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S ' - ' , i- ■ ; i|v - ' jjiy-M ' • kJ ShLj L ySr ' » raj Hi I 1 k 9LJ J ■ 5 fl HP l f- J MMBiLij.SAjii 1 V- v twSt rrnftflfi i i THE BICENTENNIAL EDITION OF THE PEAK 1976 Tazewell High School Fincastle Road Tazewell, Virginia 24651 Editor Bobbie Horton Art Work: Rosemary Clemans TRACES 7 ADS 121 " THIS IS MY OWN, MY NATIVE LAND. THIS IS MY COUNTRY.” 4 ii u ti silt « it i J ?i» l I «s r ' j ' w m W m m ii m : m sm " ■ft : r- m ( —, ' ■“ “ r ■ ■: V ™ !! 1 ?• -i ■» ?t! m «« n is mm ALMA MATER Where mountains stand so boldly Where skies are always bright Our Alma Mater lifts her head And sings her strength and might. We lift our eyes unto the hills That shelter Tazewell High They give us strength to love and serve The school whose fame we cry. Oh, Tazewell we love thee, Our Alma Mater dear For you we stand and sing our praise Of love and faith and cheer. We praise thee, Tazewell High School, Your light forever shines. It shines to guide and keep me near That dear ole’ school of mine. Phyllis Eanes Fisher-Class of ’54 5 ' THIS IS MY COUNTRY, LAND OF MY BIRTH. THIS IS MY COUNTRY” • • • MEMORIES First Row: David Kinder, Rusty Payne, Jerry Boothe. Second Row: Jack Hall, Mark Shrader Deborah Hincher Lynn Hardy, Susan Hughes, Vicki Cook Carol McGraw, Paul Eldreth, David Drum. Third Row: Mr. Cook, ’ Kathy Ball, Mickey Etter, Kathy Rutherford, Hugh Puckett, Pam Ramey, unknown, Mary Sue VanDyke, Mike Hodge, Mrs. Neel. Fourth Row: Bob Moss, Judy Shawver, Harold Brown, Sherrie Yost, Phillip Rumley, Debra Stilwell, Charlie Butcher, Kathy Boardwine, Jim McDonald. PRESSED BETWEEN First Row: Randy Safewright, Willard Atwell, Carroll Sluss, Kenny Gilley, Scott Fitch. Second Row: Thomas Dunford, Karen Barrett, Vera Lawson, Arlene Horne, Darlene Peery, Elizabeth Webb, Barbara Angles, Greg Matney, Donald Howery. Third Row: unknown, Larry Davis, Betty Davis, Fred McFarland, Barbara Rhodes, Joey Harold, Cheryl Jupina, Russell Peck, Mrs. Miller. Fourth Row: Foster Vance, Karen Shelley, William Eldreth, Jennifer Mullins, James Puckett, Sherri McGuire. Kevin Caffin, unknown. Alfred Webb. 8 First Row: Roger Osborne, Fred Dean, Mark Mullins, Ed Watkins. Second Row: Ed Torrence, unknown, David Saunders, Betty Ho rton, Mae Tibbs, Libby Whitt, Ritchie Heldreth, Robert Elswick, Mike Cassell. Third Row: Kathy Neel, Wayne Brown, Kathy Melvin, E.R. Hughes, Anna Bowen, Keith Pomrenke, Margret Sayers, David Winfrey. Fourth Row: Barry McGuire, Jean Smith, Rufus Vanhoozier, Rettie Pickett, Don Walk, Vicki Keene, Jackie Bailey, Kim Rider, Robert Elswick, Mr. Louthan. THE PAGES OF MY MIND, First Row: Steve Clements, Charlie Pruett, Sonny Edwards, Jerry Patton. Second Row: Don Brooks, Patricia Mitchell, Connie Helton, Luanne Kimby, Matilda Roberts, Sarah Paxton, Debbie Turley, Billy Helmandollar, Mike Watkins. Third Row: Pearlie Asbury, Leckie Sayers, Kathy Pyott, Micheal Rodriquez, Mary B. Bell Dennis Hall, Kathy Gillespie, William Mitchell, Mrs. Neece. Fourth Row: Doug Etter, Anna Burnette, George Young, Bobbie Horton, Mike McGuire, Diana Herald, Steve James, Mary Sawyers, James Leonard. MEMORIES 9 FADED PHOTOGRAPHS Margie Estep Anna Bowen Carol McGraw Vicki Cook Mary Jo Waddell Barbara Angles COVERED NOW Debbie Asbury Sallie Bostic » ) Scott Glover Rhonda Sluss 4 Sherri McGuire Randy Safewright Kathy Pyott Betty Cline AND CREASES Sherri Grace Steve Clements Jimmy Lambert Vivian Bland, Charlene Stanton, Shirley Bland Connie Kinder Marie Dye Foster Vance Rennie Nash Charlie Butcher i _i _ i Barbara Hankins PICTURES TORN IN HALF Donna Beavers Kathy Gillespie Wanda Hankins Barbara Rhodes Mag Peery Mark Kyle Kathy Ball Sonny Edwards Diana Harman Debbie Sheets Debbie Brewster MEMORIES m Carroll Sluss Jim McDonald IN BITS AND PIECES 1 1 4 a- 9 K David Hincher Teresa Fox TRACES ... a «rC ' ' y » nj Brad Strong Walter Graham Tony and Sheila O’Quinn Kelly Buskell Roger Woods Kathy and Kay Neel Kevin McGraw Candy Cecil m - Melissa Hodge Ricky Cooke LONG AGO ... Mr. Smith Dr. Joyce Mrs. Kidd Mr. Peery Mr. Santolla Greg Thomas, Mack Stinson, Darryl Thomas Kay Neel, Kay Young, Tammy Buchanan, Fred McFarland, Kathy Neel, Patty Fritz TRACES Mr. Young 13 SCHOOL OPENS AUGUST 28 A NEW WING 14 AND A JUKE BOX AFTER GAME DANCES 15 HOMECOMING 1975 After a week of numerous activities including spirit links, spirit juice, dog biscuits, baby pictures of varsity football players and cheerleaders, an d selling tickets for a 3-speed bicycle, Friday night got underway with a mini-parade around the stadium. The Bulldogs topped off the Homecoming festivities by rolling past the Abington Falcons with a final score of 36-12. A dance followed, featuring Sly Fox and the Homecoming Court. Kathy Ball, Diana Harman, Mary Sue VanDyke, and Anna Bowen Tish Cox and Teresa Fox Ed Torrence drives while Carroll Sluss waves a dead Falcon on the N.H.S. float FBLA buries the Falcons Penland, 1974 Homecoming Queen, crowns Kathy Ball, 1975 Teresa Homecoming Queen Wayne Lambert—escort, Chea Buskell—8th grade attendant; Jimmy Honaker—escort, Betty Looney, 10th grade attendant; Jeff Barnes—escort, Teresa Fox, 11th grade attendant; E.R. Hughes—escort, Kathy Ball, Queen; Joe Scarberry-escort, Abingdon attendant; Mark Shrader—escort, Anna Bowen, Grand Marshal; Ritchie Heldreth—escort, Diana Harman—12th grade attendant; Foster Vance—escort, Mary Sue VanDyke 12th grade attendant; Greg Davis—escort, Tish Cox, 11th grade attendant; Kenny Thompson—escort, Shirley Bland, 9th grade attendant. Grand Marshal, Anna Bowen Kathy Ball, 1975 Homecoming Queen Kathy Ball and escort, E.R. Hughes and escort Mark Shrader VOICE OF David Saunders won 2nd place and Carroll Sluss won 1st place in the local contest and 1st place in the state contest. FOUR SENIORS ACHIEVE TOP HONORS VALEDICTORIANS Jim McDonald Betty Cline SALUTATORIANS Sherrie Grace Mauricio Schrader 18 DEMOCRACY To me, our Bicentenial Heritage can be compared to a house. America began building her house in the 1700’s. Since that time, the house has gone through several household heads and has been remodeled several times. A beautiful, majestic mansion or a warm comfortable home can both represent America. The actual building of the home, however large or small best displays America’s two hundred year old history. The foundation for this democratic masterpiece was laid in three sections. First, the Declaration of Independence broke the ground for the foundation. The Revolutionary War provided the cement for a solid structure. Then the physical portion of the house began with the construction of the walls just as the Constitution outlined the make up of America’s house. The construction of America’s house continued smoothly for about 80 to 90 years. The Gold Rush of ’49 along with other expansion efforts, including immigration, increased the size of this house. Problems did arise as America was preparin g to finish the basement and start the first floor during her second 100 years. The structure of the house was weakened by a severe earthquake called the " Civil War”. During this shaky experience, the house was on the verge of collapse. Fortunately, the house was not beyond repair. The holes were patched up, a lesson was learned and America’s architectural masterpice continued. Although the building of America’s house was hampered by the Spanish-American War and World War One, the structure progressed. As America worked on her first floor, we decided it was about time for a house party. Thus the wild party of the " Roaring Twenties” began. It was one of the wildest, longest and most colorful parties of all time. Cleaning up such a large house after a tremendous party was a slow, hard task. During this clean-up period, America found her house in a state of Depression. Just as the clean-up of America’s house ended, her backyard was attacked by a band of Japanese Beetles. Since these beetles caught America by surprise, she was not prepared to combat them. America held the beetles off long enough for her master gardener, Harry Truman, to release his fabulous insect repellant-the atomic bomb. After Mr. Truman deployed his weapon, the battle ceased and America’s backyard returned to normal. America continued to expand her home, with people and with two additional rooms during the years after the " Beetle Battle”. The two new rooms were Alaska and Hawaii, and they along with the remainder of the house prospered under the supervision of such able carpenters as Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. In recent time, however, America’s home has faced difficult problems. One major problem is taking care of all her residents. Another peroblem is trying to find enough fuel to keep the house going. The most severe problem, though, was facing the terrible storm, " Watergate”. This twister shook America’s house up so badly that her master carpenter at the time, Richard Nixon, didn’t know which way to go, so he left and the storm subsided. This is America’s two story, two hundred year old home as it stands today. What does the future hold? Well, America is prepared to embark on the third floor of her beautiful dwelling. The next one hundred years promise to hold much dynamic excitement and serious problems for America. That is why America must continue to choose capable chief carpenters and adequate assistants so the construction of America’s democratic mansion will never falter. GIRLS’ STATE YOUTH IN GOVERNMENT Kathy Ball, Betty Cline, Mary Sue VanDyke, Diana Vicki Cook learns about county government from Harman administrator Bill Hankins. BICENTENNIAL CONTESTS What’s happening backstage? Norm Norman with Jimmy Lambert with Mr. Sheriff Osborne Burns, Commissioner of Revenue. TEACHERS IN ACTION Mauricio and Mike Jack Murray and Tommy debate. Dunford Three bicentennial contests were held this year: debates, persuasive speaking and extemporaneous speaking. Mike Hankins won first place in his debate against Mauricio Schrader. Thomas Dunford won first place and Jack Murray won second place in the persuasive speaker contest and Wanda Hankins was the winner for her extemporaneous speech. r 19 MISS THS-TERESA FOX Kevin McGraw and Jimmy Lambert entertain at the beauty pageant. Larry Northern-Master of Ceromony, Teresa Fox—Queen, Kim Kiser—1st runner up, Melonie Stilwell-2nd runner up, Kathy Corell— 3rd runner up, Kim Gillespie—4th runner up, Bobbie Horton-Miss Congeniality. FASHION SHOW The Simplicity Pattern Company in conjunction with the Tazewell County Extension Service and Tazewell High School home economics department presented many fashions available through construction of simplicity patterns to parents and friends during " Back to School Night” and to the total student body the next day. Mrs. Cecilia Hymes served as narrator, Mr. Russell Hatfield and the stage band provided the background music, Mr. Richard Smith contributed his talents to the stage decor, and the models participating were chosen from the 4-H clubs in the area and from home economics students. Mark Kyle accompained by Mrs. Linn added to the entertainment at the pageant. 20 THE CHRISTMAS PARADE Jimmy Lambert, Snow King; Mary Sue VanDyke, Snow Queen; Dr. Joyce, principal. SNOW KING AND QUEEN CROWNED AT THE CHRISTMAS DANCE 21 MEET THE BULLDOGS On " Meet the Bulldogs Night” the coaches of the winter sports introduced their teams. The teams presented were: basketball by Coach Bill Burnett; wrestling by Coach Buddy Young and volleyball by Coach Nancy Wilson. The cheerleaders and pep band added spirit to these introductions. 22 ( )-iXf 0-0 CO VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front: Teresa Fox, Robin Hamlin; kneeling, Barbara Rhodes, Kathy Pyott; standing, Tish Cox, Diana Harman; back, Mary Sue VanDyke, Lois Johnson Mary Sue VanDyke-Captain; Senior Diana Harman; Senior Robin Hamlin; Senior Barbara Rhodes; Senior Kathy Pyott; Senior Kim Brewer; Senior 24 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L-R: Kim Denton, Jeanine Brewer, Head, Candy Cecil, Missy Steele, Mollie VanDyke, Brenda Smith, Kim Gillespie, Jennifer Robertson, Melanie Stilwell VARSITY FOOTBALL Row 1: David Rhodes, Phil Grindstaff, Brad Strong, John Santolla, Mike Watkins, Roger Hoops, Erwin Ernest, Chuck Henegar, Ray Hunt, David Saunders, Freddie Gillespie, Damon Cecil, Jeff Harris, Kelly Buskell, Ronny Griffith, Coach Rider. Row 2: Coach Leedy, Dennis Brooks, Roger Wood, Terry Crisp, Clint McDaniels, Roger Osborne, Kelly Crabtree, Deno Howery, Ricky Cook, Steve Clements, Larry Rasnake, Rusty Payne, Mike Horne, David Hincher, Jimmy Lambert, Bobby Osbourne, Coach Strong. Row 3: Coach Perkins, Bobby Plummer, Tony O’Quinn, Kevin McGraw, David Ling, Curtis Grubb, Walter Graham, Jamie Hamilton, Jim McDonald, George Young, Rick Pearson, Mark Kyle, Coach Burnett, Coach Perry, Coach Young. Fullbacks: Ricky Cook, Larry Ricky Pearson, David Ling (Q). 2nd row: Quarterbacks: John Santolla, Rasnick, Clint McDaniels. Tony O’Quinn, Jamie Hamilton (Q), Jim Mike Watkins, Roger Hoops. McDonald. Ends: David Rhodes, Erwin Ernest, Ronny Griffith. 2nd row: David Saunders, Mark Kyle, Bobby Osbourne. Halfbacks: Damon Cecil, Steve Clements, Brad Strong, Phil Grindstaff, Roger Osbourne, Kelly Crabtree, Ray Hunt, Jeff Harris. Centers: David Hincher, Jimmy Lambert. Guards: Deno Howery, Dennis Brooks, Curtis Grubb. 2nd row: Mike Horne (Q), George Young, Kevin McGraw. Managers: Greg Thomas, Bobby Plummer, Darryl Thomas. PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE Coach Burnett motions instructions to get the players ready for the game. Coach Peery drills the players during after school practice. DAVE RIDER HEADS COACHING STAFF For the 1975 football season, Coach Rider was assisted by the following coaches: Bill Burnett Buddy Young Lucien Peery Wayne Leedy Bill Strong Jim Perkins 27 What a game! I’ve got it! Hey, that’s my head! 28 V®; OPERATOR! TOUCHDOWN! 1975 Football Season Sept. Oct. Nov. 6. THS .0. Opponent .Richlands. .12 12. .20. .John Battle. .0 19. .28. .Grundy. .0 26. .20. .Graham. .16 3. .34. .Big Creek. .6 10. .0. .Marior. .14 17. .15. .Gate City. .28 24.. .36. .Abingdon. .12 31.. .14. .Va. High.. .20 1. .22. .Patrick Henry. .14 29 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY Front: Miss Quesenberry, Pat Addair, Eva Hale, Hattie Anderson, Tina Person. 2nd row: Vera Mitchell, Debbie Smith, Lisa McCoy, Mary Davis, not pictured—Emily Dean. Front: Pam Waddell, Karen Andes, Phyllis Wright, Jeanette Rainey, Mrs. Wilson. 2nd row: Brenda Mitchell, Shelia O’Quinn, Robin Harman, Henrietta McDonald. Tazewell 44 Richlands 33 48 John Battle 17 30 Grundy 44 32 Graham 43 53 Pocahontas 19 36 Marion 42 48 Gate City 45 65 Princeton 61 44 Pocahontas 20 37 Abingdon 49 46 Va. High 49 76 Patrick Henry 37 36 Abingdon 45 WRESTLING TAZEWELL OPPONENT 9 Marion 54 26 John Battle 38 9 Grundy 51 21 Virginia High 48 42 Patrick Henry 18 27 Abingdon 37 22 Carroll County 34 18 Richlands 45 24 J.J. Kelly 30 21 Richlands 28 First row: Jamie Hamilton, Bob Moss, Dennis Brooks, Steve Sparks, Joe Scarberry, Danny Dennis, Danny Shephard. Second row: Doug McCormick, Greg Kitts, Marty Sparks, Barry Parsons, David Corvin, Gary Sheets. Third row: Greg Thomas, Ronnie Griffith, Mike Cundiff, Carl Lambert, Cecil Johnson, Charles Grubb, Bob Kinder, Coach Young. VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: Larry Hart, Ed Watkins, Mike Watkins, Brad Strong, Jeff Tarter, David Monk, Erwin Earnest, Don Bowman, Bobby Miller. Second Row: David Saunders, Jeff Barnes, Mark Kyle, Jim McDonald, Larry Rasnick, Kelly Crabtree, Mike Horne, Coach Burnett. Managers: Bill McDonald, Rick Sparks, Bobby Plummer First Row: Jeff Carter, Tony O’Quinn, Mike Witt, Grat McDonald, Jeff Harris, Dahmon Cecil, Roger Hoops, Kelly Buskell. Second Row: Coach Yost, Jay Long, Ray Kinder, Mack Stinson, Kenny Evans, David Collison, Ed Huff, David Hincher, Rick Pearson, Mark Billings, Howard Mitchell JUNIOR VARSITY WINS 19 out of 20 GAMES! Varsity THS 59 47 48 53 71 66 57 59 65 59 63 72 47 40 86 69 58 61 63 55 66 61 66 61 69 45 46 60 55 63 73 71 64 57 67 70 55 79 78 63 Pocahontas Va. High John Battle Marion Grundy Graham Abingdon Richlands Graham Pocahontas Va. High Lebanon John Battle Gate City Patrick Henry Richlands Lebanon Grundy Abingdon Gate City JV THS 34 60 32 37 41 58 41 42 45 66 32 43 36 39 47 70 30 52 29 45 33 46 32 64 30 57 45 62 First Row: Mark Kyle, Ed Watkins, Mike Watkins, Brad Strong, Jeff Tarter, David Monk, Erwin Earnest, Bobby Miller, Don Bowman. Second Row: Larry Hart, Jeff Barnes, David Saunders,Larry Rasnick, Jim McDonald, Kelly Crabtree, Mike Horn, Coach Burnett JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 33 NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL Ernie Root, Cary Kane, Bill Mitchell, Johnny Graham, Craig Brooks, Todd Grinstaff, Ken Crawford, Charles Rutherford, Dave Dillon, Terry Robins, Mark Dillow, Lee Newman, John Sluss, Robbie Paxton, Kneeling: Tim Whitehead, Mgr.; Mark Tibbs; Kent Williams, Mgr.; Coached by Bill Strong. OPPONENT Pocahontas 20 Grundy 86 Garden 40 Grundy 66 Pocahontas 53 Richlands 34 Graham 66 Garden 33 Richlands 73 Graham Cleveland Cleveland GIRLS ' VOLLEYBALL Patrick Henry vs. Tazewell lost Richlands vs. Tazewell lost Gate City vs. Tazewell won Marion vs. Tazewell won Graham vs. Tazewell won Richlands vs. Tazewell lost Abingdon vs. Tazewell lost Patrick Henry vs. Tazewell lost First row: Lisa McCoy, Beth Hymes, Tina Person, Phyllis Wright, Sara Payne, Henrietta McDonald, Mrs. Wilson, coach. Second row: Debbie Smith, Kathy Moss, Vera Mitchell, Brenda Mitchell, Hattie Anderson, Jeannette Rainey. 34 -41 iHilflyli J J 35 GIRLS’ ATHLETIC CLUB The Girls’ Athletic Club is made up of girls participating in one or more sports. The purpose of the club is to gain and promote interest in girls athletics. Club members have participated in a Hike-Bike for the Association of Retarded Citizens, coached teams of Jr. High Recreation, and sponsored THS students in Special Olympics. President, Lisa McCoy; Sponsor, Wanda Quesenberry and Nancy Wilson. First Row: Debbie Smith, Emily Dean, Lisa McCoy, Phyllis Wright, Tina Persons. Second Row: Jeanette Rainey, Carol McGraw, Kathy Moss, Henrietta McDonald, Robin Harman. Third Row: Hattie Anderson, Karen Andes, Vera Mitchell, Pam Mitchem, Miss Quesenberry, sponsor. THS BAND The Tazewell High School Band has 63 members. They perform at all Bulldog football games. The Concert band performs in the spring giving concerts and participate in District Festivals. In May the band attended the Blossom Festival 76 in Niagara Falls, Canada. First Row: Sharon Hamlin, Arlene Horne, Pam Mitchem, Shelia Cline, Donna Ramey. Second Row: Vicki Cook-Drum Majorette, Beth Lymes, Angela Boswell, Lisa Garland, Kay Young, Bobbie Horton, Roberta Pruett, James Kouchinsky, Carolyn Browning, Kim Thompson, Kathy Angles, Sara Payne, Kathy Corell, Ruth Taylor, Fred Dean—Drum Major, Mr. Hatfield—Director. Third Row: Don Walk, Eva Hale, Melinda Sheppard, Steve Christian, Monroe Nicholas, Lavonne Crisp, Terri Gallagher, Teresa Melvin, Emily Dean, Janice Stillwell, Jeannie ' .atliff, Suzanne Williams, Debra VanDyke, Jack Murray. Fourth Row: David Susman, Darren Looney, Scott Walker, Howie Mitchell, hard Cline, Charles Grubb, Junior Crockett, Randy Hager, Jody Harris, David Dillon, Kenny Crawford, Fred McFarland, Sonny dwards. Fifth Row: Mark Dillow, Jay Long, Nick Lewis, Betty Cline, Greg Moore, Jeff Murray, David Saunders, Keith Pomrenke, Chris indy, Mike Moorefield, Bill Mitchell, Kevin McGraw, Jimmy Lambert. Sixth Row: Bob Walk, Mark Johnson, Mike Cassel. 36 SUMMER PRACTICE Mr. Hatfield and majorettes watch the band march in practice. HALF TIME PERFORMANCES STAGE BAND The Stage Band is selected by audition from the Concert Band. They play music ranging from standard pops to Rock’n Roll. The Stage Band plays for Civic organizations, banquets, beauty pageants, and assemblies. David Susman, Don Walk, Jack Murray, Emily Dean, Eva Hale, James Kouchinsky, Lavone Crisp, Sonny Edwards, Fred McFarland, Kenny Crawford, Jim Baily, Fred Dean, Vicki Cook, Richard Cline, Betty Cline, Kevin McGraw, Nick Lewis, Jeff Murray, Mike Cassell, Bob Walk. ALL REGIONAL BAND Betty Cline, Sharon Hamlin, Don Walk, David Susman, Fred Dean, Kevin McGraw, Jack Murray. 37 The T.H.S. majorettes perform at half-time. Pam Mitchem, head Shelia Cline THS MAJORETTES Sharon Hamlin, Arlene Horne, Pam Mitchem, Shelia Cline, Donna Ramey. Sharon Hamlin Arlene Horne Donna Ramey STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION tfARY First Row: Kay Neal—Secretary, Jeff Barnes—Treasurer, Mark Kyle—President, Jimmy Lambert—Vice President. Second Row: Libby Whitt, Angela Boswell, Debbie Vandyke, Kay Young, Teresa Melvin. Third Row: Kathy Neel, Teresa Fox, Beth Norman, E.R. Hughes, Kim Denton. Fourth Row: Debbie Sheets, Celesta Deskins, Lois Johnson, Debbie Paxton, Florence Hart, Connie Kinder. Fifth Row: Brad Strong, David Hincher, Brenda Smith, Kathy Chapman, Mollie VanDyke. Sixth Row: Mike Moorefield, Daniel Wright, Jerry Me Cann, Larry Rasnick, Robbie Paxton, Mrs. Thomason and Gary Steele. The S.C.A. is the student’s personal voice on the school government of Tazewell High School. Probably the most important purpose of the S.C.A. is its link from the student body to the administration. The S.C.A. also deals with the students’ different activities such as the Student-Faculty Basketball Game, various dances, and informative programs throughout the year. Mark and a friend BULLDOG STAFF ML I 7, — 1 i ' oJiysl J tmmmL _ i 1 Kathy Pyott-Editor, Kevin Carter, Greg Matney, Ritchie Heldreth, Mike Hankins, Sarah Paxton, Rennie Nash, David Lambert, Marcia Davidson, Pam Whitt, Miss Higginbotham-sponsor. 4C PEP CLUB The Pep Club is representative of the enthusiasm of the students at Tazewell High School. It incorporates the entire student body including members of all areas athletics. We try to instill pride in our teams and make spirit ring through the halls of THS. Officers selected for the year 1975-76 were Barbara Hankins-President, Mary Davis-Vice President, and Tina Person—Secretary Treasurer. Activities sponsored by the Pep Club are homecoming week activities and the Sweetheart Dance along with all the pep rallies. Mrs. McGraw and Miss Lewis are sponsors. First Row: Kay Wyatt Debbie Deskins, Linda Harman, Mollie VanDyke, Kim Gillespie, Melanie Stilwell, Jennifer Robertson, Missy Steels, Brenda Smith, Candy Cecil, Kim Denton, Jeanine Brewer, Barbara Hankins, Tina Person, Mary Davis, Mary Sue VanDyke, Robin Hamlin, Tish Cox, Lois Johnson, Teresa Fox, Barbara Rhodes, Kathy Pyott, Diana Harman. Second Row: Kathy Musick, Sherrie Hardy, Kathy Sargent, Kim Kiser, Roger Woods, Sheila O’Quinn, Georgia Sawyers, Kathy Vanhoozier, Freda Bowling, Bridget Ross, Patricia Houchings, Mark Dillow, Susan Winfrey, Sharon Hamlin, Kay Young, Anna Snapp, Sandra Lambert, Robbyne Fuller, Regina Wickham, Evelyn Waites, Linda Roberts, Karen Swim, Donna Beavers, Dorthy Smith. Third Row: Pam Mitchem, Mark Johnson, Sara Payne, Sonny Edwards, Mag Peery, Tony O’Quinn, Linda Maes, Sharon Smeltzer, Henrietta McDonald, Edda Howington, Georgia Tullick, Wayne Brown, Regina Lambert, Connie Kinder, Tammy Gilbert, Kathy Reese, Shane Burton, Carolyn Rasnake, Brenda Mitchell, Phyllis Lambert, Rita Keene, Freda Whitt. Fourth Row: Lavonne Crisp, Terry White, Kelly Glavaris, Debbie Paxton, Greg Davis, Sallie Fugate, Jeanette Rainey, Sarah Paxton, Brenda Mitchell, Bobbie Horton, Larry Rasnick, Elaine Wimmer, Tammy Boothe, Julie Hill, Shirley Lockhart, Rita Altizer, Lesa Hager, Fifth row: Robert Whitt, William McDonald, Bryan Kiser, Debbie Smith, Walter Graham, Brad Strong, E.R. Hughes, Mike Watkins, Terri Swafford, David Winfrey, Brenda Pruitt, Wanda Hill, Sue Messer, Teresa Mershon,, Mary Gibson, Vivian Bland, Marie Dye, Sherri Swafford, Roberta Pruitt, Phyllis Wright, Mac Stinson. Sixth row: Debbie Honaker, Eva Billips, Lucille McDonald, Vera Mitchell, Phil Grindstaff, David Saunders, Lisa Monk, Jennifer Mullins, Melodie Monk, Teresa Young, Helen Deen, Lavina Roberts, Rhonda Brewster, Kathleen Sawyers, Marsha Davison, Joy Bandy, Barbara Vance, Teresa Kiser, Shirley Bland, Donny Dinkes. Seventh row: Tammy Baldwin , Brenda Lowe, Gail Gillespie, Jane Waddell, Libby Day, David Taylor, Deno Howery, Debbie Yost, Melinda Mustard, Eva Hale, Jamie Horton, Terrie Gallagher, Teresa Melvin, Nancye Monk, Kim Sykes, Marvetta Rutherford, Lisha Bandy, Mary Sheets, Beverly Boardwine, Debbie Stevenson, Tamra Griffith, Elmena Tullock. Eight row; Bernard Keith, Jeff Whitt, David Corvin, Edward Huff, Roger Hoops, Mike Morefield, Don Bowman, Norm Norman, Pam Asbury, David Rhodes, Nancy Harman, Karen Andes, Pam Waddell, Doris Salyers, Carol McGraw, Debbie Asbury, Karen Wyatt, Kim Beavers, Libby Altizer. PEP RALLIES GREEN T’S [ i nnl Seated: Mark Shrader, Kevin MeGraw, Jeff Barnes, Dottie Maloyed, Becky Stevenson and Dawn Nuley. Kneeling: Donny Dinkes, Greg Davis. Standing: Mark Johnson, David Saunder s, Foster Vance, Tish Cox, Randall Street, Keith Morrison, Betty Cline, Brenda Smith, Melanie Stilwell, Dennis Bryant, Eva Hale, Charlie Butcher, Kelly Glavaris, Bobby Kinder, Barbara Hankins, David Susman, Sallie Fugate, Mike Richardson, Mary Sue VanDyke, Harold Brown, Timmy Miller, Pam Harold, Melinda Mustard, Barbara Rhodes, Debbie Smith, Kathy Pyott, Terri Swafford, Debbie Paxton, Karen Andes, Nick Lewis, Fred Dean, Keith Pomrenke, Mac Stinson, Kim Sykes, Mark Kyle, Marvetta Rutherford, Emily Dean, Kim Rider, Mollie VanDyke, and Debbie Hincher. CHORUS FOLK MUSIC CLUB 1st row: Celesta Deskins, Ruth Taylor, Shirley Lockhart, Terry White, Pam Waddell, 2nd row: David Brown, Jimmy Clemons, Pollie Hager, Lisa Herald, Missy Steele, Jennifer Robertson, Pam Asbury, James Kouchinsky, Bryon Kiser. 3rd row: Julie Hill, Diana Parsons, Kathy Moss, Eva Billips, Jennifer Mullins, Florence Hart, Pam Moss, Teresa Young, Donna Harman, Sherri Swafford, Roberta Pruett, 4th row: Steve Pike, Candy Cecil, Diane Stacy, Nancye Monk, K im Denton, Jamie Horton, Karen Wyatt, Lavina Roberts, 5th row: John Sluss, Terry Robins, William McDonald, Charlie Rutherford, Bobby Osborne, Todd Grindstaff, Lee Newman, Ernie Root and Jeff Johnson. Seated: Roberta Pruett, Sherri Swafford, Todd Grindstaff, Ernie Root, Lee Newman, Jamie Horton, Terry Robins, Pam W T addell, Terry White, Lavina Roberts, Candy Cecil, Ruth Taylor, Kathy Moss, Charlie Rutherford, Jimmy Clemons, Diane Stacy, Bryon Kiser, Jennifer Robertson, Pam Asbury, Nancye Monk, Lisa Harold, Donna Harman, Shirley Lockhart, Jeff Johnson, Diana Parsons, Julie Hill, Steve Pike, James Kouchinsky, Eva Billips, David Brown, John Sluss, Missy Steele, and William McDonald. 42 JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB Emily Dean, Betty Cline, Celesta Deskins, Barbara Rhodes, Evelyn Waites, Anna Bowen, Kenny Crawford, Kay Young, Mauricio Schrader, Harry Brown, Fred Dean and John Harman. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTS NEW MEMBERS Front row: David Susman, Pres.; Jenny Alford, V. Pres.; Charliece Daniel, Sec.; Betty Cline, Treas.; Miss Chinn, sponsor. 2nd row: Nancy Hall, Tony O’Quinn, Doug McCormick, Angela Boswell, Kay Young, Anna Snapp, Teresa Melvin. 3rd row: Diana Harman, Kelly Glavaris, Donna Harman, Emily Dean, Linda Jones, Donna Yates, Melissa Hodge, Kris French. 4th row: Mike Witt, Debbie Honaker, Carolyn Browning, Sheila O’Quinn, Tina Thomason, Candy Cecil. 5th row: Robin Harman, David Collison, Fred Dean, Joe Scarberry, Evelyn Waites, Florence Hart, Suzanne Williams. 6th row: Janet Duty, Jack Murray, Bob Kinder, Kenny Crawford, Nancy Harman, John Harman, Vickie Cook. 7th row: Lisa Gregory, Susan Roberts, Kathy Moss, Karen Lambert, Carroll Sluss, Jerry Harris. Front row: Jeff Harris; James Kouchinsky, Treas.; Carolyn Browning, Sec.; Tony O’Quinn, V. Pres.; Kay Neel, Pres.; Mrs. Warden, sponsor. 2nd row: Pam Asbury, Angella Boswell, Sharon Hamlin, Karen White, Mary Wolfe, Candy Cecil. 3rd row: Mike Witt, Debbie Meade, Sharon McReynalds, Lavonne Crisp, Emily Dean, Kay Young. 4th row: Suzanne Williams, Melanie Stilwell, Mollie VanDyke, Debbie Smith, Linda Jones, Donna Yates. 5th row: John Sluss, Eric Smith, Diane Parsons, Donna Harman, Florence Hart, Melinda Shepard, Janice Stilwell. 6th row: Jim Bailey, James Dawson, Roger Hoops, Bill McDonald, Pam Moss, Sherry Sluss, Kenny Thompson. 7th row: David Hincher, David Dillon, Kenny Crawford, David Collison, Bobby Plummer. Barbara Rhodes Wanda Hankins prepare for the induction The National Honor Society, composed of juniors and seniors, selects its members on the bases of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. All students with a 3.00 average are eligible. A faculty committee evaluates members according to the other criteria. Throughout the year, the club participates in many service projects such as used book sales and painting trash cans for the athletic field. It sponsors fund raising projects for two book scholarships for two seniors who do not have to be a member of the organization. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY 1st row: Eddie Torrence, Pres.; Fred Dean, V. Pres.; Wanda Hankins, Sec.; Barbara Rhodes, Treas.; George Young; S.C.S. Rep.; 2nd row: Diana Harman; Judy Shawver; Charliece Daniels; Sherri Grace; Betty Cline, Mauricio Schrader, Kathy Ball; Anna Bowen; Vickie Cook; Debbie Hincher; Sallie Bostic; 3rd row: Caroll Sluss; Jim McDonald; Harold Brown; Jimmy Lambert; Mary Sue VanDyke, and Mrs. Dean, Sponsor. The purpose of the JCL is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to give students some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. New NHS Members: 1st row: Teresa Fox, Mary Correll, Susan Roberts, Kathy Neel, Pam Whitt, Debbie Robertson, Beth Norman, Greg Davis. 2nd row: Debbie Sheets, Mark Kyle, Mike Hankins, Tammy Henegar, Timmy Miller, David Susman, Jeff Barnes, Larry Rasnick, Walter Graham, Barbara Hankins, Juanita McBride, Debbie Smith, Nancy Hall, Janet Duty, Becky Bowen, Larry Hart, William Rasnick, Sallie Fugate, and Danny Wright. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE OFFICE ASSISTANTS In the past, student assistants have aided in various departments throughout the school. Such is the case this year. The office, library and guidance departments are well represented with students assisting in these departments. The guidance contacts, new to the school this year, are serving as liasons between the guidance department and each homeroom. Front Row: Irene Neel, Debbie Asbury, Beverly Jones, Patricia Houchins, Sharon Smeltzer, Brenda Roberts, Libby Day, Debbie Sheets. Back Row: Randy Safewright, Carol McGraw, Melodie Monk, Shane Burton, Peggy Lawson, Gay VanDyke. LIBRARY AIDES Mrs. Foster—Librarian, Sharon Hamlin, Angela Boswell, Charley Smith, Rosemary Carter, Mrs. Brown. GUIDANCE CONTACTS First Row: Debbie Sheets, James Kouchinsky, Don Walk, Roger Howery, A1 Repass, Hattie Anderson, Linda Harman. Second Row: Freda Whitt, Sandra Sizemore, Mary Correll, Shane Burton, Weyman Asbury, Charles Grubb, John Santolla. Third Row: LaVonne Crisp, Kay Young, Sherrie McGuire, Nancy Willis, Sandra Lambert, Florence Hart, Kathy Moss. Fourth Row: Beth Norman, Kenny Crawford, Ritchie Heldreth, Phyllis Harman, Charliece Daniels, (not pictured: Karen Barrett, Bobby Plummer, Alex St. Clair) CHESS CLUB First Row: Jeff Carter, Larry Davis, Curtis Sword, Terry Griffith. Second Row: Joe Harmon, Steve Peery, Kenneth Pomrenke. Mr. Bundy. Third Row: Brian Gregory, Harry Brown, Chris Bundy, David Taylor. PROJECTOR CLUB Pam Herald, Donna Senic, Debbie Hager, Becky Stevenson, Nancy Witt, Charles Smith, Jim Bailey, Nick Lewis, Harry Brown, Lisa McCoy, Carroll Sluss, Richard Cline, Brian Kiser, Patricia Riley. Jeff Murray, Clyde Null, Greg Moore, Greg Crawford, Kathy Smith, Elizabeth Asbury, Kathy Musick, Nancy Hall, Juanita McBride—Vice President, Barry Parsons, Gary Sheets-President, Jack Murray-Secretary-Treasurer, Bobbie Surber, Bill McDonald, Eddie Rudy, Bill Mitchell, Howie Mitchell, Mike Sawyers. TEENS FOR CHRIST Teens for Christ is Tazewell High Schools nondenominational religous organization. Club members have the opportunity to participate in various service activities and projects. The club also sponsors morning devotions in which students or special guest speakers give their messages or thoughts in words or music. In the morning, devotions are open to all. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Future Homemakers of America is the national organization of girls and boys studying home economics in the junior and senior high schools of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Any student enrolled in a junior or senior high school, public or private, who is taking or has taken home economics may become a member. Membership is voluntary. The over-all goal of the organziation is to help individuals improve personal, family, and community living. Our motto is " Toward New Horizons” First Row: Karen Swim, Linda Roberts, Marie Dye, Vivian Bland, Charlene Stanton. Second Row: Kathy Vanhoozier, Debbie Wilson, Mary Sheets, Tammy Spencer, Donna Hill, Eva Kinser, Karen Wyatt, Freda Bowling. Mary Corell, Jeanie Ratliff, Debbie Gibson, Debbie Deskins—Vice President, Mary Gibson, Lisa Hager, Rita Asbury, Christine Cook—President, (not pictured—Brenda Lane, Secretary) FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First row: John Santolla, Calvin Whitt, Carl Kinser, Kelvin Ward, Carl Lambert, Randy Steele, Terry Stilwell, Tim Matney. Second row: Joe Keene, Nelson Blankenship, Bob Moss, Bill Morehead, Margie Estep, Billy Philips, Wilbur Roberts, Perry Moss, Phillip Barnett, Barry Parsons, Eddie Bryant, Gary Steele, Claude Johnson, Wayne Vanhoozer. Third row: Mr. Santolla, Bobby Surber, Mike Sawyers, Ken Stilwell, Keith McGuire, Everett Cox, Linda Roberts, Celesta Deskins, Greg Kitts, Ernie Brewster, Keister Lockhart, Arnold Sawyers, Ken Gilley, Charlie Asbury, Mark Maxfield, Randy Matney, Steve Sparks. Fourth row: Jeff Sargent, Robert Merritt, Terry Booth, Johnny Musick, Randy Waddell, Danny Beavers, Phil Spurgeon, Randy Fox, Charles Whitt, George Kimberlin, Jeff Whitt, Wendell Harrison, Larry Sheets, Tommy Rasnick, Mike Neel, Mr. Cunningham. Fifth row: Robert Whitt, Bill McDonald, Mike Bryant, Larry Mullins, Doug Abel, Richard Mitchell, Jody Perkins Jeff Evatt, Gary Kanne, Mike Thompson, Lonnie Sparks, Rick Shepard, Albert Cornwell, Ronnie Sparks, John Brown, George Ross, James Sparks, George McCall. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of students enrolled in Vocational Agriculture. There are four kinds of membership in the FFA: Active, Alumni, Honorary and Colligiate. The degrees of active membership are Greenhand, Chapter Farmer, State Farmer and American Farmer. Each of the degrees has certain requirements that must be met before the degree is conferred. The primary aim of the FFA is the development of Agricultural Leadership, Cooperation and Citizenship. The FFA owns its own supply service located in Alexandria, Va. The Virginia Association, in conjunction with the FHA, owns a summer camp near Smithfield, Va. which members may attend. The local chapter played a major part in the construction of the J.P. Buchanan Picnic Area. The FFA motto is: LEARNING TO DO, DOING TO EARN, EARNING TO LIVE, LIVING TO SERVE. Sitting: Bob Moss, Pres.; Bill Morehead, vice-pres.; Margie Estep, sec.; Peery Moss, treas,; Standing: Bill Phillips, rep.; Mr. Santolla, sponsor; Wilbur Roberts, sentinel. KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN First row: John Santolla, Tommy Rasnick, Howard Vanhoozier, Billy Phillips, Wilburn Roberts, Celesta Deskins, Margie Estep, Everett Cox, Joe Keen. Second row: George Rose, Larry Sheets, Terry Stilwell, Randy Waddell, Danny Beavers, Robert Whitt, Kyle Kinser, Keith McGuire, Ken Stilwell. Third row: Mike Neel, Kenny Gilley, Steve Sparks, Nelson Blankenship, Jeff Sargeant, Calvin Whitt, Ernie Brewster, Bill Morehead, Bob Moss. Keep Virginia Green, an organization under the auspices of the FFA and Forestry Department, is instrumental in controlling and quenching forest fires. The KVG creed is: " I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully to defend from waste the natural resources of my country—its soil and minerals, its forests, water and wildlife.” FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The Future Business Leaders of America is a co-curricular state and national youth organization opened to all students enrolled in a business course. FBLA operates under a five-point program of activities—social, financial, school and community service, activities that increase business skills and knowledge, and promotion, publicity and leadership training activities. Annual projects of the FBLA at THS include the Miss THS Beauty Pageant and a walkathon for the March of Dimes. t A ' Af ' • t Bit 1 A 1975-76 OFFICERS President.Kathy Melvin 1st Vice President.Debbie Robertson 2nd Vice President.Kathy Rutherford Recording Secretary.Kathy Neel Corresponding Secretary.Leasa Carter Treasurer.Anna Snapp Reporter.Judy Shawver Parliamentarian.Ruth Taylor Chaplain.Cindy Kanne Historian.Nancy Willis Co-advisers.Harriet Beavers Lou Billips Mary Ellen McGraw First row: Kathy Melvin, Jimmy Lambert, Mike Hankins. Second row: Judy Shawver, Debbie Stillwell, Debbie Robertson, Becky Stevenson, Debbie Stevenson, Nancy Willis, Cindy Kanne, Kathy Neel, Kathy Rutherford, Leasa Carter, Ruth Taylor, Beth Norman, Patty Fritz, Becky Collins, LaVonda Kidd. Third row: Mrs. Beavers, Sandra Sizemore, Jo Ann Dean, Lynn Snapp, Betty Horton, Lynn Hardy, Mitch Horton, Anna Snapp, Barbara Angles, Joy Bandy, Kathy Chapman, Elaine Wimmer, Debbie Asbury, Marlene Earnest, Debbie VanDyke, Libby Witt, Sheila Cline, Ritchie Heldreth, Dennis Bryant, Mrs. McGraw, Mrs. Billips. Fourth row: Mrs. Walk, Linda Stilwell, Robbyn Fuller, Diane Sparks, Kathy Smith, Rita Harman, Vickie Osborne, Suzie Little, Joe Scarberry, Melissa Hodge, Beth Ward, Sherry Grace, Danny Shepard, Rennie Nash, Sherry Shrader, Vickie Keene, Marsha Davidson, Debbie Sheets, Pam Asbury, Charlie Smith, Julia Hill, Doug Howery, Debbie Riddle, Debbie Meade, Bob Walk. STATE OFFICERS Vice-President at Large.Jimmy Lambert Executive Board.Jimmy Lambert Adviser.Mrs. Jean B. Walk COOPERATIVE OFFICE EDUCATION First row: Suzie Little, Mrs. Beavers, Jo Ann Dean, Kathy Rutherford, Debbie Turley, Marlene Earnest, Mrs. Walk. Second row: Kathy Melvin, Debbie Robertson, Betty Horton, Lynn Snapp, Debra Stilwell, Vickie Keene, Linda Stilwell. Cooperative Office Education is the bridge between the business classroom and the economic world in which all students will soon enter. COE is a program for senior students who have completed a two-hour block program in their junior year and are presently enrolled in a two-hour senior block. These students attend school half a day and work in an office in the community during the afternoon. In addition to earning two credits each year for taking a block program, a student can earn an additional credit for working on the job. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA In order to be a member of the Distributive Education Clubs of America, a student must be enrolled in D.E. DECA develops leadership abilities and promotes social functions. These students compete in local, district, state and national contests. This year’s DECA has twenty-one members. First Row: Brenda Roark, Daniel Wright, Diana Herald, Wanda Howery, Randy Wilburn, Sandy Tibbs, Tim Adams. Second Row: Brenda Horne, Mike Lambert, Dennis Parsons, Jack Baily, John Brown, Ralph Atwill, Larry Vanhoozier, Kevin Chaffin, Lawrence Norman, Tammy Reynolds. VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA The Vocational Industrial Clubs of America has ten members at THS who are enrolled in ICT. VICA promotes leadership abilities and social development. Like DECA members, these students participate in local, state and national contests. Kathleen Sawyers, Kathy Ball, Margaret Fields, Dale Angles, Jeff Hall, Virginia Kieth, Mr. Wall, sponsor. 4-H CLUB 4-H stands for Head, Heart, Hands and Health. The members participate in many projects including arts and crafts, horsemanship and agriculture. They also are involved in achievement programs which may lead to competition on the state or national levels. The 4-H motto is: " To make the best better.” First Row: Angela Boswell, Sharon Hamlin, Sheila Cline, Kathy Corell. Second Row: Kathy Moss, Vice President; Jeanie Ratliff, Jerry Harris, Susan Roberts, President; Anna Snapp, Pam Moss. Third Row: Bill McDonald, Jim McDonald, Mark Shrader THE PEAK STAFF Bobbie Horton, Miss Chinn, Syd Harman, Robin Hamlin, Connie Kinder, Scott Glover, Melodie Monk, Joe Scarberry. When the tradition of the annual began, the name of one of the most outstanding geographic features of this area, " The Peak” was chosen as the name of the book describing the " highpoints” of the school year. Today the tradition remains. " The Peak” has not changed and " The Peak” continues to serve as the foundation for memories. The annual staff would like to express their appreciation to those who make this possible. A special thanks to Mr. Smith for drawing the division pages; to John Fisher for his excellent photography; to Lanny Pigg for pictures and lay-outs; to Dr. Joyce for his cooperation and assistance; and to all the faculty members who helped in any way. 49 a,? U- OUJOO DEDICATION " No bubble is so iridescent or floats longer than that blown by the successful teacher.” Sir William Osier We the Class of 1976 proudly dedicate this edition of The Peak to Mrs. Buchanan. Throughout the ten years that she has been a teacher at Tazewell High School, Mrs. Buchanan, has shown a personal and sincere interest in the well-being of the student body, faculty and community. Mrs. Buchanan has chaperoned many dances, sponsored clubs and served as I co-ordinator of the science department in addition to her work as a biology teacher. Mrs. Buchanan, we hope that you will consider this dedication and expression of our appreciation for what you have done and of our admiration for you. I 52 T.H.S. WELCOMES NEW DR. MAYNARD R. JOYCE Dr. Joyce came to Tazewell July 1, 1975 to serve as principal of Tazewell High School. Before assuming this position, he served as administrative assistant in Franklin, Virginia. He received his B.A. from High Point College in North Carolina, his M.S. from Radford College and his doctorate in administration from V.P.I. Dr. Joyce has taught physical education and has served as assistant principal of a high school and as principal of a middle school and a high school. PRINCIPAL Tazewell High School has or will be an exciting part of your life for four years. The faculty, the school board, and the State of Virginia determined what was taught during that time; you determined what was learned. Hopefully your experiences here provided to a degree, what you sought. The learning was reciprocal. You learned from us; we learned from you. What we both learned will make next year better. Then the cycle will repeat itself. You could not have gone to a better school, only to a more expensive one. Twenty years from now you will think of our Bicentennial year and say, " Those were the good ole’ days”, and you will be entirely correct. No better people can be found than those at T.H.S. 53 Mrs. Gay Van Dyke m ■- Mr. Roy Meadows Assistant Principal 7 Mrs. Peggy Lawson Secretary 54 B(X)kkeeper FACULTY Harold Bandy B.S.-Concord, M.A.- W. Va. Physical Education Biology Harriett Beavers B.S.—Bluefield State Typing and C.O.E. Lou Billips B.S.—Radford Typing, Bookkeeping, Shorthand Peggy Brown Mary Washington Library Aid Joyce Buchanan B.S.—Concord Biology Bill Bundy Bill Burnett Nancy Chinn Everett Cromer Tim Cunningham B.S.-Hampton Sydney B.S.-King B.S.—Radford B.A.-Marshall B.S.-V.P.I. Math History, Psychology, Latin Science Agriculture Western Civilization Jerry Cyphers B.S.-Bluefield State, M.A.-W. Va. U. Math Iva Dean B.S.—Concord English Basic Composition Emmy Dennison B.S.—Bluefield State Government Geography Kathy Epperly B.S.—Concord English Steve Epperly B.S.-Concord, M.A.- Radford History Sociology 55 Billie Fisher Peggy Foster Polly Hagy Paula Hale Velma Hankla B.S.-Mary Washington Physical Education and Driver Education B.S.—Concord Librarian B.S. M.A.-Radford Guidance B.S.—Bluefield State Chemistry Math Piano Russ Hatfield B.A.-Catawba Melrose Higginbotham B.A.-Concord English Gerri Hill M.S.-V.P.I. Home Economics Madeline Hurt B.S.-Concord English and Western Civilization Warren Hutchinson B.S.-Concord Math and Physics 56 Larry Hypes B.S.-Bluefield State English and American Civilization Barbara Jessee B.S.-V.P.I. Spanish Linda Kidd B.S. and M.S.- Radford Math Evelyn Krause B.A.—Westhampton Guidance Bea Leist B.S. and M.A.— Northeast Missoure State Green T’s and Chorus Mary Lewis B.S.-Concord and M.A.-Marshall Government and American Civilization Bill Lowe B.S.-East Tennessee Science Martha McDonald B.S.-Radford Home Economics Mary Ellen McGraw B.S.—Concord General Business and Typing Bob Miller B.A.—Emory Henry Driver Education Jerry Peery Lucien Peery Wanda Quesenberry Dave Rider Gus Santolla B.S.—Concord B.A.—Emory Henry B.S.-V.C.U. B.S.-W.Va. U. B.S.-V.P.I. Biology Geography Physical Education General Business Special Education Physical Education Driver Education Agriculture Richard Smith B.S.—East Tennessee Art Mary Thomason B.S.—Concord, M.A.— Marshall English Jean Walk B.S.—Emory Henry Steno, C.O.E. English Ron Wall B.S.-W.Va. State D.E. I.C.T. Sandra Warden B.S.-U.T. English NEW TEACH ERS-CUSTODIANS- CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Jessee, Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Hypes. Jack Davis Grat Wimmer Front row: Geneva Bowman, Helen Billips, Ruby Necessary. Second row: Norma Myers, Nancy Bailey, Raye Santolla, Margaret Godbey. 59 CLASS OF 1976 Officers: President, Mauricio Schrader, Vice President, Kathy Ball; Secretary, Debbie Sheets; Treasurer, Judy Shawver. Colors: Red, White, and Blue Flower: Red Carnation As the class of ’76, we take pride in graduating during our nation’s Bicentennial. We share a feeling of purpose and a sense of duty, seeing in retrospect that our forefathers’ ideals are still being exercised hero and across the nation. As young Americans, we are part of those who will strive in the future to keep our nation growing and improving as it has for the past 200 years. Indeed, at this important stage in our lives, we feel we must become tomorrow’s leaders. Our high school experience has prepared us to accept both our privileges and future responsibilities. The " Spirit of ’76” will not be a memory; it will be a continuing reminder that " nothing was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” THE SPIRIT OF 76 Mike Adams Barbara -Angles Charles Asbury Debbie Asbury Pearlie Asbury Tom Asbury Ralph Atwell Jackie Bailey Kathy Ball Karen Barrett Donna Beavers Jeff Beavers 61 Robert Billips Vivian Bland Steve Boothe Anna Bowen Barry Bourne Sallie Bostic Kim Brewer Debbie Brewster Don Brooks Harold Brown John Brown Wayne Brown " NOTHING GREAT WAS EVER ACHIEVED WITHOUT ENTHUSIASM!” mm Kenneth Burkett Charlie Butcher Mike Cassell Kevin Chaffin Vicki Cook Kelly Crabtree Terry Crisp Charliece Daniel 1964-1976 Larry Davis Elaine Dean Fred Dean JoAnn Dean Robert Dennis Celesta Deskins Thomas Dunford Janet Duty Marie Dye Dee Earnest Marlene Earnest Sonny Edwards 64 Paul Eldreth Pinkie Eldreth Robert Elswick Marcia Estep 1971-1976 Ken Gilley Scott Glover Sherri Grace Homer Graham 65 Geraldine Gross Dennis Hall Jeff Hall Robin Hamlin Barbara Hankins Mike Hankins Wanda Hankins Lynn Hardy Diana Harman Phyllis Harman Ritchie Heldreth Connie Helton ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Bill Helmandollar Donna Henigar Diana Herald Deborah Hincher Mike Hodge Arlene Horn Betty Horton Bobbie Horton Mitch Horton Wanda Howery FIR. Hughes Termite Hurley Gary Lawrence Harold Leftwich Happy Leist Suzie Little Dana Macdonald Dottie Maloyed Effie Massingill Greg Matney Carol McGraw Kathy Melvin Bobby Miller Lora Mitchell Trish Mitchell Melodie Monk Delphine Moore Pam R. Moore 70 Bob Moss Jennifer Mullins Mark Murray Bobby Naillon Rennie Nash Kathy Neel Norm Norman Roger Osborne Izear Parris Bruce Parsons Jerry Patton Sarah Paxton Rusty Payne Mag Peery Una Perkins Keith Pomrenke Mike Price Charlie Pruett Hugh Puckett Kathy Pyott Carolyn Rasnake Shelia Reese Sonja Rhudy Brenda Roark Matilda Roberts Debbie Robertson Mike Rodriquez Barbara Rhodes Kim Rider Philip Rumley Kathy Rutherford David Saunders Kathleen Sawyers Leckie Sayers Joe Scarberry Mauricio Schrader Judy Shawver Debbie Sheets Gary Sheets Karen Shelley 73 Danny Shepard Mark Shrader Sherry Shrader Carrol Sluss Rhonda Sluss Jean Smith Lynn Snapp Debra Stilwell Ken Stilwell Linda Stilwell Curtis Sword David Taylor Donna Taylor Debbie Terry Ed Torrence Debra Turley Foster Vance Mary Sue Van Dyke Larry Vanhoozier 75 Daniel Wright Ronnie Wright Shirley Wright Sherrie Yost George Young Steve Clements Randy Safewright £M E R S PRESIDENTS L to R: Mrs, Dennison, sponsor; Mike Hankins, Sonny Edwards, David Saunders, Kathy Ball, Mary Sue Van Dyke, Dottie Maloyed. Robin Hamlin and Kelly Crabtree Most School Spirited . Betty Cline and Fred Dean David Saunders and Connie Most Talented Kinder _, — ml . Most r lirtatious Danny Wright and Donna Beavers Most Courteous Debbie Sheets and Mark French Best Looking Jimmy Lambert and Melodie Monk Most Talkative . . .- •....- Robin Hamlin and Jimmy Lambert Friendliest Bobbie Horton and Mark Kyle Wittiest Jim McDonald and Betty Cline Most Likely to Succeed M David Saunders and Kathy Ball Best Personality ... . .... Jim McDonald and Judy Shawver Mark Kyle and Kathy Ball Most Popular Randy Safewright and Kathy Ball Best All Around . . m 2 Wjjmk % h k . 79 JUNIORS CLASS OF 1977 Officers: President, Teresa Fox; Vice-President, Becky Bowen; Secretary, Sallie Fugate; Treasurer, Tish Cox. Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: White Rose TODAY IS TOMORROW YOU DREAMED ABOUT YESTERDAY” Timothy Adams Patricia Addair Danny Addison Wally Adkins Jenny Alford Molly Alitzer Hattie Anderson Dale Angles Katherine Angles Elizabeth Asbury Ronnie Ball Billy Bandy 81 Joy Bandy Jeff Barnes Bill Barnett Victor Blevins Debbie Boothe Rebecca Bowen David Bowling Don Bowman Walter Bowman Ernest Brewster Dennis Brooks Harry Brown 82 John Brown Chris Bundy Kellena Buskell Frank Carter Kevin Carter Leasa Carter Scotty Christian Rosemary Clemons Larry Cole Beverly Collins Mike Collins Mary Corel! 83 Albert Cornwell .JoAnn Cornwell Tish Cox Michael Cundiff Matthew Davidson Greg Davis Mary Davis Debbie Deskins Donny Dinkes Erwin Earnest Margaret Fields Teresa Fox 84 Vickie Fox Patty Fritz Sallie Fugate Debbie Gibson Diane Gilbert Freddie Gillespie John Gillespie Walter Graham Bryan Gregory Lisa Gregory Ronnie Griffith Terry Griffith 85 Phil Grindstaff Allen Grubb Deborah Ha er Mitchell Hale Nancy Hall Ladonna Hamm Cathy Hankins Linda Harman Sherrie Harman Sydney Harman David Harrison Nancy Harold 86 Pamela Harold Jerry Harris Larry Hart Tammy Henegar Dora Hicks Walter Hodge Mack Horn Micheal Horn Bonnie Horn Roger Howery Claude Johnson Judy Johnson 87 Lois Johnson Mark Johnson Tammie Jones Robert Kinder Raymond Kinder Mike Kanne Helen Keen Clay Keeter Virginia Keith Issac Kidd James Kinser Kim Kiser 88 David Lambert Walter Leffel Nick Lewis David Ling Charollette Linkous Susan Little Anson Looney Darren Looney Tim Matney Larry Mays Cathy McBride Juanita McBride 89 Regina McBride Ricky McCann Teresa McCann Lisa McCoy Clinton McDaniel William McDonald Kevin McGraw Kathy Miller Tim Miller Brenda Mitchell Douglas Mitchell Lawrence Mitchell 90 Vera Mitchell David Monk Keith Morrison Clinton Moss LaRonda Mullins Pamela Mitchem Kathy Musick Irene Neel Jerry Neel Mike Neel Beth Norman Rhonda Nyman 91 Donna Osborne Minnie Perdue Debbie Quesenberry William Rasnick Vickie Osborne Tina Person Donna Ramey Die Alma Ratliff Dennis Parsons Nannie Pickett Larry Rasnick Jeannie Ratliff Steve Peery Kenneth Pomrenke Thomas Rasnick Alfred Repass 92 Tammy Reynolds Susan Roberts Donna Senic Thomas Sheppard Elizabeth Roberts Fred Rose Carl Sheets Sandra Sizemore Linda Roberts Mike Rose Teresa Shelley Deborah Smith Marcia Roberts Kathy Sargent Tammy Shepard Dorothy Smith 93 Timothy Snapp Ricky Sparks Richard Steele Randal Stelle Debbie Stevenson Michael Stilwell Randy Street Brad Strong David Susman Terri Swafford Karen Swim Keith Sword 94 Jeff Tarter Teresa Taylor Edward Thomas Sandy Tihhs Elmena Tullock Micheal Tullock Joseph Van Dyke Evelyn Waites Beth Ward Priscilla White Terry White Billy White 95 Freda Whitt Randall Wilburn Ray Willis Hank Williams Nancy Willis Elaine Wimmer Roger Woods Bobby Wright Kay Wright Phyllis Wright Billy Yost Julie Yost 96 TERESA FOX AND JEFF BARNES BEST ALL AROUND JUNIORS JUNI OR HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Pam Mitchem; Tish Cox; Larry Hart; William Rasniek; Jeff Barnes; Ricky Steele; and Mrs. Epperlv, sponsor. 97 SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1978 Officers: Roger Hoops, President; Kay Neel, Vice-President; Emily Dean secretary; Molly VanDyke, treasurer; Mrs. Hurt, sponsor. Class Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Yellow Mum " YESTERDAY IS ALREADY A DREAM AND TOMORROW IS ONLY A VISION; BUT TODAY WELL-LIVED MAKES EVERY YESTERDAY A DREAM AND EVERY TOMORROW A VISION OF HOPE.” Doug Abel Nancy Adkins Kathy Alley Ronald Allison Karen Andes Wayman Asbury Randall Asbury Shirley Asbury Kyle Baber Jim Bailey Tammy Baldwin David Ball Lisha Bandy Danny Barnette Virginia Barrett Daniel Beavers 99 Danny Beavers Leonard Beavers Timothy Beavers Karen Beech Mark Billings Kim Blankenship Richard Boothe Terry Boothe Angela Boswell Thomas Bowling Jeanine Brewer Dennis Bryant Kelly Buskell Jeff Carter Rosemary Carter Terri Catron Dahmon Cecil Donald Christian Richard Cline Shelia Cline 100 Joy Cochran Marcia Cochran Richard Cook Rhonda Cornwell Phyllis Counts Everett Cox Karen Crisp Marsha Davidson Larry Davis Emily Dean Danny Dennis Frankie Deskins Frances Dillard Brian Dillow Rodney Dun ford Kenneth Evans Bobby Fields Debbie Fox Randulph Fox Kathy French 101 Robbyne Fuller Lisa Garland Kip Gentry 7 Danny Gibson Mary Lou Gibson Barbara G. Gillespie Kim Gillespie Kelly Glavaris Elizabeth Graham William Graham Mike Griffith Tamra Griffith Charles Grubb Eva Hale James Hamilton Sharon Hamlin 102 Claudia Hankins John Harman Rita Harman Robin Harman Shellia Harman Joe Harmon Jeffrey Harris Glenn Harrison Wendall Harrison Charles Henegar David Hincher Anthony Hipes Melisa Hodge Jimmy Honaker Roger Hoops George Horne Deno Howery Janel Howery Jody Howery Edward Huff 103 Beth Hymes Gene Johnson Brenda Jones Linda Jones Linda Jones Joe Keen Lavonda Kidd Raymond Kinder Johnny Kitts Darlene Lambert Sandra Lambert Laura Laney Ricky Large Scotty Large Calvin Linkous Jamie Lockhart Keister Lockhart 104 Jay Long Betty Looney Brenda Lowe Tony Matney Vickie McAmis George McCall Jerry McCann Doug McCormick Grat McDonald Henrietta McDonald Rigina McReynolds Lynn Meadows Susan Melvin Patricia Mershon Sue Messer Howard Mitchell Richard Mitchall Tony Mitchell Lisa Monk Gregory Moore 105 Mike Morefield William Morehead Katherine Moss Perry Moss David Mullins Jack Murray Joey Murray Melinda Mustard Kay Neel Louise Nipper Melford O’Quinn Tony O’Quinn Bobby Osborne Garry Parsons Tony Parsons Amanda Pauley Debra Paxton Sara Payne Ricky Pearson Sam Peery 106 William Phillips Andy Pickett Tammy Pickett Mike Price Dorothy Proffitt Yvetta Pruett Jeanette Rainey David Rhodes Mike Richardson Debbie Riddle Brenda Roberts Wilbur Roberts Debbie Robinette George Rose Marvetta Rutherford Doris Salyers John Santolla Georgia Sawyers Ralph Shawver Larry Sheets 107 Mary Sheets Mildred Sheets Linda Shepard Ricky Shepard Sarah Sheppard Ralph Short Calvin Sizemore Sherry ' Sluss Brenda Smith Charles Smith Kathryn Smith Anna Snapp Bonnie Sparks James Sparks 108 Diane Sparks Lonnie Sparks Margie Sparks Ronnie Sparks Vickie Sparks Charlene Stanton Becky Stevenson Debbie Stevenson Janice Stilwell Melanie Stilwell Mack Stinson Christy Sweeney Kimberley Sykes Ruth Taylor 109 Mike Thompson Steve Turley Barbara Vance Mollie VanDyke Tammy Vanhoozier Kenny Vencill Jane Waddle Bob Walk Scott Walker Blake Warden Daniel Wells Karen White Robert Whitt Wayne Whitt Suzanne Williams Susan Winfrey Mike Witt Mary Wolfe Margie Wooldridge Homer Wright no Kay Wyatt Donna Yates Debbie Yost Kay Young FRESHMAN HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS L ; jpi1 mm n ii Tony O’Quinn, Jack Cecil, Eva Hale, Karen Andes, Donna Yates, Tammy Pickett and Brenda Jones ROGER HOOPS AND BETTY LOONEY BEST ALL AROUND SOPHOMORES 111 FRESHMEN CLASS OF 1979 Officers: Missy Steele, treasurer; Jamie Horton, President; Kim Denton, Vice President; Terri Gallagher, secretary. Class colors: Blue and white. Flower: Blue Carnation with Baby’s Breath. 112 " THINK OF TODAY AS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW TOMORROW” Patricia Abel Libby Altizer Rita Altizer Dexter Asbury James Asbury Pam Asbury Wesley Asbury William Bailey Phillip Barnett Donna Beavers Kim Beavers Sandra Beavers Sandy Beavers Eva Billips Shirley Bland Nelson Blankenship Beverly Boardwine Tammy Boothe Freda Bowling Pam Boyd Sherry Brandenburg Rhonda Brewster Craig Brooks David Brown Carolyn Browning Eddie Bryant Michael Bryant Edgar Burton Shane Burton Candy Cecil 113 Larry Childress Steve Christian Jimmy Clemons Janie Cochran David Collison Timothy Conn Ronald Coon Greg Crawford Kenneth Crawford Junior Crockett Michael Crouse James Dawson Libby Day Kim Denton Connie Dillard David Dillon Mark Dillow Richard Donithan Gloria Duty Connie Earnest Jeff Evatt Kermit Fowler Terri Gallagher Douglas Gates Tammy Gilbert Henry Gillespie William Gillespie Thomas Glover Estella Goodson Craig Graham John Graham David Green Larry Griffith Todd Gridstaff Ronald Gross Jerry Grubb Lisa Hager Randal Hager Donna Harman Nancy Harman Lisa Harold Brian Harris Jody Harris Florence Hart Ricky Herald Donna Hill Julie Hill Wanda Hill Debbie Honaker Tim Hoops Doug Horne Joyce Horne Jamie Horton Patty Houchins Doug Howery Tammy Hurtt Randy Jackson Cecil Johnson Jeff Johnson Shelia Johnson Barbara Jones Cary Kanne Rita Keen Bernard Keith 115 George Kimberlin Eva Kinser Bryan Kiser Teresa Kiser Greg Kitts James Kouchinsky Carl Lambert Karen Lambert Phillis Lambert Regina Lambert April Lockhart Patty Lockhart Shirley Lockhart Karen Maloyed Dale Matney Doy Matney Mark Maxfield Linda Mays Bill McDonald Lucille McDonald Debra Meade Teresa Melvin Robert Merritt Car}’ Miller Brenda Mitchell Doris Mitchell Ronnie Mitchell Thomas Mitchell William Mitchell Nancye Monk Tim Moore Pamela Moss Larry Mullins Ricky Mullins Jeff Murray A • ., 1 16 Jonny Musick Gary Neel Lee Newman Monroe Nicholas Sandra Noel Clude Null Shelia O’Quinn Barry Parsons Diane Parsons Patrick Patterson Robert Paxton Gary Pennington Jerry Pennington Ruby Perdue Carolyn Pickett Steve Pike Robert Plummer Brenda Pruett Roberta Pruitt Kim Puckett Delphyne Rainey Eddie Rhudy Patricia Riley 1 17 Lavina Roberts Sheila Roberts Jennifer Robertson Terry Robbins Nancy Robins Ernie Root Bridget Ross Skip Ross Charles Rutherford Jeff Sargent Arnold Sawyers Michael Sawyers Donald Shawver Melinda Shepard Tina Shrader Danny Shutt John Sluss Sharon Smeltzer Eric Smith Marty Sparks Tammy Spencer Diane Stacy Wayne Stansbury Alex St. Clair Gary Steele Missy Steele Terry Stillwell Bobby Surher Ronnie Sutherland Sherri Swafford Greg Thomas 1 18 Tina Thomason Kenneth Thompson Kim Thompson Lynn Tullock Deborah Van Dyke Kathy Vanhoozier Wayne Vanhoozier Ranolph Waddell Pamela Waddell Kelvin Ward Bobby Whitehead Jeffery Whitt Charles Whitt Nancy Whitt Debbie Wilson Martha Wilson Patricia Woody Ted Wooldridge Pauline Wright Karen Wyatt Bruce York Tony Yost Teresa Young Patty Elswick Etta Howington Phillip Spurgeon Kathy Reece Dorothy Remines 119 FRESHMAN HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Doug Horne; James Kouchinsky; Eva Billips; Karen Wyatt; Steve Christian; Mrs. Fisher—sponsor; Charles Rutherford; and Lee Newman MISSY STEELE AND JAMES KOUCHINSKY I 20 BEST ALL AROUND FRESHMEN 122 Tazewell BANK OF TAZEWELL COUNTY “Your Progressive Bank” Member of F.D.I.C. North Tazewell Four-Way Plaza Shopping Center North Tazewell Westgate Shopping Center Bluefield, Virginia 123 POUNDING MILL QUARRY Crushed Limestone For any purpose Pounding Mill, Virginia Telephone: 988-2121 Bluefield, Virginia Telephone 326-1 144 1 24 PYOTT-BOONE, INC. Electronic Mining Division P. 0. Box 809 Tazewell, Va. 2465 1 Phone: 988-5505 125 TAZEWELL NATIONAL BANK Tazewell Virginia 4-Way Tazewell Phone: 988-5591 Do Your Grocery Trip on down Shopping Then to buy your Everyday needs ACME AND A-MART Phone: 988-4590 4-Way Tazewell, Va. Phone: 988-5700 126 PETE ' S MOTORS INC. “Home of Fine New and Used Cars” Telephone: 964-4051 Richlands And Doran, Virginia RAMEY CHEVROLET. INC. Four-Way Tazewell, Va. |y CHEVROL ET jk Fhgh Volume Low Prices At Southwest Virginia’s Largest and Friendliest Phone: 988-2547 127 BLUEFIELD COLLEGE Bluefield, Va. 24605 A Baptist College which offers quality Christian education in 41 programs of study. It is fully accred¬ ited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Virginia Department of Education. For more information call 327-7137. TAZEWELL EQUIPMENT MOTOR CORPORATION AMC - Jeep — Farm Machinery Phone: 988-4580 1 28 VAN ' S JOHN ' S MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Zenith Radios Zenith T.V.’s Stereos — Tapes — Records — Gifts — China — Crystal — Silver 214 W. Main St. Tazewell, Va. Located Rt. 19-460 one mile East of Tazewell 988-4111 106 Front St. FOR RESERVATIONS Richlands, Va. 964-4898 CALL 988-5521 THE THORNTON COMPANY TAZEWELL MOTEL On U. S. Routes 19 and 40 Federal Raleigh Streets Three Miles East of Tazewell, Virginia “Merchandise of Distinction” Telephone: 988-553 1 Bluefield, W. Virginia 129 STECKLER ' S MEN SHOP “Bluefield Shop of Distinction” Clothing for Gentlemen and the Youth THE TOWN -N-TWEED Bluefield “Coal Bin " CLINCH VALLEY PHARMACY Phone: 327-8197 Bluefield 1609 Bland St. W. Virginia CRAWFORD JEWELERS The Rexall Store Telephone: 988-4871 Tazewell Virginia THE DAIRY DELL Prescriptions JACKSON ' S DRUG Fincastle Road Telephone 988-3665 TAZEWELL Virginia JEFF WARD ' S INCORPORATED TAZEWELL FARM BUREAU Telephone: 988-4430 INC. Tazewell, Virginia Sheffey Massie North Tazewell, Mgr. 131 " Serving This Community Over 86 Years GREEVER EUNERAL HOME Courteous Service Always Phone 988 2554 Tazewell, Va. Queen Tazewell Dairy Queen 4-Way Shopping Plaza Try our charcoal burgers Phone 988-4181 Bishop Coal Company Bishop, Virginia Division of Pocahontas Fuel Consolidation Coal Co. 133 McCANN MOTORS 4-WAY PHARMACY Telephone: 988-2575 Tazewell. Virginia 4-Way Shopping Plaza Phone: 988-6000 Hallmark Cards Russell Stover Candies 3orcC Gifts Complete Prescription Service Cosmetics THE FLAT TOP NATIONAL BANK OF BLUEFIELD JERRY ' S PHARMACY AND GIFT SHOP Jerry Galliher, Pharmacist FEDERAL AT RALEIGH STREET BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA 24701 " A complete Family Pharmacy and Gift Shop " Lenox China and Crystal Telephone: 988-4600 North Tazewell, Virginia 134 DESKINS SUPERETT, INC. Complete Training in All Lines of Beauty Culture Satisfied Customers are our First Consideration. LITTLE FRENCH BEAUTY ACADEMY Telephone: 988-42 1U Stores in: Welch, W. Virginia Tazewell, Virginia English, Virginia Bluefield, W. Virginia Grundy, Virginia Bluefield, Virginia We give Gold Bond Stamps 320 East Cumberland Rd. Manager Bluefield Phone: 327-8310 W. Virginia Director, Nancy F. Smith Manager, Connie Munsey Shop at Corral Jean Shopp! SEARS RIVERJACK " WHERE FRIENDLINESS AND SERVICE COUNT " Pic-Pac SUPERMARKETS 4-Way Shopping Plaza Tazewell, Virginia Jim and Gorden Kiser 135 SPRACHER BRITTS’ PARTS RESTAURANT “Serving You Since ’32” “Your N.A.P.A. Jobber” Tazewell, Virginia Main Street Tazewell, Virginia Balfour WILLARD HANKINS SAM PEARSON - BOB MAINORD - RICHARD ELLIOTT Mat.onw.de 6210 ANDERSON AVENUE, N.W. KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE 37919 TELEPHONE (615) 588-6210 Riverside Drive Phone: 988-4490 Res.: 988-2883 N. Tazewell. Virgnia BUILDER S MART INC. ARMY SURPLUS STORE of Tazewell, Virginia 24651 P. 0. Box 285 Phone: 988-5535 Fincastle Drive Phone: Tazewell, 988-4179 Virginia " Buy the Best for Less.” TAZEWELL SHELL LESTERS FLOWER SHOP Dean Johnson (shell) §8P Phone: Tazewell, 988-4711 Virginia Tazewell Virginia 136 LAURIE’S 718 Tazewell Avenue Tazewell, Virginia Phone 988-6925 Martha Brewer, Owner Telephone Day or Night 988-4495 Old 3bominion JloriAt 851 Fincastle Turnpike Tazewell, Virginia 24651 Owned Operated By Arthur and Betty Proffitt " Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.” Charles E. Yates, Agent TAZEWELL AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE JOIN - HELP OUR AREA PHONE 988-5091 A. D. Torrence Ben Lineberry President Executive Director HARMAN’S, INC. American Standard Homes " The Standard of Quality” 137 SCHOLASTIC SERVICES, INC. THE UNITED STATES ARMY Attention: A 1 Lanny Pigg Keith Cline- Jack Pigg " The world’s largest school” U. S. Army Recruiting District Command P. 0. Box 183 Beckley, W. Va. 25801 Sgt. Ralph Tankersley Main Street, Tazewell Phone: 988-4052 P.O. Box 937 Concord, N.C. 28025 Holyfield Studios Representatives of Herff Jones Yearbooks “Today’s Army Wants to Join You” ll! " ||lj Ji i RADIO | WTZE N it r JONES THRIFTWAY AND FABRIC LAND AM-FM Quality Clothing for the 1470 KHC 100.1 MHZ Entire Family 1000 WATTS 3000 WATTS North Tazewell, Tazewell, Virginia Virginia 4-WAY PHARMACY PERRY AND ST. CLAIR INC. 4-Way Shopping Plaza Funeral Directors Phone: 988-6000 Furniture and Floor Coverings ■ Hallmark Cards Russell Stover Candies Tazewell, Virginia 1 Gilts Complete Prescription Service Phone 988-4190 ; Cosmetics 139 THE RAMROD MEN’S SHOP Richlands Virginia Alfred’s Beauty Salon “Branded Clothes for Men” North Tazewell, Va. TAZEWELL FLORISTS “Flowers for every occasion” Main Street Telephone: Tazewell 988-4660 W.W. Watson Electric Heating, cooling and insulation 988-3077 MOHAWK TIRE SALES of Southwest Virginia. Inc. Wholesale Distributor Tazewell Virginia Horton’s Quik Stop Fincastle Rd. Tazewell, Va. " Your fast food store with no long waiting lines.” BUD ' S MOTORS Shady Grove " Home of the Finest Used Cars” 4-Way, Tazewell Front Street Richlands, Va. Try our jeans from " Male” and " Landlubber” BEA’S FASHION " Buy with Confidence and wear with Pride” Main Street Tazewell, Virginia Ward’s Sporting Center Cliffield, Va. Main St. Barber Pop Shop 1 Operated by Fred McFarland East End of Town Penny Pincher’s General Instrument 4-Way Shopping Plaza 988-6944 Bluefield, W. Va. fJJfA(jOLP Riverside Dr. , North Tazewell, Va. BOX 062 TAZEWELL. VA. 24051 Dl ztaL - (2xaft, One. Dim cf utfizxfoxd PRESIDENT PHONE (703) 90B-4415 MINE TOOL SERVICE CENTER ELECTRIC COMPLETE CONVEYOR LINE SERVICE 140 BECKER’S JEWEL BOX Curved Diamond Rings B Citizens Insurance Agency 403 Bland St. Bluefield, W. Va. Diamonds are for Lovers Tazewell, Va. Ragg Muffin 4-Way Shopping Plaza Harry’s Mobile Home Sales Inc. Children’s Clothes Infant thru pre-teen Printed T-shirts and jeans in all sizes 988-2545 Norris—Contessa—Marion Adam and Eve For the young at heart Clothing for men and women JERRY ' S PHARMACY AND GIFT SHOP Jerry Galliher. Pharmacist Giant Mobile Homes ; 12 Locations to serve you! A-top Claypool Hill, Va. Route 460—Oakwood, Va. Owner—Ray Vinis “A complete Family Pharmacy and Gift Shop " Lenox China and Crystal Telephone: 988-4600 North Tazewell, Virginia 141 U. ' i ti wnnwapw w i ’ " 1 mmBtto ii BOOSTERS Commericial Bank of Bluefield Electronic Materials Dictaphone, Inc. WKOY American Automobile Association U.S. Air Force Kay’s Southern Office Supply Howard Smith Lynn Dell’s Diane Willis Dr. and Mrs. Ben Susman Bill Williams Lockhart Conley Dr. Maynard Joyce T.C. Whitt Mr. and Mrs. Terry Kegley Steward Thompson Thomas V. McCormick Prentiss Doak Michael T. Peery Mike Kinder J.F. Puckett Carl and Jean Taylor Butch Wiley Clay and Charlene Peery Grat Bowen June Puckett Margaret Johnson Barnes Moore Mr. and Mrs. Guy Glover Mrs. Guy Beavers Wayne Wilson Barney Vaughn • Mr. and Mrs. John Ratliff 1 Mr ond Mrs. Russell Hatfield We, the staff members of the 1976 Peak, would like to thank all those who contributed in any way to this bicentennial edition. This has been a special year as we have celebrated our nation’s 200th birthday. We have become more aware of our heritage and we have come to realize that we are a vital part of our school, community, state and nation. We hope that this year has made each of you more proud to say, " This is my country.” May this pride grow in the coming years and make each year as memorable as 1976. TV. c v ' -CL - Jcc 3? Mm ' I RoW LiY UuLCkuL ' T ocUjls 145 Li r fr 4 Xjf J ltBs ' ' ■ 53 1 Is S « r 1R il , V L ,J fjj igyL ' ; A -,

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