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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1940 volume:

AN ANNUAL PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL SPRINGFIELD, MASS. JLINE, I94O X --f-1 TABLE or CONTENTS 'r' 'Eff 'Ia -it-'54, 1' Mostly Personci vm' "Tech Tiger" Stott I:-OTCWOTCI Dedication to Miss I'IiII I:ocuIty Pictures Apprecicition of Mr. Abbott Ionuory Seniors June Seniors Students ot Work More TI1c1n The Dc1y's Work Activities Clubs Sports Music Marginal I S Standing at Front Edmund Merz By Wall Edward Curran Ruta Walsh George Ferrarese Lauretfa Gullberl Donald Row Row Row Row FOREWORD As early as Biblical times, handwork and those who worked with their hands were praised. N Let us now praise famous men Even the artificer and the worlemaster. All these put their trust in their hands And without these shall not a city be inhabited, For these maintain the fabric of the world." America, two thousand years later, is the creation of pioneers who worked with their hands. George Washington was a hard-working sur- veyorg Beniamin Franklin was a journeyman printer and an inventorg Abraham Lincoln split rails, built and worked on flatboats. That these men worked with their hands no doubt contributed to their hard practical sense In a recent magazine the president of General Motors Corporation said lf I were twenty one l would work with my hands The best man is one who combines the learning of books with the learning which comes from doing things with the hands Technical High School recognizes the importance of handwork in our inheritance and future and offers the boys courses in drafting shopwork and design For the girls there is sewing art and cooking Everyone in this school at one time or another feels the exhiliration that comes only when the hands have created what the mind has dictated ln presenting the Tech Tiger of l94O we pay tribute to the beauty and satisfaction of handwork experienced in our classes at Technical High School .R Nw ms em 'ms .,, ,Q -. Q, To Miss Nellie Brooks Hill, who is equal parts mathematics, nonsense, and common sense, this yearboolc is gratefully dedicated. When l came to Springfield in 1912 and became head of the Mathematics Department of the Technical High School l found an excellent group of teachers in that department One of these teachers was Miss Nellie B Hill My first favorable impression of Miss Hill was confirmed and strengthened through many succeeding years of association with her Miss Hill was not only an exceptional teacher of mathematics she was also a sympathetic teacher of boys and girls Her genuine Interest in pupils extended beyond the classroom into their extra curricular and out of school activities Miss Hill was an untrrrng worlcer She gave unsparmgly of her time and ability to assist pupils to over come their difficulties and to inspire them to realize their best possibilities Hundreds of former Tech boys and girls will always remember her with deep appreciation of all that she meant to them as a teacher and as a friend STILL OURS Who greeted green freshmen by dozen or score? Who never was lcnown to let one feel a bore? Who but Miss Hill? Whose three firm initials adorned all the passes Of each lad and lassie who sat in her classes? Please note: N.B.H. Who thought that mathematics was iust pure adven- ture? Who never permitted a problem to bench her? l refer to Miss Hill. Who expected the best of each girl and each boy? And greeted their progress with plaudits of ioy? Our teacher, Miss Hill. Whose eyes blazed with fire at wilful transgression, But softened with kindness at proper confession7 Whose eyes but Mass Hill s7 Who as midterm came round proved herself a good scout By giving each laggard the benefit of doubt7 Understanding Miss Hill Who stood by her pupils in moments of need7 Who rushed to their rescue at top of her speed7 lspealc of Miss Hill Whose X minus Y equalled patience untold7 Whose square root of friendship gave quotient of gold7 Our loyal Miss H II Who as long as she lives holds a place in our hearts7 Who IS ours now and always our friend in these parts7 Nellie Broolcs H II Who when earth and the stars have all fallen to dust Will still pull for us somewhere beyond the earth s crust7 Our faithful Mass Hill Elizabeth S Whitehouse Freshman in algebra thirty years ago Harry B Marsh Assistant Superintendent of Schools The story of Miss Hill s ancestors reads lilce a chapter from early New England history One Peter Hill the first of the line settled with his son Roger In Biddeford Marne near the mouth of the Saco River Of Rogers eight children a son Captain ohn Hill won fame around 1689 as an lndlan fighter In King Wll llam s Wars Another ancestor ohn Curtis was an ardent Abolitlonlst and Intimate friend of William Lloyd Garrison being with him at the time the mob attempted to talce Garrison s life Another frlend of this ohn Curtis was the orator and reformer Wendell Phillips who wrote of him in the inscription on his tombstone Unlilce most men he ohn Curtis was more enthusiastic in the welcoming of all new truth as he advanced in age Miss Hull s father was a captain in the days of clipper ships She remembers going with him as o child on a voyage from Gloucester to Liverpool Original land proprietors farmers, Assemblymen lndian fighters soldiers in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars a Western Methodist circuit rider a sea captain such were the parts played by Miss Hill S ancestors in early New England history On the flyleaf of a little blaclc noteboolf in which Mlss Hill s mother has traced rn her fine Spencerian handwriting the twenty two lines from which the Htl! family is descended are these words Let us thanlc od for having given us such ancestors Such ancestors indeed nxxx fmt ,fffgi 1,91 . . an C 4, , t D c ' - ' t oc .I I .. I . . I . . . . me-Fysxx 'ksRf'!sXiQufi Va ,fs M The place was a large study room at Technical. The time was the beginning of a study period. All of the students had settled down to study, except for a group in the far corner. Miss Hill, singling outa boy whose position was not the orthodox one for study, inquired, "John, lust what are you doing?" I "No-o-thing," muttered John as he sat up and reached for his boolcs. "Well, be sure you do it very well," was her quiclc advice. He had been a very ambitious student having finished what was then a four-year course in three years at Technical. Several years later he came baclc to pay his respects to his former teachers. Seeking out Miss Madge Richmond, at that time head of the mathematics department he tried to tell her what she as a teacher had done for him. Ar the end of a very eloquent speech he asserted And there is another teacher here who did a lot for me That teacher is Miss Richmond He had crossed our names but remembered our faces and personalities explained Miss Hill her eyes a twinlcle as she told about this left handed compliment to herself Two teachers were having tea with Miss Hill at her home on St ames Ave not so long ago and much of the tallc was about Technical What l lilce about Technical said one of them is that it is a school in which every pupil can find something he lllfes Yes if It s only tatting replied MISS Hill There was who was such a trial to me She would not conform to any of our rules l never worlced harder with a girl than l did with her but when she left my room at the end of the year l felt l had done nothing for her One day meeting her in the corridor l as e if she was still tattrng Yes and l want to lcnow howto do the double stitch Drop in some afternoon and l II show you She learned the stitch very quiclcly Miss Hill added and to this day sends me a card every Christmas A curtain stirs A hand moves Another person roms the first lt is evident that the ladies inside that substantial white house in the village of Hanover Mass are much interested in some one in the street The cause of this discreet flutter is a slender, young girl whois going to college lust lilce any man Salces alive if she isn t out in the street with all those railroad men loolcing in their glass and waving her arms so unladylilce The Hanover ladies would not understand even rf they were told the facts The girl in question has lust finished a course in surveying in Boston Univeristy where she had talcen all of the mathematics the college offers Now she rs having a first chance to put that lcnowledge to practical use The men have let her place their surveyor s transit and level It Now she s sighting and signaling to them where to place the red markers for the new railroad So unladylil4e ln summing up the qualities of Miss Hill that are outstand ing, you will naturally note her generous worlc with the slow pupil as well as her marlced success with the boy who is going to college You will find also that she is a great favorite with her fellow teachers Not only is she admired by them for her unusual ability as a teacher but She is enloyed because of her kindly wit and ready reloinder lt is Miss Hill who supplies the anecdote or recites the ap proprrate poem or gives an apt quotation or even tells the iolce often on herself that enlivens any group of teachers in which she finds herself Madge E Richmond Mathematics Department 1911 1936 -xxx Qcxngcx qw 1,91 fffi ,fy ,1 0 rd' - if y Ho , ,--f 0 . I . . 4 . ' I . i I I D l I c ' ' , - 9. , .X H7 'V gr, ijt, I , , ENGNEERING DRAWM l ca f 5. fe- v , , h . is x ' 2 321.19 'rf r - - K X Mr. Dufhn, Mr. Brown, Mr. Thorndike, Mr. George Reed, Mr, Hitchcock, Mr. Mr S Richardson. gnc, Unborn, M, Bock Pow Mr, Davis, Mr. Mockenzie Dresenfj. SS ROY, Miss AH efl First Row Mr. Henson, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Lake, Mr. Fitzroy. H Abbort, Mr. Reed, Second Row Mr. Mr. Spence, Mr, Lynch, Mr. Lowrence. No1Presen1 'W Mr. Wood. SHOPWORK Mr. Spencer. MUS! N f. B vns, M , urr, Mr. Vvolmenfss Whrrremcref Mr Miss M- M. rllerl M. E Svxlir, SWen5Of1,'ssM':?,esQrQ2iSS Wilson Our, MW' XQ , .. :'j ' -Wsiffki W A YANKEE PROFILE Ot New England ancestry Wrllram M Abbott spent hIs boyhood days In the town of Slcowhegan In central MaIne a regron ot wooded hIlls and clear lalces HIS schoolIng was In the classIcal sublects then taught After hlgh school he recerved practIcal GXPEYIQHCG In foundry worlc patternmalung and mIllwrIght worlc He was also a machInIst on marIne engInes at Portland Marne He was a member of the fIrst class of the MechanIcal Teacher TraInIng lnstItute offered by the State Board of Educahon under the SUPSTVISIOH of Mr Charles R Allen called the Father of vocatlonal educatlon ln 1910 he went to Northampton Trade School where he Introduced a course In MaterIals ot lndustry and taught cabrnet malcmg and allIed sublects Commg to Sprrngheld he taught at Trade School for a year and then changed to State St r Hlgh School ln 1916 Mr Abbott Iorned the faculty ot Techmcal Hlgh School Here he has taught advanced cablnet malcIng pattern malcrng and wood turnIng When Technlcal was enlarged a few years ago he Installed most of the machrnery and equIpment In the Sprmg St BuIldIng He Introduced courses In blueprrnt readIng In the Evenlng Techmcal School where he taught from 1917 on untIl IlS dIscontInuance ln the past three years he has completely rebuIlt and Improved the lathes and other equIpment In Shop112 Thrs une Mr Abbott retIres Aslced about hIs plans forthe future he replred that he had none Other than a desIre to lead a qUI9f home hte for at my age you can t be sure of your strength from day to day l don t want much SGId he went on and so showed hlmselt a true Yanlcee content to do hIs worlc and un Wllllng to have anyone malce a fuss about It even after twenty four years of thorough worlc Calm modest conscIentIous thIs IS what students and teachers OlIl49 thmlc of Mr Abbott as he leaves Techmcal Y T Xffftf fff! ff' ' . I ' . , I . ' I ll X-'Qskx 'RN-'Qs .i'+'b- .ff I 1. 49" gk:-L C. William Nordstrom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Nordstrom of 140 Ft. Pleasant Avenue, always has been two strides and a leap ahead of the rest of his class. During his three years at Technical he has held many offices, having served as vice- president of Student Council, president of l'li-Y, captain and also chief of Student Patrol, and school reporter for the "Springfield Union". While editor- in-chief of 'ilech News" he was chosen vice- presidentofW.M.l..S,P. "Bill" is interested in photography and stamps and hopesto study law. Because of his fine character, leadership, and service to the school, William deserves Technicalis highest honor, the Charles F, Warner Achievement Medal. Shirley Merry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Merry of 11 Ashbrook Avenue, has always been two slaps and a hop ahead of the rest of her class. Besides doing honor worlr in all of her classes, she has held these offices: President of Athenaeum, co-editor of "Tech Tiger", secretary of Pro Merito, treasurer of G.A.A. She was also a member of the Student Council, the Motion Picture Appreciation Club, and the Senior Prom Committee. Outside of school she reads a lot and enioys playing the piano. For several years she was leader of a Brownie Pack. She is proud of the fact that her father, mother, four uncles, three aunts, and two cousins have graduated from Technical. She hopes to be a social welfare worlrer. Because of her fine personality and her active participation in school life, Shirley was awarded lechnical's highest honor, the Charles F Warner Achievement Medal. -cf xxx -1S' '. m. . sn,7!f7::l 'V Q REE Q33 0 Enc Bennell ""-4 Wilben Eddy Moriorie Childs LXNW F LT: Raymond Cuuone john Fleming Yi-P' if Helen jcros1 Phyllus jones Eleanor Ho lbcuer Leona Downer UND PIU anvar Wrllrarn Rosenber 1 J Q6 Shirley Merry Douglas Small 38 Alma Loerke Marcella Lynch Wrllram Nordstrom Henry Taylor Robert Paine Paul Whirre 771018 ' so surprised.. , ltal MARY ABBONDANZA, 104'N4saHo-SO. General Course ...dress designing is Abbie's ambition , . . enioys art work. . . great passion for Nelson Eddy.. .can look ian Club 3 . . . PAUL AHLBERG, 64'M-aoreland . St. General Course ....tall and blonde . . . bashlul . . .wants to be an engineer or a toolmaker . . . sports are tops with him. . .Soccer LQ, Co-captain 3, Hi-Y 52,3 . , . ENES C. ALISSI, 306 Liber-11--St. General Course . . . would like to be a dressmaker . . . has taught sewing at the Girls' Club . . . ELIZABETH ALLEN, 65-Oak Grove Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . "Betty" plans to go to Boston School of Occupa- tional Therapy . . . loves to sing . . , "Betty and Connie" . V r walls of her roam covered with menus and dance programs. , . Chorus 'i,Q, Athenaeum 23, Nisimaha Q,3, Band 'l,Q, Student Council 1, Tech News 3, Tech Tiger Stall 3, Class Dance Committees if . rf"f'l..yyj.',S,Qj.: .. JOSEPH ASHER, 99-Gower-St. College Preparatory Course ...would like to become a chemical engineer. . . photography is his hobby. . . JOHN BERG, 64 Bristol St. College Preparatory Course . . . intends to enter the University ol Minnesota . . . wood carving his hobby . . . worked alter school at a drug store as a soda "ierker" . . . would like to continue his study of chemistry to become a chemical engineer . , . Soccer 1, Class Nominating Committee 3f T-9Cl1 3... FREDERIC BALDWIN, 30 'Hiawatha St. College Preparatory Course ...designs and builds model airplanes and trains. . "Baldi" plans to go to Worcester or Georgia Tech to study aeronautical engineering and designing . . .- would like to know more about music . . likes to sing. Hi-Y meant most to Fred . . . Hi-Y Q,3, "Ask the Professor" 1, "Enchanted lsle" Q, "Cactus and Campus" Q, Student Patrol 3, Tech News 3, President ol the Aviation Club QVQ, Vice-President of the Aviation Club 3, Graduation Choruses 'l,Q,3, Dance Committee 'l,Q,3 . , . THEODORE BELDEN, 56 E-dew-vdute'St1 College Preparatory Course ... "Ted" wants to know more about trig like to be a gym teacher. . . has worked asa built a house, and run alarm. . .collects p show changes in automobile designs . . . CLAYTON BLISS, jr., 59--Meredith General Course . a iitterbug . . , has done farm wo . . . would chaulteur, ictures that St. rk summers 9,3 SAMUEL APPLEBAUM, 87 Bancroft St, General Course .. . "Sam" plans to goto a radio school . . . enioyed being a member of Radio Club. . .he once operated a transmitter and receiver. . . Class Representive 'l,Q, Radio Club i,Q,3, Corridor Guard Q,3, Student Council Q . . . SARAH ARMSTRONG, 32-+rUs?Tf1'St General Course . . . better known as "Sally" . . . is very clever at desi nin dresses. . . wants to make it her lite work Q Q . . . hobbies are drawing and reading . l Q Q f . in V 'w iw:-ffssffnrrfr: '-if . - t ?t,"yl'Z"-2. 5,f"3s6'.t!t:t::73!::: 1 vm,-,.:,-,tt sW1f,a:m.....,'i . " '41 121,51 1 , 04 1 4 1 N-,-s fn, f.iZ3l i. , li '-:I-:N ff .::..:,: ' f' 'iv .,.:.1' i HERBERT V. BOUCHER, 42-L-eng-l'ril'l'51. General Course . . . 'Al-lerbyn wants to play with a large band . . . A Finds machine tool work interesting . . , has been playing with George St. Pierreis orchestra lor some time . . . his hobbies are trumpet playing and weight lifting . . . Band1,Q. . . FRANCIS CAMPANELLA, 978 Wilbraham Rd. Camp plans to be a machinist . . . hockey is PAUL CATALDO 5"2"Wilmom-St. General Course likes machines hopes to be an airplane mechanic hobbies are printing and house building. CONSTANCE A. BRAY, College Preparatory Course . . . plans to enter the University of Vermont . , , would like to be a dietitian. . . Athenaeum was her favorite club.. .she and Betty Allen inseparable . ., tall and wellepoised . . , Athenaeum 9,3, Nisimaha 3, Vice-Pres. of Class 1,9, Non-Athletic Award, Dance Committee l,9,3, Banquet Committee 3 . . . HAROLD F. BRUNETTE, 1-95-College St. General Course .. . "l-larry" plans to be a civil engineer. . . hobbies are model airplanes and photography , . , loves to whistle. . .Chess Club 3. . . NANCY BULL, 398-Sumner Ave. College Preparatory Course ..."Nan" was a spectator at all football and basket- ball games. . . an inveterate knitter. . , desires to be a dietitian and will enter Mass. State College . . . her mother and father, three uncles, and an aunt also graduates of Tech . . . Nisimaha 9,3, Publicity Chairman 3, Dance Committee 9, Banquet and Prom Committees 3, Tech Tiger 3, Publicity Chairman G.A.A. 9, Baseball 9, Golf 9, Ping-pong Club 9,3, Bowling Club 3... FRANK J. CALABRESE, 69-Gardner St. Applied Arts Course transferred from Commerce as an 'l'l B . . .worked at League Park . . .Soccer 9,3 . . . General Course 1 4 records . . . MARJORIE CHILDS, Sl-JAGadsoLSt. General Course . . . wants to be a dietitian . . . hobbies are skiing and skating . . , LLOYD CLARK, 244-Denver-St General Course . . . i'Clarkie' wants to be a traveling salesman has worked as salesman and service station attendant , , . is iokingly called Mayor of Pine Point by his friends . . . OSCAR CLIFFORD, 38 Martin St. General Course . . . "Porky" likes mechanical drafting and pho- tography . . , makes puzzles out of wood , . . Pho- tography Club 'l,9 . ., FLEMINDO R. COCCHI, 594 Carew St:- General Course . . . "Bill Barnes" plans to be a commercial pilot enioys reading about aviation in his spare time always smiling . . . has built model airplanes Torch Club, lnterclass Basketball 9, Baseball 9 l-lockey 3, Football 9,3 . . , CYNTHIA COLLINS, T6"'W1lbraham Aire. General Course ...marriage or dress designing for i'Cyn' '... belongs to Fritzi Roamers Motorcycle Club , , . crocheting is her hobby . . . G,A.A. 3, Basketball 9 . .. ROBERT CULLEN, 73 Brunswick St. General Course . . . rusty red hair and brown eyes . . . hopes to become a iournalist or work for the New England Telephone Co .... likes to bowl and collect swing ' 9 ROSALIE DAIGLE, 5'3"'W'i1-rebar-St. General Course to train for a dietitian in New York City . . . ho Club 1 ... General Course . . . "Red" wants to study more abo General . , . likes to sing cowboy s DONALD W. has worked in graduated from JOHN C. make forest Committee WILBERT EDDY, 332 Wilbraham Rd, - General Course R4 ..."Bill" has a quiet and friendly manner. . .would like to be foreman or superintendent of Hillcrest Cemetery. . . worked there for two years. . . Class Treasurer 1, Q, 3 . . . FRANCES ANNA FERRARA, 11 Wilcox St. General Course . . . intends to enter some school of nursing . . . in- terested in clothing and hygiene . . . writes to Pen Pals , . . always a cheerful smile . . . Italian Club 3... EILEEN FITZGERALD, 140 Everett 511 General Course "Fitzie" plans to goto Bay Path has helped at iiie Girls, Club . .. "' W' BARBARA FLANAGAN, 28 Kensington Ave. General Course . . . would like to work in the Mass. Mutual . . . likes fig! g to collect Scott Cto do s. ."Bob' is etite brown Y YD Q . D , - fir, eyed, happy. . .extremely neat and well-groomed . .. ' 'W Nisimaha Q,3,G.A,A.1,Q,3... JOHN FLEMING, Q1 Ranney St. ' College Preparatory Course . . . "johnny" . . .a whiz at mathematics, winner of Washington and franklin I-listory Medal . . . inter- ested in chemistry . . . plans to become a chemical engineer. . . a man's man . . . lover of football . . . Basketball Manager Q, I-li-Y, Captain of Traffic Squad 23, Student Council 3, Football 1,Q,3, Pro Merito1,Q,3 . . . IRENE ELIZABETH FORREST, 79 Connecticut Ave, General Course . . . you may engage "Bette" to do your interior decorating some day . . . drawing and photography her hobbies . . . Girls' Photography Club 3, Pro Merito 1 . . . . . .all nice things come in small packages . . . wants bbies' are skiing and skating . . . Apparatus Club 1, Sports RUTH DAIGNEAU, 35 Ozark St. ut art . . . likes to carve. . .'plans to be a window designer. . FAUSTINO DAVILLI, 89 Armory St. Course ongs and play on a guitar ...wants to be a toolmaker . .. DONELAN, 379 Central St. General Course ..."Don" wants to be a radio engineer. . . fishing is his hobby . . . owns dimples and an everlasting smile , . . would like to attend Civil Service school... a tobacco field . . . father and cousin Tech... Interclass Basketball 1,9 . . . DONOVAN, 223 Wilbrciham Rd. General Course . . . plans to enter Mass. State College. . . wants to conservation his life work. . . Nominating Q... LEONA E. DOWNER, 38'5'Newbury Sf. General Course . . . "Lee" is interested in social welfare work and iournalism . . . is very proud of being a Pro Merito member. . . enioys dancing as a hobby. . . is teased about her stature . , . makes friends easily, especially at football games . . , Student Council 3, Girls' Pho- tography Club 3, Class Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Executive Board Q,3, Pro Merito1,Q,3... ss H " lf t lax V V' P , ROBERT FOSTER, 74-Vlfurven--Ter. General Course . . . will enter banking or insurance . . . makes a striking cheer leader , . . white sweater, orange UT", and red hair. , . has been a drummer, a camp counselor, and a soda ierker . . . President, Torch Club Q,3, l-li-Y Q,3, Student Council Q, Caot. of Traffic 3, Dance Committee 1,Q,3, Prom Committee 3, Tiger Staff 3, Cheer Leader Q,3, Non-Athletic Award . . , MEVERETT L. FOX, t7 College St. College Preparatory Course Met" is quiet and gracious in manner . . . fond ofdancing . . . will enter the Boston School of Occupa- tional Therapy . , . her father, mother, and uncle also graduates of Tech . . .Pro Merito 1, Chorus 1, Student Council 1,Q, Upper l-louse Q, Nisimaha Q,3, Treasurer 3, Athenaeum Q,3, Tech Tiger Staff 3, Class Dance Committees 1,Q,3, Class Executive Committee Q,3, Class Banquet Committee 3 , . . JOSEPH FREDETTE, 23 Pearl St. Place General Course . . . wants to get into aircraft work or be a machinist , . . likes to model airplanes, boats, etc. . . , W. WARREN FREEMAN, 37 Saratoga St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Gramp" wants to be a commercial artist . , . would like to know more about chemistry . . . likes art . . . has lettered posters . . . Student Council 1, Pro Merito1,Q,Comitia Q, Le Salon 1,Q, Traffic Q,3, Banquet Committee 3 . . . MARY FRENTZOS, 49 Mansfield St. General Course GRACE GARDNER, 128 Oak Grove Ave. General Course . . , plans to enter A,l.C. . . . wants to be an artist. . . likes to play ping pong . . . "Gracie" is quiet.. .has 19 3 Ping Pong Q ,: fix' Sis. A 5 . S .M .A . three brothers who graduated from Tech . . . G,A.A. .. G ei te. ' ' ' 1 st... . T. . - 5, it , . 1 ll,, 1 'l it G ei STEVEN GRABIEC, 76 Morgan St. General Course "Steve" is a stamp collector , . . enioys working with machinery. . .would like to be a toolmaker . .. lnterclass Basketball Q . . . PHYLLIS GRANT, 14 Dunhill Ave., l. O. General Course ..."Phil" collects novelty pins and match folders . .. would like to be a commercial artist , . , Motion Picture Appreciation Club 3, G.A.A. 1,Q,3 . , . ARTHUR C-RENIER, 49 Granville St. College Preparatory Course ...'iArt" enioys dancing and eating . . . would like 3, to be a draftsman or toolmaker , . . puts l-li-Y first ' 9 among his clubs , , , l-li-Y 3, Chess Club 1, lnterclass Basketball Q . . . ROBERT HALLAM, 43 Berf1"St. College Preparatory Course . . , UStinky" plans to goto Norwich University . . hobbies playing drums and color photography . . . has done camera work for the Meyer Co .... in- terested in aeronautical designs . . . l-li-Y Q,3, Torch 1, Photo Club 3, Traffic Squad 1,Q,3, Victory Dance Com- mittee 3, Prom Committee 3, Tech Tiger Staff 3 . . . General Course his hobby , . . ERNEST HATHAWAY, 41 Pasco Rd. .. , likes music . . . Bond, Orchestra . ,. 4 Zf'f""'i' GEORGE HAYES, 23 ATButus St, College Preparatory Course . . . "Zip" wants to be a plumber . . . photography General Course 1 l time...G. CARMINO lZZO 60 Margaret St General Course Curly wants to be an auto mechanic dark curly hair likes photography and tinkers with motors Basketball 1 HELEN A jAROSZ 61 Cleveland St General Course Jerrie plans to enter A l C worked at Liberty Library likes to swim and dance Nisimaha Q Pro Merito 1 Q 3 MARGARET JOHNSON 279-Plvmfree Road General Course a bright smile and o ready giggle mark Peggy wants to go to the University of New Brunswick in Canada to study iournalism horseback riding her hobby Freshman Initiation Q 11A Class Dance Committee Q Nisimaha 93 Athenaeum 3 Tech Tiger 3 Prom Committee 3 NELSON JONES 34-Eriiibn-S+ College Preparatory Course FLORENCE HILL, ere" ., ' ' General Course . . . "Flossy" is interested in clothing . . . collects match covers . . . plans to be a dressmaker . . . like Maude Mi Ier works in the haytields in the summer- AA 1,93 . . , EUGENE HILTON, Q9-Hancock Sk College Preparatory Course "Stubby" plans to go to Worcester Tech . . . wants to be a chemical engineer. . . makes airplane models... Le Salon1fHi-Y Q,3, Bowling 3, Basket- ball Manager Q . . . ELEANOR L. HOFBAUER, 42 Colonial- Ave. General Course ..."Ellie" is blonde and well dressed . . . wants to be a nurse and enter Springfield Hospital . . . collects miniature obiects for her hobby shell . . . always wears cute bows in her hair , . . Athenaeum 3, Nisimaha 3j Secretary of Class 1,Q,3 . . . ARTHUR HOMER, jr., 60 Monticello Ave. General Course Art wants to be a traffic manager or a machin collects bus time tables loves to eat FRlTZ HUBER College Preparatory Course automobile mechanics his hobby would like to be a construction engineer very quiet blushes easily German Club Q 3 LEONARD ISABELLE 75'lferryon St General Course Izzy wants to apprentice at Pratt and Whitney wants to be an engineer collects coins and stamps hikes hopes to be a reserve officer very quiet when with people he doesn t know very we Hi Y Q3 Riding Club Q Student Patrol 1 Q 3 Lieutenant 3 is 'N-q Qi- would like to be a chemist N is very quiet plans to enter Mass State likes to play chess Chess Club 1 Q 3 PHYLLIS JONES 70 Cetlwerme St- ? ei' 13 'X egam wants to be a Fashion designer Phil spends a great deal ol time doing all kinds ot handiwork enioyed being President of Nisimaha Ph l and Met Apparatus Club 1 Modern Dancing Q Chairman 3 G A A Secretary 1 Vice President 3 r Pro Merito Q Student Council Q Cactus and Campus Q Athenaeum Q Treasurer3 Nisimaha Q President 3 Tech News Q Fashion Editor 3 Dance Committee 1 Q 3 Senior Banquet Committee 3 ARTHUR KAYE 35rBuehhol:. St General Course likes to swim and Fish Art plans to enter Stockbridge School ol Agriculture hopes to be a dairy former rates Pro Merito First among his clubs Pro Merito 3 Tech News 1 Torch 1 A X5 x x f ect ff 4 MS f wcx fx N U w Z ist . . . ' - . . . . . . , . an 3 4 , . 1 , . . . H H A A U P ll - : V V 1 i ' A 1 I 1 i - ' ' , . . . . . . . , . , , 5 A 1 1 - ' ' 1 , f ' ' . , . . ."' " x 1 Q e A I I I 1 i - I f - - - . ,fi S I 1 ' 'wr' A w. 4 6 t . . . ' ' . . . U ell' ' T l I l I I T . , "- pl -vs , " 1 -E"5l'5T"l'l',.l'.-rik T -, .2 57 f'f'f'f aj.:.j'-3'-'7I'::3n:- Us ", -2.5-E -, ,,. ' .11 -:-:-: ef-ft-,1f'.c'zEP'l!l '-1 ' 1 '. 3, , .. . ., ',g1Q:-Q'? 573:35 . " , ' ' ' f . . ' T -Y l. ' ' ' '. f. T J . H i i D I 4 , , I , , as . f I 2 g 5 1 r 1 . . . r ' , -. , .JD Q .,, r , , ,.. f ' - 5 A f R X x x V N f I I -- I X l Y x '9 X, X 'T V x 'Q 'Q ' ' , if ug ' l " ' ll 5 A 4 x . 4 A, A, ,A T- ,A "' ' .A A .4 " PHYLLIS KINGSBURY, 34 Wirrdsar-Sh hopes to enter Mass. State College. . . no doubt because her hobby is collecting knickknacks she Qg would like to have a novelty shop of her own . . . FRANCIS LANGEVIN, Rev-eve-St., full of un . . hobbies are raising chickens and collecting stamps . . . wants to be research chemist. .. ROBERT KEEFE, 14 I:-ee-Str General Course . . . wishes to become a certified accountant... . . . i Motion Picture Appreciation Club 1,Q,3, President Q, Student Patrol 1,Q, Dance Committee 1,Q, ,. Prom Committee, Upper I-louse Member Q, Student Council 1,52 . . . KATHARINE KENNEY, 612 Dickinson St. College Preparatory Course . . . having a general good time is her hobby , . Nisimaha 3, Publicity Chairman 3, Bowling Club 3, GAA. Q,3, Dance Committee 3,TeCh Tiger Stoll 3 Senior Prom Committee 3, PAUL KERVICK, SZ1 Hortrord Terrace College Preparatory Course . . . wants to be a chemist and will enter Worcester Tech . . . worked as a Seaman on a yacht . . . has a girl in every school in town but none in Tech . . . Camera Club 9, I-Ii-Y 3, Class Dance Committee 3, WILLIAM KING, 1392 Bef-St College Preparatory Course . . . "Kinker" would like to enter the Pensacola Air School and become a transport pilot ...... . . . Pro Merito 1,Q, Nominating Committee 1, Executive Board 1,Q,3, Motion Picture Apprec. Club 1,Q, Class President Q,3, Student Council 1,Q,3, Upper I-louse Q,3, Class Dance Committee 1,Q,3 , . . General Course East Longmeadow General Course spends his summer working in an East , Longmeadow market . . , Banquet Committee 3 I ix J" ousmv LANGHELD, 104 connecticut Ave. General Course . , . tall with blonde hair and blue eyes . . . will enter Stockbridge Agricultural School . . . wants to be a naturalist . . . studies birds and minerals outside ol school . . . General Course LEO LEGER, IR., 73 Cooper St., Agawam 5 General Course .,."Gus" hopes to be a mailman or a machinist , .. would like to know more about strength of materials .. ELIZABETH LOCK, 106 Monmouth St. General Course ...grand sense of humor. . . "Lizzie" wants to be a teacher. . .sewing her hobby.. , Pro Merito1,Q. .. ALMA M. LOERKE, 42 Eastem Avenue General Course . . . "Al" is interested in Interior Decorating for her life work. , .is a good cook . . . ten ol her relatives have graduated from Tech . . . Pro Merito1,Q,3 Student Council 3, MARCELLA M. LYNCH, 55 Athol St. General Course . . . would like to be an interior decorator. . . very conservative . . . a good student. . . Class Prom Com- mittee 3, ViceAPresident of Class 3, Student Council 23, Executive Board Q,3, Motion Picture Apprecia- tion Club 3, G.A.A. 1,Q,3, Pro Merito Q,3, X J ir M' Q GRACE LAVALLEE, 56 Whittum Ave. . , . "Susie" wants to be a nurse , . . cookina her I ' hobby . . , Motion Picture Appreciation Club 1 ' f Pro Merito1,Q,G,A.A.1,3,Class Dance Committee 3 X N General Course Committees 'l,2,3, Chemistry Club 'l C? ,ga CHARLES MAHONEY, TTB"B!tttt'Et'7Xve. .. . "Chas" is a collector of stamps and old coins. . . dark, curly hair . . , works in a First National store and has done some carpentry. . . would like to work in on office . . . Lunchroom Work LQ, Nominating ETHEL MCCONNELL, 49 Menkose St General Course . . . "Ginger" comes from Bonnie Scotland . . . her lovely red hair is naturally curly . . . wants to be a . V we A M commercial artist . . . drawing her hobby.. . Nisimaha meant most to her . . . Hockey Q, Nisimaha 9,3, Tennis 3 . . . 5 EVERETT MCDONALD, 364,Paoker Sh General Course . . . wants to be a toolmaker or a Florist . . . "Mac" worked in a greenhouse outside of school . . . wood- working his hobby. . . Chorus 1, Riding Club Q . . . SHIRLEY MERRY, 104 Marble. St. General Course HARRY D. MICHAELIAN, 176- Savoy Ave. General Course . . . "Mac" plays in the band and is the one who started the "Beer Barrel Polka" at the football games . . . repairs oriental rugs outside of school . . . loves model airplaning . . . Hi-Y 3 . .. DORIS E. MILLER, 839 Belmont Avenue General Course . . . "Dot" is the other half of the "Merry-Miller" combination . . . is interested in dress designing asa profession . . . has sung with Kip Brooks' and Norman Temples orchestras. . . small and slight of stature . . , noted for her unique hair style . . . enioys dancing and swing music . . . Student Council Q, Class Ring Committee Q, Motion Picture Appreciation Club Q,3, Prom Committee 3, Class Dance Committee 'l,Q,3 . . . . . .Winner of Charles F. Warner Achievement Medal. if l JAMES MOYNIHAN, 163 johnson St. College Preparatory Course ...".limmy" plans to enter St. Michaels College... hopes to be an engineer . , . delivers the Shopping News after school , . . liked being a member of the Student Patrol . . . Student Patrol Q,3, Hi-Y 3 . . . ROBERT OGSTON, 43 Appleton St. General Course . . . plans to go to Norwich University. . . interested in salesmanship . . . FRED PARKER, 4 Ouebec St., l. O. College Preparatory Course . . . wants to beagardener. . . enioyed chemistry . . . raises pigeons . . . nicknamed Duke and teased about his bashfulness . . . IVAN PARKMAN, 65 Barber St. General Course . . . would like to become a mounted policeman or an officer in the Navy. . .collects rocks and stones for a hobby. . . lnterclass Basketball 1 . . . JOSEPH PEPE, 247 Nottingham St. Applied Arts Course . . . "Pep" has played in an orchestra . . . plans to enter Northeastern . . . wants to be a draftsman , . . Photo Club Q,3, Dance Committee 3, lnterclass Basket- ball Q,3 . . . NICHOLAS PITEO, 43 Margaret St. General Course . . . Nick chooses medicine for his life work alwa s seen with his best friend Carmino lzzo y . . . is teased about his dimples . . . Executive Board 9, . Student Council 3 . . . 6 AGNES PIZZO, 1360 Dwight St. General Course .., a tomboy. . . hopes to loin the nursing profession .. Apparatus Club, Sports Club 'I . . . Q Q Q 5' RICHARD POMEROY, 1195 Longmeadow si., ' - S Lon m d w g ea o College Preparatory Course . . . Dick wants to work in the electrical Field . . . scale model railroads is his hobby . . . an enthusi- astic member of I-li4Y , . . peddles milk for his father . . . has two brothers who graduated from Tech . . gorcksjh Club 'I,Q, I-li-Y Q,3, Comitia Q,3, Aviation u 3 . . . ROBERT W. REYNOLDS, 38 Silver St. General Course . . . "Bob" wants to travel . . . would like to be an interior decorator . . . I-li-Y meant most to him . . . dork and quiet . . . friendly. . . I-Ii-Y Q,3 . .. ARTHUR ROBBINS, +41 Oak Sf., I. O. General Course . . . horseback riding is his pet hobby . . . alter attend- ing Annapolis "Art" hopes to see the world through a porthole . . . Art and Dick.. .Riding Club Q, Band 3. V WILLIAM ROSENBERG, 120 Firglade Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . "Rosy" chooses air-conditioning for his lite work . . , collects stamps . . .. worked in a bakery in his spare time . . . Football 1,Q, lnterclass Basketball 3 . .. ' F' RUTH SACKETT, 114 Rochelle St. College Preparatory Course . . . some day girls will be wearing dresses designed by "Ruthie" . . , wrote tricky side lines for "Tech News" . . . horseback riding her hobby . . . Riding Q, Le Salon Q,3, Tech News 3, Editor of Side Lines 3, Motion Picture Appreciation Club 'I,Q, G.A A. 'I,S2,3, Bowling Manager 3, Tech Tiger Storl 3 . .. ss RQ 1 K is .5 3 . V 9 4 I f X L1 , G yy V E fa Q: A Q . GILBERT SCI-IIAVINA, 19 Lebanon St. General Course and makes most of her clothes . . , WILLIAM SEAVER, 846 Wilbrehom Rd. General Course . . . Bill is interested in shop work . . . sports are his hobby . . . worked in postoffice during his spare time. . . earned his maior letter . . . Baseball 3 , . . LENA SHALKINOVITCH, 74 Governor St. General Course . . . "DimpIes" collects pennies for a hobby . . , plans to enter the Dental Assistants Training Institu- tion and be a dental hygienist . . . is member of "Radio Council of Western Mass." . . . Mixed Chorus 3, l,Q, "Cactus and Campus", "Adoration", Dramatic R Club 3, Motion Picture Appreciation Club. .. FRANK M. SIMEOLI, 53 CherrelynsAve. General Course . . . expects to attend Trade alter graduation . . F 1 wants to be a draftsman . . .collects sports pictures , . . Italian Club 3... DOUGLAS SMALL, 34 Merrimac Ave. General Course . , . wants to go to General Electric Apprentice School . , . 'iShorty" has many friends . . . worked at Rood and Woodbury's in spare time . . . Pro Merito l,Q,3, Student Council 'I, Q,3, Class Banquet Committee 3, Executive Committee 3 . . . MARIORIE M. SCOTT, 3 Piney Place College Preparatory Course . . . plans to be a nurse like her mother Scotty is quiet and good-natured . . . she is a very good sewer 4 2 X N A GORDON SMITH, 19-Golorria'I"Rve. College Preparatory Course . . . HGramp" is a slow talker . . . drives around in o Q0-year old Ford . , . hopes to be an automotive engineer . . . one of the "Three Musketeers", Kip, Gramp, and jimmy. . . Student Patrol Q, Nominating Committee 3 . . . RICHARD SNYDER, 40 Gray's A-venue Applied Arts Course . . . liked the orchestra best and wants to make arranging and playing music his life work , , . "Docs" hobbyis collecting popular recordings. . .Orchestra 1,Q. FRANK A. TACY, 21 Huntington-St. General Course . . . "Whistle" is the fourth of a long line of Tacy brotherswho graduated from Tech , , . Roland 98, George '35, Arthur '36 . . . wants to be a special crime investigator . . . Boysf Advanced Chorus 1,Q,3 . . JEAN TAFT, 1S6S4Eare'w'St. General Course ..."Taffy" wants to be a social worker. . . is going to Danforth Dunbar. . . G.A.A.1,Q,3,Nisimaha1,Q, Tennis Q, Golf Q . .. CARLO TAGLIAVINI, 630-Carew St. General Course . . . Wants to be a news photographer. . . hobby is photography . . . wants to know more about pre- employment course . . , Photography Club 3, Motion Picture Appreciation 1,2 . . . AREMEN TASHIIAN, 56 Cambridge St. General Course . . ,another would-be news photographer . . . "Tash' "W makes amateur movies for a hobby , , .Pro Merito 2,3 ELWIN C. TAYLOR, 35 Santa'Barbora St, ' General Course . . . wants to be a draftsman . . . has hair fixed "lust so" . . . dark and soft-spoken , . .amateur photographer and model builder . , . Soccer 1,Q, Student Patrol Q,3, Aviation Club 3 . . . HENRY D. TAYLOR, 65 White St College Preparatory Course . . . bright. . . eccentric. , . the mathematical ability of Einstein . , . well liked . . . loves chess . . . Flies model airplanes and intends to make aviation his life work . . . reminds one of Mr. Milquetoast, but is still a real fellow . . . Chess Club Q,3, Treasurer 3, I-li-Y 3, Vice-Pres., German Club 3, Pro Merito1,Q,3. RICHARD TREMBLAY, 55 VV-indemere St. General Course . . . "Dick" is tall and dark . . . has shy smile. . . plans to enter A.l,C .... hopes to ride high in either the Army or Navy Air Corps . . . brother graduated in '38 , . . likes music and fishing . . .Riding Club 3, Band 3. . . FRANCIS WALSH, 110 Central St. General Course ..f'Eritz'i wants electrical work. . . radio his hobby .. Radio Club 9,3 . . , RUSSELL WARREN, 130 Hickory St. General Course . . . "Gus" plays hockey. , . wants to be a machinist or loin the Navy . . . PATRICIA WHEELER, 21 Bruce St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Pat" likes to dance. . . plans to goto Alvine School of the Theater and be a dramatic teacher . . . is a sports enthusiast . . . I-lockey 1, Basketball 1,Q, Apparatus Club 1,3, G.A.A. 1,Q,3, Baseball O 1,Q,3, Ping Pong Q, Social Dancing 1,3, Co-ed Volleyball 3, Dramatic Club 3, Italian Club 3, Badminton 3. . . ROBERT WHITE, 167'Sovoy-Ave. General Course , . , Bob wants to ioin the U. S. Navy . , . is a klunior Assistant Scoutmaster . . . likes dancing. . . I-li-Y 3 . .. PAUL WHITTEMORE, 73 Hollywood St. General Course . . . "Whitey" plans to enter Springfield College and be a physical director . . . hobby is physical culture work . . . I-li-Y 3... IOSEPH I. WHITTLESY, 352 Long Hill St. College Preparatory Course . . . his favorite pastime is modeling airplanes . . . will go to Cornell and become an electrical engineer. . ,Aviation Club 3, German Club 3 , BEATRICE WILLIAMS, 1Td"Ol?TEhomas-St-. College Preparatory Course . . . fond of dancing and skating , , . "Bea" puts Nisimaha First among her clubs . . . the Fourth of her family to graduate from Tech . . , Nisimaha Q,3, Field l-lockey Q, Ping Pong Club Q,3, Manager Q, Basketball Q,3, Manager 3, Badminton Q,3, Bowling Club3... ROBERT WOOD, 129 Marlborough St. Applied Arts Course . . . an officer in the Coast Guard is "Woody's" goal . . , wants to enter LJ. S. C. G. Academy. . , active in De Molay, . . has printed, done interior decorating outside . . . builds sailboats . . . Constitution Com- mittee 1, Dance Committee 23, Student Patrol Q, FRED WOODCOCK, 67-Dawes Stn General Course . . . has worked as iceman outside of school . , , likes mathematics . . . Woods hobby is photography . . is teased about girl friends . . . he wants to be a sales- man or sailor in the Ll. S. Navy. ,. ALVERO ALFIERI, 468 Central St. General Course . . . ."Al" would' like to be a short order cook or operate his own store . . . worked as a cook and waiter outside of school . . . teased about his fondness for playing pool and roller skating . . . GIANETTO ALFIERI, 468 Central St, General Course . . . "Twinni" wants to own a Iunchroom . . .collects cigar bands . . . JAMES ANYON, Q8 Broakliniiwe. General Course ..."Jim" would like to be the head of the Fire or Police Department. . . he once hitch-hiked to Chicago on Fiftyeiive cents . . . Traffic Squad 'I,Q, Basketball 1,Q, 3, Stamp Club Q, Student Council Q, Football Q, Basket- ball 3, Captain ol'lnterclass Team 1,9 . . . THOMAS ARTHUR, 83 Knollwood St. College Preparatory . . . would like to become an electrician . . . electro- plating is his hobby. , . French Club Q . ., DONALD ATKINSON, 111 Blaine St. College Preparatory , . . Don would like to be a salesman . . . plays the piano by ear . . , has been a carpenters helper in his spare time . . . Basketball Q . .. ARTHUR BARBEAU, 'ITT Bfddford St. General Course . . . wants to work in the radio or electrical Field . . , Radio Club 1,Q,3, President 3 . . , rqllmg RICHARD BARTH, 70 Vermont-Sf: College Preparatory Course ..."Dick" expects to goto V.M.l ,.., would like to be a chemist . . . draws and collects stamps as hobbies ...I-II-Y meant most to him . . . Student Council 1,9, Student Patrol 1,Q, Motion Picture Club 1,Q, Aviation Club Q,3, President 3, Stamp Club 3, I-IIfY 3 . . JOHN BELLEFLEUR, 4Q3 Nottingham-Street General Course . . . "Jack" or jeep would like to be an aircraft designer or a die maker . . . likes to make model air lanes . . . worked in Wenk's Flower Gardens ..lJ"Little Johnny and his girls" . . , ERIC BENNETT, 9-Berger-St, General Course . , . "Dora" would like to have a farm plans to enter Mass. State College . . . lnterclass Basketball 1,Q, Riding Club Q . ,. JOHN BIGBY, 1+3'MUnroe-St General Course . . . interested in cabinet making makes articles out of wood in his spare time Football 1 Q Volley ball 1,9 .... LESTER BOGOFF 71 Draper-St' s.. . E . Q GERALD BROWN T College Preparatory rnterested rn engtneerrng r es chemrs burlds model arrplanes as a hobby Salon Student Patrol 3 WlLLlAM CAV AN AUGH General Course CAV has no dehnrte plans for the lutu hrs hobby rs stamp collectrng rnterested rn drawrng appears to be very quret untrl you get to know rm WlLLlAM CLARK General Course rnterested rn chemrstry rs very solemn DOUGLAS COCHRANE 14g..SeFl'Ul'l"'5 General Course swrngs a mean trumpet collects records for a hobby plans to enter A l C was a shrpprng clerk at Standard Electrrc Trme Co and played rn a dance band Band 'l Q 3 Nlusrc Apprecratron Club Q ALlCE M CRANSHAW 1-75 Wrllram General Course Al expects to attend the Shaw House Boston would lrke to work rn a nursery school PHYLUS CUMNllNGS '27 Grenada Ter College Preparatory Course RAYMOND CUZZONE b1fBt,or-rut-r!l'd'5 General Course wants to go to Northeastern Ray lrkes sports ot all krnds Hl Y 3 LEO D AMARlO ttt Cobb? Applred Arts Course wants to be a commercral artrst bby rs drawrng HENRY DEARBORN 1408-BU'7'St General Course Pete wants a constructron rob three brothers were at Tech before hrm lrkes to hunt and lrsh Football 'l Q Hockey 'l Q Bowltng Go 1 Captarn Q 3 EDlTH DlCKERNlAN 56 bfwl1tYft'Y'9' General Course would lrke to be a nu se her hobby rs dancrng enroys a polrte argument wrth Eda Sangermano occasronally lOSEPH DlLK 63 Martrn St General Course joe would lrke to be a prolessronal hockey player or a tool and dre maker WILLIAM DONAHUE Y221"Eufev+'Sl General Course Brll wants to enter the postal branch of the Crvrl Servrce hrs hobby rs musrc Band 'l Q 3 WlLLlAM 1 DONOVAN 1-4-Euewtt Sh- General Course would lrke to play prolessronal baseball Baseball 'l Q Basketball 'l Q Soccer Q WARREN FOURNlER '27 St-refbfooke St General Course wants to be a deep sea dryer worked as a mason tender LEO FOY 17 IggmttU"'9f General Course wants to be a rournalrst or electrrcal engrneer drawrng rs hrs hobby CHARLES FREEMAN 14 Eldudge St General Course Chuck lrkes to collect hot recordrngs wants to be a toolmaker or a mechanrc DANlEL GARVEY '27 Phoemx Ter General Course wants to be a cate owner or cop sports hrs hobby DONALD GIROUX 78 Crystal Ave General Course Don caddred at Franconra Golf Course hopes to be a draltsman or surveyor would lrke to know RAYMOND DQSANU 93"6l'U'9T 99" more about surveyrng collects stamps and plays Applred Arts Course go Golf Club 3 dark brown eyes makrng model atrplanes rs Rubrnoll s hobby would lrke to try hrs han at HELEN HAQDEMENQS 64 Cam-5-mr-SY llyrng the real thrng amuses classmates by wrgglrng General Course hrs nose or ears x X etik- x rs quret and reserved collects movre star prctures rnterested rn clothrng and wants to be a dressmaker CHARLOTTE HALL S 'Wflbraham General Course plans to be a harrdresser her sports are skatrng and skrrng Blondre worked at t 9 Wrlbraham Country Club alter school tall and lrrendly Tech News 3 I .,. . ' ' A 'try... ' A Qi , t, " " re... , V - , l . , . I gl ' ' ,rr ' 'H lil ' ' ,,... . , " St. ' ' . . in ri ri Tr , . , ' t. , . ll - I A ' - ' ' ...ho ' t . -- -r t I Y' ' , . y ,r ,f A mf rr, ,... ' ll... TT.. t ..A'.A , . d ' . e . . I ' I I ' R - x ' N X f- 'Q EX' X L -P at 4 y , qM KQQAQ mt ' e wcff Jlf' Y L THEODORE KMlEClK General Course Ted rs rather bashful rnterested rn musrc and machtrres hopes to torn the Navy PAUL D LANGEVIN College Preparatory Course Mac s hobbres are photography and avtatron hopes to be a commerctal prlot KATHLEEN HARPER 1'7"7'BUn'm5ft St General Course WALTER LAWSON '4'Eurm-R., General Course PAULINE HENRY 91 Qflton-A Red enroys motorcycle racrng rnterested rn Genera' Coufse engrneertng hopes to rorn the navy would Polly may go to A l C her ambrtton rs to be a costume desrgner collects stamps and makes ln ran bead rewelry for a hobby dancrng rs tops wrth her G A 1 Q 3 Basketball 1 Q 3 WILLIAM LEARY General Course ROBERT G HOLMES 820 State St enroys phystcs hrs hobby ts makrng model arr Ge,-,emi Course planes Bull has made screen process srgns would lrke to be an avrator or a prrnter MARION LEONARD WILLIAM A HOPPER s Bucnrorl sr Ge"e"" Come College Preparatory Course lnashcutel elfi lrke nose and eciwrs I admgs wrgw srg t at e as two srsters w O a so gra uate from Tech Mary Jane 26 and Joan REGlNA USOWSKA 77 mul" 5' wr go to A l C and then enter aeronautrcal engrn eerrng Student Councrl 1 Student Patrol Q College Preparatory Course TOVCRT Reggre plans to be a regrstered rurse lrkes to wrrte letters actrfve rn sports worked yg9,Mq,, St ndo Q,,r,,,,d Co ectrc t tobacco arm one summer CHARLES HUGHES I nh Onp?:ratusmClubU12 Basketball Q Baseball Q lrke to attend Northeastern or Duke College Football Q 3 lnterclass Basketball 3 wants to torn the Navy and see etc rf you ll htm Buck you can get hrs goat rntends to enter A l C Srs rs shy and quret her hobby rs sewrng General Course ALLEN INGRAHAM 1-99-srrrrdrcsr ROBERT MESERVE u'B"""4s General Course lans to be a draftsman or an artrst o takes rt easy hrs hobby rs drawrng General Course Red hopes to be a toolma er hobby rs radro Colle e Preparatory Course General Course 9 Jenks would lrke to be a machrnrst collects swrng records as a hobby Basketball 2 3 Cowon 1 Q 3 Hockey .I Q ofa grand sense of humor and an rnrmrtable grtn HARRY JENNINGS 52 Lorrng St P 95 Q ,,m,.,5, General Course JOSE H A MURPHY Scooper tntends to enter Wentworth lnstrtute wants to be an architect drrves a truck burlds model arrplanes General Course lrked mechanrcal drawrng wants to be a machrnrst rs a corporal rn the Mass Natronal uard hunts and Frshes tres Flres General Course Bob would lrke to be a draftsman r es sports very much Student Councrl 3 General Course plans to enter Holy Cross wants to e a rournalrst Bucket rs well known for hrs wrtt' remarks hobbies are dancrng and drrvrng HELEN KAVOLCHICK 790"QW'l'g'h4-5, krnds of cars Y Q 3 Tech News 1 Q 3 Charr College Preparatory Cou man Tech Classtcal Vrctory Dance 3 Class Treasurer 1 Charrman Class Dance 1 Student Councrl 1 extremely quret enroyed German Clu rm Swdenrpovom Q Baskmbon 1 Q mensely Motron Ptcture Apprecratron Club 1 erman Club 3 EDWARD KlNG z6"54B'y'rfq-y-d'5t Applred Arts Course Ktngy rs rnterestecl tn electrrcrtv collects swrn recordrngs for a hobby has been nrg t watchman at Kresges and has done wall paperrng parnttng and electrtcal reparrrng ff IA! 1 My rf' X Xxfx s TXQJEMB L X B I . , ' ve. .. Q V ' ...' ' d' ' ' ' .A, . ,,, ,, , 5.2 - Q ' '31... I jf .U h 4 .- r I D V - AD rf f -A "fn U k I Il.-pl ' T .. .. , . . , . , one of Tech's football heroes... K the possessor ' , F Ili I -T' -A' E I -.IU . ll- . Y a 1 5 ' A-AHF ff ,rf T' rse f ,' I A f , I. I .. b-- i ' I I G ' 1 . - 9 1 L - 4 YI- f ,TVTVCl kxx x LH Q' 'X CVCV Y Y X , ek ,X C A I X 1 QP J 1 1' - J '31 jEAN NlEMlC, 73 Girard Ave. General Course . . . john would like to work with airplanes . . . decorates knives and carves . . . has reconditioned guns . . . C WlLLlAM NORDSTROM 140 Fr Pleasant-Ave' College Preparatory Course Wrnner ol Charles F Warner Achrevement Medal THOMAS OLSON 178 Grllette Ave General Course Tommy rs very bashtul when rt comes to the opposrte sex wants to rorn the Navy tavorrte sport rs swrmmrng l-lr Y 3 ROBERT PATNE 4-'PSvn0peeSt College Preparatory Course LY PALLATTNO Porter Road East Longmeadow General Course Em has black wavy harr and drmples wants to be a nurse rn the Lester Memorral l-losprtal rn New York hobbres are collectrng stamps and rrdrng horseback ADAM PELCHER 44 Morgan St General Course would lrke to become a machrnrst burlds model arrplanes lrkes to study the Morse Code worked as a messenger bay ESTHER M POGGI 1296-C0lumbus Avenue General Course has worked rn beauty parlor and wrshes to make thrs her lrle work plans to enter a Beauty Culture school enroyed art work at Tech dancrng rs her hobby WTLFRED E PLOUFFE 16Q Grayson-St College Preparatory Course energetrc trarns beagles for huntrng and may make thrs hrs lrle work German C ub Q Treasurer 3 l-lr Y 3 Model Arrplane Club 3 ROBERT RAE 19.5-6fe9l'0"' Ave General Course auto mechanrcs hrs hobby rs a great tease brother Wrllram Tech grad ol 37 ROBERTJ RAUH 9g..Qnt009 General Course Rob wants to be a machrnrst and toolmaker hobby rs musrc enroyed all the rrath and shop HUBERT E ROBERT 816-AfrnOfYSt Applred Arts Course u re enroyed chemrstry most hobby rs huntrng Mr Krley knows hrm best l-lockey1 Q Pl"llLlP RUSSELL 116 Walnvt St General Course Fl ck wants to be a physrcal educatron rnstructor or a naval engrneer has caddred at Longmeadow Country Club unror Pro Merrto 't Student Councrl Q Class Executrve Board Q Soccer Co Captarn Q 3 WALTER ST JOHN SQ Berkshrre St l O Applred Arts Course Walt s hobby rs horseback rrdrng Football 1 Q Hockey 'l Q EDA SANGERMANO 5 Monronra t General Course spent most ot her spare trme dancrng enroys desrgnrng clothes wrll enter Rhode lsland l-losprtal Trarnrng School THOMAS SIANO 61 Broad St General Course Professor plans to go to Northeastern wants to be a lawyer or a musrcran has been a barber and worked lor Postal Telegraph ltalran Club Q 3 COSTON SMlTl'l 40 Ashmun St General Course would lrke to be a so l worker or an athletrc coach out ot school he has done such odd obs as plumbrng and wartrng on tables basketball s ar Football 1 Basketball 1 Q 3 Chorus 1 Q 3 ROBERT SMlTl'l 105 Drckrnson Street General Course wants to go rn busrness for hrmselt r e sketch prctures Nomrnatrng Commrttee 3 Applred Arts Course Walt w rked rn a log mrll one summer wants to be a m chrnrst WILLIAM TAFT 1565 Carew St Applred Arts Course Brll lrkes rndustrral desrgn hrs srster jean graduated rn same class as done commercral artwork DONALD WASHBURN 1-Q4 Kang St General Course on enroys chemrstry hopes to be a plumber hobby rs photography Photo Club Treasurer 3 WARREN Wl"llTE Q0 -E450-Akord St College Preparatory Course Whrtey plans to enter Northeastern Unrversrty hopes to be a draltsman hobby burldrng model racrng cars lclr Y 3 Motron Prcture Appre cratron Club Q OLGA ZUK 196 Tenth St General Course jerry wants to be a dress desrgner or study dancrng fond at musrc and dancrng , ' S. ENN , , I I ' cra ' l - -"' T ... ,lf il- ll .., ' ' ' U ' 'V 4 - 4...l'ksto ... V Aly.. A-A. l A- I -A i ' l WARREN SPEAR,138 Pendleton Ave. ., l " o ' A ' a " . , '-St. Au' A I ' Ai ' r 9r3r K ., VX '!J 5 r X X 5- I -F GT, t 1 ' Q I ' C P I l l ' f,f if is f K- 4 f X r CLASS HISTORY T:f6Sl'tfTiC1t1 YGOI' in fact. A tiny Picture, if you can, a bitter cold day in February, the first of February d f eo le standing in front of a large building, individual malces his way through a crow o p p ' ' ' ' h ld' his own in the large crowd, d t t As the tiny individual wall4s along, o ing H , on a si e s ree . he suddenly swells with pride as he approaches the front door to the building. e eager y ' d lon corridor when several large, opens the door, ascends the staircase, and starts own a g , huslcy, long-legged boys turn toward him, point, and shout so everybody else in the corridor easily hears them, "Hi ya Freshien, ending with a long, loud laugh. The tiny ' ' ' ' ' ' f ' b . His only regret at that individual immediately shrinks in spirit, to the size o a micro e h to do the same thing He then gathers together time is that his body doesn't have t e power . ' ' ' d h orner with the feeling only a fresh- what little spirit he has, and slowly creeps aroun t e c , man can lcnow, to a large hall, where other individuals lilce himself are entering. These two to four hundred people are none other than freshmen, the class of january, 1940. For one whole semester, this Freshman class sat in the background and were lcidded about being fres hmen. Then came February, and we were 10 s. Right away we lost no time in getting started toward being one of the most active classes to graduate from Tech High. iiow- A nominating committee composed of one person from each room was piclced. Fo ing this came the elections of the class officers. The returns showed that we had elected: President, Bob Keefe, Vice-President, Connie Bray, Secretary, Eleanor Hoffbauer, Treas- urer, Wilbert Eddy. Again one person from each 10A home room was chosen to serve on the class con- stitution committee, upon which the class as a whole voted. Our class officers chosen, our class constitution drawn up, our class now toolc over the responsibilities of our first class dance. This dance was given the name "Spanish Swirl" and was held in the afternoon of December 8, 1937, in the boys' gym. Music was furnished by Dale Lewis and his orchestra. The Spanish theme was carried out by the decorations of colorfully painted pine cones strung around the gym. The orchestra was seated in a small garden surrounded by a small white fence on which more pine cones were strung. This was but a beginning of a series of colorful and successful class dances, which this class was to put on. - Junior Year a weelc-end near the end of january, we became iuniors. Our first step was to elect a president to Fill the vacancy left because of Bob Keefeis resignation. Those nomin- ated were john Fleming, Warren Freeman, William Nordstrom and Bill King. When all ballots were counted and tallied, we found that our newly elected president was Bill King. With our new president we ventured towards our second class dance. On May 13, 1938, "Under The Big Top" was held in the boys' gym. Ir was a great success. The following day, May 14, the Pro Merito Convention was held at Shelburne Falls. Nothing of great importance happened after that until at last we were "set free" for a welcome and much needed summer vacation. After We returned the following September, little realizing what was to come in the near future. On September 21, we witnessed the worst catastrophe that ever happened in New England. The hurricane and flood gave us an unexpected two-day vacation. On Oct. 8, the Pro Merito convention was held in Williamsburg. Soon after that, our plans for our third class dance got under way On Nov 18 . . , we presented the "Junior Jubilee" Again we lived up to the reputati h d on we a as a class that was sure to put on a successful dance Our class was distinguished a few weelcs later wh B b K f en o ee e was elected president of the Motion Picture Appreciation Club S f . oon a ter that William Nordstrom was ele t d president fth S d ' ce vice- o e tu ent C-ouncil. Senior Year e became seniors, the goal to which we had all aspired. Again we entered into a political campaign. When everything quieted down, we found ourselves still cap- tained by Bill King with Marcella Lynch as first-mate, Eleanor Hoffbauer re-elected secre- tary, and Wilbert Eddy still holding the money. Already our plans were under way for our first dance as seniors. The great event toolf place on May 12. Ar this shindig our class banner was displayed for the first time. led Jarrett and his orchestra furnished the music. Again distinction was brought to our class. This time it was in the form of Bill Nordstrom who was ele t d d c e presi ent of Hi-Y, vice-president of W. M. L. S. P., editor of TECH NEWS, and chief of the Student Patrol. Ar last w After , gain, t is time we came baclc as real, honest-to-goodness dignified 3? seniors. It wasn't long before, to show ourselves off, we were sporting orange and blaclc arm bands. Plans immediately got under way for our lost class dance. The affair toolc place on Nov. 3, opening the social calendar of the year. Connie Bray, as chairman, piloted the dance successfully. Next came the choosing of the committee for our two most important social events-namely the Senior Prom and Banquet. Bob Keefe was chosen to head the Prom Committee with Bill Nordstrom in charge of the Banquet committee. Bob Foster was chosen toastmaster for the Banquet. Before our last Christmas vacation, the class document Committees were formed. They were as follows:- Class WillNBob Keefe, Met Fox and Charles Mahoney. Class Ballot-Bill King and Leona Downer. Class Prophecyslfleanor l"loffbauer, John Fleming and Phyllis jones. Class l'listoryNDoris Miller, Bob l"lallan and Marcella Lynch. Now we are at the stage of the h game w ere we begin to realize that our happy school days are too rapidly coming to a close. We be in t l' d . ? . . . g o rea ize that what we are about to elve into life is very complicated Th h , . ere is not ing left for us to do but worlc, and hope. May we all be as successful as individuals as we have been as a class another summer vacation we returned a h Signed Doris Miller Marcella Lynch Bob Hallam ? s- Mya!!!-1 CLASS PROPHECY The Prophecy of The Class of january, 1940 . . . . H There was a great deal of buzzing and excited comment going on in Tech, especia y in this januaryis graduating class, and there was good cause for it too, for the combined science department, with Mr. Aiken as the inventor, had developed to completion a most astounding machine, a Timosphere. This amazing contraption was a gigantic top in which one could spin himself into the future any number of years he might choose. Our class advisers and two student representatives decided to spin into the future. Mr. Kiley also accompanied us because he was most anxious to see how some of his mischie- vous charges had come out. Everything was ready and with Mr. Aiken at the controls we set out. Suddenly with a great whirring sound we were off, spinning into the future to the year 1950. Soon in what seemed only the length of a class period we had stopped spinning and everyone held his breath with awed expectancy as Mr. Aiken opened the door on Springfield in the year 1950. We immediately recognized our surroundings as Court Square, for the good old Municipal Tower was still standing. It was a little before four o'clock and as we started down Main street we saw the second shift of policemen with our old classmate, now Captain Walt Riegal, leading. ln the cortege were officers james Moynihan, Bernard Fritsch, and George Straight, all with the traditional flat foot walk. The old city was vaguely familiar and on reaching the site of the old Springfield Public Market we saw in its place, in a blaze of lights, Wh-alen's Exclusive Shop for Womeg. As we contemplated entering, a swanky 1950 limousine pulled up to the curb and ostan ' ' ' ' ' ' d d ened the door allowing Smith, chauffeur in a sleek-fitting uniform, iumpe out an op G l. vallee Mary Frentzos, Peggy johnson, and Shirley Merry, the cream of Spring- race a , field debutantes, all chattering like a covy of magpies about what they were going to wear ' ' j h Mur h and that night, to get out. As we walked into this spacious shop we saw o n p y Walter St. john, floorwalkers, in the employ of T. Whalen, with white carnations showing, smiling and beaming while catering to the whims ol' rich old dowagers. ln one salon was Kay Kenney, a leading stylist, giving a fashion show with the glamorous models Connie Bray, Meverett Fox, and Phyllis jones. Feeling pangs of hunger we left in search of food. At the front of the store, we stopped a tall individual on stilts, advertising the Rendezvous owned by a well known spaghetti strangler, Flemington Cocchi. l'le was john McClean, and we wondered why he needed the stilts. Arriving at the restaurant we sat down and summoned a waiter and got two whom we recognized as William Hogg and Nelson jones, who recommended to us a rare delicacy called "Spaghetti a la l:iorini," originated by none other than john Fiorini, famed cook. We enioyed our dinner while listening to melodious strains of Art Grenier and his Cflrenadiers. As we were leaving, we almost collided with three robust fellows who were panting, "Give the spaghetti to me, john boylu dA,?dlwEe ncmight have known who they were. Yes, they were Bob Leiken, Dick Strange, an ar sc e. - Feeling in the mood for a good show w t t d W , e ro te up orthington St. and found that the old Poli theater was still packing them in. We hailed the doorman to ask about the feature attraction, and who was he but John Bi b H b g y. e was too usy to speak to us, so we went in. We sat down as the feature picture started and were almost knocked out of our seats when we saw flash d h ' ' ' e on t e screen ' The Eternal Triangle, ' starring Robert Keefe and Betty Allen with Charles Mahoney Bob Keefe a d Ch l M . n ar es ahoney certainly boosted their reputation as glamour boys in this picture, and Betty Allen fairly reeked with "omph" that would put Ann Sheridan of 1940 fame to shame. Following the feature, the newsreel started with Gerald Brown as commentator. News of the week was as follows: William Viets, crowned National Ski champion of U. S. A., new super-flyer invented by renowned engineers Philli R d l. p oy an eonard lsabelle, Alice Kittinger elected National Youth Hostel head and so on and so forth We we ll l . re natura y a l excited to find so many of our former classmates had turned out so well. As Springfield had given wa t rh l y o e reve ry of night life, several prominent night clubs had sprung up along Springfield's White Way Ma St , in reet. Most notorious of these was Bob Foster's "liger's Den." The blaring excitement of this New Main Street put us in the mood in no time. So we decided to give out at The 'figer's Den. lnside we were met by two darling little hat-check girls, Helen larosz and Kathleen Harper, who checked our wraps. Entering the ballroom, we saw Bob Foster in the middle of the floor directing the fun just as he did at rh d ld H e ear o i-Y. As we sat down at our table, he introduced as the Nightingale of U S A the lovely Doris M11 Sh . . . i er. e sang "Scatterbrain" which, by the way, Lucky Strike still said was No. 1 on their Hit Parade. Next on the program was Bob Hallam and B'H K' 'h i ing wit two vivacious partners who all but cut up the floor until nothing but sawdust remained in their effort t , o prove to this 1950 audience that iitterbugging was here to stay. ln the interval of dancing that followed nobody includin us seemed to agree with rh I f Q , em onthe mode of rugcutting. As the evening faded into dawn Alice Cranshaw, the famous blues singer virtuall t l , y pu us as eep with one of her selections, and with this we decided to hit the hay. lt was at four i , o e we saw a milk wagon rumbling down Main Street, and after a lusty "Good Morning", Bill Hopper urging old Dobbin into a gallop was lost to sight. We then decided to stay at the Highland Hotel. The lobby of the hotel was practically deserted but sprawled on a divan was the house detective, none other than Sam Applebaum. We had to tap the blond head of the clerk to wake him up and h , as e raised his head we recognized Wilbert Eddy in the glorious esctasy of a sonorous yawn So we had our night's lm . S ean our morning's sleep, and woke up bright and early about 10:30 in the morning and decided to visit the City Hall after breakfast to see a few members of our class, who were working there according to rumors we had picked up. As we were going up the City Hall steps, we saw an elegantly dressed woman with three Pekinese dogs on a leash looking all excited. lt was Pauline Henry, who said she was going to get some dog licenses. The first office we took a peek into was the Mayor's office, and what a shock we got. His Honor Bill Nordstrom was the mayor, the youngest mayor the cit ev h d W y er a . e weren't surprised to see Bob Nathan reclining in a chair. He was the mayor's bodyguard from Berg's We Keep-Em-Alive Detective Agency. ln the outer office we saw evidence that Bill had shown partiality to his class for his staff of two secretar' , ies consisted of the very capable Alma Loerke and Marcella Lynch. All this surely made us feel proud of the great class of january, 1940. n the morning and as we walked towards a h t l ?- , i Since our time limit in the year 1950 A. D. was growing short, we decided to malce one ast visit to dear old Tech high. As we turned into Elliot street about First lunch time, we saw something which gave us a thrill. Mr. Kiley was in the act of nabbing a couple ol students violating recess rules. Good old Mr. Kileyl Somebody will always have to lceep the few mischievous ones in checlc. We all had to get passes Qimagine that? to visit our own alma mater. ln the otlice we learned that several ot our class were teachers in that school because ol recent retire- ments ol lormer teachers. Paul Kerviclc was teaching chemistry and gaining a tyrannical reputation. Leona Downer and Barbara Flanagan had talcen over the designing depart- ment. lt seems that chorus had become more than the rage, lor Johnnie Donovan was there doing the do-re-me's with Mr. Spencer. On leaving the school we met three dapper-looking gentlemen iust coming in. They were john Fenn, Warren Freeman and Eugene Hilton. We learned that they were the owners ol a unique dog hospital, the largest in the world, with Fred Blaine, noted veter- ' in charge ol operations Warren Freeman enlightened us when he said that being narian, . in the dog-house so often started them on their canine career. So with hasty larewells we departed tor our Timosphere which by now had quite a crowd ol curious people around it. Women are curious creatures as we all lcnow, and three ol them had obviously seen something lamiliar in the class worlcings on the Tim- osphere and were trying to get in. We thought they must be former lechites, and they re N1 Childs Ruth Daigneau, and Dot Dowling were the last humans ol1950 we were we . . , to see for ten years to come. h uid tell about our adventure, we induced Fairly bursting with oratory about w at we wo lc t ' home This resulted in our returning baclc to 1940, spinning Mr. Aiken to malce a quic rip . upside down with a resulting crash in which we were all lcnoclced out. Believe it or not we are john R. Fleming, Eleanor Hottbauer. -f-, CLASS WILL i We, the graduating class of january in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred , and forty, and of the Technical High School, l Springfield, Massachusetts, of sound and dis- l posing mind and memory, yet considering the l uncertainties of our lives, and to the end that we may leave this Technical High School in i good standing, do therefore, malce and de- l clare this our last will and testament, in the l l l i manner following, that is to say: l. To Major Burton A. Adams, our re- spected director and principal, we leave in his lceeping, the destiny of Technical High School. ll. To our class advisers, Miss Jaclcson and Mr. Oliver, and to our auditor, Mr. Wood- worth, we leave a great many thanlfs for helping us all through our stay at Tech. lll. We the graduating class of January, 1940 donate the sum of fifty dollars to Technical High School for Maior Adams to use at his discretion. IV. Bill King, our energetic president, leaves his propensity for devilishness to any dignified president ofa lower class. V. Eleanor Hoffbauer leaves Jaclcie Abair, much to her distress, to all the football hero worshipers of Tech. Vi. Wilbert Eddy we talce with us. He is too valuable a class treasurer to leave behind. Vll. Betty Allen leaves many memories of her various solos and an empty space to be filled by someone as well qualified as she. Vlll. John Fleming leaves his exotic desire for oral boolc reports, to replace written ones in the hands of Dr. Coclcayne Clio dispose of, I lX. Marcella Lynch leaves to her sister, Eileen, her unfailing ways with both sexes. X. All the Seniors who had Mr. Van Siclcle, leave all his renowned tests to his later classes. Xl. Connie Bray and Bob Foster, having left each other, now leave Tech. lVC1l'1 PGt'l4fT1OI'1 leaves. XIII. Doris Miller and Shirley Merry having done iustice to their inherited title of the "heavenly twins" will it to the very capable Dottie Pastericlc and Margaret Clemmer. f-'1i?""""1 -. Imnmy?' XIV. To Bill Martin, Diclc Longueil leaves his ability to get into trouble. Bill already possesses the means of getting out of it. XV. Meverett Fox and Phyllis jones, two of Tech's best, leave a long line of friends. XVI. Nelson Jones leaves his quiet and dignified manner to Howard, Horace Spit, Keleher. XVll. Bob Keefe leaves his well earned title of "Best Dressed Man" to his successor Fred Rothery, already on the march to victory. XVIII. Ross Winnie leaves his perpetual smile to a young freshman, Tim Bailey. XlX. Nancy Bull leaves her seat at Wal- gren's to "Sonny" Pratt and Shirley Ogston. They'll manage. XX. Charlie Mahoney leaves his winning personality to Mitch Arabic, who wonit lcnow what to do with it. XXl. Leona Downer leaves to the incom- ing freshmen her gentle way and her ability to malce friends. XXll. Kay Kenney leaves her quiet bashful manner to Mary Campbell and her long fingernails to anyone with the patience to grow them. XXlll. Bill Nordstrom leaves his efficiency to Carlo Montori, who already has a good start, and his brilliant standards to future corridor patrols. XXlV. Bill Hogg leaves his long host of feminine admirers to Ralph Jocelyn, who may be able to profit by them. XXV. Barbara Flanagan, Dot Dowling, and Virginia Geddes leave for a much bigger venture-Matrimonyl Hail the June brides of 1942ll XXVl. Walt St. john, john Murphy, and Coston Smith leave Chief Walmer at a loss as to what he will do without them, but then, he will always have Porlcy Sicliano. XXVll. Bill Hopper leaves only part ot his many girls to some undergraduate unable to "hook" his own. XXVlll. Harold Brunette, our bashlul blushing senior, leaves to Emile Bascaldi some ot his modesty. XXIX. We the boys of the graduating class leave Helen Brass, Claire Mondou, and Ginger Graves. Our only wish is that we could talce them with us. XXX. Bob Hallam leaves Tech but not his interest at Classical. ln witness whereof we, representatives ol the class of Technical High School, january, 1940, have hereto set our hands and seals this twenty-second Day ol january in the year ol our Lord nineteen hundred and Forty. Meverett Fox Charles Mahoney Robert l.. Keele On this 22nd day ot january, 1940, the above named, Meverett Fox, Charles Ma- honey and Robert Keete, signed the lore- going instruments ot the class which they represent, and we three do now at their re- quest, in their presence, and in the presence of each other hereto subscribe our names as witnesses. Maior B. A. Adams Arthur H. Woodworth Mr. A. E. C. Oliver CLASS BALLOT Most attractive girl ...... . Handsomest boy... Best dressed girl Best dressed boy. Girl who has done Doris Miller .john Donovan Eleanor Hotbauer Bob Keele the most for the class l.9Oi'iCl DOVVIWGI' Boy who has done the most for the class Bill King Class athlete Qgirlj .......,...,.. Patricia Wheeler Class athlete Kboyj ..,..... .. ..... john Murphy Girl with most pleasing personality Boy with most pleas Class flirt .... ..... Class Casanova... Class man hater . Class woman hater Best girl dancer Best boy dancer Class optimist... Class pessimist.. Most popular girl ing pe Most popular boy... . Class musician. .. .. Class giggler. Class orator ..., Class hero ...,., Class pest ...... Eleanor Holbauer rsonality .... Bill King .. ..Mary lirentzos .Nicholas Piteo .. .Bally Armstrong . Wilbert Eddy . Connie Bray .. Bill King Bob Beynolds Samuel Applebaum . jean latt . .. Bill King ...Don Atkinson Margaret johnson . ...john lzleming . .. . Superman . Edo Bangermano Class iitterbug Cgirlj. . . . .Frances Ferrara Class iitterbug Qboyj ........ .. . .. Bill King Favorite piece of popular music ln lhe Mood . ..Mr. Stout Favorite teacher Qmanj . . . . Favorite teacher fwomanj . . . . Miss l.utes - ffjfi I I I I I I I I I I I I i av. 1, RQ I kr 'fLAkA '-" ' ... we V . ... nga , Ng ' A M-Z.. Atta V ,b A. .. K , s' ,- ' ' ' V " f W .5344 3 E .riff .. ,..', ' -Rf, ' i f ' ' FSI V 1, 15 ' ,' rx' 1 l.efHo Right-Carlo Montori, llieodore Austin, Donald pliillips, Mr. Ailren, Miss Miriam Allen, Mr, Maynard, Marion Bell. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS JUNE CLASS ADVISERS Donald Phillips, President Miss Marston Carlo Montori, Vice-president MiSS Mildred Allen led Austin, Treasurer Mr. Ailcen Marion Bell, Secretary Mr. Maynard, Auditor s ll! E f Marion Bell, daughter at Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Bell ot 152 Marion-St., is the girl in the lune class to receive Tech- nical's highest honor, the Charles F. Warner Achievement Medal. By talcing an active part in girls' sports, serving as class secretary, and doing honor worl4 For three years, she has demonstrated the range of interests and abilities ex- pected ot a person so honored. "I find earth not gray but rosy, Heaven not grim but fair ot hue. Do l stoop? l piclc a posy. Do l stand and stare? All's blue." Browning's "Mermaid" Donald B. Phillips, son ol Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. phillips ot Wilbraham, is the boy in the june class to receive Tech- nical's highest honor, the Charles F. Warner Achievement lvledal. As president ol his class lor three years, member ot the Upper House ol the Student Council tor the same period of time, and president oi Pro Merito his senior year, he has showed his ability as adviser and leader. His clubs have been the Torch and Hi-Y, the German and Chess Clubs. He also was a reporter on the "Tech News" his junior year and the associate editor this last semester. As a senior he was onthe "Tech Tiger" staff. "That should be considered long which can be decided only once." Publilius Syrus, "Sententiae". "Power belongs to the self-possessed." Antoine Saint - just to Robespierre. "On he moves Careless of blame while his own heart approves." Samuel Rogers, "Human Lite". A Richard Barrows Betty Bohner REE .QW Richard Fuller Fred De Bell 1 ,ff Dorothy Borrus Gord F. on Brody 'la- lwfimx H! M Elizabeth Gou rley sworth Dorothy Ell Robert Breclc Ulf!! :J Paul Beoudry QR it Ferrarese Lower ta Guilbe hddll George Nelson Do Marion Bell UND Pll Edmu nd Men Kathleen . X-K." A Siagncrro Classof 1 E UNE lr John Lange aw Y Wiggrgggx ' K K ffl' I H4 W A 1 Q J. in . of ' Gloria Higgins Paul Kerviclc if f 5 A- f to -5 Sidney Law H,..,.,,. , ,f rr.-'I-".".'.,Q"1 Nicholas Morlowitz Carlo Monfori A H mvA.:i2.'5lvLq2,95-,171-:,g-1:,.,i,. 1 ' ' 3 I Z :Ax " ,. .v,,g- .,,-,rg ,n yi- lm, 2f.,-,fem-,,,-1'iwr7 QQ, QQ Genevieve Szczygiel lmii , Vi. r VL ski Q- X .ff , Q . , ,Y-rs hx ,iiffl i 3 Gertrude Wieland Barbara Marsh Donald Phillips Lamson Woodworth 1 MICHAEL JOHN ALBANO, 38 Lombcrrdst. General Course . . . another Tech grad who wants to be a machinist . . . builds model airplanes and collects stamps ... Italian Club Q. BETTY ALBRO, 35 Amherst St. College Preparatory Course . . . blonde and neat appearing . . . her two sisters and father are alumni of Tech . . . blue-eyed and happy . . . G.A.A.1,Q,3, Nisimaha 3, Motion Picture Club Q, Dance and Banquet Committees 3 . . . GILBERT H. ALLEN, 108 Albemarle St. General Course . . . will attend Bay Path Institute . . . interested in plastics and art . . . 'E LELAND ALLEN, vs wmcfd Ave. General Course 41234 A . . ." can't keep his hair out of his eyes . . . kept 'IO bee hives while in school and would like to keep bees as . V is . .. 1, .. Q' his life's work. . . Student Patrol Q, l-li-Y 2,3 . . . .. . . . N 16 S V ,H ,. , r-'S-' ms tv ,Q sf Xe 's 4 U 4 1, GREGORIAS ALMlRANTES, 3346 Main St. General Course . . . "Curly", whose chief interest is aviation, plans to attend the Naval Air Academy at Pensacola Field , . . Football 'l,Q, Basketball 'l . . . WILLIAM AMBLER, 98 Florence St. General Course . . . "l..'il Abner" plans to enter the New England Sant tarium at Melrose, Mass. for a course in hydrotherapy , . finds physiology interesting . . . plays hockey . . . WARREN ANDERSON, I t. General Course , , , his ambition is to become a surveyor . . . photography his hobby. . . worked in the Memorial Square Library. . . RUTH ANDERSON, 2OG.St. General Course . . . would like to become a designer. . . enjoyed Athenaeum most . . . skiing and horseback riding her hobbies . . . Apparatus Club 'l, Athenaeum 3 . . . X THEODORE W. AUSTIN, 161 Westmoreland Ave., Longmeadow College Preparatory Course .. . quiet, dignified fellow . . .works as a radio announcer in spare time . . . hopes to attend l?.C.A. Radio Institute. . . Member-at-Large 1, Class Treasurer 3, Torch Club 'l,Q, Treasurer, Torch Club Q, Radio Club 'l,3, Q-Ii-Y 3. . . ROBERT AVERILL, 211 Wilbraham Rd. College Preparatory Course . . . a likable, happy-go-lucky chap . . . works with puppets for a hobby . . . hopes to become a landscape gardener or forest ranger, after attending University of Michigan . . . excellent sax player . . . Band 'l,Q,3, lnterclass Basketball 'l,3, Valley Ball 'l,Q,3 . .. MATTHEW AZZARONE, 69 Union St. General Course .. . hobby, sports and collecting golf balls. . . wants to be a machinist... ALEXANDER BANDOSKl, Glendale Road, Hampden A General Course xy Q . . . collects sport pictures . . . wishes to be a draftsman . . fegff... RICHARD W. BARROWS, 129 Prentice St. General Course . . . "Unkie" wants to be a chemist but is also interested in aircraft construction . . . hobby is collecting odd match cases and ticket stubs . . . forms and belongs to bachelor clubs , . . math was his favorite subiect at Tech . .. DOROTHY BARRUS, T14-Brunswiel+Ste General Course ,.."Anner" plans to attend Bennington College... wants to be a buyer . . . hygiene was her favorite subiect at Tech . . . hobbies are swimming, skating, and the royal family of England . . . sings in All Saints Church choir. . . secretary of Tau Sigma Delta . . . both uncle and aunt graduated from Tech . . . Pro Merito 1,Q, G.A.A. 1,Q,3, Basketball 1, Swimming 2, Graduation Chorus 1, PAUL H. BEAUDRY, 14S1mmi6-S+. College Preparatory Course I . . . plans to enter University of Cincinnati . . . his goal, civil engineering . . . ROBERT W. BEEBE, 47 johnson Si. General Course . . . "Bob" would like a civil service position . . . was a short order cook at Sam's Diner during summer vacation . . . three aunts and an uncle have graduated from Tech . . . worked at Wimpy's Diner, Providence, Rhode Island . . . MARION BELL, 159 Merton-St. General Course . . . "Matty" . . . idealistic . . . a winsome brunette who wears becoming clothes . . . hazel eyes . . . shy smile . . . lover of badminton . . . wishes to be a nurse... brother and cousin graduated from Tech . . . Class Secretary 1,9,3, Badminton, Pro Merito 1,Q,3, G.A.A. 1,Q,3, Hockey 1,9,3, Upper House Member Q,3, Student Council 1, Soccer 3, Apparatus 1,2 . . . FRANCES BENOIT, 181 Deviston St. College Preparatory Course making doll clothes her hobby. . . red hair and temper to match . . .Baseball 1, Tech News Advertising Agent, Column Writer, Treasurer Q, Student Council 3, Basketball 1 Q Apparatus Club 1,9, Nisimaha 9,3 . . . N Nisimaha 3... CHARLES BERG, 76 Malden St. General Course wants to loin the U. S. Navy . . . to see the world Charlie? . . . worked as a Western Union messenger MARTEL BERGE, 88 Redlands St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Mart" makes skis and collects stamps in his spare time . , . noted for his bow-ties . . . would like to loin either the Coast Guard or the Navy . . . has an egg route Volley Ball 1,Q,3, Interclass Basketball Q. ARTHUR BEYER, 86 Silver St. Applied Arts Course . . , "Doc" would like to be a musician . . . worked as a taxidermist . . . played in an orchestra . . . likes to ski and gy fish . , . collects stamps . . . likes photography . . , Secretary of German Club Q, Band 9,3, Orchestra 3, Chorus 3 , . . WILLIAM A. BIERGEL, 35 Walter St. General Course , . . Bill wants to be a surveyor. . . has worked in tobacco fields. . . likes photography. . . HARVEY S. BILLINGS, IR., Cummington College Preparatory Course ...would like to go into 4-H Extension Service . . . went to 44H Convention in Chicago last year . . . worked as assistant aquatic director at a camp in the summer . . . will . enter M.S.C. in the Fall . . . Hi-Y Q,3, Comitia Q,3, Motion Picture Appreciation Club 3 . . . I JUNE BIRCHARD, S1 Larkspur St. College Preparatory Course . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . a merry laugh . . , father also a Tech graduate . . . photography and dress- making her hobbies . . . plans to become a home economics teacher , . . Soccer 1, Radio Workshop 1, Athenaeum 3, A777 i laugh . . , 5 Squad 3 . . MARY BIRSE, 118 johl!S'Oh'St. General Course . . . flaming red hair . . . expects to become a student at A.l.C .... would like to make hat designing her life work . . . spends some of her spare time sketching , . . merry FREDERICK D. BLAINE, 78-Hemestead'Ave. General Course .. . Hjunien plans ta enter American International College ... wants to be a veterinarian . . . hobby is radio. . .Traffic JOHN BOBBA, 499 Taylor St. General Course has a shop of his own at home . . . railroads, maps, and stamps his interests . . . wants to be a machinist. . . ELIZABETH BOHNER, 85 Rochelle St. College Preparatory Course ...will enter A.I.C .... has enioyed being a Sunday School teacher. . . a sports lover . . . plans to become a secretary ...has a giggle all of her own. .. .Tennis 1, Dance Com- mittee 1, Color Committee 1, Volley Ball 3, Bowling Q,3, Basketball 'l,Q,3, Swimming Q, Nominating Committee 3, Badminton 1,Q,3, Pro Merito1,Q,3 . , , EDWARD EARL BONACKER, 63 Willard Ave General Course .. , Eddie wants to be a commercial artist . . . probably his name will adorn a "Carter's Little Liver Pill" ad . . . one of those noisy feeders acccording to those who lunch with him . . . a model airplane builder and secretary and treasurer of the Y. M, C, A. Airplane Club , .. ROBERT BRADFORD, 193 Bowles St. General Course . . . "Brick" is a quiet bashful fellow to whom the band meant most . . . music his hobby , . . wantslto be a chemist or druggist , . . has worked as a soda Hierker . . . Band1,Q,3 W. GORDON BRADY, Stony Hill Rd., Wilbraham College Preparatory Course . . . "Gordy" or "Jack" plans to enter Mass. State and later do chemistry research work . . . active in 4-I-I Club work and fond of music . . , I-li-Y Q,3, Student Council Q, Class Member-at-Large Q, Orchestra Q . . . ROBERT BRECK, 15 Belleclaire Ave., Longmeadow College Preparatory Course ,. . "Bob" wants to be an engineer. . . likes to hunt and fish . . .works with wood. . . tall and quiet. . .Torch 1,Q, I-Ii-Y Q,3, Pro lvlerito 1, Golf Team Q,3, Nominating Com- mittee 1, Constitution Committee 1, Student Council Q . . . CLIFFORD BROOKS, 236 Middlese'xSt. College Preparatory Course . . . expects to enter Stout Institute . hopes to teach or continue with "Kip" Brooks' Orchestra . . . he lists W. O. Brooks as the member of the faculty that knows him best , . . another of "Mac," "Kip," "Gramp" . . . Band 1,9,3, Student Council Q, Orchestra Q, Class Executive Board 3, Class Dance Committee 3, Student Patrol 3, Upper I-louse 3 . . . JAMES BUCKLEY, 18.lMareheim St. General Course happy-go-lucky Jimmy . . . fourth Buckley to graduate from Tech . . . wants to work in a foundry . . . Football 1,Q,3, I-Iockey1 . . . THOMAS BUCKLEY, 18 Wareham St. College Preparatory Course .'. . would like to be a public accountant or an electrical engineer . . . "Buck s three brothers also graduated from Tech . . . Football 2,3 . . . JOSEPH A. BUONICONTI, 18 Lombard St. General Course . . . wants to be a machinist or a toolmaker . . every day after school for his brother, carrying gravel and loam... . worked 1 LORING M. CANEY, 99 Marion St. Lorry wants to be an aviation pilot . . . PEIO CARESTIA, 213 Tyler St. would like to be a hunter and trapper . . . ARLINE F. BURGESS, So. Main-Sh7'ErI:angmeadow General Course . . . "Bushie" has a collection of Tech's football heroes, at least their pictures . . . plans to be a nurse. . . Chorus 1,Q,3, G.A.A.1,Q,3, Easter Cantata 3 . . . RAYMOND BUXTON, 176 Pendleton Ave. General Course . . . "Buck" wants to be a farmer and get his hands into the good earth . . .a boy scout and scout master of Troup SQ . . . active during flood and hurricane of 1938 . . . PATRICIA M. CABBLE, 94 Bowles St. General Course . . . has enioyed taking care of children after school . . . will go to some hospital to train as a children s nurse . . . MARY CAMPBELL, 5 Park Pi., East Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . plans to attend Lesley School in Boston and become a dietician . . . hobbies sports and dancing . . , Motion Picture Club 1,Q, Nisimaha Q, Athenaeum Q,3, Apparatus Club 1 . . . General Course General Course VINCENT CATELOTTI, 114 Allen St. College Preparatory Course General Course Chorus 1,Q,3 . . . JULIA R. CHWALEK, 850 Columbus Ave. General Course . . . "Judy" plans to attend the Springfield Hospital Nursing School... a dietitian is her choice for life work , . . enioyed being treasurer of Nisimaha , . . worked in Forbes and Wallace outside of school . . . G.A.A. 1,Q,3, Nominating Committee Q, Badminton Q, Ping Pong Q, Bowling Q,3, Treasurer of Nisimaha Q,3, Athenaeum 3 . . . FRANKLIN CLARK, 159 Bowles St. College Preparatory Course . . . plans to enter Lafayette College to become a chemical engineer or be an aeronautical engineer. . . interested in airplanes and stamps... "Clarkie" worked as head kitchen boy and truck driver at Camp Norwich one summer . . . Football 1,Q,3, Inter-class Basketball 1,Q,3, l-li-Y 3, Hockey 3 EDWARD CARRIER, 189 Quincy St A General Course . . . "Eddie" hopes to ioin the Navy his hobby is stamps LEWIS E. CARVILLE, Q3 Lawnwood Ave Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . is very quiet . . . likes French collects stamps . . . small and friendly. . . "Vin" has dark, unruly hair active in Sea Scouts . . . Class Dance Committee Q ALICE CHRISTIANSON, West Chestnut St East Longmeadow . . . "Christie" plans to train at the Holy Ghost Hospital enioyed the sciences at Tech . . . likes to collect toy dogs . . . , everyone is his best friend he says . . . hobbies are danc- ' gi JOHN S. CLARK, 6 e N General Course . . . plans to go to Parks Air School . . . wants to be a com- mercial pilot. . . both his mother and father graduated from Tech . , . worked on a ranch in l-lurlinaen, Texas in 1938 MARGARET CLEMMER, 64 Prospect"5t, College Preparatory Course ...plans to enter Penn State. . . interested in home economics . . , has three sisters who graduated from Tech . . . pleasing 1 personality . . . Student Council 1, Motion Picture Club 9, Nisimaha Q, G.A.A. 1,Q,3, Tech Tiger 3, Vice-President of 3' o 55- is Athenaeum 3, President 3, Apparatus Club 1, Class Dance Committee 3, Banauet Committee 3 . . . BETHALIE CORNELL, 240 Arthur St. General Course , . . interested in iournalism . . . Athenaeum was her favorite club. . . her hobby reading . . . Le Salon 1,Q, Athenaeum 3, Motion Picture Appreciation Club Q,3, G.A.A. Q . . . CARLTON C. CROFOOT, 159 Oak St. Applied Arts Course ..."Pit" wants to be an athletic director . . . great friend to everyone. . . enioyed mechanical drawing . . . interested in being a mechanical engineer . . . Tech Tiger Art Staff . . . EDWARD T. CURRAN, 15 Buchholz St. General Course . . , a poet, had several of his poems published . . . has a yearning to be an artist or draftsman . . . loves to talk about current events . . . Motion Picture Club 1, Tech Tiger Editor 3, Writers' Club 3 . . . RAYMOND CUZZONE, 61 Bloomfield St. General Course . . . wants to go to Northeastern . . . Ray likes sports ofall kinds. . . l-ll-Y3 . . . NELSON P. DAHDAH, 70 Charles St. Applied Arts Course , . .should go far in the field of commercial art. . .a whiz at solving chemical equations . . . "Tech Tiger" Art Staff , . . GINO DASSATTI, 17 Norwood St. General Course . . . Gino has hopes of being a first rate machinist . . . is interested in airplanes, stamps, ships and books . . , sells newspapers on Main Street. . . ltalian Club Q . . . EARL F. DAVIS, 51 Boyer St. General Course , . . "Dix" likes toolmaking and aviation.. . has worked as a clerk in a grocery store in spare time . . . has a friendly smile for everyone . . . JOAN DE BARGE, 1-1-Penrose St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Wiger" . . . a sports lover. . . plans to become a gym instructor . . . full of vim and vigor . . . Golf 1, Soccer Q, Volley Ball Q, Badminton, Ping Pong, Basketball, Baseball - K 5. ' N r' tiki . , ' Q,3, GAA. 1,93 . .. E Q 1 '7 'tfiff FRED DE BELL, so Edgewood Avo., Longmeadow A A A College Preparatory Course . . . a friendly fellow . . . says that dancing is not his hobby . . .' interested in chemistry . . . plans to go to Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute and become a chemical engineer. . . Student Council 1, Chess Club 1,Q,3, Chemistry Club 3, PAUL A. DEBLOlS, 103 Pleasantview Ave., Longmeadow College Preparatory Course , . . wants to follow his father's footsteps and be a contractor ing and target shooting . . . enioys architecture . . . did carpenter work outside of school . . . Photo Club 1, Class Constitution Committee 1, Class Nominating Committee Q . . . GEORGE DELIVORIAS, College Preparatory Course ,.. "loss" or "Del" hopes to attend the University ol Cali- fornia and study mechanical engineering . . . cabinet making his hobby. . . "Tech News" meant most to him . . .helped the gum industry while at Tech but annoyed his teachers while doing so.. . l-li-Y 3, Tech News 3, lnterclass Basketball Q. RENE DE MONTIGNY, College Preparatory Course . . . plans to enter l-larvard . . . wants to be a surgeon or an NLD .... cross pollinates plants for a hobby. . . has helped his parents with real estate transactions . . . touchy about his First name . . . Le Salon 9,3 . . . ALFRED DESMOND, ' ., General Course D. DAVID DILLMAN, ' gton-St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Dave" aspires to R. l. and a career of aeronautical engineering , . , l-li-Y and guns meant most to "Gunner" . . . has a collection of guns which he knows how to use. ., Torch Club 1,Q, Treasurer 1, l-li-Y 3, Forum Q,3, Class Nominating Committee 9, Student Council 1 . . . ROBERT DYKEMAN, 4-8 Edgemont St. General Course . . . "Bob" wants to be an ariplane mechanic.. . has done landscaping, been a service station attendant, worked in a chain store, and peddled papers. . . has sports for a hobby. DOROTHY A. ELLSWORTH, 14 Riverview Ter. General Course . . . likes sports, art, and singing . , . "Dotty" wants to be a landscape artist . . . blushes easily . . . Pro Merito 1,Q,3, Badminton 1,EZ,3, G.A.A. 1,Q,3, Cartoonist For Tech News 1,Q,3 . . . I ...sewsalot. . . .makes model airplanes . . . wants to be a machinist or a bus driver . . ETHEL ERICKSON, 115 Wilbraham Rd. College Preparatory Course r ant smile and sunny disposition , . . Ping Pong . . . KARL ESCHE, 396 Orange St. College Preparatory Course Club Q, Writers' Club 3... GEORGE FERRARESE, 24 Quincy St. College Preparatory Course . . . would like to be a sports editor or commentator . . . dark and quiet . . . liked to look over at the girls in Cathedral from Mr. Marsh's room . . . enioyed most being Sports Editor ol "Tech News" . . . Pro Merito 1,Q,3, "Tech News" Reporter Q, Sports Editor 3, Chess Club, Secretary 9, Base- ball Manager 1, "Tech Tiger" Sports Editor 3, Member-ab Large Q,3, l-li-Y 3, Editor-in-Chief "Tech News" 3, Student Council 3 . . . MARGARET FIELD, 92 High St. College Preparatory Course . . . always well-dressed . . . possesses a grand sense of humor . . . interested in sports . . . plans to enter Bates Col- lege . . . would like to become a teacher. .. THERESA M. FIMOGMARI, 951 Oakland St. General Course . . collects postcards from different parts of the country JOHN FIORINI, 34 Dawn-Sh General Course ...hobby stamps . . . wants to become a chemist.. . . . plans to enter Springfield l-lospital for nursing. . .pleas- . German GEORGE FISK, 14-lesiaih. College Preparatory Course . . . l'loe" plays chess, debates, "walks" blondes when not thinking of West Point where he hopes to go . . . mother is a Tech graduate and also very able president of Tech's P.T.A. . . . ought to get ahead with those long strides of his . . . Torch 1,Q, I-Ii-Y Q,3, Forum Q,3, Vice-President 3, Tech News 93, Chess Club Vice-President, Member-at-Large Q, Class Color Committee, Corridor Guard 3 . . . GORDON FOWLER, and-Sh College Preparatory Course . . . another air-minded senior . . . will enter Springfield College or A.I.C .,.. in his spare time worked at the Forest Park branch of Rood and Woodbury's . . . h MARION FRISBIE, 369-Ml-ilbfaham'R'6Ud College Preparatory Course . . . short, red-headed, and athletic. . . wishes to don white and plans to enter Springfield I-lospital Training School for Nurses . . . "Friz" chewed gum in Miss Miller's room and her friends havent let her forget it . . . G.A.A. 1,2,3, Swimming 1,Q,3, VoIley'Ball Q,3, Tennis Q, Badminton 23, Ping Pong Q,3, Bowling Q,3, I-lockey Q . .. BERNARD FRITSCH, 6 ,lenksSL College Preparatory Course-rr. . . . wants to be a draftsman . . . outside of school was a busboy and counterman . . . stamp Club and ,I-li-Y meant most to him . . . Stamp Club 1,Q,3, Treasurer Q, President 3, Bowling Club 1, Class Executive Committee Q, Student Patrol 3, I-li-Y 3, Ski Club . .. RICHARD L. FULLER, ScamicRdf,-Hampden W General Course ' . . . "Ricky" wants to play professional ball and have his picture on a Wheaties box . , . his mother, an uncle, two aunts, and a brother are graduates of Tech . . .one of those bigehonded Cond big-heortedj farmers. . . Pro Merito 1,2 ROGER GLADDEN, 43 Monroe St. College Preparatory Course . . . plans to become an aviator . . . teased about always being late . . . music his hobby . . . Le Salon meant most to him...LeSalon3... RUDY GARBIN, 34-GfosbySt. Applied Arts Course . . . Rudy has dreams of being an interior decorator . . . he would like to know more about skipping school , . . he writes letters to Orson Welles Cthe radio boogeymanD. . . Soccer 1, "Tech Tiger" Art Staff . . . VIRGINIA GEDDES, ' . General Course ..."Ginnie" giggles a lot . . . enioys roller skating, tennis, and horseback riding. . .collects rings as a hobby... GLADYS GODDU, 1-66"BUb'U' ., ...bright smile . . . fast talker. . . has been a drummer in the Franco-American Auxiliary Drum Corps for the past two years.. . took care of three children afternoons . . . hopes to don white. . .French Club 1,Q, G.A.A. 2,3 . .. JOHN GODIN, 4-46-Nantiarripfon -Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . undecided about college and life work . . . collects stamps . . . MARIORIE GOODNOW, 16-Buell-7-Sr, General Course ...wants to be a dietitian . . . collects stamps . . . "Margie" worked in Forbes and Wallace . . . G.A.A.1,Q,3, I-lockey 1, Student Council 3, G.A,A. Representative Q, Swimming Q, Bowling Club Q, Sports Club 1 ... FRANK C. GOTTA, . General Course . . . interested in photography. . . will work in his father's upholstery shop. . . Photo Club 9,3 . . . N ELIZABETH GOURLEY, t t. . . . "Betty" . . . rosy cheeked . . . enioys making her own clothes . , . art and photography her hobbies . . . plans to become a dental hygtentst mother also a Tech graduate Hockey 1 Q Photo Club 3 Le Salon 3 Pro Merrto 'I G A A 'I Q 3 EDWARD GRABOWSKI 696-Bwrghf St would like to become a sports wrrter ab e tennts has hobby lnterclass Basketball 'I Q 3 ROGER W GRANT 41 B401-y-londst General Course Rog hopes to enter the Sprtngheld Armory or enltst ID the Navy enloyed shop math and use of sllde rule has dtmples hrs hobby ts all sports Tennrs Q 3 ROGER GRIFFIN 8 rahem College Preparatory Course Ro ts auret wants to be an avrator butlds model atrplanes plans to go to Deerheld Academy Interested In phystcs Torch 'I l-lt Y 3 ROBERT A GUIDETTE 1973 Carew St General Course Bob wants to be an atrplane mechanrc or an automo bale racer hobby bulldtng model atrplanes worked ata gasoltne statron rn has spare time LAURETTA GUILBERT General Course Gt y pettte and dark enloys slngtng and College Preparatory Course General Course ROBERT E HANLEY danctng would luke to work at the Massachusetts Mutual Hockey 'I Basketball 'I Le Salon Q 3 Cactus and Campus Q Graduatton Chorus Q Nrstmaha 3 Trger Stall 3 Student Council Q Badmtnton 3 Athenaeum Q Secretary 3 Pro Mento 'IQ3 Class Dance Commtttee Q3 Tech News? 3 GAA IQ3 CARL HASSIN for two years DONALD HAYES Longmeadow Pro Merlto 'I CARL HEDIN General Course Bob wants to be an aviator nrce looktng blonde hobby sports JEANETTE HARRIS 49-Webbait General Course dress shop shy tall brunette hobbies are drawtng and swlmmnng ts prestdent of Tau Sigma Delta dress desrgntng rs her favorite school subtect uncle and iossgn are Tech graduates Bowling Club 9 G A A General Course plans to be a machunrst has worked nn a Ftllrng statron DOROTHY I HATCH College Preparatory Course going to Women s College of North Carollna Untverslty would like to sung wrth a band or work wtth textiles and fashions plays the plano knlts sews and sketches some sang In the Tech Glrls Quartet and for various womensclubs Chotr Band Grrls Chorus Nrslmaha General Course a vvlnnmg smile blonde would luke to drive ractng cars spent last summer working on a mink farm In East College Preparatory Course Swedes hobby ts phtlately will enter mllttary service after Ftnrshlng studies at the U S Coast Guard Academy says he has no gurl friend Pro Merlto 1 Student Patr l 9 3 I-ll Y 3 German Club 3 Stamp Club 'I Q 3 X ix Q5 'NQQXQSTD' 0f'fWTu' 0f'f6i .:. ' ' ...t l ' is , , . . . , , ... V M. R j-QQ A, . "Jean" wants to be a dress designer and own her own Ex . I v I E E L f ' . - w is X x xx Q f ' J I ' ff 1 WILLIAM HOPE 11-Boston-Ave. General Course hop s to enter Stockbridge School of Agriculture . . , would like to own a stock farm . . .sports are his hobby worked in sow mills in Connecticut . . . bashful when at comes to girls Football 1,2 . . . FRANCES HOLMES Q34 Page Blvd. General Course prefers marriage to a career . . , has taken care of children outside of school Swimming Q . . . ROSE HORNE, 985 Central St. wants to be a housewife. . . nursing her second choice is a wonderful pianist and plays for her hobby . . . likes to ice skate. . . Motion Picture Appreciation 3, Bowling 3, Girls Photo Club Q,3, Ping Pong Q,3, Orchestra 'I,Q,3 . . . THADDEUS IACHYM, 37 Weston Sf., Wrlbrolwom plans to enter MII. and study to be a mechanical engineer his hobbies are hunting, fishing,and tennis . .. PAUL HENRY, IR., 1"f'BrexeI'St'. - General Course . . . wants to enter the field of television . , . hobby is ama- teur radio. ..Stamp Club Q, Radio Club 1,Q,3, Comitia 3, S. A. Collector'I ... PAULINE M. HENRY, 9-1-GI-6HenJlve. General Course . . . "Polly" may go to A.l.C .... her ambition is to be a costume designer. . .collects stamps and makes Indian bead iewelry for a hobby . . . dancing is tops with her . . . G.A.A. 'I,Q,3, Basketball 1,Q,3 . . . RALPH G. HERNE, 11-Crest St. General Course .nicknamed "Lum" . . . future is indefinite . .. GLORIA HIGGINS, 4 Parlel-Qleee, East Longmeadow General Course .. . plans to be a nurse . . .Pro Merito 'I,Q,3, Class Member at-Large 1,Q,3, Athenaeum 'I,Q,3 . , . EDWIN A. HOAGLUND, Hampden General Course fr jr. Pro MeritoI . . . is A WILLIAM HOGG, 56 Riverview St. General Course i 1 ' Aviation Club Q . .. Af rf ., College Preparatory Course College Preparatory Course ANNA P. JOHNSON, 7?'C'Ulifornis Ave. General Course "johnny" likes to read . . . hopes to be a nurse. . . HAROLD JOHNSON, 3'3"WIeIl'esley-SL College Preparatory Course ... "Sailor" is active in Sea Scouts and at "Y" . . . Hi-Y 23, Student Patrol Q, Torch Club 'I,Q, lnterclass Basketball Q 3 . . . likes trig . . . plans to enter New York State Aaricultural School . . . I'Bill" collects pictures of boxers and does some boxing himself. . . wants to be a dairy techrician as run a farm all by himself . . . Soccer if Torch I 0 I affic 'I Q FRANK KARWOSKI, 49 Weston St. fond of hunting and Fishing . . . "Hank" wants to be a First class machinist , . . WILLIAM KATTLER, 80 East Alvord St. Bob s red hair came in for a lot ol attention in the ha s rather auiet blushed very easily . . . a whiz at French Le Salon Treasurer 1,Q,3 . . . LETA KISTLER Sccnrrc Road Hampden General Course natural wavy hair and that school girl com- plexion will enter Rockingham Hospital in Bellows Falls to train for a nurse played guitar in an Hawaiian orchestra active member ol the Hampden Dramatic C ub Le Salon1Q Basketball 1,Q, GJXA, 1,Q . .. ERVINE JOHNSTON, 169 Westminster St. College Preparatory Course ,..'KHiram" wants to bea sailor. . , likes history. , . hunting and Fishing his hobbies . . . Torch 1, Hi-Y 9,3 , .. MlCHAEL KAFANTARIS, 7? Linden St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Mike" has actually read technical books in his spare time . . . wants to be an electrical engineer. . .Radio Club 1, Chess Club Q, Banner Committee 3. . . General Course General Course ROBERT KERNAN 503PtuTnfieldSrt: College Preparatory Course ALICE KITTINGER, 359-Gear-rob-S+ College Preparatory Appreciation Club 3 . . . tics expert , , . HELEN KLENAKIS, 40 Hebron St. General Course Q,3, Basketball 1,Q,3 , . . BERTHA KWOLEK, 42 Franklin St. General Course BARBARA LADD, Main St., Wilbrahom General Course ...interested in music. . .sang solo in "Seven Last Words" ...Bowling 1, Radio Work Shop 1,3 , ,. JOHN S. LAING, 90 Aldermglgt. College Preparatory Course ..,'4glack" hopes to be an electrical engineer . . . short and blond . . . likes to read. , , Hi-Y meant most to him. . .dee livered 'Shopping Newsll , . . Hi-Y 3 . . . as . , . interested in dramatics . . . has repaired bicycles and done carpentry work. , . Dramatic Club 3 Motion Picture G. DAYTON KITTREDGE, 3'4"PteasantSt College Preparatory Course ...a shark in Physics . . . plans t enter lndiana Technical College . . . quiet but interesting wishes to be a ball s . . . plans to enter Springfield Hospital . . , worked in McLellans . . .collects stamps. . , G.A.A, 12,37 Baseball ..."Bert" likes to dance, roller skate and sing.. wants to sell dresses. , . Tennis 1, G.A.A. 1,Q,3, Bowling Club 3 HENRY LAMOTHE, JR., ' -St., Indian Orchard College Preparatory Course ...would like to go to Massachusetts State . . . his aim is to a research chemist . . . has peddled milk during high school . . . Pro Merito 1,9 . .. JOHN JOSEPH LANDERS, Porter Road, East Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . interested in civil or chemical engineering as his life work . . . plans to go to Worcester Tech . . . really didnft have a permanent wave . . , EDWIN C. LANGE, 90 Belvidere St, General Course .. . wants to enter a business that will give him a chance to advance . . . Excelsior, "Edl'l . . . collects stamps . . Stamp Club 1,23 , .. JOSEPH V. LATlNO, 84,5-Columbus Ave. Cfieneral Course . , , plans to work days and go to Northeastern University at night . . . so interested in toolmaking that he worked alter school in the workshops . . . worked on a farm and caddied summers. , . fond of dancing . . . CARMINO V. LATTELL, 88Js4erble St. General Course . . . black wavy hair almost set . . . ambition to become a K- naval aviator . . . friends call him 'lgobn . .. FRED LEACH, 5 Brook St., East Longmeadow Cueneral Course enioys making things out of wood . , . l-li-Y meant a great deal to him ..l-li-Y 3... IRA W LESURE, JR., 16 Alden St, General Course worked as gas station attendant lor '18 months. . . would like to be proprietor of a repair garage . . . interested in professional football and in basketball . . . RICHARD LEWIS, 16 Orange St. General Course ardent practical ioker . . . drive to dances , , . hopes to be a machinist Secretary Q, Hi-Y 3. . , ROBERT LEIKIN, 102 West Alvord St. ..."Bob" collects stamps . . . hopes to goto A, l. C.. received most benefit from Hi-Y . . . MADELINE E. LIBERA, 56 Andover Road SIDNEY H. LAW, 334C1reenleal St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Sid" plans to attend Cornell to study engineering , , is also interested in forestry , . . likes last cars . . . hobbies are driving and walking , . . father and uncle both gradu- ated lrom Tech . . . Motion Picture Club Q,3, President 3, Class Vice-president Q, Torch Club 'l,Q, Hi-Y Q,3, Class Dance Chairman 3, Student Patrol 3 . . . .l f N A College Preparatory Course ...MMaddy" is very quiet.. .likes all types of sports . , ' , she plans to take up nursing in Springlield Hospital . . . rf" would like to know more about physics . . , Sports Club 'l,Q, , Apparatus Club 'l, Basketball 'l, Hockey Al, Badminton 'l, , 4- -'r Baseball 23, Swimming Q, Ping Pong Q,3, Bowling 3, ' ' Basketball Manager 3 , . , ' - ARTHUR E, UTTLEFIELD, '26"Bioad St. College Preparatory Course . . . wants to become o teacher . . . will enter A, l. C. . .. sports and Fishing his hobbies. . . lnterclass Basketball Q . . . 4 EDMUND LOVETT, 45 Rochelle St. General Course ..."Ed" is interested in both boats and girls , . . has worked lor the USpringField Daily News" outside of school would like to got into business. . . l-li-Y 3 , ,. RICHARD l ONGUEIL, V44 Gold St. General Course . . , is an all-around boy, is a rack ol all trades having worked at Western Union, farming, and carpentry. . . wants to enter Civil Service , . . President ol Class 1,Q, Football 4, Hockey 4, Soccer 'l,Q,3, Baseball 1,3,4 . .. EDWARD D. LYNCH, 113 Maynard St. General Course . . . his nickname is i'l?ed" and he has hair to match. . .wants , g' Q to go to State Police Training School . . . has a large paper 1 , route . , . stamp collector . . . ROBERT E. LOVETT, Q90 Goodwin St. General Course ..."Bob" likes physiology , . . ties artificial llre . , , likes to hunt and Fish . . . l-li-Y 9,3 , .. jAMES MCDONALD, jR., 65 Sycamore St. College Preparatory Course . . . would like to make music his lite work . . .quiet but had a way with the girls. . . member ol "Kip" Brooks' orchestra outside of school . . . Hi-Y meant most to him . . . one of three - "Mac", "Kip", "Gramp" . .. BARBARA lvl. MCDERMOTT, 149 Sumner Ave. College Preparatory Course . , . played the clarinet in the band for two years. . . she plans to be a dietician and expects to go to Pratt institute . . , G.A.A. 1,Q,3, Le Salon Q,3r Bowling Q,3, Orchestra 1,Q, Band 9,3 . . . fix In L ,..?' S lor Fishing 1 f Vx Y it J 1 ' s rl X Q pei 1 A PETER MAKRIANIS, 68 Washington St. General Course in sports . . . General Course likes books, music, and sports. . . MARION MAROUARDT, 212 Bay St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Markey" would like to enter Ohio State to become a nurse . , . worked with Flood and hurricane victims in '38 . .. is always busy doing nothing . . . Tech News 1,Q, G.A,A, 1,Q,3, Motion Picture Club Q, Hockey 1, Modern Dancing 1,Q, Nisimaha 3 . ,. GEORGE W. MARTIN, 160 Florence St. College Preparatory Course . . . likes Fishing but is notorious for lack of luck . . .will go either to Mass, State College or Yale School of Forestry , . Football 1, Radio Club 1, Chess Club Q, Baseball Manager Q... BARBARA MARSH, 1460 Page Blvd. College Preparatory Course . . . i'Swampy" is gay but has high ideals. . . big brown eyes that are always smiling . . . wants to attend a iunior college before entering college . . , plans to follow in lather's footsteps as a mathematics teacher , , . Pro Merito meant the most to her , . . Pro lvlerito 1,Q,3 . . . WESLEY MASOUE, 118 Greenwood St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Wes" practices with a riFle in his spare time , . .also fenced at the lurnverein . , . is a quiet chap . . . would like to get into the Army or Navy Air Corps , , . Torch 1, Chess Club Q, Radio Club Q . .. Ill C ..."Mac" would like to work in the Armory. . . interested STEPHEN MALYSZ, 110 Parker St., Indian Orchard . . . Steve enioys chemistry and wants to be a chemist ! ballt.. x DOROTHY MASSE, 146-Bristol St. General Course . . . laughs heartily and wears her clothes well . . . "Dot" would like to be a designer. . . her favorite hobby knitting .. HENRY J. MAYNARD, 11 Denver St. General Course . . . "Hank" is going to State Police Training School . . . photography his hobby. . . wears flashy colors. . . was clerk in a First National Store in spare time . . . lnterclass Basket- WINIFRED MEISTER, 55-Ncre'l'St. College Preparatory Course . . . addicted to dreaming and exclamation marks . . . Nisimaha Q,3, Bowling Club Q . .. HOWARD G. MENDON, 2-5SefgenSt. College Preparatory Course . . . wants to be either a radio or electrical engineer. . Radio Club, Secretary and Treasurer 3, Hi-Y 3 . . . EDMUND MERZ, 196-Ba-lie-St. College Preparatory Course ..."Mairtz" . . . likes to fence and ski . . . in his spare time has taught fencing . . . repaired bikes and worked up the largest "Liberty" route in the city . . . hopes to enter the University of Cincinnati and become a research chemist . . . Chairman of Social Dance Committee 1, Ski Club 3, Achieve- ment Award Q, Torch Club 1,Q, "Tech Tiger" Editor 3, German Club, Treasurer Q, President 3, Senior Prom Usher Q,3, Student Patrol 9, Lieutenant 3, I-li-YrQ,3, Pro Merito CORINNE MONAT, 96'Neveds-Ave. 'im Q . . is 5 I College Preparatory Course ...would like to be a child nurse or a dress designer . . . very quiet when in school . . . a veteran bowler. . . Nisimaha Q- Motion Picture Ap reciation Club Q, Bowling Q,3, ROBERT MONRO, 30 Allen-Sk General Course ...MMonk,' says he-'d like to be a policeman . . . haslene toyed being a member of Hi-Y . . , calls everybody "Pal' his brother and sister both graduated from Tech. . . Hi-Y 3, Student Patrol l,Q, Lieutenant of Patrol 3 . . . CARLO MONTORI, 1235 Sumner-Awe. College Preparatory Course .. ."Bulldag" all-around sport. . . well liked by all for his pleasing personality. . .all sports are his hobby. . . Torch Club Secretary 1, Pro Merito 'l,Q,3, VICS-DVSSICIGNT 32 l-li-Y 3, Student Council Q, President 3, Football Q,3, Class Vice-President 3, Class Color Committee Q, Student Council Courtesy Committee 3, Student Council Handbook Revision Committee 3 fir r F3 Dancing 'l,Q,3 . . . DONALD MOORE, 85 Whitefat. College Preparatory Course . . . "Don" wants to goto Parks Air College to study aero- nautical engineering . . . likes pencil sketchin and singing . . . l-li-Y meant most to Don . . . directed trafic during '38 hurricane . . . l-li-Y Q,3, Forum 3, l-listorian 3, Torch 'l,Q, Motion Picture Appreciation Q, Graduation Chorus Q, I-li-Y 3, Class Dance Committee 3, Class Treasurer 1,Q, WARREN A. MORGAN, 896-A-New-St. College Preparatory Course ...i'Warry" is interested in chemical engineering . . . hopes to enter Massachusetts State College . . . enioyed being a member of Hi-Y . . . is tall, good-looking, and has dark wavy hair . . . enioys dancing, skiing, skating . . . developing pictures his hobby . . . Cactus and Campus Coperettab Q, NICHOLAS MOTLOWITZ, Cross Sti,'cEast Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . "Nick" plans to be a civil engineer. . . playing guitar and collecting stamps are his hobbies . . . one of those dubious boys . . . Jr. Pro Merito 'l,Q, Sr. Pro Merito 3 . . . WILLIAM MULDREW, JR., 118Clif0on Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . l'Bill" wants to enter Northeastern University to study electrical engineering . . . likes photography and collects stamps . . . has worked packing apples for ...Soccer 'l,Q, Traffic Squad Q . .. N X. I the government .A HENRY J. NIEC, 17 Windimere St. General Course . . . "l-leinien likes machine shop and chemistry. . ,sports his hobby. . . ROBERT NATHAN, 12? Fort Pleasant Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . wants to enter a profession . . . Student Patrol 1,Q,3 Captain 3, Hi-Y 3j Student Council Secretary 3j Tech News 3, Sports Editor 3 . . . ROBERT K. NOWINSKI, 106 Clifton Ave. College Preparatory Course ..."Bob" likes to go fishing and hopes to enter the Forestry Service . . . ROBERT NOLAN, 48 Greenwich St. General Course surveying . . . very quiet and bashful . . . hobby is all but especially hockey , . . two brothers grads of Tech LAWRENCE O'KEEFE, Q58 Orange St. General Course larry likes to dance. . . would like to take drafting for his life work . . . has worked in the mailing department of the Springfield Union" . . . CARL P NYSTROM, 37 Demand St. General Course Pete likes to fish, swim, and bowl . . , plays the oc- cordion wants to be a draftsman or a machinist. . . has been a newsboy .. l-li-Y 3 , .. . . . "Bob" wants to attend Civil Service school to study sports .1-w A 'ef T' JUSTIN O'MALLEY, 74 jasper St. College Preparatory Course . . . 'ijutu has a handsome head of curly hair and lots of freckles. . , would like to be an aviator.. .collects stamps builds model planes. , . third of his family to graduate fro Tech... GERTRUDE OUELETTE, 117 Bristol St. College Preparatory Course . . , would like to be a registered nurse ,. has a pleasant smile and laughing brown eyes. . .swimming her hobby 1 Pi Apparatus Club 1, 2, Nisimaha 3, G.A.A.1 Q 3 t i , 4' g t i,us as TINA PANETTA, 96 Gardner St. General Course . . . wants to be a dress designer. . . neat about her dress A 6 4 ...belonged to Sorosis Club of Y.W,C.A. . ,. DOROTHY PASTRECK, 84 jenness St. College Preparatory Course . , . Dottie vivacious and friendly , . . would like to be a nurse . . . enioys horseback riding and dancing . , . Riding Club 1,Qi Nisimaha 3, Soccer 1, Apparatus Club 1,Q, Bad- minton 1,Q, Basketball 1,Q, Editor of Social Column . .. DONALD PERCY, Q6 Montclair Sr. of the time . .. College Preparatory Course . . . flee" hopes to become a professional hockey player , . . has "come hither" blue eyes . . . quiet and reserved most DONALD B. PHILLIPS, Wilbraham College Preparatory Course ,. .finds math intriguing. . . M,l.T. is his college choice . .. aeronautical engineering appeals to him. . .very active in 4-H work . , . Class President 1,Q,3, Torch 1, l-li-Y Q,3, Chess 1,Q,3, Secretary 3y Traffic Q, "Tech News" Q,3f llTech Tiger" 3j Pro Merito 1,Q,3, President 3g German Club 23, Student Council Upper l-louse1,Q,3 . , . N 4 M757 GRAYSON PRENTICE, 141, 'Ave College Preparatory Course . . . "Buddy" wants to be a forester or a war correspondent . . . has followed the program of sports offered by the American Youth l-lostel jOHN J, PROVOST, 666Dwight,St. General Course . . . "Jack" collects pictures of ships and match covers . . . likes all sports. . . wants to loin the Navy and become an admiral . . . would like to know more about machine shop and physiology . . . well known for his New York lingo . .. S. A. Collector 1,9 . .. BRUNO P. PYSZNIK, 28 Leonard St. . . . "Bronko" wants to be a radio technician . . . radio, stamps, and photography are his hobbies . . . Band 1,Q,3 Grchestra 3, Stamp Club Q,3, Photo Club 3... STANLEY RAKOWSKI, 145 Ferry St. ..."Rusty" or "Rocky" plans to be a chemical engineer. . . will go to Clark University or Worcester Tech . . . likes photography . . . lnterclass Basketball Q, Second Team Basketball Q . . . PAUL B. PHINNEY, 47 White-St. HARRY PILAFIAN, Class A operators license . . . 9,3 . . . College Preparatory Course ., . loves figure skating . . . called "Champ" . . . belongs to C.M.T.C. and will go through the manual of arms at slightest provocation. . . utenshin, Phinneylu . . .will enter University of Vermont. . . Pro Merito 1,Q,3, Chess Club 1,Q,3, President 3, Torch Q, l-li-Y 3, Student Patrol 3, Chairman, Class Color Committee Q, Class Dance Committees 1,Q,3, Valley Ball ,, 'Qmherd College Preparatory Course . . . hobby experimenting with short wave transmitters, tele- vision, and sound . . . has his own radio station and holds a CARNEG PlLlGlAN, 52 Milton Stlflhdian Orchard General Course . . . "Carny" is interested in Chemistry to such an extent as to want to be a chemist. . . has done microscopic work out- side of school . . . is interested in sports of all sorts . . . Banner Committee Q, Pro Merito Q, lnterclass Basketball JOSEPH PILIGIAN, Gater Ave., East Longmeadow College Preparatory Course Zi. . will react to either "loss", "l-loss" or "Puff" . . . enioys iazzin it on the trumpet . . . hopes to lead an orchestra... will go to Williston Academy and then to Springfield Col- lege or Dartmouth . . . lnterclass Basketball 1, Tennis Q, Band 1,Q, Football 2,3 . . . General Course General Course BARBARA l. REDFIELD, T07 Daviston St. General Course . , . wants to work in her fathers office . . . expects to enter Springfield Civil Service and Commercial School . . . likes to dance and play ping pong , . . "Red" knows how to sail a boat . . . G,A.A. 1,Q,3, Tennis 1, Baseball 1, Badminton 1,Q, Ping Pong 1,Q, Basketball Q, Squad Leader 1,Q, Pro Merito 1,Q,3-, Dance Committee Q, German Club, Secretary WILLIAM W. PLUMADORE, 343 Plumtree Rd. General Course "Bill" plans to enter Northeastern . . . wants to be a master machinist . . . has worked in a sawmill and repaired tractors . . . WALLACE R. POTTER, 49 Queen St. General Course . . "Geep" wants a civil service iob . . . likes machinery . . . saves sport pictures . . . ROBERT REEVES, 64 lonia-St. General Course .. . wants to play professional baseball . . . Phil Page, once a three-letter man at Tech, is now his brother-in-low, and o professional ball player . . . "Bob" had actual experience chasing flies in the outfield for the "Kansas City Blues" . . . Radio Club 1, Tech News Reporter Q,3, Traffic 3 . . . . 4 Don likes music and especially singing . . . would like to make this his life work. . . Student Patrol 1,Q,3, Tech News 1 9 Exchange Editor 3, Band 3, Orchestra 3, Chorus Q,3, Tech Tiger 3 . . . WILLIAM R ROBERTS, 187 High St. hopes to go to a school of music and make music his life. work Student Council 1, "Enchanted Isle" Q, "Cactus and Campus 3 Orchestra 1,2,3, Band 3, Mixed Chorus 3. H. BRADFORD RIGA, 130 Manchester Ter. College Preparatory Course . . . "Brad" plans to go to A.l.C .... his father gradutated from Tech in 1916 . . . collects stamps and makes model airplanes in his spare time . . . Torch Club 1,Q, Chess Club Q, I-Ii-Y 9,3, Membereat-Large 3, Student Council 3, Chairman of 19A dance , .. WALTER RIEGEL, JR., 46 Bond St. College Preparatory Course ...his hobby stamp collecting. . . enioyed the sciences.. . studied at Tech . . . Walt hopes to travel the skyways as pilot of an airplane . . . I-li-Y Q,3, Lieutenant of Traffic Squad Q, Captain 3, Cheerleader 3 . . . ARTHUR RIVKIN, 60 Algonquin Place Applied Arts Course . . . plans to go to Rhode Island School of Industrial Design . . . interested in sports. . . Dramatic Club 3 . . . SAMUEL E. RINDGE, 31 Durham Rd., Longmeadow General Course . . . "Sammy" wants to be a mechanic or enter the woolen business . . . is known as the "Bermuda Sunkistn . . . hobby is photography and woodworking . . . likes fast things such as cars and motorcycles . . . DONALD W. ROGERS, Q54 Pearl St. Applied Arts Course College Preparatory Course 3 BESSIE ROLLIS, St ' 'fa 21555 General Course i t ..."Buddy'l would like to be a gym instructor or an aviatrix 5. 3 41 ...Baseball Q, Basketball 3 . .. I WILLIAM ROOD, 8-QCQI-houn-St. College Preparatory Course 4 . . . 4'Bill" hopes to enter Worcester Tech wants to be a g ' civil engineer . . . has an abbreviated hair cu worked in a lumber camp in Canada . . . Torch 1 ,A Q' r 'lie -' 4 gsillllil sgig.-5-s K . A xbrn ltf FREDERICK A. ROTHERY, 191 Bellevue Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . "Bud" popular and a good leader. . . hopes to enter M.l.T. and become a Mechanical Engineer. . . works with Q QA I gas engines as a hobby . . . Soccer 1, Ski Club 3, Torch Club I -' Secretary and President 1,Q, I-li-Y Q,3, Vice-president of Class 1, Student Council Q,3, Tech News 1,Q,3, President Pro Merito Q, Class Constitution Committee 1 . . , K PHILIP S. ROY, IR., 297 Springfield St. 'law College Preparatory Course ALICE RUDDOCK, 104 Beaumont St. General Course .. . "Shadow" wants to be a writer or do something unusual .. . hobby is collecting souvenirs and skiing. . . has worked for a veterinarian taking care of dogs . . . Alice's two brothers and two sisters graduated from Tech . . . RUSSELL SACKETT, 114 Rochelle St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Russ" hopes to be an architect or landscape gardener . . . hobby trout fishing . . . never guilty of hurrying . . . 'J..,,:,,, . . . interested in mechanics . . . keeps as far from dances as possible . . . hopes to become a wealthy bachelor I-li-Y 3, Motion Picture Club Q, Football 1, Traffic Q RICHARD CHARLES STAMPLE, 556 Liberty St. would like to be a Navy Flyer. . . Nominating Committee Q lnterclass Basketball 3 . . . RONALD STANTON, 95 Grand St, Ronnie wants to ioin the Army Air Corps. . .dark and quiet friendly manner. . Torch 'l,Q, I-li-Y 9,3 , . . STEPHEN SHEA, General Course General Course SOPHIE STAZELECKI, t. General Course ... Sophie more often called "Blondie" . . . plans to attend an aeronautical school . . . her aim to be able to pilot a plane other own some day. . . olten teased about her high- brow expressions . . . Nominating Committee Q, Tech Tiger Stall 3, Tech News Advertising Agent 3, G.A.A. 'I,Q,3 . .. GEORGE STRAIGHT, 1 . Applied Arts Course Crooked" wants to be a Flyer or a draftsman . . . trims magazines outside of school . . . Student Patrol 'I,Q,3, Tech News Advertising Agent Q, Cheer Leader 3 . . . RICHARD STRANGE, 10 WU7ne'SI. General Course . . . "Rickey" likes to play hockey . . . plans to be a psy- chiatrist . . . "Dick" wants to know more about physiology ... Photo Club Q, Torch SZ, I-li-Y 3... ELMER SWANSON, . General Course . . . tall, dark, and lull of fun . . . hopes to be a draltsman . . . stamp collecting his hobby. . . visited Sweden a Iew years ago . . . Vice-president ol Torch 1,Q,Member-at-Large1,Q, Nominating Committee 'I,3, Hi-Y Q,3, Vice-president of Student Council 3 . . . ' liE RICHARD C. SCHUBACH, 396'St'TI6'rE7Bwe. General Course ..i'Dick" wants to be an engineer . . . ties Flies tor Fishing .. General Course . . . another air-minded youth . . . hopes to be an Army mechanic . . , wants to enter Airmantech . . . HAROLD EDWAR SIBLEY, 41 Biltmore-Sh General Course . . . "Sib" plays the violin . , , the orchestra has meant the most to him . . . model railroading is his hobby. . . plans to make printing his life work , . . rchestra 'I,9,3 . . . FRANCIS V. SIMPSON, . General Course . . . likes to build model airplanes. . . would like to enter the General Electric Apprentice Course . , . SOLLY S. SMITH, 9?BeIIe-S+, General Course Smitty" enioys photography . . . desires to bea tool- maker. . .Camera Club 9,3 . . . KATHLEEN STAGNARO, 1149--A-IIe1+SL General Course . . . "Kay" was the Fifth Stagnaro to graduate from Tech . , . her ambition is to be a newspaper reporter . . . Pro lvlerito 'l,Q,3, Secretary 3, Italian Club 'I,Q,3, Program Chairman Q, Publicity Chairman 3, Nisimaha Q,3, Secretary 3, Athenaeum 3,Tech News Q,3,G.A.A.1,Q, President 3,CIass Nominating, Banner, Constitution and Dance Committee, Member-at- Large l,3, Basketball 'I,Q,3, Co-ed Volley Ball Q, Soccer 1, Squad Leader 'I,Q,3 . . . CAMELIA ANN TESTA, 31-Cer-ew-St. would like to be an architect. . . . "Kitty's" spare time is spent in designing and constructing model houses . . , Tech News Circulation Agent Q, Circulation Manager 3, Tech Tiger 3 G.A.A. 'l,Q,3. . . GENEVIEVE SZCZYGIEL, 50'Sf'on'Y'i'lilffWilbrahom General Course would like to be a hairdresser or a clerk . . . "Cutie" makes dresses in her spare time . . , G.A.A. 'I,Q,3 . . . RICHARD THOMPSON 196Lavrelton-St. General Course Dick hopes drafting will be his life work. , . interested in physiology collects stamps . lnterclass Basketball 3, Bob would like to be a professional ball player or be surveyor lnterclass Basketball Q 3 Comitia 3 . . . Tribby wants to be clerk in a department store or work in a nursery collecting pictures and making scrap books her hobby wants to know more about Design Work . . . General Course .41 , senior year. . . HARVEY VIGNEAULT, 39 Wilton St. General Course . . . a rather quiet, serious fellow . . . wishes to become a draftsman . . . plans to enter Northeastern University plays the clarinet in the band . . , Band 1,23 . .. ALFRED VARELAS, 19 Kimberly Ave. General Course . . . "Sonny's" choice for the future is airplane designing or surveying . . . makes model planes . . . likes dancing Basketball 1,23 . . . EVANGELINE VOTZE, 55 Church St. College Preparatory Course likes dancing, sports, and travel . . . expects to enter A I C ...would like to make designing her life work . . . Pro Merito 1, Nisimaha 3, Tech Tiger 3,G.A.A.1,Q,3 . . . ELYNOR VEZINA, 1-14.-L-ineolvr-Roadf-Longmeadow General Course . . . "Vizzy" wants to be a dress designer or a buyer . . enioyed art while at Tech . . . worked for Community Chest Welfare, and Service Club . . . Golf Q, Apparatus 'l, G.A.A 'l,Q,3, Graduation Chorus 'I,Q,3, "Enchanted Isle" 'I ' Cactus and Campus" Q, Chorus 1,Q,3 . . . in ' ff ' ANNA VARELAKIS, 979 Dwight St General Course . . . "Ann" plans to train at Springfield Hospital to be a X nurse. . . hobby is collecting miniature toy dogs and naming them . . . clerked at McLellan s Saturday afternoons he WALTER A. VACHON, 57 Suffolk St College Preparatory Course . . . likes to read mystery stories l-li Y meant most to him .. . uses long-tailed words . . Torch 'I Chess Club Q l-li-Y Q,3, Le Salon 3, Writers' Club 3 ,.."VVoodie's' 5 built a gas mode take ALBERT E. Al Tech.,.eni him...isa Q,3i Germa IANE WEDOLOWSKI, 4-8-7'BWt'gI1t'St. General Course . . , would like to work in an advertising office ofa large concern or tell stories to children . . . interested in photogf rophy and reading . . . "Bambi" is as changeable as the weather. . . Tech News, Circulating Agent Q, Advertising Manager Q, Business Manager 3, Athenaeum 3. . . RUSSELL WEBSTER, 148 Warren Ter., Longmeadow College Preparatory Course plans to enter Worcester Tech . , , ambition to become an electrical engineer . , , called "Pinkyi' because of his school girl complexion . . . photography is his hobby . . . Pro Merito 'l,Q,3, Nominating Committee Q . .. RONALD WATERS, 626 Dickinson St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Ronnie" is a sports enthusiast . . . Northampton High . . , hopes to attend mil would like to be an Army engineer . . . Baseball Q . . . CHARLES WARREN, 765 Laurel St. College Preparatory Course . . . Charley is interested in aviation . . . finds architectural drawing his favorite school subiect . . . a sturdy athlete. . , Football 3, Class Basketball 2,3 . . .. RITA WALSH, 580 Stare Si. College Prep ..."Reet" has hair that doesn't get stringy in the rain.. . also a pleasant smile . . . hopes to don a white uniform. . . Class Constitutional Committee 'l, Orchestra 'l, Swimming 'l,Q, Pro Merito 'l,Q, Hockey 'l,Q, Le Salon Q,3, Dance Committee 3, Tech Tiger Sta Bowling 'l,Q,3, Badminton 'l,Q,3, Ping Pong 'l,Q,3, Valley Ball 'l,Q,3, Apparatus 'l,Q, Tennis 1,23 . ., THEODORE F. WALLACE, Stony Hill Road, Wilbraham College Preparatory Course .,. would like to work int Westinghouse. . . keen about algebra . . . third of his family to graduate from Tech . . . hard wo braham . . . MERRILL WOOD, 151'TP College Preparatory Course hobby is building model airplanes . . . has land an outboard boat . . , is planning to up flying at Parks Air College , ., WINKLER, JR., 63rGiIIette Ave. College Preparatory Course plans to enter Dartmouth on graduating from oyed German . . , Hi-Y and Forum meant most to great tease . , . hobby is taking motion pictures . . . Forum Q,3, Historian Q, President 3, Hi-Y Q,3, Asst. Treasurer 3, Motion Picture Club Q, Class Dance Committee n Club Q, Banquet Committee 3, Student Patrol GERTRUDE WIELAND, 17 Spruceland Ave. College Preparatory Course . . . "Gert" is planning to goto Medical Center in New York to study nursing . . . winsome blonde . . . blue eyes. . . very definite opinions . , . puts work before fun . . .fond of reading . . . blushes furiously when thrilled . . . Nisimaha Q, Vice-president 3, l.C.C. Secretary 3, Athenaeum 3, Tech News, Girls' Sports Editor 23, Tech Tiaer 3, Pro Merito fl-IOMAS WILLIAMS, 89 Cedar St. General Course . . . Tommy plans to be a state trooper . . . particularly in- terested in physiology . . . has had a steady friendship with Sid Ziff . . . enioys dancing . . . everything is a Mknock-off to Tom . . . ALICE WEZNIAK, 135 Main St., Indian Orchard College Preparatory Course , . . Vice-president and Treasurer of Affiliated Nisimaha, Tech Nisimaha Program Chairman, Badminton 'l,Q,3, Tennis 'l, Golf 'l, Basketball 'l, Swimming 'l,Q . .. t-IAROLD WEINSTEIN, 58 Somerset St. General Course . . . i'Professor" Weinstein finds math and electricity intri- guing . . , intends to work in his fathers cleaning and dyeing establishment . . . "A Weinstein theory which l know nothing about" is an expression of the Professor , . , a stamp collector. U'-' transferred from itary school and aratory Course ff 3, Nominating Committee 3, he electrical division at rker on his farm in Wil- X , do I DOROTHY DOWLING, 109-'BH!te'l'5t, College Preparatory Course . . . "Dot" . . .friendly personality. . . is quite a sneezer. ,, taught a Sunday school class . , , hopes to learn to manage an airplane. . . has tried skiing . . . G.A.A. 'l,Q,3, Bowling 3i Dance Committee Q, Ski Club 3 . ., C, LAMSON WOODWORTH, 1012 Belleclcire Ave., Longmeadow College Preparatory Course . . . quiet and dignihed . . . ambition to be o chemical en gineer alter attending M.l.T ..,. chemistry his hobby . . Hi-Y his favorite club . , . Ferdinand his pet iallopy 4 4 Torch Club 'l, Hi-Y 23, Stamp Club 1, Pro Merito 19,3 Vice-president Qi Tech Tiger 3, Ski Club 3, Member-at Large 3. Tech News 3. . . JOHN FLYNN, 116 Berkshire St., lnclian Orchard College Preparatory Course . . . "Jack" hopes to go to the University of Chicago . . . wants to be a research chemist . . . has sold Buicks on the side. . . Chemistry Club 3, Cuerman Club 3, Hi-Y 3 . .. ROBERT ZANCHE, 571 Page Boulevard General Course ..."Bob" plans to enter Mass. Nautical School . . . enioyed study of history at Tech , . . Student Council 1, Tech Hand book Committee 1, Riding Club Q, Football Q,3 . ,. SIDNEY ZIFF, 27 Hebron St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Curly" is full of fun and wisecracks , , . his hobby is dancing . . . he works publicity stunts for a popular local theater and hopes to become a movie executive . . . FRANCIS AGOSTINO, 70 Beaumont St. General Course , . . "Augy" hopes to have a musical career. . . has played the piano in cafes in spore time . , . stamp collecting is his hobby. . . JANE G. ALLISS, 251 Denver St. General Course . . . .lane otherwise known as "Shortie" . . , would like to be a clerk in a big department store . . . teased about her height.. .Soccer Q . .. ARTHUR ANDERSON, 35 Hayden St. General Course LEONARD ARNDT, 959 Main St. College Preparatory Course . . , plans to attend Northeastern . . . chooses engineering as his life work. . . once auditioned oun sters for a radio Y Q program. . . SAMUEL AXLER, 6 Allendale St. College Preparatory Course . . . "Sammy" likes machine shop . , , plans to enter Went worth Institute . . . an WARREN BENNETT, General Course . . . would like to be a machinist . . . has worked for Western Union two years. . . NORMAN BLACK, 1"21-Cqfvev-SP Applied Arts Course . . . "Pete" plans to enter Pratt Institute . . . wants to be o commercial artist . . . Basketball 1,Q,3, Baseball 9,3 . . . HARRY BRADLEY, 5QrC0lfo-uit. General Course ANNA MAE BURNS, 18 Stuyvesh.-,mt5t. General Course . . . "Daisy Mae" would like to become a ha fond of roller skating . . . IAMES CAVANAUGH, 14 Seventh St. General Course ...slim wants to be a machinist , .. WILLIAM CLEMENS, 90 Oswego St. College Preparatory Course DONALD CONWAY, 494 Bev-SI. College Preparatory Course BRADFORD G. COOK, 1543 Boston Road General Course probably knows more about the field w se in T England Tel, 81 Tel. Co. than any one el member of his family to graduate from Tech . . , WILLIAM COPELAND, 25 Ladd St. General Course . . . wants to travel . . , likes hockey and swimming . . , THOMAS CRANE, 59 Sycamore St. General Course ROBERT CROFT, 36 Edgewood St. College Preparatory Course e" is interested in hotography and singing . . . . . . "Stoog D Photography 1, Chorus 1,EZ,3 . . . RENE E. DESNOYERS, 140 Glenwood Blvd. General Course . . . wants to be a machinist . . . helped buil skating and swimming his hobbies . . . CLAUDE DICKSON, 90 Franldin5t. College Preparatory Course DANIEL j. DONOGHUE, 357 Armory St. Applied Arts Course . . . would like to go to the Rhode Island School of Design and become a commercial artist . . . carves airplane models out of soap . . . X X 'W- NANCY DU MOND, 566 White St. College Preparatory Course . . . likes history as taught by Mr. Van Sickle . . . aspires to be Doctor of Psychology . . . G.A.A. benefited her most . . . enioyed watching football practice . . , Basketball 1, G.A.A.1,E2 . . . ALBERT FALORETTI, 108 Marble St. College Preparatory Course .. .his hobby aviation . . . career in the Navy . . . lnterclass Basketball 3 . . . BARBARA L. FAY, '249 Tremont St. General Course . . . "Bobbie" collects stones . . . is original in her spelling ...wants to be a public speaker. . . enioys writing . . . JANET FLYNN, 57 High St. General Course ...likes to ice skate.. . "Crisco" plans to enter AIC. . .. clothing was her favorite-subiect . . . MORTON FRIEDMAN, 92 Belle St. General Course . . . "Marty" would like to be an aviator or a war corres pondent . . . interested in sports and stamps . . . FLOYD GATES, 131 Sumner Ave. General Course . . . 'iBud" wants to take up aviation . . . wears becoming clothes. . . hobby all sports . . . Student Council 1 . . . WARREN E. GEOFFRION, 66 Pynchon St. General Course . . . plans to work in machine shop . . . makes model boats agdgahirplanes . . . likes hunting and fishing . . . nickname e . . . DOROTHY GOULD, 50 Bliss Road, Longmeadow General Course .. .is a wonderful swimmer . . . perhaps the only one in the class with a gift for writing . . . will train to be a dietitian at Framingham Teachers' College or Y.W.C.A. School in Boston . . . Motion Picture Appreciation Club Q,3, I-lockey 1,9,3, Basketball 1,235 Bowling 1,Q,3 . . . STANLEY E. GRACKI, 531 Armory St. General Course . . . a quiet fellow . . . would like to enter Civil Service. .. JANE GRAY, 195 Laurelton St. General Course . . . her intimate friends find her full of fun . . . sewing her hobby . . . wants to be a dress designer. . . U-laniengdgrgg her older brother joe, graduate of Tech '35 . . . EDWARD D. HAMILTON, 159 Laurelton St. General Course interested in photography . . . a auiet fellow but a lot of fun when you know him. . . hopes to beggme Q mgchinigr or draftsman A . . I RALPH G HERNE 11 Crest St General Course ntcknamed Lum future as tndeftntte ALICE HOPE 70 Wellmgton St General Course Hopey wants to be a governess or a clerk hobby ts stamp collecttng has a wonderful sense of humor ROSE HORNE Q85 Central St College Preparatory Course wants to be a housewtfe nurstng her second choice ts a wonderful ptantst and plays for her hobby t es to Ice skate Motton Picture Apprectatton 3 Bowltng 3 Gtrls Photo Club Q 3 Ptng Pong Q 3 Orchestra 1 Q 3 LEONARD ISABELLE 75 Kenyon St General Course attended C M T C lor two years plans to take the apprenttce course at Pratt 81 Whttney an emergency switchboard operator havtng taken the course gtven by Tel 81 Tel and sponsored by Red Cross and Army Student Patrol 1 Q 3 Lteutenant ol Corrtdor Guard Rtdtng Club Q Ht Y Q 3 YEGISHE JAMGOCHIAN 52 Mazartn St General Course tl he can t be a machtntst he d like to be a shoemaker has repaired shoes Turks lrtends are trylng to tratn htm to say yes not yaa CLARA JOHNSTON 16Marrda St General Course Bubbles asptres to be a hatrdresser ltkes to dance PAUL L KERTILES 52 Calhoun St College Preparatory Course Guard seryrce WILLIAM E KING 1392 Bay St College Preparatory Course Ktnker expects to enter the Pensacola Atr School and become a transport ptlot ts a conltrmed ntterbug ushered at the Caprtol Theater was prestdent ol hrs c ass Pro Mertta 1 Q Nominating Commtttee 1 Execu ttve Board 1 Q 3 Motton Ptcture Apprectatton Club 1 Q Class Prestdent Q 3 Student Counctl 1 Q 3 Upper House Q 3 Class Dance Commtttee 1 Q 3 JAMES KINIRY 144 Carew St General Course would lake to be a machtntst or a toolmaker Model Atrplane Club 3 LEONARD LAVERTUE 288 Abbott St General Course Red would luke to work tn a machtne shop JOHNAI F LAVIN 53 Mrlford St General Course Deacon would lrke to be a ftreman Fond ol brtdge and poker GERTRUDE LEMIS 100 Nottrngham St General Course career ts marrtage a Sunday school teacher and member of the Tau Sigma Delta Sorority athletlc Basketball 1 Q 3 Bowling Q 3 Swtmmtng Q Badmtnton Q G A A 1 Q 3 TECKLA LIASZENICK 37 Auburnesh- General Course Ttllte IS bashful would luke to be a nurse Apparatus Club 1 Q Basketball 1 9 Baseball 1 Q CARL LINDWALL 7 Least 'frfdvan Orchard General Course Carl wants to be a draltsman loves to skate spends money as fast as he can get It NICHOLAS LOLOS 15 Gnllm St General Course WILLIAM M MCCARRON 19 Colerrdge St General Course Bud collects stamps plays baseball wants enter a profession WILLIAM MANSFIELD 109 Ellmgton St General Course LEROY MURRAY 27 Mantlord St General Course Roy would ltke to be an airplane mechantc checker player and reader of many books has done some carpentry work and motor repatrtng NATHAN A MYEROWITZ 26 Hebron St General Course spends most of hts ttme worktng tn a market collects stamps wants to be a htghway engtneer Basketball 1 Football 2 GAETANO F MEZZETTI 390 Orange-St General Course the class champion hnger cracker has worked for contractor would luke to be a machtntst MARION M MINOR -67 Davenport St College Preparatory Course ts Interested tn hygtene and wants to be a nurse nuts sews and crochets two brothers tw ststers and two coustns have also graduated from Tech Student Councvl 1 Baseball 1 Apparatus Club 1 Q Brownie ROBERT MOLINE 159 Oak Grove Ave General Course may go to Sprtngheld College but wants to be a steam Fttter or a pattern maker Bob s spare time as given to Fly tying two cousrns Joseph and Albert graduated fr m Tech IH Q7 and 28 also his sister In Q7 fmt ffff 'LCf'4Z TX RX X 'f k! VTX , - 1 11 I 11 I I i I I . . . , , , , . 1 ' li 17 t "' , . , . . . , I l l I ' ' . 1 . I I - 11 11 1 1 - 1 - , , " to H - . . . I 4 ' f I 1 1 1 A A i -- i ' 1 I ' - " ' ' ' ...a , . .. . lAx..rr 1 I ' , . , . . , . . . . enioys photography . . . plans to enter U. S. Coast ' ' ' A ' ' G . , . . . , .. U ...k', U, , o I If i Q 1 1 1 ' I 1 ff ' ' Q ' ' ff 11 Q 1 11 1 ' fi 1 1 , l.. .I n I 4 - . I I h . ., o , , . . . , . 1 ' ' T J ' ' J ffl X N HT f T ff K' ,ff-ff!! i X CX A jrag , . , Q XX! L r- C V. Xxx I e Q . 5 ",,-c,Yx gin ,, -f 9, x,g 0 s 4 'xxeecg ' M 'J N'-CE E VERNON D. NEWINGHAM, 38 Continentalst. General Course . . . collects coins, stamps, and minerals . . . wants to be a machinist. . . Stamp Club 3 . . . BETTY NEYLON, '208 Massachusetts Ave. General Course . . . hopes to be a designer . . . fond of dancing . . . Cu.A.A. 1 . . . WALTER NOWAK, 15 Ludlow Ave. General Course . . . has worked summers as a fireman's helper . . . wants to be a stationary fireman . . . boat building his hobby . . . Football 3 . .. ALARICK A. NYMAN, 138 Carver St. General Course . . . 'iAli" would like to play professional baseball . . . collects baseball and football pictures . . . has helped fix bicycles and cars. . . Baseball 1,Q,3, Basketball Q, Captain 3... ARTHUR OUIMET, 14 Governor St. General Course ARTHUR L. OUTHUSE, 28'6Tt+tin St. General Course ...Art's ambition is to be a toolmaker . . . sports his hobby . . EARL PAAPE, 31 Medford St. General Course FLORENCE E. A. PATTERSON, Q161tMain St. General Course . . . "De-de" wants to be a salesgirl or a housewife . . . likes to dance. . . WILLIAM C. PAUL, 31 SiIverSt.f General Course . . . wants to be a machinist . . . loves to dance . . . ROBERT A. PERREAULT, 108 AtlrolfSt. College Preparatory Course . . . will go to Bay Path . . . wants office work . . . enioys roller skating and scouting . . . MARY RODOLAKIS, 30 Carew St. College Preparatory Course . . . euthenics her favorite school subiect . . . dancing her hobby . . . RALPH ROOKE, 20 Newland St. General Course . . . drawing is his hobby. . . N K - VICTORIA SAMAY, 1704.C0lew St. General Course ..."Vicky" wants to be a dietitian. . .enioys roller skating, reading, and cooking . . . this lost year helped Miss Hill with preparation of meals . . . Treasurer of Italian Club 9, Secretary of Italian Club 3, Treasurer, Tech News 3, G.A.A.1,Q,3 . . , MILDRED L. SMITH, 3? Wendell Place General Course . . . "Millie's" hobby is drawing . . . would like to be a dress designer. . . G.A.A.'l . .. HAROLD F. SODERMAN, 157 Monroe St. General Course . . . plays chess every chance he gets . . . EDWARD SOFFAN, 99 Grover St. Applied Arts Course . . . "Dicky" is really serious about wanting to be a proe fessional baseball player . . . has worked in a creamery . . . ASA SNYDER, 72 Mill St. College Preparatory Course . . .a practical ioker . . . loves hunting and fishing . . . plans to be a wild life technician . . . VICTORIA TAKELIIAN, 15 Quebec St., Indian Orchard General Course . . . "Vickie's" hobby is reading. . . plans to enter a beauty school and become a hairdresser . . . her second choice is a dressmaker . . . wants to know more about dressmaking . . . DUANE THOMAS, 74 VonhwGSt. General Course ROBERT TOURTELLOTTE, 64 CdlYfUTftiU Ave. General Course . . . wants to be a professional baseball player. . . is forever telling Richard Stample to comb his hair. . . WILLARD WATSON, 114 Monrovia"Stf General Course THOMAS WHALEN, 579 Sumnor.Ave. General Course . . . "Tommy" walks with a swagger . . , enioys wrestling and boxing . . . interested in medical work . . . plans to enter Springfield College for the pre-medical course . . . ROSS R. WINNIE, 60 Blake St. General Course GEORGIA WRIGHT, 34 Andrews St. General Course . . . "Jo Pete" wants to be a designer . . . collecting shells her hobby. . . loves music. . . was member of Girls uartet . . . "Enchanted Isle," Chorus Q . . . l HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1940 September, 1937 - About three years ago, a procession of gaping and daring fresh f men rom all parts of the city and nearby towns trudged their wa u EII' S d , y p rot treet an entered the mighty portals of Tech. Ever lceeping these freshmen under their watchful eyes the dis ust d ' h ' l g e seniors must ave wondered what the world was coming to A few da s f M - Y a ter, ajor Adams, our new boss, warmly greeted us at a Freshman Assembly and as a good boss gave us sound advice on "How To Be A Good Techiten. Thus we each became 1 part of the class. 427 October, 1937 - A Pro Merito Assembly was sponsored for our benefit, inviting us to become members of Tech's honor society. During this time we tool: a hand in Tech's student government, these members being elected to th U H - ' ' ' e pper ouse. Ralph Monroe, Harris Bontwell, David Drllman, Margaret Clemmer, and Robert Senecal. For the first time, the girls became the center of attraction, for "Freshman Day" had arrived. November, 1937 - Our able class toolc the lead in the honor roll's first call J lf' Ab ac re air, a member of the class, became an important factor in Tech's winnin th W . . g e estern Massachusetts and City Football Titles. As freshmen we saw our team win the football championship. December, 1937 - Again showing our abilities, we toolc the lead in the honor roll's second call. janu ass possessed when we presented the play "Silas Marnern. Most of the leading parts were talcen by members of our class. Nicholas Motlowitz, a member of the class, carried away honors by winning the "Silas Marner" essay contest. ary, 1938 - Ar last came the opportunity to show the school what talent our cl February, 1938 - The operetta "Enchanted lslen was presented in the Tech A d' u r- torium and some of our classmates toolc part and others helped to malce it a success. New Student Council members for the 10A semester were elected from our class: Marion Bell, Ralph Monroe, Warren Morgan, and David Rich. April, 1938 - Ar last we became officially recognized and our class was organized under the leadership of Mr. Ailcen and Miss Marston with Mr. Maynard as class auditor. Elections were held, and Donald Phillips and Marion Bell began their careers as three- year president and secretary respectively, Frederic Rothery became vice-president, War- ren Morgan, treasurer, and john Abair, Theodore Austin, Earl Davis, Elmer Swanson, Dorothy Carlson, Gloria Higgins, Kathleen Stagnaro, members-at-large. May, 1938 - Shelburne Falls was host to the Pro Merito Societies Ar the State Junior Pro Merito elections, Frederic Rothery was elected president, Lauretta Guilbert, secretary, and Donald Phillips, vice-president, all members of the class. june, 1938 - Frederic Rothery was elected president of the Torch Club, Elmer Swanson, vice-president, Carlo Montori, secretary, and Theodore Austin, treasurer. September, 1938 N Back to school as 11B's and juniors. F Atwis time Miss .Esther Forbes from Tacoma, Washington and Miss Mary Moodie rom armea, Kavar, exchanged positions with Miss Miriam Allen and Mr. Lyman respectively. No SOOI1 win ca e a hurricane, which battered our city almost beyond recognition. Probably you have heard this tale before, but w d ' e ma e sure you did. There was no school for two days, but no one seemed to mind., er had we resumed our duties when along came a little gust of d II d - 4 -WKTJA Qctober 1938 - New members of the Student Council were elected wth Robert d h I Breclc, Lauretta Guilbert, Carlo Montori, Frederic Rothery, and Lamson oo wort representing the class, and Marion Bell and Donald Phillips serving as Upper House members. The junior Pro Merito Convention was held in the WilliamsburgIHigh School in Williams- burg. Donald Phillips, vice-president, presided and Lauretta Guilbert, secretary, toolc the minutes of the meeting N b 1938 -.Class officers for the 11B class were elected. Those re-elected were ovem er, Donald Phillips, president, Marion Bell, secretary, and Warren Morgan, treasurer. . - . O Sidne Law became vice-president and Dorothy Barrus, Gloria Higgins, Shirley gston, Y George Fislc, Gordon Brady, George Ferrarese and Elmer Swanson members-at-large. ' ' f f l l ss December, 1938 - A wintry atmosphere prevailed at the second o our success uNc a ll - . u d- ' l alled "Snow Shuffle music being provided by Norman Temple. Lamson oo socia s c , worth was chairman and Lauretta Guilbert, hostess. Gther committee members were: ' ' ' ' l' V F dD Bell, Gertrude Wieland, Gertrude Langheld, Vincent Catilottr, Evange ine otz, re e Elmer Swanson, and Donald Phillips, ex-officio. january, 1939 - The musical department presente of the class participating. Marion Bell, Barbara Redfield, Robert Breclc, Francis O'Connor, and Donald Phillips were the cowgirls and cowboys in the specialty dance. ' U F We began our new 11A semester at Tech and assumed many more duties. n or- tunately we were minus a few of our class members. Marlcs are such nursancesl March, 1939 - Opening of the new co-ed sports of ping pong, badminton and volley- ball began. This was iust an experimen d "Cactus and Campus" with many t which the boys and girls of our class participated in. May, 1939 - Delegates of the W.M.L.S.P. convened at Tech, and many of the "Tech News" staff participated. Those from our class who had ioined the staff at that time were: Gertrude Wieland, Frederic Rothery, Donald Rogers, George Ferrarese, Donald Phillips, Lauretta Guilbert, George Fislc, Frances Benoit, Kay Stagnaro, Gertrude Lang- held, and Camelia Testa. The third of our class socials, entitled "Fair Echoes", was presented. The theme was the Y W ld' F Th class banner orange and blue, was presented for the first time at N. . or s air. e , the dance. Gertrude Wieland was the chairman of the dance, and Barbc?:radReElfEli, Alice Weznial4 Lauretta Guilbert, Gertrude Langheld, Gordon Brady, re' e e , Lamson Woodworth, Theodore Austin and William Rood served on her committee. ' ' ' d GI ' H' ins, The class banner committee consisted of Dorothy Carlson, chairman, an oria rgg Kathleen Stagnaro, june Birchard, Edmund Merz, Michael Kafantarrs, Carneg Piligian and Carl Hedin. The class color committee was headed by Paul Phinney with .George-Fislc, George Ferrarese, Bradford Riga, Carlo-Montori, Dorothy Carlson, Gloria Higgins and Betty Bohner serving on the committee. Westfield High School was the host to the Pro Merito Societies Convention, which many in the class attended. june, 1939 - Donald Phillips was elected president of the Senior Pro Merito, Carlo Montori, vice-president. September, 1939 - jane Wedolowsld, a member of the class, was made the Business Manager of "Tech News." Others from our class who had important duties on the staff were: Sports Editor, George Ferrarese, Girls' Sports Editor, Gertrude Wielancg, Clulb E1ditor, ' ' ' ' esta Lauretta Guilbert, Exchange Editor, Donald Rogers, Circulation Manager, ame ia , and Assistant Circulation Manager, Helen Tribulslci. October 1939 Th d A , R eo ore ustin was one of the three winners here at Tech in the Community Chest Spealcers Contest, and he was chosen to represent Tech in the finals. Others who competed from the class were: Sidney Law, Edmund Merz, Donald Hayes, Alice Kittinger, and Albert Winlcler. Easthampton High School was host to the next convention and many of the Pro Merito I I c ass members attended, for these students were now members of the State Senior Pro Merito. Donald Phillips was again re-elected president and Marion Bell, secretary Carlo Montori wa h - ' ' s c osen vice president, Theodore Austin, treasurer, Fred DeBell, George F B d ' ' errarese, ra ford Riga, Lamson Woodworth, Lauretta Guilbert, Gloria Higgins and Kay Stagnaro, members-at-large. December, 1939 - The fourth class social headed by Sidney Law was another success Because of Miss M ' ll ' ' arston s i ness, Miss Miriam Allen replaced her and helped on this committee. Edmund Merz was appointed one of the co-editors of the "Tech Ti " ger. February, 1940 - George Ferrarese became the new Editor in Chief of the "Tech N " D ld ews. ona Phillips toolc over his new position of Associate Editor, Kay Stagnaro, Style Column, Dorothy Pastreclc, Gossip. January, 1940 - Senior Hi-Y officers were elected with Fred DeBell becoming president, Carlo Montori, vice-president, Theodore Austin, secretary, Albert Winlcler, treasurer F b - ' e ruary, 1940 Gertrude Wieland was chosen to represent Tech at rhe state confer- ence ofthe Daughters of the American Revolution. The Nisimaha Club of which Kay Stagnaro is president, sponsored a "Leap Year Jive" dance whose profit was used to redecorate and refurnish the school club room, a proiect which won first prize for the Springfield Y.W.C.A. March, 1940 - Carlo Montori was re-elected president of the Student Council The other officer Th d s are: eo ore Austin, vice-president, Marion Bell, Warren Morgan and Frederic Rothery, Upper House members. The last of our class socials, called "The Nugget", was the most successful of all of our social events. Brad Riga headed the dance and those who served on his committee were: Albert Winlcler, Lauretta Guilbert, Margaret Clemmer, Nancy Dumond, Mary Campbell, Warren Morgan, Carl Hedin, Donald Rogers, Sidney Law, Gertrude Wieland, and Donald Phillips, ex-officio. A nugget shaclc resembling a miner's camp was the center of interest. Among the presidents of school clubs were Kay Stagnaro, president of the Nisimaha Club M Cl , argaret emmer, president of the Athenaeum Club, Sidney Law, president of the Motion Picture Club, Fred DeBell, president of the Senior Hi-Y, Harvey Billings, president of the Comitia, Albert Winlcler, president of Forum, Kay Stagnaro, president of the Girls' Athletic Associaton, Paul Phinney, president of the Chess Club. June, 1940 - Ar last came the big moments, for graduating time had arrived. What heavy hearted seniors we were. First came our Prom whose chairman was Lamson Wood- worth. Those who helped malce it a success were: Marion Bell, Mary Campbell, Fred DeBeil, George Delivorias, David Dillman, Paul Phinney, Joseph Piligian, Frederic Roth- ery, Kay Stagnaro, Elmer Swanson, Alice Weznialc, Gertrude Wieland, and Donald Phillips, and Carlo Montori, ex-officio The Banquet was arranged by Warren Morgan, and his committee consisted of Betty Albro Theodore Austin June Birchard M CI , , , argaret emmer, Lauretta Guilbert, Dorothy Hater, Sidney Law, Carlo Montori, Rita Walsh, Albert Winlcler, and Donald Phillips, ex-o icio. Now it is time for us to leave for foreign parts, each loolcing forward to futures as happy and as successful as our past three years have been. Lauretta Guilbert Marion Bell Warren Morgan Carlo Montori llK . i l l l i l l l i CLASS WILL We, the Class ot june, 1940, ol Technical High School, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States, being ot rea- nably sound and generous mind and emory, and with malice aiorethought, do SO m hereby malce this our last will and testament, thus revolcing all wills heretofore made. Hereby we appoint as executors ot this will Maior Burton A. Adams and Mr. M. Marcus Kiley, hoping that they will carry to the fullest extent its bequests and donations. To Maior Adams and the taculty we give our sincere thanl4s tor their unseltish guidance and help. To our class advisers, Miss Miriam Allen and Mr. Hawley Aileen, and to our class auditor, Mr. M. Edmond Maynard, we leave our deep appreciation for their untail- ing good-sportsmanship and leadership. To Miss Edna G. Marston we leave our deepest thanl4s lor all she has done lor us, both as friend and adviser. To the classes following us we leave the reputation ol being a class which was clever, brilliant, and hard-worlcing l. Don Phillips leaves his executive ability to Doug Hannah. ll Lamson Woodworth leaves a bottle oi triethylanalomine to George Pepin tor use as an emulsitying agent to prevent coagula- tion. lll. Alice Weznialc and Eva Votze leave their knitting needles to Richard Dul:resne. lV. Robert Breclc leaves his dignified way of "raising the root" to "Truck" Bernard. V. Ed Curran leaves his humor to the 1940 Tech Tiger Qthat's one trouble with iti. Vl. Dave Dillman leaves his "Oscar" to the Academy ot Motion Picture Arts and Sciences lor presentation to our own Alice Kittenger. Vll. james Flanagan leaves that enivable'? strut to l'ech's next drum maior. Vlll. Yegishe jamgochian and Genevieve Szczygiel leave their names to anyone in- terested in cryptography. IX. Mariorie Goodnow, Betty Gourley, and Rose Horne ol the Tech Wolverine Club leave the school a saler place lor innocent boys. X. Walter ulzrenchiei' Vachon leaves his vocabulary to Emile Biscaldi. Xl. Dot Patsreclc leaves the "dirtH from the Gossip Column to the Student Council lor its window boxes. Xll. Dorothy Barrus, Niclc Motlowitz, and Ray Cuzzone, alias "Honor Roll Mono- polizersu, leave their mental abilities to Peter Siciliano to get him out oi Tech as soon as he is too old to play football. Xlll. Dayton Kittridge leaves his new boolc entitled "Ways and Means lor Promoting the General Welfare ol Persons interested in Sleeping During a Class" to any brave soul who wishes to have forty winlcs in one oi Mr. Ail4en's physics classes. XlV. Tom "l'm a lciller-diller - Yes l am" Buclcley leaves the girls brolcen-hearted. XV. Barbara Redfield and Sophie Strze- lecl4i leave their rhythm to anyone who as- pires to do the "Harlem" in that certain manner. XVl. George Delivorias leaves his bottle ol inlc eradicator tor anyone else who has some inexplainable tardy marlcs on his report card. XVII. Carl Hedin and led Austin leave their ping pong games at Hi-Y to anyone with enough "pep" to talce them over. XVIII. Paul Phinney leaves for a summer vacation. XIX. Lauretta Guilbert leaves her height to Betty "Tarzan" Fernald. l fXA 575377. XX. Ed Merz leaves - what more can you ask for? XXI. "0llie" Nyman and "Norm" Black leave their basketball prowess to "Chief, to be used in emergencies. XXII. Franklin Clark bequeaths his ico- sahedron to Mr. Woodworth's future Solid Geometry classes. XXIII. Kay Stagnaro and Victoria Samay reluctantly leave their "Goons' Club" to Betty Betters. XXIV. George Fisk, Albert Winkler, and Harvey Billings leave Forum and Comitia very distraught indeed. XXV. Mary Campbell and Margaret Clemmer hand down their reputations for being two of Tech's best groomed girls. XXVI. Martel Berge and a host of others cannot bear to leave their bow-ties. XXVII. Elmer Swanson leaves Scandinavia in a dreadful predicament. XXVIII. ,loan De Barge leaves her title of "Best Girl Athlete" to Roxie Assarian. XXIX. Gordon Brady, Sidney Law, and Bradford Riga, those sensational scientist- mathematicians, leave their sure-fire formula for trisecting an angle or was it for vivisecting an animal? XXX. Marion Bell, Gloria Higgins, and Fred Rothery Ieave their ability to get votes to some unlucky politician. XXXI. The "oomph" girls of Tech: Winnie Meister, Nancy DuMond, and Miriam Mar- quardt, leave their recipe of how to win friends and influence people to those who need it. XXXII. Fred DeBell, that chess wizard, leaves his post after being one of Tech Hi-Y's best presidents. XXXIII. Betty Bohner, Barbara Marsh, and June Birchard leave their giggles as sound effects to make the freshmen feel at home. XXXIV. Carlo Montroi, alias "Bulldog" alias "Curly" alias "Pres", leaves his frail fuselage to the incoming freshman, who are getting smaller and smaller. XXXV. Dot Hatch and Bette Albro leave their sedate and quiet manners to George "Casper Milquetoastn Karpovitch, better known as the "Timid Soul." XXXVI. George Ferarrese, our ace journalist, leaves his fine collection of photo- graphs of Mrs. Ralph W. Ellis, Jr. to "Pop" in case he's interested. XXXVII. jane Wedolowski leaves a fine record as business manager of the Tech News. XXXVIII. Warren Morgan and Sidney Ziff leave their instructions on "How to Dress the Hair in the Latest Paris Style" to the school library. XXXIX. Gertrude Wieland, better known as "Peroxide Gert", leaves her bottle of H2 O2 to Betty Whitman. XL. Mary Rodolakis leaves that ever- present mirror long enough to say that we are inebriated with the verbosity of our own Ioquaciousness. Xl.l. Robert Averill and Frances Benoit leave the red of their hair to the Nisimaha Club as a possible color should they be in- spired to paint another room. XLII. We, the members of the Class Will fommittee, leave by the back door for self- preservation. On this eleventh day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty, we, the representatives of the Class of June, 1940, set our hands and seals in testi- mony of the above, declaring it to be the last will of the aforementioned class. Signed, Gertrude Wieland Martel Berge George Ferarrese George Fisk l Witnesses: I Lauretta Guilbert Albert Winkler Elizabeth Gourley PROPHECY OF THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1940 High on a lonely mountain crag, l, lone survivor of a lost civilization, stood watching the magnificent grandeur stretched before me, far as eye could see, yet it gave me no thrill of pride in its ownership, only a melancholy appreciation of its vast beauty. Memory of those l had lost so long ago returned to me more clearly than usual. My mind busied itself with the past. l thought of the war which broke out in 1939 and had become world wide by 1950, by 1958, that which had been prophesied for so long had come to pass: civilization had perished, pestilence and starvation strode abroad. Having forseen all this, l left the haunts of manlcind, strilcing out into the wilderness, where, surviving through tremendous odds, l managed to provide an existence for myself. Deep in meditation, l loolced up, something caught my eye. "A plane? A bird? f- lt's Supermanln l shouted. "Somebody else is alivel" He alighted, it was ' Carlo Montoril "Bulldog, what are you doing here? l thought that l was the only living man left." "Not by a long sight, come on and l'll show you sornethingf' Grabbing me, he sprang off through the air. ln the twinlcling of an eye, the breathtalcing beauty of a dream city stretched before us. "What is this?" l aasoed. d C l 'Ms Techlandia the homeland of your classmates of the class of june, "This," sai ar o, i , 1940. We were the only ones with the stamina to survive, naturally, we managed to ' h -civilization. group together and that gave us the idea that now we could start t e super Somehow, we missed you.'l On our inspection tour of the outer walls, we met George Fislc, chief engineer, and a corps of men including Vincent Catelotti, Harvey Billings, and Nelson Dahdah talcing turns gazing with deep concentration through a transit at lgot liastrecli, Connie Bray, and Dorothy Ellsworth who lust happened to be talcing a strol in t e suns ine. Not wishing to be seen with a long beard and dressed in the sl4ins of wild animals, l had Carlo talce me to a huge department store down the street, owned by Sammy Rindge, where Nancy Dumond groomed us for appearance in lechlandia and regaled us with its latest gossip, "Betty Bohner and Robert Croft were living together in a penthouse, Bob Breclc was seen with a girl not long before - etc., etcfl Feeling gloriously fit in the latest 1970 togs, we hurried out for further inspection of the city, and to find more old friends. ln the school, we were interested to see Prof. Merz and his assistant Miriam Marquardt demonstrate to an assembly how he had slowed down light so that he could turn around in front of a mirror and see what he loolced lilce from behind. Barbara Marsh expounded the attributes of infinity in another room. And finally, we heard Dave Dillman vehemently lecturing to a gaping class on "Why l Wish l Weren't Here" or "Whats Wrong With The World." ln the corridor, Franlclin Clark grabbed a poor little freshie and dragged him into the office for loolcing at him and saying "Baal . I . ll 1 dl, Carlo toolc me into the governing chamber where Paul Phinney reigned or raine as l4 A h t' Elmer Swanson was water boy and l.auretta Guilbert did most of the wor . tt e ime, tallcing, apparently to himself, as nobody seemed to be listening. Outside in the streets again, Prof. Riga and Dr. DeBell emerged from the Woodworth Laboratories arguing about three missing electrons. They were promptly subdued by sergeants Reigel and Straight. Feeling hungry, we went into "Votze's Vestibulen where a piece of croclcery, thrown at "Pinky" Webster by Mary Campbell from the lcitchen, hit me. ln the corner, Asa Snyder happily manipulated Ronnie Waters Super Doughnut Dunlring Derriclc. The soup was brought in by Karl Esche, Carlo immediately found a fly in it put there on purpose by Lee Allen, George Ferrarese the head waiter was called for. He of course did nothing about it. While eating, we listened to the soothing music of Kip Broolcs and the boys. A sour trumpet made me loolc up in time to see Ha Id h ' ' ' ' ro Jo nson wrrnlcling hrs nose, and Ervme Johnston laughing from behind the tuba. Everywhere on the streets, clothes designed by Carl Hedin were evident. We saw Winnie Meister wearing a beautiful fur grown on her own farm, Margaret Clemmer, wearing a beautiful glass creation, ran by to catch a slcy bus. Off in an obscure corner, l saw three efficient loolcing women scratching their collective heads over something. Carlo said that they were Alice Weznialc, Fran Benoit, and Marion Bell, who were trying to set up a decent calendar. We toolc a loolc into station WOW, where of course th f' A . - . e irst person we saw was led ustrn. Sid Ziff elevated us to the studios where Don Phillips was campaigning forthe garbage collectorship,- he had made a good beginning already. ln the control room, Albert Winlcler was gleefully pulling levers and pushing buttons. "Now", said Carlo, "l will show you something that is something." We went down through old air-raid shelters, subways, etc., into a vault where Sid Law, Warren Morgan, and John Flynn stood reverently around a contraption. "These fellows invented that to help Gert Wieland in her mathematics, it gives answers in three seconds and in F' d'ff l ' ive i erent anguages and is always correct, yet Kay Staginaro aslced one it couldn't answer, she innocentl d d h ' y won ere w at the formula for a peroxide blonde was. Our tour was about over. Wandering out of the city, on a very deserted road we saw a battered old Ford coupe with Gloria Hi ' Al ggrns, ice Christianson, Arlene Burgess, and Barbrira Redfijlg iriside, and Fred Rothery outside underneath at " s ' " , ai ar o, is one of the most valued possessions of Techlandial lt's our only linlc with the good old days." A roar caught our ear, we turned to see a roclcet ship piloted by "Desperate" Desmond ciisappear into space, and we wondered in what new ld h wor s t e ever advancing banner of t e class of June, 1940 would be planted. Gordon Brady Francis Benoit Winifred Meister David Dillman Edmund Merz Lamson Woodworth l.wm'W:'m,5" k,aA.,,,.i ,Qu-...,,v J a fm. W.. 3 S . f Q r I . ,, .,,,.mf-hw ggi. ,J DRAWING IN 315 Feeling fresh and energetic, I enter Room 315 for mechanical drawing. SystematicaIIy I get my drawing set and envelope. QuickIy and quietIy I proceed down the orderly rows of desks to my reguIar seat, and put my drawing-board and tee-square on the desk. Ar the same time about Iorty other boys are doing the same thing, with a pIeasant and moderate amount of commotion. My drawing is tacked down true to the tee-square. Our work consists of drawing a quick- opening vise, making different views of it, and dimensioning it I now settle down to work with my sharp, hard Iead pencil Meanwhile the instructor rs going around helping us There are times when we are so intent upon our Individual prorects we couId hear a pin drop rn the room Our ideal rs to handle our small tools skrIIIuIIy, and make fine cIear Irnes and neat proIessronaI drawings In no time the instructor says, Better put away your things now boys, and I reIuctantIy stop drawing Nicholas Deprnto r Q0 QxX""7W'f' 'ff , up-1 len-vw T 9 .i, 32 E fl Q S 1 I . v ff ,K wa-!"' 9,13 ,,r,tff, J ff' , fa' 12' DRESS DESIGN Dress designing is one ol the most fascinating subiects that l have ever had. We do a little pencil slcetching, but l enioy most the part of the course where we worlc out our ideas on manne- quins. These mannequins are about twenty-eight inches toll and have detachable arms. The materials we use range from soft velvet to stitt crepe paper. Sometimes we cut the material to Fit the model, sometimes we drape the material and then pin it into position. Once we made a complete slcating costume out of crepe paper supplemented by a pair of soclcs. It s fun to plan a wardrobe for one ol these mannequins in fact it is lust lilce playing with dolls but in a more grown up fashion Dolores Mediavelli 314 PX-Wax 'QsX ff PATTERN MAKING As you enter any of the pattern malcing rooms, you will smell the pungent odor of wood. Another odor will be that of melting beeswax, which is used to Fill cracks and malce smooth, round corners in the finished patterns. First l talce you to the lathes used in the shop, they are the best in the school, and are con- trolled by pushing a button. Next we tal4e in the various saws: the band saw used lor cutting out rough circular pieces of wood and, next in line, the iig saw, used for Finishing circular worlc. There is little need ol enumerating the manual tools such as the hand saw, hand plane, steel square and the all important gauge The prolects all practical are the wrench wheel braclcet piston rod and the large cast iron nut Before shorter periods were instituted here at Technical even propellers were made a extremely fussy 'ob Arthur Boucher 113 xx lgcx f so N if f f . . I . . I I . I I l I -In n wal ' li 'JJQ'!l ifxy XA 111 1 fb 1 5 3' . ,Q MACHINE SHOP The bell rings for the next period, and I turn eagerly towards the machine shop. The smell of grease and machine oil grows more pronounced as I approach this room. The vacant quiet of the shop is brolcen by the crash of wooden loclcers, and a iumble of sound fills the room as the material is set in the machines. The worlc begins with the deep rumble of powerful motors. The sharp clinlc of wrenches on tool posts is followed by the whir of cutting steel. Flashing lights play from the delicate threads of steel and the satin-smooth surface as the tool moves along its carriage. The shining wheels and the burnished Icnobs turn rapidly under the eager hands of the boys. The orderly noise of our individual worlc blends with the sound of meshed gears and the claclcing of leather belting. A deafening silence rolls over the shop as the power is shut off. The eager discussion of the day's worlc is interrupted by the bell, and the period closes. Warren Chapin, 111 RUNNING A LATHE Upon my arrival in the machine shop, I run to my loclcer, unloclc it, talce out necessary im- plements, and run to three or four other places for tools. In the matter of two minutes I am ready for worlc. I can assure you this talces plenty of practice plus system. The different operations practiced on a lathe are as follows: thread cutting, cutting with or without baclc-gears, finishing, drilling, boring, reaming, taper cutting, shaping on a chuclc, and several others I am sure I don't lcnow about. Ar present, I am cutting with baclc-gears. This is a slow tedious iob, so I lean baclc on a nearby machine and listen to the slapping of belts, squealcing of pulleys, lathes, and gears, and the singing ofa happy boy struggling to be heard above the natural noise ofthe shop, a taslc I hope he won't accomplish. Abruptly the motors are stopped, and we are notified that it's time to clean up. This consists of brushing our machines spiclc and span and reversing the order of steps upon entrance. This, through a great deal of practice, can also be done in two or three minutes. George Slcowera, Machine Shop 11 fw' vv-seagfa.r1wvma..w,...,,..- N-Q..-an-,Q A, ff-m.-M-,.,f - ,,,,,,,,, I i af' 1 'R i'i mv New ' ,A f f , gygf f ,eevgfs-fm, 3' 1? 4' V' ML-f1,4 'f "HMT . ef3 f'1a.4g , - 1-V QTL , I -1, u ' -:Ay + 1 ru CHEMISTRY 3 Chemistry, fascinating, mystifying, intriguing. Precipitates, solutions, suspensions, all part of Chemistry 3. This course in chemistry is entirely different from previous courses, having as its basis laboratory worlc, whereas the other courses specialized in classroom worlc. In Chemistry 3 the student studies several substances, learns their properties and tests, and is then given a solu- tion containing one or more of the above-mentioned compounds. He is then on his own, and he must learn the identity of his solution. This is where a student shows his ability. IF he has studied and learned previous lessons, he will have little difficulty solving his problem, but if he is unprepared he will encounter extreme difficulty. Franlc Paige, Lab. 308 A CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENT As you come to Room 307 you can tell by your senses that this is a chemistry laboratory You can hear the murmur of voices and the clinlcrng of test tubes and smell the bunsen burners as everybody prepares for the experiment on oxygen There are many ways to malce oxygen One of them is to put a mixture of manganese dioxide and potassium chlorate in a test tube and heat it A gas is then formed To prove this is oxygen we put in a glowing splint II this flares we have proof that the gas is oxygen There is nothing especially difficult about this experiment anybody can do it The experiment is so interesting that the bell for the next period surprises us Robert McGee, 307 1 mix Vx -,x ' It fflf, It I 1' ix lgcx fyf f MUTE Thdh the DGY.S WOTIK C Robert Royce realizing that Technical should have a turntable to malce its public address system complete, borrowed one from the High School of Commerce and gave a private demonstration to Maior Adams, Mr. Kiley, and Miss Bell. They then helped him and joseph McMorrow to arouse school interest and secure contributions for the purchase of a turntable of our own. Royce and john Donoghue are now the official operators of the school's public address system. An Artist Miss Roy had a one-woman show ot lithograph crayon drawings during March in the Art Room of the City Library. The City Library Bulletin said, "Miss Roy is a serious and thoughtful artist in oil, water color, and blaclc and white drawing." Maior Adams is a director ot the Springfield Cooperative Bank and also is a chairman of the Board of Trustees of the G. A. R. Memorial Building. A Student Scientist John R. Fleming was presented the Bausch and Lomb Science Medal in January. A Textbook Writer Miss Swenson has been revising the textbook of which she is co-author, "The Family and its Relationships." Mr. Woodworth sings regularly in the Hope Church Choir and also is a member of the MacDowell Male Choir. He is secretary ot the latter. A Club President 5 Mr. Kiley is president ot the Kiwanis Club. Miss Bell had the honor ot spealcing to the Division ot Motion Pictures ot the Connecticut State Teachers Convention in the Fall. W' . o K"'7 Mr. Spence had four articles in the "American Machinist" this past year. When his family wants any luxury, he writes an article. A motorboat and a cottage at the Cape have been purchased this way. Miss Rhoda B. Allen had an article describing a transparent house and sets of small-scale furniture that she has built to help her students who cannot draw, to visualize problems in interior decoration, in the "School Arts Magazine" of April. An Officer Mr. Broolcs is secretary of the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers and editor of their quarterly magazine "Report". He is also the author of two textbooks and a set of obiective tests in physics. ln a legal case he was consulted on the analysis of gasoline. A History Student C Lamson Woodworth received in anuary the Washington and Franlclrn history medal presented each semester by the George Washington Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution Another History Student Gordon Brady is the member of the une class receiving the Washington and Franklin Medal presented by the S A R for excellence in United States history A Student of Civics The American Legion History and Citizenship Medal is presented to Warren Chapin Another Student Scientist The Bausch and Lomb Science Medal is awarded to Edmund Merz of the une class An Honor Student Fred DeBell is the une senior to receive the Rensselaer Science and Mathematics Medal - v . r , y I v .. ' T' f K 0 L K Q1 YQ! , , Q eil? V-Yfaf Q Q wh Q v ffl " 1 'A., ,. gg .S , 4, "gQf?2Q 'n 'QT if Y, .K LZ W f 5,4 K -V ?' Y 5236 1941154 22253: 'EA f. ,Ly an ,W RQ Q WM f RTX E . K ,, . ,J 6.14, , N ., Q!-1, "Nfl 5 r Q5 fgg:'!vff,,ffgg!:i,.,,. f vi' ,,3'4:..lf2i-.3 I1 lf 'f V 7, -.W , H Qkiji' "1f2,'w1'y'r,g, ix: 5?1vif',15S1..' :f'3S- 8:1115 4, '.,?.fff' f 4' QV- . . if sie f WMV' 9'7'f1l'9 ,' ff! ? . ,,,,, . 5, ,,,m, W4, , 4 ' "' ff V '5 'ffwfyfh' ' ff fa! :, xg- ' ' ' ' 4'r'zwff,'wQ,y ,jeff . , , 2 Q 'fi v Nr E.. P I , .A--ag. :: , 1 ty-,fp K. ..A ,- .1-. -'.. 1.-1.5.1 :M 'L' """ 234 .. .., :.f ?- x. ., -. :, .i L: V M.-AA x X -I K ' IV ' r 4 . f Bi . .4 . , Eff: 1 'Hr 'gfsv flwa Q X, is' 512 X ,4 If 2 ff XY 1 5, 99 Q if ,N We 1 .Y"KJi5'1J .,f 0 Q S? ,, ,K , N' 1 I f ff' y W Lf 3, 2 1 , pffx, A , 5,134 .. ,gxh ' V XX 9 I 'W55149' '47 - Vf 5' 'gif v "AVF eg ,X W '55 4. wg 4 ,Hag vu 42' M 3 , f 4 y 1 , Q A ' ,gf v ' A Q. ' " ,- ,, X ' 32 ' ur xx!! , Y ef ul", ,f ' 1 N .M K ,,' 1 wwf' x 15 Q1 .4 , .- ...,...,- -' .- ff If Xf51azf,,,?.L"-'1 3 x x .Q ' ' It X H , ev , e ! 5 Q' I 3 4 'I 'I , 3 1 r x Jig 3 Q .1 gi -,Q mx 5 ' A E tg , ' k ' .qi 1 Aff ,wif 1 1 H 1 5 S ' ff X 3' S I 6 7 ! 3 3 "' QS Q iz 4 X 53 K3 -. .3 9 S Q A . l . J ,: Q. Ji w f 'IP vmzvpel - .1f.'QfE.+i1.f3 ' S3'C.f: .' .- . ,gg . -1- p ....... Q ,,. .c, mfg., V h x i ,x. f ..fs2:1Qf:-v- . -. .,:x-':'3'w"X ,. v -:1 War , 'Q . 'ff' 35573: eqiw ,jjj N ve Z Qs 3 X ff, 5 ,1 M X . 'Sig X A x ,R x?xf I' l is gf, AN' QA , XYZ -. ' nr I" 3 ' I ' 'x 1 Q ra 1 j' ,,,, K ,z K 1, .N lp , f, 1, V 4153 iQiAl:'f'.fs,I' , 'I ,, ,fm .Q '.a"E:i'f , , , I, 1 V 1 'WEN 'twig vhef 'w FTr 4 Z ' X, H ff-1 :mi Z4 fgq-,AQHY sw. f 4253 gala XSXQQQN , X 'IN-W 1 N?-was-sv? ,m i5fs'i'zx9 ggwx mu g rv-F' "-5' . LW4 Af I XX Qg QxXffY'X'f,fff" I f I I I I I I I I I I x ,V ' ' ,I , .V X WM M X FRf'!sX -A Q N-Q c X4Q+,Q nf J ffzffff dy' ff Afbffl N M559 'Q I 'L li but 1.4 f ' - pf x , V, ff J 1' I 0' X k' ' 'I X 17 0 ' A x 'Y 37 Q -D xl"11C'L-Af f' 5 fq f 'z Af Q 1 j' JJ 2 Q, - 'f I' 'LZ f 1 "k, vi V Q . 1 w ,aff . 47 1 J STUDENT COUNCIL Seated at Table - Cleft to rightl - Lamson Woodworth, Treasurer, Carlo Montori, President, Theodore Austin, Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Vice-president, Elmer Swanson, Sergeant-at-arms. Barbara Thomas, Jaacqueline l-lebut, Marion Kiefer, Betty Bohner, joyce l-lathaway, June Page. Barbara Gordon, Ralph Bellows, l-larry McGill, Donald Parmenter, Warren Morgan, Marion Bell, Donald Phillips, Fred Pothery, Sid Ziff, Arthur Frappier, Frank Getz, Eddie Pue, Norma Nystrom. Fred Nlammareli, Donald l-lanks, Ray Nystrom, Fred Burt, Walter Eiegal, Paul Phinney, Sid Law, Lindsey Chilson, joseph Pezzani, Norman Dupuis, George Makrianis, George l-larrington. Lawrence Peterson, Kenneth Jenks, Edward Baldwin, George Ferrarese, Robert Breck, Albert Winkler, Edmund Merz, Bradford Riga, l-larry Danos, Ted Pappadakis, Charles Greenwood. . . . meets every Tuesday morning . . . works for student equality, cooperation between school and student body, and school spirit . . .started a building beautification project . . . discussed this at a dem- onstration meeting before the P.T.A. in the early Winter. . .as a result the P.T.A. gave the school a large Christmas tree which the Council placed in the court . . . placed flower boxes on the third floor and around the court . . . helped Mr. Kiley with science assemblies . . . officers: President, Carlo Montori, Vice-president, Elmer Swanson, Secretary, Robert Nathan, Sergeant-at-arms, Douglas Hannah . . . Advisers: Miss Swenson and Mr. Kiley . . . S.. X1' .. STUDENT PATROL Q- Row 1 - Captain, Edward Cleary, Co-Captain, George Straight, Chief, Walter Riegal, Captain, Albert Winlcler, Faculty Adviser, Perry M. Best. Row 2 - Lieutenants, Bernard Fritsch, Warren Chapin, Sidney Law, Paul Phinney, Paul Kervick, Co-Captain, Donald Rogers. Row 3 - David Eaton, Robert Cassidy, Alex Rich, Alfred Grise, Robert Ballard, John Chapin, Edmund Merz. Row 4 - Bruno Pysznilc, Raymond Trombley, Fred Marmerelli, Melvin Raichelson, Robert Reeves, Nathaniel Ryland, Ernest Jameson, Lawrence Goodwin, Carl l-ledin. Row 5 - Raymond Nystrom, Roland Bedard, James Bowler, Richard Westervelt, Willard Wright, Thomas Williams, George Brigham, Edmund Lovett, Fred Blaine, Carl Libbey. Row 6 - William l-layes, Robert Royce, Fred Cordner, Dudley Converse, Richard Duriclc, Heywood Cooper, Bernard Weitzman, David Patterson, l-larold Ellcas, Ernest Gagnier, Stephan Litrides, Raymond l-lathaway, Carl Seibert, Not present-Captain Robert Nathan, Leonard lsabelle, Bernard Tarangeau, Ransom, William l-layes, Mitchell Kilulc, Richard Holmes, john Motherway, Robert Frost. . . . maintains order in the school . . . Mr. Best adviser . . . visits to Moore Drop Forge, Strathmore Paper Co., United Envelope Co., and Continental Balcing Co .... members of the squad were not too good at roller slcating party early in the year. . . invited Commerce Girls' Patrol and Technical StudentCouncil to a spring dance . . .a chart and six traffic boards in Mr. Best's room give names of boys, their badge numbers, and posts all through the day . . . Chief Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. Officers First Semester William Nordstrom Traffic Walter Riegol Lunchroom ohn Fleming Corridor Guard obert Nathan Assembly Robert Foster X, X -. xxx f"f"5'Nt ,f ,V Cfficers Second Semester Walter Riegal Albert Winlcler George Straight and Donald Rogers Robert Nathan Edward Cleary f Row f El TECH News Cleft to right, - Melvin Raichelson, William Ledger, Robert Nathan, Victoria Samay, .lane Wedolowski, George Ferrarese, Sophie Strzelecki, Camelia Testa, Richard Fanning, Richard DuFresne, Richard Preston. Row Fred Rothery, George Fisk, Lamson Woodworth, Robert Frost, Roland Bedard, James Betterly, l-larry Keeny, Robert Reeves, Alex Rich, Stanley Kennerson. Row Betty Meyrick, Marian Case, Mary Finn, Beverly Stanton, Virginia Brackett, Lauretta Geulbert, Gertrude Wieland, Dorothy Pastreck, Kay Stagnaro, Dorothy Ellsworth,Barbara Gordon, Dorothy l-lowland, Eileen Lynch, Mary Rose Lyons, l-lelen Tribulski, Pauline Nordstrom. Row O. L. Duffin, A. l-l. Woodworth, advisers. . . . "Write up that Assembly" . . . "When's the dead-line?" . . . "Three inches lor this one" . . . "Take this copy down" . . . "We make up the paper tonight" . . . "When will the prool be ready?" . . . "Boy did you see the gossip column!" . . . Tech News keeps us informed on what's happening at Tech . . . ranks high among other Western Mass. school publications . . . member ol W.M.L.S.P .... Editorial Stall Adviser Mr. A. l-l. Woodworth, Business Stoll Adviser Mr. O. Dullin . . . lirst semester editors: Editor-in-chief, William Nordstrom, Sports Editor, George Ferrarese, Girls' Sports Editor, Gertrude Wieland, Business Manager, jane Wedolowski . . . second semester: Editor-in-chief, George Ferrarese, Associate Editor, Donald Phillips, Sports Editor, Robert Nathan, other editors the same . . . "' fN"N SENIOR PRO MERITO TECH Row1 Lauretta Guilbert, Gloria l-liggins, Dorothy Barrus, Barbara Marsh, Elizabeth Gourley, Marion Bell. Row Y George Pepin, Fred Marmmarelli, Nicholas Motlowitz, Fred Carlson, Edmund Merz, David Cahill, Carlo Montori. Row 3 Doctor Coclcayne, Stephen Litrides, Albert Opitz, Kenneth Jenks, Roy Robedeau, Henry Dalessio Paul Phinney, Sidney Law. Row4 Joseph Pauliclc, Fredric Rothery, Gordon Brady, Richard Fuller, Lamson Woodworth, Donald Phillips, George Ferrarese. . . . honors high ranlcing students . . . conducts an assembly early in each sem- ester to honor and welcome new freshmen members . . . large per cent ol eighty members offended the state conventions at Easthampton, Oct. 14 and Green- field, May 11 . . . hopes to spread Pro Merito Society beyond the state of Massachusetts . . . Maior Adams gave a fine tallc in the fall on "Making the Most ol Your Opportunities" . . . Tech Junior Pro Merito now has its own pin. . . "ll l'm still in Pro Merito next semester" . . . "Gee, l came close to being out this timen . . . lile is a struggle even lor Pro Merito students . . . Dr. Cockayne and Miss Miriam Allen advisers .... OFFICERS First Semesfef JUNIOR SOCIETY SENIOR SOCIETY President Fred Marmmarelli Donald Phillips Vice-President Beverly Stanton Carlo Montori Secretary Doris Richards Shirley Merry Treasurer Mary Finn X G ri - JUNIOR PRO MERITO L - I i-H3 :JW .. QV: 3 OFFICERS Second Semester President Vice-President Secretary Cleft to rightl- Harold Brown, Virginia Braclcett, Edith Packard, Marylin Knapp, Beverly Stanton, Mary Finn, Doris Richards, Warren Chapin, William Hyland, Bernard Weitzman, Josephine Ciborowslci. Angelina Staltari, Doris Brown, Maureen Tabb, Terry Griffin, Eva Tracy, Helen Kyrialcos, Dorothy Dewar, Barbara Thomas, Barbara Blethen, Agnes Carlson, Beatrice Fecteau, Stephany Irla. Genevieve Hageman, Helen Grabowski, Charlotte Fitzroy, Marian Case, Lila Francis, Pearl Thyregod, Virginia Tangway, Barbara Billings, Nancy McLellan, Alice Dudley, Laura Giordano. Michael Yacovone, Dorothy Boehm, Emily Lolos, Barbara Badger, Norma De Simone, Dorothea Lalferty, Roland Bedard, Zadig Setian, Haig Tashiian. Alexander Rich, George Malcriannis, Nicholas DePinto, Ralph Bellows, Herbert Bon- aclcer, Warren Roberge, Harry King, Lawrence Lockwood, Ben Tongue, Richard Pigeon, C. A. Cockayne. Welton Carrier, Mauro Lacedonia, William Poulos, Kenneth Ross, Heywood Cooper, Douglas Lenkoslci, Wilbur! Johnson, Ned Rice, Alan Preston, George Runquist, Frank Getz, Edward Benoit. JUNIOR SOCIETY SENIOR SOCIETY Warren Chopin Donald Phillips Alice Carlson Gertrude Wieland Nancy McLellan Betty Bohner i L " N 7' ATHENAEUM - l 'Fc fsmjwib .n , 1. i 2 i Q s i if , L. M, Q , it . 3 N P gy , .' ff Q , Af 1 Front Row-Mary Finn, Beverley Stanton, Miss Leta Young, Mary Campbell, Shirley Merry, Margaret Clemmer, Connie Bray, Eleanor l-lofbauer, Geraldine Bergerson, julia Chwalek. Back Row - June Birchard, Gertrude Wieland, Margaret Singleton, Terry Griffin, Meverett Fox, He-Ilen Grabovvslci, Bethalie Cornell, Ruth Anderson, Kathleen Stagnaro, Margaret Jo nson. . . . an average of B in English required for membership . . . poetry the first semesterand plays by Barrie, Galsworthy, and Morley the second . . . programs enriched by Margaret Clemmer's reading and June Birchard's biographical slcetches . . . officers the first semester: Shirley Merry President, Margaret Clemmer Vice-president, Lauretta Guilbert Secretary, Phyllis jones Treasurer . . . initiation of new members in the form ofa party . . . officers the second semester: Margaret Clemmer President, june Birchard Vice-president, Margaret Singleton Secretary, Beverly Stanton Treasurer, Terry Griffin Program Chairman . . . preening itself this year because two presidents have received the Charles F. Warner Achievement Medal: Joyce Kling and Shirley Merry. . .have annual picnic at King Phillip's Stoclcade. . . meets Qnd and 4th Thursday in Club Room . . . Miss Leta Young, adviser. . . X ' .x .f 'fra' Lf",-f"i ssfyf" , X r Wt" - f , L E S A L O N Seated - fleft to rightl - Miss Putter, Miss Monceret, Conrad Boucher, Walter Dembek, Helen Petrou, Eva Tracy, Robert Kernan. Standing - Robert Guertin, Roger Gladden, Rita Walsh, Rene Delvlontigny, Elizabeth Gourley, Kenneth Jenks, Gerald Odentz, Walter Vachon, Alfred Wood, Roland Bedard,Mil- dred Allen, Yvonne Leger, Nicholas Motlowitz, Barbara Thomas, Anne Foisey, Serma Mutulian, Virginia Tangvvay, Ruth Cignoni, Doris Richards, Angelina Staltare. . . . Hparlez-vous francais?" . . . endeavers to create an interest in the French language through conver- sation, singing ol French songs, dramatization and games . . . President, Walter Dembelc, Vice-presi- dent, l"lelen Petrou, Secretary, Eva Tracy, Treasurer, Walter Kernan, Program Chairman, Conrad Boucher . . . advisers Miss Putter and Miss Monceret . . . made a trip to Springfield Art Museum to see the lamous French paintings in the French Room . . . Robert Guertin gave a lecture in French on his trip to Canada and showed views of Canada in the lantern . . . VT GERMAN CLUB E Row Row Row Row 1- Marian Case, Alexander Rich. 21 hh lyllfl l ' CV i, 3 - George Deorrw Fred De Bell, Carl l-ledrn 4-Alber xJOl'Z lv ' X 'fx Al ert rnkle D rd Qansorr Edmund Merz, tm V Newha Wie geht S7 German Club fDeutscher Vereinl under Mr. Newhall's advrsorshrp with Edmund Merz at the helm, Henry Taylor ready to talce it, Barbara Redfield writing down the twistings and turnings of the course, and Alec Rich collecting dues and paying customs taxes . . . German stamps were dis- played in the fo castle. . . every first and third Thursday, the club sails to Ger- many and baclc . , . members get a thorough foundation in colloquial German . . . "Du bist ein Esellm . . . had a Christmas party and Final party also . . . . "Aufwiedersehen". . .. . coMirrA - FoRuM COMITIA -fseoted at leftl- glohn Evans paul l-lenrv, Dr, Cockavne Cstandingl Leo Lrberman, l-larvev Billings, Mr, vlones. FORUM -fseoted ot rightj- Albert NfVinl4Ier, Lindsay Chilson, Edmund Merz George Fisk fstczndingl Donald Moore Alan Davidson Robert lolman Comitia . . .seven boys learning debating and other forms of public speaking . . . annual debate with Forum . . .on proposition: Resolved, That the several states of the United States should adopt a system of socialized medicine . . . demonstration debate before P.T.A. in October . . . Harvey Billings, President, David Rich, Secretary-treasurer. Forum . . . "Nlr. Chairman, gentlemen, and members of Comitiali' . , . 10 boys studying debating, after-dinner speaking, and other forms of public address. . ,practice debate with Comitia . . . Resolved: -That the arms embargo section of the present neutrality act should be repealed in favor of the "cash and carry" plan . . .demonstration debate with Comitia for P.T,A. in the Fall . . .annual banquet. . . "ls my tie on straight?" . . . "my opponent has stated that" . . . "but this is true and furthermore" . . . "l rise to a point of order!" . . . Officers the first se- mester: Albert Winkler, President, George Fislc, Vice-president, Richard Duriclc Secretary- treasurer, Donald Moore, Historian, Allan Davidson, Sergeant-at-arms. . . Officers the second semester the same except for Robert Tolman, Sergeant-at-arms .... i-ii-Y SENIOR CHAPTER l i sf- L - A 1 A ,Q Row Row Row Row Row 1 Q- 3- 41 5... X ,john Berg, Thomas Olson, Leland Allen, Harvey Billings, Robert Nathan, Paul Phinney, Edmund Merz, Robert Leikin, Frederick Baldwin, Robert Monroe, Robert Foster, Arthur Grenier, Henry Taylor. Fred DeBell, Franklyn Clark, Howard Mendon, Richard Lewis, Theodore Austin, Edmund Lovett, Carl Hedin, Frederick Leach, Carl Nystrom, Harold johnson, Richard Barth, Leonard Isabelle, Robert Paine, Philip Roy, John Fleming, Wilfred Plouffe. ,john Flynn, William Nordstrom, "Pop" Ellis, William Mansfield, George Fish, Gordon Brady, Lamson Woodworth, Fredric Rothery, George Ferrarase, Elmer Swanson, Robert Torrey, Albert Winkler, Richard Strange, Robert Reynolds, Raul Whittemore, Richard Pomeroy, Harry Michaelian, Robert White, Paul Kervich, Paul Ahlberg, Walter Riegal, Raymond Cuzzone. James McDonald, lrving Johnston, Bernard Tourangeau, Bernard Fritsch Donald Moore, David Dillman, Donald Phillips, Robert Breck, Robert Hallam, Carlo Nlontori, Bradford Riga, Sidney Law. Ronald Stanton, Robert Laing. . . . meets Thursdays at the Y . . . supper at 6 p.m .... speakers at 6:30 . . . purpose "To create, main- tain, and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character." . . . advisers "Pop" Ellis and Mr. Oliver . . . officers for first semester: William Nordstrom, President, Fred DeBell, Vice-president, Fred Rothery, Secretary, Robert Paine, Treasurer, Albert Winkler, Assistant- treasurer, Robert Foster, Sergeant-at-arms . . officers for second semester: Fred DeBell, President, Carlo Montori, Vice-president, Theodore Austin, Secretary, Albert Winkler, Treasurer, Douglas Hannah, Assistant-treasurer, Paul Phinney, Sergeant-at-arms . . . Lively discussion group each week . . . Father- and-son suppers . . . Mqther-and-son suppers . . . Co-ed nights, swimming, dancing, and games . . . Faculty nights . . . talk and color slides of Western trip by club member Lamson Woodworth . . . trip to Worcester Hi-Y Club . . . Christmas breakfast. . . Easter breakfast . . . host to Hampden and Hampshire County Hi-Y conference . . . sponsored assembly at which Mr. Alton Hall Blackington showed his movies of the Great Hurricane and of New England .... - I Y X K l .--uf' Xl , - fx -0 , A W - W Hi'Y knior Chapter Row 1 -Warren Chapin, Lindsey Chilson, VVilliam Hyland, Ralph Bellows, William McClench, Carl Libby, Verne Ellison, Richard Durick. Row 2 - Perry Smith, Gordon Mulvery, Richard Llpson, Alden Whyte, Fred Carlson, Ray Nystrom: Kenneth Jenks, Richard Clarke, Dudley Converse. Row 3 - Raymond Warner, Robert Hughes, Robert Shaw, Stanley Qsgood, Perry Smith, Matthew Arnold, Joseph Pauliclc, James Bowler, Frank Page, John Talmadge, Fred Cordner, Mr. Hewitt, Bill Best. Row 4-William Kattler, Raymond Racicot, Wadsworth Stone, George Krohne, Douglas Hannah John Garen, Joe Merton, Thomas Curto, Alfred Grise. . . . for Hi-Y members in the eleventh grade. . .adviser Mr. Hewitt. . . officers for the first semester: Lindsay Chilson, President, William Hyland, Vice-presi- dent, Warren Chapin, Secretary, Ralph Bellows, Treasurer, William Mcclench, Assistant Treasurer, . . . second semester: Ralph Bellows, President, William Hyland, Vice-president, Warren Chapin, Secretary, Richard Duriclc, Treasurer, Carl Libby, Assistant Treasurer . . . spealcers on city government, Mayor Putnam and Chief Root of the Fire Department. . . trip to the fire department . . . dance, the "Cherry Chop" . . . spealcers on sports, Mr. Rennoclc and Mr. Hitchcoclc of Springfield College, "Chief" Walmer and Mr. Burr . . . ioined with senior chapter on Mother-and-son, Father-and-son, and Co-ed nights .... TORCH CLUB V Seated - john Martin, Eugene Angers, Richard Hamilton. Standing-Donald Pollard, Wilbur Cayer, Franlc Getz, Donald Foster, Nelson l-libbard, Mr, Mackenzie, Alan Roy, john Kamoorian, Wesson Miller, Robert Gougeon. . . . meets Fridays at 5:30 at the Y. Nl. C. A .... purpose: to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community the Christian way ol living . . . to freshmen what Hi-Y is to upper-classmen . .. officers the first semester Don Parmenter, President, Heywood Cooper, Vice-president, Howard Vin- cent, Secretary-treasurer . . . second semester Eugene Angers, President, John Martin, Vice-president, Richard Hamilton, Secretary-treasurer . . . talks by Mr. Lyman about his year in Hawaii, and by Rev. John Horn about Christian character. . .movies ol Sweden . . . Parents' night . . . trip to United Electric Light Co .... Co-ed night . . .ML Mackenzie adviser. . . N T 5 5 NISIMAHA f l Center Front - Kay Stagnaro. Left Side - Geraldine Racicot, Charlotte Fitzroy, Marion Case, Lauretta Guilbert, Marian Andrews, Yvonne Leger. Right Side-Evangeline Votze, Bette Albro, June Birchard, Rita Walsh, Eva Tracy, Lois Chick. Base of Triangle - Gloria Guerra, Gertrude Wieland, Mildred Allen, Meverette Fox, Nancy Bull. In Center of Triangle - Gertrude Ouellette, Frances Benoit, Dorothy l-latch, Alice Wezniak, Winitred Meister, Julia Chwalek. . . . about thirty girls meet Wednesdays in 218, the school clubroom . . . purpose to Follow code of Girl Reserves of the Y.W.C.A., which is to develop leadership among girls, find some cause to help, and to become better acquainted through social activities . . . Mrs. Thomas R. Smith of Y.W.C.A. adviser . . . officers iirst semester: president, Phyllis jones, Gertrude Wieland, vice-president, Kay Stagnaro, secretary, Julia Chevalelq treasurer, Alice Weznial4, program, Kay Kenney, publicity, and Frances Benoit, l.C.C. representative . . .Miss Miriam Allen spolce on her trip to Tacoma, Washington . . .visited Hampden County Court and heard part of a trial in November . . . gave a penny luncheon for teachers, to build up treasury near beginning of the semester . . . held roller slcating party at Rialto Rinlc in Novem- ber . . . had reception to new members . . . ollicers second semester: Kay Stagnaro, president, Winilred Meister, vice-president, Gertrude Wieland, secretary, julia Chevalelc, treasurer, Alice Weznialc, pro- gram, June Birchard, publicity, Charlotte Fitzroy, l.C.C. representative . . . had a personally conducted tour through Springfield Hospital in january . . . supper meetings held first Wednesday of each month with Affiliated Nisimaha Club . . . "Who wants a reservation for the supper meeting?" olten heard . . . proiect oi redecorating clubroom started . . . walls Nisimaha blue, furniture to be antiqued, rose-flowered draperies in the malcing, new furniture to be purchased. . . Leap-Year Jive held in February. ' i 9 - - CHESS CLUB '- 2 13 ' "WW 1 '4w1?f 1 '- fi 1-5, ' fy' . , , 45,14 -A-,rg .' 5 7 2 .A?e'?.tY-J. N JJ, 1 3 i. , ngw ,....,,. 1 e 4' ss. - . .. 5 Z Q flag! f l at 154.15 run-v-"ci .r ' .1 XN. K 4-sqm Standing - Edmund Merz, Mr, Nevyhall, Paul phinney, Donald phillips, Albert Qpitz. Row 1 - George Pepin, Roland Bedard, Kenneth McCloud, Alex Rich. Row 2 - l2aymond Racicot, Richard pigeon, Raymond Qemillard, David Goldberg. Row 3 - joe Keller, Fred De Bell, . . . twenty boys meeting every Monday in Room 208 . . .studying and playing the ancient game of chess . . . sent members to Springfield Chess Tourney . . . play frequent bouts with the Classical Chess Club . . . sometimes winning . . . sometimes losing . . . "What do l do now?" . . . "Check" . . . "Checlcmate" . .. adviser, Mr. Newhall . . . President, Paul Phinney, Vice-president, john Bielan- sl4i,- Secretary-treasurer, Donald Phillips .... 'W a s- Ziigi .-1 5 C STAMP CLUB S C Seated -Ueft to rightl- Carl t-ledin, lreosurer, Alfred Koenig, Secretary, Edwin Lange, Vice-president, Lindsay Chilson, President. Standing -Cleft to rightl- Raymond Trombly, Bruno Pysznilc, Mr. Hewitt, Miss A. Young, Miss Greenwood, Miss f-lowlrins, Mrs. l-lowes, Mr. Brooks, Mr, Clancy, Adviser, Richard Levvis, William Kottler, Bernard Fritsch. Not Present- Robert Wright, Dick Peck, Eugene Angers, Mr. Marsh. Buai9'fw,fg.9w -- J-an cf 241Q37 .9 iIhr1,,,Hi Jliilclub . . . stimulates interest in stamp collecting as a hobby . . . made a trip to the post office . . . members receive first day covers free . . . Mr. Atherton spolce Army to club about "Types of Stamp Collecting" . . . fourteen members . . . Carl Hedin the most ardent . . . his fine collection also an asset . . . happy to have so many faculty members . . . Mr. Hewitt spolce on HN. S. Watermarlcsu . . . much tall: of "First days," "blocks and singles," "packets" . . . meets each Monday afternoon in 304. . . had an exhibit at Fall P.T.A. meeting . . . honorary faculty members entertained the club at a party the same afternoon that Mr. Atherton Spolce .... ii' he e e sf- TZE MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB Fifi O Row 1 Row 2 X fcenter frontj - Jean Baillieul, Gerard Benoit, Ned Rice, Foster, Ray Hathaway, Alan Preston, Heywood Cooper, Henry Faust, Evelyn Merchant. Clarence Deso, Joseph Delaney, Ronald Le Reau, Frank Byrnes, Richard Lucas, Mr, Bushey, Walter Anderson, Phil Zuidema, Richard Ellsworth, Carl Burlingham. . . . meets every Friday afternoon . . . Mr. Bushey advising . . . purpose to learn the fundamentals ol model llying . . . lly planes in East Longmeadow every Saturday . . . fifteen planes powered by 1X5 horsepower motors . . . demonstrated a Few ol these in an assembly . . . models on display in Room118 from time to time . . .twenty members . . . Ray Hathaway, President, Ned Rice, Vice-president, Donald Foster, Secretary . . . had two outside spealfers, Mr. Messenger, who tallced about requirements lor contests, and Mr. Elliot, who told about his experiences with gasoline-driven model airplanes .... or Tx f X , xv' A' "" PM ff' "WV V , ' 1 f E RADio CLUB " 1 1 " Ii.. Left to right- Mr. Richardson, Earl jaycox, Gerry Bergerson, Howard Menden, Steve Latrides Willard Swindlehurst, Dorothy Daunais and Bob Foster QClassicalD, Fred Vincent. . . . HW. l. G. C. R." Ccall letters, . . . meets every Wednesday and Thursday . . . Steven Latrides, Presi- dent, Howard Mendon, Vice-president, William Swindlehurst, Secretary-treasurer . . . "had a pleasant Q. S. O." fconversatianl . . . "this is Q. S. L." fveriticationj. . .Mr. Richardson Adviser . . . building a new "phone" . . . expect to be very well l4nown when it is Finished . . . hope they'll never have to US. O. S." . . . two members are from Classical . . . M? CHEMISTRY CLUB gigs? I' At Table - George Pepin, Lamson Woodworth. Row1 -gohn Flynn, Roy Robideau, Kenneth Jenks, Edmund Merz, red De Bell. Row 2 - Raymond Racicot, Fred Carlson, Robert Ballard, Mr. Lincoln, . . . 11 boys delving into the mysteries of a test tube . . . President, George Pepin, Vice-president, Lamson Woodworth, Sec.-Treas., Kenneth jenlcs . . . unusual collection ot elements on display . . . meets every other Wednesday . . . genial Mr. Lincoln as adviser. . . expects any day now to leave Tech in a pull of smoke and fumes . . . "now let's see, if l mix this with l'lQSO4" . . . "aw, l betcha this'll react with decamethylenedicarboxylic acicln . . . commonest bit of action is the holding of nose and saying "Phew". . . . ff X' cc xxx r ' f - x If A ,lf Scc -I N ,- , - x X, , ,yi , 1 G .1 g MOTION PICTURE APPRECIATION CLUB My i, , sw, in , , v Vx L W iw if' Motion Picture Appreciation Club Before Trinity Methodist Church Child Study Group Tuesday Evening, April 9 Seated - fleft to rightl- Miclcey Rooney, I-larvey Billings, Sidney Law, Rose l-lorne, Joseph McMorrow, Barbara Badger, Charlotte Fitzroy, Mickey Rooney, Mildred Allen, Dorothy Gould, Betty Gray, Lester King. Standing - Richard DuFresne and Officers of Trinity Child Study Group. . . . discussions of the year's outstanding pictures for trueness to life, history, costumes, production, plot, acting values. . .Miss Bell adviser. . .meets Tuesday afternoons in the library . . . Sidney Law, President, Richard DuFresne, Vice-president, Terry Griffin, Secretary, Barbara Badger, Corresponding Secretary . . . responsible for one ofthe most interesting bulletin boards . . . outside meetings at Tatham School, West Sprin field, l'lomer St. and Kensington Avenue P.T.A.'s, Windsor Club, Atalanta Club, Quota Club, and Trinity Church Child Study Group . . . GIRLS' CAMERA CLUB . . . girls' section of the Camera club . . . 7 members learning to use a camera, develop, and print films . . . heard in the darlc room on the third floor "Time s f up" . . . "Hey, turn out those lights" . . . advisers, Miss Bourn and Mr. Howard Reed BOYS CAMERA CLUB over a dozen boys interested in the technique of talcmg and developing pictures visits to photo finishing establishments Tor its protect this year toolc pictures ot pupils at worlc some of these shown rn Mr Kiley s exhibit Donald Frero President William Kattler Vice president Franlc Gotta Secre tary Arvrd Clausan Treasurer THE SKI CLUB a thirty mile ride every Tuesday after school to the Black Panther Run out side ot Huntington delightful swoops frightful spills always come up smr ing split pants bruises and sprarns no grousrng William Vrets President Douglas Hannah Vice president Edmund Merz Secretary treasurer Sid Burr adviser best slcrer William Vrets champion lumper in high and prep school group won downhill trophy of Springfield Slurng Club Siu Heil' DRAMATIC CLUB along needed club at Tech at last organized Virginia Tanguay President Barbara Thomas Vice president Robert Savard Treasurer meets the second and fourth Mon days rn 210 or Library rehearsals held First and third Mondays members entertained whole school at Christmas with Why the Chimes Rang and rn February with Today l am a Gentleman Miss Dorothy Danforth adviser JUNIOR RED CROSS organized this spring meets Thursday afternoon In the Club Room purpose to help the needy and extend friendship among those at Technical plans to send cards to students lcept at home by srclcness lor any length of time cards to those in mourning will visit hospitals to see srclc schoolmates adviser Mr Lynch President Ray mond Allard Secretary Edna Couture Treasurer Rowena Shattuclc nine mem bers visited frequently by Mrs Marion C Hubert secretary ol Springfield Chapter of unror Red Cross x i S 5. 1 fed t , ff' ff' f fkw1e 2 0 4Me B 1 I 1 I 1 I I 1. 1 I 1 l 1 f I - i I - j , . . . . . . . ra I n . . I Ill: ll 1 I 1 K 1 1 I 1 11 ll 1 1 ll ' I I . . . . .. I j I - j , . . . - 1 . I ' 1 ll 1 If 1 I I . 1 ll an . . . I I 1 I l I I l I I 1 I - u I c I s u 1 I l I l - . . . . . I . r - -Q N ' f I X X N XX T N l f ' fl -H 1 I Y sec egyg X X f - I V 4 X . , . , - - . ' -f--C1 ' 9 0 Q A Q 4 9 Q! f. . X1 2 . .4 r 5, ear 1 Q1 .Qt Q. Q.-4 3 -ca VARSITY FOOTBALL A -A Rowi - fleff fo right, - John McCarthy, William Hope, John Fleming, P. Desmond, Qrlando Tranghese, CCapt.D Abair, Franlclin Clarlc, William Buckley, F. Cocchi. Row 2 - Charles Warren, Roland Berard, Emile Biscaldi, Bernard Keleher, John Bigby, Gene Rapineau, William Watts. Row 3 - Walter Novalc, Kenneth Beansolean, Robert Frappier, Qliver- Riclcson, Victor Faharinger, Delbert l.aFountain. Row 4 - garlo Montori, john Murphy, l-loward Keleher, Donald Armitage, Domonic urto. Standing - Walter St. john, lrvin G. Walmer, Robert Zanche. E5'i9 .. 5 is- f c- Q' As I Remember Ir by not o reol test Tech used three lull teoms 41 yord touchdown run by Tom Mccorthy prospects for o good seoson o new opponent eighteen Tech potnts In hrst perrod 85 yord touchdown run by Brll Foley of Hortlord Mcforthy scored on o 65 yord lount one Tech touchdown on sleeper poss ploy o double heoder Tech vs Prttslreld Cothedrol vs Drury vrsrtors scored Frrst olter completrng o Fluke poss never ogorn hod boll rn Tech terrrtory brrllront boclcheld ploy by Tech o new lnterschool scorrng record 18 pornts For Fronlc Clorlc 60 yord touchdown runs by Aborr ond Curto one Tech touchdown on o Keleher to Keleher poss bod lootboll weother rorn ond drrzzle three touchdowns for Aborr rncludmg o 91 yord run twelve points by Nlccorthy onother touchdown on the sleeper poss Trgers outployed For three periods Beovers loclc of reserve strength fotol Tech S reserves Buclcley Montorr ond Rrclcson responsible for fourth quorter vrctory Corthy scored on Stotue of Lrberty ploy one Ponther poss loterol covered 37 yords for o touchdown Tigers drzzy from Purple s possrng ottoclc lnterschool ond Western Moss trtles for Cothedrol opproprrote close for o successful seoson 85 yord touchdown run by Aborr Tronghese s ploce lcrclc provrded extro pornt of morgrn Greenfreld hod one mon teom rn Szymolcowslcr the Greenres Frrst deleot Aborr elected coptorn ofter the gome HX ix X X Mr K If I 4 . . I I .I ' . h I .U ' MC- . . . perfect weother . . . record crowd of 10,000 . . . Cothedrol hod too much Bertelli . . . E X X g . rr ,' rf, ' ff, fr 5 T 'QR' s 'Q V Q' , ' V Q' -V Q' V 1 4 A.: ' 0 e K e 1 D who? t where? When? Prediction Score Palmer Legion Field, Palmer Sept. Q3 Not much in the way of a Tiger victory Tech 33, Palmer O Hartford Public High Pynchon Park Sept. Q9 Nothing l4nown about Hartford. Tech favored Tech 39, Hartford 13 Pittsfield Pynchon Parlc Oct. 7 Should be the toughest yet, but Tech will triumph Tech 14, Pittsfield 7 Classical Pynchon Park Get. 20 Tigers' by twenty points Tech 48, Classical O COIT1m9I'C6 Pynchon Park ct Tech easily Tech 40 Commerce 6 Trade Pynchon Parlc Nov Tech by three touchdowns Tech 13 Trade 6 Cathedral Pynchon Parlc Nov Heads Tech tails Cath Cathedral 19 Tech 7 Greenfield Beacon Field Gfeenfleld O Greenfield striving to stay undefeated has more at stolce Greenfd butclose Tech 1 3 Greenfield 12 O .27 ' , . 3 , .11 , , ' , . , ' -I , N v. 18 ' , ' ' ,l TQ Qu ff 1,91 f ZL' J VOLLEYBALL 'E up iiiiir 'ts uf 3 i x i J sign ' ' V4 QQCHV' J" L KWH H1475 49500 , -6-W 'Wa ta-?'?9 QQLH H150 ' L mfg, gictlafifgx. , 12,511 li 5, M ,H M.,.ass--.JS-.z.a-f--' Left to Right-Melvin Panchelson, Bernard Weitzman, Martel Berge, Captain l2obert Averill, lrranlc Murphy, paul phinney, Andrew Glassanos. ...a lair season . . . won 33 and lost 31 games in Big Eight League . . . Pct. 516 . . . Finished sixth . . . played against best teams in Western Massachusetts includ- ing West Springtielcl "Y", Springfield "Y", Springfield Police, l-lolyolce Turn Verein, and City of Homes . . . coached by "Herb" Robbins. . . . SX, ' ' F 2 socceiz f ? -' ' , A ' - A I , Q Avi , -W ,,.. , ,F 5, ,V-WA V, - 1 . .V A ' -,G b " ' X -Af l jw V' ' 5' , - ' is, K ,, 1 . , ' " f .Q3'!" 55 W Seated - QLeft to Rightj - Frank Calabrese, Paul Gardell, Lawrence O'lVlelia, Co-Capt. Philip Russell, Co-Capt, Paul Ahlberg, Richard Vevier, Roger Fontaine, David Downey. Standing - Mgr. Warren l-luse, John Coarlc, ,lack McGhee, Ralph Cognac, john Wills, Charles Berg, jack Cruickshanlc, Robert vlennings, Refer Galletti, Melvin Raichelson. ,if n.0':XAl Q X As I Remember It gl Goals by Gallettr and Downey Tigers outplayed the Terriers stopped West Srders rally in fourth period Two goals by Downey one each for Gallettr and Ahlberg First goal came in t rr period Fontaine and Ahlberg scored for Tech all the goals came in the first half Heaton scored Bulldogs goal Fontaine and Downey booted home Tigers goals all scoring came rn Final period Mazzo tallied for Commerce in fourth quarter Friday the 13th Tigers seemed lost against utetowners Ahlberg starred for ec Callahan scored the Terriers goal in second quarter Foster and Driscoll were West Springfield s stars Raichelson stood out For the losers Fontaine tallied Tech s goal in third period Tigers mulled many scoring opportunities First lnterschool defeat for Tigers Touglas a reserve lineman scored winning goal Lone goal was headed in by Drstetano Varzen starred for Beavers Vlvler booted home winning goal in last three minutes O Melia was Tech s star C ty Championship lor il' ade Dias scored both goals one In second and one In fourth period X XX x f cc ff f X: ,, . . . ' . . . ' ' h' d T h . . . Two overtime periods useless. . .one Tiger goal nullified by oil-side. .. 5 X X P ,FX I ax 'ff-buf' 'i I fl ff Who? When? Where? SCOl'8 West Springfield Sept. Q8 Blunt Park Tech Q, W. S. O MODSOFI Oct. 5 Monson Tech 4, Monson O Classical Oct. 6 Forest Parlc Tech Q, Classical 1 COYTITTIGTCG Oct. 10 Blunt Parlc Tech Q, Commerce 1 Ludlow Oct. 13 Blunt Park Ludlow 6, Tech O West Springfield Oct West Springfield W S1TechO Cathedral Qct Blunt Parlc Tech 1 Cathedral O Classical ct Blunt Parlc Tech O Classical O COITHTIQTCG Oct Blunt Parlc Commerce 1 Tech O Trade ct Blunt Parla Trade 1 Tech O Cathedral Nov Forest Park Tech 1 Cathedral O Tl'CIdE Nov Blunt Parlc Trade Q Tech O ' ' .16 ' ' . . , . 17 , ' o . 24 , - . 26 , o . 30 , . 7 , . 9 l , ETA 'QxXe!QxSQ'im'Q4' 4429545 ' i ' ,Pj ,f XV 'xx' 'Q V ff' K V Q s ,Z ! 1 A sjiy SECOND BASKETBALL TEAM T E 9? tfmmlwl 3, K grgws wifi Mritifr ..,S" new fleft to right, - Kenneth Beausoleil, Willard Wright, Joseph Sobolevvski, james Mattina, Stephen Bryda. Donald parmenter, Captain Robert vlennings, Fred Mastroianni, Coach Sid BUYTXS First season was ci successful one . . . four losses and those may be blamed on breaks . . . lost four games by a total ol six points. . .many ol these boys will be wearing those nice bright uniforms next season . . . watch for them. . . . 25 Holyoke 19 43 South Hadley 19 14 West Springfield 16 '24 Cathedral 9 '28 Classical 18 37 West Springfield 14 Q9 Trade 30 26 Commerce Q7 41 Cathedral 20 Q8 Commerce 23 30 Classical Q5 '29 Trade 18 19 Holyoke Q1 373 Q59 W l. O.A. DA PCT Tech Seconds 9 4 28.7 19 9 9 : 0H9l'1SiV6 GVGYOQE' DGFGHSIVG GVSYCIQS . ' 13 VARSITY BASKETBALL Shooting - Peter Baevicn. Leftto Right-Hfniefn Walmer, Robert Doane, William Adams, Lawrence Q'Melia, Emmett Smith, Norman Black, james Korny, Aiarick Nyman, joseph Nunnally, Howard Keleher. As I Remember Ir Nyman paced the Tigers lrttle Huntington held the Trgers to 21 17 rn the trst half Tech really clicked rn the last two periods opponents hampered by lack of substrtutes a good game consrderrng the tact that rt was the hrst Holyoke had too much polish for the Techrtes Trgers trarled 18 14 at he halt Holyoke went to town rn the last halt Coach Bully Sullrvan ff -sf? gag' V had a tune balanced club Tigers lacked experrence only South Hadley a decrded underdog put up an amazlng battle led Trgers at the halt ec pulled game out ot the ture on oe Nunnally s last minute basket Trgers played without Ollre Nyman who was lnlured ohnny Burns last minute basket spelled the Tigers defeat West Slders led 12 7 at the halt Tech put up a stuff battle the last halt grant Bob Hubbard was a thorn rn the Trgers slde all nraht Tech again played wrthout Nyman Cathedral built up a 1? Q frrst quarter lead and coasted In on rt Trgers never managed to get closer than three points to the Panthers Cathedral s guards Lamana and McCarthy kept the Purple rn the game llre Nyman was the best man on the floor Tigers played wrthout oe Nunnally and Howie enkrns Tigers were hotter than the Chrcaqo hre scored 20 points IH the hrst period to lead Q0 9 las three periods was a battle to hold oft the determrned Terriers Bobby Doane was Trgers star threw srx baskets In seven shots huge Bob Hubbard pared the West Slders Highest scorrng game rn the crty thus season Tigers held a substantral lead throughout the contest Crrmson threatened only rn the frnal perrod Chief Walmer used 16 players mcludlng the second team Black s 17 pornts was an rndrvrdual hugh so tar thus season In the lnterschool League A real upset Mike Guz s toul shot rn a wrld overtrme period won for Trade Trgers mrssed Bobby Doane who was out on fouls rn the extra perrod Tech tarled on a lot ot shots late rn the game Trade s Tony Kwalewskl was all they sand he would be Bulldogs put up a stubborn battle for three perrods they went to pieces In the last quarter Nyman and Black drdn t start they pulled Tech out of a hole wrth some baskets rn the second period Tlgers have a new star Pete Baevrch A complete reversal ot the frrst meetlng Tigers performed almost to pertectron held Cathedral scoreless for 14 minutes whrle bulldrng up a 16 O lead Panthers massed therr hrst 24 shots Tigers were pressed only at the start of the third period no stopping Pete Baevrch Plenty ot excitement but not much good basketball Classical was never In the game Chret used hrs second team agatn tn this one the game was about as wrld as the blrzzard whrch was ragrng outsrde Trgers seemed glad to be playrng Commerce perhaps because ot earlrer hugh score Commerce kept Tech on their toes throughout the afternoon Victory gave Tech tue wrth Cathedral tor crty championship Trgers led all the way, but Trade was always too close for comfort Dobeckr was really hot threw three consecutive crrcus shots rn the third perlod news ot Commerce Victory over Cathedral lnsprred Tech In the last mrnute drive A successful close to a good season Holyoke mrssed therr two mlured stars, Drbble and Frtzgrbbons Trgers had greatly Improved srnce the frrst Holyoke game Tech was undoubtedly the better team rn the van throughout the contest ss x x ex sxfffoff f K ' , gl ff , is .,,t.,r,. M' W Q . . . . . , ' , ' . . . ' . . . T h . J 1 . H I I ' ' . . . . I ' ' ' I U I - . . . 1 Opponent Place Date Score Highest Score on Each Team Huntington Tech Dec. 13 Tech 50, Huntington 25 Nyman, Tech 14 Niller, Huntington 8 Holyoke Tech Dec. 15 Holyoke 34, Tech Q0 Fitzgibbons, Holyoke 13 Black, Tech 6 South Hadley South Hadley Dec. 19 Tech 27, South Hadley Q5 Nunnally, Tech 8 l..ewis, S.H. 8 lessop, S.H. 8 West Springfield West Springfield Dec. QQ West Sptld. 27, Tech Q5 Hubbard, W. S. 10 Black, Tech 8 Cathedral Cathedral Jan. 12 Cathedral 25, Tech Q0 Nyman, Tech 11 Moriarty, Cath. 10 West Springfield Tech lan. 20 Tech 43, West Sotld. 38 Black, Tech 16 Hubbard, West Spfld. 16 Commerce COITNTISTCG Tech 50 Commerce 44 Black Tech 17 Langone Commerce 12 Denis Commerce 12 Trade GC Trade 32 Tech 31 Kwalewskr Trade 14 Nyman Tech 9 Black Tech 9 Classical CTUSSICGT 6 Tech 34 Classical Q1 Black Tech 10 Baevrch Tech 10 Zannettr Classical 8 Cathedral GC 9 Tech 36 Cathedral Q5 Baevich Tech 16 Connelly Cath 1? Classical GC 6 Tech 33 Classical 19 Black Tech 7 Zannetti Classical 7 COmm9I'Ce GC 9 Tech 44 Commerce 3 Nyman Tech 11 Harrington Com 11 Trade 9C 9 Tech 34 Trade 31 Baevich Tech 7 Dobecki Trade 15 Holyoke Holyoke 8 Tech 49 Holyoke 32 Black Tech 12 Kane Holyoke 7 jan.Q4 ' .I , T h jan.26 ' i I il ' ' Fb. 2 .f -', U r it F56 , ' , ' T it Fb.14 .f f. . T it F516 I 5 U , I I T it F521 f ' 1 Fb.23 ' ,' NX XX XXCTTKTT-X-T711 ff I Rxxfx- eees -x Qs xfvx 1 4 ff, ff 1 ff: INTERCLASS BASKETBALL F '5- Q s CHAMPIONS- INTERCLASS BASKETBALL David Cahill, Capt. Walter Lynch, Joseph Sobolewslci, ,lames Anyon, Edward Grabowsla, l-larry Etlcin. . . . eighty-three aspirants answer "Herb" Robbins' first call . . . practises held every afternoon and teams selected . . . 11A's installed as favorites . . . the 10B's and 10A's no mean rivals . . . the opening afternoon the 11A's defeated the 10A's by one point . . . 10B's came through too . . . all three favorites win next games . . . 10B's won over 10A's on third afternoon . . . 11A's still unbeaten . . . the fourth day of play the 11A's topped the 10B's . . . the Final afternoon the 12B's upset the 10A's . . . the 11A's remained undefeated. . . . The Standings - W L Pct. 11A 5 0 1.000 10B 4 1 .800 10A 2 3 .400 12B 2 3 .400 11B 1 4 .200 12A 1 4 .200 Q C -wav - a ,fe f ,,f-ff' X -Newt - 'i Xxx 1 ffn Xp 7, - E INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Left to right - Captain Robert Thomas, Robert Tourtellotte, Jack Godin, Richard Thompson Carneg ninety eight boys competing . . . games every Tuesday and Friday . . . Badgers highly favored to win finished third because of failure to show up on three occasions . . . Unicnowns surprised all by tying with Seniors Seniors defeated Unicnowns in playoff, 30-18 . . . Seniors Unknowns Badgers Lions Mid ets Nut grackers Freshies Dam Dams Parkers Trinity Tigers Technics PCT .818 .818 .727 .636 .636 .546 .455 .455 .364 .273 .182 .091 AE Ii GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Row 1 - B. Gordon, D. Latterty, E. Paclcard, S. Turner, R, Assarian, D. I-lowland K Stagnaro J. Porter, A. Foisey, B. Stanton, B. Billings, C. Monat, M. Libera. Row 2 - l-I. Klinakis, B. Langlois, E. Kendall, M. Stevens, M. Knapp, G. Clune D Richards T Griffin, L. Chick, B. Bohner, A. Wezniak, G. Weiland, M. Frisbie, B. McDermott B Row 3 - . Rollis, J. I-landy, A. Forsey, J. Callahan, B. Thomas, E. I-Iarris, S. Ryan M Downie C. Crane, S. Sweeney, D. Cantwell, E. Merry, A, Carlson. Row 4 - T. Liasnialc, J. Page, B. Jones, B. Blethen, A. Cole, D. Marguette, P. Viens V Braclcett P. Roy, I2. Walsh, J. DeBarge, Row 5 - D. Ellsworth, P. Brittian, B. Gray, I1 Gould, Miss Whittemore, D. Mann B Meyriclc I-I. Klalc, M. Finn. Row 6 - P. Botelho, B. Fernold, F. Lawe, B. Goggin, B. Bates. . . . membership limited to girls participating in at least one sport a semester . . . club pin the foot of Mercury in silver . . . initiation of Freshmen girls . . . Christmas party . . . picnic at Sprin field College Freshmen Camp . . . Qliicers the first semester: President, Kay Stagnaro, Vice-president, ghyllis Jones, Secretary, Barbara Thomas, Treasurer, Terry Griffin, Social Chairman, Helen Petrou . . . second semester in the same orcler: Kay Stagnciro, Dorothy Howland, Joyce Porter, Anne Foisey, Beverly Stanton . . . A PLAY IN THREE ACTS Act 1, Scene 1: HOCKEY Time: September to November, every Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Place: Blunt and Forest Park fields. Cast of Characters: Blunt Parlc: Roxie Assarian, Marion Bell, Ruth Brittain, ,loan De Barge, Muriel Downie, Margaret Field, Ann Foisey, and Dorothea Lofferty. Forest Parlc: Barbara Bates, Norma De Simone, Shirley Dunham, Florence Farrell, Betty Fernald, Mary Finn, Beryl Goggin, Dorothy Gould, Terry Griffin, Dorothy f-lowland, Frances Lowe, Betty Meyriclc, Doris Richards, Beverly Stanton, and Shirley Turner. 1 - 1 , rixk- 1 Stage Managers: V- I I-fx 'M F N Blunt Parlc: Dorothea Lafferty. ' ' F , -I Forest Parlc: Beverly Stanton. 1 - Directors: " """l Y A Forest Parlc: Miss Whittemore. J' , Blunt Park: Miss Clarlc. B, . 'C ' I' Plot: Special games Classical Q, Tech O, Forest Parlc 9, Blunt O. if 1 nf , Q 1 ..ff , i.: 'fi ""9'L'?" " 3 1 Scene 2: SOCCER ' r' " ' 1 Time: September to November, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. gg- ?.,,..':I " sf, " , A ti , ' Place: Blunt and Forest Parks r' -Q A ' , A , ' 'gi 3- Cast oi Characters: it - .. , ., fy fr T Blunt Parlc: - ig l f,, H. H -1 Jane Allis, Ruth Brittain, Agnes Carlson, Jeannette Sabourin, and Mariorie Salter i mg.. V", :W , f'."'-i-. '- Forest Parlc: i I Dorothy Cantwell, Barbara Gordon, Marilyn Knapp, Edith Paclqard, Mariorie Stevens, and Eleanor Turner. Directors: Forest Parlc: Miss Labovitz. Blunt Parlc: Miss xlendreau. Plot:TGcLmes between the girls of the three high schools, Blunt 4, Forest 1, Forest 4, Blunt O, Classical Q, ec O. Act 2, Scene 1: BASKETBALL Time: Llpperclass girls on Monday and freshmen girls on Wednesday afternoons from November to March. Place: Girls' Gym. Cast oi Characters: 49 girls. Stage Managers: Bea Williams, Madeline Libera. ' Director: Miss Cala Labovitz. ' Plot: Games with senior teams of Classical and Commerce: Classical 17, Tech 16, Commerce Q1, X Tech QO, interclass games run in two tournaments. Scene Q: BADMINTON Time: November to April every Thursday afternoon from 9:30 until twilight. Place: Boys' and Girls' Gyms. Properties: Some nice new raclcets, nets, lots of broken birds, Hmurdered in the iargon of the players." Setting: Snow swirling outside the windows, and steampipes hissing inside. Stage Manager: l2oxieAssarian. Directors: Miss Whittemore, "Chief,' Walmer. Cast of Characters: 39 girls and Q0 boys. Plot: Girls choose partners . . . draw numbers to determine rung on ladders . , . play tournament . . , winners: 1. Joan De Barge and Dorothea Lafferty, Q. Betty Myriclqand l"lelen Klal4, 3. Betty Bohner and Dorothy Ellsworth : 4. Alice Weznial4 and Gertrude Wieland . , . boys and girls in an elimina- tion tournament . . . champs: Marion Bell and Thomas Whalen, Alice Weznial4 and Don Phillips . .. Scene 3: PING PONG Time: Thursday afternoons from November through April. Place: Ping Pong rooms. Stage Manager: Kay Kenney. Director: Miss Whittemore. Cast of Characters: Q5 girls. Plot: Another ladder tournament . . . winners: 1. Barbara Redfield, Q. Dorothea Lafferty 3. ,loan De Barge, 4. Barbara Gordon . . .an elimination tournament with the boys . . A A 4 X 3Pf3"m'! ff - f c A -ir' Scene 4 BOWLING Tlme Monday afternoons for freshmen and Errday afternoons for upperclass gurls Place Paradrse Alleys Chestnut St Cast of Characters Upperclass 'IQ Freshmen 'I4 Stage Managers Upperclass Ruth Saclcett and Corrtne Monat freshmen Barbara Brlltngs Directors Mass Whrttemore Mtss l'lorrtgan Plot Co ed matches wrth boys under the drrectron of Mr I-lewrtt Scene 5 APPARATUS CLUB X1 Tlme Tuesday afternoons Place Grrls gym Properttes Mats rtngs ropes the horse buck and boxes Cast of Characters I4 Stage Manager Shrrley Turner Director Miss Whrttemore Plot Weelcly meettngs to develop slctll Scene 6 CREATIVE DANCING Tlme Errday afternoons Place Gtrls gym Cast of Characters 8 gtrls Stage Manager Roxre Assartan Dlrector Mrss Labovttz Plot Presented at assembly for gtrls an rnterpretatron of Strauss The Tales of the Vrenna Woods Act Ill Scene1 VOLLEYBALL Tame Tuesday afternoons Aprrl and May Place Grrls gym Cast of Characters PURPLE Betty Myrlclc captatn Elizabeth Dow Marlon Erlsbte Laura Gtordano Dorothea l.afferty Rowena Shattuclc Margaret Stngleton Martlyn St Peter Loretta Vellra and Alba Vezzola RED Roxre Assartan captarn Ruth Brrttran Barbara Bates Dorothy Dton Cleo Megas Rose Sacca mando Irene Saldalr Shrrley Turner and Evelyn Warner GREEN Anne Eorsey captarn Catherrne Crane Murtel Downey Altce Eorsey Beryl Goggtn une I-landy Esther I-larrts I-lelen Kyrralcts Barbara Law anet Smrth Barbara Thomas Pearl Thyregod and Alma Todd BLUE Techla Ltasntalc anet Aslcew Agnes Carlson Lots Chtclc oan De Barge Barbara Langlots oyce Porter eanette Sabourtn Ruta Walsh and Ruth Weber Stage Manager Dorothea Lafferty Director Mass Whrttemore Plot Tournament between four teams the Reds the Greens the Blues and the Purples Scene 2 TENNIS Tlme Wednesday and Errday afternoons from Aprrl through une Place Gtrls gym and Forest Parlc courts Cast of Characters 54 gurls Stage Managers Upperclass Dorothy Howland Lowerclass Dorothy Prrce Dlrector Mrss Laborrtz Plot Indoor practice eltmlnatlon tournament Scene 3 SWIMMING Tlme Thursday afternoons 315 to 415 from Aprrl through une Place Trrnrty pool Cast of Characters 30 grrls Directors Mtss Whrttemore and Mr McGrath swrmmtng Instructor at the pool Plot Swrmmlng and dtvtng tnstructton recreattonal swtmmtng Scene 4 BASEBALL Tame Tuesday afternoons from May through une Place Girls gym and Armory grounds Cast of Characters Director Mass Whrttemore Stage Manager Edrth Packard Plot. Two teams playrng a short tournament ox-TN 'tw-'QsN" ff 'fry' fi fd' ff . ,f X X 1-ji , my I 1 f . , . . , . I p A rs. I I : 2.Ltu, V Y' .5 .. A I . . ' ' 4? : . ' T' If " ' 1 1 1 1 ' I 4 I V . V . L' . A In ,VT ,. . , . - T ' . . . 44 , ll , . . . I I I . Il I A I I . . I , . . I ' I . I . I ' 1 A i 1 1 1 r ' I I ' T I V I 4 4 I I 5 I I J I I I I J I I , , T IJ I' I IJ I I J , J , . I I , , , . I : - , J A . . ' : : : ' sl . I . . , , . ' : il . MM Q E' 1 CHORUS Row 1 -Shirley Vantine, Elizabeth Roby, Helen Martin, Helen Holmes, Madeline Talcorian, Donald Rogers, Barbara Ladd, Jeannette Sabourin, Homer Wright, Margaret Singleton, Shirley Dunham, Gloria Guerra, Lauretta Guilbert. Row 2 - Lou Chick, Dorothy Hatch, Clarice Declcer, Barbara ,lean Smith, Winona Provost, Virginia Braclcett, Alice Dudley, Georgia Wright, Agnes Carlson, Marion Lewis, Eileen Lynch, Barbara Badger, Row 3-Alice Christianson, Arline Burgess, Eleanor Vezina, Alfred Bowen, Kenneth Lalterty, Robert Zanche, Teddy Talcorian, james Munsell, Joan De Barge, Dorothy Lallerty, Roberta Small, Constance Wines. Row4-Harry McGill, James Betterly, David Allen, Bradford Smith, Stuart Benson, Norman Cheeseman, Norman Dupuis, Jack McGee, Charles Berg. . . . from "Ole Aunt lemimai' to "Rain and the River" . . . meets regularly second period . . . purpose to develop an appreciation and lcnowledge ol choral literature, and to give practical experience in singing . . . carefully selected, hard-working group ol forty-Five boys and girls . . . sang at three as- semblies . . . entertained the P.T.A. with a line program . . . presented "The Seven Last Words of Christ" on Palm Sunday to over 500 people. . . supported "Spring Fevern dance . . . entered Western Mass. competition at Athol, Mass. in May . . . Mr. Spencer director. . .. N! PM 1 "iX Cleft to rightj - Edith Nelson, Robert McKinney, George Dal.ea, Walter Maiewslci, Allen Fleihsig, Harold Sibley, Lester Howe, Russell l-lanson, Fred Walmer, Bruno Rysnielc, Gordon Brady, Eleanor Harrington, john Evans, Charles Vredenbury, Ben Tongue, Kenneth McLean, Delores Mediavilla, William Roberts, Mea Creanor, James Flangon, Arthur Beyer, Edward McGuire. Robert Quelette, Rose l-lorne, jean Bates, Orin Moses, Richard Furkey, Alcabe Bogo- sion, Charlotte Zapatha, james Munsell. . . . meets 3rd period every day . . . develops a more thorough appreciation ol orchestral literature and a clearer lcnowledge ol orchestra instruments . . . 35 members . . . 18 strings, 5 woodwinds 3 percussions and 3 brasses . . . toolc part in Eastern States Exposition contest. . .accompanied chorus in Palm Sunday cantata . . . will ploy at Graduation Exercises . . . Harold Sibley, concert master Mr Spencer Director . . . K. 4 .Zyl TECH BAND I . g U " W--M. .,.,. ,LL , ,,,,,,,,m,. K A Row1- Harry Pilifian, Edward Schube, Alvin Richmond, Ruth Simes, Paul Wilkes, Kenneth MacLeod, Barbara McDermott, Robert Wright, Clement Seavey. Row 2- Clifford Brooks, Donald Parmenter, Bruno Psyznilc, James Flanagan, Kenneth Erickson, Farvey Vigneault, William Kolinchilc, Harold Stewart, Olin Potter, Allan Watts, l-larold rown. Row 3 - Warren Crossman, William Belden, Robert Bradford, George Krohne, Robert Averill, Dave Fury, l-larriet l-lenshaw, Burtis Dresser, William Roberts, Floyd Mead, Donald Rogers, William Randall, Arthur Beyer, Richard Hatcher. Standing - William Leger, Richard Furlcey, Gerald Tarozzi, Eugene Millette, James Placanico, James Munsell, Edward Cleary. ...won Eastern States championship again in 1939 . . . excels in formation playing on football field. . . jimmy Flanagan's baton twirling unforgettable . . . traveled to Greenfield and Palmer with football team . . . uniforms improved by SA .... cupboards full of music . . . 52 students to play it . . . meets every fourth period . . . develops an appreciation of band literature and a lcnowledge of band instru- ments . . . thrilled many audiences with stirring music . . . numerous assemblies . . . played for Senator Taft rally in Technical Auditorium . . .also played at "Forward Springfield" Exhibition . . . on the radio as guest of Radio Workshop . . . entered Western Mass. competition at Athol in May . . . funds for this trip raised by "Spring Fever" dance . . . Mr. Spencer director . . . Www- f-wh-fyqvy.-Fnyrmrv-M1-,-,. " A Z"-W f I A Few Limericlcs l BettY Allen in Chentleii iier to Siop' . L' coin has-to h aciCl, U hvlyiwenlzlwe NT05 ln eccid lcnees tum so G s always pop. Her Fiemtngis eye That lolm Ferrarese, a mathematician, just loves to slcip to go fishin', But our Sports Editor I Never had to deter- He does all his worlc by - well, wishin'. Gertie Wieland's a bright little scholar. Alter her all the boy students holler But from my observation And her elucidation lt s she the girls ought to taller Stinivl i105 in Y evo be 5 Ps 900 i ixergslnie MOS io X4 rc U ear hun Y take Y at o Oixam nh,ustinQ fznooous Y vi t the OU xhOi we i is von Weds The class aviator is Phinne He is a swell fellow if slcmn You can fell by his tallc You can tell by his wallc His goal for he s already ta Y il spinney I-Lacie Povost in history's a scream- O? lglgiblo Slgep Und 5995115 to dream eon s ' . Or the Tro'a WfampG'9nS and Caesar s . I 'T Cf and H I ' - Himself the fearless generai en S Seizure on the scene ky slcief 'oirezxiziui 'scsi of 'eo' me S LYS the violln Aging mflltes G vllii dlwnas nO' 0 pee' At chick raising e Al lnlcler in F orum s Q As president we do QS hgcgeqm When he pound eems A h Fcffill Win' fo fiavifgl i e gave' a us did loolc so mean . l . . ' G-B . - -.' . I " 'VLC U X dermal, DVS., W.. , , I BM ' f , t I I i , . I. Hy, I ,- -i , ff 1,1 Safe X gs. so 'M ' r Pyrrdworr bbins- xen mouscmd peggxiocur ook oN Mr. Ro ' There were 'rce DOY KO 5 E XO Dom on Arausdu shouXd ever wont ro see Your mm DW' V W-rrr rms rr or arm Pm. soccer XGOW, YOU Mr. Andrewes: - Corry on. I MQVI-ljwiff: OU d 1 O Qef ocquoinfed with I r TT? Miss Young: Y Such itnssv-eyed students. Mr. Oliver: Did you rreor mer? I s rhor X WM COOYNQ M onjsg e OE my Soyrrwig MY Hutchinson hr Lx , - 0 Thor U some AON!- r - ' N 5 Owfgirls. Puffer: roduirg Calor. . M Z. Allen: Sf S I7 Gve v ' Olunfeers . R : MBS oy J you understood? MIS S Sjrienwood No rorkrng Uncle rsfond English 7 0 M f 55035 s rr or 6Or"7Q yo u Mr Richardson Put down orrother red mode for me ' MISS DO YOU See? I MWeJQCk on of! Hgh, M :ss A ,len S yOU,.,,7 O S O S XN O I D forth Mxss on A xsnx nf? G YOU UNSFVQI S mos, Xr 3 worrh G0 of M76 ADO!! 3 ffm ow Miss Kelly YOU p"eDGre for o rest for I S : d ' I ' . ll, I 4 I '2 I Us : I .'v':x'- My edfo ' o ' V. Miss W , ,.. . : . . I 1 It ' Q ' K o ' : - of E I ' NXE' f X , C - - , xx AQJ X x9,1I g rdf, I I Ina 1 , I tiff, e-V Aff S S712 'X xy DMX x Qc R Br sx ?2JQ ,I r 4 nczL 1 IL I Dr C O ' UCIQQ We WUIIYHG: I 1 . R QQ? I HGV H ' . Mkiwyxxxsggose dom or S f e usual res? of yen QUSSH ' OHS, I Dr cum: A o f ' I 47 ' A x M'AicEExnL break U Up' Y Q- A GH I Was ' ID S OUTA AmGffCQ . ' Mr- 4Bes'J Mr. BfOwn. N ' ' . Nevlhou: . f QYQOYXS- OW Here S a situation. 'Arm ase P055 m You e Hem Went I Mr- Mjlrsbzxass that 'med XO do moi pro Tabu? oar? theif knees' Mr No ' rflp , I Eack 50,521 MXCVMifchell In Monte a en!WCJSln,D ang Mass H Smith A DOW nk 5 up to YOU N Ve done YNY po ss X-'nes Wumxo Xazv 0 MS Lincoln r op slwlly Shcllymg OrQUnd M' Sfouf Will the meeting please C om 9 fa order? Mxss Marston on O kamiiem X m Ohrcxd X m O I :ss Rldeog you aomg WOW Q r Sp What ar Sh Sh Sh r MQQSQZ Sickle T IS IS a college preparawfy class Mr Cowlng What do you thunk? I W if , n I I. ' I: f 1' I I Ma 1 , l', ' I I , I -o : ' ' .' .5 H . I M- - 1 w '2 I W , . 4 I f'ffw-- f ff X - ' LeMf Kf DANCES THROUGH THE YEAR Nov. 3 , 5 no .. Ted jorrekk S Gm es Rainbows Nov. Q4 .Undef xhe VIA SDrmQYkeXd DODS 6 "TurkeY not Dec' 11341 A Yonnmgts Qfflhemo PQITY 10A ..Decembe, Nifeu N se . Ofmon Te J mor Pfom mple 5 Qrcfwesrro Dec. 8 JC1n. 1Q Nisimqha Hi-y hcl, f-Leap Yeq, Jive.. Edd erry Chop" le AbrQhUmSon's Commanders F eb. 16 . Feb. QQ MUSIC Dept. uspring Fevern B , ID roolcs Qrchegfrq A 5 pr. ADP W Muslc by Tufmobxe Student PUVOX Dance Hi-Y "Spirit of '76" Apr- 18 12B Crystal Ball" MOV 10 11B-11A "Mid-May Melody" Moy '17 Senior Prom June 7 Pf'1Z The design ot the "Tech Tiger", including such details as drawings, lettering, lay-out, mounting, and all the manual worlc connected with the photo offset reproduction process, is the exclusive worlc of Mr. Lyman Sanborn and his students of the Technical High School, I Springfield, Mass. The lettering tor the cover and the drawings for the end and division pages were contributed by joseph Abdow and Rudy Garbin. Printed by the General Printing Company of Springfield Mass by the photo offset process x xf Us ll If ff :L 4 I I I I I I I I I XMMCIJ lQ7J4j

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