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 - Class of 1960

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Teaneck High School - HI Way Yearbook (Teaneck, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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f v 1- 1 K 'i 35 vi w is' 22 hi in Lii W :NE 35 if V4 .1 35 R 0 1 " ,I if 7 3, W. 1.1. F Q9. Q. 'K .a fx? . -5-f' 'T ' V' a A' w3'EE!5HH WW4Qi!G55',- Lil 'v'.1,2:E 1 "J:f2'3?'5f' ?is1YD'lR3F5WW5EiQ,W5W.GRUMB5'S' ,X X if F W? WM X may By gp We AV X A A 1 J f 4ff"fW 33 X f X MQ W, PR f fl r :Mm X 5 Q Fig 1 f , . Qf,.."bf, ,,,, f , , f ,gr, f ! g 7 ,f - ff s-r' f': ' ' ' f s f.-f.,.-516 ,, A I F-Ply? 3'-9 iq ,jvx-, - f 5 N Ax JV iff" I sf X , if ,J Q!! M U0 X 3 A 'L i GM fx if 1 1" 4 1 if K QU' f ML 'VL M , ' 1 ,J , N 1 L 1 f ' 1 f i ,fwy , , ff' 1 , , 1 L' Q 1 ' f :I ' X X 3 ,, ! 7 " ' M UAV ' X' J A XP V I , f :ph . , ' JU -VW L , I! ,JP 9 4, 6 f XJ Alf! by Q tid, QW WM Q Jeff 6 W of U 4, I U 1 If VJ' L , M f fb H W 1 9 A f 1 ,V w g . ' N? A V: K -TL -4 ' lv," ' 11 7 ff: 1 4 K ,, ' L , ' X, ,F ,, ,K V Q, - ff K ' . N . , , 1 , , ,A I 1 ,f J Q Lv, V-1 , fs J R: + , Xiu ,YW M ' J: IL- jg:-1 ' NX 'V 1 ' 4 f - ' I 5 5 ff ' C' 7 X5 , lv", N 1 x S 1 xx fx. Z Q A f Xfk X A , fl R ' "' ' ' 5' ,, fi c cf -- H Lo CQ., Leg, ,' A 3, W I Y A-L-L.-A-: I .-A : I 'il--3 if gf X av' P -" "" . 44.-'iz' -nf' -lg- . K 5. .-gn? X- J- ...ali fi i i f -3" ZR "W f 'Q -gf .vw .as ,p-'45 ,,. N1 1 M -B94 LL KXQLLQ, 'bu I 3.451444 Qiwxd xixugki. xv TNUL UXSLQX Cybxx LSL Qxm- H0 +'JQ3nQ, :yt QL X 2, X ff X 4 ,U Ax "' f X .ii N 2 rf- -1-f"1"""s -111 li' ,,,f"l- Q,-1+ :4-.1 -, ... Teaneck High School - ?.., ,- - , v, 741-9 "" W' Teaneck, New Jersey 'rf-X 4 I bf 4,-'..24rfvX .1 u,c.flf'1-1 2 , - , ., :'f-'25 X. Q K " sit Q I r 'fi K Af- " X 'D by --l"'5 "" kssn- I 1 !17M,7QgLc fx : -D A ,. I J ,,, t rx 'lg -ll 9 Q' 9 f Ql. ll ig? I i , xx i il ,, N ' I NK Y RV,ltl ly R it y YV lf Jw A X N F 'tj .., X i J .f V uxuvw i ,J Jlx 1 s ,x 554 it KW N' ll' xx - ,X-Q X31 x Rx - ...... -422' '41 ,Aq y NK , V i s or J, Wi i . sg? " it 5 lf 5 X fn -. Q! x Y 1 bk N , K' J 4 . i it li ii t bl it J -Q V , ll X uf xi X1 ' ll x AM 44,4 Q5 ' X 'I XXX l . fx - I jllx 'BJ K l XM X I lub - J KT V XY Q! li F JWK Q! is l lJ Al sly fs itll - S9 M A Y F ii -db 'gl X' F J W . ,ff N. Sl ll ll . R. Nl ,UL V A ll A y A. V il , , f ,f gi 5 3 u X .X U xi lrli f .Bly lxl W t fyltl X if l" 1 1 Americans inherit from Jthe sys KJ X-f' i l K , ' A i XP past no tales of gods whose cou ryxf if jf f ageous and passionate deeds A make a mythology. We inherit, J rather, a folklore-tales of the lv' men whose courage to laugh at J, their troubles and whose passion to dream and adventure made a country. Because our folklore is so imaginatively human, its beau- ty and truth are enduring. When- ever a new generation of Americans rediscovers truth and courage for its own youth, in that past youth of America, our folk- lore is reborn. The covered wag- ons roll on to new frontiers. i I l ,J Xt' 1 7 MLW Wwggwg A ' - gg, .20-if Wai 4 I l ALJ xv , K4 A 47f,,L,.. r,,. 7 , l 1. ' ff-ijfawtdfjkf Jw XJJJX 'A MJ 52 Mywk wwf M77 QM . ' -I V' ,fp fvL-C:C- -"'L'yKc7 l. - 52 YW I M! I ' Avo J, .41-QL641-47' FA S ,fix-if 'V f SAF and Eb ' WM U' A INISTQA jfwuzf LM W V Vwafw ff fn-W! . if t Ya, N X me Q Q' -A N ' f K B 5 - -Ill' :, x 1 'pr Y J, 2125 oncrwlom . L ' P9154 N 1 ,. J mv ' ' I N L Wig , , l 1 i A! il . 4 S I J, ,lfixl U ' T IX '79 ' 'DORT ., 7 - X S1136 S XHX Q ' PQESAONS h: X I ,novERTxsERS ,f-Z. '+L x V , X x K M, Q XXX! X , Q J X QX ' P 5 I A 3 C -X dk ' x , 'kqyff' jjj PL " X ff XXX ' '5 . J " ' X CLU3 JA ' JE ff SL ' XX S yu W N w X R ' XJ . fx I XXXX 'X -A ' ' 'f V fi . 54 x X Ali, . , X -,NX :lf , f ,f ' fxjj Ak 1 ' ' ,V A , Vs A rf WP QX6 BX Xl 9 X HRH' X 4 X XX A N WM! 4 JM W V g , X J 4 M 5 1 r Q1 .f q' ,aww My J Jiwgl QP I W 9,,wJ9NPmW QMR1 f W 3 V W . fc My wf' ff , ' U xiwv I ,1 0, 5 I AA , Dj! b1'S'.'1 ' JV 1' ? ,own My 'fig-' 'vw bi 7' , f I ,fl SSM? In X X N m W7 ,fffY E N ,ff S! , X! SN W L:-.SA 'J Q QQWQE ADCMINISTRATION an FACULTY Uncle Remus himself would not be able to explain in our language the values in his teaching, in his wisdom. But, perhaps Brer Rabbit, the most clever of his friends would have seen and said, "lt ain't so much dat he tell yuh what he know, as dat he help yuh understan what yuh didn, know yuh know'd." ad '-ZQIQ I f- f 7 1 MR. JAMES L. WINN, B.S.. M.S. Board of Education 'mnfviv MISS HELEN B. HILL. B.A., M.S. Principal "There was never any heart truly great and gra- cious that was not also tender and compassionate." The Class of '60 has spent six years under Miss Hill's supervision. During these years her greatness has manifested itself in many different fashions, but we have felt it most through her genuine warmth and compassion. .Wx 'edward' ., Vice Principal in Charge of Instruction Ph.B.. M.S. Vice Principal in Charge of Administration MR. BERNARD 0. THOMAS, DR. THEOS ANDERSEN. Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools "All teaching depends on a certain presentiment and preparation in the taught." While each new year was the beginning of a new experience for us, it was also the consummation of a great deal of preparation done by others. Dr. Andersen, as supervisor of this preparation, has made all of our years worthwhile, for which we are sincerely thankful. ADMIN ISTRATIUN "The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future lite." Both Mr. Winn and Mr, Thomas have personally super- vised our education, Mr. Winn in our daily in- struction, and Mr. Thomas in the administrative department. Their guidance can only lead us in one direction--success. Sitting: Dr. H. Wein- berger, Dr. R. Biddle, Mr. D. Sather, Mrs. R. Hen- rikson, Mr. A. de Genaro tPresidentJ. Standing: Mr. H. Green tAttorneyJ, Mr. F. Burr, Mr. T. Ley, Mr. G. Larson, Dr. T. Anderson lSuperintendent of Schoolsj, Mr. H. Burdge CSecretaryl. Not Pictured: Mr. W. Boite. 'ffl-I S. ,f ii- lq. -lb 'Q x .14 ef' Mr. L. Roache, Testing Miss J. Kopf, M.A. Testing 41 V'- Miss M. Haerter, Mrs. M. Casey, 8.5. B.A. Student Employment Attendance J , Q, " mi? f -Q, , ' 'Q' ,X , A , f f Q 6 , 4 ,. 1 f 1 , gf ' ff V, , .6 5, 1, . 1, :ff f ' 1 ' f "' 9 J' Mr. A. Madsen, H M.Ed. Audio-Visual Aids W zgjly, ,, 1 Mr. J. Follayter, M.A. Librarian iff, FS 4'-Rf if -'un-.-Q.. Miss J. Pfeil, B.A. Senior Guidance Director Ig , W- Mrs. H. Russell, R.N. Nurse 9 -we my if K fx V 4. Mr. C. Gunner, 8.5. Director of 'Athletics New Mr. J. Pape, M.S. Senior Guidance .Y ' ' I i in QV7 'I f,,, Am Miss I. Selden, B.A. Dietician J J we G ,.- w . L. . Miss E. Tepper, M.A. Supervisor of Activities MW ,vw-ww.. Mr. H. Priester, M.A. , Director of Buildings and Grounds .dow Mr. A. Dubin, A.B., M.A. MATHEMATICS I H . . V I I -. . - - . 3 I X . 1' - ' ' Q 'U' s 8 -V., rf .V -V 4...-. ' , '-4 A R f . v ' ' . .s ' ' v--f5,.if.,.-Iwi. - I . - Mr. J. Garcia, B.S.. M.A. is W G 'Cf x ' ' a Mr. H. Mion, B.A. 41'-Q ' A zi ,Q U 2 1 X I 7 Mr. R. Emmet, B.A., M.A. If . 1 fm., f Wi Mr. A. Madsen, M.Ed. 4, Mr. S. Graetz, jx-Mrs. M. Harrison, B.S. fx Mrs. M. Renda, SCIENCE B.S. . 'W Q, AL .I gnu.. 1 1 1 'Q yi Mr. B. Savage, A.B., A.M. . mf A 'A M .. .Li -AM ya WK! . x"' Mrs. L. Fink, Mr. C. Korn, B.A. B.S. K in . 'fi KW ,fx b -.5-5',,Nif. . C'Q- ' f MY- P- NOMS. Mr. J. Rosen, A B.S. B.S. of M.E., A.E. CQ wigs , KN, Mrs. M. Cassidy, B.S. "C 'lv tv' Mr. E. Law, A.B. Chairman , X' js w. f lx - .1 Mr. L. Slater, B.S..M.A. if .ff 5- Miss M. Baumbach, B.A. QP Mr. J. Lowe, B.S., M.A. 'x . Q fl iv! A Mr. W. Scaglitti, B.S. rc-A Miss E. Foster, B.A.. M.A. 'Q I in x N Mr. J. Lowell, A.B.. A.M. 1 X -up ' E X Miss A. Busche, B.S. Chairman L 'F Mr. A. Lurie, B.S.. M.A. l .. .M ' x 5 5 , ss. -- E' wx X. -- K e Mr. W. ,'5hyn'iansky as., M.A. .. 1- ... . "E Hi . 'Y Q ri A ENGLISH .M- Mvs. M. Dill, Mrs. G. Duffy, B.A. B.S., M.A. L, .. 'cz' . 5- 75 . ?.s I . i . Miss N. Kolisch, B.S. B.S,. M.A. Mr. D. Ryan, B.S. HISTURY Mr. P. Gallo, Mr. D. Kouba, B.A. B.A. Mr. S. Levenson, Mr. J. Church, B.S.. M,A. v 2 6 i0 A Mr. E. Duperret, B.A.. M.A. 9 W' gy, If ff sf. Mrs. N. Lowe, B.A. " ' . Q 4 I -1 1 Mrs. M. Shelby, A.a.. A.M. 45-s. it Y 1 1' in Z! 1 'b mg, Miss G. Allen, A.B.. A.M. 'Ebb Mr. G. Martino, B.A. 'Ax t. 2 'YK . JH 'sv Miss V. Cundari, B.A.. M.A. - 1 Mr. J. Duranleau, B.S.. M.A. Mr. W. Moore, A.B., M.A. Chairman 1. 1 fri" Miss E. Smith, A.B., M.A. lr" Mr. J. Arvanefes, B.S. Mr. L. Paine, B.A.. LL.B.. M.A. Chairman W-J , K " 455, WV , I 4 --ii ' 1 , "Wig 9 Miss A. Curran, B.A., M.A. L- . an-4. f ,,. '58 . 3 Miss J. Egan, Ph.B.. M.A. I -.. Qu Q. Mr . F. Perini, B.A. n. ft - .xjx 1 Ya' ,. fi. Miss H. Smith, B.A.. M.A. -N .. X tt.- .fr I ll 1 f f ' 2 1 ff 75, 1 - if f.-4+ , N , 1, A. . Q., 4,4 Miss A. Brady, B.S. , f my-,Q,yfL: W , f,,,q.f ,. ,,,., W! . I . an .2555 WW Mr. M. Smifh, B.A.. M.Ed. ' f . Wg ,Wx 4, R ...z :ffm Mr. J. Frey, A.B., M.A. , 1 . 3' 4 - Q 1 A, 1 I Z' ' A Miss V. Prichard, B.A., M.A. -V ' 'VIZ' ' ,M ' ' 1 m???'2 Mrs. J. Sumner, B.A. . PM E 4 4... ,, Mr. D. Breisch, B.S. .2143 432741: J , -, 47. ' ' :Vf".3z:'.-. P aka Mr. J. Webb, A.B.. B.D. LANGUAGE .wev- 2 ,rfwgg Mrs. J. Arvanetes, B.A. Gag AWSRHA , Mr. F. Falk, Miss R. HGSS, . s.s.. M.A. s.s., M.A. Chairman K' .ii r Q. kc, M Ny Mr. A. sher, Miss R, Walker, B.A., M.A. A.B.. M.A. Mrs. S. Kushel, B.A., M.A. Mrs. R. Zimmerman, B.A.. M.A. GUIDANCE CUUNSELLURS f i N .J ,O UUMMEREIA 1 A V - , A 5 .ZX 1, f ,. ' ' f Q 1 at ...1 1.83. . i fr , , 1 ' 1 x , , r'.,. , 4 V LA' f , A ' 2 .12 A 74245, +' A M' 1 1 A Mr. G. Kushel, Mr. J. Lammcrs, B.S., M.A. B.S. A X X ,, -X NAM A 4 WT SQ, V Mrs. M. Mclntyrc, B.C.S. 'ev-J' Miss P. Bennett, A.B., M.S. Mrs. K. Lischer, ' 3. 1: xii... lf' .: K Qi ?.Lpf, L X 1 Mr. J. Carter, B.S.. M.Ed. I..- Mrs. M. Nosach, i B.S. B.A. -. i I' ' . A , Nix yy ' 5 . A . ' f I f ' FWF . .Z 1 A GWAH .4 iff f g .J . e , ' g . 1,4 xi , 42- 5 K 1 . if 4: 1:1-r 2. -Q :A , 'I fa T' kf l Mr. F. Corkery, B.S.. M.A. Mr. M. Amato, B.S.. M.A. Mr. F. Duffy, B.S. Mrs. C. Dugdale, A.B.. M.A. f X yi X Q " 5 1 .- , ff' . 5 EN 5 Mrs. M. Danckwerth B.S., M.A. Sl? Y- Q if .Q N im bus .'-2 .vii i f ! N. .. .V . ' K V4 ' 'Q iq, X- LSNT 5 1 .. . Mr. W. Powiey, B.S. Miss D. Devany, B.A., M.A. 1 Miss P. Scrippets, L' B.A. . -4. Uff L1 i' . V i L, q,...f L Mrs. E. Geary, B.S. Mr. J. Gibba, M.A.. B.A. Mr. C. Earlin, B.C.S. Chairman Not Pictured Mrs J. Mally, B.S. PRACTICAL if ARTS ...In Miss C. Feller, B.S. W . ,L ' as , . 'T AQ 1 Mr. P. Puro, Mrs. H. Wolfeiler, B.S. B.S. RR' Mr. A. Fleising, Mrs. M. Kiss, B.S. MUSIC , 9 DRIVER EDUCATIUN A624 ymwwwwj ,,f,..,,. A Mr. C. Mafticola, B.S., M.A. B.S.. M.A. 4 , Mr. G. Mairs, B.S.. M.M. wi f .K . 5 Mr. H. R. Muse, B.S., M.A. .r , 9. , II .21 , A4 SPECIAL CLASSES M sf IA Mr. F. Armour, rdf., , MIM? B.S., M.A. +3 Wt A 4 fi F1 47 K . 3: I l . PHYSICAL EnUcAT1uN WAV? . f I 'J X, ' - 7 Q fx ' 0 I , .iv . Z! Miss Mr. J. Cervino, A. B.A., M.A. II.I. . ,, ',f. I , I .V V , ZW .1i" f vi .41 ZZ. I ,Ive If I 'fyff ,,f, . A , I ,L f ' w f -ww .fhifj fjfw , J ,' f if ffrfrq . . 2 AAS? irfii ZQZEVCEW ff4+T3Q, .ii' Mr. C. Gunner, Mr. J. Misko, MY- J-SRM' Miss zsnoller' B.S. B.S., M.A. Chai-rgnan 13 Mrs. A. Lathen, B.S.. M.A. 5 'J Mrs. C. Mitchell, B.S. A 'I .J-." Q F f' . s.. x, . Mr. R. Myers, B.S. 0 "hr, 'M M' . .J .Maw V. , , X V . I I . . , . 1' .2 Mrs. J. Morien, B.S. . 1' K . 1? I , J .V an I ' 4 In ,, .. Iv I W 'A L . A'. i x- . , , f if J m JY I . I nm: -1 -I . L Miss C. Guerber, A.B. C h a I r m a n Wm '7-f '- if , ,f I " gd I ff ' Miss N. Uber. B.S. , j ,f X Mr. F. Pasquini B.A. ...5 'sg . h , , 1' QTIVJVV Mrs. R. Ricci, B.M., M.M. Qbg, Y sf . '1' 5,1 wr I V 3. K 'M Q ,f AIU- ,Q 1 . 5 15 M 1 Mr. R. Vollmer B.A. A-. .kwin V, 1"-'Y , ,M f sry, Mrs. S. Zellea, B.A. r X f 1 . ' I I .ww fsv 1 Miss Gertrude Allen DEDIEATIUN We thank you for what you have taught us, in subject and by precept. We thank you for showing us the difference between super- ficial knowledge and the deep core of learning for which one has to dig. Because you were not easily satisfied with our performance, you made us sterner judges of our own abilities. You taught us how to work. And at every moment you were YOU, for which we are grateful. Your brisk, almost stern exterior does not hide, but rather en- hances, the you that is revealed in eyes that laugh with us and in a smile, complete because it is sincere. You have dedicated yourself to us, Miss Gertrude Allen, and in our turn we dedicate to you our l96O Hi-Way with a solemn promise to profit from your example. I5 5 ZZ-'...--QS It 6...E"-"R t -y Mt J ,g 1' n Q I HQ! x W 5U Nz ,. 1 5 f :jf N 'f N we ,Xe eww. .,,.,MxfQ XX X N xv--1 XX---N ,.. MA.. Xl-X L5 t,XXtt t QQ ---- Johnny Appleseed knew t there ns a time to plant and th Q.. Q " X X IS a time to Ls -1' T fig ' X has been p . x9' gg -ffl '95 725. """"-"""' Q ."', X r a .x X3 at .A dj ""' 'II 4' ,. X 4 K if jkk xi 1:7 A P' xfi 'N ' lf m M V Wff H7 'IA VSVW T- X xl- XLf1'k,.J' N .. X...,w ' W h I d hve X'--H+' N dd b h et X li' -F-'T " VJ X X A F-H H ff! 7 Y YYV! 7 Y lr 7 7 C i ,-4--i'-"""i y 1,1- bs" l Sandra Adler Adler n. fpat. adleratus, -a, -um -pertaining to actressesl l.Any of the species recognized by their beautiful voices and long, dark pony tails. 2. Usually found watching TV or listening to music. Synonyms: Actress, speech thera- pist. -was ': 3 3 'G Z 'U 5' 0 I Ill O at hi , . . ., c - . . ,... Q-F ggi'-E":,g. - ' He never ponders over anything too long. His free and easy nature is not easily upset, although he does occasionally shout "Holy Moses" when a plate of "Ronzoni sono buoni" is placed in front of him, or when he receives zeros in mechanical drawing class. Sometimes he also breaks up with laughter at his own or others' jokes. I8 Regina Adobody It was worth petitioning to keep Regina in Teaneck High School another year. Living up to her queenly name, Regina skates re- gally. When the ice melts, she goes swimming, which is another of her favorite sports. When she isn't outdoors, she's indoors, watching television and listening to records. Regardless of what she is doing, Regina always has fun. Qc? Robert E. Aiello 'Courtesy is contagious,' and if all people who meet Bob catch it from him, the age of chivalry will not die. After 'fearfully leaving his alma mater, Bob plans to go to college and become a teacher, We'll always remember Bob for the help he was forever willing to give his many friends in need. 'w N .. 1 . - ,Q - .XZ-+ fi X o ffiz I, A -if ffl-- -L 1 fi -J -i -r-X- 'ii Q! 1. i of as , To ' A S. s .: -esxksxss is X ,gl Z S--s I iTli iwxsjx x si ,J P eXbm:o':1:i. x li X-J . 'Q .-sisgsgxff B tw I se--X-ffsfeias " i isa: -- N xll 4QiQ9is'i" " . ,I i e- ' C I f' 7? .fi-a ,T-gf e i' ilg I 'fi FN -J.siKfB':-iff L'ri1', '15, X B-ii ,g xf' " '- aa ' Q 1 James Anas Sportswise, Jim is up with the top. He has been awarded trophies in bowling and basketball, but his favorite sports are weightlifting and swimming. Daniel Boone didn't enioy trapping and observ- ing animals as much as Jim. Maybe he charms them with his Latin American music, his favor- ite. After studying business ad- ministration, Jim will be a broker. Susanne Andresen "Here she comes, Miss America." Not yet, but if Sue continues with her modeling she is bound to hear this song. lf not her activities in her church group and the Tri-Hi-Y, her wit and her interest in others will lead her to college, teaching and her ultimate goal, accomplish- ing something for her fellow-men. --I 1 x I vt Joseph Alper Brain surgeon? This is a career? Yes, it's a career -Joe has been planning a long time. Everyone has to like Joe, not because it's a law, but because he's one of the nicest guys around. A versatile boy, J-oe loves music and hero sandwiches. Realization of one's ambitions is important to Joe. Ellen Ansel Ellen is best described by her friends as a good and sincere friend. Always fun to be with. this girl is active in many school organizations. Also a fine student, Ellen received Sequence Honors. When not in school, Ellen likes t0 window shop, listen to pop or semi-classical music. Ahead lies college, then a teaching career. in Steve Apollo Resembling the Greek god of the sun minus his chariot, this modern Apollo churns across the track as a miler on the team. l-le loves sports, both participating and writing about them as the sports editor of the Te-Hi News. After doing his homework Steve ears breakfast. Enjoy it while you may: In medical school who has time to eat? Patricia Ann Ashford Heads or tails, whatever way you look at it, it's Penny. She has a priceless sense of humor and in- valuable athletic prowess which insure her success as a physical education teacher. Marching along on her fleet feet, Penny plays a "fare" flute. Boys are always chasing "Rainbow" girls, of which Penny is a member. Valerie Arth Arth ri. 1Lat. arthica-a jovial, merry sportswomanl l.An Arth is characterized by a jovial bounciness, a powerful laugh, a happy smileg hence an Arth creates good humor, causes smiles, laughs, and chuckles with no effort. 2.A sports enthusiast. 3.A capable nurse. ssi- : S xg K 3 335 LQ- - e ig.: 3 i ll X . f E we X N-i nigga had ""' "--, ' , AgQi l J j S N ' , we , J N E tx -M :X lj A 5 N 1, L ,ji ' Q ' '25-451 A 0- ' ff' ft 4 its' iQ gg . E .ll ' K eyE 4. -'53 ' Ti EE., :L s-:T ii - --" Diane Atran Do re mi fa so la ti do She's a female Enrico Caruso. Entering advertising field is her desire. No wonder, she has great art and creative abilities. Dede will never forget her great teachers in her junior year. She invented a wooden support for golf balls called a Dede Tee. Either singing or dancing, she will achieve her well-deserved success. 'Q .SSL Eleanor Baer These are the Baer essentials: consummate charm, wonderful wit, plenteous personality, opulent op- timism, playing piano. What does Ellie plan to do with these Baer essentials? She plans to take up the Good Neighbor policy as an in- terpreter of the Spanish language. We wish you mucho success, an ff Betty Ann Ascher Euterpe, the muse of music, must have visited Betty Ann when she was younger in order to have given her so much talent. Betty hopes to use this talent to enter- tain millions with her musical compositions. Lively conversation and skill at bridge are two of her diversified talents. Success will follow Betty Ann as surely as CMI follow cb. Ellen Jane Bailey "A cheerful temper will make beauty attractive, knowledge de- lightful and wit goodenaturedf' Ellen proves the truth of this statement. Her individuality, as- serted by her beautiful eyes, will be appreciated as much by the students of the college she chooses as it has been by us, l9 an Cathy Bao .Character and personal force are the only investments worth any- thing." Her investments have already paid off. Per annum she has received: tenth grade - presi- dent of Leader's Club, eleventh grade-veep of Student Council, twelfth grade-Junior Citizen of the Month Award. When Cathy leaves, a little bit of Teaneck High School will leave with her. Helaine Baskin Headed for teaching, A Playcrafter supreme, Helaine is a credit To any school scene. Fond of talking And full of pep, "Boy are you stupid" lf you think she's not hep. 20 X Yi i V WV i -A X X 'Tj' l' . - gg sg . X Q, g + A, Ei S l "V, ' E? 5 i .. ,,-S , s-A X g-QX-A 4 X X 'Q c , ,A N ll' i-1' 1 f, 3 s Fig 2 'il 'il' is ' U il' it N Q lil 'th 'K ' 1' A le x ' ' -- -'ll-1, , 1 5 e-.l ' ,SS f. -wuz: Kenneth J. Barr Kenny is as nice a guy as anyone can find, "Barr" none. Kenny is a fine athlete, baseball, basket- ball, and football ranking'high on his list. You'll also find him driving around in his "bomb." Kenny holds special memories for Mr. Dubin and Mr. Slater. Kenny will enter the printing business. Hopes to make a lot of money. wmv Edward R. Baumbach He may be called "Easy Ed" but he has the courage of his convic- tions and endorses his beliefs by living them. After good back- ground as standout end on the football field this year, Ed plans to teach physical education. Not a one-sport man, he's almost ready to be assigned a golf handicap. With his looks and personality, golf will be the only thing at which he's handicapped. Gary Bashian Gary will never forget Mr. Headly's algebra class-last year. Gary will never forget our fabulous football team-last year. He likes: riding in Caminez's car with the top down, tennis, water sports and honesty in others. Who will ever forget his schnozz in a cast? X anim--ff Marsha Baumfield "That's cute." What's cute? She's cute, Marsha Baumfield. A sDrin- kle of freckles, a long brown pony tail and bright blue eyes may be characteristic of a million girls, but add tuna fish sandwiches and carrot strips and you've got Marsha. Her experience in dood- ling will help her interpret ink blot tests when she becomes a psychologist. 4"'i 'Vt ire'-v' Linda Gail Baron nurse! a A call resounds, "A nurse! My kingdom for a nurse!" galloping school- and Linda will come straight from nursing either because she likes drama or has become a nurse. At any rate, she is planning to go to nursing school and does participate in a Drama Club. On the side, she listens to progressive jazz and draws cartoons. Fred Bayerlein After high school Fred says he'll servehis hitch in the Navy. Dur- ing his- spare time as a sailor Fred will Venioy either remembering our glorious '58-f59 football season, turning on his favorite radio sta- tion, which will be playing rock 'n' roll or himself playing a really 9005 game of rough and tumble football. i Y? Diane Monica Marie Beatty "Happiness is the supreme obiect of existence." Diane is not only pleasing to the heart, but also to the eyes. Her wonderful sense of humor can raise anyone's spirits. This zany gal loves progressive jazz and Thanksgiving day football games. Because of her artistic talents, Diane will have no trouble in the field of art or fashion. Fran Berns Football and day-dreaming Are close to Fran's heart. She helps out in the V.P.O. And really does her part. She hopes to be a stewardess Her home will be the skies, She'll always be remembered For enormous blue eyes. xl! X X! X i f f? 2 Tru e-.,,,,.. Rita Berger To jump right into her career Would put the horse behind the cart. First she'll work as a secretary And then go onward into art. Rita has a lot of talent, Employed by the Art Service Squad. She's known for her shoe col- lection Which, to put it mildly, is odd. Margery Bernstein "Margie, l'm always thinking about you, Margie." After all, one look into those beautiful blue eyes and you would tool Getting a warm welcome at her arrival in T.H.S. will never be forgotten. if friendliness, sincerity, and warmth are assets for happiness, then Margie has no problem. Endless success in fashion merchandising is inevitable. ,L a t , i ze Cm 4' .uf , -:'ffJ- , ' . Dave Berman lf you've thought that Sherman's march through Georgia was some- thing you've never seen Berman's march through an opposing soccer team, Dave's always neat as a pin in his dress and on the wrestling mat. After high school Dave plans to engineer his way into a college of engineering. V - ,I I ,VN -at " i df- A ' z 'V wwe-1 -ra., i . V. if WWW! 116253-w 7 Ma Russell L. Biddle You'll probably see an oyster wearing a pearl necklace before you'll see Russ sitting home doing nothing, He's got to be doing something. Russ loves dating, football, and all water sports. It took loads of material to make Russ's De Molay jacket fit over his 6' 5" frame. Russ has one persistent habit, howeverg he keeps making friends tof all the nervel. fqwfvwif' Michelle Bendien Don't draw any conclusions about Mickey until you have seen Mickey draw. She is wonderfully adept with any medium of art, be it oils, pastels, charcoal, et. al. Mickey's colorful personality and warm insight are also reflected in her art work as well as her tech- nical skill. We paint a bright future for her. Richard Biedermann Richard bears the weight of re- sponsibility well. He admirably carried 'Old Glory' with its forty- eight stars, perhaps due to his weight-lifting, but could he handle fifty? Among his other star- studded achievements are singing in the church choir, and being a star scout and scoutmaster. Richard fulfills his own ideal of physical fitness and firm character. 2l T . '46 ,-- bx : k' . Y W ' T .itr ' N i ts NW 3 i J, RSX X..- Yea? ,T t it 15 '-ra, ' 5 - . ,Qi l Abby Binger Poetry-"thoughts that breathe and words that burn." lt is apropos that this phrase almost approaches a description of Abby, who loves the arts, whose enthus- iasm for all she does makes others enjoy sharing her rich and varied experiences, whom we will always remember as one remembers a "jolie" poem. U' me Barbara Aline Blanchard Directions for a "shortie" souffle: Take one cup of spirit, a dash of individuality and a dash of loaf- ing. Add beautiful hands and eyes and an interest in modern dancing. Flavor with one red wig and bake at torrid temperature. iEnough to make anyone faint on the march- ing fieldl. This "shortie" souffle will major in psychology in college, fir---"""L Arthur V. Block A. V. Block is a newcomer to Teaneck High School. Yet June, 1960, will find him enriched by many newfound friends. An af- fable guy, he has a remarkable talent for fooling around with ham radios and HiFi sets. He enjoys classical music and handball es- pecially. This boy has all the qualities to achieve his goal- electrical engineering. Lawrence Blumberg Blumberg adj. !Lat. blumbus- activel 1.Pertaining to constant activity. Z.A blumberg person may mean one who is tall and lanky, who likes to eat, and who enjoys tennis and basketball. 3. More specifically, used to mod- ify those vvho are always busy with school activities, from service organizations to Hi-Way publicity. bf 'f-M--fr Adrienne Blel A book, is a book, is a book. Adrienne hopes to be a librarian. She was secretary of the New Jersey School Library Councils Association and active in the school library council for three years. In her spare time she enioys reading and listening to records of all kinds. QT' Ruth Bodenstein If Ruth ever becomes a lady Senator, they'll have to abolish the filibuster privilege. This gal can really talk, but her friends wouldn't have it any other way. She's as neat as a pin land you know how neat they arel. Always on the move, always eager for a great time, Ruth would get bored in a two flight elevator ride if she wasn't doing something. 22 Ellen G. Blaney When it comes to school spirit, "Blaney" is in step. She's headed for nursing Brimming with pep. Where there's Sports or Leaders' Club That's where she'll go: She's charitable and friendly A pleasure to know. fi""fei?Q A Y Tx . 5, -FY. is . Riff. 3.-A ' I - it-, X X t. , x ..' " - . xx -- . 3..- . ' -X. wwf -- f X ,sw Tziiff' . A. 1 X Xa' Tx-.1 . K ' SQ K' ss. .Af 1 ' R - .. h Q ' few 1 X, 1 N y. 1 -. 1 i A . S X - s Ernest Boehlert "I didn't know it was loaded." Straight-shooting Ernie is gunning for success after high school. He sets -his sights on being a big shot in his own gun-smithing business. Ernie gets a big bang out of rock fn' roll. hunting and target shoot- Ing. He seems destined for sure- fire success. ig ' L me , 5 is Z .E if i ' of-be - i' ia 2 a sa f- : - e-g i T YA - --A i .-,, XC., C'EEiQ3 'Z fl osx i i life N - I " tx 1, ,xggilgga - ' 4 -. Ss i 'Nyl xii e Q is s y N A "eN we were X - 5 ' . ,, As i X f ' X h ici' X xx X --.J if XX ? ' Fee i-l 1 gb if .. ' Q Eric Allen Boswell X , . James Bott J.B. is headed for college and eventual work in his fathers busi- ness. A fine replica of the American teenage male, Jim en- joys various sports, rock 'n' roll, girls and sleeping. His friends find him an understanding and faithful companion and will re- member him for this as well as his knack for get-ting eighth periods. fi 3 ltr' MM Felix Braendel He plays guitar but is not Elvis Presley. Loves folk music but isn't a member of Kingston Trio. Reads pocket books but .isn't an English teacher. Bombs around in his Studebaker but doesn't even know Lance Reventlow, Loves girls as shown by "Wowl Did you see that girl?" Who could it be? None other than "Fips" Braendel. "Look down, look down that lone- some road" and you'll see Eric, affectionately known as Boozewell, running UD to get another intra- mural letter as a track star. When recuperating from a long day's run, Eric plays the guitar or throws around a basketball or football. Getting off the beaten track, Eric l'l0Dg2s to someday be an electronics engineer. 41" if Susan Braunschweiger Writer of that famous song-"I could have danced all year," She loves dancing so much, that every place she visits, the rugs are already rolled. Boy, can she talk!l "You're kiddinof' Yes, we are. ln reality, Sue is chock full of friendliness. When Susan becomes a nursery school teacher, Mother Goose will lose her job. 23 1-na, N..- Steve A. Bott It's Bott to be good. There's no botts about his grand old party. Besides attacking F.D.R. Steve digs Rocky and hockey, ie. Rockefeller and the New York Rangers, After college Steve plans to teach and later go into government service. Steve always amuses everyone with "l don't know anything. I didn't study." awes- 's...,f ta Zsigu 25-z Q nf ff? .K 'L . .swf ggigigf' .mfg-t7?Ny:'fiZw4'! ' .ffiegilpi 11-",ff'f -A ",r,,,fn.'. AMN ,- rife 5,14 ,gow ,mtg . .,.,f i. mama. ,..f- - . ,,:... - -..J-.,r,, 441 2 Kelley Brennan See the U.S.A. in his Model A, None of these new-fangled mod- ern cars for Kelley, His six foot three frame iust won't fit. A "bowler" from way back, if he's not in a bowling alley, he's taking care of his bowls of tropical fish. If you've got any secrets, tell Kelley. He knows how to get news circulated and should keep every- body in college well-informed. .2-n "L ' . ' A ' Qty , xi 'X A ' 6 iilllfltbo' 3 f , 2 , 4 r 'I lil, '35 ,Q ' Q if L 4 i, 33 itil ivgifit 1 li ,1 :si ka Ronald Boyajian Ronnie has made his imprint on THS with his wonderful sense of humor, his sincerity l"who did the Chemistry homework?"l, his abil- ity to fix cars and hi-fls, and his swinging interest in progressive jazz, Ronnie will also leave his imprint on whatever he does in the future. He plans to become a photoengraver after college. Richard Charles Breunich With a cloud of smoke, with a hearty bang, the Lone Chemist rides again. Rich's basement is chock full of chemical equipment and an insect collection that won prizes at the North Jersey Science Fair, "Oh great!" says Rich and he is. A loyal friend, Rich will be a welcome addition to any science laboratory. Patricia Briceio "Welcome ever smiles and farewell goes out sighing." All through high school we've smiled with Pat who was welcome everywhere, not only due to her cheerful smile and pretty face but also for her willingness to work hard. Now it's farewell to this linguist, already speaking Spanish fluently, who will be studying Arabic at the American University of Beirut. . p vw 'V 'wwf Robert Bridge When you come to it, here's one bridge who is never cross, After finishing college Bob wants to enter the world of business. After school he enjoys fooling around with his car. His rollicking sense of humor will help Robert bridge many a gap in the future. l i H? f f D lX ii Q if' liver, me Susan Brody Brody v., very active fLat. brodare -to cavort graciously while enjoying just about everything! 'l. To be cheerful and friendly toward others, to make friends, to be kind. 2. To try sincerely to do one's very best. 3. To enjoy sports, rnusic, dancing. Gene Bronstein "Music hath charms . . ." Gene, who loves music and someday hopes to become a music profes- sor, also has many. The charm of musical speech has brought her many awards in N.F.L. The charm one gains from diversified inter- ests also belongs to Gene. She likes classical and folk music, drama and driving, Plato and progressive jazz. Barbara Brightly Barbara beamed brightly in biology class. Tri-Hi-Y's trusty transcript- er in her senior year. lt seems service, singing and socializing are special to this senior. Presiding over pre-adolescents will occupy her post-pedagogical years. We bestow our blessings upon her. t IBN Ellen Hall Brotherton "Three treasures-love, and light, and calm thoughts." Ellen, whose name means "light" in Greek, has these three. She is a "great friend," "sincere," and "honest" She plays the oboe in the regional band, concert band, and the orchestra, and enjoys all kinds of music. Nursing is her chosen career. lx Carol Ann Brizzi To Carol belongs a voice that can be heard gaily shouting, "For crying out loud." To Carol belongs a lively spirit and sense of humor that make everyone around her happier. To Carol belongs enjoy- ment of reading, T.V. and driving, And all these belongings will be shared with her college friends and the high school class she will teach. N x 'si Gary Brown Men in uniform hold a fatal attraction for women--a fact which is pleasing to Gary, whose tentative plans for the future in- clude a career in the Service and whose list of interests includes girls. But this tall, handsome senior doesn't need the uniform. His personality and sense of humor will help him reach all of his goals. 24 i Kurt G. Brown Kurt, whose name means "able in council," has lived up to his name by actively participating in many school organizations. The student council, library council, class cabi- nets and many other clubs have all benefited from his reliability, good naturedness and sense of humor, Kurt goes in for arts and crafts-liberal arts and sailing crafts. Ambrose Buldo Ambrose is one of the few people in -the school who could find help quickly in darkest Africa. He plays the bongos. He also enjoys the more American pastimes of dancing, driving, TV, and the in- ternational one of girls. On the local scene, he will never for- get the '58 Hackensack game. Ambrose will join the service and see the world. 25 1 yi iff I 1 fl A Ubi .f,wf'i li i Qt ill finial rlll ,A My , ,YQ ia ,yah flli JM di JJ., i, L, 1. 0' ,Vw . 15, L ,hy iff l'T ifli Fill 5+ J l ' l l W Q ,. iff' ,X 'ILA 14 Barbara Anne Brummer ' ' ,INF fy, LJ gvarbara admires originality and f ll 'rf A good sense of humor. She likes A if Rock'n' roll and pop. She aspires to 4Jlljitil, Be an interior decorator after l college. Her favorite sports VN -H' Are ice skating and horseback , ,, Riding. She will be remembered for her good humor, intelli- gence, Mary Ellen Brown And l0YBlfY- Te k' f l Ath G df isgggiily idefgiiififiil ai hgi frgekig i QX , fe aff, an u uee. aying the X Xx .'i " th f M ' f - X X . L f-+- 5?:11.'a.:Q.f.:.s2i. szwsguixtie , -f in church. Her infectious giggle X ,-QfgSf,?SY'XW3 'XX 55,4 "' A has brightened many a class. This .b'f2?'A'.-L'.',4ai T , ix will prevent her from looking WA X X' X 'Xl ' gdown in tlge Tmloiiimthf whten she xiii'-NX ,I X - ' 'T -- S ecomes a en a ygienis. s- 5 ' X ' . 4, 'VW N-Xiitsii NT. X SX Hx i gba?-WP X 2- X . ' l txw:xQsS'x.. fig x W s ,, X V RQ, .Xgs is is . P J' - .tit ls is Q X - . Nil l l x Q ' x gx I i 5 XF. nw' ix 1 l l be s N . we-Wgq s-ss til A - - L - -. . .tv Qivfiitlx iii- N . X L l S-r .Y 49 ii'i 1 mm A,,. - V ,, .i . r i- I 'Huw-f Qi ..., Q., .Av 15", , David L. Bull KY Dave'll take driving and social- I i izing over any other pastimes. ' But does Dave socialize when - .-'. . he drives? Accounting field holds a bright future for Dave. Veracity and the desire to reach the top are qualities admired by Dave. Each of Dave's pastimes points him out to be an outdoors type. Howard Burstein Let's burst in on Burstein. If he's not with a girl or weightlifting he's probably watching T.V. or tuning in on Rand R. Dentistry awaits Howie after college. At least it's a career he can sink his teeth into. Whatever he does takes "no sweat" and is sure to lead to fun. Larry Buxton Larry Buxton is a really good Sport He's been out for the cross country and track teams. ln addition to his valiant efforts in the sports arena, 'Larry serves as the sports editor for the Te-Hi News. Larry who really digs jazz, has been a member of the band for three years. Q i a .,,. 3 MIB g " Q 'X v , .lon Caminez Jonny is one of those rare people who can keep control of them- selves when everyone else is furious. No matter what he's doing he is always fun. This in- cludes playing tennis, golf, foot- ball or listening to jazz. So far Jon is uncertain as to what field he will enter, but whatever his choice is, he'II have fun doing it. Michael Patrick Caputo Good sportsmanship is something Mike admires in others, and it is fitting that this should be one of his outstanding traits. Mike dem- onstrates this fine quality through his interest in sports and rlflery, at which he is an expert. A friendly nature, fine sense of hu- mor, and outstanding scholastic ability will surely lead Mike to success as an engineer. 26 Sandra Lee Campbell "You can't get a man with a gun," and this young equestrian doesn't need one. She has a disease known as enthusiasm, very contagious, catching many innocent bystand- ers. When she gets off the horse, she's ready to start dancing. Part- ners are not difficult to find. Neither are friends and colleges, which can't resist her cute chatter. Joyce Cannarozzi "Poodles" will never wind up in the dog house, she can't be chained down that long. Let's bone up on her favorite memories at T.H.S. She cheered the loudest at the Hackensack game. "Cool" remarks and her singing endear her to her friends. Joyce hopes to land a secretarial job and we're sure she'll work doggedly at her career. N S 'htillllil in X ' A h xx i-A gg '4 lu nf- X SX 5 , X X g R' E. it - fic X - , ,: , Victoria P. Carbone Behold-Vicki who is friendly, sincere and always willing to help someone. Beware-of the charms of this senior who spends her free time reading and listening to rock 'n' roll. Bemoan-the loss of Vicki from T.H.S. to the world of business for which she has been prepared by Mr. PowIey's bookkeeping class. Neil Carrey Neil probably has more friends per square inch than anybody else in T.H.S. That's an accomplishment, since he has more square inches to contend with. Neil has all the qualities of becoming 'Joe Busi- nessman! He's treasurer of this year's Varsity Club where he is busy absconding with the funds. 'That's fantastic! You can't miss having fun around Neil. ""::PX' Edward Capriola Eddie is proud that he's a 20th century Viking. A great deal of his spare time is spent "with the guys" of the club. Eddie has the knack of always being able to make you laugh. There's never .a dull moment with Eddie. "Don't talk". Ed has the personality that's just right for the medical pro- fession in which he hopes to achieve success. 'Q Richard Cathie This member of a great pair of guys can be easily distinguished from his easily distinguished brother by the fact that he is right handed. This right hand is often used to play baseball and basketball, to bowl or to open the door of his favorite car. ln the future, it will be used to receive a college diploma. Patricia Carstensen The Telephone Company May be her job for next year. Pat has a voice that's Easy on the ear. She admires courtesy, She's honest and "cool". She's known for her blushes And service to the school. ew. lr-r r Carol Ann Casola Casola n. KLat. Casola-a lively scribel l.A pretty secretary who dances well, characterized by cute mannerisms, a nice laugh, and a very friendly personality, All Casolas enioy watching football games, and say, "That's nice." 2. In specific cases can refer to those chosen as candidates for Junior Prom queen. 5. Y fl? lit- umm, Q-1 Walter Cathie Walt, always a good sport, wants own sports store to own his after graduation from college. Besides being a crack shot he enjoys baseball and pro wrestling. For recreation, Walt goes for a cruise in his bomb. Walt sagely remarks that 'tthe door that leads in leads out," but wherever it leads, it leads to success. an-......., Barbara Carol Chaderchian Bobbi brings a quaint Old World flavor to T.H.S. She belongs to a folk dance group and an Armenian choir. She also finds time to be VP of the Red Cross Council, enjoy Oriental music, and enter- tain others around her with her wonderful sense of humor. Despite her colorful and varied interests in the arts, Bobbi plans to enter the business world. Louis John Castellucci A wolf by nature, Louis enjoys hunting and sports. He likes to work on cars and plans to be a construction engineer in his old age. Louis admires courtesy in others and is fond of rock 'n' roll. Louis has served T,H.S. in the Hi-Y for three years and in Kiddies Incorporated for twenty- four more moons. fm Linda Maclelyn Chalmers 'Calm and silent as night'-this is Linda in school. You might not hear her, but you can't miss her pleasant smile that reveals her friendly, sincere nature. Lin is an enthusiastic member of Young Life, teaches Sunday School, and sings in a choir. Elle est vive, n'est-ce pas? 27 Wvvnaw, Jean Chambers 'Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair' won't forget singing with the 'Classmates' This active, well-dressed girl, always willing to lend a helping hand, has served as a capable president of the Girls' League and as vice-president of the Biology Club. Four years from now: Jean Chambers, B.S., medical research scientist. vvf"""'J Peter M. Chase Thoughtfulness and sportsmanship characterize Pete, A combination of qualities we all try to meet. An all-around athlete, a guy mighty fine, He'll talk basketball, baseball, or cars anytime! 'What do you say, man?' he will inquire. To serve our country does Peter aspire. .:: fi Elizabeth R. Church man Betsy has cast her friendliness upon the waters and it has re- turned to her in the form of many cherished friendships, which she will always remember. Outside of school she's vice president of the "Young People's Fellowship." The pleasant way that Betsy occupws both her own and others' ti 'G assures her success in the car of occupational therapy. 39" Josephine Elizabeth Cilano Napoleon couldn't have wished for a nicer Josephine. Nor will her patients be able to when Jo be- comes a nurse, because she has all the qualities necessary for success in this field: sweetness, honesty, sincerity, cheerfulness, and pa- tience. "l am confused," says Jo, but it's unbelievable. She's too competent. We wish Jo a pulsating career. Barbara Chilik "The play's the thing,' said Shake- speare, and pert Bobbie agrees. An aspiring actress, she is also talented at the piano, cello, and violin, and is the proud owner of a gold cup awarded for her musi- cal prowess. Her warm smile and vivacious personality will be great assets throughout her life. ,.. ' uf A 2 s . . 437' ik B . .. figfgglqgs' e- . s qi'5X,,Q1,i.f. fir! . S 5,if.,2:S1 Q. '35 , ill . A L, e ,f is K. x N X ii . . X-if S Ms as i if f .. ti. -xi 'folk X- uw?- Charles Citron Besides doing some fine drilling for Mr. Mairs, Charlie plans to do some drilling tor himself in the future as a dentist. Looking at Charlie you can see why he really enioys golf. ln fact in some quar- ters it's rumored that he was descended from a long line of golf balls. At playing the trumpet, Charlie is also a pro. 15 'ii Doris China Doris is like a miniature volcano, waiting for a chance to erupt. Her contagious humor, her capti- vating one-dimpled smile, added to her eagerness to help every- one makes Doris a necessary part of many groups. It is certain that her enthusiasm and talent will spark up many a fashion illustration, 28 Ki 5' if Fred Clarke "Makes no difference" what your problem is. If you're in trouble, Fred will help you out of it with an easy going manner and a hu- morous comment. Fred's many memorable experiences in Mr. Puro's mechanical drawing class will prove useful in drafting school in the future. When not behind a drawing board, Fred likes to be behind a dashboard. 29 GE' Arlene Rita Cohen 'Ohhh, l forgot my French bookl' Typical remark from a good indus- trious student, eh? Well Arlene is just that. lf not a little forgetful, e is pleasant to be with, This rl does everything well, from sports to math problems. With her talents and capabilities, she will do well in any career. sh gi M finr Jonathan Cook Jon is well-informed on one side of all issues. A tall individualist, he stands out in any crowd. F101 only for his height, but also for his adamant opinions, which he doesn't hesitate to express.. As -a Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, his intelligence is not hidden either. Also brawny, he is a good athlete. We all wish Jon "godspeed." Eddie Cohn 'Don't panic,' Woody yells with wrench, mechanics book, and comb in hand. 'l can fix it if it has wheels and a motorf This future insurance adjuster equipped with red hair and a sense of humor likes tinkering with cars and listening to rhythm and blues songs. Susan M. Cole 'Our Sue Cole is a merry old soul, and adorable is she. She calls for the drumsushe calls for the band, and twlrllng down the field comes she' Our head majorette's warmth and friendliness have meant much to the team's morale. Sue always cuts a neat figure, evenlon ice. Her mature approach to situations will insure her a happy and rewarding life. x x' .-S v gx .lx--ZX -4, lf.:-X Q--1 I H K n " C ,X li I fi X 24 "C N it 'A - o Xi' X 'V - ' 'X ' 13. ..."'1i'ff -.lei-:.i.L-.. -- Wesley A. Cooke Wes, who weighs ll8 pounds with his glasses on, plans to be a lawyer. His singing ability should help woo the gals in the iury, so we predict he'll go unbeaten, un- tied and unscored upon. Wesley was the scatback on this year's football team, and with his driving power would have been impossible to pull down had the line given him a chance to begin. J Carole Cooper Although Carole is the epitome of peppiness, pertness-, and spirit, she simply collapses when her home- work is finished, This is because her full day always finds time for activity in many clubs. It would seem that a person would have to be six feet tall to contain it all, but petite Carole proves that it iust isn't so. MQBX Rita Mae Corrigan lf you were to heed Rita's cry of "Let's hit the road" you would find yourself with a driving com- panion who is at once :heertul and versatile. Although she is athletically inclined, Rita's out- standing memories of T.H.S. are in Mr. Church's English classes. Reliability and honesty are traits cited by Rita's friends for remembrance. av' Lawrence Corwin A boy of many facets, Larry is known for his phenomenal mathe- matical mind. But what about his dark side? Did you know he loves suki-yaki? He even went so far as to ioin the cross country team lsurely a sign of madnessl. Whether academically or by the merit of his personality, Larry will be a great American. lb Q.,-v John Costa "All the world loves a clown," but John's wit and clownish comments aren't the only reasons for his popularity. Among other reasons are bright red hair, athletic abil- ity, honesty which admits that annoying his brother is a favorite pastime and others' enjoyment of watching him get out of the trouble which it is his talent to get into. D' 'Q'-1' My Joseph F. Costa Costa m. fFr., Coster-an insectl 'l.Known in some obscure areas as a "kitchen cricket." 2. inhabits kitchens, soccer fields and Mr. Martino's history classes. 3.Usually not referred to as a bookworm but some species may become accountants, 4. Their odd quirk consists of passing English courses each year. Z5-ffz ,-,--" Z -...Q ,V ls i Au f "-Llbp ' if T 4 A fl. - iiff, Li s Q- ..f-""Yf .T-'L' Z - , .-.,Y- 461232 - s ff A21 as .a fag Q - -gi f X as... ,J L r If se .., ff- x -he 4-aff s - el-ea--A i ' i E' " fi J. 'X ' ,fe ii' , , l as - if i' .,f"ff-'f ' Cl, vii an-ff Thomas Costa Tommy is "personable," "jovial," "well-manriered," and "good- natured," say his friends. We all agree, When he becomes a law- yer or doctor all these qualities will come in handy, A gentleman lawyer or a gentleman doctor, what possibilities! Whether it's in school, medicine or law, when Tom relaxes from a busy day he especially enjoys listening to music or making his own by singing. .4 'sf N, is... ...Q g Jigfqfff Q, 2... -.4 .4 ,. 1" '. , m figq 5 ' A'-'rwiizftgi 2 if 4 6 ii, Jmk2K'il1v in lf- '-gill 'r ' 'fit 1' situ v".wx- . t . f 1. 1.-. :sl g n- .- ., ,Q .,.,. Iv- 'M Q5 'LILY ei fi-N I .E ,s 25,33-3,.l .533-,q,g.. . j. .rf 11- Qt.. Michael D. Cotton "Hey, what's up, Doc?" Knowing Michael, there usually is some- thing happeningl He remembers the day he was a student teacher, "Man it must have been wild!" How to Win Friends and Influence People must have been written by Mike. He will accomplish some- thing worthwhile in lite when he becomes a technical engineer. ' X Donald Cronson Don is the simultaneous possessor of the sharpest wit and worst handwriting in Teaneck High School. Furthermore he is not only an all around athlete but an all around student. He must be a teacher's pet because they all want to chain him up. Those who come after us will not know what they're missing in the era of A.D. -after Don. N"'UQ Scott J. Cross An Englishman who likes pizza. Scott is a handy, handsome man to have around in a football game. as lineback and back, Scott won't forget this year's Englewood game. and we won't forget the way he ran the smash that day either lEnglewood didn't get Cross at alll. "Cross at the green, not in between." Jim Cummings "Jimbo" has a iumbo sized inter- est in sports. This year alone he has gone out for not only football but wrestling and track as well. His iumbo memory of T.H.S. was his last year's wrestling coach, Armstrong. The next teams bo" plays on will be those of a college and then he'lI instill his love of sports in others as a gym teacher. Mr. "Jim -Dx -f Florence C. Curley To be a good hostess, one must be hospitable and personable. Florence is known for her fabulous parties, which are especially entic- ing to guests with problems since Flo has a reputation for giving sound advice. The party must al- ways find itself around the piano since her special talent is dis- plaved at the keyboard, soon to be keys of a typewriter. - 'Qw- AW'-it Carole R. Dahm For friends who have problems They find they cannot stand, Carole is always ready To lend a helping hand. Because of Carole's selflessness Her career has been selected. lt's nursing, she's well-qualified, 'Cool, calm, and collected.' Wwgedfdmitisc. ,Wh Richard F. D'Aleo Paul Revere may have had a horse but even so Richie would have beat him cross country or track. Richie was one of the outstanding cross countrymen this year as well as our captain and co-captain of the track team. Whether or not the British were coming he could outshout Paul Revere. One if by land, two if by sea, he's not sure what it will be. i A-Ava'-A iv H V4 x X 1 iq Y ?"'- - - i ff, -' -ff . ,1 17 1,5 'fi- I fi-43' 4? ,ll is-fiefeee "' giiiif ,,, ' I' "" " ?:?' T -'- '- fjiffi- Z T ' "'-' 5'-' 2' I 'I- S i V 1 4 ,f f Y i Y- --,? i 'ff L -" ' ' A Douglas Dampman Neat, good-looking, intelligent and athletic-what more could any girl ask? Well, she could require a cool personality, "I mean like wow!" or ability to play a hot piano. She could want skill at skin-diving and ice-skating. She could demand enough knowledge of mechanics to fix a broken car anywhere, anytime, but Doug would still fit the bill. Thread ',7i'If'Z""m- , Carol Danese "Caki's" jovial "Rotsa ruck" is familiar to many around the school through echos in the halls. Her interesting art work is familiar to many around the school through contributions to the Art Service Squad. Her charm is familiar to many simply through knowing her. Future success as an art teacher is familiar to all. if 49'- Joyce Danziger Black hair, clear complexion and rosy cheeks make Joyce look like Snow White but she's too intelli- gent to be fooled into eating pois- oned apples. The efficient way that Joyce handles her many re- sponsibilities illustrates boundless energy that would never let her sleep while awaiting her Prince. Instead Joyce will enter a math or science career. ww' NW Karen Darby Loyal and honest, a charming smile, Karen is the sort of friend for whom You'd walk a mile. Knitting ability is a talent Karen Boasts. Dancing and Driving are the things She likes the most. As a successful secretary we'll one Day Karen toast. Eric Davis He prances, he dances, he walks, he talks and all of them well. Eric is anxious to get out of T.l-l.S. only so that he can begin prepar- ation for his career as a legal beagle. 'There won't be at better- dressed lawyer in court history if Eric's professional attire matches that of his school. The cry of his opponents is sure to be "Lord save us, it's Davis." Geraldine Atlee Dayharsh Geraldine means "mighty with the spear" but in Gerry's case, she is mighty with a hoe, a tennis racket, an accordian, a basketball, and a microscope. A second place in a science fair is behind her and a career in biochemistry ahead. Gerry will make a spearited serv- ice-woman, Donald DeMar "Silence is golden." 32 QV 1' V . rv at Catherine Mory Deininger Cathy, imported from the land of the Lilliputians, is just 4' ll" tall. She throws every inch ot that height into her tavorite activities: horseback riding, hospital work, and housecleaning, Marriage and commercial work lie ahead for this friendly girl. wr. ff Maryann Theresa DeBlasio A giggle and a smile And you know all the wile That Maryann is here. Since she's been a trosh She's exclaimed "Oh my gosh", All through the year. She likes to Rock 'n Roll And even do the stroll, As a teacher, she'Il have nothing to tear. Y Doris-Ann De Haas See that good-looking girl with the ready smile? She's Doris De Haas, who will be entering secre- tarial school soon. Could her bright complexion and attractive' ness have anything to do with the fact that she always wins her arguments? Even if there is no connection between these two facts, the former will mean success in the future. Rose Desantis On courts or on diamonds Wherever you roam On hockey fields or Leaders Club Our Rosie's at home, Her humor and vocal chords Are on the beam. The way to describe her Is 'peachy keen.' 415 Q-:WV El U U r. f 71 lm.-. Diane Grace DeWitt A quick line that sets everybody laughing mean's Dinny's around. Who is the girl taking a hook shot while striking a clear note on the trumpet? lf possible, it would be Dinny, whose day is barely long enough to include her favorite in- terests, sports and trumpet. lntel- ligence is only one of the many assets that will make Dinny an excellent math teacher. John Di Chiara From around the corner you hear a car screech. Don't worry, it's only "Deech." This good looking senior is an all around guy-V football, track, wrestling , , , girls. He has a strong aftirttx for cheer- leaders and Junior proms. If Deech ever gets his homework fin- ished, here or at college, yOu 'will probably find him in front of a television or at the wheel of a car. Q X DJ? 1' Q f'N l I ...Z . i l 3011! Robert John Donahue English must have been a pleasure for Bob last year. This boy's crazy about Miss Curran. Bcb does well in all his subjects, hold- ing a high honor roll average, He has the same trouble as the rest of us -thoughg his homework's never finished, Bob has two great a?5?fS, a fine personality and am- bition, which will help him to be a good lawyer. I TTT" William Dineen "Anchors, aweigh" and Bill sails for the Navy. l-le won't have much time for dating or riding around in a 'ff Chevy. He won't be able to enioy all the good hume food, and he'll have to abandon his knack for getting into trouble, since the Navy doesn't forgive all with "Lots o' luck Charlie," but even the Navy can use a good sense of humor. Virginia S. Dono There are probably some school activities to which Gini doesn't belong, but try to find one, She's a cheerleader, a member of ClaSS Cabaret and secretary of Girl's League. Even her nicknames from "Gingerbread" to "Peanut" shOw versatility. She's a "Classmate" 'her singing groupi now, but someday shell be a teacher, ig-'T' .WA Sv 55'-sv Ma rney F. Dobken Marney, better known to all as "Marn," a vivacious twirler, is strictly an individualist. She has a strange habit of getting herself into situations that are difficult to get out of. "You kidding me?" Her sincerity and lively personality account for her many friends. After college Marn hopes to be a laboratory pharmacist asa-f"' 1.1 Marjorie Donsky Being acquainted with Margie's charitable nature leads one to faith and hope, She planned the trips to Totowa which brought happiness to many This experi- ence is also helpful to Margie, whose career lies in social work. Seeing her big brown eyes, hear- ing her unique giggle and knowing her complete naturalness are enough to solve almost any problems. Phyllis Dobos "The latest style." Whatever the fashion you can count on Phyll to know it beforehand. Be it clothes or grooming she's always a few pumps ahead. Understandably she's interested in art and was a member of the Art Service Squad for three years. Planning to be- come a nurse, Phyllis is a member of the Red Cross Council. She has a sharp sense of humor which never includes stale jokes. 'PDQ Wir' I 'Gtr'-'wiv xwuorv Richard Donsky If you pin the tail on this Donsky, it would probably be for accom- plishments achieved in the field of business. He'Il achieve success if he lives up to his by now famous saying, "l do good workg I don't mess around." After making his mint, Rich will live the life of a playboy. Watch out, Tommy Manville. His hot Ford convertible will be an asset. 33 aging as -silo Jean Marie D'Orlando Jean's favorite memory is being one of Mr. Gunners favorite secretaries. Enjoyable pastimes include dan- cing, horseback riding, water skiing, and painting. An efticient stenographer, Jean holds shorthand, awards and hopes to be a private secretary. Neatness and gaiety are two of her best assets. ,, f, ,. x 'vga W . i , . .,. we 'M' s-aww We-wr I ag, is E 'Q . . vs it ' 2 5 ., -M....f- X Murray Warren Doscher lt you give Murray a sporting chance he'll excell in track, mas- sacre Ridgewood in soccer, and wind up with varsity letters in both sports. When not being a he-man Murray is a she-man. He especially likes blondes and bru- nettes. Murray will always remem- ber the variety of things he learned in Mr. Puro's classes., Bonni Lynn Dowd With a twirl and a song To the top she'll go Dancing and singing Are talents of "Bo" Planning a dance ls no job for her! She's on her toes As a choreographer. -.Mi , n p h . .M , ..,. 53, ""Ke,bN ,. Brian R. Duffy Brian is observant. He quietly observes television and money and not so quietly observes girls and cars. He quietly iniects subtle remarks, that characterize his sense of humor, into conversations at the proper moment. He ob- serves all with an artistic and flirtatious attitude, gaining insight for his career in the business world. John Duffy This old guitar-playing dutfer plans to join Elvis Presley in a military career, The only Irish- man on the Gunner's line, he really moves his dutt down on the football field and is a batty base- baller. Unknown to Coach Cer- vino, this lrish Viking painted the town green after smashing Lynd- hurst in baseball. However, after college he's headed for olive drab. Suzanne M. Dugan "As full ot spirit as the month of May"3 and it's tortunate for us because we needed the energy Sue expended on cheerleading. Her red hair matches her personality, the radiation of which is given off par telephone or in person. Activ- ity is decreased when listening to the radio, and will show increase when Sue enters junior college. ion' Susan Drabkin "lf you knew Susie like l know Susie" you'd know there's nothing Drab about her at all. Her many athletic awards prove that Sue is a girl of boundless physical ener- gy of another kind, an energy of outlook which makes Sue such an attractive personality to all who know her, ff! Joanne D. Engleke ROSS' En9elke 3- Basil R. Duncan Basil arrived from New Zealand just last year bringing with him a most delightful accent and a marvelous ability to adapt to a new country, With his cheerful smile and easy greeting, he could get along anywhere. Basil enjoys photography, reading, and such "foreign" sports as cricket and rugby. -X., x.,X E :fi XNR X N 'v 4-E5-N vs :T Rf ' I fx Z cg E-AS, NX ' , f l -ie -LZ Christine Dwyer Chris agrees with Johnny Mathis' "Wonderful, Wonderful," maybe because he's a favorite. Mr. Martino's history class is another favorite. ls she the "Teacher's Pet?" Until "The Twelfth of Never" Chris's manner of telling jokes will keep friends laughing, She's not "Wild as the Wind," though. Her future in fashion de- signing is well planned. fmwawvv Judith Marion Eisele Judy always enjoys making new friends and this is never hard for her since she is personable and friendly. Drawing, telephoning and pizza-ing are all ways that Judy spends her time with her many friends, Judy's past high- lights the Junior Prom and "Snookums." Her future high- lights a secretarial career. ,,, Carol Ellingsen This year Carol enjoys rocking and rolling to regular music. Next year she'll be beating out rhythms on a typewriter in secretarial school, lf she pauses a moment to look back, she'll remember the T.l-l.S, proms, choruses and Kid- dies Incorporated, in which she participated actively. For Joanne "every yesterday is a dream of happiness" and every tomorrow will someday be a part of this dream. Football games. award winning nature posters, and Winter Wonderland are all part of yesterday. Church activity, music with a "neat beat," and jai alal are perpetual components. A career in social service is part of future joy. Anyone who has seen the- artwork in the i960 Hi-Way will know that it is an understatementbto say that Roger is a talented artist. In addition to yearbook work, Roger finds time to DIBY the guitar, participate in DeMolay and Young Life, and prepare for col- lege. The commercial art field will appreciate this friendly, can- did senior as much as we have. ,E 'f.r ,f Sheila Dianne Eisenberg Recipe for an Eisenberger: Take large portion of enthusiasm and drop it into a small mold shaped like a lawyer. Add a deck of cards, a few notes from a jazz assembly and stir with spirit, While stirring add a pinch of classical notes. Cook over a warm smile. Serve to many friends and "you just don't know" how pleased they all will be. Donnagay Engstrom Donnagay n. CGr. Don-dark, and Fr. Gai - lightl Judy Lynn Epstein "Beauty attracts exeryoneg but it like an armed magnet it is adorned with gold or silxer, it attracts with tenfold power." What draws exeryone to Judy? Could it be that the loveliest distance be- tween two points is a curve? Could it be her giggle? lt xou know her you'll agree that it is definitely all of these. 'Ui' Beatrice Estelle Farber Bea, who is following the trail Clara Barton blazed, plans to go to nursing school and Enter a nursing career. She re- ceived an award from Holy Name Hospital for her work there. A good sense of humor and an understanding personality are among her assets. 'l.A person who combines the depth of music and religion with the brightness ot pizza eating and ping-pong playing. 2.A person of integrity noted for sympathetic understanding of 5 people, ', Synonyms: Senior Band-ite, musician. ' 1- 5 me ' L Q " EA . x'a.5':il X ' be -fr. . , . 1 tx 4' if R . Joseph John Federman Federman n.-man ot feathers ffrom German "die Feder"- featherl With such a surname it is alto- gether fitting and proper that Joe should choose commercial flying as his career. Another feather in his cap is his mechanical ability. "lt is not only fine feathers that make a fine bird." 3 6 Christine Feigl Gershwin, Porter, and the King- ston Trio: this is Chris's taste in music: she herself belongs to the Sonics. Chris enioys Waterskiing, tennis, and "just fooling around." But she does more than lust have fun. Chris is chaplain of the Tri-Hi-Y, Editorial Assistant on the Hi-Way, and she intends to enter the field of International Relations. Barbara Sue Feinberg Bobbie Sue has the unique gift of being Bobbie Sue, which means being wonderful company, sweet- ness, laughter and a special inde- finable something. Music and art, her hobbies, include time spent on Choir, the guitar and artwork for Te-Hi News. Throughout college and a career in the science field, Bobbie is certain to know only "La Vie en Rose." Elaine Janet Favre We don't know who the Dagwood is but he must be luckx to hate a "Blondie" like Elaine, Her long blonde hair and winning personal- ity are sure to build up a large clientele for Elaine after she be- comes a psychologist. To "get anax from lt all," Elaine plaxs the piano and engages in manv sports, including horseback riding. "Ain't that a kick in the head." Fayth Toby Feinberg "The rose is fair. but fairer we know it tor that sweet odor which doth in it live." Fa5th's loveliness penerates the surface: her warmth and triendship are value able possessions. Hope and charitv never had it so good as when Fayth was added. Her sweet dis- position and love of others are assets that well make her a gitted teacher. Roy Alan Feinman Everyone has different opinions about Royg and they're all right. Some think of him as a good mathematician. Others consider him Teaneck High's syntax expert. Still others consider him the school's greatest linguist, and a select few think of Roy as the originator of the weirdest bird cartoons ever to spring from the mind of man. Rona Lee Feldman "Guess who l'm going out with tonight?" I hope we wind up at HoIly's so that I can have a Marshmallow sundae. I'Il just have to use a little psychology on him, that's all. Too bad, l'm not al- VQSUY B Dsychologist then l'd be sure of that sundae. No l can't hear you. The T.V. is on. Gotta hang UD anyway, bye now. it N... David,,Feinstein Dave is one of those people who's always doing something. He'II never forget decorating for the Junior Prom as a member of the Class Cabinet. Dave also likes football and going with "that girl." He also worked as manager of the cross-country team. Dave's popularity makes him a hit in any crowd. Qpnitf-ll .aft ,ff xt Gail Felgentreu Good Fo have as a friend is our Gai . Adventuresome and usually laugh- ing, she thrives on wild times. In fact she sometimes lands in tight situations. Long hair, good looks, and -a wide smile, however, help in any pinch. .il-os, Linda Rose Feitler By the shores of the l-lackensacky comes a dark brown-eyed maiden. Lingering for some time on the telephony. Goes forth to the foot- ball, wrestling, and basketball games. Stops now and murmurs, "l'm only kidding!" Proceeds toward college where sincerity of manner will make friends and wampum. s N B. Qzwf-wif Evelyn M. Felton "What am l going to do?" is Evi's favorite expression, but this amiable and forthright girl seems to have answered her own ques- tions. Spare time may find her bowling, playing tennis, or per- haps listening to popular music. As to the future, the answers to Evi's question is secretarial school and then work. 'ES Neale Wendy Feld Long, long lashes and big blue eyesg Friendly in Wendy, "Dolll" she cries. Likes listening to records and driv- ing in a car. Her fine artistic talent will surely take her far. Wendy hopes one day in the field of art to teach. We all know success is close within her reach. s 444 -w 4 in . ,seq ' 'Q lm vi , pf -fllftwlim? r.-.meg , 'Q' if . if ' il: --'ri iii: .-f fa. zviyif' V ' xl! fi' iff Joseph Fenicchia Fleet footed Joe served Teaneck well on our cross-country team for two years, Besides cross- country he enjoys baseball and basketball. Always the scholar, Joe will never forget Mrs. Duffy's English class. Outside of school he owns the most polished car in town. 37 osx x one or xg, X pc as X- X X s s X. X. Ns. x kj ix Nt? X fag is as is -- ., x - - .EA V f I. X X S. AX I W WKQSFS S get ., .X Wu.. 1 . L fx X .xi X gzbpg 2 N 'X X www. ' NS, Y-' N --, WN? t. , 41. li '- St" Q Qs r iiiaztrirt, . N i. . ,cs IQXQ ' :'- 'X X hwy Q Q N14 , ' ,x,. ' XY .rg if .x,,Aq X .tc '- NWXSFTE' .1 fi' . x XXYQQ X.-T '+ss. X A be S M sg4.g,,hiL l 1 "M .',,a. Charles David Fenster The whole world may be going "berserk," but not Charlie. He's too good-natured to let little things bother him. Give him foot- ball games, sports competitions and he'll give you a warm smile or a friendly grin from that good- looking face. Easygoing he is, but spirited enough to save any client from an unjustified lawsuit. Ki' Patricia Anne Ficaro Whether it's something interna- tional like Russian or 'Spanish club or something American -as the Red Cross club, Pat's activities both in high school and college will contribute to a rich fund of material which she will be able to use well when she becomes a writer. We wish her success both, on the best seller list, and in all else she attempts. 38 iiiiiiihii? Mary Ann Ferrara Mary Emilie Fesq Lawrence Ferrante Larry's always happy, always mak- ing others happy, always a loyal friend. His good physique is kept in shape by his activities in wrest- ling, soccer, and weight lifting. Everybody loves a Friday night and Larry, no exception, will always remember the ones spent in ,lalil's car. Future Friday nights will be spent in college. "Even little children love Mary Mary's a pert and attractive miss, Ami" and WS Undefianfaalnle Artistic and musical, too. when you see her in te a s, . grinning heartily. You'd be more Re'Tee2'gbf"fd 35 fnendly and likely to see her in the halls than D' a ln O at ' in classes, and most likelylto see Youll find shes rarely blue. hef af, l9lVTl'ldaY DaVf'9,5 ln The For future plans, nursing is first , . cafeteria. She's enthusiastic, es- on me HST. ml pecially about sports. lf it's con- . . I ' tagious, the gym classes she Eafmg and dancmg are mf" ' teaches will have fun, Starry green eyes mark this girl, fs. K Quite happy when she's on the - run. Q Q Q 1 'Q V. fggiisgg, tif iiflsilif . if .. . ifiiilfiiig - Q . Q t Jamie Figenbaum Jamie could probably talk a grasshopper into being dissected. This is not the conventional way used by most biologists, but this future biology teacher will be able to use it because of her past experience in public speaking. llmagine this loquacious miss conversing with a frogll The only thing Jamie likes better in a jar than specimens is dill pickles. drug Carol Filipponi 'This future secretary with the long hair and expressive eyes is known to her friends as Moose. "Are you crazy?" Her boss will be flipping when he discovers that Filipponi not only types. but also cooks. lf he possesses good looks and intelligence, and enjoys bas- ketball and progressive jazz, we'll see how long it will take for Carol to hook him! Burton Merrill Fink Buddy has been president of all class cabinets of the "Class of '6O", "citizen of the month" and representative to Boy's State. Buddy is unbeatable in tennis and basketball. Buddy believes a person should know himself. Buddy enjoys driving and dating, Buddy wants to be a doctor. His comment on it all: "lt's been pleasant." . , ,iN Q yuan 1-. Karen Sue Finkelstein "Kar" is knowntfor her sincerity and individuality. Artistically made up eyes distin- guish talented Karen as an actress. Riding in sports cars, writing, and equally enjoyed are fencing and progressive rjazz. Not once will the college of her choice be sorry. A .H in Q Gr- Leon Fisher His nickname is "Fish" and he's VQBHY In his own element in the water. ljle is an excellent swim' mer. With billiards and ballads he is also at home. When he's not .at hirne, he's in a car, either UVIVWWQ it or taking it apart. Never at a loss for witty com- ments.. Leon amused everybody at the ninth grade picnic. College will be the next home for Leon. ' of A X ' XXX Q4 , X P X X , w X ii 'F Sxv N 'J L Q X x u- is iK'355'NX fr' X ,a-:it l W' x 'rl 199 ll' X -. C . X 4 :. ,..-- 'W' 2-I -s 3,-Cass . 'E.F'fl, ,a. ' A ,Q W Q CQX 5. 74' 'Q t W4 Z V :Q -gl' -is Bonnie Ann Firmunn The Scotsman who uses the ex- pression "bonnie good" can't know the compliment he's paying unless hes met our Bonnie, Besides saying cute and sweet, he's saying talented with a violin or water skis, loyal, responsible, friendly, college-bound, and known for wearing kilt length skirts, That's almost too much for anybody else to live up to. rf' Amy Fishkin "Once in Love with Amy" brings to mind a black pony tail and ter- rific personality that mean Amy. All things from knitting, reading, Belafonte, and being editorial as- sistant of the Hi-Way to people- watching in New York keep Amy's mind busy and heart happy, After college a career as a medical tech- nician will effectively do this job. Dorothea E. Fischer ls she sincere and friendly and does she have a wonderful smile? Would she rather talk on the phone, listen to rock and roll or go riding than do anything else? Does she love swimming and hope one day to be a legal secretary? Yes? Then its simply without a doubt, just got to be Doris. 'Wx .. Gs., , f fa Q X 4 i 7 . Michael Fluss Although Mike says he has no taste in music, he must be musl- cally inclined to have played W1 the Senior Band for three years. His future customers will not be cheated out of half av gram of their medical prescriptions when Mike becomes a pharmacist. HIIS admiration of trust-worthiness in others has led him to develop personal integrity. Richard Fiore Richfs two great interests are hUnf'nQ and cars! he's a member of the National Rifle Association and a veteran of many post- football game traffic jams. Un- deterred by his experiences with sulfur fumes in chemistry class, R'Fh Dlans to go into natural science after college. A sense of humor completes the picture. 'QWUV Judith Fogel "Perpetual motion" personified- that's Judy. Always hurrying to a Student Service post, Student Council, Library Council, Girls' League, or the Home Arts club is she. She's a good person to have in any activity because she is a dependable, hard worker, always willing to help. She'll attain high goals in her career in the Home Economics field. 39 -I filthy 'F X. l 3-, K Qi!! fig l-f ix 'jj lu 'Z ' W? il Jw T ill' 1? xl Www was Q"f"'f'sw -S Robert E. Ford Robert Ford will be one doctor you can't afford to pass up. He as a high sense of moral values and never speaks badly of anyone. Hls hobby is very constructive: he builds hi-fi equipment. Once the equipment has been carefully con- structed, he receives popular music on it. He's also busy receiving pleasant impressions of pleasant experiences. 'X' in i 4+ gy' aifihlfkfsfef 'wal Q Christina Maria Freda Fredare, -avi, -atus, -a, -u'm v. fl.at.--to study plants, animals, and peoplel l 'l.To be concerned with biology, especially as a career. 2. To be concerned with helping people, especially through mem- bership in the Red Cross Council. 3.To be concerned with plants, especially growing and cooking them. , S .,, Wilhelmina Johanne Fowlkes lf Teaneck had a Dogpatch day Willie would be our Daisy Mae. One look at Willie and it's not hard To see she's a member of the cheerleading squad. Strange how many men'll get worse ln health when Willie becomes a nurse. Friendly, sincere, and full of fun, She dispels all clouds like a ray of sun. nn-ff if in Dennis Bruce Freeman There are many who remember the day when Dennis came as close as did any seventh grader to winning the Junior High Math Contest. Well, Dennis has changed a lot since then, but a few things have remained the same: he is as clever and witty as ever, he still knows more about railroads than anyone in the school, and he plays the clarinet in the Senior Band. if wifl A "-s Jerrold Stuart Fond To describe Jerry's personality, One would have to say, "Fond of fun-as Fond can be." Yet there is much more to this volatile young man of high con- victions. He has taken great pride in being a class representative in eleventh and twelfth grades, and gives his utmost to whatever he undertakes. His chosen field will benefit by his work. David Freint We always believe that a friend in need is a freint in deed. After college Dave plans to go into business or law. He enioys especially water sports and foot- ball. Dave, as it is said, should be remembered for his business mind and sense of humor. ln his spare time, he enioys cars, sports, and girls ialthough not necessarily ln that orderl. 40 5 -nu., if Bruce Frankel Bruce's friends say he's known for his usual smile, but casual acquaintances are always pleas- antly surprised by the unusual quality of that smile, as they are surprised by the sharpness of his remarks. Bowling, golf, girls, cars and a piano are enough to make Bruce happy. The field of electrical engineering will make Bruce money. Mary Lee Fremd "lt's fashionable," so Mary Lee likes it. This fact is clearly shown by her clothes and her sewing ability. Mary Lee also supports the wonderful style of giving service by being a member of the Student Service and Tri-Hi-Y. Fortunately for the girls, her career will be in the fashion field. fi Myrna Lois Fried man "'l'hat's entertainment" and that's also Myrna. She's known as one of the outstanding singing and dancing talents of our class. we all remember her in the Variety Show, A member of the Play Crafters for three years, she rates high as an actress. Expression is her strong point because she fully appreciates the highs and lows of her life. Rosemary Veronica Ganci Gancire, -ivi, -itus v. fLat.i- to be happy. 'I.To be happy or successful, es- pecially in merchandising. Z.To be happy in or at a play. 3.To be gregarious, especially in N.F.L. or C.Y.O. 4. Not to be "furshtunkin." Gail Fridlington lf she is sincere and friendly and takes an active interest in others, she might be Gail lf swimming and canoeing are her hobbies, it she enjoxs reading a good novel or attending Rainbow Conventions, if she was president of the Tri- HLY, if she would like to be 5 physical therapist after college, she is Gail, ff-'fi Wh- rmg - X . i Q af P. ' s Wise Q X if 5 Rexx S5 S ee ,. 'ra X5 E - , 1 . - . , abqasf i l 'beset " 2 as 5 E ,J 'Q r i ' as N it E E v - -"- - 1 xl' ' " X g if If 2 it X N'-gg z X l -Q .,4'TE,.'f':'x 'H 3 D 'Qift lx-Tx Eiuxa ix -Q..-xfsstisi gwgg, , X X Richard M. Galston "lf you want something done wel", do it yourself." Living by his favorite axiom, Richards an ace photographer When not record- ing visual events he records events on tape. lt naturally follows from these interests that Richards fa- vorite memory is the Audio-Visual Aids Squad. Actmiring straight- forwardness, he'll go straight forward to his goal. Donald Garofalow How often do you meet 190 pounds of Buggsey? Well, Tea- neck's got him in Buggsey Gar- ofalcw. By next year, Stevens institute of Technology will have him. Besides managing the wres- tlig team, Donny also manages TO find time to work on horseless carriages and go to Joker parties. Oh well, "such is life". 4l Q -VV Sondra B. Gamow Omnipresent and omnipotent in or out of the Te-Hi News Office, Sunny has made her mark in T.l-l.S., in fact, she is first in the class. Quick-witted, quick-tem- pered and sensitive, Sunny's pre- sence and powerful personality are always felt. Her ability to argue persuasively, ima be be- cause she's right.l will hellp Sunny stamp her mark in law or politics. Caryl Geiger "Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory," Those who have met Caryl, have heard her sing or play the piano will realize the truth in this com- ment, for Caryl's lovely voice and manner remain in the memory. Caryl is warm, friendly and at once soothing and exciting to be with. Her feeling and common sense run as deep as her talents, Linda Gelrnan Gelmener v, KFr.i to be gregarious. 1. To be with people, especially as a group leader at the Jewish Community Center. 2. To enjoy dances and dates. 3. To ioin clubs, especially Girls' League, Spanish club and Te-Hi News. 4. To talk on the telephone. Nam? Elizabeth Gerdes Betty, better than anybody, brings brightness to fellow beings by virtue of her bountiful friendli- ness and beautiful smile! Cook- ing, walking, books, and T.V. take up the time which housework, tennis and bowling do not. All are enjoyed. Betty wants to teach elementary school. We bid her the best, NJ Howard Ginsburg Fore! Here comes Ginsburg down the fairway. He's bound to make the shot 'cause Ginsy's some golfer. lf he's not digging up the turf he's digging up bridge part- ners. Howie will enter the busi- ness field where his knack of friendliness will assure success. "You're the greatest." You're tops with Howie iespecially if you're a femalel. 48" Sheila Gershteld Sheila is sweet and cheerful, her talkative nature makes up for what she cuts down in her short- hand lessons. Her political views are strong, she even goes so far as to believe in social dancing. She prefers horseback riding to donkey and elephant riding, how- ever, and plans a non-partisan secretarial career. nw' .,., Robert Gioseffi When we started Bob's biography we could think of no way to explain what makes him unique. Then we came up with something: Bob is a philosopher who listens to classical music and progressive jazz, reads Sartre, and "makes every intellectual scene". The purpose of all this: "Looking for the truth." Who knows, perhaps he'll find it. Ku! Steven A. Gildener lf variety is the spice of life, Handy's is certainly well-seasoned. ww- "' Robert P. Gill One of Bob's outstanding memor- ies of T.H.S. is working with Mr. New to T.H.S., he immediately plunged into many activities, in- cluding wrestling, membership in the rifle and shop clubs, swim- ming, horseback riding, and breed- ing tropical fish. College and a job as a hotel handyman will pre- cede his goal of becoming a marine biologist. 'K -239 Roseann Goetzl In the stands of the Yankee Sta- dium sits a lovely girl with stricking red hair. If she isn't there, it's where Roseann would like to be, because spectator baseball is a favorite pastime. Vying tor. first place in her heart are drawing and dancing, while her sense of humor and happy naturehave already won her first place in others' hearts. Orel and the stage crewg almost everyone has seen Bob's grinning face behind the stage curtain during assembly. Bob, possessor of dry, drawling wit and enjoyer of tennis and football, has an interesting career planned for him- self: he'll go to college and after that go into forestry. naiiaereoiaen Danny is probably the only person in Teaneck High to have won a varsity letter for handball. He got it at Midwood High Schol where he went before he came to Tea- neck. Danny also won the intra- mural tennis award thls year. He claims that his taste in music is "background" College comes next for Dan, the boy with the Golden Arm. "Lots o luck." 'Qc 1 Linda Golden Nurse Linda plans to use her warm and friendly personality to answer the call of the sick as the "Golden Girl of the Wards." We can just see Linda gracefsll. roller skating down the h:s:ital halls accompanied ty a rcck ard roll tune. Whatever career sl-e chooses, Linda is a certain success U""" Felice Goldfarb Mo words could ever capture the part of Felice that makes her Felice lt gces above and beyond the l:ngest of pony tails, the brightest ct e,es, and the warmest ct sm'es: all these superlatlves .-.h ch .et lack szmeihtng. It goes biiind Intelligence and diversity. .Then the superlative superlative is invented, we may be able to describe Felice. Kenneth Goldman Kenny, who loves many kinds of music, ,is in his seventh heaven when his hi-ti is plugged in. His friends are in seventh heaven when his sense of humor is turned on land it is alwaysl. In high school Ken liked wrestling, Mr. Verna and his work on the stage crew. He plans to work as a pharmacist or as an accountant. 43 Xin-,A Barbara Joanne Goldstein Barbara has reached that pinnacle ot achievement for which many of us have vainly striven-she can actually play the guitar. In addition, she draws and belongs to a folk-singing group. Extend- ing her talents to science, she won third prize in the New York State Science Fair. A combination of all these talents can only become a fine journalist. fi cf" hw Phylis Goldfarb Phyl is full of fun. She may be considered a "Beat-knack!" She's got a knack for beating the bongos, All beat-knacks have artistic talent, Again Phyl fills the bill, And as tor good looks, take a good look and you'Il agree with the judges at various con- tests that have awarded prizes to her. i, -.-Q3 s l .uhlflsg - lH'R'SYl S '-X 1, JI- 4- , A Afw W- Gail Rose Goldstein l'Are you serious?" We certainly are when we are speaking O- Gail's big, big brown' eyes or talent for playing thelpiano. Gall is serious too when it comeslto doing her school work or planning her college future. Window shop- ping, T.V., and reading take up less serious moments in the life of our friendly Gail. Barbara Ellen Goldfinger lffbeauty is its own excuse for being," no wonder Bobbi is here. Sweet, pretty, and spirited, are three ways that friends describe her, and all appreciate her heart of gold. When she says, "You dare me?" you'd better not, because, with Bobbi's drive and ambition, she'll do it. This applies to her future as well. ,glil My . I J N 2 ffl , if iii 5 '7""e- --1s- 2.9 lhg.qQ,mg,, 'Q 534477, 5 I -i J In . A " ' 4' - le Qofff' ffff 'ff f' "'9w...,..,.v 'Www Vicki Goldstein "Guess what?" There's a girl in the senior class who just talks and talks and entertains. She likes unusual people--Mr. Verna and Mr. Pepperling are her out stand- ing memories. She will soon be responsible tor the education ot our 'younger set. Her friendliness, wide range of reading, and loyalty mean ability to meet this re- sponsibility. Vicki May Goodman Goodman n. fEng. colloq.-good manl. One who works with children but must have certain prereq- uisites: A. must play tennis, enjoy rock 'n' roll music and show music. B. must attend a junior college. C. must have patience and sin- cerity. D. must achieve success and ful- fill her ambitions. Jay Russel Goudey Goudere iLat.--to be con- cerned with things around one.l 1.Referring to animals: to have them with the intent of helping them, i.e. to be a veterinarian. 2. Referring to music: concerned with classical and semi-cIass- ical, used to relax after PAL rifle contests. 3.To use common sense invdeal- ing with animals, music or rifles. 44 Elizabeth Gordon Gordon, -ando, -ido v. ifrom Span. -to travel, esp. in Mexicoj. 1.To travel in, around, or near Temple U. andfor Hudson Guild Farm. Z.To discuss, esp. while traveling to see sunrises. 3.To travel in the company of fe-ncers, Adebaters, jazz musi- clans, writers, and artists. fmt Susan Beth Gordon No one ever says, "Venez ici" twice to Suzi if they add, "Qual- que chose de bon se passe" to the sentence. Besides being especially interested in exciting happenings, Suzi finds French very appealing as is illustrated by the summer she spent successfully studying it at McGill. Response to your call is always friendly concern and a kind word. 1 if X f 'IF l ' , 1 L , .V-mx!! Ky I ,Lf Harland Stuart Graime 'Take a graime of television pro- grams, all sorts ot sports, and electrical engineering, and Harley will be happy. Give a graime of common sense, sense of humor and desire for self-advancement and you will be giving no more than Harley gives. Mix these five graime-s over Brunsen burner iwhich holds outstanding mem- oriesl and you've got Harley. Paul Grauer PauI's the boy with the thousand names. From class to class his name changes from Grover to Kramer, etc. Even "Honest Abe" tits because he's known for his honesty and sincerity. But what- ever you call him, he's still Paul, a quiet, casual guy whose dancing ability surprises you, and who will enter college or become a junior birdman in the Air Force. l ,sax Q. Susan Joan Gordon She has the ambition to be a psychiatrist. Can she make it? T.H.S. answers, "Yes." Sue likes people. Her interests-folk and classical music, the theatre, paint- ing, and reading - prove that sh. will develop the sensitivity and in- sight necessary to any profession in psychology. Sue likes to think and talk as well as to listen. ug, Jerrold Grayson Picture a bubbling brook, a fizzl- ing glass of soda, and the twinkl- ing of stars. A day with Jerry is lust as refreshing! He seems to bubble, fuzz, and twinkle all at once? His mind is forever supply- ing his mouth with bits of wisdom that often surprise us. He pre- sents this to us as only he can, with the keenest of wit. "To know him is to love him". 'N 'ii'-if 4-......,, in Ben S. Greenberg This one "casual guy" is always swinging in Greenbergsville. You'll also find him swinging away on the greens at any golf course "fore" he's a iolly good fellow. Ben's the trusty photog on the "6O" Hi-Way and when he is not taking pictures he's watching them on "Maverick" This ltalian food bug loves Dixieland, too. He's a real international bug. X X 3 ex 5-. V B ' -, 'g X X "-- 17, '- x ,. 2 X 4 :ol 'X is - I ii l X-,M ,X-Ng ' A s if - X X li - x T 2' lifes X X :fig X 5- Xi fr 73 hi 4Q -Q: 'V' J Drew Greenwald 'I N 'gg X When he decided to attend Tea- EEL, li A--" 'V 1-J :- neck High School, Teaneck High le -5-'fu " " -4 , 2 School drew anything but a blank 314 Drew's been a member of the Stu- dent Service, Bowling club, Rifle club, Chemistry club, and is on the Photography staff of the Hi- Way. After high school and col- lege Drew plans on a fulfilling career, that is he'll be kept full filling teeth, Lydia Anne Grill Lid never blows her top even when somethings burning on the Qfllll She enjoys her hobby too much to boil over. Whether flavors or favors, Lid comes out on top. She is alwa s willing to help a friend and she will be very helD- ful to a boss when she is a secre- tary in the future. Rena Gross Rena's favorite expression, "ThatTS wonderful," characterizes her opti- mistic personallty. She is able to draw the best from every GXD-9"- ence, perhaps because she DUf5 her whole self into all she ClO2S, for instance, music, which she loves, She belonged tO both Chorus and Band. College and the psychology field will welcorne Ree's enthusiasm and ready smile. gf J udith A. Greenleaf Judy sees secretarial school in the stars. Unfler all circumstances she is air. During her free time she Talks on the telephone or reads. In the future, she will remember the '58 Thanksgiving game. She likes To sing in her church choir. Her cheerful smile has won and will win her many friends. Janet May Grosskopf Sincere and friendly is Janet May and no maybes about it. When she finishes her homework Janet may listen to the radio or go out. Fond of music Janet might also listen to ballads or Rock and Roll. There is no doubt that Janet will enter secretarial school after she graduates or that she will be a fine secretary. 45 , ff f Carol Grossman You hear a bubbly laugh, you see a perpetually smiling face, you know it's "one jolly Grossman". Her beautiful wardrobe compli- ments her adorable face. If she's not looking for or giving fun and laughter, she's not herself. She has helped add that "certain some- thing" to our pep assemblies and various school functions. Teach- Claire Gunther Claire, asra female, cannot par- ticipate in her favorite sport, football, but she scores touch- downs in bowling, water-skiing, and cooking. Her spirited pep sessions take place via the tele- phone, and her sincerity and friendliness will keep the odds in her favor as she heads for the goal of a secretarial position. ing is perfect for Carol. i i tif t D N -QKQN.. U :gist A' 'l M A 'emviil 3:2 it ti X N 'jr . l l t t i X ll Pit fi V, ' . ,V ,M 'rf Qy f Z 0 f X f f f Mud mf' A ' '4 fM4fzvf ,ff !, Edward Haas Jo Ann Hagopian With a natural affinity for pool, cars, and western music, good natured Eddie will certainly be a success in business. Eddie loves his '55 Ford, football and base- lf you're interested in selling windows, see Jo Ann. She just loves window shopping. Jo will be one secretary who won't be able to keep secrets. Jo -t- books ball games, and rock 'n' roll. He admires honesty and promptncss, feeling that a person should strive lor the highest mark possible. lm! ning Eddie that mark will - 1 eu + stairway : advanced case of dropsy."Oh-stop it." This sing- ing sportswoman will no doubt work in the Bronx where she likes to wander every now and then. aiu Barbara Elizabeth Gutcheus "l'm sure" that it was Barbara's sense of humor and courtesy which won her the nickname Duchess, aside from the fact that it rhymes with Gutcheus. Her personality, her endearing mannerisms, her many interests, and her affinity for writing letters will make Duchess an airline stewardess of great merit atter she finishes college. Dorothea Hahn "Got a date with an angel" is the tune sung by the lucky boy who dates Dottie. Dancing, vivacity, good taste, and a wide smile are all a part of her. The tact that sho's very attractive will help her in a career with the airlines. Her passengers will be flying high. Betty Lou Haage A full face picture of Betty rnear1S a girl who swims, likes. hockey and classical music, guiles the hours by talking on the Phone. remembers with affection all the people she's come to know iri T.H.S., and who wants to enter the biological research field.. ln profile, she has understanding, compassion, sincerity and a SENSE of humor. 46 Qi N ku V . if l H Xl' Xl 'yi X ,BL n QQ 5 xpflxb s is N. Q r- i XXX CQ xi it -' .XLV git' K rixkcv XL i 1 xv lv on M , I, 1 .18 vfi Robert Hale Bob can't stay away from a TV set when the Giants are on unless he's at the game, of course. Canoe do what Bob can do with a canoe, or a golf club for that matter? Probably not, because he's excellent at both canoeing and golfing. Aside from football pennants, Bob will soon be waving a college pennant from the college of his choice. 47 X. Sxfdvt N Ll xt' s .RGS i 'ut' Carol Grace Haledjian Disarm! If you know Carol .youfve smile, been conquered by that that personality, and that pretty face. lf you don't know Carol, you must have been conquered by her original posters seen around the school. Dating, drawing, and sewing are talents that Carol has conquered and made her own, No doors will stay barred to Carol in the commercial art field. sf Elaine Anne Hamilton Long after "l.ainie" has left T.H.S. and donned the white of a nurses uniform she will remember the pink and red of "Carousel",. the Junior Prom. Long after "l.alr'lIG has left T.H.S. her friends will remember her warm smile which mirrored her friendly personallftfl Not long after she leaves T.H.S. "Lainie" will achieve her goal of personal fulfillment. as W 'ii is in-r-f Kirk Halstead "A horse, a horse, my textbook for a horse." Kirk is such an excellent rider that we'd go hoarse shooting his praises. lf he doesn'1 horse around too much in school, Kirk will become a veterinarian. Since he is a very stable person he is bound to achieve his goal, Kirk's admiration for personality and knowledge is reflected in himself. Q 4 gy iv i 3, flap? -. '.. V qmlfgxj. , I. Arthur J. Hamer Pizza-eater Arthur is going to hammer himself into an ideal service man after high school. He has all the raw material waiting. Artie likes almost every sport- especially football and basketball. So he is ready for training. He will always remember Mr. Powley's bookkeeping class which has pre- pared him so well for drafting or accounting. 'V ek , S ip 'fr r l A ff ,c. . .- Q. '19axex!5i:ts.,g,Q" 1 ' Nw, xXSi:5:Qsgi5l.-11944 re- , tx X XX N xx X XQN J it i ' ,fl j ' A KK X X - ' p-JJ i f y.. i X M H lag" A Y ' X .Xu . AA l 3 Eg .c fs ' X -AD A-c 5. -- -1. ix l 5 if K ,msn Hope Hampton No! We are not suffering from delusions. Hope actually says she enjoyes spiders named Mable and her favorite saying really is "Cheers and Bubble Gum". But in reality we know that Hope has many favorable qualities to recom- mend her. She can knit, sew, and cook like nobody's business, but some lucky husband may make it his business, Julianna Hargreaves Just look on the football field at half time, Unless you're nearsighted this cute ,twirler will catch your eye. Liked by all, she radiates friend- liness. ln the future College is seen and Eventually a career in teaching, and some very happy little pupils. Melida Harms Travelling way down yonder to Northern Valley or taking walks up the Lane with her friends are lots of fun for Mel. She has been a member of the Library Council in eleventh and twelfth grades, and is working hard towards a secretarial career. She enjoys reading in her spare time and signs her letters "Honestly", Mel. 4 c5s Jo Ann Harra With pencil in hand Joanne sketches skillful designs and fig- ures as she indulges herselt in one of her favorite pastimes --art. With diploma in hand, Joanne will leave high school and the friends who will miss her kindness and integrity. With chalk in hand Joanne will teach her future stu- dents reading, writing and all the rest she has to give. i Marcia Nancy Harris Men may someday harness the power of the atom, but they'Il never figure out where Marcia gets her energy. As compact as a molecule, this petite, power- packed princess charges up when attending all games and T.l-l.5 functions. She radiates enough beauty to win beauty contests and enough magnetism to attract the opposite sex. Linda Harrison Someday Linda will be a public health nurse. If her love for her favorite sport persists, she'll prob- ably make her rounds by bicycle, a short trip compared to her ten week bicycle excursions. She will dismount carrying nothing but her cheery smile and the experience she received doing volunteer hos- pital work, enough to cure any malady. ll, 'shea----..-.e.g.. - e as -1--:fe S f- eb ? gfijyf , ,ns g . r -fe Q '-T W- - . :aisi'sf.is' -'e-f-- X- f 2--1' - 5 --- f! is - - - - I 3 f ,Y f f 1- l A Y W- r 'W '- s -1+-D -4--.Y f A Y s .. shi. L, Y' 7 W Y 7 ggi, 7 7 mg! gr -+1 -91 - .- V ,ss .-L . Wea l. . nfs.. xy .. Z' Y -is 4 gs, , g 77- I feefyf f 4 -K-W" " . Y M 'iv'-i" ' -:Q , Q P -X fa iemkg-ii" e .-'-' .1 - 'iq 1 ' zk ' f - ' i ,sa-1 v. - 3 . W-.,,,.,,. l . WJ 1 ee r X -91ro.:' - 1.- 3-534192: -1 1 , i E2 XZ I Wlffli ',a44 -U Y ' 4 gm E jf '---'if---kgi .Q I .- - ' ' - g' '25 A 9 If ai ---Y-',..- . WYf Y F A1-1 ffl is Q , ..-"""-V ' HY a s je-, 2- e V 0 5 Q - A - we ss ef 'I ge, ,1 pie sees- f ,, ,,, i K 3 lf: i- L j ll 1 ,- 1 X- '?,3ieii,G,Qf,q1j'2Ei:,13 - Q X xFtt'.- g :Q -1:4-: gi is. X if "30jTQ,-amss. f i fm- . te . ' 'S N ' " I MX . -1 as gr --X 2 i 1 x . X ' -,A S f 1,9 3. I ' K f" ees - N e -is X - - .l 7 A u se 4 as ' ii? X-. ..... .H M 'wJd,: ,,,., ' 12, 'Q 'jf ,., ,.Y 1- Y L"gi:."--"?' - '- tl ' I s f "A , .. rf 'Sze-.:- . .,-, L4 ' ' ' 4--T Q-11:15 - 1 5,,f G!"""'f" Jewel Anne Hass This .lewel's sparkling personality makes her a gem ot a girl. Her sense of humor is a priceless pos- session which she goodanaturedly shares with iis all. She'd like to l-now how anyone could ever for- l'lC'l Senor Carter! matchmaking! ller ccintagiij-ii-2 laurili will prob- ,ilily rlisiupt i'ii.iiiy fit Iii'-r langiiage ilfifw in crilliige, at il l-.is in high Richard Hass As it is said Richie has all that it takes to become a great soccer player. tWhich he is incidentlyl. After he has been through col- lege, he plans on an engineering career. ln his spare time, he's just burning up with a desire to col- lect matches. tRichie will always remember our glorious victory over Ridgewood in soccer in l9'38.l Fran-k Hauch How can Hauch maintain an easy going smile and personality even when all the world's in a tur- moil? It must be the relaxing effect of beating drums at Jam Sessions or Mr. Dubin's Chem. class.. "Be good" says Paca, and he gives more than ip service to this statement. The sombre world ot business will be brightened by Frank's sense of humor. Louise Havranek Havrenek fRus.-to like DG0Pl0. esp. childrenl. I.To like young children and cn- ioy working with them, eSD- 35 a kindergarten teacher. 2. To capture moments and mp0dS. ot children and things, with B camera. 3. To capture hearts with fricndll- ness and a sparkling sense ot humor. lb' l N... Carl H. Hecker Maybe some people wouldn't give a fig for a date but Carl enioys dating a great deal, Besides painting the toxxn pink with his date, Carl also enioxs more artis- tic kinds of painting and drawing Carl likes every kind of music .gt Maxine Susan Heimoff Knowing Max is a refreshing ex- perience. She's completely natural, even to the tips of her long hlonde hair. Intelligence, individuality and candori these are Mak to the core Nuclear physics is the field fit for her clear mind, and watch- 'Q Leonard Harris Hellman "Definitely" without Lenny we would not have had assemblies, wc would not have had as many laughs, we would have lacked one "personful" of warmth and good looks. But Lenny was "definitely" hero, exhibiting athletic ability or Howard Herman History teachers make way for Our boy Howie. We know he'll achieve success be- cause of his persistent efforts. In swimming he is particularly skillful, but he Excels in every sporting or social except hillbilly and opera The ing soccer games the pastime fit entertaining young ladies. And activity. music he will hear in the future for her tastes. At college and Lenny will "definitely be at col- will be college songs and then always, she'll "bloom sae fresh and lege, where he will "definitely" "Get a Job." fair. be successful. f Y 1-f1,L""YYQ,Q,g'3 V T 'TX SX, , J -- - T- E311 ,,,." 1 ' - ..f..:f,1 - s - 1 E,-E:1..l!'.'!.i' . T f-JA I -no W .as f dx l 5 : - b S A A , V ff? .Y fs -V 1 l : 'P '11, .,' ,f WW . Q -lil - ' 'feiiffexl Tlnf ., f ,Q-sg Q 1.1 , M A 1 f Y ,411 ' x-f rf . , S ,f f . hi 7r::::' i 2 :3 V 1 .' if mer! .5 9 'T r E r' -yn i 1iZ?Ei55 55 FEEEEE , - -' . ? -. 'S----., ,--1 ,g'-g:- t-4-1 - ' :L -. - 4'-T . -V . . 15- D I c 5:5155 I :QV qgiizt' :- " - -3 ? 5.-'5 K Qt, aj' X r .J . V fjjpz' 1 V -2 1- fy ,, - , '- - --sf Ja- V ' ' if if T71 - as T ff-eg . fi ee a g as f licfiz ' a 2 e - if of 9' 31-he-is-T T T ,li-ea LT Ti i-- ,s jg some if - ,cf -X ef 1-of -ae P E E -be . I , -- ' I .4-' Y Y 5 ""' ' Larry Herman Hermanare, -avi, -atus fLat.-to be in motionl. l.To drive a car after homework is finished, esp. while listening to rock 'n' roll or modern jazz. 2. To travel, to help people, hence to be a doctor. 3.To water ski or swim. J- bf' s--f' Arlene .loan Hershey Arlene is a person who makes "survival of the fittest" difficult. What can be more fit than intel- ligence, a broad base of reading experience, enjoyment of the theatre, just the right amount of temperament and sentiment, and the illogical statement, "l failed the test." We can't help liking her, though, even if she does make the "fittest" more "fit". Fausto P. Hidalgo Ecuador has given Teaneck a very unusual personality in Fausto Hid- algo. l-le admires intelligence and courage in others and plays - in many sports. The most interesting thing about Fausto is his love for airplanes. He won first prize in a Model Plane Contest in Ecuador. He'Il leave model planes, however, to become a test pilot. malaga Susan Vicki Himber Sue can surely toot that flute. She easily whistled her way into All-State Band. Like the Pied Piper, she is a wonderful leader as shown by her selection as Girls' State Delegate. The key to her winning the Elmira Key Award was her wonderful qualities of sincerity, loyalty, and friendship. Marsha L. Hochberg Marsha's elementary school stu- dents will certainly sing "Getting to Know You" with broad grins on their faces, because they will be getting to know more than a teacher, they will be getting to know a sincere friend, who means it when she smiles, She will teach them the importance of strong character. lf children profit by example, they are sure to learn. ff. George Holmes George really gets his message across whether he's working for the American Telephone and Tele- graph Company or working on his Hi-Fi set. Rock and roll, cars, and baseball are "cool as a moose!", he says. Fond memories of cafe- teria food and of room 2l7 really get the message to George. 50 1 'ar Charles Norman Hodum Chuck is known for his marks- manship both with guns and with jokes. He enjoys shooting and shoots enjoyment. ln college, studying liberal arts, Chuck will again hit the mark. "Why?" Because he has a wonderful sense of humor, is known for natural- ness and sincerity and will strive to a life beneficial to others. Audrey Elaine Honis Honire, ivi, -itus, -a, -um fLat. - to reportl. 1.To enter the field of journalism equipped with writing ability, cheerfulness and fond memories of Mr. Dupperets English classes. 2.'To enjoy many extra curricular activities especially bowling. 3. To be that special kind of cheer- fulness that is Audrey. 'am Arthur Hoffman "The Music Man", that's Art. You'll find his baritone sax at Senior Band practices or on the stage with the Teaneck Jazz Band we've all come to know and applaud. Art also excels in track. The future will find him "swing- ing down the lane" towards a career as a lawyer. Ronald Honis WANTED: Ronald Honisg answers to "Ho there Honis!" Escaped from the prison of everyday life by driving around and listening Barbara E. Hoffman "C'mon Gang," Let's all put to- gether a Bobbi Hoffman puzzle. Two nice eyes fit into the picture of a modelling career. A girl who likes to drive, dance and talk fits in, and two pieces shaped like a pizza and an ice-cream cone. Place those big pieces of honesty and cheerfulness next to the one shaped like Mr, Powley and Lo! There is Barbara. ' 121-3 it i V 14? i Exit - h is ' ,X dsx xt:-ig X si ' to the radiog Honis has a long record of stealing for himself the friendship and admiration of others: last seen on sports field playing football, baseball, and bas- Philip Hopko ketballg may break out of high When Phil graduates from college school and head for college. he will work the plank as a cabi- net maker. When wrestling with knotty problems, PhiI's sense. of humor will increase the enjoy- ment of his chosen field. Phil's blue eyes are always on the look- out for someone to whom he can lend a hand. If Phil hammers away at success he's sure to achieve it. .wk ...K 3, -rs - f , f X X 1 Q Alxs . X l . -. L . xl 1 F x' .N Nxryxgx EAL?-F R. 1 ' s- -' A-.azzfgi Barbara J. Horn Barbara is really a Horn of plenty. She enioys many things: all sports, television, rock 'n' roll, and going out. She does many things well: singing, drawing and being friend- ly. She is happy and carefree. yet, she is not so carefree that she ignores the needs and prob- lems of others. Bobbi hopes to be a beautician. "Nicel" in X 1 i fi il E .. ' .fllllifliiil -5:1 "E ge.-V ., ,.. es, TX - "f'E-L? ae-' - ,gaa-'L N -' :.:f.'?'4f? 5 te1 :. '5 7 Howard Hughes Howie and Vic Tanny and weight lifting compliment each other. Howie even cracks a book occa- sionally in his sleep. Honest, loyal and scheming to attain a high financial position, using the advice lectures, froml "Mr. Thomas" ljlowie is so addicted to weight lifting he is always asking, "How much do you press?" W MW" .,. .Q 'ici may .-.ai WUI as is-7, l r Q.. if I' , .,-. .-, . r . y. , . ,,. M ., I . ,. . A .R -V. X., ., . Kr f W, lil f i i i f' 2 f. g'. -. V J I-r, r ,Q l 1 i , , -' R E . .X a r 1 ,fa lx i i , ll l N, , F ,. i. H K Michail Bruce Horowitz 'tThere is one jolly fisherman," -.-.ho, following the Huck Finn tradition, also eniovs camping out. Shedding fishing vest, he dons the garb of a career man in a me- chanical field. On Saturday he attends football games, sometimes followed by "fumbles," Whether it's the largest fish or the loudest a person cheer, Mickey feels should fulfill his own "beSt." Margorie Janet Hughes Whereas some girls say, "dishes and more dishes", Margie thinks for herself and says, "boys and L more boys". This blonde enioys life? She likes going out, and find: it easy to make new friends. She is a fine bowler and ought to make a vivacious secretary, Warning to all bosses-"Watch out, Brother." W N f f Michael Horwitz Mike is a collector's item, one of a kind. ln high echelons, he is known as a munismatics expert. which we of Teaneck High School call a coin collector. What makes Mike a rare item is his sincerity, the fact that he completes every iob he begins, and "Futganik." Anybody can want to be a "dentist", but nobody will be a "dentist" like Mike. WTX hit fxibiym il c i Ulf ' f r i W l ff W1 .SSB Dorothy Humphreys There is an art to doing anything well, be it painting, dancing or kindness. Therefore, Dotti is an artist in many ways. Originality and creativity characterize Dotti as a person who is not afraid to be herself: which means being trustworthy and kind. In the fu- ture Dotti hopes to create beauty either in the field of cosmetics or art. Cynthia Hough "Cindy, oh Cindy" we'll never forget you. Neither will the Tri- Hi-Y or Rainbow Girls. Down at Teaneck pond your skating is acclaimed, and you have a way of looking at life through a sharp eye. College and later medical technology will be waiting for you. QS". i Carol Ann Humphries As ye sew so ye shall reap. Carol, who is adept with a needle and thread, can look forward to a bountiful harvest. Carol admires character in other people and her own is certainly pleasing. People feel at ease in her friendly, help- full company. Cruising on Barnegat Bay or going to junior college. Carols good nature will get her ar. Sl :Wi K . 'fin Sandra lppolifo "Sandy" is one girl who has enough pep for three. She's always doing something, be it dancing, bowling or reading. Her fondest memories include the Junior Prom and Mr. Martino's history class. "You're kidding" if you don't think that this sweet miss doesn't dig Sinatra or Mathis. The business world is waiting for Sandy. K bllgelllfflsl QI 0 : N X . It Q giv- gif Alice Bernice lsraelson "Alice, Alice! Wake up, Alice!" But, no, for Teaneck's Alice is too busy dreaming about a won- derland of books and shows and lots of telephones. Our Alice's cheerful and thoughtful nature will make it easy for her to un- lock the door leadin to the teach- ing career of which she dreams. Dale Christian Jackson, Dale's southern accent compli- ments his warm southern person- ality. He is a good impersonator and is forever teasino anyone who will listen. "Really??" As presi- dent of the Methodist Youth Group, Dale puts his excessive energy to work. His many inter- and Mr. Puro's mechanical drawing ests include music, dating, football, class. We are sure Dale's life 1 -3 R its .... li . A 6- 'F il l ' , - -5 ss, as Q ?Qi-seiiss s --J will be happy. Diane Janet Jacobson Someday Diane is going to be an elementary school teacherg for the time being, she occupies herself well with talking on the telephone, setting her hair, playing tennis, swimming, bowling, ice-skating, and dancing. Diane, whose assets are reliability, enthusiasm and brown eyes, can easily be found at the J.C.C., in her car or shopping. 26? Al-""" William Jacobson Jake is a great baseball player tall county as a juniorl, a sterling quarterback lbefore he was in- jured his per cent of completions was better than Conerly'sl. Jilly Bake is a good basketballer, a member of his church youth group, and a Don Juan at parties, After college, Bill has set up for him- self the highest goal, that of be- ing a good citizen. fF W Q S x V 5 s , N i A its-' 'Oh in - g -J D x 3 lk. . J , i A El f e f gl Y I 'X QR Wm.. Mrk Danielle Marie Jaeger Believe it or not: Danielle is the "little bopperf' Danielle fondly remembers the de- licious cafeteria food. Danielle can really play the piano. Danielle dances well. Danielle has true integrity. Danielle will be a teacher. "Oh yah." You can believe lt be- cause it's all true. George Jaeger George did not have to wrestle for recognition, although he re- ceived it for his wrestling ability by taking second place in the district wrestling championship. Sports play a big part in the life of this clean-cut, good-looking boy who has been on the football, wrestling, and baseball teams. He plans next to wrestle with col- lege, he's sure to be a winner, SQA-Q x s:.U,,.e Wm- K. M,,9g , K ri . . . of J. Robert Jalil We aren't sure whether or not Bob eats wheaties but he certainly is a champion. ln his junior year Robert was an all-state choice in soccer and was also a state wres- tling champion. This year Bob was sick and was unable to participate fully in the athletic program However, performances off the field as well as on, will always make Bob a champion, 7' Q 1 90 3 x Y is iv 'xx X l H., .. ,Qi Q ' i X We is 1--' Marie Helena Janssens Everything will be copesetic for Marie, if she can be with people and boys, of course. Ree Ree, lcha, cha, chal, as she is called by her good friends, especially enioys writing and singing- Chorus lO, ll and Choir l2. She will probably enter the field of teaching, but for now she is hav- ing a wonderful time doing a little bit of everything, veg tffliifr Peter A. Jansson Clarinet-playing, electronics ihe's a ham radio enthusiasti, and the ability to pronounce Swedish tongue twisters all combine to make Pete one of the most versa- tile ot this year's Seniors. Pete, who enjoys tennis, swimming, and good jokes, plans to study engi- neering physicsg his fairness and his quiet good nature are his outstanding qualities. re-si W . 'Q Allen Johnston This good-looking guy is forever trying to push back that annoy- ing lock of hair. Surprisingly enough, Al has an aversion to holidays. "Why not?" He should go out for debating since he has such a talent for arguing. ln Allen's chosen career of automo- tive engineering, his many assets, especially his ability to tinker with cars, wil be appreciated by the owners. James Jones Judith Jonas "Just leave it to me", says Judi, "and l'll do it for you." Judi is loyal to her friends, she will do anything for them. She is lively, never dull. She likes lively music -jazz, rock 'n' roll and Latin. She likes to keep moving and thus enjoys riding a horse, swimming and driving. She is in a hurry to grow up and become a book- eeper. The "Lone Star State" will soon welcome this officer of De Molay into its borders as a student at Texas A C1 M, Although his many friends signify that he isn't a lone star, he should fit in very well because his accent is so appropriate. It is also appropriate that artistically inclined Jimmy should be inclined to use his talent as an engineer. Leonard Jesuele The only thing in this world that can replace Jeszie is a garbage disposal unit with a bad memory. The food that goes into Jeszie should be able to last anyone else for a weekg it hardly lasts him until next day! But eating isn't the onl thing on his mind, he enjoys Jinking too. His recipe for a good life consists of girls, food, and fun. F li I mit lt'l'l iii? Gail Kadison "Theme in shadow and gold." Gold is insight, judgment and hu- mor-tempered by thought and experiences. Shadow is the words yet to be written, the ideas yet to be expressed, and those never to be revealed-this is her right and strength. "l do not know which to prefer--the beauty of inflections or the beauty of in- nuendoes" - gold, or shadow. Barbara Kates "The Most Unforgettable Char- acter" with emphasis on "char- acter" is "Katesy." She has the ability to cause trouble, miss airplanes, bring laughter and solve problems simultaneously. Add to this, sharp wit, generosity, matur- ity and fantastic eyes, and that's Barbara. Just ask anyone who knows her, they'Il never forget. 54 'ku,,..-fs Alice M. Kaplan "We have lit upon the gentle, sensitive mind" which sees people and their actions not only in the clarity of black and white, but also in the depth and subleties of varying shades of gray. With this perceptiveness, Alice seeks explanations for eternal riddles. ln music and literature she finds shadows of answers. Many shad- ows make substance. 4,53 iynvw-f 'Gan-wwf Faith Irene Kaplan Some people watch television to see a show. Faith watches so that she can memorize the com- mercials. Witty Faith, who is very interested in art, also enjoys talking on telephone, listening to records, dancing and swimming. "I'll do it later." No, become a nurse now. All of us sick people need your humor. R -M X -ex X his S S -.gpg TP-i's.fn-Sa ' 'MT' Y xx, X551 Q 'sf s+e::'f'sg sag, -4 if s Niki-,lil 'E Q3 , j X. N. 5 .. fo .Q --5 4 - .1 , S' -f s ' L xi. 6, Y ww Michael Kates Very rarely do you find a person like Mike Kates. He is an excel- lent student, lsequence honorsl, a fine athlete, lsoccer IO, il, l2J, and a talented artist, lask Mrs, Gearyl. Yet, he somehow manages to find time to keep up a deep appreciation and stead- fast following for good violin music, A real witty guy, Mike believes culture has its rewards. Ruth Katz Ruth, better known as Ruthie to all her friends, likes to drive, swim, and ice-skate, She enter- tains her friends with her laughter, iokes and wild tales: she enter- tains herself by going to football games. One special talent of hers is working with others. This year you can find Ruth in the Senior Choir next year, in Junior College. 'T mr" f Gerald Kaplan Kaplanus, -a, -um. fLat.-super active.l A Kaplan is a newly discovered chemical element, more active than any previously known to man, its activity ranges from Stage Crew to Senior Class Cab- inet. It is capable of running on the track team, playing basket- ball, or talking on the telephone to girls, Much can be expected from this newly discovered sub- stance. , Theodore A. Kempf, Jr. lt's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a drag race and Ted is in the lead shouting "Give it the gas"! Ted is a whiz at tinkering with his cars, or different types of engines. After high school, he will attend the Teterboro School for Mechan- ics to major in aeronautical div- sion, Always willing to help a friend or engine in need, Ted's future is bright. 10' "" Hb' s Claire Keating "Say it a little louder and we'lI activate to it." l said that Claire is wholesome and enthusiastic, that she iust loves camping out, that she can get along well with anxtiodv, and that she's an out- standing athlete, and that she en- ioxs a good date. l also said she "cracks" pokes. l'm finished. Now xou can activate into a physical education teacher. be Lois Ann Kehrli lf we were to takc one cheerful, smiling girl whose countless inter- ests include singing, records, and dancing, add to this sequence honors, two dancing trophies, a four-year crush, and a cheerful "Hiya!"g then put in a musical talent and college in the future for good measure we'd have Lois, one hundred percent. '. s X . i Y x X sRS -ff " it igg we N x X N 1 X 5 N. 1 ' . s X ,- .k X:...'5 X, xl , j X N X BT JEQFYQQQ' f X 1'i?1iSi .iss x Qrqghh E ,xggw li N Xwfss .-sebf:st s . X PXQF1 :iEf:!'5Es Y3ZsY3+E9vNisw?w 5iNx...W4:.3Qx eff-'sswfatisq X fixwu. Qfiwgsi SR xfisgillliliilixi Ss 4?-2-2 atsxsksi 'SSQNISE-1Eif'i'h X ef ' iii 'N g N-. +21 'N X H P' 1 f-9, 2:f:f'1N sg-I K" " X mail Xliliil igslfsggx i gg, '5:' L K -1 X gx fsktil-zz all ,rf mi g Mary Lynn Kenny They'll "fly through the air with the greatest of ease" when Mary's their airline hostess. Not only will their stewardess be cute, but she'll take a sincere interest' in their welfare since she enioys people. For experienced travellers her cheerful chatter will chase away tedium, while "first-timers" will be too busy laughing to be frightened. 7094 4 William Kero Bill is one of the busiest boys in school. He does so many things that we can't figure out where he finds the time. He can't either. As a matter of fact there are just some things that he cant flnd time for. Filling out his biogra- phy sheet is one of those things. We hope that his busy schedule finds time for success. Joan Ellen Keiber Whenever there is a radio around playing rock 'n' roll, Joan will be singing along with the record. She is always full of spirit. Her beau- tiful brown eyes glow when she's hepped up. Joan has been active in the Leaders Club and Saint Anastasia C.Y,O. A warm smile and pleasing personality enable her to win new friends easilly. new Lee Kesslin The tall Confederate general com- manded his troops well, and our little Yankee Lee commands the hearts of all who know her equally as well. Her rank and geniality will give Uncle Sam a good rea- son to draft her as a future teacher in the citizen's corps, 55 Susan Kesslin "Oh you don't know" the real Susan, unless you know about her "problems", her French transla- tions, her shopping trips in Hack- ensack, her memories of Mr. Breisch's class. Unless you know of her intelligence, her enthusi- asm, her dramatic talent, and her desire to constantly increase her knowledge of the world, "Oh you don't know" Susan. Q N Rev' Richard Martial Kilmurray Kilmurray adi. Kfrom Lat. kilmur- ryus, a, um meaning nauticali. 1. Pertaining to one who intends to go into the Navy after high school. 2. Pertaining to one who likes playing square cards and round records. 3. Pertaining to one whose affa- bility should bring him waves of friends in the Navy. V' fi-riffs wi n 'fig mt 1 Q Linda Klein Was ist eine Kleine Linda? Well das ist a girl who loves to be mit people. Eine Kleine Linda ist also an understanding, personable girl rnit eine lovely smile und she ist un active member of Young Life, Eine Kleine Linda ist sure to be a success in eine teaching career. Guten Luck! 'Uv 2' A .VV Monika Klein Monika, who is sensitive and in- telligent will naturally make a fine, sensitive, intelligent elemen- tary school teacher. She is an extra special nice girl who never shouts about how nice she is. Indeed, Monika shouts only where shouting is necessary. She likes Marzipan and Chinese food which proves she is discriminating and has good taste. John F. Kindergan John is one of those people who fits in anywhere. Perhaps it's his sense of humor or his ability in sports. Maybe his easy-going personality and level-headedness explain why he is sought after. Probably all of them together make John such a fine guy, and will make him such a fine civil engineer, that people just enjoy being with him. Paul Eugene Klein "Calling Paul Klein" is what people are always doing, because they recognize a leader when they see one. Paul responds to the call to service by being president ot Student Council and of County l-li-Y, and by doing a great job in both. He's also in great de- mand as a wonderful friend. To "Calling Dr. Klein," Paul will respond as an excellent surgeon. 5- 'V Gary Klein See that well-dressed boy going down the hall? lt's probably Gary and if it is you'd better step aside because when he puts on the speed he is a very fine runner tlast year he was one of the standouts on the track teami. No matter where he's running, he'll always go out of his way of others. But don't stop him now, he's on the road to dentistry. if-fo Sf Victoria Ann Klein Vicki, fl never use Victoriag, Klein is an ambitious. delicious. charmingly capricious female. Her future plans include being listed in "Who's Who" as-"oustand- ing in the field of biology". Vicki enjoys exotic foods, i"I like the cafeteria food!"l, and bike trips on which you can learn something! She has a talent for living it up. Andy Klinger know what l mean"- "You that's Andy's favorite expression. What Andy usually means is folk music--he can listen to it for hours. Aside from folk music, Andy likes socializing and driving. Good-looking and intelligent, Andy will go tar. Where? Law, perhaps. Honesty and sincerity help round out the personality of a boy who'll find happiness. Qt? Iris Kodish Iris is famous for doing things at the last minute. Unlike everyone else who does things at the last minute, lris gets them done. This strong determination is a large part of her character, the other part is a mixture of wit, wishes and common sense. -Enjoying music of all kinds occupies some- time. Other times she SIHQS. dances or acts. i, ,, A 5' 71' Richard A. Knop An expressive face is worth a thousand words. Without saying anything Richie conveys his feel- ings towards any manner of sub- jects, The Thanksgiving Day games rate a broad grin and the mention of a sick engine brings a down-hearted curve to his lips. To us less spastic individuals, Richie means lin wordsl "Hey, dad."-a great guy. f Q Ruth Knopp Here's Ruthie Knopp, a fresh addi- tion to T.H.S., who already has at least one outstanding memory here -Mr. Church's English classes. Planning to major in Nurse's Training, Ruth has a remarkable talent for playing the piano in Spanish, both popular and sacred music. Ruth gets a kick out of window shopping. Q 'cf Ab ! XD .A ,UN s -l ' S -sq - gil ,QS s J 'N ,AN :Q-' -' 1 'U-.1 :- .N 5 ----lllg. 'lI""f' John T. Koedderich, Jr. "Hey there, you." Here's .J-ack Koedderich with his 'familiar greeting and the easy-going per- sonality of which he has plenty although he never wastes words. .lack likes basketball and base- ball, and has played on both teams. He also plays on the team of friendship and loyalty, He applies as strictly to himself as to others the high standards he has set. 1- A qs. I Steven Kohn "Sincere, sagacious, melancholy" -words that described Lincoln and also fit Steve. What he has to say is worth listening to be- cause it stems from contemplation and is not hidden in euphemisms. He is interesting because he is interested, especially in you, Plato and Stereo. He remembers incon- sequental facts too, a key to suc- cessful college years. Marguerite Rose Koskinas "Bonjour Mademoiselle" we say to Margie who knows what we're talking about since she's the vice president of the French club. lt's Greek to us why she holds such fond memories of Mr. Breisch's Greeks. 5he's nuts about peanuts brittle, Mathis, and people. Her optimistic outlook on life will cer- tinly be appreciated by her future pupils. Susan M. Kramer "Oh, oh, oh, what a girl," and what an asset she is to anything and everything she approaches. She is accompanied by laughter, bubbling excitement and the fiery temper of a girl with true auburn hair. Her hobby is collecting trophies for her excellent tennis game, Even when she's not play- ing tennis, she'Il always be winning trophies. 58 Jerilyn Marcy Kossack Jerilyn is talented at doing imita- tions, But since her father told her it isn't polite to imitate people, she has stopped. This is sad be- cause Jeri's imitations were very funny. But her other talents, which include forgetting her glasses and making people happy by being so natural that every- one around her relaxes, more than compensates the loss. Anne B. Kotlow There are many types of talents. Perhaps some of the greatest talents are these: to know how to be a warm and devoted friend, to know how to give unselfishly of oneself to others, to know how to quietly but consistently seek knowledge, wisdom and truth in their forms. Anne knows all of this. She is a very talented girl. 51s i X s i fm? Vi S- X QQ lin A Tin?-Q -sv, c x05 'll xx if.-f-:Sl x X, X lrxl eg X 5 ,Q xt.. s , , gale ..- -ss - vim -21 -' x .Tl -, ' 3331 i s sf-ei . i S X X X I" 3515 Sk . Quay X151 S ee H f QE littlll 5 e-tirfl . as A ve: -'lit-l - twirl X L:- i E igm xx- lqlilz Eigtitig 'f X fx.. r 1 ' I I 'igtiltll X 3 g l NNN H - , i Xt- ug , . r X. N lllll X M4 'QW'-'MY' ZM,,,.,, Betty Alice Kraus "Blue are her eyes as the fairy flax," And twinkling with school spirit. lt's a wonder she has time to relax, Her activities are so numerous. Working hard, always being a friend, Cheer-leading, singing and keep- ing scrapbooks, Betty's energy seems to know no end. She's perfect college material, Ilona S. Kreiger First it's college for Lonny. Then either Wacs or Waves or maybe she'll be a worder wave. After the service, Lonny will be magi- cally transformed by her talents into another Sarah Heartburn. But until then, Lonny spends her spare time making banana splits for her friends.. Lonny uses more ice cream per cubic friend than any- one else, la lot of ice creaml. kfffwiw ,V , 4. , ,fgffmigx - f, ,Z , , me 4 1 f I 1 Q 4 1 , ,f f x 1, f W we ,ft , X f ga, ,,, f , , ? ., 7 -Aff" rw, y 'f - 'rw ,ff H , it I ' 5, .1 M " Howard Koval "Howie's" usual comment is "what a way to go!" We have a feeling that he could be referring to those crazy study halls, as he so aptly describes them. Ah, back to the days of Mr. Verna's literary lin- xguistics. His modest tastes include an love of money and beautiful girls. His good. sense of humor insures him a life of merriment. tv , , Q X X X 5 N X t as N John Kuehn When people say that John is a man that's hard to beat, they really mean it. He has made a bi hit as a drummer in the band. Join is also known for his ability to make pizza pies. He enioys swimming, watching television, and sleeping when he's not prac- ticing the drums or doing home- work. John will beat it to college next fall. 'Ti Ik Gary A. Kulhanjian When you make room for "Kujy" you make room for a person who is a wonderful friend and a good sport. You make room tor a boy who is enthusiastic about football and who remembers well being a member of the "EES" champion- ship team. You make room for one of the proudest Armenians in T.l-LS. and for "what a panic." Surely anyone can make room for all this. Renee Kurzweil Her beautiful eyes have a certain glow, they seem to reveal her inner warmth. She has a home- spun wit that is unsurpassable. Her musical abilities range from playing the piano to dancing. The latter talent has won her many awards. Her compatibility with children will be an import- ant factor in her success as a teacher. Robert W. Kunath "The sound of music" echoes through the halls and the ladies perk up their ears to the music of the "Gents" the rock and roll band of which Bob is a part. His guitar has strung together many a variety show and jam session. Bob's other assets, which include honesty, loyalty, and friendliness, will be put to use in the field of retail business. .4 . fu, Alexander J. Kuntzevich, Jr. Alex is a fine soccer player and wrestler, who will never forget Mr. Savage's class, and who plans to be an Air Force Pilot. lU.S., of coursel. But meanwhile he is content with being young and a Viking, enjoying Saturdays with the guys, jazz, drawing, and eat- ing lwhen he's not wreslting.J - XT-eng if l I ' , K vb' W ,-'f - H .. s.- .. X 0' li . .1 f ,' ,hh , 5 4 i , mi jx ig , ,' it , is fx. i - A4 - f ' gi f, A A - . f ,,I ff WZ." -, - I-kvffglgi 44 ,Q N' '- jjf X ' ' ... , -. exft ---7-.si "M I S-1 555? -Q--'X e I-. i' i Yirr it Yi ky YY I '7 Y 7' ' Y Y + X A Z ,:". ? Q AZIA VT . , g W.. K Jeffry Lafer "Later" can constantly make people laugh with his fine sense of humor and his ability' to tell jokes. He has an easy-going D921 sonality-"What, me WQFVY? Jeff's interest in science is re- flected by his desire to become a dentist. Maybe he just wants a captive audience for his jokes. 'Q 'UETM' Barbara E. Lamm Most lambs "baa" but Barbara Lamm sings and her singing is a lot more melodious than most lambs. She loves going to the theater, maybe because she has visions of herself on that stage someday, a dream which very possibly will come true. Even outwardly, with her long hair and chic clothes, the arts are a part of her. Marjory Kurtin Commercial art, here she comes! A fine all-around athlete, skiing, boating, and swimming-and a real gone artist, She's won art awards, loves to draw in her spare time, scribbles the rest of the time, and expresses herself through her art. Someday her friends will be saying "l knew her when." Watch out, Walt Disney. S 4 3. Larry Lammers A blueprint of Larry's career and interests consists of straight, clear lines and a smooth finish. The line that runs through- out is a love for architecture. It shows itself in a desire for a career in this field and member- ship in the drafting club, It is ornamented by athletic ability and an interest in cars, drawing, and girls. school 59 ' ii S 'i fl '7 f1'V,.... 1I,KSv "f.-f 41 5 H 'W ii' aiiiiti, ke" L - A i ' I In ,I L. i i l ll" x l' ' i ,j Q . , , f ' i I- l - i i ' t l 1 T l Alix X I lat, ll xx, 'N Nl' ' f' i sx 1469 f- x - Q P - lx---:ix ' ' 'K-Q55 L S X-lxxv A.-'ss J' l X H- News "" ' I I xxx -I Maureen Mary La Monaca There are two sides to Sis, as her good friends call her. Side one presents a teenage girl who is a Red Cross Council Member, likes to talk about boys, and plans to work in a bank as a bookkeeper. Side two shows us a talented dancer and singer, who, with a little bit of luck, can forget the bookkeeping for a career in show business. 'Yu-nf" .1- -.,,.,, William D. Lasser Here's a kid who won't make Vassar. He's a boy with the name Bill Lassar. At riflery he has great skill. For dentistry he has the will. But all in all, he's just our Bill. Loves music country and western style, His sense of humor will make you smile. All the gang at T.H.S. Hopes Bill achieves desired success. GO id fl im. y - " l.. '51 if 1-0 A, Ili ' li xx - ff' 52 Q KX ii kr tg, Q 5 5 - Q - W - AJ 'V '---.. Roger G. Lang Roger is Teaneck's answer to any- body's question. This is so because Roger can do just about anything except pass camels through the eyes of needles. Photography and autos are BIG on his list of activ- ities. Roger is proud to be of that stout-hearted group of stu- dents who risk their lives every day in the role of Miss Allen's Ice Cubes. -ws, 'x 'OW George Charles Larson ls it a bird, is it a plane? Ask George, since he's an expert on identifying flying objects. "l.ars"' achievements are many. Perhaps his fondest memory is being chosen tor Boys' State. George escapes from reality by playing a mighty fine guitar with friend Fips. "lky,, Aie George" will be on the receiving end of the medi- cal bills after college. ' rl' Edward J. Leary Eddie is a boy of many talents. One of these talents is rational- ization, Perhaps this explains his claim that homework is his favor- ite pastime. Another talent is procrastination. This does not ex- plain his "Lets stop this frivoIity!" Other talents like athletic prowess and amiability will make him a well rounded MD, John A. Leclerq People in T.H.S. have many vary- ing interests. Thus it is no real surprise to find that Jack enjoys the trips he has made to the guidance office. Jack also likes more normal things, like boats and girls. In music, he likes just about anything. On the track team for three years, he claims that track is his favorite sports, and he's even running to college. i Patricia Lampman Pat, who enjoys every aspect of her youth, will help others retain theirs when she becomes a beau- tician. Her own wide smile and big blue eyes however need no improvement. Her amazing abun- dance of pep and energy are manifested in many ways but especially in the sport of bowling in which she is outstanding. inns-lv' 'N-ff Stephen Leeds Genius is too great a term to use lightly. It means possessing hu- mane qualities to a far greater degree than most men. lt means seeing more and seeing more clear- ly, thus feeling more, It means having a creative and original mind which leads to creation. It means talent. Perhaps this term can be applied to Steve. William Craig Leers William Leers is known by his middle name Craig. For the last two years he has served T.H.S. as manager of the basketball and baseball teams. Besides watching athletic contests, Craig enjoys listening to hi-fi and working model trains. He was president of the Drafting Club in his Junior year. A career in the business field awaits Craig. 1 Elaine Virginia Lettie ln the Girl's League, IO, ll, IZ, Elaine has tremendous school spirit and closely follows T.H.S. varsity teams. She especially enjoys see- ing Teaneck's football team WIN. Elaine is working hard towards a career in nursing and "next stop" for her is Nursing School. She will always remember the 2nd floor senior high girls room-sweet memory! . 1 aff?-s-Q -fa ?a f I, , . ,ZZ f K- ff- - ,I 2 .Ai ll ' il" , ? i if if at . .. Z Zi Q, -"lj'1ia.Eg.N -K gf i g 2 s Z 44 f if tr fi-jj f V , l " fm' 45152-'-, -c ,.?- ff ji X uf 1:5 iaiyfa f-- f 1 i aff 2' ' f f 4245224 5 ff .. f fin-ff s f' Q 1 lmf , cgi. f V f.-a i'ii1...-, 'a ' X . Michael Jay Leib Mike would like to know "why?" "Why" what? "Why" almost any- thing! This boy has one of the most inquisitive minds around. He has a talent for digging up the little details that other people don't ordinarily think of. His common sense, love of fair play, and congenial personality will secure him success as an electrical engineer. '53 -.X Gertrude Lennon Trudy's height and energy don't correspond. She is one of the liveliest "class breaker's up" in school. Many a teacher will never forget her. Her wild antics and uninhibited laugh lend a sparkle to her surroundings. Her varied moods will help her in the var- ious character parts that she will portray when she conquers Broad- way. me Barry Gordon Leveen "Bombing around" is one of his favorite pastimes. Casual Barry plans to go to a college and mayor in Math, Science and Fraternity Life. Through the dim lit night the slim silhouette of this italian Epicure can be seen raiding piz- zerias. He balances the day by listening to Belafonte's-Calypso and old 'Rock and Roll hits. f A fivf-ac., Q ' r""' if A. fami, lan Sinclair Leveton "Holy cow, man!". We of T.H.S. sincerely say that England's loss is America's gain. Daddy-O won his citizenship this year and here'S what the U.S. gained: one hot trombone player: one loyal friend, a future physicist, and one great guy. Our wishes go wherever lan does. Richard Lehman Here's a paradox for you. Richie doesn't measure up to ten feet but he feels a person should strive for the highest goal he can reach. When it comes to such a person as Rich the Kid, he can touch goals higher than ten feet. His so called "Stilts" include a great talent at the organ, at tennis, and at keeping everybody laughing. 'iv Miriam B. Levi Miriam's friends insist that she should be known not for her sense of humor, but forputting choco- late and butter on rye bread. In case you're afraid that Miriam is going to be a chef, relax, Miriam wants to be a' child psychologist. She'll need all of her understand- ing in that job.'Miriam is a natural for it, though: people like her. 6l , , N Ji- gif l l 44 1 a rf! W of ' yi, I im 7 A if X J Z L 91- I 1 , 4 xx rllff 0 mf cf ,Wi 5 if , 27. Q f ff-f 'Ng X 'l X ff! h f ffl? i lallh x fi V V it I 1 ' , " H: I7 T! l 'lie lil f "" ff? f' X l W W ill ff i f Ill .1 - X ff' -, f ffl f J T ,b f ' ff- , -if ii ' if ,fri Q- -N sr- , - N ff' .- Wfma si ffl f f"': x .N 1 I X- 1+ li: ,v X V 1 A bw, ,1Q ,kd E Q , g .PZ-1 jf Joanne Carol Levine Joanne can often be found, comb in hand, arranging one of her striking Oriental hairdos. However, this green-eyed miss is thoroughly American as her hobbies lainl . P Y show: dancing, picnicing, shop- ping, ping-pong, ice-skating, driv- ing, and sleeping! lA necessity after enjoying all those others,i College is the next activity on her list. w'm't Sharone Heather Levine The consummation of loveliness with the Mona Lisa's secret. Rare talents molded with a captivating charm will produce success as an actress. Sharon is this year's presi- dent of the Playcrafters and a talented addition to the Cameos, both valuable starts on her up- coming career. All these talents, plus insight and sensitivity make Sharon a rare find. 4w'W""" 'MW- Karen Levine "Fudda mudda duclda"--You try to figure it out, because we can't! Karen must know what it means since she is constantly saying it. This is just another expression of her individuality. Horseback riding and ice skating are only two of the sports in which she partici- pates. Talking and dancing are more of her pastimes. Teaching is her chosen career. Michael Levy Hold the show till Mike comes. He's on his way to college but it won't be long until he's a the- atrical agent. Mike sports a "T" for intramural wrestling and a memory of the '59 football -sea- son. He also has a noted singing talent which he uses in several singing groups. Besides all of this "he's got personality." 5 ,WZ QV ,Hun-W Linda Levin To cite all of 'l.inda's numerous activities would require too much space, but they form an interest- ing variety, including everything from Spanish to l.eader's Club. She plans to be a teacher, is an excel- lent dancer and loves sports. lt is this versatality of interests and abilities which makes Linda a wonderful "all-around" girl. r ,ff . fig l X Richard F. Levy Ricky's favorite pastimes are read- ing and modern jazz though his friends say they're wine, women and song. Ricky's been a long time clarinet toting member of our fine marching band, His favorite sports are baseball, football, golf and tennis. "Cut's no ice" is this cool cat's favorite expression. After college Rickey will be a doctor. 62 af., iv' 'iv' Myra Levine What does it mean being a Levine named Myra? First, it means hav- ing an infectious smile, sparkling brown eyes, and warm personality. Then, it means possessing out- standing leadership and scholastic abilities. Finally, and very import- ant, it means being especially fond of ice cream sodas and Frank Sinatra albums. Sandra Levy "A friend in need is a friend in- deed." Sandy is indeed a friend, always ready with a smile and good word. lt's no private secret that Sandy wants to be a private secretary after she finishes busi- ness college. Long after that, however, Sandy will remember Mr. Powley who taught her book- keeping plus! Barry Charles Liebl If you aren't careful, you're "Liebl" to run into a big guy with broad shoulders who has been a member of the football, wrestling and track teams since tenth grade, Duke Ruffin of the Memorial team got careless, and no one will ever forget the great way Eoz tackled him. He is also a pro- ficient wrestler and will become a proficient printer, Roni Lief "Thank heaven for little girls" because 'some of them grow up like Roni. Cute figure, beautiful 9Yes and a quick mind has she. Want more? Well, there's her am- bition, spunk, sense of humor, and sincerity, Are there more like her? Undoubtedly not, and only one COHSQG wil be able to have her present on campus. Elizabeth Ann Liben Her quiet exterior belies her zany interior. Once you get to know Betty, you'll never forget her, Her every mannerism displays her indi- viduality: her pendulum-like walk, her unique but flattering hairdos, and her tres '1Libenish" French pronunciation Sincere, Dersonable and lust plain wonderful is the description of this lovely lady, V "'vlf"v!1-ng , A - 5, 3' ' 'V , sh Q' , Q A ' r s" V Q . X if Robert Arthur Lippman This mild-mannered, fleetfooted, globe-circling senior has returned to circle our track for Mr, Ryan, For recreation Bob enjoys reading and classical music, but he can really move when it comes to track and chess, He'll never for- get the time he spentuin calculus class. Bob enjoys solving puzzles but lnasn't yet solved the puzzle of his future. 63 Xi f X 2: Q- xl ' f Qt is ' 'S 9-. 5 5 U ui-a-2 William Frederick Liebler Historically, William Liebler has a great knowledge of history al- though he likes to "Live always from day to day." Bill, who likes to read and listen to classical and show music, will remember long hard hours of studying math and French at T.H.S. We know Bill's future history will include great success at college. ,Qjfj-'rx Karen Sue Liskovsky Dizzy fingers and dizzy figures represent Karen's interests. She has won music awards for her tal- ented piano playing and eniOYS modern dance. Karen, who also likes to play tennis and swim, will remember the friends she's made at T.H,S. Although she runs around in circles, Karen is headed straight for college. "Poof- you're a melted!" lb' 'Tis' Larry Liebowitx For a big guy, Lieb gets around, You've seen him on the football field, the track field and the wrestling mats, He's also the guy that keeps everybody out of the Jewish Community Center on Thursday nights. Actually, though, 'Lieb is serious-minded, wanting marriage and a career after high school. lP.S. hit him on his Achilles thumbll Leslie Litwin Leslie ho es to become a dentist at 550,800 a year with "no sweat." Besides dentist drills, Leslie enjoys football, soccer and baseball drills as well. Sitting down activities include television and movies. Leslie goes into a spin over records ipopular and swingl and girls. Les will achieve more because of his witty per- sonality. Joann E. Locke The key that unlocks Jo's future is a nurse's cap. The key to Joan's personality is sincerity and a year in Mr. Verna's English class. Get- ting into trouble is ,her specialty, but her specialty as a nurse will be keeping babies out of trouble as a baby care technician. The babies under her care will be the "laughingest" in town, due to Jo's joviality. lk l ll T T it Q ML wj 'X . ,f ski ,X X Jane Loebelson "As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life", which means that Jane's life is like a rainbow. Examples of her distinctive work can be seen in the i960 Hi-Way, to which Jane contributed both time and talent. in addition to painting, she enjoys music and literature, Along the path of her rainbow lie the colors of a career in designing. Qu W4 my Jean Irma Loeb Permettez-nous de vous presenter Mile. Jean Loeb. Jean has a finesse about her that is a rare find. She is sincerely interested in helping other people, as psy- chology, her chosen field indicates. Intelligence, a sense of human dignity and perserverance will help her do this job well. Even the French love Jeannie with her beautiful accent. 432 - Vincent M. Loschiavo Vini may appear the silent type, but to his friends he reveals his sense of humor and conversational abilitl. Much of his time is spent absor ing TV programs and popu- lar music, but he does express himself in Miss Smith's class. He causes a ping-pong ball to make noise by slaming it across the table. He has remained quiet about future plans. Joan Roselyn Loeb Joan is one of those people who are good at everything. She is tied for first place in the class ratings. She plays the clarinet well. In ninth grade she won the American Legion award. Her many friends say that she can fool boys into having them think she's smart. With talents like that, Joanie's bound to be a success at what ever she does. W Q-an WVU- Richard E. Lowenthal Everytime the Teaneck Jazz Band plays, there is a point where the whole band stops to listen to a red-face guy rise and blow his heart out into the hottest trumpet you've ever heard. This is how we'll remember Dick. When not playing his trumpet, which is not often, Dick is probably enjoying the women. Sylvia Loeb That "certain smile" helps to make others happy and that smile be- longs to Sylvia Loeb. Syl plans to focus her sunbeams on business school and then light up an office as a secretary. Her face brightens even more when on dates, when speaking on the telephone, and when recollecting homework and bookkeeping classes. lAnd Mr. Powley somewhere in there.l .sfo Alu. Karen R. Lowry Karen, pretty as a princess, surely deserves the nickname "Smiley" Her day is spent doing an endless Pepsodent commercial. She's 8 whole popularity poll rolled into one fabulous package. She was our May Queen and Junior Prom and Jug Queen. A court like that can't fail. Karen might say "don't be silly" but we know it's all true. 64 QE' ' Linda Terry Luria Linda is very active in school activities-Student Service, Art Service Squad and Girls' League. But when she gets home, we find another dreamy Johnny Mathis Nancy S. Lyons Everyone in T.H.S. knows Nancy from the many humerous pieces she has written for the Te-Hi News. A person, in order to be truly funny, must have a keen fan, who very much enioys draw- ing and reading, She plans to supplement high school with a college education. Her attractive wardrobe and immaculate ways will complement any campus. intellect and a certain warmth of feeling for people and ideas. Nancy has both, and in addition, she handles words with ease, shifting them to create something funny or something serious. Peter A. Luongo A star member of the Mafia back- field and co-captain of the foot! -- X 4 ' ' f?- ball team, Pete intercepted many --1 fy. Z, ' -' I enemy aerials. On land he has ini: "T - 1 - - , ' sent many animals to their happy 3-1 Z 'f 11 ,f Z f hunting ground with his trusty ' '27 - ' f L: ' ' il ' rifle. ln water he skis lon one Q -. ' ZA ' skil and intercepts the paths of ., 5 ,f 72' . many fish. ln college he will ' fc W-.1-.- " 4317 Y ,ff 27 " ' snare everybody's friendship. I' f 77,7 ll l ll i 'SEE-Ef i g-' Y Y ff! - f Q 4' v ' if - -- - 2 Z , ff'L'f"' g r F, 'C - --9 V fl ' ff g"' Y rf ff iW ff-'M 'fe' 2" if fr' -age' ff' S . . . I 1 ,ree ' if- n r -. . tary - - J 1 fx '- ' f "I 02 - " . f-7 fx Y' K Qt CST , I 4 I E x L. ff fb - 4 "2 . f '4. 44ffwZ26- - Aff XX f-4-41 rf- K 4 r X97 2.1: ' if Billie MacNeiI Billie is as colorful and as much fun as a scotch plaid. The colors she would seem to favor are blue lThe Big Blue that ish, green lfor an Irish English teacherl and red lfor a lively personalityrg Billie has received many athletic awards. If awards were given for a sense of humor, Billie would have another trophy to take to college. Louis Maggie "Ming", easily recognized by a broad smile and a cheerful out- look which help him gain many new friends, will always be re- membered as Mr. Powley's Hunderf ground" soccer player and as an active wrestling enthusiast, The formula for a good timei car cruising or a stop at a nearby card table with "the guys." All of his fine qualities assure future success. -2: 'faq .n,1,., . iw Carmen A. Magliano Classes like Mr, Carter's and Mrs. Duffy's form Carmen's T.H.S. memories. A teaching career will find Carmen conducting classes of his own. Rusty, as he is called. abounds with spirit and loyalty to T.H,S. Music and sDorts occupy free hours. Everyone finds him easy to be with. Next year will find him in college. Janet E. Maiorany Turn on a victrola, put on some mood music, give Jan a phone, and don't bother her, cause she's "gone". She returns, however, to drive, dance and eat good pizza pie and style hair. She is a mem- ber of the Future Teachers of America, is headed for college and the field of teaching-how to eat pizza pies neatly! , . Donald Mairs "Reverend Mairs", to be, has been blest with an odd array of talents. His future congregation will be guided by one ot our outstanding football linemen as well as an avid jazz fan and musician. The leadership gained by sincere will- ingness to help others will help him "don" the robes of the church. Allan David Margolies "Sometimes people call him an idealist. Well, that is the way we know Allen is an American," through his high ideals, generosity, insistence on fair play, and enioy- ment of political debates. Ideals, like stars, cannot be touched, only followed, and will lead Allan to outspokeness, honesty, and a career in psychiatry. 4 66 V70- Walter Manalio Walt wants to do something which all of us on the yearbook want to do-highway construction. He believes in the three "r's": "ras- slin', rifling, and racing lboatslf' When he's not involved in Young Life, he's busy preparing for his future in college. There's no need to wish him luck. His fine sense of humor will help him chuckle to a winning position. Richard Manno "O, dear, what can the Manno be?" After Teaneck High, Dick plans on a science career and driving choo-choo trains. He's a real Manno' war on the football field. This honor student never misses a trick, except at bridge. While some guys should be re- membered for breaking girls hearts, Dick should be remem- bered for breaking their pencils. r ffl f W fA 't ,JDE-"1 Jf' fy if 4' g'Z4f'f 2 ff X ff f -at ff ', -4 I 1 ' 'L Wt 4,11 sf, 5' ffl! M! 4 'fly 'l iff "D ' fi far? lm -ff if . 1 f ,t If ffl? ill u f liiwia fo. W, ,fail 11" L" Carol S. Markus Boys, we feel that we should warn you, Carol's favorite expression isp "one tuna fish on white, one tuna fish on rye, two portions of french fries, and wish me good luck"l Besides having a large appetite, Carol has undertaken a large responsibility as president ot the French club. Happiness is her goal, something that she will surely attain as a teacher. Thomas Marschall Tom's interest in guns has natu- rally' made him an avid hunter ent usiast. No ordinary pct is good enough for himg horses are the animal. Tom is easily recog- nized by his tall, lanky appearance and unruly dark hair. His friend- liness and fun-loving personality make him a fine friend. After graduation Tom plans to enter the Navy as a gunners mate. 4' ,Lana lb' '? David Mantel "Blivit" is not really Mickey Man- tel's son but judging by athletic ability, you'd think he was. Mendel won honorary mention all county soccer team honors, plus tennis awards. Brawn's not all that Dave possesses, his gold pin places him on top scholastic lists, Dave even enjoys such "old man" sports as bowling and cards. 3. Edward B. Mayer lf you ever find Edward looking down the mouth, it will only be when he becomes a dentist. Actually he is a very good sport and possesses a keen sense of humor which constantly amuses his friends. Although Ed, a loyal T.H.S. member, has many fond memories of high school, his favorf ite is our undefeated football teams. rice-is ,.,, s.,fi ir- "4 rl 'I '.Z J, V , J' - T, gf, 'al Cf! by J 1 -an r .xy -J ir 1 ' ' v 'X 93" fm Joseph Richard Martire FOR SALE: a sports, jazz, and good time enthusiast equipped with personality, wit, and a last- ing sense ot humor, Condition: previously. Joe has modestly gained the friendship and respect of everyone. This jovial Italian, a commendable leader in the school and community, will not run out of school spirit. Price: sincerity and friendliness. 1 Q if , fi Q ' 'twigs paw? i Ds' f K . A 1' Q4 K Wan.. Frank Mastei "Silence is golden." Q f I QQ ,251 iiigff "" iff' is - f s c A' ' xl... F i 6 i E -In-G - George Mayer If there is a formula tor popularity George has found it. An ability to make friends, sincerity, bright red hair, and recognized leader- ship must be the ingredients. He has also discovered life's deep spiritual meaning. George will leave football and other memories for success at Gettysburg. A cer- tain farm, girls, and jazz occupy his free time or thoughts. .ffi M5 Cynthia Barbara McAuley Cynnie's school spirit has been like a pillar to T.H.S. She's always been there to support all school activities. Attending Thanksgiving Day games and wrestling are her favorite way of giving this sup- port. Our favorite wav of receiv- ing it is in her never-ceasing cheerfulness. Cynnie's desire to be a social worker puts her way out on the road to her goal-seIf- lessness. L, Carol Maurer People don't call her "Honey" without reason. Everyone is attracted to this girl, not only because she's sweet, but also be- cause she's funny and has a cheering affect on those who stick by her, especially in a cer- tain study hall. She loves music -any type! She sings, plays the piano and the guitar and plans a career which will employ these talents. Gerald McCaffrey What's new? Well, Gerald was new to T.H.S. but he's made so many friends so quickly here, that it's hard to remember when we were without him, Despite his own ability to tit in with crowds of people, Gerald admires indi- viduality in people. Gerald, who likes driving around, will soon be driving around college. 67 A Edward McCall Whatever is left of his car, "Mac" is found working on it. With mechanical skill like his, he's probably able to create an auto- mobile from a two-cylinder engine. He also creates a figure eight on ice and a sharp figure when danc- ing. Eddie does not need a great deal to make him happy-a car, music, the company of neat, ma- Kathleen Lynn McCarthy McCarthy -n lGr.fMc-with Carthi-abilityg talentl. l.One who is talented artistically and hopes one day to become a commercial artist. 2. One whose enthusiasm pervades allithat is attempted, from talk- ing on the telephone to singing in the Senior Choir. 3. One who is always ready to ture people and an electricians job. please, J .. V I .l I N, fl H J 'ii A N- " f ' i' -ix i 1, 111, Q Q . np 2 FT' njqai . g- fin -. f' .v Qs. 7 if W S Q 'WN 1 J-I . 3 Z5 If xSfi'c,3,gqi5i sg JX KW "f2f..,,, Delores McLeo One of the cutest letters in Tea- neck l-ligh's senior alphabet is "Dee". "For Pet's sake" you can't help noticing her big blue eyes and petite figure. She's outstand- ing in the fields of dancing, ice- skating, and cooking. She'll fur- ther her ABCs at scretarial school. 4 5- Eve Jeanette Mechur Eve's Adam will be a very lucky guy. He'll have a girl who loves children, singing popular songs, and helping when she is needed the most. We don't worry about any apples with our Eve, she's a staunch advocate of honesty. A career as a biologist will bring her a fruitful life. 'WW Patricia H. McEntee You may have seen Pat cruising around town in her pink convert- ible, She likes driving in it so much that she's always late. Pat also enioys bowling and dancing. "What a blast." Pat plans to be- come a bookkeeper, and she'll probably be a good one if she ever comes in on time. We wish her luck and promptness in reach- ing her goal-success. Lisa Mendelsohn While bowling at the alley one day, in the very merry month of May, Lisa found a knitting needle and has become the greatest knit- tcr the "sohns of Mendel" have ever seen. Lisa's a Tri-Hi-Y mem- ber, ag "Hi-All" fan and a football connoisseur, tfor a girl, of Coursey! She's swinging towards college and a teaching career. Clk-1, have Patrick McKinnan Pat, new to T.H.S. has nonethe- less managed to engineer himself into the admiration and respect of every one who knows him. ln the future he will engineer his way into college and then become an engineer. Pat likes active pas- times Iike basketball and baseball and passive ones like T.V. His admiration of honesty character- izes his actions. 68 "Orff Virginia Ann Meringer Two parts Gini to one part for' sooth gives one a delightful recipe for fun. The Gini is for Miss Meringer, of course. The forsooth is for the memories she holds for the Stratford trip. After sampling this concoction, one fancies that she is a bookkeeper and spends her spare time ice skating, bowl- ing and gardening. Such is the life of Gini. 5- Carole Joy Mervis Joy was delivered to Mr. and Mrs Mervis in a small bundle marked "Handle with care." After year: of careful handling. Carole is now ready to enter college-a step toward her desired career as a biologist. She is adventurous and curious. perhaps this is why she likes science. Music, dancing and painting fill up the package. in Carolyn Miller People sometimes get rattled at Carolyn's jokes, to which she quickly replies, "You ole rattle- snake", but no animosity exists because her cute smile is irresist- able, her friendly nature, pacify- ingp and her pretty face, pretty enough to model, appealing. Whether it is a good joke or a serious discussion, Carolyn enjoys being part of it. 69 af-Mfr Arlene Sheila Meyer Arlene gets along with everyone whether it's on the phone or face to face. Interests in dancing, music andart make Arlene happy. which is a state of mind for which she strives. Another thing for which she is striving is a career as an elementary school teacher. "Hold on" kiddies, Arlene will be there soon. 2 XX Ctyrgy, Stephen P. Miceli Steve is a "fizzacist," that is, he works part time as a soda jerk. Steve's a ham when it comes to his hobby as an amateur radio operator. Speaking about ham, Steve will never forget Mr. Puro's mechanical drawing class. Even though his favorite expression is censored, Steve usually is mild mannered and friendly. .. 1. .,v' 'gr' , 1-P PTE 'Q'--'V Gwen Barrie Miller These days, you're really fortunate if you find a sketching equestrian, who likes to write long letters and take weekend trips to Philadelphia. They're rare, and if you find one don't let it go! Such a one is Gwen Miller. Yet she's also pert, likes Spanish guitars and wants to become a home economist and Mrs. "Really?" Really!" Constance R. Mitchell Connie, a girl who thinks for her- self, chooses a career in architec- ture. Why is a future architect sailing or camping? Because these activities bring her pleasure which she, in turn, brings to others. Why is a future architect the president of a Girl Scout mariner troop? Because Connie is a leader whose spiritual maturity is recognized by all. . Allen D. Mittenthal Al admires honesty in others, and he has found it in his friends. When they were asked what his replied, best asset was, they "Money", although they also took his high character and sense of honor into account. He also likes cars, both reading about and drive ing them. Al plans to go to a state teacher's college and then - surprise-he's going to teach. Rosemary Montana If ever an expression fitted some- one "Hey, little girl in the high school sweater" fits Rosemary. Cute and dainty, with a "heap big appetite," Rosie's easy to please. She digs all kinds of rnusic, loves football and basketball and has the ability to make those around her enjoy themselves. A Girls' League member, Rosie wants to be a P.S. after 5.5. Sally Anne Moore More than anything else, Sally has brought to Teaneck High her good humor and good sense. The Tri- Kiddies Incorporated Hi-Y and must have seen how dependable she is, for she is an officer in both of these clubs-vice presi- dent and president respectively. And she is never too busy to get good marks. "Egad" how does she do it? Q I Q: 1-'52-0 fl W? . 'S I3 ff A ...-al: K P 4 ' .... --- Q- - f 1 41 fg',p,zw',, ' --v Q . '-Y - I1 1 - A. -. ,rf ' -rf" 4 f lie! vi'l?'fi 'f5 'WNW If ' ' --, , .. w 4' 1 09 1 II, l4!557"'i'f L:4 -A9-WA f Q! 1EMg:'l5E?Skf9:' ,.,...kA Q2 'fV5I""'L5:f5fi4Lf -'it-:?1fgf'if2fiitttftfmvq'Vim 7 o ' 'r' r s A -A eA.!L. if ee- arf-is aw ec f as-me fu... , fflilaitieegivfiff.-ii .', f"i' l - ,571 ggi: c .4 e-- X X is f l2:!!l::::ses'ff,'.','f,4f'g+fv.'.v'f"v3i'3'UQ W' A" l 7' "i m 5iiii:seisail.'.i:t .,'..,4fig:f46,'sQ:e114- V fs V' . - I .41 g f-1-5-g --f' A' .1 .-,ffl 1 , -9 ,mu 6. A ' KC' r ' IF? ' :aff ll iv'-'vllw 1:3 '0r'Xi- ff l 4 fy Q ' ge- A- ti-i1i1C.f,Jff-' T -' af -fee., if .. .-4 ,' , , if f egg, X, , .- gg: :iw nv, ..v I 1 I - --.15 -' 5- f I qt I r, 1 f., ," 5- '-,-'::EZ" '!1.l-',.-:.'- - 'F- 1-.s -.f -:ref - A as aa , eff sf fx-. We Jane Ellen Morrison Jane enjoys the grace and preci- sion of classical music, taste which reflects the classical aspect of her personality, the straight, clear lines of sincerity and the softness of consideration for others. There is nothing excessive about Janie, who exemplifies modesty and humility. Typical of Jane, her ambition is to teach handicapped children. Merrill Harvey Morrison "Bimbo" has been manager of our football and basketball teams for the past three years. To quote him his favorite types of music are "march music and bouncy music." His favorite expression is "Wanna make a bet." He says that as a career he wants to be a millionaire. We don't "wanna make a bet" on this, but who knows? Anne L. Murphy After high school, when Anne finishes nursing school and be- comes a real live nurse, we predict she'll go down in history as the greatest and most popular "Murph nurse" of all timcs. She's been through Mr, Pepperling's ninth grade history class-that beats it all-and she's a Murph who's talented, witty and has got what it takes. Kathy Murphy "Gentlemen prefer blondes" but Murph would make a strike even if her hair was blue. Her crazy expressions and her unique laugh are ever entertaining. She's a good sport and good friend. Murph especially remembers the rushed lunch hours and gym classes. Perhaps when she's a secretary. her boss won't rush her as much! Larry Mungiello You can usually find "Mungi" combing his hair in the boy's room, on the wrestling mat, or "cruising the drag". His person- ality is marked by his friendliness and sense of humor. Sports, dating. and dances all hold an interest for him, Larry also enjoys excite- ment, such as meeting new girls. This well-liked senior will be an electronics engineer. Kenneth Naas Teaneck will always remember Ken tor his pep assembly speeches, his great athletic talents and his magnetic personality. This "happ, go lucky" senior is characterized by his short powerful build, his low boiling point, and friendliness. We hope Ken never has to choose between sports, girls and Italian food because he loves them all. Good luck in the service! uv W. Jeanette Namias "We gotta be there when that band starts playing," either rag- time or progressive jazz, if we want Jeanette to be happy. Un- less, of course, she's making her own music by singing with her sister, for which she has won three awards, or driving with the radio on. Let's hope the telephone com- pany where she will work has a hi-fi system. Lorraine Namias She's won a singing award at a talent scout sho ' she's a minia- W, ture golf specialist, and she's headed for a career in the tele- phone company-that's "alias Namaisf' Lori's a sincere and loyal friend and she'll make the kind of operator to whom you can talk with confidence and be sure of getting a straight answer from- "Number PIease?" xr- NF i -Y "xg, f 2- ,, f,,,,f5'ff fr J X7 Qual, - .-- X -s X e 1 fc.. ..,,,.,fL, ,., f- A - K, , ----le--ef? - - S, ,5 4 S 4.-, , , H f 'a LT-- ' Q r H , X g. X, .ff 'idx , f m " " 7 " d iw A 37 Robert Naglieri Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to have had with us for six all-too short years, Bob Naglieri, a member of the Bergen County players, a very talented actor and accordionist. Bob has been an ardent movie-goer. ln fact he's gone steadily for years. Unfortu- nately for the theatre, the lines of his palm presage a future as an embroidery salesman. Ronald Nelinson Curiousity and ambition are Moose's key categories. Ask him any question about either and he'll know the answer, since he has enough of both to understand them. When not collecting in the beaker of his mind memories of chemistry class, he concentrates on baseball or golf. We can't forget food, a little red sports car, and plans to be a C.P.A. l 'Ox Richard J. Nolan, Jr. Dick believes that everyone should strive to make the best use of his talents. lf Didc made the best use of his talents he would probably be a dancing artist because he dances and draws very well. No matter what career he chooses he will do well because he is not only talented but thoughtful, re- sponsible, pleasant and honest as well. Peter Noonan There are still plenty of fish in the sea when Pete finishes fishing. Even a good worker like Pete can't catch them all, especially when he spends so much of his time at other sports like hunting, being a member of the track team, and clearing eleven feet on the pole vault. Indoors this sportsmen listens to old time jazz and pre-- pares for college. T86 If Norio Ozawa 6 Yobancho Takamatsu Kagawa, Japan b L..ly2i9K0if-7 M "Light and Shadow ltimel fly like an arrow" and so has Norio's stay in Teaneck under the American Field Service program. Norio has taken part in the Student Council and the World Affairs Club. We will remember him for his smile, his wonderful performance in the variety show, and all that he has taught us. ln Japanese there are two ways to say "good- " 12511 X bye." Sayonara which means "lt must be so" X CC 9 and Dewamata which means "See you again." We will say good-bye to Norio only if we may say Dewamata. Richard Norton Thunder, lightning and "Crash", We'II never be the same because nobody who comes into contact with Richie's potent personality can forget it. Nobody can fail to be impressed by his ambition and sense of responsibility which find him holding two jobs after school, his good looks, his talent with a bow and arrow, and his build that will enter a Coast Guard uniform. ,-K f f 1 . i ' ' l llqwf f Nyx .5 Nl-JL. 72 James O'Brien "You .mean people didn't have cars sixty years ago? What did they do?" This is typical Jim- type talk., Jim's not fussy about carsg if it has tour wheels it's okay even without tires, He's Teaneck High's lovable, calculus- spouting, car-wrecking hoodlum His highfvoltage personality is sure to light up his future in electrical engineering. Mia A. Petersen Those of us who have the privilege of knowing Mia have been able to share with her the rich- ness of her years and experiences in Denmark. To us she is the personification ot a country which most of us will never know. More than this, she is to us a very special person whom all of us had the opportunity to know. l-ler intel- ligence, her sensitixitv, the extent of her inter- ests and knowledge, have captured us as much as her humor, her energy and the warmth other Concern for others. The Special part of her which is Danish and the special part of her which is universal have combined to make the special person who is Mia. For her past months with us we are grateful. For her future years with the UN, we are hopeful. For the present, which is goocl-bye, we are sorrowful. .::' ll Patricia 0'Brien "When Irish eyes are smiling," you receive a feeling of warmth, especially when they are Pat's. Pretty face and pretty hair are a sure attraction for wandering male eyes. lt must be dangerous when Pat ice-skates, because her friend- liness and sincerity must melt the ice. Who wouldn't return to grammar school to be one of Pat's students? 1 7 A! -lays? -21 "5,,!", f'f l MQW '- 'M W' 4 fp aff Zz 1 4 f Q35 4047 John O'Day Talkative John has been active in Teaneck l-ligh's speech activities. He's president of the Debating Club and vice president of Tea- neck Speakers, and he's also active in Playcrafters and the National Forensic League, "Well, that's the way the old mop tlops," He'lI always remember the variety show and so will we! John plans to attend college after high school. fi ' ' 1 .-51 7'43E1':W? gf" .uf Stephanie Okun "Doctor, lawyer, pilot, preacher, typist, dancer, Music Teacher." Stephie loves all kinds of music, makes her own on the piano, and hopes to teach it in the future. Her interests however, are not one-sided. Stephie also likes good books, bicycle-riding and swim- ming. These varied interests plus the ability to be a good friend equals Stephie. Jason Okin This modern day Jason will get his golden fleece by bicycle. Be- sides enjoying cyclingi Jason loves riflery, which is all the more appropriate since one ot his out- standing memories of T.H,S. is Mr. Gunner's class. After col- lege this Cross Country runner will reach his finish line as a teacher. h?f,,..4-f--W 1,- T-:L , ,f A, .4 Evelyn L. Olson The laugh is crazy but personable So is the young lady who owns it. "Smile and the whole world smiles," must be true 'cause Evi has fun no matter what she does, and the people around her do too. Everything means enjoyment.-W driving, eating, horseback riding and music. How could Evi find anything but happiness at college and always? 74 nod i I, Janet E. Olson Feeling low, dull, depressed, miserable? See Janet, who in her belief that one should strive for inner peace, has been active in many church groups. ln the more secular vein she threw her- self into school activities with a hearty enthusiasm evident when she twirled. Jan has gained much which will cheer both you and lgreiidclientele in the social work ie . 'WnfIiJ.M f I Janet Frances Olnowich "l'm late, l'm late, for a very important date," says Janet who is always rushing, maybe to a card game. "I like that," she comments on her hand, and you know it was acquired honestly because honesty is one of her virtues. A constant rush may be the reason for the slim figure which earns the name "Scrawny." At any rate, she's going to be a secretary. K Z, l Jane Oprandy Teaneck High is most fortunate indeed to have in it's senior class the perfect pageboy in the person of one Jane Oprandy. Perhaps this has something to do with her popularity, but thcre's more to Janie than falls to her shoulders in uniform curls. She rates honesty and sincerity at the top, as a private secretary, she will there- fore rate at the top. Robert Older I don't care what your age is, Bob's older. Well, Bob certainly doesn't look it. 'This good-looking senior is one of Teaneclds best tennis players as well as one of the brightest boys in the Senior Class. Bob's legacy to T.H.S. is one of the most organized note- books in school history. lt re- flects Bob's personality. Bob'lI sink his teeth into dentistry. Harriet Lee Oster Oster v. Koster-Fr,-to exercise depth of understanding and emotion.l 1.To be a great aid and comfort to others due to interest and understanding of their problems and a constant good nature echoed in the phrase "C'est la vie. ' Z.When used in relation to artg to be able to perceive and create beauty in life. KS Maureen Oraftik Mickey hopes to go into merchan- dising After graduation from college. l-lei Unusual art talent provides her nith sparctir-ne entertainment. She also Relaxes bv listening to the radio and Enjoying rock 'n roll, jazz and blues. Everyone, she believes, should strive for perfection. She will Never forget thc dances at T.l-l.S. it .V we-rf-9 I., Maureen O'ReilIy "Hi there!" l'm Maureen O'Reilly and l just love talking on the telephone, Did l evcr tell you about what goes on in the third floor girls' room? Gee, l'll never forget Mrs. Kiss' Home Manage- ment Class, will you? I can't wait 'till l become a secretary after business school. But, until then, l'll just go ahead dating and talking. vi viiiil xt S44 We Phyllis Ostrow Did you ever meet Phyl? You must have seen her if you went to the i958 Thanksgiving Game or to the Junior Prom. You're in the senior choir? Why, then you cer- tainly must know her. That's right, a great singing voice. You say you're planning to study psy- chology. Why, Phyl and you will be seeing a lot of each other. You're sure to like her. WW:-Aff Sim John Pace You'd have a long, hard course to run to keep up with the pace Sim sets. You'd have to take saxophone lessons and learn to play a good game of poker, Then you'd have to develop a taste for eating ice cream while watching T.V. Next, learn to like modern jazz, track and field, and study- ing engineering at Columbia. Roberta Yvonne 0'Shaughnessy We need not catch a Leprechaun to give us lrish treasure, tor Bobbi satisfies the legend well enough on her own. Serving as a Rainbow Girl, Bobbi is truly worth her weight in gold. This colleen has fond memories of the Junior Prom and fair dreams of a future in medical technology. Fine abllit and a little lrish luck point to certain success. 0' saw' wwf Mark Pachman This well-liked and admired senior known as Pack, has left an im- pressive Mark on T.l-l.S. Whether it's playing piano as leader of his band or speeding down the track as co-captain of the track team, Mark is always ahead. When the steam of life becomes too great he finds comfort in jazz and cross- word puzzles. Good luck to Tea- neck's attorney. 75 HW' Robert H. Pahl "Lullabye and goodnight," Bob is napping in class but you can't tell. His eyes are open. After spending hours trying to open a locker, and more hours in an extra long double chemistry period, who canblame him? l-te enjoys being with witty people, who, in turn, enjoy having Bob challenge their wit, Using his full ability will also be a challenge for Bob. J -- .K fr: au-,Mugs .,,,,,. Ronald Joseph Palmerick Palmerick adj. fl.at.-Palmerickus pertaining to thoughtful opin- ionsl. 1. Pertaining to one who admires independence, originality and consideration in others. 2. Pertaining to one who admires quietness in others and popu- larity gained without hurting others. 3. Pertaining to integrity and per- ception that will be used in college. ' -L ILE:-'LY K: .f It I iii- if", f XV S W 3 X 42, Y Z fx.: Qu Z +3 'fi J j li X J, Q fl, . 0 Q " 'f ', .if QP-3. e 5 v-JJ.i:1Ll.e- 1'Y""l' wmv. Vincent Frank Pastore Vincent seems to have a split personality. On one hand, he loves to go out, to kick up his heel and dance, and to drive fast cars, On the other hand, Vincent is a graduate of Miss Kiss's cooking class and is a talented doughnut maker. Both sides of Vinnie's nature are brought together by an A-l personality, This doughnut maker will roll on to college. Xa. L... J Janet Penn Just as tiny, as bright, and as shiny as a brand-new penny is our Janet. Did you ever find a penny from New Jersey with a Southern accent? This helps prove that all the nickles and dimes in the world wouldn't add up to half as much fun as our Penny. Good things come in small packages and Janet is not one to stray from the rule. Marieanna M. Pape Once in a great while there is someone who is an inspiration to everyone who knows them. Such a person admires gentleness and understanding in others, enjoys Young Life Club and writing poetry, remembers Mr. Gunner's Biology Classes, and plans a career in the field of religion. Such a person is Marieanna Pape. ls 4219 Elizabeth Ann Pessagno If you're lucky enough you'll hear, "Give you a buzz" from Betty. She remembers Mr. Martino's "jelly beans" and Mrs. Duffy's English class. Charitable, sweet and sociable, Betty makes friends quickly. Fortunately her friend- ships aren't broken as rapidly as they are made. Her loyalty re- sults in these lasting friendships and is a necessity in the business world. Bari Paster The name's not Pasteur, it's Paster, but none the less Bari is headed for a career as a medical ,tech- nician, What could be a more appropriate memory than disec- tions in Biology Class? A good sense of humor and pleasant Are- Iaxed manner explain why Bari is eas to get along with. Her enthusiasm for many things make her hard to get along without. if B- Jacquelyn R. Petretti It's me, Jackie, but lots of people think l'm Eloiseiif cause that's the ,part I played in the Variety Sl-low. I like to listen to the hi-fi. go to the theatre, and especially to talk on the phone. l like to make people laugh and I want to be a teacher. fFEditor's Note: A striking resem- blance exists between Eloise's vie vacity and enthusiasm and Jacki's. 77. James John L. Pike "Big-Daddy's greatest ambition is to be thin. But what would we do without his two-hundred and ten lb, smile? His sense of humor. novel laugh and '55 M.G. make him very Oopular with the girls. One award of which he is espef cially proud is his speeding ticket. "Are you serious?" We are about one thing, he will someday be an excellent teacher. L Arnold S. Pinkus Arne is one of those people who has managed to find a sane theory about homework. He doesn't do anything after he finishes his homeworkg he does his homework after he finishes anything! Arne enjoys bowling, basketball, and golf as well as dating and cars. His good taste in food and music will be assets to Arne who plans to be a hotel manager. . -: Q-4 'I' af' H 174 .- 'Y1 if -. " 5 f. wu vpiw 0 Dennis S. Pines Dennis pines away when he isn't working in science or collecting stamps. "Come off it." Okay, but that interest in science is real and will help him when he be- comes an electrical engineer, and when thc television breaks in the middle of a good program, It doesn't have much to do with his sense of humor and bowling, how- ever. iY,,,w10f Jan Carol Pink This strawberry-blonde's popularity is well-deserved. She is one of the nicest, most good-natured people you could ever hope to meet. Her school spirit is just about the most spirited of school spirits in the school. This com- petent secretary of our Student Council is also one of our vivacious cheerleaders. Her inherent good- ness will make her a gifted nurse. . fx if 1 Z I iff N I' ' f I 57 Z6 4 X Xl s, I ,Jr X .bf i of H f ef Z .5 f f 14' X ' "L, lm 7 I, X d"S'e-L,f.- E' ff r -. ' , 'X 74f ,'.ill:ga.f . ,. eff! I L' -Fr: -.,, .1 f 4 ' I WKHVQQ :i lu fi S i , .,i Z i I f ' . 5' V.. 'fb' Carolyn Pitt Since Carol has received a driver's license, she may rightfully feel proud. She has such beautiful coloring that she dosn't need walks in the fresh air. And now she can conveniently travel to her favorite sports events. However Carol be- lieves in participation as well as observation. She's .driving next for a beautician's license. .44 " iw, Sondra Plotnick Songe has a kind of enthusiasm that is impossible to conceal. She's always talking, but we never tire of listening. Her warm smile and wonderful school spirit have cheered our teams on to many victories. ln the future she hopes to do something exciting, but at the same time challenging. With her high ideals, no challenge will be too difficult for this girl. QWWNW f hmf Franklyn Polansky Janet Powers Jan is noted for the good advice she gives to all her friends, As a teacher, she will have an oppor- tunity to give all the advice she has to students. When she isn't talking on the telephone, doing homework, or attending club meetings, Jan finds the time to collect records, do some ice- skating and dancing, and watch football and basketball games. wr' Barbara A. Pramuk Punctuality, one of Barbara's greatest assets, will serve her well in those years after college when she enters the business world. Her sense of timing must also come in handy when she plays the piano. The only time her timing is off is when she's on the phone. Her artistic ability and pleasant disposition also make Barbara A. Pramuk. Frank'ie's sarcasm to a d the , f ',qjf opposite sex is just awcovser up. f ' X Q When he teases just smile and f ' , f' ,, ignore it. His favorite pastime is I 6 Z ,fgifff 'V f ff "girls" He especially enjoys MX f " 'Qfff I, "girls" so how can you miss? f ff' 4 ff Records and football and baseball , ,, ,ff ' 'G.: games are a few more of his pref- .-'Q fx L- f N . . erences. The perpetual smile on jfff f- J' f 3,7 7 h'i1s fjice is something that he V? ' f-4 4 ,b s ou never ose. fi' gi?-77 ' , f " f riff "7 ' "' fi sw fr f A-,, ff r I and , A f f K,-. I ig ff f ' ' f X if f f ,, , , , .ti . 'A P j 1 f? 'f- . 0 lr o-F ff' 24,7 ala fi .1 QM, 1 f iff? 1-7-W "f , f f ' 8, W 11411 f I-, he r X, s. A A-:-fs" -' agp. he fl ff Af - Ap sg-QZLSQ?-1. , QQIQ- 7 I Z' 1 1 4. Ruth Eva Price There's no business like show busi- ness as far as Ruth Price is con- cerned. Hoping for a career in the theatre, she has had much practice as a member of the Play- crafters for three years. Outside of school she belongs to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her calmness and sunny disposition will insure the fact that the show does go on. 78 new Noel Jeffrey Raffer lt takes our "Noodles" a long time to boil. I-le's one of the most easy going guys around. He's always laughing and if he's not laughing he's smiling, if he's not smiling he's not Noel! Noel's proficiency on the dance floor is the envy of all the senior boys. lf you ever want a lawyer who'll be more than just a legal adviser, then contact Noel. .AY Q' we Angela Raimondi "Angie" is headed for secretarial work, Nevertheless she longs for the Glamour of modeling. She has Enough height and good Looks to succeed. Abounding in popularity, Alive in personality, she's found the success formula. fi I Qs cur' Q-av Harriette C. Preiss "By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea." Harri has some of her fondest memories. Others can be found in the football stadium. Harri is one cookie who can really cook, as her friends will testify. She is also helpful and fun to be with, as they will also testify, Harri will be a teacher of great gift and energy as students will testify. Marilyn Diane Reich Marilyn, alias "the life of the classroom," enjoys mildly needling people with her quick wit, sadistic sense of humor and brilliant satire. lt has been said that a person who clearly sees the foibles of people is also deeply sensitive to their virtues and attributes. This applies well to Marilyn, who will use these gifts as a lawyer. Q 'kg Z'X Richard R. Raffaelli "Tall, dark, and handsome 'Raff"' is always at ease on the gridiron, swimming, or tinkering with his "hot me-rc." His athletic prowess is augmented by his friendliness, sense of humor, and ability to have a good time His sincerity and earnestness will assure him a happy road ahead. As for the 50:5 5, Edward Rash Now don't be rash about Eddy because he's really a great guy. But be careful when he's toting his trusty rifle. He's also an ex- pert marksman on the dance floor and hits the bullseye every time with his qu'tar. His career aim, which is Dr. of Forestry, will not take him far from hunting and 'mmedl-We fl-'fU'9m"YOU KNOW" fishing-his favorite hobbies. - college. f f f 'N X. j X f 4 Wgdxfxf James Reid Long, lean and lanky as a reed. Jim is an impressive sight walking down the halls of our alma mater. Jim cracks witty, terse jokes to the delight of all his friends who number many. Previous to the walk-out, Jim watched the Jack Paar show. Now, girls and activi- ties keep "the big J" busy. ln Jim's case, good things come in large packages. Robin Rein Just as refreshing and cheerful as the first songbird of spring is Bon- nie Robin Rein. Wherever she goes, so go her beige Impala, her golf clubs, some good math DFQU- lems, and a pair of comfy dancing shoes, "Wait a second!" There she goes on the way to college and a science career! . M" " Q, "lw.,.,.W,f- ff Karl Reer 'tPlenty of spirit, plenty of drive, all help keep KR. alive," Karl will always be remembered for his en- thusiasm and spirit for his first love, football! After graduation he will pack up his great sense of humor, his intelligence, and sin- cerity and head for the Marine Corps. Escapes from History class and speaking Russian are two of his favorite pastimes. Anne B. Reinstein "Put forth your best efforts and thoughts in everything you do" is the motto of this promising artist. She abides by this rule, and has profited from doing so. Her prizes in art shows are certainly the products of her sincerest efforts and thoughts. l-ler talents are not limited, she also plays the piano. Girls with dimples are worth knowing. 79 , . r' fl Eileen Reisinger "Unbounded courage and compas- sion joined make the man com- plete." In Eileen is found a rare combination of both which makes her a rare person. ln Eileen is found undying spirit and cheerful- ness which make her a complete person. Understanding and sym- pathy are the part of this compas- sion that helped her decide her goal in life-to help those less fortunate than herself. 2 X 1 i N fd . . . .ww few Mark Reynolds "Spark" Reynolds enjoys especially winning drag races in his Corvette. After finishing Teaneck High he plans to make his mark in the Navy. lBesides his car his favorite pastimes are playing basketball, sleeping, and eatingl "No kid- dlVlQ,l' to quote his favorite ex- pression, we wish him all the best. 131 gy., , wav' Howie Remball You've heard about Tom Swift and his electric carriage: now learn about Howie Remball and his hot Buick. Like old Tom, Howie wants to go to college, but he differs from Tom in that he is also a good athlete whose favorite sport is basketball. There is very little doubt that Howiel like Tom, will succeed in what he does very swiftly. 6 Joseph L. Renda Joe does iustice to his name, "he shall add." He does land well tool both in math now and to humanity later in the medical field. He is constantly striving for self-improvement and his many scholastic awards prove this. His interests range from classical music to girls. He is modest and has a great deal of stamina, attributes which spell success. sl l l 4I'T7 if Jeffrey J. Richter "Olim Romanus, semper Roman- us." Born on a mountain top in ltaly l think it was anno 66 B,C. Became a Senator at twenty-three, so how come he didn't take Latin Ill? This literary, Latinary, his- tory loving lad will make his mark on Washington, D,C. some day as a political science whiz. Ecce! Pulchram puellam video! Richard J. Richter Richter-O,E.4a sportsmnn. N. One who fishes for the sport of fishing and whose honesty compels him to return the minnow to his original home. V. 1. to knock down ten bowling pins in one foul sweep. 2. to work on old ialopies with such .skill that their internal workings resemble the new- tangled automobiles. f 7,271 , . . f .yfifwv 1 ' if Samuel David Resnick "So, Nu," who's S. David Resnick? First of all Dave's red hair and huge bulk make him-well, a pretty impressive character. There's a subtle Alice-ln-Wonder- land humor about Resnick which spreads to all who meet him. Dave's unique behavior may ,be influenced by the science fiction he reads, This chess-master plans his next move in the field Of political science. 80 Jean Riddell "And all the loveliest things there be come simply." Jean's beauty is fresh and natural: her person- ality is sincere and unaffected. Her sense of humor comes easily and her consideration for others is inherent to her nature. Jean is active in Church groups. Her inter- est in classical music and science reflect her seriousness of purpose in life. Bl Tag, ,- Sandra Rieck When Sandi says "and all that jazz", she's usually speaking about music, which she would like to teach. But she does more than speak about it. Her many awards for interpretations on the piano speak for her talent, The "iazz" can also refer to art. Through all her future activities and conver- sations, we hope her happy smile will never fade, f '9- Maureen Ringer "A designing woman" is what "Mindy" hopes to be. She'd pre- fer stage designing but her artistic talent reaches wide horizons. Her landscapes are only surpassed by her good looks. As you might im- agine, she has furnished the Art Service Squad with the use of her talent. Some day our styles may depend on this talent. 0- , "l'.::'- Fred Rieseler Fred will "light the way" in elec- tronics after college. ln fact, most of his time is spent develop- ing his mechanical skill on cars. Fred enioys the summer and its attractions: boating and swim- ming. He will probably pack his camera and interest in photogra- phy. Fred is characterized by his height: in stature and high levels of onesty and loyalty. -2' - i N . Richard Rinaldo Rinaldo n. lone who likes cars- from L. Rinaldus-mobilel 1. One who likes cars, especially working on them., Hence, one who is interested in mechanics. 2. One who is also mobile on a football field or baseball dia- mond. 3. One who likes to be with people and to get out with them. X ' x Q 1 x ,ai- ms cs iX 1 Z 'V if , Joel Michael Riofto "Wanna drag?" typifies his inter- est in hot rods and racing. When he's not leaving rubber he's usu- ally found enjoying outdoor sports -archery hunting, and swim- ming. His big bad Chrysler, his sense of humor, his wonderful personality will all be remembered by the many friends Joel has won by being himself. Joel plans to race to college. Judith Ann Ripple Judy's outstanding qualities of friendliness, imagination, and pa- tience will help her become a very good teacher in the future. Evidently, she has already thought about becoming a teacher, for this year she is president of the Future Teachers of America. After home- work, Judy and her dog have a snack. Lucky dog! QNX Stephanie Marla Robbins Stephi has a way with arts. Whether it is the art of fashion illustrating, playing the piano, dressing well, talking, or just plain drawing, she can do it. She has even cultivated the fine art of not losing her temper, and the finer art of having many friends. Stephi will not be a bachelor of arts. arm '74 WW w'f'.'3" , Barbara Ann Rosen There are many sincere and friendly people in the world. There are also many intelligent people and many people with big brown eyes. Lots of people can play the piano and lots more enjoy show music, But just try to find one person who is all of these in one. She will be a special person indeed, and indeed special is Bobbi R. le .. , Robert Romano Bob's interests are obviously cor- rugated, After he finishes col- lege, he'd like to cope with a coupe. Bob's also a very good sport. Wrestling and baseball are his favorites. When he's not driv- ing people crazy, Bob may be listening to R'n'R or watching T.V. Maybe he'll be able to achieve his goal in lifefa rich hedonist. M ibfwt' irc' Victor S. P. Ronchetti Have you ever noticed a good- looklng guy standing by the V.P.O. "watching all the girls go by?" Well it could only be Vic Ron- chetti. This well-liked senior en- joys dancing, dating, and eating Italian food. He keeps his great physique in shape by playing sports, in which he excels. Vic is active in his church, and is admired for his sincerity, honesty, and his hardaworking attitude in all his undertakings. CX if fu-QI Jean Rook Jean lwith the light brown hairl is planning a career in home economics, But this Girl Scout and CYO member doesn't sit home and bake all day. Pres, of the Home Arts Club, treas. of Red Cross Council, "Jeannie" still finds time to go on camping trips. Jeannie with her ready sense of humor and friendliness will be a shoo in wherever she goes, 3 T Carol Ann Rosen Everything about Carol is cool and sweet. She even lives on lvy Court. "Little One" belies Carol's person- ality and wit, l-ler true love towards her fellow man will some- day bubble forth in the nursing career. Meanwhile at least, the only thing that bubbles over is Carol's energy on land, in the air, or on the phone. it Linda Rosen We've all seen Linda with her bassoon or recorder walking down the halls of Teaneck l-li. The blue-eyed, curly-haired musician can often be found listening to Sinatra and Bikel or analyzing dreams. Some years from now we will find her playing another tune in her psychologist's office. 1? Russell Rosen Rusty's favorite pastimes are sports cars, listening to good music and commuting to River- dale, New York. We heart1lY agree with his best friend Wh0 says "Rusty should be remem- bered as the only boy in TH5 chased by two out of EVVGVY fhfee girls." Rusty's taste in muS1C runs to rock and roll and honkY tonk. After college Rusty Plans on a medical career. 'A' .. ..-. -- xy .. Sg x an 5 Q4-" Marlene Rosenblum Marlene will someday teach an elementary school class. At T.H.S. she has been easily recognized by her attractiveness and light blonde hair. She is usually happy and carefree especially while in her white "Chevy" convertible. Shop- ping sprees and telephone conver- sations also help to occupy spare time. The Washington Trip heads her list of memories at Teaneck. Eleanor Helen Rosenzweig Although Eleanor is new to THS she has managed to keep abreast of all school activities. Norman Rockwell could not have painted a prettier picture of a cute face and nose crinkling with laughter. Like Rockwell's characters, her looks create a feeling of whole- someness that her personality verifies. Always punctual, she won't be late for college. Dorothea Barbara Ross While visions of wings dance through her head. Dodi watches Mr. Powley give another soccer review and dreams of her first flight as a stewardess. Friendly Dodi is always on hand to cheer the pigskin boys and the big five on. Bowling doesn't keep Dodi from pitching in at C.Y.O. or Red Cross Council. Despite her activity, Dodi just can't forget those wings. fn? 1 irgia xf f-affi 2 Z 2 fa g Q .. 1 lf- - r ... X f e ? f '--.. -U' lv" " Ee .Cf K E ff C E -, "' ' ? ' if Z' Yi 'i13',- 5? EE- !! X Q Ji? it ,Tj , I gl Lge I 'KJ J 5 i Q 3 5 1 5 32,9 '+- il f Q75 A , ' 4.gfQ?fB 17,11 l""f'f,5- 11,1 ' 4 - 1- -la" f 2 'ff 'f l' . .a szf ' 4!agi.f5 Arlene Rossig "Oh man" is Arlene ever an asset to Teaneck High School. And what would the Rainbow Girls or Young Life do without her? She applies her skill to dancing, dating, ice- skating, and bowling. She'll breeze her way through secretarial school because she has the energy of a rip-roaring cyclone. 4 1 7 Q Leslie Roth Univacs Beware! Les is destined for a career in mathematics. He will take with him to college his popular personality and a warm shy friendliness, Always true to his interest in basketball and bowling he heads for the nearest court or alley in his spare time. He'll always remember a certain ax-history teacher of his junior year. -i Horst Fritz Rudolph "Horsie" is Teaneck High's an- swer to Beowulf-a strong, good, looking blond haired warrior whose mighty grip won him wrestling fame, Unlike that Nordic hero, he enjoys talking on the phone, hillbilly and rock 'n roll music. His amiability has won him many friends. He'll have one oppor- tunity that Beowulf never had- going to college. Marilyn Sue Ross Marilyn's friends think she is a talented time waster. To judge from her many activities and in- terests it would seem that they are wrong. Marilyn likes many sports from jailai to skindiving. She likes many kinds of music from classical to R 'n R. She rides bikes, writes letters, and maintains an agreeable disposi- tion through it all. David Ruskin Let's see where Ruskin's rushin'! Maybe it's to college. Then again, per aps he's just preparing for a hike to somewhere. Perhaps he's going to a football game or to a wrestling match. But, it might be that he's going to Chemistry Club. No, it's none of these things. Dave is actually turning on some rock and roll music. 83 George W. Ryan We know a real neat guy lthat can be taken in both waysl who is also a real sport lthat can also be taken in two waysl. He enjoys bowling, baseball, tennis and spec- tating football games lespeciallj Thanksgiving Day onesl. Peering into our tennis ball lthat is a crystal balll we predict a happy college career for George. like ,Why Marilyn J. Salomon Usually, you can find Marilyn in the middle of a debate, a dramatic reading, an intelligent discussion, or a phone call. True, she does a lot of talking, but how can she help it when she has something to say and she is a member of the 'Teaneck Speakers, the N.F,L., and the debating club? Marilyn has the special ability to wor hard when there is a job to do. 84 N- :W C11 si - ,z MV x X in .4- ly' gl L . it m t ill'f TNQ lj!! KX LKK !l L '- W 1 K lull' X N 'KT' Jeremy Saferstein Jerry may not be the best sales- man in the high school, but he's the luckiest. He was the fortun- ate member of the senior class who won a hundred dollars in the Great Magazine Lottery. That money probably went for a sea- son's sports pass and some records of popular music. His luck will probably make Jerry a success in whatever he does. Phyllis N. Samuels It figures that Phyllis is always buying clothes. Did you ever see anyone as well-dressed? She must be in competition with Mr. Church. She's thinking of that certain someone. "No foolin'," she says, but she can't fool us because we know that she usually is! After secretarial school her degree will be spelled "MRS." Alice Sainer Who could ask for anything more than "AIi"? She's singer, dancer, writer, and just about anything else you could wish for. And the amazing part is that she excels in all. Her contribution as fea- ture editor of the Te-Hi News and as a "Cameo" have reached us all. Then there's the individual herself-incredible and unfor- gettable. T -'WN Howard Sand "Science and Religion" might be Howie's creed. This Life Scout and Ner Tamud winner wants a career in the natural sciences which explain his Chem and Phy- sics Club, and Te-Hi News pho- tography activity. Howie is a member of YUSCY and works with thc audio visual aids section at T.H.S. and the TJCC. For relax- ation Howie enjoys football, bowl- gig' and any music but Rock 'n o . Arthur Charles Sacks When Sacks becomes a lawyer, there is going to be a complete upheaval in this worthy profes- sion. For reference books, this casual guy would probably use texts on Zen, etc, He'd liven up the court with a four speaker stereo set playing jazz and pep music. If his client's a female, there'll be a whole lot of social- izing going on. "You listening?" Janet Sand Twirling isn't as easy as it looks but pert Janet Sand made it ap- pear that way as she proudly "stepped off" this year. Janet. however, is not just a one-track girl as the long hours working for Mr, Gunner testify. This future secretary also enjoys art, sewing, and ice-skating. T.H.S. will be losing more than just a twirler when Janet leaves this June. bk Jeanne Sand Are you searching for a dream girl? A Jeannie? Well, picture a T.H.S. football halftime and a cute blonde twirler, or at other times perhaps a pizza place would be the spot to look for her. Be sure you're also on the lookout for a persevering, unselfish, friendly, sincere Yankee fan. But there's actually no need to look beyond the above picture. Av-f ., .pc-v Linda Schaberg SCHARBERGAS LINDANAE - type of annimal life found around sub- urbs of New York. lntermittently, this jovial, having-a-ball-type mi- grates to Stratford for a day. Its sounds resemble "cool" Its odd jaw structure enables it to talk for sixty nine minutes without tiring. The above species usually winds up being legal secretaries. if "' - C D 3A f 5 Wie es 'x. xx , 'XXX' XXX , X xx 1, - ' " as .X K ' ,l -'Axes I - . 7 " .- T' fm . , egg S Ni of X , ,fllpsl xx ill I U w Michael Sarner Dividing his time in two main areas, Mike first felt the call of the wild as a Boy Scout and is now a member of the Am. Youth Hostel Org., a skier and a good tennis player. Service also called this ex-veep and present histor- ian of the l-li-Y. But Mike just couldn't stop and found himself a debater and a member of N.F.L. Someone say something about redheads being lazy? if ww Gloria Saviano In all sincerity, she is one girl who has helped to make Teaneck High the school that it is. Her loyalty knows no boundaries, What team wouldn't do its best knowing Gloria was one of the cheerlead- ers? Gloria's always curiously ask- ing "Where's Tom?" Remember the Halloween Party? Carol Ann Scheid Scheidamsa lNl-Persian-home- maker.l I. A homemaker that: A. must have culinary skill B. must be loyal to mate l. as shown by steady output of letters C. must be capable hostess and able to handle big events such as the Senior Safari. 2. Miscellaneous things such as climbing ropes, playing guitar, etc. gi 'rm' fins Virginia Scherer G stands for Ginny and G stands for great. Ginny is well versed in every topic from world affairs to classrooms. She'll solve your every intellectual land sociall problem with warmth, wit, and individuality, She's been solving the Tri-Hi-Y's problems for three years. She'll make a fine teacher. There should be more like her. fm ,,,,.. .ffff ,f fy, f ,J ,,.. f ff f , z 7 Stephanie Sarajian Steffie's biography sheet reads like a roll call on a cattle ranch. Her nickname is "Moo Cow" and after her homework she calls her girlfriend "Little Moo." Steffie and her "herd" of friends can usually be found at football games. You should see Steffie "steer" her way around on a dance floor. Sweet Stef will "steak" her claim to a secretary's position, 42"""ff" . Adam Schesch Skoosh" has a lot to remember about THS: Does "-lll2" strike a familiar chord? Music is Adam's forte. He plays an excellent piano and clarinet. Folk-dancing, read- ing, and tennis are his interests- Adam likes to keep busy. He loves to talk and works on the debating club and NFL with the same stick- to-itiveness that will insure his success in later life. 85 x, K 200' 1 I '31, A X V lr I , ' T f . Cf-bg Q X al Fred Oscar Schicker Twenty years from now, when Fred is a successful businessman, what will he remember about Teaneck High? The work he did organizing the Key Club? The nights he spent doing homework? The many sports he participated in? The hunting and fishing trips during vacations? "You lose, Dad". What Fred will remember is Miss William Ira Schlesinger "Bill" has the scientific attitude that is so important in medicine, in which Bill is interested. ln l957, he won the Science Fair Award. His spare time spent in doing bacteriological experiments and playing a cool set of drums. Bill also plays chess and loves jazz. "Oh great!" We wish Bill the best of success in whatever he Curran's, Mr. Puro's, and Mr. Emmet's classes. attempts. r- - fgefmwtf i it me , 1 iv 'lm f' ,E , ' s lx Robert Carl Schmeelcke Bob's laudable ambition is to enter the ministry, but don't pic- ture him only as a pensive, medi- tative soul. He's also full of lite, enjoys hot rodding, reading, driv- ing, and people. People, in return, like Bob, noting especially the friendly way he talks with others. Bob's memories ot THS can be summed up in his phrase: "my crazy teachers." Enid Laurel Schester lt is not Enid's beauty alone that makes her extra special. She has a talent for beth writing and play- ing the piano. Enid is friendly, jovial, and earnest all at once, so everyone finds her excellent com- pany. She works hard-in school and as Copy Editor for the Te-Hi News-but she also relaxes com- pletely-enjoying reading, music, and Saturdays. Joan Ruth Schlier The Johnny Mathis records spin and Joanie sits dreamily by. The Johnny Mathis records spin and Joanie does homework, talks on the phone or writes letters. "Mark my words" the Johnny Mathis rec- ords will still be spinning next year at college and years from now their sound will pervade the classroom in which Joan teaches. as Peter Schubert Franz Schubert may not have completed his "Unfinished Sym- phony", but Pete Schubert will never be caught leaving anything unfinished. Pete has the drive and ambition necessary for the commercial art field. Coupled with his art interests, classical music helps complete Petc's aesthetic pursuits. Pete will strive for money, happiness and a cents of humor. Qu ,Sr Miriam Ruth Schulman X We can look forward to one more female member of our state de- partment and that's Mimi. ln high positions she has proved her ability as Financial Secretary of Garden State Council of B.B.G. and asst. copy editor of the Te-'Hi News. l-ler friendliness, versatility and political awareness will bene- fit her future ambition. Gil Schwartzberg Gil has harbored a remarkable per- severing interest in the opposite sex which has perhaps influenced his other outstanding qualities such as being one of Teaneclds best dressed Beau Brummel'sp an enthusiastic weight lifter, and an admirer of fast cars. His person- ality, sincerity, wit and love for good books assure success in the business world after college. f X A 4 5 Lawrence Sciacchetano Have you ever heard, while walk- ing thru the halls-"Hey what do you sayl"? If you ever stopped to look you'd find the ever popu- lar "Shack," His great personality and thoughfulness for others have made him a true friend of many seniors. A devoted, "Big Blue" athlete, he led our wrestling team to a great season. He is headed for the phy. ed. field. Marjorie Lynn Schwartz lrish setters won't be setting for very much longer because Marge Dlans to raise them in the near future while working as a secre- tary, 4Her overwhelming interest in this particular breed of dog occupies a great deal of her spare time but it hasn't affected her sweet and friendly attitude toward people. , ..v,,, , KW ,Z . . -3-..?' A - -rx 5' WZ X ,lf , A, gi, x, sis Z 2 l" ,M-,4-5 --f i Q- f, Isnxcpzi N 2555? 2 .C ---- i f ' 1' ?L: ' .., L.- -, 2-J,-' ' -V yi? --.-,,,-' L f 1 - Z 55: 'fl -' -f 'ala lzylj , , .. ! 1 iq Q lei if 52' If N-.4 i - ' -ja L "'.g-.- , Linda Carol Schwartzwald "What do you mean what do you mean' We mean that Linda has an infectious laugh and is a good iudge of people We mean that she has a creamy complexion and pretty hair We mean she plays the piano rides horses and loves pizza She plans to go to college and then become a dental hygien ist and we mean it Ronald Schwarz Ronnie has two homes-on the land and on the water. An ardent swimming and horseback riding enthusiast he has won honors in both A future engineer, Ronnie gets much practice by consuming his space time with mechanics, His shy sense of humor and good common sense have won him new friends and much respect. Ron Jin has high hopes for a future sports car collection Anne Joyce Scott Anne probably has made quite a few lboyl friends with her "Hi- ya honeyf' This "red haired, blue eyed" senior has international appeal. She has Irish eyes, loves Italian food, and is as active as an Arabian whirling dervish. Scotty aspires to become a dental technician. A person with Scotty's disposition, though, will never look "down in the mouth". 37 2 W Tiff. Howard William Segal Howie's nose must have an affin- ity for soccer ballsg apparently the rest of him does also because he was one of our most valuable players. His intelligence, good- nature and aesthetic appreciation make Howie a pleasure to know. He has shared his experiences in Europe with his classmates and will do so with his future class- mates in college and asv an engineer. f Barry B. Seidel Speidel may be the name of a watch band, but Seidel is the name of an active member of the THS Band. His interests ex- D-and to reading, watching tele- vision and listening to classical music. He is studded with honesty, humor and consideration. March- ing off the football field onto the drilling field, Barry will achieve his desired goal of promotion until he becomes top brass. gd If ff all t, 1 JN Bruce Seidenstein Q "How about that!" Bruce, known for his good looks, personality, loyalty and sincerity, enjoys cars, especially hot rods. Ambitious, he is undecided about future plans, but is considering college engi- neering and the armed services. Mr. Levenson's English class is a firm memory for his sound mind, 411' . " .fs .77 -,lgzyfib QA l . --xv. ,- -..r '14 if 5 fi fy f - X , 1 XL X X X t tl A f ll f . , .l klllvrll jlfi i 71. X ,JK is N ,ff A V! N Rc V 7112 , ,. William Setterstrom Settle down 'cause "Settie" is coming. Casual Bill's get a form- ula for living a casual life, All he needs is a blonde llike Miss Brand?l and a radio ilt doesnft matter what station because Bill likes all kinds of music except classicall. lf you want a bunch of fun and laughs just say "Send me the Bill," ,A7 K . D ff' l if A Susan R. Seidner "She'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle." Susie was queen of the nine day international bike race and also enjoys modeling. Not only does she have sweet looks but also a sweet disposition. She does voluntary work with the retarded. Susie hopes to enter business school and then do part- time modeling. 5 l 'f ml! l l it . F' l i Nw 'lk-up . Peter K. Shack If you asked Pete if he likes calypso and modern jazz he'd probably respond "lndeecliment." In his spare time he arranges music but in school he only acts pessimistic. Tennis and bowling are Pete's favorite sports. He throws the slickcst gutter ball in the High School. A career in law or writing awaits Pete atter college. 19" Doris Seiler Doris is one of those girls who treats the impossible as though it were routine. She calmly arranges tor a twenty school debate as it she were reading or listening to some folk or classical music. Searching for truth, Doris teaches at the Unitarian Church and is a member of NEYO. Swimming and badminton round off the inter- ests of a girl who is obviously in love with life. Ellen Shapiro Shapiro lFr.--shap, the teline.l 1. Growls like a tiger while con- ducting N.F.l.. meetings or par- ticipating in speech activities. 2. Purrs like a kitten during Xmas vacations and May contercnccs. 3. Roars like a lion in political or religious discussions. 4. Curious as a cat about folk and classical music, art and Modigliana, Marcia Ellen Seitel Once upon a time there was a little girl named Marcia. What a busy, busy girl she was! She was always bush talking or reading or eating or s opping or theater-go- ing or just making people happy, Everyone liked her. Today Marcia '5 Sill' bl-'SY. Only now she is planning for her future as a teacher. And do you know? Everybody still likes her. 1' Barbara Ellen Sliaroff Barby, known for her good pos- ture, has the distinction ot know- ing the tirst line of every song ever written. All this memorizing must take a lot of her time, but she does expect to take time off to go to college, Even now, she has time to wander around New York City, listen to music, read, eat apple sauce, and remember Miss Curran's English class. Bernice Sara Shebses Only in twelfth grade and Bernice already has commuter problems. lt seems she always has trouble catching the bus home. From this statement we logically conclude that Bernice enjoys contact lenses and sleep. This leads to the state- ment that she has long eye lashes and natural wavy hair. Surely these facts prove that Bernice'll be a pediatric nurse. fwn Barry Siegel "There's no business like show business" for Teaneck's rock 'n roll star. No amateur, Barry has cut a record with the Golden Tunes, he enjoys writing songs, dancing, and blowing a hot sax. Versatile Barry, also holding letters in tennis, won't forget the tourna- ment at Princeton. College offers a new field for him to display his talents. Ellen Sheer "lt would be Sheer nonsense not to give me the car", says Ellen to her family, but for some strange reason, maybe because she's re- sponsible for a "smash-up", the Shee-r's don't think it's nonsense. But how will she reach her friends, carry on crazy antics, find an audience for her corny iokes without the car? ln any event, she'll ride successfully through college. Falene Roberta Simet The gift of gab is one of Faleny's best assets. Maybe this is the reason why it took her so little time to become adjusted to a new school. She appreciates the warm reception that the students and teachers here gave her this year. She is already one of the most active members of the playcraf- ter's. She plans a career in mer- chandising. Geraldine Sheldon lf it is an elementary school teacher you're looking for, why not look at Gerry? Her future students will have a nice time looking at her because she was a finalist in the i959 Miss Dar- lington Contest. Besides being nice to look at, she is very charm- ing and has the ability to make Roberta Shulman Shulman - N. Shul'man ISp. Eobbia - female linguistl. 'l. One who is interested in a bi- lingual career, esp. Spanish. 2. girl with a pixie hair cut and big' brown eyes, hence a cute gir . 3. One who is easy to like and get along with, e.g. "l wish people happy. What more could any Swde it my my friends were all Shulmansf' n wa . ,.-- ' K V . -V. l- 9- . 2'3'.::fA:'-,ZQ2'6L'f ,lu Eff . 7 'ff f f NV l 'f .ff 'X ill I ef' ,d X.. . .ii .., iilfgilj '71, 1 'll 4 K I I 1 QL f ' Sl ' - rj " 6' , If 1 Robin Simon Simon fLatin-Simon-are-avi-atus -to get along well with people,l 1. To enjoy being with others, esp. in Mr. Church's English class. 2. To study the ideas of people in seminars on ethics and bibles of the world, 3. To help others through work as a speech therapist and Kiddies Incorporated. Carol Gail Simonsen Cooking, a favorite pastime, is evidence of Carol's domestic side. A talented guitar player, she is Aalso music-minded. Riotous expressions like fantabulf ous and jerklet show her humor. Of success in a teaching career she is sure. Lots of luck to an extra nice girl, 11" .loan Diana Skogland Finding inner strength from her many religious activities and con- verting it to an outward attitude of consideration, helpfulness and truthfulness, Jeanie is a help and a pleasure to know. Active in body as well as in mind, Joanie also enjoys and excels in athletics of all kinds. A career in teaching or social service will make full use of her assets. CL' ...uw-w-f James S. Smith Smitty will ever be famous in the annals of Teaneck High School for stealing Mr. Gunner's shoe during Biology class. His friends ald think that he has some drumming ability, too. He likes just about any kind of music and he enjoys kidding around. Jim, however, plans to go into the Minstry. 90 Angela Irene Smith Did you say you were dancing with an angel? Well, if she's a Smith named Angie who can sew, swim and coin collect, you're absolutely correct. An angelic tem- perament and cotton candy sweet- ness add a certain lustre to that halo, while intelligence adds depth to its colors. By the way, did you know that this college-bound angel hablas espanol like a true Spaniard? Sax Art' Smith lf you are looking for Smitty, chances are you'lI find him im- proving his skin diving abilities- if it's summer. As the year passes so do his interests-to fishing, football or hunting. His time has alsolbeen occupied by church ac- tivities. Classical music is Art's favorite form ot culture. Neatness and sincerity are two of Art's well known attributes. f - ' af. i-ss--- Q .kia - - gzfevvlgg- 11 in' 12 itz .X 'N -....-f 2 . -sag'-5 --A - A fe .ttf ----Qc - - 4 ,. -. -. ----1347 .. .- . ...i- 111113-Q A2 W - f ff f g f ff l 'bf-1 Edward Mark Solomon "lt's been pleasanl"' says Sol, and it has been for all of the seniors who were lucky enough to have been in his classes. King Solomon has had enough female followers to fill up any kingdom. He will alwa s be remembered for his iovial! optimism and blase manner, l wonder how many women will suddenly have toothaches in ap- proximately eight years? Sherry Dale Sonnett Although Sherry enioys versifying, this Sonnett is not to be confused with tourteen lines of poetry. Be- sides being an avid Frank Sinatra tan, green-eyed "Shobby" likes dancing, Hamburgers, French Fries and cokes. She looks for under- standing and tact in others, both of which she'll give in her psy- chology career. -wr Bernice Ruth Smith Nobody is as busy as "Bee!" Out- side ot homework, which is just a minor consideration, Bee also marched with the band during the football season and found time to play tennis and to go ice skating. Its easy to make friends with Beep as easy as making a chocolate soda, a talent which will endear you to Bee forever lor as long as the ice cream holds outl. Robert Allan Spiegel Hey, Spiegs! Some people have one or two favorite memories to take with them from T.H.S. Bobby says he'll remember the friends he's made. If this is so, that's all he'd be doing all day, remem- bering. How can he miss making friends? He's funny, friendly, good looking, hard working, very athletic, and never boring. Spiegel is a synonym for success. 'hiv Maria Sorace Sorace n. Isynonym of "Chet"- meaning one who is livelyl. 1. One who loves peanut butter and jelly! sandwiches but who says 'AI ave a weak stomach." 2. One who makes friends with great ease and who keeps them. 3. One who will attend the Kath- erine Gibbs school in the future. iw 'hr' Elizabeth Soucek Betty's traveling a path whose goal is teaching or social work. But Red Cross Council, Future Teachers and Kiddies Inc. have not stopped easygoing and friendly Betty from enjoying R 'n R, Broadway's hit tunes or last year's Turkey Day Game. Betty alsoltook up bowling and enjoys dancing which only confirms that she will be an asset wherever she goes. Q xy slfhtqixuftul 3 'X i f f ? XL ' , f g g s ri, G-f ,, N. . ,g m K sg ll ?' ' Tgsex YT C '- Marie Spinelli Marie's big smile and crazy say- ings don't conceal her gentleness and concern for those around her. She enjoys everything to the full- est and tries to help others do the same, Marie should be noted for her cheerfulness and hard work in putting out the Te-Hi News. Marie's gifts will be put to good use as a kindergarten teacher. M1-.-,-up Donald Spring Here comes "Springs," bouncing his way into the hearts of all who know him. Don probably will be best remembered for his great work in the termite section of the T.l-l.S. band. This little drummer can also make time on the dance floor and see to it that the pis- tons on his rod maintain their rhythm. The Farmer's Almanac predicts that Spring'II go to agri- cultural college. 1' Rosemary Speshock 4 Speshock v.i. Spe shock fold Eng- lishp speeshoke-to be with iti. 1. To enjoy senior activities, esp. dating, sports, talking on the phone, eating. 2. To have blonde hair and beauti- ful blue eyes iwhich have a talent for finding good-looking boys.J 3. To study nursing, .airW"' Patricia Day Squicciaruni Proms, football games and gym classes are important pictures in Pattie's mental scrapbook. A career in beauty culture shapes a future for a shapely girl after she attends beauty culture school. The fact that Patti abounds in friendliness and good humor should work in her favor in the future. 9l u 5 "a viii William B. Stack Take all the nice things about Bill, put them in a Stack that will have to be big, and you've got one great guy. At the base of the Stack is found a generous heart and warm nature. The next layer consists of interests in girls, the Bible, sports, singing and scouting. The next layer will take the ,shape of a career as an auto- motive engineer. 4 'Q Kenneth O. Stahl Ken is a good scout the is an Eagle Scouti, a good citizen the has many citizenship awardsl, and a good friend the has the admira- tion and respect of his fellow classmatesl. What better qualifi- cations could anyone have for a future in the service? Ken has more. He has a good sense of humor and the desire to always "do a good job." 2 Linda Star Linda has a notoriously slow walk but is very quick in her friendly response to the needs of other people, She is equally quick to name the Washington and Strad- ford trips as her favorite memories. A quick four years at college will find Linda's best talents being put to use at studying education. 512635 X' f fpwglll . I ' 'l L 2 i "i1.f'-ills 1 . ' 'I 1' 7" ,- l,- ' i l y ? 'e-lllilip if will l f L ggcfu.: 1 ,5 -Mx, 1" lll , ff? lar' Carol S. Stein "Move over." There's always room for another person in Carol's blue Pontiac. Her friends, who are eternally grateful for her obliging chauffering services, will verify this. "Move over." There's always room for Carol at any gathering. She has many interests and a gen- erous disposition. "Move over," all you future secretaries. Carol's coming, too. Doris Ruth Stein "Love seeketh not itself to please Nor for itself hath any care But for another gives its ease And builds a heaven in HelI's despair." The vitality of this poem, the spirit of the poet, sensitive, fine, strong, the natural love of people hc describes, a love easy and free, given easily and freely to others, these are Doris's qualities also. Frank Stein No monster by any means is this Frank Stein. Lnstead of chasing people away, Frank attracts them. He's usually getting out to meet and make new friends. The only thing mechanical about Frank is his uncanny ability to fix anythino mechanical. Maybe Frank will create a robot and name it Frank N. Stein, After college, Frank'll be an engineer. 5 Luella Steen A joyful laugh, a pair of skates, and a hearty "That's the way the mop flops" and you can be sure that Lou is somewhere around. If she isn't around you might find her writing letters, talking on the telephone, dancing, or listening to the radio. It won't be long before you'll find this affable girl in secretarial school. -191 ug-'TT' Nancy Lois Stein Learning to play bridge on a five hour bus ride would tire many, but not Nance whose casual appear- ance belies her inner vitality. TAB, BBG, and a pair of cymbals in the band room occupy most of Nance's time. But she somehow also squeezes in dramatics, essay writ- ing, and three sports. Nance certainly practices her creed of living each minute to the fullest. 93 gf 6' c':""f" Dennis Steinberg Dennis Steinberg is apparently a man of letters. He belongs to the K.A.T., the Y.M.H,A., and the T,J.C.C. With a hearty cough, shouting "idiot" Dennis Steinberg rides again, Deny plans to go into the hotel and restaurant manage- ment field in which he is an "old salt." Deny likes girls and tape- recording and taperecording girls. James M. Stoff :sits see what the life of Stoff's i ez 8:00 A.M.-A humorous fellow rambles into school. 3:04 P.M.- Key Club, Hi-Y or Chemistry Club occupy our friend's time. 8:00 P,M.- Rock 'n roll and tape recording keep Jim busy, The future-A career in the busi- ness world awaits this industrious chap. Peter Allan Stelljes At the helm of our soccer team Pete steered the "Blue Booters" in the right direction. Despite his good looks and athletic ability, Pete isn't self-assertive. ln fact, he's modest. He likes to be around cheerful people who shouIdn't be difficult to find because people are always cheerful around Pete. This generalization will even in- clude his future patients with bone disorders. wliff Rita Stich Leave it to Rita to accomplish any task no matter how tedious. She always successfully completes a job that a lesser person could not have properly begun. The Hi-Way, Class Cabinet, Student Service, and Classical League will confirm this fact. Her widely diversified school and outside activities will promote her standing in college. l I' if f . f - , MW .-- -f ,Maia , Z 1 af AMW ,j f f f , - f r f 'ff' ' 4935 -'-ff I fi' 4- C V-f f: ,i if 1 .f ., f eff 49 pifrlffrf 1' Zflfffffrifw Z 6fZ., " f WW ff BWV, .Wada M as 4- is,-A f fi . .i , . 'su' ,.. , P as a-17,6-fig Q-. in ,' ,jim J' " - -,W,5,42 f.- 'Q , x K Q!! ig ,M ' Walter D. Stoll When Wally isn't practicing on the gridiron or playing first base, he's usually playing cards with the "guys" or out on a big date. He admires sincerity and honesty in others. Walt is a great guy, well- liked by all lespecially girlsl, His "potent" 6'3" frame is distin- guished by the ever present slop- ing shoulder. As for college- "l'm up for it!" W Cheryl H. Stolpen Cheryl N. Cone who has endeared herself to others-from F. Cher -meaning dear.l 'l. One who enjoys people, music, swimming and riding icars and horsesl and will soon ejnoy college, 2. One who has endeared herself to others by her willingness to help them lespecially in math or student council activitiesl. 'iff David Stone "Confound it!" Can't anyone beat Dave to a witty comment? lt's very hard because witty comments are one of the things in which Dave specializes. Since this is the age of specialization, Dave has other specialties too. He is an excellent cartoonist and excels in manual work. Most' special ot all, Dave is an especially nice person. mag, 4 ,f f ,Z 5 1 , ,wan Alan Straubel This eagle scout has served Tea- neck High in both the Senior Band and orchestra. His favorite types of music are rock 'n roll and dixieland. For recreation he en- joys ice-skating, bowling, hiking, weightlifting and fishing. One of Al's outstanding memories of Tea- neck High was the Junior Prom, After high school he plans on go- ing to college. 'bmi-s 'niiwtfleflyy Donald C. Strauss Did you ever see a Strauss waltz? Don probably has added dancing to his many other varied activ- ities. Don's favorite hobbyk is working on his other hobbies. Don even goes so far as to ride a bicycle tin this age of the auto?l Don's good nature and many interests will land him a job in any field that insures money and happiness. Carole Strickler "The world stands out on either side no wider than the heart is wide." Carole's world is limitless. She has the gift of being able to view it with the wonder of a child, the perceptiveness of ma- turity and the sensitivity of both. Her sky "no higher than the soul is high", is infinite. fl Q- ' I .Y , W g ix EZ- ff .- - fe., 'TTT f sf' f ' - - -L - M - as - - A -.- fw s i' 4.-at -- Y 'f ,- H 1 r ,, -H ' -as 4- EET 4 ' YCe--l-- . ' f-T' s-, ' H f ' -fx .ff- Y' . f J Y Q., . -, ,,f A ,f - - !, A 2 c ...ff 1 ' 'Zi iii I f , ff f+l- - -- innaag af, Sandra Sus Sfricklin Sandi of the titian hair has a name which means "helper of mankind". This name is very apt, for she has a knack of helping people and working well with them. She certainly has been a great help to Mr, Gunner, and she will always remember working for hirn. After graduating, she will help a boss as a legal secre- tary. "l almost croakedf' Please, not yet. .,.i Natalie Sfromfeld "Some think the world was made for fun and frolic" and so does Natalie. On the dance floor, in a bowling alley, or on the tele- phone she is always fun to be with. Natalie hopes to find a secretarial job after she graduates from high school. Her cheerful- ness and honesty will help her in any field. -'Sr Jack C. Suggs Jack is a real eye-opening man. l-le sets his sights on being an Optom- etrist. Even in his hobbies, such as photography and astronomy, he is really set in a retinal pattern. This starry-eyed boy also ran on the cross-country team for three years. Jack claims that he never can get his homework finished. Maybe he needs glasses. 4 Ellen G. Sundel Some people just have a knack for doing things, Take El, fOr instance. She broke both her wrists-at once! She also has a mania for people, shopping and tying up the phone. She even has a knack for school work, and on top of that, dancing and twirl- ing. You don't suppose she wants to study psychology so she can analyze all this, do you? is Allen Syatt Al spends a good deal of his spare time fiddling around, Although this may seem a pretty highbrow hobby, it's really quite bass. Be- sides the bass viol, AI spends sor' time on his tropical fish, another hobby which might bring him into contact with bass. Al's personality also has a effect on people. Z Patricia Tansey Irish eyes are smiling" it's nice to be around and probably why so many are attracted to Pat. Her cheer affects others results. Besides style 's moods, Pat also hooes hair. lt is certainly that happy manner will her go lucky. .. Of - Ann Tarnower Tarnower tfrom the Latin-tar- nowera-a small active animal noted for existing for long peri- ods without sleep or food esp. on May weekendsi I. To be an active speaker, as a member of Teaneck Speakers, treasurer of NFL and secretary of the Debaters. 2, To sing folk songs and play guitar anywhere but esp., in Washington Square and living- rooms. F. -s ef o' pf - U -15: v xl: n Y -S ' ' li - i - -1- f ' , ,QA fuss eggs f- idl'- 43 ? ' " K T IS" 1 K R -5 Barbara Taub Barbara is known for her good advice and helpful suggestions. On top of this she is neat and kind. Being an elementary school teach- er will utilize these gifts well. Besides an interest in sports she also enjoys dancing and music, In college many people will enjoy her company. f' cf Qi? xx .. Y- ,K f- , ...-f,Z- Y Y Y l 'e'g ,g Q' i. I T? ' 'Mmrjf Tom Telesca Hard work and determination have made "T" one of our finest ath- letes. As captain of the baseball team, Tom helped keep spirit and fight alive this past season. The i959 Englewood football game and the Teaneck cheerleaders are two of Tom's brightest memories. A lively personality has made him popular with everyone. Next year "T" will enter trade school. Beth M. Teweles A personality that commands re- spect belongs to Beth whose pleasing voice commands our at- tention every morning on the P.A. She has a deep love for the thea- tre, for folk music, and for the democracy in which she lives. Combining the understanding she uses for her first two loves and the desire to preserve the third, Beth will broadcast for Voice of America. Harry Thompson Characteristics of a Harry Thomp- son: I. A Harry Thomson is always willing to help somebody out. 2. A Harry Thompson is anxious to go to IBM school after High School. 3. A Harry Thompson enjoys TV, sleep, jazz. He also enjoys sportsmanship and personality in others, displaying these qual- ities in his own character. Everett Thorsland "Big Ev" has carried on The fine tradition of the Thorsland family, Modesty and sincerity plus a burn- ing desire to excel in sports have made this 6' 5" senior a great athlete, Ev will always be re- membered for catching passes on the T.H.S. football field. Ev has a secret passion for his famous "nougies" and Teaneck majorettes. 1 4 6 mf . WW'-Wm Edith Ann Trucks "Hey, folks!" That's a sure sign that Edith Trucks is around. Edith is popular not only for her good personality, but also for the pizza parties she throws, She wants to Teach retarded children, and she spent a lot of time helping Mrs. Morton with the special class at the high school. We all wish her the best of luck. 96 4:-ix! Francine Tiliski She's four feet nine inches of dynamite, she's adorable, she's fran . . . tic. Fran would win the Miss Energy l96O Contest hands down. Singing, swinging, sewing, socializing, and saying "Oh crumb" are Fran's favorite pastimes. A Miss Roller fan, Fran's tastes in gym run from basketball to hockey. After high school, Fran'll be a secretary. Lynne Edwina Tressider "Spooky" haunts all of her friends with her "clownin." She's one of the prettiest spirits around! She participates in yo-yo practicing at lunch-time and woodworking in 'shop class. Her numerous activ- ities include listening to rock 'n roll, reading, and working in the Rainbow Girls. She will find spiritual fulfillment in the field of psychology. Patrick Trotta Pat enjoys many diversified inter- ests and likes to work out things for himself, His spare hours are spent bowling, weightlifting, and star gazing. He belongs to several astronomical societies. This should prepare him well for his career in optics. Pat' admired thoughtful- ness and self-initiative in others, bcnh of which he possesses him- se . D ! ll QL' o 1 '9 M Madeline Carol Tschupp "For Pete's Sake!" Just imagine someone who not only dances artistically but sings pleasingly and can smile charmingly in the middle of everything. With the additional asset of a thoughtful and kind disposition, the future should hold many good things in store for that person. For Made- line's sake we hope so. .t , Z I i XL! uni Marcia Harriet Tuck Strictly for the record: Marcia is going to work for the Bergen Evening Record when she gradu- ates from high school. lt islre- ported of Marcia that she'er1l0Y5 reading, dating and listening to the radio. Marcias' byline is 5 telephone wire on which she haS a small monopoly. Attractive and good-natured Marcia is a Puflf' like tuck. t .gum Q.-.av Q A, .f 'K Frederick David Ullman Ullman n, lUllmannung-Ger. an assiduous, ingenious scientisti 1. Characterized by a talent for teaching or explaining things, hence a person interested in science and teaching, also, a person very capable in these fields. 2. A friendly camper who likes canoeing, hiking, and swim- ming, therefore an Eagle Scout. Harvey Edwin Urbach As CofNews-Editor, Harvey was one of the people responsible for the Te-l-li News. He's also been active in various outside activities. He-is an Explorer Scout, for one thing. For another he is active at his synagogue. Four years at college await Harvey The beyond is uncertain but his willingness to help and the talent that accom- panies it will make him valuable anywhere WAN' ,. 9 - X J Carol Louise Vanderbeck Carols predominant goal in life is to haue a better understanding of her fellow-fran She is achiev- ing this by being and working Maria Vallone Co-captain of the twirlers, Maria nevertheless never goes around in circles. She is very down to earth as her intelligence and sense of order will verify. Her thoughtful- ness and consideration for others, her sincerity and her desire to strive for self-improvement also reflect the kind of person she is. She hopes to teach Senior High. WY WW? with people as much as possible in the fario-as organizations in which she participates It isn't too difficuit to understand her, she iz a friendly girl who eniofs movies. rock 'n roll, JB T. classes and office work. QW QW bl" ur' M' Inger Vala He who laughs last and longest has probably lust heard one ot lnger's jokes. She is well known for her ability to keep people laughing. But this is only the punch line to a story which hides a remarkable person and person- ality, Her facial expression alone could put any point across and make any gathering a party. 's-y """""'P" Martin Varley Making time on the track is an accomplishment for which Matt has won nine awards. Another pastime he enioys when he's recovering his wind from running, is singing. Truthfulness and generosity are two of Matt's outstanding qual- ities. Teaneck was glad to welcome this Matt, as will the colleges be, Gary Valentine Although Gary says "Take a zero", he doesn't practice what he preaches, since he usually takes a ride in his 'SO Ford, while the radio plays rock 'n roll or pop, Humorous valentines are in sea- son this year and this Valentine is up with the times. Identified by his talent for making people laugh, Gary is fun whether he's working or attending college. MIW ,391 Peter Vergano Pete lor Petroff as some of his "Russian friends call himl has a habit of making friends with every person he meets, He has the un- usual virtue of keeping friends. Why? Because Pete is himself, he's no pretender. Just give him a wrecked car and a Set of wrenches and he's set for life. He's also handy with a soccer ball. Pete will make a wonderful engi- neer. Everything is "good enough" when Pete's around. 97 Houma' Jeanne Marie Vibert Vivacious Vibert will always re- member the ruckus and exciting times in gym class. This exuber- ant girl has a predilection for excitement which shows in her choice of hobbies. R an' R, swim- ming and ice skating fill her spare time. Yet Jeanie has a serious job in mind after Berkeley-a legal secretary's spot will fill the bill. , .sa V M17 Marilyn Ann Waldinger Marilyn likes music and all that jazz, She also swings to the rhythm of pizza eating. l-ter colorful personality is matched only by the color of her hair or the colors she uses when she draws. Marilyn hopes to go to college, after which she will become an elementary school teacher. f Qffff ., f I Peter D. Waldmann Red-headed Pete manages to pack into his schedule a lot more than just giving "good" parties. This Eagle Scout and member of Young Life and Westminister Fellowship, found time to be on both the football and track teams while participating in Hi-Y. After school, Pete enioys Modern Jazz and Dixieland and tucks away among his other memories the '58-'59 football season. 'Z 1 avr, wr Mary Ellen Walker Walker v. lto know how to have fun especially with people-L.- walkere, to be good naturedl I. To have long talks on the DHOVWG with close friends and to teach them how to drive. 2. TO love to sew and to want to be a nurse. Hence to be all sewed up in a nursing career. Theodore Walker Ted, who believes all people should strive for a higher educa- tion, plans to become a teacher, thereby educating himself and preparing to educate others as well. His well-rounded personality features enthusiasm for sports, girls, and music. Ted's memories of THS highlight his first day here, "Swell," 98 127' Mary Jane Walling Calling Doctor Walling! Calling Doctor Walling! But Mary Jane can't be reached lust now. The hockey team needs her, and then she has a tennis match and a bas- ketball game. Maybe you can catch her later while she's watch- ing TV or out walking. Mary Jane is always more than willing to be helpful. ...Q William Walsh Hear that trumpet up there, man! lt could be Gabriel or it could be Bill Walsh. Bill's so tall that you couldn't tell the difference. Bill also gets a kick out ot tooting another horn, the one on his "hot" little Ford. Bill has some fond memories to take with him lany- one remember the Jungle Bun- nies?l Afterwards, college "in the South." y9? 'Q Jewel Ann Walton Jewel fits right into the present. She enioys talks on the ph0I19, gives great paiama parties, BBQ utters "Great heavenly cupcakes She'd have been perfectly at ease in the past of the old West too. She is an expert horesbacklrider and loves folk songs. An intel- ligent, interesting person, shell fit right into the future-college Eileen Ward Eileen may someday work in a ward as a medical technician. Pizza and poetry are part of her plan for personal enlovrnent. Her pet peeve is the short lunch periods. Two of her best features are naturally curly hair and bright blue eyes Judging from her past history of superior personality, she's sure to prosper. George B. Wathne George claims to be an ordinary guy, but it takes more than just an ordinary gut to make such a claim, or to devote all his spare time, as George has, to a job. Because he was so busy working this year, we didn't see too much of him and eleventh grade is his outstanding memory. He likes "all sorts of things," which means cars, pistols and photography. We wish him all sorts of luck. William Wardly A boat, a boat, my kingdom for a boat. Well, Bill may not have kingdoms to give away but he iust loves boating, He's a real skilled hand when it comes to operating a boat, too. Since we're in the water, we will also mention that Bill likes Waterskiing and swim- ming. Once on land, E-ilI's just as much at home riding around in his auto. atv" Noir' Judith Ware Although Judy with her red hair and freckles, gives the appearance ot a wholesome country girl, her taste's modern and sophisticated. She likes her iazz cool and bridnc game challenging. And yet with all her progressive ideas she is unaffected and unassuming. We're sure her college will appreciate these talents. xii s' 01--l X 'Q .1 4 'A 5 , - , 1' ry """7 f W, va... Away, ' V ' I I in V16 in ., ,Q Raymond Weigand Raymond v. KLatinfRaymondus, a, um, meaning roller derby.l 1. To enjoy roller derbys: watch- ing them, participating in them and corresponding with other roller derby fans, Hence, to take off one's hat to a roller derby. 2. In the future, to use one's in- dustry and honesty in college and a job. Peter Jay Weinberger There is a certain gentle brutality about Peter, Maybe it's the gentle smile on his face as he makes a particularly sour remark, Maybe it's because of the kindly way he sees straight to the heart of things. And in case anyone didn't know it, the guy behind the wheel of that Chrysler is an extremely brilliant mathematician. iilin iilirn if ,,,, uf' Carol Ann Warren "Half-pint" may be small in stat- ure but her talent for writing and her aptitude for teaching are large and abundant. Her eyes and complexion are two of her big attractions. "You better believe" that her loving spirit makes her a grand person. She'll be a huge success in college and career. 'W ffbf' Iris A. Weinryb has the gift of knowing when good conversation is appreci- ated and when silence is more appreciated. URN eading, writing. hair styling and knitting are her widely varied interests. the future Iris ,hopes to teach elementary school. "S"he will strive, in this field, to be helpful to others. 99 . , Fivliiiigiil h. 56251 ' K X - A is . . 1' .. C. 5 3 it , Q, As, . in i 'Q ii 57 Gary Weinstein Since the time Gary first came to Teaneck from Fairlawn in the eleventh orade, he has made friends with almost all the car dealers in town, "Dad, can l buv this car?" Gary's witty style and enthusiasm for fun has gained him many friends in school. Fair- lawn's loss is Teaneck's gain, Gary has an affinity for drugs. he wants to be a pharmacist. MW Marjorie Ann Weiss Weiss n. lOne who likes many things from I.. Weissus-variedl. I. One who likes the sound of radio, television, slow music or a voice on the telephone. 2. One who takes an active part in the Jr. Sisterhood and who therefore says frequently "l'm not home." 3. One whose warmth will make her new friends in Jr, College. IOO -1 ' . x f i . ff T 4,1 .fd " '-w:w27"4h'W f fr -Sfzgii al' 2245474121 4 416111454 , I 11 iigeefifff--2 :V EEMW If f i,4re.a 'aa if. 0 ' 25225 Q16 Q' Q- 72 pan-avi-Q9 Qs' if. fia?da54 5' ff , 441' 1 73, ff, f 41474 4 ' - - e 1' 1. gf, f-264. ff-if get ,QPQQ , wgf f 1- -' Z 3 14149 fn' . ff,,f1 f fwfaffl Alfred K. Weisenbeck His friends call him Al or Fred but never Alfred. This Eagle Scout and member of the Luther League is planning a career in medicine. But a serious goal doesn't stop Al from enjoying jazz, R 'n R or the '58 Turkey Day Game, Al enioys football, wrestling and swimming. From all indications Weisenbeck's going to be a real operator in his later days, L T f f' f ' l . 'iii-'Zigi' 2555511 Ply iff' 2' 'Kin' Fredericik Weiss Fred has the wonderful quality of stick-to-it-iveness. He uses this gift in everything he does whether it be hunting, fishing, or fighting for victories with the soccer team. Amiability is another word that describes Fred. He has many friends and knows how to make an evening with them memorable. College, or the service vie for his future. IWW" 'Wm Martin Weiss lf there's "water, water every- where," Marty is probably swim- ming in it and winning some more swimming awards. Marty is equally at home on land where he often drivos or participates in land sports. Marty believes that a person should work to his full- est capacity. His fullest capacities will be realized in college and thcn in the business world. . r J, , W ' ! Q .M ew Gerilyn Weisberger Venus made her fair, A lovely girl with sunlight in her hair. The brightest stars have fled the skies, To dwell in this cheerleaders eyes. For best face and figure she was awarded By the class who for her ap- plauded. It will not be the least surprising If she succeeds in merchandising, 'ire aw! ., '-- ff ., Sift. . ,. 4'ifT"1 X it ' +- N-kit? h nssyf. s N3 if ' "H-v:"R'ff-. 'fxaski X Q 9' HEP'-YI. lv: .-G 'gfiw z t ? "K "'f' is Q ' a xy-...J X .6-'ix 'Y-zmsi, Q I-5 .kg SQL Richard John Widmann Widmann may not be wide, man. but he's worth his height in fun. What gym class that contained his lanky form doing cartwheels and forward rolls over the backs of six "volunteers" could deny this? Stock car racing and fishing take up much of "The Wits" spare time. America can feel proud that men like Richie shall someday guard our coats. Ann Virginia Wignall Just a glance at her picture, Will drive you plumb wild. She's a twirler, a reader, She must be some child!! She's funny, she's witty, She just loves to talk, lAnd need I mention her model- like walk?l She likes friendliness and sincerity, But complains "everybody is pick- in' on me." IU'- Eileen Winn lt's no wonder the cry has been "Win with Winn" for the last three years, This fireball of a cheerleading captain is by no means one sided. Active in school government, she is treasurer of our class cabinet. Sincerity and frankness distinguish her from among the senior class. With these qualities and all her others, she's sure to win in college. iia X ' f f X ff . 49 x, X X f f ff Ailllll NX! . :,gj1f-iid? 'J-I, A- ala R- 'Q' . .uf ' v ias r "- A . 1 ,,- -1 - QA ix I --' -4 n-31-.i e ' " f 4 .5-'FQ a' T.. If A: ' .ii - 1 Wil I 1 -e ' " rw 'i ,lg 5,1 .3 Milt! glififii E ff ,nil - 552:55 Wi' 7 If I " E? W W Kg- I I 1 George Williamson Whether working on them, driv- ing them or racing them, Willie is a real car enthusiast. "l know" he exclaims and if it's about cars he probably does. Latin declensions don't please him but feminine genders do. Later ,rears will tind his friend- liness and sharp wit in college. 9- B Roland Woessner Roland, who bears the nickname Rabbit, certainly makes tracks in his Nash fRabbit or otherwise? As Roland would say, when his homework is finished, "I go riding on the drag then I hit the grill." Besides grills Roland also likes girls. His amiable personality and mechanical ability should help him in his career of engineering, 5 r-3 X ,. 76 f iff! I Mig! ti' fill. :iii :silt f J. - I L:. I 5 if 9 l ' A :fy -,Tx X- at I' if 41" Barbara Jean Wilson Beauticians beware, You're in for some very tough competition when Barb becomes one of you An easygoing person and loyal friend, she turns a telephone into a Barbed wire. Records and rock 'n roll are the three R's that Barb likes best. Barb hopes to be admitted to the institution of-marriage. Alice Wofsy Gather round, folks, Alice is giving away some home-spun philosophy FREE. She says that you should laugh through every- thing. In case you find it diffi- cult, she'Il offer a potent portion of quick and imaginative wit. If you can't laugh, dance, If you can't dance, read. If you can't read, become a journalist and write. lt works for "All" Elizabeth Wignall If "the best things in life are free," then it's no wonder that every senior has had the oppor- tunity to know Betsy. She has the wonderful gift of gab and the same type of Vgeniality. Because of her many outstanding qualities, Betsy has made many, many friends and will undoubtedly con- tinue to do so in her merchandis- ing career. Matthew Charles Wolfberg Whether you examine it deduc- tively or inductively, Matt is a logical thinker. Thinking logically. he comes up with quick wit and common sense. Applying his wit, sense and feeling to music, he developed a comprehensive under- standing of it. As a good tennis player, it's forty to love that he'll be successful as a doctor. lOl Il F A 4 0 - -C! Q W L..- 114' K 't 1 Z'-" J jlfiiyf w e ,E fe LW tm li . X ,Fx s s g i 'QL ta, f.7i.'p' ,P . Zi i f 'A -2 A 15? Q, . Holly Woods Hollywoods n. lOne who keeps people smiling and happy. From American idiom Hollywood mean- ing entertainment capitol of the world.l 1. One who has Chrismas spirit throughout the whole year. 2. One whose interests are many and varied. 3. One who plans to be a secre- tary. Kathleen Rae Yaverek Striking blonde co-captains of twirling squads are hard to find. Talented pianists of Teaneck High School choirs who like wrestlers are even harder to find. The hard- est of all to find is integrity, hon- esty, cheerfulness and spirit in a senior. Luckily Teaneck High has just such a one in the person of our Kathy. A 'IZ fi I ,if ',-i , W vviii l "'i ' 2 1 ,.,, - 3 5 Ronald Zahray Ronnie is a pretty good bowler- in fact, he's really very good. He's been on the bowling team for two years now, and has won five bowling trophies. Ronnie also likes wrestling and has won awards for his skill. Ronnie plans to become a pharmacist, but first he's going to pharmaceutical college for courses in pill pouring. Fred D. Yobs "The bells are ringing". If they're ringing at 3:04 they're probably ringing for Fred whose life after school highlights driving, some really expert bowling, or hunting. When the bells ring for him on the last day of school he will approach a future which is some- what uncertain but which definitly features the business world. Ellen Zimmerman Ellen's big hazel eyes, cute dimples and lovely blonde hair will make her a good model. Ellen's easygoing manner, pleas- ant personality and good advice will make her a good secretary. Ellen's enthusiasm and volubility make her fun to be with. All of this makes Ellen, using her own expression, "What a gem." Richard Zimmerman "By horse or by car, he's bound to go far." Rich is the proud owner of many ribbons and tro- phies which he was awarded for his horsemanship. When he's not riding horses, he's customizing cars. That's not alll His versatil- ity extends to interior decorating too. Despite his energetic interest in so many things, Rich always advises "Take it slow". lO2 Cuff Robert Allan Young "Duffy" has that all important quality of curiosity which is im- portant to a scientist. Since he's crazy about spiders, we in T.H.S. dub him Jack Webb. He likes organs, both musical and ana- tomically. He loves to listen to R 'n R on a radio he probably built himself. Duff's tastes are simple, just give him a tarantula and watch out, - 5' Q3 . AFR? . -QQQQQ Q L X ' .fs f Xi i 1 N. ,:-3- . Daniel A. Zupa, Jr. "Into the air Daniel Zupa." When Zuffa becomes a pilot in the near future he'll really be floating QD clouds. His active participation in phases of aviation imodel pl-33195. aviation books, air racesi illu- strates his interest in the sky even when he's on the ground. HIS personnality is also "ace". 1960 BABY BUUM ss 4' I x I N we Man, if that's what they're luke IH high school, I can't watt. too long. 1 Q ... 4 1 .-P. s ' I I Xt ,I ,Q If -Q Don't you know that cleanluness ns next to Godliness? X327 maketh f A 4 ! y', , f4r,ff 1, V , y ' ' ' Q' I 1 I , 'Ay' w:'iIf?N H71 fffs m .4, ,lb A 1 Us Q ' V 5' . , 15? eval' " - ' -fist? 'fy I ' A sg 'ilifidifwgjf I in rj, 2 fx I Qi, fy., I ' yi, A M, , ff ' ' 'fy ,f f' , . A f'ggf1,,- i ,, A ff"'f V? f f- W f . 31 M ,. , ' if Sam, you made the pants Q 5 K ' V '," I 3 .- -..V ' ' -A' e' 3 A- ' 5 Kg grit lily' -" ' Z, N -A f Z f , ' " -- "' Q. ,V M 'S' ga 'HJ'Z1- k . IE I f ' 1' '-,k - jj' V . 'I ' ' 4 K: A'4" ' 'V f I -14 1 .3 f 5,:'vvzQW ' , I - 43? 'IR 'AVF '92 I t y -. -.6LE4, 1, I fm si- ff Boy, the smoke in that , ' I boy's room is-horrible. 1 I I Guess who's taking me out I tonmghti V ..,... ' 'I . .. I I 'I uhoo A Even I were young once. x w- -iw if , , gmwgd.. ' 'Sv , at 55. yt' I brush my teeth three times a day. 4 , I s 49'- 1 P'-' 1,"X,1 "-at I 1 'VH Q 1 ,- ff 'Q 1 , f AJ L . 5 ., Q . , I I ,V I, 5 . . he ' - I I I I" I I if But I tell you we're brother and sister. I haven't started brushing my teeth yet. UfODi-3 Y- ' 1 k 7 ix I I " ,J -lg, yr o f ' is I X xl! J ,ia Q153 f' I AZ 'f P 5 j'77'G,l' 'Z But Tom said l gotta whitewash the fence. These elementary school marriages lust never work. Where's my fairy godmother? Here l am. Well, really, Dave. fb as W-'Q X3 Q -ev .gn f-Us Washington needs us, menf 'Vx You're not head majorette My, what a pretty horse, yef, Sue. 104 -'P :bv-:. wk M. Eat 'drink and be merry, for tomorrow we start high school. 1 71 W li i w 'r ullmqyiluf ' -E l l,?i -Y -1 -4-"Q f I rr .Q 'Z ,J L I ,Ir-:xxx 'Q' 'V E ' N -Q - I il 'ah Y If hi - I I I -1:-n.. li 53 ig.g'?5-:I g Q V . n.L-g .fr . -- , , 4 'iz' 1 , ' ff- "'f'--" ,fr 5 -,.- A - ,QW , 'of -fi '- -L ' F1 l"4".-H -ali- "Learnin' is what we're obliged to dog This must be a case for the DA. play is what we're not." a ' 'X fy n al- f ' , x K K -. -is. 4. . i 3 .fl ' - 'H Y N 19 ' 1.5 , w 1 y 1512, i 3 ' J ' , s t' By the shores of ' , , pr' . E 'f.,Tf. b f Gitchiegoomie . . . - ,, '-,-gf I- ' .K ' ' , if -' is 4, V' ' 1'- .,il lk Look what radiation has done to us! Variety isn't the only spice in life. America on the march. r-, i 45, 7 i? i?"!'t'l'T'H Pomp and Circumstance Two heads are better than one. I y ,H You're barking up the " V W W at H 3- Q f ' ,Z .... wrong tree. I' ,of K J J , 1 f v 4 4 H ' A W 5 , 'iff if 'fl ' . x if i Q ' What do you mean you have 41 , a frog in your Throat? g, ll , 1 ..:l.fq,. 'f Z l need double sessions like a Qhxwf V hole in me head. Last and largest. ji 5 it A fs 4 -,f 'YQ 1 V. , Ei ,,' - ' V ai .. rQgw,,,.Q ffkfiv "ft:- L A 1-Q'-., ,W . " 2 , rf . . L, '.'E,,' L '-J fb " x ,23,,.f. .,, ' ,fgw ,Q '- ..-4 14. ,fx ,- sw A 73615-i'A:5f?5'-rsh 'fm :wig ,. V 'va X What's your bowling average? uf' " f m ' ,W U .Ai 'gif t ' "' L' .- ' 1 , 2, ' 1 4" , f K Q by is 5 I g L M f 4, N. fg- Three hundred and one pounds of fun, that's our little Honey Bun. The tide rushes in. I shot an arrow in- to the air, where it landed . . . 'ff 4, f AA 4 Mona Lisa, the Junior our captain. She's lovely, she uses Ponds, she's engaged. il ff I Lf-'iffy glu t A X ,ez Q, I ' sq' - - '91 fy i u .i . '.gf,',:f '0 Y 1 ff 'NX l l .f4 ii ' 9 A , f , 155: Trade ya a calcium carbonate ,for a felis domesticus. A great loss to T.H,S. Pike's Peaked, S-use Xi QLAS CLASS CABINET C90 9 o"2,,.t 11, SENlOR CLASS CAEHNET Officers 'Left to Right: Mrs Nosach, Sponsorg Buddy Fink, Presicent, Eileen Winn, Treasurer, Karen Lowry, Secretary, George Mayer, Vice President, Mr. Webb, Sponsor, Miss Roller, Sponsor, rnot presentu What does it mean to be a senior? It is small, visible objects like the class ring and the class hat that make us seniors. lt is a class calendar which includes events like the Senior Fall Dance, the Senior Prom and the Washington Trip, lt is being able to see in retrospect events such as the Sophomore Class Picnic and the Junior Prom. We could not have been or felt any ot these things without the help ot our Class Cabinet, its members and its president of three years standing, Buddy Fink, Thank you for making the term "senior" a reality. Cfass-3 of '60 JUIWOF? PROM fe H 1,, 0 'Q , ff' ff , , M 1 ,Q y'M,f ' ,wX'.w,' ,Ji wx: W- .ff, ' fW2'w! f K f'.Q'af1f'i"w'lf VN 1' f f M524 fig," , , QW, ' ', !w,f4,f v ,ff 'fv , . " , , :' V 1 :vb f f PQ . XX Y -nv X X37 :- FAQV 9 ' Cfass of 960 95225119 de Vereaifies 1 1 i , A 4 4 if 4 .. W Aw , 4 t 4 WASH I NGTON 5 1 x 2 X N .. 3 N 'V ' 23,1 A7 'VME' R fl I . ll ', , Q , - , ,ff . Lf: I -' , ,fgjxiy R ffyfiff WU - .,e.,,,, .. 1 T CLASS INDIVIDUALIST Bob Gioseffi J MOST POPULAR up p , Mid f 'wr il Paul Klein, Karen Lowry QI" 6- 455 wr MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Gary Kulhanjlan, Eileen Winn I -,,,.. 2 f"- I !,L W - CLASS COUPLE ,, N Mr. Flensig, Miss Roller 4 g 'ii' , L x - Y 'l K i i 4,7 y CLASS CLOWNS A f MOST LIKELY To SUCCEED Jerry Grayson Jacki Pefretfi ' Larry Corwrn Joan Loeb X """ Y 21" ' . It A -' Y h .... . , f - 5' "- , Af -'f l if - V V , N Af , -9 2 ' ""' l ' W1 D, .,, V . :f gs! BIG A. , gi vo q0 ,J Q- Niv PM BEST PERSONALITY George Mayor Jan Pink ll y W, V . ,jr ' it xx WmStoII, Geri gg T7 Xi BEST LOOKIN V Qx X 1' dis N- BELST BUILD Barry Lie-bl, Geri Weisberger 'Hx Q A T-ETDRE D r Crurch .it CLASS ARTISTS .QQ U Nl-a.. 'Hx 5 CLASS MUSICIANS W nd Feld Dick Lowenfhal, Sue Himber RogcrEngelke, 0 Y FRIENDLIEST George Mayer, Karen Lowry NATIUNAL HUNUR SUIIIETY Election to the National Honor Society represents the culmination of three years of distinguished citizenship, leadership, scholarship, and service. The Society's cherished pin, the flaming torch, symbolizes unselfish, unfailing, idealistic contributions to Teaneck High School. The entire upper third of the Senior Class is eligible, but admission to the Society rests upon the vote of the faculty and the student body. PLAQUE AWARD Awarded to a senior who has best exemplified the high standards nec- essary for Honor Society member- ship, the Plaque Award, presented by the Woman's Club of Teaneck, has become a prized citation in Teaneck it High School. The winner, chosen by IQ V the Honor Society Committee, is A announced as a climax to the Honor V Society Induction Assembly. Con- ff 'vffftsfi , . , ,i' gratulations from the Class of l96O, ,afjlggifflizigi , , U the administration, and the faculty 1 to the winner. , 1 -,,,i,,'Q " ,V A, xflfram ,". . 'Z ."..' A '-fs, gf 'L ff iisifif bfi ffl i ll, fl, ' fl Plaque Award Winner - 1960 BURTON MERRILL FINK ll4 me .ugh Q'-+ r" 'W' Nm Susanne Carol Andresen Michelle Selina Bendien Abby Victoria Binger Lawrence Stephen Blumberg Steven Andrew Bott 1' fi Qs N Patricia Olly Briceno Ellen Hall Brolherron Neil Carrey Linda Madelyn Chalmers Jean Martha Chambers .af I f vs'- Zn C' " .wg-A er' 9, il E7 j ,pf Elizabeth Branch Churchrnan Arlene Rita Cohen Susan Mary Cole Lawrence Jay Corwin Thomas Joseph Costa, Jr Aff" Ar- Joyce Danziger Diane Grace De Witt Donna Gay Engstrom Christine Doris Feigl Barbara Sue Feinberg fru- MF' ' is- inns- .N-'K Vw 'wax 1: 4f1Z1'. ' TH! 2, we-fy wif- ,gf fzciyiffffffliflif '. ' ff' 'Win ' Roy Alan Feinman David L. Feinstein Jamie Rose Figenbaum Burton Merrill Fink Christina Maria Freda iw' ,gf Nm-Q. iwON"'V NK iw, 'ff' Sondra Beatrice Gamow Caryl Ann Geiger Robert P, Gill U' as-.uh 'ills' ng- Jerrold Grayson Robert Clark Hale Carol Grace Halediian l lf' Vw., Maxine Susan Heimoff Susan Vicki l-limber Vicki Goldstein Elizabeth Gordon 6' gp-uf' Julianna Hargreaves Richard I. Hass William B. Jacobsen Pefer Allan Jansson Gail S. Kadison Michael Barry Kales in Z QQ Paul Eugene Kle n 5 gser 'Q P395 Kggk nag EN Lois Ann Kehrli is Q' if 'f ,Q . Betty Alice Kraus George Charles Larson 01 Ymf' 1-4 i. Sr ,M Myra Sue Levine Richard Fredric Leff I, 55 'ff' Karen Russell Lowry Richard Sur Manno Jean lrma Loeb Joan Roselvn Loeb 1-0 'Ox T David Mantel Joseph Richard Marfire wg.. Barbara Susan Kesslin Monika Klein Michael Jay Leila 94 ,L Richard Evan Lowenfhal l l7 Waqv S ll A Moore Jason Okin Robert Older Virginia Ann Meringer Constance Remington Mitchell a y nne Phyllis Ostrow Simone John Pace fx., , 'sm J . Gr' ,Www Sondra Lee Plotnick Noel Jeffrey Raffer V 1' ' r wg 'seo Mark Alan Pachman Marieanna Melanie Pape Jan Carol Pink r 77? J lkqi M if llf ,sy K., X 'Ep i 'f L N Sk, Joseph L. Renda Jeffrey J. Richter Judith Ann Ripple gifs lww, I IC Barbara Ann Rosen HQ5 if x Qwvf, Alice Carol Sainer Virginia M. Scherer Adam Bertram Schesch i"'7-3'-S +45 'R Miriam R. Schulman Howard William Segal Doris H. Scilcr A X if 0 .1 'TT Edward Mark Solomon Lois Nancy Stein Carole Strickler Y! f' K i- -4' 92, f 'TS Edith Ann Trucks Maria Annette Vallzne Peter J. Vcrgano 'Er- Ann Virginia Wignall Eileen Marie Winn Alice Wofsy bf' iw-'W -4.411 Angela lrcne Smith 3 Kar in-Louise Syvorscn 'van ffi ,.,, UATZQH, ,- fr . . James E. Smith, ll 601' Beth Miriam Teweles 9-mi. Jewel Ann Walton Peter Jay Weinberger ' 2: fz. i 1' " i 151 - f ' 6 Q V Av s Kathleen Rae Yaverek ll9 Q59 57 W N N CL A QSMEN r W ks If Rip Van Winkle could have awakened from his legendary slumber once each year and looked from his hill to ours, he would have seen that every graduating class is unique in itself. Each class has a temperament of its own, a personality of its own and a promise of its own. These characteristics do not slumber but awaken each year. ,.unO o"'Muu"r. I ,,1"'."M K w IA' J- I V- -2:2 N I 1' ff! f 'Qfif-H' ix ' it --,mia ggi ' 547. E52....v 'fx '-f-r-m- .. -St f--K - . - f 1 1 4 ,lg 1, we --....... Q -:ia ' , a '-gl i- 5 1- we - - ,, 13: P' f X 'V 7' L..,N':. ..: If Z-s 4-Ll., ,,. I i- Y ,f'l' -if A R 7,1 'Q' , . 1 X 0 -3' .3-"1 lf' x f W 'W77 I l' I If l " L ' Ei!! jf i f f ffrfigg! I 1: ,,,,i,,yyg X 0 X , ' , ff: Q l . mff - "' yillllli y y L J, Z lr. . 'I ' . sf! ' .7 ' If X F y-avW"l b T ' ,ciugeuf was We lbwwk-W ' T A5631-LJQQQ Offowa-If-vO"-'V'-f MZLM4' : Mess lfsax Q10 104 Xltlflll .-X" O-'ibok walt Dc:'QYxsar-'Nc-VE., WQC4- buqf korg: Know .LG-ah CTRAKNDJT 90? Tliglfqgf' c-.fuck A+ vulcfuc Baan V-:X-N 92:45 void. C9 l' 'VC'-1-15 fawwwnlavr our KO-XDmLkCDJ.:o sifqhcsrwxciviaekei-12, CUNC-X lock QuvuJcCr6-ko awk entov cox Low Q 1 D HQ , vc, ww mi lt was a new year in Teaneck High School and just like any other year, in came the sophomores. Although they were nervous and excited like any new class coming up to the school on the hill, this sopho- more class was already familiar with the high school since they had gone here during part of seventh grade before the new junior high schools were built. About mid-way through the year came the task of electing Sophomore Class officers and sponsors. After all was said and done the results were: President, Timothy Cook, Vice-President, Arlene Costa, Secre- tary, Joan Walworth, Treasurer, Robert Thiemerg and Sponsors, Miss Arvanetes and Mr, Nonas. The main project of the Sophomore Class Cabinet was creating an April in Paris. Timothy Cook President Lbocuxli, Q-3. Llonfs Q CL., -Nc?-'TYTXQKQJ -Taka Qcxgca, QQ LKQLLFSLXCLL SUPHUMURE CLASS CABINET JUNIUR CLASS CABINET With its goal, the unification of the Class of '6l, in mind, the Cabinet is carrying out its three major functions ot the year. They are Class Rings, Class Hats, and the Junior Prom. We plan to have our hats for the opening game next year, when we make our first appearance as the Senior Class of '6l. JUNIOR CLASS CABINET Vic Thomas, Treasurer, David Mairs, President, Pete Archbolcl, Vlce President. Not Pictured: Ronnie Blackmoor, Secretary. ' l23 LLM CHEERLEADERS gif? 52 65 qw ESQ,-Zyfgiffb U Q5 5 , E E Bunn, eana Efpvwi .U-'E .gr Elf! of QQCLM L1 f if r Of 72412 QU jifgli Lf X 1 , MW QQ ,IX xx-5 M ,- J N . gqgmbd 1 Joan Jalbert fCaptainj H 14 fi 0 qt Q Rachel Fast Ucftj and Kathy Hallock frightj E.. :ff- S 5' K X 'Vs X Lg 1, EQPLQ aw" f x W v .gulf M If 1 Z Q Qlrfff Lip X f 'KX X L CQ?3Wffgv X f ' 10 iff' X ' AMULV , ,111 '53, fl xl 00, N X 57.7" X13 fd! g X 'Af-2 ..... "'-'EEffgf f' , , f QS-5, i -,Wg.,..---ru if X f f J Q P X QL' N, u x ' : Y Z I 'IHHV Z sig ' ' , C, IIA N 4 4 . i :H .,, .il X 1 JJ .', was :PX A l '5 I ' - l- ' Dv.. . ' ' S1 l hue- u Q X l I ' 5 ff i f" F .. E K Qu i L l C' X ' - ' 'll' ui X ' i tv 3 . i L., XZ? X IQ. X X 1 z-'An ' 'r C ,s Z 6, 4 4 t1 vw- N LQ. 0 :fp g ,N - i 'U .. A . j 15 - 7 3,527 - 1 - g A Q Q E- ll - . . ,-,i-,Z Q :fTj I HL i r 62 1 'Fi , - -Lf A Hi J - X Q Nl. I .fs Sports is America. Its foundation is deeply embedded , i in the roots of American heritage and tradition. Why is . tl Q Q it that America is proud of her athletes? lt may be that r N athletes represent the most American qualities. An ath- lete is more than muscle plus a "can of spinach." To L be an athlete is to be a man in all respects, Someday, i """ perhaps, a Teaneck boy will become a great national figureg one who might be destined for the legendary annals ot America's great. We hope he will be from the fi Class of 'eo . 1 TOM TELESCA PETE LUONGO MANNO MNH WUHHH COACH ED BAUMBACH PHIL HOPKO GEORGE MEYER -1- 3 J K JON COOK LARRY LIEE DICK RAFFAELLI 44 L UNNER VAHEU HAM COACH SCAGLIOTTI COACH CERVINO JOHN DI CHIARA WALT STOLL LARRY SCIPCCHETANO DON MAIRS 79 KEN NASS BARRY EV ER ETT THORSLAND -A SCOTT CROSS JACOBSEN JOHN DUFFY 46 if , 4 , 'L 2 an 3 W Ze Ni H RN -g.-x,N 3 X f.' 5' Milan,-Wf 'ww Q' W 1' s, A .wx L ,,,,. Q-eeasv-,sex -' fl 1 1 4 'fn 3 A W7 VU' ...Af 355 THE HIGHWAYMEN The wind was a sense of duty among the cedar trees, The moon was an omen of greatness sailing on Big Blue, The road was a ribbon of victory over the purple moon, And the Highwaymen came riding - riding - riding - The Highwaymen came riding, as Rea had done before. He'd a blue leather helmet on his forehead, a bunch of lace at his chin, A coat of "Bulldog" lining, and breeches of black "Tiger" skin, They fitted with never a wrinkle: his boots were up to the thigh! And he rode with a jeweled twinkle, his pistol butts a-twinkle, His rapier hilt a "Cutter," under the jeweled sky. He did not come in the dawning, he did not come at noon, He came from the tawny sunset, settling the "Comet's" doom. The road was a ribbon of "Comet's" blood, set on the Big Blue moor, And the Highwaymen came fighting -fighting -fighting - The Highwaymen came fighting, as Gunner had done before. Hard he fought, like a madman, shreiking a curseto the sky, With the whole town fighting behind him, his rapier brandished high. Blue-blooded his spurs in the forenoon, deep blue was his royal coat. When he slew the "Raiders" on the highway, the "Maroon and Red Raiders" on the highway And lay in the red blood on the highway, blue lace as a collar on their throats. ln the still of a winter's night they say, when victory is in the breeze, When the moon is a Teaneck galleon, consisting of Big Blue cheese. When the road is a ribbon of moonlight, leading to Miss Hill's door, The Highwaymen come fighting-fighting-fighting- The Highwaymen come fighting, to win forevermore. l3l I ' A N C Tse'-1' pf., gil. " W . 3 404' 'ii ' I 1.4-E 'll ' M4252 fiifnvill SOCCER r 't ag' OI Al? V ml! ',, ,fa Fl 11115-fs ,wall as 'WI A-flag , ,J F: I I I! IE. amy - ! N ! M! XS xkxxxxxxxv , Z W f i3 f G! Ao I 'lx ,K 1 -1, M Although "Powley's PeIters" did not snatch the N.N.J.l.L. or State championships, they completed a most credible season Their fine record of 9 4 2 ' ' . - - is quite an accomplishment considering the injuries the team suffered. Bob Jalil, State All-Star when only a junior, was out for most of the season. A twist of fate or a little luck at the right time could have meant the difference between victory and defeat. The team's two defeats were at the hands, or feet of ever-strong Ridgewood and Hackensack. Th ese two teams were the only ones who placed before Teaneck in the final ranks of the N.N.J.l.L. BOB SPIEGEL DON CRONSON ,qv-'xvu-u 4 5 N !1.' 'ae5.'i:'-peas, ng X Ill' Eiiliwga Wi X flu l'I 'GN S 1 BX FRED WEISS JOSEPH COSTA GEORGE LARSON ALEX KUNTZ EV ITCH DAVID BERMAN ki! Q xxx X T I ER.-z xg -:ll -pf K :RUNS I luIq"NlEk!Xkx I In K llgullfii - iq yi 1, . f 4 ' ' em ig ' I Kgs, 'fy X Ill I l Fel :aa vnassssgf lma- :Lili T " 'lv H- SEI ht' t TIA mx u 1 L S - 2 Q - -I lui coAci-i i 1 is XX Kusi-lei. . Pixy 1-W if I if fflffffl llll l cgi,-0-'11 f L CRGSS CGU NTRY I x Xi-1-1 xxx Y , , g f I Xxx 7 2 f RX -'.'.?"" .f"'1 ARRY CORWIN JOE FENICCHIA gi! A X' CCA 35.3 . - LARRY suxToN CARREY X Mwfx 1 M 4vC,",4 W AM-L Cac, l COACH RYAN Q! 0 agint hx,-Q lt's a miracle that this year's cross-country team did not bankrupt the insurance company. The team 'had more injuries than you could shake a cast at. At one time or another in the course of the season tour of the top six runners were out. The effect of their absence is evident when you realize that the team lost many of theircmeets by only one or two points, We join the Dodgers in saying 'wait until next year.' 135 !X'f.F-'X., E 3 f I K 3 'f' Y'-S fi i f ,,AJ.. . ,, 31 713 f I - Q , ru' D 'I .I 2 ? X .D Q, al, f Z qv '21iiflfEf??"i.7i F fl '01, I if 954 2179 I 1 fl? 1 1 3 I' fl 3 COACH RYAN f" ,, II, Za' af! f' , f' fy 3 XX! Ni-.X C X Yffg, -l--+ XXX g Q iv X x I in Z- S WINTER TRACK TEAM "Run, Eliza, run!" Teaneck's "Frozen Flyers" are after youl This is Teaneck's first year in winter track competition with other areas. There is no record for a team of this sort because competition is based on individual performance. Our "refrigerator squad" com- peted with hundreds of boys from the New York Area, The team won the first gold medal in winter track for Teaneck when Scott crossed the finish line in the one hundred yard dash ahead of three hundred and twenty other runners. Coach Ryan, no Simon Legree by any means, feels that in a few years Teaneck can, with the support of the student body, build up a top squad. The Class of '60 is proud to have helped make this new sport a part of the regular athletic program. We hope future teams will fol- low the fine example set by the first winter track team. E iw TVIURRAY oosci-iER 5 HG. nb L MICHAEL COTTON SCOTT CROSS RICHARD D'ALEO KENNY BARR ,li- X X 131 'X , lileliiiiliif Q ll 3 i ! CD T'f,, rl' l l y l A l I l r lx l li X X I i I l fl l " I E 4ffIif-uma!" 'I l DONALD CRONSON PETE LUONGO This was quite an unusual year for basketball as far as Seniors were concerned. lt is now well known that this is not Teaneck's year as far as lack of in- juries is concerned. The basketball team was hit harder than other teams because three top Seniors- Bud Fink, Ev Thorsland, and Billy Jacobsen, were out for the entire season. As a result, the three remaining Seniors-Don Cronson, Johnny Cook, and Pete Luongo had to depend on the Juniors and Sophs not only to complete the five man team but also to act as resew- ists. The Seniors excelled in courage and ability despite the odds. Coach Misko's foresight in allowing the under- classmen to play Varsity ball as much as they did will help greatly in next year's competition and in improv- ing on this year's 4-lO record. 138 -2 f' X I x f - Z3 WV 4 CARI. DON BILL PETE RON ANDERSON CRGNSCN MACHOREK LUONGO GAGLIQ ' , armM 4W w dL.f:1'-C f fl 4H N 4 139 Ziff? STLING 1-v rf' Jim Cummings 4...--1 7 1,..-- i--li... l John Duffy Larry Liebowitz Joe Costa Barry Liebl George Larson John Costa HO Horst Rudolph Richie Rinaldo QS F 5' fi 'IT i I . ut IWW' . X 1' lj, ' f !'70 Variety may be the spice of life but Teaneclds "Rackin' Wrestlers" have absolutely no variety. All they do is win, win, win. The "Victorious Varsity" has upped their winning total to a fabulous thirty-five straight. County, League, and District titles fell to Teaneck as they have for the last two years. Eight men made the finals and three of these went to the States. Horst Rudolph placed third, Dave Berman fourth, while Carl Danziger, who has a tremendous future ahead of him, lost in the preliminaries in state competition. Almost all the boys had near perfect records. A great deal of thanks and credit goes to Mr. Paul Nonas, the coach who filled the rather large shoes of Big .lack Armstrong. Credit, too, goes to the backbone of the team, the J.V. squad which has won fifty-four matches in a row. This assures Teaneck of another great year in wrestling next year. Alex Kuntzevich Dave Berman Manager Staff Larry Ferranfe George Jaeger ' 1 17' r E ,-sf , lf.35'f'dllil. b- ' Ronnie Honis Ken Naas ff' Coach Gunner Tom Telesca Eddie Baumbach TRAC If Barry Liebl Track this year has re- ceived a great boost from the influx of runners from Winter Track. These boys are a jump ahead ot any past Teaneck runners be- cause they have been in training for many weeks. Because of this extra train- ing and the fine job that is sure to be done by cap- tains D'Aleo, Pachman, and Liebl, Teaneck may well have its finest track season. Jjffj! -t. xl HMM X 5 15 e Charles Fenster George Larso Larry Lammers X Larry Corwm Jerry Fond S ISA lQQCU.v-'VW-' ' V , A ,y -. . . .5 I ,, '5f5?Z"f'3'3'3Z56 I 9400900459901 Q r 4!.O,94""v ev-P '4f4,'fZ'w+'ff'v"'f' J A-bxnvP09'V on 44 ,Z 9 -5696 , ' ' writ! " A . 251: u ',,,. ' fm" sv" 1' My , O Q N JA fy 4 V i 'H L 4 jg 'Sit 'Wm r fr' ' x Q 1 251 ,pf f lvrfr' 11 X- Scoft Cro s Peter Srellles Jrhn Leclerq Sum Pace 143 X X BASEBALL Let us look into the crystal baseball and predict the outcome ot this year's baseball season. Ot course, last year's team is already history. Led by Arne Thorsland, our team last year copped League, County, and State Titles. How much better can a team get? lt may not get better but we don't think it'll get worse. .lust as we have used last year's team as a reference, we think the yearbook of the Class of "6l " will use this year's team in the same way. JOHN DUFFY, BILL JACOBSEN, Captain, TOM TELESCA. fa "X ,...---"""-' ff" Y f Z7 W4 I W .ai Q"'?'5"' ,lf ,, Nl-1 Y mg? """""' 4 l ul Ill'-an ' if A l, i'f ' 1 i cl, xl ll ' l . 45, -f ' X ii , i l ' ': I q X ooN cRoNsoN ' 'ff T...- WALLY STOLL EVERETT THORSLAND ED BAUMBACH ,.f4"' ,. ,gf NGO 4 .1-4""'-. PETE L00 cm ASE If pETE ,ll .-'ff' "' - lf' 'A FRANK lf? "4- Y f,.f al-,..-" ,ff , ff' , -Y w',.f1 , --' "' 4 -- "' ..,f"' FRED SCHICKER DICK MANNO JOE CERVINO fCoachJ POLFXNSK Y N TENN 15 MR. CARTER, Coach ! E "5f5: w ALAN MARGOLIES ,A X. k t. 1 .A N X K, , .K A , , - Q .. MQ.: Q ,A H, .1- , ,f ry ,,. -, xx M , . I 4 , 5, 3 , A , 4., 1 1 W- - if t'z"," '- .9 'A ' W ' .. " , - 'Z ""'122 "fff'fi,"a ' fa -'41 ,n -,- ' ' " .- v , ,3,Al, A??f,-T A Q f vgf: V N'-W, WE ,K ." , .,' . , JM 1 ' ' V' .-ff", 3- a w, 0'-: Azz, Agri' gym H A , CA. 3 , - ,, . ,bf-5 Lv fa. -1 , "V- 2 52 1 1:2155 fm, ' - , 137 ' 5 DANIEL GOLDEN BOB OLDER JON CAMINEZ DAVE MANTEL ' ,I JM ai, Qfgp .. 'ri ff, . f - , r ' -. f r V E--1-l :C5'l1-Gi gl E' Ex R -Y-gh :tvxjlglhjw 155 i C' in lla. l Q MIT.. I !-- -lr .ri E.. Q U1 , 'ff'--,s. V ln a way, John Smith and Poca- hontas are playing at a type of ten- nis. They're playing doubles and the score is tied love to love. But when their parents find out there will be quite a racket. Teaneck never had a finer tennis team than it does this year. The boys themselves are extremely confident that league and perhaps state titles are theirs. The return of Buddy Fink, hampered all year by a mend- ing shoulder, has added greatly to the team's morale as well as to its chances for the finest season ever. LARRY BLUMBERG JOHN KINDERGAN BUDDY FINK BARRY SIEGEI. i i l I47 1,,:,, ,M , I , JOAN CARTER x ENV C SON DRA P'LOTN I CK "' JAN PINK fa , I GLORIA sAvnANo ZIY 5 5 , Y f ff ,g ,, jf '74 1' 'fb 7' f ' 4 1,1 3- 2' 4- , 2, . W ,,,. , 44 ,, Z , 2 'R W. 1 , hgh I X fir 1 f 'v g xwyf ff 1 f Q1 1 if I 1? , I J1 . I, I 1 ,VAV 'nj ,I , ,H I ' I' -45If:ff"ff?f'f-mmd ' H I W1 I?""'I'fIN f' I " ' GERI WEISBERGER 0 ,. fl I-:EE AII A X X '- 1 --QQ' NI if I 9 A r WILLIE FOWLKES , ' I-A I time 1 W nf , , I' f I . Q. ff 1'-ll ' 7 'lLV4 ,. Q , sus DUGAN EYE? PAT SAVIANO -2- is 1, y , is A EILEEN WINN Captain f 1 1. ,557 u TQ, , X333 Nw, 'Sqn 9 V 'V ANITA RACERE , We . 5' 1' Nxbmw ' lx Lg Q Q4 , XQ0 YE, G N 2 DEE THOMAS Nw l , New A A , 1 1 I . i I. I 4 Y ' ' Yiwu, i x S: A MARNEY DOBKEN 4 4 , .. ' , : I , A 1 'I X X . il' 41411 - W I I 1:53 1 gf H if ' 1 Y A 5 1 ,QCN N... W. . mar' J 5,5 f ,x,, - JULIE HARGREAVES 'bi " - I 1 0 A ' MARIA VALLONE qCo-captain! ,Y JOAN MOORE ANN WIGNALL JANET oLsEN 4' k F4 M I , '.li!iiap, .fil, 'wfssfff-f, Wx 'mlllv -nf-'WSW D 'Q- " "4..:.-P W' A 1 I n 'lf x, JA ET SA D JEANNE SAND N N F3 I X. , 1 ,X -rr 5 A KATHY Y MARILYN DETGIN ,,. ,sv f. r DORIS KANEGIS AVERCK " ' fCo-capiainj ,. H VX KK, lyx " Hit. CAROL BRENNAN CLUBS pf'- Q M fgzzfp ' x if X 'Q .H YA 1 I X2 nf ' bw Q ,fl-x I fW 4 ji cf? ,iff 7 ,s M, 73. 4 qfll Il A 1141! ' f"'!,..J A ,,- L- f , , 7 f "I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear . . . Each singing what belongs to him or to her and to none else. . . " ln the many clubs after school, we found a chance to develop our in- dividual interests while learning, at the same time, to work closely with others. l3 115 THANK Yllll W' Miss Edith Tepper f, . f ' 'Z There is no need to tell all that Miss Tepper has done for us as Director of Student Activities. A glance at the club section of the yearbook is suffi- cient to show that Teaneck High School has a wide variety of extra- curricular activities which have added a great deal to high school years, not only for the class of '60, but for all classes. But there are some less obvious facts about Miss Tepper which are also ap- preciated. Bacon said that travel is a part of education and experience. Miss Tepper has travelled throughout the United States, Mexico, Alaska, Canada, the West Indies, Hawaii, and Europe. ln her position as head of the Social Studies Department, Miss Tepper has shared her experience and education with us in a way that has enriched our social studies courses. l-ler initiative has led her to teaching geography, and has made her responsible for many innovations which have kept our social studies curriculum up to date. Perhaps the fact that Miss Tepper has taught every grade from fifth to twelfth has helped her to understand so well our needs and desires. Yet understanding is based on more than experience. lt is based upon self- knowledge, compassion, and intelli- gence, all of which belong to Miss Tepper. After 37l ,tfi 2 years of service to the Teaneck school system, Miss Tepper is retiring, The Class of '60 says "So long" to her, with sadness that she must leave, with gratitude because we have been under her guidance, and with sincerest wishes that Miss Edith Tepper may have many more years of travel, experience, and happiness. STU DENT COUNCIL CALL P8111 KM-D. Pfiesfdeflf xx Miss Helen B. Hill, Principal A Sue Protell, Voce President D 6 Miss Edith H. Tepper, Jan Pink, Rec. Secretary . U A Dir. of Student Activities Joe Maxtire, Treasurer ka Mr. Louis Paine, Sponsor Pat Saviano, Cor. Secretary X931 Mr. James Arvanetes, Sponsor ii i ? falfi, W A nhl th mal Meeting called to order September i959 under the leadership of Paul Klein, Presidentg Sue Protell, Vice Presidentg Jan Pink, Recording Secretaryg Pat Saviano, Corresponding Secretary and Joe Martire, Treasurer, New format for representatives, twelve from each grade instead of representatives from each home room. Decided on sale of victory jackets, shakers and pep tags during football season and official adaption of "l-lighwaymenu as surname. All to increase school spirit. fem! 0185? Tut wnvfflf' Dmvcc' aff-ffclf Htovfllf so much! rvofvfy T0 THE SCII0' Lpggarn fwvo. f ef f O Gave assistance to American Field Service and Athletic Council with sale of tickets for fund raising drive. Aided March of Dimes campaign. Sponsored Teaneck Youth Government Day and Alumni Day for the Class of '59, Meeting adjourned June, l96O. ReSpeCHuHy Submitted, with the sincere appreciation of "Mentem colere et persofnam meliorareu the Class of '60 whose thanks go To enrich the mind and improve the character" to the STUDENT COUNCIL for adding so much to our senior year. STUDENT SERVICE SecurHg Squad OFFICERS: Jenn Kmdergan, Treasurerg Rnchard Lehman, VICE President Jean Loeb, Secretary Muchael Kates, Presldenfg Mr. Sher, Sponsor TrafHc Squad ill V OFFICERS: Willie F:-'-mes I-rt Crerrran, Earr, Liizbl, Assistant Art Chairmang Karon Lowry, Corresponding Secretary: Sally Moore Presldenfg Evelyn Olson, Pezsf: ng Se:re'ar,, Eetty Kraus, Vice Presidentg Mr. G. A, Martino, Sponsor. TRAN VAN HUY Kiddies, lnc. "Do right to the widow, judge for the fatherless Give to the poor, defend the orphan, Clothe the naked." Tran Van l-luy, a nine year old Vietnamese Orphan ofthe Communist inspired war in Viet Nam, is the adopted son ot "Kiddies Inc." of Teaneck l-ligh School. l-luy, his mother and younger brother ll-luy's father, a nationalist soldier, was killed in the civil war in l956D are supported by "Kiddies Inc." through the auspices of the Foster Parent Plan. IS7 Jean Chambers, President Laney Fiestal, Vice Presidenfg Gini Dono, Secrefaryg Penny Fiint, Treasurerg Debby Zurif, Historiang Miss Brady, Sponsor. NEITHER RAIN, NOR Dior" of Dogpatch. SNOW, NOR SLEET, NOR HAIL, CAN KEEP GIRLS' LEAGUE FROM HAVING THEIR . WW Q5 1 ' K ff if A 5 I 131 'L 5+ N X 2, XX I Girls League 3 ' i P SADIE HAWKINS DANCE 1 4 Tw-M .v 'f I 5 ' Q Yay 1 J l M ,A Bob Gill, lol fwdfrvg Secrefa crefaryg Paul r. Webb. Mr Xbiayer P Michael Sarryer, Hfsforflan Vergano, Corresoo cordmg Se M lsforlahg Peter ry,' Joe M-entire, Re- Klem. Ch-aplafng Mr, Kouba, . Moore, Mr. Nonas, Soorrsorsq Ge-or , resident' George Larson. Vice eonard Quackenbush, Vice Presfci l'E'5SUl'9f. ge Presfdefv r ,' en fq Seo fr Cross, HEAR EWS JXa'W0 . Gad J O BN ', YWXQK4 eas-Avery lx Pexgy Chap avoara Bug fe Vvesxden Nam, 'Yr Yma- rw, E Xl , U mda xh YM-aiomarv, C ngwn, Vvesxde Saw Moore Secreww. Y MGM ei aw 3 incl Sem Dov oim HUP K I h I 1, QB JJ! ef 'K a 'P S ' Jewel Walton, Presidenfg Adrienne Biel, Secretaryg Penny Flint, Treasurer 1 1' Mr. Follaytfar, Sponsor. Council Q27 CZ" Q 3 '4"'s Judy Eisle, Secretaryg Ginny Meringer, Presidentg Miss Feller, Mrs. Wolfeiler, Mrs. Rendag Jeanne Rook, Treasurerg Barbara Chaderchian, Vice President. Q. F X OFFICERS: Fred Schicker, Presidentg James Pnkc, Secrgataryp Bob Donahue, Treasurer aff v. J . V . , . ., - , M 1 1.1, YV , ,, V, ,J I, 4 ff V 0 xA, C, 77757 if XV' 3 ji 1,151 ,LfC,f V-N 1,7 163 f- 1 ,r f,, I, 1 fr' -f I , 1 ,ff rf Y " A ff' I fQ:,7y, fl , ff' , fJZ, Q' ,-'f?LLifV fr' . . , w fi fi ,, ,. , M, ,ff 7? ,--- e2f41ff'l7 4:55, L xl! .fff f IAM!!! sf i,f.L, bf, 1 1" 4 . .9 . A, 5 , Q 71, 5 , ' , 'Q 55' 9 xy 0 ' ,Z 1 O 7 A ,, Future Nurses Xml , i f OFFICERS: Mrs. Russell, Sponsor, Sue Cole, President, Peggy X ' Sexton, Recording Secretaryg Priscilla Targensen, Corresponding X f Secretary. A Z QL Q ? ..- 4 -x 4 fs fs 3- ! P I f Z: ff. 1 I Z' J 2- Z' ,J 2'- -e P in bi' : nv- N X ,Q 6 f Q' " x Mddllh KN x...x -'S ,lg , -- Future Teachers -- OFFICERS: Cathy Smith, Secretaryg Barbara Taub, Vice Presi- In NA dent: Judy Ripple, Presidentg Lynne Hoeni, Treasurerg Mrs. - Cassidy, Sponsor. "'lr i64 -l ii im Stage Crew MR. SHYMAN SKY Sponsor r: J Sound Crew MR. MADSEN Sponsor -. , X' ,. H Y Audio-Visual Aids MR. MADSEN Sponsor , ' Wa?2l.,p"-:if T.. ,,' 4 ,- gh . - 'J"qf"' T gl , ! I m I T hi H C' 'la- L.,- 1 L 'vw - ei ii MR. DONALD MAIRS Director KSN Senior A i 3 5 , . 5 i if l l l H11 IW! d A4 1 5..- "We hear music" and the band is there, so it's bound to be good music. The Band Concert was one of the best ever given, an example of quality in the sound of music and of the tact that Mr. Mairs is a perfectionist. More- over, we aren't the only people to realize the quality ot the Teaneck High School Band, The eighty-tive members will be the only high school band to play at the Music Educators National Conference, where the belief that bands from the western states outshine eastern bands will be destroyed when our band is heard. im '58 Choir Mrs. Mitchell came to the choir this yearl With freshness and vitality she gave the choir new life and a wonder- ful sound which we heard first at the Christmas Assembly and which many other people heard at Bergen Mall. The first song on the repertoire at the Spring Concert was "September Song." "Be- causeu they are so good, whether "ln the Still ofthe Night" or the "Middle of the Afternoon," they also sang "Madame Jeanetteu and "Elijah Rock" well at the concert, Quality of tone was also heard from them at the Bergen County Choral Society. 4, 2 : 2 1 , i . M me a.2:i 1. l 1- i X1 4 VW l Hill Tlx ,xll J i IJJll'f 5' L l V t. T. H. 5. Urchestra MR. MAIRS Director Plagcrafters OFFICERS, center: Sharon Levine, Presidentg Knot pictured! lris Kodish, Secretary-Treasurerg Beth Teweles, Vice President. Literature "Insight equals thought plus passion Gail Kadison, Presidentg Mrs. Shelby, Sponsor l7O Music Mrs. Mitchell, Sponsor Shop Club Mr. Fleisig, Sponsor Future Humemakers Edith Ann Trucks, Treasurerg Jeanne Rook, President: Ruth Zellweger, Vice Presidentg Mrs. Kiss, Mrs. Lafheng Sponsors. l7l Avnix ' fr' ,,,. 'Aki' 1 Q Chess Club Lee Lieberman, President Charies Lewis, Vice Presidentg Bob Ecke, Secretaryg Marc Weinberger, Treasurer. 0' wiv Q1Sliif'iilllR9 Biulnqq Club Jamie Figenbaum, Presidentg Janet Ridge, Vice Presidenig Carole Mervis, Secretary-Treasurer. Q A M0- mm, ay" H Z1 cet, Bas. Bean X. Pvescen J ew Gr eenw a-Kd, Xskug Ykxfu cordmq Secvexaw-I D1 Sponsor, Loe USC Yfxxexix 0 XJ, Re e- B he, KBN1 Boa xderw, Nu 5 Seue Wes 'ndmq X1 xcc Cfvveem N Duncan, 'QQ ,. . X Wxxgsxcs Ykxfn kvom desk, Vvesbervv, Xixcnavd SeXK1.ev, Nah o YXQYNK n Spons Yixchard 'Yv'xXYxrxg, Pvesxdervv, Mr. Rose , I73 'nom desk, Vxce Ceuluqu Club Bob, Neuner, Presidenfg Lenny Alpern, Vice Presidentg Mr. Slater, Sponsor. Electronics Club Rudy Karsch, President Mr. Madsen, Sponsor. W"l ' f , , 611'-fi Q "- 'fixf'G"?hf,3' Drafting Club Mr. Puro, Sponsor 174 NaHenal Forensic League Doris Seiler, Publicitvg Beth Teweles, Rec- ording Secretaryg Ellen Shapiro, President Ann Tarnower, Rima Dombrow, Vivian Hughes. Teaneck Speakers Doris Seiler, Publicifyg Marilyn Salomon Treasurer: John O'Day. Vice President Ken Kipnis, Presidenfg Rosemary Ganci Corresponding Secrefaryg Sue Kesslin Recording Secretary. Dehahng Secietq Ann Tarnower, Corresponding Secretaryg Elizabeth Gordon, Vice Presidentg John O'Day, Presidentp Rima Dombrow, Recording Secretaryg Kenneth Kipnis, Treasurerg Doris Seller, Director of Activities, l75 Ansie Cook, Treasurer: Elizabefh Russian Club Peace Al , J , 1. Wx J' rl' lim flxm, Rdsideytp Barry! Schlech, 'Vice President Ellen Feldman, Secretary. y .f ,Ufl 29066, A ww, 2 - 4. JJ' ' i 111 'W 69 I N 6 French Qui parle francais comme une vache espagnol? ElIenASur1dell, Secretaryg Miss Devany, Sponsor, Carol Markus, Presidentg Marge Koskinos, Vice President. 3,43 5 I I A W r ef Teen-Age Book Club Doug Sarajian, Presidenfg Cathy Mack, Vice President Vicki Goodman, Secrefaryg Ann Cowan, Treasurer. ss A , wwf J , German Club Wer spricht Deutsch wie eine spanbzische Kuh? ' Pefer Schuberf, Secrefaryg Vicki Klein, Vice President Miss Hess, 5p0r1SOl'l Miriam Levi, Presidentg Pefer Waldmann, Treasurer. 3 RSX W' Y We I0 Q in B i,iJ Ali-X i i 1 ki 3 I X i X Xkf . 51 QA . s. ,W 174 I iff X f 24, . 'E ,M Officers: KI. to r.J Bob Marcus, Vice-President, Miss Brady, Sponsorg Lenny Braunschweiger, Presidenfg Mia Petersen, Treasurer. WURLD AFFAIRS CLUB ln keeping with Teaneck High School's in- terest in World Affairs, the Class of '60 this year played host to two foreign students, representa- tives of the Herald Tribune Forum, Alyosuis Nwaogugu from Nigeria, and Johanne Turner from Montreal, Canada. For two weeks Aloy and .lohanne lived in. Teaneck at the homes of Jonathan Cook and Ginny Scherer, respectively, attended classes with us, and spoke to us about their customs and countries. No one of us will ever forget Aloy's warm sense of humor, out- spokeness and intelligence nor Johanne's friend- liness and vast store of knowledge. Meeting Johanne and Aloy gave us the opportunity to travel vicariously to unknown places, to discover that wonderful people are wonderful people regardless of the side of the globe on which they live. M! 4 f if ., V ff Aloy and vJohanne of the Herald Tribune Forum Jon Cook' Johanna, Moy and Ginny Scherer, Group. Mia and Norio of American Field Service. l7tS Leaders Club Barbara Muller, Treasurerg Brllle MacNelIl, Vice Presidenfg Clalre Keatnng, PVCSIJQMQ Rose DeSan1rs, Secretary, Mary Arm Ferrara, Program Manager Girls' Bowling Club J f F-Je"e' -r' Hewn Jackal, Eeirri-t3rr,YTre-asurerg Mass Walker, Sponsor Ml A ll I 'A' Bugs' Bowling Club fm.. ,I 1 .4-, an " Qglw N. EQ l ful!! X X - Al, A v' .. ' Range Officers, Elliot Grossman ...V I., IIA' 5 V 95,2 .Hr .11 ,I -I0 I .,., ,, , W! Xb V .I F V- If , '7 Lt ' YL G7 KLM f , ' .1 , "'.- 1 f 1125 " EE N1 v "":.-. S-, f X - P ' XX ' ,K li ' 01 XXX , , Modern Dance Club '.v2lf.'L bfi" . 1 ' """' ' ' 'f' .' Howard Sqfli. f Q., f. .Q 6 W uw: u Uv: V 97:0 E l VERS' . i5sssSAFEry tigsf CL ue 1 -ly 3 Harry Green President Leonard pf ' I Malamud Vice President Petra yo 5 Alvarez Secretary David Pearl ,QA I Treasurer M Mattncola M idly, -W' I' Myers Sponsors ial. ' M 1 .,.W. GIRLS' SPORTS A -A'+ '-l l V Q? v ' -4, The Basketball Team W A Vulleghall Team "'cilRLs vs TEACHERS L BASKETBALL GAME QQTATELPCH 221 3i30PM,GlRLS GYM . FEfAii'l,Q!NG1 AGILE ARVANETES 4 ROCKET ROLLER ' SPEEDY SUMNER COME T0 CHEER! , COME T0 LAUGH! Under the only heated tent in creatnzn , S Look, Ma, no cavities! 4 f 'AHQW H,Qh we MCU, 'A Pardonncz-mol, mademo e, m UPTPLXA SN, in AL r Varsitu Club ' Horst Rudolph, Presljenfp Roberr Older, Vice President: Nell Carrey, Treasurerg Joe Martlre. Secrefarxz Mr, Gunner, Mr, Marflno, Mr. Poxxley, Spcnsers. ' mflinge Ellhb e l Q E!!! "".-'57 x 3" ' .- ---1 .-Xi, XJ G fi X li l ll X W 'rag HN' J 'gl' I ' if ,Qi 547 l '70, lledr S0059 HP Sea M77 WW if '73 fy flaw ll K kg 991179 Garln VO d 1 lli l I 76 S C X Gy X fx e . T 'T l li I ji 'iff J ' Johnny lnkslinger, P I B y n's bookkeeper, filled these l gargantuan books by mea f p hich held two full vi, f lj barrels of ink. Mr. Moore, f h d b kk p f th 7 X ' l96O C five writing class, fll d 'rh T T fh l. f by f4 of the Q r amount of i I i f a iii i A P I "' Bunyan b ks represe 'r d q fry th g 'r tb enferpr A flkl th T T 'rh l. f p lk resenfs q lfy th g Test literary enfe p T neck High Scho l Y: i 1 kq K ,hifi-if-A-Tig i- QF- X X - - -. , X , QQ - VA i V1 , K :S CC" Sondra Gamow Editor N E cl Schesfer ' C py t K lt 1: l ni ed! or 5, il?" 'iv M Spinelli C editor Schul co lice S B UFS fb""N i 'Y '39 X i. il i Sky xv ' ,J , M ,I f ' X X o l x' 4 Q 4' li V' .. fl rbach Y lx w ' i Al ' ,, , , . -sf N 4 N 4D M 1 W i V l l' ll 7 -- - V . 5 , f f..- " X F Daniel Webster THE TE-l-ll NEWS SlDES OF NEWS Miss V. Cundari Adviser . W ' e Myra Levine ': , 1'J- K - Circulation manager 'ern' ' 5 ' I '-Au,-v I A l ii -4 l -'lb Q Q' is, W 1 en ,- B l, I xv i I 'ff :L f Larry Buxton l Co-sports editors I i Steve Apollo ,ff :in fkff .Q -fffL'4m.e-. ' ' 4 ' ' D jif1llKj"11-ee gust' l-. . .. 5 'iff I Y fx ., . ., 7 'rl .,' H V ' F .3 ,ff I l M A . gk 1 ,xii t- Q, 1 i - x --ezifell "" ' "W The devil Dave Resnick Abby Binger Publicity manager Business manager RINTS BOTH VERY STORY lij Steve Kohn Advertising manager Gail Kadison Head proofreader I am, courteous and kind reader, PUUR CARUl.E'S "llI.MllN1-llIK" JUNE X MoNT1-1 Courteous Reader, I might in this place attempt to gain thy favor by declaring that I write yearbooks with no other view than that of the public good, but in this I should not be entirely sincere. and men are now-a-days too wise to be deceived by pretenses, how specious however. The plain truth of the matter is that I have enjoyed guiding the publication of our yearbook. Through this job I have become acquainted with a staff of wonderful people, patient and understanding men and women at New City Printing Company and Lorstan-Thomas Studios. and numerous others who have been so willing to help. lf, when reading this book, now and years from now. you receive a warm reminder of your school and even the flavor of your folklore, you will be helping me to thank all these people so deserving of our gratitude. LITERARY Ellen Bailey Larry Corwin Alice Kaplan Paul Klein Stephen Leeds Your friend and servant, Maximo for Yearbook Publication "You may delay, but Time will not." "To serve the public faithfully and at the same time please it entirely is impracticablef' Nancy Lyons "Who pleasure gives shall joy receive." "As charms are nonsense, nonsense is a cha rm." "Well done is better than well-said." STAFF Alan Margolies Joe Martire David Resnick Adam Scesch Ellen Shapiro Alice Wofsy ffm im, i ins. in Carole Strickler Jerry Grayson Sharon Levine Peter Weinberger Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Associate Editof General Assistant IS6 M A,,m , wa! Q ?0 f N + an 4, 4 '51 g 6 21 3 :Q igf' Ewekfwi-be X-K-X-Xwvvv-x ?g-H - -'Ib QE 3 81' fl X240 4 PX'K"X"X f'f'f - JC- -ff!! x.x.1-y..,q..K.x.ysR,F-6,fJ if :5 ak HQ- Q1 'Ei Y M . X I 4: 44 ' A553 Am WF Nu. 5+-X-k-rk I-K-X--R'- g Ii W, .7 ' , 'nib'--M X 'NN b Q., H x A '-' gif Y M Emisgi Ailrgoant Ad erti 3 afalanager 4 i , Gree , Sis . ' f"K-X4 Q 2 2 ,gi Q...--r 'Qx Ann flo P Ed1tor1al ss X X x.r.x'f ' Fi-1-Y-' xxkf 'Y -X 1- f , 4, . J :ff Mrs. El' ar An Q cl ...z f .1 . f -g gf my HDVZZCQ 657271 SE 13? PH TQONS 1 . i vi Y , 4 y A L J V 1 e , I 5 ,L ' M R .' i I K .XA f f l N ,,' Q- i' ,, , x ffipt' Afsf ,.1" I . 17' 1,65 i-if-pi "' "3 X3 1 1 C L--'-: f1- ,A ' ' 1 93' A X --sei-L - X, A .r L V i- xr, f i Y 3 No project has ever been undertaken which did not X require a figurative gold mine behind it, Thanks to the merchants. parents and triends who patronized this i 1 f book, we nex er encountered the hardships niet by the Q , -f"" old '49er5. ff "d N f Qi 'L A 'L J g 4. y x- no n, E 4 f ' i - N Q- S' . -5 ' N :S ' Q fD'J1'f' 'TH -' 5. ,... iff Zififff 242 : E N ,X , ,ff ,J-.f,,5' Qglzffp-sf? q7,,,-pg ,gf ,X VMAWIKQQ. 7 J if-Gif v.?Xv" - ,i'f:W6,wiP I in 1' -QQQQ 'gl W xlfsq x 1 ' Q-'fM'd4 ,af+?a1iitfSiL'Iv I I it 23041 I ,',Q4g,'!6QA0A ' ' Sl f' 't , I - ' 40i5w.b"f' lpQf:fQrfaQ1if?i sf ' ' I3 XVQ' X932-1Q,oQ"Y r QA IO ,-4 Gi fx S ' I ' r, 'rx-GQ! POQNXW Osgvx 6' l if' v , Q 4 Quail XQQYQQQSQQ 3 J' a..-.JY f- W' -OW' 'X 'Lf' ' f iv6'5If". '6"39'2'6' M , f - f ww . -, f 477 l'pQ:3w,'fQQQgQQsg' .,,45, ii, Q 5 - b f QQ .g:53:gQg5g,g'f i za' ' We-. , 1 'g4eE:4iwfZ" ! , r Nfpgiwd 'ii f p!7:g Qi--. xl f .5 l.,lu, -nil 'g lf F:-I 'lt:::i,' '0 U iw it f-'au-r ' 'SHI ' 1lY ii!-rf .. Nxllm laik S3555 -. :im il' I a:'-1 bill, 11- W... 4.-ff' A1-im ml" ll v" "J rf' ' I ilu- 5 Ju AEFJI' , J?T4H"0.ff i"""...l.- -L ,uv ug? N ii Y 7'i"Q'Pf'1, ', q .3 gtg! ' I 4 A -N . Lf 'Lf' HAI' ' - '-QBVLQI ,',2f "i Y 1 - V Y i K W -ng? uf' ? Y -Q, - lil- X Editor-in-Chief CAROLE STRICKLER Associate Editors JERRY GRAYSON SHARON LEVINE Literary Editors RICHARD MANNO GAIL KADISON Art Editor ROGER ENGELKE Adviser MR. JOHNSON LOWELL Business Adviser MR. JOHN GIBBA ..l.ll.i..l.9i.l..lll..llll . THA NK YOU Business Manager JOYCE DANZIGER Advertising Manager ABBY BINGER Circulation Manager RITA STICH Editorial Assistants CHRIS FEIGL MAXINE HEIMOFF SONDRA PLOTNICK Literary Adviser MR. JAY CHURCH Art Adviser MRS. E. GEARY A note of thanks from the members of the graduating class to our friends and patrons, whose contributions have aided the successful publication of the l96O Hi-Way. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Adler Mr. and Mrs. John Adobody Mrs. H. Aiello Mr. and Mrs. William Andresen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Apollo Mrs. Catherine L. Arth Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ascher Mrs. J. Ashford Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M. Baron Edward Bashian E. Baumbach Lawrence A. Berns Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bernstein Bernard B. Blaney Oscar Block Mr. and Mrs. Lester Blumberg Mr. and Mrs. W. Bodenstein Bohrman Jewelers Mr. and Mrs. W. Bott Mr. and Mrs. Max Braunschweiger Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. D. Richard Brizzi William W. Brotherton Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Brown Mr. Kurt G. Brown Mr. and Mrs. D. Herbert Bull Mr. and Mrs. Alan Buxton Mr. and Mrs. Edward Capri Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Maria Chilik Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frances Citro Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A. Cooke Mr. and Mrs. Most Sincerely, Qfniwbafrraw David Caminez ola Castellucci M. Chaderchian E. Chambers Stanley Churchman Anthony Cilano n G. Cohen Harold C. Cole M. Cooper Bernard Corwin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Costa Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Cronson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Curley Frank D'Aleo The Danzigers Mr. and Mrs. Mowbray C. Darby Mr. and Mrs. Carol A. Dayharsh Mr. and Mrs. C. O. DeWitt Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James DeSantis Jerome T. Dobken Edward Dowd I. E. Drabkin Richard J. Dwyer l9O Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs .Joseph E. Ellingsen George L. Engelke Epstein 1 Walter E. Feigl Dr. Bernard S: Feinberg Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Sol Feinman Joseph Feinstein . Abraham Feld P. Feldman and Family Mrs. L. Fenicchia Maud L. Figenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fink Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Finkelstein Mr, and Mrs. Joseph J. Firmunn Albert A. Fisher Albert Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Sol Grayson Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Leon Fishkin L. K. Fond R. E. Fremd J. H. Fridlington Leonard Friedman Harry Goldstein . Wm. W. Gordon Aaron Graime J. F. Grauer Leo Greenberg 'X X. -, X X xs,sfiSQ.g st e. X.. .. ..z.q. -. .X G s Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Greenwald Mac Grossman Clarence A. Gunther Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Haage V. Haledjian E. Albert Halstead George Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Harra Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Harris Milton G. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. L. L. Himber Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Havranek L. Heimott George Herman Herman Hershey Charles Hodum Howard L. Humphries E. H. Jacobsen John H. Jansson Mrs. James M. Jones Jr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and MrS Mr. and Mrs Fred Katz Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. S. Kadison Max Kaplan Fred Kates F. J. Kehrli John F. Kindergan Harold R. Klein Karl Klein William Klein Mrs. E. Knopp Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Henry Kraus Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Sidney l. Kohn Thomas Koskinas Joseph L. Kramer G. Kulhanjian A. A. Kunath A. Kuntzevich Mariory Kurtin Mrs. Nat Lamm Dominick LaMonaca Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lang George L. Larson Sidney Lasser Lucien E. Leclercq Frank A. Leers Henry Lehman Mr. and Mrs. A. Alan Leveen Mr. Eric K. Leveton Julius Levi Helen T. Levin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. L. Levine Nat Levine John Levy Sidney Liben Arthur Liebl Mr. Joseph M. Lief Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Liskovsky K. M. Locke Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leob and Jeff Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Loebelson Mr. and Mrs. V. Loschiavo Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Georgett Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lowenthal B. W. Lowry Albert Luongo William B. MacNeill R, T. Malorany e Manalio Anthony R. Manno M. Mantel Rabbi Israel R. Margolies Mrs. Leone Markus Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Martire Mr. and Mrs. George J. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. McAuley Thomas J. McLeo Arnold Mechur Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meringer Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Meyer and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert D, Mitchell Nick J. Montana Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Moore Joshua Morrison John F. Murphy Jr. Mrs. Mildred Mr. and Mrs. Abe W. Okun Mr. and Mrs. Naglier John O'Day H. B. Olnowich Mr, and Mrs. Arthur W. Olson Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Ostrow Mr. and Mrs. John Pace Arthur Pachman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Paster John S. Pink M. R. Plotnick and Family Herbert Post Mr. and Mrs. Clement L. Powers Bruno Raffael Mr. and Mrs. Sarah Reich Ii Milton M. Raffer Eugene Reinstein Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Richter T. J. Richter S. Vivienne Riddell Mrs. Lucy Rinaldo Louis Ringer Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Ripple Robert M. Ronchetti Mr. and Mrs. James H. Rook Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosen Max Rosenblum l9l Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Roth Mr. and Mrs . Abe Sands Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs R. N. Ross Douglas Rossig H. Schaberg F. Aurel Scheid Marilyn Ruth Scheid - Class '66 Mr. and Mrs. Burton Scherer Mrs. C. Schmeelcke Mr. and Mrs. Herman M. Schulman Mrs. Grace Seidel Wm. J. Segal Mr. and Mrs. G. David Setterstrom Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shack Mrs. Sidney Sharott Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Ginny Smith Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mal Skogland Herman Simon . J. E. Smith Robert P. Smith . S. W. Solomon . Samuel J. Sonnett The Speshocks Mr. and Mrs . Henry L. Stack Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Paul Stein Frederick R. Stahl H. Star Myron C. Steen Dr. and Mrs. Philip Stein Melville Steinberg, Jr. Louis Stich George Stott Mr. and Mrs. George l. Stolpen Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Staubel Donald L. Stricklin Mr. and Mrs. W. Suggs Mr. and Mrs. G. Randolph Syversen Mr. and Mrs. l. Tarnower Teaneck Taxi Service Mr. and Mrs. Albert Telesca Mr. and Mrs. John Thorsland Martin and Helen Tuck Oscar Urbach Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vala Mr. and Mrs. A. Vallone Christopher Vergano Valma R. Wardly Mr. and Mrs. Ray Weigand Dr. and Harold Weinberger Kurt Weisenbeck Mr. and Mrs. Morton Weiss Mr. and Mrs. James L. Winn Mr. and Mrs. A. Wofsy Dorothy Wolfberg Mr. and Mrs. John Woods Mr. and Mrs. R. Yaverek THIS IS YOUR PROUDEST HOUR . . . . . . Culminating a period in your life you will always want to remember. As your ofhcial photographer, we feel elated to have been able to document this cherished era with photographs pulsating the very life you lived - the very thoughts you spread - the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. This reality though captured in a split second will be an everlasting record for posterity. The future ho? J many events for you that you will want to remember - Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. LIIII TI -'IHIIIIIII STIIIIUI' FOREMOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE li.-KST EIU- I I I Pnoouceo sv LD! I UNion 7-2400 New York Phone L0ngacre 4-9161 wi NEW CITY PRINTING 00. TEaneck 6-Zl O0 CLARENCE LOFBERG, INC. INSURANCE SERVICE 'qi WNW . . I fix f" AIX I 5 ' A fl!-5, 45 X 1 ,I,. A li hflll Qi " H. 'jf it ii., lnlll I, A P. .5 fzt VQX ' 7'-. Sea I 5 'Ny A , II 45535 . . . the world-as you begin a new leg of your journey through life. But remember, the journey is easier, the future more secure, when you save regularly at . , , 68 363 CEDAR LANE - TEANECK, NEW JERSEY Igrlnnggjiiliw l9S MAIN STREET 332 CEDAR LANE I S CCS I Si FEIBEL'S BOWLING ALLEY TE 6-7125 TEANECK CAMERA SHOP Compliments of "MAMA ET PAPA" A Rainbow of Success from BERNIE J. WAGMAN PAINT COMPANY PHOTO SUPPLIES-SPORTING GOODS -441 Cedar Lane Teaneck, N. J. BROWNSTEIN and MITCHEL WEINER How to Prepare for College Entrance Examinations "You Can Win a Scholarship" and "College Bound" Personally conduct a 30-hour course for the College Boards, Saturday courses at Hotel Statler. Enrollment Limited - Fee S50 For information write or call: College Entrance Tutoring Service l8l 3 East 26th Street, Brooklyn 29, N. Y. ESplanade 6-0500 DEwey 2-5236 C' 'lf Snowkist Frozen Foods rl, f Q X4 W0 o ,ffl zem 4f:fM , ffffiwidf , ,fv If M ,h X f I ' ' o o'fL0Wff44L Q f ,WW QJL l71 Z X wiiggfxjkf 1 DI 2-I684 my TUMMILLO sHoEs RICHARD BUTLER FLOWERS cf Girrs 303 STATE STREET HACKENSACK, N. J. Compliments of THE ENGLE SHOP TE 7-7733 I I-I5-I Queen Anne Road CORTLEY CLEANERS, INC. A COMPLETE sERvicE FOR THE HOME Rugs. Drapes and Curtains Beautifully Cleaned and Finished West Englewood, New Jersey TE 6-98l 8 R. Philipps, Prop. BOB'S GULF SERVICE CENTER GAS - OIL - REPAIRS - ACCESSORIES - TOWING Cedar Lane and River Road DI 2-1727 Camden Street PIONEER EXTERMINATING CO., INC. Hackensack, New Jersey TEar1eCk 6-1869 463 Cedar Lane AL SAUNDERS FINEST IN MEATS Teaneck, New Jersey Compliments of BERNARD BLUMENTHAL REALTOR - APPRAISER 1209 Teaneck Road Tearweek, New Jersey Congratulatnons d Best Washes TEANECK AQUARIUM 6' PET SHOP DAVID ZURIT ' TE 6-5374 770 PALISADE AVENUE TEANECK, N. J 192 TEaneck 6-4550 E. H. JACOBSEN PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTOR Jobbing Prornptly Attended to 570 KENWOOD PLACE TEANECK, NEW JERSEY FOR THE BEST SERVICE ALL WAYS SUBURBAN Cleaners - Launderers 1345 QUEEN ANNE ROAD WEST ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY 22 TEMPLE AVENUE HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY TEaneck 7-3119 REID MERRYMAN PIANIST - TEACHER POPULAR - CLASSICAL - THEORY Best Wishes To The CLASS OF '60 MR. and MRS. J. S. PINK Compliments of BILTMORE FORMAL WEAR LARGEST SELECTION or FoRMAl. WEAR 1150 TEANECK ROAD TEANECK, N, J. Compliments of A. H. KOVACS GUILD OPTICIANS 511 CEDAR LANE tnear Theatrel TEANECK, N, J. THE COPLEY NURSERY SCHOOL Wishes the Graduates The Best Of Luck Compliments of MORTIMER H. LYONS INSURANCE SPECIALIST RE 4-0287 ioie LEXiNGTON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY GOING TO WASHINGTON CHARTER A U SHORT LINE B S FOR A BETTER CHARTER SERVICE TO ANYWHERE CALL LA 9-3666 AT MAHWAH, N. J. ti Wy Best Wishes to the 1960 GRADUATING CLASS EXCELSIOR SUPER MARKET 1440 THE PLAZA WEST ENGLEWOOD, N, J, 792 Cedar Lane Teanec and 260 BROAD AVENUE T T' "T "- PAI-'SADE5 PARK, N- J- A Golden Future to the CLASS OF '60 open 9:30 to 6 Dany, Mon. and na. 'ni 9 PM. from Barbara Lee Suggests: Dresses by Susy Perette, R8-K, and Gigi Young. Nationally known Sportswear, Lingerie, Hosiery and Gloves. A complete girdle and bra depart- ment with personalized fittings by our expert corsetieres. Special Junior bra and girdle dept. NAPOLI JEWELERS 454 Cedar Lane K N Q 'i,1a m3a f,kQvfr 17, mfr Q' , Qin' X M fQ:oM PL4MEwN Ts-ioF U Q4 my V 5 fl gf fl I L X 0 U wx xi 1 W 1, . , 9 ,, 11 "MON ONCLEH 1 i 196 Compliments of ENCKE FLOWERS ORITANI SWEET SHOP W TE 6-OO66 Ernie Schneider, Prop Best Wishes TE 6-9666 , HOM EOWN ERS Q i MICHEL S BEAUTY SALON PLUMBING F: HEATING SUPPLY CO.. INC. l IO6 Fort Lee Rd. Teaneck, N. J. TEaneck 7-7470 Best Wishes JOHN DeVRIES LANDSCAPING 0 GARDENING Er.:-ef? afc C:-.f!e:..s Senice 16 WESTERVELT PLACE NEST ENGLEWOOD, N. J. Tganeck 6,1030 TT X WTEaneclE V7-o74iWY W-TTT 'John V. Mangano, Prop, CCrv1,':'rT.efi1s cf 1 BEAUTY LANE, INC. WINDSOR MEATS Permanent Waving - Hair Styling iformerly Kondes Meats Incl Open Thwsdaf E.e-pings Till 9 163 CEDAR LANE TEANECK, IJ J 1387 THE PLAZA WEST ENGLEWOOD, N, J. Best' Wishes Good Luck PLAZA SERVICE STATION l OLSON INSURANCE AGENCY Tlianeck 7-4250 , ELIZABETH'S SALON 1 HAIR STYLIST X Air Conditioned l 1 174 STATE STREET WEST ENGLEWOOD, N. J. l Compliments of THRIFTY DRUG STORE 199 COMPLIMENTS OF Bob's Hobby Debbi Qgbfy Www O 6376 E565 M309 COMPLIMENTS OF KATES BROS. SHOE STORE QUEEN ANNE SHOPPE 94 QUEEN ANNE ROAD TEANECK, NEW JERSEY , x ff'QfWQ HJ af' w 4? Xf- I L, "QW" ff L I, A , , . xt X it , gh ' 15' Q , if .Jn .Lg J w -J" if KVJXP K V,,,9 ' -7 IWW! VW: ' fig- ' X W COMPLIMENTS OF ,-f4.- -- - --mx... v,, ali fi-'Y f 'XX LW, ,311 X WMM . at K wan WM "' 'A V ' . , P .. f . - 1 is x"" T'i.g?i""'S?-544. 15 . xm': ' Q ' ' ilssy. 7fv4NfC'K DINIR TEAN ECK ROAD TEANECK, N. J. 201 TEaneck 6-6573 THOMAS CLEANERS Compliments of ALTERATIONS AND FUR STORAGE Gu FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY 143 CEDAR LANE TEANECK, N. ROUTE U,S. I NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J, 'TEaneck 6-9091 AIR CONDITIONED Compliments of CHINESE-AMERICAN RESTAURANT Luncheon - Dinner - Cocktails-Catering To Parties Specializing In Real Chinese Dishes ll72 TEANECK ROAD TEANECK, N. J. 742 FRONT ST. at CEDAR LANE TEANECK, N. J. Washine Chemical Corporation Hubbard 8-8707 T- -Ti' T J E R R Y ' S Compliments of SMOKE AND SWEET SHOP Schraffts Whitman Chocolates TOYS AT DISCOUNT PRICES 378 MAIN STREET HACKENSACK, N. J. Compliments of TEANECK DRUGS TEaneck 6-6886 Bernard A. Schwinder BERGEN FARMS DAIRY MILK AND DAIRY Pnooucrs 673 KENT AVENUE TEANECK, N. J Compliments ot With Best Wishes MING'S , cHiNEsE RESTAURANT HO'-DER 5 Good Luck from Compliments of from TEANECK THEATER WEST ENGLEWOOD SHOE SERVICE Compiumerxts of LOUIS' HAIRDRESSER Best Wishes from S. HAROLD WILNER Best Wishes LANE SHOE REBUILDING d 2-6709 Sheet Music of All P b CONRAD SCHMIDT SHIRMER LIBRARY Records - Instruments - Repairs 264 MAIN STREET HACKENSACK N J eck 7-2636 COMMODORE CLEANERS AN D TAI LORS Consistently Superior Serrice Since l923' I395 QUEEN ANNE ROAD WEST ENGLEWOOD, N. J. W i Compliments of IRENE'S LUNCHEONETTE. TEANECK LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY Compliments and Best Wishes HARRY'S FOOD MARKET Best Wishes i RUSKIN'S STATIONERY Good Luck from SCOTTY'S MARKET 5 Compliments of ELAYNE'S CHATEAU of BEAUTY Best Wishes for the Future WYNDHAM JEWELERS 203 T aneck-Bogota-Ridgefield Park Uwnerk Qguhlicaiinns I 366 Cedar Lane Teaneck, N- J- Teaneck 6-3700 HUbbaI'd 9-5515 The 5l,I11hEIQ Sun mhz S1111-Eulleiin SUNDAY Monmmcs THURSDAY Monwmes June,196O The Class of '60 Teaneck High School Teaneck, New Jersey Dear Seniors: The staff of The Sunday Sun extends to you congratulations and our best wishes for a happy, successful future. May we continue to publish news of your achievements! Sincerely, The Sunday Sun AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT JERRY'S PIZZERIA ITALIAN culsms Kitchen Phone - Wlndsor 4-2978 ZOO MAIN STREET FORT LEE, NEW JERSEY One Block South of George Washington Bridge 204 Teaneck-Ridgef1eId Park-Bogot One of New Jersey's Nicer Furniture Stores Right in Your Own Back Yard .. 1 . g nj J N 0 TEANECK ROAD at CEDAR LANE Q Y. I TEANECK, N. J. TEaneck 3-1300 J T , GUARANTEE SALES. mc. 5 B ' 5 C H 0 F F 5 RADIO and T.V. TUBES and PARTS X X , I I . J . w 468 Cedar Lane Teaneck, N. J. II22 Teaneclc Road Wear Englewood, N J. 1 Compliments N J of I BLUE SEA FISH CO. I A N Wholesale and Retail DASON LAM PS V . Dealers in "SEA FOOD AT ITS BEST" TEaneck 6-2480 422 Cedar Lane V TEaneck 6-7290 C I' t f ARTISTIC CLEANERS and TAILORS ommmens O Specialists in Draperies, Furniture Covers, Alterations, Storage 83 6 PALISADE AVE.-I-EANECKI N. JL 653 CEDAR LANE ENGLEWOOD, N. J. LO 8-0847 3 S Best Wishes from llniurrait S n 9 h 3' GwYNN's Boys' Sizes I3 to 20-University Sizes 36 to 42 B GRAND AVENUE ENGLEWOOD, N. J. Compliments of COLBY'S TEANECK LIGHTING CO. A zoo MAIN STREET, HACKENSACK 158 MARKET STREET, PATERSON Compliments of Best Wishes STATION LUNCHEONETTE LOWELL FABRICS is YI 4 IJ, , , ft , f I ,rf i 20,000 LIEAGUES I I for I 6000 ,LUCK I GIRLS' LEAGUE 206 b: uf UW WJ Ml '551 Z'ifW ,1 ,J L H ' my p iJ,ffJ?NE MADE IT Af' rg Q ' J' COMPLIMENTS OF THE 1 , 1 ,-v I' if ww g if Jil Q XX 6 f WV xx?- Puf JM ,Q V . I , '29 W ,Cla 5s,of 1960 .,' , v 1 ,, l .J I fs 1 1 ' ' ,f , a 1 ' The Student Council - X X 1 I W2 A ' ' -' W"Ww5'1" ' 55.51221 -. - f timid " fx ' wh, XXQXX X X - X we J, xxgxx gt 2 it Q, 3252 az Qsxzzfm EE rmggxxxixgxiig E093 ,ag ' if: in gt: augur in wa? BNA XX gy Yi an 1 :Hi xnxx? 1-1.3435 1,1 2 250:54 H: X xx , J S ,?x?xi Efsgbk twig, f, lawvn x um 'gnc xx Exif 1-4 ff-x N gn' K EYHE 3 ff fx 1 X ' 35? wife QW Qsfffifffx gi riwx wiv' E11 1 Hr gn fl ig POEIK git x 1 1 1: HH 1 ilifpcg 11.5 Km? In Z2 X his ggi mfg imigx 'MTE ui xixd X mm mix NL xg' K-15 5 WM! 1 ii EMBL, 2 2 iii 23,51 :,,3i,,i , iii 4 H fav' KM in A in if mm , 3 mi, gg Q sm wif' fgfsgzg, r K1 fl? Fxlxx g vw up ,K NLE? Erma? wg ' wc, 1 Z M22 2 Zfefgazfxif W Q OS we mama by Zuyeamture uNuoN cm. NSW JIISIV ,Nr M . V V ' Q if ,I P x .3 311 vi ' ' - ' , -W 5171 QQ. 4- ll 9 ff z PWM .N .pi-"-L., f if N f 01-fi:-,, -zu, .' --'H ' ar Q fi. Q rv- '- 2 if 1. H -v , Jw: rw ,- 5f':Q.5 I - 4, X f'1f"'fi ,. ' HE T :egg 2' fl V A ,. ., , , 4 ' A ,zf ,! I r'- '. ' , W -'Af Q. .5351 ' ' MJF' 1 . f'1i1.f, fag N: kip? if 1 N Exp. ya, -- M' if - .Jcfiif -p xp. 'H ' E1 - wh , ,Sw- wx new-I ,. ,. ,Nj F, ' r .av -IJ 1 4- W'- 6 ff 1 if , .- ' u jgf ' inf: i' 34 J N'fW3f-N e w, 'gf ,, "lf 1 , . n ' the mimi?-5 f K1 ' 'WH A -f jgqif. ., 1 'F W" li 'Wil ' E , A My ' :, V wg ,. 1 rf- v ia ' 'S 1 sf' a - 'L 1 li " 4 , Fvivd. " f - QQ? 2 53151 Q, , 'rw . . '4' 'L 'I mmf' ' 5, m15:m J" ' lznfw-ff A gr.. .Q " f2' QPYf. , , v..,: f V W A '-,- 1j.?':'-4 J V 'H - H Tip ' sl :-j:J11f." A A , 1-'iff ' ' 1 11. fl aim . ,I , .a 31141 'QW-:IJ ' ,Q M '?m"- LW f al, ', hiv, N 'LiY , "".1T ' 1 - ' if ,:"3?l7L. ,V 7 K' . ,' ,JJ-f K QM . , ', -x,.11... A , M A:en.QL.i4 ,V u 'A X.: .1 E , Wk' Y N? , , , '. :,f,,?G' A' Y , V " "Hg ' Ni ap- , 'igzkw 1 :c Agfa U ka 5 I 'T T gg. my ' 4- r Vai t ' ,',: M .11 af . K A if ' W QT.-5 .NSMSW W . XfW'?'Vi W ' ' ' n , 1' V J: ' ' , J ' - It :,f2!'.f, , ,.Ag1!,.V.,5, , s , 1 ., 1 , , . , ,. Q, , - 111Wgs+vf5FA ' P , A . ., 1 fzf - hx, A29 I . 5' gg, , eizviiv . 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