Teaneck High School - HI Way Yearbook (Teaneck, NJ)

 - Class of 1945

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Teaneck High School - HI Way Yearbook (Teaneck, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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, .i ,--1 2 ,y 1-"" , ,au r JW., of , ' - V 1. -., , f g , ,K - M, f A, - b 1 Y, "J vt .F. ,V , Fil fQ ,. sfv' F397 f Q 1-ffff 2 A Q .IVA xg -' ' "" WW 295, f M! f Wig! f,f W 1 5 0 7 'A 01,1 'LP 'Ht A iffy? A EP I ,P H! 4 ' 1 7? ' -JE , lf .elk H 1' 53.41 WM! 14 14 2. ,1.w"f"' 'lim -.., we ,Wi my ff' if v , f ,P I G .ss 'Q l a .4 Z1 V - . Hr, 1, N 1- f 1 ly ,R ,as VV 3 ,km '. i ae rw.-fa f gf, , , 453 f. .,- - Y- .wr- - .f, -, V., , N- - W .g,5Q gr-. -1'Z,- V .. , .i,.gd2'U'1::1' f' - Y '- nf? 1" - ,. -- V V ' 1,-v1 A J , ,a ,, j-A.,-, YL- Q3 -X: - ' if -. J W' Jlfixgxguf gs ji 14155 P f Q1-.1 ' i l . !:! ' ' Y-.hjgg ,, wif' ' N ',,2f"i'i . KW 774, ?J Lrg' ,-.1 .,.. y mimi f Av- - ffff' -'X ga 4 -- 5 I J I L- A Air.,-:""9 sf, V7 ",f ,,.k 4 Mi Wh J fm 5110 L J 'fm H 202 1 .L A I g I -5 S a lf Q I L 5 ,... L. - .- ,lima Editor-in-Chief EDWINIA TILLINGHAST Associate Editor PATRICIA LAWSON Business Manager EDITH HINMAN 7 fr, M V 'V,v ' A , , ,ff , 3 S .. , -kk ' .waxy A at H' , M ,4 'ff . in, ., , f 7 f.: jg R 7 , 4 I!!! , ,Q 4 . 5,-f' ' ff 'vi ' 'ZW ,ld 4' P f f u 1 IJ 1' 11 1 1 1 v Q 7 " ., 4 L L f 5 K -1 ' 5 X , If ' 1 ,Q fx 'E L L41 hx? V 7 N , 9 1 K A 1 Z af Y r , ' 4 I ,X ,MQ zijg 6 . ,v,, , 3,1 . ., F 31 ' 4 'x ,g z ,Q "' 7 1 -L I 1 em M' 4 f 1 3 X 1 x 4 , , f ,Q 8 , 4 A fu , f f A ' 4 I ' M ip: +40 ' if 1 , f x ' W ff IW. H 1 1 ' 4. ff '4 Iv ' ,gr . , -AA 'Mt A 5 ff H 'hd N, ,W 1 in 1 x.,., .,.52. -' ', '-.r. f mm X '-.x'S.."' w N. "MMT, -ni. , .. ..4.i3I23ggg3m X 1 1 M , , - ks. 'w.:Q,1':,gs..w 'Nf'-Q kr M,""Af,f X .W A -WM sf, , Y -P., -1.3, , , , .4 VV, . m'5m'x'1 'Q .ug ,,Ntxwp.kA una 'N N ,W 6 '01 wx :wx "5 5. N, 'X' my mm .Av i.'.x3M 1, ,H ,N B, ., W, X A 'X ,tx YL., an .,7-NV, .4 NX' X. 5 wk gyx Us Lfwiy-0. -, x'f+."e X, 7- Ne, M, Q' km 'ex xT'gX 'ig ' 'vm N N ki I 3. "f ' '71 . f- Sl .L K, 1- , 2,7 7 4, , H 'Ry wk' Nav 'wx Rx 'Nha 25155 sh fi- 4, " ,, 'Tk a, xv W ,pus N ,S I K Me? X mr i A 1 -Q. A . Q -,5 ,.., : . "MH ,un m ku 'wfi' , 1. f hs:-, ,, i -,-A ' .,.,w,. N -,rf -5544, :f.,f.., Q17 , ' ' ,. was --.Q 31 ff "T '.'i,41f1 .Q sf, ,151 1.--'-Ax., I 5 - - 44-g..:u 1.'fQ'iA-, ,', :L-sw 1,1 1, -f.-55. -,fx f 4 '- 1. - 4-.V 1 -f . .,q-'1 TJ--1, -:A L '.-f -.mf-:,'..f'.:,4f ', 'ffl f ,iw , X- .Vj gf. ---' ff'-2,1 1"-i1 :.::f,'5'-: 23'-.4g,'i:1wf my if '.w:,g+?:f?jff3. - ' x , . 'Q W 2 1 1- 327: 1' -,3fuI,.f1 1 Q, Q 4 . L , 3. - if 11: .16 "W f - rr rfngsf -ff 21-.:1:eA--1'si?if'g 1 gl, ' ' ' 'I--'5 . " 7' . " I1 - 'z,'v,LJ , 2' A 'A 1 ' T. ,4 . ETSU "-Q'-'Q' If "W -W N na, " M 4' .M 'UU 'M W, A, bw -fm ' 1. W. 1 an "mf vi 7-M. 5 G, -, is ., 5 ,,,, , 'V 1 f y. -Y . Wa. fi -Q, ""f..., , 1'1,,Q'e.,, H" , ,P A. K I A' -,N fifqx 4 x NX N., Wa '50, "H, "R 'H M, 1. 'N X 1 mt", --,N "rx-,tr hm A, V it "1 uf 3 fi, nm V gm HM ' V1 lxqix ' I , xy, fm AM .gtwm i V R 'xi 4 'LV-,WN Q., 1 .mn- szv, 'N H 1 Q A mm 'I Mid? .- ,, NM, s U 1 nw ,W .amy 9' W s v Q, M 4 w, w Rx 'H 'WR-. ' 3' ., I :fi .. X Ur, A ,Q My W ,M ,, ,X ifffv 'NK 54.1, 'K 'Ga M Q 14 ,, Xi M, f-sw' X, X -,Ng MQW ,..K , 11, ' , fu . ,vm . aw? 'W Nm Q mx 'fu ,NM 'fx , A., . T 'iff-7. fx 'Q . ,J ga f,N iff' s C Q , 'A 'f 4 "It was in making education not only com- mon to all, but in a sense compulsory on all, that the destiny of the free republics of America was practically settledf, --JAMES RUSSELL LOWELLQ E have produced the 1945 Hi-Way to show you, who are the future of America, what we did in Teaneck High School in 1944-1945. Whether you will use this yearbook as a reference, to find a forgotten name, or to prove to a- doubter that aperson of re- nown was in your graduating class-or as a medium between you-th and maturity- or for purposes of reminiscing-or to show others your school, your great school as it was in your year-you will swell with pride when in retrospect you see your contribution to democratic living, and the work you did to preserve and further our American heritage. This is your book, a record of your year in Teaneck High. Enjoy it. 4 Ganieniii fn Me 4all.- We came to school, met the administration, greeted the faculty, found our homerooms, went to classes, and played football and soccer. We joined clubs, played basketball, and went to the Senior Prom. 14ffa4ldf12dnq.' We saw the annual play, played baseball, watched track meets . . . and graduated! fn Me dummy: ! V We spent all our money buying our advertisers' products. n Yi . 'iii C234 , I ,I I -I I IN APPRECIATION OF ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR US, AND IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF YOUR FRIENDSHIP, WE, THE CLASS OF I945, DEDICATE OUR YEAR BOOK TO YOU, DR. MOFFATT. HE first clay of school . . . weiner roasts . . . hay rides . . . the nostalgic odor of burning leaves . . , football games on Saturdays . . . Halloween . . . kids dressed up, begging from door to door. . . Thanksgiving . . . turkey with cranberry sauce . . . mince pie. . .pumpkin pie . . .a football game with Hack- ensack . . . birds packing up and flying south . . . the first light snow . . . this is Autumn. 8 swf' i fr if A , 01 WM 1' f I 'ly iff: My 1 42 ,.,, df, I 4,126 Zu: ' i f gf' ...fi Vfff' ff' nqluh Gladys Duffy, M.A. Helen Smith, A.B. Eleanor Smith, M.Ed. Anne Curran, BA. Marion Scraver, B.A. Reva Vanderbilt, A.B. ne' Jay Church, M.H. Isabel Meyers, M.A. Doris Ruehe, A.B. William Moore, M.A. 'Wx W3 g Y' gi ' yn w. Florence Adamo, M.A. Spanish J.. 1- Y' 1 jk Q 155: ., ff ' 754' ,P ,. ,ar qw .gi if a ge? '-3 " .- 5Q?Z1" g 2 25 , f-1551? -2-I 3 , .-I Jg . '- ,.:-': ufififdz' '- fa' 1312.-5, :ff ,F --I ,-:egg I.: J.-:fg-. 220, gg,- lr. 1: ...-thi. ,wp -as B.. -'- ...N 1' EJ' f' 'R f2vfa:f.:b. aff : - ,. ,.-, .5-, -pg ,,. A,. ,. .5. A 1 4 .x -' 7 " gg' .' . 'A- .,. , - .. f. - . -.,. .Q-M .3 1- .-a 2: 1' 3? .' Avg- .. - .o f.. ,.. . I.. ' .gy--: .'. . F577-.4 ' i- .2 -5-.--4.1 : . . , . 2' we A YQQJW " ifftvt .k3.'1z:,g-I'52?',.. 5--,V Nl!- ,. u qt-. ua, .',-I lg- I. figifupul I-Vg-Ai'1'.5gqz3:t - .A-65,3 HZ , " .-.Slang an Amfltfw -.'ii??5k- f., -- Whkgsgf Y .Qian 'zu' Age. 'W'-.Q 'Wag -fv-w-2-w.,,,--- , : :- fa- 5,.'Q4'1Yasie+!3fQi - 'W , ,,---. 'J : ""'e"f:f" ' Ssiiizfa .- 'finial 'y' Ages' 'ff ul S 5. U, 3 S 2 EA 3 3' 2' W P' K DI 3 N5 5 r' : 47" 3 9- ff? m lf' Eff' fl . '--. :,'ff:33'fg.v.. . 'iii--SIM.. -. Y' qw -. '- ', ' '4' ' . -25103. ' 3 ' I . . 1'. '--. -. , J -, W W . u.-M':1:??:i:i:: 'tesmxx 'NNN - ."-ltgfzy... . .. -. -pf:g'.4?,gi?Iv:f.'Zgg1:s,, ,:"' 4 -- .'1'f:.fia:::g"-.- N 'E'51gZ2i33:iZ-11"'1E.ig!.'f ., 'X ' --rl,-u, milf' 251 ' 1., 'S 1. ' ' " .-L21 ri Q ' ffl, ' ' - ':. . . ":'.:4 , -f., --.-,- , i, . , D W . 1 ' f'5?.zzs5:1'f-'Y Wav.. 4:3 ' '- , . .4-Ii" - .u'-H-W H:-:--v ':- '--sas.v:f::::f- 'Ar' -1.5:-2 . -.ug.5p3g:S,:5 's id - 11: al. ur-- ".- -.' ' ' , . L -:x, '.:1 'iff '- I Dorothy Devany, M.A French James Carter, M.Ed. Spanish Marion Smith, A.B. German .E A. Q i .13 A it 1- il .. .gl 1.5 ui fp Y' fs 1 3?iEi " f.35 5' -A53-'fl-ieiisr? g -2--51,1-ff I5 . r ginrliq 5 1,5551 ' 's": agp: ....15: .,::g::.f .fgfgw I Elinor Lyon, A.B. P. A. D. Elizabeth Geary, B.S. Lewis Ice, M.A. Joseph Rosen, A.E. Ari' Librarian Aviation 2 M Minona King, M.A. Philip Puro, B.S. Sewing Mechanical Drawing George Malrs, B.S Band LeRoy Frye, B.A. Auto Mechanics A 'Ks Marie Conaufon, M.S. Cooking Ralph Rice, B.S. Shop Wesfervelt Romaine, F.A.GD Music 'L '- 'WET .-u . ....,qg: . ..,.,.w--.,..,- Max Vorwerk, A.B. Haffner, M.A. :F 5: jg? 45.1. . f' .' .1.,-...1.--" jpg.: ". ,"-5 51' Q., Hlsforv P- A- D- f -, raffm-.1 :55':1E::-'- 'i , f5Eff55?'!:" .1.'5513:Zif51131's Y ' ,if ug ,- lda Selden, A.B. --rg:-3:55:11 lf' . ,+5:E' ' ' ' zfjdrggga DIEHCIBD ..3'.y::E1tl' :4 .L '- gg-gpg' gfigfam ,-:rl-:gzaf 1. lui Jw' ',-.slpfg ra?-vrfvm M, . .. . Z, -1:4332 J Z'-:.' 21. -ff5'1':.3'f5l 5 2i.f-WM wwf . Ein- i- :I ' .-::'- 1 V' - 7'3.-'.-i::!- ':- lr--1' 'Sl'-'F uiuzlillif 1 -A ,H -:. .11 ,i-Lg:-. I ,z ' ".,,.. . Jaan' fig fu.-1.'.EL'3 'sg-.::::::,., ,Q-zz-V.. -..--:g',-,-:mae ,f-sw 'wflgzf-'ffills::l1::4::f::5.v:s,1z:f.f'l'5? -1. -: ':..:1:':-'.'--,11'.n.Ag---:.,f- :.' v' ' si. ' 111.-,'.z-:ssl:.,:fffJzff.-fai-- ,al - . "- . 5:.'5l221::Z1,FS5.li:' -.-' , 51' "Q, ' .22."y-:,v:a.!5gj,'T P.. Millard smafh, A.B. Maurice P. Moffan, Php. History History "'-Wiififif?-f?'f3E!?f1:"-"f' Meth l Gertrude Allen, A.M. Geometry Mabel Hodges, M.A. Algebra Edgar Law, A.B. Geometry George Becker, B.Ph.- Trigonometry i',Q1-,a 935 .-kg! -sag-gh I ' ,afm X gg' Q . .Q-.im L? V1 I I I ---as-... .. . eff: . jE'f'f""X '9f2.Qz:.:1,.-11 ' " ' - I' -:.,,"'-'q.. ,,-'f.5?I.?' 'gg-23:4-A1 -'aff .1 -:f.. .- ' - .ww 'K-.. "' ' 'SIR' ' ' .-' ' " D 1 4m,,,,i.v1'fQg15g2- ,..-see. . .f:"'ET!" i.f..azi44k"':' E. ' t 1 1, ge, Q G Fine Johnson Lowell, A.B. " ' Algebra I A '- A ' H, ' '- 14 wmv, lgigffffl-.wfiiixi ,. 5 ,-1. Jeannette Pfeil, A.B. Guidance O Hagan Anderson, B.S. James Rea, B.S. LYNN Pfoache, B-5- Q Gym and Hygiene Gym and Hygiene GUldanCe af ,, Claire Gueroer, A.B. Gym and Hygiene Edith Tepper Extra Curricular Alealiffzg Helyn Russell, R.N. School Nurse Conceta Toronto, B.S.Ed. Gym and Hygiene 115:-Pggaxgil ' . "N . -fa. 55: . 'fi-52351164 11 i5'r:.-1E53?f.flG--' R, "Gr .s '-.Jn n P' ' . -'ev 3' wggiiffrixf, "ff 11, Zvi: .,,::aEii,,,"'ffai2' ft- ' 'E2ui:'a1, ,, , -'iifesrflifar , "1-Hfszfs 1 Fsfff' be -fi 455, 5!5IQ5Si"- 'wqgyligqf' '7'-,551 - .555 q.:fQx.,:' 'Q ' n' . "-':l- , my. :Ai .::., -, .'4 .5 1--:a . N enedict Sauage, M.A. Stenography Gladys Hart, MEA. Sfenography - .4 -me F '. J. :gi ' -1 1 fe iii -4 -. E5 Mae Dankwerfh, B.S. Commercial Law Edward McCalmont, A.B. Typing - 0 James Winn, M.S. Albert Kroner, M.A. Physics Chemistry Bernard Finn, A.B. Physics John Drugach, M.A. Biology Alice Bugchel B,S, Julius Capowski, M.A Biology Physics .s:ev:w-:.v-span V F I . X i , ' . SQyQQaw5g It ,FV ii . C. Myron Earlin, B.C.S. Typing EIiza'be11hiFoster, M.A. Robert Andrews, B.C.S. Hamid Bufdgef 55-5- Mathematics Consumer Ec. Bookkeeping wW4' f.,.,,.,7 .,, , ,,.-, ZX!"-' f-Y Be Popmar Kn ff, One Easy Lesson . How to RX g'n'c W 'xng R OKTWBUC 5 K. Q 3 sg 3 5 1 ii l,. 1 17 GV' NN EDWINIA TILLINGHAST Editor-in-Chief PATRICIA LAWSON Associate Editor EDITH HINMAN Business Manager DORIS ROSSI Advertising Manager DOROTHY NELSON Associate Literary Editor JOAN LEVIN E Literary Editor U . :Lu I VIRGINIA SCHERZINGER Circulation Manager ISABELLE KING Art Editor ELAINE BECKER Features Editor DONALD W. MALONEY BILL EADS JACK GILSDORF GORDON NOBLE Photography Crew if ,t QQ? Cl QI J HGIUUY mwlnu TILUNGHASI WMS 'MS' mm-WCM, Aannmm Mmm' ' DONALD J. MALONEY :n:3n2lNMANMwau JM . cm-,norm M-mm 4 - qw Z-42? 7945 'kennel Jllgfs Salma! 7emea6, Afw jmeq Although lack of space prevents us from printing your names and pictures, I sincerely wish to thank all who helped in the production of this year book. I give nw special thanks to Miss Haffner, our advisor and guardian angel, who worked so hard with usg to Mrs. Geary, ' our az-t advisor, for her help and timg to Miss Curran, who worked untiringly on the literary end of the book: to Mr. Burdge, our banker and bookkeeperg to Miss Tepper, for her help and advlseg to Miss Widman of Thomas Studlog and to Mr. Ball of the NSW City Printing Company. Thank YOu! Sincerely, Editor-in-Chief P.S. I would also like to express my thanks to L5-s. LI. Fsnnimm-9 and Dick Court for their photography work and to Robert Frrrscutt and the numbers of the art staff for the cartoons and drawings enhancing these pages. lppy., See, ART STAFF Isabelle King Warren Aldoretta Shirley Moth Joan Ganzemuller Bill Brockmeier Mathew Passentino Natalie Seib Bob Forscutt LITERARY STAFF Marilyn Beal Joan Levine Joyce Yaney Joy Fields Gloria Girardon Jeanne Gaston Margery Quitzau Minna Rodnon Dorothy Nelson Patricia Roth Ruth Talbert Shirley Harper Gloria Hotmer O77 . 1 SNL Ja C ADVERTISHNG STAFF Margie Quitzau Alma Miller Patricia Robb Claire 'Ganz George Bennington Doris Rossi Sylvia Bacon Janet Price r Mary Ella Triplet Patricia Jones Elaine Becker Lynne Merryman Marion DeJacoma Barbara Storm Nancy Taylor Kathleen Panettieri Gloria Hotmer Ruth T-albert Eugenia Pedroli k and Flash THE STAFF .lfff CIRCULATION STAFF Virginia Sciherzinger Donald J. Maloney Cornelia Oakes Pat Goodwin Marjorie Grahn Lois Speiss Ida Mae Grote Ruthann Fox Alice Bolinder Barbara Crugihers Minna Rodnon Frances lmlhotf Dot Rasmuson Jean Christie Lynne Merryman Joan Stewart Gerrie Gervers Marion De Jacomo ilk ' 'nw 1 2475! MRS. GEARY Art Adviser 3, . .1,V , ,V,A, V 9 i,-k 1-' S, y MISS CU RRAN Literary Adviser MISS HAFFNER Faculty Adviser Q, '. Ml nf i e ,. .jgQi., I Q . Aw J4 'Me M Jhwdwi I .-v , :K -, -. 5 r ' ,rl ,ff 74? rv Y ffm, ' 'R 1" ,f ia... 14 fn , 1 N . X 1 Q "" , I 4 nl.. ,f , -if 1,1 -1 , 'W' 2 1 x f ', ,,,g"rf-Q W r H" Q. ilk ,. tx. f 6,1 F.Xa'xne HXHTH GRPDF-fGYl0UY X . Fronr Bovlz Nrarke Candaras, Bose Mary Snyder, Xarre NNCCOYVCFXCNL, bna Penfnukker, Nruscark, Flame Orin, CaXor'ra Capone, FAeanor Dkes, 9-urn saeeanrae, Bean Nrurray, Boan Fakon, gl Barbara FXoy-Jen, Pxnrornevre YLu'o'rne'rk'r, 93-aa-nail F,rfrfrX'ro, Gerry Scnfnxdk, Sacquenne XN'r'rneXX, ,ig N 'E 'r a euzer. F Second P-ow: xlrnkan Sennes, Nrarnyn XNer'r1., Burn xdarnng, Vxosane Nxurony, xlrnkan Bureau, bmw -EXE, 1, WL Pynn Swenson, Xaner XNarcn, P-nronekra De Srena, Berry Cerasanr, Renee Mrkcn, Nra-Ane Nressner, O, X. xieny, CaroXyn Nrarcen, Mary F,XXen P-den, Soan Feorn, Bean Cnakners, Nancy Boyer, Xue 'Fnrrd Flow: EXX1.3'O6TYN FQr'rXer, Caeorgekka NfxcneXs, Nlkrcjxnra Synanev., V-oberk Sdnader, Xdovlard F.ngeX, Rocco Curro, Russen Sgbroeder, Bonn P-nderson, N'xc'noXas Caoasso, P-n'rnony ScoXorno, if P-nrnony ScoXoxno, 'Yony Xlancas, Varna Bakbok, C-Xorka Rosenbaum, O0r'vsK'xne Sffnrrfxdk. . W.-Q11--"f, Fourkn Bowl: NXar'xXyn Denny, Barbara Nxarnn, CnarXo'r're Soma, 'Ferry Nlanaos, Bukn Runge, ,vRawH "y oororny Bruno, Lenny UP-nna, Fakrkdra Lowe, CaXorKa ScnXovQ0nfn, Oorokny Sonnson, Nancy Graves, Pynna Crorirn, Bosefnary Fosrer, Bdvrn xiraus, Bernrce F.deXfnann, Oorokny Fagan, Psnne '13, NfxeXe, Lrnkan Son-sdoner. F'r'rrn Row: Fred Wanna, Cerykna Nursey, Barbara xdax'nay4ay', F.Xeanor Nrynren, FXorence Asbury, Oororny Co,-Me, Barbara Nayara, Faktn Seebecv-, Grace xderroXd, Canoyn Broknerson, Boan Les- yj-Kz., iardun, Mary P-nne Tune, S'n'rrXey Nruener, Soan Tnkerer, Favdn Flrsenskekn. S'oL'rn Bow: Bonn Oarhdran, OonaXd Sneard, Floberk Nxancen, Vircnard Vernnr, Xlkrgrnra 'FaXrg0'r, Ylegkna Benao, Fleanor Werss, Nrar'ror're Berber, 00ro'rnea P-Xfns'red'r, Ruin Wnrke, 00Xores FKoreXYr, N 4, Pnynrs Ruscn, Barbara Nreyer, Unkan Pynen, Nancy Wendy, OonaXd xdkfnes, Roy- Langeqnyr. b 3, Seyenkn Flow: OonaXd Senrekber, Bay Bfnerson, 0onaXd FauseX, Yrrnfny Nrc.Quade,' gof'aXA Cam- zg 'V 1 a 'rKeXd, Yloberk Luoion, Floberk SXXbersdor'rr, 0OnaXd Nxonkbrkand, NNKXnafn BogXe, F.gyNKn Nrabney, 5 ig 4,-gif I 1-'-1 Fgj,k11,,:"f2,,j"'jim H' OonaXd Kennedy, F.Xvner Faner, Brnesk Dawson, Mn NNnr'rynan, B. Buren, G. NNOXK. FI'-A , 1,51 33 gigjilim' FQrgn'r'n Bow: 5onn Skaudk, Sroddard Cowen, xdoward Loylensdnn, Psnen NNaX5b, Frank La Ban, - - Ugg Yircnard xCrfnbXe, 'Yrufnan Peterson, Oren 'YaX'oo'r, xdonn Skeyenson, CWM F'rXuger, Boe BXa'rsr, 4' Pircnard xdewkg, 0onaXd Croonqursk, xdarry Boss, Sarnes Dayks, GXenn Wnrfmouse. Bacv- Bow: Nan Bannrsier, S'ranXey Braxer, Cnadee Tovnpsen, OonaXd Lee, Feker de Xdonxng Frank Caarrkoon, Virgnard Cryn, xdaroYd xdo-5areXd, S'ranXey Conskannan, P-Xkrgd Scnfrirdt, Fran Caoasso, Edward 3abXon, Back Teynn, Bonn Sandberg, Paddy Bennxngs, Onades Fevren. 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Robert H lg Lee Voyce, Ri ard Dale, Marie Kanthack, Catherine- Ca -lei, Ruth Keellg Jane Hartwell CSZW Berger, Ruth Cggrleli Claire hlisse, Myrna Brennan, Joanne Stelling, Elaine DeD1etq Judy Ayers, Joan Kroese, Louise Lindemann, Claire Nelson, Peggy Prathea, ' Beverly Gould Patricia Macaulay Jack lfriegelg Fourth Row: Norma Tagliabue, Charles Parlamenti, Reed Foro, Donals S erzin e, D vo Morton, Harold Vldssman, Robert Britt Alain Martinead Viqlliam Smith, Donacig Genisf Burioh G0odman, Wayne Johnson, Arthur Leary Dick Tallon, Bob Synes Frank Berry Jimmie Baez: Douglas Butterworth, Thomas Lewis. 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Nincy Seaman, Ronnie Fahnestock, Beatrice Hanfman, Arlynne Hargreaves, Marcia Cunkle, Gene Lutters, Maljy O'NeilL Barbara Martin, Robert Gibson, Don MCNGUQHC John Zwiok, Edward Grand Third Row.' Grace Martens, Dot Rasmuson, Sue Sorensen, Lorraine Steinelg arjoi-fb Sefb, Dorothy Feben Efvth Lfndermann, Nancy Meighan, Betty Debus, Hoyce Watike,MBetty kelly Patty Kelley Kathryn Balle, Gloris Bugstein, Marcie Babift Bob Ferguson, Harry Martens Jim Johnston, Joe Manetta, ill Brennan, Dave Mathews, Dave Bayer. 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E' th R w: John, Linoj Stuart Friedland Wells Straub, Anthony Cerasand Dalqtld krgnke, Otto Raphael William Flackman, Norman Rosen, Beryl Ronald Allen, Bruce Butterworfh, 106 Leigh, Ch-99168 C0hf'Tl9'7'7, HSI' Daniel Sheehan, Tom O'Brien, Caro Ciottoni, J Back Row: Charles Spilman, Bob Thyne Ed MUFFGZ WGN' Bolestieq Eugene Ferneke-9, Caff '9USCf7'7Sf, ROUQGV Edd Berndt Ken 57-ermann, BrL1Ce Talbot C Al Cinway Robert Whitmann, Ronald Burr li r ger erla uc ons H s one Gigi JLKM Oswn., 2.9" Giga MQ uw "" 'Is 1-rf -,vw aai?fu'ftRm - A,,r,V, f.-,ef eth' Robe t P Jae , ' old G ohn B k fafh J L V6 harle He' ows, D l f. I erran Bill ch, J 'nan dotte oward ledel G' M Fran ' Ohn C Af Con ' , Wal ugnan M16 ,,e ,A M ' N 4 Killi nold kill? ter , VW' 2 g s" 617, Ten , cn Ray llefh ' it --"f fn. Q , zv, VV'.A. 2 , 1 1, 'vrk A ,L V gn. z . if - w, 4 V--L - , ' - ' Q: ,- hu ,,.2 4- I, 3.6. f L -t yi, V'l- A ff ,rf 1' T O' ee? hey J aries monq Cron ' ack Marchall, Kent Losche, ian, Robert Navara. 4 't Cl 0 JOAN STEWART Vice President 1 ,V -v ju? A A 7 Xa! 'V xi , s -L r ,J .Ivy 41.4 J Z7 . ,ef M 9 Fi'-' f- if fr DONALD DINNSEN f r Q., TN' Ufffw 6 President Secretary '7fne efadfi Galina! The success of this year's Junior Class Cab- inet has been largely due to the cooperation and unity of its members. Under the guid- ance of the three faculty advisers, Miss Doris Ruehe, Miss Isabel Meyers, and Mr. Wester- velt Romaine, the cabinet was able to achieve many of the high standards it set out to ac- complish, the Junior Prom being the highspot on the calendar of activities. The President ot the Junior Class is Donald Dinnsen, Vice-President, Joan Stuart, Secre- tary, Jean D. Harris, and Treasurer, Robert Ferguson. JEAN HARRIS ROBERT FERGUSON Treasurer WILLIAM EADS President '7fze Seniafa Gal-dw! The Senior Cabinet is the governing body of the Senior Class, deciding its principles, aims, and activities, This year, with Bill Eads a capable leader, and with the guidance of Mrs. Reva Vanderbilt, Miss Anne Curran, and Dr. Maurice Moffatt, the cabinet has carried out successfully its plans for the Senior Prom, the class gift, and graduation. The Vice-President is Fabio Racioppi, the Secretary is Maurie Volk and the Treasurer is ,f Barbara Wright. 27 FABIO RACIOPPI BARBARA WRIGHT Vice-President Treasurer MAURIE VOLK Secretary MW IEA, , ,V f l 6,44 MW' we ww! Mw"f'i THE 1945 HI-WAY'S TYPICAL BOY AND GIRL David Heebner ........................ - ....................... EYES ........................,.,.....,,.,,,,,..,...,.,,,,,, Pat Waesche Bill Brockmeier. ............. HAIR ............ .,,,,,,,,,... I ngrid Johnson Donald Hoefing ........... .......................... S MILE ......................... .....,,,,,. S hirley Norris Warren Pushaw ........... .............. B UILD AND FIGURE ............ .. ....,,...... Jackie Colgan Bill Eads ....................... ................. P ERSONALITY ......,...... ..... H ..... D orothy Nelson Ozzie Hurley ............ .................. C LOTHES ................ Marilyn Johnson George Rothery ........... ............ C OMPLEXION .......... .................. P at Lawson Don J, Maloney .......... ................... I-I UMOR .....,................ .... - ..... D oris Maloney Teddy Sippel ............. .......... I NTELLIGENCE ............. ............ J oan Levine Charles Gunner ........... ....,.... .......................... P E P ..............................,...... ......... L eiglfi Breuer Ralph Cornell .......... .......... M USCLES AND HANDS ....,..... -. ............. .lean Evans 28 OPEN LETTER TQ THE FACULTY DURING the three years we have been in Teaneck High ldoubtless you, as wellias we, have often wished thettime were shorterl , your undying patience, stimulating guidance, the high hopes, ideals and aspirations which you have aroused in us, have been an inspiration. But these are only part ot things that you have done for us. There has always existed between you and ourselves a certain intangible closeness, sort ot a scotch and soda relationship, which has Qiven us self-assurance and con- fidence, to say nothing of the respect which we hold for you. Whatever we may say about the joy ot leaving, deep down it's not so much tun growing up, graduation has its sad aspects. We hate to leave youl Thank you for all you have done tor us, THE CLASS OF l945. - 29 arte Ctode, Caeratdtne Wanda Nutxn, Presrde , reenstone, Eugenka Pedrotr, Grtden, Beanne Pettt, Pauta Stegat, Dtane tlrfnentetd, P-u t.a'Bon'N, Lee Rkch, Chartotte r Ntartorte Oret, Eddre Btehte , rton Ptnderson, Ruth Nirtter, cv., Otcts Ntascoto, Don NN Front R . Second Row: Lots datee Thrrd Row. 504 Ptetds, Carot Lutt, Bean Ntarte Fourth Row: Boan Greenstone, Dorts XNe'g6te , Pat tketttf, Xltrgrnta Thratt, Nta Back Row: Ntargte Quttaa Gerry Lau-Lon, Bart Whrtto eeted, novet, untguefaooears trofrt att the hrd- 'ou'rXd'rng, rnassrng together under one ers. Under the t'rreXess gutdance r Robert Ptndrews and Ntrss assurance, ootse, and rtgtnat a'o'rX'rttes. tten two 'or WJ K3 N-Tfuneio rs ot the Vtatgeratt ted by Nt . atn sett- ht the'rr o aTh1 and o Th'x5 rttar the , xx , ni and Treasurer: rv, N- vi! I 1 V IT A! 1 H X, , , IH' Ir., ' f'!',1' X 7lx T I if. f f fu' 1, ft ,rf T, M iff'-fJ 1 ,-ff f' ll ,a ,U I 1 f I ff ff LJ' I' 3' eq, Patrtdra Strahtendortt, Soan Levtne, Secrets Prestdent, Catorka tdotrner, Xda Ntae Grote Etatne Becker, tdeten Pavtovtch, Lorrarne Y'xt-Lhen Pat horney, Patrtcfra Bedtord., Bonnrngton, Ntartl Etten Ntcttwatne, Dorothy GUS, Ptdete Basch. Bob Fettrnan, Barbara XlantCrrtL, er. na Reese, Gtorta. tdasvltns, Dorothy NtoOn nt- Dorts Ntatonetf, Nltce Geratdrne Raotoget, Getty, Phtfttts Ntrtter, dr eq Nrrttange, Lettt Sllhgentetd, Shkrtey Ntar r Chartes Trtttnghast, Bttt Eads, Lee Oennrng est, Baccv- Ewatd, Er ,e .vs 3, 2 Q Q mg Q 1 me den corne corrtrnon tnondfThe ot Nttss tdeten Srntth assts Woods these unoohshed arttsts g the sort ot 'ttntshtng touches that htghhg They turn out at Xeast one tutt st-Le otaq annu vfrth att the cotor and atrrtosohere ot the true theatre. actwttq has become as ntuch a oart ot sehoot trad'rt'ron as Thanksgwtng Game vfrth tdackensactw, tt 'rs anttcroated 'oty the student bodq at Xarge wth the sarne arnount ot 'rnterest and en- ' ",. thusrasm. Thts tgear there were two tuttftength otatgs. , These org oroducttons and occastonat short otatls orovr varted oooortunrttes tor errtrntotlrrtent ot tatent other than actkng, such as the art ot rnatse-uo, stage drrectton, ouhhcjrttl, and sta rrtanagernent. Ntanty students ttnd vatuabte eisoertenee tn ao phfrng thetr staths to aetuat work, not to fnentron the tun 'rngtuded wdrth the reat Tabor. Latffnerr hear N-frth enw the httartous tates S1 AGE CMM Ot backstage happertrngs Kartd rrN'tshaQQ60TfTQ9N 'WX addttton K0 Sttttng' Ptrthur tdendrtctsson Geratd Conoscentk Bohn anecdotes ot those oostfotatq oartkes some rnerntber ot the cast ' upharn, Oonatd Bottes. ' ah-Jays seems to gwe. Ordrnani 'ousrness rneettngs have the sarrte Standrngr. P-onnre Pttten, 'nertoert Panaenhagen, Bttt Yran a'rr ot entotfrnent, brkghtened vfrth such actN'rt'res as srnatt otaqs, E radro otaqs, and 'rust otakn gags as otten as not, X Viv Thks tfear's ottkcers w-lerez Wanda Nuhn, Vresrdent, Oorks Qs! Ntatonety, Nlkce Presrdent, and Boan Levtne, Secretary-Treasurer. T ff" 45 The fnefnoers ot the group, totahng more than sr-Mtg, and the ' .. X Q3 sponsors, 'rokn ranv-s to make the Ptatycratters a duh ot vlhrch the U'-t, schoot may t-Jett be oroud. Thetr tnd'w'rduaX'rttp 'rs truttf outstandrng. ' Q, 30 1 Tb Wilt 't"l"' :" Yi :- gylri y , 'tr V gl! , ' ' X I I, I ' hi' Y' f ,ac .Mi ,, iii .1 i Wi f, K, fa,5'2iizfigwjiQi 5 ' fi i ii' . :',i,f,,,fgij'3,:i' f:i,f',f3?fM 5 51:6 ,H WZ :nm NOVEMBER I7 and another triumph chalked up for the Playcraftersl Stage Door was the play, human- tragic, heart-warming wth riotous humor and real ro- ... -rv L. ,rn if I I, 'A mance. Once more the student body watched in silent ,N or lsometimes not so silent? amazement as their classmates, K a, f . unassuming kids like Jeanne Felli, Bill Eads, Jack Ewald, I Paula Geib, Marie clade, Pat Strahlendorff, Pai Homney, i sv A Jeanne Marie La Bonty, and many others, became shin- f fe ing, distant, intriguing stars for a night. A challenging ,iQf3 lf1L:ff experience for the audience as well as the performers! f,-3,5 Wg, , '- Jeanne Felli MAIN CHARACTERS TERRY RANDALL, a talented actress, ,,,,,,,......,.,,,, JEANNE FELLI KEITH BURGES, a radical playwright ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, JACK EWALD DAVID KINGSLEY, a motion picture producer ,....,...... BILL EADS JUDITH CANFIELD, hard, wise, debunked ...,,,,,..a PAT HORNNEY MARY HARPER, known -as Big Mary .......,,,,, PAT STRAHLENDORF V, MARY MCCUNE, known as Little Mary ,,.,..,a.......... MARIE CLODE Wig Ml LEW Www? f, '13 fff!',L f Y .fl ,f fmt ,f- km' -I ig r 'Y' - af' I ver em - iii Q' -at 1 - 2 QU? "Ft iff-1 JQIUVE ti-,if my Bill Eads Jack Ewald Pat Hornney MAKE-UP GROUP Sybil Frick Irene DiCostanza, Joan Gordon, Lois Speiss, Jean Strenkert, Florence Meyer, Dolly I Madison, Gwen Jones, Connie Nastasl and Miss Woods, Sponsor. 9 Z ' 1 V J fi 'Xi ' iii '7fze .Senicvz Sfaknll council HE Senior Student Council, under the sponsorship of Miss Isabel Meyers, is the representative body of the Senior High School. its aims are to create at better understanding between the faculty and the students, to de- velop an interest in student government, and to give the students a chance to contribute .their ideas and suggestions toward a better school. The officers are: Harold Busching, president, Harold Hulka, vice- president, Alice Bolinder, secretary, and Donald W. Maloney, treasurer, Q9 SI! ,AN ,S Front Row: Barbara Gardner, Jean Hyers, Harold Hullca-Vice President, Alice Bolinder--Secretary, Harold Bushing--President Donald Maloney-Treasurer, Jack Gilsdorf, Grafton Perry. ' Second Row: Dorothy Madden, Doreen Ritchie, Ida Mae Grote, Pat Jones, Ingrid Johnson, Cornelia Oakes, Jean Harris Jimmy McDevit, A ' Third Row: Jean McGrath, Alice Hartmeyer, Juanita Nolan, Betsy Perkins, Jean Hendrickson, Jane Jones. Fourth Row: Donald Kunckle, Robert Tatge, Elsa Kohler, Virginia Seufert, Betty Fenner, Barbara Murray, Fanny Rubineffi Rina Fantoni, ' Back Row: Stewart Walker, Jack Ewald, John Upham, John Dayton, Bill Eads, David Heebner, Dorothy Nelson. i Ayes- :li S t- i . iiiiiitii- mei., .:ii, Front Row: Richard Court-Captain, Jean Flanagan, Jean Smith, Jane Klemer, Mary Ella Triplet, Dorothy Madden Isabelle King, Mr. Wilson-Sponsor. ' Second Row: Edna Watts, Rosemary Healy, Claire Eckfberg, lda Mae Grote, Caroline Totten, Betsy Perkins. Third Row: Gwen Jones, Margie Grahn, Ruth Guerber, Marilygn Dodds, Betty Aird, Jean McGrath, Patricia Bedford, Irene Pin ar. Fourth Row: Lois DiDietz, Janet Erskine, Ethel Hendrickson, Bette Anderson, Lynn Merriman, Jean Strenkert, Jean Christie. Fifth Row: Richard Tomlinson, Bob Feldman, Ray Curiel, Harry Plog, Gordon Noble, Back Row: Etzel Dreyer, Carl Aggerholm, William Rowe, Ray Klien, Joseph DiMatteo, Paul Volcker, Tony Kurtz, James Shequine, Joseph Svitanek, Jimmy McDevit. '7fae Simlwz' S-maine NFORCEMENT of the student laws ot the school is the duty ot the mem- bers of the Student Service under the leadership -of Dick Court, Captain, and Mr. Wilson, Faculty Adviser. The faithful crew may have the advantage ofa three minute leeway, leaving and entering class, but they must also spend twice as much time as the rest of us 'being pushed and pulled by the endless throngs of students. WW ,-1 N BM nomo Lek s ear 'those o no, har aK's'r'r, har hroog the ncxenr custom ok ea es ro oxn , can obrakn a reasonabX a rhenhc rc ore the s'rroggXes that o score corner or 'r e Bonror NNrng w rch somehow emerge a the raovdess tone and nrrrcate precrsron maneuvers ror whrch ou ban rs os'rX weh Eameo. e have aX-so ro thank 'rhe ororng hand DonaXo Maxrs, most recent a ovuon 1 e acohq or 'rhe"'ra1.1 c eer" no soh wxn arrangements whkch set 'rhe oo osxn os, 2 not 'rhekr resoectwe 'reams 'oac es dorkng our e oc aX R001 a S LUTES Marr rke Sekp Never Dorothy SMC O BAN N1 man NE SMC xx BP-V-RTO George Barre RENCH HORN Orch Gough Peter Ylobkso SOUSP-PHONE Chanes Trrhnghast BFRNTONE 53 Pm rr Wrwarrr Pxhan m Russ XM-ne Rag N4aKhXeen F'-udrexl n ader V-aXph ers Break 'OBYB Xian xlrrvs, X'XeXen Moshe , n XQa'oeX Oe Luca, P-udrexf Soan Ca-sreho, NoaXee Gnden, NNh'vre, GXorKa Hohner, xQrXX'ra Q Body Larsen, Nxargarex x,e'r NN aesche, XLarhXeen Paneken, r Bahesxl, 6eraXd Cone-scenkk, Georora. I'bak!Mf.'5ar V p ,Nradrso , ' Ylowgkfieirkf Wert, Bobby Bean Skran , Xkarhrxyn Perry, Ernes ah, Beverw Ya rx lbanek ,J Row oyfel ' Ks, Yioie , P-nn L-ihnspn, Ruth Sf opw ood, rxrraraa Tkdeperq, 'Schneidm , Nak ahe Serb, 'Yhekna Nruher, Gra'r'ron Xd Bahrhng, Xlkrgknra Thr o tj 8 ,eff we Q Q, r'- U " A, f seaomr, ,f ' fgf -Wfro 9-ovlz gilfran X4 " Y --Af Emaraernr, J ' '3aCXw?l6vl'. 'Yhcrnaskne 'YnreX, 74,3 X ' ' ff Spekvoerg, Dona J tp in i V N V ,f , gy lv 1 A4 j A ample ew END 'rhern xjoor ears, ye Xovers or eophonxl, ror vfvrh none okher KhanNNesf rerveh B. Ylornakne h'M'rng the proper no'res,'YeanecXc Yhgn 5 ore-Kkngrjrahed Pr Ceppehe Chokr presents 'rn 'ns osoaX enKhos'ras'r'rc fnanner, srrrrkng choraX rnodxc, soperkor 'rn 'ookh beaow and harrn-ony or tone, 'Yherr rnanxj ac'r'N'rKXes throughout Khe xjear 'xndodeo rnoerc ror sev eraX assernbkj programs, Chr'rs'wnas earohng, the Chnsrrnas prograrn 'rre.eVr, and, or course, 'rhe annoaX sprrng concerfr. rx up boys! 35 R' C . 'VQGROA4 o,reA,NE C for r GeraX6xne Ykapiogey Eugenra Peoroh, Brocv-vlaxl. Peggy Perry, Sew: Fenner, Berry n Haworsen. che, varrrera 0eXaneNl, Nrarxrn Wflaatdall EANECK went through a successful football season only to I-ose second place and slide into fourth through a l3-7 defeat by the Comets of Hackensack in the last minute of play in the final game of the season. Teaneck started the season with a winning streak, de- feating Lodi 6-O, Butler 7-O, and Tenafly i9-O. Leonia, N.N.J.l.L. champs, threw Teaneck for a l9-O loss, but the l-lighwaymen came back the next week to down Engle- wood Zl-O, and the Ridgefield Park grid -team 28-7. Teaneck then lost two tilts, one to Ridgewood 6-20, and the other to Rutherford 7-Zl, Teaneck defeated Cliffside Park 22-O, as Fabe Racioppi, Ronnie Page, Charlie Gunner, and Jim Lyons galloped through Cliffside's defenses. Ronnie Page, star halfback, had a bad season, being injured in the Tenafly game and having to take it easy in the ensuing games. The team was ably coach- ed by Mr. Anderson, Mr. Finn, and Mr. Breisch. The assistance of Mr. Law and Mr. Moore was much appreciated. Front Row: Joseph Markey, William Murphy, Frank Scolpino, Ronald Page, Herman Simon, Martin Kelly, Donald Hoeting. Second Row: Warren Pushaw, Richard Court, Joseph Di Matteo, Eugene Fernekes, Rollin Schuster, Richard Tomlinson, Sal Popalardo, Martin Williamson, James Lyons, Joseph O'NeiIl. Third Row: Wells Straub, Frank DeCourcey, Howard Conklin, David Kronke, Don Nelson, Thomas McKelvey, Fabio Racioppi Charles Gunner. ' Fourth Row: Mathew Passentino, Dick Schweikow, Robert Civil, Fred Butler, Jack Daniels, Robert Hurley, Jerry Sherer, Dominick Parlimenti. B k Row: Gerard Lupo, John Davidian, George Maloof, Robert MiIesi,' John Steel, Neil McKenzie, Dick McQueen, Don MC- ac Naught, Richard Jewett, Dick Civil. Batik to ,me Lg, :J N QW? E gen a Good St to ch Agam' 49 A J .:, k'Wf?X JJ M 5 Q ark. AJLJJ Halls X- Tackd l-9595, Caro I, Lorraine, Lyn, UZ, Joan , Frannie, Joan! Ruth. Tou chdfwm' 'N mn If .I 'I Nw AT iiiff 51515 f M M7 NN. X W f' 1 ., .ff 3. ,.,1- f .f fff ' 1 .f ,. f A 'X K -CRN -EFX FJ? RW J J' 5- w awe , org, iloxuevk ws. hon owl. x,acxxeN Gaxkooxx, Scum 'YaXooK, Xevqo Weaneq, Nrlavxeo Yszixsev, Os s ecooo Slow, 'Voofoes CXQX6, Hive: Nxaoxe, XN'Mxaq0 9 6aXcN-fm, V-ooeva Coveo. 'WMA V-ow, YXQQYN C. Sowxooesseo, Yxevmao N4xcoeXs, So emi Saw Cadakct. Oacxs V-owl: Soe Cavaixev, Bacxk C,aYixXX, Boseoxo S4'xXanecXL, xieoo moan, Eames Soeqome, Boo xoaoox. 'os ok Nxarv- Teaoexl, 0 Ammo, 'xdxwefdxao ao We ok season, Goa V-xo oo e o 'oe o ,GMX ea! 6 OX4 3 0 QXQNXOC3 Kacxx ev, Xieooevo 'L Q0 a foeoxocxe s can 'oe aW'QOo'se ie XNXKXO os 'Qfixs Xeo 'Oxy Co C, ceXX Six KW 'iw XN 6 QON ESVXKY, 'Qoe 6+ Boe Caxlekerel Boe soccer sopao, 'Y eaoecv went Kos, N10 'ixes ooo Noe Xosses. Xa-sk xgeev' s Coadxoxooskixo Keafo xd 3 geek xoxo. 'Voe sovao was NN oo om oov 'ooqs 65 X X !'o Q X J' . ff Q-K.-1 VX Y W A N! Q ' I x - ' Law - Q" J K -4, I f L N 38 gi fa A523 5 xy 1 4" 1 s fix sf 'io I ll 5 aqackeq ana! .Saleem " ATI-IER ye rosebuds while ye may" . . . the athletic field any after- noon at 3:25 during the hockey and soc- cer season . . . guaranteed no broken bones, but lots of fun! Anyone can play, -that is, if she can distinguish between a soccer ball and a hockey stick, and if she is in garb of azure. lt's a healthful, re- freshing and friendly atmosphere and a wonderful way to have an all around good time. This is what they do When ll l'3ll'1S- mon f Ro Sac W" R JOY k ROW. O56 RU . Ann p?oA4Ur,el Br'3r,?,l'75'ff,' GIR Ike ,pen an, is QW L3 S wlfffdf deff, Sf '7 If Occ ebsf eq T-We M90 alfa, ER , 1 J 17, e5 Ba!deber'l'1e,ria eqer pgpse bdr 9 nf' a ' Q 'S 5 'lc W . ur is S, rfghrhanq Urge,- , F Wenjx ,,f"' A yi 1 7: ily ,v 625 67 My rf ' flf J A I 'Jw 0 vi If! a jug ' 7Q!"lyJ lf nfq ef i' ff ,V V, If s ' ff l x T ll Ji .. ' w"-F! 'il' :4 4' t 6 I 5 .if 5 Q1 fx 5 I 5 P O1-If Row ec R . and Ro 'lifefoji kwfalv GIR Doiok R Luv: Ru? 036 Rh, R Hoc amy ow.. e,-S' h S ubm Ose kg, webskafhfufhagewarf ern, Erarma F65 ish Rn 'Toi' 001' af"bf"' Ge J udy Legasl, We F688 6 Meorfrud S f 0 fl , , , S y 'qhqarseh Maflbda ,Vu A4'fdr Janef 8'6r Ronge B5,.b'7f7e, gh, Bed 7., Pfitrhalql T , Dorara R Urg Srbar 'edeb 9. here Ofhy ofka Sn M6 Wr,Srg 5,3 ZieQff- fl Uri lghlf Geo 39 C' fel eaflo,-QCD V627 'Qlbe . anzedercluf nh'5Qe 9' nf 041 'Mlm PWA ride on the ah' bus Px Ratkon Bo ok X5 Jusk a Souv enkr NOC, a wodd s The smah pXace ery PXQGWU ee: Watt 'Sh 94f,2f2'v?6, I I y xi wb' m2C4Q' 009 The Sou Th American way Mwwfi A stamp "Dear J i'ln oe' Q.. wr il: Aww' l. as A.-cava YARN" ED noses and cold teet . . . frozen ears . . . snow . . . more snow. . . deep snow . . . cars skidding . . . children sleigh- riding . . . skiis . . . skates . . . snowballs . . . Christmas . . . holly and mistletoe . . . basketball games and wrestling matches . . . galoshes . . , boots . . . mittens . . . mid-year exams . . . the senior prom . . . this is Winter. 42 Q-gif-1 fnfw' M' fw' I W .M , My X7 , ,. ,L F li r Q52 R08 l Zilxsjqvzd 'Xt N ,K C, Bontgglggai pn B6l'lQN21'ah'Qi ter-itxli .L Black- X Dlco wi aww- B- lNli.', r l-' 3.900 B- NI. pl D5 FXSCYNCA arg, HOXSM F. Balse an. B- gal F 3. 's 5' K-Battek, 5. ColQDv gesgross, J.nddCtf5er1i M, XLYPQ-ki PM Bader. R Cxaf ware, M. 3, H9 3 iqirbtlf NYCGY-8 Watt. p,l-- gate. 1 E. F tfadom- resent hier. 'dy 5- rl- N. S' Baco 3, Cinrii Fextnrs G, G Hendric E, Ko and-,ar Wa-L1a.SKmOn, 5' E Augustine. fearljffxi' cijlbf Qggaxixveeauiisr. QQTSBE,,eebiaeiiivgg-,efie,Li. Stiiivijlleoy, dersen' M Bea' B rl V we . - - 1 ' X42 Wit. ' law ' Refi' Lxewalt' tts. B' pm , ig, tom yiarveli, J., , LU , N0 sew , S Wa 5. PCi"5'iEit. F'g:lTl?3- Efglgwelf l' Sgivfsga, R- lflLeV',f' Rvilal gsrweii '2teWa,ff'v3xal5ht.f2ia- 2,1 Bggyse,Fbrlckbalgmellilhsldn, EE5ilex,r,-3sofg,Lu,pygy.RJS5eg. gamer. fume. bl 7,usc ' ani l PX O hvll I Flanagterstohi ers, M' Lefrlercql M'-llea' RO"'e' ertson' TOHQU' E E. Sol' C. n M- Gblxexd, J, liigno, C?.Mofxf7-I V, gofhrkwh, Taylofiimmetma 5st Nt Ps . ie 5 5 t Ps- lllggontv. J ',,tqreYfD, RWClT5,,4im,, QS, taligotjifiglafi. limit. L- t5S3ae"a'fweta? wood' ' QQ-ftm0flS5 Ztrenliex' Wlnkevs' l . ' S:n'3OQi ,ws - same IGNS, posters, placards--it's the Art Serv- ice Squad! This select group is composed of honest, hard-working people who have a genuine interest in art. With deft strokes ot brush or pen, they fultill all work assigned to them by their respective teachers with no other reward than the valuable practice and experience they acquire. EPM 7-enief . '7e- Ji' S ' ew HE Te-Hi-Service Club, under the sponsor- ship ot Mrs. Lischer, has proven invaluable to the school as well through its excellent work in sending out birthday and Christmas cards and in provi- ding free lunches for former Teaneck students now in the armed forces. as to the servicemen Nancy Earl is the president. . IR . ff' . First Row: Audrey Palmer, Dot Mooney, Doris Rossi, lrene Golden, Joan Ganzemuller, Cherlotte Schoenburg, Erna Reass, Doris Skinner, Ruth Clark, Jean Flanagan, Barbara Murray. Second Row: Joan Lasterouit, Marie Moore, Marie Clode, Janet Adolphi, Claire Breitenstein, Rina Fantoni, Eileen Tevlin, Thelma Mueller, Natalie Seib, Winnie Fitch, Dot Zelkosky, Betsy Perkins. Third Row: Jeannette Marey, Maxine Messner, Pearl Wells, Inez DuBose, Norma Johannsen, Joan Stewart, Patricia Lane, Betty Anderson, Jean Vollmer, Caroline Totten, Joan Engel. Fourth R r ' ' ' ' ow, Patricia Jones, Bob Ferguson, William Olsen, Bob Forscutt, Milton 'ff'-if .R,f'- U--'A-A '--- "'----- Maurie Volk. iyigf K ,gn fl ' s -'iff' l N' 'x X W I xx ng f Bexliflgaflolho - par geff: F Sf Ofhc df, fr 'Mm' SSC 6 SQ '7e6,."9 , 05' Se !7wc,r mg.. Q1Qf7f:'77,e,7gfJ, 4 fa E f7'e,6er 51865 lqbgb 102703 C f fv or 7' pfes '7-Von alike Ubfef Ufffe A afvfjpfe D' Ei, ' Bob' 517, 73-S" 6 6047 Selling hot dogs, filling stockings, collecting 7 , . Sakai! 0SSL7s,,4flglS7lb 528066 Ae , Dawg garbage 4351015 , A4 6 C . . Sfnsfe W Cwlecezk ohm. '9ff4,h LWAYS ready to do their duty, the mem- 'Q MQ 49 'VeS,.6 Wvyso . . . A '7 SC '7. bers of the Library Council are the sin- 'Cecil Pram Dork , S cere group ot hard-working students who col- Onsoq lect those little scraps ot pink paper we'das'h around so much to get hold ot! We might add that we heartily approve ot our new librarian, Mr. lce, and the changes that have been made this year, such as signing out for books. Seated At Table: Diane Limenfield-Pres., Joan Gordon-Vice Pres. Ruth Ault-Treas., Dorothy Mooney-Sec. Second Row: Dolores McMullen, Jean Henclricksen, Lila Stechel, Sondra Hellman, Aida Lee Gilden, Erna Reass, Janice Synes Virginia Ahern, Janet Price. Third Row: Mirina Rodnin, Mrs. Dankwerth-Sponser, Miss De- vany-Sponser, Dorothy Pepin, Katherine Paneteri, Lillian Petersen Beverly Georgia, Betty Franzfblau, Jean Strang, Juanita Nolan Jerry Haskins, Shirley Marcus, Patricia Colley, Joan Weller, Mrs Duffy--Sponsor. Real emu ERHAPS one of the worthiest school organ- izations is the Red Cross, directed by the three D's . . . Duffy, Danckwerth and Devaney, and their able president, Diane Limenteld, magazines for servicemen and making atghans are some of their unseltish activities. XY a s 45 ,fn-if ,T -.K fR, yr? fiif Nz, . S ,H XQIB ,TQ Q, T X J ,I g ges,! ,a SXQ ef .J O 5 'N ,- XII 1 It' 51 PHONE X L. l t 'J . , ' ,qg'f5,?15J, Y 4? 'Z at l Q . I A i Seated: Joe DiMatteo-Pres., William Eads-Vice Pres., Paul Volcker-Treas., Norman Barthelson-Sec'y. Second Row: Bruce Talbot, David Kronke, John Steel, Tom Childs, Hugh Johannessen, Herman Michels, Ray Klein, Harold Bushing-Chaplain. Third Row: Mr. Moore-Sponsor, Gene Fernekes, Dick Court, David Bayer, Dona Dinnsen, William Rowe, Richard Werner, Bruce Tatge, George Barrett. HE l-li-Y's activities are almost too numerous -to mention- donations to charities, services to our commiunity, "the promotion ot clean scholarship, clean sportsmanship,"--and clean faces! These are the aims and accomplishments ot this always successful organization whose guiding stars are Mr. Moore, and president, Joseph Di Matteo. 46 ld ,gr :A O I l ff Nw LN!! ,jflfl if lblll i WJ' , J f li it f ,fJ"'l', f, V ' , ' ' ' X Seated: Marjorie Grahn-Treas., Pat Lawson-Pres., Barbara Rolka-Vice Pres., Joan Gan- Iwo, Cl fll, V ll zemuller-Sec:'y. iff' K X MM' ff ' , fly 5 I4 . all .Ji J 1 -i- J Standing: Alma Miller, Helen Pavclivich, Jean Harris, Jean Christie, Barbara Murray Dorothy Fess, Barbara Freidman, Nancy Jordan, Jean Flanagan. I f if ql cf" C4 ' i LQ Cfmf. fi' f L, 'l - 1 'E i L l j l l' l ROM the melodic strains ot "Can't Get to Heaven" from the musical of the same name, to the equally melodic tinkle of cups and saucers lMother and Daughter Night, of coursel the numerous accomplishments ot the Girls' League are laid out for all the world to see. Literally rolling in wealth, its treasury bubbling over with the profits reaped from its various enterprises, the League has contributed generously to many school organizations. Much of the League's success can be attributed to its sponsors Miss Ruehe and Miss Smith, its capable president, Pat Lawson, and its hard working members. 47 'T X -, I I um j fi lllllill ti , J J l 6 I , Vx I Wyfi. 'll' ,, ,Jill 91 ' ,asf f ll' if L QJH QMPAA Q96 X7 115' ig C-ij X x ky 5 ki x ,fo it 'WF . 'dent' V Kiel? rqxeqqorfyab - hard Mayor. man RSGVQSQ Sche 1 . i4eelY' RU: Sora NO' 1 Haber Warm Bill Brocslangfggfailrs.rgsf,eYw?Pr2S5en, Sponsor Jean gimgnvffmsdgriid. 1 ROY 'S vaQe' -D Quinn' SDD I ' e Hanson' cuff: Ra . thaw Frongdkifrmmegelyg Igiresxdaenti mhiif Letkenrfcghea Lydi' Sgrllgffind,-BZ?Cior3auxhR3?gii'aral'Q?' paeciolla: Davrd r,-ree rl - pxober S, Wemrader. vrdorStran I rl iohn Dies adm' C a Wm, pray rr ,Orr rascal ErzrgciftefrgtzaotiefivHezrsrliit Jean ml ' K Bill l-3922 bat Jones' ref Mags' Lermafd ta 'Bruce Bully Dohfmann' - HBYVY Fraplianlvf' D06 IOOSikl3n' C2gSCro0f'Qu'5t' ras Wlceunandef, Char es Third Rxclgacy Tavlof' Om larh S scnteie, B 3 rrriston, Dolfcrr Bef? C HWS' . cn fles S ', Edffwn. 'mam 0 ld Ge' ' Fourtta F5526 Phirrp Bondxzmxam Sggelbxlporri, Haw a 4 ea ' KraUSr Gro-40 I - Don ado l-0 Fifth Row- Gebhafdt' ITH their sturdy 22's slung over their shoulders, the members of the Rifle ' ' Q ci b ' u proceed twice weekly to the range, where I . QQZY make 'bull s eyes with apparent ease. ll H pm Back in the Saddle Againn-with doa there.. Not so fast-it takes weeks of en less practice before they can even hit the this as its theme song the Riding Club target' But by June they are all experts- rr 4 takes to the saddle every Thursday afternoon for the purposes of improving their health and posture . . . or so they say, anyway, We'd like to bet they have more fun than anything, The club's triumverate of sponsors includes the Misses Quinn, Guerber and Tully, A horse- show, dance and hayride were three of the planned activities. l r'fT ul at rj EK rn eSPeCi2lly their sponsor Mr. Rosen. Seated: Miss Quinn, Sponso- R th Sf - . S Alice Winters, Trelasurelrlg Mar?df?etlO9elCe-President: econd ROW? DOHY Madison, Eileen Steinberg Bett- Th Th?IodanRSwerrMShrrIeyCMarcus, Lois White, Rhloda Flahengtrb1gl?n' ow: I arcra unckel, Artleen Hargroves J h N Charles Speilman, Nancy Earmhouse C ' 'HO n ugenff F Th R Fitch, Rina Fantoni.onme aase' Wmme our ow: Charles Keefer, Charle We k B'll ' Conway, Bob Marra, Bob Lipmani Nicfrofgg Pdplasfdhfayl Al Front Ro I W: Charles Daly, P Third Row. Second Row at Kggb Eleanor Fourth RO Dorothy Ne1gOnEvelyn Kigs:Lizabetl14LgfjehJean Har W1 Bill Daviefeeganl C,-eufjgmf Pet Wglef Franl2's6rGerf31d C , Cornelia ge Trubecfg, Aydre esche, Presiustian- onosce,-,HI DO Gkgsl Magf.DOfl5 Hg,DDBrQCkway d6l7f',' Mrs. lOre3 Smith fopherl gh SDielberg6hw1iafh,'Nl?ffig WardLy0n, Spons 1 Paula . . aries Tillihgzggfed Giljnifkstaegk Beverly Qlhn .. UZ, Jack Ewald Son, Dons , Arthur Chris 4 HE opinion has been voiced by various that the the same sit in on which is and Pat members of the adult group younger generation is lost. We wish critics might have an opportunity to one of the meetings of the l. R. F. under the guidance of Mrs. Lyon Waesche. The members of this organization conduct intelligent, thoughtful discussions ot world problems with all the seriousness ot any mature person. Upma Glad ETTER than Patrice Munsel! Better than Lauritz Melchior! Greater than the Met!! That's right, the Opera Club! They know the scores, the themes, the arias, and the stories of ,the operas, in tact they attend operas, and the club is a member of the Metropolitan Opera Guild. Their prima donna is Edna Watts. Miss Colburn is their director. Front Row: Eugenia Pedoli, Miss Colburn, Sponsor, Terry Valkos, Secretary, Edna Watts, President, Alice Hartmeyer, Treasurer. Second Row: Joy Ann Rolka, Betty Losey, Ruth Clank, Ruth Stewart, Denise Politi, Dorothy Weber. Third Row: Marjorie Seip, Barbara Rolka, Edith Lindaman, Betty Franzblau, Doris Wardellf Betty Ann Johnson. -If . 9 a x dteisecf ,031 ga YJ' K. 0' o- we taco' Koo. ?gxQKo 2644 Cox XNEXBOQG 'ol ge Sooftsot. xx 332960: . PM SCS' xkiooe X 9313+ go Z . Q99 S51 Seakeb- 'Wd QB avg' 'NO ialaqzfelui OR those who find insufficient glee in per- secuting innocent grasshoppers in class, there is always the Biology Club of which Miss Busche is the chief surgeon. Here they can cut, and gaze into microscope to their hearts content, Membership is open to those stu- dents studying Biology and who maintain an average of B or higher. K" . o 3 . aft ei- Nl .-, iiziasotxl vgilgqet . XIX" ol' aw a K3 NA val fum Q fl , l ygggfi- ,S P , , ,Egge- if K. .dgfx ,coxl Qiesx OOKO i 'O' val Q60 XJXZSXQ xtxdxb I 0 tsexl' srl Q 09196 N60 'sta yo Oqcz dale Aram S if seven periods of fooling around with atoms and all their villainous counterparts weren't enough, there are certain individuals among us who not only go in for more contact with atoms-they get active about itl How- ever, such association with the mental sti- mulae extended by A. J. seems to agree with them, judging from the humor for which President Donald W. Maloney is famed. Seated: Merill Gellis, President, Richard Mascolo, Vice-President: Robert Franz, Secretary, Audrey Millange, Treasurer. dersen, Maryellen Mclllvaine, Dorothy Miloche, Marjorie Brown Virginia Ahern, Letti Bonnington, Betty Aird, Helen Humphreys Third Row: Bart Whitlock, Bob Zimmermann, Donald West Russel Vollmer, Malcolm Harris, Donald Toppel. SO Second Row: Patricia Colley, Miss Busche, Sponsor, -Marian An- li.. awlinq em AXED, polished floors, the pungent odor of resin blended with creamy white chalk dust, "Set 'em up in the alley, boysl" With such enchanting atmosphere awaiting them, Mrs. Vanderbilt and her charges are off to the "'l'eaneck Rec" every Thursday afternoon to indulge in this fascinating game. This club has the distinction of being the only one in which all. the members want to go on strike! S M ff l gf! ' Glad X l-lE Drafting Club provides the opportunity X X for talented students to do special work related to various technical fields, such as engineering, aircraft, and architecture. Fre- quent discussions concerning mechanical drawing and its relation to various technical ,O X X S' and industrial fields, are led by Mr. Puro, the club's sponsor and their president, Robert Franz. Among the club's activities are visits to industrial plants and technical exhibitions. Seated: Bernice Hossfield, Robert Franz, Presidentg Edith Sneath, Secretary, Jack Lange. Standing, First Row: Mr. Puro, Sponsor, Robert Weissman, Donald Montbriand, Edward Cosgrove, Joseph Jablin, ' ' S h 'dt. Standing, Back Row: John Smithers, Joan Kamens, Maurice Volk, Alfred C mi 'all' S Nm ,134-J X Ngkx 3221 . X K Q ""'N Q X L 1- 'arafp I " ,P DA 1 'f l s ,, ak A' X! A B N8 51 fm v l 'ie- X THE HI-WTY 591 Nfl 59500503 JRS ki U00 U W Q5 fx 'Q Q70 L35 GX Q05 K ,XM S T PS 0 I! 7 Z W QSM WS' Q DDQ 4 ' 35531 WU W W 0 W" Q x0 1 X R N fl fn V"-Vi L,V' .L,", .V.V.' X I l' "" ini- Q fi? Q ff Qi' 5 H Z Q M0570 7 MX Y .J-4' f ri vresifxeftli Robe Edward Emmerl -A SDBKXDQYQ' Q 6 am 4 Yi de- NX Donald abggfaldxgjxa Mivman' A xaf ' tw -veasurerb gecredevssnes. Onsor. hevon, Darnianxiurx lfgamo, SD sc . Ps Cree . dexaew' miss ed' Ge YY me Seal ' I , Hen Staftdlngl Kamma Glad R. EARLIN and his camera fiends are at it againl From the very first click of the shutter to the gleaming finished product, these hearty folk run the gamut of photographic motions. The club has a monthly assignment, and the members are eager workers and are anxious for constructive criticism. Ronald Burrows is the president. IRST we would have it known that anything requiring more concentration than domi- noes is quite beyond the range of a mind tu- tored only in the lesser arts of chemistry, physics, and the like. Therefore we make no pretense about chess . . . we don't understand it! But word reaches us that the club, spon- sored by Miss Adamo and boasting such illus- trious members as D. W. Maloney and E, Emmer, has chalked up an excellent record in matches with nearby schools, as well as in inter-club tournaments. Seated: Harriett Walsh, Doris Skinner, Secretary, Ronald Burrows, President, Robert lt f x I 4 l l if S llfw X ,tlillxll IRQ Heitman, Vice-President. , Standing: LeRoy Klemm, Joseph Bellom, Bill Cronin, Mr. Earlin, Sponsor. l l: ll ff? . Q X . Pubtlstlm . . .. - A ,ik XJ xx? ,ffkf xf-5' ae. by XX 5 I lb,- Se , O' M Sfahdlhg, Dr' church S Waziyn GMA ERTRUDE STEIN is -the project in the hands of the Writers Club as we go to press. If the members don't go too enmeshed in an analysis of this lofty psychology, they hope to use what energy they retain for a trip to the theater. The cIub's sponsor, Mr. Church, has done a noble job of recruiting members who are glad he caught them now that they have reached the sanctum sancto- rum. Their a-ble president is Gloria Girardon. Seated: Joan Stewart, Marilyn Reid, Ilene Wohlberg, Lyn Merriman. d' : B tt A d , Barbara Freidman, laois Hilgeman, Dorothy Weber, Ruth Stewart, San mg e y n erSenBarbara Walteback, Miss Toronto, Sponsor. a'7f7y Do'7So . Back Ro Keely J Pfkesgorofhy W: ' 9-in Snr- N Juanif Barge Gast 1 Marilsonl S G are On Eff Ser Noleh, NBlaC,Q,egeffy TZ Tf,bZ'-?ry,Tre 6 . '7 ef O as CY Ear -foyCe'77Ds0,7 uferl- 'Tlshous Yaneiv Jean GfOf-ja G- S, D ' In 'far 9 O' Orofhy p 1 Marian O On, Sck 'R . ' J0a,7 ew? Rea ' D. Npyzmajfa Glad E have observed that Teaneck High has everything-there is a slight addition to be made. We have acrobatsitool They practice their antics under the demure title of the Apparatus Club. But don't let the name fool you! Those girls can really do things with ropes and rings. ff ,ff N isa tif ' xiff i ll ll l lf 4 X Qgmag 55 QQY SIX ,Q nf X l nf' Ps QE to W W X t y if eggs, xx fees U f eti Treasul , befQ.'. Mndrgdolgeigj 9533! Httgemafl, . x' Luttelsl tdefl ' QXOYI f, bara eerie vtce-Plexhereaa RZ Bulge man. Wiloimat YK Sxewaag Nunn' X Mao, Marlan e Btal Dara . 5 , r an Rm t' Wan - etti. Paaktalan' Rose' ROSSW9' Ba 1 4 , ' 'B , Edlll' Plfjlllarlwieerlgllilx liil2llnan'wll2lDl'y5 Marlon :ggi extra? gofssrlx ' SWG ROWtliQZnZgG?Ci3t3TlUit3?'W ROW' .feacfmfi Glad Owi. xjafl Hglicigflllllwel HE Leaders Club is what its name implies, the leader ot all senior high girls' sports. 7eaneck Their bang-up year reached its climax in a . series of playdays with various neighboring Q S. CII a Stepping Stone to the Leaders Club schools, in which the members participated in is also a prerequisite ot it. Under the Seasonal 5l3O"l5 and ell! sponsorship ot Miss Toronto and the leader- ship ot its president, Marilyn Reid, the club was successful in many sport activities in- Kathleen Regas is the president, Wanda Nuhn the vice-president, Barbara Wright the secretary, and Mildred Tiedeberg the treas- cluding roller skating, bowling, and outdoor urer. trolics. . . . . First Row: Miss Toronto, Sponsor, Gwen Schwartz, Joan Stewart, Marilyn Reid, Joan Swerr, Betty Andersen, Ilene Wohlberg, ltaly Tulli. Second Row: Patricia Meo, Ruthann Fox, Muriel Vanderclute, Edna Schwartz, Theresa Meloy, Eleanor Panzenhagen, Lila Stechclcel, Jean Henriksen, Dolores McMullen. Third Row: Lyn Meriman, Dorothy Fess, Edna Watts, Barbara Walteback, Barbara Friedman, Claire Stevenson, Marjorie Birds, Belle Laird Fourth Row: Marjorie Veltri, Joan Green, Daphne Church, Janet Gould, Eileen Steinbrook, Jackie Rollat, Traude Teutch, Norma Freck. l K X B il: Gwifsgt aasllxtt i g '56 i - 1. -A Q0 Uixxe B 20, I7, one point To game. The chaperones enjoy themselves foo. V493 091 X X046 wwe om 7fze YN caxc' xo iw That Jersey bounce. 400' bf eaw' wg X531 ice . jan . nf, H Xlxgeggfslizxen ioyxhsoni Pia ' an 'X xx x rx V 50 xv! de 1 exarvl Herlexmsigwafi' Be Dor'xS Wal h Sed. safxdlagxuth gage. Eileen Tebxif- ' Ureff ex' Keii n S3 NxoyeYi xzovli 5 rxeSi Deva Gi W NUI xjil gev Roitati ' si Y '55 . sa e f xxg, - Fir Row.. Mx Moremmorxe Ytaegux GR laaxgxe gecorxd W. WAY i'r'f3maxx2x'M5oafx Swe . I RO ' lin", .Ofuc 1 trxxfd . Bob gxexfx ROW' Fourth V fbae' fb Kcunw1.acfan" " IE DEUTSCHEN KAMERADAN" club social, intellectual, of various activities, including group singing, the study ot Ger- many and its people, correspondence with members in the service, a Christmas party and a trip to New York. Any student in the Ger- man classes or those who have completed one year ot German may join. Barbara l-laupt is the president, Don Becker is the vice president, Eleanor Panzenhagen the secretary, Elizabeth Zuschlag the treasurer. The club is sponsored by Miss Marion E. Smith. Ipnillwxiiii t x ie' :N I K YY Eu N xl' v fl aj X all 51N nj Q. 4 ,F 1 2 xxf ude fleas aimxexl teal' Meinl- 0- 'ie Uxfxaroxff Q34 V-"Oa?9'P0liidlercQ' Pplawsoglao G?xUS?eaPnex Eesti-wwe, xviswianf wail ' -Zzaencla Glad N alternate Monday afternoons, Miss Devany and her elite group of Frenchmen hold forth in Room Zi 3 for further study and discussion ot the complexities Ot the French language. Attempting to raise their vocabula- ries from the level ot "bon jour" to some-thing on a plane with "bonsoir," they speak tor the most part, in French. Their activities have been numerous and successful. Front Row: Miss Smith, Sponsor, Joanne Dickson, Eleanor Panzenhagen, Secretary, Barbara Haupt, President, Elizabeth Zuschiag, Treasurer, Marian Gutersloh, Dorothy Zuschlag, Jeanne Holsh. Second Row: Virginia Byrkit, Nancy Meighan, Pat Meo, Jerry Levine, Herbert Scheu, Beryl Jaeger, Bill Cronin, Erik Juenge. Third Row: Ronald Emmons, George Bonnington, Warren Al- doretta, Jack Gilsdorf, Floyd Drake, Konrad Bein, Ralph Stein- hoff, Henry Sweikow. Fffsf -fo Row. feCcZl14:lfL""5y'll'SS AC, efsche Row: 5al1yM?fnO S . ' N ' Pet 'Nerf Don , Third Ro ahcy Efmiglardflargfgh Russell Four Aldalk- . Ray . aus, IHBIH Stjrperl MMQCNE th Ro Qlden W"7fr Glen Eckf. 8ila"'Yn my R W- f R ed R '7Ql f D 5-av' Obe F B url, f H Os Ish av- ag ff lanasigbajf, Rofif3erZZf'f2!c3o,fE4dff Qlgffelij' gcinfgrrfgljiafffey B ' an'-SJ' J' Capo eine ln' Edjre M awe 6 Oakanef rUCe Ordanf Sei PUCC 'th Li OLlrad' Lore SS, J 'Lise Ha,-1. f Beviel' Be a'e'ff ndanva S' Gen Us G can sfaman ' Dabh fly sm' L' AUC! 'lf G1 fe Fe o'd-vu' ewar' JO-in '79 C falkerosey Fey B Offs "77ek 'lfh lt Ed Kewl hu,-C , R' fo W SS. ' JU I7 er fl 8' ' ' Spalabifnefaai CSabe usted hablar espanol? The members of the first year Spanish Club couldn't- lthat is, until they joined Miss Adamo's His- panolasll Now they are Spaniards!! Not only can they speak Spanish, they also sing in Spanish, study the culture of Spanish speaking countries, and see them through lantern slides. Front Row: Pat Horney, Dorothy Walker, Jean Harris, Dolores Guyon, Marian O'Reilly, Dot Schweickert, Lillian Rehak, Alice Winters, Joan McClelland, Jean Strenkert. Second Row: Elaine Becker, Ruth Talbert, Barbara Gardener, Gloria Girardon, Connie Nastasi, Treasurer, Diok Bolles, Vice- President, John White, President, Shirley Harper, Pat Kelly, Charlotte Steinburg, Viola Wells, Marian LaBan. Third Row: Jean Felli, Gwen Jones, Marguerite Brown, Adele Basch, Doris Hoppenwrath, Joan Greenstone, Carla Turner, Joan Stuart, Eleanor Mulea, Winnie Fitch, Claire Breitenstein, Jane Costello, Pat Goodwin, Jean Marie Haule, Audrey Zinzer, Alma Miller, Natalie Seib, Irene Pindar. Fourth Row: Janet Adolphi, C-harlotte Grosskeoph, Merlot Klien, Claire Truebeck, Anne Creutzburg, Lois Greenstone, Joan Weller, Shirley Talbot, Lois White, Nita Bookstaver, Denise Polity, Pat Bedford, Jean Marie LaBonty. I N ff Ck 501: dy 5 W I J ' M orma '5Frgcelfg10v?il9Jie'Zgjo5lg Ann R Moreiniftz 5Z7algi:5:V 1 Audi. V75 M Gr,-y Ofka Sz R efh ey S Urph 1 Ma . , DOI, 0336 ham lzlfegriliillk Qflggzgenweber Grcazf Oche - ' Y. ' Jean -me sww, em VERY other Thursday afternoon, strange sounds can be heard in the vicinity of Room 32l. This is the headquarters of the well- known Spanish Club, where under the direc- tion of Senorita Woods and Senor Carter, the first rule of etiquette is "hable usted es- panol, solamentef' Often, the members lift their voices in Spanish song, or see Spanish motion pictures and travelogues. On special occasions there are special Spanish speakers and refreshments, lSpanish, of coursell. The atmosphere sim- Fifth Row: Conescenti, Mr. Carter, Sponsor, Pat Waesche, Tony Donald Jahrling, Bob Feldman, Bruce Ehilipl Burnbaum, Bob Harford, anne s. Butterworth, Barnett ply reeks with Spanish and they love it! .5 .-X,X BXJYLIWYV 13,1945 V x Qs!-f-Af-ima' X'-C r,VV.5,g EW Tuesday, F . I uafmifaam11n1muwmam1r9'zau'gaz41'Hi,.ygf5fbf94r?mus2efx5Ma5aQ:w' B 75 T , gas v M , edbm Hexgns as , ' V V 7 k , V , VV V . VV Vjuij'-' 4 a cxraiievc font BY WANYVA NOLAN F12 VV ggi' V activities V X' ' ., - h . ' b 1 I- ,, mmwroua Jounniez f 'f' ervice are pow-P V V V ' VV , fs-xQ- ' v Y.tKKe'1ny. ff., -,f' ' ' ' f V A V . , - V!V,,,,A ' V A an rw" Q V VVVVV, ' ' W www x A V V V ,V !VV,,,ff egaggwge f ,ff A fw 4 5 'YL 9' MM ' QQVGXQXS' 3" 'Sw' Subsided mf, 2, ww - ' Tear as Wamla. Nukm, cmb 1 - W her gavd. on 'XXQA V vw' A 01 we X X-Wvaw aww 'Vw ' 'O 7:5 Wag of ' V Xango 1 wxxud 'So 3659 wg ii a-W xx 56 ,NRG on Qtogqyh 5. 6- X59 mb? fan 053509 I QGW5 KB 7 P560 . pxwice xon A 3V13.,ff'6 veg g 10 0851, -an 6' Q - . 'CN 5 M1195 gg . Z. .05 o -Swv . wwe! 56 4, 999 on w0'1"X ,I ' mon 1 BV mf D 5,69 ' ge? eff' ,DY Vo. gon xo? af W' Qvaxooivg 9- rw ws yn. xii f eshcw wt 'C' X399 41055 S0-' wig :owe vp f 491 KVQJZQ . Q KO 60 Xoxyg ' igge 'Lo xb. 9 ds 1 A501236 ,XQM 19 Q94 dv- W Q w r, avi' G M95 50019 812. an W Hit, Edwin wuiwrn P. MTU. JUSWQM Cannetieri your ,,.,, oafx-ew, 'FY5n The Iovtbakl "Evers ang SS. Judes H. Davidson, boys here yn gc C0,EDI13 .MN px, gnpwviismgis Questia- mraapnysxczjx 1 Alma M ORS by Dmni r - ' T98 io ' ' :cum C. mwumkn. Jef' xl: ag int? Ge"Y Lame' the Red CUH5 ?' 2m"n7eY5 nm Soseph eollfghermd- prom, an the students :lon ,mx . 7 EN. , Yi ers are getting together again img' A YU av? iiflKi7f'B't uma towogg EZESZHY servxce Chmx UK the fxvc mmukhaa that school ' i Teamck mfs been open, Wie 11.00 Cross has 'V'- gxven tremendous, md to theyawg IXWVQ nw-,A1'h,Vg1fv, Las to 7 FYQIUSCXC, Robe A 605189 A. Griwkone, sf-Mei Gwent as-vson, and our B w"'H"" 95 you can seek an 0 141111 is working Mxmghty mm to So0ner, juSi as we efiortJ'Yhey t 9 and which were sent overs: 6 htirxg men. They had gm ' the siudents ,Aj .1-4 Vw YVMOAGYB Heine!!! gym. fgavfafd Heisman. WD-Tlaxir Hbggmifmv It., B. on home fR5'G6,s!15eriiuEmsn,uoW- the day of me mg gain 35139536 'K-e81tS11. Ffaxxll 3. me night oi Senior gymxuatgon. g 5f,'RdG.K1I1g,Victo'rE, Kin. Were all our were rooting for bw. to www tn lax-ng, WH- YGU-v JOUTYXHC, 1'0OUDg fOr you Q0 U'ib1lYiZd gafyeyrjushn 'iU55!', W H- Krvbe, Archie 23:0 T-h1'011gh again with that and At the present time tm? 'GPX' J' R' MM' to chdown over me goal to V30' We PYOCQSS of nmking Quia!-5. 'wiuimk T ry - me? we Cornpkztod, ihere "ffm be 9305316 M mm if au' fffff 'Q' 1 ' V 'ff f , Z'3,G"9i3'5fF""'up,w,,,, ,.....,,,,.L,,,,.f Vgc, iq! , ,VU V mmm? 529 FEATURE MW" ,.,,. l-'PFL Barb EDITORS Mio P5311 Q52 ara By., - wifi! ,mon AV- H. gk Gerald he QU, , MG f ,Sup V Yn Hask. ,f nd Fflllcmy, 1 heats 6 fm VQQV V:m?w,,,, Ins V V V V V , , mchowf BJ 'ximnwya 3565357 636515 905995' Q6 ga5W""ZZVl5,,gn 9 ff , ws KW' xo GW H ff A' ww'- Q, K, 619 , . ,,..-ff , YG ko E38 6Va,5V'Y,'g,,3fZG6V WV6e2V,G,Ve0li9e5 , . QSXX ,g,ffW5 4,-,ww YQ gwhb Q,,,,,,9 a,w',,,n,f g ' . S J ' . bsziefe- Qyw ,5j1g,'QX-X Wziicw can .ZXEQXQYWSS 132 X703 59,05 ,do-9 5' 9016 N ,QI-5350i 1 V .GOGQX55 ' xiwfl :MOG Wy: 01 3. 'QW axe- K0 W5 01 W' B9 9:05 X2 V0 5699 giiwaoxpt . QQQK- ' QOXWCO LYQXW' KQQ 'A' A . gd 0 - xxwi' 69045 . 0010 we W mm 9 X Qgxv. Wioggx V066 no rf" 1 2. ' . - ' . 50,9 VZVVXXV QQQETDCYV ,25009 9652: O W . . Age gov 5? ., 0- Q, me iw: ,go View V MV viva ASW . 'coz 2,5 QAM vsgcwm, 269056 Y MAN A on 05 N. eww' WWE 'L , G'NG Em-r ' MQ,-N121 1.23 sw Q , A X 'N' James M ORS V Xxxoxs 'QB W 614 urphy 6 -- V +I' Lee Dennggar 5 ee qfifys 6 pace 'ajwffff' Ammo - ww Aoi er! N4 gl A 1 '02 dxav9xX2-VW ?M Q 90 Wawlyz, Kew' . e AW 413236 500 Nl V . .A um Va 5,500 , dex -giP,xx?'5 ixlq NN X x Y MQ? 'V 45,106 . gb V 1 ,fp-'Q - 9 SX? v 5 , - ,, .A 50339 ,of mf- A, M -wwihf-V 41 La 5 Y 5 E E Z Q 5 Danny" "Ozzie" '23 Qi T ,. ails: QU Q, . llliil , X X Ili .2 COURT QUINTET ENDS SEASON WITH l2-6 EANECICS Basketball mites wound up the l945 season with .a creditable record of l2 wins and 6 losses. Teaneck opened up the star-t of the season and was taken as one of the most powerful teams in the league, but the loss of Captain Tomi McKelvey to the Navy weak- ened our chance of bringing home the N. N. J. l. L. championship. Danny Witt, the team's high scorer set a new record this year. Count- ing all the games played this season, Dan ended up by coping third place in the league and twelfth place among the county high scorer. The majority of scoring went to Teaneck's scoring twins Danny Witt and Frank Brielmeir, but the team was well backed up by Ozzie Hurley, .lum Lyons, and Paul Volcker. 1 nLegsu "Chicken" Bnl BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Ronald Page, Alex Winick, Carl Bushne, J D'M ti' ' second Row: Paul Volker, Frank Breslmesr, Bob Hur:-Je Dah Jllfl1ani.yTr?lhn' Third Row: Donald Dinnsen, John Steel, Howard Conklin, Donald Drake, Otto Rapheal . i ' -'wi .f .till , . ... .- rs.-,,,,,.. ....:l i u if I l THE l9-45 Wrestling team under the excellent leadership of Coaches Vorwerk and Humphrey, made a fine record for itself, the co-captains Charles Gunner and Dick Gilliland seeing them through to four victories and two defeats. Nyack, Springfield, Suffern, and Thomas Jefferson fell before the powerful Blue and White, but they lost to Newton and Roselle Park. Co-Captain Gilliland was the team's high scorer, and Ralph Cornell placed second. The team was: lO3 lb. class Bill Hart l i2 lb. class Stan Brajer l2O lb. class Herman Fess and Joe Emibrey l27 lb. class Graham McCutcheon l33 lb. class Dick Gilliland l39 lb. class Frank Scolpino l45 lb. class Dave Morrow l55 lb. class Joe Markey l65 lb. class Charlie Gunner Heavy weight Ralph Cornell WRESTLlNG TEAM neelingz Bill Hart, Stanley Brajer, Joe Erwgbglyk gsglzgljnciothery, Graham Mc u D k Gill a sfandina: Dave Morrow, Joe Markey, Charlie Gunner, Ra o Room lO5 ' y ' someone ab ld be artrs Mrs. Geary's ' ns, adyrce agement WORKERS there rs the art room. Almost any trme you go down d bllng ln palnt and a long llne ol desk waltlng tor cor- ou'll txnd wou - ' ts around rectro and encour A5 func l'1 In Co Ou , nSl'antly Walfqlyl-liLl'laj draws n e Clock T earl an ' hen eyes e b Il r""Qs fo, be Tad glrmere is a mad . , rUSl'1 down the he . all e Irst on 6 In I me for lunch tickets "Do not erase. Thrnlc. This ls the motto ot Mr. PX. . ner's chemlstry classes. Although we hoped one ot Mr. ' ents would explode and set the school on Oh, well maybe next year. l4ro er' s experlm happened. Kron llre, lt never ln thls room Mlss Busche and Mr. Drugach have gwen us a bountltul and beautllul understandlng ol' the blrds and the bees and the tlowers land worms and trogs and grasshoppers . 19 64 3 All Around the school there is always work to be done. We can always count on our trusty janitors to be ' thin around when our lockers won t open or some g else goes wrong. who will f B0b H S . Brff ' Danish tesggeghigis he can T Qeograph W do I eaffh y. Ma get fha,.i,,SS Wood All S, OU f W ho kl70ws? Ing about Mr. Vander-bilt's class sits enthralled as the Gov s gives out with one of his lengthy orations in the the regular Friday oral composition session. Here are th These girls are really wonder- ful. The things they turn out d Miss King's supervision un er awe the entire school. Dresses, ' ff th suits, blouses, coats roll o I e roduction line in an unending P . variety and quantity. MSS Cu Orgef -tho also an e futur- G se the roeasy ZZ ' crefarie Om dro PO1r,fS, 5 and ty . ' plSf5 i 'ran stand' S? study h ""Q wifi, all - of . H In White eigi' Dencil poi the audito . th period SES above arm? with S' I 9 Dad Dprr, Ifvlr, 9 the lrrfle hlnccailmonfzsrhe makin is ther mealjfhblrng groland Derfecrio und f7. Yb l e he can Pl, someth-r beloved Look ak 'Coe bk! axe . E N U The Maegfrol Bkrdg eye vKev4 HK Mkss Curran, Yxavmg fun. 0,66 'Try e yea, ang. e sheb of the whoX Chivalry,S not dead Yet J ,Fl 1,5 'if 1,-di I 441' , ff lr 5 sn Q .30 sm' . msn Y' ,W ' in , , Of -vb . 5 ' fir .L i N1 'K k . ii V. K . if l' ff!! 7- .r ui ' u 1.5, x 1 'zl"'5 stty, ,a as , 4 -1 f ,V D u ,"w in q ff . ' ' 4 ' . .0 N I 5 3 . Q -85 A Qs 'Y x. .. O lswf 1 . l' ' 1 l I A2 0i?fff,?"3 tx . 3 kb' i ik Q-4' 1 . , I ...ifuff f -H, -: url . 'ff , f , ,V f, ,if A y , Wf Q H A ' 7 0? :,f V - Mf ,ff , V ' V ,aff Jm.wfQ LUE skies. . . birds singing . . . flowers blooming . . . sun4 beams and cotton dresses . . . starry eyes . . . bubbling brooks . , . everything is green and wonderful . . . everyone is in love . . . Easter , . . crazy hats and sweet hymns . . . base- ball . . . April showers . . . sott, cool rain . . . crew-cuts . . . picnics . . . graduation . . , everyone is 'happy because . . this is Spring 68 R 1 sq ' A Y , 2f4W , ., f W, - , Z M in f 41:5 ge ' 3 ,L 2 2' " 3 MW, A 9, X Nw 1, -f.-,gf-v c '4'v -I2 f S I 3 ff f X X 5, ? 1 X4 Q Q f f if 'wg I f 542 f f f f , , fy Q Q f? ff f f W1 ,sd fi 1 1 1 f ' Q I , . --'f- , ' 1 at Q, S 4 2, 4 ,f 4, 1 f ,ph M, , f 1 ar f , Y. iff" Q2 - ' 'fm -.f ,ff 9 ,A . X , -. 'Z' ' 'f '.-gfL,,1..'.,. Ze' , X, A f , Q gf :. E251 Y' ' f I -.1-gfff-Q , 'w 1 'wfi-ffzfiwiil X, fi W rl cfimaxecf in ffm w Q5 Wong ww I I 60964 ' .Kb NIO c, uY la 9? 7fze 4- ol YQ dl 'O 096 +00 uied "l do not like you Mr. Ellis." cxxilxe X G x0 XD You'lI -hear from my lawyer for this!" Jim Directed by MISS HELEN SMITH ,hflhe 'XM ff 77715 07951 m goin to call you Daddy Little." Ile He f7,-eiffe M fri? 17,036 th S17-I lp D1 .US 6 S fgok First Row: Raymond Will, Bill Murphy, Mike Verost, James Cordaro. Second Row: William Schroeder, Rollin Schuster, Fabio Racioppi, Sam Cavaliere, Marty Williamson Thiird Row: Howard Conklin, Herman Neyers, Joe Cavelier, George Moore, Frank Brielmeler Fourth Row: .lohn Lind, Manager, Mr. Finn, Coach, Pete Russ, Manager. Eaaeddl ITH six veterans returning from a good '44 squad, the I945 edition of Teaneck's baseball nine has stamped itself as one ofthe threats to cop the N. N. J. I. L. title. Coach Barney Finn welcomes back to his third year of coaching third baseman Frankie Brielmaier, Captain Ronald "Dennis" Page, Mike Verost and Marty Williamson, outfielders, Rollin Schuster, pitcher, and shortstop Billie Murphy. Packed with power at the plate as a result, of Sophomore Bill McClelland and Sid Cordaro's hitting, and a fireball pitching staff headed by Rollin Schuster and Willie Schroeder, the Blue and White are looking forward to one of its best diamond campaigns. ,S out at fll'STl First Row: Fred Simkins, Ken Eilerman, Charles Gunner, Bill Eads, Joe Sanders, John Reinhardt, Bill Ru I P 1 Dave Bayer. P Second Row: Arnold Tenny, Bill Ennis, Norman Reeves, Harold Gerbach, John Steel, Don Dinnsen, Hal Hulka. 'Fhird Row: Charles Powell, Gene Ackerman, Ruppert Bing, Herman Simon, Walter Peter, Norman Jackman, Manager. Fourth Row: Mr. Smith, Coach, Jack Bollinger, Manager, Jack Gilsdorf, Ed Emmer. Fifth Row: Sane Rowland, Jack Smith, Herman Miohels, Paul Ketchpel, Bill Brennen 'hack ITH the i944 N. N. J, l. L. Championship neatly salted away, the cindermen again entered league competition, for the tifth straight year. Millard C. Smith, in his second year ot coaching aptly led the Highwaymen through the schedule which terminated with the N. N. J, I. L. and State Cham- pionship meets. fox f QV NNE Nil li rlfyxl inf f Q21 9 , Lic f ,, f if i it Q fb l Q ll X NX I T wil Wim' 5 . ll . -, fAJfJ' ff , . ,uf-f 2 ff 'N ,-ffll 'fs mx" . ,Mfg E 'la it Q it 7 he 2 it ' ' f A ,, , n. 2, I ir VAVG 1 lm I lib ,ffl l 5 W H t f s ' ' T ri i i 'eu A I Av7,,.s'f 3 , I JH: Y 1" ' Q7 !f3ffu'.f'ff I " 5 , ls ,, 1 3 ! fad? y it 1 , 1g.f:W,ti.rigt, s , ,P . .JW ,mv ,asf X fJ3:'lllil"5. l ii, L1b"?'l.lba'l if-rg ,4 'gt s'-r. rlli-:wil 3? 2 1.il":r2Q-gli Li-Lv M ., u J , fy 33 I' U H i f i if ff we , ' ext of i,?Elfi?:53a'ill1'i'li PM-f - '4V' L ' 'f 4 K J Y " 4' f i gi lt , -i 1 1 ,y 545' fl: , 2 i-rg I K 9 ' , 1, ww 'A' f- , 'l'-"W f i' ,r .r i Pl' 1 .Wifi 'if V' ' 9' i pgs ' - 1 4 i i i i i ll J l J ' Q, X e: lilllul , r f If I, V V' 'V t ' an 235 . If V fi ,V V , if , Q ' ' ll' -'llllil 3 M , f'-' ' fa I , I x V V we ' ' i , W l i i f Q Q 15 To l , HAROLD Louis BUSCHINGL - y it to ' i ' iff 'i .wtix Mayy a i r r fawt r Quwrw9 i i dia ,2Qwwcavf1mmwfu5we?x yygf di cr y f f'k, .1 g , QF A ,ZS V,Vr 1, I, I , . Ja if ,V ,V ' , , ,f ff, N '23, C, .23-fl KL, 'vi V., .Urns , I E417 fm: , I 1 : fjyr, L, , f VV :V , I, ,V 'fi If I f 4 I , . ' ffltlliff-if 2-f1i1f" 'U ,J' f y r v f 1 - M if A. ' q.A.f'.Q't3'..' . 3-Q. a f 1 .L -V . if .ig ,, I I f ,':V , V, f Wig ,f LQ! 5 - ':",e5-t V , -QM '- 'gf ' Y I f g ' f , f , , " V i " A3 i i - "i s Qi-ff' P' - -V yy l yiyrirr ' J yi? 1 H My J . , VV , Vkfy fV,Vr Vgfyr V,,, I I , , my H i y 4 li A l U. i Highest 'ot the honors in Teaneck High ' g - School is the Award ot Merit given to 'Q I 2 ' "that student of .the graduating class l l A at who has most successfully lived up to the 11 f tradition of the school, and the ideals of good citizenship." lt is presented an- nually by ,the Teaneck Women's Club. The -i945 Hi Way congratulates Harold Louis Busching. in As. 'L N 3 a wxt . i n V . if vi' . i. N I9 I v , '-v' V s. ,Wy "MQ a -5 A A., , - ., N ,. Q' 5 x ,X g g i K ,704-Gabor 9 , is Q K , 2,0 t gg I 1 . c yt , 05-CO2 ' , '70 1' ' i- . ' 61- QQ- - A s 5 00,406 , 'G ' O9 "' f i Nb, fffaif t , dx 5,0 Q43 I Q . 'lfw Sw fe f Cf f fi I 6 , , 1,7 bf- X X ,116 230 N ks V 06,0 1, If , xfffeoozss V VL,Lv X 9 ,v OQQGGO , lc, ,9 60' n l1,. i L 4, 6,63 W. -5 ,3- , We 65 K , 0,0700 n 207 it x Q , N. L t M' sqycgor H755 I' X .. X .kfk x 1 95, K ktqy 9 - '7 . ix, 5 A. v 4,4 K ,U gg 0698.10 r . ' 1 044. ,, A5 Vx 4,. c , 'ifgfce V c ,sg '9Q,fe4 652-4 1' 660, 'A'- i r O, X .. .-, 07 O. , I ' ,fr fb Q, -. ,ig i ot sf 'Q A gg. V . at 07854 ' Rx i .QM V X 5 , V , C Q f ,sv s s l a is 66 LP f l .5 , 1 J af 1 - Al Nw 'I fe iX" 'ix lib' 0 O' Qlg ' it G6 SJ' 0 T Figs ,. 6'42,L'f94- 63047, , Wt 9 S' if 4 mmX,. Q gg oofyso N 'Pm ie gi ., 14, , ' f 41 f . I mx' .- ,K - xx If I Gkggfq AV , v X In K 'N . '7 ' 02906 ' i - 'S X F ,., L, - ' , Q ,. ,: - fc.. 4' ,, J QQ 906566 , ri gf? K V, 413906, QS, sg. i s s , ,,,,, f f ' K iisi f'J"fm JO , . X . .X .sr .. In K . 652466 A O' x Y . U13-,777 i' ' E ' Qfl' N , , . , , - - ,,, f J ,310 , a P 4 , If if VV N I ,.,,, - Y O qq Qt '45, L.. JN lg . ' +V , ' 'jf' 't iv K, Q C655-9071' ., K " 5 , , Ek ,g QCVS41 V, , Q VVL. 6 2 47. l ,, Y - 1 mg f' 6 - I X . . i "XL ' --Q .' e- 1 X Q -' .-:' i " ,, - gbcgaf ae, g, V 1V,, 5, , , I C23 f47ff . A s X ' 061- K :,1 A ' 'V h A f Cafe Q A ... . A 1 01 6' " ., e 'e 9,58 Alanna EMBERSHIP in the National Honor Society is conferred each year, upon those students compromising approximately fifteen per cent of the senior class, who have displayed exemplary scholarship, lead ership, citizenship and service during their years at Teaneck High School. The entire upper third of the senior class is eligible but admission to the socie-t.y rests upon the decision of the faculty and vote of the stu- dent body. fo, 95 o,- ' ' l - Q . s 9,38 47,7 .1-wmv! sougrv iyf, Q: W LW 4 . . OJ' Q 1,056 'ig RX Gio K K O 'Q' ,o S S 436 , R Wo 60 0 X 46 I6 1 oe 'NS Hiro L l + LQ, if Q rx 96 ,ff A Amie f 0 755 f 'N Af x fo 416, , , 'K Q , 50 s 099,10 K tt i i ,. 'f' , 604906 , Q 5 A 6' wh, ' ' 046,51 Cffffv' , 43,55 2 : Je X Q ,QQ X I7 63 414' ,, ts.. 6, 0 ,lll .v. , sf qs LIS' A395 s'ii f 3. ' NA-rl ou:-XL. X , ,,, , 1 J N , A I V gf is K ,-,,.WMl f 5,845 - -X Q IVF ,, 4' s -. Q ' . - . 1, 'I ,s. ' Xi X 5 l V l E 5 X 5 l f 1 , T sy! . A F gg i ? W - fg ' -T ' 'ti fd 121 ,1 .521 1 .QL :-- , t W Ml .T 52, :fl f' 5-as -. 'N " 'ff-- " , 1 ,Z i 2 v 'Q X A., " T 5 o vi A X ir' A it 4 if ' " C l w i S C ' "ef-we -it was as 1 O OYS from our school and all other schools, are constantly being called to serve their country before they have a chance to graduate. At the time this book went to press, many of our senior boys had already been called or had joined voluntarily. Among those who are in service already are: CARL AGERHOLM-Navy THOMAS MCKELVEY-Navy GIRARD BOWKER-Navy WILLIAM RITTERBUSH-Navy JACK DANIELS-Navy WILLIAM ROCKLEDGE-Navy HERMAN FESS--Navy CHARLES SHARKEY-Army DAVID HEEBNER-Navy RUDOLPH SWENSON-Navy LOUIS KELTER-Navy CHARLES UBE'R-Navy ROBERT KETTIG-Navy ROBERT WELLWOOD-Navy ALBERT LELKENDEY-Army JOHN WHITE-Navy KENNETH ZIMMERMAN-Navy To all ot you we say-hurry home! S ii 5 E SENIOR BETTY LEE ACKERMAN Red Cross I2 Girls League I2 CARL AGERHOLM Soccer IO 'Student Service IO, II, I2 WARREN ALDORETTA German Club IO Intramural Basketball IO, II, I2 Intramural Baseball IO, II, I2 Art Service Squad I2 EDWARD G. ALLEN Tennis Team IO, II, I2 Physics Club II International Relations Forum II NANCY ARM ITAGE Red Cross II Hi-Way Art Staff I2 RUTH AULT Biology Club IO Senior Orchestra IO, II, I2 Senior Red Cross II, IZ Active Atoms I2 SYLVIA BACON Spanish Club IO Playcrafters IO Service Club IO, II, I2 Red Cross I2 Hi-Way Advertising Staff I2 Apparatus Club I2 FLOANNE L. BAIJSLEY Student Council I2 Service Club I2 HUGH BARNES Senior Group JEREMY BARNES Band IO, II Orchestra IO, II Math Club II Physics Club II FRANKLIN BARRY Biology Club IO Spanish Club IO Active Atoms I2 ADELE BASCH Spanish Club IO, II, I2 Playcrafters IO, Il, I2 MARILYN BEAL Spanish Club II, I2 Te-Hi News ii, I2 iCopy Editorl Hi-Way Literary Staff EVELYN BEAUMONT Bowling Club II ELAINE BECKER Playcrafters IO, II, I2 Hi-Way IO, II, I2 lFeatures Editorl Spanish Club IO, II, I2 Writers Club II ERLNE BEIN Student Council I2 BARBARA BLACKLEDGE German Club IO, II Red Cross I.I Biology Club I2 Hockey I2 ALICE BOLINDER Student Council IO, I2 lSecretaryI Girls League IO, II, I2 Hi-Way iAdvertising Statfi I2 RICHARD N. BOLLES Physics Club II Active Atoms I2 GEORGE H. BONNINGTON, JR. Biology Club IO Rifle Club IO, Il, I2 German Club IO, II, I2 Wrestling IO, II, I2 Physics Club II Active Atoms I2 Hi-Way I2 GERARD BOWKER Golf Club Golf Team II DOROTHY H. BRACKETT Red Cross IO, II, I2 Volleyball IO Baseball IO Te Hi Service Club I2 Spanish Club I2 Saddle Club I2 EDGAR BRANDT Intramural Basketball GERTRUDE BRARMAN TS. C. IO Leaders Club II, I2 Baseball IO, II, I2 Basketball IO, II, I2 Hockey IO, II, I2 Soccer IO, II, I2 Volleyball IO, II, I2 ROSE MARIE BRARMAN Rifle Club II Teaneck Sports Club IO Leaders Club II, I2 Apparatus Club II, I2 DANIEL BRAUN Fishing IO Soccer IO Baseball IO CLAIRE BREITENSTEIN Band io, ii, iz Orchestra IO, II, I2 T. S. C. IO Girls League IO, II I2 Active Atoms io, ii, I2 Hockey, Ping- Pong, Basketball Baseball FRANK BRIELMAIER Baseball IO, II, I2 Basketball IO, II, I2 WILLIAM P. BROCKMEIER Hi Way Art Staff I2 Football II Rifle Club IO, I2 DOROTHY MAE BRUCE Aviation I0 Ping Pong IO H-i Way I2 Service Club I2 LEIGI-I BREUER Spanish Club IO Service Club IO Student Service II Cheerleading II, I2 iCaptainI Student Council IO Junior Cabinet II lTreasurerI Basketball I2. STANLEY BUCHANAN 'Senior Group WILLIAM BUKOWSKI Baseball Basketball ANN BURBY Orchestra IO, II, I2 Student Service II Te Hi News I2 Te Hi Service Club I2 MARIANNE BURGER Te Hi Service Club IO, II Girls League IO, II, I2 T. S. C. IO Student Service II, I2 Spanish Club I2 Hi Way I2 Leaders Club I2 VALENTINE BURGER Senior Group DORIS A. BURNETT Band IO HAROLD L. BUSCHING Biology Club IO Intramural Sports IO German Club IO, II Student Council IO, II, I2 IPresdentl VIRGINIA BYRKIT Student Council I2 Girls League I2 Hi Way Circulation Staff I2 STATISTICS BARBARA BYRNE Girls League IO Te Hi News IO, II, I2 lFeature Editorl JACK CAHILL Golf II, I2 Soccer I2 Wrestling I2 LOIS CARLSEN Basket-ball IO Writers Club II, I2 Service Club I2 ' Span-ish Club I2 Playcrafters I2 JOAN CASTELLO Junior Cabinet II Cheerleading II, I2 A Cappella Choir I2 JOSEPH CAVALIERE Soccer IO, I2 WILLIAM CHALMERS Senior Group EMMY LOU CHATTLE Red Cross I2 ALFRED CICORIA Te Hi News ROBERT CIVIL Rifle Club MARIE CLODE Girls League IO Art Service Squad IO, II, I2 Te Hi Service Club IO, II, I2 Playcrafters I2 Hi Way Art Staff I2 ROBERT COHEN Radio Club II French Club II Soccer IO, II, I2 iManagerI JACQUELINE COLGAN Girls League II, I2 T. MILLICENT COMMONS Girls League GERALD CONOSCENTI Assembly Committee IO, II, I2 Playcrafters IO, II, I2 International Relations Forum I2 JEANETTE COOK Girls League RALPH CORN ELL Football IO, II, I2 Wrestling II, I2 Baseball II, I2 JANE COSTELLO Spanish Club IO, II Basketball IO, II, I2 Hi Way I2 Girls League I2 Riding Club I2 RICHARD COURT Drafting Club IO, II Basketball II, I2 Hi Y I2 Hi Way I2 Football IO, II, I2 Track II, I2 Student Service lCaptainI I2 DONALD COWELL Soccer NANCY CRISCIONE Girls League BARBARA CRUTHERS Rifle Club IO , Girls League IO, ll, I2 Basket-ball IO, Il, I2 Hi Way ig Senior Cabinet I2 Active Atoms I2 RAYMOND comer S Student Service ll, I2 CHARLES P. DALY Rifle Club JOHN PAUL DALY Soccer IO, II, I2 WARREN R. DAMIS Wrestling Intramural Basketball JACK DANIELS Choir IO, II, I2 Football IO, II, I2 Track II, I2 Hi Way I2 JOH-N W. DAYTON, JR. Tennis, IO, I2 Rifle Club IO, I2 Senior Cabinet I2 Student Council I2 JOHN W. DeBAUN Riding Club II Rifle Club II, I2 Skating I2 CHARLES M. DEBLON Senior Group MARION DeJACOMO HiWay Baseball ISABEL DeLU CA Red Cross IO Hi Way IO, II, I2 A Cappella Choir IO, Il, I2 LELAND S. DENNEGAR TeHii News IO, II, I2 Playcrafters IO, II, I2 Assembly Committee II, I2 IRENE Dl COSTANZO Baseball IO French Club II Basketball II TeHi News II, I2 Service Club I2 Hi Way I2 JOSEPH DI MATTEO Student Council IO Mec-hanical Drawing IO Basketball IO, II, I2 Tennis IO, II, I2 Hi Y IO, II, I2 tPresidentI Intramural Baskettball IO, II Football ii, I2 FLOYD DRAKE Biology Club IO German Club IO, II, I2 Golf IO, II, I2 Intramural Basketball IO, II Physics Club II Active Atoms I2 Math Club I2 PATRICIA DRISCOLL French Club Latin Club MARIE DUNLAP Girls League WILLIAM EADS Biology Club IO Soccer IO Track IO, II, I2 Student Court II Student Council II lVice Presidentl Playcrafters II, I2 Senior Cabinet lPresidentI Hi Y I2 IVice Presidentl NANCY EARL French Club IO, II Art Service Squad II Service Club II, I2 Active Atoms I2 EDWARD EMMER Chess Club IO, II, I2 Biology Club IO Track IO, II, I2 Physics Club II Active Atoms I2 RONALD EMMONS Senior Group FRANCES ENGEL Spanish Club Il Rifle Club II Girls League I2 JOAN ENGEL Te Hi News IO, II lCirculation Staffl Hi Way IO, II lCircuIation Staffl Basketball WILLIAM ENNIS Track IO, II, I2 Soccer II, I2 DORIS ERSKINE Girls League JEAN EVANS Girls League IO, II, I2 Hi Way I2 RINA B. FANTONI T. S. C. IO Basketball IO, I2 Junior Cabinet II Hi Way I2 Student Council I2 Leaders Club I2 Riding Club FERN FARNHAM Girls League DOROTHY FAY Girls League JOAN FAY Red Cross Il DOROTHY FESS Red Cross IO T. S. C. lc Library Council IO Girls League IO, Il, I2 Studei t Council IO, II Hockey, baseball, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, IO, II, I2 Leaders Club II, I2 Junior Cabinet II ' Service Club II, IZ Active Atom I2 Riding Club I2 HERMAN FESS German Club IO, II Golf Club IO, II Latin Club IO Golf IO, II, I2 Wrestling IO, II, I2 Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball JOY FIELDS Basketball IO Playcrafters IO, II, I2 Girls League IO, I2 Te Hi News II Hi Way Iliterary staffl I2 Service Club II Writing Club I2 DOROTHY FOSTER Library Council IO Basketball IO, II, I2 T. S. C. IO Hockey IO Baseball IO, I2 RUTHANN FOX Red Cross Playcrafters Archery Riding Club CARL FREUND Rifle Club SYBILLE FRICK French Club II Service Club IO, II, I2 Playcrafters I2 Senior Cabinet I Presidentl I-is Way I2 Baseball Basketball FLORENCE GEHLBACH Girls League CLAIRE GANZ Junior Cabinet Hi Way ladvertising, business, and art staffsl JEANNE GASTON Tel-'li News IO, II, I2 Playcrafters IO, II, I2 Service Club II, I2 Girls League I2 Hi Way Iliterary staffl I2 BEVERLY GEORGIA Library Council II Red Cross I2 Girls League I2 CATHERINE GILES Girls League RICHARD GILLILAND Wrestling IO, Il, I2 HAROLD J. GILSDORF Biology Club IO Library Council Track Student Council IO, II, I2 Radio Club II IPresidentI Physics Club II lSecretary- Treasurerl Active Atoms I2 Hi Way I2 ALICE JANE GILSINAN Bowling Club GLORIA M. GIRARDON Te Hi News IO, Il, I2 Te Hi Service Club II, I2 Girls League I2 Spanish Club I2 Hi Way lliterary staffl I2 JEAN GOLDAMMER Golf Club Rifle Club IRENE GOLDEN Hi Way IO, II, I2 Art Service Squad II, I2 Girls League II Baseball Basketball MILDRED GOLDMINZ A Cappella Choir, IO, Il, I2 International Relations Forum DOROTHY GOLLIN Te Hi News IO Hi Way IO M. PATRICIA GOODWIN Radio Club IO Spanish Club II, I2 Hi Way I2 GERALD GOULD Senior Group O RICHARD GRAHAM Senior Group ESTHER GRIFFITHS Girls League DANIEL GROSS Physics Club II German Club II, I2 Mat-h Club I2 Active Atoms I2 MARGERY GROSS French Club IO, II Junior Cabinet II Service Club I2 CHARLES GUN NER Junior Calblnet lPresidentl Football IO, II, I2 Wrestling IO, II, I2 Track IO, II, I2 DOLORES GUYON Te Hi News II, I2 OWEN HAMILL Bowling Club II, I2 ALBERT HANAK Rifle Club IO, II SHIRLEY HARRIS Red Cross IO Spanish Club IO, II, I2 Playcrafters II Service Club I2 ARTHUR HARTWICK Band IO, II, I2 Orchestra IO, II, I2 GERALDYN HASKINS Spanish IO, II Student Council II Playcrafters I2 Red Cross JEAN MARIE HAULE Te Hi Service Club IO Spanish Club IO, II, IZ T. S. C. IO Riding Club Baseball Basketball BARBARA HAUPT T. S. C. German Club Leaders Club DAVID HEEBNER Biology Club IO Rifle Club IO, II, I2 Student Court Junior Class Cabinet II Active Atoms I2 ALIVE HEFFERNAN Te Hi News Playcrafters IO, II, I2 Red Cross BEATRICE HEINEMANN Red Cross Spanish ARTHUR HENDRICKSON Assembly Committee IO, Playcrafters IO, Il, I2 ISABEL HENRY Spanish Club IO Baseball IO Te Hi News II, I2 EDITH HINMAN Hi Way ii, I2 lBusiness M-anagerl DONALD HOETI-NG Football IO, II, I2 BERNICE HOSSFIELD Student Council IO Creative Writing II Service Club I2 Drafting Club I2 GLORIA HOTMER Playcrafters IO, II, I2 Student Servicce Il Te Hi News Il 'Girls League I2 Hi Way llliterary staffl ROSE MARIE HUBER Girls League ROBERT HURLEY Stockroom IO, II, I2 Foot1baIlIO II I2 Basket-ball Io, ii, iz Baseball IO, II, IZ JOSEPH JABLON Spanish Club Drafting Club Baseball IO DONALD JAH RLING A Cappella Choir IO, II Radio Club II Tennis I2 Glee Club Spanish Club ANTHONY S. JANICKI Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball L. RODN EY JEFFREY Intramural Basketball, IO II IZ Intramural Baseball IO, II I2 HUGH JOHANNESSEN Student Service IO, II Playcrafters IO, II, I2 Soccer IO, II, I2 Wrestling I2 Hi Y INGRID JOHNSON Leaders Club Hi Way II, I2 Student Council I2 Senior Cabinet I2 MARILYN JOHNSON Service Club IO, I2 Spanish Club IO, II HI Way IO, I2 Basketball IO, II, I2 Baseball I2 Girls League I2 I PATRICIA JONES Art Service Squad Riding Club Student Council Junior Cabinet Rifle Club MARIE JORDAN Girls League HUGH KANE Senior Group DANIEL KEELY I Rifle Club IO, II, I2 I Student Service II, I2 I Te Hi News II, I2 MARTIN KELLY Band IO, II I Wrestling IO I Track IO 4 Football IO, II, I2 , LOUIS KELTER ' Senior Group JPAUL A. KETCHPEL Rifle Club , Intramural Basketball IO, II l EDWARD KIMMERLE E Rifle Club II, I2 1 I ISABELLE KING T. S. C. IO Basketball IO Girls League IO Art Service Squad IO, I2 -Riding Club II, I2 Student Court II Senior Class Cabinet I2 I Student Service I2 i Hi Way I2 lArt Editorl MARGARET J. KIRCHER Girls League RAYMOND KLEIN Riding Club IO, II Student Service I2 ELSA -KOHLER Service Club I2 Student Council I2 AUDREY KOHLREITER Girls League MONROE KOLB Senior Grou-p MILDRED KRAIS Te Hi Service Club I2 GERALDINE LAUZON Te Hi News io, 11, I2 lEditor-in-Chiefl .. Playcrafters IO ' French Club Junior Cabinet Il Senior Cabinet I2 Basketball I2 Red Cross I2 Girls League I2 Hil Way iadvertising staffl PATRICIA LAWSON Library Council IO T. S. C. IO lPresidentl Hi Way IO, II, I2 lAssociate Editorl Girls Leage IO, II, I2 iPresidentI Student Court II Bridge Club Il, I2 GLORIA ANNE LECLERQ Senior Cabinet French Club IO, II, I2 Service Club II, I2 KENNETH LEEMAN Student Service IO, II ALBERT LELKENDY Rifle Club I2 ELIZABETH LETSCHE Basketball II HELEN LEUMANN Girls League JOAN LEVINE Spanish Club IO, II Te Hi News IO Icirculation II Editorial staffl Basketball IO Baseball IO Playcrafters IO, II, I2 lSecretary-Treasurerl Hi Wray I2 lLiterary Editorl Student Council I2 ROBERT LEWIS Latin Club IO Riding Club IO Intramural Wrestling II JOHN LICATA None DIANE J. LIMENFELD Red Cross IO, Il, I2 iPresidentl Playcrafters IO, Il, I2 Spanish Club II, I2 THELMA LOEW Service Club IO Biology Club IO Library Council Il DOLORES LOWE Hi Way I2 JAMES LYONS Football IO, II, I2 Basketball IO, II, I2 Track II, I2 Intramural Baseball Intramural Basketball ELMER MABIE Intramural Basketball Soccer I2 Baseball I2 VIRGINIA MACARONE Girls League Archery JANET MacGREGOR Leaders Club Basketball Hockey GORDON MacKILLOP Rifle Club IO FLORENCE MADDEN Girls League I2 Il, I2 DOROTHY MADDEN Library Council IO Junior Cabinet II Student Service II, I2 Student Council I2 Playcrafters I2 Hi Way I2 JACK MAGNAN Senior Group DONALD J. MALONEY Student Service I2 Hi Way lcirculation managerl I Biology Club IO Active Atoms I2 DONALD W. MALONEY Biology Club IO Chess Club IO, II, I2 Student Court IO, II Physics Club II lPresidentl Track II I2 Student Council Il, I2 lTreasurerI Active Atoms I2 DORIS J. MALON EY Red Cross I0 Playcrafters II, I2 IVice Presidentl JANET M. MALTB I E Service Club IO, II, I2 Basketball IO, II, I2 Girls League IO, I2 Hi Way ladvertising and circulation staffsl ALLAN MARTIN Basketball IO, II, I2 Intramural Sports SHIRLEY MARCUS Riding Club IO, I2 Playcrafters II, I2 JOSEPH MARKEY Football IO, II, I2 staffl Track II, I2 Wrestling I2 PATRICIA MARVELLE Student Service I2 CARDINAL MASTERS Spanish Club IO, I2 Drafting Club II Football IO, II, I2 Wrestling, IO, II Baseball II, I2 JOYCE M. MATHIS T. S. C. IO Service Club IO Student Council I0 Girls League IO, II, I2 Baseball IO, II Basketball IO, II Red Cross Il Junior Cabinet II H-i Way I2 RICHARD MAYER Rifle Club IO, II, I2 Rifle Team II, I2 Active Atoms I2 ELIZABETH MCCURRACH T. S. C. II GRAHAM McCUTCHEON Wrestling IO, II, I2 ICo-captainl WARREN MCDERMOTT Senior Group MARTHA MCGIMPSEY Girls League JEAN MCGRATH Red Cross IO, II Student Service I2 Student Council I2 Service Club I2 THOMAS MCKELVEY Basketball IO, II, I2- Football IO, II, I2 DONALD MELLEN Fishing Band IO, II Orchestra IO, II THERESA MELOY Hockey, baseball, basketball soccer, volleyball IO, II, I2 T. S. C. I2 Leaders Club I2 PATRICIA MEO Apparatus Club I2 MILTON MERRIN Football II, I2 Track II, I2 H ERMAN C. MEYER Senior Cabinet I2 Baseball I2 HERMAN MICHELS German Club 2 Hi Y ii I2 Soccer I'2 ALMA MILLER Girls League IO, II, I2 Red Cross IO, II T.S.C. IO A Cappella Choir IO, Il, I2 Spanish Club II, IZ Te Hi News Il, I2 IEditor-in Chiefl Hi Way ladvertising staffl I2 Senior Cabinet I2 Sports IO, II, I2 OLIVE MILLER Student Service IO Te Hi News Il Girls League IO, II Playcrafters I2 JACK MOLLOY Band IO, Il, I2 Orchestra IO, II, I2 PAUL MONEYPENNY Track Il, I2 DOROTHY MOONEY Red Cross IO, II, ISecretaryl I2 lSecretaryJ French Club II Hi Way I2 Playcrafters I2 AGNES MORRISON Library Council HELEN MOSHER Baseball IO, II Basketball IO, II T. S. C. IO Te Hi News IO Girls League II Red Cross TH ELMA MU ELLER A Cappella Choir IO, II, I2 Art Service Squad Service Club Sports Club Il Basketball EMIL MULLER Intramural Basketball IO, II, I2 Baseball II, I2 PAUL MURACHANIAN Intramural Baseball IO Intramural Basketball II Senior Band IO, I2 Football II Track II, I2 JAMES MURPHY Baseball IO, II, I2 Te Hi News II, I2 lManaging Editorl Intramural Basketball WILLIAM JEROME MURPHY Baseball IO, Il, I2 Football I2 RICHARD MURRAY Senior Group ZONCETTA NASTASI Library Council IO, II, I2 Spanish Club II, I2 DOROTHY NELSON Student Court IO Student Council IO, I2 French Club IO, I2 Te Hi News II, I2 Senior Cabinet I2 Hi Way lliterary staffl I2 Writers Club lSecretaryI I2 GORDON NOBLE Student Service IO, II, I2 Biology Club IO Active Atoms I2 Riding Club I2 JUANITA NOLAN Service Club Red Cross II, I2 Student Council SHIRLEY NORRIS Hi Way ladvertising staffl I2 Student Council II Red Cross II WANDA NUHN Library Council IO Biology Club IO T. S. C. II Apparatus Club II, I2 Leaders Club I2 Playcrafters II, I2 lPresidentI VIRGINIA O'CONNELL Girls League J. RITA O'HEA Red Cross Spanish Club Basketball RICHARD OMOHUNDRO None JOSEPH o'NEll.l. Football lo, Il, I2 HARRY OSTERHOUT Student Council IO Student Service IO, II RONALD PAGE Basketball IO II, I2 Baseball IO, ll, I2 Junior Class Cabinet lVice Presidentl II Football II, I2 Te Hi News II, I2 STEPHEN D. PALMER Basketball IO, II, I2 WILLIS PALMER Basketball Track KATHLEEN PANATIERRI Senior Cabinet I2 Red Cross I2 FLORENCE PANZENHAGEN Apparatus Club II, I2 JEAN PARDEY T. S. C. IO Ping Pong II Girls -League II, I2 Active Atoms I2 EUGENIA PEDROLI Library Council IO, II, I2 Girls League IO, II, I2 A Cappella Choir IO, II, Playcratters IO, Il, I2 Opera Club I2 Writers Club I2 DOROTHY PEPIN Red Cross II, I2 GRAFTON PERRY Junior Cabinet II Radio Club II Football II Student Council I2 LILLIAN PETERSON Red Cross I2 SHIRLEY PLACK Basketball IO Bowling Club I2 Girls League I2 Red Cross I2 FRANKLIN POOLE Stamp Club ZARAH POOSIKIAN Student Service NICHOLAS POPOVICH, Rifle Club IO, II Traok II Riding Club I2 JANET PRICE ?orts Club I0 ockey, Baseball, Basketball, Red Cross II, I2 Service Club II, I2 WARREN PUSHAW Football IO, ll, I2 I2 E. JR. Intramural Basketball IO, II, I2 Wrestling II MARGERY QUITZAU Plarcrafters IO, II, I2 Girs League IO, II, I2 Basket-ball, Baseball IO, II, I2 Writers Club I2 Hi Way ladvertising -and literary staffsl I2 Student Council II Senior Cabinet I2 FABIO RACIOPPI -Football IO, II, I2 Baseball IO, II, I2 Wrestling II, I2 GERALDINE RAPFOGEL -Red Cross IO, III, I2 Playcrafters IO, II, I2 - Hi Way II, I2 HELEN REGAS Te Hi News IO, II T. S. C. IO Girls League Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball KATHLEEN REGAS Red Cross IO, II, I2 T. S. C. IO Girls League IO, II Leaders Club II, I2 lPresidentl Hi Way I2 Senior Cabinet I2 Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey JOHN REINHARDT Track II Football II WILLIAM REINKE Senior Group DOREEN RITCHIE Library Council IO Red Cross II ' Sevice Club I2 Student Council I2 WILLIAM RITTERBUSCH Soccer IO, I2 DOLORES RIZZO Girls League PATRICIA ROBB Girls League IO, II, I2 Biology Club IO Baseball, Basketball Active Atoms I2 Hi Way I2 JOAN ROLLAT Service Club French Club IO II spanish Club ld, II lo, II, I2 T. S. C. IO Girls League IO, II Hi Way I2 Baseball, Basketball BETTY ROSE T. S. C. I2 - Leaders Club I2 Riding Club I2 Rifle Club II Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball IO, II, I2 DORIS ROSSI Art Service Squad IO, II, I2 Student Service I2 Hi Way lAdvertising Managerl Senior Cabinet I2 PATRICIA ROTH Te Hi Service Club I2 'Library Council II, I2 lSecretaryl Hi Way lliterary staffl I2 Creative Writing II, I2 GEORGE A. ROTHERY Rifle Club IO, II Wrestling IO, II, I2 Drafting Club I0 WILLIAM ROWE Playcrafters II Hi Y II, I2 Rose RUBINETTI T. S. C. I2 Leaders Club I2 JOSEPH RUBINO Spanish Club I2 Salvage II Swimming I2 Te Hi News lcopy Wrestling BERNARD RUHL Senior Group DORIS RUSSELL Girls League , JOSEPH SANDERS Library Council IO Biology Club IO Mechanical Drawing Club IO KPresidentl ' , lRadio Club Il lSecretaryl Physics Club II Track IO, II, I2 Cross Country II Active Atoms I2 VIRGINIA SCHERZINGER Service Club IO, II, I2 T. S. C. IO Baseball, Basketball IO, II, I2 Rifle Club I2 Hi Way I2 lPublicity-Circulation Managerl GERTRUDE SCHOLZ Student Council II Senior Class Cabinet I2 Hi Way II, I2 ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER Girls League THERESA SCHNEIDER Girls League ' DOROTHY SCHWEIKERT .Girls League NATALIE SEIB Girls League IO, I2 Spanish Club II Hi Way I2 Senior A Cappella Choir II, I2 Art Service Squad IO, II, I2 CHARLES SHARKEY Baseball I2 editorl EDWARD SHEPHERD Senior Group JAMES SHEQU INE Li'brary Council IO Student Service I2 Soccer I2 EDWIN SHRIVER Radio Club II Math Clu-b II Active Atoms I2 HERMAN SIMON Football IO, II, I2 Baseball II, I2 THEODORE O. SIIPPEL Student Council IO Student Court IO, II Biology Club Physics Club II Active Atoms I2 JANE SKALA Red Cross IO, II, I2 T. S. C. IO Girls League IO, II Leaders Club II Hi Way I2 Bas-ketball, Hockey DOLORES SMITH A Cappella Choir IO, II International Relations Forum Ping Pong I2 BERTHA SMITHERS Basketball I2 - Baseball I2 EDYTI-IE SNEATH Junior Class Cabinet II ISecretaryI Drafting Club I2 Senior Cabinet , LOIS SPEISS Basketball IO, I2 'Baseball IO, I2 iPlaycrafters WILLIAM STAUDT Rifle Club IO, II Drafting Club IO, II Student Service II RALPH STEINHOFF Tennis IO, II, I2 Intramural Basketball IO, II, I2 Intramural Baseball IO, II, I2 JEAN STRANG Red Cross IO, II, I2 Girls League II, I2 Te Hi Service Club I2 Hi Way I2 GRACE STREALER Girls League IO, Hi Way I2 ALLEN STREOKER Rifle Club I2 Spanish Club I2 JEAN STRENKERT Spanish Club IO, II, I2 Service Club I2 Playcr-afters I2 Student Service I2 Basketball, Baseball JOSEPH SVITAN EK Student Service Soccer IRENE SWEENEY Spanish Club IO, II T. S. C. Girls League Leaders Club Junior Cabinet Senior Cabinet - Hi Way Te Hi News JOHN SZELESTA Senior Group FRED TAENZER Senior Group RUTH TALBERT . Te Hi News IO Riding Club IO, II, I2 Girls League Il, I2 Junior Cabinet II Student Council II Student Service II, ,I2 Spanish Club II, I2 Hi Way I2 11,12 DOROTHY TALBOT Riding Club IO, II, I2 Playcrafters IO, II French Club II OLIVE TAMBORELLE Service Club II, I2 MARK TEANEY Soccer IO, II, I2 Track IO, II, I2 Wrestling II, I2 EILEEN TEVLIN Spanish Club IO, II Hockey IO, II T. S. C. IO Basketball IO, II, I2 Tennis io, ii, I2 Leaders Club II Junior Class Cabinet II Hi Way I2 Senior Class Cabinet I2 Te Hi News I2 THOMASINE THIEL Service Club II A Cappella C-hoir Sports KENNETH THOMPSONA Intramural Sports Tennis Basketball NAOMI THOMPSON Band IO, II, I2 M I LDRED TI EDEBERG T. S. C. IO Girls League II Leaders Club II, I2 Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Ping-pong, Hockey, Soccer EDWINIA TILLIINGHAST Art Service Squad IO, II, I2 Orchestra IO . Writers Club II Hi Way IEditor-in-Chietl V HENRY TIMM Student Service IO RICHARD TOMLINSON Student Service I2 Football I2 ANN MARIE TREANOR Girls League MARY ELLA TRIPLET Student Service IO II, I2 Te Hi News I2 Hi Way Advertising Staff I2 Writers Club I2, CHARLES UBER Senior Group ELAIINE VAN COTT Girls League IO, II, I2 Te Hi Service Clu-b Spanish Club IO, I2 T. S. C. IO Leaders Club II, I2 Playcrafters I2 MURIEL VANDERCLUTE T. S. C. I2 Leaders Club I2 Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer IO, II JANE VAN HOUTEN Hi Way MICHAEL VEROST Baseball PAUL VOLCKER Chess Club IO Basketball IO, II, I2 'Physics Club II Student Service I2 DOROTHY WALKER Spanish Club IO, I2 Leaders Club IO Senior Class Cabinet I2 Golf Club I2 Hockey, Basketball, Baseball STUART WALKER Student Council Wrestling ROY WALLIN Library Council II Physics Club II Active Atoms I2 French Club I2 Rifle Club II, I2 ELIZABETH WALTON French Club IO Active Atoms I2 Red Cross I2 PEARL WELLS Spanish Club IO, II Ping Pong II Red Cross I2 Art Service Squad I2 Hi Way I2 Hockey VIOLA WELLS Spanish Club II Mechanical Drawing Club IO Leaders Clu-b II Rifle Club'II ROBERT WELLWOOD Biology Club IO RICHARD WERNER Hi-Y II, I2 Intramural Basketball II, I2 Intramural Baseball II, I2 Active Atoms I2 JOHIN WHITE Riding Club IO, II, I2 Spanish Club IO, I2 Red Cross II JOY WHITE Writing Club II Basketball II ANN WHITELY Riding Club IO Spanish Club IO Service Club IO, II VIRGINIA WHITMAN Rifle Club RAYMOND WIDMAN Drafting Club IO GEORGE WIEDEMAN Rifle Club IO Riding Club I2 MARTIN WI LLIAMSOIN Baseball IO, II, I2 Football IO, II, I2 DANIEL B. WITT Basketball IO, II, I2 Track II Te Hi News I2 BARBARA WRIGHT Service Club IO, II, I2 Student Council IO A 'Cappella Choir IO, II Biology Club IO Basketball, Baseball IO, II, I2 Hockey II, I2 Sports Club II Leaders Club II, I2 Apparatus Club II, I2 Senior Class Cabinet iTreasurerJ JOYCE YANEY I Band IO, II, I2 Orchestra IO, II, I2 T. S. C. IO Girls League IO, II, I2 Hi Y I2 .. - Writing Club I2 Tenms I2 Active Atoms I2 MAURIE VO'-K Baaketbgll, Baseball, Hockey, Art Service Squad IO, II, I2 mg' Ong Drgfting:ICLul11 KENNETH ZIMMERMAN Ri ing 'u- Junior Class Cabinet iSecretaryl fgffaenzulgl' glgkgiall Nl 12 Senior Class Babinet lSecretaryl RICHARD VOORHIS Intramural Basketball II, I2' Baseball IO' KATHRYN WAESCHE Student Council ' International Relations Forum Spanish Club AUDREY ZINSER, Girls League IO, II, I2 Playcrafters IO T. S. C. IO Te Hi Service Club II, I2 Hi Way Circulation Staff I2 KENNETH ZUBER Senior Group "JAY ' -.. ,LAI , ,. mo... .Y Me Week ,gg l e vwmz , , lr ' ,A X4 1 ' 1, ' , 4 Jackie Colgan 5 Hundayxsh f MX -if E' 1 4 QI 5 a mfngfnffr and iff girl , an ea The 't .Oo. serv' 'ly Ch ffm. 7 fo e reDai and IO ICS, Ufgh l Ik X ,, k f Y I I or K Lg Y I W a Mis J f - M 1 Sorcglgdaygxoff T , Can' Gmini O fhe , f Q0 n 5 l ' L l Tuesday-Over for ahother day. Boy does that fresh arr smell good. Thursday-Curl them up fight! Have to look your best for that date tomorrow. Friday-A hlgh school tradifion. The Teaneck Theatre on Friday night. 'ine - Garrfs " equip for Wlfhouf On and men 'V' K few f . ffleefin Cedar rle,-,dsl g 6 Wednes fOlling Own fo f . We,Ve he Red C divx o aff Qor 'OSS fo fo do of Some b Saturday-HGIDWIQ m0m OUT With 5 liffle elbow grease and a lot of pep. Uf share andage all O vials we YN xo Cwiigek xo Q2 we EX Ska f xo- rglflx' Sxfrinfbl oil' U all X We xef Scbooe ak kill K T39 'gKY9d.xn9Y Sk ' 3 K igoxls' mi' N5 'rx 3 we 'eastirize az: K 501000 a 'SOB wed' e5A3'l XNKKYX a -X 09 Pxxe x 1. 8 Cagan' AQVQNTYOU YXOOX exxows a c i fvtxolz ioavxl Thursday-Good night to try and find a date. Can't wait too long or :N " ' yourself alone in TS 4 ....,.c -o' m'4+f. me mov ies. wmqzi Ma wwe a +7,,mz Charlie Gunner Q,li'!i.v' Tuesday-Who would have thought they could get his hair any shorter? But tfney did. The boys seem to be getting a big kick out of it. Friday-Too bad! Sfhe had other plans, soe-down to the Jug for a game of cards with the boys, Saturday-'l:rue to Tradition Saturday night is bath night, and Charlie -is no exception. Carl Agerholm .1 s "Agg'ie's" future is mobile For in autos he will deal, Interested too in dancing dates With many friends, it's high he ii rates. .,i ini. . Qi ,,.' ji J., i, -. lUW3I'd U. Allen Clever "Bud," hates drying pots, Gets along with all sorts, his age or not. In college his studies will be scientific, Swing music and tennis claim preference specific. ...ff-. .. 'F ff l " Warren! Aldoretta Sports are a sideline for talented, Al, A real artist-success is his cue, He'll serve Uncle Sam, then climb . fam? ' , if-2' . 5- .ag .. 4 3 .-'Q L.-A' 2 I? 2 'll' 3 QT Betty Lee Ackerman "Betts" dislikes conceited folk, Dancing and concerts her joy, Art school's her aim, excels in the same, Her love birds some spare time employ. ll .X Nancy Armitag e Admits she's absent minded, Likes tennis, clothes, and skating. Her future's in Commercial Art, On that there's no debating. to fame, With determination to see him through. M -,Mal Ruth Eleanor Ault 4 5' Good natured Ruthie is helpful to all, W Likes a good hike, music, base- IA ball. fc Occupational therapy at Michi- gan State, Provides -her vocation at -a fu- ture date. fv- img" Sylvia A. Bacon Though horses are her weakness Swing records interest "SyI". She yearns to be a real success, Make it? Sure she will. 86 Floanne Balsley California born, Texas bred, "Tex" a gal, cute and well read, Makes odd jewelry - wants to fly, With that smile, she'll get by. Hugh Barnes Tennis and football are games When hefs not busy with the damesg If his future makes 'him a gob, That for 'him will -be some job. very! Jeremy Barnes A winning personality Lots of brains vitality Navy or college ahead for Jerry Girls? He likes m very Franklin C. Barry Versatile Frank enjoys a good swim, Stamps, books, music are hob- bies for ihim. Weakness is girls, -Navy the same, Chemical engineering his pri- -mary aim. Adele Basch Merchandisin-g's the future for UDEHIH 8 Dancing -and record collections are swell, L-ikes rhumiba music and eyes of green, Plus a post war world that's tres serene. Marilyn Beal "Ma" will work on a news- paper staff, That's always been her -aim, She writes short loves to laugh Baseball's her fa Elaine A. Becker stories and 7 . vorite game. Evelyn Beaumont- Evie with charm fairly radiates, Week-end pleasures for work compensates, As lher future occupation, This happy gal will take dicta- tion. . .ea sm, Erene P. Bein- Licorice candy - skating - sewing, Things which keep Erene going, She'd like to be a great M.D. Conceited -people s-he can't see. Barbara June Blackledge Dreamy-eyed . . . with beau- teous hair, lntriguing accent, sweet, low, voice. High ideals, 'always fair, Lab assisting, future choice. E C-how .mein and music . . . her delight, . Sense of -humor. on the beam, She's "Becky" . . . clever, blond and 'brig-ht, A warless world her dream. hmmm 'st' A Q l l ?'mii r' .Alice Marilyn Bolinder 'b f Poise and beauty, genuine ', -- blond, 6' Of sewing and candy, Alice is ' ,H fond. Future secretary, sloppiness her 5 peeve, -- th Piloting a plane the desire up! 4, 2- her sleeve. t f ' '23 Q ff, N ' ,, f""-'55, ff f 1 N, George Harold Bennington, Jr. "The Owl" wants to be a vet He'll be a great one, you can bet, Li-kes to garden, and to eat, He's one guy who can't be beat. Richard' N. Bolles Dick's future will be scientific But in which field he's not spe- cific, Likes photography, stamps and movies when good, Go for all sports? He certainly could. rj! ,fix I 01f,f fy X ff! 1" ' ,I 87 1 f ' f" Gerard Bowker Get your putter, bring your F mashie or here's a golfing champ that's flashy. Can't stand homework, sports he exalts. lt'll be the Navy, to join the salts. Y. A i7 iQQ 1 Daniel Braun Women are his weakness, His brother's his inspiration, He wants to join the Marines, And he has our admiration. Dorothy H. Brackett A light-blue car would suit her fine, Van Johnson would do the same, She doesn't have much leisure time, But tennis is her game Edgar Brandt "Take me out to the 'ball game" Could well be "Letty's" theme, Movies come second to all sports With college his future dream. Rose Marie Brarman The ferry command or nurse corps for "Ro" Her main ambition's to fly. Dimpled, sport guitar, But her weakn G.I. A William P. Brockmeier loving, plays a ess is Tom - a alarm, Gertrude V. Brarman Football, baseball, basketball, Intrigue her, that's "Gertie's" report. In the cadet nurse corps she'Il make her mark, This all around good sport. Leigh Breuer Smiling, friendly, lots of charm- Much more pep than a double Spends too much money . . . a drawback today, As professional buyer she'll spend and take pay. nf QR fffp '1 Claire Breitenstein A musical gal is our Claire, With a singing voice beyond compare, Likes to read and bike-ride, Personality on the Cheerful side. 1 Always smiling, is curley-haired "Brock," Gets into everything up to his ears, Records and pin-ups, comprise his hobbies, With his talent, art is the best of careers. :gn Frank Brielmaier Sports, sports are all he'lI say, From a baseball game to mild Croquet, Doesn't like homework - kinda Shy, But his 3rd sacker feats we'lI remember him by. Stanley J. Buchanan Favorite sport is -bask But likes hunting best of all, Engineering school in To success Stan will s gi. etball, store, oar. f H + A SQ, i .. , , o,,. . fe ' V -if .sf S Q Y 2 NJ at ., fzitlitm 2515245 3 Y x ' a ' 'ga . . . s. 13.5, 92.2. 1 William A. Bukowski Tho' Bill claims to be lazy His future's not hazy- Dentist, draftsman - along one of these lines, While at sports this lad shines. also Dorothy Mae Bruce To dance to the music of Harry James ls something Dottie loves to do. She tries to be 'happy all the day. We think that she succeeds, don't you? Valentine Burger Jr. "Butch" is our name for Valen- tine, Stamps-war maps his list adorn, Ann D. Burby Ann, a native of Chicago, lll, Delving into Journalism till Her plans for college at last come true, When she enters the portals of Northwestern U. Marianne R. Burger Quiet Marianne, liked Rebecca, Takes her music via Decca, A "naughty brat" her pleasure mars, Enjoys ice-skating and chocolate fbars. EW.- wa, if f f 44' Barbara E. Byrne Admittedly he loves to dine, 1 ors arising in the morn. I M' if Virginia S Byrklt b Ginny cant stand insincerity Mystery tales are her prize Likes swimming and tennis and movies to see b Thoughtful girl beautiful eyes Doris A. Burnett Will bookkeep when school days are done, Collecting photographs-plenty of fun, Q Likes Ronald Reagan and ice cream Dory's really on the beam. Vivacious Bar, attractive smile, Horse-'back riding suits her style, On to college for a while, As for friends, she has a pile! 89 Collection of pigeons dissolves Lois Carlsen Another recruit . . . the Cadet Nurse Corps, Dreams of reaching Hawaii's shore, Thoughtful, literary Lo, Vice? Late sleeping . . . she loves it though! ,W ' eb Q 5 Joan Castello Dancing, sundaes, and Harry James Are tops with Joanie Castello, Cheerleading dame, life of the Just ask any Football Fellow! ,I Qamef f i rf it W, John William Cahill A sport fiend any way you look, Fixing cars-he's usually found, Comics are his favorite book, With wrestling, golf and soccer he gets around. .- 1 it it Joseph Cavaliere Mechanical ability an asset with Joe, Athletic, good student kids like to know. liesure time, Auto-mechanics to him, joy sublime. Em my Lou Chattle "Em" can cook a delicious meal, She likes to eat ice cream, She's what you call "a friend who's real." ln her spare time she'll dream. QQ William Chalmers All the way from Denver, Willie's here to stay, A For leisure time he likes a movie or a play, Has a basement lab, will be an engineer, Unless Naval Air Corps takes over his career. 1 Alfred Cicoria Thoughtful Freddie-lots of wit, Future plans indefinite. Swimming makes the greatest hit, Sloppy girls he says, should quit! 90 Robert Civil For Bob after college, extensive travels, Pet peeve is brother-good moods unravels. In answer to query says, "What leisure time?" Building and camping-joys sublime. if ? '1 ,JJ Marie H. Clode Red-haired "Clodey" wants to go to Cornell And excel in Commercial Art. ' She sure can draw as we know ff full well, And we wish 'her a wonderful start. ' rr ,... ..,. M W. .,,. ., .WW ,,f V, A aw' Robert H. Cohen Mystery novels send him, His will to work will lend To an agricultural job. Claims even-tempered Bob, ..,, him headed guy, Jacqueline Colgan Jackie has fun but complains of big feet, Males that show off she'd like to -beat. lntriguing dark eyes, always well dressed, Gum, food, dancing some things she likes best. T. Millicent Commons Quiet 'blond who likes to swim, H'ates to be called Milly, Motorcycles catch fher whim, Gerald R. Conoscenti Jerry dislikes the typical "Rah," Dancing 'rates an audi-ble "Ah." Electricity this 'main interest a- Art-'her spare time filling. -head, Medical books-best kind 'he's read. Ralph Pat-ak Cornell "Baron" . . . that lovable red- Jeanette E. Cook She idolizes the Navy, As a cadet nurse she'll do well, Loves movies, cokes and candy, "Cookie" is friendly and swell. On to college where he'll do or die. Weakness a beautiful feminine physique, Likes weightlifting, a hobby unique. Jane E. Costello Janie-few as cute or friendly as she, Preferred 'book the Hi-Way-of course we agree. We know she'll be the perfect teacher, Since homework she does not feature. Richard Court All of Dick's interests are up in the air, Likes his girls with dark eyes and long hair, Jealousy peeves him, his eyes draw a sigh. As a Marine flyer, we know he'll get by. Barbara Alyce Cruthers Quiet charm is Bobbie's grace, Wants a lovely home and horses. Landscape designing her future -plan, Vacations she firmly endorses oonaia coweii A as Dairy farming is close to "Cow heart, JG? .Nz re: Making boats is another art, He sticks to his job, frowns on girls driving. At some infantry camp he'll soon be arriving. Nancy Qriscione The "eyes" have it, looking at Chris, Loves to dance, this peppy Miss, Office working is her plan, Eighth period the only thing shefd ban. I -x 91 Raymond F. Curiel Baseball's the favorite sport of URaycll Who'll ioin the Merchant Marine some day, And after that, do ya wanna bet? Hell go places on the clarinet! 9 ' -' -J, . -gffltrc -, 2,7222 eil AL L, ' L.. fjfif-EL? , fy, " . ,'f':,"4 'WNW 'P J l t I M 'X l if 1 v ff se, Agua 'j Q5 Jes ' W I! , 1.13 .fa-ex, rv, W ' F e V M . If 9 Q, wifgiq '- f i .4 'fn-'vs-a N is... i, ' '11 John W. Dayton, Jr, M Whenever there's talking you 'know Johnnie's here, Expounding his th e o r i e s to friends who are near. Likes dancing, good music, writ- ing for career, - - Pet peeve is anyone who's in- ' , sincere. w u V f" - ' zgig., 2 -" . -: ""'gK' sw " 43- A 95x V. 4 SSRN Q---Q. Charles P. Daly John P. 'Daly A quiet -handsome fellow is he, John would like to study law Wants tpsget a Doctor's degree, Helping labor is his aim, Likes brass ibands-hunting- All sports -his attention draw, shootigg, But soccer is his favorite game. Charlie's one for whom we're rooting. Jack Daniels First off to win the war, Then in college will study more. Likes ice-hockey-getis along with all, Boy, can Jock'o play football! fri 4515 V!!! 'Q' Isabel De Luca You know her by her super voice, And smiling face-that's lssie, Listening to records of her choice And dancing, keeps her busy. Vw- John W. DeBaun Johnny, who started in Fairfield, Wants to spend the rest on an airfield, Enjoys building models and skaf- ing, But flying still gets top rating. 92 F526 gf 195 Warren R. Damis Football, baseball, basketball, Warren likes them one and- all Sports he likes above all things His future to the gods he flings Charles M. Deblon Count on Charlie for lots of fun, He brings a smile to everyone, Mount-ain music really sends him: Broken cars-Ahe sure can mend them. 005 . vi - ' 1 Marion De Jacomo Very cute-lots of fun, College-when high school is done: Likes eating and sleeping but not to wait For those people always late. lrene Di Costanzo Says she has no leisure time, Skating and football are joys sublime, Attractive, blond and rather tall, Irene plans on college next fall. li rtll ' ,ff e.,, ,ii t.., Joseph T. Di Matteo Well-known as president ot the Hi-Y, A With his charming manner, will always get by, Favorite hobby is airplanes, Joe reports, Will be engineexf, likes all kinds of orts. 1 X W'-v 1 MA. WBEZS7' 'M-nf Leland S. Dennegar Wise cracking Lee with the "scared hair," lsfheaderl for the Army Air Corps, Of bowling and debating he'll take a share, As for Varga-give him more! Floyd Drake Curly hair, big tease- Food and music easily please- Collects hot records what really am- Will study medicine with "Uncle Sam." fir Marie Agnes Dunlap Wants to be a doctor's assistant. Who? Our laughing "SIssy"! Her hobby is writing stories, This gay and carefree missy. Patricia Driscoll Veterinarian's position she hopes to achieve, Conceited men provide Pat's pet peeve, Fun loving gal, with a grand disposition, Dancing and riding her 'favorite traditions. -id' :.T1aQ:s.g Wie? tie.. Q. fs.. ,X .. A+ xi - -muf- a-nas? www .SW s We 'KWW- William G. Eads Track-man, class president, Hi-Y, actor too. I Outside of that he has nothing to dog Whiz of a dancer, this well known young man, Wants college or Navy, or both if he can. Nancy Patricia Earl Humorous Nan- Collects mail by the score From a good-looking guy ln the medical corps. Ronald Emmons Ronald will go careering ln law or engineering, Lots of knowledge, and toward college You will find him steering. 'Nav Edward Emmer Ed wants to be an engineer, He's interested in chess, Likes ping-pong, stamps and Chemistry, He'll be a great success. 93 i ' Lx , 'fi f'.?'.E . -.,e:i Joan Christine Engel Sunny disposition, clothes that click, Riding and dancing, she takes her pick, Interior decorating is her plan, And to find a tall, blonde, hand- some man. inff. , "I,-,, ' William Ennis Elusive Bill . . you can't read his mind, A quiet smile . . . the winning kind. Likes eating, swimming and baseball, Navy or Air Corps is his first call. .if ,V Frances Engel Headed for college to get her knowledge, "Toodo" is a fiend for mystery stories, Moocher's peeve her, tall blondes please her, ln knitting and swimming, she glories. l l Rina B. Fantoni Doris M. Erskine Cute and dark, not so bold, Sinatra swooners leave her cold, A secretary she hopes to be, But she does all right in C,A.P. Jean Evans Jeannie likes expensive clothes, She loves to read good books, We -hope that 'she will always feel, As snappy as she looks. IS' H Fern Farnham Fern is our pretty Rochester gal, Biggest weakness-a fellow nam- ed Al, Business school her future in- cludes, Scrapbooks and music suit her moods. Mischievous and full of fun Jusplikeable, that's Rina, Laughing, always on the run, Drawing couldn't be keener. Dorothy M. Fay Dottie ioins the growing throng Who will look for office work, Reading and music ring the gong,' Her duty she'Il not shirk. 1 Joan Fay Movies and football are her choice, "Fay's" a true fan of the Voice. A secretary she aspires to be, Admits her weakness is jealousy. ISA Dorothy Fess Of sports can't get her - Our swell, dimpled Dot Her future's in nursing, Has a weakness for Bill. f Herman J. Fess "Herm" likes movies, "Herm" will fish, Successful hunting-one swell dish, A movie-goer, weakness dames, Planned for college, but the ser- vice claims. ,rs ff' MM Ruthann Fox "Candy" likes to drive a car, She loves to swim and dance, But she prefers to watch, by far, Blond Betty Hutton prance. Qfmhs gp... hair, stare. Sybille Frick Friendly "Sybie" always sinceref Favorite hobby is dancing ballet, Conceited folk she rates to the rear, Will go to college, if she has her way. , f J Joy Ellen Fields Lots of spark-likes shoes. Sensible-upholds her views, Jef"--the gal with blue-black Actress-bright-she makes you Dorothy Marie Foster Dottie's "saving herself for Bill,' All the rahs she'd like to kill. Will be ia bookkeeper some day, Loves to lbowl, dance, and be gay. Carl Freund The women choosing hats Are things which drive Carl bats. On building model planes and boats Or riding and radio listening he does. Florence Gehlbach Flo's laughter through the air does ring, Loves to ihear Bing Crosby sing, Swing and drawing with her rate, Calls wors f school period, number eight. Beverly Jane Georgia Bev likes a football game, As a secretary she'll rise to fame, Collects china dogs with great zeal, Hasn't as yet met her ideal. Claire Ganz Attractively tall-a description of Claire, Patience iher virtue, drawing her air, Pet peeve is people who refuse to wait, Commercial art-her future fate, ,lf Jeanne G. Gaston College ahead for Jeanne G. Has a grand sense of humor we've found, Pleasing to ther are dancing and sports, But mainly "just kidding around." SL if 'ff-I5 'fa X WW iff . .. , fzfi, :A ls me .1 .- ,lf I' 'I - ' ,-" Y .V .f V' 1' r ' .W J. ' Q ,ef as - - , rf ' 95 Kimi Catherine Giles Our Kay is a musical gal, Charming and friendly, she's everyone's pal, We all know how she loves her cake, A success of her life in college she'll make. , . 1 1, 4 "'srNa'si.,,,,1zVD Richard Gilliland 'Natural Dick is an outdoor man, With spare time and interest sunk in his car, Hunting and wrestling make him a sports fan, Agriculture will sional star. be his profes- Harold J. Gilsdorf Always good-natured, cheerful is Jack, Scientifically studious too. Building radios, he has a knack, Electrical engineering is what he will do. Gloria M. Girardon Jean Goldammer Jeanie-a charming lively gal, To be a model does desire, Obviously everybody's pal, Her foreign dolls we all admire. ' I .Z ff' ,I Irene Golden Popular "I" dance, always loves to At "dishing out homework" she 1 She likes to go for a lengthy walk, About anything she can always talk, "Mimi's" weakness is cute boys, A peppy gal with plenty of poise. M. Patricia Goodwin Stars in her eyes, a whimsical expression, Crazy about purple, her only confession, Likes food and books, any musical session, Interior decorating will be her profession. Q, Alice Jane Gilsinan "Allie" Teaneck born and bred Lovely, artistic, and well. read, Secretary she'lI be, hyD0C"'T95 She loathes, 1 Letters she writes, loves PWHY clothes. ' Mildred Goldminz "Milly" the debater, Her college . . . N.Y.U., Dancing and Hal elate her, Her character . . . true blue. Dorothy Gollin Dancing pleases Dotty lots, But cowboys irritate her, She's skilled in art-just loves 96 looks askance, To be a secretary is her future plan, Give her anytime, a real Navy man. to draw, For that we can't berate her. Dic-kfs life around radio revolves, Making it his career is what he resolves, Likes to drive when he has the gas, Girls who smoke, his test won't " pass. Esther G. Griffiths From Penn hails listher She likes the Marines Secretarial work Her future means Dolores Anita Guyon Wants to go to college in Cal. Loves clothes and records--has many a pal. On conceited people "Dee" says nix. Pretty 'blond-with everyone clicks. eff 4215 11111: -1-K: 1 r X si ff K l 0 ,. xc, , , +V fm ' ' . A X vw-4 "X X Q' 55 4 5 Sr I 3 - ' .. 274 Gerald Gould Daniel Gross This future "Doo" Whom Dodger fans vex, Likes banana splits And the fairer sex. Gerry" born in old New York, That French lingo can really talk, ln spare time builds model planes, When building these he takes great pains. Margery Gross Peppy Midge with friendly grin Will be a dietician, home's re., Charles Gunner "Chuck," our plunging back with fleet feet, Always happy, 'loves to eat, For every sport he has a flair, A swell guy, whose 'hair just ain't there! Owen Hamill His good natured humor known to us all, Owen likes animals, soccer, baseball, Loves the thought of graduation this year, ln June for the Navy he plans to steer. Albert Hanak Al's headed for the Navy Li-kes ice-cream sodas sloppy. A first-class hunter, likes to ride In lhis well-famed jallopy. comforts her treat, Love of jewelry her only sin, dv' i Likes movies, swimming-but F ' not conceit. ', "" if -,,- Jil" 1 ,Q hh Shirley Elaine Harris Shirley looks forward to Ohio State, Tennis and swimming witih her do rate. A bmerohandiser she's going to ez World peace she would like to see. 97 Geiialdyn Haskins Gossipers gripe Gerry you can bet, Sense of humor-best assetg Journalism to her has the greatest appeal, Dot Kilgallen, her ideal. Arthur Hartwick Future plans hut-2-3-4- Red-hot music Art does adoreg His way with the drums, far above parg Thinksh his la t ai, his brot er' ca . . ri ' . yvd' xX X Barbara J. Haupt Bobbie enjoys a shopping spree, A cadet nurse she plans to beg White teeth-lovely hair, All the things which make you stare. XQEA U--4' f Jean Marie Haule A Jean's.sense of humor is a ioy W" to hear, 0.15. Her .grand personality's some- , .. fl? thing to cheerg I g lndulges in riding and swimming A , ' X' Thinks having a good time is ' .-1 ' the thing to do. li Q V Alice Heffernan "Hef's" an avid' autograph ' ,, hound, 3- V Q ,f " To learn steno she is boundjl MK- 1' She loves Sinatra and to roler "M"""35'5'g 53-' 5 skate .f A A Her wit for miles around does f rate. David R. Heebner Be it cars, or clubs, or girls, Action is the term for Davej On to college after war, "Butts" and rifles-he'll always crave. 76 Beatrice Heinemann Dark hair, dark eyes, loves to ski, A lady with plans is efficient Beag Knitting and swimming she does with ease, Artist or beautician: she'll be one of these. 98 Arthur Hendrickson The president of the "Jug" is Art, He gave the "rec" its early start. Engineering is his call, Butugirls and radios top them a . 7 YU' a Isabel Joyce Henry A college girl "Skip" plans to be, She's known for 'her writing abilityg She golfs and rides with great zeal, A free world , . . her ideal. Edith Hinman As Euufiness manager Edie shows s i , For q u i e t capability f' and good win. ' pa 'ence As avgraduate she'll find success Continuing in the field of business. Donald Hoeting Eating and sleeping a pleasure for Dutch, A smile that gets 'em-very much- Great football iplayer, handsome and blond, To the A-ir Corp's call he'll soon respond. Joseph The Maritime Berenice E. Hossfield Interior decoration is her aim, Bunnie's height -has won her tame. She skates and dances with great zeal, Gloria Hoi-mer Adult manner, sparkling smile. "Queenie" plays in skillful style. Dislikes those who always preach. After college wants to teach. Rose Marie Huber Rosemarie likes to draft and skate, She dislikes girls who chase a mate. Apples on sticks she does adore, But likes repairing autos more. R. Jablon Service for Joe, A -success, wherever hell go, Mystery nove appeal, ls have great Engineering . . . his ideal. Donaldl Walter Jahrling Swimming or platter, Are to Red matter, He hates to Monday, Hopes to join 'buying a solid the things that get up early the Navy someday. Boy friend Bob is her ideal. Robert H urley The Marines for "Ozzie" Ot our football squad, Likes Notre Dame-sodas-- In approval we nod. Hugh C. Johannessen Chris . . . a lad whos al ways beaming, Of being in the Air Corps he is dreaming, Soccer or a wrestling meet, Are his idea of va real treat. Anthony Janicki Happy-go-lucky lad is he, One of our gobs, Tony'll be. A drummer now with lots of PEP' . A swing fiend, plenty hep. Rodney Jeffrey Navy bound-loves a car Jeft's a lad who'Il go tar Lots of friends, records, sports, Can drink milk by the quarts. fig, - . .5 'Rik ' 'l j 99 Ingrid Johnson Dancing, swimming, s k i in g, hiking, These are all to "Johnny's" liking, Lifeguards are this gals ideal Her pretty face makes others. squeal. Marilyn Johnson College bound Lynn, quiet and sweet, Fudge sundaes make for treat complete, Dependability is her ringing Patricia Jones As a commercial artist Pat will go tar, Weakens at sight of convert- ible car, Marie Jordan Dancing is a favorite of Marie, She's going to be a secretarv- Eats chocolate sodas with much vim. She also likes to skate and swim. 'QQ Corpsg i theme, dream. t 'I A "- , if V, :VV -doggy. ,. wi? . ' i' Daniel Keely 'il li Happy-go-lucky Dan spends his lOO "leisure" in school, Engineering if he can, aeronau- tics his toolg A smile that melts 'em, dancing zoot, Favorite hobby is to shoot. xi ' .1 , ..-1 An "A" in Chem is a far-off Lindy hops. Hugh Kane l Hugh- is a model plane builder, He likes to go surf fishing, He's a quiet lad in class, To join the Navy he's wishing fdiiififlgi ' V Records collection is really tops, Loves dancing trom waltzes to Louis Kelter Deacon's future, the Marines, True-adventures give him a thrill. , A great athlete-he loves his sports Wants to travel the world, and will. ' J ,. ?-Nia! 321: 7 122321: ...ya '3 A , A .- ,. :mi argl 155- n '21,-fr 1 at fi fig, ly-Z.. kN iijr5T:l.:x , 5, ,, .,,-1 17 -Q3 ,.--A Vi' . ji fy. if i-15235 'Wi-5:7 J 1 '-If -'r 'K-.1 723399 .- ' A . ' 41.rimil4'2-' fw. - XV , . x iw .1 Y 1 i f 8 "-if SY" ,V mf k34"'ff jr 6 5 X O l ij? s if igiizifififnii 255 lfmitlfi if Edward John Kimmerle Edward's going to win the war, Wants t " ' o join the Army Air Football, basketball, keep him trim, Model plane building he does with vim. vt X Yi J 2 4,4 ,I ii JR- s '1 4 l Martin Kelly Carefree lMarty with laughter hearty, Cog in Te-Hi's forward wall, On snobs, thumbs down . , . he'II win renown, Women provide his one pitfall. Paul A. Ketchpel Quiet sort, keeps it all in his mind, But you see in his smile a heart truly kind. Hunting the hobby he holds most dear, Paul wants to be an engineer. Margaret Kircher Food and convertibles, Will get Marg's votes, On parties and dancing, This future nurse dotes. Raymond Klein Secret agent, F. B. l. Ray's future occupation. Likes building planes, ice cream, girls, sports, Our G-Man of the nation. Isabelle King Conversation filled with zip, Clever, witty, describe "lp". Varied talents, major art, Successful future for her pa rt. EISB lKOI1lel' World-wide travel is "Pepsi's" aim, Loves a good World Series game. To be a nurse-she's made up her mind, Leisure she spends in ice-skat- ing you'll find. Audrey Charlotte Kohlreiter "Aud" of the hair . . . dark and curly, Likes dancing, parties, dismissal bells early. Secretarial work, then designing, Always in trouble, but never whining. Monroe Kolb ' Likes to loaf, loves swimmin', Admits his weakness is wim- min! An industrial engineer Monty will be, Just plain good times with him agree. Mildred Krais Midgie just loves a football game, , Her dimples have won her great acclaim, Movies she frequently likes to see A sedretary she plans to be. Geraldine Lauzon Dark flashing eyes that every- one knows, Te-Hi News and football first claims on her heart. First chance that -comes-off to Europe she goes. Career? Journalism! We've all seen her start. Patricia Lawson Lovely Pat is full of fun, Known and liked by everyone, Envied 'by all for the clothes she sews, Medicine is the career she chose. V57 , 711 'WT - .,.. ., if-if ' ,i i .1 ,P 1 ,H 4, -2' : ,.. gm al Gloria-Anne -Leclercq Likes to ice skate and swim, These she does with great vim. Tell us, what do we have here? A future, feminine engineer. lOl X ' f to OUP THOUGHTS Nice to remember, but a lot of work just get out of school. DONALD W. MALONEY. In fairest June, My only tune Will be one of sadness Not gladnes To Teaneck High So long-g'bye. DIANE LIMENFELD. l'll be glad to get out, but l'll miss the kids in school. 'Right now l'm scared to death at the thought of being thrown out on my own. NANCY EARL. In from twenty-five to fifty steps, l'll be across the stage, have my diploma, and l'll be free! WE ASKED JACK MOLLOY I don't think any world peace will be a lasting one. My financial situation. Only that l am master of it. Sincerity. Miss Haffner-sometimes she makes me believe everything she's saying. She's a very bril- Iiant person and always way ahead of everyone. Q End the war. A good job. Marriage. I'd change some of the useless subjects to useful ones. I have no idea, but I hope it will be where the days are warm and the nights cool, and l'm not doing anything strenuous. BILL STAUDT. l'can't bear the thought of leaving my dear teachers and fellow students for the cold world outside. PAUL VOLCKER. Graduation will 'be just another unnec- essary chore, a waste of time and money. JOSEPH SAN DERS. I think graduation to me will mean both sadness and happiness, because I'm going to miss all the kids terrible, but l'll be happy to start at new life. KATHLEEN REGAS. To Graduation: If you are but a dream, I hope I hever waken It's more than I can bear To find myself forsaken. ANONYMOUS. I. ls there anything that you think will insure world peace? If so, what? 2. What would you change about the last four years if you could live them over? 3. To what extent do you believe in fate? 4. What quality will you look for first in PATRICIA ROTH I. No. 2. Be more discreet about love af- fairs. - 3. Everything that happens is con- centrated toward some specific end, and this may be said to occur for the best. 4. Tolerance. 5. Miss Curran-we devoted many periods to philosophical discus- sion. 6. The end of the war today. Continued good health. To be a good writer. 7. Start high school in the seventh grade by accelerating the whole curriculum, so that students may graduate at I5 or l6. 8. Married, with a writing career, and a couple of children. your husband or wife? DICK COURT l. A united federation of all world powers, governed by a central legislature. 2. l would put more effort into my studies and my homework. l'm sure -my teachers would appre- ciate this. 3. I don't! You are the master of your destiny. 4. A comfortable shoulder support- ting a beautiful Cranium. 5. Mr. Becker. Why? His realism, 6. In Marine Corps. A's on final exams. Three more wishes. 7. I'd put in more industrial courses and fewer literary or unnecessary classes, as well as teaching sub- jects that would help with fu- ture occupations. 8. I hope l'll be in America. l'll probably be living in Jersey, and still looking for a woman. ON PARHN6! O happy day, I'll graduate And spend my life just sleeping late But to my mind will often come, Thoughts of High School and lots of fun. RUTH TALBERT. When roses bloom in early aummna And 'Im a Teaneck 'High alumna, Four hard years will slowly shrink From a c-hain to just a link. Maybe. ELAINE BECKER cam wait! - JOSEPH DIMATTEO. Picketing lunch lines, homework's blight, Make graduation pure delight: But after three years, l've reached the point Where I 'kinds hate to leave the joint. MARGERY QUITZAU. Is' it possible? VIRGINIA SCHERZINGER. I can say now that I can't wait to leave T. H. S., but wait until you see me gradu- ation night-l'll have the biggest box of Kleenex, and the largest bottle of aspirin. THOMASINE THIEL. l'll not cry, nor weep, nor faint, I'm a hard-hearted gal-you bet I ain'tl JOAN LEVINE. These things which I am to relate Are my thoughts when at last I graduate In eighth periods a horrible time l've had And because of these things l've almost gone mad But I know l'll be a very proud guy When I finally graduate from Teaneck High. RICHARD WERNER. 2. Rationing-food and gas. P. S. 2 5. Which teacher has made the most lasting impression upon you, and why? 6. If you were granted three wishes, what would they be? 7. If you had your way, what would you high school education? Q, M il I' Li 'TV' X THEY change about the American system -of A 8. Where and what do you think you'lI be ten years fromi now? PAUL VOLCKER I l. Miss Haffner. I' NO' ' 2. Stop growing four years ago. JEAN STRANG also gas. The hours for school and exams. 3. To the end of the world lif you ' can trust my wordllll 4. Looks-isn't that enough, espe- cially these days? 5. Mr. Andrews-"Can you top this?" lYou know his jokesl. P. S. also grades. 6. To have a final exam over. To have a daily party in every class. All the boys I wanted. 7. Homework and study halls. 8. A devoted housewife! l'll bet vou thought differently. 3. Not much, except in basketball. It's just fate when one of Ozzie Hurley's shots goes in. 3 . After your husband or wife IS vour husband or wife, it's too 4 late to start looking for quali- ties. 5 Miss Curran. She's the only teacher that I can stand up and talk to. Nobod ever asked to have ues- 5 Y Cl tionaires filled out. Four less inches. l could get more than ten points in some basketball game. 7 More leisure time. Taking calculus from Mr. Bec- 3 iker. BARBARA BLACKLEDGE A world court and council, com- posed of all nations. l would have worked a little harder on geometry and on a certain boy. To the extent that tomorrow will follow today. That he doesn't wear suspend- ers, but does smoke a pipe, Wow. Miss Haffner. I will never forget her, because she can slap you down and pick you up with an art all her own. A peace organization for the rest of eternity! Find a place where Negroes could be happy. Rid this world of all jealousies and mental obstacle to cooperation. More Miss Haffner's, but less good-looking, as it's distracting to the Maloneys of the world. An old widow with a huge for- tune. Albert A. Lelkendy Nickname "Opp", new this year, Good-natured, .friendIy, soon at home. Navy diving his career, Favorite pastime-sail the foam. Kenneth B. Leeman Charming Red of the enviable hair, Popular usher with Friday night pairs. Admires his parents beyond all compare, lntends to go in for accounting affairs. i Elizabeth Letsche Gal with a future in musical ability, Sketching and dancing add ver- FICIEI1 li. LCUITIZITII Likes to horseback ride and bowl, Conceited people leave her cold. Blond and dimpled, "Lou" is slim, Hot fudge sundaes keep her trim. Joan Ruth Levine She writes like Steinbeck, acts in plays, Report card reads . . . cold, Will go to college, detests a Our sparkling, endlessly talk- 5BTllllYi I straight "A" 's. , A If you want to please, dont .. M 0 ,T call her "Lizzy"- phony. 1' ' , . ' Any blond sailor can make her fi' it dizzy- ing Jeanie. ' Robert Lewis x Writing briefs . . . presenting " cases, sw "Lawyer Bob" the bar soon 26' ,gf H faces, W . is car, if running, perfect bliss- He's one whom Teaneck High A-is--is-WWW 1 will miss. IO4 John Licata Aeronautical engineering suits "Bash", Thinks blondes with blue eyes have "dash". This lad who hails from North Bergen, Says his pet peeve is other men. Diane Joyce Limenfeld A future "Doc" is lovely Di, Likes jive and classics inter- changeably. Persevering, pretty, Has many friends, of delight. bright, and a smile Thelma Loew Good jokes, dancing, skiing for Thel, Plays the piano-does it well. Hopes to make nursing her ca- reer, Weakness is shoes it does ap- pear. Dolores Lowe A business career for "Dee", She dances and sings with glee. Likes meeting new people, fic- tion and clothes, But to gum chewers she turns up her nose. James Lyons "Chicken-head"-happy, full of fun, Got that name from his rooster- necked run. In SDOVTS he's done Old Te-Hi proud, Success it'll be-long and loud! Elmer Mable Leaves his future to the draft, Likes sleeping an-d a good swim, Wood -chopping-cutting it in half, And a big fish catch are pleas- Virginia Macarone Ginny's hobby is writing let- ters, "A Tree Grows -in lBrooklyn" her book, "Tall dark and handsome" her Janel' MacGregor Dancing and letter-writing consume Jan's time, t With football games, thrown in too, Ronald Reagan's her dream su- blime, Although a Marine will do. it ing to lhim. ideal, ' Conceited people don't rate her look. Gordon MacKiIlop U , zrfiyg. Big and blond, loves to drive, Q, A A - For the Army Air Corps "Mac" r will strive, I wa, 6 Hobby is photographic work, V S ,,:g?"' Q Over girls and music he will ' . I - ' ' K' perk. V . ' L r ' " H Dorothy Madden JOHN L- M29n3'1 Q Diminutive "peanuts" loves to Another guy maps College- 'f or dance. bound On teachers' pets she looks ask- In Polihcs JOCWS hobby is ance, . h E ld found, Pljgfe B THD 'O f G mem cash? Before 40 hail have has Characterized by her mischiev- PeLJJ'e who Step on his feet ous smile. Florence Madden Will operate a telephone, When her school days are done, To Flossy, spaghetti and meat- balls, And riding in cars, mean fun. Donald Wren Maloney Don the musician, Don the poet, Outstanding guy who just doesn't know it. Knows about everything, stays pretty quiet, But his rare, remarks are al- ways a riot. shall be shot! Donald J. Maloney Hair on tire, reads Esquire, At railroads, and with he's om- miscient, Work in P. A. D. brings lugu- britv, On our Hi-Way staff he's ef- ficient, Joyce Marie Mathis Doris Maloney .lust call Maloney if you want to laugh, She loves to dance, but that's not half. Also eating, swimming, and jokes by the score. Her smile would open any door! ,pw aw- 1 1, '-v., , - f, ,fy 1 f f . 1- If , Janet Maltbie tr Allan Martin Basketball fan, Navy man, His old "Model A" is desertible' To loaf and eat is joy com plete But he'd like- a sharp con yertible. arkey M "Dog lover Joe" with his close football and an engineer, With honesty he's brimming. Shirley Marcus S ir ey likes to watch T 6 games Q , . Thinks horseback riding '5 grand' Going to college is one of her aims Has plenty of wit at hand. Short and friendly - swell to know, Likes food and clothes on which I to sew. V lntends to go to a junior col- W lege, A And later, through travel will 4' ' jg VVV, add to her knowledge. ' . Q 'fl Joseph ,I Q ' cropped hair, 'V r Enjoys playing -JF swimmingj 'Fil He hopes to be " ,, 5:1 ,,,, 1 V .ir .V M ,C X ' K' ia nn Marvelle ,, Q D 't call r Patsy, make it 'ibm ' , M ' , ndin h oney eeps her flat, ,. H ' f- 0 an mysteries, to fit ' the re! '- if. , Anoth d on to Cadet Mhz.. ' l ,E Nur C . l W X N Kiwi ef? Cardinal Masters Happy-go-lucky, listens to swing, "Mac" gives dancing, too, a fling. His way with the girls is known wide and far, As a lawyer he'll stand before the bar, Betty McCurrach Musical shows are "Red's" de- iight, Plus those ten nails that she can bite, A secretary she will be, At that a great success-you'll see! ' E- "Joy" will get rich and have her fun, Buying a car and clothes by the tong She leans to Marines and John- ny Mercer, Conceited people? What could be worser! Richard Mayer Dick claims his asset is half of a boat. We'd like to know if he thinks it will float? Likes skating, joins Navy or Merchant Marines, That he takes to water is easily seen. Warren McDermott "Mac's lite centers around his - car, Likes candy and ice cream too. Ideal is to go to Notre Dame, And drafting when the war is through. Graham McCutcheon By eating and sleeping, "Mac" will -be reaping lHe hopesl some wrestling fame., Girls he mocks, without their Jeanne Marie McGrath Jeanne is a tall well-dressed miss, Who'll be a nurse in blue, Her heart belongs to a guy named Cris, But Crosby rates with her too. socks, . . .4 .,N , 7 i g. , Q. 1 The Air Corps has his name. 1? f- .m g I 15.1 asaglrm- Maffha G- M'-1GimPSeY t Thomas McKelvey my 'W "Marty's" brother is her ideal, 'sf-,i,::,5, , " "Mac" is our basketball score- 1 .,g A yellow convertible, a treat Wm-Bkef, b k that's real, ,V ,. ants to e an underta er, ' Listens to records, dances, Dislikes fellows with hair thats V1 ., ' Sews, A ?"i .0091 ' Many friends, has no foes. ,if With him on your team yriu ' -23 Can't Q0 wrong- 1 fa - "" if Donald Mellen Plays the sax in Jack Molloy's ' .ha Q: band, - , f , Thinks thg Brooklyn Dodgers 'n ' are gran 5 ' , Goes for music especially swing, A sizzling retort he knows how ' to fling. Theresa I. Meloy Red ihaired Timmie excells in sports, Out on the field she gayly ca- vortsg Some day she'll 'be a secra-tree And probably sit on the boss's knee. Patricia Meo Peppy gal with curly locks, Adores Sinatra, flashy socks, Riding, swimming too, rank 'hig-h, As a 'em Navy nurse, sJhe'll make sigh. Herman C. Meyer Raises pigeons, shy of girls, As yet he -has no ambition. Being happy and playing ball Are all that's well worth wish- in'. Herman Miichels Friendly Mike is an outdoor 'b0Y, A School is his pet peeveg Hunting and camping are his pride and ioy, For Army or Navy he'll leave. lO7 Olive Mary Miller Ollie would like to be a de- signer, She loves to have a good time, Record collecting-her hobby, And she thinks Sinatra's su- blime. -do 7 Aff t Paul C. Moneypenny, Jr. Gay and breezy, takes life easy, Until the service beckonsg , Loves to fish, girls are his dish, Later to college, he reckons. LJ Alma M. Miller Happy Al is always laughing, She's really one of the best, She'd love to make music with Waring, Till she settles down out west. MU' P'- HU' Dorothy Ann Mooney Dotty's future . . . designing Jack Molloy Jack's pet peeve is getting up, He'd like to own a plane, But, as for his talent on the school And does she love to sewl Her dancing is perfectly snazzy As all of us amateurs know. SX- fri ,if gk drums, I s'1J-Qg,.',P Our loss is the Swing World's gi gain. l ,? -r . A . ,-,Q XQ15 h . . A s, Agnes Louise Morrison fx . Guitar-playing "Aggie," V- A great gal for fun, Q" Bookkeeping will do A When her school days are done. Helen Mosher Pert little Helen-curly brown hair, Van Johnson the one to make her stare, Photography is in her stars, A stubborn person her happi- ness mars. IOB Thelma Mueller To be a secretary or decorate, ls the aim and ambition of Thel, She sews and plays the piano, And does 'em perfectly swell. -hw Emil Muller Likes a drug store and ice cream, Of the Navy he does dream. Emil's on our baseball team, At gasoline shortage he could scream. 4 .X fr, I ' ,ff ' ,yin ,,, ,1- 9' 'gf Paul L. Murachanian Pagl'S the young man with the orn, A future engineer, Wlverazout of school-he'll go To start off his career. James Joseph Murphy Jim is hoping to go to college, ln order to supplement his knowledge, And Yet he's the happiest stu-f dent alive, When the schoolroom clock strike 3:25. William Jerome Murphy Quiet Bill, football star, Runs it fast and throws 'em far, Hitting 'homeruns its chief de- Concetta Mary Nastasi Our laughing Connie, Who's cute and dark, As a Spanish steno She'll make her mark. Richard Andrew Murray Spends leisure time working, Sports lover as "Red", A native of Teaneck, Therein born and bred. lig-ht, As a journalist, he'll be just right. Dorothy Nelson Exhuberant, popular, bright, that's Dot, First college, then writing will be her lot. Loves her fellow men, T. Wolfe's books win her, But being quick enough just ain't in her! J. Gordon Noble Dashing "Flash," bright and brash, Should be a great success, A pretty girl, and around he'Il whirl- lt's dancing, more or less! ,QM , IC Juanita W. Nolan "Nita's" future is the sky For she desires to learn to fly, Goes to games and gathers photos, Likes nice clothes and post-war De Sotos. Virginia 0 Connell No future plans, no leisure time, But music iby lturbi suits, Hates to be teased, movies are fine, For swimming she also roots. Shirley M. Norris Likes to write-likes to sew, Peeved at kids-who say 'no', Lovely, charming-thinks games are fun, But to her eating, is A-one! Wanda Nuhn Talented "Wannie" with 1-he orator's voice, TSGCWHQ Qym is her life's work choice, She skates, acts and writes "stuff" too, ls Cthsere anything the gal can't o . rg, ire f ' w 'e ' -. . E' ' it X H1 31 :ff- f,giw,,, V, ,Q f H W ' ' ji W 4 f lO9 Rita O'Hea Rita reads and goes to games, One of Brooklyn's pretty dames. For Kenneth Roberts she'd go a mile, A charming girl-with a pretty smile. ,f 0 f Richard Omohundro Thrifty Richard holds frosteds dear, Wants to be ia Merchant Marine And then a radio engineer, We think that Richard's really -keen. Joseph Thomas O'Neil "Mouse" likes work, a very strange quirk, Also loves to bowl, He sure does shine on our foot- ball line- College is his goal. Ronald Dennis Page Super athlete all agree Harry J. Osterhout Future in agriculture for ,,Hank.,v I But first in the Navy hell take his rank, n V Quiet lad of enviable height, Watching football his delight. , -, g . Q ,,,. 9. his 31,3 , A , WMM llO Nuts on baseball all can see. Modest comic hes our joy Ronald Dennis Page, our boy! Stephen D. Palmer Steve is tall with iblondish hair, For sports-and girls-he has a flare. Future plans include the war, Then college and Tlavcliiig as before. illis Palmer Big Wll holds track and rac ing dear lntends to be an engineer, A girl, a car, and gas, no less, These minor things spell hap- piness. Jean Pardey Jean loves red apples in the fall, Pinbglpong-sewing-and base- 3 I A great success she'd like to be She'll make a grand nurse we all agree. Kathleen Panettieri Merry Kay-a laugh for all, ln arguments she's on the ball Blue-eyed, six feet, -her ideals "Brooklyn Tree" to her appeals Eleanore Panzenhagen Strawberry blonde, loves to eat Quiet, attractive, studious, neat' Off to college is her aim Then in nursing She'll find' fame, 1 Dorothy Pepin "Peppy's" music is her line, Piano playing really fine, Tiny, quiet, eyes of blue, Collects records, dances, too. day: Eugenia F. Peclroli Genie wants to sing and play, Be another MacDonald some Reads-likes to laugh a lot, Sense of humor-really tops. Lillian Peterson Pete likes movies and the "Voice" Gooey sundaes are her choice, Sense of humor makes a hit, Dislikes those who think they're Hn.. Grafton F. Perry Sport-loving scrub, Wit-h 'his weakness for song- Shirley Plack Dancing, laughing, twinkling -"Shirles," Likes them lblonde when they're You'll never find her all alone, Spends her spare time on the f Is reserved-has good taste And with all gets along. not girls, ,, telephone. . .- g i n . . f r E. Franklin Poole Friendly Frank will continue l - ' . if - ' school, I , With education as his tool, ' l Collecting stamps for such a - 5 j spell 'fi 4 Makes him know them very well. Nicholas Popovich, Jr. Out of sailing and girls he gets a kick, A car to fix? Nick does the trick, 1 At "Frankie boy" he pauses to sneer, But the rest of the time he's an engineer . Zarah Poosikian Likes to sleep, can he bluff! Thinks model planes are the stuff, Says homework he'd do without, Wants to travel the world about. A Janet Price Quiet, friendly, intelligent Jan, Always willi-ng to do what she can, Likes to read and hike and ride, Her love of pet snakes-the unusual side. 1 , .' f :3i'f" ' V Warren H. Pushaw, Jr. Eating-his joy-he likes to Play, l-le's a football man on Satur- day, Will be in college in '46, Football and engineering-will TTIIX. lll if ., W? 'VJ N s Fabio Racioppi Another athlete? . Yup, it's so, At football, wrestling, watch him go. In the business world he'll rake in the dough. Our handsome, whistling Fabio! Geraldine Rapfogel Gerry loves her chocolate candy, Her sense of humor is a dandy, Likes Bing Crosby-the piano to play, She's delightful-light and very Q5Y- X Ylfv ,Af he L . I- . ,flew-. Margery Claire Quitxau Charming Margie wants to write, Witty, all-around, extremely bright. Shes college bound, this lovable ass, Our laughing Margie is one-A class. ,, 'M if 1" f ii iiiiigy 'N if Popular music's l-lelen's pleas- ure, Dancing-pretty clothes-hers to treasureg Basketball and football she adores, Her friendly eyes rate much applause. -any time, is it i will John Albert Reinhardt "Crusher's" a tall and hand- ,-"'+'a"" Y. .Jw i -,fail-'W ' , ' X' 4 "ii "t some guy, Betty Grable makes him sigihg A budding aerial engineer, Likes to have to hear. fun and flattery proud of her great -power, 'G William Reinke Football player, likes to read, Makes airplane models, lots of speed. Talkers in movies, Bill's pet peeveg Will join armed forces when school he'll leave. 2 Doreen Ritchie Doreen loves to dance and sew- Her heart goes to the Navy thou h g . Conceited. kids she does despisej "Duds" is one who is most wise. William Carleton Rifterbusch Breaking bones is his specialty, Thgugh a future farmer Bill will e. Soccer, sodas, or redheads are fun, But his pet peeve is the younger son! ' , qi. , , , , 'yd ,ff c ra- Xi: Ef . 14 ,, gig 8645 -, , 1A Dolores Rizzo That she listens very well ls an asset for our Del. Lenglthy fingernails are her pride, Herbig desire-to be a million- aire s bride. Patricia Robb Brilliant Pat, likes basketball and sewing, Knows just about everything well worth knowing, She'll be a -nurse, and with her 'brain Te-Hi's loss is the doctor's gain. George Rothery "Roth" hangs around "the lane" a lot Just to see Margie, Joy, or Dot. Likes to draw or take a dive, Sail in a sloop or listen to iive. William Rowe Willy plays piano well, Drives the car and dances swell. Interest lies in horses and boats' On feminine being's our "Willy' dotes. 1 1 Joan Sandra Rollat Betty Rose In her leisure time she knits She can shoot a basket, a base- Sweaters, scarts, sox, and mits. ball wham, Has a weakness, that is candy, If you're conceited, better But as a nurse she'll be just scram, dandy. Goes tor music, riding, and clothes, She'Il be known as "accountant Betty Rose" Patricia Roth Ah, talent appears, sit up and take note, Pat plays the piano, and poems has wrote'. Away from quiet, shy fellows she shies, She'Il be a success in whatever she tries. Bernard Ruhl The great outdoors "w-har men are men" ls Bernie's idea of fun, But he'Il jump when Uncle Sam says "when," And go back to chickens when done. Doris Jean Rossi Pretty "Da", we all covet her hair, Giggly girls one thing she can't bear. Her future lies in Commercial Art, From what we've seen, she has a good start. Joseph E. Rubino Little Joe of the salvage corps, Has a power of will that's great, Agricultural engineering, Or writing will be his tate. Rose Rubinetti Considerate Ruiby hates "catty" dames, Admits her weakness . . . forgetting names! Loves that man Sinatra she claims, Secretarial work is -among 'her aims. bds . "ragga- kmmww SPL LE ,V '. -. fugyzaw l l 3 i l l l l r l l l 9 l l Doris Elizabeth Russell Doris, born in New York City, Stamp collector-very pretty. Interest in the football game, Telephone operator her aim. f U S wi , 'A Joseph L. Sanders Likes peanuts and sleeping, In sports it is track, Joe's headed for college, Always argues back. Betty Schneider Her pretty clothes and curly hair, , .nf Makes the kids sit up and -gf 'U' stare, , 'wt ' A sailor, "Stretch", her Ideal she claims, Secretarial work-one of her aims. - Virginia M. Scherzinger Clever Jinny, very bright A Navy nurse will be. Often argues, is usually right, A success she'll be, we agree. Theresa Schneider Doesn't like school, doesn't like work, But duty as a nurse she'll never shirk. lnterests are football, and base- ball too, Always has compliments ready for you. Dorothy Schweickert Dot-who was born in Cliffside A. Park, ' In Stenography will make her Gertrude Scholz ff? 9 gg i 1 1' M 1 K eq fi -1 mark, Listens to the radio, sleeps and Red-headed Trudy ls mad about clothes, Dislikes insincerity, But for music she goes! x fix X44 1' Charles W. Schreiber Billy . . . very versatile guy, Likes model airplanes and rockets To fly. Enioys a good movie and a nice girl, Shines up his auto to look like a pearl. eats, Swimming and dancing, special treats. .1 K3 'R' 'Huw We if 2 f 7 ' Q 'mf' Hffcif I Vlrr I, ,"q,,fc f ,fl'.:.M. , ww: Z Charles Sharkey Except for those who don't wear sox, Girls can always make him sigh, Off to service after June, Charlie is a cheerful guy. IW Natalie E. Seib "C.B." plans a future of fashions, Football and travels are her passions, Her interest lies in many things, She draws, reads, skates, and sings. S . ww . X Mechanical engineering-the job for Jim, Sports are pleasurable to him. Dark and handsome, born in Mass., For a movie star he could easily pass. Edward Shepherd On beautiful blonds and record collections Ed bestows his bounteous affec- tions, School and the crooners receive a mere sneer, But he'll show the world as an engineer. Herman Simon "Herm's" a budding college man Who takes a pleasure in sports events, Look out if you're a Dodger fan, Cause words he doesn't "mence!" anv- G' Edwin C. Shriver Even tempered "Bub" likes any- thing but school, Leisure time for study, says he, is the rule. Reading choice is tales of war, Engineering his vocational door. Dolores G. Smith Friendly "Smitty" likes Marines, Likes sailors too, but 'blond and lean, Wants to have fun as she grows o d, Collects wiar clippings, so we're told. . Y I ' Q " PM-5-1 . ' Y "ti QW I f' . 3 Theodore 0- 5'PPe' i iii' G Brilliance in science, humor in , V -V " life, ' Ted one day will use a surgical 'fl' knife. ,.,,Hp7. Dissection his hobby, patience -f-ruff" , E his fran, ,A Blonde girls 'his weakness, ig 'i smokers his hate. sf' . Hope Jane Skala ri' Blond-haired Jane Collects records and clothes, She'll make a great nurse 'QSM Taking care of her beaus! ' Bertha M. Smithers "Bert", well-liked, -has a friendly grin, Loves to talk with Mr. Finn, Spare time spent as a bakery clerk, Cadet nursing future work. Edythe M. Sneath Keen sense of humor, Eyes bright and blue, Getting fun out of life, Gives her plenty to do. QQ' Lois Spiess "Spiess" of the figure tres divine, Gathers with friends to have a good time, Likes s l e e p i n g, dancing and tennis best, Soon off to college-for a rest? E ll'5 Ralph Steinhoff "Stein" has quite a future planned, Navy, college, and a car, he'll demand. Goes for ice cream camping, and jive, And never gets mad-man alive! J William C. Staudh Quiet "Willie" likes to walk, Dislikes girls who always talk, Navy Air Corps is his aim, Then in drafting he'll find fame. f in ,i i' 3 i ,i. , Blond, prompt Gracie likes her friends, To music and travel she com- pletely unbendsj Enjoys taking pictures, football, tennis, Thinks catty people are the world's worst menace. 'l Jean E. Strang "Fluffy" has a flare for art and design, Thinks music and men are simply divine, She goes at tennis with plenty of vim, A swell girl, college is her fond- est whim. Jean Strenkert Here we have a Sinatra fan, Who also likes to lick a pang In her leisure she skates and sews, But in the future wants to buy clothes. Allen Strecker Streck likes chicken raising, His weakness is damesg After the air corps comes farm- ing, , His future "Streak" claims. Irene Sweeney Friendly Re, lots of fun, Week-ends longer her desire Plans to be a buyer. Joseph Paul Svitanek Soccer, fishing, and basketball, To those sports "Sive" gives his all, Until in life he takes his station ln the wide field of aviation. H6 -.- i ' , Collects records-never done, John William Szelesta Famous radical of P. A. D., Says he does homework constantly. Happiness and peace his aim, But World War ll has first claim. 1- 'hr 'ES Fred W. Taenzer Fritz likes to work on cars, At model building he really stars To- be a draftsman is his aim, Enioys a red hot football game 1 K. Ruth Talberl' Baking and lovely eyes add to her fame, With Ruthie life is a wonderful . game. Likes everyone-they return the same, Grand sport, reads Pegler, college her aim. e4"'f YU' Mark Teaney Marcus finds fun in lifting weights, He's a little guy but he's really great, He likes building model air- planes, Soccer and football his favorite games. . K an Dorothy Talbot Olive Ann Tamborelle 1 Chocolate sodas . . . successful Likes to read and to talk, 3' lg life, I Her future . . . librarian's job. ,'.rr ' Are all that' Dottie asks, "Tamby's" pleasures, a trip to ' Dimpled smile . . . loves to New York, . Lg " dance, And her sister, a feminine gob. ", S5191 C0"eQe among her fasks- fi Af lfy, V X """ ' wwf? : if 5' .aff ' g' r-, ' Eileen Tevlin V, ,Q Trulyhah lovely Irish colleen, 5,-'ggvgy Disposition to match, 'has friendly , 1 1 Eileen. I . Hates to be rushed, likes having - 'f ' gf fun, M .. xgffrk RH Resident ibuyer , . . she wants ' to. be one, -X-L. .,, 2E X ' ' Thomasine Thiel Tommy writes letters, Likes eating, football. Blond, beautiful hair ls the envy of all. Kenneth Thompson He'd like to be a C.P.A., Sports of all kinds he likes to play: , At tennis "Knobby" really scores, Rah-rahs are people he simply abhorsl Edwinia H. Tillinghast- One couldn't tell in four measly lines, The talents which good natured "Tillie" combines, Editor, artist, musician, and ibright, ' Beautiful horses are her favorite sig-ht. fAY"""'N Naomi Thompson V Majorette "Na" Loves to march with the band, Says ice cream is O. K., Office work s'he'lI demand. J, l ff, Mildred E. Tiedeberg Grinning Van Johnson, in every Ipaff, Has carved a nic-he in "Millie's", hearty Mad about riding, "rahs" are fetid, Eats like a horse, for college is headed. ll7 Henry K. Timm Whipped cream on cake he can't resist, , fa t ""7' In the Navy he wants to enlist. ' 935' , Henry loves to sleep and eat, Thinks ice hockey and golf just . can't be beat. if., ,t' W 1 ' , . 1 "W .ii 'fi ' T . l it ll .il . S l N Richard J. Tomlinson Ann Marie Treanor "Red's" always there with a Talented Ann does fine work laugh and a crack, with wood, Four eighth period slips he has a ls noted for portraits exceedingly l knack, good, He reads and plays football A career in design is her plan, just for pleasure, Ideal? To meet just one tall Q A Cadillac car to him is a man. ,' treasure. l, l i ll , J I i , . Charles Uber Charlie will be A Navy man, Hunts, fishes,--likes football, Will farm-if he can. . Elaine C. Van Cotl' .,,,, u., Mary Ella Triplet Friendlly "Trip" is small BD' peaing, E On stubborness she hits the ceiling. - , Tractor driving she SYHOYS, College next tour years em- ploys. l, . . ll .T .., ,Q 5' f s. A y fl gli ! . ii 'l 1 ."' f, fx . 'Q I r 1, A l , ll V 7 l .V l l ll8 r Clever "Peanut" wants a business career, The Navy and Merchant Marine bring her great cheer, She collects miniature dogs in her spare time, Sleeping late Saturday mornings, suits her fine. -vi Muriel L. Va nderclute Knit 2, purl 2-"Murs" delight. Secretary-suits her right. Loves a date with Navy Blue, But, "Mur" dislikes to be called "Moo". Paul Volcker Incredible knowledge of politics, Little "Buddy" measures way' Jane Van Houten Adorable "Van" likes to ride and dance, Hopes in business to advance, Teachers who have pets, Jane deplores, Eating and having fun, she adores. Michael Verost "Mike" jerks sodas in his spare ln the Air Corps, he will shine, His resemblance to Gable is He'S happy when feminine above six. Something about him-none can resist, H9'll lJe4Town Manager friends all insist. r fm Tn, 1 V' . w . S N- 1 i A 1 - I time, strictly his ear, I-'fg":f.li:,5, fi, .I beauty is near, Richard A. Voorhig Good music a joy for Dick, All sports he thinks are slick, College after Teaneck High, One on whom you can rely. S i ,views Maurie A. Volk Maurie's an excellent artist Lovely eyes, hair, and smile, Likes dancing, sewing, and swimming. But finds painting most worth her while. Dorothey Madeline Wlalker Dottie likes to golf and swim, She also likes to dance, And South America she will tour, If she gets the chance. Kathryn Waesche More studies in store for "Pat". ln Endicott College at that. Sewing, knitting, reading, her taste, . Beautiful eyes in a pretty face placed. 'tg-Q.. ' ' .35 1- f.: 2.115144 S I 5. 'K fm 4 C sf, f K 1 pi 4 2 v 2' Ll' 4 sa ' 3 fkks ,gd 6 sisgztfrifrawevm . , .,.,c.ffW..,.,,2,...a....c.s , - 'fires 'Q X . . 3. ,lr 5 ' 3 . 4 X xxx Ji' x ,Q "Hz ,' ' rub, ,Q ' J Roy Wallin On sketching and drawing witty Roy dotes, But his love most true is his halt a sailboat, Mayer owns the other half, they sail in good weather, Stuart R. Walker Stue likes sports, all kinds, he states, Stue likes girls, the one he dates. But the girl he'd date if he were able ls that cute one named Betty Grable. , ...QQ .ix Q 'Nw'- 'ew -Nw I .. 'Tex iw, , I , Elizabeth Walton Independent Betty A Claims her weakness, procrastin- ation. She's helpful-likes good hu- mor- I Chemistry her future station. But how do they manage to put it together? Pearl Wells Pansy writes letters, Plays ping pong with -pleasu Small, witty, and cute, She'lI be her boss' treasure. re, Viola Wells Dance 'till dawn, travel about, Suits peppy "Vi" without a doubt, With lots of icing she'll take her cake, ln college she hopes a name to make. Robert E. Wellwood Bob fhopes to be an engineer, His weakness is for pies, A non-excitable person He praises to the skies. ll9 Richard Werner "Whitey" another engineer, Quite the guy with girls, we hear. Basketball, football-his favorite sports, Eating and sleeping his joy, he reports. W7 l --me Q John R. White Math and gals are his weakness, Navy and college, hiss aims, E n j o y s horseback riding and '1 l Joy White Likes to cook, likes to draw, Has eyes that do inspire awe. Joy wants to interior decorate, Ann Whitely Hot fudge sundaes, sleeping ,Q 4f'x swimming, Was born in Chicago, Illinois Or watching basketball games. state. , ,, Virginia Whitman A f? Someday Jinny will be a farmer, Sewing and horseback riding 2, qfm iig charm her. , 'gg 1 ' Thinks having lots of friends is , 'V great, f - . ' ' M Nice cars to this gal are sure to 'iii -A , fate. -' X ,lf d w.d Martin Williamson -V ' ,Rayman 4' man, High in spirits as well as height, , 1 Cautious "Ray" claims he is shy, Lanky Marty finds sports just Though he is really one swell right, QUY, V Eating and sleeping are Iife's Navy immediately after grad., joys two, Engineering-the career to be T'will be the service when school had. is through. -an Barbara V. Wright Bobbie's a 'bright one With eyes for the Na 5 , We all love her 'a' 1, Which is itaturagfl wg . - , , . .4 1 ., ,x George Wiedeman Daniel Witt George likes to ride his bike and Air Corps or college for Danny, skate, - Shoots that basketball, boy can In baseball he likes to parti- he! cipateg I is My Co-Pilot" favorite "Movie whisperers" are his pet peeve, A and "wimmin" rate 120 An advertising career he'd like look, to achieve, late, Going to college at future date, Watching football, swimming, dancing, Are the things that set Ann prancing. i Kenneth Zimmerman Business or the Navy for easy- going Ken, Who finds pleasure in things electric, Thinks Sinatra a man among men, Goes for women and sports . . kinda hectic! Joyce Yaney Pre-med in college for "Jerce", Refuses to swoon o'er the "Verce", Loves classical music, riding her -bike, Talented, sports-loving, easy to like. Kenneth A. Zuber Punctual Ken 'has a deep seated yen For chocolate ice cream, so he says, He builds model planes, likes all kinds of sports, And works as hard as he plays. fill . ffy C ff , f' ,fi '74 X42 ' f l ff-12 f I Y ,V if' sejagff-74 Z J ,f ' " 6 5 , V X! 1 ,ff '1 ,gfysfqff S Audrey Zinser Spends leisure time at Cedar Lane, Tardy people her existence's bane, Vivacious "Zin" wants to go to Cornell, Has big brown eyes-person- ality, swell. L+. ' 5 ', 4 ,i ff 1 V"" .W f ifiz, 5 gi f T sczmz Galemfaa Q5 x Q ' D .... - +- O R .. gg-:f'-:,.! is 'E X ' 5-ZX ' S4 S7 5 SEPTEMBER 6 x First Dav Dont Fwzm .Ur In xx I If H1-X Dunvc I I li Don'l Know Y You Like I X Now NIBILR 17 Them Gm Stage Door 1,111 Making Bvlivvv ff f I NJ DECEMBER f5uim peter I d If I Devildn the Hfld the Win of fin Angel Us JANL-XRY 18 Exams' V "X.fxJXf bpval Lou 5 Football Season Opt-ns NOVEMBFR 7 Elcctlon for Slings --L.. Thai Song Again L? ,ui-5 FEBRUARY 21 Mother and Daughter Banquet Is You Is Or ls X x You Amt My Baby? K X Z . 1. I ' t DECEMBER 22 Y- CllFiSIlll3S Program . 011, Colm' .fill Ya' I ,,, 4 Y mfllfuz 7,l1.I,:Ttx1:rf S FgBtlD.?JRY 2 x 5 CHIOI' YOU! . , S gwillfman Keep TIIOSC L Botlles Quivt X HON SEN TIN O AAT f Sched eazmzm :fx + ,-- .,-11 -R T I 1 KX 2, MARCH 14 . CIIIOI' MARCH 15 Income Taxes I Cot Plentv Of Faculty Game ' T T l i X Xl V! Q' Xglfffff D Deep In The Heart of fllafes Z5 CLOSED I-If-MS I !k,pJ.z ,Y ME .' ,,.! MAY 4 f APRIL 20 Q Playcrafters, Stardust f -J MA junior Prom Y11 The Goon Cofnes W'P69V:? The Mountam kg 5 P 'I in Spring Concert Strange lllusic 0 l W9 X ' K Go? JUNE I5 School Closed 'I Dream Of You I .,.. 9. V -. Y: Q5 .5 4b 1 W!! Q Op SOUP? SERXMQE L F LE? K MAY 25 YEARBOOK Cmnmencement Some Day ,Wy Prints Dance Will Come JUNE 8 ru Walk Alone Graduation Rhapsody In B00 H00 - Cow se N Tl N 0 EAT . . . sunburn . . . diving into cool, clear water. . . the salt spray as the ocean waves pound against the beach ...a mountain breeze. . .a small lake . . . fishing . . .sailing . . . playing tennis. . .a city office . . . work. . . a farm . . . picking apples . . . thunder storms . . . lightning crashing through the sky . . . long days . . . salads . ice-cold drinks . . . freedom . . . this is Summer. l24 15" . ffl 3 A ,WW Mr. and Mrs. O. Werner 70 Um P Mr. and Mrs. Einar Agerholm Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Balsley Jacqueline Barnes, Class of '41 Mrs. Ruth A. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Donald C. Bolles Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Barry William E. Beaumont H. W. Becker Konrad H. Bein F. A. Blackledge Albert B. Bolinder George H. Bonnington Paula Perry Bourassa Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. R. J. Brackett Ernest Brandt and Mrs. and Mrs. S. Breitenstein Corporal Nelson Breuer Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. John Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. William Busching George W. Byrkit Byrne Harry Carlsen P. Cicoria Mrs. Elsie S. Clode Mr. and Mrs. E. Gerard Conoscenti Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Costello Mrs. Charlotte M. Court ' Mr. and Mrs. l. Curiel Mrs. Frances F. Dayton Lucy C. DeBaun W. Wesley DeBaun X Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Emil DeJacomo Charles DiCostanzo Floyd Drake W. J. Eads Donald W. Earl Edward J. Emmer K. H. Engel Louis Engel Alex Erskine Mr. and Mrs. Eric Freund Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Frick Mr. and Mrs. William Ganz Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaston and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Thyra E. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. J. Leland Gilliland Giovanni Girardon Golden William H. Goodwin 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. C. A. Haule, Jr. and Mrs. W. M. Heebner and Mrs. A. H. Hendrickson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Cap and Mrs Joseph J. Henry . E. C. Hinman t. and Mrs. George C. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hotmer First Lieutenant Clyde Houghton John Hurley Lillian Bruce Hurley , Mr. and Mrs. A. Janicki Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Johannessen Howard F. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Thomas H. Jones, Cpl. and Mrs. John Kahrs Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Ketchpel Mrs. Ernest J. King Mr. and Mrs. Arno Kohler Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Lauzon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Lucien E. Leclercq Mr. and Mrs. L. Letsche Mr. and Mrs. Herman B. Levine Dr. and Mrs. S. Limenfeld Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lyons Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. MacKillop and Mrs. Nicholas Magnan and Mrs .James M. Maltbie and Mrs. D. W. Maloney and Mrs. F. J. Maloney, Sr. Mr.and Mrs. Miss Anna N. Gross Mrs. August Gross Mr. and Mrs. J. George Gross Mr. John F. Gunner, Sr. Mrs. John F. Gunner, Sr. Mrs. M. Hamill Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hartwick J. V. Ma rkey Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin Mr. and Mrs. Ward B. Marvelle Mr. and Mrs. James McGrath Mr. and Mrs. R. J. McQueen Mrs. Frank J. Mellen Mr. and Mrs. Herman Michels Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Molloy Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moneypenny Mr. and Mrs. L. Murachanian Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Noble Mr. and Mrs. Royal Norris Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Nuhn Mr. and Mrs. l. J. Osterhout Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Panettieri Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Pardey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Felix Pedroli Earle Pepin and Mrs. T. Peterson Elizabeth Cutting Perry Reuel Clark Perry Mr. and Mrs. Clesson O. Poole Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Popovich Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Price Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Pushaw and Mrs. Otto Quitsau Mr. and Mrs. Abram Raptogel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Ritchie Carleton Robb Henry E. 'Rollat Charles F. Roth George Rothery Donald and Craig Rossi Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Mr. Mr. Eugene Rossi William C. Rowe and Mrs. John Ruhl and Mrs. Morris Sanders Louis Scherzinger and Mrs. E. Schneider Paul Scholz Charles Schreiber H. V. Scudder and Mrs. Henry J. Seib and Mrs. Earl R. Shequine Mr. and Mrs. Herman Simon Mr. Captain John Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. William Skala Smith Frank F. Smithers Ralph W. Sneath and Mrs. William Spiess Mr. and Mrs. William Staudt Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Steinhoff B. A. Strang and Mrs. 'Paul Strealer and Mrs. Ralph D. Strecker Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Strenkert John Sweeney Rollin E. Talbert Frank Tamborelle Dotty Pepin and Tommy Thiel Mr. and Mrs. William Thiel Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tiedeberg Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Tillinghast Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Triplet Mr. Mr. Roy and Mrs. Michael Verost and Mrs. Hugh Wal'ker Slfc U. S. N. D. M. Waesche Mr. William Walker Pamela Lynne Wallace Mr. and Mrs. John F. Walton J. T. Wiedeman Family ' Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. William J. Whitely Lloyd B. Whitman and Mrs. G. C. Witt G. Marvin Wright and Mrs. A. J. Yaney and Mrs. L. B. Zuber Our sincere thanks and appreciation for helping us make this yearbook possible. Sincerely yours, l26 ,Oafswf Advert 0-44.41 ising Manager If G S E A I f , F o o D s 'Qty- db' AT THEIR BEST A, . K BLUE SEA FISH MARKET Oysters and Clams on Half Shell Full Variety of Fish in Season 422 Cedar Lane Tlianeck 6-2480 Teaneck, N. J. -Q X F fb 'N lo fm I M " -9 If X - L CIassA'mLsts EDWINIA TI LLINGHAST WARREN ALDORETTA THE TEAN ECK CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC LEOPOLD GUTIERREZ, Director Instruction in Piano, Violin, Cello, Etc. Theory and Harmony Also LANGUAGES Including Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian, Etc. Renowned Faculty - Moderate Tuition Fees TEaneck 6-9723 2I I Larch Avenue Teaneck, N. J. gfgilft Q-Q23 1 :S 19 7? qf kc? v ' " A' is 'S Q. xv v ., Q CM PATRICIA GOODWIN ' GEORGE ROTHERY Class Jitterlmgs BARBARA HAUPT GEORGE ROTHERYQ MEMBER FLORISTS' TELEGRAPH DELIVERY ASSOCIATION Q QCHOIUCIU DAVID MUSICANT mon: rnuzcx amos J j ooox' - Imgkgsv C lass Wim DONALD MALONEY N DORIS MALONEY TEANECK GRILL AFTER A GAME - DANCE - Movies I "1 Brain Trusts 5 Don W7. S Maloney Pat Bobbi Conway Import Co., Inc. OLIVE AND SALAD OILS EXTRACTS AND rLAvoRs MAYoNNAisE Fooo Pnooucrs 2I-59 Borden Ave. Long Island City, N Telephone AUdubon 3-O46O-I -2 eoivqe Schoelev 84 Sons "The Best Since I885" , nc. "HUDSON VALLEY FARM PRODUCTS" Meats - Poultry - Butter - Eggs Servicing Schools, Camps, I-los it I H p a s, otels Our Specialty PERSONALLY OWNED AND OPERATED 2305 TWELFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY We Serve Teaneck High School Garden State Music Co. I409 Palisade Avenue West Englewood, N. J. Automatic Music Machines Rented for All Occasions ALSO USED RECORDS FOR SALE TEANECK 7-I8I8 or UNION 7-34I4 -7 . Class Sweethearts Gerry Lauzon Cf' K' Ronald Page Z is wi' ll 4. ' I 1 "I 'I as , , .gV. M ii ' 7 "MEADOWS" A. CONFECTIONERS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES J E W E L E R S sam 1906 V Fountain Service and Greeting Cards 134 Main Street Hackensack, N. J. Tel. HAckensack 3-3434 IVAN BUSATT STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHER or No'rABLEs 260 Main Street Hackensack, N. J. -.4 Most Likely to Succeed ISABELLE KING HAROLD BUSCHING fNfN fa 3 'Q 6 41, Class Flirts N HELEN MOSHER Cs N T D "'-J N F RICHARD COURT jii'1,,m REID MERRYMAN PIANIST TEACHER Popular Classical Theory TEaneck 7-3119 Compliments of CHARLIE'S STATIONERY STORE 185 West Englewood Avenue West Englewood New Jersey HOBBIES ' MODELS ' CRAFTS ' TOYS HOBBY LAND 390 Main Street, Hackensack, N. J. Tel. HAackensack 3-1711 DOLLS ' GREETING CARDS - BOOKS ' GAMES bf X 9 COMPLIMENTS OF CONTINENTAL BAKING COMPANY V Bakers of WONDER BREAD HOSTESS CAKE COMPLIMENTS OF HOME TOWN LAUNDRI ES mc. Teaneck, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF TEANECK RECREATION 885 TEANECK ROAD TEaneck 7-7850 h --. ,.......1.. fnffcoa Pommzn HAQKENSACK AND ENGLEWOOD, N. J. WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Duby the Florist 187 Main Street Tel. TEaneck 7-3831 HOME - MADE BAKERY HOME-MADE CANDY All Baking Done On Premises ' '19O W. Englewood Ave. Tel. Hack. 2-1428 Hackensack, N. J. H- WElNRlCl'l WEST EV'Ql9W00Cl,'N-J- A EVERE1-r A. ENGs'rRoM 1 7 y f phat N os. X, TEACH ER or SINGHING , 6391! f'rl-'Pa,lz"'- If . J, voice coNsuL'rANT A ,-, 'Ill v A e wflwrsfll . 4 y 1 1- ' T D ! l ' Best Singer S U IOS 'EV' ' ,' lr. 982 Queen Anne Road Steinway Hall Eg 1 ISABELLE DE LUCA Teaneck, New Jersey New York City 4 D Telephone Teaneck 6-4090 Tel. JOurnal Square 2-4987 IDEAL TOWEL SUPPLY CO. APRONS - HOOVER GOWNS - COATS TABLE LINEN - NAPKINS Class .Musician Jack Molloy 138 Oakland Avenue Jersey City, N, J. Tel, HAckensack 2-5700 Est, 1903 THEODORE J. LOHBECK TFANK 5- CO, mAMoNos WATCHES, cLocKs SI LVERWARE EXPERT JEWELRY REPAIRING CLOTHIERS - HABERDASHERS Q 509 Cedar Lane Theatre Bldg. 213 Main Street Hackensack, N. J. Teaneck, N. J. TEaneck 6-1967 Joi-IN sfco. Milli I va x ' ' 3 l ' igh,sgMllX ,V .ililiiliafi i f1'4ff'.-lt' s, ,jilgiil ill . A iqlffaj' '1"'Y'f4. .5 - 4.1 i . - .V izgi-' ' . f- T' lf llT" !-- ll-El'33 l vs'1r - SEXTON SERVICE orrsns You- A The only nationally advertised brand of foods prepared exclusively for the institutional market. A The security of endorsement by all the leading trade associations in the institutional field in the United States. A The facilities of the only wholesale grocery company operating plants in the principal American markets-Chicago and New York. A As rendered by America's largest distributors of number ten canned foods, a distinctive service on a complete assortment of quality foods packed in this institutional size container. A Home recipe pickles, relishes and conserves from Sexton Sunshine Kitchens-delicious and appetiz- ing. A Carefully selected coffees-blends resulting from years of careful study-roasted fresh daily at Chicago and Brooklyn. A A selection of your needs from the largest in- ventory evenassempled for the particular needs of those who feed many people each day. nubuma my Edelweiss Qualify Foods CHICAGO DALLAS BROOKLYN DM Shirley Norris Fabio Racioppi TEaneck 6-2383 TEaneck-6-2384 COMMU N ITY MARKET 463 Cedar Lane Teaneck, N, J. GOTTFRIED BAKING COMPANY, Inc. W, -r C . H NM C ig-,..J C lass . 'S reamer ' ' 5 N Xf I Ahce Heffernan 'BLUE COAL' - KOIPPERS' COKE FUEL OIL COMPLIMENTS WEST SHORE FUEL CO. OF Teaneck, New Jersey " G E N E R A L " Authorized Agent for TEaneck 7-8000 Delco Oil Burners HAckensack 2-9800 AND Compliments from Co. . TEANECK, N. J. FOIQIDHAM UNIVERSITY NEW YORK CITY FOUNDED IN l84l CONDUCTED BY THE JESUITS At Fordham Road, Bronx, New York 58, N. Y. Fordham College. Boarding and Day School on Seventy Acre Campus. College of Pharmacy Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Fordham Preparatory School , At 302 Broadway, New York 7, N. Y. School of Business School of Education School of Adult Education School of Law At l34 East 39th Street, New York l6, N. Y. School of Social Service Four Residence Halls for Men: St. John's Hall, Bishops' Hall, St. Robert's Hall, Dealy Hall One, Residence Hall for Religious Women: St. Mary's Hall CATALOGUES OF EACH DEPARTMENT SENT ON REQUEST "THE AGENCY OF PERSONAL SERVICE" IN APPRECIATION OF THE CONFIDENCE SHOWN BY THE RESIDENTS OF TEANECK IN OUR OFFICE CLARENCE LOFBERG INSURANCE SERVICE L,-1,1 FLOYD H. FARRANT CO iiiiftgvis- 55 ' OLDEST REAL ESTALTE FIRM ' ftg:l11lu g f:-ggi I IN TEANECK phone: 363 Cedar Lane 873 TEANECK ROAD TEaneck 6-8500 Teaneck, N. J. Opposite Library WANT TO SELL WANT TO BUY WANT TO INSURE WANT MORTGAGE REFINANCING Alexander Summer Organization QUEEN ANN ROAD, CORNER OF CEDAR LANE TEANECK, N. J. HENRY KELLY Sz SGNS WHOLESALE PRODUCE 413-19 WEST I-4TI-I STREET NEW YORK 0 TELEPHONE CHELSEA 3 ZIOO FINE FINE PTT-'-23-0. 7 -- . ..... L TQ Q' ..-yi R'S+I+1m: g IH f' ff A 'k4'u,.' 'I g II, A , .. . rms , mg Sn, ':+'I+ -L VI mg , A fill .'rl5'i.:,i1,1' Q .,,,, ,gggllf-' ' I' -ei eii e' ' X, ' -f "" f JEWELRY WATCHES VISIT P. NAPOLI Cr SONS, INC. JEwEI.ERs and OPTICIANS 454 CEDAR LANE, TEANECK, N. J. I Branches-Fort Lee and Grantwood, N. J. BORDEN'S HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK has 400 units of Vitamin D in every quart. Good for bones and teeth. This finer-flavored milk has "cream in every sip." BORDEN'S FARM PRODUCTS OF NEW JERSEY, INC.' Telephone TEaneck 6-3 564 COWEN'S GREETING CARDS for all OCCASIONS STATIONERY - Books - GIFTS - TOYS 478 Cedar Lene Teaneck, N. J. Compliments of FEIBEL'S FOR THE HOME FRONT Join Teaneck High School PARENT and TEACHER ASSOCIATION MRS. L. ENGEL, President MR. E. G. ALLEN, Treasurer Call MRS. J. VOLLMER or MRS. G. WITT for membership Tel. TEaneck 6-1047 PARISIAN CLEANERS Weaving and Waterproofing 415 CEDAR LANE TEANECK, N. J. N. J. MAURELLO, Prop. Tel. TEaneck 6-2432W CEDAR LANE DEPARTMENT STORE Ladies', Men's and Children's Furnishings Shoes and Rubbers 420 CEDAR LANE TEANECK, N. J. Tel. TEaneck 6-7504 MILLER-EIDEN SPORTSWEAR AND WOMEN'S APPAREL Sizes 9 to 44 483 Cedar Lane Teaneck, N. J Class Actor and Actress William Eads Joan Levine Compliments of BERNHARDTS. Inc. .. CLASSIFIED .. THRIFTY CUT RATE DRUG, Inc. 479 CEDAR LANE TEANECK, N. J. RELIABLE SHOE STORE "Good Shoes for the Entire FamiIy" 477 CEDAR LANE TEANECK, N. J. WEST ENGLEWOOD ELECTRIC CO. Radio - Service and Sales Julius Williams 180 WEST ENGLEWOOD AVE. WEST ENGLEWOOD, N. J. A IMHOFF'S GARAGE QUEEN ANNE ROAD AND WEST ENGLEWOOD AVENUE WEST ENGLEWOOD, N. J. Tel. TEaneck 7-2570 BERNDT'S BAKERY 204 W. ENGLEWOOD AVE. WEST ENGLEWOOD, N. J. DRESDALE'S Toys - Stationery - Gifts i7O WEST ENGLEWOOD AVE. WEST ENGLEWOOD, N. J. SAMKS SHOE REBUILDING 1350 TEAN-ECK ROAD W. ENGLEWOOD, N. J. GOODMAN'S HARDWARE WEST ENGLEWOOD AVE. WEST ENGLEWOOD, N. J. "Let's Eat At Nystrom's" THE F.AvoRITE GATHERING PLACE AFTER A GAME OR DANCE Tasty Sandwiches - Delightful Meals Delicious Fountain Specialties Choice Ice Cream NVSTIQQWS Route 4-North Hackensack HACK. 2-4690 FACILITIES FOR PRIVATE PARTIES NO LIQUORS Delta Piece Dye Works, Inc. K1 EAST FIFTH AND BRANCH STREETS PATERSON, NEW JERSEY Tlph HA th 713001 Grenard Manufacturing Corp MANUFACTU RERS VENETIAN BLINDS - WOOD PRODUCTS 55 WESTERVELT AVENUE HAWTHORNE, N. J. S I Off and Show 230 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK, N Y T I AShI CI 4-53I5 WE ARE PROUD TO BE THE "OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS" TO TEANECK H IGH SCHOOL YES, WE ARE PROUD OF THIS TITLE, BECAUSE OF THE FINE WORK THA.T IS BEING DONE BY YOUR SCHOOL, AND THE OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE GIVEN US TO BE AFFILIATED WITH IT. Thomas Studios HFOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE EAST" 254 Main Street Hackensack, N. J Compliments of PEERLESS MOULDED, INC. Teaneck, New Jersey JAN ITORIAL SUPPLY CO. Incorporated ' Distributors and Jobbers MOPS and BRUSHES - DISINFECTANTS APER TOWELS TOILET TISSUE P LIQUID SOAPS - NO RUB WAX - PINE SOAP POLISHES, ETC. Tel. PAssaic 3-1550, 1551 60 Jefferson Street Passaic, N. J. Compliments of A F IR I E N D A Cr F PANETTIERI MANOR SHOE SERVICE Hats Cleaned and Blocked 461 Cedar Lane TEaneck 6-5835 Teaneck, LN. J. TEar5eck 7-5828 NA'rioNAi. , 'D PAINT Cr GLASS SUPPLY RICHARD BUTLER V FLOWERS - GIFTS l 183 West Englewood Avenue Q, 1444 Queen Anne Rd. TEaneck 7-3416? West Englewood, N. J. West-Englewood HQHTTEE JUG V427 I iid in g, ml ag: 1313.325 OFFICES IVN MUNICIPAL BU TE - 'Best Wishes and Good Luck from THE STAFF OF THE 1945 HI-WAY 'E X 'X F W "G-'-"+R--,. Wm A 7 A .QR fnawqmee .1 jf i i X r T 1 You make an efficient soda - - - jer I Typica-I of summer work. .4 I, 1 l 1 J N i 1 W, rim 4 e E 5 1 We want on table - - spnll the food,. Puts us in a gleeful mood. T I k Z F .3 ,X M s X W . rf' s 55 AQ a e ff 3 f A e 4 - Q -I A Life Guard isn't all for show, 1 f The poor guy's drowning, you'd better go. Afxt 1 2 W, fr ,, X X' 'X V 'M ag 1 lla M57 . ' 5' el -, 'QA' ' R Ki,-E5 Q 'IMAX I. if K . 1 sr-A Q ml TWV . Q' I t I z 2 sw fl -N . ,J , Vxgfela X V, ,, 2 A 1 J 5 -, 2 y ,ha y l "inf ' Afsuper saleswomen we surmise, P 'Q . f A eff ,qv Q 1, fl x fi f fVV 'l f l I 5 M if , D ' 3 ,f 1 'f L., An apple a day, dear farrneretfe, Will keep him happy, you can bet. 's 'ii a, rf' But embarassing Purchases do arise. ,. fP" ff "" Q N , l " I xx , .. f 0, ,al lk Q X If mmmwma l few' 1 . l f eee'e , Q -2 N' . XVC, V- 3 AW V g If V,,, l M. A " 3 W W ' , W , ' V' -I YZ . : .Q"':.5' l Vvff' H ja "ff 'V feee ' 'Q ,,,,. A J fl " ' ,Q . K VV4VZ I A W "H I ' f " V-'. R, ' A Blilf you d better quit eating - V- - your boss looks stern QW f ef M N -X 41 y x 'Q' l ij if fl Q 3 -., ,A T in 'S an art not hard to learn 'ii l l A -L ' S ,J 6-I 5 'MH-Y g QW PW xx X sf ff ,W " J l Q6 i Build Health - The Lucious Way! You know, if you were to check your present eating habits against the Government's Official Food Rules, chances are you'd discover that you need even MORE ofthe ENERGY-BUILDING FOODS. Now, here's one delightful way of doing just that. V Enjoy Reid's rich, smooth lce Cream. For this luscious treat gives you ALL of the vitamins, minerals and energy-building elements of cream and wholesome milk products. There's Vitamin A, to build resistance against infection , . . and Vita- min B Complex for healthy appetites, for steady nerves . . . and minerals such as iron and calicum. And Reid's lce Cream gives you energy-building protein as welll So enjoy Reid's Ice Cream . . . for your health's sake and for the sheer enjoyment of a luscious, delightful treat. SINCE 1874 . I '- I CREAM . -1 .' ' , I ICE C C fi: SNK f-4 'YS 1' 'If' U A O Q W , l Q' .59 j gym I, .--4 E .IH i E bp U 'FJ' 1 Q Hardest Subject E 1 ,, J, CHEMISTRY 5' CldSS,Bdl7i6S Blu' ROWE Y vi . DOT MADDEN U j PRODUCED BY NEW CITY PRINTING C0. uNioN ciTY, New JERSEY 1 11 L 1 ,1 1 seein.. ,. 1 1 11, 1: li 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 K 1 11 1 1 P gi . - A +1 'If 1. sf- , I . JM 1 ,f-ff E-1.1213538131 1- '..u.. 1- ,. .-1u'g1A.L. 'T 11 if ,11 .wg 11 3 if 'fs ,3 3 H 'fs , l ' 5 . '15 ,, fi? 1. 1 "ix "If ' Q . 1 V. 15 a-We , if 'I 1 :.,-R fd Q12w',' . ' J .:-,1 I lj' ,H ' A 6 1 ',.:f.'1 " f i1 , Ex ' 1 ,Z -'Z ,L ' ,""5 ,J ,Z ' 2 , . gp ' L '51, .- A! ,A 1 2,5 '1 ,255 1 A '97, 2 1 1? ,1 Til 1 hi' 1- f 4 L K, 'P Uv' R -,. 4.3. ., , 1 - n ss-. - '- ,- 'U NJ ' ffm X FL 4: , 1, 455 'L ,. ,,L, ,,.f,,. gk Fw' :..v,,., K . 1 ' 3- A-J l " V, X fri?-.--q ,J 2' if" 7135 .,' ' fivsk' P" , sql nl A .., .aff . hx -'- 1 -1. Ns A ' x in K ,, ia -W ',, N "fav . may V . I : . M vx . x"f'1t-'VWX , I Q .,. 'Il-f 5 "'.. Jn 4.-A. f 1. 1,- 1 -M r, 'ffl ' J - f -4 ., I f f' - .1 ,kj . , . W " :- Q ,. A , , -1 ,I 1 ,. ."i4 'L s Q if ,SL A '- Q ,Ly I ' .vb 1 auuwf.-.,,, 'sf Q 4. "'l: .,-i M5 vm X if rx 5 2 E! , 1 ,f 2 F 'Q z 4 ,1 . 1.-4 4 ,A QI, ii il Q1 Ei 51 me Q X v:4f, pp, ...g 2 Q, A, M ng, Km E f' 4 . , 4 f if 1112 3, 1 y F I, 15' 3 wig 11, ,ww 1

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Teaneck High School - HI Way Yearbook (Teaneck, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Teaneck High School - HI Way Yearbook (Teaneck, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Teaneck High School - HI Way Yearbook (Teaneck, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Teaneck High School - HI Way Yearbook (Teaneck, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Teaneck High School - HI Way Yearbook (Teaneck, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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