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.Q a 2? 'W xv . 5 fi ff -1 1 -11.5. ,,3.f riff . .1 , Ai,- 1 3 J f 4 1. 3 I I 4 1 3 5 1 E! I f 'Z 9, I e , ,. 3, THE TECHNOLOGICAL HIGH SCHOOL-ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENE AVERY G. Y. SMITH Editor-in-Chief Faculty Adviser S. K. SIMPSON A. A. LACOUR Business Manager Faculty Art Director .. T CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS I CLASSES ACTIVITIES MILITARY ATHLETICS FEATURES AND ADVERTISEMENTS 0l"2l,U0l' As the staff of the 1943 Tehisean completes the final pages of this volume, they realize a great feeling of satisfaction in that they have had a small part in producing something for the betterment of their beloved alma mater -Tech High. They are relieved that their task is over, yet a sense of regret overcomes them and their fellow senior classmates as they prepare to leave the school they love. Though the majority of the seniors will trade the Purple and Gold for khaki or navy blue, the staff sincerely hopes that this annual will always serve as a reminder of happy days spent at Tech High- as a reminder of the fun, the fellowship, and the opportunity that is tradi- tional at "The Friendly Schoolj, whose seniors must now become in fact as well as in name "The Fightin' Smithiesf' 444 :Deckcafion Since the beginning of World War II, Tech High has been called upon frequently to lend its instruc- tors to Uncle Samg to temporarily give up many of the men who have made this school what it is today in Order that they might be of more service to their country in removing the Axis powers from the face of the earth. p n Also, in this second of great world conliicts, scores of former Tech High students have answered the call to the colors, and many a brave young Smithy has given his life for the principles of freedom and democracy which he had just really begun to love and respect. Many others are lighting and dying even today in Order that "Old Glory" may continue to wave over this land as a symbol of liberty, justice, and equality. To these most loyal and true Fightin' Smithies, both teachers and former students, this record of Tech High life for the school year 1942-43 is hereby dedicated by the faculty, the student body, the editors, and the Senior Class sponsors. Although physically removed from this city, these brave men remain in influence and in the prayerful thoughts Of those to whom they mean so much .... May they soon return to the normal, happy civilian life they Once knew, safe and secure in a country at peace. Faculty members now serving our country are: COLONEL T. L. ALEXANDER ' LIEUTENANT-COLONEL J. E. MORRIS I A MAJOR SIDNEY SCARUOROUGH CAPTAIN M. A.,GAERTNER LIEUTENANT-COLONEL F. A. KOPF LIEUTENANT A. R. WHITT!,E COLONEL T. J. COLLINS LIEUTENANT J. F, ALLUMS LIEUTENANT J. E. DEhl'AUGHN LIEUTENANT H. C. DALE LIEUTENANT G. L. RANDOLPH LIEUTENANT J. C. HUTCHINSON LIEUTENANT H. R. HUDSON CNavyJ LIEUTENANT R. W. STEPHENS LIEUTENANT C. T. WARREN B. F. BROWN CO.C.S.J . LIEUTENANT C. E. LAWRENCE H. E. PHILLIPS fO.C.S.J lNavyJ LIEUTENANT H. A. TAYLOR J. P. BROWN fO.C.S.y l MAJOR W. J. WARD ENSIGN H. C. MOON fNavyJ , gi- - - - - Y . -ar FAC LTY First row: ALBERT A. LACOUR, B.S., M.A., Art and Photo-Engraving, Bradley Polytechnic Institute, J. E. LOCKWOOD, B.S., M.A., Wood Shop, Kansas State Teachers' College, Oglethorpe Universityg H. E. McGEE, A.B., M.A., English, University of Georgiag H. CECIL MOON, A.B.Ed., History, Oglethorpe University, Emory Universityg C. O. MORRIS, B.S., Print Shop, Piedmont Collegeg O. H. MORRIS, A.B., M.A., Print Shop, Asbury College, Oglethorpe Universityg M. A. OLSON, A.B., Drawing, Stout Institute. Second row: HERBERT E. PHILLIPS, A.B., English, Stetson University, University of Minnesota, J. ELGIN POOLE, A.B., M.A., History CHead of Departmentb, University of South Carolina, University of Kentucky, P. A. RINGSMITI-I, B.S., Foundry, The Stout Institute: W. M. ROGERS, A.B., A.M., History, University of Georgia, Emory University, University of Michigang ISAAC ROTHBERG, B.B.S., LL.B., Aviation, City College of New York, St. Lawrence University: A. P. RUSHTON, B.S., M.E., Machine Shop, Georgia Teachers, College, Univer- sity of Missourig EUGENE SANDERS, Ph.B., A.M., Science KI-lead of Departmenth, Emory University. Third row: H. C. SAVAGE, JR., B.S., M.A., Drawing, The Citadel, Oglethorpe Universityg E. C. SHANKS, M.A., Drawing, Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Oglethorpe University, ALLEN D. SHI, B.S.Ed., History, University of Georgia, G. Y. SMITH, A.B., M.A., English, Wheaton College, Oglethorpe University, Emory Universityg T. L. SMITH, A.B., Drawing, University of Chicago, N.T.S.N., University of Coloradog D. C. SPICKARD, B.S., A.B., Typing, Western Kentucky State Teachers' College, Bowling Green University. Fourth row: C. C. SPITLER, A.B., M.A., History, Bridgewater College, University of Georgia, Oglethorpe Uni- versity, T. CZSWEET, M.A., Electric Shop, Oglethorpe Universityg W. K. WEATHERLY, A.B., English, Univer- sity of Georgia, Emory Universityg WILLIAM H. WILLS, B,S., Mathematics and Physics, University of Georgia, IWLH. VQLSON, B.S., Auto Shop, Georgia School of Technology, RALPH W. WOOD, A.B., M.A., Science, Emory HIVETSI y. In 1903, as the Technological High School came into being to answer the need for a technical high school in Atlanta, there was some speculation as to whether a school founded under such circumstances could endure through the years. The amazing growth of the school from the small downtown location with a handful of stu- dents to a modern institution of learning on Parkway Drive providing instruction for nearly fifteen hundred students cannot be attributed to chance, but to the unceasing efforts of the men who composed the faculty and to the will, energy, and determination of the students. Tech High was not moved directly from its original home to its present location. It was first moved to Mari- etta Street, where, in a two-story building heated by old stoves and threatened with bad sanitary conditions, the school continued to grow and prosper due to the superhuman eiforts of Professor C. S. Culver and the super- intendent, Mr. W. M. Slaton. The present principal, Mr. W. O. Cheney, was one of the outstanding members of the first faculty and has been the greatest Smithy of them all, having lived and worked for Tech High for the past thirty-four years, still going strong as ever. ,A The first literary society at Tech High was named for Mr. Culver. Mr. Siler, original head of the Science Department, succeeded Mr. Culver as principal. He was followed by Mr. W. A. Sutton, who held this position until 1921, when he resigned to take over his present position as Superintendent of Schools. His reign as prin- cipal was exceptionally noteworthy, and during that period many new features were introduced at Tech High. He is now recognized as one of the leading educators of our country. Professor W. O. Cheney became princi- pal of the school he had helped to originate upon Mr. Sutton's resignation. Principal Cheney placed the school on a business basis, paid off a large school debt, and made money with the athletic teams. The modern prep football games are a far cry from the manly attempts of those bygone days. Then, the players had to buy their own equipment and dress at home. All games were played in the afternoon, and attendance was disappointing. Now, on a iioodlighted field, the team plays before as many as 18,000 enthusiastic fans, a fair majority of which' are always loyal "Fightin' Smithiesfi 1 In 1924, our budding young school had again outgrown her buildings, and educational leaders began to vis- ualize the modern institution of learning that is now Tech High. One by one the modern shops were installed. These shops were to distinguish Tech High as the outstanding school of its type and to enable many young technically-minded men to realize their fondest dreams. The Aviation Shop alone would place our school in the leading ranks of the country, to say nothing of the scores of now-famous operators who received their start -in the Smithy Radio Shop. Students at this school are even entitled to take a course in photo-engraving, a field of study that Tech High has pioneered ing a field not as yet explored by any other secondary school. Many cuts for this yearbook and for the school newspaper are made in this department. ' Another step in the progress of Tech High was the completion of the 35,000 cafeteria in 1937. Also, in 1939, Tech High and Boys High jointly became the proud possessors of a new, modern, well-equipped gymnasium. This gym provides adequate space for many indoor activities and sports for both schools. Several bond cam- paigns have as yet failed to remove the ugly portables which still mar the beauty of The School of Champions. Today, in a world at war, Tech High is playing a very important part in our national war industry program. Its classrooms and shops are being used after school hours in the training of men for work in the many tech- nical industries essential to our preparedness program. The old gymnasium was this past summer conyerted into a U. S. Signal Corps Training Station for young men and women. Tech High has the distinction of being the only institution in Georgia with such a set-up on the campus. Thus our school is doing double duty in the train- ing of young Americans for the technical Held, which was the stimulating reason for its foundation back in 1903. The amazing growth and well-earned success of this school might be summed up in one word, "Spirit" It is this "inner self" or determination and glowing spirit that has made Tech High. It is this same quality which has made the "Fightin' Smithies' what they are today-honest-to-goodness fighting men with one ipurpose in mind-winning the war and a lasting peace. 5 i I 1 I ' 1 I 4 1 ' r 5 .1s1g.5 .:if7:i54' 2 1. 44.-1QQUx1iU.g.?e,f4 . 1 iv' f X: 3.1-,T QPIQY -,Q ,FET .3 1' ' 3.595133 gQQ'XS.Y I -gf.. ' X QQ. Qgggzvsvi-af. . mills. 31V:ifgf ,Q-1 f -ffgiwv.-.435 ,-3. ivfi ,E-.xgivlir .-M 5. . f 9.1, x Q-. x f5.f...w- ua, Jgkkrixaxx, gf. rx. I sg 1 X 1 lx X Q X N. X. X E E X x. ., ,Q xt. .Q s -in K X .Pl x V 4 A ry , I Alf 'ia Q :mn X I., M54 M544 af, mf 2, ff- 1 :ff f 135. E fx 4 'ax 3 EN .fag 2 Riff, if X Exif g ,351 i lbw as Q 5.513 if if 16? jww ru, ..--X: 5, , - -H Q Fi? YEA . . ,.-. , ., ,, V , .1 "figs-ns. M. -.-' 1 141, ..s- we' ' .. 12 ia Sli-iff' g 5 A .ruin . . 2 Z-gf:I,x3,f1Qj-13' ff lg5.'-f-5Lg.5.Pt,'Q: 1 I .. -gf 1-ifvlj -Qi? Pijffff . 1 nf Q.. F X-.,.N.5,,...f-, -X. AX . . fum 'f. 51.5 ,f fir:-as I f as 1 1-.f -'M-4 '5':'5!F 3 ' f ffiwsi.f'fi..'.fgfs: i 1 :.. . 4,7 X- a ff. wsfsiw .Jr-fgxfaf. .92 'Q' 1.34 . - 5- -'Q 5s.1f3P5F .5 1' Wy ?i,YS'-'Pw1- -' ESM ,QQ'iii-f7i55Ll'i5ai??lL. . ' if :wk 1 2 ,Q Q--1 :rw-3: .K3g.5.-Q,,4.a,j' .cz . . ..1,, X. . f . f- s ffgl, ff! wi 31,1 gif.. 1 f li p . . : X ' W 5,-51'-E-A-T" ' 13 " H il . V" f? .xg .Q h A 'g K2j',ivEN. .::ENi3.ej..L .If f. 1' fi X 5 .5: -f.g5"554,f?'S5f'ifg K S F l" 4.1 .3Qti3f2:3Eif: -k'fi'x5 .' ik. .li'fj:'nY3g-f'iI1:4.fgie :-' . , 5 33.5-13... f .sf ri-N if-fffi-f.1'. -- RHL? J! grip my . ,y.,s y, Q-. 1.-.e. , Mtn. -rx f.. Q 2v+.f,e- if LW! - F5 51. f'X.'S'.,.-, tiff 1 - --1 in :': :T . -fr QL 4 , ..,.....,.A ,...,,,, ARA., A ,. .A a.,,,,, .4 .AHM4 ,W ,,.,.- . .-.H .4 -94- l 1 .. -rm lf F -1 5 6 5 1 5 f f I 4 2 E S f fi , I 'T Q A 4 5 if if 1 4 Q 3 I. i 6 l J 7 f. Zi fi' rs 3 L it A ! S if ai E ADMINISTRATION DR. WILLIS A. SUTTON DR. H. REID HUNTER ' Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent , B0 RD 0F EDUCATIO I 1943 ED S. CooK .........,.......... President DEVEHEAUX F. MCCLATCHEY Vice-Presiclent MRS. FANNIE MAE WESTON ..,... Secretary DR. CHARLES C. RIFE I J. H. LANDERS J. AUSTIN DILBECK D. M. THERRELL W. a. CHENEY W. T. HANSON ' Principal Assistant Principal FAC LTY First Tow: G. B. BALDRIDGE, A.B., M.A., Mathematics, Louisiana State University, O. S. BANDY, A.B., M.A., Spanish, Western Kentucky Teachers' College, Rollins College, E. L. BARLOW, A.B., M.A., Spanish, Howard College, Oglethorpe University, Instituto de Segunda Ensenanza, Santa Clara, C. E. BETTS, A.B., M.A., Lan- guage CHead of Departmentb, University of North Carolina, Oglethorpe Universityg J. L. BIGHAM, A.B., M.A., LL.B., Mathematics, Erskine College, Oglethorpe University, Columbia University, Emory University, CHAR- LIE L. W. BIRD, B.Ph., English, Emory University: J. M. BRANSON, Drawing, Sue Bennet College, Berea Col- lege, Universities of Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia Tech. Second row: B. F. BROWN, A.B., English, University of Georgia, E. B. BROWN, B.Ph., M.A., English, Emory University, University of Michigan: J. C. BROWN, A.B., M.A., English tl-lead of Departmentb, Roanoke College, Emory Universityg J. P. BROWN, B.S., Mathematics, Berry College, S. T. CAPPS, A.B., M.A., English, Wash- ington University, Emory Universityg H. W. CHENEY, B.S.E.E., M.A., Ph.G., Lathe Shop, Georgia School of Technology, Oglethorpe, State of Georgiag THOMAS J. COLLINS, A.B., M.A., History, University of Georgia, Oglethorpe University. - Third row: L. L. COX, A.B., M.A., Physics, J. B. Stetson University, FIELDING DILLARD, A.B., M.S., Mathe- matics, Emory Universityg R. H. DOMINICK, A.B., M.A., Mathematics, Wofford College, Oglethorpe Univer- sity, W. H. DOWIS, A.B., M.A., Physical Education, Mercer University, Emory Universityg G. D. DURDEN, B.S., Riga, English, Georgia Teachers College, Duke Univcrsityg GEORGE GRAHAM, A.B., Mathematics, University 0 orth arolina. Fourth Tow: ROBERT K. HAMILTON, B.S.Ed., B.Mus., M.Mus., Music, Dana Musical Institute, Kent State Uni- versity, University of Michigan, E. R. HOLLEY, A.A., A.B., Commercial, Bowling G1'een Business University, W. A. JACKSON, B.S., C.E., M.A., Mathematics CHead of Departmentb, University of Georgia, Oglethorpe Univer- sityg G. L. KEITH, A.B., M.A., English, Mercer University, Emory University, University of North Carolina, J. P. KING, B.S., M.A., Physics, Piedmont College, Emory University, Columbia Universityg C. H. KREUGER, B.S., Radio, Stout Institute, Georgia School of Technology. 1 . 5 If Nf- x N NJ, .N Q X -Q x J'1:-if Wx x 3 Q , 5 . Xyy X Q +. Www-M , . XX X Q51 V NSSX X N W X x X xx X XXX? XQ N SX x Q S X X 1 fs: lx WS A . x. is "iv Tix Q QR sig n, w:,f, 5 Q XXX WX J., I S Q 3 1 6 J C r ff 3 rv a E : 5 L 3 A 2. I. I 5 4 r . E E 5 Q d 51 fa 41 5 S2 3 ii Q F ii CHARLES HOFFINIAN Bon MULLINS J ACK TAYLOR GENE AVERY President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer JUNE CLASS IOR OFFICER FEBRUARY CLASS HARVEY PRATER JOHN BOND PETER BAUMGARTEN President V ice-Preszdent Secretary 8: Treasurer S IOR Adams Aderhold Akins Alexander Allen Almond Anderson Andrews H. Angel J. Angel Armstrong C. E. Austin S. Austin Avery Ayash CALVIN COOLIDGE BAGLEY Class Oiticer SELWYN GILBERT BEGNER JAMES LEWIS BAIRD Sport Club HARRY JOSEPH BALDWIN Footballg Trackg Wrestling Teamg Phi Deltag Vice-Presi- dent Home Roomg N.A.A.A. JULIAN MILTON BANKSTON HENRY ELEY BARBER WALTER KIMBER ADAMS Varsity Letterg Cross Countryg Inter-Class Basketballg Vice-President Home Roomg Boostersf Clubg Track Teamg "B" Team Football. . JOHN EDWARD ADERHOLD President of Delta Theta Kappag President of Tech High Engineersg All-Time Honor Rollg Student Teacherg Physics Lab. Assistantg Chemistry Lab. Assistantg Honor Roll Letterg Beta Clubg Class Offlcerg Tech High Rep- resentative on "School of the Air"g Two and one-half year graduateg Gold "T"g Phoenix Literary Society' Liaison Officer. ' HARRY MCCORD AKINSN Class Oificerg Boosters Clubg Purple Party Delegate-3 American Junior Red Crossg Over Top Cardg Honor Roll. WILLIAM MAXWELL ALEXANDER CHARLES EDWARD ALLEQN President Home Roomg President Phi Deltag S.P.I.G.g Vice-President Beta Clubg Annual Literary Exercisesg Secretary, Smithy Senateg Honor Roll. Z ARTHUR LAMAR ALMOND, JR. HOWARD LOGAN ANDERSON DIXON ANDREWS 1 HENRY ANGEL JAMES ANGEL THOMAS EUGENE ARMSTRONG C. EARL AUSTIN Weight Lifting. 1 STANLEY L. AUSTIN Honor Roll two semestersg Sport Clubg Boosters Club. THOMAS EUGENE AVERY Editor-in-Chief of The Tech High Rainbbwg Editor-in- Chief of Tehiseang Treasurer of June Senior Classy First Vice-President Georgia Scholastic Press Associationg Vice-President Georgia State Beta Associationg Presi- dent Tech High Beta Clubg Vice-President Phi Deltag Secretary Student Councilg Historian Atlanta Inter- School Councilg Bowling Teamg N.A.S.S.g Justice Su- preme Court: Honor Roll Letter: Literary Letterg Hi-YQ Horned Toadsg Class Officer every semesterg Liaison Officerg Boosters Clubg Sunday School Clubg Alternate Winner WATL Travel Scholarshipg "T" Clubg Delegate to 1942 Georgia Student Government Conven- tiong Who's Who Winnerg 100 on City-iWide Spelling Testg Writers' Clubg Campaign Manager of Gold Partyg Inter-Class Basketball Teamg Leadership Award from Danforth Foundationg Debater on Annuail Literary Ex- ercisesg Gold "T" Winner. g WILLIAM AYASH I R.O.T.C. Officer l Bagley Begner Baird Baldwin Bankston H. Barber Q l ' WILLIAM THOMAS BARBER RICHARD ALLEN BARFIELD Cheer Leaderg UB" Footballg "B" Basketballg Tennisg Boosters Clubg "T" Clubg Rainbow Staffg S.P.I.G. PAUL GERALD BARKER Q Class Oflicerg Honor Roll: Graphic Arts Society. HORACE EUGENE BARNETT JAMES WILLIAM BARRETT EDWARD DENTON BASS Wrestling Teamg Weight-Liftingg Boosters Clubg Horned Toad. PETER KARL BAUMGARTEN Justice Supreme Courtg President Chess Clubg Vice- President Home Roomg Vice-President Dramatics Clubg Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class: Delta Theta Kappag Beta Clubg Phi Deltag Chemistry Clubg Pan-American Clubg Camera Clubg Honor Roll Letterg Literary Letter in Spellingg Chemistry Lab. Assistantg Valedictorian, February Graduation. RICHARD DAVID BECKHAM, JR. Sergeant, R.O.T.C.3 Make-up Editor, Rainbowg Bowlingg Boosters Clubg Sunday School Club. ROBERT FLETCHER BELL ' WILLIAM BLAKE BERRY Horned Toad Clubg Hi-Yg Letterman: Bowling Teamg Liaison Ofiicerg Chaplain two and one-half yearsg Home Room Presidentg Red Cross Representativeg Camera Clubg Boosters Clubg R.O.T.C. Olficerg Merit Medalg Prize Drill, N Co.g Riile Teamg Libraryg Deputyg S.P.I.G. CHARLES FRANKLYN BIGGERS Letterman: Bowlingg Basketballg Vice-President of Home Room. Q MARION BINFORD JACK DAVID BISHOP HARRY BLUE Vice-President of Home Roomg Liaison Oflicerg Boosters Clubg Rifle Teamg R.O.T.C. Corporal. 0 I ,JACK KENNETH BOHLER Ki wi ,gi . Q N s ry f-ysxgs'-X x, sg' i t is Boles Bond Boorstein Bostain Boughton Bradberry l0R -le W. Barber Barfield Barker Barnett Barrett Bass Baumgarten Beckham R. Bell Berry Biggers Binford Bishop Blue Bohler GRADY COLUMBUS BOLES President of Home Roomg President Student Govern- ment: President Student Bodyg Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Deltag Engineering Societyg Three Years Varsity Footballg Track Lettermang Supreme Court. JOHN DEWEY BOND, JR. JACK BARON BOORSTEIN ROBERT GUY BOSTAIN Swimming Teamg N.A.S.S.g Band. JAMES POPE BOUGHTON ALBERT HENRY BRADBERRY Libraryg Liaison Ofticer. lllll Gift 92 . Y s Bradford L. W. Bradley W. M. Bradley Brannon Branson Brewer Broadwell Brock Brooks Brown Bruner Bryant Cabe Caldwell Camp DARWIN CAMPBELL RICHARD D. CANADAY, JR. Boosters Clubg Varsity Football Squadg Class Ohicer. ROY CARLTON UB" Team Footballg Football Letterg Swimming Letterg Home Room Presidentg Bible Club, Boosters Clubg Over the Top Clubg N.A.S.S.g Two and one-half year graduate. HOWARD L. CAPPS HAROLD PRESSLEY CARMICAL Red Cross Representativeg Class President three semes- ters: First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C.g Supreme Court Justiceg Liaison Ofiicer. WILLIAM J. CARTER l ROBERT ROGERS BRADFORD, JR. LAWRENCE WOOTTEN BRADLEY, JR. WILLIAM MACON BRADLEY Concert Bandg Marching Band, Pan-American Clubg Rainbow Staff. RALPH ORIEN BRANNON, JR. Football Letterg President Home Room. BILL BREWER BRANSON Boosters Clubg Representative Gold Convention. ROY M. BREWER, JR. WALLACE PERRY BROADWELL Horned Toad, Wrestling Clubg Class Officerg President of Home Room. NORMAN BROCK, JR. JAMES EDWIN BROOKS JOE EDWARD BROWN Class Officerg Horned Toads. JACK BRUNER ELLIS HENRY BRYANT, JR. i Amateur Radio Operator, First Class Commercial Radiog Telephone Licenseg Sunday School Club. JAMES LEE CABE, JR. All-time Honor Rollg Delta Theta Kappag Annual Lit- erary Exercisesg Freshman Declamation Winnerg Justice Supreme Courtg Beta Clubg Coach, Weight-Lifting Teamg N.A.S.S. MARLING HASTY CALDWELL 1 THOMAS ROBERT CAMP Track Teamg Footballg Boosters Club. Campbell Canaday Carlton Capps Carmical Carter JOHN WILLIAM CASTEEN, JR. Track Teamg Footballg Boosters Clubg National Athletic Scholarship Society, Honor Rollg Class Officer. EDWARD FRANK CASTELLAW Horned Toadsg Boosters Club, Camera Club. LUTHER HOWARD CHAMBERS, JR. JAMES RICHARD CHAPMAN Culver Literary Societyg Engineer Clubg Home Room President, S.P.I.G. GEORGE RAY CHESNUT, JR. Phi Deltag Boosters Clubg Delta Theta Kappa, Beta Clubg Gold "T"g Class Officer, Pan-American Clubg "T" Clubg President Travels Club, All-Time Honor Roll. D. L. CLABORN CHARLES VERNON CLEVELAND ROBERT CLUTTER JOHN EDWARD COBB Treasurer Home Roomg Captain, R.O.T.C.g Officers Clubg Honor Roll. JIMMY CLIFFORD COFIELD Boxing Teamg Vice-President Classg Second Lieutenant. GEORGE WILLIAM COLEMAN Secretary Beta Clubg Phi Deltag Honor Roll Letterg "T" Clubg Feature Editor, Rainbow, Boosters Clubg Horned Toadsg Class Officerg S.P.I.G. HUBERT EARL COLEMAN, JR. Cadet Major, R.O.T.C.g President of Home Roomg S.P.I.G.g Boxing Team Captain: G.I.A.A. Boxing Cham- piong Track Teamg Class Basketballg Sports Writer of Rainbowg Horned Toadsg Cross Country Team. KRIEBEL N. COLLINS JAMES EDMOND CONNER WILLIAM JEFFERSON CONNER Liaison Ollicer Cook Creighton Crawley Crenshaw Croker R. Crowe l0R Casteen Castellaw Chambers Chapman Chesnut Claborn Cleveland Clutter Cobb Cofield G. Coleman E. Coleman Collins J. Conner Wm. Conner JAMES ROY COOK, JR. Camera Clubg Chess Clubg Sergeant, R.O.T.C.g Track Team. DONALD GUY CREIGHTON Boosters Club: Chaplain of Home Room, Representative Gold Party. CHARLES LAMAR CRAWLEY, JR. THOMAS CHILDS CRENSHAW Two and one-half year graduateg Camera Clubg Dra- matic Club, Chemistry Clubg Vice-President Home Room. . MARION WINCHELL CROKER First Lieutenant, HB" Co.: Merit Medal Winnerg Honor Roll, Officers Club, Beta Clubg Boosters Clubg Two and one-half year graduate. RICHARD HARRY CROWE Boosters Club, Supreme Court Judge, Honor Rollg Var- sity Footballg Beta Clubg Phi Delta, Class Officer. l0R JOSEPH SHIRLEY CROWE I Annual Staffg Boosters Club. HAROLD WARD CRUTCHFIELD Bowling Teamg Perfect Attendanceg Engineers Society Class Oilicerg Boosters Clubg Varsity Leiterg N.A.S.S. JACK RUDOLPH CURRY Libraryg Smithy Astronomy Club. ROBERT M. DABNEY CHARLES FULLER DALE ARNOLD DANIEL THOMAS H. DANIELL HARRY TURNER DAVIS JAMES ANDREW DAVIS JAMES BROWN DAVIS, JR. Class Oflicerg President of Bible Club: De Molay P. M. C. Deputy Chaplaing Chess Team: Typographical Club Sunday School Clubg Boosters Clubg Engineers Club bonsg S.P.I.G.g Business Manager, Rainbow. HARRY M. DAVIS Boosters Clubg Boxing. EDWIN DAWKINS HARRY STEPHENS DEAN CLYDE DEMPSEY WILLIAM E. DEMPSTER Varsity Footballg National Athletic Scholarship Society A Phi Delta Literary Societyg Justice Supreme Court Engineers Society. S. Crowe Crutchfield Curry Dabney Dale A. Daniel T. Daniell H. T. Davis J. A. Davis J. B. Davis H. M. Davis Dawkins Dean Dempsey Dempster GORDON EARL DILL, JR. m JAMES STOREY DILLINGHAM Chemistry Laboratory Assistantg Class Officerg Boosters Clubg Deputyg Military Band. CHARLES THEODORE DISMER President of Home Roomg Phi Delta Literary Societyg Horned Toad Clubg First Sergeant, R.O.T.C.g S.P.I.G.g Boosters Club. H WILLIAM CLIFFORD DOBY JOHN ROBINSON DOMINEY, JR. CHARLES JAMES DONNELLY Dill Swimming Team. Doby Dominey Y Donnelly Dillingham I Dismer lnter-Class Basketballg Bowlingg Military Merit Rib- MARSHALL A. DOOLY, JR. Lettermang Bowling Teamg First-Aid Clubg Boosters Club. WILLIAM HENRY DRISKELL HENDERSON MACKLING DRIVER, JR. Student Government: Class Ofiicerg Trackg Sunday School Club. WILLIAM EARL DUDLEY CURTIS DUKE Rainbow Staffg Concert Bandg Glee Clubg R.O.T.C. Bandg Liaison Ofiicerg Boosters Clubg Militaryg Letterman. ERNEST CANDLER DUKE HOWARD GILES DUNLAP President of Home Roomg Honor Rollg American Legion Essay Medal, 19415 Phi Delta, Delta Theta Kappag Su- preme Court Justice. . CARL DEAN DUSTHIMER, JR. Gold Star "A" Co., Competitive Drill. WALTER ALVIN EAVES Associate Editor of Rainbowg Bowling Teamg N.A.S.S.g Lettermang HT" Clubg Class Oflicerg Boosters Clubg Dep- utyg G.S.P.A. Convention. AUGUSTUS MELVIN EBERHARDT President Phoenix English Literary Societyg President Camera Clubg Secretary Chemistry Clubg Astronomy Clubg Dramatics Clubg President Home Room. ROY ECTOR JOHN MARTIN EDWARDS Varsity Baseball Teamg Boosters Clubg Inter-Class Bas- ketball Teamg Class Ofiicerg Smithy SenategMilitary. DAVID STANLEY EISENBERG Boosters Club, Basketball. HENRY EPPS GRADY ESKEW, JR. . if .LJ K Evans Everett Foir Folloize Former Ferrell io is Dooly Driskell Driver Dudley C. Duke E. Duke Dunlop Dusthimer Eaves Eberhardt Ector ' Edwards Eisenberg Epps Eskew WILLIAM WINDSOR EVANS Two and one-half year graduateg Honor Rollg Weight- Liftingg N.A.S.S.g Bowlingg Phi Delta Literary Society: Beta Clubg Class Liaison Officer. ROBERT BERTON EVERITT, JR. Phi Deltag Pan-American Clubg First-Aid Clubg Horned Toadsg Military Bandg Concert Band, S.P.I.G.g Hockey Team Letterg Boosters Club. LEONARD A. FAIR Rainbow Staffg Sunday School Club. JIM BEAUCHAMP FALLAIZE Class Officerg Lettermang Honor Roll, Engineering So- cietyg Delta Theta Kappag Culver Literary Societyg Beta Clubg Pan-American Club. , CHARLES N. FARMER, JR. Cadet Colonelg President Beta Clubg Justice Supreme Courtg Art Editor, Tehiseang Officers Clubg Boosters Clubg Lettermang Outstanding Freshman Medal, Merit Medal Winnerg Efiiciency Medalg Perfect Attendance. ROBERT HENRY FERRELL Two years' Varsity Baseballg "B" Team Baseballg N.A. S.S.g Horned Toadsg "T" Clubg French Clubg Boosters Clubg Honor Rollg "B" Team Basketball. l 0 R ' . MARVIN DOSON FIELDS ers Clubg Culver Literary Society. JONES ROBERT FINDLEY Basketballg Trackg Two and one-half year graduate N.A.S.S. CECIL PARK FLOYD Lifting Team. l JOHN REYNOLDS FORD Student Governmentg Football: Baseballg Boosters Club WILLIAM P. FOSTER Dramatics Club Presidentg Class Olficerg Boosters Club JOHN QUINCY FRANKLIN, JR. S.P.I.G.g President of Home Room. JOSEPH "COOT" FRANKLIN WILLIAM ROBERT FREE JAMES FRANKLIN FULLER, JR. Phoenix Literary Societyg Boosters Clubg Military. ANDREW C. GARNER, JR. Letterman: Footballg Class Offcerg Perfect Attendance Boosters Clubg Inter-Class Basketball. JAMES ROY GARNER OLIVER GARRETT DOUGLAS ED GILES Deputyg Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. l JOHN LEWIS GILLETTE geant, Military Band. Fields Findley Floyd Ford Foster J. Q. Franklin J. B. Franklin Free Fuller R05ERT GLENN A. Garner J, Gomer Garrett Home Room Presxdentg Liaison Officerg Basketball Giles . Gillette Glenn H0r10r R011- HUBERT PAUL GOBER JIMMY W. GOWER Glee Club Letter: Boosters Clubg Red Cross Representa- tiveg Secretary of Home Room. EDGAR SMITH GREER Varsity Football: Trackg N.A.S.S.g "T" Clubg Engineers Societyg Boosters Club. . FLOYD NATHANIEL GREER Class Officer. WILLIAM THOMAS GROOVER 3 RICHARD RUSSELL GUNTER Honor Roll: Beta Club 'rreasurerg Class omcerg Phi G-Obs' GGOW-ef E-Gfeef Deltag N.A.S.S.g Wrestlingg weight Lifting. F- Greer mover Gunter Cheer Leaderg Treasurer Home Roomg "T" Clubg Boost- Cheerleaderg Liaison Ofiicerg Boosters Clubg Weight- Bible Club: Sunday School Clubg Concert Bandg Ser- CARL WILLIAM HALL Honor Rollg Baseballg S.P.I.G.g President Home Roomg Boosters Club. WAYNE HARBER HALL Class Presidentg Secretary-Treasurer of Home Roomg Red Cross Representativeg S.P.I.G. ARTHUR HAMBRICK JACK McLEAN HAMMETT ' Boosters Club. MARTIN FLETCHER HANES . HARRY LEE HARBIN Rainbow Staffg Smithy Senateg Student Government' Baseballg Boxingg Honor Rollg President Home Room' Boosters Clubg N.A.S.S. 9 JIMMY ANDREW HARRELL Vice-President Engineers Societyg Cadet First Sergeant, R.O.T.C.g Boosters Clubg "A" Co. Competitive Drill. JAMES CLYDE HARRINGTON Honor Roll Letterg Two and one-half year graduate' Boosters Clubg Perfect Attendance. 7 JAMES WILLIAM HARVEY DANNY W. HAYNES N.A.S.S.g Engineers Clubg Swimming Teamg Boosters Club. ROY LESTER HEATH President Home Roomg Band Captaing Track Team. LELAN D SILAS HENDERSON ROBERT NORMAN HERNDON Boosters Club. ROBERT LEE HIGHTOWER JAMES A. HILL l-linson Hiott Hoffman Holcombe Hollis Hood Wi.. - -- .ii '- Illll C. Hall H. Hall Hambrick Hammett Hanes Harbin Harrell Harrington Harvey Haynes Heath . Henderson Herndon Hightower Hill. JAMES H. HINSON, JR. JEFF H. HIOTT, JR. Sergeant, R.O.T.C.g Sunday School Clubg Boosters Clubg Merit Medal. CHARLES ELLZEY HOFFMAN President Home Roomg Major, R.O.T.C.g Justice Supreme Courtg Secretary Phi Deltag Vice-President Beta Clubg Honor Rollg Neatest Private Medal: Treasurer Ollicers Clubg Swimming Teamg S.P.I.G.: Inter-School Council. JAMES RICHARD HOLCOMBE Honor Rollg Footballg Cadet Lieutenantg Horned Toadsg Neatest Private Medalg Deputyg Officers Club. EDWIN WALTER HOLLIS Glee Club Letter: Rainbow Staffg First Sergeant, Co. Bg Sunday School Club. LEONARD GRADY HOOD IOR l i Hass Howard Howe Howell Hubbard Huey Hughey Hulsey Hurd Jackson Jarrett C. Jennings T. Jennings R. Johnson Wm. Johnson CLAUDE COLLIER JONES, JR. R.O.T.C. Officerg Treasurer of Beta Clubg Glee Clubg Phi Deltag Bandg Winner of Ritter Music Medalg All- State Bandg All-State Orchestrag State Music Medalg District Medalsg Honor Rollg Merit Ribbong Treasurer of Home Roomg Boosters Clubg Two and one-half year graduateg Gold "T." HAROLD DALLAS JONES, JR. Treasurer of Home Room. JOHNNIE GRADY JONES, JR. JENNINGS SMITH KENDALL RICHARD HARVEY KINCAID, JR. GEORGE DONALD KING S.P.I.G.g Football. JULIAN RUSSELL HOSS Concert and Military Bandsg Band Letterg Two and one- half year graduate. JACK LINVVOOD HOWARD SIDNEY PECKHAM HOWE, JR. Varsity Football Letterg "B" Team Footballg Class Of- ficerg Inter-Class Basketballg Boosters Club. I JOSEPH W. HOWELL President Oilicers Clubg Lieutenant Colonel, R.O.T.C.g Military Editor, Rainbowg Efficiency Medal, R.O.T.C.3 President Home Roomg Honor Roll Letterg Gold "T"j Horned Toadsg Vice-President Hi-YQ Literary Letterg S.P.I.G.g Laboratory Assistant in Physicsg Boosters Clubg Liaison Ohicerg February Class Oratorg All-Time Honor Roll. WILLIAM LEWIS HUBBARD JOHN A. HUEY GEORGE MATHIESON HUGHEY Captain, R.O.T.C.g Officers Club. JACK HULSEY WILLIS FRANCIS HURD HAROLD "HOKEY" JACKSON Boosters Clubg N.A.S.S.g "T" Clubg Footballg Basketballg Track. I JOHNNY HAMPTON JARRETT CHARLES SAMUEL J ENNINGS Two and one-half year graduateg Platoon Sergeant, R.O.T.C.g Chaplain Home Roomg Honor Roll. THOMAS JACKSON JENNINGS Cross Countryg Trackg "B" Team Footballg "B" Team Basketball. RAY GEORGE JOHNSON WILLIAM L. JOHNSON C. Jones H. Jones J. Jones Kendall Kincaid King ARTHUR FRANCIS KISER, JR. Lieutenant Colonel, R.O.T.C.g Business Manager of Rainbowg Secretary-Treasurer Officers Clubg Honor Roll: Five Lettermang Hearst Trophy Team, 19423 Home Room Presidentg Captain Rifle Teamg Beta Clubg Phi Deltag Writers Clubg Boosters Clubg Horned Toadsg Gold "T"g N.A.S.S.g Laboratory Assistant. VIVIAN LEWIS KITCHENS Bowling Teamg Boosters Clubg Horned Toadsg Chaplaing Smithy Senateg Inter-Class Basketball. RAYMOND JOHN KORIZON Honor Rollg Glee Clubg Boosters Clubg Weight-Lifting Team. H. J. LAMB CARTER TATE LANGLEY Boosters Clubg Over the Top Club. THOMAS BEACHER LEATHERS THOMAS WARREN LEE Vice-President Home Roomg Liaison Oflicer. THOMAS RAGSDALE LEE S.P.I.G.g Culber Literary Societyg Deputyg Chess Club. HAROLD LEE LESTER ROY MARVIN LEVEY Home Room Ofiicerg Deputyg R.O.T.C.g Boosters Clubg Dramatics Clubg Minstrel Showg Camera Clubg Glee Clubg Home Room Basketball Teamg Liaison Officer. HARRY "HANK" LEVINSON Home Room Presidentg Basketballg S.P.I.G.g Red Cross, Baseball. SIMON PHILLIP LEVETAN Honor Rollg Rainbow Staff Photographerg President Camera Clubg President Chemistry Clubg President Dra- matic Clubg President Chess Clubg Literary Letterg Mo- tion Picture Operatorg Class Oflicerg Astronomy Clubg Pan-American Clubg Chemistry Lab. Assistantg Physics Lab. Assistantg Associate Director 1941 Minstrel Showg Deputy. DONALD WOODALL LITTLE Swimming Team. ROBERTAJONES LONG President of Home Roomg Liaison Ofticerg Student Gov- ernmentg Rainbow Staifg Culver Literary Societyg Bible Clubg Engineering Societyg Founder and President of Sport Clubg Literary Letterg Lathe Shop Foremang Library. ' SAM LUN SFORD Macaulay L. Maddox N. Maddox Magbee Ma ret Marinos IOR ' Kiser Kitchens Korizon Lamb Langley Leathers T. W. Lee T. R. Lee Lester Levey Levinson Levetan Little Long Lunsford EDGAR NIALL MACAULAY ROBERT LEONARD MADDOX Sunday School Clubg Corporal, R.O.T.C. NOAH E. MADDOX, JR. WILLIAM MILTON MAGBEE President of Classg Football Teamg Track Team. JACK ADOLPHUS MARET Class Officer. ANDREW A. MARINOS Beta Clubg Engineers Clubg Oiiicers Clubg Captain R.O.T.C.g Merit Medalg Honor Roll Letterg Officers Letter. Nl0JR C. Martin W. Martin J. P. Mason V. C. Mason Jas. McDaniel L. McDaniel McEver McGahee McKee A. McPhail Jas. McPhoil McPherson McMillan Meacham Meoders JAMES EDWARD MEDLOCK Perfect Attendanceg Camera Club: Minstrel 1942. JOHN ARTHUR METCALF, JR. Liaison Oiiicer. CARRIE MEN SIN GER BARRON LELAND MERRELL Boosters Clubg Basketball. JACK C. MILLER WILLIAM A. MILLER Basketballg Trackg Cross Countryg Home Room Presi- CALVIN ED. MARTIN WESLEY JOSEPH MARTIN JAMES P. MASON V. C. MASON, JR. JAMES THOMAS MCDANIEL Amateur Radio Operatorg Second Class Commercial Phone Licenseg Astronomy Clubg Physics Assistantg Library. LAMAR WEYMAN MCDANIELI Horned Toadsg Wrestling. WILLIAM THOMAS MCEVER President of Home Room. . FREDRICK GRAHAM MCGAHEE JOE WILLIAM McKEE AILION AMOS MCPHAIL, JR. President of Phoenix Club. l JAMES RILEY McPHAIL f Honor Rollg Two and one-half year graduate. 1 GEORGE LEON MCPHERSON Beta Clubg Class Officer. BOBBY HOWARD MCMILLAN JAMES FRANKLIN MEACHAM PAUL McLARIN MEADERSV Trackg Cross Country. V l dent: National Athletic Scholarship Societyg Boosters Medlock Metcalf Mensinger Club. Merrell J. Miller A. Miller CHARLES CLIFTON MORGAN, JR. JACK LAMAR MORGAN LEONARD EUGENE MORGAN Boosters Clubg Liaison Officer, Honor Rollg Over the Top Club. MURPHY MORRIS MARION RALPH MOORE, JR. Boosters Clubg Phi Deltag Culver Literary Society. DAVID LORIMER MULLINS - ROBERT M. MULLINS Footballg G.I.A.A.g All-City Teamg President Boosters Clubg Vice-President Boosters Clubg S.P.I.G.g Boxing, Trackg Wrestling Team. FRED ODELL MULLIS Footballg Boosters Club. FRANCIS MARION NAHSER Bowling Team: Two-Lettermang Liaison Ofiicer, Boost- ers Clubg N.A.S.S. L. VINCENT NEESE Engineers Societyg Class Officerg Smithy Senateg Bowl- ing Teamg Boosters Club. JAMES CARL NEW, JR. Reporter, Rainbowg President of Home Roomg S.P.I.G.g Boosters Clubg Libraryg Sunday School Club. GEORGE ALBERT NYE Vice-President Culver Literary Society: Cadet Captain, R.O.T.C.g Rifle Team, Hearst Trophy Teamg State Cham- pions, Boosters Clubg N.A.S.S.g Student Governmentg President of Home Roomg Oliicers Clubg Letterman. WILLIAM NEAL O'BRIEN Spanish Club. JOSEPH HENRY OWEN ROBERT LEE PAIR Parris Patrick Payton Pefinis Peel Pinyan IOR Nl C. Morgan J. Morgan L. Morgan Morris Moore D. Mullins Bob Mullins Mullis Nahser Neese New Nye O'Brien Owens Pair ROBERT D. PARRIS Red Cross Representativeg Radio Amateurs Licenseg Sunday School Clubg Boosters Clubg Two and one-half year graduate. JAMES C. PATRICK Home Room Presidentg Boosters Clubg Basketballg Bowlingg N.A.S.S. ROBERT W. PAYTON Home Room Presidentg Beta Clubg Phi Deltag Officers Clubg Two and one-half year graduateg Liaison Officerg District and State Music Medalsg Honor Rollg Merit Medal: President Concert Bandg Captain, R.O.T.C.g At- tendance Medalg Class "A" Amateur Radio Operator, Supreme Court, Student Governmentg Lettermang Boost- ers Clubg Over the Top Clubg Gold "T." CHARLES GEORGE PEFINIS Honor Roll Letterg Concert Baud Letterg Senior R.O.T.C. Oflicer's Letter with Starg Military Editor of Rainbowg Class OH-lcerg High Council Engineering Society: Beta Kappag Officers Clubg Boosters Clubg Neatest Private Medalg Purple Delegateg Major, R.O.T.C. WILLIAM LOUIS PEEL CHARLES THOMAS PINYAN "B" Team Baseballg Bible Clubg Sunday School Club. IOR E Pitts Plummer Portman H. Prater W. Prater Puckett Pulliam Rain Raney Ransom Joe Ray Thos. Ray Reid Reese Reeves GEORGE EARL RICE Home Room Presidentg Horned Toadsg Track Teamg 'KB' Team Football. WILLIAM I-IUBERT ROBERTS, JR. MARVIN LEWIS ROBINSON Captain of Tennis Teamg Vice-President of Class: Air- Raid Warden: Red Cross Representativeg Class Chap- laing Boosters Club. KELSEY WAITES ROBISON Sergeant, R.O.T.C.g Chaplain Home Roomg French Clubg Rifle Team. JOHN MOTT RUSSELL Band Letterg Concert Bandg Two and one-half year graduate. HOWARD JUNIOR SANDERS LUTHER PITTS ABILL GARLAND PLUMMER Football. JOHN CALVIN PORTMAN, JR. Boosters Clubg R.O.T.C.g Football. ROSS HARVEY PRATER Varsity Footballg Horned Toadsg Boosters Clubg Presi- dent Home Roomg Vice-President Student Governmentg President February Seniorsg Co-Captain 'Footballg Su- preme Court Justiceg "T" Clubg Tolbert Medal. WILLIAM I-IORACE PRATER Student Baseball Teacherg Supreme Court Chief Jus- ticeg Smithy Senate Presidentg Distinction Card in His- tory' and Drawingg Perfect Attendanceg Pan-American Clubg Honor Roll Letterg Feature Editor, Rainbowg S.P.I.G.g Writers Clubg Home Room Presidentg Library. FLOYD H. PUCKETT, JR., Boosters Club. ' RALPH JOSEPH PULLIAM BENTON RAIN BEN THOMAS RANEY Officers Club: Cadet Major, R.O.T.C.g Boosters Clubg S.P.I.G.g Baseballg Footballg Class Otlicerg Varsity Let- terg "A" Co. Competitive Drill. WILLIAM VAUGHN RANSOM Band Letterg Sunday School Clubg Boosters Club. JOE WILLIS RAY, JR. V THOMAS BROADFIELD RAY Boosters Clubg R.O.T.C. Officer. ROBERT HOLLINGSWORTH REID ROBERT HAROLD REESE Class Presidentg Band Lieutenantg Chemistry Clubg Honor Rollg Oflicers Clubg Concert Orchestrag Music Festival Medal Winnerg Letterrnang Camera Clubg S.P.I.G.g Boosters Club. JAMES ALEX REEVES Smithy Senateg Honor Rollg Baseballg Letter Clubg Chap- lain of Home Room. l A Rice Roberts l Robinson Robison Russell Sanders l0R CALVIN WOODROW SELLARS ' OO'O ' ' Boosters Clubg Varsity Bandg Letterman. LEE GEORGE SELLARS JAMES SHEATS, JR. Rifle Teamg N.A.S.S.g First Sergeant, R.O.T.C'.g Boosters Clubg Class OfIicerg S.P.I.G. JACK WOODING SHROPSHIRE S. K. SIMPSON, JR. Phi Deltag Rainbowg Liaison Officerg Class Presidentg Cheer Leader: "T" Clubg Travelers Clubg Boosters Clubg First-Aid Clubg S.P.I.G.g Pan-American Clubg Writers Clubg Vice-President Home Roomg Rainbow Correspon- dent. BROWNIE SMITH GLENN HARDEMAN SMITH, JR. Amateur Radio Licenseg Perfect Attendance. KELVIN WALTER SMITH LOUIE O. SMITH President First-Aid Clubg Vice-President Home Roomg Deputyg Chaplain Home Roomg Inter-Class Basketballg Red Cross Representativeg Boosters Club. TRAVIS LAMAR SMITH WILLIAM BARTO SMITH JOE LAWRENCE SMOAK WILLARD C. SOSEBEE Honor Roll Letterg Class Otficerg Liaison Officer. ROBERT PAUL SPARROW Captain, R.O.T.C.g Officers Clubg Boosters Club. BILL THOMAS SPINKS Class Officerg Boosters Clubg Corporal, R.O.T.C.g Star 3 . Company, R.O.T.C.g Competitive Drillg Guidon, R.O.T.C.g Library, . C. Sellars Lee Sellors Sheots " ' Shropshire Simpson B. Smith G. H. Smith Kelvin Smith Louie Smith Travis Smith Wm. Smith Smook Sosebee Sparrow Spinks JOE STARR LUTHER SEBASTIAN STANDIFER Bowlingg Engineers Clubg Chess Club. JACK BASKIN STANLEY NORMAN EDGAR STATHAM Vice-President Bible Clubg Deputyg Rainbow Reporter. ROY A. STEEL Boxing Teamg Boosters Clubg Class Officer. JAMES MARION TUCK . U . Home Room Presidentg Boosters Clubg Vice-President Staff Sfandlfef SIOVTIEY Home Roomg Honor Rollg Gold Convention Represen- Stothom Steel Tuck tative, lllll Stell R. E. Stephens T. L. Stephens Stevens Stockton Stowers Swatford Sweatt C. L. Taylor L. C. Taylor J. Taylor M. E. Taylor Robt. Taylor Wm. Taylor Terry DILLARD BEN THACKER Vice-President Home Roomg Boosters Clubg Liaison Officer. JAMES DANIEL THURMOND Class Olficerg Boosters Club. HARRY MARION TICE Varsity Football. JOHN WILLIAM TODD, JR. Corporal, R.O.T.C.g Merit Medal: Class Ofiicerg Inter- Class Basketballg Boosters Clubg Smithy Senate. CARL WAYMON TRAMMELL AUSTIN CARL SECREST. JR. Lieutenant, R.O.T.C.g Vice-President Home Room, Rilie Teamg Fourth Corps Area-Hearst Trophy Championsg Bowling Teamg Boosters Clubg S.P.I.G.g N.A.S.S.g Liaison Omcerg Captain, R.O.T.C. JAMES STELL ROY E. STEPHENS THOMAS LEWIS STEPHENS Chaplain of Home Room: Boosters Clubg Two and one- half year graduate. EDGAR A. STEVENS GENE STOCKTON Class Offlcerg ,Wrestling Team, Vice-President Sport Club, Smithy Senateg Weiht-Liftingg DeMo1ay. ERNEST MARINE "JERRY" STOWERS Band, Letterman, Glee Clubg Boosters Club. ALEX JAMES SWAFFORD WEYMAN MELVIN SWEATT Band. CLIFTON LEE TAYLOR, JR. L. CLARK TAYLOR Boxing Team. JACK HODNETT TAYLOR Home Room President: Sports Editor, Rainbowg Captain of Cheer Leadersg Pan-Americang Secretary of Senior Classg Writers Club: Boosters Club. MARION EDWARD TAYLOR, JR. Footballg Class Presidentg Smithy Senateg Boosters Club. ROBERT ARNOLD TAYLOR WILLIAM PLEASANT TAYLOR II HORACE ERNEST TERRY Thacker Thurman Tice Todd Trammell Secrest HOWARD VIRGIL TURNER Military Bandg Concert Bandg Varsity Baseballg Phi Deltag Home Room Presidentg Boosters Clubg First Lieu- gefiint, R.O.T.C.g Bandg Glee Clubg N.A.S.S.g Officers u . JOHN UNGARIAN JACK WILLIAM URBAN Concert and Military Bandg Band Letterg Band Captaing Two and one-half year graduateg Honor Roll. DUNCAN MCCALLUM VEAL, JR. S.P.I.G.g Supreme Courtg Annual Literary Exercisesg Phi Delta. JAMES FRANKLIN VINCENT GEORGE HOOPER WADE Cross Country Teamg Track Tearng Lettermang President of Home Room. J. C. WALDROP CECIL GRADY WALKER Home Room Presiclentg Delta Theta Kappag Boosters Clubg Honor Roll. WILLIAM WALKEMEYER WILLIAM CALVIN WALTERS MELVIN WARSHAW Varsity Football Letter. HAROLD ANSLIE WATSON Captain, Physical Educationg Two and one-half year graduate. ROBERT GARWOOD WATTS Honor Rollg N.A.S.S.g Perfect Attendanceg Merit Medal: Military Officerg Bowling: Rifle Teamg R.O.T.C.g Letter. JOE PHILLIP WELCH Home Room Presidentg S.P.I.G.g Liaison Oflicerg Cor- poral, Co. "A," R.O.T.C. GEORGE WEST IOR Turner Ungarian Urban , Veal Vincent Wade Waldrop Walker Walkemeyer Walters Warshaw Watson Watts Welsh West JACK WHITAKER FORREST EDWARD WHITE Two and one-half year graduateg R.O.T.C. WILLIAM MORRIS WHITMIRE Lettermang Boxing Teamg Boosters Club. TED WILLIAM WIEDEMAN EVERETT SAMUEL WILLIAMS Military Bandg Concert Bandg Band Letterman. WILLIAM FRED WILSON Whitaker White Whitmire Bandg Sunday School Clubg Boxing Teamg Boosters Wiedeman Williams Wilson Club: Two and one-half year graduate. IOR Wolcott Wolff Womack Woodward ROBERT H. WOLCOTT Pan-American Club, R.O.T.C.g President Dramatic Club: Producer-Director 1942 Minstrel Showg Camera Clubg Motion Picture Operator, Chemistry Club, Rifle Teamg Boosters Club, Astronomy Clubg Amateur Radio Opera- torg Rainbow Staffg Hi-Y. MORTIMER S. WOLFF HARRY WOMACK CHARLES DAVIS WOODWARD Home Room Presidentg Football, Baseballg Vice-Presi- dent Student Bodyg Historian Phi Delta, Treasurer S.P.I.G.g Supreme Court Justiceg Boosters Club, Inter- School Councilg Liaison Officer, Who's Who Contest. SENIRRS WHOE PICTURE D0 0T APPEAR FEBRUARY SENIORS Thomas Eugene Carter, Pat Owen Chester, Gustus T. Cullens, Jr., Ralph H. Dickson, Edward Oswell Evans, George Raymer Folds, Harry Villiers Ingram, Edward Storey Kendrick, Wilson Chris Lariscy, Walter Engel- bert Maurer, Jr., William Hendrix Reaves, Norman Rob- inson, Olin Davis Sibert, Jack Burton Swords, Jr., Colie Bartow Whitaker, Jr., Ralph Robeson Wynne, Jr. JUNE SENIORS Charles Henry Brock, Robert Eugene Capps, Sam Felma Conger, Thomas Irby Crawford, Lawrence Wilson Duren, Leonard Clifton Gann, James Waddie Gantt, Turner Durrell Johnson, Jr., Charles Bluford Ogles,EBenjamin Woodward Ragan, William Otis Roby, James Edward Simpkins, Edward Ray Smith, Charles Eustace Smitli Fred Veal, Jr., Jack Warren Coogan Williams, Colie Bar- tow Whitaker, Jr. ' , R. 0. T. C. 0EElCERS WHO GRADUATED I FEBRUARY Top row: Bob Payton, James Holcombe, Claude Jones, Arthur Kiser. Bottom row: Bill Roberts, Leland Henderson, Joe Howell, Ben Raney. CLASSES W j LHHHJOH. William T. Barber, Jim- my P. Boughton, Lau- rence W. Bradley, Harold H. Bryant, Charles V. Cleveland, Robert L. Coursey, Walter A. Eaves, Palmer T. Ellard, John R. Ford, Donald S. Fowler, Homer B. Garrett, William H. Hicks, Jackson J. Hulsey, Royce C. Humphries, Don J. Jones, Jimmy S. Kaigler, Frank S. Keene, James B. Lemaster, Dick B. Lewellen, William T. Lumpkin, Jack A. Maret, Daniel'M. Owens, Henry A. Pierce, Thomas M. Pit- ner, Harry C. Puckett. Charles F. Richter, Bonsalle C. Schoen, William C. Slocum, Hilton B. Souther, James H. Stell, Larry W. Taylor, Lewis C. Taylor, James A. Tiller, James H. Tyler, Asa E. Vinson, Cecil Wilson, Nathan D. Young. Q ga fclriclge Norman Richard Aiken, Jack Ulee Allen, Howard Willson Boring, Melvin Bruce, Albert Clough, Durwand Harold Davis, Alvin Edgar Gramling, William Tom Groover, Jimmie Hale, Colon Millard Haney, John Paul Jacoups, Dennis Cagle Jones, Morris Mel- vin Lane, Harry Louis Macleod, Joe William McRoe, Roy Watkins Moore, Duke Fred Palmer, William Barrett Payne, Johnny Lee Pressley, John Lee Race, Rufus Lamar Reeves, Jr., Harry Rosen- thal, Joe Smith, Jack Emory Stanley, William Lee Stinson, Bill Grant Terry, Charles Algernon Thomas, Robert Franklin Thomas, Eugene Morris Zimmerman. o 3 a.....f,. C. E. Austin, Norman Brock, Jack Edwin Brooks, Robert Franklin Brown, Fred D. Burgess, Jr., Jack Rudolph Curry, Robert M. Dabney, William Stanley Drew, H. M. Driver, Howard Giles Dunlap, Jim B. Fallaize, Allen S. Johnson, Ray G. Johnson, Ray- mond J. Korizon, Walter E. Maurer, William H. Peel, Weyman E. Pouncey, William Horace Prater, Barney Reynolds, Whitley M. Roberts, William Hu- bert Roberts, W. Harold Tice. Fred Ramey. 6: ol? KIIPAIU Rufus Howard Beau- champ, B u r m e r Carl Blair, E. Ward Burts, "mm" Pete James Caras, Am- bers Charles Crane, Marion Winchell Croker, Thomas Ishmael Hawkins, Robert John Holley, Hadley Terrell Huff, Nick George Lambros, James Robert Marbut, James Riley McPhail, Norman Lester Morgan, Carey Eugene Phillips, Thomas B. Ray, V. B. Robinson, William Henry Schroeder, L. G. Sellers, Rolf Malcolm Sinclair, K. W. Smith, Jack Baskin Stanley, William Vansant Steed, Clyde Phillips Turner, Robert Hugo Walton, Robert Grady White, Bob Carroll Winn, Harold Deaton Zwald. o5epA ol? ACL Ml Radcliff C. Boon,-E Bill Cliff Brannon, Marion Edmon Britt, Ephrom Perry Buice, Harry Austin Cole, Edward Seaborn Cooley, J. Rex Edmondson, Charles Allen Elliott, Wellington Humes Force, David Stanley Harris, Dug A. James, Lonnie Dewitt Jobe, Jimmy Frank Jordon, Fred Byron Kutchansciter, Joe Eugene Lance, William Harvey Linsey, Paul Arman Manley, Charlie A. Mayson, Calvin Moon, Douglas Neal Nash, Richard Nelson, Harry Lamar New, James Edward Pati, Chris Homer Paul, Robert G. Pfefferkorn, Bill Rabun, George Angelo Slratigos, W i l l i a m Fred Teale, i J a m e s Ernest Turner, Charles Francis Zahler. 1 Calf Robert Don Baker, Ernest Clark, Bryson Young Coleman, Willis Franklin Cook, Lamar Dudley Cowan, Robert Joseph Cowan, Clinton Virgil DeNise, David Emile Dodamead, James Wesley Garrett, Archie Robert Griffith, Lamar Alexander Harper, Zach E. Harrington, Ralph Manhein, Robert Lee Howell, Kenneth Read Hunt, Bill James Kirk, Payton Colquit Mayo, Lamar McGarity, Charles E. McGehee, Robert Woods Merritt, Norman Moore, Roger Will Parker, Roy Embree Pattillo, Harry T. Schutte, Wil- - liam Schwartz, Robert Scribner, J i m m y Edd Spinks, William Russell Stubbins, Jim Claude Sulzer, William Lester Swint, Leonard Duckett Terry, William Harvey Terry, John Carl Thiesen, R o b e r t Ray Wallace, Charles P. Walston, Nau- rice G. Wheeler, Fred Williams, George Herbert Yarn, R. D. Yelvington, Eli Frisch, Wesley O. Dailey, Alvin Moore, Guy A. Tucker, Bill Howell Bridges. +CL SSS J. MTIIIJOII. J. D. Aderhold, R. W. Barnhill, H. E. Beavers, G. H. Christian, W. H. Evans, Floyd Faucett, E. B. Fewell, R. C. Fisher, J. H. Groth, Otho Harden, G. W. Hardman, R. L. Henson, J. E. Hill, P. E. Johnson, J. L. Keown, Fred W. Lunsford, Joe C. Marks, Ernest McCormick, Mike Mitchum, Felton Owens, Luther Peacock, Charles H. Pittman, Pete J. Poulos, Frank Poulos, Billy C. Ray, H. L. Renfroe, Park Renfroe, Robert Ross, Charles Sanford, Dewey Seay, Glenn Sewell, Lamar Sheats, Charles Sorrow, Joe Thomas, George Witt, Dan Whelchel, Robert Wolcott. K 3- MOIIPN. John R. Andrew, Robert Attaway, Harry Barker, William P. Bowen, Jack R. Brooks, Ted C. Copeland, T. C.'Crawford, Andrew J. Curry, George W. Davis, Harry M. Davis, William T. Duffey, P. A. Elliott, Marion E. Erving, Edgar Gillette, James R. Haynes, Jack Hasford, Homer Jones, Johnny S. Jones, John F. Kieller, Charles B. Knight, Jr.. Earl G. Lavendor, Garnet W. Lunsford, Donald E. Martin, Edwin C. Mize, Henry N. Owen, James C. Pullin, William A. Ragsdale, Jack D. Smith, Ben W. Tiller, Jimmie Troy, Richard Wynn. MUG PJ E EWU!!!- John Edward Aderhold, Harry Eugene Barker, James William Barrett, Henry Edward Blair, Jack Kenneth Bohler, Robert R. Bradford, Harold P. Carmical, William J. Conner. John A. Cranshaw, Tom C. Crenshaw, John R. Dominey, William Henry Driskell, John Martin Edwards, Henry Pierce Epps, Cecil Floyd, Joseph B. Franklin, Andrew Garner, Joe Richard Harrison, James William Harney, Claude Collier Jones, V. Lewis Kitchen, Harry James Lamb, Wilson Chris Larisey, James Carl New, Charles C. Pattillo, George Earl Rice, Jack Andrew St. John, Calvin Sellars, James E. Simp- kins, Glenn H. Smith, Bill Lee Spencer, Nor- man E. Statham, Ben Ronald Tallant, Duncan McCallum Veal, William F. Walkemeyer, Ted Wil- liam Wiedeman, Ralph R. Wynne, James Hinson. P gl C Billy Campbell, Joseph Connelly, Robert Dumas, Robert Hays, John Hen- ' "vim derson, C h a r lie Hol- combe, C. J. Huff, Earl Jackson, Ralph Keith, Harold Lott, Thomas McLean, Steve Miller, George Pope, Samuel Revill, Billy Simpson, James Stinson, VVilliam Tarrant, Emory Taylor, George Waggener, William Wilson, Elbert Wood. J. p A011111 Eugene Borders. Edward Bowen, Homer Brookshire, Virgil Cosby, Doyle Cox, Grady Curfman, John Daniel, Charles Fleming, Wayne Gardner, Louis Gray, Ken Harralson, William Hill, Fred Hyden, Charles Landers, Thomas Lindsay, Albert Millen, Murl Nelson, Joe Renshaw, James Ridling, St. Clair Salvant, Benny Spence, Robert Vollenweider, Harold Williamson. 3 j CUPPJ William M. Alexander, Arthur Lamar Almond, Harry Blue, Richard D. Canaday, John Casteen, George William Coleman, Don Creighton, William CliHord Doby, William Earl Dudley, Robert Earl Glenn, Richard Russell Gunter, Charles E. Hoifman, Julian Russell Hoss, Harold Dallas Jones, Jennings Smith Kendall, Roy Marvin Levey, George Leon McPherson, Paul McLain Meaders, Robert D. Parris, Robert W. Payton, Charles George Petinis, Bill Garland Plummer, John Calvin Portman, Marvin Lewis Robin- son, E 1 b e r t McKinley 5 Sears, Roy A. Steel, Dil- lard Ben Thacker, James D. Thurmond, R o b e 1' t Howard Vincent, George Hooper Wade, William Calvin Walters, Robert Garwood Watts, W. A. Miller. if L S A W CAellf?y John Barrett Alger, How- ard L o g a n Anderson, .J a m e s Angel, Eugene Armstrong, Henry Grady Chappeleas, Horace Ellis Crump, Don Marion Fitzpatrick, Jack Marion Garmon, Seaborn Hartley, Robert Jones Long, Valerius C. Mason, Jack Reid McGehee, Leland B. Merrill, Riley Wingo Milian, Walter Nale, George Poulos, Richard Harry Rogers, Donald Tenhundfeld, Richard Calis Valdes, Harold George Weaver, Jack Charles Waldrop, James David Beaube. 5 J. cm... Jack Bishop, Carl Bledsoe, Gilford Bowers, John Butler, Howard Cabe, Louis Chappell, Ray Gallinger, William Gilman, Ralph Hooks, Frank Johnson, Mayland Jones, Robert Mann, John Marinos, W. R. Matthews, Henry McElroy, Walter Mickle. Charles Mooney, Hulen Pass, Gene Renfroe, Joe Richardson, Paul Rivers, Gene Smith, William Williamson, Warren Young. JTO!! C... Calvin C. Bagley, Horace E. Barnett, Selwyn G. Begner, John D. Bond, Thomas E. Carter, Richard H. Crowe, H. Grady Eskew, Bill Robert Free, Douglas E. Giles, Floyd N. Greer, Bob L. Hightower, Jeff H. Hiott, Bill L. Hubbard, Donald W. Little, Marion R. Moore, Jack L. Morgan, Jerry M. Stowers, John W. Todd, Howard V. Turner. jiedhng miffarzl Edward R. Adams, James C. Blackmon, Myron H. Brewer, Roy M. Brewer, iw' "" P William Cannon, Ernest Chandler, Jack Darnell, Gus Davis, Jr., James P. Eggler, George A. Flynn, Jr., Delbert Gillespie, Turner Henderson, Renfroe Heaslett, Roy Holcomb, Joe T. Jones, Warren S. Lathe, Leo R. Logan, Wilfred McDonough, Vernon McAuliffe, John E. Mc- Callum, Paul Mitchell, Dick Pines, Marvin Ramos, Walter F. Sheppard, Dewey Smith, William A. Varner, John R. Wheeler, Robert Wright. iQ m0l1lilliCL Robert Walker Brisendine, Otis Franklin Bradley, Jimmy Alton Carmichael, William Donald Cowley, Bill Lewis Chase, Harold Chaffin, Harry Chafrln, Mariun Kenneth Copeland, Richard Marion Dailey, Rhea Wesley Dean, Paul William Defoor, Burrell Jackson Dillard, William George Dunbar, J. T. Elder, John K. Evans, Turner D. Henderson, William Callaway Henry, John Rob- ert Hooks, Charles Evans Hughes, Monte Reginald Jackson, Ben Gayle Kyle, Chester H. Langley, Arthur Dwight Marbut, James Horace Morgan, G e o r g e Bob Phillips, , Jerry Louis Poss, Marion Paul S t 0 v a l 1, George Thomas Strupe, Lewis Wilton Puckett, Thomas Wright Rutland, William L. Thomas, Bill Jay W1-ight. A womb Harry M. Akins, Thomas R. Cump, John W. Casteen, Earl H. Coleman, Oscar D. Cook, Joseph S. Crowe, Jack D. Davis, Richard A. Dunphy, James Roy Garner, Howard L. Glass, Carl William Hall, T. D. Johnson, Johnnie G. Jones, Ceiton F. Marler, William Tom McEver, Fred G. McGahee, Ed. C. Mensinger, Fred O. Mullis, Walt C. Murray, Thomas E. Newman, William N. O'Brien, Roy Ed Stephens, George Ed Vlass, Jack C. Williams. fCL S Q gb. gzv...,1.,. Henry Harrison Adams, Tommy Edwin Allison, John Becket Boatenrei- ter, Dan William Boone, Thomas Allen Cowan, Paul Wiley Currie, William Silas Donaldson, William Windsor Evans, Jimmy G. Gullett, Jack Hazan, Edgar I. Hilderbrand, Oscar Gene Hilderbrand, James Guy Hitchcock, Thomas Beacher Leathers, William Harold Locklear, Jim- mie Joseph Jardina, George William Johnson, Norman B. Johnson, Clarence Dewey Maddow, Pete Spiro Matrangos, Morrell Ed- win Noble, James Wilton Nunn, Victor Andrew Panagos, James Thomas Pittman, Hugh Richard Samples, Edwin Charles Vons- deu, Comer Clark Warren, Ralph Lanier Williamson. at IQ Jw, Charlie Anderson, Olin Anderson, William Avery, Richard T. Barge, Elgie R. Bartlett, James R. Brewer, James D. Bridwell, Dennis W. Britt, Robert H. Brown, Robert E. Capps, Raymond E. Carroll, Earl Leon Cline, Francis Colquitt, Wilbur Cook, Jack Fisher, Luther H. Flury, Richard M. Gossett, M. Angelo Guabelly, Lee B. Hamilton, Herbert J. Harris, Joel Heaton, Charles B. Hightower, John C. Huff, Harry Leon Morris, Joseph H. Owen, Lyman Pinkus, Fred Shirley, Charles E. Smith, J. D. Strickland, Robert A. Taylor, Jack F R. Tucker, J. B. Watts, William Paul Weir, Mack Yarborough, W. G. Terry. W 24. JGCAJON Jesse Carl Adams, Robert Harrison Anderson, William Gleeson Ayash, James Hershell Bartlet, Frankie Russell Bathgate, Wil- liam Guy Bennett, Harold Lamar Benton, Curtis Eugene Berry, Richard Fickett Brown, Oathie Pudice Byrorn, Chalmers Grady Chambers, Marion Joseph Cocchi, Walker Herbert Crowley, Joe Daniel, Hallis Aubrey Ewing, Sam Garber, Frank Louett Gee, Melmouth Mitchell Gwinn, James Thomas Hall, Bob Lee Hanner, Marcus W. Harwell, William Knight Hensler, Dewey Lamar Hill, Tommy Berry John- son, Walter B r i t h r e e M Jones, Leon Kimmel, Jr., Jack M a lc o m Kinney, Wesley Joseph Martin, Neal Patrick, Jack Sid- ney Pause, Tony Joseph Reakl, Jack Sidney Rid- dle, Jack Sawyer. George Brown Smith, Thomas Roland Starr, G e o r g e Gustave Standberg, John Ma c k i e Teate, John Dewey Whelchel, Charles White, Leslie Williams, John Wesley Wilkins. .,. uk Qi aff JQMA Fred Ayash, Albert Brad- berry, Russell Chamblee, J. C. Coefield, Nick Col- verius, Ed D a w kin s, Ralph Dickson, James Fuller, Leonard Gann. James Hill, James Holcomb, Charles Jennings, James Kelley, Thomas Lee, Lamar McDaniel, Jimmy McDaniel, Ailion McPhail, George Nye, Vincent Neese, Earl Page, Ralph Payne, James Patrick, Mott Russell, Marion Tuck, Everett Williams. Jf J. Xing Walter Kimber Adams, Stanley Leroy Austin, James Lewis Baird, Julian Milton Banston, Charles Franklyn Biggers, William Macon Bradley, Ralph Arien Brannon, Robert Gay Bastain, Ellis Henry Bryant, Jr., Bill J. Carter, Charles Lamar Crawley, Har- old Ward Crutchfield, Jimmy S. Dillingham, Charles T. Dismer, Curtis Duke, Bobby Jones Findley, Jack Clyde Harrington, Harold Jackson, William L. Johnson, Richard Harvey Kincaid, Lovick Vincent Neese, James B. Sheats, S. K. Simpson, Kelvin Walter Smith, Jack B. S w o r d s, Joe Phillips , Werlch. C .Ac-:Leger Dan Andreolas, Marvin Briscoe, R. E. Christian, Roy Dawkins, Joe Durden, Douglas Durham, Jack Eberhardt, Robert Farrar. James Hambrick, Frank Hunhold, Harry Humphries, James Kight, Jimmy Lozenby, Ed McGinnis, Frank Mott, William Moor- field, James Ransom, John Roberts, Albert Simmons, William Smith, Bobby Land, David Sowell, Paul Sellers. S .fdldgerf cfacour M, D. Armstrong, A. P. Atkinson, Jack Bailey, H. T. Britt, R. A. Bryant, J. D. Butler, W. I. Callaway, M. P. Cocchi, H. L. Carley, Mack Couch, C. D. Dempsey, Joe Fox, R. E. Green, J. W. Gowes, R. E. Hadaway, J. T. Harper, AR. L. Howard, J. G. Irwin, T. W. Jarrett, J. P. Langley, C. R. Lumpkin, M. B. McCoy, R. E. McDowell. Jack Noland, Joe Parks, F. E. Price, M. H. Rubin, F. A. Smith, J. A. Smith, R. F. Thomas, E. L. Thomason, H. M. Tice, W. Morris, K. H. Aenchbacher. J. Qlloclwoocl Jesse Clifford Berry, Marion F. Binford, Marlin H. Caldwell, Marion E. Callaway, William Don Compton, Raymond Hall, J. H Hammond, Everett W. Haney, Marvin L. Head, Robert S. Hornsby, Andrew W. Jones, Marion K. Little, James N. Malcolm, Sid- ney A. Manning, Nelson M. Morgan, Robert L. Moray, Jack Oliver, Bobby L. Pair, Charles T. Pinyan, Edward A. Reeves, How- ard Rogers, Gerald W. Rowden, Jordan W. Sanford, James H. Sockwell, Donald S. Stephens, Rudolph Tolliver, Smedley Williams, Bennie R. Wood. .jul E Wlfgfe Howard L. Anglin, Jack Atkinson, Robert A. Baker, Douglas A. Baldwin, Gene Blankenship, James L. Boatright, Lewis B. Brooks, Haden R. Brumhelse, Eddie G. Chandler, Gerry Christian, Charles E. Clayton, Robert L. Colt, Burton K. Davis, William E. Dempsey, Richard A. Dill, Floyd Fausett, Sidney L. Garrett, Edgar F. Gillette, Jimmie G. Harriman, Clarence R. Holcombe, Charles A. Jordan, Hubert Karr, Jack W. Kitchens, Albert Lacour, Jr., William H. Lake, Paul H. Norris, Jack B. Oglesby, R.ay M. Pace, Jack C. Pickett, ' Charles D. Ray, Wallace W. Rhodes, Charles D. Ross, Curtis W. Smith, James E. Smith, Herman L. Taylor, Richard G. Terry, William G. Tol- bert, Tommy J. Tucker, Robert Zwald. .M yyioon Julian Attaway, George Baldesare, Robert Barnes, Charles Bennett, Maynard W' ' Bobo, Clinton Brady, Ted Cox, Harold Delong, Charles Donnelly, L. H. Fitzpatrick, James Geeslin, Erl Harris, Andrew Head, Elmer Hogins, Kenneth Howard, Douglas Huggins, Mike Kelley, Billy Langley, James Lindsey, Bill Magbee, Jennings Mauney, Billy McDonald, Bob Mc- Williams, Edwin Moon, Lemnie Morris, Dick Moulton, Waymon Reeves, Robert Wilkcs, Bill Williams, Mortimer Wolff, Walter Woodyard. GAMAJ OHL? Worria Gene Avery, Richard Barfield, Robert Barton, Richard Beckham, Ralph Carswell, Wallace Carter, Frank Causby, Edmond Conner, Lee Conner, James Davis, Charles Ellis, John Graves, James Irwin, Howard Latty, Bruce Lee, Jack Mitchell, Stanley Parnell, James Shirley, James Slaton, James Smith, Lamar Smith, Robert Sparrow, Marion Taylor, James Waters, Harold Watson. O yworrfzi Q Hobson Arnold, Milton Earnest, Lawrence Entrekin, James A. Gillespie, Robert Herndon, Edwin Hollis, Ed Kendrick, Thomas McDaniel, Richard Posea, Jack Shropshire, William Whitehead. if CLA SSS 774 A OBO.. C. E. Allen, C. S. Adam- son, W. P. Conner, E. O. Evans, D. S. Eisenberg, 'WWW H L. R. Keese, J. Kiper, S. C. Lunsford, P. S. Levetan, J. C. Miller, D. L. Mullins, D. Maddox, J. R. Mock, J. N. Owen, H. R.. Reese, J. A. Reeves, R. H. Reid J. W. Ray, H. J. Sanders, J. N. Spradlin, E. J. Underwood, C. D. Woodward, W. F. Wilson, H. S. Womack. l?GyII'l0llt! Harry J. Baldwin, Joe E. Brown, Orville Congdon, J. R. Cook, V. W. Crumbley, H. D. Hancock, H. I... Harbin, Howard Jack, R. L. Maddox, A. A. Marinos, James T. Mason, A. M. Morris, Bill A. Robinson, A. L. Secrest, E. R. Smith, Floyd A. Turner, F. P. Veal, Robert H. Reed, John E. Cobb. Jr 5 1Qr.m,.. Grover C. Adams, Harold W. Allen, N. T. Bagwell, N. T. Baker, Buster Bieser, David W. Bishop, Dan W. Blanton, Albert L. Burger, Aron G. Harris, Wallace C. Hendrix, Emmett B. Hygle, Otis N. Jordan, Thomas C. Joy, Dan G. Kelley, Dewey W. Kinsey, James McGregor, Marcus Morgan, Tommy Putnam, J. W. Raney, James L. Sanders, Tyry Singleton, John Stanich, Joe Stanley, Joe Twiggs, Ben Watson, James Wilson. Efgin ,Qoofe Henry Angel, E. E. Ar- nold, Ed D. Bass. B. B. Blackburn, Grady Boles, F. J. Bomar, Bill Busbin, Leon Butler, R. M. Counts, H. T. Davis, H. A. Dempsey, Bill Dempster, Charles Farmer, J. L. Gillette, W. H. Hall, Gene Hinson, L. G. Hood, Willis Hurd, D. B. Jones, W. W. Landrum, James F. Lee, A. L. Lewis, J. H. Lunsford, Cal H. Martin, F. F. Martin, J. F. Meacham, H. M. Moore, T. C. McBrayer. H. H. McCoy, J. P. Scarborough, Ronald Shores, M. C. Sosebee, Nasher Strickland, A. J. Swafford, L. E. Thomas, Carlos Truluck, J. W. Urban. James C. Whitaker, L. S. Wolfe, H. E. Woodward. lgngam JA Luther L. Alford, Forrest C. Boyce. Charles A. Brittain, Harold L. Burdett, William H. Burge, Jack J. Crane, James O. David, Fred A. Duke, Fletcher D. Dumas, James B. Ellis, Harry H. Fulton. John O. Gerson, Joseph M. Hale, Bryan A. Jernigan, Carl O. Koppe, Noah Maddox, Harold A. McGee, Charles Moore, James W. Redmond, Watter F. Rogers, Lou A. Roy, Alex H. Ste- phens, David E. Stockton. Robert C. Swisher, Winston A. Williams. W QDWPJ Clarence Allen, Harold B. Andrews, Alvin G. Arrowood, Norman L. Askew, Bob Baggett, Thomas Ballard, Melvin Carter, Mar- vin R. Christian, Marion Davis. Bobby Durden, Guy Eaves, Robert H. Fawler, Wesley R. Gatlin, Harold W. Green, Walter L. Harris, Morris E. Harrison, Shelton Lee Harvey, George Hughey, Eugene E. Johnson, James E. Lee, John Mansell, Harold Ted Nisley, William John Parris, Marcus Pennington, C. W. Palmour, Floyd Pylant, Veto Rappo, Henry Wilson, Lee Sellers, Henry Jackson Smith, Irvie B. Williams, William Rosco Wiley, Norman Gibson. if CLA SSS Ja. Hcsdfon Carl Lester Bailey, Rob- ert Ralston Brewin, Wal- X lace P e r r y Broadwell, A l t o n Colcord, W. D. 'F Crane, William O. Deans. Ernest Candler Duke, Marvin Doson Fields, James Waddie Gantt, Hubert Paul Gober, Charlie Sidney Goodlin, Danny Haynes, Harry Lionel Johnson, Norris King, Henry Levinson, Robert Houston Marshall, Bob Douglas Mitchell, Ross Harvey Prater, Floyd H. Puckett, Albert Fred Salter, James H. Shirley, Joe Lawrence Smoak, Luther Sebastian Standifer, Carl Waymon Trammell, James Frank Vincent. 61492119 SHIIJBPJ Talbert Allen, Frank Castellaw, Bob Chandler, Elmer Chatman, Joseph Clayton, Marvin Cooper, Harold Daniel, Leland Hen- derson, Linton Henderson, Don Henshall, Jack L. Howard, Richard Laxson, Robert Lester, Harry Magbee, Norman McGee, Bob Mullins, Charles Penn, Leslie Rufus, George Sarrett, Arnold Simpkins, William B. Smith, Jack Stevens, Fred A. Turner, Bobby Webb. .M Savage Hugh A. Bate, Thomas F. Bennett, Fred Blackmon, Billy B. Branson, Robert L. Brown, Harry Chandler, Sherry Coker, Paul A. Duke, Hartford Green, James Ben Hearn, Charles E. Herry, Jack W. Hariston, Russell Hodgson, Lester W. Jacobs, Sydney J. Hooks, Brooks W. Lovelace, Richard G. Marth, Weyman Meehan, James R. Moore, Leonard Morgan, Wendell R. Morton, Ar- thur C. Roush, Edwin Scott, John C. Sledge, Weyman Sweat, Henry T. Taylor, Herbert Thrailkill, Henry T. Truitt, Joe R. Walsh, R a m o n Watts, Robert Wilkerson, Virgil H. Wood. p-q.-q- E G SAGIILJ Henry Barber, Robert L. Denney, Alva B. Dumas, ,wig yy yy Floyd Ellis Garrett, How- ard A. Gossett, Edgar S. Greer, Hoyle M. Hoges, George W. Hunter, M. Robert Jones, Robert L. Long, W. Halliburton Massey, Wallace Parham, Ralph J. Pulliam, Eaile L. Roddy, Julian F. Shockley, David S. Sowell, Howard E. Stephens, Edgar A. Stevens, Clarendon Stanley Williams. 14. 13. .Suki Clarence Barnes, Clifford Bloodworth, Jack Collins, J. W. Creasy, Robert Floyd, Jack Halleck, John Harwell, Jack Hearn, Jack Henry, Sanford Henry, Roy Holt, Ed Johnson, Thomas LeMaster, John McAlister, Bill McClain, John McLaughlin, Russell Moody, Marion Moore, Wyndell Muse, Tommy Norton, George Nye, Carl Parham, Robert Pratt, Joe Richardson, Lamar Tilley, Bruce Vandirer. fl al? SMA James D. Adams, Harry Royce Austin, James Eugene Ball, Francis Edwin Barnes, David Waldo Beaty, Donald Walton Bradley, James Frank Bradley, James Patterson Brown, Richard Earl Burton, Carl Bilbert Butterworth, Roger Martin Denning, Clyde L. Groover, George Wilson Harper, Claude Fred Hopkins, Walter Grady Howard, Harry Pirkle Johnson, James Braten Jones, John Moses Keith, Sidney Luther Loudermilk, Bobby Howard McMillan, R. H. Moreland, William Marion Morris, John Le- C ount Myers, Winston Ray Norris, George Wil- liam Patton, Ralph Alvin Roberts, Stanley Rosen, William Rowe Shelnutt, Joe Wells Slade, Gillun Edgar Strickland, James Edward Townsend, Charles Marion Webb, Ted Williams. K fCL SS 2. .sziclarol D i X o n Andrews, Blake Berry, D. L. Claborn, Charles Dale, J. B. Du- mas, Vincent Elster, John Franklin, John Harwell, Jr., Chester Kelley, James Kenney, Albert Knowles, B. L. Monk, Jr., Richard Mote, Duke Palmer, Parks Pierce, Benjamin Ragan, Claude Ridley, Jr., Thomas Stephens, William Taylor, Louis Thaxton. C C span.. Harrison W. Allen, Tommy Barcroft, Harvey Bethea, Marshall Callaway, Edwin M. Cash, Eddie F. Calvleri, Wade E. Fordham, Jack C. Goodman, James E. Gulledge, J. C. Hancock, Mickey L. Haney, John M. Harrington, Richard P. Hartman, Monroe T. Harwell. Charles R. Hay, James S. Hutson, Ted A. Jacobs, Lee D. Langford, Stanton Levitt, Bill M. Lewis, Carlton J. Mann, Billy A. Miller, Melvin M. Mayfield, Bobby H. Philmon, Johnnie E. Porter, Jack Power, Paul G. Sheppard, Donald W. Sosebee, Keith P. Yardley. .7 C Sm: Thomas C. Camp, Thomas H. T. Daniel, Bobby M. Knight. Mark E. Speer, George Balltes, James Bledsoe, Tom Fitzgibbon, Tom B. Johnson, George Howard, Lonnie T. Kelly, Gerald Knowles, Edward Marmon, James Medlock, Norman Robinson, Walter Van Nostrand, Lawrence Wallace, George Wright, Frank G. Bond, Hugh H. Bryant, Russell Linenkohl, Edgar Macaulay. f F W JN. mafher ly Steve Alexander, James B a r g e, Harold Brooks, Howard B o n e, William - Burks, Cecil Byram, Franklin Chandler, Ray Chaney, Ralph Cochran, William Cook, Jack Elrod, John Fife, W. J. Fuller, Menjou Gardner, Jack Green, Marcus Helms, William Holley, Raymond Huey, Curtis Jackson, W. G. Johnson, Robert Jones, Dan Kendrick, Earl Lazenby, James Little, John Lummus, Charles McHugh, Luther Moody, Richard Owen, Tommy Singleton, Joel Thwaites, Lewis Wallace, Russell Waterhouse, Carl Whitaker, Harold Owens. 'blkfhm J! 'MMA James Edwin Brooks, Darwin Eugene Campbell, Bill Henry Clark, Harry Stephens Dean, Johnny Orion Dobbs, John Berry Elliott, Leonard Alfred Fair, Glenn Chastain Fitts, Jack Richard Hearn, Billy Carl Hornsby, Jack I. Hosford, Harold Lee Les ter, John Arthur Metcalf, Alvin DeForrest Moore, Tom Collier Moore, Jack William Peek, Luther Lanier Pitts, Benton Cato Rain Nelson Ream, John F. Smith, John Daniel Ungarian, Forrest Edward White, William Morris Whitmire. MAXAHIDI. A WAOII Cornelius J. Bowen, George W. Brock, Joe M. Brooks, Lloyd C. Bray, Roy Carlton, Sam Cooley, Charles F. Dunn, William F Fox, James L. Gammon, John A. Huey, James Lafoy, C. W. Layton, Robert H. Matheson, Corry S. Mobley, Parker Ragsdale George D. Sewell, Carl P. Sharpe, ,Joe F. Thomas, Horace Terry, Neal W. Warfield, George C. West, Robert L. Davis. r ir CLA l S lQ7fU?flA,0J Gerald P. Barker, Robert 5 F. Bell, William A. Boone, Richard A. Bran- , ham, William R. Brooks, ' Jack Brunner, Howard L. Capps, Luther H. Chambers, Ray G. Chesnut, Nick Collins, Sam F. Conger, James B. Davis, Jr., Gor- don E. Dill, Marshall Dooly, Carl D. Dusthimer, Riley O. Ethridge, Bobby Ferrell, William G. Foster, Martin F. Haynes, Roy L. Heath, Ha1'ry V. Ingram, Jonnie H. Jarrett, Carter Langley, Tommy R. Lee. Charles B. Ogles. William V. Ransom, Kelsey W. Robinson, Roy Steel, Brownie C. Smith, Louie O. Smith, Lee C. Taylor. Jack Taylor, Cecil G. Walker, Melvin Warshaw, Jack Whitaker, Jimmy. A. Whitehead, Norris S. Wynn. Crack Companies A and B of the R. O. T. C. Regiment Crack Companies A and B of the Tech High Fightin' Smithy R.O.T.C. Regiment are shown here as they took to the field during the annual Sponsors Day festivities held on Friday, April 30, at the Henry Grady parade grounds. Company A is the undisputed champion of both Tech High and Boys High, having won the annual competitive drill between the ancient rivals this year. The Smithy Corps is under the direction of Sergeant R. A. McCallister. In the background may be seen the military reser- vation of Tech High and Boys High. Book Week Display in Smithy Library This educational display was arranged in thi Tech High Library last fall in observance of the National Book Week celebration. Originated by Mrs. J. O. Freeman, librarian, this display re mained on a special table in the library from November Book Week." Now in Service Dan Newberry, former editor-in- chief of-The Tech High Rainbow, is now serving in the U. S. Army at Fort Custer, Michigan. Three of his brothers, Hugh, James, and Patter- son, are also now in the armed forces of the United States. 15 to 21, the time ofhcially set aside as WSNQX 5: ' Y Xt W N fs:-X-,f-.QQ - :- -1r::fs:,.-rs. s . .- 'sw' . w as 1- p .,... ,.., , f ' xx xx 1 N - . . e 51215-1 N Af . , - X f X, S. H X QS'1Q N,.:::::" 3:5:, , Q k .,... qi.. N' X.,.s,NW ,.,.. sNs...X. 1 . N... Ne Xas:g,qs'.,:sfs5:55::g::.,r ...M M 1::g...s:...:Z..f..- .... I :ft rg.-:s::iif:.se1Qf5SSf: Editor Now Midshipmen Harry Marshall, editor-in-chief of the 1942 Tehisean, enlisted in the United States Merchant Marine after graduation last June and now holds the rank of Midshipman. At the last report, he was serving at sea some- where in the Atlantic. fin? . its .-xffgif ' ., 3 r ,S E 'QA X ...1-1: .. 5... I ui' ' S .4+:.53 . .za mai X f F 5.5563-'fi Q, t ,.W5j.g.c1H- .4 .ak . Xiiiwili , W S. , gym? ...lsm . P S 1? 1':g'vziZ.Q-J.f. wf ' I sg' ' A5-fgrfi kixf .gms X P . X Visz: 1852-,exif - lfiff it fx. .1 'r sf fn wg: 3 91-Psriffi A - ' 6,5 1 Exim 'mg fi?w3'i 3.?YIi:f'gf Elglf. Q31 S ' f f: 1 51?-" Sis PS? P 7 . Sir. . w51 .lii:r?fif?S:: r23. 1. ,fr 1533. 3 el K- --X .- -f ' W 1 Q?..1ff1i?wf-,E!sf. 2.-fi ' '-P: i f. " ' , X -"5 TIKQTffff?5x,f-iff-'.?f k ji sf 'J fr. ' Q -- - H IX if f 1 'SEEN r. Q ' 'E ' X, 12 , 1 X, .. . Q ...X .11 . ff' -s WSifv.:x.' 1 H:.2f fSfQ'f2:1i33E3?sSfif f,.r diff.. , xg.. R X fi n , fi N' x s x- 1 f' V ' . N s 3 .X J. vu... v-Swim . 1 . x Q '-1 2-"X - M-sf I-f f!-tZ1...r...s Q K 3 2 Q- 53Qi3R'f9'r f sg '13 ' 53 S. 'Qig-S2 ?:"53.iQ5ffa' ' f. W 5- x 3 ii' ' Q. ig.. ?L?-wg-if:-.A f Nz.: sk Y . . .. 'Ml-Txg5,.13 4 , SEQ ' s -sg - " Q if 'ff "F-gi'-ia 'Ski' .1- 5-vi as asm, 'Q KY f f-KA-2' ' ifskfgiglihalg-a?5:'S M221 X fell, Qf N ai k Yfvif. 2 5..x..+- we x 1 2251-ifQ..I-5-Zig' it -',.-- . 3.5 S xixg: ,J .. S15 nf , W NNT CJ? Q I . ff' . Q., X is Q. . .iffy :kgs .gif ,tgp Q. - pg 1. fig. mg fix-A Q , 5 f9.i:i11E'5sKis x .Q-Affif L k K 1 Q w5.g--w,-.. K. F 15 1,. iff' -1 N W ,, W 6353. ACTI ..S.S. The highest honor an athlete at Tech High can receive is to be elected a member of the National Athletic Scholarship Society. To be eligible for membership, a student must win a varsity athletic letter and pass all subjects for three consecutive semes- ters. This demonstrates his scholastic accomplishments as well as his athletic ability. Principal W. O. Cheney served as National President of the organization this year, and heads its activity at Tech High. His daughters, Becky and Carol Elizabeth, are sponsors of the society. Mr. Cheney was also this year President of the Georgia Inter- scholastic Athletic Association. it Q Gene Avery f Eddie Baker .kii i J sx,..wtii S Bobby Barnes Bobby Blackburn Q b Grady Boles J P John Bond Robert Bostain Joe E. Brown y ' Fred Burgess James L. Cabc l Bobby Capps John Casteen Richard Crowe G. T. Cullens ITIE CLeft to right? : CAROL ELIZABETH CHENEY, Sponsor W. O. CHEN!-:Y, National President BECKY CHENEY, Sponsor ROLL Bill Dempster W. A. Eaves Palmer Ellard Bill Evans Bob Ferrell Waddie Gantt Robert Glenn Howard Gossett Jack Greer Richard Gunter David Hancock Danny Haynes Jim Hinson Hoke Jackson Arthur Kiser Raymond Korizon Russell Linenkohl Bill Miller James Mock George Nye Jack Peek John Portman Lewis Robinson James Sheats A. C. Secrest Howard Turner George Wade Robert Watts Jack Williams ROLL Boles, Miss South, Veal, Avery, Barnes, Simpson, Brown, Woodward TDE President ....... Vice President. . . Secretary ....... Treasurer ..,... . . . Sergeant-at-Arms .... Chaplain ,.......... Sponsor. . . Adviser, . . COU CIL OFFICERS . . . .GRADY BoLEs . . . .BOBBY BARNES , . ,... GENE AVERY . . . . .DUNCAN VEAL CHARLIE WOODWARD . . . .S. K. SIIVIPSON . . . .LILLIAN SoU'rH .,..,E. B. BROWN The Tech High Student Council is composed of all the presidents of the home room classes, forming a student participation in government. The manner in which the Council is conducted and the smooth way it functions inspires a spirit of coopera- tion throughout the school. An assembly sponsored by the Council for the benelit of the freshman class proved very successful, as did a one-day war bond drive, the latter netting a total of 33,375 in U. S. Bonds and Stamps. Also several members of the government have further aided in the national war effort by donating blood to the Red Cross. The Smithy Council is represented in the Atlanta Inter-School Council, an organization composed of local high school student councils. Grady Boles, president of the Tech High Council, holds the office of Treasurer in the Inter-School Group. Gene Avery previously held the oflice of Historian in the organization. Charles Allen Gene Avery Grady Boles Bobby Barnes Bobby Blackburn Wallace Broadwell Bill Busbin Harold Carmical Billy Clark George Coleman Richard Crowe James Davis Bill Dempster Johnny Dobbs W. C. Ethridge Leonard Fair John Ford James Garner Howard Gossett Herbert Harris Charles Hoffman Bill Hubbard Howard Jack Tommy Lee Rob Long Andrew Marinos William Miller W. C. Murray George Nye Charles Pefinis Bill Roberts Kelsey Robison . Austin Secrest S. K. Simpson Bill Spencer Jack Taylor Henry Taylor Dillard Thacker Duncan Veal George Wade Robert White Charles Woodward 'ff l E GI EERI G 0CIETY Aderhold Harrell Shroeder Hoffman Miss Coleman Boies Davis Long Miss Folwell Shanks , FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS P-resident ....... .,.............. .......,....... . . . ...,. JOHN Amaauonn Vice President ......... ...... J IMMY HARRELL 9, ...P .... ..,...... B ILL SHROEDER ing Sergeant-at-Arms ,..........,......,.......,.,........ CHARLES HOFFMAN 5 Sponsor .........,.....,,.......,.... . , ..........,... WARRENE COLEMAN ,.- , A SPRING SEMESTER OFFICERS Aff? i "5l+.,S" ::" President ..........,....,........,...................... JIMMY HARRELI, '-'- " Vice President ..,...... ,.... G RADY BOLES T' "' Secretary-Treasurer .... .,.. J AMES DAVIS A22 Sergeant-at-Arms .... ....... R OB LONG .gs x Sponsor ....,,...... .... A RTA FOLWELL ' 3 Adviser .........,... ...,....,.......... ..,..... .......... E . C . SHANKS Q X ,r- The Tech High Engineering Society was founded in 1939 for the purpose 31,1 of creating a closer contact between the students at this institution who s---- W' were interested in engineering. The membership of the club is limited to gi.. twenty-five boys, all of whom must be of outstanding scholastic and mental " ' K ability. At many of the club meetings during the past year, student speakers li have discussed various phases of engineering and mechanical drawing. The social highlight of the organization this year was a banquet for all members . and their dates at a downtown cafeteria. In the past year or two, the club has made several trips to industrial plants and other places of interest. R O L L John Aderhold Bill Dempster Kenneth Howard Andrew Marinas Arnold Simpkins William Alexander Howard Gossett Harry P. Johnson Payton Mayo William Slocum Grady Boles Angelo Guabelly Leon Kimmel Charles Pefinis William A. Smith Bobby Bracewell David Hancock A. A. Lacour, Jr. Wilson Ray William Steed Harold Daniel Jimmy Harrell Dick Lewellen Bonsalle Schoen Charles Thomas James B. Davis William C. Henry Robert Long Bill Shroeder Stanley Williams TEH Editor-in-Chief. Coleman Motrongos Jarrett Schutte Former Crowe A. A. Lacour EDITORIAL STAFF Associate Editor .... Sports Editor, . . Military Editor ..,. Activities Editor Artist ............. Artist ....,. Sponsor .... Adviser .... The staff of the 1943 TEch Hlgh SEnior ANnual, . . . .GENE AVERY .SHIRLEY CROWE . . . .HARRY SCHUTTE . .EARL COLEMAN PETE MATRANGOS CHARLES FARMER . . .JOHN JARRETT . . . .PoLi.Y OGLE . . .A. A. LACOUR selected by the faculty, has striven to make this edition of the Smithy yearbook the best in the history of the school, since this is the last issue for the duration. Dedicating this book to the faculty members and former students now in the service of our country was in reality dedicating it to every member of the senior class, since it will be only a matter of a few months before every one of the June graduates will be serving their nation in some Way or another. For them, and for the other members of the student body, this 1943 Tehisean has been edited and published. It is the hope of the staff that it will ever serve to bring back pleas- ant memories of a great technological institution, Tech High. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .............. ..... ....... . . ..... S . K. SIMPSON Assistant Business Manager .... . . ..... JOHN CASTEEN Assistant Business Manager .... ..... ..........,....... M o RTIMER WOLFF Adviser ..............,............................... ...... G . Y. SMITH Wolff Costeen Simpson G. Y. Smith Miss Ogle Taylor Schutte Beckham Eaves . Coleman Bird Morris RAINBO TAFF Editor-in-Chief .......................,,,..,. GENE AVERY Associate Editor ........... .......,. ...., W . A. EAVES Sports Editor. . ,. .,..... JACK TAYLOR Feature Editor. .. ..., GEORGE COLEMAN Military Editor ......... . . CHARLES PEEINIS Activities Editor ......... .... C HARLES FARMER Assistant Sports Editor .... .... H ARRY SCHUTTE Club Editor .... ,......... ....... , . . .ROB LONG Make-up Editor ....,. ...... .... R I CHARD BECKHAM Assistant Make-up Editor .,.. ,......... J IMMY OWEN Sponsor ................... .........,.... P OLLY OGLE Advisers ......, . . ...... . . C. L. BIRD, C. O. MORRIS The Tech High Rainbow, Atlantais only high 3 school weekly, is written, edited and printed by T the students here at school. Meeting the "dead- line" each week is a task that can be accomplished only by a group of hard-working, industrious Smithies such as the staff is made up of. This well-known publication is a member of the Georgia Scholastic Press Association, and at the annual GSPA convention held last year at Athens, was chosen the "Best High School Publication in the State of Georgia." Also, at the convention, Gene Avery, Rainbow editor, was elected to the ofiice of First Vice-President of the Association. This year, for the first time in the school's his- tory, the Rainbow was awarded a Certificate of Honor in the annual Writers' Project, sponsored by the National Tuberculosis Association. Avery BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ........,..... ......,........ ..... J A MES DAVIS Distribution Manager ...... .... ,.., ......,. .,,.. E D W I N HOLLIS A Sponsor .......,........ ...,.. J EAN SMITH Adviser ............,......,.,....,.......,.......,......... G. Y. SMITH Dovis Miss Smith Hollis G. Y. Smith Pefinis Owen Long Former Miss Ogle Barnes Boles Hoffman Savage Avery PHI President ....... Vice President ,.., DE OFFICERS LTA . . .CHARLES ALLEN . . . . . . .GENE AVERY Secretary .... ..... G RADY BOLES Treasurer .... CHARLES HOFb'MAN Historian .... .... B OBBY BARNES Sponsor .... MARY ANN DANIEL Adviser .... ..... H . C. SAVAGE Allen Miss Daniel Phi Delta, organized September 19, 1933, by Charles E. Lawrence, holds the distinction of being one of the strongest literary and character-building organizations at Tech High. The members always take a prominent part in the Annual Literary Exercises each spring. The goal is to place as many of its members as possible in the ten positions on the program. Membership is strictly by invitation. A boy's character, attitude and reputation are investigated thoroughly. Recognizing the value of knowing each other intimately, and of doing better work, the membership is restricted to twenty-five. ' 1 The social side is not neglected. During the course of a school-year, several socials are held, such as Wiener roasts, steak frys, informal dances, and parties. The most important social function of the year is the formal dinner-dance held annually at the Hotel Ansley Rainbow Roof. This usually takes place on the last night of school. When the founder and adviser of the club, Mr. Lawrence, left Tech High last spring to serve in the U. S. Army Air Corps as an instructor, H. C. Savage took over the reins of the organization Through his hard work and efforts, the incoming members have been inspired to uphold the repu- tation and tradition of the society that has been formed by their predecessors, and to truly live that they might be a credit to their school and community. l NICK LAMBROS RICHARD GUNTER DONALD JONES HOWARD DUNLAP BILL DEMPSTER RAY CHESNUT HARRY ScHU'r'1'E ---v-4 .--v....:-u.. S. K. SIMPSON BILL EVANS DUNCAN VEAI. RICHARD CRowE CHARLES WOODW.'XRD GEORGE COLEMAN HOWARD TURNER Morris Miss Smith Rev. Arwood Statham Gillette Davis O F F I C E R S President .......... ,....,,. ...... ..... J A M ES DAVIS Vice President ...... . .... JOHN GILLETTE Secretary-Treastwev '... .... N ORMAN STATHAM Sponsoa '........ . . . ....... J EAN SMITH Ad.vise1 '... ..,... C . O. MORRIS Teacher. .. . .REv. J. C. Anwoon The Tech High Bible Club was organized to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school a feeling of Christian fellowship. Members of this organiza- tion are inspired from their study of the Bible to help others, as well as themselves, to live cleaner, study harder, and be a credit to their school, church and community. At the regular meetings of the club each week, the Bible is studied for a full hour. Lessons are taught by the Reverend J. C. Arwood, who is a former student of Tech High. ROLL Hugh Bryant J ames B. Davis Edgar Gillette John Gillette Donald Martin Wesley Martin Jack D. Smith Norman Statham Bill Walters Walter Woodward Hoffman Miss Ring Coleman Williams Nye 0FFICER' CLUB A OFFICERS I President ..... ................ .... C H ARLES HOFFMAN Vice President ..... ..... I RVIE WILLIAMS Secretary-T1'easu1'er . . . ..... GEORGE NYE Sergeant-at-Arms . . . .,..... EARL COLEMAN Sponsor .......... ..., IX 'IARY FRANCES RING Top row: Berry, W. B.g Woodward, H. E.g Linenkohl, R. E.g Hubbard, B. L., Pouncey, W. E.g Hulsey, J. J.g Watts, R. G Johnson, A. S.g Cobb, J. W. Middle row: Harper, G. W., Farmer, C. N.g Lang. R. L.g Hughey, G. N.g Gerson, J. O Lewis, A. L.g Urban, J. W.g McGa1'ity, J. W.g Marinas, A. A. Bottom row: Pefinis, C. G., Thacker, D. W.g Turner, H. V Wolfe, L. S., Howard, J. L.g Bryant, H. H.g Carmical, H. P.g Brooks, J. B., Secrest, A. C. B00 TER' CLUB V Mullins Boles Weatherly O F F I C E R S P''nt ....... Vice-President .... Secretary ..... Sponsor .... Adviser .... Miss Cheney W. .BOB MULLINS . .GRADY BOLES ,.B1LI. IVIILLER BECKY CH!-:NEY K. WEATHERLY The Tech High Boosters' Club, an organization for all loyal Smithies, was organized in 1940 by Colonel H. A. Taylor and Lewis Henson. The principal aims of the club are to stimulate interest in school activities, to publicize Tech High, and to create true "Fightin' Smithy Spirit." Although the club isvery active all the year 'round, it has gained most of its color, fame, and reputation during the football seasons, During this time of the year, members gather in the gymnasium three and four mornings each week practicing school yells and rousing spirit for coming grid contests. Approximately three-fourths of the stu- dent body are members, all of whom have membership cards indicating that they are true supporters of their alma mater, Tech High. H0' H0 r Boles Barnes Avery Woodward Mr. Jackson Boumgarten Comp Best A11-Round .... ...GRADY BOLES Best Looking . . . .... . .... THOMAS CAMP Best Dressed ..,. .... G ENE AVERY, Bonrv BARNES X Best Athlete .... .... C HARLIE XVOODWARD Most Studious .... ..,. P ETER BAUIVIGARTEN Best Personality .... ......, G RADY BoLEs Most Popular ........ ......,.. G RADY BOLES Most Popular Teacher, . . . . .HUNCLE BUD" JACKSON Sponsored by the Student Participation in Government, a Who's Who Contest has been held at Tech High for the past few years. The boys whose pictures appear on this page were selected as the superlatives of the school by a poll of the entire student body. These students, in addition to being true "Fightin' Smithiesf' are outstanding in extra-curricular activities and are recognized throughout the school because of their extraordinary qualifications. MRS. H. HARRISON MRS. J. O. FREEMAN Mrss RACHEL Dietitian Librarian WHATLEY S . . . MRS. WARREN BRADLEY ec' eta? y MRS. H. H. HARRALSON President, P.-T. A. Membership Chairman, P.-T. A SMITHIE KEEP ' PICKI G Pictured on this page are a few of the 300 Tech High students who volunteered to pick cotton last October on various farms in Henry County. Due to a shortage of labor, several schools from around Atlanta were asked to help out in the harvesting of crops on nearby farms, and Tech High was the first school to do its share by picking cotton. Working all day long, the aggregation managed to pick approxi- mately 15,000 pounds of cotton, an average of about 75 pounds per boy. Considering that many boys had never done this sort of work before in their lives, the Smithies made quite a showing, besides helping out in the war effort. qu., My-rflqyffy---1 .-W-W .- M4 .Q V r- -.-1 , -.'e1,,, ' '4 I 1 3 .E - Q 1 ! i 4 1 J 1 I 1 'a J 1 i 1 4 1 w 4 .I 5 1 4 1 . 1 xx sk Q x 6 -: -1 4 S 1 1 ' X - 4 .3 .. E .ik xx, J 1 f 2 5X . 1 Q., x f 3 F N 1 x w " 2 w 1 Q ' N ,A gk ,ur ,PA A '-.- 4 ,....,...,.,.......,V,,-., , . vw. .Y..g,.- . f I t. ., ..,.., v -. V. ,K , . ,gx H, , in ,g x..,+:L5k.1 wx T--lvl R l ..f'4.,,' . .f J. ,, N. g .... ..,., , .V,5,...x- . ,....Y,..,. ..,..,. V., ... ,U -,..v.,4 Q - 'Q Q' W, ng Ll .- A www 5 - A x X L A . -f-J., -- .,.., .,,.f TECH HIGH H .0.T. .HIT COLONEL GEORGE S. CLARKE T. BETTY ANGEL C. N. FARMER Sponsor Colonel SECOND LIEUTENANT F. J. BAUERS Assistant P.M.S.d: T. The Tech High School R.O.T.C. unit was organized 24 years ago. This has been an outstanding year because of the sincere need of trained men in the Army. The cadets who are taking mili- tary realize now more than ever that this first step will play an important part in their future. The regimental motto, "Fightin' Smithiesf' has been the inspiration which has brought to it the honor school rating for the twelfth consecu- tive year. This year the regiment was quite for- tunate in having Col. George S. Clarke, the last combat oihcer to leave Bataan, transferred to Tech High as P.M,S.8tT. Colonel Clarke, who is completing his 30th year of service in the U. S. Army as an Oiiicer, has had Vast experience which has proved quite valuable in the furtherance of our training. SERGEANT R, A. MCCALLISTER Comma.ndan1: C. E. HOFFMAN MARY FRANCES RING Lieutcna.nt-Colonel Sponsor REGIMENTAL STAFF BATTALION STAFF Joe Howell, George M. Hughey, Irvie Williams, James Holcombe, Robert Lang, Harold Bryant, Charles N. Farmer, Arthur Kiser. Earl Coleman, Charles Hoffman, Ben Raney. REGI NTAL STAFF ERNESTINE PEEK G. N. HUGHEX' R. L. LANG H. H. BRYANT J. L. HOWARD Sponsofr Regimental Adj. First Batt. Adj. Second Batt. Adj. Third Batt. Adj. Miss White Captain Williams Lieutenant Harper MAJOR COLEMAN Miss Aococx Miss HUEF MAJ OR NYE MAJOR PEFINIS Miss VLASS SUPPLY Miss BARBARA WHITE, Sponsor IRv1E B. WII.LIAlX1S, Captain GEORGE W. HARPER, Lieutemmt FIRST BATTALION H. EARL COLEMAN .,.. ,.,.... ........,.... M a jar DOROTHY ADcocK ................,........ Sponsor SECOND BATTALION GEORGE A. NYE ............. ' .............., M ajor GLORIA LEIGH HUEF .........,............ Sponsor THIRD BATTALION CHARLES G. PEFINIS .......... .,.... .... M a jm- GLORIA VLASS ....,... ..,,. ..... S p onsor ' COLOR GUARD R. M. MANHEIM H. H. BRYANT J. L. HOWARU L. V. CARSW1-:LL TE H HIGH H. 0. T. C. BA D OFFICERS J. W. URBAN. .. ELEANOR Cox. . . . . H. V. TURNER ..... .... Thomas B. Ray R. K. HAMILTON . . Captain . .Sponsor . Ist Lieut. D1cK MoUL'roN ........ , , .2'nrl Lieut. DICK LEWELLEN Cnot shownl 2nd Lt. FIRST SERGEANT Di'recto'r Miss Cox Urban Moulton Turner SERGEANTS CORPORALS B. E. Bracewell V. A. Panagas G. Blankenship F. G. McGahee D. F. Fowler J. F. Shockley S. M. Briscoe P. C. Mayo E. F. Gillette J. M. Teate R. W. Brisendine J. L. Race J. W. Nunn T. Tucker L. D. Langford B. J. Wright PRIVATES B. Bicknell, B. L. Bargeron, M. T. Calloway, J. Carmichael, E. F. Cavaleri, Harry Chaffin, Harold Chaflin, W. E. Congdon, R. M. Dailey, M. K. England, C. L. Guimarin, K. Hairston, J. W. Kitchens, E. New, C. O. Koppe, J. E. Matthews, W. L. Peacock, H. Pierce, L. W. Pierson, L. W. Puckett, J. Renshaw, R. F. Thomas. co PA if " FIRST SERGEANT W. B. Berry SERGEANTS R. M. Dabney L. E. Entrekin J. R. Dominey C. B. Knight J. H. Tyler CORPORALS A W. M. Alexander H. C. Hodgson R. H. Anderson C. W. Johnson H. B. Garrett N. L. Morgan W. R. Gatlin W. M. Morris L. A. Harper Miss Mayo McGority Linenkohl Wo!fe Privates: C. S. Adamson, J. R. Andrew, Z. D. Andrews, H. L. Anglin, A. G. Arrowood, R. H. Beauchamp, H. Blue, M. L. Bobo, F. C. Boyce, J. P. Brown, F. W. Burts, R. E. Burton, J. R. Cook, O. D. Cook, T. C. Copland, W. D - Crane, J. David, M. Davis, W. S. Drew, A. B. Dumas, R. A. Dunphy, M. S. Earnest, J. M. Edwards, H. H. Fulton J. F. Geeslin, H. Glass, J. A. Hambrick, W. L. Harris, M. E. Harrison, T. I. Hawkins, W. P. Holley, W. G. Howard J. A. Huey, H. P. Johnson, C. W. Jordan, L. R. Keese, G. S. Knowles, R. G. Marth, J. L. Meyers, H. L. Morris R. D. Mote, H. T. Nessley, W. R. Norris, D. M. Owens, J. E. Owens, D. F. Palmers, W. A. Pate, C. H. Pittman, R. A. Posea, H. C. Puckett, B. L. Raynolds, J. W. Redmond, C. W. Smith, H. B. Souther, J. H. Stell, G. G. Strand- berg, H. E. Thrailkill, R. C. Valdes, A. E. Vinson, R. H. Walton, C. M. Webb, C. R. White, R. G. White, B. C Winn, N. D. Young. 1 1 1 F xx in W JAMES W. MCGARITY. , . .... Captam MARTHA MAYO ...... . . . ..... Sponsm R. E. LINENKOHL .... .... F irst Lieutenant L. S. WOLFE ..,.. .. .Second Lieutenant B. L. HUBBARD MARY AUWERS. . . A. S. JOHNSON. . . D. B. THACKER .... FIRST SERGEANT E. W. Hollis PA . . . . .Captain Sponsor First Lieutenant Second Lie-u.tena.nt SERGEANTS A. U. Swalford W. W. Landrum J. H. Lunsford C. A. Johnson H. Angle ' CORPORALS J. K. Bohler C. G. Chambers G. W. Johnson G. W. Lunsford C. P. Turner J. A. Stevens J. G. Sulzer L. T. Wallace J. R. Walsh 66 99 Hubbard Miss Auwers Thacker Johnson Privates: S. E. Alexander, J. B. Alger, H. R. Austin, R. T. Barge, A. E. Barnett, R. D. Beckham, T. F. Bennett H. L. Benton. R. H. Brown, H. R. Brumbeloe, C. B. Butterworth, V. T. Carnegie, H. G. Chappelear, H. A. Cole W. F. Cook, W. L. Cook, W. G. Cooper. D. E. Cox, G. E. Dawkins, R. G. Dawkins, W. H. Evans, J. B. Ellis, H. A Ewing, F. Fausett, F. Fordham, L. B. Hamilton, J. Hazen, F. Hyden, J. D. Heaton, J. G. Hitchcock, R. G. Hooks, R W. Huey, F. P. Johnson, T. B. Johnson, J. G. Jones, W. E. Jones, A. A. Lacour, J. B. Lemaster, S. S. Levitt, S. L Loudermilk, H. D. McElroy, W. H. Massey, B. L. Monk, E. Mormon, W. M. Mournfield, H. A. Owen, H. N. Owen, R W. Parker, R. E. Pattillo. L. H. Pinkus. C. D. Ray, G. Renfro, R. Rivers, R. A. Roberts, L. F. Rufus, J. S. Seay, C. P Sharpe, J. W. Slade, G. H. Smith, G. W. Smith, A. H. Stephens, W. E. Stinson. W. R. Stubbins, W. T. Swarts W. H. Terry, W. G. Terry, G. T. Waggoner, C. C. Warren, M. G. Waterhouse, M. F. Williams, T. Williams, R. T Williamson, S. E. Woodberry, W. W. Landrum, W. L. Van Nostrand, M. R. Yarbrough, R. D. Yelington. 0MPA Y " " FIRST SERGEANT H. M. Moore Miss McDaniel Lewis Berry Watts Privates: G. C. Adams, N. R. Aiken, J. U. Allen, R. A. Baker, T. E. Barcoft, R. W. Barnhill, H. L. Bethea, H. F. Bieser, W. D. Cawley, L. M. Chappell, B. L. Chase, G. H. Christiansen, M. K. Copeland, J. J. Crane, R. W. Dean D. E. Dodarnead, J. R. Edmondson, J. T. Elder, J. T. Elrod, R. C. Fisher, W. C. Gardener, D. W. Gillespie, J. G Gullett, D. S. Harris, J. E. Hill, C. R. Holcombe, J. R. Hooks, C. E. Hughes, J. B. Jacoups, D. A. James, E. A Johnson, J.-F. Jordan, O. N. Jordan, J. L. Keown, J. E. Lance, C. C. Landers, F. W. Lunsford, R. E. Mann, P. A Manley, C. Mayson, A. C. Miller, P. B. Mitchell, M. E. Morgan, C. Moon, M. W. Moore, W. Muse, W. G. Nale, D. N Nash, M. M. Nelson, N. E. Noble, P. H. Norris, J. H. Oliver, B. L. Pair, S. H. Parnell, J. L. Poss, M. J. Ramos B. L. Renfroe, L. G. Sewell, D. W. Sosebee, J. B. Stanley, J. J. Stanley, G. A. Stratigos, B. C. Swisher, G. H Yarn, W. G. Young. A. L. LEWIS ..,..... .,.. C apfam MAXINE MCDANIEL. . . , ........ , . .Sponsor R. G. W-ATTS ....... .... F irst Lieutenant W. B. BERRY .... .... S econd Lieutenant SERGEANTS T. B. Ray J. G. Jones B. C. Schoen F. Burgess P. S. Matrangos CORPORALS A. L. Almond D. W. Boone I-I. B. Andrews C. W. Palmoui J. B. Boatenriter B. R. Shellnut COMPA A. A. MARINOS .... MARIAN CHOTAS ,.... H. P. CARMICAL .... J. J. HULSEY ..... FIRST SERGEAN T L. S. Wolfe SERGEANTS E. P. Harris E. C. Vousden W. H. Hall CORPORALS W. H. Force R. A. Fowler ' Z. E. Harrington . . . Captain ...........Sponsor . . . . .First Lieutenant Second. Lieutenant J. S. Thwaites R. W. Angle C. F. Hopkins L. Kimmel W. A. Smith 66 99 Miss Chotcns Morinos Hulsey Cormicol 5 Privates: E. R. Adams, H. W. Allen, D. Andreolas, J. L. Atkinson, B. M. Barton, F. I. Blackman, J. L. Boatright O. F. Bradley, L. B. Brooks, A. L. Burger, W. T. Burks, T. C. Camp, E. G. Chandler, E. E. Chatmon, J. W. Con: nelly, E. S. Cooley, D. L. Cowan, H. N. Darnell, G. J. Davis, R. A. Dixon, C. O. Elliot, J. K. Evans, E. B. Fewell J. B. Franklin, J. R. Halleck, A. G. Harris, R. A. Hays. J. B. Hearn, W. C. Henry, T. F. Howell, E. B. Hyde 1 L. D. Jobe, D. G. Kelly, W. H. Lake, C. H. Langley, B. M. Lewis, C. C. McHugh, C. M. Parham, R. G. Pfeffer- korn, D. P. Pines, J. E. Porter, J. T. Putnam, C. A. Roush, R. F. Rose, T. L. Sheats, Ay O. Simpkins, T. O. Single- ton, J. E. Smith, M. E. Speer. B. Spence, M. P. Stovall, L. S. Thaxton, J. N. Thomas, W. L. Thomas, J. L. Twiggs W. Barnes, B. Wingo, W. O. Woodyard, R. L. Zwald. 1 7 C0 J. E. BROOKS ,.,.. AUSTIN C. Smcumsr .... GLORIA DANIEL .... H. E. WOODWARD ,..,. 56 99 . . . .Captain . ........ Sponsor . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant FIRST SERGEANT R. F. Farrar Miss Doniel Secrest Wooclwo rd B rooks u Privates: C. B. Barnes. N. T. Baywell, D. W. Bishop, R. E. Borders, E. F. Chandler, W. C. Chastain, C. E. Clay- ton, J. C. Daniel, G. W. Dacis, B. J. Dillard, J. P. Eggler, C. W. Fleming, S. L. Garrett, A. E. Gramling, M. W. Harwell, W. C. Hendrix, W. K. Hensler, C. W. Holcombe, R. B. Holt, C. J. Huff, M. Jones, D. W. Kinsey, B. J. Knight, B. G. Kyler, J. Kyser. A. D. Marbut, J. C. Marks, J. C. Mauney, R. F. McCormick, W. E. McDonald, W. P. McDonough, N. R. Nelson, J. B. Oglesby, G. R. Phillips, J. C. Pickett, F. P. Poulos, R. G. Pratt, J. L. Pressley, J. W. Raney, C. W. Ray, P. W. Renfroe, J. A. Ridling, J. E. Roberts, H. Rosenthal, T. W. Rutland, C. Sanford, R. A. Shores, B. J. Smith, D. L. Smith, C. M. Sorrow, B. T. Spinks, J. L. Stinson, G. T. Strupe, J. A. Tiller, W. G. Tolbert, E. J. Underwood, W. B. Williamson, J. R. Wilson, G. C. Witt. SERGEANTS R. A. Shores M. L. Morgan C. D. Brady K. Strandberg H. M. Moore CORPORALS T. M. Allen L. A. Harper J. E. Ball J. R. Mitchell H. Blue JOHN E. Cosa ..... EDITH SMITH . . . J. O. GERSON ...... W. E. POUNCEY. . . C0 PA H " . . . . .Captain . . . ..... Sponsor . .First L-ie-utenant Second Lieutenant FIRST SERGEANT H. W. Ray SERGEANTS . N. G. Lambros J. R. Barge L. H. Fitzpatrick CORPORALS P. C. Mayo M. M. Gwin W. C. Slocum L. A. Roy H. T. Schutte E. Scott Miss Smith Cobb Gerson Pouncey i i Privates: H. L. Anderson, H. Arnold, E. F. Baker, R. C. Boone, R. M. Brewer. J. F. Butler. H. M. Cabe, G. Y Christian, L. A. Clough, B. K. Davis, W. E. Dempesy, R. A. Dill, J. B. Dumas, W. J. Gilman, J. R. Harwell, M. T Harwell, J. G. Harriman, M. L. Haney, J. E. Henry, J. M. Hale, M. R. Jackson, E. B. Johnson, F. B. Kitchensi reiter, A. F. Knowles, H. E. Karr, W. S. Latham, M. Little, R. T. Lee-store, L. R. Logan, M. M. Lane, J. McGregor T. J. LeMaster, J. H. McCalliste1', M. M. Mayfield, H. L. New, B. H. Philmon, P. J. Poulos, G. Poulos, J. Power W. B. Payne, R. F. Ross, W. W. Rhodes, L. C. Ridley, E. A. Reeves. J. L. Sanders, R. M. Sinclair, S. L. Salveant J. A. Standish, W. F. Shepard, W. J. Tarrant, C. L. Tilley, L.,D. Terry, J. D. Turner, W. R. Vollenreiter, L. G Wallace, A. B. Watson, H. T. Williamson, B. Wheeler, K. P. Yardley. x 1 RIFLE TEAM GEORGE A. NYE Captain GLORIA LEIGH HUFF Sponsor l The Tech High Rifle Team has had a very successful season this year, competing in matches with such formidable opponents as Roosevelt High, Boys High, Russell, Savannah, G. M. A., Nashville, and others. fThe team won fourth place among all the high schools in the Fourth Service Command match, and finished fifth in the William Randolph Hearst Trophy match. Cadet Major George Nye captained the sharpshooters this year, ably assisted by Cadet Lieutenant A. S. Johnson, co-captain. School letters bearing crossed rifles were awarded the members of the team at the close of the season. 1 i E l f I 1 l 1 E i . l I I Front row: Harry Blue, H. C. Henry, R. C. Shellnut, George Nye. Middle row: .lack Brooks, Eugene, Entrekinl Ronald Shores, William Boatenriter, Daniel Boone. Back row: Robert Watts, A. S. Johnson, Russell Linenkohl,l A. C. Secrest, Weyman Pouncey. ' ,S l X E hifi .ff K 1. X n1,v,,2,kAX ' Q x 4 . 2 S Q s ix x ,nj Q .x'.- ,Q S ,Q . . x . 4 '. fs..g1 P , -L 6 1 M ,. A in IN N - ' 3 'fax - Q E r: 1:35 X 3? ' af. , "L, 'E x. L - X fix .2 -ici: - .rj"xf1g,2F 2i':2":'x"? K - f. Lf .,Qf2'f?f:1.l"f5f'fw5: 9:1-an-.s'ffP?1-iT1Q 1 iiffff V, A ,.. Q ,rm M LQ. ., x .v,f.g,3 Xu ,wx , ..-X 5 '- 'w .mx x . 5 Y - v , .X M. x .-Vx. X V 4 W: 4 ,My :ix V inf, . was M . igvff H- ff -Qu. :if51f-Q 5-1' 414- K 'w5Y4wiQ k,!s'5H'YkX3x 1w'g1'QyS5-il www 1 1? -- S 4 all .4 . .y,3gtl.., -. . -w:?2MQ,f:3Q.,f3bffX QNX.. 5,31 N. ., .. xl xx irwfifxf-k fl we PM lsxixil 'Y 'e1'5fi3'k if-5435 In 3A1xM..:,iR,:,sY.3,..fx L - X Ks . x W gk,gx:fx.B,bk ,Q..,zx.ix, - - 'H .-,ffmf ..,. x. . .. x ,.,. .. x ...xx ff .- Aw., QW.: f K f .A ,ms-V 1 --'iff-A , mv X 2 .-.G . QSVSWQQI-q'f 'zz X-Nw , . N -wxgg-.fe-wx., ' A 'W' Xi?-iv -if ff Y-0" - 'N Au- -,w,.'x.. .X . , X-jg 'sv ...ffasx ,Y Ax. A Gf'f1i:3:irQ -' w 'fi-3QQ24f"f 2: N qw, x , QW, . ,Mxxx 93 4 ,.g.jy.XL U -- as x ,, ,fx X x vvg-xg K x K? 1 f 4 ' . - ,.,n , X ...-...g.....NL.--,. V .F X x. y ,.f 4 a - gf xx N v Football Captains J oi-IN BoNn HARVEY PRATER Captain Co-Captain MITHY PORT In spite of the war difficulties, Tech High sports have managed to thrive dur- ing the past school year. The lass of Coaches Phillips and Moon failed to de- crease the participation in Smithy ath- letics. Transportation problems made out-of- town trips almost au impossibilityg there- fore, most of the competition was with teams from Metropolitan Atlanta. COACHl G TAFF W. K. Weatherly S. T. Capps A. D. Shi A. A. Lacour H. C. Savage H. C. Moon W. H. Dowis H. E. Phillips 1942 FOOTB LL S UA X The Season The football season brought grief to the Smithy campus this year as the boys struggled through their schedule, chalking up 2 wins against 7 losses and one tie. The only bright spot was the post-season Milk Bowl game when Coach Shi's men downed Boys High for the first victory scored against the "boys on the hill" in our years. In the first game Tech High played, a sparky little Marist team bowled the Smithies over and wound up on the large end of a 14 to 0 score. The Ivy Street boys had possession of the game for the whole sixty minutes, using every one to the best of their ability. A trip to Asheville didn't help the boys much because the result was a 34-0 defeat at the hands of Ashe- ville High. The walloping seemed to help the blacksmiths a bitg the next week they played a dazzling Gadsden eleven to a 13-13 tie. The Alabama gang turned on the heat several times but the final score tells the story. Victory came easy in the next encounter as the Commercial Typists fell before the sparkling play of George Vlass and Charlie Woodward. At the end of the game the scoreboard read, 21 to 0. G. M. A.'s Cadets were the next victims of the rejuvenated Smithies who crossed the goal line three times to chalk up a 20 to 0 victory. A single point after touchdown stood between defeat and success for the Shimen when they journeyed to Macon, only to be beaten 7 to 6 by the Lanier Poets. A questionable decision spoiled what otherwise would have been an outstanding battle. The Boys High game was a thriller, even though it was lost. Boys High got off to a fast start and scored three touchdowns in the first quarter, while the Smithies shook themselves out of their daze. From there on it was the Purple and Gold team's game. They outrushed, outpassed, and generally outplayed the Purple Hur- ricane for the last 45 minutes. A thrilling 97-yard return of a punt in the last minute by Vlass brought the fans to their feet but left Boys High out front, 28 to 14. After the Boys High game, the team seemed to lose heart. Three out-of-town games ended badly as the T.H.S. gridiron gang was successively beaten by Savannah C14-OD, Chattanooga 632-135, and Tallahassee C20- 19D. Later, the Tallahassee game was awarded to Tech High because of an irregularity in the Florida team's line-up. V The season was over. but the greatest triumph was yet to come. The annual Milk Bowl game was chosen as the spot to give Coach Shi's eleven another crack at Shorty Doyal's Purple Hurricane. Quite a crack they took as the "Fightin' Smithiesu showed their true colors and banished the Doyalmen, 15-7. Smitlwy Cheerleaders Marvin Fields Cecil Floyd Jack Toylor Pete Barfield FWS' ' .1 ' Jack Greer , Bob Mullins Howard Gossett Dick Crowe Colie Whitaker Johnny Jones Johnny Dobbs . John Bond Charles Woodward Grady Boles Harvey Prater George Vlass BA KETBALL QU 11 TOP Row: Murray, Levinson, Smith, Gantt, Dobbs, Gullett, Miller, Merrill, Goodman. BOTTOM ROW: Kelly, Bat- tles, Garner, Hinson, Jackson, Glenn, Mitchell. Though this year's cage season brought no title or championships, it may still be considered successful. Only four losses out of a long and tough schedule added a measure of sweetness to the cup of "Swede" Phillips, Cecil Moon, and their boys. Victims included all the "Big Six" teams, with the exception of Boys High. Defeats came at the hands of the "boys on the hill," Chatsworth, and Lanier. Out Of twelve pre-season games, the Smithies suffered no losses playing against some of the best amateur and semi-pro teams in the city. ASEBALL TEAM TOP Row: Nelson, Gantt, D. Baker, Jackson, Garner, Terry, Ferrell. MIDDLE Row: Counts, Roddy, Barnes, Moo-re, Couch, Busbin, Gossett. BOTTOM ROW: Stephens, King, Edwards, E. Baker, Mitchell, Blair. KTaylor, Varsity manager, not in picturej Coach Shi's mighty men of the diamond have proved themselves thus far to be real representatives of the "School of Champions." In the first series of games, the Smithies have Won six games and dropped one. These victories include two wins over Boys High. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Meaders, Phillips, Whitaker, Fordham, Puckett, Wade, Hornsby, Henderson, Wilkie, A Coach Capps. TRACK TEA TOP Row: Fordham, Huggins, Eaves, Harper, Camp, Peek, Woodward, Harriman, Fitzpatrick, Hays. MIDDLE Row: Dusthimer, Heath, Kelly, Harrington, Meaders, Hay, McHugh, Ogles. BOTTOIVI Row: Dill, Lunsford, Tice, Pittman, Spencer, Collins, Webb, Hornsby. Coach S. T. Capps' cindermen have made a good showing so far this season. With a number of veterans back from last year's squad, the track team moved right along, dropping few meets. Field events seemed to be more in their sphere than track events, since most of their victories have come as a result of high scores on shot-put, javelin throw, and others. SW MMINC TEAM Tech High's swimming team suffered this year be- cause of the small interest' evidenced by the boys. De- spite Coach Savage's re- peated calls, very few can- didates came out for the team and most of them were eliminated. As a re- sult, the tankmen's victories have been few and far be- tween. FRONT Row: Hodgson, Fox, Zwerner, Coach Savage. BACK Row: Mitchell, Bailey Barge, Askew, Armstrong, E. Armstrong, Johnson, Donnelly. Hancock, Bethea, McAllister, Coach Weatherlfy, Thomas, Stevens Coach Colli-ns, Robinson., E'ua'n.s, Camp, Simpson. Jones, Butler. Pair, Biggers, Barnes, Col. Poole, Smith. gen furea -. ""'ffwff T' fi' :xiii-gyxi t ffffttg mrmnff J 'el ana! .xdcluer iaemenffi THE FOLLOWING PAGES CONTAIN THE NAMES OF PERSONS AND CONCERNS WHOSE COOPERATION HAS MADE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE. THE T E H I S EA N STAFF APPRECIATES THIS COOPERATlO N AND ASKS IN RETURN THAT wHeREvzR Possuauz pafronize Our ,fdcluerfiderd T l 4 R 5 Y i 4 1 J 1 .1 3 i 3 5 Q ul i 5 -E Q R i M R 1 5 2 2 E a 5 E S S 1 ! k r KS as 5 Q s E 2 5 -fMZZm fmmw' 9 0 ,K 1 I ek, Compliments K .sv Q of Q Q sv Y, A Friend Q 9 s . av 9 What Is a UNIVERSITY? Calling a group of buildings a "Uni- versity" doesn't make it a University! A real University must have money, men, ideals, and standards: Adequate money for buildings, equipment, and operating ex- pensesg Scholarly men, whose love of learn- ing is animated by an even greater love of their fellowmen, for a facultyg Ideals of character and conduct which tend to bring out the best in the student's natureg Stand- ards of work which insure that every student will receive instruction of a quality fully approved by the highest accrediting tlgell- cies. Emory U1ri've1'si.ty Invites Your I n- quiries on the Basis of this Dejinitioiz EMORY UNIVERSITY ATLANTA, GEORGIA Courtesy of Q HERFF JONES CO. ir Exclusive Manufacturers of The Official Tech High SENIOR RING PINS - cHA.INs - TROPHIES ir C. B. Wells, Rep. - Box 331 - Atlanta, Ga Standard Pharmacy, Inc. COX SI WHITE, Proprietors - Prescription Druggists - Phones: HE. I 503-4 Toilet Articles, Drug Sundries, Stationery, Soda Water, Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Etc. CORNER NORTH AVENUE AND LUCKIE STREET TECH HIGH USES Reeder Sr Mcflaughey SPORTING GOODS 52 Broad Street The Zakas Bakery Home Made BREAD - PIES - CAKES MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY DRAWING SUPPLIES - TOYS - GAMES SCHOOL SUPPLIES 195 Garnett St., S.W. Phone: WA. 6712-6713 384 Forrest Avenue, N.E. 'zafgfie fm 27507' ...You can spot it every time IKE "winning a letter", keeping out in front of the others takes an extra some- thing. Coca-Cola has it,-in taste . . . in qual- ity . . . in refreshment. The finished art that comes from 57 years of practice goes into the making of Coca-Cola. A special blend of flavorfessences merges all the ingredients of Coca-Cola into a unique, original taste of its own. nie best is always the better buy! Bommp UNDER AUTHORITY or THE cocA-com co. BY ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY There are many ways to quench thirst, but only Coca-Cola refreshes like Coca-Cola. It's natural for popu- lar names to acquire friendly abbrevia- tions. That's why you hear Coca-Cola called Coke. Coca-Cola and Coke mean the same thing . . . Q5 'real thing . . .ucominnfom a single source, and well known to the com- munity". CCDNGRATULATIONS GRADUATES You have reached an important mile- stone in your career. Preserve this memory with a good photograph. Special prices to Graduates. Tooley-Myron Studio 117 Peachtree St. WA. 3878 FOREMOST IN THE SOUTH T is for TECH Each "student from Tech' ls spruce and trim And neat as heck. I Their "these and those" And outer clothes Co to be cleaned- Where do you s'pose? . . . PROTECT! NES PROTECTION N . X i . 0 llll II86' AMERICAN MA. CAPITAL CITY VE. DECATUR DE. EXCELSIOR WA. GUTHMAN WA. MAY'S HE PIEDMONT WA. TRIO VE TROY HE. 1016 4711 1606 2454 8661 5300 7651 4721 2766 Tech High Boys Contribute To Empty Stocking. Fund Grady Boles, president of the Tech High stu- dent body. is pictured here as he presented a check for S50 raised by the Fightin' Smithies as an initial gift to the Jaycee-Journal Empty Stocking Fund. Boles issued a challenge to the students of Girls High and all other junior and senior high schools to equal Tech I-ligh's dona- tion to the Christmas Fund for underprivileged children. In the photo, left to right, are Beverly Neely, president of Girls High: the head of the Empty Stocking Fund Cname unknownl, and Grady Boles. W. O. Cheney Presents Coach Doyal With N. A. S. S. Key W. O. Cheney, Smithy Principal, and Presi- dent of the National Athletic Scholarship So- ciety, is shown here Cat rightb as he presented Coach "Shorty" Doyal of Boys High with a key and certificate entitling him to membership in the organization. This presentation was made at an assembly of the student body during the 1942 football season. Doyal, who has coached several championship teams at Boys High, is a graduate of this institution. uSwede" Phillips Joins Navy Coach H. E. "Swede" Phillips, Tech High instructor now an ensign in the Navy, is pictured in the cartoon at right in an artist's conception of what took place when the lanky grid mentor applied for enlistment in the service. Mr. Phillips holds the distinction of being one of the few Cif there are any othersh men to hold a degree from the Florida State College for Women. 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Clarke, one of the last combat officers to leave Bataan before its capitulation, is shown in this photo Cat left! with Nurse Leona Gastinger, 3 lieutenant in the Army who left Corregidor just before it was forced to surrender to the terrific attacks by the Japanese. Colonel Clarke is now serving in the capacity of Professor of Military Science and Tactics of the Atlanta High Schools. UNIVERSITY SYSTE 0F GE0lIGIA IN ATLANTA JUNIOR COLLEGE WORK DURING THE DAY EVENING COLLEGE--THREE EVENINGS A WEEK I62 LUCKIE STREET, N. W. - Downtown . . . in the center of things- 'roM 'FRED SUITE and SlNGTlIN,l 592 Peachtree Street, N. E. SPIIRTING IGUIIIIS 'Tlutfitters Who Fit" RALPH CANNUN Auto sfnvlnf IIC. -Y- For 30 years Buick Service in Atlanta, and general repair service on all makes of Cars. Located on "Automobile Row" 212 Spring Street, N. W. fBetween Harris and Caini DAY-MA. 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JA. 6624 "A Good Place to Trade" Shi Gives Linemen Last-Minute Instruction Coach Allen Shi, head grid mentor, is shown above as he gave a few last-minute pointers to some of the Smithy forward wall stalwarts just before the Tech High-Lanier football classic played in Macon on October 16. Left to right are Jack Greer, Colie Whitaker, Johnny Jones, Johnny Dobbs, Bill Cullens, Bob Mullins, and D. L. Clayborn. Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Visits Tech High Captain Eddie Hickenbacker, famed flyer of World War I and President of Eastern Air Lines, is shown above fthird from lefty on a brief visit to Tech High on March 29, 1943. Captain Ricken- backer came to the school as a special guest of T. L. Smith, Smithy drawing instructor, who knew the famous American before the first World War. In the picture, left to right, are Principal W. O. Cheney, Wiley L. Moore, Rickenbacker, Cadet Captain Blake Berry, T. L. Smith, and S. P. Ingram. Preparing for a Quick Take-Off This photo was snapped at a swimming meet between Tech High and Druid Hills High during the past season. Preparing to take off at the beginning of the 100-yard breast stroke are, left to right, Norman Askew, Tech Highg Bob Averitt, Druid Hillsg Jack Braill, Druid Hillsg and Russell Hodg- son, Tech High. Druid Hills was victorious in this meet, which was held at the Emory University polrol, lout the next week the Smithies evened the scare by winning the second match between the two sc oo s. g7'N-8, fi? .x!ilSfogra,aA f W A Ji 521, rc V U Mm .1414 fograla :S L 1 x 1 4 A 1 I 4 I - 5 . 4 1 .1 1 a V l 1 s 1 4 X 3 . s i w sa 'Q :f 5 ,fha-A

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