADAM SOBOLESKI, 61 Cass St. General Course . . . "Edd" wants to work at the General Electric and be- come an engineer. His idea of a good time is playing all sorts of sports . . . JOSEPH SOBOLEWSKI, 61 Cass Street General Course General Course baseball and college football . . . . . . Basketball l, 2, 3, Interclass Chamllrion Basketball QQ Team l, 2, 3 . . . "Joe" or "Sobol", who las helped as a roofer outside of school, wants to be an expert machinist . . . CORNELIUS F. SOUVIGNEY, 19 Wilton Street . . . "Corny" has worked at a practice golf course outside of school. Doesn't like ties but does like major league MARJORIE STEVENS, 47 White Street General Course . . . Soccer I, 2, Baseball l, 2, 3, Tennis 2:, Volleyball 1, Modern Dancing 3, Bowling Club 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3 . . . "Marge" plans to train for nursingnat Springfield Hospi- tal. She likes to collect pictures. eing an ace dancer, she finds dancing her favorite recreation . . . MARION ST. GERMAIN, 12 lngraham Ter. General Course Q . g .4 . V+- Nisimah Social Committee 3, G.A.A. 1, 3 . . . "Saint" has beautiful black hair and big brown smiling eyes . . . She changed to Commerce for a year. She is interested in marriage rather than a career . . . ts... ti: ELI ST. PIERRE, 216 Center Street, Indian Orchard General Course . . . "Jerry" plans to go to night school at Northeastern University and become a draftsman or a toolmaker. His hobby is making gas models. Outside of school he has driven a truck and worked in an A 81 P store. He enjoys going to a roller skating party . . . FRANCIS T. SULLIVAN, 15 Ashland Ave. General Course Hts hob y ts automobile mechanics Hts family and friends tease htm about driving too fast and bling his fingernails. F- . . . "Sully," wants to make aviation mechanics his life work. 4 ,X ALEC T. SUTHERLAND, 246 Central st. P' , , General Course X . . . "Al" is a junior assistant scoutmaster. I-Ie likes to see W i a good football game . . . H R WILLARD C. SWINDLEHURST, 15 shawmm st. College Preparatory Course . . . Radio Club I, Secretar 2, President 33 Hi-Y 3' Cn-ed Night Committee 3, 'lziack 2, Tiger Staff 3 . . . X "Bill" intends to go to Wentworth Institute or to the Gen- eral Electric. His hobby is amateur radio. He has his own radio station and received his operator's license this bis- Spring . . . EUGENE SYLVEST ER, 34- Glenham St. X xo College Preparatory Course Miller's records and d ..SIu,,. . . . Nisimaha I,2,3. .. Mau mittee 3g Manager X. . . . Motion Picture Appreciation Club 2, Dramatic Club 2 . . . "Sully" wants to enter Monson Academy and later . become an aeronautical engineer. Listening to Glenn oing a lot of howling kept him from co ring with his homework. Size ten shoes seem to annoy , but we know they won't interfere with his future . . . MAUREEN TABB, I8 Drew Court College Preparatory Course I3 Athenaeum 2: Baseball Ig Basketball I, 2, 3, Badminton and Pin Pong 2, Soccer Ig G.A.A. reen, the Irish for Mary, was born in Ireland and came to America when she was two years old. JOHN IIAIG TALMAGE, 20 Fairfield St. College Preparatory Course . . . S. A. Collector l, 2, 3, Ili-Y 2, 3, Co-Ed Night Com- Radio Association I, 33 Tech News Circulation 2: Track 2, 3 . . . "Jack" plans to enter Went- worth Institute in Boston and train to be an electrical engineer. His hobbies are photography and radio. He plans to have his "ham" radio operator's license by gradua- tion time . . . MARY TAVOLAZZI, 254 Liberty St. General Course . . . Italian Club I, 2 . . . "Maryann" plans to be a dress- maker or a store clerk. She has done a great deal of sew- ing for herself and others outside. Iler hobby is collecting souvenirs. She likes dancing, sports, and parties . . . ALNA ELIZABETH TODD, 91 Norfolk St. College Preparatory Course Nisimaha 33 'Tech News 33 Tech Tiger 3: Basketball l, 2, 3: Baseball 2, Volle ball I, 2 . . . ' Al" plans to enter Chamberlain School in lqoston and become a stylist or buyer. She loves to leave early in the morning for a day of skiing at Blanford . . . ROBERT A. TOLMAN, I9 Eldert Street College Preparatory Course . . . Forum 2, 3: Hi-Y 34 Class Dance Committee 3g Marionette Club lg Student Patrol 2, 3, Fencing 3 . . . "Bob" plans to enter Mass. State and work in the field of agriculture. Outside of school he has worked on a farm . . . WALTER ALBERT TOURTELLOTTE, 15 Windsor St. General Course Walter wants to be a toolmaker or join the Army. His idea of a good time is going out with girls . . . EVA TRACY, 55 State Street General Course . . . Le Salon I, 2, 3, Secretary 2, President 3, Nisimaha 2, 3, Secretary Nisimaha I.C.C. 3g Athenaeum 35 Pro Merito l, 2, 3: Nominating Committee 2, 3 . . . "Dick" would like to be a radio singer when she graduates in June. She + likes to go out with a "gang" of boys and girls . . . W WILLIAM J. TRAVERS, 42 Pasadena St. General Course X . . . "Bill" wants to be a mechanical engineer or join the Navy or Marines. Ile likes dances or other social func- tions. His hobby is sports . . . 1 'Q RICHARD HARVEY TUCKER, 2341 Wilbraham Road F College Preparatory Course N . . . "Tuck" lans to enter Northeastern Universif and 0 become a civifaengiheer or a pilot. His idea of a good time i is scouting . . . and for two bakeries. IKIKAIJJIIIII UIUKJLY, 1 I l Ureenacfe lives, mngmeaaow General Course . . . Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Student Patrol 2, 33 Writing Club, Vice President 33 Constitution Committee lg Nominating Committee 13 Class Ballot 3 . . . "UpEie" is interested in advertising or designing engines. e plans to enter Casey Jones Aeronautical School. Last summer he worked in an antique shop, and made candles. He is a bow-tie enthusiast. LOUIS VAGNINI, 715 Dwight St. General Course ' life-1 All . . . "Lou" wants to be a machinist or an engineer. He has had a varietg of experience, having worked as pin boy at,the Y.M. .A. Bowling Alley for a tire company, DONALD ELLSWORTH WADE, 27 Andrew St. General Course . . . Baseball 2, 3, Interclass Basketball 1, 23 Motion Picture Appreciation Club 2 . . . Annapolis is "Wego's" goal. Wor d Series ames and dancin are his choices for entertainment. He ins worked on a Farm and as a dish- washer . . . IRVING WARREN WADE, 14-63 Plumtree Road College Preparatory Course CHARLES WARNER, 28 Sumner Ave. PHYLLIS M. WATSON, 133 Edendale Street College Preparatory Course . . . Soccer lg Tech Tiger 3 . . . "Phyll", who is very quiet, ho s to enter a school for designing where she will train tom an interior decorator or a abric designer. She finds great enjoyment in sports of all kinds and in collecting stamps . . . BERNARD WEITZMAN, 633 Chestnut St College Preparatory Course . . . Class Constitution Committee lg Class Colors Com- mittee 1, Student Council 23 Ski Club 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 33 Pro Merito 1, 2, 3 . . . Irving's idea of a good time is a square dance, but he also enjoys playing the French horn. B+- Wi.. 1 DONALD WELSH, 584 Worthington St. . . . French Club 1, 2, 3, Student Patrol 2, 3, Pro Merito 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 33 Soccer 3g Intra-mural Basket- ball 3g Student Council 1, 33 Tech News 3, Tech Ti er 3, Baseball 3 . . . "Barne " plans to enter the Coast Cguard Academy, and would like to be an engineer or athletic director. College Preparatory Course Charles likes to talk about international affairs and may a columnist some day . . . THOMAS GEORGE WATERS, 626 Dickinson St. College Preparatory Course . . . Baseball 2, Basketball 2, Bowling 2g Golf 3g Dance Committee 29 Tech Tiiger Stall' 3 . . . ' Tommy" as ires to be an Air Corps ilot a ter graduating from Massacliusetts State College. 'llhe Tech faculty is quite aware of the fact that cartooning is his hobby. General Course "Don" plans to be an electrician. He has been a bus boy, picked apples and tobacco, worked at a store, and been one of a louse wrecking crew . . . BARBARA WELLS, 331 Allen St. Applied Arts Course . . . Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Golf Club 3 . . . Quite a dashing avia- trix "Barbie" would make after graduating from the Mary Washington College. She taught junior crafts at the Springfield College Day Camp and enjoys making model airplanes. JANE WEST, 45 Hobson Street General Course Sm- . . . Soccer l:, Dramatic Club 23 Tech News Advertising Agent 3 . . . "Lefty" would like to be a designer or buyer of women's clothes. The Dramatic Club has meant the most to her. Her idea of a ood time is "a gang of kids raising the dickens on a hayrigeu . . . K FRANCIS JAMES WHALEN, 14 Harvard St. College Preparatory Course O . . . Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, Motion Picture Aippre- ciation Club 1 . . . "Hu1rGgry" would like to be in a ying N corps or a machinist. I otre Dame is his college choice. lei-:L He was a camp councllor at the K. of C. Camp, Hawley, Mass., 1939. A N 5 fine, , as , X a . D, - 4 .. f bf 7 P WALTER WHITE, 79 Maryland St. 1 General Course Oh, for the life of a sailor", salys Walter, better known to ,H ll bw- Hi-Y 2, 3 . . . "Tomrr:iy" is chiefly interested in scoutirlig, X being an Eagle Scout an a Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster. e went to C. .T.C. last summer . . . as "Whizzar" to his intimates. I is idea of a good time is to take a ski train to New Hampshire. ALDEN WALKER WHYTE, 24-0 Savoy Ave. College Preparatory Course WILLIAM WIESEL, 33 Palm Street College Preparatory Course S. A. Collector Ig Nominating Committee 3 . . . lans to be an architect and desert his father's grocery liusiness. He is a great hunter and goes out often with the Explorer Scout Patrol of Troo I3. As a Scout he helped at the time of the hurricane ans floods of recent years. He enjoys going to a friend's home for dancing and refresh- "Bill" bis- i I 'it' ments . . . . . . Tech B hifi witl Ya- WARREN YORK, 13 Newman Street General Course . . . Student Patrol 2g Orchestra 1, 2g Corridor Guard 23 "Silas Marner" Play lg "Enchanted Isle" 2 . . . "Brud", always neat, would like to enter the Army Air Corps or become a woodwork teacher. His hobby is taking t ings apart and wondering how to put them together again . . . DAVID G. RICH, 51 Somerset St. College Preparatory Course . . . Student Council lg Tech News lg Student Patrol lg Dance Committee Ig Motion Picture Club lg Comitia 35 Photography lg Le Salon 1 . . . David lans to go to the University of Wisconsin next fall. He Ymopes to be a re- search physicist and work on the atomic theory. His hobby is photography . . . WILLARD WATSON, 116 Monrovia St. General Course bite- IRQ... PAUL WILKS, 201 Dunmoreland Street College Preparatory Course and 1, 2, 3, Soccer Team 2, 35 Hi-Y 3 . . . Paul is a whiz at Trig. Perhaps that's why he lists Mr. Marsh as the teacher who knows him best. IIe is happy when tinkering on his car. Ile will enter Harvard . . . SHIRLEY WILSON, 50 Powell Ave. General Course "Willie" would like to be a dress designer. Her idea of is roller skating or dancing and going riding afterwards 1 the "gang" . . . RICIIARD SAMUEL WOODARD, 79 Wilton St. College Preparatory Course "Richie" will go to some school of forestry. His obbies are naturally hunting and fishing . . . MALCOM WOOD, 26 Cambridge Street General Course . . . Student Patrol 2, 3, Corridor Lieutenant 2, 33 Intra- mural Basketball l . . . "Mac" wants to be a machinist or a truck driver. His hobby is collecting pictures. Outside of school he has worked as a truck driver, cashier, farmer, salesman, waiter, and dishwasher . . . ALLAN J. WRIGHT, 30 Chatham Rd., Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . Hi-Y 3, Pro Merito 1 . . . "Al's" hobby is photography, and he has a darkroom good enough for a rofessional. His idea of a good time is to be on a racing sclliooner. He will enter Worcester Tech . . . RALPII GASPERE ALTOMARE, 176 Hancock St. General Course . . . Ralph wants to be a machinist or join the Navy. His idea of a good time is money and a blonde . . . GERALDINE MARIE BERGERSON, 72 Somerset St. General Course . . . Athenaeum 23 Nisimaha 33 Pro Merito 1 . . . "Gerry" is going to enter the Fashion School of New England to be a desi ner and a buyer in a department store. She considered Nisimaha her favorite club, and loved dances and football games between Tech and Cathedral . . . CONRAD BOUCHER, 349 Worcester Street, Indian Orchard General Course . . . Le Salon 2, 3 . . . "Conny" wants to be a toolmaker. His hobby is working with tools. Outside of school he once worked in a trai er camp . . . FREEMAN A. BOWERS, 181 Marsden St. College Preparatory Course . . . Student Patrol 2 . . . Freeman has ambitions to be a draftsman or a mechanical engineer. He has been a faithful member of Miss Boynton s 2:30 Club . . . JEROME BURR, 244 Eastern Ave. General Course . . . "Jerry", who is one of the many who save stamps, has cleaned and blocked hats. He wants to be a tradesman or laborer. His idea of a good time is a dance or a party where he can have some good clean fun. IRENE CIIARTIER, 86 Adams St. General Course . . . "Snookums"' is a very quiet girl but has the qualities which would make her a good nurse which is her choice as life work. Her hobby is drawing . . . THOMAS COPPOLA, 153 Alden Street General Course . . . Soccer 1, 2 . . . "Tom" wants to be a businessman or a musician, and his hobby is music. He has done Boy Scout and Red Cross work outside of school . . . JOSEPH CULLINANE, 36 Wolcott St. General Course . . . "Pipe" plans to be a machinist. He has been a mem- ber of t e championship basketball team at the Boys' Club for several years . . . ANNE DEMOS, 96 Kensington Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . "Nan" will enter a Boston hospital. She wants to be an air hostess or an orchestra leader. Her hobbies are dancing and eating . . . MARY DI BIASO, 19 Gordon Street College Preparatory Course . . . Mary wants to be a clerk in a store after graduation. She loves sewing and is enthusiastic about roller skating . . . ADAM J. DOMASH, 838 Carew St. General Course . . . "Todgef' hopes to be a machinist. His chief interests are model airplane building, roller skating, and swimming. He works for a florist . . . JOHN DONDORAS, 41 Mooreland St. General Course . . . "Johnny" wants to be with wood or machinery. His hobby is drawing . . . CHARLES DOWD, 85 Jefferson Ave. General Course . . . "Red" would like a welding job. Ile enjoys ice skating, hockey, and baseball . . , HAROLD GEORGE ELKAS, Page Boulevard, I. O. College Preparatory Course . . . Student Patrol 2, 3 . . . Harold would like to be an aeronautical engineer, and he builds model airplanes as a hobby . . . Xt- 'SL Ltlxif.. ALA 1 1 BL- General Course . . . Baseball Interclass Champs 1, 2, 3g Intramural Champs 1, 2, 3g Second Team 2 . . . "Hank" would like to be a social worker, and may go to A.I.C. or Scpringfield College. He has been a councilor in a camp an a book- keeper . . . FRANCIS A. FERRARO, 28 Rutledge Avenue College Preparatory Course . . . Motion Picture Appreciation Club 2, 3: Italian Club 1, 2 . . . "Beans", who does not particularlyjcare for his short stature, hopes to go to Northeastern niversity to become a civil engineer . . . CONSTANCE FLANAGAN, 802 Alden St. General Course . . . Basketball lg Field Hockey 1 . . . Who ever heard of a policewoman who writes poetry? "Story" has written some lyrics, et wants to enforce the law. Her hobby is drawing, and, she has varied ideas of a good time, from swimming, skiing, and amusement parks to evenings spent by firelight . . . SYLVIO FULVI, 786 Worthington St. General Course . . . "Siv" wants to work in a machine shos or as a truck driver. Outside of school he has worke with a con- tractor . . . PETER GIANAKAKIS, 14- Wilcox St. General Course . . . "Teddy" will make baseball or music his life work. His hobby is collecting baseball pictures. His idea of a good time is to have a large group of girls and boys get together . . . JOHN J. GORMALLY, 153 Wilbraham Ave. General Course . . . Radio Club 1 . . . "Jack" plans to enter American Inter- national College and become a chemist. His hobbies are stamp collecting and wood working. Outside of school he has made window screens. His idea of a good time is "staying at home and fooling with my hobbies ' . . . RAYMOND HOWELL HATHAWAY, 50 Rifle St. Applied Arts Course . . . Student Patrol 2, 35 Model Airplane Club 2, 3 . . . "Ray" will enter the General Electric A prenticeship Course. He has constructed and flown four liarge gasoline model airplanes . . . ROBERT A. HOLMES, 240 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow General Course . . . Boxing 23 Football 23 Baseball 23 Hockey 2 . . . Yes, boxing is ' Sluggers' hobby. He hopes to join the Navy. He says the Catholic Girls' Club has meant most to him . . . OLIVE VIOLA ILLIG, 35 Elizabeth Street General Course . . . Soccer lg Dramatic Club lg Poetry Contest 1, 2 . . . "Red" wants to enter the Mercy Hospital when she raduates in June. Her hobbies are sports and sewing. iler favorite pastime is dancing . . . ROBERT JAYNES, 20 Hubbard Ave. General Course . . . "Bob" would like to play in an orchestra or be a drafts- man. His hobby is boxing . . . JAMES KORNY, 34 Osgood St. General Course Basketball 1, 25 Varsity 3 . . . "Jim", whose hobby is sports, wants to be a machinist. His idea of a good time is an ice skating party . . . RALPH LAFLUER, 15 Farnsworth St. General Course . . "Mus" has hunting and fishing as his hobbies . . . I tra. ts... --.. ...ny--, GEORGE WALTER LA FRANCIS, 84 Allen Street General Course . . . "Maxie" wants to be an airplane designer or a machine operator. llis interests are skating, stamp collecting, and drumming. His idea of a good time is going out with the drum corps . . . ROMEO GEORGE LAM BERT, 73 Belding Street General Course . . . Student Council Ig Student Patrol I, 2g Hockey I H .. . . . . . Buddy plans to enter American International Col- lege and then ecome an aeronautical engineer or an Air Corps instructor. llis hobbies are racing airplanes and outboard speed boats. Ile built a sfreedboat himself. Ile dislikes the dimple in his chin. I is idea of a good time is "to go dancing" . . . ROBERT LE E, lflfl- Orpheum St. General Course . . . "Bluege" wants to be a reporter. llis idea of a good time is "a good full evening of roller skating" . . . EDWARD MCKENNA, 69 Strong Ave. General Course . . . Baseball 2, 33 Ilockey 3 . . . "Mac" intends to be a machinist . . . WILLIAM MARTIN, 180 Fort Pleasant Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . Nominating Committee 2g Basketball 2 . . . "Bill's" hair is always ' just so". He has made toys for the kid- dies. llis hobby is driving an where and everywhere. His ambition is to be a flyer. Ile may attend the school at Springfield Airport . . . FRANCIS MASTRANGELO, 53 Nursery St. General Course . . . "Woppy" wants to go to night school at Trade and become a machinist. His hobby is stamp collecting. He has worked as a furniture mover outside of school . . . JOSEPH NUNNALLY, 86 Tenth St. General Course . . . Basketball l, 2, 3g Track 3 . . . "Joe" plans to enter West Virginia State College and become a p ysical educa- tion teacher. All his interests center around sports . . . FRANCIS 0'CONNOR, I8 Warrenton St. General Course . . . "Okie" would like to be an architect. In fact, he redrew a plan for a house now bein built in this city. See Architectural Club page for compile story . . . EDWARD O'LEARY, 725 Dickinson St. General Course . . . "Ed" would like to be an electrician or a machinist . . . EDWARD OLSZEWSKI, 44- Hebron St. General Course . . . "Ed" wants to join the Navy, and his idea ofa good time is sleeping or fishing . . . EVELYN ROBERTA PARKMAN, 65 Barber St. Applied Arts Course . . . "Evie" would like to be an air hostess or a dress de- signer. ller idea of a good time is a barn dance. She enjoys sports of all types, especially ice skating and tennis . . . Werj- 16 " a--l'- ,. We-tart bl- tix- X535-F JOSEPH R EGNIER, 42 Fort Pleasant Ave. General Course . . . Bowling Club 2, 3 . . . "Dutchy" wants to join the navy or be a pilot. Ile enjoys a nice "quiet" evening at the Rialto ro ler skating rink, and photogralphly and collecting swing records are his hobbies. Ile di ed Cross work during the lllurricane . . . WALTER LEONARD RICIITER, 162 Almira Rd. General Course . . . "Rich" hopes to enter the civil service. His hobby is roller skating . . . CARL SEIBERT, 9 Berendo St. College Preparatory Course . . . Class Treasurer 3: Hi-Y 33 German Club 3g Crystal Ball Conunittee 3: Scarlet and Grey Farewell 3g Student Patrol 33 Class Pictures Conunittee 3 . . . "Sigh" wants to be a draftsman. When he is not attendin school or sleeping, he works in a First National Store. lge has been known to follow good-looking girls down the street . . . ANTHONY STALTARE, 70 Norwood St. General Course . . . "Tony" likes camping and traveling . . . VIRGINIA LOUISE STONE, 402 Wilbraham Rd. Applied Arts Course . . . Le Salon l, 2: Motion Picture Appreciation Club I, 23 G.A.A. l, 2, 33 Class Dance Committee 23 Chorus 3 . . . "Ginger" is going to Pratt Institute to study interior decorating or costume designing. ller idea of a good time is roller skating, ice skating, football games or dancing . . . ELVA WENTWORTII, 406 St. .lames Ave. College Preparatory Course PATRICIA WESTALL, 289 Tremont Street College Preparatory Course . . . Nisimaha 3 . . . "Pat" with her calm, gracious manner is a transfer from Chicopee High School. She would like to be a nurse. She enjoys all sports, eating, and knitting . . . FRANCIS WORTHINGTON, 916 St. James Ave. General Course . . . Baseball I, 2, 3 . . . "Frair" would like to play profes- sional Baseball or be a mail clerk. His interests are sports, parties, and swing music . . . GEORGE WRINKLE, 949 Chestnut Street College Preparatory Course . . . George plans to enter American International College and work in the field of aviation or chemistry. His hobby is building model airplanes . . . Eli-ISS BAl.l0T 1. BEST BOY STUDENT 2. BEST GIRL STUDENT Ralph Bellows Mary Finn 3. BOY WHO HAS DONE MOST FOR SCHOOL Bill Hyland 4. GIRL WHO HAS DONE MOST FOR SCHOOL Beverly Stanton 5. BOY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ralph Bellows 6. GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Terry Grigin 7. MOST POPULAR BOY 8. MOST POPULAR GIRL 9. RALL AMERICANW GIRL 10. HALL AMERICANN BOY 11. BOY WITH HAPPIEST SMILE 12. GIRL WITH HAPPIEST SMILE 13. BEST BOY MIXER 14. BEST GIRL MIXER 15. BOY WITH MOST PEP-APPEAL 16. GIRL WITH MOST PEP-APPEAL 17. HANDSOMEST BOY 18. PRETTIEST GIRL 19. BOY LOAFER 20. GIRL LOAFER 21. CLASS HERMIT 22. CUTEST BOY 23. CUTEST GIRL 24. CLASS FLASH 25. CLASS SCIENTIST 26. CLASS "APPLE POLISHERQ, 27. OUT OE ESQUIRE 28. OUT OF MADEMOISELLE 29. BEST BOY DANCER 30. BEST GIRL DANCER 31. BOY WIT 32. GIRL WIT 33. CLASS SUNBEAM 34. CLASS RAINDROP 35. CLASS GROUCH 36. BOY POLITICIAN 37. GIRL POLITICIAN 38. BOY ATHLETE 39. GIRL ATHLETE 40. ROMEO AND JULIET Dick Durick Mary Finn Beverly Stanton Bill Adams Walter Lynch Terry Grigin Dick Durick Mildred Allen George Harrington Ginger Graves George Garvey Jean Hall Tom Abrams Anne Demos Bill Kosack Don Hall Barbara Badger Dick Upson George Pepin Warren Chapin John Garen Eva Tracy Charlie McAndrews Barbara Badger Bemard Weitzman Marian Kiefer Rosemary Abbott Winefred Gould Dick Fanning Warren Chapin Helen Grabowski Bill Adams Dot Lalgerty Barbara Wells and George Harrington Ln- 41. QUIETEST BOY Fred Cordner 1 42. QUIETEST GIRL Phyllis Watson , 43. FAVORITE TEACHERS Mr. Stout and Miss Jackson 3 44. FAVORITE SONG Amapola 45. FAVORITE ORCHESTRA Glenn Miller tp Ballot Committee V-n.. ROSEMARY ABBOTT X36 U DICK UPSON, Chairman Q LILA FRANCES gil- DICK DOHERTY ALA KF?"-' 151+-SI sm KN- Wi. N 1 Wt"-1I!?1I ll xv-T Wil W: S00 l I I L Soc 9 and 10. ' L 31111 I-J M 'N 'W 55? Q-d""" Seq 19 - A- L.. O V+- , x See 17 and 18. -A, S00 40. Svc 3, 13, and 19. Spf' 20 Var isfs See 3. fir- Wif'-Q1 1111 S+- wlu or THE cuss or Juwls, 1941 We, the class of Technical High School .1 une, 1941, in the County of Hampden and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make this our last will and testament, hereby revoking all wills formerly made. We hereby nominate and appoint our advisors and auditor, Mr. Fitzroy, Mr. MacKenzie, and Miss Sadie Swenson, to be executrix and executors of this said will. Thus, with no malice in mind, we bequeath the following to the following: 1. To Mr. Kiley, Col. Adams, Mr. Gifford, and the faculty we leave fond memories from three to five years of happiness spent at Tech, and our deepest appreciation for their interest and guidance during our stay. 2. To future class presidents, Ralph Bellows leaves his executive abilities and a box of aspirin. , 3. Paul Phinney and William Martin leave - after five years. Need we say more? 4. Did: Durrick leaves his quiet and retiring ways to "Truck" Berard, even though "Truck" may not need them. 5. Rita Phaneuf leaves - Isn't that enough to break anyone's heart? 6. Carl Libby leaves his excuse-writing abilities to George Brigham, who may need them. 7. Tommy Waters and Doris Richards leave . . . but not each other. 8. Don Hall leaves some of his eccentric looking hats to Kenneth Ericson, to help Ken cover up his new hair-cuts. 9. Teacher's pet Bill Hyland leaves his likeable blarney to any new Freshman. 10. Tommy Abrams leaves his ability to raise any teacher's ire to William Brown, with a word of caution. 11. Mildred Allen and Norma De Simone leave Nisimaha to anyone who is will- ing to do all the dirty work. 12. Marion Kiefer leaves her wit and good humor to Barbara Thomas, who doesn't need it. 13. Ralph Bellows leaves his reputation as the tallest boy in the school to Stuart Benson, who is running a close second. 14. Billy Adams leaves his athletic ability to Edward Dobiecki. 15. Beverlee Stanton and Mary Finn leave their long-lasting friendship to Bar- bara Thomas and Margaret Buckley. 16. Ruth Simes leaves her acting ability to Ginny Tanguay. 17. George Garvey leaves his handsome profile and broad shoulders to any man that can beat them. We doubt it tho! 18. Warren Chapin leaves!!! Who wants to fill his place? V51 if"hl7iE'... 'gi' L Xfire- """T"'PF""'T?7"Y"'i x ' Q We--v, 151111111 19. Ginger Gallagher leaves dancing ability to anyone who can follow in her M, footsteps 20. The 12A Class leaves a powder puff and a box of powder to Harriet Brown L' to keep the shine off her nose. L 21. The boys of the 12A class leave Dottie Bien, with regret. 22. Anne Demos wishes to leave her ability to cut classes, without getting caught, or bumping into Mr. Kiley, to any nervy individual who wishes to try it. 23. Marilyn Knapp leaves to her sister Norma, her irresistible ways and cheer- fulness. 24. Mary F eeney wishes to leave Peggy Bastow a pair of non-skid shoes to hold her up. 25. Dudley Converse leaves his never-ending interest in hockey to his friend, Guy La Marche. 26. Helen Grabowski, the girl politician, leaves her speech making to any other underclassmates who can do such a good piece of work as she. 27. Emily Lolos leaves her questions to Mr. Hutchinson and future Biology classes. 28. Marion Case, Allan Wright, and George Garvey leave their crutches to anyone with had luck. 29. Bob "Dapper" Shaw leaves his curly blond hair to all the girls who want it. 30. 31. 32. Betty Meyrick leaves her fooling with teachers to anyone who can get away with as much as she did. Ginny Brackett leaves Athenaeum to anyone who wants it. Dot Lafferty leaves Lewis McGi1lveary to any girls who can handle him. 33. Grace Clune and Jane Hurley leave their usual morning hangout fthe front fencej to all other Techites. 34. Jean Bates leaves her musical ability to her able assistant Barbara Billings. 35. George Harrington leaves his shy and bashful ways to Will Ellis. 36. Terry Griffin leaves her ability to read poetry to Packy Larsen for when he grows up. 4 37. Edith Packard leaves her cherished boy friend to her sister Helen. 38. To Miss Swenson this class leaves a large bottle of headache powders and many thanks for the help she has given us. 39. To all future classes we leave our super-excellent??? record as a goal to be attained if they are able. In testimony whereof, we, representatives of the class of Technical High School, I une, 1941, have hereunto set our hands and seals this 24th day of March, 1941. Harvey Hawthome Jane Hurley Allan Wright Virginia Brackett 1751- 11 ISL... lr- is-r--H ss.. ixs-J5' U BB- Pl:2P:LiFY Class of June, l94l The halls of Tech were buzzing with excitement on that night in April, 194-1, with the presentation of another Technicade. The four of us were meandering about the exhibits, gazing in an awe of wonder, when we spied an odd looking con- traption. The warning poster stated, "Do not pull the lever", and as Mr. Kiley wasn't around, we pulled it. Z-O-O-M! Something happened, for it is now J une, 1961, and we find ourselves strolling along Main Street. Our first sight is Warren Chapin, standing on the corner of State Street, polishing apples. Further on is Wadsworth Stone leaning on his shovel during production of Local Project 2053, while Ralph Cognac is seen, lassoing Winnie Gould, in his new cowboy outfit. We walk above Main Street which is now a new super highway constructed by the engineering genius of Francis Ferrara, Bill Borden, and Richard Tucker. The highway is illuminated by light from the Stars which has been intensified by Bert Presh and Matt Arnold - thus cutting the city budget again. A dirt road leads off to Ben Chalmers' farm where the brewing genius, Quentin Chica, is busy making hard cider with the help of Tommy Abrahams and Al Dougherty. In the back, Dud Converse is sailing his boat while Dick Dibble is still fishing for his limit. Getting into our pneumatic tube, a Robedeau Special, we travel back to the city just in time to see John Garen coming out of the Robertson-Knapp Beauty Salon sporting a new marcelle. With John is Don Hanks, who has just received Madame F itzroy's Painless Pedicure. The two are passed by Bernie Ford, who is rushing to Scheckman's Depart- ment Store to see the daily fashion show sponsored by O'Leary Dog Food, Inc. Fred Sawtelle is already in his usual seat, and his eyes are steadily focused on Nancy Peterson, Jean Hall., and Ginger Graves, who are modeling Gerry Gowns designed by Ewing and Bergerson. At the Bedding Department, Ann Demos is purchasing a new Beauty Rest mattress, while at an adjacent department, Bob Shaw is buying two baby car- riages. Zie- V+:- . --W... Q ...- mnnwt... ss.. l m-YW" lift- A suspicious glance from a policewoman, Connie Flannagan, is cast in the di- rection of Dave Allen, who is testing a scooter at the toy department. Clerk Bill Wiesel insists that it has iiuid drive, but skeptical Perry Smith, who has been trying them all day, is arguing against the purchase. A commotion draws our attention to the street where the great soap-box orator, Richard Fanning, is plugging for Bill Hyland's reelection as City Dog Catcher. We see Don Welch, Don Wade, and "Hungry" Whalen, who are all ears for the oration, but our gaze is suddenly attracted to the opposite side of the street where the funeral procession for Fred Grise,s dog is slowly passing. Busi- ness looks good for Kircherr,s Funeral Home, but with Dick Durick driving the hearse, business looks better for Hall's Junk Yard. Strolling up the street is Ken Lafferty with a sign on his back advertising Anzalotti's Spaghetti Palace. With the aid of a Ballard 85 Hughes International Dictionary, we are able to translate the sign, and soon we are in front of the spa- ghetti house. Inside we see jitter-bugs, Gracie Clune and Charlie McAndrews, doing a little rug-cutting to the music of Danny Connell and his six hot rocks. We are fortunate to have a seat next to the well-known cartoonist Bud Hopkins, who is now conduct- ing Paul Wilks, Bob Houghton, and Louis Delecese in the art of slicing a meat ball. Joseph Dambkowski and George Karpovich, under suspicion by the F.B.I. for Un-american activities, are trying to induce Ray Mizejewski into a little con- ference. The voice of Jules Radding can be heard, as he confers with Andy Glassanos, who has ust broken his watch, "I can fix it for a dollar, but I'll be losing money". Suddenly, with the entrance of Bill Roach upon the scene, everything becomes hazy. There is no more to be seen, for strange as it may seem, we again find our- selves at the 1941 April Technicade. How did it all happen? How were we able to see into the future? These questions and many more may all be answered in the July edition of Superman Comics. Doris Ann Richards Tom Waters Marian Kiefer Joseph DeCarlo 3+- X539- 151- KTM- 'TTQQ-1s ' CLASS HISTUHY September 17, 1938 We enter . . . 146 nervous girls and 390 bold and brazen boys . . . do we feel small? September 28, 1938 Our first adventure in school activities . . . the S.A. collectors are chosen . . . fourteen of our class are the lucky ones. October 4, 1938 We enter into the student administration . . . DeCarlo, Gelineau, Hall, Marquette, and Weitzman are elected to the Student Council. October 10, 1938 G.A.A. Freshman Initiation is held . . . some fun for all present. November 4, 1938 Our class is holding its own . . . 7.3fZ, of the class on the Honor Roll. November 13, 1938 The Marionette Club is formed by progressive mem- bers of the class. December, 1938 Merry Christmas, etc. . a real vacation . . . it feels "swell", January 6, 1939 We are true Techites now . . . the first spelling test has been given . . . Oh, boy! January 9, 1939 Richard Fanning is elected chairman of the class consti- tution committee. February 13, 1939 We're not so bad . . . 50 of our class are elected to membership in Pro Merito. February 17, 1939 We approved the constitution . . . a very momentous step . . . in the wrong direction. March 11, 1939 Our class is growing up . . . Bill Hyland is elected presi- dent of the class, Beverlee Stanton-vice-president, Mary F inn-secretary, Dick Durrick-treasurer, and Barbara Badger-member-at-large. March 31, 1939 Gosh, Tech is doing us some good . . . we're getting smart . . . 7501, of the class on the Honor Roll. April 26, 1939 Ralph Bellows is elected head of the social committee. April 26, 1939 A shy group of youngsters gather in the gym to have name tags pinned on them, to play games, and dance at the 10A Social. Now we are acquainted. May 13, 1939 Beverlee Stanton is elected secretary of the State Junior Pro Merito Society. May 26, 1939 We're improving . . . 10.592, of the class on the Honor Roll. June, 1939 Ah, summer . . . two whole months of freedom. September, 1939 Back to school . . . we are now elevated to the rank of Juniors. mc.- Fr- mia S+- 'fre l 1 XF- ' . - Q'+s1slz1111 October, 1939 Bill Hyland is reelected president of the class. October 14, 1939 Warren Chapin is elected president of the State Junior Pro Merito Societies. October 20, 1939 We slipped . . . only 5.40229 of the class on the Honor Roll. November 10, 1939 Decorations appropriate for Fall: corn shocks, pump- kins, and gaily colored leaves "set the pace" for the "Turkey Trot", our first class dance. November 28, 1939 Joseph DeCarlo and Norma DeSimone are elected to ofiicership in the newly formed Italian Club. December, 1939 Once more we wish one and all good-by until next year. March 7, 1940 Pro Merito welcomes the new freshmen. March 21, 1940 Warren Chapin is elected president of the Tech chapter of the Junior Pro Merito Society. March 31, 1940 We're up again . . . 7.3123 of the class on the Honor Roll. May I 1, 1940 Warren Chapin is elected president of the State Senior Pro Merito Societies. May 17, 1940 Birch trees . . . a garden scene of fiowers, grass, and a mirror lake enclosed by a white picket fence lend Spring-like charm to our second class dance, Mid-May Melody. J une 6, 1940 Ralph Bellows is candidate for president of Student Council. ,I une 10, 1940 Warren Chapin is awarded the American Legion Civics and Citizenship medal. June 12, 1940 Dick Fanning and Jim Betterly head the "Tech" News staff. June 19, 1940 At last . . . summer vacation . . . we are to be seniors when we return. September 23, 1940 We say goodby to Major Adams and Miss Horrigan who will assume new duties . . . we welcome Mr. Gifford. September 23, 1940 Beverlee Stanton is elected president of G.A.A. September 24, 1940 Marion Case is appointed editor of the "Tech Tiger". October 21, 1940 Ralph Bellows is elected secretary of the Student Coun- cil. October 28, 1940 Bill Hyland is reelected class president by a very narrow margin . . . Durick is vice-president . . . Mary Finn is secretary . . . Al Grise, treasurer . . . Betty Myrick, member-at-large. October 31, 1940 We saw President Roosevelt pass through the city. November 12, 1940 Ralph Bellows is elected president of the class on a re- vote . . . faulty constitution is blamed for the trouble. W. 'Liga S+- 'Ria 1 l 031- 'TTQQ-1 LII' December 13, 1940 To the accompaniment of miniature sleighbells and with mistletoe and holly for atmosphere, we danced at the "Sleighbell Serenaden, a very successful class dance. December 19, 1940 Christmas vacation . . . February 11, 1941 David Allen and Betty Meyrick are elected sports editors of the "News". February 12, 1941 We receive our senior arm bands . . . green, white, and black . . . pretty "snazzy,'. February 23, 1941 Warren Chapin is appointed Editor-in-chief of the "Tech Newsv. March 18, 1941 Mary Finn is chosen as the Good Citizenship Pilgrim from Tech to the state convention of the Daughters of the American Revolution. March 21, 1941 At last . . . we lead the school with 13.4'Z, of the class on the Honor Roll. April 1, 1941 Ralph Bellows elected president of the Senior Pro Merito Society . . . Terry Griffin, secretary . . . George Makrianis, treasurer. April 18, 1941 "What A Life" presented by students of Tech . . . cast includes Ruth Simes, Mildred Allen, David Allen, and George Harrington. April 25, 1941 The background for our farewell class dance, the "Cotton Ball", is a mural of Southern plantation life, wagon wheels, and baskets of cotton . . . gowns of gaily colored cotton . . . largest attendance of any class dance . . . a tremendous success. June 10, 1941 Banquet. ,I une 12, 1941 Graduation. ,I une 13, 1941 Graduation Prom. Respecdully submitted, Warren Chapin Alna Todd Maureen Tabb Terry Grigin Jean Bates wr..- Pr- WI,- AL Ss- 'Emi H I 1 VW' tif?-:gil turf..- Left to Right ROW l - Paul Shepherd, June Longuiel, Dick U mson, Bernard Weitzxnan, Ralph Bellows, Don Parmenter, Fred HVlannnarelli, Norma De- Simone, Betty Meyrick. Row 2 - Lucille Pannier, Anita Oerosier, Ray Nystrom, Ted Courley, Walter Greaney, Harry Keeney, Barbara Langlois, Barbara Billings, Virginia Tanguay, Barbara Thomas. Left to Right Standing Row3wZadiac Setian, Don Hanks, Edward Prew, George Houghton, Robert Knowles, Ralph Co nac, John Prescott, l arold Brown, Paul Phinney, llarry McGill, Lindsey Chilson, James Betterly, Gene Angiers, Douglas Leukowski, Charles Duquette, Harry King. dl ENT 90061: Swami Coon April 15, 1941 5100 ommg is go' K Id Dear Editor: N 5 ' 9 fAO0g?lLR0OI11 ol and Mt. G1 tg l To date, the Student Council would call your attention to these meets 'Vow .ss Swonion Somesliommotdll I accomplishments for the year: the fixing up of the library balcony dviseti. Ml 1 1 , F196 Kd Pdttftenle as a browsing place for those wanting information about jobs and A 5610912 ummctgll' I 0005 Beugvli on colleges, creation of a Lost and Found Department, supervision of all F106 td Pdtttwnle Rowh 6 Weium corridor bulletin boards, restoring soap and towels to the boys' rooms, itdont Q Donny, Bella.-N9 h Bama' the Winter tea 'dances, and last but not least, the drawing up of a Place Ptefldul Rl'-il? xo, Hanna constitution which, we hope, will put teeth into our organization. 9 : Sogtetoriqms Doo Corllially yours, 591.-ol' Ralph Bellows jo: I N 4 is fs- will 551: E , .t-.t Q lx:-il tt D+- 31- biw- Row l A Cl.cft to Rightj Malcolm Wood, Kenneth Erickson, Donald Foster, llernard Torangeau, Robert Royce, Edward Cleary, Robert Cassidy, Ralph Aetomare, Thomas Guihan, Nat Ryland. Row 2 - lleywuod Cooper, llarold Rrown, Richard Anschutz, Raymond Racicot, Mr. lest, Ralph Cognac, liernard Weitzrilan, Edward Rcnoit, Roland lledard. Row 3 A Normand Allard, George llrigham, lleverlee Stanton, Joyce Leaven- worth, M ary Finn, Marion Case, Stephen Litrides, lloward Crofoot. Row '1-- William lillis, John Motherway, Richard Durick, Paul Phinney, Ralph liellows, Carl Libby, Dudley Converse. Row 5 1 Robert Kervick, llarold Elkas, Charles llassler, Robert Nix, Robert Tolman, llenry Libby, Donald Dunlea, Frederick Cordner. nx- 'YBOV - Loo'-woo YF yet' of we 1 . e0 . we tw March 4, 1941 1 0 1 '5 , 09 m 60,01 5,10 vwngtc mom' , P' vnux -,Q Dear Editor: Aoi 59' ' ggi x A GY' ,ts Mon Mx. Saves ogg!! wg Betta 1 6,305 26,8416 Cosgxaq Roxpkouag-,V This year, as usual, we have made several changes in the Student Roberta Roi ce 0363 uhh-4 Patrol. lc gobe vwmtteil Co All members of the corridor guard were given new badges at the NJ ,vom bxil YGVX Utobi beginning of this semester. There are two lieutenants at work at all C' adv' 0 P-W' wt mbl' ' h f tt I 1 ' 1 I 1 Cop I og ch ata asse ies, one in c arge o ie patro ioys upstairs ant t ie ot ner COQHOT og L00 ,dog 6' in charge of those downstairs. At present only one girl is on special Coptolvn og COT duty at lunch time. There are girls on duty in the nurse-'s oflice every Cgplm period. These girls are getting good experience and instruction. ! st... life- In the' past, Mr. Rest has had charge of both lunches, but with the change in lunch periods last semester, Mr. llushey took over the new Second lunch. Because of Mr. Rex-it's special class this semester, Mr. Cowing now has charge of both lunches. As for social functions, we have conducted a roller skating party and are planning a dance soon. ln June we plan to have a banquet at the Captain Leonard llouse in Agawam. Sincerely yours, l'aul llhinney Ss- l mzigllzlll Til, V+- ON THE ROOF W Mason, ,lohn Motherwav, Mason, Robert llolmes, James Ilubbard 1 Ilouse Plan l - drawn by Ned Rice, 202 IN THE Uvmcn WINDOW' f Donald Mackay Oval: 'rm-1 noon fe Abraham Carter IN Tun Lowiaa wlNnow aw Ralph llubach ON THE GnoUNn - -k Mason, Donald Wade, Ric-hard Parker, Francis O'Connor, Seibert Rowley, Carpenter, Warren Iioberg, Robert Ilerbcrt, Carpenter, Plumbing Inspector, Mr. B. R. Ilushey, Mr. A. Cozzon, Builder Q: Wo' 109 - 0 - :Vw - V 0 , lk 0 og xwxxeiv Qo0":3ay Aix Kngeh NW? vi wt -blots' ww 8 X tea ,QW 55 o ex,-50, 09 G 00' Q05 0599 cc X0 'oxav xegxgjii xi '5gXgx.5,ya90A 'Inger-Jkffe uxwx i Ilouse Plan 2 - drawn by Alan Preston, 202 . , , 0 K5 . Xxzxgyxfxgifxcez anew at cxuxe N- NWC ,gov 1,015 5- w0"'my,c5W 6- GN" 'l- V March 21, 1941 Dear Editor: x Qjxxn m IMS- At your request I am telling you the story of my part in the plans 5 in 9.00 for the house being built for Mr. Edward Wlright on Caravon Circle. l 3 Olq' At the time I was laid u v with a le' in'ur '. Mr. Wri ht, a friend AX 5651 Busyyei l ta J 3 S viedfle 1 Mi- xconnd wt of mine, came over with a house plan and explained what changes he QRS on 6058 ' g-350 C06 wanted. I drew the ilans as I lhoufvht he wanted them. He ac- me A E150 MQW I Y' ffxdenll K prblo Robet9e W cepted them an.d submitted them to the l".ll.A., and now his house is we vlecjxaenxw 01109 well along. In fact, the plastr-ring is done. . ce 4 vi Sectaxol l The house is a sturdy New Iffngland type, with a wing and garage A attached. Un the front of the house there is a very beautiful window, ten feet b ten. The site is secluded and surrounded b trees. At Y Y the front there is a very large oak tree. 1 Q I credit the Architectural Club and my training in mechanical Q drawing for my ability and interest in this work. Yours for better homes, Q Francis 0'Cunnor i Y x Q .Q PETA JUNIUH Pllll MEHITO Left to Right Row Row Row Row Row Row ,lanet Simmons, Edward Prew, Agnes Carlson, Cleo Megas. Ruth O'Connor, Dorothy Opitz, Dorothy Stelzer, Virginia llassner, ,lane Balboni, Edna Couture, Stella Smola, Stephany Irla, Beatrice Fecteau, Barbara Blethen, William Courchene. James Adamides, Rowena Shattuck, Doris Johnson, Shirle Clark, Angelina Staltari, Laura Giordano, Alice Dudley, Barbara Billings, Mary Landerlin, Irene Sajdak, Venus Robinson, ,lohn Costello. Robert Knowles, Francis Dresser, David Dewar, Marie Pruefer, Rose Tavernier, Elaine McBride, Mar Esposita, Doris Vaillancourt, Shirley Marsh, Dorothy Muldrew, Alix Rich. Norman Blais, Franklin Brackett, Robert McKinney, Roland Bedard, Haig Tashjian, Harold Brown, Alfred Wood, Frank Getz, David Goldberg, Nelson Hibbard, Francis 0'Leary. Carmelo Scuderi, Phillip Lewis, Frank Sanbor, Zadig Setian, Richard Anschultz, Ben Ton ue, David Nolan, Prescott Grout, Welton Carrier, Paul Oudras, gohn Calkins. l 0 MERIT mi! YW ned N 'hgh G0 B05 meets on Y dn, and MW' sw is D, Cof-V Selma' ,gw A use ' gaw n 'til l I A v mega, 1 S who WC Shonut and G x wen' an M09 Preud'n,,, en' ltgancv cl-' le0 t"c"f.lw 8 X l iT:oW"' .ul , '- A 9- . - dl' so dPrev4 P+9ne C M Ea v v 3 swf' S ' .A M ll C fa- Pr- wif?-L A54 Left to Row 1 Right Virginia Tanguay, Warren Chapin, Ralph Bellows, Emily Lolos. Row 2 Miss Miriam Allen, Pearl Thyregod, Doris Richards, Marilyn Knapp, Edith Packard, Jean Bates, Joseph Dambkowski. ROW 3 Bernard Weitzman, Dorothea Lafferty, Ruth Simes, Marian Case, Charlotte Fitzroy, Terry GriHin, Helen Kiarykas, George Makrianis, Frank Kittredge. Row 4 Fred Mammarelli, George Fuller, Herbert Bonacker, Eva Tracy, Norma DeSimone, Barbara Badger, Lila Francis, Nicholas DePinto, Warren Roberge, William llyland. Row 5 .lohn Talmage, George Pepin, Maureen Tabb, Beverlee Stanton, Row 6 Mary Finn, Virginia Brackett, Robert Herbert, Alfred Koenig. Roy Robedeau, Kenneth Jenks, Gerald Odentz, Douglas Lenkoski, Kenneth Larson, lleywood Cooper, Irving Wade, Dr. C. A. Cockayne. -,..v- i I txt- Nr- April 1, 1941 0 Dear Marian: mf . YRS ME ned, men This semester, when the names of those on Pro Merito from the SENKBB X whgn co' Nmyqttt A different classes were counted, a queer situation was found. It was meets 9' Y and PAM ester 9- discovered that the 12A's had the largest number with the required D Cod!-OYBB gqxph Bellovliosm ll + average while the 10A's had the smallest number. 1- 1 n . Ad'l'll8l5l Semester Hows Dgllgxos kan , Ordinarily the l0A's have the largest group, and the 12A's have Rglph Bcompitt 1enY 6urAokri0"l" the smallest group. This group of 12A's, of which there are 42, wang Q NNOIWUHBH 660196 has lost only 8 ofits members since it was a 10A group in 1939. 5 . Psliico Pwstaen Motif, Lows, Last fall and also at the beginning of this semester the Pro Merito Scctotow Eml Societies together conducted their usual assemblies for the new fresh- Ttoowtu men to make them acquainted with these honor societies of the school. The convention, to which a great number of our members went l last October, was held in lladley at the Hopkins Academy. The next convention is to be held in May at the Smith Academy at Hat- , field. We were represented in the state organization by Warren Chapin as president of the Senior group and Virginia Tanguay as secretary of the Junior group. These conventions are always lots of x fun and inspiration. t Yours pro merilo, Warren Chapin 0 Edward Pfew P ,oi 1 X .... Xa... Q Q 'eil ss. Row 1 QSEATEDJ -Richard. Durick, Raplh Bellows, Harve Hawthorne, Donald Hall, Robert Shaw, Charles Hamilton, Wadsworth Stone, .lames Hubbard, Perry C. Smith, Allan Wri ht, Heywood Cooper, Raymond Racicot, Frank Kittredge, Allyn iinney, Carl Libby. ROW 2 fSEATEDJ - Edward Risley, Donald Gregg, David Eaton, Paul Wilks, Dudley Converse, Richard Clark, Perr C. Smith, Perry M. Smith, William Best, Warren Chapin, Elliot Hiauss. ROW 3 fSEATED, - Alden Whyte, Charles Nelmes, Dudley Converse, Richard Clark, William McClench, Fred Cordner, Kenneth Larson, Douglas Lenkoski, Harry McGill, William Johnson, Harry King, Raymond Nystrom, Fred Mammarelli. Row 4 CSTANDINPJ --Jack Donoghue, Robert Tolman, Robert Royce, Robert Nix, David Allen, James Betterle , Willard Swindlehurst, Burt Olson, Sarkis Michaelian, Nestor Hrown, Donald Stevens, Frazer Johnson, William Martin, Paul Phinne , Andrew Glassanos, Stanley Osgood, Ralph Cognac, Stanley Foiey, Charles Landry, Matthew Arpold, Donald Parmenter, Dawson Burt, William Lucey, "Pop" Ellis, Lindsey Chilson, ,lohn Talmage, William Josko, Roland Pringle, Haig Khtikian. January 17, 1941 C A, Dear Editor: B Bl-Y Xa Y l These are the high spots for the "Tech" Senior lli-Y: ENKB 11958 ' El S911 Membership the fall semester - 85 Teen . N ol Spring semester -80 hum-LGY N2 10113 Ellis, ll' George Raiche's illustrated talk on "New York llarbor Policel' 'ow ll lt0m xphw- WIC, for facu ty night program 4- Farewell to Major Adams, Miss llorrl- mgeti ' dV3,gt,Rc Mt. O ko an, and Clem Ladd - Welcome to Mr. Gifford, Miss Perkins, and A Advifd' wxmom los 9' iflr. Elsensohn, all the same evening! Ydculw A604811 531009: DUACV- Prof. Theodore Weil of A. I. C. - talk on "Internal Affairs". Fsgol'-lol' I1 gicllog Borrow! Chief Engineer Gilpin of Westover Field - talk on the construc- mgsii . ng! Rqlp tion program at the Northeastern Air Base. S5001 B' Plclzhhdh Don Holi ovltbome Dr. Nelson Nelson of State Department of Health - talk on Q Douglas when Borg! H W "Gene-infectious Diseases". vigiidgussiaagt wuygmcilixav Robgd Shgmxson, ll' Evans the Magician and dancing - features of Co-ed slipper mc' tulY V-che" D-'Ml' Lindsey priimm' K ' h A 'n d lk ' M ' Sedo .chgrd .hom li- eorge arpovic 1 ustrate ta on trip to exico. 1 -h,qillft'l.uw,et T,na,g1 Chl Special memorial issue of Hi-Y in memory of Miss Helen Smith, a sg, 1 l faculty member of the club. Qgvqt-Pam, Two hundred eighty at biggest Mother-Q-Son Night in club history 5 and two hundred orty-two ln Father-81-Son Program. New candlelight induction of officers the second semester with John Lehman, State Hi-Y Secretar as s eaker. g y P Principal Kile and Assistant Principal Gifford - talk on "School Activities and Hli-Y Co-operation". ' Twenty-fifth Anniversary celebration - "Y" ymnasium packed . with parents, alumni, and faculty - Leonard Craslufs illustrated Q talk on "The Gloucester Fisherman". Q Fred Mammarelli -- winner Warner Medal in January - largest K group of members ever on three-year honor list and honor roll for each Q period. Q Yours for Christian living, I Richard Durtck Y IKQ .,1,q lx?-llllllllll Wgil-h XB?- 1 ROW 1 - CSeatedj Wesson Miller, Robert Knowles, Frank Getz, Richard Peck, Harry Keeney, Robert Wright, Roland Bedard. Row 2 - CSeatedl Robert Gougeon, Roland Berard, Nelson Hibbard, Arthur Cayer, Harold Swetland, Alan Roy. Row 3 - Cstandingj Richard Nims, Fred Packard, Donald Lake, Everatt Powell, David Nolan, Charles Vredenburg, Richard Howe, Popcorn Millette, William Leger. Nor PRESENT - Eugene Angers, Edward Baldwin, llarold Brown, Wel- ton Carriere, Richard Devine, Kenneth Erickson, Donald Foster, Clarence Fredette, Prescott Grout, Richard Hamilton, John Martin, Robert McKinney, William Mahon, Robert Menz, James Mitton, Orin Moses, Donald Pollard, Charles Ruby, George Run- quist, Steven Sarandis, Clem Seavey. TECH JR. uri- HON 6"'l:30 P'M' - ht qi 'he TlwrsdoY "lg he' 5. Luke med, everv N Adviser, Wa 2 Y stef Focus megter 1 . :QTY KeeneY goggles Lenk0Sl" Richard Peck, ll'- Presidenl .deny Michael glows Roland Befimd it vice Prev Ruben KmneY Ruben Wr19l"f ' M arch zo, 1941 Seq-,retdvY Wilbur! l0lE':Z:,e, Fvdnlf Getz Dear Editor: i Treowiliihasurer l"l6YWood We of the Jr. Hi-Y were fifty-nine strong the lirst semester, and Asn' are now forty-five. Looking back, we remember Col. Douglas Wesson's illustrated iQ talk on a trip to Alaska, Mrs. Walter I.ake's talk on soap sculpture, pa Q the traditional Christmas breakfast with the other Hi-Y clubs and 5 the Rev. McCormack's talk, and the welcome given Phil Breux, the X new Boys' Work Secretary. 5 Dick Peck of our club won the movie camera offered to the one sf I selling the most Christmas cards. PQ Yours for Christian Living. - Harry Keeney ... Ya... Q?-iam btw I 1 Row l - Fred Allan, William lfllis, Henry Libby, Frank Braekett, Robert Kerirch, David S. Bartlett, Jr., Mr. Hewitt's cousin, speaker of the evening. Row ZH- Don Wilson, ,lack McCormick, Jerry Westbery, Wil- liam Courchene, Edmund Hamilton, Ralph Thresher, .lohn H. Bragg, Mr. llewitt, Frank Grout, Ravmond Metzger. ' M. K-Y .30 9' N ll 1. H f'BE'5laMA.N" h0"' 6, 120 . ,,, of vt' wt' Wsdoq 1-19. I H.:-w P'Sem,,w 9 cake, Mar1'h26, lou 911 1 pause ' min Bl , Dear Editor: 0' tw 0 V meal' foci! ie, 1 no 6 yLeY""" Settle, Mxtlel Rgbe uh Our Freshman lli-Y had twenty-six nwmhers the first Sf'lllf'Sll'l', Wessotzt exon! will E Libby and has twenty now. O . Y Ptesidenl -den! ?l?sliG1dNlvls Hem The high spots have been the study of various divisions of the vue V199 Rlfchwd Nlms City government with trips lo department headquarters, a visit to Sectcfow Ri Radio Station WSIDH and Springtield Airport. gl 1 1196501 We joined with the other elubs for l"alher-and-Son, Mollu-r-and- Son, Co-ed, and Faculty Night programs. 3 loursfor Christian Living. x ' ldranklin lfrrwkvll tr X ti:- "' Wir.. ALA flow l -f- liarl Thibodeau, George Karpovich, Ned Rice, Barbara jones, Barbara Blethen, Alan Preston, Sherman Moores, Douglas Johnston Row 2 -Theodore Gourlcy., Robert l,amitie, Benjamin Chalm- ers, Mr. Bushey, Sarkis Michaclian, Peter Montessi si 'J X Pmxvxhxn US' move xslllaoils Bugle! tex Nec . et ' Ml' xafos 'MQW F605 9096 R01 H0 n -iiaenl ' - Aefll ' Blake Vince Weil Botbolo tones Secielod I Boibolo 0,91 I 11095 in-.L l tie:- .Q WL X1 gi tif?-l A111 is-L glade 11, y 06317 Da P1 e d In lv Glen. 01,0 at ou' Ofbal Sa W ood ' -9 Jan. 10, 1941 Dear Editor: The Technical lligh Model Airplane Club has staged two model airplane flying contests so far this year. At present we are working on a moving picture show, model display contest, and demonstration, all in one. After the midwinter vacation, we will plan another model airplane contest. We will initiate new members, and renew mem- bership with lhe A.lVl.A. At the best meeting tlp to now, we dismissed our coming contest, and the boys made plans to go to the Greenfield flying contest. We also discussed the idea of buying a motor for club use. There are several outstanding members in our club. Ray Hatha- way is a ver active gas model builder with many long flights to his credit. Nerf, Rice was the first member to fly a gas model in the gym. His longest flight was over an hour. Alan Preston is noted or his work with rub er powered models. One flight went sixteen minutes. Sam Michaelian takes part in club discussions and does some of the important work. Earl Thibodeau was winner of most of the contests at Greenfield. Two irivate model airplane clubs have been formed by our mem- bers. liiarl Thibodeau, who asked his father to assist, started one of these neighborhood clubs, while about ten of the other boys in the club asked Mr. Elliot to be leader of their group. Sincerely yours, Barbara Blelhen Yr: N Q 1 BL:- lb,4llEII11l 'sig l we LE1-'T T0 R1o11T - -f Mr. Newhall, Raymond Raeieot, Robert Ker- vick, Arnold Soderman, joseph lleller, Thomas Wilkinson NOT PRESENT --M George Lewis, Robert Menz ' c9X9Roo,,, 905' 111111611 I7, l94l G55 . Dear Editor: gi- .4 YR tx q . gf 0 M0956 vxewhosemesxet Avsocrcsoh First of all, we of the Chess Club are noloriolis for slaying lute. qevl YN' moo NNKXVA0 We play as many games as we like, and for sonw of ns that lneans X56 - 3K1 RO1 5 X Q 1 I - v - Q-l I mee A415 onto YWXXQ after five o clock. Mr. New I3 solnelirnes g1ves11p .md goesl1o1111,, P' ,mix My div oy leaving us bo s still battling. Our 'itlie-l1arrl1-1" ure tlldffflllilll, 5563 6xcX0'ge6,-:ties SOG Heller, and Wilikillsfmll. 0 hom 0606 eye' Arthur Soderrnan represented Tech at the linals for the Stale as X The 6956 Interschool Championship on March 22. -Ae . 0 os Qt0"xs?1e5lAe X ffordially' yours, 'c 5- qgeolveo ,IIISPIIII Heller wg YH- l me- Nvn- Q' l f ll' l tj Ctor e li. Pepin, lidmund Maynard, STANDING C .e t to :gi 1 - g Clayton Ruhf. William Schmetzer SHA'l'l5Il Cl.eft to Rightj Alfred Wood, Raymond Racicot. Jackson llallas, ,lohn Costello. Robert Ballard. Roy Robedeau, M r. Lincoln, Adviser ruemisilw cliilioom 309' ' doY ' othet lllwts . l mean BVBWP-dviseh M" Unco 2eme5te':ePin Semester 1 ,n Ge0':-aan Ruhil Pep' Gov 0 Ge0'9e . A W ood Piesidgnl adam Alben gsgynard Awe Vice 'e Edmun Secfelaw 5+ VK, X"1,q Dear Editor: So far, we have had six meetings. After organizing, we had a demonstration of coal gas, its constituents, and manufacture. At our third meeting we discussed thc latest advances in chemistry. Our fourth meeting, and the best so far, was about explosives. Jackson llallas prepared and explained black gunpowder and several ofthe chlorate blasting powders. A history of explosives was given by Albert Upitz. Clayton Ruhfgave a talk on organic explosives and illustrated it with chemicals prepared outside of school by George Pepin and himself. At our next meeting we were shown the manufacture of sulphuric 'd b l bamber xrocess. Mr. Lincoln gave us a demonstration acl y t ie e , I of glass blowing. What of our plans for the rest ofthe year? We hope to experiment with plastics, discuss radio activity, visit industrial plants, and demonstrate as many of the commercial processes as time and our laboratory permit. Yes, we have three outstanding members: Clayton Ruhf, Edmund Maynard, and George Pepin, for they continue where the school courses leave off, studying and experimenting in the fields of qualita- tive analysis and organic chemistry. D0n't be seared away if, as you approach 308, you hear some one shout, "Get those windows open! 'l'here's enough H25 in here to choke an army!" Chemically yours, George Pepin Ks- t mlgmli if?- Bw- BL- X81 W HMI W?- 4+llarry Keeney, William Ledger, Stanley Kennerson, Dorothy Mann, Jane West, Robert Frost 3 - llarriet llrown, Gloria Metcalf, Mary Rose Lyons, Bernard Weitzman, Rosemary Abbott, Alna Todd, llelen Klak, Dorothy Price, Pauline Nordell rom, Dorothy llowland 2 -- Elfredia Whyte, Virginia Tangua , ,Ieanne Collins, Barbara llutchinscn, Mary Finn, Norma De Simone, lllarriet Henshaw, Harvey Hawthorne. l' red M ammerelli 35- l - Richard Du Fresne, Richard Fanning, Warren Chapin, James Betterly, David Allen, Lila Francis, lleverlee Stanton, Virginia llrackett TECH NEWS i , va-...T XXV W VW r.fn,YiLri.Ql saw s,.....h.a M... Quimby zi ww ' Nf- ""' " Wig, lurlton A. Aamirtitgve mn r-' -'-E qw.. New I TECH NEWS ,W W ' MLQML QW ,,.....f,a t.... 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Harry Keeney Advertising Representatives: Stanley Ken- erson, William Ledger, Betty Meyriclc, Jane West. Circulation Agents: Allredia White, Al- bert Cormier, Barbara Hutchinson, Omer Potvin. Adviser ..... ....,........ O . L. Dulfin tis:-tam bag- STANDING-fLeft to Rightj Ruth Simes, Norma De Simone, Barbara Badger, Richard Dufresne, Helen Klak, Mildred Allen, Virginia Tanguay March l3, l9fl-l Now that the Motion Picture Academy has presented its Oscars, I suppose we might say a word. The M.l'.A.C. has seen seven pic- tures so far this ear as a group. The best of these in our opinion was Cecil fl. DeK'lille's new success, "Northwest Mounted Police". We rated it high because of its true historical background, its superb acting, and its wonderful teehnicolor. Our second choice was the "Hard-boiled Canary". Perhaps this was because we had a chance to meet the stars when they came to Springfield. We have made public appearances before the Springfield College Club, the Springfield Motion Picture Council. the Massasoit Mot 1- ers' Club, the Springfield Mothers' Council, and expect to alppear in the near future before the Springfield Womerfs Club and ' he Wo- men's Guild of llope Church. Our best audience was the Motion Picture Council. This was be- SEATED -- Barbara Thomas, Betty Gray, Joseph McMorrow, ,lane Callaghan, Margaret Buckley, Dorothea Laf- ferty, Agnes Carlson, Donald Doyle Dear Editor: cum TKBN BEEKA 9,35- . E MW A 1 0' ' tm0N Vlmiiitifafv ew" iw G THE M .ft the Schooi ini 1 Miss Pelluns e meal' l Advise htchaid Duhifiok Pfesideni i ' dent , Helen lien Vice Wag Mildred Adgei Secmmw I Borbdla Ba q DeSimone neowgzifetavvi Nom ding Cottvpon Y si.. tm? 'Amis cause the audience took a very active part in our program and kept the questions coming. Uur personal answers caused many laughs, and the action throughout the program kept everyone on his toes. Our best time was had at the home of M rs. Chapin, member of the Massasoit, Mothers' Club. A social period that pleased all the mem- bers followed. Werlrlan to end our outside meetings with the April meeting at Hope .hurch and after making plans for next year, finish up with our annual outing and picnic. Miss Perkins, the exchange teacher for Miss Elizabeth llell, has been our adviser this year and has proved to be loads of fun. Corrlially you rs, Richard Dufresne R-re P' boi! ix?-illillllll bl- ROW 1 -- fSeatedD Frances Lowe, Mary Feency, Lindsey Chilsou, Lelloy Ertell. Row 2 - CStandin D Packy Larson, Raymond Moorehouse, Stephen arrandes, Ann Lovenberg, llurbert Moorland, llarriet llenshaw. David Katz, Miss Greenwood, Gerald Briggs, Robert Shaw, Richard Courtney, Sherwood Jones. Not in picture: llenry Watson, Joseph Koro- stepisk, llarry Keeney, Wagner. April I, l94l Dear Editor: The Stamp Club meets for the purpose of creating and promoting interest in philately. The Hrst semester the club had active trading CLUB Room, periods and speakers from the facility and outside. Mr. llewitt proved 531 AMY 0 'gt 'hs Club one of the most interesting speakers. . .3 , Tuesdqy 9' 2" G,,gnWooa The second semester found the club under a new adviser, Miss Green- mads dviseh Mus eY C-l1il99n wood, and with a greater number of members. The club's first activity A ment, l-lnd:Aow Fe""Y was to visit the museum where a most interesting display ofstamps and P'vP1asidB0'L 'ov Erwll covers was shown and an informing talk was given. '50 0 W8 vi 'hedsuiehftdnf-9' Lo Included in the plans for the rest of the year are trading periods, Ssetetoty' talks by various club members, illustrated with the reflectorscope, a social at which Miss Greenwood will show her motion pictures in a con- A test to see how many objects in the pictures have been pictures on stamps. The club will close its activities with an exhibit. X Yours for the philately inclined, Q Lindsey Chilson, Jr. K tx-.-.. GE- IQ. Q tiff- Wiz. Scene from "Sl.M'lc wrru Two FACES". ei? XSL Ruth Simes as Young Girl, Virginia Tauguay as Older Girl. Abraham Greenhurg as First Workman, Don Doyle as Second Yvorkman, Ray North as Life. . BLU!! . ii Wu' - THE MABK everY iirst and tlwd 9. 1 in Room Mngfligy at T131-Perl4inS, Adi: . - - Ton9U 1, vlfglnlo A N0dh 'bil Matti Secrei0'YJ6e:i:Eicil1orcls PubliCilYl R541- get WL lleeemher l2, 1940 Dear liditor: l have finally got around to sending you this iuformalion. 'l'h-- "Tech Mask and Wig Club" has short business uieeliugs every other Monday with the secretary's and treasurf-r's reports and a diseussion on various plays. Those who are working in the t'llI'I't'lIl play meet some night other than the night of the business meeting. Right now we are working on "The Slave With Two Faces" and "World With- out Men" for presentation some time after Christmas. We plan to have our usual spring picnic. Our best meeting so far was the meeting at which we ut-er-pta-d our club constitution and elected ollr club oflieers. The constitution was presented by the constitution Committee whivh eousisted of Donald Doyle, Virginia Tanguay, and Raymond North. Yours for more plays, Virginia Tunguny l,l'1l"'I' The motlel ISL- t X 4 CIf:N'rl'1n livelyn Long, Angelina Staltari, Phyllis Watson, Geraldine Bergeron, limily Lolos, Beatrice Feeteau, Marie l.e Pain, ,lane llalbonig Fannie Maggi RIGIIT lletty Piekrell, Dorothy Boehm ll pn1LOTEfH at 9:30- om 313 WY Thurif-lay - Ro . R geli in . Mis! oy m Advne' ' 5011 Jenie BeI9e PyBSlden'1 ne Bdlbonl Vice Presidenl' lo Evelyn Long Seven' Gt'- liki- rv-Tieugute 1 Dear Editor: I 'ust sto r real lon ' enouvh from mv vencil sketehin to tell ou all l l Ev r- . l g y about the new l'hiloteehnean Club. HPllll0lCCllllC3Ilu in tlerived from the Greek words philos, meaning love, und techne, meaning art. The two combined mean lover of art. The purpose of the elub is lo give the members an opportunity to work in the medium that they like best and to Choose their own sub- jects. Drawing from the poised figure and quiek sketehes have been done thus far. Work will eonlinue in water eolor, crayon, and pos- sibly oil. Eaeh member submitlell her own design for the insignia, and the club votetl on the one they liked best, whieh was made by Phyllis Watson. lfurrlial v you rs , Geraldine lfergersnn Yr: I Fire- liet'-ll Al bi.. STANDING - CI.cft to Iiightl Wallace Tompkins, Clarence Deso, James Placanico, Matthew D'Amato, William Leger, Stanley Kenerson, Ranie Zuidema, Eugene Millette. SEATED-N Alvin Richmond, Gordon Prior, Ben Chalmers Darold Hartwell, Dorothy Cantwell, Ruth Simes, Clement Seavey, Alfred Wood, Edward Schube, Joseph Buehkolz, Russell Cummings, Harold Stewart, Irving Wade, llarold Brown, limerson Dresser, Dawson Burt, Lou Van Ileusen, Harriet Henshaw, Joe Amedio, Richard Hatcher, Ilerbert Anderson, Burtis Dresser, Albert Bryant, Stanley Root, David Furey. 9 ,lanuarv lm I94-l Dear I' dltor This letter is to tell you about the Ierhnu al High -uhool hand We have 51 members who meet every day the fourth period and pieces sueh as Spirit of Youth 'Ihe Wlustler and IIN Dog March Slave I lfapitan Oberon and I'mlandia 5 This year we have played for assemblies rallies thc l .istern States H Fxposttton and hockey gullies We raptured the second prue of forty 1 dollars at the I' astern States Competition in Qepterulu-r x Y ours or sptrnefl HIIITFIIPS ' Hurrul llc nsliau Y V+- . mv malty., , I' Y ' 9 , : . , ' . , :' ' . - . During this time we practice scales so necessary to our development, . . i , f. - - ,. U - ,f - I . .. . . , , . , . , H , ,, .. Q. , .. H .. ,. .. I . .. . , . , , , . . ., ,., . , . , . . I ' ' , f ' .. A I 24. 'V I l J l' I bis- I I ' QQ' Q 0551 11111 S+-b l tara..- STANDING Cl.el't to Riglnj Raymond Mizejewslti, Robert Ouel- lette, 'l'eolil Drazek, John Laurenee, James Pla- eaneea. William Leger. SEATEID AT LEFT elidith Nelson.. Robert Meliinney, Allen Fleehsig. Smrau IN sicmuzimma Russel Hanson. Fred Walmer, Richard llieronymus. Eleanor Harrington, Darold llartwell. Floyd Mead, Raymond Burt, Wesson Miller, Dolores Mediavilla, M ae lVleCreanor, Hen Tongue. SEATED AT RIGHT f David Turrey, Dawson Burt, William Kolin- chik, Charles Vredenburg, Clifford Houghton. Dear Editor: You ask if there are any outstanding members in the orehestra this year. Yes, we have four in our group of thirty. Russell llanson, our 9.99. concert master, is a member of the Junior Extension String Ensemble. unc' vew AOY ln Jean Bates, our pianist, plays the organ as well. Darold llartwell, . A etwde got clarinet, and Floyd Mead and Dawson llurt, trumpets, plan to make a he thi' P Cghduc . . . megtsl Spent-,eh dmcgtet profession of their music. Mt- Cone' . . . . xx HcnS0n' We won first plaee at the Eastern btates Exposition last fall. We are A R998 playing for the Palm Sunday Cantata, now a tradition at Teeh, and also at graduation in June. W. Sylnplwnieallyyours, G+- . 02:- 3 VE... Russell Hanson xv , 5 Fre- We- tm f ities.. SEAT!-ill' f Virginia llrackett, Barbara Billings, Agnes Carlson, Dorothea liaffcrty, Miss lieta Young, Adviserg Barbara Thomas, Rosemary Abbott, llelen Klak, lCilcen Lynch STANDING AA-- - Betty Meyrick, Anne Foisey, Mary Finn, Treasurer, Terry Griffin, Presidentg Margaret Singleton, Secre- tarvg Pearl Thvre od, Charlotte Fitzro ' . , g 3 .lanuary 13, 1941 Dear Marian, On one of our recent stop-overs at Tech, l was invited to :ass the time between 'planes at a meeting of the girls' literar club, the Q gielv Athenaeum. be club meets every second and fourth 'lzlhursday of 66,45 the month. When 1 learned that it had been established about A1 M -chu!! A5 twenty years ago, 1 thought, "A club that has survived that many M Q1 ' years must be o some value". A qt . on 910 tse' Q. A and b Ro Adv Oslel At two fort -five, 1 was taken to a most attractive clubroom on the . , .G , - , . . , - meds 610 C' 0 Ytiungl Sem BtocV-en second floor yihere 1 mel twenty live girls ln answer to my ques month ln M155 L6iomede11 xjit9mao,e, muon tions, they told me that they usually studied poetry in the Fall S0 ' . on ggxg and plays in the Spring. Recently they have been recommending Gallia ot! ye 19916 of all sorts of books to each other. 1g11Y xee Sigh! X ton fA0bo'o1kK0m . 0 36091 Gael Islng Bo' 11995 The resident, Terr Griffin, called the meetin to order and after vtgi 319 I y I g .ce PIO" M019 Yum B R01 the routine business meeting turned the program over to the program vl www MON udwocv-3 chairman, Virginia Brackett, who announced that the poet to be 50" 1 - dm' studied that day was Edna St. Vincent Millay. By many, she is teowlo 31. vu considered to be a oun irls' voet because of her enthusiasm for Cho Y S tl l vmg- life and the exhuberance of her work. A sketch of her life was read by Virginia lirackett. This was followed by selections from her 1 works. Rosemary Abbott read "The .1anitor's Boy" and "Relian- cence", Ruth Simes read her latest roem which is of ,resent da , , t I y W England. The club adviser, Miss Leta Young, gave some interesting Q personal notes about Miss Millay's life. Among these was the fact that she had lived in the same Maine villa e where lidua, who was 3 Q always called Vincent because she was so tomboyish, lived with her g poverty-stricken family. A general discussion follow cd. 1 After the meeting was adjourned, the girls drifted out in twos and gf threes chattering about the meeting. x 'Q Yours, Anon. ' 54, I bfi.- t.. . . . .ww - Q, fs t..,t.ff- 3 ,4- .. yeh I. T 5 v I ,.Q. I I - - gn I"nwr ltow Slfiuoxn Row 'l'umo lion l"ot1a'rn Row Fu-"ru ltow 'l'ol' Row lf? HMM! Wig Mildred Allen Mary Finn, Charlotte Fitzroy, Beverlee Stanton, Yirginia Bruelxett, llorolheu Lafferty llelen lilulx. .lean Bates, Doris Marquette, Yvonne Leger, Margaret lim-kley, Betty Myriek liva 'l'raeey, Lila lfraneis, Barbara Tlxolnas, Agnes Carlson Rowena Shattuck, Norma Ile Simone, Barbara Billings, Rita l'haneul' Cleo N1I'gilS, Pauline Nordstrom, Marilyn St. Peter, Dorothy Mann, llarriet llenshaw, Margaret Sinvleton, Ruth Sinies. Mary Feeney. Pulrieia Westall, Peggy Elioston, Mary Lan- derlin, Naney Peterson. Dorothy Cantwell February 6, l94l A W' W . Nxsxmlvsn 'he Clubtifl Bloisdell Dear Iuditorz 60" l ' I l Another Nvedncsda and another Nisixnaha ineetin' in the Club dnei dose I 4 Y A I-, I B eved we YOCQIIY A Semester qhuen Room which we redecorated last year. We iirst made plans for our mee Nason, Mildted P31101 big dance, the Cherry Tree Swing at the Y.W.C.A., February 21. - NV" -Nl ADW' vet' TI 'nt -.1 Q 1 I -- 1 1-'- I M'd W' Pxdugeh 59118. caueuq Cha i -can-lg IC money wi re use to sent I tru te LFJIPS to lie l - inter GlO'lo Yi!1.t0Y xjXt9lm Skdnlon ' Conference at New Haven on March H. We agreed to invite the 'dong ' Qyollokfi Biol'-Ven gevelliicmugile Springfield College boys to the danee. gt . gi . 'nl ' vt? monde vlfgl Allen Dons inn So far we have had two renn ' luneheons, three su 1 ner mectin s, gmc rkxdw en, Moi, . I 3 I I 2 JON . Ofqu and nianv discussions about ll"0lllf'llIB that ever hi h sehool irl has gcc: t Dom!! Stanton . I Y K 3 vegwfe I mon verse sooner or later. hcl' Be L SGGC qitmcn Ruth Simes showed her nnarionettes. ller trou re that da con- Ch I Y Wag' sisted of a clown, a heroine, and a four-legged beast that I w0n't attempt to name. 1 O At Christmas time we took toys to the ehildrcn at the Children's Home on Sherman Street. One of Rulh's marionettes dressed as Q Santa Claus presented the gifts. x Yours for Christian living, K Q Charlotte Fitzroy 1 , EXPO' ' Y in STANIDINI liolwrt 'lohnan, llarvcy llawthornc, David Allen, Rn hard Duridx Rohcrt Shaw Sl win l index x C lnlson Mr loncq, John Iuvans 'Il eel: every gud Fljnulu o nd 4th wedn euden em dyke' . .loesdqy In ic res, R. 'Her 1 'les "U 6 d 'f-'lv ' gnc . I 1 em Li ord Durick em ms A hdsey Ch., L. esle, 2 ue I son 'nam awdson David Agfllsonl Jr. vb' A xv welll X GWBW Ane,Ao'4 'L gtdxllex yovessemeslel of om A M . 90 ,dab ,QV I I gm Yxo et' ls P-A el lo o sys all 512 05 ei 1 l YN N 10' em' of' ota 'iff-3? XSL- April io. 1941 Dear liditor: Definitely a part of the rfwortl for Forum and tiomiliu this your was their fall clohatc, Rvsolvvd that an varly marriage- is u lwm-lit to the avi-rage' young man. ffomitia was tht- clmllf'ng1'r. l,in1ls4-y Chilson and Richard llurivlx of tht' Forum uphv-lil tha- allirmutivv. and .lohn lfvans and Mvlyin llaiclu-le-won, .lr., thc- ne-gativv. Of course. the two side-s locked horns ovi-r tht- agf--old 1-vonomiv question as to whc-ther two van livv u1orvt'll1'aply than om-. 'l'hv Iwo assvrn- hly audit-mu-s found thf' discussion vnte-rtaining. wllilt- tht- vluh fm-lt it was int:-llevtually sound. The rest of thc' year has hm-n given ove-r to instrua-tion in dt-hating form hy Mr. jonvs, informal Qlisvussions, and no-rious vonsidt-ration of a qu:-stion now hvforv Congrf-ss, the drafting of young mvn hc'twn'c'n rt, X , N . AQO st . vle 'xy8os 50" 41 S 60' 9 A TAM ll sEAvg0 4 ciglltz-f'n and twenty om' for military svrvivv. ffurdialfv yours. Lirulsvy Chilson v sire- Weis-llllldlll B+- lb!!- Xu- lm: lVlilton Lyndes, Richard Anschutz, David Ransom, .lohn Talmage, Robert Dempsey, Norman Blais, Morton Silver, John Adamides, lVlr. Clancy 5 5, 0' Bob i Q3 . 20 Q9 W . x W wo' Wliitaeogies GBX ct ' N90 X119 65631 o K go' X0 ,Non Pbo -4 , s KJXQQSAO XA XJQQWGZAQQQQ Qc' gow K Yxaixbesieglbeo oo X094 G off osotgl 'Xi' 6+- PE-L il' .... WL April 15, 1941 Dear lidilor: lt took us two meetings to eleet ollieers and organize. Sinee then, we have been working on samples of east iron, which we are grinding and polishing preparatory to etehing for the study of carbon eontent. We plan to examine other speeimens and visit the metallurgy de- partments of neighboring companies. Robert Dempsey has eonlributed an eleetrie grinaler und polisher., and is hard at work getting it ready forthe elub's use. M vmllurgi cally you rs , John Talmage R R tF':-e- liar:-1lElIZll' Wg., bh- . - k"'1V"r""4 W 1' r-Es we Y, ,, , K, 3' , ., W, , ,Q , v A 2, sf-, 35' 5' l Row 1 ,- Allen Kinney, William Roach, Mathew Arnold, Robert , Shaw, Terry Griffin, George Karpovieh, Paul Dailey, Richard Peek, George Runquist. . ROW 2 - Raymond Metzger, Frank Bracket, William McClench, Thomas Abrams, Fred Sawtell, Robert Nix, Ernest Jameson, Robert Menz, Robert Wright, Robert Ker- vick. V March l8, UM-l Dear Editor: Four times this winter on the wind-swept slopes of the lilack Panther Trail in llunlinglon, Tech's Ski Club "stemmed" and "chris- tied" and ran the slalom, or just eavorted in the snow. When skiing conditions were not favorable, brief business meetings were held in ll7 on Tuesday afternoons, when plans were made for transportation when there should be snow. Last Fall when there was a smell of snow in the air and everyone began doing calisthenics to be in skiing condition, Stan Brown gave Q the club a "dry course". Next year the club would like to have a jumping team and regular 'Q inter-school meets. ' Man of the rresenl twent -live members are seniors, but we are Y l Y t certain that there will be plenty of eager novices and experts to sa D replace them next year. Y 1 1 l rack! . Terry Crigin p jo' Y X U , E A Y " S-ss l We-s1111z111 tis.-Q. Left to Ri ht Row l -- larlan Leighton, Ruth Cignoni, Virginia Tanguay, Eva Tracy, President, Doris Richards, Secretary, Conrad Boucher, Chairman of programs. Row 2 A- Anita Derosier, Polly Dempsey, Rita Bradley, Regina Molesziski, Yvonne Leger, llarriet Henshaw, Bernard Weitzman, Alida Tardif. Row 3 f- Bessie Dennis, Lorraine Martineau, Beatrice Fectcau, Rose Tavernier, Anne Foisey, Esther llarris, Catherine Crane, Doris Gebo, Dorothy Muldrew. ROW 4 - Barbara Law, Serma Mutulian, Angelina Staltari, Miss Puffer, Miss Monceret, Robert Cuerteu, William La Belle. I - N LE 'Mm omh in 202- April 1, l94l ddY ol me m ' rs Dear Fditor' ts the third Thus - Moncetei, Adlme I A . mee P Ret and M55 We thirty inenibcrs of "Le Salon" certainly set our French r8t'lllllCH M155 U Eva TNICY oy spinning the third Thursday of every llltllllll. There are certain periods .6 ng vhginid 10090 of time in everv meeting when the linglish language is expensive, when Prest e . hmds . . ' , sidenl ,ig RIC , ever ltnvllsh word s roken costs one rennv. Vice Pre DO Lemmon Ggnom Y s I I . Seq-,reN'l'Y Hmlan Rose Uur program consists of educational as well as entertaining features. sure: . o Tren honmen Progtom C A 1 tisc- urs. l Ww- ad Bo-'che' C M information on France and personality sketches of important people in the world are presented. W'e sing, play games, and present plays which are loads of fun. Robert Guertin, an able convcrsationalist, gave a talk with lll0li0ll picture slides of Canada. Our French poetry contest, one of the year's highlights, was won by Conrad Boucher. Miss Alice Puffer and Miss Monceret, o11r advisers, are worthy of our appreciation for the grand work they carry on. This year, as last, we are planning to have a picnic for our final gathering. Bien a vous, Doris Richurfls Y?-'ae N: l l Pare- tlfa-hi im WSL. tim- l I LEFT T0 RIGHT lloward Gelin, David Bartlett, Thomas Wilkin- son, Mario l,aZazzera, Willard Swindlehurst, Clayton lioberts WIMVV, llenry Libby, Robert Wells, Thomas Cuihan, Ernest Kinanis. NOT PRESENT HWilliam Murphy, William llurgcson, Morton Silver, Arthur llandy, Roy A. Sunter, Richard Cohan. 03 30x 0' MONQ out Wacom A W Q' aaesadl 100 Psaqiseta nk 8 0: ' 9 meelsw Vit'-inoiasohuxsk tvleiieos- W' A Svlxnaxe 0 SeC.' QJKXXOY Lo'Lo1.1-el tw" t lasik nrwii... Springlieltl, Must-l. 'lleelillieul lligli Seliool xlill'l'll li, ll?-l-l Dear Editor: This should be a radiograni rather than a letter about the 'l't-eh lladio Association, call WHICH. Every Yvednesday, 'l'hursday, and Friday we meet eitlier in fltll or on the roof in our nsliaekii. l"orty-live minutes eaeli Wednesday and Thursday is devoted to praetise in the International 'Nlorse Code, usually given by the president, Willard Swindlelnirst. Un lfridaiy our adviser, Mr. ,lest-we Hiehardson, gives inslrnetions in radio theory and government regulations. Perhaps our most outstanding member is Clayton liolnerts, W IM YY, who of course has obtained his own Hlll-llllu station. Next on our list are llill SWlIldlt'llllI'2-il and Mario Lalazzera, who is the seeretury- treasurer of our elnb. llotli will have lieenses-1 very soon. 'l'lie eluli consists of l5 boys who vary widely in their interests. The 'l'.ll.A. is working in eonjnnetion with the Model Nirplane Club of this sellool, building a ga:-i-powered radio-eontrolled airplane. lien Chalmers and liill Swindlehurst are also planning to build one sepnrutely. Next year the f-lub is planning to build a I0 meter rig. This is an ultra-shortwave transmitter wliieli ean be used only on lot-ul work, and will probably be a elub projeet. or I 'erv best regards, Uuillarn' Sll'iIHHl'lHll'Sl. l'rex. Kill x 23 3 Wa- Hmm , is-7 Row l Wallace, Murphy, Weitzman, Glassanos, Nolin. ROW2-Y Coach Robbins, Granger, Grieve, Crofoot, Manager Jarvis. vuitevlvm ties- E- Dear Editor: A championship was awarded the Tech volleyballers in their second year of competition in the lnlersectional Volleyball League. Uf course it was a well deserved victory for the Tigers, for they fought all season long to gain the coveted honor. The fact that the team was in competition with men and not just young boys was another fact which proves the ability of our Tech team. Some of the men on the West Springfield and Springfield Y.lVl.C.A. teams have been playing volleyball for over ten years. Con- sidering that last year was the first year of actual competition we all should feel very proud of our team. After romping through the first round of play and winning 23 out of a possible 25 games, Tech met with a snag in the second round and merely gained a triple tie for first place which they eventually lost in a close game to the West Side "Y" for the second round honors. in the championships it was a different story, however, and the Tech boys took the measure of the West Siders Records by rounds. First Round Second Round Tech 4 Police Dept. f Tech 4 Police Dept. 1 ,' 4 Springfield l H 4 Springfield l " 5 West Side 0 " 2 West Side 3 " 5 Forbes-Wallace 0 " 5 Forbes-Wallace 0 " 5 Westinghouse 0 " 4 Westinghouse 1 Tls. 23 2 19 6 Cordially yours, Bernard Weitzman l Egg Ns- T"lT,...............X DV-'r-L tiff--1l!1Iz11' if . Row Row How Row mi- Row 'Q Row XPP- 173- LN... 1 2 3 4 5 6 X VARSITY FUUTBALL TEAM Sl- 'iii- N I Jennings, Rickson, Watts, Biscaldi, Capt. Abair, Wright, Bedard, Pappineau, Frappier Horrigan, Miller, Shaw, Siciliano, Daley, LeRoy, Mcllillivray Marble, Sullivan, Anderson, Bcausolieu, Lenvillv, Fitzgvrald Kane, Curto, Komoorian Ross, Cassidy, liyndes, Snow, Beveleri, Houghton, Russell Broderick, Cagan, De Vine Khtikian, McCarthy, Nolan, Brown, Westervelt, Turner Monesi, Wright Huse, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Walmer, Mr. Burr, Knowles 7 9 lm:-11 11 B+- FIIIITBALI. BIIMBS AND IIUDS t DUO 1. Dun 2. SIZZLER 1. DUD 3. BOMB 1. BOMB 2. BOMB 3. -D- a BOMB 4. Ss- log:- was-an-H Tech opened season by dropping game to Greenfield 6-0, Sept. 21. Jackie Abair was on sidelines with injured ankle. Koblinski scored lone touchdown in last period. Tech displayed a strong defense but a weak offense. New Britain High handed Tech second defeat of season 8-6. A safety in second period provided the margin of victory for the home towners. Mikalaukas scored first for New Britain. Bob Frappier caught pass on sleeper play to give Tech its only score. Pete Siciliano proved to be the outstanding player on the field. Tech pushed Pittsfield all over the field except across the goal line. The final score read Tech 0, Pittsfield 0. The game was played Oct. 5. The line played the usual fine game. Tech dropped the city title in losing their first inter-school to Cathedral Oct. 12. The score was 12-6. A large crowd was on hand. Tech scored first. Cathedral came from behind and scored twice on their rivals. Jackie Abair was terrific, with McCarthy outstanding for the parochial school. Tech broke into the win column by defeating Hartford High 18-0. Abair raced 74 yards for first score. Still had no luck in point after touchdown. Papineau in the line and Anderson, a back, played well for the Tigers. Tech won its first inter-school game, nipping Classical 14-0. Jackie Abair was re- sponsible for both touchdowns, but he did them by passing to Jennings and Shaw. McGillivray kicked both points after touchdowns. This was the first time that Tech got those extra points. Orange and Black gridsters shut out Commerce 13-0, Nov. 1. Tigers were unable to push across score until 3rd period. Jennings, fieet halfback, raced 55 yards to touch- down. McGillivray booted point after touchdown, Biernie Keleher, sparkplug of the afternoon, scored final touchdown. Our alma mater Rblitzkreigedi' Trade 36-0. Trade eleven was completely outclassed, and the Tech forward wall made mince meat of the opposing wall. Abair unexpectedly started the game, and proved to be a competent passer, runner, and plunger. Ollie Rickson, tackle, skirted end for 33 yards and a touchdown. Every player on bench was used. No luck in extra points. le? 'lyri- wg,-M l lxs-.3-9' 'Egfr ' ' , in no gl SUCCEH ROW 1 - CLeft to Rightl - Wilks, Serrenko, Townsend., Vevier, Co-Capt. O'Meliag Co-Capt. Gallettig McGhee, Stiebolt, Berge, Downey, Manager Jarvis. Es n ROW 2 - Mr. Herbert Robbins, Coach, Raichelson, Hartwell, Cavana, Hibbard, , W Cognac, Cardell., Weitzman, Ingalls, Selden, Glassanos, Nasman, Cullen. l 'o Eglin I if A . . .., .. ISL-11414111 Wa- S 0 U C E R BUMBS AND DIIDS Dun 1. Boms 1. Srzzuan 1. BOMB 2. Dun 2. DUD 3. Dun 4. SIZZLER 2. SIZZLER 3. Bows 3. Bona 4. i DUD 5. 'o K t t liffg-S Ludlow 1, Tech 0, the first bomb dropped by the Tiger squad failed to explode as a strong Ludlow team held the Tech stalwarts throughout the game without a score. Ludlow came through with the winning tally in the last few minutes of a thrilling game. It was a tough defeat to take, for Tech had a few opportunities to pull the game out of the fire. Tech 3, Cathedral 0, this bomb ex loded with violence as Tech defeated Cathedral. The score does not tell the true superiority Tech heid over the Cathedral boys, for the ball was down in Cathedral's territory all afternoon. Danahy, Galetti, and Vevier were the boys who penetrated Cathedral's last line of defense. Blunt Park was the site of the explosion. Tech 2, West Springfield 2 3 with victory in its grasp twice, Tech failed to hold the invader and had to be satisfied with a tie although McGhee and Downey did their best to win for Tech by gaining the lead twice. Tech, however, promptly turned around and lost it. Tech 1, Classical 0, chasing the Bulldog all over the field, Tech came through in the last eriod to score and win the game on a goal by Downey. The game was well played by both teams. galloping Darrell Hartwell shone on the defense. Monson 1, Tech 0, usually beatable Monson lligh came up and upset a highly favored Tech eleven. Tech outplayed the opponents yet lost because of wasted opportunities. he game was played at Monson. Commerce 1, Tech Og this seemed to be a habit, being the third game in six that Tech lost by a 1-0 count. The game was played under ideal conditions for fish, but the Tech players, not knowing how to play soccer in water up to their ankles, couldn't do much of anything. Trade 3. Tech lg the Western Mass. Champs continued on their merry way. Our dashing heroes put up a good fight., but superior manpower triumphed. Gardell kept Tech from a shutout. Tech 0, Monson 03 Tech came out of the doldrums by tying and also outplaying Monson. As anyone knows, the pay-off in the final score doesn't tell everything. Well, we won a moral victory anyhow. Tech 2, Classical 2, a real Frank Merriwell finish was put on by the fighting Tigers. With the score Classical 2, Tech 0, the Tigers put on the pressure to pull up even with the Bul dogs, McGhee and Berg scoring the two goals for Tech. True fighting spirit was shown by Tech with their return to form. Tech 2, Cathedral 1, victory at last after a long wait. Real playing ability on the part of the Tech boys. Vevier scored both goals for Tech. Vevier deserves plenty of praise for his good work. The offense was good, and the defense was sparkling all the way. Tech always plays its best against Cathe- dral. Tech 3, Commerce 2, a thriller if there ever was one. The lead changed hands so many times it was hard to keep track of it. Paul Cardell put on a one-man show as far as the Tech offense was concerned, for he scored the three Tech goals. This winning streak extended to two games. Trade 2, Tech 03 the Western Mass. champs really had a fight on their hands, for a determined Tech team with two victories in its belt was not going to take this sitting down. Two freak goals by Trade was the margin of the victory. The largest crowd ever to attend a soccer game at Blunt Park was on hand for this event. VABSITY BASKETBALL R 1 5 th D b k D B h N ny R02 0MlSblk ChfWl Ly hK in my. E? WK... XF-'rm new-"-WHIll1 KE-P bi- Q- !5'+f- Mu 4 BASKETBALL 1 2 3 4. 5 6 7 8 9 10. 11 12 13 BP.. O in 14 lx- DUD - BOMB DUB - BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB Dun - BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB 1 . kiwi. BL- B0MBs AND nuns X Tech was defeated by Holyoke 31-27 in the season's osener. A tough game to lose because Tech led u until the final minutes. Baevich le Tech's attack with 14 points, and Eli Stapiro ledll'IolyOke's with 13 points. Tech swamped Trade by a 42-28 count. Dobiecki, a former Trade boy, put on a one man show and scored 26 points for his night's work with Tech. Chicopee outlasted Tech by a 31-29 score. Chicopee came up with a last eriod rally that defeated the Tech boys by a margin of two points. It was Dobiecki wlio led all of the scorers. Tech blasted its arch rival Cathedral by a 41-29 score. It was a Baevichless team which turned the tables on the defending champions. Dobiecki and Soboleski led Tech's scores with 14 and 12 points respectively. Tech came back in the second meeting with Chicopee to turn the shiptowners down by a score of 26-23. It was a close game all the way, with Baevich leading the Tech attack and Gonet the opponents with 8 and 9 points respectively. Again Tech came back in their second encounter with a victory over an opponent who had previously beaten them. The score was Tech 33-Holyoke 25. Baevich scored 12 points for Tech. With the highest score in Springfield school history Tech turned back Classical by 60-44. Dobiecki and Baevich with 22 and 11 points led Tech's attack, while Allen led Classical with 17 points. Tech took a hair raiser from Commerce by 40-32. It was not until the last 30 seconds that Tech won this thriller. Again Dobiecki and Baevich took scoring honors. Tech overcame a 10 point lead to defeat Turners Falls by a 57-35 score. Baevich and Soboleski with 18 and 10 points led Tech's attack, and Burke with 12 points led the Falls combine. Tech lost a blood tingler to Northampton by a 56-55 count. It was a scorer's paradise. Tech overcame a 22 point lead yet lost by one point. Baevich of Tech and O Brien of Northampton led the scores with 18 and 22 points. Tech pulled the game out of the fire by a 34-33 score. It was Smith's spectacular pet shot in the last second that won for Tech. Trade led throughout the game up to that shot. Tech won its second encounter with Northampton by 54-40. Baevich scored 27 points for the Techites. Tech walloped Cathedral for the second time, 49-33. Dobiecki and Baevich shone for Tech as they scored 16 and 12 points respectively. Although the game was an Overtime affair, Tech claimed the City Championship by a close 52-46 win over a determined Classical Bulldog. Eddie Dobiecki scored 26 points for Tech. Tech ended a brilliant season with a sparkling win from a do ged Commerce five. The score was 45-42. Again Dobiecki and Baevich led with lf and 14 points while Harrington came through with 15 points for Commerce. BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST Row -- K. Beausoliel, K. Ross, R. Felici, R. Moses, E. Methe, W. Matte, R. Daley SECOND Row -- V. Ciurleo, E. Leveton, R. Ballard, R. Seymour, M. Spadoni, W. Wright THIRD ROW- F Walmer, F. Smith, C. Taylor, J. Cranfield, Coach Melvin Lynch FOURTH Row - Manager R. Cummings, Manager R. Manning, Manager R. Knowles l is-lim bin- 18+- Dear Editor: As goes the second team so goes the varsity in the years ahead. What do you think of the record of our second basketball team? Number of games 15 Number of victories 13 Number of losses 2 Schedule and scores: Tech 25 Holyoke Tech 35 Trade Tech 30 Chicopee Tech 40 Cathedral Tech 30 Chicopee Tech 27 Holyoke Tech 53 Classical 1 Tech 31 Turners Falls x B Tech 34 Commerce 1 Tech 30 Northampton Q Tech 29 Trade x Tech 33 Northampton Tech 19 Cathedral 1 Tech 41 Classical ' 0 Tech 36 Commerce x Yours for the huopsters, O 41 15 7 15 11 28 20 17 18 23 I4 21 ll 24 26 Russell Curnmings ,X ..- Q, 5345 W 0 HIICKEY TEAM D. Lcnkoski, G. Lamarche. ll. Delasco, ll. Cham- pagney, li. MI-Kenna, Capt. W. Adams, S. Stavropoulos. FIRST Row - Sl-:COND HOWwCoach "Sid" Burr, Assistant Manager, N. Ry- land, J. Larotinis, A. Tomaszewaski, F. lfaston, D. Converse, S. Kcnnyon, D. Tucker, Manager F. Allen. MISSING FROM PICTURE W J. U'l,eary, J. Lclioy, R. Clements, R. Beveleri, S. Shaw, I.. Artioli. AT Avril 3- N . the lump . - hlwkcy ' W ei-Kern l axxxpimxslul' ll, and we I bxe 0 l ' IT T Y V.dil0" I-pofl 3 ANT venth 'iuall' l , Wu' View-1-K 'ff ' tor the 6 C .ay reafln' SIQASONS RHCURIJ wow. W 0 ar? ypintig xlll who runs ll silhool Kilallllllmicwnillllll cd an Wal he Mass. if l wry, arrllng Tech 2. , . . . .Cathedral Here is the H Tech 5 ........ Agawam Tech 4 ........ Classical Tech 5. . . . . .Commerce Tech 9 ........ Holyoke Tech 5 ........ Trade Tech 1 l ........ Ludlow "9- Tech 1 ,....... Cathedral Tech 6 ......., Hall High Q Tech 6 ........ Classical Q Tech 5 ...,.... Connnerce r Tech 5 ...,..,. Trade Totals 6-1- .-.T S?a.-f- .7,, I EE-lsalu tim- if Tl ED-l LEADING SCURERS Goals Assists Totals Adams 12 14 26 McKenna 7 9 16 LaM arche 7 7 14 Champagney 7 7 14 Stravopoulas 8 2 10 Delasco 4 5 9 LeRny 5 2 7 Clements 7 0 7 Other Scorers: Artioli-5, Shaw-5, Larmmis-3, Tucker-2, Converse-2, Easton-l, and VTTKYIIIUSZCWBIKT-1. Uthcr Plqvers: Goalies-Lenkoski and 0'Lc-ary. wingcrs Kenyon and Beverleri. Yours for morr' rhanipionships, llc-rnard Weitzman ww' 'z'4r.ggg4 if ' FY g ' ff2'QgfXg,, f ,.' a jp S' f 'iv X I? R Q . 'W' Winn-ay-bww3Q E 7" ,If . 1, F I -.Q q.u--v2"""""' W1'1ff 9 QU f W- 5' 1 'QI v. v ."f 1,'e W + W' ' f' H 4 , Q t wr., -' " - ', N' W Q7 Q f f "'x U 5... I 7 - ,U - H A 51 H N mf ' x f' - l. f ,lv B M W' . 'L ' f If - , I-3 F, vw W .4 , ,, wx! ' apmw ' 0 A W - .W , I qw Y "-5 .2 a- Q 13l..2g.:9. , N Alas' , wa , A J .W krsul 5 ' I ' ', W 'fggg' 'gif' 'ig e Gym at Players : .1 . . was K M Left to Right Row I-lrene Sadgxak, Dorothy Dewar, Barbara Bates, Agnes Carlson, Marie Le ain, Ann Foisey, Beverlee Stanton, Dorothy Price, Loretta Vellia, Eleanor Lake. Row 2 -- Amelia Quici, Barbara Langlois, Helen Packard, Virginia Hassner, Betty Me rick, Dorothea Lafferty, Dorothy llowland, Beatrice Fccteau, Barbara Blethen, Katherine Crane, Barbara Thomas, Elizabeth Dow. Row 3 - Doris White, Doris Johnson, Shirley Clark, Venus Mae Robinson, Florence Lombard, Pauline Dempsey, Ruth Patterson, Betty Pickrell, Rowena Shattuck, Cleo Megas, Marilyn StPeter. HOW4-,lean Bates, Muriel Downie, Esther llarris, Matilda Zacowich, Dorothy Chelefou, Rosemary Gallagher, Doroth Pease, Dorothy Dion, lhyllis Peach, Virginia Pickard, Virginia 'lYanguay. Row 5f'l'erry Grillin, Doris Marquette, Helen Klak, Alna Todd, Helen Weaver, Mary St. Peter, Virginia Mastronareli, Barbara Billings, Dorothy Cantwell, Virginia Brackett, Pearl Thyregod. Row 6 -R Joyce Porter, Angelina Staltari, Laura Giordano, ,lane Stempek, Serma Mutilian, Ruth Graham, Shirley Turner, Frances Lawe, llelen Kyriakis, Olida Tardiff. Nr- liere-IHI 11 is-F. WEL N O March 31, 1941 Q- 'o xi 6- 6. A. R- edowf C' B d when esp , an awe' Q meets iwicii ::hmem0"' A Semeiil Sw'E""' I5 1 B310 . Y SBme:c:L SQQINOU AnN'iox:Pqih BBQQ Agn Mutt . ce idea' Q Kofi? Arlibfasuom Dolomy 'gates iiliz. view' Ps"l""., amine' som' Bofbo' . Y SOCIQKGIY nn F0158 qw", gn A 'ge cial C-hahm o Q- Dear Editor: The Girls' Athletic Association is open to all girls who participate in one sport every semester. The social events for the year are an initiation party for the fresh- man girls each semester and a Christmas party. At the initiation party this Fall the initiates were dressed as babies, and appropriate games were played. The Christmas party featured "The Night Before Christmas" acted out to a monologue by Pauline Nordstrom. For the iriitiation party in the Spring the initiates came dressed as characters from the books, "Little Bo-Peep" and "Huckleberry Finn" being prizewinners. Fall sports are lield hockey, soccer, and golfg Winter, basketball, co-ed badminton, co-ed ping-pong, apparatus, bowling, fencing, and volley ball: Spring, swimming, baseball, and tennis. The girls earn points toward their T's, Il's, and S's, by attending two thirds of the meetings of any sport. At present there are 17 who have their large T's, ll who have their large l'l's, 6 who have their large S's, and 6 who have all three. Yours for the athlcticallv inclined, Beverlee Stanton -- Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 lk Helen Klak, Serma Mutulean, Norma De Simone, Dorothea Lafferty, Betty Meyrick, Anne Foisey, Ruth Cignoni, Angelina Staltare. Florence Farell, Dorothy Cantwell, Barbara Law, Doris Marquett, Dorothy Howland, Agnes Carlson, Beatrice Fecteau, Jane Stempek. Richard Manning, Fred Walmer, Norman Pallet, Roy Robebeau, Lewis McGillevray, John Smith, Roland Berard, Gene Pappineau, Robert Frappier., Edward McGawan, ,lack McGhee, Gerald Briggs. gh 53-4- HW NWN XF?-L We-151 Wi!--L biw- X-. IH-S V 3 1 x I" ii iii E ll lm ' I Ks J. .wifi 1 IU m 13 W g ,QE 5 if f 2 B '55 Q 5 , 2 ' f 5 :E if ,E ,, ri 4, X X E Rx 4 .Ab in F X lg Ki W Ki Q Q5 er F 11136 Z n 5 li It SL.. vs.. tm? . .ll-..,.e . """"Y' YSL- Mu iff- A TBEACHEHUUS ADVENTURE One day while at Tabor Academy, I decided to explore the sail lockers at the top of the gym. They were very high up, and there was a door that opened out from them over the gym floor. There was a block and tackle for getting up heavy equipment. An old ladder was the only way of getting up to the lockers. After making the ascent on this, I went into the dark interior of the locker. It was dark, hot, and spooky up there. Also to add to my troubles there was a constant hum of wasps which I could not see. I decided right then and there I wasn't going to stay up there, so I crept back to find the ladder. To my utter dismay it was gone. I could hear from somewhere a group of low whispers and laughs which explained the disappearance of my ladder. I hollered my lungs out, made threats, and pleaded with them to let me down, but all I got for an answer was a burst of laughter. Exasperated, I decided to find a way down and then settle with them. Very nervous I sat down among the buzzing of wasps to ponder out a way to get down from this place. There were sails, ropes, pulleys, and all sorts of gear in the locker. I started to work and rigged everything I could think of from rope ladders to parachutes, but when it came to really using them my nerve didn't equal my ingenuity. I wished I was Icarus and had wax wings to fly down on. Finally I gave up and sat down again to think. As I sat there upon one of the heavy sails, a thought came to me. How had they got these heavy articles up here? A block and tackle. There was the solution. I swung open the door, and right in front of me was the bigptwo inch rope. It looked like a savior to me. Now I was to have the laugh on them. I started down, hand over hand, laughing all the way along to myself. Then I took my first look at the gym floor. It looked miles below me. I began to sweat, and the hair on my head stood straight up. With the return of courage, I began to lower away much more slowly. Suddenly there was an ungodly creak, and I felt the whole rope give. I was scared stiff. I could hardly move, some boys on the floor way below called up, "I wouldn't come down if I were you. They say the rope isn't safe". I was sure my doom had come. I again began lowering myself very slowly, remembering what the cheerful fellow on the floor had said. At every movement the rope would creak and sag. My hands were getting sweaty, and my heart was pumping at a terrific rate. I wondered if my life insurance was paid. Ah! Now the second floor seemed only a few feet from me, but it seemed hours before I reached it. From there a group of boys took me to safety. I was never so glad to get on a solid floor in my life. It certainly felt good. When I had my breath back and my heart had quieted down, I asked if they had seen a certain group of fellows because I had a debt to settle. Richard Wheeler 310 iii. XS.- A VUYAGE FHIIM ENGLAND T0 CANADA IN WAH-TIME When I crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the Netherlands and Belgium had been invaded, and Nazis and F renchmen fought in the "Battle of F rance", which IPFH- lvv--1 All Die- was to be the death-struggle of France. The main difference between a voyage in a British vessel in wartime and in peacetime lies in the convoy system, that is the passenger boats are protected by men-of-war. The convoy fights off enemy aircraft, submarines, and over-water raiders, and, in case of emergency, saves the lives of passengers and crews of sinking ships. After having departed from Liverpool harbor, an English port on the west coast, my ship was surrounded by about twenty-five ships, five or six of which were destroyers or cruisers, and overhead five or more 'planes were circling. All aircraft and most of the war-ships left us soon after we had passed the Irish coast. The other ships were probably going to New York, while my ship was going to Canada! I did not even know to what port because that was not dis- closed at the departure. Neither had I known the exact day of embarkment, until two days before it. This caution was necessary, owing to possible spies who might convey this information to some submarine which might wait for ships to come near- her and then torpedo them. The ship I was on was a 15,000 ton steamer with five decks. It was armed with two anti-aircraft cannons and a small gun. On board were four Royal Marines to operate them. Men were called upon to volunteer to look out for submarines. Several reported, and so it was possible to keep up a look-out on the top of the foremast day and night. Of course, there were also watches on the other passenger ships and the battlecruiser which escorted us later to Halifax, Canada. During the voyage, the battlecruiser was usually between the two passenger- ships. During a fog, the battlecruiser went first, and the other two vessels fol- lowed. Since one ship could not see the other in the thick mist, a big wooden T-like frame had to be trailed with ropes 100 feet behind, so that the following ship could see the waves made by it. A great nuisance to me were the black-out regulations. No lights were allowed on deck after sunset, even cigarets were not to be lighted. The port- holes remained closed during the day, in order that the ships ofiicer's could assure themselves that they might not be left open during the night. The lights on the masts and on the bridge were not switched on, also for fear that a submarine Tic. 1 or a 'plane would detect them. gs.. tix- As in peacetime, lifebelts were distributed and lifeboat-stations assigned, but I think the drills the passengers had to undergo were much stricter. Here is how they were done. When a certain gong rang, everybody was to go below and put the lifebelts on, while the bulkheads were being shut. This was to pro- tect the passengers against any shells or bombs. When another gong rang we were to go to our lifeboat-stations, for this gong meant that the ship was sinking. It was just good that there was never such an emergency. Another effect of the war was that the ships took twelve days for the passage instead of five days as in peacetime. This was because the ships went in a zigzag-line, so that a submarine, even if it knew the destination of the ships, would not be able to determine their course. When I finally arrived at Montreal, I was rather glad, not because I was afraid of submarines, but because I was seasick nearly the whole voyage. Peter Baumgarten 217 L... 158.--. wuq. ...Jr ,Ir ,,,,, F, , X - w-L life-s1Qlz11u S+- nnism Fidelia was born on a hot, muggy day in late July. Not long after she had been brought into this world "Fidie", as we came to call her, was on unsteady legs enjoying her first meal. Fidelia, we all agreed, was the most beautiful calf we had ever seen. She was a pretty, bright red brown, with a white diamond on her forehead and four white stocking feet. These were set off by a saddle mark of white, and a white brush at the end of her tail. After "Fidie" had been cleaned and put into her pen, she became stubborn and mischievous. The job of teaching her to drink fell to me, and I was a great while doing so. The stubborn little beast! Once she had learned to drink, she acquired the nasty habit of tipping over the pail, thus spilling her milk. "Fidie" would also dump out her grain and water, making it necessary to nail everything. The little scamp! When "Fidie" was four weeks old and no longer small, I went with the salt bag to say goodbye, as I was leaving the farm and going back home. For the first time she acted like the little lady she now is and took me, very ungraciously, unawares and set me down, most impolitely, in the fragrant manure. This was KS'- 557 F idelia's "Good-byew. L O ur-.T .1-itil. H. Watson, jr. 216 JUST UNE UF THUSE THINGS It was one of those ship-board incidents that one hears so little about. Her hair was black and shiny, his was tawny brown, her eyes were green and cat-like and his were bright and eager. Her movements were coy and grace- ful along the deck in the bright sunlight. He sauntered alongside the rail with the air of the ever-pursuing male. The warning screech of the fog-horn startled her. She whirled, and her eyes met his. With a start of recognition he raised his eyebrows. F ranctically she darted into a cabin whose door was slightly ajar. With a bound he was after her. Into the room he charged, knocking over tables and chairs in his mad rush. The glossiness of her hair was ruffled as she bared her claws and hissed at him. The room was in a state of extreme confusion as they dashed hither and yon. The purser, hearing the commotion, promptly appeared on the scene to investigate the cause of the disturbance. He saw nothing but a blue streak seeming to be made up of two chunks of fur which whizzed between his legs and disappeared around the corner of the wheelhouse. The puzzled purser picked his way among the pieces to the telephone and called the steward to put the room in order. Then he strode on the deck in angry pursuit of the Jones, black cat, "Lana", and the Ilenderson's tawny brown dog, "Rover". Rita Bliss 217 .. IYQ... CHRISTINE There she sits, listening to her favorite radio program, "The Lone Ranger". Evidently the hero is in trouble, for her steady blue eyes are round and wide in apprehension. Her short, stubby hands, flaunting their ridiculous nail polish, are tightly clasped in her lap. As the hero works himself into a dangerous posi- tion, her pensively drooping mouth is even more serious than usual. She is sitting, looking out the window, so that her face is seen in profile - round fore- head, short, straight nose with a spattering of light bronze freckles across the bridge, small determined chin. Now the sound of gunplay emerges from the radio. Her thin body flinches, her dangling legs jerk, and her bitten fingernails dig into her hands, but her eager, serious, intent expression never changes. However, when the Lone Ranger, singlehanded, saves the lives of several people, her face does change. Her lip curls in disbelief, and her eyes crinkle in amuse- ment. But this cynicism is only momentary, for she cannot resist the happy ending. The corners of her mouth lift in a happy, relieved smile, her blue eyes brim with laughter, she wrinkles her tiny nose, she tosses her light, sun-streaked hair from her near-baby face, and she gaily raises her bitten fingernails to her mouth. Now she looks not like a pretty little statue, but like my eight year old sister. Shirley Clark 115 MY FIRST SIIAVE BL- WN--191 XE-in btw Yes, the time was ripe enough now for my first shave. Already my beard fcommonly called peach fuzzj had grown to a noticeable length and coarseness. The first thing was to get into the bathroom without being seen or heard. L... Xie- rf-we I quickly but cautiously stole up the front stairs only to find my mother dusting the hall. Afraid of being discovered, I went down and came up the back stair- way expecting at any moment to be discovered. With beads of perspiration on my forehead I finally reached the bathroom without anyone's knowing where I was. I quickly locked the door behind me. As I began the search for the shaving equipment, I kept mumbling to myself that I mustn't make any noise when "Bang!" I knocked down a tube of tooth paste and a bottle of pills. The noise to me seemed to be greater than that of the bombs falling across the waters on London. My heart skipped about five beats as I listened to hear if anyone was coming. Lady Luck must have been with me, for no one came. After a gruelling struggle I finally found the tools and started this delicate operation. First I applied soap powder to the brush, managing to spill about one- quarter of it on the floor. After cleaning up the mess with one of my mother's new guest towels, I applied the lather to my face, succeeding in getting soap in my mouth, eyes, and nose. As I turned in search of a towel, my head hit the medicine cabinet, causing its contents to rattle and fall. This time I surely thought my goose was cooked, but the Lady with All of the Horseshoes was still with me. I now decided to commence before it was too late, so I carefully and gently picked up the razor and began. Everything went along smoothly without a cut or a nick until I heard some- one coming up the stairs. I quickly washed off the remaining lather and began cleaning the tools. I hurriedly opened the razor to clean the blade when I discovered I had forgotten to put the blade in the razor to start with. Joseph Rezzani 310 IRQ... NEAR PIIETBY BALANCE We all find luck, both good and bad, Before we pass away. Sometimes you may feel very sad, Then happy all next day. I ,ve heard that life's a lot of breaks, But I think it is untrue, For all of what you have Lge takes, The breaks are up to you. We all get out what we put in, Perhaps a little more. So let's start right now and begin To even up the score. Harry McGill 115 CHEM LAB The chemical lab is a wonderful spot, You pick up a bottle and guess what you've got? Mix with another of name unknown And up in the air you find you have flown! Phyllis Botello 217 THE SEA A mighty tyrant is the sea, Who claims so oft her toll. How fervently her waves sweep high, How gently they can roll. Men young and old answer To her call so sharp and clear. Some go forth ne'er to return, And some return with fear. But every time they venture forth They love her more and more, Her sparkling billowing greeny foam, Her mighty deafening roar. In- James Banning 115 'o 'YL 5rWF.,. 154--19111111 Wa- 'EEL BL- HUME FRUM WAR Out there lies my heart trampled on by the rain, You quiet and peaceful while I feel the pain. Out there lies my heart where the cold winds blow, Where all is shrouded in a blanket of snow. Oh, to go back a few weeks to that day When I was so happy, carefree, and gay! Not a single tear did I sadly shed - I knew he'd come back, I had naught to dreadg For how was I to know this, then? That my heart would soon be cold like lead At the sight of my loved one coming home, Honored -i-il but dead! M aralee Cagnier 206 SENIIIH SHUI' In senior shop, production hums, Defense mechanics aren't all thumbs. I lm saving nickels for a jitney To hie me down to Pratt 85 Whitney. Anonymous THE llllllllli Loaded with books I rush right home, No play for me - lU'e's hard for some. Is there truth in what the teachers say Or am I throwing my time away? Jane Callaghan 217 WHAT A LIFE! The halls of Tech have seen romance, And noise has made its rafters dance, But each new class that comes and goes, Keeps all the teachers on their toes. R. DuFresne 217 IIUME FHIIM WAR Out there lies my heart trampled on by the rain, You quiet and peaceful while I feel the pain. Out there lies my heart where the cold winds blow, Where all is shrouded in a blanket of snow. Oh, to go back a few weeks to that day When I was so happy, carefree, and gay! Not a single tear did I sadly shed - I knew he'd come back, I had naught to dread, For how was I to know this, then? That my heart would soon be cold like lead At the sight of my loved one coming home, Honored -----l but dead! Maralee Gagnier 206 IFF- me-L ' ml!! 'Tia vw-E5 QLASS -f00t of 'lyme the Q, T - res stew bl'f'g ol ee' , C1-e:,':,tZ'i2e 1,133 7 Wit - the ff elfle Pgllciiolthiy inept harringwn ef e 9 Georg SIIRVEYING Surveying makes a fellow think, The outdoors keeps him in the pink. Looking through the glass is fun, Ask the teachers or anyone! Francis 0,Conna 21 7 Many boys at times have said That girls are surely fickle, Sometimes you think they're just the thing, But really they're not worth a nickel. You meet a girl, you take her out, You even take her to dinner, But then she meets L... XSL- F:- iffuikl another boy And then who,s the winner? No one denies the well known fact That a girl is a good companion, But when they start to stand you up They ought to be thrown in a canyon! Douglas Lenkoski 217 ,ww--A-f mf--,--rryfr V 1 FH- 6501, "Hail, hail. tlif' gang's all hero!" Wlailing for tllvir cnc 1 wiiilu X521-h SIl,d1."f's AI e ed- S thelllalf "Wa, "ffbe'V"'1 H Ji .rear 1011 . 3 Lib a Sim, le "WHAT A LIFE" F 3 F .. L -4 w af -Qi P - ef: X305 ks W .X or CHC play ai - Xowgv' W - . 3 X009 J, xliwc' 13716 Pr 5 0'1ald!?f'I't,, aCkQ,,,'3'1d so ' ' Watchignd 66,8 Miss Perkins looks as though slic were "in the gllle sclits H1311 dog lmusvn but sliv is listening off stage to the pt- ager, play. l 1, , i Q-gnu X K . S Ax i- f, ,,,, 4 4, 44' 'R 1' ia 3 , J' J - I j W5 iw lr, 95 4 ,nw . 0,0 W X 'uf' i -fy' .Cub 1 sf, I ff ae , , v 9 ' ,IQ '? -f-:.....n Q fig' A X -. . QHNIQA Q Q ggi: Q E . z P'v"Q 1 1 E ll 6 1 7 fi 3 . S .xxx C' 'tx '- V vi . f 4. .- ,341 x S 1? , " " .f 1 A- . 4 SJ., .V - f I, Y, v ' .ark if 4 , 7'9" y 93' -5 1 ,' 6 a . . J., 2: vf V 4, 4 X :Li-' 'Wi ' 'i if ' a -A. A if i',ffQ43iFfk Q- fini, V' I 1 I UU W lg Q fn 1 vv A A ig. shi. . , 9 2 QI . filzxi ,Lk we wi 2 . 3 'Q .M .. K Egfgj . - 'W grip-: .fa-fw r WW' '-""""'N ..-....,. ... ..,,.,,...-.- """'Q'.x LNQMH'-W ' ww CQ'-!!'PWf-Y, ' "V" 'h"k nw 'lui-ann... .., Arthur Ca lm , 4- - ..., .... .f v 'wv-f-,-- - vu- 'Y -r . ,'rT'fr:5"'t':'1'1"T-":"r" " ' ' . q D hn qunday . 3 . 1. 'aff fe0hvm-l uv fr-H Hvrc- vmnes the bride Cllowlundj xwf Wxx-Bmw k " K ' v....1L. 3 k , 3 yer gvlting into trim for tho season Bows in their hair as wc-ll as h ffflrzusunj oaus in the corridors llllll FIRST TECHNICADE The program began ln the Assembly Gems are Safe the protection of Hall, the electrlc eye from the school labora- pr tory. ljrogram assemblers. Technicaders have ntestsmclectrically corrected on International I est. bCOI'lI1g lVlachine. Paul Phlmwy explains the .uniformity General Electric a popular corner. of New Departure ball bearings. George Karpovieh demonstrates his T echnicader contemplates test on car microfilm plane which he flew. driving. Tests by Department of Streets and Engineering fllyndesj. Nlcasurc your muscle, Blister? Spring- 1- 1 1 IN n ' ,,. W. !TX..Ln...-vN 7-CCH Rnpfg Flffoc. zwccqf Tech's own radio station CDol1ertyj. Tesla coil built at Tech Cliloliertyj. l Bob Royce records Technicaders voices on school recorder. liven the school officials liked lt. fljollcrtyj. music by Edwin Dean . . . and ended in the Gym. Pictures bv Clansnn excent where noted. +36- 9 L M Q PRAISE TO TECH ! The problems of the future are for youth to solve. The training Tech has given will help materially. I Your entertainment problems may be pleasantly solved at any of these leading Springfield hotels. HOTEL BRIDGWAY HOTEL CHARLES HOTEL HIGHLAND HOTEL KIMBALL HOTEL SHERATON jlflembers of tlae Springfield U-lotel Jlssociation., S. W. SEARLES "The Little jewelry Store on the Hill" Quality Jewelry at Low-Rent Prices We Specialize in the Best Quality Perfect Diamonds and all the Well-Known Malces of Watches Phone 3-481 3 471 STATE STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Our Sincere Congratulations to the Class ol ,llfl A 'Bell Ringer' value with every purchase Bell Shops 1440 Main St. BENNETT PRIVATE SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Day and Evening Sessions O Secretarial and Executive Training . Students From Leading Schools and Colleges Secretarial Placement 168 Bridge Springfield Telephone 3-7813 Invest your leisure time at the Splendid building with all modern features for RECREATION SPORTS SWIMMING FRIENDSHIPS CLUBS GOOD TIMES REDUCED RATES EOR STUDENTS Apply For Membership Now CEN I RAL Y. M. C. A. CORNER CHESTNUT AND HILLMAN STREETS, SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 29 Aeronautical Engineering 12 Months Residential Course Master Mechanics 12 Months Residential Course Government Approved Combination Craftsman 46 Home Lectures 2 Months Residential L Aircraftsman Course Over 2500 graduates have been placed by Aero I . T. I. will: 90 6 Mmuhs Residential Aircraft concerns since the first graduating class March 25, 1938 AEIIU INDUSTRIES TECH. INSTITUTE LUS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Boston llffice: II37 Statler Building Executive Board JOHN K. NORTHROP ROBERT E. GROSS C. A. VAN DUSIQN res., Northrop Aircraft, Inc. Pres., Lockheed Aircraft Corp. V. President, Consolidated Aircraft Compliments of TRUE BROS., INC. I39O MAIN STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Congratulations ancl Best wjislies To Tlie Class oi 1941 .-' 4 g Qirtgh am 5 Al'llARIll, ancl FURS For juniors, Zlflisses, and Women FUR THOSE NDT YET "Zi" You Have a Place in National Defense One ofthe greatest needs of Business Firms and Government Offices is that of Finding Wlell-Trained and Capable Secretaries for important business positions. Wlhy not join your friends getting this training in either Summer School-July 7 Fall Session - Sept. 2 Office Open Daily for Registration Complete Secretarial, General Business, Accounting, Stenographic, Office Ma- chines, Special and Civil Service Courses SPRINGFIELD CIVIL SERVICE 81 COMMERCIAL SCHUUL 43d Year 145 State Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments ofa Tech Alumnus 649' ,jf-Z7 -Ill 13- ' VI C1 Q Q MAKE APPLICATION EARLY FRESHMEN BEGIN SEPT. 22 Accounting - Management Engineering and Business Co-educational-Evening Sessions B.B.A. Degree Consult your Principal or the University NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Springfield Division Registrar' s Office, 114 Chestnut Street, Springfield, Massachusetts In The American Tradition 5 JY- R g 4 17- - 79 SUCCCSS an I l A I .- xi af' ' Happlness FX 'Q 'I 3"I'AT di X CWC I g pg xi S' s40 f ff to Every Graduate gk A '.I"Nn Q Iffy ,J Craving? nloglons AKQJQQ lrllfxfflr mf 524.75 Gnd Up. ' H " 17 jews s p,,,,l, ,ho ,f,,,,,, i S40 R0gel'S JBWQITY Sf0fe carefully, choose Hamlltoni V Y 1 5 5 8 M a n S 1 r e e f use our Springfield, Mass. Budget Plan Pay Sl Weekly PREP MEN! Everything You'II Need ln CLOTHES For GRADUATION and SUMMER WEAR . . . at . . . Haynes Student Lounge, 1502 Main St., Springfield J' AMES F. FENTON THE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE Supplies offers to young men and women a complete college education and training for life 270 DWIGHT STREET 1 service in its four Schools of Arts and SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Sciences, Public Affairs, Education, and ,hhphom 2-8700 Business Administration. Preparation for admission to graduate and professional schools. Special programs arranged to meet individual needs. C R O F T Applications for admission should be filed WM not later than August 1. wonders you have f0fVl6"flb6ff?lf 10 order Day and Evening Divisions your flowenfor For further information, catalogs, and 0 . D admission forms, address OT H96 Qf6'IdlfI6ItlOI'l . . . P 20 Amaron Street Dwight St. Springfield, Mass. Springfield' Massachusetts C. W. HAYNES LABORATORIES INC. Manufacturers of Industrial Finishes CHESTER W. HAYNES, Pres. - THOMAS G. CARR, Treas. BOSWGRTH STUDIO Offcial Photographer Tech fnger O SPRINGFIELD NATIONAL BANK BUILDING O 1537 MAIN STREET, SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Congratulations, Class of '41 Our Heartiest Congratulations to every Member ryf the Graduation Class Better Training for Better Positions for Forty-four Years 0 Send for Catalog BAY PATH INSTITUTE Business Training of College Grade SPRINGFIELD, MASS. The EImTree Press, lnc. Compliments Commercial and Hermann Fl in Service Advertising Printing y g Telephone 4-535l 44 Taylor sr. springfield, Mass. Springfield Airport Congratulations, Class of '41 To each and every one of you, our sincere cou- gratulufions, and heurtricst wishes for distinguish- cd success in your chosen field. ALBERTA SSQMPANY , , CW WWW SPRINGFIELD. M-ASS. E33 PHOTO-OFFSET - LETTERPRESS f L' s 5 . , . 3 ,f ,f wr .. ., .e X ,. H ' ' if . 1 ..: , .. nf xx . .X , i "Y . , Hi. : 'H 3 1 , , Q if ' ,,:, ' 1 i A gk X V ' K i , I if ' 5 ' X r 1' 5 I v i Q X I . 1 .gi f ' V A W 1 QQ ,i gga -, f5'7r.f.f,,g1s,,w , wpifi u . 'sg ,ff3ei:?f. wr' ,. Qgi iii " 'Qf'l'Q7'7,I,M',-"fax 5 :fx .yiagwm-f-' Qfsyysxrw. 1 , w- ,Q ' ' f3g!51W' 3 wr 1, Q J 's+:3gi1?'x,, ,f ,iviwfisfqf-+47.y:ffgff.5,un,ag- 9 4 xt'l v a 151 V 3f5A:ff'f ' L w 4 j 534, E x . 1 ,- ny , . 5. N w . K 5 i . l , V J' Q .

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