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She has "come through" to meet the crisis on every occasion, unselfishly giving both instructors and students for the construction of the world's greatest fighting force the Army, Navy and Marines of the United States. It is to these men who, although perhaps many thousands of miles away, physically, remain in influence and in the prayerful thoughts of those to whom they have meant so much, that this 1945 Tehisean is reverently dedicated by the faculty, the student body, the editors and the Senior Class Sponsors, and to those "Fighting Smithies" who will never again return to Tech High as we know it, but who have gone on to a better "Smithyvil1e" up above. It is the earnest prayer with this dedication that a new and better world, a world sans the selfishness, shortsightedness, and intolerance which have brought about the present conflict, and a world for which mankind can forever be proud, will some- day arise with our help, and because of the irrevocable sacrifices made to this cherished ideal. The Technological High School of Atlanta was born in 1903 as the answer to the need of such a high school in this city. "Will it: live?" was the question asked by many who opposed it. In a few years this ques- tion was answered by the astonishing growth from a mere handful of students to one of the South's largest and finest institutions of learning. It has grown in 36 years from a small downtown ofiice building with an ex- ceedingly small student body to a large modern building with an enrollment of well over eleven hundred There can be no other reason for this amazing growth except the tireless, unceasing efforts of the members of the faculty and the will, energy and determination of the students. In 1909, as Tech High grew, the school was moved from the basement of Boys' High to an office building on Marietta street. This building was poorly lighted and heated by old stoves. The sanitary con- dition of this building was the worst possible. Professor C. S. Culver served as principal for seven years and until 1917, when Mr. Siler succeeded him, worked with tireless effort to make Tech High the fine school it is today. As appreciation for this outstanding work the first Literary Society was named in his honor. Mr. W. A. Sutton became principal of the "School of Champions" in 1918. Under his guidance many new features were introduced at Tech High. In 1921 Dr. Sutton resigned his post to Mr. W. O. Cheney, our present leader, to become Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Sutton is now recognized as one of the leading educators of the country. The greatest "Smithy of Smithies" is Professor Cheney. He is chiefly responsible for putting the school on a business basis. Through his management of the athletic teams a large school debt has been paid and much money has been made for the school. The early attempts to form a winning prep football team were far from the modern winning teams of today. Then, in the true "old Tech High Spirit," the players bought their own uniforms and dressed at home. Games were played in the afternoon and the attendance was very disappoint- ing. In contrast to the old days, games are now played at night before fans numbering up to 20,000, among which will always be found a large number of old "Fighting Smithiesf' It was not until 1924 that our rapidly growing young school had outgrown her building. At this same time many leaders in the field of education began to make plans for a larger new building with modern shops for Tech High. Slowly but surely these shops were installed. In these, a technically minded young man could make his fondest dreams a reality. Aviation, machine, auto, wood, and radio shops were no longer visions of broadminded and foresighted men and boys, but now material things. Many distinguished men in all fields have started in the shops of Tech High. In 1937 a large 85,000 cafeteria was completed and in 1939 a modern well- equipped gymnasium was presented to both Tech High and Boys High. With the completion of this gym- nasium many new indoor athletic teams were formed. Not forgetting the almost two hundred "Fighting Smithies" that have already given their lives in this war, Tech High is giving the use of its classrooms and shops to the training of workers for National Defense. Yes, in 1903 a few destined Tech High to be the greatest high school in the world and through the will and determination of all ex-Smithies Tech High is well on that road, and as the "Spirit of Tech High" lingers and grows it is in the hands of those future Smithies to fulfill this destiny. L F' llnn. ROY W. DAVIS Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High School: IRA S. JARRELL Superintendent of Schools ATLANTA BOARD OF EDUCATION Ed. S. Cook ..................... - ....... D. F. McClatche y, jr ............ Dameron Black .... - ................,...,.. ............... Mrs. Fannie Ma e Weston.. .,..... ..... . ...... , .............,President ................Vice-President .Treasurer Secretary Ed. S. Cook ...... M ,... . ,... M ..............,.. ............... F irst Ward Charles C. Rife .............. .....,.......... S econd Ward J. I-I. Landers .......,...... ....,.,.....,.., T hird Ward D. M. Therrell ...,.................. D. F. McClatchey, Jr ............ J. Austin Dilbeck ..............,...,....,...........,............................... Fourth Ward ......,.........Fifth Ward .Sixth Ward ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Ira Jarrell ...... - ........................................... ---Superintendent of Schools Willis A. Sutton ............................................. Superintendent Emeritus Thomas W. Clift ........ --Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Charge of Business Aiairs Roy W. Davis ................................,......... Assistant Superintendent in Charge o High Schools M. E. Coleman .............. ............ - ..... - -Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Elementary Schools , ,X fy Q SJ- S "W . ' :"f5 , . fi' QM' ee Prinripal WYLIE OWEN CHENEY A.B., LL.B., M.A. University of Georgiag Atlanta Law School Oglethorpe University 4 'J , Q4 ,W .RQ ,V N ml: Xb j b1'N' F fi yi 5 l gl X . Y p S ! kt, X N x - .wt , x " MISS RACHEL WHATLEY MRS. C. A. KENOPKE Secretary Attendance Clerk Georgia State College for Womeng University System of Georgia Evening College, B.Sc. rl A 1' ., ,V .',.uaf'L. F . , 'N' ,us funn- W-- lui ALLEN BALDRIDGE BANDY BARLOW BETYS BIRD BROWN, E. B. BROWN, J. C. BRUNER CAPPS CHENEY COLLINS COX DOMINICK DURDEN GRAHAM HARMON HERRINGTON E. P. ALLEN, fAuto Shopj-Georgia School of Technology. 'lr G. B. BALDRIDGE, A.B., M.A.-Louisiana State University. 1' 0. S. BANDY-A.B., M.A.-Spariisb4Western Kentucky Teacher's College, Rollins Col- lege: Emory University, Peabody College, University of North Carolinag Oglethorpe University. 'I' E. L. BARLOW-English-Howard College, Oglethorpe Universityg A.B., M.A., lnstitute de Segunde Ensenanza, Santa Clara, Cuba, Emory University. i' C. E. BETTS, A.B., M.A., IHead of Departmentj-University oi North Carolina, Oglethorpe University. if C. L. W. BIRD, B.Ph.-Emory University. 'I' E. B. BROWN, B.Ph.- Emory University, University of Michigan. 'I' J. C. BROWN, A.B., M.A.-fHead of Depa-rtmentj-Roanoke College, Emory University. 'lf O. V. BRUNER, B.S.--University of Alabama. i' S. T. CAPPS, A.B., M.A.- Washingtong Emory University. i' H. W. CHENEY, B.S. in E.E. CLathe Shop,-Georgia School of Technology, Oglethorpe University. i' THOMAS J. COLLINS, A.B., M.A.-University of Georgia, Oglethorpe University, Graduate Work. i L. L. COX, A.B., M.A., fPbysic.r1-J. B. Stetson University. 'A' R. H. DOMINICK, A.B., M.A.-Wolford College, Oglethorpe University. i' GEORGE DOUGLAS DURDEN, B.S., M.A., Georgia Teachers' College, Duke University. i' GEORGE GRAHAM, A.B.-University of North Carolina. if A. T. HARMON, A.B.--University of Chattanooga, University of Georgia. 'I' L. E. HERRINGTON, A.B., M.A.- Emory: University of Georgia. FACI 'usa vas-... D 'W' . HOLLEY JACKSON KEITH KIUBGER LACOUR LOCKWOOD' LTY W. 0- CHEN EY, PrinClP al E. R. HOLLEY, A.A., A.B., fBookkeepingj-Bowling Green Business University. if W. A. JACKSON, B.S., C.E., M.A., Ulead of Deparlmentj-University of Geor- giag Oglethorpe University. i' G. L. KEITH, A.B., M.A.-Mercer: Emory University. 'l' C. H. KRUEGER, B.S., flladiol-Stout lnstituteg Georgia School of Tech- nology. i' A. A. LACOUR, B.S., M.A., fDrawingj,- Bradley Polytechnic Instituteg Oglethorpe University. 'I' 1. E. LOCKWOOD, B.S., M.A., fW0od Sbopj--Kansas State Teachers' College: Oglethorpe University. r MISS RACHEL WHATLEY Liifw -nv? wr 'QD' . so if-4 'una' HETCALFE MORRIS, C. 0. MORRIS, 0. H. OLSON POOLE RANDOLPH RINGSMITH ROGERS ROTHBERG RUTAN SANDERS SAVAGE SHANKS SHI SMITH SOJOURNER SPICKARD SPITLER W. R. METCALFE, A.B., M.A.-Emoryg University of Kentucky. 'lr C. O. MORRIS, B.S., fPrint Shopl- Piedmont College. i' 0. H. MORRIS, A.B., M.A., fPre.r.riuork1-Asbury Collegeg Oglethorpe University. 'I' M. A. OLSEN, A.B., lDmwiugl-Stout Institute. 'A' J. ELGIN POOLE, A.B., M.A., IHead of Departnuntj- University of South Carolina, University of Kentucky. 'lr GRADY L. RANDOLPH, B.S.-Auburn. i' P. A. RINGSMITI-I, B.S., IMacbine-Melall-'I'l1e Stout University. 'A' W. M. ROGERS, A.B., M.A.-University of Georgia: Graduate Work University of Michigan, Emory University. 'I' ISAAC ROTHBERG, B.S.S., LL.B., Idvialion Sbopl-College of the City of New York, St. Lawrence University. i' J. S. RUTAN, A.B.M.-West- ern Kentucky State Teachers' College, American Conservatoryg Vander Cook School of Music. 'I' EUGENE SANDERS, A.B., M.A., fPbysicsj-Emory University. ir H. C. SAVAGE, JR., B.S., M.A., IDrawingJ-The Citldelg Oglethorpe University. i' E. C. SHANKS, II-lead of Depurtmemj, M.A., fDrewing1-Bradley Poly- technic Institute: Oglethorpe University. if A. D. SHI, B.S. in Phy. Ed.-University of Georgia. i' T. L. SMITH, A.B., fDrawingl-University of Chicago: N.T.S.N.g University of Colorado. 1' J. B. SOJOURNER, A-B-i M-A--Vmderbiltz Oglethorpeg Emory University. 'A' D. C. SPICKARD, B.S., A.B., ITypingj-Western Kentucky State Teachers' Collegeg Bowling Green Business College. 'lr C. C. SPITLER, A.B.-Bridgewater Col- lege: University of Georgia: Oglethorpe Universityg Graduate Work. FAC CJ 152 I SWEET TAYLOR WALLS WEATHERLY WILLS WOOD THOMAS C. SWEET, M.A., IEleclric Sbopl-Ogle- thorpe University. i H. A. TAYLOR, A.B., M.A.- Baylor University. i' j. A. WALLS, A.B.-Oglethorpe Universityg Bowdoin College. if W. K. WEATH- ERLY, A.B.-University of Georgiag Emory University. i' WM. A. WILLS, B.S.-University of Georgia. ir RALPH W. WOOD, A.B., M.A., IPbysirs1-Emory University. TECH HIGH LIBRARY H One basic school institution which every Smithy discovers and learns to enjoy early in his high school career is the Tech High library. This library, directed for twenty-three years by Mrs. J. O. Freeman, was one of the first organizations developed at Tech High, and it has since proven itself one of the most valuable additions the school has. Each year it is alloted a certain amount from the school fund, with which Mrs. Freeman pur- chases an average of five hundred of the most interesting current books for the benefit and pleasure of the students. MRS. J. O. FREEMAN The Tech High library, with a total of over Librarian eight thousand books, is complete in every way, boasting a large reference collection, a host of fictional novels and short stories, a well stocked non- fiction section covering every subject of student interest, and subscriptions to over seventy popular magazines. To enable boys to locate any book quickly and quietly all books are filed according to the Dewey Decimal System, and an accurate card catalog is provided. The library has always been popular with the students and is currently visited by more than six thousand boys a month-perhaps because through the years Smithies have learned that by merely visiting the library they may acquire a deeper, more valuable knowledge of their studies and thus improve their grades. Any student will find that by a little concentrated reading he can broaden his mind, increase his vocabulary, and gain remarkable insight into any subject he desires. As a man's mind is the storehouse of his knowledge, so a library is a storehouse of the knowledge of the worldg and a student, by the mere transferral of a part of the goods from one to the other, may net a profit of incalculable value. L...- . XX x E ' Gland pw xii . 511 .NN p-4,5213 151 'P 1 z"4 5 1Q:. 1 ,nb .1 ,. F 1a :I ff: -.J .- Ea, aw J.. J.. 1. :V ffl' 1 QQ 1.- 0 1.-4.1 1.H k 1 1" ,ru fi. '.-. :- R 5. X . 1"1 1' if 1 E' G+: :vi 'F 11- -5. a .1 I 1.1 . f I 5 . 1 5, .,II ,.. ia 1 ik I 1 1 11. E :- ,.5 FC 1 1 f- 3' 1 1 1 4, 1 Q -. 4 'r . 1 1-1 wr v'-g1f.f.2j'rif"-3?i1"I ia' I 1 .1, .,.1 f, - 11- fg3ggQiwmRm1wgvw11.. . 11. '111g11fLf!f2,'1I: . '. .1 - -- .. . 1 5- '53,-PI'111'1 -F1513 - " 'f " .I . 1 -1. 11.2 X- ., .-if ' . ,1I,IEI,I.I ,I.-,NU .., ., .H II , I II , ,1 -+,I4..1 ,IA VII 1- ,ft 'I III.. .JL ff- :.' 1 -' . 1' " 'Q " .II .g. I . II fI . .I ,.,, .I .. II XIII, .g H1 Q1. 11' ' L4 1 I-' , -1 '. '1 '1 1 1' f. A . 'Si 1. . 7 1 1 .. ' ,L ':.'.. ,I I, 413. 1 1 I 1 ,. ..'?"-' 3' 11 ,I ,. I ..I .1 . , ..,I .f 4 , "' 1 . R . . -,1. I. 1 1 .. I. .1. .1. 1 1 A 'A .I-' 1 1.51. 1. V' ,l . , . I N1 I1 ' ' ,l,'!T If 5.10. . 1 1 . 3I.I'l',l 'ff - .ff ' if 117. ff..4.fR .4 . :' 151: 71 ::'F -1 1 , IQ. .-1 -1, ., , 15 M". ' 'Eli 1111.3 '5gi'n,5 -15251, 'r 111.21 ef.:'15' '1. .FII 1.1 , Y.. '.1.Q . --... . 5-'Q-'Jak - 21' 51.5711 .. -,11 if . -- 1. 1- 'Lf 1 1' 1' 1 .Mig I'tg.113 :1'v4:,.,' 511 JLI I5 ,,II ' :H,1."' 1 . , . - . .11 . 1.-ai. 1' , ,.. . 'Tai-14' '.f1g.4. I. EI ,., , ,. 1 v . :Img ,I - "fy .1 .5 13. 1 1VQ,j, 1 1" 1. I, I, J. -1 A. P. .5-, 551.14 .11. ' 1 ., I. .I.. A E 11 1 -15. 1 -.HL .f If-4I-I . 1. 11- , . ' .1- "' 1 . C Us 1 v. , JN LG'- lfl' A1 .',. ,rn 1 1 1 , . 1 f 1. .i' I .L 5h.I.IIiI . I.. 11 ...1 ..q,. .-I1 ll 4.1. U11 4'1"1 1. I, 1g'7I'ga-,Q .f" 'H 1 11 1 11 1. . ...I-1 , .. - .1 ' -1 .'1.2,.. ,1r fi . ,.. .. -.I 1 .,.-, . iff-Z 1' 1. I,1..1.- -. 1. ,,sII' . IrI. .I ., .1, , II -I.,,IIIIII.,I.g.1, , 1-1.21.7111 M I... , 1:I.I.,. I ,II ,HJ H1 . 1--M . I.1I , I, I.1.M,I .51 -1 . 1. .'.I..,,, . . I' -1- ' jyiff ' . VIH 7. W.. ..Ji,.1,-If.-1-1 1 1 ,1-,:1. 1 I I -' Ai 1: 1 1 ":. .1II'rI1 JU" 1,-1:':'j ' ,, 514.11 15.13-'22, ,III .1,.,', " gpj.,-,iq ..I. ..11. -1-4 bel "II I.-IIIIA, 1 1-f1'f,'f' '-1 H1111 11' "' ' " ..?,'I,s.1g111Jf, QLI7 " T41 flf Q74 .1-3" 'Q " ..,, . Ip., km.. . . I NI, en' 1'- -I ,,1I.....-.I1I.,.. aj .- ' ,xt-.S L 111193, 11.- , . u . Iii' 'Q ,.. .11 f 1 ni. i..:'f':1 If I. ' 'I Y 1-K F 1 1-1 ' . - 1.1.33 1 ' :'11-' ',1 sf .1. i I X 1. , .I . I. II I , 1 1 jx 1 :- ,,Q , . lf" 1.1. '1 ., 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 .1 1., 1 Q' . . .I I, ,X . .I .cl 'V . hi. A ., I '-'Lf '1 . , 7 1 e, '11 1 T- 3' .I 1, 'i '- f-fx , ' ' .. 1 1 1' , ' 1 1 - 4 II 1. . .1 1 . . 1 . , .I. . 1 , 1- 1 1 4 1 .1 I1 -111313 .: I, ,, 1' In " I I . 1-.. ...- . Lv 1 A 1. .. , Q' -- ..11 4.5 1-- K' , ' 31.11. I.I. I. X "4 ' ' I fl: 4 x J. 1 .3 1.1 28' . .gb ' '-'P' ,W , 5 .,. ,A,,... "' ef.: .- ., .1 -,..qL-.- ' 1111 S111 - ,, P532 1' 1 1351.15 1,-1 .1 .1-Q11 1- '. 11 'X ,rf Z,",.i1 'f '1 'EYE , 4, L.: "uri L-"1s'f. . 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'-1 wx . , -'+:.3n',' 71' Q? ,, ...1 '1'-' I'-3' 5-':".n '. 11:1-. 1 Il qs 357 ' '1 ,-1'-71f"'.e "Ep 5 1 11' :1'- '1 Q83 ,U . .-171 FRC-11,1 I r H K... . 1. ,1 3.11, .-xl..-.1 I :,.. 11 . .1 7.-:-:..L.." " I 1 1- .E ' ' .. 4, .g.1.,1L'4f-1 I- ,J1.- xr' 11.3 ,Jw . 1 :.','i--S."-7.1-.1 .. 1 .1 ' 1-1 31. f11 1-1, ,-2,.:' -, 5, 11. Hg. J- 1 .11 r . f '15 'f1,,,.gg:,.Ig2f'1I'1-.15 'If f., " g , Q .yy I 1.iy'l:'Q--1'.f-, A.-Ty . '1r'.1' , ..,w....,,u- Y. . . 11. ,1.. .- ,,4 . MI.. I., ,. . 1 ,Mr JA 1 1-21 1 '--1.1 '1 .111 1.1 ,. -. 5.1 1,--5 wx- '1 'f I,I' . I 'Z 1 ' . .1:1.1 -.1 .' -1.-'11 1,' 1.51 15.15 1. 2 -1 .3 -f' ' X "H-'Q X-.fii E J' :f'.:4J' -. .1 .' -s. V-fl fi.I:I,INI'I , I .I ,- I! ,I.I -,I .1 ' 1 . r Q ll . I my-1-.5 1 . . 3'-, I- :yi . ,I , .I II. II II In .,,.- W: A., A1 1-, 11-1 my. 1 1, 11 I -r". 1 .1,2f 1 ..1., 1, - f- Q' .1 1.. Q 1 I, 1 - -1 rv., I... I . 1, 1 1 I1 1.-,MII i'.,' ' 1 1 1 ' ,': 1 1 L1-' 1' ,1-1 .l1L1.,.. 1 V' 11-1 .mx nf! f 3 fi? " . W 'fe ELREL ' sam WW' u s xl V . I I gg.. ,I , It iv E ' -f y 1 ' ffm I Sk LEONARD TERRY WILLIAM HENRY President Vit:-President SENIOR OFFICERS FEBRUARY CLASS BILL J. WRIGHT MIKE ADAMS Snrelary Treasurer arm G XV' xx? ff . QQ LAMAR SHEATS AL LACOUR President Vin-President JUNE CLASS . 55 x I Q5 5 'Q I V 'Q x, I REX EDMONDSON STERLING HORNSBY Sccrrtary Treasurer Swim 61444 Jlatw, Tech High was founded in 1909. Since that time at the end of each scholastic year, a class has departed from the shadows of her buildings and the presence of her guiding hand. Each has left its history and imprint on the school, whether written or unwritten. The class of 1945 will soon be the latest addition to classes gone before. 'Way back in 1942 some would-be Freshmen nervously congregated about on the campus and were finally received as students of Tech High. The first nine months the class was busy getting acquainted with one another, being filled with the "Smithy Spirit" which can .never be outdone, afiiliating with the different activities and learning to study. The junior wisdom, the priceless attribute of a school community, whose bark is worse than its bite, made itself prevalent in our midst. The Senior year which is enjoyed more than the other school years has rounded off, thus ending one of the most treasured memories of our life. Many boys went out for the athletic branch of Tech High to become outstanding players and receive state- wide recognition. Representing us in the field of music and winning letters in the band and Glee Club were Bill Wright, Ken Haralson, Frank Thomas, Cris Paul, and Lewis Puckett. Still others went into the literary field and won honors as debaters, declaimers, orators and in the field of journalism. Among some of the outstanding boys in this field are john Keown, Rex Edmondson, Marvin Wallace, and Jack Banta who help put out the Rainbow, Ed. F. Chandler, Charles Ray and Harrison Allen who won letters as Orators. Though the athletics had fallen in our freshman year, we, as juniors, were greatly improved. The football team had grown in number and strength. All the season our team was successful but lost their only game to Boys' High 6-0. The basketball team placed fourth in the G.I.A.A. title. The baseball team, made up almost entirely of Juniors, were very successful that year and won the City Prep and G.I.A.A. Championship for the second consecutive year. During our junior year the Military Department was very active. They produced a fine regiment. With the able training of LaMar Sheats, on the annual Military night Tech High defeated Boys' High in the competition drill of the school's "A" Companies. Now we appear in our last performance with the dignified title of Seniors. How much it means and how differently we view life now than we viewed it when we entered. All the boys started out studying for a peace time career, but have changed to a course that would better fit them for their part in this second World War. Realizing full well that our courses at Tech High will be terminated soon, each Senior has done his best to make this year the greatest in history. To record here the individual achievements is impossible, but throughout the pages of this annual the proud accomplishments of the class of '45 are set forth in greater detail. During the great football season of the Senior year, the Smithies lost but two games, 41-14 to Lanier and 40-20 to a powerful Miami team. The Smithieswere tied by Boys' High 13-13 which was the first time the two schools have deadlocked. Tech High will long remember such stars as Peek, Gossett, Couch, Davis, Patton, Mitchell, Hale, Sawyer, and Corley. Along with the greatness of athletics, the Literary branch of Tech High turned out the best speaker our school has had in many years. Starting with competition between the Atlanta High Schools, Harry Schutte won every contest in sight and went to the Nationals. He did not win this contest, but came home with a very high honorable mention of fourth place. As we look back over our school history, we feel that although we missed perfection by a wide mark, 001' efforts on the whole are laudable and our accomplishments worthy models for the next class. Words cannot express our deep appreciation of the labors of Mr. Cheney and each teacher in guiding us through our high school career and as another account in our ledger of life is balanced by our graduation, we, the class of '45 carry on. Bill Rabun . . . '45 A YOODYORKING DEPARTMENT WILLIAM HARRISON ALLEN President, Home Room: President Pbi Delta: Vice-President, Engineering Society: Vice-President Beta Club: Band: Rainbovy Stall: Chaplain and Parliamentarlan, S.P.I.L'i.: Vice-President, Pan American: All Time Honor Roll: Winner, American Legion Essay Contest: Winner, Freshman Decla- mation: Participated in Annual Literary Exercises: Member, Phoenix Lit- erary Society: resident, Student Council: Treasurer, Delta Theta Kappa. CHARLIE ANDERSON "B" Team Cheerleaders: Captain, Varsi Cheerleaders: Secretary and Treasurer, Home tI'loom. JACK L. ATKINSON Vice-President, Home Room: President, Home Room. ROBERT ALVIN BAKER. JR. WARREN MADDOX BANTA, JR. President, Home Room: .Vice-President Hi-Y: Phil Delta: Dramatics Club: DeMolay: Ethgtneenng Society: Corresponding Secretary, Student Council: Assistant usmess Manager, Rainbow: Associate Ed tor, Tehi- Wll: Supreme Court Justice: Corporal, R.O.'I'.C.: Bowling Team: School Social Committee: Minstrel Show, '45. THOMAS EDWARD BARCROFT Lieutenant in R.O.'I'.C. CLARENCE BENTLEY BARNES Class Olicer: N.A.S.S.: Varsity Baseball. HARVEY LINTON BETHEA S.P.I.G.: President, Home Room: Cheer Leader: Football Team: Wrest- Qs A I 'G' iv' ., 4' 'Q' ddi- B' ,vb ', . Yr' -QQ Q Qh Q.: . , X L Q w xi 'A' F - 1 V h , if, 7 :M V,:-sn Allen Anderson Agkiggm Baker Banta Bsrcroft HUBERT FORD BIESER. JR. President, Home Room: Beta Club: Oicers' Club: Engineering Society: N.A.S.S.: Soccer Team: Lieuteng: in R.O.'I'.C.: Rtlle Team: Minstrel ow. ROBERT BURTON BLAHNIK Member, Pan American Club. GENE BRYSON BLANKENSHIP Phi Delta: Hi-Y: Cheerleader: President, Home'Room: Student Councili Dramatics Club: Track Team: Rainbow Stall: Tehnsean Stalh Two and One-Half Year Graduate. DAN W. BLANTON M b , N.A.S.S.: R' bo Stall: Liaison Omcer: Captain, Boxing T::n I Deputy: Chaplain, wHome Room: Two and 002-Hllf YN' Graduate. CARL EUGENE BLEDSOE Two and One-Half Year Graduate: Bowling Team. HOWARD MILTON BONE Class Ollicera Member, S.P.I.G. Bo 4 JACK L. BONNER Wllng Team: S.F.I.G.: Two and One-Half Year Graduate: Delta Theta Kappa. DANIEL WILLIAM BOONE, JR. Captain in R.O.T.C.: Olii ' CI b- R11 . - P Trophy Team Medals: NALIEB.: I?ioe-P:esIdZ'n?:nI-Iot:ZuR-gm lvgtgtiatzf EDWARD AVEN BOWEN Member, Glee Club: Non-Commissioned Oicer, R.0.T.C. JAMES RAY BOYD Football Team. ling Team: Ligigog Oman ' OTIS FRANKLIN BRADLEY, JR. W. L. BICKNIU. President, Home Room: Ollicer in R.0.T.C.: Oicers' Club: Rille Team: Hi-Y. I ' 'W F W . l .TI '1..'- , Q 'vu' .5 :Ur 0 M A , , -,,.. ,N r noe . , ' s ,-. 5 , ' ff -1-'char ' u.- P, .. . ' -Q Mx, t .,, ' wo ,, 5 l ...v ,QQ if sky A .., F, ., 'V' f fo' V ,f I .1-'S' if-'fl ,, ,H 'nl " ggi'-' any I -1 W ,l I ,. A E . R, 3.5 rig: tg' ,gd L ' ?i.ff,7If1?' ffff-' "N " .Q -Q Q, K- X ,ar Q 'j-aa. Q Q P: y ,- A. ,N , N e K B' of I X Q. l . X ... - . :uw .V .- f' .5 .y 3 , 'I 3 M: - Q R 4 Barnes Betbea Bicknell Blahnik Blankenship Blanton Blum' Bon' Bonne' Bowen Boyd Bradley Q u ,,- - :Mg a. In '- -' E f F - ,tara F, V . Y. , y b e . Q 1 li r -' aa. at ig, - .are ik :Y 2 , ,R V If 1, . . ,. -. . . I A . ffl A sl ' V Q, -- 1 5- - at 1... Q-. N 1 , C ,915 J. we 'I ' f "rm f 1-3225! f A '. f WN. VA 0 . , . 1 S. l " Q i 5 f . .JPN , ff Y -5, it 'H ru ggi! 5 agp-Q :N .fm ,Q eg- Q t ' 1 ' x ' 1 1 -' Q' R 3 T " :-., .4 'F -nf? -- -f . F " Ka- A y. 'ii ,.. K , "C XY' V K V ' - . , at A Brannon Briscoe Britt Brumbeloe Burel Burt! Butler Byram Carmichael Caverleri Cawley Chlantilrler, Chgnger, Church BILL CLIFF BRANNON N.A.S.S.: Two Years Bowling Team: Home Room Oiicerg S.P.I.G Om- cial: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. SAMUEL MARVIN BRISCOE Concert Band Officer: Home Room Officer: Member, Howard Gelbert Chapter of the Order of The DeMolay. DENNIS WESLEY BRITT Class Officer, Member, Bowling Team. HADEN REID BRUMBELOE Member, Track Team. LLOYD CURTIS BUREL Perfect Attendance: Home Room Secretary: Home Room Treasurer: Home Room Chaplain. STEPHEN L. BURTS President, Home Room: Pan American Club: S.P.I.G.: Business Manager, Tehisean: Attendance Ofiicer, S.I-'.I.G.: Swimming Team: Honor Roll: N.A.S.S.: Minstrel Show. JACK F. BUTLER Vice-President, Home Room: Golf Team Captain: S.P.I.G. CECIL EUGENE BYRAM Honor Roll: Delra Theta Kappa. JIMMY A. CARMICHAEL, JR. Military Band: Concert Band: Vice-President, Phoenix Literary Society: Home Room President: Member, S.P.I.G.: Letterman. E. F. CAVERLERI WILLIAM DONALD CAWLEY Honor Roll: Beta Club. - 2.5 .f ta... V- XQKIKV . ' Q . is , I gp ' Gr A' ' -.a . - fe 1 I Y ' Q in ' A 3 '. ',,,tg,qga, , if - sec Us S' l N i I QM ' it . Q fs. ,. - 2 2. ' is Q ,ae 4. I in 1 ...a ... s- ,.,,N ,, .. N V I Su f ,, - W -M' I ff L 5'-V 4 ' 9 Cohen Coker Cole, G. H. Cole, H. A. Coleman Connelly Corley Couch EDXVARD FRANKLIN CHANDLER President, Home Room: Member, Student Cabinet: Orator in Annual Lit- erary Exercises: Football: Wrestling Team: Officer in Smithy Senate: S.P.I.G. Othcial. EDDIE GILBERT CHANDLER, JR. Engineering Society: Beta Club: Honor Roll: Glee Club: Two and One- Half Year Graduate. ROBERT NEELLEY CHURCH President, Home Room. VICTOR LOUIS COHEN Honor Roll: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. JOHN LOUIE COKER, JR. Tech High Hi-Y Club: Member, Band: Minstrel Show. GEORGE H. COLE HARRY AUSTIN COLE. JR. P 'd : H'-Y Cl b: T h H' h Engineering Society: De- l1Ild?':RfBKiaI:1vlin2:s!fEa1ri1: Rainbow: Staffef PhiuIJelta: Minstrel Show: Stu- dent Council. BRYSON YOUNG COLEMAN. JR. ' B b ll T : L' ' Officer: Chaplain, Home Room: Vice- Varmy use Tresidzgi, IIi:ii1s?nRoom: B-Team Basketball. JOSEPH WHITFIELD CONNELLY, JR. , Officers' Club: Howard Gelbert Chapter of the Order of DeMolay: Lleu tenant in R.O.T.C.: Minstrel Show. HAROLD LAMAR CORLEY S.P.I.G.: Football: Baseball: Basketball: Track: N.A.S.S. MACK COUCH President, Home Room: Football: Basketb Team: Co-Captain. Basketball Team: Jlldllf- Winner. ll: T kg C 1 'n, Baseball 3 suprise Cou1f:aEVh0'l WHO Arcbiterturul Drawing Seniou ROBERT JOSEPH COWAN Bowling Team: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. THOMAS ALLEN COWAN Tech High Band: Vice-President, Room Room. GRADY R. CURFMAN Vifvpfelident. Home Room: Two and One-Half Year Graduate: Let- terman. RICHARD MARION DAILEY Member. Band: Secretary, Home Room. HORACE ALAN DALE President, Home Room: Student Council: Camera Club. I JOSEPH MADISON DANIEL Bowling Team: Home Room Officer: Oliicer in Smithy Senate. BURTON K. DAVIS GEORGE WILSON DAVIS Home ROOF' Omfrri Smithy Senate Odicer: B-Team Football. 'YY' 1"'9?1x3 ,QL - L J 3? 'Us ' tt? V '-5 t Sit f af ...U l ..,, , w v F it M M at . , a h gan, i , , X K ' --9 S ' ' ' ' R ,-.ff-g "iq X ' Q c .A ,.,. o I L-, t Qi.: it N . .1 .ef :ii . 1,22 .xi I ' W it may lu 'xy " I K -. vt I 57xiTii.'L, ... 1 . :sf 1 J ' . I X . f COWBB, R. J. Cowan, T. A. Curfman Dlilfy' Dale Daniel DURWOOD H. DAVIS RHEA WESLEY DEAN President, Home Room. RICHARD ARNOLD DILI. S.P.I.G.: Honor Roll: Track Team: Football Team: Society: Non Com. in R.O.T.C. ROBERT FREEMAN DUMAS WILLIAM GEORGE DUNBAR Band: Class Ollicet. DONALD ROBERT DURDEN Secretary, Home Room: Band: Beta Club: Honor Roll: Letterman: Glee Club: Delta Theta Kappa. DOUGLAS FRANKLIN DURHAM JOHN REX EDMONDSON, JR. Editor-in-Chief, '45 Tehisean: Associate Editor, Rainbow: President: Two Years, Dramatic Club: President, Smithy Senate: Vice-President, Phi Delta: Vice-President and President, Home Room: -Treasurer, Student Council: Secretary, Student Body: Secretary, June Senior Class: Member, President's Cabinet: Supreme Court Judge:'Secretary, Pan American: Member, Hi-Y: Beta Club: Producer and Director, '45 Minstrel Show: School Social Committee: Phoenix Literary Society, '42: Who's Who Winner: Annual Literary Exercises. Phoenix Literary HARRISON KEITH ENGLAND Member, Band: Winner, Neatest Private Medal: Pan American Club: Spanish Glee Club: Minstrel Show: Annual Exercises. R. C. FISHER JOHN CLIFFORD FIFE GEORGE ALDEN FLYNN. IR- CLEMENT POTTER FOWLER W. E. FORDHAM I I , F V ,H , ,R .,, is W, C, we 1-,, A rf J, sg, 0- V ,Q ,gf v v . "" -c . , tw... - x uw - -.- , I 1 H I K -A ik. Q V ,V I JI?-t.5,, IH: Y . , , .oz 1 5 ii . ' '- - 1- ffi59?l??'f5iT.'57 W Q ' "41- 3 ' Q .vjffi are IL." A L9 - x , 2 3 'R' t .ao 4:- ' i ' it ' 3 1 . ' g -at In-' :x - rf , NL., ' V' ' . ' ' l E, -S Davis, D. H. Davis, B. K. Davis, G. W. Dean Dill Darden Durham Edmondson England Fisher Flynn Fowler Fordham Garrison . 1 .1 , A , . N 'L Q 'Ye A I' V -of I A 7 ,t-.., , I . ar 4 9. 'b .V , 1,1 V E .vw ..-- -.... 29 - J,-. klyf .' fs- ' - 5-M 35 git., arf? rm: L il' -36 ..-. " -ff x g '. ' 3 -- in --... f K- ' mr ' tri v V X A fb' AA Gillette Grccr Groth Gruber Hale Halleck Hlnlson Harbuck Harden Harper Harriman Harris Hitler Harwell EDGAR FINCHER GILLETTE President, Pan American Club: Secretary, Pan American Student Forum: Beta Club: Vice-President, Atlanta Beta Association: Ollicers' Club: Phi Delta: Concert Band: Captain, Military Band: DeMolay: Dramatics Club: Secretar , Smithy Senate: Delta Theta Kappa: All Time Honor RolI: Engineers: Minstrel Show: Annual Exercises. VUALTER DENNIS GREER Rifle Team: Vice-President, Camera Club: N.A.S.S.:, Student Council: Class Olftcet. JOHN HENRY GROTH R. E. GRUBER IAMES A. HALE President, Home Room: N.A.S.S.: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Baseball: Trark: S.P.I.G.: Supreme Court Judge. IACK R. HALLECK KENNETH W. HARALSON President, Concert Band: Pan American Club: Military Band: Spanish Glee Club: Tehisean Art Staff: Minstrel Show, '45. ROBERT HAROLD HARBUCK O. N. HARDEN LAMAR ALEXANDER HARPER President, Home Room. IAMES GRAY HARRIMAN : Track Team: Glee Club: Two Graduate. DAVID STANLEY HARRIS, JR. "B" Team Football: Phoenix Literary Society: DeMolay. "B" Team Football and One-Half Year 41.-. .5 ff: ff Zi . haf' x 2 11 'i' ff-'-9 .F f ' - . 're 'f 1 Qu 9 I V ,..... ' -, , 5 if ' . .. , . - l Hays Hazan Hearn Helms Henry. J. E. Henry, W. C. Henson Hightower mi ., , E S THOMAS A. HARTLEY. IR. Secretary, Student Bodv: Associate Editor. Rainbow: City High School Chess Champion: Member. Beta Club' Phi Delta: His'o'ian, Dramatic: Club: S.P.I.G.: President's Cabinet: President, Chess Men: Perfect At- tendance: Editorial Board. Rainbow: Two and One-Half Year Graduate: Military Band: Section Leader. Concert Bandf President. Home Room: Supreme Court Justice: Baush 8: Lomb Science Award: Principal's Award. JOHN RALPH HARWELL, JR. Engineerin Society: Secretary, Dramatic! Club: Home Room Oicer: Rainbow Sqaff: Honor Roll: Glee Club: Vice-President, Smithy Senate: Minstrel Show. ROBERT ANDREW HAYS Treasurer, Home Room: Cross Country: Football Team: N.A.S.S. JACK I. HAZAN Honor Roll: Participant in Annual Literary Exercise: Member, Concert Band: Military Band: Chaplain, Home Room: Dramatics Club: Glee Club: Three Letterman: Boxing Team. Josrspt-1 BENJAMIN HEARN Class Vice-President: Home Room Chaplain: Home Room Secretary: S.P.I.G.: Tech High Ollicers' Club: Mayor in R.O.T.C.: Tech High En- gineering Society. MARCUS AURELIUS HELMS JACK EDGAR HENRY WILLIAM CALLAWAY HENRY H R ll: R11 T : Se nt 'n R.O.T.C.: President, Home Room' Erizictgizerilimg SoLi:ty:eIgelta Tig: Kappa: N.A.S.S.: Two and One-Hall Year Graduate: Vice-President,l-Felauary Senior Class: Beta Club: Gold " " inner. ROBERT LEE HENSON 1 C: ba C B dg H n Roll: Letterman: President. Home G ee u Rogrr:tcfrF'B"arTeam cBa:Itetball: Annual Exercises. C. A. HIGHTOWER I 'B 1' N . ' . rs:- If' T: 'F Q'if5..g,,,A al, va- t .- .X ' ., - .rt 1 t -mi.-.. I Q k - "" .Yi ,,..,v- ...t- Nu..- ROY B. HOLT Cross Country Team: President, Bar Club: N.A.S.S.: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. ROBERT STERLING HORNSBY Captain, Cross Countr Team: Member, Track Team: President, Home Room: President, S.P.I,.G.: Justice, Supreme Court: Sports Editor, Rain- bow: Treasurer, June Senior Class: N.A.S.S. MAXWELL LEROY HORTON JACK HERSCHEL HOUSEWORTH E. B. HYDE JULIAN GREENLEE IRWIN, JR. President, Home Room: S.P.I.G. Oicial: Manager, Varsity Basketball Team: Member, N.A.S.S.: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. MONTE REGINALD JACKSON J. P. JACKSON LONNIE DEWITI' JOBE, JR. Two and One-Hall Year Graduate. ,., an - 9 ff- ,R f. .. J if A :L ,Xi Q 1 1' W 1, f i yr it w 5 i v. 5 , Us-Q-. j f 5' it , X .. Hill Hitchcock It Holcombe Holley Holt I Hornsby WILLIAM WALLACE HILL Two and One-Half Year Graduate. JAMES GUY HITCHCOCK Phi Delta: .Gold "T" Wfinner: President, Home Room: Beta Club: Pan American Club: Sergeant-at-Arms, Smithy Senate: "B" Football Team: Chaplain, School: Vice-President, Smith Senate: Delta Theta Kappa: Honor ROIL C. W. HOLCOMBE, JR. WILLIAM PRESTON HOLLEY, JR. Phi Delta: Student Council: Boxing Team. EDWARD PAUL JOHNSON Vice-President, Home Room. HAROLD GILMORE JOHNSON Class Oliicer: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. EDWARD AKRIDGE JOHNSTON, JR. Vice-President, Home Room: Member, Hi-Y Club: S.P.I.G.: Deputy: Bowling Team: Swimming Team: Track Team. BOBBY T. JONES ROY BENTON KEMP JOHN LEWIS KEOWN Editor-in-Chief, Rainbow: Member,lBeta Club: .Phi Delta: Engineering Society: Pan American Club: Editorial Board, Rainbow- Phoenix Literary Society: Treasurer, Dramatics Club: S.P.I.G.: Hi-Y: Chess C1ub: Delta Theta Kappa. LEON KIMMEL, JR. Sergeant-at-Arms in Engineers' Club: Marshall DeMolay: Ollicera' Club: Hi-Y Treasurer: Federated Hi-Y Treasurer: Omcer. in R.O.T.C.: Drum Major, Military Band: Librarian, Concert Band: Liaison Olicer: Neatness Medal in R.O.T.C.: Rainbow Staff: Secretary-Treasurer, Engineers Society. DEWEY WILLIAM KINSEY Pootball: President. Home Room: Deputy. B0Xil1!: TIICII- WN ,, " QM , X . ' un V A . 4' . , , 4, ,jg Q .5 -J ' -me . A , 1 , N I P-v Q cb , R - t K . A w , , , - o"' r r . B . l wx J... 5, Q f " F p -ms Q' Q Q.,-U my 'Lv - 5 our N ' l ja ' Q- 5- if yf , s w .1 -if A A ' -0 .- -f I. rf.:-L f f JJ' J ' t f ' 2' " f -he-f N VN ,", 2 if I att. .AR f fi ' ' s .Q 22 5 122,152 5 Home H0ll9fW0f'h Hyde Irwin Jackson, M. R. Jackson, J. P. Johnson, E. P. Johnson, H. G. Johnston jones Kgmp Kwwn Khnmel Kina, X, I .3- ' v Wi W x we J Q ,- W -., 4 K 'A sa Q 'A "W Q -'75 I 3 - , .L , I ,S 4- as N v .... -- -.Q - - ,I 2' - -3 ,QC 1 T- . ' ' - - iq X' L X v J 'P' Y' .. , ' . .. 'EX f f j an , 15551 1. I r :el Q. -f P ' 4 : V S 'a, u 1 . X ef K t 1a . Vmmyia ,I 1 'f X K I-X 'T . ff .., i - rv "' A I i 7, - sw " I' S"' ' , c Q ' ,. X FL ee ' ' ' N - . , N, -' fl -we -P fr ' I , "' 321: . E 5' fisfiiri . tx . W SH A' i f I 1 li' Kitchens Knight Knowles Kutchenreiter Laeour Lane Lake Layton Lazenby Lumpkin Lummus Lunsford Mason Marks JACK WESLEY KITCHENS Member, Concert and Military Bands: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. BOBBY JOE KNIGHT President, Home Room: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. ALBERT FRANKLIN KNOWLES Secretary, Home Room: "B" Team Football: Corporal in R.O.T.C.: XVon Nearest Private Medal: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. FRED BRYAN KUTCHENREITER ALBERT ANDRE LACOUR, JR, President, Engineers: President, Delta Theta Kappa: S.P.I.G.: President, Home Room: DeMolay: Phi Delta: Beta Club: Treasurer, Tech High Officers' Club: Vice-President, Engineers: Vice-President, June Senior Class: Parliamenrarian, Phi Delta: Secretary, Phoenix Literary Society: "B" Team Football: Minstrel Show. MORRIS M. LANE President, Home Room: Engineering Society. WILLIAM I-I. LAKE, JR. GEORGE HENDRICKS LAYTON EARL LINWOOD LAZENBY Honor Roll: Captain. Bowling Team: Member, CHARLES ROBERT LUMKIN S.P.I.G.: "B" Baseball: Vice-President, Home Room. JOHN WILLIAM LUMMUS. IR. Rainbow Stiff: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. FRED WESLEY LUNSFORD Otlicers' Club: Varsity Football. X 'L ntl' . ' D QD ll' ' 53 .. . ,I . in 'fy ,lm-.,g ff , r-.L 'I' . :fl I .- N. nf ze ei if J Y -ze -QQ A ' 3 X et. N: 1 . fl-f Mayfield McAlister McDonald McDonough N.A.S.S. -3- S JOE CARTER MARKS Rifle Team: Officer in R.0.T.C.: Member, Olhcers' Club. CECIL ROBERT MASON Two and One-Half Year Graduate. MELVIN MALONE MAYFIELD President, Home Room: Member, Ofhcers' Club: Letterman. JOHN HARRY MCALISTER Wrestling Team: Varsity Cheerleader: "B" Team Cheerleader. ERNEST FRANKLIN McCORMICK, JR. MILTON BOYD McCOY Track Team. BILLY EUGENE MCDONALD Track Team: Minstrel Show. WILFRED P. MCDONOUGH - Basketball: President, Home Room: S.P.I.G.: Deputy: ViCC-PIESIGIIHK. Home Room. LAMAR MCGARITY President and Vice-President, Home Room: DCPUKY- CHARLES CLARENCE MCHUGH. IR. Cross Country Track Team: Glee Club: Letterman: Two and 000-Hllf Year Graduate. J 1 . 1 I s "" -we W K wp K to 1, 'wr' v J Q Sit Q P' I A r I 'iifw McCormick McCoy McGarity McHugh Seniaafi GEORGE WARNER MERRITT Golf Team. WALTER FAIRFAX MICKLE Band: Glee Club: Letterman: Minstrel Show. STEVIE S. MILLER JACK H. MITCHELL ROBERT DOUGLAS MITCHELL President, Home Room: Chief Justice, Su C tg B k I, U T C0'ClPKim: S.P.I.G.: Track Tgnkasgasegglllle Allgity Flsogan Tesilrtnl JAMES HORACE MORGAN WILLIAM MARION MORRIS Student Council: Lt. C l l ' R.O.T.C.: V' -P ' - Wo'-,Nxge-eu Prime wie-lite. iiimbef. Hf.v,'15i.t 32if5?'in'Q'3.T5.t'Ig?0Z clety, tee President, Ofhcers Club, Scribe, DeMolay, Liaison 0 cer: Minstrel Show. . V' if 'ft' W - 1 f 5 V gl. i . 1 . If ,gi : V - , Q C38 in 'Q' L' N "" gm I 5 X ' I I v '. 1 1? .Q 4' McLean McWilliams Merritt Mickle Miller Mitchell, J. W'II.I.IAM READ MORRIS Pan-American Club: Dramatics Carib: Chess Club: Glee Club: Minstrel ow. THOMAS BRYON McLEAN Wrestling Team. ROBERT L. McWlLLIAMS CLIFFORD ALBERT NAHSER. JR. Vice-President, Home Room: Howard Gelder! Chapter, DeMolay. JAMES ROBERT NASH Wrestling Team: Boxing Team: Bowling Team: Secretary, Home Room: S.P.I.G.: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. NELS RICHARD NELSON President, Home Room: S.P.I.G.: Letterman: Co-Captain, Bowling Team: Winner, N.A.S.S. Medal: Hanoi, Roll: Two and One-Half Year Nl Iliff. CARL M. PARHAM First Lieutenant in R.O.T.C.: Member, Ollicers' Club. JACK D. PATTERSON S.P.I.G. Ollicial: XVrestling Team: President, Home Room: Held I943 Time Record on Wfrestling Team: Two and One-Half Year Graduate: Phi Delta: Minstrel Show. WILLIAM LUTHER PEACOCK. JR. "B" Team Football: Member, Concert Band: Lrllvfmln- FRANK PERRY Pan American Club: Dramatics Club: Glee Club: Minstrel Show. OWEN ERRETT PERRY "B" Team Football: Secretary, Home Room: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. ROBERT HARVEY PHILMON Rainbow: Hi-Y: Baseball: Chaplain. Home Room. IACK PICKETT Phoenix Literary Society. K X , TM QW, 1- 4 fx , g i, . - 4? ,, .3 K ' 5"-. 1. -' aa- . EN" 4 Q' at 4 5 ' ' "' " R- .ff-' '--' " Ex W fx Hfg, "" - L Q R ' ,V . , .: i f E I -, I Q f . , Ji N ,- ' ,W l - Y . W' , Af , is ji iv -if 'mx 7 t W - lg: v 'I Q . -. 'A . ' ,L F , h ,bi N , 1 H' eh 5 - fu I ri ,ape Q2 k K -, :N :rf A he ' s , , . ,Q 'A' 1 ' of .' , ' .1 Y t. S' - 'W TR . T, ' .. Ragga ,Q N , .1 ' if-Ulm vt ,fig li -iii 1 ll. Mitchell. R. D. Morgan Morris. W. M. Morris. W. R. Nahser Nash Nelson Parham Patterson Peacock Perry, A. F. Perry, E. O. Philmon Pickett no-1. , Q' -va fl-:I I, ,J A ' 'J' W .Y Q ""' 'Q"+9'5?,'1 --4-4. , .fi A.. 5 X - :Q N V. M -Z ge sn, V ...,.. , ,,,, C . ,,,. , X ,, P xi, h an .fm W . . eg . Q 3 J I , f R' ' V' 5. 1 ' Vi . ' f I 5 , as sl ,Q f. ""' S tv .11 ,af A Ian 'Sw 51 :,.- Q I I - 1 ... A 2 , ..- - , ' '. -f"' f "' X 4 i-v-- .- - I f - V- 'R :fat N' -,J C A t 4- I gy . Pirchford Pon Poulos Price Pfefferltorn Prylea Puckett Quarles Rabun Rambo Ramos Ray Redwine Reeves ROBERT F. ROSS THOMAS WRIGHT RUTLAND, JR. Vice-President, S.P.I.G.: President, Home Room: Maior in R.O.T.C.: firtttce In Supreme Court: Military Editor, Rainbow: Serwnt-at-Arms, I-Y: Oicers' Club: Member, Order of DeMolay: Who's ho Winner. HENRY F. PITCHFORD, JR. JERRY LOUIS POSS Vice-President, Home Room: Cross-Country Team: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. FRANK PETE POULOS Vice-President, Home Room: Fitst Sergeant in R.O.T.C.: Merit Ribbon In Military: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. FRANCIS E. PRICE President, Home Room: Treasurer, S.P.I.G.: Member, Supreme Court: Track and Cross Country Teams: DeMolay. ROBERT PFEFFERKORN HAROLD VICTOR PRYLES Secretary, Home Room. LEWIS WILTON PUCKETT Concert Band: Military Band: DeMolay: Oicers' Club: Rifle Team: Pan American Club: Second Lieutenant, Military Band: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. RUSSELL MELVYN QUARLES Vice-President, Home Room: Rainbow Staff. WILLIAM PATRICK IIABUN, JR. Dramatic: Club: Band: Pan Amer'ca 1 bg Ph ' L' 50' 5 H--Y: Ami:-e Editor. Tehiseaiun Qrilm L3f2'JIfm,'fe"i:i.I 1552: Minstrel Show. BYRON I.. RAMBO I s m . . pq, .r Q-,.-if Q f gf' 's I .1 Q' J . A i' . 1 , . -ff' 1 '-- ' 'ui' - new 1 rw M 31 rw fa :r I Y is . H I J 4 ' . 'fa I t Ja- , I ' 4' Q -3 Gs. " in : is 'af w- . 2 5. 'I .4 " E I I lk ' it ii M4 Renfroe Rhodes Rogers Ronquillo Rosa Rutland Salvant Sanford MARVIN JULIO RAMOS Varsity Football Team: N.A.S.S.: Weight Lifting Team: Track Team: Vice-President, Home Room: Basketball: S.P.I.G.: Letterman: Won Hon- orable Mention of All City Football Team. CHARLES DEAN RAY N.A.S.S.: DeMola OfBcer: Rifle Team: R.O.T.C. Non Com.: Home Room Chaplain: Freshman, Junior and Senior Annual Declamation: Westinghouse Science Talent Search: Dtamatlcs Club:' Honor Roll: Weight Lifting Team: Pan American Society Officer: Five Letterman: Chess Team: Minstrel Show. . HENRY EDWARD REDWINE N.A.S.S.: Deputy, Bowling Team: Manager, Baseball Team: Two and One-Half Year Graduate: Chaplain: Class Oflicer. EDWARD ARTHUR REEVES. JR. President. Home Room: Vice-President, Beta Club: R.O.T.C.: Captain Company "C": Historian, Phi Delta: Secretary, Delta Theta Kava: Hi-Y: Vice-President, Dramatics Club.: DeMolaE: N.A.S.S.: Two Elf Boxing Team Letterman: City Champion, '44: ngtneerinl SPCICKYI ,Of- ficers' Club: Tehisean, Military Editor: Supreme Court. Chief Justice: Minstrel Show. WESLEY P. RENFROE WALLACE W. RHODES. JR. VVALTER FRANCIS ROGERS, JR. Chess Club: Home Room Chaplain. HERMAGORAS RONQUILLO ST. CLAIR SALVANT. JR. I Ca tain, Company "A"' Captain, Rifle Team: N.A.S.S.: RIIKIIQOWQ 5051 Officers' Cl b- Two and One-Half Year Graduate: QOUIIPIIIY ' A' COIN' petitiveuD,riIl, '43 and '44: National Rihe Assoclatlon 4T.H-5-7 CHARLES A. SANFORD DONALD JACK SAWYER Football: Member, All City Football Team: Basketball: Track: S.P.I.G.: Class Ohicer. L. GLENN SEWELL THOMAS LaMAR SHEATS Colonel, R.O.T.C. Unit: President, Student Body: President, June Senior Class: President. Officers' Club: President, Home Room: Ser eanpat. AIMS. Student Council: N.A.S.S.: Phi Delta: Hi-Y: Member, iloward Geldert Chapter of Order of DeMolay: Twice Winner, Merit Medal: Varsity Letter in Cross Country: Football: Track: judge in Supreme Court: Minstrel Show: Who's Who Winner. WILLIAM ROWE SHELNUTT, JR. Colonel in R.o.'r.c.: P 'd , DI -rr, K . - Club: Vice-President, Phirgeltigi Twibtgfear elgihe INl4I::I:I:?:t,SeI3iigi- Counselor, Order of DeMolay' Secretary, Ollicers' Club' Pan A ' Club Member: Rainbow StaE:'G ld "T" W' - CI ' -mencm Attendance: N.A.S.S.: Winner, Ejtliciency Msgs? Homes: Rjdnnfettgfriifiii PAUL SHEPPARD Baseball Team: Football Team: Basketball Tealn: N.A.S,S. V I . ARNOLD ORMAN SIMPKINS igiembcff-blfnllnffflnlf 50Ciff!Y: Delta Theta Kappa: Phi Delta: Secretary eta u . S-P-I-G.. Home Room Oliic : Ch l d ' H l - I Molay: Vice-President, Smithy Szhatefgloid FFT" Qlixringig li De .IOSEPH wuts sums, Jn. P""Id""- H'-'me R00m: Vice-President. Home Room: Glee Club: Mili. tary Letterman. . 1- sr ': it 'K K f 7 '75 J-.te K' K N e 1 Qc' I As. E 1" X" . , . .:-Q fe ' 1 .23 . . X X 1 I , Z? Mg' K ' .. - 'v' it-ef S i,:A'?.L W it V i x .we ' Sawyer Sewell Shears Shelnut Sheppard Simpkins BOBBY IOE SMITH Member, Tech High Engineering Society: Member, Beta Club: Oflicer in R.O.T.C.: Member, Oliicers' Club. IAMES ETHERIDGE SMITH Captain in R.O.T.C.: Rifle Team: Class Ollicer: Member, Omcers' Club: Cross Country Team: Hi-Y: Merit Medal Winner. IOHN FRANKLIN SMITH MA,CK ARNOLD SNOW Member, Tech High Engineering Society. CHARLES MARION SORROXV President. Home Room. IAMES EDWARD SPINKS Member. N.A.S.S.: Varsity Football Manger: Rainbow Staff: Chaplain, Home Room: Two and One-lilialf Yiarn raduate: Perfect Atten ance: onor o . ALEX HAMILTON STEPHENS President, Home Room: Phi Delta: Member, S.P.I.G.: Hi-Y: Hoyvard Gelbert Chapter of the Order of DeMolay: Olligers Club: CIPQCIU ,ln Military: "B" Team Cheerleader: gptam, Varsity Cheerleadtri. MID- stre ow. WILLIAM LEE STINSON ph' DI 5 D- ' CI bg H-Y: Glee Club: President. Home Room: Sports eliillitor,hi-Iigaqlgshiseiiln: Chaplain, Student Council: Supreme COB!! Iustice: Sergeant, R.O.T.C.: Treasufger, Pan American! Mimi!!! Show. ' 19 . BARRY MITCHELL STORTER MARION PAUL STOVALL. IR. H R ll: V' -P e ident, Home Room: 501' Cant in Militar : TWICC MieiiiirMe,daI vciifmeisin R.O.T.C.: Member. Tfhlwan Staff. Two and One-Half Year Graduate: Perfect Atlendlnfv- GEORGE ANGELO STRATIGOS GEORGE THOMAS STRUPE Home Room President: S.P.I.G. LAWRENCE MORRIS TALLEY Two and One-Half Year Graduate. f"f'f- e. ' 1' C I K f -2 .. as x as Q- ,A , I 'ss f gt IJ 4. , ' , . r' 1 , l ff Q , 'A Q. . ,. X ,q.x ' - g, 1 , ,-.- V , Leo " ,167 've' K 3 E ,th V A V A S, B I ' it 'ex F jg, R - -V p W - 'e ' 'Q '11'5fk Hag' ' 'Q H. I , . N' ' dill " ' ' Q 'Y 0-. ...-H .af ' +ve- ' "'Z" an '3 W, , H , Y .- , . R f Ne if v ' st i t, f' -Y.,-t ' ff: ' I eff: C I .. 're . 'tr - sf-. , t A R , .este Q il 'G r: Slade Smith. I. I. Smith, I. E. Smith, I. F. Snow Sorrow Spinkg Stephens Stinson Starter Stovall Stratigos Strupe Tally .4-A tif. - 22' .f -,. , ,. ,Y in "-gf' , 4 3 - V .2 gn -.. .r mi ASQ fm, , sw 5 ' sf 9 - . N X :W U Ag, F A -. . V efffsf, f ' viffln, , . 3 .ffffff . A w Terry Thomas, J. N. Thomas, R. E. Thomas, W. L. Tucker Tulisalo Turner Van Nostrand LEONARD DUCKETT TERRY, JR. Member, Pan American Club: S.P.l.G. Official: President, Home Room: President, February Graduating Class: Bowling Team: Letterman. JOE NORMAN THOMAS Member, Bowling Team: Two and One-Half Year Graduate. ROBERT FRANKLIN THOMAS Drum Major, Band: President, Glee Club: Treasurer, Home Room. WILLIAM MERRILL THOMAS WILLIAM L. THOMAS DALE TORBETT JAMES EDWARD TOWNSEND JAMES THOMAS TUCKER Sergeant in R.O.T.C.: Member, Band: Dramatics Club: Vice-President, Home Room: President, Home Room: Minstrel Show. KARL F. TULISALO R. TURNER WALTER LEON VAN NOSTRAND WILLIAM ROBERT VOLLENWEIDER Two and One-Half Year Graduate. LEWIS GERALD WALLACE Ellsinfering Society: President, H R - M b B . . and One-Hallzmisearocziniaduailell H' em Club' Two 'E o-, . 'L '- sv ' M- fi I .9 K. 1 S 7 tb' 1. ' .. Nr' . Vi .1 J we vs .1 W A 'E' W wr- Q' v, ,px 1: rv- n 3, -x , ,f . l M4 y' . mfg Wallis Walston Warren Watson Whitaker White Williams Witt .. . "' W 'Wi X 1' l at l Q NJ! 'I 0- - . I, Q A ,, if' 225554-ff-. -Q .fm , V - '. tfi5 ,. 'f' rm: - .. Li.-,N 4 'Helga -'-K..-file . 4 . a " ' 1 I Q 13 Q 'K' , ' Q A 'Qi R A , A J., ,. v . if :i,: ,sy ,f' Q l , K' Thomas, W. M.. Torbett Townsend Vollenweider Wallace, G. L. Wallace, M. E. MARVIN EDWARD WALLACE LiterarBLetterman for Spelling Championship: Beta Club: Engineers So- cietg: elta Theta Kappa: Hi-Y: Dramatic: Club: Chest Club' Rainbow Sta : Who's Who Winner: Oratorical Winner of School: I'hi Delta. GEORGE W. WALLIS - CHARLES DURWOOD WALSTON Two and One-Half Year Graduate: Glee Club: Dramatics Club: Letter- Illin- COMER CLARK WARREN, JR. Home Room President. ALBERT BENJAMIN WATSON N.A.S.S.: Football Manager: Letterman, CARL BARNES WHITAKER Honor Roll. JOE FRASIER WHITE Concert Band Member: Military Band Member: Glee Club. IRVIE BURDETTE WILLIAMS. JR. p 'd , Oni ' Cl bg V' -President, Smithy Senate: Ml'0l', ill Rlglfal.: Chisfrflusticel Supriizie Court: Secretargb Phi Delta: SVU!!! Lifting Team: Letterman: Horizontal Bar Team: ho I WHO CONCU- GEORGE CLARENCE WITT. JR. Home Room President. .,.- -4-fa f e-- V , 'ik at ' ID wif.. va rl Jr , , i'L-I '. ,i ii "iw 1 ' lm' 1 - 'Rf A if y .fr iii lfv viii? . :' .eff f . I " ' , . -g H -1.4. is . 'iifff'i? A f -N -----r-'Wa 'A I 1 l - I Q... ,N ,. av 5 . . 5 5 - .-fix rf, Wright, B. J. Wright, W. G. Yardley Zwald i BILL JAY WRIGHT, JR. Delta Theta Kappa Secretaryg Vice-President, Beta Club Engineering Societyg Sergeant-at-Arms, Phi Delta' Member, DeMolayg President Con cert Band: Honor Roll: Lettermang secretary, Februatiy Graduating Class Two and One-Half Year Graduateg Gold " " Winner W. G. WRIGHT MACK QUILLIAN YARBROUGH PAUL KEITH YARDLEY Liaison Oiiicerg Home Room Chaplain. ROBERT LOUIS ZWALD Honor Roll: Letterman: Sergeant in R.0.T.C.g Winner, Men Medal and Outstanding Freshman Medal: Delta Theta Kappa SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR C. R. ZWERNER JOSEPH ARoNoEE c. G. BUTTERWORTH ALFRED JONES J. A. BALDWIN E. G. cooLEY J. E. IORDAN W- E. BALLEW G. W. PATTON C. 0. KOPPE J' T. BEAN 1-L c. PAUL L. D. JOBE H. T- Bmw W. L. PHILLIPS W- H- LOCK!-FAR M. E' Bmw 1-L E. PITCHFORD, IR. 5- L- LOUDERMH-K L, C. REESE RALPH MANHEIM J' T' BURNS HARRY T. SCHUTTE W- L- MCKENZIE W. s. CALLAWAY W' R' STUBBINS L D. MORSE P' E' COPE R. E. DUMAS F- H- 00159 CEXIFQTILS W. G. DUNBAR N- R- Nix P. H- HCHT c. P. FOWLER J- W- PEEK J. s. GARDNER, JR. T- P- REEVF5 J. c. FIFE R- E' GARTRELL J. H. RICHARDSON J. B. BOATENREITER D. E- HENSHALL L T7-si-Agfgin R. E. BORDERS J. R. HOOKS c. L. WATKINS R. W. BRISENDINE H. I.. IOHNSON W. C. WRIGHT fi Yarbrough Zwerner NlEMORIAM rlnnmo nuumn Q1 seo - 1944, A.B., M.S. In memory of our beloved mathematics ln- structor, Nlr. Fielding Dillard. Mr. Dillard came to Tech Hlgh in 1936, and through his magnetic personality, soon won the admiration and friendship of both students and faculty members. lt is his sort that do much and say little about it, that has made Tech High the school it is today. He is gone, but the sacred memory of Fielding Dillard will linger in the minds of "his boys" forever. X HAnou.n I-uuuusou BRYANT 41 926 - 19441 Harold was the sort of boy of whom any man or woman would be proud to say, "He's my son." His friendliness, personality, sense of humor, and adaptability made him one of the most popular boys of the student body. Those who knew him will never forget him, and the wound left in the hearts of those who bemoan his death wlll never completely heal. Harold is gone, but those of us left say proudly, "I have lost one of my dearest friends: I am too deeply touched to say more." Seniofz 0 a-44 pfmpfaeay Notwithstanding my complete satisfaction of the fact that Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee" is completely a work of fiction, strange thoughts buzzed through my head one evening as I laid the book down and prepared for bed. "That story is iust full of bull," I mumbled to myself, "if anyone can get conked on the head and immediately be trans- posed back to the past, it would be equally easy for some fellow to get tapped on the top and live in the future. And that," I told myself, "is certainly ridiculous!" Being very tired of a hard day at the pool hall, I dropped off to slumber land very quickly and was soon dreaming of such wonderful things as an "A" in physics two, a diploma with a Delta Theta Kappa sealg peanuts at a Student Council meet- ing, and a low score of 69 in golf. I was awakened soon, however, by someone shaking me and telling me to get up. I opened my eyes just long enough for a bucket of sand to fall out, and recognized, much to my amazement, MARVIN WALLACE standing at my bedside. "Well, get up! Just don't lie there! As long as you have nothing else to do, you may as well fly me to work in your helicopterg mine's in the shop!" His chatter was, of course, supposedly making sense to me, but for some reason it just wasn't! He persuaded me to get up, dress, and climb into some ridiculous-looking machine he kept calling a helicopter. Surprisingly enough, I knew how to operate the thing, so we started off. Once we were in the air, he told me to head for Washington, D. C., where he had a job publishing a new type of spelling book for grammar schools all over the nation. I learned from him that he was also appearing on "Information Please" along with EDGAR GILLETTE, EUGENE NEW, ROBERT DURDEN, ROBERT ZWALD and WILLIAM C. HENRY. On arriving in Washington, I bade Wallace goodbye and started out in the city to see the sights. After having a bit of breakfast C'Big Mama" HARRISON, of course, was the cookj, I bought a newspaper and was astounded to learn that the date was June 3, 1975. Gad! I must be 48 years old! The headlines told all about a hot presidential race between HARRY SCHUTTE and LAMAR SHEATS. SCHU'I'I'E was on the Communistic party, of course, while SHEATS was representing the Socialists. The paper had articles concerning the fact that more liquor was being sold in the country than ever before, because no matter who won the race, the country would be in such a mess, nobody wanted to stay sober. I also read an editorial about GUY HITCHCOCK, who was working on a terrific idea about abolishing all liquor stores and night clubs. Moving on up the street, I met TOM HARTLEY taking a poll in the city to determine how many left-handed persons also had blue eyes. He was not riding in a helicopter but was riding JACK PEEK piggy-back, which is considered the fastest type of transportation possible. HARTLEY told me about CHAR LES D. RAY who was working on a universal idea to de- velop a rocket ship that would be faster than any thing in the world, except, of course, STERLING HORNSBY. I passed by a sign which read, "Ye Pastime Pool Hall-BUCK DAVIS, Instructor and Proprietor. MARSHALL CALLAWAY-shark." Further on up the way I saw a smoke shop which read, "Ye Smoke Gets in Ye Eyesey, Weed Shoppe- HUBERT BIESER, manager, lndorsement by Col. Poole." Across the street was a locksmith's shop with a sign out front reading, "Keys made to order-EDDIE REEVES, Man- ager." I was attracted at that time by HOWARD GOSSET'I' coming up the way with his NASS key dangling at his side. He told me he was making his living running the wagon, and that he had finally graduated from Tech High. He also told me that things had changed to such an extent that even IRVIE WILLIAMS and BILL MORRIS had finally gotten out. He said that ARNOLD Q. SIMPKINS was currently working in the bowery taking up collections for welfare and that he was never very successful. GENE BLANKENSHIP went past about that time, pulling so hard on his pipe that six men fainted upstairs in the pool hall and fell out the window. Among them were JOHN KEOWN, BILL STINSON, and KEITH ENGLAND. KEN HAR- ALSON, who happened to be passing, saw the whole thing an-d decided it would make a good cartoon, so he rushed off to sketch. An extra came out on the street telling about the fire destroying the White House, and that HARRISON ALLEN, world- famous architect was to construct the new one. I A fire wagon went past, followed by JACK BANTA chasing it, and pasting pictures and senior write-ups at the same time. Deciding to go home, I headed for the parking lot, which was being run by JACK PATTERSON and BILL RABUN, Cwho were thinking up blood-curdling ideas for an initiation.J They told me that BILL SHELNUT had been voted the stin- giest man in the world, second only to REX EDMONDSON. . It must have been the shock of hearing my own name that sent me into a spasm. A lad, whom I recognized atpnce by his smiles as TOMMIE BARCROFT brought me out of it and told me that TOMMY RUTLAND was making his living pos- ing for the Gillette Razor Blades Company as an example of five o'clock shadow. He said, too, that AL LACOUR had been voted the wolf of the century, and that DOUGLAS DURHAM was suffering from too much work, as he was a pencil-sharpener in a fountain pen factory. CHARLIE WALSTON came along about that time and told me of his being K. P. for ten straight years, and that he had at last grown tired of throwing acorns at Mr. Metcalf. He said that HARRY COLE and LEON KIMMEL were trying each ' - from country other to see which one could charge the other one the most Hi-Y dues, and that ED. F. CHANDLER was going to country with KENNETH DAVIS making orations. It was then that I happened to roll over too near the edge, fell off, hit my head on the safe where keep ?ydgBa?0ll:- pons, and woke up. It had all been a dream, I was actually still in Atlanta, in 1945, and was still going to e g It may have been a dream, but nevertheless a most realistic one, and I shouldn't be at all surprised to see it all happfn to the class of 1945. "I-R-E 45 MID-YEAR GRADUATION EXERCISES FEBRUARY 1945 P R O G R A M Presiding . . ........ . Ira jarrell Superintendent of Schools l. Music . ....... Tech High Concert Band J. S. Rutan, Director 2. Processional March Honor Legion . . . . Carrol H. Vmce 5. Alma Mater Song . . Class, Audience and Band 4. Invocation ........... Rev. Gerald Y. Smith Principal of Hoke Smith junior High School 5. Oration ........... Wm. Rowe Shelnutt, jr. "The Catastrophe of Waste" 6. Emperor Valse . ...... . 'Iobann Slrauss Band 7. Valedictory . ........ . Harry T. Schutte "When Liberty Is Limited" 8. The Premier Polka .......... Edward Uewellyn Cornet Soloist . . Bill Wright, jr., Band President 9. Announcement of Distinctions ........ W. O. Cheney Principal of Tech High School 10. Pledge to the Flag led by Cadet Colonel Wm. R. Shelnutt, jr. ll. America .............. Henry Carey Class, Audience and Band 12. Presentation of Diplomas ...... . D. M. Therrell Member Board of Education 13. Tech High Battle Song .......... H. A. Taylor Class, Audience and Band, Led by H. A. Taylor, Composer CANDIDATES FGR FEBRUARY GRADUATION james D. Adams Gene Bryson Blankenship Dan Wiseman Blanton Carl Eugene Bledsoe john Becker Boatenreiter Daniel William Boone, Jr. Edward Aven Bowen Bill Cliff Brannon Samuel Marvin Briscoe Dennis Wesley Britt Carl Gilbert Butterworth Eddie Gilbert Chandler, jr. Bryson Young Coleman, jr. Robert joseph Cowan Grady Randolph Curfman Richard Marion Dailey joseph Madison Daniel George Wilson Davis, Jr. Rhea Wesley Dean Howard Andrew Gossett Robert Edward Gruber Robert Harold Harbuck George Wilson Harper Lamar Alexander Harper James Gray Harriman Thomas A. Hartley, jr. jack I. Hazan Marcus Aurelius Helms, jr. William Callaway Henry Carl Aven Hightower William Wallace Hill james Guy Hitchcock, jr. William Preston Holley, jr. Roy Briscoe Holt julian Greenlee Irwin,Jr. Lonnie Dewitt Jobe,jr. Dewey William Kinsey Jack Wesley Kitchens Bobby Joe Knight Albert Franklin Knowles Fred Byron Kutchenreiter John William Lummus, jr. Ernest Franklin McCormick, Jr Lamar McGarity Charles Clarence McHugh, jr. Stevie Andrew Soos Miller Nels Richard Nelson Baynard. Pinson Nix Roy Embree Patillo George William Patton, jr. jack William Peek jerry Louis Poss Frank Pete Poulos Lewis Wilton Puckett Byron Levere Rambo Walter Francis Rogers, Jr. St. Clair Leslie Salvant, Jr. Donald Jack Sawyer Harry Theodore Schutte William Rowe Shelnutt, jr. Paul Gorman Sheppard, Jr. Arnold Orman Simpkins Joseph Wells Slade, Jr. john Franklin Smith Charles Marion Sorrow james Edward Spinks Marion Paul Stovall,Jr. Leonard Duckett Terry, Jr. joseph Norman Thomas William Merrill Thomas, Jr. Walter Leon Van Nostrand William Robert Vollenweider Lewis Gerald Wallace Charles Durwood Walston Comer Clark Warren, jr. Albert Ben Watson Carl Barnes Whitaker Irvie Burdette Williams, Jr. Bill Jay Wright, jr. Mack Quillian Yarbrough MEN IN THE SERVICE AND ESSENTIAL WAR JOBS WHO HAVE RECEIVED THEIR DIPLOMAS THIS SEMESTER Frank Russell Bathgate Ralph Bell James Allen Caldwell John Duncan Cameron George Felma Conger Henry Floyd Ham Jack Linwood Howard Howard Jack james Joseph Jardina,-lr. Cecil Myers Kennedy Maurie Wade Shields Albert Elliott Simmons, jr. Floyd Abbott Turner John W. Williamson George Donald King Howard Oliver Latty Harley Pyron Rakestraw Whitley M. Roberts David Davenport Norman Douglas Gibson Sidney Peckham Howe Allen Dean Tuck Carl Floyd Weekes Norris Stovall Wynne CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION William Harrison Allen Charlie Anderson joseph Aronoff jack Lawton Atkinson Robert Alvin Baker, lr. john Alfred Baldwin William Eugene Ballew Warren Maddox Banta,jr. Thomas Edward Barcroft.jr. Clarence Bentley Barnes james Alfred Barnes jack Ted Bean Harvey Linton Bethea William Leon Bicknell, jr. Hubert Ford Bieser,Jr. Robert Burton Blahnik Howard Milton Bone jack LaDelle Bonner james Ray Boyd, jr. Otis Franklin Bradley, jr. Harry Tilton Britt Marion Edmon Britt Lloyd Curtis Burel Stephen Latimer Burts john Francis Butler Cecil Eugene Byram Marshall Thomas Callaway William Shadrach Callaway, Jr. james Alton Carmichael, jr. Edwin Fairbanks Cavaleri,Jr. Edward Franklin Chandler 1 Robert Neelley Church, jr. Victor Louis Cohen john Louie Coker, jr. Harry Austin Cole, Jr. George Howard Cole Edward Seaborn Cooley Paul Edwin Cope Harold Lamar Corley Mack Couch Horace Alan Dale Burton Kenneth Davis Richard Arnold Dill Robert Freeman Dumas William George Dunbar Donald Robert Durden Douglas Franklin Durham, jr. john Rex Edmondson, jr. Charles Hansell Ellis,jr. Harrison Keith England Carlton Wayne Farris Paul Henry Ficht,jr. John Clifford Fife Ill Roy Claude Fisher, jr. George Alden Flynn, jr. Wade Edward Fordham Clement Potter Fowler james Samuel Gardner, Jr. Carl Eugene Garrison Robert Ernest Gartrell Edgar Fincher Gillette Walter Dennis Greer JUNE, 19 john Henry Groth james Allen Hale jack Raymond Halleck Kenneth Wagner Haralson Otho Napoleon Harden, III john Ralph Harwell, jr. Robert Andrew Hays, jr. Ray Elsbery Holcombe joseph Benjamin Hearn lack Edgar Henry Don Eugene Henshall - Robert Lee Henson Charlie Wesley Holcombe, jr. John Robert Hooks Robert Sterling Hornsby Maxwell Leroy Horton Jack Herschel Housworth Emmett Bryan Hyde, Jr. jack Peek Jackson Monte Reginald jackson Edward Paul Johnson Harold Gilmore johnson Harry Lionel Johnson Edward Akridge johnston,Jr. Alfred Malon Jones james Frank Jordan Roy Benton Kemp, Jr. john Lewis Keown Carl Otto Koppe Albert Andre Lacour,-Ir. William Henry Lake, Jr. Morris Melvin Lane George Hendricks Layton Earl Linwood Lazenby William Harold Locklear Sidney Luther Lou-dermilk Charles Robert Lumpkin Fred Wesley Lunsford Ralph Manheim joseph Carter Marks Cecil Robert Mason, jr. Melvin Malone Mayfield John Harry McAlister Milton Boyd McCoy Billy Eugene McDonald Wilfred Patrick McDonough Wright Luther McKenzie Thomas Bryan McLean, Jr. Robert Lewis McWilliams, jr. George Warner Merritt Walter Fairfax Mickle Norman Harper Miles jack Herman Mitchell Robert Douglas Mitchell james Horace Morgan William Marion Morris William Read Morris Lamar Derany Morse Clifford Albert Nahser,jr. James Robert Nash Kenneth Graham Newton Richard Hayes Ogles 5 Carl Matthew Parham Jack Dawson Patterson Homer Christopher Paul William Luther Peacock, Jr. Abner Frank Perry, jr. Owen Errett Perry Robert Gillimer Pfefferkorn, Jr. Dennis Howard Powell Wilbur Linton Phillips, Jr. Robert Harvey Philmon john C. Pickett, jr. Henry Fletcher Pitchford,Jr. Francis E. Price Harold Victor Pryles Russell Melvin Quarles William Patrick Rabun,Jr. Marvin julio Ramos Charles Dean Ray Henry Edward Redwine Larry Clark Reese Edward Arthur Reeves, Jr. Troy Pierce Reeves Wesley Parks Renfroe Wallace Weathersby Rhodes, J r. Joseph Henry Richardson, jr. Hermgoras Rolando Ronquillo Robert Frank Ross Thomas Wright Rutland, Jr. Charles Agbur Sanford Leonard Glenn Sewell Thomas LaMar Shears Bobby joe Smith james Ethridge Smith, jr. Mack Arnold Snow, jr. Charles Marion Sorrow William Verlyn Speer jack Lamar Stanford Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Ill William Lee Stinson Barry Mitchell Storter George Angelo Stratigos George Thomas Strupe William Russell Stubbins Robert Price Sudderth Lawrence Morris Talley William Lamar Thomas William Gordon Tolbert William Dale Torbett james Edward Townsend James Thomas Tucker Karl Fredrick Tulisalo Robert Marvin Turner Marvin Edward Wallace Carlton Lee Watkins Joe Frasier White George Clarence Wittslf- William Clyde Wrikhl Paul Keith Yardley Robert Louis Zwald Carl Richard Zwerner 1 ld' . ml Q N " R' 5 -. ' X ,5" 2 ii' A 'ff is . V I ' i' '-,. - lat, z .jf i ' f ,Q . A 1 .3 A CAROL BECKY CHENBY CHENEY N.A.S.S. The highest honor an athlete at Tech High can receive is to be elected a member of the National Athletic Scholarship Society. To be eligible for membership, a student must win a varsity athletic letter and pass all subjects for three consecutive semesters. This demonstrates his scholastic accomplishments as well as his athletic ability. The N.A.S.S. fosters high scholarship among boy athletes, stimulates a desire for balanced training, elevates the ideals of sportsmanship, develops more outstanding leaders in the secondary schools of the United States, and there are member schools in every state of the Union. Principal W. O. Cheney heads this activity at Tech High and is a past National President. His daughters, Becky and Carol, are sponsors of the society. an 1 ff Bn s W. O. Cheney -5. r ,, . ,...,,.w. - -: s' '0,,,,,..i..,..,gm,sq4y'fx:gg7s,,,-i, gm- iv , . .. -0.4 -- as - -' Ufvf'P4?'1 ...V , . - " .. - -- . --Q A ,T ,I -Nstmfi, M Bama, C, Ramos, M. J. Bieser, H. F. Ray, B. Blanton, D. Redwine, H. li. Brannon, B. C. Reeves, E. Butler, J. F. Sawyer, D. J. Chace, W. L. Sheats, T. L. Corley, H. L. Shelnutt, W. Couch, M. Smith, R. J. Daniel, H. H. Spinks, J. Fulton, C. H. Stark, S. A. Gossett, H. Sturgis, Guy Greer, W. Terry, I.. D., Jr. Gunter, A. Turner, R. D. Hale, J. Turner, W. E. Harper, G. W2 Watson, B. Hays, R. A. Williams, J. Henry, XV. C. Williams, S. Holt, R. Wilson, A. Hornsby. R. Zwerner, C. Irwin, J. G. Frank Smith Lazenby, E. I.. Joe McEntire Maner. W. H. Ben Frederick Nelson, R. William McDonough Otwell, W. Edward Clements Patton, G. lidward A. Johnston Peek, J. lioh Mitchell 1 -Q? 'Vi ,q , v , , ., .1.,3.,A .:. 1.5 -qu ,A ' v . ja..- s-- I 'wifi -9 Ns' '.' -SUM' Piw AI. LACOUR MISS LACOUR ARNOLD COLE Kllllfll. SOCIETY ,winter omcnns If 'yd f. 1 " J-'J First Semester ' V ' f sos nmsmnnvs .... .... - ........ -..--.--..Pma4m A x. Al. LACOURW ........... W... .... ,- ........ ....,....,Vice-President I A. j"X CHAS. L. RAY.. .... -...-.. ..-.-..--...Sccnta1y-Truturrr 7' f , CARL FULTON ................... ...-..,...-..Srrlcall-at-Aran: Qg,,51'3,f"' POLLY LACOURW- ..... .. - ...... -........,...sps-nf O , 1 Second Semester AL LACOUR, JR .... .-...- ...... .... .. . .... .............................PnslJnu HARRY A. COLE, JR ................ --.... .... .. ..... -...,,......... .... Vita-President LEON KIMMBL .... - .... - ..... H.. ........ ...-..-...,... .... .....Jn-:nary-Truruur CHAS. L. RAY... ............. -......,.....,,,-.................,.........,.................Hl.tl0rhtl CARL FULTONM.,Mm.,.............-...............,.........Srrlnlt-d-ArIr GENEVIEVE ARNOLD .... -.. .... ....................... ....... ....,..........,.......Sfalror E. C. Sl-lANKS......... ..... .,.- ...... -...,.....- .... .................J'arulty Advlur E. C. SHANKS, Faculty Adviur RAY FULTON E. C. SHANK8 The Tech High Engineering Society was founded in 1959 for the exurpoae closer contact between the students themselves. The membership is limit to a selected twenty- Iive boys. All members must be outstanding in the scholastic work and be particularly interested in drawing and the other phases of engineering. John L. Coker r . J - Lewis G. Wallace John R. Harwell mu J. Wright Wm. C. Henry Joe B. Hearn Mack A. Snow MEMBERS Ed. Lowe Eddie Chandler Hubert F. Bieser Bobby Joe Smith John Keown Eduard A. Reeves Marvin Wallace Jack Banca Karl Tulisalo George Laoour Harrison Allen Eugene Grlitb Edlar Gillette Jimmie Cowan of creating a Arnold 0. Simpltina Morris Lane Bill ll. Norris Steve L. Bum Fred Willingham Walter Greer ' a . 1 3- J' Top Wallace, Banca, Wright, Henry, Hearn, Snow, Lowe, Bleaar. Middle: Known, Harwell, Tullaalo. Allen, Chandler. Smith. leaves. Laeonr, Cowan Bolton: Simpkina, Lane, Morris, Wallam, Willingham, Gillette, Coker, Greer, Bum. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS WILLIAM R. SHELNUTT-..,-..............- .... . ...... ,.....,.....,,PflJid0ll .g , Y n BILL J. WRIGHTM.- .,.. .,..-....n..-...-.,.,.-..-.,....Vice-President T., ,s .A It ,au , ., y ,. .uwotn o. s1Mr1t1Ns-,,...-.......,...--,.smmfy N 4. J 4 '21 In HARRY T. SCHU'I"I'E......-....-.......-.......-........Trusurn L- 9: I .4 . . Q. "" MISS SHIRLEY HOLLINGSWORTHW..- .......... - ...... Sponsor fax 7 ' H' 5 .t ,,.j I W is i ' ' E-SQ SECOND ssmnsrnn omcsns , 1 ' :MR , i w G ' ' A tt. 333 CHARLES I.. RAY. .......... - ........ ..... - - ..,......,.... ....,.... ......... .,...Presideltt T' V '. EDWARD A. REEVES ........ ......--... .... ..... .e..Vice-President ' H, I CARL FUI.TON.,...s...- .... s-.,.... - ..... - .... s...,.S'u'reta1y X t Y r- 'W' A ' I we 5 HUB DANIELL.-.,...- ......... ,..- ...... ,..-.-... ....... ..... - , ..,.. - .... rfmmf f-1 V' 'Y- M rf- 7: 5- j MISS ANNE LOVVORN ...... .,...,...,.... ..... ...., ...... m..,.a...Spon.tor -j .XA my -r f lf- ' G. L. xANnoLru...- ....... ..s.,..m..-.,.,- .,... -..rmny mmm ' ' 'N , ' ' R .1 at , , li' R. F 4 ,LEW ,Q V N K , X f I lisa Hollingsworth Shelnutt - Ray Mm Lovvorn Wright Simpltins Reeves Fulton TECH HIC-H BETA CLUB R---wh Service-that one word constitutes both the slogan and the primary objective of the entire Na- tional Beta Club organization. Although the purpose of the club, as stated in the by-laws, is "to . encourage eiort, promote character, stimulate achievement, cultivate leadership qualities, reward merit, and to encourage and assist students to continue their education after graduation," this purpose. in its entirety, reverts to that one word, service-service to school, community, country, and sel . Candidates for membership in the National Beta Club must have maintained a scholastic avenge of eighty-live or above for their freshman year and must be at least a low junior. Students are fur- thermore considered on the basis of character, service, loyalty, attitude, mendation of their fellow students and the school principal. MEMBERS achievement, and the recom- William C. Henry Billy Turner john Keown Hugh Foster Tom Hanley Rex Edmondson James Logan Charles D. Ray Gerald Wallace Al Lacout Sam Jolly Arthur Gunter Fred Willingham Guy Sturgis Hubert Bieser Herbert H. jones Albert Martin Robert Durden Edgar Gillette John HamP!0l'l Bill Shumate Harry L. Gibson Thomas Glaze Eugene New Jimmie Cowart Marvin Wallace Bob Estes 1 1" WHAT ' ' S 1 A . -:J P A 1 as 17 A' " li ' 'N . 2 L R- K. , t A " s,.N . . . -4, ,. X- f' - 1 I Q Jg W .V 5 'wr ' " - I' 'H "' JJ 1 Wg X I ' - ' . 3" sis! A , ,- , . n i s M 4 ' ' 3 . .. if n fs- gs ' K A 1 f " "" ' - 15 PQ' .' -9 if Q . g L. .h . Z, 'ya f t ji A ilw- I . ' .. v., ' U ' f fi" ' gg 'X' ' " ' 3035? AH 'lmi4?'.:'74 - 5 A , I s so 2- .J .Q .p Q- . "2 Q' 132 v- Q 0 .. .sm V' Q A u v Y . Y 1? A 'lg fl' t do .r -1 f if a- y so f e- a .e WX ..,s , Si fi' UF - a ,g. f"?5',- iz - ' r ,fi-:EL:lf?i f i f 5 ' Y ' F ,, I A 'X M-1+ - . x , fc ---.. . -MEM xr ' ' M' X- Wallaea. ll. Glaae Henry Shumate I-lartley Wallace. G. Gillette Foster Turner Edmondson Willingham Lacour Durden Cowen Sfllllii Gibson Keown Bieser Logan RRY Maffin 'nbi- EDMONDSON WILLIAMS SHBATS H vm., IERRINGTON REEVES LACOUK WILLINGHAM A ,d' 458 MISS WXDIUFF PHI DELTA OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR President ..... ,....,..,.........,....,...,,.........,.................., H ARRISON ALLEN Vice-President ...A.......... ...,........... R EX EDMONDSON Secretary ....,..,.......... ,.,.........,.. l RVIE WILLIAMS Treasurer ........... ,.............. L aMAR SHEATS Historian ......,...........,.,. ............,.. E DDIE REEVES Parliamenlarian ,..,,..... ............,.. A L LACOUR, IR. Sergeant-at-Arms ..........,.. ....,,.,.....,. F RED WILLINGHAM Sponsor .....,................,........ .............. M ISS FRANCES WOODRUFF Faculty Adviser ..,........,.. ......... L . E. HERRINGTON The Phi Delta, organized September 19, 1953, holds the distinction of remaining the most outstanding literary society on the campus. Membership is strictly by invitation, and character, scholarship, leadership, and personality are stressed along with the desire of improving speaking and writing ability. The Phi Delta goal every year is to place as many members on the Annual Literary Ex- ercises as possible. This year six members were participants in this exercise. ALLEN The social highlight of the year is the annual semi-formal dinner-dance held on the last night of the school year at the Rainbow Roof. It is at this time that the newly elected ollicers for the coming year are announced and tapped by their predecessors. f V7 iz' . , W GENE BLANKENSHIP JACK BANTA BILLY TURNER TOM HARTLEY BLANKENSHIP BANTA 'runmen mmruav 3' I ' T If HARRY cous gil 1 ', : . k X' COLE WRIGHT GII.LET'l'E STINSON BILL WRIGIIT EDGAR GILLETTI5 BILL STINSON BILL RABUN ALEX STEPHENS BOB BRISENDINE JOHN KEOWN 'Q' BWI fun. RABUN STEPHENS BRISENDINE KEOWN xq-If PATTRREN CHANDLER WILLIAMS 2- If-.1 . YN V ' pa- WOODALL RAY WALLACE SIMKINS IARMER DICK WOODALL CHARLIE L. RAY MARVIN WALLACE ARNOLD SIMPKINS JACK PATTERSON ED. F. CHANDLER SID WILLIAMS BILL FARMER W -Q- Q wwf .,.54-'7,.Q3 15,9 -'J 'J- 4 GQ gs N Nun..-an j.C.BROWN SHEINIJTT HOLLINGSWORTH HENRY WRIGHT SCHUTTE .4 First Semester Ollicers A WILLIAM R. SHELNUTT ....... ......................,......,.........,.................,......,.....,.......................,... P resident Q WILLIAM C. HENRY .........,............ ,...,.4..,...,........ I ..: ........,...........,,......,..... Vin-President Y BILL J. WRIGHT .....................................................,,.... ...... . .... S orrelary-Tnuurn ix HARRY T. SCHUTTE ........,..........,....,...,...........,............ ,.........., 5 ergoant-al-Arn: X ,,,.wf'e MISS SHIRLEY HoLuNGswon'm ,...........A.......A.,. ..A............. ........,...,.I..,.......A,...A 5 p mm . f Second Semester Officers ' ALBERT A. LACOUR, JR .... ...,......,..............,...........,...........,.....,..........,,.....,...........,.,.....,........ P resident EDGAR F. GILLETTE .........,....,. .....,,.,...........,...............,........,.,.............. V ire-President EDWARD A. REEVES ..........,.....,....... .,.......... S ecruary-Treasurer ROBERT DURDEN ...,.............,,.....,....,....., ....,.....,.. ....,..,... S ff grant-at-Ann! MISS GENEVIIEVE ARNOLD ......,...............,........ ,...,.,...,........,..,.,...................,.. ..,.........,....... S p autor Membership in Delta Theta Kappa is Tech High's highest scholastic achievement. The Alpha chapter of the national honorary scholastic fraternity was founded in 1933 and its roll has the names of the most outstanding Smithies in fields of scholarship and leadership. The fraternity is founded to serve the high school as Phi Beta Kappa does the University, giving recognition to students who have maintained an average of 9070 and have been approved because of their personality and leadership. Members Arnold O. Simpkins Guy Hitchcock. lr. Harrison Allen lohn Keown Eugene New Marvin Wallace jack Bonner Robert Zwald I. C. BROWN, Faulty Adviser fk I , J. . . . Q - " X27 ulcoua amom ctuxrn axnvas nuanm .free ag' f W4 fn -f'f-T-'MQ "' SIIYKINS ALLEN BONNER HITCHCOCK KEOVN WALLACE ZWALD SHBATS KISS PHAR! MORRIS Sl-IBIJVUTI' Q F F I C E R S LACOUR BRADLEY LAMAR SHEATS ........,......... WILLIAM MORRIS ......... WILLIAM SHELN UTT AI. LACOUR ,........., . ............... OTIS BRADLEY ,.............. CILIE PHARR .....,....,..... Dmul Boone Lewis Pucker! james Logan jack P Jackson Wm Morrn Fred Lunsford Carl Garn son Wm Shelnutr, I-lerben hleser, Edgar Gllletre Bobby Smnh Om Bradley Joe Connell Sr Chu' Salvmt Alex Szarheno. LaMar Sheatrwlames Smnh Carl Parham Eddne Reeves Fmdxer rdon Al Lmour Melvin zield. Deen jones, 'm Farmer Gary Kelly W B Manuel ale Torberx Tommy Rurlnna Joe Ben um. sd' C IANTA IDGAN Klllll. OOKII IUTLAND MORRIS KISS WHITE FULTON HI-Y CLUB The Hi-Y which is composed of thirty-five members, meets once a week. The standards IIC . . . . Purpose-To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Platform-Clean speech, clean sport, clean scholarship and clean living. Top: Blldiip, Edmondson, Keown, Sheets, Stephens, Cole. Reeves, Wallace, Lscour. Ballon: Simon, Torhett, Bradley, Ray, Vines, Rshun, Smith, Clmphnll, Phihlll, inns. I .-Sm K+.. . ."' 1l"""a. M- . CAPPS KIIVBS KIOVN TUIIK l-IARTLBY STINQN -Qe..w X ,,,, J DRAMATICS mls C L U B BDMONDKN A A OFFICERS Prnidcnt .......... - ............... , ,,..... ..... - ..............,.......... . .... Vin-Prnidnu .............. Sarrcury .......... , ...., . .... Treaurn ....,................ Hixtanau. ......,....................... .. Sergeant-at-Aran: ..,......... Sponsor ................. . ............ .REX EDMONDSON A. REEVES .............,.......,.-BILL s1'xNsoN ....... . .... -.,..JOHN KEOWN ...,..........,, TOM HARTLEY ,......,........TOMMIE TUCKER MISS ANN NEAL Faulty Adviser .......,.,..............,............... . .....,.,..............,....,.....,,.....,,. S. T. CAPPS MEMBERS Charlaa D. Ray Robert Ross Bill R. Morris Charlie Walszon George Wallin Bob Caldwell Edgar Gillette Marvin Wallace jack Banu Robert Pfelferkorn Gans Blankenship Bill Szimon Frank Petty Bill Rabun Alllrlludn T 4 A .ll , I 1 .my 55? .Q - 12, W W gs in 2-Y f f ef A dy . . t Lk Aloio ' X. 'Y 7 ai .'Rf"': -A qi' ,ps 'FQ KI! GH!! Bama Wallace Morris 'Wallis Perry Roll Walaton Rabun Martin Pfelerkorn Blankenship Harwell England Logan Top: Gillerre, Singleton, Allen Middle: Edmondson. I-lirchoodr, Fordham Ballon: Kay, Stinson Bill Srlnaon Bill lhbun Steve Burn I-lermagoraa Ronquillo Julian Levy Leonard Terry Edvard Gee Frank Perry Jack Berlin MEMBERS lohn Keown Keith England Guv Sharpe Robert Lindsey Roberr Blahnik Harry Gibson Charles Knox Bill Shumate Sam Don PAN AMERICAN CLUB OFFICERS EDGAR GIILBTTB-...,.,.-..,-,..---..n...,.-...,....-....,.,,,,,,,....,l....-..-..-..- .... President HARRISON ALLEN ..Nl .....M.-.- .-........-.n-.,..,......-...,.,,........,- .... ...-...-.-..Vlu-Puridnrt REX BDMONDSON..- --, -..-... e .--.--.,.. ,, ,,-...... . ...-WSac-rrlary CHARLES D. lAY--.,...,,.....-.......-l..-.--- ..,. -..,...- .,..., -..,.-..--.,-...-...,.,n.d...n-...-....rMTru.lurfr GUY HlTCHC0CK..,M,-- ,.... ,....-,..-..,,,......,..-..--..,,,-.........--m.Sngunt-at-Annu WADE FORDHAM.,..,,,,..,.............-.,......-,..,.....,.......,- .... -,....,.............-..-......Historian KISS JEAN SINGLB'l'0N.......,.....,......-...-.....,............-......-...,.,..,. ..... --.Sponsor ll. 0. S. BANDY ..... nw... ..,... . .... James Logan Maurice Colley Malon Jones D. K. lone: Eldrige Sample: Raymond Wallace Hugh Foster Charles Gardener Alfred Boorstein , ........... Adviser f , BANDY fir av .' QW. my C' Top: llabun. Shumare, Colly, Doaa, D. K. Jonea, Gibson, Knox, Blahnlk, Sharpe, unuaey. lotion: Perry, Berlin, Keown, England, Levy, Burn, Gee. Terry, Ronquillo, Logan. sm., ,poi 1 'SQA Q., Mn, v to fig. a sf il li' HARTLBY MISS LEATHERS PFEFFBRKORN MISS MFRRIT CHESS CLUB The Tech High Chess Club, composed of interested students who have successfully shown their ability in chess, furnishes material for the combat group, the Tech High Chess Club, which enters into com- bat with the teams of other schools. The Tech High Team has always had an excellent, if not the best, showing in its many tournaments in the past years. As a parallel to the Club and Team, a regular Chess column is run in the Tech High Rainbow, to explain the functions of chess, present problems for thought and study, and interest prospec- five students in the Club itself. This column, the "Chess Forum," is written by the Club president, while its members submit comments that prove interesting and useful to interested students. QS' .2 lg, , ,1 .. hw 4! , me 12,1 'W in BA LDRIDGE .g rew f wb'-Ml -s-nfl' I ' A ht fi 4 'V " H V Q -.,, I ,T 'it J ' fx 7' fb' " , it s A gs Q Q rs ' C. D. RAY KBOWN ALLEN M. WALLACE W. R. MORRN TECH HIGH MEMBERS HOWARD GELDERT CHAPTER order of DEMO LAY ldgar Gillette Eddie Reeves lad Banta Frank Price Al Lacour Cliiord Nahser Dick Woodall Fincher Gordon Tommy Rutland Bob Campbell l.aMar Shears C. D. Ray Carl Parham Bill Wright Leon Kimmel George Lacour Lewis Puckett Harry Cole Dale Torbett Alex Stephens Dick Patrick -'!s""'i? -Y Q s- 5 SHll.NU'l'l' MORRIS Bill Shelnutt Bill Morris Fred Willingham Guy Jenkins Bill Manuel Arnold Simpkins joe Connelly Robert Pfeiietlrorn Sterling Hornsby On March 24, l9l9, a group of nine young men met to hear the plans for organizing a club. The proposal for a social club composed of the finest of the young men of their ages had been given much careful thought and received a m0ll enthusiastic reception. The group grew rapidly and was quick to sense the possibilities. They would call their club the DeMolay Council for boys. They would accept only members who could stand the test for quality. Today there are over a million youths who have received DeMolay obligations in approximately a thou- sand chapters, and with the aid of the Masons the Order of DeMolay is doing a wonderful job in turning out better men for America and for the world. The Howard Geldert Chapter located at the joseph C. Greenlield Lodge, No. 4oo, is only one of the sev- eral chapters located in and near Atlanta. The chapter is composed of students from both Tech High and Boys' High. .Mi Q' 0 Q 'A ' ,ry Kc' -14 Y' -Q on. .ut , 40- . Y' 'N t Tap: Gillette, Banta, A. A. Laoour, Woodall, Rutland. Shears, Parham, Reeves. Middle: Price, Nahaer, Gordon, Campbell, C. D. Ray, Wright, Kimmel, G. Lacour, Puckett, Cole Banos: Torbett, Stephens. Patrick. Willingham, Jenkins, Manuel, Simpkins, Connelly, Pfellerkorn, Hornsby. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of the presidents of the home rooms forming a student participation in government.. The Council has a unique position of respect and honor and their emphasis on the honor system and democratic methods inspires a spirit of cooperation through- out the school. Various campaigns sponsored by the Council were very successful. Because the government is conducted in this way, the organization has a feeling of enthu- siastic support. OFFICERS FOR THE COUNCIL Prexidenl... ...,....,,,..,,.........,....,,..,,........................,.....,........,...........,..................,............. HARRISON ALLEN Vice-Prexidml ,....,........,. Secretary ...., .... ...., . . Treasurer ..................,.... Purliamenlariurl . .,,., . C baplain .................................... Sergzanl-ni-Arms .,....... .,.. Sponsor .....,.....,.......... ..................... ,......... . Faculty Adviser .... ....,,.. C0fl'!JP0lll1iYIg Secretary . ., FULTON .. .....,.....,4 CHARLES L. RAY EDMONDSON ..........,.EDGAR GILLETTE STINSON WILLIAMS .MISS FR ANCES WOODRUFF B. BROWN , ,44... JACK BANTA ,bl-S -as 5 lu PRESIDENT'S CABINET The President's Cabinet, formed of the officers of the student body, was originated this year by President LaMar Sheats for the purpose of bringing about closer relationship between the faculty and students, and, at the same time, reach decisions concerning assemblies and the like. lt has sponsored a clean-up campaign, a poster campaign for better conduct, a probe of school societies, and is, at this writing, planning a senior class memorial for the school. PRESIDENTS CABINET LAMAR SHEATS .,... - ......,,..,.,..,.,........, .. ............,.....,.......... Prnident PIERCE MCWHORTER ..,,.....,.,.... .............., V iCf'PffIidfll REX EDMONDSON ..,,,..,,..,...... .......,..,..,,...,..... S ecrnary E. F. CHANDLER ...........,..,,. ..............................,.,.,,...............,,.......,.....,.....,..... T rraxurrr JOHN KEOWN ,.................. ..,...........,. R :pruentatiw la Student Cuunril BURTON DAVIS ............... . .,...........,,.....,.... ...... ,.... ............,,................ C b A plain SUPREME CCDURT Cbiel justice .... K ......... EDWARD A. REEVES page ........................ ALBERT A. LACQUR, JR. judge ............ ................ Judge ...,....... ............... .lack Bama Steve Buns Malon jones james Logan Lamar Thomas EDGAR GILLETTE REX EDMONDSON justices Bill Stinson Charles L. Ray Robert Campbell john Keown Altemates Sidney Williams jim Hale INTER-CLUB CGUNCIL President ..........,.... ............ - .REX EDMONDSON Secretary ..,............. ,...,......., .................... ,.............., B I L L STINSON DELEGATES PHI DELTA .,..,...................,................................,,,........... ................., J ack Bama BETA CLUB .........,...,.....,.......,............,,. ,............. C harles L. Ray DELTA TI-IETA KAPPA ,........,... ..,.........,. Edgar Gillette ENGINEERS' SOCIETY ,..,,....... ................ - Al Lacour PAN AMERICAN ......................., ............... B ill Stinson DRAMATICS ...,..,......,............... I-II-Y ..... . ..... ...,..........,...,.......,., DEMOLAY ...,.,................,...... .............Bill R. Morris ...................james Logan Campbell OFFICERS' CLUB ...................... ...,........ E ddie Reeves CHESS CLUB..- ......,......................... -..-... ........... Charles D. Ray PRESIDENTS CABINET .........,.... ..................... L aMar Shears RAINBOW ...........................,...,............,. ......,......... R ex Edmondson TEHISEAN .....,.................................. ..........,............. B ill Rabun SUPREME COURT .............. .........,..Steve Buns f- Mg. ,lg . ,. If - I ,wh -1 QE, ' Lf, EQ' 'ggsmiif K1 X IP. .. Q . pw I-. I U n s T.-4 3 I KEOWN mi' v I Sf EDMONDSON LOGAN HARTLEY RAY ASHER FULTON TECH HIGH RAINBOW ATLANTAS ONLY . HIGH SCHOOL WEEKLY JOHN KEOWN- ......... . .......,....... REX EDMONDSON ........,..,... ,IAMES LOGAN ............ , ........ CHARLES L. RAY .,.............. TOM HARTLEY ..... . ....... GHSIE ASHERE- ........ . ...,... ROBERT CAMPBELL TOMMIE RUTLAND MARVIN WALLACE. ............Editar-in-Chief ........,... Assariatt Editor ...............Associate Editor ..........,...Assoriale Editor , .,..,,.... ..,Assoriatc Editor ..........,...5porls Eiitor Activities Editor ,,,Militnry Editor ,...Featurc Editor EMORY MADDOX and CURTIS HARRIS ...,.I.....,....... ED SARRETTM... ..,..,......,...,................ ., ..,.........,...........................,....,....... ....,..............Reportcrs .Mah-up Editor GENE BLANKBNSHIP .........,................,...,,... - ..,. . .,......... , .............,......,. . .......... Columnist ALFRED BRITT and MARION BRITI' ............ Asst. Mah-up Editors 1- BUSINESS STAFF - CARL FULTONE... .,...,...........,.....,.........,...............,.............. ..... ............ Businsss Manager HARRY COLE ..... , ................ . ....... . .,....,.........,,.,..,,......... Assistant Business Manager JACK BANTAM., .......... . ..... ,........., . Assistant Business Manner HARRISON ALLEN .....,..............,........................... -Asxistnst Business Manager T't:7 -- DISTRIBUTION STAFF -- JIMMY SPINKS DAN BLANTON RUSSELL QUARLES - FACULTY ADVISERS -- C. I.. BIRD C. O. MORRIS 0. I-I. MORRIS A. A. LACOUR 1 Unis' wr!-I . XR' BIRD iw 5? Ki Q is W if - - W! .-xp.-. III, i'i . V 213431: ., MILE IANTA BLANKBNSHIP CAMPBELL BUT!-AN D Coul sAsuui'rr WALLACE HARRIS Q. -rr 9- l 'VV N ,J . 3, EQ, . eq-.ef rt 'J' S -aa- an- 29 s ' ' t ' B A H W, X' P ,xi I N in sf ' I wt- 1' ' he , f fi M5 iw- ' e si wt-4" ' 4' """ BANTA RABUN REEVES STINSON CAMPBELL LOGAN LACOUR STOVALL NEWTON HARALSON BERKOWITZ BURTS SOJOURNER 'BI' ,f ,ug TEHISEAN STAFF -I 'I Le.-G MISS ANN NEAL EDMONDSON Editor-in-Chief .....,,.,,.. .,......,.. R EX EDMONDSON Anoriate Editor ....,..,... ...................... B ILL RABUN Astoria: Editor ...,........ ..... . ........ J ACK BANTA Athletic Editor ........,.............,,... ....,......,...., B ILL STINSON Military Editor ..... . ........,,.........,.... ..........,,....,......,.. E DDIE REEVES Anlrtut Military Editor .........., ...,...,,... R OBERT CAMPBELL Photography Editor ......,..., - ......,.,........ ....,............, . .JAMES LOGAN Arrirtnt Photography Editor .....,.........,...,.........,.....,..........................,..,... SAM BERKOWITZ Typist ......,.........,.........,,..........,...............................................,..............,..........,.........,............ ..PAUL STOVALL Advitnx ..... - ........ - ,.....,,.... ..... J . B. SOJOURNER and A. A. LACOUR Sponsors ........... ........,.................,..................,............,.,....,....,.. M ISS ANN NEAL The stai ofthe 1945 TEch High SEnior ANnual has striven beyond all measures to bring back into this 28th edition of the year book, some of the color and interest portrayed years ago, by feature and literature in addition to pictures and senior write-ups. There have, of course, in this war-torn school year, been obstacles which have arisen in such measures as to discourage the auf and advisers. We have fought these dilliculties time and time again with that "true Smithy spirit," and have, at last, reached what we hope is a reasonable accomplishment. The real verdict we must leave to your discretion. WHO'S WHO AT TECH HIC-H MOST OUTSTANDING ................ .4.............. L aMar Sheats, Harrison Allen, Robert Pfelferkorn BEST ALLJAROUND ................... , .......................................A.....,..................,.....,.........,.,....,...........,..........................,....,...... LaMar Shears MOST REPRESENTATIVE SENIOR ..........., LaMar Sheats, Robert Zwald, Ed Gillette, John Keown MOST REPRESENTATIVE JUNIOR .......,.......................... - ...................,........,........A.................... -- ....... P ierce McWhorter MOST REPRESENTATIVE FRESHMAN ....,...,......,........ , ,..................,................................,...,.... - ................... Bobby North MOST POPULAR ........................,......,...........,........................................... LaMar, Sheats, Harry Johnson, Hubert Bieser BEST PERSONALITY ............ ...........,.. R ex Edmondson, Al Lacour, Sid Williams, Carl Fulton MOST STUDIOUS ..................,. ........................... M arvin Wallace, Eugene New, Bobby Durden MOST INTELLIGENT ............... ....,..... ............ E u gene New, Edgar Gillette, Harrison Allen BEST DRESSED .....................,,...,. ............r..,.....................................,.,............. T ommy Rutland, Bill Morris, Chris Paul BEST ATHLETE ............,...,.... ............. P ierce McWhorter, Mack Couch, Durwood Davis, Bob Mitchell WITTIEST ......................... .............................................. , ............ . .Rex Edmondson, Burton Davis, Jack Bailey BEST LOOKING .....,......r............ ...,.....,.,. C arl Fulton, Leo Corley, T. A. Cowan, john Harwell BEST SPORT ........................................, ....................................... J im Hale, Lamar Thomas, Harvey Bethea MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT ......,,......... .......................... A lex Stephens, Gene Asher, C. D. Ray BEST POLITICIAN ......,............,............... .....,...,... E ddie Reeves, Marvin Ramos, Malon jones BIGGEST BULL-SHOOTER..- ............. ..............,,.....,.,..................,....,...........,......r..................... - .... - .M ....... Rex Edmondson MOST POPULAR TEACHER- ........ -. -.- ................, M., ....... .,.....--, ,.......... -...,.,..- ...... - .......... "Uncle Bud" jackson FAVORITE I-IANG-OUT .................................4........ The Pool Hall, the Rainbow Room, the Roxy Balcony FAVORITE PASTIMES ,... .................... S leeping, eating peanuts, necking, shooting pool, bull sessions THE BEST PRINCIPAL IN THE WORLD ...,...........................,........,.................,.......,............................. W. O. Cheney ALUMNI BANQUET BANOUET FOR FOOTBALL TEAM and PRESENTATION OF GOLD FOOTBALLS The Tech High Alumni Association feted the Tech High Football Team at a bl h ch time, Martin Mnrrion, former Fighting Smilhie, presented gold footballs to h f players who were voxed mos: important to the team by Coach Allen Shi. ,,i. .t , 1 ff, Q fi ,ks , ,1 . , AV Y J OLLIE MAE 'l'Hlil.MA KING EDNA H. W. CHENEY MRS. H. H. HARRISON "Big Mama" TECH HIGH CAFETERIA Food! That one word accounts for one-eighth a man's time, a large part of his energy, and even more of his attention through- out his lifetime. This merely stresses the primary importance of the cafeteria, visited daily by more boys than any other room in school. Of necessity, therefore, the Tech High cafeteria has been a part of the school from its very beginning. Consequently the job of supervising the cafeteria, now directed by Mr. H. W. Cheney, is one of the most important and tax- ing positions in the entire school: but in spite of all difficulties and responsibilities Mr. Cheney, aided by Mrs. Harrison and a com- petent staff of cooks and helpers, conducts the. cafeteria in an orderly and highly efficient manner. The students at Tech High demand good food and plenty of itg and it's up to the school to provide it for them. Shortages and demands don't seem to feaze the cafeteria staff, for the food served there is always good and priced reasonably enough for every student's pocketbook. 'Wm The Clinic Librarian MRS. B. T. BOWCOCK, R.N. MRS. J. O. FREEMAN Principal Tech High Srhool.. Parltamentartan .........,................,....,. President .............................,.., Vice-President .,......,...,...,,....... Recording Secretary .......,............. TECH HIGH SC OFFICERS O. Cheney M. Rogers H. H. Haralson D. E. Dunbar H. M. Pennington Corresponding Secretary ............... .,................. M rs. T. A. Hartley Treasurer ....,....,............,.......,,.....,........... ....,......,. M rs. M. C. Gordon Membership Chairman .......,......,,.... .....,,.............. M rs. Harry Cole Program Chairman ..................,................ ..,.,.,....... M rs. B. D. Martin Assistant Program Chairman ............................... ..........,,............... M rs. B. E. Dollar Publicity Chairman .......,................,..................,.....,.................,,................., Mrs. A. A. Lacour Hospitality ..........................,... Mrs. W. D. Tucker, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Bennett, Health .,.....,...................,....... ...............................,.... . ....... . . Assistant Health ..........,.... Mrs. Durvin ...............Mrs. T. R. Starr Sharp HOQL P.-T. A. Finance ........... . .. Magazine .............,..... Study Group ................................ ..,......,.......,....,................................. S. R. Daily, Mrs. T. H. Fulton W. F. Teale .Mrs. W. P. Rabun War Emergency .....,..,.................... .,..,.,,.,,...,.,......,...........,...........,.,......,. . , ....... Mrs. R. Yardley Council Representative ...........,......,..... Mrs. M. C. Gordon, Mrs. J. R. Dollar, Mrs. T. H. Fulton, Mrs. S. R. Daily Scrap Book Chairman ...,......... .........,.....,,..........,.,..,...,............ M rs. S. P. Gillentine Character Education .....,.....,................. ..,..............,,.,.,........................ M rs. F. W. Butts Standard of Excellence ......................... ,.....,,......,.........,............,........, ............, M r s. Hulfncre , SECTION CHAIRMEN Southwest .,,...,,.......,... f .....,...,.,.,....,...................................,,.. Mrs. R. A. Dunphy, Mrs. Slife Southeast ...,,............. Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. A. F. Watson, Mrs. T. E. Gartrell, Mrs. W. 0. Henry Northwest .,..........,..........,,.....................,....................,............. Mrs. Dmos, Mrs. Allen Dale Northeast .................. Mrs. England, Mrs. Simpkins, Mrs. F. A. Buclthanln, Mrs. A. T. Schutte, Mrs. C. E. Barnes v 1 s ' ' , Q SPEAKERS' TABLE BANQUET HONORINC- FOOTBALL TEAM The Tech High Football Team of 1945 was fered at three banquets given by Mr. C. B. Whittacker and Mr. W. W. Crowe in honor of Coley Whit- taclrer and Dick Crowe, ex-gridmen, who are serving in the armed forces of the country. PRESS ROOM ELECTRIC SHOP AVIATION i ,pfildfwf .Q .I v ' iv. '154lffQifFfE'S'vFf5F9'?'lf?iF'5"?VF'5eF'5 A2 if j if 3131 'V 7f??!Q 3 WL, , .-11,-w..+.g..'-' k-'N' - 4 - . ,. - f 15-.f-.QWTA 5 'T 5 fm. 4 Sy E lgzgiff 'AZVQ if iliff? 4 2- , 1 give, N r iva- -. vi W4 N v x 1 JPY 05.4 3364 ww 1-M-1 7-J' 4 me 1 s, " M YW J 1 1 Q35 .,,, ,-1 .wg 51 514, sw, was .M I ' ' -f fn 'S 'Hz -'z .V -JM A 'L V12 1- l'X,:-- :1q1 Pr' P, 5-,'At.Efj: - ' A. L.: ISR! 1 X, N1 M.,-, V11 . P, My 01" P 3, n ,. wg. A I r 1 1 "1 4. V. - 19 ,. X a I 1 1 5-, ,- f , dz' .M 1 ll f 4. 5 nk -1 I A ' in Z 1' ,"lvlt 11. "SAL MJ? . 433' JA, www" A I X-M 1 .rv up 1-5 . A ,r A1 v int-.H-, -Lv. -.1 ,OL v. .-,I .XA M V E 1 -4- fy , x ff ' vw ff. fx Aaf 1 -1 1 mf., 4' 1 4 . 71" l' ,V gf NY 'I 151' 1 4 ,pssfi ri 1 A 1. H I A r 'S-1 l N1- '1 w l . .1 ak v -1 Hr .gfwp .1 7' S 4. M f Nw 9' v If Ra' "' xv rw ,iw rx z' NL hifi fi v-,au 1 1 I , rel' ,111-,::, kb :Vw N- : .-' 4 f . X ,'.,.' 'ff-.wi V ' L- . X H ,N , 11. 1 Q nw f'-29511 X ' 'fp--3 nf vm ,.,l --. . ,J ,.Jf r m, .I M QNTLU , ,J L mp .. ga la: N -if H, , - , -1 Yi T1 I A-. 4 -v pr. f Us 'L 1 E ,u if Jw W ,- GEORGE S. CLARKE Colanel, lnlanlry P. M. S. 6 T. THE TECH HIGH R.O.T.C. UNIT The Tech High R.O.T.C. unit has made an enviable record among the junior R.O.T.C. units in.the nation. Last year our unit was recognized as one of the top-ranking units in the United States. ln our annual R.O.T.C. competitive drills with Boys' High, we have defeated 'the boys on the hill' five out of the last six times. Colonel Clarke was assigned to the R.O.T.C. units, Atlanta public High Schools October 10, 1942. Before coming to Atlanta the Colonel was stationed in the Philippines. He was one of the last ofhcers to be evacuated before the ,laps took over. Although he is still assigned to the R.O.T.C. units, the Col- onel has been attached to the R.K.O. studios in Hollywood. He is serving as technical adviser for a motion picture. FRANK j. BAUER In U., Infantry Ani. P. M. S. G T. 2nd Lieutenant Bauer was assigned to Tech High School, as Assistant P. M. S. 8: T. in May, 1942. He was promoted to lst Lieutenant, October 1945, The Lieutenant takes great interest in his duties, as he is always on the field during the military pe- riod making corrections and offering suggestions. Sgt. McCallister was assigned to Tech High School in Decem- ber l935. Since his assignment the R.O.T.C. unit has been des- ignated each year as an Honor School by the War Department. Under his leadership this unit has been one of the outstanding R.O.T.C. units in the Fourth Service Command. Sgt. "Mac" as he is known to all the cadets is the one who is responsible for the good record of the Tech High unit. ROBERT A. MCCALLISTER T!Sgl., DEML YROTCI Commnndanl 1 4-Q. N. a 5 W. R. SHBLNUTT SHIRLEY t Colonel HOLLINGSWORTH Spmuar MARGIE HOFFMAN T. L. SHBATS Sponsor Lt. Colonel im.. 3 CAPT. J. B. SHIT!! CAPT. T. V. IUTLAND IND LT. W. D. TORBBTT COL. W. B. SHELNUTT LT. COL. T. L. SHBATS QF: -. ' .QM S GENEVIEVE ARNOL Sponsor s D xv 5 X QW f f 21 5 gas . J X A fin v if -H f an' we .. A H., i -.- " .ff' . if '. W. M. MORRIS MARGARET ANN ,ha i, Mm, HOLCOMB - '- Sponsor , :fig A. A. LACOUR DOLORES CAMP J. B. HEARN Major Sponsor Major BATALLICDN CCDMMANDERS AND SPONSGRS l W. M. MORRIS Major, 2nd Battalion A. A. LACOUR J- M. LOGAN 1. B. HEARN Major, In Battalion' znd U--Ban. Adi- Major J, P, JACKSON J. W. CONNELLY 2nd D.-Balt. Adj. 5f5ll"-Ullh Adi- COMPANY STAFF an HEADQUARTERS KL --'1 I SUPPLY DIANE WILSON, Sponsor CAPT. J. E. SMITH VIVIAN BELDING, Sponsor CAPT. T. W. RUTLAND IND LT. J. P. JACKSON 2ND LT. J. M. LOGAN ZND LT. W. D. TORBETT ZND LT. J. W. CONNBLLY iii" 'cifffsvi 'X Linh ,Lo THE COLORS Rqiumnal Color Gund MISGT. LBVY, J. J. TISGT. BERLIN. J. J. SGT. FREDERICK. B. B. PVT. DALTON. J. E. YQ 1 'US iv . R.. " 5 1 H-- J. S. RUTAN Dirtrlnr ROLL Addison, E. C. Flowers, L. Baker, V. Fowler, H. S. Bell, R. L. Fox, L. Berkowitz, S. H. Futral, W. H. Bobo, J. H. Gibson, NV. O. Braswcll, C. K. Goodwin, E. F. Callaway, R. L. Goss, D. H. Dollar, j. R. Holt. R. L. Elliott, R. B. Humphries, C. R. Ewing, E. W. Ivey, G. R. Farmer, W. B. Knox, C. C. Kyscr, I. R. Mzxey, J. H. Milburn, G. F. Reid, W. R. Roland, H. E. Sharpe, L. G. Stedham. R. E. Teasley, T. NW. Vines, C. L. White, J. F. Woodson, G. H. R.O.T.C. BAND V. E. NEW H. L. GIBSON Srrgnwtx Master Sergeant SMF SHBWYFY J. B. HARRIS H. F. MARTIN C. E. STORM Corporal: B. B. BLACKWELL D. B. PATTILLO G. F. STOREY fm 'Il E. F. GILLETTE IEAN SINGLETON L. W. PUCKETT Captain Sponsor First Lieutenant :sau ff , ST C SALVANT SHIRLEY BURKOWES CIN!!! Spanner COMPANY A A LASEIW 4 g'57a?? , H I ., if lf' 'LJ In Sergeant Gurdon ff, 'j"Il3',E?.i.,:fg GUNTER A. O. VVILLIAMS, M. W D FARMER W B MANUEL lrt Uflllfldil Zrrd Lieutenant Platoon Sergeant: Guide Sergeant: VALENTINE. E. G. MARTIN, A. L. GIORDANO, I. I. HILL, C. D. Corporal: PETERSON. E. G. ABBOTT, J. L. DURCH, W. F. HASTY, B. A. WHITEHEAD, J. L. THACKER. B. R. PRIVATES Abernathy, H. R. Abernarhy, R. D. Anderson, C. M. Barield, J. H. Baugnon, L. C. Brown, J. W. Bozeman. j. R. Coats, C. D. Clldr. R. A. Cole, M. Coody, j. W. Culpepper, E. F. Doner. P. M. Dnniel, 1. M. Darnell. E. D. Deal, E. N. Elder, H. L. Elrod, G. M. Gayzon, L. H. . Harper, D. L. Henderson. C. D. Hornbuckle. G. N. Hufhker, R. E. Hum. C. F. lacklon, T. A. lolly. S. K. jones, B. B. jones, B. W. Jones. R. E. jones, H. H. Libman. M. B Langley, C. H. Lawless, W. C. Long, E. B. Maddox. F. E. Mania W. . D . D. McCarthy, W . I. McDonald W Mclflcmy, H. J. Mizchell. H. L. Moll. I. F. Rice, j. R. Rylee. J. E. Smith. R. G. SenIlY. J. L. Stephens, B. H. Stokes, J. B. Sanron, B. W. Teague, W. 0. Thompson, J. Tipperr, I. E. Williams, M. B. E. COMPANY B .wi K? an H. F. BIESER D. K. JONES I rt Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant PRIV ATES Arrington, T. A. Bachelor, H. N. Barber, R. E. Bnrden, B. H. Barrow, C. E. Bnrrleu, M. W. Benton, J. T. Brizr, M. E. Burdeue. J. 0. Cuey, W. F. Corley, J. W. Dollar, B. E. Drilkell, R. A. Durvin, H. T. Flmbrough, D. Garrerr, G. E. Glul, M. A. Green, T. V. Griirh, E. T. Hadnwny, R. N. Harris, H. E. Hodgens, W. L. Jackson, R. L. Johnson. H. S. loner, B. C. Jordon, R. C. King. E. G. Kinney. 0. D. Lon, C. E. Moss, J. R. Pair, H. T. Perry. H. C. Pierson, H. A. Poulos, A. T. Regus, A, N. Riddle, R. T. Robertson, A. B. Schmid, H. L. Starr, R. D. Steed, C. E. Strickland. R. E. Summers. C. K. Swords, G. L. Tampa, J. G. Thames, M. S. Tracey, L. D. Trimble. T. H. Wakefield, C. O. W'ilIilm3, J. K. Wise, B. D. Woods. S. S. I xt Sergeant BOWEN, E. A. Platoon Sergeant: HORTON, M. L. SPEER. J. li. .. ,3 ails A. H. STEPHENS Captain Guidon Sergeant STANFORD. J. L. Guide Sergeant: FOSTER, W. R. STEPHENS. T. J. Corporalx LACOUR, G. A. MURPHY, J. C. ALLEN, CROWDER. COLLINS. GILL, K. H. G. D. S. V. D. JEAN MICKEL Slmnmr 'Nu REBECCA POTTS Spouor In Snnaal RAUSCHENBERG. B. Platoon Sngrarm SPEER, W. V. DAVIS, W. H. q- is.. CCMPANY C E. A. RBBVES Captain Guidou Sergeant STRADLEY. W. Guide lsfflfllli GREEK. W. D. CALDWELL. S Corporal: PERKINS, C. F. McLARTY. j. B. LIBMAN, M. B. PETKA5, N. S. WATERS. C. D. L. . m x C. ll. PARHAM M. M. MAYIIBLD In Uutnat 2nd Llmulanl Abbot, J. M. Andrews, G. C. Austin, H. H. Baker, G. C. Barge, H. K. Bonnu, J. L. Brown. C. D. Burnme, C. L. Caldwlll, A. J. Cannell. P. E. Carer. C. D. Caylor, L. R. Chandler. ll. M. Childtfl. A. L. Gardner, C. H. Goldberg. D. L. Green, C. W. Ham, J. E. Hardegne. R. R. Kidd. S. A. Lewin. l. Link, R. H. Magbee, A. B. lhrdn. P. D. PRIVATES McCormick, J. D. Merdn, 0. G. Monroe, J. H. Mumford. A. 0. Pceplel, C. B. Peoples, T. D. Prather, M. H. Reagin, C. W. Robertlon. H. R. Samples, E. I.. Shearon, D. A. Sherman, B. H. Speer, F. R. Sxill, F. E. Summerville, D. N Tanner, G. M. Tulialo, K. F. Watson. W. I.. Whayne, M. M. Whitehead. C. T. White. R. A. Willis. B. A. Woodnxl, B. E. Wea, B. H. COMPANY D 5 J Q1 41- C. I. GARIISON J. C. MARKS Ind Lieutenant Ist lieutenant PRIVATES Bradley. J. E. Brantley. Z. G. Brantley, F. M. Brock. B. B. Brown. W. R. Butler. C. Byrd, D. M. Calhoun. T. B. Carver, J. I.. Cumby, J. R. Dotnhoo, W. W. Drake. L. R. Dyer. C. D. Ellington, G. Fisher. R. A. Foster. C. D. Foster, M. Graham. N. H. Hculrig. C. H. Heygood. C. H. Henry. R. E. Hobgood. M. P. Hudghu, R. L. Hollnnd, H. W. James, B. B. Kelly, J. D. Langley, P. S. Lanham. R. L. Larry. B. A. Lindsey, R. I.. Lockridge, H. G. Martin, E. P. Miller. W. N. McGahee. H. E. Mclnndon. L. A. Moore, J. H. Moore, K. B. Morris. G. W. Murray, G. W. Murrsy, J. L. Payne, R. T. Reid. J. N. Roberts. C. R. Simmons, J. R. Skelton. W. A. Smith, J. C. Smith. P. H. Smith. R. H. Spikes. G. Stanford, W. D. Swem. E. H. Thompson. J- H- Wnrd. B. C. White. C. W. Woodt. L. W. Wortham. B. H. W4 NORMA HESTER D. W. BOONE Sponsor Captain In Sergeant Guidan Bearer WILLIAMS. I.. R. PAIR. J. R. Platoon Sergeant: Guide Sergeant: COGGINS. F. H. ADAMS. F. A. STUBBINS. W. R. HENRY, J. I.. Corporal: CALDXVELI.. R. E. BOBO. T. O. GRAHAM, W. R. ENGEI., L. J. WILLINGHAM. F. N. GORDON. B. COMPANY E qv 1-N!'r S. E. WILLIAMS AMY AVERY Captain Sponsor lr! Sergeant Guidon ARNOLD, j. L. HAYGOOD, J. 0. F. BRADLEY G. KELLEY Isl Lieutenanl Znd Lieutenant Platoon Sergeant: Guide Sergeant LOWRX', T. Ii. GRENNOR, M. D. BARFIELD, H. C. WILLIAMS. J. S. Corporal: CARTER, H. li. MOBLEY, J. A. DAVIS. C. L. HELMS, T. L. THORNTON. W. DINOS, A. E. PRIVATES Adams, J. F. Hobbs, C. D, Aiken. T. L. Hggkgv A, Allnood. .I+ M. Howard. ,l. D. Andrews, W. H. Huddleslon. G. F Bran. J. T. Hudson, D. BOYCI. C. Hughes. Ii. G. Bfewfff J- M. Hulsey, I. N. Britt. R. P. Humphrey, F. T. Bl'00kS. H. D. Hutchins. S. P. BUIIWU. G. M- Iackson, R. E. Butler, T. A. larrctt. W. R. Campbell. J. C. Kimbrel, H. E. Chapman, J. K. Lewis. W. R. Couch, L. A. Lummus, I. W. Chotas. D. N. Lunsford, F. XV. Cox, 1. H. Moore, F. C. Cunard, T. L. Mulkev. M. P. Farr. C. H. Nelson, W. E. Fisher, P. D. Rankin. K. C. Gardner, R. A. Rowden C. Gee, E. S. Shuman, B. H. Goldwasser. N. Shaw, C. T. Goza. H. B. Slover, I. G. Greeson. 1. M. Stamps, C. W. Gualtney, T. L. Taylor. T. O. Hallman, B. N. Teal. P. C. Harmon, N. AI. Underwood. B. Harper, L. R. Walker. H. F. Harris, B. M. Wallace. A. L. I ' K' Harrison I W. Wvnn. I. H. 5 I I A 4' A Hearn. IjR.. COMPANY F Y? IW' AWN . . sb W .lx ,,,....., ,NN im.. .46 fl'-2 HELEN STANCIL B. J. SMITH ' , l Sliorlsor Captain K N . . I .,,- ,,. , E Isl Sergeant Guidon CAMPBELL, R. D. ATTAWAY, R. S. F. W. LUNSFORD F. J. GORDON lst Lieutenant 2nd Lieuleuanl Platoon Sergeants Guide Sergeant.: CHENEY, I.. SYKES. D. SPAIN, T. R. POSEY, E. Corlaoralx BRITT, A. N. LOWE, L. E. SHEARER, C. H. ALLEN, R. E. BROGDEN, J. C. HAZARD, K. B. PRIVATES Adamwn. R. M. Latham, R. L. Armstrong, N. F. Lester, W. 1 ram .A fs. u. 1 , r.,-1 Yi Ashworth, R. A. Ashworth, R. B, Bledsoe, C. E. Brown, M. L. Campbell, J. Carr, T. N. Cason, J. C. Chamn, C. G. Cofer, L. J. Cook, G. R, Cooper, F. C. Daniel, M. D, Dickens, H. V. Duckett, R. ,l. Eayd. J- H. Elrod, G. M. Gray. F. E. Gray. T. A. Green, J. P. Gunter, J. S. Hubbard, j. T. Hudson, A. W. Huff, D. T. Huggins, M. E. Irby, H. G. jackson. T. A. Jenkins, j. F. Jones, B. B. lones, B. C. lonei. ll. S. Kempson, B. L. Kimherely, R. S. Martim, W. D, Massey, C. W. Mathews, L. R. McArthur, WH M. McCain, j. A. Mcllan, G. R. McLendon. Merrian, E. R. Miller, R. Mitchell, H. L. Murphy, C. B. Padget. C. E. Parsons. C. D. Pelham, j. P. Plunkett, W. E. Pollock, H. E. Rikard, I. W. Sewell, H. L. Snyder, R. D. Spier, G. G. Stanford, H. G. Stockham, T. C. Sykes, E. Tippett, E. Tomson, R. C. Turner, J. T. Y v 4' , 5 Varnadoe, W. R. - . W'aldrip, H. D. ., W'aterhouse, H. E. Watwood. l. A. Ward. F. M. W'hite, F. E : ' 'Q'-. - s 1 qi , L! ST. C. SALVANT SHIRLEY BURROWES IND LT. W, D. TORBETT ANNE CLEMENTS Captain Sponsor-In Surunn Captain Sponsor-2nd Scnuslcr ROLL llieser, H. Manuel, W. B. Smith. I. E. Bradley. O. F. Marks. I. C. Smith. P. H. Campbell. R. D. Mulkev. M. Stokes. I. B. Cheney, L. Parham. C. Torbexl. W. D. Corley. I. W. Perry, H. Tulisalo. K, Dinos, A. E. Peterson. M. Valentine. E. G. Innes, D. K. Snlvzml. SK. C. Vfilliams. I. K. I' a1""""FZf fl' "'!'NS .1 ,UK ri- . . T. I.. SHEATS s- . Colonel ,q- , A, A. LACOUR W. M. MORRIS Maia: LI. Colonel E SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS . 0-1 WWW' ,l. B. HEARN S. E. WILLIAMS Major Culrlaiw-Ca. A gb . K 1. favs ii A. H. STEPHENS E. A. RBEVES B. J. SMITH I. li. SKITH Cnplain--Ca. B Cnptain-Co. C Cnpuin-Co. D Calvuin-Co. E if- Q f W qkxfc X Y 0 K JJ ZX-'-9 Z VX --I Q j ff g J 1' l"' f X, Q 2 XXX X , Z XQU 1 f 5 , fb - KJ CN 5 ex bi X Lk BIESER 7 J 696 ff Li W X fw N f C X- , KAMDUS 'Z V XX .....--N KADET fl K -I 'T' KARTGDNS Z 1 . 1 ,- ff gl XL X47 , "-' ,U QP Xxjf S K X WL fb Q Xl 4- CQ fs 1, . X RSHHND Slqiqlioms MM' 'Jaco 'zz LT. Manga' cfvpgrusns 5 F W .1 Ngo J X 1 yi L A , + 95 vim N +U ' 555 25144 I ff' 1 ,fP 44Um ' M65 B X E '-A-N - Q swam E1 -W"Wf'wfw111W 1111111-W w 1 A" A 1 1' I. WL1. ' ,,,51 sr 1. . 1.1 'ff' 1 1 411u ' L 1 P'- Z . 11 -1151 , W 1,5 cv. , W. 1: ri, VIH1 '11 1. 11' 1 '1 T 1 ,J 'H , 11 fb N1 G, 1 , iii. JY. 1 . 1. ' 1 A 1 1 1 ' 1 111, 1 1i'fI,' 5' 1 1- V' 5 J1 -..1'!1.1 3,j:,. 1 1 ' Q51 Hr- -1 -1 1. ., 1 1,1 1M 1-.11 " 11, 11" S9 1 +5191 '41 X 'Tr vnu- T-J tif.: f- s 3:9 1. 4? Ve' .1 41 1 1 1 r w 1 su !Ej:g!EEf.1v4 v E131 rw, .1 ph. 1 1 f X 'L , '-Luv W-1-..,N g2xE'g4gS1ti1f .. 'sr-1"U .15 id 'flkg Z1 Q1- 1E :Fftim J. J '41 L Lay ' 4' nf I x ?'i ' 11,92 51 'pm- ,ir 1 'X 1 1 4-RM: .1 .1 1 1 U11 1 I 1 x 1 4.1 -' 1 14 1,, :+' 4 vi WH ' 'I -- vw 5,-1 ,l 'su '42 A :gy - V ,Ml l 1 1 1 1 1 1 '?"1f. L , 4-1x 25 Q X J" 'i V415-'TP ,a ". 3 1 - 1 ' 1 1 5 , 1 f' '11 1-1.5 1 V ' 11 1 - 1 . 1' TL' fx'1' I 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 P 1 I X2 A 1 . 1 1? '1 1 1 1 '3 I .412 . 1 1 I 1 1 1,1 -.g 1 e 1 1 i V . 1 Q. 11 -K , ' 1 11 1 'X-:N 1' .' ' 1. .- ,vi 3.' 1 . Y' 115 ' FOOTBALL The 1941 football season at Smithyville saw the starting of a new coach, Allen Shi. Mr. Shi, who came to Tech High from West Fulton, and has had coaching ex- perience elsewhere, succeeded Sid Scarbrough as head mentor. Mr. Shi has already given Tech High teams to be proud of, and they are steadily improving under his cap- able leadership and progressive ability. Mr. Shi also coaches base- ball and boxing, and has already produced teams in those two sports A A LACOUR that are city champions. DI E TOR ATHLETICS W- H- DOWIS The assistant football coach, and the man who tumed out our hard- charging backfield, was on old Smithy, "Hub" Dowis. Though now fulfilling an assignment away from Tech High, Coach Dowis was nevertheless still a Smithy in that he remained a member of the coaching staff throughout the gridiron season. Tech High is very proud of the wonderful work that "Hub" has clone in the past and we hope villcite HggIbElg0i:lC!H to have him baclz before long. T' t ' o.v. BRUNER ' A Tech High was very fortunate . if in having as basketball coach 33? 4' X f, this year, Mr. 0. V. Bruner. Mr. v gy Bruner is another member of the V-0 Q " faculty who is now in his first .,.... gf year at Smithyville. Besides being a "chemistry genius," Mr. Bruner produced a group of ca- M... K ,g' gers who placed high in the league standings: who placed a member on the all GIAA team: and who made a varsity star of a freshman. This gentleman is indeed an asset to the coaching 1 .ff " , Q-. . staff and has our best wishes for future success at the "School of Champions." . f' j s .SL 4? to I.. I.. COX COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN '1 1' W. H. nowts o. v. Bauman Assr. coacn Assr. coacn l ' :- 'rf 4 xv . . 4 5 QQ.-,ff DQ., p lnbr A is I 4 -P nv pb! --'mp .W " -,gi u ,e . :v?.3""f'w:,i r. -- 2 -af" I All . .-J' .5' rr- JACK PEEK ALL-G.l.A.A. CO-CAPTAIN VARSITY SQUAD Bailey, Jack Bethea, Harvey Boyd, Robert Britt, Harry Brown, Roger Corley, Leo Couch, Mack Davis, Durwood Fox, joe Gosserr, Howard Greer, Bob Hale, jim , f..a,tf+'- -f-'sfo-f . Harper, George Hays, Robert Hughes, Charles johnson, Harry Ledbetter, Robert Long, Ellsworth Lunsford, Fred McWhorter, Pierce Miller, Ronald Mitchell, Bob Mitchell, jack Mullins, Gus --.4 North, Bobby Orwell, William Patron, George Peek, jack Rainer, john Ramos, Marvin Reed, Oscar Sawyer, Jack Sheppard, Paul Speer, Frank Thomas, Lamar Williams, Sidney W'ilson, Allen JACK PEEK Jack Peek, better known as the "giant killer," who was co- captain of the '44-'45 Smithy eleven, was placed on the All G. I. A. A. team. jack has been successful as a football star during his complete career at Tech High, and has been placed on many of the local prep All Star teams. He ran away with practically all honors of this season, his best playing having been done in the Savannah game. Besides the coveted position on the All Star eleven, jack also took a high place on the G. I. A. A. scoring list. Q Y F GRBER SPIER BIU11' OTWELL RAMOS THOMAS BACK TACKLE TACKLE TACKLE GUARD TACKLE COUCH GOSSETT MCWHORTER DAVIS PATTON BACK TACKLE BACK BACK GUARD C0-CAPTAIN SAWYER CORLEY NORTH WILSON HALE GUARD BACK BACK BACK END SHEPHERD MITCHELL HARPER WILLIAMS JOHNSON END CENTER CENTER END GUARD AL LACOUR, JR., ALEX STEPHENS LAMAR SHEATS and showed early that they intended to make use of their strong pass- ing attack. Both teams,however, did some strong, fast passing and running in that period. The second quarter started the ball to rolling for both teams. Shortly after it began Peek and McWhorter moved the ball to the Purples 15, where Couch passed to Davis for a touchdown. Then Davis stepped back and kicked the 7th point over. Gossett kicked off to the Purples who took the ball and ran 90 yards down the sideline for a touchdown. A well placed drop kick then tied the score 7-7, that being the final score of the first half. The second half was two plays old when Boys' High fumbled and Mcwhtmrter recovered. Peek gained S yards. then McWhorter rammed through center 9 straight times, finally plunging through for a touch- down. Davis' kick was wide and THS led 13-7. The score remained the same through the third quarter. Late in the fourth period the Purples stumbled over the goal after THE BOYS' HIGH CAME TECH HIGH-13 BOYS' HIGH-15 The ninth game and climax of the Smithy season was the annual contest with Boys' High. People were almost afraid to compare the two teams: yet it turned out that Tech fielded a better team. The playing done by the Smithies would ordinarily have meant a victory but luck stepped onto the field. The Smithies dominated play in the first quarter, 1' 1 af ,stt 5. A 1 . X J. r if if I l it J .7 K Q 7 , r 4 A ? '55 ' F- ist in -. MANAGERS ,, :,, , ,. . , ft , t . - , ,. -- , .. .. -. , V i :Q , K .5 ,s, .V ,L I I L ff ,IA f x X " -if Q 1.-',f,1l -. v4- is All ut " f ' 4 .--4 s THE 1944 SEASON completing a 9 yard pass, tying the score 13-13. "Born of desperation," the stands were silent as the Purples onl h f ' ' y c ance or a winning point fell wide. There was time left for only a few plays after that rally. The game ended, the score still 13-13. This was our first tie in the 31 years of rivalry and was also one of the best games played in that length of time. TECH HIGH-68 WEST FULTON-0 The season began with West Fulton High, the 1943 N. G. I. C. champs, challenging the Smithies at Grant Field. The Owls won th d ' e toss an elected to receive, then took McWhorter's kick-off for no progress in the first four downs. Then the Smithies took the ball and started driving. On the second down Peek scored, and Davis bucked the extra point. Shortly afterward, Davis carried it over, and Greer drove through center for the extra. Then McWhorter took one around end for another tally, but his pass for the extra fell short. The first period then ended, the Smithies 20, the Owls 0. In the second quarter, Peek and Mitchell did the scoring, with Couch and Wilson running the extras. In the third period, Bobby North, Pierce McWhoner, and Wilson Harper accounted for the touchdowns and the extras were made by Cheney, Greer, and Jack Peek. In the final quarter, McWhorter and Davis made 7 more points for the Smithies, followed by a brilliant play on the part of Harry Johnson, who broke through the 0wl's line to block a kick and recover behind the goal. To make that score complete, Bobby North bucked over for the 68th point as the contest ended. ' TECH HIGH-25 CENTRAL HIGH-0 Central High of Charlotte, N. C., was the next team to fall before the mighty Smithies. Central was one of the strongest teams in the Carol' d ' ' mas, an was favored. However, when the Smithies began to roll, there was no stopping them. Early in the first quarter, McWhorter passed to Hale for the first score. McWhorter then tried a line plunge for the extra, but failed. As the second period got under way, Peek went through left tackle for the second tally. Davis then tried a 'plunge for the extra and failed. The half ended, Tech 12, Central 0. Late in the third. Mack Couch threw Sheppard a 30 yard pass for another touchdown. North's try for the 19th point was no good, and the third quarter ended with the Smithies leading 18-0. In the fourth period, Mack Couch passed to Peek for the final score, then Greer made the only extra point of the game. Johnson, Brown, Gossett and Sawyer were the mainstays of our line,-and a very good game was played by all the backfield. TECH HIGH-6 LEE HIGH-0 The next team to challenge the mighty Smithy eleven was the strong Lee High Generals of Jacksonville, Florida. The Smithies entered into this game with two things in mind, last year's defeat by the Generals in Jack- sonville, and the fact that this game was being played on the home field. The game began in misty rain, this prob- ably being the reason neither team could make any progress in the first half. In the tirst :period of the contest many fast and furious drives were started by the Smithies, but the Lee line was too rugge to break. The game continued this way during all the Hrst half, with no one scoring. When the second half began, Davis returned Lee's kickoff to their 49 yard line, at which place the Smithy offensive began to click. jack Peek soon took over and moved the ball to the Generals 18 yard line. From there, Bob Greer was in the running spotlight long enough to make a first down and put the ball on Lee's 1 yard line, first and goal to go. At that time Peek took posses sion of the ball a d ed l ' n us on y one down to drive through the center for a touchdown. The fourth guarter saw only a few passes by Lee, the last of which was intercepted by Peek as the battle ended, the Smithies taking a hard-fought victory by 6 points. TECH HIGH-31 MARIST-0 The fourth game of the season was the second one with a home town team. This time it was Marist Col- lege, the first team to score on Tech High in the previous season. The Smithies, beinjg yet unscored upon, were determined not to be done that way this year The excitement b bo h . egan a ut t e mi dle of the first quarter when Bobby North scored on a fake kick. The extra kick fell short, and the first quarter ended with the Smithies leading 6-0. The second period also benefited the Smithies only one tally. This was made by Peek who ran 71 yards behind beautiful blocking. Bobb North k' ked ' ' y ic a good one for another point. The half then ended with the Smithies still in the lead, 13-0. ' The Marist kickoff which began the second half was quickly returned to their 1 yard line. In one try, Leo Corley bucked the i ski f ' ' ' ' p g n over or another tally. A little later in the third quarter Allen Wilson crossed the stripes after a short . I h fi ' run n t e nal minutes of the game, Mack Couch threw Sheppard a pass for the Efth tally. The game ended there, the Smithies having won, 31-0. TECH HIGH-68 COMMERCIAL HIGH-0 One of Tech High's annual rivals, 'Commercial High, was the fifth team to fall before the strong Smithies. The game began with Howard Gossett, Tech High's 230 pound tackle, kicking off. After Commercial made two successive first downs, the Smithies took possession of the ball by intercepting a Commercial pass, and im- mediately began a touchdown drive. Jack Peek was the man who took the ball through the center for the tally. ' and the first quarter ended, the Smithies in front by 7 points In the second ua t h The extra kick was good . q r er, t e Tech High eleven tallied a total of 26 points. Greer scored the first by plowing through from the 5 yard line. Pierce McWhorter made the next one by dashing through from the 11. The third touchdown of that profit- able period was brought about b D d D ' y urwoo avts, who, after intercepting a Commercial pass, side-stepped the opponent's line for 43 yards and another 6 points. The extra point having been made, McWhorter again took the ball over as the half ended, the Smithies leading 32-0. As the third quarter began, the Smithies resumed their scoring drive by netting three touchdowns. Mack Couch scored the irst two on runs of 5 and 41 yards respectively. jack Peek again shone by carrying the gig- skin 35 yards for the final score of the third period. In the last quarter, the touchdowns were made by Bo by North and Allen Wilson on running plays of 5 and 32 yards. Both the extra conversions were successful, 14 Eoirgs being made in the fourth quarter. Among the many surprises of this game were the backfield posts filled y ossett, and the extra points kicked by the backfield star, jack Peek. The final score of this tilt .was 68-0 in the Smithies favor. TECH HIGH-14 LANIER HIGH-41 The Tech High team tasted defeat for the first time in their sixth season game. Until this contest, the THE 1944 SEASON Smithies were unscored upon and undefeated. The opponents were the powerful players of Lanier High School, of Macon. Tech High, the visiting team, received Lanier's kickoff and fumbled. Before they could recover, the Poets were on the ball, and had their first touchdown drive started. Immediately afterward, the Poets made their first 7 points on a 45 yard pass. The rest of the first quarter saw no more scoring. The second period saw prac- tically the same sort of playing. Tech High still hadn't scored while the Poets gained another 7 points. Both teams came back after the half in seemingly better condition. In this third quarter, the Smithies stored their Grst touchdown, while the Lanier Poets were benefited three touchdowns. The Smithie tally was made by Bob Greer on a 7 yard drive. Much hard playing was done in this quarter, and many drives were started, but it ended with the Poets leading the Smithies 34-7. It was in the last quarter that those Lanier boys were nnally held down to the same scoring level as the Smithies. The Hnal Poet tally was made on a 25 yard pass, and the other touchdown made by the Smithies was4due to the 54 yard drive on which Bob Greer again scored. The game ended with the Poets defeating us 1-14. TECH HIGH-45 SAVANNAH-0 After a defeat in Macon, the Smithies were in no mood to be done that way in Savannah. They played a very brilliant game against the "Geechies," winning by a score of 45-0. Again in this game, as in many before, Jack Peek was the outstanding star, having accounted for live of Tech l-ligh's seven touchdowns. Early in the first quarter, the Smithies were well on their way toward the goalposts due to the alternate runs of Couch and Peek. Couch was the man to put it over, however, and the Smithies led 6-0. Peek was the next Smithie to score, doing so just before the end of the first quarter. Again in the second quarter it was Peek in the scoring position, tallying on a 15 yard run. Durwood Davis then kicked the extra point to give the Smithies a 19-0 lead at the end of the first half. In the third period, it was the same story. Peek ran 25 yards for another touchdown followed by Davis again making the extra.The last quarter benefited the Smithies a total of three touch- downs and one extra point. The scorers were Peek and Davis in the early part of the period, Davis buckirug an extra on the first one made by Peek. Late in the quarter, Peek again crossed the stripes for the final touch own o t e game. The scoring done by Peek in this contest puts him in fourth place in the GIAA scoring race, and puts Tech High back on the list of winners. TECH HIGH-40 G. M. A.-0 A bigger and better team from the Georgia Military Academy was the next opponent to challenge the Tech High eleven. The Smithies were in wonderful shape-especially Mack Couch. This game was probably the highlight of the season for Mack. His passing and running tallied many points. The game started with Mack passing to Peek early in the iirst quarter for 52 yards and a touchdown. Later, Mack climaxed the period by driving through center for 44 yards and another touchdown. just before the end of the period, Mack threw Davis a 13 yard touchdown pass. G. M. A. tightened in the second quarter, and the Smithies only scored once. This was Long's 34 yard pass to Peek. The half ended with the Smithies lead- in 27-0. R G.M.A tightened still more in the third quarter, neither team being able to score. Early in the fourth zuarter, however, Couch was in the spotlight again and threw Peek a pass for 25 yards and a touchdown..The nal tally occurred when Peek passed to Davis near the end of the game. The Smithies again emerged the victor, the score being 40-0. TECH HIGH-20 MIAMI SENIOR HIGH--40 The once beaten team and once tied Smithies received their second defeat in Miami, playing the Miami High School "Stingarees." The Stingarees took an early lead and maintained it throughout most of the game. Early in the Brst quar- ter Miami scored and kicked a successful extra. A few minutes later McWhorter passed to Peek for a tally and the extra point failed. The first quarter score was 7-6, Miami High leading. The second quarter still was no score for Tech and two for Miami High. The half ended with the Stin- garees leading 19-6. In the third quarter Miami again scored and held Tech High scoreless. The score mounted to 26 for Miami and 6 for Tech at the end of the third quarter. ' ln the final period both teams made 14 points, McWhorter and' Couch being the scorers for the Smithies. Davis kicked the extra on both rallies. The end of the tilt, however, found THS trailing by a score of 40-20, Miami victorious. , TECH HIGH-13 LEON HIGH-6 The final game of the Smithies season was played with Leon High School, of Tallahassee, Florida. This time the Smitlges returned to Georgia the victor. The season was finished successfully by defeating this team by a score o 13- . The Smithie eleven has shown many outstanding players this season, such as Jack Peek and Pierce Mc- Whorter, who were the scorers in this tilt, both having scored in the second half. Another brilliant player who participated in the scoring was Durwood Davis. He has been the main point-kicker for the Smithies through- out the whole season, having kicked the 13th point of this contest. SUMMARY i The end of the football season at Tech High is a time at which, in a sense, a large part of the real "ex- citement" ceases. The 1944 season, however, was for the most part, highly successful. Eleven games were played, four of which were played out of town. The sum total of the scores finds the Smithies with 343 points com- pared with only 100 for the opponents. The group of Smithies who made up the squad are to be commended for a period of hard, clean, sports- man-like ball playing. This year has witnessed one of the finest ball clubs that Tech High ever had. It was a club that eamed everything it received. i Also to be highly commended is the coaching staff. Though few in number, these men have given wil- ltngly of their time to make the ball club of Tech High the best of ball clubs. KENNETH A. T. HARMON NEWTON UB.. SQUAD SQUAD Algood Hampton Ross Bruce Hardigree Smith, B. Carson Harris, H. Smith, F. Claborn Harris. S. Sutton C00dY Ienkins Thurmon Elrvd Knowles Tolbert Erhredne Lester Turner Fuller Lewis XVall Gilland Moll Wheeler Gordon Morrison Wheeles Graham Oxford Pruitt Gunter Peacock Newton Perry Henry CAPTAIN COACH MANAGER Kenneth Newton A. T. Harmon Rav lohnson SEASON THS "B" ....... ............. 1 2 Commerce .......,. THS "B" ....... ........ 6 Russell "B" ....... THS "B" ....... ......,.,.... 2 6 Marist "B" ....... THS "B" ....... ......,...... I 4 Boys' Club ..... ,. THS "B" ...... .... ..,....,. 1 9 Optimist Club THS "B" ......, ........ 6 THS "B" ....... .....,....... 2 I THS "B" .....,, ., ..... 0 THS "B" ....... ......,. 6 Boys' High "B O'Keefe ......,......., Optimist Club Boys' Club ......... A. T. HARMON The able coach of this year's "B" teams in football and basketball is Mr. A. T. Harmon, a newcomer to the Tech High faculty. Mr. Harmon was able to tear himself away from his geometry classes long enough to train teams this year which made superb records and displayed the high- est type of sportsmanship which is typical of Smithy ath- letes. Orchids to Mr. Harmon, and we certainly wish him much success in his future undertakings at Tech High. THE CONCERT BAND OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Bobby Brisendine ................,...................,................,............. .........,.. P resident Kenneth Haralson ......., ,. .. , , ,... . President Bill Wright ...,,..,.............. ............ V ice-President Edgar Gillette .. .. .Vice-President Ed. Cavaleri ....,............. .. ,........... Secretary Robert Durden, . . ,,.., .. ...,,,... Secretary Marvin Briscoe ,............ ..... ..,.............,..,. ..,,.,...,,. T r e asurer Walter Mickle , .. . . . Treasurer One of the most faithful supporters of our athletic program, particularly football, is our Band. The large crowds which attend these games always look forward eagerly to the period between halves when the Band takes the field. Clever stunts and good music have always been a high-light of each and every game. The Band has had a very successful year in every way. This is due in a very large measure to the successful and able leadership of Mr. 5. Rutan, who came to us from joe Brown jr. High School. This Spring the Fifth District! Music Festival Contest was resumed after a three year suspension. Our entries finished with high ratings as always. We all look forward to many successful years in the future. ROLL . 'v ,,,.,.n MISS WHITE FULTON TERRY NELSON WALLS SPONSOR CAPT. SEC'Y. C0-CAPT. COACH BOWLING One of the minor, but nevertheless important, sports at Tech High is bowling. Under the excellent coach- ing of Mr. Walls the team has linished a most successful season. The squad this year consisted of four teams of five men each. The individual teams competed for the championship. The major competitors for the high school crown were Boys' High, Marist, Commercial, Druid Hills, and G. M. A. Boys' High, however, was the only one to remain in the tournament. The first half was won by the Smithies, and at the time of publication, Boys' High and the Smithies are playing for the title of the second half, and the championship. Howard Allen ,lack Bama Carl Bledsoe Bill Brannon Dennis Britt 1. C. Bropzden Ed Clemenrs Harry Cole George Cooper Bobby Cowan George Elrod Ben Frederick ":gi:B'-Q 4 'Ir S. 7' Carl Fulton Pat Johnston Earl Lazenby Earl Lowry Richard Nelson COACH: Mr. J. A. Walli .s ,..v- ...P Edward Redwine Leonard Terry Ioe Thomas Bill Smith Carlton Watkins ,mx - sf 3, ' Aqua- Lip N, .N ANN Q- A if U. X - i 4-'5 J 1. uk ,ure "W P. .L 40 "N Q , .4 4, 5 s .., H-:wiv is s x' We 1 BRANNON COLE THOMAS LAZENBY BLEDSOE BRITT JOHNSTON ELROD REDWINE COOPER BASKETBALL THE VARSITY Firrl row, le!! In right: Zwerner, Hale, Mitchell, Force, Couch, Kirk. Serum! row, left lo right: North, Long, Mcvlfhorter, Deese, McDonough, Hays. W i MITCHELL MACK COUCII Mack, a guard on the varsity basketball team, was chosen as a member of the Rainbow's G.I.A.A. second team. Besides having been a star performer in basketball, Mack was votetl Tech High's most popular senior. He is also a letterman in the three other major sports: base- ball, track, and football. BOB MITCHELL Bob Mitchell, stalwart forward and captain of the '45 Smithy Basketball Team, was named on the "All Season Big Seven Team," which was selected by the G.I.A.A. coaches. Bob was also placed on the Rainbow's All-Season five. He has been a member of the basketball team for three years, and always out front on every offensive play. COUCH BASKET BALL The '45 Smithy Basketball Team was star ted with four returning lettermen, many good ros ect d p p s, an a new coach. The lettermen, Hale, Mitchell, Couch, and Force, all proved to be unexcelled athletes. The coach was Mr O V Bruner, who gave Tech High a team to be proud of. The Smithies started off on a winning streak, and had a rather successful season losing only eight of twenty-two games. The Smithies, who placed fairly high in the G I A A tour nament, were captained by Bob "Lefty" Mitchell. Mitchell and Couch won prep All-Star positions RECORD THS 71 ............. .....,. ,.,......i..,.......,..... ..,..,...,.. M a r ist 26 THS 43 ...,......,... ..........., jasper 28 THS 26 ...,,.....,.., ,.,,.....,.. G . M. A. 16 THS 21 ..,.,..,...... ,..,,...... L anier 39 THS 29 .............. THS THS THS 17 ...,......,... 33. ........... . 17.. .......,., .. .Glencoe 27 Emma Sansom 33 ...,....,...Gadsden 20 ...........B0ys' Hlh 31 THS 61. .....,....,. .,,........ W est Fulton 26 THS Sl .............,. ...,.,.,.,, M arist 40 THS 56 ........,...... .........,. C anton 25 THS 42 .............., ,....,.,.... G .M. A. 31 THS 41 ,...,. ........ ...,.,..... C t mlumbus 26 THS 53 .......,....... ......,..... G adsden 31 THS 55 ,...,,......... .......,...., I ordan 35 THS 55 ......,.,...... . .......,.. Ft. McPherson 51 THS 33 ...,,.......... ..........,. M arist 34 THS 39 ..,............ ............, I ordan 41 THS 45 ............,.. ............ L anier 59 THS THS . THS 31 ,..,,.......... 34 .....,........ 37 ............... Boys' High 41 Columbus 24 G. M. A. 38 HALE ZWERNER McW HORTER FORCE LONG KIRK THE MB" TEAM I-irst row-left to right: Wilson, Greer, Tolbert, Hardigree, XVeir, Otwell. Second row-left to right: Norris, Wells, Huffaker, Deckner, Stamps, Wylie tmgr.J WRESTLING Tech High's '45 wrestling team was formed with only three returning lettermen. The team, however, was luckier than that of last year in that it was able to secure more competition. Matches were held with Georgia Tech, Georgia Pre-Flight school, and the various teams participating in the tournament, which was held in Chattanooga. Though no accurate score was kept, the Smithies emerged victorious in several of the matches with Georgia Tech. ln the con- test with Georgia Pre-Flight, the Smithies were defeated, but received valuable practice and made a good showing considering the 1 funn. - LA... ...,... .L.. .---l.., rc, ,.,, ,1 , I - - - - -- -- nnnn 11. ent. SQUAD Robert Nash, Captain Harold Buckner Harry Crawley Charles Ethridge Roy Friersun Duztne Gillancl Phillip Morris Hurry lohnson XVinston Yancey jimmy Perkins Charles Hrnadwell CU,ll.'ll.' XV. K. XVeutherly First row-left to right: Buckner, Frierson, Ethridge, Nash, Perkins. Second row-left to right: lohnson, Broadwell, Gilland. Yancey, Crawley, Morris. SWIMMING SWIMMING TEAM First row: Johnston, Jones, Coody, Bailey. Second row: Coach Savage, Harris, Spier, Dunbar, Hammond, Butts, Mitchell. Jack Mitchell, captain Steve Butts, co-captain Jerry Spier, manager Jack Arrington The Swimming Team of '45, though somewhat slow in organiz- ing, turned out to be a group of winners. The team was coached by Mr. H. C. Savage, veteran Smithy swimming instructor. The outstanding competition of the season was offered by the team of Druid Hills High School. The Smithies met this team twice." The Tech High team won both meets, the first by a score of 54-32, then the second by the same score. Later the swimmers met the best tankmen in the Atlanta Swimming Associ- ation. Though they were defeated 40-26 by this group, the Smithies won many of the races. Smithy Stars in this contest were Buns, Mitchell, and Bailey. These boys were win- ners of some of the most difficult engagements. ROLL Jack Bailey J. B. Harris George Dunbar Johnny Jones James Coody Johnny Johnston Jimmy Hammond COACH: H. C. Savage CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Though no record information is available on the team at the time of printing, the prospects for the group are very bright. Many former lettermen have returned, and are planning another winning team, coached by Mr. Capps. l CROSS COUNTRY Helms, Rylee, Futral, Jones, Cruselle, Capps, Henry, Kilgore, Buchanan, Gullickson, Coats, Waits. BOXING A revived sport at Tech High, and one which gained popularity rapidly, this year was boxing. It seemed that there was an abundance of good boxers at the school, hence a team was organized. With a few members of last year's city tourna- ment to start, practice began im- mediately under the coaching of Allen Shi. Decatur High offered the first opposition, so the Smithies accepted for an exhibition match. They lost, but were satisfied with the practice received. Next came the Boys' Club, who lost to Tech High, 4-1. Com- mercial High was the following - f'se- f team to feel the might of the Smithy punch, having lost by a score of 'SW-SW. Later, the Smithy pugilists Second row, left to right: Kilgore, Daniels, Jones, McIntyre, Odum, Perry. met 3 Combined gl-gup from Cgm- ' SQUAD Firxl nur. left to right: Britt, Ray, Rice, Bean. Attaway. Third ww. left to right: Asher, Reeves, Kimbrel, Germany, Smith, Davis, Trollinger Kmgrj. merdal and the Boys' Club, whom they easily defeated 7M-ZW. Then the THS team entered the City Tournament, which they won by a margin of 20 points above all opposition. There, Asher, Smith, Davis, and Rice won city titles in their divisions. This gave them the city championship to add to their title of G. I. A. A. champs. The boxers also won a late season match with Decatur, the score being Sw-32-. ROLL Owen Perry Gene Asher Harold Kilgore Gene Kimbrel Buster Britt Bill Odum Ronald Attaway Ted Bean Ross Rice Byron Daniels johnny Germany Frank Smith COACH: Allen Shi Charles D. Ray Durwood Davis CAPTAIN: Eddie Reeves Joe McIntyre Johnny jones MANAGER: Richard Trnllinger THE CHAMPS DAVIS ASHER RICE SMITH RRITT KILGORE KIMBREL IONIES ODUM REEVES RAY BIEAN GERMANY ATTAXVAY MCINTYRF PERRY DANIEL THE SOCCER TEAM The Smithy Soccer Team, being a comparatively new and inexperienced organization. played only one regular game during the season. This was played with Druid Hills High School, the Smithies losing by a score of 4-1. Besides this league game, a few other practice contests were held with various teams. This group was organized by Coach Capps, with tive lettermen from last year's team. Two co-captains were elected, Guy Sturgis, and C. D. Coats. ROLL I. L. Abbott F. J. Coffey W. H. Mane: l. C. Brogden W. H. Cook I. F. Rylee F. A. Buchannan B. E. Dollar Guy Sturgis Harold Buckner XV. H. Futral Bill Tennent C. S. Cantrell T. A. Gray C. T. Waits I. H. Chandler lohnny jones COACH: S. T. Capps C. D. Coats l i First row: Coats, Smith, Waits, Tennent, Cook. Stroud row: Capps, Brogden, Futral, Dollar, Sturgis. Abbott, Maner, Rylee. as-we y X' ,- up ""' 5 ,, A A gf... ALEX STEPHENS TILLIE HENDRICKS CAPT. SPONSOR C. L. BIRD ARNOLD SIMPKINS COACH LEADERS S 'ff if si , L 'Sm M JOHN MCALISTER HARRY SCHUTTE GENE BLANKENSHIP The Cheerleaders of this past football season were not only the sparkplugs of the cheering at the games, but were also the highlight of many grand and glorious assemblies, which served as pep meetings, preceding each game. The spirited yells led by these boys were a great inspiration to the players, and also put the students into the "Fightin' Smithy" spirit for which the "School of Champions" is widely known. The Cheerleaders: Alex Stephens, Arnold Simpkins, Gene Blankenship, john McAlister, and Harry Schutte-all seniors-were trained by Mr. Charlie Bird and captained by Alex Stephens. NB" CHEER LEADERS JAMES BREWER GEORGE COLE DON SUMMERVILLE BOB HARRIS GOLF GOLF TEAM JACK BUTLER HARRY BRITT ARTHUR GUNTER GEORGE MERRUT Practice for the Golf Season has started, and the Smithies have a promising group. Jack Butler and Arthur Gunter, last year's lettermen, are the mainstays of the team and are supported by Harry Britt, and George Merritt. These boys are aided in their golfing efforts by Tech High's ardent golfers, Mr. Cheney and Col. Poole. TRACK The Track Team, whose season begins after we go to press, has about ten lettermen from the previous season. One pre-season meet has been held with G. M. A., who trounced the unprepared Smithies. The team this year will depend on such men as Hornsby, Couch, Mitchell, Corley, Davis, Hale, and Williams this season. In preceding years, the Smithies have had winning track teams, and the coach states that the material for the '45 squad is as good as he has ever seen. BASEBALL Though the baseball season is still in the future at the time of this printing, the outlook for it is very bright. The Smithy team of '45 is banking upon such players 'as Bob Mitchell, Mack Couch, jimmy Hale, Leo Corley, and Pierce Mc- Whorter. McWhorter is the Smithy who played with the All American boys' team in New York last summer. An early view of the group shows a large squad reporting for practice with an unusually large number of returning lettermen. The team is being coached by Mr. Shi. H1 Recognize me? I'm one of your crowd. You see, I speak for Coca-Cola, and its abbreviation, 'Coke.' I speak for both. They mean the same thing. The gang say I look just like 'Coke' tastes. And you won't get that delicious and refreshing taste this side of Coca-Cola. There's no com- parisonf' THE ATLANTA COCA Ci5IiATLl3C3TlTII,ING CO. For an Evening of Fun... Visit the 991!z Peachtree Street Opposite the Piedmont Hotel- JOHNNY MEINTLER'S ORCHESTRA PLAYING NIGHTLY Open 4:00 P. 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