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An Annual Publication THE SENIOR CLASS OK Tazewell High School Tazewell, Virginia MARTHA ROWLETT, EDITOR MARGARET BEAVERS, BUSINESS MANAGER DEDICATION I To Mr. Eugene E. Ross, our principal, whose sincerity and understanding have won for him the esteem and admiration of all who know him, this annual is dedicated. A native of Lynchburg, Virginia, Mr. Ross received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lynchburg College. He attended the University of Virginia as a graduate student before entering the University of Pittsburgh where he was awarded the Master of Arts degree. Mr. Ross first came to Tazewell High School as coach in 1928. Four years later he went to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, as coach and in 1935 became principal of the school. Last autumn, he returned to become principal of T. H. S. which had increased greatly in enrollment since he left twenty-two years ago. In this one short year, Mr. Ross has found a place in the hearts of the students. Taze¬ well High wouldn ' t be the same without his friendly smile and who could ever forget his jokes ! His generosity has made our principal also our friend. For his interest and guiding influence in directing each of us in our ascent to the peak, we honor him with this dedication. With appreciation and praise we pay tribute to Mr. James A. Higginbotham for his faithful service during the past nine years as building superintendent. Jim, as he is known to us, greets us with a smile or a joking word, and he is never too tired to lend a helping hand when one is needed. Through his hours of work to make Tazewell High a better school, he has earned the respect and admiration of all the students. FOREWORD The annual staff presents the 1953 PEAK — a year ' s history of life at Tazewell High School. This ninth edition of our annual is a record of the laughs, the tears, the studies, and the friendships to be remembered in pleasant thoughts. It is our hope that through this collection of words and pictures we may relive those eventful days from September to May which are only a part of our ascent to the peak. A YEAR IN THE LIFE Peck-a-de-peck-peck — Forty words a minute - Don ' t wo rk too hard, kids... " Hail, hail, the gang ' s all hereOnward, Bulldogs—One hotdog and a cup o ' coffee, please —We want a touchdown—Yea, Tazewell... I like Ike —Gladly for Adlai—Posters, leaflets, speeches, friendly arguments—Familiar sights and sounds during Tazewell High ' s mock election. . . I crown thee Queen of Homecoming—-Congratulations, Miss Football Sweetheart of 1952. . . " Jest so proud I could be hyar " —Laughter, songs, new discoveries at the Blue Moon talent show —Fun for all and all for fun at the school carnival. . . Ah, the Christmas Formal— Dancing in the dark —Silver stars —Dreamy music— Sheer magic. . . Serious moments of thought—Studying for those wicked exams at the end of the first term — Here ' s hoping I pass... Close score—Shoot, Bulldog, shoot — A breath-taking moment—The gym echoed with cheers. . . [ : w i ■ i I U -ci T! ■■ mm 1 LIFE OF THE BULLDOGS " All the way around and a half way back " — Colorful balloons and Mardi Gras costumes — Loads of fun for everyone. . . " Please, I want that pink dress more than anything " — " Ugh, me like Great Spirit Messenger " —Lots of work—Lots of play. .. Spring sunshine and base¬ ball—Ball one—Strike two—Here ' s the pitch. . . And now —The strains of " Largo " echoing the love, learning, and tradition that is T. H. S. — Congratulations and good luck ! I FACULTY MR. J. L. WALTHALL Superintendent of Tazewell County Schools MR. EUGENE E. ROSS Principal of Tazewell High School MR. S. M. SPRAKER Assistant Principal and Mathematics MISS PEGGY PRUETT School Secretary MISS NANCY WARD Librarian MISS ELLA BRYANT DICKENSON Art Education MR. SAM R. BELCHER Music Education MRS. KEISTER HARMAN Physical Education MISS ANNELLA GREEVER Science and Mathematics MRS. J. B. HURT Science and English MRS. RUPHUS HAGY Science and Social Science MRS. GLENN BUCHANAN General Science OF 1953 MISS MATTIE BROOKS Social Science MR. JAMES ROGERS Social Science MRS. DALLAS HUBBARD Social Science and Speech MISS RACHEL ROYAL Social Science and English DORIS PRATER nglish SCOTT SCOTT MRS. FRANCIS BOWEN English jUr ' j MISS RUTH MACOM English and Journalism MISS NETTIE JUNKIN English and Bible MRS. BLAND LESLIE Latin and Social Science MISS HELEN COLE Spanish and Social Science ■ t -= 7 CZ ' , 7 Z- - -Z ? y ' C ' CJ? 3 02 V- 7 T SLX ' r FACULTY 1 MRS. JOHN KULICK Business Education MRS. WILLIAM BUNDY Business Education MISS SARA CALDWELL Business Education MISS ANNIE SWANN Mathematics MRS. JAMES B. LaVANCHE Mathematics MISS MARTHA ANN BOWEN Home Economics MR. J. P. BUCHANAN Agriculture and Industrial Arts MR. G. L. SANTOLLA Agriculture and Industrial Arts MR. JAMES B. LaVANCHE Football Coach and Physical Education MR. HAROLD S. HARMAN Mathematics and Girls ' Basketball Coach MR. WILEY YATES Mathematics and Boys ' Basketball Coach MR. WILLIAM FREI Social Science and Assistant Football Coach SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - Raymond Reed, president; Hazel Peery, vice president; Vaughn Cassell, secretary-treasurer. SENIORS 1953 They were filled with a combination of fear and excitement, those freshmen of 1949. They were continually asking stupid questions and getting into the wrong room, but they clung together and soon began to fit into the stagger syster. . . and those freshmen are we, the seniors of 1953. We were proud of the classmates who were chosen to lead our class; they were Kathleen Yates, president; Bob Repass, vice president; Jane McGraw, secretary; and Ronald Mitchell, treasurer. Our first thrill was the much anticipated freshman party where we played games, ate, giggled, and a few brave couples danced. Another fall brought us our sophomore year. We elected Bob Repass, president; Charlotte Taylor, vice president; and Katherine Gillespie, secretary-treasurer. With the responsibilities placed upon us that year, we felt that at last we were becoming a part of T.H. S. Our junior class officers were Ronald Mitchell, president; Jay Lockhart, vice president; Vaughn Cassell, secretary; and Margaret Beavers, treasurer. In the early spring, some of the talented members of our class presented the play, " No Soap. " How well we remember the work and play involved in preparing for the prom—but oh, how we loved it! At the end of the year we elected new officers, and as we watched the " old " seniors receive their diplomas, we realized we were at last the seniors of T.H.S. Our senior year brought us still greater responsibilities and privileges plus a new principal, Mr. Eugene Ross. Our class was led by Raymond Reed, president; Hazel Peery, vice presi¬ dent; Vaughn Cassell, secretary-treasurer. Homecoming, the Carnival, the Christmas Formal, the fun-packed trip to Washington, the senior play, and May Day were the major activities of our senior year. Such are the memories of the class of 1953 and now graduation with the helpful speeches and the friendly handshakes. We say " au revoir " but not good-by to our teacher s and friends. We ' re not really leaving—for these memories that cling to our hearts will help us walk through the halls of our high school days and see again familiar faces we once knew. —Hazel Peery, Historian FREIDA MAE ABSHER ELIZABETH ANN ASBURY EULA MAE ASBURY REESE GILLESPIE BAILEY HAROLD FREDERICK BALL NANNIE LOUISE BANDY MAGGIE ELIZABETH BANDY SENIORS 1953 DORLAS RAE BAR NES GUYETTA BEAVERS MARGARET FRANCES BEAVERS LORETTA JEAN BEAVERS k BEULAH BILLIPS ROBERT BREWSTER RAYMOND EUGENE BREWER OZELLA MONK BROWN SENIORS 1953 VEDA MAE BROWN RAY VAUGHN CASSELL GARNETT JUNE CARR HUNTER MARTIN CHRISTIAN MYRTLE FRANCES COLE CORA CAUDILL MARJORIE NELL CHRISTIAN ANN LOUISE COX iJ ,V • ' vt S ' LEE ROY CRABTREE DAVY CROCKETT VIRGIL CARROLL CROCKETT ELLIS DAVIS MYRA ELOISE DINGUS CHARLES DONALD DUNFORD CHARLOTTE GENE DOSS JOYCE ANNE ERPS MARTHA LEE FOOTE JACK STEELE FOX ERMA SUE GILLESPIE KATHERINE KISER GILLESPIE ROBERT DALE GOODWIN BONNIE LEE HAGER CLAUDE C. HAMILTON GEORGE THOMAS HARMAN DOVIE ANN HAGER m ■ ■ i - h i MARGARET FLORENCE HARDY WILLIAM FRENCH HARMAN, JR. JACK H. HAYES CARRIE VIOLA HAYES HUBERT PRESTON HERALD VIRGINIA NORA HONAKER SHIRLEY ANN HILMON WILLIAM C. HOOKER, JR. SENIORS 1953 AGNES JEAN JENNINGS HARRIET FRANCES IRESON PHYLLIS LEE JESSEE JAY J. JONES EDWARD K. KITTS I MARY AGNES LAMBERT BETTY CLARA LAWSON FRANCES LEE LESTER SENIORS 1953 BETTY MARIE LILLY SHELTHY MAE MARSHALL JAMES THOMAS LOCKHART MARY ALICE McFARLAND JANICE ELIZABETH MEREDITH PHYLLIS GEARLDINE McCANN PATTY LOVE McGLOTHLIN TONALD LEE MITCHELL MAXINE ARMELDIA NORMA BERNICE MORRIS MORRISON MARGARET LYNN MUSTARD £) ( , 3 o-v . c? tL- W ' Asgg (A GLENN BOYD NASH ROBERT LEE NEEL RICHARD CARSON NASH ADELE OSBORNE PEGGY ANN OSBORNE JUNE AUDREY PAYNE BLANCHE VIRGINIA PAULEY HAZEL ELECTA PEERY NORMA JEAN PROFFITT aa2 JOANN PEERY €k. = 2L SENIORS 1953 JAMES CORBIN RAMEY WILLIAM CAROL ROGERS MARY PAULINE PUCKETT BOB GEORGE REPASS RAYMOND EUGENE REED EVELYN FAYE RUSS MARY JO SLAUGHTER eloise McDonald sadler GEORGE CARL SAYERS WILLIAM CODY SLAUGHTER SENIORS .J953 JOHNNY GRATTON SLUSS WAYNE SLUSS ERNEST BOLEN SMITH, JR. NORMA JEAN SNELL EUNICE GAYLE STEVENSON GLORIS MAXINE SMITH FRANCES LEE SPENCE JO ELLA STEVENSON CHARLOTTE ANN TAYLOR MINNIE GREY STEVENSON DOUGLAS CARL TAYLOR SENIORS 1953 LENA IMOGENE VENCILL BETTY JANE VANCE BETTY JEAN WHITE BETTY JEAN WHITE PATSY JOANNE WHITE WILLIAM DALE WOODALL ARVIN DARREL WRIGHT pSHapp, JOE ALEX WRIGHT SENIORS 1953 PAUL LOWELL YATES SHIRLEY ANN YOST BISHOP ANN WYATT WILMA KATHLEEN YATES SIDNEY ABSHER ALBERT AKERS SARAH AKERS PEGGY ALTIZER ARTHUR ASBURY VIRGIL BALDWIN DONALD BANDY DORA BANDY KENNETH BANDY SHIRLEY BELCHER ERMA BLEVINS MANZLA BOOTHE MARIE BREWSTER RICHARD BROWN TERRY BRYANT GEORGE BUCHANAN KATHLEEN BURTON RUTH CASE JERRY CAUDILL STEVE CHILDRESS CAROL CLIFTON BILL COCHRAN I 0 II $ BERNARD COLLINS KAY CRAWFORD JAMES DAVIS NANCY DAWSON J. C. DONITHAN WANDA DUDLEY PHYLLIS EANES DELANO EARNEST DAN EDWARDS GEORGE ERPS DELORIS FLETCHER NANCYE GILLESPIE NORMA GOODWIN FRANK GRAHAM MARLENE GRAYBEAL GAIL GREGORY JANICE GULLETT BILL HAGY LEE HALL ABE HAMILTON DAVID HARMAN EUGENE HARRIS JUNIORS GEORGE HARRISON ALICE HAYES 19 5 3 BEATRICE HILL EVELYN HILL SIDNEY HILL ROBERT HOOKER BILLY HOOPS MAMIE HOWERY EDDIE HYMES SHIRLEY KEENE JANN KENSINGER MAMIE KINDER ANNA JO KISER RAYMOND KISER GEORGE LAMBERT LOUISE LAMBERT BILLIE RAE LAWSON EARL LEFTWICH GEORGE LEWIS ALFRED LONG SHELBY LONG CHARLENE McBRIDE ' ¥ ion NANCY McCALL GERALD MCDONALD E ARNES TINE Me MEANS PATSY MePEAKE REECE MARRS JUNIOR MASTRO ILLENE MEADE MARGARET MELVIN DOROTHY MONEY ARCHIE MONK EUDEAN MONK BOBBY MORRISON CARROLL MORRISON DONNA MORRISON NELSON MULKEY GWEN MUNDY ELIZABETH NEEL MELSTER NEESE CAROL ORRENDER MARSHALL PEERY LUCY PENNINGTON DAVID PRUETT JUNIORS KENNETH PRUETT BETTY PUCKETT FRANCES PUCKETT HUGH PUCKETT SHIRLEY PUCKETT 0 BARBARA RATCLIFEi , BERNARD RILEY PEYTON ROWLETT DON SARGENT SHIRLEY SCOTT NANNIE SHEETS ELWOOD SHRADER PHYLLIS SIZEMORE DONALD SLUSS RUPHUS SLUSS CLYDE SMITH ANN SPARKS OLLIE SPARKS SALLY SPARKS IMOGENE STALLARD CARROLL STAMPER BUDDY STEVENSON 0 II $ BARBARA STONE LARRY TABOR RAY TAYLOR GOLDIE TOTTEN ANDY TURNER RICHARD TURNER LETTIE TYREE SUE VAN DYKE FRED WHITE NINA WHITE LOIS WHITT RICHARD WHITT FREDDY WILLIAMS JUDITH WRIGHT PEARL YATES MARY YOST LORETTA YOUNG SOPHOMORES 1953 ROBERT ADAMS DONALD ADKINS PATRICA AGNEW MARY ELLEN AKERS JOHN ALFORD JANICE ASBURY MILDRED ASBURY ROSEMARY ASBURY PATTY SUE ATWOOD MARY LOU BAIN VIRGINIA BANDY SHELBY BARNES BLAINE BEAVERS RAYMOND BEAVERS SHIRLEY BEAVERS TOMMY BEAVERS VERNIE BEAVERS BILLY BENSON NEAL ALLEN BOOTHE ELIZABETH BOURNE PHYLLIS BOURNE LEONARD BRADLEY WILMA BRADLEY CHARLOTTE BROOKS SOPHOMORES 1953 NANCY BROWN JOHNNY BUCKLAND GEORGIA BURTON MADELINE BURTON JOE CALO LENA CARTER JAMES CHRISTIAN ELLA MAE COLE ROBERT COMBS MARY COMPTON DOTTIE COTHERN TIM COUNTS KATHERINE CRABTREE VAUGHN CROCKETT JUANITA CROUSE NANCY CROUSE CURTIS CRUEY LOUISE CRUEY CAROLYN CRUISE RUTH DANIELS HOPE DAVIDSON ARBUTUS DAVIS CHRISTINE DAVIS KATHLEEN DAVIS SOPHOMORES 1953 LUERENDA DICKENS ETHEL DICKENSON DARLA DILLON ELBERTA DINGUS GEORGE DOAK JANICE DUNCAN DOROTHY DUNFORD MEDA JOYCE DYE LORETTA EARLS CONNIE EDWARDS ARLEN FARLEY JAMIE FARLEY CRYSTAL FLANNER CARLES FLETCHER SUE FULLER JO ANNE GIBSON BARBARA GOODWIN SHIRLEY GOODWIN CONNIE GRAHAM MARGARET GRUBB BILL HAGERMAN CARL HAGY MARGARET HAGY EVELYN HALL SOPHOMORES 1050 JAMES HALL VONNIE HALL CLARA HANKINS BETTY HARDY LINDSEY HARMAN CORA HARRISON ROSA HARRISON MARGARET HASH JAMES HENEGAR HELEN HENSLEY BUSTER HILMANDOLAR JIMMY HUBBARD SHELBY HURLEY ANDREW HYLTON BOBBY JENNINGS ILLENE JENNINGS CAROL JOHNSON JUNIOR JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON RONNIE JOHNSON MARGARET JONES NAOMI JONES WILLIE MAE KIMBEL SHIRLEY KINDER SOPHOMORES 1953 SAMMY KINSER JOYCE KISER RONALD KISER TERRY KITTS BONNIE KOSTO LILLIE LAMBERT MARGARET LAWRENCE SAMMY LESTER JIMMY LEWIS SHIRLEY LINKOUS LINCOLN LOCKHART JAMES McGHEE DOLLY McGLOTHLIN JEANETTE MEADE JERRY MEE JOHNNY MONK LEWIS MONK VIRGINIA MOREHEAD MITZIE MORRIS JACKIE MORRISON SARAH MORRISON PHILLIP MULLINS SUE MUNDY GUY NASH SOPHOMORES 1953 SHIRLEY NASH LILLIAN NELSON BETTY JO OSBORNE JOHNNY OSBORNE JANE PARKS PEGGY PATERSON JERRY PAYNE JOE PEERY MARSHALL PEERY EULA PENNINGTON JUANITA PETERS CHARLES PHILLIPS BILL PLASTER DARLENE PRUETT ELEANOR PRUETT PATTY PRUETT BILLIE PUCKETT HUGH PUCKETT DOROTHY RASNICK JANIE RATCLIFF FLOYD REPASS ROBERTA RIDDLE MARY ELLEN RILEY GERALD ROSS t SOPHOMORES 1953 MARGARET RUTHERFORD ALBERT SAINE BILLIE JOE SAWYERS MINNIE SAWYERS VIVIAN SAYERS PHYLLIS SEXTON CARL SHEETS JIMMIE SIMMONS PHYLLIS SLUSS ELSIE SMITH STANLEY SPARKS BILL STAMPER LOUELLA STEVENSON JEAN STREET SANDRA TABOR JOYCE TAYLOR THOMAS TAYLOR EULA MAE THOMPSON SHIRLEY TOLLIVER FRED VAN DYKE SOPHOMORES loss JOE VAN HOQZIER HARRY VERNON MARY GAIL WALKER ELLEN WEAVER ROY WEBB RITCHIE WEST GEORGIA WHITE INA WHITE JUNIOR WHITE LEE WHITE CORA BELLE WHITING MARY WILBURN PHYLLIS WITT MEDA WITTEN PEGGY WITTEN REBECCA WITTEN BETTY WOODALL RUBY WYATT DON YATES PHYLLIS YATES FRESHMEN 1353 DOROTHY ABEL LYLA ABSHER CHASE ADKINS PAUL ALDRITH INA ALTIZER JEAN AMBURGEY BETTY ANDREWS BEVERLEY ANGLES JACK ANGLES GAIL ARMSTRONG JEFF ASBURY MARY DOVE ASBURY NANNIE ASBURY JOHN BALDWIN LOUISE BALDWIN LUCY BALDWIN RAY BALDWIN A. C. BALL BEULAH BANDY CAROL BANDY HAROLD BANDY ETHEL BANE EMMA BARNETTE DON BARRETT MARY BAUGH HARMAN BEAVERS NELL BEAVERS RUTH BEAVERS MILDRED BILLINGS BASIL BILLIPS PEGGY BILLIPS RALPH BILLIPS THERYL BLACKWELL JANIE BLEVINS ALICE BOOTHE DOROTHY BOOTHE PEGGY BOOTHE NANCY BOWMAN RHEA BOWMAN GLENN BRADLEY FRESHMEN 1953 ELIZABETH BRADSHAW ALLEN BREWER HELEN BROWN REECE BROWN RICHARD BYRD SONNY CALO JACK CASE FRED CHAFFIN DEWEY CHAPMAN HAROLD CHILDRESS ALBERT CHRISTIAN JOE CHRISTIAN SHIRLEY COCHRAN ROBERT COLE DONALD COLLEY BOBBY COLLINS CHARLOTTE COLLINS PATTY CONLEY CHARLES COOPER JAMES CORDELL OZELLA CORDER JANE COX CAROL CRABTREE KENNETH CREED CLIFFORD CRISP ONA FAYE CROUSE STELLA CROUSE BETTY CRUEY ARLENE DALTON BETTY DANIELS SAMUEL DANIELS LILLIAN DAVIDSON PIERCE DAVIDSON HOWARD DAVIS WILLIAM DAVIS JIMMY DAWSON SAMUEL DESKINS BEAUFORD DUNCAN GERALD DUNCAN BILLIE DUTY FIESIMEI 1953 LEO DUTY JOHNNY EARLS RONALD EARLS TOMMY EARLS MARY ALICE EDMONDS ANN EVANS ROBERT FLANNER JAMES FOX RUFUS FOX JULIA FREEMAN JOHNNY FRENCH BILLY GIBSON ANN GILLESPIE BOBBY GILLESPIE EVELYN GILLIE JOHNNY GIVENS ALTHA GLOVER NANCY GODBY DALE GRAHAM SHIRLEY GRAHAM PEGGY GROSS LUCILLE HAGER MADELINE HAGERMAN LOIS HAGY BETTY HALL GERALD HALL JAMES HALL LOUISE HALL VICTOR HALL NOLA HAMILTON PEARL HANKINS HAROLD HARDY ALICE HARMAN BETTY HARMAN ELSIE HARMAN HARRY HARRISON VIRGINIA HARRISON FRANKLIN HART GUYNITH HASH VIVIAN HASH FRESHMEN 1953 EDWARD HEARLD IMOGENE HEFFINGER WANDA HELLMANDOLLAR DON HENIGAR JIMMY HERNDON CARL HESS DOROTHY HINKLE OPAL HOBACK KENNETH HOLYFIELD GERALD HONAKER JACKIE HONAKER BETTY HOOPS CLARA HOOPS NANCY HOOPS PEGGY HOPKINS DOROTHY HORNE BETTY HOWINGTON JUANITA HOWINGTON JOHN HYLTON OPAL HYLTON JENNY LOU JENNINGS LEWIS JESSEE FREEMAN JOHNSON LAWRENCE JOHNSON MARGIE A. JOHNSON MARGIE C. JOHNSON JIMMY JONES VIRGIL JONES DILLARD KEENE ALONZA KEITH FREDDY KIMBEL JEAN KINCER BETTY KINDER LULA KIRBY BETTY KISER CAROL KISER ELMER KISER ANN KITTS MARSHAL KITTS NANCY KITTS FRESHMEN 1953 GERALD LAFFERTY NANCY LAMBERT JAMES LAWSON EDWIN LEFFEL SHELBY LEWIS BOBBY LITTLE JAMES LOCKHART SHIRLEY LONG FRANCES LOWE MADGE McCRAY SHIRLEY McGLOTHLIN BETTY McREYNOLDS JIMMY McRE YNOLDS KENNETH McREYNOLDS ROBERT MARRS HARLAN MARTIN JANE MARTIN MANZLA MEADE TEDDY MEADE LILLIAN MEADOWS JIMMY MEADWELL MADGE MINTON BOBBY MITCHELL SUE MITCHELL PHYLLIS MORRISON WILOVENE MULKEY HAROLD MURRAY MARGARET MURRAY EVELYN MUTTER GENE MYERS JO ANNE MYERS DON NECESSARY BARNES NEEL BETTY NEEL DONALD NEEL ROBERT NEEL ANN LEE NICEWANDER SANDRA NIPPER JAMES NOBLITT SHIRLEY NUNLEY F RESHMEN 1953 DANA OLINGER JOE OLINGER ESTEL OSBORNE GORDON PALMER LUTHER PALMER JANICE PARSON JERRY PARSON LUTHER PATRICK WALTER PATRICK JAMES C. PAULEY PEGGY PEERY NELL PIERCE JOE PLUMMER GEORGE PROFFITT CHARLES PRUETT DONALD PRUETT EMERY PRUETT JAMES PRUETT BLANCHE PUCKETT JASPER PUCKETT PAUL PUCKETT PAUL RICHARD PUCKETT SHIRLEY PUCKETT KENNETH REMINES RALPH REPASS WANDA REPASS PAUL RHUDY JUANITA RILEY PAULINE ROSE GRETA ROSS JO ALICE RUSS ESTER RYE JACK SALYERS ELIZABETH SAWYERS DONALD SEDDON RANDY SENE RONALD SEXTON FREDA SHEETS JIMMY SHEETS LEE ANNE SHELTON FRESHMEN 1953 WILMA SHRADER DORIS SLUSS GARNETT SLUSS JUANITA SLUSS PEGGY SLUSS BUDDY SMITH DOROTHY SMITH MAX SMITH NOLA SMITH BETTY SUE SPARKS CLAUDE SPARKS GWENN SPARKS HAROLD SPARKS JEAN SPARKS ROBERT SPARKS FRED SPENCE RONNIE STALLARD SHIRLEY STANSBURY ALICE STEVENSON BETTY STEVENSON BILLY STEVENSON GARNETT STEVENSON GLENNA STEVENSON VIRGINIA STEVENSON DELPHINE STILWELL BILL SURBER NELLIE SUTHERLAND STELLA SUTHERLAND CHRISTINE SYKES THOMAS SYKES PATSY TAYLOR ANNA LEE THOMPSON RONNIE THOMPSON ELOISE TIBBS KATHERINE TOMILSON HHSUMII1953 FREDDIE TRAIL SHIRLEY TRAIL NORMA TURNER MARGARET TWEEDY JEAN VAN DYKE BETTY VAN HOOZIER BETTY JO WALDRON JESSIE WARD FAYE WEAVER RACHELLE WEAVES BRUCE WEBB BETTY JO WHEELER BOBBY WHITE CLAUDETTE WHITE EVELYN WHITE CHARLOTTE WHITT MAEREEN WHITT PHYLLIS WHITT RONALD WHITT FREDA WILLIAMS AVERY WILSON CLYDE WILSON MARY JANE WINGO CARL WITT MARIE WOOD ROBERT WOOD SHIRLEY WOOD WANDA WOODALL BARBARA WRIGHT RACHEL WRIGHT VIRGIL WRIGHT BERTHA YATES CROCKETT YOST EDITH YOUNG EDWARD YOUNG JUNIOR OFFICERS LOWERCLASS OFFICERS 1953 1 1 iJ||u 4 v (MTlvliiad 1| liMiii mk g m ' SnaaJBl |I V ' c George Wallace Bobby Webb . . Mamie Kinder . Kathleen Burton . President Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Terry Kitts . . Floyd Repass Dolly McGlothlin . . . President .Vice President . . Sec. -Treas. FRESHMAN OFFICERS Dillard Keene.President Ralph Repass . . .Vice President Ina Altizer.Secretary Wanda Repass .... Treasurer COACHES William Frei . . James LaVanche . Harold S. Harman Wiley R. Yates . Football (assistant) Football and Baseball . . Girls ' Basketball . . Boys ' Basketball 1952 BULLDOGS VARSITY - First Row: Earl Leftwich, Jack Sizemore, Richard Turner, Joe Wright, Reese Bailey, Bobby Brewster, Jay Lockhart, Raymond Kaiser, Buddy Stevenson, Bobby Neel, Dillard Keene. Second Row: " Cokie " Kitts, Glenn Nash, J. J. Jones, Terry Kitts, Stanley Hill, Ronald Kiser, Albert Christian, Bobby Keene, Ray Taylor, David Harman, George Erps. Third Row: Bill Frei (assistant coach), George Lewis, Bill Peery, James Asbury, Bill Hagy, Amel Stevenson, Donald Dunford, Bill Woodall, Jimmy Simmons, Bill Slaughter, Joe Crabtree, James LaVanche (coach). JUNIOR VARSITY - Fourth Row: John May (manager), Don Henigar, Harman Beavers, Gene Myers, Arlen Farley, Billy Benson, Richard Johnson, Lewis Dye, Freddie Trail, Stanley Sparks (manager). Fifth Row; William Surber, James Henegar, Bobby Mitchell, Bill Stevenson, Luther Palmer, Ralph Repass, George Wallace, Charles Phillips, Donald Neel, Avery Wilson. SEASON’S RECORD Schedule Tazewell 13 7 7 27 19 Schedule Opponents Tazewell Marion Nor thfork Gary Pocahontas Pulaski Opponents 14 0 6 7 0 Virginia High 7 8 E h H Freshmen 7 19 Tennessee High 7 0 Graham 13 28 Richlands 7 25 COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP 1952 Won 6 Tied 2 Lost 2 HERE ARE THE REASONS FOR THE BULLDOGS ' BITE Bill Peery, fullback " Cokie " Kitts, halfback ' AT u_ •AbCCAl c yiAJCr ]lSi C JLXJ il ' jllz- tyeXj J. J. Jones, quarterback Amel Stevenson, fullback [)u t 1 ' JL a 0 k f Aj u SEASON’S C-K - ulscJ ' { A_ic uj-ajUfO C c C-ce, jtycxjj Glenn Nash, end Co -Captain Under the tutelage of Coaches LaVanche and Frei, the Tazewell pigskin force opened the season against the Virginia High eleven coached by the Bull¬ dogs ' former grid mentor Casto Ramsey. The Bulldogs led at the half 6-0, but the Bearcats ' Glover sprinted 47 yards in the third quarter to make the score 7-6. " Cokie " Kitts thrilled the spectators with a 64 yard dash for a Tazewell touchdown and the final score of the game. Next came the game with Emory and Henry ' s Frosh. The freshmen Wasp were leading 7-0 until Tazewell ' s fullback, Bill Peery, galloped 80 yards for a touchdown. Kitts added the extra point and the game ended in a 7-7 tie. Gridmen from Tennessee High, Bristol, visited the Tazewell field on Sep¬ tember 19. The mighty Bulldogs had two touchdowns nullified in the first half, but " Cokie " Kitts made one good in the third quarter and added the extra point. Jones of the Viking squad scored and the game ended in a 7 -7 deadlock. Graham G-Men invaded Tazewell on the following Friday and were turned back 27-13. Brewster and Peery recovered fumbles to set up different Bulldog drives while Wright, Kitts, Peery, and Nash led the way to the goal line. The Bulldogs gained 275 yards on the ground with " Cokie " Kitts picking up 2 55 of the total yardage in the game with Richlands. Kitts plunged through the middle and raced 27 yards for the first score. Richlands marched 65 yards down the field to even the score before " Cokie " Kitts returned a punt 73 yards for another six points. Then Nash, Wright, and Peery alternated for 75 yards Jay Lockhart Bill Woodall, guard Bobby Brewster, guard THE BULLDOG LETTERMEN OF 1952 Terry Kitts, quarterback Richard Turner, halfback Joe Wright, halfback James Ramey, tackle and another score. The Bulldogs came home with a 19-7 victory. Tazewell ' s Bulldogs lost their first game in two years when they were chained by the Marion eleven 14-8. Kitts bucked the line for a touchdown and the entire Bulldog line pushed the Marion force behind their own goal line for another two points before the Marion team marched to victory on the field of mud. Recovered from their upset, the Bulldogs blasted the visiting Northfork team 19-0. Terry and " Cokie " Kitts, Peery, Wright, and Nash were the out¬ standing players in this contest. Tazewell ' s eleven then journeyed to Gary and were defeated 6-0. The Bull¬ dogs racked up 13 first downs to the Coal Diggers ' 5. Wasnuk fired a 50 yard pass into the end zone for the Gary tally. The local ' s next win came at the expense of the Pocahontas Indians 28-7. Nash, the outstanding player in this game, made one touchdown on a 90 yard pass and another touchdown on a 40 yard dash to the goal line. Returning to home soil, the Bulldogs made successful the first Tazewell High Homecoming by trimming a favored Pulaski team 25-0. Terry and " Cokie " Kitts, Nash, and Peery scored for the Bulldogs. The entire team gave a bril¬ liant performance for the returning alummni in the last game of the season. Joe Crabtree, center Co-Captain Don Dunford, guard Raymond Kiser, guard Glenn Nash, end George Lewis, tackle Bill Woodall, guard LINE Raymond Kiser, guard Reese Bailey, tackle Joe Crabtree, center Bill Slaughter, end " Cokie " Kitts, halfback Bill Peery, fullback Amel Stevenson, fullback B ACKFIELD Terry Kitts, quarterback Richard Turner, halfback Joe Wright, halfback Wash ' em out. Wring ' em out. Hang ' em on a line, We can beat ' em any old time. A victorious coach and team ! 1953 BOVS’ BASKEIBALl B iU agY G et RECORD Schedule Schedule Tazewell Opponents Tazewell Opponents 44 Honake r 48 55 Bramwell 63 63 Honaker 45 77 Northfork 69 86 Bramwell 64 44 Pocahontas 59 44 Pocahontas 45 57 Northfork 47 53 Marion 51 58 Graham 79 66 Graham 53 62 Bristol 59 42 Athens 59 75 Richlands 60 61 Glintwood 80 84 Hay si 59 56 Bristol 50 67 Athens 87 58 Richlands 66 54 Marion 68 1953 Ann Asbury, forward Co-Captain Eunice Stevenson, forward Minnie Stevenson, forward Norma Goodwin, forward .jLoO (IMS’ Nannie Sheets, forward Tazewell 80 51 56 58 53 68 Schedule Bland Honaker Pocahontas Graham Clintwood Richlands Opponents 51 72 57 47 54 62 Bea Lou Hill, forward RECORD BASKETBALL Jo Ella Stevenson, Co-Captain Jann Tazewell guard Kensinger, guard Peggy Altizer, guard Nellie Waddell, guard Nancy Sue Gillespie, guard Mary Jo Slaughter, guard RECORD Schedule Opponents Bland 39 Pocahontas 57 Graham 33 Richlands 54 Haysi 62 Honaker 50 PLAYERS VARSITY First Row: Bobby Webb, Albert Akers, Don Dunford, George Doak, Timmy Counts. Second Row: Bobby Keene (manager), Dillard Keene, J. C. Donithan, Jack Keene, Johnny Monk, Buddy Stevenson, Jimmy Lewis, Jack Jones (manager). RECORD Sche dule Tazewell Opponents 45 Burkes Garden 25 39 Pocahontas 32 51 Bland 57 40 Bramwell 37 53 Burkes Garden 43 58 Bramwell 39 52 Graham 43 31 Marion 19 65 Pocahontas 48 59 Graham 61 32 Bristol 46 67 Bland 52 53 Northfork 44 29 Northfork 37 68 Bishop 41 44 Bristol 61 34 Marion 19 M tins’ joiior vmin RECORD Schedule Tazewell Opponents 35 Burkes Garden 25 15 Bishop 10 32 Bishop 25 24 Burkes Garden 52 106 Total Points 112 PLAYERS First Row: Willie Kimbel, Margaret Tv eedy, Lee Anna Shelton, Ina Altizer, Louella Ste venson, Alice Stevenson, Loretta Earls, Virginia Stevenson. Second Row: Gwen Sparks, Marsha Kitts, Lillian Meadows,, Ellen Weaver, Ethel Dickenson, Mar¬ garet Lawrence, Betty Harman, Dorothy Dunford, Barbara Goodwin, Luerenda Dickens, Lilly Lam¬ bert, Carol Johnson, Phyllis Bourne. PLAY BALL! » BASEBALL 1952 First Row: Tommy Taylor, manager; Allen Boothe, outfielder; Ronnie Mitchell, outfielder; Bobby Surber, pitcher; George Doak, first baseman; Terry Kitts, short stop; Gene Riddle, catcher; Hugh Puckett, manager. Second Row; James LaVanche, coach; Bill Peery, second baseman; " Cokie " Kitts, center fielder; " Doug " Peters, pitcher; Bill Stevenson, pitcher; Edwin McCall, third baseman; Jackie Baugh, first baseman; George Lewis, right fielder. SEASON ' S RECORD Schedule Schedule Tazewell Opponents Tazewell pponents 7 Abingdon 2 5 Pocahontas 1 14 Pocahontas 8 4 Le gfeon 3 RiCTUands 3 8 Richlands 5 16 11 Graham 7 11 Abingdon 4 1 Virginia High 0 3 Graham 0 1 Lebanon 0 0 Virginia High 6 DISTRICT VII CHAMPIONSHIP Won 11 Lost 1 SCHEDULE Marion Graham Saltville Bristol, Va. Abingdon Graham Marion Saltville Abingdon Bristol, Va. First Row: Mr. Eugene E. Ross (coach), Minnie Stevenson, Kathleen Yates, Patty Sue Atwood, Joyce Erps, Melster Neese, Erma Sue Gillespie. Second Row: Billy Hooker, J. C. Donithan, Bill Hagy, Bruce Webb, Andy Turner, Ronald Witt. TEE OFF! J £ CMERltm Patty McGlothlin, Gwen Sparks, Patty Sue Atwood, Guynith Hash Freddy Williams, Joyce Erps, Melster Neese, Kathleen Yates (captain), Floyd Repass ALL-STATE BAND - First Row: Jimmy Hubbard, trumpet; Jerry Payne, bass clarinet; Claudette White, french horn; Mr. Sam Belcher, director. Second Row: Delano Earnest, bass horn; Buddy Reed, clarinet; Floyd Repass, bass horn. BAND MEMBERS - First Row; Mr. Sam Belcher (director), Claudette White, Louella Stevenson, Bea Lou Hill, Betty Puckett, Nancy Gillespie, Sue Van Dyke, Charlene McBride, Mary Akers, Patsy Akers, Bob Repass (vice president). Second Row: Carroll Stamper, Lonny Sparks, Bobby Koger, JoAnn Dixion, Shirley Kinder, Jerry Bradshaw, Lee White, Dolly McGlothlin, Jean Van Dyke, Caroline Cruise, Wilovene Mulkey, Jackie Mor¬ rison, Imogene Stallard, Don Sargent, Jimmy Hub¬ bard, Dennis Koger, Jim Gillespie. Third Row; Marshall Peery, Karen White, Arnold White, Harry Van Dyke, Harriet Ireson, Edda Payne, Bonnie Kosto, Raymond Beavers, Freddy Williams, Buddy Reed (president), Carl Sheets, Nelson Mulkey, Joe Calo, Harold Payne, Bobby White, Phyllis Eanes, Charles Hubbard. Fourth Row: Steve Childress (secretary-treasurer), Evelyn Hill, Buddy Stevenson, Sonny Calo, Robert Combs, Phyllis Morrison, Jasper Puckett, Kenneth Pruett, Floyd Repass, Fred Kimbel, Delano Earnest, Albert Akers, Tim Counts, George Doak, Don Necessary, Paul Puckett, Martha Foote, Ann Lee Nicewander, Jerry Payne. ill; , fPB f •la A jy GLEE CE1B ALL-STATE CHORUS - Seated: Mr. Sam Belcher, director. Standing: Elwood Shrader, baritone; Eula Pennington, soprano; Carroll Stamp er, contralto; Don Dunford, tenor. GLEE CLUB MEMBERS - First Row; Caroline Cruise, JoAnn Peery, Betty Jo Osborne, Carroll Stamper, Phyllis Eanes, Kay Crawford, Charlene McBride, Mamie Howery, Betty Puckett, Betty Hoops, Jerry Mee, Harriet Ireson (secretary- treasurer). Second Row; Margaret Jones, Nancy McCall, Carol Orrender, Earnestine McMeans, Betty White, Charlotte Brooks, Joyce Taylor, Dana Olinger, Wanda Dudley, Hazel Peery (vice president), Evelyn White, Shelby Lewis, Helen Hensley, Jerry Payne, Barbara Ratcliff, Peggy Witten, Marie Brewster, Mr. Sam Belcher (director). Third Row: Peggy Dye, Betty Davis, Janice Meredith, Joe Peery, Elwood Shrader, Jack Repass, Don Dunford (president), Bobby Repass, Reese Bailey, George Doak, Tim Counts, Mitzie Morris, Dottie Cothern, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Eula Pennington, Mary Alice Edmonds. Insert: Miss Nettie Junkin, director Miss Margaret Ann Scott, advisor; Kathleen Yates, assistant editor; Martha Rowlett, editor; Margaret Beavers, business manager. Margaret Mustard, copy editor; Minnie Stevenson, sports editor; Hazel Peery, art editor; Jack Fox, photography editor; Billy Hooker, advertising Seated: Ann Repass, typist. Standing: Claude Hamilton, Patty McGlothlin, photographers; Dale Goodwin, typist. Jay Lockhart, Erma Gillespie, sales managers; Joanne Crouse, circulation and sales manager; Ozella Brown, Katherine Gillespie, advertising managers. BULLDOG STALL Seated: Richard Nash, Mary Puckett, editors. First Row: Phyllis Jessee, news editor; Margaret Hardy, print shop contact; Blanche Pauley, managing editor; Maxine Morrison, business manager; Ann Wyatt, exchange editor. Second Row: Joe Crab¬ tree, circulation manager; Stanley Hill, art editor; George Lambert, feature editor ; Jack Repass, club reporter. JOURNALISM CLASS First Row; Mamie Howery, Shirley Fhickett, Cora Caudill, Erma Gillespie, Maggie Bandy, Judith Wright, Betty Puckett, Nannie Bandy, Agnes Jennings, Ann Wyatt. Second Row: Beulah Billips, Margaret Hardy, Mary Puckett, Maxine Morrison, Freida Absher, Deloris Fletcher, Blanche Pauley, Stanley Hill, David Godbey, Dale Goodwin. Third Row; Miss Macom (advisor), George Lambert, Bill Woodall, Joe Crabtree, Tommy Harman, J. C. Donithan, Jack Repass, Richard Nash. i £» . . i| - fM ' v 111 [ 3S 1 r | i HiB kftaM EH- Iv v 1 1 { bWj i » I d rw Every Thursday afternoon the presidents of clubs and homerooms gather in the lab for the meeting of the Student Cooperative Association. This group, supervised by Miss Annella Greever, sponsors projects for school improve¬ ment, promotes cooperation and understanding between the students and teachers, and regulates student activities. To gain new ideas, the S.C. A. sends delegates to District and State Conventions and the Foreign Students Forum. Officers for the past year were Kay Crawford, secretary-treasure r; Jay Lockhart, president; and Bob Repass, vice president. They are shown in the picture at left with their sponsor, Miss Greever. I c. First Row: Shelby Hurley, Ann Repass, Shirley Puckett, Jo Alice Russ, Bob Repass, Kay Craw¬ ford, Jay Lockhart, Kathleen Yates, Joyce Erps, Patty Atwood, Dolly McGlothlin. Second Row: Eloise Tibbs, Patty Conle y, Jane Cox, Barbara Goodwin, Margaret Rutherford, Carol Orrender, Margaret Beavers, Martha Rowlett, Jann Kensinger, Katherine Gillespie. Third Row: Miss Annella Greever (advisor), Floyd Repass, George Wallace, Buddy Reed, Bernard Riley, Don Dunford, Jack Case, Fred Chaffin. Fourth Row; Eddie Hynes, Jack Fox, Bobby Webb, Dillard Keene, Bill Hagy. Projects, business, and socials are the major topics for discussion at the Y-Teen meetings held each second and fourth Tuesday of the month. These industrious girls this year sponsored a hay ride, several parties and a dance, prepared relief packages, and, as their officers show at right, decorated the second floor bulletin board each month. Y-Teen officers for 1952-53 were Kathleen Yates, president; Gwen lylundy, treasurer; Joyce Erps, vice president; and Ann Repass, secretary. Their capable sponsors, Miss Sara Caldwell and Mrs. James LaVanche, assisted them in planning their program of activities. y. - TEENS First Row; Kathleen Yates, JoAnn Peery, Ann Repass, Gwen Mundy, Carolyn Cruise, Gail Greg¬ ory, Shirley Puckett, Joyce Erps. Second Row; Mrs. James LaVanche (advisor), Hope Davidson, Marie Brewster, Jean Van Dyke, jWilovene Mulkey, Louise Lambert, Claudette White, Erma Sue Gillespie, Louella Stevenson, Miss Sara Caldwell (advisor). Third Row; Melster Neese, Wanda Repass, Nola. Hamilton, Wanda Dudley, Martha Foote, Betty Jean Puckett, Margaret Mustard, Barbara Stone, Willie Mae Kimbel, Dorothy Dunford, Minnie Stevenson. Fourth Row; Lee White, Lillie Lambert, Jo Alice Russ, Margaret Tweedy, Margaret Beavers, Carol Kiser, Joyce Taylor, Carroll Stamper. f.f.A. With an eye toward the future and an interest in agriculture the members of the Future Farmers of America meet each month with their sponsors, Mr. J. P. Buchanan and Mr. G. L. Santolla. Projects of the F.F.A. include planting trees and shrubs, pruning the shrubbery on the school ground, and keeping the lawn clean. One of the highlights of initiation week is the day that all new members attend classes clad in old clothes and straw hats. Club officers of the 1952-53 school term were George Lewis, vice president; Paul Yates, presi¬ dent; Gene Harris, treasurer; Amel Stevenson, secretary; and Lincoln Lockhart, watchdog. First Row: George Lewis, Paul Yates, Ame 1 Stevens on. Gene Harris, Lincoln Lockhart. Second Row; Donald Bandy, Junior White, Le onard Bradley, Buddy Stevenson, Andrew Hylton, David Harman, Oliver Larimer, Hubert Herald, Jack Jones, George Lambert, Gerald Lafferty. Third Row: John Hylton, Sammy Kinser, Bill Little, Stanley Sparks, Billy Hoops, Sidney Absher, Terry Kitts, Carl Hagy, Kenneth Pruett, Donald Sluss, Clyde Smith, George Buchanan, Mr. G. L. Santolla (advisor . Fourth Row: Bobby Jennings, Tommy Taylor, Dennis Roberts, James Hall. 7 ' F.H.A. The Future Homemakers of America is an organization designed to interest girls who are taking home economics. These house keepers- to-be study cooking, sewing, nutrition, and interior decorating. Supervised by Miss Martha Bowen, the group is active in the monthly meetings of the Bland- Russel-Tazewell Federation of the FHA Clubs. One of the outstanding social events of the year was the Mardi Gras party sponsored by these girls in February. Officers for the 1952-53 school year were Billie Rae Lawson, reporter; Ann Asbury, sec¬ retary; Katherine Gillespie, president; Judith Wright, vice president; and Lucy Pennington, historian. . " -i , r k !• ' ■ k ■y ip ' Vh i " T " . V - ' iillliL. First Row: Lucy Pennington, Ann Asbury, Katherine Gillespie, Jpdith Wright, Billie Rae Lawson. Second Row: Shelby Hurley, Margaret Rutherford, Meda Witten, Dana Oiinger, Katherine Crabtree, Ruby Wyatt, Peggy Witten, Mary Wilburn, Janice Asbury, Darlene Pruett, Peggy Dye, Mary Akers, Virginia Bandy, Evelyn Hall, Clara Hankins, Georgia White, Norma Snell. Third Row: Arbutus Davis, Lena Carter, Loretta Earls, Kathleen Davis, Connie -Vaughn, Phyllis Sluss, Peggy Billips, Norma Goodwin, Mary Bain, Shirley Beavers, Elizabeth Bourne, Yost, Shirley Goodwin, Peggy Osborne, Freida Absher, Mary Lambert, Loretta Young, Nancy Dawson, Barbara Goodwin, Miss Martha Bowen (advisor). Fourth Row: Louella Stevenson, Willie Kimbel, Lillie Lambert, Carol Johnson, Nannie Sheets, Mary Compton, Phyllis Bourne, Helen Hensley, Mitzie Morris. Seated: George Wallace (stage manager), Jay Lockhart (business manager), Johnny Monk (assistant grand director), Reese Bailey (grand director), Margaret Mustard (recorder), Martha Rowlett (property chair¬ man), Carroll Stamper (prompter). Standing: Charlene McBride, Mrs. Dallas Hubbard (advisor), Nancy Gillespie, J. C. Donithan, Margaret Beavers, Bobby Lewis, Freida Abshe r, RoyCrabtree, Raymond Brewer, Minnie Stevenson, Gerald McDonald. Not Pictured: Virgil Baldwin. SPEECH CIUB Seeking to become more accomplished in public speaking and dramatics, these students formed the Speech Club. During the year this club, sponsored by Mrs. Dallas Hubbard, studied speech composition and delivery, parlimentary procedure, puppets, and play production. In December the club presented a one-act play, " A Christmas Promise. " Martha Rowlett, Gearld McDonald, and Reese Bailey are pictured at left in one of the scenes from the play. Members of the Thespian Club meet daily to improve their dramatic ability through study and activities. The club named in honor of the Greek actor, Thespus, is sponsored by Mrs. Dallas Hubbard. The course of study includes acting, play directing, stage make-up, and play production. Three of the club members—Gail Gregory, Norma Goodwin, and Sidney Hill — demonstrate the art of applying stage make-up in the pic- ture at right. Seated: Norma Goodwin (property chairman), Joe Wright (business manager), Joe Crabtree (grand director), Melster Neese (assistant grand director), Margaret Lawrence (recorder). Standing: Mrs. Dallas Hubbard (advisor), Anita Gail Gregory, Dale Goodwin, Harold Ball (stage manager), Claude Hamilton (prompter), John May, Sidney Hill, Erma Sue Gillespie. 1 dpi® [W. - 5 ;- f m w W ( - jy9| r 2 ml AIT CLUB Supervised by Miss Ella Bryant Dickenson, Tazewell High ' s Art Club is open to all students interested in creative work. The members meet daily to work on various projects such as china painting, play scenery, post¬ ers, aluminum etching, chalk draw¬ ing, oil and water color painting. Each year the members of the club enter designs for the minstrel scenery in the contest sponsored by the Lions Club. This year the prize was won by Cora Belle Whiting and Larry Tabor. The four senior members of the club—Jack Fox, Bill Woodall, Mar¬ garet Mustard, and Beulah Billips — are shown at left admiring some of the club ' s art display. Standing: Miss Ella Bryant Dickenson (advisor), Cora Belle Whiting (secretary-treasurer), Bill Woodall (vice president), Carlas Fletcher, Beulah Billips, Shirley Puckett, Margaret Mustard, Jack Fox (president), Raymond Beavers, Clara Hankins, Clara Hoops, Albert Saine. Seated: Larry Tabor. mu ciob Caesar ' s exploits and Roman mythology were the subjects of the Latin Club study this year. The club, divided into two groups and directed by Mrs. Bland Leslie, completed scrapbooks containing a variety of pictures and interesting articles on the Latin language and heroes studied. The year ' s activities ended in the initiation of the first year Latin stu¬ dents. At right three club members — Jann Kensinger, Eddie Hymes, and Peyton Rowlett—are seen in the cos¬ tumes which they wore in one of the Latin Club plays. First Row: Mary Gail Walker, Marie Brewster, Ann Sparks, Ann Wyatt. Second Row: Ann Cox, Kathleen Burton, Nancy McCall, Jann Kensinger, Wanda Dudley. Third Row: Peyton Rowlett, Shirley Puckett, Peggy Altizer, Kay Crawford (secretary-treasurer), Goldie Totten. Fourth Row: Virgil Crockett, Elwood Shrader Bernard Riley (president), George Wallace, Eddie Hymes (vice president). Standing: Mrs. Bland Leslie (advisor). Members of the Library Club are the stu¬ dents who assist the school librarian, Miss Nancy Ward. Duties of these club members, who work part of each day in the library, include keeping the library clean and neat, checking books in and out of the library, cataloguing books, help¬ ing other students find reference materials, and decorating the library bulletin board. Meetings are held each month. Book reviews, a study on the use of the library, and book re¬ pairing are among the activities of this club. At left one of the club members, Martha Foote, is shown as a student librarian of today and as a professional librarian of tomorrow. LIBRARY CLUB Seated: Shelthy Marshall, Jo Ella Stevenson (vice president), Carol Crabtree, Loretta Young (reporter), Jo Ann Peery. Standing: Martha Lee Foote, Jackie Morrison, Ann Cox, Ann Repass (president), Miss Nancy Ward (advisor), Janice Meredith (secretary-treasurer). A new organization, the Future Business Leaders of America, has caught the attention of the commercial students at T. H. S. The club which received its national charter this term is sponsored by Mrs. John Kulick and Mrs. William Bundy. These business-minded students published a student directory, sold school supplies, helped sponsor Career Week, and gave several parties. One of the purposes of the club is to en¬ courage part-time work. Charlotte Doss, one of the future business leaders, is shown in the picture at right taking dictation in class and as a secretary in a downtown office where she works after school. f.B.L.A. CLUB First Row: Richard Nash (reporter), Reese Bailey (treasurer), Glenn Nash (president), Mary Jo Slaughter (secretary), Nancy Gillespie (social secretary). Second Row: Carlas Fletcher, Sue Van Dyke, Cora Whiting, Dolly McGlothlin, Ann Repass, Charlotte Doss, Mrs. William Bundy (advisor), Mrs, John Kulick (advisor), Connie Vaughn, Louise Lambert, Gwen Mundy, Margaret Rutherford, Barbara Goodwin, Maggie Bandy, Betty Jean Puckett. Third Row: Ruphus Sluss, Jay Lockhart, Loretta Beavers, Phyllis Sizemore, Blanche Pauley, Joyce Taylor, Mary Puckett, Jo Ann Peery, Joyce Erps, Gail Gregory, Evelyn Russ, Patty Mc¬ Glothlin, Betty Lilly, Nannie Bandy, Rebecca Witten, Joe Wright, George Erps. Fifth Row; Tom Beavers , Bobby Jennings, Jay Jones, Ray Taylor, Lloyd Johnson, Frank Graham, Kenneth Pruett, Leonard Bradley. M 0 First Row: Mr. James B. LaVanche (advisor), Reese Bailey, Bernard Riley, Glenn Nash (trea¬ surer), Bill Peery (president), James Ramey, Don Dunford, John May, Jay Lockhart. Seconi Row: Terry Kitts, Amel Stevenson (secretary), George Lewis, Joe Crabtree, Stanley Sparks, Jay Jones (vice president), Bill Woodall, Raymond Kiser, J. C. Donithan. Kneeling: Gwen Sparks, Melster Neese, Joyce Erps, Patty McGlothlin, Kathleen Yates. First Row; Jean Van Dyke, Carolyn Cruise, Wanda Dudley, Marie Brewster, Betty Puckett, Jo Ann Peery (secretary), Ann Repass, Frances Lester, Betty Lilly, Gail Gregory, Ann Cox, Minnie Stevenson, Bernard Riley, Jack Fox. Second Row: Betty Hoops, Wanda Repass, Carol Kiser, Jo Alice Russ, Tish Witten, Betty Harmon, Nannie Sheets, Dorothy Dunford, Barbara Goodwin, Lna Altizer, Jann Kensinger (president), Eddie Hymes (treasurer). P [ P c l 0 K V i •21IEIIII1 j i 1 !-:• t ;i L:, - ; { r ' t ' -i 1 ’’ • ’ u. ,. jallllyl j illH -M BEST DRESSED Patty McGlothlin - Don Dunford BEST PERSONALITY Martha Rowlett - Jack F MOST ATHLETIC Cokie " Kitts - Jo Ella Stevenson WITTIEST MOST DEPENDABLE Ronnie Mitchell - Charlotte Taylor MOST TALENTED Raymond Reed - Hazel Peery BEST LOOKING in Nash - Ozella Monk LATIVES BEST STUDENTS rockett - JoAnne Crouse MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Joe Wright - Kathleen Yates MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Margaret Beavers - Jay Lockhart MOST COURTEOUS Bill Harman - Margaret Mustard BEST SENIORS Kathleen Yates - Jay Lockhart BEST JUNIORS Bernard Riley - Kay Crawford SUPERUTIVES BEST SOPHOMORES Patty Sue Atwood - Terry Kitts BEST FRESHMEN Dillard Keene - Gwen Sparks 1 fin if r li t m w ■ ' . lya Hgp ft " fNfi Prr • 3HP ; ' l%9K§H BAND - Third Place in Class One at the Bristol Chamber of Commerce Band Festival MAJORETTES - First Place in Class One at the Bristol Chamber of Commerce Band Festival Glenn Nash, Most Valuable Lineman Top: " Cokie " Kitts, Most Valuable Backfield Player Bottom; Margaret Lawrence, Voice of Democracy Award P.T. L OFFICERS SCHOOL WHINS Seated: The Reverend T. L. Rideout, vice prejident; Mrs. T. C. Bowen, Jr. , president; Mrs. Phyllis Neel, secretary. Standing: Mrs. W. B. Leslie, chairman of programs; Mrs. H. B. Crawford, chairman of publicity; Mrs. P. L. Rowlett, chairman of teacher welfare. Not Pictured: Mrs. Ruphus Hagy, treasurer. Seated: The Reverend Messrs. P.C.Foote, W.F. Junkin, Jr., M.E.N. Lindsay, T. L. Rideout. Standing: J.L. Hamrick, W.L. Pickering, W.M. Alford, E.E. Tol-f A R Tr CHAPE! First Row: Phyllis Whitt, Shirley Long, Margaret Murray, Claudette White, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Ann Lee Nicewander, Ina Altizer, Juanita Riley, Ann Evans. Second Row; Betty Hoops, Gwen Sparks, Don Neces¬ sary, Harman Beavers, James C. Pauley, Virgil Wright, Johnny Os¬ borne, Chase Adkins, Gearld Laf- ferty. Not Pictured: Shirley Puc¬ kett, Christine Sykes, Stella Crouse. SENIOR STATISTICS FREIDA MAE ABSHER F reida Gratton, Virginia Page 15: Spe e ch C lub ' 5 3; F . H. A. ' 52, ' 53 ' . ELIZABETH ANN ASBURY Ann Bishop, Virginia Page 15: T, A. B, Club 1 50 , ’ 51 ; F . H. A. ' 5 1, ' 53, Secretary ' 53; Basketball ' 53, Captain ' 53. EULA MAE ASBURY Eula Tazewell, Virginia Page 15: F.H.A. ' 51. REESE GILLESPIE BAILEY " Slop " Tazewell, Virginia Page 15: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53, Treasurer ' 53; Speech Club ' 53, President ' 53; Latin Club ' 51; S.C.A. ' 53; Band (Color Guard) ' 53; Football ' 49; ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Junior Play ' 51; Woman Haters ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Vice President ' 52, President ' 53; Monogram Club ' 53; Glee Club ' 50, ' 52; Laziest Boy ' 52; Wittiest Boy ' 53; District Play ' 53. HAROLD FREDERICK BALL " Little ' un " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 15: Thespian Club ' 53, Stage Manager ' 53. MAGGIE ELIZABETH BANDY " Little Maggie " Bandy, Virginia Page 15: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; Y-Teens ' 53. NANNIE LOUISE BANDY Nannie Bandy, Virginia Page 15; F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; Y-Teens ' 53. DORLAS RAE BARNES Dorlas Bishop, Virginia Page 15; T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; F.H.A. ' 51; Y-Teens ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Recreation Chairman ' 53; PEAK Staff (typist) ' 53; Girls ' State ' 52; Pep Club ‘5 3. GUYETTA BEAVERS " Tiny " Bandy, Virginia Page 15: T.A.B. Club ' 50; F.H.A. Club ' 51; Pep Club ' 53. LORETTA JEAN BEAVERS Loretta Bandy, Virginia Page 15: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; F „H. A. ' 53. MARGARET FRANCES BEAVERS " Marg " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 15: T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Speech Chib ' 53; Latin Club ' 52, Scrapbook Chairman ' 52; Y-Teens ' 53; S.C.A. ' 52; PEAK Staff (Business Manager) ' 53; Girls ' State ' 52; Treasurer of Junior Class ' 52; Most Likely To Succeed ' 53; Delegate to State S.C.A. Convention ' 52; Senior Play ' 53. BEULAH BILLIPS Beulah Bluefield, Virginia Page 16; Art Club ' 52, ' 53. RAYMOND EUGENE BREWER " Sapo " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 16: Speech Club ' 53; Bulldog Staff (Sports Editor) ' 52. BOBBY BREWSTER " Thadpie " Bluefield, Virginia Page 16: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; F. F. A. ' 49, ' 51; Football ' 53; Woman Hjters ' 53; Monogram Club ' 53. OZELLA MONK BROWN Ozella Tazewell, Virginia Page 16: Latin Club ' 51; Y-Teens ' 51, Vice President ' 51, Delegate to Y-Teen Conference ' 51; S.C.A. ' 51, ' 53; Band ' 50; Glee Club ' 52, Secretary ' 52; PEAK Staff (Adve rtising Manager) ' 53; May Court ' 51, ' 52; Best Looking ' 53. VEDA MAE BROWN " Wiennie " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 16: Library Club ' 52. GARNETT JUNE CARR " Junie " Tip Top, Virginia Page 16: F. H. A. ' 51. RAY VAUGHN CASSELL Vaughn North Tazewell, Virginia Page 16: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; TlA.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Band (Color Guard) ' 51; Boys ' State ' 52; Secretary of Junior Class ' 52; Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. CORA CAUDILL Cora Tip Top, Virginia Page 16: Bulldog Staff (Reporter) ' 53. HUNTER MARTIN CHRISTIAN " Captain " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 16: Art Club ' 52, ' 53. MARJORIE NELL CHRISTIAN " Blondie " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 16: F.H.A. ' 52. MYRTLE FRANCES COLE Myrtle Bluefield, Virginia Page 16: Latin Club ' 52. ANN LOUISE COX Ann Gratton, Virginia Page 17: T.A.B. Club ' 51; Library Club ' 53; Latin Club ' 53; Girls ' State ' 52; Pep Club ' 53; Friendliest Girl ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. LEE ROY CRABTREE " Pretty " Tazewell, Virginia Page 17: Speech Club ' 53. TOMMY JOE CRABTREE " Jar " North Tazewell, Virginia Not Pictured: Bulldog Staff (Circulation Manager) ' 53; Basketball ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Football ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Co-Captain ' 53; Monogram Club ' 53; Thespian Club ' 53, President ' 53; All-Area Foot¬ ball Team ' 52, All-County Football Team ' 52, Best Lineman ' 52; Senior Play ' 53. DAVY CROCKETT " D-John " Bishop, Virginia Page 17: T.A, B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Latin Club ' 52, President ' 52; PEAK Staff (Feature Editor) ' 53; Boys ' State ' 52; Senior Play ' 53. VIRGIL CARROLL CROCKETT " Slinker " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 17: F.F. A. ' 48, ' 49; Latin Club ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. BETTY JOANN CROUSE Joann Bandy, Virginia Page 17: T.A. B. Club ' 51; Y-Teens ' 53; PEAK Staff (Circulation and Sales Manager) ' 53; Pep Club ' 53; Best Student ' 53. JOHN DOUGLAS DAVIDSON " Doug " Bandy, Virginia Page 17: T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51. BETTY JO DAVIS " Booger " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 17: T.A.B. Club ' 51; Y-Teens ' 51; Glee Club ' 52, ' 53; Girls ' State ' 52; Junior Play ' 52. ELLIS DAVIS " Junior " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 17 MYRA ELOISE DINGUS " Weasel " Tazewell, Virginia Page 17 CHARLOT TE GENE DOSS Gene Tazewell, Virginia Page 17: F.B. L.A. Club ' 53; T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Glee Club ' 50, ' 51, ' 52. CHARLES DONALD DUNFORD " Don " Tazewell, Virgitiia Page 17: T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; F. F. A. ' 50, ' 51; S.C.A. ' 53; Glee Club ' 52, ' 53, President ' 53; All-State Chorus ' 53; PEAK Staff (Sports Editor) ' 53; Basketball ' 53; Football ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Junior Play ' 52; Woman Haters ' 53; Monogram Club ' 53; Best Dressed ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. JOYCE ANNE ERPS " Grandma " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 18: Tazewell - F.B. L.A. Club ' 53; T.A.B. Club ' 51; Thespian Club ' 52, President ' 52; Y- Teens ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Vice President ' 53; S. C. A. ' 53; Cheerleader ' 53; Pep Club ' 53; District Play ' 52; Wittiest ' 53; S.C.A. Representative to the Inter-Club Council ' 53; Latin Club ' 52; Senior Play ' 53. Radford - Tri-Hi-Y ' 50; S.C.A. ' 50. MARTHA LEE FOOTE " Mardi " Amonate, Virginia Page 18; Tazewell - F. B. L. A. Club ' 53; Library Club ' 53; Y-Teens ' 53; Band ' 53. Bland - Latin Club ' 51, ' 52; S.C.A. ' 52, Reporter ' 52; Cheer¬ leader ' 51, ' 52. Graham - Band ' 50. JACK STEELE FOX Jack North Tazewell, Virginia Page 18: Art Club ' 50, ' 5 1, ' 52, ' 53, Vice Presi¬ dent ' 52, President ' 53; S.C.A. ' 53; PEAK Staff (Photography Editor) ' 53; Pep Club ' 53; Best Personality ' 53; T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51. ERMA SUE GILLESPIE " Erm " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 18: T.A. B. Club ' 50; Thespian Club ' 53, Y-Teens ' 53; PEAK Staff (Salesman) ' 53. KATHERINE KISER GILLESPIE " Teeny " Tazewell, Virginia Page 18: F.B. L.A. Club ' 53; T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; F. H. A. ' 53, President ' 53; S.C.A. ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; PEAK Staff (Advertising Manager) ' 53; Junior Play ' 52; Secretary of Sophomore Class ' 51; Glee Club ' 52. ROBERT DALE GOODWIN " Spide r " Bandy, Virginia Page 18: Thespian Club ' 53; PEAK Staff (Typist) ' 53; Bulldog Staff (Reporter) ' 53. BONNIE LEE HAGER " Bonnie Blue " Tip Top, Virginia Page 18: F.H.A. ' 51. DOVIE ANN HAGER Dovie Tazewell, Virginia Page 18: F. H. . A. ' 51. CLAUDE C. HAMILTON " Sonny " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 18: T.A.B. Club ' 50, 51; Thespian Club ' 53; S.C.A. ' 53; PEAK Staff (Photographer) ' 53; Football ' 50; Junior Play ' 52; District Play ' 53. MARGARET FLORENCE HARDY " White Sop " Bandy, Virginia Page 18: Bulldog Staff (Print Shop Contact Editor) ' 53. TOMMY HARMAN Tommy Bishop, Virginia Page 18 WILLIAM F. HARMAN, JR. " Bill " Tazewell, Virginia Page 19: Library Club ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, President ' 52; F. F. A. ' 53; Most Courteous ' 53. CARRIE VIOLA HAYES Viola Bluefield, Virginia Page 19: T.A.B. Club ' 50; Latin Club ' 52; F.H.A. ' 50, ' 51. JACK HAYES Jack North Tazewell, Virginia Page 19 HUBERT PRESTON HERALD " Hue " Tazewell, Virginia Page 19: F.F. A. ' 51, ' 52, ' 53. SHIRLEY ANN HILMON " Janie " Amonate, Virginia Page 19: Thespian CIud 52, Secretary ' 52; Latin Club ' 51; Y-Teens ' 52; Bulldog Staff ' 51; District Play ' 53. VIRGINIA NORA HONAKER " Genny " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 19 WILLIAM CLARENCE HOOKER " Hooker " Cedar Bluff, Virginia Page 19: F. B. L. A. Club ' 53; T.A.B. Club ' 51; PEAK Staff (Advertising Editor) ' 53; Golf Team ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. HARRIET FRANCES IRESON " Boopie " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 19: T.A.B. Club ' 49; Latin Club ' 51; Band ' 49, ' 50, ' 51, ' 53; All-State Band ' 50; PEAK Staff (Photography Editor) ' 52; Junior Play ' 51; District Play ' 52, ' 53; All-County Band ' 49; Glee Club ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Secretary—Treasurer ' 53; Girls ' State ' 51; Counselor ' 52. AGNES JEAN JENNINGS Agnes North Tazewell, Virginia Page 19 PHYLLIS LEE JESSEE " Brown-eyes " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 19: T.A.B. Club ' 51; Bulldog Staff (News Editor) ' 53. JAY J. JONES " Jughead " Tazewell, Virginia Page 19: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; Baseball ' 5 1, ' 53; Basketball ' 53; Football ' 53; Monogram Club ' 53, Vice President ' 53. EDWARD KITTS " Cokie " Gratton, Virginia Page 20: Baseball ' 49, ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Basketball ' 49, ' 50, 51, ' 52, ' 53, Co-Captain ' 53; Football ' 49, ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Co-Captain ' 52; All-County Football Team ' 52, ' 53, Captain of All-County Football Team ' 53; All-Area Football Team ' 52, ' 53; Best Back ' 53; President of Sophomore Class ' 50; Best Junior ' 51; Most Athletic ' 51, ' 52, ' 53. MARY AGNES LAMBERT " Jim " Tazewell, Virginia Page 20; Thespian Club ' 52; F.H. A. ' 53. BETTY CLARA LAWSON " Betty " Tip Top, Virginia Page 20: F.H. A. ' 50, ' 51. FRANCES LEE LESTER F ranees Tazewell, Virginia Page 20: T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Glee Club ' 50, ' 51, ' 52; Girls ' State ' 52; Pep Club ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. BETTY MARIE LILLY " Speedy " Bishop, Virginia Page 20: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; Pep Club ' 53. JAMES THOMAS LOCKHART " Jay " Tazewell, Virginia Page 20: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; Speech Club ' 53, President (FirstSemester) ' 53, Treasurer (Second Semester) ' 53; F. F. A. ' 51, ' 52; S. C. A. ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, President ' 53; Bulldog Staff (Business Man¬ ager) ' 52; PEAK Staff (Salesman) ' 53; Baseball ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Basketball ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Football ' 51, ' 52 x ' 53; Vice President of Junior Class + 52; Manager of Baseball Team ' 50; Woman Haters ' 52, ' 53; Monogram Club ' 53; Best Senior (King of Carnival) ' 53; Most Likely to Succeed ' 53; Glee Club ' 53; Delegate to State S. C.A. Convention ' 53. SHELTHY MAE MARSHALL " Shack " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 20: Library Club ' 53; Glee Club ' 50. PHYLLIS GEARLDINE McCANN " Phil " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 20 MARY ALICE McFARLAND Mary Tazewell, Virginia Page 20 PATTY LOVE McGLOTHLIN " Patsy " Cedar Bluff, Virginia Page 20: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; Bulldog Staff (As¬ sistant Business Manager) ' 52; PEAK Staff (Pho¬ tographer) ' 53; Cheerleader ' 52, ' 53; Pep Club ' 53; Best Dressed ' 53. JANICE ELIZABETH MEREDITH " Burdock " Tazewell, Virginia Page 20: T.A.B. Club ' 51; Library Club ' 53; Treasurer ' 53;,F.H.A. ' 50; Y-Teens ' 52; Glee Club ' 50, ' 53. RONALD LEE MITCHELL " Red " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 21: T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; S.C.A. ' 52; Base¬ ball ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Football ' 51; Boys ' State ' 52; Secretary of Freshman Class ' 50; President of Junior Class ' 52; Delegate to S.C.A. State Con¬ vention ' 52; Most Dependable ' 53. NORMA BERNICE MORRIS " Jelly Bean " Amonate, Virginia Page 21; T.A.B. Club ' 51; F. H. A. ' 51; Y-Teens ' 52; Bulldog Staff (Reporter) ' 52. MAXINE ARMELDIA MORRISON " Mackie " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 2 1: Bulldog Staff (Business Manager) ' 53. MARGARET LYNN MUSTARD Margaret Tazewell, Virginia Page 21: Art Club ' 53; T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Speech Club ' 53, Vice President (First Semester) ' 53, Secretary (Second Semester) ' 53; Y-Teens ' 53; Glee Club ' 50, ' 5 1, ' 52; PEAK Staff (Copy Editor) ' 53; Girls ' State ' 52; Most Courteous ' 53; Latin Club ' 52; Delegate to Massenetta Music Camp ' 52; Senior Play ' 53. GLENN BOYD NASH Nash Aderia, Virginia Page 21: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53, President ' 53; Thespian Club ' 52, (Se rgeant-at-Arm s) ' 52; S.C.A. ' 53; Bulldog Staff (Sports Editor) ' 52; Baseball ' 50; Basketball ' 49, ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Co- Captain ' 53; All-County Basketball Team ' 52; Football ' 49, ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Co-Captain ' 53; All- County Football Team ' 53; All-Area Football Team ' 53; Best Lineman ' 53; Woman Haters ' 53; Mono¬ gram Club ' 53, Treasurer ' 53; Best Looking ' 53; Homecoming King ' 53. RICHARD CARSON NASH " Dickie " Amonate, Virginia Page 21: F.B. L. A. Club ' 53, Publicity Secretary ' 53; T.A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51, Secretary ' 51; Latin Club ' 52; Bulldog Staff (Editor-in-Chief) ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. ROBERT LEE NEEL " Bob " Shawver Mill, Virginia Page 21: T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; F. F. A. ' 49, ’50; Football ' 53. ADELE OSBORNE " Delly " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 21: F. H. A. ' 51. PEGGY ANN OSBORNE " Peg " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 21: F. H. A. ' 50, ' 53. BLANCHE VIRGINIA PAULEY Blanche Bluefield, Virginia Page 21: F.B. L.A. Club ' 53; Bulldog Staff (Man¬ aging Editor) ' 53. JU NE AUDREY PAYNE " Junebelle " Tazewell, Virginia Page 21: Library Club ' 52; Thespian Club ' 52, Secretary ' 52; Glee Club ' 53; Band ' 52; All-State Band ' 52. HAZEL ELECTA PEERY " Little Sid " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 22: Art Club ' 50, ' 51; T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Latin Club ' 52; Glee Club ' 52, ' 53, Vice Presi¬ dent ' 53; PEAK Staff (Art Editor) ' 53; Girls ' State ' 52; Junior Play ' 52; Vice President of Senior Class ' 53; District Play ' 51, ' 53; Most Talented ' 53. JOANN PEERY " Jo " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 22: F.B. L.A. Club ' 5 3; T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Library Club ' 52, ' 53; F.H. A. 51, ' 53, Pro¬ gram Chairman ' 53; Glee Club ' 53; Basketball ' 50, ' 51; Pep Club ' 53, Secretary ' 53. NORMA JEAN PROFFITT Norma Jean North Tazewell, Virginia Page 22 MARY PAULINE PUCKETT Mary North Tazewell, Virginia Page 22: F.B. L.A. Club ' 53; T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Y-Teens ' 53; S.C.A. ' 50; Bulldog Staff (Editor) ' 53; Pep Club ' 53. JAMES CORBIN RAMEY Ramey North Tazewell, Virginia Page 22: F.F. A. ' 52; Bulldog Staff (Reporter) ' 53; Football ' 48, ' 49, ' 52; Woman Haters ' 53. RAYMOND EUGENE REED " Buddy " Tazewell, Virginia Page 22: S. C. A. ' 52, ' 53; Band ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, President ' 53, Student Director ' 53; All-State Band ' 52, r 53; Baseball ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; President of Senior Class ' 53; Most Talented ' 53. ALFRED JACK REPASS " Governor " North Tazewell, Virginia Not Pictured: F.F. A. ' 50, ' 51; S. C. A. ' 53; Glee Club ' 53; Bulldog Staff ' 52, ' 53, Club Reporter ' 53. BOB GEORGE REPASS Bob North Tazewell, Virginia Page 22: F.F.A. ' 51; S.C.A. ' 50, ' 51, ' 53, Vice President ' 53; Band (Drum Major) ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Vice President ' 53; Glee Club ' 52, ' 53; Boys ' State ' 52; Junior Play ' 52; Vice President of Freshman Class ' 50; President of Sophomore Class ' 51; Woman Haters ' 53; Best Sophomore ' 51; Best Junior ' 52; Friendliest ' 53. NANCYE ANN REPASS " Annie Bell " Tazewell, Virginia Page 22: F.B. L.A. Club ' 5 3; T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Library Club ' 52, ' 53, President ' 53; S. C. A. ' 53; Glee Club ' 50, ' 51; PEAK Staff (Typist) ' 53; Girls ' State ' 52; Junior Play ' 52; Pep Club ' 53; Y-Teens ' 52, ' 53, Secretary ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. WILLIAM CAROL ROGERS " Codge " Bishop, Virginia Page 22 MARTHA GRAYBEAL ROWLETT Martha Tazewell, Virginia Page 22: Art Club ' 50, ' 51; T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Speech Club ' 53; Latin Club ' 52; S.C.A. ' 53; PEAK Staff (Editor) ' 53; Girls ' State ' 52; Junior Play ' 52; Best Personality ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. EVELYN FAYE RUSS " Evie " Amonate, Virginia Page 22: F.B. L.A. Club ' 53; T.A.B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Y-Teens ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Band ' 50, ' 51, ' 52; Glee Club ' 52; Senior Play ' 53. ELOISE MCDONALD SADLER " Weasie " Tazewell, Virginia Page 23; T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 5 1; F. H. A. ' 52; Pep Club ' 53. GEORGE CARL SAYERS Carl Cedar Bluff, Virginia Page 23: Library Club ' 52; F. H. A. ' 51. MARY JO SLAUGHTER Jo Tazewell, Virginia Page 23: F. B. L. A. Club ' 53, Secretary ' 53; Li¬ brary Club ' 53; Basketball ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Girls ' 3tate ' 52; Pep Club ' 53. WILLIAM CODY SLAUGHTER " Slats " Tazewell, Virginia Page 23: F.B. L.A. Club ' 53; Baseball ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Basketball ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Football ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Monogram Club ' 53. JOHNNY GRATTON SLUSS Sluss North Tazewell, Virginia Page 23: F. F. A. ' 49; Football ' 51. WAYNE SLUSS Wayne Bluefield, Virginia Page 23; F. F. A. ' 49, ' 50, ' 51. ERNEST BOLEN SMITH, J R. " Smitty " Tazewell, Virginia Page 23: F.F. A. ' 51, ' 52, ' 53. GLORIS MAXINE SMITH " Red " Tazewell, Virginia Page 2 3 NORMA JEAN SNELL " Jeanie " Tip Top, Virginia Page 23: F. H. A, ' 51, ' 53, FRANCES LEE SPENCE F ranees Tazewell, Virginia Page 23 EUNICE GAYLE STEVENSON Eunice Tazewell, Virginia Page 23: T. A, B. Club ' 50; Glee Club ' 50, ' 51; Basketball ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Girls ' State ' 52; May Court ' 52; Manager of Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team ' 52. JO ELLA STEVENSON Jo Tazewell, Virginia Page 24: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; T. A. B. Club ' 51; Library Club ' 53, Vice President ' 53; F.H.A. ' 50; S.C. A, ' 52; Glee Club ' 50; PEAK Staff (Sales¬ man) ' 53; Basketball ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Captain ' 53; Pep Club ' 53, Vice President ' 53; Homecoming Queen ' 53; Most Athletic ' 53. MINNIE GREY STEVENSON " Min " Tazewell, Virginia Page 24: T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Speech Club ' 53; Y-Teens ' 51, ' 53, Sergeant-at-Arms ' 51; PEAK Staff (Sports Editor) ' 53; Basketball ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Junior Play ' 52; Pep Club ' 53; Senior Play ' 53. CHARLOTTE ANN TAYLOR Charlotte Maxwell, Virginia Page 24: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Glee Club ' 52; Girls ' State ' 52; Vice Presi¬ dent of Sophomore Class ' 51; Most Dependable ' 53; May Court ' 50, ' 52. DOUGLAS CARL TAYLOR " D. C. " Maxwell, Virginia Page 24: T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51; F. F. A. ' 50, ' 51, ' 52; Baseball ' 52, ' 53. BETTY JANE VANCE Betty Jane North Tazewell, Virginia Page 24 LENA IMOGENE VENCILL " Jean " Tazewell, Virginia Page 24 CHARLES WALKER " Cha rlie " Tazewell, Virginia Not Pictured: F. B. L. A. Club ' 53; Speech Club ' 53: Band (Color Guard) ' 53; Woman Haters ' 53; F.F.A. ' 53. BETTY JEAN WHITE Betty Tazewell, Virginia Page 24: T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Library Club ' 52; Glee Club ' 50, ' 51, ' 53; Pep Club ' 53. BETTY JEAN WHITE Betty Jean Maxwell, Virginia Page 24: T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Glee Club ' 52. JOANNE WHITE " Jo " Cliffield, Virginia Page 25: T. A. B. Club ' 50; F. H. A. ' 51; Band ' 52, ' 53 - WILLIAM DALE WOODALL " Gus " Bishop, Virginia Page 25; Art Club ' 52, ' 53, Vice President ' 53; Baseball ' 52; Football ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Monogram Club ' 53. ARVIN DARREL WRIGHT " Preacher " Bishop, Virginia Page 25 JOE ALEX WRIGHT " Joe Black " North Tazewell, Virginia Page 25: F.B.L.A. Club ' 53; Thespian Club ' 53, President (First Semester) ' 53, Treasurer (Second Semester) ' 53; F.F.A. ' 51, ' 52; S.C.A. ' 53; Bulldog Staff (Circulation Manager) ' 52; Football ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Junior Play ' 52; Woman Haters ' 53; Most School Spirit ' 53; Monogram Club ' 53. BISHOP ANN WYATT Ann Horsepen, Virginia Page 25: Latin Club ' 53; F.H.A. ' 50; Glee Club ' 50; Bulldog Staff (Exchange Editor) ' 53. PAUL LOWELL YATES Paul Tazewell, Virginia Page 25: F.F.A. ' 51, ' 53, President ' 53. WILMA KATHLEEN YATES " Yatesie " Bishop, Virginia Page 25: T. A. B. Club ' 50, ' 51; Latin Club ' 52; Y-Teens ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Program Chairman ' 52, President ' 53; S. C. A. ' 5 1, ' 52, ' 53, Secretary- Treasurer ' 52; PEAK Staff (Assistant Editor) ' 53; Cheerleader ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Captain ' 53; May Court ' 50, ' 52; President of Freshman Class ' 50; Pep Club ' 53; Best Sophomore ' 51; Best Junior ' 52; Best Senior (Queen of Carnival) ' 53; Most School Spirit ' 53; Delegate to Y-Teen State Con¬ vention ' 52; Delegate to S.C. A. State Convention ' 52; Delegate to National S. C . A. Convention in Illinois in Summer of ' 52; Delegate to S.C. A. District Meeting ' 52, ' 53. SHIRLEY ANN YOST Shirley Bishop, Virginia Page 25 A C C R E D I T E D B Y 6th 7th Floors — Cool Coke Building BLUEFIELD, W. VIRGINIA (Elevator Service) AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCIAL COLLEGES A C C R E D I T E D B Y Accredited Tazewell Graduates Jgj|| Employers Prefer Prefer McLains McLains IIIf Graduates WHY . . SUPERIOR TRAINING . . WHY It Pays To Prepare at An ACCREDITED School of Truth and Service McLAINS (The Exclusive Business School) for the Better Positions Best Wishes Always To The Students of TAZEWELL HIGH SCHOOL Your hopes, your dreams, your every achievement will always be dear to our hearts because T.H. S. is our Alma Mater, too. It is always a pleasure to serve you at BRITTS RESTAURANT " Serving You Since 1932 " Phone 295-L Tazewell Virginia JEFF WARD ' S Phone 19 Tazewell Virginia TAZEWELL INSURANCE AGENCY INC. INSURANCE Since 1888 Tazewell Virginia TAZEWELL OIL COMPANY GOODYEAR and SHELL PRODUCTS Tazewell Virginia Compliments of POCAHONTAS FUEL COMPANY INCORPORATED Producers of Original Pocahontas Coal Our Stores Feature Nationally Advertised Brands of Quality Merchandise at REASONABLE PRICES BLUEFIELD HARDWARE COMPANY . . . Distributors... Hardware - Paints - Radios - Refrigerators Machinery - Mine - Mill - Electrical Plumbing Heating Supplies Bluefield West Virginia CLINCH VALLEY SAYER BROTHERS PHARMACY DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods Headquarters for T.H.S. and Stude nts Notions Peters Shoes - Password for Years - For The Entire Family " Meet Me At The Clinch Valley Pharmacy " Tazewell Virginia Tazewell Virginia " Gifts of Quality " POBSTS JEWELRY STORE Watches and Diamonds Fine China and Silverware Fostoria-Cry stal " FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED EVERYWHERE " Phone 41 Tazewell Virginia TAZEWELL SUPPLY COMPANY EVERYTHING FOR THE FARM and HOME " Since 1887 " Phone No. 4 North Tazewell Virginia PIGGLY WIGGLY Complete Line of Groceries Meats and Vegetables - Self Service -Low Prices North Tazewell Virginia JACKSON DRUG COMPANY Your Safe Prescription Drug Store WHITMAN ' S CANDY EASTMAN KODAKS YARDEEY COSMETICS Phone 354 Tazewell Virginia THOMPSON MOTOR 0 MACHINERY CO. Dodge and Plymouth International Machinery Tazewell Virginia M. L. JONES, Jeweler Watch Repairing Phone 402 Tazewell Virginia MANN PIANO CO. , INC. Dealers in fine Musical Instruments West Virginia NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET Main Street " Pick and Pay the Neighborhood Way " Tazewell Virginia Bluefield VIRGINIA SMOKELESS COAL CO INCORPORATED JEWEL POCAHONTAS COAL Tazewell Virginia DENNISON CLEANERS Phones 8 1-L and 81-J Tazewell Virginia BAILEY LUMBER CO. 8 - Eight Big Plants - 8 Bluefield, West Virginia Mullens, West Virginia Matoaka, West Virginia War, West Virginia Gilbert, West Virginia Wytheville, Virginia Grundy, Virginia Low Gap, North Carolina ADKINS HOME AUTO SUPPLY, INC. Dealer Firestone Tires Tazewell Virginia MOORE’S BARBER SHOP Main Street Tazewell Virginia TAZEWELL NATIONAL BANK Main Street Phone 44 Tazewell Virginia CANDLEWAX SMOKELESS FUEL COMPANY, INC. MINE OPERATORS and WHOLESALE SHIPPERS Phone 156 Tazewell Virginia THOUSANDS OF GRADUATES IN EXCELLENT POSITIONS National Association and Council of Business Schools. West Virginia Association of Business Schools. APPROVED for training of veterans under the Korean G. I. Bill in both day and night school. T. B. CAIN, President Commerce Street West Virginia Bluefield ANGRIST MEN ' S SHOP Bluefield West Virginia Compliments of FASHION FLORIST LOWMAN MUSIC, INC. Wurlitzer Pianos - Organs Bluefield West Virginia BLUEFIELD FURNITURE Bluefield West Virginia BLUEFIELD SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Hardware Mine and Mill Supplies KILGORE MOTOR SALES Telephone 17 23 Main Street Tazewell Virginia CREGAR BROTHERS Motor Service Tazewell Virginia JOE ' S PLACE " Service With A Smile " Tazewell - Bishop Road GREEVER HARDWARE FURNITURE Phone 1 0 Education. . . is worth much, but of far greater importance is character and hard work in making a success of , . . Life TAZEWELL FARM BUREAU INCORPORATED Tazewell Virginia Compliments of RIVER JACK RESTAURANT RIVERSIDE BLOCK SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of Building Blocks Tazewell Virginia IMPERIAL ICE CREAM CO. Phone 4961 Bluefield Virginia SAINE ' S DRESS SHOP Georgiana and Trudy Hall Dresses Nannette Todlers and Cinderella Frocks North Tazewell Virginia REPASS BARBER SHOP ' We Need Your Head In Our Business 1 North Tazewell Virginia AUDRAS BEAUTY SHOP Cold Waves a Specialty Try Oil Treatments Tazewell Virginia SIDNEY HIGGINBOTHAM, JR. General Insurance Tazewell Virginia BLUE GRASS SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated BLUE GRASS OILS, INC. North Tazewell Virginia Compliments of KORNER KUPBOARD Taze well Virginia FARMERS BANK OF CLINCH VALLEY " Over Sixty Years of Banking Service " Member F. D. I. C. Tazewell Virginia BLUE HILLS FARMS GRADE A We Bottle Guernsey Milk Only RAW and PASTEURIZED MILK WALKER ' S " For Economical Transportation " CHEVROLET - BUICK - OLDSMOBILE STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS KELVINATOR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES NOEL M. WALKER, JR., General Manager Phone 12 3 Tazewell Virginia GLEN ' S DRIVE-IN GROCERY Sandwiches . . . Soft Drinks HAMBURGERS OUR SPECIALTY ! GLEN KINDER, Proprietor On U. S. Route 19 - Three Miles East of Tazewell Phone 6814 North Tazewell Virginia CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS We wish to congratulate each of you on successfully completing your high school education and wish you much success on your journey through life. CLINCH AND VALLEY THEATRES T. D. FIELD, Owner ELDRETH MOTOR SERVICE Specializing in CLINCH VALLEY Electrical - Carburetor - LUMBER SUPPLY CO.. INC. Electric Welding BUILDING SUPPLIES Steering and Brake Service Phone 442-W-l " One Stop For All Your Home Needs " Tazewell Virginia North Tazewell Virginia Use Our Drive-In Lot CASH AND CARRY SERVICE NEW SERVICE CLEANERS Phone 406 North Tazewell Virginia Com pH merits of WHITTAKE R ' S CAFE " A Good Place to Eat " Tazewell Virginia Reaching the Peak in Quality. . . Red Rock Cola Hires Root Beer Squirt Rhythm Punch Tazewell Orange Wascott Ginger Ale Sun Rise Beverages SUN RISE BOTTLING COMPANY INCORPORATED North Tazewell Virginia SUPPORT YOUR TEAM ATTEND BALL GAMES JOHN ' S PLACE One Mile East of Tazewell Phone 392 " Where the Food is Good " WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE PEERY ST. CLAIR Home Owned and Operated D. C. DAVENPORT Phone 38 Phone 440 Tazewell Virginia Tazewell Virginia FEDERATED STORES Bobbie Brooks - Carole King - June Bentley Dresses Dry Goods - Notions - Shoes Florsheim Shoes - Mallory Hats Curlee Clothes For Men Tazewell Virginia Compliments of HAWLEY ' S Bluefield West Virginia F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. West Virginia C. T. PEERY SONS GROCERIES - MEATS FROSTED FOODS Phones 1 and 98 Main Street Tazewell Virginia Bluefield rr ’U HOTEL TAZEWELi y — - AND SHAMROCK GRILL KERMIT MONK, Owner Tazewell (k- " ) ) Virginia ) ■v DEVAULT ' S INC. SPORTING GOODS Phone N-3568 14 Lee Street Bristol Virginia GRATTON GARAGE HUGH E. COX, Owner Phone 7313 Gratton Virginia Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of JEWEL RIDGE COAL CORP. Producers of Pocahontas Kentucky and West Virginia Coal V y j A Our Stores Feature Quality Merchandise at REASONABLE PRICES A ' ■ J 0 V ft ' | v v r A iv v y NO ' d ' ve. -C . , ( i 4 G " A ... JdjUnoi . AX-ttfo ' • ' • jt ' JyoJ ' ' -y ' t VA ' V’V’ 71 7J O- ; XJLo. TK . 4nA " $fr7$ dcJbu w (fx vrvV, c ym ' , cl ' yxJ! qC i) J X L V rU u ° fc ' - " • - v -a. • d£ _ jUy Sates 1 XSUL_S 1

Suggestions in the Tazewell High School - Peak Yearbook (Tazewell, VA) collection:

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