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5 i M M 1 L n I 1 x i i a E 4 I E 1 1 H 71 Af' -ff va-ff - 5. ,' ' " . " -' -ga' ' ' 'I A 'H ' I A L' A' -I I' 1 I L 1 K f i gh Q f Q '. 4121- 'I . ' 1 1 . 4 ' I ' 5 I 4 I ' - I - ' +wf4-IRI, A I 45 -5 . , , , W I L "'b 0 l . 1 . 1 A Q J I , . g ' , A I 4 U :A I J . f n E L 5 4 ,, ' o - u . Q, I uf , 'J ni 1 . H ,v, wap I ' '- fig wi A . 4, ..?.',' . gn ' qv l .K .Six 7 si vs i . Z. U Danze.. A-Q V i I .- 5 . ' nl ' 11 A " I ixii' ,ZAR at .33 If ,fu fl u ,gf I 'Irv VV' Q.. 5 'T . Q, 'A 'R Q, - if I of If' 4? "Lf-T? if I -ig , I -5. ,S , I I E 'ff -- I - If .w 53 ,Qhw-as Y'-5 ?"41'. ' 3, Ig, A I ' LGALQIQQQSIKI SCHQQQAUQ-an-AATLANTA, GEORQIA If I f A I I A A we I 'Ui I "' J., I-If ' v i,,. -I' Ag 4 N 'af -. , J. I wr A av . f ' I ' 4 w " " 4. if A 1 1 v v 'xl b ' l, , --1 . if . ' x A j 4 . W ' -. 'QA' ' ' . 'lf . 'hu s f u, GLENN PENUEL Q t "- G.Y.SMjTI-T Z, lv, ,' I "7 A ' 9 EDITOR U, ' ,:FACULTY ASVISOR 5 R Q ..g'Zfy' W ' 4: . ' 9'1" .Q fi A ' . if ' Q ' f' I Q-' I . I-1ARRY MARSHALIQ I -A I LACQUR If Q . It ' ' BUSINESS MANAGER 4 'U Q , Q " QCULTY ART1DlRECTOR ' L ' ' if - . " ' 'vie - A .- . In L. I pg ft I . if v '5' al bf If T gf ,LAW I 54. fs in . II-'?a""" . CQNTENNQS ' " fa- , , , ag, A, ' '5 'ffm -If 38' ,Li ., In A I I' MINIST'RA ON -9' 1" 1- 1 Z mfg? A4 ,Q p F .L -rw 3 'D Q . " ' ' ' T' 4 " 'A' Q . A t SENIOR 5 Is, Ag I ' 'Q an . ' Ei 4 . fm A-I-E T 'I . I l , R v . H ' . ., X,-Ig 3 n , , V . I Ig. CL-Aisfs L - mf , .I +-4+ . 1 LF. - " . . ' " -are Ir. 'H'i'- ACTIVITIES " T'm.,T 'I' 'W I it ' . 5 . A ' . ,ai M 'L 'QI staff 3 . 1 E- my l , t gp .4 2, ,".' ,T Ib F , 8 M5 ATHLETICS Q t 3235 a 18 it kgs.. A A 4 " .I ' x . . 5 ,, If, Fi 1 QI QWLITARY dm' ,J k ,..,3Ta AI, -1. Lag' .- -- TfEAQ, ' ' f A I I ,Ip L53 an ' if, if QEATLEQSWIND-1gD!ERTISEMEiTS 'fm'-5-,f I " , lf- n -If ,L I L..w.f If 9 -- 5 .4 Q, L., ' gg' I-. , V"EQ'M - ' "1" I if I -- 0 I I ' T A ck. Ii -' A v 5' Q l 1 iw f Q ir .pgs . I ig is ft El 4 ac! 'K A feeling of relief anddgyet of regret prevails as the final pages of the l94l ,TEHlSEAN are assembled-the production if of this volume has isetached its termination. The editor realizes more thanigever tlgat the work of prodiinglsuch a book is not thgvof a few, but of many, each an indispensable part of the 'if ri! whole. Each and every member of the staff may be assured that his efforts have been more than appreciated. We sincerely hope our purpose to present something new and differght has been achieved. This hope will be realized if, in themears to come, t 2. this volume brings you memories of friends?-and of life at 1 -4 5 Tech High. f ii 1 if Y? M 4 PM G' W , A.-r ff, if -f - 1. in 4.35 K' vr"" F . 3. 9 9 E I W sv Q, 'x -1, . F W LwmNA'xl:a.,.. whx Ex mg N f 1 52:3 , af X ' 2 . QT ,R A 4' 11 4 L f 4 iv . af 'Q ' -K WD J 63 wi X Qi ix. XR xxxfx Akvxkx Xxx N .555 as 'Y X am N W' . . R ,X . X 5 ls X' Q5 x ' U 5" 1 -3 ar x 9 ' 'Qw- """-f'-EWWNA ,. f ,...,,, -Si, 1355-T22-Q J 1- ,S x :SNK ' lf-all s,, is-gp, , ' . SA. rw- -X X E4 . if I 1 e L I 1 I E v 1 3 n v W: 1 , F 5 m A H , 5 E uUHhIN.IIl1Ll!lIliIMlll ' MWWww1K1 W ' W " ' ' DR. WILLIS A. SUTTON DR. I-I. REID HUNTER Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent IIIIIIIIII IIF ED UIITIU l94l E. S. Coox . , . President DEVEREAUX F. MCCLACHEY . . .Vice-President MRS. FANNIE MAE WESTON . , Secretary DR. CHARLES C. RIFE D. M. THERRELL J. H. LANDERS J. AUSTIN DILBECK . AlIMINIS'I'IIA'I'IIlIII Tech High, ir: its comparatively short lifetime, has been called upon frequently to take stock of its spiritual values and to express in some pm? tical work-a-day fashion its relationships to the community which make? its life possible. . J ,Never before has Tech High done this so manfully as in the present world crisis, when, forthe second time since the turn of the century, the faculty and student body have joined hands and hearts in making the willing sacri- fice of giving to America for the duration of the emergency a number of its talented gentlemen of valor onthe faculty whose training made thempvalu- able to the flag which protects us all. A ' To these gentlemen of Americgwho, though physically removed from the campus, rqmpin in influence and in the prayerffvx' thoughts of those to whom they have 'meant so much, this l94Obl94l record of Tech Fligh life is dedicated by the faculty, the student body, the editors and the Senior Class Sponsors, all of-whom pray that they may soon return to a more permanently happy campusand a more peaceful life because of the sacrifice of parting . . . an expression by all of the deep faith in the way of life which they are pledged to preserve. The roll of honor as we go to press: Colonel Thomas L. Alexander Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Collins Major Frank A. Kopf Captain J. Edgar Morris J First Lieutenant J. E. DeVaughn First Lieutenant Sidney Scarborough W. O. Cheney Hl TURY l GEORGE M. MCCORD, B.Ph., M.A.- Emory University. G1-:ORGE L. RANDOLPH, B.S.-Au- burn. D. S. DENNARD, A.B., M.A.--Mer- cer University, University of Florida, Emory University. C. C. SPITLER, A.B., M.A.--Bridge- water College, University of Georgia, Oglethorpe University. H. A. TAYLOR, A.B., B.Mus.-Bay- lor University. THOMAS J. COLLINS, A.B., M.A.- University of Georgiag Ogle- thorpe University, ALLEN D. SHI, B,S.Ed.-University Of Georgia. ALBERT WHITTLE, A.B., M.S.-Uni- versity Of Georgia, J. ELGIN POOLE, A.B., M.A. CHead of Department?-University of South Carolina, University of Kentucky. W. T. Hanson Principal WILEY OWEN CHENEY A.B., LL.B., M.A. University of Georgia, Atlanta Law School Oglethorpe. Assistant Principal W. TURNELL HANSON A.B., M.A. University Of Georgia, Oglethorpe. McCord Randolph Dennord Spitler Taylor Collins Shi Bondy Barlow McGinty Betts Y , lv l.7 tv, xkmff- -dx' 5 ,' O ,- Whittle Poole LANGUAGE O. S. BANDY, A.B., M.A.-Spanish-West- ern Kentucky Teachers' College, Rollins College. E. L. BARLOW, A.B., M.A.-Spanish-How- ard College, Oglethorpe Universityg In- stituto de Segunda Ensenanza, Santa Clara. W. P. MCGINTY, A.B.-Emory University. C. E. BETTS, A.B., M.A. iHead of Depart- menth-University of North Carolinag Oglethorpe University. J I F FLl'H SIDNEY SCARBOROUGH, B.S.-Ala- bama Polytechnic. G. L. KEITH, A.B., M.A.-Mercer, Emory University, North Caro- lina University. CHARLIE L. W. BIRD, B.Ph.-Emory University. C. E. LAWRENCE, A.B.-Mercer University. J. E. DEVAUGHN, BS.-Alabama Polytechnic Institute. S. T. CAPI-s, A.B,, M.A.--Washing- ton University, Emory Univer- sity. J. C. BROVVN, A.B., M.A. CHeacl of DepartmentD-R0anokeCo1lege, Emory University. C. T. WARREN, B.S.-Alabama Polytechnic, Auburn. E. B. BROWN, B.Ph., M.A.-Emory University, University of Mich- igan. G. Y. SMITH, A.B., M.A.-Wheat- on College, Oglethorpe Univer- sity, Emory University. Scarborough Keith Bnrd Lawrence DeVaughn Capps J.C. Brown Warren E B Brown G Y Smith MATHEMATIU' Dominick W. S. Brown Graham R. H. DOMINICK, A.B., M.A.-Wofford College, Ogle- thorpe University. W. S. BROWN, A.B., B.S,, M.A.-University of Missouri, University of Chicago, Oglethorpe University. GEORGE GRAHAM, A.B.-University of North Carolina. J. L. BIGHAM, A.B., M.A., LL.B.-Erskine College, Ogle- thorpe, Columbia University, Emory University. Spickard Holley Harrison Freeman Whatley Hamilton D. C. SPICKARD, B.S., A.B. CTypingD-Western MRs. J. O. FREEMAN CL1brar1anb Kentucky State Teachers' College, Bowling MISS RACHEL WHATLEY CSecretaryD Green Business College. RoB'r. K. HAMILTON B S Ed B Mus M Mus E. R. HOLLEY, A.A., A.B. CBookkeepingJ-Bowl- Dana Musical Institute Kent State Univer ing Green Business University. sity, University of Michigan MRs. PIAZEL H. HARRISON CDieticianb. Bigham Baldrldge Dillard Jackson G. B. BALDRIDGE A B M A Louisiana State University FIELDING DILLARD A B M S Emory University W. A. JACKSON B S C E M A CHead of Departmenth University of Georgia Oglethorpe University Lockwood Hudson Erckmonn Ringsmith Sovoge Word Cheney Locour Olson T. L. Smith Krueger Sweet Wilson Shanks Morris llllllllt"l'lil1lli Alt'l'i' J. E. LOCKWOOD, B.S., M.A. tWood Shopb-Kansas State Teachers' College, Oglethorpe University. H. R. HUDSON, B.S. in E.E. iMa- chine Shopl-Georgia School of Technology. NORMAN ERCKMANN, B.S. tPress Shop!-The Stout Institute. P. A. RINGSIVIITI-I, B.S. CFOundryD -The Stout Institute. H. C. SAVAGE, JR., B.S.. M.A. CDrawingJ-The Citadel, Ogle- thorpe University. WILLIAM J. WARD, B.S. CAviationJ -M.I.T., Bostong U. S. Armyg Georgia School of Technology. H. W. CHENEY, B.S. in E.E. CLathe Shop!-Georgia School of Tech- nology. Oglethorpe University. A. A. LACOUR, B.S., M.A. tArt and Photo - Engravingj - Bradley Polytechnic Institute. M. A. GLSON, A.B. tDrawing7- Stout Institute. T. L. SMITH, A.B. tDrawingD- University of Chicago, N.T.S.N., University of Colorado. C. H. KRUEGER, B.S. CRadioJ- Stout Institute, Georgia School of Technology. THOMAS C. SWEET, M.A. CElectric Shopl-Oglethorpe University. W. H. WILSON, B.S. CAuto Shopb -Georgia School of Technol- ogy. - E. C. SI-IANKS, M.A. CDrawingJ- Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Oglethorpe University. C. O. MORRIS, B.S. CPrint Shop?- Piedmont College. Morris Wood Alexander Dowis Cox Goertner Kopf J. E. MORRIS, A. B. CChernistryJ-University of North L. L. Cox, A.B., M.A. CPhysicsD-J. B. Stetson Univer- Carolina. sity. RALPH W. WOOD, A.B., M.A. CScienceD-Emory Univer- M. A. GAERTNER, M.S., A.B. CChemistryJ-Emory Uni- sity. versity, Oglethorpe University. T. L. ALEXANDER, B.S. CPhysicsD-The Citadel. FRANK A.. KOPF, M.A. tHead of Departmentb- W. H. Dowis, A.B., M.A. CPhysical Education:-Mercer Unlvefslfy Of U11H01S, Oglethorpe Umvefslfy- University, Emory University. In 1903, as the Technological High School came into being to answer the need for a technical high school in Atlanta, there was some speculation as to whether a school founded under such circumstances could endure through the years. The amazing growth of the school fromthe small downtown location with a handful of students to a modern institution of learn- ing on Parkway Drive providing instruction for almost two thousand students can not be attributed to chance but to the unceasing efforts of the men who composed the faculty and to the will, energy and determination of the students. Tech High was not moved directly from its original home to its present location on Parkway Drive. It was first moved to, Marietta Street where, in a two- story building heafved by old. stoves, poorly lighted and threatened with bad sanitary conditions, the school .continued to grow and prosper due to the superhuman efforts of Professor C. S. Culver and the Superintendent, Mr. W. M. Slaton. The present prin- cipal, Mr. W. O. Cheney, was one 'of the outstanding members of the first faculty and has been the greatest Smithy of them all, having lived and worked for the past thirty-two years with the School of Champions. The first literary society founded at Tech High was named for Mr. Culver. 'Mr. Siler, original head of the Science Depart- ment, succeeded Mr. Culver as principal. He was fol- lowed by Mr. W. A. Sutton, who held this position until 1921, when he resigned to take over his present position of Superintendent of Schools. His reign as principal was exceptionally noteworthy and during that period many new features were introduced at Tech High. He is now recognized as one of the lead- ing educators of our country. With Dr. Sutton's res- ignation, our present mentor, Professor W. O. Cheney became the principal of the school he had helped to originate. Principal Cheney placed the school on a business basis, paid off a large school debt and made money with the athletic teams. The modefn prep football games are a far cry from the manly attempts of those by-gone days. Then, the players had to buy their own uniforms and dress at home. All of the games were played in the afternoon and attendance was very disappointing. Now, on a floodlighted field the team plays before as many as 18,000 enthusiastic fans, a fair majority of which are always "Fightin' Smithiesf' .M "ig Q. in In 1924 our budding young school had again out- grown her buildings and educational leaders began to visualize the modern institution of learning that is now Tech High. One by one the modern shops were installed. They were to distinguish Tech High as the outstanding school of its type and to enable many young technically minded men to realize their fondest dreams. The Aviation Shop alone would place our school in the leading ranks of the country. Many distinguished radio operators have received their start in our Radio Shop by theoretical study and operation of the amateur broadcasting station which has established contact with stations all over the world. The field that Tech High has pioneered in, a field not as yet explored by another secondary school, is Photo-Engraving, where process as well as theory is studied. Another step in the progress of Tech High was the completion of the five thousand dollar cafeteria in 1937. Tech High, along with Boy's High became the proud possessor of a new, modern, well equipped gymnasium in 1939. With the completion of this gymnasium, which is one of the best in this section, the various athletic team's of the two schools received adequate space for all their indoor activities. Several Bond Campaigns have as yet failed to remove the ugly portables which still mar the beauty of the School of Champions. Now, Tech High is playing a very important part in the new National Defense Program. Its classrooms and shops are being used after school hours in the training of men for work in the many technical in- dustries essential to our Preparedness Program. Thus our school is doing double duty in the training of men and boys for the technical field which was the stimu- lating reason for its foundation back in 1903. Tech High's amazing growth and well earned suc- cess might be summed up in the one word, "Spirit" It is this "inner self" or determination and glowing spirit that has made Tech High. It is this same qual- ity which has made the "Fightin' Smithies" what they are today. We hope that Tech High will con- tinue in her fight for success and that the after glow from the accomplishments of ex-Smithies will con- tinue to linger in memory's sky. I 'M Q Q 0 '? ,. ff ,, K ffl 4, :A , .QfQ ' -X , 1 :af 3 ' E ' uf-M ?Akv'HHwxS',lTgG' 4 U J I 1,5 ' Q' F 5 Q K wi ' N A 5 sfkff Q,- 4 ' ii f' XY f , - J., -V WF' ,X X f X ,H 3 if if A3352 X S 1 ff f .Sf mg s. , 3 i x ' , 1 'T SS A f ig, A 'X' ff sf 4 gg Vg ,ix if ,M fi if f 3 Wag? 5 si lim i XY' L , W, W x' "Lg MIT ' K ., 3 U xg! X J f H5426 ,"' Y ,Hg wiv 1, i5,2a.Mw. ilxkagf ., .I KKRH IM 4' ltlf H' v MW' , MJ ' Q H Mmm .A ,wg , WV? NL. fm im, W5 I MW ww Cx' lim 3 X 5 W E, QMFA 1 MMH 5 A W aww, Sviff. f Q xv? lffff iw ' 'SA' L , ,5E. , R NJ. if mr if 4 5 41 , W I Han ' fC L AS'S I ov Fl U E M ' 7 Y. fi 1-I WAYNE YOUNGBLOOD EST ROBER NXARXON Wd nk June President June V. T ROSS February Pfes' e ' 'Ce-President si.. 3, is X 'fl ft, 4. fa, 9 ra Q V' XA. ,- c .r llltllt l Abel Alderman Allen Almond J. Anderson Anding B. Anderson Ashley Ashbough Barge D. Anderson Bldez MACK N. BARDEN Class Ofiicerg R.O.T.C. Corporal. CHARLES TULLER BISHOP Graduated in two and a half yearsg Wrestling Teamg City Champg Athletic Letterg Graphic Arts Society. CHARLES FERDINAND BERNHARDT JACK ERWIN BARNETT Horned Toadsg Low Councilg Baseball Teamg Boosters Club. GEORGE HIGHTOWER BERRY FRED ALLEN BAKER Class Offlcerg S.P.I.G.g Student Activities Councilg Presi- dents Cabinetg Honor Ribbong R.O.T.C. Majorg Captain Rifle Teamg Hearst Trophy Teamg Military Editor Tehiseang Officers Clubg N.A.S.S.g Varsity Letter. WILLIAM GEORGE ABEL III Delta Theta Kappag Beta Kappag President Chemistry Clubg Past President Culver Literary Societyg Horned Toadsg Honor Rollg Chemistry Lab. Ass'tg Physics Lab. Ass'tg Jug Bandg Student Activities Councilg Editor Hy- draulic Pressg Senior Editor Tehiseang Honor Ribbong Gold "T"g Honor Letterg Literary Letterg Track Letterg Secretary First Aid Clubg Concert Orchestrag Track Trainerg Boosters Clubg Track Managerg Class Oflicerg Chairman City Junior Red Cross. JOHN HAZEL ALDERMAN, JR. JOSEPH HOMER ALLEN Deputy: Horned Toads. JACK ALMOND JOSEPH FRANKLIN ANDERSON Pan-American Clubg Horned Toadg Deputyg Class Officer. WILLIAM G. ANDING WILLIAM LECONTE ANDERSON Footballg H "Y"g Pan-American. MARCUS PORTER ASHLEY Class Officerg S.P.I.G.g Honor Rollg Pan-American Club. VARIAN FRANKLIN ASHBAUGH ROBERT HENRY BARGE, JR. Horned Toadsg Journalism Staff. DAVIES POWELL ANDERSON Class Officerg High Councilg Beta Kappag Pan-American Clubg President Delta Theta Kappag Honor Roll Letterg Honor Ribbong Activities Editor Tehiseang Gold "THQ Boosters Clubg Honor Rollg Presidents Cabinetg R.O.T.C.g Student Activities Council. R. VICTOR BIDEZ Class Oflicerg Football Manager. Borden Bishop Bernhordt Barnett Berry Boker RICHARD LEWIS BOGGS, JR. LEWIS WILLIAM BOARTFIELD ED OLIVER BLEDSOE WILLIAM DESMOND BOLEMAN Boosters Club. JOHN HENRY BOND, JR. ROY MOSLEY BOND, JR. Class Oihcerg Deputy. FRED JULIUS BOWEN, JR. Lieut. R. O. T. C. LAWRENCE W. BRADLEY Boxing Teamg Staff Photographer Rainbow Tehisean. THOMAS WILLIAM BRADLEY V. HERBERT BRADY Class Offlcerg Non-Com. R.O.T.C.g Boxing. HIRAM FONSO BROWN, JR. WILLIAM ALEXANDER BREWER, JR. Boxing Team two lettersg Class Officer, N. A. S. S. W. F. Brown Brockmeyer R. L. Brown Burke Burt Burton lllll Boggs Boortfield Bledsoe Bolemon J. Bond R. Bond Bowen L. Bradley T. Bradley Brody W. A. Brown Brewer W. FRED BROWN, JR. FRED GEORGE BROCKMEYER Class Officerg High Council, S.P.I.G.g Engineers Clubg Horned Toadg Officers Club: Boosters Clubg Trackg Mana- ger Cross Countryg R.O.T.C. Captaing Eiliciency 81 Merit Medals, Varsity Letter. ROBERT LEWIS BROWN Engineers Club. JOHN P. BURKE Chemistry Club. BARNARD JEROME BURT, JR. WILLIAM BURTON S l0lt LINCOLN GRADY BURTON Class Ohicerg S.P.I.G. I JOSEPH HOWARD BUTLER PAUL ARCHIE CAIN JOHN CANTRELL WILLIAM HOWARD CALLAWAY Colonel, R.O.T.C.g President Officers Clubg Rifle Teamg Hearst Trophy Teamg Varsity Letterg Merit Medalg Sons of Revolution Medalg N.A.S.S.g Horned Toadsg Student Activ- ities Councilg Presidents Cabinetg Class Olficerg Honor Ribbon. ARTHUR LEE CANTRELL WAYNE CARPENTER FRANK CHRISTIE CARSWELL Horned Toadsg First Aid Clubg Boosters Club. GIBSON CARLTON, JR. , Sunday School Club. CHARLES EDWARD CASON Class Officerg S.P.I.G. Vice-presidentg Student Activities Councilg Presidents Cabinetg Business Manager Rainbowg President Bible Study Clubg Writers Clubg Boosters Clubg Stamp Clubg Honor Ribbong Chairman Clean-Up Cam- paign. ROBERT RUSSELL CHAMBERS Honor Rollg Rainbow Staff. Burton Butler Cain . J. Cantrell Callaway A. Cantrell Carpenter Carswell Carlton ANDREW HAMILTON CHANDLER Cason Chambers Chandler Honor Rollg Gold t'T"g Class Officer. JAMES HORACE CHAPMAN Class Officerg Delta Theta Kappag Secretary Pan-American Clubg Tehisean Staffg Honor Letter: Boosters Club. ROY CLAYTON ROBERT LITTLETON CHILDS Delta Theta Kappa, Vice-presidentg Beta Kappag Bible Study Clubg Gold "T"g Pan-American Clubg Horned Toadsg Sutton Literary Societyq Honor Roll Letterg All-Time Honor Rollg S.P.I.G.g Class Officerg R.O.T.C. ROBERT JAMES CLOUD Footballg HT" Clubg Class Officerg Pan-American Clubg Deputyg Vice-president Public Speaking Class. SCOTT BURGETT COLEY President Astronomy Club. Chapman Clayton Childs TOM COOK Cloud Coley Cook WILLIAM FRANCIS CORLEY Class Oflicerq President Culver Literary Societyg Ofiicers Clubg Rifle Teamg R.O.T.C. Captaing Merit Medalg Neatest Private Medalg S.P.I.G.g Student Activities Council. JAMES FRANK COTSAKIS ARTHUR LEO CORT Class Officerg Sunday School Club. 5 HAROLD LONA CROW PIERCE CRUMBLEY JOHN EDWARD CUNNINGHAM French Clubg Glee Clubg Class Officer. RALPH AVERY DAVIS, JR. Class Officer. GERARD THOMAS DECKBAR Major, R.O.T.C.g President French Clubg Treasurer Phi Delta: Honor Rollg Beta Kappag Perfect Attendanceg Class Ofticerg Student Activities Councilg Vice-president Officers Club. EUGENE CARSWELL DEMPSEY Band. HARRY EDWARD DENMAN Class Oflicerg Staff Sergeantg Bandg Varsity Letter. WILLIAM FRANKLIN DENNEY Class Omcerg Band. CORNELIUS HOWARD DILLINGHAM, JR. Downs Driver Dunn Durham Elsberry Enlow llllllii Corley Cotsokis Cort Crow Crumbley Cunningham Davis Deckbor Dempsey Denmon Denney Dillingham HAR VEY DOWNS CHARLES HENRY DRIVER Phi Deltag N.A.S.S.g Class Officerg Cross Countryg Swim ming Team. HENRY GRADY DUNN Orchcstrag Glcc Club. FRANCIS LEEROY DURHAM Deputyg Non-Com. R.O.T.C. OSSIE ONELLE ELSBERRY JACK RICHARD ENLOW Delta Theta Kappag Beta Kappa: All-Time Honor Roll Honor Letterg Tech High Spelling Championg Literary Let- terg Class Ofiicerg Bowling Teamg Gold "TH: Honor Ribbon Boosters Clubg Perfect Attendance: Sports Editor Tehisean Interclass Basketball Captaing Honor Letter. lllll v' - Evans G. Fagan J. Fagan Fair H. Fenster M. Fenster Fischel Folds Fountain Freeman Galphin Gardner JOE CHARLES GARVEY Class Officer. HARRY HOLT GILLAM Class Ofiicerg Rainbow Staffg Red Cross Representative: Astronomy Clubg Bowling Team. WARREN CLINTON GILLETTE WILBUR GLYNN GOLD JAMES HOWARD GOSSETT Class Officer. WILLIE GAINES GRAHAM Hi-Yg Vice-president French Club. CHARLES EUGENE EVANS GARLAND CALDWELL FAGAN JACK FAGAN Chaplain S.P.I.G.g Class Oflicerg Pan-American Clubg Chap- lain Bible Study Clubg Horned Toadsg Engineers Clubg Boosters Clubg Band. ROYCE DONALD FAIR Sunday School Clubg Deputy. HERBERT FENSTER Stamp Club. MARTIN FENSTER Stamp Clubg 'Second Prize Poster Contestg Class Ofiicer. HARVEY CLARENCE FISCHEL GEORGE FOLDS HAROLD WELDON FOUNTAIN Class Officerg Phi Deltag S.P.I.G. MILTON O. FREEMAN, JR. Bowling Teamg Varsity Letter' Honor Rollg t and one , wo - half year graduateg N.A.S.S. THOMAS HERBERT GALPHIN Horned Toads. HERBERT HOWARD GARDNER, JR. Pan-American Clubg Hi-Yg Corporal R.O.T.C.g Class Officer Garvey Gillam Gillette Gold Gossett Graham 7 t JOSEPH CLEVELAND GREEN Boosters Clubg Class Oflicerg Football. WILLIAM DOYLE GREEN EDWARD WESTLEY GUEST GEORGE BEVERLEY GREER Horned Toadsg Football, Varsity Letterg N.A.S.S. GEORGE STUART GROW Honor Letterg Gold 'tT"g Bandg Swimming Teamg Delta Theta Kappag Beta Kappag Class Ollicerg Phi Delta Lit- eraryg All-Time Honor Rollg Pan-American Clubg Chem- istry Clubg Chemistry Laboratory Assistantg Physics Lab- oratory Assistantg Engineering Clubg Concert Band. GEORGE THOMAS GUNNELL, JR. Manager Football Team. CHARLES TRICOT GUY Class Ofliccrg Horned Toadsg Deputyg Bible Study Club. PHILIP LYNCH HALE BENJAMIN RUFUS HALL Honor-Roll Letterg Beta Clubg Delta Theta Kappag Engi- neersg French Clubg Horned Toadsg President of Home Room Classy Vice-president of Home Room Classg Boosters Clubg Gold UT." VAN ROBERT HAMILTON OTIS EDWARD HAMMOND Band. JAMES HOUSTON HARDY Hancock C. Hart W. Hart Heod Heintz Heisler lllll J. Green W. Green Guest Greer Grow Gunnell Guy Hole Holi Hamilton Hammond Hordy CHARLES S. HANCOCK Class Officerg Drum Majorg First Place District Twirling Contestg Neatest Private Medalg Merit Medalg Music Medalg Baseball Letterg S.P.I.G.g Honor Ribbong Horned Toadsg Boosters Club. CHARLES FRANK HART, JR. Boosters Club Sunday School Club. WILLIAM GORDON HART President Glee Clubg R.O.T.C. Ofncerg S.P.I.G.g Engineering Clubg Class Ollicerg Member All-State Chorus. O CHARLES ERNEST HEAD LOUIS WILLIAM HEINTZ Smithy Senateg Class Oflicerg "T" Clubg Bandg Stamp Clubg Bowling Teamg Class Relay Teamg Class Basketball Teamg Chemistry Clubg First Aid Clubg N.A.S.S.g French Club. MARION LESTER HEISLER Class Officerg Honor Rollg Glee Clubg Boxing Team. lllll Hembree Henderson Helms Herndon Henson Hensholl C. Hill H. Hill Holcomb Holland Hollingsworth Holt GEORGE ROBERT HOPKINS HAROLD HUDSON HUDLOW Class Ohicer. CHARLES FRED HUGGINS Bowling Teamg Sunday School Club. JACK RUSSELL HUGHES Deputyg Class Officer. WILLIAM WOODROW HUTCHENS THOMAS JACKSON, JR. Class Officerg S.P.I.G.g Tehisean Staffg Rainbow Photogra- FRANK BRANTLEY HEMBREE GUY HENDERSON, JR. Honor Rollg Boosters Club: Class Offlcerg Swimming Teamg Tehisean Staffg Non-Com. R.O.T.C. JOSEPH HENRY HELMS WILLIAM IRVIN HERNDON Lettermang Military Bandg Concert Bandg Class Otiicerg Graphic Arts Societyg Medal Winner District Band Contest LEWIS F. HENSON Footballg Trackg President Boosters Clubg President's Cab- inetg Oflicer Student Governmentg Purple Delegate to Con- Ventiong Freshman Advisorg Alpha Lambdag Smithy Sen- ateg Campaign Manager for Purple Candidate for President EDGAR HENSHALL CECIL FRANCIS HILL Footballg Basketballg Track. HARLAN FREDERICK HILL Boxing Teamg Class Oflicer. JACK WATSON HOLCOMB Horned Toadsg Class Of-Hcer. CLARENCE DEE HOLLAND CLAUDE EDWARD HOLLINGSWORTH PEARSON HOLT Hopkins Hudlow Huggins . . . D - pher, Horned Toads., Astronomy Club, Freshman eclama H h S Hutchens Jackson tionsg Pheonixg Senior Class Orator Track Team. uge '4t ROBERT EDWARD JARRELL Honor Rollg Class Officerg Bowling Teamg R.O.T.C. MILLARD GEORGE JOHNS KENNETH REDDING JOHNSON Valedictoriang Deputyg Gold "T"g All-Time Honor Roll. EDWARD BYRON JONES Graphic Artsg Bandg Horned Toadsg Rainbow Staffg Class Officer. GEORGE PALMER JONES Horned Toadsg R.O.T.C.g Sunday School Clubg Honor Roll. GLENN ELLIS JONES Treasurer Horned Toads. HAROLD DAVIS JONES Perfect Attendanceg Boosters Clubg two and one-half year graduate. LOY RUDOLPH JOINER Class Officerg Honor Roll. WILLIAM RICHARD KELLEY, JR. DONALD ALLAN KELLY Class Officer. CHARLES JOE KESNER Football Varsity Letterg N.A.S.S. CONRAD LOWELL KINARD Beta Kappag Phoenix Literary Societyg Honor Roll Letterg Bandg S.P.I,G.g Pres. Smithy Senateg Class Oflicerg Pan- American. Kirby Korizon Kreiger Lamb Landrum Lone lllll Jorrell Johns Johnson E. Jones Geo. Jones Glenn Jones H. Jones Joiner W, Kelley D. Kelly Kesner Kincnrd RUDOLPH KIRBY Horned Toadsg Band. MAXINE GABRIEL KORIZON LAMAR KREIGER JOSEPH CLAUDE LAMB Honor Rollg Class Officerg Red Cross Representativeg Boost- ers Clubg Band. TED ALBERT LANDRUM Phi Deltag Secretary Delta Theta Kappag Parliamentarian Beta Kappag Officers Clubg Class Oflicerg Gold 'tT"g Honor Roll Letterg First Lieutenant R.O.T.C.g Horned Toadsg Boosters Club. JOHN PHILLIPS LANE Footballg Swimmingg Class Ofiicerg Alpha Lambdag Smithy Senateg N.A.S.S. CHARLES POPE LASSITER Honor Rollg Class Oiicer. RAYMOND LUCIUS LATIMER Writers Clubg Rainbow Staifg Glee Clubg Non-Com terg Boosters Clubg Smithy Senateg Sunday School Club, THOMAS MARION LANIER, JR. JAMES HUGHES LOWRY Horned Toadsg Bandg Pan-American Clubg DeMolay half year graduateg Honor Roll. WILLIAM JOSEPH LOYD, JR. Horned Toadsg Boosters Clubg Corporal R.O.T.C. EDWARD MURRAY LOWERY, JR. Class Officerg Beta Clubg Pan-American Clubg Honor Roll Engineering Societyg Delta Theta Kappa. GRADY MYERS MALONE y MANUEL JOSEPH MALOOF Class Oflicerg French Club Secretaryg Hi-Y Club. WILLIAM THOMAS MCCUNE Class Onicerg Tehisean Staffg Military Oflicerg Phi Delta Engineersg Wrestling Teamg High Councilg Oflicers Club ROBIN MCLEROY JAMES ANDERSON MILLAR Charter President of Tech High DeMolay Club. Lassiter Latimer Lanier Lowry Loyd Lowery Malone Moloof McCune McLeroy Millar Mills HIRAM JAMES MILLS Attendance Ping Class Officer. JOHN WHARTON LOWE Major, R.O.T.C.g Class Officerg Honor Rollg Pan-American Club: Officers Clubg Cross Countryg Rifle Tearng Merit Medalg Perfect Attendanceg Horned Toadsg N.A.S.S.g Chem- istry Laboratory Assistantg Varsity Letter. JAMES ELBERT MCMULLEN Honor Roll. HERSCHELL PHILEMONE MYERS II CHARLES BEN MCKINNEY Military Officerg Beta Clubg Delta Theta Kappag Honor Rollg Officers Clubg Gold t'T"g Class Oificerg Horned Toads: Concert Bandg Perfect Attendanceg Merit Medal R.O.T.C. EDWARD EUGENE MCMULLAN LEROY MCCLESKY . . . f ' .H Lowe McMullen Myers ggz:1s:sOHicer, Glee Club, Track Manager, Ca eterla, orned McKinney McMullen Mcclesky R.O.T.C.g Horned Toadsg Perfect Attendanceg Varsity Let- Boosters Clubg Class Olficerg Smithy Senateg two and one- s Smithy Senateg two and one-half year graduate. Class Honor Rollg Pan-American Clubg Class Officer. Bandg Rainbow Staffg Tehisean Staffg Graphic Artsg Red Crossg Horned Toadsg Writers Club. Honor Rollg N.A.S.S.g Wrestling Teamg Horned Toads. Footballg Bandg French Clubg Hi-Y Clubg Class Oflicerg Engineering Societyg Model House Contest Winnerg First Aid Clubg High Councilg Chemistry Clubg Freshman Dec- lamation. GEORGE LYNWOOD MINOR LEON ISRAEL MERLIN WILLIAM JORDAN MITCHELL CHARLES ROBERT MONK Officerg Honor Rollg Gold "T"g Attendance Pin. CHARLES WEYMAN MOSS JOHN GRADY NEW, JR. DAVID RICE NASH NOAH CARROLL NEW NORMAN DEAN NEWTON JOHN THOMAS NICHOLS ROBERT O'QUINN Minor Merlin Mitchell Monk Moss J. New Nash N. New Newton Nichols O'Quinn Orr DONNALLY H. ORR JAMES NIKAS Delta Theta Kappag Beta Clubg Engineering Societyg Pres- ident of Pan-American Clubg Secretary of Sutton Literary Societyg Honor Letterg S.P.I.G.g Gold "THQ Honor Ribbon. JOSEPH PERRY NORTH Cheer Leaderg Class Officerg Glee Clubg Vice-president Sutton Literary Societyg Honor Ribbon. MARVIN CLIFTON O'BRIEN Red Cross Officer. ROBERT WELLS PADGETT CHARLES PALMER Nikos North O'Brien Padgett Palmer Paris JOEL PARIS lllll HO WARD COBB PATRICK President Smithy Senateg Class Oificerg Student Govern- mentg Student Activitiesg Councilg N.A.S.S.g Alpha Lambdag Engineersg Track Teamg Cross Country. JAMES WILLIAM PEACH CHARLES CBUDD PEMBERTON Pan-American Clubg Beta Clubg Horned Toadsg Captain of Boxing Teamg N.A.S.S. HENRY REYNO PETREE THURMAN JOHN PEABODY Delta Theta Kappag Beta Club Secretaryg Second Lieuten- ant R.O.T.C.g Officers Clubg Vice-president Bible Clubg Phi Delta Literary Societyg Honor Letterg Bowling Teamg Gold "T"g Class Oflicerg S.P.I.G. HOWARD RONSON PETERS Glee Clubg Graphic Arts Society. JOHN THURMAN PICKLESIMER, JR. JOHN DAVID PICKETT Beta Clubg Hi-Y Clubg Horned Toadsg Military Bandg Mil- itary Ollicerg Concert Bandg Engineersg Fifth District Band Contest Medal. JAY PICKETT GEORGE LEONARD POOLE, JR. Class Officerg Band Captaing Officers Clubg Twice Winner of Ritter Music Medal. Patrick Peoch Pemberton HENRY RAMBO Petree Peabody Peters Picklesimer J. D. Pickett Joy Pickett Poole Rambo Rogsdole CHARLES WALTER RAGSDALE, JR. ARTHUR GLENN PENUEL Delta Theta Kappa, Treasurerg Beta Kappag Engineering Society, Vice-presidontg Horned Toadsg Tehisean Editor-in- Chiefg All-Time Honor Roll: Honor Letterg Concert and Military Bandg Chemistry Clubg Srnithy Senateg Physics Laboratory Assistantg Literary Letterg Class Offlcerg Pub- lisher, Hydraulic Pressg Gold '4T"g S.P.I.G. JACK MORGAN POUNDS Footballg Basketballg Trackg Alpha Lambdag Class Oflicer. WILLIAM PULLIAN CLAUDE ADAMS RALLS Class Oiliccrg Horned Toadsg Student Government Member. ALBERT JAMES POPE Football "B" Team Captaing Class Otficerg Pan-American Clubg R.O.T.C. Oflicer. f. .Y Penuel Pounds Pullion CHARLES ALEXANDER PENN RUNS Pope PW' LOUIS LEDFERD RAWLINS FRANK TROY RAY Bowling Teamg Member "A" Company Military Competi- tion Drill Winning Over Boys High. ROBERT REAGIN BEN HARRISON REYNOLDS, JR. GUY CLIFFORD RHOAD Aviation Instructorg Swimming Teamg Engineering Society JOSEPH ROBERT RICHARDSON First Aid Clubg Horned Toadsg Stamp Club Presidentg Stu- dent Activities Councilg "T" Clubg Class Editor Tehiseang Class Officerg Sunday School Club. JAMES EURAS ROBERTS Class Officerg Honor Rollg Horned Toadsg Glee Club. WILLIAM TALIAFERRO ROBERTS, JR. Class Officerg Camera Club. WILLIAM RACHELS ROBERTS R.O.T.C. Officerg Graphic Arts Societyg Engineers Club. CLARENCE D. ROSS, JR. ROBERT FRED ROSS Third Place in Freshman Declamation Contestg Class Of- ficerg Writers Club Presidentg Engineering Club Presidentg High Council Presidentg Phi Delta Presidentg Honor Rib- bong Honor Rollg Rainbow Military Editorg R.O.T.C. Majorg Student Activities Councilg Inter-School Council Memberg Hydraulic Press Staff. lllll' Rowlins Roy Reogin Reynolds Rhood Richardson GEQRGE pq RUPPENTHALy JR. J. Roberts W. T. Roberts W. R. Roberts Class Officer: Bowling Teamg Student Participation in C' ROSS R' ROSS Ruppemhal Governmentg Bowling Letter. l H. D. Russell H. H. Russell Sanders HERBERT DANIEL RUSSELL Baseballg Smithy Senate President: Class Officer. HAROLD HUTCHINS RUSSELL B-Team Baseballg Class Officer. WILLIAM C. SANDERS WILLIAM JASPER SATTERFIELD Two and one-half year graduate. BOYD SAYER Cheerleader. EDWARD RICHMOND SEAY Class Ofncerg Track Team: Phi Deltag Engineers Clubg Horned Toadsg R.O.T.C. Captain: Officers Clubg Cross C t T Sotterfield Sayer Seoy Gun ry eam' JIMMY "SHACK" SHACKELFORD f Alpha Lambdag Class Officerg Boosters Clubg Basketballg Student Participation in Government Basketball Tourney Official. CARLTON LAMONT SHARP Class Officerg Horned Toadsg Football. JAMES THOMAS SHEPHERD Class Ofiicerg Football Managerg Deputy. CHARLIE SHUFORD Class Officer. JOHN SLOVER DAVID SMITH HARRY EDWIN SMITH R.O.T.C. Oilicerg Class Officerg RiHe Teamg Officers Clubg Horned Toads. JOHN SMITH HERMAN HAROLD SMITH JOHN BROADUS SOWELL W. GORDON SPENCE Horned Toadsg Pan-American Clubg Bowling Team. Shackelford Sharp Shepherd Shuford Slover D. Smith Ed. Smith John Smith H. Smith WILLIAM ARTHUR STOVALL Sowell Spence Stovall Class Officerg Phoenix Ltierary Societyg Boosters Club. JAMES NOLAND STRICKLAND Footballg Class Offlcerg Alpha Lambda. THOMAS EARL SUTTLES, JR. HENRY DENSLER TENNENT Pan-American Clubg Horned Toads. ROBERT LEE THACKER Class Oflicerg First Lieutenant in Company i'A"g Honor Rollg Boosters Clubg Won Neatest Private Medal. AUDRAN LARKIN THOMAS, JR. W l WILLIAM PHILLIPS TINKLER F F' Beta Club Treasurerg Honor Letterg Gold "T"g Class Of- Strickland Suttles Tennent ficerg Chemistry Laboratory Assistantg Delta Theta Kappa. Thacker Thomas Tinkler SAM PAUL TRONCALLI CLIFFORD HOLLIS TURNER, JR. Beta Club Vice-presidentg Bible Club Secretary and Treas- urerg French Clubg R.O.T.C. Second Lieutenantg Honor Letterg Boosters Club. EARL JOSEPH PHILIP TUTTLE, JR, JAMES BERTON TYSON CHARLES BOSWORTH UPSHAW Class Ofhcerg Honor Roll Pin. DANIEL MICHAEL VESS, JR. CHARLES VLASS Wrestling Team LINTON EUGENE WALDRUP, JR. MARION CECIL WALLACE JOHN JAMES WATSON Class Oilicerg Graphic Arts Society Presidentg R.O.T.C. Non-Commissioned Officer. COMER V. WEAVER Class Ohicerg Captain "A" Company, R.O.T.C.g Phi Deltag Freshman Declamationg Alternate, Annual Exercisesg En- gineering Clubg Swimming Teamg Basketballg Cabinet Memberg Honor Ribbong N.A.S.S.g S.P.I.G. CLINTON TOLIVER WEBB Band Memberg Class Oflicerg Honor Roll. M. West L. West R. West Whotley Whitley Wiley lllllll Troncolli Turner Tuttle Tyson Upshow Vess Vloss Woldrup Wolloce Watson Weaver Webb MARION CECIL WEST Class Presidentg February Senior Class Presidentg Co- Captain Football Teamg Footballg Baseballg Trackg B-Bas- ketballg Horned Toadsg Alpha Lambdag Honor Ribbon Won Georgia Tech Scholarship in Footballg Student Partici- pation in Governmentg Member All-Star Football Team. LAMAR WEST ROY LEON WEST EDGAR LEE WHATLEY MARVIN WHITLEY Sunday School Club. CHARLES CUNNINGHAM WILEY lllll JOHN JOSEPH WILKES, JR. DEWITT LEON WILLIAMS, JR. Honor Roll, Cadet Captain Military Departmentg Class Officer, Phi Delta Literary Societyg High Council Member: Officers Club, Boosters Club. JULIUS CLINTON WILLIAMSON, JR. EDWARD ARTHUR WING Entered from Glendale, Cal. Footballg Basketball, District and State Winner Solo on French Horn, Band, Glee Club. CHARLES HERBERT WRIGHT grchestrag Class Oflicerg Boosters Clubg Perfect Attendance in. EDWARD BROWN WYATT GEORGE EDWARD YOUNG ALBERT FLOYD ETHERIDGE, JR. JOHN THOMAS WIDENER Student Councilg Class Officerg Concert Band Presidentg "T" Clubg First Lieutenant Military Bandg Debate, Horned Toads, Perfect Attendance, Attendance Ping Merit Military Medalg Music Medal, Neatest Private Medal. RAY EMERSON MERRITT Class Olficerg N.A.S.S.g R.O.T.C. Oflicerg Student Govern- ment Memberg Horned Toadsg Engineering Societyg Golf Team. ALBERT JOHNSON JAMES VIRGIL CARTER RUFUS WAYNE YOUNGBLOOD N.A.S.S.g Horned Toads President, Student Government Vice-president, Chemistry Club Vice-president, Smithy Senate Vice-presidentg Class Officer, Student Activities Council, Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel R.O.T.C., Oflicers Club Vice-president, Honor Roll, President June Senior Classg Cross Country, Inter-class Basketball Captain, Writers Club, Inter-class Relay Races, Military Merit Medals, Honor Letter, Beta Club Presidentg Phi Delta Literary Society, Military Editor Rainbowg Presidents Councilg Honor Ribbon, Attendance Ping Gold "T"g Tehisean Asso- Wilkes Williams - - . ' . Etheridge W'dener Williamson Wing ciate Editor, Spanish Athletes, Sunday School Club. Merritt Johnson Wright Wyatt Corter Youngblood YOUUQ JAMES DENIS FULLER Fuller Captain R.O.T.C.g First Aid Clubg Officers Club, Astronomy Clubg Deputy. SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR Weyman Jones Adams, John Reid Akins, Kale Reid Alexander, James Berry Allen. Thomas J. Askew, Jr., Willis Emory Baggett, Jr., Carl Dewy Bagwell, Jr., Prentice Derry Baily, Jr., James Albert Bancroft, Jorgen Christian Berthelsen, James Wallace Blackley, James Hoyt Bonner, Victor Kreps Bourke, James Robert Box, B. C. A. Breedlove, Jesse Allen Brisendine, Jr., Amos Ernest Browning, Roy Armistice Brownlow, Robert Ogden Bryant, James Edward Bush, Charles William Caudill, Pat Owen Chester, Raymond W. Chosewood, Daniel Seamon DeLaPena, Carl Doby, Wiley Richard Dowdy, Daniel Edgar Dunbar, Jr., James Carlton Dunlap, William Newton DuPree, Arthur M. Easterlin, Harold B. Elliot, Donald Jackson Ellis, Robert Leonard Ettinger, Bill Lummus Evans, Thomas Jefferson Flake, Herbert Dailey Flanagan, Kenneth Malcolm Frank. Sam Herman Franklin, Jr., Harold Wayne Garrard, Benjamin Z. Ginsberg, Robert Louis Green, George Beverly Green, Leamon G. Gilbert, Robert W. Guy, Roy Harold Hall, Tom Porter Hamm, Jr., Henry Simpson Hanes, Charles Edward Hancock, Eugene Andrew Hardeman, Jr., Earl Russell Hay, Jr., George William Hendrix, Glen Herbert Herd, Hugh Austin Herd, Robert Lee Hill, Nathan Hughes Horne, Ferrell L. Hughes, Berrian Andrew Hobby, Clarence Roy Hood, Richard Lester Hooper, Albert Penn Hornbuckle, Jr., Frank Simonton Howell, James Kenneth Humbor. Robert Reid Hunter, John Vernon Jansen, Randall Jones, Richard Nelms Jones, William Allyn Jones, William Garnett Jones, William George Jones, William Kelley Jones, Homer Raymond Kelpsen, Durward Willis Kilgore, Robert Clayton King, Larry Reginald Kirk, Clifford Kunckles, Jr., Joseph Buford Lambert, James Ancil Lewis, Fred Denton Long, Joseph Victor Llorens, Jr., Thomas B. Lowe. William Albert Ludwig, Chauncey Lee Maltbie, John Samuel Marks, James Clifford Marlon, Gerald Martin, Herbert Lamar Martin, William M. McCarson, Charles Edward McConnell, James McClure, Robert McKenzie, Charles S. McKern, Harvey McNeely, David Brydie Mitchell, John Lusk Moore, Thomas Watson Morris, William Roy Morris, Jr., Ralph Thomas New, James Edward Pearson, Charles Pete Poolos, Harold Bennett Poole, James Marshall Powell, Jr., Wil- liam David Quinn. Harold Robert Reese. Roy Reynolds, Jr., Charles Henry Shaft, Thomas Edward Shaw, Sanford Forrest Shell, Roy Homer Swatts, Paul Thomas Taylor, Jack Buford Thomason, Ernest Aiken Tolbert, Mason William Trentham, Felix Edwin Turner, Jr., William Lester Tyson, Jr., Jack Herman Valentine, August Vincenzi. Donald Anthony Wallace, James Emmett Wagner, Aubrey Lee Warren, Crawford Watkins, Seymour Weiner, Colle B. Whitaker, Jr., William J. White. Jack Wilhite, William Charles Wiley, Davis P. Wiley, Lamar C. Williams, James C. Withers, Roy G. Wofford, George T. Woodward, William'Edgar Wright, Jr., James R. Young. LAHS ALEX'S FIZIX FIENDS T. L. ALEXANDER Peter Baumgarten, Lawrence Bradley, Charles W. Caudil, John E. Cunningham, J. C. Green, George S. Grow, Benny Hall, Frank Hembre, Glenn Herd, Lamar Krieger, Manuel Maloof, Gerald D. Martin, John L. Moore, James Nikas, William Sanders, Paul H. Stewart, William A. Stovall, Earl J. Tuttle, James Tyson, Roy West. BALDRIDGE'S COWBOYS G. B. BALDRIDGE Harry McCord Akins, Marion E. Bennett, William D. Boleman, Albert H. Bradberry, James R. Byrd, Thomas E. Car- ter, Edward F. Castellaw, Domino L. Claborn, Charles F. Copeland, Ted R. Cox, Homer D. Crowley, John O. Dobbs, Jack M. Eberhardt, Ken Flager, Ovid B. Frost, Hubert E. Guthrie, Harold J. Hilliard, Hal D. Johnson, Christie Jones, Roy W. Laxton, Roy M. Levey, Thomas A. Mullins, Bobby D. Pannell, Ed Pate, Joe Patter- son, Ben F. Pelot, Ralph B. Perkerson, Hody V. Pursley, Calvin B. Purvis, Eugene W. Robinson, Charles E. Rowell, W e y m o n Scott, Bobby E. Sheelor, John R. Smith, Gor- don J. Steed, Luther G. Stew- art, Norman Thompson, Floyd A. Turner, Frank A. Turner, Bruce R. Vaughn, George P. White, William M. Whitmire, Joe D. Wynn. LOS REBELDES DE BANDY O. S. BANDY James Baker, Robert Childs, Herbert Cohen, George Corley, Luther Davis, Jr., Martin Fenster, Herbert Gardner, Malcom Gesner, Robert Hill, Paul Holloway, W. G. Hurd, G. P. Jones, Conrad Kinard, Robert King, Joseph Lam- bert, Charles Lassiter, James Lowry, Bobby Marks, Ray McPherson, Olin Nickelson, Charles Pemberton, William Quinn, Wesley Spense, Alex Tampa, Jack Thompson, Har- old Vrono, Marvin Wheeler. C BARLOW'S LOS TOREADORES ESPANOLES E. L. BARLOW James M. Adams, Bill Archer, William E. Aycock, Tandy Brannon, Joe E. Brown, a Charles E. Buhman, Ed H. Clark, Phil H. Cook, Charles F. Dale, Harvey Dendy, H. Mack Driver, Jack M. Eberhardt, Douglas W. Embry, K. W. Faulkner, Bernard O. Joy, Nelson A. Logan, Bert M. McDade, W. A. Moncrief, Charles Pritchard, E. W. Puckett, George F. Smith, Carlton Yancey. BETTS AND THE ROMANS C. E. BETTS J. E. Beckham, J. A. Britt, W. E. Butt, Jewett Christian, LeRoy Cook, W. A. Eaves, C. W. Elster, J. H. Ewing, R. R. Ingram, H. D. Jones, C. M. Kennedy, C. E. Manchee, R. E. McDonald, Wallace Parham, H. E. Phar, H. A. W. Pilgrim, W. H. Prater, H. D. Rakestraw, gg gggg g ggggggggg g g J. H. Taylor, Bob M. Terrell. W. R. Thompson, C. C. Wingo, G. T. Woodward, C. C. Wiley. THE BIGHAMITES J. L. BIGHAM John G. Adams, Henry Angel, John H. Barron, Harold P. Carmical, Raymond Chosewood, Ray Chesnut, Arthur J. Cranshaw, James B. Davis, Charles A. Dempsey, Jack Hairston, Jack Harrington, Marvin W. Hay, Fred M. Hooks, Johnny Jones, Jack Kerscher, Angelo A. Marinos, James T. Mason, Robert McMichen, Bobby McMillan, Lemmie F. Morris, Billy N. O'Brien, Joe H. Owen, Daniel D. Patrick, James G. Patrick, Charles G. Pefinis, Charles L. Sewell, Brownil C. Smith, Robert G. Watts, Everett Williams. 1 1 l l L BIRD'S COUNCILMEN C. L. BIRD Charles Roy Adams, Alford L. Allen, Bill M. Black, James T. Brumbeloe, Jack F. Bulling- ton, William W. Byrd, Charles E. Cason, Charles B, Cover, A. C. Crane. Robert L. Davis, Charles T. Dismer, Francis L. Durham, Charles Floyd. Hor- ace Franklin, Joe H. Gamel, Bill T. Greene. John R. Harbin, John T. Hickey, Dan M. Hunt, Harry L. Johnson, Donald G. King, Robert Ed Matheson, Edwin W. McBryde, John W. Meyer, David B. Miller, Sam E. Moore, J. D. Noleland, Ernest C. Owens, Harold G. Patrick, Robert C. Pearce, Claude N. Pelot, Ralph Pope, James H. Satterfield, Howell C. Sparks, Willard H. Spencer, Roger L. Spurlin, Marion Ed Taylor, John W. Todd, Jack Valentine, Madison Vann, Bruce Vaughn, Robert J. Walker, Albert N. Whatley, Marion R. Zuber. BROWN'S PLAYBOYS E. B. BROWN ' Jack D. Allen, Robert O. Beall, Robert L. Bloemer, John D. Boston, James N. Cameron, Forrest L. Cheek, Jack W. Collins, Clarence A. Cooper, Sam Conger, Sam Franklin, Carl W. Hall, Frank B. Harp, James W. Harvey, Walter C. Helms, Linton S. Henderson, Edgar Hildebrand, Jack B. Ivey, Thomas J. Jennings, Jerrell S. Kirkland, Jim H. Koen, Billy Magbee, James W. Malt- bie, Fred G. McCahee, Julian G. Nichols, Charles W. Over- ton, James E. Price, Julian Richardson, L. O. Smith, James C. Trammell. BROWN'S AUCTIONEERS J. C. BROWN Newton Alexander, Fred Julius Bowen, Thomas W. Bradley, Amos Ernest Browning, Billy Brownlee, Andrew H. Chandler, Paul Brannon Huckaby, Phil Lane, Raymond Latimer, James A. Lewis, Robert Lowry Logan, William Joseph Loyd, A. Preston Mauldin, Lou O. McClamrock, David Brydie Mitchell, William Jordan Mitchell, William Roy Morris, A. Glenn Penuel, Gordon Frank Porter, Harvey Daniel Reeves, Harold Hutch- ens R u s s ell, Harry Edwin Smith, John Riser Smith, Rob- ert Leonard Smith, Jack Sam- uel Storm, Alan Dean Tuck, Aubrey Lee Warren, John Thomas Widner, James R. Young, Rufus W. Youngblood. U L BROWN'S BROOMS fWhen They're in the Roomj W. S. BROWN Frank C. Allen, Ray A. Allen, Ed J. Andrews, Richard Bar- field, Marion G. Beach, G. W. Beardon, R. R. Bradford, C. C. Davis, Joe K. Dease, Kenneth De Vane, S. Goldsmith, R. B. Jett, R. Lamb, J. F. McHugh, C. E. Miller, L. C. Milligan, W. S. Moore, G. A. Nye, B. Pair, D. Pelham, R. Pope, A. H. Reeves, L. C. Reid, J. F. Reynolds, H. M. Rhodes, C. B. Rich- ardson, L. M. Sanders, H. L. Safford, W. L. Sherrill, Lurie Shirley, L. Smith, R. P. Sparrow, R. C. Stephens, Norman Thompson, Joe Wynne. CAPPS' JOKERS S. T. CAPPS William G. Abel, Carl D. Bagwell, D. Herbert Brady, Fred Brockmeyer, Robert Brown, Jack Cantrell, Pat O. Ches- ter, James E. Coleman, William Corley, Henry G. Dunn, Jack R. Enlow, M. O. Freeman, James H. Gossett, Edward Guest, William G. Hart, Irvin W. Herndon. Jack W. Holcomb, Kenneth Johnson, Fred A. Landrum, William McCune, Charles McKinney, Thurman Peabody, Charles A. Penn, George L. Poole, Charlie Poolus, Charlie R a g s d ale, Henry Rambo, Guy C. Rhoad, Jack C. Rice, George Ruppen- thal, Edward R. Seay, Sanford F. Shell, James W. Stevens, Henry D. Tennent, Audron Thomas, Sam P. Troncalli, Comer Weaver, DeWitt Wil- liam, Julius William. CHENEY'S WOOD CARVERS H. W. CHENEY Glenn F. Allums, Howard Anderson, Kermet H. Bell, Winton Bowman, W. R. Chaney, Edwin Chester, Kimball Col- lins, Kimsey Creel, James Davis, Otto Dickson, C. D. Freeman, Floyd Greer, John Jarret, W. E. Johnson, George King, Larry Mann, Roy Moore, Bill Owens, Perry Rountree, Richard Spier, R. L. Spinks, Ernest Stokes, Martin Sprengler Ben Tiller, Emory Upshaw, Norris Wages, Jack Williams Raymond Williams. 9 7 l l l COLLINS' HAIRGROWERS T. J. COLLINS Johnnie Aderhold, Louie At- kinson, Henry B a r b e r, Ray Bishop, Wallace Broadwell, Roy Hubert Brockman, Dexter Bumpus, Marion Callaway, Roy Carlton, Robert Christian, Donald Cooper, Billy Crabtree, Charles Crawley, Walter Creasy, Roy Lamar Ector, Leonard Fair, Harold Fields, Marvin Fields, Billy Free, Henry Fuller, Jimmie Gower, Bobby Hanner, Roy Hobby, Leonard Grady Hood, George Hughey, Harold Jones, William Knapp, Sammy Lunsford, Harold McCoy, Fred Pitts, John Portman, Ashford Posey, Robert H. Reid, Clarence Scott, Lurie Shirley, Joe Spradlin. Steve Tingle, Luther Watkins, John Wyatt. COX'S TH EORY HOU N DS L. L. Cox J. H. Alderman, J. I. Ashbaugh, J. E. Barnett, Leon L. Bobo, J. H. Chapman, Kenneth Frank, L. G. Gilbert, G. B. Greer, H. H. Hudlow, F. L. Hughes, Randall Jones, W. R. Kelley, Charles S. McKern, J. E. McMullen, H. R. Petree, Ross H. Prater, Claude A. I if Ralls, Donald J. Seibert, John B. Sowell, C. B. Upshaw, C. B. Watkins, Ed B. Wyatt. DEN NARD'S FIRE BUGS D. S. DENNARD Donald Barclay, William Branon, Ed Brittain, Ralph Carroll, Roy Causey, Buddy Corley, G. T. Cullins, James Dana, Paul Diamond, L. Bill Dilts, Eugene Doyle, Richard Gray, Charles Halleck, Edwin Harris, Jack Haunson, Albert Hembree, Jimmy Henderson, Clarence Johnson, Richard Kincaid, Earl Lucas, Robert Maher, Harry Marshall, Allen Maxwell, George Moore, Al- bert Potts, Gordon Pressley, Robert Reed, Harvey Reese, John Roberts, George Robert- son, Edward Robinson, Wil- liam Russell, Charles Shearer, C h a l m e r s Stewart, Fred Thomas, Lamar West, Lamar Williams. C L DE VAUGHN'S CADETS J. E. D1-:VAUGHN James E. Brooks, Bill W. Bruce, Leonard Camp, Jack Collins, A. N. Crawford, G. L. Davis, G. E. Dawkins, C. J. Donnelly, A. W. Durand, M. D. Fling, A. F. Guice, E. C. Huey, R. H. Huey, J. S. McNair, F. J. Meyer, E. E. Michael, J. M. Murphy, W. D. Perry, Ben W. Ragan, J. C. Richardson, J. Shropshire, J. M. Smith, D. A. Tolbert, J. B. Watts, A. H. Webb, J. W. Wilkins, R. R, Wynne, Vernon Yates. TH E MICH ILIMACKINACS FIELDING DILLARD Raymond Abbott, Curtis Adams, Joe W. Aikens, William Austin, William B. Berry, William D. Bird, Roy Bond, Wil- liam S. Blount, James R. Chapman, Charles Crew, Jacob DeHaam, William C. Denman, Jimmy Dillingham, Jack Don- aldson, Edward O. Evans, Robert B. Everitt, Harry H. Gillana, Henry S. Hames, Jimmie Harrell, Clayton Harris, Wil- liam F. Holkham, Curtis Hol- land, C h a r l e s T. Hovis, V. Lewis Kitchen, Thomas Lee, Philip Levetan, Joe H. Martin, Paul M. McDowell, Marcus McWhorter, Walter B. Milam, Herschell P. Myers, Elmer Na- bors, Benjamin F. N 0 r t o n, Thomas D. Pate, Ben T. Rancy, Charles Shaft, Jack A. St. John, Perry D. St. John, Ju- lian Stephens, Jerry Stowers, Jack W a l d r o p, Thomas A. Withers. DOMINICK'S ROOSTERS R. H. DOMINICK Guy Anderson, Jack Bohler, Robert Bostain, Bill Bradley, Billy Branson, Howard Capps, John Carlisle, John Casteen, George Coleman. Tom Crenshaw, Richard Crowe, Jack Curry, Harry Dean, Ralph Dickson, Curtis Duke, Ernest Duke, William Dudley, Roy Heath, John Hill, Bill Hubbard, Claude Jones, Elmer Lashley, John McCleer, Paul Meaders. Nicolas Mosgovey, Edward Parker, Robert Payton, David Pursell, Thomas Ray, Sidney Reynolds, Robert Rivers, Lu- ther Standifer, Howard Tur- ner, Franklin Vincent, Billy Walters, M elv i n Warshaw, Charlie Woodward. l l l ERCKMANN'S PRESS RIDERS N. R. ERCKMANN Robert E. Argo, Mac D. Brown, W a l t e r L. Bripon, Paul A. Cain, Cody M. Ellington, Harry G. Etheridge, Morris Jackson, Walter R. Jones, Charles McConnel, Leon I. Merlin, Charles W. Moss, Dan E. Norton, James N. Strickland James V. Walston, Davis P. Wiley. GAERTNER'S ATOM CHASERS M. A. GAERTNER William Anderson. Lindsey Bishop, Dan Crawford, Harry Depew, Merl Douglas, Roy Guinn, James Haire, Lewis Hen son, B. A. Hobby, Sam P. Holt, William Johnson, Edgar Maxwell, John W. Odom, James W. Peach, George L Pen GRAHAM'S ANGLERS GEORCZE GRAHAM nington, Roy D. Stripling Charles H. Wright Howell Bailey, Elgie Bartlett, Edward Bass, Robert Ball, William Berry, Grady Boles, Norman Brock, James Cabe Ellis Cathcart, Gilford Chapman, John Cobb, Sam Cooley, Claude Couch, Bill Dempster, John Dominey, William Dris kell, Jim Fallaize, Jimmie Finlay, James Fowler, Edgar Greer, James Hambrick, Jack Hammett, Charles Hart Eu gene Harris, Danny Haynes, Thomas Hill, Charles Hoff- man, James Hutchins, Charles Jennings, James Jordan, Ed- ward Kendrick, James Lind- say, Calvin Martin, George McNulty, George McPherson, Calvin Sellars, James Simp- kins, Henry Watterson, Wal- ter Wojcik. C L HOLLEY'S SALESMEN E. R. HOLLEY Sam Auerbach, Calvin Bagley, L. V. Barfield, Hugh W. Bran- non, T. A. Brooks, E. Louis il llCouch, Gene C. D e m p s e y, James C. Dunlap, Ed P. Fabian, Dewell Fowler, Frank C. Gourley, Philip L. Hale, Perrin S. Hill, James C. Hardin, Frank E. Kadel, William H. La Fevre, Olin C. Lynn, R. Leonard Maddox, Roy F. Martin, E. E. McMullan, H. James Mills, Alvin B. Nash. Jr., Marvin C. OlBrien, Bill H. Reaves, Robert B. Thompson, Lamar C. Williams. HUDSON'S TOOL MAKERS H. R, HUDSON James B. Allen, J. C. Berthelser, Marvin F. Borochoff, Leon C. Bragg, James E. Bush, Frank C. Carswell, Bob J. Cloud, James W. Gantt, James C. Germany, William C. Johnson, Robert L. Lamb, Harold G. Lee, Donald W. Little, Robert P. Matson, Ralph P. gg McGee, Thomas H. Roberts, Charlie Bob Roberts. JACKSON'S STUDENTS OF SYSTEMS W. A. JACKSON Ray J. Adams, William G. Avash, James N. Bledsoe, Winfield K. Boggs, Carl F. Brown, Robert S. Campbell, Oliver Carterm, Jr., Charles J. Cornwell, Bill L. Dolamead, Raymond J. Dowd, Ray C. Eason, Charles M. Ellis, William R. Flurg, James F. Fuller, Jesse T. Garrett, Marvin E. Giddens, Gerald B. Haley, Harnell E. Hammette, Young J. Har- rington, G. William Head, Ed- win W. Hollis, Jack J. Jackson, Wallace R. King, Harry G. Locke, Joe B. Love, John E. McCallum, Jimmy S. McMur- ray, John A. Metcalf, James A. Millar, Horace B. Moore. John P. North, Ralph O. Payne, Don Pelham, Ralph J. Pulliam, Harry M. Purtell, George W. Slay, Frank C. Smith, Joe T. Starr, William M. Thomason, Fred Thwaetes, Harry W. Wessinger, Frank H. Wood. iQE S l I KEITH'S BOY WONDERS G. L. KEITH William G. Anding, Tom J. Askew, James W. Blackley, Hiram F. Brown, Robert O. Bryant, Arthur L. Cantrell, James V. Carter, Scott B. Coley, Gerard T. Deckbar, Harry E. Denman, Neal H. Dillingham, Ossie O. Elsberry, Wil- liam D. Green, Ray H. Hall, Edgar M. Henshall, Harlan Hill, Robert L. Hill, Albert P. Hornbuckle, Frank S. Howell. William W. Hutchens, Larry R. Kirk, N. K. Little, Fred D. Long, Chauncey L. Manuel, Harvey McNeely, Norman H. Norton, Robert W. Padgett, James E. Pearson, Harold B. Poole, James M. Powell, Harold R. Reese, William L. Tyson, Charles Vlass, Seymour Weiner, Jack W. Wilhite, Ray Wooddall, William E. Wright. KOPF'S CRACKED SCIENTISTS FRANK Komf Weyman J. Adams, John R. Akins, Marcus P. Ashley, William D. Barron, James H. Bonner, Charles W. Bowen, Rob- ert T. Collins, Bill Emerson, Henry P. Epps, Garland C. Fagan, Harold W. Fontain, Charles E. Head, Loy R. Joiner, George C. Kuffrey, Herbert L. Martin, Charles R. Monk, Joe Nixon, Howard R. Peters, J. E. Roberts, William J. Sat- terfield, Earl Suttles. KRUEGER'S SHORT WAVES C. H. KRUEGER William M. Alexander, Ray Blanton, Jimmy Boughton, Travis Bryan, John Cameron, Jimmy Chotas, Phil Crockett, Mac Fant, Jack Fischer, Claude Hambrick, Lawrence Henslee, Elbert Hicks, John Hicks, Dewey Kellner, Walter Moures, Bob Mitchell, Karl Moore, Fred Moseley, Joe Osborn, Bobby Parris, Robert L. Reid, Charles Scott, Charles Sewell, Eli M. Shulman. CLA LACOUR'S DESIGNERS A. A. LACOUR Robert Bartlett, Jack Davis, Guy Henderson, Clarence Hol- land, Charles Kesner, Fred Martin, Willis Morgan, David Nash, John Nichols, Charles Palmer, Charles Redwine, Joe Segars, Robert Tillison, August Vincenzi, Wendell Wat- terson, William Willis. LAWRENCE'S SOCIETY BOYS C. E. LAWRENCE Dixon Andrews, James Barrett, Charles Biggers, Alonzo Bucks, Winfred Christopher, Ralph Cox, Frank Donaldson, Bruce Dyar, Charlie Farmer, Tommy Harrell, Leland Henderson, John Huey, Lewis Hunter, Scott Imirie, Farrell Lacy, C. Martin, V. A. Martin, Kenneth McBroyn, Eugene McDaniel, Tom McEver, James Peterson, Hulan Ray, Dillard Thacker, James Thurmund, Reece Trammell, Gene Tur- ner. Emmett Wagner, Harold Woods, Gerald McCord. LOCKWOOD'S HAMMER SLINGERS J. E. Lockwoon Russell Lee Barfield, Marvin Matthew Black, Albert Fred Campbell, Ralph Sylvester Craig, William Davis Findley, Joseph Burnette Franklin, Jackie Conrad Fussel, Joe Henry Helms, Glenn Tarpley Holbrook, Norman Boyd Johnson, Glenn Ellis Jones, Billy Newell Latimer, Walter Locke, Grady Myers Malone, Carriee Mensinger, Jack Lamar Mor- gan, Frank Lee Nabors, Carl Eugene Odom, Charles Curtis Pattillo, Tommy Peavy, Wil- liam Louis Peel, Joe Winship Pitts, Dewey Lee Pruitt, Neil Roberts, W e y m a n Melvin Sweatt, Horace Ernest Terry, Lamar Tidwell, Albert Martin Vickery, Ruben James Waits, James Reagan Wall. l l l l J l McCORD'S TENDERFEET G. M. McCoan Roy P. Adams, James Bentley Jim C. Brannon, Roy A. 1 Brownlow, Abner L. Camp, Marvin Clement, H. Earl Cole- man, James Roy Cook, Edward Cooley, Marion Cornett, Robert Dabney, John M. Edwards, Robert F. Garmon, Oliver Garrett, Francis Gibbons, Douglas E. Giles, Fred Graham, Paul D. Henderson, James Audley Hill, Harry V. Ingram, Bert M. Kesner, Howard W. King, Hugh B. Martin, James Perkins, Lawrence Schnall, Billy W. Scott, Glenn H. Smith, Bill T. Spinks, Paul Thomas Taylor, Marion Tuck, Tony Jack Vickery. McGlNTY'S DES ECLAIREURS W. P. MCGINTY Jack Almand, Julian Brown, Lincoln Burton, William Campbell, William Farmer, Robert Ferrell, David Franze. John Gillette, Joe Howell, Arthur Kiser, Robert Lautzenhiser, James Manser, Ted Martin. Boyd McGraw, Owen Mil- ler, Murphy Morris, Vincent Neese, Edward Ownby, William Ransom, Kelsey Robison, Carlton Sharp, James Sheats, William Shores, James Sor- row, Harry Womack. JAZZMORE'S BAGS C. O. Monms Robert Argo, Gerald Barker, Richard Barrett, Ed Bledsoe, Victor Bourke, Robert L. Bryant, Hans Baumgarten. Rus- sell Chambers, Emmett Cain, Charles Dickens, Mike Dorsch, Milton Dowdy, Harold Elliott, John Franklin, Jack Gar- trell, William R. Glover, Charles Hammock, Robert Herndon. Lawrence Hobbs, Dick Hutchins, Noah Maddox, Ed- ward McCray, William Miller, Floyd Nichols, Joe Richard- son, Billy Rhodes, Bill Roby, Cecil Wallace. MORRIS' OVERTON ES J. E. MORRIS R. L. Boggs, J. R. Box, C. F. Hill, Bill Keel, Frank Little, E. M. Lowery, T. L. McCles- key, H. C. Patrick, J. L. Pharr, J. T. Pickelsimer, D. M. Vess, C. B. Whitaker, Dan Womack. OLSON'S BLOTTERS M. A. OLSON C. E. Austin, T. E. Avery, M. H. Barton, A. E. Brown, J. H. Bond, N. J. Colevins, T. J. Flake, J. R. Garner, S. P. Howe, H. T. Kemp, W. C. Laricy, H. L. Lester, J. T. McDaniel, G. O. Nyen, S. O. Nyen, R. L. Petree, M. E. Pittman, Jack Pounds, W. R. Pulliam, R. D. Speck, D. A. Smith, S. D. Smith, P. H. Taylor, T. W. Wiedeman, G. L. Zachos. POOLE'S CU E BALLS J. E. POOLE J. F. Anderson, H. W. Andrews, F. A. Baker, Mack Barden, Victor Bidez, E. T. Bonner, J. A. Brisendine, J. E. Brown. William S. Burton, James E. Bush, J. C. Cantrell, William Causey, C. D. Collingsworth, Carl Doby, Herbert Fenster, Joe D. Fuller, Silas Gurley, C. E. Hollingsworth, George Hopkins, J. V. Jansen, Millard Johns, Ed. B. Jones, J. W. Lowe, R. E. Merritt, Donally H. Orr, L. L. Rawlins, H. C. Rowden, Herbert Russell, J. B. Satterfield, J. N. Shackelford, Robert L. Thacker, Ernest Tol- bert, Cliif Turner, Felix Tur- ner. C. T. Webb. L CLA l RANDoLPH's Romeos G. L. RANDOLPH Henry Weymon Armstrong, Charles Ferdinand Bernhardt, J. H. Bond, Donald Jackson Ellis, Ralph Ludwig Giddish, James Pascal Grubbs, George Thomas Gunnell, Charles Tricot Guy, Tom Porter Hamm, O. Ed. Hammond, James Harold Hicks, Berrian Andrew Hobby, Charles Fred Huggins, Jack Russell Hughes, Albert Pike Johnson, Roy Cain Jones, William G. Jones, Durwood Willis Kilgore, William Albert Ludwig, Thurman Ewell Lyle, Walter Dow McGee, Jonas Mitchell, John Grady New, Norman Dean Newton, Joe L. Smoak, Julian Spector, Mason Spence, Burnis Edgar Stewart, William Charles Wiley. RINGSMlTH'S TILLERS OF THE SOIL P. A. RINGSMITII Youmans E. Arrington, Charles H. Black, Clifford A. Bone, Paul H, Camp, Carl T. Causby, Ray Doyle, Robert E. Glenn, Van R. Hamilton, Emory F. Hassell, Fred H. Jackson, Paul R. Jones, Howard L. McEntyre, Fred O. Mullis, Ralph L. Nash, Clyde A. Pace, Parker J. Ragsdale, Stanley M. Reese, Clarence R. Schreeder, Ralph L. Shadix, Jesse T. Smith, Charles T. Sneed, Harry M. Tice, Paul E. Tren- ton, James P. Tucker, William P. Whitehead, Harold T. Wil- banks. THE KNIGHTS OF THE T-SQUARE H. C. SAVAGE Walter K. Adams, George E. Andrews, Norton R. Asbury, Bobby Battle, Daniel De La Penha, M. Fred Griffith, Frank B. Hilton, Jack O. Hornsby, James H. Humber, Robert E. Jarrell, John M. Keith, C. N. Landers, T. W. McCurry, T. W. McCollum, David McEachern, Francis M. Nasher, Baynard P. Nix, M. G. Palmer, Calvin B. Purvis, Herman Smith, Jack L. Smith, Leslie T. Smith, I g g Howard C. Winn, H. F. Wood- yard. SHAN KS' ENGIN EERS E. C. SHANKS Joseph F. Anderson, Horace F. Barnett, Wayne G. Bass, Charles H. Braswell, Larry E. J a""a Byrd, Earl W. Connell, Harry E. Elliott, Bobby J. Findley, Reynolds J. Ford, Andrew Garner, William J. Kincaid, Frank G. Merck, Paul Morgan, Charles H. Morris, James C. New, Ralph T. New, John P. Parsons, Ed. F. Pate, Bill G. Pattillo, Sidney G. Reynolds, Melvin T. Rhodes, Marton B. Roberts, Pete H. Sherrill, Olin D. Sibert, Louie F. Stanley, Charles H. Stevens, Jack W. Strouss, I. F. Styron, Benny R. Tallant, Warren C. Thompson, George H. Wade, R. O. Wakefield. SHI'S NIGHTMARES Al,LEN Sm Arthur Almond, Thomas Armstrong, Harry Blue, Richard Canady, James Carr, Bob Carroll, Marion Croker, Harry Davis, Howard Dorris, William Dupree, Preston Fairfax, Cecil Floyd, Bob Hightower, James Hooks, Howard Jack, Jack Maret, James Meacham, Charles McHugh, Jack McMurtrey, Robert Miller, Douglas Page, Clarence Reagin, H. M. Porter, Mott Russell, Leon- ard Scott, William Smith, Ed- ward T a n n e r, Joe Taylor, Charles Thompson, Weyman Wallace. Eddie West, Eddie Wing. SMITH'S TIME KILLERS T. L. Sivirru Davies P. Anderson, C. F. Ausland, William M. Aycock, H, J. Baldwin, Robert H. Barge, George G. Bennett, Harold W. Crutchfield, James R. Cureton, Lawrence C. Gillen, Benjamin Z. Ginsberg, Walter E. Hawkins, A. L. Kinard, Glen Ola Kisselburg, Lamar B. Leach, Robert R. Lumpkin, Robin M. McLeroy, Noah C. New, J. B. Norton, R. L. Odom, John R. Oxford, Lolo N. Strickland, W. A. Summerlin, Roy H. Swatts, Jack Swords, Andrew C. Watson, Marion C. West, Robert B. Wilkes, Beverly M. Yancey, George E. Young. CLA l l l l l l l SPICKARD'S HUNTERS D. C. SPICKAHD Willis Baggett, Billy Breed- love, Bill Brewei', W. M. Brown, Charles Cleaveland, J Arthur Cort, James Cotsakis, 'C Morris Clemate, Thomas Daniell, Ralph Davis, John Dilleshaw, Harvey Downs, Farris Drummand, Harvey Fischel, Robert Green, Earl Hay, George Hendrix, Hugh Herd, James Halcombe, Brant Holley, Don Kelly, Clifford Knuckles, Joseph Lamb, William Leavell, James Marlow, Jimmie McCloskey, George Minor, Horace Mitchell, Boyd Sayer, Thomas Shaw, William Shockley, Douglas Thomas, John Vlass, Marvin Whitley, Harvey Willis. SPITLER'S PENCIL PUSHERS C. C. SPi'ri.i:H Olin W. Allen, Richard O. Beckham, Marion F. Binford, W. J. Bostwick, Leon J. Butler, J. C. Cofield, H. A. Dougherty, Nathan Daws, Charles F. Dunn, Hubert J. Etheridge, Rufus Green, Johnnie W. Jones, Eugene W. Lambert, C. F. Mor- ris, Edward L. Nelson, R. M. Netherland, Paul Nixon, L. L. Pitts, Joseph Quinn, Sidney L. Rivers, Joe K. Rogers, Ernest D. Rosemore, Austin C. Sec- rist, M. W. Smith, Millard Sas- bee, Harry A. Spencer, Ray A. Steel, A. P. Tanner, Paul Tid- well, John Turpin, Cecil G. Walker, Eugene Waller, Joe P. Welch, Robert C. Willard, W. Fred Wilson, N. S. Wynne. swEET's sHoRT cmcuirs ' 'l'. C. Swizi-:'r U Fred Bieser, James Burgess, John Burke, Allen Chancellor, Donald Creighton, Harry T. Davis, Marshall Dooly, Joe Durden, Bill Evans, H. D. Flanagan, H. F. Johnson, T. A. Jones, Phillip W. Kirkpatrick, Harry J. Lamb, Claude E. Maddox, Joe Malone, Robert M. Mullins, Carson Noland, Alfred Ray, Frank Ray, George Rice, S. K. Simpson, Gor- don Smith, Grady D. Spence, James H. Steil, Thomas L. Stephens, James A. Wilson, James Wofford, William D. Woodall. TAYLOR'S NUMBER ONE SONS H. A. TAYLOR V. F. Ashbough, J ames L. Athas, Julius G. Baggett, Stu- art W. Bolen, John R. Brown- low, William T. Burdett, John R. Canady, Wayne D. Carpenter, Robert E. Clark, Connell A. Turner, Warren B. Dingis, Daniel E. Dunbar, Arthur Lee Elsberry, John W. Eskew, Dudley W. Evans, Eugene W. Fowler, Clifford C. Fretwell, Harold W. Garrard, Wilbur G. Gold. Joe H. Grant, James Heinold, Robert H. Hunter, Herbert W. Howard, Thomas Jackson, Jack King, Charles E. Knox, Robert B. Lambert, Roy F. Martin, Horner McArthur, James L. McClure, Hugh F. Newberry, E. E. Newman Joel B. Paris, John D. Pickett, Nick E. Poulos, Robert Haynes Reagin, William Roberts, Robert F. Ross, Lon S. Shealy Earl Stone, Herschell R. Vaughn, Linton E. Waldrup, Butler E. Williams, James L. Zachary. 7 1 WARD'S JUNIOR BIRDMEN W. J. WARD J. M. Burch, B. J. Burt, W. H. Crowe, R. Daves, R. C. DeLong, A. M. Easterlin, C. E. Evans, J. Fowler, A. L. Hewin G. R. Hobbs, K. S. Johnson, F. YV. King, R. M. McKenzie, James A. Millar, A. J. Pope, P. L. Reynolds, Jack Shaft, A. W. Templeton, D. E. Whaley. 7 WARREN'S LONE RANGERS C. T. WARREN Harold Barnes, Andrew Cannon, Edward Chupp, Tom Cook, Pierce Crumbley, Harold Daniel, Jesse Davis, Charles Duncan, Jack Fagan, C. A. Grant, Earl Haynes, Harold Henderson, Bill Hennen, Andrew Hines, Kent Hovis, Edwin Howard. John Hynds, Pierce Jackson, James Lowe, Lewis Page, Jim Panagos, M. T. Parker, Gene Poore, Hampton Reese, Allan Robinson, Clar- ence Ross, Walter Savage, Ed- gar Watkins, Harvey Watson, Robert Whaley, Edgar What- ley, William White, Charles Wright, Roger Zotti. CLA l K L WHITTLE'S WHITTLERS A. R. WHITTLE Eugene Bennett, George Berry, Charles Bishop, Louis Bowen, Charles Brown, James B u t l e r, Luther Chambers, Mark Cox, Harold Crow, Travers Dowling, Raymer Folds, Thomas Fullerton, Bryan Giles, Jerry Ham, Charles Han- cock, John Howell, Marvin Howell, Robert Hunter, Charles Johnson, Thomas Lowe, Jay Pickett, Berlin Pless, Bill Snell, Edgar Stephens, Robert Thompson, Jack Torbush, Harver Ward, James Withers. WlLSON'S NOTEBOOK MECHANICS W. H. WILSON Billy Barber, Gibson Carlton, Lowell Davis, Paul Edwards, William Foster, Billy Gantt, Joe Garvey, Warren Gillette, John Gilley, William Grubbs, Joe Hart, Tom Hartman, Wiley Hodgens, Lester Hooper, Harold Jackson, Thomas Jack- son, Billy Plummer, Cecil Reeves, James Rogers, Richard Stockman, Edward Swats, Homer Sweatman, Joe Taylor, l WOOD'S FIRST AIDERS R. W. Woon T h o m a s Terry, Fred Veal, Thomas Wales, Hewlett Weaver, James Wimbish, John Wilkes, Raymond Williams, Jack Wise. Charles C. Adams, Quillian A. Amason, Frankie Angelo, Roy Carter, Arthur Chambers, William M. Clayton, John W. Dale, Bill W. Edge, Henry G. Eskew, Royce D. Fair, Fred N. Farr, Howard S. Fling, Ernest S. Freck, James W. Glass, Sheldon Goldsmith, Wayne Gonnella, Virgil C. Gray, John Guest, Louis W. Heintz, Marion Heisler, C. L. Hilder- brand, J. H. Hiott, Howard E. James. Clarence Johnes, Ray G. Johnson, Homer Kelpen, Edwin P. King, Richard R. Kirby, Maxine Korigan, James H. Lee, Charles B. Lewis, Joe Llorens, Neal H. Lord, Thomas E. Moon, David L. Mullins, John Norwood, Earl Page. Morris Reeves, Mayes Rimer, J. W. Sharpshire, Roy E. Ste- phens. MAJOR F. A. KOPF LIEUTENANT COLONEL T. J. COLLINS EAElIi'I'Y MEMBER WHO HAVE EEE EALLEE l'l'0 'I'lIE 'EEVIEE IIE 0 li EEE TRY CAPTAIN J. MORRIS 4 COLONEL T. L. ALEXANDER I LIEUTENANT J. E. DEVAUGHN ' Lieut. De Vaughn's picture appears LIEUTENANT SIDNEY SCARBOROUGH in the Military Section since he has assumed the position as P. of M. S. and T. at Tech High. .- wgm+w"v 'ww vm' as A lfwg, wif ,X 2 f 8 hw W X 4 '4 A as f li: fin A 1 , ' f--w J 'if .,-A ,. !,T?, - , '-l-.::- N . I f f . 1, 1 1 I ,Of ':k,f.2:,:-7 fgiv f -6. 4 P 4 ,xx g' .N if-iii x r lllllllllll The Activities of Tech High School play an integral part in the lives of its students. Theirs is the job of creating a closer con- tact between the boys and their school friends. This is not an easy job, but one that requires the services of many of our fore- most teachers and students, each one striving earnestly to help every boy gain more from his associations and three years of study at the Smithy Institution. Each club has a specific aim and was founded along definite lines to become a decided asset to our school. The enthusiasm accorded these activities has grown from an amazing beginning to an exalting present. The members of the various clubs have not formed a caste aside from the other students although it is considered by all a great privilege to be called a "club-man." It may be truthfully said that everyone connected with Tech High has benefited by his association with these clubs and that in the future, as in the past, these activities will continue to be an inspiration to every single member of the Tech High student body. Reid Akins ..S.S. To become a member of the National Athletic Scholarship Society a student must win an athletic letter and pass all subjects for three consecutive semesters. It is the highest honor that an athlete in Tech High can receive. It shows that he is a good student as well as an athlete. Mr. Cheney is a former National Presi- dent of this Society and sponsors its activ- ity at Tech High. His daughter, Becky, has been its only sponsor. 'K Q L 1 Fred Baker Davis Barron George Berry Ed Bledsoe Richard Boggs John Bond William Brewer Fred Brockmeyer William Callaway Robert Cloud W. O. CHENEY ROLL G, T. Cullens Charles Driver Harold Elliott M. O. Freeman George Greer Charles Hammock Billy Jones Charles Kesner Phil Lane Joe Love John Lowe BECKY CHENEY, Sponsor James Marlowe Edgar Maxwell Ray Merritt Carroll New Joe Nixon Howard Patrick Charles Pemberton Edward Seay Comer Weaver George Wilson Wayne Youngblood ROLL Ross Cason Marshall Wilson Peabody Shealy Youngblood Bird Hll'Il llllllNUll I J President . . ROBERT Ross Vice-President , CHARLES CASON Secretary . . HARRY MARSHALI. Treasurer GEORGE WILSON Chaplain THURMAN PEABODY Historian ., . . . LON SHEALY Sergeant-at-Arms . . . , . , , . . . , WAYNE YOUNGBLOOD Advisor , . ..., . . . . . . .. . , . , C. L. BIRD The High Council is composed of the presidents of the home room classes, form- ing a student participation in government. The council has a unique position of respect and honor and their emphasis on the honor system and democratic methods inspires a spirit of co-operation throughout the school. A clean-up campaign spon- sored by the Council was very successful. Because the government is conducted in this way, the Organization receives a feeling of enthusiastic support. Roy Adams Robert Argo Charles Bernhardt Richard Barret Richard Boggs Hiram Brown Robert Bryant Wilbert Butt Charles Cason Arnall Connell Lewis Couch Pierce Crumbley Harvey Downs Harold Elliott Robert Fant Sam Franklin Herbert Gardner Stuart Grow Henry Hames Earl Haynes Lewis Henson Berrian Hobby Harold Hudlow Robert R. Hunter Billy Johnson H. T. Kemp Ted Landrum Bob Lautzenhiser Earl Lucas Harry Marshall Bill McCune Ed McMullen George Moore Bob Mullins James Nikas Thurman Peabody Berlin Pless Horace Prater Charles Redwinc Robert Ross Edward Seay Lon Shealy John Sowell Roy Stripling Bob Thacker William Thompson Norris Wages Linton Waldrup Comer Weaver George Wilson Wayne Youngblood Sarah Terrell Penuel Shealy Stripling Chapman Youngblood Nash Henderson Abel Butt Richardson Anderson Enlow Baker Bradley Tlllll 'EA IlIlI'l'0ltlAli i"l'1lIlll Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Senior Editor . Senior Editor . . Class Editor . Activities Editor Sports Editor , . Military Editor Photographer . , . Cartoonist . .. Cartoonist ....,..., Sponsor .........,, . GLENN PENUEL , LON SHEALY . . , ROY STRIPLING . . JAMES CHAPMAN WAYNE YOUNGBLOOD , . . . BILL ABEL , . . , WILBERT BUTT . . . JOE RICHARDSON A DAVIES ANDERSON A ,. JACK ENLOW . ,,... FRED BAKER LAWRENCE BRADLEY DAVIDNASH A . . GUY HENDERSON , A . . SARAH TERRELL The Staff of the 1941 TEch Hlgh SEnior ANnual, selected by the faculty, has striven incessantly for months to publish an annual that would in some small way merit its association with the Tech High student body. They have tried to depart from the traditional proven methods of annual style. The degree of their success in this respect must be left to the decision of the readers of this book. Illl 'l ECS l"l'1lIlIl Business Manager . . ..,,. , . . . . ,..,.. .,.,, . . . HARRY IVIARSHALI, Sponsor ....,.,,,,, Advisor .. A , . , MARY WARREN , . . G. Y. SMITH Marshall Mary Smith Warren RAI 30W STAFF 0""""i Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Sports Editor Associate Editor Make-up Editor Make-up Editor Assistant Make-up Editor. A Military Editor Military Editor News Editor A Exchange Editor Feature Editor Club Editor A A A Assistant Sports Editor A A Club Editor Activities Editor Staff Photographer A A Cartoonist A A A Advisor A A HAROLD ELLIOTT PIERCE CRUMBLEY A ROBERT ARGO A GIBBS Hum: BILLY HAMMOCK ED HOLLINGSWORTII GRAHAM MCGAHEI-I A A ROBERT Ross BILL ARCHER A WILBERT BUTT ROBERT REAGIN RAY BISHOP ERNEST ROSEMORP1 KPN FLAGER A CURTIS DUKE CECIL ROBERTS LAWRENCE BRADLEY DAVID NASH A A A C. L. BIRD The Rainbow Staff is probably the hardest working group of boys in the schoolA Theirs is the privilege of editing Atlanta's only high school weekly. All the produc- tion work is done by the school print and press shops. The Rainbow won consider- able recognition at the Georgia Scholastic Press Association, of which the Editor, Harold Elliott, is president. The Photo-Engraving Shop furnishes many cuts for the paper, and with the aid of the splendid advertising staff thc Rainbow has proven that a high school paper can bc operated at a profit. RFU! FSU STAFF Business Manager A A A A A A A A CHARLES CAsoN Assistant Business Manager A TIIURMAN PEABODY Circulation Manager A A A A ROBERT REAGIN Advisor A A A A A A G. Y. SIVIITII Coson Peabody Smith .. Ross Penuel Stripling Patrick Winnifred Sorch Terrell McCune Shanks Heod if , o N is mimi: 'ocviv :.::::E-.,f!,2' 594131 nf' ,S 'sb' OFFICERS "'.I'h President . . . . . . . , . , ROBERT Ross Vice-President , . , GLENN PENUEL , '19 Secretary ,..... . , ROY STRIPLING 3 -' Treasurer . . , , HOWARD PATRICK .55 'V 4, Historian , . . . BILL MCCUNE fx'-f Sponsor . . , , WINNII-'RED HEAD 'x,,lLi'- Sponsor . , SARAH TERRELL '-'W Advisor .... E, C. SHANKS it The Tech High Engineering Society was founded in 1939 for the purpose of creating a closer con- tact between the students and industry and to form a closer relationship among the students them- selves. The membership is limited to a selected twenty-five boys. All members must be outstanding in their scholastic work and be particularly interested in drawing and the other phases of engineer- ing. The Society chose an emblem designed by one of its members to represent the organization. The club has made several interesting trips to industrial plants and other places of interest. R O L L Joe Akins Travers Dowling Fred Brockmeyer Jack Fagan Robert Brown Stuart Grow Tom Hamm Earl Haynes Tom Lowe Murray Lowery Bill McCune Ray Merritt Dave Mitchell John Nichols James Nikas Lewis Page Howard Patrick Glenn Penuel W. R. Roberts Robert Ross Edward Seay Lon Shealy Roy Stripling Alexander Tampa Harold Vrono Anderson Childs Landrum Penuel Bird IIFITA 'I'HF'l'l K PPA 1 1 . 1 . O F F I C E R S President .,., A A .,,.,., ,,... A DAVIES ANDERSON Vice-President A A A A A A BOBBY CHILDS Secretary A A A AAAAA TED LANDRUM Treasurer A A A A GLENN PENUEL Sponsor A NELLE STRICKLAND Advisor A A A A C. L. BIRD Delta Theta Kappa, national honorary scholastic fraternity for Secondary Schools, was organized to honor those students having a scholastic average of ninety per cent or better during their freshman and junior years. Tech High's Chapter has the honor of being the Alpha Chapter, with Davies Anderson as its very able president. The faculty advisor, C. L. Bird, is a graduate of Tech High. Delta Theta Kappa represents to the high school what Phi Beta Kappa does to the university. Only students of the highest honor and integrity are invited to become members. R O L L Bill Abel Stuart Grow James Nikas Davies Anderson Benny Hall Thurman Peabody Wilbert Butt James Chapman Bobby Childs Jack Enlow Ted Landrum Murray Lowery Ben McKinney Glenn Penuel Earl Suttles Alexander Tampa Phillips Tinkler Nelle Strickland Youngblood Turner Peobody Tinkler Peggy Denham McCord Bill Abel Davies Anderson Charles Buhman Wilbert Butt Bobby Childs Harold Elliott Jack Enlow Malcolm Gesner Stuart Grow Benny Hall Albert Hembree Alton Hewin Andrew Hines R. R. Ingram Clarence Johnson Conrad Kinard Arthur Kiser Ted Landrum Nelson Logan Murray Lowery Ben McKinney George Moore James Nikas Thurman Peabody Charles Pemberton Glenn Penuel John Pickett President ,. ., , Vice-President . . . Secretary ..,,,., Treasurer .,,., Sponsor . . Advisor , . . 'I'A KAPP OFFICERS WAYNE YOUNGBLOOD , . CLIFFORD TURNER THURMAN PEABODY . . PHILLIPS TINKLER . . . . PEGGY DENI-IAM . . G. M. MCCORD The Beta Club is one of the most outstanding honor societies of Tech High It stands for the high ideals and principles of Tech High, exerting a favorable influence on the student body and the school. Membership is only for those boys who have exceptional scholastic abilities and high standards. R O L L Charles Potts W. R. Thompson Charles Redwine Phillips Tinkler Lon Shealy Clifford Turner Roy Stripling Harold Vrono Alexander Tampa Wayne Youngblood The Pan-American Club was organized at Tech High in 1933 by Mr. O. S. Bandy. Nikas Shealy Chapman Irmo Quesado Bondy I' A M E It I U A f, "WmWW"i7t ' R W "" President S XX Vice-President 3 K - 8 Secretary . . lx 4 X Treasurer , , an-2 QVAI, Sponsor ., OFFICERS UL li , , JAMES NIKAS . . . , . LON SHEALY JAMES CHAPMAN ALEXANDER TAMPA . . IRMA QUESADA .,.. O. S. BANDY It is one of the most active clubs in the school and sponsors many plays and gather- ings for those interested in the popular Spanish language. The main purpose of the Pan-American organization is to promote friendship and cultural relations among thc twenty-one American Republics. Bill Anderson Davies Anderson Bill Archer John Brownlow James Chapman Bobby Childs Nick Colevins Pierce Crumbley ROLL Harold Elliott Mac Fant Herbert Gardner Malcolm Gesner Stuart Grow Roy Guinn Andrew Hines Gibbs Hurd Harry Ingram Billy Johnson Claude Jones Bernard Joy R. H. Kincaid R. C. King J. B. Lambert Phillip Levetan Nelson Logan James Lowry Bobby Marks Walter Maurer R. S. McPherson George Moorc H. F. Newberry Olin Nickelson James Nikas Billy O'Brien William Oehler B. Page Charles Pemberton Albert Potts Bill Russell Lon Shealy Charles Smith J. W. Strouss Alexander Tampa Henry Tennent Madison Vann Harold Vrono Robert Whaley Robert Wolcott Ross Williams Shealy Wilson Peabody Lawrence Winnifred Head O F F I C E R S President . . . . .............. ..,,, R OBERT Ross Vice-President . , . . . . LEON WILLIAMS Secretary . , . , ....... LoN SHEALY Treasurer . . . . , , GEORGE WILSON Historian .,.. .,i. T HURMAN PEABODY Sponsor , , . ....,.. WINNIERED HEAD Advisor . . . .... CHARLES E. LAWRENCE Phi Delta was founded by Mr. Charles E. Lawrence in 1933. It has since become one of Tech High's outstanding literary clubs. The mem- bers always take a prominent part in the Annual Exercises every spring. The Phi Delta dance held each spring is a gala event of the school social calendar. BILL ARCHER JAMES BAKER ROBERT DEJON BILL DILTS CHARLES DISMER EDWARD FABIAN HAROLD FOUNTAIN MAI.COI.M GESNER STUART GROW CHARLES HOFFMAN BERNARD J Ov ARTHUR KISER TED LANDRUM HARRY MARSHAIIIJ BILL MCCUNE BEN MCKINNEY PAUL PARTEE EDWARD SEAY ROY STRIPLING BILL THOMPSON COM ER WEAVER ROBERT WHALEY JAMES WITHERS LOYD YARN A true friend, a Chris- tian gentleman, a loyal Smithy, who was a victim Of an automo- bile Wreck, Aug., 1940, Corley Agnes Willioms ll Llllllt LITERARY lllllll'l'Y President ............ ,... B ILL CORLEY First Vice-President . . . . , , HAROLD ELLIOTT Second Vice-President . . . . . JOHN DOMINEY Secretary and Treasurer . . . ...., KARL MOORE Sergeant-at-Arms ...... . . . WALTER MAURER Sponsor ,...,..... . , , AGNES WILLIAMS Advisor ,,.. .... C . T. WARREN Culver Literary Society was the first organization of its type to be instituted at Tech High. Only those whose scholastic and extra cur- Ellioff ricular records rank highest are awarded membership in this society. W e Furthermore, they must be interested in improving their speaking GFI' I'1 ability. The lectures, contests, and interesting programs have been of invaluable assistance to all Culver members. The society is completing one of the most successful years in history and will continue to strive for the highest of ideals in an effort to preserve the honored traditions of Tech High. Charles Buhman Richard Chapman Marvin Clements John Cobb Bill Corley John Dominey Harold Elliott Kent Hovis Harry Ingram ROLL Clarence Johnson Walter Maurer John Moore Karl Moore Alvin Nash Olin Nickelson Charles Potts Jack Storm 'I 'l"I'0 LITERARY 0ClE'l'Y O F F I C E R S President . ,.,. ,... M 1-:RL DOUGLAS Vice-President ,,,,...... .... J or: NORTH Secretary and Treasurer ,. ,. . JAMES NIKAS Advisor ,...........,.... , . . G. L. KEITH The Sutton Literary Society was named for Dr. W. A. Sutton, Superintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools and former Principal of Tech High. The club was founded in 1925 under the direction of Mr. J. B. Sojourner, and was under his leadership until 1939, when Mr. G. L. Keith became advisor. The purpose of the club is to improve the speaking ability of its members. ROLL Bobby Childs Merl Douglas James Nikas Joe North Frank Howell Alexander Tampa Manuel Maloof Madison Vann R. P. Matson Douglas North Nikos Keith Jane Gilman Abel Youngblood Dano lJllllMl'TllY CLI! President . . . .,..,.,. . . BILL ABEL Vice-President . . . . , WAYNE YOUNGBLOOD Secretary ..... . . , ....., JACK HAUNSON Sergeant-at-Arms . . . ..... JAMES DANA Sponsor ,,...,,.... .... J ANE GILMAN Advisor ,,....... .... H . C. DALE The Tech High Chemistry Club was founded in October, 1935, to give further aid and stimulus to those students showing promise in this field. A joint meeting is held with the Girls' High Chemistry Club each year. Bill Abel John Burke James Dana Stuart Grow ROLL Clayton Harris Jack Haunson Phillip Levetan Glenn Penuel Frank Turner Billy White Wayne Youngblood George Zachos Callaway Youngblood Lowe McCune Laurelle MCCallister Fillmore 0lllllUllli' llli ll O F F I C E R S President . , WILLIAM CALLAWAY Vice-President A WAYNE YOUNGBLOOD Secretary and Tfreusurev' JOHN LOWE Sergeafiit-at-Arms BILL MCCUNE Sponsor LAURELLE FILLMORE Advisor , A . R. A. MCCALLISTEK Bill Fred Fred .lack Bill James Archer Baker Brockmeyer Cantrell Corley Dana James Earl Joe Ted Ben Fuller Haynes Howell Landrum McKinney Thurman Edward Clifford Harold Comer Leon Peabody Seay Turner Vrono Weaver Williams THE BO0STERS'ULUB Henson Ann Borrow O F F I C E R S Preszdent LEWIS HENSON Sponsor ANN BARROW Advisor ......,.,.........,..,.................,,..........,.,,.,.. H. A. TAYLOR SMITHY BUUSTERS Toylo THE URHH AL R00.TERS Grady Boles Ed Dunbar Bob Mullins Richard Boggs Ralph Giddish David Nash Jack Couch Lewis Henson John Nichols John Dobbs Robert Hill Lamar West The Boosters' Club, organized last year by Colonel H. A. Taylor and Lewis Henson, has as its principal aims: To stimulate interest in school activities, to pub- licize Tech High, and to create true "Smithy Spirit." During baseball season last year Colonel Taylor and Henson called all loyal Smithies together for a pep meeting. At the next game, which happened to be with Boys' High, their followers formed a line at the school and marched to the ball park. Approximately three-fourths of the student body at Tech High are members of this organization and are proud of it. Membership cards have been printed. When football season began last fall, the Boosters' Club held regular meetings in the old gymnasium. Henson led the boys in cheers and songs, and the Band also assisted. Before long, they were given permission to meet in the new auditorium. Henson will graduate in June of this year. Therefore, it will become necessary for Colonel Taylor to scout around for another student who can prove his love for Tech High as Henson has already done. HMITHY BUUCTEHN GLEE UL B President ,....., Vice-President , , . Secretary .. .. . Treasurer . . . Advisor . . , OFFICERS , , . EDWARD FABIAN JOE PATTERSON CHARLES SNEED . . . BEN PELOT . 4 . R. K. HAMILTON The Tech High Glee Club has a membership of twenty-nine boys made up of the best voices in the school. It is considered one of the finest choral groups in the city. Olan Blair Hiram Brown William Burdett Marvin Clements Billy Crabtree Ramond Dowd Curtis Duke Edward Fabian Norman Gunn Jerry Ham Jack Harrington Ray Heath Edwin Hollis Ollie Hubbard Victor Lee ROLL Lamar McDaniel Norman Norton Joe Patterson Ben Pelot John Perry Howard Peters Neil Roberts Brownie Smith Charles Sneed Paul Trenton Harvey Ward Ed Wing Herbert Woodyard Beverly Yancey Hl-Y Connell Partee Mosgovoy ll F I+' I U ll Ii .' President . , , . . . . , . , . , . , . . . . , ARNALL CONNELL Vice-President .,., . . . . . , PAUL PARTEI-: Secretary . , , NICHOLAS Moscovov Treasurer , . .,.... HARRY INGRAM Sponsor , . ,,., MARTHA FRANKLIN Advisor . . ...,.. W. P. MCGINTY Mortho ' McGinty Fronlflin The purpose of the Hi-Y is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, higher standards of Christian character." The platform is-"Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living." The Hi-Y Clubs of Georgia are sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. as one of their many separate branches of service to the public. R O L L Bill Anderson Arnall Connell Manuel Maloof Eugene Avery Robert Wolcott Paul Partee William Aycock George Moore John Pickett John Brown Herbert Gardner Lewis Page Harry Ingram Flll 'PAID UL ll President ..... Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer ..., Sponsor . , Advisor ., O FFIC ERS FIRST AID CLUB Rov SWATTS .D. W. EVANS . . .BILL ABEL JANE GILMAN . R. W. Woon Founded in 1939 for the purpose of organized Hrst aid for the Student Body. The membership of the club is limited to those who have successfully passed the Standard First Aid Course as outlined by the American Red Cross. Bill Abel Frank Carswell Charles Cason D. W. Evans Burton Everett Clayton Harris ROLL J. T. Hickey Don Hunt Scott lmirie John Lacy S. E. Moore Gordon Presley Eugene Roberson Boyd Sayer James Scott H. Stevens Roy Swatts Jack Wise 1 mm ,M . W 4 Y-1, M A Q 23? 'f -4 .,., QW' fy.-f Qui:-M gh s 1, Q A 5 , sy? A , 'Q 'zi VFW 9 ,ik 3 if 'S Law? E ,gfgy WW 459 sv ,,,a,.,b? ff , . 13-f 9 k :ggi x N . 'nba ,-f"'mn K ,. E ' 4 K I :I Q E, gf, , xg' 2 2 5 W rg ' - , I' - '- i f . .cl . X 4 x fb, .V 4 gf A W, ' X' , ,MW 2 Y . , A iff' 1 4 nfl ' 4 Ymgff ff Am M A J '. , . TECH HIGH H. . .'. UNIT I LIEUTENANT-CoLoNsi, P. T. FRY Fmsr LIEUTENANT J. E. DEVAUGHN P. M. S. and T. Assistant P. M. S. and T. Tech High School's R. O. T. C. unit was inaugurated twenty-two years ago, Since that time the regiment as a whole has truly displayed the motto, "Fightin' Smithiesf' by constantly winning the honor school rat- ing every year. This year the regiment was very fortunate by having Lieutenant J. E. DeVaughn transferred to Tech High as the Assistant P. M. S. and T. With this addition to the staff of efficient instructors, the Tech High R. O. T. C. Unit is sure to continue its good work. LAURELLE FILLMORE W. H. CALLAWAY Regimental Sponsor Colonel SGT. R. A. MCCALLISTER R. W. YOUNGBLOOD PEGGY DENHAM Commandant Lieutenant-Colonel Stuff Sponsor 'GIME 'PAL C'I'AF J. D. FUl,1.m: R. REAGIN Regimental Adjutant First Battalion Adjutant FIRST BATTALION J. W. Lowr: . KATHEIRINEI MORGAN ., SECOND BATTALION F. A. BAKER . , Josrlvmmz OWEN , , THIRD BATTALION R. Ross VVINII-'RED HEAD Second Buttalzon Tlmd Battalwn Supply Ofiiccv ,.MGjO7' Sponsov' Mllljfll' Sponsor Majm Sponsow COLOR GUARD J. C. COFIELD R. S. SPARROW W. O. MILLER E. C. DUK1-3 .ECH HIGH ll.0.'l'.U. IIA R. K. HAMILTON G. L. POOLE PAT CARLISLE C. S. HANCOCK E. P. FAEIAN Director Captain Sponsor First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant MASTER SERGEANTS STAFF SERGEANTS CORPORALS J. R. BROWNLOW J. CHRISTAN W. BRANNON C. C. JONES H. E. WATKINS R. R. HUNTER C. BROWN J. MANSER FIRST SERGEANT L. S. HENDERSON W. DENMAN J. C. ROBERTS L. S. HENDERSON W. J. HERNDON E' Y' SMITH R. W. PAYTON ROLL W. Almeleh, L. F. Atkinson, W. M. Bradley, M. F. Binford, R. Bostain, C. H. Brock, R. Christian, B. C. Crabtree, C. L. Crawley, H. C. Cohen, O. E. Congdon, J. C. Davis, C. Demsey, W. C. Denman, C. Duke, J. H. Ewing, R. B. Everitt, N. R. Gunn, R. L. Heath, R. T. Hobby, J. R. Hoss, O. R. Hubbard, P. Kidder, W. R. King, J. H. Koen, J. C. Lamb, J. E. Lee, J. H. McCoy, F. G. McGhee, W. O. Parham C. G. Perfinis, J. E. Price, R. E. Puckett, W. V. Ransom, J. M. Russell, H. R. Reese J. R. Sanders, C. W. Sellars, C. P. Sharpe, W. H. Savage, L. B. Scott, J. N. Stowers W. M. Thomason, R. B. Trammell, H. V. Turner, J. W. Urban, R. H. Vincent, G. H Wade, C. Wilson, E. S. Williams, W. F. Wilson, E. A. Wing, W. J. Wojcik. v v s RIFLE TEAM Front Row: J. Sheats, W. G. Shores, C. D. Johnson, E. Lucas, S. F. Imirie, J. S. Sorrow. Mid- dle Row: W. Wallace, C. C. Johnson, W. A. Moncrief, A. F. Kiser. Back Row: F. A. Baker, W. H. Callaway, W. F. Corley. F. A. BAKER Captain JOSEPHINE OWEN Sponsor The team for this year has been exceptionally good. At the beginning of the year new shooting coats were purchased for the entire team, also we received shooting mats and gloves. We feel, due to receiving this equipment, that it has increased the team's average in its matches. In the six matches that the team partici- pated in this year, Boys High, Russell High, and North Fulton High were defeated. In the William Randolph Hearst Trophy match, the National Inter-Collegiate match, and in the Fourth Corps Area match, the team was outstanding. C V WEAVER . . . .. Captain GLORIA STILL. .. , . Sponsor R L TRACKER . . .. . First Lieutenant W B ARCHER .. Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS BOND J. B. SHEATS LATIMER J. HAINI IMIRIE J. W. GLASS CORPORALS E BENNETT W. B. SNELL DAVIS T. A. MULLINS E BROWN C. O. ADALTS 5 UIIMPA TY " i' FIRST SERGEANT H. E. COLEMAN PRIVATES R. Abbot, H. E. Barnes, John Brown, J. T. Brumbellou, R. R. Bradford, W. C Campbell, J. Cameron, E. F. Castellou, S. F. Conger, C. D. Collingsworth, J. Davis F. W. Donaldson, J. R. Dorimey, R. C. Eason, A. M. Eberhardt, O. E. Evans, C. E Hoffman, H. L. Harbin, E. W. Hollis, F. Harp, H. T. Kemp, W. A. Knapp, R. R. Kirby L. B. LaFevre, E. Lashley, A. A. Maxwell, F. C. Morler, R. L. Maddox, R. E. McDonal A. A. Marionos, J. C. Patrick, T. B. Ray, R. H. Reid, C. B. Richardson, F. C. Rimers J. H. Satterfield, L. Smith, D. B. Thacker, D. B. Thompson, P. A. Wallace, J. P. Welch G. A. West, R. Wolcott, B. T. White, N. S. Wynne. UIIMPAW QQ 99 W. F. CORLEY , . Captam AGNES WII.LIAMS. , .....,.. . .Sponsor C. H. TURNER ....A ..., S econd Lieutenant T. J. PEABODY , , . . Second Lieutenant FIRST SERGEANT T. W. BRADLEY SERGEANTS C. F. BERNHARDT L. S. SHEALY W. B. MILAM J. C. WILLIAMSON R. W. SCOTT CORPORALS J. W. AKINS J. A. HUEY C. T. DISMER E. N. PAIGE F. M. Gibbons J. W. TODD PRIVATES C. R. Adams, D. Z. Andrews, H. Angel, W. E. Austin, E. Bass, R. O. Beall, J. L. Brown, L. H. Chambers, C. V. Cleveland, J. E. Cobb, J. R. Cook, C. E. Couch, R. M Dabney, R. M. Diamond, R. H. Dickson, J. M. Edwards, J. H. Ethredge, C. E. Floyd J. T. Garrett, R. F. Garmon, E. C. Huey, H. R. Jack, H. James, C. S. Jennings, H. E Jones, H. D. Jones, R. E. Matherson, K. W. McBrayer, J. W. Meyer, L. F. Morris E. L. Nelson, P. H. Nixon, E. W. Puckett, F. M. Rimer, K. W. Robison, A. C. Secrest R. E. Sheeler, B. C. Smith, G. H. Smith, R. L. Smith, W. B. Smith, B. T. Spinks, A. D Tolbert, T. J. Vickery, H. C. Woods. L R SLAY .. Captain CHARLQTTI-: Moss .A... Sponsor W T MCCUNE.. .. First Lieutenant C B MCKINNEY . . .Seeond Lieutenant SERGEANTS GILES 'S. Sonnow JOHNSON J. VALENTINE LUCAS Y. J. HARRINGTON CORPORALS HARRELL B. T. RANEY HOLCOMBE J. C. WALDROP M HUGHEY CUMPA Y " 'i FIRST SERGEANT A. A M. R. LAUTZEIQIHISER 1. PRIVATES A. L. Almondl G. S. Anderson, R. D. Beckham, W. S. Blount, H. Blue, J. K. Boh- ler, W. J. Bostwick, B. B. Branson, M. E. Callaway, H. L. Capps, H. P. Carmical, W Christopher, J. A. Crenshaw, J. B. Davis, W. E. Dudley, P. E. Fairfax, C. N. Farmer W. R. Flury, H. J. Hilliard, C. R. Holland, W. L. Hubbard, J. J. Hulsey, J. G. Jones J. B. Kerscher, J. W. Lindsay, J. P. McCleer, B. H. McMillan, G. F. McNulty, J. F Meacham, P. Meaders. W. S. Moore, N. M. Mosgovoy, B. W. O'Brien, E. R. Parker B. F. Pelot, L. L. Pitts, R. P. Rivers, C. E. Rowell, L. M. Sanders, A. P. Tanner W. C. Walters, W. W. Willis. UIIMPA Y " 'l D. L. WILLIAMS., , ..., Captain JEANNE LUKENS . ..... Sponsor T. A. LANDRUM .. , .First Lieutenant J. R. DANA.. .. .. Second Lieutenant FIRST SERGEANT J. W. DEHANN SERGEANTS J. P. HAUNSON L. B. BOWEN W. R. THOMPSON G. W. MOORE CORPORALS E. A. STEVENS W. W. SCOTT C. D. JOHNSON F. R. THOMAS D. B. WINGO PRIVATES J. E. Aderhold, G. C. Allen, E. J. Andrews, H. P. Bailey, R. Barfield, H. J. Barson, E. R. Bartlett, R. B. Bishop, J. N. 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Captain ANN HOLLOWAY .... ,....... S ponsor E. C. HAYNES , . ..... First Lieutenant C. J. BUHMAN ..,, , , , Second Lieutenant FIRST SERGEANT A. F. HINES SERGEANTS L. W. Dnxrs R. R. INGRAM T. DOWLING W. A. MONCRIEF A. F. KISER CORPORALS V. S. DANIELS N. A. LOGAN J. HIOTT E. W. MCBRYDE B. O. JOY R. L. WHALEY PRIVATES C. H. Allen, B. S. Angle, A. P. Atkinson, P. G. Barker, R. B. Barnes, D. W. Beasley, J. G. Blalock, F. G. Bond, J. F. Bradley, P. P. Buchanan, L. A. Busbee, B. B. Chandler, W. H. Clard, M. W. Cooper, R. M. Counts, L. D Crockett, J. H. Day, R. L. Denny, R. A. Dunphy, F. L. DuPree, R. O. Etheridge, R. R. Gunter, W. A. Hardeman C. W. Harris, W. L. Hartman, C. B. Hightower, G. B. Hooks, J. L. Howard, J. C. Huff, J. G. Humphrey, T. D Johnson, C. B. Kelly, J. H. Kight, C. T. Langley, H. O. Latty, A. L. Lewis, J. H. Lunsford, D. E. Martin, B. C Mason, S. D. Matrangos, A. M. McGehee, C. E. Mitchell, T. L. Moon, R. D. Mote, D. O. Murphy, J. E. Owens, W A. Pate, J. W. Patterson, W. L. Peel. C. T. Pinyan, G. S. Pressley, H. C. Puchett, H. M. Purtell, P. J. Ragsdale, F. A Ramay, V. Rappa, W. L. Rawls, B. L. Reynolds, A. W. Roach, R. A. Shores, S. K. Simpson, P. T. Sowell, W. L Spencer, H. S. Stancliff, G. C. Stokes, E. G. Teabaut, E. L. Thomason, J. F. Thomas, C. W. Trammell, J. C. Whit- aker, L. S. Wolfe, F. W. Wood, W. J. Woods. v i f , 4 .24 x . R y A' Y . 5, Q K, -2 'Q V .2 5 fMw.N.W., ,,,...N. M pw .- 1... - ATHLETICS I940-1941 T CUAUIIING STAFF vi.: ,ggmguiz-.1 .,,,..,,,,. ,,..Y... .. FOOTBALL SQUAD Top Row: White, Willis, Cloud, Baldwin, Henson, Akins, Greer, Crawford, Nixon, Strickland, M. West. Middle Row: Kesner, L. West, McWhorter, Boggs, Pounds, Tuck, Cullens, King, Bancroft, Lane, Shaft. Bottom Row: Holton, J. Greer, Jones, Barron, Bowen, McClure, McCarson, Emerson, Couch. Mullins. CENTERS AND ENDS Top Row: J. Greer, McCarson, Bowen, Barron, Bond. Bottom Row: L. West, Bancroft, Nixon, Hen- son, Cooper. FIRST BACKFIELD Pounds Couch West Prater 'I'llll SllilSON Tech High's football team had a fairly successful season, winning six games, and losing four. The Smithy eleven opened the season with a loss at Grant Field to Marist Junior College, 12-8, but was later awarded the game because of the ineligibility of Marist players. The Smithies bounced back and swamped Columbus, 26-0. A supposedly strong Monroe team was trampled by the Scar- boroughrnen, 32-0, for Tech Highls third straight win. After the opening kickoff, the Smithies marched to a touchdown, with Billy Jones carrying it over from the 35-yard line, and from there on out the Aggies weren't in the game. The Smithy forward wall showed its power, while Pounds, Jones, West and Kesner starred in the backlield. The Tech High powerhouse next trounced Commercial, 45-0, as Smithy Coaches Scarborough, Shi, and Dowis used three full teams in the massacre. CContinued on next pagel Bond Mullins Akins Lone Crawford Cullens McClure King TACKLES AND GUARDS 'I' H ll S EA S 0 N ...-fc.,,,iWfii Jack Pounds sparked Tech High to a hard-fought 18-13 win over the Lanier Poets, the game being played in Macon. Pounds scored the second touchdown with a brilliant 70-yard run. He set up the last touchdown with a 35-yard dash to the two, and then passed to Lewis "Country" Henson for the winning tally. Boys' High School gave the Smithies their first defeat of the season, 14-0, before a crowd of 14,000 fans who witnessed the game played on a soggy, rain-soaked field. Tech High bobbles, five in all, led directly to the Hurricane victory, and thwarted the powerful Smithy offensive thrusts. The Smithies lost to the Yellow Jackets of Anderson, S. C., in their first out-of-state tilt, 21-19. The Green Devils, from St. Petersburg, Fla., played Tech High at Ponce de Leon Park in freez- ing weather, and the Smithies easily defeated them, 29-6, as Marion West made several substantial gains. McWhorter, Emerson, and Shaft played jam-up games also. The Central High Wildcats, of Charlotte, N. C., took the invading Tech High eleven in stride, 14-0, as T.H.S. failed to penetrate the Wildcats' 25-yard line. The Tech High gridmen next invaded Memphis, Tenn., where Memphis Tech beat T.H.S., 12-6. Jack Pounds saved the Smithies from a shutout as he broke loose for an 89-yard run through the Memphis eleven. Final G.I.A.A. standings gave Tech High Hve wins and one loss. This was the first year of service for Line Coach Shi, who made a very creditable showing in developing a powerful forward wall. Jack Pounds won the runner-up position in the G.I.A.A. scoring race, and was named on both the All- G.I.A.A. and the All-Southern teams. S1-.COND BACKFIELD THIRD BALKP Ii- Lll Greer Cloud Kesner Boles Boggs McWhorter Jones Woodwo rd The Tech High Wrestling Team, coached by Henry Hames, com- pleted one of the most successful seasons in the school's history. They not only defeated G.M.A., Riverside, and the Georgia Eve- ning College, but also Won three first places in the City Tourna- ment and ive of the eight places in the state. Their greatest vic- tory came in the winning of the State Open Tournament. BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row: Cooper, Argo. Hale. Chambers. Middle Row: Phillips, Crawford. Shackleford. Weaver, Shaft. Bottom Row: Giddish, Dobbs West.. Hobby. Hill. BOXING TEAM Top Row: Bond. Pemberton, Mullins, Matthewson, Paige, Love. Bottom Row: B u t 1 e r. Hammock. Cofield. Peavy, Turner, Stokes. Coleman. Bradley and Johnson are not in- cluded in the picture. .1 WRESTLING TEAM Vlass and Ray Adams are mixing it up with Coach Henry Hames as referee. In the picture looking on are Eskew, Roy Adams, Robin son, Britt, and Bishop. The year 1941 may be remembered by many basketball fans as a jinax season for Tech High. Our players won only two games while losing ten. The most disas- trous defeat was the G.I.A.A. flooring given to us by Savannah. In spite of these handicaps. our team is continuing to pro- gress rapidly, and there are good prospects for a Winning team next year. The student body is proud of the valiant eiforts of our basketeers to make this year's team a success. and respects the earnestness with which Coach Phillips has gone about coaching. TENNIS TEAM The tennis tournament was the means by which Coach Allums se- lected his net foursome. The team's schedule is as follows: The Baylor School, Chattanooga, Riverside Acad- emy, Boys' High, G. M. A., North Fulton. They have gotten off to a fine start, having beaten G. M. A. 4-1. Moore, Stephens. Hill, Jarrell, Allums BASEBALL TEAM Top Row: Hembree, Beiser, Woodward, McWhorter, Bledsoe, Pelham. Middle Row: Dowdy, Terry, Bishop, Couch, White, Edwards. Bottom Row: Russell, Marlowe, Dorsch, Nichols, Woodall. TRACK TEAM Top Row: Argo, Patrick, Greer, Boles, Weaver, Mullins, Camp, Cabe, Capps Middle Row: Baldwin, Heath, Prater, Cullens, Waldrup, Gesner, Morris. Bot- tom Row: Hill, Boggs, Seay, Connell, Kendricks, Newman. GOLF TEAM SWIMMING TEAM MvrFiit,HuNt9F.WilSOI1, BOFFY Front Row: Busbec, Haynes, Peters, Carlton, MCGQO Savuge. Back Row: Speck, Akins, Hobbs, Henderson Bostuin, Donnf-lly. HOCKEY TEAM Front Row: McLeroy, Glover, Wynn, Morrow, Johnson. Back Row: Jackson, Tucker, Bragg, Wofford, Reeves, Robinson, Harris. CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM Front Row: Driver, Brockmeyer, Kendricks, McLcroy. Back Row: Put- rick, Jackson. Part of the game... 'Q M , the pause Ki - is - .:rE5Ef1iE'E'::i SH hi 1 ff? T8 res BS All sii..Qf:,.-5? 'X ef 1. 5252553-:fl5E35?' ' 'iff' Y Tl ... e ...4 L 49459 'E' Nxixilx MEET 9 ' l'U"N'-- D M-43-6 THE ATLANTA COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. 864 SPRING STREET VErnon 7791 what ls a Courtesy of UNIVERSITY? HERFF JONES CO. Calling a group of buildings a "Uni- versity" doesn't make it a University! t -I real University IIlllSl have nuiney. inen. ideals, and standards: Adequate inuney for buildings. equipment. E 1 , M f f and operating expenses: S1-lmlarly nien, wliose love xc uslve ann acturers 0 of learning is animated -liy an even greater love of The Official Tech their fellowinen. fur a laeultyg Ideals of cllaracter and 4-undue! which tend to bring uut the best in the students natureg Standards of work which insure that every student will receive instruction of a quality fully appruverl ln the high-sl an-rediting agen -ies. ' ' ' PINS - CHAINS - TROPHIES lfnmry University Invites Your ln- quiriex on the Basis of this Uefinitiori t EMORY UNIVERSITY C. B. Wells, Rep. - Box 331 - Atlanta. Ga ATLANTA, GEORGIA THE TECH HIGH BAND UNIFORMS MADE BY SERVICE UNIFORM CO. "Uniforms for Every Purpose" 127 Whitehall Street, S. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Call JAckson 2406 Our Representative will be glad to discuss your uniform requirements without obligation on your part WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS THE ROSERY FLORIST First National Bank Building WAlnut 9401 Night Phone RAymond 0565 J. F. THOMPSON ENGRAVING COMPANY INVITATIONS - CARDS - STATIONERY 226 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia Tech High Uses REEDER St MCGAUGI-IEY SPORTING GOODS 52 BROAD STREET COME TO SEE US RAND 25 COMPANY, INC. 201 SPRING ST., N. W. ARCHITECTS' and ENGINEERS' SUPPLIES DRAFTING ROOM EQUIPMENT BLUE PRINTS PHOTOSTAT PRINTS "RACO" ENLARGEMENTS Georgia Avenue Dry Cleaners MRS. E. C. McCLENDON, Prop. "Let us Help You Look Your Best" 64 Georgia Avenue. S. E. Atlanta, Ga. MAin 5256 THE ZAKAS BAKERY Home Made BREAD - PIES - CAKES 195 Garnett Street. S. W. Phone WA, 6712-6713 Plaza Crichton's Business College Established 1885 FULLY ACCREDITED BY THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ACCREDITED COMMERCIAL SCHOOLS Secretarial Courses Including Stenotypy THE MACHINE XVAY IN SHORTHAND AND OTHER OFFICE MACHINES Way at Pryor Street WAlnut Day and Evening Classes 934 Enjoy Gardner DeLuxe Potato Chips PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES SALTED PEANUTS - PEANUT CANDIES BOWL AT BLICK'S Special Price for School Children lt's Fun - - lt's Exciting "Always in Good Taste" Z0 Houston St, Ponce de Leon at Highland University System of Georgia IN ATLANTA Junior College Work During the Day Evening College-Three Evenings a Week 162 LUCKIE STREET, N. W. -- Downtown . . . in the center of things - RANDALL BROS. Tennessee Egg Co., Inc. INCORPORATED 1. WHOLESALE CQAL L- LUMBER POULTRY - EGGS - BUTTER "since 1885" ,, 189 SPRING sT.. s. w. ATLANTA WAlnut 4711 WA"'uf 6775 FULTON SUPPLY Standard Pharmacy, Inc. COX 55 WHITE, PROPRIETORS - Prescription Druggists - Industrial - Textile - Contractors Phones: HE. 1503-4 'A' Toilet Articles, Drug Sundries, Statione y Soda Water, Cigars. Cigarettes. SUPPLIES and MACHINERY Tobacco, Em t CORNER NORTH AVENUE 342 Nelson sum. s. W. MAin 3400 AND LUCKIE STREET -- . For Wholesome Refreshment DRINK Carbonated Beverages ATLANTA CARBONATED BOTTLER'S CLUB Marsh Business College 249 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Ga. Georgia's Largest Newest Finest Best Located Best Equipped THE BETTER THE TRAINING-THE BETTER THE JOB Compliments of J UNKUNC BROTHERS JUNKUNC PADLOCKS Y- KEY PADLOCKS SAFETY HASPS 4 NIGHT LATCHES Patentees J unkunc Combination Padlocks THE KEISERS General Specialty Company Manufacturers and Distributors A. C. BANNERS. BADGES. CELLULOID A. C. JR. BUTTONS. FLAGS, FELT NOVELTIES, ETC. A. C. III COSTUMES FOR RENT and WAlnut 5lZ7 72 Broad St.. N. W. Atlanta, G,- Southern Bearing 8. Parts Co. CHAMPION KNITWEAR CO. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS. sHoP EQUIPMENT. Athletic Knitwear for Schools and Colleges "One Coach Tells Another" ROCHESTER. N. Y. TOOLS AND SUPPLIES 497 Peachtree Street. N. E. WAlnut 9379 KRISPY KREME Glazed Doughnuts Different -- Tasty -- Satisfying KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT SHOP 451 Ponce de Leon VEfn0n 9241 v IG. BONNER SPEARMAN, Owner and Manager MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY GEORGIA BLUE PRINT CO. DRAWING SUPPLIES BLUE PRINTS 1- BLACK PRINTS TOYS -- GAMES Pbotostat Prints q- Drawing Supplies SCHOOL SUPPLIES Enlargements - Engineering Equipment 119 LUCKIE ST., N. W. A .ATLANTA,'GA. 384 Forrest Ave" N' E' - Phone JAckson 2121 THE DRAUQIFION SCHOOL OF COMMERCE "In Quest of Quality" I ' Placement Department fills on an average more than forty positions monthly. High School gradua- tion and character references entrance requxrements. PEACHTREE AT BAKER STREET ATLANTA, GEORGIA For "Better Health and Mentul iAlertness" Eat - Compliments of ICE CREAM A A F IEND MODERN MILK as ICE CREAM co. R 325 Capitol Ave. MAin 1033 MORNING GLORY SANDWICHES GEORGE L. WILSON Sold ll'1 OUI' Cilfeteflil Agent fog' FfeSl2Df1ily CASCADE HEIGHTS - BEECHER HILLS KENMORE PARK - CASCADE MANOR FULTON SANDWICH CO. WEST END PROPERTIES 96 Edgewood Ave.. N. E. , Exclusively Atlanta' Georgia WAlnut 0516 2323 Cascade Road RAymond lO3l Our Band Steps Out in New Uniforms ShiCxRRl3R "S5853593RFi5 Q3i5I5245I5I5.iI-I:VI I'-:IRE-,1EEIE'E'I3E3k3ll3?Hi'S.:Iif :2"'.f.:F. 1" 'fifiilfliill' -'7 - I - , ': . - .4,.-i'.2'-If Z.-I:"Ei:Mt1:':1JS:1-I:-:6:,.:.E .I.-:.:' -C: I,gg:g:5g,,: e R, 1 . . Q :v ::,:I3'-,:?'- ' : f 1 ',:.::. :,,:':':g.,,..-v:gg::,,e,g:g35,gg5g5ug35gf23, 4 1 'W F. m M' H 4 ,4 I' cr-wg , W , ff - 1' ' , Vf 5 L V. r Y , r :mg M H 'dc ww-1..z4,f lf-if :ff 1-an - . Erwkv V .. Miz " A '.,,,ww, - Y W -- P ,Q ' Mg' w -. WE if 'I HU 1 4 mf nm mlm ., + , 1' ,Q r y 'Q ' , L ' n NI, fx, - L1 . ' A f' .3 fm Q, ' rppl..M44,-'K 4 ' 'raw f .4,,... 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