Technical High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Scranton, PA)

 - Class of 1952

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Technical High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Scranton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1952 volume:

THE 1952 SENIQR CLASS GF TECHNIC PRESENTS AL HIGH SCHGOL -QXKEQD ki.-f if Ljw O3 GN 0 xxxxx t I r 1I""0 Xa i ll' If l I 01117111117 X X 3 .X S 011111111 Ill' 5 X X I W j Q. ffffwm J A W will ' .1 S - J 8 M - 6 4" 8 0' I 8 J' Q 11m 5 8 11' 'L 1" 1 gl X . 5 Q Q X 1" 1" 1 llni' 'gl' 49 -5,1 , '01 I' ful hh ' 'ug' dun' 'J 1111, f N V 1 I fi Q X h'll1l' X SX Q kjsvyk- V Yfll X -5 ' I 3 " T zisiigsii- ff f 4 f,. If I X env 1 nf A I ' 1, 1 I I ' , f f I 4 A 'Iii 1 D dnt ll on lorux old AClfH1IllSlImiUOIl SLHIOIS Cl ws Plopluu Sometx School Nuxs Actnmes Clwsses Cl mes VV School Bo nd Adxemsmq Table of Contents 5 lll fptm, lc ' 1 i - - --b-- - - o - - 1 3 ., , . MMM-,o,,,- - , 4 ' C ' ..------- - - 5 , X ' .....------ - - l'3 ,Q k-,Q - f.---------- lll ' I' .....-------- 09 Sports M------------- 73 , 1 rg ----------- - 540 .7. . ki N F - H - 1 F - - - I - - 59 fx: 5 -------- - - - - - 97 1 ,'.' ill ------------ lll- g - .----------- llll Dedication DR IOHNIH DYER Your well known face and knowmq smlle Wlth sadness we recall You had a klndlv word for each And d1ed beloved by all . l . The voice is mute, and stilled the heart i I C . That fouqht for bet erment Along and helpful llfe you lead For that was HN mtent You ire not forqotlen Nor wlll you ever be AQ long as llfe and memory last We wlll remember thee 3 FUREWORD Sloxxlx the curt nn closes And the plaxers sxlentlx Desert the lTl1C1lC0l, the sraqc And ch alter h xppxlv T1 xxe xx ho ue the plix ers The curr nn our school diys And xxe m h appmess .mtlcxp ate The enclmq ofthe plw We stand onthe lifllllx of qr ldu mon And stram our ears to he 1r The Echoes of forqotten cl ns Yes For us the last bell has sounded Our assmqnments all are o er nto our happmess sadness creeps For me ll meet m class no more Au rexolr to our felloxx cl issmates Au xex our to e Ich c urelree cl IN And oux te xchers xv. salute thee As our sehcol d ns fide xxx xx M irgorle Solsm in f 4 I ' 3 N 2 z ' . A Q' , 5 . . ' 2 ' A-X, . ' ' ii D 5 ' ' J z ' ' K 5 1 ' So precious and so dear. .l . . . . 1 l v ikfh- - , F., . A ' ' 4 Q 1 aj, , q' . Q L a 'L - 4 ' W J A If K 'Q' ll fiom VN A1 BFRT NIURPIIX VICE PRINCIPAL o Mr es X e owe our 1 II and exerx one VN ho elsc behind us stmd so quietlx o c IlIII so patient to lend 1 elp inq hand when miserx abound VNh n 111 disqrace with teachers and fellow students, who comes to bolster our 111orale 'md help, us reqwin respect again, VYho elxe: r. ones. of course. o. :eemingly in the background. he , always there just when we need hi111, VN hart wou cl we he without him: Vvhen were 111 1 . nic 'md "s1111p x' f'lIIIlC." o c'1 111: ' 5 s down 'lfILlSl1l7IIlll. '1 so utitinr X '1y. If ones, el course. resents a pi ar s ritt to s H upon in our darket hour. Nww, 111 our hour 5 mmsl 1,1 t. " er ': Q sincerest thanlts. ti PRINCIPAL To 'Xlr 'Wurrhx in whose exes Tech students Um do no w ronq we qixe our lexe o el e his such unf1lter1nq fiith in u N ho else when we xc done the worst and feel so low hrinqs up our heids with pride ox hen st s Thex re e best 'No one except eur Mr 'Wurphx When we Xe lost 1 struqqle 1nd know we reallx didnt trx hard enouqh w ho hrmqs 1 iq t into our exes with IN wor s of praise 1nd kindness Who hut IVI1 Nlurphx 51d sou s indeed we cl he w1thout 1111 o mhcld h el1cf in n X 1 to llllll down IN our one QYCII wish and mn he 1 w us e riqht w hen he saxs Tech stu ents t ex re the best for we will a waxs iememlwcr Mr Nlurphx He s the bcst Vk'1e1ts11'1' B. loxrs FACULTY Here noxx ue mtroduce our ficultx from Nlath ind Enqlxsh Hxstorx Cxwcs and all the rest Behmd u thex tand alxx axs xurh a smlle a helpmq hand and a k1nd xx ord ENGLISH Szttmq Mary Scirdamaqlla Marqaret Home Marq1rct Yerrlck Standlnq Elfrlc Martln V1ctorxa McHale ane ones Frank McCann Ab ent Elrzabeth Grnfhth Wr1qhtB lones HISTORY Szttmq Blanche LoftuQ Marqaret Malonex Cassandra Lexus Allce enkm Standmq Martln Hahn ameQ Scanlon oseph 0 Hora Helen Coggins l l S I I . l 1 f ' l FACULTY SCIENCE Peter Doyle Mirqaret Lexus Robert Hodqson MATHEMATICS CIVICS AND Szttznq Ethel Watklns Tracy Roberts Standmq Elfrxc Martln LANGUAGES Szttmq M1rq1rct Atherton Aldvt m lone Standmq Anthonv Musso I t K. 1. , , K. 1. lt! ' s 1-'x FACULTY INDUSTRIAL ARTS Szttmq Ferclxnand Gahn Ree e Poxx ell Anna Wellee L Carlvle Smxth Standmq Piul Wren Terrence Gallaqher Phnllxp Schnllat Wllllim Exans Ab cnt D Hirold one Russell Park COMMERCIAL Szttmq Anne Holrham Dorothx Monahin Lounse Mclntvre Gertrude Fll'1liClSIC1l1 Starzdmq Irene Stangbury I-Ielen Butler Helen Collxns Mzrqiret Maloncx Adellne Plllot Ab cnt Ruth Fliniqln Nlwrx DlSli1I1 DOMESTIC ARTS Lomse Corte'se Dorothv Putlrska Mwrqiret lfflancl QFFICE Verna Wieland Catherine Felix May' Dalrymplc PHYSICAL EDUCATION Arthur Morrxs Id1 Phxlllps Reese Mwrqiret Smnlcv Cec1l Garey SEVENTH and EIGHTH GRADES Szttzny P lulme 0 Mwllex Standmq Carl Falkoxx In Nxctor Ronch1 C , , S 51 C Q C C I .L ' AL 2 Mary Barrett 1 I ' 1 ' S. , CLASS GFFICERS You 1ll remember th1t diy list May 1951 when we xoted for and elected four out stindinq members of the Senior Chss of 52 to leid us in our Final yeir 'it Tech There s Ronald Shimsky President A fine lid neit ind reidv it ill times to serxe his fellow men ln 1nv office he ll surelv shine Then we have Wllllim Pfelffer V166 President Bill was 1lw ms on hand re'1dv Now we come to our Secretarx Nancv Gressler A Commercial student she s duti fullv upheld her office Her records 'ire 1s neat as her 1ppe1r1nce List bw no means least we hue Louise Zukauskas our Treasurer Our Babe also 1 cheerleader and twirler has kept a careful account of all our pennies To these Class Ofhcers we the Senior Class of 52 wish to express our sincerest thinks for a iob w ell done c c c C. V V V ' ' ' .' 1. A t .' A :ff ' c f A U 1 2 c . . ' 5 . . ' a , 1 2 1 I 2 Q ' 5 J ' ' . c I . l -1 .V - . ' ' I -C A f I ' .wb . M - H 'c .Q L vc ff c c I with a smile to aid when and where it was possible. ' Y, v C lv, I .W-1 4 lc .N , .4 '-N I' I A . .V c c f ,' c L c . 2.4 , ly .5 C-4 v I C I 4: C .1 C. KJ - .4 .ll -- c ,R V ' . 5 1 Rcqlna Flt patrxak Mif1OFlC Solsmm Vfirlc TOSOIC BCKIN NIIHCI gxcutu Fdztor lztnrzru Fdztor H7 IUHHQ F 1,1001 Anil Edlf F xrlly n Muknl uk M nl :km Art F4111 wr D in Bromtun S171 rt fclzrur iur B xrlmrm A111 IL Idltor i sl Pl1utwqr.1pl111 f ziztur Anm Nlarn Ross 1 gi' ld? ,Z 3 xxwyiuxi . -, - . i V wr . 1, -V , , X I 'f ., 4 Q f kin its h 11. x IA 1 5- K BUY CSS 'zx gl Q S- ,VA xx U x Ml . , . , . E """" :'b" ' Drzmmticx Erlitur Elf G' J la ' A . Y f QAAA K W ,I N F ' p . . Q , ASSISTANTS 'M 2 6' X' IY School News Photography Prophecy Wlll ll Catherlnc R uhtn llllldll Dzwk Bet y 'Vllller Exelyn Sparrow Bttty O Rose. Ron II Shrrley Hayner M1 I9 Dans Vxolet Vnda Shrrley Rtd sky ean M Iordan Anne Marre Ross Rou III erry Grlsko Edward Slagns Lenny Atlas George Eber Robert Stanton Thomas Stutzm in Bob Muller Advertnsmg Roz I Ceraldme lones Sally Sgobba Beyerly Schmxpff Irene Opsasnlck vu Il Rose Prendergast Mary Schuster Ahce l-'oyyells amce Woehrle Ann McDonough Row III oan Skelston Marle Tosolt Vrolet Vaxda Louxse Zukauskas lean Boylan Carole Rerlley Shxrley Hayner Rou IV Ronald Shlmsky Blll Whrtman Lotus TUHIS Louxs Schyxass Mzsszng Bill Pfellfer Betty Stevenson Mrke Bert msky Sports Soclety Dramatxcs Ro: I lrene Opsisnltk Rheda Nrdoh Reqxna Frtzpxtrrck Mlckey Merkel Pete Barbutn ot II Dorothy Hess Musxc Art Nancy Cvressler oan Conmff Nan Scanlon Beverly Schmlpff Mxssrng lick Malakxn Dxye Bronstein Lnterary R1 1 Lllhan Dzak Rheda Nrdoh MBYIOYIE Solsman Irene Opsasmck Mary Schuster Rou II Loulse Zukauskas LOIS Salamrda Delores Naqy Sarah Ferraro oan Skelston Marlon Reese R011 III Ronald Shlmsky Myrtle Bouton Florence Tallo Anne Marne Ross Margaret Pfleckl Alxce Kllmer Paul Morcom In Appreciation FRANK I MCCANIN APPRECIATIQN For hls dally asslstance ready adxlce and smcere mterest m the Journal xsts of tomorrow we vxlsh to express our ex er lastmq gratxtude to our Faculty Adxlsor Mr Frank McCann We the Semor Class of 52 s1v Think you Mr McC1nn D 2 Q . ' ' ,311 " C - , . a . X li HUNGR ROLL Valedzctory JOAN SKELSTON Salutatory IOAN KALKus Commerczal Course MARIE TosoLT IRENE Cslcr Practzcal Arts Course or Boys ALBERT KLEIZA Practical Arts Course for Girls 1 K f x HO GRABLE ME TIO The follovxmg students haxe attamed an axeraqe of nmety per cent or more for four years ffm Ron Albert lxlezx Lllll an D lk Vlolet Vndi N amy Gressler M mlyn Mtrktl M mon Reese Gladys Cooper Cathtrlm Cooper Selmx Cu rx P xtrltk O Mdllty Seuund Roz Rlchard Frantz Loretta Borden Loulse Zukxuskm Betty Whxte lN1nu, Mit thexxs Iom Kllkus osephlne Gu ILXKICZ Alyce ordin Edward Sliqm Tlurd Ron Dons Rlley Delores Niqy Irene CSIQI E11 :beth Mxtylexuch Slnrlq Harper Lorettx Marker Myrtle Bouton Ell abeth OROSC Fourth Rota Arlene Wagner Shxrley Storm Estelle Shlxotk Nllnty Koscxuk Filth onei Catherme Racaxxch Marte Tosolt Fxfth Rou Shlrley Redesky Allce Kllmer Ioan Skelston Marlorle Solsman Ann.. Marte Ross Florence Tallo ,' , . . ' . ' , . L ' .L u ' 4, . zf. 1 1. . ,, -, 1 - . . . . ' . - ' , , - V ., l'. , 1 , 1 , c.. ' . 1 4 ' Q z HI :-' , ' I .. ' 'z Q ', , 2-', . zz 2 ' ' . V ' -. z z '. ' . 2' .. 4 ,- ' V 'f - . . .- .- . , . , ... . . . ., SENIUR INVENTGRY 110 1 D11w011 1011 B081 Drcwed G1r1 Best B011 11.111101 JL N1 C1111 lD111LL1 1111111ItCNt 1JCNI A1101 1501! A1111 C111 1111 D011 501111111111 Q aw 0001 A11 11110111111 B011 All AfOlIHd C1111 13011 M0 111110111 t0 31111011 CI1I1MONfl11IL1!1fL3 311111111 Qzuctcxt Bcst Natulcd Mos! D0110r111ab10 C101 ercxt Most C1100r 111 Mr T0111 Mns T1111 A1t1st 13001 Bash 111 B011 Ba 11 111 GII1 1140 A1t1a0t110 M1 P0rs0r1a11t11 MISS P01S0r1a11t11 Mzw Tll1I1CF M1 C0 01101311011 Mus C0 011011111011 M R0w11011x111111t11 M1 R0x11011x111111t11 V11 L0ad01N1I111 1V11w L0a110r 11111 M1 M11x11 M1 At1110t0 M1 At1I11-11 N11 TIUIIIIIOHL W1 F00t11111 Mr H01111111 M1 H0111 111 Most 1301711111 B011 RUIII 11IIx R111 IR ARIExE AR-XSIN IXXIIIS CONABOY M xRII x x IME Dxxls I0Ax SIREISIDN. Irvm GRISIR11 Ixxu E WOEIIIQI E IIIOVIXS Coxlzox 0 Axx VExIuRx P11 IN x FII'7PATR1fIx PETER BAR1Iu1I Rox XID SIIINISIRI 1011151 Zuhxusms 1111111 KI1 IX DI I 011115 NA1 x LORE1 I x MARIXER ANA WIx1ERx1AmTI E Num GRESSIER R11 I1ARD BIESEC hER W11 I IAM PFEIFFER MARI ENE SIIERM xR IA1 lx MAI ARIN M xR10RII. SOI SMAN DDNAI D TIIIEDE F10REIx1 E TAI I 0 PEARI ABDAI 1 A EDIA ARD SLAGIS RHEDA NIDDII LII EIAN DZAIX WIIIIAN1 CRAAE V101 ET VAIDA L0uIs Tuxls BE'ITx WIIITE RAI PII STREMPEIX IREAE OPS1kSNlfIx TIIOAIAS RATZINJ 1X1l1lI-M11 BEREZIASRY NAM Y MAT1III5vIs DAVID PARRER Eovx ARD COMISIRY BERAARD SIR11s1xSIRI SIIIRI LY HAYNER pFTI R BARBLITI Most 13011111.11 Gul L01IIsI ZUKAUSKAS BLHLI IOE ENANb B1lI1 LUIS SALAMIDA -1 11 1 ...- --.----- I .1 r' 1 A1 R -.15 ,-,,, ,,.,.. I j' ' ,- ' ------- ,,-.-- I Au- 4, 17' .YH ,,,,,,, .,.. 1 33-Q. 'q' j' -1 111 - 1 - n I - I I n - ' - - 1 A . - ' - 5 .-.- ---- - - 111 . I . 'V 1 R A .' -1 11 ------ - - AI, .il'-.' "- .4 ..----- - 2. " ,I' 4' -------- - - 1111, - ' 1 g ..... ------ 1 i' 3 --------- - .. , - .......- ...- D AVID BRONSTEIN ----- --'---,-- I , 4 ,V L- 1 ..... ....... , ' . S11 " -------- - - - , 'I .. S1 ' D' -----" "" 4 44 '111 ,fl 1- - - - - - - --.-, 4 A. 1 . , ' -,--'-- , , - 44 A I. I.. 1, -'-,!.,- 1 - I A, -SS Q -,---,--- 1 4. , 1 . ' ----------- . . I ' ' 5 ' ---- ------ ' . J 1' '. A-'- ,,,,,,..,.,, ' 1 'ss 1 ----------- ' ' 1 '. 1 1 ----------- ' ' 'SS ---,,,-,,,, 1: A' Q i W i 5 1- 1 . 2 Mun Allsxtlwhu tx Aust Mttkt U at North Strxnton r Hxqm l South Scranton r Hlqh Comrmrttal Prattztal Art She seems qulet and reflntd Fo But she lsnt that vtax all the tlme H mx H APM H An Skzp South Scranton r Hlqh Practztal Artx Sxummtng Team otball Green eyes that tvtmklt llght hroxxn hatr ink lx one fellow who hasnt H tart HTH x Av l'li Bootszt lNorth Scranton r Hlqh CO'71f7lt.!'Ll8I Extn though she lb qlllft Dxxltt AIJNII Prxtu AHIJXII Dmnu fwlntlt 'North Scranton r Hxqh North Strxnton H qh Practzeal Ar N Commcrcz 11 Glue Club Home Room Representanwe Spxrklmg teeth pet black a1r Dark eyes and a com plevclon faxr QL1l6f and modest ln h s may Dxnny vtlll nuer worry hlmxelf QTIS Mxcnwt Axnmxw Ioux Arts Lt at 11 Spzlu Grunt Dreker Vocatlontl South Serxnton Ir Hxqh Pratm 11 Arn Pmttrcal Arte Football Baskttb all Bamtbi On the football held he xx as Although he Q no gemua IH member of our svummtng small themvstry elais team She s frlendly utth a snnle a star VN mth the best he 12 on 1 I-lt won for hnnielf 1 me ThlS lad li really on tht for all lookmng lass beam 19 6' 5,3 , I f .- ' J lot Q -. .1 -1. . , ...A 'Q I. 'A . 'z . I. 'A f 'z I. 'A .' 'z Ir. it ' N" " A ' "' ff 'E l Ii. A v it K - A. Q 2 .I C hte V' 4 ,' K .lvl ' 5 -' if ' Y " it .A 'Q' .13. 1 Bti' .. figs 5.- 3, I i A MLN I. 'Q ' z 'Q U - We 'Q , 'A " ' " . " '- ti ez - .A .ll A V, . 1 -. x -is. ,K . N. . par. ' I X F llllllll 1 15 c1rs1 111111111 F1111 f1l11 Cluh T11l11tt1 Rid Cross R1p11s111t1t1x1 1 11111111 A1111N111xxx of. 14' WB' C' pw 1111. BU f 11 1r11 s All 111 11111 S1r111to11 H1qh 'North S1r111to11 1 H111l1 f'1m1n11 r11 11 Pr11t11 11 Artx C1188 VX11l A st1 1115 1101 xk1tl1 1 st1 1115 r IN M youll 11111 111111d 'North S11 1111011 H1ql1 C,O771I7l1 fl 1.11 Or1l11 stru 'Ilus till x1ol1111st n1v11 1 18 1 1 .1111 11111 I1 111 1111111 11 111 11 11311117111 1t1o11 11111111111 xxorrms about h1r 9121 V115 should sl11 1111111 tNtl"y0I1L S OPINION L 1 I L LI11 111111 qt ys R11111 RT B111xoN111 B1 1r South Q1r111to11 r H1111 Pr IL 111 11 Artx tx ull 1 1111111 xx11r1x1r 111 101s 11t11t kt 1X1ry1 1 11110111 Z0 Il 11 B-XRBIIYI T1 BLNF 11111111 1' B MOrs1 11111 11 rtx 1 11111 OFLh1N1F 1311111 1V1us11 1 dltor 1 1r 15111111 D11111 Co1111111tt11 fmt 1113 111111 for 11111113 11 x 1 11 um 11 1 ll 1 1 111 Ioux BALUADMRI 1111 Baldy 'North S1r111to11 Ir H11111 Samuel F B Morse CUIYIHILFL 1.21 pfdLt1LdI Arn C1111 Club Sports R1port1r B1sk1tb1ll 13115911111 A fr111111 xou NXOIII r1qr1t HlHdSOlIlL yn' and 1111111 A111 11111 XOLI xx 111t f11r111t 11111 xx hat 5 mort XX hat 1r1 all th1 g1r s xx11t111q for . 1,41 , T "1 N V K' hw 11 f ii A11 lX1, A11. -11x I.1,11N-11:11 A1111 R - 'A 1 , . 1. . .- 41,13 "A 1-H " f 1 H 1111" "I.11" S. - :. .M 'z 'A ,' 'Q 'N .' '. Ir. 'D C 1 '1 1 1 "1 . ' 1 q ' - Q '- - " ' 's " J 11 ' I' " 1 5 11 ' ' ' - - 1 H1- 1- " utr." 1 ' --1 ' . ' 1 " ' 1 -1 Cut' 1 .' 11 w11ist11'. 111121 SIS ll I-11 1' 1 . H11 " 1' '1 1111 ' 111111. ' A ' ' .' '. p' . T1 'll' ' ' 1 A ' ' ' ' .' Q - ' 1 111 - " ' ' ' , 111- .11-g 1-1, tl11-r1-'ll always 111- lots of Arl' - is 111. 1 " h 1','. E Y i , 5 Plfwi . ' 1.1111 .,1 BAN1 ' Q .. xi ,. .. It .. ML ., .. A ., ' 1'. 1 S. - '. . .' 'Q , 'A ' . . Q ffl ,. pri.-i A 5 A . H-'pf 11 I1 -lt-r- "z"- ' 11- 1 ' -1 - 5 1 1 if 1 2 - " 2 N1- 111 11g-"'111- 1 " '- 1 1' 1 1. '. ' ' 1 -' zzj. ' ' 1 1 ' 1 ' lx 111310 11 ,'111t111. 111:12 'V ' . 7 FRANK BAsAmcx DONAIID Bi-CKFR DONAID BEL1 Tec Dznq Dong North Scranton r Hlqh South Scranton r Hlqh North Scranton r Hxqh Comrncrczal Full of fun llkes to fool A frlend to everyone ln school MICHAEL Bsmazxwsm Burrhead South Scranton r H1gh Commercral Football Basketball Baseball Advertxsmg Stall Assmtant Sports Edltor Mlke excells ID every sport Football baseball and on Practztal Arts Practzcal Arts Vlrtues are many faults are Glee Club eyx Donme Bell 19 far from VV1th 1 qood nature ind qulet ch ar xcter true Wrxrnetr BFPPLPR Bep North Scranton r Hugh Practzcal Arts Trick Chnnbex of Commerce Forum VVhcn he qets started h r y xr t Nw ,ex ss W 'I -4 -4 -I 14 if? -Km U3 ffl 1 'J ffl FU North Scrmton r Hlgh Commcrczal Glee Club Tyurler Qulte a blt of class For such 1 llttlt lass Lhovum BILNOXITZ TnoMAs Bexxarr Buck Bonny Tom South Scranton Ir Hlqh North Scranton Ir l-hgh Commcrczal Practical Arts Football Baseball Tom IS rlther quiet but you Chamber of Commerce Forum Thouqh he may bt the quxet Bucky s qulte normal not kxnd really strange the court There s nothmq lackmq ln Glu hlm 1 qal and a home hls mxnd on the range can neyer tell They say the mlnds of sxlent folk qo deeper than 1 vsell 21 f ,2 A fl A . V 5 3 , 1 B f ,V l 5 , .A . . 5 . . ' Q h f 2 a ' J ' . ' - ' 1 Q . A .' . as call Q io. we as t lv D xIrI B c Bumps South Strmton H 1lI Przctual Art A lIttlc Qhy quIet In etronq Always vullmg to go Ilonq WQUQ 'bf 7... RONAIIW Brrzmxmx FRED BESTRICIXI B Irn0I1 Frrt South Snran on r HIqh South Scranton r Hlqh Practnal Art Praftnial Artx Football Biielnll VVC mn aqree vuth Fred Football Seems to he hm Irt xuth cw. And HI our class hc Q playtd He s qood natured and C193 hI art to please Mm MARTIN Boxm IITICS Madlsa ll CImInIcru1l Glcc Club DFTIUTI x He Id Moxu OpcrI OI Cllllllllkf of COlllll1kILk I Oflllll Adxartmnq St Iff Autor he 19 both dr Im I lk Incl funny lndoxxcd mth a CllSpONlllUIl It s Ilu 158 Sllllll 22 NEAL BIACIKIEIJCI COIILEN BIRIEL Cornu l'North SLrInton r HIqlI South Scranton lr HIqh Prada Il Art Prantual Arts Tht qIrlS look txuu xxhtn lust plaIn full of fun pusts hx ll1IS l1lIldSOI11t LllIlX lu Idncl qux fins---, S351 EVM 'TSI' HMV' RICHARD BIEQFCKLII DIck South Stranton I HIqh Comntcrual Band BIhy fue but full of fun Curlx haIr and ryth nm 9 I XNILI IAM BII LE1x I ohn Marshall Practwal Arm Football Track VX Ith I snulc for ucry om Ar homo playmq footh Ill or rumq around Itrack Thu flcct footcd fclloxx ncxer found to lack I-15? K 1' I r Q WI a, - 'H s , 15 fl "h .J. . ,C Qxyiflz X I Af .. LLEZLIZJ .' ., . .U ' - . : 'Q lr. lg " t A- t 'I 'Q ' 'K I w ' - S - '- 5 I 1 ' V x. N' ' . '- ' I d 2 - 1, 2 'Q 'A f " , I, S ' . 3 '. 2 , " 2. I, I ' I ' - p . 1. , S " wt ., W X I Q Z K -I K 2? ,, Q, Q V 2 , I w I 'T :A:,. If. ' ' AAA- H " y L Y". - "'. 1 ,. Q ., ..B,ll,. Ii 5 ' ' 'I 'h . -'z . 'A I . N'i K v 'wg 5 , - 'w x- ' . E ,' , it . R I .3 It " Q 5 ' I I V I. l v' l E f -I - U - ' is ' . K e 21" the I 'Q Q y. How um Bo South Scranton r Hrqh Practical Arts Baseball Good lookmg boy alxxaxs neat Full of fun cant be beat Q46 Dum Bnoxsrr rx Daz L imes M xdxson Prattrcal Arts Football Tr ack mv 146. Lou: TTA Boum N. 'North S ranton r Hugh Commercial Llxely and chxpper and full of fun She s qot to be qood lbw 1:7 Mx mir Bourox Tnovms Bow Mcrt Buddy ohn Aduns North Scrxnton r High Commcrual Commercral Glee Club Orchestra Although thus bold can Yearbook Staff not fly Intramural Basketball Nexertheless he s a vtonder IPlease pardon the pun I Cute and also full of fun ful guy all Dum BRININM xx Dar e South Scranton r Hmqh Prat tzc 11 Art Orchestra Band Sports Edltor Yearbook A crop of be1ut1ful blonde ln the school he s not so curls oud Makes htm a hxt xuth 1ll the But on tht held he clraxxs 1 glr s Lrovs cl bemq won Slum rx BR xx Shrrl 'Firm AN Bowl Ievnme 'North Scranton r Hlqh 'North Scranton lr Hlqh Comm rtml Intramural Basketball Decoratlon COmmlllCt e got style And a fmendly SITlllL Commercr 11 Adxertlsmq Staff l she bashful shy or keen Th1 glrl IS alvtays on the beam 23 il, N A fi, Q 4 g ' ' "' A , X i ta , 4- x X """" , gr. 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K ' ,I . 2 N h y . , y- . A' v. ' Use her friendliness as a Let 4'Chucky"' have a Her presence is welcome sh 2 set. 6' 5 3 68 r ' .. ,. UCKI.. .. b.. 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Y .- I up V xox 5 C001 .glzorlu South Scranton r H1t,h Commertzal Dramatlcs Class Prophecy Hear the patter of danclnq SKIJII- COOIPR Row Axx Cop XIII Ionx Cosruoxr Rowe Buddzy 'North Stranton r H11h South Seranton r l'l1gh Pram tzn al Art VVe dont hear much from Sad1e thats so eet Bu her fr1enclly presence IS Thli q1rl Q really on the beat there yxe knoyx Ioxx Cur111x1Rrsox Cubbu North Seranton I1 H1qh Commertml llert c Q an 11r h urecl lass e s vxcll ltnoxx I1 111 our class IRPNI Cx1r1 Cxrq North Seranton r H1qh Pr 1tt1c 11 Arty Glee Cluh l11tr1mural B isktth 1ll Football Sports Reporter Chamber of Commertt Forum C5191 IS exery hody s pal A dark fnendlx Qports loxmq q 1l Pr1Lt1c1l Arts Costume Comtmttte Fa1r and pretty And so yery yuttw 86. lf me wr S.. NX ll IINNI Cnxxr Bt Bop Coymqton CtYUIU1LFtliI B and Orehestr Sxx1m111111q Te 1111 Yes hy qolly A pal that S yolly North Scrmton r l-l1qh Pr 1cf1C 11 Arts There S a Sm1le on hm f1Ce a tyxmkle 1n h1s eye Watch out for h1m when he panes by l Rl: 11 um C011 1 1J1L1x Consol1d1ted North Sermton Ir H1qh Pr acne '11 Arty H1s hexrt IS really 111 1 xxh1rl Our 1 eertun d1rk hamd q1r 27 " J V 1 L A u " ' ' f" I .7 a 1 ' , G11 11-.11 .- 3 11 ii .- .' I3 'i l- il '2 l- A " l-' ' 2 ll '. S i"'f .' E"E J ' Q- , ' ' A A ' l. . 4 I. r , I I, it reg i wg" ' . - I mf .. 1- ,,,, A 'Y 2 is - , . " S f ' 1 f , l V1 , 5 7 . 2 ' a ifa .9 51 1' " . 'A 1' " I. 'Q J 'z' 'a . 'A 'Q f ' "5 . N "5 . "1 .- " Vs a utrz d fa - 2 - ' 5 .1 1 1 " 2 " e' a z " 'A -Q " Q ' 2' 2 - " Sh . -, . A , H ,A ,' l'lA C . 4 -. . A .' Fnxtxx C211 rt HFS Iohn Adams Prictztal Arts Th1s IS no he He 1s a real svuell quy Duoms Dumxx Dee Iames M3d1SOU Commertzal Intramural Sports Adxert1s1nq St1ff Glee Cluh Dmm 1t1cs Decoratlnq Comlmtttc Euvt ARD DATNIELOXN ski Engme South Scranton r I-I1qh Prrttzt 11 Art Basketball A boy xx ho IS not Xery oud St1ll l1kes to l1nqer xuth the crowd lgsktm B1 x 1 utm D1Lx111 Darbu VK llll 1m Prescott Pr zttrtal Arts Hls httlt Jokes nom Ill t1en VV1lI ilu qs hr1qhttn thost ,v is Norwm Dm IDSON Blondze Counqton Consohdated Przttu 11 Arts Costume Con1m1ttet Pretty and tall 71th a sm1le for all if' III 1 mM DM Is Skm Head 'Nlorth Scranton r H1gh Prattxt '11 Art 'I lu lllllllllt you mtet IIIIN xou re sure to know Your lllilllg for h1m Poster Commxttee for YK ho are dxm IQ hou11d to qrovt Sprmq Pl ay In 11tttrhuqq1nq she tint he beat Stand hack and xx ttch htr Hymq feet 28 MN MAR11 1 x hw Dm IS Mzdge North Scranton r H1qh Commt rt 1 11 Intramural Basketh Cwlee Cluh A xery good dancer alvt aye xxell dressed leaxe 1t to to 11111q111t tht rest 55 Mlxnuxx luv DAx1s Ma rc North Scranton r I-hgh Comrmrcral Cvlee Club Yearbook St iff Clas Prophecy 1 e lb well known to us She possesses personahty p us , I .' xx , Je Cy Q I J SA S- N ' K 1 + I tg' . . . I . 'A 1' Q . ' . ' . I . 'A I ' ' . , 1 3 ' ' ' ' . all I h I A 1 . w Q . Y 1 . L ' VVe'll sz ' ,you gi. Q A Q K Q I :::" S , , 1, I , b bf Xie A ax ' ' 3,11 VK' .. . 5 N4 .k S A I ' . F I I , . 1 ' . s , 3 vi d - X , 1 ' x . V . z l , 1' ' . - 1 1' a . I h A I 'K I. he . I Q A z lVI.zi - ' . 'Vlxxx Dt Qouth Scrmton r lltqh Suqxr and splu And oh So mu I ll 1 1 xx D1 Us 1 Iohn Ad ims Conznzcru :I Intramural Sports Che Cluh Tvtlrler Illxll' try Asslstunt YL trbook Stiff WY 1 Irish lxzcl uth Strmton r ll Il M tn xqtr B asktth xll rt s ihoy xxlth fI'lLIldly Slnlll Hts frltttdshlp too xull xxorthxxhllt P I lulrti DORNBI vt R fngqlt HHLS lVl1Cl1son Pr tttzt 11 Arts Glu Cluh Htrt qxrl ut mx hear Adxerusmg Stiff But sht s .xlxx wks xuth us Class Prophny mstr ft ar Cuts petlte hlondt and neat As .1 txurltr she couldnt ht heat 11 , C su I Dill Wllh tm Prtstott Dummy ts qulet hls xsords art not mms But you Lin ht sun IN qt t frttn J? 'Q Dot cm rm Doxmuostsl Dottu 'Worth Str mton r Hxqh Ctwnzrm ru 11 Mont Optrttor tl iss hu m mntrs nrt so mu -sf uns DIPPRI South Sgrmton r Hxqh Trac ust the. opposxtt 1 most of us doesn t q 1 1 Q 1 tss 4? Rim Down I xxstsl North Swanton r Hxqh FOUIUICFLI :I 1. s rxqht at homf, on rolltr skatts And off them too ht mmf h ts to ht spoktn sht s qol whit lf ttkts to INK ILL 29 za :Q I I 1 l s I 7 Z' as I-4. A' K I. . Qt , V' A 'xr f ' . 1, I 4. I E2 I V ,L ffl. . ,, Lf, ,. . sc' . . I 1' .xt.a:-- Px txlcx Eur-.tes D.-ti 5. .iw I Q a . "Q I. 'l So ."z hm "2 f 'z 'h Cunlntcrciazl Prgzrtical Arts Pravtical Arts Practical Arts ' 2 ' as - z"1 z W ' 5 ' "-' He ' " at z ' . '. I 5 - - mf '- .' ' , , is ht- ti c - ally. llv ' ,al or '- ' ' ' ' matkl 1 f Q., I 6' 'A' Ir if E ., ff ., , . "I4'I" tt 1 xsf. .1 .iw fi It t . 'Q I. 'A ' " I. 'A " -- "1 - Q Shi 'R Q - .' Q ' .' ' x -ls at K' '- - 'cr ln X 2 f 5 z - ' , ' . - - 2 F. ,'.. . ,K f Y., S , , .,- in , F. , .. ,',. I . C - Z ,sl Grown FBI-R South Scrxnton Ir H1qh Pr'1Lt1CaI Arh Glee Club Year Book Staff Move Operator llttlt shy But ht s rn illy Qlllft xxondtrful quy Q Ioswn E111 Bom South Sermton 1 Hlqh Prawn 11 Art A QUICK 11d ue xc not heard much from But xxherutr he qots 'B' was-' Axrnoxs EPIFANO INNIIT I'-11111 Nl Tony INorth Scr1nton r H1qh Prdttztal Arts A snulmq boy xuth Ltr 5 h11r Tony IS tho. hox, xxhol SlIT1L1ClF B 'Worst Comrm rt 1.11 lntr 1mur 1l B 1skL th Glu Clulv Propt rv, Co11111uttt t qty Somtuherc ILIIL ll x 1lxx1xx ELL 30 our Lhoxet VK han lf tomu to 1 xuth in 1lto xmu QQ "CL" onx Flux wnx South Sermton 1 Hnqh Prn tn 11 Arts uk hdxx 1rds 19 a grind qu Although xuth the glrls Rout RT E1 M O 7 South Scranton r Hxqh Pr :dn 11 Arts A hxq IS ho. IS hns he1rt IS mo A met qlrl would 1 t 1 1 we -Er K, AN lllllxl 'lull EUXX 'xRlUNlxl Tum South Strmton r H1qh Pr 1Lt1cdl Arts A qlrl xx1th a Ch1rm her ovtn M lkLS her attr 1Lt1xt 1nd 'mm- NBL' XAIIIIAM Eutsm I South Scranton Ir Hnqh Prattxcal Arts On hm face then. hlppy smlle And xv. know 1t s tht rm 1ll thc uhlle N ":- Q1 A 1 ,Y A r , ,V I TX 5 . 5 n VA X , 5 ' -.Lil , x Q- . 3: 1- f ' J nt' i Ei - 1 fl ,1. I .' 1 J .2 'i " . 1 . 'h Q '1 f , fn 'Q f 'z '4 ' Q ' ' ' It ' ' 'z 3 1 ' . 5' " z all Quiet, reserved and an hes welcomek hdg pretty shy. well-known. 'Q ' ' - il 1 .x ' 5 .' 12-1" Ii 1. 1 . 'H H K H "B I" "B'll" U- " A 1 1' 2 2 2: ' all S -A 25- . i -h . is U 'xl' z'. " Pzlx, z ' '. x v , 1 , '11 Att. V Vx '.': il A ' Q ' ' . l'-V" ' ' if-' i Y l "N h111 11s . l 'ilU. a ' ' . ' ' ' ' 'Q 1 gal gtk S :xnxx Eiiix 'North Scrmton r Hiqh Commtru Rnd Cross Reprcsentitiyc so bright There is no person whom she would slight G. XNIILIAB1 FLYVN Ir sz South Scranton Ir High Practical Arts Another Flynn Vkfilliam this time The ladder of life he xxill rapidly climb QQ 0, Q or Ex Ass Clnclt imes M idison Practit il Arts B iskttb all till ind ark Buy are girls he ll steal your heart 'Bike WX 'huppf Rout RT M Fi x wx Buck St Peters Cathedral Practical Ar s This Flynn isnt Errol it s Robert yxe mein ut still with the qir s he c in ilu iys lu sttn WG Gig: Ll is FWRLI I Pumliu North Scrinton Ir Hiqh Coninurual lntrimur il B iskethill u t ind shy yyith i svyeet face looks Betty will yyin the race A R tix-x FITLPATRIUX l North Scranton r High Commercial Intramural Basketball Mixed Chorus District Chorus Dramatics Ye ir Book Staff Society Editor Home Room Represantwti 'NL Red Cross Representatiye neat and mm When it comes to singing shes our choice Shell vyin you oyer yxith er yy onderful y oice "Q" S ue xii Fi me xiao North Scrinton r Hiqh Coninzt ru 11 Jlu. Club Ye irhook Staff Here s a qirl yxe all should meet If you dont knoyy her youre missinq 1 treat Mft 'E' Lois Fiiuiui Tootsie. Nlorth Scranton r Hiqh Practical Arts Intramural B isketball Dance Committee Next is a gil vthos tall ind slim Her clothes are alyy iys ,, , 4' Q x W M I ,i , Q, 4 4 , 1 I 0,,,' ,' QM' Aw Q ,, ' . -,- gr W' 5 Y' ,I St , 4 y , s i l . i-Li .e f 1 4 xo I 3 2 B1 "" ' .A f .. , .- -5 , 4' '2 'A It 5 a ' 2 . 'A 2 I. 'A , .-U1 , . -.i A. . A t .-I - 2"' iq -z a 2 ,z. 2 C-- Pretty, timid with hair A basketball player Q ie, 2 .' ' " z te ' ' ' ' ' 2 ' ., 4 In . ' " . ir' fx wx, V 1 V I M' fy V 0 f 'MQ ., i:',,, .. H "F't:" " 5-,H . . Y l 4 ' - V 3 - ' l I . '- ' ' " B 5 ' " Q It z - -. 1 Q ' h ' ' ' . if Rl 1 1 F11 1111 blurl Iohn Audulvon pmt txt dl Arts Sprmq P11y Costumt Comtnntu You mn 1sk lnyont 1 IS 1lyx 1ys full o W5 A 1 'ill' Grown GARDNI 11 South Strinton r H1qh Prattttdl Arts A mu L 1r of h1s ovxn 18 th1s boy s drt 1111 A more p1.rstytr1nq lad xxeyt neytr sten 32 'es C936- "T", IINRIJ VN South SLr1nton H1111 Prattzcal Arts R1c.h 1rd s report 1 yx1ll tcll 'I h 1t lu h IS dont llls yyork xull .11 11111114 my is FRHJ Gmetysuz Eckcu Qouth Seranton r H1qh Prutztal Art t loom for Fred to oxxn 1 DFIHIIUQ shop H1s llilllfy yy1ll nutr stop x lm s U NHL yllll 1111 Pm stott Pmttzt 11 Arts Costumt Coxntnnttt A httttr frnnd you ll ntur vt n IS frat 1 11on1,l11l111t W3- lQ'r"" 'hw X aukwll' P-1111 GAMBULKI Lcsttr 511111111 F B Morse. Prattndl Art Baskethill B 1seh1ll If you thmk he s qumtt th ll s cl yyronq gutss He L 1n sure add h1s shirt of lolhntss F Rusty un C 1 1x1 UNL North Strmton r HlQlll Conzmt rtz 11 Glee Cluh Alyy ISS 1 fr1end qtntlt shy 1nd Clllltf qht s ont lutky qlrl who dotsnt nttd to dnt 3- 'FHON1-RS Gfxtrxts 'orth Scranton Ir H1gh Prattttdl Art: Tom always hub. up to tht golden rule Ht s a person who hxsn t an enemy lH school A Y' Q' fv , R I ff 1, ,1 A. -t JI., A. A . X11-1' we 5 A R 1 S111 ' ' .1 .11 R11 ,A 1:11. ."l'l Icmf I la. J ..1.' ' L lf ff -11' , 'z Ir. 'g VN' 'Q 'i It U. ' k z 1 J 1 " Q ca rd Q 1 A 11 .2 is i , .' ' 1 , lk. l 1 . 1 s va tt 5- A V i ,A V V Sh- 1 '1 f fun. 1 '1 . loam 11 1nd 5 l' ' ' .4 ' 1111 , Q .. 1 M Q y R :ll . t 1 ' 1, ' Y . x 45 1 1 11 y -1. 1 -X ft 1 5 MF? 1 l't' A 'A fpgx 1 w . 1 , AW' .::..:VV.,., I . '11- 4 f A - ......, ' f 'Q x 'A .x A fr 5 if 1 1 3, fl 1 1 1- ivff ' , si h 2 " ' 1 A ' 4, 1 . I , 'K , 1 I . 'k z 1 . . IN . ' , . .i .I XXV, 1 . .Q C -f , '-.4 1 1 Rox A1 LJ G xx RHNSM Pom flu 'North S r1nt011 1 lhqh pfdtfll 11 Art Footb all Cu c DICE sm 1ll IH lt lou. 1fl1 s he s rt sllx xx st "'4sf.f-1' Xll Cvlll North Scrlnton I1 Hxqh COH1ll1efLldl Cute 1ntell1gent illtl really hep 1h IS 1g1rl xx o full of pep 'sxx wlll '1 Gr x111e1111 F 'NOl'Il1SL!'il'lfOll r Hugh Con1mtrt11I Glee Club the best frund to some p1l to tht rt N11 'Zum 'III' lo1111x1x1 C1111 'Xlllll Arehbild H1qh Comme rt1 :I Intramural Sports Color Gu 1rd Attrmtwe well dressed md ne1t Lorrune has 1lmost 1ll the QlI'lS hz if tx 111 Xljl T11 GPBINQ Btttt South Strmton r H1qh Pr 1ct1c 11 Arts Costume COIHmlfttt Butte has stylt She 111 1kes them herself 1 llltlll v1orthxxh1lt QR 9' digg-ff' R11 11xR1J GEITN 31111111 North Sermton r H1qh Pmttnal Arts Hert IN 1 hunter Hld hsherm 1n 1blc Count on h1s storms to lt no fable 8 I plllllll G1o11r1 P ll South Sermton r Hltjll C'OIVll7l1.I'LldI Football Basketball In The Game of Love be s dashmq md idCpI Ph1l s the boy who xull 1ll the g1rls get pf T 'G' Dux x CJIFORKII LL South Sermton r Hugh f'on1n1t rua! 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IU hrs own may Yet so qulet xll through the day Ions Scosa x ohnnu North Scrmton r H1qh Pr 11111 il Arts Glee Cluh One who 19 s1lent III spuch md rem 1rk I1 r he h 18 1 qoal 1nd 11111 s 1 qood 111 1rk E 4 Romxua S1111v1s1s1 Harry South Scranton r Hlqh Pract1Cal Arts Presxdent of Sen1or Class Basketball Baseball Dance Commntee Yearbook Staff Advertmng Staff S -11 1 1 Sromszx D1mple: 'Ngrh Scrinton r HlQll COUIITICFLI 11 Adsernsmq St xff Sally s modest xx 15s 1nd xxlnnmq s1n1le lluc q11ned hu ffltlltls 111 111 1ns Il fx 'T M XRI rsh SHI-RMAR Mar Samuel F B Morse Cummcrnal Cvlec Club Techettes As Captam of the Techettes she d1d her Joh xxell Stra1ght forward honest A Qlfl N011 Cant hi if ruth wmmng was xx all thmk she s swell Harry null qaln more fnends each day Milf 114111 S11r1 ms Mrke Nor h Scr mton H1qh C,11n1rmrc11l X 1111 11 comcs to 1 Sllllllll lr1shm 111 No one L 111 heat our p1l Mlkc Sheerm 1 I1 IN S11111 larkze lNorh Scranton r H1q Practzcal Arts QUICK and free IS he 'X et one who IS k111d and fr1endly 0-1 ESTFI 1 F 9111101 11 Sfclly North Scrmton r H1gh Pr 11111 :I Arls Ulu uh Footlull Sports Reportmr A wonderful q1rl for the 111110 she spencls To help out dosx Il lu 111111 fI'lCl1LlS .lam Io11x S11u111s ShllklC 'North Scranton r H1qh Prictzcal Ans D1r111q class c1l111 Ill quxet was Full of 1p at the end of the d1s 55 z. 1 f' Ii 1 M 1' 'z 'I 1"l 'z 'A 1'1.'z Ir. A 1' Az ' z' "1 1' ' "5 I 1 "z 1" "5 J ' h 1 Vl 1 ' 1 3 ' ' C -- Cl Q z . " ' A .' ' ' 'z ' 1 ' 1 ' 'O zxzizz af' 'z'1.Q' 1 " . '-1 '. ' 5 .' ' 1 I 1 . with' Q '11 1ilc. ' - '1 ' ' 'Mm' -My I ,l I ,, A 1. K I 1 fe. K , I i I... 1' 1 1 ' Jr! 5.1 1' 1. 3 V - 5 . . 1' I I . 'K h 1 ' ' I . 'R ' ' ' x- C N '.c fx. ' 3 - 3 ' 1 . 1 'h 'Q ' ll L . . I A 1 VI Z. L A w "EV Wl11xAM SHUINIS Axruoxw SICONOIFI Shukre Tony orth Scranton r Hlgh Wllllam Prescott Practical Art Practical Art Orchestra Band Baseball Qutetness and modesty art nothmq on vthlch to froxxn For craft and dhlllly H1 hun are found A lad who IS drtammq In llly may VVnt1nq for th at certun 35 .AMP YE Ioxm Sknsrox ed Henry VV Longfellovt Commercml lntrimural Sports CATHLRINL S1 L Katie lohn Ad :ms Pmttlt il Art Dramatlcs Orchestrl C1 tt Club Orchestra Capable of domq Como. VVhat May or she h as x smtle throuqh o tht du Band Makt up Commlttet Dance. COIIIIIIIIICL Home Room Rtprtstntitlxt Spanish Club President of Red Cross Fdxtor of Year Book Chamber of Commerce Forum Saungs Stamps COIITHIIUCC Populmty and cxctlltnt m irks me s 'lmt m xltes tht sp trlt 36 Q Doxup SxEKlERnA Duck South Scranton r Hxqh Practical Arts Baseball 1 Qlllkli to the draw I9 Donme VVhen 1t comes to bemq frxendly 41... Qwtuv Lum M Suvms Shorty ames M ldl'sOIl prattn il Arts Glee Club ru nd one vnthout 1 care She yust btllexes th xt xxluth Brnmmp SKIBINSKI Skmhead South Scranton Ir Htqh Practzcal Arts B isketball Waqon COmII1ltfLC or Hayrlde A llxely boy vtlth a lot of pa s One vtho s sure to he flxrtmq vuth the qals was as-xx sys: Euxx ARD Sutotb Slum Iohn Audubon General Orchestra Band Sxummlng Team Class Prophecy Ch xmber of Commerct Forum llt s tall and slun you max repeat Bu hrs grades are hard to beat if f K' 'C dl N e 1 G . 1: , . 1' -Y I I . abr' QQ' I A' 5, Q , -1.0.x If 1 xl S1 N l - ' ' ' V l V Q . ' 4- ' - ." ' z ' " z " L Q. 5 4'f a A ' d , A N 1. .rs P V I lf 4 QQ? N E In gp . , .., V .b sa- a t f W s- ' ' ,9 :X s jf Y f Q' f t S 4 AIR 411, A 4 14 , rv H x rr 44 . fr V . ,K V Q q I' 5 z I. 'QT -In C Q ,C , ., V , ' - F--a " Q " ' -,S 5 ur - , is fair. "lou ' '. " the that 1 ' .' ' 5 1 's. IOSFPH Sswmre Sm! South Scranton r Hrqh Practical Arts Here s 1 hoy who really rates VK hen It comes to qrace on roller Skates Ct 'mrzxcr STAPIIS Buddy South Scranton Ir Htqh Practzcal Ark Football Track SKKIYTIITIIUQ Team He was on our svtlmmlnq team But ln one glrl s eye he hrmqs a qleam MARJORIE Sol sv xx Margze North Scranton r Hrqh Commerczal Intramural Sports Orchestra Red Cross Representatrxe Ltterary Edrtor Year Book French Cluh 1Centr1ll LIICFIFQ edltor that ls she VV1thout Margie where would we he fl- fu., ROBPRT STAxTo's VV1ll1am Prescott Practical Art s Yearbook Staff Hts clothes are neat hls stature tall H15 dlsposltlon rs admxred hy all f' Fx r LYN Spmznovx North Scranton Ir Htqh Commcrczal Ye trhook St all Thxs qxrl s as Hltty as her name But she s wonderful lust the same WILIIAM STAHI Brllq ohn I Audubon Prdttlcal Arts Band He s yery' nlce ue all aqree VV1ll1am comes but tardlly QQ? 4 f jztrx Srztvx INSKX Polock lNorth Scranton r Hlqh Prrtfzcal Arts Band A frtendly person vuth frlendly vt ays He ll have frlends the rest of hls days gi' 'lsr NORMAN STFPI s Buddy Carbondale Htqh Pram tu al Arts Band Norman may be rather small But that means nothxng after all 57 ,A . Adi I 'Q 0, f . Q 1" t ff- A! M .S , , A t Q ' X s , D A ' l I t 5' 1 ,, S 1' f i zf f Q If 'W 'gf ' . -'- t ,, -': Q ' , - .. ,ZH .. 4 ,. HEU.. ., ,. ' I- 1 A' ' It 1 '2 - 1 ' I-1 i ' ' V ' 2 e Q i i 2 ' .e . I 2 ' 2 ' ' . . '. .' -. 5 Y S A ' a - lbw ,Il , V 2, I .X I -W i Br TTH Inv STI wssos North Scrlnton r Haqh Commerczal Adxertxsanq St aff There ll lae a rang on er finger before yery lonq The best of luck to you and Don QR' 4. IOHN SYMo'ss ackze North Scranton r Haqh Prattln 11 Art B asktth all M an aqtr Glen' Cluh Short and Lute and out you know VX ho stored a hat an Syxttthe arts shovt 58 Suuuaa Ass STORM Ruma Srmmmat Shzrl Pct k Coamqton Corasolldattd South Scranton r Hnqh Lonarraertr 11 C onzrm ru 11 s of fun nd as frat Tooth all Sp mash Club so true There s nothang she wouldnt do for you 459 Racu ARD Suavur as Prt afher Samuel Morse .Drattu 11 Arts footlw all Tr atlt AIl1l1lIlOH as a thuaq th at Datlt xxall nutr shun VV1qon Commatttt for Hayrade A tall hoy math a heart of qo d Has fraendlaness keeps hun from groyxanq old at KW NQQ' Tuovl as STUTZMAN Slut Iohn Adams Prattu al Art B aseh all Flonrxfr TAIIO ossq South Scranton r Haqh Pracfu '11 Arts Orehestr a B and Yt arbook St all Red Cross Representxtaxe Small and quaet vtath pretty lalaek h ur Sonaetunes an hardly knou she s there fis- ROBFRT TERRY Terry West Scranton Haqh Comnzercml llt looks xxath far off qu t l ootla all B asketlu all to see YL arhook Staff X aats afttr l'eLh vt un suttt ss ms to lat found quatt hoy auth pt att of h t shall ht lay thls o uund A loy al fratnd trut uad kuad l Dox.x1.u Tulrm Gus South Swanton lr. Hugh Pr11t'r1t'nl Arts l:oothall - Baselwall Don IS quiet the ltmd you can trust 'llo he there always w1th never .1 fuss. 2 'Y li ti., . . are 2 Tuoxt.-xs Uxtsxwsm "Cf1iL'1f'l North Seranton Ir. Hugh Pr51t't1t'f1l Arts -, 6 1 4. l .... V H 182 , Q' ,.- Q-5 at M x'r1I.o.x 'l'rm,wr.t.r.1 Maven. rl-lftxfllfl' X'1or.1.'r Yum A'Ti11z'e" "VV South Scranton lr High North Seranton Ir. Htqh South Stranton Ir Hugh Cunrnzercml ffommert ml Comrnertwzl Cllee Clulw Cllee Clulv Drarnattts Always a laugh. always a llustness Nlanaqer of Ativertisxng Staff smile. Yvarhook Class Propheey To theer you up. sht-'tl Home Room Represerltatxve She has style. she has walk il mule Aclverttsmnq Staff grace A good deal of work and And always a sn ' not muth noise. face. HMM' Louis TVLINIX l Ace" Samuel F. B. Klorse Conmzervzal Basketball Footlwall - Band A sure and capable fr1enCl. Though he wasnt a star 'Wal' his smile forever he hxs he wasnt hlue. trend, For .1 manager s yoh is important too Those are the tacties that MEIFIQ' employs. mar it Itlsrxsx. 'VIINIX USB.. Samuel F. B Morst' Comme-rcral Conzmcrcial A gentle Nliss is she. Glee Cluh One who rs sweet and Small. cute. glve her a twlrl trustworthy. Ioarm puts all the laoys m at whirl. 59 44 bl am as at Q as. 'ii lx. ' X , 4 my I 'fu Zi L11 ' asf' . J 1 - I lmix X7l'I4Al.l-Q Amrirvli Vx'Ac,xz-,R liwzir-se XKl."tl,KlQlf HENRY VVIQBU "Big Iolml' "Ar" Ulrnzgr' A'Hn'171kll North Scranton Ir. Hlqh XVilliz1m Prescott North Scrfmton lr. Hzglm Xxlllllillll Prescott c:0l7l!7lCFCl'Iil Con1f:1crcif1I Cwrzmcrcixxl prrifflcill Aff.N Not too tall. very lltdl. Glcc Clulv - Band Cleo Clulf l'lClf1 t-xccPUUllf1llS' quiet and A ll'1Cr lvoy youll ucvcl Quict. soft-spoken. rwcvqx' A very plcuszmt girl 15 sllc. VCU' Shy. mccr. loud, Fond of her wc ll .xlxxniys lw. Tllutls qultc unusual for .1 Slut- s za gurl of whom wcrv guy. proud. gm 17 """' "'- 1 at ox ,1 I -7 'A' 4 fh- T"T?v ding Qu Pr-.11 H VV.-x'1'w loux XNv."X'l'lxlRN Cymru 1 X XVI nm Hptffll Hl5iL'lx'H NCi,1lL'1x'H x NUl'lll Scruxlton lr. llltlll North Scrnmtou lr, Hlull South Scrcultou lr, llltlll Arn Cin:-'r.ll Pr.1tm.1l Arif Cfumnlunnll Slwk xcry mcc, lull llOk'5lll A lmuu um Lllt'llllNlI'X' l5 lutx Clmmlwl- ul ln sllcucv tlwrc 18 mfcrv, my much. ol fun, Ctumm-rcc lrorum lu Clucli tlmurc mx .alulltv ln llOlllCIlliil'illlQ slxc lms .1 But pvtur. you lmcl lwttcr lutl-i lk A guy who ls on CI'illfSIlliiI1lS touch. run' tht- lmlll lully. lrxcudly .mcl lllictl lu' ull. 60 XNY lNorth Sermton r Hmqh Ciontnzerczal n amural Spor s Glee Club Twtrltr Decoratton Commttttt Twxrlmg ts in art NKl'llLl'L she employs When she s on the ht d w xtch out boys oxx Yxxlsko BINLUH St Peter s C ithedral Practical Arts Intramural Sports Glee Club Euw ARD Vvrmt Wttuut XlVlilTW4-KN Wlzzfey Wzllrc North Scranton r Htqh ohn Marshxll Practu 11 Arts Ltfe IS hard and weary So why s he ln such 1 hurry? Ixxtrt Vxot Commerc tal Football Basketball Track Baseball Publtclty Adyertlsmg Staff Full of pep and lots of fun IDIO OFI9 Ru ru xxx WINTI tux xxrt North Scranton r Hxgh St Mary s Hxqh Comme-rczal Glee Club Color Guard Dramatlcs Always stngtng the ntwest Adyeruslng Staff SOUQ Wonderful as 'tn aetrt s Sho. s ha ppy and e trtfrtt wonderful as a frtencl all day onq If you want someone won derful youll know where to send Commerual pamsh Club Smart serene and ltght on her feet To set her really ts 1 trt it Cfxkxu-I Y-xxxl Carm 'Nor h Sermton Ir Hugh Prictrcal Arts Lxpresslye dark eyes are thts gtrls fame You know her Ctrmcl ts the n ima LORR-XlNl Yrnytxr Rarncu lortb Scranton r Hlqh Commcrcral Always looks so cute and neat For bemg sweet she Lint be beat 61 5 is as ,3 y sr, ' r t I S H ,, . Q 1 Bli'l"I" K Hl'I'll ' '. ' 'i , . . . . Q . 1. . l 'i l- '. " I. 'Q I ' . 2 tl r 'z . ' I tr' ' Lp A - , ,L - I V b V,- ' 5 ' He has many talents rolletl -- .I . 49 I ' Q' , N I ' . 1' ' I I Qi ' atneua ' J .la . Q.- 1 F - 1 S A ' , . lows Youxt jo1aA's'sA LHlNOwwhl Rotarur Llrllwskl 'ack Bob South Scranton r Hagh Central Hagh Practzcal Arts Practxcal Arts Chamber of Orchestra Commerce Forum Sha. plays the yaola and that Here s 1 typlt al all round as quite hard qu But you couldnt ask for 1 Ht na akts you thueklt w hen he qots hy otusl Lumxttsk as d a. North Seranton r Haqh Commcrcxal Intramural Sports Twxrler Orchestr a tr aer p ard iw Cmxmrs Luv Wxlll am Prtseott Practrcal Arts The last one ID our alphabet Samuel F B Morst Prattzcal Arts A httle nonsense now and then ls w eltomed by the btst of mtn Now heres the place we vc. left for ack You know has other name as Sack P 'Xlll LUINAIISRAS Iohnson Trade School Practzcal Arts Of Lourse you know ham s Babes brother But he ls qulet not lake tht other xmmy Flynn also was a Shy GUY Although we can t undtr stand yust why Waxy blond hur 'md fullA fun lovlnq fellow as thus of fun one lxnown and liked by eyeryone Wed lake a plcture to remember ham by But alas and alack was camera s y Iac lx Sat lx Lzghtnmy North Seranton Ir Hagh Pratrzcal Arts Chttry braght alw y In maschxef he cant b outdone The shy part came when pxctures were taken HIS features he leay es to your lmagnnatxon 'trans M Inav. Battler South Scranton Ir Hugh Prattxcal Arts Baseball Dmormon Commmu But ht rmks hlgh lmonq smalt Humorous and full of fun Cgdsbbrrrli Eur? th' rut lou le 'mt Ht ll make you lo. arn to ln maschaef he Cant be edr OO tl lauqh a whalt outdont Baht thanks shorthand as all raght But she d rather play her ftddle wlth all her maght 62 l ' . 'iff' . .' iz ' 3.11 1 ' , .' ' 5 MIK ,.IO,. .. ., ' - - n " ' ' , he'. ' , ' 2 R' ' ' ' ' 1 H 2 V . . s- V V 1 f V ' ' " -I' 2 1, . 2 'A I w I A 1 ' " In I X . " z . - K ' .' tf r ' I V V ' ' Y e . 15:4 l l A ' ,-A,.L - -'I e I. ' ' ' P "B'b"' , Q' . X' . 'T . 2 P- V. I U: 4 1 'v, . f v 'w V A i I 2 ' H ', ' , 2 'za 's aa ' i " ' z 5 ' z A , 4, f 1 -.2 5- s as v ' 1 s A , r , Q V A . a . ' az , . ' ' i . , , - , , I' . . k . K ' ' z 1 .' ' t 5 ,gf PRCPHECY Smokmg Rockets' Here lt ns 1962 and already ten years haxe elapsed smce we graduated from Technlcal Hlgh School Our class reumon IS to be held ln two weeks but wxth mterplanetary traxel so common now many of our classmates haxe gone to var1ous planets to work and lne so we xe de cxded to deln er the announcements personally We all pxle mto an atom1c powered rocket shxp and wnth an earth shakmg blast we re off Loommg 1nto the mxst ahead IS Mars where the plants of the Wzllzam P ez er rocket shxps are located lt IS here that Rzchard Machznskz has won fame and fortune as the head deslgner WOW streaklng past us llke a comet goes that jet hot rodder ack Symonsl Over our space o phone Peter Watso gnves us our landmg mstructxons Our noted pxlot Louzs Tunzs makes a per fect landmg and we all go down the space ramp to the Aero Strata Burldlng constructed by Ronald Gauronsky and Wzllzam Hahn burlders and contrac tors specxahzmg ln space scrapers As the magnetlc eye opens the door and we enter we see 1n front of us the office of the Attorny General of Interplane tary Government Ronald Shrmsky The receptxonxst Alzce Harrzngton ushers us mto the ofhce where Nancy Gressler his secretary IS busy takmg dxctatlon The tmkle of money comes to our ears for over 1n the corner IS Louzse Zukaus kas frantxcally trymg to balance the Martxan budget ust l1ke the good old days Labormg behmcl a stack of mterplanetary bookkeepxng records are space accountants ohn Rock and Pat O Malley To asslst us nn our search for our former classmates Attorney General Shnmsky has appomted Space Gunde Frank Basalyga to show us around the the super speedway to our flrst stop the Galaxy Theater where the current h1t movxe Down to Earth IS playmg starrlng Ianzce Woehrle and ack Nape supported by Nan Scanlon loan Conn: and Delores Nagy The Galaxy Theater IS a glxtterxng gem lxke structure seemmgly suspended rn a cloud hlled strato axr that glves xt a beautlful and faxry tale l1ke appearance We go up the golden stalrs leadmg to nts door and are shown to our seats by usherettes Shzrley ones Antoznette Edwartoskr Sally Sgobba and Lots Fzdzam After the mov1e comes the greatest show on Mars The Grrsko Follxes produced and dxrected by that great actor and former Tech football star Ierry Grzsko The beautnful scenery rs created by oe Novak ln the plt we have that stellar muslcxan Peter Barbutz leadmg the greatest band m the umverse the Martian Madcaps playmg the hottest muslc east of the Mnlky Way Featured ln the band are muslcxans who were members of our Tech band Drck fDy namlc Drumstlcksl Bxesecker Dex er Hot Llpsl Pedley known as the Harry ames of Mars and the greatest trombone player smce Tommy Dorsey our own Darla' Parker and as a speclal treat that famous composer and gultar styllst Tom Ratzzn On the stage m costumes created by Irene Cszqz Catherme Reuben Carmel Yann: and Rosemary McCauley are the unn ersally known Spacettes fwe knew them as the Techerres J You remember Marlene Shermak Arlene Arasm Alzce Howells Alyce ordan Marzlyn Merkel oan Haas and Lozs Salamzda . V Y ! . - I . - - x . V - . . planet. Into a jetmobile with lohn Lowry at the wheel, we go streaking down . . . ' , 4 , ' I ,, I 1 ' , V y' i ' ' I ' PROPHECY One of the hxghhghts of the show ns that comedlenne Paulzne fBubblesl Butkas What an act' Down m the audnence ugorously applaudmg the show are our old frnends Rzchard Coz ey and hxs wlfe the former Rose Ann Corazzz and Mr and Mrs Ioseph Snyder lof course you remember Kathleen Qumlm J After handmg out the announcements to all our former classmates we speed to Rocket Hanger B where spacnal engnneers Paul Medzng and Donald Pznnell are experlmentmg on a new rocket for the regular run between Mars and the Moons of upxter As we were coastmg through space showers of meteors streaked by us barely mxssmg the shxp' After thxs close shave we needed a rest on solld ground and so we landed on a nearby space stat1on Here the shxp was re fueled by Howard Bonk and Wzllzam Stahl who are workmg for that cosmnc fuel tycoon ohn Young At the Strato Bar la spacxal snack barl we pur chased Aero Fxzzers and Venetnan Shakes from frm Conaboy Off we go agam to Venus On landmg there the Atlas Observatory first caught our eye We found Professor Leonard Atlas teachmg class m astropherxc condntnons In an adjommg room we found Ruta Atlas fformerly Montrosej polnshmg the staro scopxc lens From the observatory we proceeded along the Petcavage Skyhne named for that great humamtarnan Albert Petcavage We stopped at the spacepaper office of the Cosmo Flash where Fred Gardner EdltOf and his asslstants Cscar Conroy and Clarence Staples were settmg type for a specxal bulletm announcmg the exhlbxtnon of rare flowers at Lzllzan Dzaks Floral Haven and featurmg the exqunsxte Sandflower of Venus a llvmg crystal gem They as all our frxends assured us that they would be at the reumon Off agam IH our Vesuvnan letmobxle th1s t1me gulded by Iohn Dzppre screen Wzllzam Whztman mtroducmg two stars of stage screen and tele vxslon those hxllbxlly sensatxons Alzce Kilmer and ane Schroeder Straxght ahead we saw a sngn advertxsmg Kulzck s Astronomlcal Resort We stopped to see Marlene who was at the pool watchmg those Olymplc swxmmers Grace Sarnoskz and Edward Slagzs conduct1ng a class ln swxmatlcs Reclmmg 1n the shade of a hybrxd Slrxon Star tree were the former Pearl Ab dalla and her husband Also Thomas Bennett Iohn Shukxs and Donald Bell who were restmg from thelr dangerous actxvxtnes m outer space We were agam crunsmg along ln our specxal letmobxle th1s t1me at 90 m p m m order to enloy the v1ew when we heard a hxgh p1tched sound and xmmedlately our drnver stopped for ther pullmg alonq s1de us was the black and fuchsxa rocket crulser of the Solar League The officers were about to reprlmand us for gomg too slow and holdmg up traffic when lo and behold we recognxzed them as our old schoolmates Neal Blackledqe and Martzn Chuck We gave them the announcement and promxsmq to speed up streaked aw ay to the spaceport and our rocket shxp Our next stop was upnter where we found Florence Rzgqs Shzrley Redesky Betty Mzller and Gall Schultz at the Umverse Hospxtal which had been bullt through donatxons from thut phllanthropxst Norman Steel At the y ' D Y. I V . . v . V. .i ' 7 l . Y . I V - we decided to tune in Mother Earth. To our surprise, we saw on our tele-radar 7 . . I . , . . . . U i ' . . . , 7 . - . . . . N 1 Q . . y . . V . V r , r . . . v ' ' t 5. , xve I . . A A I I .ew I Q PROPHECY switchboard much to our surprise w as our good friend Mary Schuster wait mg for her prince to call From the hospital we decided to walk down Cosmic Boulexard On our right we saw the Daniel Marom Institute of Arts the head doorman oseph McKznnon took us on a guided tour through it The first floor was entirely taken up with Phil George and his Escort Serxice That dashing crooner was gnmg instructions to one of his best professional escorts oseph Nerz while Audrey eske typed up the schedules for that night We then went up to the second floor on the automatic adyulator Here were the studios of those re now ned former Met sopranos now famous xoice teachers Regina Fitzpatrick and Rheda Nzdoh A rhythmic tapping called our interest to a door down the hall Enter mg we found Gladys Cooper holding a class in tap dancing We qaxe her an 'announcement and continued down the hall As we open another door 1 glittering display of beautiful ceramics colored in planet blue and space pink and sprinkled with star dust and moon beam crystals nearly leaves us breathless Behind the counter is Dorothy Locker w hom w e are sure you all remember The automatic adyulator carries us up to the Hth floor to w here El: a beth Gebznq and Shirley Frable haxe their exclusue Planetarian Dress Shoppe Modeling these beautiful creations are Cecelia Mztcliell Bez erly Schzmpff ean Boylan and Frances Irwin Interestedly watching this parade of beautiful models are ohn Aeblz Frank Czyclf Frank Colarossz Robert group of wealthy women xacationmg from earth Before they were married you knew them as Delores Delzman Marilyn Morano Patricia A ordan Pat Herman Myrtle Bouton and Patsy He ron We passed out more announcements and went out onto Cosmic Boule xard once more A sign m a store window stopped us momentarily for here it advertised the latest in atomic ray pistols and the inventor and owner was none other than Robert Terry His newest invention was a special ray to kill the fire beetles that had been ruining the diamond trees The salesman that we saw coming out out of the store we found to be Louzs Schwass successful in his planned xocation They too planned to be at the reunion The Spaceport was lust ahead and there busily at work under the fuselage of a gigantic rocket ship we found Thomas Stutzman and Richard Getts We climbed in and it was Rockets Aw ay to Saturn The stew ardesses Norma Daz zdson and Dorothy Dombroslu told us the trip would take only I0 minutes for it was only 15 thousand miles aw ay Suddenly we began to land' We knew it was not Saturn but when we stepped out a wonderland of beauty met our eyes It was Bere znsliy Asteroid Yes IoAnn and Mike and their hxe children haxe purchased this asteroid as their summer home They told us that they would attend the reunnon if their robot baby sitter w as workmg When we finally landed on Saturn we were greeted by Ronald Brown whom we had not seen since the Unix ersal Circus He is top weight lifter you know A spaceacre aw ay was the Ep: ano School of Linguists where Anthony and Sera na were tutoring Delores Buliauslias Nanty Clark Irene Rasalla - .' '- v ' r I - r r r 4 ' ' U ' . Y . H . - . 4 Y c c V ' . S V Y C , . .i . , 3 r 1 . ' ' I ' . ' 'z - . . 7 . -V . 7 . H . . 1, . . 7 Zielinski and Fred Robbins. Discussing the clothes the girls are modeling is a 7 I - Y U I Y- Y D . V . . Y . . ' r ' v ' ' Y . x' L I 7 A . , ' ' .1 . I f ' . ' . r y ' . v 1 ' ' , Q ' PROPHECY Benjamzn DeLappz and Leonard Iurezzch m the unnersal languages of the Solar System for thelr posltxons m the S B l l lSpace Bureau of lnterplanetary lnxestrgatlonl Upon meetmg Leah Gzllette and Shzrley Parker commg down the hall on the way to the1r classes we found out that a concert was to be held m the Castle Space O Sphere named after that prlntmg success Sheldon Castles Playmg ln the orchestra were Lots Baker Dat rd Brznkman Angelzna Czprzano Anna Lzpka and Ann Marte Ross You remember what wonderful musnclans they were m our old Tech orchestra Featured sololst was a former Amateur Show wmner Paul Morcom lntroducmg Paul and act1ng as M C was a former Tech boy Robert Phzlltps The remamder of our classmates we hnd are down on Mother Earth back to Earth wxth Louxs Tums at the controls Our first stop IS sunny Calxforma and the Stork Club Here Irene Op sasnzck ns currently appearmg as the top blues smger rn the land Manager of the club IS now Donald Cook who ns certamly a credxt to Tech Hrs secretary Marxlyn Mazze Dams mformed us that an old classmate of ours had been there recently and also where we could hnd hxm We could hardly walt when we arrived m Texas to VlSlt the huge T Bar Ranch owned by that old pardner Lenny Bucky Benovztz Lenny persuaded us to stay for a few days To amuse ourselves we tuned m on a T2lCNlSlOH baseball game Lo and behold on the screen appeared none other than our great sports commentator Dave Bronstezn glvmg us a play by play descr1pt1on of a malor baseball game m whxch Tony Szconol lohn Spzke Allen and ferry Gr: rn were starrznq After a few days of basking 1n the sun we headed towards home Stop pmg at Flornda for a sxght seemg tour we came across the Phlladelphla Eagles sprmg trammg camp We found workmg vlgorously under the hot sun Mzke Andrews Ronnie Bernack Ronnze Gavronsky and Eddze Comtsky The new owner of the Eagles was Tommy Rrchards and another of our classmates Esther Luke was hxs secretary We stayed overmght at the H1ll Hotel owned by oxl tycoon George H111 Busmess Manager Marte Tosolt 1nformed us that the well known Hol lywood columnlst Matzlda Tomarellz whom you all remember was vacatlon mg there The aroma of dehcxous food comes to our nostrnls and after mquxrmq where we could find somethmg to eat we strolled mto the dmmg room Head walter Henry Webb showed us to our table and we proceeded to gne our order to Robert Elm We gave them thexr reservatlons to the reumon whnch they heartnly accepted They 1nformed us that our food was bemg prepared by such great chefs as Ioseph Eble and Robert M Flynn who were workmg under the master hnmself Paul Gambuccz After the dmner we ventured mto the courtyard where we saw Mar garet Pohonzsh and Barbara Przce engrossed ln a vngorous game of tennxs On another court oan Kropa and Betty Whzte were learnmg the fundamentals of badminton from thelr handsome Instructors Patrick Deters and ohn Vztale Wlth much regret we w ere mformed that we had to return to Scranton rmmedxately We streaked back to Scranton m our new et plloted by Gar eld Y . . y ' v 7 ' v - - V . . . 7 7 - , f , , . . V Y . . , . y . ' 1 r 1' ' . . V V' . . - ' r ' r r . v 50,-...,-. 1 , . V . . . . r - . p 7 . . . r ' ' ' I - . . , , ' r I . r. . , - . , , li, tl .- V B ' ' 1 V 0 , . . . . . . 1 ' f . .. V . . . ' r ., , . -, y V . s , . . . 1 ' ' I V - ,. - V , . . . Y V . - v f . , . . , Q r . . V i . .. r ' y 'V , . . . . . . 7. 7 . - , ' r r - . . . Y I . ' r v ' v PROPHECY lxra szq Returnmg vxlth us was the Textxle Queen Nancy Kosczuk and oan Lewzs and her husband As you knovt oan IS noxx the ovt ner of the Ackerly Farr grounds Landmg at the Ax oca Amrport vte xx ere greeted by Mayor Tom Galenzs Brrefly vue outlmed our trxp to htm and he told us where vue could find the rest of our classmates oan Sltelston was novx the Dean at Cedar Crest Women s College Teachmg m the Englxsh Department was Professor Fazth ones another of our frrends Lucxlle Bamck xx as head of the Athletrc Depart ment Mayor Galems xx hose secretary ns Vzolet Vazda also told us that olm udqe was heid of the Boys Clubs and that h1s guest for the clay was AI Klez a coach of the Mlnneapolls Lakes pro basketball club Whlle stlll at the airport we purchased a newspaper and much to our surprrse we learned that Marjorze Solsman was the Managmg Edltor of rt We also delxx ered mxxtatxons to housevxlx es oan Frzes and Mary Joyce Stoppmg at the ackson Tea Room ovx ned and operated by Dorothy ackson we came across Ez elyn Matthezus Carol Reilly Betty Farrell and Elzzabeth Matylewzch court stenographers dxscussmg the reumon vuth the head cashier Shzrley Storm We flnally returned to our Alma Mater Dear Old Tech where Loretta Marker rs novt head of the Commerc1al Department Lookmg at the clock m the ofhce we not1ce that 1t IS almost trme for the reumon and that vte have to clash dovtntown to purchase a new plastrc sult for the gala affalr Th1S evenmg on the vtay to the reumon vte notlce that the skres are filled vt1th all sorts of space shlps rockets and yes even a fewx old fashxoned alrplanes brmglng our former classmates to spend a most enjoyable evenmg xuth us As vxe enter the ballroom the orchestra s melllfluous tones come to our ears mdrcatmg that1t1s tlme forthe banquet to start Wont you porn us7 GLADYS COOPER MAZIE DAVIS LILLIAIN DZAK IERRY GRISKO EDWARD SLAG1s V101 ET VAIDA ff. . V. i ' V. - I K. .... , . Y . . . I I f, . , , f . 'fv ' A . - -, . . , . . I N I 1 , , - , . , . , , . , V, -. 1 V 1 , . . , . nz Rx HILLBILLY HAYRIDE Yrppxe aye eah and lots of hay held on the day of October 30 1951 At 7 P M xxe the Senior Class had a round up at the school Ex ery one xx as there on tlme but our old pal Pete Barbutl and hxs pardner Mickey Moran xxho gaxe us a hard trme ropmg them ln so vxe could depart for Van Slckel s ranch deep IH the h111s of Maplexx ood Upon our arrrxal at the corral exeryone had to get off and start from the beglnmnq After exeryone xx as plled on the xxaqons they all looked luke a can of sardlnes and felt like lt too After many fights songs pokes etc xxe reached the ranch house for choxx Finally xxe xxere able to eat' There xxas food ex eryvx here We found out xxhat poxx erful appetxtes one can acqulre on an ex enmg out beneath the stars It xxas rxght after xxe had finxshed eatmg that wxe qathered round the fire and sang to the accompanlment of Tom Ratzxn and hrs guxtar and Pete Barbutl and hrs accordlon Many songs xxere sung and some ex en trled to dance although the stone stopped them After an ex emng of smgmg laughing eatmg and a fexx other pastimes the cars xxere reloaded and xxe set out for home Txred dudes xxe thought back happlly on our l'l1llb1lly Hayrlde VICTORY DANCE Three cheers vxe xxon the Technlcal Central football game Noxember xx1thout our courageous football team Naturally xxe had to shoxx our thanks m some xxay so a xxctory dance xxas planned The dance xxas held November 25 1951 m the Boys Gym The decoratlons xxere unxque and a large croxxd attended th1s affarr Thxngs got under xxay xxlth Bobby Morrns start1ng a conga lme Music vxas supplxed by Pete Barbutx and Tom Ratzm The dance proxed to be a great success 1udg1nq from the remarks The Lxon s Club of Scranton entertamed the Txcket Sellers of our school and regnonal schools at a dmner held 1n the Scranton Club March 9 1952 The food specxalty xxas a lusclous Ham Dxnner Delegates from our school xx ere ean Boylan and Mary Gorzaloxx sky CHRISTMAS DANCE The annual Chrxstmas Capers xx as held nn the Boys Gym on Frnday exemng December 14 1951 The musxc vxas by Pete Barbutl and his All Scholastrcs The hlghllght of the exenmg xxas the selectxon of Mnss Techette and Mr Red Ra1der Marlene Shermak xxas chosen Mnss Techette and Dave Bronstem xxas chosen Mr Red Raxder Both vxere given axx ards The gym xxas qaxly decorated xxlth Chrlstmas trlmmmqs The entrance to the gym xxas decorated xxxth pme and a plcture of Old St Nrck The band stand xxas trxmmed xxlth p1ne and a Chrxstmas tree stood on each sxde A door prnze xxas axx arded to the lucky xxxnner Loretta Borden Dancmg vxas enloyed from 8 to 11 0 clock lt all added up to a merry ex ent v L v v. ' r v h V V y Y Y ' ' v l Y ' I 7 . l A V . S I . . ' . f ' . s v r 1 ' .. r 23, 19511 Score 12-7. We won, yes, but this would not have been possible V. . , 7 L 7 K 4 V ' K I. D V n o 7 y 9 I -' Q V 1' ' k ' ' . ' 7 L ' . 7 . . . , I f . . y . SOCIETY SNAPS Top Roxx Pete and H1 Pal Reqma Flt patrxck xx drblmq Center The Hax rlde Marlene and Daxe Recexxmq The Mlsi Techette and Mr Red Render Au ard Bottom Roxx Gladxs Cooper Amateur Show ack Edwards and DWFIICIDHDI L01 Siunders Sock Hop Wrnners vi .S S li . . F . vc . K " ' t ,I F- C . - I . 5, c I A S -F c f 1 RED CRCSS SOCK HCP On February 25. 1952, the Iunior Red Cross of Tech held a dance, the like of which has not been seen here before. Yes, everyone checked their shoes at the door and danced in their socks. Oooh. what dirty socks we had! A musical group, "The Notes," including some students from school provided excellent music for all kinds of dances' polkas, a Mexican Hat Dance. and the favorite slow' numbers. Prizes for the loudest socks were awarded to Lois Saunders and lack Edwards, a unior. At the stroke of 11:00 p.m., to the strains of "Good Night Ladies w put on our nice clean shoes and went home minus sore stepped on feet ST PATRICK S DANCE WHAT7 St Patrick s Day Dance WHERE7 Boy s Gym WHEN7 March 17 1952 8 p m Faith and Begorra if it isnt St Patricks Day' Naturally with all the good Irish at Technical High a dance was held to celebrate the occasion Exeryone hurried out in their green A huge crowd attended and from un solicited remarks heard about the school the next day a wonderful time was had by all CAST PARTY TIME 8 P M PLACE Green Ridge Canteen DATE March 24 1952 After a xery successful run of our Musical Production Sweethearts a cast party was planned All members of the cast w ere mxited including chorus members band members and stage crew You can imagine the huge number of people that attended' Refreshments were serx ed and enjoyed by all The party was very their homes tired but happy AMATEUR SHCW At Technical High School we have traditions which are carried on from year to year The Annual Amateur Show is one of these traditional ex ents sponsored by the Tech Lettermen Club lt w1s held on Wednesday afternoon April 'ith at 1 P M erry Grisko was master of ceremonies and the talent wt our school was well repre sented The talent was so good that it w as difficult to choose a winner but after long hours of counting ballots the winners were finally announced The winners were Paul Morcom first prize and Billy Loftus second prize The Amateur Show closed with the dism1ss1l of school Next year the show will go on ex en though we shall not be here Ye 9 Q ' 1 ' ' ' 1 V - . l h , L' . , ' 1 Vf a V Y 1 1 V successful, and at 11 o'clock everyone secured their wraps and departed for 'c .1 .1 1 , V 1 . . I 1.1 Y . 1 .1, c c .1 ' .1 ' ' I n V A Y- ' -LLC 1 at , ,' 1 . s QQ'-'LS Q x X , J? v X A ,W X gf ' 9 Q ' A9 5 x - ' Y , .fzfijg k I FOCTBALL 'I op Rom Eddle Connxlex D axe Bronetem Nuke Bere mxkx Bottom Roxx Rc nme G lXYOI1Nl'xX Ronnle Bern tele Lennx Benoxlt DREAM CAMP Cn December W lt the IXICINOTIII St dl um the mnutl Dream Gxme between eltx in eountx hlqh Choolx xx xx pltxed Teen uns represented on the 22 min Cltx team x wx Of1IS plaxerx Thoxe Pifflklpiflflq were Lxnemen Fddle COITl1SlxX 'Vllke Bere mslex Ronme ernlele it Len Benoxlt Ronnle Cnxronxlex Due Bronxtem Ilxerxone performed brllllmtlx xuth Q 1 Comlklex CNDCLII x XKIHDIUQ IQ Urine for hl outxtmdlnq xxorle The 1tN 0 I ILIOSC ceelklon 1 u 1 . . 'I 1 ' z 1 ' 4 4 41 - B z Bi eks: " 1. ' 1 d N ' K s 5 'ay 4 ' . "I Q 'X ' ' 2 ' V. Q i- V, E Eid-C ,V.' V. ,guyz .4 X h-th bf 'S ' ' 1 4 J ' s . Q R ' '. C' 1' 5 4 4 ' K A 3 1 ls Q ' I ii' .--C. TECH PLYMOUTH On September 15 Tech traxeled to Plymouth and absorbed a 12 6 loss Tech fumbles led to both Plymouth scores On the xery last plav of the game the Ralders scored on a pass from Wlllxam Mlles to Daxe Bronstem The team xxas 1n charge of Asslstant Coach Aldxxm ones due to the sudden death of Head Coach Pete Doyle s mother TECH OLD FORGE On September 29 Tech defeated a fax ored Old Forqe team 12 6 All scormq xxas supplxed IH the hrst half A screen pass to Poncho Cvaxronsky placed the Raxders ahead and an end sxxeep by Bron stem ended the scormq A fast IYHDFOXIHQ hne stopped many a Blue Dexnl scormq op portumty A large follovxlnq of Tech root ers wxent doxxn to Old Forge to cheer thelr team on to XICYOIY TECH EASTON On October 6 Tech played thexr hrst home qame agannst a stronq Easton team time holding a 13 6 lead Bronstem scored both touchdowns w1th Russ Smlth convert mg the extra pomt Easton was finally able tn the second half to score three touchdovx ns and wm 27 13 Eastoon s txxo platoon system proved too much for Tech s short manned lme TECH TAYLOR On October I3 Tech took the fleld agamst a faxr Taylor club and defeated them 19 7 R1ch1e W1ll1ams Mrles and Gavronsky dld the scormg A superb lme qame was played by Edward Comlsky Taylors only score came on a pass play TECH DLINMORE On October I9 a strong Dunmore team defeated Tech I9 7 Tech could not stop the runmng of strong Buck backs Lennv Benoxntz scored for Tech on a one vard sneak The Randers were held to but four first downs Ox er 5 000 spectators xlevx ed the contest TECH WEST SCRANTON On October 26 Tech played the un beaten unt1ed lnx aders of West Scranton West vxas fax ored prxor to the cont st bv three touchdovx ns The hrst perlod ended 0 0 West scored early IH the second perxod on a short plunqe followed by tvto more touchdoxx ns The half ended 18 0 Tech had txvx .J scorlng threats 1n the thxrd quarter but both ended ln fumbles That vxas the Raxders last chance West scored 13 pomts ID the thrrd perlod and 9 1n the fourth Flnal score 40 0 Attendance xx as 6 957 TECH PHILLIPSBLIRG On lNoxember 2 Tech took a lacmq from a strong Phllllpsburg New ersev elex en Ram sxx ept the grldlron durlng the xx hole game and the held xxas cox ered vxlth mud None of these facts hoxx exer stopped the xusntors Runnxng plays completely dommated the game since passmg was almost impossible Tech falled to get xxxth ln the ersey 20 yard lme Fmal score vxas 53 0 TECH BETHLEHEM On November 9 Tech trekked to the Lehigh Valley to play the powerful Bethle hem Hrqh elex en On the third play of the qame Bethlehem mtercepted a pass and turned It Into a touchdoxxn They scored once more m the first perxod on a 22 yard sprlnt and aqam xn the second quarter The half ended 230 Bethlehem poured 26 pomts over the goal lme1n the thrrd quarter to lead 49 0 Tech fmally started to roll m the fourth period VV1th 1m Hannon and B1ll Blllek runnmg the ball Blllek capped a 57 vard march wlth a 15 yard dash Russ Smith s placement xx as no qood A Beth lehem score ended the qame Fmal score 55 6 TECH CENTRAL On Thanksgrxmg Dav the annual Tech Central game vxas staged The day vxas clear and cool perfect football weather Len Benox xtz threvt a screen pass to Poncho Gax ronsky and Poncho scored the games hrst touchdoxxn After Central failed t qam With the ball Tech took oxer again Thms tlme Dave Bronstem scored from 19 yards out and Tech led I2 0 In the sec ond quarter Central scored a touchdovsn In the fourth quarter a splrxted Tech lme stopped the Eagles on the 2 yard lme m one of the best football plays exer seen The Ralders xxent on to a xlctorlous 12 7 XX In ov and enthuslasm knevx no bounds as the Tech bleachers xxent xuld' It ramed confettl and Coach Doyle xx as trxumphantly Carried off the held on the shoulders of hrs xlctorlous team - . I . ' V - ' - - . , ' , - . ' , 7 , . . ' L C .- 1 I I - - 9 Y 7 u 'cf .' l I U . . l l A E , Y 7 X. ' . ci 'A ' C.. . C I C sw C I .1 V T . I .' A . cc " Y. 7 I 1 V, , V ' r r ' l 7 L V' . ' A Y ' . . 7 C C n T l 7 . .l 1 7 L 'X L 1 . , , 7 The Raiders walked off the field at half ' 7 ' . . ' . I . . ,Lk ,. K 1 - 4 4. K 1 C n 7 1 . . . , 7 YA 1' L C - - . V K Y K . 7 S . 4 I . .' v , . T L77 ' L v . , lf " ' f . ' 0 . Y. I , V. A 1 r 7 1 ' x L. . ' N K .' , - , . .-f I L 7 'V h .. V I . . ., V K , r 'l ' . FOGTBALL 1 f an 'ui Q f' i in MW? gggmfs Af' R I Wllllam Whitman 4 Wlllxaxll Blllek 2 Mlke Andrews 5 Phll George 3 Don Thxede 6 lerry Grlsko pothght on Football www W Top Rou Dream Game Play ers Get 1m Dax ey Center Ron The Trlals of 1 Coich X ICIOFY IS ours and the Co lch qers 1 r1d Bwttom Rau Actlon On the Bench 'No fixr pe-ekmq Phll BA KETB LL Ynwz' di-. I' I I 5'-W ,Q- xr IN x , X Q P AV ,H , di. 2 ,X 3 , , 1-lf: Rwzx Pwlw Pfulizpx. KL I Irrrx' Kfizlv IA-:ny S.f1sw'11L:A A1 'fu1:.a. Iwhn Illuiglt. Cn- C,,.1pZ.1:1w Uuku IJk'.151?1x'!' I-wf1z1Yu1L:1g: Stluzlu VY.1:m:1:.1l4,fNIx:x' .Yxwzd R, ll XIV Oliwz-.1, I:K1L1l1fX' KLM. Dwripli Cf1.1p::1.n:1 H111 Xfiiw. PM Dohm VKH11-'r Pu1z'.1Q:11k. Im' I.:1k.1N Mr Ixuw C1N.:yE1 B-wtf. "I :x:1k'Z'Y Kin-11.1. All Skfumn t: 4:25 Klux? Y.11L1,1.Q Pf.1'.rr 1: ilu- Iln-111: fhrziu Tudltl Dxzku IDUXZQEZUI link IQLJKLL lfzwrf Akfzwfi:r1.1Fm1gUL1:71v X BA KETBALL The 1932 b1slcetb1ll e1son beg1n xxlth the return of onlx txxo letter nen Co Captams Al Klel 1 and ohn udge 'lhe club keenlx felt the loss ot c QMallex xxho gradu1ted lar x 1r Nexertheless xxrth txxo strxkes agamst them the hghtmg ptrtt of the Red Rmders and the gre1t coachmg of Mr A D Cockles ones c1rr ed the te1m to the end of a successful season Txxo pre se1son exh1b1t1ons s1xx the Renders lose tc 1 hxghlx t1lented Klngston I6'lUl md declslxelx belt 1 Cl1rlc SLIIYIINII Hlgh te1m Although the Ruders tzrted stoxxlx bx los1ng four out of thelr hrst luxe glmes thev flI1lSl1QCl the llrst h1lf In the L1ck1xx1nn1 Lelgue competltton h1x1ng 1 four xxm flxe loss record As the se1son xx 1s commg to 1n end our Rarders shoxx ed the form of real champ1ons Thev xxon four of the l1st s1x ball games losmg only to a great Qld Forge team 1nd a strong Tavlor club The Ralders closed out the season bv defeatmg thetr tradltlonal rtxal Central 48 47 ID a thrlllmg game that had the f1ns on thelr feet mcst of the ttme The hnal record shoxx ed Tech xx on nme games and lost a lxlce number Thev scored lO56 points to the1r opponents 1082 ln City League compet1t1on the Raxders defeated Central txxxce but lost to West Scranton 1I'1 txxo closelv contested games ohn udge ohn udge xx 1s glxen honoribne mention on the Dream G1me te1m 1s xx 1s hdxx 1rd Dougher 1 sophomore xx ho IS 1lso closlng hls b1sketb1ll c1reer lloncr md f1me xxere brought to Tech thu xfelr bx one of tts out sttndnng tthletes md students Al Klu 1 Alxx1Vs 1 leldxng scorer on the court ln g1mes 1g11nst Tech s oppo nents Al xx 1s chosen to pl1v on the Dre1m G1me Fnrst Tenn Thls ln 1tself xxould h1xe proxed an honor tc Tech but Al through h1s expert pl1v1ng depend1b1l1ty unselflshness md oxer 1ll te1m sp1r1t shoxxed hlmself to be lust xxh tt the yuclges Cho t hum to be the Most V1lu able Pl wer on the Drenn CJWIIIC Te 1111 Thts xxas the hrst tune 1 Tech pl lxer h ts xxon the coxeted tltle but xt has nex er gone to 1 more deserxmg athlete Folloxxmg the g1rne he xx 1s 1xxarded 1 beautxful xx r1st xx 1tch The next d1x he xx as 1g11n honored bx be1ng n1med Bond s Athlete of the Week An 1ll round athlete 1 good student and a flue person to knoxx Al 1 1 shtnmg example of Tech s sportsm1nsh1p and sp1r1t Congratul1t1ons Al and max xou haxe the good fortune vou deserxe tn the future ' . J . s K J . " 1' ' ' , - 1 f 'IL l l . 4 1 I 1 l C ' ' x . ers fee . . l ' " ' 5 ' J ' . ' t s 1 ' C' K f ' t . . -F, C .1 dx 1 1 1 F. ,.c , 1 ' F. -1 I L 1x ly C . , . . . , z . s Q 5 ' f f Q : I' ka J ' " 5 1 ' z 2 't 2 1. '1 f'Az . ,1 .C c .1 'c ,1 1 K L , 1 .1 .1 1 , 1 51. I v CA. ,.'-, k., B.. c . . A ,1 .1 L .1 1 1,v V . 1 - C v1 x nf 5 v B. Two seniors closed out their basketball careers at Tech: Al Kleiza and l l . - l l , 'Cf . A ' f ' ' f C , C -1 VK .1 1 vi 1 , K ,1 , V 1.1 I .h .AV I A-1 C -1 C . . ' , Q . ' K 's I 2 f ' Q - , Q ' t 1 sz 5 f':z. vc X k. C R ' K F1 1 K c b. K A L I Bw '51 - ' C ' ' z , 1 , R 5 . I ' K , C V 1 V -1 V... .1.1, i 1 -C C ,1 1 1 . .1 V I ,1 ' J ' z ' 1 1 S3 ' - 5 K z af a L I . , B. ' B. ' C E I. ig. , . ' ' ' '1 1 K c , 'c ,1 c 1 c 1 ' 'c . .1 1 I' 'c .1 c C V X' 1 K c lj ', c ' c . c K . , 1 .1 ', 15 K 5. ' ' A, 'kc g. B. C 5. ' k, ' ' I L 1 . . ' ' 1 f ' SVVIMMI G Left to rzght Rxck Machmskl Dave Lleberman Fred Ross Bob Seguin loe Moskowttz Harvey Applegate Doug Crabbe Nelson Beers Ierry Grxsko Martm Hahn Coach Absent Clarence Staples Ed Slagxs Captam After a long absence from the sports scene scholastxc swxmmmg was rev1ved m the Scranton School Dlstrxct Teams that comprxsed the conference were Central West Sxde and Technlcal CGHS1d6flHg the lack of practlce tlme and the hardshlps endured m securmg a practlce SIIG the Techsters complled a good record The Raxders fimshed second m the Conference wxth tvto wms and tvxo losses Edward Slagxs team captam capped the season by finrshxng second ln the Drstrlct Il back stroke event Coach Marty Hahn dxd a grand yob all season long The most mterestmg event of the season saw Coach Hahn go for a svum Qagamst hrs ovsn v.1lll after the West Scranton meet How mn me forget that' A deserxmg salute should be qxxen to the manaqers rn all the school sports Wrthout thenr helpmq hwnds l1ttle could hue been 1ccompl1shed Z - v v , v V s v , . V v - s - V . . . . . . . . , Y . . . . . - . v V. . . Y Y. N Y c ' .. . 7 fc f ' .' f e e .' K c .', c V c .l . 1 TRACK Fzrst Row Arthur Iackson Frank K1rchner B1ll Blllek Ed Dougher Ioe Lucas B111 Mules Davxd Mntchell Second Row Ronme Zychal Tom Bxshop Dxck Wxlllams Buddy Staples Ierry Cvrnsko 'Iom Ratzm Norman Steele Iohn D1ppre Davey Bronstem Thrrd Row Bob Phlhps Mgr Pat Dolan Leo Hubbard Mlke Polanlchka Frank Stanovntz 1m Hannon Dave Cxanhchx Butch McGovern Nelson Beers Coach Cecil Garey Absent Dxck Sumllas After flmshmg second ln the Lackawanna Track Conference last year nothlng but first would SatlSfy the Red Raxder track squad With the return of Wxlllam Blllek and Dave Bronstem as Co Captams Leo Hubbard Stone wall ackson Duke Dougher Nel Beers and Rxchle Sumllas and many others the team have accompllshed thelr feat Coach Cecil Garey has strong hopes of sendmg a few of hls boys to the State Champlonshxp at State College thns year - , , . , V , - , , , . . Q . . . , . , - - . V , , . . I . . , , . . . 1 . . . . . . .. .. y , - H -A H . . . . , , . ASEBALL Frrst Row Howard Bonk Dan Morrow Don Snekxerka Ronald Gavronsky Wnncly Ward Ierry Grlflin Second Row Peterl Doyle Coach Splke Allen Ronald Bernack Iohn Iudge Al Sxmmo Al Klelza Ioe Shuba Thzrd Rou Louxs TUUlS Manager xmmy Flynn Ronald Shxmsky M1ke Berezmsky Eho Grlsso Frank Llples Ph1l George Manager Always a strong contender ln the Southern Dxvlsnon of the Lackawanna Baseball Conference thls year s team looks to be no exceptlon Coach Doyle nn callmg the flrst practlce sesslon savt the return of Mlke Berezmsky Splke Allan Poncho Gavronsky Bucky Benovltz and Ronme Shxmsky from last years team The return of Yogx Berezmsky alone should make Tecn the top team m the area - V V V V V . . V 1 V V V V V , . 1. , V I . V , V V V - . V . V - V . .... . . -A . VV r V V H VV U VV . . , V V V V .V .VV . V if '-55 lQ, LILIIAN Dzu Head Tlllfltf Betty im Bender LIllliH Dzak 1 tnt Qhlrltx Hxyntr TWIRLER Here they come the h1gh steppmg txurlers of Techmcal It vuas the op1n1on of all that they were the best m the CIIV durmg the past football season Desplte ram or snovx these xersatlle lassnes strutted thelr stuff The SEHIOIS on the squad led by pert and petlte head txurler L1ll1an Dzak are Babe Bet and Nancy you knoyx them better as Loulse Zukauskas Betty Whlte and Nancy Matthews Also qu1et oan Lexus pretty Betty ane Bender and last of all attractlxe Sh1rley Hayner Wlth the support of thls bexy of beautles hoxx could the football squad posslbly lose a game ,I 5 f 1 Q . J , S- ,f I fix- 1 I X tl 1 A t y Q , . my . Nt 'S-I , , X l a ' ' Louise Zukauskas, Nancy Matthews, Ioan Lewis, Betty White -'lif1l."zi. AIs':,"j z't. - I lVlARlhTNl- SHLRMAUX Head Indran Front Ron Arlene Arism Marlene Shermack LOIS Salamxda Back Roz: Marllyn Merkel oan Haas Ahce Hovnells Alyce ordan TECHETTES One of the best known groups at Tech 19 the Techettes Led by Head Indxan Marlene Shermak they performed at all Tech football games The semors are statuesque Alyce ordan pet1te Allce Hovxells and oan Haas vxvacxous Arlene Arasm, pretty Marxlyn Merkel and our dark beauty Lois Salamxda These grrls have gamed statevude recogmtxon as one of the best cheer mq and dancmg umts 1n Pennsylxanxa They are dlrected by Mrs Ida Phrlllps Reese Lllllan Dvak ' : ' , I . 4 ' , I . PAST ATTRACTIONS Center Bind m Fleld Formation Bottom A Ben of BCTUI16 The Techette Top: Inspirations - Color Guard - Scmor Cheerleaders 1 C ' S- s SCHOOL NEWS PROLOGUE The School News sectlon rs here at last We hope that vou xxlll not turn past Ar least not untll vou Xe read lt through Because xxe xe vs rxtten lt gust for you SONG SIMILARITIES Sloxx Poke Bemg late for class REMEMBER THE DAYS OF Wrxtmg vour oxxn excuses Mr ones and his tardx frlends Takmg adxantaqe of the student teachers Collectlnq qraduatlon plctures and name cards les xx rth Slam books Oxercrovtded assembhes and pep ral Recexxmg fan mall from the ofhce Belng saved bv the bell M1 Murphy an announcement Standmg m the cafetena lunch lmc Gettmq confused by dlfferent schedules Watchlng the clock Borrovtmg penclls Sklppmg shovters ln gym class Fallmq asleep rn P O D Sore eyes and headaches durmq test xx eek DOIDQ homevt ork it the last mmute Report card dav blues Gettmg shocks from the machmes ln ofhce pract1ce Wonderlng and xxorrvmq about he prom tests Practrcmq for commencement Trymq to pass Mlss enkms POD HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES Pearl Abd1ll1 Thomas Conrox Catherlne Cooper Reqma Fur p1tr1ck Alxce Hoyt ells Ann McDonough Marxlxn Nlerkel Rose Prenderqast Bex erlv Schlmpff Marx Schuster lVl1r1e Tosolt The Wheel of Fortune Report card day Undeclded Whether or not to skxp rod rx ecause of You Teacher sendmq 111 1 slrp Hou Do You Feel Vrsrtmg the health room Tell Me Why I faxled that test Anvtlme When you do your homexx ork You call EX erybody Svt eetheart Mr Murphy at play tlme lxe I-lcurd That Song Before Trymq to get back mto class Don t Cry Ioe Lonqmq For You A passmq test grade It s A Sm Sklpplng classes And So to Sleep Agam After Prom nlght Turn Back the Hands of Tune As the tardy bell ts rmgmg Our Verv Dvtn Dlploma Unforgettable P D D class RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES oan Skelston Presndent Anqellrn CIPFIWHO Lxllmn D ak Ser1f1n1 Epnfano lean ordan Dorothy Locker Paul Morcom Rose Prendergest Wxlllam Ruxo Maryorxe Solsman Florence Tallo . I f c 4. I' I -4- x L in , V , . , Q B 5 - x 1 C T c . . 4 1 , K c f .. i Y - l' .. I '- S 1 ,-1 .A 1 I 'T' . ' C -f - , I L ' After football season ' Y 1 - n t L . . . 'T' . . I Y 1' ch' V K V I I lc K ' A -1 Z K A C ' I K V I ' C ' K . ' k C I I Q . . c A f Nexx shades WHAT WGULD HAPPEN IF The shorthand students caught up xxlth Mlss Stansbury Exelxn Sparroxx and Bernle Meckxxood ex er really broke up Mr W B ones xxore cleats Nancy Lexx1s talked IH PO D class Pete Barbutt dldnt haxe a xuse crack for ex ery occaston M1ss Grxfhth lost her handkerchlcf Shxrlex Harper flnrted xxlth bows Bobby Mxller dxdnt xx ilk Shlrlex Sir noxx skt to class Phll George qot hxmself 1 steady qlrl Tech qot nexx books oan Kropa dtdnt blush ean Huqhes xx as qumet m Enqllsh class ean ordan dldnt turn around ln txp mq class Tech qot nexx xxmdoxx hides Mldqe Daxls attended classes more often Sh1rley udkoxlcs stopped lookmq for someone IH the halls Lorralne Yermal dldnt smxle ohn Rock lost hls manners Mr Thve xxas q1fted xxlth 1 talented drlxer Betty Mtller xxasnt frlendly TRAIT MARKS The Artxst The Bram The Crexx Cut T e Walk The Dtctxonarx r Manners The Half The Teeth The Personihty T e Tease T e Gxant Smooth Stepper T e Grm The Card Mr Muslc The Volce The Physlque The Smlle The Eyes The Chatterbox The Qulet Qne ltterbuq Kmq ack Malakln oan Skelston Btlly Daxxs Mary Schuster Rxchard Frant ohn Rock Rn 1 Kammskx Esther Luke Seraflna Eplfano Paul Medlnq Ralph Strempek Lenny aneskn Lenny Benoxltz 'xmes Flynn Peter Barbutl Paul Morcom Ronald Gavronsky Ger 1ld1ne ones Pearl Abdalla Betty lVl1ller 'met Natale xmmy Conaboy Exerxbodys Frtend lack Symons The Athlete Daxe Bronstem Mr Dependable Bill Pfelffel' WHAT TECH NEEDS MOST Escalators Telexnslon m ex ery room Benches 1n the halls Pretzel stands on ex ery floor More suppl1es more often A typmg eraser on ex ery typexx rtter Report cards Vlfll 1nx1s1ble mk Nexx lathes for Mr Schxllat Lonqer lunch penods Sun bathmq on the roof Cushioned chairs for the aud More plays and less speeches More faculty schedules Underclassmen as porters More and lonqer assembly proqrams Better equlpped layatorxes lVl1rrored xxalls Guldes for the freshm tn Date bureau Blqqer lockers Musxc durmq lunch perxods Easxer tests Less homexxork More days off Arr COI'1d1tlODlI1Q Younqer teachers Better equlpped Il12CllC1l room More soclal actlxltles Moxle camera of our oxxn A nexx curtam for the staqe A SXXIITITHIHQ pool Nexx palnt for the xxalls . . 4' I I L ' K ' ' . ' v.. .v.T -A Iv A h I A ' 7 , . . . . f . . 1 U W ,. M - 1 I - ' . . . .'.' . A 'fs ' A I V 1 ' 'If c L' V 1 ' I ,T c I I c I c I S -tdt f ' h T- 1 ' . V C I 1,'.' . ' , . . Y . Y I h . Q I 1 - - A 1 x A 'S I T' 1 x I S h 4 " A , C It A, 1 l I f ' ' ' ,' - V. A 1 . ,- , S c ' Q ' I 5 " ' K " c C .gg g ' The Professor Peter Watso 1 I T K C C ' . . H c ' . I v' ' ' V 7 K ' t . ' c , , D A cl f c K ,T S xx. kv B. 4 ' K , I cf .T 'A ' t -T-S I t K -1 ' - ki Cx SCHDCL NEWS The la t dn before ChFlSIm3Q X'iC'lf1OI1 xuth entertamment proxxded bx that Meandermq Mm trel Pete Barburl ind hl fwlthful accordnn Orul recltatlon m Mus Grlf fxths Enqlmh Llterature Chas A xmt to Class bx M1 ir qaret Malakm loner left 4 F c ' f . .C K . ' s , Q 'S 1 E 4 . c If I ' , , , . S . KS:- ', ' ss M. - ff n-.,,, cf' it f MARGARET Nl HOSIE Drector of Dramatzcs COLUMBUS DAY The Dramatic Club presented their first proqram of the year October 12 1951 Columbus Day The program vias introduced by Ronald Shimsky Chairman A patriotic medley under the direction of Eugene B Morse fol lovt ed The Gre1tness of Columbus vias stressed by the following seniors oan Skelston oan Conniff and Paul Morcom A Pan American Flag Cere mony presented by the members of the sexenth and eiqhth qrades concluded ARMISTICE DAY the program the orchestra under the direction of Mr Eugene B Morse presented the annual Armistice Day program The stage vxas decorated according to the solemnity of the occasion The tomb of the Unknown Soldier was flanked bv wreaths of red vxhite and blue llovx ers marking the patriotic monument Guardlng the tomb were mem bers of the student body depicting members of the armed forces a soldier a sailor and a nurse A xery fitting story vtas told of the life of an ordinary man starting with his childhood days through the stages of growing up and finally being drafted to serxe his country This program came to a close with the sounding of Taps a fitting memorial to those xx ho qaxe their ln es for their country and to our ovxn fellovt students who may some day be called upon to serxe their country CHRISTMAS Ronald Shimskv president of the Senior Class opened the annual Christmas 'assembly bv uishinq the members of the faculty and the student body a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Under the direction of Miss Margaret Hosie a play entitled No Room in the Inn was gn en by the Dramatic Club It was the story of the first Christmas told bv a qirl xx ho placed a lamp in the xxmdoxx to light the way for Mary and Ioseph on their xx ay to Bethlehem Members of the cast included Delores Nagy Sidney Friedman Fred Tucker and Mary Ann Davt son A beautiful tableau shoxxmg the Holy Family in the stable surrounded by the Heax enlx Angels xx as the inspiring conclusion of the play 53 ff' 37 K i f? if , v . . . ' . A C V -1 ' Y . U c .T - H ' f . . . V' -1 l -1: The Dramatic Club, under the direction of Miss Margaret Hosie, and Y A v Y Y . v ' ' ' ' 1 - 1 ' .' I. ' a lf f 1 --1 'If h f c .A v y 5- v 5 ' ks ' ' K' . DRAMATIC HIGHLIGHTS I EASTER PLAY Thrg year mgread of a fashlon show the Dramatlc Club presented a beautxful play Dawn rn the Upper Room the story of the Crucxhxlon and Resurrectlon of our Lord esus Chrxst Senlors part1c1patmg were Delores Nagy oan Skelston Nan Scanlon Wxlllam Pfelffer Thomas Ratzm and Martin Bonda The orchestra presented sexeral flttlng muslcal select1ons and as the play ended the 1llus1on of dawn breakmg mto the upper room was accompanred by the muslc of the Halleluyah Chorus ln the background a touchxng and ln spxratxonal mood w1th wh1ch to begm the Easter hol1day and to remember SWEETHEARTS what 1t stands for On March ll I2 and 13 Technlcal l'l1gh School presented Vlctor Herberts comlc opera Sweethearts as thelr annual Sprlng Play Featured m the presentatnon were the choral dramatlc dancmg and musxcal organxza trons of the school The personnel of the combmed choruses and orchestra numbered 125 students Mrss Stella Gallagher the dxrector was assrsted by Miss Margaret Hosle Mrs lda Ph1ll1ps Reese and Mr Eugene B Morse The cast for the musxcal xncluded ack Symons as Prmce Franz Phll George as Lreutenant Karl erry Grxsko as Mrkel Mart1n Bonda as Von Tromp ack Nape as Can1che Sldney Ernedman as Slmgsby George Eber as Capt Laurent Regma E1tzpatr1ck as the adopted daughter Sylvra Rheda Nldoh as the mllllner Llane anlce Woehrle as mother and proprretress of the laundry her SIX daughters Clalrette Sylua Wrllrams LIZCIIQ oan Moss and To1nette Allce Howells Owxng to capaclty crowds each nlght the play was held for an extra performance on Errday March 14 and was accla1med a huge success by ex eryone WASHINGTON S BIRTHDAY Under the dnrectron of Mlss Margaret HOSIE the Dramatlc Club pre sented thelr Washlngton s Day program The program opened w1th Washlngton s Farewell Address by Wll l1am Pferffer The Boy Washxngton by Kathleen Garxey and a poem by Angela Scaramuzzo lt concluded w1th a radlo broadcast concernmq the toplcs Sp1r1t of Valley Forge and the Spxrrt of Post War Amerlca w1th Thomas Ratzm and Fred Tucker m charge Several patrxotxc select1ons were presented by the school orchestra drrected by Mr Eugene B Morse LINCOLN S DAY The Dramatlc Club under the drrectron of Mxss Margaret Hosle and 1ss1sted by Mlss Margaret Krott a Maryw ood College student teacher pre sented an assembly program ln honor of Abraham Lmcoln The program was Introduced wnth a talk on Lmcoln by Bexerly Schlmpff Thls was followed bv a radlo broadcast Hlghlnghts m Hnstory IH whlch the followmq semors partrcrpated Tom Ratzm Martm Bonda Bxll Pferffer and Louxs Schwass The program concluded XKltl'l the mterpretatxon of The Dream of Ann Rutledge by oan Skelston Muslc was dlrected by Eugene B Morse ln honor of the Late Dr Iohn H Dyer Supermtendent of Schools the faculty and student body conducted memorral seruces QQ ' P7 . . I I . Z . . 1 I . . z . : I ' 1 ' ' ' 2 3 . V . F- V, . . 1 . -I Conniff: Nanette-Audrey Mostek: Babette--Vera Wroble: Ieanette-Audrey 7- U ' . 1 , ' . .l 4 7 . . .. - . ,, 7 9 . Q. V c I K . l MUSIC 1 gs.. V07 EUGENE B MORSE Muezc Dlrector BAND Fzmt Rau Florence Tallo Iosle RCSCIQHO Marqirgt Pflukl B111 Crane Anna Llpkw Suund o Arlene Wagner ack Smxunsky Duer Pgdly W1ll1am Shukls Thzrd Ron Glorn Pirker Anqnllnx Clprx mo Eduard SITQIS Dixld Parker Fourth Ron Du Blwukmr Pm Blrhun Alu. IXIIITI r Normin Such Anm Mxrn Ross M xlorcm ORCHESTRA Lcft to rzght Faith ones oyce Brown Louise Lukiuskas Marq1e Solsman Lois Salamlda Second Rou Bill Crane Angelina Ciprmno osle Resciqno Florence Tallo Florence Riggs Margaret Pfleckl Third Ro Edward Slagls Anna Lipka Anne Mme Ross Dexer Pedley Wllllaxn Shukls David Parker Top Ron ane Schroeder Tom Ratzin Pete B'lI'l7llfl Gloria Parker Absent Iohlnna Zelenowskl Well here we are again at the close of another year of musical actin ties in Technical High School and what a year it was' Une could certainly say that this year was one of the most active for both band and orchestra in many years Let us recall some of the occaslons 1n which these groups participated First was football season with all its color and gayety The band under game both home and away to brmg nothing but constant glory to Tech for their splendid performances The trip of the year howexer was the exciting yourney to Bethlehem where we stopped and had d1nner on the return to Scranton Here members of the band Techettes Twirlers and football squad entertained each other by singing dancing etc The band also attended two football games which were not on their regular schedule They were the annual Dream Game and a speclal Com munity Chest game in which the Umxersity of Scranton participated Regard less of the weather which was far from bemg football weather the band alw ays proxed its sincerity by faithfully entertaining the crowds with a grand show The next gala musical affair was that of comprising the stupendously successful spring play of Victor Herberts Sweethearts The orchestra through Mr Morse s skillful trammg and under the leadership of its concert master Louise Zukauskas handled the show remarkably well 'md many of its members emerged from the affair much better musicians ': ' , , ' 1 A Ac . I ,' , 4, , 5 . ' w: ' . ' 4, i ' ., f . A ' Y: I , ' . . ', 1 . ' Z i L '. 1 7 I U . ll' . . . . 7 . V . . . y V. . ' ' the capable direction and supervision of E. B. Morse, attended every football ' r 7 v A' A ' ' y. . V V I V l r V r ' r ' v v v A' W5 M , Y Firm Hou loan Lewis Midge Davis Pat Hermin Catherine Size Betty ORose Lillian Dzak Esther Walker anice Woehrle Reqmi Fitzpatrick MdZlC Divis Matildw Tomarelh Rae Richards Sttond ou can Conniff Betty Bender It incttt Emiliini om Yinisko CirolRe1lly om Hias Mary Schuster Alice Howells Rhtdi Nldoh Frances Kluck Sarah Ferriro Frances Irwin Third Rm: oan Kropi Cithtrinc Racauich Lucille Binick Lorttti Mirkcr Peggy Pohonish Myrtle Bouton Geraldine onts Shirley ones Noreen Ceccoli Evelyn Matthews Nancy M itthuws Betty White fourth Rou Mary C-orz ilosky Rose Prznderq ist Rosem iry Gaffney Pc url Abdalli M irltm Sherm ack Io anne Venturi lrtm Csiqi Fstelle Shixock Arltnt Arism George Eber Ron ild Norton Robtrt lxuliqoxx ski GLEE CLUB The C-lee Club has 'ilvx ays played an important pirt in all the musical actixities of the school This vias xery exident during the presentation of the annual Spring Musical Sxx eethearts The chorus of the play was composed entirely of members of the Mixed Chorus and the Girls Cvlee Club and vvis acclaimed for its precision 1nd outstanding tOne quality The play could nexer have been given vxithout them The ensemble once again mon honor on April 29th when together with Central s Chorus it presented its annual Spring concert the Festival of Song No one who attended the concert can forget the beautiful harmony and ex pression of the chorus 1s they sang the m1ny 'md xaried selections Soloists from Tech in the concert were Rheda Nidoh, Regina Fitzpatrick and Paul Morcom. The chorus is to be commended for the line work it h1s done under the competent direction of Miss Stella Gallagher. AUTOGRAPHS S Z ff? ,.2 'X -J CLASSES UQ! Whit Is rhms MISS Grlfflth s Enqhsh class ,,.,..l Mr Barbutl teachmg the trlg class SL1pEI'NlS6d by MHS Vvatkms 3 54 snuunlqqv What s the matter ohn Watklns stuck7 A SQTIOUS moment m Spwnlsh Ll us Confident arent they7 C L A S S E S Experxmentmg 1n Chemlstrx Mnss Helen Smlth and the 1q t szxmq cllss One txxo three four one e C e C e C Bulld those muscles boys CLASSES Mlss Pxllot s bookkeepmq class Dont m1ke iny errors Shh Reference work mn the hbrary Watch out for Qhocko I Typing in Miss Stansbury's class. Y c c fi I , - CLASSES ohn Shukls and Tom Galems m Sheet metal shop Studymg a modern automoblle engme Get xt 5tra1ght Bernle Warm ISD t 1t7 T' CLASSES Nlr Schlllit s machme shop reallv buSv Draftmg under the vx Htchful eyes of Mr Gihn Speclal vxork for Tom Stutzman Future electrncnns it xx ork m Mr Ex ms electric shop What S the matter Dexer dont vou feel qood7 Our cafeterxa staff Wx M'-fx, CLASSES arch thc b1rd1e Makxng costumes for the Easter plax Umm smells qoocl xx hatex er IS cookmg MORE AUTOGRAPHS W WWW!! , 1 r W 0 .515 D mmm X Q f S X A X X SAUD r f I S K X XX X 4.4-7 wwf' Ml q ,mm - O X rl A yi W V Q Q ,,..,. . .,,, SV X N I Xl 'El I X , Q X , Q ff' hifi 7 f V -. QW ,L .,f 2 ., , fbfbcwyf WILL Danze! AdQ1fQ desk and Engllsh book are xulled to ack Moffat Vera Wroble mherxts her Englxsh abxlxty from Mary Alzsauska Bertha Angelo Q long halr IQ bequeathed to Ann Mane Clanflchx Fred Tucker s fme character IS xnherlted from Hart ey Applegate Robert Aukscunas leax es but oan Kerekes remams Phxl Solsman s good looks vuere handed dovxn from olm Baldassarz Robert Barnoskz leax es for the vtxde open spaces vtlth hls boots and saddle Donald Becker Q Dutch hat ln Svt eethearts IS left to Rlchard Brom er E11 abeth Bender leaxes the boys to Catherme Chrlsoqonou Wendell Beppler leaves oan Brom n behmd Danzel Berger leax es vuth Arlene Fred Bestryckz Q neat appearance IS mherxted by Anthony ordino Colleen Bzrtel Q dlmples are left to Kathleen Garx ey Martm Bonda Q good fortune IS vnlled to Frank Nealon Loretta Borden hands dovsn her frxendly smlle to Catherme Grler Thomas Boyd bequeaths has ablhty to get ln and out of trouble to any equ llly fortunate lunlor Shzrley Bray leax es Mr Murphy s ofhce oyce Brown Q many pnncurls are gnen to Helen Panek Charles Brownznq Q qunet nature ns left to Paul McCauley Peter Buner itch leaves a xacant seat ln MISS Yerrlck s Englxsh class xxlth yoy oanne Sossong 1nher1ts her blonde ha1r from Noreen Ceccolz Selma Czerz gnes up her seat 1n bookkeepmg class to Cynthma Crosby Marjorze Clark bequeaths her red haxr to Marguerlte Calorlco Phxl Colmer 1nher1ts hls vxavy locks from Robert Clewell Frank Comensky leax es h1s helght to any small gunlor vxho needs xt Mary Conklzn vsllls her um and ugor to Romayne Smalmskl Sldney Frxedman mherxts h1s excellent speakmg xoxce from Emzl Conte The job of proyect1on1st Catherzne Cooper vnlls to eanne Langan Sadze Cooper passes on her seat 1n Chemistry class to Elxzabeth Keatmg oe Arcure lI1h6I'1fS hxs skatlng sklll from ohn Cosqrot e Andrexx arabola s m1sch1evous nature vtas handed dovun to h1m by Wzllza Crane oan Cuthbertson gn es her P O D book to any 1nterested Junlor lmmy Hannon mherlts h1s square dancmg ab1hty from Edward Danzelowskz Wzllxam Daz rs vulls hls dancmg ab1l1ty to Ross Scalese Marzlyn Mrdqe Daz 19 leax es her talkatne manner to Glorxa Panlck Helen Mumfreda IS the lucky recener of Mary De: ers pleaslng personalltv Danzel Dzleo bequeathes hrs qulet vxays to Edvx ard Grnscax age Betty Krager mherlts Rzta Domalewskz 5 roller skates Georqe Eber vxllls his knowledge of photography to oseph Cesarml ohn Edwards leaxes hxs seat ln Mass Grlfhths Enghsh class to any yunlor vullmq to take 1t Wxllzam Eqelskz vulls h1s soft heart to oseph Barbutx eanette Emlxanz leaxes to meet a certaln fellovt ln Germany xxhom ue all knovn oseph Chzckze Ezans bequeathes hxs xxmnmg smlle to Anthony Glordano Sarah Ferraro xulls her um and ugor to Dolores Dettenmaver lames Flynn leax es h1s sharp v.1t to Eddle Nolan K Q D, 5 . . . 1 .. . L l v V I :Ax l , ' 'V . 'I l . .lc . ,-I ' ' . I V V .'T' V- I A 7' 1 B ' I F I Y A lf Sf 'I I . . . . . 7 g A 7 . ' . I A Y L 4 - 1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 . y . f I ' ' ' . ' f ' ' ' rn , ,. . ,, ,L 7 .Y . . 1 . 1 . .V 1 x. . K . ' VVILL Rzchard Frant xxllls hls abllxtv to solxe chemlstry problems to anyone as am blflOUS Rosemary Ga ney s qunet xx axs go to Kay Ladd ohn Shukzs leax es hls qulet but obserxmg xx axs to Wlll1S Barnes Ursula Geadrxtzes happxlv bequeathes her seat 1n Shorthand class to any unlor xxxllmg to take 1t Dzana Georqettz bequeathes her pretty black halr to Paulme Nett lVlarv Ann GIZZO 1s the lucky recenxer of Lozrazne Ghzlardl fine taste for nlce clothes George Gardner leax es hls lnterest ID frshmg to Walter Petrisuk Mary Gor alosky xulls her jokmg vxays to lVlar1or1e Campbell Mzclrael Gret bequeathes hls happy qo lucky attltude to oseph Cerxto anet Blerxxlrth IS the lucky recexxer of osephme Guzzewzc s sexxmq mitcrx ll ohn Ha ner xx1lls hxs shyness to oseph Shuba Shzrley Harper vxhom xxe all knovx leax es her qlft of qab to MTFQIC Benontch Shxrley Hayner passes her twxnrlmg ab1l1ty to Carol Beppler Stephen Healey leaves hls baseball ab1l1ty to Wlnheld Ward oan Henn leax es her good natured humor to Barbara Lees Dorothy Hess xxxlls her typmg touch to Arlene Reseque Alzce Hzllzer passes her neatness on to Annette Kermxdas ean Hughes SOCl3blllty goes to frlendly oyce Mlller Marzon aclxunoz zch unhappxly leax es her posltlon as moxle operator Geraldzne ones leax es her xacant seat on the D3l6Nlll6 bus to her sxster Marllyn ean ordan xxllls her romance magazmes to anyone vxho vxlll take them Patrzcza L ordan leaxes her place ID Mr ones office to Barbara Mwyclc 11 Shzrley fudkoz rcs yust leaves oan Kalkus leax es her bookkeepxnq marks to 1 deserxmq yumor Mary Goux ela Rzta Kammsky xulls her lonq hanr to Axelhna Shaffer Mary Kane bequeathes her dark ha1r to Angela Scaramuzzo Norman Kzzer xxllls h1s shyness to anyone xxho vxants It Frances Kluck leaxes her pleasant manner to Rosalle Polazzl Delores Kowats leax es her red haxr to any wxxshful under classmen oan Kraqer leax es her engaqement rmg to eanette Ace Helen Kruttel leaxes her hexght to httle Shlrley Fltch RobertKuIzqowsk1leaxes hls xolce to Mxss Gallaqher s chorus oseph Leopard xxllls hls ab1l1ty to thmk to Mlke Castanero Nancy Lewzs regretfully leaxes Mr Hodgson s Sth perlod chemtstry class oan Luby leax es to meet that certam one B111 Ann McDonough leax es Tech to make room for her s1ster oan oseph McLauqhlzn leax es hls bashful xxavs to Bxlly Mll6S ohn Mzareckz xx 1lls h1s persex erance to Fred Tucker ack Malakzn leax es h1s irtnstxc ab1l1t1es to anyone xx ho xxlll accept thls respon slbllrty Eugene Markozuskz just leax es h1s absentee sllp route Gertrude Martzn leax es her taste for clothes to all the glrls Nancy Matthezvs xxllls her place ID the txxxrlers to Carol Beppler I ' " Q If " I . 1. 5 ' K L 1 fx. I f - .. Leonard Ianeski leaves his xx'ax'y hair to all the Iunior girls , 1 1 f ' . Y f . f . ' - . ' l - I x K Y. .L . . . . R L A VVILL Bernard Meckwood leax es hrs car to the drrxrng class Mary Meehan regretfully leax es Ross behrnd Carl Menhennett bequeathes hrs srllrness to the unror class to torment Mr ones Robert Mrller leax es hrs ballroom dancrng to Brlly Loftus Margaret Monopolr vrrlls her neatness to Ruth McGarry Edward Muffley leaxes hrs hammer and narls to Barry Tomkrns Ann Myak lear es her long frngernarls to the grrls vr ho brte therrs Lucrlle Napolztano leaxes her dreams of Mrke behrnd anet Natale leax es Tech regretfully To Kathleen Garvey goes Er elyn Neuls Q cheery smrle Ronald Norton leaves hrs seat rn shorthand class to any unror xx ho can stand a room full of grrls Robert O Donnell vrrlls hrs curly dark harr to Danny Morrow A brarn rs wanted by all but Betty O Rose leaves hers to Barbara Bush Er elyn Ostrowskr s cute drmples are left to Marran Whelan Glorza Parker wrlls her lore for torch songs to anyone vrho can srng them as vrell Vera Pastore bequeaths her lore for square dancrng to Mary o Manarkr Ann Penberg leaves her sparklrng personalrty to all unror grrls Sally Petry vrrlls her trmrdness to Esther Stead Margaret P leckl leaves all the machrnes rn office practrce alone Wrllram Prepolr and Ronald Roqalewrcz leaxe perrod ean Pzrarno leaves vsrth hrgh hopes of hearrng vreddrng bells rn the near future To Carol Beppler goes Rose Prenderqast s lovely red locks Robert Purta bequeaths hrs Artrstrc Achrevements to Gene Donshr Catherzne Racar rch leaves her needle and thread rn Home Economrcs to any unror grrl hoprng she ll do as good a Job Paul Ratch ord leares hrs seat rn Mr ones s office to any tardy unror boy Ronald Reap wrlls hrs machrne rn Office Practrce to any unror boy vrho vrants rt Ann Reed vrrlls her frrendly hello to Iudy Tunrs Ronald Reese vs rlls hrs crevr cut to anyone vt ho lrkes them osephme Rescrqno s talent for dancrng rs left to Marrlyn Carroll Rae Rzchards vrhos short and sweet leases her form so trrm and neat to Audrey Moss Slzrrley Rerqal vrho doesnt frnd P O D a roy passes thrs mrsfortune on to some other unror grrl or boy Dorrs Rrley leax es Tech quretly Wynne Robrnson xxrlls her becomrng harrdo s to anyone vrho can vrear them 1 vre Rrta Roman vrrlls her roller skates to Marne McCoy Wrllram Rur o leax es hrs seat on the Dulevrlle school bus empty arlr Saclr xx rlls hrs curly blonde harr to Brlly Bogart To Pat Dolan goes Al red Salrk s quret manners Slrrrley Sarrrowskr leax es vrrth Bobby Mrller Natalre Sawka s ready smrle rs left to all the cranky unrors Rose Schrrra leax es Tech feelrng sad Edward Sclrmrdt xx rlls hrs quret and shy nature to Bobby Ex ans Y . .'. . y . . . Y . , . Y . . . Y . . . . Y r . l ' - 1 ' ' . 7. .B , V. . . V f , - , . V, ..x . . . . , .. 11 . 7 V 5 r . ' I 3 7. . . . . . . . Y . K '-' . I . . V. . . Y . . K t .. . 7. . . . . . v . 1 - A v 1 ' . . . rr rr . ' . V. ' V V I . l . - . Y . v y v v t, , - . V V . . N Q . . K , . . . , . . . . . . . 1 r ' a l . ' l :Q ' ll . V. Y , l I Y ' -1 .- - c V .1 ."' . l 5' A Yr 1 . . . . c . t . . V V. . . V. . . 1 V Q VVILL Robert Schoen leax es hIs quIet xx ays to RIchard SchmIdt xx ho can use them Thomas Schult xxIlls hIs frlendly xx ays to oseph Lucas Stanley Schuster leax es With Grace ohn Sgobba xxIlls hIs drlxmg ab1lIty to Bllly Walters Mzchael Sheerzn vxIlls hIs fr1endly smlle to Donald Pak1ta ohn Shelp bequeathes hIs Enghsh Notebook to any umor xx ho may need It Estelle Shu ock leax es the dxmple In her chIn to Ann BettI Wzllzam Shukzs leax es hIs trumpet to Fred Ross Donald Szekzerka leaves xxxth a sIgh Catherzne Sz e bequeathes her pleasmg sense of humor to Delores Dettenmayer Bernard Skzbxnskz leaves oan remams loseph Snyder leaxes hIs roller skates to Pete BonexItch EI elyn Sparrow leaves xxIth Bernle Robert Stanton vxIlls hIs homexx ork for someone else to do ack Stawznsky leaves hIs seat In P O D to anyone xx ho vxould care to haxe Betty Stem enson leaves to meet Donald Tucker Robert Kox ach can really make use of Ralph Strempek s heIght Rzchard Surnzlas leaves to xxork In the GIant Market Florence Tallo xmlls her basketball talents to any umor who can hxe up to her standards Iustzne Tunzs bequeathes her popularIty to Audrey Mostek Thomas Ungvarsky leaves to seek a job Frank ohnson wIlls h1s plumpness to Dave CIanflchI who has a lIttle more than he does oann Ventura s lovely Lux complexlon goes to R1ta Romagnolx Arlene Wagner xx1lls her bram to Elame Zermas xxho has a good one herself ohn Watkins leaxes all the unIor gIrls for Duke Dougher Barbara Webb leaves quxetly Charles Weber s abIlIty to get along xxxth everyone IS left to Im Hannon Edward Whzte wIlls hIs manners to Ronald Zychal Ruth Wzntermantel s blonde halr goes to Nancy Schreck oan Yanzsko leaves her gIft of gab to oan Wh1tmore Babara O Hara IS the lucky unIor xxho gets Lorrame Yermal s laugh ohanna Zelenowskz s long haxr goes to Mary Lou Palmer Paul Zukauskas leaves wlth Babe Charles Zupp IS the last to leaxe We hope we have left you all content Wlth thls our Last WIll and Testament But there are a few more thmgs to leaxe The most Important of all xxe beheye To Mr Murphy the Captam of our Crexx We leave the hope that hIs dreams all come true To Mr ones second In command We leaxe our respect for a V1ce Pr1ncIpal so grand And to our faculty wIth the1r patIence and trust We leaxe our gratItude for the knoxxledge bestoxx ed upon us And fmally to the students yet to come By No matter who you are or xx here you re from LEONARD ATI-A5 SHIRLEY HAYNER BETTY O'RosE Leaxe our Belox ed Tech to you SHIRLEY REDESKY CATHERINE REuBEN We the Senlors of 1952 I , . I , V . U . . . 4-I . i A l ' . . - ' . . . f l f ' ir. Donald Thiedesfootball uniform goes to any fellow who can fit it. 1 ' I I ' I I' " . . . Q ' ' f' 1 I' , l ' ' l ' - l 1 ' . . ' I ' I . ' . . if 110 Members, Scranton School Board X . o f "I EMMETT HART NORMAN HALPRIN Preezdent DoucLAs IENKINS Vzce Preczdent ANGELO FERRARIO EDWARD PoP1L ROBERT IONES HENRY DERDE C1 ZXREINCE WAITON Iosnvn MAHON bil. f so ' . K g 4 gif, T.. ,J ,,,.r M H W Q f X IU' Wa N N X X n Mm JW" W N 1 mu IU Q hlflfggll Xxfio XM,4fE:r'v, EQ X VL A 4 XX , WU!! 5? Iylffff ijigiili Z 'V' J :ff if '-14glHlIH'lWM if J! 1-10 8 ZL, '20 -A X z' K z- o -ff - N - x N X X N , I XX X W Ha l l !! HW ll . X X 'f l l i' 5 Xx9mxp,l'TkQ,l.tli ,KU " ' .QXXZV I ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS l wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all those who helped in making up the 1952 yearbook. Space is not available to list everyone who contributed time and talents, but l do want to thank especially Mrs. lVlcl'lale, who worked so hard in get- ting the advertisements: Mr. McCann, our faculty advisor: Mr. Murphy: Mr. Wright B. jones: the entire faculty: the Scranton Dry Goods and Refice 5 Leo Studios, our photographers: Obrana Press. our printer: News Engraving and my staff, which has worked long and hard in order to publish this, our year- book. IOAN SKELSTON, Editor Mirtm Bondi for tlnir outstindn q xxork on tht Adxtrtismq St all VVc wish to thunk Delores Dvliman. l.illizan Dzaik. George Gardner, and YXQKX- ix-V55 YY5X5C1YskQYt 9 'A aw va wosxxxe xxs ss 'lbw QS to 'oo e o srlx Cocos ecocd sm 'me QYNOYOQ ccasxows xo ioo K YQ Q e ea 0 'ooko vaqvei emotab e X1 my JNQQ ks ao owe: M711 P fofpffal S Wvgfg MQW d mf' V' 2 dn J 0005 I0 Q vs Xqsx 4 :exon awe Q40 'XX 00 Q' '65-i U Oftraitt un H X MARYWOGD CETTA-PARRISH DlSlflbUfOfS For BAND INSTRUMENTS SCRANTON PENNSYLVANIA GUITARS AB BS and BM degrees Elemen+ary ACCQRDIQNS and secondary Ieacher framing clmucal DRUMS psychology drama err dnerehcs guvdance llbrarlanshup Acc by ALA muslc Acc by NASMI science secre+arlal sfudues Convenlenf Terms special educahon 'Phe liberal arfs voca +lonal home economacs lnshumenfs Renfed Accessories for all lnsfrumenfs For mformahon address Reglsfrar Complefe Muslc Llbmry Te 7 33l7 Scranfon 2 6782 5l7 LINDEN ST LETS TALK OVER YOUR PRINTING PROBLEMS Well be happy to dzscuss and counsel you on any przntmg or maulmg job Our modern shop zs equzpped to handle every phase o przntmg productzon rom a buszrzess Card on black and whzte to the most Complex color process work Also Com plete aczlztzes or iddressznq and mazlmy 111 types o prmted mafter I Hugh Speed Rotary Press 0 Mat Making Service Obrana Press phone are ummm SCRANTON 2 PEN 2 0229 F f Eq PRINTERS AND PUBUSHERS l. - ' I K f . . . 5 f C x:. K . . C S ji . l C I I , NA. - The ines uipped Prinfing Planf in . . . enn vania Congrafulahons 'ro 'rlne Graclua+e of I952 A Frlend Telephone 7 0849 R o c l1 e Televlslon Service Sales Service lns+alla+uon Affer fhe Sale If s fhe Service fhaf Counfs Scranion Penna Sferlmgs Rocky Glen Park Moosuc Pa Tuesdays and Thursdays Nickel Days All Rides Sc Phone for Appolnfmenf 3 5428 Susane'r+e Beau'ry Salon Beaufy Culfure Experf 624 Courf S+ree+ Corner Courf 8: Blair Scran+on Pa Complrmenfs of Silva s Bakery 7I6 Cour+ S+ lfalran American Dishes 335 Norrh Washmgfon Avenue Businessmen s and Women s Lunches Complrmenfs of Silverman's Jewelers 405 Spruce Sireel' Graduahon Rangs Wnde selecruon of Tech Jewelry Emblems Bracelefs Loclcefs Plns Keys Compllmenfs of A FRIEND . 600 Wyoming Ave. . 9 0 I PRESTWOOD PHOTO STUDIO l24 WYOMING AVENUE SCRANTON PENNA BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATE . . SCRANTONS LARGEST STORE You will learn business besf where leaching business IS fhe only business Business as a career offers 'Ihe Hugh School Graduale more opporlumhes for larger earnungs and quicker lurns 'Ihan any olher vocahon Ask for free calalog explannmg how our courses supplemenf Hugh School Iramnng and how our free Employmenl' posmons Scranlon Lackawanna College YOU ARE INVITED TO TAKE A STROLL THROUGH OUR STORES SEE' THE WONDROUS DISPLAYS OF AMERICAS GREATEST VALUES IN Sporls Goods Applaances Jewelry Luggage Cameras Televaslons Gnflwares e c SUGERMAN S EYNON DRUG In Scranlon In Eynon lllhl. ' , ' re- ' Service assis'I's gracluafes in securing , O ' I . 635 Linden S+ree+ Scranfon, Pa. T P Boylan 20I Green Ridge S+ Phone 4 4339 lce Charcoal Coal Echo fhe Values of fhe Mann Cul Ra+e Sfores Your Frlenclly Sfore Corner of Washung+on and Linden Dave Markowufz Complrmenls of Old Home Bread Phone 3 32I3 Sou+h Snde Floral Shop l025 Pnffslon Ave Scranfon Pa Headquarefrs for Hugh School Chas B Engel 8: Son Reliable Jewelers Since 1890 2l7 Lackawanna Ave Phone 4 I734 Foo're 8: Becker Co Eslablrshed 1899 Yale Locks and Hardware Tools Paunfs Glass Roofing Eleclrncal and Plumbmg Supplues 5I7 Lackawanna Ave Scranfon Pa Complfmenfs of Frank's Cleaners Compllmenfs of Klckermos Shoes Sold al' +he Globe Sfore II7 WYOMING AVE Scranfon s Fashion Cenfer eryihung for 'Ihe Graduafe and Undergraduafe UNIVERSITY OF SCRANTON Courses IeacImg +o A B BS and MA m Educahon For lnformahon Address Reglsfrar Congrafulahons' BROWN S MARKET I225 CAPOUSE AVENUE SCRANTON PA QuaIuI'y Con+roIIed Dalry Producfs GRAYCE FARMS DAIRY INC Phone Sc an+on 7 5605 Ev ' ...UV I I 0 . - r - I I. Golden Cleaners l227 Mulberry S+ Phone 3 9389 Everyfhlng Phofographrc Scranlon Pl1o+o Shop 322 N Wasl1lng+on Ave Scranfon P Phone 4 4894 Vzs Dry Cleaning G Dyeing Qualify and Service I0O8 Buenzll C+ Scranfon Pa Compllmenfs of Donald Duck Roloer+ L Payne Aufo Life Fire S'ra+e Farm Insurance Co 2030 N Mann Ave Scran+on 8 Penna Phone 4 2308 Compllmenfs of Mayor Hanlon and hrs Calolnel Congrcfulohons from your Friends and Neighbors New Tech Sweel' Shoppe A Friend Duane Sfahl John C Kalfenbach Wnlllams Beauly Shoppe Brogne s Luncheonelle Don f forgef fo come back and see us K a p l a n Furnlrure Co 2ll 2I3 Lackawanna Avenue Scranfon Pa , 6. Congrafulahons Sensor Class of I952 WOODLAWN COMPANY TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION Cong afulaf ons Youfh s fhe f undcrf o f fhe or MRS ANTHONY SANTORI Pres denf MRS RALPH KERR Frs+ Vce Pres de + MRS SARAH WILLIAMS MRS WALTER DICKMAN Secreia y MR EUGENE MORSE Ass s+an+ Secre+ary MRS KENNETH SKELSTON T easu er MRS LOUIS TUNIS Cha ma Membershp CONGRATULATIONS Io Ihe Graduahng CIass of I952 SCRANTONIAN TRIBUNE KELLEHER'S PONTIAC SALES 81 SERVICE 5IO RACE ST SCRANTON Phone 2 2385 Repo rs and Pa nf ng o All Makes r I I I. o I n o w ld. ' I I ' I - I n Seeond Vice-Presiden+ . , SR. r ' i I r r Ir. n, I I I I n Complfmenfs of Harris A'rlan+lc Service 800 Provndence Road Roberr F Harrus Prop Wllllams Balung Co lncorporafed CIIH S+ree+ H E Moore, Dls+ 534 Wullo Slreef Bachman s Prefzels Borden s Cheese Congrafulahons fo flue Graduafe of I952 A Friend Flowers for E ery Occasion Beagle 925 Capouse Ave Scranfon Pa An+l1racl+e News Co 2l9 Spruce S+ Scranfon Pa Besf Wishes f Class of 52 M u s s o Funeral Service FUNERAL HOME I3Il I3I5 Pu++s+on Avenue Scranlon Dunmore Lumber Company Lumber G Builders Supplies 622 S Blakely Sfreef Dunmore Penna ' w Wise Polaro Chips V . . O , GOOD LUCK ALWAYS TO THE GRADUATES OF PARENTS THANKS To I'I1e Seniors of '52 and +I1e Sfudeni Body for all your kindness. LETTERMEN S CLUB RON BERNACK P es de + LEN BENOVITZ Secre+a y CONGRATULATIONS +o +I1e Class of I952 INTERESTED PARENTS Be f W hes fo fhe 1952 Cl KEYSTONE JUNIOR COLLEGE LA PLUME PENNSYLVANIA Cou ses Offered n E g neer ng Sec e+a al Sc e ce Merchand s g L be al A +s Ge eral B s ness B s ness Labo a+o y Adm n s+ aho Tech ology Coeducaf onal Fully Acc ed fed '52 I , r I n , r s is ass I r I n I I r rI Pre-Medical Medical Secreiarial I n I in I r r n ui u I r r I I r ' n n I - r I Complrmenfs of Preno s Haluan Res+auran+ Inc The House of Qualify Food 60I 607 Lackawanna Ave Congrafulafrons from The Counfy Commissioners Office Lumber Sfeel Machinery Everyfhrng or Anyfhlng for Your Building Needs New and Used Gelb 81 Co I52I Albrlghf Avenue I437 Mann S+ree+ Scran+on P Peckvllle P Besf Wishes Class of 52 lsherwood Jewelers 3l6 Spruce S+ree+ Scran+on Pa Fred R Howard and Geo D Howard 502 Cedar Ave Independen'r Meai' Markei' 530 PuH's+on Avenue Choice Mears and Groceries Scran+on Pa Phone 4 2757 Compllmenfs of Mellody Bros Coal I232 Penn Ave Phone 4 3996 Congrafulahons +o fhe Gradua+e of I952 A Fruend I Q . Nexf fo Ho+el Jermyn , a. ' , a. ' ' CompIimenI's of BURSCHEL DAIRY CompIimen+s of ENDICOTT JOHNSON S H O E S for +I1e En'rire Family I26 WYOMING AVENUE 205 N MAIN AVENUE I836 N MAIN AVENUE Scranfon s Leading Phoro Engravers Since 1900 NEWS ENGRAVING CO DESIGNERS for fhe fines+ In Qualify and Ser :ce Phone 2 0475 322 N WASHINGTON AVE TH SCRANTON TIMES Scranfon s Frrsf Paper for More Than Half a Cenfury FIRST In News FIRST In Adverhslng CompIe+e ne s servuces of 'Ihe Assocuaied Press Um+ed Press In+ernahonaI News Norfh Amencan Newspaper Allnance Assocua+ecI Press Wnrepho+os THE SCRANTON TIMES Radno S+ahon WQAN AM FM . co. . JIIII. . , . F E ARTISTS and FIRST in CircuIaI'ion NCDTES PICTURES NQTES THE END

Suggestions in the Technical High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Scranton, PA) collection:

Technical High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Scranton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Technical High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Scranton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Technical High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Scranton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Technical High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Scranton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Technical High School - Red Raider Yearbook (Scranton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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