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kjCiS I -%£. yzZrl i ■-A± ( | 1 fz --. 8s Eaa y T | ' 2 ; i vT i ' mT’7 1 ’■ 1 I ft 1 If) l se je -- V r. SI 7 ' TTZ l. ' r wir -Ir‘I tk 5j- fc. v p ir5V ' " r :«_rlvL-Ju Of 1951 ANNUAL PUBLICATION B Y THE S T U D E N T S O F Tazewell High School TAZEWELL, VIRGINIA : ; . r « pi in is . f Ill Hi I t- r i vi hi i ■ ■ Tazewell Hii h School Tcizewell, Virginia — 2 — . .; i« r- , ■ : Jr . „ i ■ ■ a.. »• •- ill .ii iii ih Si! in in n« ?«ill in n» ■ pf Forezvord When in memory you once more walk these halls, perhaps this collection of words and pictures will help you to remember more clearly the gone, but never-to-be- forgotten days at Tazewell High School. With this thought in mind, we present to you the Peak for 1951, hoping that you will keep and cherish it always. — 3 Professor Larry Zingale Dedication In recognition of 1 1 is untiring efforts as the organizer and first director of the Tazewell High Band and the A Cappella Choir we, the staff of the 19.51 Peak, with heartfelt gratitude for a job well done, do hereby dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Larry Zingale — 4 - Mil. G. O. McGhkk, Principal — 5 — Faculty Mr. S. M. S praker. Assistant Principal Mrs. Lois Myers, Secretary Miss Cecil Bowen Mrs. Sarah Bowen Miss Mattie Brooks Mr. P. Buchanan Miss Sara Caldwell Miss Ella Bryant Dickenson Miss Annella Greever Mrs. PiOse Grey Mrs. Polly Hagy Miss Jean Hamrick Mrs. Lillian Harmon Mrs. Dallas Hubbard Mrs. Madeline Hurt — 6 — Faculty Miss Nettie Junkin Miss Nancy Kiseii Mr. James B. LaVanche Mrs. G. O. McGhee Miss Aleva McQueen Miss Ruth Macom Mr. Roller T. Myeiis Mr. Casto Ramsey Miss Rachel Royal Miss Jane Saunders Mrs. Louise Scott Miss Jacquelyn Short Miss Annie Sw ANN Miss Nancy Ward M R. Larry Zingle Mrs. Helene Sears (Not Pictured ) Staff of The Peak R. O. Van Dyke, Jr. ... Editor Doris Newman . Assistant Editor Richard Baugh ... Business Manager Carter Coates . Production Manager Advertising Managers Nancy Buston and Eugene Downs Sports Editors Erline Kinder and (In McGlothlin Curtis Hughes __ ...Sales and Circulation Manager Fred McCray . Art Editor Jean Moore field . Feature Editor Fritzie Trail . Photography Editor Jimmy Peery .. Advertising Editor Ralph Mullins and Gail Martin _ Photographers Mary Ellen Spence ____ C°py Editor Miss Ruth Macom ...... Faculty Adviser — 8 — Senior Class History It was a little hard for us to realize that those front chapel seats were for us, and that we were at last the class that goes first in line. We had been looking forward to it - -it was an event which seemed far in the future in the fall of 1917, but here we were preceeding the other classes from assembly. Looking back we remember our high school years as the fullest years ever. In 1917 our freshman class assembled. Fred McCray was our president. R. O. Van Dyke and Roger Hagy were co-vice presidents and Gene Downs was secretary- treasurer. Fred McCray and Patty Dominguez were chosen outstanding freshmen. Our sophomore year we started the “stagger system” because of the crowded conditions. Nancy Huston was president and Roger Hagy was vice president. Roger Hagy, Elbert Harrison, Jimmy Hughes, Ralph Mullins, and Doug Peters were on the varsity football squad. Nancy Buston, Doris Newman, and Pearline Hankins played girls’ varsity basketball. This year Professor Larry Zingale joined the faculty and organized the high school band. Our junior year we will always remember for the junior-senior prom which carried out the theme “Gypsy Tea Room.” This year Roy Morrison, Pete Burkett, Warner Collins, and R. O. Van Dyke were on the football squad. We w r on both the county and district championship in football. In March we presented the junior play, “Spring Fever.” The class was ably led by Erline Kinder, president. Of course, we consider our senior year the greatest of all. We were led by Curtis Hughes, president of the Class of 1951, and Charles Spraker, president of the student body. This year Ralph Mullins and Jimmy Hughes were co-captains of the football team. We again won the county championship. Pauline Hankins ably captained the girls ’ basketball squad. At our fall carnival Nancy Buston and Roger Hagv reigned as King and Queen of Tazewell High School. The Y-Teen club was organized with Joanne Phillips presiding as president. These are just a few of the many memories which we will always cherish. Now there is the excitement of ordering caps and gowns, invitations and calling cards. The big rush of getting ready for the banquet. Junior-senior prom, and commencement excites everyone. We realize for the first time, that the big finale, graduation, is at hand— the time when we bid our Alma Mater farewell and step out into the world to be leaders of our nation and defenders of our land. —Jean Moorefield, Historian — 10 — — 11 — Senior Class Officers Curtis Hughes . . President Eugene Downs . J ice-President R. O. Van Dyke Secretary-Treasurer 12 — Senior ' s William Eugenk Atwood “Bill” Amonate, Va. Nancy Elizabeth Akers “Nan ni ” Tazewell, Va. Basket!) til ' 18. ’19, ' 50, ’51, F.H.A. ’50. 51. On a Margaret Akers “Toots” Tazewell, Va. Glee Club 19, ' 50, ’51, Glee Club President ’51. Blake Altizer Tazewell, Va. George Clyde Altizer “G. C” North Tazewell, Va. Sammy William Angles “Cisco” Tazewell, Va. Football ’50, ’51, Baseball ’50, 51. Ben Rader Baldwin “Rader” Cedar Bluff, Va. Arnold Bandy North Tazewell, Va. Richard Baugh “Bide” North Tazewell, Va. Annual Staff 19, ’50, ’51. Goldie Marie Billips “Saudi ” R.F.D. Bluefield, Va. F.H.A. ’19, ’50. ’51, F.H.A. Vice- President. ’50. 51 Football ’18, ' 19. ’50, ’51, Basket¬ ball ’17, ’18, 19, ’50. S.C.A. Repre¬ sentative ’17. Hilda Lokene Billips “Hoppy” R.F.D. Bluefield, Va. Band 19, -50, F.H.A. 19, ’50, ’51. Calvin Harold Blankenship ' •Kid” Tazewell, Va. Glee Club ’51. Juanita Boothe Cedar Bluff. Va. Latin Club ’49, ’50. Clarence Edward Bowman R.F.D. Bluefield, Va. Delores June Bowman North Tazewell. Va. Latin Club ’49, ’50. F.H.A. 48, 49, ’50, ’51. 51 ... . . . Seniors Frank Fdward Buchanan Gratton, Va. F.F.A. 19, ’50, ’51, F.F.A. Secy. ’51. William Thompson Buchanan “TV. T” Tazewell, Va. F.F.A. 19, ’50, ’51. F.F.A. President ’49. ’50, ’51. Betty Mae Buckland “ II ucklebuck” North Tazewell. Va. Band 17. ’48, Cilee Club ’47. ’48. F.H.A. ’48. Joseph Dowell Burkett “Pedro” Tazewell, Va. Football ’48, ’49, ’50. Basketball ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Dramatics Club ’50. Helen Beatrice Burnett “Blondie” Bishop, Va. F.H.A. 18, Latin Club ’50. Seniors . . . Norma Margie Burnette North Tazewell, Va. Latin Club 50, Glee Club ’49, ’51, Y-Teens ’51, May Court ’50, F.H.A. ’ 19 . Charles Norris Clifton “Slim” Tazewell, Va. Glee Club ’51, Boy’s State ’50. Townes Carter Coates Tazewell, Va. Basketball ’48, Faculty Play ’51, Foot¬ ball ’48, ’49, ’50, Junior Play ’50, Baseball 49, Annual Staff ’51, Latin Club ’48, ’49, Boys State ’50, Tab Club ’48, ’49, Glee Club ’50, ’51, All State Chorus ’51, Woman Haters Club ’51, Band Honor Guard ’51. Nancy Virginia Buston Tazewell, Va. Basketball ’49, ’50, Soph. Class Presi¬ dent ’49, May Court ’48, ’49, ’50, Cheerleader ’49, ’50, Annual Staff ’51. Cynthia Lorrene Cochran “Eenie” Cliffield, Va. F.H.A. ’48, ’49, Latin Club ’50, Band ’49, ’50, ’51. Betty Jo Garner North Tazewell, Va. F.H.A. ’48, ’49. Eva Evelyn Chapman “Pug” Amonate, Va. Dramatics Club ’49, ’50. Robert Carter Chapman “Bob” Walter Jack Cochran North Tazewell, Va. Henry Stafford Compton “Hen” Shawver Mill, Va. Library Club ’48, ’49, ’50, Library Club Secy. Treas. ’51, F.F.A. 49, ’50, ’51, F.F.A. Vice-President ’50, ’51. Tazewell, Va. 51 Betty Sue Co. “Susie” Gratton, Virginia Latin Club ’50. Latin Club Treasurer ’50, Library Club ’18, 10, 50, 51. Tab Club ’50, ’51. Girl’s State ’50. Herbert Gene Crabtree “Hoover” North Tazewell. Va. Basketball 18, 50, Football ' 50. F.F.A. ’•19. Frances Marie Crouse Bandy, Va. ILF.I). I F.H.A. ' 19, Latin Club ’50. Tiiamo Carlan Cruise Tazewell, Va. Football 17, 18, ’19, Latin Club 51. Woman Haters ’51. . .. Seniors Carl Greeyer Deskins, Jr. “Buddy” North Tazewell, Va. F.F.A. ' 19. ’50, ’51, Latin Club ’50. Pura Patty Dominguez “Patty” North Tazewell, Va. Library Club Vice-President ’50. ’51. Girls State ’50, F.ILA. 19, S.C.A.I Representatne 50, ’51. Outstand¬ ing Freshman 18, May Day Princess ’19,’50. Eugene Mullen Downs “Smiley” Tazewell, Va. Football 17, ’18. ’19. Basketball ’T8. ’19. ’50, Baseball ’18, ’-19, ’50, ’51J Senior Class Vice-President 511 Woman Haters President ’51, Latin Club President ’51. Tab Club 17.1 Annual Staff ’51. Robert Gray DeHart North Tazewell. Va. Grace Vieva Day a s t • tj (i rcicic North Tazewell. Va. F.ILA. 19. ’50, Y-Teen Club ’51. Charles Glenn Gillespie, Jr. Tazewell, Va. Seniors . . . Curtis Ray Dunnivan “ Glasses” Tazewell, Va. Band If), 50, ’51. Mary Trances Earls Cliffield, Va. F.II.A. ’19. Mary Elizabeth Eldreth “Liz” Tazewell, Va. Band ’49, ’50, ’51, F.H.A. ' 19 Latin Club ' 50, Y-Teens ’51. Peggy Ann Fritz Bishop, Va. Football 17, Football Manager ’48, ’49, ’50. Nancy Lois Gillespie Gratton, Va. Latin Club ’51. Bill Claude Golding Tazewell, Va. Phyllis Ann Goodwin “Phil” Bishop, Va. F.H.A. ’48, 19, Latin Club ’50, Y-Teens ’51. Bennie Gaines Graham “Coach” North Tazewell. Va. Football 17, 18, 49, ’50, Basketball Manager ’49, ’50. Bill Joe Gillespie “Bill” Tazewell, Va, Football ’48, ’50, Latin Club ’51. ... ’SI Jerry Carlton Gregory “Hot Rod” Gratton, V.t. F.F.A. ' 18, ’19, ’50, ’51, F.F.A. Sec. ’51. Joyce Gullett Tip Top. Va. Latin Club ’50, F.H.A. ’19, ’51. Helen Guy " Hel” Cliffield, Va. Latin Club 50, F.H.A. 19, Band 19, ’50, ’51. Roger Glen Hagv “Big 11 a gg Tazewell, Va. Football 17, ’48, 19, ’50, All County ’19, captain ’50, All Area Team ' 50, Baseball ’49, 50. 51. Basketball 18. Latin Club ’50, Key Club ’47, Fresh¬ man Sophomore Vice-President, S.C.A. Sec. Treas. 19, S.C.A. 17. ’48, ’49, Tab Club ’47. Willie T. Hampton “Bill” Cedar Bluff. Va. ’57 . . . .. Seniors Pauline Hankins “Polly” R.F.D. 1. North Tazewell, Va. Basketball ’50, ’51, Basketball Captain ’50. F.H.A. ’48, ’49. Pearline Hankins “Hankins” .... R.F.D. 1, North Tazewell, Va. Basketball ’49, ’50. ’51. F.H.A. ’49, ’51, F.H.A. Treas. ’51. Norma Janet Harman “Chicken” Gratton. Va. Girls State ' 50, Latin Club Sec. ’51. Mose Elbert Harrison “Elmo” Tazewell, Va. Football 18, ’49, ’50, Baseball ’50, ’51, F.F.A. ’49, Dramatic Club ’50. Glenn Oscar Harrison R.F.D. 1, Tazewell, Va. Football ’47. Seniors . . . Garnette Jacqu eline Herald “Jackie” R.F.D. 1, Bandy, Va. Latin Club ’50, FTLA. ’48, ’51. Albert Britton Herald, Jr. “Bo Socks” R.F.D. 1, Tazewell. Va. Eugene Honaker “Squeak” Tazewell, Va. Band ’49, ’50, ’51. Margie Hilda Howeky “Meaness” North Tazewell. Va. Glee Club ’50, ’51, F.H.A. ’49, ’51, F.Ii.A. Reporter ’50, ’51. James Curtis Hughes “Overload” R.F.D. 1, North Tazewell, Va. Band ’50, ’51, All State Band ’50, ’51, Junior Play ’50, Boys State ’50, Senior Class President ’51, Glee Club ’51, Faculty Play ’51. James Morris Hughes “Sagebrush” North Tazewell, Va. Football ’46, ’47, ’48, ’49, ’50. Curtis Patrick Kern “Patrica” Bishop, Va. Mae Erlene Kinder Tazewell, Va. Library Club ’48, F.H.A. ’49. Jr. Class President ' 50, Latin Club ’50, Annual Staff ’51, Basketball ’50, ’51. Bobby LeeRoy Kinseii “Bob” Shawver Mill, Va. F.F.A. ’49, ’50, ’51, Library Club ’48, ’49, Tab Club ’48, ’49. Martha Ann Lambert Gratton, Va. ... ’51 I Thomas Vern on Lambert 1 “Tommy” P m Bandy, Va. . ■ Herbert Da .WES I.ESTER ( R.F.D. 1, T azewell, Va. F.F.A. ’48, ’49, ’50. ’51. Gladys Ann Long Tazewell. Va. Tab Club, ’48, ' 49. ’50, F.H.A. Club 49, Y-Teens ’51. Arthur Lee McCray “Brownie” North Tazewell. Va. Fred Maurice McCray North Tazewell. Va. Freshman Class President ’48, S.C.A. ’49, ’50, ’51, Annual Staff ’49, ’50. ’51. Jr. Class See. ’50. ’ 5 ... . .. Seniors Janet Vivian McDonald Bishop, Va. Glee Club 50. ’51. Kenneth Guy McGlothlin “Gus” R.F.D. 1, Cedar Bluff. Va. Football 49, ’50, Baseball ’50. 51. Annual Staff ’51. Bulldog Staff ’51. Lola Nadine McGuire Bishop, Va. F.H.A. ’49, ’50. George Gail Martin R.F.D. 1. North Tazewell, Va. Band ’48, ’49, ’50. ’51. Jannice Lucille Meek “Jan” Tazewell, Va. F.H.A. ’50. Seniors . . , Russell Edward Mills Tazewell, Va. Greta Shirley Almira Mitchem Tip Top, Va. F.H.A. ’18, ’49, ’50, ’51, Glee Club ’50. Norma Jean Moorefield “Jeanne” North Tazewell, Va. S.C-.A. Rep. 18, ’51, F.H.A. 19, Glee Club ’48, ’51, Bulldog Staff ’50, Latin Club ’50, Girls State ’50, Annual Staff ’51, Cheer Leader ’51, Y- Teen ’51, Y- Teen Convention ’ 51 . Pauline Elizabeth Morrison “Poll,)” North Tazewel l, Va. F.H.A. ’49, Latin Club ’50. Kenneth Jackson Mulky “Ken” North Tazewell, Va. Football Mgr. ’49, ’50. Ralph Edward Mullins “Moon” R.F.D. 2, North Tazewell, Va. Basketball ’48, Football ’48, ’19, ’50, Football C ' o-captain ’50, Most Valu¬ able Football Player ’50, F.F.A. 18, ’49, ’50, F.F.A. Treas. ’50, ’51, Jr. Class Treas. ’49, ’50, Annual Staff ’5 1. Retiia Gay Murray “Ret” Horsepen, Va. F.H.A. ’48. ’49, ’50, ’51, Latin Club ’50, Girls State ’50, Junior Play 50, Y-Teens ’51. Doris Wayne Newman Tazewell, Va. Glee Club ’48, ’49, ’50. Y-Teen ’51. Basketball 18, ’19, ’50. ’51, Tab Club ’51, Annual Staff ’18, ’50, ’51. Bulldog Staff ’50, S.C.A. Rep. ’49, Latin Club ’50, All State Chorus ’49. Joan Null “Jo” R.F.D. 1 , North Tazewell. Va. Mary Elizabeth Parks “Liz” North Tazewell, Va. Library Club ’50, Y-Teen ’51. . .. Seniors Vivian Isabella Patrick Horsepen, Va. Latin Club ’50, F.II.A. to, 51. Ann Patton “Pat” North Tazewell. Va. Tal) Club 10. ’50, ’51, Library Club 19, ’50, ’51, Library Club President ’51, Y-Teens ’51. James William Peisry “Jim mi ” North Tazewell, Va. Annual Staff ’51, Bulldog ' Staff’ 51. Joan Elizabeth Phillips “Jo” Bishop, Va. Band ’49, ’50, ’51. S.C.A. Vice-Presi¬ dent ’51, Y-Teen Pres. ’51, F.II.A. 19, Tab Club ’50, ’51, Y-Teen Deli- gate ’51, Most Dependable ’51. Carrie Earline Pennington “Penny” F.II.A. ’48, dent ’50, Tazewell, Va. ’19, ’50, ’51. F.II.A. Presi ’51. Betty Earleen Pruett “Peggy” Shawver Mill. Va. Band 19, ’50, ’51, Glee Club ’51, F.II.A. ’49, Y-Teen ’51, Tab Club ’51, Library Club ’49. 51 . James Curtis Pruett “Curt” North Tazewell, Va. S.C.A. Rep. ’48, Latin Club ’50. t Seniors I [ assel Norman Smith “Red” Tazewell, Va. Mattie Annis Rhudy “Mat” Tazewell, Va. Kathleen Rogers “C at” Bishop, Va. F.II.A. ’49. Mary Ellen Sr e n c i : Tazewell, Va. Latin Club ’50, Annual Staff ’51. Billye Karen Spencer “Karen” Tazewell, Va. Tab Club ’48, ’49, Latin Club ’50, Basketball ’48, ’49, ’50. Junior Play ’50, Girls State ’50, Glee Club ’51, Glee Club Accompanist ' 48, Band ’50, ’51, All State Chorus ’51, Y-Teens ’51. Kev Club ’48. James Franklin Safewright, Jr, “Horse Thief” Gratton, Va. F.F.A. ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51. Ralph Preston Sheets Tazewell, Va. Charles Edward Spraker “Charlie” Tazewell, Va. S.C.A. Pres. ’50, ’51, Woman Haters Club ’49, ’50, ’51, Latin Club ’51. Junior Play ’50. Alma Jean Stansbury R.F.D. 2, North Tazewell, Va. F.II.A. ’49. ’50, ’51. Helen Leola Sheppard Tazewell, Va. u SI Betty Jo Steele “Jo” Tazewell, Va. Glee Club ’48, ’49, ’51, F.H.A. ’49, ’50, Latin Club ’ 50. Basketball ' 50, Y- Teen ’51. Kenneth Winton Stowers Gratton, Va. F.F.A. ’48. Judith Jerry Tabor “Judy” North Tazewell, Va. F.H.A. 18, Library Club ’51. Annual Staff ’49. James Victor Taylor “J. V.” Tazewell, Va. Fritzie Marie Trail Tazewell, Va. Basketball ’49, F.H.A. ’50, Latin Club ’50, Annual Staff ’51. Y-Teens ’51. . .. Seniors Rufus Oscar VanDyke Jr. “Ii. ().” Tazewell, Va. Woman Haters See. Treas. ’51, Sen¬ ior Class See. Treas. ’51. Annual Staff ’50, Basketball Manager ’48, Baseball Manager ’48, Freshman Class Vice-President ’48, Football ’48, ’49, ’50, S.C’.A. ’48, ’51, Latin Club ’50, All State Chorus ’51, Glee Club ’50, Editor of Peak ’51. Jimmy Whitaker Tazewell, Va. Daniel Huston Williams North Tazewell. Va. Frances Isabelle Wright “Red” North Tazewell, Va. Bulldog Staff ’51. SI Gene Kimbel Tazewell, Va. Post Graduate —25— First How- Maxie Abshire, Mildred Akers. Jimmy Alexander. Dana Altizer, Theda Altizer. Second Row —Lois Angles, Jimmy Arnold, Geraldine Asbury, Perry Asbury, Reese Bailey. Third Row —Faye Baldwin. Geneva Baldwin, Dorothy Lee Bandy, Howard Bandy, Nancy Barrett. Fourth Row —Margaret Barton. Jack Baugh, Hugh Beavers, Patty Belcher. Eleanor Benson. — 26 — First Row — Gentry Blackwell, Delores Blevins, Naomi Boothe, Tommy Boothe, Shirley Bourne. iS ' econd Row —Bobby Bowling, Blaine Bowman, Phyllis Bowman, Phyllis Buck- land, Nancy Bundy. Third Row —Marie Garner, Lloyd Christian, Jean Claytor, Warner Collins, Hatcher Cowan. Fourth Row—Natalie Crawford, Joan Cregar, Vergil Crockett, Peggy Ann Crouse, Peggy Sue Crouse. — 27 — First Row —Jack Walter Davidson, Nancy Davidson, Homer Dickenson Jimmy Doak. Betty Sue Dye. Second Row —Lucy Edwards, Betty Gibson, Betty Gillespie. Jack Roger Gillespie, Mellie Gillespie. Third Row —Nancy Gillespie, Ruth Ann Goings, Billy Graham. Lena Graham, Polly Gregory. Fourth Row Billie Gray, Louise Grindstaft ' , June Grubb, Albert Hagy, Della Hall. — 28 — First Row —Helen Hall, Thelma Flail, Donald Harman, Douglas Harman, J. B. Harris. Second Row —Peggy Lane Heldreth, Lovetta Hill. Shirley Hilmon, Jean Hoback, Betty Honaker. Third Row —Doris Howery, Gladys Hurley, Harriet Ireson, Jean Jennings, Peggy Lou Jim. Fourth Row —Betty Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Loretta Johnson, Shirley John¬ son, J. J. Jones. — 29 — First Row —Sammy Jones. Iva I.on Justice, Edward Kitts. Irene Lambert. Louise Lambert. Second Row —Esther Lankford, Sammy Larimer, Ollie Kate Lester, Elmer Lewis, Carol Lindsay. Third Row —Judith Litz, Betty Lockhart, George Lockhart, Sherman Lowe, Edwin McCall. Fourth Row—Nancy McFarland, Jo Ann Mallory, Jimmy Martin, Josephine Mastro, Hazel Meredith. — 30 — First Row —Sophia Mitchell, Garner Monk, Betty Morrison, Charlotte Morrow, Carolyn Murray. Second Row —Glen Nash, Joe Neel, Mary Louise Nelson, Kathleen Osborne, Lorina Osborne. Third Row —Doris Payne, Ann Peery, Douglas Peters, Bill Phillips, Shirley Phillips. Fourth Row —Jack Proffitt, Mary Pruett, Rufus Puckett, Patsy Pyott, James Ramey. — 31 — First Row —Gene Riddle, Buddy Roberts, Shirley Roberts, Freda Rose, Mabel Rye. Second Row —Kay Saine, Jean Sartin, Joe Senic, Aileen Shawver, Mary Sheets. Third Row —Sara Shelton, Louise Shrader, Jerry Shrewsberry, Betty Sizemore, John Sluss. l ot ktii Row—Wayne Sluss, Beulah Sparks, Mack Sparks. Renee Spurgeon. Joan Stevenson. — 32 — First Row —Richard Stevenson, Bobby Surber, Annette Taylor. Ellen Jane Thompson, Herbert Thompson. Second Row —Pauline Waldron, Rodney Walker, John W. Wallace, Bill Watrous, Jo Lynn Westmoreland. Third Row —Donald Whitt, Madeline Whitt, Margaret Wilburn, Ann Williams, Anna Mae Wilson. Fourth Row —Donald Wright, Betty Jane Vance, Robert Yost. — 33 — Art and Physical Education Classes in Action — 34 — Q C-5 Sophomores Freda Absher Billy Joe Akers Carl Altizer Ann Asbury Eula Asbury Rose Marie Asbury Harold Ball Maggie Bandy Nannie Bandy Dorlas Barnes Donald Beavers Guyetta Beavers Loretta Beavers Margaret Beavers Shirley Belcher Frankie Boothe Raymond Brewer Bobby Brewster Freda Brown Veda May Brown J. G. Buston Vaughn Cassell Garnet Carr Cora Caudill Betty Chapman Brady Chapman Jack Chapman Myrtle Cole Hunter Christian Margie Christian Carol Clifton Edith Collins Ann Cox Joe Crabtree Lee Roy Crabtree Sophomores Raymond Crabtree Davy Crokett Evaleane Crouse Joan Crouse Douglas Davidson Betty Jo Davis Hilda Jean Davis Marcia Dickens Doris Dillon George Dillon Charlotte Doss Donald Dunford Bobby Earnest Joyce Ann Erps Jack Fox Mary Louise Fox Ottie Gates Irma Sue Gillespie Katherine Gillespie Juanita Godbey Dale Goodwin Allen Griffith Bonnie Hager Dovie Hager Bill Hagy Claude Hamilton Margaret Hardy William Harman, Jr. Tommy Harman Juanita Harris Mary Ellen Hayes Viola Hayes Hubert Herald Rondle Hill Virginia Honaker Sophomores Billy Hooker Agnes Jennings Maxine Jessee Phyllis Jessee Billy Johnson Nancy Ann Johnson Glenn Jones Stanley Jones Minnie Keller Fred Lambert Mary Lambert Oliver Larimer Betty Lawson Allen Lawson Margaret Lesher Frances Lester Ward Lester Betty Lilly Jay Lockhart Shirley Logan Phyllis McCann Mary Alice McFarland Patty McGlothlin Jane McGraw Donnie Mann Shelthy Marshall John May Ruth Meade Ronald Mitchell Ozella Monk Bernice Morris Maxine Morrison Shirley Murray Margaret Mustard Richard Nash Sophomores Anna Belle Neel Bobby Lee Neel Jimmy Orren Adele Osborne Peggy Ann Osborne Carlose Owens Helen Parsons June Payne Hazel Peery 1 Joan Peery i Meldron Peery William Peery I Gerald Pendry ' Ada Mae Pennington ! Ray Presley Norma Jean Proffitt David Pruett Sherley Pruett Howard Puckett Mary Puckett Raymond Reed Ann Repass Bobby Repass Jack Repass Bill Rogers Martha Rowlett Eula Russ Evelyn Russ William Rutherford Eloise Sadler Carl Sayers Paul Sene Bobbie Shelton Jimmy Shrader Bill Slaughter Sophomores Mary Jo Slaughter Wade Sluss Ernest Smith Gloris Smith Norma Jean Snell Ollie Sparks Frances Spence Eunice Stevenson Jo Ella Stevenson Minnie Stevenson Wayne Sutherland Charlotte Taylor Jack Taylor Catherine Totten Imogene Vencill Freddie Waddell Betty White Betty Jean White Eugene White Joanne White Nina White Eulan Whited Norma Jean Whitt BUI Wise Walter Witt Betty Wood Emily Jane Wood Billy Woodall Darrell Wright Joe Wright Ann Wyatt Kathleen Yates Paul Yates —41 Freshmen First Row —Freeman Absher, Sidney Absher, Elmer Addison, Albert Akers, Betty Jo Akers, Howard Akers, Sarah Akers, Dorothy Altizer, Peggy Altizer. Second Row —Walter Altizer, A. B. Asbury, Bernard Asbury, James Asbury, Rosemary Asbury, Rose Marie Asbury, David Atwell, Thelma Bacon, Donald Baldwin. Third Row—Vergil Baldwin, Donald Bandy, Dora Bandy, Kenneth Bandy, Layman Bandy, Bill Beavers, Tommy Beavers, Douglas Bennett, Grace Bentley. Fourth Row—Glenn Billips, Marion Billips, William Billips, Charles Bise, Erma Blevins, John Boothe, Manzia Boothe, Scott Bowman, Dorothy Brewster. Fifth Row— Alfreda Brooks, Nancy Brooks, John Brown, Nellie Brown, Donald Bryant, Terry Bryant, George Buchanan, Kathleen Burton, Ruth Case. Sixth Row —Bobby Caudill, Jerry Caudill, Steve Childress, Bill Childress, Bill, Cochran, Bernard Collins, Robert Combs, Billie Crawford, Kay Crawford, Kenneth Creed. Seventh Row —Mary Cruey, Cora Davidson, Elsie Davis, James Davis, Mary Deskins, Clinton Dickens, William Dickenson, Jimmy Dillow, James Donithan. Eighth Row —Wanda Dudley, Janice Duncan, Peggy Dye, Loretta Earls, Delano Earnest, Don Edwards, George Erps, Ann Ferguson, Phyllis Eanes. — 42 — F reshmen First Row —Ruth Fields, Delores Fletcher, John Fletcher, James Fox, Johnny Fritz, Bobby Jean Fugate, Nancy Gillespie, David Godbey, Norma Goodwin. Second Row —Shirley Goodwin, Elgin Graves, Marlene Graybeal, Anita Gail Gregory, Edna Grubb, Janice Gullett, Janice Hager, Carrie Hagy, James Hall. Third Row —Mary Hall, William Hall, Abraham Hamilton, Bobby Joe Hankins, Rita Hankins. David Harman, W. G. Harman, Eugene Harris, Norman Harris. Fourth Row —George Harrison, Alma Hart, Alice Hayes, Bertha Hayes, Reva Hayes, Bill Hensley, Richard Hess, Beatrice Hill, Evelyn Hill. Fifth Row —Sidney Hill, Stanley Hill, Kenneth Holbook, Edith Honaker, Emma Honaker, Robert Hooker, Billy Joe Hoops, Trula Hoops, Mamie Howery. Sixth Row —Bobby Hughes, Charles Hughes, Larry Hunt, Eddie Hymes, Wanda Irving, Ilene Jennings, Bufoi’d Jessee, Ida Johnson, Jack Jones. Seventh Row —Margaret Jones, Virginia Jones, Jack Keene, Shirley Keene, Jan Kensinger Mamie Kinder, Anna Jo Kiser, Ann Kitts. Eighth Row —George Lambert, Louise Lambert, William Lambert, June Laney, Billy Roy Larimer, Betty Lawson, Billie Lawson, James Lawson, Earl Leftwich. — 43 — Freshmen First Row —Edna Lewis, George Lewis, Jimmy Lewis, Shirley Linkous, Bill Little, Lincoln Lockhart, Alfred Long, Shelby Long, Edna Lowe. Second Row —Charlene McBride, Nancy McCall, Jane McCray, Gerald McDonald, Ernestine McMeans, Joe McGuire, Patricia McPeake, James McReynolds, Reese Marrs. Third Row—Junior Mastro, Eddie Mathena, Ilene Meade, Margaret Melvin, Janice Meredith. Johnny Monk, Dorothy Money, Bobby Morrison, Carroll Morrison. Fourth Row—Donna Morrison Latha Mulkey, Gwendolyn Mundy, Billie Yvonne Murray, Guy Nash, Elizabeth Neel, Melster Neece, Robert, Nitz, Alma Osborne. Fifth Row— Carol Sue Orrender, Cecil Patrick, Betty Pauley, Marshall Peery, Louise Pennington, Lucy Pennington, Ruby Alberta Pennington, Betty Jean Plummer, Kenneth Pruett. Sixth Row—Betty Puckett, Bobby Puckett, Clay¬ ton Puckett, Frances Puckett, Hugh Puckett, James Nelson Puckett, James Robert Puckett, Shirley Puckett, Barbara Ratcliff. Seventh Row—Ruby Remines, Glenn Riddle, Bernard Riley, Esther Ringstaff, Sylvia Rose, Peyton Rowlett, Josephine Russ, Raymond Rye, Lyle Salyer. Eighth Row— Donald Sargent, Clara Scott, Shirley Scott, Gail Scvphers, Eugene Seagraves, Donald Seddon, Donald Shawver, Albert Sheets, Everett Sheets. — 44 — Freshmen First Row —Nannie Sheets, Charles Sheppard, Elwood Shrader, Jimmy Simmons, Joan Sizemore, Phyllis Sizemore, Donald Powell Sluss, Donald Ray Sluss, Ruphas Sluss. Second Row —Carl Smith, Clyde Smith, Della Smith, Margaret Smith, Mildred Sparks, Vada Sparks, James Steele, Amel Stevenson, Buddy Stevenson. Third Row —Barbara Stone, Shirley Sykes, Barbara Tabor, Larry Tabor, David Taylor, Ray Taylor. Kenneth Thompson, Goldie Totten. Fourth Row —Henry Trail, Mildred Trail, Andrew Turner, Richard Turner, Lettie Tyree, Ellen Sue Van Dyke, Harry Lee Van Dyke Joe VanHoosier, Carrie Vaughn. Fifth Row—Nellie Waddell, George Wallace, Bobby Webb, Gerald West, Ann White, Freddy White, Virginia White, Betty Jo Whited. Sixth Row —Hencil Whitt, Lois Whitt, Nellie Sue Whitt, Richard Whitt, Carrie Wiles. Seventh Row —Freddy Williams, Shirley Wilson, George Wingo, Gordon Wingo. Eighth Row —Judith Wright, Bill Wyrick, Pearl Yates, Mary Catherine Yost, Juanita Young. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS—Bernard Riley, President ' , Steve Childress, Vice-President ' , Mamie Kinder, Secretary ; Lucy Pennington, Treasurer. — 45 - “Quiet and Studious ” — 46 — — 47 — — 48 — Football Squad First Row —Burkett, Kitts, Peters, B. Stevenson, Mullins, Hagy, Collins. Hughes, ,1. Crabtree, Harrison, Sparks. Second Row —Blackwell, Dillow, McGlothlin, J. Gillespie, Rumgay, Morrison, Nash, Mann, Peery, Hagy. Third Row—Coach Ramsey, C. Gillespie, Manager; Lawson, Manager; Puckett, Boothe, Atwood, Bailey, R. Stevenson, Graham, Angles, Manager; Mulkey, Manager; Donitlian, Coach La Vanelie. — 49 — Tazewell’s Starting Lineup Burkett. End It. Hagy, Tackle Sparks, Guard Kitts, Halfback Mullins, Fullback LINE J. Crabtree, center BACKFIELD Hughes, Guard Harrison, Tackle W. Collins, End B. Stevenson, Quarterback Peters, Halfback Bulldog Lettermen Harrison Peters Atwood Stevenson Hughes Morrison Kitts Dillow Mullins Burkett A. Hagy Collins R. Hagy Angles Blackwell Crabtree McGlothlin Graham Nash Sparks Jun ior Varsity Squad First Row —Woodall, Lockhart, B. Stevenson, Patterson, Wallace, Riley, Hughes, A. Stevenson. Second Row —Dunford, Taylor, Hill, Collins, Turner, Cochran, Kitts, I). Keene, Lewis. Third Row —Coach Monk, Webb, Mitchell, Williamson, J. Keene, Nash, Lambert. History of Season BRISTOL—The Bulldogs showed early season sluggishness in losing their only game of the season to a strong Virginia High team 18-6. ABINGTON—Tazewell was really up for their second game of the season, and the Bulldogs walked off the field with a 41-20 victory. “Cokie” Kitts’ beautiful broken field running sparked the Bulldogs. POCAHONTAS—The following week the Bulldogs walloped an undermanned Pocahontas team 27-7. Doug Peters scored two touchdowns to lead Tazewell to victory. GRAHAM—The Bulldogs were supposed to receive a real test the following Friday, but our boys handed the G-Men a sound 26-0 lacing. RICHLANDS—Tazewell had to come from behind a 13-0 deficit at half-time to whip a surprisingly tough Richlands aggre¬ gation 20-13. This was the Bulldogs first win on a Richlands field in several years. NORTHFORK —After having had a game cancelled with Marion, Tazewell played host to an average North- fork eleven. The Bulldogs kept their four game winning streak alive by soundly whipping the Big Orange 20-0. PRINCETON—The Bulldogs were out for revenge for a 1949 loss to the Tigers. The entire Tazewell team played excellent football to cop a 33-7 victory. This was a sweet win for the Bulldogs. ELKHORN—Tazewell was slow getting started at Elkhorn, but once the Bulldogs began rolling, Elkhorn was in for a beating. Tazewell walked off the field with a 27-14 win. SALT- VILLE—The Bulldogs nipped a surprisingly tough Saltville Shaker eleven the following week by a 13-12 margin. Tazewell ended the season with an 8-1 record for the season of 1950. Congratulations are in order for Coaches Ramsey and LaVanche and the Tazewell Bulldogs. — 51 — Seasons Record Tazewell 6. .Bristol 18 Tazewell 11 . . Abingdon 20 Tazewell 27. Pocahontas 7 Tazewell 26. .Graham 0 Tazewell 20. ...Richlands 13 Tazewell 20. ...Northfork 0 Tazewell ;33. .Princeton 7 Tazewell 27. ...Elkhorn 11 Tazewell 13. ...Saltville 12 52 — Cheerleaders First Row —Carol Lindsay, .lean Moorefield, Nancy Buston, Betty Gillespie. Kathleen Yates. Se coni) Row—Phyllis Eanes, Bill Phillips, Mamie Howcrv. — 53 — -•’ft BASKETBALL RECORD Tazewell 53. _Bramwell 42 Tazewell 85 .. .Cleveland 27 Tazewell 72. _Cleveland 15 Tazewell 53. .Pocahontas 43 Tazewell 50. _Bramwell 48 Tazewell 35 . .Graham 56 Tazewell 64. .Athens 59 Tazewell 52. .Bristol 39 Tazewell 44. .Marion 34 Tazewell 56... .Saltville 32 Tazewell 39..... .Richlands 52 Tazewell 52. _Big Creek 56 Tazewell 41.. Bristol 43 Tazewell 77.. _Pocahontas 53 Tazewell 60. .Marion 46 Tazewell 59... . .Athens 56 Tazewell 42. .Graham 50 Tazewell 72. _Saltville 43 Tazewell 66. Richlands 56 Tazewell 49.. Big Creek 68 District Tournament Tazewell 62. _Pocahontas 33 Tazewell 84... Grundv 62 Tazewell 43.. Marion 45 Varsity Basketball Squad First Row —Kitts, Morrison, Harrison, Wright. Second Row —Cox, Peters, Collins, Nash, Stevenson, Burkett. Junior Varsity Basketball Squad Stevenson, Dickenson, Lockhart, McC all, Graves, Owens, Keene, Akers. — 55 — Girls ' Basketball Varsity Squad First Row —Erlene Kinder, Doris Newman, Pearline Hankins, Eleanor Henson, co-Captain; Pauline Hankins, Captain; Peggy Heldreth, Nancy Akers, Nancy Buston. Second Row —Mrs. Ann H. McGhee, Coach; Betty Gillespie, Minnie Stevenson, Joella Stevenson. Peggy Lou Jim, Charlotte Morrow, Carolyn Murray, Phyllis Bowman. Junior Varsity Squad First Row —Eunice Stevenson, Nancy Sue Gillespie, Betty Gillespie, Joella Stevenson, Captain; Minnie Stevenson, Natalie Crawford; Mary Jo Slaughter. Second Row —Joan Peery, Shir¬ ley Sykes, Nellie Waddell. Helen Parsons, Nannie Ann Sheets, .Jann Kensinger, Bea¬ trice Hill. Mrs. Ann IF Mc¬ Ghee, Coach. — 56 — Varsity Season’s Record Tazewell Opponents 61 Cleveland . 48 63 Cleveland . 32 63 Alumnae . 53 46 Pocahontas . 71 63 Graham . 25 58 Saltville _ 26 59 Richlands _ 33 49 Pocahontas . 63 47 Graham . 37 49 Saltville . 39 65 Richlands _ 36 COUNTY TOURNAMENT 73 Graham . 48 38 Pocahontas _ 51 JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON’S RECORD 56 Burkes Garden _ 57 52 Bishop . 31 42 Graham Jr. Varsity . 30 39 Burkes Garden .. 33 56 Richlands Jr. Varisty . 26 37 Graham Jr. Varsity . 19 55 Burkes Garden .. 28 60 Bishop . 42 55 Richlands Jr. Varsity . 15 Jo Ella Stevenson, Jr., Varsity Captain; Pauline Hankins, Varsity Co-Captain; “Cricket” Benson, Varsity Co- Captain; Pearline Hankins, Nancy Buston, Doris Newman, Nancy Akers, E ' rline Kinder, Phyllis Bowman, Charlotte Morrow, Peggy Lou Jim, Carolyn Murray, Peggy Lane Heldreth. — 57 — 1950 Basketball Team Coach : .James 15. LaVanche Bill Stevenson, Hatcher Cowan, Carl Gillespie, Jack Cox, Glen Nash, J. J. Jones, Jimmy Alexander, Roger Hagy, Gene Downs, Ed ward Kitts, Guy Mc- Glothlin, Edwin McCall, Elbert Harrison. Ross Beavers, Jack Hawks, and Doug Peters. BASEBALL SEASONS RECORD Tazewell 18... .. .Pocahontas 4 Tazewell 3. .Graham 5 Tazewell 6. .Bristol 18 Tazewell 4 .. .Richlands 17 Tazewell 9... .Salt villi ' 8 Tazewell 20 .. Pocahontas 4 Tazewell 13... .Graham 4 Tazewell 9. Lebanon 5 Tazewell 1.... .Bristol 2 Tazewell 3 .. ..Lebanon 8 Tazewell 4.. ..Saltville 7 Tazewell 5. Richlands 7 Tazewell 13_ __Abingdon 2 Tazewell 5. _Abingdon 6 — 58 — — 60 — , u I ' P5-- r i vm il 1 Tazewell High School Hand Director ' . .Mu. Larry Zingale Majorettes —Louella Stevenson, Betty Ann Newman, Linda Jones, Gladys Hurley, Claudette White. Standing —Naomi Jones, Nancy Gillespie, Bob Repass, Drum Major. BAND—-Basses—Howard Eldreth, Delano Ernest, Lloyd Repass. Clarinets —Gene Kimbel, Joanne Phillips, Harriet Ireson, Polly Gregory, Shirley Kinder, Charles Hubbard, Lois Angles, Jo Lynn Westmoreland, Evelyn Russ, Louise Grindstaff, Reva Hayes, Buddy Reid, Albert Saine, Jimmy Gillespie, Gerry Paine, Gail Martin. Fred Bennett, Ferdy Mitchem. Horns —Etta Sue Payne, Helen Guy, Lorrene Cochran, Kay Saine. Flute —Freddy Wil liams. Cornets —Rod¬ ney Walker, Jim Hubbard, Jimmy Martin, Ronnie Thompson, Kenneth Altizer, Don Beavers, Peggy Pruett. Karen Spencer, Harold Payne, Bobby White, Shirley Phillips. Alto Saxa- phones —Phyllis Eanes, Don Sargent. Tenor Saxophones —J. B. Harris. Baritones —Eugene Honaker, Bill Roy Larimer, Albert Akers. Trombones —Donnie Necessary, Tim Counts, George Doak, Lloyd Johnson, Curtis Dunnivan, Mary Elizabeth Eldreth. Percussion — Bill Phillips. Steve Childress, Curtis Hughes, J. G. Buston, Gerry Caudill, Budy Stevenson. Bell Lyre — Ethel Dickenson. — 62 — Glee Club Sopranos —Kay Crawford, Eunice Stevenson, Joan Cregar, Betty White, Frances Lester, Ann Repass, Margaret Mustard, Judy Litz, Margaret Akers, Mildred Akers, Helen Hall, Harriet Ireson, Betty Jo Steele, Jean Claytor, Carol Clifton, Jean White, Hilda Howery, Ann Wyatt, Janet McDonald. Altos —Peggy Pruett, Theda Altizer, Karen Spencer, Norma Burnette, Jan Ken- singer, Carol Lindsay, Sara Akers, Charlotte Doss, Doris Newman, Renee Spurgeon, Jean Moorefield, Nancy Akers. Tenors —J. G. Buston, R. O. Van Dyke, Curtis Hughes, Harold Blankenship, Albert Hagy. Basses —Charles Williams, Jimmy Alexander, Carter Coates, Norris Clifton, Elbert Harrison, J. B. Harris, Gene Kimbel. MALE QUARTET—R. O. VanDyke, Carter Coates, Jimmy Alexander, and Albert Hagy. Director: Mr. Larry Zingale Assistant Director: Miss Nettie Junkin —63 ALL STATE BAND Howard Eldreth, Bass horn; Louise Grindstaft, C lari net; Curtis Hughes, drum; J. B. Harris, tenor sax; phone; Gene Kimbel, clarinet; Bill Phillips, eyinbab, Lloyd Repass, bass horn. ALL STATE CHORUS Carter Coates, bass; Karen Spencer, alto; Jimi» ' Alexander, bass; Alargaret Akers, soprano; It. O. A a ' Dyke, tenor. — 64 — Seated —Joanne Phillips, Charles Spraker, Carol Lindsay, Miss Annella Greever, faculty sponsor. First Row —Ozella Monk, Katherine Gillespie, R. O. Van Dyke, Jean Moorefield, Nancy Bus- ton, Patty Dominguez, Gail Gregory, Shirley Puckett, Mamie Howery. Second Row— Kathleen Yates, Jo Lynn Westmoreland, Charlotte Morrow, Jay Lockhart, Jimmy Doak, Shirley Johnson, Sue VanDyke, Shirley Sykes, Sarah Akers, Bernard Riley. Third Row— Bobby Repass, Johnny Wallace, J. G. Buston. STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Our S.C.A. is an organization which represents the student body. The aims and purposes of the S.C.A. are: to promote citizenship, to encourage cooperation, to advocate good health, to plan recreation, and to strive for self-improvement. S. C. A. OFFICERS Carol Lindsay, secretary-treasurer; Charles Spraker, president; Shirley Phillips, vice-president. — 65 — Future Homemakers of America Members —Nancy Akers, Ann Asbury, Eulaj Asbury, Geraldine Asbury, Dorlas Barnes, Eleanor I Benson, Goldie Billips, Hilda Billips, June Bowman, jl Garnet Carr, Marie Carner, Betty Chapman, Joann Cregar, Joyce Gullett, Dovie Hager, Pearline Hankins, Bonnie Hayes.i Viola Hayes, Jackie Herald, Beatrice Hill, Hilda Howery,Agnes Jennings, Maxine Jessee, Iva Lou Justice, Betty Law J ! son, Margaret Melvin, Greta Mitchem, Charlotte Morrow, Retha Murray. Betty Nipper, Helen Parsons, Vivian Patrick I Earline Pennington, Joann Peery, Betty Puckett, Esther Ringstaff, Eloise Sadler, Jean Sartin, Carl Sayer, Louise Shrader! Norma Jean Snell, Ollie Sporks, Jean Stansbury, Shirley Sykes, Jean White, Madeline Whitt, Norma Witt. Sponsors:! Miss Jean Hambrick and Miss Cecil Bowen. Future Farmers of America Members —Freeman Absher, Carl Altizer, Paris Baldwin, Bill Beavers, David Beavers, Frank Boothe, Bobby Bowling! Blaine Bowman, Edward Bowman, Bobby Brewster. Frank Buchanan, W. T. Buchanan, Brady Chapman, Jack! Chapman, Henry Compton, Hatcher Cowan. Kenneth Creed, Walter Davidson, Carl Deskins, Donald Dunfordl Archie Elswick, John Fritz. Billy Graham, Jerry Gregory, Bill Hagy, Bill Hampton, Donald Harman, Dougla l Harman, Hubert Herald, Freddie Hunt, Bobby Kinser, Raymond Kiser, Oliver Larimer, Herbert Lester, Bill Little Jay Lockhart, John May, Ralph Mullins, Joe Neal. Bill Perry, Gerald Pendry, Howard Puckett, James Puckettl Bob Repass, Jimmy Safewright, Donald Sluss, Wayne Sluss, Harry Snell, Earnest Smith, Lewey Sparks, Billy! Taylor, Frank Van Dyke, Charles Vaughn. William Waddell, Jimmy Whitaker, Richard Whitt, Charles Williams! Joe Wright, Claude Yates, Paul Yates. Faculty Adviser : R T. Myers. Library Chib The Library Club was Founded in 1942, to provide ef¬ ficient library service and to im¬ prove the library. Members —Judy Tabor, Sue Cox, Ann Patton, Nancy Bundy, Doris Payne, Patty Dominguez, Edith Collins, Henry Compton, Bill Harman. Sponsor —Miss Nancy Ward. Y-T eens Members —Rosie Asbury, Evelyn Russ, Delores Fletcher, Norma Jean Goodwin, Anita Gail Gregory, Kathleen Yates, Meldron Peery, Gladys Hurley, Minnie Stevenson, Ann Patton, Charlotte Doss, Ozella Monk, Elizabeth Parks, Rita Murray, Margaret Mustard, Karen Spencer, Mary Louise Nelson, Esther Lankford, Betty Gibson, Nancy Akers, Jo Ann Peery, Grace Day, Mary Elizabeth Eldreth, Loretta Johnson, Bernice Morris, Phyllis Goodwin, Ann Long, Lois Angles, Shirley Phillips, Peggy Pruett, Margaret Barton, Fritzie Trail, Norma Burnette, Renee Spurgean, Jean Moorefield. Faculty Spon¬ sors: Miss Jane Saunders and Miss Jackie Short. The TAB Club was organized in 1947 in order to stimulate reading. Members —Mary Elizabeth Eldreth, Ann Long, I Wayne Sutherland, Kathleen Yates, Katherine Gillespie, Donnie Mann, Donnie Dunford, Joyce Erps, Eugene ! White, Meldron Peery, Wade Sluss, Hunter Christian, W. F. Harman, Hazel Peery, Bobby Neel, Earnest Smith, Ann Asbury, Dick Nash, Dorlas Barnes, Buddy Reed, Davy Crockett, Martha Rowlett, Ronald Mitchell, Margaret I Mustard, W. G. Harman, Emily Wood, Vaughn Cassell, Jack Fox, Betty Lilly, Jo Ella Stevenson, Maxine Jessee, I Charlotte Taylor, Ozella Monk, Margaret Beavers, Ellis Davis, Lewey Sparks, Betty Gillespie, Jean Claytor, Ann j Cox, Bill Hooker, Sue Cox, Jimmy Alexander, Polly Gregory, Peggy Pruett, Joanne Phillips, Ann Peery, Sara I Shelton, Jo Ann Cregar, Doris Newman, Mary Louise Nelson, Maxine Absher. Faculty Sponsor — Mrs. Sarah jl Bowen. First Row —Patsy Pyott, Harriet Ireson, Jean Hoback. Pauline Waldron, Mary Louise Nelson, Louise Lambert, Mellie Gillespie, Louise Grindstaff, Betty Gillespie, Sara Shelton. Second Row —Joanne Mallory, Polly Gregory, Jean | Claytor, Peggy Lane Heldreth, Ann Peery, Carol Lindsay, Nancy Barrett, Kay Saine. Natalie Crawford, Bill Phil- i lips, Stanley Jones. Third Row —Janet Harman, Shirley Hilmon, Jo Lynn Westmoreland, Shirley Johnson, Mar- j garet Barton, Shirley Bourne, Aileen Shawver, Nancy Gillespie, Charles Spraker. Fourth Row —Eugene Downs, | Johnny Wallace, Carter Coates, Albert Hagy, Jimmy Alexander, Edwin McCall, Reese Bailey, R. O. Van Dyke, j! Thamo Cruise, Jack Roger Gillespie, Bill Joe Gillespie. Faculty Sponsor: Miss Ruth Macom. F.H.A. OFFICERS Earline Pennington .. President Charlotte Morrow _ Vice-President Eleanor Benson .. Secretary Pearline Hankins .. Treasurer Hilda Howery .. Reporter F.F.A. OFFICERS W. T. Buchanan . President Henry Compton ... ..Vice-President Frank Buchanan . Secretary Ralph Mullins .. Treasurer Billy Graham ..... ... Watch Dog Joe Neel . Reporter Mr. R. T. Myers .. Adviser Y-TEEN OFFICERS Joanne Phillips . President Ozei.i.a Monk . Vice-President Jo Lynn Westmoreland _ Secretary Louise Grindstaff . Treasurer Minnie Stevenson _ Sergeant-at-Arms Polly Gregory and Doris Newman Publicity Chairmen Program Chairman Ann Long Staff of the Bulldog JIMMY PEERY ... Gene Kimbel .. . Tommy Boothe .... Guy McGlothlin .. Fratzie Trail _____ Gene Riddle and Frances Wright Norma Burnette .. Pete Burkett and Sam Larimer . Miss Ruth Macom .. . Editor Assistant Editor Managing Editor _ News Editor ....Feature Editor . Sports Editors .. Club Editor . Art Editors Faculty Adviser Journalism Class Members —Tommy Boothe, Blaine Bow¬ man, Clarence Bowman, Pete Bur¬ kett, Norma Burnette, Norris Clifton, Gene Crabtree, Bill Hampton, Shirley Hilmon, Gene Kimbel, Sammy Lari¬ mer, Elmer Lewis, Guy McGlothlin, Roy Morrison, Jimmy Peery, Gene Riddle, Fritzie Trail, Frances Wright, Nancy Johnson. — 70 — THESE ARE OUR BEST Best Seniors Queen Nancy Buston . .Miss Tazewell High School King Roger Hagy .Mr. Tazewell High School — 71 — BEST JUNIORS Carol Lindsey—“Cokie” Kitts BEST SOPHOMORES Kathleen Yates— Bob Repass BEST FRESHMEN Mamie Howehy—Steve Children BEST STUDENTS AND MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nancy Buston—Charles Spraker BEST LOOKING Carol Lindsey—Jimmy Doak MOST 1)E PENDA BEE Joanne Phillips—Charles Spraker MOST ATHLETIC ‘Cricket” Benson—“Cokie” Kitts MOST TALENTED Margaret Akers—Curtis Hughe n n R E D I T E D B Y 6th 7th Floors — Coal Coke Building BLUEFIELD, W. VIRGINIA (Elevator Service) AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCIAL COLLEGES R E D I T E D B Y Tazewell Graduates Prefer McLains WHY . . Accredited Employers Prefer McLains Graduates SUPERIOR TRAINING . . WHY It Pays To Prepare at An ACCREDITED School of Truth and Service McLAINS (The Exclusive Business School) for the Better Positions — 78 — n n Stras, Harman Company NORTH TAZEWELL, VIRGINIA Mann Piano Co., Inc. For BAND INSTRUMENTS and REPAIR BLUEFIELD W. VA. Commercial Printing Co. Underwood Typewriters BLUEFIELD W. VA. Compliments of Flowers School Equipment Co., Inc. Bluelield Music Co. C. G. CONN and PAN-AMERICAN Band Instruments 615 Bland Street BLUEFIELD W, VA. Angrist Men’s Shop BLUEFIELD W. VA. Tazewell Home Auto Supply, Inc. Dealer ] FIRESTONE TIRES TAZEWELL VIRGINIA Clinch Valley News PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS TAZEWELL VIRGINIA CANDLEWAX SMOKELESS FUEL COMPANY □ Mine Operators and Wholesale Shippers PHONE 156 □ TAZEWELL VIRGINIA A C M E MARKETS □ □ □ □ □ Self Service Low Prices □ □ □ □ BLUEFIELD, W. VA. WELCH. W. VA. TAZEWELL SUPPLY PIGGLY WIGGLY COMPANY COMPLETE LINE of GROCERIES EVERYTHING FOR THE MEATS and VEGETABLES FARM and HOME Self Service — “Since 1SS7 ” —Low Prices PHONE No. 4 NORTH TAZEWELL. VA. NORTH TAZEWELL, VA. —80 POCAHONTAS FUEL COMPANY, INCORPORATED □ □ □ □ Producers of Original Pocahontas Coal □ □ □ □ Our Stores feature Nationally Advertised Brands of Quality Merchandise at REASONABLE PRICES RIVER JACK SUPER MARKET SELF SERVICE PRODUCE - DAIRY and FROZEN FOODS D □ □ IT’S RIVER JACK RESTAURANT FOR A GOOD PLACE TO EAT □ □ □ RIVER JACK ESSO SERVICE STATION “Happy Motoring Starts at the Esso Sign” — 81 — WALKERS “For Economical Transportation” CHEVROLET - BUICK - OLDSMOBILE STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS □ Kelvinator Electrical A ppliances □ NOEL M. WALKER, JR., General Manager PHONE 123 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA Eldreth Motor Service Specializing in Electrical - Carburetor - Electric Welding Steering and Brake Service Phone 442-W-l Shop At J. G. Penny Co. -THE HOME of VALUES” TAZEWELL VIRGINIA BLUEFIELD W. VA. Kilgore Motor Sales Telephone 17 23 Main Street TAZEWELL VIRGINIA Western Auto Associate Store Howe Owned and Operated D. C. DAVENPORT Phone 440 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA — 82 — FARMERS BANK OF CLINCH VALLEY □ “Over Sixty Years of Banking Service ” □ Member F. D. I. C. □ TAZEWELL VIRGINIA Reaching The Peak in Quality . . . RED ROCK COLA HIRES ROOT BEER SQUIRT RHYTHM PUNCH TAZEWELL ORANGE WASCOTT GINGER ALE SUNRISE BEVERAGES □ □ □. □ SUNRISE BOTTLING COMPANY, INCORPORATED NORTH TAZEWELL VIRGINIA — 83 — BEAVER’ S DAIRY □ □ n Gr A de □ □ □ Pasteurized Dairy Products NORTH TAZEWELL VIRGINIA ‘ Moore’s Barber Shop Main Street TAZEWELL VIRGINIA TAZEWELL INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. JONES MOTORS STUDEBAKER Sales Service TAZEWELL VIRGINIA JOHN’S PLACE INSURANCE One Mile East of Tazewell Since 1888 Phone 392 “Where The Food Is Good” TAZEWELL VIRGINIA — 84 — Sidney Higginbotham, Jr. General Insurance TAZEWELL VIRGINIA TAZEWELL OIL COMPANY Goodyear and Shell PRODUCTS TAZEWELL VIRGINIA “Gifts of Quality” POBSTS JEWELRY STORE WATCHES and DIAMONDS FINE CHINA and SILVERWARE “Flowers Telegraphed Everywhere” PHONE 41 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA SAINE’S DRESS SHOP GEORGIANA and TRUDY HALL DRESSES NANNETTE TODLERS and CINDERELLA FROCKS NORTH TAZEWELL, VA. — 85 — FEDERAL LUMBER COMPANY □ □ □ □ □ □ □ “Everything to Build ” □ □ □ □ □ □ □ INTERIOR TRIM A SPECIALTY TAZEWELL VIRGINIA DENNISON CLEANERS □ □ □ □ PHONES: 81-L and 81-J TAZEWELL VIRGINIA — 86 — neighborhood MARKET MAIN STREET TAZEWELL VIRGINIA “Pick and Pay the Neighborhood Way” SAYERS BROTHERS Department Store DRY GOODS and NOTIONS Peters Shoes For The Entire Family TAZEWELL VIRGINIA Compliments of BUTTER-NUT . . . TRADE-MARK IN BOTTLES BLUEFIELD COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ... is GOOD BREAD Greever Hardware and Furniture Phone 10 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA Compliments of A Friend — 87 — BLUE HILLS FARMS Grade A □ □ □ We Bottle Guernsey Milk Only □ □ □ RAW and PASTEURIZED MILK Riverside Block Supply Company, Inc. Manufacturers of BUILDiNG BLOCKS TAZEWELL VIRGINIA BLUE GRASS SUPPLY COMPANY, INCORPORATED F. W. Wool worth Co. BLUEFIELD W. VA. Use Our Drive-In Lot CASH and CARRY SERVICE NEW SERVICE CLEANERS Phone 406 NORTH TAZEWELL, VA. Farm Supplies Machinery BLUE GRASS OILS, INC. — I) istri b u t o r — MOBILGAS and SOCONY VACUUM PRODUCTS NORTH TAZEWELL, VA. — 88 — FEDERATED STORES BOBBIE BROOKS - CAROLE KING - JUNE BENTLEY D R E S S E S Dry (roods - Notions ■ Shoes FLORSHEIM SHOE - MALLORY HATS CURLEE CLOTHES FOR MEN TAZEWELL VIRGINIA Compliments of G. T. PEERY FASHION FLORIST SONS Jackson - ETeet Co. GROCERIES MEATS THE Rexall STORE NORTH TAZEWELL, VA. Frosted Foods Phone Numbers 1 and 98 Compliments of Main Street RLUEFIELD OPTICAI TAZEWELL VIRGINIA CENTER BLUEFIELD W. VA. — 89 — ALLEN’S Sandwiches . . . Soft Drinks □ □ □ □ □ □ HAMBURGERS OUR SPECIALTY! MARIE B. COOKE and HARRY E. PHILLIPS, Lessee On U. S. Route 19 — Three Miles East of Tazewell Phone 6814 NORTH TAZEWELL VIRGINIA Clinch Valley Lumber Supply Co. INCORPORATED BUILDING SUPPLIES SHUMATE’S in Blue field, West Virginia Radios - Records - Appliances “Since 1929” M. L. JONES, Jeweler DIAMONDS — WATCHES FINE JEWELRY Watch Repairing Phone 402 Tazewell, Va. CREGAR BR O THERS Motor Service PONTIAC GMC TRUCKS Jacobsen Power Lawn Mowers WINKLER STOKERS and OIL BURNERS Sales and Servcie Phone 144 License 394 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA — 90 — JACKSON DRUG COMPANY Your Safe Prescription Drug Store □ □ □ WHITMAN’S CANDY EASTMAN KODAKS YARDLEY COSMETICS Phone 354 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA 21 Years of Service TO Students and Employers IN THIS AREA THOUSANDS OF GRADUATES IN EXCELLENT POSITIONS Established in 1928, recognition by accrediting organizations has come quickly: 1928—Accreditment by the American Association of Commercial Colleges. 1930—Accreditment by the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools. This goal, attained within two years time, placed the West Virginia Business College on a par with leading business schools throughout the nation. COMMERCE STREET T. B. CAIN, President BLUEFIELD, W. VA. ■ 91 — . CLINCH VALLEY PHARMACY Prescriptions Cosmetics Phone 25 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA BLUEFIELD HARDWARE COMPANY . .. Distributors . . . HARDWARE - PAINTS - RADIOS - REFRIGERATORS MACHINERY - MINE - MILL - ELECTRICAL PLUMBING HEATING SUPPLIES BLUEFIELD, WEST VRIGINIA — 93 — Bailey Lumber Company Building Headquarters 8-EIGHT BIG PLANTS-8 JEFF Compliments of WARD’S H A W L EY’S BLUEFIELD W. VA Bluefield Furniture BLUEFIELD W. VA Lowman Music, Inc. Krabe Wurlitzer PIANOS - ORGANS BLUEFIELD W. VA TAZEWELL NATIONAL BANK Main Street □ □ □ □ □ □ Phone 44 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA PHONE 19 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA — 94 — Compliments of T. D. FIELDS, Owner CLINCH AND VALLEY THEATRES “Home of Good Pictures ” TAZEWELL and NORTH TAZEWELL, VIRGINIA BLUEFIELD SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of HARDWARE MINE and MILL SUPPLIES W. W. MAC COMPANY 5c to 10c STORE TAZEWELL VIRGINIA PEERY and ST. CLAIR Phone 38 NORTH TAZEWELL, VA. PAIN T E R Motor Machinery Co. DODGE and PLYMOUTH International Machinery TAZEWELL VIRGINIA — 95 — CRUISE MOTOR COMPANY HUDSON CARS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Sales and Service Personally Endorsed Used Cars Phone 50 TAZEWELL VIRGINIA VIRGINIA SMOKELESS COAL CO., INCORPORATED JEWEL POCAHONTAS COAL TAZEWELL VIRGINIA — 96 — DEVAULT’S INCORPORATED SPORTING GOODS McGregor - Goldsmith - Spaulding 14 Lee Street Phone 3568 BRISTOL VIRGINIA BRITT’S RESTAURANT Phone 295-L Delicious Home-Cooked Food TAZEWELL, VA. Education . . . is worth much, but of far greater import¬ ance ... is character in making a success of . . . Life TAZEWELL EARM BUREAU INCORPORATED - 97 - designers and publishers ' ri me tve yearbooks IT’S OUR BUSINESS ... to design and publish the most attractive yearbook your money can buy : : : : : THIS IS A SAMPLE ... of what can be done when you have someone cooper¬ ating with you in a personal relationship to give you an outstanding publication which you can be proud of : : : C O M M E R C I A L • BOOK A N I) A D V ERTISING PRINTERS — 98 —

Suggestions in the Tazewell High School - Peak Yearbook (Tazewell, VA) collection:

Tazewell High School - Peak Yearbook (Tazewell, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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